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Archives: February 20, 2007

The Most Anemic Branch

Riverbend is back......The Rape of Sabrine

It's A Dirty Job But You Have To Run, Mr. Gore

Mission Imperial = Surreal Life inside the Green Zone = The Guardian


Are There Nervous Nellies in the Padilla Case?

Waas: If Libby's found guilty, "investigators are likely to probe further"

Meet George, the shack-dwelling Bush hater

The Nation: The YouTube Defense

The Modern Muslim: Tariq Ramadan

John Nichols: Clinton Would Rather Be Wrong Than President

Hazard pay: Comparing a stateside CEO's job description with a Marine's in Iraq

Does your local municipality collect green waste?

Global Warming: Cut the Carbon, or Die

Recycled Water: Would You Drink It?

Australia to change lightbulbs to curb warming (ban incandescent) - Reuters

German Plan to Tax Cars on Emissions Gets Wary Nod

The Prophet of Garbage (

SOS - More about the concert and the beginning

The Threat to the Planet........ by Jim Hansen

Bill McKibben: Warning on Warming

All Sonic, No Boom ( {Quiet SST, or QSST}

I've Just Read Jimmy Carter's Book & I Have A Different Outlook

US Senator Jon Kyl: Dealing with Iran crucial to Israeli security

While you are in denial of MIHWAP, they are busy indoctrinating our youth.

Controlled Demolition Inc.'s phased CD of the Kingdome (with video)


Advocates Urge O'Malley to Back Restored Rights

Complaint filed with Debra Bowen about "One of the Worst Election Officials in the Country."

Boston Globe: Democrats to revisit Iraq war authorization: Seek to limit '02 resolution

Nevada Dems Working to Lure Candidates

Iraqi Militants Launch Attack on U.S. Base

Vietnam Police Detain Prominent Catholic Priest And Key Activists

Iraqi Official, Now Awaiting Execution, Says U.S. Tortured Him

Riverbend is back......The Rape of Sabrine

Mystery dust baffles residents ( related to the "orange snow" in Asia? )

High court to rule in landmark security cases (Canada / security certificates)

WP,pg1: Walter Reed launches criminal investigation of former aid chief: Official had own charity

Iran hangs man convicted of Revolutionary Guards attack

Schumacher Furs owner plans to close store permanently

Mom of US soldier charged with desertion seeks help from Mexico

Howard a 'risk to national security'

NYT: Trial Spotlights Cheney’s Power as an Infighter

Prince Harry says he won't sit out Iraq

Anglican Church Sets Deadline on Gay Unions: U.S. Church must stop blessing same sex unions

Damaged Japanese Whaling Ship May Resume Hunting off Antarctica

Connonym is too chaste and pure to be a post whore

Boston Cream Pie ...mmm

Hell's Kitchen scares me.

Vanity post

I'm an unabashed moderate for Obama

I loved the Rasmussen college commercial today!

I saw James and Billie... oh my...

I saw James Bond in action on television in my living room! Ask me anything!

Are you as excited for Reno 911: Miami as I am?

Well, I did the right thing and called my boss

Take the Goddamn Deal!

Who's watching the History Channel?

FREE SPEECH sends W a clear message

So, um, if someone accidentally washes a $20000 check, how should they get it dry?

Has anyone here tried hydroxycut?

One of my favorite western films is on TCM tonight

self delete

Richardo's Science Corner: 1787 - Herchel discovers the "They killed Kenny!" nebula...

OK. I'm done for tonight.

Poll question: Can you bilk a dolt?

Wow, and I thought it was hard being a mom....

Saw the movie Hannibal Rising earlier today...

My Head Is Bigger Than Yours!

Hang on a sec, I gotta shut the lights off...

We're getting takeout Chinese food tonite, in honor of the New Year of the Pig

Men in Tutu's

What a nature walk it was today

I saw James Brown...oh never mind...

I had a bad day.


If That Dog Barks One more time

Ahh, coding homework... what a major pain in my ass


Oh, fuck you, YouTube! I WILL make "The Making of Deacon Blues" a favorite video!

back home in MN...

Somebody dumped a pitbull at my house yesterday

Tomahto time - CSI Miami

My Super sweet 16 on MTV-What happens to these kids at school the day after their episode airs?

It feels like a Sunday

Tell me how you feel, and I'll post a smiley to match it.

Why is my kitty boy sneezing?

Rev Acts 04 Is A Liar!

I've lost about 30 pounds in the last few months!

Which of these songs should Britney record next?

The Mamas & The Papas sing The Beatles

I don't want to start no trouble here, but California Peggy IS snarky.

See you on April 8th, lounge!

How the fuck old are we all....really.....12? 13? 6?

Did anyone watch Wife Swap tonight?

Note to aspiring screen writers and novelists:

If I averaged 9.8% on my stock picks over the last year, am I a good investor?

Ooh, I just got an email from Svetlana thanking me for my interest

This is my 1K post. Ask/tell me anything!!!

Write Something That Hasn't Been Written Before

painted cats...

Let's Play Dead Or Alive. I'll Start: Karl Malden

Graywarrior is so emo!

Cowper's gland, orchidopexy, epispadias, balanitis. Yes, it's the glorious male

What Have You Gained or Lost Lately?


I know I'm a doofus that many don't like, but ask this

How do you deal with friends who have more money than you?

Oh wow... Wife Swap and this family

Cat bathing....

I challenge you to post one line of song lyrics more painful than these

How Long Do You Hold Grudges?

Should I?

Battlestar Galatica discussion thread?

I have 10 minutes ask me anything

I saw James Taylor in concert on Saturday in SF! Ask me anything!

Name a television show that EVERYONE hated that you liked!

Have You Ever "Lost It" On DU?

Ever purchased a Main Street home (Texas)?

Radio Lady Invites You to View: Madrid, Spain and vicinity, including Toledo (1994)

Question for the women here

Can you milk a goat?

"Blocks to Prosperity and Manifestation"

Iowa guardsmen put on alert for Iraq duty

15 Guardsmen prep for deployment to Middle East (Guam)

News from Around Minnesota (200 from 148th MN ANG to Iraq)

Growing Claims Backlog Frustrates Veterans

Eielson Air Guard readies for deployment (AK ANG)

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy by Pete Seeger

Antartica underworld uncovered its melting faster

" Whatever"..... Asylum Street Spankers.

Big Brother is watching you! (AT&T helps NSA read your emails)

NYC's 9/11 Heros are on their own when it comes to medical bills.

Terrorist Fundraiser of the Year

Please join us tomorrow at Rep. Markey's office (xpost from MA forum)

SCI-FI to SCI-FACT: Plasma Converter

i'll bet Gregory Steven Hart didn't think the whole world was going to find out what dirtbag he is

US 'Iran attack plans' revealed

Peter B collins guest talks about Iran

Replugs Support the Troops and Veterans (NOT)

Chimpy is comparing Iraqi war to Revolutionary War on KO.

