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Archives: April 28, 2006

Iraq war set to be more expensive than Vietnam

Investigate the Credit Squeeze

Pentagon steps up intelligence efforts inside U.S. borders: report

Global warming and solar energy

Drowning walrus pups -- video?

Former Military Chief: Keep West Bank

Things that make one go "Hmmmm"--the 9/11 Pentagon Strike

Report on Bowen's interview on Hartmann today

“Logic and Accuracy Testing” = “Partial Birth Abortion” = “Assault Weapon

Bloggers' Caucus at the state party convention

DU Caucus at the Convention Friday after the convention

Canada, U.S. agree to softwood lumber deal

Duke Lacrosse Accuser Made Previous Report

Question Time (Rizzo hearing offers Dems chance to probe CIA practices)

al franken said it right on Scarborough.

Rasmussen: Bush Job Approval 38% (Lowest Ever For Limbo's Favorite Poll)

Rice, Rumsfeld in Separate Orbits in Baghdad

Pennsylvania Senate: Casey by 13 points (Rasmussen)

WSJ: Prosecutors May Widen Congressional-Bribe Case (Prostitutes?)

Russia and China warn UN not to antagonise Iran

Profits, Prices Spur Oil Outrage

Fort Bragg soldier killed in Baghdad ( # 2395 )

Menendez Leads Kean By 6 Points In NJ Senate Race (Quinnipiac)

LAT/AP: Katrina Report Rips the Bush Admin. Again

Feinstein Researchers Identify Intelligence Gene.

CNN: George Clooney, senators urge action on Darfur

U.S. Reaches Out to Some Oil-Rich Nations

NYT: U.S. Economy Still Expanding at Rapid Pace

NASA says comet fragments won't hit Earth

WH scribe (WP's VandeHei) asks for remote (to change WH TVs from Fox)

(CA) State Senate Endorses Monday's Immigrant Boycott

Boycott leaves restaurants scrambling (TX)

"Iraq war set to be more expensive than Vietnam" Independent/UK

Bush to approve Dubai's takeover of nine military plants

Spanish 'Star-Spangled Banner' Draws Ire

Alibi photos for lacrosse players questioned

Al Qaeda leader wants Danish cartoonists handed over

Amy Fisher. Nut Case or changed person?

I was going to say...

My theory about LOST

No need to reply...Just Goodnight and take care.

I met Mopinko and ZombieNixon last night!

NEW ANIMATION: The 32% - A Response to the right-wing attacks

Oh. My. God. What a pukey crap of a way to advertise

Bob Dylan

I have been getting Richard Gere and Harrison Ford mixed up lately...

Does anybody have that Owen Wilson "Hot Hansel" pic?

Anybody up for a quote thread?

Film clips of wierd flying shit.

NASA says comet fragments won't hit Earth

I'm just a bill...

Songs least likely to be added to George W. Bush's iPod this month

Zounds! ZombieNixon just said HOLY SHITFUCK!!!

How do I change my avatar?


Poo poos and boobies. Marital relations. Name of diety.


Post quirky, weird, unusual habits you have, or strange stuff you do.

My apologies if this has been posted before...but wow.

HOLY SHITFUCK! Gormy Cuss just said SHIT AND FUCK!!!


I'm going for beer be I'll be right back.

American Idle

Don't be so circumscribe.

HOLY FUCK! Texasgal just said SHIT!!!

HOLY SHIT!!! California Peggy just said FUCK!!!

You guys are a bunch of potty mouths. I'm going to bed...

All right...FUCK IT!


A continuing trend in GD

Mercy! Alas! Interjections are being used in the lounge!

Police Capture Horse Rapist. Crime Caught on Tape.

I miss having the Big Dawg in the White House!!

Man who dropped aitches required to pay fine under anti-littering law.

A picture of me smiling..ya happy now


I'm on in about ten minutes

DAMMIT, leftofthedial, see what you made me do!

Pecan, Gorganzola Chicken Wrap...BEST DAMN RAP EVER!

Stealth moth..... great color.....

Which Of Your Ears Produces The Most Earwax?

Robin Williams on "The Daily Show" tonight!

Tech Help?..Home wireless network..Strange configuartion..Is it Posible?

Innocent Little Things That Need HORROR

ER Tonight (may contain spoilers)

Guess what?


Anyone going to see Flight 93 tomorrow?

Mother & Child - Critter pic (Warning: 1600x1200 graphic)

TNA Wrestling newcomers *spoilers*

Seinfeld: The Movie

Find the man.

MatcomNews: Liquor Chief Charged With Drunken Driving

Minor League star hits ump with bat. Intentional? (Video)

Damn! It's past my bedtime ... goodnight, lounge!

For my 1,000th post...

This is still driving me nuts.

Find the chimp.

Oh, sh*t..... (pic)

Birthday Calendar

Post Here If You Are A Poo Poo Head!

Does anyone know how to make a pillar of fire?

What makes you wistful?

Have you been to Palestine, in western Asia?

What are some awesome 60's songs I can download?

Bulls spank Heat

Was it the correct decision on America Inventor tonight?

Ode To Heidi

End "ten to twenty percent" type of statistics: just say "fifteen percent"

Do you fall in love with every person with whom you "sleep?"

O'Donnell to replace Vieira on 'The View'

Fearful ways to meet a lover

Okay...who wants to celebrate with me?

Holy crap of craps! Jon Stewart just made fun of Bill Clinton!

Let Us Now Praise Warren Zevon

What do you think is the best place to live in America?

Have you ever used an..umm...."escort"?


The Personality Defect Test

OK! To all my dear friends here in the Lounge......

Who ARE these people?

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! LynzM just said suck!

Have you been to Paris, France?

Why Am I Finding This Local Musician So Attractive?


Post a bad gun.

Here lies one who loved us and whom we loved

Atheist extremism: How to tell when it becomes a problem

Take a moment and read please

Christian Frustration With Atheists...they can't profile us

In storm over gay books, a principal holds ground

Robin Wirthlin is a bad mother

There has got to be a better way!

Goose Befriends Elderly Man With Cancer

Sometimes DU amazes me-- Experts on black hair

This is fun

Beachmom, an Allen vote

Something has been bugging me

Kerry to Frist: Let’s Help Consumers and Invest in Real Energy Solutions

Great collection of quotes !!

You have to see this post on DU

Ellen Goodman is on my shitlist.

KOEB 4/27/06 Is that Rove a cooking?

KO will have Dukester/hooker bit!

John Sweeney (R-NY), the Grand Old Partier (from TPMMuck)...

Countdown on MSNBC: Covering Hookergate and the Rove (indictment?)

POLL:---- Do You Think Karl Rove Will Be Indicted Tomorrow?

Just watched "Loose Change"...

Keith O. now Hookers, Neil Young, fema, rove

Two cool bumperstickers...

What's the story about HOOKERS!

Hastert Caught Switching Out Of Hybrid Into SUV After News Conference

"(incumbent r ) and the republicans supported him all the way..."

Editorial cartoon - Brisbane (Australia) Courier-Mail

KO: Schuster said Libby got "Target Letter" the morning of his indictment

Do you WISH Karl Rove would be indicted tomorrow?

An Inconvenient Truth

Heartbreaking MySpace Story . . .


American Idol and Election Fraud.

