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NYT: Giuliani Shifts Abortion Speech Gently to Right

Liberals vs. Leftists; the Fork in the Road

Target Iran from The Guardian

Slum "Tourism" - Kenya

Will Bush Administration Provoke a War with Iran to Prevent Cheney’s Testimony in the Libby Trial?

Iran: Bush sticks with same calamitous playbook

PESWiki -- omnibus source for renewable energy

Ethanol subsidy 'worse than you can imagine'

The Future in a Tiny Sphere (New photovoltaic configuration doesn't need solar tracking)

Water Wars: Climate Change May Spark Conflict

Israel snubs Mecca deal

War Enters the Classrooms

"20 second radio countdown preceded its collapse" (blg 7)

The First Internet Blockbuster!

AP: Infighting Hampering Baghdad Crackdown

US Military Leaders Give Details of New Africa Command

Appeals Court Backs Detainee

(French) Court told Brigitte beaten by Australian police

CNN: Obama previews '08 announcement on the web (link)

McClatchy: USDA may allow China to import chickens to U.S.

Man who faked retardation for 20 years pleads guilty to fraud

CNN: Nuke detectors to ring New York City, official says

It's 6:00. Do you know where my life is?

hubby's band featured in really weird video

Diana Ross just killed my love of music.

Anyone else miss Jesus besides me? I wish he/she would be allowed back

Should I tell my friend his play stank?

At this hotel you can't book a room at the front desk.

"I'm the coolest kid in the world!"

Friday afternoon Bouncy thread!

So you say you want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

What if they think human sacrifice actually WORKS?

I know a bunch of you hate my guts, but please send me a little good Toto

thought of this todd snider classic for some reason

I found the best site with the best people I've ever talked to.....

The internet is just fad....

I know a bunch of you hate my guts, but please send me a little good Tojo

I got my own DUzy!!!!!

Hey, the temperature is going up!! It's up to 10 degrees.

Will this whole Anna Nicole Smith Circus top other ones?

It's 6:00. Do you know where my scythe is?

So I may be actually wearing dog?

Who is Anna Nicole's baby's daddy?

I hurt my ankle...Listen to me whine, please...

Scrooge McDuck is a bourgeoisie bastard!

for anyone watching/watched "smackdown"

well,here we are.......

My young cat's name is now Dammit, that is all I ever call it, as in Dammit get off the table.

RevActs: The last thing in the world I want to do is hurt you.

I know a bunch of you hate my guts, but please send me a good little HoJo!

...and the Executor of Anna Nicole's will (she did have one) is:

If Stern and Smith had been married, would paternity be an issue?

Is this normal? Re: New Glasses

I hate to ignore another Anna Nicole thread, but I'm going to anyway

Find out about your name.

flat to .0004 in

Help Nominate This Thread For The Greatest Page

my god--a truly deep thought

A love story in just 4 images.

I am going skating tomorrow!!!

Shake it

How do you sleep?

Say what you want about Eddie Murphy and his new movie,

I'm having a rather lousy day.

Are there any electricians out there?

Is Anna Nicole the USA's Princess Dianna?

For computer techs: a classic web page on router in memoriam

Who will be next to claim to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby?

Has anyone ever seen Hogan Knows Best?

Okay, this sounds dumb, BUT...

6 Arrested Following Wet T-Shirt Contest - 4 Women Charged With Exposing Breasts

Shiny Happy Simple Folk check in here!

I declare a Television Theme Song Battle!!!

Find your elf name.

Now that evil Pelosi won't let Dennis Hastert have any plane at all!

Hey Pssssssst.....

avocado poll

I just looked through all of the writing on my computer and was tempted to delete the whole folder.

I wrote a new poem today

Name a celebrity who has lost his/her looks

Truck Spills 40 Tons of Cow Intestines

I'm watching 2001 A Space Odyssey

I think these are fake - how can I search snopes for them?

The Duggar Family is now expecting their 17th child....

Prayer service for Hicks attracts 800 (downunder)

Okay, I saw the Departed. If you saw it, tell me

check this out

10 Minutes. Every Sunday. ENVISION A NEW AMERICA!

Dog Day - Cat Day Excerpts

Poll that needs help on Sestak's war proposal

OT: Bad news from France :-((

Highlight's from Waxman's hearing on Homeland Security Contractors

WTC 1&2 in the furnace with baudrillard

Barney Brings Down the Gavel

Dean addresses DNC executive committee post election. Dec. 2

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) goes off on the Republic Party and De Plane

Black children prefer white dolls

Judge: (Calif.) Sex Offender Limits Not Retroactive (AP)

Free music, 43,000 downloads for Beyond the Outer Limits of the Solar

Why is Pat Buchanan taking the anti-war position on Iran?

So today's score, the White House blames the war on bad CIA intelligence?

Where do you go to report phishing and/or fraud?

I think someone better say this -

The Independent: The Great Black Hope (Obama)

OBAMA on 60 Mins: "If I don't win this race it will be because of other factors (than race)."

do you think cheney will be on MTP anytime soon?

A new look at the prequel to the Iraq War

Here's the HARDBALL wrap up of the Week...Fantastic Reporting

Why wait for complete public funding of campaigns? Why use the government, why not a charity?

Is tweety's skin melting off his face?


Are We Going to Get Rid Of Cheney....

Are there any electricians out there?

Guardian:Target Iran: US able to strike in the spring

Who is Anna Nicole's baby's daddy?

Zsa Zsa's Husband: I Might Be Baby's Dad (had 10 year affair with anna nicole smith)

My Dear Country Norah Jones

Take the "Set a Deadline" survey. Be heard.

That climate hearing on SPAN was the most informative things ever seen on TV

General Motors to edit suicidal robot ad from Superbowl

Revenge of the Far Right

Anyone want to join me in DUing this poll?

