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Archives: January 17, 2007

Why Being a Feminist Does Not Mean Backing All Women

SMDP: Time to Say Enough to Attack on Civil Liberties

Wake up, American workers -- only unions can protect your jobs

The Nation: The Denial of Death

Recap of day one of Libby trial from firedoglake

Truthout: Going in Circles: Vietnam, Iraq, Calls for Impeachment

Dave Lindorff: Death Watch in the Persian Gulf and Washington

Organizing a Renewable Energy Film Fest and would like your input...

Bush To Call For More Ethanol Use In Next Week's SOTU - Reuters

Lake Chad Is Dying

China's Green Talk Founders On Corruption, Greed, Business Pressure - Asia Times

South Korea Shifting Away From Exploration, Will Pay More For Proven Oil Reserves -

Nature - US Will Lose 1/3 Of Satellite Coverage Of Earth By 2010 At Current Funding Levels

Alaska - Cook Inlet Beluga Populations Collapsing - Down By 50%+ Since 1994 - Reuters

Australia Bans Japanese Whaling Ships From Its Ports - AFP

150K Farmed Trout Killed In Norwegian Storm, Another 150K Escape - AFP

Italian Officials Concerned About Aftereffects Of Warm, Dry Winter - AFP

Red Admiral Butterflies Appearing In Britain Three Months Early - Mirror

Action Against TXU Coal Power Plan In TX Legislature Faces Gov. Goodhair Veto - DMN

British Anglers Secure Delay Of Salmon Season Opening - Fish Too Stressed By Weather, They Say - BBC

Earth Climate Satellite Co-Chair: "We Just Want To Get Back To The U.S. Being A Leader" - NYT

China Increases Imports Of Australian Coal By 51% In 2006 -

Oz Opposition Leader - Howard Has No Authority To Press China, India On Climate

Oxford Climate Projection - Britain "Semi-Tropical To Mediterrenean" By 2100 - Times Of London

Macau, Zhuhai Hastily Build 14-Mile River Pipeline To Avoid Salt Creep From Oceans - Reuters

Australians More Concerned About Climate Breakdown Than Terrorism, Any Other Global Trend

Military freezes ban on W. Bank residents in Israeli vehicles

On striking Iran from Brigadier General (Res.) Oded Tira (IDF)

Blow the House Down by Robert Baer

I will challenge the CCTers.

The Silver Lining Inside the Dark Cloud of Our Broken Election System

Keeping Up Appearances: The EAC Does Damage Control

Ciber-sleuthing in the secret world of voting machine accreditation

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Give Us The Ballot

Israel's military commander resigns under pressure. CNN TV reports

Maliki saying, "Get the Sunnis," "Grim Situation"---John Burns, NY Times--fullout civil war

Panel Says BP Process Safety Was Lacking In Fatal Explosion (15 killed)

SEIU Unites With AARP, Business Roundtable In "Divided We Fail

McCain to make amends with Dobson

McCain Hopes To Mend Fences With Evangelical Leader (Dissed By Dobson!)

AP: Bush Shifts Nominee for Appeals Court (9th Circuit)

Bush: Saddam execution made to look like "revenge killing"

Slovakia begins to pull out troops from Iraq

Colombian police find $19M under house

Russia Completes Air Defense System Deliveries to Iran

Saudis consider sending troops to Iraq (Is this good or bad?)

Boy Sneaks Past Security, Boards Flight

AP: Jet with anti-missile system leaves LAX

Chicago Federation of Labor won't endorse Daley (Chicago Sun Times)

WP: Protesters Found in Database

Iran shoots down U.S. spy drone amid growing military pressure

Jim's whoopin' W right now on PBS

The greatest scene from movie history.

When's the O'Reilly/Colbert night?

Did the Donald get a hollywood walk of star today?!

Anybody else hungry for gerbil bits?

I think all the ladies at the Globes looked fantastic.

24 fans tune into Countdown.

I hope what they say about Dove Dark Chocolates is true...

Keevey Hazelton

Soundtrack music that jerks your tears

6 hours of driving to see my doctor

Just when you thought you had it all (pic heavy)

Fashion advice needed

I just got spam that was titled "Get a f***ing life"

A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace

I am chowing down on Crow!

jazz fan here, need info about rock band instrumentation

Poor Britney. How far have you fallen. Passed over for Paris and Kevin

Since GoPsUx is cheating on me

Who's watching "Boston Legal"?

Here is another tasteless post from yours truly...

I know what I'll be doing on my birthday!!

The Andrews Sisters

Go See "Dreamgirls" NOW!!!!

Neal Stephenson's "Diamond Age" coming to the SciFi Channel!

I have one word for American Idol's Randy Jackson.

I Don't Care Anymore

Which early '90s obscure FOX sitcom do you miss more?

We need another picture thread!

And for 1000th post.....

Russian caption of bu$h-Putin photo

Cruisin' and playin' the radio.....

The TV said

So, Loungers, given all the things we talk about, do you use

The Gopsux Nightly Spam my pm box with naked duers thread!

If You Were Mine

Bill Hicks haters check in here!

Thirty 2 years ago, I had big hair

I have a house's his pic.

Keeley Hazell

Someone went to Florida and all I got was this damn cold!

Raise your hand if you loathe "pass along the prayer" spam.

If you like things I don't like, you suck

Dinesh D'Souza is a complete fuckin lunatic

Well, my first day back at school mostly didn't suck.

A little iron-on patch help, O Lounge Crafty-types?

I'm having a bad nite

Ever know someone who could burn oatmeal?

God I miss my dad!

Did this ever happen where you live?

The great hamburger controversy

I am so annoyed at the moment -- and I set myself up for it!

Post a picture of yourself pretty much below the knees.

DU Vets: what was the worst mess hall you ever ate in?

Guys. Guys.... GUYS!!! Yes, YOU!!!

What are you listening to tonight?

Wonderful Gordon Lightfoot Video from YouTube.

16 posts away from 8,000

Question about male cats ...

Why oh Why do I watch American Idol? I mean, is it some sick thing?

LostinVA and I had lunch at the BEST Italian restaurant in NYC!!!

WHY are you?

Coach Bags are ugly and over priced...

KO takes on 24....

Ali-G interviews david & posh beckham (u tube)

All time favorite movie lines

Oh Goody! Hugh Grant Has Yet Another Romantic Comedy Coming Out

I love Bartcop's website, but not today!

Ladies, when you go shopping for clothes, do they fit?

Women's clothing

Gawd. I wish I was 18 again... so when you were 18,

For those who do use the "Nuclear Blocking Option," what has made you use it?

Those 'show us your boobies' threads with pics of the blue-footed birds are dumb...

OK, I'm going to start another hamburger controversy: The best burger chain.

Part of a speech I didn't know where to put:

Ok, I'm going to post this daily devotional I find awesome. Read it or not

Sam Harris and Andrew Sullivan to dialogue about faith.

Do all religions claim they are "the only" way to God?

23% of Washington (state) School Districts Ban Teaching About Homosexuality

Are my Chicago Bears going to win the NFC Championship at Soldier field

Hearings this week in the Senate.

