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Archives: February 17, 2007

Will Durst: The 14th Annual TGFTLSBIAC Awards (Humor)

Libby Is Guilty by Lawrence O'Donnell HuffPost

Democrats are awash in bills and resolutions that are Anything-Buts

War On Terrorism: Protect them from us (Seattle PI Editors)

US rejects visit by Swiss to Guantanamo Bay

Next Stop: Tehran (PHILIP GIRALDI)

Reluctantly, the Senate's Weekend Warriors =WaPo Millbank

Live Earth concerts to sound alarm on climate

Revive the Victory Garden! For Victory over Global Warming

The Organic Coffee Company on Eco Talk: Air America

Obama will soon make the case that he'll be as strong on Israel as anyone

Lowey Stalls Palestinian Aid Request

If the US Government perpetrated the 9-11 attacks

Michel Meiring, the CIA and false flag ops in the Philippines

Group claims Coburn broke election law

Reuters: Judge orders Padilla's military jailers to testify

FBI Probes Republican Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons (for corruption)

Police, insurgents clash after Iran bomb

Psychologist says war damaged accused Marine's mental health (Awad/Hamdania)

31 to Stand Trial in CIA Kidnapping Case --By COLLEEN BARRY/ AP

Dole Recalls 6,000 Cartons Of Cantaloupes (Salmonella)

NYT/AP: GOP Objects to Jefferson Appointment to Homeland Security Committee

Russia has not yet decided on withdrawal from INF Treaty - Lavrov

NYT: After Criticism of Arkansas U.S. Attorney's Dismissal, Justice Dept. Shifts Course

Europe's terror chief in human rights warning

Rep. Doolittle defends contractor indicted in Cunningham case (Wilkes)

Austria okays export of 30,000 handguns to Iran

Oil states plan weapons buying binge

Japanese sailor's body found

POLL: Coleman would easily trump Franken (KSTP)

I did not die.

The Number 23...

My favorite spam message yet. I feel very special

New PC. How do I set Firefox as my browser, sans Internet Explorer?

Come join the Hillary/ Condi ho down!

I'm really, REALLY fucking depressed right now. I'll see all you guys tomorrow or the next day.

Is it significant when your spouse can't remember your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

Snap! Bloody flu, this is! Should I go out tonight for mesd?

Irish Shunning Guinness

I am economically confused: Reaganomics humped me!

Come on, folks. Lay off each other tonight. Start loving a little more.

I've decided to start a Lounge Cargo Cult.

Wow! I 'fake' locked a thread just before the real lock.

Oh, RevActs, come hither!!!! Graywarrior & Call Me Wesley have something for you!!!

GOPisEvil is NOT here - and I am TIRED!

I ate at the FuXing Buffet tonight. It was pretty FuXing tasty

When I was little... I wanted to skeet flying nuns

Thank you for my heart....someone must have known..somehow

the coolest DUer ever got me a star!!! so, what should I do with it?

That does it! I'm starting a rude diary. Fuck this shit.

That does it! I'm starting a glued diary. Fuck this shit!

Deep thoughts of children

That does it! I'm starting a screwed diary. Fuck this shit!

That does it! I'm starting a prude diary. There will be no fucking.

The Police are back together?

What is an earworm? (warning - graphic)

So, do I drink wine out of a hotel plastic cup, or walk next door to Shopko

I'm watching "WTF - Down the Rabbit Hole" and it's blowing my mind

Can we get all the fucking ooed, ued diaries together fer crissakes?

Dudes, do me a favor.

Dire Straits, anybody?

I just gave up on a book I was reading because it was farfetched

Scott Tenorman Must Die

I think I should record myself dancing like Shakira and then

"Pan's Labyrinth"--holy shit. Amazing.

That does it! I'm starting a dood diary. Fuck this shit.

Is it ME or is the Lounge in a FUCKING Complete Frenzy tonight?

I am smelling like a rose

Out of respect for my friend, I am not going to do the bounce your boobies thread today.

Highly amusing TV commercials (Thailand)

This is my sixth thread tonight

That does it! I'm starting a lewd diary. Fuck this shit.

What's the antithesis of a fucking frenzy? Mormon hymn sing?

Is it me, or is the Lounge in a complete FUCKING frenzy tonight?

Sniffa and I are DUing in the same room...hehe


Is it the Fucking? Or is the Lounge in a complete Me frenzy tonight?

Why did I cheat myself?

William Shatner's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Anyone else seen the film "Half Nelson?"

And now I must start this seventh thread, so I end the night with a prime number of threads.

Check out what I made yesterday and today!

I'm hammered

Is it me, or is the Lounge in a complete fucking FRENZY tonight?

Songs that use double entendres to describe doing dope...

Wow. The things you find on youtube!! Gotta love Dudley and Peter!

The Lounge... in a nutshell

That does it! I'm starting a mood diary. Fuck this shit.

I just finished my comprehensive exams!!!!

That does it! I'm starting a rude diary. Fuck this shit....

Hey, anyone else see the new 'Bridge to Terabithia'? I saw it with my sister today...

Useful college majors (based on your experience)

DUing on my new Mac, watching Roadhouse, drinking

That does it! I'm starting a food diary. Fuck this shit.

HEADS UP! Terri Hatcher is going to be on Jay Leno!

So, young women, when should your father intervene in your life?

Douchebag for Moderator

So what makes a guy want to be an Excel Inn night desk clerk?

Saturday Night I Was Downtown

Is Sly Stalone a rethug?

What are we supposed to do with the non-emotive smilies? You know the ones

BSG Discussion Thread

Mediocrity always attacks excellence,

Is It The Lounge? Or am I in a complete fucking frenzy tonight?

I came upon a child of god He was walking along the road

"Make Room for Daddy", anyone remember watching this tv show.

