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Archives: April 30, 2006

You May be Ordered to Kill Civilians

San Diego Union Tribune: Seal of the POTUS

Bush Impeachment First Follow up - People go Rushing for a Copy of Jeffers

gorbachev's gaia graphics (this is sooooo weird)

Dividends versus 400 Million Dollar Retirement Package.

I love lettuce (at $50 / hour)

Liabilities 89 Trillion, Debt only 7. ?? Can you reconcile these?

Demographic Fatigue Overwhelming 3rd World Governments

Settlers attack IDF jeep driving Palestinian children from school

Do you think Flight 93 was shot down?

Diebold sign from NYC protest

You do realize that non-Texans think we all love Bush?

I hope my kitchen table looks like this in a couple of months

Sunday Times: Al-Qaeda (Zarqawi) leader plans an Iraq army

British troops in Iraq are afraid to open fire, secret MoD report confirms

Insurers Retreat From Coasts

Massive increase in terrorism in 2005, says U.S.

Iraq record poor for U.S. rebuilding firm

Auto sales boom drives fuel demand in Asia

Harper denies NORAD deal finalized (Canada)

Few Willing to Suggest Rumsfeld Successor

Cheney exempts his own office from reporting on classified material

U.S. Says It Fears Detainee Abuse in Repatriation (NY Times)

WP: Merits of Partitioning Iraq or Allowing Civil War Weighed

Bush Lampoons Self at Press Corp Dinner

John Kenneth Galbraith, 97, Dies; Economist, Diplomat and Writer

Colbert Lampoons Bush at White House Correspondents Dinner

Peru withdraws Caracas envoy

Turkish Armed Forces Strike Kurdish Camps in North Iraq

Cindy asks "Do you just wanna know what I'm wearing?"

we're in the den, watching a movie

Ever shot a Mk-48?

Ever went Pee??

Ever use Chanel 19?

Ever use a P-4?

Sunday Morning

From the desk of Kim Jong-Il

A poem for ZombieNixon, during his troubled times.

Racquetball and softball all in one weekend

people say it doesn't exist...

Peggy said "fuck" again

What the heck was Soylent Orange made of?

Bush appearing with clone to announce total world domination!

I think I'm taking some time away from DU to deal with personal shit.

Ever use Channel 19?

Ever use an Mk Ultra?

If you love bean sprouts, check in!

A woman walked up to my daughter and offered her a job today.

Self delete

I've got a cheesy question for you:

I am so bloody tired.

I turned 23 today

What is your favorite donut?

how horrible "Baby Found Dead In Yard "

Let's impeach the president for lyin', and misleading the country into war

How would you rate volunteer fire departments?

"the show with zefrank" (Thank you for the links!)

Weather Channel reporting a 30 second storm over all of Ohio

Ever a member of MJ-12?

Who wants to talk to me on the phone?

Oh man I thought that Bush impersonator was really Dubya !

Aw, damn, I'm going to try and sleep.

A Warm Beer From Yesterday....

My grandmother has had a stroke

Scary Movie 4-more fun than I expected

Bruce and Elvis Costello.... London Calling........

Tunic (Song For Karen)

I feel like I'm about to pop

I am so sick of people taking me for granted . ( rant )

Finally...I just heard Tool's new one, "Vicarious"...

From the in box: Post Turtle?

Have you ever had this problem?

I hate these hardon pill commercials.

goodnight lounge, I'm off to bed ...

'Fun with Dick and Jane"- much better than I expected.

Inspired by Vodka, the Ambiguously Gay Duo and their

So my daughter just told me....

So, I just watched "The Interpreter" with Nicole Kidman

Watching the Coachella Webcast anyone?

Can your dislike of an actor's politics ruin a movie for you?

Is it OK for a restaurant employee to tell you to hurry up and finish?

Question about good credit

Ever shot an M1 Garand?

Pussy on top!!!

So did anyone miss me?

If money were no object,what kinda holiday would you take?

Ever use a Mk19?

At last! Bush vows to help rebuild New Orleans

Seattle's Pike Place Market -- DIAL UP WARNING

Ever use a P-38?

Trivia Question For Guitarists And Long-Time Music Enthusiasts

The NY Peace March.

An elucidation of the word "atheism"

does the film United 93 have Mark Bingham in it?

Should the steroids era athletes have a "*" by their records?

Chelsea wins the EPL back to back

Edmonton beat Detroit...Hazzah...One more win and the Wings are gone

Mama kitty is freakin tonight... I think I'm bout to be a grankitty!!

Need some (more) help

Hey, everyone! I am in Boston, MA!!!!

My Moment of Zen

Doesn't Helen Thomas look lovely

Violence Uproots 100,000 Families in Iraq, Civil War? - nah...!

Wow. Chimpy sure didn't much applause, did he?

"Living With War" is #3 on Amazon

Am I the only one watching the HIV/AIDs forum on CNN?

JOE LIEBERMAN faces tough primary racedue to his support for Bush on Iraq.

Tough Primary Race Confronts Lieberman

Saddam Hussein, Misunderstood

How to use Gas prices against freepers.

Sunday Talk Shows

Colbert hosts White House Correspondents' Dinner!

Sick of Bush and Republican driven assaults on the little guy?

seen this? 18 rich families pay for campaign to kill estate taxes

politics and personality type

My Daughter's story from work, Gas & the Bush voter

Trying to understand html linking.

IRAQ FOR SALE; The movie...get your name in the credits!...

Official Adult Video Awards Banquet Thread #1

Bush Warns; "Tough Fighting Still Ahead In Iraq"

Alert: Colbet will be speaking at the WH Press Corp dinner - CSPN NOW!

Joe Wilson @ Correspondents' Dinner: “We have no reason to hide.”

Turkish Armed Forces Strike Kurdish Camps in North Iraq

Caption *

Are there some poor kids rotting in jail for doing what Rush did?

300 Thousand in New York Today: The End is Near for the Bush Regime

would any DUers be interested in being a Zogby Poll participant

People Say it Doesn't Exist ......


Those Damned Auto-Camera RED LIGHT Tickets -- Advice?

Anybody watching the TWO Bushes? I am horrified!

Neil Young's new album

Do you think Flight 93 was shot down?

After 2008

hmmm... Wonder what (or who) they are talking about - pics

You know what makes me mad/laugh/cry...whatever?

