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Archives: February 21, 2007

George Soros – Bush America needs de-Nazification


The Nation: Worse than Scalia?

Study: Stricter voting ID rules hurt '04 turnout (USA Today)

New Libby Trial Information Trumps Dems "No Impeachment" Pledge

Public Safety Officers Deserve Basic Workplace Rights In All 50 States

Katrina vanden Heuvel: “If Iraq Don't Kill You, Walter Reed Will” (The Nation)

Guardian UK: Painful reluctance to speak out about UK role in (Iraq) conflict

The Fall of Modernity - Has the American narrative authored its own undoing?

Barlett and Steele are Back Exposing SAIC (Corporate Crime Reporter)

Last Year's Outsourcing Trends are Accelerating


Stephen Crockett: Patriotism Requires Economic Nationalism

Sen. Edward Kennedy: Abu Ghraib and American Moral Authority

E&P: 'Washington Post' Gets Results from Walter Reed Hospital Probe

Cheney, Libby, Neocons: Bullies Without Balls

Supreme Court's new tilt could put Scalia on a roll --LATimes

Warnings Over Privacy of U.S. Health Network (NYT) no overall strategy to ensure that privacy protec

Tom Paine: Dems' Disdain For Palestine

Scottish Power plans world's biggest wave farm

Sacramento Valley farmers sound alarm on bio-engineered rice

EU officials agree to 20% cut in carbon dioxide emissions by 2020

Skeptics Emerge on Technologies for Cleaner Coal

Cheap organic solar cells to be available in 5 years - 2002 report.

The Greenest Vehicles of 2007

IDF worried Hamas may have advanced missiles

40 experts - quotes about misgivings with 9/11 commission & questions that are still smoldering

The Magic of Bin Laden. WoW A must read.

forestry after 911 - a cartoon

WA: More than 176,000 names removed from voter rolls

Hey ERD! Please go chat up auto's thread

NEW: Princeton prof says e-vote machines hackable

NYT: Lower Voter Turnout Is Seen in States That Require ID

The False Dichotomies by Dems and Their Public-Advocy Supporters to Prop Up the Holt Bill...

Israel, U.S. May Shun Palestinian Gov't

Blair to Announce Iraq Withdrawal Plan

(confirmed) Iraq: the British endgame (The British are leaving! The British are leaving!)

E&P: 'Washington Post' Gets Results from Walter Reed Hospital Probe

Ivanov Predicts Arms Sales of $7.5Bln

Newspaper Poll: Kentuckians Want Senate GOP Leader McConnell to Oppose 'Surge'

(Hillary) Clinton Seeks Aid for Minority Students

Biden: National Security Key in 2008

States sue Bush administration over cement plant emissions

Report finds U.S. terrorism statistics inaccurate

Former admiral says all American forces should pull out by year's end

Democrats spring to action to help soldiers at Walter Reed

U.S. film shows despair under mountain of debt

Michael Moore Wins a New Court Round

Conyers Universal Healthcare Bill Picks Up More Labor Support

Indian Outsourcers Target U.S. Defense Contracts

Hitler-Themed Sugar Draws Ire of Jewish Rights Group

Rabrrr has said enough. You Guys should tell him about Me.

Hey Taterguy! If I keep looking at your naked pic I'm going to get tossed out of school!

I scored tickets up front for Iggy and the Stooges in Detroit, pretty much nothing else matters now

I seek September Morn.

Person of the Week: Welcoming the Troops Home

dolo amber stole my coffee press and gave it to asthmaticeog!

I seek porn.

"Heroes" fans, I have a theory.

The power of faith.

Atlanta Falcons player charged with felony cruelty to animals

I seek horn.

Okay, you don't need to e-mail me. Here's a pic of my big purple 'peep'.

GOPisEvil will be VERY glad to get back to Austin.

Best local news and weather video ever. Seriously, ever.

I seek scorn.

Is The Shield ever going to have a Season Six?

question about social work salaries?

I think we're having slumgullion.

SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Being a DU moderator may cause gray hairs and wrinkles

I would really appreciate some good vibes sent my way.

I think I might kick it up to Ludicrous speed...


HypnoToad will be VERY glad to be cured of Autism.

I want to kill my cell phone

pets are behaving badly today

Just as Fat on Tuesday

Ever see a frozen tidal wave?

My fellow Loungers...celebrate with me

So I went to Vegas this weekend and TOTALLY forgot to stalk Forrest Gump.

"Boston Legal" is on now. Great quote:

Tomahto AGAIN tonight. (CSI Miami)

I watched too much of the hulk today..

There is a kinky picture of a grapefruit in my most recent copy of National Geographic.

I could OD on this

Awww CRAP....

I want to swim with dolphins. Has anyone done it? If so, where?

Dear Michigan State:

Who is the sexiest Starbuck?

just cooked a pound and ate 3 helpings of Penne Gorgonzola pasta for dinner

The Birds

Student Group Starts Nap Club

Will you start a Library Thing?

I am going to leave early tonight - catch up on some reading!

GM President's Day Sale commercial is driving me up a farging wall.

So the Mods are off for tonight...when do the sex threads start?

Yet another old family picture thread

Plato has just acquired a new nickname

Should I watch Sex and the City or pluck my eyes out?

Fat Tuesday

How can I find out my credit score?

Four Legged Duck Born in Britain (AP)

HAHAHAHAHA, you know you have ALWAYS wanted to do this....

All right... who has hosed nude before...

I left the gym without working out because it was so crowded

I sure hate garbage breath.

this sank like a stone in GD, maybe you guys will like it

To all the new and repeat mods, plus the retirees:

How many people are posting in the Lounge right now? Count off here in this thread

I'm committing to doing more reading,

To the videogamers here...

Who is more disturbing?

I'm depressed.

Name a famous book you've never read:

Help. My fifteen-year-old daughter won't shut up!

If you could get rid of ONE cable channel (NOT Fox News!!), what would it be??

Another sleepless night.

7 of 9 day is thursday... the woman who helped barack obama become senator.

People with more than one pet. How do you do it? My poodle is so jealous of my new parakeet that I



I'm going to the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper at the Episcopal Church

I am a Real Housewife of Orange County.

Like Michael Bolton in Office Space, have you ever dealt with any faulty office equipment?

I am so pissed off a right wingers!

Hi, everyone.........I'm back........

just did a spell check on a post and "Matcom" isn't in the dictionary?????1111

Videogamers: Best villain?

You ever have a day when you

Who do you love

All right... Who has posed nude before....

I swear, Mallard Fillmore is the fucking funniest comic strip ever!

Here's an interview I did with Sam Seder a while back

"Flame First, Think Later: New Clues to E-Mail Misbehavior"

Replace one word with "squirrel(s)" in any active Lounge thread.

So, I'm sitting here eating almonds and cashews and wondering....

Once and for all: Small town life vs. city life

All right...who has posted nude before...

Post one line of song lyrics to describe the B*sh Administration.

Does or did anyone have cat that would go swimming with you?

Name an actor or actress that everyone seems to like but you.

Breakup Diet Update...

Without names or details, what is the number of DUers other than yourself you've seen naked?

nbc- To Catch a Predator nets reality-show holy grail...on air suicide.

