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Archives: April 25, 2006

The oil party is finally over

Fidel ordered Chávez’s ‘rescue’(Ignacio Ramonet)

New, tougher copyright legislation in the works

TIME: Stolen Away: The missing girls of Iraq

Warning: Euro may be terminal

Mexico: Armed siege of steel mill reveals escalating class war

Immigration flood unleashed by NAFTA’s disaster in Mexico

Baker, Bush Family Fixer, Will Advise President on Iraq

Once Boon, Ties to Bush May Be Bust

"RNC Response to Harry Reid's Energy Price Hypocrisy"

OPINION: Who’s the dog, who the tail? — Uri Avnery

The Right Choice For Our Safety?

I need some help.

DVO Southwest Texas Whistlestop Tour this week!

Left over pork roast.

I'm going to make a hacho miso and noodle soup for dinner tonight...

Three Paraguay military chiefs fired

Jordan king: Israel must disarm nukes

Rambus wins $306 million from Hynix

17-Year-Old Arrested After Taking Student,Teacher Hostage-Chapel Hill, NC

BREAKING: Tony Snow to accept press secretary job

Bush tells Iraq leaders to stop violence

WP: Cost of Gas Puts Pressure On GOP

NYT, pg1, lead: Moves Signal Tighter Secrecy Within C.I.A.

WP: Energy Deregulation Comes Home to Roost

Blasts Kill 23 in Egyptian Resort City

NYT: New Criticism Falls on 'Supplemental' Bills

Specter wants a windfall profits tax

Geopolitics wins Aliyev first White House visit

Schwarzenegger: Immigration Debate Prompts Threats to Hispanic officials

$19 billion a year on education

Suit Claims Defense Dept. Data Use Illegal

In a Retreat, Nepal's King Says He Will Reinstate Parliament

Military confirms contracting abuses

Rumsfeld Critics May Get Their Day on the Hill

Ohio Churches' Political Activities (and ethics, tax-exemption) Challenged

NYT: Rebuilding of Iraqi Oil Pipeline as Disaster Waiting to Happen

Haiti President pays 24-hour visit to Venezuela

Bush stumps for Nevada congressman at Las Vegas Strip fundraiser

1,000 Iraqis at risk of nuclear contamination, says IAEA

Kentucky Gov. OKs Private College Funds

Bush orders probe into gas prices

WP: Lone Lawmaker Blocks Flight 93 Monument in Pa. (Repub, of course)

Shiite Militias Move Into Oil-Rich Kirkuk, Even as Kurds Dig In

HUD Secretary: Only the best residents should be allowed to return (NOLA)

Canada: Tories keep media away from coffins

The Clintons get framed

Hispanic Calif. Leaders Receiving Threats

High gasoline prices boost public transit


Gay fairy tale sparks civil rights debate

Iranian President insists 'Israel can not continue to live'

I'm tired, want to make me dinner or give suggestions?

Did anyone see Hostel?

Who else DIDN'T post in the kurdu thread?

Roughly how much does gutter helmet cost?

Goal Betts!!!

Vid Clip: EVERY guy's WORST nightmare (except THIS guy's, I guess)

do you know how to build a web site? this question is for you

They got AF1 again!

Okay DU ladies, need your advice . . .

What does emo stand for? Is it an acronym?

Environmentally-friendly Killer Weed?

Tell someone you love him/her today!

Tornado on the ground in the town my in-laws are in....

Dear Plastic Surgeon: Dear Margo:My husband says some women look so young

So did you hear that Tony Snow is the new White House Press Secretary?

Now for some GOOD news!

In praise of my adult daughter


Want A Laugh? Google "Liar"

I just ate a POPCORN flavored JELLY BEAN!!!

Are there really clicks here in the Lounge?

Just saw an anti-bush comment on Star Trek 2.0 on G4

I'm listening to "Pet Sounds" on vinyl


You. Must. Post. To. The.

My husband has two good job leads!

Watching "Contact" & the fundies are freakin' TERRIFYING!!!!

Two word review of the soon-forthcoming Tool album:

If you are up late and not doing much, Neil Young is going to be

I like to be alone in my own little world sometimes.

What's up with everyone tonight?

Part of my review at work includes community service. WTF?

Merle Haggard has been touring with Bob Dylan...

Do you take caulk?

House Begins Debate On Constitution Amendment Bill (Presidential 3rd Term)

Damn I love hockey!


Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain...

Eew! It smells like skunk in the bathroom!

Damn, Prison Break Is Something!!!

Are there really cliques here in the Lounge?

Tuesday List Thread

Anyone going to the Save Darfur rally on saturday?

Citizen Kane ***SPOILER***

CONGRATS, LEFTYMOM...10,000 POSTS!!! Also, in a thread that, well...

would you have elective plastic surgery

Who cares what you think?

Yay, I'm going to the baseball game tonight!!

Note to self: put up the roasted chicken when done

Nomar gets a GRAND SLAM!

To counter act last nights Ambien Late Night Salami Sangwhich....

What's your hobby?

**Spill About Your Favorite Teacher/Professor Ever!!**

I am bullish on Kurdu. It's going places!

Good vibes for a friend's surgery, please!

My dinner tonight: "Les Halles" (NYC) quality!

What is the most overplayed song of all time?

Post an idea for a lame "original" ironic hipster t-shirt design

This is a course in miracles.

Are you an absolutist, a perspectivist, or a relativist

Hip exercises aid common knee problem

Germ killer in milk

Research: New Insight Into Alzheimer's

Evidence Mounts For Sun's Companion Star

I DON'T like the word "homosexual"

Impatient college student blazes rights trail

Can you give this essay some constructive criticism please?

This is my 999 post, about to turn to the 1000th post

Great idea here!

Hey, I got "rescued"

Thank you to everyone here who helped us on 4/22

I think I stepped in it now!

Did I miss anything?

Rant on

Guys I am planning on going to the Save Darfur rally saturday

Finally at

BLM asked me to help out with this - Kucinich facing challenge

Boulder Creek and Bike Path

New lens! Just got in a Sigma 10-20. Super-wide!

KOEB 4/24/06 Move Over Mr. Freeze Edition

Anybody know how to find a funny news tv news story video online?

Here are 3 screen captures I did of Keith grooving to the Elvis

John Fund: Credit Card Companies To Administer Guest Worker Program

Is there room in this party for people who want ALL the votes counted?

Labels are important. Leaker. Whistleblower.

Los Angeles Times: Should Cheney Be Next?

House Begins Debate On Constitution Amendment Bill (Presidential 3rd Term)

Alan Keyes is running for office … (again)…

Gore Vidal, age 80, suggests it will take 3-4 generations to fix * mess

So when is it gonna hit?

Republicans trying to save themselves

First Lady Announces Literacy Conference - Is this for GWB??

MY open letter to Michelle Malkin

It is funny - I wonder

BUSH ties up Las Vegas traffic with his $2000.-a-plate luncheon

That's great it starts with an earthquake birds and snakes an...

'everyday he sounds more and quacks like a lame duck" says Joe S

ONLY John Kerry could deliver an amazing, kickass speech and get FLAMED.

Guess what day it is today...

Hit with a rash of truth, RNC tells a lie and right wing loses it


How the Repubs propose to win....

The Bible Bench (Mother Jones)

Dear Plastic Surgeon: Dear Margo:My husband says some women look so young

New York Mets broadcaster critical of woman in dugout

Create Bush speech backdrop part II

McCarthy denies leaking, on Olbermann now, via Mrs. Greenspan

Flatulence hits $73/barrel?

Today's Rove Memo: Environmentalists are to blame for high gas prices.