"Any Way to Run an Empire?"

United 93 Forum hijacked by truthseekers

colbert was spot on tonight-we need to du comedy central

Whattya think a life insurance policy for Stephen Colbert costs now?

Anyone have the Majority Report episode where Colbert hosted?

My thoughts on campaign finance reform. Same as Feingolds.

Hey -- can we keep the impersonator and throw Chimpy to the lions?

Dinner Prediction - the Sunday Gasbags

Check out this photo of * from tonight.

An Interesting Interview: Mexican Author Carlos Fuentes re Bush

The GOP, Making America's Rich Richer...

C-Span now getting ready to rerun Colbert at correspondents' dinner

So - How Much Dope Was Rush Eating? A LOT!

White House Correspondents Dinner repeating on C-SPAN now

Tobacco-Free Kids Group Misusing Kids to Promote Philip Morris' Agenda

Caption this * pic...

When does the Bush impersonator appear in the WHC Dinner?

Who invited Colbert, and what were they thinking?

C&L promising Colbert video soon...

First Associated Press Story Leaves Colbert Out!!! Well almost out;)

TOON: The Golden Nozzle Award goes to Dick Cheney...

White House Correspondents Dinner c-span

So, Mrs Wilson, did you enjoy your evening out?

You know, if Bush wasn't a psychopathic killer idiot and destroyer

And the Decider says: Monday is.....drum roll, please


What happened to Ann Compton?

Colbert speech rerun is on now....11:24 PM CDT

Did you see Pace stuggling to grin? text-

Cowardly AP story says almost nothing about Colbert

Bush is pissed!

*** TOONs: Snow Job ***

Blogs on Colbert tonight....


April 29th, 2006 - "The Saturday Night Massacre"?

Killer Quotes from Colbert at this link on Kos....

The Tale of Two Bushes (photo)

WHO hired Colbert for this dinner tonight? Gawd bless them! nt

They're all just sitting there wishing they were somewhere else...

Well, I think it's safe to say Fox News is OFFICIALLY "out of the closet"

Any archive/distribution of the correspondents' dinner?

These idiots don't know anything

Bush skewered TO HIS FACE by Stephen Colbert tonight, watch it NOW!

I didn't see the correspondent's dinner but Colbert I LOVE YOU MANNN

OK - I missed Colbert - what the hell happened???


FOR THOSE WHO MISSED IT (like me) CSPAN 1 is repeating the dinner!

Callous, bad taste, and embarrassing for Bush to appear at the

Has O'Reilly or Hannity or Carlson

Sorry but I find very little humor in the WHC dinner

New thread for Press Dinner - #2:

Live from NC today...knocking on doors in Charlotte with Howard Dean.

WHY DID WE INVADE IRAQ? Indeed. Thanks, Ms. Thomas and

Steven Colbert has the largest, hardest balls on the face of the earth

Just watched Colbert for a second time, and

wikipedia updated for Stephen Colbert

Colbert tasteless? You've got ot be kidding me.

BRAVO! Stephen Colbert!

I got coffee and answers today. Very enlightening too!!

Thread #3, Correspondents' Dinner.

here's the closed caption transcript of stephen colbert

Stephen Colbert: "Reality has a well-known liberal bias."

freeper thread on Colbert--

better link to thank colbert-let them know we loved him

Don't ALL of you jump on me at once but.......

has anybody commented on the "Gannon button" that Colbert had on his

E&P: Colbert Lampoons Bush, "President Does Not Seem Amused"

Bush says anthem should be sung in English yet he can't speak in English?

Colbert WAY surpassed my expectations....

Colbert will be profiled on 60 Minutes tomorrow April 30th


MUST SEE - Sen. George Allen's HS Yearbook Photo

CAPTION....Lord Pissypants Ain't Too Pleased Tonight!!


e-mail exchange with a conservative friend.

Great satire or Cheap shot?

Stephen Colbert gets The brass balls award

I feel like a FUCK YOU CONDOLEEZA RICE thread. Do you?

Clinton on CNN now. Should be good.

How ironic: WH Corr. Dinner, journos w/ awards for reporting on corruption

Michael Moore Web Site: "Today we November we vote."

This forum seems counterproductive to me.

this is interesting catch by -bagnewsnotes-

Gonzales explains (to a 12 year old) why Bush isn't fighting in Iraq war

Colbert address will be on c-span tomorrow.

Rebroadcast of correspondents' dinner on c-span right now.

Will Your State Be the First to Send Impeachment Charges to Congress?

Imus on Clinton vs Colbert on Bush**.

Can someone please give a heads up about a minute before

Scott Ritter Talks Tough with High School Students About Iraq, Iran

San Diego U-T: GOP ad in 50th District hits below the belt

S.F. Mayor Asks Dems to Avoid Attacks. BRAVO!

Bush photo: "He's got the whoooooooole world, in his hands"...

Anybody watching correspondents' dinner on c-span?

3 posts from Atrios on Bush at the dinner...

My Proposed Articles of Impeachment

I was there among the 400,000 war protesters in New York.

Suggestion: Let's not fall into the "I'm clueless about Dems" trap here!!!

OH MY FUCKING GAWD-Colbert was NOT Comedy. That was Serious

How to get Freepers into a Tizzy...

I thought Colbert was a spin-off lightweight.

Stephen Colbert is on Cspan now

I'd give Stephen Colbert one of my kidneys after tonight

NYC Anti WAR Protest Pictures, 100's of thousands of Peeps

Steven Colbert Dead Pool 1 - Duration

Here's a pic from today's protests that won't be allowed in freeperland.

Poor Dubya, nobody even wants to have a beer with him anymore

Steven Colbert Dead Pool 2 - Method

Bush admin. trying to stop lawsuit: AT&T accused of helping NSA spying

Tough Primary Race Confronts Lieberman


Mother Jones: Democrats Cozy Up to Wall Street

How do you feel about this candidate's response regarding abortion?

Much debate, little progress in .. Guantanamo hearings

Detained and denied: A seed still grows

Dennis leans left, but he's also right

They say toxic site made them sick

Declare our independence from oil

Bush – Trying the comedy Jedi mind trick again

No way to treat the dead or the living

Psy-ops propaganda goes mainstream

Peter Daou (HuffPost): Ignoring Colbert

Difficult to date in Iraq

Defining Incompetence --Bush In Iraq

For Republicans, New White House Lineup Brings Sense of Relief

Media finally starting to report the President's systematic lawbreaking

Frank Rich is back: Bush of a Thousand Days

Call in the National Guard: May 1-3, 1970, at Kent State

Minimum wage and demand for labor, credible theory?

