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Constitutional Lawyers . . . Where Are You? (North American Union/SPP)

Chaos and Control

Howard Zinn: Impeachment by the People

Molly Ivins

Paul Craig Roberts: The Failure of America as a Moral Force

How Libby became Cheney's pawn

Prince William's planet friendly palace

U.S.-Iran tensions could trigger war

John Nichols: I Remember Molly (The Nation)

Paul Waldman: Paying a Fair Share

Europeans Fear US Attack on Iran as Nuclear Row Intensifies

TED KOPPEL: we aren't in Iraq to help Iraqis

Brent Budowsky: Major Mistake: Agreeing to Bipartisan Iraq Group

Argentine protesters block bridge crossings to Uruguay in paper plant feud

Germany's Merkel says she will fight against general auto emission reduction

Greenpeace blocks Dutch port to seek climate action - Reuters

January 2007 Warmest For UK Since 1916 - No Frost Since October - Daily Express

Israel has no plans against Iran

WTC Steel Found Buried at Ground Zero

9/11 in Context: The Strategy of Tension Gone Global

BREAKING: Molly Ivins has died

NBC News scrapes bottom; quotes Limbaugh on Biden-Obama flap. Contact Keith.

The festering conservoslut Coulter spewing on O'Reilly right now. n/t

Kissinger, Albright urge Bush administration to talk to Iran and Syria strategy

Judges Weigh Arguments in U.S. Eavesdropping Case (not moot)

Blair forced Goldsmith to drop BAE charges

Self Delete-Dupe

AP: Judge Shelves Gitmo Detainee Cases


Gonzales will turn over secret wiretapping documents

Former terror suspect to stand at election ( Australia)

NY boy sued by music companies responds

Senate proposal on Iraq gains support

Mama Tambo dies (Widow of former ANC leader / S Africa)

"Hicks shown Saddam death photo" (Guantanamo Bay inmate)

Arrest warrants issued for CIA 'kidnapping team'

U.S. warns Iran to stop aiding Iraqi insurgents

Senate Foes Of Troop Buildup Join Forces

Reuters: Maya Nobel winner Menchu eyes Guatemala presidency

Chirac wavers in assailing a nuclear Iran

Venezuela Rejects Negroponte’s “Concerns” Over its Democracy

Self-delete n/t

Today, I am the height of domesticity!


Lounge Losers ONLY in this thread, please =)

The MAN Food Show: Alton tonight.

Naked Chicks (warning!!)

Have I said how much I hate HMOs today?

Did I break the interweb tubes?

What's the best kind of home to live in?

Lounge Cool Thread!! (lame copycat)

Lame Copycat (lame copycat)

further proof there is no god. Molly Ivins is dead, and dick cheney isn't

Goddamnitt! Why do the good people have to die!!!

My new addition to the family. (The Baby) Jazzy.

Motorcycle tours

Tax Question: Do you allocate the $ 3 to the Presidential Campaign Fund?

But who's the Biggest Lounge Booser?

Whatever happens, don't look at this picture.

It took 22 minutes for someone to start bashing Molly Ivins

These "Loser" threads are killin my ignore list, it's all bloated and swollen

Hi all. I just tried to upload an image to my user profile

Reply to this thread ONLY!! if you hate Freeperdom!

American Idol. WTF?

What's your favorite cracker?

A transistor? How bloody 70's!

My city spent $200K and 6 months coming up with this LAME slogan....

Mrs. Venation and Molly Ivins had something in common.

Well no more Geico commercials, with the Gecko...

So I was sitting at a stoplight...

If you like cats dont watch this...kitty washing machine- not cruel

Have you heard about the Lounge Loser?

Looks like we're going to get slammed here in the Triad

But who's the Biggest Lounge Boozer?

People can be so wonderful and understanding sometimes

Happy Whitey Gras, everybody!

'Clap your hands, everybody, and everybody clap your hands!'

Oog. Head cold

Anyone ever driven cross-country before?

Recommend a good movie about English history

the boston terrorist t shirt .....

I got an interesting piece of mail today....

The greatest Rock n' Roll ever .... Ten Years After "I'am going home"


Q: Are employers concerned with how long it took one to attain a degree?

Reply to this thread ONLY!! if you hate freedom!

my "gaydar" is messed up

4 bawdy songs from my friends "Who Cares"

Have you ever seen a thread that made you angry, like the angriest you've even gotten here?

Student Wants to 'Rent' a Girlfriend

I had laparoscopic surgery today.

Oils in bath products may enlarge boys' breasts

Lounge Loser Thread II: The uprising continues...

Check out this "squirrel" cam

Got a new cat

Strategic asset allocation update, Feb 1, 2007.

RIP Molly Ivins.


But who's the Biggest Lounge Bosom?

It's Slicker Than 10 Gallons Of Snot On A Linoleum Floor

I think they put heroin in sushi.

My Name is Retro, and I am Powerless over Books...

But who's the Biggest Lounge Loser?

Welcome to tabbled browsing

Rational Responders on Nightline.

Musings: Faith And Protest

Hawaii Lawmakers Mull Civil Unions Bill

The "f*^k da Eagles" lady gets a Maxim spread

Question for astrologers again?


Interesting quote about Obama from JET magazine (Kerry mentioned)

Heads up - Libby trial and BCCI figure AQ Khan

Old song lyrics - who does this remind you of? (NOT JK)

Molly Ivins dies of cancer

Kos insults another Democrat more than Kerry

Blast from the past Clarkies are bringing up -- what do you guys think

Warner & Levin agree on 'surge' resolution. Cutting funds specifically out.

Al Gore & Richard Branson: Investing to Solve Global Warming...

Lewis Black - Red White & Screwed clips...

Noam Chomsky - Manufacturing Consent PT 1/8...

Greenpeace Hotseat Global Warning Campaign...

George Did It His Way

Kick the Oil Habit Road Trip - Obama Launch...

Wes Clark in Nevada - 1/27/07

Molly Ivins interview (2003)

Bushs' Valentine

democracy - G8 genoa police brutality...

Bush Impersonator @ Foxworthy Roast

Futuristic Sex robotz - F**K The MPAA (RIAA & BSA)

"Pumpkinhead hates Tweety"...Libby trial updates from FDL

Petition to support anti-war hero Ehren Watada

This is Why the Surge shouldn't go ahead

Next year SOTU, Bush claims foiled 10 city terrorist plot

need a good laugh...?

Al Franken will run

Bush on Faux: "War's hard."

Carrying on the fight...for Molly's sake...

This just in!!!!

BREAKING: Senators Levin and Warner have reached a deal on anti-escalation resolution!

Amazing! Biden runs to the RIGHT with his Trashing of Dems in NYObserver Article!

Hundreds of Thousands Take Their 'Stop the War’ Message to Congress

Biden Apologized. Drama Over. Back to Edwards huge house arguements.


an abject apology from a former war supporter

A Tribute To Molly by Anthony Zurcher

Interesting article to run in this Sunday's NYT...

McCain Backs Away From Iraq Statement - Flip-Flops on Critical Iraq Statement Issued on His Behalf

Here's your Terrorist ,Boston!

Here is how we will end this war folks!

