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Archives: February 16, 2007

Pentagon Red Tape Keeps Medical Records From Doctors of the Wounded

Govt working for Hicks guilty verdict: Fraser (former PM)

The US Propaganda Campaign Against Iran (Jeremy R. Hammond)

Out of stricken Baghdad, into uncertainty. (Iraqi refugees, CSMonitor, 2/16)

The War Pimp ... by Karen Kwiatkowski

How not to win hearts and minds (Crispin Black / Guardian) this Congress, too, terrified of crossing the War Party? ('paleo' Pat Buchanan)

Tories prepped for March campaign - by Brian Laghi for The Globe & Mail

Judge deals blow to Blair's nuclear plans

How Coal Gasification Power Plants Work

Great Andean glacier 'will melt to nothing by 2012'

Global leaders reach climate deal - BBC

Power from salt water-Reversed Electro Dialysis

Hydrogen from Coal Research

HEADLINE: Anne Frank was refused sanctuary by the U.S.

Security certificate detainee to be returned to his family (Canada)

Equatorial Guinea coup plotter battles extradition

'Toto' pleads guilty in real estate fraud (Emmanuel Constant of FRAPH)

WP: The Forgotten Families (GParents Raising Slain Soldier's Kids Denied Benefits)

NYT: Judge Restricts New York Police Surveillance

I have a question about the surge

Rep. Jefferson Gets Seat on Homeland Security - WP - WTF - this is going to

Elite Iranian Corps Enmeshed in Iraq.

NYT/AP: Lawmakers Push for Tobacco Regulation

Judge Restricts New York Police Surveillance

U.S. and Iraqi forces raid leading Shiite mosque in Baghdad

McClatchy: Democrats push economic policy to better serve poor, middle class

Labor Lawyer Provides True Picture Of Law Workers Face When Organizing

Pelosi Backs War Funds Only With Conditions

Air Force Academy Cheating Scandal Grows

NYT: White House Is Reported to Be Linked to a Dismissal

Senators Give TSA Screeners Union Rights (Homeland Security Committee vote)

Sailor's Testimony: Marine Joked Using Iraqi's Body

Edwards: Bush waging War "Without Authorization"

Hershey Plans to Cut Work Force by 1,500 (union jobs to Mexico)

Freedom of the Press Thread

Anybody else watch "Living with Ed" on HGTV? I have just seen a couple of episodes and it is really

What can I do to become the naughtiest DU'er?

Alton is making the avocado icing.

This Was Pretty Much My Day...

Support College radio

Does anybody know what's going on in the Anna Nicole Smith thing?

Ultimate Digital Gadgetry? (concepts from NEC)

My grandma and your grandma sittin' by the fire

I DO NOT watch wrestling, but my husband does... Why is Trump on here?

You ate a Booger

Awe. I'm so touched. I just noticed I have two hearts.

Well, I thought it was hysterically funny...

Give it up for the fabulous Chipotle pepper!

Any legal-eagle tax pros out there?...........

I am only here for a minute

Talk about your Traffic Jam from hell: There's one in PA going on 24hrs & 40 miles

What are baby seahorses called?

I'm too ethical for my own happiness sometimes.

Temporary layoffs. Good times.

Is there one particular word that will make you hide a thread without reading it?

'Insurance Companies have lawyers working hard on their side, and so should you.'

Your Best Physical Feature

What if South Park released all the episodes,

High Five!

Sarah Silverman's idea of a joke:

Sewer Rat in Blawnox dies of Rabies Vaccine - all vaccines are being pulled

How is a hit single measured these days?

Ya know what's disconcerting?

Medical Advice Thread: If you get a little speck in your eye

Got a new PC. Just downloaded foxfire and I cant find it anywhere.

Hey hey, the blues is all right

Is there any way to diminish an emerging back problem?

Name a food with an expiration date that expired years ago, you ate it, and you didn't die...

My husband is cleaning out the fridge.

Help with a song (a current one)

Ask me anything. I'll answer using a Magic 8 ball

Tough love. (long rant)

Where's Rev-Acts?

GoPsUx comes in first, but SouthpawKicker is the Naughty Grand Prize winner!

May the Kudzu Force be with you.

Ugh. It's so gross when people live up to stereotypes.

How do you raise a perfect kid?

My doctor put me on a TV ad drug

Are we never allowed to change our DU names???

Has anyone else noticed the trend of moms in commercials getting younger?

An actor from my old favorite tv show appeared on my new favorite tv show!!!

Visit the Dealey Plaza Cam

Check in if you heard (and understood) the Todd Rundgren joke on prime-time network TV tonight!

Fucking Viacom pulled EVERY video of its off YouTube!

Does anyone detest the Disaronno commercial as much as I do?

Bob Dylan-themed "Cold Case" airing this Sunday

It was inevitable: Dennis Rodman has completely lost his mind

T-shirt slogans

Personal Relationship Poll!

Hey smokers (weed)

"Dance and drink and Screw.....

hahahahhaha - Sarah Silverman Program

Now, I'm a pretty big lesbo, but DAYUM Paul Newman was HOT!!111!!

Help me Loungemates, I've been drinking and looking on ebay

What should I do with my salmonella-infected peanut butter?

The Real Housewives of Orange county, making freepers look smart since 2005

Woman allegedly stabs man during sex

Congratulations depakid!! 10,000 posts


Congratulations WI_DEM!! 15,000 posts

Does anyone remember the movie The Dark Crystal?

LaraMN's great thread made me think of my drive home tonight...

Steve McQueen or Paul Newman circa 1974

Name a song that makes you happy when you hear it.

BIlly Idol was hot.

Does anybody else hate this "miniature killer" thing on CSI?


Why do people use communal showers at the gym? I've never used one...

Who's Anna Nicole's baby daddy?

There has never been a more DIRECT attempt at a Darwin Award than this video

What are the best lines to make fundies heads explode?

HELP! I'm looking for the title of a youth fiction

Rosie O'Donnel and Ted Nugent versus Cal Thomas and Sharon Stone

Burial or cremation?

An RC cola and a Moon Pie: 'Southern Delicacies'.

My own "special comment" on the war (a.k.a. a grief-filled rant)

Has anyone here run a marathon?

Does anyone know anything about collectible figurines?

Cute Pet Pic Thread.


Country music - a list of Democrats and Republicans

BRANDI CARLILE. Holy fucking shit!

Lutheran Leaders Join Call to Protect India's Drug Patent Laws

Know ye the truth

Jewish group demands apology from Georgia lawmaker

How will things be better after the Rapture?

Mormon Couple Featured in Video Showing How 'Ex-Gay' Message Causes Heartache and Divorce

Tune into comedy central - tonight's episode has the creep making a very crude joke...

If even a number of liberals consider us sex crazed, potential rapists

Forsberg traded to Nashville

Arkansas sports soap opera continues (cue music)

February = Month from Hell for Sports Fans

I'm back...still wondering about my haunting.

New Moon in Aquarius - Saturday, February 17, 11:15 am EST

'Viewing the Other Side of the Veil" - a Kryon channelling from Jan. 7, 2007

February 18, 2007 - Chinese New Year - Year of the Red Fire Pig

Interesting, this, from !

2008 Independent Veterans Budget

SFRC hearing from today on C-Span 2 right now! n/t

You know that er, problem with the fun activity....

New diary

Senate debate on Iraq for Frid & Sat, Feb 16 & 17

Senator Kerry speaking on the floor today (video)

Politics and Technology has noticed JK's "Innovative list-building Flash BlogAd"

I had the most horrible Kerry dream....

NY Union Semester accepting applications for Fall 2007

Alachua, Florida, chief threatens activist with taser for passive resistance.

Let's Bomb Iran!

Stop the war!

Women Freedom Fighters with Love

Arudhati Roy: Iraq War and choosing between detergents (Dems Vs. Repubs)

Elizabeth Kucinich introduces the 9-10 forum in New Hampshire

Is it for Freedom?