How long before we start seeing the economy tank because of gas

Proof that AF1 was indeed tagged!

I get the feeling the tide is turning

Be silent; I see it, if you don't .

Rumsfeld admits Bush occupations are staging ground for Iran meddling

A song of praise for our dear leader 'Kim Jong-bush'

Holy Smokes - you guys watching Keith?

Impeachment Forum Planned for Sacramento, Calif., on Saturday, April 29 !!

Prominent U.S. Physicists Send Letter to ICK bushitler.

Silvis man's profanity-laced letter gets him arrested

Bush 'janitor' back to mop up(James Baker)

Air Force One costs $55,000 PER HOUR to fly.

Another fantastic CAPTION opportunity for you...

Mike Malloy fans HELP!

Umm...Shouldn't the CIA "story" be secret renditions and

Stanford Bush protestor diary on KOS: Press accounts are bullshit

Children wrote speeches they wish Bush would make

Is Tony Snow part of the "big WH shakeup" we've been

The Many Falsehoods of Tony Snow

Ick Alert!

FYI: Later this week three US oil companies are due to post earnings

Need some help with quotes about peace or protest.

Proven liar - Tony Snow/FAUX News - New WH Press Sec.

Okay, sing along with me..."What out where the Press Corps go, and...

Daily Show thread.....what will they say ....what will they say?

Why doesn't gwb say, "Citizens of Iran, we understand, just because

Very Controversial, Flame-Inducing Poll!

The most important thing I have gotten from a DU thread.

You Vote With Your Wallet Every Single Day

Funny line on the Lionel show just now

I just shook Mark Crispin Miller's hand, twice! Autographed book, too.

Conversation with a co-worker today-Gay Marriage will lead to marrying pet

Snow will eventually melt.

Wrapping Up Iraq In 18 Months

Hardball found Susan

Have any old copper pipes lying around? FYI, the price of scrap is high

PHOTO: Bush lectures photo of Statue of Liberty during appearance

Congressman Conyers:Tyler Drumheller

Who is the "Axis of Evil"?

Another * photo that needs a caption

The conservative in-laws are disgusted with *!!

You decide if Bush is a psychopathic liar

Did Anyone Else Notice Paula Zahn's Eye Tonight?

Great Conversation between Wes Clark and Barbara Boxer!

I'm going to kinda miss saying "Puffy McMoonface"

Please watch HBO'S "Too Hot Not To Handle"........ a BIG wake-up call

Schwarzenegger says immigration debate has prompted threats

Gag Me. Tony Snow's The New Press Secretary

And this is why "24's" Logan is more like Bush than Nixon - spoiler

When I look at Zacarias Moussaoui, I can't help but thinking about Oswald.

Hannity/M. Reagan saying Dems causing high gas prices cause oil

"the utter moral bankruptcy, the complete dehumanizing vacuousness...."

Sad to see Benburch's tread go

IWR and Sen. John Kerry

GOP urges price-gouging probe on gas

Caption *

Rice kicking Iran around the UN to pump up the profits for her oil pals

At what price-per-gallon do Americans start to demand mass transit?

Gas saving tips: What works … and what doesn't

Fund Smears Cole with Barrage of Lies

" Curse of the Hemroids ", HR 418 - and other Reichwing rebellions! LOL

Jimmy Carter (1977) on our oil problems and energy.

A "citizens' action" idea that WILL have an effect on gasoline prices.

$19 billion a year on education

Where's our Woodward and Bernstein?

Slip Sliding away....... 32% and falling

Are there any ways that * is SIMILAR to Jesus?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call

Another * pic to caption

Is executing Moussaoui the best legacy we can leave our children?

Seven U.S. soldiers a month committed suicide last year

Muslims for Kucinich!

Double standards piss me off

Mick beats George to suite, Mick Jagger refused to give it up to Bush

Montana Parents Battle 'Dirty Dancing' At School Prom

Anybody else seen the ads for the silver Reagan Dime?

Isn't it fun listening to Joe Scarborough

Oooh boy, this one is just tooo good (and easy)

*** Monday TOONs: Starting with Mr Fish ***

Ironic that photo-editing can convey truth better than real photos.

How have our Amish friends made it so long without oil and big govt?

LOL. How would you like to fly standing up, strapped to a padded board?

If Dems win both the house & Senate, does it matter if Bush is impeached?

Mainstream Christians Protested: "Who Would Jesus Bomb?"

Are there STILL people wondering if Faux News is a GOP mouthpiece?

Bird Flu and other Scams


Colbert mentions Diebold in his opener!

Ken Mehlman just sent this e-mail to me. You can smell his fear.

I don't care about the Duke rape case.

I for one am sorry to see Scotty leaving.

hey phuckstick bush stop jetting all over the country on my dime

The Iraq War Resolution of 2002

Singh with the Devil?

Sam Seder is on Fire Again!

Gee, Jimmy Carter's energy policy sure would be handy right about now.

NEW CARTOON: Oil men heart Bush

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Moran in Millwaukee Urinal: Student Aid denial should apply to all felons

Daily Show or Colbert Report?

Down with Bush!

If Bush has lost Hag's audience, he is finished

Let's send a welcome message to Tony Snow! This is FUN!

The Wisdom of Oversea Visitor

Anti-War Music

Oliver Stone making a 9/11 Movie... hmmm.

OK, Evil DUers -- it's time to get the new nomenclature right

Dispelling myths

Keith calling President new Mr. Freeze. Because of poll numbers

*** Be Patriotic! Impeach Bush *** DU Challenge -- check it out!

CNN playing politics with QuickVote again. A comparison--->

Elvis is on Keith!!! Long live the King!!!

My 1-point plan to "rescue" the * presidency!

Gas, Bullshit, and Holidays

Diagnosis Bill Frist would MOST LIKELY give after watching video of Bush

Personal knowledge of Van Riper,Pronounced like ripe with an r,

Tony Snow to be new White House Press Secretary, Sorry Chris...

How many billions did Bush and the Repubs give the oil companies?

CNN saying Snow gets Scottie's job

WP's William M. Arkin: Don't Worry Osama: We're Busy, and Saving Money!

The Role of Boycotts in the Fight for Peace

No 'Raqi Child Left Behind

Defense Department violating privacy of millions of high school students

To the Repubs - tell us again , what's your excuse?

Mike Malloy just read

Some Troops Say "Bullshit"

Baier speaks to Lt. General Van Riper for an hour and the one question he

Tony Snow as WH press sec'y? Set up the dunking booth!

Young officers join in the debate over Rumsfeld.

I am the revolution

John Moody (Fox News exec) "No diversity of opinions"

Tony Snow taking the press job, good or bad??

Awesome Merle Haggard song.

Iraq War Contractors - human trafficking, coerced labor, confiscating

This is an interesting question the Repubs are asking in their E-mails...

Let's just refer to Tony Snow as "Tony Snowjob"

Have y'all heard, "I'm the Decider (Koo Koo Kajoob)"?

God, these right wingers are dumb!

DID YOU SEE...............

John Cornyn (R-TX) on why Rumsferatu SHOULD NOT resign...

A Simple question about AAR?

Tony Snow to accept press secretary job

"Been there, done that" - Zbigniew Brzezinski (Don't attack Iran)

Media Matters - The Many Falsehoods of Tony Snow

Why would Tony Snow take the WH gig? Surely it's less money

Bush has lost Merle Haggard

Maybe Hillary is correct on Border Security...but Drones and Infrareds?

I don't believe any of the "Bush is religious" crap. At all.

