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Archives: April 24, 2006

James Carville study recently published?

Halliburton Announces 1Q Results

Earth Day

John Nichols: Congress should investigate Bush

Is U.S. being transformed into a radical republic?

WP OP-ED by Arthur Schlesinger Jr.: Bush's Thousand Days

Save the Internet (I posted this once already, but dammit it's important!)

Scott Ritter: Bush does NOT have policy of disarmament of Iran

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 242

Monica: 180mph *sustained*, 879 mb. 220mph gusts.

Climate change effects seen in sugar maple

Someone educate me here... just how do we make

"The Left establishment's attack on 9/11 skeptics"

911 Loose Change

2006 E-Voting Train Wreck: Are we making headway or losing the battle?

Cramdown, Stripdown, Lockdown Democracy In The USA

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 04.24.06- Clint Curtis for Congress

SF Chron: She'll (Bowen) Secure Your Vote

Clear paper ballot counter, transporter and storage box

Update from Austin on School Funding. It isn't good.

Senators did not look good tonight

Iran blames US for surge in cost of oil

More torture at Iraqi jails: U.S. pledge to protect not being honored

Democrats Suggest Double Standard on Leaks (W.Post)

Russia tests missile, official says U.S. missile-defense plans a threat

L.A. Times calls for Dick Cheney's early retirement

Schumer asks for military aid in hunt for 9/11 remains

Bush visits former President Ford

Kerry calls for Rumsfeld's resignation after new 'bin Laden' tape

U.S. gasoline prices surge to $2.91/gallon (average)

NYT: Democrats Hope to Divide G.O.P. Over Stem Cells

Chavez: U.S. Diplomat Welcome in Venezuela

Anti-War Granny Brigade Trial To Resume

Bush adviser dismisses call for talks with Iran

Law Seeks to end Spanish Siesta Time

Large fire at oil and gas complex in northern Iraq

WP: Inspectors Find More Torture at Iraqi Jails

Military to hold ramp ceremony for fallen troops (No, not US)

Bush tells Iraq leaders to stop violence

Commander: Contractors violating U.S. trafficking laws

White House: Tape shows bin Laden is on the run

Berlusconi vows to arrive for work as Italian PM

NY Times: A Religious Push Against Gay Unions

Have you ever been trapped in an elevator with your best friend's ex?

The War at Home

Kittenwar is looking for a few good kittens

Sam's fiance can get reciprocity!

all you divorced Loungers or those who have left a long relationship

Holy cow, I'm 50 today!


Is AIM working for anyone else?

It's Poker night here.

101 More Things removed from the Human body

Best Samuel L. Jackson Death Scene in a Film (SPOILERS)

Brokeback Mountain -- Spoiler

Question for those watching West Wing tonight (east coast)

KitchenWitch -- Spoiler

Honda Civic - Spoiler

Late-model sports car - - Spoiler

My little second cousin - Spoiler

Brazillion joke - - Spoiler

Wireless questions for you young kids and the rock and roll.

Half and Half - spoiler

"Family Guy" thread (new episode)

"American Dad" thread (new ep)

Do you personally know any "limousine/Lexus liberals"?

Where is Crazy Guggenheim?

What are they smoking in the White House these days?

I have a tummyache (blatant plea for sympathy).

I just watched the Constant Gardner

Was about 8, walking downtown with my mom

Getting an organization to recycle?

Did Tom Hagen know about Kay Corleone's abortion? Or did he

The cure for priapism

Did you ever see a goatee look good on any woman?

Good Sunday Evening, Lounge!

Rotten eggs - No spoiler needed

Xemasab, this shit is getting tired. Let's just name all the countries...

Here's my news. What's yours?

I just found the house of my dreams

Darn those unitary powers

156 mpg - & stylish, too!

Ford Dealer gets inundated with toasters!

Help the Plants! Spring cold expected tonight - should I cover?


When will the travesty of movie remakes cease?


Common sense is dead and my kid's dad did it in

Milk - - Spoiler

Can you identify the source of this picture?

Now that I have a job and a paycheck

DU or porn?

Best non-traditional alcoholic beverage


Wow, EarlG is getting married

Michael Hedges fans sign in here

Deer Head On Pole In Yard Stirs Debate

NIN "Hurt" vs. Johnny Cash "Hurt"

Anyone vacation in the Bahamas?

Need advice from Ebay sellers...

Give Bush a Brain Game

I did 20 minutes on an elliptical machine today...

Now tell me something about this new Japanese military vehicle...

Drive-by debate changes two...

Just got home from 9 days on the road with no laptop.

I owe the Lounge an apology

Motion to create an adult board for non-prurient sexual issues.

What is the name of the painting with the nude woman in the clam?

Need suggestions for film schools

The Springsteen album of Seeger songs is great!!

Brokeback Mountain -- Spoiler

TEN sitcoms from the 80s. Pick the WORST.

The Bible Belt Map

Fanous Pat Robertson Quotes

New penicillin found in wallaby milk

_ _ _ _ _ _

Boston Globe slaps down the (way) lesser JK

Driving Up the Heat: SUVs and Global Warming

I just had to laugh;

Was Mike Malloy on CNN tonight?

Is osama goldstein?

It's Like The Petro Industry Is At War With U.S. Auto Manufacturers

Fear is a powerful emotion.

'Saint' & the man of 9/11 (Film on Rev. Mychal Judge FDNY Chaplain)

*** Sunday Night TOONs: Shake-Up ***

Capt. Bush says, "That the economy is growing due in part to tax cuts."

Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevent Act

DU is archived..... check it.

Hole opens beneath Placer County home, killing man

Caption this * pic

VIDEO: 60 Minutes: A Spy Speaks Out

60 Minutes question?

I don't mean disrespect to our DU'rs in the South

Even a boogeyman tape isn't going to help you Mr.bush

Latest State by State "Decider" polls out - Only 4 stupid states left


Schwarzenegger says relying on border wall 'ludicrous'

When GI Joe Says NO

Bill Maher Rebuttal to WH "Katrina" Kids -Video

Feingold chat going on

Check out this latest "staged" photo of *

When Right Wingers Attack: Did Mary McCarthy Send Joe Wilson To Niger?

Local news holds Osama tape story

EU oficial: No evidence of illegal CIA activies. !?!

Bush's "Hail Mary" bet. n/t

Anyone know anything about Julia Sweig?

Enron Founder to Say He's Optimistic, Not Dishonest

Peace and Impeachment on April 29

Words of wisdom from the dumbest fucking president ever.

Drive-by debate changes two...

Bush checks off "NO" for Vietnam service, got a link?

I just returned

Republicans want Bush to replace Cheney with Rice

Could Bush's missing wedding ring


John Conyers:Kudos to Edwards

What about a Democratic Governor for 2008???

