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Archives: February 22, 2007

Rivals fear the slim chance that says Gore may run again

The Neocon Big Picture, From the View of the Bush Administration.

Former Bush Officials Accuse White House of Trying to Provoke Iran

Blumenthal: Libby's last disinformation campaign

Iraq War: Signs of success (Seattle PI editorial)

Lebanon Will Be First Victim of Iran Crisis.

Ally's Timing Is Awkward for U.S.

John Nichols: Cheney: Thanks for Cutting and Running (The Nation)

More Americans live their lives online

MS researchers find conception connection

Guardian:'It is the armed forces that are saving the politicians'

Bill Maxwell: White House delivers surge in lies, hypocrisy

Iraqi "insurgents" use "dirty" bomb.

Europeans Agree to Cut Emissions Sharply if U.S. and Others Follow Suit

Selling Homeowners a Solar Dream

Ecuador hopes to rejoin OPEC

Pacwind's latest VAWT...

Israel kills Islamic Jihad man behind foiled bombing

Syria bolstering forces, troops moving closer to border

AS I SEE IT: Israel Wages A Policy Of Deliberate Destruction

FSTV Airs "9/11 and American Empire" thru Feb. 25th

Link to a recount article on the Missouri forums

Watch Freeman lay it on the line. Ultimately, we need HCPB!!

Poconos' LTS Builders cuts 25 percent of staff (Record-breaking Jan. Sales)

Sirius to be "wholly-owned subsidiary" of XM

R.I. to recognize Mass. gay unions

Seven More Gitmo Detainees Arrive (Saudi Arabia)

Italian Prime Minister Prodi quits after Senate defeat (Pro US stance)

Grand jury to review Emmett Till case

Mixture of fear and celebration in Basra over Army’s pullout

Franklin Roosevelt D'Alesandro, House Speaker's brother, dies

Russian foreign minister says U.S. hopes to win nuclear superiority over Russia

Haitian describes torture by police to jurors (Dorelien trial / Miami)

NYU Students' 'Illegal Immigrant' Game Called 'Racist'

Pelosi seeks tougher oversight on ethics

Cheney slams Iraq plan advocated by Dems (Bush nicks Pelosi)

Vietnam veterans plan to protect memorial during coming anti-Iraq war protest

WP: Ally's Timing Is Awkward for Bush

Russia Warns U.S. On Iran Moves

Ex-Senate leader Daschle endorses Obama

AFP check damage on whaling protest ship (Sea Shepherd ship Robert Hunter)

National Guard May Undertake Iraq Duty Early

I'm pretty damn fed up with getting ashes that are a smudge instead of cross.

Any Damien Rice fans?

just in time for supper! Stretch Your Meat with Cream of Wheat!

What are your thoughts on the McRib?

Los Lobos - Kiko

Would YOU ride it?

Bat Demon!! Popo Bawa!!!

Would YOU ride it?

The Internet is amazing - it completes my world (warning: long, boring)

Fun at The Providence Rhode Island Children's Museum today

All my Koi died this winter yet all the goldfish lived

Let DU decide: FutureCar or I, Claudius?

Your cat(s): left-handed, right-handed, or ambipawous?

I made a mistake today, and now one of my Rs has gonorrhea

At the risk of pissing people off with an AI thread... Lakisha Jones just rocked the f'ng house!

Diana Ross's "Celebrity play list" on Itunes.

If you have a chance to watch Idol (MW and West) do it

How often do you talk to yourself?

Late Night Pic Thread: C'mon dears post a pic.

Why does there have to be so damn many hot women!?

I can't freaking wait! I'm spending a long weekend with my amazing SO to celebrate...

If you had the chance to hang out with Satan for a day, what would you do first?

Schultze Gets the Blues

Extra-special cat has 26 toes.....

Name an actor or actress that seems to like everyone but you.

I haven't watched porn since

LOL! Porn DVD screams prompt sword 'rescue'

Pink Floyd is going to tour U.S. ... I think. (Maybe just Roger Waters?)

need a late night snack? Croatian Mickey Mouse liver-paste......