Al Franken coming up soon on Scarborough

He said it again! -increased gas prices are like a tax

Franken on Scarborough - MSRNC NOW

"Fill 'er up? I'll throw in a free car wash if you... (photo)

The Shuster / VanderHei Death Match

maybe karl can be a jenny craig spokesman? the indictment

I don't know where to put this. I am so pissed.

The Guardian: Musharraf insists: I'm not George Bush's poodle

You're not the President?

Yet ANOTHER reason to open my own compound in Northern Minnesota

A Republican SEX/trading votes for sex Scanal. Far out folks.

How did Rove and Libby think that they would never get caught?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Hoe Down

Well, apparently we finally have our Republican blow job(s).

O'Donnell to Replace Vieira on 'The View'...Did our emails help???!!!!

A record High for the "bushbegone" index

RE: Al Franken on Scarborough. Was Franken joking about

TOON: The Mystery of Oil and the Amazing Shrinking Dollar

Commander In Chief 10PM Eastern on ABC...tune in now!

Time to Revisit a Media Low Point (and to Heed the Implicit Danger)

Judge Won't Dismiss Case Against Libby (Fitzgerald appointment)

Limousines, hookers, and the Department of Homeland Security

Remember Atheists, stay silent, and stay at the back of the bus...

Uh, where has Iraq's oil revenue gone? (Billions and billions)

What counts as news these days?

Hehheh. You know what I just realized...

The Arrest (A song for a new beginning)

Il Dunce only needs his 'karma' and 'mojo' back to get back

Things that make one go "Hmmmm"--the 9/11 Pentagon Strike

This is all they (GOP) have?!?! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Another political scandal centered on the Watergate Hotel?

At least, they didn't do it in the Oval Office....

Cab drivers refuse passengers with alcohol

Egypt's al-Jazeera chief charged

The Witness from Hell-oh

'Peace,' he said. 'Look hard at it; don't forget it.'

Why are people ‘outraged’ over fuel prices?

Restore Dignity and Honor to the White House my ass...more like laughing

We live in interesting times

Look what I found on GOOGLEsearch May 1st

If Bush can have TV personality Tony Snow....

"You think he's stupid?"

Plugging the next Republican convention

LTTE in the NY Daily News - RWers will blame ANYONE but Bush!

Texas Training Pamphlet: on spotting terrorists

Rightwingers...always delusional, and often downright pathetic

Is it going to be Fitzmas again soon??? Let's hope so!!! LA Times

Need help with anti-war sign at NYC march....

What if they held a trial and it wasn't on TV?

John Kerry Proposes Energy Fairness

A letter from Cindy Sheehan to CapeCodders for Peace and Justice

Who's planning on attending the peace march in NYC Saturday (4/29)?

Check out this headline!! Is this intentional??

It sure is taking a long time for Fitzmas to get here...

Friday, April 28th, 2006....six months the day.

CNN Poll on Hillary Clinton vs. Hillary Rodham Clinton! WTF???

"It's all over - the election is over. We won...." VIDEO>>(reminder)>>>>>>

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Elie Wiesel, George Clooney, & Russel Simmons

I just got an e-mail from Bill Nelson's (DINO-FL) campaign asking.

Went to a big grocery store today; saw an armband on this

Have you noticed that apolitical people are suddenly talking politics?

I can't stop laughing!

Creationism proves God is a woman

Black nationalists provide security for rape accuser

Will the GOP raise everybody's taxes by $100 to pay for the gas rebate?

A couple new head-scratchin' bumper stickers

Who would Jesus impeach?

When will Conyers introduce articles of impeachment for illegal wiretappin

al franken said it right on Scarborough.

When you vote for republicans, you're bound to get fucked.

Cinco de Mayo is next week. Any flack reports?

Can anyone explain this week's Al Gore "South Park" episode?

U.S.'s Cultural Ignorance Fuels Iraq Insurgency

Caption time!

Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler on Dave Letterman tonite

Atheists, Christians, Muslims, et al...gather 'round for a slide show

Why do you hate Bush?

Kucinich:Only 1 Way To Stop Gouging At The Pump: 100% Excess Profits Tax

ZERO people are signed up to go door-to-door in my neighborhood.

It is not FEMA, there was nothing wrong with FEMA to begin with...

Question, re: Genocide

Crude is a little more than $70 a barrel, $5 less than last Friday.

I knew something was up when I saw the head of the SBA resigned

A man ran out of his store and chased me down to ask me about

Robin Williams lurks DU? He used my idea on Stewart's Daily Show!

OC Weekly: You may not want to see United 93, but you should

Bill Kristol just gave away the Republican talking points for 2007-08.

Spanish 'Star-Spangled Banner' Draws Ire

Colbert discussing PNAC with Kristol.n/t

VIDEO - Mr. Bush, Please Watch: 'I'm Just a Bill'

Right to lifers why aren't they protecting these lifes?

'A blend of journalism and acupuncture' - the 85-year-old who terrifies

They're making a movie out of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged (Pitt and Jolie?)


Ok, is this plausible, why the Rovester has been meeting with the GJ...

Robin Williams on Jon Stewart tonight, like now in CT! nt

Hell yes, Kerry fought for us . . . and, he's still fighting for us

Ashcroft sings on video

Viva la Revolution! Viva la Revolution! We need a GENERAL STRIKE!

Colbert just beat the living hell out of William Kristol

What is SB 1955? Call you Senators TODAY! Very Important!

"Too Many Churches and Not Enough Truth"

FINALLY! A Republican sex scandal!

Can't Take The Heat -------- >>>

Repub talking point: ITS ALL JUST A RUN OF BAD LUCK !!!!!

James Baker's greatest mission yet

I ride to work with a right-winger.

Duke lacrosse accuser made previous report

Let's say I was raped, and 10 years ago I made a similar accusation

Duke Lacrosse Accuser Made Previous Report

Bay Buchanan is sick of hearing about Katrina

NEW ANIMATION: The 32% - A Response to the right-wing attacks

Canadian Guantanamo detainee boycotts military commission hearings

I finally figured out Repug Logic and Truth

Democrats in need of help in competitive house seats!!

Boycott America

Barbara Boxer and Wes Clark discuss environmental issues and more

Kerry to Frist: Let’s Help Consumers and Invest in Real Energy Solutions

He doesn't govern, He just photo-ops.

can we sue OIL CORPS for war like

When's Tony Snow's first press briefing?

"Hee Haw for President" (about George Allen)

Hastert of the SUV clan. (This is just too funny)

Howard Fineman's "Four Challenges For Tony Snow"

Why Republicans win & why they'll keep on winning if we don't change this

Interesting/Disturbing Speculation In A Rasmussen Poll Released Today

The LAZY congress of the US

So...Keeping an utter clueless incompetant in a position of power is

Anyone think Rove is just jerking our chains?

"Hillary Rodham Clinton" has higher approval rating than "Hillary Clinton"

Ohio the Crossroads in Fight for Congress

WilliamKristol(The Weekly Standard) just predicted "Dems take the House!"

$100 tax breaks versus the $28,000 we all owe the government.

DFA of Bergen Co, NJ reclaims the yellow ribbon with anti-war billboard.

$8,364,739,169,594.51 in debt!

Must Read: Wasserman Schultz Cites REAL Stats On House Floor

Since 1945 there have been 2051 nuclear tests on our planet.

Oh BOY! ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! WooHoo! What are you gonna Buy?!?