Thank You, Molly!

Pentagon's Inspector General says US soldiers going without!

Who actually 'likes' W anymore?

It's Raining Tears for Molly Ivins Today

Molly Ivins' last column. She nails it. As always.

Let's Call Bush 'Shrub" in Honor of Molly Today

Faux and Friends Bleeding Viewers

CNN Spins Boston Lock Down as Nothing? Traffic Jams and the Rest on Cartoon Network Ads?

Oberman Rocks...did you hear about the new WH pastry chef?

Did Spitting 'Victim' from DC Protest Cry Wolf?

Democrat's plans for Iraq

Molly Ivins (last column?): A troop 'surge' is not acceptable to most Americans...

Bremer's past....

On CNN: Asshat Deborah Schlussel says the NFL rule requiring teams to

Molly Ivins Tribute ~ BY ANTHONY ZURCHER

The "f*^k da Eagles" lady gets a Maxim spread

On PBS now: The Supreme Court

Keith's about to give Chimpy the "Jon Stewart" treatment

Godspeed Molly, I could never thank you enough

Larry King - Boxer and Inhofe are on. re: global warming

" Are Left-Wing Vandals Above the Law?"

I wonder how many grief threads they'll be when that psychotic Nader kicks off.

I don't give a damn about 2008 president candidates , not a damn .

Richard Kelley has died

Sixteen lawsuits by Guantanamo Bay detainees put on hold Wednesday

the real lesson from boston today is what an utter waste and fraud 'homeland security',

HOLY SHIT! Scarborough talks about news being orchestrated!

One of Senator Byrd's classic pre-war speeches on C-Span3 now

Julie Banderas appeared on O'Liely to spout off some major bullshit.

C-Span3 showing 2002 Iraq War Resolution debate now

This business in Boston today just goes to show how easy it would be.

Don't mourn (for Molly) - organize

Is the enemy of Tim Russert our friend?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: ExxonMobil's War on Science

Shrub echoes Biden : Obama Is ‘An Attractive Guy, He’s Articulate’

News-crawl at bottom of Fox News..... Did Iran attack Pearl Harbor?

U.S.-Iran tensions could trigger accidental war

Freerepublic "publishes" it's own Iraq study report

Eisenhower leaving Somalia coast and back to the Persian Gulf

Holes found in Wolfowitz's style

Molly gave us this too:

Timeh Hates Tweety

Next host to join Nova M

It's FREE!!! (I just made a paper airplane and it got me to thinking)

Sen. Lindsey Graham: "we did deals with former Nazis to stabilize Germany and to counter the Soviet

"Boston Channel photoshops Mooninite LED signs"

Dear God, I sure hope you're a Progressive Democrat.

I Want To See What Biden's HOUSE Looks Like

Help Barack Obama Stop Voter Suppression

Meeting Molly Ivins - My Little Tale

I love Jon Stewart-Cheney is Shrub's Polyanna!

How is it that Molly Ivins is taken from us at 62...

Which is most appalling?

Boston cops make arrest in devices ploy

Did they put one of those Adult Swim fake bombs on John Edwards' house?

Molly Ivins last visit with Garrison on Prairie Home last summer

Jon Stewart just read "one of Dick Cheney's Poems!!!"

Joe Biden tonite's guest on TDS

Over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

War with Iran: A lot of saber-rattling or a plan in the works?

Senate Agrees to Invoking Cloture on Minimum Wage 88-8!

Former President Clinton's stepfather, Richard Kelley, has died

Fmr. CIA Chief: “We Probably Gave Powell the Wrong Speech”

Tribute to Molly Ivins by her editor and friend

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Zbigniew Brzezinski; Iraq: "Historic, Strategic, and Moral Calamity"

Has Anybody Else Had Trouble Getting On To Slate Today ???

Help need with Bush*t adminstration Quotes on Iraq

How Stupid of Boston-a cartoon character can't hurt you...

The next time you wonder why Freeptards are vile human beings:

Allow me a moment of your time to tell you about my Dogs - Wiggles and Buster

Obama Freezes Out FOX News After Madrassah Story (this keeps getting better)

How far have we come? A little ditty about jack and diane....

Now that Santorum and Allen have been shown the door, who's the biggest asshole in the Senate?


When does it even out?

Texas grandmother sweeps streets of Washington as punishment for protest

Do you feel this administration has protected us from cartoons?

Molly Ivins Avatar

Clarke is running

Jan. 27th pics and some links

Check out todays top 100 on video google.

Geez...was Molly an Athiest?

Why does it take the death of someone we love to bring DUers

How Close are we to Bush bombing Iran?

George Bush Logic #1 "I'm the fact picker."

Church defends 'Jesus loves Osama' billboard

Ann. Coli says Mitt Romney is her candidate

Correct response to Bush's "ic"less Democrat: Go back to calling him Junior

America ‘poised to strike at Iran’s nuclear sites’from bases in Bulgaria and Romania

Posing as a Family, Sex Offenders Stun a Town (29 year-old posing as 12 year-old)

Fox Gets Alittle Payback For Their Sliming Dem

Anyone else think Maria B. gushed and swooned like a school girl announcing the Dow had risen 18%

Suspicious objects planted around Iraq . . .

Limbaugh - "Muslims would hijack plane if toilet didn't face Mecca"

To light a candle for Molly

My Beloved and Molly: Southerners Questioning Everything

What is Shrub and Co. Doing with the Money marked for Equipement for Troops

Molly Ivins' bio, for those who know nothing about her...

E!: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Promotion Bombs (the Boston "terror plot")

Biden is a preening gasbag. Glad he committed political suicide.

Adult Swim just apologized for the terror scare in Boston.

Is the 'christian' Right participating in Holocaust 'Revisionism' (AKA Holocaust Denial)?

As a Boston resident, I am fit to be tied.

Hugo Chavez given free rein in Venezuela

Al Sharpton to Biden: “I told him I take a bath every day,”

Molly Ivins left us with a final request, let us honor it

Al Gore Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize!

robertpaulsen KNEW Dick Cheney exposed Valerie Plame to cover up his association with A.Q. Khan's

Molly Ivins and me (just one tale)

Who is responsible for the Boston Mooninite scare?

AQ Khan and The Libby Trial? Part III-by Larisa Alexandrovna

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force." Now that's Art!

DFA and SEIU to co-sponsor Las Vegas training academy.

NBC News scrapes bottom; quotes Limbaugh on Biden-Obama flap. Contact Keith.

Obama Introduces Voting Reform Bill: "Deceptive Practices & Voter Intimidation Act"

Biden...the other comment that really makes me scratch my head...

California SIngle-Payer activists - please help

Just another case of Biden sticking his foot in his mouth

Warner and Levin agree on Iraq Resolution. (Rule out cutting funds.)

GOP Members Pressured to Back War

The festering conservoslut Coulter spewing on O'Reilly right now. n/t

Federal prosecutors: Ex-CIA official, defense contractor, others to be indicted

A modest proposal for protest and to honor Molly Ivins:

bush guilty of ignoring Ex parte Milligan (1866)

Neither Biden nor Edwards has a workable, realistic plan for dealing with the Middle East.

