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Archives: February 12, 2007

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 278

Target Tehran: Washington sets stage for a new confrontation

Cheney's To-Do Lists, Then and Now

Arab Experts: Putin Is Restoring Russia's Mideast Role

Be sure to read Mark Lowenthal's markup of the NIE

Fear as a Political, Social, and Cultural Tool: Using External Enemies to Crush Domestic Dissent

Mystery ailment strikes honeybees

The ethanol bunfight continues: Patzek's response to Farrell

top 4 oil producers in the world

Halliburton says committed to Venezuela market - Reuters

J'lem Mayor postpones Temple Mt. construction

Important new movie about the truth of 9/11

How the 911 myths were implanted (video)

U.S. defense secretary to visit Pakistan for talks on Afghan infiltrators, official says

DU: DeepModem Mom Thanks Secret Admirers for Valentine Hearts

Hoyer Puts Republicans in a Bind Over War

Dixie Chicks, " Not Ready To Make Nice" wins Grammys

McCain denies links to 'soft money'

Iranian bombs have killed 170 Iraq coalition troops: US

Gates Counters Putin’s Words on U.S. Power

Resentments sustain a moribund meat trade

Warning of viruses in Valentine messages

Democrats skeptical of administration talk on Iran

Egypt release 'rendition' cleric/ BBC

BBC: Nine killed in Rio slum shoot-out

MNF Iraq: Insurgents target MND-B security patrol (1 soldier killed)

Campaign against Wal-Mart (India)

Report: Cheney to snub Japan defense minister for calling Iraq war 'mistake'

(NYT) Cheney Testimony in Libby Trial Would Carry High Risk

Rudd moves to censure Howard over Obama attack

AP: Dixie Chicks Lead Grammys With 5 Awards

Howard steps up attack on Obama

Sea Shepherd in plan to ram whalers ("steel enema")

Duke Student Allegedly Assaulted at Off-Campus Party

If I had the World's most Powerful Microscope, I still could not....

Oh, here comes the quarter drive again! Bar at top of screen.

6 years ago today, Febuary 11, 2001...

Finished Chapter 10 Yesterday!

Thank you to whoever gave me my heart

Which would you chose?

omg! Thank you who gave me my heart!

Andy Rooney appreciation thread!!!

Coal appreciation thread, hot dayum!!!!!

OMG, Simpsons is hilarious tonight!

Both kids are asleep

Wednesday I go to the DMV!

Naked College Parties

Were 'The Police' ever a "supergroup"?

Ice cream!!! (dial up warning)


What if you have only $10 or $20 to donate

Steve Winwood earworms. Oh dear.

Too Bad They Didn't Run The Grammy Commercials for the Superbowl

I just got two Valentine Hearts!

Am I the only one who can't stand Sting? I think he's always been

I don't know why I'm addicted to award shows...

I got a heart! Thank you, nice anonymous person!

Hey, whoever did that

WHOOHOOO (Grammy spoiler!)

I feel like the Tin Man

thank you to my 'secret admirer'!!!

Damn this is a sexist post.... But that Shakira is hot... lol eom...

Now I am looking to see who is popular by the number of hearts they have received....

I watched Black Dalhia for the first time last night on PPV

OHMYGOSH!!! My crush has been hinting at how I might get a V day gift...

Help! I'm computer challenged.

I want to thank

A Dr. Who appreciation thread

Grammy Spoilers are not Making Nice! Can we have some consideration please?

Thank you secret admirers!

reminder and request for spoiler alerts--grammies don't air live on the west coast

Thank you.

I have a job interview tomorrow. Please send good vibes


I want to thank

Nobody likes me. Nobody uses freaking spoiler tags. Not a great DU night for me.

Hank Williams V Don Henley

In the name of all that is holy, I cannot believe I've been sucked back in!

Grammy watchers: have they done any of the "surprise" performances yet?

Grammy Spoiler: Why did this person thank Bill O'Reilly?

Is it true that a 66 year old dude won a grammy?

Question for the Sudoku players

self delete

So my trip into Jesusland is scheduled.

Velveeta Shells and Cheese mixed with diced jalapeno peppers...

Secret hearts, secret hearts!

Since everyone seems to be watching the Grammys....

Grammy Had A Spoiler

So, Smokey? How're the facelifts and botox working out?

The John Mayer Was Great Thread


Sting looks as sexy as he did

Hee. Does anyone else read the PostSecret blog? It's great today.


90 minutes to put up a single curtain rod..............

My cat is wigging out

My daughter turned 13 today.

I saw a really fun punk band last night.

So I had the window open

I'm trying not to say, "I told you so, dumbass."

Uh oh, spades

If I had the money, I'd get a heart for every one of you

"Cyrano de Bergerac"

I need a new computer chair! - Recommendations???

Friends List Question.

60 minutes: Nora Jones - election day

Movie alert, Blast from the Past just started on Encore, a must for all Brendan Fraser fans.

BareNakedLady is back!!!! Yay!!!!!

Oh, damn, Shakira's doing her thing on the Grammies...

Grammy Spoiler

The ephedra has worn off, finally...

I gave a heart to a DU man who I find very sexy. He doesn't think he's sexy, but he's Da Sex Bomb.

What a nice surprise! Valentine's hearts!

Sorry this was a DUPE....but thanks to whoever gave me a heart...I LOVE YOU!!

How about an aversive therapy cholesterol med?


I'm gonna show some love for the newbies

My cat is getting even with me for the "raw food." Puking all over my house.

what the hell is a willie?

alright, so which DUer has the least hearts so far?

Thank you to the sweetie who gave me the heart....

i've had a sore throat for 4 days now

My new sig pic appreciation thread!!!

To whoever it was that made a donation to DU for me and gave me a heart

telling me that watching Smokey is not worth it

Someone explain how Iowa on one hand is so plain - but on the other progressive?

If I posted a thread saying I didn't want any hearts

In honor of Patrick Fitzgerald.....I HEART!



The hearts are back! The hearts are back! YIPPEEEE!!!!!

OK, so if I got three hearts last year and one heart this year...

OMG I bought a Keyboard - I'm gonna learn how to play it

do you love what I think of as incredibly stupid "music"

should I write a poem about loss

For long time Solitaire players...a question?

Me vs. Text Twist

what the hell is a wallie?

Howard K. Stern is just plain scum.

SPOILER!!!! I never, ever want to hear -------- sing again!

I ruined my dinner tonight

REM fans -- "Driver8" and "Can't Get There from Here" on youtube.

I'm out for the week

Wife & I just saw Babel. What was the point?

Last week was the week I would have been married

Do we EVER get to find out who gave us a heart?

Oooh, masterpiece theatre has vampires tonight!

There is nothing like a fine leather chair!

DU: DeepModem Mom Thanks Secret Admirers for Valentine Hearts

Christina Aguilera just sent chills down my spine.

OK ..... La Timberlake ...

Review a movie in one paragraph:

I just got back from dinner with Robeson and Mrs. Robeson...

Rub-a-dub-dub, three kitties in a tub (pic)

I'm getting a CT scan tomorrow

I went to an adult toy party this weekend....ask me anything...

Thank You, Oh Secret Admirer - You Rock

Well, there IS proof that I am not heartless!

World's best chocolate truffles for a star! You won't be sorry!

"Kelly Osbourne Turning Japanese" = the zenith of reality TV

The most transparent repetetive dream I've ever had.

Probably the best rock song about Abe Lincoln...ever!

How much clutter do you have in your house?

New Bramaged pictures (feel free to add to the thread) (dial-up warning)

Do you sing in your car?

ACHTUNG! Reba's on!

alright, so which DUer has the most hearts so far, i seen one with 7 so far...

UPDATE on my son in the hospital--good news!!

Hey, billyskank!

Grammy Had A Spoiler

bigwillq...I Miss You...

Who's the coolest TV doctor?

The heart campaign........

My husband is watching "Army of Darkness" for the 1,751 time. . .

Ah, geez, now, come on, please don't do this to me, OK?

This is a thank you thread for all secret admirers

Uh oh, hearts

What is the most obscure piece of music you know?

This is a thread for asking big questions.

Wow . . . I got a heart!!! Thanks. Seriously.

I would just like to say thank you to those who gave me my hearts.

Why do some people feel the need to put people down, who

The Stars This Week: "Take Your Time" - Feb. 12 - Feb. 18, 2007

A question for Iraq vets: are medals cheap these days?