Our GM Chevrolet nightmare

Has anyone ever mistaken you for another race?

For my 1000th post, I just want to say....

I saw an ad on TV for the Alliance Defense Fund

Dang, I did not win the Mega Millions jackpot

Super cute alert! Puppies in bookcase!

I made a mistake today, and now Mrs R is mad at me.

my fave old movie is Ball of Fire and it's on TCM right now

Buying a laptop - Is the extra GB of RAM worth it?

This is it -- my 1000th post

I've decided that I am deceptively tall.

Anyone here got the latest issue of Mother Jones?

Come Passover, I begin my hunt for HFCS-Free Coca Cola

Buck Dharma from Blue Oyster Cult


Sasquatch foot Identified as Hind Paw of Bear

Post your favorite Trader Joe wine!

Give me an excellently trippy song, Loungers.

A lot of snow in Japan

Cat flushing toilet, running up water bill! News at 11!

what is/are your favorite television channel(s)?

Do you ever say I love you and not really mean it....

Who would play Phillip Marlow today? And would the film be modern or a period piece?

Has your time spent on DU destroyed your Marriage or Relationship?

Should I be Jewy-er?

Help! Hotel in Orlando, FL that isn't part of the Disney World from Hell


Tell me how you feel, and I'll post a smiley to match it.

So when are crim son & Southpawpicker getting hitched?

Krishna, Radha, Hanuman re-installed in Lahore

Baptists asked to crack down on abusers

A simple life

After 2 years in church refuge, he walks free

The Anglican Communion

Mad Dad Mouthpiece Mumbles

Cirignano Riding the Wheel of Justice

Stop gay violence

48% of Republicans in IA favor withdrawal from Iraq in 6 months

Damn! Forget about the war -- I think we're losing the baseball fight.

Top Gear Get Chased By Rednecks (Not my title)

Change Perspective, Real Change PSA IV

Change Perspective, Real Change PSA I

Change Perspective, Real Change PSA II

Change Perspective, Real Change PSA III

What's wrong with America?

What are the important, overarching narratives of the Libby Trial? (Hamsher & Wheeler)

Borat really does expose racism in America - this is what we are up against

Stop Gay Violence

From WesPac: Stop The War In Iran.

Where to get information on work visa's.

The "news" is full of B.S. (Britney Spears) and Anna - where's Scooter?

Wanted: Screenshot of the British Soldier flashing peace sign

ANALYSIS-Iraq war again evokes ghosts of Vietnam - "peace with honor"

British said to be pulling out rather than assisting "surge" in Baghdad

3150 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Iraq 101: From Allawi to Zarqawi (Mother Jones)

This is driven by poll ratings, not by conditions in Iraq

Bill would ban vehicle vulgarity (Maryland)

So what is and what isn't pornography?

Anybody got anything bad to say about carbonated water?

What's in a name?

U.S. Weighs in on Iraq Rape Case (AP)

PIC:A float depicting U.S. President George W. Bush being spanked by the Statue Of Liberty

Freeptard stupidity makes for great entertainment

You know that when the Brits move out we move in.

Best thing about Tweety: He ALWAYS pronounces Cheney's name "Chee-knee"...

God, some people in this country...

Howard Wolfson is an ass of the greatest color and brightness

Has anybody in the right wing commented yet on the Walter Reed story?

National Democratic Presidential Preference Poll for Feb 21

Sasquatch foot Identified as Hind Paw of Bear

We must not accept this

Mother Jones is a must read!! Mar 1st edition

Karl Rove Immortalized On Black Velvet

TJX (TJ Maxx, Marshalls) hack bigger than initially feared... (AP)

I am not on very good terms with freerepublic.

Intro to the movie Idiocracy on the De-Evolution of man (or why 24/7 news is so focused on Britney)

BBC - Iraq leader welcomes troops' exit

what is the deal with Matthews and the slobbering....

Fallout from Walter Reed Scandal

Charlie Cook's take on the presidential candidates.......

