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Archives: April 6, 2006

In Bid to Rebuild Razed Bridge, Recovery and War Vie in Iraq

Cannon fodder at State ,,,,,,, Sidney Blumenthal

Hammer blows

CSPAN's Brian Lamb Interviews Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski

Will Ralph Reed crap out?

WP: Centrist Faces the GOP's Iraq Problem

WSJ Op-Ed Darfur

Iran - Are they Inviting Attack, if so, Why?

Wall Street Dems Unveil Plans to Undermine the Progressive Movement

John Kerry. Two Deadlines and an Exit

'Why I'm Raising Violent 4 Year-Olds' from a SoBaptist

Academics' Paper on 'Israel Lobby' Blasted

Loose Change 2nd edition

Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect says Fmr head of Star Wars program

Why I am for HCPB (hand counted paper ballots)

The HOLT BILL, major major problems in Election Reform-Land

Clock problems

How can I rotate an MPEG 90 degrees?

David Van Os in Red River County today

I got an email from Tom DeLay


Oh, no... first fried chicken, then White Castle burgers... now veal.

Potato Pancakes

Wilson fears 'invisible barrier' at border

Harper faces first day in question period hot seat

NYT/AP: Many States Bash Homeland Security Intelligence Sharing

(Chinese) Navy jet 'exploded in mid-air'

Academics' Paper on 'Israel Lobby' Blasted

Iraqi PM Refuses to Quit, Despite US, British Pressure

Pentagon says improper data in security database

WP: Centrist Faces the GOP's Iraq Problem

Medical treatment an issue in Pa. race

(Canadian) Teen on trial at Guantanamo boycotts tribunal

CIA Leak Judge Says No to Secret Arguments

UN seeks help to curb attacks on academics in Iraq

ACLU accuse federal prosecutors of ethnic bias in meth sting

I-Team 8 Finds More Problems with ES&S Voting Equipment

U.S. Interior Dept. Sued Over GMO Plantings (in wildlife refuge areas)

BBC (early Thursday): Nepalese opposition set to strike

Proposed settlement in H.S. raid case OK'd

WP: Immigration Debate Wakes A 'Sleeping Latino Giant'

LAT: Bush Administration Unveils Nuclear Weapons Complex Blueprint

Oil Prices Jump Above $67 Per Barrel

WP: Climate Researchers Feeling Heat From White House

AP: (Cancer-causing) Benzene Levels in Soft Drinks Above Limit

FEMA Employees Plead Guilty to Bribery

WP: Arrest of Official Prompts Probe By House Panel Into DHS Hiring

Rumsfeld Challenges Rice on 'Tactical Errors' in Iraq

Official Resists Extradition on Charge Involving Internet and Sex

Jungle tribesmen flee Marxist killers

So, I put a note on a car today with a DU bumpersticker!!! Now, bet me

Anti-Gravity Laptop - Video


DU parents: What would you do if your kid was doing it with apple pies?

The other day at work, a slacker guy in Southpark shirt,

So Queen is going to be on American Idol next week?

Internet Argument Losing Bingo

The truth about Gatorade.

Gene Pitney Died.

Why so many cat and dog posts? Does no one love Chimps?

LOST is on

Congrats to beyurslf on 4000 posts!

If we are headed for a recession, does it make sense to sell...?

Computer question regarding pictures

Man held as terrorism suspect over punk song

I not sure where to ask so I'll try here

Talking on the cell phone while standing at the urinal. WTF!

Robert Rauschenberg's sister is our realtor !1!

The television can't hear you...

Parents: What are games you like and dislike playing with your kids?

Police: Youth Minister Attacks Boy After Dodgeball Hit

South Park: ep is about the Muslim Cartoon controversy

I started getting into shape in october..Wonder if its working?

Please send some of those DU Lounge good vibes for my interview tomorrow

RANT: My apartment managers SUCK

What is it about televised sports...

Congratulations Jeff In Milwaukee - winner of the Yahoo tourney pool!

GD Poll

Spam alert: Phishing scheme!

To everyone who recently bought an electronics item

I am really angry at Time Warner

Will someone tell ZombieNixon I'm too tired to herk with him

Find joy in your life.... every day

Does anyone want these last 3 Godiva Chocolates....

Check out this irony...

I am going to win the Powerball - anyone want anything?

i m issing irst etters f ords

I am kinda down tonight

What are the implications of a frontal lobotomy?

Hey! NewYawker99 is a "Lead Moderator"!

Red Beans & Rice - Anyone have a recipe?

How about a nice tub o' cheese and pimento heaven...

Bedtime roll call. Who are you having or did you have?

I just realized the juice I am drinking is called "Naked Juice"

I can't eat anymore. So I think I'll shop.

my sin theist mickkin a.

So I'm doing research for my paper....

I can't eat anyone. So I think I'll stop.

Wow! Look at these knockers!

Colberto Reporto Gigante!!

im so badass that i did a copycat in GD

Getting drunk with your brother

Not enough dog threads, so here's my new pup

My two boys...

Older Woman has sex with 15 year old!!!! She's a waitress, he's horny!

Oh my GOD! Katie Holmes really IS wearing a pillow!!

My city's downtown is almost flooded!!!

For the "Battlestar Galactica" fans here...

Abstinence is for virgins.

I wanna go to bed, but I have the Fresh Prince of BelAir song on my mind

Meditating for Money and/or Prosperity later tonight. Anyone who wants

What's your DVD donation to the WTHWITWIBT Foundation?


gmail question

"Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote."


Help! I think I broke math!

"All the news that's fit...." Blah. Best newspaper tagline:

I daresay...

now that CMW is a mod, should we rename this the brazilian joke forum?

Rest in Peace, little BC.

I Need to Decorate the Upstairs of a Cape Cod...

Sizing a pic from online for printing?

Dinner roll call. What are you having or did you have?

New Mods! Rock this thread!! Tell us about yourselves!

Arrrgh!!! May I vent for a moment?

Post your favorite Pop song lyrics.

God that Cynthia McKinney is arrogant! She's a corporate sell out too!!

6000 Posts!

Good parental monitoring software?

I'm sorry - I just don't get all this GD-bashing in here

High School Daze

Ok, I missed it... who got booted off of Idol (spoiler, I imagine)

GD is hella depressing right now.

RUT ROH - both Heidi and CMW are mods!

Post Sports Illustrated covers that advance the idea of "The SI Curse"


It is still 80 degrees here in Lubbock.

Looking for advice regarding first love.

I just took LaraMN's DU phone virginity...ask me anything!

What. The. Fuck.

Good Music

NEW today! Seabirds and ocean breakers...Pic heavy.....

I love cheese.

Loungers, Take a Photo of Yourself and Post It!

Say Hello to our New Moderators!

Jesus never died!

How often do you think about death?

Spindrift - Research on prayer

Do you believe that Jesus existed, and do you believe there is real proof?

Discovered: the missing link that solves a mystery of evolution

For those to young to remember the great Chuck Foreman of the Vikings....

I never thought I'd say this, but I really hope that Brett Favre retires

Hello, good folks! I've been a lurker for many, many, months....

Good Night, little JK Group

Post from Iraq War Vet on JK's OP/ED

Kerry on Ed Schultz (AUDIO)

JK will be on the Tweety show tomorrow

KOEB 4/5/06 Sex Sting Edition

In celebration of Tom Delay resigning I have a request

Lets SEE, 24-7 about McKinney or HLS Brian Doyle..

Anyone else sick of the attack on CanOFun?

Police: Caller Asked Random Kids To Touch Selves

GOP = Gross Old Perverts / Homeland Security Scandals Ignored

'Chronic Candy' Faces Calif. Ban (WTF???)

Older Woman has sex with 15 year old!!!! She's a waitress, he's horny!

4th graders in Nepal learn how to make bombs

Didn't Delay lay some of the blame on Michael Moore and Barbra Streisand?

Cornyn: "That's the problem in America, we're always having elections."

Does all this corruption end up strengthening the Republicans?

Pink, Cindy Sheehan@ Camp Casey, "Dear Mr, President" What a great combo

**** HOUSE BUDGET DEBATE ON C-SPAN NOW; Call your Rep: 1-800-459-1887 ****

Has ANY Republican faced consequences for their actions recently?

Caption this photo!

With this evidence, why hasn't Ann Coulter been charged with a felony?

Katie Couric...Will NBC Sue Her Like.....

Looks like McKinney is the new Gary Condit...

Loose Change 2nd edition

Mugabe: "Human rights here are better than those of the United States."

What I'm learning: The Important Issues of the Day

What's the deal with Bohemian Grove?

World's shortest political survey.

Briton's love of The Clash, Led Zeppelin sparks plane security alert

Roses for Helen made Wonkette (DU link)

U.S. Aid in Iraq Now Equal to Assistance in Germany After World War II

Gene Pitney found dead in London hotel room. I really like him,

An Observation: Why We Are Better Than Freepers RE: Cynthia Mckinney

Do you believe that Jesus existed, and do you believe there is real proof?

Say hello to my little frien'....

Defense spending exceeds almost all other Agency spending combined

My New CAR-SIGN For the Weekend

Tom Delay to pursue corruption in the private sector

MODS; How the heck can I poll DUers about religion if you banish the poll-

Why don't Bill Maher on HBO's Real Time have guests like

Mike Malloy is dedicating "Dirty Laundry" to Tweety

Iraqis Say Rice Trip Stiffened Premier's Resolve to Stay

Lobbyists took in $7.5m on (Massachusetts) health bill

People prefer Katie in the a.m., and can she handle big, breaking stories?

3 indicted for Ohio Board of Elections, still working there. Democracy?

C-Span now, Ron Paul...