Black History Month.. Do you know Elizabeth Key?

Judge says residency limits for sex offenders aren't retroactive

Chris Matthews and Jim Warren (ChicagoReporter) LIE!!!say Obama Trained in a Militant Madrass!

Time to do the math.

Anybody watch The Journal, German news in English on

Auto insurers play hardball in minor-crash claims

Cindy Sheehan: Rightest America Haters

There is a reason Cheney will not be running in 2008.

Fairfax Resists 'No Child' Provision

Merry Merry Fitzmas

They never get tired of spreading Bush's crap. NYT hawks lie that Hezbollah is aiding Iran in Iraq

According to man named Phillip Busch, Pat Robertson told him that he would kill him and his family

Video:...."The Republic Party" ...Rep. Anthony Weiner

Why I hate Big Pharma and why I have to trust them

Dear Secretary Gates:

Criminals Control The Executive Branch - Chilling Insight

Take your home equity and run

Cancel The Divine Strake!!!

I have read the stautes barring action aginst the United States

I've come to the conclusion not that English is evil as a language but


And some people think *I* have too much time on my hands? Check out this:

The morals and values crowd from my hometown (North OC, CA):

U.S. preparing to charge Iran with "HARBORING" al-Qaeda suspects who Iran has under ARREST

DFA's Peace Plane...grounded by Super Bowl fly over Grammies

I cannot post the title of this link because it would be locked....

No "Giuliani time" in America please

Pssst---did you hear about the * connection to Anna Nicole? true!

Could this lady possibly get the Republican nomination?

I am a member of Truemajority.

The Obama'''''s will be on 60 minutes this Sunday night.

Don King is a Bush fan!

Reminder: Tavis Smiley's Annual State of the Black Union is Tomorrow

Will Cheney pull political strings and not testify..It sure looks like it

In the immortal words of Daryl Hall & John Oates...

Pentagon Manipulated Pre-War Intel

Can losing a child kill you too?

A freeper fundie and the black churches.

U.S. in Bind Over Men Held by Iran

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Jeff Farias of

Man Suing Pat Robertson Says Broadcaster Threatened Him

Which story is the biggest and most important ?

Sold into Slavery: The Boy with the Haunting Eyes (The Little Boy Oprah Couldn't Forget )

Fox Snooze: Is Obama the black JFK?

Rove: immigrants, not my son should pick tomatoes, make beds in Las Vegas

Agricultural Noah's Ark: Doomsday Seed Vault In Arctic

Olbermann really on it tonight:

ok, Keith was reporting on the Pelosi smear

My viet nam vet friend sold his house to send his sons to college

John Smoltz (Atlanta Braves): Karma sucks, man.

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center dumps paraplegic into skid row gutter

Gore, Clinton, Obama, or Edwards

This is what we're dealing with, folks.

Tom Vilsack is not really white.

Did you see Move on . orgs add? starts with brownback

NYTimes Editorial: The Build-A-War Workshop (OSP used to get us into "disastrous & unnecessary war")

Strep throat...have good insurance and still cost me almost 200 bucks

To help us control our DU experiences...

The DU Rorschach Test - what do you see

Ice Caps are melting because it's been cold for 2 weeks. Not!

WP: $25 Million Offered In Climate Challenge (Great Gore Picture)

McClatchy:SPECIAL REPORT 'DISPOSABLE SOLDIERS'-VA system ill-equipped to treat mental anguish of war

Draft Gore video-- anybody have CNN segment today?

Earlier there was a thread about a new wind turbine. I can't find it now.

Law of Attraction (metaphysics), comments please

Addington has written a memo saying Cheney doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to.

The Soldier I wrote about this morning...

Bush did NOT lie.. The war with Iraq was necessary.

E&P: Gordon, 'NYT' Reporter Who Got Iraqi WMDs Wrong, Now Offers Claims About Iran

Book TV Schedule: February 10th -12th

10 Minutes. Every Sunday. ENVISION A NEW AMERICA!

I'm an anti-war I in the minority here at DU?


How dedicated to Bush are the Dirty Thirty?

Great tirade from Congressman Weiner (D-NY) on Youtube

"Dems running 4 Pres. stories" bug me. They distract from real stories like the MISSING BILLIONS

Republic Pollster Frank Luntz is on the Jim Bohannon Show Tonight

U.S. airstrike kills 5 Kurds in Iraq

Please DU this Sestak (Democat PA-7) Poll

Should racism dictate foreign policy debate in Congress?

If Democratic candidate wins presidency by same 3% margin as Bush, can he/she claim mandate?

For Lawyers, No Clear Favorite: Litigators Backed Edwards in 2004, but He Has New Competition

Fox News no longer the choice in my doctor's office nor my YWCA

George Bush flinging about

William Donahue compares interracial marriage to bestiality, polygamy and incest

Trial exposes White House crisis machine

Beware the ides of March... (Iran attack, IMHO)

New "Move On" ad goes after GOP's who Stalled "Surge Debate!"

Holocaust Survivor and Nobel Prize Winner Attacked in SF Hotel

The US will use UN troops in the Middle East as their ground troops in

The CAN'T-DO Country

Iraq Pre-War Intelligence Manipulated by Defense Dept.

Husb2Sparkly is in the Hospital

Draft AL GORE .. because BUSH was AWOL

Go with the Flow, my article

The Hillary Illusion By Anthony Wade

A Strike on Iran would signify the Beginning of an Epoch of Nuclear War

White House Red-Faced Over Rove Immigration Remark

The NY Times returns to pre-war Iraq "journalism"

Book TV Schedule: February 10th -12th

Al-Sadr Looks to Lie Low, Outlast U.S.(AP)

Democracy's future in Venezuela, the region, by Condoleezza Rice

WP: Al-Qaeda Suspects Color White House Debate Over Iran

A Warning to Africa: The New U.S. Imperial Grand Strategy

Target Iran: US able to strike in the spring

UN Rep Says Killings Hurting Arroyo’s Credibility Abroad

How close is Iran to a nuclear bomb? (BBC)

Conference on US Policy Options Toward Iran

Camouflaged defense spending: Stop deceptively pretending war costs separate from Pentagon's budget

Giuliani Shifts Abortion Speech Gently to Right (another flip flopper!!)