VFW's and American Legion closing post all over the Country


A Conversation with John Kerry


An Evening with John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry

Escalation: 1968 war protest short by Disney animator (video)

60 Minutes Tonight: Barack Obama Starting Now

Important new movie about the truth of 9/11

The Obama Muslim Shell Game: Catholic School Docs Show Obama Registered As Muslim (blah blah blah)

What's Happened to CNN's Michael Ware...he's Verifying Bush's Attack Iran Strategy?

Independent Frontpage: Target: Tehran

Anna Nicole vs. The Troops

Got Valentine Hearts to give! It's Valentine Fundraiser Time Again!

Halliburton contractor killed by U.S. forces in Iraq

Larry Johnson: Doug Feith, Reinventing History

If a NeoKnowNothing party is created for the 2008 Presidential campaign

Love Is the Measure

Am I the only one who can't stand Sting? I think he's always been

It seems like every country has had its worst leader,

AP: U.S. toll since Afghan invasion is 297

dum dum da dum...dum dum dum da da dum dum dum da dum...dum dum dum da da dum

Thanks to someone with a kind heart,

Egypt orders release of Muslim cleric in CIA kidnap case

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Putin heads to Saudi after anti-US outburst pedalling tanks and helicopters

Fatah has a habit of holding onto his left leg

I have Fox News deleted.

I'd like to thank the Anonymous Donor.

Wow, my very first heart. Thank you, Secret Admirer, you don't

Should countries that manufacture the AK-47 get attacked by the USA too?

* offers a toast to honor the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln - pics

Thank you for the heart, Secret Admirer, it was very sweet of you!

H.L. Mencken, Homebrewer

Extreme Makeover Home Edition: The 9/11 Episode

There are four articles on va watchdog this for me is heartbreaking

Diplomatic Disconnect: Iran & the Bush Admin

CHENEY Expected To Take Witness Stand & FITZ Is Prepared to "SLAM HIM"

Why did Google decide to "be evil?"

Everyone cannot be "urban elite"

Anyone can go to Baghdad. Real men go to Tehran.

My hard-nosed @#!!%++ Libertarian husband . . . !!

Check out Dennis Kucinich photo (Spinning on a chair - saying, I have no strings attached)

U.S. asks Japan not to schedule Cheney-Kyuma meeting after remarks on Iraq war

US think tank (Council on Foreign Relations) urges retreat from Iraq

I have a job interview tomorrow. Please send good vibes

Who are these three people performing on the Grammies now?

Howard K. Stern is just plain scum.

"The intelligence has gone cold on Osama bin Laden."

If Mexico had a leader similar to Hugo Chavez, would Mexicans still flee

North Dakota Downgrades Unwed Cohabitation From Sex Crime To Fraud

What will we talk about today you and I?

Are We Going To Be Able To Buy Hearts This Year?

Wouldn't it be something if the Iranians sold the Iraqis the same TOW missiles Reagan sold to Iran?

Thank You - Secret Admirer!

North to Ladakh ( a wonderful different story from John Burns NYT)

Thank you...

Thank you to who ever donated and gave me a star - it is a very nice Valentines day gift! :-)

Freeptards want Watada executed

Bush still won't give up ---> "U.S. Says Iran Leadership Arming Iraqis"

All sorts of topics and confusion

"How in the world can somebody write a letter saying shut up and sing or my life will be over..."

Grammies: John Legend doing "Coming Home," Dixie Chicks doing "Not Ready To Make Nice"

Dixie Chicks Performing On Grammies Now!

The valentine hearts are back!

West coasters did you see Obma on 60 minutes?


United States v. George W. Bush

Romney: "Asking if Obama is black is like asking if I'm Christian"

Grammy Spoiler

Anyone STILL watching 60 minutes? The horror show begins...

Every time Hillary Clinton dials up her Iraq rhetoric, I get turned off

Bushco forcing GOP into both 'escalation' support and 'Next Stop Iran'... party killer

A heart? For moi? Thank you!

Did I only DREAM that Stephen Colbert was to host the Grammy Awards?!?

Don't Quote Me: Mary Cheney's Baby


Ludacriss just gave a shout out to Bill O'Liely in his Grammy acceptance speech.

Newsweek: Cheney plans to leave (escape?) country for 10-day trip to Asia on Feb 19.

My Letter to MY Congressman

Dixie Chicks win 2nd Grammy

Boost for Obama from Australia (The Guardian)

Please, I need help getting this to the Greatest Page!

Let’s Go Crazy - The Decline in US Mental Health Under Bush...

Grammy question: Ludacris/Bill O'Reilly

Possible 3rd carrier to the Gulf.

OK, who did it? Thanks secret admirer!

Can an Obama supporter help me out?

Gays might do well to stay in the closet

VOTE - Will the United States launch military action against Iran over its nuclear program?

Thank you to Secret Admirer

Wow! I got a heart. I am amazed. Last year, I was heartless. I'm paying it forward!

"I can’t prove it came from Iran, but we are a few miles from the border. How else did it get here?"

Talking urinal cakes offer drinking and driving advice (political ads next??)

A sincere note of thanks...

Grammies do not air live on the west coast--PLEASE use spoiler tags!!

ACHTUNG! Reba's on!

"Not Ready To Make Nice" is Grammy Song of the Year!!!

Thanks for the heart

CNN Headline:U.S. ties Iranian leader to bombs killing U.S. troops

I'm not ready to make nice

Thank you!

Widening Sunni-Shiite divide roils Arab world, "never revealed in such a stark fashion"

Hybrid Sports Car Faster Than Porsche, BMW And 1/4 The Price

Cheney: "A deputy president with a shadow operation"

It's been one year to the day since this happened:

US says no more bargaining with NKorea on nukes

Defense officials: Weapons sent to Iraq from 'highest level' of Iran's government

Lookism thread: FEITH looks like G.WILL. Country needs to KNOW!!!1

Sydney Morning Herald: Chicks pick anti-Bush winner

Wife & I just saw Babel. What was the point?

Grammy for RECORD Of The Year: DIXIE CHICKS "Not Ready To Make Nice" !!!

West Coast Grammy Watchers.. Did you just get goosebumps?

If you pray, this is the time to start. Iran has an actual military:

First we are asked to donate to campaigns , now it's push the dems

Al Gore's on the Grammies with Queen Latifa.

Oh my ZEUS!!1 Queen Latifah just told President GORE "THEY LOVE YOU!!1" n/t

Thanks to the person who gave me the hearts!

This give a heart promotion is the best idea since the sticky campaign!

RECORD OF THE YEAR - the Dixie Chicks!!!1 Tony BENNETT just SAID so!!1 n/t

Gore is on the Grammys.

Even Faux News has a breaking news banner "Dixie Chicks album of the year"

Obama, but not in a swimsuit...

Dixie Chicks..."HEH Heh"

Who got Album of the year?

Dixie Chicks album of the year!!

Mexico's staple under threat - Rising prices put tortillas out of reach for the poor

A short, nasty history of race relations in California

Grammy ALBUM OF THE YEAR: DIXIE CHICKS "Taking The Long Way" !!!

Peace and Love

N Korean Website...(You have gotta check this out)

Oh the hearts again! I love the hearts!!

MSNBC:Defiant comeback :Grammy digs Chicks!

LOL !!! - Scooter's Post-Prison Career !!!

Does any one know what states have the most women?

I'm not believing what I saw today...I live in NW Ohio and it's been

NYT: Cheney expected to make 'historic appearance' on witness stand at CIA leak trial

Dixie chicks win Album of the year!!!WOOO HOOOO!!!

Indian Mothers Paid To Have More Babies

If Cheney testifies in the Libby case, will he tell the truth?

CHAD CASTAGANA: What ever happened to him? Why no mugshot?

Any news on the abortion vote in Portugal?

Sent to me in Spam Email. This is what the other side is spreading. (Barf alert!)

KRUGMAN: Scary Movie 2 - With CHENEY Calling The Shots

The anti-TOONs

Caption *

Of Propaganda and the Truth

The Cheney Presidency

"Not Ready To Make Nice" wins grammy for song of the year.

Thank you for my Valentine heart

I have a simple question:

Where Will The GOP Hide Georgie Bush During Their 2008 Convention?

Sen. Wyden: "there are serious questions about whether Mr. Feith broke the 1947 statute"

Libby & Destruction of CIA Counter-Proliferation

Iraqi media source "outs" the anonymous Senior US official claiming Iran meddling

Salon: Obama is "uppity".


UPDATE: 'Wash Post' Joins 'NYT' in Trumpeting 'Anonymous' Claims on Iranian Weapons in Iraq

Oh Boy... This Day (Feb 15th)... We REALLY Do Need To Remember The Maine !!!

