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Archives: April 5, 2006

"Can You Prevent Global Warming?" Ad analysis.

Yemeni rendition prisoners shed light on secret CIA incarceration

Kerry delivers tough talk on Iraq in NYT Op-Ed.

Delay to pursue corruption in private sector (humor)

Polygamist group 'not welcome here'

If at first you don't secede... Humor--Op Ed News

Globalized Eviction

The Hamas honeytrap

Flight 93 crash hole too small for a Boeing 757

Audio of CA Senator Bowen's hearing on March 29 with the 2 ITAs

"Common Cause" seeking donations to promote Verifed Voting law.

More Voting Machine Test Lab Transcripts, (Minutes 120-150)

You can take it to the bank, You can bet your Life

New blog - Stop Kinky!

Is anyone skeptical of the meme that the GOP gets to appoint a candidate

Tee hee! Juanita has the ultimate, final "Dump DeLay" photo

You wish, Stevie.

Deputy of Homeland Security busted! Good God! They're going down!

Homeland Security official arrested in Internet sex sting

Delta Pilots Vote to Authorize Strike

I will not be forced out by US and UK, says Iraqi PM

Biden seeks review of State Department screening (no Bush critics allowed)

Iraq PM rejects calls to step aside

WaPo: GAO Criticizes Bush's AIDS Plan

US readying new counterterror plan

Syria Imposing Stronger Curbs on Opposition (accommodates religious)

S Korean ship seized off Somalia

WP: Democracy In Iraq Not A Priority in U.S. Budget

Wisconsin residents vote on whether to keep troops in Iraq

(Indiana) School drops knife case against student

Satellite radio firms keeping compatible receiver to themselves

(Katherine) Harris hires new campaign team

Feingold Would Legalize Same-Sex Marriages

Shooting of British cameraman 'cold-blooded murder'

Cathy Kangas Offers Canada $16 Million to End Seal Hunt

NYT: Big Gain for Rich Seen in Tax Cuts for Investments

Bush Admin. Wants to Bury More Nuke Waste

Poll: Schwarzenegger approval ranking inching higher (45%)

Majority of 32 Wisconsin Towns Vote for Iraq Pullout (!!)

Chronological Oddity to Hit Digital Clock -01-02-03-04-05-06.

NYT: Buckley Calls Clinton a Contender (not threatening)

Social Security and Medicare in an Impasse Over Trustees

Zogby: California - Is Ah-nold a Wrap? (30% Job Approval)

‘Two B-2s could take out Iran’s nuclear assets’

Homeland Security Agent charged in Polk County computer sex case

NBC nightly news- Tornado story brought a tear to my eye.

Post song lyrics that express how you're feeling right now.

I'm getting cranky in my old age

Find your name in Japanese!

Brokeback Mountain DVD was released today

countdown (msnbc) is doing a bit on Snakes on a Plane....

Pouring rain in SoCal!! Make it stop!!!

Are you experiencing seemingly random "My back pages" when clicking

has Springsteen lost his 'rock' sound?

Wow I just saw the preview to Xmen three.

How about them Marlins??

So who has the best Journal?

I am going to go try and make this recipe for cheesecake coffee cake

My skin looks like shit.


I saw a real Live DUer in Broomall PA

Virgins of the lounge, we will have a new resident soon

I'm entertained. Bore me.

I'm bored. Entertain me.

Bozeman MT: Unsafe at any speed

Virgins of the lounge, we will have a new resident soon

Flight 93 crash hole too small for a Boeing 757

10 Commandments Story--FUNNY!

Hello. No cat pictures enclosed.

OMG Nancy Grace! i've never seen this before! It's just freaking pron!

King Kong sets DVD record sales

OMG, I'm *so* lazy!

Residents of the Lounge, we will have a new Virgin soon

Here's a link you can send to all the people who send you emails

Anyone else watching the NCAA Women's Final?

I'm boring. Ignore me.

Say hey!

Construction site accidents

I've had a six pack ask me anything...

Free "Extra Innings" baseball package

I'm snoring. Adore me.

My boy-cat is a huffer. He's jonesin' for catnip, and can't get enough of

I probably posted this before but is SOOOOO good

Wednesday list thread

Anybody want anything from Wendy's?

Oh Mommy when will these people leave me alone...

My hypothesis on why some people consider baseball 'boring'

Anybody want anything from Arby's??

Best online store for Japanese import CDs?

Is it safe?

My husband just gave me an early birthday present!

I need a hug.

I'm sorry, but don't preemptively apologize for your opinion

Which of these bad album covers would make a better t-shirt?

Duke or Maryland?

Ruby's thoughts on the standard poodle:

Protect your Banana!

What is your favorite Van Morrison album??

I had a spinal headache for 6 days

I have a dog who is really an elf.

"difficult dinners" - Do you know one?

Think Of A Television Show or Movie...So Wedded To Pop Culture?

matcom news: Mom buys DVD player at Wal-Mart, finds porn in drive

Virginians of the lounge, we will have a new resident soon

My pink hair has faded,

Free association....books. Fiction or nonfiction.

Straight men to be politically marginalized in Iran?

I REALLLLLLYYYY detest Orson Scott Card--who's with me?

Did the guys in Jarhead know they were sharing a foxhole...

I gotta admit......

Snakes On and Not On a Plane ??? (and has anyone read King's "1408"?)

Why so many cat posts? Does no one love dogs?

I just finished my FAFSA. Goddamn. I'm POOR.

Who is going to Crawford next week?

"difficult diners" - Do you know one?

I love Elvis.

my painting is finished...must start another

Funny Story about Ten Commandments at SCOTUS...

U.S. Health Care Lags in Quality, Access

Impactor ejects mighty water mass (BBC)

For Sen. Bachmann, gay marriage debate is all in the family

Counselors Assoc. Stifles Ex-'Gay' Perspective from Conference

Conundrums: Are mainstream media outlets outing gay reporters?

Ford to decide whether to amend employment policy

Gay Rights Group Lambastes GOP For Wooing Black Voters

Maryland Wins

THANK YOU women athletes of Maryland and Duke!

I know this is a dumb reason to start a thread, but I just misplaced $40.

Yuck (Rick Levine's Taurus horoscope for tomorrow).

Get ready!

Delay is moving to Virginia


The ultimate "Dump DeLay" pic

Rats! I was all ready to watch 'Snakes On a Plane' until...

KOEB Meeting -- 4/4/06: It's Hammer Time Edition

Come on, people, show Keith some blog-love.

Remember When?


BREAKING: Tom Delay buys pet dog...

iTunes faces music price hikes -- CNN

Retiring to "help" the Orphans.......Delay?

Ok computer guys (or gals), what does this mean?

The Plame Game: What Waas’s big scoop may really tell us about Bush Lies

Bush's Aids 'Prevention' Program Questioned.

why are we even discussing this immigration nonsense from * and the

VIDEO- KO on Bush's Reaction to Delay Quitting

Katie Couric on 60 Minutes?????????

"Walk Away DeLay," by the Right Banke

Gray Davis faced the voters, why not Tom Delay

Once in a lifetime

Broke my leg getting away from KO to avoid hearing ARUBA

Keith Olbermann to talk about Tom DeLay on countdown.

The Joe Lieberman Shhhh...

VIDEO- Degrees of DeLay-Nice Corruption Chart from KO

The Bush crime family

Delay's trickery (eg corruption) has only just begun....

DeLay kicked out of Texas...moves to Virginia...

"Tom Delay is who we all want to be when we grow up". VIDEO

Couric's "all but certain move"...if you give a fuck, raise your hand.

VIDEO-Delay on Hardball - Innocent

My entry in the HuffPo contagious festival

When did it become acceptable

Breaking: Homeland Security Official - Arrested - Sex Allegations

Karl Rove’s W H deputy Peter Wehner disses critics in WSJ Editorial

RITA COSBY is shrieking about a RIOT of HASIDIC JEWS in NYC!

"Dear Mr. President (How do you sleep while the rest of us cry)"

ABC - Cali Bay Area Poll: By a 77% to 19% margin voters disapprove of Bush

Stars&Stripes: Sailors being prepped for land combat roles

oh lord, we dvr'd Delay on hardball, and the dude will not stop...

Delay stuff everywhere...but I got one photo.

Another reason not to build the Wall - walling out wildlife

See this? DeLay Threatens Ronnie Earle

Freaky firewall log

Holy Child Molesters Batman!