A disturbing trend: Men who think females raping young boys is ok

Is it bad

60 Years Ago, the Japanese were our Enemy: now, it's Iraq

Caption This Time Again......Brian Doyle

Attention folks who support Kerry's Iraq plan AND have a Huffpo account

AP: The Clintons are equally loved and hated

Question about Delay getting off the ballot - what do you think?

Photo Gallery of Lipless Republicans

Katie who?

The GOPs 'Family Values' and McKinney and loyalty.

Is anyone watching South Park? Muslim sensitivity/Muhammed cartoons

"Bush's worst political nightmare..."

CIA Leak Judge Says No to Secret Arguments

Thank you, Cynthia

Now Mitt Romney will tackle homelessness...

Life Lessons: Read Marley and Me...

What if Cynthia McKinney was Aleut... Aleutian... er... never mind?

Let Cynthia McKinney go through the justice system like anyone else

Look how far Black People have come in the Bush Administration!

Cat Scans Suck

Upset With Penile Work Pleads Guilty of.. .WMD

I don't think abstinence works

The Gloves Are Off :Nancy Pelosi

The Arabi Wrecking Krewe on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Hog-Dog Rodeo

Wisc. Votes for Immediate Withdrawal!

Broncos QB frustrated by Pat Tillman inquiry


Did anyone hear Bo Dietl Dietel Deitel (?) say the market would drop

22 HOURS!!!

Bob Rubin upset with Democrats who are hostile to foreign ownership...

Retired General Antony (Tony) Zinni on The Daily Show NOW!

So who's makin a killing on this deal, Condi?

Our born again President .....thank you Jesus

Did anyone hear Delay on the Limbaugh show this morning ?

California teachers, immigrants and Arnold.

Colbert ROCKED tonight!

Is the Cynthia McKinney incident being overblown on DU?

The legends of CBS NEws:Murrow, Cronkite, Wallace, Hewitt...KATIE COURIC?!

So, why did we have 3 sexual predators working at DHS?

What songs do you consider the best in terms of campaign theme music?

here's the apology McKinney should make

Chicken With Arsenic? Is That O.K.?

Can we get a McKinney forum?

Is the Cynthia McKinney incident being overblown by the media?

Keith Olbermann devotes segment to McKinney story: Who else will?

Help DU a Houston Chronicle poll on DeLay, please

Statement on the Mckinney Issue

Uber-Ultra Crime Boss-Delay-Blames 'Anti-Christian Conspirators' for his

Bush Administration Media Collusion Memos Surface

It won't work. . .

Meredith Viera (Couric's replacement) "Iraq war was built on lies"

Um.....does anyone remember Tom Delay? Do you think he will get off?

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in, Sorry I'm late you all

Delay Remarks on Mckinney; Sound Racist; Not Saying She Isn't Guilty

Who's swiftboating Who?

Roses for Helen made Yahoo--sorry if this is a dup

Powerful song by Pink: Dear Mr President

Paper ballots and Hand counts...Nothing more, nothing less,,,,,NOW!!! n/t

The Educational System Was Designed to Keep Us Uneducated and Docile

He's like a Spoiled Little Brat at the Controls...

Why is Guiliani allowed to give a victim's impact statement?

Must read book - James Risen's "State of War"

Who thinks the Mass HealthCare plan is anti-Childfree?

CBS: Why Katie and not Christiane Amanpour?

Cheney to Throw Out 1st Nationals Pitch

Is Cindy McKinney helping or hurting

From Murrow to Couric: The Long, Sad Decline of CBS News

EU conference focuses on freedom of choice regarding GM crops

Check this out, "Intelligent Designer" Fans:

NEW REPORT: 77 Stations Across U.S. Aired FAKE NEWS Over 10 Months

Racial profiling and demagoguery

After thread after thread here demeaning Katie Couric, I salute her.

America Has a Problem With Uppity Black Women

Franken rips on Coulter in wonderful speech!

Walter Cronkite on Larry King!!!

If a Republican Congresswoman ever pokes a cop with her cellphone,

If you're trashing Rep. McKinney, Mike Malloy just kicked your ass

If you are unlike a typical repug, you will criticize McKinney.

What is up with all the hate for victims of rape/sexual abuse?

Say Hello to our New Moderators!

Tom DeLay To Pursue Corruption In Private Sector

Ok. DHS is pervert central for sure. Here is a 3rd official.

Doesn't Hastert have to resign now that DeLay is gone?

Seven Dems who voted against the party today on 527s

Sen. Lautenberg finally responds about Alito

Oh God say it's true -- Could Coulter be hung out to dry with a FELONY?

These people are really sick: The Conglomerate Will See You Now....

Wow: GE is going big for India, providing the energy it needs to meet its

Just thinking about the Republican pervert.

GE Takes Over Times Square April 7

Get your tickets now. Mingle with some of the most evil people on the

House OKs Bill Capping Nonprofits' Gifts

Could someone tell me what the hell this is???

**ALL** Dems to Media: "Fuck You" (A rant and an honest suggestion)

**** HOUSE BUDGET DEBATE ON C-SPAN NOW; Call your Rep: 1-800-459-1887 ****

Brother in Arms - Max Cleland

Do we have an Official DU boycott?

WTF?!! Delay Threatens to Seek Complaint Against McKinney

"The Global 2000 "

Bush and the Republicans declared war on Iraq and America...

Iraq War Vet on Kerry's OP/ED

How do we get rid of\enlighten the facists?

This really makes me feel sick to my stomach....

The new conventional wisdom

McKinney's lawyer said the capitol police chief is "fired"

GOP Unveils Revised Immigration Legislation

DU this SIX SIGMA Poll?

Memo to DU from * ...

GOP party.....the "grab our penis" party

Words Fail Him: Or is Scott McClellan Piggy or Squealer?

Digby Fans: He's chock full of Delay Transcripts from Limbaugh/Blitzer

Bill Frist slammed..... By fellow Republicans!!!

Ron Paul on CSPAN now!!

It's Official: Dick Cheney Is The World's First Trillionaire!!:

I got an email from Tom DeLay

Neighbor-to-Neighbor National Organizing Day

How Did The Cynthia McKinney Thing Escalate Into A Grand Jury......

Kristen Breitweiser:Why does Guiliani get to give victim impact statement?

Mormon's pissed at HBO's "Big Love"

Cynthia McKinney for President!!! I respect her for speaking the truth.


Ivins: Panic may be advisable


The World Water Forum Comes to Mexico City

"Fight terrorism with legal means"

Molly Ivins: Good Riddance to DeLay's Crucifix-Shaped Hammer

Wal-Mart: Which aisle for business loans?

BREAKING: Wal-Mart Uses Its Might to Block Port Security


U.S. Officials Are Mulling Iran Strikes, Experts Say

"Does al-Zarqawi exist?"

Juan Cole: "Exit Plans" (on Kerry's Exit Plan for Iraq)

Katerina vanden Heuvel (The Nation): Facing Facts on Torture

John Nichols (The Nation): What DeLay Left Behind

The tethered goat strategy

The Tethered Goat Strategy (Blumenthal)

Democrats Divided On Immigration

Rum & Rice start in on each other

New "Today" Shoe Co-Host,"War Built on Lies"

The Assault on Cynthia McKinney

Berlin 9-11

Administration bill aims to expedite nuclear waste repository

Great Barrier Reef Temps Now Above Levels Of Record 2002 Bleaching

"We're addicted to fossil fuels"

Grants Fund Cow Power Generators at Four Vermont Farms

New Jersey State Agency to Unveil Ambitious Solar Project (20 MW)

'Mushroom cloud' remark sparks meeting with Reid

67,000 died from Chernobyl disaster

Major tornado outbreak expected today

Science: Climate Researchers Feeling Heat From White House

Scientists say planned blast a part of nuclear testing

Some Democrats Ask Bush for Energy Summit

Lake Powell may never be full again

FBI investigates hole drilled in .. pipe for Turkey Point nuclear reactor

Siberian Freshwater Runoff Into Arctic Basin Higher - Lena's Flow Up 10%

Domenici & Inhofe to Introduce Admin's Yucca Mtn. Bill Today

Five Hurricane Names to Be Retired

crosspost: Astroturfing Here at DU: "Green" SUVs and "Clean" Fuels

Proposed wind farm has deal to sell 'green' power (Maine)

Top Laborite: Government won't survive West Bank pullout

Israel detains Hamas cabinet minister

Mofaz: Israel is Upset about Breaches at Rafah Border Crossing

Abbas, Hamas dispute over crossing control as China has no plans to host P

Peace Now head threatened

5,000 unemployed stage protest in Gaza

Doctor, 4 brothers arrested for murder of sister in 'honor killing'

British filmmaker was murdered by Israeli soldier in Gaza: jury

9/11: a 7-Man Job

Senator Dayton`s Question

for those who believe in controlled demolition

Did 300+ firefighters believe they were on a suicide mission inside WTC?

Cleveland Election Workers Workers accused of fudging ’04 recount

Recount FIXED in Ohio for 04 Presidential Contest

Indiana: ES&S Voting Mahine Failure Documented by TV Station

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 4/06/06

Design "Winner" in Election T-Shirt Design Contest; Lotsa Prizes, BigTime

Bonifaz Issues Statement on Katrina Survivors in Massachusetts

Ohio-Workers accused of fudging '04 recount,"no evidence of fraud"

Shocking Diebold Conflict of Interest

Can we BE our own Paper Trail?

Allegheny County switches voting machines

Brad to interview Bruce Funk today on Peter B. Colllins 5PM PT

I. Am. Pissed. Off.

IDED Report

republicans in New Hampshire concerned about First in the Nation

Bonifaz Issues Statement on Katrina Survivors in Massachusetts

NH Democratic Congressional candidate missing

Leak story up on for awhile -- oops, now it's gone!

