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Archives: April 23, 2006

Strife fails to halt climbers

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Many American veterans wind up on the streets

Bush Impeachment - The Illinois State Legislature is Preparing to Drop a B

Hurt by Hamas, Americans Sue Banks in U.S.

IDF suspects Hamas cell carried out terror attacks in Hebron

Hamas's predicament - self-inflicted?

Collecting signatures for Bonifaz

Louisiana Secretary of State Parish Election Results Inquiry: Link

Live streaming has started for NOLA election results.

Creating PowerPoint on electronic voting, need help!

Collecting signatures for Bonifaz

WHAT? Dems endorsing McPherson? Teachers, firefighters....

Who is a delegate to District Conventions next weekend?

Can someone email themself

So, I bought some ground hot sausage. What could I do with it,

How I became a Red Tory


Strife fails to halt climbers

Report: Iran, Russia Strike Deal On Uranium Enrichment

Atlanta college student faces terror charge

States Spar Over Federal HIV/AIDS Funds

Scientists Warn of Threat to Coral Reefs

Nagin 39% Landrieu 28% New Orleans election - runoff

Details emerge on involvement of FBI informant

U.S. foresees fighting beyond war zones

Ex-U.S. attorney arraigned in 9/11 case

With Ethics in Question, GOP Seeks Answers

Mayor Leads in Early New Orleans Returns

Russia Warns Against Threatening Iran

White Supremacists Protested in Michigan

(Beijing) Mayor wants poor neighborhoods razed for '08 Games

Maoists urge on Nepal protesters

Iraqi actors killed for entertaining kids

Breakaway Labor Group Launches Campaign

Outsourcing pregnancies to India

WP: New Plans Foresee Fighting Terrorism Beyond War Zones

Bill Would Make Sale of Sex Toys Illegal In South Carolina

1,400 GUNS: Weapons search widens to Upland antique store

Well, this is a bummer - sympathy please!

A Joke, to warm your heart...

This is my 2,000th post, ask me something.


Penis. Now, honestly, what is wrong with this word?

All-time favourite ABBA member and why.

Did you ever see a goatse look good on any man?

Property tax re-assessment double of average? How to fight?

Watching "The Godfather" yet again. "Leave the gun, take the cannolies"

the programmers at dish network are great!

did you ever see any man look good on a goat?

I almost returned to my CRIMINAL roots on Friday


So I just saw "Hostel."


Sadly....Love doesn't come FREE...there's always a price to be paid....

Every Saturday paper carried this very powerful Funky Winkerbean


Variation on CornField's theme: weird names you gave to things as a child?

Father and Son. By Yusaf Islam.

what's the deal with this assclown?

How many DU myspacers do we have on here?

"Who's the fella owns this shithole?"

Song of the night

I have nothing legitimate to say

Dog in a pipe

Why can we write off violent thugs, but sex workers are "bad"?

eh, sorry about that shit.

Wow. 10 Different Thread Occasions And Not Once Did I Remember.

ZombyLove: Saturday Night Free For All!

$4.24 per gallon for gasoline in Coronado, California

I need attention. I need hugs.

my life changed today

Floogeldy's Hit And Run Post!

I just realized something

Dear DU cordless answer phone experts.

I Agree With Ann

Did you ever see a goatee look good on any pan?

Very funny non-PC joke(REALLY!!)

Why would a cat DO this??

Terra on an RV, true story......

Celebrity Cooking? (shaking head)

I tried to relax and watch some TV, but got the bejezus scared out of me!!

HELP with a song title! Can't get it outta my head, used in a commercial

Just spent the best $99 I've spent in a while. Heads up to computerites!

Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex.

Shitheels on parade

Was it me, or did "Alien vs. Predator" suck?

7 reasons why Rabrrrrrr should be the next president

sniff....sniff...OH MY GOD

Meaningless Poll (Pick One Anyway)

The GM Sequel Concept Car...I want this car in the worst way...

Well, guess who I got to give a hug to today? A former Governor!

I saw 'Pretty Woman' 100 times

Just saw AMERICAN DREAMZ today

Did you ever see a goatee look good on any man?

A "Post from your subject-line Cache" thread!

The Antidote To Viagra?

What is the last movie you watched?

Why can we write about violent things, but sex words are "bad"?


My first Lounge post! Any DUers have/had a dog whose gone blind? I would

Salsa. Mild, Medium, Hot, or HOT?!

Have you ever tasted your dog's foot?

Five Greatest Movie Scenes...

A theological question

Metta Prayer...

My 25 year old cousin just died

The banana is the atheist's worst nightmare? (Video)

Scientists gather to develop anti-HIV microbiocide

The Secret of the Pearl Islands (19th Centuary SUBMARINE?)

Paragraph 175 -- HBO showed it this evening

Seems to me that if Kobe don't get MVP this year, he ain't ever gonna...

Linebacker Lavar Arrington Signs with New York Giants

Ten Kerry threads on Greatest Page right now

Size Matters

C-Span finally put the schedule up

Kerry on the Huffington Post

CNN Headline

Okay, some raw impressions of that speech

"DISSENT" - My video in honor of JK's Faneiul Hall speech

The absurdity of Madonna

Ever been burned by an Epson ink cartridge?

