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Archives: January 13, 2007

DoD attacks defence lawyers on GITMO 5th anniversary

American Judicature Society Condemns Remarks by Defense Official

European Union Urged to Lead on Human Rights as U.S. Loses Moral Authority

WP: The War Within Sen. McCain

Shoot the messenger: PM blames media for anti-war mood

Somali Islamists held UK meeting to raise funds (Guardian)

AP: Cheney enters the twilight of his career

'The jihad now is against the Shias, not the Americans'

Bush isn't an exception; he's simply the rule writ large.

The "Surge" is a Red Herring (PC Roberts)

President Declare "Secret War" Against Syria and Iran?

Questions about climate change...

EPA Adopts Oil Industry Dirty-Air Plan to Cripple Clean Air Standards

New video looks at NTSB's analysis of Flight 77's black box data

To those skeptical of controlled demolition on the grounds of conspicuous preparation.

I recommended Rumpel's ERD thread. n/t

Lou Dobbs and Kitty Pilgrim are Still At It. How about you?

Anyone know if Debra Bowen's inaugural speech is archived anywhere yet?

The War Profiteering Prevention Act of 2007

Morales allies vow to step up protests in Bolivia

Iran's caution under sanctions eases heat at IAEA

MSNBC Breaking: Japan warns of 3-foot tsunami after powerful quake off Kuril Islands

Administration: No plan to strike Iran

U.S. policies have made Israel less safe, experts say

WP: Gates Ties Iraq Push to Drawdown

NYT: Bush Authorized Iranians' Arrest in Iraq, Rice Says

WP: Battling With Sadr for Iraqi Soldiers' Hearts

Japan warns of 3-foot tsunami after powerful quake off Kuril Islands

Recent US actions could signal Iran conflict, despite WH; GOPer's bill requires Congress OK on Iran

McNaught near top of the list of the brightest comets since 1935

Terrorists 'use Google maps to hit UK troops'

NYT: Stormy Outlook as Gonzales Faces Senate Democrats

Official Attacks Top Law Firms Over Detainees

Stryker brigade to skip test run (ran out of troops - untrained recruits being sent to Iraq)

China: Return of syphilis as men rely on prostitutes

Jethro, "Cinderella Man" and the Champ

Great New Yorker article on Food TV....

Official Sacramento forecast for Friday January 12, 2007: Hella Fuckin' Cold!

Best local sandwich shop commercial ever:

Introducing Syracuse's own weather cat, Doppler

Im stuck at work putting a co-workers program into production

Where's "Good Eats"?

My cat is a @*#($ing asshole

How can it be so beautiful outside, yet so icy cold?

Geraldo and Bill O really believe they are having an intelligent debate

Miles Davis/Joni Mitchell.

Congratulations KG!!! 13,000 posts

Which is more played out?

FoxTrot is now a sunday only comic

Professionalism question: how bad is this exactly?

It's January, in Iowa, and it's cold..who saw that coming?

At what point in your life do you run out of things to say? I think I'm getting close.

Atom Heart Mother

Far away

OK, so Typepad has a free 30-day trial

If you are listening to something, or have a question - go fuck yourself

Will someone wake me when it's Monday?

Which is best?

Season 2 of Rome premieres Sunday Night

Dedicate a Thong to a Duer

Some DU positive energy can't hurt, right?

***! It ain't nothing but a heartbreaker

Ow! Round 1: Serojet - 1, Me - 0

The fifth seat:

Will Scotch treat Bronchitis?


How close (in real time) is DC to Philly?

Day 12: So how are those New Year's resolutions going?

2945 posts to go... until I post the pic of my legs...

Sinnerman where you gunna run to

I was almost run over at the grocery store

Who wants to be next to yell at me?

it's officially hotter than hell here right now

What song was played at your funeral?

Hey, I missed the 100,000th registration party. What happened?

Does your toddler (or kid or tween) watch Sprout, Disney or TLC?

And there's no reply at reply at all...

Which would you rather have?

OMG, Zero Water!

Couple roleplays the political way.

woo hoo! wind chill hits 20 below!

Was Ava Gardner ever more gorgeous than she was in "The Barefoot Contessa"?

Do sequences of your childhood get triggered by looking at certain images?

What is it? Clue #1:

What dumbass nutsack thought it a good idea

*My husband is a very smart man*

It is officially colder than Hell here right now...

What are you listening to right this very second...

Two months from my 40th birthday and it looks like I'm pregnant

Is this the right room for an argument?

"Never lick the bishop"

I witnessed a horrible auto accident today and it has me torn

Was Ina Garten ever more than the Barefoot Contessa?

OK, so HypnoToad has a free 90-day trial

Check your PM !!

Briarius needs...

evlbstrd deserves an appreciation thread, so I'm starting one

Saw "Children of Men" yesterday .....

Hey Gopisevil!!! Giada

"Snow Walker" ....a good Rental for DU "survivalists" for the Weekend..

Help me figure out what animal this is?? (pic)

Another thread got me thinking... anyone else who DOESN'T want a funeral?

It's official.... I really am preggers

My grandmother's gravestone: "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

I went with my sister to put her dog down today.

Dedicate a Song to a Duer

Religious Group Walks Their Talk

Troop Training Problem

What George Bush Can't Say About Iraq >>>

All the meetings, briefings and such

Transcript: John Kerry on the Ed Schultz Show today

Who's to blame?