DU Business Cards

Check out this link on CNN and the photo of John Kerry at the bottom:

CBS didn't air story before '04 election on Iraqi WMD; didn't fit * intel

Blumenthal, Salon: "The president doesn't care that he is reviled..."

Wes Clark and George Soros in Manhattan

Texas Straight Talk (Ron Paul)

Chertoff: "I'm held accountable.-and wants "full command and control"

Dumb on Purpose: Conservative Philosophy and our Iran Predicament

Failing Tank Man

400 Dead Dolphins washed up along Zanzibar coast

Markey's so-called "Internet neutrality" Amend defeated

The Crony Fairy (Krugman)

Would you buy a used car from them? (York)

Armed Madhouse By Greg Palast

Generals trying to stop new fiasco BY ANDREW GREELEY

WIRED (magazine) Owes Al Gore An Apology....

Woman Spanked at work awarded $500K

The Courage to Be Less Wealthy - Huffington Post

If you were president...

Hideous Kinky, by Chris Floyd

Robert Scheer: "Nothing Prepared Me For Bush"

Under Bush, kids do not deliver the paper - now usually adults do

Metals Market Pricing

Coral Reef Resilience: Better Feeders Survive Bleaching

400 Dead Dolphins Found in Tanzania

A little reminder of Republican attempts to solve the energy problem

Danube floods: 16,000 people evacuated following Romania floods

Bush Rejects Windfall Tax on Oil Profits

Interesting NOAA Site On Water Temperature Anomalies

Chinese car lust fuels battery trade in Kenya

'Green roofs' growing more popular (AP/CNN)

Long-term tax credits introduced in Congress

About ready to implement PV power for my house - Advice solicited

Controlling hurricanes

NYT: Dry Southwest, Uncertain Summer

Tropical cyclone Mala: cat-4 landfall?

Methanol, not Ethanol

Breaking the Last Taboo - The United States of Israel?

World Council of Churches denounces settler attacks on volunteers

Ferment Over 'The Israel Lobby'

A courageous Christian statement

IDF: Palestinians have smuggled a few Katyushas into Gaza

Lawmaker who helped grab Eichmann tells Knesset: Anti-Semitism is alive

Irish MP slams EU "hypocrisy," calls for suspension of EU-Israel agreement

Being Palestinian: I Complain, Therefore I Am

Middle East envoy to step down

Bush's reaction on 9/11

What REALLY happened with Flight 93

‘United 93’ includes invented details

What You Won't See in Flight 93, the Film

Loose Change 911 will be mentioned on CNN tonight 7pm EST

Just found out that the State Dept. has a website devoted to

Defiance Under Fire: Paul Greengrass's Harrowing 'United 93' (Review)

Stuff happened, I gotta run ... please add to to the ERD

I need a little help please

Dean on Reports - Mehlman & Barbour Embroiled In NH Phone Jamming Scheme

New Orleans voter turnout: the numbers nobody had put together

Election Reform News: 4-28-06. Grab your Paper Ballots,hold on tight

Brad: Indiana and West Va file legal actions against ES&S

Election TV!!! Streaming Vid LandShark w/ SOS rep (R) & State Rep (R)

Funny Joke

While Rep. King spouts racism ... look what happens

In case you guys didn't know RUSS FEINGOLD is in Iowa City today

Question about doing a "Search" using XP Pro.

Advice on learning Adobe programs

Is anyone in the Corpus Christi area boycotting on Monday?

TX SoS Office Advises Creaton of '06 "Emergency paper ballots"

Armed Forces Day Flag Ceremonies

Sheila Jackson Lee Arrested at Sudan Protest

On the Net Neutrality Vote

Cover the Uninsured Week events in Texas!

I love it when a plan comes together!

Should I avoid farmed fish?

Help! I'm starving!

Continental integration by stealth

Top court rejects Conservative merger challenge

Harper's staff behind media ban, sources say

Commissioner slams Harper for about-face on info access reform

CNN: Bush now wants fuel efficiency standards....

Duke lacrosse accuser made previous report

Black nationalists provide security for rape accuser

O'Donnell to replace Vieira on 'The View'

Profits, Prices Spur Oil Outrage

Bush Set to Approve Takeover of 9 Military Plants by Dubai

Setting Grandmotherhood Aside, Judge Lets 18 Go in Peace

(NYT) G.O.P. Senators Hurry to Quell Furor Over Gas

Fear rebels? Tune in to Iraq state TV for a hero

Rice Calls on Libya to Release Nurses

House will debate Iraq

Condition of Miners' Air Packs Disputed (Feds cover selves/mine owner)

Stolen US military secrets on sale in Afghanistan

Chevron First-Quarter Profit Rises as Energy Prices Increase

India signals energy self-reliance (secret nuclear breakthrough)

Co-conspirator's possible links to prostitutes eyed

Republicans Involved In Lobbyist Sex Scandal At The Watergate Hotel?

GDP growth strongest in 2-1/2 years (via incr Gov spending & inflation lie

SF Chron: Juror in (Lodi) terror trial disavows verdict

Thirty die in Iraqi city battle

Iran ignores nuclear deadline

AP: Miss. Governor (Barbour-R) Helped Implicated Firm (phone jamming)

2nd Circuit upholds firings over racist New York parade float

NYT: Prosecutor Weighs Charges Against Rove in Leak Case

Iraq Oil Outpust Lowest Since Invasion

US says world safer, despite 11,000 terrorist attacks in '05

Gas prices outpace cost of oil Refiners expect record profits....

Low Iraq Output Pushes Oil Prices Higher


Storm Evacuees Ineligible for Rent Aid

"Better get your baby before the alligators do"

Hastert's short, hydrogen drive (pictorial)

Multiple Suicide Attempts by Guantanamo Detainee

Obesity epidemic in US under-estimated by up to 50 percent: study

I am no US poodle: Musharraf

Bush courts Azerbaijani president as part of build-up against Iran

Gas prices Clinton's fault

GOP Weighs Idea to Drop Medicare Penalty

Vatican calls for boycott of Da Vinci Code

Starr Mounts Sarbanes-Oxley (anti-fraud law ) Challenge

U.S.: Jihadists Working to Spread Agenda

Judge Defends Decision to Jail Miller ("transfer of info was a crime")

Chinese envoy opposes resorting to Chapter 7 resolution on Iran

Microsoft, Vietnam agree to develop IT

Eastern Canadian Seafood Industry in Decline Canadian Seafood Boycott

Congress Members Arrested at Sudan Protest

Former Head of Interrogation at Abu Ghraib Charged

Danish Reporters Charged for Iraq Reports (leaked intel: no WMD)

April Deadliest This Year for GIs in Iraq

Democrats assail 50-year-old (R) lawmaker for attending fraternity party

al-Qaida Leaders Losing Control, U.S. Says

Dafur food rations cut in half

West to seek UN action on Iranian bomb threat

U.S. prepares to face UN on torture as Amnesty report blasts 'war crimes'

CNN/Reuters: U.N. forced to cut food aid to Sudan (lack of funds)

Al-Zawahri says U.S. hit hard in Iraq

Julia Thorne, Senator Kerry's ex-wife, dies

Miss. governor(Haley Barber) helped implicated(phone-jamming) firm

Moussaoui Jury Told to Avoid Dictionaries

Pentagon Hacker Compromises Personal Data

Body Thought to Be Missing Soldier Found

McDermott petitions D.C. appeals court

400 Dead Dolphins Found Off African Coast

Israel raises profile in Iran fray

Cuban-American says US backed his plan to raid Cuba

Bush rejects tax on oil companies' windfall profits

U.S.: FBI Sought Info Without Court OK

Cops called to Staten Island NASCAR meeting

(Fl Sen) Nelson: Block Cuban oil drilling

Circumcision Studied in Africa as AIDS Preventative

Some gasoline stations run dry in Houston, Dallas

Rush Limbaugh turns himself in on doctor shopping charges.

