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Archives: April 9, 2006

Harvard University and Racism

The New York Times: U.S. Study Paints Somber Portrait of Iraqi Discord

DeLay's Next Mission From God

(Mearsheimer and Walt) controversy threatens free speech

American Caesar

Antarctic birds 'breeding later' (BBC) {global warming}

Air trends 'amplifying' warming (BBC)

Swedish Chemists Trace Heavy Metals In Wood Pellet Manufacture.

Tennessee tornados: nature's incredible fury

Ten Al-Qaida operatives infiltrated Gaza Strip recently

Arab nations quietly bridge the trade gulf with Israelis

Times interview with Palestinian Foreign Minister in full

Hamas explosives lab found

Mother's plea for justice for her slaughtered son

U.S. aid to Israel put in sharp focus

All of those helicopters flying around the WTC on 9/11....

All of those helicopters flying around the WTC on 9/11....

Here's a good viedo regarding the supposed plane that hit pentagon on 9/11

Continuing MSM absorption of "9/11 - Inside Job"

Blast from the past (2004): NYT's Pre-9/11 Pentagon Wargames

Ion Sancho Issues Statement Supporting HR 550

I'll be bringing punkondrugs for a visit at UT Dallas on Friday

What's up with the Nueces County Sheriff's race?

Question about the DU Caucus at the State Convention in Ft. Worth...

Report from Fort Bend Democrats Headquarters Opening!

Liberal leadership hopefuls take aim at Harper

14 yr old driven to suicide

Lawyer: Bush Didn't Direct Libby to Leak

Harvard University and Racism

DeLay's Next Mission From God

Rep. Probes Nuclear Compensation Program

Iraq Findings Leaked by Cheney's Aide Were Disputed

Nanotech safety now a focus

Watchdog 'was given warning on danger of drug trial' (update)

LAT: South Dakota Foes of Abortion Ban Petition for a Choice (public vote)

Ion Sancho issues statement supporting HR 550

Sturgeon filled with contaminants

WP: Threat of Shiite Militias Now Seen As Iraq's Most Critical Challenge

CNN/AP: Lawsuit: Company grading SATs blew it

Rep. Hoyer criticizes Bush security policies (Dem response to Bush)

Hecklers interrupt Sen. Clinton at Brown University (Anti-war protesters)

Forgers of key Iraq war contract named

Leak reveals official story of London bombings

DeLays' Private Campaign For Kids(want a good laugh?)

Prison official punished over 'Brokeback' screening

I'm leaving my office for the last time.

Happy 80th birthday, Hugh Hefner

I didn't get more than 3 hours of sleep last night due to Tornadoes!

Beck is going to play the Fillmore in SF

There's something hilarious about the slogan "Release the Power of Corn!"

I have ghosts, or perhaps pixies

I'm obsessed...

The Easter Bunny Hates You

I just started watching O'Reilly, and now I'm a dick.

I'M 48 AWAY FROM 1,000. Ask me anything!

I have done nothing ...

Nothing perks up a Saturday night like a FUCKING TRAFFIC TICKET

The truth about George Smith is on 48 Hours Mystery tonight

wow! does the new x-men look really good or what !

any1 know if

John Waters "A Dirty Shame"...Oh my..."I was not drunk! I was on pills! "

Well, through a stupid mistake I nearly offed myself today

what does the "Mark" button actually do?

Paging Robeson

Tonight I got some very good news!

Has this occurred to anyone else?

Lesbian in a Bottle (photo included)

Starbucks must put crack in these things!

I made an animated GIF with quotes from the "Talk like Rumsfeld" thread...

Last night, I dreamed I was a UND Sioux fan. *shuddddder*

wisconsin wins !!!!!

Trailer for 'An Inconvenient Truth' with Al Gore

Anybody listen to a group called Ghost Riders?

Anyone care for an Abcess Tooth?

Rank in order of coolness

The DU theme song.

I've taken some cold medicine. Do NOT ask me anything

Which was the cooler band?

Anyone else watching The Fifth Element toasted?

Anyone else watching Nausicaa: Valey of the Wind?

I am ironing curtains and watching Wheel Of Fortune.

Inanimate faces.... and Forgotten places

I wish SNL would get back to their Political roots.....

Clinique Week at Dillards's

Yard Salers: How did ya do this morning?

Watching comedian Ron White on TV right now...

Anyone else watching TNA wrestling?

Matisyahu: King Without a Crown. I love it, and I'm not even Jewish.

I'm finally adding people to my buddy list.

What is the "woohoo" smiley on?

couldn`t take gd--nobody home and grooving to "diamonds and pearls"

Just now, on the phone with mac tech support...(you won't believe this)

**THIS IS HUGH!!!11!!!! Bush is going to nuke Iran!! GDers think so!!!

Monster Sunset..

In a vain attempt to boost sagging poll numbers...

This is why I love DU!

Can anyone help me w/ my DU journal? So frustrated.

I am there! The dreaded 700 Club!

Approval pending

I kinda can't quit watching the new Dixie Chicks video.

Hey, everyone, c'mon into this thread! It's warm and the music's great!

CBS' "Ghost Whisperer" - how bad is it?

Wonder Showzen. Un-fucking-believeable.

Job fair for Katrina evacuees; gotten this e-mail yet?

More flowers for my wonderful Lounge friends

Who has AIM?

If someone intentionally killed your dog......

Recap your day:

DU Smokers! What brand do you smoke?

Hilarious video- The Curse of Jeff

Gay Rodeo coming to Lakeside CA. Freeps are freakin out! Craigslist.

What small dog breed would you get as a pet for your cats?

Anyone else watching The Fifth Element?

What year did you join DU ?

ROTFL! I just cracked myself up with a hilarious visual.

I need chocolate!

Is this not awesome?

Here's a buzz kill - should I call my brother?

Watching SNL: I can't stand Antonio Banderas!

This is my 1000th Post

bored, ask me things

What is the worst movie of all time?