Air Force One Graffiti Hoax Video Briefly Fools Air Force...

This is my 2,000th post, ask me something.

NBC Offers Gas-Pumping Entertainment

Rats Trained to Sniff Out Bombs, Mines (in Colombia)

Collecting signatures for Bonifaz

RadioNation on AAR is discussing the Contamination at WTC site,

"We are addicted to oil" GWB

Bush "lives life to the fullest" on Earth Day mountain bike ride.

From the "Rude One" C...Beasts-

CBS doing yet another story about JFK/Marilyn Monroe

* is coming to visit tomorrow morning

Congressional raises ONLY if a corresponding Minimum wage increase

I thought I was going to lose my mind yesterday!

This Day In Alternate History ...US War With France 2005....

Lest we forget: Clinton's Censure and Impeachment Resolution (HR 611)

Four Dead in South Baghdad...

Mike Malloy on CNN. Someone tell us how it goes

The awful, dirty truth: America was built on cheap and free labor

GWB... Bringing us back to the "Good Old Days." (You Low Life SOB)

Is there any way to actually start a war

2386 Reasons why the DSM is Important

"The Ken Lay that I knew".....CSPAN I: 9:17 PM, CDT

60 Minutes tomorrow will have CIA who will speak about Iraq Intelligence

OMFG: the" "BLEEDING" edge of technology," yes he said it.

Texans Going To Pawn Shops To Get Extra Gas $$

You have to read this back and forth with neocon and progressive

I think Mike did great with what he had to work with


Just saw "V For Vendetta". Wow!

Just spent the best $99 I've spent in a while. Heads up to computerites!

Theodore Roosevelt (great quote)

The more I think about it, the more I'm terrified of the religious right

Small signs of hope: "Montgomery apologizes to Rosa Parks"

Funny picture of Barbara Bush

Neil Young Blog

Conyers:House in Play

For Christ Sake - US recalls ambassador to Azerbaijan

Italy court confirms Prodi win!

About the guy Mike Malloy was on against on CNN.

Are higher gas prices part of a repug plot to get into Alaska?

Who is your favorite right wing nut-case talking head?

Another 'new' bushism... and he gets muddy at St. Helena, Cali.

Send a Message: What would you write on the ceiling of Congress?

You might be a peace activist if:

Bush: "There'll be more days of sacrifice and struggle"

Kerry Speech on C-Span Tomorrow

Nagin, Landrieu Leading in New Orleans

When you hear "privatize" just substitute the word "steal"

Audio of Mike Malloy on CNN tonight.

carol lin (CNN) had JANE GOODALL on her program tonight.

Patriotism and Dissent- Not Mutually Exclusive

What is the real problem: Lack of Gun Control, or the War on Drugs

The abortion debate is about whether we trust women's judgement

Rick Burnley is an awesome poet we heard at Camp Casey

How much oil does Saudi Arabia actually have, and why aren't

Do you think the world will ever stand up to the US? Will it ever...

I could give a shit as to an entertainer's political leanings.

Friends and relatives want me to sell their personal stuff on eBay

President Ford defends Rumsfeld & tells Liberty to roll over

US soldier suicides climb in 2005: army

I'm beginning to think that a return to chain gangs is preferable

TOON: Karl Rove's new WH role

Koo Koo Kachoo

Dump Cheney for Condi, Bush urged

The Implications of Left-Wing Bloggers to the World of Journalism

Just released: Neil Young lyrics

Has anyone here had a problem with their taskbar disappearing?

Saturday Night TOON Fever! Get your hot buttered TOONS right here!

Man Sentenced To 20 Years for Child Porn Convictions

Is war with Iran inevitable? Are the Russians getting involved?


Let's make Neil Young's new album #1

TX Gov: "I look forward to the day the entire state of Texas is all red."

"DISSENT" My video in honor of Kerry's Faneiul Hall speech.

Earthday: Bush lie #732 - "Hydrogen is the fuel of the future"

AAR has new evidence on election fraud: Ohio, 2004. 8:25 PM, CDT

The picture I want every (Army, Navy, AF) military academy cadet to ponder

"Republican and ASHAMED" guy is back - protest pics from California

Holy CRAP. If this Oprah Winfrey video clip doesn't break your heart...

Wounded Soldiers and Marines Get Screwed by Hilton

cALL cnn NOW! tHERE WAS NO REASON TO CUT OFF the Malloy/ass piece

If new bill outlaws sex toys in S.C., only outlaws will have sex toys

Jim Garrison, Playboy Interview, October, 1967 (Fascism)

Potential Opportunity for the GOP to link Hillary to Abramoff

Dean just landed a Knock Out Punch with his STICKIE WORDS!

D- Senate Candidate Morrison takes swipe at Senator Conrad Burns

Bush Won't Commit to Drawdown of Troops (America more secure)

Heard Mike Malloy is coming on CNN tonight at 10PM EST.

NOLA Mayor results ?

The Highest Approval rating for US Senators goes to Ben Nelson (NE)

KCRA 3 NBC Sacramento: Nice Job on B*** visit

retired generals revolt opened extraordinary debate among younger officers

"Study War No More," The other Faneuil Hall speeches today

New Plans Foresee Fighting Terrorism Beyond War Zones

Potential Opportunity for the GOP to link Hillary to Abramoff

The Repubs need a Democratic agenda to run against....

