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Archives: April 27, 2006

Grand Jury Gets Rove Testimony Over C.I.A. Leak

War Veterans: Real troop support

One More Insider Denounces Bush Robert Scheer

The new McCarthyism

Rove likely to be indicted (Reuters)

Stop the Fossil Foolishness

Scholars for 9/11 Truth Issue Press Release on Moussaoui Trial

What are the best resources for learning about the

Distrust of Elections/Voting Machines and Voter Turnout

CA: Seven Counties Dismissed From Voters Lawsuit (by Dumping the TSx!)

Interesting blog survey findings

Waterloo Tattoo Shops

Did anyone get the "so called" Census test in the mail?

Anyone from Bee county here?

Survey USA says we have some work to do in the governor race:

Skippy? Jiff? Other?

RAW STORY: Snow: Racism no longer 'a big deal'

Privately, Bush Says Favors Citizenship (inside GOP/Dem WH meeting)

Don't Come Back to New Orleans By Bill Quigley

KR: Iraqis faking their IDs to hide religious affiliations

House Weighs Boost in Spy Chief's Budget

Government Sued Over Medicare Drug Benefit

Second Thoughts in Congress on Oil Tax Breaks

Pentagon says Iraq forces not ready

Poll: We like Condi, but who's Karl? (CNN Poll - Bush hits new low)

Militias could spark civil war: Maliki

U.S. colonel faces abuse charge over Abu Ghraib (NYT/IHT)

Officials say former Miss Bolivia hired illegal immigrants (Repub.husband)

CNNMoney: Lay, prosecutor clash at trial

US: More Than 600 Implicated in Detainee Abuse

Archives: 1 in 3 records wrongly resealed

Breaking: A Utah link to terrorism?

Bush administration slammed in Senate over Indian nuclear deal

Young lovers court danger from puritan moral militia (Baghdad)

(Jeb) Bush says Bense would make a great senator (Harris competition)

Venezuelan soldiers accused of bombing to be released by U.S.

Projected Iraq War Costs Soar

States Must Give Ample Notice Prior to Home Forfeiture (SCOTUS)

NYT/AP: Klan Plans Rally at Antietam Battlefield

Amendment Requiring Report on Efforts to Overthrow Democratic Governments

Wounded US soldiers fighting off military debts: report

Blair shaken after 'Black Wednesday'

Bipartisan Senate investigation wants to disband FEMA

I have some odd friends:

I fuck on the first date

Snow To Replace other news...

Why is this a news story? And where do you post it at?

Jerry Orbach was off his fucking rocker

I am the egg head, I'm the Commander, I'm the Decider-Koo-Koo-Kachoo

I met the best Bearded Collie

List songs which include the lyrics, "you know you gotta"

These penalties in overtime are killing the NHL playoffs

Post a bad nun.

I now have a new kitten, just found her when I was walking my dog,

"This is the Day of the Expanding Man...That Shape is My Shade..."

This is the day

Just in case anyone's planning to come to Vancouver Island in early July..

We're gonna break out the hats and hooters

Drive west on sunset


Way back when

SPAM: I know this super highway

Kids if you want some fun

Question that's been bugging me for awhile. Re: geography.

I win!

My laundry detergent smells like a glacier!


In the corner

Katy tried

I just turned on the radio again and got "Reelin' in the Years."

Well I did not think the girl


Drive west on Sunset to the sea

Now they lay his body down....

I would love to tour the Southland

In The mornin you go gunnin'

I recall when I was small

Standing tough under Stars and Stripes

I got one and you want four

The Period.

"C Is For Cookie"

Is LOST new tonight?

Run, Joey, Run

Drop kick me, Jesus

Crazy Horses


Good Morning

We built this city on rock and/or roll

If I said you had a beautiful body (would you hold it against me)

help! I have a trojan virus. Can anyone help me get rid of it?

Anyone know how Ava's radio interview went?

THE craziest preacher man of ALL TIME, bar NONE

I'll give the Lounge something to do

"See Clearly Method"...bogus quackery or legit?

half hour to my birthday--ask me anything!

This is how I screwed everything up

Another etiquette question

ADMIT IT! McCain Looks Fabulous.

Guess The Author

Is anything on TV tonight? My hotel is a laugh riot.

I'll give the Lounge something better to do

I want to thank you all + a link to my interview with Stacy Taylor today!

Should I tell off my old boss when I leave my old job?

Naturally occurring in this world, is there such a thing as justice?

Howdy Loungers! I'm back and it's time to kick back and celebrate!

There's dog walking down my street, carrying a bone.

What do you need to do to "Straighten your life out"?



Sunset from the ballpark -- *DIALUP WARNING*

My new coworker claims to be a "moderate"

I make my living off the evening news

What does "irregardless" mean?

Karma is, indeed, a bitch.

There's a guy walking down my street, talking on a cellphone. In Russian.

My foster kittens' eyes started to open today!

American Idol ***SPOILER***

Heather Locklear dating David Spade!!!Discuss

Video from CNN headline news.

What is this "OM GOM GOM GOM GOMG!!!!"

I'm posting, wearing saran wrap (yes, there's a pic.)

If a man says something, and his wife/partner/SO doesn't hear it,

Famous TV/Movie Characters You Never Actually Get to See?

Post a bad pun.

Weeks later, I can't bear to put away his dish.

Has anyone been turned down for a job because of credit?

Misty & the glowing eyes (a warning?)

It's Official South Park Has Lost It

I am a lineman for the county...

Psssst... didn't get the memo? STEELY DAN SUCKS

Will you admit that bears are godless?

Pic thread? I think it's time.

Atheists or agnostic know for certain bush is bat shit crazy

A Little Bit About Sufis

"Feminists v. fundies"

A quick Bible question:

Newsweek: Trying to Understand Angry Atheists

Duke Rape Suspect Has Violent History Against Gays

Kraft, Ford defend against anti-gay proposals by shareholders

Church ponders sexuality

Corporate America backs gay rights

Out of Wedlock Children and NBA Players

Anyone know of any places where I can get a minimum wage petition

Old post on Massachusetts and Liberalism

Calling Kerrycrats: This Kerry Forum Needs Help on Kerry 2008 Topic

Some *real* photos with the Sigma 10-20

Yayyy! KOEB April 26!!!!

Links to how the Republicans mistreat our troops and vets?

Let's go KO

EU Lawmakers Allege Numerous CIA Flights (1,000+)

David Shuster explaining the Rove situation

Is it me or is Bill Delahunt the most hardworking congressman about Iraq

I don't get it...

AP: Privately, Bush Says He Favors Citizenship

CIA warns ex-agents over talking to media

Big Business Wins, National Security Loses (GOP reneges on port security)

George W BUsh HIGHLIGHTS!!! *must see!!*

"The Twenty-Third Qualm" . . . . (from a Reverend friend)

Scarborough : Bush "I'm Melting"


Lords of Chaos put Ft. Myers in national spotlight

Only 3 digits left in Bush's Presidency

Preparing for the Economic Typhoon

Seperated at Birth...Diabolical Criminal Edition

A mega-wealthy, corrupt guy,(Lay) freaks under cross-examination.