Droughts Threaten Drinking Water Supply For 10 Million In China - AFP

While Washington Slept - Bush, Blair & US Climate Idiocy - Vanity Fair

Illegal Hardwoods From Indonesia, China, Malaysia Flooding Australia - Age

Unusual Storms Intensifying In Malaysia As Climate Warms - AFP

2 GW denialists + GW thread = lots of laughs

Kennedy: Why I oppose Cape Wind

Solar Panels $4 a Watt delievered Plus 30% Tax Credit

Farmers seek to extend the harvest (Maine greenhouse farms)


Professors bridge Mid-East divide

West Bank: Islamic clerics want to close YMCA

Go home, Mofaz

Poll: Hamas popularity dips, still higher than that of Fatah

Ah, where are those Arabs?

Shin Bet: Hamas was involved in an attempted attack at Karni

How long Hamas cabinet can go?

Palestinian FM Robbed While on Aid Tour

'Russia has left the western orbit'

And Now For Some Facts

Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77

Conspiracy film rewrites Sept. 11

Put Options / Proof of 911 Foreknowledge?

911 Questions from the Family Steering Committee

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, April 30, 2006

GIDEON: Voters End Up Paying the Ultimate Price for Democracy Lost"

Clermont Democratic Party Chair Calls For Action — Call Ken Blackwell:

Blackwell's at it again in Ohio!

Parallel elections...

Tinker v. Des Moines - article in Register today

Denise O'Brien for Agriculture

State Convention -- Shall we plan a get-together?

Is $33 a month reasonable amount to have a website hosted?

Your tax dollars at work: Bill gives credit to Perry for school finance.

Darfur Rally at the Texas Capitol

Fish sauce

A work in progress

Neighborhoods have new legal protection

Anti-terror law protesters target prison (Australia)

Growing polarization between rich, poor nations over UN reforms

Bush Lampoons Self at Press Corp Dinner

Tower City shuts off band for political T-shirts (Anti-Bush)

NYT: In Leak Cases, New WH Pressure on Journalists (espionage charges?)

Leftist trio seals Americas pact

They say toxic site made them sick

U.S. invokes secrecy in suit challenge

U.S. General Predicts Intensified Attacks

We've broken America's back in Iraq, boasts al-Qa'ida

Families flee violence in droves

Black Leaders in Los Angeles Support Pro-immigration Boycott

Get the FULL Colbert Press conference video - a MUST-SEE!

Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis on collision course over deputy PM

Hamilton Co. Democrats Want Blackwell To Pull Radio Ads

Hi-Res Video: FULL Colbert Press Conference...

Bush aide: No silver bullet for gas prices (Josh Bolten)

NYT: Loss of Competition Is Seen in Health Insurance Industry

US concerned Guantanamo detainees could be mistreated, if released:

Blackwell retains double-digit poll lead over Petro in GOP race for govern

Talabani Hopeful After Meeting Insurgents

No F.B.I. Intimidation Found at Conventions

Secret deal at power auctions set electric prices

B*SH Claims He Has Authority To DISOBEY More Than 750 Laws

Influential Economist Galbraith Dies at 97

Iraq's President, Insurgent Groups Meet

Leader of Germany's Jews, Paul Spiegel, Dies

Iraqi Shias, Sunnis on collision course over deputy PM

Slow pay for Iraq troops fuels problems

Military Spouses Job Program in Jeopardy

U.S. Cautious About Mexico Drug (Legalization) Measure

Militias steal new recruits with better pay and perks

Rice Says Iran Playing Games With Offer

Bodman sees up to three years of fuel pain

Danforth: Ban on Gay Marriage a Silly Idea

US official criticized over intervening inter-Korean ties

LAT/AP: Angelides Gets Nod (for CA governor) From State Democrats

Darfur rally set for National Mall: Clooney, other celebrities to speak

(King Abdullah) slashes petrol prices (for Saudis) by more than 30%

Woman Says She Has Feeling in New Face

Powell Forces Rice to Defend Iraq Planning

Afghans free jailed US journalist (covert torture filmmaker Caraballo )

Powell Says He Advised Bush to Invade Iraq With a Larger Force

Iraq Accuses Iran Of Shelling Its Territory

Apartheid army's deadly secrets exposed

History seems to be catching up to GOP

National Sleepout For The "Invisible Children"

US 'allowed Zarqawi to escape'

Quality of new Israeli spy satellite photos said 'excellent'

Turkey Refuses U.S. Request To Allow Attack On Iran From Turkish Base

Bolten: White House Must Regain Its 'Mojo' ("end daily press..briefings")

Rice breaks with Bush over anthem

Ohio voters down on GOP

Dollar starts the big slide against major currencies

Gay Republicans warming to Bush (Despite 2004 campaign tactics)

Hizbollah sees Bush as top terrorist

Bush challenges hundreds of laws

G.O.P. Moderates Rebuff Lobbyists, Then Woo Them

who thinks we need GD:Colbert for the rest of the night???

My New Favorite TV Preacher

Is this offensive even for the Lounge?

In honor of Stephen Colbert and Truthiness...

I have a MS Word question

Somebody please tell me what Steven Colbert did today

I'm eating the best fish stew evah...!

Dark Chocolate Reese's Mini Cups

celebrate with me!!!!

the irony of it all

When You Wake Up Feeling Old

So now I'm watching Thunderheart

Swiss Army Knife with MP3 Player????

All right, the very creepy movie The Village is now starting on Encore

Stereotypes of Americans are improving!(Just an anecdote, thus the Lounge)

Has anyone poked around Freepland for impressions on Colbert?

Anyone use webmail to access their Gmail accounts

Holy Shit, my dad's van got hit by a shed yesterday!

Little known fact: Jeff "Skunk" Baxter , was at the Colbert event tonight

James Blunt Coming Up on CBS Sunday Morning

John Kenneth Galbraith, an influential liberal economist dies at 97.

I am pimping my post in GD

I woke up in a GREAT mood and it's Steve Colbert's fault.