Threat of prosecution grows for CIA agents

Does anybody know what's going on in the Anna Nicole Smith thing?

Congrats to Senator Johnson/Family: " Still-hospitalized U.S. senator co-sponsors bill"

The Hidden Black Hole in the Child Protection Act

Cervical cancer is not a public health emergency. Lung cancer is.

Time to re-think the Reserves & Guard

Murtha touts way to choke off Iraq war

Slovakia not involved in suspected CIA activities in Europe

ADMIN Includes Iran In Axis Of Evil So Bush Can Look Like Ronald Reagan

Racism . . .

Why do people use communal showers at the gym? I've never used one...

NY Times Editorial: "Not Supporting Our Troops."


This Non-Binding Resolution is an anchor in a maelstrom....

Coalition Plans May Day Actions (and you thought last years protests were big??)

Sometimes it still happens

Fake Lincoln quote enters congressional record (video)

What ever happened to good old fashioned smiting?

Keith O has 4 more years? He had his thumb up. Fantastic. n/t

GOP values on display during Libby trial

Iraq War Plan Assumed Only 5,000 U.S. Troops Still There by December 2006

GOP values: our 11th commandment is more important

How Long Before We Get Upset About

"Gate crashing" for profit

Why was my post locked?

Scooter Libby and the Clinton Pardon of Marc Rich

Mistaking Slavery and Dictatorship for Freedom and Democracy

Let's see, scientists who warn us about global warning are accurate;

1st Stinger Battery makes first deployment in support of OIF

The Greening of a Hard Red State

This week at the Rapture Ready board: HEADLINES OF THE RAPTURE!!!11

NY Union Semester accepting applications for Fall 2007

Anybody watching the new Nixon biography on the History Channel?

Anyone want to know about this web site? - Offshore Watch

Al Gore Is A Global Inspiration!/Live Earth Announced

NYT review of "Breach," a film about Robert Hanssen, a "creep's creep"

Our 11th CD VA Impeacement \Prince William Peacemakers video

How bad does your rightwing satire show have to suck for freepers to hate it-Hard.

Ore. woman, 84, pleads guilty in boy's sex abuse case (just goes to show stupidity has no age limit)

You know what's really a crime .

RW 'christians' whine over homophobic Snickers ad being pulled

Fox News Poll: Majority Of Americans Would Vote To De-Fund Escalation

Rush backtracks on racially charged comment, says it was just to "tweak the media"

Traveling consultants opt for homelessness

Vulture Funds - Greg Palast Dem Now - result in England today

Ok...Rush Limbaugh...What in the Holy Fuck?

The cult of "rights" and bickering as politics.

Anyone just see Rep. Mica, R-repugnant, from Florida?

The "War" party

(AP) Georgia Lawmaker: Behind evolution

Norovirus hits Durham VA Hospital and Area Nursing Homes

I have a show idea for ABC: Desperate Republicans

U.S. 'likely' to seek second Iran resolution:Rice

Watch This Case -- Panther 10 Go On Trial

How will things be better after the Rapture?

FBI Informant organized neo-Nazi rally in Orlando, Florida

What happens the day we find out that Repubs had access to our records

Joe Scarborough has been visiting Capitol Hill

Authority's Demands Hang Over Port Sale

Democratic Congressman: Rest assured that history, fact will not be kind to decision-makers of this

I've gotten caught up in a local peace movement

'Debate doesn't hurt the troops,' says president of Iraq, Afghanistan veterans group

NYT: Did former Bush Counsel Harriet Miers 'intervene' on behalf of replacement for US attorney let

Burial or cremation?

CBS needs a dictionary!

We will never have a world without war will we ?

Tracking Giuliani's approval ratings, as of today, Feb. 15, 2007

Democrats pushing for 'up or down vote' by Senate on House resolution supporting troops, opposing es

Mods, could you please move this post to GD:P? Thanks!

Incredible TV

Harry Reid: "We demand an up-or-down vote...."

AEI: The Root of Bush’s Right-Wing Ideology

It's time to Connect the Dots...... Isn't it?...... You know it is....

Rubella and autism: the real story

January was warmest ever recorded in the whole planet

So what happens next in the Scooter trial?

Senator Boxer to Introduce Passenger's Bill of Rights

A google video about a New Hampshire Guard Unit in Iraq

I wish Olbermann would stop using Michael Musto...

NYT: Bush and Rice "wanted a deal" with North Korea, may have bypassed Cheney

Who will Rudy pick to be his running mate next year?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Check-in Aaron Freeman tonight!!!!

Hey, bush, you forgot Canada. Again.

Republicans are absolutely incapable of speaking without

Who's watching the House debate on Iraq?

Obama and Hillary offered to buy the support of key black South Carolina politicians

Passengers stranded on parked JetBlue planes for 10 1/2 hours

Do all candidates or just the nominees of each party get secret service?

GOP retracts its criticism of Pelosi

A one question test

Breakdown At The Iraq Lie Factory:Robert Dreyfuss

"Thank you for your bodies,."

I have a question about the surge

Universal Catastrophic Health Care

Care about affordable education? Want reform? Go here.


Newsweek: Quds Force have close relationship with Iraqi president, also helped US fight Taliban

U.S. Senator [Ted "Tubes" Stevens, R-AK]: It's time to ban Wikipedia in schools, libraries

Pentagon Red Tape Keeps Medical Records From Doctors of the Wounded

Former BIL deploying to Fallujah

$wiftboat financier, Paul Singer pops up again-- stealing from Africa, donating to Giuliani

Sacramento Station To Dump Air America Radio For ESPN !!!

we need to eliminate presidential ability to pardon

Have you signed up to co-sponsor a BINDING resolution to end the war?

Murtha Seeks to Restrain Action in Iran

Please give me your best argument for net nutrality!

The 1976 movie NETWORK is as timely as ever!

Another Personal Story Regarding Broken Immigration System

Has Bill O'Reilly commented on Al Franken's announcement...

"Iran: The Next War Is Closer Than You Think"

Impeachment! Let there be JUSTICE and rule of law or let there be anarchy. Either we are a democracy

Conservatives To Bush - BYPASS CONGRESS ALTOGETHER - Issue MORE Executive Orders!


TX court ruling gives police power to stop/arrest people for partially obscured license plates

Are we a Fascist State?

Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant


10 Things you May or May Not Know About John Edwards

Paul Krugman: The Health Care Racket

why is the alamo such a proud piece of texas heritage...?

Homophobic NBA player should keep his mouth shut, shouldn't he??

AZ GOP - "McCain is mentally unstable and out of control and vindictive,"

FDA has Been in Turmoil Under Bush....Cronyism/Crookery...

What are the odds that Tim Hardaway is a closet homosexual?

House Committee Says Yes to Employee Free Choice Act

Cheney and NAM Want to Protect Workers? Yeah, Right! (W's next veto?)

Union belts it out to boss on YouTube Anger over contract impasse set to music on Internet forum

Religion, values, and politics

Maremont striker hit by security vehicle

Rep. "nothing short of victory"

Saturday vote on Iraq resolution scrambles plans of Senate Presidential candidates

Two sides speak out on 'fair share' proposal

Let's See.... I Got The Milk, Bread... Oh Yeah, And The BRIBE Money

Did Judy Miller lie during the trial to help Libby because she had sex with him?

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee takes early aim at Smith, Sununu with ads in Oregon, NH

Thinking Olbermann .......

No One's Drinking Bush's Kool-Aid on Iran

Why the Daily show works and the half hour news show won't...

TV show The War at Home, somebody in production is a democrat

Interesting snip from a Fortune article on coal-fired power plants in Texas:

Injuries Spawn Immigrant Workers at Tyson Food Plant in Kansas to Start Unionizing Drive

Democrats should not only offer a plan for the War in Iraq but also...