Most repugnant use of a popular song in television advertising?

What's your favorite chip?

Call me a potato-abusin' gecko-defenestrator, but I love balsamic vinegar!

National Wildlife Awards (dial up warning but it's worth it)...

Most influential musician who died too young?

Who is your secret DU crush?

Who likes rap music?

New Picture Thread

'Dead star' erupts for big show (BBC) {something for amateur astronomers}

Linguists 'have different brains' (BBC)

Look out

2006 NCAA Hockey Champs: Wisconsin Badgers

Bizarro world

Did anyone see or hear about this? (if allowed here)

Help needed: nasty comments on Kerry article at ICH

"Energy Indepencence"

Firefighter training (lots of photos)

Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta

WP: Let Them Have Their Civil War (stunning piece by novelist Caleb Carr)

Here's a good viedo regarding the supposed plane that hit pentagon on 9/11


US consumer borrowing slows down (BBC)

Viewer Alert: American Perspectives now on CSpan

If us 'adults' have it so screwed up as it is today,

Prison official punished over 'Brokeback' screening

Headline News/ Breaking: God Implicated in Plame Leak!

Vermont Democrats Urging the Impeachment of Bush

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm!

Lyrics from the 1983 Kinks album State of Confusion

LAT columnist to Judy Miller, NYT: "discretion must give way to candor"

Bush preps historic Third Term - memo (april fool's joke)

Feds changing your access to your safety deposit box in case of panic run.

cspan tonight Studs Terkel cspan2 Sunday Mark Crispin Miller

Thieves of Baghdad Author on CSPAN2 now 9PM

I haven't watched any TV news today - question

NYT: U.S. Study Paints Somber Portrait of Iraqi Discord

Lawyer: Bush Left Leak Details to Cheney

Guest lineup for Sunday TV news shows (Joe Wilson, Kerry, buncha zzz)

Someday bush will warn us abut something

More on Chris Homan, DeLay's campaign manager.

Lawyer: Bush Didn't Direct Libby to Leak

Debate of Democratic Senate candidates in Pennsylvania on now

All of those helicopters flying around the WTC on 9/11....

In 48 hours, Berlusconi could be back in power...or in prison

The world's biggest prison system (BBC) {Were still No. 1 ! }

The Democrats have no plan, and other fairy tales

A 'Concerted Effort' to Discredit Bush Critic (Washington Post)

Help! My son (ex-sailor) contacted by his recruiter, can change his admin


Confused about legality of declassification of NIE

CNN guy say Fitzgerald is releasing more court filings this Wednesday

So, how are the amish doing without things we have (and govt into it all?)

Impeachment Without Blowjobs

Leak Reveals Official London Bombings-Simple Plot-No Quaeda Backing

L. Ron Hubbard "Fundamentals of Thought" on "white, brown, yellow people"

Old News but: Iraq Findings Leaked by Cheney's Aide Were Disputed

Iranian influence in Iraq growing...what a tangled web Bush has woven.

EarlG has his work cut out for him on the "Top 10" this week

RW extremists seek to have abortion doctor prosecuted


LAT: Airport Shoe Checks Fluster Many Fliers

WP analysis: Bush May Be Running Out of Time to Rebound

Alec Baldwin just gets funnier and better by the day :)

Bible question!

AP: California joins call for feds to reimburse immigrant costs

70 Years Ago, There was another Madman and Another Government

It Helps When Dad was Director of the CIA

Is ** about to jump the shark?

Century of the Self video by BBC man Adam Curtis,,4 stars

How much longer before she blows ??

On the news that Bush wants to use nuclear weapons.

Saturday Night Massacre II of Fitz ? I sure hope not

I'm sorry Mr. Bush, you just cant make chicken soup out of chicken SHIT...

creationists... debunked..?

Berlusconi tipped for defeat as Italians vote

The Coming Economic collapse (video)

so it's official : GW betrayed his country for own selfish interests ...

OK, it's now on NYT most e-mailed; I'll post it: Condoleeza Rice on Piano

Can we go back to Clinton Administration energy policies now?

If Bush were to use Nukes on Iran, the USA would be a Pariah Nation.

Hey, guys? You think, just maybe, that the "nuke Iran" hysteria

Washington Post confirms Hersh on U.S. plans to nuke Iran

Liberals make up only 16 percent of the population

Heads Up: Tim Russert CNBC interviewing author of "Foxes in the Henhouse"

Iran-- Up to one million casualties ?!?

Help (once again) please.

Please DU this poll

Patriot Act E-Mail Searches Apply to Non-Terrorists, Judges Say


SNL spoofs Tom Tancredo, Vincente Fox, Cynthia McKinney - no Bush, DeLay

What's Wrong with America

McCain in New Hampshire the other day....DISGUSTING Comment!

Bush plans strike on Iran's nuclear sites

Who is your choice for Bill Maher's worst guest EVER...?

Why did the Saudis want us to invade Iraqi?

Alarm over shopping radio tags (BBC) {RFID}

Are the Marines quietly admitting to guilt re: massacre at Haditha?

New Info From NYT on Leak-Gate

Josh Marshall Blows away "London Times" Niger Forgeries Article!

strib: Yanks revolt against London auto fee


Kerry, Biden going weak-kneed on nuke deal-- write to/call them ASAP!!


If you could outlaw the Republican Party, as the German Nazis, would you?

C&L: Lieberman "divorced from reality" or "spinning a line?" ASK him...

What U.S. Democrats can learn from the Italian election.

Ireland used to transport Apache helicoptors to Israel

Poll: Busby in lead in 50th District race

Three problems facing John McCain in 2008

Studs Terkel on Cspan

No one defended the Chimp last night on Hardball!

NYT: McCain Emphasizing His Conservative Bona Fides

Seymour Hersh: Bush 'is planning nuclear strikes on Iran's secret sites'

Harry Reid has lied to us! Divine Strake test is prelude to nuking Iran

Study Paints Somber Portrait of Iraq despite statements by American pols

Nancy Pelosi, not Hilary Clinton, could be the first woman POTUS

DU this poll!