CIA doubts didn't deter Feith's team (Feith madeup intel)...

Who will cut the fuel of the war machine?

The Democrats' problem is playing it safe

New Energy Star ratings for PCs on the way (

5% to 25% of electricity is used by electronics that are turned OFF

Going aloft for wind power (

Gulf Times - Qatar "To Consider Selling Gas In Euros" (World's Largest NG Shipper)

Dupont sees key GMO role in ethanol corn challenge - Reuters

France's Total among 15 in the dock over Erika oil spill - AFP

SMART car to accept $99 reservations for 2008.

Feds Reject Wyoming's Wolf Kill Plan - AP

Harper's Government Threatens To Boycott Kyoto Vote In Commons - ChronHerald

Poor ExxonMobil - For Years It's Been "Misunderstood" On Climate Policy - WP

In Jakarta, Death Toll Hits 80 As Cleanup Begins From Massive Floods - AP

U. Minnesota Renewable Energy Conference - "Leapfrogging" From Ethanol To Cellulosic Highly Unlikely

CSIRO's Horror Show - Latest Projections For Australia's Climatic Future - Tasmanian

Antarctic Sea Ice Breakup Has Potential To Substantially Alter Ocean Food Chain - Science Daily

John Howard, Labor Opposition Stand United In Slamming Plan To End Coal Exports - RNZ

Living in a state of exponential delusion

Well, Whaddya Know? Western Hemisphere Oil Production Slump May Boost ME Dependence!

Canada's Government Will Also Oppose Global Treaty To Limit Mercury Pollution


Help!!! Bees are swarming around a hummingbird feeder

Invasive & Potentially Lethal Tropical Fungus On Vancouver Island, Thanks To Warming - Globe & Mail

Nation’s strictest clean energy bill gains steam (MN RPS, 25% by 2020)

An Inconvenient Truth Up For A Globie!

State (Connecticut) ponders fuel cells for Metro-North trains, stations

American West May Be Facing 2-6 Fewer Weeks Of Winter This Century - New West

Solar 'Heliotube' company partners with installers (

New York Will Sue ExxonMobil For Taking Decades To Clean Brooklyn Refinery Sites - ENN

U.S. moves to lower tailpipe pollution (Reuters) {alert: BENZENE}

FAQ: Guide to alternative fuels (

Portable, trash-powered generator ready for deployment (

Merle Haggard Explores Green Energy

Greenhouse gas ocean burial can start Feb 10 - Reuters

'Power plants' in the basement heat up ( {combined heat/power}

UN-Google Earth map climate change (Reuters/CNN)

Small Leptospirosis Outbreak In Jakarta From Filthy Flood Waters - Produces Brain Damage - AFP

Maine, New Brunswick to explore energy deal

'Rampant' society upsets natural order

Venezuela Starts New Licensing Round For Rigs, But Having Problems Keeping Them - Rigzone

Experts Foresee Sustainable Ethanol Production

National R(enewable) P(ortfolio) S(tandard) Bill Introduced on Capitol Hill (20% by 2020)

ChimpCo "Diplomat" Slams EU On Emission Efforts, Confuses Latvia & Lithuania - Independent

I heard a talkshow caller last week...about hydrogen

Old K-25 (Oak Ridge uranium enrichment) Site to be part of a power play (H2 Fuel Cells)

Inuit Accuse U.S. Of Destroying Their Way of Life with Global Warming

Japan May Have To Buy 7X The Amount Of Carbon Credits As First Thought - Reuters

IEA Revises Forecasts Yet Again, Cuts 2007 Non-OPEC Oil Production Numbers In Half - RI

Five critical biofuel papers by Tad Patzek

Soy growers ask higher U.S. support, biodiesel aid - Reuters

China to launch Clean Development Mechanism Fund - Xinhua

Court: BP Head Must Give Deposition (Texas City blast) - AP

New Palestinian govt won't recognize Israel: Hamas (Reuters)

Lebanon's president calls for army and UNIFIL to remark of parts of U.N.-drawn border

Judge: Troops at fence protest were more violent than protesters

'Jerusalem Post' Launches Christian Edition

Can Israel Ever Be Wrong?

Cracks in the wall

Palestinian teens attack Canadian tour bus

Audio: Alex Jones & the Temple of Doom

This conference looks interesting.

So, what explains this?

This is my first post in this forum, but I have a question I want to ask.

German friend on 9/11 truth and holocaust denial (Eric Williams redux)

An explosion of disbelief - fresh doubts over 9/11

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Feb. 10, 2007

HR 811 - Have You Read it? Or is someone reading it for you?

AP: Bomb Explodes At Red Cross In Pakistan (No Injuries)

AP: 4 Afghan Police Killed In Taliban Ambush

New US general to take reins in Iraq

Ousted U.S. attorney blames policy disputes with bosses

Bies stepping down as Fed Reserve governor

With Rumsfeld gone, Rice now target of war anger

Democrats give Bush budget 'F' on rural programs

Anti-immigrant Sentiments Fuel Ku Klux Klan Resurgence

CIA doubts didn't deter Feith's team (Feith madeup intel)...