Joe S. on msnbc just gave a GREAT list of Bush 5 year blunders.

Laura is a co-dependent

Bush's seige mentality

How reliable is Survey USA?

Shooting An Elephant (A Slate article.)

Warning: Skeptical Rove Post

I found this to be interesting...

What was Hamid Hayat convicted for?

Scarborough was talking about possibility of rigged voting

Pete Townshend and George B**h

Tony Snow on gas prices

George Bush is Running America Like Enron

If Bush grants citizenship to 10 - 20 million illegal aliens,

Second Thoughts in Congress on Oil Tax Breaks

Don't Come Back to New Orleans By Bill Quigley

Dean's 50 State Plan in action.

Americans Still Split on Ending Iraq Deployment

WP:Probe of Detainee Transfers Finds Many CIA Flights

Get this to the media - Plame was working on Iran WMD

Hot Damn! The Plame news today was written in DU years ago.

Franklin Graham Decries Katrina Response (Beware: Newsmax)

If we can't fight Iran, where WILL we bomb?

Tiahrt will be escorting me and Daughter's 8th grade class m

Oh MAN, Ed Helms piece on The Daily Show, another must see!

lt sounds like * wants to run with Energy independence as an

For Bush, riding a bike is

I must admit I have to thank Mr. Bush

CNN - Senate panel recommends abolishing FEMA!

Life can be good. Life can be sweet.

New MO law would mandate teaching when life begins...

Sign the Petition Against the NRA's 'License to Murder'

OK, I'm taking a collection to buy Jon Stewart...

I found someone who compliled Tony Snow's Freep work.

OMG Colbert interviewed Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA)

Question about "Daily Show" tonight.

Trivia Who was the biggest Pres at what weight? The tallest at what heig

assuming people have seen the a**hole song?

FROG MARCH ---pix--->>>

Let no Republican go unprotested!

You guys been reading Free Republic lately?

FAUXnews prints Neil Youngs lyrics to "Let's Impeach the President?

'United 93' takes a careful course

Who is this congressman on The Colbert Report?

An Open Letter to Josh Bolten from Lazlo Toth

Massive Effort Underway to Erase Tony Snow's Posts From Free Republic

This is a deep deep metaphor

We can't allow this to happen!...

We are at war... Couldn't "Big Oil" be held accountable

Graphic pictures of victims of the Iraqi war - Buzzflash

The Messiah of Morris Avenue by Tony Hendra

can anyone explain today's exec order re:Syria?

They need to hand Majority Report to Sam Sedar.

Bush Hires a Loyal Critic as Spokesman

South Park and those with little to no sense of humor.

Has anyone saved screen caps of Tony Snow's FR posts?

"The National Security Straightjacket"

Sibel Edmonds: Whistleblower Tice Can't Whistle

Canada, U.S. reach framework agreement on softwood lumber

Southern Poverty Law Center's "Hate Map"

Okay, I think I found "My Guy" for 2008. Albeit it under duress:

Calif. Woman Spanked at Work Sues for $1.2M

MANDATORY MALLOY: A Hump Day Truthseeker Whizzbang

Do you ever worry about Feingold?

WH & tricks-India nuke deal:-trying to get rid of Congressional oversight

The other DU


Well, I finally finished 'Blinded by the Right'.

Americans need to get a life ...or... Why immigration is a non-issue

Republican's heritage?

Craig Ferguson: "The little Karl Rove down there...."

S. Carolina to make it a felony to sell or posess any sort of

Dateline NBC on now. "To catch a predator" series.

More students suspended for wearing anti-gay tee shirts

Bush had two of his buddies in Court today: Nice day won't you

Iraq: Young lovers court danger from puritan moral militia

Trivia. What three pres died on July 4th Which one was born on July 4t

Collegiality: The Solution To Our Presidential Problems

Be Still My Heart ---pix--->>>

Bill O'Really....worst person in the woooorrrrllllddd....again.

* "My job is to make decisions. And his job is to explain those decisions"

Brad Friedman on The Guy James Show tomorrow-Clint Curtis

Imagine your monitor being a video camera too.

Wow! Scarborough really laying into Bush

Carl Sagan's notebook

From the May 8, 2006 edition of The Nation - please read

Is Bush impotent?

"Why We're Americans" (Nat Hentoff, Village Voice)


I want to THANK you all!

Just why is it that the sick bastards seem to rise to power...

A question about Clinton and NAFTA...

South Park nails that stupid Al Gore. Really, really funny! Hahahahahaha!

South Park busts on Al Gore. Guess what the big laugh line is?

In defense of Raw Story

To the hardcore PEAK OIL folks:

I am Pro-Choice and Pro-Life

"Snow Jobs for Bush" - Museum of the Bourgeois

Let's call the Israel lobby the Israel lobby by Molly Ivins

SNL Funhouse: "Conspiracy Theory Rock" '98: Crooks and Liars

Rove Is Back ! (To the tune of My Boyfriend's Back)

Bee County (Texas) leaders urging boycott of Exxon Mobil

repealing the gasoline tax will result in the privatizing of highways,

Our Commander in Chief...

Was Tony Snow lying before, or wil he lie now? Some of his quotes...

The corrupt premise of the Exxon Boycott....

How many countries actually remain in "The Coalition Of The Willing?"

Ted Koppel: The suits are ruining TV news

ACLU petition against torture...

Support Kucinich's HR 2070: excessive profit tax on gasoline and diesel

Bush Hires a Loyal Critic as Spokesman

Americans Demand Tougher Lobby Rules (Princeton / Pew)

ACLU Urges Senate Panel to Reject NSA Spying Bills

I will be given an escort of the Capital in DC by todd me

Kerry NPR interview (MP3)

actual photos of rove during today's testimony.....

The Protection of Republican Congressional Seats Amendment

Who else does is there, who worked for GHWBush, that * could still pick?

George Bush Is Becoming An Increasingly Dangerous President

Anyone find it strange that Tony Snow didn't answer any questions today??

Sirota - The Meaning of Tony Snow

if kkkarl rove is indicted, will bush deny he ever met him?

Hypothetical race for President...

Structural issues

The DLC is meeting to form the agenda....should we send them our ideas?

can anyone explain today's exec order re;syria?

If you are sick of Joe Lieberman, here's your chance

Will Rummy stoop low enough to Court-Martial retired Generals?

Grossly incompetent Secretary of State seeks promotion

Maureen Dowd: A Prius in Every Pot

Finding Little Solace in Sharing of Long-Guarded Secret

A Hunger for Justice

Chriac unveils tech projects including Euro Search Engin/rival Google

I'm also skeptical of the official account AND the conspiracy theories

Molly Ivins: The Great Bush Reclassification Project

House panel rejects plan to check all cargo abroad

Whose Life is it Anyway?

Who has time for such naivete?

George Will: Republican Disarray in California (CA-50 race)

Reaping Profits for the Reaper

Iran threatens to end UN contacts

Get Allardized!