Damn, I wish this couple were still alive and in their prime

That does it! I'm starting a nude diary. Fuck this shit.

Would you go to a baby shower if you couldn't afford a present?

Gamera is really sweet.

If __________ were a mod, the Lounge would __________.

Coconut creme Hershey kisses...

An army recruiter got my e-mail address

I broke my arm

To my friends in the lounge.

I am in MI

That Boniva commercial makes people with osteoporosis sound like some lazy mofos.

Say I buy a car that is not a hybrid...

'Let men wear chastity belts, instead' (Malaysia)

Silence hurts church (Vancouver Island)

Kids in Alabama Learning to Meditate

A million Hindus take a dip in Ganges

U.S. Anglican leader met with boycott

Cops rescue men cornered by mob of 2,000 anti-gay Jamaicans

Boxing: HBO Tripleheader!

Kornheiser's radio show starts on Feb. 20th on WashPost Radio.

Nina Bouska on this New Moon

A question about the astrological chart and visualizing the chart's owner

Kerry suporters should appreciate this

Bill Maher gets it right about John Kerry

Nancy Pelosi Speech On Iraq...

US State Dept. declined comment referring questions to the Justice Dept. who also declined comment

The Independent: From VP to MC - Gore reveals stars for shows to save world

Bomb Isreal, and Evolution is not real. This was read today after I had to make an

Bush's Hometown (?) Newspaper

Cornyn fights FutureGen cut --another "Follow the Money"

Thanks To All

Maltese Falcon stolen from restaurant

Jack Cafferty's question for the hour: Should the government be able to limit violence on TV?

So now that scumbag John Fund's

Conaway sees GOP House wins in '08

Main Entry:con·flate (k&n-'flAt): 1 a : to bring together : FUSE b : CONFUSE

Greatest Page: Alternating Random Wisdom

Need a list of republicans arrested and jailed on corruption charges

Reid Adviser: Dems Likely To Fall Short In Tomorrow's Vote

Many misunderstandings happen on message boards

About Fox's Fake News Show

Bill Maher returns tonite!!

About Those Murdering Insurgents:

Who will be the new Upton Sinclair? Will we notice? Is it more convenient to just die?

Virgil Goode on Countdown

KO: Having seen Republicans turn to Larry the Cable Guy for rhetorical guidance ...

Why Did Rove Request A Copy Of A Secret Iranian Proposal For Negotiations In 2003?

I propose tom_paine's Corrolary to Godwin's Law

Marine used hand of slain Iraqi to slap victim's face

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Jeff Farias of

And for tonites Worst Person in the World (it's not Billo)

Ginny the Cable Gal? Moron on the house floor.

look at how skewed this vote is about blocking the surge (spam if give your info)

DUzy awards announcement will be late this week, due to

Four news channels, and they all SUCK!!!

Hastert And NADLER Didn't Vote On Todays Resolution ??? Wassup With THAT ???

So the US could have the best port operators in the world running our ports, but nooooooo

Tweety: "I want to have a quickie with you George..."

IQ on DU, half under 100?

Hagel will vote for Cloture tomorrow....

want to really feel good about yourself ?

Thank you generous Du'ers for my hearts

Lafayette judge steps down: Frieling won't enforce new marijuana law

Online Sex Offenders May be Penalized - have to register email address

Anna Nicole items released (Myrtle Beach SC)

Iraq war vet tells of coping with mental ills

Court May Hand Over Convicted American to Iraq

OK, read this and tell me ifit's Pub BS or not.

Styrofoam banned in Calabasas

Judge orders Padilla's military jailers to testify

Bill Maher, Real Time, returns on HBO tonight with Edwards interview:

Rep. Jo Ann Davis introduces apology bill

"Omar Khayyam...the Iraqi poet..." (!!!????) (Repuke speaking in the House ..)

Inuit Accuse US of Destroying Their Way of Life With Global Warming

Thank your rep: They need your support.

There Is No Such Thing As Global Warming

Big Heat On McLaughlin Group tonight

Can I have your thoughts? Why would ANYONE join the Repub party (no saracasm intended)

Best quote of the day - "Time Wounds All Heels" - from US vs John Lennon...

Iran's elite and mysterious fighters

Oh dear, Bush's Iran warnings don't seem to be playing well in Arizona...

FBI Probes GOP Nevada Governor For Corruption

Local military family w/son in Iraq dropping support for Chimp

I'm dying to know who gave me these hearts

First Nations intervene in case over smoking ban - this could get interesting

Russia earned over $6Bln from arms sales in 2006 - Putin

Veterans of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan predict failure in Iraq

Window from the Texas Schoolbook Depository sells on eBay for $3m

There is an important reason why Hillary refuses to admit she made a mistake with the IWR vote

Senator Durbin on Charlie Rose - PBS - tonight!

NY Times: "The autoworkers pain"

If anyone is watching Charlie Rose with Dick Durbin tonight let me know

What if Italy kidnapped the indicted CIA agents?

The Clinton Body Count

Read my 1000th post for a chance to win $10,000!!!

New Right wing talking point- Copernicus was wrong

Let's talk about "Politico"

Is Virgil Goode insane?

Fort Lewis soldier arrested, explosives found

Right on, Charles Barkley!

Holy Joe is at it again for tomorrow....PLEASE CT Recall Him!!!

She's not a DU favorite, but will you vote for Hillary if she's the nominee?

New Orleans

McCain to Discuss Abstinence in S.C

Found me a freeped poll!

David Brooks, "Opponents of the war have nothing. You gotta have a plan...

Keith Olbermann is the most sarcastic, snarky, magnificent bastard

George W. Bush - The Complete Psychiatric Workup

Is Roe v. Wade good jurisprudence?

Tim Ryan video- We have tried a 'surge' three times before

Next time someone says Dems "don't have a plan" stick this up their a** and set it on fire

A moment of silence is in order for the white, hetero male...