Near-Death Experiences - links to medical findings.

elehhhhna is FLODDING the internets!!!11

Report accuses BP of safety failures - more concerned with cost-cutting

Maliki saying, "Get the Sunnis," "Grim Situation"---John Burns, NY Times--fullout civil war

Santeria priest banned from animal killing- takes Texas town to court

A very heartwarming Valentine Story (Kleenex alert)

It seems like the MSM is only debating which Dem candidate will be our next president.

After much consideration I have decided to adopt the Virgil Goode position

Why should more Americans die while we refuse to discuss the situation with Iran?

Christians and others suffering in India - End US Aid and trade with India?

Tancredo for president??

Bush challenges opponents to come up with ideas

Why do people feel politicians are saviours ?

"Americans are sacrificing. They sacrifice peace of mind"

"this war of terra" a sober assessment from the chimp himself.

Good News! Dennis Miller Launches Radio Talk Show-- Yeah!

Freeper Irony alert re: Obama running

KO Watch---Bush Doesn't Approve of What's Going on in Iraq ---Obama---- "24" TV show

"ASS"uming blacks will ONLY vote for Obama is like "ASS"uming

On Hardball, Jim Vandehei's new job seems to suit him...

Lynne Cheney's Favorite Show? "24" - TIME


Dems to Gonzo: Stop firing US Attorneys without cause

Can we use Congress to enact some of the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group?

Street Prophet's Interview with Barack Obama

An example of the brain-dead

Russian says missiles delivered to Iran

Seeing Some of These War Profiteers Go To Jail Would Help Restore Public Confidence and....

Armed Service Whistleblowers Returning from Iraq: Defense Contractors Beware

Michael Savage shows just how racist he is!

Q: Could you be a fair, impartial jury member on the Libby trial?

the feds are cremating "woodsy owl" who`s next?

To secure Iraq's oil fields...

And this guy wants to be President??? Jebuss on a freight train...

From the files of the unbelievable: Army Surplus Auction ...

Bob Taft off to a burning start

Lieberman voter feeling deceived....

Did anyone hear 'Big Eddy" Shultz (in full neocon mode) say today that Bushco is ..

And WHY has this been a fairytale season for the Saints, Mr. Obama?

Just watched Bush 60 minutes

What going on with Laura's Anti-Gang initiative?

on PBS...I thought he was gonna talk about the pig...

Congratulations DU! Our poll was correct!

With Falwell Appeased, McCain Courts Dobson

Bush to address global warming in annual speech

"Saudis consider sending troops to Iraq"

Bush telling us how desperate the Iraqis who want us to leave are - August 28, 2005

Proof that Dems in control of Congress is BEST for the economy!

This forum is experiencing a spiritual crisis

Chavez To Build Socialist Cities

Seems they are having a hard time filling Scooters jury...

Shrub interview on the Newshour right now (7:05 Eastern)

Holocaust survivor created new life

With all this talk of 24...question... do y'all think that Curtis is dead?

Hartford Courant readers: "Label Lieberman with (T), for TRAITOR"

WP: President Says His Iraq Policy Was Failing (until he changed course last week)

one man's "dream" for Justice...

YAY!!!! Crazy fundie Trading Spouses lady is BACK!

Boston Legal - excellent piece on no fly list

dupe; please delete



Iran shoots down U.S. spy drone amid growing military pressure



Is there any movement for a Dean run in 2008.

"We need to apply action to the three areas Dr. King warned us about: poverty, racism and violence."

The TV said

Deleted duplicate.

Duke Rape Case - Nifong Off The Case, State Takes Over

Arizonans would rather have cynical, pig-ignorant fascist Hunter than McCain as prez

What is Hillary's position on North American Union?

"Saudi Arabia gearing up to invade Iraq" - WTHLF?

Let me get this straight.....

NYT: Senators Denounce Bush Policy Limiting Refuge for Iraqis

Dodd introduces bill to cap U.S. troop levels in Iraq


Duplicate delete.

Air Force 1 pulls away without * (if you need a good laugh)

Bush: "Well, actually - I will sound defensive - but some of my decisions actually have worked"

Biggest ass in the world?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The Huffington Post: "A Weirdo Has Snatched Your Sons"

LOL - Spock on TDS to discuss "Klingons in the WH"

Faux News should be called the porno channel.

Scott Ritter Was Right


Where was Nixon when JFK was shot? He seemed to have some memory troubles with that question...

Literally leaning to the left, really....Deval Patrick, wife, and Howard Dean in Boston. Picture.

Do you guys see how many posts there are about TV shows??


What is "an appropriate way to dissent"?

What does DU get when we order books through the Amazon link?

Another Poll on Edwards

Clinton's ethically challenged pollsters

Even odds?

"400,000 Troops and still a mess"

Story on NPR news about Bushites removing Maliki gvt (Is this the elected gvt?)

My Republican friend and roommate just walked in close to tears...

Have the Bushie "Handlers" Switched their Strategy?

Do the Saudis have any troops? I thought they outsource all that stuff to DynCorp and other mercs?

SEIU and AARP join fortunes and it gets sent to the "Economy" forum?

iDemocrats. What are they? How did they come to be?


For those of you that oppose some sort of North American Union, how can you possibly support

Question for chess players...

Gore film to be shown in all of Scotland's secondary schools - education materials will be developed

Ideas for bumper stickers

Planned Attack on Iran - US timetable driven by retirement of Bush’s major ally, PM Tony Blair...

Who knew/knows about 'condolence' payments?

SO I'm guessing some are worried about "24" cause a couple of freepers think it's real?

On the tarmac for 9 hours

George Soros? Friend, foe, neither?

New scanner gets off on wrong foot - (ShoeScanners) 52% of travelers had to remove shoes anyway

Jane Hamsher of firedoglake diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the 3rd time.

Colbert hit a home run with the idiot on his show tonight

Boston Legal: Denny learns he is on the no-fly list. "I tried to call

I'm sorry, but I think KO was wrong on the subject of 24 tonight

Just WOW. The tail end of Bill Moyers' speech on Friday, from Dem. Now! :

hey guys, 24 is FICTION

Movement For Popular Vote Growing

Prestidigitation! Shazzam! Voila!

Jolie and Pitt going to New Orleans

Military Times Poll: Troops Think Bush Bungled

So after finally watching: " An Inconvenient Truth"....

INTRODUCTION OF ``SEARCH ACT OF 2007'' (pretty cool idea!!)

Bush-Lehrer Interview Tonight - ABRIDGED

More than 1,000 current servicemembers sign petition to end Iraq war

Boston Legal kicked ASS tonight...quail shooting, wal-mart, tom delay

Does anybody know anything about Camp Bucca?

Have you read this Marine's god.

For all the people who think Obama lacks the experience to run...I challenge you to

"The Enemy At Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11"

A Canadian Apology to the US

Saudi Arabia: For those who don't understand why todays news was important.

*** A few Mid-Week TOONs ***

The parents in my area don't want their pure lil babies to see magazines in the checkout line...

Where's The Outrage?

Is "The Simpsons" pro-nuclear propoganda?

HEADLINE: 34,452 Iraq civilians said killed in '06

For Those Whose Political Vocabulary Is Filled With DOUCHEBAGS

The PBS NewsHour is interviewing George???