Democracy's future in Venezuela, the region, by Condoleezza Rice

White House Red-Faced Over Rove Immigration Remark

Al-Qaida-linked group posts copter video

McClatchy:SPECIAL REPORT 'DISPOSABLE SOLDIERS'-VA system ill-equipped to treat mental anguish of war

Target Iran: US able to strike in the spring

UK Guardian: Rise of video downloads threatens gridlock on net

E&P: Gordon, 'NYT' Reporter Who Got Iraqi WMDs Wrong, Now Offers Claims About Iran

NYT: Giuliani Shifts Abortion Speech Gently to Right

AP: Russia's President Blasts U.S. For Its Use Of Force

Defense bigs ask '24' to cool it on torture

WP: Al-Qaeda Suspects Color White House Debate Over Iran

LAT: Troop 'surge' has yet to materialize in Iraq

2 Black teens in Ga. get 10 years for killing dog

Kerry Raps GOP , Bush's Iraq troop surge (radio address)

Target Iran: US able to strike in the spring

US envoy hedges on Iran behind AMIA (Argentina)

New US commander says Iraq doomed if crackdown fails

Bodybuilder says (Pat) Robertson threatened to kill him and his family

In New Hampshire, Clinton Refuses to Denounce Her War Vote

House may tack on tax cuts

U.S. contractor shot by U.S. forces

AFP: Clashes erupt in north Baghdad

Caravan to Cuba Calls for volunteers

GM Yields To Concern About Super Bowl Ad: Mental Health Groups Objected to Spot On Suicidal Robot

NYT:Deadliest Bomb in Iraq Is Made by Iran, U.S. Says

Turkey says U.S. Armenian bill would hurt ties

Colombia Receives Drug Suspect Sought by U.S. and Jailed in Cuba

NYT: Inquiry on Intelligence Gaps May Reach to White House

Former (MO) Lt. Gov. Harriett Woods dies at 79 (the first woman elected to statewide office)

WP: Senators Debate Significance of Pentagon Report On Intelligence

Changes to No Child Left Behind expected

AP: Blast kills 3 U.S. soldiers near Baghdad (Diyala) vloggers have YouTube account suspended

U.S. weighs divulging Iran-Iraq proof

Clinton to compete in NH primary, 'whenever it's held'

Iran says talks could end nuclear row

Ohio food stamp use increases by 71 percent since 2000

Carlyle Makes A Killing With Defense Sale

Pelosi flies disputed plane home

Japan set to push for commercial whaling amid growing divide in global body

Baptist group fights Texas coal plants

NATO Chief considers Putin''s remarks "disappointing, unhelpful"

Hundreds protest U.S. jets in Japan

AP: U.S. Contractor Shot by U.S. Forces

4 Die in Plane Crash on Fort Stewart (Guardian)

Official: Lawmakers see Iran explosives ( Joe L. is one of them)

Obama Declares White House Candidacy

Paraplegic allegedly 'dumped' on L.A.'s skid row

"The Exciting Game of Career Girls".......

Time Magazine Reveals Identity of Father of Anna Nichole's Baby

the little toyshop shown in the background of the film "Bird on a Wire" is closing

Letterman has that John Madden impersonator on again

The fastest way to contact Dick Cheney...

Comic Lisa Lampinelli.... Is she too crude or funny as hell?

I saw something strange today a the mall, little girls having a birthday party in their pj's.

Goodnight y'all!! I think I will give my husband (who is asleep on the couch) a pleasant surprise!!!

is there an free image hosting site more reliable than photobucket?

I just have to share this thread from GD ... seriously

Soul Sacrifice:

gave up soda 6 weeks ago

a great 'comic' strip

Cat below for a page full DIAL UP WARNING

One of the greats...

We gonna go....walkin through the park...every day...

I'm trying to remember a certain DU'er that lost her husband (killed in a car accident.)

Who's your favorite cartoon?

can somebody edify me on this cartoon?

OH MY! Floors & Furniture Made of Manure: More Than a Cow-Pie-in-the-Sky Dream

The true low point of Andrew Lloyd Weber's career.....

The Enquiring public should be aware that

Do you ever get some posters mixed up because their names are similar?

Update: Ankle still hurts, throat is on fire

As far as I know I'm straight but I met the sweetest girrl tonight. Sofia.

Fox's Red Eye

My WiFi card is a scratching post for my cat. Ask me anything!

Does anyone else love their dump?

Do you have to be miserable to be Born Again? Semi-serious question.

Sniffa and Bi-baby are gone for the day

For the bored: another staredown in GD

Self Deleted

People from the Baltimore/D.C. area....

my new hair cut...

Geometrical valentine, for you:

The One Woman Friday Night Freak Show would like to apologize

I'm an attention whore. Please answer this poll for me:

So I was looking on craigslist for a new bike to replace the one that was stolen last Friday..

Ever see this video: Sunday's Game

oh no....

The following people have volunteered for tomorrow morning's 10-mile hike:

I'm in a bowl sucking food today.

looking for some funky clothes

What the frick happened to National Brotherhood Week?

Valentine's day coming up

Can we have a late night music thread?

Commander Data appreciation thread!!

Why God made moms.....

I get to work, tune in the jazz show at, and immediately

WooHoo! I just got my state tax refund

I'm in a foul fucking mood today.

Roger Waters fans? favorite album?


One Congressman's theory on global warming....

Young Life

I smell Frosty today. Anyone else?

I did it!

Gawd. People are so freakin' sick...

Make me go to the gym...

Well, I just quit my job as of 10 minutes ago....

new painting

St00pid q: how can I post my kick-ass resume on my blog?

Joe's Aerospace. This is Joe

Nothing in tennis is goofier than the Brian Bros.(U.S. team doubles) chest to chest high fives.(PIC)

Before there was color teevee

I'm a shallow prick....

Apologize to UppityPerson

Congratulations mcscajun!! 15,000 posts

"The World At War."

this is what I'm up against...

Anyone else have a song they really like but don't know the words to?

It's official: I'm running away.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/10/2007)


I just can't drink like I used to... oh the shame of it all

Video of my cat.

