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Archives: April 29, 2006

Proposed Gas Boycott Divides Texas County

In Zarqawi's home town, family talk with pride about their heroic cousin

Meet Bush's latest enemy in the war on Iraq (Guardian)

Hostile Takeover - The Corporate Control of Society and Human Life

How Emotionally Insecure Is Bush?

Middle Class wealth, income... best definition?

FBI's Israel Interests in Columnist's Files Detailed

Chirac Calls for Fund to Aid Palestinians

And thank you to Hamas

Conspiracy Theory Question

How could this incompetent administration pull of MIHOP?

WAKE UP AMERICA from PROPAGANDA!!! Flight 93 movie.

Flight 77 terrorists ignore much easier target of opportunity, Whitehouse

I agree with this article except

We Didn't Do Enough to Help Katrina Victims Vote

Micro-Vote & others blasted in Ft. Wayne newspaper article.

ONCE AGAIN, Mark Crispin Miller Replay on BookTV!

Sad News: PA Citizens Lose AGAIN -- Day #4 of Allegheny County PA Lawsuit

What I'm going to do to the oil companies

Loonie hits highest level since 1978

Shell's Alberta problem

Ken Dryden to run for Liberal leadership.....

Galloway inquiry wants Saddam deputy to testify

Puerto Ricans Protest Budget Problems

Police get ready for massive immigration march (Chicago)

Greenland sees UN settling Canada dispute

Pentagon Halts Contractor Clearances

Mexican Workers Protest U.S. Influence

Five Congress Members Arrested at Protest

Cold rain doesn't stop hundreds from protesting Iraq war

Truthout: Fitzgerald to Seek Indictment of Rove

Limbaugh Reaches Settlement in Drug Case (charges to be dropped)

Iran defies UN, continues nuclear fuel enrichment

Death Toll for Americans in Iraq Is Highest in 5 Months

Money laundering thrives in Dubai

DENMARK: Danes indicted for report on Iraq

WP: In Iraqi Town, Trainees Are Also Suspects

Verizon plans 1,661 job cuts at MCI call centers (IA TX MO)

Katrina evacuees on Alabama coast upset over FEMA move order

Gold price hits 25-year highs

Accident Kills Former Pitcher Steve Howe

Pakistan rejects regime change in Iran

Effort to relax class-size caps dies in the Florida Senate

Official: Too early to tell 9/11 health effects

Microsoft Shares Sink More Than 11 Pct

Jason Leopold: Fitzgerald to Seek Indictment of Rove

Tyson, other meat companies expect interruptions from rallies

Prosecutors Opt for Wide Probe of Rep. Ney

Poor states block key UN reform in divisive vote

Feds move to dismiss lawsuit challenging spy tactics

Rick Springfield is on the Emmy's Now

Who has the most mocked threads???

Finally got my DU bumpersticker. Wave hi if you see me.

I missed something - did something happen to Flush Limpballs?

Civility in public discourse

Bomb Iran!

FEBE - great new Firefox extension!

You've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine.

Just so you know, I'm drunk

I got promoted


Who aren't these people?

This just in: Lawrence Eagleburger found to be Jabba The Hut

I had a WONDERFUL evening

My Karl Rove Anagram

Seen "Hostel"? Take my poll!!

A question about inheritances.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (part 1)

"Moving Targets"

My official B-day is May 2nd...Steph says I should change it to May 1st

Are there any updates about how alarcojon is doing?

Tornado Sirens going off....

I want to lick all the cherries & cream off the beefcake by the fridge

Is wearing a blue tooth headset 24/7 a little creepy?

Where's my fucking camcorder?!?!?!

I want to take all the ferries

The Burning Bush

I think I got stood up tonight

Bush Opposes Singing Anthem in Ethanol...

Ever wonder what graywarrior does for work?

This might be the greatest thing I have ever seen. Ever.

Firemen Pounding up the stairs....

My cats are mad at me.

my boy is asleep on a blanket behind me

Howdy FUNNY !

can you picture Karl Rove nekked ?

Skittles needs her ass kicked!

Anyone here have a Winco store in their town?

ATTN: May/June crack babies!!

A question for the DU Legal types

Take me out back and shoot me - I sprained my damn ankle

Post something you know will get deleted, just do it.

Have you guys had Triscuit

Speaking of cats: Anyone ever had a cat who whined incessantly?

i'm about to get $6 million from some nigerian i don't even know.....

I'm So FUCKIN PROUD! I just found out about Rush getting arrested...

Must See Film: "Thank You For Smoking"


I really want to adopt these cutie puppies...

Holy Shit! Williams to be No. 1!

Hugh Morans!!!

Just finished my last formal paper for the school year.

Der holle rache kocht in meinem herzen

My apartment building caught fire.

Pigboy Mugshot

Making a tshirt for the march. Any ideas?

HypnoToad appreciation thread

What's your favorite MP3/media player?

Post here and I'll give you a random fact!

Any ACIMers here?

Rejecting the Da Vinci Code

NASA roundin' up road kill (Reuters/CNN) {KSC/shuttle}

A Bible-Based Government

Gov’t Must Turn Over Documents Of Spying on LGBT Groups

Soulforce-An organization to support

Steve Howe dead at 48

The fourth quarter of the best college football game

Texans sign Mario Williams!

Kittens Born on Good Friday Bear Mysterious Markings

I am posting this for a friend to get insight from this intuitive family

I am so pissed off right now

Interesting analysis of 2004, IWR, media complicity

Nevada (funny photo of Reid)

So I talked with my grandfather today


KOEB 4-28-06 Rush in Limbo edition

Newsweek: Gore-Why America & Bush Are At Tipping Point On Global Warming

What REALLY happened with Flight 93

Conspiracy Theory Question

Flight 77 terrorists ignore much easier target of opportunity, Whitehouse

Well well..this ought to provide an evening full of laughs

Starr Mounts Challenge to Sarbanes - Oxley

Judge Defends Decision to Jail Judy Miller

Yet another Rush Photoshop... YARP!

