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Lord of the Flies

How many of us could do this? Renewing The Imperative Boycott

We want to put your face on the jumbotron in the middle of TimesSquare

LTTE: The accountable GOP

WP: Putting the Risk in Bush's Lap (immigration issue)

Wal-Mart's Dirty Secret is Out (opposed tighter port security)

WP:Bush Authorized Leaks About Iraq, Libby Testified

Grand Theft Baghdad

Immigration Bill Meltdown?

WAPO on Leak: Experts: Tactic Would Be Legal but Unusual

Playing Hardball with Secrets (NYT Editorial, 04/06/2006)

Guess which DUer has her site linked on ....

Bill Moyers: A Culture of Corruption

Joe Conason (Salon): The deception Bush can't spin (Libby Case)

BBC: How the US 'lost' Latin America

NASA monitoring Great Barrier Reef (Reuters/CNN)

Bankrupt voting machine co. CEO:"No vendor has a machine voters can trust"

With voting machine company now bankrupt, CEO speaks out:

Thread on Harkin on DailyKos

Sign Tom Harkin's Censure Petition!

Any Massachusetts DUers use AT&T?

town hall meetings on college affordability


will anyone here be at the convention in June?I just found out I am!

Ha Ha

Bush defends domestic spying program

Questioner sharply criticizes President Bush at appearance (K-R)

Scientists confirm worst fears - this was H5N1

U.S. Will Not Join U.N. Rights Council

WP: Putting the Risk in Bush's Lap (immigration issue)

NYTimes Friday: AG says Bush right to wiretap calls within US exclusively

Ex-New York Police Detectives Found Guilty of Killing for Mafia

Top Zarqawi aide captured

BP facing criminal investigation over Alaskan oil spill

Immigration Bill Meltdown?

Bush Authorized Secrets' Release, Libby Testified (WaPo A01)

Some Democrats Ask Bush for Energy Summit

June Gold Hits $600 an Ounce

UN accuses Haiti of massive illegal detentions

US Senate Immigration Overhaul in Doubt

House GOP budget talks collapse (no vote before Easter break)

US 'in talks with Iraq militants'

NYT: Decided or Not, Giuliani Charts a Path to 2008

N.Y. Rep.: Bush may have committed crime (Rep. Maurice Hinchey)

Tribe Returns $3 Million Grant Linked to Burns

DeLay Supporters Crash Democrat's Event [or, "When FReeping Goes Bad"]

NYT: Families of Army's War Dead Are Hurt Again at Notification

Gonzales Suggests Legal Basis for Domestic Eavesdropping

U.S. Senate Hopeful (Montana) Defends Role in Probe

I'm surprised nobody put up an "I like to whine" thread.


Fight fans. Don't forget about Ultimate Fight Night tonight on Spike.

It's a great time of year to be a guy.

O hiccup! I've got the crêpes!

The Official Adulterated Sex Thread = fill in the blank...

You can never get too low when you're so damn high

House of Doom

Movie Game: I'm watching a random cable movie. It has Harrison Ford,

Who watches Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" on CNBC?


If you know that "precautions" is a noun,

Mix emotions

Web sites that sound really nasty....

What’s up with CSI and light switches?

Wow, who KNEW that "Mortal Kombat" was made into a whole SERIES of

Ciao, darlings!

Connect the Dot........

Question for people who use Technorati:

My Eye Won't Stop Twitching

I'm really hot.

I'm going to send * a packet of ....

When did I pass 3000 posts??!?!

At Starbucks, this very moment, a couple have their grody bare feet up on

Come gather 'round people...

I had to deal with the biggest BITCH today at work.

Just wondering.... if we were to create a bumper sticker

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...

Aw shit


I have no huge jobs ahead of me.

Internet dates dack to Roman days.

I like Naples.

So I sais to my wife with the Wooden Leg....

I am going to get Coke from the break room. Anybody want anything?

Celibate with me, friends.

"We use a large vibrating egg".

It's Friday Eve

I have a huge blow job ahead of me.

Wanna see something cool?? Revelations is on the History Channel!!

Katie Cuiric is leaving the Today show... This is HUGH!!!!!!

OH. S.H.I.T. The Little Slut GOT OUT!

Wild Pursuit [LIVE] Los Angeles

Tek Jansen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody wanna watch Olberman?

Canadians, sex threads and spring

MUST SEE Video and song--No Bravery

Did you ever have one of these? And if so, do you miss it?

Guitar Hero

Which Of These Two Is The Strangest? Michael Jackson or Tom Cruise?

8-Tracks: My pick for really dumb inventions

You know what's breathtaking and awe inspiring?

Cute dog story...

Pictures of my visit to an amazing isolated, serene beach

If the DU Lounge had streaming music, what would you want to hear?

David Lee Roth: Even More 'Bland And Painful'

Mods deserve a better symbol. I nominate this one:

I have written a new song, what do you think?

Debra or Jack?

The Red State Residency Application

Have you seen Kelsey Grammer in X-Men 3?

Let's go Badgers!


I just had a wonderful dinner with Joan_Alpern

How many DUers have you had phone with?

I have a new shirt! What do my Lounge friends think?

People I talked to in the wine shop tonight

I got a new bike but it was plain-looking, so I spruced it up a bit.

my patches keeo falling off

Breast Man has two job interviews today...

Peeps: Scourge on mankind or delectable delight?

I am going to get a Coke from the break room. Anybody want anything?

Celebrate with me, friends.

This day will go down in history

Kudos to BigMcLargehuge!

Well I set up a Myspace account. I did it so I could look at a friends...

Doesn't it seem, that with all the incredibly talented and creative people

Trapping Mammals Tonight. Wish Me Luck! (Hey, SKITTLES!)

Link to your PROUDEST post, right here.

Gospel of Judas - The text...

WHO asks Britain to stop poaching foreign doctors

Former Oregon Gov Kitzhaber rallies health reform effort (Trippi involved)

Mothers aren't behind a vogue for caesareans

Pair of black holes locked in death dance (SPACE.COM/CNN)

Robotic route for Polar pioneers (BBC)

Bad Bugs, No Drugs

"New" Gospel : Judas was a good guy, maybe the best...

Another localized swarm of small quakes in Yellowstone

New pictures of 'living fossil' (BBC)

New rings found around Uranus (AP/CNN)

Buds, need some help with direction

Interesting Knight Ridder article

Kerry Introduces Minority Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pilot Program

CNN and Hardball transcripts up


Kerry and Allard Scrap on the Senate Floor

CONTACT Allard now and let him know what a cowardly chickenhawk he is

Has everyone seen this video??

Need tips on taking action shots

DAILY Deaths chosen by one person. War of Choice Forever.

Now can we get back to the impeachment issue?

So can the crook be impeached now?...having been exposed as the leaker?

Delay's Frankenstein --> Toon within

"* Could Ship Nuclear Weapons To Iran & This Congress Wouldn't Impeach"

John Dean On KO Re: Gonzo's View of Executive Authority & Wiretaps

While we Gnaw our Fellow Dems's three Sites to Read!

One Party controlling 3 branches of Government should be against the law

Keith Olbermann, Schuster on NOW PLamegate

Missing Democratic Candidate - New Hampshire

I -- T -- M -- F -- A !!

How do you think Bush and Plame will be any different......

Froomkin: Bush used injured soldiers as human shields

3 months of hard work done. 6,500 candidate petitions signed.

leading Dems statements on Bush's leak

Warrantless Wiretaps Possible in U.S.

I'm gonna come out and say it: I think Harry Taylor was a plant.

Kevin Phillips (American Theocracy) on with Tavis Smiley tonight (Thurs)

Leaker-in-Chief Bumper Stickers anyone??? Come'n'Get'em

Veira to Today Show

"I won't lose my nerve as long as I think we'll win"

Check out this email I would you respond?

With "leakgate" There should be no reason left not to vote for censure

Bush LIED, He knew he was the leaker

Fuzzy Math.. Great video.. (in his own words)

President Leaker

Ciao, darlings!

BushCo is NOT in chaos over the Libby Revelation

30 something dems on NOW C-span1

NBC nightly news video on todays CIA leak

Can anyone help me with an alemod virus that is on my computer?

And the Top Story on Hannity and Colmes is.........(Drumroll PLease)

Need help with direction (regarding Congressional Medal of Honor)

Question on impeachment...

WP:Warrantless Wiretaps Possible in U.S.

"Mr. Scooter" from the BBC

Larry King is great. He's really digging in deep to the issues of the day

Caption - Bush 1 what?

CBS Could Have Put Amanpour In That Anchor Chair.

There's something poetic in Bush's criminal admin. following Clinton's.

"The Humility And Grace To Be Ashamed of Yourself"

New Hampshire Dem candidate goes missing

News must travel slow at Fox.

Who's yer daddy

A busy night at the ol' White House tonight...

Tax the megachurches

Authorities prepare for massive protest

Have you seen this video clip of Delay's goons at Lampson's presser?

O.K., What Does This (*Plame Leak Gate) Mean For rove?

Yahoo is a lot of fun tonight

Hypothetical question regarding Supreme Court and stolen elections.

John Kerry lays it out to Chris "Tweety" Matthews (R) MSNBC

Did Jesus advise * to leaketh?

Are Republicans hellbent on destroying the planet?

Duct tape/plastic sheeting guy to head FEMA

"Taking Out The Trash" Redux

Is Dubya a congenital liar ?