I do not think it gives the man justice. Say Murtha -

US Navy denies reports of offensive military build-up in Gulf

Obama in California, Iowa, Texas, and Ohio (Cleveland) this week.

Concerned about global warming?....If so, "step it up" on April 14

Senator John McBush.

So the Shiite radicals are just going to lay low until we leave

People Live, and People Die

Dana Milbank COMPLETELY missed the point

Commander Coxey's Army

Cry Me A River Joe

Dana Priest to be on Hardball in few minutes.

Hurry! The president is about to speak the truth

"Senator John McBush" - Thanks, Tweety!

Mummified, dead, shot through the heart body speaks

Money trumps....ah.....ah......ah

Paul Rieckhoff on Hardball and Jon Soltz on Countdown (video)

Pentagon Intentionally Hiding 1/2 of Iraq Injured and Wounded

How many different ways has Cheney and Bush escaped criticism?

Guarantee 13 year old males a future and we may "end" terrorism.

DU's own David Van Os: The Hell with "Phased"--excellent essay


Something to think about: Number of Tim Hardaways: 1, Number gay people in America: 30 million

World's Largest Science Group Chimes in on Climate Change

Obama swiftboat?

Rapture Ready board in a lather over "illegals" getting credit cards

BBC: US 'Iran Attack Plans' Revealed (& it's not just nuclear sites)

Dixie Chicks Still Not Ready to Make Nice

Hey, who's the crazy bald chick on CNN the past couple days? n/t

What A Class Act Our Chimpy Is...

this is crazy, right?

Whatever happened to the "Health Care Debate"?

NYT:Trial Spotlights Cheney’s Power as an Infighter

Bush compares Revolutionary, terror wars

Just saw on CNN: so, 10-20 people in a compound,

NYTimes Op/Ed: "Moral Waivers & The Military"

NY Times: The Hot Ticket in Hollywood: An Evening With Obama

Good Luck to Patrick Fitzgerald on the Libby Trial

Does anyone know if Keith O. is on live tonight? Thx n/t

Walter Reed Army Medical Center Begins Repairs on Building 18

Final arguments in Libby trial set for Tuesday

civil unions set to begin in New Jersey....AND we still won Congress...holy shit!!

AP: Home Movie Shows JFK Seconds Before Death

Stock market, get out before we hit Iran or...

Ted Haggard wins 130,000 lottery, or as his church calls it "Day of Hope"

Just What Is 21st Century Socialism?? (Venezuela)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Yay!! Mike & Kathy are back!

Is their a right to peaceful revolution?

Report from the trenches ... our vigil today in North San Diego County, Ca.

Reuters: Australia to ban incandescent bulbs by 2009

Malloy RETURNS to XM 1 March '07

Here is the reason we need to leave Iraq...props to northofdenali

On KO: "Forgotten Warriors." Walter Reed treats returning war vets like

Cheney's Hotel Requirements

ROFL!!! Keith running the Fox laugh track

Pole that has Hillary on top

Tue NYT article to paint porttrait of Cheney doing whatever he wanted re:Plame

Prince Harry prepares to possibly do what the pResident nor his spawn did not.

Well, here we go: It's kook time! (Email I got a bit ago, 6:30est or so)

Saw Letters from Iwo Jima yesterday - wonderful

White House delivers surge in lies, hypocrisy

Army Fixing Patients' Housing (Dana Priest and Anne Hull follow-up)

Hardball is GREAT tonight-I think Matthews is genuinely outraged

Black Eyed Peas, Chili Peppers, Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow among performers at Gore's SOS concerts

Republican calls for monitoring of ALL email and IM's

Hospital Investigates Former Aid Chief:Walter Reed Official

There Will Be No "George W. Bush Day" ====>

Dear DUers - please help keep "Money Trumps Peace" in the foreground.

St. Patty's Day MARCH ON THE PENTAGON !! 150 Cities Organize !

Attack on the Homeless in Fresno, CA is broadcasted.

I'm sorry but did people think New Orleanians were going to stop murdering people

USA Today: Police needing heavier weapons

PHOTO: Chimpy gets a spanking

I'm ashamed to admit I never saw "Why We Fight" until just now.

Have you thanked those Washington Post women for shining a bright light into

Hillary using right wing talking points--- against her Dem opponents?

Wes Clark: Party Builder, Nose Picker

Mummified body found in front of blaring TV

I better do this before I leave or I will feel badly about it-

Charles Langford, 84, Lawyer Who Represented Rosa Parks, Dies

Anyone think Martial Law was anticipated, but the sheeple

Check out this website I found today

Please do something about Racism . . .

Is the Olberman vid available anywhere?

RiverBend - Baghdad Burning - New Blog Post 2/20/07

“I will screw him in the ass!” (Sure you will, george. Sure you will.)

Holy crap: McCain "Rumsfeld the worst Defense Secretary ever"

Right Wing Site Targets Cindy Sheehan and calls for her death

Mother of murdered girl is a Democratic activist from my neighborhood

I am sick of republics and their like. I am tired of trying to reason with them

Tim Hardaway now says he DOESN'T hate gay people.

Do you think we are on overload ?

Candidate Romney defends opposition to stem cell research, despite wife Ann's MS

Bush's liars have been saying that the Iraqis were now leading

Conservatives Target 17 GOP War Critics in Congress

Clinton comments over the years on Iraq - incl end the war plan below - what are other candidates

Two candidates down in the 08 presidential race already.

PLEASE PLEASE!!! republicans nominate this guy

Iraqis Blogging for McClatchy Provide Brutal Insight

Conservatives Target GOP War Critics in Congress (Dems and GOP)

Proposal for new forum: flashback news stories

The End of the Era of the Single Issue Voter...

Tweety just invited Obama to a collage tour on a campus of his choice

In S.C, Clinton doesn't rebuke Ford for saying Obama would bring down Dems in '08 because he's black

Tweety: hows Obama going to beat Hillary in the primary with all that money she has..

Dodd Finishes Fourth in Home State Poll (behind Clinton, Obama, Gore)

Most pathetic, shamelessly-pandering Republican presidential hopeful recent flip-flops

They will fight us here because- they're back!

US 'Iran attack plans' Revealed

Which President was right on all the issues?

Small U.S. towns bear scars from Iraq

How to Spot a Republican Congressman (humor)

Ok, who slipped the Kool-Aid to Hillary?

Stop the cheerleading: Let's start comparing candidates on the issues - Kucinich vs. Clinton: Choice

troops are volunteers--quit whining when they die.

Daily Kos "Why America Needs Wes Clark"

Perhaps the ANTI-W site of the month!

The IWR issue is WMD. What did you know that Gen. Clark didn't?

Gore rules out bid for US White House in 2008

Get in your FUCKING black Suburbans and drive the FIVE fucking miles ......

Why would Harper's Magazine do this to Obama?