The Big A, as in Alzheimer's

Breaking News: Greenpeace Blockades Kleenex Factory (ancient forest)

Molly Ivins: The Great Bush Reclassification Project

Snow's New Post Shows White House Love for Fox

Mein Country


A Child's Dilemma

Is This All There Is?

Is Saving Money A VIRTUE?

Renewable Energy Powers Free Webmail Service

Gov. Bush (JEB) makes push for more nuclear power plants

20% Of Wastewater Entering 3 Gorges Has Been Treated In Any Way - AFP

Peter Singer - Time For Australia, Howard To Step Up On Climate - SMH

40% Of US Virgin Island Corals Died In 2005 - Another Hot Summer Coming

Canada To Announce Plan To Adopt US Climate "Policy" - AFP

UK Hedgehog Search Underway - Populations Down 20% In 4 Years - Reuters

322 MW Onshore Scottish Windfarm Finally Gets Green Light

nuclear power uses too much fossil fuel. Discuss

EcoAdvice Sought: should I buy a used 2001 VW golf TDI?

Talk of the nation, science Friday (tomorrow): "A methanol economy?"

Israeli Warplanes Kill Citizen, Wound 4 others in Gaza

Police probing construction in Modi'in Ilit neighborhood

Interim PM Olmert to meet with Bush in Washington next month

Gov't slammed for lack of female representation

Gaza: Two killed in IAF missile strike

Penn State President Blocks Art Censorship

Nationwide Campaign in response to UNITED 93

Why don't some people want to believe in the 'heroes" of Flight 93

Just watched "Loose Change"...

I'm also skeptical of the official account AND the conspiracy theories

Brad Friedman on The Guy James Show today-Clint Curtis BBV Story

Can we PLEASE get sfexpat's 4/27 ER Daily summary on the Greatest Page?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday April 27

Uh-oh! CA Teacher's Assoc. (CTA ) backs Bruce McPherson for SOS . . .

Brad: TX SoS Office Advises Creaton of '06 "Emergency paper ballots"

So how do we relate election fraud to American Idol?

Loebsack gaining

Just read Steve King's latest tirade in the Register

DVDs, software and Hardware on PC

Fascinating website for home appraisals

I'm getting paid to attend a focus group on public policy!

Sold out again!

Joe Barton endorses David Harris????

Austin: Thoughts on the Charter Amendments?

Ginger Salad Dressing.

Note: The better than boullion jar does not microwave.

Money saving tips, tricks and recipes. We NEED this thread!

The blame game begins: "Harper diverts flag flap to defence minister"

Ed Broadbent on Bob Rae

N.J. student's body found in Pa. Landfill. But, not Foul Play?

Calif. Woman Spanked at Work Sues for $1.2M

CNN/Reuters: Percent who skip health insurance jumps

Senate Panel Demands Oil Co. Tax Records

E-Mail Trail From Abramoff Included GSA Bargain Hunting

State's highest court to referee voting dispute

‘Informer’ beheaded (Pakistan - fourth this month)

NYT/AP: Nagin, Officials Come to Trailer Agreement

Dems file federal complaint against Senate contender

Republicans Sag in New Poll (WSJ/NBC News Poll - Bush at 36%)

Blast kills 3 Italian soldiers, 1 Romanian in Iraq

NYT: Katrina Evacuees Find Housing Grants Will End Soon

Heineman, Osborne Even In New Poll

Gunmen kill sister of new Iraqi Vice-President

Swann advocates property-tax cap, but tax experts call it illegal

Iraq families' quest to meet PM Blair

Turkey Adds 30,000 Troops to Kurdish Area

Political evangelicals feel push to take sides (how to appeal to racists

US: Chief Democrat on ethics panel hit by corruption charges

No Open Arms For Rice, Rumsfeld ("We didn't invite them" say Iraqis)

Billboards highlight Middle Eastern relations during ethanol debate

initial unemployment claims rise 11,000 in last week to 315,000

Turkey denies troops entered Iraq but tough on Kurds

Houston Hospital Votes To End Woman's Life With Bush Law

(SINCE 2000) OSHA Comes Up Short on Workplace, Safety-Program Evaluations

Army Moving to Secure Data at Afghan Base

Asian Construction Workers Riot in Dubai

(Arizona) English learning plan rejected

House panel rejects plan to check all cargo abroad

LAT: Iraqi Officials Criticize Rice, Rumsfeld Visit

Iraq unveils plan for coalition troop cuts

Bulgarians Protest Base Deal With U.S.

WP,pg1: Rove Testifies 5th Time On Leak: Unsure if He Will Be Indicted

Exxon Announces Est 1st Quarter (incr. 7% --or 14% w/o special item)

Prosecutors May WidenCongressional-Bribe Case///Prostitutes

Snow's New Post Shows White House Love for Fox

(Sen. Roberts) rebuffs attempts to interview Admin. officials in probe

Oil tanker runs aground off Puerto Rico

Zarqawi video sign of 'desperation': US general

Belarusian opposition leader jailed (attended 'unsanctioned' protest)

Net Neutrality Amendment Shot Down

Activist sympathizes with abductors

Judge Won't Dismiss Case Against Libby

Panel Vote Shows Rift Over `Net Neutrality' (keeps extra charge for fast

Study: U.S. Could Do Little To Stop Pandemic Flu Spread

CIA warns ex-agents away from media

Activist sympathizes with abductors (Canadian who was kidnapped in Iraq)

WP: No Outcry About Lobby Scandal, Lawmakers Say

Sister of Iraqi vice-president Hashemi gunned down

UPDATE 1-US mulls nuclear cooperation agreement with Russia

7 Charged for Dismantling Campus Display

An Era Ends With Independent Counsel Probes

Sistani - Iraq cleric calls for disarmament

Lawmakers warn on reaction to Dubai deal

Dead soldier posts farewell note on MySpace


CNN - Man dies in airport shooting

Leaders visit; front-line (Iraq) troops say 'Yeah, so?'

ES&S MELTDOWN: TX SoS Warns Officials to Create Emergency Paper Ballots!

Sen. Specter Threatens to Block NSA Funds

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 27 April

Giuliani Too Liberal for GOP Conservatives

Peace Action Grannies Found Innocent of Trying to Enlist

AP: 10 States Sue Environmental Protection Agency Over Global Warming

Dad: Broomstick used on dancer

Israel: Iran missiles can reach Europe

Senators to push for $100 gas rebate checks

Rice: U.N. Credibility at Stake Over Iran

1 in 5 pay more in Medicare Rx plan

MediaWeek: Air America to Lose NY Flagship on Aug. 31

New Bedford Marine Killed In Iraq # 2393

Sistani supports Maliki's plan to integrate militias into Security Forces

U.S. lauds softwood deal, Layton calls it 'a crime'

Sweden boycotts air force drills due to Israel's participation

CNN/AP: Sago mine survivor: Our air packs failed

Parents sue school over same-sex fairy tale

Prosecutors May Widen Congressional-Bribe Case

Big Three auto leaders to meet Bush

Police officer, man shot at Cleveland airport

Cape Cod debates first US offshore wind farm

LIRR loses records


MSNBC reports Rove believes he is in legal jeopardy

Tight funds put space missions on the chopping block (Popular Science/CNN)

Tenth war-crimes court defendant confesses -- in English

Flight 93: Many Questions Linger (Philadelphia Daily News)

US military struggling to recruit Arab-Americans

Proposal would give Guard muscle to protect itself in Pentagon

Sick Koirala becomes new Nepal PM

Iran procures new missiles capable of hitting Europe

Police: Hispanic Teen Nearly Killed For Trying To Kiss White Girl

NYT: Physics in America at Crossroads and in Crisis, Panel Says

Dwindling dollar: World may sneeze on US cold

Good nighzzzzz...