Is walking around in a grocery store nonstop for 20 minutes the same as

So i just resigned from a job in a biz I've been in for almost 20 yrs.

What's up with the wind?

My vile abusive ex-brother in law died Friday. Should I sign the online

Who needs modern-day sci-fi to get excited over political parallels?

Rearranging deck chairs on the Hindenburg

Well, I'm back from my weekend vacation. What did I miss?

I'd like recommendations for good non-commercial music.

Visit scenic and inspirational "Salvation Mountain!"

Deputies Blow up Tom Cruise's Promotional News Rack


Anyone know the cause of the feud between vidal and capote?

Clouds of smoke pour out of the Birthday Bus: Willie Nelson, HAPPY 73rd!

Being good isn't always easy

That's what I call a PC case

We named an Alabama county after Stephen Colbert!

BREAKING: a new race of humanoid has been discovered!

Everyone, make sure you go into GD today.

Cool! I just checked my Bulk Mail @ Yahoo........

Where would Jesus cruise?

Has anyone seen the movie Powwow Highway?

Saw "STONED: The Brian Jones Story" Last Night... It has to be, flat out-

Creepy nature film

Tom Jones VS Yes

If you discovered you bought a pair of display model leather shoes,

drinking, smoking and cooking. what are you doing today.

Who else has hidden all the Duke Rape Case threads?

Ahhhhh allergies!!!!!!!!!!

Only came outside to watch the nightfall with the rain ...

A tumbleweed just blew through my kitchen.

No more bear meat in glory hole.

May Day Plans

In the Meantime

I'm going to kill the Blue Bunny Ice Cream truck man...

Why do I find this headline at Yahoo funny?

When you see a flamewar about to break out, do you merely put up...

Unfounded rumor and nasty innuendo thread

I get choked up when the Indians win the pennant in "Custer's Last Stand"

I feel great, all you self-pitying bastards!

How a logistical f-up can turn out okay (or how I missed the protest)

AW F***!!!

More popular: Steven Colbert or Hippies?

Kid Charlemagne: mis heard lyrics

I have to kill someone!

Nobody loves me.

My name is Federico Aranda, and I will return.

I'm masturbating.

So How Are You Going to Save on Gas when it hits $4

You should be watching "Ham on the Street". Food Channel

Oh dear. I got a thread locked.

Why oh why must the mods go on vacation when I have devoted myself to the

Can dogs be allergic to bees?

Django Reinhardt reissues question.

South Park Poll

Hey all you loungers! Check out my GD thread!

So I missed the last two episodes of the West Wing

I'm bored - who wants to talk to me on the phone?

West Wing's Donna & Josh- I like that she gave him a "window"

Happy Walpurgis Night

Anyone watching the 7pm Simpson? Was Bart actually writing on the

Goodnight lounge!

Emotional state plays a strong part in alcoholic influence on humans

I'm watching Trading Spaces right now... and...

"Buy Only Shell Gas For 1 Year And See What Big Oil Companies Do"

Ever wonder what people in the UK think about us, b*sh, and the election?

I'm procrastinating.

So does having a thread locked make you a bad person?

Sounds like my parents might be in financial trouble...

Soolin, Dayna, Avon, Vila, and Tarrant are my friends

Beer is my friend!

Does size matter?

What's the appropriate grieving period for the loss of a hard drive?

It's time for a gratuitous before and after picture thread!

Drugs are bad m'kay

Just wanted to say ..Hiya

What kind of car is your main mode of transportation?

Is it OK for a restaurant employee to tell you to hurry up in Finnish

Shoe size quandary

Update on Jolly's (cat) leg amputation.

Asheville, NC restaurants

Hilarious commercial.

I'm getting divorced. Life sucks.

Right, I'm getting ahead of myself:

PADRES WIN!! Finally! Beat Dodgers 6-5 after being down 5-0 bottom of 9th.

G Mail Issue

Sometimes you have to wonder what they were thinking.

Let the healing begin! Oh, did I say healing? I meant drinking!

So my time off barely lasted 12 hours

The Vinyl Gods & Goddess smiled upon me today - did they ever

Echk Help Me :D

Worst Weekend Ever (an ultimate catharsis...hopefully)

Random Thoughts from a Painter in the Middle of the Night

The big Girl Scout overnighter!

What body parts would you expose at a rally to stop the war?

Announcing the Spring issue of DUs Lit. Mag.--The Necessary Language!

I did read the first "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" book.

I'm considering a NoCal camping trip. Where's the good spots?

I'm very disappointed

the pity party thread

Ok, so I made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies

I'm secretly making fun of all of you today.


Happy birthday, Call Me Wesley!!!!

Best athlete name, 2006

The May Jennifer Aniston Eating Cherries Thread

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/30/06)

Tom Cruise: You didn't fool us in Italy. So stop pretending now.

Finished replacing the transmission in my wife's van this weekend!!!


Generalissmo Franco reported close to death

what happened to the baby turtle somebody found this week?

Yesterday was an important birthday in NASCAR history

MatcomNews BREAKING: Kelly Brook Washes Her Car (Pics)

Is anybody out-there? - alias the entertain billyskank thread.

Isn't Absinth Illegal in the US? So what is with the

Breaking: The Priory of Scion is a HOAX!

I just fed my dogs a steak

I think Evie broke her tail

I keep asking, .. I know...but I know too that the lounge has love...

New studio. (Photos: dial-up warning)

Last post. I'm signing of for a while...

What did you have for dinner last night?

Come forth, all DUers with online radio shows!

Baby Wills Candy themed birthday party pics

I get choked up when the Indians win the pennant in "Major League"

Being easy isn't always good

who stars in your dreams?

Two 80 pound raccoons were in my yard last night

Behold my new beloved!

Top 50 Most Influential Christians in America

Top 50 Atheistic, Agnostic Countries

Where was God on 9/11?

This site doesn't feel safe to discuss my atheism anymore

What do Atheists believe about life's purpose?

Top 10 Atheist Myths

Idea: Selling anti-gay bumper stickers to raise money for pro-gay causes

Utah tourist town divided by 'Everyone Welcome' message

Brokeback 93 Film Trailer

Baptists Face Schism Over Gays

Following the Money

Activists in marriage amendment debate argue over other's tactics

no draft for Marcus Vick?

Jolly is doing great!