Mexico bill decriminalizes drugs

"Half million" Iraqi refugees fled violence - VP

Publisher to Recall Harvard Student's Novel (NYT)

Chavez Announces 10 Pct. Minimum Wage Hike

McCain warns Russia, China on Iran

US soldier, Iraqi policeman killed in roadside bombs

Farmer-Owned Wind Turbines Go Online (Bush to cut funding)

Bush says National Anthem should be in English

There's a place in France

Liquid Ceramic instead of exterior paint...hype or the real thing?

If you always ask yourself WHY, you will never be bias

"Eye of the Devil" first film by Sharon Tate is on TCM starting now.

Freaky video, "Plants with Eyes".

okay all hippies check in here

Husker's drunk!

I am off to do Missionary work throughout the South....

Punkin custard pie's comin' out of the oven in five minutes

Disney Girls blog

Hey! LOOK! OMG! It's CouchBoy!

Wow, am I old fashioned!

Like fridge magnets?

Nighty night, all!!

I Received a Target Letter

Rosie O'Donnell Named New 'View' Co-Host

Sela Ward and Michael Jackson.

Professional Gambler Mugged/Beaten!

Everyone went to bed...

Should friends fuck friends?

Safety in the people are mean out there!

Should friends funk friends?

Red Bull and what alcohol?

Do you love *sleeping* with every person?

Opie and Anthony are so awful that I

Time Chaser!

And, like a crazed truck driver hopped up to his eyebrows on amphetamines

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

Aussie Chainsaw Croc Runs Amok!

Let's go start a jugband!

Friday Funnies from a MATCOM cub reporter

I dreamt about BBQ ribs last night!

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

I think I put Fece's Pizza in the black last night.

I just answered a post in GD. Am I gon' die?

Mental Health Answerig machine

I KNOW it shouldn't piss me off

The new brazilian...

Student Injured While Pretending To Be Injured During Safety Demonstration

Going to read the 1st "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" book today.

I'm listening to Springsteen's "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions."

Hey Chicago DUers! Steely Dan is coming on July 8th!

I need a little help.

Has anyone talked to GOPisEvil lately?

I won't bother you, too much....

I need help catching the neighborhood Ball Gag Thief

Who has the most smocked threads?

Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you.

Who has the most mocked threads?

2006 Republican Theme Song?

An error was encountered, please try again shortly.

Don't you love it when someone is giving a lecture and googles something..

"an error was encountered, should I post about it here"

Argentina: Pepo the parrot held for five days under police interrogation

I just got Neil Young's Prairie Wind

Not going to NYC tomorrow. Very bummed. Anyone else?

More stories from the online dating front: Dating Advice

Bored? Here's a fun little quiz for ya!!!!

14 Year Old Girls Post Video Of Them Kicking Cat - Arrested

Thank Odin, they are keeping the horn

"An error was encountered, please try again shortly."

nnns is NOT


Best pop song that isn't in 4/4

Explosive ear hair growth!

"So who's the 'dumb blonde,' now?"

Well.. At least THIS spam didn't bother obsuficating itself

Brett Favre

Why do veggie burgers look like hamburgers?

Do you "sleep" with every person with whom you fall in love?

I want this t-shirt:

To trade for Ben Broussard or not to trade for Ben Broussard

An ear wax candle??? Ewwwwww....

As good as I am at football picks...

I wonder why they put pimentos in baloney?

If I post the lyrics to the song "H" will I get it out of my head?

My doggie kept his mommie up all night...

caption this

Monday ............Humiliation, Tuesday ..........Suffocation,

So long SUCKERS!!

fancy himself a real decision maker

Guess the celebrity in this heinous drawing I did - then critique it.

Owowowowowowowowow OW! Damn it.

Note to DUers with cellphones that have T9 system for text messages

DU Vegans...I need a birthday cake recipe

So, my sin-laws are in my house right now with my SO.

Fire Woman!!! You're to BLAME!!!!

I saw animated singing matzos the other day on TV.

I am a crotchety old geezer for the county

I think I'm about to get into trouble in GD, think I'll go take a shower

I believe in a Reunited Ireland

for the rest of the weekend, I'm capitaLizing aLL my "L"s!

Who Broke It???

For my 500th post, it seems appropriate...

Have you ever heard a drink called "Army Green"??

Does anyone else here have a "cop cat"?

Time for another Guilty Musical Pleasure Thread

Any Isao Tomita fans around?

Is the music of Steely Dan as good as the Freedom Rock collection?

One More: Guess the rocker in this drawing.

I want to lick all the cherries

Have you ever been contacted by someone from the future, and if so

The Matcom Motorcycle!

Guess the guitarist in this drawing

I need help catching the neighborhood Gazing Ball Thief.

If I were to say I sprained something doing my kegels


who has the most locked dreads

You can have the cherries.

Wayne Coyne was wearing an anti-Bush button on Letterman the other night.

Techies, are you familiar with the "Streaming download project"?.....

2006 Democratic theme song?

What a AWESOME Princess!

Are you aware of the dangers of Yoda?????

With apologies to Frasier (My feelings on tonight's Emmy Awards

Mr. Rove goes to the Grand Jury


Does anyone remember this vintage dress I was bidding on?

tell me im not crazy

Ya know something.... I look fucking cool and kinda sexy

Hey Loungies. I did the GD toons for today. Come take a look!

Have you ever contacted someone from your future, and if so


I'm a crotchety old geezer.

"5 U.S. Soldiers Killed Today South of..."

Happy anniversary wishes to...........

Oprah's show today is about ladies ashamed of their big butts

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/28/06)

Minnesota Vikings new helmet and new uniforms!!!!


Tavernertoddler's got the flu

Tom & Katie pose with new baby! Cute little bugger, aint she?

How much Guacamole can you eat without exploding?

Funn funny Yahoo post.

Question for DU mechanically inclined types - product to get rust off...

How to make a sock monkey in 8 easy steps. Start sewing, dammit...

Lounge, Herk is one month old!


Would renaming Iraq to "Tobaccoland" motivate smokers to quit?

Why can doctors never give a REAL answer? (rant)

Laugh your ass off!


I'm back home!

Wanna see my luxury chair? It even has a vibrating neck rest:)

Rosie O'Donnell to be new host on The View

I'm going to be a tv widower tonight

NFL Draft Day! What will Houston do with the #1 pick?

Serious health insurance question

Upcoming films do u most want to see, & which do u most want to see do bad

Why the hate for Steely Dan?

Are you good at admitting your mistakes?

Holy shit this Neil Young album is good....

Freecell game #26390

La vie est belle

I hate packing I hate moving.....I'm tired.

Any edible mushroom experts

I want to lick all the cherries off the cheesecake in the fridge.

The bunny in my backyard.

DU this Poll:

GLAM you, LaraMN

DAMN you, LaraMN

Is anyone planning on going to go see "Flight 93"?