Help MPR cover the 2006 elections

Help please - can't login to windows

Red Hat nixed Fedora foundation

Help - Windows Explorer keeps failing

Fort Bend Democratic HQ Grand Opening Saturday

No special election to fill DeLay's seat...

Do we want a special election to fill DeLay's seat? Lampson on this!

Pic of DeLay's campaign manager at their protest. Must see!

WFAA (Channel 8, Dallas) caught using spurious news item

Important Meeting Dates - Bexar County

TX Senate: Runoff No Dancin’ Matter for Radnofsky

Why I cook

Tories back down, will allow debate on Afghan mission

Stronach not running; Fry probably is

Problem children locked up in pig pens, Spanish police say

Former CIA Contractor Behind Bars in N.C.

Chief 9/11 Architect Critical of Bin Laden

Chinese leaders on a mission to buy American

Discovered: the missing link that solves a mystery of evolution

Wisconsin towns vote for immediate withdrawal from Iraq

Action urged to close wealth gap

Defense asks judge to halt Guantanamo Bay proceeding until rules establish

U.S. Rolls Out Nuclear Plan A safer world or not?

Shiites Want a Delay in Decision on PM

Car bomb near shrine in Iraq's Najaf: witnesses

Discovered: the missing link that challenges "Intelligent Design" theory

Workers accused of fudging ’04 recount

Italy: Subway Terrorist Attack Thwarted

Report: Jump in UK arms sales to Israel

'Fatal explosion' by Bagram base

State asked to investigate Schindlers (Terri Schiavo's parents)

Colombia, Cuba Agree to Discuss Trade Talks

Kansas Students Speak Out Against Tasers in Schools

Blast heard in Iraqi city of Najaf

Rice downplays India's Iran links

Voters tired of GOP, want change

Hicks trial process 'biased'

DeLay can get pension as soon as he resigns

Senate poll has Casey up by 11 points over Santorum

N.Y. Jews Want Police Apology

No Charges for Neurosurgeon 'Acting Out'

Brazil inquiry absolves Lula, accuses party

BREAKING: Wal-Mart Uses Its Might to Block Port Security

MSNBC LBN: Meredith Vieira to succeed Katie Couric on 'Today' show.

Libby Says Bush Authorized Leaks - National Journal

Cuba Travel Book Pulled From Elementary Schools

Algeria Forbids Efforts to Convert Its Muslims

President visits as his support in N.C. wanes

Top House Republican criticizes Attorney General over eavesdropping progra

More Human Remains Found Near Trade Center

Bush's Budget Cuts Target Support for Small Businesses He Touts

WP: Poll Finds Steele May Be Magnet for Black Voters (in Maryland)

CNN Breaking News!

Senate leaders announce bipartisan compromise on immigration

Aid for dissident causes delayed (Cuban exiles mewling for US gov money)

RAWSTORY: CNN corrects CIA leak allegation

NYT: Fossil Called Missing Link From Sea to Land Animals

Drug industry spends millions on US states: ($44 million lobbying states)

Film-maker 'murdered' by soldier

Rudy's death plea (Will ask jury to condemn Moussaoui for 9/11 role)

U.S. Officials Are Mulling Iran Strikes, Experts Say

U.S. judge rejects permanent injunction to block Canadian beef

Reuters: Bush said to authorise leak of Iraq intelligence

(John) Bolton Hints at Other Options for Iran

1000 bodies found in Iraq

New ad attacks Casey but who's paying for it? (Americans for Job Security)

Rumsfeld Challenges Rice on 'Tactical Errors' in Iraq

WP/Reuters: L.A. Cardinal Leads Fast for Humane Immigration

Papers: Cheney Aide Says Bush OK'd Leak

Wary Iraqis Steer Clear of U.S. Troops

Senator Accuses SBA of Illegal Lobbying

*Exclusive* Fitzgerald Interview: Regis H.S. Owl (his alma mater)

McKinney Apologizes for Scuffle With Capitol Police

US agency conducting criminal probe of BP (re. Alaska pipelines): report

22 Chinese Stowaways Found at Cargo Facility in Seattle

Fuel Shortages Frustrate Kurds

Man told Bush, "I'm Ashamed of your leadership" in Charlotte this AM

House GOP leaders hit DeLay's criticism

Lead 5 p.m. story on Faux News: Mexican flags, with G. Gordon Liddy

Video of "I'm Ashamed" man coming up on Blitzer

Iraq oil exports fall ("bad weather" in Basra)

NYT: Bill Strikes at Low-Nutrition Foods in School

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 6 April

Libby testifies Bush approved disclosure of Plame

U.S. Marines say can keep Iraq levels indefinitely ("To our own surprise")

French Unions Issue Ultimatum

Corps Admits Design Flaws in 17th St. Canal Levee, New Orleans

US blocking Hicks UK citizenship, lawyer says

BBC: Swan tests confirm deadly virus (H5N1 in UK)

Bush admits mistakes in Iraq

Workers accused of fudging '04 recount

Bush & Cheney authorized Libby to leak Plame information

Lampson calls for special election May 13 to fill DeLay's term

Gonzales draws criticism from panel chief (Sensenbrenner) "stonewalling"

Bush: Americans worry if Iraqis 'can ever get their act together'

Emergency disconnect

Army hired criminals as security guards, report says

AP: Study: Katrina Aid From Abroad Was Lost

Mc.Kinney apologizes!! CNN breaking news

Gallup: Americans Accuse Administration of Weakening Environment

U.S. Officials Are Mulling Iran Strikes, Experts Say

Cheney to Throw First Pitch at Nats' Home Opener

04/06/06 FOX Poll: Views on Illegal Immigration, Bush Job Rating Down

Legislature votes to outlaw dog-hog fights in Alabama

New (Katherine) Harris Employee Said He Disguised Contributions In '95

Iraq war acts as testing lab for gee-whiz technology

Missing (Dem) Candidate Gary Dodds Baffles Police

Media too polarized on Iraq news: panel

DeLay's Seat to Be Filled in November (no Special Election)

US not seeking UN Human Rights Council seat

US FDA to review wireless phone safety

Bush would accept more US troops in Iraq if necessary

AP: Injured anchor Bob Woodruff sends message to co-workers

U.S. Marines say can keep Iraq levels indefinitely

US captures Iraqi militant close to Zarqawi (a month ago?)

Mistake prompts Bush redo

(7 foot) Chicken protestors arrested in McDonald's

AT&T Forwards ALL Internet Traffic Into NSA Says EFF

First-graders get sad news about 'adopted' soldier (died last week)

Biblical parks may get tax deal

Civil Rights Pioneer John Lewis Advises McKinney to Stop

Bush Authorized Leak to Times, Libby Told Grand Jury

Hawaii Senate passes resolution to Bring our National Guard Home!

'Gospel of Judas' Surfaces After 1,700 Years (Jesus asked to be betrayed)

NAACP Calls For Investigation Into Allegations Surrounding Duke Lacrosse

(NJ) Terror charges for boys accused in plot

Gov. Bush Says Harris Campaign Struggling (twisting the knife)

Guest worker proposals divide America's unions

Judge's recital of pledge leads to recusal (AJC)

Bush Defends Eavesdropping Program (Dissenter confronts Bush)

'Dreamcoat’ keeps it all in the family in Portland, OR and across America!

Twins! Twins! Twins!

I want one

I'm tired. I think it's time to sack out. Nite all.

For the first time in three days, i am full!

goodnight Everyone!

Nighthawks 61 (dial-up warning)

Hey Heidi! Can you tell us everyone's email address?

OMG, "A Midsummernight's Dream" is the funniest play ever!

I REALLY need help with something...

I think Jeph Jacques needs a shout out for *getting it*

Earl Has His Karma But Lost Has Its Dharma - Check Out This Site.....

I've been drinking

I've been thinking

Cynthia McKinney needs to go on Oprah.

So this is the DU Lounge. Is there a DU Coffeehouse? Opium Den? Backroom?

Satirical subject line on current events, geared to elicit a response

You and you spouce move to a new city, for you have taken a new job.

best memory of hanging out with friends?

Man Guilty Of WMD's Thanks To Botched Penile Enlargement Surgery

Here We Go Golf Fans - *Trumpets* WELCOME TO THE MASTERS!

This is silly but real.....


(Fashion) Does it come in anything other than gray?

DeLay can get his own ...

Cut off by floods, man survives on frogs

The best TV Series of all time! Cop Rock!

I hurt

You are a corporate whore!

I wanna share a pic I found today

We're setting sail....

WARNING: New sexually transmittable disease discovered!

Doyle accomplice in DHS cybersex probe!

Lunch this Saturday in the Quarter

The Internet Completely Explained.

Thursday List Thread

Did you buy/rent Brokeback Mountain?

I'm Over 25 (But You Can Trust Me)

Lounging. Lounge. Lounge. Lounge...

Call Me Wesley's got my back

Mikey_the_rat's got my back

Now that I'm no longer a moderator, I'd just like to say...

OMG, I'm becoming what annoys me most!!!!

My 8000th Post on DU

at the risk of sounding naive.....

I don't watch the Today Show, I don't watch network news

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

ANTM fans check in

I'm lusting after a fawn

i HATE fucking cigarettes

Did ya watch "Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Adventures" last night?

This just in. . . Bill O'Reilly has STILL never won a Peabody (or two)

How many "Bush Authorized Leak" threads does LBN and GD really need?

Musicians: Would you consider allowing the DU Lounge to stream your music?

‘South Park’ ‘toon gets award for being edgy

Hawaii Photography (dial-up warning...image intensive)

...there are ways to become ungrumpy without chocolate or shopping

Prom Goers To Be Forced To Take Blood-Alcohol Tests

Our wedding was Saturday

Thursday afternoon Earworm

59 years ago this month----the Texas City Disaster:

MASTERS UPDATE - Current Leaderboard Post

Happy birthday mzteris!