Democrats Contour November Strategy

Why should a great country be served by a "small" government?

How the GOP Lost Its Way (Washington Post)

A Living Wage Revolution

"But now the Can-Do President can’t, or won’t, or isn’t even able to try"

Mike Malloy must have been making too much sense .....

The plot thickens..."Russia: Don't Pressure Iran Over Nuclear Program"

It's a freakin shame that Republicans can only identify themselves

Kerry Speech on C-Span Tomorrow

Rumsfeld approves plan to fighting outside of war zones

Ms. McCarthy may have felt she had no alternative but to go to the press

Its Done: NO NJ Repub House incumbant is running unopposed. DFA Pics

I think Dan Quayle should take another go. Perhaps a Quayle-Alexander tix

Why is the RW seeking to criminalize the sale of sex toys?

Kansas farmers get break in Iraq market

In support of a Sound plan

Tapping Into a Changing Climate (People close to the earth know)

Goper's Lament (Hard to be a Republican)...mp3 song

Why do you think Gergen mentioned Hillary C in his NYT op-ed?

Bush Offered Blair Way Out of the Iraq Conflict

Katrina's Children Struggle With Fears

Stuck in the Hot Zone, Don't dream about full exits. In for the long haul

Impeachment From Below: Legislators Lobby Congress

Iraqi Shi'ite, Sunni friendship meal ends in death

Dump Cheney for Condi, Bush urged

Hillary wants to build a U.S.-Mexico fence first — and she's right

Criticism of Rumsfeld Widens to Young Officers

The madness of bombing Iran

Will Hutton (Londion Observer): Euston group offers new direction for left

The Rapture is Crapture (Part 1)

If Past Is Prologue, George Bush Is Becoming An Increasingly Dangerous Pre

Why Natalee Holloway Is Lucky She Is Not Around to Make Accusations

Spain contemplates its world citizenship as deserts spread within.

British Chemists explore gasification of biomass in supercritical water.

Environmental pornography.

Japanese Chemists work on new catalysts for gasification of cellulose.

Landmark Lawsuits Filed in U.S. Courts Against Israeli Officials

New PA police chief marks Jews as 'only enemy' of Palestinians

Hamas seeks to distance itself from latest bin Laden comments

'Bin Laden' accuses West - excerpts

Palestinians: Settlers vandalized our quarry

Israeli court: PA meets criteria to be classed sovereign state

New PA police chief marks Jews as 'only enemy' of Palestinians

Rabbinical sages exonerate father charged with killing son

Israel hopes nonviolent response to bombing pays

The same old stuff, same old photos of 9/11


Watch this quick, it may be pulled ..NO plane at Pentegan. WATch>>>>

Why Not Create A Non-9/11 "Conspiracy" Folder?

Wow, you gotta watch this quick...before it is pulled. No Plane at PENTAg

Helen Thomas. then Brad Friedman. Up now.

6th Cir. Case Holds P-card and Optical Scan unconstitutional!!!

HAVA Funding Experts - Please help me understand this

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, April 23, 2006

Paging Dr. Dean: Electronic Voting is in Critical Condition

BradBlog: Howard Dean on Electronic Voting Machines, Diebold and Otherwise

Hymn for the Des Moines Register (Dated but Still Applicable)

some reaction to Cape Codders for Peace arrests

Building complex websites.


About that dirty cheer at the annual Progressive Populist Caucus meeting..

Kids, I need ideas.

Anybody have any garden veggies yet ?

Waukesha Mom Wants Police To Investigate Wrestling Camp

Pennsylvania girl, 10, charged with tossing crack during drug raid

Bush acts to reduce oil costs as price hits $75 barrel

Bush Impeachment - The Illinois State Legislature is Preparing to Drop a B

Kansas farmers get break in Iraq market

Missile exports to Iran alarm US

Bush Offered Blair Way Out of the Iraq Conflict

IMF wins new powers to police global economy

Jury out in Iraq on PM-designate Maliki

Bear Attacks Hunter

Foreign Troop Presence Worries Iraq Leader

Iran’s president recruits terror master

Three Russian villages disappear after quake

Police, Protesters Clash in Nepal as Demonstrations Enter 18th Day

Norway slams whaling critics

Energy, Environment Top Economic Meeting

Death squads target Baghadad's dustmen

Ex-CEO Lay Will Testify in Enron Trial

VA Contracts Go to Ex-Chief's Company

Oil's top brass talk prices at summit

Cynthia McKinney's 'fool' remark

Earth day Bush-ism

Indian held for internet threat to Bush ("Call For Assassination")

AP Bomb squad called in as protesters greet Bush in California

Six dead in Baghdad bomb attacks

Land deal opens SeaLife Center, Seward rift (ex-Stevens aide)

Bolivia to Increase Control Over Repsol, Petrobras, Set Prices

Girlfriend may hurt Skilling's credibility (Enron trial)

Judge: Not unreasonable for city workers to surf Web

Tories say they won't lower flags every time soldiers die in Afghanistan

Coin scandal surfaces in state treasurer race

Reuters Breaking: Al Jazeera TV says to air bin Laden audio tape

Bin Laden calls for jihad in Darfur

Intelligence on Iran nuclear threat seen as inadequate

Opponent slams Reed for "horrible" campaign adds

Dump Cheney for Condi, Bush urged

Celebrities focus on 19th Congressional District race

Sex traffic thrives in lawless Iraq

Sailors Getting Soldiers' Training in S.C.

