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Archives: April 22, 2006

"I think Rumsfeld may be not too long for this world." - To Chief of Staff

Poking Holes In Our History In Pursuit of Leaks

A reshuffling that only skims the surface

Dem Taxpayers pay for Republican Campaigns Through Taxes

HISTORY's biggest debit card hack, theft, now admitted by banks

Two Nevada parks reviewing costs

What happened to the reinforcing steel

HowThe Towers Concrete Core Explains Free Fall

Scholars for 9/11 Truth Issue Press Release on Moussaoui Trial

pics... Anti Iraq war protest in Montclair NJ

Mark Crispin Miller rebroadcast on C-Span.

Dial-up ISPs?

Check your insurance bill for something real fishy.

Watch Neil Young kick Sybila Vargas' ass on CNN Headline News!!

Ex-Taliban Envoy Warns U.S. to Negotiate

Iraq ready for oilfield contracts negotiations (Exxon & Chevron meeting)

Libby Defends Releasing Fitzgerald Letter

Australian Soldier killed in Baghdad

Dem Taxpayers pay for Republican Campaigns Through Taxes

Harris takes responsibility for not paying for pricey dinner

Australia suffers first fatality in Iraq

Nepal crisis: India showed Gyanendra the way out

Army suicides hit highest level since 1993

US Army suicide rate last year highest since 1999

IU music students killed in plane crash

L.A. Times Suspends Web Site Blog

Mayor Upset with Council's Deadline for Fixing Homes (NOLA)

Confusion, low turnout mar Haiti legislative vote

Dean: Voters Will Remember Katrina

Suit filed to block explosion: 700-ton blast scheduled on June 2

Insider's tip led to crackdown on illegal workers

Lawyer: Rice Leaked Defense Information

Bush Says Little Can Be Done About High Gas Prices

Just think...I can be Serry Serry

Hey Freeperz?!

Proof that even in Milwaukee, criminals "iz stoopud."

Paging arwalden! TV seance claims to have reached John Lennon

Myspace ad: Help Bush win and get a free ring tone.

Time for a new game. A REAL GAME.

WTF does this bumper sticker even MEAN?!

So, who would you say is America's current "sweetheart?"

Random guy in mall STARING a kid down like a lioness stares down her prey.

I nominate 'Only Time' for the most beauitul song ever...

8000 Posts!!! Give me a dollar!!

Have Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey ever been seen in same room together?

Has anyone seen "The One Percent" yet? The documentary about social class

The Boneless Bush--something to lighten your weekend!

Well, there's ONE movie title I read MUCH too quickly.

DVD Players - I have a question

"Worse than plumber's crack" (Naked carpenter charged)

Remember Friday Night Videos?

I need some info on leather underpants and dogs.

Source of stains --> Time to wear expensive clothes!

who loves computers?

Anyone watching Woody Allen's Crimes And Misdemeanors on TCM?

Uh oh. I have a Journal.

Feedback on my next Tattoo (IDEA)

Spam in my Gmail account

Battle of the losers part 3

Battle of the losers part 2.

Anyone else excited about Neil Youngs new Cd?

Sick on a Friday


Battle of the Losers part 4

Well I finally got to fulfill my life's wish:

Disturbing 20/20 episode.....

Apropos of nothing, here's Larry King's mugshot:

Third-grader takes teacher's van for joyride


I dig chicks!

Remember when I used to be able to party?


I'm really tired and all of a sudden everything is hysterically funny.

Do you want there to be more rules at DU?

Neil Young "Impeach the President" album.

good night loungers! useless bastards...

Where are all the locked threads?

It's time to shake things up!

Make up a freeper/fundy collective, school or institute.


Verizon wireless, laptop to cell phone tower?

what CD do I want to play next?

So I'm standing at the train station, naked, eating oat meal

why don't chicks dig me?


Oregon man survives 12 nails to the head

Just so you know, I'm not dead

I think G4 needs to rethink their web ad pic for Star Trek...

Any DUers in Montreal or Quebec City?

I love a good pitcher's duel

I got a great gift today! A V for Vendetta mask

True love ...

Have you EVER seen a monkey look more dignified?

Venetian Snares. Need I say more?

Who the FUCK thinks starting a county convention at 7 AM is a good idea??

The Two Sides of my Cat (pic)

Are any of you interested in urban photography/architecture??

can u settle this *how we see color* question?

The "Worst Baby Name Thread" (Come on, you KNOW you want to!)

Well, I'm 3-1/2 days into a five-day fast. I've heard people say that

wow, the Queen of Jordan is HOT

Queen Elizabeth's birthday party

What would get you kicked out of a planned community?

Chicks dig me.....

Wilford Brimley or a close-up of a maggot?

Battle of the losers: Hippies vs. Emo-people

'Gospel of Judas' Experts Review Scraps

A Mind-Boggler: Rabbi Jackie Mason and Rev. Hal Lindsey

Do a-Pastafarians have a choice?

Archaeologists find fossil snake with legs in Argentina

Jerry Kramer To Get His Superbowl I Ring Back - Neat Story how much money did the Blue Jays spend on pitching again?

From a spiritual perspective--how does nutrition affect you...?

"Grieving the Illusions"


Kerry defends NH primary

35 years, and what have we learned? (post at dkos - begging for recos)

Best of luck to everyone at Faneuil Hall tomorrow!

KOEB 4/21/06 CIA Leak Edition- You're Fired

But, but, but I thought

John Dean on KO! "They Finally found somebody" re: CIA Firing

Jimmy Versus George: A Presidential Smackdown!

Myspace ad: Help Bush win and get a free ring tone.

It is about time someone did this!

I lost a year of my life with a TV 'crawl"

FEMA and Michael Chertoff strike again.

I am not going to drive my car at all this weekend

oh LORD, bush is in sacramento tonight...

With the shape this country is in what is the Repub mantra?

Minsk denies Russian anti-aircraft missiles sent to Belarus are for Iran

Time for truth..Oprah's show today!

