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Archives: April 8, 2006

Iraq three years on: Don't look away

Frist's Southern Hospitality-cowboy style

Gonzales Suggests Legal Basis for Domestic Eavesdropping

James Reeb, minister who answered MLK's call to Selma in March 1965

In the wilderness, a computer readies a new nuclear arsenal

Diplomacy: Contact lenses

2005 International Women's Day Address to the European Parliament

Haniyeh Denies Two-State Offer

Feds changing your access to your safety deposit box in case of panic run.

WTC2 toppling top

Bush false flag U2 over Iraq. Lend any credibility to MIHOP?

Cast your vote in the ACLU Virtual Voting Booth

Breaking:Lockyer/MacPherson Joint Investigation Voter Registration Fraud

If you recommended the ERD and didnt recommend todays other posts

From ICAN (iowa citizen's action network) Protest Bush!

Ramstand Town Hall Schedule

David Van Os Northeast Texas Whistlestop Tour in Delta County today

MUST See Film - The Future of Food

Layton and Harper plucking Liberal goose

Devestating story about AT&T and domestic spying...they gave everything up

(Saudi) Eatery Owner Faces Flogging for Hiring Women

Co-workers: DHS official had previous pornography incident

Chiropractor claims to travel through time

Brown vindicated in Da Vinci Code court case

Judge blasts government secrecy

US-Iran Talks Over Iraq Put on Hold

Ex-FEMA Chiefs (James Lee Witt and Brownie) Say Agency Must Change

Co-workers: DHS official (Doyle) had previous pornography incident

FBI probes nuclear reactor hole

Nepal imposes curfew in capital

Suicide bomber targets US troops in Afghanistan

WP,pg1: Disclosures Are Called Unrelated To Plame Case (by Libby lawyer)

Ministry members charged with child sexual abuse.

Widow, mother-to-be says goodbye to fallen soldier

NYT: Special Projects by Congressman (Mollohan, D., WV) Draw Complaints

NYT: Give Rebuilding Lower Priority in Future Wars (St. Dept. draft plan)

US predicts 'rapid results' in Iraq

Northern Ireland rivals told to settle disputes

Study: 9/11 escapees have health problems

NYT/Reuters: San Francisco May Be World's Gayest City: Report

Health care is top financial concern for the rich

Opine, Morpheus - what's the difference?

Frodo failed.

I have a blind date tonight. Any advice?

9 to 5 - The Sexist, Egotistical, Lying, Hypocritical Bigot Edition

I'm reading a new book. Most of you have probably read it.

I had an interesting conversation with a Bushie. Maybe Bush isn't so bad!!

I was waiting for Godot today

How does one identify GOOD wine?

What's the status of Trent Lott's porch?

We're watching 'A Sound of Thunder'

Why are republicans whining? They voted for what's going on; in support


Note to self:

Check out Dixie Chick's new single on their site

BREAKING NEWS: Dubya Apologizes to America. Promises to Change.

pavoratti kudos thread

Pity Party Redux

Bugs for the whole lounge!

Which is your favorite finger?

you cant hide your can try...but,you cant hide your eyes

Green Tea Extract?

Redking no good without-Redqueen.......Where are you.?

Help need chicken advice

Watching "Lincoln" on the History Channel. What a rube. What a surprise.

What's the difference between "leaking" and "sharing"?

Update 1; Presidential Confidant Leak

I want to play some more Kingdom Hearts 2...

Last night I watched "The Chronicles of Narnia"

just a reminder:

Thank you for Smoking

A woman decides to have a facelift for her 50th birthday...

Somehow I got on the mailing list for Salem Broadcasting

morbid thought...

Flying Pigs!

I met a man who owns SEVEN TIGERS today

I do not approve

Hey, Xema (or alternate bird people)

Fuck Me Goddammit!


Have a good weekend Lounge, I will see ya'll on Monday.

I somewhat approve

Wow, The lounge is pissed off tonight.

Meditating for Abundance later. If you want in, post here.

Why are women attracted to attractive men?

I have a feeling I fucked up big time...

Which is your favorite toe?

KitchenWitch Rocks!!

What's the statute of limitations on the national anthem?

Goodnight and God bless...whichever god it is.

Amazing - oner little long island iced tea and I'm still just as buzzed.

This week: from bad to shit! (Fuck it, I need herking comfort food!)

How much money would you pay for a Full size mattress & box spring?

The Muffin Tops episode of Seinfeld is one of the greatest ever

Which is your favorite hoe?


Carlos Mencia is one funny sumbitch...

Why aren't women attracted to ugly men?

Folks, when they tell you to get to a basement or low-lying area....

Chiropractor claims to travel through time

Have you filed your taxes yet?

The arsonist that destroyed my condo was given 5 years probation

I DARE YOU! Read my note to Meredith Vieria about her new job!

I read "Waiting for Godot" today


maybe you can go home again. (some pics)

Trying to decide if we are all trapped in a computer simulated reality

Why are men and women attracted to each other?

Whole Foods?

So why are boring, nerdy guys .....

So. Why are women attracted to bad guys?

JPGray, I'm calling you out

Why do people go on living?

I just watched the most original movie in a long time:The Hitchhiker's

Ultimately, this is Henry Ford's fault....

What's a good way to cope with loneliness?

Ok Friends....Top of your ear.....Favorite bands of all time.......?

Has this time change completely mucked up the works for anyone else?

We're planning to drive from S Cal to Seattle.. What should we see ?

My baby has a fever of 104.

cat urine removal tips?

Toys that warp young minds

V for Vendetta! Go and see it everyone (if you haven't yet)!

Scence VS. Religion: Who wins in the end? Inspired by the KO Question.

What does your gaydar tell you about Fitz?

Ghost chickens and warnings

JK and THK focus on immigration


Pro-Kerry diarist on Kos needs help!

Kerry mention on the McLaughlin Group

In honor of a wonderful Senator for a kick ass week :)

Interesting article from Pat Buchanan on JK's call for deadlines.

Doing a paper about Conservative disagreements with the UN and other IOs

AT&T forwards all Internet traffic to NSA?

ACLU ad I got in an email...

Does anyone feel a terrorist attack coming on?

Check out Dixie Chick's new single on their site

NYPD Says Iraq Vets Owe Money!

Saw Harry Taylor on Olbermann tonight...