Homeland Security official arrested in Internet sex sting

hang down your head tom delay

Studs Terkel on the Daily Show Tonight!


Just guessing, but I bet tonights Daily Show will be one NOT to miss!

Delay: "On the plus side, my staff is already here!"

Did I just hear on CNN that a DHS

sad day here in Conneciticut on Wednesday April 5th...

Send Tom Delay a "Thank You" email (before they take the link down)

Oven doors passed off as flat-screen TVs (AP/Chicago Sun-Times)

Daily Show...opens with DeLay's statement of resigning...

spokesman for homeland security ( federal) Brian Doyle arrested

Now that DeLay has dropped out

If you don't like streaming media...

I think the first arrest should be the parents! I'm talking about the

John McCain on The Daily Show RIGHT NOW

Homeland Security Press Secretary Arrested for Soliciting 14-Year-Old Girl

Love will outlast Bush - By Garrison Keillor

Lara Logan leaves the green zone for a good story...

NYT --- Bush Tax Cuts Help Rich

Venezuela to Buy 30 More Russian Helicopters, Eyes Combat Fighters

Jesse Jackson on Colbert

Fargo ND Flooding

DU these polls.

Nightline covering the Chevy Tahoe ad campaign

Seeking Advice on Promoting News Site

spokesman for homeland security ( fed) brian Doyle arrested

She's Delay-dy, whoa whoa whoa, she's Delay-dy...

This is your chance to vote in the progressive state of WI: DU THIS POLL!

Why you should be able to buy heroin

Kerry seeks liberal-cred - calls for withdrawl by the end of the year...

Overtime Win! MD 78 Duke 75

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in, LOL Delay & the Deputy

Textbook Compares Housewives To Donkeys

Mike Webb tonight will discuss MLK,Jr on this anniversary of his

We need a damn boycott......

A reality check from Free Republic (Brian Doyle, pervert):

TDS Studs Terkel

Studs Turkel is the Guest on The Daily Show tonight!!!

On Behalf Of All Stiff, Spoiled, Self-Conscious, Rhythmically-Challenged

Hank Williams Jr. surrenders to police

Internet neutrality

Dateline series to catch a predator

Studs Terkel on Daily Show: "I can tell the President to BUGGER OFF!"

How will DeLay's resignation help us?

A long list of foods to avoid (HFCS related)

Army Bans Privately Bought Armor

Senior U.S. Officials “Want to Hit Iran”

Does Ronnie Earle deserve some DU recognition? Perhaps not flowers...

Daily Show calls McKinney "Bat Sh!t Crazy"

Deputy of Homeland Security busted! Good God! They're going down!

Food forums and recipes....

Conservative suburb says bring troops home!

I just bought my copy of Brokeback Mnt at Walmart! (read why)

Scientists Discover New Dinosaur in Utah

So, what are you going to do about it?

this oliphant cartoon rings a little too true

Name a Predator Dinosaur after Bush?

Is this Carlos/ jiacinto-- LOL

John McCain is a Douchebag.

If Tom DeLay is a victim . .

More GOOP Buyer's Remorse...Delta Force Founder Speaks Out

Need Help - Re: The Porn Kid At The Congressional Hearing Today

I'm thinking of running for the Republican nomination for Congress.

The Right hates Katie Couric

32 cities in Wisconsin had a referendum today on bringing troops home now

Did el pretzeldente's popularity rating fall to 28%??

Nassau County Democratic Party dinner with Suozzi, Mark Green, Maloney..

Troops home Referendums in WI--so far 31/32 cities saying YES

Republicans are instigating the McKinney/Cop debacle. Here's further proof

What the hell is really going on?--thinking the unthinkable

VIDEO - in-studio recording of "John Henry" by Bruce Springsteen . . .

Hey African-Americans! Did you realize you're conservative at heart?

If Jeb ran for President...

Pat Buchanan a senile bag of gas

DeLay Says He'll File Ethics Complaint Against McKinney

"Bush talked about several ways to provoke a confrontation"

Two Deadlines and an Exit - Good Op-Ed by John Kerry - NYT

OMG. 10 Commandments in Supreme Court Story FUNNY!!

Brian J. Doyle an Officer of Homeland Security was just arrested

Does anyone know what ACTUALLY happened in the McKinney incident?

"Democracy takes time," so, what's their hurry?

TOONS: Stupid dumb GOP Maggot Edition

The Old Deal

"Culture of Corruption" - is it catching on?

My two cents on the "legalize marijuana" issue. Per Bob Marley.

Done with CanOfun video blog...


McCain: Americans wouldn't pick lettuce even for $50/hour.

Delay duped his constituents to raise legal fees

If You Could Bring Someone Back To Life To Save Our Country (& World),Who

Now for Somthing Entirely Different...

This summer is probably it.

Legalize Marijuana?

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 30)

The TRUE Daughters of the Revolution

So has o'lielly, Capt. Oxycotin or insanity made this a talking point

BUSH Homeland Security Press Sec - Brian Doyle Arrested as SEX PREDATOR!

Don't read on a full stomach! (, Cleveland)

MSNBC Breaking: Deputy H.S.A. Secretary arrested for seducing a CHILD???


Tulsa Elects Democratic Mayor

An odd thought! Unitary Governor?

LOL, I'm surprised McCain agreed to speak on the Daily Show

TV campaign has Nancy Johnson seeing red...

My idea on a Boycott....Oil Products and MSM....Hear me out......

"I can tell the president, 'Bugger off!'"

Reasons To Vote Republican In '06

DeLay's legacy: a damaged House, where democracy must be restored

Before celebrating DeLay demise, consider the following:

Proof That Saddm Had WMD

Where has Ann Coulter been?

Meet Katherine Harris's new staff

Question for Illinoisians (?) Re: Rahm Emanuel

Headed back to Crawford for closure and because we can

DU this George Allen poll

The Important Questions about Brian Doyle are about the DHS Itself....imho

Nick Lampson's Dilemma (Democrat running to replace Delay)

Every Time I see one of those W's on a car......

Calling all Troll Slayers...

OMIGAWD!!! Bush clip on Letterman education cut question!!

William F. Buckley; Hillary could very well be president

The Underground Railroad for Iraqi Women

MLK: “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”

Bush administration:If only...a genie that spreads harmony across the land

Dem wins Mayor of Tulsa

Seeking advice from "hippies"?

"The Nation" zeroes in on Delay's most odious act. GREAT!

Bush's Legacy: A Hole in Which Hopes Are Buried

Political Capital;George W. Bush: The Audit

HOLY SHIT BREAKING!!! Deputy Homeland Security PressSec arrested

Democratic 06 Slogans.... got any?

Buchanan on Countdown. GOP Strategy: Scare Base w/ "Rangel"

Third party advocates: why do you post here?

Election Reform Forum needs assistant editors.........

Kerry calls for Withdrawal Deadlines from Iraq

Kerry calls for troop withdrawal in NYTimes OpEd

Taking back the House is only half the job....

Does Frank Gafney live on another planet?

Ken Blackwell says he "accidently" bought stock in Diebold

Returning to the Scene of the Crime: War Crimes in Iraq

An Interview with William Blum: Osama's Favorite Writer?

Walter Reed's World of Hurt, Hope

Who Will Stop The Evil Jogger?

Gene Lyons on Jill Carroll

Great Editorial Cartoon

Berkeley blogger (Daily Kos) finds his voice and fends off success

David Corn on new DSM: Bush told Putin Iraq War wouldn't hurt OIL price

The Hammer drops: For Tom Delay, power eclipsed principle

What Waas scoop may really tell us about Bush’s pre-war deception

Simon Tisdall (The Guardian): An exercise in bravado

Rasmussen says Casey numbers slipping in PA senate race

This is a big deal? Sure shouldn't be (Cynthia Tucker's Take On McKinney)

Republicans may be in path of political 'hurricane'

Wal-Mart Says It Will "Help" Small Business Competition: WTF?

Several House Repubs call for debate on Iraq-break w/GOP leaders

The Onion--Earth Passed Over for Invasion

Limbaugh called alleged rape victim at Duke a HO!

The economy's going so well that, in Mississippi, they're tearing up

Buffett offers a $14B safety net?

Housing? Go downscale

A telling change in the local Classifieds?