Have we had a bigwillq appreciation thread yet?

Who has the most locked threads???

This is my 2,000th post.

PLANTAR FASCIITIS: When the night splint doesn't work anymore . . .

Fresh hugs served here. Get 'em while they're hot, folks.

A Dream I had that is bothering me

Have you ever contacted someone from your past, and if so,

I hear loud music outside. Should I...

Sniff Sniff

I want to take all the cherries.


Do you see anything between these two??


semi-annual get your post count up thread

Ever post something you KNOW will get deleted, just to do it?

Dark night of the soul....

We shall overcome: The Seeger Sessions by Springsteen

My NEW lastest cake. Baby Wills 1st birthday cake

I put my 14 year old cat to sleep today

Shirley MacLaine

"Pete and Repeat sat on a fence. Pete fell off. Who was next?"

What does your pet think of your vacuum cleaner?

Disney Girls blog

Who broke wind???

In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court ...

Forget Brazillion...time for some old lounge classics: (Weee!)

How many DU women straighten their hair? (Or guys, too.)

Draw in real time with people around the world...

If you had to change your DU name, what would you change it to?

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

Drink Scotch Whisky all night long and...

Ye Olde Hokey Pokey



All-Time Best Quarterbacks (GRAND FINALE)

What are we going to do with all of THESE whackjobs

What the hell ('scuse the pun) did rawstory do to the atheists?

Here's a too-late-at-night musing...

Falwell and Robertson are to the church what Stalin and Pol Pot are

What is the purpose of God?

Obesity epidemic in US under-estimated by up to 50 percent: study

Buying into group health insurance?

Scripps scientists locate sound that rattled San Diego County

NASA Says Comet Fragments Won't Hit Earth

Any Rush fans here? (not Limbaugh)

Why do gay men say they are "straight-acting?"

Boxing : This Should Interest Other Sports Fans, Too!!!

The Daily Kitten is back up.

Not sure how I feel about this: Scientists Debunk Astrology

I held Sudan in the palm of my hand today

Armed Forces Day Flag Ceremonies

John Kerry Defending Veterans

Feingold's amendment for troop redeployment

Culture of Fraud! May I

What do you make of this?

Julia Thorne's obituary in the Globe today

Exclusive: Scott Ritter on John Kerry’s Iraq Plan

Could one of the Boston folk send a sympathy card

George Bush visited my volunteer camp home yesterday.

WooHoo got the new camera today.

New column up, with Craig Crawford, and Stephen Colbert tomorrow!

Rush Limbaugh arrested! KO on tonite!

Fearful ways to meet a lover

Atheist extremism: How to tell when it becomes a problem

Target Letters: Terminology

Do you wanna know why we are paying so much for gas?

Why White House woos Azerbaijan

DFA event with Eliot Spitzer at SEIU Hall in Albany on Saturday.

Any comical news on Katherine Harris today?

Separated At Birth?

war crimes, torture, bribery, gay hookers, perjury

2,395 troops now dead in Iraq

Kerry and '08

Sela Ward and Michael Jackson.

Our, yes, OUR, ladies

Is Frist worried about having the votes to pass S1955 Lose Your health

Militia Groups Control Reconstruction Money---IRAQ

Firefox users....can you answer a question for me ?

I'd love to see a Gore/Kerry ticket . . .

Let's take a walk down Memory Lane

Wasn't Iran supposed to have been able to nuke the USA by now?

One of the most vital issues in election 2006

Jesus Christ!!!! The Israel/Palestine forum is a trip!

The Incredible Disappearing Howard Dean

18 anti-war grannies freed!

I'm Tony, I'll be your server today -- FRIDAY 4/28 TOON

temporarily we need to suspend

I thought I had rough times, I feel sorry for this girl

"...and say we expect you to open your spigots."

---------------- I WILL NOT KILL -----------------

This $100 "gas relief" that Frist keeps prattling about--

Why don't some people want to believe in the 'heroes" of Flight 93

Colbert Repeat on now, 1 a.m.: William Kristol interview

Confessions of a former Ditto

US Forces KILL Four Iraqi Police Commandos, "By Mistake"

An Open Letter to Josh Bolten from Lazlo Toth

Salah witnesses claim torture by Israeli

Musharraf says he's no US "poodle"

Iran's oil stock exchange will start next week

Iraq and Armageddon

Report says Iraq becoming terrorist safe haven

Schmidt gets reprimand

Another Photo-op Flop! chimpy Can't Catch!

CAPTION the captive audience...

Let Us Now Spit Upon The Earth - By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist

Bush wants to raise fuel efficiency standards and my irony meter explodes!

And another animal(Gawd's creation?)becomes totally extinct...

CAPTION the captive audience, Part II...

washington journal-brian lamb republican love fest

Host Neil Young's - Living With War -- on your site

Rove stuck to his story on Wed. claims he doesn't remember

Morocco introduces women preachers

good morning everyone!


Subject to the Penalty of Death

This needs a CAPTION (and a WTF? on more authority!)

Chips down, Bush prepares a Hail Mary bet

Avery Walker: an embarrassed theist?

Gail Collins now on Wash. Journal , C-Span

Netflix: "As someone who enjoyed F9/11,... United 93"

London---- Government plays down vote-rigging claims

WSJ's Melloan on Washington Journal

Faux or CNN on AF1? White House scribe asks for the remote

Was Duke Cunningham the only Republican getting free sex for votes?

What Would You Do?

Rep. "Shut it Down" Sweeney (R-NY) Caught Drinking with Underage Frat Boys

PFAW-Election Protection

Universal Studio's flight 93 message board

The U.S. government has been privatized. I'm shocked, shocked.

Do you think that Rove is distracted right now?

Review of Neil Young's new album. Hilarious closing line!

A thread about the American dream, is it over,

Breaking: Senate Intelligence Committee blocks Rice, Tenet, Powell intervu

What happened with the filibuster in the Senate yesterday? Did Wyden

I have a question...

Stephen Colbert to Replace Michael Chertoff? ---funny

Inter relation knowledge or any other fancy way to define consciousness

Is Bush scratching his ass?

How Wilkes' Parties Got His Pal the CIA's #3 Spot

Cover the Uninsured Week activities in your area!

Neil Young anti-war songs streaming.....

Thieves Reprogram Pumps To Steal Gas

Spychipped Levis Are Here -->

Is anyone else having trouble getting the Neil Young album

This is dying to be Captioned ------->

Chevron Earnings Soar 49 Percent to $4B - WTF?

When will the movie "Bush was Warned about 9/11" come out?

Fox News has a sponsored group on facebook!?! Great...

Hey RawStory, why'd you take your eye off the ball?

Steph Miller - Streaming Problems?

O'Reilly the idiot smears dead publisher (WTF? moment)

Remember the "Landmark" Energy Bill?

Iraq Becoming Terrorist Safe Haven

Airwaves Battle on Air Force One (Gov't TV's all tuned to Fox)

I would urge ALL here to join me ...

Bush on live cnn

I don't care if a person is a Christain, Athiest, Gay, Straight,

Chimpy was just on my TV playing footsie with this thug at the White House

oh oh, IraN is in defiance of UN . more to come.

I called to complain to Senator George Allen's DC Office

Karl Rove I-Ching (AUDIO MP3)

George Bush and The Cat in the Hat

Fashion Choice Sends Man Back To Prison

Memo to any members of Congress reading this blog...