You can run, GOP - but you can't hide!

Lets start our boycott of GE

The real reason why we went to war with Iraq, and why will invade Iran

Senator Feingold's Statement to Condi Rice: "U.S./India Atomic Energy "..

The entire White House was consumed by fear over Wilson (and the Truth).

Fitz:"concerted action by multiple people in White House to seek revenge"

PRO-LIFE NATION (NY Times--this could happen here!)

Exposed, the 'weekend warrior' who was no hero

UK Observer: Why We Won't Go To War With Iran, by Jack Straw*

Paul Craig Roberts: Attacking Iran

Lost words of a German conscript (survivor of concentration camp)

Daniel Lapin: The Right's favorite Rabbi (Media Transparency Org Research)

LAT: War's Cost for All to See (Flag Half-Staff for Every CA Killed War)

Republicans in disarray ... Wheels come off well-oiled political machine

Conrad Burns Latest to Feel The 'Abramoff Effect'

PRO-LIFE NATION (NY Times--this could happen here!)

18th Century Evangelical Christians demanded a Wall between Church + State

WP: A Good Leak -- Bush declassification

"Why I Think Rumsfeld Must Go" By LIEUT. GENERAL GREG NEWBOLD (RET.)

UK Observer: Chaos and Cock-up Always Trump Conspiracy

Parent Trap? Litigation Explodes Over Paternity Fraud

Boston Globe: Missteps threaten House GOP rule

Juan Cole: Mubarak of Egypt says US should not withdraw.

Men Growing Up to be Boys:...a Peter Pan version of masculinity

Seymour Hersh: The Iran Plans (The New Yorker)

This sick MF president is talking about nuking Iran

"I Can't Afford to Get Sick"

Oil prices edge closer to $100-a-barrel

$132.6 Billion to reduce oil consumption by 5% with Hybrid vehicles?

Nazis planned Holocaust for pre-state Israel

Report: Israel pressuring U.S. over Iran attack

Sharon to Be Declared Incapacitated

US leak of Zarqawi letter riles Israelis - Sunday Times (UK) - 4/9/2006

Enemy soldiers gather - to strive for peace

Tel Rumeida Project

What's Missing is Often More Telling Than What is Not...

Thompson's Dog Won't Hunt

Blast from the past: Great Depression, then and now.

Livvys ERD hits 3 star status,36 votes-give your selves a pat on the back

Fritakis: Shocking Diebold Conflict Of Interest Revelations

Lease Optical Scan Machines til Voting Technology Improves

Want Democracy?!? Paper ballots and HAND COUNTS Now!!! nt

Dupe? Alderman says voting glitches may have been part of a conspiracy

Help needed in GD, I opened a can of worms!

the chicago dog and pony show.

Imagine your vote actually counted

Audits, Schmaudits: What about RELIABILITY?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, April 9, 2006

Has anyone read "Fooled Again," by Mark Crispin Miller

Are mainstream churches finally standing up to the GOP’s hateful “Christia

Karl Rove on C-Span talking about election integrity and Dem voter fraud


Edwards press in today's Gazette

History of John Kerry's Senate Races

I need some help.

DU Caucus at Ft Worth a reminder

Good play by play on the Dallas rally. Did anyone go?

The Story of a Texas Cowboy (satire)

Who is going to Crawford this week?

Parking ticket in Dallas

The Texas Observer hosts David Sirota 4/21 (w/ Molly Ivins also)

Anyone else disgusted by the Vancouver police?

Further Scottish bird flu results return negative

PRO-LIFE NATION (NY Times--this could happen here!)

U.N. nuke inspectors visiting Iran

Exposed, the 'weekend warrior' who was no hero

Palestinian tells UN his people want peace -- US reaction?

Iran accuses US of "psychological war"

Afghan city hit by double bombing

More Violence Marks Holiday in Baghdad (5 Roadside Bombs/Freedom Day)

Bin Laden clan split as ex-wife joins 9/11 lawsuit

Poll: Immigration High on List of Concerns

Venezuela condemns aggressive protest against US ambassador

'You need a real friend' (FBI sting against NY Post)

Australia Official Denies Saddam Kickbacks

Poll: Immigration, Wars Trouble Americans

LAT: War's Cost for All to See (Flag Half-Staff for Every CA Killed War)

Parent Trap? Litigation Explodes Over Paternity Fraud

Kurds say rejection of Jaafari as Iraq PM is final

Bank of New York and J. P. Morgan Agree to Swap Assets

Saddam’s pilots hunted down by death squads

Man apprehended on White House grounds

US-Iran talks on Iraq to await new Baghdad government: Khalilzad

Report on Iran strike 'nuts' (Straw)

WP/AP: Israel to Declare Sharon 'Incapacitated'

BBC: Iraq angered by civil war warning (by Mubarek)

Intruder arrested at WH

Militants threaten to kill German hostages

July 7 bombs were a 'demo' not terrorism, claims professor

Corruption-linked Capital Flight Sinks Africa

California investigates voter fraud

Iraq angered by civil war warning

Republican leader rejects guest worker plan

(Specter)Senator Asks Bush, Cheney for Explanation

Leftist Humala leads in Peru election: poll

Marine killed in action in al Anbar Province ( # 2350 )

WP: Montana Pollution Rules Draw Federal Objections

MSNBC Breaking: Man apprehended on White House grounds

Tens of thousands turn out for Dallas immigration march

Italy Begins Voting on the Fate of Berlusconi

NYT- Iraq Findings Leaked by Cheney's Aide Were Disputed

"Survey (Lundberg) : Gasoline prices surge 17 cents"

Security costs lead Bush to cut funds for Iraq democratization

Plane with U.S. officials was fired at (by Iraq)

CNN/AP: Orbiter photos show surface of Mars

Army faces a major officer shortage (Sen. Hagel: "Ruining the Army")

Govt. insists focus is on diplomacy against Iran

Powell: U.S. made 'serious mistakes' in Iraq

11,000 Kat(rina) trailers still sitting unused

NYT: Upgrade to Air Traffic System Runs Into Trouble

At Easter egg roll, focus on a family issue (200 gay families to the WH)

New Baghdad Sculpture Holds Little Meaning (for Iraqis)

Lieberman facing tough questions (The Herald Press)

Kerry: Taking Federal Money a Mistake

Iran 'shoots down unmanned plane'

Activists, Hunters Spar Over Seal Hunt

Venezuela's Chavez threatens to expel US ambassador

This is why ol' women like me celebrate.