Sunflowers 2007, Week #0 * * * *

Democratic Underground has new moderators!

Many Episcopalians Wary, Some Defiant After Ultimatum by Anglicans

How stealthy gay donations altered the '06 election

"STOP DOING IMMORAL THINGS!!!" (cross posted in the lounge)

Piston Pete....

I notice "Ignored" posts coming up sometimes in our threads. What

C-Span 3 replaying Senate 2002 debate on Wed 2/21

David Cameron answers questions: 9/11, Smoking Ban, Cannabis

Hunter Thompson Tribute with Johnny Cash Ritual

Dana Priest Talks About Walter Reed Part 1 on Imus

George W. Bush loves to kill people

WBBM News: A Look at Walter Cronkite's Career (3/36/1981)

Dana Priest Talks About Walter Reed Part 2 on Imus

Olbermann's report on the shameful treatment of Iraq Vets

O.J. Simpson must pay past but not future royalties to Goldmans

Libby's Atty cried?

Iran is PROVOKING US? Gimme an effin break.

U.S. brushes off Iran offer on nuclear shutdown

Defenders Mobilize to Assist Teen Who Aborted

Blair DELAYED plan to have Iraq troops home within WEEKS because of US pressure?

ACLU Calls on New Jersey Supreme Court to Protect Reproductive Freedom and Free Speech

AFSCME Members at Library of Congress Concerned Over Asbestos Incidents

Tweety's 'back' in Philly tonight...

The Webster Green 6th Annual Worst President In US History Poll..

Any Bets about BLAIR popping up at Carlyle Group within 1yr of leaving office?

Bizarre but not bad: Israeli bus passengers taught yoga

something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily

Aging Mex Temp Workers Demand Savings frozen by the Mexican government over 50 years ago

Not Supporting Our Troops

What's in a name? ... or, how much does it matter (Obama and others)

I think this is important - I will rephrase it.

Miner's widow files wrongful death lawsuit

Stars & Stripes: Stennis Aircraft Carrier Group Arrives in Persian Gulf

Could Blair announcing Troop withdrawal have anything to do with Iran?

Anyone watching C Span 1

Helen Thomas Moving Back After 46 Years Down Front

CNN anchor on Brittney Spears in rehab story:

Faux Gibson: Why No Mention That Salt Lake Shooter Was Muslim?

Foreign Press: Operation TIRANNT (Theatre Iran Near Term) Plans Updated

VF: From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq

ACORN Opposes Near Tripling of Green Card Application Fees from $325 to $905

Hillary gets two key endorsements in South Florida (Reps Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Alcee Hastings)

Another way to end the war: make funding conditional on Iraqi referendum on occupation

Press coverage of the Bush Presidency. Live on CSPAN now; 7:43 PM CST.

Court Ruling Protects Mine Workers against Diesel Pollution

Where Does School Authority End? Supreme Court Will Draw the Line

For Skidmore -- my response to your suggestion about McCain

Has anyone received "The Secret Terrorists"????

Jonathan Alter "Hagel used to be a good friend of John McCain"

Howdy Doody lookin' nimrod!!! Worst Person in the World!!!

Police say political dispute with stranger got physical

Bo Dietl says that a US attack on Iran is imminent- battle groups ready to turn Iran into a parking

Anti-American feelings soar as Muslim society is radicalised by War on Terror

Matson TOON: Mission Admonished

Bono praises Reid on AIDS funding

PBS Program on now on EST - Public opinion of the Press n/t

CNN's Blitzer and Reporter Jamie McIntyre steal Dana Priest Scoop/ Walter Reed Bld. 18!

Don't miss KO tonight

The minute they started calling Prince Harry a bullet magnet, Blair's sphincter tightened!

heehee.... Rep. Adam Putnam - KO's Worst Person in the World

One Million Dollars Raised in One night: Barack goes Hollywood

Headline: Reduction in U.S. Troops ....

Have you checked out Al Gore's new Web site?

PBS' Frontline: News War: A special 4-part investigation into the future of news

Over at Jim Earl's Big Page of Crap you can...

If all it took to get British troops out of Iraq was Prince Harry's demand to be sent there.....

A suggestion from John Gideon @ voters unite.

Tapes of George Bush's love songs to Laura discovered

Los Angeles Loves Obama! Link to the rally ~

'Abandoned' in Cheyenne (USA TODAY)

Stupid question...

A Father's Letter to the Editor:

What do you think of....?

Talking Point: Not giving Bush's "new strategy" a chance

C-Span1 3pm EST 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates Forum

Bush re Bin Laden: "I will screw him in the ass!" (SERIOUSLY!)

What efforts are underway to block an attack on Iran?

FRONTLINE "News Wars" Part 2 Starting now!

"Big Close" (Jane Hamsher on Fitzgerald's closing arguments at Libby Trial)

Chicago Daily Herald: ECC Professor's Observations of Iraq

Response to out of context propaganda video - Need help

Okay, when Dead Intern Joe smacks Bill O'Lielly, it's snowballs in hell time.

Over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Bush to Ariel Sharon on if he captured Osama: "I will screw him in the ass!"

The #1 way the Democratic Party can lose the White House in 2008

Anyoen besides me see this?

Island's cargo cult celebrates 50 years worshipping the US Say What? Four Bewildering Recent Remarks From the Bush Administration

American Empire has reached acute phase profound & long-drawn-out economic crisis, endless wars

It's enough to present your own candidate's record and intentions without tearing at other Dems

Newspaper Poll: Kentuckians Want Senate GOP Leader McConnell to Oppose 'Surge'

NYT: Bush Friends, Loyal and Texan, Remain a Force

Over at RimJob's FreeRepublic

Bush is going to hang some Iraqi women now. Hope his thugs don't rip their heads off

Bush: British pullout from Iraq a `sign of success'

Our dems in Washington need to pound on the veteran's issues

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy Fat Tuesday Everyone

For the love of Darwin, DUers, don't just present your candidate. You must tear down the others

Revisiting some of the RW sites tonight for outrage on Walter Reed situation

Word of the Day: "Misrecollected"- Libby, Libby Libby trial

White supremacist activity in US flourishes, fueled by anti-immigrant sentiments

What the HELL is CNN doing? What a buncha dumbasses!

Cooking Civilians

Texas FINALLY addressing the issue of mental illness in the prison system

Religious Freedom on the March- Alberto Gonzales

Most vacuous, NON hard-hitting, useless TV "journalist" today:

Are the Brits BrAVER or Just SmARTER Than US?

Let's hear about how we have to be tough and firm on immigration

Clinton calls Democratic Rivals 'Soft on Terror"

West Coast - Frontline Part 2 Tonight - PBS

To your knowledge, did Andy Rooney say this?

Florida Republicans favor elimination of property tax in favor of 3 cent increase in sales tax

BBC exclusive: Plan for Iran attack broader than expected [VIDEO]

Are you the soft or hard Left? (or both?)

VIDEO - Chris Wallace's Doofus Moment of the Moment...