Gonzales Suggests Legal Basis for Domestic Eavesdropping

Daily show's spin on the pResident's spin

Jane Harman: "If the disclosure is true..president is the leaker-in-chief"

"Dear Mr. President" by Pink

What would Ronald Reagan think?

McKinney just wrapped a cop up in a Mexican Flag and punched him!

Disclosure Adds New Element to Probe of CIA Leak

Playing Hardball With Secrets

NYTimes Friday: AG says Bush right to wiretap calls within US exclusively

CNN Poll- Would you give your houseplants whiskey -!??


Wow....what's up with this story?

From GriperBlade: Scooter Drops the Dime: A play in one act.....

Does anyone have video of Bush saying he wants the Plame leaker found?

Important story about FCC getting lost - Chairman wants newspapers and

We need some Keenan Wynn Democrats to clean up this Pug filth.

Framing. Why say 'leak' if you can be precise, informative as well as

Rawstory's latest: Gonzo says that Bush has the right to wiretap...

*:"Obviously Osama bin Laden and his sidekick Zawahiri is still at large."

Iran: Political Activists to Steer Clear of Possible US Funding

US 'in talks with Iraq militants'

Calling Out the Freepers!

so let me get this straight...."we're fighting them there.....

FRIDAY: NYT - "Cheney's Aide Says President Approved Leak"

"Tonight Republicans pulled their immoral budget from the House floor "

Is anyone listening to Olberman?

Retail sales up a disappointing 1.9% in March...

What was Gonzales talking about when he said "something else"?

REAL American life/lives.

Is Scooter an "Aspen" and is he now "turning" as he wrote to Miller?

I need a poll. How many soldiers in Iraq are still for the war?

Terrorism Charges for Boys Accused in Plot: Is this justice?

"I Could Not Tell The Truth"

Heh. Jon Stewert has to be on fire tonite

One more time. The weird * photo of the week.

Why Bush won illegally and what we can do to stop it from happening again.

Who favors "guest workers?"

*: "I'm not sure I qualify as a cowboy. (Laughter.)"

Can you help? I'm confused about the leak.

a ticket to phuck all the repukes who phucked us...Gore/Kerry and AG Edwar


Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

If being a Democrat becomes any more fun, I'll just burst!!

Peggy Noonan: the flowers from the Iraqis will be thrown eventually

Rumsfeld, Bush’s McNamara

Army hired criminals as security guards

OK, Who is going to resign to "spend time with their family" next?

How do I get my money out of this country?

Is telling someone you are going to kill a person and skin them a crime?

Movie by Al Gore?

Please understand this is NOT about being a democrat

CONTACT Sen. Allard now and demand apology for his smears against Kerry

As a contributor to DU, do you consider yourself part of the media?

Badly tortured Guantanamo defendant calls tribunals a con

if "the president authorized it" is Libby's defense, does that mean...

okay -- has anyone brought up "Fitzmas" today?

What on earth is Bush doing

Hey, Does Anybody Have That Pic Of rove Pissing Himself & Getting Hauled

Cable News Channels....Paula Abdul & polygamy....nada news today.

DU Field Trip! Oliver North's Freedom Cruise 2006

The Serial Killer President::: Bush The Wimp

Is the Frat Boy the most crooked president we have ever had?

Don't Know about DU, but...

You can now buy a Collectors Dime of likeness of Ronald Reagan..

My run-in with a Kool-Aid drinker tonight...

Public Housing in New Orleans ~ St. Bernard Projects

HEY Keith O.....Stop IT!!!!......PALEAZE

Larry Johnson:"If We Can Impeach A President For Lying About A Blowjob..."

Notice the media is attempting to rewrite history on Libby's job title?

They are not prepared. This really is SeRIEs!!!

Katie Couric is dating a Republican...

The left needs to start hammering Guiliani NOW. That photo-opping

Deputies Taser Frisky 92-Year-Old Man

OMG - re:LEAK - This is *IT*! Bush is finally gonna go DOWN on this one!

Maybe Mckinney did a smart thing

Right Winger Paul Harvey arrested! The Rest of the story...

Kerry: 'Immoral to allow our kids to be killed'

Is Wee George the Michael Corleone of the Bush Family?


Judy Miller and the 2002 NIE (BooMan)

Speech mistake prompts Bush do-over

VIA Atrios: Video of Delay thugs assaulting woman.

Dear Mr. President

Here is the trailer for Gore's movie - 'An Inconvenient Truth'

If the leak came from Bush/cheney

WHO leaked?

Corp Focus: Katie Couric Versus Amy Goodman

TOONS SNACK -- short but sweet

GUESS how Bush avoided being booed at the ballpark

John Conyers:"The Fix Was in at the Cuyahoga Elections Board"

A Kerry call for withdrawal.... Damn Liberals

Kos on Colbert NOW

A Tribute to Some Americans with Exceptional Moral Courage

occupy DC, Ben Burch is right, MILLION VOTER MARCH

Hero or Rove Plant ? Info on Harry Taylor

OMG they even leak info to Flat Stanley! Photos as proof!

How much alcohol will The Bushfelon consume tonight?

Male athletes more likely than other men to rape, Duke, etc.

How many DUers believe that the Mexican flag-waving during recent protests

The Leaker-in-Chief

New MUST SEE VIDEO ...NO Bravery ...only sadness since * has been here

Howard Dean's interview with Paul Hackett -audio

Regarding the compromise on the Senate bill...

Too soon to expect the MSM to discuss the ramifications of outing Plame?

W's day in photos

Delay calls a hit on an elderly protester

Searching the web for all the good news out of Iraq. Found it in one place

On Cable teevee newz show: "Bush" and "liar" used in same sentence


FCC Chair Appointed by Bush Wants More Media Conglomeration

Excuse me. How is the 'leak probe' NOT a gross misuse of public funds?

Does Congress have in-house lawyers to advise our critters on impeachment?

Speech Mistake Prompts Bush Do-Over

Feuding GOP's House Budget Talks Collapse

Woodward Affirms Bush Is a Liar

Someone was dead on here on DU...imagine that.

Republicans nonchalantly suggest Bush should have line item veto...

The summer of 1974, as captured by Gary Trudeau

Everything We've Suspected Of *Co Is Coming True - Why Shouldn't.....

Fitzgerald interviews with Bush/Cheney were not under oath. Wonder why!!!!

"Nobody is above the law"


Greenfield: Health plan could jump-start a Romney presidential bid

Any guesses who is next on the block....

DFA offering online Night School training.

I'm So happy about this! Libby squeals!

What's up DU....This is amazing news.....Lets Celebrate...

Celebrate Good Time...Come On... Its a Celebration (x2)

Last night's experience with the Washington State Dems party leader

Byrd Says Wife's Death Won't Deter Him

Cheney on Fox asserting his right to declasify information

"The wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine..."

I hope we don't get the Bush misled us drivel again from the Democrats.

Sen. Roberts has said that his committee looked into the use of...

Delay Supporters Crash Democrat's Event

I'm glad Cynthia McKinney apologized for her actions.

AP: Uproar Grows Over Bush Role in Libby Leakage

Did anyone notice Tweety called Ohio a blue state?

Ok that's it.......I'm done.....No more......

WOW! Fuckin' WOW! Elaine Chao wants to discuss jobs & economy with YOU!

Senator Wayne Allard (R-CO), a worthless fuck who needs to hear from YOU

U.S. Aid in Iraq Now Equal to Assistance in Germany After World War II

So...does everyone in BRITAIN know what PNAC is?

Just another brick in the wall…

MP3 of Bush quotes regarding CIA leaks since 2003

James Lovelock: The Earth is about to catch a morbid fever that may last

Kerry and Allard Scrap on the Senate Floor - Who Do You Trust?

Take 4 minutes to SEE This MUST VIEW VIDEO YOU Wll never be the same

What about Minimum Wage Rally Today?

okay, I said I wouldn't but my ticket Gore/Kerry with Edwards as AG

Bush's statements about finding the leaker ludicrous

NBC tries to make NASCAR fans looks stupid, doesn't work

Harry Taylor almost exactly matches character in Norman Rockwell painting.

Port Security: Alarming lapse

LAT's coverage of yesterday's bombshell: " Libby Said Bush OKd Leaks"

PANDERING TO THE POOR - Ted Rall on Hugo Chavez

LAT editorial: "Leaker in Chief" (Bush "a leaker or a hypocrite"?)

The GOP's latest (unsuccessful) distraction

The Strange Case of the American Worker

Beastly Behavior, by Chris Floyd

Healthcare Bill Seeks to Preempt State Laws

A tid bit about Neal Boortz

Russian Military stalls on Reports Ukraine sold warheads to Iran

The Founders Never Imagined a Bush Administration

A Shakespeare First Folio, in a library for 300 years, to be sold at Sothe

I've got gum on my shoe.

'..irony itself is a gay invention, a coping mechanism for gay people ...'

5 Yr.old Girl gets in trouble for giving classmate a 'hug'/LINK

What's Driving the Iranian Nuclear Crisis?

Leak-Hating President, As Leaker

Goal No. 1: Make the World Safe For Oil Companies

Check out the DeLay goons

Decided or Not, Giuliani Charts a Path to 2008

Leonard Pitts Jr. : McKinney created her own problems

The Onion--Critics Blast Bush for Not Praying Hard Enough

John Dean: The Truth About Libby's Statements to the Grand Jury

The Myth of a Christian book by an evangelical minister

People want freeloaders punished, study finds

Md. Governor Signs Air Pollution Bill

New Jersey Makes the Choice for Clean Energy

Machete-wielding farmers cut off water to Acapulco

Sharp sees US taking lead as top solar consumer

BBC: Air trends 'amplifying' warming

Cape Wind is dealt a setback

Bald Eagle Tends to Nest As Single Dad

Wind Power Could Produce Electricity to Meet Global Energy Needs -Stanford

Warming Shortens Ice Road Season In NWT By A Month - FT

2-Month Closure Of Factories, Powerplants May Clean Olympic Air In Beijing

Radioactive Steam Escapes From Ill. Plant

A SW Missouri River Rich In E. Coli Provokes Residents' Indifference

10 million tons of toxic sulfur compounds escape from Ill coal plants.