*I* just ordered a spankin' new 17" MacBook PRO!

standing on the corner of 52nd and broadway

Seriously people need to chill out

Where the fuck is Heidi?

I'm so tired I feel dizzy.

Looking for a new site to host my Podcasts

My kind of preacher

My mind seems to be in the long weekend already

Robot Bartender

What older relative do you remember fondly from childhood?

CNN: Miles O'Brian:"Fo' Shizzle!"... Soledad just looks at him

I post a pic and the thread dies

Early Thursday morning lyrics

Khash does something stupid (again)

Kevin Costner is a wanker

Rain in Central Florida - 4th time this year! Happy plants today!

Capricorn Records' founder Phil Walden died in Atlanta Sunday.

Good morning, DU!!

Ahhh, the pleasure of great art

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!


NASCAR bikinis, leather goods, and high heels + AND + romance novels

Today is: National Bring Your Problem to Work Day

Alligator Bites Diver Retrieving Golf Balls

I'm not watching Lost again until the DVD set comes out for season #2

Monopoly Cards straight from the headlines...

White cross mini-thins!

It's Take Your Kid to Work Day

found this while gotta' see it......

A question regarding..... television applause.

Steely Dan and Radiohead both suck.

Deaf Woman Arrested After Crashing Into Two Homes

Would you want to know if you had a terminal brain cloud?

Hee. My company's 401k provider is offering "financial planning" sessions

Scientists discover 500 BC sky map (in India)

I went to the gas station and asked for $5 worth of gas....

I have more respect for compost than American Idol.

Awwww, newborn baby kitty . . .

After 32 months as a Du'er, should i have more than 1930 posts?

Why have there been no feminine representations of Jesus in art?

Johnny Depp May Star In Michael Hutchence Film

Liz Taylor Reported "Near Death" :-(

I'd have more respect for American Idol if the audience could

Valerie Plame Photos

I'd have more respect for American Idol if

Are you aware of the dangers of Yoda?

Anybody else ever have this problem with people calling you??..

My friends went to GD, and all I got was this crummy shirt that says:

100 posts and i have yet to post in the General Discussion area

I hope you're sitting down: a clip from Chevy Chase's stinkbomb talk show

Are you aware of the dangers of Yogi?

I spit oatmeal on the baby and the cat

Harry Potter/South Park parody I came up with

Any tips from XM satellite radio owners?

Video: We Can't Afford Our Gasoline

in honor of Take Your Kid To Work Day...

Significant others blog

"Mom! Jacky's banging pots and it makes my ears bloody."

"This is how it goes down in LA."

Too Early for a Kudzu thread?

I'm skipping animation class to work on my animation project.

We are doomed! "www" is Hebrew for 666!!!

I'm thinking of seeking a grant to develop my silly walk

Post some "Bush* investigating big oil is like..." similes

We just lost a good Democrat

Do you give your pets middle names?

Help me I am in webinar hell.

I love bunnies

I have made THREE calls to my landlord to schedule an exit inspection.

I'd have more respect for American Idol if they composed their own music

Name some bands with great names and lousy music

Which wine should I open next?

I'd have more respect for American Idol if—

I'd have more respect for Frank, Dean, Sammy and Bing if

the official interpolated PICTURE THREAD!!!!

If you have gay hair, when did you first notice it?

Soylent Green fans...It's on TCM tonite!

Soylent Green is made from the livers of overfed geese....overfed geese!


Al Franken: Duke wasn´t the right nickname for Randy Cunningham. Randy!

Join the fight against culinary disaster

I saw a coyote in my neighborhood last night

Soylent Green fans...It's on the menu tonite!

Man delivers corpses and Domino's pizzas in same car!

What devious plot is the six-year-old hatching?

Judge creates own Da Vinci code

Anyone know where my cell phone is?

Is the punctuation correct in these sentences?

I perceive your dislike of the band I like as an attack on me.

That band you like is shit and liking them makes you inferior.

VIDEO: That's GOTTA hurt...pole vaulter catches a pole in the...

Breaking: Bush to form third party

Well I think it's fine, building jumbo planes.

22 years of life

If you have gray hair, when did you first notice it?

Lost question ***spoilers likely in responses***

What are you doing after work?

Pink- Dear Mr President. Performs New controversial song

A slightly more intellectual post game: The Year Association Thread.

What is the worst resource hog on your computer

I made it to Bartcop!

Nintendo Wii? Oh, lordy.

13 year old kitty in Queens, NY needs a home...

Bush turned out to be the "Great Uniter" after all. I'll be darn,

Are we ready for movies dramatizing 9/11 yet?

Please help Canada Geese in NJ

Are you reeling in the years?

It only too me a year and a half but...

I want a HONDA

That's the way, aha aha, I like it, aha aha

I drank a Yebisu beer last night - yummy!

Creed and Nickelback RAWK, and this is why:

Its gotta be asked, Is Steely Dan the new Oasis?

Are you aware of the dangers of Yogi?

My keys!

What is your resolution!?

I wanna know where da gold!

Very cool Wolverine graphic

Soup is good for you. :)

Congratulations DinoBoy!! 10,000 posts

Barking cat

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/27/06)

I just had to call 911 on a rather scary guy

Is anyone else enjoying the reruns of "Six Feet Under"?

I'm posting from Paris!

Police search for man accused of sexual relations with an animal

I am so excited! I passed my CSA exam

The little man from the draft board from Draftee Daffy

My ass!

Why, Ptah, why?

Annimation about gas prices sent to me by a friend...

Feral Cat Folks: Atlanta colony needs your help.

Think about it: If light had mass...

Thinking you'd like to have kids--try a border collie instead

Who is your favorite singer? (for the queen of bad taste, dolo amber)

Frustratingly addictive test

My keys!

I scored on doubt about it.

I'm thinking of taking a real family vacation next year.

Cats on keyboards. Advice needed

$8,400,000,000 in profits in three months....

Beatles fans: I saw a real rarity today.

My history final is going to *suck*


I never really liked Campbell's Soup, until now...

It's going to be a Darvocet/Keflex weekend with a root canal on Monday.

any of you gals buy clothes on eBay?

How many times have you lost your ATM/Debit card?

Poll question: Best all-time quarterback - PART DEUX

DUers who wear contacts: throw out your ReNu solution.


Help Win This Bet

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.....

I'd have more respect for American Idol, if they were all naked.

American Idol

What's a trustworthy site for buying ceiling fans?

Fundie Reviews of Children's Movies

I'm so sad...

My wife likes Oasis, Steely Dan, and Radiohead. What should I do?