The thing I like most about John Edwards is his straight-up support for public financing.

Mods, could you please move this post to GD:P? Thanks!

NY Times on Michelle Obama's brother Craig Robinson, Brown University's basketball coach

Der Mittenfuhrer touts GOP support - in his home state (Since when is Mass. his home state?)

Michelle Obama: Barack is ready to be President

Hillary doubled Obama's $5k month offer to South Carolina politican for endorsement

Free Trade Hurts American Workers, AFL-CIO Director Says

In state legislatures, Democratic women surge, as Republican women lose ground

Shark on CBS tonite was a slap against Repugs!!!!!!!!!

Opinions On Lou Dobbs

edwards is a resident of second life

Bill Richardson: Diplomacy, Not Attacks

Is there any member of the pundit claque more smug,

GOP retracts its criticism of Pelosi

Send a strong message to Congress: co-sponsor a BINDING resolution to end the war

Rep. Virgil Goode: A prime example of why party switching isn't always a bad thing

Howard Fineman: I Know Al Franken. Al Franken is a Friend of Mine. Norm, You're No Al Franken

Purpose of IWR is completed and IWR is no longer in force

Edwards netroots coordinator Melissa McEwan resigns...

Whaaaaaaat? Tammy Duckworth being deployed to Iraq???????

Senator Clinton offers $10,000-a-month contract to South Carolina endorser


John McCain will be 72 in August 08, as opposed to Ronald Reagan


Do you want the next President of the U.S. to be using rhetoric like this?

Murtha Moves to Forefront of Iraq Debate

The Republicans used code words to back us into a corner on religion, faith, and values.

Arguing Against Escalation: Five Key "Yes, BUT" Answers

Murray Waas: Cheney's Call

A parent's right to decide

New lyrics to Unforgetable by Nat King Cole : Unimpeachable

NYT, pg1: In Setback for New Orleans, Fed-Up Residents Give Up

The Neo-Con Dog That Isn't Barking (JIM LOBE)

Mystery: How Wealth Creates Poverty in the World

Rebels Threaten U.S. Forces in Diyala (AP)


Religious tension in workplace on the rise (MY FRIEND ! ! !)


SAIC: Washington's $8 Billion Shadow (BARLETT & STEELE)

Rounding Off Their Figures: On women of color, curves are acceptable

Russia straddles Sunni-Shi'ite divide

China Covers Up Detention of Famed AIDS Doctor, Gao Yaojie, 80

Stink of blood money in the air - must be Deadeye (Dick Cheney)

Obama hits Miranova

Realism, compassion lacking in immigration debate

NYT: The Autoworkers’ Pain

USAToday: Follow Up The Iraq Resolutions With Benchmarks For Bush

Al Gore's 'Real' Says Fan Suzuki

Disputed wind farm proposal to be heard by Virginia justices

Scientists Plan Launch Of "Amphibian Ark" As Last Chance For 1000s Of Species On The Edge - LA Times

Massive Subsurface Lakes Calls Stability Of Antarctic Ice Sheets Into Question - Independent

Creating a 'sulphur screen' (BBC) {HOLY CRAP -- DUMPING sulfur into air}

Server electricity use skyrockets (Roughtype blog) {1.2% of US electricity}

NOAA Boulder Lab Finds That Mountainous Regions In US Warming Faster Than Plains - RMN

Idea of making reef from tires backfires

Open Land Proposal Sets Aside $1 Billion To Preserve Connecticut Land

Another Energy Inquiry on ("in kind") Royalties Collection

Atmospheric CO2 Levels Hit 390 ppm (Up 2 From 2005) - Reuters

Undersea cable could bring 'green' power to Hub (Maine to Boston)

Solar Industry Starts Major Push for US Solar Market Legislation (S.590 bill)

U.S. Steel to pay $350K for pollution in Detroit River

Debate begins in Maryland house on "clean cars" bill

So was cited as a credible scientific source...

U.S. reserves judgment on Palestinian govt: Rice

The Turkish alternative

Nasrallah says entitled to move arms to fight Israel

Salah calls for intifada against Temple Mount construction

When 'retard' stops being an insult

Israel's surge of despair

The Katyushas fell between the cracks

Obama to Haaretz: U.S. must help protect Israel from enemies

theres a claim/story that Bin Ladin got US medical treatment before 9/11

Scientists and Engineers Simulate Jet Colliding with World Trade Center

"The match is about to begin" and "Tomorrow is zero hour."

(BBC News) We're all conspiracy theorists at heart

BBC LEAK! Battle over Sunday's 9/11 documentary

Blackwell joins conservative stink tank

Was McKay ousted over 2004 election?

Senator Feinstein letter requesting GAO investigation of e-voting systems

Lou Dobbs Speaks of "Hacking Democracy" new Documentary

PFAW Pushing Touch-Screen Technology

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 2/16/07 Earth to McCormack

Securing the Vote - An Analysis of Election Fraud

Cigarette blamed for deadly Kentucky house fire

U.S. agent gets 5 years for immigrant smuggling

Iraq war draws nays in state capitols

BBC: Viagra Used to Save Baby's Life

Miami Herald: Colombian politicians held; paramilitary ties alleged

Gunman kills radical student leader in Philippines

NYT: Democrats in State Capitols Push Antiwar Resolutions

Labor to step back from US (Australia)

100 more Guardsmen headed to New Mexico border

AP - Pelosi: Bush lacks power to invade Iran

Seattle P-I: Halliburton cited again on Iraq contracts

AP: January Weather Hottest by Far: "Last month was by far the hottest January ever."

Mexico dismisses al-Qaida threat

Gore Announces Climate-Change Concerts

AP: Judge Sets Trial for Castro Foe With U.S. Ties (Posada)

Growth forces farmers to look to Mexico

Goodyear Posts 4th-Qtr. Loss of $358M (due to a costly strike at 16 plants)

Lawmakers consider moving up R.I. presidential primary

(Iraqi) Police deny having information about (al Qaeda chief) al-Masry's injuries

Japan: Crippled Ship No Threat to Area (world's biggest penguin breeding ground)

Backlash grows against free trade

In Washington DC: 250,000 Condoms Deployed For HIV Awareness, Prevention

BBC News: Women's Desks "Harbour More Bugs"

Baghdad security operation met with bombs

Japan puts trade sanctions on Iran

'His words pollute the atmosphere' - (Amaechi responds)

US fails to probe Afghan detainee abuse: rights group

Ecuador not to renew pact on U.S. lease of Manta military base: FM

Persian Gulf States Plan Weapons Buying Binge

Report: 1M Iraqis May Flee Violence

AP: Coroner Won't Show 'Friendly Fire' Video

(Reuters) U.S. 'likely' to seek second Iran resolution: Rice

PM's press conference walkout over Iraq questions

Putin Promotion of Ivanov Marks New Push to Break Oil `Needle'

Kansas Senate passes election ID bill over claims of 'poll tax'

NYT/Reuters: Rice Is Said to Have Speeded North Korea Deal (Cheney bypassed)

US activist pushes 'terror-free' gas

Throw out your Peter Pan

Reuters: Lawmaker pleads with Rice to engage Syria

New Orleans Seeks Text-Message Donations

Court denies Army medic's conscientious objector claim

BBC News: Italy Orders CIA Kidnapping Trial

Iraq debate -- another hour to go (1:57 PM)

AP GOP retracts its criticism of Pelosi (on copyrights "violations")

Iraq PM tells Bush of 'dazzling successes' in Baghdad

Kansas House OKs protection for fetuses

Klobuchar, Democrats unveil $80 billion tax-relief package

AP: 7 get life in '03 Istanbul bombings

U.S. Warns of Nigeria Militant Plots

Judge rules in CIA rendition case

AP: Key Sunni Official Urges Participation (of "resistance")

One in ten Iraqis could be internally displaced by year-end: IOM

Statewide workplace smoking ban likely to pass in Tennessee

Iraq Troop Boost Erodes Readiness, General Says

Reunited POLICE, GENESIS added to Gore's concert lineup

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 16

Jeb Bush Steers Advisers Toward Romney

Stevens bill might block Myspace, Wikipedia (The "tube" man (R) strikes again)

Proposed bill (in AZ) would ban political opinions in classes (naturally, it's a GOP bill)

Pilot and Passengers Overpower Hijacker

Emory profs want debate during upcoming Carter appearance

Greenpeace try eating whale to stop whaling

CNN: Study: Fish good for pregnant women: Conflicts with advisory to limit due to mercury levels

Young Japanese lose interest in whaling

Big Oil Warns Biofuels Will Not Meet U.S. Energy Needs

(Sen. Tim) Johnson co-sponsors (first) legislation

Mich. lawmaker (Candice Miller) warns of mess like Vietnam (but still backs surge - WTF?)