Ed Schultz: The US needs to attack Iran

Man Bites Dog

9/11 fantasists pose a mortal danger to popular oppositional campaigns

UN uncovers mercenary recruitment in Peru (for work in Iraq & Iran)

The president's faith-based initiative is facing several tough court battles.

Obama Got Start in Civil Rights Practice


America against itself

The Progressive: George W. Is No George Washington

Deja Vu All Over Again: Quagmire Alert

TomPaine: Which Babies Are Real Americans?

Salon: Is there life after Bush?

EJ Dionne: The Anti-War Rallying Point

Making Martial Law Easier

Riverbend has new posts...

Human Rights First Disappointed at Federal Appeals Court Decision

From Afghanistan to Iraq: Connecting the Dots With Oil

Flynn: U.S. not prepared for the next 'big one'

Support the Troops: Bring Them Home (TIME)

NYT editorial: Moral Waivers and the Military: "A vicious cycle of declining standards"

Truthdigger of the Week: Ed Henry

The Malleable World of the Neo-Cons

A Poetic Look at Need for Paid Sick Leave

Framing the Presidency (the Nation)

Could this be the year the SOA is shut down?

Venezuela, Argentina tighten ties despite Washington

AARP Poll Shows 86% of Americans Over 18 Believe Medicare Should Have Bargaining Power

Voters' Hunger for Change Threatens Republican Dream of Eternal Power

Room Enough

Kristoff: Let’s Start a War, One We Can Win

Marie Cocco: Death by Fuchsia and Teal

N.C. workers keep copters flying for Marines in Iraq, Afghanistan

Rural America bears scars from Iraq war (My hometown featured)

CSM: Mixed welcome for Baghdad surge

Bush Is Losing the 'War on Terror' (ROBERT PARRY)

HuffPost: A Tale of Two Georges

Brown v Cameron - exclusive poll puts Labour 13 points adrift

'Milestone of Achievement' on the Hill

Humans' beef with livestock: a warmer planet

Cheap solar power poised to undercut oil and gas by half

Atmospheric Levels Of CO2 Reach 390 ppm

Site chosen to mass-produce Tesla electric cars

Iran's oil production is drying up (WSJ)

South Africa Outlaws 'Canned' Hunts

Gas costs back on road to $3

Fifty Degrees Below

BP Conducting Test Drilling Into Methane Hydrate Formation On North Slope - ADN

Jimmy Carter breaks ground on biodiesel plant in Plains, GA

Idaho Senate unanimously backs plan for wolf hunting season

UC expansion plans again run up against protected fairy shrimp

Warmer Winters Melt Snowmobile Sales - Some Dealers Still Clearing Last Year's Models - PI

Corporations agree to cut emissions (Reuters/CNN) {of GHGs}

FT: Study sees harmful hunt for extra oil

Invasive Tunicates - Rubbery Oyster-Like Creatures - Overruning Puget Sound Ecosystem - ST

Call to halt deep sea 'plunder' (bottom trawling subsidies) - BBC

Australia pulls plug on old bulbs (BBC) {BANNING incandescents!}

Carbon offsets 'harm environment' - BBC

Giant offshore wind farm gets the green light (500 MW, UK)

I have a fireplace. Should I feel bad?

Acid Rain Erasing Pre-Aztec Stone Carvings Of El Tajin On Mexican Gulf Coast

2006 China's Warmest Year In More Than 50 Years - AP

Gov. Phil Bredesen pushes for a switchgrass ethanol plant at the Univ. of Tennessee

Presbyterian Church USA Asks Its 2.3 Million Members Each to Become Carbon Neutral

Australia's Summer Crop Production To Date Worst In 20 Years - Age

Environmental Defense Challenges TXU CEO To Debate On Eve Of Coal Plant Debate - TXU Craps Out

Canned Albacore Exceeds Health Canada Limits For Mercury, New Guidelines Issued - CBC

Standing Room Only For Nicholas Stern As Economist Discusses Cost Of Doing Nothing - Toronto Star

In Mongolia - "Land Of The Blue Sky" - Ulan Bator Chokes On Smog - BBC

Antarctic Peninsula Warming Pushing Penguins South, Along With Krill - Basis Of Food Chain - AFP

EU Environment Minsters "Try To Agree" To 20% GHG Cut By Below 1990 Totals By 2020 - AP

Westbrook dam key to Presumpscot (River) fish restoration (Maine)

Minnesota House adopts ‘25 percent by 2025’ green energy goal

Japanese manufacturers look to cash in on solar power boom

Risk Of Extinction Accelerated Due To Interacting Human Threats

Nature trumps utilities (net metering)

U.S. Wind Energy Expected to Jump 26-Percent (in 2007)

Subhendu Guha heads Greenville expansion of United Solar Ovonic (MI)

EU Environment Ministers Try to Agree to 20 Percent Cut in CO2 by 2020

EU confronts its commitment to curb global warming - Reuters

EU upholds Hungary's sovereign right to ban GMOs - Reuters

Whaler-hunters claim victory as ship (Farley Mowat) limps into port - The Age

Crews still working on Japanese whaler - AP

Diseases caused by decreased Oxygen levels in atmosphere?

The High Court of Justice is in no hurry

Police thwart large-scale terror attack in Tel Aviv

Tom Paine: Dems' Disdain For Palestine

Treasury targets Hezbollah construction arm

John Edwards Expresses Concern Over Israel-Iran War, Loses Nomination (Wonkette)

Hundreds of Jewish graves vandalized in Ukraine

Monbiot goes ballistic. Wins DailyKos Fund Raiser for 1 Minute of Airtime on Air America's Sam Seder Show

Paul Joseph Watson & Dylan Avery Debate Guy Smith on the 9/11 BBC Hit Piece

New William Pepper (MLK) Interview - COINTELPRO/Infiltration

BBC: "Q&A: What really happened "

9/11 fantasists pose a mortal danger to popular oppositional campaigns

This is how it was done

Kansas City Area Screening + Surprise Announcement Promised

Voting Machines as a Giant Ponzi Scheme

help !!!