ATTN: Members of the DU UPPITY Women's Club:

Crazy people yelling at things....

Why Do They Allow American Idol?

Anyone know if its possible to remove and save a wood floor?

I'm going on a hunger strike until jpgray goes on hunger strike.


Post your favorite hilarious political photos/graphics

Why Do They Allow Country Music On American Idol?

Long winded posts

Confetti, Mirrorballs, and Rabbit suits

Whew, what a relief!! The kids have NO depravities.

Note to Kevin Federline: "icing" and "Tyson" do NOT rhyme...

Guys... and gals... We REALLY have to help this guy win his bet

I'm going on a hunger strike until everyone stops going on hunger strikes.

What a relief! The kids have NO proclivities,

a thread for those on hunger strikes

C'mon, everybody, it's Erasureworm time!

I'm going on a hunger strike until lunch

Everybody say "Nothing of interest will occur in this thread!"

Whew, what a relief!! The kids have NO cavities.

Did the Mods get broken in last night, or do we need to start a SEX thread

Let's start from the premise that RandomKoolzip is a good writer

Post a substantiated rumor about whoisalhedges.

Can we charge Bush (personally) for the cost of the leak investigation?

The whole world is going to hell in a handbasket

Post your unsubstantiated rumor here about Skinner, EarlG & Elad

this is the LynneSin and yvr girl should get a room thread

Grammar Gripe

post some topics sure to get attention in GD

Post an unsubstantiated rumour about LynneSin

paging swimboy!!!!

Breaking Fox News: NEW OSAMA TAPE!

A friend of my family just died.

Everybody say hey!


I had a weird dream...

WOW! Tiger Woods Just Eagled #14

Bad Weather Coming Into KC area today.

Contagious Festival Update: I NEED YOUR HELP!

Can someone explain California to me?

The "LOST" thread

If you are a broker...

Kids say the darndest things

I had a dream, I had an awesome dream!

How do you jerk a chicken?

How do you do, chick in a jerkin?

TRUTH FOUND: How DU Spends our donation money (found on google)

Can I get some help from my DU friends?

How do you kick a Ghurkha?

First Maxim cover visible by satellites in outerspace

How do you trick a Merkin?

Can one of you rub my feet?

If you are a toker...

Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa?

Meredith Vieira to replace Katie Couric


So this explains it all: Tom Cruise's dad abused him

Bleach everything in sight!

So who wants to do my senior presentation for me???


If you are a joker...

1984 Subaru goes on sale tomorrow


I wish I had money to buy new clothes

What the hell has Joan Rivers done to her face?

Lounge Poll

If you are a broker...

Whats a 401A retirment plan? and should I bend over and

I started a thread in GD

My smooth line of the day

Some thoughts on buying blue

What is the best cd label making software for macs?

What's The Difference Between "Lead Moderator" and "Moderator"

Funniest Hannidate....Ever

Ben Franklin was a penny-pinching money grubbing asshole.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/6/06)

A Shout Out and Cyber Hugs to DU'er LostinVA

This is a yvr girl sex thread - post all about her here

A Dog Joke (involves CIA) is pretty funny!

the Jews do not recognize Jesus

Just spent 8 hrs on my master's thesis - it's writing itself!

True or false:

Khash is an idiot!

If you are a Roker...

Doing my best John Belushi impression...

Paris Texas: It's flat, and it's hot...

Is your Penthouse Pet gay?

OH, JOY!!! My Hiccups are gone!!

I think this cat is broken

Is your pet gay ?

OMHG! CalPeg dropped the F-Bomb again!!!

Forget the 'Immigration Bill' BUSH Is Interested In the 'Emmigration Bill'

Grab your napkins, kids, because we're going to (click on the pic)...

Note to self: Four days before the little green pills start,

How do you lick a gherkin?

MARRIED WITH CHILDREN is the funniest show ever!!!!

Going to NYC next week. Is there anything to do there?

Thunderstorming in my area. Anyone wanna watch TV and cuddle?

Good Morning DU

Oh Danny boy,

Is your pet peeve gay?

American Music

Red Hat closing Fedora project. Which distro should I go to next?

I really don't have anything funny or constructive to say.

Here's a bingo game for GD

anyone watch "American Inventor"?

Is there a DU myspace group?

Speaking of Levees: Here's how the British hold back the waters...

Ancient text offers revelations about Judas

This is a khaska sex thread - post all about him here

Do the admins regret the popcorn smiley?

What does it mean if there's a blue ring around Uranus?

Let us now praise Anthony Bourdain!

Aw, crap! I've got the hiccups.

These ARE some of your favorite things.

If you are a smoker...

Failure to Lunch

Three of my purrbabies are 5 years old today!

How are you sick of herkin'?

George W. Bush Nicknames (Got any More?)

I've officially lost it.I can see Kim Jong-Il in one of Peggy's photos

Retail Therapy. I bought myself a Bass. Not the fish, mind you.

I'm going on a hunger strike until a long-banned DUer is reinstated

Take the Earth Day Quiz

I have an "I-X Indoor Amusement Park" jingle earworm.

OMG Heidi AND CMW are mods now???

I'm sick of Wilford Brimley telling me what to do.

What the hell has Kenny Rogers done to his face?

Beirut Hilton: "I like being razed; I think it's hot!"

Heidi's a mod???????

Favorite Depeche Mode Song?

Wow - digging through the vinyl, came across a Dire Straits live album!

I had a civil discussion in GD!

Sad, yet wonderful...

Post here if you're male AND you've found porn magazines in the woods

Take the Day the Earth Stood Still Quiz

Hey everybody!!!!!

-The Masters- racists still refuse to invite world's greatest golfer

Beast Man has two job interviews today...

bettyellen, PLEASE don't leave DU!!!1

What was your nickname growing up and why?


Quiz: Which cute animal are you?

Do you eat the fortune cookie after you read the message?

Mandisa's being voted off "American Idol" proves the show is hopeless

I Love Wine. (Especially Chianti...)

Funniest picture yet on DU!!

Most Heinous fictional character from the Movies

Paris Hilton: "I like being flat. I think it’s hot."

Minnesota students push for bill to foce professors to speak clear English

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Smoking Gun: "I'm Hank Williams Jr., Bitch"...charged w/ assault

For IE users who use the Google button...

DemocraticWarriors. Make sure to vote in the Brazilian Joke contest.

Is, God gave his only begotten son so mankind would not perish, but

Did Jesus plan his own demise?

JAHWEH: WANTED - For Genocide, War Crimes and Mass Murder

Copy of Gnostic's "Gospel of Judas" found in 70's dates to 300 CE

How does your religion or lack of religion lead you to be a Democrat?

Merck shares decline in Germany after Vioxx verdict

Safety checks on GMOs flawed: EU environment chief

Prosecution of Midwife Casts Light on Home Births

Massachusetts Healthcare bill - insuring profits, not healthcare ??

I have a friend who thinks it's wrong...

Invitation to lesbian artist sparks Methodist dispute

Jamaican Students Riot, Try To Kill Gay Student

Rosie: 'I would actaually like to fight' Naomi Campbell

Some gays criticize Chrysler ad with wand-wielding fairy

The GLBT community looks ahead to its golden years

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Pennsylvania Official Charged w/ Using Position to Push Homosexual Agenda

Meet The Mets New Stadium

Tiger eagles 440 yd par 4 14th - Chinese Fern

MLB Extra Innings is free for a few more days

My Yellow Tabby, the No Kill kitty. LOL

our greyhound group will be at PETCO all weekend

Are there any Californians here?

Libby's outing of Bush as leak! Didn't someone

Saturn Turns Direct

Simple synchronicity, or is my husband waking up?

The Herbal Highway

I want to post this here because I am interested in

Does this happen to anybody else?

This is getting interesting

Democrats offer part of Kerry's healthcare plan in the Senate

Only 23 more messages to get to 80,000

Whatever happened to the bill Sen. Kerry was pushing

Floor speech at 1:00 pm

Text of Kerry's Speech

Hey, read this thread

Floor speech coming today.

Kerry speaking now

Look! Sen. Kerry is on Meet the Press this Sunday

Kerry will be on Imus tomorrow

Bush implicated in leak

New Kerry email!

Attack thread on Kerry concerning India on GD

Democrats ask an Energy summit

Hey Guys! This guy in a Feingold thread thinks I don't have the right to

Kerry's Iraq resolution


Just heard Wolfie say JK will be up next.

Please sign Kerry's petition!

Kerry on Leak News: Bush Needs to Look in the Mirror!

Please reco at dailykos - JK's floor speech

Kerry's call for pulling out of Iraq (list of references).

Neocon likes Kerry's ideas (holy toledo -- what's going on here?)

Warning on dKos to politicians who post diaries

Raw Story: Kerry spars with Allard on Senate floor

Kerry coming up next on Blitzer

Kerry speaking NOW on C-Span 2 (bitch-slapped Allard)

I'm still looking for a clip of JK on Randi's show yesterday...

Roses for Kerry? My post on GD.

MoveOn Announces Support for John Kerry’s Iraq Proposal

Indictments come down for Ohio Recount in 2004 (OMFG!)

Scoop - Kerry beat Dean because he was taller

Hey Blue_in_Ak

Free (good) EXIF viewer + a few pics

KOEB 4/6/06 "Scooter Throws Cheney and * Under the Bus" Edition

So, how's Operation Xenophobia working out for Roveco so far?

John Hodgman fans! He's on the Daily Show tonight! (now)

Iraq! ... Anybody heard of Iraq on the cable networks tonight?