Being Republican means smiling for your mugshot

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Tonight on NOW (PBS): Blackwell and Christianity

Limbaugh speaks out!

Has anyone been brave enough to see what FR has to say about Rush?

The AP moved 2 photos of the same woman with **

Hu signs another HU!!!111!!11!! oil exploration deal in Kenya

If you don't think the press is a problem then read this

Reggie Bush falls to number 2

China tests new prototype jet fighter

WSJ: Smaller Families In Mexico May Stir U.S. Job Market

US military struggling to recruit Arab-Americans

Good grief! I gotta stop listening to this Neil Young stream

Rush is Toast....He's "Old News." That the Repugs Bailed him Out....

I Figured It Out! Why We're So IMPOTENT!

"Roger & Me" (1989) on IndiePlex NOW....Michael Moore's

Here's a bumper sticker story you'll like

Keith Olberman is great...

Is "doctor shopping" a felony?

"1,000 Prayer Vigils Against The Da Vinci Code!"

McCain warns Russia, China on Iran

US Anthem - in Spanish...

Political Will = Backbone, not Balls

Bush says David Gregory wouldn't pass a Background Check

Rush's punishment is EXACTLY how most drug crimes should be treated

Martha and Robin Williams

Okay. Oh. Camera. Smile... what is this mope telling me?

I prefer this Anthem sung in any language !

nearly fainted when i saw the headline: "5 members of Congress arrested.'

Murray Waas Says VandeHei Can Take a Victory Lap

US says world safer,despite 11,000 terror attacks that killed 14,000 people

Judge: "(Judy Miller) She was an actor in the commission of a crime,

Pink's Anti-Bush Music Video

**CAPTION... See if you line up all the water bottles just so...

Any Arabic readers here?

Nearly lynched on a grim night in 1960

ADL reports on anti-Hispanic bias

Could your jeans be spying on you?

National Anthem in Spanish

Look at these Great Americans... they should be honored!

Get Your Commemorative Oxy Rush "Get out of Jail" card here

FBI Secretly Sought Info On 3,501 US Citizens Without Court OK

Rumsfiend got pissy in Baghdad this week

See, ya gotta act Presidential, and I have 2 new advisors

"The president (Bush) noted Rush Limbaugh is a national treasure,"

Date and time for Clooney Doc about Darfur? nt

Pentagon Halts Contractor Clearances

Poor Karl.......

FYI: DOE gas price gouging report form

Another episode of "That Wacky Drug-Addicted Right-Wing Hypocrite!"

NOW has a show on about Blackwell's Ohio Campaign and

Efforts to Train Iraqi Forces Pose Perils

Congressman Conyers: More on the Lawsuit to Redeem the Constitution

I found a site that lists all the walmart locations in CA and license info

Sweetheart deal for Big Fat Idiot in Florida


Rush's mugshot

Wes Clark on Darfur.

97 pills per day for Rush ...... No wonder he was going deaf

The House -- Can the Dems retake it?

As Profits Soar, Oil Industry Unapologetic

I wish Rove is kept in the White House after being indicted on perjury!!

How does Bush have the guts?

Breaking: Fitz to seek indictment of Rove... Jason Leopold

Let's get the Republicans to REALLY give us some Gas money.

$100 for gas relief? Bill Gates says thanks

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in- It's my day to play!!

Anyone ventured to the land of the empty skulls to gauge reaction on Rush?

Star Spangled Banner en Espanol - why not?

However Will Republicans Win Re-election With Rove Under Indictment ???

Ha-ha! Jackass Rush SLAMMED by bad Karma!

Bush Justice For Rush: Is this the End of Right and Wrong in America

Wounded Soldiers - Images

WARNING: Do NOT miss Olbermann tonight.

I'd like to know who is going to supervise Rush for 18 months

What do you think is George W Bush's actual religion?

I doubt Rove will be indicted..

Eewww! ---pix--->>>

Bush wants the power/authority to raise fuel efficiency standands ve

CIA poker parties at the Watergate nothing new for Congressman

Only 33 more months of Bush. Think we can stand it?

Political Springsteen N. Orleans: "How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times"

I just heard that John Kerry's first wife passed away

You got a bullet in your head.

Did you get the email from truthout about Rove's indictment?

If they give $100 gas rebate checks.........

Flight 93 Passengers did MORE than FAA, Pentagon and White House.

Gays did us well proud on Bill Maher tonight

* to David Gregory: "Thank you for your penetrating question"

Neil Young and Pink Blame Wrong Leaders by John Gibson of Faux

I know how to solve the gas price problem

Wow. Just sad. Something you will NEVER see on MSM.

Why does the entire media spectrum assume * has good intentions in Iraq?

Why is does Randi keep calling * an "egghead"? It means "intellectual".

Say there, soldier boy... lend me a hand here and CAPTION, yillya?

Vote for impeachment, buy Neil Young's new album!

"And Then They Took Him"

"Harwood's assertion (re: Rove) is not supported by the law or the facts."

Back to reality- let's ask Bush himself what he knows about 9/11

"Happy Rush Limbaugh Arrest Day!"

A song of hope - "The Mary Ellen Carter" by Stan Rogers

Gov't Files Statement of Interest in AT&T Case (states secrets)

Kucinich Speaks Out Against House Bill That Lays The Ground Work For War

"Real Time w/ Bill Maher" thread

I just found out that my this year's commencement speak is...