How much of this 8 years will we be able to reverse?

It'll be Hillary vs McCain proclaims a WingNut acquaintance..

I've been hosed by nascar...

Wed: Betty Ford enters hospital - Thu: Gerald Ford blasts retired anti-...

Deer Head On Pole In Yard Stirs Debate

How serious are the lies and deception ?

While we are at it....more speculation about the Bush marriage...

2,389 U.S. troops now dead in Iraq

Attorney Caught Changing Briefs in Federal Court (True Story)

Can you have a "war crime" without a formally declared war?

Bush Impeachment - Illinois State Legislature is Preparing a Bombshell.

I Don't Friggin Believe It. They Voted Out Ophelia Ford. WTF????

"I was born under foreign occupation..never dreamed I would die under one"

Is anyone going to Democracyfest in San Diego this year?

Picking emotion over logic = the loss of civil rights/liberties

PHOTOS: George W. Bush, 2000: "The President MUST 'jawbone' OPEC!"

Bush meets Mr. and Mrs. Ford... makes ass of self... pic...


Why does C-SPAN2 keep pushing the CPAC rally?

Tonight episode of the West Wing - warning, spoiler

* visits the Fords - What is under his jacket? - pics

Just saw Punishment Park. Is the McCarran Act still legal today?

"Formula change" leaves stations without gas

Helen Keller - The first Socialist Party Member on American Coinage

How well do the Toyota and Honda workers do?

Who else should be impeached???

The Third Bush War (by Arthur Schlesinger Jr.)

"American" is code for "white."

Thoughts on John Kerry

Josh Marshall: What we learned from tonight's 60 Minutes broadcast

Bush marriage explodes!!!

WalMart calls police on campaign volunteer in my home town!

"...but it’s not often things this clearly damning are so widely ..."

US Will Go for Other States after Iran, Iraq--Margolis IWT interview

"Child Pornographer(?)" convicted in NH - WTF?

RE: Duke Rape Case...I have a very affluent friend

Thirteen Days

Sign Petition: Dont Attack Iran

Funny photoshop of Fitzgerald and Rove!

Raw Story Columnist Attacks Atheists and Secularists

Gearing Up for '08? McCain Befriends Old Enemies (Wyly brothers)

If Bush replaced Cheney with Condi, would it help their popularity?

"Iraq Study Group"...don't withdraw troops, just get more help

When emotion wins over logic, we all lose

Military Strategists: Pentagon plans Iraq stay for at least a decade or so

Attorney Caught Changing Briefs in Federal Court

Just watched an MTP rerun I heard about this morning...

On Being Osama bin Laden ......... On Being King Kong

Uri Avnery: Who's the dog? Who's the tail?

Bush: “We're Going To Have A Tough Summer”...

Political reality checks...

Why is Mitch Landrieu running for mayor?

Mehlman sez they've bottomed out ........

Wal-Mart Issue Now Washington-Style Brawl...

Democrats Hope to Divide G.O.P. Over Stem Cells

John Edwards at the Philadelphia meetup on 4/21/06.

David Gregory(NBC) to speak @ Repug NFIBSummit along with repugs Barbour ,

Mike Gravel - Running For President in 2008

Rummy Revolt: What the generals said about their former boss.

Next WH Press Sec. will be a woman. Taking bets on Mary Matlin.

NYC, April protest, I am going, are you? Meet ups?

Who should replace Porter Goss at CIA ?

What if we just walk into Teheran .......

When do you think Rumsfeld will resign?

Legislators want windfall tax for oil companies

U.S. museum exhibit focuses on anti-Semitic 'Protocols'

They terrorize other government officials,,,,,Vice Squad

New Hampshire phone-jamming incident..... Democrats Inquiry Widens

John Brown (TomDispatch): On Waking Up Sleepless

The Long and Grinding Road

Russ Feingold,--Introducing the Progressive Patriots Store

Attack Iran, Ignore the Constitution(Bush can go to war without congress)

Inspectors Find More Torture at Iraqi Jails - Washington Post

California Becomes 2nd State to Intro Bush Impeachment

Mike Carlton - Tide Turns on Dubya's Wreck (Sydney Morning Herald)

Six Months After 'Trib' Expose, U.S. Orders End To Iraq Contractor Abuse

New bush chief of staff stirs up fear and moaning

Are Equality & Productivity Incompatible?

Nepal ruler restores parliament

US Forces planning for the long haul in Iraq

Scars of war

How Gore Can Become Near Perfect (From The Daily Howler).

...still on the burner-bursting the property bubble

Video From the WH Easter Egg Roll

Behind Toyota's hybrid revolution ... SF Chronicle 4/24/2006

Larisa Alexandrovna (Huffington Post): The Executive's Henchmen Ride Again

Congress readies broad new digi copyright bill

Who is Jonah Goldberg? I don't care much for this:

Lawyer: Rice Allegedly Leaked Defense info

Zbigniew Brzezinski: .Iran reminiscent of the run-up to the Iraq war

Ending Rumsfeld's Reign


Changing the Guard by Will Durst

Howard Zinn: Removing America's Blinders (Americans USUALLY Lied Into War)

History Ambushes the Bush Administration

Hoosier war Republicans unflinching when it comes to Iraq

"Why We Are At War" by (President) Woodrow Wilson (1917)

Bush Face Growing Dissent from Repubs on Climate Change

“Iraq Can’t be Compared to Post-World War II”

"The Rape of the Working Class" from

You want privatization? I got your privatization right here.

Concerns over mine near Glacier national park detailed

Secret rivers found in Antarctic

Ukraine Asks Help for Chernobyl Region

Stand By for a Warmer, But Not Scorching, World (Science mag)

Solar thermal trough goes live this weekend -- 1st since 1988.

Brazil follows same nuclear path as Iran

Behind Toyota's hybrid revolution ... SF Chronicle 4/24/2006

NASA Data Combined To Improve Hurricane Landfall Forecasts

New Truck Stop Electrification Station Maps Help Truckers Reduce Idling

Microsoft chairman holds a 25.5% stake in corn-fuel maker Pacific Ethanol.

Plant That Brewed Beer Shifts Attention to Ethanol

Petrobras Forms Japanese Ethanol Joint Venture

Chernobyl scientist warns of 'nuclear folly'

Toyota 4th gen is a plug in hybrid - is this due out in 2008?

Dark Days For Energy Efficiency

New Jersey Approves Highest per Capita Solar Commitment

Milestones in the history of garbage.

Clinton: "We May Be At Peak Oil"

EPA, Arizona State fight 'heat islands'

It won't last

New leader is redefining Israel's divided right wing

Report: Anti-Semitic incidents drop for first time since 2000

Terror threat puts U.S. Jewish community on alert

Palestinian gunman killed after firing at troops near Gaza border

Hamas faces expulsion threat

Jordan king: Israel must disarm nukes

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s “Charity” a Front for Terrorism

Until they get some brains

This will make your head spin!!!