Battlestar Galactica fans

Obama Hits Clinton On Iraq: I Was Always Against War

This is Iran (long picture thread)

How do you label yourself politically?

Pro-Life: The most inaccurate term ever.

Please! Let's talk about Racism . . .

On giving the 'hearts'

Grammy Country Album Of The Year: DIXIE CHICKS "Taking The Long Way" !!!


To the DUer's not living in Pacific time, could you please not

Cool Cuba cartoon

Song Of The Year: DIXIE CHICKS "Not Ready To Make Nice" !!!

BWAAA!!! Obama "biotch-slaps" PM Howard

Record lack of snow in Japan

Best Grammys EVER. Al Gore, Dixie Chicks, Police reunion,

Grand Canyon Skywalk opens deep divide

Ex-Agent Ties Firing to CIA Pressure on WMD

"Heart" thread for the Dixie Chicks!!!

Sen. OBAMA is Black! Any more questions? Cause there shouldn't be!

Detroit Free Press: Impeach The Two Of Them



Stop Iran War: Ask your Congressperson to cosponsor.

Rep. Carson Continues Battle on Homelessness (*** TAKE ACTION *** on H.R. 840 - HEARTH Act of 2007)

AP: Dixie Chicks Lead Grammys With 5 Awards (PHOTO)

Mass. Governor Deval Patrick holds federal loan program up to public view

Der Mittenfuhrer wraps self in Reagan lingo

I'm back Plenty Of War Money In Bush Budget, Not Enough For Poor Kids' Health

Workers To Congress: Our Most Basic Liberties Must Be Restored

Damn this is a sexist post.... But that Shakira is hot... lol eom...

Obama: "I'm rooted in the African-American community, but I'm not defined by it."

He could have been a contender


Yeah! Dixie Chicks are back!

Holy crap... Thats all I gotta say.. lol eom

oh my ... are we in trouble ...

Have you decided yet on a candidate to support in the primary?

Did the Dixie Chicks win yet?

this is the price one man and his bride paid in this war on terror

Obama, but not in a swimsuit...

Was that Ann Coulter pictured at the Grammy's? I couldn't believe my eyes but it looked like her in

Another hypothetical nomination poll

Example of what we face in Florida..."unions, teachers, or left-wingers" not preferred.

The notion that he's not "Black enough."

WP: GOP Expects Defections as House Debates Iraq Resolution

The line I'm waiting for a candidate to utter is:

Darth Cheney Declares He Is A "Fourth Branch" Of Government

Anyone see Obama on 60 minutes

Hillary on Rove, Gingrich, and DeLay: "Bill and I have beaten them before and we will again."

"The Man who saved Bill Clinton's Ass" - The Anniversary, 2/12/99

Onward, (Alleged) Christian Soldiers!

Chimps in a Zoo Cage

Iraq fallout may sink PM ( Barak Obama / Australia )

Neocon Iranian Mortar Ruse Fizzles

OpEdNews: It's Got to Be Gore: Part I– The Challenge Facing the Next President

Dems Had Better Listen to the Public's Anger Over Our Failed Trade Policy

Fabricating The Case Against Iran (Larry Chin)

Paul Krugman (Sunday February 11): Scary Movie 2

Peru's retreating glaciers stir water-supply worries

Baghdad Surges Into Hell: First Results From the President's Offensive

Bill Moyers: Discovering What Democracy Means

Thom Hartmann: Repeal the Military Commissions Act and Restore the Most American Human Right

Agence France Presse: US Baiting Iran Retaliation

Bold and brash Impeachment Ad in Newspapers by VR!

Ray McGovern: Wake Up! The Next War is Coming

Fear or Freedom? The rule of law or the law of the jungle?

The links between personality & politics

'Service offshoring to have modest impact on US'

John Nichols: America's Not Ready to Make Nice (The Nation)

Lincoln Online: The Telegraph as a Window Into the Mind of the 16th President

PM fights Obama outrage

Philly Inkie on Libby Trial: Not State, Not CIA - but Admin that lied

US claims against Iran: why now?

Chris Hedges: The Road Map to Despotism

For Neocons, an Attack on Iran Has Been a Six-Year Project

David Swanson: Iran Lies


U.S. Troops Lock Down Much of East Baghdad (NYT)

Bush has already caused enough trouble in the (Middle East) region

Home economics, sustainability and the "mommy wars"

"Managed collapse"?

Fight on gas mileage revs up

Deconstructing Green Bush - Don't Expect Action, Climate Talk Notwithstanding - Salon

Texas Water Board - Worldwide Warming Trends "Do Not Necessarily Hold True For Texas" - Chronicle

OK, OK . . . who's the wise guy/gal buyin' me hearts?

Grand Canyon Glass Skywalk Opens Deep Divide (yikes..don't look down!)

China's Boom & Doom - Pollution, Along With Trade Has Global Reach - Der Spiegel

China Predicts The Elimination Of Poverty and Increase in Life Expectancy to 85 by 2050.

New Climate Change blog at Weather Underground

Economic Projections For Oz Drought - Total Farm Production Off 20%, Crop Output Down 30%

Monsanto Dumped Toxic Waste in UK

Tides hold promise of electricity (Snohomish County WA PUD)

Tokyo Sets Record For Longest Winter Without Snow - AFP

Harper Pledges $1.5 Billion (Can) To Fight Climate Change - Globe & Mail

GOP still cool on global warming

In Niger, Trees and Crops Turn Back the Desert

Indonesia Producing 2 Billion+ Tons CO2 Annually From Fires, Peatland Forest Destruction - BBC

Alaskan Fight Brewing Over River Bears

Wisconsin Gov. Proposes Taxing Big Oil

Jamaica: Pollution killing us, say communities near bauxite plants - Firms insist waste not toxic

Valentine Roses Get Dipped in Chemicals - AP

Texans Rally Against New Coal Plants - AP

California emissions law inspires Illinois

Brazil's Lula to challenge Bush on environment - Reuters

Whaler, Protest Ships Collide in Antarctic - AP

Alaskan Fight Brewing Over River Bears - AP

In pictures: Orangutan sanctuary (CNN)

Four Qassam rockets fired at Israel from Gaza Strip

Author of blood libel book: I will not give up my devotion to truth

Robert Parry: A Greater Israel

Egyptian MP: Nothing will work with Israel except nuclear bomb

Hamas Government to Step Down Soon

Woman beaten on J'lem bus for refusing to move to rear seat

US force-marches Israel over Syria

Founder of Islamic Movement in Israel slams Holocaust denial

Israel should recognize the Palestinian unity government

Last summer's Israel - Hezbollah/Lebanon war: WH involved in planning (test case for Iran)

Olmert: Ceding entire Golan is price of peace with Syria

Doolittle Do Less or Do Nothing At All

Phony Terrorism from Gladio to September 11

Let Bin Laden stay free, says CIA man AB “Buzzy” Krongard

How many will take the MIHEBCA pledge?

The Mysterious Case of Flight 77

How many people will take the MIHWAP pledge?

I would like the Prosemite website posters here to stop talking about me

The Movement Will Now Have Smoking Gun Proof For An Inside Job...The PentaCon

Prominent 911 "Conspiracy Theorists"

"U.S. Voters Face Hurdles Overseas"

Battling Vote Centers/Super Precincts/Voter Disenfranchisement

Finally our 2005 voting machine demo movie is available online

The DUer Meets the Congressman – FogerRox-Rush Holt, D,NJ – Election Forum News 2/11

Former Duke lacrosse player killed in Iraq at 26

US accuses highest levels in Iran of supplying deadly weapons to Iraqi insurgents

Portugal set for abortion law reform despite low poll turnout

Bombs kill at least 68 people in Iraq (Monday)

Reuters: EU agrees Iran sanctions, wants more talks

Nebraska's Dems set early caucuses (Feb. 9-08, drop May primary)

War tax gets a thumbs down Politicians, voters dismiss proposal by Lieberman

Obama hits back after Australian PM slams his Iraq stance

AFP: Two Germans confirmed missing in Iraq

At least 90 killed on day marking Golden Mosque attack

Strike closes down Bangalore IT companies

Iran rejects U.S. accusations on Iraq

In New Hampshire, voters seek clarity on Clinton's Iraq war views

WP: GOP Expects Defections as House Debates Iraq Resolution

Lawyers contend Rhode Island should grant same-sex divorce

Record lack of snow in Japan

Australian PM stands by Obama comment

CNN: Sources: Rove unlikely to testify at CIA leak trial

Cheney may snub outspoken Japan Defense chief: report

GOP moderate reaching across House aisle

WP: Thousands of Army Humvees Lack Armor Upgrade

US to formally OK new site in Miss. for oil reserve

Abducted Egyptian cleric released (CIA/Italy)