Reminder to DU network neutrality petition if you haven't yet!

so is Tweety trying to make up by having Dean and Kerry on

Author Loop update

Picture Imperfect: False Images, Real War

this is nice-seen this on any us news yet?

Link to Nightline story about HONEST tahoe ads

Harvard Takes On the Israel Lobby

I think the Democrats should stop going on Tweety's show! Let's

So, does Chris Matthews have anything to say for himself? Any apologies

Daily list of military contracts over 5 mil

Young people making a difference: Students Help Those In Need

This will make you either puke or cry

"Nothing worse than a woman know-it-all."

What browser do you use?

Sex tourism thriving in Bible Belt!

Katherine Harris' birthday

Let's just blame the Mexicans

Almost Lost My Breakfast--FRIST/PRESIDENT Bumper Sticker

Local radio station's topic this hour is.........Katie's new job!!

Rumsfeld Challenges Rice on 'Tactical Errors' in Iraq

TIME: The Dems' Make-or-Break Move on Immigration

Are You Consuming or Giving Your Children Benzine Laced Beverages?

Anthrax Victim honored in CT.

Good Morning DU

Iraqi Official:"Condi's Visit Backfired-Shouldn't Have Come To Baghdad"

At least 15 more dead in Najaf Iraq

I hear the one-trick pony will be paraded around again today.

US slams Europe on Muslim integration

The disgusting thing about Flight 93...

Special Report on Tiered Health Care & "Insurance - Lite"

Bush Admin. Wants To Turn Out 125 Nukes Per Year

Hackett hosting for Springer- AAR: Dean on now 9:17 AM EST

Man detained after singing along to 'London Calling' by The Clash

AT&T Forwards ALL Internet Traffic Into NSA Says EFF

Republicans defeat Net neutrality proposal!!!!

U.S. Rolls Out Nuclear Plan!

B*sh Employee of The Month: Target store Petty Thief or Pedophile?

Oil closed at $67.07 per barrel yesterday.

Uncle Bucky Bush, Iraq War Profiteer, Fundraises for Repukes with Pickles

"Missing link" story is lead on NY Times front-page today

I just sent a nasty letter to 'The Church of NBC'...

House Approves Campaign Finance Legislation-Aides Republicans/Hurts Dems

24 Democrats offer healthcare's plan in the Senate

04/05/06 PDF Court Docs on Plame - Question?

WWbLD?: The Management Model of al Qaeda

WP, Milbank: All Eyes on the Hammer, Until the Hairdo Steps In

Paul Hackett will fill in for Jerry this morning.

Timeliest hearing ever! Sexual Exploitation of Children Over the Internet

Without DeLay: Say Good-bye to Tom

59 years ago this month---the Texas City disaster:

Exactly 5 years ago today - first homosexual marriage in Holland!

Job listing to work for a member of the CBC! Maybe someone wants it!

Senator Russ Feingold Addressing Global Climate Change

Author of Laura's valentine on CNN now...he NEVER INTERVIEWED HER!

Senate May Block Efforts to Limit Large U.S. Campaign Donations

DeLay to his pastor: God wanted me to get out of this race.

WARNING: New sexually transmittable disease discovered!

WE (the good guys/gals) WIN, for once. Pardon the caps, mods, but...

Is this one too many Cynthia McKinney polls?

Biggest Lesson Learned was that Iraqis Were Ungrateful


Mind Numbingly Stupid Quotes By Tom Delay

HuffPo hammertime game

Can the grizzly survive success? By Doug Peackock

77 TV stations aired 'fake news reports'

WaPost: Climate Researchers Feeling Heat from Bush Administration

Students in France Block Roads, Trains!!

Now that I'm no longer a moderator, I'd just like to say...

You all know the reasons for these * "war" speeches, don't you?

ACLU accuse federal prosecutors of ethnic bias in meth sting

I'm so proud of Charlotte, North Carolina today. Protests,

More Human Remains Found Near Trade Center

Today is our Anniversary

What's your take on Goldberg's move from Air America's top spot?

CNN Money: Jobless rate higher for U.S.-born than immigrants

CNN: Senate Leaders Announce Agreement on Immigration Reform

You are what you read

Past Imperfect: False Image, Real War

Speaking of projectile spewing your breakfast all over the sidewalk

Breaking on CNN - Breakthrough On Immigration Reform

Did this happen yesterday and I blinked?

Bob Woodward Responds "The British Memo"

Biblical parks may get tax deal

Bush authorized leak of Iraq intelligence estimate, indicted ex-Cheney aid

Immigration Debate Wakes A 'Sleeping Latino Giant'...

Excellent article by S. Blumenthal... Cannon Fodder .. "hire mercenaries"

Breaking News >> Bush is reading history books

George W. Bush is a terrorist...(Jokes; some get a little foul<-Joke)

If it makes anyone happy, W was fairly savaged for his CT appearance Wed.

Hillary Clinton and Helen Thomas on FRANKEN!!

cnn House and McKinney says she is sorry

Poppy Bush is coming to my town tomorrow to dedicate a new building

I just received the most beautiful thing in the world. DU bumper sticker

Will wartime be the total focus behind the (alleged) Bush leak from now

Wallerstein "Immigration: Backlash to the Backlash?"

Who's Got The Worst Congressional Repub Rep?

The media is reporting the crimes. This may be it guys!

bush speech on msnbc

We need the clip of Bush saying he wants to know who leaked the infor.

Do you want to help New Orleans and having fun doing it?

Snag in Bush authorization of leak?

Everybody Sing .... So this is Fitzmas

Helen Thomas and Hillary on Franken's show today (AAR)

Would there be an impeachment recommendation has alert headline about McKinney's apology, but NOTHING

Bush's "promise" and Clinton's "I did not have sex."

Someone PLEASE help..I'm very confused

When all MSM news is questioned as GOVT propaganda

A great article by Sidney Blumenthal on Condi Rice

FOCUS | Pentagon Admits to More Spying on Peace Activists


Everybody Sing .... So this is Fitzmas

Congressmen (from BOTH sides of aisle)tear into Gonzales over NSA wiretap

Okay, NOW can we all get behind Feingold's Censure?

Bloomberg >> Bush Approved Leak of Iraq Arms Intelligence

This is very strange regarding the Cynthia McKinney ordeal

I have a (very simplistic) idea about homophobia

Congressmen (from BOTH sides of aisle)tear into Gonzales over NSA wiretap

Before you get to excited, I don't think this leak thing is about Plame

dup post-self delete

Cheech and Chong discuss immigration bill...

GOP chair slams Gonzales on taps

Bush said, ""I don't know of anybody in my administration who leaked

Smithsonian films privatized?

delete - duped everywhere

Repug criticizes Dem's choice of cancer treatment for his daughter

Michael Moore was quick with the video of Bush talking about the leak!

Yahoo Front Page! Papers: Cheney Aide Says Bush OK'd Leak

Workers accused of fudging ’04 recount

If Bush Authorized the Leak, Does that mean no crime was committed?

...there are ways to become ungrumpy without chocolate or shopping

sheesh people, forget about McKinney, Libby just fingered Bush!!

Senate to pass immigration bill.


Fox News : Bush Authorized Leaks About Iraq

Mirror site for Libby .pdf from NYSun

Oh God, I'm At Work . . . What's Going On?? (*-Plame leak, Something else?

Amazing Google "I'm feeling lucky search"

When will Snotty Scotty be on today?...or will he be on at all?

Don't forget that * clearly stated that he would PUNISH the leaker...

New Meme For The Week: ARROGANT.

OK, here's what the filing says about Libby's leak of Plame:

Just wanted to remind you all of something....

Libby implicating Bush and VP--on msnbc NOW

OK, here's what the filing says about Libby's leak of Plame:

msnbc AGain talkking of Plame David Schuster NOW

Bush leaks CIA operative, gets impeached - so we're stuck with Cheney?

"My Strange Nation"

McKinney just apologized on House floor...

Libby Pressured McClellan To Issue Statement Exonerating Him’

CNN's David Ensor says "nothing to see here...Presidents leak this stuff

Photos of Equal Marriage for All Banner hanging where 2 US Pres. buried

Deporting Permanent Legal Aliens for a Felony

9/11: a 7-Man Job

Nixon would have loved our Corporate Controlled Press.

In Emergency, WH Connected to Lobbyists, Not Congress

Oh the irony.

ABC News Homepage: Did Bush OK Intelligence Leak?

Thanks to you all from!

I found this video disturbing...

RAWSTORY: CNN corrects CIA leak allegation

Rep. Cynthia McKinney apologized on House floor for scuffle with officer

Is it possible that Fitzmas is going to be sooner than we expected


FBI, Coast Guard Clashed During Terrorism Drill

The rape case involving the Duke University Lacrosse players is ...

What a beautiful week!

Pentagon Admits to More Spying on Peace Activists

Skinner, we need more power! We've lost warp speed!

White House Spin on Leak - It wasn't about Plame!

Helen Thomas Coming Up On Frankens Show

What a day, and it's only Noon!

Edit - bad idea. DELETE!

If it wasn't illegal, why did he lie about it and try to cover it up ?

DU this short opinion poll about Katie Couric...

video on M. Moore website of Bush saying wants to know who leaked.

Kerry Senate speech NOW - Getting out of Iraq

I KNEW there was a reason to watch the 700 Club!

Will Fitz hold a press conference soon?

JC Watts to McKinney: "Let it go!" (So how does she send the GJ home?)

so thre freeps buy the "if the pres. does it, its not a leak"...then how

Is this stuff on the leak actually new?

Patrick's ready to bowl

(sigh) America could be eradicating world poverty for CHEAP!

Is Snotty briefing reporters today? What time?

