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Archives: April 26, 2006

On the night of the first Gulf War

SJ Mercury News: Sparking a revolt against overwork

Anti-logging activist wins award (BBC)

Pombo-spin: Energy & Common Sense:Both in High Demand, But in Short Supply

Green mini-car to beat congestion (BBC)

Holographic Solar

Look what the WTC is up to!

John Gideon Says: "File a Complaint Against HAVA!"

Debra Bowen on Thom Hartmann Thursday 4-27 at 11PT on election issues

Converting MIDI files to WAV or MP3

deleting temp internet files

Illegal immigration

Chicken Curry

Chicken Souvlaki on Fry Bread

for all you Nutella nuts out there

NYT/Reuters: Democrats Want More Cargo Inspection Abroad

NYT/AP: N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg Hosts Gun Control Summit (of mayors)

Pakistan, India, begin dialogue on nuclear programs


Port Workers to Undergo Background Checks

Rumsfeld Says Success of War in Iraq Key to 'Containing' Iran

Experts Rip World Bank on Malaria Work

AP: Oil, Gas Prices Drop on Bush Supply Move

U.S. Military Files Sold At Afghan Bazaar (Again)

Warner puts off hearings with Rumsfeld's critics

Conservatives looking at non-binding U.S.-led rival to Kyoto

NYT: No Charges in Falsified (Yucca Mountain) Nuclear Waste Data

NYT: Ex-Environmental Leaders Tout Nuclear Energy

NYT: NASA Chief Says Future Flights Will Force Cutbacks in Science

Poll suggests Iraq PR push falls short

WP/AP: Hector Barreto Resigns As SBA Chief (he did a heckuva job)

Tony Snow to the WH as press sec. per Fox news just now.

ABC News under fire for taped beating

WP: Chrysler Expanding Its Ethanol Model Line

U.S. teen wounded in TA attack wakes up after 9 days in coma

Rummy has landed in Baghdad on surprise Iraq visit

Urban Thinker Jane Jacobs Dies

Missing bioterror substances at New Jersey laboratories have officials gue

Iraq Army weapons supply local insurgents (!!!)

Majority in Army Times poll think Rumsfeld should resign

Russia to supply Iran with an air defense system

WP: GOP Blocks Measures Boosting Taxes on Oil Companies' Profits

High court drops river flow appeals (2 species to become extinct?)

Dillard's says 'ethnic' hair harder to clean (discrimination suit)

CNN/Reuters: Experts: Global warming behind 2005 hurricanes

The Peaceful Warrior movie opens in June.

So I'm watching COPS on CourtTV...


"A Song for you" is a Carpenters' song, dammit!!!

Its tuesday night, ask me things.

Ricky Williams suspended 1 Year

Separated at birth

OMG my roommate just made some chocolate covered strawberries...

Don't watch much tv - any recommendations for 9 pm?

Should I bid on this?

Help!!! I've got a bird down my shirt........

It's official: Cletus and Brandine are expecting bundle of joy #2

Corny alert. A bicycle can't stand on its own because it is two-tired.

My Poem: Future

So, I rewatched "Bloody Sunday" and read "Those Are Real Bullets"

Question for restaurant/bar customers...

What do you think of my new hair? (BEFORE AND AFTER)

Anybody see "Wolf Creek"? (Potential spoilers, I guess)

I spent too much money today

Ava is getting the DU love over in GD. Join in...

'Idol's Ryan and Paula disagree on feud

I am now Wi Fi, got my new laptop. Should have done this sooner.

Who else looked at the list, saw "Is DU an addiction", then saw

Child dies after running into burning home to find mother

Tom Cruise: "There were prostitutes who knew me...They'd see me and..."

Go Kingzzzzzzzzz


Holy Living Fuck!... We Were On The Fucking Moon

Myspace question re: 11 year old posing as 17 year old

I am now Wi Fi, got my new laptop. Should have done this sooner.

Welcome back Kotter to be remade - with Ice Cube as lead?

Is DU an addiction?

Does anyone know anything about Body Cleanses that they...

Ronnie James Dio - pre-Elf/Rainbow/Sabbath days

Ok, I've been officially laid off!

Have you ever heard Hayley Westenra?

In tribute to LeftPeopleFinishFirst...

Which Would You Rather Do?

"Flanders, can't a man just drink alone on a Wednesday morning?" nt

The anti-World Series

Destroy the computer!!!

Happy Dance Happy Dance

Goodnight Everyone! Wish me luck tomorrow!

What songs 'Take You Back' to your childhood/adolescence?

I spilled some mustard - now I MUST make a salad


Is Bright Eyes an Emo fav? Are you an Emo if you like "When the President

Dagnabbit! I accidentally threw the neighbor's cat in the wash

* is gonna be mad at Rick Monday

I'm drunk and in a hotel room. Ask me anything.

Name this tune.

Anyone take chromium picolinate?

Being a Baltimore Orioles fan is like being a machist

Rolling Stone previews neil Young's "Living with the War"

Name This Tune

ARSENAL IN PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am officially an adult. I have owned a skirt so long it's back in style.

Does anyone know about doves?

"Scrubs" fans--need your help with tonight's show (spoiler inside)

I just got stung by a bee!

Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket... I'm actually siding with Hannity

Can anyone recommend a good long distance provider?

How much does Nutella go for nowadays?

Hearts (the card game)

I know this is cheating, but regarding Maureen Dowd columns....

TESL questions

Name this TV Show

Isn't everybody happy the Cubs won tonite?

Really funny cat video! Too funny!!!!!!!

BREAKING! * 's IMs discovered, leaked to press

My 66 year old Aunt is going to prison for three years....

why do we need laws?

Anyone here get their nails done? Acrylic or Fiberglass? Question for you.

40 mpg.

Am I the only one who just doesn't "get" the American Idol craze?

My son turns fifteen tomorrow and I'm 1,500 miles away from him, Waaaa!

Money Shot

Name your favorite band(s) with a female lead singer...

Brett Favre will play (at least) one more season

Anyone going to be in Winnipeg on Friday, May 12th?


Why does James Dobson hate public education and preschool?

How homosexual school clubs offer sex to students

The Gay Republican: Oxymoron, or Just Moron?

Tracking LTTE's, etc about JK

Nolie is sort of sick lately...If you want to post her a get well wish

I am finally listening to the speech

What kind of crap is this?

Congratulations, JeffR! Winner of the April 2006 Photo Contest!

KOEB 4/25/06 New McCarthyism Edition

Keith O. on now. talking of Mary McCarthy Cia case

Reid calling for $6 billion in relief to gas consumers (Gas tax holiday)

Anybody have a geothermal unit?

32 Police Recruits Found Shot, 25 Other Iraqis Killed...

WP's Froomkin: Bush Mostly Hot Air on Gas

Woman nabbed driving corpse across country

CBS News: "Bush, Big Oil, Slammed On Pump Prices"

Child dies after running into burning home to find mother

Self Delete Dupe

Senator Wants Reassurances Before Nevada Blast (AP/KUTV Salt Lake City)

Bush threatens to VETO Hurricane Katrina funding

Prediction : before using oil prices for political gain by lowering them

Is DU an addiction?

Frontline is incredible tonight

Media Matters suggests some 1st day questions for Tony Snow

Truly clueless

Mark Felt appears to be quite "with it" to me. On Larry King now.

Conyers on Tyler Drumheller and Phase II of the Iraq inguiry

Media ignores 60-minutes CIA'S intel disclosure over no wmd's

GOP Blocks Measures Boosting Taxes on Oil Company Profits

Is this too vulgar? I've been debating with myself.

CNN Poll On Global Warming

dupe please delete, sorry

George W. Bush's Presidency ... Camelot It's NOT! ------->

Not many are paying attention to the conflict between the Kurds


You Know Why RWers Hate Clinton...?