GOP spits on injured veterans>> picture

A Dad writes a Letter to the Editor

Covering the wrong point on Walter Reed

lavish splendor at WH Christmas decor while troops suffer

(Black) Georgia teens get 10 years prison sentence for killing a dog

very simple thing to help out CWA (communications union) on broadband legislation

I figured out how the Republicans will explain the conditions at Walter Reed

Santa Clara University holds racist "South of the Border" party

So...I went to the dentist today

Why isn't Aspartame ....ika Nutrasweet, in the news?

I live in Los Angeles.

Did You See Craig Ferguson's rant late last night? Awesome!!

*Democracy Alert* Elections Forum NEEDS a FEW Volunteers for the News Thread (Rate up plz)

Democratic Underground has new moderators!

Norma Rae, why's it so hard?

Winning hearts and minds, one rape at a time.

They love him( U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken) , but it's a tough crowd


Blair confirms Iraq timetable

Court Orders Bush Labor Department to Respond to Unions’ Safety Suit

Robert Parry: Bush Is Losing the 'War on Terror'

White House defends Rumsfeld from McCain criticism

The Authoritarians- online book

The End of the Era of the Single Issue Voter...

'Prez On The Rez' - Oklahoma INDNs Make News

Biden: National security key in 2008

Who was Senator Hillary Clinton referring to when she made this statement

In South L.A. rally, Obama vows sweeping changes

Do you support cutting off funds for the war as follows?

Things to Remember Everyday

Lynn Sweet re: Obama's Community Oraganizing Past and Book

Sometimes I wonder why I post here....

My email to Chris Smith, Congresman in NJ

All the leading Republican candidates have had more the one wife except...

NYT: Lower Voter Turnout Is Seen in States That Require ID

Will Obama exageration/lies about community organizer past doom his run?

Kerry Response to British Redeployment Plan

Kerry Joins Obama, McCaskill To Improve Conditions At Walter Reed Hospital

Get Stupid

TomPaine: A War Conspiracy Documented

Juan Cole: "This is a rout, there should be no mistake."

The Nation: Supporting Genocide

Patients File Lawsuit Challenging Federal Government on Medical Cannabis, Demand FDA Correct Misinfo

Closing Libby arguments were media focus, but big story was Fitz: "Cloud over" VP, White House

Let's Put the "Off the Record Club" On the Record

Robert Parry: Bush Is Losing the 'War on Terror' (Consortium News)

Medicare vs. Britney (MATT TAIBBI)

Rolling Stone: Weathervane McCain: Throw Rummy Under the Bus

The Electoral College: A political anachronism whose time has come to go...

SEESHOLTZ: The Wisdom of Youth

BAKER: Dysfunctional Government, Dysfunctional Family

Satellite (Radio) Synergy By Howard Kurtz

Debt to America's troops isn't being paid

Italian Premier Resigns After Losing Senate Majority

Thomas Schaller: How Failure in the War Has Meant Success for Conservatism

Govt policy on Iraq inconsistent: Rudd

Curt Goering: Bring America Back from the 'Dark Side'

A Dream Still Unfulfilled (re: Black History Month)

Countdown for Iran: When Commonsense is Nonsense

Judge Santelle Strikes Again!

Mission Imperial: Life in the Green Zone (Part I)

Robert Scheer: Hillary's Calculations Add Up to War (Truthdig)

Hillary Clinton's sorry nonapology.

White House and Pentagon Cowards Betray Real War Heroes, Again, Failing to Support the Troops

Party time: How the CPA bowed out with a farewell barbecue

ANALYSIS-Iraq war again evokes ghosts of Vietnam

Robert Fisk: Lebanon Will Be First Victim of Iran Crisis

R. Moore's Newsletter pieces together the potential preparations for attack on Iran.

Sabrine, Rape, and the Iraqi occupation: by Riverbend

NYT: For Youths, a Grim Tour on Magazine Crews

Britain's Iraq war bombshell

For Success in Iraq, U.S. Forces Must Out-Innovate Insurgents

Dobbs: Will the Democrats save their souls?

Pentagon Thinks Big concerning attack on Iran (JUAN COLE)

LAT: Joint Force Weighs Move On Sadr City


Paul Rieckhoff: Walter Reed Hospital: Mice, Mold and Roaches

Steve Jobs, Proud to Be Nonunion

Bush Is Chided by Prosecutor in Libby Case

WaPo editorial: Rotten Homecoming

Beyond Baghdad, Grass-Roots Security(without the grassroots of Iraqi Commandos)

The UN's new international radiation symbol

IKEA Will Start Charging Customers Five Cents For Plastic Bags - Inquirer

Do Sustainable Cities Have a Future?

Next Up For The Everglades - A Planned Giant Coal-Fired Power Plant By Lake Okeechobee

TXU Coal Plan All About Locking Up Texas Energy Market, Discouraging Innovation - Star-Telegram

Why Arctic sea ice is shrinking

WSJ energy blog

Group wants to halt genetically-modified, herbicide-resistant alfalfa seed

ExxonMobil Abandoning $7 Billion GTL Project In Qatar - NYT

Texas postpones TXU coal-plant hearing - Reuters

Yellowstone Air Quality Continuing To Improve - Houston Chronicle

Taiwan Pissed At Stream Of China's Garbage Covering Its Beaches - Reuters

Even the Amish have it figured out

EPA - US GHG Emissions Up 16% 1990 - 2005 - Boston Globe

Spanish Environment Ministry - Alicante (SE Spain) Facing Permanent Drought Thanks To Climate Shift

Despite Endless Hype, "Clean" Coal Technology Years Away From Real-World Applications - NYT

India Bans Atomic Exports to Iran

Record-breaking Methane Storage System Derived From Corncobs

Judge blocks TX Gov. Perry's fast-tracking of coal-fired power plants

How many Australians does it take to change all the light bulbs?

Hemp Legislation Alert

Study Shows Yellowstone Air Quality Improves

Warming heats up hurricane debate

River run-off threatens Great Barrier Reef - Reuters

EPA seeks comment on greenhouse gas inventory - Reuters

Israeli Chief Rabbi Issues Fur Edict

Blair: Progress with some Hamas elements possible

West Bank settlements expanded in 2006

Edwards: Israel not a threat to world peace

Donna Marsh O'Connor

BBC interested in a fair portrayal, or not?

Vermont Local TV Station to air 9/11 Panel - 2/21/2007 - 8pm

The world we perceive is not a fixed and “objective” reality,

Was a "star-wars" beam weapon used at the WTC?

Why The World Trade Towers Must Come Down!­

Hypothetical situation: What would happen if MIHOP was proven true?