Steely Dan or David Lee Roth, who is the coolest of them all?

I'm going to become a musical egalitarian as opposed to a musical elitist

This is my fifteen thousandth post :o

This is my 10,000th post.

I'm intrigued! Chosen to participate in a focus group!

The joys of coworkers...

It's Derby Time in Louisville...

The ultimate poll: who sucks more Oasis or Steely Dan

How do you feel when you see a rainbow?

Best Johnny Cash Song?

Dumb Question: How does an exception prove a rule?

I am going to see "RENT" on Saturday.

Language separates humans from the animals? You may have to think again.

PLEASE VOTE--favorite male 70's singer-songwriter

Things People Say That Drive You Nuts

Are you aware of the dangers of Yoga?

The official I Hate TJWMason thread

ATTN: May/June babies!!

Who's cooler? Steely Dan or Hippies

The Pixies: Overrated Hipster Garbage.

Time for another Free Dissociation thread


Liz Taylor reported close to death

Post movie quotes and let everyone guess which movie they are from.

If I say, "Your invisible cloud being is a stupid conceit,"

Remember Atheists, stay silent, and stay at the back of the bus...

George Washington quote re politics and religion - fake?

Humanist links

A tree with white blossoms I've noticed lately in upstate SC,

New research puts life back into subliminal advertising

Pataki, Giuliani Too 'Pro Gay' For GOP

Students Demand Firing Of 'Lesbian-Baiting' Coach

Parents File Federal Suit Over Gay Book

Lesbian Endured Sexual Harassment By Officer Out Of Fear of Being Outed

Washington Gay Rights Repeal May Be Losing Momentum

Anti-gay issue could shake up the fall election-Illinois

Kraft Fends Off Attempt To Dump Gay Games

Prominent Dem slams party on gay rights

Letter to US mainstream media sportswriters

Vikes to unveil new uniforms today (4/27).


Who is the League MVP for the NBA?

Well, at least it's publicity....

Feral Cat Folks: Atlanta colony needs your help.

Shut down puppy mills! Write to Sen. Hagan in Ohio now!

Extremely vivid dream, NDE or OOBE ??

Nancy Waterman has a new article up at Starlight News!

Are you or do you know a disabled veteran? Here is some help.

KarenDC is live-blogging the Iraq hearings now

Election stuff

O'Lielly still saying he was supposed to interview Sen. Kerry

Ellen Goodman is wrong. (and that's putting it nicely)

Did you see this? You should!

Wyden is filibustering??

3 dead from Mass in Iraq this month.

Thursday night Kerry Catnip.

Light kits

Above it all...

I really like how this picture turned out

"Simpsons" creator Matt Groening loves Countdown!

Countdown Newsletter 4/27/06 No Keith tonight dammit

Drudge Again Falsely Claiming Kos' Book, Air America Radio Tanking

The Politics of Oil: The Discourse Must Change

2,392 American men and women now dead in W's Iraqi war

"He (Bush) is a martyr, and someday all will see his glory."

I think that consciousness can not be elevated without pain for Americans

Atheists or agnostic know for certain bush is bat shit crazy

Leno Slammed For Gay Jokes

A little levity for apologies to REM

Archives: 1 in 3 Records Wrongly Resealed

N.H. Leads Revolt Against Federal ID Rules

House Poised to Grant Arrest Powers to CIA, NSA

New comic: Blog Dreams part 1.

Traitors should be hung (Not Re-Elected) - Cool bumber sticker ... nt

What would the House look like next year, if elections were legitimate?

Study Suggests Money Influences FDA Panel Voting

washington journal time-elimination of FEMA?

Ex-CIA Analyst Faults U.S. Policy

Sister of Iraq's New Sunni Arab VP Killed

European Union report details secret CIA activities since 2001

Chance of rain today

Awesome Sidney Blumenthal - "The Passion of George W. Bush"

Hideous Kinky: Moral Nullity as Normality in Pentagon Plans

3 Italian soldies blown up along with 1 Romanian (wonder if new Italian

Sources Confirm Rove is a Target----By Jason Leopold,

Sister of Iraq's New Sunni Arab VP Killed

Saudi releases 500 al-Qaida sympathizers...

Shooting an elephant-Why Rethugs are screwed

Wes Clark: Bush Went into Iraq to Cover-Up for 9/11 Failure

No Outcry About Lobby Scandal, Lawmakers Say

I like the disclaimer, the stories my bosses make me cover

NYT: Time reporter took buyout after 'dispute' over role in leak case

cspan- Director of National Parks

Capricorn Records' founder Phil Walden died in Atlanta Sunday.

CNN poll on the 100 dollar tax credit.

What is the worst resource hog on your computer

The Economics of Peak Oil and the Suburban way of life...

I have now been without electricity for over one week

Exxon Mobil 1st-Qtr Profit Rises as Oil Prices Surge

"If incompetence were a criminal offense, he'd be behind bars":Bob Herbert

"Paul Reveres" Ride to State Capitols to Warn of "Unarmed Invasion" -->

Rove Is Back ! (To the tune of My Boyfriend's Back)

Another phrase Dean might like to put into the rotation:

Sister of Iraqi vice president shot dead...

McClatchy sells 4 newspapers to conservative media owner

Earl Blumenauer on The Daily Show?

Dear Connie and Maury,

Bushopoly Cards - Because some ideas just haven't been done to death...

I've already been boycotting Exxon since the Valdez spill

WTF?? Freakers track down Mary McCarthy's husband?!!

Senators to push for $100 gas rebate checks

The excuses keep coming for the high gas prices . . . so do the profits

Today's WH photo-op: Chimpy visits the Gulf Coast region!

Is there any investigations going on about the

FEINGOLD Introduces Amendment To Redeploy US Troops By End of 06

Ed Rosenthal's Federal Convictions Overturned

Embassy larger than Vatican City to be built in Iraq!

I was one of the twenty-one arrested at West Point Equality Ride action

Maximum Wage

White Evangelicals and Religious Communities At Odds on Immigration

Democracy Now: John Dean and Daniel Ellsberg

Doonesbury is kind of hard to see today

Article on "liberal" Tony Snow in this morn's Cincy Enquirer

Ethnic Cleansing the Game.... (it's no joke)

Is there going to be a 'snowjob' today, has anyone heard

Caption Chimpy! (Second try)

Is There A Terror Drill Taking Place in Chicago May 1-4..?

"Crony McSnowjob"

We Are Doing Things in Secret for Your Benefit; Trust Us!

Shocking News: The rummy/condi Dog & Pony Show in Iraq Fails!

Power Surge: The Constitutional Record of George W. Bush - Cato Institute

Oprah has had some hard hitting topics this year.

WSJ: Should Owners Of Web Sites Be Anonymous?

global warming, peak oil, what will be the next Doomsday craze?

Big oil defends its big profits

Is there any investigations going on about the

Leaders visit; front-line troops say 'Yeah, so?'

Exxon Announces Est 1st Quarter (incr. 7% --or 14% w/o special item)

CAPTION the passing of the mouthpiece...