Bill Hicks! on Reagan, Bush Sr, Quayle, and Flag Burning

We Shall Overcome: 2007 version via Riverside Church and John Edwards

John Edwards Speech: Silence is Betrayal

Pew Poll 61% Oppose Escalation - Repubs Surge for Surge

Kick for amazing Huffington Post piece from earlier today:

Time Machine: Newsweek Nov. 2003... "Bush's 87 Billion MESS, Special Investigation"

one man's "dream" for Justice...

OMG...* has turned into Rumsfeld!

IMPEACHMENT may be our only chance at fair elections

G.W.B. has once again redefined "success" in Iraq.

Wow! The same kind of question was just asked of G.W.B. on PBS news hour I asked of Edwards!

Smithfield is now discussing giving the workers a holiday on Dr. King’s birthday in the future!!!!!!

Drop Bush in the middle of Iraq

Gallup Poll: Dems Don't Have a Clear Plan for Iraq, 70% to 30%

LOL, Scarbie Trashing O'Reilly on MSNBC tonight! bwahahaha

Senate Votes to Disclose Pet Projects (AP)

Looks like Obama has some supporters out there.

Tom, Dick or Brownie........


If Or When The Saudi's Get Involved In Iraq - Will It Be With $'s Or An Army.....

Obama's inner circle of troops working for his 08 election

CNN to do a story on the TV show 24, " is it a neocon sex fantasy"

Rush Limpballs: "House Republicans settling in for 40 yrs of minority and Obama talks in cliques."

I have an eerie feeling about Obama teaming up with Hillary Clinton

If we pick up Senate seats in 2008, the Democrats should tell Holy Joe to take a fucking hike

"800,000 Privileged Youths Enlist To Fight In Iraq"

Clark: "Why should more Americans die while we refuse to discuss the situation with Iran?"

Media Continues to Perpetuate the Myth that Al Gore claimed to have "invented the Internet"

Iran President Sends Note to Saudi King (to work together to stabilize Iraq)

GOP Bloggers' Straw Poll

1998 Iraq liberation act VS 2002 Authorization for force against Iraq.

The abandonment of George W. Bush

Pentagon official apologizes to detainees' lawyers

War/Iran: The Difference between “a” and “the” Can Be the Difference between No War and Nuclear War

Novak: A sense of impending political doom clutches Republican hearts

Lynn Woolsey: A Fully-Funded 6-Month Withdrawal Plan

FPIF: Iran: Thinking the Unthinkable

Robert Parry: Scooter Libby's Time-Travel Trial

Ambush: Reflections On My Friend Jim Webb - by William Friedkin at Huffington Post

Dick Morris: ‘Minor Leaguers’ May Lead GOP

You Gotta' Get Silver Or Gold Right Freaking Now (RFN) (Mogambo Guru)

Baby Boom Gone Bust

If Bush Had an Epiphany and Woke Up, He Could Be My Hero

The Nation: Iraq: Counting the Dead

Was Jesus an evil-doer? (Mickey Z.)

Mr. Stimson and the American Way

Tracking a river of nanopollution - by Roger Highfield at UK

Runaway American Brainwashing (Joel S. Hirschhorn)

Boy, 5, knocks on doors after parents are slain

Five Minutes to Doomsday


The Nation: A 50-State Response to Bush

As Trial Begins, Cheney's Ex-Aide Is Still a Puzzle

NYDailyNews Lupica: dem talkers

On Iraqi gratitude & mistakes made & war crimes (Consortium Blog)

Truthdig: Bone-Deep Similarities

Col Sam Gardiner: The Pieces are Being Put in Place for Escalation Against Iran

NYT: What $1.2 Trillion Can Buy (Iraq)

56,000 usernames and passwords published

No memorial for airman slain in Iraq(due to Fred Phelps and gang)

Scooter Libby's Time-Travel Trial (ROBERT PARRY)

GM's Tinge Of Green - And The Rest Of The North American Show - LA Times

Bio-Intensive Mini-Gardens--Recipe for Survival

No Slowdown In Massive Australian Bushfires - 1 Million Ha Burned, 900-Mile Fire Front - IHT

Global Warming "Volcano" needed

New Flywheel Technology Nears Commercial Production

Beavers 'helping frogs survive' (BBC)

Protection for 'weirdest' species (BBC)

Seeking information

I am secure enough to praise a conservative's thinking: Merkel Tells Germans to Think.

Top Interior Official Knew In Early 2004 Of Oil Lease Error, Did Nothing - NYT

Global warming plan a priority (Maine Legislature)

Oregon Junks PacifiCorp's Bid To Build Two Coal-Fired Plants - Oregonian

Bush (SOTU) speech to address global warming

Endocrine Disruption Noticed In Idaho Fish; Same Xenoestrogens May Do The Same To Humans

Extreme Weather Leaves Flamingos Hungry

The Chimp-In-Chief's "Big" Energy Announcement - Ethanol, Ethanol, Ethanol - ENN

Kiwi (Algae) Bio-Diesel Developer Launches Prospectus

300 In Russia Have Hemorrhagic Fever - Population Of Rodent Vectors Booming In Winter Warmth - AFP

First Half Of January Warmest In Moscow In 130 Years - AFP

Chinese Civil Servants In Notoriously Polluted City Urged To Walk To Work - AFP

University Of Worcester Warns Sneezy Britons That Allergy Season Will Start "At Any Moment"

European Russia's Record Winter Warmth "Previously Unseen Phenomenon" - AFP

Xinhua - Climate Breakdown Could Cost China 1/3 Of Grain Production - Reuters

Question about insulating a floor

Wacky Weather it is not.

Australia's greenhouse emissions questioned (may be 20% higher) - Reuters

Latest Ban on Palestinian Travel Put Off

Pressure Mounts on Olmert to Resign

Ahmadinejad: Israel and the U.S. would not dare attack Iran

An Article From Haaretz on this Subject

Israel close to sending $100 mln to Abbas-official

Carter to Al-Jazeera: Palestinian missile attacks on Israelis not terrorism

Science question

The Coincidence Theories.

Which theory do you support?

Have any of you seen this 9/11 Myths Site?

"I give people the truth, unfiltered by rational argument." Colbert's speech to bush.

Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 1/17/07 “GIVE US THE BALLOT”

Please remove a misdirecteed Post

What voting systems did Ciber test and approve?

America's Unverifiable Election Results - The Case for A Return

How to keep personal computers safe?? If you are an activist??

Australian soldiers under fire in Baghdad

AG Patriot Act Abuse Continues

WP: Bombings Kill 60 at University in Baghdad

Germany sets timetable for resurrection of EU constitution

(Cunningham prosecutor) Lam to resign Feb. 15 as speculation swirls

Suicide truck bomb hits police in Iraq's Kirkuk

NYT: Oil Lease Chief Knew of Error, Report Asserts

Sen Clinton Against Troop Buildup In Iraq: NY Democrat Wants Cap Placed On Number Of American Troops

NYT: Anti-Buildup Measure to Have Bipartisan Stamp: Will be introduced by Biden, Levin, Hagel

Frist looking at governor run in 2010

Sudan Embassy Raided by U.S.

Top Iraqi condemns US over Iran

Iranian detained in Iraq tied to (1989) Vienna murders: report

Iraq leaders agree draft oil law

Senate resolution to criticize Iraq plan

New DU member!