Ugly American Go Home

Recall: Nationwide Recall Of All Accu-Chek Ultraflex Infusion Sets

Note to MSNBC: Fire Tweety. Hire this guy

Pellicano Scandal's 9/11 Connection

The Century of the Self

John McCain's gutting of campaign finance is even bigger !

GAO reports on 18 month delay to armor vehicles.

Fallen female soldiers..

Watching Harry Taylor address Bush prooves one thing:

White House Leak Surfaces; Presidential Confident

Since Shrubby has declared himself "King"...

Has Bush ever outright stated that he wants to invade Iran?

Libby testimony shows a White House pattern of intelligence leaks

Bush and Cheney praise Liddy as a public servant, then

Texas 22nd district to be without representation thx to "Gov Good Hair"

the thing that gets me is, if BUSHIT has the power to DECLASSIFY anything

PLAMEGATE Talkingpont ?

I know we all have a reason to be good and angry.

Iraqi Soldier Kills U.S. Marine

Internet prank targets Berlusconi days before election

Whats the difference between "leaking" and "sharing" something?

Dog Whisperer on Majority Report AARadio

Heh - this judge feels about government secrecy the way that I do...

Now THIS is most definitely NOT a good sign...

HEY! McKinney bashers! gather round. you'll feel right at home

Geo. Washington, on constitutional checks and balances

So we're supposed to think the Plame leak was an accident when everything

Update 1; Presidential Confidant Leak

Perhaps bush'll have another Saturday morning national address?

question abt Harry Taylor + Rockwell picture

NBC's Dateline Caught in New Scandal

WSJ (Sat): Plame Leak Grew Out of a "Highly Organized Admin Effort"

" will be vindicated on all of those positions, as Ronald Reagan was"

Thank you for Smoking

Slate - Throw Scooter From the Train

Critics blast Bush for not praying hard enough

The NY Sun - What a stinking pile of bullshit

Concerning gender pay-inequity....

April 6th, 1830, Mexico banned immigration from the US into Texas...

MN Senator Norm Coleman's Staff does not read their emails

Not as Lame as You Think-Democrats learn the art of opposition.

I don't know why I thought was a right wing site

Condi comments...

Hawaii Legislature Takes Steps to End War

From WWL-TV (New Orleans) re: St, Bernard, Michael Brown:

FYI: Guests on 'Real Time' w/Bill Maher tonight:

Co-workers: DHS official had previous pornography incident

Do you realize how seriously you've been insulted today? Leak

Open letter to the person we laughingly refer to pResident

Delay as majority leader or lobbyist?

I have a question about Cox Communications

CNN/AP: Shortage of child psychiatrists takes nationwide toll

"...evidence that disproved accusations from Joseph Wilson and others..."

An obligatory thanks to the DU Community. Even those who know who you are

WHY are they saying Truck Driving will be a good career to get into??

Would the military intervene to save us ?

Joe Wilson up on Mike Webb at 9:15 Pacific time

GREAT Bill Maher tonight!

Just watched "Lincoln" on the History Channel and thought of Bush

NOW Gay adoption

Give Jack Cafferty a show. Dammit.

George and Laura, Part 2 has been posted in the "Slowly undressed thread"

Well, when the President does it, that means that it's not illegal.

Thursday April 13th - Commander and Chief is BACK!

THIS makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about nuke plant security...

Sam Seder's prank call to Weldon's Office

What happens to a belief system out of control.

30% vs. 70%. Still insist on a paper ballot but...

"I Knew RIGHT THEN That Shrubby Was A Leaker."

Ok Friends....Top of your ear.....Favorite bands of all time.......?

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in- It's my day to play

So Bush can declassify ANYTHING therefore the valerie plame

Link sent to me by a Repug!!!!!

Bush Admin Offical Said It's Ok To Leak

Frist and Brokeback

Predict the Bush team's Monday diversion!

Maine's Democratic governor signs first-of-kind bill to protect HOMELESS

Lauren Lake on Faux News...anyone else see her?

Pictures of today's tornado and damage from Sumner County TN

Real Time w/ Bill Mahr thread (Cynthia McKinney will be on)

Pentagon Eyes the Ultimate High Ground!!!!!! U.S. bases on the moon!!

A Case Against Rumsfeld.

Where is the unified Democratic Party statement on e-voting?

Wow!!! Keith's replacement is pretty good

Who Heard the Thom Hartmann Show Today?

GODDAMMIT! Can Bush NOT look like a moron in just one photo?

The Hope of the Web....a review and critique.

What's Judith Miller and Jeff Gannon doing THESE dayS?


Many people don't know an upside down flag is a signal of distress.

The F*d by Bush Ticket 2008?

Fundie freak-out? the Judas story and the fish story in the same week ...

TOON: The President deals firmly with the WH leak

The Battle for New Orleans (MUST READ)

Need ideas for term paper paper about Conservative disagreements with UN

Shit... The tornado hit and thank god for wireless...

Whistle-Blower Outs NSA Spy Room

Bush the leaker

Go to

For the relatively new Du'ers here is

If Bush authorized the leak, why didn't he just say so


* trying to sneak SOCIAL SECURITY privatization into 2007 budget

liveoaktx is on Malloy now!!!!

Another Reason McMansion's Suck. Hard.

Alternatives to Pelosi as Speaker

DHS arrests teacher

Feingold opponents will protest in WI - $how him $ome $upport!

Hispanics to protest in 60 cities on Monday.

*THE Democratic Plan for America* (because we need it)

George slowly undressed, grinned at Laura and said..... (Part 1)

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution

What does all this mean?

DNC sends help to Busby in Cunningham's old district

Give me a list of online alternative news sites - QUICK!

Washington Post to hire both liberal and conservative blogger

Who's substituting for KO? Harry Taylor's story is up next. nt

Judge blasts government secrecy (CNN) {9/11 families, trial}

Rice V. Rumsfeld: The Consequences Of No Post-War Plan

An apology to DU!

Declassifier-In-Chief:"insight into the president's character"

Nick Lampson will be on C-Span tomorrow

NYT: First, a Leak; Now, a Jam; Timing Is Bad for President (damning)

IRS Won't Investigate Rightwing Fundie Churches

Hawaii Legislature Takes Steps to End the War

Am I misreading this situation: It feels extremely significant....

I mean there has to be some republicans in Congress that are saying

NYT Analysis: First a leak, now a jam

Did Biden announce his intent to run in 2008 first time on

just watched Harry Taylor/Bush clip on Olberman countdown ...