Just realizes too - it is my second anniversary at DU. So much has changed

THIS is what I'M up against...

i just posted in gd...wonders never cease

I'm in a fowl fucking mood today.

Blast from the Past

I'm gonna CONTINUE to whisk the browned butter

The stupidest way in the entire world to get fired

Couple roleplays the political way (oh my god) NOT workplace safe!

Just when you thought they ran out of colors...

How Would Jesus Drive? (Directing Traffic for Jesus?)

Anyone else excited for the Reno 911 movie?

Coolest animal picture I ever took, just a half hour ago!

What Would Scooby Doo?

People who are physically fit, you know - tight abs

Holy cow, It's my third anniversary on DU!!!

Bunny workout! (really cute)

I can't believe Obama didn't mention Anna Nicole Smith in his speech today!

Global warming threads make me angry

What are you doing right now?

Weee! My Long DU drought is Over!!

dalida - bonsoir mon amour (il silenzio)

Spam poetry #2

Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts.

Quiz - What kind of kisser are you?

Homicide-Life on Sesame Street

Should I dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly tonight?

DU! My Long Weee drought is Over!!

I want Batman on DVD, dammit!!

What does your birthday say about your love life?

M-m-m-m-m-m...Roast Pig.

In case there was any doubt about my dorkiness -- anyone follow BSG?

I love you

The Curmudgeon Report: I am a Mardi Gras Parade widower.

Signs of getting old

Told off an Al Gore detractor at Barnes & Noble today!

I kicked ass at the church euchre tounament last night! Ask me anything

I've decided to never, ever EVER get my hair cut in a salon again.

just did the purity test. I failed

I feel Frosty today. Anyone else?

Developer takes back Anna Nicole mansion

DUer Recommendations

Background check websites

Costco grazing report

Are you an only child?

Are you a middle child?

Not above sucking up some free cheer. ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

I'm gonna be a GRANDMA!!

How about a hat picture thread? I was out at the Pirate Meetup

When is it too early to start drinking?

Check in if your baby "does the hanky panky"

I just watched "Marie Antoinette"

Okay, Confession Time....

Happy Birthday 1gobluedem & vikegirl!!

"One Million B.C."


Is Big Brother watching you?

What Is Your Favourite Song?

Mitt the S**tt Romney is in town today - ask me anything.

12% Pure And Under Club- From Purity Test- Link Here

2001 A Space Odyssey: help me out here. What the hell is the message?

Homicide-Life on the Street

Brothers Get 10 Years in Puppy Torture Case

My review of the new live Madonna album "The Confessions Tour"

Mother Had Intercourse With Boyfriend In Front Of 9 Year Old Daughter To Teach Her About Sex

Post a pic of a celebrity who hasn't lost their looks

X-Entertainment's '11 Discontinued Sodas Revisited'

Iraq war could be end of small religious group

If we won’t ban hunting, at least let animals have the Sabbath as a day of rest

Another hypocrite fundie, Braves pitcher John Smoltz, divorcing wife of 16 years

Police target restroom listed on gay cruising website (where Bush CDC guy masturbated at urinal!)

Man charged in Texas male-on-male rape (Serial rapist targeting straight guys)

Husband of anti-gay legislator threatened to "smack the shit" out of me

Fred Phelps to picket funeral of 6 children killed in Bardstown house fire

Yale Prof Kyle Pruett Charges Dobson with Distortion of Research Findings

I wish you could have locks for the doors in here.

Romo to hold for place kicks in Pro Bowl...

Boxing: Mosley vs Collazo

Short notice received for tomorrow am, eh today

Just wanted to recommend this incense.

Um; I need a little advice puuuleeeze.

U.S. Army generals protected by private contractors paid $110,000 a year.

John Kerry delivered the Democratic Radio Address this morning : DailyKos diary

My reoccurring Kerry dream. What does it mean?

This is one of the guys who was going to run against Kerry in 08 in MA

Excellent radio address-just excellent!

A new feature for those of you with dailykos accounts

Boston people going to Obama?

Kerry Frappr Map

Things I am concentrating on

Colorado's new "Democratic" governor spits in the faces of union

Bill Maher and Michael Moore beg Ralph Nader not to run (from 2004)

Wesley Clark visits Madison WI, 2003

Teri Hatcher and George Bush Sr. Lunch Date

Henry Rollins on US Politics, Bush and his trip to Iran

The "REPUBLIC" party! LIVE on the House floor!

Trial of the Century Get the Full Story out

6 Arrested Following Wet T-Shirt Contest - 4 Women Charged With Exposing Breasts

Panama's Jailed Leader Noriega Is a 'Prisoner of War' (Update3)

Here is a list of Democrats who are or were with the DLC

I am in the company of the finest people here at DU

Iran evidence means squat

NBA star Ron Artest, cited for animal abuse..

Why I Broke One of My 'Cardinal' Rules (a protected bird murdered)

NYT: U.S. Gives Tour Of Family Detention Center That Critics Liken To A Prison

The Cost of the Iraq "war"

CIA Leak Question of the Day.

Government Releases Proof of Iran's Complicity This Weekend

I think this better be said -

I called Admiral Sestak's congressional office today.

Left Coast Alert. Kennedy on Charlie Rose PBS NOW! n/t

VIDEO: Excellent CrooksAndLiars Post Detailing Feith As "Under Secretary Of Lies & Obfuscation"

A right wing nut roughs up Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel!

Support clean energy

Has there been a reading of bush's poll numbers lately?

A poem for liberals

How are we in Congress doing so far ?

Three more soldiers killed

On the Today Show this AM..Richard Engel, reporter in Iraq interviewed a Sgt. who said the war

VIDEO: Ron Reagan defends Edwards's bloggers on Tweety's show yesterday

Medicaid Cuts Could Affect Students

Elie Wiesel accosted at peace conference

Was there a meltdown in here tonight?