The GOP does'nt care if your kids sicken from tainted peanut butter- they're closing FDA labs

Vile Republican Congresspersons Who Support Bush’s War Profiteering Adventures

Fake Abraham Lincoln quote makes it into Congressional record thanks to idiot Republican

Who were the 2 Dems who voted Nay today on the resolution?

V for Vendetta - R for Reality

Bush Has Moles, Believed Benign, Removed From His Forehead


Where do they keep finding all these freepers?

I wrote a letter to Guantanamo Detainee #940, Adel Hamad.

Blue Mountain removes offensive "Love Democratic Style" card.


I am so sick of watching jobs vanish

White House insiders say Bush is prepared to stay the course until '09, let Dems take blame

What Lincoln Really Said (David Swanson)

Am I over Reacting to the Peanut butter poisoning

"Real TIme w/ Bill Maher" thread (Season Premiere)

What scares right wingers to the bone?

We are a "war nation" with a "war President"?


New name for oil companies: Gasholes

His name is Mark

Chet Flippo ( writer) bashes Dixie Chicks

War...A rant..And yes I am pissed off today.

How Dare You!

Book TV Schedule: February 17th - 20th (3 day weekend!)

Remember "Operation Himmler"

Can DUers have a clean fight over the nomination this time?

W -- The most profligate and wasteful President ever

2/3 Americans oppose cutting funding for troops; 60% oppose cutting funding for escalation.

It's time to get TOUGH with the TRAITORS who don't even belong here!

AC 360: "Shrinking Rain Forest" ?????

Nader will get in long before the nomination is decided, regardless of

In South Carolina, Obama answers State Senator Ford, who said he'd lose Dems WH, Congress, Govs

Does anybody have a breakdown of the votes in the House...

Obama's website looks a lot like MySpace and Facebook

WP, Dionne: Could the Internet enable Obama to keep up with Clinton's formidable fundraising?

What must these poor people be thinking in pics like these? ...

Giuliani Praises Conservative Judges (AP)

Keeping score

Thousands of young voters organize for Obama on Facebook

Romney Is Just The Empty Vessel The GOP Likes

The Principles of Populism - A timely look back. (1895)

Must Read: Elizabeth de la Vega Book: US v. Bush

WP: Democrats Signal a Wider Battle Lasting the Rest of President's Term

John Edwards picks up endorsement of Virginia Dem. Party Chairman...

women belong at home, NOT running the country!!

Florida is having its own battle with religious extremism right now.

Conyers and the Impeachment Table By David Swanson

ABC: Republicans Only Need Apply?

Help me learn to do research?

10 appalling questions Americans never dreamed we'd have to ask.

Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration At Army's Top Medical Facility (Walter Reed)

NY Post front page says TREASON

Paul Krugman: The Health Care Racket

10 appalling questions Americans never dreamed we'd have to ask.

Iran - Ready to attack

Planning Seen in Iraqi Attacks on U.S. Copters (NYT)

Bush Regains His Footing (the new comback kid?????????)

"Bushisms" that will haunt him historically:

Backlash grows against free trade - by Mark Trumbull at Christian Science Monitor

Criminals Control the Executive Branch by Paul Craig Roberts

Jailed 2 Years, Iraqi Tells of Abuse by Americans

Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy by Ron Paul

Iran: a Chronology of Disinformation (Gary Leupp, CounterPunch)

Time for Progressives to Grow Up


Harper hits out from the gutter - Editorial at The Toronto Star

XXX-Rated Hot Monkey Love! (Mogambo Guru)

Controversy likely to follow Cheney to Asia

If It Got Any Better I Couldn’t Stand It

Resolution on Iraq Blasts Bush Policies 56% Say Iraq War is hopeless.(JUAN COLE)

Good site for Hybrid Car Info

I want one of these things, E-box electrified Scion

article that the oil companies don't want you to see

Green light for greenhouse gas burial at sea

Weedy grass could free U.S. of foreign oil dependence says biologist

Tell me about coal plants.

(UK coal-fired) Power station to battle climate change (ugh)

From Farm Waste to Fuel Tanks (Nat'l Science Foundation press release)

Biomass Energy Plant Proposed For Groveton (NH)

4 States May Divert (drilling) Convervation Funds - AP

Wild grass (Miscanthus) could hold key to clean fuels of the future

The world’s first horizontally-opposed turbo diesel engine

New approach for Bio-mass gasification to hydrogen

Japanese Whalers reject Greenpeace offer of help

Court: Permit Violates Owl Protection (Oregon) - AP

'Outposts' thriving in the West Bank

Olmert, Bush agree to shun Palestinian govt -Israel

Will the New Congress Take a Different Approach to Israel-Palestine?

Spain furious as US blocks access to Madrid bombing 'chief'

Selling the official story on 9/11 was the job of the media from the very beginning

Loose Change turns opponents of the Bush government into "gibbering idiots."

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Feb. 17, 2007

Improving Voter Access: A Report on the Technology for Accessible Voting Systems

OH Cuyahoga: Letters warn 1,200 about rejected votes

Fla.: No charges for 'Tigger' actor

Bloomberg News: Chavez Anti-Inflation Plan May Backfire, Analysts Say

Americans not to happy with choices for President

Jury remains out on Baghdad crackdown

AP: Bomb kills 13 inside Pakistan courtroom

Bush: Iraq meeting security benchmarks

AP: Fla. Drops Charges Over 2002 Primary

Tobacco enlisted to make vaccine (GARDASIL)

Prince Harry set for Iraq deployment: report

IRA bombs killed eight soldiers in Iraq - blame laid on Iran

Iran Limits Uranium Work to Avoid Provocation, Diplomats Say

U.S. rejects investigator's Guantanamo visit request

Poll: Iraq War Hopeless for 56% of Americans

Pakistan urges NATO, US to do more against Taliban

McCain faces fight from own voters

Car bombings in oil-rich city kill seven

Police Issue Arrest Warrant In Elie Wiesel Attack

John McCain: World 'at tipping point over global warming'