New Boston Legal coming up

Former Head of Mossad on Charlie Rose tonight

Bill Maher's Musical Rebuttal

That Weird Little C-Spin Basturd John Mercurio Bugs Me

Only two days until Iran has nukes!

Renewable Fuels Association - The Board

Symbolism in Today's Bush Backdrop? Nah....yeah?

Italy to remove 'Da Vinci Code' ad from church scaffolding

CNN just announced: Tony Snow to take the "Snow Job" at the WH! ..n/t

Kevin Phillips, author of "American Theocracy" just spoke to SRO in KY ...

Baker says... smile, ya yellow bastid, or I will

Fear and speculators driving oil prices too high, says BP chief

Remember that the Energy President had to restore funding...

Documentary trailer: An Inconvenient Truth narrated by Al Gore

Okay, show me a general who does not like me

Do not attack Iran

I'm serious, this mans delusional !...

How do you like living a perennial insult? They think we are stupid.

The Wagoner County Oklahoma Sheriff (re gas costs)

Would you rather pay the oil companies or the gov't for your gas?

See, I talk to all shades of white people, just CAPTION

Build your own Iraqi police squad for a little cash

On Top of everything else. Bush is also a shitty tipper

I think you guys are really smart.

China blocks proposed Iran resolution

Surprise visitor at the WH Easter event (pretty funny)

Mary McCarthy to be interviewed tonight 10:00 pm on WABC

I miss liveoaktx - has anyone heard from her?

Know your gas prices

Rummy lands in Iraq. Greeted as a LIBERATOR.

GOP Sen Pat Roberts Leaked Classified Info-Hurt Efforts to Find Saddam

Banks are afraid to transfer mony to Palestinians - Fear of US retribution

Iran urges new Iraqi government to end occupation

Scientists tune in to tone deafness (CNN) {amusia/online test}

A friend is very worried about what Bush's* sinking poll numbers

Iraqi woman on trial over Jordan bombings

Boston Legal never ceases to amaze me

"24" fans - one more comparison to the Bush administration

* 's IMs discovered, leaked to press (hilarious!)

LOL - a Dog was protesting against Condi Rice in Greece today...

Could all autos soon have breathalyzers?

Illinois Goes For Impeachment

Sen. Clinton wants retired generals for Iraq hearings

NASA: New spacecraft by 2011

That Malloy dude just cracks me up....

Hmm, what do y'all think of this site

Pat Roberts Leaks Pre-War Intel

Must see cartoons! (Everything I learned from the Bush Administration.)

McCaskill Taking on Talent Draws National Coverage

Which is worse free republic or

Rummy just made surprize visit to Iraq--no details says msnbc

Sen. Roberts leaked info in 2003 that impaired efforts to capture Saddam

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

Pelosi: "your obscene, corrupt policy of ripping off the American people."

W says cut healthy air for cheaper gas.

Complete this sentence: The Democratic leader looks more.....

Randi Rhodes: How you can help state lawmakers trigger impeachment (AAR)

Alaska - was it on one of the chimps talking points?

Six years ago gas was about 1.40 a gallon

Next year I'm going to celebrate 'Hindu Christmas"

I am an angry white woman. I know, big

Wow. I think Springsteen did Pete Seeger proud.

Interesting global warming picture

Fox Commentator to Join White House, Officials Say

Caption this pic of a red stater:

Watching BBC World News just now,

New Bumpersticker on Bush's Limo (sorry if dup)

Damned hotels, Fox orgy--no Comedy Channel

For my 1,000 post

I thought he was a quail hehe

Citgo still has gas at 2.99 while others have dropped back to 2.65

Holocaust Remembrance, What Happened Can Now Happen in an Instant

Is * looking much worse than usual?

Edwards, Hoffa Join Fla. University Strike

illinois impeachment measure up to 17 co-sponsors

The Democratic nominee in 2008 must pass the white men in Mississippi test

I am seriously disturbed by the posts I read today about RW threats

OMG!! Keith reading Tony Snow's quotes and columns critical of Chimpy!!

Norovirus?- UW frat, sorority hit by flulike illness

MP3 of Kerry's April 22, 2006 speech in Boston available

Mexico: Oil Depletion & Illegal US Immigration (running out of oil)

Use it or lose it

For anyone who has a loved one with Alzheimer's...

Something's wrong with our President. Please alert the proper authorities

OMFG, "Christians" re-invent yoga to suit their beliefs.

Will Ferrel as the Decider: The So-called Global Warmings

Is it just me, or is our girl DUer Ava totally blowin' up?

Not if but when the flu pandemic strikes

Gasoline prices feed resurgent scooter fad

Where can I find recent archives of the Majority Report?

Scientists find secret to gas-free beans (Reuters/CNN)

Bush explains corn-based ethanol

Stephen Harper IS George W. Bush

Broom was used by rapists says woman in Duke case (Rita

For Californians only: Phil or Steve?

How do we end the right to work laws?

I've relabeled the Bush Administration to correctly suggest their role

Press Release: Bush Oil Move Doesn't Stop Oil Co. Profiteering

Viral Video Contest To Save Net Neutrality

Great article about GE and exxon...Check out the graph....Boycott both...

PBS' 'FRONTLINE' - "The Insurgency"....... on now!!

How * sees his presidential prerogative:Be silent; I see it, if you don't.

Check the status of each Dem '08 candidate's PAC here

In January, 2001, gasoline was $1.46 per gallon....

Divine Strake!!! That's what they're calling that bomb test?!!

Tony Snow to replace Scott McClellan as WH press secretary...

"Dying For Nixon, Dying For Bush"

Something amazing about the TN Senate race

If I hear Doofus start a comment with " I fully understand" one

Who is **the** most leftward nationally known Dem you can think of

Who's driving that car?

BREAKING NEWS - Tony Snow to be new Press Secretary

KO: Will White House owe Tony Snow five years back pay? nt

Foger;s FRAME for wednesday morning

Webb Opens Race to Replace Allen

Has "one' repug said it's time to get out of Iraq? We have Murtha, Kerry,

If it is all about energy and gas prices... and it is...

Who is **the** most rightward nationally known Dem you can think of

Extremely Successful Boycotts through history....

Pelosi: "Logical follow-up of 2 oil men in the White House is $3 Gas"

Does Tony Snow have a security clearance?

Hastert, Frist, Blivet, asking what's going on with price gouging?

Breaking News CNN Rummy in Iraq

Does anyone else feel a kind of unintentional joy when considering

Bush and his GOP Buddies were supposed to take us OUT OF THE WOODS

Blair refuses to back Iran strike -- Foreign Office:Strike on Iran Illegal

Did I just hear * say "Bootane" instead of "Butane"?


Flash: Clinton portrait sparks outrage

Mike McCurry & the Hostile Takeover of the Democratic Party

Tony Snow on Bush = Wimp, impotent, frat boy, cluelessness...etc...

The Perfect 2006 Election Scenario - or - How to Get Al Gore as President!

Byrd on Bush: "The Senate can send you home. You better believe that"

Maria Cantwell was great on Hardball...

JASON MILLER: Have a Koch and a Smile

The Onion--Bush Calls Cabinet Meeting To Get Story Straight

The Onion--EPA Didn't Know Anybody Was Still Drinking Water

LAT: Iraqi Strife Seeping Into Saudi Kingdom

Iraq Can't Be Compared to Post-World War II

We Are The Deciders

North America Harbors the World's Most Dangerous Terrorists

Gene Lyons on sleepwalking

John Nichols (The Nation): Snow Job: White House Prevaricator-in-Chief

Tony Snow - Cover-ups for Press Secretary Begin Before he Officially Start

FBI Seeks to Seize Control of deceased Journo J Anderson/Interview

MOGAMBO GURU: "I Am Really, Really Getting Scared Here"

Piracy worse than child pornography

Big Oil donates big bucks to Schwarzenegger's re-election campaign

Wolcott on the right wing attacks on Juan Cole!