C-SPAN3 showing 2002 Senate IRAQ War Debate-Here's the link!

Apparently the million dollar corruption scandal breaking in Iraq


"(N)ice looking," huh? What does Biden mean by that...?

I admit it...There's no difference between the Democratic Party and the republikkanners

Age rules for Presidential candidates.

Joe Biden

Franken to run for Senate in Minnesota

Biden on Daily Show

Why is Biden even running?

A collection of Molly Ivins quotes

Bush judging Obama?

Obama Freezes Out FOX News After Madrassah Story (this keeps getting better)

The Troops Also Need to Support the American People

John Kerry: Fighting to make truth matter for 4 decades.

Wes Clark on Iran

Christian Fascism: The Jesus Gestapo Of St. Orwell (Carolyn Baker)

Guardian Editorial: "Darkly Worried About America"

The Month of Apple Bugs Has Compleated

The Psychopathology of Work

Please Listen Carefully as Our Menu Has Changed

Marty Kaplan: The Founders Fumbled

WP/Novak: Frank Luntz Runs Into a Wall of GOP Denial

The Circular Firing Squad of the Election Integrity Movement Battles (each other)

"Businesses could be hurt by wage hike"

You Say You Want A Revolution?

The Nation: A Soldier's Story - insight into Iraqis' views of American soldiers

The Nation: Stopping the Next War

Eric Klinenberg: Local Media Content Shouldn't Be a Luxury

Wonderful, funny, article on Molly Ivins in the NYTimes

(LOL) Chicago Tribune blames bloggers for Obama lies

John Nichols (The Nation): Remembering Molly Ivins

Amy Goodman: Resistance to War Cannot be Jailed (RE: Watada)

Molly Ivans Tribute (by her editor on her homepage.)

Nemesis on the Imperial Premises (CHALMERS JOHNSON)

Senator Gordon Smith a "courageous moderate Republican?" Ha!

Joe Conason: Iran: Bush's Next Disaster? (Truthdig)

Testimony Summary From Leak Witnesses (AP re: Scoot)

AlterNet: How PR Ploys fill the Pentagon's Recruiting Quotas

The Blair He Could Have Been

Report calls for closer look at use of construction aid in Iraq

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Occupying Melting Glaciers (The Nation)

Manipulating the Oil Reserve

Super Bowl XLI Will Use 100% Renewable Energy RECs

Wild wolves 'good for ecosystems' (BBC) {plan to reintroduce into Scotland?}

EPA Library system in Shambles-according to PEER

California ISO Board Approves Tehachapi Transmission Project (CA)

Mexicans stage tortilla protest (ethanol, corn prices) - BBC

Why does plastic take longer to dry than ceramic or glass?

NPS distancing itself from the Creationist book it approved

Former NUMEC Workers Blame Company For Cancer (Apollo PA)

Warming Linked to Stronger Hurricanes (IPCC report)

Humans 'very likely' making earth warmer

AlterNet: The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Stop Global Warming

China warns of disasters from warming Tibet plateau - Reuters

Oil spill blackens central Vietnam tourist beaches - Reuters

Manipulating The Oil Reserve

U.S. jury delivers mixed verdict in Hamas trial (Reuters)

Groups Fear Public Backlash Over Iran

Main Anti-war Group Plans Rally Against Israeli Policies

Palestinian cease-fire dissolves; 4 dead - AP

If Arafat were still alive

Dig Yields Surprising Find at Ground Zero

9-11 Accountability Conference Hosted by Holocaust Denier!

Interview with Judy Wood.

Secrets of Voting Machine Testing Exposed-NY Forces Vote Machine Testing Into The Open

Brad Friedman on NOW (5:00 CST). John Gideon to be on. Try this site.

The American Creed; adopted by the House of Reps April 3, 1918

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Thursday, Feb 1, 2007

Why hasn't the National Press Covered this Event, Robert Kennedy Jr

Failing to Fight: Sen. Reid: "I think the Ohio count was bad" but glad Kerry pulled plug! (XPost)

Iraqis abandon their homes in Middle East's new refugee exodus

Britain plays down claims of Tehran role (in Iraq violence)

Democrats' aggressive agenda stalls in Senate

AP: Mexico won't deport 11 Iraqi Christians

Reuters: Bush administration opposes Pakistan linked-aid bill (H.R. 1)

New Fears: The Return of a Superterrorist (Newsweek via MSNBC)

AP: U.S. Soldier Killed in Anbar Province

Reuters: Iraq civilian deaths hit new high in January

Winners and losers of global warming

Stepfather to President Clinton Is Dead at 91

9 killed in attacks across Baghdad

Afghan assembly grants immunity for war crimes

U.S. lags on family-oriented job rules. (shameful)

Biden Unwraps His Bid for ’08 With an Oops!

Iran kicks off revolution fete with nuclear defiance

Al Gore nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 1

U.S. Donates Vehicles and Arms to Afghan Army (EXCUSSSE ME what about our troops

US lags on family-oriented job rules

Blasts hit Baghdad as deaths hit new high

U.S. economists back free trade, worker safety net

Four Beaver (near Pgh. PA) County bridges closed by bomb threats...

Blair interviewed for second time (cash for peerages affair)

AFP: Putin hints at gas cartel, defends Russian democracy

Bush Gets Earful on Ground Zero Health Fund

Exxon Posts Record Profits ($39.5B, Largest In U.S. History)

Two Senior Iraqi Generals Eyed in Brazen Attack on U.S. Soldiers

Detectives quiz Blair over Lords cash probe

Report: US plans strike against Iran

GOP Members Pressured to Back War

2006 Personal Savings Fall to 74-Yr. Low

Top US prosecutors ‘forced out’

Breaking on ABC: Bomb attack in crowded Hilla Market in Iraq 45 dead

Wal-mart pays itself rent -- and cuts its taxes

Bush no longer 'miserable failure' in Google results

AFP: Britain to send more troops to southern Afghanistan

AP: Casey Favors Smaller Troop Boost in Iraq

Leak Jurors May View White House Tapes

Bush to ask Congress for continued support to Plan Colombia: U.S. official

Breaking: Double the Troops in "Surge" (CBO says actual increase could be as high as 48,000)

Breaking News: Another Rep. Complains About Treatment of Women in Hispanic Caucus

Army manual on using horses, mules in combat slammed by animal rights group

European bank urges US to clarify snooping activity

Cleric’s lawyer says he had no access to files

Thousands in Mexico City Protest Rising Food Prices

U.S. Cautions Europeans to Avoid Oil, Gas Deals With Iran

Cuba to send doctors to help Nicaragua's Ortega

Peru set to send Fujimori report to Chile

Landmark Legal Foundation Nominates Rush Limbaugh for 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

Venezuela's Chavez slams Bush on Iraq

VA Asked to Explain Marine Suicide

Strike threat leaves Harley plant in dust (profits up $$ up

Two plead not guilty to Boston hoax charges (out on $2,500 bail

Constitutional Lawyers . . . Where Are You? (North American Union/SPP)

Two from 'NYT' Threatened With Loss of Embed Over Images from Iraq

E!: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Promotion Bombs (the Boston "terror plot")

Posing as a Family, Sex Offenders Stun a Town (29 year-old posing as 12 year-old)

Molly Ivans Tribute (by her editor on her homepage.)

