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Archives: January 22, 2007

Paul Krugman: Gold-Plated Indifference

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 275

Dave Lindorff: Was Iraq War a 'Blunder', or Was It Treason?

War's Arab Supporters Bitter Over Its Results

Of Secrets and Monsters: 'Praising' Alberto Gonzalez

BAROUD: Arabs' Love and Hate for Saddam Hussein

GERARD: America's Workers: Paying for Protection

Frank Rich: Lying Like It's 2003

Adam Hochschild: The Big Push

John Nichols: 'Cheney Has Stepped Way Over the Line'

Elizabeth Sullivan: War Hits Home in Pockets of Pain

Cheshire Cheney: Menace on a Limb

Some thoughts on Global Warming.

VOA-- Netanyahu Hopes Ahmadinejad is Brought to Trial (incitement to genocide)

A study that claims the seismic data proves that 911 was an inside job.

interesting Ptech connection to military's new "Future Combat Systems" project

The Progressive Top Down Collapse Challenge

Evidence of total unreliability of touch screen results- support for the Florida challenges

Do new Ohio recount prosecutions indicate unraveling of 2004 election theft cover-up?

Bill Richardson...(Gov. of New Mexico) & Election Fraud....

Dems to fight terror trial rules allowing hearsay =Chicago Sun Times

Historians offer dismal Iraq forecast

Protestors march in Bangkok against coup

Iran’s strongman loses grip as ayatollah offers nuclear deal

NYT: On the Air, the Voice of Sunni Rebels in Iraq

Four Wall Street Firms Are Subpoenaed on Online Gambling


NYT/Reuters: Japan Meeting Seeks to Save Tuna From Extinction

Registered traveler plan on hold at LAX

McClatchy: Details emerge of gunmen, posing as soldiers, attacking U.S. troops in Iraq

New Orleans housing authority tries to clear protesters, residents from projects

Hagel acknowledges limits to GOP loyalty (a bid as an independent?)

British Airways Cabin Crew to Strike

Biden: Cheney "Doesn't Know What He Is Talking About..He Is Yet To Be Right One Single Time On Iraq"

Blair likely to quit if aides charged in loans inquiry

Beijing to diversify investment strategies (Financial Times)

Janklow'srecord is clean after probation

Denver labor splits over Democrats plan to use non-union convention center (2008 convention)

Great news!

Steelers name TomKat as head coach.

By the Gods! Everything old is new again.

looks like the patriots are going back to the super bowl

thinking about going back to work tomorrow am makes me tense

check in here if you've been on topamax

Oh Gawdess, Here's A Damned Earworm Fer Ya!

If its Pats v Bears, I'm tivoing the Superbowl

Some People Are Like Blinkies

Steelers name Mike Tomlin as head coach.

LibraLiz1973! You've earwormed me...

Stealer names Lily Tomlin as head coach.

Saints Appreciation Thread.

Moe Sizlak appreciation thread

Are you interested in reading about the sexual rabbits of other DU members?

Are you entombed during the sexual habits of other DU members?

What movie should I watch tonight?

I saw 2 Bush stickers tonight!

I'm kind of high right now.

A nice personality test for all you Loungers.

Does anyone else get the Blues Sunday Evenings?

Are there any "good" bugs?

What movie should I NOT watch tonight?


I tossed my hat into the air, just for old times sake

It's Punchy!

Holy Frak! What a start to Galactica

WOOT! Nightnurse gets Wall-to-Wall throughout the House !

And the 2007 Super Bowl Champion team is:



Congrats to 'Da Bears" !

I have something to say to all of you

Is Oprah overexposed?

What happened on the Apprentice?

It's about damn time the Colts got into the Super Bowl

Cake covers War Pigs

Is it true what my husband says?

I was just watching The Hills Have Eyes

Want to feel really, really small and insignificant?

Before I go utterly mad, ask me anything!

Two loaves of banana nut bread and 16 dozen cookies later..

How's this for a version of "Carmina Burana?"

As a lifelong Bears fan, congrats Saints on a great storybook season

70's-80's-90's Lyric Contest

well this is IT ! I've gone and done it ... TEN THOUSAND

Rage Against the Machine to reunite, report says

For god sakes I hate poetic justice

I just ordered Burning Crusade

Snow in Tucson?? In town NE side...

I've been blocked for the first time! Ask me anything!

Dree-eee-ee-mm, dream, dream dreee-eam; dree-eee-ee-mm...

Site Calculates Risk Factors for Travelers

Here's the deal:

In one word, summarize the upcoming movie 'Hannibal Rising'

Are you interested in becoming a sexual habit to other DU members?

Long haired dog grooming question?

Was I too harsh to my trashy rightwing cousin?

Are you interested in reading about the sexual habits of other DU members?

I just had to go rescue my kids from the cops....

urgent prayers please ...

Any advice on a birthday gift for a 5 year old girl?

Do you have any alter egos you're aware of?

Consumer Alert: Folger's Mocha Cappuccino is the same damn thing as

The trashy right wing cousin thread got me thinking: Do any of you have relatives that

So, where are all the naughty girls?

Bear Down, Chicago Bears.


Obligatory photo thread

Fashionistas (again): do you think this is frumpy for a (late) 20-something gal?

How odd is this? My dog is 10 mos. old and has never barked

I hate it when weatherpersons refer to snow as "the white stuff"

Are you interested in becoming a sexual turn-off to other DU members?

Some People Are Like Twinkies

Aahhh Chihuahua!

HEROES comes back tomorrow night!!

Does anyone else hate the Burger King "I am Man" commercials?

It's my turn to ask for your kind wishes for my father, please

new pic time!

Sisters who fought for civil rights star in US documentary

Assuming you believe in Heaven

Funny pic I found on those "pursecuted" Fundies.

What is it about monotheism that makes it so popular?

Controversial call again

what a comeback...congrats Colts

Well, there's *nothing* like an 80 yard kick off return in the 3rd, tie game! Patriots.


Marino didn't win a Super Bowl but Rex Grossman might....

"Declaring What We Want" - Karen Bishop - January 21, 2007

"Dresden Files" - new series on Sci Fi ...

Interesting local news. Take with a grain of salt.

Global Warming: The Final Verdict

If Dennis Kucinich could get the Fairness Doctrine reinstated...?

CHISHOLM '72 - Unbought & Unbossed

Impeach this fool. The only question he’s capable of deciding is: Do you want fries with that?

We need a new phrase for "dereliction of duty"

FBI details threat from gangs in military

In 2000, it was Florida. In 2004, it was Ohio. But in 2008? TEXAS.

I love the changes that the democratically elected Chavez (62%) is making in

A Challenge To All DU'ers With An Emotional Stake In the Democrat Party Game.

Re: The big rallies in D.C. next weekend . . .

It is OK to support the use of Democrat to define Democratic when

Again: The Fairness Doctrine does not mean "equal time"

Looks like Soros is supporting Clark so far....

What is wrong with Bill Richardson?

If No One Could Announce Pres. Run - Wouldn't USA Benefit?

Nato reveals dark arts of psy-ops

two black coaches in the superbowl ..first time ever...Could be Baracks year???