Prelude to Kent State: Nixon Invades Cambodia

Have a Koch and a Smile

Senate Shifts Iraq Funds to Border Patrols

The Nuclear Option /NYT

Pig farms and Wally World

Osama Video: A 'Boost For Bush'?

Baghdad gunmen kill children's entertainers ("Happy Family Team")

Freedom From Religion in the Year 2006 of the Common Era

Bush/Lockhart 4/24 threat to kill Soc Sec in next Congress

***** Please see this thread posted in GD *****

IS THERE A FEDERAL DEFICIT? "only in an accounting sense"

Will new pension bill protect the corporations - or the workers?

Study Links Cancer Rate to Mass. Dye Plant

Britain 'behind target' on plants (BBC) {threatened species}

An iPod for Wind Power?

Evergreen Solar Begins Volume Shipments From New Plant in Germany

Local fishermen, Salmon, the Klamath River

(Crosspost) World's biggest solar farm planned for New Mexico

Putin Orders Pipeline Moved Away From Lake (Baikal)

Estuary energy plan makes waves (10 mile tidal barrage)

Did anyone else see a t.v. ad for a new Toyota car called Niyar?

Mad Cow Madness: USDA Stands in the Way of Broader Testing

Check it out: Domenici Floor Statement on Rising Gas prices

Globe: Kerry still undecided on Nantucket Sound wind farm

duct taped hazardous waste plant explodes

Anybody else hear that NPR report on "clean gas from coal?"

Something good has come from all the rain in California

Poll: Most Palestinians want talks with Israel

Palestinian seriously wounded by IDF fire in Nablus-area clash

Abbas calls for international conference on Mideast conflict

IDF catches would-be suicide bomber

PA police foil attack on Gaza-Israel crossing

Landmark Lawsuits Filed in U.S. Courts Against Israeli Officials

Israel won't try PFLP leader for Zeevi murder

Suicide bombers attack multinational peacekeepers base in Sinai

'Israel among worst human traffickers'

Abbas Ready To Negotiate With Israel

Controversial 9/11 documentary at Tribeca Film Festival

I think I'll be on Guns and Butter Wednesday (KPFA in Berkeley)

First draft: Parapolitics, Conspiracies and Assassinations Group

George W. Bush

Could Somebody Please Explain the ENRON/9-11 Connection?

Killtown's Timeline is better than P. Thompson

Report From United 93 NYC Premiere - 4/25/06

Texas House Bill Seeks Relief from HAVA for Local Elections

If You've Seen No Ballots, You've Seen Them All

Mark Crispin Miller today on - - 1pm Pacific.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday April 26

OpEd says quit grousing and give DREs their chance!

another silly idea?

Vilsack: No, really, I'm not endorsing Blouin...wink, wink, nudge, nudge

This week's Civic Skinny - and a little extra jab at Nussle

Rick Dickinson - a real class act!

Anyone here familiar with MS Access?

San Antonio to Assist Families after Undocumented Worker Raids

The bluebonnets apparently moved to California

Let's not forget which "Democrats" voted FOR the bullshit school financing

Update from Austin

NDP Scam in the House

Strategic talks with Washington begin today (Pakistan)

Gasoline prices feed resurgent scooter fad

UNODC calls for more efforts to stop human trafficking

Army Plans to Charge Abu Ghraib Officer

No Charges in Falsified Nuclear Waste Data - Yucca Mt

Report Backs Shipping Nerve Agent Waste

In deregulation of electric markets, a consumer pinch

7 detainees report transfer to nations that use torture

Blast Hits Egypt (Peacekeeping) Base

Federal Judge Strikes Down U.S. Forest Service Rules on Public Comment

Study Links Cancer Rate to Mass. Dye Plant

Scholars, artists rip embargo (US embargo on Cuba)

Army officer to face Abu Ghraib abuse charges

Rents heading up in '06

Illinois Legislature Mulling Impeachment of Bush

U.S. Trade Deals Bitter to Latin Americans

GOP leaders to put weak lobbying bill to House vote

TIME: Qaeda Tapes Reveal a Rift: tension with local Islamist groups

Big Oil donates big bucks to Schwarzenegger's re-election campaign

Missing bioterror substances have officials guessing

Piracy worse than child pornography

Percentage of Uninsured Americans Rising (41% increase in 2005)

Alito ready to break tie in death penalty case

Residents find ways to combat gas prices

Scientists: 2005 Hurricanes Linked To Global Warming

Source: Rove to Testify in CIA Leak Case (not only meet)

Yucca e-mails bring no charges

Cost of U.S. Military Shuffle Stuns Japan ($26 billion)

Please delete, wrong forum

A spot on the hit list: LV seeks inclusion for anti-terrorism funding

State Would Outlaw Mandatory Microchip Implant

Jim Pederson narrows John Kyl's lead in battle for U.S. Senate seat in AZ.

Berkeley council calls for impeachment of Bush

Oil industry prepares $30 million fight back

Baghdad gunmen kill children's entertainers ("Happy Family Team")

On CNN News now....Rove visiting Fitz's Grand Jury right now.


U.S. House to Vote on Ban of Private Trips Until After Election

Target Letter Drives Rove Back to Grand Jury

Iraqis Building Makeshift Roadblocks (to control entry into neighborhoods)

House OKs Bill To Ban Funeral Protests (by Westboro Baptist Church)...


Army Chief Laments Defense Budget Fights (we are cheap grr)

Saudi releases 500 al-Qaida sympathizers

City snuffs out smoking in public spaces (Beaumont, TX)

Iraq group says kills 3 "apostates"-Web video

CNN (Wolf Blitzer) said that Rove's lawyer said that Rove is NOT

(Iraq's) New Welfare System Overwhelmed

Congresswoman's son sentenced for slashing GOP tires

Senate Shifts Iraq Funds to Border Patrols

Top Editors Respond to Tony Snow Appointment

PRU(dential Insurance) Moves Jobs to India

Wiretapping May Void Va. Terror Case

MEPs reveal extent of CIA flights (CNN) {Members of European Parliament}

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 26 April

Iran to speed up atomic programme if hit by embargo

Senate Shifts Iraq Funds to Border Patrols

CNN/Reuters: Drivers run out of gas to save money

Internet Identity theft among fastest growing crimes

US justices query if lethal injections cause pain

Putin orders oil pipeline shifted

Follow the Money:Pombo's campaign warchest leads to Abramoff & Big Oil

Air strike kills 'Iraq militants'

GOP links tribe funds to Dem sens.

U.S. seeks to keep evidence from 9/11 families

Wrong body returned from Iraq

Pentagon: Iraq Troop Reductions On Way

Rice joins Rumsfeld on Iraq trip

Senate rejects Bush call for smaller funding bill (72-26)

Brown Quits Race For Senate (for Chaffee's RI seat)

D.C. prayer rally to seek lower gas prices

Treasury's Snow says U.S. economy in 'sweet spot'

Percentage of Uninsured Americans Rising

U.S. seeks to keep evidence from 9/11 families (CNN)

(AP) EU: CIA Executed Over 1,000 Europe Flights

Senate panel demands oil co. tax records

'Illegal' McGavick funds alleged (Repug Senate candidate in WA)

War on computer screen morphs into shooting in home

Breaking: Rove Meeting With Special Prosecutor About Leak Case

Bush's Fortune May Rest With GOP Congress

Songbirds may be able to learn grammar

Cuba Militant Applies for U.S. Citizenship

NBC/WSJ Poll: America Continues to Sour on Bush, Congress (Bush at 36%)

Insurers canceling coastal policies (not just the gulf coast, either.)