Neil Young (with CSN too!) - the Freedom of Speech Tour '06

I can't stand the other side. I can't.

How to get rid of the debt AND the oil addiction!!!

New email from my buddy Ken Melman...

Iraqi troops working in cahoots with insurgents to kill U.S. troops

I ask that you visit Neil Young's website..........

Anyone feel the need to purge? This freeper thread should do it.

My cousin is running for Lt. Gov. of Maryland!

The US Doesn't Give A Damn About A UN Resolution

Roll Call for the Peace Marchers! >>>


Book TV Schedule April 29th - May 1st

5i Team Undercover: Beyond the Minutemen

Anti-War Music

Anti-migrant group plans cross-country rally

Lamont Hired Wellstone's Ad Guy

Muslims Urged to Join Illegals Boycott

The war on terror. Illegal immigration. Iraq. Government leaks.

Hotels, union opt for rally

Corporate Crusaders

Fresno Bishop Opposes Immigration Boycott

Rush Limbaugh quote on drug users on his radio show Oct. 1995

LET ME TELL YOU about the next war......

Its been a bad week for chimpie, his crew and fellow travelors

Boycott Bush

Cardinals visit White House, Hill on immigration reform

Head of the Neo-Con Clan

It's Plea Agreement for God Sakes!!! Stop saying settlement MSM!!!

How about this

El Rushbo's Mug Shotbo

Microsoft subpoenaed by AMD in Intel suit

To hold the current regime in Iran accountable for its threatening behavio

The Latino giant awakes

McCain calls for "more coercive" measures on Iran

Impeaching Bush, State by State

boycott was called off after; two sides agreed to run newspaper ads

Monday Immigration Boycott Targets Dallas Economy

The $5 billion punitive damage award, which has still not been settled

Casinos, union announce plans for May 1 immigration boycott

Has everyone read the Rolling Stone "Worst Pres in History article?"

Often referred to as “May Day,” or “International Workers’ Day,”

Significant Robert Scheer article here: "Nothing Prepared Me for Bush"

If we were as a group to work for the may 1st boycott we could accomplish

Many hesitant on May Day boycott

Boycott Microsoft

You can view this, decide for yourself. Though the party and the media..

A real plan to take back the House, Senate, and Presidency:: Very Long

Who here would boycott work on Monday in Solidarity against Bush....

What exactly is a boycott when George can declare it illegal....?@!DD

LA mayor picks NFL talks over immigrant boycott

Did Keith O just say comedian Rush Limbaugh arrested? LAMO

Conan O'Brien: "Condi is the most popular member

The Rush Limbaugh Law for Drug Rehabilitation

Boycotting the boycott? Immigrants ponder May 1 walkout

I love Keith O, but can he lose the bimbo that does the "Star" crap

"Sweet Jesus I hate Bill O'Reilly:" sounds like a good funny book

MP3: Howard Dean talks with Franken about recent events, strategy

O'Reilly: "I work at Fox News. It's not a right-wing enterprise"

Senselessbrenner holding a town hall meeting on May 1st

Is Harry Reid afraid of Jack Carter? You decide and let me know...

Gore speaks

Pink's "Dear Mr President" - song of the year?

BUSH:dispatching troops to Darfur would rightly be viewed as an invasion.

Republican arrests/indictments since Dim Son took office?

so they are just "Immigrants" now.

Vote for your favorite Bumper Sticker

Republican Party Donates $100 per U.S. Citizen to the Democratic Party

The real cost of salad: You pay 99p. Africa pays 50 litres of fresh water

Charges ALREADY written up on Rove

Blame gas prices on shortsightedness

John Nichols (Madison Capitol Times): Citizens out front on impeachment

In Leak Cases, New Pressure on Journalists

Great article my kid gave me: "What is Conservatism?

(San Diego) Co-conspirator's possible links to prostitutes eyed

Massive turnout could make for the largest protests since the civil rights

William Pfaff: Why Europe should reject U.S. market capitalism

Say Uncle, Rummy

Praise Hydrogen And Hide The SUV

May 1: The Power To Stop The System

Sirota - Peter Beinart Has No Clothes

WHAT IS THE REAL NATURE of American capitalism today?

Neoliberalism in the US.

Bodies for Barrels: Betrayal and Energy Dependence

A Chilling FBI Fishing Expedition By Mark Feldstein

Helen Thomas:Bush should cut his (our) losses

The Predator State: The US Government? (We are the Prey)

Waving signs saying "Don't Buy Gringo Products"

Black Monday?

Importing oil in 20 years??

National energy conversation getting louder

Nowhere To Go But Down For Canada's Prairie Water Supplies - Toronto Star

Kilimanjaro - "It's Going To Be F****d. It's Well On Its Way" - Salon

Ministers bullish on biomass fuel; Growing demand for non-food crops (BBC)

Himalayan Glaciers Melting Faster, Increasing Pakistani Water Stress

'At Some Point, Reality Has Its Day': Gore on global-warming tipping point

Alps' Ski Industry Looking At Big Trouble As Glaciers Melt Faster

Brace for $100-a-barrel oil

Mercedes-Benz Diesel May Cure Sticker Shock at the Pump

Borneo To Be Stripped To Provide Wood For Beijing Olympic Construction

My dad left me 400 shares of Exxon/Mobil stock. What should I do?

Time to take another look at nuclear power?