K-Fed prooves he's a dumbass by illegally sampling in his music

I think I'll go

Nude picture thread ......

Tell us of your animals, past or present, with English skills

Looking for a cartoon... anybody?

Caption this photo of Chimpy

I think rap is crap! It's not talented to copy music and talk!

ZW's Int'l Cuisine of the Week: Peruvian!

Alright Lounge, time for Rev to go night-night.

I Bid You Goodnight Dear Lounge

You know, who ever did the puke smiley did really good work.

My stomach's upset.

My stomach's upset.

I'm watching Fahrenheit 9/11 now

Lou Albano.

To everyone who's been thinking I've lost my head recently...

hey I forgot to share my good news for yesterday

it's grateful dead season

okay tonight at the bar somebody ordered a "Hypnotic" and Hennesey

HEY....anybody ever drank a RUBY SLIPPER?

LOTR-a-thon!!! Finally OVER!! GOOD NIGHT!

Where is the biweekly underwear thread?

did you know...

When you say WIIIII-SCON-SIN!

PHOTO: ENOUGH!!!!! For the love of GOD, ENOUGH!!!!!

Positive statements that will infuriate conservatives:

Good Sunday Morning, Crew!

Hmmm. New digital hygrometer reads 20%; the old analogue one 40%...

I am still without cleverness

How is everyone's Masters Sunday?

I give you my new drink creation!

Where do they FIND these horrible films??

Has Steven Spielberg gone Tom Cruise crazy?

Charlize Theron will not wed until Gays & Lesbians are allowed to marry

which is the more culturally influential event?

I love old 'Really Cheesey' Bollywood Movies: Anyone else here a fan...?

You have the power to make DU more exciting...

Fashion advice, motorbike boots...

I Gotta Big Big Love!

Is it possible to bleach your eyelids?

Look out Agusta! Heeeeeerrrrreeeeee Comes TIGER

Who wants to play with my big control panel?

most important poll yet

sausage soup

When did Will Ferrell join the Israeli army?

Beatles Fun...

Once again Doonesbury nails it right on the head!

Better candy: M&M's vs. Reese's Pieces

On a certain weather web site, there's this advertisement

Ah, the joys of seeking that perfect mattress...

For all of the lounge cowbell fans.....the cowbell soundboard!!!!!

"King Kong" just came out on DVD

The Ten Spot is the new buck.....


DU Grammarians can you say "suffer the indignity" as well as "suffer the

And sometimes even music cannot substitute for tears....

All is the same...we are family..Stay gold.

So a friend of mine was sent to Iraq

Great Match Game Clips!

Bill O'Reilly sings an oldy

whatever happened to Peter Max?

arm the homeless and illegal aliens NOW!!!

Anybody here good at identifying fish?

How does something like this happen?

Interesting drink recipes thread

I don't know quite what to make of this.

I hate to be a pain in the ass, but could someone check out my

Gives a new meaning to the word "carpool"

Which DUer would you like to crush?

Does anyone have a photo of this monster?

Wisconsin Hockey Gods!!!

EBay Buyers (Some are aggravating!)

Grab it while it's HOT!

Help! I need lyrics to one of the Polar Express songs for my son.

Life in a Northern Town

Alright, I've got a gripe about pants!

should i have posted this in the lounge?

Goodnight kids......see ya later

Have you or have you ever considered "Paragliding"? Pics...

Anyone know anything about Real Player?

"Radio friendly" versions of songs

before and after

NeoCitran Chest Congestion and Cough with new and improved taste...

The homeless intellectual who hangs at my Startbucks is f*cking with me...

Prayers/good thoughts/vibes needed...

Foshatas! In the mold of the "Chevy Apprentice" campaign...

Wow, petco and the ilk have raised their prices on pet birds...

Why are girls so attracted to bad doctors and lawyers?

Have you ever watched news footage of Tornado devastation

Need moving/packing tips : How does one pack a hard drive?

Ah, the liberal North End!

Who's a TALENT "10?"

Kittie video!

Drive 50 miles to the farm for radio of Cubs game or watch Gosp Judas

Think I'll go get a pedicure & manicure

James Spader ought to pay John Lithgow royalties for his Alan Shore char.

OUCH! Talk about spinning your economic wheels

Where's billyskank at?

Its turned into a beautiful day and my dog is having a whining campaign

Isn't a podcast just an audio file?

Damnit! I haven't worked on my screenplay in months.

Does Phil Mickelson look like he's put on a few pounds since last year??

Crash - not a movie I can watch again.

Suppose you won the lottery...

Ever been to a drive-in movie?


Life is incredibly depressing sometimes

Powerball getting screwy again...

West Wing on at the top of the hour!

How could anyone NOT like this band?

Family guy fans is the show new tonight or not

Which song is better Jailhouse Rock or Johnny B Good.?

It's just not getting any better.

A Poem Entitled "Bohemian's Suicide Note" Does NOT Mean I Am Suicidal!

Anyone seen Mr and Mrs Sniffa? Its been a whiLe

Open House Today

Coming Soon to a town near you!

It's supposed to be nice and sunny all week and what am I doing?