Prairie Provinces Face Impending Water Problems - AFP

Hungary Deploys 6,000 Troops To Handle Flooding - Reuters

"No Practical Hope" To Save Maldives - UCSC Marine Science Director

US, Indonesia Hold Talks On Fighting Illegal SE Asian Logging

Domenici Says That Congress Might Do Something On Climate In 2007. Maybe.

Engineer shortage concerns nuclear power industry

Tropical Cyclone Hyooooburt

PDBEs Damaging Orca Reproduction, Fetal Development - Seattle PI

Large Methane Releases From Arctic Soils Likely - Vienna EGU Conference

Breakthrough plan to cut greenhouse gases (California)

Exelon & Duke Energy Urge Congress To Adopt Mandatory GHG Limits

OK, the map shows America is safe from massive volcanic ash attack.

Question about low-energy bulbs...


Alps May Lose 75% Of Glacial Cover By 2100 - BBC

We're Fighting Back. ADL Acts to end the hypocrisy

Palestinian Govt. Prepares Emergency Plan

Silence in class

Convergence to a border of convenience (Amira Hass)

Palestinians petition High Court over closure of Karni crossing

An Arrest Sets Off a Protest by Orthodox Jews

Harvard Takes On the Israel Lobby

Acre municipality vetoes screening of acclaimed suicide bomber movie

European dance magazine bans Israeli articles

Ten Al-Qaida operatives infiltrated Gaza Strip recently

"Flight 93" Leafletting Campaign

Venezuelan Government...International 9/11 Investigation

San Francisco Chronicle's Evenhanded Article on 9/11

Look, this is good, :)

spokesman for homeland security ( fed) brian Doyle arrested

Urgent! -Maryland: save paper ballot legislation HB 244

Brad: INDIANA TV NEWS: ES&S Breaks State Law -- Again!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday Arpil 5, 2006

Country stolen by criminals with intent to devastate--LTTE-Eureka Reporter

Transcript, Ca. Senate Elections Committee Hearing - (minutes 150 - 180)

Mark Crispin Miller on Book-TV this weekend

IDP email about upcoming idiot invasion

March Rasmussen poll - Gov. race

Oh, Mr. Blouin, how Reaganesque of you....

Found - info on * visit to Des Moines

Meet John Bonifaz, candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth

What's with Meehan and Shays....

"April is the cruelest month"with apologies to TSElliot,I am refering to

Looks like its Gerry Leone for DA

Affordable Housing Action Email forwarded to me

Bachmann in the lead? Who is best to defeat her, if she wins?

PC Audio experts! Please Help!

Need utility to fix errors on DVD...

Is there a new spyware program out there?

Kinky Lied About His Vote in 2000

April 10th Protest in San Antonio?

Heads up Central Texans!!!

Meet Glenn Melancon--Running for Congress 4th District

Tom Toles on DeLay from the Houston Chron today...

Tom DeLay: A Bully Takes a Coward’s Exit

hey Asian Cookers, help out Ms Hollandaise here could ya please?

Spontaneous Fruit Salad

So I've got this pork shoulder roast...


Mmmm Curry Chicken Salad

CKNW is officially finished

Calif. teacher blows hand off trying to squash bug with artillery shell

Kaptur weighs Congressional probe of Noe

Hundreds Rally to Protest Immigration Bills (KY)

Republican Family Values

India-US nuclear deal not easy sell in Washington

Walter Reed's World of Hurt, Hope

Insurgents "prepared to host U.S. bases. We share common enemies"?

Diplomats: Mideast nations held secret talks on Iraq (No Iran or Syria)

(Senator) Kennedy book blasts Bush, 'preventive war'

House ethics panel not investigating DeLay, other lawmakers

McKinney rebuked by her leader (Pelosi)

Study: Bush tax cuts making rich richer

Costall killed instantly in Afghan firefight: CTV (friendly US fire)

NYT: Wal-Mart Offers Aid to Rivals (small businesses)

CDC: Kids, men are fatter; women's obesity peaking

Iraq court drops charges against CBS cameraman

Video Purports to Show Dragging of ( US )Pilot

US 'used front companies' to hide CIA flights

Group wants probe into woman's death (abortion, disability)

Conyers hopes GOP strife can put Bush on hot seat

Democrats primed to criticize Republicans for appearing with Bush

FEMA Trailer Park Fails to Survive Storm From Residents (Seems it

Saddam says Shi'ite-run ministry kills thousands

White House Responds to (Wisconsin) War Referendum

NYT: Treasury Secretary Is Said to Be Thinking of Quitting

Rep. Candice Miller, R-Michigan, spouts off, C-Span. Michigan apologizes.

al-Qaeda Leader and 25 Others Arrested

Bush Talks Health Accounts in Conn. Stop

Ney brushes aside calls to resign

U.S. military decries 'despicable' video

Democrats tout deal on federal workforce docs

Battle lines drawn over S.D. abortion ban

White House Rejects Kerry Op Ed Call for Iraq Pullout

Moussaoui Judge OKs Playing Plane Tapes

Capitol Police Chief Denies Racism Charge

Zarqawi Moves Into The PA Arena

Russia declares in letter no warning given to Saddam: Rice

Uprooted Shia Flood into Kut

Grand Jury to Hear McKinney Case.........per MSNBC

House GOP lacks agenda, DeLay says

Former Fed Agent Pleads Guilty to Exposing Self

CBS Cameraman Is Acquitted by Iraqi Court (but sent back to prison)

WP: Letter on Immigration Deepens Split Among Evangelicals

80% of kids don't wanna be Prez

Iraq funding bill balloons before Senate panel

House to Vote on Praising McKinney Police

D'Amato Comes to Hill's Defense

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 5 April

AP: Goldberg to give up Air America CEO role

Gene Pitney found dead in hotel

Pentagon says improper data in security database (peace activists info)

DHS Official Placed on Unpaid Leave

Poll: Blackwell Leads, But 29% of Republican Voters Undecided

Foes want Ohio's Ney to follow DeLay; he says no way

Council Backs Yankee Plan for New Stadium, tear-down of House Ruth Built

Democrats form veterans’ council (new Fighting Democrats Web site)

Shadow Falls Over U.S. Military Tribunals

(Michigan) State to get grants to teach Arabic

"Pork" funds teapot museum, arctic games

21 Held in Apparent Human Smuggling Case

McCain's Straight-Talking Image Questioned

Son of Senate president offered plea deal in assault case SODOMY

Iranian democrats tell US where to stick its $85m

LAT: Chief 9/11 Architect Critical of Bin Laden (interesting article!)

Duke University Lacrosse Coach Resigns (NYT)

(Republican) Official 'ashamed' of remark

Rendell Leads Pa. Governor's Race in Poll

NYT: Iraqis Say Rice Trip Stiffened Premier's Resolve to Stay

Apple OKs Intel-Macs to run Windows XP

Germany: Israeli detained over Nazi slur

Senate Democrats Push for Immigration Vote

Couric Says She's Leaving 'Today' for CBS

Clarification: 3/30 Secret Prisons Story (Secret US Prisons)

Rubin’s economic group to chart course for Democrats

Fossil Fish Sheds Light on Transition (Evolution)

Bird flu confirmed in dead swan (in Scotland, UK)

Premature babies 'feel true pain'

LAT: Insurers Saw Record Gains in Year of Catastrophic Loss

House Moves to Curb Nonprofit Donations (527's)

Florida Gov. Bush Calls Tone of Immigration Debate 'Hurtful'

DUI (red) license plates rejected by panel (california)

NASCAR: Dateline NBC's Plan 'Outrageous'

Hundreds of activists to demand paper trail... on voting devices - DC

so who'd have thunk it! my dvd player works better now with my new TV

Oh Lord!

I give up, it's official

the time.......

Believe it or not Indian Director hopes to cast

"The Central Coast will soon be graced by American royalty;

Katie Couric joins the ranks of Eddie Murrow Wally Cronkite & Danny Rather

Tie Devo TIE!

What does Ann Coulter do for nutrition?

When are we getting the new mods?

oh god i missed 01:02:03 04/05/06

Die Tivo DIE!

omg i can't sleep...

More Than A Bit Disturbing.

DU, meet the new Mods...

Republican fundraising raffle prize ideas

Dear Loungies:


ARGH - I am catching a respiratory infection!

'We're gonna bust the high school students

I made potato salad today

Good night everyone!

I may already be a WINNAH!!!!

Just for (dorky) fun: Katie Holmes...