U.S. Has Royalty Plan to Give Windfall to Oil Companies $7 Bil over 5 yrs

Plastic Trash Litters Oceans, Decimates Bird Populations - KRT

Keep your hair on! Trump blows into town with attack on wind farms

The Protocols of Rachel Corrie

Hammer blows

Linking Tehran and Tel Aviv

7 Gazans hurt in IDF shelling

Spare civilians in Israeli-Palestinian fight-ICRC

Flight 93 survived the Pennsylvania Crash

"I think an act of heroism just took place"

WOW. AOL homepage covers "Loose Change"

On A & E tonight....

Believe 9/11?

Former Bush administration official: 9/11 was inside job

EAC Caught Switching Final Voting System Guidelines

New York election board sets machine standards!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, April 29, 2006

Help me reset my iMac displays please

Don't even TRY to copy - Feds want to give you 10 years in prison:

Help needed with a spam problem!

summer events in North Texas: Concerts in the Garden/FT Worth

What program director @ WOAI in San Antonio says about Rush

Simple Korean Salad

Fried,spiced bean curd

Treasure trove link for fresh fruits, veggies recipes and lots more!

Is there a "Restaurants" group on DU, or is this the place?

"Seasoning" the coffee and tea mugs? Anyone do this?

Immigration seizes girls to lure parents

Grope and Flail: Dead soldier's father criticizes Harper

In Zarqawi's home town, family talk with pride about their heroic cousin

Rejecting the Da Vinci Code

Pentagon Halts Contractor Clearances/ WashPost

Bush Rejects Calls for Tax on Oil Profits

Terrorist mastermind escapes

Texas Teens Won't Face Hate Crimes Charges

Bush Enters Anthem Fight on Language

Prostitution alleged in Cunningham case

Feds Drop Bomb on EFF Lawsuit

Mexico Votes to Decriminalize Cocaine, Pot

South Korea arrests chairman of Hyundai Motor (SlushFunds/Lobbists)

War costs skyrocket due to equipment wear and weapons purchases

Drugs found at home of John Reid (UK's MOD)

U.S. Steps Into Wiretap Suit Against AT&T (eavesdropping on US citizens)

Calming the Mind Among Bodies Laid Bare

Russia tells Iran to suspend enriching uranium

Australia to Investigate Soldier's Death

Collier Co. seeks to blast for oil in Big Cypress

Charter School Demotes Leader (theft)

Update: Prostitution alleged in Cunningham case

Bush: Tough Fighting Still Ahead in Iraq (AP headline from the recyle bin)

Democrats decry 'tax breaks to Big Oil' as profits gush

Julia Thorne, Sen. Kerry's ex-wife, dies

Bernanke hint on US rate pause dents dollar (Dollar to 7 month low)

Officials: Woman at home slept through pipe attack (Spring, Texas)

Reuters: L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa picks NFL talks over immigrant boycott

AP-Thousands Converge on NYC for War Protest

Navy Charges Protesting Chaplain

War games to begin in Winnipeg on Monday...

GOP's Grafton resigns (Evansville, IN)

E&P: Guild Calls on Officials to Probe MediaNews Deal for 4 Papers

Prosecutors Opt for Wide Probe of Rep. Ney

100,000 Families Are Fleeing Violence, Iraq Official Says


Six killed; 12 bodies found tortured in Iraq

Ethanol switch leads to gas problems

AP: FBI Investigated 3,501 People Without Warrants

Reuters-EU and US strike different tones on Iran (McCain in Brussels)

Majority of Iraqis pessimistic, poll shows

Forests in Southeast Asia Fall to Prosperity's Ax (NY Times)

‘Registering with Taliban can save your neck’ Daily Times/ Pakistan

NYT: In Scramble for New Medicare Business, a Few Insurers Grab the Most

Test blast linked to nuke weapons (& not Iran's)

U.S.-trained Iraqis working both sides

AP Disaster Response Improvements Lacking

Rasmussen: Bush Job Approval 37% (Lowest Ever For 'Pug's Favorite Poll)

Shiite Bloc Ready to Forgo Interior Post

Allawi SG of Iraqi National Security Council

US admits Iraq could become haven for terror

US admits Iraq is terror 'cause'-- Times/UK

Dylan opens New Orleans jazz fest

Celebs join Bush for reporters' dinner (Plame/Wilson expected to attend)

Job creation tops US diplomat's Iraq agenda (Insurgents need jobs!)

Non-Ohioans pour nearly $2 million into governor's race

Election Test Delayed (WV to test new machines day before election)

Feingold Heartens Activists In Iowa

Ex-Head of F.D.A. Faces Criminal Inquiry

Berlusconi to quit and make way for Prodi

Chevron joins US oil firm bonanza

Contractor's Plans Lie Among Ruins of Iraq( finished 20 of 150 clinics)

Many Alabama lawmakers left without major party opposition

$100b Iran-China energy deal ready to be signed: Chinese ambassador

Olmert compares Ahmadinejad to Hitler

Retired American officer thanks Canada on website

Father of dead soldier lashes out at Prime Minister Harper during funeral

Thousands march in mass anti-war rally in New York

American Soldier Killed in Iraq (# 2400)

Qatar halts trade talks with U.S.

Ohio voters unhappy with Bush, poll shows (98% black voters disapprove)

Lawmaker pushes to end oil companies' royalty break (for public lands oil)

Justice Department plans single-faith prison program

Navy Charges Protesting Chaplain

After 35 Years, Amtrak's Future Uncertain

Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela Reject U.S. Trade

Local Mall Pulls Plug On Band With Anti-Bush T-Shirts (Cleveland)

U.S. blasts Canada on terrorism

Poll: Westly Leads Angelides in Race to Be CA Dem Gubernatorial Nominee

(Susan Sarandon) fearing for safety after death threats over her Iraq Stan

Officials: Woman at home slept through pipe attack (Tuck, Turner update)

did you hear on AAR about the Plexywindectomy.. it is a plastic window


Champagne for our real friends!