Poppy: "My son's only interested in getting drunk at parties."

Toe-sucker Morris back on his Hillary fetish...

Iranian Oil Bourse - opening next week??

Even RW radio stations are reflecting doubts here in TX small town.

Super Secret White House Memo Revealed!

HEADS UP! Daily Show repeat in 10 minutes - 10 am EDT (Robin Williams)

"Consistently lied to us"!?!! Whoo-hoo! You go, News Weekly!

Cunningham scandal keeps growing..... CIA's # 3 involved too?

GW hangin' with the guys at the gas station --

Which will come First? US Iran Strike or Rove Indictment?

Want to feel ill and angry? Read this...

Shutting down FEMA

OMG it's Friday...I need a lobotomy...or a fishfinger...or a CAPTION!!!!

"We're making progress"

Do the excuses for high gas prices sound familiar?

Internet shut-down in two to four days during flu pandemic

Oh Boy, what reporter is grilling Bolton at the UN?

Bolton was just asked a question about PNAC at a press conference

Sorry, wrong forum. n/t

Bush okays Dubai military deal

"Keep our foot on the pedal of this strong economy" GW on CNn now.

WTF? Flu season was MILDEST in recent years?

Rove's lawyers told there will be 'no announcement' in the next 10 days

Who is John "Drunken Frat Boy" Sweeney? Flash back to Miami 2000

Panel Rules "Mean Jean" violated OH Law (unanimous)

Say "Uncle!"...

Oh,Dear God-bush is coming up on CNN in a few minutes.

Beyond Petroleum

smirk hanging on the shoulders of the black woman in N.O.

new blog

United 93

Are you as sick of hearing about Duke as you are about Natalie Halloway?

I was watching The DAILY SHOW last night

Dubya 'Free Falling on Balls' ...

‘United 93’ includes invented details

Anybody else boycotting on May 1?

I hope the boycott works on Monday,

Assclown's Extreme Makeover

I need a little help.

They aren't pursuing Hate Crime charges on the skinheads

Proof of Universal Studios' Unapologetic Bush Worship re: United 93-->

NPR just said Bush has a 'Freedom agenda!'

New comic: The elephant in the press room (Gannon, Cunningham)

I was in a parking lot yesterday

This is BEGGING for a CAPTION...

CSPAN2 showing testimony of military vets from Iraq and the shoddy

please vote up the Bush story re oil profit tax cuts on yahoo

Why is condemnation of homosexuality the #1 Christian value to RWers?

What Happened To DU This Afternoon?


"We're actually having a great time here in Iraq"


The chimp is smirking as he answers a question about Darfur...

Stupid e-mail RE: MAY 1st....UGGGGG!

PBS Frontline watchers: Is the schedule all screwed up? I TiVo this,

Bolton to try to get a 'military enforceable' resolution from the UN...

anyone know who put up the money for United 93?

Haley Barbour has made his entrance into the NH phone jamming case.

If You Had To Choose

"Bush Rejects Tax on Oil Companies' Profits"

War on Terror....brought to you by Ex Lax?

Florida Senate Passes Bills Dealing With Sex Offenders

Spanish "Star-Spangled Banner?" Lo siento, no quiero...

Caption *

What You Won't See in Flight 93, the Film

Anyone else having issues with DU?

Bush Brings Democracy To The World (cartoon)

How soundly does The Idiot Son sleep at night?

Bush says no to tax on big oil companies

The republicans want to buy us off with $100 to let them drill in Alaska

You know what? George W. Moron* has been a great thing for America...

Members of Congress arrested over Sudan protest - pics

Denny Hastert. What were you thinking???

Fun facts on Azerbaijan and elections

Nice job, Chimp -- you've just lost the Hispanic vote

Let Us Now Spit Upon The Earth - By Mark Morford

CNN Quick: Bolton getting reamed

Man cleared after 12 years in jail dies in hit, run

LAT: Surprise of Enron Trial Is Lay's Surly Manner

Half a Dozen Members of Congress May Be Involved in Prostitution Scandal

Bush says National Anthem doesn't have same value in Spanish...

The dominos fall: Sugar prices the latest to skyrocket

RWers Do Quick About Face On Setting National Anthem in Spanish

The Boy Liar

Chevy just sent me an email!

Want to post photos of Joe Wilson at UCSC teach in on Monday.HELP

Iraq war contractors ordered to end abuses

USA: 5 congressmembers arrested - and it’s not for corruption

Iraq Black Hole: The $2-Trillion War

What will you do if Fitzgerald decides not to indict?

My lameass attempt at a Rove cartoon

Caption this photo of * - talking about the economy

Bob Herbert's "Stuck with Bush"

Update on Melanie's sister--bad news.

Randi: $100 wouldn't even get you an hour of Jeff Gannon's time

dude(ttes) Dems need to jump on this and blast them all the way to NOV!!!!

Your gonna spend your $100 gas rebate check on?

New Orleans voter turnout: the numbers nobody had put together

Oh jeez now we've got ransomware

A gay couple will be married on stage LIVE on the Al Franken Show

its Friday ya bastards!!!

"Sounds like Rove could be in big trouble," hires crisis mgr/spokesman

My Republican neighbor came by the house today.

Spanish version of National Anthem? MSNBC poll may need our help:

Stand back if the new GOP mascot "sneezes"

The Wall Street Syndrome ( The movie)

Today in 1945: Mussolini executed

Did anyone else get an e-mail from Air America Radio

Safe for work Colbert/Kristol video now up at Crooks and Liars

Repub Congressman must be a fan of "My Name is Earl"

Alternatives to Gas Cars, there are real solutions

Specter Warns White House of Wiretap Funding Cutoff

"Mean Jean" Schmidt Gets Reprimand - False Statements Cited

Cleared by DNA, he's killed by traffic

"Stick it to me, George"

Fitzgerald is a workaholic - Wikipedia entry

Can I get a * CAPTION ?

I want my tax money to support Darfur refugees

Dumbo press conference rerun on now....3:14 PM CDT....CSPAN I

picture of a guy behind * and another guy kneeling before *

Today's "Guy James Show" thread---please keep kicked

A different kind of poll

Test blast linked to nuke weapons (Divine Strake Official)

* hits new low at Rasmussen - Just 17% strongly approve

anyone see hasturd

Defense Contractor Wilkes Might Have Been Involved in Sex-Trafficking


Ex-FEMA inspector pleads guilty to taking kickbacks

Abramoff "flat broke" takes family on $40k FL vacation

Is it ethical to send Christian missionaries to convert starving Muslims?

How long will it take a Freeper to mention Hillary...?

You know how Bush often says, "Let future historians judge my policies."

Why hasn't the Doomsday Clock been changed since '02?

McCain warns Russia, China on Iran

April Deadliest This Year for GIs in Iraq

Reports Critical of the CIA placed Online

My E-mail to Jack Caff on the NSA Spy Program

Share your funniest nicknames for *

George Clooney up next on Wolfie's "The Situation Room".


Judge Defends Decision to Jail Miller

Meth and the Stars and Bars

Don't you just love the new America?

EU Issues Damning Report on CIA Use of 'Rendition' Flights for Torture

Quick question on plame...

Bush's reaction on 9/11

We have close to 90, 000 people on this forum. That's a lot of...