Official Disclaimer:

day off in Connecticut and it's snowing!

Good Morning DU...

How do you tie your shoelaces? (link) How about "Bushwalk"?!

OMG - a chef on a cooking show just said "anal retentive"

Exoskeleton Assisted Mountain Climbing

I think I Unintentionally Insulted GD

I made a mistake: Posted something in GD which

Don't try this at home !

Everyone recommend that nonsense word thread by


it ain't baseball...but it IS oddly satisfying

Gene Pitney is Dead

Need party ideas.

"The Simpsons" movie confirmed (July 27, 2007)

Oh. crap. I haven't gone to bed yet, and it's almost time to get up

Heidi posted in GD by mistake .........

Faith-the 2 legged dog that walks

Favorite Jamie Lynn Spears acting role?

I have posted something of substance in GD!

Is it safe to come back to the lounge yet?

Calif. teacher blows hand off trying to squash bug with artillery shell

Oh crap ! I forgot to clock out at work tonight !

underground in name only

Steph Show: Fighting Mannequinism?

Yum ..... Cadbury Cream Eggs

Someone's had a pitcher of koolaid in aisle five -- join in if you want

It's snowing in NYC.

Spring has Sprung... Baby pics

So I thought the rapture was upon us today...

I've been using the :poopcorn: smilie a lot lately!

Baseball fans,

Love for AirmensMom here!


Milestone coming up fast!!!

Cardiff, Wales: A Town Without Pity

I've been using the :thumbsup: smiley a lot lately.

Update: It's no longer snowing in Delaware. It's sunny & about 50 degrees

Boston Beer Summit

Miss the 01:02:03 4/5/06 celebration? Reserve now for 02:03:04 5/6/07

I was born by the river, in a little tent.

You Know...Sometimes I Feel Bad For Everything Tom DeLay Has Been Through.

I was born in a van down by the river.

How many DU Journals have you read?

I haven't been using the :wilfordbrimley: smiley enough lately.

Online Sudoku Comes With Spyware

Kids of the 80s - can you help me identify this toy?

it is now 01:02:03 04/05/06 E.S.T.

Remind me to set the VCR for 'Lost' and 'Alias' tonight before I go to B&N

I am sick again today, looking for advice

Crunch bars...MMM...

Why does the Superbowl have to be played indoors or

I've concluded that cooking is easy, overhyped

Help me decide: I don't like people who don't share my opinions

Are you ticklish?

I have wasted so much of my life.

It's April and it's snowing in Delaware

Why's it so easy to live bookmark DU but not Daily Kos? I get

Gene Pitney found dead in hotel

True confession: I engaged in risky behavior yesterday.

Now those are some damn smart critters

What Are Your Ailments... Are You In Any Pain? --- Where Does It Hurt?

9,000-Year-Old Dental Drill Is Found

ALLRIGHT, (fore)skinner!

Don't sing Clash songs in London - could be arrested as a Terrorist

Jesus may have walked on ice

I have solved whoisalhedges quandary - who is next

For post #15,001, I present to the Lounge a quandary:

what is wrong with the weather?

Soo...I tell LynneSin something that bugs the bejeebus out of me...

i've wasted so many lives!

Bush I, Bush II, and Clinton captured by terrorists

Freaking, bloody winter!!!!

Don Alias, 66, Percussionist and Sideman, Is Dead

Man of the House (a joke that Father-Figure Freepers won't understand)

The Lounge is the only safe place right now on DU.

I turned 54 today...

Jedi Breakfast

I just don't know what to do with myself.

Rename the GOP?

Tell me something that bugs the bejesus out of you!!

Diet pills

Paris Hilton being considered to play Mother Teresa

Should I feel bad about this?

VIDEO: Kidd Kraddick's "Dance Revolution Dance-Off" with Kevin Federline

uh-oh and I meant the *BIG* UH-OH

Tom Toles on DeLay!

Ever wonder how your computer works - this will help

Pit bull adopts kittens in MA...

I'm afraid to check my voicemail.

Help! 1066 question!

I gave in to my bigotry last night

The James Gang Rides Again tour

Wanna see another snow picture?

"Cristal del Mar" New Mexican/Cuban fusion restaraunt in San Jose

Italian Prime Minister Calls Left-Wing Voters "Dickheads"

Ok, NOW I'm ready to drop.

Pole vaulting accident

Ok, NOW I'm ready to drop.

Suffering from TYPOGLYCEMIA? Check this out -- the mind is a beautiful --

Compare and contrast: BC vs. Zippy the Pinhead

What is the REAL reason DeLay is retiring?

you cant PM yourself

Seriously, why is Kudzu bullish and where the hell is it going?

Anyone eat a normal breakfast today?

Who wants $250,000? See inside for details - it could be yours!

God help me!

Does anyone know what a Rockaway Trout is? Be specific.

Spring kitty manicure (pics).

Coffeeshop update: Neil Young singing about "Big Bird's flying in the sky"

Man Sends Bomb To Doctor After Penis-Enlargement Surgery

John McCain offers "$50 an hour to pick lettuce in Arizona".

In case you don't check GD: info about DUer alarcojon

Eminem divorcing wife Kim -- again *GASP*

Cell Phone Karaoke

Tom Cruise buys Katie an adult binky to keep her from screaming

Name your poison.

Are you ready for pics of neweuropes new place? (pic heavy)

"Most people assume the fights are going to be the left versus the right..

Any one else on the Atkins Diet?

After eating a HUGE batch of garlic soup for 3 days, my breath is awful.

There's a strange color in the sky right now

Nothing worse than getting the dreaded"Missing Thread" page

Man Sends Bomb To Doctor After Penis-Enlargement Surgery

Damn!! Its cold, rainy and RAW in SoCal today!

The Simpsons...Last week. Did anyone else with tivo flip out over the

Jennifer Lopez and LL Cool J: Most narcissistic music video ever?

Rasmussen: Casey lead in single digits

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to..............

word association thread

Newsflash: Even Dems do stupid shit....of their own accord...

congratulations whoisalhedges: 15,000 fart & dick jokes!

ex-Baseball Player Dwight Gooden chooses prison over rehab

Veal Piccata...It's What's for Dinner!

Pennant Fever In Seattle!

Good house-selling vibes, please.

Pictures from the Alps - *Dial up warning*

I got food poisoning last night and have been sick all day.

I put too much curry in my curry. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

I'm calling out Skinner!!!

Sinus problem? Dental problem? What do you think?

I hope you won't mind if I do my homework in The Lounge.

A Poem Written By Bertha, Who Can't Access DU at Work

My mother doesn't want to be living in the nursing home anymore

My hard drive died on deadline day

Jack Bauer vs. Jack Bristow

Buick=VERY safe car. I recommend.Personal recent experience.

MAC users - I need you to test a QT video for me...

DU Parents: what would you do if your kid was Republican?

Garth Brooks's ex wife Kidnapped!

In honor of my 4000th post, which is way past due, I hereby declare my

The evolution of "DaveTheWave"

Do they make vegetarian veal?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/5/06)

"there is no one that should do Superman but Bryan Singer." Richard Donner

DU parents: What would you do if your kid was straight?

Spaghetti Tonight... Sauce From A Jar... What Can I Do To Make It Better?

Has anyone seen the film "The Weatherman"?

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Say it ain't so??? Eminem is re-divorcing his re-married wife.

Warning - cute kitten photos inside this post

RIP Bodhi

What is the best Mexican dish or recipe?

*Woohoo!* My new bed is here!!!

Snerk. Kungabloop. Woob woob woob.


Name your least favorite sitcom that was a hit series

OMG, Roseanne is the funniest show EVER!

What browser do you use?

How Much Do You Spend Per Month On Drugs?

The Flying Spaghetti Monster

This was a pretty good birthday.

Katie Couric quiz

DU Parents: what would you do if your kid was gay?

Name a state, region, city, etc. and it's local cuisine, food, drink, etc.

Boston Legal..

Recommend a movie to me (I'm temporarily almost single the next week)

Who is signing up for Freeps Ahoy 4?

Wish me luck in GD

Remember to celebrate 1:02:03 pm today, 4/5/06

Best vacation destination in the US?