Controversy likely to follow Cheney to Asia

Japan turns down Greenpeace help on whaling ship

Driver’s License Emerges as Crime-Fighting Tool, but Privacy Advocates Worry

Ex-envoy says Iraq rebuilding plan won't work

WP: Democrats Signal a Wider Battle Lasting the Rest of President's Term

Abbas to U.S. envoy: International community must learn to live with Palestinian Authority coalition

US troops kidnap six-year-old girl to force Resistance fighter father to surrender

Group Claims Coburn Broke Election Law (Oklahoma Republican Senator)

Colombia scandal could affect aid

AP - Explosion rocks Texas refinery, injuring 19

Atlanta SOA Protester gets 100 days in Federal Prison

NYT: Antiwar Anger at ’02 Iraq Vote Follows Clinton (Yesterday: "There are others to choose from.")

Democratic Radio Address: New Democratic Member Chris Carney

E&P: David Broder Responds to Blogger Greenwald on 'Propping Up' Bush

U.S. move means Canada stuck in Afghanistan

AP: Marine reported killed in Anbar province

NYC Mayor Bloomberg defends free condoms as lifesavers

Clinton: Goal Is Ending War; No Voting Regrets

BBC - Italians march in US base protest

Philippines leads Asia in the number of people it executes.

Iran - Ready to attack

Rice ties war debate to democracy doubts

Death penalty supporters, opponents write Ohio governor's office

Anti-aircraft missiles found near Baghdad-military

Ark. appointee won't seek confirmation

Tens of thousands protest plan to expand US air base in Italy

Tasmanian devil may become endangered species because of cancer

WP: Rice Grilled on Extra Funding Sought for Iraq, Afghanistan

Contractor gets 46 months for Iraq bribery

Dems: War rebuke first step toward righting wrongs(radio address)

AP: Marine Apologizes In Iraq Criminal Case

Former war criminal Papon dies at 96

'Taliban insurgency becoming a liberation war'

WP/AP: Wrong Pills Shipped to Online Drug Buyers: Powerful antipsychotics

Reuters: Turkey's military, govt clash over Iraq, Kurds

'Bionic eye' offers hope to blind: scientists

AFP: Tens of thousands protest plan to expand US air base in Italy

Obama: U.S. ready for black president (re Ford comments)

Condoleezza Rice pays unannounced visit to Baghdad

Bush Vows Cooperation on Health Care

Reid: The Senate Is on Record Against Escalation

AFP: Britain's Prince Harry will serve in Iraq by the end of February: report

Senate gridlocks on Iraq war resolution

Good night, you sick bastids.

Mole has head removed by two bushes

I need to get a life

Wow, I just found a new artist

Just finished Little Miss Sunshine...

It's weirdly quiet without GoPsUx around to stir things up...


Sorry I was ornery the other night


If I ever perfect my time machine, I'll be one of these trombone players:

Even saw the lights of the Goodyear blimp, and it read LostInAnomie's a pimp.


...And the winner seems to be...


Breaking News: Being Sick Fucking Blows.

I Was Infantry

Vid clip from a true cult classic — 'Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains'

Is anybody awake? My target bedtime is 2:00 and I need conversation.

Too much sugar... too much caffeine... and i really want to go to bed right now *whine*

Four posts to 9,000. Indulge me because I'm so tired but I want that milestone.

The Song of the Bats...


"Ruby's Arms"- Connie Champagne

If I had a mustache

Drunk, Stoned and Old School Rap.

I'm cold

I have reached Post 5000.

I hate cant's

Fck you Airlines and Travelocity and Jet Blue for messing with my head, by offering me

I don't fly, and I don't check the bus schedules anymore

I hate Pants!

I just had a close encounter with a beer

I just had a close encounter with a sneer

One last mission for the man behind Jack Bauer: Make the right-wing funny

The Us Chief Of Anti Boogy Woogy-isms said today

Mystic Crystal Revelations


Congratulations Straight Shooter!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations Bornaginhooligan!! 10,000 posts

I just had a close encounter with a deer

I hate ants!

Twelve minutes until Roger Waters tickets go on sale

Best Breakup EVER

For those of you who never got me a heart well.....

If the ape at the zoo shaved its head, the media wouldn't report that...

What would you do in the Kobayashi Maru?

I'm sorry, but sex is NOT the world's oldest profession.

I need new glasses, a pair of good shoes

Congratulations Rasputin1952!! 25,000 posts

There needs to be another Norm MacDonald / Artie Lange movie

Drunk man wrestles shark....

Anyone have any favorite Strypers no longer around?

I have one heart left to give away.

I can't believe Mel Gibson roughed up Elie Wiesel...

Anyone have any favorite comic strips no longer around?

SUV Citation ticket you can print and use:

Maybe some "Poolside Ecstasy" will cure my winter blah's

What's with the plague of Russians?

Is there any tabloid celebrity that you care what happens to?

Just want to post a public thank you to the Mods

My computer has been dead for the past 1 1/2 weeks....

Anyone have any favorite stripers no longer around?

Finally an election where the chimp can win honestly...

Call me what you want..but I'm convinced there's an Alien Race that....

I hate dance!

Geeze look what i have to put up with(DIALUP WARNING)

... and another thing I don't understand about my wife

This is the Diana Trent appreciation thread!

Britney Spears shaves her head completely bald (video)

heh - I just turned around to find Chris

So what's the going rate for a new desktop computer these days?

I have 3 major things to do today but instead I am fighting on an

Craigslist people scare me.

Thank GAWD Rachael Ray Is On Now

I think 10 AM on a Saturday is too early to be drunk.

Gee, what happened to our early Spring??