Congressman Sensenbrenner earned 15K in one day from his oil stocks

Paul Krugman: Naming and Shaming Bush as the Crony Fairy

FUCK YEAH!! FIVE Congressmen arrested for protesting at Sudan Embassy

Reuters: Senators ask US drug czar to explain rosy reports

Is "Uncle Bob" a Racist? Or a Bigot? Or just an Idiot?

Your Thoughts are Your Password (Wired)

Something doesn't seem right about this Harvard Plagiarism Case

Bush* rejects tax on oil companies' windfall profits. Shocked!!!

Shuster On HardBall

Army admits it violated Geneva at Abu Ghraib

" Dumbest Idea "

A Few Good Quotes from my Good old Buddy....PAT ROBERTSON!

Dean on Hardball with Norah OD>>>>4:00 PM CDT

Think you pay too much at the pump? Check the prices in Europe

since bush is commander in chief

Do you think Bush spends a lot of time "getting even" with people?

I'm going grocery shopping today and I am buying a bottle of champagne,

Join Refugees International at the Rally to Stop Genocide 4-30

Friday afternoon news dump?

Just got this clip of Limbaugh the Hutt in my e-mail. What a sack of sh*t

" Jose Can You See?" | Spanish 'Star-Spangled Banner' Draws Ire

NYC... after the March

Randi says Rush turned himself in

Looking for a story about Oil Refinery Capacity Manipulation

"The Economy is very Robust"

Limbaugh Arrested Link

2398 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Poll: When (if) I get my $100 bribe (gas refund check) I will...

Those clean coal commercials are STUPID!

Is there a thread about Rush Limbaugh being arrested?

Palm Beach Police Booking Page on Rush Limbaugh

"GOP" stands for:

U.S. lawmakers arrested at Sudanese Embassy protest

The passengers of UNITED 93 were scared shitless

I am in shock and awe of Neil Young new alblum

"President Bush tries to catch a pen ..."

Chevy Tahoe Ads: The Resluts Are In!

Massacre at Haditha - CBS

Jury Awards $500,000 To Woman Spanked At Work

DU this Tony Snow Poll

George Bush is a complete piece of shit

What did Rush say about Clinton "SETTLEMENT" with Paula Jones?

People, including DUers, are going to go see that Flight 93 film and love

So the top HERO of the right is a drug addict who's been divorced 3 times

Iraqi adviser sees US troops gone in 2008

Hillarious Yahoo news juxtaposition

Was DU down earlier today? I can't find any threads on it, and I'd like

Rush Limbaugh Settles with Palm Beach DA, Investigation ends.


It's official: a VICTORY for Rush

Bush approves Dubai defense purchase

BTW, Neil Young wrote a song about Flight 93 right after 9/11

Janeane will be positively orgasmic today after the Rush news n/m

Air Express Carrier Suddenly Suspends Shipments into Iran

$1 Million Vote Against Net Neutrality

CNN: Limbaugh arrested on prescription drug charges

Sensenbrenner made over $15k yesterday from energy stock

Heads up! Lou is talking about the new Dubai deal. His poll question is...

Hastert's energy (moving) violation

Sing the national anthem in whatever language you want. I don't care.

I just heard on the news, sorry no link just on local channel, that

Ex-teacher sent teen naked pics

new comic: If America is free, the terrorists win!

A resource for finding cheap gas prices

Sometimes no happy endings. Steve Howe, Dodgers pitcher, dead at 48

Lying pukes, Rush has NOT been adjudicated NOT GUILTY

MSNBC: LimpBalls ARRESTED in Fla. on prescription drug fraud charges

Oh Crap. This photo op rebuilding stuff is hard work... CAPTION

Mexico legalizes drug possession

A pustcard for your dittohead buddies.

It's kind of interesting watching MSNBC's "Hot Shots"

Should we change our national anthem?

There is pro-conservative discrimination in America

Rush Mugshot!

See, I love black people when there are cameras around CAPTION

Oh the fweepers don't like Neil Young's new song boo hoo

2 interesting Repug scandles are brewing

God? Why do all these Mexicans want to make my life hell?

FBI secretly sought data on 3,501 people in 05

AOL Headline --- RUSH LIMBAUGH ARRESTED (because he was)

Norah O'Donnell is the absolute pits of the universe

Bill Fleckenstein--The Housing Bubble Has Popped

Why is INNOCENT Rush Limbaugh paying state of Florida $30,000?

Rugh Ro Arrests of Congress people

All freeper headlines on rush omit "arrested"

Are THEY crazy?


Why would an INNOCENT Rush agree to a "SETTLEMENT"

Army Charges Former Abu Ghraib Officer

Rush Limbaugh Arrested??

Rush, blah blah blah?

The Brent Wilkes-Bill Lowery-Don Dixon connection

Does Anybody know what it takes to convert an engine to Ethanol?

M$M: I Do Not Give A Shit About A Spanish Sung National Anthem

Have the BushCO/neocon policies decreased or increased terrorism?

Top Democrats DEPLORE...loss of US Troops in Iraq!

Just Like ALL RW Freepers, Limbaugh Chickened Out (YOU CHICKEN-SHITS)

Can't you hear the spin already?

NOTICE to White Rose Archive Users - Outage planned tonight.

Am I The Only One Here Who Thinks The Limbaugh Story Is Nothing To Cheer?

Monday (May 1) might be an interesting day to shop and eat out.

Whora O'Donnell MAKES ME SICK...

I needed to laugh - How about you?

Bush's poll dance (great sceen grab)

LIMBAUGH ARRESTED!!! hahahahhaha

Rush Limpballs Mug Shot - For Real...

Something's fishy about the Limbaugh arrest story...

I love Stephanie Miller & Company

SINGLE NOW ONLINE: "Let's Impeach the President"

Watch out America, May 1 could be huge!

Is this what DUBAI got in return for giving up stakes in the ports??????

If the Limbaugh thing didn't make you mad, watch THIS.

MSNBC: "Did Rove Coordinate Testimony With Libby?"

IMPEACH BUSH If He Attacks Iran - By: Pat Buchanan


See Clip of New "Jonestown, Life & Death of Peoples Temple" Documentary

Sleazy Bush pal Lay ADMITS guilt in Enron!

John Kerry Defending Veterans

Gas prices Clinton's fault

Newsweek: Gore vs Hillary in 08

When and where can I listen to Malloy's impeachment forum tonight?

According to FBI - Bin Laden not 'Wanted' for 9/11?

The Republican "Happy to be Arrested" Club. (graphic)

Don't Wave Mexican Flag in USA...But Confederate Flag A-OK in the South

Why is "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" rated R??!!

Can't we just have some dam news. WTF I'm tired of raping this 27 year old

If they 'give' you $100 bucks, send it to a DEM candidate for Congress

General Clark to be on Al Franken next week. Monday?

Firedoglake Offers Interesting Glimpse of "Our Man Fitz"

GAS PRICES and Congress

"This is treason"

Are they chipping your Levi's?

Iran: 18 yr old Girl to be Executed for Killing Rapist *Please Help Her*

Former President Manages Gas Station

The Sky is NOT Falling

David Crosby: ‘Impeach the sonofabitch’

Bush: No help for Darfur because it would be considered an invasion???

Authority To Confiscate Guns During Emergencies Considered

Iran Freedom Support Act passed 397-21. My Rep says it hasn't come up yet

It's kind of the Rape of the American Indians All Over Again

Julia Thorn has passed away from Cancer - CNN announced

Report Back from Minneapolis Student Anti-War Walkout

Bush Bootlicker McCain warns Russia, China on Iran WTF?