The Iraq War and American Values

The Original Bushplug

Book TV Schedule: January 13th - 15th

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

I am 57¾ years old, and I have lived 63% of my life under republican rule

It's TIME for IRAN to step up to the bat to the people of the world.

I'm giving myself the "GD-GD Award"

Scott Pelley to Interview Bush on 60 Minutes


US SecDef: I'm no expert on Iraq...I'm no expert on military affairs

Bush is THE OCCUPATION pResdient.

Martin Luther King Jr. on the Domestic Impact of War

Passing Exchange Becomes Political Flashpoint

Cheney’s Dead-Enders..."times seem grim for the Dick Cheney wing of the Bush administration"

Wires Reject Handout Photo Of Bush Speech

Wondering about this whole Iran thing? Read this prescient Billmon classic: "The Flight Forward"!

PELOSI for President . . .2007!

Bush a split personality? Warning Graphic Pictures

So what will be BushCo's 'casus belli' for attacking Iran and/or Syria and when will it happen?

Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran

Hey Atman, Have You got the ADDRESS for HALLIBURTON CITY?

Obama set to announce very soon

Who's going to DC for the Jan. 27 anti-war march?

Reserve will deploy units, not volunteers

Nuclear Land mines (for real) (or.... the shit we come up with)

Bush's speech, first draft. (very funny)

Can anyone access the Iowa forum?

Better president? Carter or Ford - CNN poll

The Libby trial is set to begin Tuesday, with jury selection.

Scientists prepare to move Doomsday Clock forward...

Disarming Bush - A plan for the future?

My space refused our Ad! From Common cause... Alert!

Bush Authorized Raids Against Iranians In Iraq With Order Issued Months Ago

Senator Boxer owes us all an apology

Take a look

So what will happen if we go to war with Iran?

Dirty Work - What are the jobs Americans won't do?

OMG! IRONY ALERT! IRONY ALERT! Bush signs bill to protect phone records...

'We Have Jumped The Shark"-Why We Can't Win Militarily in Iraq"- by Larry C Johnson

"Oooga, Boooga, Woooga, Smoooga". . .Something magical to consider doing tonight . . .

Official Attacks Top Law Firms Over Detainees - -Is This Really America?

Secret Santa died today

Olbermann v. O'Reilly

Reid Backtracks, Accepts Tougher Earmark Reform...

The War Within Sen. McCain: Vocal Supporter of Bush Is Increasingly Critical, Isolated

Okay... Condi Caption today...

Laura Bush- "Condi Isn't Interested In Being POTUS Cause She's Single..."

time to bring this one back... I hope

hey, we got a countdown clock out of the deal...

Webb Does More for Troops in One Day than Allen Did in 10 Years

High-Tech Healthcare in Iraq, Minus the Healthcare...

What will be the likely pretext for attacking Iran and/or Syria? An unprovoked carrier sinking?

EU Urged to Lead on Human Rights as U.S. Loses Moral Authority...

Maureen Dowd: Iran's Next, As Bush Keeps Playing 'Risk'

Now, this is how the Republican Party should be in the rest of the states

The Guardian: Inside Baghdad's Civil War

Lyrics for DU

Wal Mart has touchy feely add saying they save working families $2300/year.

Where to Find a Retired Part-Time Super?

Just call me Hopalong...

Its like bushco* doesn't want maliki to suceed

Arianna will be appearing on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight to discuss Lieberman

Bush claims al Sadr is in cahoots with Iran?? Edit - link added

Auto Workers Union Local 1977 at Guide Plant...all operations will cease immediately.

Nancy's List

Few things more frustrating...

Two missing boys found alive in Mo. home

AP: U.S. Contradicts Iraqi Foreign Minister (says "consulate" was Revolutionary Guards op)

Bush broke his $2 TRILLION dollar toy and now WE have to pay for it!

Chimpolini to appear on 60 Mins; Shotgun Dick will be on Fox News Sunday

Hostile Intent Just what is the Bush administration up to regarding Iran?

Remind me - wasn't Rumsfeld's goal to make the Armed Forces

president has officially spent 365 days — a full year — at Camp David

Sensenbrenner calls Democrats Dangerously Irresponsible

Chevrolet VOLT: This car is HOT!

Tortured by CIA, patients seek federal compensation

Arrianna, on Countdown, just called Liberman "crazy"

John Gibson has gone nuts over the Boxer Condi thing

NYT: Bush Authorized Raids Against Iranians in Iraq Months Ago Says Rice

Scary Tsunami warning for alaska

Theater chain refuses to show black film

The 'Surge' Is A Red Herring

Excellent interview: Kerry on cutting funding and why escalation will not work

It is hitting newstribune now.

So, if I want to see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side I need a passport?

Tim Robbins Calls On Bush & Cheney To Resign

Is Iran preparing for an attack/invasion?

These are the last throes of the Bush administration

"Lewis Black: Red, White, and Screwed" on at 9pm CT on HBO

Senate Passes Bill Cancelling Pensions for Congressmen Convicted of Ethics Viol.

Since when is pointing out a woman has no children an insult?

American people certainly don't realize the rendition program is one of the most successful program

I am going nuts , just nuts.

SMU Faculty Members Oppose Bush Library

Bush thinks he OWNS space! (our new space policy)

Republican Representative introduces bill requiring Congress to OK attack on Iran.