Air Force One Subject of Internet Hoax

Did anyone hear about this guy?

The difference bt China and the US regarding foreign oil

Iraq war is partly responsible for high gas prices.

Rising gasoline prices is like taking.....

Bob Ney needs your help, contribute here....

Outsource backlash! Call center workers have breakdowns, angry AU folks

Excellent jab at W in "Scary Movie 4"... pics...

Keith Olberman's next up is "Bush Is The Worst President Ever"

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in- It's my day to play!!

Body of Evidence

PlEaSe /// ReAd>>> Credit card scam thats pretty slick. Be careful

Letter of suggestion to Bolton on Scotty's replacement..some tough choices

How many here can do their job from home - and should companies promote

Chicks dig me.....

Rant today from a local businessman who owns a gas station

MSNBC: "Gas prices hurting poor the most"...and I thought it was the RICH.

Russia rejects US demand to not supply Tor surface-to-air missiles to Iran

Ever wonder which of your neighbors contribute to the RNC?


For those of you with the popcorn out

I have two options when taking public transportation to work

Third-grader takes teacher's van for joyride

Did the Revolution Begin Today?

Bill Maher's guests this week on 'Real Time':

Did newspapers used to have a Labor Section?

Take the Pledge

OMG! Cindy in Ottawa, ON!

HHS has a plan to detain anyone who "looks" like they have the bird flu

Scarborough: W Gave Wink 'n Nod for Mean Miers Leak

Iraq Casualty Count (U.S. Casualties In Iraq Pass 20,000)

Neil Young's protest album heads to Internet first (free stream 4/28/06)

Police say Wisconsin man tried to sell infant daughter

Fitz's strategy: from perjury/ obstruction of justice to conspiracy

Trip to DC next week just got charged a 43$ surcharge for fuel x2

Gas Prices too High? Try Europe!

Have you seen the trailer of Al Gore's movie?

Grand Jury Hears Evidence Against Rove from ICH...

Better for Fitzgerald to drag out investigation?

Rahm Emanuel on Real Time is kickin bush's ass

DU This Poll

Why are Burma and Congo not "Axis of Evil" members.

Please. Enough with all the leak stories.

How much is gas in your area?

I noticed that on his radio show, Hannity is only getting fellow fox peopl

As long as W is evoking Nixonian imagery...

Neil Young and the Freepers: Past and Present

Iran-Contra Figure the New Bush Iranian Intelligence Asset?:Conyers

Bush thinks if he went back to the oil biz he could fix the shortage.

"Bush is very good at using other people as a vehicle to get things done."

Say hello to Karl's new best buddy

The GOOD news for Bush

Thomas the Tank - The US needs you!

Jail toilets face away from Mecca

Lynne Cheney: "We have been protected by more than luck."

RAW VIDEO: 500 Protesters Greet Bush in San Jose (KPIX San Francisco)

Ad Nags: Democrats Try to Use Katrina as G.O.P. Used 9/11

Q: "Is that his I.Q. or his latest approval rating?"

Save the Internet and the DU: please sign petition

At what point did 'fundie Christian = Repub' brand naming happen?

Make Your Bets: Who Outed CIA Whistle blower Mary McCarthy?

To Hell With Karl Rove !

Doesn't Zinni know one of those military choke-holds he can use.....

Dana Priest of Washington Post quick to point out got story from NBC ??

I bet GW hates the Internets.

Bush Seemingly Resigned to High Gas Prices

Bill Maher: President Hu and President Huh? (nt)

Update on the NO WAR armband revolution.

Trolleys,Cable Cars,and Light Rail....

Quicktime version of Pink's song

A RWer that even makes Hannity sick.

How many MPGs does your vehicle get?

Stephen A. Smith too quick to call racisim on Maher

Just curious, what are you theories regarding 9-11?

Who is the most successful professional media bigot?

buy gasoline like eggs....long but interesting

VIDEO: 1000+ Protesters Block Bush's Stanford Meeting (KPIX San Francisco)

(TOON) Steve Bell on Bush and Hu

I love when freepers use this lame analogy to justify high gas prices.

I have three questions about the chimp's inevitable memoirs:

Congrats to the students in California

OMG! Iran has "The Bomb!" OMG! OMG!

FreeRepublic is nothing but the plague-ridden fleas in a sty full of pigs

What Did You Do in the War, Grandma?

Weekly Retail Premium Gasoline Prices (Including Taxes) - Select Countries

Christian Wire Service: Howard Dean trying to MUZZLE CHURCHES

Only 6 days until Iran has "The Bomb!"


Remember Bush criticizing Clinton when gas was $20 a barrel?

KENNEDY "My best vote ever was against going in to Iraq."

** quote... "IF we find price gouging, we will take action."

If Bush understands how a simple misplaced word can roil the markets...

Amazing to me that * would rather his ratings slip into the abyss

is there a punishment severe enough

Automated phone call: "Pro-lifers" hard at work in Oregon.

ABC PrimeTime w/ Diane Sawyer tonight - Freeper/Repuke Child Beaters

Should I "Bumperstickerize" this? I'm just not a decider.

Watch Neil Young kick Sybila Vargas' ass on CNN Headline News!!

Rahm Emanuel on Bill Maher is disappointing

BREAKING: Truthout - Condi Rice Implicated in New Leak Scandal

May I show you the reason why higher gas prices in Europe aren't "bad"?

Howard Zinn with Bob McChesney for an hour - streaming Sun 2pm EDT

HEADS UP! Mike Malloy is actually going to go on CNN tomorrow night!!

Brooks Brothers rioters get top WH posts. Where's the outrage?


Florida Man Breaks Down Crying at Gas Pump

If gasoline gets to $5.00/gal or $6.00/gal

Pink LIVE singing "Dear Mr. President" Must See!

Girl speaks out against violence ...Talk to her about guns, I dare you!...

From May 2006 to May 2008, the Federal Reserve will...