Caption this * pic

HEADLINE: "Laura Bush visits St. Charles' treatment center"

Forget CNN-Listen to Fitz: The Evidence Will Show...

heheh the CIA leak is the top story everywhere....

Quick,Karl move the goalpost back.

TheSmokingGun.Com has filing of the " Bush Authorized Plamegate Leak"

via TPM: Delay sent goon squad to attack old Democratic women!

Belly up to Thursday with a CAPTION!!!!!

Anyone else looking forward to Malloy tonight (and Randi)???

BBC: Bush 'ordered leak', ex-aide says

Resignation? Shouldn't we let those who are working on impeachment

Stars & Stripes rebuttals to "Bush is the worst president in US history"

I need a link about wasting your vote.

There was a wonderful Gloria Steinem lecture on NPR last night....

MURRY WAAS --- Libby Says Bush Authorized Leaks

msnbc---Schuster again telling of Libby story

MSNBC linking B*sh to Plamegate!

Bush: "If somebody did leak classified information, I'd like to know it."

Rep. McKinney apologizes for scuffle with cop

Great John Kerry speach on the senate floor (live)

Can any Freepers help me do my math…

Conga line...Libby said Dick said Chimpy said leak.

I would say today is not a good day for Bush

Texas ranks 4th in amount of 'pork-barrel' spending

US military catches top Zarqawi aide in Iraq!

the RePugs are the ones who talk about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY

Bush budget cuts Medicaid for school-based services:

"Sensitive information about Iraq"---What was it?

So sorry -- must post 'n run -- Is issue if classified info incl. Plame?

Cheney told Libby that bush said it was okay to leak Plame's identity

(AP) N.C.-Bush, told by a critic he should be ashamed of his policies

Legal world conjures up a conscience

Interesting dillema-either Bush has to accuse Cheney of lying

9/30/03 FoxNews link "Bush: I Want to Know Who the Leakers Are"

LOL Now there is a "suspicous package" at the capitol.

Wow , Cnn just played the guy saying to *ush he has no right to tap

Info requested on comm. companies routing calls to Canada.

Message to the prez from GSFP

Remember how W. refused to speak to Fitzgerald's investigators under oath?

When they say only parts of the NIE

Triple leaks (Waas on Libby)


Franken: "Is he selling out the President?"

Best case scenario for Bush: Utterly too incompetent to be trusted with

May you be blessed (not religious)

Darwin Award nominee...


Ron Paul, U.S. Rep., Tex. Iran speech last nite - snippets

Bill Schneider on CNN: "When is a leak not a leak?"

Call today: Resolution commedning Dick Cheney's Secret Service Detail

PREDICTION: McCain runs as incumbent in '08.

Rate this news story up.

When Did We Lose our concept of Truth?

1000 bodies, mostly Kurds found buried near Kirkuk

If Bush had told the truth to investigators, it would have been all over.

Iraq Election Yields Beauty Queen

Faux has a belly dancer on! Must be a slow news day huh?

MSNBC: How can we stop child predators?

Russ Feingold for Unitary Executive! Feingold / Boxer 2008

If a president declassifies someone's classified status...

georgie and dickie will be under oath at Libby's trial

Chimpy's Day of Reckoning?

Tell Viacom to run the new United Church of Christ ad

Bob Barr tangled with security guards in 2001- where's the outrage?

Regis H.S. Basks in Glory of FAMOUS grad: FITZ - NYC's top H.S.

Hillary Clinton, AKA "know-it-all", on with Al Franken

WH press corps fails again... not one question re leak today

Personally I do not like employer provided health insurance

VIDEO - David Shuster Reports: Bush Authorized WMD Leak in Plame Case

I'm now convinced the new leak news is going nowhere

The Song That Might Save Bush (LOL!)

The Power of Thunder (Cecilia Fire Thunder)

$12,000 Sensenbrenner Vacation Paid for by Lobbyist!

'Pres. Bush is named in the CIA Leak Investigation" per msnbc just

Are Republican Pedophiles Using the Gov. to Spy on Innocent Americans?

Big Gain for Rich Seen in Tax Cuts for Investments (HUGE, huge numbers)

EXECUTIVE ORDER 13292-Can the President declassify any information?

Why is Katie Couric news?

BJ Doyle refuses extradition to Florida

If the Dems were to jump all over this; read "Bush authorized leak"

The AP Headline is THE BOMB- "Report: Bush Authorized CIA Leak"

2008 Conventions Scheduled Back-to-Back

At this moment they must be thinking

This is very strange regarding the Cynthia McKinney ordeal

The pissant can't take a leak?

AOL Poll on Bush Approving Libby Leaking The NIE!!!! You have to see this!

We know the way the Bushies work....isn't it possible McKinney was set up?

Reid: President Bush Must Disclose His Role in the Leak of Classified Info

Executive Branch has Collapsed! IMPEACH NOW!

Rummy's Staff Searching Clinton's Financial Records!!

Katrina, Dennis, Rita, Stan, Wlima. All hurricane names to be retired

CNN cut to Bush speach with title "Prison Break" - LOL!!

Senior House Republican criticizes Gonzales-Accuses Him of 'Stonewalling'

Isikoff on MSNBC now - 2:31

Anyone listening to the House Budget Debate

bush* got a tough question from a patriot today at speech

Why Is Rummy Interested In Hillary's Financial Records?

The U N special investigator on torture wants access to secret prisons!!

A Culture of Corruption: by Bill Moyers

A First Amendment Moment, as citizen criticizes Bush in Charlotte

Thursday 4/6 TOON - Good for the gander - not the goose?

Texas Gov. Candidate Caught Lying About 2000 Vote!!!

Our Gas Just Jumped Again

Raw Story tops Google News

cool there`s a big pipeline from canada coming to illinois!

Why Libby would say that Bush authorized leaks

Did anyone esle see the chimp listening to Harry Taylor's question?

Please DU this Tom Harkin petition to censure Bush!

Tweety has Kerry on Hardball.

VIDEO - David Shuster Reports: Bush Authorized WMD Leak in Plame Case

Loss of DeLay doesn't worry his charities


KERRY on Leak Case: "It's About As Serious As It Gets"

Caption this photo

The question is no longer "what did he know and

A Turning Point for Iraq: Neocon likes Kerry's ideas

Trig Bubble...(after the Capitol Steps)

Is AAR stream down?

"Bush was right! Bush was right!"

just saw promo of Kerry to be on harball Must Watch!

DemocraticWarrior members make sure to vote in the Brazilian Joke contest.

Prurience & Voyeurism Reigns supreme


OK, so if it's legal, WHY don't Bush and Cheney just come out and say...

It Just Made MSNBC---Libby Says President Authorized Leak!!! Impeach Now

NOVAK: "Tom DeLay ranks as the greatest legislator of his time"

LEAKER IN CHIEF!!! LOL!!! CNN new title

Former Immigration Official Says Fraud, Corruption Rife at Agency

Even the President Can't Lie to a U.S. Attorney

CNN's scrambling to get a lame Democrat to debate a sharp Republican

Who Will Stop The Evil Jogger? (Morford on *'s America - great read)

"If there's a leak(er) in the White House, I want to know who it is."

Isn't authorizing the leak of classified info still illegal?

Pedophiles, Petty Thieves (TARGET), Leaking-Liars... just another day

'Gospel of Judas' Surfaces After 1,700 Years

Kerry coming up on Blitzer

Surprise surprise, Scotty "won't comment on a continuing investigation."

Foreign Ownership of U.S. Industries

Bottom Line: Bush Lied to America

Senator Tom Harkin: 'Dems don't have guts to censure'

Lots & Lots & LOTS of God/Jesus In The Media These Days

Any polls to DU about the leak revelation?

ABC Analysis: 'Leakgate' or Just a Sideshow?

Third test of Emergency Alert System this week? What gives?

The difference between Bush's low numbers and Nixon's.

CNN Ensor: "So, it had nothing to do with Valerie Plame-Wilson's name"

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep it kicked:)

This is it

illegals serving in Iraq?

Key Bush Quotes on CIA Leak

My comment to Cafferty question about..............

8 years today: Dow Jones closes over 9,000 pts for the first time.

Classless DeLay supporters disrupt press conference

New 'Today' Co-Host an Anti-War Protester

Sen. Durbin on C-span 2

GREAT timing, becoming a born-again Bushbot, Senator McCain

Delay Question .. please help me DUers.

When Rice says Rumsfeld made tactical errors, she is wrong.

Legality is one thing but when will MSM

Brit Hume is so far up George Bush's ass

So does all this mean that Helen Thomas gets the first question

McCain agrees to gut campaign finance law to help his own pres campaign

Jack Cafferty: Reading the right emails, asking the right questions.

Sing, Scooter, Sing! The Media Can't Help Because SOMEONE is going to JAIL

It's he said, she said on the Plame leak:

Jason Leopold is going to have a Libby/Bush story out shortly

How can Democrats neutralize or even make McKinney story backfire?

John Kerry on Tweety (MSNBC) now nt

DeLay's campaign manager disrupts news conference!

Here we go...Leslie Blitzer about to "look back on major WH leaks."

Are we at war?

Wow. Jack Cafferty just read emails from viewers re Scooter singing.


Snort. Zogby slams Rothenberg...

Anyone see what a JOKE lol...

Priest on Schiavo’s 'Attack' on DeLay: "Real Men don't kill their wives"

OK, is it a "High Crime" or is it "Treason"?

Republicans defeat Net neutrality proposal

EXCLUSIVE!! This recording was acquired from inside the White House just

I guess we can now all sit back and wait for Rove's explanation as to how

This immigration compromise looks unworkable to me...