Would you bow to 'Royalty'? If meeting Queen Elizabeth II for instance,


Bush to America: War!

Really Stupid Question - I'm a little confused on how to use the word

CIA Provides Further Details on Secret Interrogation Memos

Ted Kennedy on Iraq, Vietnam: Same lies, same disaster

Obama Smacks Bush on Speech (MSNBC with Olbermann)

God Bless America!

"That great officer, General Patrus .... "

Ford slams GOP hacks for credit given Reagan for ending cold war

CIA Leak Probe: Inside The Grand Jury (Libby trial starts next week)

In 08, its gunna be McCainClintonGuilliani or ObamaRomneyEdwards ..... or .... ?

I think Joe Liberman has been promised something. I've been watching

Kerry on cutting funding: "you can't be content just to say 'I'm opposed...'"

General Wesley Clark explains his strategy to avoid war with Iran.

I hope Robert Reich is wrong about the Democrats and Iraq.

Rep. Ron Paul (D-TX 14) files Exploratory Comm. papers for 2008

Hell no--she shouldn't apologize. That is why dems are depicted as

who the hell are the "New York money people" Wes is referring to...

George McGovern - C-Span - 11:58 pm est (soon)

Nixon/Cambodia Bush/Iran

My thinking tonight: CLARK/OBAMA 08? What do YOU think?

Chris Matthews, and You, the viewer

Edwards Keynotes "Realizing the Dream" MLK Sunday - Jan 14 (Riverside Church, NYC)

What S.U.R.G.E. stands for

What potential "peace candidate" could most effectively advocate for diplomacy with Iran

Matthews: If Dems go with their "heart," they'll nominate Hillary

Truthout: Congressman Acts to Revoke Iraq War Resolution


Media Still Turning to Discredited 'Experts' for Analysis on Iraq (Consortiumblog)

A Perfect Perfect Storm by David Michael Green of Regressive Antidote

Bush requests resignations from US Attys, Including Cunningham Prosecutor

A post not to be missed...

Here is a video that pretty much says it all

Medea Benjamin interview: Peace is Possible in Iraq

Danny Schechter: Beyond the Call to Surge, the Need to Purge Our Media

the promise of "freedom of the press" is nothing

HuffPost: Dashing Democracy in the Arab World

If only he'd studied history

Cheney's Got His Teeth Sunk into Iran

Truthout: Mohamed al-Hatfield vs. Ahmed al-McCoy

It Is Time to Rebel Against King George

How Do You Spell “DICTATOR”?

The Nation: Anti-War Tide Surging Nationwide

The Iraq Gamble: At the pundits' table, the losing bet still takes the pot

Buzzflash: We are now a dictatorship, and the media is to blame

Gloria R. Lalumia's World Media Watch for January 12, 2007--EU Fascists

Larry Beinhart: Winning In Iraq: Realities and Fictions

Baghdad Suffered Total Power Outage During Bush Speech.

They've Got Mail (It might be yours.) --WaPo Editorial

Dan Froomkin: Bush Tells a Tale

US strikes on al-Qa'ida chiefs kill nomads

Iran isn't the big, bad nuclear wolf it pretends to be

WP,pg1: U.S. Unit Patrolling Baghdad Sees Flaws in Bush Strategy

From Dr. King, a Reminder on Iraq

The U.S. Moves To Confront Iran, Syria

On Jimmy Carter's False Apartheid Analogy

China Plans To Spend $5.8 Billion To Triple Wind Generating Capacity - Bloomberg

Stop the junkmail and save 41 pounds of trash per year

Biodiesel plant coming to Quincy.

U.S. Sustainable Energy Announces Patent Pending for New Organic Biofuel

Disabled Ship Drifting Towards North Sea Gas Platform In 55 Knot Storm- AFP

Pocket-size solar power

The Inn At The Manor (Marriot Res. Inn) In West Orange, NJ (installs 108 kW PV system)

Rich in oil and gas, Texas looks to geothermal

UK And EU Permanently End Imports Of All Wild Bird Species - Times

Big Coal's Dirty Move (Rolling Stone)

Analysis: California's low-carb fuel move

Biomass plant won't locate in Tallahassee (FSU)

New (fed) rules to tighten limits on fishing

Common Plastics Chemical Linked To Egg Abnormalities In Mice - New Scientist

‘Green’ energy comes of age: Big initiatives are proposed in MN, WI

Has anybody ever heard of a World Land Trust?

Legislators pursue energy, environment issues (Mass.)

Wheels in motion for Wal-Mart experiment

In Deleware, Delphiniums Dying In Summer, Cannas Surviving Winter - News-Journal

Sharp Sets Up Additional Solar Cell Production; Starts PolySi Manufacturing

Bush January For Ontario Wildlife - Squirrels, Herons, Vultures - West Nile Virus Overwintering, Too

BIg Oil Denounces House Plan To Cut Incentives, Reinvest In Renewables - NYT

Firewood Quarantine Expands In Efforts To Control Emerald Ash Borer

Deadly Amphibian Disease Introduced To Japan Through Imported Pets - Asahi Shimbun

Australia - Victoria Bushfires At 1 Million Ha; Unbelievable Satellite Image Of Smoke Plumes

December 2006 Warmest December On Record For Italy - AFP

Himalayan Glacial Mass Down By 20% In Past 40 Years - Science

Alaska Processor Lets 400 Tons Of Salmon Rot, Stiffs Workers, Fishermen Who Caught It - ENN