California Becomes Second State to Introduce Bush Impeachment

Clinton blamed twice for Duke Rape case. I didn't know Bill still


removing America's blinders

Kerry for President. Will republicans come over from the dark side?

Watch Yer Ass, Lieberman -- Lamont Picking up Steam


Anyone see Ray McGovern on NewsHour tonight?

Be scared, very scared...

A postmodern presidency

In Rebuilding,as in the Disaster, Wealth and Class Help Define New Orleans

Rebuilding of Iraqi Pipeline as Disaster Waiting to Happen

Strike Iran, watch Pakistan and Turkey fall (By John Stanton)

Toledo Blade: Stop the casino corridor (in New Orleans)

John McCain's Old Fans Fight Disillusionment (Andrew Ferguson, Bloomberg)

The Outlaw World (Brian Urquhart, NYRB, May 11, 2006)

A New Round of McCarthyism (CIA leak)

RUMMYACHE (Hendrik Hertzberg, The New Yorker, May 1, 2006)

Is This A Joke? Sen Russ Feingold Ad (Fact check)

Iraq: Beyond the Horizon, The Storm

Paul Loeb (Working for Change): Dying for Nixon; dying for Bush

"A Financial hit on Iran?" (

What a Great Nation Would Do

Bush as Greek Drama: "Hubris" and "Tragic Flaws"

ON IRAQ: The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time

Been There, Done That: Iran talk eerily reminiscent of Iraq war run-up

Molly Ivins: Pro-Israel 'Nutjobs' on the Attack

Restore the Roar--Why Howard Dean Must Run Again

Top White House posts go to Jews

NAFTA & immigration: who's to blame?

The 9/11 Conspiracy: A Skeptic's View

Don't judge a company by it's website (QW thermoelectrics)

What is the future of the hybrid tax credit?

Not a drop to drink (interview with Fred Pearce)

I am really fed up with the yearly burning of fields in Mexico!

10 more years

Scientists: Black Holes Energy-Efficient

With gas prices high, president lifts environmental rules

Bombs kill at least 23 in Egyptian resort town

The Guardian: Iran recrutes bombers in UK against Israel

Grim Mideast events leave road map out of date -UN

Top priority for the fence (By Haaretz Editorial)

Special Focus: Emerging Humanitarian Risks in the OPT:

Joharah Baker: Oh, Jerusalem

Molly Ivins: Pro-Israel 'Nutjobs' on the Attack

Church-Murray debris planted; G. Naudet & R. Leventhal worked same spot

Edna Cintron, the woman at the edge of forever

More accurate fall times for the towers

Review: United 93

A mini-survey of Ph.D. civil engineers

Blackwell Distributes Voter Lists with SS Numbers

Clarification on old sadjohnny or sadjonny post

Who can get to Ohio & brief the Kucinich campaign on Ohio Election Fraud?

Attn. Elections Forum-Come Join Discussion in GD Politics 06-08 solutions

WA: John Gideon Files HAVA Complaint

California Watchers: Name that state senator, please.

Jesse James and Elections; Robbin' Cheatin' Stealin' "Trust Me" types

Help with Ohio Parallel Election (contact info)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 04.25.06 --Free versus Pod People

What Democratic personality would you most like to meet/hear speak?

Maybe Ethanol isn't a good idea....

Gubernatorial Debate

I saw a Mike Blouin ad this morning

I'll be in Iowa next week! Yay!!

Wi-fi - To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question

So my WAN light on my DI-604 router is flashing....

Favorite free apps

Just had a horrible thought about the PPC meeting at the convention...

House Bills 1, 2, 3 and 4 all passed before midnight. From Pena's blog:

Sick of Ramen Noodles? Try this...

Peanut Curry Chicken

I found six morels in my yard yesterday while

The difference between George Bush and Stephen Harper?

Protests greet opening of "Guantanamo North"

Seven U.S. soldiers a month committed suicide last year

New York's attorney general blames President Bush for rising gas prices

Update 19: Nepal Opposition Calls Off Protests

A postmodern presidency

Surfing the Web at Work is OK Says Judge

Top White House posts go to Jews

Rebuilding of Iraqi Pipeline as Disaster Waiting to Happen

Mexico, Russia cooperate in satellite project

Iraq cabinet to be ready in 15 days: PM designate

Sorbonne opens amid new protests

Mexico: Police shooting caught on film (union workers)

Bankrupt Refco sells prized art

Warning: Euro may be terminal

Bush orders probe into gas prices

Egypt arrests 3 in resort bombings

Senator blocks promotion for ex-Cole skipper (Repub, of course)

Clashes in Athens as Rice visits

WP: Dismissed CIA Officer Denies Leak Role

China oil firm CNOOC's Q1 revenue leaps 45% (after windfall tax payment)

Greek protesters gassed during Rice visit

House Speaker Bense may give new thought to U.S. Senate bid(K. Harris)

Drug Firms' Deals Allowing Exclusivity(Big Pharma Blocking Generics)

Pentagon preparing more Guantánamo prosecutions

UN hails Syria’s acceptance of Palestinians stranded on Iraqi-Jordanian ..

RIAA and DMCA madness

NYT: Citing Security, ("tiny fraction of") Plants Use Safer Chemicals

3 Arrested in Egyptian Resort Bombings

Attack brands Mexican candidate ‘a Chávez’

LAT: U.S. to Free 141 (Gitmo) Terror Suspects

Prominent Republicans warn Bush that Rumsfeld could cost GOP its majority

Iraq Oil Inspector Says Smuggling Threatens Economy

Female Bomber Kills 8 in Sri Lanka

Nepalis celebrate protest victory (BBC)

Iran Ready to Transfer Nuclear Know-How

U.S. ambassador warns of long stay in Iraq (Khalilzad)

Build your own Iraqi police squad for a little cash

ExxonMobil evacuates staff from Nigeria oil terminal

Legalize longtime immigrants, most tell CNN poll; deport recent arrivals

Israel reflects on Holocaust tragedy

John Kerry being interviewed RIGHT NOW on NPR!

Green mini-car to beat congestion

Islamic Thinkers Society Called 'Destructive'

Enron's Lay: "Wall Street Journal" appeared to be on 'witch hunt'

Purported al-Zarqawi video surfaces

Duke Player Faces Trial in Other Case

2 software executives plead guilty to fraud

Moussaoui's Mother: "My Life Is Hell'

Woman dies after Taser use

Canada bans coverage of returning war dead

U.S. ambassador: America is facing long stay in Iraq

Official: Bush orders halt of oil deliveries to national strategic reserve

Bush aims to boost ratings and halt gas price rise

Israeli spy satellite to monitor Iranian nuclear programme

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 25 April

Bush threatens to veto Iraq funding bill

GAO deems 8 Iraqi provinces unstable (only 3 out of 18 are stable)

Jury Finds Lodi Man Guilty in Federal Terrorism Case(father mistrial)

Oil boom helps BP beat forecasts (BBC News)

President's rating drops to 24 percent (in Connecticut)

Sen. Roberts seeks delay of Intel probe

Hundreds of Greeks protest against planned visit by Rice

Top Rowland aide, contractor sentenced in corruption case

Make Work Pay Rally in Miami

Venezuela plans more oil discounts

Leaks of Military Files Resume

NYT/AP: Experts Rip World Bank on Malaria Work

Port Workers to Undergo Background Checks (Chertoff-tamper-free)

EU warns Microsoft will stifle innovation

PM Harper on densive over media ban on return of dead soldiers

CIA Leak Prosecutor Fitzgerald Loosens Up in Interview

Al-Zarqawi: Holy Warriors Standing Firm (Video)

President defends ban on Cuba visits

Bee County Commissioners call for boycott of Exxon-Mobile

Bush threatens to veto Iraq funding bill

Lay claims "witch hunt" brought Enron down

Bloomberg: Democrats Beat Republicans in 2005 Fund-Raising on Wall Street

Bush Eases Environmental Rules on Gasoline (AP)

Shoshone fight "Divine Strake"

Jefferson Davis home rebuild (Biloxi) draws criticism

Senate Bill Subverts Massachusetts' Attempt at Universal Health Care

Many middle-income Americans lack insurance: study

Democrats to propose eliminating gas tax for 60 days

Senator (Schumer) says Senate must study breakup of oil firms

Mistrial declared in one (Lodi) terror case

N.H. leads a rebellion against driver's license regulations

Interrogation Chief at Abu Ghraib to Face Charges (Col. Steven L. Jordan)

after watching the ifc`s short on "lonesome jim"

Self-delete...posted twice

'64 Impala for $1,200 to restore. should I take it?