Suit’s dismissal may clear way for wind farms (WV)

CNN Headline: Gulf Coast to see no more Katrinas.

Wes Clark's "Common Voices" speak out on Global Warming!

GORE-May have only 10 yrs to save earth from turning to a total frying pan

Ford Expands Zero-Interest Loan Programs Nationwide For Its Hybrids

GE expanding Wind Turbine Production 75% annually over next two years -


Peak Oil NYC to Host Conference, April 27-29

Actual cost figure to build nukes $10 Biln for 2: Perry 1 & Beaver Valley

Rush Limbaugh: President is polling at 36%

Israel considers holding limited ties with Hamas government

Palestinian PM Says Hamas Has the Power

Harvard posts rebuttal to paper

Palestinian sues PA authorities, says tortured for helping Israel

Palestinians Say Israeli Army Kills One

How not to deal with anti-semitism

Kadima's big plans for Israel

Huge jump in arms sales to Israel

Israel shells Gaza Strip; Palestinian killed in Nablus raid

Hamas denies talks with Abbas on 2-state solution

Berlin: Israeli embassy encourages to not label Germans as "Nazi"

Another Brick In The Wall (Robert Fisk)

Excusing hostility to Israel’s right to exist - “Left” anti-semitism...

The roots of anti-semitism

Palestinians Say Israel Missile Kills Four

1,000 shells fired at Gaza within week

Confirmation Bias - an obstacle to finding truth.

Need help looking for a video

Does yesterday's Plamegate revelation discount 9/11 govt complicity?

Therapy thread - for WTC and Pentagon "plane huggers"

Does the Plamegate investigation discount LIHOP/MIHOP?


Major Push to pass Holt Bill - need calls to Congressman on April 6/7

Election Reform Daily Thread for friday, 04-07-06

Indy Star: ES&S blasted for multiple mistakes, "don't care" attitude

John Edwards and Chet Culver in Dubuque Apr/8!!

This week's civic skinny 04-07-06 -- Christie Vilsack for Blouin???

Bush to visit Wesley Acres Senior Center in DM Tuesday


contact info for constitutional office races

Herald: Televised Democratic gubernatorial debate April 23

Gay Lifestyle Enrichment Expo at Bayside Exhibition Center!

Concord, MA High School Hosting Gay Men's Choir in fundraiser 4/9/06

Becky Lourey video: Must see.

Immigration March

Do I dare go to a totally windowless environment?

Another question for those in the Glen Maxey camp

Hi Houston friends! Was wondering if you might have any advice

Pics from yesterday's Lampson Press Conference

TX: Judge: Schlosser not guilty (cut baby's arms off)


Seaman asked to get rid of dirty Delay money

Last night's dinner- Lentil Soup and wheat rolls

Does anyone have an "Advantium" oven?

What to do with a couple pork chops?

Authorities find man missing congressional hopeful Gary Dodds alive

Ex-air traffic controller suspect in bombs

Iowa agency office sealed off amid charges

DeLay's seat likely won't be filled soon

U.S. Won't Seek Seat on U.N. Rights Panel

NYT: Liberal Denomination Fires Salvos at Right

Slade audit 'doesn't look good'-Internal report says $647,949 in TSU funds

N.Korea envoy: restart of nuclear talks up to U.S.

Report to slam Halliburton on water woes

Detainee says he was tortured with a scalpel

Former Immigration Official Says Fraud, Corruption Rife at Agency

NYT: Church Group Calls I.R.S. Unfair on Political Violations of Tax Code

Meredith Vieira to Replace Katie Couric

Employers Boost March Payrolls by 211,000

Dynegy figure asks for release on bond

Gov't Wants Boy Scout Ruling Overturned

Suicide bombers attack a Shiite mosque-kills 65.

Speech Mistake Prompts Bush Do-Over

Los Angeles vows to end status as U.S. homeless capital

Carl Levin speaking now C-Span2, re: Media and DOD

Immigration bill fails Senate test vote

ADL: 2005 saw slight drop in anti-Semitic incidents in U.S.

US Treasury's Snow says serves at Bush's pleasure (Dead Man Walking)

BAE to Sell Airbus Stake to EADS to Focus on Defense

U.S. firms plan healthcare coverage cuts

Labor Official Notes Pension Disparities (CEO's are getting richer)

Snow says Treasury secretary job subject for Bush and him

69 killed in Baghdad Shiite Mosque bombing

Fitz. has added 'Response to Third Motion to Compel Discovery' on DOJ site

German inquiry to probe Iraq war, CIA links

AFL-CIO Slams Big Bucks Pensions

3 Die After Falling Into Volcanic Fissure

The billionaire, the Post and the $220G shakedown

Congressional candidate found alive after car accident (Gary Dobbs)

WP: Stem Cell, Clean Air Measures Signed by (MD GOP Gov.) Ehrlich

U.S. Cuts Some Aid to Palestinians

Durham, NC Police Station evacuated due to bomb threat

NYT: Europe Stops All Payments to Hamas-Led Palestinians

TX: Judge: Schlosser not guilty (cut baby's arms off)

IAEA Head to Visit Iran to Meet Leaders

WP: White House Admits Lag in Bioterror Effort

Hamas ready for 'two-state' solution

John Edwards interview on CNN Now!

Female bombers hit mosque in Turkey

Court Overturns SEC Rules on Mutual Funds

Bush, GOP Approval Ratings Hit New Lows (Bush at 36% in AP poll)

CNN Intl: UK tests more birds for deadly flu (dead swan in Scotland)


U.S. envoy's car pelted in Venezuela

Three US troops killed in Iraq (2347)

Commissioner Admits to Online Sex Chats

NY Post columnist probed over alleged extortion

Prisons: Curb Terror-Suspect Communication

Chapter 7 consumer bankruptcies rising

Female bombers hit mosque in Turkey (Reuters)

Lawyer: Rumsfeld "messed up" Guantanamo trials

NYT: White House Tries to Quell Anger Over Leak Claim

U.S. Military Short on Bomb Teams in Iraq

(Second-Hand)Smoke Exposure Increases Risk of Diabetes, U.S. Study Shows

MARINE KILLED NEAR AL QAIM (Shot by Iraqi Soldier)

Uproar Grows Over Bush Role in Libby Leakage

‘Peaceful Coexistence Need of Hour’ - Crown Prince Sultan

Bush warns of budget veto if needed

(Oregon Sen. Ron) Wyden says Congress must vote on Iraq

Kerry lambastes Bush, GOP-backed immigration bill

Authorities Find Congressional Candidate Alive In Woods

At least 40 killed in attack on Baghdad mosque

CNN/Reuters: NASA monitoring Great Barrier Reef

Experts: Alleged Bush leak legal, unusual

Republican Candidates for (Ohio) Governor Question Rival's Investments

WP: (Doyle) DHS Background Check Questioned

Envoy Warns of Possible Civil War in Iraq(possible?)

Doctors must tell women of abortion risk, court says

Washington Post searching for bloggers from the right and left

Congress on Vacation After 2 Weeks of Work

employment increased by 211,000 in March

Mortar round ( fired by U.S. soldiers) accidentally kills (Iraqi) civilian

Wal-Mart to Seek FDIC OK on Bank Plans

Regulators To Issue Mortgage Warning--WaPo

Storms, tornadoes batter Nashville area

Mental Patient Charged With Threatening President Bush

Pentagon reports weapon program cost overruns

Slots opponent Blackwell (OH) owns stock in manufacturer

Reid assured 'Divine Strake' will be safe

Gore urges moral crusade against global warming (to cheering investors)

Corps sacks three commanders (under investigation - deaths of 15 Iraqis)

U.S. ambassador's car pelted in Venezuela

W.House does not dispute Bush leak allegation

Casey's opposition to abortion appears to be no threat to election

Cost to Remove 12M Illegal Immigrants Huge ($215 billion)

Gallup: Despite Alarms, Americans Don't See Global Warming as Urgent

"Homeland Security Agents" handcuff teacher for directing school traffic

Prevent babies' citizenship, group says

Radioactive Steam Escapes From Ill. Plant

Anti-Castro militant files bid to be released from jail

Some lyrics

The official " I love the Pollen season" thread......

I've been working out my inner demons and primal urges through writing...

Does anybody call this "Cyberspace" anymore?

Time to go do my political call in show (The Servative Hour)

I am a therapist, (really I am)

Tis another song!

Holmes 'Passive' Behavior Stuns Interviewer

Am I the only one old enough here to mourn Gene Pitney?

Ok children come around. I have a story to tell you.


What are you wearing right now?



Would any Europeans like to legally adopt us?

I'm gonna party like it's Kitchenwitch's birthday!

Enough already!

¡Cuidado! ¡Llamas!

I miss billyskank!

I have the strangest desire to draw...

Good night, mes amis

How to fold a shirt.

Important GD thread regarding Katrina survivors' voting rights

Motley Crue Fan Fills In For Drummer Tommy Lee On Stage ("Rock Star")

Xemasab! Is that you? I count 7 Billyskank goodnight threads!