Venezuela fiber-optic line to dramatically expand Cuban internet capacity

AP: Vegas shelter euthanizes 1,000 animals

Housing Starts Plunge, Near A 10-year Low

Reports: GM in talks to buy Chrysler Group

Air America sale OK'd by bankruptcy judge

BBC News: Antarctic water world uncovered (150+ Sub-Ice lakes)

Consumer sentiment takes surprising dip

Gingrich might enter '08 race in September, calls long campaigns 'stupid'

Kennedy Criticized Over Chavez Link

Sudan blocks UN rights team from entering Darfur

Tancredo criticizes NFL for omitting Border Patrol ad

House Approves $1.8B Tax Cut Package

Reuters: Bomb blast in Iran, police clash with gunmen

States crack down on 'driving while drowsy'

Princeton Professor Finds No Hardware Security In E-Voting Machine

(Hillary) Clinton Offers Contract to S.C. Endorser

Taliban deploy 10,000 fighters for attack: commander

Pentagon adds extra 1,000 troops to 'surge' on same day House expresses disapproval

Iraq resolution passes House (246 yeas and 182 nays with six not voting)

NKorea on "war footing" over US attacks (AFP)

McCain Will Skip Iraq Vote

Univ. of Illinois decides to end Chief Illiniwek's run

Appeals court upholds Alabama's ban on sale of sex toys

Sen. Obama: U.S. must help Israel defend itself

Bush has two moles removed from his forehead

Japan urged to 'use Greenpeace' (to tow stricken whaling ship)

Nader says he may run in 2008, especially if Hillary gets the nomination

Great Andean glacier 'will melt to nothing by 2012'

Texas Officials Accused of Manipulation

AP: Report Urges FCC to Limit TV Violence

Cuba joins other Latin nations in shift toward open-source software


FUCKING SHIT!! I just found a piece of a broken X-mas ornament with my foot!!


Did "Old Christine" get cancelled?

What's the real reason no one is replying to my threads?

It is freezing here in the greater Houston, Galveston area.

can anyone help me with my Sansa Rhapsody.. i cant delete the data in it.. it is full, i go to my

Is anyone up yet??

The Happiness Fairy bids you a Good Morning...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/16/2007)

Australian Gallery replaces Germaine Greer with Steve Irwin

Fisherman, Drunk On Vodka, Wrestles Shark Onto Jetty By Hand

"Rainbows Fill The Sky" On Kim Jong-il's Birthday - 65 Today

Happy birthday Debi & haf216!!

Question for DU guitar players....

I had to look at this this morning(dial up warning)

I have the tainted peanut butter!!!!

Great strip of 9 Chickweed Lane


Wrestling fans: Favorite celebrity involved in pro-wrestling

Favorite supporting character on 'Ugly Betty?'

Man Wins $25,000 Lottery Two Days In A Row


It's my weekly plea for good Lounge vibes!!! Woohoo!!!

Finally 800 posts........I'm getting there.

What Happened? -- A Poem

Those miserable college kids are at it again

Have you heard about Bb (B-flat)?

Puppy update...

Firefighters Bring Cooked Hampster Back To Life

The new and supposedly improved Daylight Savings Time...

Look at the size of these knobs!

Check in HERE if you did not father Anna Nichole Smith's baby.

Residents Fed Up With Their Old, Naked Neighbor - Want Him Off Lawn

Where do I go to get replacement for the recalled PB.

Thanks for the heart

When your darling doesn't call you darling . . .

eating at the sushi bar--tipping protocol

Christian pediatrician denies child service because parents are tattooed

hey look

Drat. I saw my refrigerator door was open this morning....

Need advice on a touchy subject

Why didn't she just put her baby on Trimspa?

SUV Driving Women Get Into Fight At Taco Bell Drive Thru - One Assaulted With Bat

3000 channels?! How the heck can anybody watch 3000 channels?!

Live Earth - 07/07/07 Artists already signing up for the Al Gore's big concert

Movie producer: "Let's make a movie based on Beatles songs!"

My name is LynneSin and I'm a mouth-breather

What did the Doctor say?

84 Year Old Woman Confesses To Having Sex With 11 Year Old Boy

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Why you should run when you see a redneck say "watch this!"

Well that was a little disappointing.

Lima beans-Triple yuck!!

Best vice on the planet?

Man charged for trying to MacGyver propane tank to car engine

Turkeys in the snow ...

HA HA LaraMN....its snowing

Drat. FedEx.

ATTENTION would the owner of a gray minibus license plate number.....

It's the Packard Bell appreciation thread!!!

Lack of Planning: Straight from the Archives

Thieves Steal $3,000 Statue - Cops Recover Statue - Mistakenly Throw It In Trash

My temp rose to 100.8 this evening...

Smoker Gets $8,000 Tax Bill For Buying Cigarettes Online

Lounge Computer Gurus. I have a question.

This just in...

sweet video----gotta love men singing

Residents See Jesus In Tree

Why can't some people grasp mental illness can't just be "Overcome"?

Freeper Encounter Last Night

Can you fly with a laptop now?

What it called when someone does a favor, then brings it back up all the time?

NASCAR Fans Drink All Beer, Vodka On Flight From Baltimore To Daytona (Flight Landed At 10:15 am)

NY State Wants To Ban 'Spinners' On Cars

Before you upgrade to Vista

Bigger Mardi Gras Crowd Prompts Potty Problem

It's the Packard appreciation thread!!!

Can you imagine being a gay smoker who drives an SUV

What albums do you want to buy this year, if any?

Arrested Astronaut's Diaper Allegedly Being Auctioned On eBay - Starting Bid: $2k

Happy 43rd Birthday Christopher Eccleston

Queen Elizabeth to attend the Kentucky Derby this year

My cat scared the HELL out of me and made me cry last night

Holy crap SophieMN talks too much.

The Rockit-LP family is trying to get rid of its third child.

Student Facing Felony Charges For Laxative-Laced Brownies

Today's scared witless at work story . .


Report: Britney Spears Enters Rehab

The neighbours watching me dance around in my boxers...

T-Bone and the Naked Trucker...

Can't believe I got another heart! Thank you to whomever! 8^) n/t

To all who took a moment to help the engaged couple...

MSNBC-******Brittany Spears is entering rehab...

How to be a shitty manager.

Anna Nicole Smith Allegedly Wanted Baby Underfed So She'd Be 'Sexy'

Gentlemen: do you find ladies more attractive when they are nonsmokers?

Anyone know when Bill Maher starts on HBO?

Man Doesn't Get Valentine's Gift For Girlfriend - She Cuts Off Her Nipple & His Penis

Mac People....I am now one of you! I got a MacBook!

Global warming

Mothers arrested for videotaped toddler fighting ring

Ricky Martin - I no longer like bush!

Dog the American Idol Judge extrdited to Reality

I'm in a good mood... no more GD for me today!

Snow: Look, you traitorous liberals, quit sending peanut butter

A Time Limit on Rape???