Resurrecting the classics: "Thanksgiving Prayer" by William Burroughs

Am I the only one who thought Narnia sucked?

Strange story of a former baseball star

FERAL CAT advocates/workers: I need your advice.

I have discovered the bestest ice cream evah!

My nomination for DU's official video

Have experience making special arrangements for seniors/disabled ??

East Coasters! Need we remind you

So, my boss shows up unexpectedly at work today....

That is correct!

Finally saw Batman Begins

One-Eyed Kitten Sold To Museum Exploring Creationism

I am in Sicily and I can see Mt. Etna and the sea from my balcony

Monty Python continuation thread!

Musicians who should have died years ago.



**OFFICIAL West Wing Thread--C'Mere to Discuss in Real Time! SPOILERS!!**

Brown eggs?

Can you name -- fictional characters born in US states?

I'm watching Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy on Starz

My Rottie is such a softie: Here's his Picture!

Any DUers from or living in the UK? I need your help BIG TIME!!!

I'm gonna come right out and say it:

Other sites you visit daily, other than DU

West Wing predictions (possible spoilers)

Every just read threads in GD and go, "This person has lost their mind!"

I finished my screenplay, too - and here it is!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/9/06)

Post your state capital spelled backwards. Does it sound cool?

What would it take for you to kill someone?

Mommy brag! He was so proud of himself

Don't Downlist the Florida Manatee

Where did Mopaul vanish to?

I'm 194 posts from 10,000

Whoo-hoo! I finished my screenplay!!!!!!!

I went to a UU service for the first time this morning...

Need help/interpretation - Bible prophesy, war, my family members

Religion seems to get people focused somewhere else . . .

Is the end of the world coming? Rapture?

Seems like Jesus actually committed suicide.

Indole Three Carbinol.... for the invitro vs invivo flap

Vital lessons at orang-utan 'Oxbridge'

Famous Homophobes with Gay Offspring--Post 'em here!!!!!!!!!!!

Any other COGS in here? Fairy children? Queer spawn?

Research Forum and gay topics?

The more things change the more things stay the same.

The Comfort Of A Loved One

McCrady-Van Gundy Overrated?

FERAL CAT advocates/workers: I need your advice.

Cop Suspended for Psychic Consult

So, this alleged Iran situation. Anyone have any (psychic) thoughts?

Ok its 5:10 in the morning is anyone still up?

Good thread.

Thanks to who recommened my thread on GDP

Delete dupe

Kerry: Taking federal money a mistake.

RNC responds to Kerry


How can anyone call Kerry a flip flopper and say Murtha is just dandy

Salon recaps some of Kerry's MTP appearance

A proliferation of plans for Iraq - BG (a comparison between Kerry and

For the VA folks

My LTE got printed in the newspaper!

Hey JI7 whats this I hear about Joe Biden hitting on Angelina Jolie

Isn't it about time for new Kerry pic thread?

dkos post on JK MTP appearance

A gift from Neil Young "Prairie Wind"

Here Junior, take this little nuclear weapon outside and play with it...

The Rebuking and Scorning of Cynthia McKinney

I'm freaking out!!!

No Tinfoil BUT IF we do bomb

What's below "beneath contempt"? This criminal cabal has exhausted my

How many?

Video of yesterday's white house press briefing?

My Rabbit can whip your Chimp!

History is bearing down on George W. Bush, and we all suffer from his

The endless revelations of just how corrupt Bush is makes me want to

Dear God, if you are taking requests now...

The remaining 36 percent

Pet Shop Boys' single "I'm with Stupid" is pean to guess who

If you're curious about Italy

Simple question about the 2-5 year amnesty thing...

How appropriate for right now.

If this is Homeland Security, I think we ought to be a little afraid,"

Iran said set to respond to U.S. strike with global terror

What do you think of this Alabama teacher/candidate?

Prisons flourish where freedom reigns

The most ghoulish thing I've ever seen... (*pics*, NO blood and guts!)

Re: The Bennett Bastard who "disciplined" campers with a broomstick...

So!! NOW will Bush & Cheney be called to testify UNDER OATH!?

"If a madman is waving a gun @ you, you don't ignore him."

Tony the Idiot on CNN never fails

Internal Government Report Concludes Iraq is F***ked Up!

MTP Today has John Kerry Talking Iraq & CIA Leak Case!

Lawyer: " Bush Left Leak Details to Cheney"

Grading Our MBA President

You know 'poppy' has to be worried about idiot son exposing the bfee

While the media and the bu$h regime divert us with immigration

Phew. Was just on C-SPAN.

Newsweek Poll: Do you think President Bush authorized Scooter Libby

John Dean thinks Bush may have settled w/ Joe & Valerie? huh?

There is a special place in hell for George W. Bush

George Bush, A Slam Dunk Liar-Deserves Impeachment! - by Larry C Johnson

Bush Decries Top Democrat on Immigration - Typical

Relax! NY Times: Four officials deny report U.S. considers nuking Iran

What three position help the REPBULICANS the most?

IAEA/UN Inspectors: Iraq v. Iran by the numbers:

AFL-CIO puts big CEO pensions under scope

US leak of Zarqawi letter riles Israelis

CEO Pay & Retirement Out Of Control: - Take Action

this week with Opus

Hersh: "..Intensified planning for a possible major air attack"

Not only are his poll numbers falling....

John Kerry on MTP: Will NOT Support War on Iran.

Immigration and Education --> An important issue that is often ignored...

Anyone Else Watching this Bio on Fatwa Robertson (CBS)?

Borrowed some saw horses from a freeper co worker

Is anyone watching Washington Journal


Joe Wilson coming up on ABC This week

Someone please debunk the "the President can declassify it" argument?

Kerry on Meet the Press

"Mr. President, is outing a covert CIA operative in wartime treason?"

Amy Goodman on C-Span at 10:31 today!

John Boehner, Congressional Kool-aid Server extraordinaire

dupe sorry

Senator Asks Bush, Cheney for Explanation(Specter)

If Bush nuking Iran doesn't scare you, here's some info that might...