Judy Woodruff taking Charlie Rose's place, talking about you know

Bush wanted to “get to the bottom”of scandal; he may be the bottom

Charles Barkley just SLAMMED Bush and the GOP

Here is a sad point to ponder...

What do you think the line of succession should be?

A Little Self-Deprecating Humor: Cartoon (Pat Oliphant)

open letter to the person we laughingly refer to pResident

MyLeftWing's Maryscott O'Connor on The Big Story with John Gibson

If Dems take back the Senate, where does Harry Reid stand? nt

Here is a story you won't believe

Florida has a band on gay adoption. Please DU this poll

HUGO CHAVEZ yes HUGO CHAVEZ blamed for Chicago voting problems!!!

MSNBC Poll:Do you believe Bush misled nation in order to go to war

So will the leak be covered on the Sunday shows OR something else?

Thank Harry Taylor! Here's the website:

NEWSVIEW: Leak-Hating President, As Leaker

Doesn't this prove EXACTLY how intelligence was manipulated?

"Democratic" -- NOT "Democrat"

4 ALARMER !! AT&T gives NSA your phone calls, e-mails, internet services

the sense of exhaustion at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue

So IF Cheney leaves and McCain becomes VP...

I smell blood.

Declassified 10 days after the fact; Criminal?

LISTEN TO FANTASTIC song about Bush: "Liar Liar, Pants on Fire"

Holy shit! Check out the WSJ article re: Fitzerald!

Uranium’s Effect On DNA Established

NYT:For President, First a Leak; Now, a Jam

NEWSVIEW: Leak-Hating President, As Leaker

Infighting foils Boehner's call for consensus

Reuters: Pentagon still years from having books in order

Nir Rosen: "On the Ground in Iraq" (shocking report of American action)

Iraq: "the news remains essentially the same, day in and day out" - pls rd

New Yorker Mag's Hersh:US considers use of nuclear weapons against Iran

UK Guardian: The Big Idea: Pre-emption

Claiming perch above law portends long, painful fall

DeLay Inc. systematized exchange of favors

AP: Leak-Hating President As Leaker-In-Chief?

U.S. Study Paints Somber Portrait of Iraqi Discord

DCCC @Stake - Weak, Scared & Republican

AP: Bush, GOP Struggle for Public Approval

The Progress Report: Leaker-In-Chief

Tom Tomorrow:Leaky McBlabberpants

Plenty of opportunities to impeach Bush

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and the Trailer Fleet Services division of GE

Check out this new airport scanner! This thing is really amazing!

Rapture Cult Declares War on Heretics

Want more Bush? Elect McCain

Bush’s salon revolutionaries plot an Iran coup (Ledeen)

UK Guardian: We Don't Do Assassination

Game Over - These thugs are going down! Must-Read

WP: The Myth of 'The Boy Crisis'

Time to find out how the war was sold (Salt Lake Tribune)

What bothers me about this NY Times article on evolution

The Economy: America Saves Too Much

So which of you lucky people invested in SPC?

China: Talk of tariffs strictly political?

Scientists: Don't Pollute the Puget Sound

Cape Wind is dealt a setback

Wind/solar power micro-generators taking off in the UK.

How Denmark is leading the way in renewable energy

Recycling junk cars into Oil.

Question for our nuke folks...

Ultra-small batteries powered by viruses

External Cost of Energy analysis for Sweden now on line: Nuke is lowest.

Crosspost: Two more dead W. Va coal miners.

50 mpg (diesel), 0-60 in 4 seconds, serial "attack hybrid"

Jewish refugees from Arab lands campaigners meet with EU

Europe disappointed with Hamas

Palestinian tells UN his people want peace -- US reaction?

Abbas: our sons will fight Israelis for a just deal

Jewish settlers expand West Bank enclave -spokesman

Hanjour couldn’t even spell jihad in Arabic

With the news that the administration is planning to nuke Iran

N.Y. voting problem is blessing in disguise

WOW ERD has nearly 50 articles WOW.. friggin awesome job livvy

And yet more hidden problems with voting machines....

ChicagoTrib mentions Sequoia probs, Why Holt paper record=false confidence

Why do they hate the electronic voting system?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, April 8, 2006

Motion Filed Before Judge Carr Seeking Reconsideration in Recount Case

Election Day troubles could be part of 'international conspiracy'

Heads Up! Mark Crispin Miller election fraud C-Span Sunday 12:00cst.

HR550 Opposed by Bev Harris and Bots

Kuttner's analysis of the Mass Health plan - Is it the right tent?

If Hawaii can do it, can Massachusetts?

Bachmann's stepsister opposes her effort

Can a Macromedia flash advertisement be ripped from a website?

Question about Kinky('s) supporters

Bwahaha! I unknowingly insulted a LaRouche "Dem" to his face!


U.N.: Nations Refuse to Stop Geneocide

Congressman's Special Projects Bring Complaints

Nepal King Orders Protesters Shot on Sight

Gunmen Kill 13 Customs Agents in Algeria

NEWSVIEW: Leak-Hating President, As Leaker

Libby Prosecutor Outlines Effort at High Levels (WSJ)

U.S. Envoy's Car Pelted in Venezuela

Australians to Testify at Kickbacks Probe (Oil for Food)

White House defends intelligence leak as `in the public interest'

Jewish refugees from Arab lands campaigners meet with EU

Suicide Attacker Dies Outside Afghan NATO Base

Bacterial Infection Claims Man's Life (Honolulu floods tragedy)

Gossip writer accused of extortion plot against billionaire

Bomb kills four south of Baghdad

Shiite Politicians to Meet About Jaafari

Northern English synagogues forced to close

Jobless Rate Jumps for Katrina Evacuees

Federal Job Search Posts Job to Develop Religious Programs

Murray wants border help

Four Convicted in $24M Medicare Scam

AP: Leak-Hating President As Leaker-In-Chief?