Good times are coming...

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

I don't make bizarre Lounge posts for my health, you know?

I gotta get outta the house for a while

I'm Not Going To

Why all the drama today?

Rachel Ray for moderator!

British spoof of 1950s sex education film



Not Kidding - my cat Abbott is licking George Bush and getting stoned

You know you live in a mountain town

Happy birthday pnorman

To those who gave me a heart for Valentines...

Why, dear lord, did I waste my time watching "The Black Dahlia"

"And brag to your friends you work for Richard Branson"


I have a Mardi Gras Parade going past my house right now! Ask me anything.

The Orange Man Project

Some guy jumped off the roof of my girlfriends building last night.

Anyone have an MP3 of Yesterday by Butt Trumpet?

Anyone who knows a lot about routers and setting them up:

So funny it deserves a separate thread

Playing with your twangers.

Self delete

ipod or zune?

So who among us has had this awful virus crud going around?

About Harry Potter's naked butt pic

My whole house smells like stinky feet

The Purpose of a Dog - from a 4 yr. old

Cooking Day!

A wee bit tipsy

OMFG! My kingdom for a CD player!

Thank you for the heart whoever you are!

"We (bleep) The World..."

For your entertainment -- a cat

Does drinking wine help sooth a cold, flu?

There's a kitten in your shoe.

Which Manson girl does Britney look like?

Football Question: Why did Barry Sanders retire early?

Brittany Spears - Cry For Help??

I'm confused and frightened... my neighbor is mowing his lawn.

XM Radio Subscribers...

I have asked to be tromboned

car question about tinted windshields

197 posts to 15,000

I have asked to be stoned.

An email that some one sent me I know it made the rounds for about a year now

I have asked to be decapitated.

I will surely be flamed for this..."Little Miss Sunshine" was awful!

Britney Spears shaves her head and gets tattoos!

WHat is going on here?

Duckling born with four legs

I have asked to be bludgeoned!

Grey Gardens: Any other DUers seen this film?

bi-baby and i just risked our Lives

***Happy birthday, Barenaked Lady!***

Happy Birthday BarenakedLady!

I have asked to be deboned

I'm leaving DU for a While...

(YouTube) Larry the Cable Guy, pre-fake southern accent footage

My poor little dog is up to her ass in snow. (pic)

Anyone running Windows Vista? How do you like it so far?

If you died alone in your apartment with the t.v. on, would it take a year

A good day for JAZZ .. listen live

"Required" DU reading?

I was wondering earlier today.........

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/17/2007)

I'm ready to be flamed, but I dig Britney's new look

I have asked to be tombstoned

I have three hearts to give, tell me a heartwarming story for a heart.

Sorry to be serious for a moment...but I've been thinking about Iran and well..

and ever since then . . .

Call Me Wesley, you're the best co-conspirator | partner | friend ever.

Drafting Guys Over 65

What will happen when I hit 10,000 posts?

Is the movie "Ghostrider" any good?

Ahhhhh. I bought a new desk chair.

Happy Birthday, MissHoneychild!

Lubbock Police Arrest Chippendales

ATTENTION NEW JERSEY DUers: Come see me play in Sea Isle City TONIGHT

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

It's official, Upstate New York has the toughest people in the

Body Found in Home a Year After Death

Boy named Sue!!

Happy birthday wishes to......

I did something tonight I promised myself I would NEVER do again...

Congratulations sam sarrha!! 10,000 posts


What is your favorite documentary film?

Would you like to visit Mt Washington?

My misery threshold just breached

Hello all...

Feb 17--Giordano Bruno--A Day to Remember

FINALLY, SF Prosecutors Get Yale 'gay bashing' Case (3 Marines involved in attack)

Der Gropenfuhrer promises to veto Gay Marriage AGAIN

Northampton, Mass. Church campaigns for gay marriages

One's Out and Another's Down and Out

N.J. will officially recognize same-sex marriages performed outside the state

Nothing is Charlie Weis' fault.

Scottie Pippen to make NBA comeback?

MLB changes the rules

More Girls Take Part in High School Wrestling

Surprising thread in GD on financial abundance

Okay. I can't stand any more headlines about babies...

Two WWII submarines stories by Jack Woltjen

Crafters needing to know whom to craft for and what's needed.

Kerry Says “We Owe Our Brave Men and Women an Honest Debate”

Article slams Kerry and Gore

I have a poll up in GD-P

UCSB Student Strike Against the War in Iraq 2007

Rep Tim Ryan from Ohio Call the Repugs on their incompetence

Demand a Change America!

A Fake Quote on the House Floor by a Repug

Paula Zahn - discrimination against atheists part 1

Eyes Wide Open Exhibit-Human Cost of the Iraq War

Richard Dawkins on Paula Zahn Now

Fox News Kills Monsanto Milk Story

Paula Zahn - discrimination against atheists part 2

A Fake Quote on the House Floor by a Repug

The U.S. vs. John Lennon - Movie Trailer

HEADS UP! Terri Hatcher is going to be on Jay Leno!

Something else you may not have known about HPV and cervical cancer.

Gen. Caldwell is asked how's Iran actions in Iraq different to US involvement in Afghanistan in '70s

Anybody know where there is a list of all the repukes that have been convicted

Darius Goes West

The Iraqis never attacked US tanks in open daylight, but now that’s exactly what they’re doing

Controversy Over Whether Tom Vilsak is Really White

I was horrified by the things Walter E. Williams was saying on Rush's show today

Top 2 words used to describe W = "incompetent" and "arrogant"

America's international reputation is in shambles and our economy teeters on the brink of collapse

Russia modernizes its superpowerful Bulava missile to crush USA’s ABM system


The Saturday Masacre - the Dems finally get it.

Angel Stood off to one side

Regime Change in Iran

Hillary and "free trade"?????