If this administration couldn't stop 9-11...............

Had enough?

Are we not beyond "Impeachment"? This administration

If Impeachment Is A Waste Of Time Why Am I A Democrat?

**Ambassador Joe Wilson Coming UP on ABC's This Week w/Steph!!**

Eye on the ball: Who Leaked Plames Name?

Feds Try to Seize Gold From Suspects' Teeth

President Kerry

Washington Post editorial - "A Good Leak." GOP house organ.

Coingate: Noe gifts to charities & Kaptur wants Congress to investigate

"Freedom Day" in Iraq...Remember the "huge crowd"...

Vivica Novak Leaves Time Magazine - Finally

Seymour Hersh Coming up on Late Edition with wolfie

Remember to bring up Brewster-Jennings at every opportunity!

Is Florida waiting for the statute of limitations to run out on Rush

Specter pushes Bush, Cheney on CIA leak.....

Specter, Wilson push for more details about C-I-A leak

Kerry-Edwards Back Bush Censure

since leak is now "good", "o.k." we need to lay out results of leak

Why John Mellencamp not in RRHOF while the Rolling Stones Are?

gas hits $3.00/gal for reg. unleaded in Northern California....

For every right wing bloviator coming out furiously now...

Seymour Hersch to be on Wolf Blitzer next hour!!Heads up!!!

Sy Hersh to be on CNN (Noon hour EST)

Interesting programming on local PBS station last night...

Executive Pay: A Special Report - Leaving Many Behind

CNN Poll:What issue concerns you most right now?

Affordable housing: Why two (CA) cities diverge

Bush's words too slippery to clog leaks (Chicago Tribune No Less)

"Hammered: What I Saw at the Republican Revolution" (WaPo)

Russert's last question to Kerrywas plain nasty!

Dutch Make Gay Acceptance Litmus Test for Immigrants

Talking about Impeachment is different than demanding it NOW.

Have You Changed Your Internet Habits Because Of Illegal Domestic Spying?

So How Are The Iraqis Celebrating Iraq Liberation Day?

DiGenova suggests no trial: "You'll see a pardon first"

By bush's standards, Iran would be justified in an attack on the U.S.

Letter: Don't be fooled by president's spin

Vermont Democrats call for Bush impeachment

Anyone know anything about the Princeton University EGGS project?

What If They're Trying To Provoke Iran Into Hostile Action?

Can ANYTHING be done to stop * from attacking Iran?

Bush Must FIRE ALL LEAKERS! - Joe Wilson on THIS WEEK

Could we all just spend more time debating about whether...

God-damn George Will...

I Need The Rest Of Harry Taylors Text....

NYT Wrong?? "ONLY Libby, Cheney and Asshat knew of declassification??

Ross, could you come over here and look under the hood ?

Seems like Jesus actually committed suicide.

horrid little lies and half-truths

Specter on Leak: Bush ‘Owes a Specific Explanation to the American People

Straw Out Of The Bag to you to.

I may not vote this time

Another Election Reform Idea........

Amid new tensions with Iran, Iran has shot down a drone over territory

Scariest thing I have ever heard from a * supporter (regarding Iran)

Bush is obsessed on what is happening in Iraq...

WP article echoes Sy Hersh's report of US planned nuke option for Iran

Bush has a solution for for Global Warming:

Anybody Know How Harkin's Petition To Support Censure Is Going ???

Happy Sunday DU, New Neil Young, "Prairie Wind."

How much more global damage can *shrub* inflict in 2.75 years?

Kristol Launches Right-Wing Attack On Fitzgerald

I keep remembering a young man I met at a peace rally

Countering Right Wing Spin - POAC

Evolution is a Harsh Mistress

Fareed Zakaria: A Nuclear Reality Check

Dr. Peter Rost, HuffPo: "This isn't a market economy; it is a kleptocracy"

Fukuyama speaks out: "Why shouldn't I change my mind?"

Does the WH website still have that Iraq WMD page still up?

Didn't Nixon's staff keep the football away from him...

Gingrich: Democrats' slogan should simply be "Had Enough?"

George Bush: Anyone wanna play Global Nuclear War with me?

Not a peep at FR on this one

The Rise and Fall of the Republican Party -- TWO big stories in Section A

US plans to attack Iran near completion, putting Isreal in danger.

In desperation, Wingnuts (Kristol) begin the attack on Fitz...

The High Crime of Outing Plame: Simplified (+ cartoons)

What will China & Russia do if * tries to move on Iran?

Kerry: "Tell the truth. Fire the incompetents. Find Osama bin Laden"

America's war on the web

"Why I Think Rumsfeld Must Go" by Lt. Gen. Greg Newbold(Ret)

Web site exposes Air Force One defenses

Please everyone sign Harkin's petition if you haven't already

Senator Hatch introduces plan to sell 5% of our national public lands

Irish spend billions in UK property spree

Bush Has Hog-Tied Fitzgerald and Hung Libby Out To Dry

DEBATE: Thesis - No act taken to prevent a nuclear war is immoral.

luncheon with DeLay "... was encouraging & inspiring."

RE: Bill Maher this past Friday evening....

Kerry-Short&Sweet: Tell the truth, Fire the Incompetents, Get Out of Iraq"

ok....this is a MUST SEE! SET YOUR TIVO

53% of respondents to this online poll say evangelicals should lobby...

Where's the Sunday funnies? Where are the CAPTIONS????

Lou Dobbs is on Tweety's show

Zimbabwean women have a life expectancy of 34 years

CA-50 Special Election is on Tuesday. Discuss

"I don't know with what weapons World War Three will be fought...

Dallas MegaMarch Draws Thousands: "They're Coming to America"

Leak it later? NEW TOON - Sunday 4/9

Multi - linguals check in here for translation duty!

Hey Freepers?