AP: Bush, GOP Struggle for Public Approval

AP: Britain Rolls Out Bird Flu Crisis Plan

Committee Acts to Doom New England Wind Farm

Baden faces new call to relinquish position (Ohio R)

Problems with ballots and machines blamed on company (ES&S)

NYT: NY Post "Page Six" Gossip Columnists in Extortion Scheme--Murdoch Mum

(Katrina) Contractor arrested during storm victim's meeting

Lobbying Cases Shine Spotlight on Family Ties - NYT (Abramoff)

Time Running Out for Rebuilding of Iraq

US document portrays dire security situation in Iraq: report

Doctor alleges water linked to infections

Tempers flare over abortion (Idaho Statehouse)

NYT/AP: U.N. Agency Inspectors Arrive in Iran

Bush Blames Reid for Immigration Meltdown

Debris workers lodging extended (N.O. FEMA vol.camps open 'til 6/1)

Web site exposes Air Force One defenses

Barbor keys GOP event in South Carolina (annual Silver Elephant dinner)

Del. Scout Leader Charged With Child Rape

NYT/Reuters: White House Mulls Changes to Plant Emission Rules

2 more W.Va. miners killed

Official admits Iraq is in state of civil war

NYT: Bush Offshore Drilling Plan Widens Rifts Over Energy Policy

Iraq discovers oil in Kurdistan

NYT/Reuters: Vermont Democrats Call for Bush Impeachment

Iraqi civil war threatens region, Mubarak says

Seniors' Access to Dental Care Found Wanting

Iraqi Shi'ite leader warns against civil war

US leak of Zarqawi letter riles Israelis

Murtha tells City Club the war is lost

Police say (Richard Mellon Scaife) publisher's wife assaulted three

NYT:U.S. Study Paints Somber Portrait of Iraqi Discord(not so "good news")

Lawyer: Bush Left Leak Details to Cheney

WP,pg1: A 'Concerted Effort' to Discredit Bush Critic (Ambassador Wilson)

Eight bodies found at Canada farm

NY Post "Page Six" Gossip Columnists in Extortion Scheme--Murdoch Mum

US considers use of nuclear weapons against Iran

From scapegoat to savior? (Brownie)

Intelligence leak timeline under scrutiny

Katie Holmes wants Tom Cruise to scream the entire time she's giving birth

How many years will it take before Willard Scott'll say you've reached 100

Farts or Smarts?


LOL - I found a funny photoshop of Tom Delay ....

Hearing voices/music - Schizophrenia?

I can't sleep. Help me before I kill something or punch a hole in my wall

Sometimes I want a live partner, sometimes I

GD Thread! Bring popcorn!!!!

My Work in Progress...

Silence of the Lambs is on right now (AMC)

Nothing better than listening to some old Neil Young.....

Can someone explain WHY you get a tax refund?

Finally, Trav gets to watch "Good Night and Good Luclk"

What Cuss Word Do You Use The Most?

I am gonna end up killing myself one of these days....klutzy, klutzy me...

Sometimes I want a life partner, sometimes I don't

Jesus and Moses are standing around talking about old times.

Feds Want to Seize Suspects' Grillz

I never wanted to be the top on the greatest tonights

My dog at the the dog park


It's time for let's make up words and I'm off to bed.

I need that Teddy Roosevelt quote about dissent

Farve making em wait somemore.

Take heed:

It's that time of the year again, folks. April showers. Ducks love it.

Take a look at how we'll be computing in the next 5 years. *video*

You know, guys and girls, DS1 is just atttracted to EWE

Anyone Familiar with this Site?

My TOONS have thier own site now

DU Men, if you have gone gay, or if you will soon, will you go?

How come as an amputee furrie, I can't meet any bi-polar Klingons?

Check out this fantastic song!: Dear Mr. President

I know it has been six years, but think I am still in denial at times.

Anthony Bourdain and Eric Bogosian: separated at birth?

Aw hell, Time/Warner took away the Sundance channel

Yesterday I watched Star Wars: Episode III ...

Bret Favre hasn't decided yet (What a prick.)

I was attacked by a little dog, does this mean I'm a bad person?

Why are men and men attracted to each other?

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

Think of "impossible" categories for the Yellow Pages. For example,

I posted in GD and it sunk...

I'm having dinner at Titus Andronicus' place tonight. What should I Bring?

Why are men and apes attracted to each other?

Why are Not Men and DEVO attracted to each other?

Nobody, and I do mean nobody...

Are most people total fucking idiots? nt

"Junior" by Colonel Claypool's Big Buckey Of Bernie Brains

Two canibals were eating a clown.

Now for something entirely different...Dick Cheney...

CMW, Estimated Prophet and myself have made it to The Final Conflict!

Poll: Did you ever have a "Baby on Board" sign?

What an awesome Saturday

The best pic EVER of William Shatner

Who Else Has Seen "A History of Violence"?

Does anybody have Kate Bush's latest CD?

Colin Powell came to my workplace to speak.....

Have you ever had a TV show infect your dreams?

Lucky Number Slevin - good movie, bad title

Someone put a "Boycott Mexico" sign up in my neighborhood

Why am I attracted to bad girls?

Have you guys heard of Gnarls Barkley?

The Mark of the Beast?

My cat is an evil-doer.

Another gorgeous desert sunset

progmom on the air now til 2pm

Saved By The Bell?

Why do I like dead cows?

I got a dissertation defense date and a job (for when I'm through)!

Why is this man smiling?

White Sox lose!

White Socks lose!

I participated in a hotdog eating contest yesterday....

Anyone here have laparoscopic hernia surgery?

Look at this thick and juicy meat!!

Computer savvy DUers: Pentium D or Pentium 4 HT?

ROFL-a-thon!!! Ask me anything.

I had thought about killing myself. But then I realized that if I did,

Ladies and Gentlemen... the 2006 World Series

Is trail running in a cool rain fun or what?

What's the last book you read?

Writers Guild of America's top ten movies of all time

Word Association thread! Adjectives only! 'Sleepy'

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/8/06)

Exploding paperweight costs teacher his hand

Should I download all of my cds into itunes?

So...why aren't girls attracted to smart guys?

The Well-Calibrated Camera Phone and the Customer of the Week

I apologize for my whine last night.

Ed Gein's former WI property for sale (killer who inspired "Psycho")...

Star Jones. Seriously. What happened to her?

Arabian Nights coming on Sci Fi at 7pm EDT.

How many are on YOUR blogroll list?

Dam funny letters about a Beaver Dam

LOTR-a-thon!!! Ask me anything.

Have you seen this month's Vanity Fair? Clooney, Kennedy, Gore

Happy birthday Tyrone Slothrop and KitchenWitch!!

I chose Harvard because...