Leif Garrett Sent To Jail (Heroine A HELL OF A Drug)

whose idea was this!?!?!!?

Today's joke from Comedy Central

World's Coolest Marathon this weekend (North Pole)

As the delicious waves of Vicodin begin to wash over me

Complete this quote: A Day without_________ is like a day without _______

Anyone else familiar with Found Magazine?

Carpentry and Gene Pitney (funny)

Dang it, I can't figure out my TV remote

Post here if you're male AND you've found the pope in the woods [View all]

FINALLY!! Eva Longoria Super-Sized!

Is Katie Holmes related to John C. Holmes?

My wife and I have been looking for lakefront property.....

I think doing nice things for other people is dumb

Everybody, please caption this...

Feel free to talk to me today

Marksmen called in as giant rabbit terrorises Northumberland, England

So, I come back to DU and find some changes!!!

Holy Crap! California Peggy dropped the F-Bomb on DS1!!!

Has anybody read " The Jesus Dynasty"...

I'm gonna party like its my birthday!

.... . .-.. .-.. - - - / . - - - - - .-. .-.. -.. / -. -

OH NO - Eric Gagne has to have another surgery on his pitching arm

If Crusoe had...Kept his chin...More tidy...

What do you do?

Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling

Inspired by the Trans Amthem poll.......

Taking up Guitar...where to get lessons...

I like tomatoes.

I want to take my daughter to this show...

Good Morning DU!

"Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" trivia.

Yesterday my hair was mussed up.

Beware of rabbit terrorists!

Tim Finnegan lived in Walken Street a gentle Irishman mighty odd

I'm bored.

More appropriate uses for duct tape (bumper sticker msg) at

I have a new hobby. Balloon Sculpturing.

DUers in the eastern US: get your blue gasoline here! (Click the top pic.)

Question of the Day: Know your DUers/Freepers

Lunch time! Time to dust off my Clamato avatar!

Hi all, fill me in?

We're out of milk, so I had to booze up my coffee.

Do You Know Who This Man Is?

My eyeball is itchy

When you have to call poison control by 8:30 in the morning, you KNOW

So........ What do you think?

What's going on here?

Baseball season! Time to dust off my Roberto Clemente avatar

A Muslim girl was beat up at my alma mater

Where: Music downloads that can be burned to CD?

"The first thing you know"

we need to buy a new furnace - any recommendations?

Do you ever just sit and think about how beautiful life is?

What would you do if you were a robot?

Post here if you're male AND you've found DS1 reading porn magazines

Off to get my daily Frappuccino for lunch, have something good for me

What would you do if you were a rich man?

Got trouble with evil-natured robots?

What would you do if you were a rabbit?

Discuss amongst yourselves:

Jagger: China "protecting the morals of the expat bankers"

Midlodemocrat is an outstanding moderator.

I know Midlodemocrat, I worked with Midlodemocrat

Are all my favorite people still around?

Friday earworm.

Some random grouching - A suggestion

Automatic Litter Boxes? Who has used them??


I'm going to Orlando. I hate Disney. What's to do?

Do your pets have any bugaboos or bugbears?

Disgust amongst your elves.

What would you do

How do you fight a parking ticket (DC Metro Area)????

Damn it, Lounge, my noodles are undercooked!

Who Cuts/Styles Your Hair?

A Dubya-related poll

Tavernertoddler tried to teach Tavernertot "Lil Bunny Foo Foo" today

Playboy Magazine Debuts In Indonesia -- With No Nudity

Tomato-likers are evil

are hex threads allowed in the lounge?

Hilarious post in GD!!!

82 Year Old Ruins Perfect Driving Record By Driving Through Store

OOOOOOO Scary: Ghost Kitty!!!!

I have really missed my "Lost" discussions on here!

Whelp, Jesus is back.

What would you do if you were whoisalhedges?

Also inspired by the Transanthem thread

So, now that I am here today, where is

How many states have you been to?

Is my dog evil if he killed a bird for no reason?

Hi, my name is ZombieNixon and I've been a DUaholic for 1.6 years.

i got money back from health insurance, should I get XM radio?

High School Music Program that is making History

I am too Lazy to even get up and get a cup of coffee...It's pouring

Birds are sweet and cute.

So, now that I am here today, where is

I am going to take a break from the coke room. Anybody want anything?

Midlodemocrat is outstanding in her field.

I, too, have written a song.

What is that little grey man next to some mods' names?

Rate Bush's handling of damn near everything (including his liquor).

Teens Firebomb Old Air Force Hangar - Put Video On - Arrested

What I want for my birthday

Just So You Know... I Hid One Of Your Threads!

What would you do if you were a Rabbi?

Look Quick! A rare moment of Peace...

One of the FUNNIEST emails I have received in a while

Question for Call Me Wesley: What is Schweizerdeutsch for

It's a sad day when your "Fat Day" shirt is too tight around the belly

Real Headlines in 2005

I am eating a fireball, who wants one?

What would you do if you were a mohel?

A year and a half later and I still laugh thinking about this

I like to BAIT widdle birdies with a birdfeeder

What ideas does Bush have to control global warming (sarcasm)?

Any other former Smith heads diggin' the new Morrisey album?

Sending, prayers, positive thoughts, and good vibes (storms)

Something happened and now I can't sit down properly.

CHERRY BLOSSOMS just make me happy

I heard that DU has outsourced their moderates

Thomas Dolby: "Kevin Federline illegally sampled one of my compositions"

"Not a another romance!" - Actor / Role - Help fledgling actors find Oscar

Who is the breadwinner in your family?

khashka, my butt itches.

Which is it? Dog feet smell like Fritos? Or Fritos smell like dog feet?

Ok, it's opening day at Wrigley, screw the leaker in chief!

Who's the beerwinner in your family?

Question about sexual consent laws.

Resurrecting the Classics: "Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan" (JG Ballard)

This guy tried to scare me but it didn't work out for him, lol

Please caption this Bush photo

who would win this fight?

Tipping your waiter or waitress....

Does anyone watch "Big Love" after the "Sopranos"?

The future spawn of La Cruise.

PICTURE A HEALTHY WORLD! Put up your pic in Times Square!!!!

Well gals and guys, I am about to head out!

So, it's Friday!

Coke Blak - does anyone like it?

Are my dogs weird b/c their feet do NOT smell like fritos!?!

Remember when I asked if it was ok to ask a girl out online?

Today would have been my mother's 82nd birthday.

San Jose CA area is "rich" in millionaires (6th largest US concentration)

It's Friday after 5 pm! (Earworm)

How Many Actors Have Played ''Dr. Who''?

I'm changing my name to Waffle Felafel and running for President!

Would this be considered a "terrorist threat"? Blowing up a Ballpark?

Okay DU should I go paddling AGAIN tomorrow?

PA Scientologist & owner of "Hemorrhoid Relief Centers" arrested for fraud

My leg nearly collapsed on me at work today, ask me anything!

Where can I buy a cheap blowtorch?

What are you wearing right now?

Stevie Ray Vaughn was awesome!

Why do people smell their dogs feet?


Golden Retriever Caught After 2 Years on the Lam (aka Golden Ghost)

Indians win..... 11-6......

Fellow cosmetic junkies- favorite make-up BANDS?

Interesting History Trivia

Anyone here use a Canadian pharmacy?


If you didn't see Northern Lights in your 'hood, here's a gallery for you

OMG! How's this for an opening line

OK, So I bought my 19 year old son a T shirt today. Need opinions.

Happy birthday Scooter24!!

Have you ever found money?

I heard that Hedges has out-soused the moderators.

Should I go to the fabric store

My day just turned really, really bad. I need a hug.

I haven't done or said anything clever in two days

Silly excuses for not taking exams. (Educators, chime in!)

Uh Oh! --- Your Tax Returns Are Due Pretty SOON...

I just got a bonsai tree. Ask me anything!

when you work in the ER the LAST thing you want to see

Best Ridley Scott Film

Help me make a party tape (Thats what old people called songlists)

'Must Love Dogs' - a movie so bad it was physically painful to

remember Thong Man? I found a new (to me) pic of him....


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/7/06)

Would you consider this rude, or am I overreacting?

Box Wine?

Has anyone heard from redqueen?

Hugs for the whole lounge!!!

Tornados on the ground-Tennessee! Idiots are closing schools.

Adopt a New England Cottontail for your kid's Easter/Spring basket

Tom Cruise wants Katie Holmes to give birth without one single scream

My tax return is going into new eyeglasses and a bed. Where's yours going?

Drinking Distilled Water?

Happy Birthday, KITCHEN WITCH!!!

When you drink

A fascist, an evangelical, and a criminal walk into a bar...

How to tell you're driving too fast...

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

A big black horse and a cherry tree?

Screw The Roomba - I'm Getting Mrs Matcom A WOOMBA (Video FUNNY)

What are you wearing right now? (but make it up)

Call Me Wesley has gone too far!

I heard that DU has outsourced their moderators

It's been a while, so... "The Clown Joke" (no Brazillions, I promise):

Don Alias, 66; Jazz, Pop Percussionist Played With Miles Davis; Dies

The news is good...

Wow did we ever have a storm last night!


DU Women, if you have gone gray, or if you will soon, will you color?

Opium, Morphine - what's the difference?

I have realized lately that I actually say "actually" quite often,actually

Why are our children taught to sneeze into their hands?