Amend Holt! Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 2/20/07

Wind farm to power Suffolk is approved

Cop killer called himself a 'chaotic patriot'

UN panel questions Canada on deportation case

Italy unlikely to press for extradition in CIA kidnapping case (Jurist)

Venezuela, Argentina tighten ties despite Washington

Cuba gripped by open source fever

Command of English Would Have Prevented Brazil's Worst Air Tragedy Ever

Poll Finds Religion Not To Blame For Islam Tension

Rudd getting a bit full of himself, says Howard

(AP) Witnesses: 12 Killed in Somalia Shelling

Justices to Revisit Thorny Issue of Sentencing Guidelines in First Cases After Recess

Pakistan dismisses "absurd" Qaeda report

Cheap solar power poised to undercut oil and gas by half

Norway conference aims for cluster bomb ban by 2008

Mexican prosecutor questioned in killing

Salvadorans welcome troops returning home from Iraq

Car bombs kill 10 in Iraqi capital Baghdad

CNN: Closing arguments in Libby trial start Tuesday; defense asks "good faith" statement be read

Chlorine truck blast kills five in Iraq

AP: War losses mount for small towns

Gutsy former guerrilla puts Colombia's president in hot seat over para-politico scandal

Palestinians: 3 U.S. women seized in West Bank

Anti-terror laws hurting Viet War allies

Romney to air presidential campaign ad

Gore rules out bid for US White House in 2008

MNF Iraq: MND-B loses Soldier to non-battle death

Supreme Court Nixes Award Against Philip Morris

Second US carrier arrives off Iran

Court: Detainees Can't Challenge Cases

Cheney Heads to Australia to Discuss Iraq

Ex-Guerrilla Leads Colombia Opposition

Wal-Mart profit climbs nearly 9 percent

Report: Hundreds of Jewish graves vandalized in Ukraine

Man Accused Of Funding Terror A Republican Donor

McCain outdoes Bush on surge

U.S. envoy dispatched after Putin charge

Muslim Cabbie Charged With Running Over Students After Religious Dispute

U.S. soldier dies in Afghanistan (3 others wounded in another bombing)

White-collar buyouts overwhelm Ford

High court sets aside award in Philip Morris case

A CSPAN heads up on Democratic Presidential candidates forum

Court: Detainees can't challenge cases

Rice to brief Jordan monarch on peace bid

Britney Spears checks into rehab

3 U.S. Women Said Kidnapped in Nablus

EU Parliament condemns (far-right) Polish lawmaker's anti-Semitic brochure

U.S. 5th Fleet commander says Iran's war games have 'pugnacious tone'

CNN: Blair to make 'major' announcement on troop withdrawal.

CNN/AP: Clinton denies South Carolina endorsement came with contract

Salvador Deps Killed in Guatemala

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 20

Report finds U.S. terrorism statistics inaccurate

CREW Sues Council on Environmental Quality Over Global Warming Documents

Judge Says Calif. Prison Plan Is Illegal

Bush urges diversity in spy recruitment : Goldmans get O.J. Simpson's royalties, judge says

Second AZ lawmaker tells colleagues of threats over immigration (Minuteman types show their colors)

AP: (Supreme) Court Rules Against Death Row Inmate

Senator Johnson moves to rehab facility

Russian Missile "Blackmail" Won't Work, Czechs Say

Niece says Fidel Castro in `stupendous' condition

{Soulforce) Lesbian pair escorted from Focus {On The Family} property

Tsunami warming after sea quake

UC expansion plans again run up against protected fairy shrimp

Gunman kills Pakistani minister

Mex Legislators Indict ex Prez Fox

US says must fix treatment of wounded war veterans

Hollywood Stars Attend Obama Fundraiser

Ohio Governor Takes Back Refugee Remarks

Rape row splits Iraqi government

Coalition drops 2,000 bomb on Taliban insurgents

Iraqi gas tanker blast kills six (105 injured)

Prosecutors say Libby lied as trial winds down

SDS rising again on college campuses

(peanut butter) Recall takes chunk of ConAgra profits

Al Gore May Receive Honorary Doctorate In Climatology

Kraft says up to 8,000 jobs cut as part of turnaround plan

Reuters: Three Salvadoran congressmen killed in Guatemala

Iran sets condition to halt nuke program(if other Western nations do the same)

Abu Dhabi Arms Fair Markets Death, Destruction

Colombia rules out recall of scandal-hit congress

Inspector general report criticizes Justice, FBI on terrorism statistics

WP: Army Fixing Patients' Housing

British troops in Iraq to be halved

Gitmo prisoners denied challenges in U.S. courts

Schumer wants equal benefits for all troops

London mayor signs oil deal with Chavez

US Pushes Nicaragua to Nix Rockets

Merck suspends Campaign to Make Gardasil Vaccination Mandatory

WP: Goodbye to Girlhood: Report of the APA on the Sexualization of Girls

Police chief recommends firing officers who ignored woman’s pleas

Australia to Change Lightbulbs to Curb Warming (banning incandescent bulbs)

Paraguay Ex Bishop Leading the Pack

self delete - dupe

beware mad ninja skills

i'm done finding stuff on The google for people in GD

I felt tense. Mr. Writer entered the room.

Well, now. I'm tired, but I'd just as soon not go to sleep.

Lost in translation at the local Chinese buffet:

Stones. Beautiful song...

Can you put your toes in my mouth?

Can you put your nose in your mouth?

OK, Come claim your booger eating Congress Critter.

Okay. I'm listening to The Decemberists.

If there is a better rock photograph than

In the category of "Animals who save humans"


If you were in charge of a Democratic Presidential Debate. . .

Congratulations wildhorses!! 15,000 posts

Is anybody else planning on seeing " The Police" reunion tour this year ?

I Ran...

The MSM says Brittney Spears is out of control

Two Brothers Die When Their Cars Collide In Freak Accident

I hate funerals.

Woman Lives For 15 Years Without Electricity (Power knocked out during hurricane Andrew)

I need a credit card--are there any that aren't rip-offs?

Guess Who?: Flight Attendant Fired For Mid-Flight Sex With Actor


Man Reports Stolen Marijuana To Police

I really like this video from U2 "Window In The Skies".

Question about office etiquette

Hands Across America - check in here if you participated in that event

New Mexico Government Orders 500 Talking Urinal Cakes

Well, as a good Dem, I am about to go out in the world today,

My Grandma's China. Do you like/have china? What's your pattern?


Craig Ferguson

I just saw a movie about a mermaid.

Teacher Blames Indecent Exposure On 'Defective Pants'

I want out of the 700 Club, ask me anything.

weellllll, I learned I am not a plumber this weekend!

Merman sightings?

"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol or violence to anyone, but they've always worked for me."

have you ever had canteloupe jam?

Puppy update...

Has anybody else started getting a lot more junk mail from charities?

Celine Dion sinks to a new low

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/20/2007)

Do you feel uncomfortable with the way carnies look at you?

Picture of the Day

I seek the mystic stick.

I seek "Flathead"

I seek foppery

Bleh. I want to be a boy, today.


I seek flatware.

I seek

If I don't sleep I will die

Investment advice?

Grieco makes great commercials.

North Korea must be breaking the hearts of Rapturists....

Kiss my Ass, George

I made the yummiest banana bread last night

Have you ever "got it" on DU?

Proof #5,441,205,689 that mankind is doomed

Has anybody here ever actually FINISHED Infinite Jest?

5,178 posts to 10,000. Ask me anything. nt


The iPod bikini?

Bush T-Shirt Slogans, got this in email

while I have really enjoyed my time here

Want to see a baby elephant born in the wild, here is a great video.

My Kingdom for a Definitive Answer!

Question I saw on cover of Cosmo while waiting at grocery store.

Once Were Warriors

Geico makes great commercials.

So I got the film Freaks and couldn't watch it

dogs cats liberals

516 posts to 10,000

Whaddya think, should I grow out this beard?