Don't forget - this forum mentioned

Whatever happened with the Anthrax letters?

Which Saeed Alghamdi did Ahmed Alhaznawi know in Saudi Arabia?

Now Hollywood lies about September 11th

Question about Max Cleland

(Bradblog) Friedman briefs Feingold on election fraud !

law firm papers focus in case of Diebold information leaked to writer

CA: Many counties returning to paper ballots

Hi ER Forum... please K&R this thread when you get in...

Diebold whistleblower Heller case examined by Cleveland paper.

Feingold Headed to Iowa to Help Elect Democrats

Best Web Hosting Company for State Congressman Web site?

Hi could someone PM once?

Juan Garcia ~ In the News

The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party in Texas

VLWC Founders Enjoy World Class Accomodations at Hotel Sonia (dialup warn)

Nut Thins

Warm weather meals; what's your favorite?

Angry farmers block Ottawa streets

CTV says Harper gov't forbids press from being on base when dead Canadian

Court filing in case of indicted Bush official suggests Ohio congressman p

Climate change effects seen in sugar maple

Cop's Son Questioned in Natalee Holloway's Disappearance

Democrats Hope to Divide G.O.P. Over Stem Cells

Terror threat puts U.S. Jewish community on alert

Baghdad car bombing kills three (wounds 25)

U.S. museum exhibit focuses on anti-Semitic 'Protocols'

Gearing Up for '08? McCain Befriends Old Enemies

U.S.: States Negligent in Use of Lethal Injections (New HRW report)

Tape a vexing reminder of US failure to find bin Laden

Ark. Man Pleads Guilty to Cross-Burning

Baker advisory role seen as key on several levels

Vietnam can become like India: Gates

GOP missteps give hope to Democrats

Congress Recommends New Powers for FDA

Bush Faces Dissent From Republicans on Climate Change

(Alta, CA) Man dies in plunge after huge sinkhole opens in his home

Democrats gain on Republicans in congressional fundraising

Iran Invoked at Holocaust Remembrance

Iranian president says Israel cannot continue to exist. 4/24/2006

Report: Iran may prompt other Mideast states to go nuclear

Seventh car explosion in Iraq today

A California aviation era ends

Four UK soldiers tried for Iraqi death by drowning

Elizabeth Dole Facing Big Challenges As GOP Committee Leader

Bodies of 15 Sunnis found in Baghdad (were seeking jobs)

US anti-drugs team's plane hits Afghan homes, kills five

Bush Takes Immigration Pitch to Calif.

Three Explosions Rock Sinai Resort Town

Group takes on Pombo's record

Inspectors Find More Torture at Iraqi Jails (Washington Post 4/24/06)

Wal-Mart to pay $1.5M fine to settle price claims in Mich.

Turkish military action in Iraq will take place if needed -- Ozkok

7 Car Bombs Explode in Baghdad, Killing 6

U.K.'s Prince Harry may be kept from frontlines

Iraq: Artists become targets in rising atmosphere of intolerance

Wal-Mart is fueling political furnace


US District Court Dismisses Don't Ask Don't Tell lawsuit

Harvard author faces scrutiny

(Military) Scientists Probe Use of the Tongue

Reid wants quick work on defense bill(Frist wants theocracy bills first)

Danube dike bursts, 1000 flee

Russert makes five straight years on top at NBC's 'Meet the Press'

Iran President: U.N. Lacks Guts To Impose Sanctions

Iraq police find 32 bodies of security forces

(Josh) Bolten Plans To Lift Bush's Poll Numbers

Iraqi PM-designate: U.S. could start pullout in 18 months

Supreme Court Weighs Police Search Conduct

Australia Braces For 'Worst-Ever' Cyclone

Santorum among GOP's vulnerable

Official worried about 2nd wave of 9/11 victims (ground zero's toxic dust)

UK: Support for Labour falls to 19-year low

Bush: Massive Deportation Not Realistic

About 250 people protest outside the Hyatt Regency

Democrats Say Lieberman Too Close to Bush

Senate Vote Inquiry Widens as Democrats Probe White House Link

"Oil, rising rates could spoil the party"/ CNNMoney

Sun (Microsystems) posts $217M loss, McNealy resigns as CEO

Santorum may regret vote on vets' funding

Afghan plane crashes 'into homes'

Parents killed, kids sold (China)

Three explosions heard in Egypt resort town-witness

Povich, Others Sued for Sex Harassment

Forman Endorses Landrieu

US calls in (British) Paras (in US uniforms) for Baghdad secret war

NYC Union Chief Toussaint Remains Defiant Hours Before Heading to Jail

Rumsfeld sued over Pentagon's recruiting database (By 6 NY Teens)

Eighth general has called for Rumsfeld’s resignation

Tehran insider tells of US black ops

Catholic Church to Ease Ban on Condom Use

99-Year-Old Woman, Homeless After Hurricane, Is Told to Be Patient

Bush Says He Tried to Avoid War 'To The Max,' Explains How God Shapes His

Secrets of the CIA (Mary McCarthy Denies leaking!)

Iran Hints at Exiting Nuclear Treaty

Weakened Lobbying Bill Heads to House Vote

Bush's approval ratings hit new low (CNN)

Bush was warned there were no WMD says former CIA man ("60 Minutes")

ARG POll: Bush Approval 34%

High court won't intervene in fight over Jesus poster spagetti, mix sand, and fish fly launch, please.

Hmm...I should go to sleep, but the "DU or porn" thread is keeping me up.

What should I do for my 3,000th post?

Does * have an Afghan Twin?

Goodnight Lounge!

does anyone want to pay my bills for me???

check this site--huff`s attempt at humor

It's Sunday evening! (For a lot of us anyway). How are y'all??



Does anyone actually "live off the grid" anymore?


Congratulations uppityperson!! 10,000 posts

Please help

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.......

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/24/06)

Snakes On A Plane!

Oklahoma man advertises for a 12-24 year old virgin bride

Mother*&%%ing BellSouth!

Behold the meaty goodness of: ""

Hey, gas Didn't Go Up overnite!

One of my cats is a f**ktard...

Tony Blair's Wife Spent $13,700 On Hairstyle In One Month

Computer question for the lounge genuises.

I have a job interview this afternoon

I'm a Barbie Girl...In a Barbie World...Life in plastic it's fantastic!

Nudist arrested for working as carpenter.

"Kentucky Fried Movie" is fucking hillarious!

KFC Knockoffs

One of your chimps is a f**ktard.

***Tomorrow is Anzac Day! Ask me anything!(It's a big public holiday here)

I just saw Bruce Springsteen on GMA

Fonzie vs Carmine Raggusa

I've discovered a "new" old band.