Talabani defends Kurdish peshmerga militia

FEMA tells 625 Texans: Hand it over

Rice to visit Europe -- and maybe beyond

Police follow money trail from nuke plant (New Details)

Calif. Gov. Scorns Bush Response to Levees

Iran deals two blows to U.S. at oil talks

Sen.: U.S. Should Look at Tax on Oil Cos.

3 GIs Killed by Roadside Bomb in Baghdad (8 this weekend)

Iraq a disaster: Albright


Is DU running slow tonight?

Goat, Goat, Goat, Goat, Goat, Goat, Goat, Goat, Goat

Cassilda's Song

It was ten years ago, on a night just like this...

horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse

Adorable kitty cat thread. Legitimate.

Name a song with the word Saturday in the title .

Goodnight Lounge!

im leaving the lounge im leaving du hell im leaving the internet

well, whats your excuse??

What does "fil mish mish" mean?

Don't cry for me Urgent Tina.

Who wants to be a billionaire?

update on the dog dump! she had two offals!!!

I posted a sex thread in GD: Politics!

What should my 1000th post be about?

My son and I had a political coversation today

Phew...Earth day was a lot of work!

Do you use wikipedia? I find myself googling wiki + whatever name

Crown Royal and water ask me anything

Can I usemy PC while I defragment a drive? Yeah, yeah, I know we

Moat, Moat, Moat, Moat, Moat, Moat, Moat, Moat, Moat.

Dysfunctional Family Circus Time

Funny/Educational animation about the "School of the Americas"...

What is your true color?

How do you peel a banana?

VIDEO: Dedicated to Cindy Sheehan. Still crying. Im keeping this alive!

Post Number 3000, and the 1000th this week.

If I can post 14 times in 30 mins I will have 1000 posts in 1 week! Ask me


Dammit...the one time I skip class all semester...

Did Bob Segar ever make it to Kathmandu?

Stupid plastic bags.

Goddamned troll must have got himself tombstoned

Do you let the missionaries into your house?

Why did you choose your ID?

DU Parents.... HELP!!!!


Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks fans...put this on your calendar!

My SO and I are not wearing our wedding rings!

Six more days until Lee Elia Day!

It is now Official.


Naked man stuck in chimney for 5 hours ("less friction going down chute")

Goodbye DU! This is my last thread

It is now Offal

first cook out of the season

Wanted to do something special for my 1000th post....

How to get a cooking stain out of a "stainless" pan & a spice question

I just wanna say

African Queen alert:

Percocet vs Percodan

Wow now that was a Fracking Movie!

Do you let the mercenaries into your house?

My cat just broke my phone

Just bought the new P!NK CD!

Technorati down?

This one quote made my day tonight " You're a very beautiful girl "

i'm watching "Semi-homemade" on Food Network

Meet The Press - 4-23-2006

Attn Boston DUer's: Shameless plug for my son's band!

This Week With George Stephanopoulos - 4-23-2006

Hmm, Pacers just upset the Nets (NBA playoffs). Wish the NBA would stream

I'm going to NYC for next week's

It'd be a good time to live in Wyoming - (gas prices map)

Capital Punishment for ALL Mimes. Too severe or the right thing to do?


Where are we going for breakfast?


Oooo lookie what I finally found

*sigh* I'm feeling down.

At least they're HONEST about it... (pic)

Preview Bob Dylan's first XM radio show

'W' is added to the Swedish language.

Neighbor has just used another electric noise

Day two of Earth day celebration: I hate mother nature

Ever been to an Air America Radio live broadcast?

Incredimail question:

What kind of guitar is Todd playing in this video?

Today in history, April 23.

Lots of good wordplay on DU today.

Spring is around Maestro's place, but be careful!

You know your eating is getting monotonous when...

Howdy Loungers! What's happening today?

**Question for Bartlet Fans: Is West Wing on Tonight??**

Behold! Grainy death and destruction!

Letter to my penis.

Help! Desperately seeking horror movie trivia!

Tell Congress that we want every American to have health insurance.

I need a TaTToo for cosmetic reasons any ideas

Good Morning! Today is ...

Chocolate-Hazelnut Ravioli

WTF is "Snakes on a Plane"?

Happy birthday wishes to ....

I've been painting ceilings all day -- who wants to give me a backrub?

I want me a pirate!

W =

Goodnight all

UUGH! Damn law students... (rant)

DU Smokers, Soft Pack, Box, Tin, Case....?

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator with your ex's best friend?

Would a message board in sign language consist exclusively of smilies?

President Santos in 35 minutes

Any cake experts here?

Woohooo, this doesn't happen too often, Quinn and Althea TOGETHER

Goodnight my Darlins.........Stay Gold

After fifteen days in the hospital, It's good to be home.

Phone Number Magic Trick

Geckos in the bra!