Are there really ticks in the Lounge?

Are there really hicks in the Lounge?

[adult swim] resurrects Saved by the Bell -- is that a good thing?

The "Official" Lounge Lizard...

OK, this may be old. but it cracks me up!

I just popped "Rocky Horror Picture Show: Special Edition" in the VCR

Almost 3:30 - g'nite DU (nt)

looking for a gift for your friend that knits? (me, btw!)

Don't you hate it when...

Are there really chicks here in the Lounge?

Here we go a-sleepering, a-sleepering we go!

Bush is a Post Turtle

I stumbled upon an old Bette Davis movie I had never seen last night

Are there really checks here in the Lounge?

Silly preschool story

Kudzu - it's not just for breakfast anymore!

Happy Birthday, Al Pacino!

Art Exibit Features 36 Bras

Yippee!! The Navy Blue Angels will be in town this weekend.

Cool I just got my first thread deleted!

Anyone else sunburned yet?

Are there any silly copycats in the Lounge?

It is time for...

Spaghetti as a verb.

Calling Gothic Sponge...Where are you??

Great web site, let's the user "ad-lib" on photos

Good late evening everyone!

Are there really pricks in the Lounge?

What is this POC? "Bush was Right" song? *gak*

No more gambling on "Survivor" possible **SPOILER**

I am bullish on Creeping Charlie. It's going places!

Toddler Survives 30 Foot Fall From Apartment Window


How can you tell if your pm was delivered?

Hey! Where did that come from?

Loungers Are All Attention Serial Monogamists!

This could fun?

The salvage economy is alive and well in Milwaukee.

He Stopped Loving Her Today...

Forget diamonds, nothing says "I love you" like Kudzu...

Mummified heirloom is Family's baby....

Fear of Coping...How do you Fly?

Mrs. Grumpy met George Jones when she went to a FanFest.

Which castmember from Robocop will next appear in this season's 24?

I am experiencing severe work burn out. Help!

What song consistently brings you to fear?

Wow. What a photo of N.Y.C. (hi rez).

Could someone explain to me...

Travel plans? Flying? Leg room? Infant?

The Crying Game ***SPOILER***

The ULTIMATE 80's poll

Chinatown **spoiler**

Finland sends in the heavy metal mob for its Eurovision challenge

Tiger Woods - Positive; Donald Trump-Negative ("Purchase Impact")

Congratulations Robb!! 10,000 posts

Today I'm joining the 700 Club....

Four more days until Lee Elia day!

* Spolier threads* (SPOILER)

Well, I now know my three UPS systems work!

Dog Looking For Pizza Turns On Stove - Burns Down Kitchen

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

Chippendales dancer MOST LIKELY to make you DEMAND a refund

My little sister and her latest goon just walked in...

I tried to put myself on ignore once...but I kept posting...I tried PMing

I am bullish on Urdu. It's going places!

Do you go on MYSPACE?

No leak discussed primarily cabin in the front carriage...

false advertising

Comic-book heroes of the Dark Ages

I decided to clean out my ignore list.

When did they stop making Matchbox-style cars with opening doors?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/25/06)

24 fans * spoilers *

Kiss fans! Check in!

benburch, please take Mr. Benchley off ignore.

Paris Hilton almost electrocutes herself in gene poole.

I'm feeling down. Blue. Purple, even. Vote this one up.

Are there really Czechs here in the Lounge?

FEAR of flying. . . .how do YOU cope?

Surprise visitor at the White House Easter Egg Hunt.

I wonder who came up with the flyer/tear off phone number idea?

ADMIT IT!!! You have done one of the following...

office-mate made me some hand-knitted socks!

Extra Caution Needed When Turkey Hunting (I shouldn't giggle, but I do)

Unusual Excuses For Arriving To Work Late - Survey

Paris Hilton almost electrocutes herself in swimming pool

Who do you think will get the American Idol boot this week?

So what will the H4 be? A very macho golf cart?

Why do people drive so damned badly

Creed is the rockingest band ever!!!

It's time for...Kitten Pics!!!

'Dynasty' Reunion Attendees Share 'Joan Collins Is A Bitch' Memories

Road Rage Poll

Ha! NoelMN's letter from a penpal

There should be a law!!!!!

got milk?

Owwww I don't feel so good

I'm sitting here eating left over Easter candy and am having a contest

Fahrenheit 9/11 **Spoiler**

Question: How will high gas prices affect the price of pot?

24 fans * spoilers *

April 6th: My dinner with Joani

Can someone help me out here with a word processing issue?

Video - James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince on stage at the same time

OK, I need you all to cross your fingers and toes for me (NEW JOB)

Nerdy post of the day: can you crack this geometry problem?

Help please, especially from HR people - salary question.

A few gripes about BladeRunner

Nerdier post of the day: can you crack THIS geometry problem?

Why are southerners so goddamn stupid?

the Supreme Court ruled Children in the Workplace cannot

Nerdiest post of the day

To whomever gave me a star......

Congratulations babylonsister!! 20,000 posts

Congratulations LincolnMcGrath!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations cat_girl25!! 15,000 posts

Who is the best junk poster in the lounge?

For self defense which is better?

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.............

German Brothel Removes Muslim Flags Amid Threats

Anyone still watching ER? There's finally a new episode tonight

So, good morning, you LIEbral freaks


CNN: Bobby Goldsboro's "Honey"...WORST SONG OF ALL TIME.

Elizabeth Hurley, please email me.

Life is great.

Creeping Charlie!

Denise Richards in the news... but not about moving in with

Lex Luthor's greatest trap ever.

Rear-ended in front of my house...

In 1968, Herman James, a Tennessee Mountain man, was drafted by the army.

Anyone here have multiple personalities that you're totally aware of?

Woman nabbed driving corpse across country

**"I'm A Fool To Do Your Dirty Work...Oh Yeah...."**

Got past the phone interview - Real interview set up for May 9th

Check out a prototype of my website

Workplace Etiquette - Dropping the Bomb, or: Leave It On!

Disparate gas prices in my city...

Rear-ended inside of my house...

Cannibals for World Peace

Vicodin and American Idol tonight.

Can police enter your home with a search warrant?

Please recommend best video game system for 6 year old boy. Xbox, PS2, etc


The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a nativity scene . . .

C'mon, SWEAR like your grandma

My one flower

YET another gloomy day in L.A. - is it because we tolerate homosexuals???

Perfect Theme Song For GWB

Joke time...

why do people have to drive so damned slow?

My dog had two seizures within a few hours


How many here are CPR and first aid certified?

Some Family Pics

So my ULTRA conservative, fundaMENTAList, dill-wad, co-worker says....

Has everybody seen the wacky new $10 bills?