Peter Werbe's talking about class warfare -- streaming

Why Do Liberals Act Like Conservatives???

Liddy Dole rumored to bail on Chimpy

I'm thinking it is time for GD Election 2008 Forum.

Check out these beautiful photos!!!

Caption this Picture

32,000 tons of radioactive sludge to dump - 'Not in my backyard' say Utahns

Clinton Opens Her Campaign With Health Insurance Plan

do you listen to radio on weekends ?

"Ghosts" a haunting wartime documentary (HBO documentary "Ghosts of Abu Ghraib")

U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 3,057

WOW! White stuff falling from the sky in Phoenix tonight.

Curious statement from Incurious George.

Neocon Kristol wishes Democrats would 'be quiet' about Iraq for six or nine months!

Whos is the most presidential???????

Taliban to open schools in Afghanistan


Gore, Kerry, Edwards, Obama, Clark and then Hillary...that is my order

I am tired of hearing about the Missouri kidnap case. NT

Great idea for the next DU Fundraiser

I love the changes that the democraticaly elected Chavez (62%) is making in

Congrats to 'Da Bears" !

Secret Service Visits Man After Letter To Editor

The man in the yellow hat is overdue! He needs to pick up Curious George.

Some reasons I will vote for whomever wins the Democratic nomination

Mentally disturbed man takes over Michael Savage's Radio Show

George W. Bush: Commander in Thief

The lessons of South Africa (Desmond Tutu)

Scooter and me

Need Help on Bush quote calling troops "kids"

You know who wins less often than sitting Senators?

Citizens For Global Solutions

Need Help on Bush quote calling troops "kids"

Reed Hundt on the 2008 Democratic Presidential contenders: "The Dream Team" use brings Air Force warning

Crank calls to C-SPAN - (From Howard Stern to penile implants)

How did we manage to push Bob Novak off his soapbox, and why can't we do it

In perilous territory, Bush prepares his lines

Why did Hugo Chavez tell us to move to Hell, MI?

Its January 21, 2007 and the Democrats have a majority in BOTH Houses of Congress

State inmates outlive people on outside

Ken Mehlman and Barack Obama Both Graduated From Harvard Law in 1991

Would you vote for John Edwards if he got the Dem nomination for 2008?

3054 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Handy reference for special characters in HTML

tell the Fascists to quit using the word Treasure.. it is OUR TAXES.. treasure is free from someone

how to copy/save internet videos?

Jan 29, 2005 Bush says America will leave if asked....well, Maliki asked...

Richard Perle: Bush Will Bomb Iran

I've seen a grand number of threads...

Sacrifice:Keith Olbermann on the Troop Surge in Iraq

The most evil man in the world


Alberto Gonzales Gone Wild

Obama at Rally in Iowa in November

North Korea's 007 (007 vs. Man in Black)

Bank of America goon sings U2's 'One'

Troop Surge! A New Way Forward by George W. Bush

MadTV skit with Dubya - My humps

We Have To Impeach The President (Dance version)

Can someone post some links to all these bad rumors about Richardson

HAve you ever met a DUer at a big anti-war protest , or any protest, that you don't agree

This is a good read - New Developments in Sustainable Technology

Quite frightening: Richard Clarke said Gore was in on extraordinary rendition.

What is wrong with the google "Blogger" site?

Dumped airline passenger fights for right to call Bush a terrorist

Jeb's next move: Once again, a Republican governor upsets the plan for the smarter Bush

Key military network operating system made by company with Ptech ties

Editorial in High School Newspaper by my Granddaughter

I Noticed Something Not So Nice Has Happened To Americans

In Light Of The Evidence-How Can Anyone Doubt The Impeachability of this President

What did these 23 Senators know on 10/11/02 that so many others did not?

Two African-American coaches in the Super Bowl

How long until everyone's blocked each other and there's no one to talk to?

US Military Unwittingly Evolved SUPERPATHOGEN In Iraqi Hospitals

Washington Post: 6 GOP Senators Who May Not Seek Re-Election in 08

Viva Chavez! Viva Castro!

Brownback: My goodness what a bored ass speaker is he speaks like he's speaking on the senate floor

Bloody Weekend: 30 American Soldiers, 1 British Soldier, 151 Iraqis Killed

Senator Brownback is a boring speaker

Never, ever let the people forget what the Republicans have done...

WP,pg1: On the Electronic Campaign Trail: Politicians Realize the Potential of Web Video

Angry constituents want political 'robo calls' to end (CT)

Carter, Clinton lead effort to give clout to moderate Baptists

Do you think your posting on DU about your candidate will convince anyone?

Pelosi/Obama 2008

I'd like to announce my candidacy for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination....

Nickname an 08 ticket!

Bush Declared Today "National Sanctity Of Human Life Day: (25 Americans Dead In Iraq)

If the California Primary is moved to FEB....

My wing of the Democratic Party - the Idealists. Please join.

Obama on Clinton: "I welcome her and all the candidates, not as competitors, but as allies"

Would John Edwards been re-elected to the US Senate if he had run in 2004?

Huddle Up!

my KoS: Modern Iranian SAM Missiles, can they hit a stealth bomber?

Leading Mass. Repuke organizer leaves the GOP, gives Der Mittenfuhrer the finger on his way out

'Why the US should be worried' (Good Read)

Yes, Bush Has Failed This Country

Gen. Wes Clark: "Three Words"

The happiest man in the world? (independUK)

NI police colluded with killers {Northern Ireland}

James Carroll: Sigh for America

Dams in the US get a D---nation’s dam stock is rapidly aging.

Men are from Mars Women are from Venus and Bush is from Pluto

"Wang Dang, He Ducked Danang" - Jesus' General writes to Ted Nugent

The west persists in using race to decide who can cross its borders

Residents: Baqouba Is Deadly Ghost City (AP)

No Escape from Accountability

Few nations follow U.S. in condemning Cuba

A Timely Anti-War Effort—Support the Occupation Project

The Corporate Media and Hugo Chavez (Mickey Z.)

Time's Person of the Year: You

The Nation: Thinking Vietnam, Fighting in Iraq

Deborah Lipstadt (Wash. Post Op-Ed): Jimmy Carter's Jewish Problem

BOB HERBERT: Your MasterCard or Your Life


Why would I want to hear your opinions when I've got so many more interesting ones of my own?

Schultz embraces dual roles as senator's wife, columnist

Rice's Rhetoric, in Full Retreat (democracy not on top anymore)

War's architects have been nonchalant toward truth

"It was a warning. Scratched, of course after more than 50 years" R. Fisk

When Peak Oil hits, what happens to Global Warming?

Nuclear Power Resurgence

Boss Hog - America's top pork producer churns out a sea of waste

Are most new toilets in Germany considered "Low Flow" Toilets?

EEStor Announces Two Key Production Milestones (ultra-capacitor batteries)

U.S. will need Mideast oil for years to come: Saudi - Reuters

Whoops! Invasive Quagga Mussels Discovered In Lake Havasu - LA Times

Bush To Call For Improved Fuel Economy? Some See Obfuscation In Possible Fleet Rule Change - NYT

Winter Hummingbird Regions

"Bush Set To Tackle Global Warming" - (Actual Headline!) - Boston Globe

Big US firms urge Bush to tackle global warming - AFP

Cheaper LEDs to light a green path?