ATTRA Funding in Jeopardy - Calls Needed!

Warming to Spread Disease, Hunger in South Asia - WHO

Who would you like to see run as an independent in 2008?

Neocons In The Making - Now They Are Indoctrinating Our Kids

Rice in Iraq

Would Whichever Mod Who Is On Duty In GD Tonight Please PM Me?

Democrats say they'll keep heat on Bush

The Theme Song For Those Who Got Lost

The U.S. (PNAC) plans to take over the Canadian Arctic (Northwest Passage)

Brittany Spears - Cry For Help??

FDA Gets A Load of Scorching Criticism From Lawmakers & Whistleblowers

Delusional Lieberman Predicts Constitutional Crisis...

Speak The Truth

sigh...another poll to DU -Should The Senate Pass The Nonbinding Resolution To Block The surge

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sat, 2/17... NAIL'EM to the wall

Do you think of yourself more as a citizen of ...

Who else was not crazy about "Real Time" tonight?

Iran Limits Uranium Work to Avoid Provocation, Diplomats Say

Heartwarming story of the 50 State plan at work in a NJ local race. From the ground up.

Federal officials have repeatedly denied torturing Padilla but have not refuted specific claims

Fred Phelps and WBC: All you need is love.

Help on a quote please

How the U.S. military would remove Bush-Cheney

McCain in Chicago, skips 'meaningless' Iraq vote

****OFFICIAL C-SPAN 2, Senate thread*************

Iran: Rebels, police clash near site of explosion

U.S. General in Baghdad Wants Even More Troops

Air Force tests synthetic fuel in N.D.

Dem tactics in the Senate re the War in Iraq

Fast-thinking pilot fools hijacker

GM to buy Chrysler?

just askin'


Russ Feingold on CSPan1 at 8.00am

My time is worth money,

Fresh violence in Kirkuk, but Rice hails the escalation's "good start" during her Iraq visit

You mean I am instantly a “hero’ if…

Documents show new secretive US prison program isolating Muslim, Middle Eastern prisoners

U.S. rejects investigator's Guantanamo visit request

TN proposes to issue death certificates on abortions,

Damn, I wish this couple were still alive and in their prime

Iran arrests bomb suspects, police say U.S. link

Wow! I never realized Alex Jones was portrayed in Waking Life-2 minute rant:

Any little known tax deductions that can be used ?

So I'm watching Lieberman on CSPan now

Mexican court clears extradition of TV bounty hunter Duane 'Dog' Chapman

Concerned Women for America: Hardaway’s Bigotry “Perfectly Natural,” but not helpful

New Ice Cream Flavors

Driver’s License Emerges as Crime-Fighting Tool, but Privacy Advocates Worry

Sorry, but here's a photo of Limbaugh as the President on Fox News' "comedy" show

The Anchorage Trials, 2036 - putting global warming deniers on trial

Thank You for all the Hearts

Iraq reporter's diary

Flagscape puts toll in perspective

Imagine we are back in the 1860s, and imagine if a foreign power intervened in our Civil War.

"Slayer fans rock the House (of Representatives)" ???

Over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic...

Portugal (almost) legalizes abortion

Norman Mailer, on the blivet, among all other presidents: "The most ignorant."

In Iraq, Kurdish militia has the run of oil-rich Kirkuk - Kurds were Irans ally during Iran/Iraq war

Holy Bald Britney Spears!

From Jesus' General: More responses to Bill Donahue's crusaders (Language warning)

"Jersey Girls" on LinkTV Today - 4pm Central

Net neutrality bill offered in Maryland

Too late to fly, Too soon to die . . . so please come CAPTION!!

How insipid a Saturday . . . without a CAPTION!!!

More Girls Take Part in High School Wrestling

Message of Islam is not jihad fatwahs

Moving Tim Robbins Essay at Huffington Post: "Our Better Adult"

Very slanted poll being freeped at freerepublic

The Road To Socialism USA, For Peace, Democracy, and Jobs

Envoy the media touted in September as a seasoned US diplomat says Iraq rebuilding plan won't work

Pakistan urges NATO, US to do more against Taliban

Doctor Removes 2 Moles From Bush's Temple

Senate set to vote on Iraq troop surge

one of my regular customers is ex FDNY, and was trapped for 2 days

Hillary Clinton helped free two murderous Black Panthers!!!

Where do I find theCongressional list of votes yesterday ?

US troops kidnap six-year-old girl to force Resistance fighter father to surrender

Moderate Republicans asking why Brownback is courting Social Conservatives

Just when I thought I had heard it all this freeper blows a 10 on the dumb scale

Bush announced new dollar coin to celebrate himself

Doonesbury- Biden bookends “the return of Duke, Lobbyist extraordinaire…”

Does Joe Liebermann remind anyone else of "Droopy Dog"?

upordownvote, upordownvote, upordown vote.

E&P: David Broder Responds to Blogger Greenwald on 'Propping Up' Bush

My own "special comment" on the war (cross-posted from Lounge)

OFFICIAL Senate debate to debate Thread # 2 (cspan 2)

I'm listening to Segolene Royal on

AP - Explosion rocks Texas refinery, injuring 19

Is Free Arab Voice a banned source?

Who Are The Love Birds?

war, famine, plague and pestilence

Link TV needs our help!

***DUzy Awards for week ending February 16, 2007***

War Votes (Iraq>WWII)

If Bush Had Won The War In Iraq, Would We Even Be Having This Conversation?

IRV and Fusion voting (Can we Get this on the Ballot)

Would a phased withdrawal be more dangerous for our troops than just packing up and leaving?

Dysfunctional Government, Dysfunctional Family (Carolyn Baker)

If the "Surge" is so good, when is George P Bush going to Iraq?

Question about Cspan.