Children in the workplace discussion at the University where my wife works

Yes, I see you. No, you can't come in the yard.

Okay, I'm going to Chicago tomorrow! Who's having pizza with me?

When did press start using min for million?

why do people have to drive so damn fast?

American Idol tonight!!

Who is the best drunk poster in the lounge?

So, my dad called the cops on me because I wasn't calling him back...

Cindy Sheehan Supports my site "Peace Takes Courage"!!!

I get to see my best friend! I get to see my best friend!


Help Me Talk My Mother Out Of Trying To Sell Her House "FSBO"

What do Eskimos get from sitting on the ice too long?

Struggling writer needs help with character name.

One question about "Bonanza" the TV series.

The Usual Suspects **Spoiler**

"Lonely Day"

Congratulations swimboy - 3000 posts.


Video of Rani: A Kitten we rescued in the UAE

I want my head carved in butter, damn it!

"you can't judge a mexican restaurant by it's salsa"

Picture thread! You know that Spring is officially here, because

Mr. T, please email me.

137 yr. old submarine discovered off coast of Panama.. link w/pics. (coo1)

I'd like to nominate Stephen Colbert as * press secretary

Family Heirloom Is Mummified Baby (PIC Included *Warning*)

ok, that was weird

Post a DK lyric in the subject line

good Liberal Christian blog!

OH Churches' Political Activities Questioned

Audit Reveals Faith-based Funding Dangers-- still no public hearings

A Time for Heresy

The Question - Who has the Answers?

It has come to my attention that some people do not know

Belief in a "Higher Power"

This company makes natural, and in some cases 100% vegetarian

Olive Oil not so virgin afterall. Major scam.

Bill Clinton & AIDS

Suit Filed After Ky. College Boots Gay Man

Death Threat On Life Of Opponent To Ban On Gay Marriage

Group Targets Pro-Gay Senators

LGBT Group Files Suit To Block Funds To Anti-Gay College

Gay Families Growing

I'm not impressed by Nicklaus shooting 48 at Augusta

What? No Reggie Bush thread?

An interestng supplement for pets with arthritis.

Help! Foster dog has started to bite!

My sister has started her own Astrology newsletter!

Police See Paranormal Activity in Pub

The Weekend Warriors' War... well written, good read...

I guess this website deserves its name.

The Senate this week is working on a bill that funds the war

Funding the war: This week's bills on the Senate floor

Scary stuff.


Hearings this week. (OMG, look at Wed. That can't work.)

Anyone know about a big shakeup at AAR?

Barreto to Step Down As Head of SBA

A post about Diane Feinstein, Democrats and the IWR

Repeal Tax Giveaways to Oil Companies

John Kerry Works to Expand Affordable Child Care

Rookie mistake by Feingold

Andrew Sullivan quoted Kerry from my e-mail to him!!!!!

Barreto Resign’s from SBA, John Kerry says “It’s Time For a Change”

Interesting analysis of Kerry's position on Iraq

Better Late Than Never: Faneuil Hall Photos

JK will be on Stephanie Miller tomorrow morning.

Someone in LBN said JK was on Talk of the Nation

Photos I took today of John Edwards, who was down in Miami

Tulip last! (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Countdown Newsletter -- 04/25/06: Scapegoat McCarthy?

Please look @ this thread ..... most important thing I have found on DU.

This is a course in miracles.

Is Tony Snow becoming WH Press Secretary a good thing? By reinforcing

larisa was right. edition 438

My first podcast is up at Canofun

Operation Eden.. (great New Orleans blog)

If Clinton had made Randi Rhodes the White House Press Secretary...

Bush touts guest worker program in California speech

"GOP Worries Gas Prices Could Add to Woes": NOT people's woes, mind you

Fired CIA Officer Denies She Leaked Story...

Best of Craigslist: Proud of your country? Your leader?

CIA whistle-blower Tyler Drumheller is on Hardball today...

stupid, disgusting, sincere, morbid question inspired by Tony Snow

Jagger wins suite war against Dubya!


Povich's $2000 donation to Bush/Cheney 2004

How DO you punish a suicide bomber? make him live?

Yahoo accused of helping jail Internet writer

So, what time is * set to spew today in a speech about gas prices?

Reuel Gerecht, a Kagan, and some other neocons in a seminar on CSPAN

A tribute to the fallen

Illinois awards $10 million for stem cell research

Republicans no longer like polls..:)

McCarthy was an Africa was Plame..

Rumsfeld sued over Pentagon's recruiting database

Russia to significantly boost military presence in Central Asia!

Amendments and the IWR

California Becomes Second State to Introduce Bush Impeachment

'We do not Approve Turkey's Cross-Border Operation'

Cat 5 Cyclone spares Darwin, but will make another landfall

Tony Snow is an idiot

washington journal time-support a crackdown on Government leaks

Bush: Economy is strong and getting stronger as people pawn jewelry for gas

Gas Price Toons

Why hasn't the Drumheller report caused more uproar?

Bush* should investigate Cheney...he set energy policy.

A Daytime Countdown with Keith!

Venezuela, Cuba likely to get U.N. spots

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait paying .91 and .78 per gal in gas respectively.

Have you seen this honda commercial, pretty dang cool

CNN making excuses for bush again

Time to DEMAND all docs, notes, etc. from Cheney's Secret Energy Meetings

"The only moral abortion is my abortion"

Any Info on the Australian Cyclone this morning?

Historians.. can you help?

My Synopsis on the American Taliban

Fox orders investigation into Hen-house massacre...

The last great press secretary (at least, 100x better than Tony Snow)

$2.4 billion no-bid pipeline? What pipeline?

Attention D.U....fight this media bias!

Damn Bushbot on Washington Journal...

Mary McCarthy, the new Dreyfus.

Major front page NYT story on Halliburton thievery

Bush speech=coming up On gas prices--per msnbc. Looks like they will

Why do people think Osama tapes help *?

Save the Internet!!!

Belief in a "Higher Power"

"We have not achieved the objective" C-Span Iraq rebuilding

So, he is going to ease environmental standards...

Tom Horn is using state money to fund press releases in AZ.

Here's an answer to high gas prices.

If you were an Iranian citizen would you want your country to have nukes?

Government halting deposits into strategic oil reserves

Bush on msnbc--chatting about his Energy plan

Bush photo-op at Twentynine Palms- picture worth 1000 words

Hybrid Cabs Take A Licking... But Keep On Ticking

INTERVIEW-Insurgents cripple Iraq oil sector -inspector

Just a thought about Rush L.

Congress Poised to Kill Community TV

Consumer Confidence in April Rises to Highest Level in Almost Four Years.

E-mail from The Minutemen: Here's What they Really Think About Us

Look, Andrea Clarke's story getting more attention

Official: Bush orders halt of oil deliveries to national strategic reserve

Just when you think they've hit "rock bottom"...they begin to dig!

NYT,pg1: One Day, That Economy Ticket May Buy You a Place to Stand

Help! Screeching nutcase on my tee vee!

Stupid environment

CNN Poll being freeped - on Bush's gas $ investigation.

World Bank accused of lying over funding to fight malaria

What would Jesus Do? (Video) Warning graphic

Even the Statue of Liberty is embarrassed of the chimp

Solution to the Iran problem: The Gay Bomb

Bush is the new Truman?

C-span covering Democratic press conference. port security, et al

Where are we at on Fiengold's centure?

Larisa Alexandrovna story of US Black Ops in Iran confirmed.

It's gonna be tough gaining Joementum when you're riding these coattails!

Buxh's latest gift to Big Oil

Watch or listen. Democracy Now. Nepal demonstrations. Hundreds

What constitutes "buying votes"?