Investigation Finds Rev. Ted Haggard Hit on Men in Congregation

A Slice of Pizza and Flipping off the President: A Great Day!

The cover up worked

A culture that glorifies war.....

NYT: 2 Groups Compare Immigrant Detention Centers to Prisons

The Independent: The Retreat From Basra

Kucinich and Richardson trade barbs over campaign fundraising; Vilsack attacks Dodd's credentials

Stop big media on Friday 2/23/07 in Pennsylvania

Sub-prime lenders shitting the bed...

Honored SW Missouri teacher removed from class (used expletives to chastise bullies)

Charles Barkley - "I was a Republican until they lost their minds" Ponders running

On your disdain for poor southern, white, rednecks ....

London Times Reports Prince Harry's Squadron Is Being Deployed to Iraq

The War in Iraq is Fucking Boring (A Hint for Baby Boomers)

Apple, Cisco settle iPhone trademark dispute (Reuters/CNN)

Two years of presidential campaigning is just too much.

Oliphant hits it again..little Napoleon

Obama goes into the gutter with Hillary, brings up Lincoln bedroom, black sen. who said he can't win

Report warns water crisis looming in arid Southwest

Opinion: AAR's Website now has more ads than Yahoo or AOL :(

Something I wrote for a local progressive paper re:South Africa

Peace with "honor": Dick Cheney channels Dick Nixon

Pentagon spokesmen say they didn't know about Walter Reed conditions

Syria bolstering forces, troops moving closer to border

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Jay Leno just said "For Lent, Tony Blair is giving up on Iraq."

U.S. Navy buildup came after Iran moves (Walsh speaks)

If Fox News went head to head with any other news network they would get hammered!

Explain to me why this isn't crazy

This flipflop on what did the preznut know and when did he not give a shit

As states outsource, debate about it grows

WTO chief warns of 'consequences' if global trade talks fail

Freepers exploding over St. Clinton!

you know how i get at night...why do I want to reply to every post about

check out this poll...13% think the retoric about Iran is credible

Is Bush not taking Pelosi's calls? Pelosi tries to reach him in regards to Cheney comments

No one is discussing Cheney running for president.

Obama: “It’s not clear to me why I would be apologizing..."

Does Anyone Know If We can Donate To Walter Reed?

Is Hillary self destructing? Why is this happening now? Geffen. Obama etc.

vote in U.S. News&World Report rag's "worst president poll"-

Hip-Hop: Art or Poison?

For everyone disheartened by the bar room brawl among the Democratic candidates, take heart....

To Recap:

Toon: Supporting the troops, conservative-style

US using "White Phosphorus" weapons in Iraq

Yo! TWO WRONGS don't make a right, but TWO FOOLS can start a War!

northbound side of SR-51 between Glendale Ave. & Northern

Al Gore's Environmental Footprint is Irrelevant (from Grist magazine)

In "Shut up and Sing" Trailer, Freeptards play their stupid part

Three Dems Even with or Outpolling Clinton Vs. Top GOP Candidates

My lord what you don't know about business can kill you.

Tony Snow??? Is he gonna stay with the Dude?? Knowing he is fucking up his name/credibility?

Once again, Boston College has refused to allow the a GLBTQ/safe zone dance

UKTimes: White House is not happy with the timing of Blair's Iraq troop announcement

Cindy Sheehan's latest article (very heartbreaking)

Is Wikipedia too Anti-Christian and Anti-American for you? You need CONSERVAPEDIA!!!

Do you think Aspartame is any worse for you than sugar?

While we wait to hear from Wes Clark - a few memorable quotes:

Hillary is taking Obama to task over Geffen's comments

I just saw a commercial for the Pay Day loan association.

My campaign poster

Anybody here old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis?

What's it like to walk in 'the other's' shoes? Take 2 minutes to 'Change Perspective'...

Change A Light Bulb & Help Change The World. Join The DU Group At

Accused Terrorist Is Big GOP Donor

Take the Mitt Romney 20-question multiple-choice quiz!