Deconstructing the Naudets’ propaganda film

get this to Senator Feinstein and GAO please


Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 2/21/07 OPEN HONEST ELECTIONS-The Basics

Ethical questions about Diebold personnel

Reuters: Show more evidence on terror suspect, FBI told (Texas al Qaeda suspect)

Sketches Released of India Bomb Suspects

AP: Mexico to lobby for immigration reform

US judge orders domestic spying cases to proceed

BBC - Japan ups interest rates to 0.5%

MNF Iraq: MNF-W Forces Attacked (soldier killed)

Howard plays down British plan

India-US meet to focus on high technology exports

Reuters: Iran vows to pursue atom program despite deadline

Amnesty slams Canada over Afghan detainees

Ford misses some buyout goals; workers face layoffs: Detroit News

Nissan to cut jobs, offers buyouts

Medical report says al-Janabi's claims groundless - spokesman(Iraq gov't "outs" woman in rape claim)

Suicide car bomber kills 8 in Iraq

(ABC Interview) Cheney Says British Troop Withdrawal Is Positive Sign

Australia in step with UK on Iraq: Downer

Libby 'Told a Dumb Lie,' Prosecutor Says in Closing Argument

Court: Public workers have no right to union aid when disciplined

India, Pakistan sign nuke deal in defiance of train attacks

Lithuania 'seriously considering' withdrawing troops from Iraq

Average 2016 health-care bill: $12,782

Taliban set to ramp up bomb attacks in spring, NATO spokesman says

Missile shield in Poland, Czech Republic to counter Iran: Rice

AP: One Spanish soldier killed, two wounded in attack in Afghanistan

McCain To Deliver Keynote Speech For Creationists

Satellite (Radio) Synergy By Howard Kurtz

Status of coalition forces in Iraq (Poland staying put)

Black Hawk makes `hard landing' in Iraq (crew is safe)

Italian prime minister resigns

CIA Leak Case Turned Over to Jury

Edwards: Israel not a threat to world peace

South Dakota Senate committee kills abortion ban bill

Anti-American feelings soar among Muslims, study finds

University students seek attention for South Florida housing crisis

(Guardian) India Bans Atomic Exports To Iran

Another U.S. Chopper shot down in Iraq

Sorry, moderator. Dupe. n/t

Italian PM hands in resignation

Nearly all terrorism data flawed, audit finds

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 21

E&P/AP: Congressman Keith Ellison, first Muslim in Congress, endorses Obama


Reuters: Judge dismisses Cuban militant Posada's claims

Rhode Island to recognize same-sex marriages done in Massachusetts

Rhode Island to recognize gay unions performed in Massachusetts (per A.G. opinion)

South Dakota House approves money for free cervical cancer vaccine

U.S. helicopter may have been shot down (US troop killed on Tues)

Cheney disagrees with McCain on Rumsfeld

Cherokee tribe considers selling drugs from Canada (by mail)

Bush-Impeachment Event In Olympia Draws Hundreds

Military now says 29 soldiers wounded in Tarmiyah attack (5 have “serious injuries”)

Rice denies US-led coalition in Iraq is crumbling

McCain defends Christian outreach effort

Salt Lake Tribune: "Affidavit: McVeigh had high-level help"

Jitters as US consumer inflation jumps

Medical pot advocates sue feds over false info

Catholics, Anglicans discuss reuniting (Henry VIII is rolling in his grave!)

EXCLUSIVE: Cheney Says British Troop Withdrawal Is Positive Sign

Reuters: U.S. soldier pleads guilty in Iraq rape, murders

Report finds terrorism statistics inaccurate (REUTERS)

Denmark may announce Iraq withdrawal plan

Broken winch puts end to whale hunt - Greenpeace

(Southern) Baptists Asked to Crack Down on Abusers

Cheney says U.S. wants to leave Iraq "with honour

NYT: Insurgents Using Dirty Bombs Against Iraqi Civilians

Justices won't lift reprimand of outspoken Mich. lawyer

Prince Harry 'to be sent to Iraq' - BBC report

AP: Supreme Court rules against wrongly imprisoned man

(CNN) Iranian official offers glimpse from within: A desire for U.S. ally

Bush Is Chided by Prosecutor in Libby Case (Great HEADLINE)

NYT: Teacher Defends Religious Comments in Class

Clinton, Obama trade barbs over donor

(Alberto) Gonzales says religious freedoms a priority

Iraqi PM releases records of alleged rape victim(warrarts issued for unspecified charges)

BBC: Iran drones 'can attack US ships'

Has anyone ever noticed with Jay Leno that everytime he has Dennis Miller on...

My work laptop is installing a bunch of updates and won't let me f*@#ing see them

Kisses for you DU!

'Goo' was the best ForrestGump release.

If the DU Lounge were a film noir, who would play the femme fatale?

Hi everyone.........I never freakin' left.......

It's the middle of February, it's in New England, and it's RAINING outside. That's right,

Panda bear gets startled!

Without giving details, who are the other Duers that have seen you naked?

He killed two of 'em in one night...ha ha ha ha

What's your reaction when you sit in a seat that's still warm from the person that sat there before?

Nicole Doesn't Believe I Will Go To Bed Now..

Who Would Make A Better President

Vote here

So I'm old and stupid and just found Henry A Wallace.

Daily Dose of Awwwwwwww!

They say charity begins at home and this week, in this home, that seems to be the case

Question: watching Conan with Heather Graham

Win free drinks by tricking your friends!

I had a nightmare last night

bush was right about one thing....he really is a uniter!!!

No booze... no beads... no boobies... I'm going to bed.

*RANT* When people register things online, it doesn't ask for the password to your email!

Good song by the Who...but...

If the Lounge was a film noir flick, who'd be the requisite male detective? star just went away.

I Gave Myself a Black Eye Getting in My Fiance's Car. Is That Self-Abuse?

Hockey Player Ejected For Mooning Crowd

Dancing with the stars Season 3-- BILLY RAY CYRUS!!!!!

My in-laws sent me that awful Jane Fonda bs that was around years ago.

Hello from mexico(dial up warning)

Vicodin makes me...

Congratulations Erika!! 20,000 posts

These babies T-shirts are a riot.

I'm sick of online date sites. Rips offs and bullshit. Where is the best place to

Anyone been to Amazon lately?

Woman Charged With Reckless Driving - Blames It On Cat's Death

Has Anyone Here Had an Eye Exam at Costco?

Van Halen Reunion Off The Table

Good morning, DU!!!


Which do you fear more?

So, we're adopting a FIV+ kitty

"I want to be able to make Westerns like Kurosawa makes Westerns."

Something really weird on the Today show this morning

Brit checks out of Rehab - no, not the same article as the other time she lasted under 24 hours

Andy Summers on Jonesy's Jukebox today at noon Pacific

Why am I so tired?

They are going to close the Barbaro Message Board soon!

Anyone see Jewel on Soundstage over the weekend?

the only 2008 poll that matters

Nazi Camp Used For Nude Photo Shoot

All right... Who has posted nude before and can prove it

Today is laundry day

On this day in 1988 ..... Scandal

Wher are my Socks dammit?

All right... Who has posted nude before....

I would give all my worldly possessions to the one person who could...

hey muscLey arm - why the Long face?

"NASCAR sucks. Go home."

What exactly are "SAN FRANCISCO VALUES"?

HELP - It is Q week at school - what should KWkid bring for show and tell

I think Midlodemocrat wants to have The Gay for LostinVA and I.

ABC to pilot "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off: WSJ

I just got laid off!

Pissed about M&M ad in theatres using "This is the Day" by The The as a soundtrack.

what are you listening to right now?

Car question, some advice needed.

Do You Still Have The xmas spirit?

Late Classical Pianist revealed as Fraud by iTunes software

Clean Up, Aisle 9....!

I have decided. As of 6pm MST tonight, I am giving up posting on DU for Lent.