Neil Young to Stream Anti-War CD

Liz Taylor reported close to death

Iran Gets First North Korean-Made Missiles

Newsweek: Trying to Understand Angry Atheists

NBC trying to say mostof Bush rating caused by 3$ gas...Russert rips dems

This MSNBC poll doesn't need DU - but just for kicks...

Good fugging grief

Family Distressed After Wrong Body Returned

GOP now openly considers Katherine Harris a pariah.

Exxon's whopper earnings

No, no--it's destroy DHS, and save FEMA!

U.N. lobbying high on eve of Iran report

Judge Won't Dismiss Case Against Libby


Coulter: "(B)efore we knew Gore was clinically insane," he "seemed kind of

Judge Won't Dismiss Case Against Libby

Police search for man accused of sexual relations with an animal

New comic: Republican Musicals (with real showtune lyrics)

Sen Specter Threatens to Block NSA Funds Unless WH Gives Info On Spying

Wyden, Dem OR-on senate floor --wants to collect royalites form oil

Snoop Dog And Entourage Arrested At Heathrow

Sodomizing boys? No PROBLEM! - - - Slashing GOP Tires? JAIL TIME!!!

Republican Values??????..... Hotel suites.. and, and ...oh my!!

Since when is there no spanking at work? Did I miss a memo?

Milwaukee Judge Jails Black Democratic Campaign Workers

[Satire] Bill O'Reilly named Secretary of Defense

Wounded Soldiers Fight Off Bill Collectors at Home

CAPTION the friendly rivalry...

LIBBY Motion to Dismiss Smacked Down by Judge Reggie Walton

Protest over Iraq at Frist's office today? Possible arrests.

after brainwashing, Saudi releases 500 al-Qaida sympathizers

Has Wyden been on the floor all night?

LTTE. Use if you would like. Bush. Gas and Bin Laden

Why didn't the White House just screw the pooch completely...

My LTTE - Environmentalists easy, but wrong, target.

Just heard the right wing hack Paul Harvey say Congress

David Sirota on with Thom Hartmann now - streaming

David Brooks: The Death of Multiculturalism

So what happens when gas prices go back to 2.70 due to *'s 'skillled'

South Park and those with little to no sense of balance.

The gas rebate proposal will allow drilling in ANWR.



2 baby! Count them 2 LTTE in todays paper re: our arrests last week

EU renditions in Euope Stephen Grey contact addy?

Bob Garfield drills Scotty

WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE.... Why blame SUV drivers...some cars

10 States Sue EPA Over Global Warming

Granny Peace Brigade members acquitted of disorderly conduct

Flight controllers contract & Flight 93 movie

How The GOP Auction House Hurts You

Is $2.50 a good price per gallon?

FYI - Rolling Stone

Sen. Bob Bennett seeks Nevada Test Site blast briefing (Deseret News)

Michael Moore tried to warn you. That was what F 9/11 was all about

Global warming tax...?

The $2-Trillion War

Does anyone have a rundown on AEI (American Enterprise Inst) and their

Holy MOLEY! Bush to Get His Wish to ABOLISH FEMA?? -->

Doesn't the Bush family remind you of the Malfoy family?

Kelsey Grammer to Run for Office?

Lone surviving miner, Randal McCloy Jr. said 2 air packs did not work!

Iran's oil stock exchange will be launched in the next week!!!

Wake up, Dems are going to get killed by the Gas issue, Repubs framing it

New AOL Poll! Do You Think Karl Rove Be Indicted????

Republican callers to C-SPAN this AM were not in a good mood

My solution to this gas crisis:

Another New Low!

Caption *

Silicon Insider: The CIA Discovers the Blogosphere

Supreme Court Ruling Allowed Oil Companies to Fix Prices

BTW- Sago survivor wrote a letter about the mine collapse

Get Ready for More Cunningham Sex says TPM Muckraker

The Ava phenenon....

Political flash cartoon

The next time a Repub says that the Democrats don't stand for anything...

My Conversation (question) w/Al Gore/Boston adv film screening

U.S. expects strong UN reaction to latest IAEA report on Iran

Yes indeedy! $50.00 to fill my gas tank! That's it. I'm finished

Woohoo - I got interviewed today by CBS Radio 880AM NYC!

My answer to the gas crisis

Where can I get a recording of "I'm takin My Country Back"?

I (heart) Gitmo....Oh, so NOT!!!

in america abortion doctors wear bullet proof vests

Senate Democrats Prepare for Weekend Policy Retreat

21 yo woman I work with asks me this morning if a husband can rape his

ANWR News: Republican Unveils Elk That Lives Off Of Crude Oil...


L.A. Organizers Denounce Black Minuteman

Why are no Democrats defending FEMA under Clinton?

U.S religious leaders seek God's help to reduce the spiralling cost of gas

Let's help Katie Couric come up with a sign-on and sign-off statements!

Bill collectors hound wounded Iraq war vets

U.N.: Taliban remains a threat in Afghanistan

Bush helps build a house in the Upper Ninth Ward in New Orleans

Two More Deaths in the Coal Mines

What wil Fox's headline be when Bush leaves office?

Begala on ed schultz right now

don't forget friends... Thursday's toon 4/27

So, how did that Raw Story on the target letter work out

If you have a "No War" sticker on a VW Bus or SUV, I have to say...

Did anybody see Phil Gingrey (r) on Colbert's "Better know a district"

Report: U.S. Unprepared for Major Disaster

New Iraqi authority in place, killings up. Disaster for Iraq, region

Cafferty file questions - WOW! - "free health care to illegal immigrants?"

Text of Sago Mine survivor's letter

The movie trailer for An Inconvenient Truth.

The Passion of George W. Bush (by Sidney Blumenthal )


Is there an unbiased article somewhere about HS walkouts on immigration?

Need the unanimated NSA eyeball (I think it is a gif)

Can you believe this BS?

Bulgaria nationalists protest US bases

To Potential Leakers....whistleblowers....

Gorbachev Urges G8 to Back Solar Power, Not Oil or Nuclear

Help with a poll

This was emailed from TrueMajority -

"December 31, 2006" - by Senator Russ Feingold

Guess whose story leads the NY Times front-page today -- with a big pic...

Please explain Net neutrality in 100 words or less

Pelosi shows some balls!

Protest Warriors - anybody know anything about these people?

A TERRIFYING Profile of George Allen

Iran's oil stock exchange, next week

George Allen is a Racist - Continued

Is DU acting quirky for anyone this a.m.? It's loading

How will history treat Bush?

geesh, Repugs on House floor are clapping themselves on the back for

Why are they missing the revolution right in front of their noses ??

Freepers: Bennett and Matalin et al say Plame was well known as CIA

Rawstory: V. Novak no longer with Time Magazine

I posted my weekly podcast 4-26-06

Lol, it looks like a freeper who is into carry/conceal;

Two stories of "Well I'll be. Don't judge a book by it's cover."

Just talked to my conservative financial advisor re Bush Admin.

CNN: "Wildcat sighted near Anderson AFB". Real news?

Portrait of a Veep (Cartoonie)

What do these bumper-stickers mean (might be an upstate SC "thing").