From the files of "I've got mine, screw you!"

Frist tells Americans - Get a tune up and drive slower!

Breaking-Gas price probe complete

cspan now Hil Clinton: Bush is now hopping on the bandwagon

Report gas over $3!!!!!!!

Can a 'smooth, behind-the-scenes negotiator' stop the violence in Iraq?

No Tuesday is worth facing without a CAPTION!!!

Bonnie Owens dies at 76

'In God We Trust' Could Be Florida's Motto

CAPTIONs that may soon be illegal in South Carolina

Say what you want, but kids are a little safer now in S.W. Florida.

Constitutional issues re: US actions in Iran with the MEK (terror group)

Nigeria: Port Concessioning: 90 Per Cent NPA Workers May Go

Stop the COPE bill! Call your rep today!

That's OK. As long as the Home Page has an "image" of Bush

IWR Poll

President's rating drops to 24 percent (Hartford Courant/Connecticut poll)

I just saw a Gerber ad stating that the 300 millionth American would

Bush's Energy Speech opened with a Wide Angle Pan of a Corn Field!

Poll for people with female partners

Seeger on Springsteen: "It's a very exciting album" . . .

Ex-Sec Of State Baker To Advise Bush On Iraq War -NYT

And they say WE'RE petty: Republicans withdraw from congressional softball

CSPAN-joint House & Senate Dem press conference just ended

WH briefing in 25 minutes per cspan (until then WJ from today).

Republicans whispering if this is the time to drop Bush ?

This is just BEGGING for a CAPTION.

In-depth: 49% of Americans "surprised" Bush considering asshole for post

Lone lawmaker blocks Flight 93 memorial...

CAPTION the "W" that stands for "Wistful"...

Democrats Beat Republicans in 2005 Fund-Raising on Wall Street

GOP Pollster: "We are now Brand W. Republicans"

The Decider ??????

Freeptopia explodes in racism over mistranslation

Anti-Abortion Protestors Causing Controversy with Graphic Pictures

Want to know what companies are outsourcing jobs?

Tommy Chong addresses NORML conference

I know it's an old * pic, but caption it anyway

Inspectors Find More Torture at Iraqi Jails-US isn't protecting prisoners

Caption this Photo:

Normally, to boost Bush, after his speech, oil prices would come down.

Well, the tax breaks to oil comapanies didn't reap any benefits for

Can. and Denmark mapping floor of Arctic Ocean - mineral etc. rights

my letter to illinois impeachment sponsors.

Scotty Daily Briefing- C-SPAN @ 1:00PM EST

REGIME CHANGE comes full circle::: Now its Bushies turn, 32%

worker's perks: fatal lung disease


Malachai commands you to CAPTION

How could this possibly be: "Consumer confidence higest in 4 years"?

Let's not ignore seemingly small issue that are BIG in many people's lives

Somebody Try GWB For the Crimes He's Comitted Against the English Language

RADIOACTIVE school site is tip of N.J. toxic iceberg

Pelosi talking about gas prices, CSPAN 2 Live, 1pmCT. nt

Best Buy/Geek Squad sued for piracy!

The Democrats/ a cartoon

The only thing that will boost Bush popularity is another 9-11

Sum up the Republican mindset in 3 words

Bush Eases Environmental Rules on Gasoline

Two Hours Courtesy of The Decider

Freepers on Bush poll numbers:

NPR Morning Edition: E-Mail Suggests Boycott to Lower Gas Prices

Bush just halted ethanol requirement is speech *about* ethanol (+AP spin)

New ARG poll is a new low for Bush

Two weeks and a 14-car motorcade later...............

Democrats should sit out the immigration issue

(Pressured) Bush stops putting in oil in reserve, probes price gouging

At 32% Osama alone can't help

You Can Criticize Jenna’s Dad, but Not While She’s Spinning, Thank You

well look at this... record profits-record production

What does it take to get a kid into a college outside of the US??

Did anyone see 'Bulldog" Waxman On Cspan

Now don't jump on me, but do you think these two resemble each other?

Latest from Marc Maron.....

Which is the greatest threat?

10 Reasons Republicans Are To Blame For High Gas Prices

Mind set of a right winger "friends"

see pic of bush backdrop pic --ethanol and helping the small family farm

Jeff Latas (D-AZ) on Majority Report tonight

i just saw ad on cnn==Tell the pres. and congress to get serious on

How much would gas be if oil was at $30 per barrel?

A desperate plea to the Republican base ...

Barreto to Step Down As Head of SBA

Spoke to my republican 1st cousin for an hour

I saw Hardball last night w /David Gregory

Even when the Chimp fucks up a little, he royally fucks up.

Bill Clinton: "We may be at a point of peak oil production."

(Some) FREEPS agree w/Schumer: Break up the big oil companies

Bush Orders Gas Price Inquiry

What's the medical term for somebody's having their head

Israel launches "eye in the sky" over Iran

MSNBC: "Consumer confidence highest in 4 years," "Kmart is hiring"...

I Highly Recommend the Movie About Walmart

Republican: "Never in my 72 years have I ever been so embarrassed

Bush Video: I Kill for God.

Presidential Power Grab

Marc Maron Email says Danny Goldberg is OUT at Air America.

How Apropos! The WH gives and gets a SNOW JOB

"It was either go to the liquor store or fill up my F350.

It's not about penises--It's Bunker-Busting Bomb Testing Time

Support Greenwald's next film - Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers

For Some Reason They Don't Show This In Civ Class Anymore

Conservative terror website promotes violence against liberals, democrats.

Randi talks about IL introducing articles of IMPEACHMENT

Just for a lighter moment

Al Zarqawi releases tape

Tony Snow has Colon Cancer? Anybody else see this?

Snotty's up.

John Kerry being interviewed RIGHT NOW on NPR!

Would you consider a job closer to home?

Fighting High Oil prices. Who's winning? Dems or Repubs?

Lawyer: Secret Plane Originated in Germany

GOP base-Suffering Stockholm Syndrome? Why are they such ardent supporters

Bush in trouble: First OBL's tape. Now al-Zarqawi video tape released.

Owners No More: County May Call People 'Pet Guardians'

Repeal Tax Giveaways to Oil Companies

14 years without a car

Great guests today on "The Guy James Show" Please keep kicked

Arming Big Brother: Europe's security-industrial complex

Ohio Governor: Strickland (D) Enjoys Growing Lead

Ya want to really get people PO'd - tell them about Cheney's tax return

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Snubs Bush (video)

Rumsfeld sued over Pentagon's recruiting database

Caption this Cheney pic

'Berkeley on iTunes U' available to the public

Randi reading email from Ken Melman

Gay fairy tale sparks civil rights debate (teacher reads story)

Zbigniew Brzezinski - Attack in Iran impeachable offense

I HATE BushInc-Oil company scams!!!

Heads up! Ask the WH forum w/energy secretary coming @4:30 ET!

At least two callers to WJ this morning called Bush and Repubs "traitors"

Check me out! I'm a political cartoonist!

World Can't Wait debates "Battle Cry [christian Right]" group on O'Reilly

Sure was nice to watch KO this morning after imus

Heads Up: CNN's Wolf Blitzkrieg just announced that new poll results will

Democrats need to PROMOTE an alternative to fence building (UPDATE)

Is it me or are Republican congressmen and senators laying low today?

Anyone Watch FSTV OR Democracy Now Today???

Terrorist Al-Zarqawi Appears in Rare Video

An interesting history of US refining capacity.

"Note to the GOP: "Don't Come Home"" - Texas KOS

Tony Snow On President Bush

So..... I wuz thinkin'....