Relocated Gorillas Enjoy Baby Boom, But Species' Future In Grave Doubt - Independent

Lloyds Chairman Urges "Radical Rethink" On Climate, Calls US "Nation In Denial" - IHT

Fishing Policy Task Force Recommends 500% Increase In US Aquaculture - ADN

ExxonMobil Meets With Environmental Groups, But Won't Discuss Discussions - Reuters

Coal Industry Racing To Build 150 Plants Before GHG Limits Can Be Enacted - Rolling Stone

Hamas rallies supporters against Fatah strongman

Neutralizing Palestine, to better focus on Iran

On Jimmy Carter's False Apartheid Analogy

Jewish Leaders Deny the Facts When They Sandbag Jimmy Carter

Coercion, Compliance, Control, Conspiracy ?

Burlington Free Press: "9/11 ballot question meets signature quota"

Photographic evidence of the GRCT (grassroots rational conspiracy theory)

A question for CT no-planers

WP: Officials Warm To Paper Trail To Verify Votes In Maryland

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. Jan. 13, 2007

Banned lab certified E-voting machines used by 68.5% of nation's registered voters in 06 elections

USDA to send inspector to Cleveland Clinic to probe death of dog

Dog of war suffers shellshock

Clashes in the streets of Cochabamba leave 2 dead

'Bush's new Iraq strategy proof of US defeat' (Islamic State in Iraq Group)

Park Service to seek new money sources

ASEAN summit opens amid street protests

CNN: Defense Secretary Gates: First phase of Iraq war plan to begin early February

The U.S. Moves To Confront Iran, Syria

Somali Islamists held UK meeting to raise funds

WP,pg1: U.S. Unit Patrolling Baghdad Sees Flaws in Bush Strategy

U.S. soldiers weary of more sacrifice

Environmental Rules Waived For Border Fence ("A Historic Travesty")

Burlington Free Press: "9/11 ballot question meets signature quota"

Dingell touts climate laws (asks Gore to testify before Congress on global warming)

Gates Ties Iraq Push to Drawdown fox news is loving this story

US strikes on al-Qa'ida chiefs kill nomads

Tsunami alerts lifted after quake

AFP: Iraqi PM delivers belated support for new US strategy

Walz Criticizes Troop Buildup In Response To Bush (radio address)

Communist-run Vietnam plans to privatitize state-owned oil/gas (Joins WTO)

NYT: Human Rights Watch Says Conditions in China Worsen as Olympics Near

Rice in Middle East for fresh peace push:"I'm not coming with a proposal. I'm not coming with a plan

106-year-old survivor of czarist pogroms, Nazis dies in New York

Rice Criticizes Sen. Boxer's Comment on War

AP: NATO Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Private prisons, public questions

Bush challenges skeptics of Iraq plan from YAHOO

Rescue mission in Brazil collapse

Veterans fight to save school remembrance mandate

El Salvador: Sao Paulo Enters New Stage

NGOs to sue US over WMD claims

Minimum-Wage Hike May Reach to Samoa

Roof fall kills 2 miners in West Virginia (AP)

Bush: Critics of troop rise must offer alternative (AP)

Fate of 5 Iranian consulate staff held by US troops in Iraq not clear

Canine-fur coats make comeback at J.C. Penney

LAT: Maliki goes own way to fill top post, picks unknown to lead Baghdad forces; motives questioned

(Iran's President,) Ahmadinejad to tour Latin America

Oil Companies Attack Legislation Aimed at Tax Incentives

State of emergency in Somalia

Gulf Arabs review currency pegs to dollar

Pentagon disavows comment on detainees

Democrats may push to shutter war prisons (Gitmo, Abu Ghraib)

Clinton doubts Iraqis can pacify Baghdad

Kurdish gen.: brigade trains for Baghdad

Congress to weigh 'No Child Left Behind'

Military Expands Domestic Surveillance

Divers died as party went on above (Healy divers)

Bush vows to 60 Minutes that 'no matter what Congress wants' surge is on

Bill calls for statewide smoking ban(Wyoming of all places)

Thongs which bring a tear (or two) to your eye

This is mouse.

Please welcome Q32 to the Lounge!

Nazi raccoons ravage Germany

Anyone like the 'Samples:?

Rumsfelds hands( funny video). Try it, if you could use a laugh.

I'm way over 40 and I look like I'm pregnant

Sure hope the tsunami does not cause too much damage in Japan

Good night all!

Slip Sliding Away

and ever since then . . .

Nick Stokes hitting K-Fed on CSI

Oh my god...this is SO pathetic and sad!

It's minus 8 out

It's 30 plus 10 minus 2 outside right now and raining!

How many posts can you make w/o a reply. I got 20.

Man, when *I* was a n00b

How many posts can you make w/o a reply.

Sweet dreams to you, my true love!

Now you too can have your pick of bouncing bubbies!

A bedtime weather report...

Woo hoo! I picked up my new concubine!

Really good live harmonies are neat

well, i've missed my chance to become fabulous....

Neil Diamond Worker Caught With 126 Stolen Sequins in His Ass

Lou Diamond Phillips Caught With 126 Stolen penquins in His Ass

Dedicate a Song to a Deer

(perhaps a bit late) Step 1

help! experiencing chamber-of-commerce type weather here in Florida!

OH! How I dream of going to Spring Training. Sigh.