AP: English Language Hits 1 Billion Words

MSNBC: Lawmaker’s son sentenced for slashing tires

Reuters: Iran will harm US interests if attacked:

New WA Senate Poll (Strategic Vision): Maria Cantwell up by 8%

KCBS: MediaNews Buys (San Jose Mercury News), CoCo Times

Court Overturns Pot Grower's Conviction

World's biggest solar farm planned for New Mexico

New FL Senate Poll (Strategic Vision): KH continues to plumment

America's rags-to-riches dream an illusion: study

18 rich families pay for campaign to kill estate taxes

Yes indeedie it is. (pic)

Over men and horses, hoops and garters, lastly through a hogshead... of

In honor of Cindy and Bruce Springsteen my new sig line

My buddy and I went to six bars this afternoon looking for cheap affection

PENIS IN ARSEHOLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y'all want to see a purdy picture of my beautiful city???

Since when did Schwinn start making motor scooters?

OK people

From the old Kerry forum

What does "IBTL" mean?

I need medical advice!

Who's awake and why?

Struggling camper needs help with can-o-flame

Ticket Auctions. What to you think?

My goodness, don't people know how to fscking spell these days?



What a moran!

The only thing better than playoff hockey

That's no way to treat a cowbell!!

School Sends Kids To Closed Amusement Park

OK, now that I'm watching the Oilers-Red Wings game...

Hey Loungie types - please nominate this thread!

Silent Hill is the most fucked up movie I have ever seen.

Has anybody seen Simply Fugue?

Dick is at it again

Gecko Eggs-Round 3

I have the best boss

No, I don't see you. Yes, you can come in my yard...

*gasp* Report: Britney Spears is pregnant again

If I'd known Ava were a muslem terrorist, I'd never have replied to her

If you should go skating

File under: Things not to say while lecturing a class

Hey I have a Tombstone! No Not The Bad Kind!

Is it wrong that I find this video hilarious?

instead of a RANT...I would like to dedicate this song

Saw a GREAT bumper sticker yesterday!

24 fans! Question about Monday night. *SPOILERS*

listening to Ava....

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

I'm getting like 25 channels with just an antenna

Good morning everyone! Today is the big day!

Am I the only one who just doesn't "get" the American Idol bashing?

Happy DU birthday also to BuffyTheFundieSlayer

Dear Abby:

good morning du

Impressions of Prague, Czech Republic ***PICS***

MatcomNews Update: Adult Diaper Dumper Strikes Again In Wisconsin

Always double check

A timely Kenny Boy joke:

Does anyone here drink Rooibos?

Annie Lennox remade "Whiter Shade of Pale"...

Police Baffled: Someone Dumping Vomit-Filled Bags On Roadside

NYC Meetups this weekend, after the March for Peace Sat Nite and Friday

Has anyone used photobucket to host a video?

Caption Bush's new mouthpiece.

Quick help: are there skins for DU?

Has anybody archived Ava's interview from this morning?

Okay admit it you have the "McPheever"

VA DU'ers. How about a meetup?

Listening to Vince Scelsa's 'Idiot's Delight' .... (Sirius)

I'm so depressed and exhausted.

Is Anyone Else Here a Closet Smoker?

Someone from DU called me about the Catholic diocese today...

Greatest Linebacker of All Time?

Quick help: are there potatoe skins for DU?

Khash vs Bookcase

For the Men of the lounge: Thermite vs. Car

whats for lunch?

"A mountain is something you don't want to fuck with!"

Yay I just got Mets vs Phillies tickets...

Gods but I love Mark Morford!

Cindy Margolis: "Posing nude at the age of 40 is empowering"

My time at the library computer is up - only get an hour.

Is this a birthday I see before me? Have a happy, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE!

My time at the library computer is up - only get an hour.

"Anyone can travel around and eat on $40.00 a day if they

Do You Think United 93 Will Increase *'s Approval Ratings?

Greatest NFL Coach?

upon further reflection

Greatest NFL punter?

My new cell phone is groovy

Greatest NFL shotgun wielding place kicker?

"We Can't Afford Our Gasoline!" -- (VIDEO WITH COUNTRY MUSIC)

Knife-wielding Feminists

Retro Toys.. ( like "Barbie, Queen of the Prom Game")

Brown Potties

Pot Brownies

Cultural references and innuenedo in Rocko's Modern Life

Pink with the Indigo Girls "Dear Mr. President" live video

My AutoCAD session is in the process of locking up!

I want to work at New Belgium Brewing Co.

Dolo Amber...Did you watch RHOOC last night?

The Mountain is someone you don't want to fuck with...

Toilet-Paper Puppies in Hell

Well-guess who is pregnant?

A new joke for everybody

Why do storm shelter supply lists have nonperishables/canned foods

aimed and missed

Got $700? Led Zeppelin Vinyl.......

Plastic Bag Bra for our environmentally conscious DU wimmens

Where can I download free business card software?

"Christian yoga"

I need the opinions of the greatest minds on the net.

Vacation pics from London

Wednesday Lyrics (Khash is still on a downer)

Top Ten Lists, Including Gassiest Dogs

DU Universal Flamebait® has been updated. Tell me if I forgot something.

A pictorial peace offering to "leftofthedial"

Hawaii Five-O Politically Incorrect??

I'm not looking at LSK's thread for a brazillian dollars.

Anyone have experience with MS Access?

Jason Lee to play "Underdog." How much is this going to suck?

Ceci n'est pas la plaisanterie brésilienne

It's my Birthday today!!

Congratulations Midlodemocrat!! 15,000 posts

Anyone have experience with MS Access?


VIDEO: 3 Hungry Lions, 2 Effing Idiots, 1 Dangling Meat Hammock

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/26/06)

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!


Office parties in the 70's

I'm not Sandra Dearie

Spring is calling. Are you heeding the message?

nevermind, delete

Dbacks sweep Padres!

any "Irish twins" out there?

I saw 2 W stickers this morning

Not that I really feel invested in how David Copperfield looks, but...

Need asap please!

got to be one of the best sexy drunk pictures that I've seen....

how many quarts are in a gallon?

Khash calls out Wesley!

Flaming Lips new 'un : At War With the Mystics

Congratulations WelshTerrier2!! 10,000 posts

Quick! I need help on a D.U./html thing. How do I write words

Tornadoes on the way in central SC-- wish us luck!

Happy birthday wishes to...........

Your wrong George...God hates you too...

I was SOOOOO tempted today...

I saw the movie Libertine yesterday - Rabrrrrrr's review

Why the hell doesn't CNN shut up about "worst song" lists already?!?

HOLY CRAP, I recently reached 12,000 posts and didn't know it!!!

Al Franken tickets available for 4/27 Rochester, New York:

Cindy Sheehan in Charlottesville May 17

Boomer DU'ers: Sha Na Na : Why

Dadbat's Greatest Hits, Vol VII:

'Lost' Actress Chooses Jail Over Service

Generational scholars think I'm in the same generation as 6 year-olds.

What are YOU having for dinner?

Y'know, if we're gonna pay homage to an athlete

Heeeeyyyy we want some.....

Let's play while he's still here!

Have you seen this? Will Internet Neutralitysoon be a thing of the past?

Note to self: DO NOT buy Pepsi when in India. Even if I'm thirsty.

Some doofus sells "amazing hair ball" from his boss's chair on eBay

I just put this in the VA Forum

I cannot consider myself a Boomer

Is Administrative Professionals Day a demeaning holiday?

If I never hear Tom Cruise's name again....

What's with the "dirty jeans" look?

Any logic experts here?

Did you hear Marine one crashed...

i need a website or software that will let me digitally paint my house....

HEY! My Subject title is EDITED on the Greatest Page???

Does anyone know any real jobs on the internet or work from home?