Anyone have any ideas on how to sustain a boycott till its goal is

Matt Coker: Put Up That Wall, Mr. Bush!

Bush II has "evolved past us"...."in the end we'll all be dead."

Republicans are panicking in Missouri

Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) latest to call for Bush impeachment

Could you say this before hand next time PLEASE...?

One of the other worst presidents comes to Rumsfeld's Aid

Rice will finally sit in front of a judge and jury.

UN "Efficacy" Contested again.....Is this national deja-vu

George Bush "I've had enough of this low energy cost ting"?

Holy CRAP...Condi Rice is "leaky" TOO? Color me SHOCKED!

Senate Majority Project's New Hampshire Phone Jamming Library

Bush administration has made our intelligence problems even worse

Looking Towards Big Sky (Schweitzer)

Gas prices affecting more than the vehicles....

George Bush hasn't quite figured out which state got flooded by Katrina

Does anyone else find this really interesting?

Is Rove Still in Charge of the Katrina Slush Fund (aka Reconstruction II)

Joe Scarborough Must Hate Bush Co. a Lot, Because...

Over 10,000 seperate terrorist attacks last year

Neil Cavuto is a shameless James Dobson air time.

Do you think Neil Cavuto got beat up as a kid....

Today in San Jose: 500 protesters beat drums, called for Bush resignation

Anti War March in NYC next week. Anybody going?

Rothenberg Political Report: The House is in play

What the fired CIA agent story is REALLY about - The CIA is broken

Steak Night at the Deer Camp - A South Arkansas Message to George W.

Expect some bloody battles; Democrats are getting it together

In light of failing GOP war propaganda, will their attack ads work in 06?

People actually fell for this I suppose....

Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska: majority in each still backs Bush

McCain and his going to "crazy base world"

Who are the 11% of Dems who think Junior is doing a good job?

Condi leaks to lobbyist same that put low-level official 12years in prison

Bush: "Rising gasoline prices is like taking a — is like a tax"

If its FRIDAY: its time to protest the WAR in IRAQ. NJ reporting in...

How many here are NEW Democrats (as in the last 5 years)?

all the spin about Rove's power being diminished is simply wrong


Katherine Harris, women, age, sex, and some perspective (please)!?

Anderson, Kerry's investigation and WaPo; what's the FBI looking for?

Bill Maher is a major ass clown.

Edwards visits New Hampshire

Oh please, not another fuc*ing g*dd*mn---- blowjob thread

Musical chairs wrong game

An import from Asia: Bad air

Judge Rules Suits Challenging Stem Cell Agency Have No Merit

WP: How the GOP Lost Its Way

Questions of how far US crackdown can go

Baltimore Sun: "He's starting to look like the secretary of defensiveness"

Rove's New Mission: Survival, E.J. Dionne, WaPo, 4/22/06

Internet hoaxes and immigration statistics - NY Newsday 4/22

LAT: What Was Behind the Big Raid

Selectively punishing politically damaging leaks

Bush is hearing voices again, so keep a close eye on your SSIAs

Jimmy Versus George: A Presidential Smackdown!

Rafsanjani in Damascus

US Holds War Games in Honduras

U.S. Planes Are Already Making Practice Bombing Runs Along Iran's Borders

The Economist: Bush is a fool for keeping Rumsfeld

Book describes Bush as suffering from delusions

The Politics of Pot, New York Times, 4/22/2004

Tide turns on Dubya's wreck

The really ugly part about * attacking Iran, is that if he does it,

Democrats Try to Use Katrina as G.O.P. Used 9/11, NY Times, 4/22/2006

Leaking Integrity: Slam on WaPo editorial

Congress Is Giving Away the Internet, and You Won't Like Who Gets It

Humans -- Consumers to Products?

Brazil achieves Petroleum self-sufficiency.

Shedding light on call to ban bulb (BBC) {update of earlier opinion}

Prisoners & guards exposed to toxins from computers recycled with hammers

Earth Day Google Graphic.

It's all the "Environmental Wacko's" fault!

Secret Forest Service plan to end 100's of campgrounds, privatize

Oil's top brass talk prices at summit

Fatah says Hamas 'courting Palestinian civil war'

No progress in easing financial crisis: minister

Fatah, Hamas supporters exchange gunfire in Gaza

Lawyer: Rice Leaked Defense Information

Activists describe West Bank violence

On Israel and Palestine

Labour to receive 7 portfolios

Hamas can visualize peace with Israel

Israel extends exit ban on nuke leaker Vanunu

Play pushed underground

The cult of suicide, the culture of failure

Mohammed Atta alive and well and this is what he looks like:

Loose Change West Coast premier Grand Lake Theatre, Oakand, CA 5/2

New 9/11 Doc will premiere at Robt. DeNiro's Film Festival in NYC. 5/8

Howard Dean on Diebold: "These machines are a problem"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, April 22, 2006

Did you know that the Zenger trial was about election fraud?

I think Livvy is doing an NOLA edition ERD

Making Voting Accessible for All

What are the greatest needs in support of election reform activism?

Free Press uncovers evidence of ballot tampering in Warren County, Ohio


Boyd Richie named Interim Chair of TDP

kickin' it one last time

Dallas has the highest crime rate among U.S. cities

Who posted the tater tot casserole?