I took my little guy downtown on the Metro today

This disturbs me on many levels

Let's all call Bush names! Just for fun:

I 95 on a Friday afternoon !!!

Ansel Adams Pic Trivia.

Am I just getting old, or are sunglass fashions getting absurd?

Which of these Major league record will be the toughest to break?

Most bad-ass song ever (In your opinion)

Let's talk about lesser-known prehistoric critters.

Funny pictures, anyone?

Important facts you need to know

The WIERDEST Blog I have ever seen.

NEED ANY ADVICE: He's Going To Kill My Sister-In-Law

She's 15 - he's 17

Post A Picture Of Your Favorite Female Country Music Singer...

I am considering retiring from GD and spending my golden years

Goat and chickens

I just put my 500th person on Ignore

everythingsxen's Words of Wisdom (part 1)

A really messed up dream I had last night. (NEED ADVICE!)

"Do Chinese people eat baby girls?"

Congratulations LynneSin!! 40,000 posts

progmom, my ear itches.

There are Christians who have never heard of Jesus Christ? Whaaa?

The Hermeneutics of the Stop Sign

What is the best evidence for the historical reality of Jesus Christ?

Conference held to discuss "War on Christians"

When I was 12 or 13, I'd get out of bed and stand my sheet in the corner.

Biblical Park May Get Tax Break

So, was Judas swiftboated by the Christians or what?

Study: More than half of risk for anorexia (is) genetic

Study: More than half of risk for developing anorexia is genetic

BBC: 'Dead star' erupts for big show

Cosmic Spider is Good Mother

Can someone fact-check this?

This soothing video was just posted

PBS' NOW Fri 4-7-06 "Under the Rainbow" gays challenge FL's adoption laws

Gay Men's Choir fundraiser for PFLAG April 9th, Concord, MA

*---The Masters leaderboard--*

Boxing and UFC scoring...


Saints Home Games - Make your plans to come on down

Boxing: Mayweather vs Judah

Who will win the Masters?

Army Coach Maggie Dixon Dies at 28

It has not been a good day for Bailey

New photos of Norman & Crook

Automatic Litter Boxes? Who has used them??

GD thread about religious discrimination may interest people here.

"Unseen Forces Working on Our Behalf"

Are DU Vets More Attached to Weapons in Society?

Oregon health proposal

David Brooks is not just a creep, but a cowardly one

More Barfbag Stupidity (Miller's response WAY better than Webb's)

Who's this idiot? I thought he was a freeper when I read the title, but

JK ally, Joe Sestak, vs. Moonie Curt

What are the ethics rules for gifts, anyway? (highly confused)

HuffPost: Small Kerry mention in Hayden column

LBN: Kerry lambastes Bush, GOP-backed immigration bill

My ignore list just reached 501

Okay, this moderate Virginian is changing her mind.

I think it was staged (note the JK mention)

is John O'Neill posting on DU

Kerry on Imus this morning: Great, great job

Kerry to be on MTP, Late Edition this Sunday.

This might be better for the "irony" contest...if we have one

Recommendations on a digital SLR

New "Cable Quotables" up, and KO's in it!

KOEB 4-7-06: The "Even Judas Had a Better Week Than Bush" Edition

IRAQ: Mixed marriages confront sectarian violence

April is the month of the Military child

Joe Wilson slams the Repugs

Too funny! Rita Cosby just accidentally said "titty" (instead of twitty)

What's the process for initiating disbarrment proceedings? Can "we the...

Can Gonzo be disbarred for conspiring with Bush to break the law?

U.S. Embassy in London Refuses to Pay Fines and Tolls


SMEARS,LIES and Video Tape

Let's not wait for impeachment- let's AMEND them out instead.

Fags are worthy of death.

What will tomorrow bring?? What will go down next week??

2,345 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Another soldier from Ft. Wainwright (Fairbanks) is dead.

Kissinger Quotes - So Much For Our Government Supporting Our Troops...

Bush Administration Media Collusion Memos Surface

LAT: Leaker in chief! Includes 2003 Quote .....

Has anyone here actually read the Fitz document?

NYT upper fold front page: Cheney's Aide Says President Approved Leak

George Bush Wakes Up In Hell.

Their argument holds no water: by declassifying a doc. you should be able

washington journal time-should be good

Freepers Pound Couric For Being A Liberal, DUers Because She's Right Wing

It's not a "Leak", It's Bush R-E-V-E-N-G-E

Kerry to be on Imus (msnbc) --coming up (Iraqi deadline)

Anyone know if the WH had a response to the allegations of VP/Pres

Was the confrontation between Bush and questioner today a setup?

Rev. Lowery at Camp Casey

RANDALL TERRY open house: running for Florida Senate

“The system is incapable of ensuring the security of our homeland.”

Now more than ever

Did anyone check the fake website that caused

Shootout at the Plantation: Colonial Masters Turn on the Hired Help

Please help protect Katrina survivors' voting rights

A Billion Dollar-Sure Fire Winner New Product

DeLay Supporters Crash Democrat's Event - Disgusting

McKinney vs. Duke rape

Republicans Only Operate On Fear Tactics; Not working any

The imploding GOP and a sacrificial duck?

BBC LIVE NOW: People across Iraq tell us about their daily lives

The Upchuck Rebellion - Good Food movement

And so once again, A Revelation on Bush followed by a recess in

While McKinney distracted us, Alberto was admitting domestic spying

Who was the asshat GOPer who shoved another Congressman

Best Hubble Images. Want to feel insignificant?

Wave of Criticism Engulfs Bush Over Leak Case (The Sun)

Mr. Bush, Your Resignation Please

Where's Joe Wilson?

keep calling congress on Iraq!

Does yesterday's Plamegate revelation discount 9/11 govt complicity?

Website Supporting 2008 Republican Presidential Contenders!!

Remember When??


North Carolina man berates president at meeting

Bob "I'm banging my assistant while my wife dies of cancer" Barr

Study links passive smoking to diabetes for the first time

BBC: Life in Iraq: Day at a glance - APRIL 7 - with Updates

Authorities Find Congressional Candidate(Dem) Alive In Woods

Did bush fire himself yet???

Three Shiite Mosques Bombed in Baghdad...50+ killed...

Awwww poor MFing freepers...

BushCo THOUGHT they were safe early in the Plamegate scandal

Judas / Jesus=page 1 ----- Bush / Leak=page 6

The Cat in the Hat (something pleasant for a Friday)

cnn now "Leaker in Chief?" good report going on

CNN, Bill Schneider, Leak discussion....interesting words used.

In light of Bush being fingered for the leak.......

AOL: Bush poll numbers sink to new low: 36%

LOL! Smirky's press conference was hilarious!

kerry coming up on Imus at 7:29 ET (msnbc)

MSM is once again framing the issue wrong in the Plame outing.

U.N. disappointed U.S. staying away from human rights body (Ashamed)

Pakistan's bombs a dilemma for U.S.

Database ensures Big Brother is watching in China

Real Time

cnn just said they expect to hear from the WH in just a few minutes.

Are you listening to the WJ this AM on cspan?

Next Republican to be indicted?

dKos member opens (NC man critical of Bush)

Senator Feingold's response to me about the NY Times Article

A quote worth revisiting ...

yesterday's news release is just more evidence of Bush deviousness

Rush is on to register '.eu' domain name

GOP Pollster: We've lost every advantage we've ever had.

MIT pranksters take 2-ton Cal Tech cannon on a road trip to Cambridge

Judge says of lying O'Reilly: "his credibility is zip"

Bush: New Jobs Data 'Evidence Of Economic Resurgence'

Didn't Clinton get impeached for leaking

Bush leaked info about Saddam not Valerie Plame

Ex-aide: Senator threatened my life

Democrats should propose a Social Security tax on jobs shipped overseas

Woman dies after son calls 911; dispatchers think it's a prank

No honor among Republicans

China Has US Anti-Missile Tech, Via Transfer from Israel

What will McCain selling his soul to the devil (Falwell) do to his 2008

No worries, oil falls sharply.

LOL: Now we have " Pee Pee Gate !"

Revisiting History -- Bush and his pretzel

Wreckless. Arrogant. Power-Hungry. Dishonest.

Did Frist Really Say This??????

Todays headlines in STL Journal

have we heard if there will be a press corp meeting with scotty this af

Site for tax and budget information: state by state

Critics line up to accuse Bush of hypocrisy!!

Military spending on Scouts questioned

Campaign Slogan? -> Enough Is Enough, Just Vote Democratic.

so is there any follow-up on the allegation that bush was the leaker?

Carl Levin speaking now C-Span2, re: Media and DOD

LAT EDITORIAL "Leaker in chief - He is either a leaker or a hypocrite"

Republican: "..stick George Bush's bumper sticker, on our horse's asses"

At Least 74 Killed in Mosque Attack.....Bush* idea of Progress.

My eyeball is itchy

Urk.bush 'authorized' to leak 'classified' info that isn't declassified

Will McCain will pull his puckered-lips from B*sh's arse now?


Shocker ! U.S. Opts out ot Human Rights Council

Anybody catch Faux News last night?

Machete-wielding farmers cut off water to Acapulco

Color Coded Presidential Alert System leaked by White House aid

Video Flashback: Leaker-In-Chief Condemns Leaks

Can't Afford An Untrustworthy President Working With Rubber-Stamp congress

Is it safe?

Wal-Mart is Against Tighter Port Security.... it costs them too much

To those who celebrate Bush's poll numbers I say; BEWARE!

Joseph Stiglitz : On the trillion dollar war

Enough is enough.