Explosion near US base in Japan

Md. Bill Would Put GPS Devices on Truant Students

(US Rep.) Burton sorry about missing votes for golf

Top American General (Pace) Disputes US Military Claim on Iran

Iranian embassy says U.S. military charges of Iranian involvement in Iraq are 'all lies'

Blast Reported Near U.S. Base in Japan

Air America Radio gets OK for auction

US says no more bargaining with NKorea on nukes (AFP)

The Occupation Project: Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Launches Around the Country Today

Novak likely to testify in Libby trial

Hamas Government to Step Down Soon

Rep. Wolf (R-Va): ISG report must be new strategy

(WP reporter Walter) Pincus Tags Fleischer As Leak Source

AP: Libby believes NBC News could clear him

Peru's retreating glaciers stir water-supply worries

Pastor stole church from his congregation

AP: Syria Bars Iraq Refugees, Crisis Worsens

Ketek Gets Limits On Use, New Warning

(Bush) Administration firm on Iran accusations

Venezuela Greening Fuel Programs

(Downing Street) No 10 backs US claim over Iran arms

CBS: Poll: Most Doubt Iraq Peace, Iran Threat (* 32%)

Lugo: Paraguayan Poor Will Impel Change

Powerful explosion rocks Baghdad city centre(updated 45 killed, 140 wounded)

(ABC) Iranian President Ducks Charges That Iran Is Arming Iraqi Insurgents

AFP: Grammy glory completes Dixie Chicks' comeback after Bush furore

Italian Police Hold 15 in Leftist Raids

VA Connects Disabled With State Benefits (why do I think this is about States paying for VA costs

Abortion bill opposed: 52% don't support spending millions on Roe challenge

Democrats Accelerate Effort to Aid Johnson

Monsanto dumped toxic waste in UK

(Nashville Mayor) Purcell vetoes 'English first' bill

Top British attorney: Close Guantánamo

WP: House Democrats Unveil Resolution Opposing Iraq Plans

FBI loses laptops with classified information

U.S. Embassy advises Americans to avoid Italian town during protest against base expansion

(Data of) 535,000 on lost VA hard drive

Bush tries to convince world no plans for Iran war

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday February 12

Fossil Meat Found in 380-Million-Year-Old Fish

Resolution Could Affect Morale -- (Tony) Snow

Conservatives get 'Gored'; Al Gore says Tories misrepresented him

AP: Iraqi court sentences Saddam aide to die

McCain fears 'Tet Offensive' in Iraq

Tentative 'deal struck' over N. Korean nukes (CNN)

Evolution Controversy: (Kansas) science standards up for new vote

Sick: Kill Hill - Wacko's Threat on Obama Blog (vulgar post in comments section)

Bills filed in Austin to shoot first, retreat later in self-defense

Reuters: White House slams carpooling, new road fees better

Hundreds of Taliban massing to attack dam: official

Japanese whaling ship and protest boat collide at sea

'Miracle' -- teen's heart, stopped for 4 days, beats again

Unacceptable cartoon violence

Dammit!!! I can't donate and give hearts!!!

damn cheese

LCD or Plasma

I don't care what anyone says, I love cheese!

OK.... Somebody donated on my behalf!

My parents are moderates

I'm supposed to write a "Vision Statement" about my life 5 yrs. from now,

LSD or Plasma?


For those who missed it, The Dixie Chicks intro'ed by Joan Baez

well i said if i ever heard Hotel California again i'd scream they just played it...

"This is a Man's World" just gave me goosebumps on the Grammys.

Someone gave me a Star

whoever gave me the heart . . .

BBC job applicant mistakenly interviewed live on air!

Selected Freeper comments about the Dixie Chicks' Grammys

I'm teaching my mom piano

Why is DU so dead right now?

What are you eating right now?

I love Skittles!

Good Monday morning

Yay! My blatant mooching has gotten me a heart!

Sting looked good at the Grammys this evening.

Thank you, O secret admirer........

Where is Heidi?

Whoever gave ALiberalSailor his heart...

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why is the "toy party" thread doing better than my "best spark plug" thread?

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what is the most obscene piece of music you know?

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I sent out 30 hand made valentines yesterday......

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I just had a dream about my wife

$25,000 Dinner Gets Rave Reviews

Man Sues Disney For $50 Million For The Copyright To Mickey Mouse

Teacher Puts Methamphetamine Question On Math Test

thank you for the heart.

Robot Chicken: The Five Stages of Death. I think we can all relate to this one.

This is a shameless plea for more hearts.

Do me a favor.....

this whoLe "secret admirere" thing is pissing me off

How the HELL does The Farmer's Almanac do it?

Check out this extremely trippy website:

Awwwwww....someone made my day

Kirby: A guy's guide to lingerie

Unable To Catch Their Donkey, Family Calls In Ass-Whisperer

Funniest Grammy Moment?

This is sorta outta the blue, But I don't know how many of you ...

*sigh* So many valentines, so little time...

I learned 2 things about Oregon today.

Reactionary Identity

World Record Pub-Crawl Attempted In Halifax

I'm so winter weary

I fell yesterday and now my entire left side is VERY sore

Do the freeps give out swastikas when they fund drive?

Man Wins Divorce - $300,000 From Wife Because She Wouldn't Consumate Their Marriage

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I have no heart (lame copycat)

**** Post Here If You Have No Heart (and Would Like One) ****

Anyone else having

Parents Upset With 'Gum-Sharing Lesson' At Schools

Teacher Snorts Cocaine In Front Of 4th Grade Class

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I am now the only heartless person on the "I have no hearts thread"

Police Find ATM In Back Of Car

Remember in THE DEAD ZONE the main character was in a coma

Angry German Man Drops Pants At Airport X-Ray Machine

Congressman Dan Burton(R) Sorry About Missing Votes To Play Golf

When did Charles Barkley start a band?

Help! Anyone here use Kiss My Face Moisturizer? Trying to find good quality/less expensive

OMG!!! Lisa got me the Red Ipod for Valentines Day!

If I only had a heart...

You know what? I like drinking water with a slice of bacon.

I just swallowed a spoonful of a ranch spice seasoning mix, ask me anything!

Hair Of The Dog

Valentines Day has always been my favorite holiday.

Well, apparently the Mr. and I screwed up.

a little Audrey Hepburn to cheer you up

Happy Valentines Day To All Female DUers

BJ Fireworks Company Recalls "Thunderstick" Rockets - Might Explode

Crazy Coffins Put The 'Fun' Back Into FUNerals

Somebody, thank you very much for the heart. It's the only one

Dammit! I want it to be 1963 again!

V-Day gifts for less than $25?

Freepers in full meltdown over Dixie Chicks...

ATTENTION SKINNER: Can I get rid of my hearts?

VD (valentine's day) personal ad thread

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We just saw IN AMERICA by Jim Sheridan. Wow. What movies steal your heart in a fair honest way?

How many people are on your Ignore list?

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Most disturbing Valentine's gift?

"You have a right to think whatever you want..."

Wow..thank you and I had decided not to post for awhile

question for computer people

onLy 28 minutes tiLL cLock punching time..


Skydiver's Parachute Fails To Open - Plummets 2 Miles To Earth Like A Dart - Survives

I have no heart

I just noticed! I have a heart!

Someone gave me a heart!

Thanks to the person that sent me the Valentine heart. You made my day!

I hate mini-blinds!

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Words I never want to hear again:

Queen meets Highlander

Cop Pulls Over Stripper - Gets Erection - Ejaculates On Her

me and my little nephew....scruffy boy

I'm bummed. I missed my favorite cultural train wreck yesterday.

What do you smell like?

Tell me why you wanna lay there and revel in your abandon...

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!

I am eating the most delicious vegetable omelet..ask me anything.

Career question - any paralegals here?

Say what you like about the hearts, they're a brilliant fundraising tactic.

anybody familiar with Open Office?

How about a tombstone giveaway on anti-Valentine's Day?

The creepiest valentine you ever received?

Why can't we give hickies this year, instead of hearts?

Should I get myself a computer for Valentines?

is there a good place to pick up desperate single people on vday?

Listen... do you want to know a secret?

We finally have a bathroom floor! Woo-hoo!

Look at all of the love in the lounge!!!

I can't WAIT for Valentine's Day! Then all those annoying Kay


For the remainder of the fund drive, I have changed my signature.

My wife wants her flowers on Feb 15

This is my face when I read GD.

you can give yourself a heart?

Does Anyone Here Remember Debra Winger As Wondergirl?