Italian Rice Balls

4 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Threats to delay accountability act 'intolerable,' Harper says

'Gospel of Judas' Experts Review Scraps

Iraq Casualty Count (U.S. Casualties In Iraq Pass 20,000)

Oregon man survives 12 nails to the head

An import from Asia: Bad air

WP: How the GOP Lost Its Way

Neil Young's protest album heads to Internet first (free stream 4/28/06)

Police say Wisconsin man tried to sell infant daughter

Nigeria makes final payment in debt relief program

Lawyer: Rice Allegedly Leaked Defense Info

read that in iowa e-85 is the now thing

Ten bodies found in Iraq, bombing of marketplace kills two Iraqis

Polling Stations Nearly Empty in Haiti

Nepal's king clamps new curfew on capital amid fresh protests

CBS: A Spy Speaks (WH ignored intel of no WMD pre-Iraq War)

Iraq's parliament re-elects President Talabani

The Economist: Bush is a fool for keeping Rumsfeld

Mexico candidate Calderon may ease up on leftist

4 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Book describes Bush as suffering from delusions

Oil tops agenda as China president visits Saudi

Commander: Shiites moving into Kirkuk to jockey for position

Blasts at Ukrainian supermarkets

U.S., Iraqi Forces Fight Ramadi Insurgents

Iraq's Maliki says militias must join armed forces

FEMA wants money back from Katrina victims

Red Hot Chili Peppers Brand Bush A ‘Liar’

G7 warning over rising oil prices

Bush dodges muddy obstacles in Earth Day bicycle ride (AP)

Wartime Dissent Is Part Of Patriotism, Kerry Says

A Break for Code Breakers on a C.I.A. Mystery

Spokesman Denies Rice Leaked Defense Info

Colleagues Say C.I.A. Analyst Played by Rules

Revaluating yuan won't help, expert says

Snow says US can't curb imbalances on its own

Italy calls in 'Berlusconi kiss' (Berlusconi vote buying $1,000

CNN just in: 4 US troops killed by roadside bomb S. of Baghdad

Dean Says Republicans Offer `Deficits' and `Deceit' (Bloomberg)

Brazil follows Iran’s nuclear path, but without the fuss

Protests Force Bush To Relocate Hoover (Institute) Meeting

Bolivia's Morales threatens to bar some US visitors

Air Force One Subject of Internet Hoax

Iraq on verge of a civil war: Russia

Dean says Bush "cut and run" on Katrina (Reuters)

U.S. warming to telecommuting

Colombian Rebels Ambush Army Convoy

Bush to Promote Hydrogen Fuel on Earth Day

Young Officers Join the Debate Over Rumsfeld

Nepalese Police Open Fire on Protesters (Saturday)

Iran chalks U.S. threats up to failure to build coalition

Kerry Would Defeat Bush in New U.S. Election (Angus-Reid)

Almost 70 lawmakers sign Bush impeachment letter

Kerry Accuses Bush of Stifling Dissent

Rep. Allen: Maine Senators 'May Have the Last Opportunity to Prevent Dange

Afghan Roadside Bomb Kills 4 Canadian GIs

Chile's top court rules Pinochet has no immunity

Iran has "basic" enrichment deal in Russia

Pennsylvania Senate Race Tests Democrats' New Abortion Tack

Democrats see political promise in Ohio

Campgrounds face closure (Bush plan to privatize parks)

Oregon man survives 12 nails to the head

Oregon man survives 12 apostles to the head

Gooten night!

George Carlin on Comedy Central -- UNCENSORED! --

I blowed up at school today.

Oregano Man survives 12 nails to the head;

I grew up at school today

The Tubes still RAWK!!

BigMcLargehuge locks threads better than anyone!

Miss Kentucky won the Miss USA pagent and

Widsom teeth...

Congratulations newyawker99! 122140 posts

we played with fire and drank wine.....any questions

I'm just under six feet

Funny things my 4-year-old says

whose here now and what are you worryin'?

Funny Things My 42 Year Old Says

I have a question for the mods

What are you irrationally germophobic about?

Welcome to the beautiful, jonquil Jangle Area.

I took this picture at "work."

My my, at Waterloo, Napoleon did surrender.

tell me...where are you driving?

Duke lacrosse players and other fine upstanding men...

What is The Lounge?

I got a new teevee

Our kid is a flower child......

I glued up at school today.

Oil hit 70 a barrel yet muscle car are fetishized like never before. Whats

Saw Silent Hill Tonight

I'm Miss Under Six Feet.

A Priest, a Rabii, and Jerry Fallwell walk into a bar. They


Napa protests in GD Dial up warning on links.

Who else is doing the NYT Earth Day puzzle?

Oregon Man Survives 12 Nails to the Head

Is Malaria like Taxes?

I was in a bad car wreck last Friday....


I just ordered breakfast to be delivered to my place "Minnie"

What's up with the "How much money does your husband make?"...

Sex locked Sex locked

Keyboard problem

Apparently, today is Hork Day again

The Decider

Put George Bush in your favorite blonde joke

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

I Don't Care If You Guys kill each other...Just do it quietly!"

Please caption this Cheney snoozing pic.

Any insight into logging on to Roadrunner the first time with Thunderbird

In a romantic relationship? Want to drop everything and travel the world?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a real pissant, very rarely stable...Immanuel Kant

Has anyone seen MrsGrumpy?

Quote of the Day: NY Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly

How much did I hate Crash?

Good Morning Louge!

Mmmm.... pizza for breakfast!

One of my sisters has lung cancer - another is going to Iraq

The spring peepers are chirping away tonight

Bush's name should be used to scare children for the next 100 years

I saw "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" last night.

Under the Current Unofficial Standards

Do you have your lawn work done by someone else?

Tonight @ 6PM ET-3PM PT a rebroadcast of HOTTEST SOUNDS

Yes...It's True...I have blown off another morning...

Anyone here return their clothing hangers to the dry cleaners for

I don't know... I just wanted to post something

Neighbours who continually stink up the place with smelly food......

Anybody else get Visa gift cards for x-mas? Here's an idea!

I've got a question

I hate my close.

Nutella : Muse, Bodhisattva, Pond Sludge, or something more sinister?

What are some German recipes?

I hate my clothes

Has anyone here been reading that Warriors series?

Name countries that start with Q!

Flexcar: Any Opinions? (I'm thinking of giving up my car).

question for bay area folks... what is with honking in tunnels?

Who the hell was Emo Phillips??

I FINISHED MY BOOK this morning! Woo-hoo!


Hypocrisy: Why Being a Republican is Easy

What's the name of the website that tells you home values by the address?

Venetian blinds. Need I say more?

PLEASE, Loungers, a DUer needs your help desperately in GD.

matcom is scooter-less!!!!