I am WAAAY more self-righteous than you, DU.

Kitty and Cat people I need some serious advice about birth.

Colorado DUers check in!

William Shakespeare born on or about April 23, 1564

The DU Jukebox - Thread was inspired in part by Lounger posts

DVD's in Letterbox is a form of censorship?

Happy Birthday to the freeps' worst nightmare, MICHAEL MOORE.

An American Haunting

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/23/06)

I am so pissed, I'm spitting nails. (LONG RANT)

I Scared the BeJeebus out of myself watching the "A Haunting" marathon

So I took out my 78 mpg Eco-friendly Green Machine today...


Oh shit, my building's on flood watch

Two year old General. Monarch of all she surveys.

albino peacock...

Are you a perfectionist?

Am I the only woman who doesn't have a job now,

I finally figured out what's going on

Oh my God, fellas, I'm so frickin' nervous!

29 away from 1500 and battling palmetto roaches the whole way there. AMA

What's Your Favorite TV Western?

7 rrrrrreasons rabrrrrrr should NOT be the next President.

I'm obsessing over "Starship Troopers" as allegory:

So proud of my S.O.'s nonviolent solution

Did anyone see "Elizabeth" on HBO last night?


It's been fifteen years since I've been a musician's-girlfriend-groupie.

My latest cake..

Environmentally-friendly weed killer?

What song consistently brings you to tears?

Association Thread: Coupling.

Priest Confesses To Killing Pregnant Lover On Easter

Top Ten Reasons For Not Being a Christian

Islamic Toilets.

May God bless you...

GOP doesn't mean 'God's Own Party'

Is a religion more important than its God?

A New Age sentiment we can all get behind ...

What is the definition of "agnositc" and is that different from believing

What kin ya learn from readin old religious texts?

What the hell is wrong with me?

Max # digits of precision a thermometer could provide?

I need help finding good sites online for plant identification...

My partner was kicked out of a department store for being trans.

Will Bush Get Third Supreme Court Pick?

Once Again NBA Referees Decide A Game

Yahoo! Sports report: Reggie Bush's family home

2005 MLB - NL Rookie of the Year living up to the title

Help cat people!!! I have adopted a pregnant mama kitty!

Buster's Eye Injury

Volunteers Needed : Prayer and Healing thread for June and onward

John Kerry: Keep N.H. First

Honoring John Kerry

Excellent story about yesterdays speech in the Boston Globe

Announcing and creating open diary/thread for 10 AM speech

When small boys ask why...

Can someone tape Kerry's speech on c-span for me?

Circular firing squad, commence!

Ohio, Green volunteer...

Looking for audio or video of Senator Kerry's speech on 4/22/06

RNC Response to John Kerry on ABC's This Week

Kennedy backs Kerry

Is Kerry right or wrong on this issue?

Snuffy: Kerry inerview

Seems to me JK wanted the speech to be about the war, not him,

James Boyce (best pro-Kerry blogger on HuffPo)

Who is too elitist: Kerry or the people who think his speech is too

Congressional Hearing on Iraq Planned ( Kerry one of the invited panelist)


Room for Rent (and other stuff)

After the rain, Mississippi -style

Karmic paybacks are a bitch

Nagin & Landrieu In A Run-Off

Let's Bomb Iran- A Funny Video on War

WaPo: New Rumsfeld Power-Play

Bush & A Soldier´s Mother 'Right in her Face'

New Plans Foresee Fighting Terrorism Beyond War Zones

FDLE Commissioner Resigns After Comparing Obama to Bin Laden

Brazil follows same nuclear path as Iran

Dems support of minimum wage for 06 first question on Washington Journal

Minuteman Founder Said to Tolerate Neo-Nazis in Campaign

SUNDAY TOON - when is he going to be the Responsibility-er?

Has a Sunday morning line-up been posted yet? If so, I can't find

Blair: 'We would have been close even if 9/11 hadn't happened'

Fallwell is taking on the "liberal myths." How anyone can support this


Judge rules NJ congressman does exist

From Vietnam to Iraq: The revolt of the Generals

Can Josh Bolten Rescue the Bush Presidency?

Sunday AM awesome killer kewl media: "Dance, monkeys, dance."

He's baaack: Al-Jazeera airs purported bin Laden tape

No Child Left Behind: School gun violence Increases with academic pressure

Reuel Marc Gerecht, PNAC (now ameican Enterprise Institute)- on WJ

Break your heart for a CAPTION!!!

Russian bombers flew undetected across Arctic - AF commander

Yahoo! Allegedly Helps Beijing Arrest a Third Reporter

Immigrant Surge is Tied to the Failure of NAFTA

Forget the Sunday morning talking heads. Jonathan Tucker is on C-Span

Chavez Proposes South American Union

Ally of the 'christian' Right linked to Eritrea (Little Religious Freedom)

Rep. Ralph Davenport of South Carolina

DU-er US Senate candidate Sheeler Gains Providence Journal Nod!

JoeMentum takes a kick in the nads -- Lamont gets full front page in Htfd

Gotta Rant-For Earth Day Bush Goes on Bike Ride

The DU Jukebox

Cash is Trash!

"Spruce Stringbean" on GMA ???

Got AIDS or HIV? The federal government is taking names.