AP: Boston publicity ploy leads to 2 arrests

Murtha finds outlook bleak for Bush's Iraq policy

US lawyers ask to dismiss Cuban militant's claims

Judge orders Spain to declassify CIA flight papers

NYT: Exxon Sets Record on Annual Profits: Largest ever for an American company

U.N. panel blames humans for warming

Oil giant Exxon posts record annual profit

Shell reports record $25bn profit (BBC)

AP NewsBreak: Feds prepare to charge ex-CIA official, contractor

Nelson, Hagel (Ne) back new Iraq resolution (OWH)

Vista has speech recognition hole (BBC) {security hole, that is}

Reuters: Venezuela vows Orinoco oil takeover by May Day

Shotgun, white powder seized from SUV of (Eagles') Reid's son

Lawmakers tout new bill rebuking Bush's Iraq strategy

Bush green fuel goal "impossible": Valero CEO (Reuters)

U.S.-Iran tensions could trigger accidental war

LAT: Northern Iraq seen as next front in war (a third front)

Judge Rejects Government Motion, Allows Wiccan Lawsuit To Proceed

NYT: Decision to Have Baby Isn’t Political, Mary Cheney Says

Vista gives a view of a new world (BBC) {legal terms and conditions in license}

Senate Approves Minimum Wage Hike

New Orleans coroner finds no sign of homicide in Katrina mercy killing case

S.F. mayor apologizes for affair

FBI Agent Testifies Libby Learned About Plame from Cheney

I didn't do it!

Giraffe at Nkorho Pan!

Damn it Oeditpus Rex Stop that!

OK..I admit it.DU is my social life

A Close Encounter With Lightning

Oh, God! Who could ever take her place?

Feelin' all right,a little driving on Friday night.

Seems the road less traveled,shows happiness unraveled

I've been thrown out of DU twice in the last hour.

"The Shrink"- Penny Pearce

Facebook is weird

Can anyone help a fellow DU'er?


A Zen Buddhist walks up to a hot dog vendor.....and says.....

Why does plastic take longer to dry than ceramic or glass?

The NEXT person to see your SO in the nude, other than you?

Already snowing in Central VA

My neice just pointed out this sounds like a stalking song.

Aw alert (dial up alert too)

Four beers later, and I'm feeling much better....

22 School Children, Riding In TWO Taxis, OK After The Taxis Collide

Drunk Man Calls 911 12 Times - He Had A Toothache - Threatened To Call Nancy Grace

Hunter Kills Hermaphrodite Deer

Note to Xchrom: You are now part of my signature!!!

Valentine's Day Gift: What are you getting your SO?


God DAMMIT DU! For the last 2 hours DU has been down and I DID WORK!

Drunk Man Who Fell 16 Floors Out Of Hotel Window Reached 69 MPH

A new smilie for CA Peggy

"Meet the Little Focker"

And I find it kinda funny,and I find it kinda sad............

I need to apologize to the lounge and the mods

Man Arrested For Animal Cruelty - Had 21 Pit Bulls In House

All time best iTunes Segue....

should I sign up with Facebook?

82-year-old Man With Cane Lays Beating On Guy Who Was Trying To Set Him On Fire.

DU Art Connoisseurs

"We're going to sodomize our vast imaginations with this porn."

What the H*** is going on?

With everyone busy, do you think we could get away with a few sex threads?

Anyone know what (an) e.Republican is?

My friend needs your good thoughts-shipping out to hell.

What is valuable about a British Knighthood or Peerage

Going home at 3!! *Snowday* Going home at 3!! woohoo

Have you ever seen a thread that made you hungry, like the hungriest you've even gotten here?

Everyone at TBS should be clapped into jail at once!

Who thought they were TSed when DU broke?

PHOTO THREAD: Here is the T-shirt I got off Sexy Rexy for winning a bet!

If you can't be an athlete

*sigh* Another year and still no Nobel Peace Prize nomination for me

I work in email hell.

This is a snide personal attack....

Question about downloading music

Alaska Man Riding Across Country On Lawnmower - Left in 2005 - In Utah Now

Wow - Chellie Pingree just resigned from common cause! To run for congress!

Recommend a good movie about Akkadian culinary history

Several men are in the locker room of a golf club.

Do you think I am a troublemaker?

The comma

Favorite Hepburn: Katharine or Audrey?

My view of Time Warner Cable is &%&%&*%

I met author Neil Haugerud today.

How inquisitive or curious are you?

If you really knew me you


How would one change their DU name?

So many little time

Dusty Springfield was an incredible vocalist.

Wow, nice buns

Adult swim fans, GD has some low opions of you

add to the impeachment list: defacing library books!!

Got stoned and watched the muppet show last night

Ooooo...DECADENCE on TCM: La Dolce Vita

Tax question - tuition expense.

Chicago Police vs Blues Brothers, Boston vs Mooninites;

Asshole-in-Chief strikes again...

The Lite-Brite bombs worked I'm watching Aqua Teen's "Revenge of the Mooninites" episode right now

Worst Album/CD title

** BREAKING - - Clinton blamed for Boston Hoax!!1!! **

Have you ever been in a climate zone that was too much for you to bear?


Well, I figured out why I was in a crappy mood yesterday

Where can I get a list of companies who get government subsidies?

Anybody use "BitDefender" Internet security software?

Delete your replies to this post.

In honor of the Blaine Act, here's mud in yer eye.

Ethical dilemma -- what would you do?

When the sun goes down, and the tide goes out,

I'm sorry, but Office 2007 really is a snazzy, useful product...

Should I drive 100 miles tonight?

My stress test is tomorrow

Remembering Molly Ivins (YouTube Video)

Is this how Air America started ? (TOON)

I'm snowed in today!

Anyone experienced with posting videos on Youtube? I need help.

If you were to set out matcom bait, in order to catch a matcom, what would you use?

YouTube Upload Question:

Boston boy finds another suspicious package.

you don't have to be a star

the datasuspect pledge

I found the building where they store the DU General Discussion Servers (photo)

"The Test indicated that semen found in the goat belonged to a man."

Ha! There's a sex thread on the Latin e-mail list.

Doctor Smith appreciation thread!!!

Boston in a panic after radio report

Microsoft confirms VIsta can be pwn3d just by talking to it. Repeat after me: "Delete Star Dot Star"

Dancing Around The World:

A first! A door to door bungee jumping salesman just came into our office. I shit you not.

Woman Drowns Her 3 Children In Lake - Gets 10 Year Sentence

I got my hair cut and I now bear a striking resemblance to

What do you like best? a leg or a breast

How hard should a parent push their kids with school?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/1/2007)

If Joe Biden stuck a flashing cartoon sign to John Edwards' house, would GD explode...

Woman Goes Into Hospital To Give Birth, Comes Out Quadruple Amputee

I'm officially a nervous wreck.

I can't remember the last time

I can't stop thinking about this animal cruelty case

If your SO likes turquoise

NFL Says It's Against The Law To Watch Super Bowl On TV Bigger Than 55 Inches

What are your self destructive behaviors?