Kuwait tells U.S. to talk to Iran, Syria

Bolton wants N.Korean regime to collapse

Reuters: Two U.S. soldiers killed in western Iraq

U.S. Attorney Lam resigns

Largest-Ever Recorded Decline in Cancer Deaths

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 17

Census gains could give state more clout

Dodd Introduces Bill to Cap U.S. Troops in Iraq

Comair pilots thought it 'weird' runway not lighted

U.S. Attorney Lam announces resignation

Posada makes 1st court appearance

Libby seeks jurors who trust Cheney

General says 82nd may give up readiness role briefly

MSNBC: Estimating Success in Iraq (its a 50-50 tossup!)

Gates considers more U.S. troops for Afghanistan

NYT: Botched Hangings in Iraq Speed Sectarianism

Immigration centers fail health checks

Iraq Sunni militant group urges war on Shi'ites

Sudan says U.S. troops search Baghdad embassy

Dems Target Royalty Breaks for Oil Firms

Troops pressure Congress to back pullout from Iraq

Secret Court to Govern Wiretapping Plan

Muslims say they'll shun Northwest (Airlines) -- DFP

NBC: CIA leak case figures reject Cheney immunity

Oil Falls as Saudis Say They Will Expand Production Capacity

Second Republican opposes Bush Iraq plan

AP: U.S. Push to Strip Iran of Aid Resisted

Reuters: Bush won't reauthorize eavesdropping program

Taliban Leader Is Hiding and Being Protected in Pakistan, Says Spokesman

Dwarf planet 'becoming a comet'

Reuters: U.S. to let people apply to get off no-fly lists

Wal-Mart accused of 'organic fraud'

Senators Try Again To Fund And Reform Amtrak

More and more medical bills paid on credit (medical credit cards predicted)

Hindus opposing EU swastika ban

American Aid Worker Killed in Baghdad

Virginia legislator's comments on slavery anger blacks, Jews

Sen. Clinton calls for troop cap in Iraq

Reuters: Law groups want Pentagon official fired (boycott of defense lawyers)

Senators To Target Executive Benefit

'Doomsday Clock' Moves Two Minutes Closer to Midnight

Colombian paramilitary head confesses

Emotional Anti-Whaling Battle Escalates in Southern Ocean

'London bomb plot was just a hoax'

Michael J. Fox to be guest of congressman (Langevin) at President Bush’s State of the Union speech

Tony Snow: Are War Critics in Congress Aiding Al-Qaeda?

Military judge: objector can't raise questions about war legality

His name is Ashkroft... He is my twin.

All time favorite movie lines

My cat's nose whistles when she breathes.

Thirty 2 years ago, I had hair

So who else is going to DC on the 27th?

Subject: THANKS

The Karate Kid never gets old

Does this ever happen where you live?

Has anyone seen a movie called

A little too close for comfort

Your coziest bedroom ever?

Town's last copper relics to pass into history

Just when I thought the chimp was through murdering the English language...

Video: The Human Sling Shot (CRAZY)

That Hounddog movie isn't even out yet,

Ok, challenge! Anyone here colder than here in Shboygan?

14 Women - All That Power

Injured reindeer hammered to death in Norway

Happy birthday bmbmd!!

I just got a rather emotionless get-well card from...


Post your never-tested unremarkable hypothesis here:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/17/2007)

My friend just sent this to me and I think it applies to us all:

We've got armadillos in our trousers. It's really quite frightening.

I'm back, seated at my desk just a week after surgery...

Coffee Crop Threatens Indonesian Animals (ZombyCoffee out of business?)

Woman Passes Drivers Test After 23 Years - 250 Lessons

I had a date yesterday evening

Guilty plea reached in Shoney's strangling case (Va.)

Roach Bugs are ugly and over priced...

Hamburger Truck Overturns On Highway

Helpful Tip

ooh, good trick for googLing music

This is a Lounge petition

I've decided that Rabrrrrrr is dead wrong.

Jeweler Loses Over $1.98 Million Worth Of Gold And Diamonds When Guard Dog Has To Go Walkies

Statue Honoring Prostitutes To Be Erected

No Hooky Bobbing.

The cats are singing to each other, and it's hard to get any work done!

Would you be pissed if this happened to you?

Why the ef is Trump getting a Hollywood Star -

Art Dealer Sues Homeless Men For $1 Million (For Sleeping Outside His Gallery)

So I guess it wasn't entirely horrible in Ancient Egypt:

Is anyone else experiencing outrage overload?

Anybody know of any good books about bullshit detecting?

It is 33, wet and nasty outside, nights like this I am glad I have a woodburning stove.

Paula Abdul on AI: whatsup with her?

Couple Charged With Locking 13 Year Old Daughter Up For 2 Years (Let out to do chores)

Police Shut Down Highway To Rescue Kitten

Well we are in for some winter fun this weekend. From the NWS.

Do these have an expiration date?

Man Shows Up For MLK Event Wearing Gorilla Suit, T-Shirt With "N-I-G-G-A-Z-Z" - Arrested

Need proof Dr Phil likes Bush

"the misfits".... Lounge styLe

I drove past a home with 5 Stars on two Service Flags on display in their window

College Students: Are you ready for Spring Semester?!

What is Your Favorite Comic Strip?

Who WILL be matched up in the Super Bowl?

How about a picture of a happy family and a nice "I love Mom"?

I am planning to host a dinner in a couple of weeks...Who wants to come?

Playboy happy at Pammy split

Word question

Who here likes fish 'n chips?

A Poem in the key of "de"

Ugh.. My sister is on a Dr. Laura kick

Microsoft Excel question

LynneSinn's evil twin?

Resolved: The Randy Newman bit on Family Guy is the funniest thing they've ever done

Sweet!!! I just got into graduate school!

And the winner of Mom of the Year goes to..... (drum roll)

Stupid Deleted sub-thread has me on IGNORE!

Chimp, Living With Sterile Mates, Turns Up Pregnant

I HATE getting the "let's just be fiends" talk

Has anyone ever used Oxy-clean to bleach laundry?

Canada's Pillow-Fight League Drawing Growing Crowds

Are there any over the counter drugs for general anxiety?

Anyone here ever wonder how they'd react if they were involved in the Milgram Experiments?

Gods, I'd love doing a wo...

New DU member!

She's Baaacccckkkkk.....

Old DU Member

Avatar request:

Any "Great Big Sea" fans around here?

Its been a while - just popping in to say Hello :)

Looks like I found an apartment

Sosa, Rangers agree on minor-league deal

This is a nightmare

Gods I love being with a woman of a certain age!

I am starving, whats for lunch?

Here's a pic of me enjoying a lesbian sandwich:

What is best way to get clothes white without bleach.

Are women of a certain age certain of their ages?

If you could get some

Any such thing as a pre-paid phone with minutes that do not

Best office prank you've ever pulled?

Good news, everyone!

What does it mean when there's a meeting at work and you're not invited?

Well, It's my Birthday...

Formatting Code Question:

Anyone else still have old pulp mags around...?

I just figured out why Bill Evans (avatar) disappeared and the banner ads are back.

What's for dinner?


Videogamers! Question...

Funky hypnofact of the day:

This is the most disturbing internet ad ever:

If you could have any

Who knew? Cesar Salad was gay.

Fashionistas- "ultra low-rise" jeans:

A new DU member is no longer with us?

Man, I hate living for the weekend

Call me crazy, but Gordon Lightfoot's "Sundown" is a great album

30Something DU Member.