I sit here reading all of these posts here at the DU


Anybody heard of the new band Arctic Monkeys??

Do You Think Dogs Pass Their Night-Time Barking From Coast To Coast?

Everybody say,"Happy Birthday Lex!!"

Taking a DU posting break starting now

Today is Joan_Alpern's DU birthday!

I want to thank many DU lounge lizards...

Favorite thing about your bathing suit areas

ZOMG! Baby Squirrels!

drinking and driving poll

April 29 - Time and Room for more names on the

When you find song lyrics which seem to summarize your life, how long

Best moment in Sports History

Step out of the car, please.

When I first found out about Billyskank's talent (one from the vault)

Time for something COMPLETELY different! The clouds at sunrise...

im gonna start a charity

a man called swag

I can not believe it...

You MUST see these! (And then buy me some)

Sooooooo... What should we bribe billyskank and tjwmason with to get them

What's with all the football polls?

in honor of Sugar Smack

Ashlee Simpson: "I'm taller and my chest isn't completely massive"

God, Tony Snow has good hair.

for the record, I DID NOT bring the brazilian joke to DU

Ask me anything

240hrs of Community Service or 5 days of Jail: Which would you do?

Help, amputation or chemo (cat)?

Best NFL Running Back who would rather run for the sidelines....

40 yr. old "mother of three" Cindy Margolis to Pose for Playboy

Best all-time quarterback?

So, I wanna know. Who here cares about the World Cup?

Best running back of all time

My girlfriend just lost her job, and we wrote the best fuck-you letter...

I have now been without electricity for over one week

"Are You Reelin' in the Years? Stowin' Away the Time?"

Hey Karl Rove -- SQUEEEEEAL Pig Boy!

Akeelah and the Bee (family movie)-anyone going to see it?

***** Please see this thread posted in GD *****

No more special rights for Christians.

The History & Philosophy of Humanism & Its Role in Unitarian Universalism

Most Catholics not fazed by 'Code' talk

Is religion elitest by deffinition?

Experts make flatulence-free bean

when is it cool to smoke herb while breast feeding?

New way to treat obesity heralded

I am not sure if I can get help here or not....My grandma

Temple of the Fox found in Peru (2200 B.C.)

Moon Race: U.S. Not Alone in Future Lunar Exploration

Salvage prospect for 'junk' DNA (BBC)

Scientist: Big planets' groovy moves made them tilt (Reuters/CNN)

NASA offers early target date for spaceship (AP/CNN) {replace STS}

Language of Prairie Dogs Includes Words for Humans

The Attack on Scientific Thinking and Why We Must Defend Science

Syracuse University Study: 33% of gay men are total fucking idiots

I "<3" My Gay Dad

It has been 6 years

Ricky Williams lost his appeal


Viva Brett Favre!!!

Duncan Six NBA Titles?

Woo hoo......C Woodson just signed with the Pack!!

New moon (in Taurus) - Thursday, April 27

How Asians Views American War Vets

Bob Casey (PA) endorses Kerry's health care bill

Really nice news video on Sat's speech

Well, the media has a John Kerry suggested this in 2004 moment.

The Boston Globe is at it again. What is it with these people?

Who decides to hold a Dem Victory '06 event on Red Sox/Yankees night?

DNC on Snow appointment

Very confusing AP article about Nantucket Sounds and the CoastGuard bill

War money, border security vote

I'm off to Savannah, Ga. tomorrow

Health Care Rights, our GOTV issue

I'm serious here. Kerry on 'The Factor' with Bill O'Reilly 4/27 & 28

must read! James Boyce at Huffpo on Kerry and Gore

Does anybody know where Kerry is this week?

A moment of Zen...


Ol' Blue Eye

I got my cable back!

What a great present for my reentry to the US, KO in the mornings

I have room on my shirt for the April 29th March !

Look what the WTC is up to!

Umm, AP? I'm confused by your headline. Doesn't match the content.....

Question about liability for inciting violence

Only 999 days the outside.

Caption these pics with a red stater - Sorry Rocknrule!

Is There a Limit to the Anger We Should Feel Towards The Current Administer

Market Report: 1Q Foreclosures Up 38%

Should Dems Offer A Tax Break For Solar Panels?

Justice For All: Bishop John Shelby Spong Rocks!

Why do AT&T service representatives refuse to identify themselves?

"GOP Criminal Organization"

Murder in the name of corporate efficiency

Question about illegal immigration

Global warming is a money-maker


Snipers keep Marines on the run, Troops keep moving to dodge bullets

MSNBC: Did faulty intelligence make the case for war?

Rumsfeld to Meet With New Iraqi Leaders (Here we go...)

Mississippi Burning

Jews and Muslims launch friendship tour

Fuel up the Decider's Jet! Wednesday's toon (4/26)

Pelosi Takes off the Gloves on Bush/Big oil...

From the old Kerry forum - FYI

Brilliant Animation Revisited - Conspiracy Rock: MEDIA-OPOLY...

Rummie and Condi both make another 'surprise' visit to Iraq today

Don't forget, KO on after Imus. I miss the evening show

Rumsfeld leaves US troop presence to new Iraq government

Bush runs the US like Ken Lay ran Enron...

Women at home..

China, Russia pledge to enhance defense cooperation - Bush the uniter

No more special rights for Christians.

Unwed couple, kids face boot by Black Jack

Why are we allowed to pump our own gas?

Army Times poll think Rumsfeld should resign

Richard Pombo will be first guest on Washington Journal-re Gas prices

CIA Leak Prosecutor Gives Interview To NYC High School Paper

washington journal time-do you think the new government is turning point

How dumb can someone be: Woman held over 'nail bomb art'

I lied-Democrat on re :lobbying reform,Pombo on second on WJ

Senators say Iraq must make progress or US troops will leave

good morning du

Labor contingent to take part in NYC anti-war rally Saturday...

David Gregory is on Imus--msnbc

Does your progressive station change the pitch of its promos?

California 2nd State To Introduce Bush Impeachment (Includes Cheney)

a thought on the drive in

Bush has gridlocked this nation...

OK-Pombo is on washington journal NOW-call,DUers

Let them eat cake

Tony Snow - the only member of this admin who's not a total asshole

My wish has come true!!! It's Tony Snow!!!!

From Snotty McFellan to Tony Snow Job!

When will be the first 'snow job' er snows first news conference

Whomever sent the rain to South Mississippi - THANK YOU

Why/How can our inflation rate be at 3.36%?

Why are we going to attack Iran? Same reason we attacked Iraq.

Prison may house immigrant families

Who cares whether the press secretary is Snow, Scotty, or anyone else?

Peace Takes Courage: From Cindy Sheehan

Hey folks, it sure is great to listen to KO in the mornings

The Ten Worst Corporations of 2005

Damn, I can't get on C-SPAN. Immigration issue. Why the hell

Senate Panel Considers Hearing on Rumsfeld..

Uninsured survivors pay with their lives

Does anyone else see the sky falling?

I need help quick!! Does anyone have the name of that mandatory psych tes

Rudolph's victims get paltry restitution

Robert Scheer says CBS sat on the Drumheller story before the election

A little joke about ShrubaDubDub I got today. Just thought I would share.

"How Would a Patriot Act?" #1 at Amazon

Bush's Imperial Presidency - By Jim Hightower

New comic strip: Rumsfeld in Iraq

What was Tony Snow Jobs association w/ the Free Republic?

An Apology From me To "the early show" on CBS!

Judge rules against Bush administration, and for the American people

So, immigration is now the 'safe' issue for the repugs.

If any of you neo-Nazis want Ava, you have to get past ME first

U.S.: More Than 600 Implicated in Detainee Abuse - A few bad apples

Who makes stickers?

Build your own Iraqi police squad for a little cash!!!!!!!!!!!