Would you like to know what certain DUers sound like?

OH MY GOD my Friday night buddy may be moving to Chicago.

True or False: No one loves BlueIris.

Sprint/Nextel Cellular Customers

CONFESS!!!!! Who Broke DU?

I have been eating nothing but doughnuts...

Pre-metric: I remember 'fifths'.

BREAKING: Adult Swim announces purchase of Boston mental hospital

Hey Lounge! What's for dinner tonight?

Teacher Draws Mustache On Sleeping Student - Fired - Wins $60k Settlement

Do you get annoying calls from solicitors and creditors?

Having a "Like A Rock"'s more than a truck commercial jingle

I love talking to people from Wisconsin

Anyone hear any good discussion of 1970's haircuts lately?

"Ooga, Booga, Smooga, Wooga". . .Full Moon alert and possible prayer

Are you clean?

So, what will Punxatawney Phil do tomorrow?

As a child, were you ever so embarassed by a teacher....

Holy crap! Michael Jackson's kids are WHITE!

14.5 POUND Baby Born In Mexico (Pic)

what is your reaction to adults who watch/read harry potter?

How old are you?

Kitty Laundromat

31 Pound Cat Looking For A New Home (Pic) - Boston DUers YOU Can Adopt!!

Can you recommend a good movie to rent ?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows JULY 21 !!

Chocolate French Toast

Congratulations CaliforniaPeggy!! 35,000 posts

My stereo says "SAT/ANL". Ask me anything.

Fascinating article from on the evolution of religion.

Episcopal Diocese of Virginia Sues 11 Seceding Congregations Over Property Ownership

SSM Trends Out There

Encouraging New Acknowledgement of Same-Sex Partnerships

Woman-beating gay-basher Cirignano flees Boston to go to Washington

U.N. Confirms Iraqi Gay Killings

Mary Cheney: "My Baby Is Not A Political Statement"

People you're sure to see at a Super Bowl party.....

Latest SI cover - a keeper for Bears Fans

OBWS updated and embellished Full Moon thread in GD

Manifestation group check-in--February...!

FEBRUARY prayer request, light and healing thread

3 hearings today

All I can say is, John Kerry is a good sport

New diary at Kos.

The War's Toll on Reservist-Entrepreneurs (Kerry's bill mentioned)

Sen. Byrd's new Resolution declaring IWR fulfilled

Sen. Salazar: "We've had precipitious withdrawal resolutions before."


ProSense - suggestion

Celebration thread for Prosense -- first diary on the Rec List on dailykos!

Markos shows his cards -- he's for Gore if he runs

It is not the critic who counts...

Elle Goodman on Romney

Okay, this doesn't seem quite right

Senate passes Kerry, Snowe, Sununu amendement

Set a Deadline stickers, buttons, shirts...

Chris Heinz gets married next weekend (Feb 10th)

Lou Dobbs SPP and the "North American Union"...

Bush VS Bush

Chris de Burgh - One World

Jesselyn Radack, Former Justice Dept.Official,DC Rally, Jan27,07

C-SPAN - Feinstein hammers Gonzales...

Boston Ad Prank Suspects Talk About ... Hair

Trial of the Century Cooper Grilled ( Maitlin:

(FIORE) Dick Cheney's Fireside Chats

Would it do any good if we all sent messages or called the

Hannity on Stephine Miller repeat now.

Someone is trying to send you a message-In honor of Molly

Bernie talking Molly

Two important Senate confirmation hearings live on C-Span1 today

Molly Ivins: "Keep fighting for freedom and justice!"

Sanchez Accuses Democrat of Calling Her a 'Whore,' Resigns from Hispanic Group

Randy Newman Political Science

Does anyone know if there are any videos of John Conyers' today

Al Gore possible Nobel Prize Winner

Don Cheadle to testify before Leahy's new Human Rights Subcommittee

Global Warming, the 13th Tipping Point

Good Golly Miss Molly!!!

Bush Selling Out America - Video link...

On Criticism and the Tar Baby...

America has lost another voice of reason....Molly Ivins. It's a sad night!

Winners and losers of global warming


Molly Ivins's two greatest honors, explained

Anyone interested in working on the Hill....

OK. Go ahead and knock Dem candidates

Colorado's anti-immigrant law costs millions and saves nothing

Iraq ambassador blames funds wastage on US


Venezuela, North Korea, Pakistan, Syria - you better attack the US while you can

Here's a link to all of Molly Irvins columns a workingforchange.

Adm Fallon doesn't know the 'details' of the surge plan

CCR and Other Groups Issue Open Letter Warning of Illegality of Military Action against Iran

Woman details sexual harassment at state's largest Catholic hostpital chain

We Can All Be Molly

Bottom of the Barrel Candidate, Sam Brownback, pledges to moderate

An old Molly Ivans interview - but worth a read

what this country needs, more than anything, is . . .

Products you would like to see seriously changed or banned.

Biden Unwraps His Bid for ’08 With an Oops!

Aw crud. Google disabled the "Miserable Failure" search joke...and Googlebombs in general.

If Al Gore win the Oscar and the Nobel Peace Prize, he should be given the Presidency!!!

RIP 'Miserable Failure' - you've served us well

WOW - c-span just showed a short video of the junk yard in iraq

Statistically impossible, but not for the Democratic League of Losers.

Embarrassment? The Gop wants to spare Bush Embarrassment?

Online Lite-Brite! Make your own "terror device"!

That wasn't funny ... but this is. 1/31/07: Never forget

FBI's INTERNET Surveillance Violates Federal Law & The Constitution

"How the hell has Condi got away with it for so long?"

Should states be permitted to force doctors to help perform executions?

Can anyone else open LBN?

500 more homes destroyed by 'heavy rain'

Threat of Iran War shows why Dems shouldn't sidestep Bush lies & false flag terror

60 Minutes 6 Months Investigating Niger Fraud- Story Scrapped For NG Story

To the Constitution's Framers, "that Congress would refuse to fight seemed unimaginable."

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Iran - another highly predictable screw-up

ExxonMobil Posts Largest Corporate Profit in U.S. history

Jurors may hear Libby's grand jury testimony

16 GITMO Detainee Cases Put On Hold Due to Military Commissions Act

Pull up a chair! Dick Cheney's fireside chat!


My wife just asked me...

Bush tractor attack video link

Sometime today, take a moment of silence and think of Molly Ivins.

Gore nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, Gov. Richardson nominated 4 times

A general question?

BREAKING: Adult Swim announces purchase of Boston mental hospital

See what happens when fear and paranoia take over the United States?

GMA this morning spent 20 minutes on the recovering Ms America

Global Warming might be linked to human activity!

Impeachment by the People - By Howard Zinn

Bush should use SIGNING statements to create legislation

Signing Statement Watch - House Panel to probe Bush's record on Signing Statements

Cheney the Consummate Coward

General Casey: Iraq's elections "seem to have promoted increased sectarian divisions"

McCain blasts Army nominee over Iraq results

Former Senior State Department Official: role of Iran in Iraq was being exaggerated

A teensy weensy bit of good news for US forces in Afghanistan

Biden transcriptions compared, from audio tape and as it appears in NYO article

why elections matter

Softly Thursday croons of the weekend far away. . . . Then please come CAPTION!!!