Fundamentalist Christians stores selling sexually explicit books, thanks to the internets

What does everyone think of Ed Smart?

I am using this new software I bought today to transfer my old video tape toDVD using my computer..

Greatest guitar duel EVER!

What's your temperature range?

Funny Cats

Did you ever go swimming with your VW?

Live webcam action!

So I Found A Thread That I Posted On Before

Girl gets a car for her birthday

All your n00bs are belong to us!

I managed to light a garbage can in a nightclub on fire last night

Is anyone having trouble with Gmail?

I just got a lovely thank you note from Second Harvest.

Enjoy My Aloha Sun! (dial-up warning PIC HEAVY)

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? (written by kids)


You think YOU have cell phone problems...

If I were to say, post a hex thread...

Real life Bonsai Kitten

If I were say, to post a screw thread...

Fans of 89.1 JAZZ, check in here 10:00 am MST

IDIOCRACY is the new bestest dramamovie ever.

An ex-roomate of mine may have gotten arrested for murder today..

I have a new sig. Tell me what you think.

Arkansas rain, Oklahoma ice

Lava lamp appreciation thread!!

Ooooh these eyes..

Why do people refer to Donald Trump as "The Donald"? I mean, I'm sure that he wants people to do

Mixing animal & plant genes is just wrong

Check out the video of this lion hugging a woman! Scary/Cute!!

Now It's Time To Say Goodnight To You, Now Its time to bid you Sweet adieu

Need Help..anybody ever see the French Cartoon about the fantasy world that discovered their reality

What additional features would you like to see the DU admins add?

A carton of Camels and a 30 pack of Pabst

I just spent $191.00 at BJ's on food

most memorable concepts?

Name a hammy actor.

Lions at the watering hole

I just spent $191.00 in food on BJ's.

My cats are getting fat and fluffy

A cold, rainstormy Saturday afternoon

Does anybody else have cabin fever?

I have angioedema...sniff. Pity me.

So, I'm going to Italy for 4 months.

I slept over 12 hours last night, and now I'm wired

HELP . How to post pictures????

i can't beLieve the coLts arrived for today's game in this


Scissor Sisters Video

Bill Shatner. Love him or hate him?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/13/2007)

Yay duplicate post!

OK So I Tried the Soulmate

FUNNY...Garrison Keilor has Nancy P..taking GW to Baghdad!

Happy Birthday buddhamama!!!!!

Woo hoo! I picked up my new car!

Look Who's Drunk - Paula Abdul

*** Official *** Colts - Ravens thread.

So, we've gotten a bit of rain this morning.

Do you have a TSM?

Does Anyone Else Here Have Cabin Beavers?

Millionare Secret Santa has died ...

Earnestine Tomlin is in the hospital.

I got my new Llewellyns Witches Calendar for 2007 today in the mail, not a new year without it.

How do you use your weekends?

Those on the Pacific Coast maybe you want to monitor this

So, we're having a baby girl!!!!

This cat might get stuck trying to get through the regular front door

Spoiled rich girls crack me up...

Where should I go in Central America?


Happy birthday buddhamama!!

I'm brand new here. Please help out a newbie?

Tractionless pop music guilty pleasure youtube video thread

have you ever changed your user name?

Is "The Good Shepard" the worst spy movie of the year??

Well, ThomCat doesn't hate us yet.

What is a stupid question?

New Scientology center in Berlin riles authorities

And it all went downhill from there...

Jay Bakker has guts

Florida anti-gay critics attacks Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez

Anti-gay"repairative therapy" group admits abusing children

Gay rights group hailed for election role

Anti-gay activist Debi Hartman now lobbying in favor of Civil Unions

Repukes to try "simplified" anti-gay amendment in Arizona

Der Mittenfuhrer vs Der Maoistfuhrer: The Hatfields and the McCoys

Yankees become clear front-runners to land Clemens

16 Year Old Makes Cut at Sony, But it is not Wie

Chris Webber appears headed to Detroit

Stella, this one's for you (to add to your energy)

The physical universe is so beautiful. I hope that you enjoy these as much as I did.

ASTROLOGY TOPIC DISCUSSION: Topic 1 - The Astrological Houses

The Boston Chapter of the VFP supports our troops

presidents should not be allowed to fire a general officer


If West is Going Democrats’ Direction, Massachusetts Liberals Pointed the Way

Australian blog: Kerry WAS RIGHT

Electability and experience

OT - Obama

Kerry on Late Edition tomorrow

"Some Democrats" now set their sights on Sen. Boxer

JOHN KERRY UNCUT (Interview in Details Magazine)

Bush-Maliki, Maliki-Ahmadinejad. One degree of separation.

* to be on 60 Minutes sunday - pic

Caption Rudy

Pray for Alaskans if the rumor of a tsunami is true...

I've been saying it for months - Tonkin revisited.

Standing Tall and Speaking Truth

found a great ad on line while shopping - articles of impeachment

Condi Rice, up real close, on front page of NY Times

Did people break their arms patting themselves on the back?

We need some stars at the January 27th protest.

Tsunami warning issued for Japan's Hokkaido island

USDA to send inspector to Cleveland Clinic to probe death of dog

Dog of war suffers shellshock

War with Iran: Chinese Implications

Hillary pushing for troop surge in Afghanistan

WP,pg1: For Teachers, 'Highly Qualified' Is Subjective: 'No Child' Standards Widely Interpreted

It appears the iPhone will be a closed system. No 3rd party applications.