Goodnight everyone

Who's the more Foolish? The Fool or The Fool That Follows It?

My new sandalettes

The absurdity of Madonna


if a tree falls in a forum . . .

Chris Byrd vs. Vladimir Klitschko.... (warning..I'm giving up the result)

Lebron James first Playoff Game: 31 pts, 10 rebs, 11 asst

I wonder if Penis Pumps actually work? (How long B4 this gets locked?)

Without searching the net,let's name some countries that start with a "B"

'The Omen' remake coming out on 6/6/06

Happy birthday wishes to TOhioLiberal's son!!

Congratulations JVS!! 20,000 posts

Congratulations RagingInMiami!! 10,000 posts

I'm going to the mall to get GQ'd out today


I'd like to see Tony Soprano fight Al Swearengen...

I spent all morning listening to terrible music.

STOP Me If You've Heard This Before

Does anyone need Protection and/or Sexual Healing?

A fun way to conserve water :D

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/22/06)

Anyone know any good sites for playing trivia? Always wanted to

My dad sent me this and I think it's funny - joke

What music are you hearing this weekend?

Anyone listening to Prairie Home Companion?

I'm reading Stephen King's CELL.

Oddest run-in at Earth Day

I just got a cell phone! Anybody else use Virgin Mobile?

Congratulations Catchawave!! 10,000 posts

to those wondering about the date of Neil Young album - very soon

Odd music experts... help a brother out

Last locked lounge thread was last night. What's the matter?

Old Greenday vs. New Greenday

Those Annoying Fardels! What to Do About Them

Name a historic name for a modern country.

What other forums do you frequent besides DU?

I'm 131 away from 2,000. Ask me anything.

My daughter and I just had a horrible experience

What are your favourite forums that you post in and why?

I'm 1955 away from 10,000. Ask me anything.

I just saw

Can we talk noodles?

Have you ever tasted your dog's food?

Cheers, Lounge, and happy Saturday evening!

Update on dumped dog- she has two offers!!!! woo-hooooo!

Hello you bastards........Only Kidding

What do you remember from childhood that you didn't 'get' at the time?

I'm looking for the "healthiest" green tea. Any ideas?

Here's 2 finished illustrations from my book project


I am leaving DU

Name countries that start with C!

In honor of EARTH DAY: post your good wishes, poems, prayers here:

Bad girls of the Lounge. Get my thread locked.

Best classic Hip-Hop album?

$3.00/Gallon Reached TODAY (in my neighborhood)

I miss Six Feet Under!

a little advice needed with my job search...any help appreciated

Listen to this Horrible Deer Car Crash Story

What's there to do in Poughkeepsie NY?


Mr. Benchley, please email me.

Worst Song of All Time!

Mysticism or Kabbalah anyone??

T or F: Fundamentalists have bad morals

Cardinal: Condoms 'Lesser Evil' to Prevent AIDS

The Real Church


On Christians and Atheists (and Nature)

FDA Opposition to Medical Marijuana Fuels Controversy

is falun gong and practises different from fundies? NO!

Gay People Believe In Family Values, Too

Gay marriage petition signature riles selectman

JTS Pick: 'Heschel My Hero,' Yes To Ordaining Gay Rabbis

White Sox have given up 2 runs in the past 4 days

Evening Attire, Lost In The Fog and Coolmore Lexington Stakes

Warnings about "Cocoa Mulch" - toxic to dogs & cats.

True story - Morbid humor about a parrot...

Well, it appears the boys are girls!

Friends and family seeming to 'fall away'.....what are your experiences?

Kerry Accuses Bush of Stifling Dissent

For JK, History Repeats Itself: “Patriotism is Truth, Today As In Vietnam”

Text of JK's Speech - "A Right and Responsibility to Speak Out"

More on this day in history

Bush flails after Kerry makes him look like an ass!

New DailyKos diary that has Kerry's entire speech

What's up with the live blog for Sen. Kerry's speech?

I posted a Washington Post article on Kerry in GD:Politics

Pix from Faneuil Hall today

What would happen if Keith named Bush As "Worst Person In The World?"

Keith Olbermann Roolz!!

US Govt. plans to detain sick travelers

From a U.S. Navy Chief's Mouth:This Country is Going to Hell

Is anyone else convinced that something bad will happen before Nov?

Would Have Been Diplomatic of Bush and Cheney

The transcript from the TAP breakfast in full....Dean disses Diebold.

Noonan disses White House

Man, talk about your horrible dreams...

Silent Hill was AWESOME

The Tubes still RAWK!!

From my local news..

Cindy Sheehan flame bait

Tis' well past the brilling...

Pink's - Dear Mr. President - I Need Guitar Chords For The Song....

Greenwald on Scott Ritter, the Cassandra of Iraq (and Iran)

PHOTO: Oil, $75.00 a barrel . . . MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Bush's Iraq war - Now 2,381 of our troops dead

What Would Happen If Olbermann Named GWB "Worst Person In The World?"

Do you think there is some kind of "Backchannel" to this

Napa Valley Protest Dial up warning

Napa Valley Protest 2 Dial up warning

Napa Valley Protest 3 Dial up warning

This Pink Video Had Me Crying Like A Baby

What is Your Greatest Worry...

Interview with George W Bush

Groups question US plan to detain sick travelers!!!

White House knew there were no WMD: CIA

Iraq says ready to negotiate oilfield contracts!

Is There A Website For Political Affiliation?

Former Deputy Leader Ancram calls for Britain to pull out of Iraq

Suit filed to block explosion --700-ton blast scheduled on June 2

What Do You Think Of This Wish?

That oddly simian face is ashen, the eyes leaden ...

Why We Fight Video

Dear Mr. President (PINK)

1 Million Dead Iranians

read that in iowa e-85 is the now thing

Saturday 4/22 TOON

Sweden Slashes US Dollar Holdings In Half

Iran Bombs Kurdish Camp in Iraq!!!