Sea Shepherd offers $25,000 for coordinates of Japanese Whaling Fleet

OMG, guys, you don't know how terrible that was. I'm shaking.

The law as Bush sees it. (With a little help from AG Gonzalez)

Hitler didn't attack Pearl Harbor, yet we had to attack Germany, yeah, right.

Doctor tortures and kills dog for "sales training"

Are there any Repubics in the Presidential race?

Just Breaking on ABC: another terrible bombing attack in Iraq

I Am Getting Worried About Iran - Talk is Really Ratcheting Up

Radical Fringe Toon Thurs. 2/1 lobbing softballs

Two Iraqi generals suspected of complicity in attack on US GIs

Bush: "Molly Ivins was a Texas original"

I know a lot of white people who are not "articulate" at all...

French leader backtracks on Iran comment

Feingold To Oppose "WEAK" Warner-Levin Anti-Surge Resolution...

Crap- The 3rd ID is ordered to await transfer to Iraq- AGAIN

The Rude Pundit: Goddamnit

When Frist and Foley left office, did their possible criminal activities just disappear?

Tex, Grandmother Sweeps Streets of Wash. as Punishment for Protest

"hairstyles of the 70's" "my dreadlocks are nice" LOL

What to do about Chris Matthews? Matalin told Libby, "Call Tim....He hates Chris."

Should Bush have the power to govern by decree?

Plain Dealer LTTEs: Just when you think the slobberers have raised (or lowered) the stupid bar . . .

BREAKING: MSM disappointed there were no real terra threats.

a few numbers about the "GREAT BUSH ECONOMY"

Post number 1000. Here goes....

Are cable & satellite providers aiding and abetting?

Senator Byrd is on the Senate floor talking about the ESCALATION resolution! He's givin' to WH!

The talking Barbie Doll on MSNBC said "Osama" instead of...

Why is this not talked about "clean" means not currupt. (re: Biden)

Remembering Molly: Live discussion at Wa Post now

Why is Paul Harvey still on the radio?

Great article about Molly Ivins from the Star-Telegram and link to online guest book.

How PR Firms and Major Media Help Military Recruiters

Al Sharpton's response to Biden

I'm a f@*#ing steamroller!

Yes Virginia, there is racism

CAPTION Bush at NYSE yesterday

TX repuke:Fine parents who skip school conferences (criminal charges, $500 fee)

Did Turner Marketing Crew Consider Possible Terror Freak Out As Reaction?

In 2005, the Republican Congress and President created a Y2K-style

Thanks Joe Kennedy and Hugo Chavez-100 gls. free heating oil!

The Day Joe Biden Threatened to Kick My Ass

Thank you people who work on bomb squads.

CSPAN2 Kennedy just promised a Binding' res on surge

Putin pledges effective response to U.S. anti-missile plan (Reuters)

Would someone please stick Joe Biden in John Edwards house?

Message from the unwashed......Come clean, Mr. Bush

White House Press Briefing coming up...

FDL: Case In A Nutshell: For Libby ALL About Covering His Ass After Covering For Cheney

Lawrence O'Donnell discussing FAUX spitting on the troops stories...

Exxon Mobil posts largest profit in U.S. history

Pravda: The 'liegacy' of George W. Bush - A Silver-Spooned Brat

Just do it, George. Here's a draft for you to start with.

BUSH Visit To Homey Diner In Peoria "Interrupts" Breakfast

What if Bush is planning a Bio, not nuclear, attack on Iran's enrichment sites?

Notes from a Super Bowl Sunday with the TV B-Gone

I think Tweety Bird is finally cracking up.

It's February 2007, light years away from any election

Bush has near 'tractor accident' in visit to Illinois factory

Shooting the Messenger

Churches oppose troop surge in Iraq

TODAY, Feb. 1: Virtual March on Washington dedicated to Molly Ivins; "Raise hell." "Stop it, now!"

Mary Cheney: Blitzer's questioning "over the line" but Dobson "entitled to his opinion".

Retired Rear Admiral Eugene Carroll in 2002: * does not have authority to invade Iraq.

Pay It Forward

Boston Mooninite Fetching $5k on eBay

Think there might be a correlation... Record Exxon profits & 74 yr low in personal savings

Report: US plans strike against Iran

AP: Boston publicity ploy leads to 2 arrests

The First Step To Regain Our Democracy Is To Dismantle Secrecy of Govt Action...

The foreign policy of a featherbrained maniac

As an aging boomer .

Have "the terrorists" won?

$1000.00 for a brownie?

Dem beats Northup and Fletcher for KY Gov in new poll

"Jailing the Victim".....letting rapist go, blaming the victim. Editorial from Florida

Saint Ron never mentioned those baby skulls...

So...ummm...if Biden wins the nomination we are still supporting him right?

My Libby trial prediction....

Here is some of the thinking that democratics are up against, the disgusted with * pukes

Edwards compares Obama to "child standing in the corner and stomping his feet"

Dear Congress...Shut this stupid MF down before he does something

Late-Night Political Jokes for Dems

Commmunity Effectsof Family Farms vs Industrial Agriculture Operations

RE: Plame case: given all the reporters involved in this case isn't it illustrating

NBC "Proof of Connection between Iraq and Iran" mmm not so much

Is this a 'terra' device??

Not since Truman has a world leader been stupid enough and evil enough

Democratic Budget Plan for US should include a 'Globalization Tax'

Tomorrow morning, John Edwards will be addressing members of the Democratic National Committee at th

So, nobody else sees the insult to a certain religious group here?

Are our DEM leaders delivering as advertised? What's with all this "non-binding" bullshit on Iraq?


I know Fitz is focused on a legal issue, but what he is doing is brilliant.

Have a look at this anti-Obama email my grandfather forwarded me... (deep breath first!)

She's a mature, intelligent, witty, attractive, clueless woman.

"Ooga, Booga, Smooga, Wooga". . .Full Moon alert and possible prayer

"...But Will It Play In Peoria??"

So can we expect copycats of the Boston incident?

The Quotable Molly Ivins

AP: Key Figures About War In Iraq

Molly Ivins interviews on Fresh Air, now!

FLASHBACK: Jonah Goldberg, Feb 2005: "I predict, that in two years' time:"

So can I expect Gitmo if I leave my briefcase at the bus stop or the subway?

BRAD Guest Hosting PETER B. COLLINS SHOW Today and Tomorrow from Phoenix!

CONYERS: Top Priority Will Be Investigating - Bush Signing Statements On Torture & Patriot Act

Randi talking about Molly now.......

over 23,000 have signed the Petition, have you?

EXCLUSIVE!!! Video of Chimpolini driving the tractor in Peoria

3085 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

BREAKING: SF, CA Mayor Has an Affair. News around the world stops!

Republicans find their art form. Velvet Republicans. You can't make this stuff up.

Caption Carl's "juke box heros"

I'm livin in the Chapel;or The US in the Chapel Perilous

The Cheney 'Impeachment' Trial

Oh my God. A sham marriage is worse than someone who legitimizes all his mistresses

If b*sh sees his shadow tomorrow morning...