***** CALL NOW ***** 1-800-459-1887 *****

Building more nukes now will give us less nukes in the future?

What Harry Taylor meant with his speech (in other words)

You're Harry Taylor: What question would you ask?

Creativity and fun at school in the time of NCLB

American media does not challenge authority.

My LTTE to Brit Hume....

Why can't people like Katie Couric live on a measly $1 or $2 million?

Nixon's John Dean: Grand jury should investigate Bush!!!

AOL's -Bush, GOP Approval Ratings Hit New Lows

A junket? To Niger?

Video Flashback from Think Progress: "Leaker-in-Chief Condemns Leaks"

You want a good laugh w/freeper responses?

Dems, repeat this: "GOP/B*sh Play Politics with National Security"

Another Mosque Blown Up, Another 70+ Dead, Another Day In Baghdad

Get informed, Get Mad, Get Busy!...

Senate Immigration Bill Is DEAD

My (very long) LTTE responding to a Bushbot.

Listen to how Bush describes his spy program

George, what about the children?

Time for "Brunch with Bernie (Sanders)" -- Thom Hartmann's finest hour

Saw a bumper sticker: BUSH/CHENEY 84

Do any of you remember Britt Hume when he was an ABC news anchor?

Study: Black Athlete Graduation Rate Up

When will People Finally Get Their Pitchforks and Torches and March

My newspaper column for this week: President? No way!

Listening to Dr. Wm. Bennett re: Bush and plame outing

Yes Tom it was partisan politics...

New AOL Poll re Bush/GOP Low Approval Ratings! Check this out!

A set of Brass Balls for Harry Taylor?

'Judge Rules in Favor of 'Da Vinci' Writer'

Even here, he's insecure and competitive...

"Honey, We're Killing The Kids."

Feds Want To Seize Suspects' Grillz (Gold Teeth)

A Friday without a CAPTION is like a freight train without a tutu!

Calling all CAPTIONS!!!! There's a breach in the cabin. Losing pressure.

MegaMarch Sunday: Largest Civil Rights March in Dallas City History

"T.g.t.g.t.g.t.g.t.g.t.g.i.f!" the CAPTION sang.

dupe, sorry

NY Post Columnist solicits bribe from Clinton billionaire friend.

Bush takes heat down South

DAMN!!! I thought this guy looked familiar!!!

Protecting health insurance profits- Press Release

What in the HELL, does one eat at a BushCo

Right Wing Mob Breaks Up Democratic Candidate's News Conference

"So I've got a couple of devious plans if this thing passes. .

I can't get to Wikipedia anymore-Lots of Blank White Pages

I bet cameramen hate filming b*sh...

Automatic Litter Boxes? Who has used them??

Waxman Has Questions For Bush on CIA Leak Case

White House press briefing coming up

America is Not God ... and its Will is Not Destiny!

Local Teacher's Run-In With Homeland Security Creates Insecurities

Byrd on the Senate floor now AND Snotty's press conference!

Chimp praises the great advances in our economy.

Puffy McMoonface is on deck!

IMPEACH?? Have to get to #12 in this Line of Succession....

Turn on C-SPAN 2 NOW!!! Harry Reid talking about Bush and Cheney LEAK!

High Ranking DoD Official Arrested for Child Porn

DeLay invokes Martin Luther King in retirement announcement

My Left Wing debates on FoxNewsBig Story: Impeachment


Bush and Co. will keep flouting the law until someone stops them...

Nuclear hypocricy from the Bush regime as they push for Asian moratorium

Murtha: "Rumsfeld Was Wrong When It Came To Iraq. He Just Won't Admit It".

A thought about official reports of employment “increases”…

Transcript, September, 2003: Bush lies through his teeth about leaks...

I have just a couple TINY questions....?

Libby still working at the White House?

House Republicans Abandon Budget Effort

Pictures from Iraq

Caption this photo

DaVinci Code writer wins suit in London.

The only thing worse than a Bush presidency is

WH Daily Briefing on now! (12:55 eastern)

Snotty Scotty on now - CSPAN

here's a press briefing after the infamous "16 words" about classified

Snotty Scotty on now - CSPAN - Thread 3

PHOTO: Delay supporter pulls old lady's hat down over her face

We are gonna need to purge our Military someday soon.

Can't freakin wait to see next weeks PRES POLL N/T

Voyage of the Damned:

What's the lowest percentage for any president?

Take An Indicted High Ranking Official to Work Day?

New rings found around Uranus

Are members of the military (former or current) the only people qualified

Stopped by Hannity and noticed

Oh boy, Karl Rove live on C-Span today 4:15 to National Republican Lawyers

Washington Journal repeating now.

Phrases that cause Republican Shock and Awe

Jason Leopold will be on Air America this afternoon

Yes-siree…2006 is shaping up to be a GREAT year to be a Dem!

20.000.000 Chavez fans can't be wrong

Bushista Media: "An EMBARASSMENT For The President?" WTF?

Snotty Scotty on now - CSPAN - Thread 2

Mr. Unpopular

Murtha gets standing ovation at City Club of Cleveland

Tweety has been off the Kool Aide All Morning....

Breaking: Tom Delay, draped in only freedom, streaks the Washington Mall..

If the news is so *bad* for Bush (good for us!)...

Senator Feingold, it's time to censure Pat Roberts...

Can't these guys "own" their retirement like the rest of us?

EFF: AT&T forwards all Internet traffic into NSA

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Releasing Secret Information on the Recent Revelations

Study: More than half of risk for developing anorexia is genetic

My Father told me this morning that he'd heard the lady replacing

Rumsfeld 'messed up' Guantanamo trials: lawyers

Gore urges moral crusade against global warming

Bush admits Leak

In Notification of Army Deaths, More Pain

Who is more painful and aggravating to listen to?

My washer isnt the only thing that has a spin cycle

A progressive's child's answers to a Civics test.

The billionaire, the Post and the $220G shakedown

vote on poll re: biggest story this week

Bumper sticker idea: "Bush/Cheney 2008..."

"Bush, GOP Approval Ratings Hit New Lows" The rats should be jumping ship

What will Lieberman do next to show his unwavering support of *?

The President and Vice President have credibility?

133 posts are on the Greatest Page right now.

Have either of the Clintons said anything

Organic food - sustainability - what does that mean, really?

Bush Leak Made KC Star Headlines This Morning

WaPo to hire liberal AND conservative bloggers?!

WalMart and Brokeback Mt. Freeps are having fits!

VIDEO - Interview: NC Man Who Shamed Bush During Speech

Its Friday you bastards!!!

abstinence does not apply....Friday 4/7 Toon

Oh, I understand the Bush press conference now.

AT&T Diverted Internet Traffic To NSA?

Judge Leonie Brinkema … we need more like her

What changing my name tells you about national security

Tired of all the NEGATIVITY? I enjoyed this VIDEO. Hope you do too!

FRIDAY TREAT -- toons that just can't wait till tomorrow...

Al Franken debates Ann Coulter

I pass this pickup with a W’06 sticker, and the guy sees my lefty stickers

Hey Freepers, Enjoying The Orgy Of Racism

AT&T let NSA tap phones, monitor customer Internet use

Caption this * pic...

Washington Post searching for bloggers from the right and left

Bush has the authority to order warantless wiretapping of calls, emails

Can we just rewrite the Constitution?

Is It Really *ILLEGAL* For US Citizens To Visit Cuba?

AT&T Forwards ALL Internet Traffic Into NSA Says EFF

Giuliani Making Plans for 2008!!

Roses or Donations?

White House 'declassified' dates don't match

U.S. Military Short on Bomb Teams in Iraq

Anyone notice the more Lieberman supports Bush the lower Bush's numbers go?

States say feds whittle into their rights!!

List the songs you plan to play if/when we win in 2006 and 2008

Sept. 11 body fragments found near Ground Zero!!

"The President of the United States willfully violated National Security

So, are they all in it together?

My email to that useless gasbag Hatch on his treason with Bush...

U.S. national security is threatened when no one trusts the president?

I just saw of clip of Scott M. saying Democrates do not see the distinctio

White House won't challenge leak story

Frist Hunting Animals So Tame He Poses with them BEFORE killing them:

Google aims to track users with wi-fi

How Secure Is Your Job?

Beating Bush on taxes - getting the high ground

the hammer's prayer

OK, it's four o clock on Friday afternoon.

Culture of Corruption Picture

TAKE YER BRA OFF.......Randi Is On The AIR

Mayor: City would ignore legislation if it were to pass (Immigration)

Just Curious. Is Tehre A List Of ALL *Co. Scandals Somewhere?

Kerry lambastes Bush, GOP-backed immigration bill

I love this Italian sign

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

Has Wilson Made A Public Statement Yet?

I've just read the entire Response filed by Fitz - interesting items

Iraqi soldier allegedly kills U.S. Marine at coalition base

"Dictators ride to and fro on tigers that they dare not dismount. And the

Here's a 911 Operator that needs to be put in jail themselves . . .

'The war is illegal. I can't pay for a government killing machine'

DeLay's days had long been numbered

Quote of the day: ""Trust us, we lie to you" "

The President Is Trying to Get Impeached

Has Leiberman made his routine support of Shrub yet?

The Birth of the American Emperor?

Who posted the graph showing * approval ratings and gas prices?

Tweety: Bob Bennet on saying Bush in Dilemna: Pardon Libby Now...

Meet Chris HOMAN, the bugman's THUG-ORGANIZER

Bolton would punish Iran by blocking Persian rugs and pistachio nuts

Kos provides a handy list of Republican "perps" and "pervs"...