Hunnicut or Trapper? Discuss

Today I wish for all of you DU Loungers,

What a pleasant surprise!

guess which kid is in trouble...

some people go out of their way to make you feel small

What is your orientation?

Remember the good viibes that I asked for? For the new job???

The problem with Ambien

Who watches Extras?

Amy Sedaris Craft Challenge

my favorite type of myspace buLLetin

I'm 10 post away from 15000

What prescription meds do you take?

I was just sent an email containing some fabulous pics that I need posting

I am the devil

I have to go out for printer ink

College Republican Students To Host "Find The Illegal Immigrant" Game

Richard Thompson - A Solitary Life video.

With names and details, who are the DUers other than yourself you've seen naked?

I need some extra attention

Speaking of squirrels.

Can anyone give me a detailed synopsis of Law & Order: CI from last night?

Why did instrumental songs stop being popular?

I have decided. As of 6pm MST tonight, I am giving up posting nude on DU for Lent.

Post here if I never dreamed about kissing you

omg, someone viewed and saved my resume on Monster!

A little Wednesday cheer up.....

Isn't a relationship with an ex still a relationship?

I just saw something that broke my heart

Should I have me some ice cream??

I've been puking all afternoon, have a killer headache, and I'm supposed to

Why can't people just say they're no longer interested in going out?

Did you know that Britney Spears

Gawd...just got back from the gym for the first time in 3 1/2 wks

My post about Britney Spears

y'know what this pLace needs?

What Modern President Are You Most Like?

Dinty Moore Beef Stew - my God, this shit sucks.

Steve Miller Band or Huey Lewis & the News - which do you prefer

CONFESS!!!!! You know all the words to "The Joker" and secretly love the song

Video training for the new mods. This is how you're supposed to act:

What kind of messages do you write to mods when you hit the alert button?

NASCAR doing something right!

my post in GD is sinking quickly! I need help!

What scares a man?

I like this judge in the Anna Nicole hearing...

i'm giving up Lent for Lent.


Fucking communist squirrels

Need vegetarian recipes - anybody got a good source?

I have decided. As of 6pm MST tonight, I am giving up posing nude on DU for Lent.

I just filled up 2 garbage bags with old clothes from my closet...

From memory, post a line out of a book you loved as a child

The Wednesday Evening "What's for dinner?" thread.

The Mississippi Squirrel Revival

Dead Blonde, Hairless Blonde, Murdering Ex-Football Player

Democratic Underground has new squirrels!

Chia Britney!!

Would you shave your drugs for....

Would you shave your head for drugs?

Why do I feel guilty?

Hard Gay cooking with kids.

How Much of a Sociopath are you?

Ok, my house is an insane asylum

Here's a thought.....

My camera has a 900mm lens - ask me anything!

If you had to give up one of your five senses, which one would it be?

fucking communist laundromats

It's the HypnoToad's new lens appreciation thread!

DIY Hanukkah Cookies

Once more, with feeling - an interview tomorrow at 10:00am

Fucking Nazi Squirrels.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/21/2007)

For Lent I'm going to give up hating Chicago and swearing at FIBs on the highway

Can someone go downstairs and put my clothes in the dryer?

question about fox television for the lounge

The train wreck goes on: Britney leaves rehab ... AGAIN!

Why do the big car rental agencies only have "American" Cars (Ford, GM)

CAPTION the Brigadier General

Congratulations GoPsUx 15,000 posts

AirmensMom Appreciation Thread

I'm feeling rather down tonight. Cheer me up?

For the clown-haters...

"NO! YOU'RE howard cosseLL's toupe!"

DU, at this time tomorrow I'm afraid I won't be here.

Happy birthday Rowdyboy!!

Netflix SUCKS


Willard Wigan: Micro Sculptor. OMFG!

For my 15000th post just a Thank you !!!

"Goo" was the best Sonic Youth release.

Rhetorical question: Why must some people rain on parades?

Poor guy just had all his money taken from his account by a creditor.

Ducasse or Jarry?

Wednesday Morning Interrogation:

Congratulations Bluebear!! 30,000 posts

What's the one household chore

I was told I have "bad taste" in rock music!

Are you giving anything up for Lent?

I signed by best friend up for a MySpace account

How close is Brittany Spears to the Bush White House?

Ponch or Jon? Kate or Allie?

Songs That Get You Moving!

So....I broke my ankle ( and tore some ligaments ) last Sunday taking out the trash

Help! I have finally decided to actually buy a computer - what is

Guessing game: What DUer did I dream I was kissing last night?

You ever buy a song on iTunes that you already own on CD?

Oscar contest?

Florida judge in Anna Nicole hearing: Is he a loose cannon or a TV star in the making?

Anna Nicole Smith's MOTHER!

Zoo pics...

Would you shave your head for a drug test?

Is DU a drug for you???

Van Halen breaks up...again

First They Came For the Barbers, Then The Hand-Holders [sigh].....

Portland City Commissioner sues Oregon for discriminating against same-sex couples

Does AIDS ever cause total Liver and Kidney failure?

The Rude Pundit: Michael Medved Wants To ...

Do you consider New Jersey civil unions to be a victory for gays and lesbians?

Wisconsin has been ranked number one for about a week now

Worst team owner in sports currently

We have a mod in our midst...

A link to clips from Oprah's Secret Show (just the first one)

Please tell me I'm wrong...

A general basic astro question

I have to sign a document during this retrograde

Veterans occupying Rep. Markey's office on 1.20.2007.

So, BLM, did you hear about the terrorist financier who donated to the GOP?

FWIW: Al Gore as President

good article on the simplistic punditocracy

I guess that Hillary Clinton is going to fire Terry McAuliffe after that!

Great Diary on DKos. Sad comment from Sen. Kerry

Freezing out Fox News. Hmmm . . . I wonder if Kerry should do this, too.

man am I sick of the campaign already

So bashing Kerry is going to be a 2008 campaign technique?

The Corruptibles

Meet the Press - For Idiots

McCain Flip-Flops on Gay Marriage

Trial of Century A cloud hangs over the Vice Prez

Up is down, left is right, and over the rainbow grandma

Blackwater Brass form Intelligence Company (Total Intelligence)

One Card Monte - Tony Blankley shoots another blank.

McCain To Deliver Keynote Speech For Creationists

"If Fergus Cullen has the courage of his convictions, he should go enlist"

Is Libby jury in session considering the case?

Has Bush admitted he wants regime change in Iran?

This Post Is Not About Current Events

Have You Seen... Meet The Press (For Idiots) ???

McCain reaches out to conservative Christians, "is breaking down walls"


Who is Raymond S. Kraft?

Hiding the Bodies

Act against al-Qaida (in Pakistan), Bush told (Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif)

There's lots of time for the primaries, is there time for Iran?

C-Span - Weds, 2/21, 3pm ET: Presidential Candidates Forum **LIVE**

Party Over Country:25 Members Of Congress Who Criticized Escalation But Voted

Where are the pics of * pushing the kids peace signs away?

Other Than Jesus, or a tree in San Antonio

Obama volunteer called our home today

Let's take a closer look at that new poll the Repubs are waving about

How much of an advantage does Hillary have in fund raising?