USNews: Wag-The-Dog Iran Attack Worries Democrats

Did anyone see Lieberman on CSPAN2 a minute ago?

GITMO Inmates Shown & Threatened With Saddam Death Photos

Amy Goodman: Resistance to War Cannot Be Jailed

Could the government balance the budget by ending welfare?

C-SPAN2 - Up Next 'Final Debate Minimum Wage'

Vista's fine print concerns internet community, legal experts

Rep. Loretta Sanchez resigns from Hispanic Caucus over Sexist Remarks

One Nation Under Fear (yet another rant)

So Gen. Casey knows NOTHING of Pentagon report of shortages for soldiers in Iraq?

I DU because of two main reasons: 1) Keep up with the news...etc. 2) Always makes me laugh

Co-Op America

Sad. 'The Demise of the Middle Class'

Breaking: Sponge Bob put on terror watch list.

Is Lieberman really a Centrist?

the terrorists' web site

Need Help Re: Virtual March (Moveon)

Communication counters fear

Army Chief Warrant Officer Cornell C. Chao, 36, died in service to his nation.

Oh the irony

FBI Agent: Cheney TOLD Libby about Plame

Daily Show: Cheney’s Poetry & “Emboldening the Enemy”(video)

I think I finally figured out Bush's Iraq policy....

DU this poll on Al Gore and the Nobel Prize!

As an aging boomer .

Hair Today Gone Tommorow (Boston Cartoon Terror)

Rep Murtha on Hardball now

The man who helped get rich by the middle class now condemns it.

Iraq War! Part Deux - Watch this simpering fool recycling his lies

I just love seeing Al Gore's smiling

it's not about Republican vs Democrat....

Do they really expect us to believe this shit?

Suspects in Karbala assault on US troops include high-ranking Iraqi generals

Bush's abuse of the Patriot Act proves that Congress can not afford to believe a single word he says

Why do they think that Mc Cain is a Maverick..


Boston False terror Alert (Why arent people screaming)

Insanity: 1 out of every 3 dollars spent on a Microsoft product is profit.

Anyone watch Stephen Colbert earlier?

Robert Scheer: Libby Trial: Smoking Gun for Impeachment?

Chriz Heinz to marry Feb. 10

F-IN Patriot Act

Minimum Wage Bill Passes Senate (only 3 nays) n/t

Close, but you're not quite there Georgie

Here's the MoveOn call counter. Watch this thing tick off the phone calls!

Brad Friedman on NOW (5:00 CST). John Gideon to be on. Try this site.

Lavender and Tea Tree Oils May Cause Breast Growth in Boys

Iran: Time has run out...

F/T - ucker Shows mccain Sleeping!

Caption Bush

This guy in Peoria looks like he want to hit bush

Democracy Now! - Molly Ivins Interview

Oil giant Exxon posts record annual profit of $39.5 billion

Hey, mods? GD:Politics is encountering some serious problems...

There is a African American Ophthalmologist were I work. Some new co-worker asked me if I have eve

I wish this Repub was VP instead of Dork Cheney:

Gian Carlo Menotti, composer of "Amahl and the Night Visitors" has died.

Did US and Iraqi forces slaughter over 200 tribal pilgrims in the "Waco of Iraq"???

Steve Bell on coverups of political scandals

Funniest thing I have seen all day... They even mention DU..

Dean hires Kerry '04 guru to lead DNC's opposition research for '08

So here is my question about last week's march on Washington

New Poll: Newt gaining ground in GOP race for President (Go Newt!)

Desserts for Dummies . . .

FBI Agent: Libby said first heard Plame name from Cheney

A perspective on Impeachment

Suspicious package found floating in the Charles River...

Boston could have saved $1M and a lot of embarassment

The Attack Of The Killer Cartoon Characters...

We need more police officers like this one

Bush Visits Diner, Recieves Frosty Response From Patrons

Pranksters give finger to the media...70`s haircuts

Iran terror device

DU help please: Any links about sealed indictments last spring on Rove

Microsoft confirms Vista Speech Recognition remote execution flaw - hacked by audio files

curious: if you find one of these Lite-Brite cartoons in your city...

*** Today's threads at Libby Liveblogging

Remembering Molly Ivins (YouTube Video)

Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens are American Heros

In your opinion , is there time to stop this Iran attack ?

Bill Moyers remembers Molly Ivins

Is Obama Black Enough?

100 people killed in Iraq Today.

Chris Heinz (Teresa's son) to Wed in Washington DC

22 Members Of The House Judiciary Committee DEMAND NSA SPY DOCS

FITZ To Play LIBBY's Grand Jury Testimony That Proves He Was Lying

Just announced on local news. Exxon's profits most in history. 39 and a half BILLION

Senate approves minimum wage hike ~ AP

Hagel or Biden?

"Interference Marketing" incited a Panic and they caused a Major US CITY

Oh come on Boston---Lighten up--- Sheeeit---I'm from Florida.

Germany issues warrants for 13 people (rendition flights)

Need help on "Tokyo Rose" e-mail

Bush said to one Peoria diner: "Glad you're here"

FBI agent just testified that Libby told her he first heard Plame name from Cheney

Army manual on using horses, mules in combat slammed by animal rights group

"In post 9-11, we can't afford NOT to react"

Kos supports a Gore candidacy

Iraq Troop 'Surge' Numbers Could Double: Real troop increase could be as high as 48,000

So, does this mean the US has to invade itself?!?!

DU Panic Room

Thank you.

FUX Poll throws Chimpy a mercy banana: 38% job approval

How does THIS look like a "bomb"?

PLEASE HELP!!! - Virtual March on Washington - TODAY!!! NOW!!!

Janet Jackson's breast will never, ever die.

Reject Nomination of Bush and Blair for Nobel Prize

A `Perfect Storm' Is Rising To Oust Dick Cheney - A MUST READ

Exxon Biggest profits in History $39 Billion in one year

The Nation: "Remembering Molly Ivins"

So if terorists plant bombs with big blinking lights, the cops will find them in 2 weeks!

How do you Vets feel about the ape as the Commander in Chief?

Dave Lindorff: This Is Like Hitler's Suicide Order from the Bunker

Group nominates Rush Limbaugh for Nobel

Marketing gambit exposes a wide generation gap (Boston "hoax")

AHAHAHAHA! These guys on MSNBC who planted the "bombs" are funny!

"Our Friend Molly Ivins" - Democracy for Texas

No, I don't want to 'win' the war, I want to STOP the insanity.

Warning! Bombs Can Be Hidden In Trash Bags & Automobiles!

Rate How Scared You Are

White House Outing Valerie Plame Makes Perfect Sense

Here's a Question (or an Idea): Could Bush and/or Cheney be removed due to them being INSANE???

My natural gas co. wanted to charge me a convenience charge

Some things I learned from NPR's "Morning Edition" today

Further Evid Iran Attack Planned -- Rawstory LINK

Roll Call vote on Minimum Wage

Army Pfc. David T. Toomalatai, only 19, has given his life in Iraq

Bush Admits He Lied To Americans About Iraq In Lead-Up To Midterm Elections

Bush gets a frosty welcome in Peoria, IL cafe

Thursday TOONfest

Terms that have been used to death and should never be used again for the rest of eternity

SF Mayor Gavin "Hot Pants" Newsom admits to affair!