EU delays proposals on car emissions -sources (Reuters)

Japan warned tuna stocks face extinction - Guardian

Govt Estimate Of Australian Economic Growth Down 75 Basis Points On Drought Losses - BBC

Wettest January For N. Texas Since 1898 - DMN

22,079 New Cars Registered In Beijing In First 18 Days Of January, 2007 - Xinhua

LIbrarians Raising Hell About EPA Plans To Shutter Libraries, Limit Data - SPI

Arctic Sediment Studies Confirm Anomalous Nature Of Current Temperature Spike - AFP

Now ExxonMobil Wants To Talk About Structure Of Carbon Caps, Maintain "Uncertainty" On Climate - WSJ

High-Altitude Himalayan Permafrost Line Seems To Be Moving Higher, Japanese Scientists Discover

Couple brings business of (hydrogen) fuel-cell vehicles to Port Byron (IL)

Study - Most Of Alps' Glaciers Gone By 2050 - AP

Colorado to Take Bold Steps in Renewable Energy

State utilities group proposes renewable electric energy bill (20% RPS by 2020, MN)

dupe - please delete

Cat Likes Pot Smoke

Scientist: Pollution destroying pre-Aztec Mexican ruins (Reuters/CNN)

Navy told to do more to protect whales

IDF source admits 44 barriers allegedly removed did not exist

EU's Solana shocked at Israeli settlement growth

Arabiya TV office in Gaza damaged by blast-official

Israelis prepare public for conflict with 'genocidal' Iranian regime (Independent, UK)

Israeli Jew charged in terror plan

Yemenite Jews flee due to threats

250,000 Palestinians Fenced In, Says Report

Settlers sow seeds for outpost growth

New proposal: Transfer-for-cash plan (Transfer Arabs out of Israel)

9/11 AND AMERICAN EMPIRE: Intellectuals Speak Out, Reviewed (Carolyn Baker)

Ohio Democrats want to settle old election lawsuits

NEED FOR DU-ers to write to Rush Holt about the audit plan in his legislation.

What does everyone think of national popular vote legislation that would negate

Turkey: Teenager confesses to journalist's killing

VOA-- Netanyahu Hopes Ahmadinejad is Brought to Trial (incitement to genocide)

Israelis prepare public for conflict with 'genocidal' Iranian regime (Independent, UK)

WP: US Troops Caught in Ambush in Iraqi City

Man may sue Qantas over Bush T-shirt ban

Iraqi, US forces seal Baghdad neighbourhood

US forces have 'abnormal sexual' drive (North Korea says)

WPost A01: Disguises Used in Attack on Troops-on Secured Iraqi Site,

Car Bombs Kil 75 In Baghdad

Israelis prepare public for conflict with 'genocidal' Iranian regime

Torture video stirs fury over Egypt penal system (US Ally)

Boston Globe: Patients piling medical costs on credit cards

2 U.S. Marines killed in Anbar province

Christians, Muslims flee Baghdad for Kurdistan

Prisoners continue hunger strike at Canada’s Guantánamo

Iraq calls its neighbouring countries to stop interfering in its affairs

WP: Confidence in Bush Leadership Continues to Drop, Poll Finds

Iraq's new draft hydrocarbons law will pave the way for 'transparent and fair' competition

(Sen. Carl) Levin: Bush administration should tone down Iran rhetoric

World Social Forum: 'World ignores African issues'

(Another) Bomb kills 10 northeast of Baghdad - police

Rawstory: Top military Republican to introduce own anti-surge resolution

Turning the tables on Washington, Cuba says US harbours terrorists

Iran starts wargame to test missiles

MP says Iran bars 38 UN atomic inspectors--agency

Bill Parcells to retire from coaching

High-profile Personalities in Saudi Delegation to World Economic Forum at Davos.

Sen. Warner set to Introduce Anti-Escalation Resolution

3 drug makers get bird flu vaccine deals

LAT: Burdened U.S. military cuts role in drug war

Ted Haggard Says Evangelicals Have the 'Best Sex Life'

High court rejects Calif. sentencing law

Justice Department report faults FBI for not initially investigating Foley

MNF Iraq: One Task Force Lightning Soldier killed, four wounded

AP: (Supreme) Court Eases Restrictions on Inmate Suits

CEOs ask Bush to back climate protection

Air America parent may find buyer: WSJ

State's 'Frozen Road Law' Takes Effect (another marker for global warming)

India 'may retaliate against Pakistan for militant attacks'

Police patrol riot-hit Bangalore, IT firms operate

Northern Ireland police shielded loyalist killers

Bush hails abortion foes at annual rally


STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday January 22

Czechs Give Go-Ahead for US 'Son of Star Wars' Base

Groups seek records on warrantless mail surveillance that Bush authorized through 'signing statment'

Reuters: Accused Cuban terrorist pleads not guilty to lying

Schumer and Bloomberg give report that NY losing its financial preeminence

(Bishop) Wuerl's(DC) stand on lawmakers who back abortion angers some conservative Catholics

Heroic French Priest Abbe Pierre Dies

U.S.( Gonzales) says Arar should remain on watch list

11 Iraqis with fake ID are arrested in Monterrey

Warner leads effort on second resolution criticizing Bush's Iraq plan

USA Today: Bush: Iraq war plan will prove its worth

(ABC) State of the Union: Unhappy With Bush (33 % Approval Lowest Since Nixon Entering SOTU)

Italy to stay in Afganistan but no more troops, PM says

Reuters: U.S. says Arar should be on watch list

CNN: Black Hawk may have been downed by a shoulder-fired missile, U.S. military officials told CNN

AP: Feds Fear a Dam Break in Ky. and Tenn.

EU, Australia, Argentina, Brazil join Canada in WTO complaint against U.S. corn subsidies

100+ Dead in Iraq Violence (CBS: Bush approval 28% )

Pfizer Ann Arbor Plant To Shut Down (2000 jobs)

New passport rules start Tuesday

Top Senate Democrat concerned about Bush and Iran (Rockefeller)

Newsday: Clinton's camp fires first salvo

CNN: CNN debunks false report about Obama

FoxNews: In Video, Al Qaeda No. 2 Al-Zawahiri Taunts President Bush's New Iraq Plan

Snow: Bush will not 'cease to be bold'

Federal Courthouse to Be Named 'Rush Limbaugh' (Grandfather of Rush)

ABC: Documents Seized Reveal Insurgent Plans for U.S. Attack

WSJ: New Indictment Expected in Hill Scandals (Brent Wilkes)

U.S. says killed 93 Qaeda-linked fighters in Iraq

N Korea agrees to suspend nuke activity - Chosun Ilbo

House Republicans demand more accountability from administration on Iraq

Demonstrators protest 'problem solved' T-shirts

Lobbyists find new Congress is open for business

Brownback, Hunter Vow to Overturn Roe

Thousands in Germany, Italy are told they will be deploying in mid-2007

FBI Failed to Take Action to Protect House Pages, Report Says

Bwahahaha! Real movie title: "Moran of the Lady Letty"!!