My lil girl's FIRST smile

100 year old Wisteria in my courtyard in full bloom!

you gotta see "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

my vote for "Shamess, Gravy-training Attention Whore of 05-06"

Stories from the Road- The Prostitutes

Textbook: Donkeys More Loyal Than Housewives - Make Better Companions

List one of your talents/skills that's NOT on your resume

I was driving earlier and went on auto-pilot

A Trip to CVS Pharmacy experienced as Severe Panic Attack:

Biggest freak?

Althea relaxing in her and Quinn's new kitty tree

In case you haven't been over to GD, alarcojon is very ill with leukemia

It's Post A Pic time!

Favorite Trans Amthem

What album or band should I add to my iPod??

Soo...I tell MrsGrumpy why her thing that bugs her isn't my problem...

Hey 24 fans! Jack Bauer 'facts'...


GW, The Post Turtle.

Speaking of .... where ARE tjwmason and billyskank??

I think there's something growing under my carpet.


Cherry orchards, FDA at odds over health claims

Sleep disorders epidemic, study reports

Ginger an Ovarian Cancer Killer

FLU, ORDINARY- Experts, is it safe yet to go near crowds?

Immortality, university research on it.. physical, not spiritual

Chemicals tainting orcas dinner

Pieces of (the Planet) Mercury Found in Virtual Collision

Fossil Fish Sheds Light on Transition (Evolution)

'Scent of a woman' tells male redback spiders to find a mate

9,000-Year-Old Dental Drill Is Found

Software Out There

Cats Seen at Risk in Bird Flu Zones

Like to Tinker? NASA's Looking for You

Alcohol cloud is 463 billion kilometers long

Telescope to get lobster vision

Update on us....

If He Gets HR Record, Does Bonds Deserve It, & Should he Go To The HOF?

New York Yankees run tracker

Two week old kitten photos

Looking for kitty owners who've sucessfully trained the kitties to use

20 minutes ago ..

THIS is a dumb reason to start a thread but why do they do this to us?

for people who read their horoscopes...

Holistic medicine--anyone see such a practitioner...?

DU War Vets vs Iraq War! - 2003 vs 2006

Gary Hart post on Kerry IRaq Plan on Huffington Post

Feingold comments on Kerry plan

And pigs fly...

Don't miss this one: Little Scottie McClellan in VF

Pic and story on Yahoo!

just wanted to share...

Feingold endorses Kerry's plan -- please look

A few interesting bills sponsored or co-sponsored by Kerry yesterday

Kerry on Huffington

Wade Sanders posts on the Dem Daily - "Good for John: Attaboy!"

Replay of the Condi show--

JK on Franken today?

Condiliar Rice testilies this morning in SFRC

Media Coverage of Kerry calling for the US to leave Iraq.

Not bad, but get it right

DailyKos does contain one ally: Georgia10

OMG! JK to be on Randi Rhodes in a few minutes!!!

A Brother In Arms - Max Cleland on Kerry's OpEd

GD-P post on Joe Sestak: The Season of Swift Boat is Here Again

Kerry did well in the Frank Luntz focus group according to Tweety

MA residents, what do you think of the mandatory healthcare bill,


some sky

Another pic I took in the Black Forrest, Germany

Testing - you can let this thread drop like a stone

Could this be a pic for the new contest?

Had an AWESOME Double Rainbow the other day!

Countdown Newsletter -- 04/05/06: Online Sex Sting

Mass Health care plan Buy a plan or face a tax hike

Studs Terkel is on the Daily Show right now! feingold and thank him for having the balls to speak out

Nightline is covering the Chevy Tahoe commercials!!

Terrorists, Satan, and child pornographers have taken over the internets

Does any other Senator besides Feingold support gay marriage?

Faux Snooze wants OUR opinion...

Like a rock in my shoe...

Major league the HHS guy is guilty of "seducing"

True confession: I engaged in risky behavior yesterday.

Republican Family Values

CBS, MSN reporting 24 of 32 Wisconsin cities vote to bring troops home!

Black ops and the new Flight 93 movie

NCIS (TV Show) disturbed me a bit

Brian Doyle Homeland Security "spocksman"...speaks

No offense to you, Lou -- but do you see any resemblance? (I loved Lou)

2000s nostalgia

PHOTOS: Temper, temper, Senator McCain!

Delay Toon...

The best example of moral fiber of the people we trust to spy on Americans

Who is Listening Here!!!...

John Conyers:Massachusetts to Offer Universal Health Care

Good Morning DU...

Tom DeLay To Pursue Corruption In Private Sector

Maureen Dowd: Two Worn-Out Diplomats, One Fold-Out Bed

EPA to Allow More Carcinogens into Air Under New Secret Rule

Anyone hear that wild caller on C-Span WashJ?

Holy Crap - I Got Yer Back Door Draft Right Here

We elected a DEM Waukesha mayor.

Would it make sense

King George and Uncle Bucky - Who's Who? ----pix--->>>

U.S. Focus on Abstinence Weakens AIDS Fight, Agency Finds

David Soul slams US and UK over Iraq

Arab nations plan for Iraq civil war

Bomb hits Turkey PM's party office

US administration readying new counterterror plan!!

"You'd think (Shrub) had come out of the closet."

Paris Hilton being considered to play Mother Teresa

Detroit News CyberSurvey - this poll needs DUing!

Majority of 32 Wisconsin Towns Vote for Iraq Pullout

Syria turnaround: crack-down on human rights, more power to religious

Anyone get a video of this?

"We'll pick 1 night-every wk-where we will KILL whoever crosses border"

Democracy In Iraq Not A Priority in U.S. Budget

The GOP - The Party of Bad Ideas

I, DeLay ("I am the government") by Sidney Blumenthal

Delay Stayed in Race To Raise Legal Fees Under Guise of Political Campaign

Bush Admin. Wants to Bury More Nuke Waste

Isaw a great bumper sticker yesterday

Some Americans reaping huge gains from reduced taxes on invstmt income

Vote Dem '06, we keep our scandals as small as our budget deficits

Bruce Willis on Letterman with buckshot wound to face from hunting!!!

CBS News hires Jessica Simpson to anchor their evening news.

Early Morning Bush - "Workin' Hard"....empty sound bite!

Ex-Sinn Fein official exposed as British spy found slain, tortured

Agencies Not Protecting Privacy Rights, GAO Says

Anyone see McCain on Daily Show last night?

My email to the morning news re:Unions

I'm finding it harder each day to come here to read the news

Our KC Peace Group made the paper!

Is Condi testifying to Foreign Relations committee today?

CYNTHIA MCKINNEY...i for one admire your courage to stand TRUTH TO POWER

Does Keating (on C-span) have his eyebrows waxed?

Judge throws out one of Saddam's lawyers for showing Abu Ghraib photos

Delay resigning makes Democrats happier, or Republicans happier?

Bush says he wants democracy in Iraq, he just won't pay for it

What does anyone know about Doyle being busted for child porn?

Cegelis endorsed Tammy Duckworth

Today is my birthday, and all I'm getting is a crummy visit from Bush!

do you know if "Bush on the Couch" is available on tape?

Video Claims to Show U.S. Pilot Being Dragged

General Wesley Clark is coming up on Faux

Ukraine May Have Sold 250 Nuclear Warheads To Iran

Well, that's one big reason, IMO, why we're losing voters...

911 Loose Change

Walk Away, DeLay... (lyrics) by The Right Banke

Anyone see Salazer on CSPAN2?

Republicans may be in path of political 'hurricane'

Ad on the London Underground - Pretty funny

I Was Indicted Because "STUPID RULE" Allows Dems To Pick Repub Leadership

Straw 'mortified' as Rice is relegated to an air bed

‘US looking to carve Kurdish state from Turkey, Iran and Syria’

Project X duel-dopple 90,000 radar update!

The Internet is coming for your children! Be Afraid!

CSPAN 2 - Durbin and Kyl debating a Kyl amendment

Would someone tell Ms Obrien

Goodbye DU

Can your wife (you womenfolk) do this?

Below the Radar: Secret flights to Torture & 'Disappearance'-Amnesty Intl.

GOP say DeLay exit is 'great news'

Critics Blast Bush For Not Praying Hard Enough

"if George Bush's daughters..go into the service..war would end tomorrow"

LIES, LIES, LIES- Why Did U.S. Invade & Destabilize Iraq?

Yesterdays election was a bloodbath for incumbents

"What if these three things are all true?" redux . . .

Tony Hendra EVISCERATES the Bugman - HIlarious

Stave off the GOPocalypse!