When you have the puck you should keep your head up


Teacher Afraid To Return To School After He Made Racist Blog Postings

Boater Finds Human Head Floating In Ocean


Good Monday Morning, Crew!

I am on hold with long should I wait for???

This is a cool site. "Today's front pages from 45 countries"

Do any other DU'ers who use a "Park & Ride" notice this?

Naked Man Tried To Slide Down Stepmother's Chimney - Arrested

Does Lactaid have any "attractive" side effects?

I'm arguing about sand in an online community.

Carpenter Arrested For Working In The Nude

Man Swallowed By Cesspool

Is your daughter a hip-hop ho? Christians against Hip Hop



TMobile is sleazy and sucks and wont fairly credit me for last months

I just realized that I have NEVER been drunk!

I need a white noise machine. Suggestions?

Anybody want to help me take a shower?

Great Video: Or, how I feel inadequate sometimes!

Ok, who told Amazon that I came out?

Should I work, or keep posting on DU?

Ex-military DUers: Do you still have your duffel?

art lovers in the lounge here`s some paintings from iraq

Is anyone on DU a member of the Eagles?

Is anyone on DU a member of the Fraternal order of Eagles?

I can't stop sneezing today!

Oh my god! My boss just threw a pile of papers at me.

Is anyone on DU a member of the clinically insane?

Is anyone on DU a member of the Masons?

Is anyone on DU a member of the Jets?

Is anyone on DU Jackie Mason?

Time for a Pet Pic Thread! **POST YOUR PET PICS!**

Mr Mouse was in a car accident... with his 'Vette!

It's a VACA day off, sitting on my ass. Ask me anything!

damn I hate not getting the classes I need

Damn, I woke up in the middle of an Ambien night....

What a horribly, nastily, insanely depressing day.

Something is wrong with my modules. Can anyone help me?

Kids show, kids show... Oh good Lord, it's the kids show...

There is no greater live band than Bad Religion.

Freecycle tip of the day: Go with the local instead of the sob story.

Are the polar bears dying because HEyHEY thinks impure thoughts?

Gals (and guys) i need your advice about a guy

All of the sudden I'm rich!

Duck taped checks

One of a my co-workers is discussing his unplanned exit from the freeway.

There is no greater Religion than The Band, live.

Happy 64th Birthday, Barbra!

...overheard on Air Force One....

Thanks to DU I start to laugh everytime I here of see the word "Brazilion"

I just installed Tiger on a G4 400mHz with 512 MB RAM - ask me anything!

got a rolloff in the driveway

The Word of the Day (please use in a sentence)

This is so stupid, why do people keep downloading it?

It's New To Me... So Maybe It's New To You Too. (internet news,tech.,etc.) just passed in

Three wasps in one hour

If you think the Oscar thread was funny - this was classic



So, it seems I'll be going to a fury convention

"'Cause I'm a Blonde" - Earth Girls Are Easy...

Some Questions About Brokeback Mountain (** SPOILERS **)

I just got a tax refund check---i'm nervous

An Incredibly Important Poll

I'm thinking of dropping out of society

Existential computing.

Feeling down.... lyrics

Anyone else having trouble with weird collection agency phone calls?

So, it seems I'll be going to a furry convention.

Post your most irritating "sex" story.

what is a Hammer H2????


Ladies Night At Bar Includes One-Cent Beer & Free Beer Funnels With Shots

Who else DIDN'T post in the 'Who else DIDN'T post in the kudzu thread?'

How should I celebrate 10,000 fool-headed posts?


Remember what fun we had with that Chevy Tahoe commercial...well...

Singing in the shower

More to panic over: what's the first signs of pregnancy?

Wanna fly the new Airbus A380? Here ya go:

Capricorn Records (Allmans, Marshall Tucker) founder Phil Walden Dies

Where can I get comfortable, casual NARROW shoes?

My friend has finally left her husband! (vibes, thoughts)

It's almost one in the afternoon and I'm still in a komodo


I just put someone on my ignore list. First time I've used "ignore."

New Car!

First Day Of Class

Who else DIDN'T post in the kudzu thread?

Freeper family values...

Are Bush poo flags still available? I could sure use some.

I need a hug

My cat coos when he's happy...anybody else's cat do this?

Satan is coming... You are warned... (BIG PIC Warning as well)

Nick-Nick is getting groomed today (1st time ever).

We have a mole or gopher.. I don't want to kill it, BUT

Anyone been to Iceland?

Last night I reread the entire Oscar thread.

BREAKING NEWS: Road Runner Assassination Attempt

Did anyone else trip to the LSD Franken put on page 193 of his book?

What is your wildest (non x-rated) fantasy?

I had a 3-way the other day

I thought they were drowning. (nt)

Last night's Sopranos - I rate a 1.5 out 5 stars (**SPOILERS**)

I give up.

Obscene Smiley!!!

That's show biz... Rowdy sex talk on "Friends" set not harassment,

Let's talk about the PROM!

This is better than "Sunscreen".

How much does it cost to have a web site?

Oh LADIES!! He's single ....but who is this dapper man?

I got a new job!

You know what, Mom? Two weeks isn't long enough.


It's almost one in the afternoon and I'm still in a kimono

the Dan's "book-keeper's son"

How did I get a zit on my elbow?

Has anyone ever seen a lizard fight? video

I think I'll drink some Spaten Optimator tonight

Watch your change

With this thread I have 25 posts to 10,000- how should I get there?

Anyone here use Sharper Image air purifiers?

Opie&Anthony back on their own CBS stations now (David Lee Roth ones)

Post your most irritating "ex" story.

Your experience meeting DUers...

Gillian Anderson and her husband have separated -- yay!


"Good Harry" *Goes Beserk*

"Let's rebuild America first"-Merle Freakin' Haggard

New garden pics! (Dial-up warning!) From a public garden near me.......

What do ya say when somebody tells ya "I'm a Christian"?


Check out this crazy Muslim fanatic!

Way back when, was it pronounced like Jay-suz or Hay-soose?

Anyone read 'The Truth, the Way and the Lies?'

Guided by knowledge and inspired by love

Time to change nation's mindset that atheists shouldn't be elected

Why Most Published Researching Findings are False

Whew - Interstellar Deathray Not Likely to Hit Earth

When is a sexual attack not a sexual attack?

'Day of Silence' at high school expected to draw protesters

Blackwell and Rod Parsley Compare Gay Couples to Farm Animals

A Religious Push Against Gay Unions

Church Groups Battle Over Gay Marriage

Anti-gay Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller moved by meeting with gay students

Urban gay youths finding their place

Friends...blogACTIVE Project...