I understand that defending Texas...

Debating the War in Iraq

Critic of Islam Finds New Home in U.S.

Guardian: Despite denials, Pentagon plans for possible attack on nuclear sites are well advanced

I am always coming to DU for help.

I bet KKKarl Rove is glad his son doesn't have to go to prison...

I knew Douglas F. personally a long time ago


The Build-a-War Workshop

Feith and Co.: They're not "delusional", they were intentionally lying.

REMINDER: Tavis Smiley's Annual State of the Black Union is on C-span now.

The Enquiring public should be aware that

10 years for 2 freak live puppy bakers.

For Those Interested; Shut Up and Sing DVD release Feb. 20th

QUICK! I need unflattering photos of * and Darth Cheney.

Good morning America, how are ya? (heavy feith-based sarcasm)

Gen. Cody: No new tactics in copter attacks (AP)

Inquiry on Intelligence Gaps May Reach to White House (NYT)

Headline Of The Year: "Situation "Not Hopeless""

Followup to the animal shelter emergency in Adams County, OH

Gitmo Cover-up?

Reality and Permanence

FLIP-FLOP ALERT: Giuliani shifts position on abortion to the right

VoteVets: McConnell "aiding the enemy," Bush and Cheney "draft dodgers," lawmakers "cowards"

Poll: Public view of Congress improves

LA Times Webpage: Not a peep on Pentagon Lying To Take Us To War

Bush's Feith-based War - rambling rant

A quote worth repeating

The Bible That Bill Donohue Isn't Reading

This is by far the Most Bizaar Candidate Picks of the Disguntled Repugs

While McCain, Brownback, and Giuliani try to court religious wackos, Hunter takes a different route

Will Bush library be a target? ... asks Dallas Morning News

Trial exposes White House crisis machine

Levels of education in America

Target Iran: US able to strike in the spring

Housecall with Dr. so and so.....

Even during Vietnam, even after the Tet Offensive, even after the invasion of Cambodia,

Does Action have Consequence?

I think I may have the answer to why some dems voted yes to war

"Elie Wiesel Accosted at S.F. Hotel"

GREAT NEWS! "Sen. Tim Johnson Working From Hospital"

Tommy Franks Was Right: Feith-"fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth."

So, some republican asks you, "Name one lie bush has told about Iraq"??

Muslim lifeguards help patrol Sydney beach in unity effort

Obama fans: Join DU's Barack Obama Group!

Dishonest Epheticism from the W Post on Climate Change

Cooked-up Feith "intel" leaked to flagship of right-wing rags, The Weekly Standard

I think I nailed it on the difference republicans and Democrats

Does anyone else think Obama resembles Malcolm X..?

In memory of Ryan_H

It's finally gone! YAY!!!!

Russia Seeking non-agression pact with US

Defending KKKarl

At Least 33 American Soldiers Killed In Iraq Last Eight Days

Apologize to Ryan H Thread

I'm in a foul fucking mood today.

C-SPAN just announced it is being dropped from Sirius.

Another Feith-Based Foreign Policy Idea? The "United States-Israel Energy Cooperation Act"

Want to hear something crazy?

Quote of the day....

Army's new Handbook - Surviving Iraq

What rhymes with Plame...ah! Plane! Planegate!

One year ago Mr. Cheney shot Mr. Whittington in the face on the Armstrong estate.

severe sm. storm; 10 hrs. heavy rain; and 100" snow in 7 days

Colorado's new "Democratic" governor fails first test of new administration

they just don't get it...

America is lead by a cowardly, treasonous, lieing, elitist, frat boy, fraWd!

Be very afraid.

Compassionate Conservatism

Interment Camps-They're Back

Murdoch: {Publisher Judith} Regan Was "Not A Team Player"

CNN Banner...."Showdown in the Gulf" it begins....

When it comes to Iran, GWB is anti-war!!

Mmmm, smell that Iranian evidence in the slow cooker on a cold day

Is Bush's spreading of so-called 'democracy' through warfare Fascist?

We have two of the most ignorant, stupid Senators in inhofe and coburn

Cheney and Gonzales have to go.

George Bush DOES have a vision of the future (dial-up warning).

First-hand in-depth interview of IRAQ situation from the MSM!!! Please listen!

Should a Recommendation = a Kick?

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should be the first official impeached, convicted and removed.

My Doctor told me that men who get HPV complications "probably deserve it".

Apologize to the Mods thread:

Bodybuilder says Reverend Pat Robertson threatened to kill him and his family

Are opponents of "capitalism" capable of answering this question?

A small discussion on hate crimes

Meet The Press - Hoyer & Boehner to discuss 'surge'.

Is The "American Dream" Dead? What Is Your Experience?

Dinosaur farts???

" Healing this country "

Paul Craig Roberts: Brzezinski's Damning Indictment

Bush Chuckles when asked by "Washington Life" magazine.. if we will Bomb Iran

Obama's greatest asset: He's only been in Washington for 2 years.

This just in: Foreign Agents behind violence in Iraq identified definitively.

Deja Vu all over again! IMPEACH NOW!! JUSTICE NOW!! FUck '08. JUSTICE NOW!!!

Anti-immigrant Sentiments Fuel Ku Klux Klan Resurgence

LIVE OBAMA SPEECH THREAD NOW! Announcing in Springfield Illinois (ON CNN)

Which CSPAN will Tavis Smiley be on?

Tough Questions for Nader

Ben & Jerry*s Presents: Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream

The worst pain.

How can a state elect a senator who talks like Huckleberry Hound?

Damn Oswego County New York!

White House Red-Faced Over Rove Immigration Remark

Profound arguments in support of religious faith (TOON)

In defense of elected Democrats

Texas Baptists Surprised Everyone!

why is there no forum at DU for Labor/Worker's issues?