How come donkies aren't attrected to horses?

Karl Rove and the Gospel of Judas

Ugggghhhh ... I'm hung over.

Tech Help PLZ!...I cant find my modem in my new from Ebay Dell Lat C610

No time to plant a garden?

Which online store do you find yourself browsing before your next paycheck

You know, guys and gals, maybe people just aren't attracted to YOU

AS IF things haven't been weird enough lately, I give you the 1-eyed cat:

Absolutely hilarious "critique" of the Britney Giving Birth" statue:

Fenris, I think you'd dig this bag.

Okay, so you missed me in Atlantic City last night. DON'T MISS ME TONIGHT!

I MUST get back to exercising -- look at these BEFORE and AFTER PHOTOS!

Unsung film performances

Movie Review: Clockwatchers (1997)

This may be the year I have my summer FLING

Why aren't guys attracted to space aliens?

I just started watching The Shield and now I'm addicted.

Why are millionaire women pimps so attracted to Tom Sizemore's fist?

For Sale: 40 Acres. Wasau, Wisconsin. Previous Owner: Ed Gein

Do you guys believe this crap? Time traveler from 2036...

Who else is jacked up and good to go?

Why is something made from a posionous gas and explosive metal so tasty?

Hey, who wants to help me wish my Dad a happy birthday?

Input on final project for class?

Question for Brazilian DUers (No, NOT the joke!!!):

I miss my kitty.

Resurrecting the classics: "Something as it Really Is" by Mel Lyman

Bigs bunny: monster rabbit devours English veggie plots

Can We Play Trivia?

Cold sesame noodles.


blond pole dancer

HypnoToad appreciation thread

I tried a little dictionary divination yesterday.

I am Still Sick

SeattleGirl appreciation thread.

You must hear the new Pink song, "Dear Mr. President"

What's a rapid way to lose weight, damn the risks?

300-Year Old Book May Be Covered in Human Skin

The Brazilian Joke contest at DemocraticWarrior. The Final Conflict!

Why are girls so attracted to doctors/lawyers?

Quick question, re the movie "Ichi the Killer"...

Ladies over the age of 40:

How do you keep a liberal busy?

Your picture of the week, politics, kittens, whatever

I just reviewed my bookmarks: "Oscar" is bookmarked at least 3

Is there a woman or man you consider a ten or near ten?

Why aren't guys attracted to smart girls?

Name a film that starts with the last word of the previous film's title

My first Goodnight Lounge thread.

Help me out here. Watching the tornado residuals, I keep hearing

Do you suppose that 36% of the people believe that Bush knows that

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Effective For A Long Time

Just one more reason to despise the profession;

First Color HiRISE Image of Mars - 4/6/06 (JPL/NASA) {BIG GRAPHICS!!}

Giant Turkey-Like Dinosaur Found in Utah

The Yankees are 1-3

Brett Favre Press Conference Tomorrow At 7:30 a.m. cst

I'm at my wit's end with my cat

New kitty pics!:-)

So we just spontaneously adopted another cat....

Matthew's new message from 4/7

"Wow! Hold On!" (Very similar message to Matthew's 4/7 message)

Is anyone else watching the TV show: John Edwards, Cross Country?

GD Post on the Swift Liars lawsuit against JK

Totally OT - About the French presidential election

A "Dear Kerry" post on Dkos needs help

WAPO looking for a few good bloggers (actually 2)

Article about Kerry in today's NYT

OMG! Awesome FRONT PAGE post by Georgia10 on dKos now!!

Tom Hayden on HuffPo backs Kerry

Anybody catch Biden dismiss Kerry's withdrawal plan on "Real Time" ?

Kerry's speech's reactions in the Senate - Lautenberg, Wyden, and Durbin

Screaming Yellow Tulip -06

Goddamn it!

OK, I am now officially disgusted.

What do we mean when we talk about reversing the tax cuts

ConyersBlog: Memo to Sunday Talkers

Penn and Teller were on Showtime

LINK to tornado warnings

Another Day, Another Lie

George and Laura, Part 3 IS posted in the "Slowly undressed thread"

House Subcommittee Rejects Net Neutrality Amendment

GD---post your picture, appear 27 stories high in Times Square, plug DU !!

Norman Rockwell's "Town Meeting" and Harry Taylor

2,348 American troops now dead in W's war

How do people get rich?

Was Valerie Wilson covert?

The Bush base is the "The Dirty Thirty- No Shame And No Brain"

Limerick for the morning of the 8th of November, 2006

For the party of Lincoln

Ok, THINK about this folks - with the arctic ice melting...

E&P: David Halberstam Calls Iraq War 'Heartbreaking; Dems Behaved Poorly'

White House defends intelligence leak as `in the public interest'

Prince Harry Celebrates at Strip Club

After watching NOW, I've come to realize

I'm Proud Of The Democrats

(VIDEO) Get your Fresh New Rules right here!

Why the Congressional Dems won't stand up.

Rise in Neo-Nazi attacks in Russia


Shiite militias seen as top danger in Iraq. No one EVER coulda known!

New Ted Rall cartoon

Making it personal: another young Marine dies in Iraq

And then he said "This little leak is OK - This little leak is not. "

Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!! Democracy NOW!!!

Tony Harris the idiot on CNN this AM

Libby's lawyer: 'It's got nothing to do with Wilson's wife'...(WaPo)

Bush has gone la la land kookie crazy. Certifiable. The nuking of Iran..


H2O Man makes it big on DailyKos!

Would someone please give me a hint whats inside the tread titled...

Moussaoui was not part of any 9/11 cell.

Republicans' premature miscalculation on immigration policy...

NSA spying only on terrorists, my ass !!

Yikes! bush Believes His Legacy is to 'Save Iran' Through Nuking It!!

An urgent request to the Republicans and Democrats in Congress...

Republicans have no comment about their white supremacist candidate

Joe Wilson on Sunday: ABC This Week

Severe Weather Warning for N & Central Alabama and Georgia!

White House Does Not Deny Leak Claims

Top 25 Largest CEO Pensions "What's Wrong with CEO Pay"

Bigs bunny: monster rabbit devours English veggie plots

Laura Bush? Kinky in bed?

Here's a scary thought What if our military is being run as well as FEMA?