Neil Youngs new album streaming

I don't know why, but I like Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Mammoth Jugs!

the all-time best all-time quarterback of all-time is.....

Former Dodger Steve Howe killed in car crash

Let It Snow!

I might as well go around as a graphic designer.

Post here and get some wisdom from a drunk

Battle Hymn of the Republicans

And, like a crazed truck driver hopped up to his eyebrows on amphetamines

Does anyone have one of those cabinet depth refrigerators?

Can I get a couple more recommends for this Doonesbury thread?

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

Do you "log out" every time you leave DU?

Why does Bush want to regulate cafe standards?

How long does helium balloons stay afloat?

Christmas lights?? In (almost) MAY???

Mayor election controversy...

88,500 registered people on DU!!!


Regarding national anthems...

I've decided. I'm in love with AUDIOSLAVE!!

Is it wrong to eat lunch at 10:40 A.M.?

Blueberry and Strawberry-Cheesecake Muffins!!!!!

I just want to say ..

In walking to class the other day I saw someone, AND THEY DIDN'T

How many Bush officials does it take to screw in a light bulb

Wake up AMERICA! The REAL propaganda film this summer .....

Only DJ Noisekick Will Survive

Hallelujah! I have found Salvation!

Anyone here watch Showtime's "Masters of Horror"?

Keith Richards Hospitalized in New Zealand (fell out of a palm tree)

This is a sad looking pig

Your opinion of Captain Beefheart

Joe Montana voted best all-time quarterback by DU

Texans Reject Bush

My husband is finally as old as I am.

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

Confession! Paris & Nicole are funny!

About those TP reports

Okay, this has got to be the strangest thread I've ever seen

$7 To Fill Up The Lawn Mower

NBA playoffs! Nets vs IND @ 3:00 on TNT, Clips vs. Nugs at 10:30 on ESPN

Video of Disco Demolition Night...

I just spent 15 minutes polishing a new pair of boots, ask me anything!

New Jersey DUers: I'm playing in Atlantic City TONIGHT, April 29!

Did anyone watch Doctor Who last night?

Is This Evil? Ethical question ...

Pictures the White House does not want anyone to see .

I just kicked a spider out of my house.

Do you get the "G4" Channel? Star Trek 2.0

Mouse in the house!

Sign at a local coffee shop.

Well, I guess I don't have to visit Alabama anymore

Please talk to me.

Just got back from watching Flight 93

When chicks post their pics on DU, I save them to my hard drive. :)

An injured wild rabbit is in my backyard.

How do I go about changing my screen name?

What are the cheap, generic, off-brands in your grocery store?

Okay, we're going to settle this once and for ALL!

My band needs your vote! Our song is eligible for a movie soundtrack!!

NFL Draft Thread. Here's where they stand after 12 picks.

Khashka says I have "gay credentials"

So it's raining today. What are you doing today?

Anyone been in court when the judge threw a kiniption fit?

No wonder Ford's going bankrupt — they're a buncha liars

How many DU women straighten their guys? (Guys too)

Can I vent? Grrr...Asshole boss!!

Mac help - how do I reset my displays?


I give up: What's the difference between the DU Lounge and

Oh, fuck!

World's Most Amazing Videos

Making red beans & rice. First time.

My night out last night...

Cat person/dog person

Farewell DU. I'm off to the Roller Derby.

My sig line pic

Jesus God!

DU I need a Hug...I just spent most of my savings on my cat.

Would you be brave enough (or stupid enough) to try this?

Does anyone know of a good web hosting company that offers forums?

A USC RB who scored more TDs than Reggie Bush is still on the board...


can someone please call me

Hitchhike this!

It's time to stop calling it "English" and start calling it "American"

Pig thread? I think it's time.

"Mr. Darcy" in the new Pride and Prejudice...

The Chuck Poll

So it turns out we've got a forum called GD: Politics!

15 minutes of FAME!!! Free- form Madness!!!!!

Kickass pancake recipe!

It is snowing.

Have you ever heard of Gypsy Punk?

How not to return a door

May I have a grammar lesson?

Best thing since sliced bread?

Dear Mr. President...

Devils sweep the Rangers!!!

Which do you prefer; the Saturn Sky or the Pontiac Solstice?

what's in your netflix queue?

Optics people: I'm looking for a good field tripod.

Exactly one year ago today I went to work for the very last time.......

Ever use a church key?

High School reunion dilemma

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/29/06)

Did you know the US does not have an official language?

I apologize to any ladies offended by my calling them "chicks."

I got all this excess energy

Sven Sundgaard

Diet Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper


I apparently missed something about Rush Limbaugh

Well, I'm officially heartbroken.

Best "Sympathy for the Devil"

Need help picking an NFL team

moving to spokane, washington

Please help me find a link to a 2008 nominees poll that was posted on DU!

grammaAgonist brags again.... (picture warning)

"He's so old, he studied the quadrivium."

I saw the most amazing and inspirational movie last night

Taylor Hicks should be the next American Idol according to DU poll:

Where I live (photos)

Check live video of eagle nest....hatchings expected anytime...


I posted about my mentally ill boyfriend

Do you believe in psychic abilities (ESP)?

I live in Michigan and am therefore better than you

Best Polish contribution to the universe?

For breakfast I had a mixed drink

Der holle rache kocht in meinem hefeweizen

Flapjacks From The Sky

Am I the only one who does silly dances in front of my cats?

Calming the Mind Among Bodies Laid Bare

On "Whackjob Atheists"

Why would Fundies, who really believe, want theocracy?