Bush Sinks To 24% In State Poll

"Beyond Treason" Now online

does anyone remember this story about tony snow?

Which "Dem" strategists do we need to remove before 08?

Now even republican candidates have trouble spelling.

Majority in Army Times poll think Rumsfeld should resign

Cheney wanted $3/gallon gas and said so in a speech.

Ava's coming ON!!!! Listen here

CNN TOLD BY 3 Sources-Rove met with Fitz & is Now Speaking with Lawyers

Do you think the WH press corps will go easy on Tony Snow because

Bill forbids mandatory microchip implants

What is the Sentiment Regarding Gas Prices for Truck Drivers?

Zarqawi Tape

One would think with such crappy approval ratings that someone in this

CAPTION the Terrible Trio

CNN: Sources- Snow takes White House job

Who swears to lie for me until the very end.... hands please...

Majority in Army Times poll think Rumsfeld should resign

Rumsfeld leaves US troop presence to new Iraq government

Are there any good books written about PAC's?

Who ARE these people? (Poll on gas prices)

When are we going to start giving credit to Cheney and Bush for their

Vermont legislature third to introduce impeachment resolution

Is There A Double Standard On Leak Probes? By Murray Waas

Pelosi's Rant:"You Can't Do It If You're Republican"

Most Catholics not fazed by 'Code' talk

A quick question about Republican terminology

MLB honors 30th anniversary of Rick Monday flag incident

(LOL) Surprise visitor at White House Easter egg roll (:31) video

Dem. Congressional Hearing on Iraq -Woolsey/Lee--ask c-span to cover.

Controversial 9/11 documentary at Tribeca Film Festival

Bush adds to "lexicon of marital relations": "the decider"

Is anyone listening to this FOOL announcing Snow's appointment?

B een calling C-SPAN and can't get through. (Phombo) I am pissed!!

(MSNBC) "Tony Snow's former position as a journalist.....

CNN has received their talking point...Forceful Advocate 4 Chimp

Why I approve of Snow replacing McClellan....

Know your Rove talking points: "State taxes make gas prices high"

Banning Photos Added to Public's 'Distrust' of Bush Regime

Do governors get $400 million retirement packages?

Falsehoods of Tony Snow....from MediaMatters

Does anyone have the KO quotes Tony Snow made about AWOL/moron?

Think Progress: Rove Meets with Fitz

Concrete Wins:

Snow " would be an active participant in major policy debates"

Harry Reid talking on floor of Senate. cspan 2

Terror Alert!

When did Hillary transform from hero of the left to Republican-lite?

Spaniards Satisfied with Iraq Withdrawal

Has *'s number reached subzero yet?

c-span wash journal - tony snow job discussion

Venezuelan team make flatulence-free bean :)

It appears to be Toilet Time for the Decider!

Poll indicates most college students favor Iraq withdrawal

Face it...Tony Snow will do a better job than McClellan.

Can Congress be trusted to protect our interests ?

The REAL reason for 3.00/gal gas...

Caption this *-snow job!

600,000,000,000 or 780,000,000,000 dollars

It isn't just 2000 school milk cost $.22 per 8oz container

"clips from the iraqi reality show"

Always remember: 9/11 was the best thing that ever happened to *.


Crackdown on leaks can lead to trouble

Scotty's on NOW : 12:41 PM EST

Berlusconi denies involvement in bogus yellowcake / Niger dossier over Iraq

Know your Rove talking points: "State taxes make gas prices high"

Since Snow is a theme in the Bush admin

Al Gore on global warming and offshore wind

Majority in Army Times poll think Rumsfeld should resign

DU this Duncan, OK, Banner poll on the Halliburton protest.

Reid amendment being voted on in Senate now cspan2

great one

A friend sent me this today. Listen, it will give you 5 min of enjoyment!

Fitzmas 2006

Caption the lazy ass in chief

Watch Banned Ad too controversial for Comedy Central !

Born again consumer advocates!!

A new recruit: My sister

DNC video of Snow: "Racism is not that big of a deal anymore"

LOL- avatar, sigline, photoshop, and caption ready

Watching Bush's Snow announcement-he looks like a kid who's been spanked

Calling DU Administrators.

Democrat Ophelia Ford sues Tennessee senate to regain seat

Question on gas taxes

Holy Crap! "Build your own Iraqi police squad for a little cash"

Isn't this "air assault" only about, oh, 4 1/2 years too late??????

Today's Rude Pundit on Tony Snow is great!! although it might seem gross

How do you prevent your posts (and replies) from

Could Somebody Please Explain the ENRON/9-11 Connection?

Rita Cosby(are you sick of her crap or what?)

So far, Feinstien and Fiengold have voted with Repugs-Senate

Rove heads to Grand Jury for fifth time (photo)

Rep Slaughter: "Following Up On Nancy's Fighting Words"

House floor --discussion of NSA activity going on-Interesting.

A fistful of CAPTIONs

Noron on MSGOP Just Now: "Joe Wilson An Anti-War Critic"

MAD Magazine: A Day in the Life of Dick Cheney

Our Democracy is sold to 18 of the highest bidders....

"We get the government we deserve" also true of the media?

Does anyone know this website? (industry/company donations)

Percentage of Uninsured Americans Rising

Outed CIA officer was working on Iran, intelligence sources say

Congress Casting Vote on Future of Internet

Maybe related? Raw Story: rumors re: BOB Woodward’s Possible Resignation?

Doesn't Willie Nelson power his 5 or more cars

'Hundreds' involved in prisoner abuse

Ok Du anyone up for some debunking of Sludge?

I am looking for a reply that a DUer created that was loaded with pictures

It's been said before. I know it. But I have to say it again.

Monopoly Gets Makeover; (Whitehouse to replace boardwalk? Vote now!)

I think that Mark Warner is the dark horse of '08

A world without religion.... OH What a wonderful world that would be !

Why "moving closer to you work" as a solution is ridiculous

YES!!!CNN just showed my Tx rep to be the oil whore that he is!!!

It's really hard to find good "Yes Men" to cover for you....

You are cordially invited to the Woolsey/Lee Hearing: April, 27

Tony Snow as Press Secretary: Good move or bad move for Bushists?

How dangerous is stupidity ?

Anybody see Rep. Pombo on C-SPAN this morning ?

'Giuliani Time' an Unflattering Film

"Mr. President: have you ever woken in the middle of the night, realizing

It's really frickin stupid for the Bush cabal to keep popping up in Iraq

Everything Old is New Again

Lawrence O'Donnell: "Who Asked Rove To Return To The Grand Jury?"

The most "patriotic" place in the world

A photoshop of Fitz/Rove that's perfect for today's news

According to Rawstory, Rove received target letter!!!

Fox & Friends Morning Show Hosts Named To Top Spots at NSA

Anybody think we have actually have "equal justice" in America? (A rant)

Rove to Testify Again in CIA Leak Case

Must read: "The Bush Agenda, Invading the World, One Economy at a Time"

Pentagon: Pullout of 30,000 troops possible "as early as November"

Most important thing to do today!

How to get 20% fuel savings.

I got this as a reply to my net neutrality e-mail...

Big Oil Abuse

Neil Cavuto To Be Named Treasury Secretary

Randi thinks the press briefings will be closed from the public


Jason Leopold: Target Letter Drives Rove Back to Grand Jury (full story)

Deporting 11 million lobbyists out of Washington not realistic, says Bush

Video: Sean Hannity vs. Shirley Phelps Roper (holy crap!!!)

Cindy Sheehan:Peace takes courage: Ava is 1 tough and compassionate cookie

How to Stop Genocide in Darfur: Nicholas Kristof, NYTimes

European Lawmakers Allege CIA Violations

National foreclosure rate 72% higher than last year!