Straight producers told me to 'camp it up', says Graham Norton

Bolton's UN Spokesman who defends anti-gay vote is gay

Chess News for week ending April 23

Eva Longeria-Sixth Person of the Year

Unknown illness kills Derby contender

Keith Hernandez: 'Women Don't Belong In Dugout'(on Padres Female Trainer)

Cat boarding experience....not good

Online Remedy Finder - Homeopathy Software and a success story

Response to Rightwingnut bashing JK - Truth and Double Standards

Why doesn't C-Span have Kerry's speech video up?

I dont agree often with Warner, but he is so right here.

BTW, the two other speakers on Sat. have been on recent films

This list needs amending

Dissing JK to bloggers

Somebody in GD Praising Kerry


Ask James Webb: 5 pm on dailykos

It sure didn't take long

CBS article on Kerry's speech

Two days have passed. GD is now full of people who are dissing Kerry


C-Span will replay the speech tonight at 9:30

Hello my favorite DUers!

The speech is now up on C-Span

Kerry's speech on South America - Awesome

Fantastic Bob Herbert column in the NYT on Kerry speech

JK to be on Ed Schultz tomorrow--heads up!

A couple more photos and an article published in a local newspaper

Sensor cleaning question (again)

Countdown Newsletter -- 04/24/06: Rebooting (Or Booting) at the White Hous

A story about my 3rd court appearance, then a rant.

Help me out, ladies....

DU teevee-watcher heads up .... Olberman AM starts tomorrow

911 Loose Change

Missing the point

Is the Illinois Impeachment proposal expected to pass?

Sign the Fighting Dems Petition Calling for Rumsfeld to Resign!

Mark Crispin Miller on CSPAN2 at 2:30am Eastern

Hero Iraq vet tossed from wheelchair and attacked by cops

Great Article On Today's New Breed of Peace Activists...

Here's my message to lurking Freeps

The insane singing Berlusconi vows to return to work as Italian PM

Cop's Son Questioned in Natalee Holloway's Disappearance

Iraq's Comparisons to Post-World War II are False


Rumsfeld..a liability

Bush to be in Irvine, CA today!! 4/24 anyone hear about any protests?

Tape a vexing reminder of US failure to find bin Laden

Russia set to showcase latest weaponry at Asian arms fair

Russia should cut oil to overfed Europe: Transneft

How Do You Think Natalie Maines Would Do On Bill Maher's Show Now?

Rumsfeld Suggests bin Laden, Zarqawi Manipulating U.S. Press ---LOL

UK lawmakers support Agent Orange victims

Protester at bush Photo Op! I Support YOU Terry Davis!

Screen Actors Guild members support lowering voting age

Bush's Thousand Days

China inks energy deals with Saudis - Defense and security agreements too

washington journal-spending bill,walter pincus,taxpayers for common sense

Step #1 . . . can we all agree on SOMETHING? . . .

Ever wonder why Nevada and Florida are "swing" states?

Who believes Jim Baker is objective enough to run a bipartisan committee?

"Axis of Evil" & exaggeration of threats by our ruling "Cold Warriors"..

FINALLY! A crackdown on contractor behavior in Iraq.

Rapist goes scot free, victim jailed and deported - Saudi Arabia

More political music to shake the tree

Cheney's energy bill is coming back to haunt us.

Sneak and Peak (Marge Piercy poem)

Those Darned Unitary Powers

Senator criticizes Rumsfeld for failing to nab bin Laden

Prophet cartoon offenders must be killed: bin Laden

Terra! Iran! bin Laden! 33%! (Oops, how did that get in there?)

My Dinner with Feingold--From The Brad Blog

I Highly Recommend Tyler Drumheller's story from Crooks and Liars.

Tyler Drumheller - How many more will there be?

Bulgaria makes deal with devil: Just another outpost for Bush's militarism

Observations On Obfuscation

Peace Call-In Day Today

Tucker Carlson On Grover Norquist

Peace March in NYC: Saturday, April 29

No Stephanie Miller Today.

Top 10 is linked at The Daou Report

To save Monday's poor, battered soul . . . CAPTION!!!

I'll glady pay you tomorrow for a CAPTION today!!!!

Just got off the phone with Consumer Affairs re gasoline price gouging

This from a man who oversaw a White House who completely INSULTED

Democrats Say Lieberman Too Close to Bush

I'M THE DECIDER (koo-koo-ka-choo)

Nigeria says it's a "fear premium" that's pushing oil prices up

Mr. President: Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night?

Follow the campaign contributions... Exxon -----> GOP

America's borrower-industrial complex (A conservative details the risks)

Energy March---Let's get the people on the streets for sound energy policy

Iran Allows Women To Attend Soccer Matches

It's Hard Out There for a Sycophant

The reason Osama's STILL a threat is because Bush took the forces out

Bolten's Plan Calls on Bush to Rattle Sabers at Iran For Political Gain

"Bin Laden's comments were aired on Al Jezeera during sweeps week"

Dem asks Legislature to push Bush impeachment

My new bumber sticker...

To Serve or not to Serve...

For our younger DUers. Good gas mileage isn't rocket science.

CNN Quickvote: Do you believe Iran is pursuing nuclear power for peaceful

Fucking disgusting - false fire alarm used to run and hide from protestors

Bin Laden blames the American people . . . not just U.S. gov't

Human Events: "30 Republican House Seats in Jeopardy" and FREEPS react:

Hu protester. Read this if you didn't get to follow-up on the protest

"If we do the right things by lowering international tensions . . .

Regarding the phone jamming scam that may reach into the WH

Bombs Kill 6 in Baghdad; 15 Die Elsewhere

Bush turns to promoter of first Gulf war for 'new ideas' on this one

David Gergen told CBC 's Peter Mansbridge "Iraq is a mess".

Remember "that" kid in your school? The one the other kids couldn't stand?

question: was a first name Joseph/Joe head of FEMA recently?

thinking ahead - Toyota does it, why not GM?

Thinkers Anonymous

Osama's statements on Darfur conflict will gain him some new enemies.

The world is ending...Cynthia McKinney referred to an aide as a Fool

Registered Republan Serial Killers, List here:

Purported tape of Saddam discussing destruction of farmland of

Any suggestions for a Book Club?

my small pro-choice action/performance

How to put a stop to this "new Osama/Zarqawi videotape" malarchy

US amb to Azerbaijan recalled; gateway to Iran - war flag ?

A Lieberman-Hannity Break-up?

Real Player/Real Media is EVIL

BTK Serial Killer Gets Prison Treats For Good Behavior

Russia test-launches K65M-R missile designed to penetrate missile defenses

Anyone Else Tracking Cat 5 Cyclone in Autralia? Situation Dire

One of Bush's dumber statements

Wal-Mart Fight Turns More Political

Dammit! Medicare recipients could face 7% increase in costs next year

Mick (Jagger) beats George (B**h) to suite

what did our 61 soldiers die for this month?