Read all about Kelsie, a remarkable 11-year old who's making

Hate Tom Delay? Then you will LOVE this...

Sometimes I like being wrong.

Imagine that Bush destroyed the world and only about 8% of us survived...

Skin Mags? Not at This Department (Condi and State Dept)

Can't Stream Mark Levine

Here we go again: $2.78/$2.88/$2.98

rumsfeld has a "soft spot" for our first responder heroes

Why isn't * in Baghdad celebrating Iraqi Freedom Day?

Bring back the Baathists in Iraq

Please DU this poll on global warming

The growing use of the word 'Impeachment'

This is insane. They think we are Rome 2,000 years ago.

Leaker/Liar in Chief: (photo) "Heh, heh, I got a

Another military industrial warrior slithers underneath the Defense head

Did you Hear about The Unmanned Plane Shot Down IN Iran Today?

The proud Afghan risked all to save a Navy SEAL

Civil War in Southern California?

Daily Kos: Joe Wilson Responds to Washington Post Editorial

Immigrant groups vow mass protests in US cities for amnesty

Kevin Phillips, Ray McGovern will be on The Monitor

The Danger of Hugo Chávez's Successful Socialism/ By Ted Rall

When do the next poll numbers come out?

CRAP!! Dennis Kucinich says Impeachment talk is a waste of time.

Umm...Where does Bush have authority to attack Iran?

Oh Come All Ye CAPTIONS!!!

Blast from the past: Great Depression, then and now.

Laura, Babs, Poppy attending George W. Bush childhood home ceremonies

Sy Hersh on Good Morning America tomorrow

What is Fitzy doing on Wednesday?

DeLay Is the New Republican (excellent)

I hear the "stop" signs around the DC area are being replaced by these...

If Bush nukes the Moon..(Why the Iran thing is crap)

what time is it?

super simplistic question about Rumsfeld and Cheney, et al

Talk about tolerating the intolerable!


Peru Exit poll results so far.

My Father, the Illegal Immigration Non-Crusader

N.C.-based Marine spoke to mother the day he died

Why Not A Resolution To Restrict Bush's War Powers In The WOT?

I think freeperville is in it's last throes

Bad Week For Republicans... Yessir !!!

There is no nice way of putting this.

Am I the only one who thought Narnia sucked?

Political Riddle: Why Do Republicans Wear Neckties ???

DU THIS POLL. Should Congress Impeach?

No easy answers on immigration conundrum

Describe the scenerio if repubs win in 2006 and 2008...

The average IRA withdrawal last year was $8600.00...

NYT's - Cheney Cherry Picked the Intel

Read this Fundies--and feel like fools for ever trusting Bush...

The Anti-War Movement? By Cindy Sheehan

Freepers will be so disappointed.

Is there anything anymore that distinguishes W from a king or dictator?

Please take a moment to check out your DU State Forum:

Angry? Oh, maybe a little...

Non Sequitur nails it

Anyone want to play a great practical joke on the fundies?

NC minister changes view, now supports gay marriage

who is the RW marketing genius behind the immigration red herring?

MUST LISTEN: a song by Pink. "Dear Mr. President"

There is no easy way to say this...

Hans Blix says Iran is at least 5 years away from having a bomb.

No New Nemesis? No New Nukes

solutions to illegal immigrant problem

'Gospel of Judas' Surfaces After 1,700 Years

It cost me nearly 1/2 day's salary to fill my car today.

CRAP!! John Kerry on MTP Says "Impeachment Talk a Waste of Time."

Ann Coulter Sets New Book Release For 6/6/06

For everyone who has seen "Supersize Me"

What if the military stood down?

Iran Saber Rattling…

It's not enough to be morally right, progressives have to gain power

I think Kerry will run again, some quotes in this article ring home...

Tweety's SO BUSTED!!!!!

Seems everyone in my union at work shops at Wal-Mart

In your heart of hearts, do you believe Bush will invade Iran?

Didn't Katie Couric wear a Bush pin on the air a few years ago?

Need help with repuke attacks on wilson

FYI: West Wing tonight

Chi-Suntimes photo find- Young republicans of Champaign - Priceless

Huh. Check this out. A so-called "White House insider" over at SA...

neocon proposes genocide to avoid leaving Iraq

OMFG Tune into the NASCAR race and Dubya gives the command!

Holy Crap -- The New Pink/Indigo Girls Song is Good!

Iran 'shoots down unmanned plane'

Can someone please help me find an article......................

My, How things have changed...Now its Bush/Cheney in the Last Throes

Can you spare a $ to send an Iraqi blogger to NY journalism school?

Some Dems worry: Why Should they Vote...if the Machines are Corrupt?

Ted Rall calls the success of Hugo Chavez a danger!

TBTM Scoops Ledeen/Franklin 2001 meet over a year ago in film!

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Palm Sunday!)

question about exxonmobil's ginormous profit$ & #1 ranking

This is way the media is reporting negative stories in Iraq

Specter Urges Bush, Cheney to Detail Iraq Disclosures

Has this occurred to anyone else?

So is Wiley, of non-sequitur fame a D.U. er? You be the judge:

Please don't let me say anything that will get me killed by the Americans

You're all being PUNKED on IRAN. Just like you got punked on immigration

J.D. Hayworth (R) wants to do away with the birthright law to citizenship

Who is going to Crawford this week?

People better clear out of Iran and Israel as the nukes are about to fly.

How much longer until Republicans turn on Bush? What will it take?

Mark Crispin Miller on cspan 2 now...... 2004 election results

O, Connecticut! How low have ye fallen! Weicker 1973 v. Lieberman 2006

Thousands Rally for Immigrants in Texas

What is the new definition of "conservatism"?

Dick Cheney's Tribute to Spiro Agnew

We are dying.

Bush is talking to Whitehouse Paintings (PICS)

Why do these fools think they are going to win the midterm?

"I can't imagine this case going to trial....You'll see a pardon first."