Direct from the bible belt: After three years, Bush leads a failure in Iraq

Scotty accusing Harry Reid of "crass politics"

What is the President's biggest job?

IRS worker accused of credit card fraud (used stolen SS#)

After Libby's Bombshell: The White House Plays Defense

600,000 Bikers To Iraq

OK, put on your tin foil hat and speculate - what the worst that Bush and

Frist's belt buckle invite

Why the CURRENT BushCo excuse for leaking is laughably UNTRUE!

I think this is a very important thing for us to remember:

"I just spoke with Harry Taylor"- From a diary at KOS

How long until we hear this: "God told Bush to leak the NIE"?

What happens after the next terror attack?

Bush should resign. It's the right thing to do

Plame: The Why Of It All

Texas Mom Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

They've fooled us once, what happens if they try again?


Several Republican candidates for state Senate face no opposition

I know it was you, Fredo!

Well do the intel community and the troops feel about a President

Who Has Declassification Power

Remember that Jackson Brown song?

Americablog - Is Libby still attending meetings at the WH?

John Edwards comming up in the Situation Room.

Want a great career oportunity? HUD needs people for Iraq!

Molly Ivins-----Not kicking him while he's down

McCain's address at new buddy Falwell's school TELEVISED naitonally

another song appropriate to the age....this one by Bob Dylan...

may peace be upon the camel

What's this about lawsuits filed in Ohio?

Any Word On What Jebbie's Future Is?

LOL - Randi says Bush isn't Fredo

FreeRepublic is in trouble... only 17K in 7 days... Sign of weakness

An Iraqi Math Puzzle

If MIHOP were proven true, would Brit Hume defend it?

Couple of gems in David Broder's WP chat session

Oh my goodness, raped & choked... It don't matter, she was a criminal!

Should DUers donate to FreeRepublic in the name of freedom of speech?

Is it just me, or did I watch Stephen Colbert do a sommersault backflip...

White House introduces the formation of the Iraq Study Group (ISG)

Wolf drops his guard: refers to * declassifying intell as "willy nilly"

New Pentagon Press Spokesman says US News Neworks have parter in al-Qaeda

How we do we get our Senators and Congressmen to LISTEN to us?

Bush to propose Constitutional Amendment abolishing the death penalty.

Pubs "Values" thus far have proven empty and divisive at best...

The Bush Administration's "Noble Lies"

anyone have the email for Randi and Malloy ? I want to send them this

Fitzgerald, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Libby, and Presidential Pardons

Democratic Leaders Stand Up To Bush On WH Leak Of Intelligence

Gas really going up!

OK lets get down to brass tacks. When are the Rethugs going to dump Bush?

Has anybody here DEMANDED GWB's Impeachment? JOIN THE DEMAND!!!

That treasonous bastard... he killed democracy !!!

does a pres have the legal right to authorise the public release of

John Edwards interview on CNN Now!

Fitz. has added 'Response to Third Motion to Compel Discovery' on DOJ site

"Cleaner air adds to global warming"...

Congress: Hey, it's been two weeks since our last vacation

Hey, what if Cheney lied that Bush gave the authority? Wouldn't that

U. of FL students paid $32,000 to hear stark raving madness from Coulter?

Wait a Minute! Didn't He Campaign On Bringing Integrity Back ?

Bush** has given aid and comfort to the enemies of...

Minnesota puts voter registration form in tax instructions

It's about time for Babs & Poppy to step up and defend the Dim-son...

Did Bush Lie to Fitzgerald? By Robert Parry

So what is the word from the evangelical/fundies on the polygamy docu

Army Hospital Picketers: 'Thank God for Maimed Soldiers'

The difference between Republicans and Democrats

Ask Scotty why Bush withheld the one-page damning summary of the NIE.

Serious question time!! How does one become president

I was thinking about virulent gay bashers...

NY Post columnist probed over alleged extortion

Question: Re Joe Wilson and Bush 2000 Campaign


Jeb Bush says he won't run for Florida Senator

GOP pollster: "We’ve lost every advantage we’ve ever had."

For conservatives, America is an answer

Come to the Lounge and let us know what you think of *:

Pentagon still years from having books in order!!

Tom Delay (HEART) Richard Nixon....Ooooo La La....

Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed

This says it all.. I was driving down the street yesterday and passed me..

U.S. Senate confirms new Pentagon chief spokesman

Mental patient charged with threatening Bush

NEWSVIEW: the Leak-Hating President As Leaker-In-Chief?

I need to find proof of media bias

So the MSM is leading the way in misleading the nation about what Libby

Remember - Cheney claims HE can declassify too.

Looks like chimp may be using at&t to do his dirty work now days.

Is Brian Doyle A Democrat?

White House Says Some Leaks Are Good

State Department Issues Report Detailing Progress in Iraq

Why do you stay home on election day?

U.S. Will Not Join U.N. Rights Council

Commissioner (R) Admits to Online Sex Chats(another one!)

Nine-Eleven health effects persisted, study finds

72 Virgins in Paradise? Hell, how about we do a little negotiating here?

Begala just said, "The President Lied" at 7:19p.m. EST

Media still covering for Bush on Plame

lol Bird flu - "no help from the outside"

Plot theory #285926

Rep Conyers: " ... the President is ... Leaker in Chief"

Will the chimp pardon Libby?

Idea for a TV commercial...

Lawyer pleads Fifth in dramatic hearing at Guantánamo Bay

Can we vote for "Conservative Idiots Of The Week"?

I just tried to watch tweety :grr

Booman Tribune asks: Who leaked NIE info in September 2002

When the last fished OUT...Faux News will say "This is Good!"

Guests on 'Real Time' w/Bill Maher this week:

This is the Presidential Oath of Office

Mad Money Stock Genius Jim Cramer is a Democrat

Clinton fatigue was the biggest factor in Chimpy getting close enough

You guys watching the Lou Dobbs panel spank that stupid monkey?

The pugs are spinning this as the "leaker" being a whistleblower

Remember This Bo Dietl Thread From Wednesday?

"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns...

So, Tucker Carlson calls Joe Wilson non-credible and a "blowhard"

Give this poll some du love

Gonzales Hints At Bush Legal Rationale For Domestic Wiretaps

Way down deep in the WHITE HOUSE...I wonder what they are saying?

Its friday, That means its time to protest the war & George Bush

MSNBC Poll on Bush leaking of Intelligence

Since the 2004 election, how many times has the Terror Alert been raised?

U.S. Animal ID System To Be Ready by 2007, Official Says

No vote left behind: A lawyer at every polling place in 2006

Remember this

Bush to Harry Taylor: ..."let 'her' speak..."

Caption this...

And... Can We Improve On This Caption ???

Brownie might be consultant in NO? How insulting is that?

Meanwhile, 79 Iraqis Dead today, 164 wounded and 3 US Dead in Iraq......

Message To MSNBC - Get 'The Abrams' Report Off The Damned Air!

U.S. says Venezuela complicit in attack!!

Pentagon reports weapon program cost overruns

NEW POLL: new GOP/Bush lows.."We've lost every advantage we've ever had"

Feds Want to Seize Suspects' gold teeth

Why wont they admit to Global Warming?

Simple question:Does the NIE contain DIRECT reference to Plame? Yes or No?

Wes Clark's "Common Voices" speak out on Global Warming!

So I come home and cspan is on and there's this dr. guy griffiths,

Did they out Plame because SHE knew too much?

IRS Won't Investigate Religious Right-Wingers

What Is Wrong With The Working Stiffs At NSA?

Could Bush be 'drafted' and then face a Court Martial for Treason ?

A foiled terra attack does more for * than a successful attack

Oh barf! Wingnut Patricia HEATON to replace VIEIRA?

Who will play Chucklenuts in the movie that will have to be made

Why are republicans whining? They voted for what's going on; in support

George Packer subs for Charlie Rose tonight -- GEN. ZINNI is lone guest

I am starting to feel a strong sense of Watergate Deja Ve.

SO Judas wasn't a leaker, either...

I think we finally got Bush in a sex scandal! Caption this!!

Emily Miller and Michael Scanlan ~ remember Emily!

Serious request. Framing upgrade.. Brewster-Jennings vs revenge..

HEALTH ALERT..........Check Your Bathroom...

So "topping" isn't "breaching" and "declassifying" isn't "leaking"?!

The Washington snake pit and Cynthia McKinney


What are you paying for gas in your area? Florida is approaching $2.80

Kucinich To Introduce A Resolution To Demand Documents in Leak Case

Fire politicians who refuse to hold Bush accountable!!!

So let's see......who are the "Dead Enders" now?

Does anyone feel a terror alert level raising coming on???

Bush Family to spend Easter at Camp David...Is this a Strategy Session?

If I was Harry Taylor

This year, we need to run against REPUBLICANS, not just Bush

Kurt Vonnegut says this is the greatest American Short Story....

We made the Salt Lake Tribune!

Plamegate Catches Up With W: It's All About Bush's Lie, NOT Bush's Leak

Wild Bill Clinton, kicking back!

DU'er breakdown in NY by county

Straight A student forced out of school because he's Gay

Kerry on Bush: Evidently he's been looking for himself for the last 2 yrs

NIE vs INR - in Plame sight?

This morning on NPR - an epiphany

An absolute disgrace to the institution of the Presidency.

Another criminal pervert in the administration

He Will FOREVER Be Known For All History As The "Leaker in Chief"

(TOON) Rowson on Bird Flu reaching Britain

is this artist a member of DU?His stuff is GREAT

Bush has committed Treason

Let's call a lie a lie, dammit!