If there were reports of a child prostitution ring in the White House ??

Iran President: Israel Is a 'Fake Regime'

Democrat Proposes Windfall Oil Profits Tax - Arnie Won't Rule It Out

Council Left to Wonder Why Joe is No Show (Lieberman & Voting Machines)

How much do you think Bill Gates paid President Hu to make this happen?

What Would Al (or Kerry) Do? IRAN

Notable quotes (one from Poppy and one from DICK)

Mission Accomplished; Kidnaping, white slavery, & the sex trade in Iraq

Police Hunt for Murderous Chimps After Fatal Attack

Bush is lying again...

What is with Keith Hernandez and that "Baseball is a man's game" stuff?

Check out this WHOPPING lie from Cheney

What Bush was "up to" at Stanford

"The Intelligence Community failed to authenticate documents Niger"

The states may just save the union.

The Amityville mass murderer, Ronnie DeFeo,

A caller into C-SPAN this a.m. had a great idea about oil/immigration

Anyone Notice WHICH STATES the gas is cheaper!

Judge says websurfer can't be fired. Tee hee.

Al Jazeera is reporting that 15 Iraqis were killed today and

We should have seem the bin Laden tape coming. When will the next

Caption this pic:

Best Web Hosting Company for State Congressman Web site?

More Evidience of Prisoner Abuse In Iraq - again

Bush's Thousand Days - WaPo - Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

Why does the media assume that everyone who opposes the war is a leftist?

Join us on "The Guy James Show" today. Call toll-free

What is "Drive-By Media"?

Scene inside a Paris bar.

Please help-- How can I find a phone number of Website Administrator?


UpDate on Egyptian Explosions

Just Breaking: Explosions in Egypt

Will we see US universal health care withing the next 50 years?

How about Aaron Sorkin for President? Seriously, his folks are SO much

Roger Toussaint Heading to Jail - for December strike by TWU

Look it, it's very simple let me explain the CAPTION thing one more time

How do you feel about the current state of the environment? poll

Do members of Congress buy their own gasoline?

Will running on impeachment help or hurt a Democratic contender's chance

Wow, an argument dumb for even a Freeper

"FBI Technology Blows Apart Myth of Church State Separation"

Rush says saber rattling is causing higher oil prices

It's about education, stupid!

Russian Bombers Flew Undetected Across Arctic

Veep sleeps through meeting with Chinese President Hu.

Would you like to see Dick Cheney retire?

Was it wrong for Mary McCarthy to leak?

Fox News vice president says 'diversity is not necessarily a strength'

Dangerous Times Ahead By Dave Lindorff

I Will Be PISSED if the Dems "Run On Katrina."

Weekend Report: Bush appeals to congregation, eye contact avoided

Randi was on such a roll about Bin Laden

It's so dark outside, all the photoelectric "night security" lights are on

* still a "miserable failure" on Google

Drowning in a tidal wave in Iowa.

Drought of workers cultivates worries

Buzzflash: Is Bush Achieving His Goal in Iraq? (Oil Control, Perm Bases)

On marines...

Houston's oil people celebrate gas prices--- at a $100,000 party.

Jordan king: Israel must disarm nukes

any attorneys or credit experts in the house

In Iraqi city, it's don't walk -- run

Americans Entered the Brave New 21st Cen. with their Heads Up Their Asses

Anyone else having problems with the AAR stream today?

CNN NewsWhore laughing "Now that I own some of that oil stock...!"

Bush hits NEW LOW 32% in new CNN/GALLUP Poll

Breaking-32% approval on cnn's poll

What is your anxiety level about Iran?

Caption this pic of *

Just seen on FOXnews, eighth general asks Rumsfeld to resign

Wolfie claims he's got "brand new lows in a brand new poll" coming up

How Green is Biodiesel & Ethanol Derived from GE Crops?

Izzybeans: "The world must disarm nukes."

Fox is carrying Bush Orange Cty speech live. Immigration now.

Need to smack down a RWer on oil company profits

Arggg...Air America Streaming Not Working

Hey Freepers and underground conservatives..."Nixonian" and "Carter"

This blast from the recent past deserves a fresh look ("Stick it" clip)

Colombian musicians turn guns into guitars

CNN covering the 60 Minutes story from last night

What wil Faux's headline for the start of the Iran war be?

Bill Bennett and CNN...

Swords into ploughshares? How about guns into guitars...

Zbigniew Brzezinksi - You're so naive! Or why Iran attack is a GOOD thing

Puzzle...puzzle....Why are Bush's polls so low ??

The Bush=Hitler arguments that rage on DU will go on. And that's healthy.

Santorum, Frist Organize Religious Petitions Against Gay Marriage

Tell Congress "NO" (FY 2007 Budget)

Bush support holding between 33-34%. Are there really that many

They have too much to cover up. They could not survive sunlight

Josh Marshall today:who from the Commission interviewed Drumheller

Would disenchanted Repub voters most likely vote if :

Bill Press on CNN 4:38 - Blitzer on low poll numbers

reply to jack cafferty

Nixon, Chimp, Barney and Checkers.

This will make your head spin!!!

Cyclone Monica going down on Darwin

Bwhahaha! Bush say's attack in Egypt was a "Heney-ous" attack!

Cashing in on 6-6-06

wonderful smackdown of a far right fundie

Someone watch Lou for me

Funny caricature of Cynthia McKinney from FreeRepubic

Great News: Wal-Mart top employer in Arizona

I had lunch today with a patriot.

No recovery is possible for the Bush administration...

Shrubbies poll number will be the inverse of the average gas price...

Mick beats George to suite

Harold Ford Jr: Amanda's Question For Donald Rumsfeld--And My Answer

Email Cafferty with suggestions for Josh Bolten's recovery plan

This administration is a Kakistocracy

Stopping Worrying About Making Ends Meet---Become a CEO

Russian MoD says missile sale to Iran to go ahead

I'm no sexist, but I sometimes think that female Republicans

Help! Anybody know how I can get a cheaper R/T plane ticket...

The freeps take on the United 93 Film. WHY do they share my oxygen?!

Michelle Malkin launches Internet Broadcast Site -

I just want to praise a TV show that others should watch if they

Religion and wealth: Which best describes you?

Does Rumsfeld work for Faux News?

Bush Comic: Hey Hey We're The Murder Monkeys.

Mayor Of New Orleans: Nagin Or Landrieu?

Cheap Gas!

CSM article quotes Ari Fleischer to question Kerry's speech on dissent

Mary McCarthy 'categorically denies' being the source

What Is The Total Number Of Stars From All The Generals Who Want Rummy...

Bad poll number for Bush? Here comes the remedy! OBL speaks

Wait a minute! (eavesdropping ? about letter from congress crittter)

"Prince Harry Would Be Deployed in Iraq" - AP Any Bush family volunteers?