New Paltz (NY) protest: "Send Jenna & Barbara first!" Protester: "Nothing left Bush can say"

WP, Froomkin: Bush tells a tall tale about listening to his military commanders

Did anyone ever learn which "national radio host faces arrest over prostitute?"

Tsunami alert lifted

From an unofficial DEA website about pending invasion of Iran

Is "The Good Shepard" the worst spy movie of the year??

Tony Blair was ridiculed as "delusional" yesterday as he tried to justify his Iraq policy

Somebody Please, tie Bush down. Send him to the looney bin.

History does repeat itself

Japan and Russian Earthquake the same???

Canine-fur coats make comeback at J.C. Penney

Have you noticed that CNN is using another NYT Pulitzer Prize winning correspondent to attack Iran?

Mexicans cope with rising prices for tortillas, the most basic of foods

Votes can't stop him, congress can't stop him, let's just surrender.

?? I'm looking for the group, with Lieberman & Schumer on it??

US is destabilizing Iraq's Kurdish north

Harvard study: More guns mean more murders

Attention Kentucky progressive grassroots organizers.

25 years after our helos evacuated Vietnam 24% of Americans still thought the war wasn't a mistake

Panic at KSFO (I Grocko Spocko!)

Aren't their laws against Aiding & Abetting a known criminal?

It wouldn't be at all politically impossible for Bush to engineer an assault on Iran

"That's the sound of children playing in the snow - in Las Vegas"

Did God tell Bush to "surge" like he told him to invade and occupy Iraq?

RW'er at WorldNutDaily thinks Immigrants should be sterilized

MURTHA: Warns Bush - Close Gitmo or NO MONEY For More War

Google search:

Rest in Peace, Secret Santa

VERY impressive performance by stepfather

Race is on --Can Bush Start War w/Iran Before Congress Can Defund Effort?

Juan Cole: Did the U.S. just provoke Iran?

BUSH To Congress "They Could Try & Stop Me" But SURGE Is On No Matter What They Try To Do!

Is the old adage "Question Authority" considered blasphemy to the GOP?

China ("Who's Your Daddy, US?") warns Bush: No meddling in our Iran biz!

McCain "opposition to surge must spell out consequences"

How Ollie North Helped Ortega Win

Who Said The Satan Had To Be Male

Homeland Security issues warning about airport webcam 'threats'

GOP nutjob Bill Sali (R-ID) introduces bill outlawing gravity

Absolut power: the real reason Bush won't back down on Guantanamo


Cartoon???this AMs paper showing Bush relieved there is

gerry ford called reagan HIGHLY over rated, much like himself.

U.S. soldiers weary of more sacrifice

A guaranteed way for the Republicans to win back the House and Senate...

Bush has declared war on the Congress..

New Mexico To Ask U.S. House To Begin Impeachment Proceedings Within Next Two Months?

Pipe dreams realized

"libruls are ruining everything"

delete, oopsy...n/t

Bush invites top repuglicans to Camp David this weekend says

How can we prevent Republicans from making Political Hay?

Senator Russ Feingold, October 9, 2002, Speech on Floor of Senate

Please help - just rcvd that racist filth chain letter. Didn't some DUer have a great retort?

A word about Rosie (I attended "The View" taping yesterday)

The Murray Waas piece has not one mention of Karl Rove and yet....

Here's what a retired Colonel whose a lifelong Republican has said about Bush's Surge Plan for Iraq!

This ME stuff is scary.To quote Sam Harris, in "Letter to a Christian Nation"

The Public has a Right to Know About the Dangers of Zyprexa

Some fantastic fun for us old folks

McCain; Increasingly Critical, Isolated. Calls Iraq, Trainwreck

U.S. Forces Fighting Iranians In Iraq

cheney cuts the cake

'Bush: If you don't like my Iraq plan, tell me yours'. Mine? ok, Get the Fuck Out, NOW.

Media Matters-Did AP cover same Bush speech as major papers?

The pResident needs our help!!

How Many More Bush

Where do you rate on the political scale?


US strikes on al-Qa'ida chiefs kill nomads

Official "Media Obsessing over something good for a change" Thread

Faces of Evil

Who stole my shoes? Who blasted a cap in a Saturday's *ss? . . . Who doesn't yearn to CAPTION???

Reprisal against the Bush Administration for their defiance

I don't think I've ever seen a more likable person on the news than Craig Akers

Warning from US embassy in Kabul re US Iraq raids against Iranians


Top Pentagon Official Threatens Lawyers For Defending Guantanamo Detainees...

Major players in perjury and obstruction trial of Lewis "Scooter" Libby

Even Moon's Washington Times has abandoned Bush?

Interesting video on YouTube about *'s War............

Message of support to Boxer

"Sounds like the Mahdi militia is in the tent," said their interpreter, Mohammed Noshi.

Pretend for a moment you are a NeoCon and you need to sing the praises of Condi

Don't forget the same people who think Iraq is winnable think cavemen drove dinosaurs to work

America's Weakest Link in Iraq

On CSPAN2 - 12pm - Internal Combustion: How Corporations and Governments Addicted the World to Oil


love,peace, terror, and pink peace tanks

Wow! Des Browne, the British Defense Secretary on C_SPAN

Iraqi leader goes own way to fill top post

Stand With WOrkers In Oaxaca! (Stop State Terrorism)

Winter Weather Check-In: Dallas About to Be Pummelled With Accumulating Ice >>

NYT editorial: "Contemptible" administration threat to corporate lawyers repping Gitmo prisoners

Every One Of The People in This Room Should DESPISE bush!