I just realized that someone gave me a heart!

I don't understand this at all regarding my tax return this year

Feh, who needs hearts anyways

Whoever gave me a heart (assuming it wasn't just automated), thank you.

I'm thinking of joining "Rotary International"

To the kind folks giving me a star and a heart - hugs and wishing you both the best - always

I HATE being sick...

Spongebob is the LEAKER! NT

I'm doing some research on Egyptian women: Do Egyptian Muslim women typically use the veil?

Thanks for the hearts, whoever you are!

One very lucky guy...

Any ideas on a good name for a web design web site?

Don't ask.

Drama on my Freecycle Group!!!

Even More Scary People of the Internet

Great idea for a DU fundraiser! Pay Skinner $10 to find out who the hell gave you the hearts

Windows Vista: Bill Gates, Burn In Hell!

For Valentine's Day, I found LynneSin the perfect man

Do you own an electric blanket? If so, where'd you get yours?

E-I-E-I-O. Bingo is his nam-o. And I am a big homo-

Pre-season power rankings for baseball.

You wanna know what really blows my mind about the Dixie Chicks?

ee' oei o i y ooa e

Hey, mysterious heart donor.

Imagine what could happen if we all chipped in and got Cheney a heart

Thanks to whomever loves me with hearts. I love you back.

The best thing that ever happened on Valentine's Day..

I gave a heart to someone i don't know, is that weird?


Of all 21 Bond films, which one is YOUR favorite?

Breaking: Iggy and the Stooges Announce New Nine City Concert Tour

I didn't realize i gave my self a heart..I feel a little vain now.

Happy birthday suzbaby!


Pickles is on with EVOO Rachael!!!!!

Lay it on me...give me some Deep Thoughts.

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Hypnotoad: Would you go on a first date on Valentine's Day?

Give me the best reason the Grammy's suck

Extreme Home Makeover and Oliver Stone

somebody hearted me

Something I've noticed in many of the 'heart' threads:

Thank you to my "secret" valentine heart giver


So...what are you giving/getting for Valentine's Day?

Look what I'm getting Mrs Matcom for Valentine's Day!

Hardy HAR HAR...

I have no hearts

Most overused love poems at this time of year?

How much have you paid for eyeglasses?

Dear Secret Admirer:

Who didn't see this coming? Gloria Allred & Anna Nicole...

Hypothetical: Would you go on a first date on Valentine's Day?

OK, who's the wise guy who gave me the heart?

What if someone doesn't get a heart?

To my admirer, I really wanna know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)

Here's part of the process, set to music:

how long can you be alone before you start to crawl up the walls?

Lay it on me...give me some Bush quotes

Visits from the dead in our dreams

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/12/2007)

Grouches of the world unite!


Thr's smthng wrng wth my vwl kys

Westminster Dog Show!

I want you all to see the newest member of our family

Hi! This is a post to see if I have any hearts.

PBS Dracula instead of the Grammys [SPOILER]

Britney - Oh dear

BBC's "Top Gear" guys paint "Hillary for Prez", "Nascar Sucks" and take a drive through the South US

Kicked to the curb

The Police reunion is officially official.

science fiction comedy BBC series alien doctor behind-the-scenes mullet cleavage

Another Stolen Laptop/Stolen Personal Information Story


You know what? I like drinking water with a slice of lemon.

Fuck I hate job evaluations.

Say you could pick acts to perform at the Grammys.....

What do you think the odds are some of us on DU are phone tapped?

Post here if you DON't have a heart and want one. We will fix that soon.

What's a good anti love tune for valentine's day?

Somebody luuuuvs me...I wonder whoooo?

Curvy Girl/Guy Fans - Check in HERE!!

Post a pic of your favorite adult toy

Lay it on me...give me some deep quotes

Parents Upset With 'Gun-Sharing Lesson' At Schools

Any MS patients or family of MS patients posting here at DU?

Dedicate a song to a DUer.

Aw, c'mon! You didn't have to do that!

somebody gave this very grumpy bitter gay boy a heart!!!

Outspoken women, represent!

Celebrity Odd Couples or "I just can't picture these two together"

Rosie O'Donnell: Discuss

Funny line in Time Magazine about the astronaut.

My cynicism level peaked today - I believe "no testing on animals" is a bunch of crap


Obama: No Religious Litmus Test

"If you're not for us, you're against us."

Interest find on "Passion Of The Christ"

When I find myself wondering what is left to say about religion, I know its time to take a break

Video: American Fascists

Did I get this right - that


Baltimore Church Shows Support For Gay Marriage

Will Gay-bashing Woman-beater Cirignano Bear False Witnesses?

They're really better off if they just shut-up now. Anti-gay bigots scramble for "F-Bomb Brown."

Bigots launch New Jersey petition drive against Marriage Equality

Of The Leading Dem Candidates, Whom Do You Think Is Most Gay Friendly?

Gaydar CEO Gary Frisch found dead in London

Is it always based on religion?

NYT: Some Tormented by Homosexuality Look to a Controversial Therapy

I think he broke the punter

Duke out of top 25 for first time in 11 years

Thank You Thank You For My Hearts!!!

Here is an interesting one

Pack of Coyotes

A heart means more than you can know. Thank you.

Question: Regarding Marriage

Dadgum, I just know my heart came from one of you lovely folks

Ask and you shall recieve: (re: Saging DU idea).

Bedford VA center considered for closure

Going to Baghdad in May.

thanks for the heart!

John Kerry as You've Never Heard Him Before

I think we should send whome's post to all the radio hosts who will be interviewing

More live blogging Kerry radio appearances between 2 - 2:30

Fast! Rec this Diary by Lowell Feld about John Kerry's appearnce on Blog radio

Dumb question, but...

The ad is

Whoa. What else can we expect to find out?

Kerry coming soon on Imus - come live blog on


Weekly Committee hearing update

Kerry’s Sterling Career

I got fired, the union is going to fight it

Barack Obama 2004 Democratic National Convention Part 2

Barack Obama 2004 Democratic National Convention Part 1

Know thy electoral enemy

Howard Dean's Message to MPAC and the Muslim community

What would JFK do, or WWJFKD?

Valentine's Day with the Cheneys

Condi Rice Raps

Christina Aguilera just sent chills down my spine.

Rock trio the Police reunite at Grammys

Check out this Hybrid Sports Car!


The More Things Change The More.....

Big piece of civil rights history is falling apart

Has anyone watched on "60 minutes" the story of the mentally

This Chimp Likes to Kiss

So, who's responsible for terrorism in the ME? REPUBLICANS!

I want to thank whoever it is for the valentine.


Hopefully The Dixie Chicks will go on all MSM morning shows

Today (Feb 12th) in Black History

What's the difference between "best song" and "best record" and "best album"?

The Bagdad briefing: the charges, the evidence and the witnesses

Noam Chomsky: US Says it is Fighting For Democracy - But is Deaf to the Cries of the Iraqis

Will we be in a "hot war" with Iran by June

Thank You for my Heart

Friggin Capitalists, LOL !!!

DU the CMT awards for the Chicks

WaPo: Victory Is Not an Option

Thank you for my heart!

Chicks claim 5 Grammys

Red EYe

I'm too strapped to donate this year but I want to say Happy Valentine's Day to

BushCo. wants you to Know thy enemy - Come on Peace Train!

A Late Night Heart Thank You Thread ...... :)

BBC: Pictures of Iran evidence from USA

Here We Go: GOP Expects Defections as House Debates Iraq Resolution - WaPo

Al Gore looks like he has lost a little weight...

Is The Weekly Standard a right wing rag?

Krugman Warns About Hyping Iran Threat -- That His Own Paper Pushed

Profile of Clyde Allen Emshwiller

Someone finally did it--- Tax credits for stillborn

My rewrite of the Declaration of Independence for these times..

The REAL significance of the IWR - It's the constitution, stupid!

Broken Google Bombs - - - - is Google a right wing shill?

USA launches new arms race and prepares to wage war against Russia

This story will break your heart -- but the neighbor was a hero.

Libby believes NBC News could clear him

I think I really like Obama. He is fresh, isn't he? Yeah, I smoked &

Newest Fad In Farming: The Internet

Thank you for my valentine heart! It'll bring good luck. n/t

Chris Hedges: The Road Map to Despotism

What has Iran done that the Saudi's Haven't

Funny how...

U.S. forces shot Michigan man

Amnesty Int'l says let Gary Tyler go!

Many Army Humvees lack armor upgrade

Apparently, everyone had 'bad intel' on Iraq, everyone except for Jack Abramoff

You can really tell that the Republican empire has turned back to sand ..