White Supremacist Defends Quest for Spot on Ballot - Another one

Gossip writer accused of extortion plot against billionaire

N.Y. Post Suspends Page Six Contributor

Iraq’s Sadr blames US death squads for Najaf bombing

Does This Mean Jesus Was Suicidal?

Pentagon has no clue about its finances

Did Libby say it was * to protect Cheney?

Great Article-Knight Ridder-Libby Testimony & WH Pattern of Intell Leaks

Impeachment debated in Illinois

Newsweek: Eleanor Clift Gets to the "Bottom" of "Leakgate"

Could Plamegate deaths evoke negligent homicide charges against Bush*?

Republicans call for a top Dem to resign!

Intelligence leak timeline under scrutiny

What happened to the Dem Candidate in NH who was missing after his

The king and queen Left The Castle and WALKED across PA Ave!

"George W. Bush is hellbent on being our first Three-War President"

The Bush Administration has such a Sterling History of Sound Decisions

Heads Up: The Little Puke From Colorado Who Taped His Teacher

Mental patient charged with threatening President Bush

LOTR:Chrons of Narnia . . . ?

List of the Bush nightmares come true in the last few days and weeks.

Consider this scenario which presents a Rock and Hard Place Situation

Bush blames Democrats for stalled immigration reform

The 30% explained

Need some help please.....

Insanity is the Only Recourse in Age of the OONS.

CA Farm Bureau: Rain ruins farm yields, profits down, prices to rise

Why SHOULD we have a National Income Cap?

Help: I need protest sign idea. I am going as CON-di

Almost weekly, plants close in red upstate South Carolina.

One phony texan down one phony texan to go

I finally figures out who the die hard 36 % are and why

In the 60's, Paul Harvey wanted the U.S to nuke China before they nuked...

Compare Prince Harry with Jenna and not Jenna, or with Bush or Cheney.

Thank You Harry Taylor:

AT&T civil lawsuit and States Secrets Privilege

A heck of a lot of Watergate similarities...

Harley-Davidson Rumbles Into China

self delete

his *** is in the fire..again --- Saturday toon and a DU challenge

Is the reason that * cannot admit a mistake and just plunges

Question for SCOTTIE:

Feingold: Bush censure proposal won't be linked to CIA leak

PERFECT weekend wrap up-the cop and escapee footage on CNN

Interesting Questions.....

No more Mr Nice Guy as Berlusconi shocks his voters into action

Bush Blames Reid on Immigration Bill

US considers use of nuclear weapons against Iran

US considers use of nuclear weapons against Iran

What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?

Oh My! - Divine Right of Bushes - By MAUREEN DOWD

Panal on chimate change/Global Warming on book cspan.. now.

43 down=scumbag...even the NY Times is calling bush like they see him

Bush Blames Reid on Immigration Bill Defeat

Now US Ambassador Says Civil War Could Spread Beyond Iraq…

AP (Tom Raum) just called Bush "Leaker-in-Chief"

Osama bin Laden in Dubai July 2001

Wyden Says Congress Must Vote on Iraq

The Dog Ate My Conscience - and other Bush excuses for Plame

NBC Plants "Muslim-Looking Men" In Nascar Stands To Try And Provoke Crowd

I hate it when she uses her X-Ray vision to sterilize us

Russ Feingold is Da Man!

Man who burned woman alive jailed

With globalization afoot, why are there illegal immigrants at all?

What is he smoking? ----pix--->>>

Securing the Border as a National Security/Terrorism Issue: LIHOP? -->

Did anyone catch the interview of two black ministers on NPR this week?

I believe it is time to use Ken Mehlman's term: "Brand W Republicans"

Prediction: If Bush Nukes Iran, ICC Statutes Will Ban Nuclear Weapons

Okay, who else is going to see Kos in Marymoor Park today?

A story I would like to hear...

Is Bush typical of CEOs in the corporate world?

What ever happened to Bob Boudelang American Patriot?

So which is it? Gonzales or Hersch? I turned on WJ to hear these words

pharma barons paid 44 mil to lobby STATES

Please check this out. Is this letter from RNC Chair Mehrman real?

Hinchey," Why did Bush need to discredit Wilson?"

Who's drivin' this bus? 'cause we're headed in the wrong direction.

Bumper Sticker: Annoy a liberal: Work hard and be happy

US considers use of nuclear weapons against Iran

Iran has no bombs, hasn't tested any bombs, and signed the NPT

Fitz, bush and cheney: A few questions

Don't miss this brilliant telling of Plame parable

Dems Criticize Bush Security Policies

How much $$ is the investigation by Fitz, when * admin KNEW who leaked?

When 9/11 happened - Bush was overthrown wasn't he?

The pResident has admitted treason. Why is he not behind bars?

I used to sell rare books. And I see things differently.

"He better mean what he says."

Tell Your Senators NO MORE FUNDS for WAR!!

Life Inside Iraq

yet another thought on the Liar-in-Chiefs declassified leak.

Underground bunkers. What evidence do we have they exist?

Maybe Bush's legacy can be rehabilitated after all some day (Judas)

Scence VS. Religion: Who wins in the end? Inspired by the KO Question.

This is the end of the Bush era

Fitz... *sigh* He is incredible (something positive)

WTF? U.S. Says Venezuela Complicit in Attack

looking at peak oil from a different angle

What's a Saturday morning in Spring without a CAPTION?????

Intell leak timeline under scrutiny - Date data released in question

Are there any Shrinks out there? I have question about the DSM - III,

Going to a reception today for my Congresswoman hosted by Robert Redford!

It's hard! 9/11! It's Hard work! 9/11 - Doonesbury 4/8

To all Freepers Who Feel Bush Has The Right.....

I saw a brand spankin new Kerry/Edwards bumpersticker

Federal Job Search Posts Job to Develop Religious Programs

Will mr.bush have to pay for the leaker investigation?

Would we be offended if Kerry "pulled a Reagan"???

CNN: "White House: Bush did not flip-flop on leaks"

Letter writing campaign to GHWB (41) to stop w.'s nuke war

AS IF things haven't been weird enough lately, I give you the 1-eyed cat:

Volunteers in New Orleans....

the sanitation workers who used to pick up our garbage inthisneighborhood

Seymour Hersh - How does he get his White House info?

Hist.Ch's "The Presidents" - Shrub's predecessors cast pall on him

Wasn't Socky McClelland supposed to get canned this past week?