Tips on how to avoid a "relationship"

New Ads Prove Tampons Can Be Cool

WTF??? A free sports watch for joining the army reserve????

I just love how nobody pretends to be smart in the lounge.

Meow! Meow! Meow!

Shame on you FinnFan! How dare you get married and not share pics!!!

Any soapmakers here?

What's your fragrance today?

Ever have a crzay ex? I did

3 Way Knife Fight: Designing Women, Golden Girls, Sex & the City

Anyone have a good recipe for Salmon Loaf?

Robert Palmer

I'm going up to play a trick on TeenMidlo

I find myself shouting something that, in retrospect, sounds obscene in my house.

Please sign up in the DC forum if you're going to DC for the march

VIDEO: Dancing Dog

GAH! I quit my job!

Jack Bauer, MacGiver or Other?

Cake appreciation thread!

I'm going to Trader Joes. Do you need me to get you anything?

I've thought of a way to get out of Maine (two degrees was our high temp today)

My son's best friend OD'd last night. She was 16! Heroin.

Gods I love being a woman of a certain age!

Favorite Lunch Meat?

Should Cascadian move to Portland after school?


If I put matcom on super nuclear ignore, will he stop stalking

I hated 'Talladega Nights' - Am I getting old, or was it just that bad?

Mac users, lets see your DOCK!

Let's have a music flamewar (it's been awhile)

Australia should be plutoed

Attn Haruka: New Season of Workout!!

This is my mini-rant about skating dresses listed on eBay:

Calendar check: Susanna Hoffs is either 46 or 48 today...

Happy 13th Anniversary to all my fellow survivors of Northridge earthquake.

Coulter to show face at DFW (posted in Tx forum also)

"Hold your Wee for a Wii." DJ's fired

Our dog is off to a new home in a couple of weeks.... :(

I had a car accident on the ice today...with injury

Song or song lyrics that have deep personal meaning to you...

Who knew? Cesar Romero was gay.

I'm playing a piece of classical music in which the orchestra is supposed to rap

Why Do People Watch American Idol


Have you ever been........

Any pinball collectors/players here?

Ok a silly thing I was just thinking of... In all Disney movies.. all the moms are killed or missing

Help! MS Word question: How do I create a chart (not excel) to combine 4 diff. event timelines...

Ann Graham Lotz (daughter of Billy Graham) explains how Jesus elevated the status of women

Sam Harris is a Non-Normie

Der Rudyfuhrer hires anti-gay campaign advisor Jim Nussle

Maoist anti-gay fag-hag Brian Camenker's fellow travelers are turning on him

Mitch Mustain to transfer from Arkansas

Happy Birthday, Muhammad Ali !!!

An unusual request from me for Light and Love thoughts today, please

I did something different that made me feel better. What do you think?

So, someone was talking about loving ourselves ...

New Moon in Capricorn - Thursday, January 18, 11:02 pm EST

Obama at the Democratic convention -- a flash.

The VA just declared me 10% disabled!

What show was Kerry on recently where he said Dems have no plans is bunk?

Edwards has no concept of truth

Sen. Kerry Speaking on the Senate floor now.

OT: Catholic take on a just war and Iraq

BoHerd article on Obama's announcement and Kerry

BG editorial about the media buzz about Hillary and Obama

OT: is Reid messing up again?

Things are moving????????

Another 2008 candidate rant: McCain is beyond useless.

Never challange people smarter than you

Garrison Keillor: Bush As The Lunatic Captain Ahab

American Idol manages to incorporate war propaganda into premier

WHO will tell *, dimson/the blivet he's full of shit? Who has the ballls? Media?

CapitalNews poll: Should the US close Guantanamo?

Hillary Clinton's Alleged Ties to the Left

Bush Explains His "Broken" I Mean "Cracked" Egg Theory Of Iraq To Mr.Lehrer

Earth is important

NY Times: GOP senator to join Democrats on anti-surge resolution

Worth dusting off: 'A Duty to Disobey All Unlawful Orders'

I believe in Peace and

What a Kewl Idea! Let's ask Waxman!

Let's trade Republicans Hagel for Lieberman.

3,024 of our kids dead in W's war

I don't think about my legacy

Clark is Running! "When I run I'll be the National Security Candidate...

Science question

Heres a 9 on the WTF scale--Michigan has officially legislated morality.

Is defunct?

Dolphins dying and washing up on shores around the world

FYI...fantastic KO fansite...

Politicians - An Apology.

Two days late, but in tribute to MLK:

FANTASTIC new anti-war/anti-Bush song...check it out!

Pelosi's Approval Rating Tops 50 Percent, Bests Bush's By 16 Points

"He's too green" or "He'll make a good VP"...

Dinesh D'Souza Exonerates Al Qaeda, Blames American Left for 9/11

NC Congressman - no force against Iran authorized

AP: Russian Forces on High Terror Alert

This is surprising...

Gore Has Not Definitively Ruled Out Another Presidential Run...


The Klan Man Strikes Again! (Mr. "Savage", that is.)

No.2 al-Qaida in Iraq leader arrested 9/4/06 He's responsible for the civil war!

pRe-pub(l)ic-(an) Party = PRO-War Party

I ordered tater tots...not chili fries.. I demand to see the chef.

Imagine Lincoln or FDR, GIGGLING while discussing the war.

whatever happened with "Azzam the American" terrorist ?

There's the windup. There's the pitch. It's a Wednesday! . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

For those who call people DICK, PRICK and similar words

When the going got tough, America chickened out.

So, I got in my Playboy with that Air Force Sgt. in there

Iran shoots down U.S. spy drone amid growing military pressure

Somebody at NYT takes a dig at The Grand Plan

"They sacrifice peace of mind when they see ... on TV". (Bush to Jim Lehrer.)

What $1.2 Trillion Can Buy

On striking Iran from Brigadier General (Res.) Oded Tira (IDF)

Frank Rich (genius from the NYT) will be on with Imus this AM

Sorry Google I will use anybody but you for checkouts

Our troops need fireproof gloves, multi-tools and flashlights (from Elayne Boosler)

FR Alanis Morisette Award Du Jour For Irony Goes To:

Uncountable thousands more will die so w doesn't have to admit defeat on his watch.

Executions/murder and "dignity": Today' s Pitt. Post-Gazette by Reg Henry:

I thought we wanted Al Qaeda members

Gene Taylor on WJ

What we should look for in a nominee! The Globe gets it.

U.S. sailor in Bahrain kills herself

We are sacrificing our psyches...

Rob Portman-WH Budget Director, on cspan. Perfect example of

PNAC - Google it and see what's planned for America's future.

Iran Gets fighter plane and missile parts from Pentagon surpluss sales

Did anyone just see Hillary on CBS Morning News with Harry Smith?

Bush Administration is the weakest Executive ever

NYT: Scientists Warn of Diminished Earth Studies From Space

'Faith Day' part of Rockies' promotions lineup

9:30am today I seek volunteers to call CSPAN at 202 737 0002 and criticize Bill Novelli.

Bush Sees WMD as Key to Fresh New Way Forward in Iraq

Philly Attorney Caught Naked in Court House with His 14 yr old Goddaughter

Michael J. Fox to attend State of the Union address (Guest of RI rep)

DU this Poll

U.S. Pressed to admit more Iraqi refugees

Hillary on fire right now on "Today Show"

Vote may have cost a man's life

FORE! ... .... lmfao!