WP - Deregulation "Myth" - How do I gouge thee? Let me count . . .

Haha,GERGEN thinks press secty should PROVIDE info & stand up to bosses!

Watch Google sell out to the Chinese government! Front-row seats!

How high does gas need to go before Republicans "lynch" Bush?

*** TOONS: Mike Luckovich - newly announced Pulitzer ***

Kerry on This Week (ABC)

Sen Kerry speech starting now on C-Span I

The hottest color for this coming fall is BLUE

Background from WJ Sat - female protestor Hu - Bush - White House

Kristoff: O'LOOFAH, is "NOT a journalist, does not ENLIGHTEN"

Who is worse -- Chris Wallace or Brit Hume?

I like this.

What is your true color?

Tun back the clock: Gore for President

Weekly CNN Tony the Idiot Posting...

For the disenchanted and disillusioned folks you know...

When does red become *RED*? - Bush's Mantra, "There's Time for Politics"

Announcing Camp Casey Nevada June 1-3

if we're able to elect a Democratic Congress and president . . .

Ted Kennedy on Meet the Press (NBC)

Albuquerque Pawn Shops see rise in biz due to gas prices!

Yesterday John Kerry spoke for me, Just now I listened to his speech

Why aren't the Bush tax cuts being used for what we were told...

Should we hate Bush voters or forgive them?

What message did you get about drugs from your parents?


White Supremacists Taunted in Michigan

What is the definition of "agnositc" and is that different from believing

The Despicable, Deceiving, Destructive, and Disgusting Dozen

A Proposed Constitution, with direct democracy, and amendment to legalize

Congress Clueless About Iran's Nuclear Threat

OPEC believes oil prices are too high: delegate

FYI - To all West Wingnuts - the sixth season of The West Wing

I tried to preorder Neil Youngs new CD. Not out there yet.

Phelps ditzoid, even Insanity and Doormat can't stand her!

If you think most of the military is this!

the republicans are so afraid of truth and truth tellers, they have come

Out of the Political Shadows (Ned Lamont, Lieberman's Dem Opponent in CT)


“You Sound Like One of Those Left Wing Bloggers”

The Myth of the Republican platform: Fiscal responsibilty, small gov, etc.

A new bin Laden tape?

How to talk to a real person, not a machine

Bush in Napa Valley day 2.2 dial up warning

Condi Rice and Supboena: What happend..didn't see it on MSM

how Australians know when their Howard is lying

Save the Internet

Ed Henry is a Dumbass....

How Bush Dodged 4000 Protesters (Santa Rosa Press-Democrat)

Bush in Napa Valley day 2 dial up warning

Atrios raises a good point....

Support our Veterans... if you can profit from them!

Not too embarassing. Fin'l Times: Protocol gaffes mar presidential visit

As Bush numbers approach freezing we get another OBL video and...

Soldiers wounded in war were improperly billed $ 1.2 MILLION by Pentagon

Wow, you gotta watch this quick...before it is pulled. No Plane at PENTAg

DeLays' Foster Children Charity: " Adoption of Foster Kids DISCOURAGED"

So why do "What happened to the Pentagon on 9/11?" threads get locked?

Americans are doing great! The economy is flourishing!

Jackbooted U.S. Elite Forces Deployed Around the Globe for Bush Wars

Freedom's on the march in Iraq: 2000 women/girls SOLD as sex slaves!

CNN reporting false info on IT jobs front, or just shoddy reporting.

Bad Reporter--TOONS

What happened at Duke? All women are sluts and America loves a lynch mob.

Bush in Napa Valley day 2.4 dial up warning

Did anyone hear Thomas Friedman this morning?

General Batiste is nailing Rumsfeld to the bone (face the nation)

What we have done to this planet

Who put the 'sun' in 'Sunday'? . . . Why, a CAPTION, of course!!!!

So how much fuel did W waste on Earth Day

America's least popular Senator? Who else but pRick Sphinctorum?

Senator Clinton is for a wall on the border?

Great protest sign idea

How can these Marines stand do this?

help find yahoo banner: PINK is the number 1 searched for

Two good bumperstickers seen yesterday...

'New Orleans is our Gettysburg', A Generation's Defining Event

How to save Bush's presidency.

What are your feelings over censuring Bush?

VIDEO: John Kerry on This Week

Franks isn’t Omar Bradley

Lots of desperate people out there...

You might be a Republican/RW Christian if...

Re: Operation Enduring Freedom

Speaking of Osama, where has Zarqawi been?

U.S. Senate Floor Statement by Sen. Dick Durbin on Guantanamo Bay...

Mount Democrat, Colorado (Dialup Warning)

moved to GD poliitics

The CIA knows rendition is illegal and fears a Democratic Congress


Greenwald::Treason by association

Theres something thats been bothering me for awhile now about oil and its

Mike Malloy action

Manga pulled from public libraries

A look back - "soaring" gas prices of 6 years ago.

"Bobby Bible" shows up to support * - pic

PEN recognizes the write to be free

Whoa! Big story from AP: Rising Gas Prices Hit Poor Hardest

Air Base in Iraq Evidence That U.S. Planning to Stay For a Long Time;

VIDEO of Randi Rhodes on Paula Zahn!

there's no inflation here

Anyone wearing a blue paper clip still?