Italian Premier Resigns After Foreign Policy Loss

Presidential Hopeful Edwards Urges Direct Talks With Iran, Syria

Frist Humanitarian Awards.

The Nation: Edwards Swipes at Hillary At Nevada Democratic Forum

My Email to Joe Scarbourough.....

Join Draft Al Gore

Edwards Needles Clinton About Iraq Vote (AP)

Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush Bush,......

Meanwhile, how about some Democratic GOOD news ....... ?

My Very First Post On Daily Kos:

Here's what Obama should say in the debates....

I just read this description of the Republican party

One YEAR pre-1st primary '08 vote? Remember WEEKS to '04 first Primary Vote!

Politeness Falls to Infighting (Hillary, Obama)

Can a former President run as Vice?

Libby Trial: Who's Your Daddy?

British leaving Iraq because staying is not an option

Bill Clinton sent me an email

Pelosi---If things going so well, ---we'd like to withdraw our troops as well."

I want a POTUS who isn't salivating at the idea of BEING POTUS.

Clark: greatest challenge facing U.S. is global economy, not terrorism.

New Iowa Poll: Edwards 24% : Obama 18%: Clinton 18%

A Response to Frank Gaffney (Idiot Extraordinaire)

Clinton To Anti-War Voters: Bring It On

Speaking of Walter Reed Med Center - These confusing plans w/create lots of rich contracts...

What the Hillary Camp's Goal Is...

Senator Clinton's supporters for the Presidency just don't get it. It's not about what she said


NYT Editorial: American Liberty at the Precipice

Arrests at Congressional Offices

From Salon: Senator Bill Clinton - Really!

Off Course: Current U.S.-Latin American Relations

DHS paying Rutgers University $3 million

Juan Gonzalez: Oily Truth Emerges in Iraq

Below, is the link to a blog of a woman called Rachael, (now living

Robert C. Koehler: Stale Glory

The Nation: A Trial for Thousands Denied Trial

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Sunshine Caucus (The Nation)

"For Youths, Grim Tour on Magazine Crews (Rape, Beatings,Crimes) Door to Door Mag Sales..

High Court Asked to Explore Blackwater's Liability for Deaths in Iraq(K. Starr rep Blackwater)

Iraq's 'three-block war'(not working)

AP Impact: Iraq's 'Three - Block War'


Naomi Klein (The Nation): A Trial for Thousands Denied Trial

Diggers suffering injuries in Iraq

Minimum Wage Initiatives Motivate Voters, Study Finds

Patrick Cockburn: The Retreat from Basra

As US surges, British start exiting Iraq

Why We Can’t all Get Along

E. J. Dionne: War critics size up strategy

An Exploration of Republican Iraq War (Il)logic

Iraqi Correspondents Maintain Sense of Humor -- And Outrage


A Warning to Africa: The New U.S. Imperial Grand Strategy

US: 10 Steps to Restore Moral Authority (Human Rights Watch)

Guardian UK: Army commanders wanted bigger and faster troop pullout

Blair's Pullout, Prodi's Fall Point to Bush's Growing Isolation

Guardian UK: Labour Party Has Presided Over a Social Recession

Robert Sheer: Hillary’s Calculations Add Up to War

NY exhibit remembers Latin America's "disappeared"

Hobson's choice? No, Nancy Pelosi's and Harry Reid's.

Terrorism As Tourism (you are not going to believe this!)

Atheist Group Takes on Bush Initiative

AlterNet: The Lies They Tell: How to Stop the Fox Propaganda Machine

Top aide's damning attack on Blair's Iraq war

The Guardian: Gunmen, children, brutality and bombs - Iraq's dirty war

Why the British are scaling back in Iraq: fighting 2 wars leading to "operational failure"

The retreat from Basra

Outsourcing's Uneven Impact

Ellen Goodman: The Perils of Cyberbaggage (Truthdig)

British pullout may signal end of coalition(don't tell Condi)

Sex abuse victims' advocates go after Southern Baptists

Bush-Cheney Spin on Iraq Turning Comical

150 New Coal Plants Under Construction, 2 IGCC, None Capture Carbon.

Carbon offsets 'harm environment'