Health Insurance

Spacecraft seek climate clarity (BBC) {climate change/more & better data}

Insect eye inspires future vision (BBC)

'Creatives' touted in marriage debate

Happy Birthday Dale Earnhardt

How Amazing Is The NFC South Now?

NFL draft-Okay so far no phone call

Debarking should never be an option (petition; please sign!)

Pet Insurance

"The Tao of Painful Relationships" by Doreen Virtue

Matthew's new message from 4/28

No shopping on Monday

Eleanor Clift is at it again- Kerry reminded Dem's how much better Gore was

Army of Shadows - Salon's review.

Sometimes what you're looking for is already right in front of you.

Please help me decide . . .

New York City (during the two days before the protest)

Could you help me out with my website?

Welcome to speak English (or)

How Are the Immigrant Groups Doing It?

I thought I seen on the news earlier something about oxycoton rush being

Dead bodies a common find on 101st Airborne’s patrols

The licenses from Rush's first two failed marriages

Why is * and the Republicans trying to decimate the Hispanic vote?

Dear Mr. pResident,please answer these questions.

New comic: Enter the Republican Noise Machine

If * wants "everyone" to speak "english"..maybe he should set an example

I just had an idea that could tie teachers into the immigration issue.

March in New York tomorrow...

Do you realize that China owns 50% of our treasury bills?

Enough Already (NYTimes)

Believe 9/11?

2,398 U.S. troops now dead in Iraq

the rude pundit didn`t go far enough

Democratic phone banks were jammed- Haley Barbour?

The licenses from OxyRush's first two failed marriages

Was Rush living in sin with his first wife?

Sorry to start another Rush thread but is he or is he not a convicted


Alleged Sex Tourist Sought Tryst With 2 1/2-Year-Old Girl

WOW. AOL homepage covers "Loose Change"

now he wants to be the "VETOer" - Sat 4/29 toon

What does head lice have to do with illegal immigration?!

New Americans? North Americans? NAFTAmericans? Frame it, Democratically..

This is justice??

Springsteen at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest - Live Web Broadcast

When would you call the police on your neighbor?

Gloom & Doom From Greekspeak: How until the whole thing crashes down?

So much food on the plate....

Court Tosses Rule Requiring Canvassers To Register (PA)

Wash J. Now with pedro: Darfar is the topic What should US do?

No Tax Breaks For Oil Companies - Brilliant !

"Compassionate Conservatism"- REDUX

don't forget - c-span 8pm edt tonight colbert and bush at

Neil Young's "Living with War": a minstrel's voice for a silent majority

I'm off to get candles for the bloody 3rd anniversary cake.

100 War Words and Bush's Radio Address......

Show of support if you can't attent Monday's protest.

Bush gets paid 2 times more than his predecessors?

Rush quotes on mandatory drug sentencing?

WAKE UP AMERICA from PROPAGANDA!!! Flight 93 movie.

everyday i can`t wait to read

We'll Nuke Iran - Brilliant !

A different take on Oxy-Rush

Where's the site for those doggy poop flags with pix of

I am sure this has been posted as it is quite old but....

the rule,take care of your own

Freeper e-mail re: "Shop May 1"

Way to go Ohio. Mean Jean the fake degrees machine over Iraq war vet

Jury Awards $1.7M to Woman Spanked on Job

Limo company in DC got TWENTY ONE MILLION DOLLAR contract

Do you believe in psychic abilities (ESP)?

PO'd? Photo essay of HS students encountering police at recruiting station

Immigration, the final poll before May 1st

Gee. What a fucking surprise. "No evidence of price gouging at the pump"

Prostitution Alleged In Cunningham Case-Focus on Limo Company

Former head of FDA under criminal investigation

you know, if we hadn't messed with rush about his pill popping....

“My Strange Nation” National Anthem...(I will NOT move to France!)

Editor&Publisher: Gates, Sulzberger Unveil New Web/Print 'Reader'

Need details for sacramento impeachment forum as mentioned on mike malloy


National Anthem (i'm ready for the flames)

E&P: NYT Sunday Preview: Democrats Need Shot of 'Cold War Liberalism'

It seems only yesterday Republicans and Faux News were telling us


Everyone's Doing ..."THE BUSH~BASH" [`toon]

Make your own gas for 65 cents a gallon

Don't even TRY to copy - Feds want to give you 10 years in prison:

CAPTION El Zero. . . . Ladies and Gentlemen, step this way and CAPTION!!!!

Come pay homage to our Cabin in Chef, . . . . . . . give us a CAPTION!!!!!

Folks, please join me in praying for Rush Limbaugh

M. Ruppert speech at the Local Solutions to the Energy Dilemma Conference

As long as we're knocking RFID, what about supermarket "club" cards?

Keith Richards Hospitalized in New Zealand (fell out of a palm tree)

'DARFUR' - The Cartoon/s & Dubya

I have a question

Great observation about the Rush Limbaugh listeners

"Save the Internet" and Protect DU

War games to begin in Winnipeg on Monday...

Check this picture of Cruella (aka Katherine Harris

Jews in Iran

Another RANT re: unbelievable corpmedia treatment of Dems (this time Dean)


Frank Rich (NYT): Downing Street memo 'proved accurate'

It Costs 1.4 cents to make a penny now, no inflation?

Immigrants urged - don't be afraid to go to rally - amid roundup rumors


S-11 Redux/Channel Surfing the Apocalypse (for those who missed it)

Should Rush consider moving to Mexico?

Silvio To Resign On Tuesday! Yahoo Bye Asshat!

Interesting take on how the Reich Wing and NeoCons took over the Government

Sue the Bastards!...Democrats in action...

Caption this pic of *

My Country T'is Of Thee is sung to the to the tune of God Save the Queen

Time for a law against locking up condoms/family planning items in stores?