How come when discussing gays in sports, showering together always comes up? Why do pro-athletes

HP sucks.

Sample Catcher, then Mudlogger

Ladies, can you help me out on this?

Abandon all hope...

Deleted - double post

Oregon woman, 84, pleads guilty in boy's sex abuse case

Damn bikers!

Mission Accomplished!!! There's *no* business like *show* business...

I just ordered an XM Radio system

Who's got a really good lentil soup recipe?

My new camera will arrive on Monday, ask me anything!!

Instruction labels for the very obtuse

**Bad Lawyer Joke** ( as told to me by my husband)

"Hey, no screwing!"...(this is NOT a sex thread)

It's that time of week...

The right ticket: Giuliani-Rice

Geraldo appreciation thread!!

Watch Old Faithful...

Inside Edition actually has a redeeming feature right now...

If you haven't seen this "help desk" video, here's a laugh

I'm declaring the bar OPEN!!!!

Name that TV show

Don't play this Flash game on drugs or drunk ( eeets kewel! )

Feel good for a FRIDAY!!!!!

When I was little...I wanted to BE 'The Flying Nun'.

I'd Tell Ya I Was Depressed....

Betty Bowers on Anna Nicole & Lisa Nowak (satire, not for the easily offended)

Idea: We need a "Straights-for-Gays" symbol (triangle?)

Anyone see "Shark" last night?

Woman, 84, confesses to sex with boy, 11

CaliforniaPeggy had a thread locked...

Joke in my email: New Cowboy Boots

What did CaliforniaPeggy say when her thread was locked?

Small businesses - who ships with UPS?

Joe Rogan Confronts Carlos Mencia About Stealing from Other Comics - VIDEO

my tattoo...all touched up and finished

Nude Jogger Will Miss 'Liberating Feeling' Now That He Has To Run Clothed

How old are you in CAT years?

Nicole Richie charged with DUI

'Dog' The Bounty Hunter To Be Extradited To Mexico

DaVinci Code fans...look what's coming.

Save Boston from Mooninites game

Hey CaliforniaPeggy!

I quit my job today.

Newborn Ends Up in Pa. Woman's Pant Leg

Freepers dissing Sulu!!!


New item on my desk or what LeftyMom already enjoys:

I am going to the Dog Shelter to pick up our new dog -Need help with list of supplies

As we speak, I am testing for a new and better job... GOOD VIBES PLEASE!!

I am ecologically confused: My dog is humping my cat.

Funny Joke Friday

Mr. Writer is right smack in the middle of a phone interview as we speak!

What's the least contentious DU forum?

Teen girl can't stop hiccupping

GOPisEvil is here - and I am TIRED!

Need a break from the GD Flame War threads? (dial-up warning)

Anna Nicole items released (Myrtle Beach SC)

Do you remember your dreams?

Billy Joel was never really what you'd call hot.

Normally, I'm ashamed and embarrassed about being a threadkiller

Freaking out!

The Rozerem Chess Beaver.

What I really want to do is have a drink and a shower and get the hell out of here.

Looking for a LOW-COST Digital Camera - advice?

So Just Where The Hell Is crim son?

The Lunesta Luna Moth.

Who gave Name removed a Valentine heart?

anybody sleep on a Tempurpedic mattress?


Radio topic today: What's in your "glove box"? You know, that little compartment...

Yet another Anna Nicole thread. I have a question about her alleged will - can anyone give some

Airport Reveals Bizarre Actions By Passengers Regarding Liquid Ban (FUNNY)

Somebody gave me a heart!

I am so mad I am shaking.

Are you the type of asshole who leaves all the snow and ice on your car

Useless college majors (based on your experience)

Best voice on the planet?

Show your beautiful self!!!!! *PICTURE THREAD*

Poll: Who was the U.S. President when you were born?

Henry Groues, beloved priest to the ragpickers

Indian inmates say religious rights are being denied (Maine)

Religion needs no special status (Bangkok Post)

Defrocked Atlanta pastor's church hopes to change rules on gay clergy

Defrocked pastor's church hopes to change rules on gay clergy

Is anyone else here interested in discussing the void?

So I'm sitting with my just-turned 3 year old grandson

Why do freepers think gay men are immune to peer pressure??

Michigan bill may let same-sex couples adopt kids

You know what's interesting?

"They won't know what hit them" - Article

Bill banning domestic partner health insurance benefits easily clears Kentucky Senate

An atheist's commiseration on being thrown under the bus.

For New Jersey's first 'married' gay couple, civil unions don't cut it

Question about a very intense dream...

"Endings and Beginnings" - Karen Bishop - February 16, 2007

Is Quakerfriend Around?

This site came in the Silva Newsletter

Needing some guidance, big time, and quick.

Does today (Friday, Feb. 16) seem like a sad day to anyone else?

Sara my beautiful kitty is gone. Thank you all who offered prayers and light.

OBSW stellascope for the New Moon

The Secret On Oprah Today - Fri. 16th

Biden wanting a resolution to reauthorize the war - where did we hear that before

Great blog post

Weird archiving practice for RawStory?

OT: Damn liberal media!

Required Reading - Hill article by Kerry (Global warming)

Massachusetts Fire Fighters Endorse John Kerry for Senate

Teddy Kennedy on the floor reciting the names of the Mass soldiers

Commerce Committee Subcommittee membership list

JK on c-span 2 NOW. n/t

delete, dupe n/t

Video of floor speeches at JK Senate site

OT. Interesting and more proof

an interesting chart

Mr. blm had to contribute to coverage of a big NC story in Raleigh yesterday and

Relieved Soldier's "Thank God We Made It" Dance

ROBERT LORIA: Iraq War Vet/Amputee Opposes Surge

ANDREW H HORNE: Marine/Gulf War Vet Opposes Surge

Rep. Wasserman Schultz - Support Our Troops, No Escalation

IRAQ VET JON SOLTZ: Opposes the Surge

Spooks, Hoods & The Hidden Elite (trailer)

The Right Wing Beat Goes On...

Speaker Pelosi - - Support Our Troops, No Escalation

IRAQ - MoveOn Joins New Anti-Surge Coalition...

Jim Marshall's (D- GA) floor speech before his NO vote today

Daily Show - House of Representatives Debates Iraq Surge...

How NOT To Use The Republic Party Talking Points; Coulter Gets The Smackdown!!!

Ending Women's Suffrage

Flying My Flag Upside Down Today

Jeremy Paxman asks George Galloway a stupid question (Election Night 2005)

Mike Judge Explains the Demographic Bomb (Idiocracy Introduction)

The Gardasil Controversy: A Historical View

Heads up! Tom Vilsack coming up on Leno after the break.

GIs sweep Baghdad; Al-Qaida leader hurt

Will the Right Wing Swift Boat Tammy Duckworth

I find it quite amusing that all these Pub reps. feel the need to speak

R-Indiana Steve Buyer is a DOUCHEBAG!


(Reuters) Mussolini diaries are fakes, says Italian magazine

the Sickness That is the Typical Illinois Mind...

Wow. Tim Ryan (D) Ohio just kicked some booty in the debate.

I just had the weirdest thought, What if, in 10-15 years, Jon Stewart: New Today Show Co-Host!?!

GOP Retracts Its Criticism of Pelosi

"These are the Days of Our George"

New White House talking point for Iraq War.....

Among pro athletes, biggest a**hole?

Guardian denied death benefit

It seems to me Iran wants the US to win in Iraq, because if we win they win

"Ten billion $$$ public money squandered in Iraq re: unsupported charges/expenses"

Deal or No Deal: a Study of Greed

Report: 1M Iraqis may flee violence

BBC: US rejects Masri wounding claim

Just now in the House, Rahm Emanuel's enumeration of what Congress "accepted"

A Specter Haunting America

Republican frontrunners not conservative enough for right?

Soulforce posts video of Sociologist who claims Focus on the Family manipulated her research

Incidents Of Students Cutting Selves With Blades Concern School (relieves anger)

Are the Democrats smart enough...