There is a scholarship for young, progressive bloggers available

Copy a CD get 10 yrs. Assault a cop get 5. What's wrong with this picture?

New Hampshire says "F*CK YOU" to Real ID Act Drivers Licenses

Snow: Racism no longer 'a big deal'

Congratulations Skinner on your 40,000th post

ALWAYS remember what the Plame leak was really about

Waas: Sen. Roberts (R-Hypocrite) leaked classified intel on eve of war

IRONY: Rove gets a TARGET letter & Bush Aide Steals from TARGET

The Indictor vs The Decider

Not Many Look Admirable (Good Article About Duke Lacrosse Case)

Nobody says otherwise. I must be right.

Coming to a school near you. Christian "Adopt a School."

Before you condescend to voters in Mississippi, you'd better look...

"Karl Rove: Is He In Or Out, And For How Long?"

1000 Days 9 hours 35 minutes left till this Bush is gone!!!

Wal-mart on trial: Lax hiring allows molester to fondle 10-yr-old girl

CNN: Rents heading up significantly in 2006 ("A good year for landlords")

Praise the Lord! Zarqawi's Leg amputated in 2002, today he walks!

Be your own George Bush speech writer

It's not humanly possible to be as stupid as Jeff Sessions.

Fox News Host Tied to White Supremacist Group.........

Liberal vs. conservative problem solving

Clint Curtis on The Guy James Show tomorrow...e-mail questions to Guy!

Whitehouse: Snow Ordered To Don Black Face To Promote Diversity

calculate your cost of gas for a trip - aaa

Tony Snow already lying in his first interview

Hah! LIMBOsevic is ticked that SNOWjob is called reasonable

Mark Crispin Miller today on - - 1pm Pacific.

It has become too expensive to cut my grass!

"God's Next Army" on Discovery Times channel...

Armitage secretly Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. (true story)

The Politics Of Oil: The Discourse Must Change

Looking for humorous letter about prayer in schools. Do you have it?

Robert Parry on "The Guy James Show" today Please keep kicked

Republican Controlled Senate Votes to Cut Funding For Troops in Iraq

You just gotta love it...

George Clooney, Barney Frank on Bill Maher's Real Time Friday:

Santorum: I didn't go to a Catholic high school when I was living in PA


Lawrence O'Donnell >> "...Rove asked to return to the grand jury"

Cafferty's Question today. What does it mean that Rover is

Check out my new bumper sticker!

Truth Still Snowed In At The White House Says DNC

San Antonio to Assist Families After Undocumented Worker Raids

What is all the hatred towards Raw Story?

Today's Zogby Survey: Our attitude toward Egypt

Breaking : Karl Rove makes public statement !!!

Blackwell campaign exposes Ohio voters to ID theft... oops.

David Gregory replacing Tweety on Hardball yet again! nt

Covering Dirty Snow

Have you heard about this poor guy?

Boat owners laugh at gas prices ("Break Out Another Thousand" dollars)

Dick DeVos skeletons

Winger "logic": If Mary O.McCarthy hires a good lawyer, she must be guilty

Byrd to Bush: "The Senate can send you home. You better believe that"

Japanese develop world's first walking chair (BBC)

Wow...look who just made Google's top news story!

So, when Tony is scared to answer a question about Bush, who will dare

I need some help dealing with harassment

Gas station in SC get sued for selling gas too cheap

Lieberman in Political Trouble: Places Campaign Ads Early

Florida Women Wheelchair Bound dies from Police Taser

Pat Fitzgerald gives exclusive interview.....really

Has Tony Snow ever had to deal with hostile questioning?

Just got the proof of the black NO WAR armbands >pic

Did the WH hired Snow to change the subject?

VIDEO: Sean Hannity finds someone even more f'ed up than he is.

Tony Snow's 1989 column, "Sex Is Only Fun When You Do It Right"

House Passes Bill to Protect Phone Numbers

Rove denies target letter (false alarm?)

Line of the day

Funny story I heard on NPR about Bette Davis.

Bush trying to forgo Congress oversite over India nuke deal. Lou

The Asian Development Bank warns of threatening monetary turmoil

William McNary, USAction - REMEMBER THIS NAME

Notice the look on bush's face everytime he announces someone ...

GOP Strategist: "We're in a white cul-de-sac"

Bob Schieffer just made a Freudian funny, Called Rummy

Glenn Greenwald's book #1 IN AMAZON SALES TODAY!

Repub apologist reactions to shrub speech on gasoline crunch:

Rove indicted yet?

The spin is already starting, U.S. touts Iraq gov't; says troops may leave

So Snow is the new press secretary... Does this mean we can now

great site for all voting records-you can see every Congress member's

when is it cool to smoke herb while breast feeding?


Net Neutrality Defeated -Telcos and Cable Win(supportive Dems named)

Caption Tony Snow's Family Album Pic

What this country needs is more MYOB.

Gregory on Hardball talking of Rove

New comic: "Liberals in Love" (Fitz!)

Iran Freedom Support Act?

High oil profits not so bad

Rove testifying before CIA leak grand jury(updated)

Do you think we could do this here in the U.S.?

Are neoconservatives neoliberal?

Christian Wire Service calls Christian women to become home-centered

Mick Jagger Joins a New ABC Sitcom

New Katrina Report: U.S. Unprepared for Major Disaster

General: U.S. spends as much on 'plastic Santas' as on military

On Lou Dobbs: Tony Snow is "reaching out" to the media. Try the truth.

Calm me down DU..

Can anyone really claim Fox is fair and balanced after the embattled

U.S. wants Moussaoui case aviation security docs kept from 9/11 families

Randi says Tony Snow is the person who introduced Linda Tripp

Preznit: I would name it "Really Hard Bike Ride Monument"

Let me see if I have this economy straight....

The perp, large, on CNN's homepage --

Lawrence O'Donnell: Who Asked Rove to Return

Vote By Mail

YOWZA! Scarborough opens fire on the GOP...

I wonder if France would be willing to liberate America...

Congresswoman's son sentenced for slashing GOP tires

Snow Expresses Regret for Criticizing the President

Tony Snow's criticism of Bush.

Could Coulter or Limbaugh be held liable for inciting violence?

Democracy NOW! You will be soooooooooooo pissed!

Sooo the 952nd Engineering Company has been called up

If Dems Take The House & Senate In 2006, Will bu$h Be Impeached?

Second 'brooming' lawsuit filed in Pima County

Is Sen. George Allen unusually stupid, even for a Republican?

TRUTHOUT: Get it from the original source. Rove gets target letter.

I'm Sick of Being Labeled Anti-America By Conservatives...

french cartoons in the IHT

A prolifer had a huge melt down at the local resturant

Conditions on the Ground in Iraq

Snow: "Racism no longer a big deal"

I'm sorry, but I won't watch Ava's "WWJD" video.

The Onion: Bush Calls Cabinet Meeting To Get Story Straight

Cspan 1 Impeachment Protest Photo in New York Times

It's time to reread or read and memorize this article re Brewster-

While looking at another site,

Bee County (Texas) leaders urging boycott of Exxon Mobil

Apparently people are "dissing" W..even on their prayer threads

Problems with Internet Explorer

Coulter's new column title today: "It's Hard Out Here for a Pump."

Robert Scheer of CBS admits

Brian Williams & NBC News needs to get off the air.....

Check out this HUGH!!!! Moran!

Carter Tried To Stop Bush's Energy Disasters - 28 Years Ago

======= Look At UAE....Oil Money ========= Pictures...