Russia fights with Iran over nuclear money

Bernie Ward talking Walter Reed Bldg 18 -- streaming

More Fallout from 'Wash Post' Probe of Veterans' Care

British to begin Iraq pullout in April; White House says move 'success,' sign of stability

~SOS~ Rat Patrol volunteers needed

Robert Scheer: Hillary Clinton is not a peace candidate

Live coverage of Blair

washington journal-Libby,Pakistan,Iraq war impact on terrorism

Mind-Control Rays The CIA Are Beaming Into My Head Have Affected My Golf Game (Mogambo)

Indian soldier died rescuing passengers

At Least Have the Courage

Special Report: Area 51 Uncovered

Walter Reed, Bldg 18 When are the right wingers going to step up

"Don't in this case sacrifice Scooter Libby for how you may feel about the war in Iraq...

White House spin on British troop withdrawal - Iraqis stood up so they could stand down

Gawd I wish we had a Parliament.....

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

OIL-"Operation Imposing Law"-WTF???? I couldn't believe my ears when I heard

Bill Maher's ripping on chimpy right NOW on Leno--TUNE IN

Truthdig interview: Danny Goldberg on Antiwar Artistry

Danish PM to annouce troop withdrawl today

MSNBC (Olbermann) Adds Laugh Track To Fox News

ACLU backs student in flap over religion in class

Occupation Project report - Rep. Markey (D-MA), Day One (XPOST from MA)

Why are they leaving?

BBC reports on US military plans to strike Iran

Eclipsing Government Failures in War on Terrorism-Jesselyn Radack

The Big Close: Marcy, Jane and Christy from FDL (politics tv video)

* stops for an 'unscheduled' lunch at Porker's barbecue restaurant - pics

US citizens shouldn't be talking about 2008 election yet

sLIMUS gives free speech a filthy name

"The President FEELS..."

Phone companies are voluntarily turning over millions of customer records to the National Security A

Obama supporters, listen up:

Look to W, not Hil, for 'sorry'

Any word from the Libby jurors yet?

NJ kid tries to reform 'public' education.

As Britain goes, so goes Denmark . . . and Lithuania

Australia says Britain is not cutting and running

Anorexia and the Genetic Connection

I'd have a hell of a lot more respect for Sens. Clinton and Obama if . . .

I'll bet you a dollar there will be no mention of the terrible conditions at the VA today.


From Aug 2005: Panel Approves Plan to Close Walter Reed Army Hospital

Question about Walter Reed Hospital

Rice says Iraq coalition 'remains intact'

It used to be wingnuts bemoaning "posse comitatus"

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed. 2/21 .... A Shadow

3,148 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war of choice

Cordesman: US escalation and UK withdrawl will lead to same thing, expanded Shi'ite influence

That librul media is at it again!

Listen to a hero!!

Is Bush being attacked by sperm in the banner ad?

What was that again? Fighting them over there so we don't have to here???

BUSH at LUNCH ---pix--->>>

Conyers:The British and the Danes Realize the Futility

Why Socialist Market Economies?

David Brooks just intimated (to Imus) that Walter Reed is the patients' fault.

GAO released a corrupt "Report"

Foe of gay marriage facing assault charges

Whine of the day: Conservative Banned by Digg

Sabrine Al-Janabi - the bravest Iraqi woman ever

CHENEY-"McCain Apologized For Saying Nasty Things About Me-Maybe He'll Apologize To Rumsfeld"

Reid: Senate may move ahead Mon. with effort limiting '02 measure authorizing Bush's use of force

Sen. Tim Johnson - Released From Hospital

Ok, Ok I am in camp Hillary and so it was written.

Cheney, POd that Mccain dissed Rummy: threat or knowing him well?

Uh oh! Juror problem in Libby trial.

Need right-wingers' death-threat quotes

If Bush is still planning his 30 year War on Terror - we seriously

Bolton tell all likely to slam State Department, UN

National Military Families Association: Report on the Cycles of Deployment (Impact on Mil. Families)

Blog: "Co-Dependent Congress Must Wake Up...The President is Crazy As A Loon"

Maybe We Deserve to Be Ripped Off By Bush's Billionaires (Excellent article)

NC Gov Easley Seeks Tax Cut/Free College For Working Poor/Poor.....

Oh Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitney!

Caption Robert Novak!

War on terror in Iraq is creating new terrorists. Whaddayaknow, CNN is

There will be a Pentagon Press conference at 11AM ET re VA

Riverbend's blog today is heart wrenging.

Forget The Complaints About The MSM, YOU Are The Media!

USNews: Bush is "confident" that Dems don't have the "gumption" to vote down the Iraq funding

Mother Jones Investigation: " Iraq Effect: War Has Increased Terrorism Sevenfold! "

U.S. wants to leave Iraq "with honor," Cheney says

Cheney: Murtha is an old friend of mine, but his Iraq plan will validate the "al Qaeda strategy"

65 US troops have been killed in Iraq in the last 21 days.

Nevada Democratic Candidate Forum on CSPAN NOW!!!

Lou Dobbs blasts DLC and Third Way: Will Democrats save their souls?

The official spin on the VA Story-blame the soldiers and their families.


Hookergate, Iran-Contra and 600 dead American soldiers

Just sent to the Washington Post:

Crowd Hears Call For Ouster Of Bush (Olympia, WA)

"If Murtha gets his way, my son fighting right now in Iraq won't get paid"

C-Span to televise Democratic Pres forum in Nevada today (live) at 3:00 EST

Here is an image of the GOP becoming unhinged....

Submit a question to Michael Leavitt, Secretary of HHS. He will be discussing healthcare- 2 pm est

Former Chino Correctional Offers Indicted On Civil Rights Charges

Safety Alarms Raised at Nuclear Weapons Plant

* 'We have a duty here in Washington to take care of the poor, the disabled, and the elderly, ...'

Safety Alarms Raised at Nuclear Weapons Plant

stats for enlistments?

Will the rape of Sabrine trigger a full blown Iraq civil war?

Libby verdict: Time now for congress and MSM to get involved

Michael Moore wins another round in libel case

Top Sunni official fired over rape case

Uh oh, something's cooking.

UK troop reduction a welcome catalyst, says Iraqi president

Snow Backtracks, Now Claims Bush Didn’t Know Of Walter Reed Neglect

Today * tours... Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tenn - pics

Is the military preparing for a D-Day type landing in Iran?

Women drunk, not "spiked"?

Gannon Sighting

Afford Health? pic of * laughing

CNN: UK move inflames debate on Bush troop increase

"We're winning the war in Iraq"

Remember man that you are dust and unto dust you shall return.

Mitt Romney will be the RePUKE presidential nominee

James Brown and Little Richard on Wheel of Fortune.

Olbermann Has Something To Say About Cooper, Beck, & Grace

Bush pledged to fire anyone "involved" in Plame leak -

3149 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

ARRRGGH "Due to popular demand" I cannot stream AAR anymore! Anyone got a working link?

Say hello to... 'Post-Conservatism'?

Helen Thomas moves back

"The Half Hour News Hour" now open for viewer comments @ metacritic

Film Critic and Arch Conservative Michael Medved is an idiot.