Homeland Security official arrested in sex sting

What are the major tenets of your ideal tax plan?

Lookin at democracy in the rear view mirror.

DeLay Says He'll File Ethics Complaint Against McKinney

Arizona/Light Plea bargain/Cronism alert. Plzzz help

Chief 9/11 Architect Critical of Bin Laden!

Voting in MO, a voters experience (election errors)

Insurgents "prepared to host U.S. bases. We share common enemies"?

Hey guys, we're in an article at MSN Tech about the GM Tahoe ads.

If Bush had not been born to wealth.. Jobs he's qualified for

On MSNBC, Bernard Kalb (CBS corresp. emeritus) pans Kouric hiring

On Wisconsin! (My State : ) :

Sen Kerry coming up on Al Franken show now.

21 Stowaways Found In Container At Harbor Island

From "24" message board - no, no spoiler

Former Dallas Cowboys QB Danny White to vie for DeLay's seat?

Bush Motorcade to Shut Down I-95 Between New Haven & Bridgeport

Dear Mr President...

Thom Hartmann reading Will Pitt's column NOW! -- streaming

Child Porn Sting Nets Homeland Security Staffer

* has a whopping 31% approval in his birth state...Connecticut

"A Bloodthirsty Society" (Moussaoui & the Death Penalty)

The reality based community - where did that phrase come from again?

Tom DeLay: "If no one else will bring ethics charges against Cynthia

Is there a list of Democrats who have accepted money from Wal-Mart?

Woman off hook over lewd Bush bumper sticker in Ga.

Is masturbation a sin?

NBC link to DU and the Tahoe ads

In a nutshell, my opinion of Katie Couric anchoring CBS Evening News

Even Bush’s prayers are incompetent: Family Research Council

I had a dream last night, I dreamed that Fitz' is taking his time

coming up...lush rimbo and delay "hammer" each other on Rush's show

Take a look at's home page. Tom DeLay gone missing

Can we at least agree...

If Clinton had been a liberal progressive, Gore would be in his 2 term

Bob Barr says McKinney is living proof of need for "preemptive" arrest

Where are all the Bush approval ratings? I've been watching to see if...

Surfers are Flooding Blog & Community sites - Bad News MSM

Republican connections trump justice in sodomy case.

Senior US officials want to attack Iran....minds made up

Repub Culture of Corruption Infects DHS Internet Monitoring Program

DeLay: "Republican primary challengers gadflies and traitors."

We can't always get what we want!

whose side is Tim McGraw on?

For you who have endured so much: Lift your head a little higher, Texas

(VIDEO) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the Bloggers' Rubberstamps

Right-wing warmongers defacing the American flag... again

Madison, WI votes 68%-32% to bring the troops home NOW

Now on Craigslist: Rent a room with a beautiful voyeur ... uh, foyer

Republicans really suck at governing.

President Kerry coming up on Al Franken show

Michelle Malkin Unhinged

(VIDEO) The Daily Show: Citizen McCain

"Non-Partisan" Moderate Elected Mayor in Conservative Waukesha

Photo>>>"Republican Love Tester" from The Daily Show tonight!

Why is it always a "Brutal Murder" on MSNBC and CNN?

In American politics, the one who spends the most almost always wins

US says Saudi individuals still funding terrorism

Is Neo-con Ideology Dead?

My author's loop--an update...

Am I the only one who thinks Katie Couric is also unattractive?

Dumb hypothetical question: How much $ would it take you to vote for Bush?

Andy Rooney not happy re Katie Couric

If Bush proclaimed himself to be God or higher than God,

Who else is disappointed that CBS didn't choose Mary Hart?

What 2006 candidate in your state should get the DUNCE award?

Would You Approve Of Sending Troops To Darfur?

RW columnist in my college newspaper swinging his dick around again

Republican Official Frog March Video # 45

Condi testifies before the Sen. Foreign Relations Committe - pics->>

Dems to introduce lobby reform "Hammer" Amendment

HEY FREEPERS: What the hell is going on with your party?!?

Perhaps lightning does strike in the same place more than once?

What we already knew: Study: Bush tax cuts making rich richer

For anybody who thinks Tweety is "okay" you have to watch this video

Here is a little story about 3 war heros I bet some didn't know

Tweety Loves Delay

Quest for larger equipment leads him toward jail

MA may be first state to require health insurance

Mass. Lawmakers OK Mandatory Health Bill

Al Franken is smacking down Neal Boortz with sound clips and commentary!

Scientists say planned blast a part of nuclear testing

Any way we can send McKinney some flowers and show support?

2006 Pork Barrel Spending

Submit your questions for John Dean on today's Guy James Show

A public service announcement for all parents!

Who the hell is this disease called Neil Boortz?

Harris Campaign In Lockdown, LOL !!!

Iranian democrats tell US where to stick its $85m

Here's an oath-taking I'd like to see....

Helen Thomas on Franken's show tomorrow!

Arkin (WP): Iran Threat RHETORIC Grows

Bush's Unprecedented Arrogance: By John Dean

Introducing the "Family Values Poster Crooks for Bad Behavior"

HELP. Who are the leading Dem candidates on 2006?

Help Lobby God on Behalf of Indicted Ethics Posterchild Tom DeLay

Raw Story Exclusive:Judge FINALLY Ends Inquiry Into Clinton Admin Official

Just how great is this economy ?

Michoacán Peasant Farmers Are Determined to Defend Their Lands

Randi's choice comments on this Doyle fellow

Jon Stewart to take over Couric's spot on NBC's Today?

Great gift for kids/expectant parents

Lets pass the hat and send Delay a case of Soaps on a Rope.

Baby Shower Brawl , seven-months-pregnant beaten with stick

Al Franken: An Evening With Ann Coulter


Let the Media Whoring Continue: McKinney is front page news on CNN's site

Rummy blames the mess in Iraq on Turkey and Congress

I defend Cinnie 100%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

BREAKING: Brian Doyle was running a counter-sting

Is Ed Schultz a re-run everywhere today

Anna Paquin to star in movie "Blue State" about a Democratic campaigner..

When are the remaining Abu Ghraib photos coming out?

Check out some of the Zogby Intl. Poll headlines...

the journalistic integrity of Chris Matthews ( video )

bush Has Authorized Khalilzad To Hold Talks on Iraq With Iran on Saturday!

McKinney....were you there? Then why comment?

I would give up my first born to see Ricky Santorum go down in defeat.

You reap what you sow

BREAKING NEWS: Rep. McKinney Is A...

Penguin launches program for Christian books

CT Protesters greet Bush's birth state visit

GOP culture of corruption includes corruption of the English language

Military Tribunals Resume at Guantanamo

This is so cool! Joe Trippi is joining John Hall's Campaign for Congress!

Is it exploitation if illegal immigrants make more in the US than in Mex?

U.S. urged to apologize for 1930s deportations

Fire drills give way to lockdown exercises (AP/CNN)

Pervert being frog march!!!'ve got to see this

Jack Cafferty's questions on the Situation Room this afternoon:

Delay says of Clinton: "Nothin worse than a woman know it all"

A Rare Trip Into Sadr City - Lara Logan

See? It DOES work!

do you hate it when republicans say

DU help please: Is the US the only industrialized nation in the world that

Randi cited another DHS pervert arrested...

Kerry on Randi Rhodes right now

Jon Stewert was on a RAMPAGE last night

Limbaugh dining with a Supreme Court justice...

Delay Gets Trashed...

Giuliani Predicts Another Terror Attack!!!!

Video claims to show U.S. pilot dragged, on fire

Cincy Enquirer "Grandma in Iraq" blog, Now ID'ed as Military Flack

Great Pic and article about DeLay in the Galveston Daily News

I saw a homeless child today. About 8 years old.

Rice Faces Questions on India Nukes Deal!!

Kerry on Randi Rhodes NOW

Kerry Wants Out of Iraq; Bush Wants to Bomb Iran

These are the businesses who want to screw your health plans over

Malevolent Power at Fort Sill - The Army Slays Its Own

RW: Illegal aliens are really reconquistadors

Pentagon says it accidentally listed peace activists in terrorist database

Breaking up the House!