They're learning to use the internetS - LOL

Conservatives, Washington Times, use fake quote to attack Anti-Bush Congresspeople

So why was bush blabbeling* about Afghanistan yesterday? just a diversion?

The U.S., Not Iran, is Wrongfully “Meddling” in Iraq

Kiran Chetry on CNN

No probe of black vets killing who was shot in the back the day after he voted for the first time

Pelosi to Bush: You're not the decider on Iran

new doublespeak - for US this time!

The real "appeaser"

School Seeks to Dump "Racist" Goethe Name

"Unfortunately, you go to war with the President you have, not the President you want".

31 to Stand Trial in CIA Kidnapping Case

AP: Al-Qaida Releases Video of Afghan Attack

In Washington DC: 250,000 Condoms Deployed For HIV Awareness, Prevention

No person in America should be a second class citizen!

Opponents Of ADMINS Prosecutor Purge Win Victory as Rove's Former Aide Bows Out

Barney Frank D-MA on C-SPAN now.

This article disturbs me: What happens when they lose interest in these mothers and their children?

Trying Day For N-word Comic

Helen Thomas: "We Should Have Withdrawn Our Troops YESTERDAY"

Cheney son-in-law blocked post-9/11 chemical security

marriage is a socialist institution

Bush Regime Decides That Their "Iraqi al-Qaeda' Specter Works Better If They Don't Fake His Death

CSPAN caller: "Guiliani should kick butt...he has the moral stance to do the job."

North Korea's Kim basks in birthday, nuclear glory - Got his nukes and $$$$ from Bush

America Held Hostage--Day Eight

So Mr. Inch believes in a color blind society when it comes to affirmative action...

How many of these congresspeople have you seen on the floor before.

The Most Powerful Man in Iraq Who is Muqtada al-Sadr?

Did anyone take in the MoveOn campaign viewing of The Ground Truth?

Big Typo on

Goodbye, Dolly: Rejecting Cloned Food

Senators: "weren't the Iraqi's supposed to take lead?"- first sweep carried out with only 200 Iraqis

Senators to Reintroduce Breast Cancer Research Bill

"Some Mission. Some Accomplishment."

gee, the House just gaveled in:-----early birds get the worms-theRESOLUTION


Paper concluding adult and embryonic stem cells hold same promise has been withdrawn by author:

Harriet Miers, devil with a blue dress on? Miers involved in attorney firing flap:

Thoughts on this idea re: Anna Nicole I heard yesterday -

Tim Hardaway--professional jerk!

Fox's Deeply Pathetic Daily Show Rip-Off (from Slate)

Would Mitt Romney have an advantage in Michigan?

More Republican stupidity from they hate Honest Abe...

Crisis pregnancy centers: The mobilization of a grassroots anti-abortion army

Meanwhile back at "The Alamo"

Military Industry and Weapons Manufacturers Benefiting from Bush's Continuing Militarism

"MakePeace 1949"

Iraq debate...Looks like a vote at about 12:30 PM

What are the odds that the grand wizard of the KKK is a closet black man?

Cheney son-in-law used revolving door to stop chemical security regulations

C-Span 2 Senate Hearing on College Loans and Funding

Waxman just spoke the way the rest of the Dems should be speaking.

President of Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America: 'Debate doesn't hurt the troops'

MY answer to Moveon's survey. I received by email.

There's a better way to fight the "war on terror"...

For Those Watching the Debate a heads up on the Speaker

BBC: Viagra Used to Save Baby's Life

Why do they keep asking for and adding 1 hour at a time to the debate in the House?

Six boxes of girl scout cookies

Iraq Troop Boost Erodes Readiness, General Says

Why aren't the Democratic speakers saying Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11...


Tim Griffin withdraws name for US Attorney job in Arkansas

DU inspired Valentine's Day roses for outgoing Attorney Carol Lam in today's Union Tribune!

Haven't Republicans been saying opposite things about H.Con.Res. 63?

Orlando Sentinel: Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant

Images of Iran

Can we use the "fear of Hillary" to defund RW Organizations?

What did the Doctor say?

Reply from about tasteless anti dem e-card valentine

US occupation made 3.7 million Iraqis refugees

U.S. general: Dip in Baghdad violence temporary (Reuters)


I believe in the "force" of DU. I think we need to start to reframe the Repuke

Bush's Escalation Succeeds In Drawing Sunni Kurds To Baghdad To Fight The Shia

Senator Feingold wants your help to bring an end to the Iraq War ...

Slideshow - When Jonny Came home - Marine Pvt. Jonathan Schulze

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...

Do you think that Reid will get 60 votes (for Iraq debate) on Saturday?

1995 GOP Memo: Congress Must Authorize War or No Funds!

VP recognizes himself as an entity onto himself

"WalMart Creates Jobs, Creates Personal Wealth, and Sustains the Economy With Its Lower Prices."

What I learned from "Red Eye" Fox's late night panel

What is an insurgent ?

Is Julia Carson ill?

140 inches of snow and shoveling of roof tops...

Death Threats for (Republican) Councilman Who Won’t Stand for the Pledge

Want Giuliani to speak at your venue? Prepare to shell out $100,000 an hour to start...

Pseudo-Abe Don Young's pseudo-Americanism

Dem Congressman are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged

What good does it do for Reid to have Saturday Vote on Iran...if Senators don't Come Back?

JetBlue debacle spurs passenger rights bill in congress

Nancy Pelosi Speaking Now CSPAN

Wal-Mart commercials on Countdown

Tammy Duckworth will be on Hardball today.

Can you name one accomplishment that Condi Rice has done

St Louis paper - Cartoon Caption Contest!

Quantifying atrocity ... (this is interesting)

Who Hates Gay People?

Traditional Values Coalition attacks Anti-Defamation League for reporting rise in hate crimes

Iraqi army spokesman: only 10 bodies had been reported by the Baghdad morgue today

silly idea to save the troops

Flipping through the Channells and came across Faux news...

DU Tech!

On the Daily Show last night, who was the idiot Congressman referencing Wicked?

Sticker: "Bush: Saving your ass, like it or not." (Update.)

Suit over student program settled - student accepted to journalism program, until race revealed

CIA agents ordered to face trial in Italy over imam's kidnapping

No action needed on Qaeda oil threat: Chertoff

Cheney son-in-law used revolving door to stop chemical security regulations

Las Vegas shelter kills 1,000 animals to stop spread of disease

Judge approves AAR sale

Duncan Hunter (A-California) is back (again) on C-SPAN.

Jackson: No deal to back Clinton (had 3 offers from democratic candidates that matched Hillary's)

Ricky Martin defends giving a picture of Bush the finger during concert

The Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide

Ricky Martin defends anti-Bush gesture

Who's watching Howdy Dowdy on C-Span now?

U.S. Looks Into Gifts to Ex-Congressman, Now Governor

Texas republican's anti-evolution memo blames Jews for spreading "Evolution"

Speaker Pelosi speaking on Iraq now... (1.15 PM)

Howard Kurtz profiles Michelle Malkin

No action needed on Qaeda oil threat: Chertoff (Reuters)

Taliban deploy 10,000 fighters for attack: commander

Would someone, anyone shut up

Three Republic Senators to now vote for cloture tomorrow

CNN just had a report about kids dying in three states of a flu like illness...

Need help in completing the picture.

Rep. Adam Putnam (R) looks like Opie Taylor after graduating from a boarding school.

Warning: Do not kiss your Thai transvestite hooker on the mouth

PROOF: Government and Media Synchronicity (via Rawstory)

A nice story from Baghdad.

I'm about to blow a gasket over this non-binding resolution

Who stays and who goes at FOX News

Huffington: Al Franken and Me: Coming Clean, Preemptively

A School District without Schools (Tax dodge)


BBC: The 9/11 conspiracy movement

Howard Kurtz writes a love letter to a wingnut

Cantor: the guy who said the Military should decide about bombing Iran

Alaska Report "No blank check for Bush": right click on his picture....