Man Breaks Down Door To Save Rape Victim - Finds Neighbor Watching Porn

We ain't as dumb as y'all think.

Warning!! Not for the grumpy, cantankerous or curmudgeonly!!

Who do I hafta wee on to get some blow?

What should I have from John's soup cart today?

Do I or do I not want a full body massage on Friday, on Newberry St.

Buffalo Toast A Warning Sign

What is the name of that big rodent that digs holes in the yard?

I want to tell you... my head is filled with things to say.

I'm giving up sobriety for Lent

Best National Anthem at Super Bowl

Who do I hafta blow to get a Wii?

I had a near death experience ...

I finally finished my paper. Three hours left before the exam

10 year old pig-tailed Natalie Wood on TCM now.

Happy birthday to Haruka3_2000!

surviving heartbreak - from your own kid

Looks like General Sherman has been through GD : P

I am going to KILL somebody!

Congratulations madokie!! 10,000 posts

What's for lunch today?

My tummy hurts today

Okay, I am "among a select group of Republicans selected for a survey...WTF??

Oh yeah, Happy Fat Tuesday.

This is why you can never let someone run an errand for you!

This is an entirely bragitudinous post.

Ronald Thomas Clontle. Was there ever a better rock critic?

What's with the Judge in the Anna Nicole case?

Nothing like staring into the back of your iPod to make you realize you need a shave.

I can feel their beady lil eyes watching me!

A lively Mardi Gras today in the French Quarter

Favorite black and white picture film?

Question to fellow DU accountants and CPAs

You know how to tell when I'm in a bad mood?

Isn't the mod term over today?

I don't know why grandpa had a boatswain's whistle

I just got a bridge across the front of my mouth and I hate it. I have this idea....

Tina Turner !

Happy 40th, Kurt Cobain

I noticed in times of trouble that there was only one set of footprints

I need ideas for tonight when I win $150 Million from the Lottery

go'head, dish...i'll wait...

PHILADELPHIA DUers: Need a wedding/corporate/private band? My band is doing a showcase TONIGHT!!!

Who would you save?

What's the best way to leave a job?

Score one for Oasis!

Fetish Restaurants Popping Up In Japan

What makes a man decide to go 'do it' with a sheep?

Name a television show that EVERYONE liked that you hated!

tray three is asking for legal

4 (FOUR) New NIN songs are up for download/streaming on their myspace page

We should be talking more about Brittney's rehab!

WTF! gas jumped 22 cents in the last 3 days

what food should I search out for dinner?

I guess a few mods are retiring soon...

Does anyone else worry that the Reno 911 movie is going to suck balls?

Post here and i will pm you my butt (from a third world country)

Job interview today

Favorite song from a well-known band that no one's ever heard before

Name a song from a current sitcom that's based on a movie that's a remake

Would you ever buy "educational license only" software to learn from them?


Name a thread that EVERYONE hated but you liked!

Is Florence Ballard FINALLY getting her due?

Just got my pic taken for the church directory. I'm hideous

Please help me with viewing threads

Favorite Taco

Sigh. My parents *still* don't get it.

Visit the Geico Caveman's House

Post here and i will pm you my butt (and my 'peep'!)

you know that avatar with bush flipping the bird?

My daughter's version of a Hoplite Shield

I'm still at school but I know I got 96% on the final

The soda shoppe needs to come back in vogue.

Do you feel uncomfortable with the way carnivores look at you?

His Royal Highness The Prince Charles Philip Arthur George

I've lost my sense of smell! I've neverhad this with a cold before now!

What music group would you NEVER like to see do a reunion concert?

I thought these were quite funny. Enjoy!

This woman is 67 years old

In Remembrance...Hunter S. Thompson... July 18, 1937 ~ February 20, 2005

Theme music for DU posters

Why has there never been a successul 1-hour comedy on TV?

Did you take the SAT or ACT

The Richer you are, the more easily you suffer (apparently)

9,000 North Dakotans with nothing better to do

So, my mystery novel got its first blurb today.

Mommy! Fucking mommy!

Pick Which Bunny Slippers Nicole Should Wear...

I'm watching my favorite musical of all time

Does anyone have a pencil I can borrow to STICK IN MY EYE...

Post subliminal suggestions.

"The Ex" 5-piece Knife Set with Unique Holder

Nigerian scammers scammed into doing "The Dead Parrot" sketch

Help me buy the I-Pod

Need help finding a thread, divorce from a spousal abuser

Congratulations yardwork!! 10,000 posts!

Congratulations trof!! 25,000 posts

Tuesday Afternoon Questions: have at it!

What music group would you like to see do a reunion concert


I seek flattery.

Man Poured Boiling Water On Trapped Squirrel

Stewardess on Fiennes - "I couldn't resist"

Question for the men here

I've talked about me enough. Why don't you talk about me now? Tell me about myself.

Woman Gets 2 Years In Jail For Throwing "McMissile" At Car

Ray Davies reviews Revolver (ca. 1967)

What do you wear to bed?

Howard K. Stern on the witness stand: Discuss.

Favorite Black & White Film - pre-1960


I can't log in to DU on my laptop

What's the worst your toddler has ever done?

Does anyone know what the problem could be when you...

Name some films you like, that you don't think others are aware of

Let's have some good vibes for Mwdem...

Ian Stevenson Dies at 88; Studied Claims of Past Lives

Some in Brazil object to carnival, but party drowns out their complaints

Theological Debate

IMO when those who are very religious support Bush and/or

Megachurches take up challenge of desegregating Sunday worship

Good News: Jesus is BACK. In Miami LIVE! NOW!!

Ovation for Gay Iraqi at London 'Faith' Conference

It's not the size of your TARDIS, but...

Nigerian Humanist jeered for supporting gay rights

Today, it must suck to be a Chargers fan.....

I am going to a free viewing of "The Secret" on March 7th.

Is it strange to manifest two things from the same place?

What's Your Take on this Photo?

Welcome to the McCain's flipflop express.

Insane attack on both Kerry & McCain over normalization of relations with Vietnam by wacko RW'ers.

OT: An invitation some will take her up on

Hillary Campaign Reaching Out Via Surrogates To Antiwar Members Of Congress

time for Smart

More on Walter Reed

Kerry's tribute to Ted Kennedy for his 75th birthday

Jimmy Kimmel Tim Hardaway and George Takei answer to NBA player Tim Hardaway

Ted Kennedy on Surge in Iraq

Snow Job

Obama Mania sweeps the USA?

Hunter S Thompson shmoozes about Dubya

Court TV's Catherine Crier slams Bush about Iraq and Iran.

What The World Needs Now............

Protests warriors want your personal info.

Romney on Abortion - 2002 (More evidence of major flippity floppities)

Did You Know?

Over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic...(last one for the day)

Who's worst?

You want a woman Pres? OK . I will run, help me build my cabinet

Will blivet"s** speeches be a better "read" in the future?

Short Movies

Damning photos of Iranian secret nuclear bombs found!