Kerry's Real Security in the Post 9/11 World revisited

The "Free Market" Debate Begins

In love, peace, hate, war, aggression, and capitulation . . . CAPTIONS!!!

Clashes in Southeastern Turkey on the Rise

Stephanie Miller: great L.A. ratings!

Republican Rasmussen poll has Bush at 38%

Michael Ledeen - A CIA COUP? - "The Real Intell - Langley At the Post"

Tonight Robin Williams on TDS, Bill Kristol on The Colbert Report

Rawstory: Feingold introduces Amendment to redeploy Troops

The Gaping Hole In Rove’s Defense

The word is "pres-i-dent"..I won't vote for anyone who can't SAY it.

Every official A named by Fitz

May 1 protest aims to "close" cities

Rumsfeld Finds Critics Charges "Almost Amusing"

That 32% are the remnants of a Messianic response to 9/11

American Idol

Abu Musab al Zarqawi --- Musab's Dad, the guy from Zarqa

Troops ecstatic over Rice/Rummy visit! (And if you believe that one...)

Network neutrality, porn and the 2006 elections

New Republican Katrina scapegoat: FEMA

Uninvited Guests.

Zarqawi tape authentic, says Fisk


Voting is about TRUST. That's why we must have paper ballots

Lynn Woolsey on the floor talking about today's hearing, CSPAN1 NOW

Watch and see if Lou Dobbs has Ron Wyden's Courageous Fillibuster!

Isn't tomorrow the day the IAEA reports on Iran's nuclear program?

China Lifts Interest Rates to Slow Economy

Um, does anyone even have any money left to go see the Flight 93 movie?

Ha-ha Bush is hated more in New Jersey than Cheney (Poll)

If Iraq is doing so well, how come members of the Administration only

I don't think Tony Snow self-purged his FR history

Makeshift walls line Baghdad's streets

Anybody know if "TonySnow" also posted at

Iran Missles Could Hit Europe, Israel Says: news parsing

Texas Teens Charged In Brutal Racist Attack

Dem vs. Rep Plans to deal with High Gas prices (short-term)

Bosnian pyramids on TDS last night?

Macedonia faces tough questions on CIA prisoner

Here take your blood money stupid voter.

Get rid of FEMA? It was fine until Bush showed up.

Kyl's Lead cut in half in Arizona for re-election. We might win this one!

Injured soldiers being 'dunned' for debts

China's Hu Signs Hugh!!! Oil Deal With Nigeria

Full Page Advertisement in my Local Paper splainin' Exxon's Profits.

king george 1 and king 2

Poll: GOP could trail third party in '08

Students Tell Paper About Getting Drunk With GOP Congressman At Frat Party


why is Randi repeating her 1st hour???


What Does "Conservative" Mean?

Sen. Roberts is blocking interviews of Rice, Tenet, and Powell aides

Visit by Rummy, Rice Sets Off Criticism in Iraq...

Future Store - Rheinberg, Germany

How would he feel seeing America today?

The "Religious" Right Is NOT Religious Nor Even Technically Christian

ROVE going to Grand Jury AGAIN tomorrow??!!! WHY?? UNLESS!!!!

"fobbits" - troops who do not go outside the barbed wire

Search warrants via BlackBerry?

Blank Black Armbands now available for the armband protest.

Anyone have other sources for this?

Speaker Hastert Applauds House Passage of Iran Freedom Support Act

where do I find the gas pump stickers???

Profit Bonanza - Exxon Mobil profit rises on soaring prices

Phone-jamming case invokes images of Watergate

Need your opinions...I'm buying my first car

How cool is the pic on the front page of the NYTimes right now?

Republicans pushing "Junk Health Insurance bill"

Mercy's attacker caught

The Cong. Progressive Caucus hearings on Iraq:

I contend there was no delivery of a Target Letter to Rove - here's why.

Could we all please stop calling him "Scooter"?

So....smear merchant shill o'lielly smeared a dead man. Way to go shill

Federal programs on chopping block "Sunset Clause"

Hardball's O'Donnel on grilling about Rove being indicted Soon....

Full Transcript - David Shuster: Rove Believes He Is In Legal Jeopardy

Angelina said, "No Child Left Behind should mean NO CHILD.."

Procedural question about grand juries

With Your Help, I'll Slam A Coworker (Re: "Liberal Media")

Sensenbrenner has over a half mil in Exxon Mobil stock

CNN just confirmed that Rove's buddies are really worried right now

Hardball...Rove in Jeopardy....Rep Conyers kicking ass all over Detroit...

NBC News Insinuates Gas Prices the Fault of SUV Drivers: True?-->

Caption this photo of *

Ed Shultz said that new home sales are up 13%.


Judge Walton denies Team Libby's

What are conservatives conserving anyways?

Fighter jets cruising over my house, shaking my windows

Caption the Village Idiot

Liberate Iraq but not Mexico?

Foreclosures Soar 63 Percent over Last Year (in 'booming' Bu$hCo economy!)

Republican Pollster Rasmussen has Bush Approval at Just 38%: Lowest Ever

Th GOP Auction House

Why stop with a $100. BRIBE to shut us up about gas prices/profits?

Bush Comic: Nuclear Football

Specter threatens to block NSA funding to spy program

NH Repubs say Dems are distracting and costing them money....

Merle Haggard --Great protest song and video

Why is Glenn Greenwald's book #1 on amazon?


Senate Panel Recommends Abolishing FEMA

The surest way to get the drilling started in ANWR is for oil prices to


FEMA Report Recommends Dismantling Bush Administration

When we will have had enough:

Isn't Chavez partially responsible for oil prices being what they are?


question... why can't there be a Sheehan vs. Bush case?

Bond for nearly killing a human: $100,000. Killing a dog: $50,000

Rove MAY have Pled GUILTY Yesterday - Here's one Deal.

Who's Bullshitting who here?...

How will you celebrate if tomorrow is Fitzmas?

Brad Friedman on The Guy James Show today-Clint Curtis BBV Story

Surprise Visitor at the White House Easter Event

I'm Confused. Was Bush on United Flight 93?

CNN: Bush now wants fuel efficiency standards....

Why has no one brought up reduced speed limits and

A fantastic chart to easily see how much you're being gouged on gas

Is this true??? Air America doesn't look that good in NYC......

Wilting Dreams At Gitmo

Best response to religiously-motivated homophobia?


BUSH: "What an impressive crowd: the haves, and the have-mores.

Good musician friend turned down $3K gig because Chimpy would be there

A Spaniard in the Works


$100 Gas Rebate suggested by Repubs

drip face Frist on msnbc--defending the oil companies

Huff. Post: Drobnys Nova M Radio Starts Broadcasting AAR In Little Rock

Convicted GOP Rep & Lawmakers Suspected Of Being Bribed With Prostitutes

*Sarcasm* for the day Iran was supposed to have a nuclear weapon:

Mission Accomplished - A look back in horror - From Media Matters

Filibuster in the Senate!

What the hell has happened to Bobby Rush?

Listen to Henry Rollins verbally bash Ann Coulter! (MP3 audio)

This is just so not right on so many different levels.