One Step Closer


The Dixie Chicks...

LOL....Wanna new screensaver?

Hey, you goose-stepping RW enemies of free speech & democracy,

Does anyone have a link to the Pentagon Inspector General's report

Eyes Wide Open coming to Phoenix 17 & 18th

Never in all my life. Our lives have been turned into one campaign

How about one thread 'stickied' to the top of each forum for Thank Yous

N.D. Senate OKs cohabitation law change


CNN POLL: Do you believe U.S. foreign policy is fueling a nuclear arms race?

The Politics Of TV Torture Shown On '24'; Shame On You For Your Lies, Joel Surnow

Saudis supplying weapons to Iraq Sunnis

"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice" should become our anthem.

Since we're publicly accusing other countries of supplying...

ex-Marine's letter to Australian PM about Barak Obama

House debate on 2002 IWR rebroadcast on CSpan3 this evening

Defense bigs ask '24' to cool it on torture - military and FBI interregators critical

Some kind of wonderful.....yes it is!

Firefighters' windfall comes with a catch

Petition letter for United Nations

Bush ('02):"you can't distinguish between al Qaeda and Saddam when you talk about the war on terror"

Lawyers contend Rhode Island should grant same-sex divorce

CHENEY's Office Considers 2007 "The Year Of Iran"

editorial toons (pic heavy)

A World of Walls

WP: Thousands of Army Humvees Lack Armor Upgrade

Our only hope for war with Iran

What kinds of reform do you want?

Novak Likely to Testify in Libby Trial

DUer CarbonDate`s post this morning:

Ahmadinejad: "There should be a court to prove the case and to support the case."

Prince Pissypants Clowns Around While Singing 'The Battle Hymm of the Republic' ---pix--->>>

If the Repubs and this White House were as "patriotic" as they claim...?

So Shiite Iran Is Supplying Shiite Iraqi Insurgents & Saudis Supplying Sunnis?

Obama on 60 minutes (link to video for anyone who is interested)

Dear Howard re your attacks on Sen. Obama; As you seem to have forgotten...

I'm making a 'worst case scenario' handbook for extreme political regimes

OK, Stop the world, I want to get off! This crap about Iran supplying bombs to Iraq is

"A Calculating Simulation of the Cold War"

Here is the House Iraq Resolution

Anyone have the email addresses of the radio stations that banned the Dixie Chicks?

USNews: Democrats on oversight committees across Capitol Hill are still just revving up

Segolene Royal Steps Out

New York Times Reporter Who Got Iraqi WMDs Wrong Now Highlights Iran Claims

Critical of the DIXIE CHICKS ?

Why doesn't RW "pro-life" mean "pro quality of life"?

He who laughs last...

Think of Pvt. Matthew Thomas Zeimer of Glendive MT Today

TV: Editorializing is a risky business

U.S. Is Baiting Iran, Former Security Official Says

Brazil's Lula to challenge Bush on environment

Speech may be free, but it obviously isn't cheap.

H-1B Visa used for offshore outsourcing

I know the Grammys are about music, but I was seriously disappointed in the lack of politics there.

LarryJohnson rips the Lies that Doug Feith spewed on Fox News Sunday..

Wal-Mart eyes expansion into Russia

Sensenbrenner calls Dems Iraq resolution ‘poisonous’

Chefs Prepare $25,000 Meal

3124 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Nobody wants Anna's body now

Caption *

End Times for the Christian Coalition?

"Any attack on it (Iran) would be seen as an attack on Shi'ites in general"

Likelihood of US attack on Iran 'very low': Ahmadinejad

pushing an historical stereotype, but what the hell...its the family values crowd.

Attack in Japan

License Plate Abortion Debate Continues- NOW Proposes 'United For Choice' Message

Playboy Mag: Investigation Raises Disturbing Questions Regarding Diagnosis and Treatment of PTSD

Pardon me: Why would Iran want to bomb our troops?

Whatever happened to all those stolen explosives right after we went in?

Chinese Will cause Return of the Dust Bowl

From David Van Os--Dare to Believe and Dare to Win

Pssstt Skinner only has one heart :)

"170 troops" smells like BS

Diane Sawyer goes to Iran, throws on a head scarf, and smears Iranian Pres Ahmadinejad

Here's What China and the USSR Supplied to North Vietnam

Which is more progressive, the house or the senate? Why?

Weather report-Check in

NBC's Andrea Mitchell "misspoke" when she said Valerie Plame's CIA identity was widely known?

In new book, “JEB: America’s Next Bush”, author states, “Jeb Bush is going to hate this book.”

How the World Can Stop Bush - Dump the Dollar

Clinton on Rove, Gingrich, and DeLay: 'I'm the one person they are most afraid of.'

Let's talk about Racism. Please!

Ex-Agent Ties Firing to CIA Pressure on WMD - US News & WR

Thom Hartmann - interviewing Greg Palast on Hugo Chavez

War tax gets a thumbs down Politicians, voters dismiss proposal by Lieberman

Last summer's Israel - Hezbollah/Lebanon war: WH involved in planning (test case for Iran)

Santa Fe County declares mud emergency - for real

"started running away from his own record the moment he saw the whites of Al Franken’s eyes."

Have you seen the Bush crime family's Powerpoint presentation against Iran?

In Iraq, It Is All Over But The Killing

Saudi king loses power to choose successor

World Bank director is currently visiting Baghdad

To my Secret Admirer:

Anthony Cordesman: manipulating intelligence is nothing new, it's being going on for years

Photos of some "real" Iranian weapons..

C-SPAN - did anyone see bush interview ?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

British AG Goldsmith Slams Revised Gitmo Detainee Rules

CNN/Time: Is Iran to Blame? Iraq's Sunnis and Shi'a Don't Agree

"...a carrot is not a glossy orange bullet in a plastic bag..."

Libby Trial: According To This, Novak Is Up After The Lunch Break !!!

"I'm a veteran and we need to get behind our President..."

Is Ludicris a bill o'liely fan?

"There are no solutions in the realm of the politically possible.

Bush: "It's hard work in Iraq"

Kansas BOE Urged to Reject 'Shameful' Proposal to Delete Tuskegee Experiment from State Curriculum

Dick Cheney Blasts John Howard for al Qaeda-Obama remarks

Potentially severe weather expected to hit Lake County (Fl.)

Recent fingerpointing in Washington (NYT graph)

To my Secret Admirer

Iran: You know, there are some really fucking stupid people in this world.

Censored WH Official: Administration intends to provoke Iran

I want you all to see the newest member of our family

29,000Ton Ocean Liner to be Transformed Into 1st Oceangoing Campus for University Students Worldwide

Dear Mr. Howard - Australia 2* United States 3,124**

Obama Casts Peevish Eye on National Media

Taking on Guantánamo

Wes Clark blogging about Iran on Kos now...

James Dobson: Spongebob is an agent for Iran. NT

Cheney: Iranian agent meet with Atta in Prague.

In New Hampshire, voters seek clarity on Clinton's Iraq war views

Tony Snow: "John Howard has free speech, and he's free to say what he does"

To any EDV (Estrogen Driven Vixen) or Female who thinks that ....

Woman beaten on J'lem bus for refusing to move to rear seat

Nuke Thy Neighbor!

Text of the House Iraq Resolution

Connect dots. Op CHAOS, Op Mockingbird, Pincus and Woodward

Frontline is on tomorrow night, "News wars"

Fitzmas: Does defense strategy open door for future indictments?

Laura Bush on Valentines Day: Bush is "not very good" at remembering the date

WSJ: Cheney still shaping an array of recent administration policies

a step closer towards breaking traditional history and civilization

When will someone have the media ask Mr. Obama the ultimate question?...

Hey---Air America Radio is up for auction-- I think DU should bid.

Is Our Freedom of Speech Gone? Seems like it may be.

Is Global warming caused by humans (13% yes, 50% no, 35% there ie no global warming)

An Inconvenient Omission: Where Al Gore Got It DEAD WRONG.

Why do I suddenly like Kerry so much now that he's not running?

From The Outed Anonymous Iran Briefer...

Ray McGovern:Wake Up! The Next War Is Coming

US: Iranian operatives reportedly shaved their heads to alter their appearance

A Best of Show for Randi today

I got polled on Saturday by Survey USA

Good artlicel on so call 'wronged' Border Guards

Republican offers reward to prisoners to kill border patrol

No junk mail, no postal service - Letter Carriers Union Opposes 'Do Not Mail' Bill

My funny Valentine: action: Send a Valentine to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin

To whomever gave me a heart, thank you!!!