What additional features would improve DU?

Are you interested in seeing other DUer's being sexual in habits?

Anybody else have simultaneous issues?

Here's a song that is on my mind.

Extreme ways are back again..........

What killed the radio star?

OK, I don't usually curse on public forums, but...

X-Post: Bill Maher's series with Amazon:

Bob Dylan Earworm (the man is a freaken poet)

Lurkers Post Here!

I found it--Thanks! Ignore this.

This is a low

i know they are messy but, dayum i love

I just got back on DU and I am wondering, what's up with the whole 'douchebag' thing?

My Gf and I are going for a roadtrip to Atlanta. Ask me anything!!

What are you paying for gas now? Ours is way down here in

Being able to type correctly does help in my job

united 93--just watched it last night

Does anyone know if Dana Bash (CNN) has been ill?

Okay, so I am officially stalking BOTH sniffa and Briarius

Breaking: Bill Parcels retires! (Dallas Cowboys coach)

GD Flamefest for Monday, January 22, 2007:

In days of Olde

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/22/2007)

Ee-Rock - Eye-Rack - Ear-Rock...jeez

Bill Parcells to retire from coaching

"Grace is Gone" first film sold at this year's Sundance

Do you sometimes write so much with friends in pm's

Hurray! I got super ignored!

Does anybody else hate the Burger "King" commercials?

anyone who does not support my candidate is NOT a democrat and should

If a person is on someone's "ignore" list ... how would they know?

What's in YOUR medicine cabinet?

I have returned

So are we gonna have DU Valentine hearts again this year?

My butt hurts....

Strange and quite possibly stupid question about DVD's/CDs:

Sorry I Just Have To Get This Out Before I Explode

funny movies aren't funny anymore

I bought an 80lb video iPod. Ask me anything.

In a reationship, which is worse - Fine or Fuck....

Huh, I just realized I passed my 7000th post LOL

Anyone seen Star Trek: New Voyages?

Man Leggings - the Hot New Fashion for Men. Pretty Cute.

a picture is worth 1000 words

AAAUUUGGGHHHH... the sister who is on the Dr. Laura kick...

I want to go get lunch at Ruby Tuesday. Talk me into/out of it.

Oh, no! Not another anti-cell phone thread!

I asked a coworker if I should enlist... she said 'yes'.

Fishing on the Wii

Just snuck into "Religion and Theology," took a look around and thought: nah.

Positive proof of global warming

This kid needs to be on the school track team...

New addition to the block function.

Have there been any updates on Reyd reid reed's grandchild?

I could kill for some Fresca

Cascadian LIKE HIM or HATE HIM!

Retailers searching employees for cell phones?

Say. Anyone here have me "BLOCKED"?

Did anyone else use to watch "Sky King"?

You know how older people have a bunch of moles under their eyes

DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME: State of the Union Drinking Game

I've become addicted to arrested development

Repeat Marathon Starting Now: "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" - On Bravo

Should I take a nap?

To commemorate my 24th post, I offer you...

Is it wrong to get physical before having a drink to go to physical therapy?

LOL! Starting tomorrow, whenever you start a thread, people will be able to see who's blocked

The only good thing about cold weather is...HOT SOUP!

Is it wrong to have a drink before going to physical therapy?

Screw it. I'm becoming an evangelical. And here's why:

Name 4 People With Whom You'd Like to Have?

March 13, 2007:

Anyone else love HBO's Rome

I would like to pledge my virginity to

Somebody get me a time machine

I think it is pretty funny when someone blocks you based on your

Some Twinkies are like people...

Paris Hilton gets off ....

"Studio 60" is back tonight on NBC

Ebay spoof I almost fell for.

I hate it when vice cops refer to cocaine as "the white stuff"

A person who used to have lunch with me is now saying "can't, errands" often...

Stupid Human Tricks - January 22.

Got bad weather? So does Hawaii...


So I went to a birthday party of my girlfriend's mother's husband last week

I DID NOT give Midlo "The Gay"

Oooops I can't link to that photo

I'm getting my Satellite Dish hooked up right now!

How odd is this: My car is 10 months old and has never parked

Altruistic' brain region found

Anyone here belong to 4H as a kid?

question about an exchange with a friend

Leave me alone. I'm trying to buy a watch on eBay

Does anyone remember those color screens you put in front of black-and-white TVs?

Hard cider is one of the best things about winter

How much sense does this not make?

The only good thing about a back spasm is the drugs they give you

SeattleGirl making some extra cash?

This made my day

We want YOU...for the PC Police!

Question for e-bayers: if a Watched Item is relisted because the

Let's talk about The Colonel.

And you thought real estate was expensive in your town!

Once again, DU leads the way as pioneers in the fashion world

If you're into figure skating...

You know what pisses me off even more than this immoral war?

Help me understand this Herman comic from last week, please. I don't get it.

My mom called me at work, my SIL is at the hospital inducing labor

OK! I need your advice today.........I'm in the market......

Congratulations bleever!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations rodeodance!! 55,000 posts

Very Angry Cat


Have you ever owned a Ford Pinto?

Congratulations auntAgonist!! 10,000 posts

Attn: Ptah, Wetzelbill, and any other MT expatriates freezing in Tucson...

I need advice on an MP3 player please:

John Barleycorn must die

Da Bears Still Suck

What was your worst car?


Bassic's advice for today!!

When you're feeling down, post some lyrics to a song that helps you

The Purloined Sirloin : Why is meat the most shoplifted item in America?

How would you tell your SO, the boiler went AND the car can't be fixed.

In honor of Bush's crappy approval rating: Post things here less popular than Bush

I have to go to court tonight to get TeenMidlo's official license.

Okay, now which one of you gave Midlodemocrat "The Gay?"

Porn actors not thrilled about their films in Hi-Definition.

If you put a thousand monkeys...

Decision 2007: Bears or Colts?

I bought an 80gb video iPod. Ask me anything.

Name 4 People With Whom You'd Like to Have Dinner


No tax return for me this year...

I'm so SICK of being SICK!! Are you?

Did anyone catch this week's 'Ebert & Roeper'?

Bad menstruation advice needed please (making a list for a friend)

"Mother? You have bodacious tatas."

I actually injured myself playing Wii tennis.

Dog movies aren't very doggy any more...

Some "engagement" pictures of my daughter and her fiance.

Shout out to Fedupwithitall!!

What CD/album did you hear most recently?

Who's the current thread killer

its real simple--

Scary movies aren't scary any more

Note to DU MySpacers: One of you are posting SPAM bulletins!!!!

How many of you guys remember this?

"For The Bible Tells Me So"

From now on I'm going to say I do not believe in two or more Gods.

Falling gargoyles force repairs (León Spain)

We really got screwed on this whole god thing.

Tutu calls for new world order to end injustice

"Angels dancing on pinhead" question...

Resurrecting God

If God created everything, what did He/She create it out of?