Fed-Up New Orleans Residents Are Giving Up and Moving On

Walter Mondale's boyhood home for sale on eBay

Demand that US Attorney and Republican Hack Griffin step down now (behind voter supression)

The Non-Binding Resolution passes

Turn on your C-Span1: The vote is now

It just struck me that if the Congress keeps giving the decider everything he wants, we just might

Yes, there are Homophobes, Racists, Bigots, and plain old Malcontents on DU

For those that think protests are "inconveniencing" you too much.

If You Have A Congressional Rethug--Give Them A Call & Let Them Know What You Think Of Their Vote

Democratic Minority Whip on C-Span Just asked for us to call

Gore Responds to Hannity Hit Piece

RePUKE "catholic" mouthpiece Bill Donohue is divorced? BWAAAA

The Republicans in the House keep referring to things the terrorists have said

Sen. Warner (R-VA): I will vote for cloture. (Boy they sure talk a good game don't they)

WTF! Limbaugh being honored!

MSNBC-******Brittany Spears is entering rehab...

Dog eat dog, dog eat house, and sucks up the bank.

McCain blows off ANOTHER vote on Iraq

"FUX & Friends" anchor fired by FUX, hired by CNN next day

Its vote time folks

2008: Gallup Poll of Republics

Why no mandatory HPV vaccination for little boys?

City Lawyer Investigates Why Newsom's Paramour Got $10,000 Back Pay

Mark my words ... Dems lose in 2008

Iraq resolution...the vote has started

Death by Dust

I dread the idea of another Clinton White House.

Backlash grows against free trade

Reid: A 'no' vote tomorrow is "a green light to escalate the war."

17 Republicans Voted "Yes" for IWR

(sad but true) the state of news in the US - the UNICEF child welfare study

B*sh invented IEDs... for FROGS

Ted Stevens is having a meltdown on CSPAN2 because

Next step: String-funding the war.

WTF was all that clapping and cheering about on the floor of the House.

'President Tortured, abused and killed cats for fun'

The President Needs a Padded Room

Giuliani's Tour Rider Posted At Smoking Gun - Giuliani Is "High Rolling Diva"

Have a Republic congressperson?

Man lost in NOLA jails still awaiting day in court - 400 days in jail without going to court

Lawrence Wright: Al Qaeda was dying. Iraq brought it back to life.

Lukewarm Anecdotal Economic Poop

Why Aren't Conservatives Funny?

GM to buy Chrysler?

To all who took a moment to help the engaged couple...

CNN: White House Response to Passage of Non-Binding IWR

It appears to me america being a great country ended when

Morford: I'm proud to say I am now, at long last, a sad gay Republican. Praise Jesus!

Webb is up in the Senate now.

These Republics are hoping they roll boxcars on these votes.

Look. God's playing tricks on us humans again.

Do we need a vaccination discussion group/area?

Domestic Fair Trade: For Health, Justice & Sustainability

World Vaccine Market Offers Promise of Growth Exceeding $15 Billion in 2012!

Here is the Roll Call of the House vote disapproving of Shrub's escalation


Merck, Vioxx & BushCo's FDA

Bowel problem seen in infants given Merck vaccine

what planet is broder living on? 'Bush sets out on comeback trail'


GOP Activists: Bush Won't Listen on Iraq

Video of Pelosi floor speech during todays debate

Rove Loses a Big One in Little Rock

Did Libby's defense lawyer find a head of a horse in his bed

How Corporations Continue To Rape The World's Poor

Check in if your Repubican Congresstool voted for sanity..

THE GROUND TRUTH. Is there anyone here that has seen this documentary?

Docs Show NEW-ILLEGAL US Prison Program Isolating Muslim Prisoners

Saudi Arabia Oil Buddies Are WAY More Responsible For Killing US Troops Than Iran

After much reading here - a straight white guy's take on all this mess

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is on TV comparing Islam to a parasite

What Publicans said when Clinton committed troops to Bosnia

Economic Democracy

Hey House of Reps - all of our VOTES were BINDING last November! Now it's your turn!

Weinberger and Libby were both indicted for lying, Bush 41 pardoned Weinberger, -----

Nicole Richie charged with DUI

I think yesterday I thought by far the best speaker -

US Army to send unit to Iraq three months early

My President spent a trillion dollars in Iraq

"He would not want someone to be deployed in his place,"

Anna Nicole Smith willed estate to son, now dead

Saddam is dead... the mission is, and has been over

The Ground Truth. Did anyone here go and see the documentary last night?

Tim Ryan: Iraq Debate-"Self-Proclaimed Pro-Life Party Is Party That Wants To Extend War"

Let's Give Mitt Romney a Big DU Welcome by DUing This Poll

Hartmann: Why run TV ads for products you can't buy? (offshore oil platforms and combat aircraft)

HuffPo: bush Sr. and bush Jr encourage Jeb to run in 2008

**** Unofficial Current Repuke in the well of the House non-binding Iraq vote******

A Shout-Out to G.W. Bush!

US News & World Report: Bush - Bringing Down The GOP ("He's been warned.")

Why Did Rove Request A Copy Of A Secret Iranian Proposal

If I were in Iraq, I would be so fokken happy to hear about the vote in the House today!

Tales from the Bizarro World: RW Freaker Tries To Trademark "Obama Bin Laden"

White House Already Misses First Escalation Goal

Green Building takes off

CNN's Blitzer Goes VEGAS? What's "Going ON?" Blitzer and Gay Basketball Players

Dem House Press COnference on CSpan

Why are black lawmakers already jumping on Clinton bandwagon?

Favorite summary of Bush family contribution

Bush on IWR: At least my Iraqi puppets and my handpicked generals support me

Bush Iran War Agenda: Trigger an "Accidental Conflict," as a pretext to justify "Limited Strikes"

With the surge now in full force

US House Delivers Stinging Rebuke to Bush Over New Iraq Strategy...

Now that all of the people who have been calling us bush haters...

Remember the Alamo? Soldiers Making Another Last Stand in Baghdad

Rep. Joseph Kennedy criticized over Hugo Chavez link.

Iraq Escalation Causing A Surge In Attacks On Our Soldiers

Banging my head against a wall and cursing loudly.

Next on Lou Dobbs: A report on the two border agents imprisoned by our government

Faux News has changed the laugh track for The half hour news hour

I think it is good to point out - there is a fundamental disconnect

US military grants criminals waivers to make up numbers

Dear Rep Steve King

Did i hear correctly on CNN that McCain will be back for the vote tomorrow?

RIP Jughead

Larry Johnson on Randi just predicted that a high profile attack in Iraq

Heads up- John Edwards to be satellite-guest on return of Bill Maher show tonite on HBO.

Iran seen as key to untangling Iraq

Marc Maron ROCKS!

Murtha Plan to end "Stop Loss", Require more rest before redeployment

Have you seen this well produced 3-minute John McCain video?

Scoop: NZ & Australia PM's Press Conf. Dominated By Iraq & Obama

That FOX Noise Channel "Daily Show" knockoff looks really, really terrible (video clip)


America's view of Republicans crumbles in Iraq

Sorry but I grew up in Louisiana, is people under 21 drinking really a concern for people?

Newspaper ad criticized as anti-Semitic prompts apologies

"Concerned Women" on Hardway's comments: He picked wrong way to express feelings on immoral people

Fight on the House floor.

The Cubans are coming, the Cubans are coming.. run for your lives !

Homophobia here at DU.

Women Make Better Leaders: Females develop a better managerial style than males.

Why wouldn't Mutually Assured Destruction be enough to protect nuclear Israel from nuclear Iran?

Live House resolution tally: 246 yeas to 182 nays; 17 GOP yeas...