Now O'Reilly Has a Hall of Shame

NOBODY can sing the National Anthem, in any language.

My Congressional candidate Jill Martinez with Cindy Sheehan

The lamest, most misleading Limbaugh headline

Candidate Jan Schneider (FL-13) interview with with Colbert.

What Is The Democratic World View?

Body Thought to Be Missing Soldier Found

The Way It Is

LIMBOsevic lied abt Marseillaise with English lyrics

the greatest threat to this country

Nat'l Anthem in Scotch, Yiddish, Polish, Sign, Samoan & BushSpeak

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "Nixonians XI: Rove in Hell"

* hits new low at Rasmussen plus they will be making a slight modification

My challenge.....

On FOX News: Republicans continue to turn a blind eye to the oil industry

What do you call someone who speaks 2 languages?

I met Momma! aka Stephanie Miller!

Theocracy or Godless Communism?

Oh... my...

While we're all fighting over illegals...

Where is coverage of the antiwar protest in NYC????

Want to guess what Rush will tell his dittoheads on Monday?

I finally figured out why so many Americans still support the president.

So, Monday is going to be "A Day Without a Mexican".

Looking Good, New York!

How Many US Troops are Really in Iraq? (260,000!)

One step closer to the feds raiding your toybox...

Karma for Clinton penis talk. Rush has to do supervised PISS TESTS

I just attended a Holocaust memorial

If Rush Limbaugh was a poor young black man do you think he'd walk?

3 choreographed appearances of top 3 al-quida leaders last week. How

To all those participating in the demonstration on Monday...

Your Gas Pain Is Caused By "PURE SPECULATION"

This is one of those things that surpasses politics. So how do we........

quest saying Mexico is going the way of Europe.

are there any engineers out there

How absurd is this?

The definition of George W. Bush from the Urban Dictionary...

Rush poll....Palm Beach Post

As a criminal matter, Limbaugh got the right punishment.

Not all of the Bush disapprovers are necessarily Democratic voters


I had NO IDEA some of these guys were fundies....

Contractor's Plans Lie Among Ruins of Iraq

How do you say IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH in all languages?

My painters are not working Monday. Stock up on bread and milk.

Renewed Push

Pro-Lifer Attacks NASA After Shuttle Flight Aborted

Thom Hartmann on John Kasich's Fauxnews "Heartland" - 8pm EDT

Republicans Jumping Ship:Rasmussen Reports

On CNN homepage - where does Rush Limbaugh belong? lol

Spit on Bush's picture- Day 2039

NEVER FORGET: Bush and Cheney are OIL MEN

Americans 'Will' do the job...if the pay is right!...

My hometown's ignorance (concerning Flight 93 movie)

Neoliberals--who are they and do we have any here?

CNN Poll: Where's the best place for Rush Limbaugh?

How is the rest of the world behaving....environmentally?

Remember this? Katie "anchor" Couric interviewing Howard Dean.

Is Bush still a threat to this Country?

My hometown's ignorance (concerning Flight 93 movie)

NUESTRO HIMNO, eat your heart out... (National anthem debate)

Poll on CNN about Rush

The Poll Dancer Last Dance (warning graphic LOL)

was there any MSM coverage of the anti-war anti-bush protest in NY today?

QUESTION?? Did Kagan Go Back To Rush LimpBalls??

"I have never voted Democratic, but come this next election, I will..."

Oh My! Sleazy Sexual Politics in the UK!

Iraqi oil gangs syphon off billions

Don't forget, battles and elections lost & won are part of a larger longer

The law of truly large numbers

Oh Great! Condi on FTN Tomorrow Talking Iran and 'Mushroom Clouds'

pictures from today's march,

290 million did we end up with this dumb sonuvabitch?

Merle Haggard just put out an anti- bush song!

Profits are up, Prince William Sound still feeling the effects of

Ok, say Fitz does indict Rove; what does that do for us?

Where are Wilson/Plame sitting tonight? Is it too much to hope for front..

Hey Bolton! "IAEA Finds no Proof of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program"!!!!

Twelve Angry Generals (new poster)

So has the US been bombing Pakistan ?!??

anti immigrant email I received today:

May 1: a solemn anniversary

Any mention of anti-war protests in NYC on nat'l news? Not on CBS. nt

National Heathcare and the 10th amendment...

Star Spangled in Spanish pre-release here (soundclip)

Gas company profits Q1 2006 - Exxon $8 billion, Chevron $4 billion

Ordinarily- I'm not a poll person, but vote the grannies up to be on CBS


What wil Fox's headline be if the Dems win in 2006 and/or 2008?

Question of Drug Use

ImBushcile wants "more sacrifice" in Iraq.

Where's the best place for Rush Limbaugh? - CNN poll

"The pictures the US doesn't want you to see."

Viewer Alert: Stephen Colbert on CSPAN tonite @ 8

Gonzales defends Iraq war to 6th graders

Stick a fork in South Park. It is done.

Letter from Ken Melmen (forwarded by a disgruntled Republican)

How many Congressmembers are at the march in NY today?

Bush: "the oil companies need to be MINDFUL"...very Zen-like...

Army Confirms: Rumsfeld Authorized Criminal Conduct

2400 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Images the GOP does not want you to see. (Warning - very graphic images.)

Bush wants to prosecute reporters as spies (NYT)

Rant about evangelicals going door-to-door

Bush Admin. Wants To Prosecute Reporters

Right on Nueva York

The 10 Commandments for Republicans

OMFG Has * repealed Posse Comitatus Act

How Long Will Tony Snow last as Press Secretary?

AUDIO: Howard Zinn on Impeachment - get this onto your local radio station

Venezuela in US$2 billion deal to buy crude oil from Russia

Rename the countries of the world

So Bush wants more sacrifice?