Gonzales Blames Legal Challenges For Five Year Delay In Bringing Gitmo Detainees To Trial

Bush Should Resign From Presidency - Derrick Z. Jackson

It may be safe to say that the failed Bush/Cheney doctrine is totally

UH OH! We have to invade at least 44 more countries.

In The Name Of Love-In Search of Peace with Cindy Sheehan

Col. Sam Gardiner: Pieces in Place for Escalation

Candidates I'm excited about

The term President Pelosi would not be correct, the correct terminology

Foreign Relations House Committee with Albright

What the hell is Bush doing

I just had a vision....of President Obama speaking to the Iraqi people

WOW! Think about all the strong Dem candidates for '08!

Please sign up in the DC forum if you're going to DC for the march

Gunboat Diplomacy: The Watch on the Gulf (NYT)

Hillary video on cbs The Early Show now available; presents her Iraq plan

Dismissed (for now): HATFILL defamation suit against NYT (anthrax)

Why the ef is Trump getting a Hollywood Star -

Durbin just said "the leadership said we are going to finish this bill this week!

= 9 Uncommon Ways To Keep Warm = By Mark Morford

Oh shit, where did this come from, its not like we need anymore snow or ice here or anything

CIA leak case figures reject Cheney immunity

Anyone tuned in to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing now?

Snow: Does Anti-War Resolution Support the Troops?

The bush twins can't go to Iraq because of the Secret Service

Another Newshour bombshell!!

Laura and Polish First Lady Jolanta Kwasniewska (don't mess with the hair - LOL) -pics

Libby seeks jurors who trust Cheney (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!)

Binary Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama Poll

Abramoff Rabbi Joins 'War on Christians' Chorus

Homophobe Recruitment

Cross Post: Abortion rights activist backs Edwards

happy war anniversary ! * we have been killing Iraqis since January 17, 1991

Any such thing as a pre-paid phone with minutes that do not

Bush : Americans Sacrifice ‘Peace Of Mind When They See The Terrible Image’ Of War On TV

Al? Are ya' there? We need you to lead us through this...

Sometimes I am at a loss for words...

"We cannot even contemplate, in my view, trading American blood for Iraqi blood."

"I have a dream" revisited

Dinesh D'Souza should have thought his book through

What Do Roberts/Alito and SCOTUS have in common with the Senate filibuster?

Janet Reno: Judges Are Unfit To Question Clinton - They Should "Defer To President's Will"

Just a reminder: We are never leaving Iraq.

In audio recording, radio hosts talk about water-drinking risks

Escaped Chimp Gets Snack, Cleans Bathroom

Just took Zogby's latest poll - last question: Do you suffer from hypertension/high blood pressure?

MicHELL Malkin's Report on her Iraq Visit -- calls Iraqis "fleas", blames Internet & cell phones

Wesley Clark Drops a Hint!: “When I run, I’ll be the national security candidate

What a surprise-John McCain is grovelling to James Dobson

Honduras temporarily grabs Exxon, Chevron terminals

Michael (Weiner) Savage: Civil Rights a 'racket' to rob Christian white men of their 'birthright'

Time: Libby Trial: Anti-Bush Jurors Excluded

Spock and Sulu call into the Daily Show

Do We Suffer From An Excess of Civility?

Gallup: Chimpy job approval - 3 points in one week (34%)

so, whens the last time you heard any talk about Osama??

White House counterterrorism official dumps Bush

If "24" is such a RW fantasy why do Hollywood and the industry continue to honor it?

Senate Dem are preparing resolution with leading Rep war critic...

Who'll pull The Sword from the stone

Tell Amazon to Treat Carter's Book Fairly

Thom Hartmann - saying that Iran and Iraq are ALLIES!

North Koreans given cause to beef

TPM: Did Specter Give WH Power to Replace Prosecutors?

Didn't Custer do 'the surge' back in 1876?

LOL! Mr. Fish on W's ancestors and the Sermon on the Mount

Are other parts of the world getting hit as hard from the weird weather

Hillbilly Archie Bunker type in Virginia Legislature shows his stripes....

True Majority: TAKE ACTION: Block the Escalation of the Iraq War

Helen Thomas asks Tony Snow if we should allow the Iraqi people to have a referendum on the war?

So my dental hygenist says "we've got to think of something worse than life in prison"

WH Daily Press Briefing on now (1:53 pm east) cspan 2

Do you support Life imprisonment for 1st time serious child molesters.

On 60 Minutes, Pelley used GOP-favored "Democrat leadership"

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R- Neb): your thoughts about him?

If you had to vote for Lieberman or Hagel who would you vote for?

after reading the Playboy me compile a list if people profitting

On MLK Day, Savage called civil rights a "racket" designed to steal "white males' birthright"

ABC's of the LGBT Community

You know one of the saddest things about * is? he coulda been a hero

Peace of Mind

NYT: What $1.2 Trillion could buy

Bush: Iraqi has a "government that has still got some maturation to do"

Check out the list of venues Rich Little is going to be playing other than the WH dinner!

American Aid Worker, Three Security Workers Killed In Baghdad

Libby seeks jurors who trust Cheney

Senators introduce resolution condemning Bush troop surge; Believe they have votes to pass

The Way Forward to the next Insulting Slogan.

"Hate is becoming a comfortable currency for us."

Nuclear, climate perils push Doomsday Clock ahead

anyone else have a problem with Shawn Hornbeck's father taking him on a three-day media tour . . .

CNN...Carl Levin on with the Iraq Resolution! NOW! n/t

Not mad enough yet?...another scandal sheet!

US Mulls Iran Attack in Early 2007

From Green Bay Paper: Man charged with Hmong hunter's death made disparaging statements...

Inundate the media and your reps with the scandal of your choice.

"You were right - I should have voted for Gore. I hope he runs again."

Fun time! Let's play Let's Pile On Fox!

An Immigration Raid Aids Blacks -- For a Time

"Do You Know Alan Berg?"

When w campaigned, did anyone ask if he was qualified to be president?

Madison (WI) city council OKs oath protest

Condolence pay: US forces pays 2.5k for each Iraqi civilian "collateral damage"

How can Shrub attack Iran without Congress' ok?

Funny Colbertesque editing of O'Reilly "Talking Points Memo" (Huffpo)

The German Chancellor has a flashback of the backrub...

Would you vote for Barack Obama in 2008? (DU This Poll)

You are destined to be ruled by white christian hetero males...

perhaps for lounge but am posting here////being a victim of childhood abuse

* summoned Republicans skeptical of the war to the White House on Wednesday

Is Hagel getting ready to switch parties?

Self Delete - Dupe

Iraqi Death Toll Exceeded 34,000 in '06, U.N. Says

some PTA types please help me out here (what happened to school busses)

The Onion: Rumsfeld Leaves Most Recent Job Off Resumé

It's time to wage political war against the Bush Administration and their die-hard supporters

Is Lanny Davis crazy or merely an example of the DLC run amuck?

Analysis: Shiite crackdown may be risky (U.S. commanders shy away from *'s plan?)

Constitutional Crisis-- Dead Ahead!

ABANDONING THREAD: Your views on Hillary Clinton press conference: 3 PM ET/12 Noon PT. On MSNBC...