I hear this is real good. (Atheist video)

Laura Bush Attacked Condi For Being w/o Family - So Why The Hoohah Over Boxer?

Ad: "If you're making $50K/yr, you need to have saved $1.5 MILLION to Retire" (??)

Stennis Ships Out Tuesday ...... (Carrier Battle Group) ....

I heard a rumor that we had a low temp of 16 here in

Puke Gov. Otter wants to be the 1st to kill 3 out of every 4 wolves in Idaho!! See Action Items!

Anti-war member denied GOP leadership position on House panel

Watching C-Span2. Author Edwin Black

Presidents know best?

Enjoy bizarre delusions? Here's one from the Naval War College

Why did he bring this up again?

* radio message today is "give the plan a chance to work..."????

What did Lord Acton know?

A couple I know is moving to Mexico

Rice: "Surge" will give us an opportunity to see whether or not "this" is working

Iraqi Family Escapes War, Faces Homelessness in the U.S...

Sacrificing other men's faces to save his own (very graphic)

Things in the Iraq war which makes me sick!

A post not to be missed...

The Bush Admin Whack Iran Lobby (Mother Jones and others)

Condi is getting more and more delusional...

michelle malkin loves us! twice! well she mentions us.......

Great words from MLK: so apropos.

Lessons From Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Doomsday clock to move closer to nuclear Armageddon

My letter to Nancy Pelosi

I agree with the president. It's a surge.

Our Greatest Nemesis

Ford's pardon of Nixon led to Bushes flouting law

Tax Strike to stop the war

10,000 arrested in one week?

"The Long War" ???

I finally figured out why they're calling it a surge.

Air Florida Flight 90 Crash 1/13/82: check in if you remember...

Niger To Sue US For Bush's "16 Word WMD Claims" In 2003 State Of Union Address

Joe Lieberman - the Dark Lord from Star Wars III?

What is wrong with Ted Kennedy's face? Anyone got a picture of the

Leahy has the power to deny Bush's Judicial Nominees even reach the committee

Remember: It's not a surge

Stunned at what Dr. Laura said re homosexuality...

Gung Ho = BS

very little else on today except the finding of the MO boys and

Does anyone know why there are no scheduled House Judiciary Committee Meetings in Jan?

The Evil showed faces on C-SPAN

Isn't Arnold some kinda nephew of Ted Kennedy?

I shall refer to McCain and Lieberman now

Dick Cheney is the most dangerous man in history.

Rep tells Rove "I kicked your ass" traps him in bathroom

Has the new Congress referred to Osama and/or Afghanistan yet?

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words ...

John Dean: Congress' arsenal of weapons for a recalcitrant Executive Branch

Bush concedes U.S. decisions made Iraq unstable

Our counter to Lieberman is moderate GOP

What happened to "Fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here"?

Bobby Kennedy will be kicking ass and taking names coming up.

Obama calling Friends, Officials and Donors To Tell Them He is Running - MLK Day Announcement?

AP - CIA Leak Players

What does George W. Bush really think of Iraq?

New bill introduced to mandate DRM, restrict recording off of satellite radio, TV, Internet...

I don't know about you , I sure wish I lived in another country

New impeachment poll

What is your plan for Iraq? What plan would you propose?

GOP kicks Rep. jeff Flake (R-AZ) off the Judiciary Committee

The Bush Administration is waging war... against the American People

Satellite Radio: Diversify or Die

McCain needs us to tell him why to continue the war

We need DIRT on LIEberman, wonder if Waxman or even Larry Flynt has some

A Warning to the RepubliKLAN party and the major pharmacy chains about Medicare.

Gated Communities in Baghdad

Army plans to grow force by six brigades

Ironically, Chris Hitchens gets it right on Gerald Ford.

U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton expresses doubt Iraqis will keep promises

Mo. boys found, but questions remain

What additional features would you like to see the DU admins add?

Is it just me or is Bush pushing to get himself and his band of idiots impeached?

USDA to probe dog's death during demo

"The Dirty F*&king Hippie Caucus was Right" (from Crooks & Liars)

Nazis rode to war on GM wheels

Americans will put up with anything

Does Patrick McHenry (R-smarmy, NC) remind anyone else of

Please help me correct RW joke...

Bush and hear no advice

Thoughts from a small farm during the midwinter lull

great framing in post at bartcop

Boxer comments to Rice draw fire from the right - Sen. says she won't apologize for 'strong message'

White House requires media to use Fox News

* is back from Camp David already - pics

Tot decapitated, father arrested in D.C. How brutal!!!!!

To quell the violence between Catholics and Protestants in N. Ireland we must send 20000 Arab troops

Military Expands Domestic Surveillance of Banking & Credit Records Of Americans

RawStory: Bush tells 60 Minutes 'no matter what Congress wants' surge is on

I ran into Keith (Olbermann) last night!

Secret Santa Millionaire Philanthropist Larry Stewart Dead at 58

Did FBI Director Mueller Backup Sibel Edmonds' Espionage Allegations?

AP - CIA Leak Witnesses

Call us "Democrat" Party? Call them "Republic" Party!