Cindy Sheehan: Mistakes, Mismanagement and MoveOn, Slowly Bleeding to Death

More than just the Bush crowd to blame for

Dell is now ready to make a Linux desktop move.

NBC's Brian Williams: There will be no mention of Britney Spears or Anna Nicole tonight

Veteran's anti-war broadside posted on his barn

Libby verdict: Guilty or Not Guilty (Via a paid off juror)?

Coalition of the De-surging. Britain, Denmark withdrawing

What does the book of Job tell us about Gawd?

Bush views British troop withdrawal as a success

"Comedian" Jackie Mason has jumped the shark.

Please DU, no more "celebrities gone wild" threads.

Exclusive: The Official Draft of the Oil and Gas Law of The Iraq Republic

Fitz to Give Press Conference After Verdict

I've concluded that George W. Bush is a great president

Bill O'Reilly on Oprah " his crusade against pedophiles "

Why Impeachment is Urgent

Cyberbullying worse than regular bullying

Old Pilger Op-Ed on Iraq...But Still Compelling

Iran president agrees to shut down nuclear development if West does

Have you had the adult recommended Tdap shot?

A Big Sign Your Take on Education Is Wrong: Rush Limbaugh Endorses It

self delete

Cheney Clueless About Roots of Terrorism

Al Gore At University of Toronto Tonight/Receives Award From Scientific American

Spitting on the troops.

Iraq gov't claims U.S. report indicates no signs of rape, US Mil. says report did not come from them

Dixie Chicks get 'unusually large' post-Grammy sales rush

I heard Terry McAuliffe on NPR yesterday

Anthony H. Cordesman : "They lost Basra in 2005"

Coalition of the Willing Is Becoming Coalition of Getting The F*ck Out of Iraq

Any word on Plame jury yet?

Why isnt Edwards the front runner?

Scooter Libby

Presidential Photo-Op of Extreme Dignitude ---pix--->>>

Timely quotes.

UK withdrawal shows progress in Iraq war?

I just reported spam on a White House email I received

YES! Confirmation from a new poll that NC is turning BLUE!

Giuliani to Run for President of 9/11

Pundits create their own version of reality

Another US Copter shot down today...

Saudis' cutbacks raise oil concerns

Concert for Diana

Buzzflash: UK Calls Iraq Withdrawal Days after Prince Harry Deployment Revealed.

Why are these guys smiling?

Help me!! I AM HOWARD K. STERN'ED the f*ck out!!!!!!!

Does anyone have an LTTE on the Walter Reed story?

Pardoning A Witch (And you thought this ended in Europe with the Enlightenment)

I think some judicial 'reform' is in order in Florida. I think this guy is just like GW BUSH

Freepers attack NBC's Iraq correspondant Jane Arraf for asking "are Iraqis better off?"

How many hours a day do you spend listening to "conservative" shows?

Chris Matthews: Craving a Pinch of Rudy Giuliani's 'Fascism'

From my religous "left" - an email

Uganda to introduce genetically engineered banana

A Toast to Great Women

Gaffney Again Uses Lincoln to Hit War Critics

Group sues feds over medical marijuana claims

This is off of a few minutes ago.

Blackhawk Down - Iraq

Int'l Syndicate Bringing Op-Eds to the U.S.

Bush Loses to Easter Bunny, Aquaman - Americans Wish He Were Fictitious!!

Flashback: Bush Visits Wounded Troops at Walter Reed in '05 (Building 18?)

Don’t forget Lithuania

Instant runoff poll at another website

Romanian coalition party calls for Iraq troops' pullout

Poll at another website using instant runoff voting

Goldman CEO reaped record $54.3 mln in pay in 2006

I'm looking at MSNBC for Tweety...

heads up on CSPAN2 starting now--Blogs and the 2008 campaign n/t

Pennsylvania woman's family sues over her death after eating peanut butter

Shuster: 'Prosecutors still looking for ways to pursue Cheney'

Sorry, it's a dupe.

Iraqi insurgents use 2nd 'dirty' bomb

How to pay off the entire U.S. debt: A nationwide lottery where the winner...

No verdict from CIA leak jurors

This is why guys like Cheney win, and the rest of us lose:

When the Iraq War was in the final stages of planning...

After listening to Randi yesterday give stories about vets

Stale Glory

Ben Stein now believes in raising taxes on the rich...

Caption Cheney...

NEW DOCs-Demonstrate BUSH&BLAIR's Intentions to "SUCKER SADDAM INTO WAR"

Thom Hartman also thinks the UK may be getting out because of a possible war with Iran

"Three Americas" Those who rely on Fading Corporate News/Those on the Intenet /Those Asleep"

How can you be 100% responsible and outraged at the same time

Could a large middle class exist without government regulation?

At Mardi Gras, Politics Fuels Revelers

Helen Thomas To Lose Front Row Seat In WH Press Room

Now its crystal clear: The Bushistas had one goal, and one goal

"Obama doesn't have enough experience"

"Heck yeah, I'm OK with this. How about you, Doc?" *'s reply while shown graphic video of surgery

Italy's PM Prodi resigned today after Senate defeat about Afghan war and ties with the U.S. military

I heard that your candidate is a drunk and a womanizer . . .

I think Wolf Blitzer is a waste of skin generally but I have to give him props this time

Spearmint tea could limit growth of unwanted hair in women

About the So-Called ‘Coalition of the Willing’ (From Speaker Pelosi's blog)

Mother Jones: The Iraq Effect-Bush's War Has Increased Terrorism SEVEN-FOLD Worldwide

Has anyone notice how Tweety-chris matthews has been...

After watching the Pentagon press conference..I am disgusted.

4,417 military deaths under Clinton? What are they talking about?

Tony Snow Job - No Outrage from the WH Re: Walter Reed and Vet Care

Since snow-saturated New Yorkers are concerned about floods

My letter to the Alliance for Retired Americans about repealing the junk program Medicare Part D

If Dennis Kucinich looked like John Edwards, would he be the Democratic front runner?

'A thick skin'

Daschle Endorses Obama

Ted Haggard and the S.S.A.D. 'Ex-Gay' Fraud

Why Bush's support is waning

My Official rebuttal to the Pentagon Press Conference..feel free to pitch in

Question about Fox television.

Too Funny: Meet the Press for Idiots

Pelosi:Statement on Cheney Iraq Comments

"LIbby was just an appetizer" - Citizenspook is back

Buzzflash: Jesselyn Radack Was the Justice Department Official Who Knew Too Much

Was She Covert? - By Larry Johnson

Should Condoleezza Rice's name be trimmed to disallow double letters?

Steve Jobs & Rush Limbaugh agree

Some important background info on the GOP's ties to terror-financing

S Africa has first budget surplus (BBC)

Oh Brother, Now Lou Dobbs is going after Marijuana

Now this is how you smack a Chickenhawk!

A Magnetic Ribbon you probably won't see

Who do you think is the dark horse for the democratic nomination in '08?

Terror Suspect Is Republican Donor

U.S. maternity leave among the worst

Natural family planning may be as effective as the pill

Reid: The British Acknowledge a Reality Bush Refuses to Accept

Libby's lawyer: "Give him a fair shake.This is a man with a wife, two children."