Just Another Tragic Baghdad Story

The 20th century was devoted to selling the "American dream"

Howard Dean on Diebold: "These machines are a problem"

The DECIDER - does it mean he's taking responsibility?

End of Days? A Political Poem

U.S.Official: Iran Could Have Material For 10 Weapons

Time is running out for Iran on nuke issue: US

Your Voice: 'What I would say to President Bush ...'

Americans commute longer, farther than ever

FEMA Wants $4.7M Back From Katrina Victims

US Army suicides hit highest level since 1993!!!

I KNOW that one day the energy and health care industries will have to...

This is just strange

So Many Un-American Policies Forged - in the Name of America...

The Pentagon plans new bases in the Middle East

Ex-U.S. attorney arraigned in 9/11 case

His Rudeness: What a hoot! (Rude Pundit)

A theory on high gas prices and a possible action

Prison Nation- California Jails packed and still growing

Interview with Col Sam Gardiner: Who approved start of opeations in Iran?

New 9/11 Doc will premiere at Robt. DeNiro's Film Festival in NYC. 5/8

Secret Forest Service plans will end 100's of campgrounds, privatize

Popcorn! - Tony SNOWjob as the face of this mal-administration

"We like to tease that Bill Nelson is in bed with Sen. (Ted) Kennedy ..."

*** Saturday TOONs: Hu, Rum, Puffy, and more! ***

Saturday Spring Morning Sky Blue Hopes & Plans, etc. So . . . CAPTION!!!!!

I need two good slogans for my poster for the NYC Peace March on April 29

Falwell: Taking on the TV Networks

So the blivet is coming to OK to foul up our air on may 6

Support the creation of a "peace forum " and help Campcaseyalumni members


30 cents/gallon more at corner gas store since yesterday. Not a dime.

GMA: Overcoming the Spending Addiction

Place your bets here:

Tagging Air Force One!!

You really should listen to Bernie Ward tonight!

Russia Toughens Opposition to UN Sanctions on Iran...

Hu's the President of China? (nt)

A Penny for Your Thoughts, and 1.4 Cents for the Penny

BUSH builds Billion-Dollar US. Baghdad Embassy

Minutemen: If Government Doesn’t Build Border Fence, We Will Do It

The UN Says 15,000 Iraqis Are in Prison ILLEGALLY!

FDA Allows Politics to Trump Science by Denying Medical Benefits of Mariju

"They never should have let this oil-company president BE the president.''

(VIDEO) Bill Maher: Kim-Jong Bush

Iran says has "basic" enrichment deal with Russia - New reactors planned

Big business sees chance for ethnic and class cleansing in NOLA

Our heaven is their hell "Keep the House Republican"

into my arms, o lord

Bush-approved book can’t justify policies

The Diplomacy of George W. Bush - designed for failure

It's time to do something about health care folks!

Senator Mary L. Landrieu (D-LA) just said the levees broke because...

"Hang the king" and "Leave the palace, we will run the country"

"I aim to be a competitive nation."

My Gripe About People Buying Gas........

Commentary: Peace can only be the fruit of justice

Rice Puts Reputation on Line Over Iraq

Spawn of the Whore of Babylon?

Howard Dean on Cspan1 at 10:30AM EST Saturday.

Are you doing anything for Earth Day?

Protesters Plan To Follow Bush

Some people dont seem to know what AGENDA21 is!

Is it time for another Thank You DU thread?

Kerry will mount defense of Iraq war criticism

Bill Hicks: "My friends are totally divided on abortion."


Democrats Blame Bush for High Gas Prices:weekly radio address

Is it gouging yet?

MSNBC breaking: Iran has a deal to enrich their uranium in Russia

? - If oil is a truly "competitive" industry

The secret rendition prisons in europe leak

Howard Dean's best quotes from his speech today:

Globalization for the rest of us...

DU's Tay Tay is live blogging the Kerry speech

A couple of new bumper stickers

CIA Official Speaks: White House Ignored No-WMD Intel Before Iraq Invasion

what if Bush took off and Americans wouldn't let him land again?

* Has No Incentive To Lower Gas Prices......

The architects of war: Where are they now?

Iraqi oil

Sick and tired Tuesday

General Barney Franks retired to Oklahoma...

Wildcat Miner's strike in Mexico.

Anyone watching the John Birch Society meeting on C-Span?

John Edwards will be on new show on AAR today (Saturday)

* is like the "crazy aunt in the attic..."

We NEED a picture forum MODS HOW BOUT IT???

Can someone tell me how Wall Street helps the normal Joe?

A Militarist Manipulates the Oil Market

Kerry's delivers speech on historic day

Bush supporters whose eyes have been opened.

Inter-racial relations in America.

NO FUCKING WAY. FEMA wants money back from Katrina victims

"This isn't about intel anymore. This is about regime change.' "

Found an electric power thief on Earth Day!

Small business owners "spooked" in March over economy's future

Just got back from the Kerry speech

Falun Gong. Benign? Or dangerous cult?

INCREDIBLE article/photo irony

My latest rant on gouging at the supermerket.... So I buy distilled water

CIA warned Bush of no WMDs in Iraq before Bush gave order to invade

Iran Vs. Iraq: Comparison and Contrast

I'm Gettin' Rich On Gas Prices ... I Think.

Homeland Security grants spent on clowns and gyms!!

Condi Rice Allegedly Leaked Defense Info -->

Forrest Gump's Evil Twin

CSPAN: Howard Dean Address from NOLA - NOW

The only thing George W. Bush ever earned on his own.

Not That I Want To Hear About Him, But What The Hell Has Happened To

Watch WJ Sat AM re Wang Falun Gong press conference China

Does not having sympathy for scam victims make me a bad person?

How the GOP Lost Its Way

I Am Angry! I Have Not Gotten my Rolling Stone in The Mail!

Monster under the Bed-Tom the Dancing Bug cartoon pegs it

People were wondering what price gas would get before people reacted...

A new republican Scandal is about to pop.