The Sad Truth: America Voted bushco OUT in 2004

Bush was interviewed by Fitz for 70s minutes on June 24th 2004

Some background on DHS so-called perv Brian Doyle

Curt Weldon a Moonie Cultist

Mr President, do you have the humility and grace to be ashamed of yourself

Good Democratic strategy meme for the new leak discovery?

Gov Perry says no special election for Delay's seat

Wolf Blitzer Is The Sorriest Apologist Piece Of Shit On TV

Even is W. is not guilty, he has to answer WHY he authorized the leak.

Jeeze. How hard should it be to get to the bottom of Plame leak?

Harry Taylor a plant?

Maybe McCain is Still OK? (wink, wink)

Tweety just talked to Cooper's lawyer re. the leaks bombshell.

A multitude of domestic spy programs?

*Bush and the Plame leak

FINALLY the "Mainstream" Media Gets It - This Stuff... (Yahoo Screen Save)

Feingold Goes for Broke

bwah-ha-ha! Freeps desperate re CIA leak story: ban someone for posting it

Gospel of Judas, Libby Fingers Bush = news same day

Bernie's Blasting Away On C-Span

Leakgate' or Just a Sideshow?

A picture's worth a thousand words...

A Guest Worker Program helps support the American Dream

does everyone realize just what a tragedy this day is

Stocks flat as market mulls Iraq leak news

Post and photo ABC's Bob Woodward on his recovery from injuries

Bush picks Paulison as FEMA chief

Sir ! NO Sir !

Tweety just helped Shrub by using KERRY

CNN -- "Move on. Nothing to see here."

Hey all...if you haven't gotten this yet, please...

Mandisa's being voted off "American Idol" proves the show is hopeless

Dear America

washington journal time

FYI: Brad(blog) guest hosting Peter B.'s show (link):

Ralph Nader once said "Things have to get worse before they get better"

Top Ten excuses for Scott McClennan to call off work tomorrow

Let's hear it for all the little birdies in the Republican Party!!!!!

Wouldn't you pay REAL GOOD money to be.....

The chronology of what "should" happen....

Is it wrong of me to want to have the Dixie Chicks Baby (ie's)?

Missing candidate baffles police.

NYTimes Online Front Page: "Cheney Aide Says Bush Approved Leak"

RACISM in Professional SPORTS: Why is Sports in Denial? Should DU Care?

DeLay goons disrupted a Lampson event this morning

This whole GOP Corruption is like a Soap Opera

Anyone watch 24?

Bill Schnieder: Bush looks entirely devious

Who plans on buying the new Dixie Chicks CD on May 23rd?

Ho report - Fox News with Britt Hume.

Spin from Faux, here we go....

CNN Now CORRECTING Bush Authorizing Plame Leak!!!!

What about tracking the reporters who really run with the Libby story and

Here's a question......

Sen. John Cornyn (R- TX) just said the economy wasn't doing too well.


Monkey SEE. Monkey DO!!

Bush's Statements on Leakers & Leaking

WATCH THE SPIN ---> Cheney resigns and McCain steps in

So is *'s treasonous outing of a CIA agent just going to be glossed over,

And the CIA...

569 stories so far on Google News about the Leaker in Chief

All of Bush's replacing aides won't help this sinking administration

ABC News just ran the story--"president has investigated leaks on NSA..."

EX Cia Says bush a war criminal (audio)

Tom Delay Has a New Job (Pics)

OK, so I rush home and turn on the tv knowing the news of the day...

Harman: The President is revealed as the Leaker-in-Chief.

A question regarding freep response to libby testimony....

Cops guilty of murders while on mob payroll

Lead 5 p.m. story on Faux News: Mexican flags, with G. Gordon Liddy

uh oh....McCafferty on McKinney...coming up in a minute or two.

VIDEO: "Karl Rove's ball prints"

PLEASE, don't impeach Bush

"Leaking from the TOP" is the runner on msnbc story right now Schuster

hey all. please correct if I am wrong RE: HelenThomas

Why do people here use asterisks when they say bush?

Thought Kerry did very well on Blitzer and Tweety. He did "Taped"

There was no Grand Jury in the Dick Cheney shooting incident!

Rich Gain Most from Last Tax Cut, Study Says

Kerry just said he supports Censure!!

how come a "leaker-in-chief" gets to spy on our private selves?

Let’s get down to brass tacks. How would YOU solve illegal immigration?

Kerry may support India nuclear deal

Email NBC demanding Chris Matthews be fired for "I owe you" comment

"you should be ashamed of your policies"---man to bush (msnbc just

I'm not buying that it was Bush who authorized the Plame Leak

Radio comment about Wal Mart being attacked for selling Brokeback Mt.

The Anti-War Movement?

On anti-intellectualism / anti-liberalism -"What's the Matter with Kansas"

I'm Worried About ILLEGAL Immigration. CUBAN ILLEGAL immigration

IF Iran is attacked before Leaker is impeached......

executive order 13292

Libby says Bush okayed Leak

Swamp Thing: It's not fiction anymore

FOX News is all over the McKinney story....


Here comes Bush's ploy for new nukes. Don't let this slip by.

Now Kerry is on Blitzer!

"Jobs Americans Won't Do"

I am NOT "Mark Bryan"

"He's been looking for himself for 2 years" says Kerry HO HO HO cnn

My polisci professor called Bush's role in Plamegate a "bombshell."

BREAKING - Bush leaks ICBM launch codes to Russians

Didn't Clinton get impeached for this?

"Mi-gra-phobia" new animation by Mark Fiore...!!

I am a delegate for MA (this primary season)

Kerry: Nobody spins me.

Some great * fotos for captioning today

Nancy Pelosi: Open Ears

Clearly Impeachable Crimes - What's the Count Now?

I'd like to organize a TV dump on the steps of CNN, FOX, Etc

Rosie's Family Cruise, on now

I LOVE the "Leaker-In-Chief" meme - we should repeat it over and over!

Didn't Bush say he'd fire anyone who leaked classified info?

Are the other Bushes ignorant evolution-deniers like Idiot Son is?

Bush, in his arrogance and propaganda, is just like Saddam Hussein

Rep. Curt Weldon admits to Sun Myung Moon worship - no kidding

The amazing arrogance and cockiness of this CEO bastard president.

You know...this "Judas Gospel Thing" just might have LEGS! and it

Lampson's people should have kicked the shit out of those DeLay thugs

Why does DU hate McKinney?

General Strike Called to Support Illegal Immigrants

The pessimists are wrong on this Plame thing

NO excuse for you to NOT check out The Guy James Show. NONE.

Al Gore's documa drama will be awesome

I just thought of something (re: warrantless wiretaps)

The Swift-Boating of Cynthia Mckinney.....

RFK, JFK, MLK and Wellstone....

Libby did NOT say Bush OKed the Plame Outing.

Whoa: Gospel of Judas uncovered after 1,700 years

A TIP for all DEM staffers and candidates - YOUR BEING SPIED ON!

Any bets on a TERRORIST incident in the next few days?

AZ Senator’s son & camp abuse

Holy crap! Did you hear about Bush's plan to battle the bird flu????

Larry Johnson - the Big Lie about Valerie Plame

Time Sensitive: Israel does NOT want US to attack Iran!

Foreign Ownership of U.S. Debt

"Apple vs. Me" - corporations vs the 1st amendment.

Re: the Bush leak.... You can't get to the story now...

Lou used the word "devious" to characterize Bush's approval of leak!!!

DeLay's Goons caught on camera roughing up Democratic rally

Does this look like a snake-oil salesman or what?

Astroturfing Here at DU: "Green" SUVs and "Clean" Fuels

The freepworld response to Libby's testimony is...

Video of "I'm Ashamed" man coming up on Blitzer

Look it's the dick and bush fight!

With Bush officially implicated, which of these will now ensue?

Search Is Under Way for Congressional Candidate Gary Dodds

Just because someone says it is not "illegal" does not make it so...

Another BushBot breaks his rightie ties

Today's Limbaugh show

Unemployment fucking sucks

McKinneyMcKinneyMcKinney... charge Cheney with negligent shooting

Those Mormon kiddie sodomizers? AZ is up in arms

Where Can I See The McKinney Videotape?

A thought about the scheduled June Big Bomb Blast in Nevada

Kristen Breitweiser Shreds Giuliani's "Saint of 9/11" Image

What Am I Afraid Of?

Libby Says Bush Authorized Leak!

Should Hackett replace Springer permanently?

AP >> Report: Bush Authorized CIA Leak

You May Be An Authoritarian If...

Please See the Danger Here!!...

June 2004 bush Was Interviewed by Fitz and Was NOT Under Oath


What Democrats need to do now is to connect this Libby thing

Is the Bush family "privilege" finally unraveling?

Looks Like The Repubs Are Pissed Off At Ministry Again

A Modest Proposal:

Contagious Festival Update: I NEED YOUR HELP!

Bush: Any Criminals in Leak to Be Fired


Blitzer to show clip of Man who said Bush should be ashamed-coming up

It IS happening right NOW.

Freepers Defend Bush: "Plame wasn't Covert"

Pics from Lampson's rally and the attempt by DeLay's goon squad...

I Knew Pickles Looked Too Good to be True on That New Book Cover!

Book for children: "Why Mommy Is A Democrat"

Gov. Dean: "Bush Can No Longer Be Trusted To Keep America Safe"

Smithsonian gives Viacom rights to control everything

Until the average american stands up...nothing will change....(long rant)

An Invitation to DUers ....

Just saw on CNN ticker tape that the info that Libby leaked DID NOT

BUSHFINGER (Woo, wooooo, wooo!!!)

FOX POLL: BUSH - 36% Approval

Time to WORRY

Lord Pissypants reacts to Libby dropping a dime on him....


I'm confused about the new "leak" story.