Senator Harkin: "Democrats don't have the GUTS..." (audio link)

Talkin' in circles. "Declassified vs. Classified information."

Re: Bush Leak: "This isn't Clinton we're talking about."

Why are we getting involved in the immigration debate?


Senator Russ Feingold On the Attorney General’s Testimony


Enough with American Military Worship

"What history can tell us about anti-immigrant zeal"

NEW DOCUMENTARY: troops rebelled to end Vietnam War

I need a good response to "well the democrats don't have any solutions to "

Here's one of the laws under which Chimpy can immediately be prosecuted:

Immigration Compromise is "dead" in the Senate

Heh. Heh heh. Hee hee hee HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!!

MSNBC poll: Did Bush mislead nation re: Iraq? (94% yes!)

I wrote the "Taylor is a Plant" post without knowing the information.

Growing anger among blacks as Latinos 'take over'

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 33)

I want the centrist left coalition to win in Italy

Kucinich To Introduce A Resolution To Demand Documents!!

Is Bush below 30% yet?

Religious Discrimination by AT&T?

Post: Frist invite uses 'gay code'

Why is homosexuality the only thing RW "Christians" care about?

Proposed Articles of Impeachment against George W. Bush

Dems Take Back House and Senate in 06....what would DU'ers change?

Ari Fleischer & the Libby Trial

Did you catch the fundie bigots in Rosie's HBO documentary?

McKinney's hair change - what does it really tell us about security

Bad Weather Night in TN, N AL, MS, KY Thread... Check in Southern DUer's

Harry Taylor: American Hero


Book TV Schedule: April 8th - 10th

***** What good does it do to call Congress? *****

Just ONE QUESTION - that is all I ask

$13,700 an Hour

10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America

Did DeLay's Thugs Blow Air Horn within feet of baby girl?

Does anybody have the relevant sections of United States Code on declassif

NEW Grand Theft Election: GOP Immigration Game"Let's Split the Base"

You gotta be kidding me - RCCC Campaign ad against Francine Busby

Dr. Lowery, Dean of Civil Rights Movement, to give Easter sermon at Camp C

April 15th NAACP will bus in voters for New Orleans election!

Warrantless Wiretaps Possible in U.S. (Gonzales)

Please kick the following thread regarding Katrina survivors' voting

Why have no reporters asked the right question?

"Dems don't have a plan"

A little advice for Republicans

April 6 Nick Lampson Press Conference

The Repugs In The House & Senate Can't Continue To Shill For *....

* Talking About The Economy - But Average Americans Don't Believe Him....

"Speech Mistake Prompts Bush Do-Over" -- He forgot his LINES!!!

!!! Immigration plan fails in Senate!!!

What has the President declassified and why did he leak it?

GOP and Bush Hit New Lows on Approval Ratings

Libby Says Bush OK'd Leaks, Filing Alleges

If the farmer puts too heavy a load on his wagon and the wheel falls off.?

WAXMAN to BUSH: Rove, Hadley, & others may have violated Exec Order 12598

CNN Poll: Should you feed your plants whisky? (No Bush Leak Poll!?)

Blackwell owned Diebold stock - Can you say Conflict of Interest?

Since More and More evidence mounts supporting Bush lying

DU's 17.76 club

America Can't Afford An Untrustworthy Pres...With A Rubber-Stamp Congress

Who Is Doing The Work Of Our Country?........

Joseph Stiglitz on the trillion dollar war

Lunch with Bernie (Sanders) on now!

TrueMajority wants to help NEOCONS and FUNDIES "support our troops."

Climate Researchers Feeling Heat From White House

Spread far and wide: The video of DeLay's Thug Beating 70-yr-old woman

Why doesn't Bush simply sit down and tell us all what happened?

NYT: Decided or Not, Giuliani Charts a Path to 2008

Senator Robert Byrd speaking on Senate floor now, 11:55amCT. nt

conversations with "the left" - developing a platform

Jack Murtha: "The President is using fear to keep our troops in Iraq"

"Mr. President, WHY did you declassify that information?"

Harry Reid " Mr. President Harry Truman had on his desk in the oval office

Reporters should ask

Ongoing investigation

Female, Muslim student attacked on college campus

Three days of CNN "Quick Votes".

I've figured out what Scott McClellan is trying to say to the press.

Jack Kingston (R-GA): "Economy is rocking and rolling like never before"

THANK YOU Harry Taylor!! - Please SIGN!

George Bush, Richard Chaney: For lying to the American people,

President Commits Treason & Our Corrupt Markets Ignore It

This is such BULLSHIT

Elaine Chao: "Our economy continues on a strong job market trajectory"

Just an idea

Money talks, bush walks

They are muddling the Plame leak with the 'leak' of bush's illegal spying

Bush Event Goes Off Script (Thinkprogress)

Waas: The key judgements of NIE specifically excluded the uranium claim!

With Mr. DeLay gone,

It's what we, as Americans, are all about.

Pentagon doings: The Saga of Magnequench "sintered magnetics"

More death, destruction and despair in Iraq

McClellan is on CSPAN talking about THE LEAK! N/T

Sources: Bush thinks his leaks were 'a-okay'

some great quotes ... pile 'em on ...

More on confirming your worst suspicions

Hey MSNBC, new poll needed.

LAT-Any Bush OK of leak is probably Legal(LAT whorin it up?)

Paper carries Helen Thomas op ed blasting before he arrives.

Katherine Harris doesn't have any beans to spill

bush* won't go near a microphone

Demand Impeachment!

Does Bush think he's James Bond with a 'license to kill' ?

If we had an opposition party they would stay in D.C. and demand...

So Scotty Has Spoken - It's The Democrats Fault And Is Crass....

Bush: "The tax cuts I signed left $880 billion with our nation's workers"

Kerry suggests Bush checks his mirror for Admin Leaks

They are so ashamed of their party.

IFAW veteran gets grilled on news interview, still comes out on top

Rush Limbaugh: President is polling at 36%

Am I The Only One That Believes That The '00 S/election Was A....

Deja vu 1968: Hillary is Humphrey and Kerry is RFK

Pentagon Finally Gets New Press Spokesman -- A Year After He Said U.S. TV

Why is it a "tradition" for the incumbent party to hold their convention

Libby: Bush Outed Valerie Plame (from John Conyers)

Clearing up a misconception about Libby's statement re: Bush and leaks

Bush's Swan Song

"I can only imagine what the First Lady has to say"

The Bush 'leak' - Are we missing something?

McCain's 527 hypocrisy

from Kos: A million thanks for Harry Taylor

anyone watching Hardball

Plame Game - how we treated it 6 months ago

How much does Iraq War cost per week? It used to be 6 billion but

Poor Scotty

C&L Video: Couric's interview with Howard Dean (1/26/06)

Caller on Sam&Janeane makes a great point re: declassification

Have Kerry or Clark Come Out About the Leak Scandal

Photo: "Former Pres. George H.W. Bush tries to silence a standing ovation"

Crooks & Liars: "Lieberman in his place...nodding behind a Republican"

What Specifically is the Process to DeClassify Information?

PA-07: Admiral Joe vs. Moonie Curt

John Dean's analysis of Libby's Grand Jury testimony implicating */Cheney

If A Tree Falls In The Forest And No One Hears It - Does It Make A Noise..

When are we going to Call for a General Strike and March on to Washington?

Leaker-In-Chief term gains popularity. FOX News Studio Cheers!

MSNBC Poll on Bush leaking of Intelligence

Love Letter to Wayne Allard

WSJ: Feds are Investigating Ranking Dem on Ethics Cmte

Oh no, don't bring the Republican convention to Minneapolis

DUers, let`s start peppering the country with....HAD ENOUGH?

Tom DeLay at 20% approval; Rasmussen poll

2006 Elections

DU Lawyers! Front and Center! Executive Order 12958: Help!

AP-Ipsos survey: 70% of Americans say nation is headed in wrong direction


Sequoia Advantage voting machine is not Wheelchair Voter friendly

Question regarding the Plame leak investigation:


Crazies Bid in auction for the "right" to Jail Hillary

Fritz: Bush "was unaware of the role" that Libby? played in outing Plame.

Everything changed after Nov. 2000

Limbaugh: "This president has delivered PEACE and PROSPERITY..."

McClellan says Bush can leak; NY Post op-ed: DUBYA CAN'T LEAK

Six degrees of George W. Bush--down and dirty.

The First Congressional Election is in FOUR DAYS - TUESDAY - FRANCINE!

Could Al Gore have won 2000 outright had the blogosphere been around?

Critic tells Bush he should be 'ashamed of yourself' (staged, IMO)

The Dems REAL Problem is MESSAGE not Infrastructure

..."it was meant purely and simply for revenge," the senior official said.

I am so glad that I voted for and donated to Edwards

An open letter to trolls, freepers and anyone else who supports Bush

New NBC Today host Meredith Vieira on Iraq: "Everything's built on lies!"


impeachment? yeah, OK ...

Sign Sen. Tom Harkin's Petition for Censure

very disappointed in Teddy K ...

A poll for those who so strongly push for impeachment

Video: Mar(Kos) interviewed by Colbert

WOW! Chicago Defender (oldest Black paper in US) blames McKinney for mess

Your Opinion on Anti - War Billboard

Mary Matalin joins George Allen's team

Does anyone really believe DeLay is a very religious man?

NY Times Takes Sen. Roberts to task for Phase II failure.