Legal News: Bush Sued By "The Great Dee Snider"

Neil Young: Living With War - Listen to Entire Album Here

Rush Limbaugh ARRESTED On Prescription Fraud Charges (CBS NEWS)

He just drove a stake into his own heart... duya bushitler is done.

Is the more likely for the dems to take the Senate or the House?

Just Found Out That My Best Friend's Son Is Being Deployed!

I don't usually play this parlor game BUT

Anti-US Protest in Bahrain Where Children are Given OBL T-Shirts!



Bush Comic: Bushonomics, Turning A Corner???

there is no place for shit to go in New Orleans

2 Middletown men paint their outrage - A picture's worth 1,000 words

National Anthem favor

NYT: Fitzgerald Considering Perjury Charges Against Rove


West Point cadets riot following drug search -- Hello, MSM?

No Rove Decision for 10 Days =

Cunningham Did No Wrong, Republican Controled House Panel Finds

Now, see here!!! For 85% of us, the economy STINKS!!!!


Have you guys seen the Flight 93 Director's OTHER films?

Harold Ford Jr: Cut The 18.4 Cent Federal Gas Tax For At Least 30 Days

Gallup Poll: Repukes Could be Headed for Disaster

Video of William Kristo On The Colbert Report

Update: I'm Out of Jail and Proud As Ever to be Progressive

**FRIDAY TOONS** Snow Job Edition

Would you support a U.S. led military intervention in Darfur?

Rabbi is booed pleading for tolerance at Falwell's Cult Training Center

shocking : Star Spangled Banner sung at Maine legislature.... IN FRENCH

Drivers license now needed to buy Aleve Cold & Sinua...

Of All The Limbaugh Headlines, Only Bloomberg Got It Right.

I'm already sick of all the glowing reviews of UNITED93


Streaming now - Living with War - Neil Young

NEW INTERVIEW COMING UP! 'The Voice of Reason' Monday - 8:30am(EST)

USA Offers American Buyout to Divest Itself of it's Obligations

Did anyone hear Rachel Maddow talk about "JESUS CAMP" this AM?

The Stonewall Jackson of my CA high school - Sen. George Allen

Kucinich calls Iran Freedom Support Act a "steppingstone to war"

I am so F***ing pissed at Blue Cross

Where's the Target Letter? We were told there was a Target Letter here

Condi: Are you even men?

For Rhapsody subscribers, Neil Young's Living With War is there.


I'm in a purgin' mood, who should we purge from the Democratic Party

Get yer Rush booking photo right here!!!

sign the illinois impeachment petition.

WP,pg1: Running for Senate, and Against the War

Howard Dean, Sanders, Leahy on Franken tomorrow....Dean on Hardball.

Lets review demographics of 2004

Neil Young's Web Site has started streaming "Living With War"...

Slow roasted suckling pig: Fitz to decide on Rove in "2 to 3 WEEKS"

Did Fitz indict Libby on a Friday?

LTTE for Dennis Kucinich

(Whoops!) Hastert pic just after a press conference at a gas station

BushBot Scandal in Florida

Weldon Challenger, Meet Vice Admiral Joe Sestak, May 7th, Wayne, PA

Remember this? Cunningham wore a wire!

Bush approval: Another all time low

Howard Dean will be on the Al Franken Show this afternoon

Mission Accomplished, May 1, Three Years On

Every so-called accomplishment of this GOP-led congress should...

Voting in MS NBC on the new Spanish American Anthem.

Have "conservatives" flooded the produce fields

Looks like Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) is in deep shit (Billings Gazette)

CNN News Alert: "President Bush says oil industry should reinvest profits"

Help shame the media

"Play Lettuce" for $50 per hour (deliver apps to John McCain)

We Should Take All The Money That Has Been Spent In Iraq And....

Where is the "Straight Talk" Senator McCain?

China and Mexico to drill for oil in Gulf of Mexico

Bush approves Dubai defense purchase

Has anyone else seen this?

Contacted my Senators, Congressperson re: Gas Prices and CAFE

Ohio The Crossroads In Fight For Congress

Dubya's Strategy...

Another fun survey, this time a Political Compass

Back when Democrats had guts...

Is the United States ready for a third party?

Bush, LIVE: "We need to keep our foot on the pedal of this strong economy"

Bush 4/28 photo op: Yesterday it was puppies 'n' hammers, today it's a kid

Must Read: Media Matters recalls "Mission Accomplished" media hype

Why You Can't Beat The 32 Percent Mentality

Our war wounded and the Chimp

John Kerry's 2004 WMD Grand Canyon speech flip-flop

They're still at it: finding every means to justify our presence in Iraq:

Workers plan to unite at rally (Immigration Boycott)

some of the most recent propaganda....

Republicans Involved in Lobbyist Sex Scandal at the Watergate Hotel?

2 Lawmakers Call for Judiciary Watchdog (ethics!)

PA GOP: Expel College Students for Underage Drinking and End their Grants

Just saw a bumper sticker ... Had Enough Vote Democratic .. Columbus, OH

How long is your daily commute?

Spanish 'Star-Spangled Banner' remix adds lines condemning U.S. laws

"Only" 997 days left

Bush RejectsTax on Oil Windfal Profits

Patrick J. Buchanan - What a surprise

Anyone else see CNN's Interview with Clooney/Powers over Darfur Tonight?

Let's Get a War On

Tom Delay is writing his memoirs, give me a title for his book!!

Randi Rhodes song

If Bush's election was the result of divine providence, you'd think that

Anyone know why Clinton caused Rush to be arrested today? It had to be

John Kerry's First Wife Has Passed Away

SO...apparently, the Freepers' nickname for Tony Snow is "Tbone"...

Join the Troops Out Now Contingent on April 29 in NYC.

State Senate backs boycott

Boycott proposal takes Latin America by storm

"Fox News Fans" explain how they'd stop Iran nukes if THEY were president

2008 Presidential Nomination and the

More political quizzes

Hillary at a FOX News event!? What should we do about her and OTHERS...

Immigrants In NYC To Participate In National Boycott Monday

Corzine making big mistake.

Rush Limbaugh Arrested. On Drug Charges.

Bush says opposes national immigration boycott

President Bush approves deal with Dubai company to manage military plants.

Amnesty Int'l: Rumsfeld's the poster child for Abu Ghraib torture scandal

Bush Bubble

Picking at Scabs

What is an appropriate punishment for election/vote fraud?

Reader Mail: The Friday Fruitcakes

Wired Magazine Owes Al Gore an Apology

OH-Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman Doesn't Endorse Strickland

Vid Clip: Colbert "leaves Bill Kristol smoldering in ashes" over PNAC

Dear Ms. Rita Cosby if you have to torture us with that horse ass voice

Are ltte's about limbaugh in order?

Interest group ratings don't prove how 'progressive' someone is

New Bush Comic: Bushonomics, Turning A Corner???

Jane Harman (D-CA) Faces Strong Progressive Challenger

Is Howard Dean our best spokesperson?

Exclusive: Scott Ritter on John Kerry’s Iraq Plan

Hillary hearts Fox News

Boycott to close 40 businesses

Does anyone give a shit someone made a recording of the anthem en espanol?

Senate Republicans Screw Troops Yet Again