I remember Molly once asked, "Why are rebublikans so damned mean"?

DKOS diary on Media Distortion and John Kerry

Breaking: 35,000 to 48,000 - NOT 21,000 - DOUBLE the Number Of Troops in "Surge"

An Aside Suggestion.

O'Reilly sends staffer to anti war rally

The special of the day is Cobb Salad.

"This whole thing is laughable" re: Boston and the "bombs"

The Kuciniches are campaigning in Maine and New Hampshire this weekend

How do you rate the job Howard Dean is doing as National Chairman of the Dem party?

There's something suspicious about all these suspicious packages.

You can just see the gravity of this war on the president's face.

Breaking: Iraqi generals suspected in killing of US troops...

Randi Rhode's Birthday Present has been delivered!



A heartfelt apology and detailed explanation for my Boston faux-bomb wig-out yesterday.

DU Overreaction Again...this time on Biden...

The Real Problem with Biden's Candidacy

This is not a bomb:

GORE To Congress: "Start Acting Like The Independent & Co-Equal Branch Of Gov Your'e Suppose To Be"

Failing to Fight: Sen. Reid: "I think the Ohio count was bad" in 2004 but glad Kerry pulled plug!

Study: air pollution brings heart risks (nearly equivalent to smoking)

A pair of guys expose the whole war on terror by talking about hair

MUST SEE: Boston police press conference pic

Why Matthews Matters (Plame Thread #11)

So It's Okay To Strap Electronics Onto City Bridges?

Anybody else experiencing drastic changes in employer attitude?

The only racism today was from Obama

Afghan Opium & "International Terrorism"

Price of basic food for Mexico's poor increasing due to sudden explosion of the US ethanol industry

As a Black Man, I have to say, thank God I've finally learned to use soap! (Biden/Obama)

Molly Ivins/Ann Coulter and Hacking

Can someone tell me where the term Neocon first came from and

Bush Administration "Postpones" Publishing EVIDENCE of Iranian Interference in Iraq

A weekend for peace - my DC photos

UK: "...Attacks on Jews hits record high"

So... Ya Think The MSM Is Warning Us Here, Or Preparing Us ???

Obama told me he was at Edward's huge house getting cleaned up and saw a lite bright

Damn it! Someone ripped off one of my favorite political bands! DUers keep an eye open please.

Now why would Drudge pick this photo of Gore?

Driving Across America... with Molly

"A Hard Rain's A- Gonna Fall"

DU POLL: Should the marketers behind the Boston flashing signs be charged with a crime?

In your opinion, is it wrong for men to open doors for women?

Congress, while you're dithering with nonbinding resolutions, Bush is opening another front in Iran.

Hey Boston--- Your Mayor's making you look like a bunch of pansies.

Please, Mr. Gore, it's time to Save America

So-called “Conspiracy Theories” in Perspective

Anyone know of any good dating sites for progressive singles?

Never Ask Someone To Clarify The Meaning of What They Say.

OUTING THE CIA: Cheney. Libby and the Attempted Destruction of CIA Counter Proliferation

'Scooter' Trial Focus On Rove

(Warner) In Fighting Troop Increase, Senator Finds Few Old Allies

The new armies of the ’net. Can pop technology ramp up public interest in politics?

Civil politics in the democratic party?

Molly Ivins was an "unapologetic liberal"...

General (Casey) Who Led Iraq War Faces Scrutiny (Today)

Dick Morris's crystal ball: Hill will be the worst president ever, Repuke win for last time in 2012.

"we need a 'political solution and regional negotiations'"

Billions $$ later - Illegal spying - Constitution in tatters - Just how safe do you

Edwards '08: Talking Tough

Who says Republicans don't care about "Family Values"?

Massachusetts pols with money in hand but no place to go

Senate GOP to sidestep Iraq in planning party strategy

The wit and wisdom of Molly Ivins.

Olbermann was wrong-W isn't doing reruns he is doing a "prequel"

delete me please

Pew data on political Internet use


Do Nobel Peace Prize nominations matter?

Joe Biden has only two chances of winning the nomination.

Cost of War and Globalization....

Self-delete - dupe

Self-delete - dupe

Duplicate post

Another reason more revenues going into Treasury?

Grandmothers for Peace Get Federal Prison Instead


Is it me or is Sen. Brown looking down to his podium way too much? (CSPAN2)

The Intelligence Committee hearing on McConnell for DNI

Who's your Daddy? The Keystone Kops? Bumblers are running Homeland Sekurity

Today's Political Comedy Gold:

Kissinger: From Secret Wars In Cambodia To Secret War Plans For Iraq

C-Span Live hearing for DNI

Financial Plan for America can make use of Capital Repatriation

Grandmothers for Peace Get Federal Prison Instead

self delete - bug when posting in this forum

self delete - bug when posting in this forum

BUG: Self-delete

Attention Impeachment Supporters!

Checking in on Bush's "Base".

I think everyone should go on MSNBC and demand to know why Russert hates Mathews.

DUPE, delete please

Self-delete (dupe)

Forget "Swiftboated". New political lexicon: "YouTubed"

Breaking: Al Gore Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize!!!

FBI Agent: Cheney TOLD Libby about Plame

Patriotism vs. Terrorism

Robert Scheer: Libby Trial: Smoking Gun for Impeachment?

HAHA, Kos post has GREAT label for media lies - MTD - Media Transmitted Distortion.

Senate Democrats Hammer Through Minimum Wage Increase

Casey: Only half of troop boost needed

Has anybody seen this video about abu ghraib?

When Is Cheney Scheduled To Testify At The Libby Trial?........

Need help on "Tokyo Rose"

Howard Dean about Molly Ivins: "I am so glad she lived to see November 7, 2006".

Any Word On The Steel Beams That Were Found At Ground Zero In NY?.......

When Is Cheney Scheduled To Testify At The Libby Trial?........

Need help on "Tokyo Rose"

Is something wrong with GD:Politics?

Edwards lashes at Bush policy, calls on Congress to cut off money for "surge"

Newsom sex scandal

Checking in on Bush's "Base".

Wes Clark on CSPAN live Fri. 2/2 10AM EST/7AM PST

McGovern's HR 508 Out of Iraq legislation is GOOD- get your rep to back it

Tucker just called * a "corporatist Republican"!

Norah O'Donnelll and the fine art of the "Gotcha" type interview.

How dare George Bush presume to comment on the death of Molly Ivins?

Biden To Be Euthanized

Obama Didnt Get It

FBI Agent: Cheney TOLD Libby about Plame

I'm waiting for someone to analyze whether John Edwards has proven his authenticity as a white man

Molly Ivins endorsement of Howard Dean in 2003. Blunt, to the point, so like her unique style..

Hillary and Edwards to "Square Off" at AIPAC dinner tonight in New York

TIME: Is Obama Black Enough?

defunding the war is "off the table"? & "not in the natl interest" is gone?

With all due respect to General Wesley Clark, let me reiterate...

Free to Speak His Mind, Kerry Aims at Presidential Hopefuls