Bush Broke the Law: Fitzgerald Should (and may) Ask For Impeachment

Looking in the mirror: the lies of George Bush

Meredith Viera to succeed Katie Couric??? Nooooooooooo

I think ROSES DRIVES are dumb

Meridith Viera really IS QUALIFIED to replace Katie!

LINKS for all 3 PDF COURT DOCS from FIBBY'S 04/05/06 filing(s) - HERE!!!

What's that on your chin? Karl Roves Ball print --->VIDEO

If you speak/write a foreign language, check in here!

*Exclusive* Fitzgerald Interview: Regis H.S. Owl (his alma mater)

Senior House Republican criticizes Gonzales

Bush just on CNN with a short comment on immigration bill - looked shaken.

mental health ads on AAR talk to me

Recount FIXED in Ohio for 04 Presidential Contest

Gold Star Families For Peace Call for Bush's Resignation

Bush's base caught on film at the Cheney farm (freeper freaks at play)

I hate to be a bummer, but

Dammit. Why are so many on DU such gloomy gusses? The MSM

Anyone Else Hate Those Paint-boxed C Schwab Commercials?

Last night, during a meeting with active Dems, I had an epiphany

Democratic Undergrounders $upport Ru$$ Feingold for $17.76!

Bush Sr. Quote: "the most insidious of traitors"

What about rove?

Wall Street Dems Unveil Plans to Undermine the Progressive Movement

AT&T Forwards ALL Internet Traffic Into NSA

Oh what a tangled web we weave...

Jeb Bush criticizes the Katie Harris campaign.

Breaking, er, old news... Obama against privatization

Is it time to release John Walker Lindh?

New Kerry Email: Sign on as a co-sponsor of Kerry withdrawal resolution!

Dems: Bush denied knowing about leak 8 times

Some of you guys have "migraphobia". (Funniest Video Ever)

George Bush intentionally "exposed" a CIA operative. He didn't "leak" it.

6 April 2006 is "tapes day" for Bush (and Cheney).

Caption this miserable bunch!

VIDEO: This MAN has more guts than almost our entire Congress!


Girl, 5, Forced To Apologize For Hugging Classmate


NATCA Air Traffic Contollers need some DU love

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina and FREE BEER!!!

NEW LEOPOLD ARTICLE: "Evidence Suggests White House Conspiracy"

Strange How This Generation Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Lets not WAIT for Impeachment. Lets throw them out now.

God this is great.. Bush PR event.. "hope you have the grace to be ashamed

What is wrong with you people??!!

Quick note about the Duke rape from a former stripper...

Reid, Leahy, Schumer responses to court docs. But will this be all?

HEY! DU! (YOU!) How about a ROSES DRIVE for Rep McKinney?

CNN showing Cynthia in a "Supposed" new Scuffle

Text of Kerry's Senate speech submitting Iraq Withdrawal Resolution

The President is NOT authorized to declassify a Covert Agent.

Criminalized abortion: Forensic Vagina Specialists

National Air Traffic Controllers Association--Prepare for Blakey's Spin

Please DU this Network neutrality petition if you haven't done so yet ...

How about a GORE/SPITZER ticket?

La Legislature Voting Bills update

3 Republicans join chorus urging swift Iraq pullout

Which way was Kaloogian's moral compass pointing when

Matthews/DeLay video leak intentional

Matthews Should Fired

"Had Enough"?

One of Rush Limbaugh's Talking Points About Bill Clinton is True...

laziest party in the history of politics

10 differences between Iraq and Vietnam

Uh-oh: 49% rather see Katie Couric on morning TV vs. 29% on evening news

20 year Berkeley University study!!

Chris Matthews GOP "gush fest" goes back to sElection 2000

DU this Katherine Harris poll!!!

Poll: Ohio Voters Tired of GOP

Did Giuliani's testimony include the Thank GOD Bush is our president bit?

How many GOP-ping days left 'til Fitzmas ?

I never thought I would say this: Democrats are the fiscal conservative

Gas prices up .70 cents in 50 days.....

"I think we're looking like we may be able to dance this afternoon"...WTF?

"This is end"

'Anti-Christian Conspirators' Slay DeLay

Hmmm... when's the next terrorist attack warning for DC, NY and LA? n/t

Shall we post a suicide watch for "conservatives?"

The Irony of it all...April Fools's the indictments.....geesh

Live Blogging from the Minimium Wage Rally in DC

Does anyone think Libby will get a pardon now? nt

Question on leak timeline

Republicans vote to ban NRA from politics.

Hypocritical McCain executes yet another "flip-flop"- on signature issue!

We can expect more DINOS...we need a Dino Filter

U.S. Companies Profited As Iraqi Children Died

Book Spotlight: American Theocracy by Kevin Phillips

Katherine Harris Hires New Campaign Team Linked To Anti-Gay Groups

CIA Leak Judge Says No To Secret Arguments

President Kerry speaks on Iraq pullout!

Breaking on MSNBC: Dimson authorized Plame leak!

Important talking point Re: Bush/Plame Leak

It’s time to burn the boats.

The hardworking media have their story du jour, and they're stickin to it

Lostnotes Barber Poll

Rally to Raise the Minimum Wage Today! (Kennedy, Edwards in D.C.)

Tonight on FOX news!

Ever notice how Chris Matthews.......

Call your three members of the US Congress about Labeling GE Foods

MP3 of Bush answering an unscripted question (no apology...)

Quick! Get Bush to a baseball mound!

Great read! Vanity Fair's Wolff pounds on old Scotty!!!

Curt Weldon's Family .... his daughter's lobbying firm cashed in Big Time

Kerry speaking about Iraq War plan on C-Span 2 NOW!

House of Representatives "discussing" Budget on C-Span has devolved

Wall Street Dems Unveil Plans to Undermine the Progressive Movement

Photo: Bush, w/ Osama finger held high, instructs North Carolina on Terra

MP3 of Tweety sucking up to DeLay

Brad: Bush authorized leaks in Plame Case, Fitzgerald filing reveals

So when (if ever) will bush's numbers slip into the twenties?

State senator's son, 2nd teen admit 'brooming' (where's the morals crowd?)

McKinney Apologizes

Hardball video clip, partial transcript at MSNBC of Dean interview.

A Funny Thing Happened on Cynthia's Way to the House...

RW email

Blitzer…Monica/Whitewater = Iran/Contra and Watergate

Bill Moyers: A Culture of Corruption

where do you go to engage people on the internet?

What are we going to do about it?

IL State Senator Ricky Hendon: The type of Democrat we DON'T NEED!!!

Chimpy's at 36% on Latest Faux Poll

Wasn't there some party in history that advocated shipping millions

Today's big story is!!!!!

Faux showed John McCain with the letter "D" next to his name.

Kerry - live on C-Span2 NOW (4:17 edt) about Iraq

Serious Implications Of President Bush's Hiring A Personal Outside Counsel

Salon: "Scooter Libby pits George W. Bush against Natalee Holloway"

King George CANNOT declassify "leak" information!

Reuters photo: Three Cheerleaders...guess which one's a criminal.

Censuring the Chimp-in-Chief seems mild now retrospect ...

"Cherry-picking the information" A euphemism for .......

Cox news undecided about pressing charges against McKinney staff

Lampson Press Conference Repub Goons for Delay arrive

Kerry on Leak News: Bush Needs to Look in the Mirror

Delay HQ phone number 281.343.1333 to protest his goons (see video)

Missing candidate baffles police...

Delay ordered his goons to disrupt Lampson press conf, 69 yr old

Nostradamus Warned Us!!

Where Is Fitz In All Of This - Are New Indictments Coming Down Soon?....

For Immediate Release:Waxman: New Questions Raised About White House Role

Must see: Video of Rethug takeover of Lamspon rally [link fixed]

Marie Jon' With minds like hers this country is surely doomed

Allard: "Kerry spins in the political winds, the Pres. stays the course."

The Rude Pundit on why Republicans Hate the Children:

The Religious Rightwingers - The "Moral Elites"

John Kerry Speaks on His Iraq Strategy - Text of Floor Speech

Tom Delay Has a New Job (Pics)


Question: If according to conservatives,

Quick observation of why this NPR story on black conservative preachers

Question: Can the Wilson's sue the * Administration?

Words to describe prominent GOP politicians on flyer - help needed

How Iraq civil war could shape the future of the GOP—and the nation

Faux sN00z3: Approval 36%

Dear Mr. President

Missing Candidate Baffles Police Search Is on for Congressional Candidate

Poor fundies...they were lied to!


GSFP demands that George Bush "deal" with himself.

Treasongate: Libby and the NIE "key judgements"

MoveOn Announces Support for John Kerry’s Iraq Proposal

My name is fooj and I'm a tinfoilhat theorist...

Why isn't Janeane talking about the President in the Plame case F

W stickers and delusions; and why we are WINNING.

Bush* Net Approval Rating Thermometer Map

"The fix was in": A Chronology of Cuyahoga Co. (Ohio's) felonious recount

What about organizing some roses or a thank you to John Kerry for the

DSCC Blog to Bush: Your Credibility Is Leaking (Bush lies)

So who do you think the Repubs will nominate in '08?

Eshcaton posts on disgusting freeper attacks against ill 5-yr old child

Congressional Candidate Gary Dodd missing in New Hampshire

Commiting high crimes and misdemeanors is not illegal...

Hackett, Schultz, Jim Dean speakers at DFA Miami Leadership Dinner.

Kerry introduces resolution calling for Iraq pullout this year

VIDEO: Bush BLASTED by man at event.

Meredith Viera upsets Brent Bozell.Too damn bad.

The folks I insultingly referred to as illegal aliens in earlier posts...

Some Dreams Come True


Libby Traces Approval of Plame Disclosure Back to Bush

Damn that John Kerry still looks Presidential