Calif. Woman Spanked at Work Sues for $1.2M

Rove testifying before CIA leak grand jury

It's Taken Over 5 Yrs-But Bush Finally Made Concession Speech To Gore-MoDo

CNN (Wolf Blitzer) said that Rove's lawyer said that Rove is NOT

(WaPo)Fitz has affirmed that he has made no decision concerning charges

Pro choice is a lie: The baby doesn't get a choice


Repeal of Estate Tax Funded by 18 Super Wealth Families


Bush Comic: Tony The Snow Mans First Press Conference

HORROR STORY: CON-Cast Cable Internet, Skype, and Internet Neutrality.

"At bottom, this is a profoundly patriotic record. Its predominant theme

The Morning After pill leads to Sex Cults! per one FDA

I finally did it...I watched Passion of the Christ

Border Security? Have you seen our border?

my latest ltte re:Vets/texas senators-flame away

Stupidity stuns me...

Stormfront, a racist, NeoNazi, hate organization, features Tony Snow

Who could run for REPUB 08 ticket, to unite the true Republican Party?

The New York Observer: Tony Snow is... Max Headroom!

Houston Hospital Votes To End Woman's Life With Bush Law

Josh Marshall: Net Neutrality Defeated...Telcos & Cable Win

Any Sirius subscribers out there? Bill Bennett on "PATRIOT" channel?

Alleged rape victim running scared (death threats)

i see where there is a recession coming

Houston hospital votes to end womens life with Bush`s Law

Baptists: Plan exit from government schools

Funny freeper post:

CIA Leak case is heating up!


The Dems are doing something about the gas em out!...

We actively sabotage ourselves

Wounded Soldiers Fight Off Bill Collectors at Home

Danger: fake abortion clinics. Read this!!!

Internet explorer 7 (Beta) As I put on my flame retardant suit.

3,000 invited >>>>>> 90 attend.

Would a liberal be comfortable in Georgia Tech?

So you think you're a Master Googler...

The Year is 2026

Jason Leopold responds: "Sources Confirm Rove is a Target"


Rove will NOT BE indicted

CBS News: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young to tour this summer

Karl Rove's attorney reportedly received TARGET LETTER from Fitz

when you see the oval "W" wastika on a car . . .

Fitz Pics!!! Get Them While They are HOT!....

**** Keep Fighting The President's Cuts! **** Call 1-800-459-1887 ****

Molly Ivins---Let's call the Israel lobby the Israel lobby

Share your right-wing hate mail/death threat stories!

How do you folks manage to post on FreeRep?

Requiem for a Visionary

If the USA is addicted to oil does that make Exxon our drug dealer?

Judge Hints at Code in 'Da Vinci' Ruling

The left's own rawstory whackjobs

The future of the "Colbert Report"

I went back to "moderate", when I would much rather be "liberal".

Rate *...........

We need to tie the misspent billions in Iraq to all Republicans running in

Difference between Dems/Repugs When it Comes to No Bin Laden Capture...

Question to any 2000 Green Party Voters out there

The Doolittles' Rich Deal

Can someone help me with a "Founding Father's" religious issue??..........

The Religious/Political Right's Vocabulary & Phrase Book-Volume Two

Tony Snow says he'll accept job as Bush spokesman

My take on Bush's Poll numbers

"Beyond Treason" Now online!

Chimp is live announcing official link to Fox News on CNN/CSPAN-2. nt

Harry Reid email Help Dems Lower Gas Prices

Did * say "fur filling" in his RFA speech yesterday?

Speaking of racists- Regnery publishing

Webb Opens Race to Replace Allen...

Photo: Tony Snow "very excited and I can't wait"...perhaps TOO excited?

Port Security - another case of "Boo"?

White House: Tony Snow's remarks PROOF they "listen to different voices"

Great Zing from the Tallahassee Democrat... "Mission Accomplished" video contest

Tony Snow on Bush

W's pResidency = The Sham and Scam Regime

An AOL Petition Re: Internet

Impeach to WIN!!

An Elephant With Diarrhea

Cheapest Gas States = Red States??

Some SUBTLE political commentary in MSNBC's "Rove Testifies" graphic?

In 1948, Harry Truman ran against a "Do-Nothing" Congress....

Bill Clinton being blamed for high gas prices


Cindy Sheehan and Ann Wright to Speak in Charlottesville, VA

The Ten Worst Corporations of 2005....and Why?

I wonder if libby gave rove his crutches

Did the NYT Story on the Halliburton fiasco made a ripple


Is Al Franken is talkng about ELECTION FRAUD in Ohio!?! Omigod!

A can't-do attitude

UNODC calls for more efforts to stop human trafficking

Ron Paul (Texas -R) on CSPAN -1

Tony Snow NOT taking job to drink Kool-Aid, but to serve the President.

Oil & Gas: Money to Congress

AOL DUz Snow Quot "Bush isi an embarassment" Avatar for DU?

"Spirited" Debate in the House

Reuters Headline: re Bush speech-Too Little, Too Late

Should I write my monthly check to the American Cancer Society or

Realistically, which Party is the most "fiscally conservative" ?

Rawstory: Correction: Rove did not receive a "target letter"

Is there something that might delay/cancel this November's elections?

Impeachment: California assembly joins VT, ILL

The GOP and Bush Personified represent a Philosophy of Problems

If your house was on fire, pResident would bring you thimble full of water

Rove's Testimony Steps on SnowJob


About Snow - does his insistence on being on the "inside"

Karl Rove's worth on the prison open market, using Marlboros as currency

Tony Snow is the 5 of diamonds

Robert Greenwald making new film "IRAQ WAR PROFITEERS"; needs donations

Tony Snow has no guts!!!!

Telcom wants internet rules changed - and a slew of reports on child porn

RAW STORY: Snow: Racism no longer 'a big deal'

O'Reilly: "Nobody born on foreign soil deserves to become an American"

Tony Snow's first day on the job

Who's more likely to crack?

Looking for Mike Malloy Video on CNN From Saturday Nite.

Get Out the Voter

On today's HairBalls: Allen's face

Is Snow's Appointment A "First"?

Left Wing Media Bias Showing

Fallen troops coverage ban stirs Canada debate (CNN)

What about a group who's purpose is to boycott companies involved in

Senate Votes to Cut $ for Troops in Iraq & Afghanistan

Does Tony Snow know fellow freeper Jeff Gannon?

AP: Loss of Congress Could Mean Nightmare for Bush, Allies

Reuters photo: "Bush gets a kiss from his wife first lady Laura Bush..."

Does anybody know...

Bush Comic: Tony The Snow Mans First Press Conference

Karl & Karen call Bush on the carpet

Excellent article: "A Technology Too Far"

About the Exxon Boycott....

Outsourcing / Offshoring links?

Top ten military contractors in the United States....(See Boycot t Thread)

freeped poll! Is fired CIA agent who leaked a patriot or a traitor?

Can Giuliani survive the GOP primaries to become the GOP nominee in 08?

Another Republican Ditches Bush

The media is already positing "impeachment" as a

I'M THE DECIDER (Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo) BawHahahahahahah

Go Here NOW! Tell all Reps to keep the internet NEUTRAL!

So, if Fox has Bush at 33%, and Gallup at 32%, what's the REAL number?

F**K Neil Cavuto

MSNBC Poll: Gas Price Probe: Do you think it will result in lower prices?

Is it true that Tony Snow is a Freeper and a Racist?

Senate picks 2006

Fox News posts full lyrics to Neil Young's "Impeach The President"

Will Tony's new position inflence FOX coverage of the WH??

Caption this picture...

Republican dirty tricks and our nominee for President

Joe Scarborough Calls Republicans "Whores"!??? Boo Hoo!

30,000 troops coming home by years end, Pentagon says.

Target Letter Drives Rove Back to Grand Jury

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What Democrats can do to help pick up 15-25% in the South

Post 10,000 - here's looking at you kid

RI - Matt Brown Quits Race For US Senate

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Howard Dean, Howard Fineman in forum in, politics.

Pictures I took of John Edwards and others at the union rally in Miami Tue