Rent "Jesus Camp" doc.!! You'll want to reclaim the country for sanity!

When I heard Obama, I thought I was listening to Gore.

Libby Trial for today - Firedoglake thread.

Two Ohio high school girls charged with posting fake school closing

Dumb Question RE: Global Warming

They All Suck --- Finally... A Semi-Honest Conservative, LOL !!!

Someone gave ME a Valentines Heart?

Thank You for my valentine!!!

Iran rejects U.S. charges on arming Iraq

House Democrats to vote on anti-war bill

Peru is in big trouble - will run out of water

* celebrates African American History Month - pics

Experts in Parlimentary Procedure have been lined for House Debate says

Sen. Warner speaking on Senate floor now. (about the ditched Resolution)


Ask Senator Edwards to Reject Threats on Iran

Republican calls for email and IM monitoring

Former Bush Official Warns the US Is Baiting Iran Into a War

Over 2,953 US deaths in Iraq besides the 170 Bush blames on Iran

Sheez.. Junior's got his slavery-groove on...

CSPAN2 - Heads Up for 3.45pm EST

Anyone reading Firedoglake today? Some interesting stuff.

North and South Dakota are afraid of women

We need a 15-justice Supreme Court..and we CAN do it.

Who Stole the Soul?: The Decline of Food in America

Caption This !!!

WES CLARK: Surely We Have Learned That Threats Of Force Should Be LAST, LAST, LAST RESORT

Andrea Mitchell " You would have had to be brain dead not to know what the president was up too."

Keeping my mouth shut at work.

I loved Obama's response to John Howard...why doesn't HE send 20,000 more troops.

I think we need to look at these mortar rounds carefully, collective googling effort needed:

More Stars & Stripes letters: Defeat v. failure

US forces detained and released the No. 3 man in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps

I'm going to my first DFA meetup tonight! I have a couple questions.

Flock of Dodos

No Back Door Draft

Question: Who's the #1 Arms supplier in Iraq?

"No other war has created so many seriously disabled veterans,"

BUSH: "It Is Good Not To Have VP Running For President"

So... How Many Pulitzer Prize Winners Have Testified In The Libby Trial ???

Please! Let's talk about Racism . . .

Re: Min. wage - how did McDonald's ever survive?

Third carrier group likely to steam to Iran

Do McCain and Guliani cancel each other out?

Robert Parry: Washington Post Disses the Dixie Chicks

Obama's first salvo targets Hillary Clinton

OK Ladies Listen UP: What it costs to say ‘be mine’

Sorry, posted in wrong place. n/t

CNN needs some emails.. "Change of heart".. "Seen the light"..

Joe fixin' to come out of the Republican closet?

Subliminable Propaganda--the power of the rebutted, loony stories in the MSM

Spongebob is the LEAKER! NT

What I WANT....

I so appreciate the gift.

3126 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Ohio is keeping its touch screens

Does '24' encourage US interrogators to 'torture' detainees?

Armitage outs agent in Woodward tapes

Did Wolfie just proudly say that one of their reporters is NOT a stenographer?

Robert Novak (from live blogging @ FDL) "the "election of VP Cheney in 2000"

Think Bush won't try a "Gulf of Tonkin" with Iran? He considered it with IRAQ back in 2003

Bush re: Iraq: "Most of the country is in good shape."

Bush interview on CSPAN1 now.

Parents gripped by pride, fear as children prepare for military life

Peter Pace Declines to back up claims of Iran's involvement in Iraq

Fitz' little dig at Libby defense

Whoopee We're All Gonna Die!

Top American General Disputes US Military Claim on Iran

I got this today from my "left wing religious" group -

Deal struck at N. Korean nuclear talks: S. Korean official

Larisa Alexandrovna: "Propaganda Extravaganza" (Critiquing the WH Iran Briefing)

Senate Intelligence chairman quietly 'fixed' intelligence, and diverted blame from White House over

Breaking: Iggy and the Stooges Announce New Nine City Concert Tour

Thanks....whomever you are!


To whoever gave me the heart

If the draft does come back....

If there are any DUers in the advertising business, here is my

Killing Service Members of USA For TV Ratings

Pincus Reveals Fleischer As CIA Leak Source - WaPo

I am beaming from my new heart. Thank you, secret admirer.

Would you take a dollar coin from this man?

Thank you mystery heart donor.

Immigration policy debate on C-span 3

If every member (101,009) contributed 50 bucks a piece, we could buy Air America at auction.

Five skinny models barred from Madrid catwalk

I love my kids...

I love the Hearts and thank you

I just got the new Texas Oberserver in the mail.

Thanks for the heart, whoever gave it to me. Having been

anticipating the next gop line: If you don't support going after Iran, then

Points To Ponder

I'M MUTATING! I Suddenly Have As Many Hearts As Cows Have Stomachs!

I had a former Republican who's now a Dem APOLOGIZE to me today!

Wayward Donkey Proves to Be Elusive OK Dems lets have a HEE HAW For the Ass

My message has a heart on!

Hey! Tanks!

Whoever donated to give me a heart...

Caption this pic of Rudy

Graduating to Prison: Native Americans Sue School District

Just imagine the effect on morale

We are almost to the halfway point in the Fund drive in less than 24 hours

Black Man: Cabbie Afraid I'd Skip Fare Locked Me In - Says He Was Driven To Jail

Thanks for the Heart!

A sad and tragic irony

The next Castle in Iraq...Times Online

Rep. Rohrabacher: Global Warming May Have Been Caused By ‘Dinosaur Flatulence’

Ah, I feel loved!

Why the "condition of anonymity" with the claims against Iran?

6:30pm est BARACK OBAMA New Hampshire event simulcast on the internets

I seem to have acquired a heart!!

Thanks for the Heart!

the dollar coin is coming back

Thank you to the person who gave me a heart!

Dixie Chicks at the Grammys - video at Crooks and Liars

To whoever you are, you made my day

Did anybody hear about the bees? This frightens me alot

Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News Again Smacks Down Bush Iran Claims

The coming war against Iran - Part 15

Thank you for the heart!!!!!!!

Newsweek's "Conventional Wisdom" owes Pelosi an apology.

the vice of ignorance

my gawd. I am watching the bombs in Bagdad today!--destruction all

For those wondering about Iranian Weapons:

Karl Rove accepts a statue of Abraham Lincoln after speaking to Springfield, Ill., Republicans -pics

Dennis on "Hardball" Tuesday to discuss Iraq war

Are you sending Iranian weapons into Iraq to harm American troops?

Moyers to Speak at Occidental College Tonight (LA DUer alert)

PHOTO: Conclusive proof Iran is behind explosives.

Dixie Chicks...did they do it? did they skewer the repukes?

This heart thing does have it's drawbacks.

Busy busy fun fun

US vs Iran : assorted news bits from Europe

We all know the Freeptards are on suicide watch today

MSNBC Vote on Dixie Chicks

I watched the uninterrupted CSpan video of the Waxman hearings

Education vs. Extracurricular sports

Bush: "I Made A Name By Being Compassionate"

The banana - the atheist's nightmare

It's funny how the Repubs mention impeachment when a couple of Mexicans are shot...

Catholic League: John Edwards must fire his "bloggers" now!

Audio of Armitage Outing Plame

Top American General (Peter Pace) Disputes US Military Claim on Iran

Gingrich: Let's reexamine free speech.

Mike Luckovich cartoon - Future Archaeological Find

CSPAN2 - what the hell is going on?

Fear or Freedom? By Steven Hanchett

I never thought I'd be ashamed to be an American.

I know someone who saw Guiliani this weekend, some interesting comments.

Drug-addled gasbag Limbaugh MIA?

I, a longtime lurker, just donated.

More information from Iran's "Defense Industries Organiztion" fuze type on box is the same as listed

Lou Dobbs on CNN doesn't understand why Fitz is going after Libby...

Geologist believes in Biblical Creation

Philisophic question: when is preemptive war the right answer?

Giuliani's Vulnerabilities — Secret Study Cites "Weirdness Factor"

MSM complicity in PlameGate: Bob Woodward, Armitage, and the "End of an Affair"

Um, yeah, did you know that Iran's weapons producer has a website with mortars on it?

My website for candidacy to city council is up!

Novak re: Rove: "I wouldn't call him a good friend. I would call him a very good source"

BILL MAHER on with Tavis Smiley tonight

HEADLINE: Reporter says Ari Fleischer was Plame source

The Bush White House wants to privatize our public roads; what else can be privatized?