Alaska Village Faces Fuel Crisis (due to climate change)

Report Says Nuclear Work Ongoing in Iran

Scientist fears CO2 will kill oceans in decades

Exponology - Shit Happens, Real Fast - Huffington Post

Australia's ACECRC Scientist - Southern Ocean "Strangled" By GHGs - Shell Formation Gone By 2100

New Zealand Fishermen Catch Rare (990 lb) Squid

Thanks To Pine Beetle, Western Forest "Resetting Itself On A Landscape Scale" - CSM

Merril Lynch Supports Gov. Goodhair's Coal Boondoggle, Gets Die-In At Boston Offices

Tidal power plan wins state funding (ME)

90% Of Loggerhead Turtles In Florida Female, Thanks To Warming - 2C Rise = No More Males

It's Spring! Cloud Of Sand, Toxic Dust Heading To S. Korea From China - Reuters

Scotland to commission biggest wave power generator

Oz Business Community Asked To Help Preserve Great Barrier Reef - Comes Up With A Whole $500K

Kyoto, Canadians, Energy and the Environment

IHT - New Concerns Arise On Stratospheric Ozone Depletion & Air Conditioning Demand

Minnesota Raises Bar for Renewable Energy

Pesticide Threat To Great Barrier Reef Larger Than Previously Thought

McCain Applauds Schwarzeneggar's California Climate Plan

Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed In Alpena County, Michigan

In Far North, Peril and Promise .....Great Forests Hold Fateful Role in Climate Change

North Carolina seeks to fight global warming war via incentives, efficiency

That ‘Drought’ in Southwest May Be Normal, Report Says

LNG divides New Brunswick, Maine

Hearing to Probe Climate Change and Inuit Rights

Damned If You Dam, Damned If You Don’t

Hamas' military wing: Truce is over

Hamas leader in Cairo for talks on captured IDF soldier Shalit

'Food insecurity' rampant in West Bank, Gaza

Hamas: Quartet's 'wait and see' stance on PA gov't encouraging

Poll: 75 percent of Israelis want to be in EU

Lebanon: UN Reports Israeli Air Violations

Egypt says catches Palestinian with suicide belt

Israel occupation resembles apartheid, expert says

Arabs say Israel is not just for Jews

Israel: Hit Iran With New Sanctions Now

Dr Judy Wood and Attorney Jerry Leaphart Interviewed

Dennis Kucinich on 911 Pt 2

Hes no coward. A True American Hero

How many of you actually visited the WTC before 9/11?

Duke University screens "Improbable Collapse"

NYC TV Newscasters were Reading from "Terror Scripts"

Holt's HR 811, A Deceptive Boondoggle -- 10 Blunders to Fix

OHIO SoS Brunner "to move slowly on voting suits"

Turning the vote theft issue on its head

U.S. weighs in on Iraq rape case

UN chief to meet ElBaradei on nuclear crisis

Iraq war protests await Cheney on Australia visit

Chavez sends Brazil sulfur for "devil" Bush visit (Reuters)

No such thing as victory in Iraq: Nelson (Aussie Defence Minister)

Shelby warns Iraq pullout would add power to Iran

You can't stop us, Qaeda brags in vids(7 videos showing attacks on US troops)

France to try 17 Pinochet associates linked to disappearances of French nationals (Jurist)

UK's Blair says no plan for Iran strike

Off Course: Current U.S.-Latin American Relations

Iraq battles deadly new insurgent tactics

UN envoy blames military for spate of slays (Philippines)

(reported by Iraqi TV) Another US helicopter down, British bases bombed

Top police official in Baquba detained, accused of involvement in sectarian violence

San Francisco Chronicle: Democrats grapple for spotlight in Carson City, Nevada, in first face-off

Settlement Lets Apple Use ‘iPhone’

2 people recently seized in Iraq suspected of involvement in helicopter shootdowns

U.S. says 12 militants killed in Iraq gunfight (Ramadi)

Lobbying restrictions are ineffectual, critics say

US to reduce controls on exports to India

Russia, U.S. officials shift to softer stance in talks(Hadley bails out Condi)

As US surges, British start exiting Iraq

Canada's Liberals vow 2009 Afghan troop pull-out

White House Brings in Nixon-Era Counsel

Big stink in the UK about Dell's directors allegedly insider-trading -

Two U.S. men named in suspected terrorism plot

Argentine president backs Chavez

Police: U.S. Seniors fight off muggers, killing one.