Repuke Energy Photo -Op and They Leave 8 GMC SUVs Idling!

Katrina Report Lambastes White House

* explains gas prices while at a filling station in Biloxi today - pics

Here's why people still support Bush.

*ahem*....Hillary, WTF were you doing at the Fox News B-day Party???

Sen George Allen's "Rebel Yell"

Let's Play Hardball

Costco solar panels

Five Democrats voted to let TelComm companies control access to the Net

Prius Backlash

Bush tells former CIA they're no longer permitted to criticize his admin

Hurry up with that "impeach the pretzel" song Neil Young!

If Rove is indicted can Bush* just pardon him before he even goes to trial

"Pump and run can cost you a ton!"

The View from Behind Grannie's Rocking Chair

Never so ashamed

Dimwit Chicago Aldermen ban foie gras

What Movie or Book Character is the Quintessential Republican?

nuked food? at an airport?

An open message to all Newbies who joined in the last few months:

This is very scary

I would like to take a minute to point out that FEMA worked just

On Living Free in an Age of Fear

Oh Shit. Hispanic Teen Beaten, Sodomized In Racist

Your Attention, Please

"Armed Madhouse" New book ( Greg Pallast )

UNITED 93 Question

How to spend our $100 bribe

Preparation for May 1 boycott, rally continues (Santa Rosa PressDemo)

BREAKING! Activists Occupy Frist's Office

If Rove gets indicted (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!) does he have to resign????

Rally To Stop Genocide - Sunday, April 30

CIA's Goss Drawn Into Hooker Probe?

You've been played, and you don't even know it.

Congressman Conyers has Taking the President to Court now posted

They Pressed "KERRY" but got "BUSH"

Peek Oil Denial?

The Katrina Report: Who do Collins And Lieberman Think They're Fooling?

Laptop Stolen With Information On 40,000 Aetna Members

MSNBC reports Rove believes he is in legal jeopardy

"Not the decider"

How much do you LOVE Patrick Fitzgerald?

"George W. -- We will be forever in his debt" bumpersticker

The Dems are Making a Mistake - Gas Tax Removal

Ellen Goodman Begs Kerry Not To Run Again

Wish Me Luck....For Tomorrow I Shall Be in Jail

Chimpy just left my house! *A RELIEF WORKER'S PHOTO ESSAY*

Tyeka = why we can't give up. Why we MUST keep fighting

Will you serve with me? 21 arrested at West Point (don't ask / tell)

Duke Lacrosse players describe spat with strippers (money dispute).

NYU grad employee strike escalation

Nixion Administraton comparsions Bush Administration

Inside the bubble

I know why oil prices are so damn high.

Dem Lawmaker’s son sentenced for slashing tires

Political Wire: "(George) Allen's Race Problem"

The Hill: Internal DCCC list pins hopes on 22 challengers

Scholars for 9/11 Truth Issue Press Release on Moussaoui Trial

George Bush's new trump card, wife Laura

Yet.. Another Great Bumpersticker I Saw Today

Hannity on gas prices

Fiscal-Conservatives Come Lately

"You never lie. But on the other hand, I'm working for the president"

Mark Wilson, The Ten Percent Solution

Last night a Daily Show guest said the high gas prices was the fault of

Trey Ellis, Huffington Post: "It's Official: I Now Pity George Bush"

Senator Allen of Virginia (OMG!)

Blackmail? Was Cunningham bribed w/ prostitutes?

A question: Would Oil Companies have the power to influence price per bbl?

Republicans trying to bribe the American people once again

Jeff Gannon Caught on Tape

Am I the only one who didn't know these two are(were?) law partners?

Durbin Blasts Bush and Oil Companies

Photo: Doctor Tongue and his new lapdog

Cindy Sheehan, CODEPINK, Iraqi Women to Protest at Frist's Office Today

Dick Durbin spanks Neil Cavuto on oil company windfalls (VIDEO)

Give Wyden some Support! You can email Senator Wyden here ....

May 1, 2006: 3rd Anniversary of Junior's "Mission Accomplished" stunt


Am I the only one who didn't know these two are(were?) law partners?

Dilbert on Iraq

The summer of "The Da Vinci Code"

Is This What We Pay For

What does everybody think about Wyden's filibuster?

Today's Bush Photo Op in New Orleans: "If I had a hammer..."

19 Year Old Soldier killed in Iraq


we need to store all the freeper pages where they deify rove....

A Fox in the White House

GIMME that fucking violin! Rove calls testimony "HELL!" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Cheney Indictment remains sealed! (satire)

Abandon Ship!

Sorry DUers....But I just did my second Fox News interview in a month.

Snow's Job: "Paint the pig in colors that aren’t in McClellan’s palette"

Another Worst of the Worst

May Day, new US Holiday: Why not support those with the guts to protest

Good Rant on dismantling FEMA

Post-Roe America


Shuster: "Rove MORE worried, not less"

My letter to my Representative regarding the Cape Wind Farm project

He Didn't Fight in a War, But He Looks Like He Does

Cunningham prostitutes may have been male, reports are circulating

Sure Nora O'Donnell's politics are more obnoxious than her

Senator Wyden holding up Senate in attempt to repeal oil subsidies


Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Everybody take a second to THANK SEN WYDEN!!!!

Would it be wrong for me to make an internet "attack ad" of my ReThug Rep?

C&L Vid Clip of David Shuster on Rove's probable pants-wetting

New Jersey considering lowering speed limit to 55

This is the absolute MOST important action step you can take right now!

WOW! I love this anti-Bush shop. I bought a mini-button & a cheap shirt

'Israel among worst human traffickers'

I just lost a lot of respect for Sen. Kennedy. Arctic Royalty LTD Oil

Senate Democrats Prepare for [this] Weekend Policy Retreat

Newest Survey USA Poll-Not Looking good For Kucinich

The gaggle via the Hotline: ...WH Reporter Complains About Fox On TV

GOP $100 dollar gas "rebate" proposal

Bush Comic: Nuclear Football

arlen spector is mad as hell and he's not gonna take it anymore

Only Dems 2 stupid to go on Jon Stewart or Colbert Report. Why?

Do Democrats Need a Presidential Candidate Who DIDN'T Vote For the IWR?

This sounds like a bad approach no matter how you slice it.

Think there's no difference between "DINO's" and Repubs?

Photos: Bush visits a gas station and holds a puppy. Think I'm KIDDING?

The Essence of Wes Clark

What was Hillary doing at a Fox News soiree?

When will anti-war Kerry apologize for the protest pens in Boston?

Just for fun. Here's a site to help you choose whom to vote for in 08.

Rudy Giuliani is NOT too liberal to win in the south

Very Sorry AAR lovers but I've never been an Al Franken fan and today

Boyce at HuffPo: Why Kerry and Gore Should Run

Washington State; Hillary Clinton 33%, Al Gore 17%

Taking Bets : Who, besides Duke Cunningham, ordered up prostitutes?

Air America Losing It's Flagship Station????

The GOP: A Field Guide

You, a lot of you, have no idea what SHIT a military Mom goes through....