Reverend Homophobe (Ken Hutcherson) at it again

Wyoming GOP Seeks To Make Out-of-State Gay Marriage Illegal

Savannah, GA... anything going on for queer women there?

Two solid weeks of Super Bowl hype: Somebody please fly to Florida and shoot me.

You know, if that was any team but the Patriots, yesterday...

I'm picking the MAV's to win it all!!!

Tank Johnson might not be able to go to the Super Bowl

To all Bears fans here, from a Saints fan... you DESERVE it!

Parcells retires as coach of cowboys

Over/under for Super Bowl is currently 49--- I don't see it.

TALK about Astrology links! This site has got them!

Oh my! Since my "epiphany" regarding manifestion, I feel so good!

For what it's worth ...

Breakthrough BioFuel Presentation in Mass today. (Of course Kerry was there!)

US Needs Leader In 08 Who Does NOT Inherit Office Because Of Their Last Name

Kudos to Vektor

Why we need John Kerry

I would title this, BUT my anger would take over

Perfect Time for Reflection - No. 2 - Looking Back on JK's Career

Road to the WH mentioned JK

OT: Political quote that made me smile.

Des Moine Register misrepresents Kerry's position

Thread needs answer

Am I the only one here

Nice LTE I found -- Kerry "A Quiet American"

Has any of the 08 candidates said anything about election fraud/irregularities from 04?

They're at it again,

Terry McAuliffe's coming to Boston to pimp his book,


Another fabulous failure

A HUGE SURGE in Bush's Popularity! Wow! Zowie! Amazing! yeah, right.

Blacks likely to get less experienced surgeons

Bush Hails Abortion Foes at Annual Rally - TRANSLATED

Hillary Clinton in '08

Racism from the New York Post - "N.M. (Hispanic) Gov Throws Sombrero Into Ring."

Bush, Rev. Moon, Paraguay and climate change

Pelosi should say...We'll fund the safe return of our troops and NOTHING ELSE!

Sorry Dupe. DU is acting really funny

Has a republican minority ever ran for president?

Air America parent may find buyer: WSJ

Speaker Pelosi will have to say this when introducing Bush:

Senator Byrd up on CSPAN2; just called the line item veto 'a piece of

caption this * pic...

I went to a forum where Hedy Epstein spoke

Is it just me?

Bloomberg: B*sh Presidency heading towards "History's Dustbin"

dupe delete


I don't know why, but I think SOMEONE will be offended by this...

Details Emerge About Possible Terror Threat

my bullshit meter is pegged on this one.

Sorry Dupe. DU is acting really funny

US backed ‘Troops fire on Mogadishu protest, kill three’ - More dead black people for Bush

Speaker Pelosi will have to say this when introducing Bush:

"Blue Monday" (r u sad 2 day?.)

Mellencamp's 'Freedom Road' - The angriest cut refers to President Bush in its title, "Rodeo Clown"

Johnny, I hardly knew ye....

Obama Rep Calls Fox "Appallingly Irresponsible" For Madrassah References

Here's one think I really, really, REALLY want the next Dem President to do

My response to Dickhead Cheney.

For those without a 2008 White House horse - a question

Marines want to bring back 100,000 who have been released

OK, how do you get a list of people who have put you on Ignore?

Noted drug addict Rush Limbaugh just said his show is NOT conservotalkradio

Harvard Scientists Say White House Distorted Their Research On Stem Cells

"I say,bring it on"

Criminal Enterprise Blackwater now suing the attorneys of family members of slain employees?

WashPost/ABC News Poll: Hillary beats both McCain and Giuliani , Obama only beats McCain

My vote for best Freeper comment I have seen in a while

Giving George Bush a chance to win anti-mccain commercial on cnn

What is the cost of Iraq's Oil?

Furor Over 12-Year-Old Actress’s Rape Scene

If the '08 nomination came down to Clinton and Obama who would you want to get it?

Oliver Stone blames Bush for intl press giving World Trade Center horrid reviews

Mulch fire still burning in San Antonio....

School-clubs bills appeal to homophobia

Saving the World By Stopping the Pentagon's Programs

al Sadr bloc has returned to Iraq parliament, gov't will review US troops timetable

Intelligence Community to Congress: “The dog ate my national intelligence estimate" (Harpers)

OK, a simple question on Health Insurance

I really like Senator Clintons idea of cutting off money for the lowlife mercenaries in Iraq

OK, what will Bush's Approval # Be Post-SOTU as reported by Zogby?

Dude thrown off Quantas for T-shirt - Poll this Quantas!

Jim Webb introduces new PAC - Born Fighting PAC

Tony Snow: Higher levels of violence in Iraq are expected "pushback" by insurgents

I can't wait to see Nancy sitting behind * at the SOTU

Wal-Mart Under Investigation For Allegedly Selling Non-Organic Food As Organic...

Burnt Offering - 3,000 Sacrifices to Greed and Folly . . .

CNN Poll: While Preparing Speech, Bush Faces Sour Mood

The Nation: Travel grants available to students who want to go to Saturday's DC War Protest

Byron Dorgan has a huge poster of bin Laden: Still on the Loose

Any predictions regarding the SOTU speech? How will Congress greet the Chimp?

Iraqi oil minister: World Bank will eliminate 21bill $ of debt, if we lift subsidies on oil products

Who here knew Congress had it's own intelligence organization?

Key GOP senators may not back promotion for general leaving Iraq - He said surge wouldn't help

Rash of Foreclosures Stirs Debate on Blame

"Letter spurs visit by the Secret Service"


NY Post headline on Richardson's presidential plans: "N.M. Gov Throws Sombrero Into Ring."

Wonder what Bush thinks when he sees his crappy approval numbers compared to Bill Clintons?

White House Correspondents’ Dinner- Stephen Colbert OUT, Rich Little IN!

bush SOTU STUNNER question

Secret Service visits elderly writer of letter to editor--threatening to Bush?

Bush gets snappy with USAToday reporter: "You can ask the legacy question 20 different ways. "

It's strange how our current situation parallels that of Rome...

"Ghosts of Abu Ghraib" — An "important and eloquent" film (Sundance Fest)

New coalition aims to keep Dems in check (act like Democrats or get out of the way)

House is in session, CSPAN1


Slowpoke: visit the George W. Bush Presidential Library (TOON)

Can anyone explain to me how * is at 33% approval if so many polls say...

Looking for a thread

"After getting my wife's permission, I'm running for Governor"

Ten Major U.S. Companies Endorse Mandatory Limits on Global Warming Pollution

Thanks, honey Wife induces labor so husband can go to Bears game

Cheney Invites Libby On Texas Hunting Trip - Borowitz Report

OUTRAGED AT THE MEDIA: Third Deadliest Day, one of most Deadliest Weekends in Iraq

Quick question - Why isn't the House and Senate in session and working?

Iraqi police: "they assumed it was American-on-American violence and wanted to stay out of it."

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!:

CIA won't release NIE to Senate? Well, *I* have a super-duper top-secret leaked version!

Qantas Boots Man for Wearing Bush Shirt

Kucinich Appeals to Bush to Rethink Escalation

Veteran White House Correspondent Helen Thomas on the Escalation of the Iraq War..., Democracy Now!