We won't have Nigeria to kick around anymore for the high price of oil

Future Shocks -----

Good "plans" and bad "plans" ?

most callers on W.J. didn't want to raise minimum wages!!!!!!

Gas Prices Up Nearly a Quarter in 2 Weeks

Tom Friedman is a Dumbass....

Where's the best site to find out who a person donates to?

Army Advertising

Do We Care Enough To Save What's Left? (Global Warming)

Paper calls for Dick Cheney's early retirement

Earth day Bush-ism

Beginning to fear a slide into nihilism...

Guess who's book I just found on my shelves? "Duke" Cunningham's!

Do Federal Judges get paid enough??? Some don't think so.

Bush in Napa Valley day 2.3 dial up warning

Mary McCarthy (fired CIA agent) is today's Jeffrey Wigand

Why is Bin Laden now meddling in Darfur?

Quick!! turn on CNN!! Cynthia McKinney just picked her nose on LIVE tv!!

Joe Wilson on 60 minutes now (7:08) channel 2

The game of power and powerlessness

Bin Laden says cancellation of Futurama part of a crusaders war on Islam.

Your "liberal" press: it took the NYTimes a week to correct Hillary smear

I was just reading about the Nuremberg Trials

Kerry Dismisses Idea Whites Run Nomination

Send a letter to Congress to get every American health care:

"I Support Impeaching Bush!!!" - pic

Caption * at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms

CIA's secret prisons may hold future power source for the Planet !

Ray Stevens


just an estimate. . .*'s backdrops

VIDEO: Dedicated to Cindy Sheehan. I'm keeping this alive. Still Crying..

* turns up his nose at lunch

Google Fighting Feds

Some days you get the Bear, and some he gets you.

I post 1,000 posts a month on DU and I'm more liberal than you.

GOP attacks marriage!

Anyone have the stats on which oil companies are best to buy from?

2,386 troops now dead in W's Iraq war

Bush Meets Privately With Think Tank Promoting Military Strike On Iran

"Paper Clips" the movie. Have you seen it?

60 minutes doing Iraq story. . (yellowcake)

'If Past Is Prologue, George Bush Is Becoming An Increasingly Dangerous P

Anybody remember this movie: "The Day After" from the 80's

Protesters outside fundraiser shout, picket against Bush (Desert Sun)

Price to fill a Cadillac Escalade with Premium in Elgin, IL $83.17

Bush: “We're Going To Have A Tough Summer”...

On levees

Where can atheists and agnostics feel welcome?

I got a PLAN and I think it will work

G.H.W.Bush Call for New World Order on 9/11/1990

Looking for a DUer to create a bumpersticker

Happy Birthday, Michael Moore!

Still more appalling corruption in the Bush Administration

Why didn't Bush blame Saddam for 911?

Addiction: A 'Meth Prison' Movement

Are we at the "Tipping Point" with Kerry's Magnificent Speech...OR....

What does a freeper prayer for Bush sound like?

"Judgment at Nuremberg," and BushCo's war crimes.

Why Condi is a heroine to the right and Cynthia is being condemned.

Women's reproductive rights


Neil Young needs your help!

Senator Kerry, THANK YOU . . .

Whose country is this?

When our left wing radio is bashing the Democrats...then why bother.


Bin Laden … Is he really alive or dead.

Horrible news about jobs, and it's getting worse

"Springsteen Hears Voices" . . . Rolling Stone . . .

the 401(k) scam

The Rubublicans failed to take New Orleans today!

Bush Impeachment - The Illinois State Legislature is Preparing to Drop a B

Will our Dems include Universal Healthcare on their list in 2008?

Bill Kristol: "W/o tax cuts to oil companies, oil prices would be higher."

Bush Cartoon: Bush and Schwarzeneggar Take a Meeting

Bush's five point plan to 'rescue' his presidency :

Answers. Someday we'll know .............

Thoughts on Iraq

My preacher said today.......

Cleveland Plain Dealer un-endorses Dennis Kucinich! WTF?

Would you compromise on the abortion issue to oust Rick Santorum?

Houston cops making $172,000

Is U.S. being transformed into a radical republic? - Baltimore Sun

McKinney needs to get better advice on what to say to the press.

I nearly cry when I see John Kerry on TV. Do you?

VIDEO: SLAPDOWN! Randi Rhodes Pummels Paula Zahn (CNN/Air America Video)

Why do Americans continue to be good Germans?

RNC Response to John Kerry on ABC's This Week

Yesterday Senator John Kerry gave a speech on American's right to dissent.

Why don't Fundies object to names of days of the week?

7PM ET 60 Minutes next big bombshell against Bush case for war

Vaguely upsetting conversation with my barber...

Caption Bush (check out the look on the Marine's face)

Bush Brandishes Jail Time at Critics

I'm the child that died in Iraq today.

Merle Haggard: Rebuild America First - Common Sense song!

CNN: "We Were Warned." the oil crisis. tonight at 8PM EDT

which would scare you most when flying?

Cobb County, Georgia man dies in police custody.

Bumper Sticker Idea

Neil Young lost my support for is music when he favored Patriot Act!