I think Bush's nuke threats are 90% bullshit

Co-workers: DHS official had previous pornography incident

So, if Moussaui gets the death penalty, shouldn't Bush and admin

Whistle-Blower Outs NSA Spy Room

The Blue Pill People

What are the leading liberal blogs/sites, in terms of public awareness,

New Sy Hersch Article re: Attacking Iran... will it be the last straw?

Bush makes bid for new nukes, but he still has to open Yucca for the waste

Did you know you can get "No Spin Zone" welcome mats?

The pigs own the trough, lock, stock, and barrel

Is Shrub like a spouse abuser?

Another Great Norman Rockwell Painting Found

It's like the White House is in the eye of a Hurricane

Bush finally has a solution to global warming....

London Calling

Basic Survival Techniques for Incarceration

Lamontblog asks: "Lieberman informed of Bush Iran Bombing Plans?"

Question...can congress pass a resolution saying that the Iraq

How could Bush go to war against Iran without a Congressional Res?

The deception Bush can't spin---By Joe Conason

AP: Leak-hating president as Leaker-in-Chief?

PHOTO: how Bush will write speeches for IraN War

Lobbying Cases Shine Spotlight on Family Ties

What's it gonna take

French presidential election - Is France ready to be led by a woman?

Hersh: Joint Chiefs Opposed to Iran Nuke Attack, Members of Congress Gung-

Illegal Wiretapping --- Illegal Aliens --- What does "illegal" mean?

I LIKE Msnbc's new weather gal. She's a plus.

For members of DemocraticWarrior. The finals of The Braz. Joke Contest.

DIXIECRATS!! Racism, Discrimination and Prejudice.....hmmm

Team Libby's Subpoena List & Judge's Memorandum Opinion

Feds Try to Seize Gold From Suspects' Teeth

The Hypocrisy of the Neocons - by Anatol Lieven

I have a question re: Bush nuking Iran. Can someone please help

Why doesn't FUX ever report the GOOD news in Iraq?

Here's hoping Berlusconi gets thrown out tomorrow

The most perfect Incendiary Democratic Statement ever written!

A small Kudos for CNN. Playing a story about our first real Terrorist

Is Iran on good terms with Saudi Arabia?

Scott Ritter debunks the LA Times Iranian nuclear threat

What past president is similar to bush?

US Marine battalion under investigation in deaths of 15 Iraqi civilians

Political "Pre-emptive Strike"????

Kerry Steps Up...Who Will Respond? by Tom Hayden

Hunter faces charges for shooting partner...

bush & Co. must have something to gain from going nuclear on Iran.

Immigration problem is Harry Reid's fault

Time running out for rebuilding of Iraq

No Wonder We Are Screwed.....

Bush blames Democrats for stalled immigration reform

The Red State Residency Application

Hawaii Legislature Takes Steps to End War

Neocon Internet Debating Tactics

More Newsworthy? Dead pretty white girl or NBA player shot?

Why do women usually skate on spousal abuse? n/t

NY Times: Four officials deny report U.S. considers nuking Iran

Al Franken: "An Evening With Ann Coulter" .anyone see this?

So....who was Bob Woodward's source on the Plame information?

Snap Back to The Here and Now For A Moment


I was told to withdraw from the Senate race today!

War Vets' Lawsuit Against Kerry Heats Up

Predict what Bush's speech on war with Iran will sound like

Gas prices here only 50 cents away from all-time (Katrina) high.

Premier show on head on radio tonight

Parents Upset Principal Oiled Fence To Stop Ditching

PREDICTION: We will spend all week discussing Hersch. Distraction 101.

Love that Arsenic Chicken!

How do you keep a liberal busy?

If you want privacy... You are unpatriotic.

hitler youth who taped teacher on c-span 9:30am edt

"Bring'em Home Now Concert NYC" video...

Blacked Out: Government Secrecy in the Information Age CSPAN2 7pm

Why Nuke the Nukes?

What is the Biggest Political Mistake Liberals Are Making Right Now?

Help me out here. Watching the tornado residuals, I keep hearing

I caught a snippet of Rove speaking to a crowd of rich lawyers

we don't want the migrants-mexicans or otherwise. we do want, when we

Has GOD told Bush to invade Iran, too?


CNN / Fortune answers the Bill Gates question that no one asked

If Cable News was a high school

I bought Hellmann's Mayonnaise on sale two weeks ago for $1.99/qt (32oz)

Throw the bums out !!

need help here--does anybody have a link to the article about tom

Drip, drip, drip...glub

And WHERE are the declassified documents from the CIA

FYI-Joe Wilson to be on ABC's This Week tomorrow:

I would like to ask a question about homosexuality...

Anyone watch Dr Who last night?

Nuke Iran? That is Insane!

Can Plame file a civil suit against *? He put her life in danger and cost

Could Venezuela be the next target? And soon? Check this out.

I Run for Life by Melissa Etheridge. Moving breast cancer anthem!

Bush takes another hit

Cut The Fucking Military Budget In Half

I just want to tell y'all ...........

A little 9/11 help here please...

Here's Seymour Hersh's New Yorker article re Iran:

Is Bush hyping the threat from Iran to justify his plan for new nukes?

Harvard Takes On the Israel Lobby

Why wopuld Scooter be arrested, if there was no "leak" because

Foxes in the Henhouse : How the Republicans Stole the South ...

Ever, Increasingly Popular Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

First off... it's MIGRATION not IMmigration

So... Will The American People Fall For This Bullshit (Iran) Again ???

TOON: Bush vs my cat

How religions affect us

Here’s a sampling of this morning’s headlines on the Leaker In Chief:

CBS has drastically lowered the bar

The FreepTards are all erect over the propects of NUKING IRAN

Animal rights activists--I need your help, please...

We are NEVER getting out of Iraq. Ever.

Which Congressional Dems Made Strong Statements Today About Bush = Leaker?

"It's not illegal because the President can declassify anything he wants"

Bush Kidnapped (good joke)

Why SHOULDN'T we have a National Income Cap?

What is Bushler's motive for nuking Iran?

Nothing will be done until we are ready to sacrifice.

Ever seen the rules at Falwell's "Liberty University?"

New Handbills Highlight Republican Hypocrisy

Need some DU help. Where can I find a list of books banned in the USA?

What does GOP stand for?

Why didn't Bush come out years ago and admit to being the leaker if its OK?

Healthcare Mass. Style...I don't think so!...