David Ray Griffin on Guns and Butter Now! (KPFA )

Hillary housekeeping slam over-reported, but Laura gives W "greasy eye"

Colombian farmers launch Coke rivals (BBC)

"I Tawt I taw a Neocon" Tweety in his finest hour

Michigan serial dog killer still at large (warning: Disturbing)

Wisconsin referendum to end Iraq war gets White House notice

"Fighting Dems" new website launched today:

William F. Buckley Jr.: The killings tell a story


Doyle put on unpaid leave from DHS (more info)

Pelosi on the Floor - Privileged Resolution - Immediate Investigation


RW Blog: New 'Today' Co-Host an Anti-War Protester (Meredith Vieira)

Tell your Congresscritter to support HRes 543 (Debate on Iraq)

1st person accounts of student and union protests in France

Anyone have parents who have cable but still watch 3 channels?

We've got to get these "Delay Republicans" out of office!

London: Man Held As Terrorist For singing along to "The Clash"

I wonder why Bugman called MSRNC, and "Shotgun Facial" Dick Cheney

Blind Support For bushboy: This One's Hilarious.

Alrighty then...thinking of just women, who should have gotten the CBS gig

ROFL... David Horsey 'toon on Tom DeLay

Jacksonville Florida Zoo's new jaguars

Delay on Hillary: "Nobody likes a woman know-it-all"

Gore Republicans - Clark Republicans...

Man-Whores for Lieberman - Great Graphic!

VIDEO- Dean on why it's a good thing that DeLay stepped down April 4 06

01:02:03 04/05/06

VIDEO- Dean on Balanced Budget (from yesterday)

Scott Ritter Rips Peace Movement

OH Fish all 1 2 3 4 5 6 Thread .... make a wish

Priests planning hunger strike at Hastert's office

"meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh LIBRULS."

What's a Wednesday without a CAPTION???

The Strange Case Of The Man Who Took 40,000 Ecstasy Pills In 9 Years

Television could have been so much more.

Maine caller sticks it hard to Mike Pence on Washington Journal this AM

Golf courses can be environmentally friendly

Sheriff gets Homeland Security guy, but 3 die in jail system in 2 weeks.

What's worse, a corrupt congressman or a "woman know it all"

So, who ratted Tweety out?

Guess what prize the MD Terps received by winning last night?

WTF? How Many Criminal Perverts Do We Have At DHS?

Tweety in bed with Tom 'bugman' Delay....

I don't like the Republican crooks, especially the ones in Congress

McAfee acquires SiteAdvisor...kiss another free, great product buh-bye.

"Liberals Hate It" Neocon Hate Radio at Its Finest in Houston

No Guy James Show today due to technical difficulties!

GOP Uniform Resignation Form

Gotta feeling Olberman is going to rock tonight!!

Iraq Blog: Baghdad has stopped selling newspapers

Bush is the only person in the world who can launch our nuclear arsenal.

Hannity: "Long list of Democrats took money from Abramoff..."

GOP Kills Resolution Calling for Ethics Investigation to Abramoff

Duke Rape Case E-mail Shocker

Remember, Bush made sure Homeland Sec. was exempt from civil service

Scientists find rocks God created to look like first land vertebrates

In defense of John McCain

Saddam killed 50,000, bush Killed 100,000 Plus and Counting....

CNN Showbiz tonight.

Chirac Flees Summit in Fury Over Use of English

Democracy In Iraq Not A Priority in U.S. Budget - WaPo

OMG- GOP Pervert Doyle was told by 'victim' she had Leukemia!

Randi just played the Tweety/Delay off TV conversation

Some curious discussion group statistics...FWIW

When does a riot become a "protest?" Depends who's doing the rioting...

Er, Skinner? Elad? About this

Larry Johnson: Five Days in April in Iraq

Blizer just teased what sounds like Delay's comments to Tweety

A must see! Iraq fatalities-animated

E-mail From Duke Lacrosse Player

The other post on Bush and Nuclear Arsenal reminded me of this.

Caption This Photo...Jean Schmidt...GOP liar

Anyone who disagrees with me is a racist, sexist Nazi babykiller.

Keeper of the Flame is on TCM

DeLay: “McKinney Is a Racist”, “Everything Is Racism With Her”

Judge expels Saddam lawyer

Every so often I just have to say

Then & Now

Has the GOP come to grips with their party's embrace of nation-building?

Howard Dean Tweety next.

Why do the Pugs pick on kids and not CEOs for unjust compensation?

Republican Party has implemented a "Uniform Resignation Form." LOL!

Mandatory DNA test for California Felon??? Need help!

Rep. Candice Miller, R-Michigan, spouts off, C-Span. Michigan apologizes.

Why is Immigration soooo hot? What do the repukes gain?

Bush is allowed to kill people but McKinney must respect the law..

If Tom DeLay had done EVERYTHING McKinney is said to have done,

No snark please - what DID Bush campaign on in 2004 - school project

New Poll Gives Venezuela’s Chavez 82.7% Approval Rating

"Nothing worse than a woman know-it-all" - sexist Tom Delay comment

Good god get off of it Wolf already!

If I were a woman today, I would be scared...

**DU This NewsMax Poll re: KATIE COURIC/CBS NEWS**

Given these DHS sexual predators, anyone else find it curious

Don't be fooled by John McCain....

Forget Iran, real men go to Khuzestan

Have your say in the immigration debate. Sign this petition!!

PHOTO - Chimpy's long lost brother?

Let's come up with a party mix for when/if we take back Congress & the WH

Lou Dobbs Poll:How much more would you be willing to pay each year

The Only Hope For the World

Which person is contributing more to our economy?

Who else here besides me does not watch Hardball?

At times, there *seems* to be concern for the poor here...

rubber stamp video

Unbelievable letter to * from a * supporter:

Don't Kid Yourself!....Cynthia McKinney is PAY BACK for Tom Delay!

VIDEO- Pelosi Privileged Resolution on Ethics Complaint April 5 06

What operating system does your computer run?

On FISA: "... the best strategy for Democrats to pursue is to ...

Turlock (CA) wins Wal--Mart court right- big box discount grocery stores

Art Buchwald has decided to die

Five Days of April in Iraq - by Larry Johnson

Landrieu threatens to block appointments over levees

Jesus Christ (aka: God) May Not Have Walked On Water, After All.......!

Why did Bush visit Chichén Itzá???

Kerry Offers A Democratic Ultimatum On Iraq

The Republican Revolution is 'Finita'

WalMart attempts to improve image - are you buying it?

My question for the McKinney supporters

CNN reporting that the McKinney incident is going to the Grand Jury

Firefox users...what plug-ins do you support?

What's on Tom DeLay's iPod?

My solution for Health Care

Will the repugs start up a war if they lose the house and senate...

The Situation Room covers the Tahoe commercial fun!

Oops: In Slip, Delay Implicates THIRD Aide

*'s new backdrop - Health Sags. pic -->>

In 2003 a GOP Congressman called the Capitol Police on the Democrats

AFL-CIO - Wal-Mart blocking port security efforts

What jobs would YOU do for $50 per hour?

"Powerball winners give $6,000 to homeless"

New DU'er--Glenn Melancon--Running for Congress--Texas 4th District

Some Tax Preparers Don't Add Up- tax time warning

I'd have posted this as a poll...

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR sitting in for Charlie Rose tonight (Wed)

We made Rosie O'Donnell's Blog!! Roses for Helen!

How Massacres Become the Norm - Dahr Jamail

Gators to visit the Whitehouse on Thursday.....

Ad idea: Play mp3 of McCain lettuce comments over "Brokeback McCain" photo

Halliburton, the complete file to Spring 2003:

Should Chris Matthews be suspended like that ABC producer was?

Huge alcohol cloud spotted by astronomers

CBS finally jumped the shark (and couch)....

National call-in day on Iraq - today, April 5

Photoshop Bush as a Darwin Animal Contest..

2 For today - new toons 4/5/06

218 Republicans Vote To Deny America A Congressional Ethics Investigation

Memory Hole: Chemical Weapons Report - Toxicity By Race and Gender

The party of "family values" strikes again - Doyle arrested for soliciting

A trip down the rabbit hole as Matthews interviews Delay -

Decide Bush's Legacy. (POLL)

Ted Kennedy rips Bush a new one in new book

How STUPID does an HSA official have to be not to realize...

Seems as if the tide is shifting in America. But then, I thought 2004...

Katie Couric = Flame Bait?

Rep (Mean) Jean Schmidt - FALSIFIED Her Resume - REPEATEDLY!

Studs Terkel on TDS: "I can tell the president to BUGGER OFF!