US forces have 'abnormal sexual' drive (North Korea says)

How many people would rather post negative stuff about at candidate they dislike...

The "Surge" has already begun - we need to stop this entire war!

Senator Hagel hints he may switch to Democratic Party?

Why is it so hard for some to accept that bush is Insane?

Are you aware there has been a sit-in going on for two weeks so far

Pissed off New Yorker Hilary rant

Newsday fires opening salvo in campaign and DUers fall for it

Bombs kill at least 100 people in Iraq

Seriously: did Bush ever follow up his "ban human-animal hybrids" call?

Rawstory: Top military Republican to introduce own anti-surge resolution

Bush will focus on "domestic" issues in SOTU...

Steve Bell's State of the Union collection

This Time in 2002, Kerry was in 4th place

I'll tell you what I'm worried about in the 08 election cycle.


Greatest Headline on HuffPo

Bush Orders More CIA Activity in Venezuela

This is GREAT - new magnet from BuzzFlash

Well, Bush's war, record deficit spending and outrageous deficit trade policies

Surge the Bush Twins to Baghdad NOW

This Time in 2002, Kerry was in 4th place

Live Radio Covereage of Sundance from Radio From Hell for the next hour

my puppy was found and returned home! yay!!

For everyone riding on the Chuck Hagel bandwagon

Something that made me smile over the weekend

Toyota plans ultra-inexpensive car


It's official: Iraq War now more unpopular than Vietnam War

get your bush bingo card here

Bush's Vagina-Czar says too much sex will ruin your marriage

How 'Viral Video' Can Give Dems Edge

RADICAL FRINGE TOON: 1/22 certifiable?

Bush proclaimed Sunday as National Sanctity of Human Life Day

Herbal and vitamin supplements from a health store, such as Earthfare,

Confidence in Bush at all-time low (WPost poll just out)

I had to remind myself this morning that I can't turn on Imus for the next two years

What can we nickname Bush's speech tomorrow?

When I look over the past year or two, there was building support

Ya think oil companies are scared of the new Democratic Congress?

A couple of pics from the last march

Just $83.8 million? No thanks - Candidates poo-poo public financing of '08

A Little Self-Help: "How to be Happy"

NBC Today Show provides a generous minute to Iraq &27 dead Americans

When we're hit again, will we still wonder why they hate us?

FUX getting more strident as B*sh and GOP support tank?

Any info on Saturday's DC Peace March??

Inside new Washington Post poll: new lows for Bush


Sustainable Energy Corp. presents Biofuel Discovery, Green Power Solution

The military is paid, clothed, fed and equiped no matter where they are on earth

At least 10 dead, 40 wounded in new bombing

Help Me respond to this email from a cousin....

Rice says it is Americas duty to stamp out the Death Squads in Iraq that she helped create

The 'christian' Right is attacking Federal Hate Crimes bill in Congress

Distort D'Newsa will appear on CSPAN 2 Feb 4 at noon.

Clinton PR machine is a wondrous thing.

Bush response to "Lessons learned" from his study of Vietnam history:

CNN is reporting that a shoulder fired missile downed that helicopter last Saturday

The abortion nuts are having their march today in Washington

Form of political protest?

I am calling for a Surge

"For The Bible Tells Me So"

An important documentary: 'Ghosts of Abu Ghraib'

Only 2 yrs. of bush to go, how bad could it be?

For the DUers watching SOU ---- How much will you see Nancy over

Tell Congress to pass H.R. 254 (Hate Crimes Bill)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

At This Point, Mitt Romney Will Win In '08

Boston Globe: Patients piling medical costs on credit cards

"The economy is good, the war will escalate, & God bless America"

Bombs kill 78 today in Baghdad. We're turnin' the corner.

Unscientific American: US Almost Last in Understanding Evolution

WPost A01: Disguises Used in Attack on Troops-on Secured Iraqi Site,

For those who think there is some desire by Congress to impeach, read this:

Does defying the American people count as an abuse of power?

Is Matt Drudge a journalist? Is Mr. Blackwell?

HEADLINE: Health Care in Iraq Was Better Under Saddam Hussein

Hillary visiting Antarctica, criticizes Japan on whale hunt

Iraq wants a timetable to withdrawal== but Bush rejects timetable

Bill Maher's series for Amazon:

Poll: Most Think Country On Wrong Track

Will King George plan an attack on Iran for Tuesday night?

An early draft of bush's speech...

Actual headline: "Terre Haute K-Mart evacuated on terrorist threat"

US unwittingly evolved superpathogen in Iraqi combat hospitals

Researcher's Estimate (upper limit): 942,000 IRAQIs Dead...

When the war with Iran starts will DU go away soon after?

Mods close poll about the DU "Block" feature - this is absolutely unbelievable.

Unmarried couples living together can be fined and jailed in N.D.

Great Emerson Quote

Heard Bill Moyers' speech on media reform?

Do you think Morroco would still give Bush those monkeys for his surge?

Regarding JFK Assassination—Who do You Trust: Poppy Bush or Your Own Eyes?

Iran MPs see red in high tomato price-- (perhaps the lowly tomato will bring down Iran's Prez)

Bush & Blair - endless love


In the news - Kris Kristofferson

Corporate Media vs. Democracy: a true story (short!)

James McMurtry 'We Can't Make It Here' (Great anthem about the Chimp's America)

Universal Soldier ~ Eric Andersen

Terror, Iraq, Freedom

Abu Ghraib Interrogator Speaks

New DCCC chair thanks the netroots, talks of the future. Chris Van Hollen.

Mclaughlin exposes Bush's lies about nuclear Iran...

Stop This War Now!

Scott Ritter - Target Iran: Bush's Intentions Towards Tehran...

250,000 Palestinians forcibly fenced in, says report

The war will be over any day now. The Senate just "Strongly urged" Bush to reconsider the surge

Democratic win puts new focus on military benefits proposals

Imagine the SOTU with subtitles

The Chimp who cried Wolf (on eve of SOTU): Dr*dge ALERT

"Studio 60" is back tonight on NBC

"Americans' love affair with the automobile."

Obama was educated in a Madrassa - DEBUNKED

ABC Pimps for the WH AGAIN.. leaks 6-month old Terra Plot on eve of SOTU

We don't have anywhere near the numbers we need in Congress to get what we want on Iraq

You know fellas, if you're going to scare us you'll have to start working harder...

Attention Malloy listeners: no more free archives, starting today.

Live blogging from the Libby trial continues @ Fire Dog Lake:

Details Emerge About Possible Terror Threat

Bloomberg: B*sh Presidency heading towards "History's Dustbin"

ACTION ALERT: Got this in an E-mail from Stephen Pizzo

These people want me to thank George Bush

* is back - pics

Why is everyone announcing so early?

Chavez to U.S. Officials: 'Go to Hell'

Perle: ‘I Have Very Little Doubt’ That Bush Would Order ‘Necessary Military Action’ Against Iran

Joel Connelly smacks down right on Pelosi comments

Hilary will NOT be nominated next year for two reasons!