24's Joel Surnow on his conservative 1/2 Hour News Hour and Jack Bauer's torture tactics

Guiliani gets PAID 100K to appear at FUNDRAISERS (+ perks)

POP AN EMAIL TO YOUR REP ! They are making up Lincoln Quotes

TOONS for Friday

What Ex-Senator Thompson Does When He's Not Supporting Scooter Libby !!!

What will the RW accuse Speaker Pelosi of next?

I am now Dr. Democrat in Tallahassee. Successfully defended

Reports: GM in talks to buy Chrysler Group

Free Trade Must be an Important Consideration when Choosing a Candidate

Aus PM John Howard Sticks To Al Qaeda Praying For Obama Victory Line

I don't care if we have the votes to impeach him or not

Reunited POLICE, GENESIS added to Gore's concert lineup

Blue Mountain Has Taken The Love Democratic Style Bondage eCard Off Of Its Site!

Why Did Rove Request A Copy Of A Secret Iranian Proposal For Negotiations In 2003? (Think Progress)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Americans not to happy with choices for President

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Fri 2/16 Down the uphill

Thousands of Army Humvees Lack Armor Upgrade

faux news show says: "we should kill all liberals"

To: Ed Schultz ...Message: Get Over Yourself

You might be a Republican if...

Question: Why does it seem blacks are not sympathetic to discrimination of gays?

Homophobia & the war are not separate issues.

Read Bob Herbert's columns about Gary Tyler, also Amnesty Int'l statement

IRA bombs killed eight soldiers in Iraq - blame laid on Iran

1995 GOP Memo To Clinton Admin: Congress MUST Authorize War Or NO Funds

Since when are homosexual topics off-limits to heterosexuals on DU?

Newspaper Poll: Do you think the Iraq war is a lost cause for the United States?

How praising your kids screws them up

Faux Snooze launches rightwing satire show

Say no to litmus tests.


If Nader runs in '08 we have to make sure there is a Republican...

George Galloway backs Obama

Democrats who voted to support the escalation

The Saddest Duty

Karen Hughes says we MUST take Al Qaeda's threats seriously!!!!11111

Why do "gay" issues get as much attention on DU as the resolution..?

Lefty Extremists....They were right, We are right.....go see the pics

"...did he die alone...?" and "...was he in pain...?"

Yes! UCSB students/cops shut down Hwy. 271 protesting Iraq war!

Impeachment impractical? Excuse me, it's your JOB to impeach whether it takes 2 years or 20!

Another psychologist weighs in on B*sh's pysche (he's nuts):

Bird Flu update #2 a fyi

Secret Monsanto GE Potato Study Suppressed for 8 Years

DU's althecat Stands Up to Aussie PM who Slanders Obama & Democrats - Kickin' Ass

Link & Transcript for Commercial Free View of Schuster's Report: "Evidence goes to Bush"

Kucinich on the Issues

Would this joke be considered offensive to gay people?

Let's Be Clear. The Opposition To The Surge. . .

I'm having an extremely hard time...

Help Kucinich raise $50,000 by Monday

"I'll tell you what Osama Bin Laden's strategy is...

Don Young (R-Douchebag --Alaska) advocates hanging Dems

Stop the Press! It’s the Free Publicity, STUPID!

1995 GOP Memo: Congress MUST authorize troops or no funds for war

Biden Seeks to Revoke Bush's 2002 Iraq Authority (IWR)

Is there any other kind of vote other than an "up or down vote"?

Barney Frank D-Mass kicking some CON ass

*****Official House Debate on Iraq War Thread 8******

Mitt Romney And "A Bunch of Queers"

(sick bed)Observations of the last few days

Rush Limbaugh Strikes Again Obama is a “Halfrican American”

Auditors: Billions squandered in Iraq

Democrats challenge Bush's power to wage war

Democrats face a struggle over war strategy (LA Times)

Would Bush accept 3/2/2009 as the first date to start pulling troops out of Iraq?

MY answer to Moveon's survey. I received by email.

U.S. doubts al Qaeda in Iraq leader is wounded

Fossella (R-NY) bloviating about 9/11

Honest Leadership and Accountability in Contracting Act

The "Doctrine of Pundit Infallibility" (DOPI)

NPR Morning Edition story nails it on Iraqi "progress"

I don't understand Repubs: 9/11 was Bush's biggest FAILURE. Why rally around him because of it?

Newsweek: Qods Were Peacemakers

Chavez Remains Far from a Dictator

The ten Senate seats most likely to change party in '08

'The Rise of Black Power in American Politics' -CNN

Are You Being "Allowed" To Make Yout Own Choice For 2008, Or Is The Media Making It For You?

Holy sucking-up, Batman! Yesterday Romney--today Giuliani!

Latest spewing e-mail from the RW.

I'm confused

Here, son, have a country for your birthday!

Someone have a big stick to smack that bitch that is currently..

On the docility of Americans during the Iraq war, a limerick*

I'm confused again

Analysis of C-Span Congressional Iraq Debate (on now)

Rawstory Exclusive: Documents Show New Secretive Prison Program

Valentines From The Left To The Right: Nowhere Near Ready To Make Nice!

The Demma Dilemma

And NOW de vote!

need help here, please. does anybody have a link to the actual vote in the senate for NAFTA in 1993

Nancy's YouTube missions needs improvement

Rudy Giuliani leads Republican race

MSNBC Is Calling The Non-Binding Resolution Vote A Victory For The WH.....

Leahy will co-sponsor binding legislation by Obama/Feingold to redeploy our troop out of Iraq

Repug Talking Point - Give Gen. Patreus A Chance.......

Civilian deaths in Iraq drop overnight (AP)

Bernie Sanders on C-SPAN right now!!!!

Romney voted for Democrat Tsongas for president, then lied about it to Stephanopoulos

Think Progress: Why Did Rove Request A Copy Of A Secret Iranian Proposal For Negotiations In 2003?

Bill Donohue wins again, as a Democrat blasts "liberal bloggers"...all of them.

The left simply isn't easy to please:

Did Mike Pence actually say "Mister Speaker?"

MSNBC: Poppi Bush plays grab-ass with Desperate Housewife, Teri Hatcher...

Let's hope the new McCain (website) doesn't

A group of left wing writers have hijacked the Half Hour News Hour

What Am I Missing

Bill Maher, Real Time, returns on HBO tonight with Edwards interview:

Those Fucking Italians have indicted 26 Americans for breaking the law!!!! Un-fucking-believable...

Young girl at gravesite of her mom-killed in Iraq

Sen. John Warner (R-VA) will vote for closure on the Iraq escalation

Edwards = High Negatives???

Cafferty just read my e-mail on the air...

Broader Death Penalty Eligibility

Ricky Martin: Why I Gave Bush The Finger!!

thanks for the heart from who ever and

'I'm Not Sure Anything Went Wrong' In Iraq

Information Warfare, Psy-ops and the Power of Myth

An angry Haitian-American addresses the question, "Is Obama black enough"?

'Debate doesn't hurt the troops,' says president of Iraq, Afghanistan veterans group

George Bush Jr. And Sr. Pressure Jeb To Run In '08

Here's Link & Transcript for Schuster's Hardball Piece on Libby Trial..."EVIDENCE GOES TO BUSH"

David Broder thinks Bush is poised for a comeback --

Should we beware the Iowa polls?

Washington Press Corps Laughs...And Laughs...And Laughs...And Laughs...

Scarborough calls 17 crossover votes a stinging rebuke for WH

Sestak’s Bill For Dated Troop Withdrawal Ignites Furor

Richardson raises $2 million for '08 bid

Gallup: Hillary's "Political Counselor's" Popularity Nears New High

I am meeting Dennis Kucinich tomorrow.

In Lousiana, Breaux Could Run for Governor

Oh Boy!! Ralph Nader is threating to get in the race if Hillary wins the dem nomination

"Authoritarian Leftist Regimes"