Live blogging from the Libby trial from Pacacutec @ firedoglake

OMG! I STILL Have Chills & A Greater Understanding Of Dwight Eisenhower!

Caption *

What's this "Democrat Party" I keep hearing about...

Curious....who do you think would be the most effective in fixing this Iraq mess?

Am I alone here ?

Wal-Mart accused of 'organic fraud' - labeling non-organic foods as 'organic'

I'm getting confused. Could someone provide a list of insults that aren't offensive.

How come...

Robert Novak: GOP Appears Doomed in 2008 To Lose More Seats & the Presidency

Just saw the MoveOn add: McCain Escalation

Bill Bennett says he supports Lieberman before Brownback!

Origins of the term, "Politically Correct"

Larry King regarding Fox News "They're an extension of the Republican Party"

Will you pay $895 for a "see thru" bag?

Bush's cracked egg shell Brain

Snow: resolutions passed by Congress will not affect Bush's decision-making

I'm getting sick of Trump constantly calling Rosie "fat" or a "pig"

Tell your people in Congress! NO to Bush having a Line-Item Veto!

a trip down memory 1000th post-one of my finest

Heads Up: O'Liely on The Colbert Report Tomorrow Night (Thursday)

RETRACTION of Kudos to Gates foundation

Senator Judd Gregg (R) trying to get a Line Item Veto amendment added to the ethics reform bill!

Howdy Doody was responsible for 9/11

Poll: Victim Mentality

Formatting Code Question:

would the elimination of the al-Sadr militia and/or removal of Maliki

What In Hell Does It Mean For A Court To "Monitor" An Eavesdropping Program?

I need the Quote/ Link of Laura Bush comment about Condi not having kids

Limbaugh: Barack Hussein Obama "a "half-minority"

In your view who was worse: Hitler or Bush??

In your view who was worse: Hitler or Bush??

Would you like to see Lieberman out of the democratic party even though we would lose the majority?

Bush backs away from "Sacrifice"

BBC: Steven Hawking explains why the Doomsday Clock is now 2 minutes closer to midnight

Our Nation Needs a Second Constitutional Convention

do you support a surge in multiple posts? nt.

Why Is DemocratSinceBirth Pushing Multiple Threads?

Duncan Hunter just said Democrats are "tap dancing between the abyss...

Lynn Woolsey coming up on Rachel Maddow

Bush Will NOT renew Domestic Spy program?

Kucinich on CSPAN now...reading his plan

Your Thoughts: The REAL Reason Bush Won't Renew Illegal Spy Program

Smithfield Foods wins coveted Big Brass Balls Award

Olbermann on Fox's "24" and the use of "Entertainment" to promote Fear...

ING Memo on Iran -- Serious warning or Rumor-mongering?

HR 5 just passed (6 for 06)

How do we break the backs of corporations ?

Bush not trying to twist arms

Listen to Hannity if you can - FAIRNESS DOCTRINE

Whose your favorite character in "Dr. Strangelove" and...

Besides the war---Chuck Hagel is just another scumbag Republican!

I pass this on from the "christian left" - so to speak -

Yikes! - pic of *

Hillary's WalMart Record

a weird question

The many pics of * giving flipping the finger should be on billboards across the country

A fully funded 6-month withdrawal plan - Rep. Lynn Woolsey in the SFGate Open Forum

This Administration is seemingly capable of anything.. but

White House Staff Owe $660K in Back Taxes

Bush 'chain gang' attacked in Memphis; Protesters claim police ignored street scuffle

Hillary opposes Troop escalation, supports current levels. "eventually" to leave

Unity '08...

Global warming appears to be the new "evolution" controversy for school districts

Olympia Snowe signs up to oppose the additional troops.

Freeway bloggers unite !! Print out a simple pic of Bush flipping the bird.

Duncan Hunter was just

My local newscaster wears shirts that reveal a lot of cleavage

3026 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Urge the Senate to oppose escalation! (action)

Kucinich Receives Petition Signed by Troops Opposed to Iraq War

Obama's Turn: Says He'll Introduce Iraq Legislation Calling For Phased Withdrawal

Libby trial jury selection: a former WP reporter, with connection to Libby survives first round

Total Bull

East Side Art Dealer Sues Homeless Men

Why Is Buchanan Tacitly Pushing Hillary Clinton?

Could Wolf Blitzer's speaking cadence be any more obnoxious?

J Tasini: Progressives Introduce End The War Legislation

A referendum on ending the occupation of Iraq

Would you like to see Lieberman out of the democratic party even though we would lose the majority?

Gonzales: NSA Wiretapping Now Subject to Court Approval


"Appeal for Redress" from some of the Bravest soldiers I have

Parents say "enough" as child parties go wild

So tell me, how is it that we know Iran is pursuing nuclear bombs?

Secret Court to Govern Wiretapping Plan

"You would think this would be a major international incident,"

NBC Iraq Blog: entire villages being ethnically cleansed

Pitt-Jolie move family to New Orleans

Colbert Gets D'Souza to Say He Agrees with the Terrorists!

We are kind of in a shaky place in having holie joe holding the cards as to the majority

Bush: Americans Sacrifice ‘Peace Of Mind When They See The Terrible Image’ Of War On TV

Iraqi PM: "We don't accept that any neighbouring country poses a threat to Iraq."

Waxman Names Subcommittee Chairs

MEMORIZE THESE! Use them early, use them OFTEN! Use them EVERY TIME you refer to a repuke!

Reps Bilbray & Rohrbacher (R-Ca) & Poe(R-Tx) Rip * Over Border Patrol Incident--* Backs Drug Dealers

ABC continues march to far right by hiring Glenn "Katrina survivors are scumbags" Beck

"Little Mosque On the Prairie"

Oops. Bush made a signing statement to the Defense Appropriations Bill.

Law groups want Pentagon official fired

Some thoughts on the Complicit Media

Another counterterrorism official dumps Bush, joins Dems

The next President will carry the DLC Stamp of Approval. Guaranteed.

My son's former Reading teacher was sentencd to 70 years ...

Standing 'Em Up In Iraq Just To Knock 'Em Down

T*O*O*N*S - Tom the Dancing Bug

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

My local newscaster wore a large cross (not a crucifix) necklace last night. I want your opinion.

In defense of "douchebag"

Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss) on C-span, talking about sacrifice.

Deep Tinfoil from the Jackpine Jungle


Iran shoots down US Spy Drone

Help Kennedy force a binding resolution on Iraq escalation on the Senate floor

Chuck Hagel is *very* conservative. One stance does not a Democrat (or a liberal) make.

Why is Reid opposing an amendment to ban current congressional spouses from lobbying congress?

Should Obama be refererred to as "black"?

so was she just an ass on msnbc or what

Repubs to bring down ethics bill over line item veto...Reid says

Cat Killer Frist is 'thinking about' running for Governor of Tennessee.

Police: Knife-Wielding Man Threatens Unborn Child In Pregnant Woman Attack

FOX's war push, bleeds into American Idle

William Friedkin- Ambush: Reflections on my friend Jim Webb

Paul Harvey: Racist Remarks on MLK Day: Action Needed (from Daily KOS)

How a Victim Mentality Makes You Remain in the Hurtful Past

What kind of person is Dinesh D'Souza?