Some days, you just KNOW when you done good


Hehe, Massholes. This is for you.

Is Colin Powell trying to save his soul?

Sirota disses Beinhart (hypocrite!)

This is what Dems are up against part 2

Is anyone watching the Darfur rally?

Did anyone see Colbert on C-Span last night?

Went on walk about Friday and found these bloom'n things...

Some scenes from the Coastal Trail...

Amateur ready to buy dSLR who can't get over the crop/FF sensor issue...

An Iris.

Bless me Rev for I have to work with my republican brother

Mind you, I'm not trying to tell Keith what to do, but...

PREDICTION - Neil Young will be to Iraq as Dylan was to Vietnam


Didn't anyone catch the 2000 Clinton

My favorite Colbert line tonight ...... making the audience introductions

Did you see the GANNON button on Colbert's podium?

Colbert now up at Crooks & Liars

Swiftian satire in the truest sense.

Back on the Stand:Rove's latest trip to the grand jury

who fears for Colberts life right now??

And the most notable snub tonight by Mr. Colbert...

Of All Colbert's Witty Knocks Tonight, His Attack On Freepers Was The Best

Remember William Kristol on Colbert this last week?

Sooo...what about a Feingold/Colbert ticket? I know, I know; jus sayin

You Realize That Colbert Told Scalia To F*ck Off, Don't You?

Thurs. night, didn't Wm. Kristol take credit for writing Colbert's speech?

Colbert didn't pull anything for being too strong, only for time-article

Notification of 'Target' Status: Rove's Red Herring

Wanna know what pisses me off about this shit?

What is the purpose of the Correspondents' Dinner?

Tony Blair's government is sleazy and incompetent: poll

Some of my favorite quotes

AP doesn't seem to know Colbert criticized them

Over 300,000 people marched today and Colbert spoke for all of them!

WHERE TO EMAIL COLBERT ------------------------------------->


From NEWS HOUNDS: "Stephen Colbert, You Are My Hero!!"

"Truthiness" allowed in scrabble..

Secret Garden

A sad realization about Colbert's heroic performance tonight

Pathetic Moonie Times Sez "Bush look-alike steals show" at press dinner

So what did you think of Bush's bit ?

2,400 American troops now dead in W's empirical war


C-Span: " Bush Lampoons Self at Press Corp Dinner"

Colbert what did he say? and was Bush in the room????

Stop Being Afraid! (Colbert)

Now if we could get our Congresspeople instead of comedians

MSNBC's site has a few of Colbert's jokes up.

I have to give it to Scalia. He really enjoyed the parody

33k for a photo op -- new toon sunday 4/30

Colbert: I managed to catch most of it on the C-SPAN stream, but

Colbert is an un-american flip flopper that flopped tonight w/ democrats.

Can someone find out who sponsored the Texas Futility Law?

Missed it. Which of these Colbert threads is the best?

c-span has the colbert report on

White House Dinner is on CSPAN again: 5:05 AM CDT

anyone have any in depth knowledge

The Bush-Be-Gone Index HOLY-MOLEY 7806

Correspondent Dinner replay/ 5:05 am. Thanks Gabi Hayes,

Colbert: "Scott McClellan really felt like he needed to spend more...


cnn Headline news showing quick clips on NYcity protest. cindy, jessie

Stephen Colbert is Ace of Ambiguosly Gay Duo!

300 thousand march for peace in New York

The fine art of destruction. Lesson 1

I saw the movie yesterday,

Anyone have some extra Formula 401 you want to sell?

Colbert, profiled on "60 Minutes", 4/30. Spread the truthiness!

Colberts jokes mostly greeted with silence-after opening jokes--was this

Show him some love: post your fan letters to Colbert here....I'll start...

WJourn. now--should reporters be procecuted under spy laws?

once again,PLEASE write Comedy Central and applaud Colbert.

A Brilliant Stroke by Bu$h's Handlers - Here's the Clip Before Colbert...

Little Lord Pissypants Gets His Ass Kicked ---pix--->>>

China laughing at us

And Smith was worried about the row over "truthiness".....

COMPLETE Colbert clip here

Colbert's jokes indicate a Change in regard to Administration

Cheney won't tell how much he keeps secret!!

Powell: Bush, Rumsfeld Did Not Send Enough Troops Into Iraq For Peace...

Will the Democrats have a vision for foreign policy that goes further than

Newshounds: "Stephen Colbert, You Are My Hero"

Fox News all the time at the White House

George Stephanopolous mentioned Colbert

Oddly, FR isn't discussing Colbert. They are praising Bush!

Great anti-war video on YouTube....."Bushwhacked"

Iranian forces enter Iraq, shell Kurdish guerrillas

Freepers are so dumb... (fill in the blank)

Bomb Bomb Bomb,Bomb Bomb Iran!

Why I think political commentators should be more like sports commentators

National Sleepout For The "Invisible Children"

Americans Should Conserve Oil for China

'comedian-in-chief' showing last five minutes on msnbc--no Colbert yet

Britt Hume is delusional

Why is our Secretary of Energy shilling for the Oil Companies??

Stephen Colbert humor reminds me of Abbie Hoffman.

I woke up early in the morning to watch Rice lie????

Volcano of Lies on This Week right now

Is CCNet on Dishnet Gore's Current TV?

Outgoing Dictator Silvio Berlusconi Has More Balls Than The Chimp!

denial, spin or just plain stupid? GDP/economy

the only thing that would have been better

Mark my words DU...Tony Snow's downfall - FAUX SCOOPS.

I think that there was a war protest yesterday

CNN reports that Bush* stole the show last night.

Could We Please Have Some More Colbert Threads?

No Warrants For 3,501 Secret FBI Cases

Can someone explain to me why 45 million Americans w/o healthcare is OK?

Greg Palast has a new book — Armed Madhouse

Funniest Freeper reply.......EVER

Rice now on CNN with Wolfie...Credibility and Tooth gap.

Editor & Publisher Loves Colbert - Bush Doesn't - Great Review

Can someone explain to me why we don't have national healthcare?

CNN: Faith-based dieting....

bushitler Style Democracy in Iraq! AKA: 100,000 Iraqi Refugees!

U.S. Says It Fears Detainee Abuse in Repatriation

Pat Buchanan decrying Rove being left hanging without charges for 3 yrs.