WP, Dionne: Finding an antiwar rallying point as Bush invites confrontation on war powers

Rupert Murdoch is the virus devouring the soul of western democracy

Coporate Globalization Kills

"God is on our Side"

More countries implicated in E.Guinea coup plot

They’ll give JetBlue one more chance

Walter Reed Army Medical Centre's Former Aid Director Investigated

Irwin portrait looks unmanly: Greer

God help me but I'm a little snot. Was just cruising freeperville for posts on the

Ancient Mesopotamia, modern Iraq: once again, bombing, looting threaten cradle of civilization

Know your BFEE: Money Trumps Peace. Always.

The New Iraqi Oil Law: Leaked

Inside Iran Broadcast 02/15/07 BBC 4

How long before this surge deal is written off as another failure?

9/11 First Responders: 'We're Dead Men Walking'

Walter Knox, Michael Wagner, and Building 18

U.S. delegation in Israel considers military option for Iran

Wisconsin high school making $1.2 million in education cuts seeks $460K for football field.

So now my local TV news outlet is showing computer simulations of the attacks

Bush compares Iraq war to US Revolution

My encounter today with a soldier's wife...

sigh... I'm THIS close to speaking with a hero of mine....

Increase in egg donors raises concerns

3,144 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

Injured soldier blogger about his stay at Walter Reed

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tue 2/20 - it's not the heat - it's the hearings


Firefox experts--how do I do this?

GOPERS: Debate emboldens the enemy / sends wrong message

DOD Will Only Fly Soldier Remains to a Major Airport

Clinton Defends Consulting Contract

(Libby) Trial Spotlights Cheney’s Power as an Infighter

US military bases worldwide number 737

Send Imus & email on Walter Reed; Republicans are guilty too

Guys - here are updated TOLL FREE Capitol Hill switchboard numbers:

CNN QuickVote: 80% agree with McCain on Rummy.

Brent Bozo's organization, NewsBusters, gets NewsBusted

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Would some talented DUer make up some art depicting McCain

Happy Mardi Gras!!! . . . before Lent, please come CAPTION!!!

Closing arguments set in Scooter Libby trial

Bush told Sharon, "I will screw him in the ass" (talking about Osama)

I just wanted to say "Thank you"


CNN poll:Do you agree with John McCain that Donald Rumsfeld was one of the worst U.S. defense secret

Monkeyboy pays tribute to himself on President's Day...

McCain: Rumsfeld is one of the worst defense secretaries

Why can't I own a Canadian? (Hilarious!)

Why would a tattoo parlor be considered "news"?

BBC: US 'Iran Attack Plans' Revealed

Why can't the Dem Leadership set an example and start driving Hybrids instead of

Amazon: Lost in the Ethical Jungle?

Al-Maliki calls Bush's surge plan a "FABULOUS success"

Bumper sticker

No Surprise, but just as fucked.

Spike Lee wins Polk Award for Katrina documentary

Truthdig: Bush Flunks History

Crimes so great that they make the laws themselves tremble

McCain is not a Maverick... He is a political imbecile!!!

TIME, Michael Kinsley: Support the Troops: Bring Them Home

Was Dana Priest the journalist who uncovered the secret prisons?

Hillary’s Tough on Terrorism

A California program to encourage hybrid cars has some unexpected consequences

Japan's Defense Minister calls Iraq war a "mistake" and Cheney

Did Richard Armitage sell his soul?

Dear Freepers: I know you hate the Washington Post and


Remember Al Qaeda? They're baaack...LA Times

Indicted NY Biz Man Republican Player? Or Sucker? (NRCC fundraiser scam)

I am trying to finish Bob Woodward's horrible book "State of Denial".

Please DU this:"non-binding" resolution

A question about the Shia and Sunnis?

Why wasn't Libby trial televised?

Where did I go wrong?

New Meme: Abu Reed Army Hospital

Should Barack Obama's future custome made armored car be called ?

Lawyers demand city pay up in Burge torture cases

Former Marine recruiter gets deal to avoid sex-offender label

(London) Mayor signs Venezuelan oil deal - BBC

Propane shortage stops Fisher snowplow production

Investigators To Probe Cover Story Of LIBBY's Effort To Shield CHENEY (Murray Waas)

NPR does their second story...

Islamic spies to snoop on Malaysian lovers

Haj Ali

Court Backs Administration on Detainee Issue

Have the fundies gotten the word yet that G.W. Bush is a "pervert"?

Gutsy former guerrilla puts Colombia's president in hot seat over para-politico scandal

Regarding Congress, the Democrats, and Impeachment

Please do something about Racism . . .

Who said: We had more freedom and voice of opinion in 1960 in San Quentin

Chris Dodd: Torture Doesn't Work

Bush on Bin Laden: "I will screw him in the ass!"

Got to see Obama in San Francisco last night! My thoughts....

Small Towns Absorb the Toll of War

Is manditory filing of income tax forms negating your right to not incriminate yourself?

US forces RAID Iraq JOURNALIST union offices -- ensuring their FREEDOMS

House Anti-Murtha Leader Flip-Flops To Attack Iraq Plan

Insanity: Bush wanted to rape Bin Laden if he caught him

If Libby is convicted, and if the President issues a pardon, will there be a national outrage?

Debunking the Myths about "Cutting Funding" for the War

Afghan war crimes amnesty passed

Gallup: Americans Say They Will Vote for a Black or Woman -- But a Mormon? A 72-Year-Old?

Pentagon States U.S. Has 737 Military Bases Abroad- The Real Figure is Higher

Jeralyn's Thoughts On Zeidenberg's Closing

"Illusions of Security: Global Surveillance and Democracy in the Post-9/11 World"

calling CODE PINK!

9/11; What were you doing?

Regarding immigration: Please post your favorite Dick Cheney quote.

Is that Anna Nicole Smith judge for real?

I just realized that Ted Wells was the defense attorney for Mike Espy

Charting a New Course:An Interview With The Communist party of Vietnam

Law restricting Guantanamo appeals upheld

Expected plan of attack on the $100 billion in 'emergency' Iraq funding

little letters in the corner of your tv screen on "news" channels

FITZ ---PIX--->>>

Fitz arrives for court

Do you think Libby will be convicted?

Daylight Saving Time Computer Chaos...?

US copyright lobby out-of-touch (Understatement of the Year by BBC)

So, have we caught the people responsible for the anthrax mailings yet?

Small towns struggle with war deaths

Scaife & anti-Clinton nuts going soft on Hillary?

Must Watch! Welcome Home, Troops!

When Killing the Homeless Becomes a Sport

GI Denied Health Care After Speaking Out

What happened with Air America's 12-3 time slot?

Imus is ALL OVER the WaPo/Dana Priest/Bldg. 18 story.

Anyone got the audio of the ed shultz rant about air america.