Cynthia McKinney's 'fool' remark

Are we as US citizens responsible, as Bin Laden says?

Do you agree with a sentence of 20 years for a victimless "crime"?

Bush Sent to Bed After Angry Tantrum

Deadlines and Dissent (my Kerry speech analysis + interview)

Help me out here: wiretapping, National Security, Article II

Jim Crow Incarceration Nation - Land of the Free?

Starbucks poll (cause of 60 minutes story this afternoon)

Malkin forced to move after personal details published

Senator John Kerry

The "Minimum Wage" Issue is a loser for Dems.

Buy Blue Project - What businesses should we buy from?

Thanks to Jerry Springer I shut up an anti-choicer

Newsweek: "What happened at Duke?"

Update on the NO WAR armband revolution.

Wow! Ford Dealer Calls Freeper On His Bigotry Toward Gays

Neil Young - Canadian-American this....please...Gore's Bush


Importance of blogs in Lamont/Lieberman contest

Could someone confirm or deny this story?

Has a Sunday morning line-up been posted yet? If so, I can't find

Kerry speech on now

Anyone hear about the protest at Stanford changed chimps schedule!

Reuel Marc thinks he's macho Gerecht said europe was from Venus

As I watched John Kerry's speach on C Span

Secret Service Officers Remove CNN Producer from Hu photo-op

Wal-Mart Evolves Into Big Political Issue

the band 311 and "Liberal Hexum"

Mr. Goodie Two Shoes and Miss Chevron

You have to be a pretty staunch Repuke to defend Lee Raymond's 400 million

what a morning! spent listening to how america can invade and kill

Watch this quick, it may be pulled ..NO plane at Pentegan. WATch>>>>

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (A Sex Thread, Of Sorts)

Rove is still active in policy

Lamont's uncle was called before the House Un-American Activities Cmte

Watching Tony Blankley on MTP

John Kerry on This Week - TRANSCRIPT

Must-read Digby post: "America seems to be waking up to the fact that..."

Michael Moore links to "flickr" gallery: 18 photos of the Stanford protest


Democrats line up to fight Cantor

The winds of change

Newsweek: Bush Pops His Bubble (White House spring cleaning continues)

only 1002 days and 9 hours left

Video: Katherine Harris wants to la la in the H.O.R. on the floor


Newsweek: Iran: The Intelligence Reports vs. the Hard-Liners

Has George Told us what he wants yet....and what is to come?

I am The decider

"Ingrown Coattails"

Time Mag: Iraqi girls being forced into prostitution

The Missing Girls of Iraq

Fighting Dems Say Rumsfeld Must Go: A Call to Action

Bloomberg / LAT Poll: Kerry Would Defeat Bush in New U.S. Election

Nice Stanford pic of "Bush" blocking his own motorcade with "Condi's" help

The Last Temptation of George W. Bush

Democrats DO have to hurry up and present their plans

This just in from CIA Press Inc....Identified Body not Osama BL

Strange observation

My letter to ABC - This Week

Unprecedented Fifty-State Canvass

Hail Mary

New Bin Laden tape issues threat to civilians

Democratic Leader Dean Faces Balancing Act

If Santos picks Vinick as his VP, how will you feel about that?

Cleveland Plain Dealer endorses unknown candidate over Kucinich

Court filing in case of indicted Bush official suggests Ohio congressman p

Bruce dedicating Mrs.McGrath to Cindy Sheehan


Why is Osama worth only $25 million when we have spent Billions?

Swastika Shaped Building In San Diego - by design or accident

Campaign slogan for the Dems

TIME: Bush's five point plan to 'rescue' his presidency

Could the GOP's poor midterm prospects encourage them to attack Iran?

Bush Comic: Bush and Arnold Take a Meeting

Democrats do not need to be in a hurry to present "plans"....

Bush treats us to another "sleeves rolled up photo op with the Military"

"We rather quickly ran out of cons" -- Impeachment Snowballs

After slight delay, ProJo acknowledges Sheeler campaign as "viable."

On Kerry's speech: let's not lose the forest for the trees.

Sheeler for U.S. Senate ("Be Patriotic: Impeach Bush") TAKES OFF!


Israel's PM: Iran's nuclear plans threaten "all of Western civilization"

NOLA Mayoral Election

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.......I want to scream!!!

"I told them to send an ambulance because I was going to die." Computers!!

I just got a call from the DNC ... looking for money .......

Euro vs. US$ - Finance:101

CIA officer fired over media leak was key senior analyst

Voter anger sends tremors through Ohio -- Sunday Chicago Tribune

NFIB behind disasterous Enzi health plan for the $100M rev. if passed

Would you be in favor of a tax deduction for people with a healthy BMI?

Just watched the McLaughlin Group special on health care and had to vent.

6th Circuit opinion (4-21-06) Holds Op-SCan & P-cards Unconstitutional!!!

Bolten's 5 point plan to sway voters back to Bush

I'd say this to your face George....

About the five point Bush plan?

A letter from a Lieberman supporter in the GOP

And some people say boycotts are not effective.....History Books guys!

I can't get a handle on what today's Democratic party is about

Welfare Reforms Under Clinton.

Condaleeza Rice - First female & ethnic US Pres to be a Republican?

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