Woman off hook over bumper sticker


Attack of the horny female teachers

***** Crucial Budget Vote Friday ***** Call Now: 1-800-459-1887 *****

Germany, circa 1933. Are we there yet?

I've Had It With Racist Radio Hosts

Caption this Condi pic...

Atlanta is the Sex Capital of the US

Gold nearing $600. per oz

Jane Hamsher tells Mathews "Oh Get a Room" -- ouch.

My take on Rep. Cynthia McKinney

TOONS! How about a few tasty afternoon morsels?!! Yum!!

Darwin Animal FOUND!

Upon January, 2007, to Democrats who will control our House and Senate:

Serious Q. on whether sex offenders gravitate to today's Repug. party.

Positive republican values?


Why do we demonstrate at all?

Proposal of the Physicians' Working Group for Single-Payer National Health

The state of health care in the USA and what the RW is doing about it?

the ‘Ingratitude of the Iraqis’ so sayith Pipes the traitor

Legalise Marijauna Follow-up Question:

Should everyone be ALLOWED to vote? (Danger: some sarcasm...)

Curt Weldon (R-PA) Attacks Opponent's Sick Daughter

John Hannah // Unpopular Essay #78

Why did monarchies go out of vogue as a form of government

My state may be making healthcare mandatory for everyone!!!

Oh... Ouch...

GREENSPAN: If Your Rig the #s In the Beginning-You Don't Need A Recount

Kerry not running away from McKinney - sponsors MLK Record Act with her

Anyone else notice here at DU you can be arguing passionately with...

Don Asmussen: "Earth destroyed; Dems still fail to capitalize"

FEINGOLD: On Kerry's Call For End to Military Mission In Iraq

Just Caught the First Attack Ad on Bob Casey

WOW what a zinger on C-Span from a repub.

Senator McCain is offering jobs picking lettuce! $50/hr

Will this girl be the 1st woman president?

BARRY BONDS: It's Not About Steroids, It's About Steroids and RACE

What A Cheap Stunt Randi Rhodes Pulled

Why Microsoft will never make Windows as secure as Linux or MacOS X

Gay Marriage?

What "liberal"***, male comedians/commentators are NOT sexist?

Could the Flying Spaghetti Monster become the new Scientology?

Can I say something really catty? I'm going to anyhow.

folding@home problem

Apple to allow XP to run native on Macs

I am so disgusted and uplifted at the same time I could cry.

SNL star asked to stand in for Jean Schmidt in GOP debate

My take on Cynthia McKinney....

Sex Tourism Thriving in the Bible Belt

Randi is reading the list of Republicans involved in child sex scandals

Jon Stewart -WTF is his deal

Teacher Having Sex with Student

If you've been following the Duke rape scandal...

Duke Coach Resigns amid scandal, Season cancelled

DUer alarcojon Seriously Ill

TPM: 2nd HS Official Sex Offender (warning- obscene)

Duke Rape Case E-mail Shocker

Would you support a pro-gun Democrat?

The plight of people with mental illnesses in America

Rev. Jessie Jackson on Colbert

Damn Damn Damn!!!

Are we serioiusly defending "war turf"

Okay, it's tinfoil hat time. (is Brian Doyle being set up?)

Rubber Stamp Republican Congress Stamps…In Action

Continuing Legal Troubles Reportedly Left DeLay Dispirited

I Want To DJ Tom DeLay's "Retirement" Bash...

DeLay gone, not forgotten in district race (IL 6th CD)

Republi-Cats On A Hot Tin Roof...

AMC running the UCC ads

Reminder: Katie Couric loves you.

Kos & Brazille on the radio now

How you know it's really, really over for DeLay:

2 B-2's can take out Iran's nuclear ambitions

YayYAYAyyyy!! Our Democratic Mayor was Re-ELECTED tonight !!

DC area DUers: Helen T., Al Franken speaking today

McClellan on John Snow: "And Snowie, you're doin' a HECK of a job..."

Rep. Walter "Freedom Fries" Jones (R-NC) calls for floor debate on Iraq

Pick and Peck were on Wash. Journal this a.m. ho hum


Chavez and the oil barons

On Feingold, DeLay and Couric

President Chris Dodd,?? He's thinking about it.

DeCay said if Dems get Congress they'll stop partial birth abortion ban

DeLay really is a slimeball...

US Special Forces as private contractors?

Public Energy Is Misdirected

Hannity's show should get nominated for best comedy.

Real men go to Khuzestan

Meredith Vieira to replace Katie Couric?

Republicans fear Delay is a snowball....

Fighter jets are performing surveillance missions in Iraq!

Guess Rush Limbaugh's lead story.

Tom Toles on DeLay's resignation.

So how are the freepers taking it?

Tweety falsely reports on DeLay "quite sacrificially" re-districting Texas

CNN looking for an incident to exploit

AP: Sen. Clinton says immigration bill would make her a criminal

Inexperienced Crony is Head of US Immigration Service

I sure hope Giuliani gets the GOP nomination

"The more money the wealthiest have, the more job-producing investments"

AEI shill Bill Schneider admitting GOP has rigged the game

It looks like the immigration bill is dead in the Senate.

Cynthia M. & Chaka Kahn-- the hair

"Buckley Blasphamy" coming up on CNN

Dean is coming up on hardball.

Holy shit! MUST SEE and HEAR! Matthews is SCREWED........

Is It Me Or Is There Something Suspicious About What Iran Is Doing .....

What the hell is going on on the Senate floor

Should McCain Speak at the KKK Commencement Too?

I've heard more of Tom Delay's voice in the last few weeks than I have

Bush photo, 04/05/06: "Pleased to meet choo, hope you guess my name..."

Rush today tried to pin the immigration issue on "far lefties"

Project For a New Liberal America

Today's brilliance from Dan Froomkin:

DeLay to Tweety: "...nothing's worse than a woman know-it-all"

Got to Link Puke Porn Security w/ Net Monitoring & Culture of Corruption

Bluegrass artist Norman Blake takes on the "Neo-Cons"

So is Homeland Security just infested with perverts?

USA Today: Republicans may be in path of political 'hurricane'

Good news from Anchorage

Author of "Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change..." on NPR now!

Jews, Christians and Muslims all call me DADDY ... today's cartoon

How come the Mckinny story is bigger then the perverts at DHS?

Rasmussen: Casey Lead in Single digits

HEY, IT'S JUST LIKE VIETNAM: Mei Lei style Massacre in Iraq

Will Democrats ever expose real reasons for Iraq War?

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, Hot YOUNG Sex Partners for sale...

What are DEMS saying ON TV about the Tweety/DeLay incident?

His salad days are over. He's tossed now. "$50-an-hour-to-pick-lettuce"

We have the energy & numbers. We don't have our priorities staight!

White House Rejects Kerry Op Ed Call for Iraq Pullout

Anyone got a McCain $50/hr. job offer transcript/video audio?

Kerry on AAR with Al Franken (MP3) April 5 talking about Iraq War plan

McKinney and Delay and the Phony Cosmic Balance of politics

Salon: "A guy who wants to impress this girl he has a huge crush on"

Tweety Watch: Vin Weber (R-former) says Tom Delay new Conservative Leader

I know some Dems would rather Tom DeLay stuck around....

The Season of Swift Boat is Here Again

Did anyone hear the OUTRAGEOUS Soledad/McKinney interview this morning?

Dean sounds lukewarm on censure....

Why do middle age white man, usually balding ,dominate our politics

Is there a site listing GOP criminals?

Can we start an email campaign to support Kerry's Peace Plan

Do you believe if repugs lose the senate and the House...

S1955, Enzi bill, devastates health care for millions, poll results scary!

"America Comes First" - Howard Dean

Can we leave God out of politics, PLEASE!!!!

Senate Dems to pursue new strategy on abortion

Wade Sanders - Good for John (Kerry): Attaboy!

Your worst suspicions are (probably) true

Kerry's Iraq plan - a few comments from "the left"

Senate Dems to pursue new strategy on abortion -

UPDATE on Nevada Test Site June 2 Planned "Bunker Buster" Detonation

Sickening display by Matthews with Tom Delay...not meant for broadcast

Question about Matthews-Delay Leaked Video

Al Franken EVISCERATED Ann Coulter - Read his remarks here:

Kerry's Iraq withdrawal plan seems to be gaining momentum

Rendell Leads Swann By 10 Points In Gov Race (Quinnipiac)