Wash. Note: Dana Priest's multiple sources on CIA prisons (in Europe?)

I'm still debating my republican cousin

People Are Getting Fed Up!

Cantwell is asking for an up or down vote on gas price-gouging bill now!

Cafferty question: Is it a smart strategy for Dems to call for impeachmen

Bob Ney rug or slug

To Freeps and Fundies: How can you give up founding principles...

Repug attached Katrina School vouchers to Emergency Spending Bill

Does anybody think the GOP can neutralize the gas price issue?

"Our party," he said, "is too beholden to Democratic consultants."

Al Gore on cover of "Wired"

Wow! Our pretzeldent Is Magical! Oil, Gas Prices Drop on Bush Supply Move

What party coined "America is addicted to oil"

"George Bush: Foreign Policy from God, Energy Policy from Big Oil"

Wimbeldon tournament continues to pay men more than women.

TV Turn-Off Week (SPI)

Amost 5 years after 9/11, 400,000 port workers to get security checks

Women applaud no-men, pink-striped metro cars

Interesting and relevant statement by Jimmy Carter during Regan debates

Is Bush Stupid? The Daily Snow Job.

I'd listen to AAR a lot more if it would actually stream properly!

The Terrorist al-Zarqawi Makes A Video! Is It Really Him? Take a Look....

Big Love (HBO)


The GOP's "Deliberate" Search for an Enemy (to replace communism)

And thus God spake: Thou Shalt Be Allowed To Double Park!

Canada Bans Coverage of Returning War Dead

Do you wanna get your name in the movies ?

I'm sick and tired of hearing "homosexuality is a sin"

"Middle class Americans who vote Republican are like

Do you think * really wants to quit this job?


Need HELP & Sources re: email Price of eggs compared to gas

Congress cracking down on U.S. leaks

Retreat from the Freedom Agenda -Bush to welcome Azerbaijan autocrat

The GOP media is laying the groundwork against impeachment

Another bumper sticker idea:

Which Disney villian resembles * and his supporters the most?

Venezuela is slowly arming itself.

When the president starts talking like a Valley Girl:

What does it mean to "vote your conscience"?

I swear it's a conspiracy! Re: Oil Companies and Repukes

Swinging from the Gallup Poll....swinging from Gallup poll...

Has anyone heard of Edna Bambrick?

Hannity: Don't blame the oil companies...

Mick Beats George!

Does * want US to be attacked again or is he just cheap?

Life is, in its very essence and character, a terrible mystery

Santorum among GOP's vulnerable-arget for 6-seat swing

PA. Gov. Rendell: Mr. President,Time right for windfall oil-profits tax

If Your city, town etc. offered reliable public transportation...

Anyone else getting mortgage calls from India?

Paper Ballots NOW!!! HAND COUNTS NOW!!! Democracy NOW!!!

In a den of snakes, what side are you on? (Oil)

What kind of internet connection does Osama have?

Murray Waas & Larry Johnson on "double standards" and cover-ups

Clark: "There are two grades we can get on Iraq: an F or a D+"...

Question about membership numbers at DU

Tyler Drumheller on Hardball now.

Did Zacarias Moussaui kill anybody?

Has anyone seen this site? Effing hilarious

If Tony Snow accepts the position of WHPS...oh the irony...

When it gets bad enough for bushites to bail, means it is REALLY bad

David Gregory subing for tweety on msnbc

WSJ: Does the Pope Wear Prada?

What do you think God will say to * when he dies?

Where is freedom angel?

Steel from the WTC built a new warship?

David Gregory so rocks, watching hardball

Rio women applaud no-men metro cars

Do we already have an immigrant guest worker program?

Daily Show and Colbert from the night before, or Countdown with Olbermann?

Fukuyama: The Weekly Standard Conducted A "Deliberate Search For An Enemy

Excerpt from Joe Lansdale's book sounds like a direct hit on the Bushes

Why do people react to ** like this... beyond the pale

Wolf just said that Ted Kennedy will be a guest on the Situation Room

A DU political involvement survey

Kraft stockholders reject proposal by Evangelicals

Help Democrats Lower Gas Prices Now (Harry Reid)

Tony Snow's War Against Kwanzaa - Warning Disgusting

Let's make sure Ava wins the contest at Huffington Post

Is ** telling a joke here? CAPTION it

TUESDAY TOON - 4/25/06

What happened in Congress on 'Net Neutrality'?

Watching the History Channel on Hitler. Why so much of this now?

Well guess what.... Senator Roberts trying to Delay PHASE II

New film: Maxed Out - It's all about USA's addiction to debt

Brzezinski: Do not attack Iran (If Bush does, impeach him)

Should Ex-Felons Have Equal Opportunity In Getting Scholarships?

United Nations 2006 Latin Economic Forum (Kerry's speech)

Be Cautious Before Applauding Republicans Of Power That Turn On Shrubby.

China calls on US to crackdown on Falungong after heckling

1 in 3 students aren't graduating high school?

Shhhh. I know it's a UFO. Don't look at it. CAPTION it

How have higher gas prices affected your behavior?

God, I hate Bill O'Reilly

which is the greatest (worst) source of discrimination in America?

Helen Thomas to be honored today by Wayne State University

Graffiti Back in Subways, Indelibly This Time

You Are Blinded By Hate

Landmark Forums. Anyone have any experience with this?


VIDEO: Rice's visit to Greece sparks violence (Euronews)

Charlie Rangel on GWB -- must see

Nobel Prize Winners letter to *. The most important letter I have seen.

WSJ: Fox News Channel Wants $1 Per Customer Anniversary Gift

BREAKING: Riots, tear gas fired near Condoleeza Rice Athens visit (AP)

I think a fix is in the works. Very uneasy.

Come Scream With Me! (LTTEs in my local paper today)

A 'Crackdown that Wasn't (last weeks immigration arrests)

Does Bush have the right answers? Tell AOL...HELL NO!

Oh man, Stephanie's got me in tears.

lemmings have second thoughts

House Poised To Grant Arrest (Domestic Police) Powers To CIA, NSA

Jane Jacobs, sociologist, urban commentator, dead at 89.

These Bush quotes on oil prices did NOT go down the memory hole

Illegal Immigration strong protests demanding amnesty, may backfire.

First-quarter earnings for three oil firms expected to top $16 billion

BREAKING: Lodi terror trial ends in mistrial. Deadlock.

The death of suburbia

Who fosters the hate in politics? Poster kicks FReeper butt in this

Attended my annual Town Meeting last night and sat next to known Bushbots

Oil is Dems fault!

NBC News: 68% of IED soldier victims who survive have brain injuries

TOONSDAY -- A few tasty morsels to hold you over til Thursday

Smithsonian unveils portraits of Clinton

Bush Administration Equals 100 Year Gas Increase in Just 5 Years

Why can't we have one gas formulation that's used in every State?

I Want Clinton Back In. At Least Until the Next Election.

Democrats and ecowackos are responsible for high gas according to Blunt

Airbus engineers looking at SRO "seating" (standing room only).

Fair Tax Rally to be held in Atlanta. I'm going to attend.


Ohio rolls out new Diebold Voting Machines in time to unseat Kucinich!

Just a reminder...even OSAma is a Bush lie...

"High gas prices are a sign of a failed presidency" Cheney 1998- source?

Marsha Blackburn R-Tenessee is a twisted bitch.