McCain: "Clean Government" Better Than 1st Amendment"

Mp3: Howard Zinn on impeachment

CNN: Yahoo information aids in jailing Chinese dissident

Vacaville Students Get Free iPods -- For Going to Class

George Will: Tony Snow ‘Won’t Make a Particle of Difference’

WP, pg1: "The Towering Dream of Dubai"

The Protocols of Rachel Corrie

happening right now,

U.S. rejects Iran inspection offer

Who had the brass balls for Colbert thread?

Libertarians drive me nuts! Love'em/hate'em!

Sen. Durbin....we are witnessing the Bush* Energy Policy.

George Stephanopolis Played The Whole Idiotic bush bit From Last Night!

What the hell happened to the mandible?!?

Is this happening to anyone else? Peace/political emails 3 days late?

What the 30 percent that still approves of chimpy* have taught me.

Any news on Mike Malloy's impeachment forum?

Rice claiming the Iraqi army disintegrated. Face the Nation

Mission Accomplished Day - By Cindy Sheehan

The Queen Is In a Black Mood ---pix--->>>

O.K. I Missed The WH Correspondents Dinner. Will C-Spin/Span re-Air

Comedy Central ROAST of George W. Bush

Hey, Laura Bush....You're not our queen!

A half million people marched in NYC yesterday

Culture of corruption

CSPAN has the replay of last night's correspondence dinner on now.

Is it just me, or does Trent Lott look fairly good,

Would this be a good time to re-release the film "El Norte" (1983)?

Put a shine on the sun this Sunday . . . with a CAPTION!!!!!

Starting now, again on CSPAN

Stephen Colbert is not a real news person/journalist or talk show host

Packers new Linebacker A.J Hawk is a die-hard Republican.

In my newspaper this morning:

The Towering Dream of Dubai...

Colbert is on RIGHT NOW-1:34 pm Sunday

What was your favorite Colbert zinger? (spoilers)

OMG DU we went a whole WINTER w/o a big fight about FUR! YAY!

Get the FULL Colbert Press conference video - a MUST-SEE!

Talk about irony! Get this:"When the president decides something on Monday

Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77

Iran: Sanctions Would Boost Oil Prices

Back wash

Bush proclaims "Law Day" to honor separation of powers

Do you have relatives who send you right wing emails?

Isn't the White House Correspondance Dinner actually a roast?

anybody else listening to the gibberish on meet the press about oil...

Stop the Presses - Wolf Blitzer thought Colbert was Funny!

No Colbert on This Week w/ Stephanopoulos -- SHAME HIM NOW!!!

If you thought the Taliban was bad with ancient history, read this...

Israeli Spy Satellite Sends First Images

No flowers. What about a Stephen Colbert JOURNALISM SCHOLARSHIP?

Bush has driven leaderless FDA into the ground with religious ideology


What is happening in Georgia? Agencies have been on college campuses.

What is that matter Freepers ..... not a single thread about Colbert?

"the chocolate city with a marshmallow center..."

Powerful song

NYT Has Rundown On Bush's Failed Media Spectacles Used To Fool Americans

The First of May is Shopping Day! : US soldiers' blood for profit

Stephen Colbert Interview On 60 Minutes April 30 at 7p.m. ET/PT

Stephen Colbert harkens a latter-day Mark Twain

i don`t know if the spelling is right

bilingual DUers... help this monolingual gringo with a sign for tomorrow

Sooooooo....What's the "zeitgeist" saying about Colbert's speech?

Has Joe LIEberman weighed in to denounce Colbert yet?


greatest threat to this country is george bush,

This place... Good grief...

Colbert for BuzzFlash 'Wings of Justice' award.

caption this "double" * pic

It time for Liberty News

Can someone explain why so many "Can someone explain to me?" posts??

Whats in a word?...

NOW it's clear why Colbert agreed to speak to the lying press

What's your favorite straw man?

Imposing Sanctions on Iran Illegal — Russian Diplomat

Another CAPTION >> Emperor & Empress: "We Are NOT Amused"

I just saw the Colbert performance, everyone. OMG.

Did you know . . .43% of pregnant women in Swaziland are H.I.V. positive?

NEWSWEEK INTERVIEW: Moqtada Al-Sadr Shia Cleric

Buzzflash: Bush suspends rule of law

Lawbreaker in Chief

Colbert's video should be required viewing for all Democratic leaders!

My Lord, South Park has lost its way

Hey! Let's send Colbert 50,000 American flags!

Poll: will Iraq be considered more like WWII, Korean War or Vietnam

I pictured Colbert raising a glass and saying "this one's for you Cindy"

Top 25 towns for clean air, dirty air listed.

Has there ever been a time when Bush hasn't gotten his way?

Condoleezza's Okay with Anthem in Spanish

Just googled the words 'transvestite prostitute" and look at the pic - LOL

"American"Ntl anthem sung in "English" because this is England, not Spain?

(E & P) Opinions Flowed Like Wine at Washington Parties

I will be re-playing Colbert over and over and over again today.

And the Number One Most Recommended Photo On Yahoo Goes To.......

FBI Investigated 3,501 People Without Warrants

If Israel announced a plan to invade Austria, expel the entire population,

Newsweek: Fitzgerald Suspects Rove Is Not Telling The Whole Truth...

One more Colbert thread. (Can you stand it?) ADDRESS????!

Iranian forces enter Iraq, shell Kurdish guerrillas

US Deliberately Passed Up Repeated Opportunities to Kill Zarqawi (ABC)

Don't miss BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN TODAY! Live from New Orleans

Iran to secede from IAEA if West keeps threatening - Larijani.

I want popularity numbers now. Colbert had to hurt Chimpy.

Was this Colbert's John Stewart on CrossFire, I am not your monkey moment?

Frameshop: 3 Steps to Better Protests

Where was God on 9/11?

Another U.S. General Criticizes Bush Administration Iraq War Strategy


What the Freepers are saying about Colbert's performance

Can someone explain to me why Colbert said Bushco is like the Hindenburg

Awesome photo from tonight.....of an American Hero....Stephen Colbert ...

Please watch C-Span if possible for the Darfur speeches.

"NOW" on PBS at 2:30 PM EST-Campaigning by evangelicals

Ignoring Colbert for the moment, I have two questions...

Don't you just hate it when you are in full-flame mode with your

Ever see a pic of the former ExxonMobil CEO??