I am SO proud of my son today

Obama-Hatch Tithing Bill

Ed Schultz fans: He's coming back to XM167 next week

The DU 1st Qtr fundraiser with "hearts" reminds me of unpleasant

YOUR NIGHTLY VIDEO: "Is Anna Nicole Still Dead?" Asks Jack Cafferty After Media Overkill

Please DU'ers, if you love your pet

Oprah's Motherhood Poll

I just heard the Armitage/Woodward tape for the first time.

Physicians, Surgeons, Parents form "Hands Off Our Kids" Coalition Against Mandatory Gardasil

Unprecedented SF study find pot helps ease pain

Fresh Air Interview with FRONTLINE producer about tuesday's new FRONTLINE "News Wars" On NOW!

Reporters Name Other CIA Leak Sources

I am sooo tired of the heart threads!!

Stop This: No-Name Allegations, Sourcing Identify US Officials Presenting Disputed Evidence



Lou Dobbs is lying about the Plame case.

Cheney under oath, this could be fun

Ten Ways to Prepare for a Post-Oil Society

A Map: US Military Interventions Throughout The World Since 1945

EU cracks down on corporate astroturfing

"An Inconvenient Truth" Star Gore Plans Oscar Night Speech

Action in conjunction with Eyes Wide Open. Do it DUers.

Please DU cnn poll about the Dixie Chicks.

Morgan ("Super Size Me") Spurlock's SECRET New Film about Hunt for BinLaden

Mandatory HPV Vaccine - approve or no?

Repukes want government that's big enough to oppress you, yet small enough to neglect you

Bushco discourages car pooling. Says build new roads and charge fees.

Republicans want to monitor all emails, IMs, etc.

A serious point about heart donations...

One thing in America that 9/11 didn't change...

Al Gore at the Grammy Awards (spoiler) - pics

***ATTENTION! Those Upset @ Homeless Paraplegic Man--PLEASE!!- Take This Opportunity!

Michael Ware-CONFIRMS Iranians Supplying Weapons To BUSH-BACKED Shiite Group In Iraq

A portrait of Dick Cheney's soul.

Who is the audience for the networks evening news

Where do you get your news?

CONYERS: NO MORE GAMES-Are You For or Against Escalation? No Escaping this Vote in the House.

WA State Starts Impeachment This Wednesday

You people are all just a buncha typical Democrats.

Paul Krugman on the Pentagon mystery official

Dixie Chicks CD sales up 1641% in the last 24 hours

Rape in American Prisons. Human Rights Watch Report...

"Iran Weapons in Iraq" LIE - Shells Stamped w/ ENGLISH

Iranian IEDs sure look a lot like Hotchkiss Brandt mortars from Pakistan Ordninance Factories

Al Gore is playing his cards perfectly.

Breaking: Sen. Dodd & Menendez To Intro Bill - BANNING TORTURE & RESTORING HABEAS CORPUS - Tomorrow!

10-Year-Old Girl Arrested For Brutal Attack In Target

A Girl Like Me - and Why Words Matter

John Howard under siege in Parliament

BUSH: "I made a name by being compassionate."

Regarding helicopter shoot-downs and the history we forget.

An Inspiring Video For Valentines Day. Enjoy!!!

"Why is it that only WHITES can be racist?"; unbelievable email I just received

Ok Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Clark, etc.

Senator Kerry on Imus:

Bush plans more cuts to veterans' health care

"US may be trying to spark a conflict with Iran." - More evidence of "fake" incidents for war.

Oh boy, more gay bullshit!

Check in here if you want to thank Your Secret Admirer for your Heart.

I Luv The Heart Idea--A Heart For Everyone and Everyone For A Heart!

Conyers and Kucinich for Impeachment if Bush Attacks Iran

If we turned on the news today and found out we were now bombing Iran

***** Swamp the switchboard ***** w/toll-free calls to Congress @ 1-877 851-6437 or 1-800 828-0498

Ahmadinejad to Diane Sawyer: "Women should not be asking tough questions

GARDASIL LIE #1097: It can't be offered free unless it is made mandatory!

Ok DU, If Anyone Can Come Up With This List You All Can. Can Ya Help?

I think it is despicable to silence faith-based expressions of policy and politics.


For those interested in the facts about cervical cancer and Gardisil

Who needs a heart? Check in here. Let's spread the love!

John Kerry blasts away on blog-talk radio.

We are at war with "Red America"

IMPORTANT! Daylight Savings Time adds four weeks! We spring forward on Sunday, March 11, 2007...


LA Times: Libby Trial Exposes Russert Is "Just A Tool For The Powerful"

Robert Parry Investigates, Like a Real Reporter Should

GOP Expects Defections as House Debates Iraq Resolution

Kudos to Obama today for his response to Australia's jackass Prime Minister.

Investors Business Daily - Obama's Church Too Militant Black (1/22/07)

AP: Libby Believes NBC News Could Clear Him (lawyers want to question Andrea Mitchell)

Obama: "I'M IN IT TO...transform the country."

Thank you for the heart!

Congress has to tell Bush that his "word" is no good

John Howard & George Bush - a horse with no head

Rhinelander (WI) Soldier Found Dead In His Quarters

Petition letter for United Nations

Clinton's Search for Common Ground Gets Mixed Reviews in N.H.

No Surprise - Now ABC News Running with Obama Church Too Black Militant

Psychological theory behind the "Is Obama black enough" meme

So Iranians are shites. And supposedly have given bombs to Iraq. Which

This is sorta outta the blue, But I don't know how many of you ...

Senator Jon Tester & Rep. Gillibrand Put their Work Day on Web

My Morning In Springfield to see the Obama Announcement.

With security already stepped up, Hillary Clinton threat posted on Obama website

Bill Clinton put pressure on Spielburg to not back Obama ACCORDING to Novak

On-the-fly notes concerning the rush to war with Iran...

NYT: A Historic Moment if Cheney Testifies Live, as Expected

Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick won't commemorate day for Der Raygunfuhrer

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, especially in campaign finance reform...

Ahhh ..... the old 'Subtle, Insidious Misdirection as Lie' gambit ......

Folks, it is time to squarely face the facts


My parents are moderates

The Rude Pundit: One Day We'll All Have Purple Hearts, Part 1

I was anti-war before the war

Wall Street pushing Clinton & Obama--report on CNBC

C-Span just showed President Bush Interview and is taking calls.

Who's the neophyte "pollser" representing Obama on MSNBC?

Obamamania (James Kunstler)

self delete.

An E-mail from Dennis Kucinich

traditional marriage group expands mission

GOP moderate reaching across House aisle

Progressives Concentrate on election '08; meanwhile Bush PR talks up '07 Iran WAR!

LAST WORD on Da Plane! Da Plane!gate (Slowpoke TOON)

Bombs ravage Baghdad markets, killing 88

Fantastic BBC piece on the REAL Iranians, not Bush's version....

Are any of these people running for President?

is there a good reason to NOT join a Draft Al Gore group?

Ex-Agent Ties Firing to CIA Pressure on WMD/ accountability begins

Lincoln could not be elected president today

Romney Has One Wife, Says His Wife

C-Span's Poll of the Day

dock their salaries and perks!!

New Senator McCaskill (D-Missouri) Rocks!

Need extra reading? Go to Huff. Post right now)4:56PM. Great

This Modern World: All you have to do is commit to winning rather than losing

Hillary for President!!!

LIVE Obama town hall meeting now (6:30pm est) LINK:

Hillary's letter on Iran

Jake Tapper [ABC News] is an Asshole

Jewish Group Blasts Romney Over Launch

Does the NYT editorial board reads the NYT?

Anyone know what Gordon Smith is talking about?

How to WIN the next few elections and Keep the neo-Con out


Hey .... Mr. Conventional Wisdom ...... kiss my ass .......

Andrea Mitchell asked Hillary Clinton the following yesterday

Charlie Rangel supporting Hillary. no surprise to me

WTF? Anti-war protesters interupt Obama the only true anti-war candidate. . .

Biden and Wyden ... what did I just hear? (re: Iran)

Olympia Snowe just made a speech in the

Whoa. What else can we expect to find out?

Rothenberg: Democrats could pad Senate Majority to 60 seats by 2010

Dennis will be appearing in the following areas around the country in coming weeks:

Imus Said this Morning That Edwards, Obama, & Clinton Are The Only Ones Who Have A Chance

Clark Bogging Live at Kos Regarding Iran, NOW!

who would glbt community support....

They've got nothing

AFL-CIO looking to endorse in MARCH 2007??

Screw All This Draft Gore Business! F**k That!

The Occupation Project: Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Launches Around the Country Today

Dixie Chicks get last laughs

Will there ever be a democrat with some balls? Other than Kucinich that is.