The Danger of American Fascism -Henry A. Wallace.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat. 2/10 ... meanwhile back at the hornet's nest

Live feed! Obama rocks!!!!

Admitting to 'Aiding and abetting the enemy?'

National Journal Insiders poll picks Richardson, says Bush is lame as hell

What Obama DIDN'T say at his speech today


"gop clown college" yup it`s-

Global Incident Map Displaying Terrorist Acts.........

'NYT article appears to violate policy on using unidentified sources; Gates: 'Pretty good evidence'

*** Saturday's TOONs: Global Warming, Cheney, Budget ***

CIA doubts didn't deter Feith's team

What's missing from the DCCC "2007 New Directions Survey" you got in the mail?

Democrats...what would YOU have done?

Democrats...what would YOU have done?

Resist Goliath, Go to Cuba

White House Red-Faced Over Rove Immigration Remark

General becomes war's 3rd U.S. commander

If/when Chimpy orders the strike on Iran w/o Congressional approval

Putin: U.S. policies create arms race

Cheney In A Word::

Who here watches HDN?

Where is the, "I knew Doug Feith when" thread.

Why hasn't there been a march up to the capitol...and

Interpret this paragraph:

Sustainability of social change organizations "is a function of organization, not

Net grows to meet fresh demands (BBC) {tubes filling up}

Evolution Sunday: Happy Darwin Day

One big question in the Libby trial is whether the vice president will even be in town to testify.

My LTTE published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch 02/09/07

whos Got That Howard Dean pic

Gonzales' sacking of US Attorneys like a 'coup d'etat'

Edwards & Obama & Kucinich

Why the neo-cons are right about Iran and should invade it as soon as possible.

"Organic Clothes Not Just for Hippies Now"

The Catholic Church has always been odd

Disagree without being disagreeable

U.S. expresses surprise at Putin remarks

A positive take on Obama from a Republican, or former Republican

Not above sucking up some free cheer. ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

What type of internet connection do you usually use to connect to DU, or the Web in general?

3121 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

U.S. weighs divulging Iran-Iraq proof

Omigod...the worst mother in the world

All Call Veterans and Supporters

Target Iran: US able to strike in the spring

Did Obama avoid the Tavis Smiley black summit on purpose?

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has requested that Idaho authorities extradite suspected serial killer

You've got to see Rep. Weiner-DNY rip the "republic party"

Bush and the Confederacy

Whatever happened to Tedd Rall's lawsuit against Ann Coulter?

Getting Vets Their Benefits Back

ZOGBY POLL: Iraq's oil a factor in war? a factor 40%, major factor 32.7%, not a factor 23.7

Anyone bought a Valentine's for Dear Leader yet?

Key House Democrat to hold hearings on recent firing of U.S. Attorneys

Downgrade the Department of Disarmament Affairs and give Field Operations to the US

If Clinton had patted Teri Hatcher's ass, it would have been reported on every network.

How Dick uses MTP to control the message

Tapper again referred to 'Barack Hussein Obama'

To those of Indian heritage: Would Gandhi advocate boycotts of GOP contributors today?

Immigrants Criticize Detention Centers

Falwell to push GOP for 2008 election.

Garrison Keillor comes on at 6:00 PM EST - NPR

Have you ever changed your position on something due to online or email "debate"?

VA system ill-equipped to treat mental anguish of war

Hey, did we ever find out....

LOL. Obama is 'far too liberal' to be President.

Yet another frivolous Republican lawsuit.....

Soldier pleads guilty to accepting bribe

Breaking :Putin attacks the US

Let's talk about David Brooks!

Poppy Bush/T. Hatcher in a very "personal and friendly" relationship..

Caravan to Cuba Calls for volunteers

Jeb's just a face in the crowd - almost

International headlines more accurate: Putin says US wants to dominate world, US surprised

Lies that kill -- What it all means?

General says Iran is mass producing stealth drone (IRNA)

Obama brings them home by March 2008!

Time to Talk: The Case for Diplomatic Solutions on Iran

Fred Phelps gets what he wants...again.

Climate change concerts 'to dwarf Live Aid' coming July 7th

VIDEO In landmark speech, Putin warns of war with Iran, attacks 'very dangerous' U.S. (BBC News)

Putin's "tirade" is making my 87 year old Dad melancholy.

British Groups Say Not to Attack Iran

Broken Dreams, my wife's diagnosis - part 2

Couple roleplays the political way (oh my god) NOT workplace safe!

Anna's baby girl may be from sperm her husband had frozen before he died at 90

Doug Feith's duplicity...grounds for Qui Tam (Fed. False Claims Act) lawsuit?

Worst bank out there

I can't imagine being a child in school today .

Should demolitionists be banned from using conventional explosives?

Why does Rummy still have a desk at the Pentagon?

How Anna Nicole Smith's death hit Page 1

Re: Christofascists, check out some of the stuff in the 1944 book "The Nazis Go Underground"

Shame on US...Bush has FOOLED us TWICE and is continuing to FOOL us

Why is it that neither Clinton nor Obama is addressing the Military Commissions Act?

There is not one Democratic candidate who I would not support for president

"The Republic Party, The Republic Party"

CSPAN-Book TV alert for DU

Jesus Camp - The movie

Dick Cheney--the 4th branch of government?

In defense of the Mrs. Cameron (the bird killer)

'Master' and 'slave' computer labels unacceptable, officials say (any updates on that?)

Here we Go: Deadliest Bomb in Iraq Is Made by Iran, U.S. Says

I met the Universal Soldier at an intersection tonight. "Homeless, Heart Hurt, God Bless."

Coulter to speak at religious conference....our religion editor is upset with that.

Feith's Work (Pre-War Intell Lies) Was Most Certainly Authorized — From The Very Top

'How do you explain how we came out of previous ice ages if global warming is caused by man?'