Missing in Baghdad: My Father

* attends the ceremonial swearing-in of Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell - pics

War Criminals grant themselves amnesty in Afghanistan

Time for a Monkeyman Rant on Military Hospitals

Audit:Anti-terror case data flawed-included immigration violations marriage fraud & drug trafficking

Iraqi/US troops attack Headquarters of Al-Sadr...... LINK

Walter Reed

Slaughter Sends Letter to Secretary Gates Demanding Answers on Walter Reed

Let's role play, you be Bush and I'll be America

Oldest wingnut makes case for GORE: If not actually RUNNING, sure is WALKING FAST

Could some one fill me in on Walter Reed?

You will love taking this poll!

I wonder who Kucinich will support when push comes to shove in Iowa

Poor Michelle Malkin! Now people are 'ridiculing her ethnicity' as a "person of color"!

White House defends Rumsfeld from McCain criticism

Is There Life After Bush -

Is Al Sharpton black enough?

Most popular story on Google News: "The Damage to Bush Is Enormous," Der Spiegel

Susan Schwab the US Trade Rep was

Which answer best describes what tribal sovereignty means to you?

Minnesota bill proposes sales tax on plastic surgery

Man Accused Of Funding Terror A Republican Donor

Merle Haggard on Hillary: ‘Let’s Put a Woman in Charge’

What is going on?

A CSPAN heads up on Democratic Presidential candidates forum

Obama and the Vets say U.S. government officials are obscuring the actual number of wounded

Deadly-force law would be loosened under Missouri bill (Castle Doctrine)

How the creationists took over the country.....

Will most Republicans be carbon offset welfare queens?

Scooter SCREWN? Closing arguments today 2/20

Where does your favorite primary candidate rank on the issues? Graphs and links:

My daughter was just elected PR officer and Communications Chair of the Dem Club

Brzezinski's Warning Gets Coverage at Daily KOS

WaPo Investigation Fallout: Walter Reed Jumps Into Action

We should be talking more about Brittney's rehab!

Why the hell is the house on vacation ?

From FDL: Fitz: There is a cloud over the VP...

Dixie Chicks will Chart #7 tomorrow

Are you guys listening to all the disabled vets who got the shaft

Dioramas 'demeaning' to Native Americans

Shame, shame, shame

Hungary may legalize porn involving 14- to 17-year-olds for home use

What if there is a plan?

Let's not be angry in 08

caption this pic:

Let My People Go Surfing... (what an uplifting lecture.. must see tv)

Since Al Qaeda/Osama are still flourishing, I resurrect this ad from the 2004 campaign.

Dana Priest, RE: the soldiers involved in the Walter Reed story-

"Bush Cuts Off Diplomatic Relations With Congress"


Prosecutors attack Libby's credibility

Walter Reed and Michael J. Wagner

If Gen. Clark didn't run who would you support?

Dixie Chicks fans: Today is the DVD release of "Shut Up N Sing"

Our soldiers are dying in Al-Anbar because Bush says al-Qaeda is there, but so is Sunni oil . . .

Iraqi PM dismisses rape accusation against police - Says suspects should be commended

Partial list of Chimpy's presidential pardons:

Please do something about Racism . . .

Specter Asks Leahy To Hold Hearings RE Restricting President's War Powers

Growing Middle East Tensions Incite ‘Weapons Buying Binge’ Among Gulf States

*** New Thread at Libby Live: Zeidenberg’s Prosecution Summation One

Can You Imagine The MEDIA SHITFIT TIZZY That Would Ensue If This Was A DEM SUPPORTER?

3147 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Help me get started in civil disobedience/direct action.

Haggard's former church holds ‘day of hope’

Sniper answers reporter's question

Judge Rules Governor Schwarzenegger Broke the Law with Inmate Transfers

Please Please gag elizabeth hassleback...the view...Rosie is gone and can't smack her down

How stealthy gay donations altered the '06 election

Anyone listening to Randy today?

Will Libby be found guilty?

The perils of attacking Iran

What's the absolutely worst thing you saw on MSM

Dem. Now!: New Iraq Oil Law To Open Iraq's Oil Reserves to Western Companies

Iran Oil Production is Drying Up - Crude Prices Fall????

Say Everything

Blair tells Bush about British troop pullout

Bi-partisanship (???) in the Senate - List of co-sponsors of Edward Brooke's tribute resolution

U.S. soldier pleads guilty in Iraq rape, murders

Please support Operation Helmet

Mysterious last page of Bible found

Tweety on the Walter Reed fall out

NBC: NOW! Britain pulling troop out of Iraq

Heads up: Barney Frank will be on Dobbs today

Intelligent Design - The Board Game

Pictures tell the story: A rant about the Freepers and all who associate with them

Gay Military Captain: Male Sex Consensual - could get life in prison

Fresh Violence Rocks Iraq Capital/5 Soldiers killed/148 people/children Overcome w/Gas Fumes!

Riverbend has posted! Tuesday, Feb 20

Without Kucinich, Gore, or Clark, who are you leaning to?

You got to love these two Senators-Senators demand investigation of Reed

AP: War Losses Mount for Small Towns

Poteau Guardsman Shot, Killed In Afghanistan

Libby Trial Summation from FDL: Wells Summation (mispeak or intentional?)

Supporting the Troops = Getting More of Them Killed

Sky News Britain "Bush to talk to Blair over Troop withdrawal"

My daughter is almost 16...wants a job and can't get hired

Caption Tony Snow answering questions re: problems at Walter Reed Army Medical Center - pic

Most popular Clinton

Command of English Would Have Prevented Brazil's Worst Air Tragedy Ever

The FREEPERS are confused over 'there' (re: British exodus from Iraq)

Why is Blair pulling troops out of Iraq? My theory....

KBR is building a new facility at Guantanamo for "a possible mass exodus of Cubans"

John McFlip or John McFlop? Which is it now? Americans want to know.

A good idea worth sharing. Put "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) in your cellphone address book.....

Breaking CNN: Blair to announce troop withdrawal

"Why Hillary Isn't Qualified"


I can't wait for Fitz's presser after the conviction. Do you think he will have one?

Anyone know what the story on this is?

Former admiral says all American forces should pull out by year's end

how far back does the Walter Reed scandal go?what happened to those who spoke out?

Court tosses punitive damages against Big Tobacco

live coverage of anna nichole smith hearing on msnbc.I had to email Dan Abrams

Iranians tossing Israeli babies out of incubators. NT

The Washington Times was founded in 1982 by Sun Myung Moon, leader of the Unification Church

MSNBC "News Channel" thinks JFK -JUNIOR- was shot in Dallas in 1963.

What's new Pissypants? Woah, Woah ---pix--->>>

Tuesday TOON update

Aftermath (Walter Reed)

NYTimes: "A Tower That Sends A Message of Anxiety, Not Ambition"

Blair announces Brit troop withdrawl from Iraq

To know where we want to go, we must examine where we've been.