Billion Dollar Cheney

State Board Speaks On Prescription Objection Controversy

Secretary of State, Diplomats Subpoenaed in Spy Case

Any DUers ever received a book called "The Secret Terrorists"?

Google Earth Day

Why we fight (dialup warning)

Main Reason for Bush's Poll Decline: LYING!

Would 10 people or more want a DU politcal Photo group? say yes here

Received one of those political survey calls an hour ago.

Who saw the Katrina kids song on Bill Maher last night?

AP - "A Century After 'Jungle,' Dangers Remain"

$3 gas: time to cut ties with OPEC?

I wasn't going to talk politics with my Wyoming brother-in-law, but

Remember Katrina is a great overall campaign slogan for Dems

On Israel and Palestine

Bush marks Earth Day

Ron Brown Tribute @ DNC Meeting

F.D.A. Dismisses Medical Benefit From Marijuana

I can't believe it.

FYI About Wild Bill O'Reilly and his positions...Proof...

How the Internet is like the CIA ?

1.5L of Micro Muscle Fury

Need Dean and Gore speeches on mp3 quick!!!

Neil Young's 'Living With War' Marching Online First!

Red Hot Chili Peppers Brand Bush A ‘Liar’

John Snow resignation watch pool

Bush Takes Muddy Bike Ride on Earth Day

Germany and England wage “tabloid war” over half-naked Merkel

Publish the papers online.

Chilling book/website: Chernobyl, 20 years later: "Nuclear Nightmares"

Democrats bank on anger, offer plan, but hedge on Iraq

There was another leak that the media has forgotten.

Bolton: Iran test of United Nations

humorous "eggman" parody song featuring fear(clue)less leader

Don't they realize that we have to live with the rest of the world?

One day, my competitor may own a gun, I have the right to kill him now.

A faked terrorist attack or nuclear war with Iran - which will it be?

The Vanity Fair GREEN it! Amazing pics of cities under water.

Another leak that has been forgotten...

Everyone should hear this segment......

DU Group Proposal: Anti-Hispanic Group

An elder's point of view.

Napa protest day two dial up warning

Did they ever find that guy named Maupin

Dimming Sun -- scheduled but NOT showing it -- anyone else?

South Carolina Dept of Trans holds memorial service in Baptist church ..

Dim Son is on CNN

bloatway boys

New Baghdad Burning entry:

So you got a $300 tax cut ?

First Lady to 'grace' us with her presence on Monday in MA

Today in history: Roadside bombs kill 5 U.S. soldiers in Iraq

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq (at least 2,388)

DU Group Proposal: Anti-Sensenbrenner Group

A thought for the future....

A big thank you to DU, just for being here. The reason for the current

So...I bought a "lot" of books today at a flea market

The New Hampshire phone jamming scandal.

Sunday Talk Shows

Ritter describes America today....

Why do people always compare our gas prices w/certain European countries

So This Is How the Little People Get Around ---pix--->>>

Is my NBC affiliate the only one that does this? ...

Words to Neil Young's anti-war CD now available. (link)

growing pains

inflation adjusted all-time high for retail gas prices

HELP! Need link to Dean talking about NC Verified Voter Paper Ballot Bill

Bush Can't WAIT To Get Through This Earth Day Speech

brazil sweetens the pot

A commercial fo Rudy Giuliani

The Adventures of Bush and the Keyboard Kommandos!!!

Prove Bush lied about CIA leak

Watch out for those Pinochio Republicans...

MoveOn Petition to Protect the Internet

Ohio Republicans suddenly care about election fraud.

'Spokesman Denies Rice Leaked Defense Info'

The Firing of Mary McCarthy - Larry Johnson

Cal Thomas says Iraq is the most dangerous and important war America has

Gas Guzzlers find way to Heaven

Iraq's new Prime Minister is a sharp critic of the United States

Conservative Voice: Fred Phelps "molded out of excrement by Satan"

i just started posting recently

Worst Backdrop Yet? ---pix--->>>

Democrats See Political Promise in Ohio

VIDEO-BREAKING: Bomb Squad Called/1500 Protestors Greet Bush (

Why stop at adopting European Gas prices? Healthcare, vacation...

What do Democrats stand for?

Is bu$h Drunk, High, Whaaat???

So: NBC Reporter Campell Brown is married to Dan Senor, EX - CPA

Saturday chuckles... Ann Coulter, Kathy Harris... pics...

The days too beautiful to stay on line...

Mozilla Thunderbird question: what does "building summary file for inbox"

Anyone notice that when a black stripper alleges rape...

An unflinching look at the anatomy of the American war machine

Rummy is getting an ear full by protesters ABC news.

Hypocrisy: Why Being a Republican is Easy

New Orleans elections results page

Wilentz: Why Bush is so, so very, very awful

Detention Centers...

The Day the Music Was Re-Born...

A few scenarios that Democrats must be ready for in 2006:

B-I-L freep conversion. . . (pigs are flying, kids)

How do you conserve energy?

So how many of you are planning on buying the Ronald Reagan dime?

Went back to Kroger's today to pick up "Rolling Stone". No dice.

QUESTION: Can you name ONE of his duties Bush** hasn't totally fucked up?

4th rate righty blogger now paranoid after posting Mary McCarthy's address

How long have you been paying attention to government and politics?

Joementum was once our number two guy

PBS is refusing to show Dimming Sun.

Patriotism is truth, today as in Vietnam -- Senator Kerry


The US is like a lottery winner who blew it all on beanie babies

Freeper heads exploding over Gates visit to Viet Nam.

"The Passion of the Flight 93" , BushCo , and the next Big Scare....

Interesting encounter at WalMart (don't kill me until you read the rest!)

Protests and Arrests in California ---> Photos --->

Larisa Alexandrovna on the CIA's hyprocisy on firing a whistle-blower

Suicide rate nearly doubles among GI's in Iraq from 2004 to 2005.

True or False: Repubs will rush to the polls to keep Dems from winning....