Tell Amazon to Treat Carter's Book Fairly

Colorado paper disputes global warming

Congresswomen Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee show how it's done

Late-night jokes about the Bush speech

Halliburton/KBR Named as Investigation Target in Subcommittee Chair Press Release Today

Six years of corruption, lies, theft and death.

Apparently, I need to get over the fact that my ancestors were kidnapped, beat, raped,

Emptywheel: "We've Got a Potential Witness (and Mention) List"

The 50 Most Loathsome Americans 2006

Gore/Obama 08'

I got swift boated last night

O'Reilly: Abducted child "liked his circumstances," had "a lot more fun" than usual

Open Letter To The Honorable Al Gore

Letter from the St. Bernard Occupation

Pick your 08 Combo

Zogby poll of Iowa: Edward leads Dems, Giuliani leads GOP

An email from my sister

Escaped chimp gets snack, cleans bathroom

What do you think/know about 24?

Why 'cloneburgers' are a bad way to go

Gonzales: Judges Are Unfit To Question Bush-They Should "Defer To President's Will"

Bin Laden blames Dinesh D'Souza for 9/11 attacks

Congress to Send Critics to Jail, Says Richard Viguerie...

Rep. Waters, Rep. Woolsey and Rep. Lee Introduce Legislation to Conclude the Iraq War

Would you support the Virginia Slavery Apology resolution?

21500 more...

The Global Warming Cartoon from An Inconvenient Truth

Hotel Iraq...

Civil War In Iraq...


Michigan's Attorney General (R) Commits Adultery, But Fox leaves out party


Olberman: Commander in Chiefs Credibility

VOTE! Bush + Cheney = Freedom Lost in America

CBS reports on escalating carnage in Baghdad

Blackhawk Down Knocking on Heaven's Door

KO - Declaration Of War wIth Iran...

Awakening - A Tribute...

Iron Maiden - Two Minutes To Midnight

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism pt 2/7

opening for 'The Mug Files'...

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism pt 4/7

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism pt 5/7

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism pt 6/7

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism pt 1/7

Nixon's Third - How to Impeach a President...

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism pt 3/7

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism pt 7/7

Al Franken: Where Rush Limbaugh's Facts Come From...

Wes Clark in Huntsville, AL 1/16/07

Don Imus: CBS Bosses Money-Grubbing Jews...

Left-Wing Conspiracy: Scarborough Country - 12/05/06...

Dennis Kucinich sings 'Sixteen Tons'

Iran destroys US Spy Drone (The Beginning of the Drone Wars)

Lee Atwater's Epiphany...

Dianne Feinstein - Forced Resignations of Federal Prosecutors

CNN Video - War With Iran Has Begun...

Shop While They Drop

AL GORE, PLEASE do NOT run for President

Did my ears deceive me? Did * call our troops "kids?"

Bill would require Congress approval to increase US troops in Iraq (AFP)

WP, pg1: Race and Gender Make Democrats' Field Historic

Michigan's Repubplican Attorney General Commits Adultery, But Fox "News" Leaves Out Party

AP: AG Criticizes Judges for Terror Rulings

D'Souza: Cultural Left Responsible for 9-11

Emanuel "indirectly" fundraising for Obama?

Barack's First Blunder

Is it true Obama voted 'for' the Bankruptcy Bill? nt

An Apology to Detainees' Attorneys

This whole "Dems have no plan for Iraq" really pisses me off ......

Iran and Saudi Arabia exchange letters suggesting the cooperate to stabilize Iraq

Dealing with Tehran - Leverett_Diplomatic PDF

Where's Speaker Pelosi today?

US defense secretary "sympathetic" to Afghanistan troop needs

Bush: "I want the Iraqis to succeed for our own sake."

Colbert kicked D'Souza's ass last night!! Watch the video!!

House repigs b*tching about house rules as though they were

Valerie Plame and the brilliant conservative mind

Is Anybody Keeping Track Of Civilian Contractor Deaths In Iraq?.....

AP: House Debates Cutting Student Loan Rates

Anyone watching the congress on cspan??

Military Members Make an Antiwar Plea on Capitol Hilll

Have booze, won't travel

"Iraqis Will Never Accept This Sellout to the Oil Corporations"

Clinton and Obama in virtual tie for the nomination

Bush Plots Health-Care Push

Hillary Clinton opposes Iraq troops 'surge'

Cost of Iraq war to reach $378 billion in March 2007.

Rude Pundit:Why Rush Limbaugh Ought To Be Force-Fed His Own Liposuctioned Fat (Obama Edition)

Where is Hillary???

LOL Colbert made a FOOL out of Dinesh D'Souza last night

Any Du'ers tired of the Clinton/Obama media BLITZ

MSNBC: Most democrats refuse to cut funding for troops in Iraq

CNN, Doing Interesting Things Today...

White House counterterrorism official dumps Bush (Turns states evidence?)

War takes toll on Arlington Ladies - Photos

Asked Rob Portman about the G-3 on C-span this morning!!(update! HELP! He wants me to call back!!)

OMG! I STILL Have Chills & A Greater Understanding Of Dwight Eisenhower!

I'm a little skeptical about the Student Loan bill the House is currently debating

Dan Abrams on with Tucker now,,,boy, has he aged!

Arabs are cool to Bush's Iraq plan

Do we not want/need a President and VP to compliment each other on top level issues?

Cafferty File 5 pm Q: Why would the Bush administration. . .

Did you see * on The News Hour last night?

AP: Pelosi May Create Global Warming Panel

Hillary REFUSE to answer wether Obama has the experience to run in 08

Bipartisan group of Senators vote on non-binding resolution to Bush's Iraq plan

The Democratic presidential field--a few thoughts from someone still looking for a candidate

Kerry live on Cspan 2 Now.

Iran invites global organizations to its nuclear facilities

I'm going to see Barrack Obama speak and you are NOT

The republican party is FURIOUS!!! at Bush on two border patrol agents going to jail..

Edwards in The Situation Room w/Wolf Blitzer (Transcript)

Tweety: Where not going to sit around to see who the big SHIT is in the middle east

POLL: Clinton, Obama in Virtual Tie Among Democrats

Timeline: A one-year deadline, nine months later

Schwarzenegger backs 2007 deadline for U.S. in Iraq

I need some Dr laura dirt..

An Email From John Edwards' New Campaign Manager

Clark just gave a 08' campaign speech! "When I run I'll be the National Security Candidate"

What good is it if Congress passes a non-binding resolution ...

Glenn Beck's common senselessness

Robert Scheer: "Chuck Hagel for President!"

I like Hillary Clinton's position this morning:

Do You Pledge To Support "Your Candidate" In 2008, Without Smearing On Other Dems?

DFA Members: What do you think about getting involved in the primary?

GOOD blog: Cheney Will Face Cross-Examination in Valerie Plame, Joseph Wilson Case

Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey and Maxine Waters ROCK!: Their idea for getting out of this mess....

ABC Breaking on Senators Condemning Bush on War

So Many Choices; let's make sure we make the right one

AP: Two U.S. Attorneys in Calif. Resign

Which came first......the chickenhawk or the cracked egg?

Why I oppose Hillary .... it goes back to 1776

Specter admits role in expanding WH powers.

Don't count Kerry out for 08

The Cracked Egg (Mary Lyon)