O'Reilly, Colbert Both See Ratings Spike On "Showdown Day"

Republican Whiner of the Week Rep Roy Blunt R-MO

Bush Forgein Policy For Dummies.

LOL, I was tired of the "if you need this, press 1," etc.

A strange incident in Basra - Why did British Marines shoot up Iraqi Civilians while in disguise?

How about a Fox reality show called "President Swap"?

Anybody interested in becoming a "Hillraiser"

Cockold a Monday afternoon with a . . . CAPTION!!!


What to do with all that leftover election 'war chest' money?

Ex-mayor, two others join Berkeley tree-sitters - These ladies rock!

Rush Limbaugh alert: NFL a battle of gang-bangers; golf still Ok

The repugs have started...

Iran bars 38 U.N. IAEA inspectors

War in Iraq, Escalation forces BushCo to Recruit Convicts

Sean Hannity beating the h**l out of Hillary Clinton

Maybe Osama is dead & they just forgot to tell us.

Keep dubya's library out of SMU! - DU this petition!!

Some thoughts on voting, hillary, obama, jesus, whoever

Wow, Y'all used to like to talk

Justice report faults FBI in Foley case

Do you think we will need to UNIFY behind a single DEM candidate to defeat Hillary?

"We've got a jury" Emptywheel reports for Firedoglake

In Video, Al Qaeda No. 2 Al-Zawahiri Taunts President Bush's New Iraq Plan

media's awfully quiet on the GOP side of the race-where's rudy?

Hey, it's been almost a year!!! Has Katie gotten back to us yet?!?!?

Why aren't the Clintons screaming about election

Bush's "health care reform" would raise my taxable income 50%

Should we allow ourselves to be searched by employers?

Anyone catch D’Souza saying "FDR was responsible for 9-11"?

"Silence, indifference and inaction were Hitler’s principal allies."

Defense Secretary Gates, shootin' from the hip and speakin' truth to power!

Top Republican (Warner) to offer Senate bill criticizing Bush's Iraq plan

For those who enjoy watching Freeper meltdowns, check out this thread

Presidential primaries: a small gripe... MY VOTE DOESN'T COUNT...

I wonder if sessions know how stupid he sounds

Is DU being "glitchy" this afternoon ?

Family of dead soldier thought he was part of a peace keeping force in Iraq

Hillary Is Going to Be the Queen of the SwiftBoAT.....

Russians seize Japanese boat

Norway: Arctic reserves are key energy supply

George Bush: Diagnosis of Personality Disorder: PSYCHOPATH

U.S. plans missile bases in Europe

Ikpeng leader documents his tribe's struggle

Oh DU, gotta love big corporations: about that nuclear power commercial on MSNBC...

The Manipulation of the American Mind Only Impeachment Can Prevent More War

Bush's Canadian 'Clone' in Jeopardy

RW email needs a response

Do you watch any of the traditional network news casts? and if so which one?

With all I hear about jobs being outsourced , what will be left ?

Well Hush My Mouth, A New Terrorist Videotape Surfaces the Day Before SOTU!!!

Leading Pro-Abortion Group Will Likely Back Hillary Clinton

All hail General Petraeus!

Lee Terry (R) Nebraska is whining like a big crybaby ...

NBC shoots down ABC's Big Terror Story - No Big Deal

Chavez to U.S. Officials: 'Go to Hell' Gringos

Do you like Ed Shultz? Yes or no?

Document shows US has funded, staffed, operated CONCENTRATION CAMPS on Army installations.

Bush's aunt thinks people who possess child-porn are "wonderful"

POLL: Vote for the Chevy Volt

Anyone want to bet that Bush will mention LIEberman in the SOTU speech?

Why can the SITE Institute intercept al-Zawahri videos but our government can't?

Gee, isn't it a coinkydink that Faux has the Al Zawahiri tape before CNN...

Why is the RW up in arms over human-animal hybrids?

Tears for Pfizer - struggling drug maker?

How far will Bush go? How low will he sink before his term ends?

"They're not being drafted and forced to go, why should it matter then?"

Republican Opposition to Iraq Plan Grows

My top 10 list of conservative pundits that I would rather stick a pin

Gore and the Green ticket

Just anounced!!!!! EVERY Democrat alive is running in 2008

Turning the tables on Washington, Cuba says US harbours terrorists

Poof! McCain's a "maverick" again!

How many days at Camp David & Crawford for Bush so far?

Bush fails to pardon border guards who shot a drug smuggler

Have you picked the candidate you want for president?

Rush on Hillary

Found Nixon Joking Before Resignation Vid

What I got when I Googled Democratic Underground.

Employment "Rate" and the Minimum Wage

What did I just miss on Lou Dobbs -- re agents not allowed to testify?

Driving in Baghdad.

The SENATE IS IN SESSION NOW! C-SPAN 2. Line Item Veto..minimum wage debate!

Poll Question: Is the death penalty ever justified in a criminal case?

Surge of troops, but no surge of armored vehicles

Guerilla campaigning in the era of Fox News and Karl Rove - Part I

So when does FRANCE get an apology?

Ladies...Would you pledge your virginity to your father?

"They Work for Us"....coalition of labor, trial lawyers, liberal groups to be watchdog for Democrats

I fear for Barack Obama.

Should station involved in deadly water contest BE FORCED out of business?

The jig is up. The Iraqis have figured out the Death Squads are a Bush creation

John McCain says that phased withrawl is not a strategy

Ex-Shrubbites to trash Shrub at Sundance - documentary "No End in Sight"

I'm picking the Hillary to win it all!!!

Stop discussion of the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE

About all those dead birds in Austin the other week...

Sen. Rockefeller: Phase II of prewar Iraq intelligence could be complete by summer

Again, THE MEDIA IS PLAYING THE WAR GAME!!! (mad as hell!)

Get the motherfucker out of office NOW before he gets us all killed

NEXT SATURDAY: January 27th. Where should DUers meet if they want to?

Worst Democratic Hat-Thrower Ever

Bush Admin Blocking National Intelligence Report on Iraq??? ... Someone seems to be......

ABC: Bush's 33% Approval Rating Lowest Since Nixon for President Entering State of the Union Speech

I just watched "The Trial of Tony Blair"

Coming up: Blitzer says CNN "has investigated" the smears against Obama.

Obama opposed the war from the onset - this is important.

Is there any chance that our "surge" will be the victim of a Sunni

Let's get practical, shall we?

Democratic Media Reform Bill may Prevent Possible 'FASCIST' Takeover of US Media

Christians, Muslims flee Baghdad for Kurdistan

I don't care if Rush and Hannity are attacking Hillary-she's still not on our side

Letter from Howard Dean about Webb's speech tomorrow. READ THIS PLEASE

Did anyone see Jimmy Carter on NBC?

Jeff Cohen: Can Indy Media Stop the Corporate Media's Hillary Bandwagon?

Rich Little on the WH Correspondent's Dinner: "They Know I'm a Safe Bet..."