About Harry Potter's naked butt pic

Islam challenges Europe view religion is private

Chavez: "An empire of Latin America and the Caribbean will be greater than the empire of Star Wars"


RePUKE front runners are 3- marriage adulterous divorcees. None of the Dems are.

Nuclear Option, anyone?

Are the Bush patriarch's investments on public record anywhere?

Anyone Know What Happened To Riverbend - Baghdad Burning

Prince Harry being deployed to Iraq.

Bald, Tattooed Britney Spears Suffers Mental Breakdown?

Don't bitch, we won. Two wins actually

$1,263,099,500 spent on lobbying the Executive Branch and the Congress

Dion is 'soft on terrorism,' PM contends

Where Your Income Tax REALLY Goes

of NCLB, the achievement gap and the poor

This battalion lost 17 soldiers since it arrived in Iraq in October - 9 of them in the last 11 days

Whats this vote. in laymans terms Thanks

Glen Greenwald Annihilates Gaffney in a Debate

Has anyone even HEARD of Col. Ken Allard??

Fox News comedy show opens with skit set in 2009, with Limbaugh as President and Ann Coulter as Veep

This speech could have been given yesterday....

Is there any hope for this country?

Poll: Bush gains support for Iraq troop increase

For my one thousandth post....

Body Found in Home a Year After Death

Murdoch, Trump missing from list of most prominent donors to charity

Thanks for My Heart, Secret Admirer

Al Gore rules out White House... final, maybe? or is this for real?

Anyone get a Yoda vibe from Senator Byrd?

John McCain: World 'at tipping point over global warming'

Atlanta SOA Protester gets 100 days in Federal Prison

‘Christian’ Pediatrician Turns Away Child Because of Parent’s Tatoos

Tens of thousands stage protest in Italy against US base

Reid is back on the Senate floor - CSpan2

Recipe for a Revolution

Environmental activists protest in Montreal over government inaction on climate change

Car bomb blast kills nine as Rice visits Iraq

If I am Harry Reid, I am changing one word on the bill and making them vote again

Reid on today's Senate vote: "Republican Leadership can run from this debate, but they can’t hide"

It's not enough to just "tell" someone what your wishes are.

"My instinct is to call Al Gore an SOB"

In the Money-CNN.. Discussing diversity in hiring. Who else caught the faux pas?

Send thank yous to the Republicans who get it:

President's Budget Threatens Military Family Healthcare Benefits Cuts

This is what we are dealing with

The Pathology of Hope

The Bush-Cheney Warometer

I am a bit surprized , not one in the house mentioned the rallies

Ex-envoy says Iraq rebuilding plan won't work

Documents show new secretive US prison program isolating Muslim, Middle Eastern prisoner

FBI provocateur organized neo-Nazi rally

Clinton Proposes Legislation to Support the Children of Single Parents who Lose their Lives in Iraq

MSM - Fix your math, please!

What are the most prominent examples of Republicans' use of nonbinding resolutions?

inflation, profiteering and stuff

First Lady's transplant, an apparent success

Clinton Plan to End War: Reject the President's Escalation; Protect U.S. Troops in Iraq; (more)

My Published Op-Ed: Councilors, Vote to Impeach Bush

So I am standing on the sidewalk with a guy from Carlyle Group

The Senate voted not to even TALK about Iraq War.

The co-inventor of the TV remote has died

Analysis: Iraq vote signals new dynamic

Obama Offers Plan to Stop Escalation of Iraq War, Begin Phased Redeployment of Troops

WP, Byron York: Libby jury not allowed to consider question of Plame's covert status

So what's next for the GOP?

Senate Republicans Block Floor Vote on Iraq Resolution (W Post headline)

Here's your chance to kick Bush's ass! a slimeball.

Clinton, Obama vote for Senate 'surge' debate; McCain a no-show

I am so sorry to take up your bandwidth with an unimportant issue such as equal rights

"Perhaps trying to be cute, " Iran claims bombs made in USA

Another Warrior's Life Wasted by that Psychotic Coward.....

OFFICIAL Senate debate to debate Thread #3 (cspan 2)

My email to Rep. Jim Marshall (D-GA) re: his vote for escalation

John Kerry keeps his word again!

Looky at what the NY Post did

BLOGGERFIGHT! Pandagon vs AmericaBlog

Who's the real "meddler" in Iraq? This piece nails it....


Calling Steve Jobs: Help us defuse Planegate!

How About My New Congressman's Speech!!

Has anyone donated to Franken yet?


Indian athletes experience racism on the road

OMG I actually agree with McCain

If the Republicans are so proud of Bush's Iraq policy...

Since WWII have there been any wars that have been "won"?

Washington’s Farewell Address Translated into Everyday Speech

7 Republicans voted Yes - vote fails 56-34

Big Oil Warns Biofuels Will Not Meet U.S. Energy Needs

French Nazi-Era collaborator Papon dies.

Has anyone gotten used to the flying graphics on tv ?

Wowzers! Caption contest, anyone?

Instead of whining about NADER as a spoiler, push for Instant Runoff Voting in your state

CNN is postively ORGASMIC

The right wing fundies sure love to hate Hillary...

Is it hypocritical to point out that Rudy was married to his 2d cousin

Recess Actions Target GOP Senators Who Blocked or Skipped Iraq Vote

Did you know Hugo Chavez won Time's online person of the year award?

NASA launching "Themis" mission in 5 minutes

18,000 Unaborted Kids Die Painfully From Hunger Each Day

Jonesing for progressive radio? I present George Galloway

They're Voting For Cloture Right Now - 1:46 EST nt

Power Restored For Hurricane Victim After 15 Years

Edwards: Suspend negotiations for free trade agreement with S. Korea (biggest since NAFTA)

*** Saturday TOONs: Iraq/Iran, Candidates ***

What should the 2008 Democratic Platform Look Like? No Candidates-Just Ideas.