Your Top 10 Presidents of All Time

A Gift For DU: Some Video I Took Of The 9/24/05 Protest On The Mall

Mark Felt ("Deep Throat") on CNN

Easter in Crawford - wonderful article

Duke Player Faces Trial in Other Case

Three new polls have Bush in low 30's but Rasmussen has him at 40%

*** Tuesday TOONs: Gas Prices ***

Russ Feingold says "Don't Spy on Me" (buy a t-shirt)

How do you open a bank account in Euros?


Will Bush have a enough courage to ask Nascar to do their part and

Can't miss! Go catch this new Pink video.


Chellie Pingree, CommonCause Pres. w/Ed Helms to be on 'The Daily Show' !!

Goss was 'given instructions' to purge Democrats from the CIA

Chuck Schumer calls for the breakup of major OIL monopolies

It's a scam: High gas prices

Tony Snow On President Bush: ‘An Embarrassment'


Is Bush as stupid as he appears or is he trying to appeal to stupid people

Leaks In Perception

No More Chernobyls.

An easy way to save gas

Here's a tidbit to hammer home the truth to Bush supporters and their ilk

Rush decried "Culture of Treason" among Democrats/Clintonites today

Dad shoots computer

I'm curious what DU'ers are paying for gas, which grade & where?

"Pollman" by DU's Atman! Genius! Vote it up!

Tony Snow's name and all of his posts have been pulled from fr** republic.

Daily Kos bashes the League of Conservation Voters

Ethanol use and its production costs.

What will the weather be in Wash DC Friday--Monday 4/28--5/1

*BOMBSHELL* One of the Bush Pioneers is NOW critical of Chimp!

Found an old cartoon that's great -- have you seen this one?

Grand Rebbe Dies

Which of these is the...

A Dem's greatest fear about Winning? Home Grown Zealots.

15 YO Girl gets threats after producing animated short film.

Iraq: Beyond the Horizon, The Storm

I told an anti-choicer this today:

Single Payer Universal Health - an issue we can win on! Please read


18 Connecticut Reasons NOT to Vote for Joe Lieberman:

Bush touts guest worker program in California speech

Ad in Ohio claiming how wonderful the new voting machines are gonna be.

Neil Young Interview via Crooks and Liars

Excellent summary on Christian Coalition's attempt to smear trial lawyers

USA Today: Specter helped win OK for... grant for client of staffer's son

Need help! Did Clinton start taxing Social Security benefits?

A Daytime Countdown with Keith!

Veteran/Katrina/Cancer Victim Gets a Taste of Compassionate Conservatism

People Who Don't Pay Attention LIke Lieberman

Video Clip of Bush explaining the role The Almighty plays in his decisions

CNN Poll has Bush at 32%

Would you like to DU this poll? What country is the greatest threat?

ask C-span to cover Woolsey/Lee Dem. Cong Hearing on Irag. 4/27/06

Is it a "mandate" yet? Remember a year and half ago, 51% was

WiredMag: "The Resurrection of Al Gore"

May 1 Is Conservative Shopping Day!

Sources: Tony Snow likely to take White House post

If you agree with a candidate 100% of the time, you're a robot

Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Trust, Abuse of Power &Nat'l Security B*?

Freeps on Bush Oil move: "trying to help midterms, not right thing to do"

Democratic Incumbents Stronger Than Republicans (cand. specific polling)

Could the rising gas prices be a system to help improve Bush's ratings?

About a month or so ago * warned: "Americans are addicted to oil" ...

Preparing for the Economic Typhoon

guess what Gov. Manchin wrote on a rocket

Las Vegas Sun: As Reid's power grows in D.C., his support slides in NV

Can we **ever** get it back?

Yet another 'tony snow' thread ... except this one says .....

British paratroopers secretly wear US uniforms to fight in Iraq

Mike McCurry & the Hostile Takeover of the Democratic Party

The new WH Press Sec is an honest-to-God, capital "F" frickin' Freeper.

CNN'S qick vote!

Explain this to me, please.

Cross-post: A Gift for DU: Some Footage I Took of the 9/24/05 DC Protest

OK DUers--Dig up dirt on Tony Snow:

Save at the Pump? Roll Back environmental restrictions!

MSNBC: Bush orders halt of oil deliveries to national strategic reserve

The difference between Republicans & Democrats concerning the gas crisis

Bush Suspends Environment Regulations for Oil Companies

Help make sure your vote counts: Ohio Citizens' Parallel Elections

STOLEN! RNC/Chimp's talking points on high gasoline prices

Why are people in ID, NE, WY and UT so damned stupid?

Court Rules Military CAN Discriminate Against Gays!

New Math 82.86 > 83.88 > 84.82

High Gas Prices: Result of Bush DOJ Allowing Many Mergers

bush* sign you might like.

Pic: Having no balls of his own, "President Bush walks with a football..."

The Bushies are selling the house to pay for the party. How true that is.

Has anyone on here read "The bush agenda"

MSNBC Poll: Do you think the Gas Price Probe will result in lower prices?

Rep. Taylor (R-NC) opposes Flight 93 Memorial

What's the difference? (A thread about who gets your donations)

State legislatures introduce impeachment proposals

Hey, So. Dakota DU'ers, how is the pro-choice petitioning going?

"My money is on Mary. She is not a liar." By Larry Johnson

GOP hopes Bush critics will help them like Clenis critics helped him...

Kerry on Ed Schultz now!

Barreto Resign’s from SBA, John Kerry says “It’s Time For a Change”

American Prospect: Dems must work for the common good to win

My first political editorial graphic/cartoon.

Democrats need to be ready for Bush League distortions with rapid response

Anyone have good recent pictures of a smiling, confident Al Gore

Diplomacy "to the Max?" Where are the Dems?

Human Trafficking in Iraq by Contractors

Testing 1...2...3

The Hill: GOP Scrambles for Unity, Dems Increasingly United

Hugh Hewitt on Colbert......…Scary

ACLU has obtained agreement between Homeland Security and

'Conspiracy Theory Rock',SNL TV Funhouse episode hidden by NBC/GE

All this talk of price gouging and investigations is BS.

Caption this picture.

Archer-Daniels-Midland .... your new 'oil' company? (very pic heavy)

Wow, the backdrops are getting really elaborate.

Salon: "A pathetic move by a president who's by owned by Big Oil"

Wash. Note: Dana Priest's multiple sources on CIA prisons (in Europe?)

New York State Roots Project in Action Dem's take notice!

Need help picking a dem to vote for in Boxers PAC $email: One choice

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Randi will talk about the IL state leg. that is introducing Articles of...

Tony Snow: Gas prices high because people complain about Rumsfeld

Economic meltdown (David Walker, the U.S. comptroller general)

GOP base-Suffering Stockholm Syndrome? Why are they such ardent supporters

My stupid ass pretend war president looks like a god damn fool


Lipstick on a Pig -- Get Rid of All Voting Machines -- NOW!

Al Gore: "Opposition to Gay Marriage = Tyranny"


The one day evolution of a talking point (today) "Oil is the Dem's fault"

Schumer: "we should think about breaking up the big oil companies"

I'm donating to the DCCC because a flawed democratic majority

Message to our Republican Brothers and Sisters :

Ken Lay: "It was the media's fault."

Bush Video: I Kill for God.

I had a talk with a local independent gas station owner .....

Strickland(D) has 17% lead over Blackwell(Ohio Governor Race)

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Just got a call from the DCCC requesting a contribution.

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Dean will be knocking on doors in NC Saturday for the canvassing.

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Kerry Introduces Bill to Repeal Wasteful Tax Giveaways for Oil Companies

Republicans own it

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bush said "gave EPA director athority to ease enviro laws for refineries"

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Update:Lose Your Healthcare Bill (S1955) WILL GO TO the SENATE FLOOR