How much faith do you have in the concept of debt?

oh the he dons his asbestos suit

Breaking - John Warner (R-VA) to introduce anti-surge resolution

Bush isn't listening to us on Iraq, but he wants us to hear him tomorrow night . . .

LAT: US Needs Leader In 08 Who Does NOT Inherit Office Because Of Their Last Name

Is Bush trying to bring about the "end times"?

Should the SOTU be retitled STFU?

Libby Trial Update -- we're finally at 36!

Bush's Vagina-Czar says too much sex will ruin your marriage

Are Dems & Repugs in cahoots to allow Bush to escape without impeachment?

Have you encounter any freepers who are ...

Jesus is back, and guess what? He's running!

I hate fucking right wingers. Get ready folks -- LEAFGATE is here

Blue Dog Democrats. Here's a List.

What important issue is the most ignored?

ACLU Files For Records Of Bush Warrantless Surveillance Of Mail & Signing Statement Authority

The EPA Closes Its Libraries, Destroys Documents

Update on the new block function

Calling out a DUer...

Surging Anger

An MSNBC Poll to DU: Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?

If Bush still tries to do the Iran War, how will he start it?

Bush Overall Approval Rating 28% (CBS Poll)

Owner of ritzy shop sues homeless for $1 million

We need someone who will fight for the vote.

Larisa Alexandrovna-UN nuclear watchdog disputes claim that Iran barred weapons inspectors

GOP leadership bristles at five-day Capitol Hill work week

HERE IN SPIRIT sign MONDAY signing thread!

Yet another Hillary thread.

DUers who helped me over the weekend with my hunger thread:

The Coming War Against Iran - Part 14


Ted Haggard Says Evangelicals Have the 'Best Sex Life'

HEADLINE: Bush insurance plan gets cold reception

Must get off my chest -- I'm very PO'd that Hiliary Inc. is running

Bush: It's the Oil Stupid... But is it?

Chavez hints US using telecom to spy on him

Is Bush supporting the surge to screw McCain?

Bush may not seek reappointment in 08.

Good Point

Top-tier '08 candidates expected to turn down all public funds; $83 million not enough to win

High marks for Democrats in new Washington Post poll

Chicago Tribune: Governor Richardson first Latino with credible chance to lead national ticket

I'm Ready to Reach Across the Aisle Now.

In It to Win It (James Kunstler)

Article: Why I Like Mike (Gravel)

Need a laugh? Funny cartoon on the Bush library

So Anne Kornblut is now smearing Hillary Clinton for the WP

Perle: 'Bush will attack if Iran gets nuclear arms'

Overheard on NPR ("New Presstitudes for Republicans") this AM

Warner offers "less confrontational alternative" to the nonconfrontational, non-binding Biden res.

Am I alone in hating two-year campaigns?

Hillary Clinton and the Pro-Israel Lobby (Joshua Frank)

Obama: The Democratic Messiah? (Joel S. Hirschhorn)

We, the netroots, need to start thinking about a consensus candidate.

Clinton camp opens first salvo at Obama and Edwards. this we don't need

Will another GOP candidate get the media protection Bush had in 2000, 2004?

You know what. I change my mind. I LOVE Hillary Clinton.

A Dittiot just called Hartmann

Hillary has 26 point lead over Obama among black voters

Is it just me, or did Hillary just bogart Kerry's children's health care issue

March 19, 2003: Mission Accomplished!

Data suggest North Carolina is turning blue--good news!

GOP Senator Still Linking Iraq To 9/11

Possible Hillary 'swiftboat' achilles

Hillary Clinton Webcast

"Any Democrat But Hillary" people check in!

Foreign-Aid Program May Be Hamstrung by Budget

Mitt Romney presided over 'Big Dig' agencies that allowed fatal collapse

Can Hillary pull a George Bush and refuse to talk about the past.

CSpan To Run The 2002, 2004 SOTU Tonight

Following another deadly weekend in Iraq, Dennis Kucinich appeals to Bush to Rethink Escalation

(tomorrow) Ladies and Gentleman... THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

Great arguments against using the "electability" argument from Chris Bowers

bush's SOTU speech should consist of ONE word--FUBAR (for those of you unfamiliar with the term, it

Possible Hillary 'swiftboat' achilles?

Bush may lose N.C. ally Elizabeth Dole on the war in Iraq

Notice how the 'filibuster" has regained popularity since Repubs are in minority?

From Dean: Send comments to Webb for his SOTU response

An exciting new blog has arrived.

What Went Wrong in Russia---Some Interesting Thoughts

Bob Geiger: GOP Senator Still Linking Iraq To 9/11

Dems dodge questions about Iraq's usurious Oil Law..........Video

What war?

Welcome to the Obamarama show

Why no "Issues" section on

The Jury has been seated at the Libby trial. .

BuzzFlash -- Only a minority think Bush is honest -- 44 percent

Does anyone remember, I think it was February '99...

Karl and the BlueDog Democrats

Ok so out of the ones who have said they are running who are you backing?

Maine sets date for 2008 caucuses

Jim Webb announces Born Fighting PAC

"mission accomplished" --the REAL story (at least, according to a freeper)

WP Poll: Hillary beats both McCain and Guiliani...

Are there Klingons in the White House? Vote in the poll!

What do you think Bush's next catchphrase to extend the Iraq invasion will be?

Frank Luntz wants to help the "Democrat" party. No, really, he does.

Woof. . . .All '08 threads are going to go poof

The media is having a ORGASM over Hillary's announcement they are measuring the drapes already

For President of the United States:

Over 160,000 troops in Iraq in January 2006 Bush's "surge"

To those of you who say you wont vote for Hillary if she wins the nomination...

This Modern World: The ongoing adventures of Sparkman and the Blinkster!

Do you still support the same candidate in 2008 as 2004?

Black/Women Vote: Hillary vs. Obama

Has Edwards introduced a plan for fighting generational poverty?

Kerry introduced his Kids First healthcare plan 1st day of 109th congress and 110th.

Good reasons why Al Gore should not run for president in 2008.

If you voted today from the following: Hillary, Edwards or Obama

Allard, Musgrave shelve anti-gay marriage amendment in new Congress

HIllary Clinton partnered with Rupert Murdoch

Rightwing Racist Rag NY Post: "NM Governor throws Sombrero into Ring"

From General Clark to George Bush

As 25 More US Troops Die in Iraq on Saturday, Kucinich Appeals to Bush to Rethink Escalation

How many times have Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid ...

New Corporate MEDIA Manipulation election THEME- Geeze, there's just too many candidates!

Why so much hate for Hillary out there?

If Al Gore can sit this one out in 08, then I can too.

Kerry is the one who is the leader on issues that matter

On Policy, Kerry is King...It's The BS Media Game That Hurts Him (and Us)

Honest, civil question for non-Kerry supporters.

My thoughts on Wes Clark.

Speaker Pelosi Shows She's the Boss

Huffington Post piece tries to link Kerry to the DLC agenda through distortion

Hillary Increases lead in Dem preference, tops Giuliani and McCain

Hillary's pollster, Mark Penn, blasts Gore and Kerry. THIS Mark Penn? The irony.

An e-mail I got from my Kool-aid drinking friend today