Tommy Chong: Cheney's Secret Service detail bought Bongs

IRAQ: IAEA acts to clean up Tuwaitha nuclear site, 1,000 at risk

No caption needed...

Why GWB has a dog and not a cat

Why where US agents flying in a Russian Airplane

Dumb Question from a Canadian reader

Du lou dobbs poll on Chimp's credibility

How is our favorite male whore/fake journalist Jimmy Jeff doing?

Veterans Drawn Into Immigration Debate

Rush goes off the deep end, and gives us a clue to Rove's strategy.

My daughter and I went looking for a car yesterday

First Lady Announces Literacy Conference

Situation Room: Republicans to the rescue!

And you thought it could not get sicker?

Looking at Dobbs, I'm wondering...


Would you still order pizza....?

Lou will interview a panel to discuss Chumpy's ever sinking poll numbers

2390 Reasons why the DSM is Important

White House announces that it unconditionally supports the gov't of Iran

America now KNOWS Little Lord Pissypants and they can't stand him

Story about wounded vets/Hilton coming up on CBS:

Vatican 'may relax condom rules'

Viewer Firestorm at Diane Sawyer for not stopping Parental Abuse

The Forum: Stable Direct Democracy!

How is that crackpot MinuteMan Simcox doing on his border wall project?


P.M. Harper (Canada) following George Bush's master plan.

Freeturds TRY to justify Commander Codpiece's approval (or lack thereof)

I am compelled to ask the Clinton Question.....I must, I must

Have ANY retired generals come out in support of Rummy?

Chief of CIA's Investment Group Resigns (Something large going on)

Tommy Chong says he has sold bongs to Cheney's SS; * is on meth

Iraq turning into a human slaughterhouse

Another misunderstanding. He meant he was SIPPING DECIDER again.

David Gregory is hosting Tweety! nt

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Been there, done that

How are you conserving energy?

Founding Fathers did not forsee nuclear weapons or lunatics

Marine move, base dispute, troop relocation, troop re-positioning, JESUS!

Yesterday, it was 81 degrees here in Colorado....

"diplomatically to the max." Is What Our Boy Leader Said Today

Dream headline

Americans want the Democrats to speak up

ALERT: GOP planning to take out Kucinich in primaries with Repub voters.

Who Is More Like President Logan of 24: Bush or Clinton?

As Hollywood Divorces go...

Happiness and religion: Which best describes you?

Why couldn't people see how all around bad * was before this?

E&P: Bush Says He Tried to Avoid War 'To The Max'

Tornado Warning...KS...shit I hate these Talk to me please

Chimpy Sounded Just Like Chancellor Satler From "V" Today!

LOL... thought this was funny and thought I'd share...

Million for Marriage petition. . .

WP: WH "barraged" CIA with questions about officers' political affiliation

Bush says he can secretly arrest me and hold me forever

Bizarro World of media: Bush numbers tanking? ADD more RW talent to roster

Today I could skip and sing, my heart is light - we're NOT morons!

Diebold information leaked to writer (leaker is now being prosecuted)

Hey, God, why are you letting the polar bears die?

"The president has failed: To explain clearly why our brave men and women

Open Letter to Michelle Malkin

Four states and counting! Impeach the Mother****er already!

Bush Explains How God Shapes His Foreign Policy...

One more "United 93" Trailer Promo ad will make me:

John Bitch (Birch) Society are absolute idiots...

Bush hits freezing (32) - gas prices? nope, its the generals

Death penalty for Al-Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui ?

Resolutions on impeachment are a waste of time! Prove me wrong.

Was W's backdrop today a little "too much"

Bush demands to know which agents are not in his nazi party....

Feingold Headed to Iowa to Help Elect Democrats

Another example of RW media bias. AOL Busted

Tell me I am being paranoid

Gas in Olso, Norway is $6.62 according to CNN, BUT

Thought on immigration: "Sealed Borders" work both ways.

GE Crops to Produce Energy Crops: A Very Bad Idea

Fake UNITED93 banner ad on a certain conservative site

California Becomes Second State to Introduce Bush Impeachment


LOU DOBBS POLL - VOTE NOW (less than zero option!!)

USA won WW II in 45 months - Bush has been chasing Osama for 55 months

Any other towns experience odd INS sweeps? (aka am I crazy?)

"Uncle Bob" the Republican Voter's Take on Junior

My latest encounter with a fundie confirms what Bin Laden is saying

Ambrose Bierce on "Regalia" :

Can we form a gas protest?

Okay--tell the truth

Is Laura Bush an abusive spouse ?

"someone at his core consumed by fear, anger and self-hate" aka GW Bush

What do you think of *'s back drop for today? - pics

873 active duty generals or admirals, where's the 5000 or so

Diebold Cartoon in today's Salt Lake Tribune

O'Reilly: Mass. and Vt. will be among few states left where child abusers

Please write to The View to say NO to Patricia Heaton

PhotoShop Fun: Create a Backdrop for a B*sh Speech

"Scott, Jeff Gannon just walked behind you holding his shoes and clothes"

Ha! Mick Jagger refuses to give hotel room to Bush

"United 93" promo poster.

I think Thursday will bring a Rove indictment.

Pic of Bill and Hil from their hippie days..

First it was the Dixie Chicks...Now Merle Haggard

Kerry uses the L-word in reference to the bush administration

Take that Christan Fundies!!!

"You can't refuse to shake the Senator's hand." - - - Bwahahahaha!

IAN MASTERS interviews Larisa Alexandrova on the neocon plans for Iran.

BREAKING: 32% in CNN/Gallup poll

A REAL chance to defeat Ken Blackwell. Bonifaz helped us. Let's help him!

Son of Senator Bennett (R) get mind blowing plea deal in sex torture case

Why I just can't get behind Kerry -- reflections on Faneuil Hall Speech

Navy sailors train for ground duty in Iraq. Cannibalistic breakdown


Denounce War Plans Against Iran & Order Halt to Bunker Buster-Type Simulat

Mick Jagger won't give up his luxury hotel room for B*sh

Who decides fate of 13-year-old rape victim?

Psycho Malkin has a new web site

Stop the Nevada Bunker-Buster Test - petition.

Why do people think that amnesty is best for American workers?

Here's what bothers me about polls: There's no real way to validate

when gas is 4/5 dollars a gallon, what will you have to give up

Lacrosse Player's Attorney Seeks Evidence About Alleged Rape Victim

The Religious Right's Agenda: Make Everyone But Themselves Miserable

This is a very scary summer that is coming.

When will the Iraqi death toll top the death toll of 9-11-2001

So many issues...but can you take time out for genocide in Darfur?

A nice reward for a mother! A totally un-political post!