Want more Bush? Elect McCain By HELEN THOMAS


gwb's personality flaw ; the WH press corps could expose the "real" gwb

How do we know we even have a two-party system anymore?

Holy Crap!!!! The WP Is Distributing the KOOL AID BIGTIME!!!!

Help! I'm wounded by the John Perkins/Amy Goodman Interview

Repost: Members of DemocraticWarrior make sure to vote in The

A GOP rancher re-frames the term "environmentalist".

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" Upset some Wacky Fundies in Waco

George and Laura, Part 4 posted in "slowly undressed" thread...msatty

DU this poll: Is President Bush honest?

The press misses the real point: Bush's leaks have KILLED people.

Does anyone know someone who has finally saw FARENHEIT 911....

How can bush handle a nuclear disaster when...

Did anyone hear that Indian tribes/reservations

I'm going to write a damned book entitled....

The slam dunking of Liar-in-Chief Bush & His Stenographer Fred Hiatt

I never though I'd post one of these..but...the GOP worm is turning here.

Iraq Findings Leaked by Cheney's Aide Were Disputed

Duke Rape Case (I cannot believe this)

Someone gave me free tix to see Colin Powell tomorrow. What should I ask?

These people flying THEIR flag instead of the US flag! Disgraceful!

Crispin Miller says a big name is going to squawk about 2004 election.

In 7 days DUers have sent $$3633.92 to Feingold- let's keep it going!

Empathy's what's missing in those who spew hate in Jesus name ...

Ramadi Insurgents Develop Clever Tactics

Women and jobless armed by Chavez to resist 'US invasion'

Kerry "profoundly" regrets his IWR vote. MTP

Back from my trip to D.C., and I caused Justice Antonin Scalia to flip out

Hersh: "Some senior officers are prepared to resign"

Asperger's Syndrome

Lieberman facing tough questions (Q&A meeting today)

A lifelong mystery is finally solved..

Is it time for the censure now ?

North Korean Official Blasts U.S.

Nick Lampsen on cspn

The Tennessean on Frist as a "pander-for-support" presidential wannabe

Stop the Next War Now

US Becoming More Like China?

Today's anecdotal 'Republican sees the light' thread: Insert your story

WaPo is insane! Got up to this headline on MSNBC:

Republican woes in Congress boost Democratic hopes

Presidential Mystery My A**! (at least Newsweek has it up)

Effort to impeach Bush backfires on Newfane (pop 1,680)

Tank Cleanup at Defense Sites Will Leave Radioactive Waste

"we don't live in a democracy" "the grass roots gets it"

Kerry supports Feingold censure?

Here's the wide angle shot of that famous photo of Saddam's statue

After the Earthquake...

John Gibson: "Economy is roaring along" but "good news gets buried"

MSNBC.COM home page pic is HILARIOUS! 12:50pm

Democrats call off rally McKinney was to attend

GOP support for Harris lukewarm at best

Dem. Party Plank Possibility ( SAY NO TO DRUG COMPANIES )

Arlen Specter: "Tempers will cool...We have to craft a compromise"

Latest results from the Bush Honesty Poll at the Pasadena Star News

Transformation of socialist to market economy, a goal of War.

John McCain - The Man Who Will Say Or Do Anything To Get Elected

Bill Kristol: Fitzgerald 'Out to Discredit Bush Administration'

The Hamilton Project -be warned

Fox posts map of potential Iran attack targets, floats coercive diplomacy

Time for a MESSAGE and a BULLHORN

McCain gets pages of coverage on his FL visit...Kate Harris as well.

aarrrgghhh--investigating 9/11 would aid the enemy!!!

Stars take the shine off Hillary's bid

"If the Democrats take over, will they go on a witch hunt?"

Hamas to end suicide bombings

No War With Iran .... call your senators & reps ... fire up the e mails

"DeLay's office spread the rumors that Clinton raped a woman"

Anybody watching President Bush before NASCAR today?

"Ooo-oo, I can't vote for the Democrats cause they'll go on a witchhunt"

Fighting Dem Vets Live-Blogging at kos

Ok here is your reason to boycott GE.....

iraq may be a blessing in disguise for south america, in a weird way.

NAACP chief opposes ban against same-sex marriage!


Democrats keeping quiet allows the Repukes to cloud up scandals.

Republicans think tax issue can save them in November

Aaand now for the 2nd weekly edition of . . .

Schweitzer Crafts Ballot Initiative To Curb Lobbyists

Pray for George W. Bush

MTP video of Kerry's interview; Also, RNC's response.

Specter to Bush: say "exactly what happened"

Kerry on MTP: Backs Administration Into A Corner?

Blackwell Accidentally Held Shares in Election Maker-Machine (Diebold)

Repost: Members of DemocraticWarrior have you voted in The Brazilian


Not facetious - what does a guy have to do to get impeached around here?

Bush Talking To Whitehouse Paintings.

" Like that surprise hidden on page 302 " (immigration)

Kerry Speaks the Truth to Power on Meet The Press, Many Heed His Call

Curt Weldon PA-07 is Nuts (really nuts)

Compare today's WP lead article with today's WP editorial -- CRAZY!!!

IWhy Gore (or Kerry if not Gore) should be the leader of the party.

The people must impeach Bush and Cheney

Is offshoring entirely about corporate greed?

2006 Blue Awards looking for a Partner

Russert re Kerry this morning: "48.3% of the popular vote"

Bush loyalists......a really hideous bunch

Alec Baldwin: DeLay Is the New Republican

The one thing I've never heard a Democrat politician say

The Billionaire, the Blackmailer & the Dark Lord:Murdoch Shakedown Artist?

Do you want to go to war with IRAN??? I DON'T!!!!

Oliver North: Recipe for disaster ( Kerry hits a nerve)

Thoughts on Senior Military Resignations and Coups



What will we do with all the Bushies after the election???

Lieberman - Again refuses to rule out running as an independent

Why DINOs are worse for the party than the GOP…