Roundup of all bills calling for withdrawal from Iraq

"Unions priced themselves out of the market".

A conservative “scholar” wants to keep students out of college

The news that made my day: Murtha on Offense.

Poor Among Plenty,For the first time, poverty shifts to the U.S. suburbs.

Who Funds The DLC??

Bullshit Alert

Ohio's spreading stolen 2004 election scandal claims another victim

Steve Cochran on WGN-AM Chicago...

VERY LIKELY = GREATER THAN 90%. Too many people - including Nancy Pelosi - wrong on IPCC report

This is an important read: 'The "Fast Food" Moment'. (Society becomes machine)

Defense bigs ask '24' to cool it on torture

NY Times "Reporter" Michael Gordon Actually Voice-Activated Tape Recorder

Who watched Obama's announcement and did it impact your opinion of him?

Iran's Defense Against an Imminent U.S. Attack

What makes Obama any less qualified than Bill Clinton was at this stage?

Looking for Paul Wellstone

I've started a website of FREE downloadable Progressive Banners! 90 available now! Enjoy!!!

Torture Videos Are So Offensive

Has the DU community become too politically correct?

"We find Mr. Obama's Christianity woefully deficient"

Let's talk about racism. And the criminal injustice system.

The company I work for has installed new "spy-ware"

I think that the borders closed and immigration should be stopped for a while...

"Barack, I Want to Believe" By David Sirota (a good read)

"Kill The Messenger" film about Sibel Edmonds

Evidence Grows That White House Planned To Release Cooked Intel On Iran

NEEDED: 14,088 DUers, Lurkers, Freepers, Liberals, Conservatives, and others, to:

DOJ/Gonzales holds training for agencies to avoid oversight committees


MP takes Guantanamo fight to the US (UK)

The House should be setting the stage for the crisis to come...

the new

Interesting Insight on the Inexperience Argument

Democrats are real victims of spats like the 2 Edwards bloggers, NY money people, Barack Osama, etc.

Obama's poker face comes into play

With Rumsfeld gone, Rice now target of war anger

Here's an idea!

Obama on the Issues

Anybody see this on Pravda? Yikes....

Joe enabling another fuckup.

Bush: Energy proposals will aid economy (weekly radio address - AP)

their words are now part of the Congressional record:

John Yoo, War Powers speech. csapn link:

Obama to announce his candidacy in Springfield, IL (where Donner party is from)

A Question for Focus on the Family

Whatever Happened To Wally O'Dell, the CEO of Diebold, Who Resigned?

What is it with these people, don't they understand that if this...

The Saturday Cartoons

If a democrat was running this country....

Excellent radio address by Senator Kerry!!!

I Remember Seeing Jim McDermott (D-Wash) And Some Of His Colleagues......

* Has Got To Be The Luckiest Guy Ever..........

Would someone please explain to me the debate on April 5

Obama Announcement Event - **streaming now on his newly revamped website

Cheney directed entire Valerie Plame outing

Professional bloggers and ethics

Ex-mayor defeats torturer in court

Anyone else watching the Hampton University event on CSPAN

Neo-conservatives,.....AEI, and Cheney pushing for new front in IraN

Trial Exposes White House Crisis Machine

Medicaid Cuts Could Affect Students (AP)

"In an announcement speech Saturday of soaring rhetoric, on a bitterly cold day..."

Yeah, this works. Let's impeach Cheney (first). 'Cheney's The One'

A suggestion: in discussion of the Campaign, stop talking about VP candidacies.

Obama "Has a good crossover dribble and a decent mid-range jump shot"

Evidence that Iran appears committed to stopping al-Qaeda foot traffic across its borders?

Iraqi Police Sell Weapons------Black Market Relies on Issued Weapons.

February 4-11, 62nd Anniversary of the Yalta Conference and foundation of the United Nations

“There will undoubtedly be an offensive this spring in Afghanistan,” said Mr McCain.

Dimwit Repubicans wonder why they do so poorly in Massachusetts.

I want to live, so I am voting for guilliani (sic)

As Bush pushes "Medical Outsourcing" to India, organleggers run rampant

Nuclear terrorism risk seen growing

Would you say that there is a better or worse chance that Gore will run than, say,

Do some people not realize we can be involved in all out war...

Bill Richardson lobbies for UN troops into Darfur

Senator John Kerry to Deliver Democratic Radio Address

French Criticism On Iraq No Longer Angers U.S.

think the so called *patriot act* will get repealed or re-written by this

Rep. Anthony Weiner takes on "The Republic Party" From C&L

Putin accuses U.S. of bid to impose will on world

Obama photos (DIAL-UP bandwidth warning!)

Obama fans: Join DU's Barack Obama Group!

Surprise! Surprise! NYT reports Congress Finds Ways to Avoid Lobbyist Limits

With Obama now in the race, Edwards popularity will quickly fade.

Concerned about Barack Hussein Obama's Name?

With Obama in the race, it's doubtful Clark will get in now.

Rep. Rohrabacher: Global Warming May Have Been Caused By ‘Dinosaur Flatulence’

Robert Reich: Where is America Going?

Obama will be on "60 Minutes"

Obama is in and my vote is clear. And, yes, race has something to do with it.

When I See Obama I'm Reminded Of Matt Santos - The West Wing.......

Reflect on this a contenders for the Democratic Nomination...

1934: The Real Plot to Overthrow FDR's America. Movie and Book

According to CNN, Obama, like Edwards supports civil union

Prediction: Al Gore won't run and will endorse Barack Obama for President

What is this "repent" ferver?

WHICH of the potential CANDIDATES has spoken out about this issue and can reverse it?

Obama's campaign theme song: "Right Now" by Van Halen

Obama simply has what it takes. Not only is he brilliant, he is a NATURAL