China looking to halt spitting on sidewalks, public belching

more than 224 message threads with the word "Colbert" in the past 24 hours

The Black Panther Party says it will deal with lacrosse players

The End Of An Era: John Kenneth Galbraith Died Yesterday

GWB trying to out Colbert, Colbert

Loonie hits 28-year High against the US Greenback

Nora O'Donnell- Laughing Hyena!

How does one navigate ?

Repository for media commentary on Colbert's performance......

cnn will start coverage at 6 am tomorrow they said (immigration issue).

And this is the nature of reality... MSM is focusing on the Shrub and

A Dem With Vision: I Could Have Helped the President Find the WMDs

Book TV: After Words: Joe Klein coming up at 6 eastern on CSPAN

Powell interview on cnn now.

Colbert at post-dinner party: "The president killed."

Egyptian Lawmakers Extend Emergency Law

(VIDEO) Michael Douglas stumps for Dennis Kucinich

Frank Rich is back, with another great column! It's about time.

Texas troops want payback for comrades slain in Iraq

Colbert was not telling jokes

Peter "PNAC" Beinhart speaks

I think the M$M will try to ignore Colbert's performance.

Cover the Uninsured Week

Whitehouse correspondents suck up/ Bush lapdogs. Colbert rocked the house.

MINN City Pages: The Truthiness Hurts

So what did W do after he got home from the Press Corps Party?

Can we learn any lessons from South Africa's struggle against apartheid?

I am LOATHE to say this but,...Americans have become pathetic!!!

No the Bush Double thing was REALLY creepy....

Missing Persons Report

US doesn't deny that 7 Gitmo POWs were sent to nations known for torture

If you would like to sent Colbert a message of support here is a form.

The truthiness hurts

How a REAL President would handle Darfur

Amazon's taking pre-orders for Living With War CD ($12.97, ships May 8th)

Colbert boiled him in oil, that worst pretzel in history! Send him gold!

Who was the AP guy that invited Colbert to speak??

The definitive Colbert thread, from my perspective (all new!)

Huff Post: Ignoring Colbert

Anyone wanna bet that Colbert will be in O'Loofahs tp memo tomorrow night?

American Held on Terrorist Torture Charge in Afghanistan Freed,Whisked Away

Here's what Colbert did

The immigrant rights marches and the anti-war marches

Who are the "Big 5" in oil production?

Stephen Colbert up on 60 Minutes this hour!

Need good link, with full video of Colbert slapping around *

Colbert rips Bush a new one!

CBS 60 minutes: Morley Safer interviews Stephen Colbert.

This photo of Karl Rove is begging for a caption

Heads Up: Colbert on 60 minutes coming up; it's not been canceled!

NBC evening news has "Two Dubyas", NO Colbert.

Why don't Americans ever learn???

Colbert Story on 60 Minutes Now!

What do the Marines do?

Over the border line

Euro heading for collapse?

DUers Participation in May First General Strike/Boycott

Hi-Res Video: FULL Colbert Press Conference...

U.S allowed Zarqawi to escape???

An open letter to would-be book burners

The Audience Certainly DID Laugh At Colbert. Stop The Revisionist Crap

The Corporate Media, both print and air, are busily positioning

Is anything riskier than a "decider" who contemplates war with his "gut"?

Steve Allen appreciation thread.

Forgiving the unforgivable (Michael Berg forgives Zarqawi)


Saudi Arabia King Cuts Gasoline Prices 25 Percent

Picture of Bush last night after hearing Colbert roast:

Colbert Impeaches George Bush

Thread I 60 min : Hanover, WA--contam nuck site-creeping toward Columbia

Colbert BRILLIANTLY forced everyone to confront themselves,...

The freepers really thought Colbert was a right winger....

Caption Colin and Condi

The truthiness hurts

Army begins Milli Vanilli military funerals

Just read the Da Vinci Code...

Mission Accomplished Day, by Cindy Sheehan

My favoriate Colbert bit was his take on McCain.........

MORE republican family values

Can someone explaing to me why $3/gallon is ok?

Star Spangled Banner can ONLY be in 4/4 time, not 3/4, 6/8

Must see TV - CSPAN2 - 3pm - Iraq: Where do we go from here? and

Conservatives: New Orlean's Victims lazy, dependent on Gov.

High gasoline prices here to stay: US energy secretary

"As has been clear from the beginning, and as Savage notes, the ...

Vote for Granny Protestors - CBS News Assignment America!

Bush has quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws

Bush has quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws

I expect nothing from the TV MSM, but what about the newspapers?

Just in case anyone doesn't "get" it... (Yes...ONE more Colbert thread)

Did you know this about Dick Cheney?

Is Colin Powell trying to save his soul?

Fundie at the beach yesterday.

Let's have some fun - what will Bush's end-of-term speech sound like?

Is there a transcript of Colbert last night? (For those on bad/slow dialup

COLBERT POLL: Want To Thank Him? Bouquets for Colbert?

2 weeks from now most here will have mostly forgotten about Colbert.

Caption this photo

Mexico to legalize pot...great idea wish we'd thought of it...

{on this date in} 1945: Italian partisans kill Mussolini

To MSNBC, CNN, etc, etc, & all the sniveling cowards who work for you

The Next War - Bolten's Plan For Bush's Political Recovery Points to Iran

Breaking!: The size of Colbert's balls has been determined

Nice story about soldiers helping an injured soldier....

Bush Has Ignored 750 Laws - this logic is incredible

A current DU litmus test...Colbert.

Freepers on Darfur

Rice: US will ditch UN again if the "decider" says they're moving too slow

Here's some country-wide coverage of Colbert from last night:

Drinking Beer while the rain poured in New Orleans this morning

IN HONOR OF PRO-IMMIGRATION DAY! Help me keep this one kicked, ya'll.

We saw the enemy last night and it is the White House press corps...

Ignoring Colbert: A Small Taste of the Media's Power to Choose the News

AOL Poll Regarding Colbert Performance (Being FReeped)

y`all were talking about condi earlier,

FEMA & Continuity Of Governemnt(COG)

Private Slave Farms!... could be...

One more Colbert thread, with a different perspective I believe!

"Souls of the Departed" (WARNING: Graphic)

What is the point of having different socioeconomic classes?

Bush flopped at tonight's WH Correspondents Dinner....