DU: you might have saved my friend's life. (She was thinking of enlisting)

Just a thought about the high price of oil

White People Step up for Immigrant Rights! (For May Day & Beyond)

Question for anti-choice DUers...

VIDEO: 1500+ Napa Protesters Line 1 Mile of Bush Motorcade Route (KFTY)

Email Response to my neighbor...AKA I can't take it anymore...

Excerpt from Kerry speech that can stand on its own: Bush-Cheney Doctrine

$3.10 for Republican regular gas, and $3.30 for Republican premium gas

"Revisions in Need of Revising: What Went Wrong In Iraq"

These are the Christians I wish to declare war on

Proof of Intelligent Design! The almighty Banana!

WE NEED TO SUPPORT "American Dreamz" by Seeing it in the Theater.

Public Court Filings from Valerie Plame CIA Leak Scandal

"IMPEACH BUSH" is a message of hope and a declaration of our power

Sweden dumps dollars for Euros .... bush's economic miracle rolls on

Pat Buchanan and other Republicons say....

Tide turns on Dubya's wreck

We believe Duke players innocent until proven guilty.

I asked Kerry today about running in '08

BRAD BLOG: Neil Young's LIVING WITH WAR - 'The Fahrenheit 9/11 of Rock'

Lying Leaker Bush Literally Sneaks Around To Avoid Citizens...

I really think these people think Bush is Christ.

If you think your place is cluttered.....

P!nk Performs ''Dear Mr. President'' Live...

Hybrid Sales in US Climbed 7.5% in March

Building a fence is a bad idea conceived by morans

I'm a Smoker Who Drives An SUV, Occasionally Shops At Walmart & Eats Steak


"A political world turned upside down"...surprising article from...

Will battered Big Easy elect a white mayor?

Bilbray is push polling in San Diego against Busby.

Reuters: Gutierrez seen as contender for Treasury secretary

Here's a Beatles-inspired send-up of Bush dubbing himself The Decider

Impeachment Reason # 322; CIA told * no WMDs were in Iraq prior to war

Support the creation of a "peace forum " and help Campcaseyalumni members

King of Nepal's god-like status shaken

Sung to the tune of The Great Decider

Let's PLAY that Neil Young IMPEACH the P. song

Dr. Dean delivers keynote address, DNC Mtg, CSPAN @10:30am.

Are Mainstream Churches Finally Standing Up To GOP'S Hateful "Christian"

From turds to turdlets ... we must ensure this happens

Happy Earth Day!

Whiny, Self-Martyred Republicans of the Week

Subject: German TV to Hu's Visit

Bush: "Investment by the Defense Dept. ultimately led to the Internet"

White House photo: "We're keepin' America COMPETITIVE, Stretch..."

The Executive's Henchmen Ride Again

Now they've got Gerald Ford reading the script!! (re: Rummy)

I got an actual reply from my Congresscritter!

Santorum: Least popular Senator (39% approve, 53% disapprove)

Comparing Gasoline Use: Bush States vs. Kerry States (NYT, 04/21/06)

We don't like leaders that say "I" - we like leaders that say "we" !

Good for the folks at Stanford University. Made the asshat

Why the Ohio Attorney General race matters: honest elections

Howard Dean tells it like it is in New Orleans

Bush Radio: "America's economy is strong, and we need to keep it strong"

Poverty in Kentucky in 1945

Military structural change?


Putting pIeces together for the "disaster response" program......


Bush wants Congress to approve another $106.5 billion.

Mark Fiore: What's Wrong With This Picture?

Geez, I almost forgot - Harry Taylor spoke to my Dem meet and greet today

Iran uranium enrichment -- on Russian soil. (Paging Pooty-Poot....)

Co-op America: Boycotts Economic Action to stop corporate irresponcibility

Kerry, History Repeats Itself: “Patriotism is Truth, Today As In Vietnam"

Anymore news on Donald R. Kingsby and William Lewis and what the

So we win, then what?

If you loathed music, would you want to conduct an orchestra?

A "Free Press" map that lets you target your specific state for activism

Top 25 Corporate Tax Break Recipients, 2001-03 ($-mill.)

Gas $4.50 by midsummer

Would the American people think that it was all worth it (Iraq and the

Barbara Jordan speech on Nixon's impeachment

Voinovich and Cleveland PD take aim at Kucinich

With Drumheller's story, defense of the regime becomes untenable

Bush Hires Baghdad Bob as his Press Secretary

McPherson rallies supporters from both sides...

Dean Says Republicans Offer `Deficits' and `Deceit'

"Reagan Republicans" - their new moniker and an answer to it

George Allen - the guy repugs want to run for President

RNC lies in response to Kerry's speech

The Neil Young reviews are in: "One motherf**ker of a protest album"

What will be the RW talking points on the Sunday MSM shows?

GOP wants gas prices investigated

Anyone listening to the speech Bush is making on CNN?

You've gotta be kidding me. Bush spins AGAIN!

'08 Convention Has To Be In New Orleans

AOL Poll: Do you want Mayor Nagin re-elected ?

A bumper sticker that warmed the cockles of my heart

A reversed personal opinion ........

ALL DUers!!! You can help support Illinois IMPEACHMENT resolution!!!

When will we realize that schools should not be funded by property taxes?

Military discontent extends below general officer level

Howard Dean: "Voting machines not reliable & shouldn't be used"

Powerful Gov. Accountability Office Report Confirms key 04 Election Findin

Wartime Dissent Is Part Of Patriotism, Kerry Says [Washington Post]

Text - Kerry’ Speech Today: A Right and Responsibility to Speak Out

The whole thing on Fox about DEMS being racist with their ..

ONLY 08 candidate who CAN win is the one who believes in machine fraud

Workin' It --New Show on Air America

Don't celebrate the low Bush poll numbers quite yet.

This is my goal at DU.

Clark and Cleland at Little Rock veterans memorial today

Reagan Can't Save the Republicans

The bubble has officially burst, folks,