Only 700 days left of the Bush presidency

Hate Radio Host: Teachers Unions Are ‘Much More Dangerous’ Than Al Qaeda

Las Vegas building boom expected to create 113,500 jobs

George Takei's response to Hardaway's hate

Police: 11-Year-Old Arrested For Using Slingshot

"Homophobic outburst may do some good" by Leonard Pitts

Sen Kennedy: Abu Ghraib Worst Fall From Grace In US History-But Admin Avoids Responsibility For It.

YES!!!!they printed my letter responding to Joe Barton!!

Raw Story: Top Blogger Thinks Cheney is in Fitz's sites

I Just Went to THIRTEEN (13!) conservative Websites, and

Need some LTTE help responding to "Liberalism is a mental disorder"

737 U.S. Military Bases=Global Empire

here's how the republics have supported the troops

Americablog nails the American Legion for its hypocrisy

Have you seen these pictures of Bob Woodruff's recovery from the IED explosion?

Merck suspends lobbying for cervical cancer vaccine

How do Faux "New" viewers keep everything straight?

Lieberman 2008!


Check it out! Pew Poll results for "one word that describes George W. B*sh"

What I learned from the Today show today...

"He threw sand in the eyes of the FBI. He stole the truth of the judicial system. You return guilty

Tell me About Richardson

Death threats given to teen who turned in teacher that was proselytizing in class

The richer you are, the more easily you suffer

Empowering Veterans, Inc. Unveils its "Worst 10" Senators

USS Richard B. Cheney CVN-79

Is the bible literally the word of God and if so why don't Christians...

Damnit! Is Al Franken a homophobic bigot?

HuffPo: What Would You Do If Bush Declared Martial Law?

From a 15 year old Iraqi blogger

Curly neon lightbulb meltdown, lucky I was here to see it happen.

Okay, if Gore doesn't run, who would you support?

Press Briefing by Tony Snow Q & A re: Walter Reed

Who's your favorite progressive talk show host?

Murray Waas: If Libby convicted, Cheney next?

The Forgotten Families

'Islamofascism': the new totalitarianism ?

Fellow DUers... may I make another friendly suggestion please?

I couldn't help myself....but alas, no confrontation.

thom hartmann is the best

while in congress,Cheney voted 8 times against Veterans funding

Texas expected to approve shooting first in self-defence

Female Pakistani minister shot dead for 'breaking Islamic dress code'

WOW! This is pretty amazing: 21 week old premature baby to go HOME!

All Hail Prince Harry! The Man who Should be KING! He is Shutting down Brit Involvement in Iraq!

Brittun cuting and runing??? Boycott Fish and chip's!!!111 and Tea!!!11

"They Were Never Yours To Give"

***TOONS *** ... A Plethora Of Publican ------->

Scooter Libby asked that Marc Rich be pardoned for 'tax evasion' but there's too much more

Another interesting poll flashback: Dean Pulls Away In Dem Race

Neutrality On the Net Gets High '08 Profile

Hillary Clinton on Iraq--is she where the voters are? A theory.

McCain is going to crash and burn

Guys - here are updated TOLL FREE Capitol Hill switchboard numbers:

Please vote in this WLOB rightwing radio poll the show also is on Faux channel 23 in Maine

A new GOP record?

Welcome to McCain's flip-flop express

Beware the Wounded Bear

Joe Biden and the Mouth That Soars

Clinton Emphasizes Her Gender as Strategy

BBC: US 'Iran attack plans' revealed

An Observation: Looks Like Its A "Rush To The Right" On The Repug Side Of '08.....

War Criminals in Ottawa - Security and Prosperity Partnership

Bush and Washington: The worst versus the first

Happy Decider Day!

Libby trial: "you just have to find either one of them is false"

Fl Repugs want to screw the middle/lower class for rich friends

A poem for Mr. President

Escalation supporter claims Murtha is trying to "cripple President"

Republicans STILL Fighting on Minimum Wage Increase

Who is crazier (in the broadest sense of the word)?

Latest Rasmussen Poll..

What Makes A True Progressive?

Wishes Do Come True!

If Libby is convicted, remind everyone that he worked for Bush as well as for Cheney.

Libby is toast, unless... (Zeidenberg is destroying the defense's case)

Poll suggests Lieberman, Gephardt with an edge

**THIS** is but one reason why we vote DEMOCRATIC ......

Hartman is doing Dickens on AAR!

Restore Habeas Corpus

Is this going to stop? "Obama Storyline Heads South: Journalists Follow Racial Angle to S.C."

Report: Justice Dept inflated anti-terror stats

The FOUR branches of government ('TOON)

US touts Kurdish north as business gateway to Iraq (Reuters)

My mother the terrorist

New Libby thread up at firedoglake

Olbermann last night on the "slow bleed"

Meet the Press for Idiots

AP: (Tom) Allen (D-ME) touts measure to replace Real ID law

Obama Hires Clinton-Gore Pollster Joel Benenson


Clark,.... plus 21 more months of Bush

I can't believe I'm going to have to start avoiding this place already

George W. Bush**s Theme Song:

Do you want a LW Bush for President?

Snow: President Bush ‘Certainly’ Was ‘Aware Of The Conditions In The Wards’ At Walter Reed

Fitzgerald's rebuttal has begun.


UN's New Mission: Saving The Earth From Asteroids.Oh NOOOO!

Growing Middle East Tensions Incite ‘Weapons Buying Binge’ Among Gulf States

I *know* it's wrong to hope Libby gets buggered in prison...

Any funding bill for that war should include appropriation

Leave a message.

Is There Any Way To Put Pressure On This Administration To Not Give Libby......

Was there enough outrage? Enough publicity? (re: Walter Reed)

A little help vs. some freeping please =)

'Articulate' Double Standard?

What does it mean to "propose legislation" ? Levin, Coleman and Obama Take On Offshore Tax Havens:

Report:: Blair To Announce Timetable For Iraq Pullout

The road to the White House starts tomorrow in Carson City, Nevada 2-21-07

Does Anybody Have Details On What Kucinich Is Doing With 9/11 Info.....

I hate "Evangelicals"


American Legion accuses Congress of "betrayal of trust" and "surrender to the terrorists"

Border Guards should be pardoned (part 4)

Barack Obama is not black enough to be president

Putnam (R-FL) didn't know and didn't care that "Pelosi plane" story was false

Why we should take the BBC reports on Bush's Iran War plan seriously

The irony of Obama critics

"a stable, democratic, united Iraq, an ally in the war on Terra"

Do you think DU is the Democratic base?

What has WES CLARK Done? IRAN: A Work in Progress

Aggressive religious zealots showed their asses today at Mardi Gras

Has anyone personally talked to a pro-Mrs. Clinton fan firsthand?

If we end up with the so-called top two Hillary and Obama, the choice is easy, right?

Tony Snow says Bush "certainly was aware" of conditions at Abu Reed Building 18

How has the last six-seven years changed your life?

Poll: Hillary "standing by her man" boosts her in latest poll. So there!

Naysayers Say What You Want! Gore's Going to Come in ....