Military exercise alarms city's refugee community

Immigration: Whose side are you on?

How to Make Your Bush Supporter Friend or Co-Worker the Butt of a Joke

Will someone who knows please explain "Executive Orders" to me

Fitz--after a long day----at the airport.

Talk about a long suppressed truth. This takes the cake.

My pro minute man sister sent me this email :Mad:

Squaring up for a drugs war on streets of Laredo

Congress votes 397-21 for “Iran Freedom Support Act"

My dad just bought a $3.00 Curta calculation machine at a yard sale

Iran Freedom Support Act passed 397-21

I wish the walkout on Monday would protest the Mexican govt

Wisdom from beyond the grave: Bill Hicks, November 11, 1992

BUSH: Iraq "not currently a terrorist safe haven", but CANADA IS??

Sure we speak the official 'English', but what is the American language?

The Sex Police State . . .

FLASHBACK 2002- Can't get fooled again

Some thoughts on the "United 93" movie...and it's potential impact.

Avoiding Chaos: Three Tips for May 1 Protesters -->

Questions about Limbaugh's show on Friday and For Monday's show.

The latest on Andrea Clarke--as best I know for now.

No shopping on Monday

Civics 101: 21st Century Edition; The Decider's Version

I'm returning to the fetal position...I want my mommy

I'm saying it straight out.... I believe Rove WILL BE INDICTED -------.>

Mission Accomplished: A look back at the media's fawning...

I have a humble request and some questions for my friends at DU.

Profile of Iran's President Ahmadi-Nejad/ Financial Times/UK

How big a party ...... ?

capital punishment for rush limbaugh.......

Rod McKuen is 73 today!

Bush Radio: Terrorists "clearly recognize the threat to their dark plans"

Kettle, meet pot: Fox on Al Qaeda's "Propaganda Blitz"

Afghanistan Inc.

RUSH: Forever more just another criminal doper coddled by the

The Saturday Cartoons


Congress considering PERMANENT ISP snooping

Yup...I'm the Decider...

No mention of limbaugh in the Gulfport, Mississippi newspaper this AM

Bush's favorite method of relaxing after giving his Weekly Radio Address

Hey Freepers We have Rush Hundson Limbaugh Booking Blotter

PA DUers should support Diamond's (I) entry into race for Governor

I will be celebrating May Day this year, just as in previous years

Latest Dirty Political Trick - WikiRoving


Howard on Hardball

Too distracted for the Dubai/weapons sale? When we invade Iran ...

my day with the Dems

FBI snooped on thousands without court approval

Secret FBI subpoenas (3,501) w/o court approval!

Need info on the PNAC.

Gays begat gays to a greater extent? Really?

Bushies Try to Dismiss Domestic Spying Lawsuit

Correspondent's Dinner Live 9:30 Eastern

My LTTE about Canada/US relationship (Bush: Canada = "safe haven")

U.S. Has Royalty Plan to Give Windfall to Oil Companies $7 Bil over 5 yrs

is job creation a major issue? are Dems credible?

"Bush is more evil than bin Laden"...1000s March In NYC Against Iraq War

A tale of two stories.

Oxnard Students Urged to Boycott

Mexico works to distance itself from boycott for immigrant rights

From The Party of "Family Values"

Anyone else noticing how many mass arrests & roundups are happening

Should there be equal justice?

L.A. ports braced for May 1 truck driver boycott

"If you impeach Bush, you're doing a huge favor for the Republicans"...


Emergency rule may be proclaimed on May Day (Philippians)

Thanks, Mr. Young

Casinos Fear May 1 Boycott Will Cripple Strip

Lisa Kreiger needs to be KO's worst person Monday, help out!

How does the left accomplish their goals....

Chimpy's Faith-Based Climate Control: "Pray there's no hurricanes."

Has anyone seen UNITED 93 movie?

Meet Bush's latest enemy in the war on Iraq: the Raging Grannies of Tucson

Rs on McLaughlin Group APPALLED at Rove Investigation for Lying.

George Clooney taking action in DC (Darfur)


KKK plans rally at Antietam Civil War site

CNN Photo: 3 year old New York kid gives aid and comfort to our enemy...

"the HIGH COST of the FREE MARKET" -- 'TOON by Reuben Bolling


AP: Jobless claims rise by most in 6 weeks (to 315,000)

Calif Dem Platform Adds Immediate Withdrawal

It's Time To Get Off Bush's Back!!!

Mexico to decriminalize pot, cocaine and heroin

Can the citizens of the United States stomach another impeachment?

Dean, the Matchmaker, to attend NC wedding, skip WH correspondents event.

GOP Loves Big Oil

A little method in Ahmadinejad's "madness"? Political opportunism...

TOONS: This Week's Doonesbury Storyline (Must-Read)

Anyone have a link to Tucker Carlson comments about Clinton and perjury...

Just Got Through Canvassing In A Heavy Republican Area...

What does Clark mean: : tamping down come home it Iraq?

Neil Young's "Looking for A Leader" Is Now My 2008 Theme Song

Great Poll!!!

the most devastating anti-bush article i've ever read ...

lefties are a creative march protest sign photos

What happens when # of dead soldiers in Iraq = # of killed on 9/11

Pray for the President - it's the Presidentail Prayer Team!

Illegal Immigrants/May Day

Bush's "Mission Acomplished" 3rd ann. on Monday

HELP SPREAD THE WORD!: May Day.....Print out posters here....

John Gibson: "Angry and sad" Neil Young & Pink "blame the wrong leaders"

Al Gore needs our help... and we need his.

Gore or Feingold in 2008?