Contact info for Nancy Pelosi. She is really starting to piss me off.

Report: US Soldiers Surrounded Iranian Passenger Plane and Held Passengers At Gunpoint

OXFAM: 'Under intl. law, there is a duty to distinguish between military & civilian targets"

There will be only one way to stop BUSH and CHENEY

Bush's mental, developmental, and cognitive deficits..Reasons why he must go.

Universal health care facing opposition in California [Arnold's plan]

A Question Posed: If I'm not a journalist or an agent of another country...

Hugo Chavez article rats out the rats {warning corporate Dems}

Rev Moon continues his attack on Mainline Churches...

Nifong bails on Duke rape case.

Iraqi Children Being Forced To Scavenge and Sold Into Brothels- And They Call It Democracy

Need a pre-election chant? Feeling nervous? Need a "one size fits all" something to say ....

How My Semi-Adopted Daughter Converted 23 Republicans

"Impeached Man Walking"

A time comes when silence is betrayal ---- “My Lai of Iraq”

What's Wrong With This NYTimes Headline..'Military Expands Domestic Surveillance'

Poll: Is America ready for a black, woman, or Mormon president.

Wow you guys check out what a new DUer did for another DUer

UGLY MEME: blame the Iraqis

Guantanomo Pro Bono: Charles Stimson meet Atticus Finch

Many people I know are killing themselves with pills.

Would you accept a Republican on a Democratic ticket? (WAPO Obama-Hagel)

Truth about Tourette's not what you think ~ BY BRUCE HOLTGREN

US strikes on al-Qa'ida chiefs kill nomads

Since bush's speech, no news of bombings or violence in Iraq...

Blair dismissed as "delusional" on Iraq policy

Has anyone else noticed the impeachment shift here at DU?

"There's a lot of Abe Lincoln in Bush."

Scratch the Slimy Surface of a Congressional Catfight-- Find a Class War!

The Waxman Cometh

'No proof' of Iran nuclear arms

Feingold on using the Power of the Purse on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Stop this War!

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - Message to Bush

LBJ on Vietnam.. another time we tried to "stay the course. "

Huey P. Newton -Picture A Revolutionary

Bush Drunk

Bill Moyers, National Conference for Media Reform part 2 of 2

Bill Moyers, National Conference for Media Reform part 1 of 2

Letterman edits Dick Cheney

Katrina vanden Heuvel Responds to Bush

Rep. David Wu (D-OR): There are Klingons in the White House!

Roll the Carriage 'Round

WP: West Going in Democrats' Direction: Choice of Denver for '08 Convention Reflects Political Shift

My reply to

Soldiers Meant to Be Seen, but Not Heard

Junior was known as an extremely aggressive player in the venerable Parker Brothers board game,

Scooter Libby Trial Starts Next Week, W. Rattles Sabers This Week

Can the Congress change back and forth to who is in charge? In other words, if Lieberman decides to...

The Saturday Cartoons

Republicans eating their own: Der Mittenfuhrer vs Der Maoistfuhrer

Maybe We Can Convince * That Impeachment Is A Way Out Of The Iraq War For Him.....nt

Upcoming hearings will have unexpected side effect for FOX

Bush Hits the Deck! January 13, 2002

CNN: Who do you think was the better president?

"To oppose everything while proposing nothing is irresponsible," Bush said.

What will the media do if Obama or Hillary decides NOT to run

According to Novak Obama will announce a exploratory committee for 08

Hillary without the makeup WOW

Sununu has a challenger

i just wrote to pelosi

I don't think **** should be impeached...

The cowboy in chief trying to provolt Iran into war

I know this would really upset a great many here but IMO the next President and VP

N.C. Dems prefer Edwards to Clinton, Obama

First sitting vice president ever called to testify in court

Condi MUST apologize to Boxer for inappropriate personal comparison.

Boxer breaks big story. Condi is childless!

Days After Initial Grudging Acceptance, Maliki Aides Offer Warmer Reply to Bush Plan

The Administration leak machine to be exposed.

WP, Ignatius: Making the Democrats "the nation's true governing party"

Reuters: Bush concedes U.S. decisions made Iraq unstable

Bush lifts moratorium on Bristol Bay drilling (few days old but I had not seen it)

Judge rules former lawmaker violated law with ’homosexual agenda’ calls

Photo of Iraqi victims

It is not about God, Counrty and freedom!

More right-wing hilarity with Barbara Boxer

Instability in Iraq could lead to an attack here in America:WHAT!!!!!!

Israel says they are LESS safe under Bush

Ring of Fire and Sirota, talking about the "kabuki dance" Tauscher spoke about.

RICE: "I'll get you, my pretty!"

Schwarzenegger backs Bush Iraq plan: Can't pull out as "losers"

Bush Official Calls for Boycott of Law Firms representing Gitmo detainees

Here is my take on the debacle known as Iraq. Some is juicy, IMO.

my BIG question to candidate supporters

My letter to Senator Mikulski

"Some Democrats" set their sights on Senator Boxer

I got a call last night from a dear old high school friend (1975)....

Will McCain's senility affect his campaign?

The morality of abandoning Iraq: Why we should stay.

Webb Lays It On Line With Gates

I got one big problem with Al Gore

Favorite Fictional President

Has anyone else received the email accusing Barack Obama of being a radical Muslim?

One Thousand Posts to Love Chairman Howard Dean, M.D.