Kerry-"I want to know when We're going to have a functioning government"

Shall the issue of Slavery be determined by the Fed Gov. or by the States?

It Is Time.

Just Read the Hersh Article-OMG!

Calling all reviewers: let's tell off a bigot and his puppets!

Today I feel like one of the passengers on the doomed 9/11 flights

CA Rep Anna Eshoo on talking about "Internet Freedom" on C-Span...

The short list (by popular demand!)

So Sy Hersh Says That Bushco Is Planning To Nuke Iran

What online video's are MUST see's that

John Dean on the Leaker in Chief: Not in the Clear

Did the NIE that Bush "declassified" contain Plame's name?

I Do Believe We Have a Death Threat

Do You Think Sey Hersh Is Being "Rathered"?

NOW I understand why Wolfowitz is at the World Bank

Hon. Rep. John Conyers' Questions For Sunday Talkers RE: Leaker-In-Chief

DID BUSH OUT PLAME? Leaked CIA Memo Contained Reference to Plame

Did Cynthia McKinney call Al Gore a racist?

A reframe and an apology. as to the sexist nature of spousal abuse.

Bush Attacks, Reid Responds

They TOLD YA SO, ya stupid MFing rightwingnuts.

Christian doctors offer course to "transform their practice into ministry"

I sent a care package to my husband in Iraq today

Discovered: The Halfway House for ex-freepers

University study confirms that depleted uranium will damage DNA

Flame away but I like Joe Biden

So it's official: Bush is going to attack Iran. What are WE going to do?

High-caliber ammunition is becoming scarce

"Dilbert Quotes" Contest Reaps LOL Funny Biz From Corporate America


Fed kills a key inflation gauge

First thing Monday morning, I get rid of AT&T

Does the "Culture of Corruption" Cross Party Lines?

The Vet versus the Veterinarian: "No body spins me - period."

What would you do BESIDES impeaching Chimp?

You know more than anything I love the fact Bush and Sheney are eating

Porter campaign says Bush coming to Las Vegas (Reid's territory)

I really want Colin Powell to talk to us. What happened, and why

A Wilson/Fitzgerald Ticket in 2008, or just send Roses?

Mobilize Now for the 2006 Mid-Term Election

my fantasy for the thugs of this administration

Teacher's Run-In With Homeland Security Creates Insecurities

Rev. Lowery will be in Crawford next Sunday!

If the President can "de-classify" information at will....?

When will the Republicans decide that Bush has shamed them enough?

Will Republicans Impeach Bush - too funny.

Well, obviously the White House did not get the memo...

Falwell: Incarcerated For Christ

Bush: "a President Better Mean What He Says" (ABC news)

Bush Radio: "fill jobs that no American is AVAILABLE to do"...

Well then--if I were president I would declassify...

Art becomes reality!

Attack Ad Riles Johnson & Murphy (MoveOn Ad & CT's 5th Dist Race)

Interesting Questions......

Do we really question the logic....

Are There Any Polls Out There That Gauge The American Public's.....

Looking for the audio for this:

Any threads on Cong. Dems' strong response to Leaker-In-Chief revelation?

Bidden had some great observations last night. Loved his bit on *praying

Annoy a "Conservative" - Shut down the DNA and Drug Testing Site

Proposed Articles of Impeachment against George W. Bush

Contact your governors

"What Goes Up Must Come Down" - The Spin Machine In Full Out Mode.....

"If they wanted to declassify information to sell this war whey didn't the

Il Dunce has done more for Clinton's legacy than for his own

have you heard of Barr's attacks on capitol security guards?

Does the Dems have equivalent to "Republicans National Lawyers Assoc" ?

Is anyone keeping status on the Republican Concentration camps?

Okay. So there was nothing wrong with releasing Plames name because

Let's rationally discuss nuclear exchange scenarios...

Whats that guys website that was on Keith Olberman last night?

What Happens to Our Troops ( et al.) in the ME

When Americans No Longer Own America

The story about the 14 yr old suicide is true! To send support or

Easter activities for the Bush family to enjoy at Camp David

Iran: The Next Neocon Target

Eleanor Clift: "The only way to stop Bush’s imperial expansion of power"

Mother Noose Nursery Rhymes for Republicans and Young Children

Why would Libby be at the WH Mess a week ago?

London paper will identify who forged Niger documents

Will Dim Son be accountable for this past weeks Fitzgerald's findings ?

Who will fight this next unjust war? Who will pay for it?

If erased information can be obtained from a computer why can't

Looking for a repub web site that lists the House races that they will win

Will the UN say anything about a possible use of a nuclear weapon by

Can't make this stuff up:

Heads up! Microsoft support Bill 2083 - allows access to private data

Vermont Democrats Back Bush Impeachment

A leader that goes looking for war...

Have the late-night TV folks STOPPED making fun of * yet?

Where's the dick, Cheney?

"It’s a tough decision. But we made it in Japan.”

"Sweetness and Light:" : Where the Pigs Feed


The Scott McClellan Dictionary

Billie Frist Sends Out Sexy Party Invites

Matthews...."A Power Tool?" Interesting stuff here:

A question about Harry Reid and his pro-life stance .......

AFP Photo: So many possible captions, all of 'em pure evil...

Why is FAUX News and...

Why Is *Co Telegraphing The Nuking of Iran?......

Lineup for Sunday morning talk shows

Pete McCloskey running against Pombo in California

J.C. to Sunday Talkers:"Please Get the Answers the American People Cannot"

Neoconservatism: Not Idealism, Just a Sick Joke – by Anatol Lieven

You're either with us or against us - Time to step up to the plate

This morning's C-Span showed how CONFUSED people are already!!

Does FR freep their membership?

Do me a favor...

Here's how to win votes! THANKS BUSH

Will Bush's numbers go up if we nuke Iran? I think they will go sky high

Q: Do you believe corporations = conservative politics?

New Twist in CIA Leak Probe

If we want to win election....Boycott GE

Plame in a nutshell....(correct where wrong)

Uranium’s Effect On DNA Established

Adios, "Mallard Fillmore"

Letter to my senators on NUKING IRAN

Dems may lose more than '06 by timidity.

Hey I think we all should boycott GE products....

14yr old protest organizer suicides over threat from school faculty

I'm signing up for Vonage today..... Fuck AT&T.......

hey guess what....

Democrats within 2 SEATS of TAKING THE HOUSE!