Tobacco enlisted to make vaccine (GARDASIL)

Around DU in 80 minutes

Sunday Talk Shows

How do the Iraqi people refer to this "war"?

WOW...Murtha to Introduce Legislation to FORCE TROOPS HOME!!

Farmer’s love the free market…. except for the market they are in.

The Impeachment of Bush & Cheney, And Other Historical Lost Causes

Has CNN ever been good?

Fred Phelps assholes going to funeral of two young boys who drowned on icy pond.

A Valentine to Future Generations: $8,738,700,362,432.03 - The National Debt, to the Penny, 2/15/07

Hershey Chocolate cutting 11% workforce, moving operations to Mexico

Duke Cunningham/Wilkes/Shirlington: More Republican Limo Service Users Indicted

*Alert!* Chalmers Johnson on BookTV Sunday at 3 PM ET

Apple CEO lambasts teacher unions

Freepers are about to lose it over Bank of America giving credit cards

Republicans Vote To Continue Their Slow Bleed Of Our Troops In Iraq

Looking for a job? Raleigh/Cary tops Forbes list of best places

The more money I give, the more comes rolling back to me.....

Damn good one to pass on: 'Mystery: How Wealth Creates Poverty in the World'.

The new dollar coin presidential series means that Richard Nixon

The Gay/Straight Divide

Colbert Blasts Steve Doocy for Trying to Steal Helen Thomas’ Seat

Nader considers '08 run for president

Six war protesters arrested at Chapel Hill office of Rep. David Price (D) NC

US News &WR has the 10 worst presidents...

Christian Leaders Commit to Tackling Poverty | CCT-USA Statement on Poverty

Seed companies want to ban farm-saved seed

DUers with satellite or cable: LINKTv is running 9/11 Press for Truth

Jesus' General weighs in on the jealous meltdown of Mrs. Big Ed Schultz-Lieberman

Teacher facing jail time for being victim of porn pop-ups on malware-infected computer

just emailed a RW person I know on the 2nd amendment (re: Gonzalez and habeus corpus)

Anna Nicole Bush

Republican donor charged with attempting to fund TERROR

Jim Wallis: The Religious Right's Era Is Over

Our faithful family companion,

Is socialism/communism still relevant?

Up to 51 for the month

NM Senate Rules Committee Passes Impeachment Resolution

Video: BBC Looks for Savages in the Southern USA

Senator Byrd should retire

Iran: a Chronology of Disinformation

Cheney to Face `Unpopular' War in Japan, Australia (Update1)

Kerry Says “We Owe Our Brave Men and Women an Honest Debate”

Does anyone else find this extremely disturbing?

Too bad we live in the only fascist state

Leftists ..... UNITE!

Nevada's Hispanics could add twist to '08 politics

Gore rules out bid for White House

Obama will soon make the case that he'll be as strong on Israel as anyone

Young Voters Find Voice on Facebook

Democrats Signal a Wider Battle Lasting the Rest of President's Term

Russ Feingold - C-Span1 - a "real-time" transcript

McCain faces fight from own voters

gotcha for Bushbots you meet

The death was the first reported among U.S. forces since Wednesday when five soldiers were killed

Honest Leadership and Accountability in Contracting Act of 2006

Does anyone know if the Senate vote today will be covered on CSPAN

Thank you

Republicans Likely To Block Senate Rebuke Of Bush Troop Plan

12:00 PM EST cspan 2 Senate vote starts

Healthcare in New Mexico?

So it was Matalin who thought of declassifying Niger debriefing

GOP War Candidate McCain To Skip Iraq Vote

Queen of Mean Attacks Obama and Edwards

35 percent — now favor the increase. UP 9 pts since Jan. I do think think

Virginia Democratic Party Chairman endorses Edwards

"They do not want to debate" - Sen. Reid email re: today's Senate (in)action

America's mayor is actually America's diva

Have you Signed The Petition From Harry Reid?

The Rethug senators are Pounding the Stake in, and they Know It.

Ha ha, Freepers going ballistic

Hey Clarkies: Nice to be supporting a WORLD leader...Wesley Clark

Next for Congressional Dems: deauthorize IWR '02?

The NRSC Pledge

What the hell were Americans thinking? Chart of Bush's approval ratings

Fat Little Brother Jeb steers advisors toward Der Mittenfuhrer

Gore Out Of Presidential Race = (

Fox News Channel To Host Nevada Dem Debate On Aug. 14 (Three Months Before CNN)

Obama: U.S. Ready for Black President (AP)

Do the republicans have a death wish for 08 by supporting flip flop Romney

Iraq will remain unstable unless something very different is tried

Watching Hillary Clinton in the wind.

Two Moles removed from the Whitehouse...

Is cutting off funds for the Iraq War equivalent to Not supporting the troops? (by candidate)

Ex-envoy says Iraq rebuilding plan won't work

Obama to Haaretz: U.S. must help protect Israel

NYT: Antiwar Anger at ’02 Iraq Vote Follows Clinton (Yesterday: "There are others to choose from.")

This Republican cesspool in the Senate supports the troops?

Challenge GOP "surge" obstructionism on pure merit

Canadian boy caught in Texas detention DKos posted today

Clinton urges start of Iraq pullout in 90 days

What I want to know is: Where was Pelosi "celebrating" and "all smiles"...

CNN - Lou Dobbs RE: Border Agents that are in prison...

A piece from the Huffington Post on the Clintons... or is it from Ann Coulter?

The media says the top three Dem candidates are:

My email to Madam Speaker

Worst President Ever?

Bill Clinton is raising funds, and enlisting black support, for Hillary

Obama's telephone fundraiser says "We're a christian Nation... Weren't The Founders christians?"

Left-wing fanatics are as dangerous to this country as right-wing fanatics

Photos of Dennis Kucinich today in Westport CT

America's View Of GOP Crumbles With Iraq