Politics as usual. Accusations and mudslinging as usual.

Do We Know How Much Support Conyers Single-Payer Plan Has??

Please critique my LTTE on the GOP donor arrested for terrorism

Teen 'sport killings' of homeless on the rise

Pls help me respond to this email...

If you want decent care for Vets, you have to PAY MORE TAXES

Kucinich on CSPAN right now making a great case for President.

I have just one question about our friend, the FReeper...

A toon, then today's letters to the editor. This is a red state

Affidavit: McVeigh had high-level help

Wes Clark and - please sign the petition

Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant. (British withdrawal from Iraq)

Wednesday TOON-a-polooza!

Cheney says U.S. wants to leave Iraq "with honour"

Snow Backtracks, Now Claims Bush Didn’t Know Of Walter Reed Neglect

Zogby Poll: Bush Considered Worst Presidential Failure in Last 60 Years

Lou Dobbs asks

Music companies target colleges in illegal downloading crackdown

Male/Female Only Classrooms

DU action alert-e-mail these news orgs re:VA story

The hell with Britney Spears

19 years old, 3 weeks in Iraq...

Mitt Romney?

THE PEOPLE V. RICHARD CHENEY-GQ Magazine-Acting As 4th Estate-Presents 6 Articles Of Impeachment


Porn surprise for sword-wielding ‘rescuer’

Oprah having a former kidnapped kid who didn't escape - then Bill O'Reilly

Single Bullet, Single Gunman ( Who Shot JFK)

Anna Nicole Smith's toenail!

Baghdad Year Zero: Pillaging Iraq in pursuit of a neocon utopia

So who won the Dem candidate discussion on C-span?

Wounded and Waiting (gut wrenching stories from the Navy Times)

Pardon me for asking, but what is the nationality of Scooter Libby's wife?

The Bush II Years - Aberration or the logical culmination of recent US history?

CAPTION: An intriguing photo of Bill & Hillary from Hillary campaign email...

Denmark to pull troops from Iraq

A tale of the Nutrasweet, by the greyhound...

Presidential Poll

Government Misstated Statistics on the War on Terror, Audit Shows

Is this news graphic an outrageous insult to Bill Clinton?

Psssst...Wanna Know Why Merck Was Bold Enough to Fast-Track and Make Gardasil Mandatory? >>

Man Arrested After Claiming 6-Year-Old Girl Made Sexual Advances

On treating each other well; the Commonwealth; Thom Hartmann; Craig Ferguson and Britney's head

Criminal of Poverty: Growing Up Homeless in America

Jim Wallis is criticizing Democrats for not being more religious. Discomforting.

Hollywood stars attend Obama fundraiser


Grover Norquist and Suhail Khann A lifelong conservative activist linked to The Blind Sheikh

MARCH FORTH, DUers! March 4th organizing!

On puncutation...

Great reply and then nothing?

Unwise Investment: Why are Citibank, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch Funding Dirty Power?

Jury to deliberate in CIA leak case (AP)

Question for political historians....when was the last time the frontrunner one year out

Hillary and Teddie sit down to talk about Iraq

So much for "fighting them over there," Jihadist terrorism attacks on the rise

How much compensation does the US pay an Iraqi family killed by a US missile?

Huffpo: Dreamworks' David Geffen slams Hillary in Mo Dowd's latest column

Yellow-cake Tales & Perjury

Scooter Libby.....not guilty!

Might the British withdrawal have something to do with the Iraq 'Oil Law'?

Status of the "Coalition of the Leaving" Feb 21 (AP)

ABC News-the miracle baby is a WIN for the "pro-life" side

The Flip Flop Trio: McCain, Romney, and Giuliani...

A Little Hillary Reality

BushCo Attempts to Screw Nail into Wall (whole world gets "screwn" as a result)

If Britian's leaving is a positive sign why do we need to have our troops surge?

"Fighting Liberals"!!

If People Are Still Dumping On Bill Clinton For Pardoning Marc Rich......

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick seeks connections with citizens

Of Mice And Mold - A Novel of The Time ................

Bill Richardson 2008!

Obama camp fires back, takes 'Lincoln Bedroom' shot.

Dems should prepare to push back against a Libby acquittal

Far Right Fench leader 9/11 attack an "incident'


Military Tells Congress of Equipment Shortfalls

TPM update: Obama Campaign Blasts Back

Geffen slams Clintons

Next Stop in the War on Terra: The Russian Front

Democratic candidate AFSCME forum in Nevada now LIVE on C-Span, minus Obama who is in Iowa today--

In one area, Obama is on the record as perfect (and Hillary is close)

Massachusetts Governor Patrick will repay taxpayers for office decor

Let me guess, Clinton vs. Obama will hurt the Dems, BUT

Stop Bush on Iran, end the war in Iraq.

"Obama is being shackled by racial categories."

Support the Iraq War De-Escalation Act

CNN tries to do hit job on Murtha --falls completely flat

It's about time

’08 Candidates Field Questions in Nevada

Richardson is doing better than I expected, Biden is doing worse

The middle class is also working more hours than ever before:

A War Conspiracy Documented

The Nation: The Left's Club for Growth

Why Bush WANTS to invade Iran

Re: The Power of the Purse.

It is SOOO easy to criticize Hillary Clinton, sooo HARD to criticize Obama

Don't Obama and Hillary work for a living? Don't they work for us?

Why didn't Deval Patrick get more attention?

Supreme Court Justice Gore anyone?

Released From Hospital, Tim Johnson Eyes Re-election

Antiwar protesters bring message to Kennedy's Pawtucket office

Imus This Morning: "bu$h & cheney War Criminals Who Should Be Hanged"

Are we winning the war on Tera yet??

Sibel Edmonds probably won't be endorsing Senator Clinton

Hollywood drama meets Dem presidential campaigning; Geffen not on Obama's official team

Obama and Hillary likely to take each other out before end of the year

Finally, a flowchart to help us understand the decision making processes in the WH

My letter to the Alliance for Retired Americans about repealing the junk program Medicare Part D

Aren’t we more-or-less a 4 year dictatorship

Economic Inequality Is Real (Bad)

Bush To Nominate Anti-Regulatory Industry Lobbyist To Head Consumer Protection Agency

Kucinich up now at the Nevada Candidates Forum

How to remove the Military Industrial Complex from the Treasury?

Coalition of the leaving

Rep. Ron Paul, Libertarian, announces exploratory committee for President

TPM: Hillary Campaign Blasts Obama Over Maureen Dowd Column

NYT's David Brooks: Hillary doesn't need to apologize

Agree with Geffen? America was better served when the candidates were chosen in smoke-filled rooms.

Hillary DID NOT apologize for Ford's comment...

Let's all agree to be equal-opportunity critics of Democrats

Maybe We Deserve to be Ripped Off by Bush's Billionaires!

SNAFUs of the last 6 years explained!


Gore will NOT run. Get over it.

If Only One Troop Was Left From Each Coalition Partner In Iraq, Condi Would Say......

I need help responding to a 'democrats have no ideas' post

I am disgusted by the anti-HRC sentiment here at DU.

For now, only the Onion will challenge Rudy's "ownership" of 9/11