A Condileaka photo-toon - See the stain on her dress! - It's from a leak!

It is all happening so fast.

Discussion: Who do YOU think was/is the worst world leader?

Wes Clark's Conversation with Barbara Boxer

IMPEACHMENT: IL Legislature will rock the nation

Keep Net Neutral...sign!...

Prince Harry is nuts

Anti-immigrant neo-Nazi rally draws 75 backers, 500 protesters

LTTE from a jerk

Do you shop at Wal-Mart?

Federal Law requires anyone buying Sudafed to show ID?

It Was Bound To Happen: The Civil War In The Repuke Party

Attention du' may want to input some ideas here

Why didn't we go to war with Niger?

Does anyone have any stories about family or friends who have awaken..

Something wicked this way comes

Low flow or hype?

Hey DU!! Wanna IMPEACH?? Are you up for a challenge??

Bush-Be-Gone Index hits record high today.

This Issue Is VITAL and it Need's DU'S Full ATTENTION NOW!!!

2008 Presidential Race is Pick'Em at

The McCarthy Firing - Truth and Double Standards

Mixed Reviews for President Bush in U.S.

Has the Feigold censure bit awaiting the return of senators from vacation?

Sit-ins in Congresscritters' offices?

The Bin Laden Tapes

"Anybody but Joe — I want a real Democrat in '06." CT Bumper Sticker

Drivers Face `Tough Summer,' Bush Says (and I hope Bush does also)


Photo: The Decider as The Thinker ("I think, therefore I AM, Stretch...")

Bush, Hu, and the Protestor.

I just love this commercial .......

Question on the IL/CA Impeachment resolutions. Consequences?

Is there a difference? Did they ever work? (caution: picture intensive)

Six Months To Do Or Die

No s**t Sherlock: "Bush won't call the oil companies into his office"...

Poppy Bush FAILS to see the irony in "the worst job he's ever had"...

Democrats gain on Republicans in congressional fundraising

Dissident President

More trolls gone wild

"There's nothing we can do about high gas prices"

How long until the border walls will be asked to work in reverse?

If an American President used a JFK-style call for action .......

Media Matters: Laundry list of Press Sec'y Candidate Tony Snow falsehoods

Letter to Lawrence Wilkerson on causes of Iraq War

If "conservatives" were truly patriotic they would do those jobs

The Unpopular 'war-time' pResident

Congress and the Internet...

The Fierce Urgency of Now

Bill Clinton Blamed Twice In Duke Lacrosse Rape Case

When will Bush's national approval rating drop below 30%?

You remember all that scary talk so long ago about $4.00 gas?

What happens when a criminal network floats free of its masters?

The Gas Station Campaign

Interesting read: "Feingold, Warner: A Study in Democratic Contrasts"

Inspectors Find More Torture at Iraqi Jails

63 American Servicemembers slaughtered in Iraq so far this month

The latest in the series of "I know it was you, Fredo" Bush photos

CA: Many counties returning to paper ballots

Democratic Strategy for Victory : American Prospect

Time for Republicans to (D)istract, (D)istort, and (D)eceive

Is Cherry Picking a "Conservative" Phenomenon?

C-Span link is up - John Kerry Apr 22 speech "Patriotism and Dissent"

Puke alert - Michelle Malkin and Michael Graham on WTKK Boston

Rancho Mirage (pics)

11 million evictions???

What are the Democratic strategies? Mike Ferner wrote a great post

8 year old children see * is a liar

Is JC Watts the best they got?

Shrubbies poll number will be the inverse of the average gas price...

AOL Poll on Gas Tax

Heads Up: Jan Schneider on Colbert Report tonight.

Fox schween John Gibson on "The CIA's secret war against George Bush"

Dems Need To Promote a 30-60-90 Plan in Their Campaigns .....

Al-Maliki PM designate in Iraq says the US could start withdrawing troops

Do good Christian Republicans support torture? Of course not.

Huffington - Iraq: A Handy Rebuttal to "We Have to Finish the Job"

Hundreds of Greek Leftists chant: "Condoleezza Rice Go Home"

Does anyone have access to the Books on Tape of McCain's biography?

I bought a head of lettuce this morning

Times UK: "Bush family janitor" James Baker returns to "mop up"

Who in the living FUCK is this woman congressperson on Hardballs

Rumsfeld Sued Over Pentagon’s Recruiting Database

Will scrub invade Iran on June 6?

When we will know the shit has truly hit the fan ?

Neil Young interview at youtube about concerns he is now unpatrotic

Kuddo's to Paul McCartney for not able to be available to meet with Rice

Boy is CNN bad or what? Wolfie tackles the BIG news --

Dick Gregory hosting Hardball.

Dotty Lynch: The Real John Kerry Finally Stands Up

DU teevee-watcher heads up .... Olberman AM starts tomorrow

The Impeachment Dilemma - how do we manage it?

Gregory on Hardball -- Hilarious

Wow, frist wants bush to by god investigate oil companies

War News Continues to Prove Kerry's Words

Who is LtGen Van Riper? Another General who doesn't know anything.

Cynthia McKinney calls assistant a fool versus George W. Bush invades Iraq

Pacifica Radio to Air Congressional Iraq Forum Live

Great Bumper Sticker

Real Story, Funny Pic. "Cops Looking For Murder Monkeys" Bush Suspected

Republicans Secede from Hill Softball League

CIA agent Tyler Drumheller: Bush Knew of no WMD [video]

Mick Jagger refuses to give up hotel suite for Bush

Mike Gravel for President?

Is this true?

California Becomes Second State to Introduce Bush Impeachment

" that Americans will not do..."

Tehran insider tells of US black ops

New CNN Poll: bUSHit at 32% approval!!

The 32 percent solution: A memo to Democratic leadership

“Scoop” NZ—Bush IMPEACHMENT Resolution, Illinois– Michael Collins(autrank)

>>> Hillary supports Fencing off the border.

Why are most Republicans against the "windfall profits" tax ?

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: Adventures on a Blue-Brick Road

Fake Clinic Alert! Again and Again! We can't let them do this!

Torture in present Iraqi jails worse than under Saddam ?

JOIN THE NAVY and see the WORLD of crap with other ground troops in IRAQ

Amazing pics from NC Democrats from their early National Canvassing day.

Kucinich opponent DINO Ferris running expensive tv ads

Remember way back in ... 2002? Monday's cartoon

GOP is telling Republican voters to ask for Democratic ballot in Ohio-10

John Fund smears Juan Cole

Boxer and Clark on "Climate Crisis".

AP: Democrats Say Lieberman Too Close to Bush

How low do you think the President's poll numbers will go?

Barbara Boxer: Blasts Bush RE: Diplomacy, Calls G.Warming "Climate Crisis"

Somebody tell me why Edwards isn't the perfect candidate.