Reuters--- Colbert down the memory hole

Can someone please translate the Star Spangled Banner into Ojibwe?

If you REALLY want to thank Stephen Colbert,

I'LL BE ON 'The Voice of Reason' TOMORROW!

Colbert nearly flops

Can someone explain to me why a bloated Defense budget is OK?

Chickenshit Liberal Media AFRAID to laugh with Chimperor in room

I talked with Melanie again today.

Can someone explain to me why illegal immigration is OK?

I think we forget how uninterested in politics most people are.

My bad! Boobs not bombs from 9/24/2005 D C march for the hellofit.

New Zogby Poll: 58% of Mexicans Say Southwest U.S. Belongs to Them

Energy chief: High gas prices could last 3 years

Joey Cheek Is Wrong!

Can somebody explain to me why Bush is so stupid?

This *IS* a constitutional crisis. Read the article and pass it around!

Protest music breaking out all over the place

The COMPLETE Colbert Clip is Here

Bush challenges hundreds of laws...Boston Globe

Announcing the Spring Issue of DU's Lit. Mag.--The Necessary Lan...

Proposal to SOLVE the Illegal Immigration problem...

Nihilists in Christians' Clothing

But it wasn't funny!!!!

Remember how HARD the audience laughed when * couldn't find the WMDs?

Colbert 100+. Darfur Victims 1. Galbraith 1.

Think Stephen Colbert @ the WHCD ---- then think Facts of Life....

Why didn't they laugh?

Met Mike Malloy Last Night At The Forum On Impeachment In Sacramento !!!

Yesterdays AZ protest pics. Dial up warning.

COMPLETE TEXT (clean copy) - Full Video - Great Pic of Colbert

Have you ever been the subject of a GD or LBN thread?

Classism on DU is getting silly.

John Kenneth Galbraith 1908 -2006

Can someone explain to me why pot smoking is OK? (immigration thread)

Need help picking an NFL team

NYT: Dem Hard Chargers (Schumer and Emanuel) Try to Return Party to Power

Colbert video just posted at Crooks & Liars

Washington accuses the Venezuelan leader of...spreading an anti-democratic

Don't focus too much on BushCo poll numbers. It is critical that we

Rolling Stone leads rallying cry against political establishment.

Congressional Races: Can Shuler Beat Dirty Taylor

Todays required reading: Boston Globe headline article:

MSNBC: Bush was a good sport last night (3 sentences on Colbert)

Anyone hear about tomorrow's "Not One Damn Dime Day?"

I think Bill O'Reilly deserves a thank you for Colbert's dazzling

The Times They Are A'Changin'

Freepers: "May 1: Pinko de Mayo! Politicians, we are watching! Are you?"

Questions for Senators on Energy Committee that I want answers to:

Laws? Bush don't need no stinkin' laws!

Fighting Dem Spotlight on OH, NC and IN Primaries

Colbert replay c-span 12:25 p.m. EDT.

I can't find a single post at

Ludacris is impressed: "I didn't even know (Bush) could be that funny."

Transcript of Colbert Ripping Bush

And in other news ... DC Dafur Rally on C-span now, 2.10 PM EDT

Blackwell retains double-digit poll lead over Petro in GOP race for govern

the US Institute for "Peace"

The fall and rise of Mr Right (John McCain)

The absolute greatest day of our lives....

Rumsfeld a National Security Risk

Activists urge Latinos to boycott

Josh Bolten: I don't have to show you any stinking Press Briefings!

Another "Caption this pic" ........

I must be losing my mind.

Civil Rights/Human Rights: Opening a New Movement

Thousands March in Anti-War Protest in Manhattan


The master of truthiness is profiled on 60 Minutes this Sunday, April 30th

Oil Slickers: How Petroleum Benefits at the Taxpayer's Expense

Anti-War Movement Watches Immigration Protests With Envy

The Pentagon's New Spies

Students Against War preparing to 'welcome’ Bush

Bush Energy Secretary: Soaring gas prices could last THREE MORE YEARS

Reminder: Stephen Colbert on 60 Minutes tonight (7 EDT).

DU and impact on U.S. House races

So Tony Snow is another freak who "missed out" on easy sex?

MP3: Stephen Colbert's performance at White House Correspondence Dinner

Having trouble thinking about the mass action no-shopping day tomorrow?

Nice photo of Bush imagining Colbert in an orange jumpsuit...

Colbert feature is on CBS now

to the youngsters: this kind of satire used to be on TV all the time


Josh Bolten on Karl Rove: "He's always cheerful, optimistic and energetic"

Lyndon, Reagan, and Bush.....Wars against the people

"Until recently, party of Big Oil has turned a blind eye to price gouging"

Go to Google type in the word Failure then hit the I'm feeling lucky

What's an instant tip-off that you've chanced upon a right-wing blog?

Too much attention given to entertainer that criticizes the president?

I trust everyone has seen this commercial .......

I've posted the entire Colbert speech on my site.

Why should I vote?

Editor & Publisher on Bush being unhappy with Colbert. . .

Photos of Wilson's wife, last night...YOU know who...can't say her name...

For Those that Missed Colbert's Evisceration of BushCo on CSPAN

Oil company lovefest on Meet the Press....

People to counter Monday's boycott by shopping

Old war haunts debate between Mexico, U.S.

Caption this pic....

Why do Repubs. want to drill in ANWR, but not in Florida??

Is the latest blast from Colin Powell a hint at a possible '08 Prez bid?

Time magazines 100 people who shaped the world.

Energy Secretary Says Oil Companies ‘Have Lost Control of the Market’

'colbert' verb . Help define. Like 'swiftboatting'

DUers who have been posting about Darfur for some time......THANK YOU!

Angelides gets the Democrats Endorsement

FINALLY -- The Democrats are "getting it" about Corporate Monopolies

Feinstein's protest plea

At what point can we coopt the GOP smear "Obstructionist"?

I don't think we can do anything to stop *

DUers! Please don't read too much into the media's coverage of Colbert

A friend of mine told me that the Colbert speech last night had no

Historic Literature - How a minor comedy star may have changed our country

No Colbert on This Week w/ Stephanopoulos -- SHAME HIM NOW!!!

Mark Warner

Links to *full* Colbert video on, and also highlights video

To all who are annoyed by D incumbents having to face primary challenges