Perry's staff discussed vaccine on day Merck donated to campaign

Wimbledon to pay men and women equally - U.S.: Iraq bomb factory raid nets deadly chlorine supply

Government may reveal detention tactics (Padilla case)

'US can't stay for long in Afghanistan'

Britain to hold Iraq war inquiry later-minister(Jack due course)

Arrests at Congressional Offices

Housing slump hits other industries

No apology over Iraq invasion - PM (Blair)

Schools held liable for bullying of students: State top court decides Toms River (NJ) gay-bias case

Israel: Hit Iran With New Sanctions Now

Global business leaders sign agreement to fight global warming

VP: Dick's Sydney visit diverts police, costs up to $2 million

Wal-Mart meets protests in India

Defense agency kills Divine Strake test explosion

First lady visits "Katrina Cottages" on Mississippi coast

FL bill aims to shift tax load (kill property tax; create nation's highest sales tax)

US judge refuses to dismiss kidnapping charges against reputed Klansman

U.S. acknowledges gaps on NKorea nuclear program

Crist(?Repug? Gov Fl) : I'll restore felons' rights

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 22

Attacks cost Iraq 400,000 barrels per day of oil

Bush to nominate new defense official for health(another cya after the administration was exposed)

FBI may investigate Salvadoran congressmen murder

US youths killing tramps for 'sport'

Alabama man gets probation in abortion clinic attack

Second case of rape allegations in Iraq

AP: 1 US soldier killed, 3 wounded in bombing near Shiite city of Diwaniyah

2nd U.S. soldier avoids death with guilty plea in Iraq case

Report on Iran: Nuclear work ongoing (AP)

FDA Orders ADHD Drug Advisories for Patients

Mad-cow scrutiny is scaled way back

Dennis Johnson dead at 52 (one of the Celtics greats)

U.S. briefer overstates Iran's meddling in Iraq

Ex-secret police chief arrested for alleged ties with Colombia's far-right militias

Costa Rica-Venezuela bickering centers on factory

Hospital group pitches universal insurance

(UK Guardian) US Iran intelligence 'is incorrect'

KFC asks for papal approval of new fish sandwich

Atheist Group Takes on Bush Initiative

Nobel Prize laureate Rigoberta Menchu running for president in Guatemala

UK 'aims to weaken' treaty on bomblets (cluster bombs)

School sued for not letting boy dress as Jesus for Halloween

Whole Foods swallows up rival Wild Oats

Lieberman Says War Vote Could Prompt Party Switch

Egypt jails dissident blogger for four years

Evangelist tells students: Shun Muslims

WH Stands Behind Cheney's Claim That Democrats Are Helping Al-Qaeda

Crest WhiteStrips. Yes or no?

If you still like the Watering Hole cam: zebras and impalas right now (link)

"La Sexorcisto" was the best White Zombie release

I'm listening to perhaps the original psychedelic rock group.

Good night.

Coltrane and I - For the cat lovers

Damnit DU! I need answers:

OMG!! I just fell in love!

Thom Hartmann has a GREAT voice, but he bores me to tears!

This is crazy! A chimpanzee! And she's washing a cat! In a sink!

Found a new motto for my family crest.

Which song is better? "Red" or "Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part Two?"

How quickly should a credit to my debit card show up?

Delaware Man Runs From Police - Trips Over His Baggy Pants - Arrested

Pacman Jomes is quite a man

Is Jose Cuervo Gold the piss of the tequila world?

Have you ever had a pinched nerve in your neck?

My "Low Engine Oil" light is on. What should I do?

Officials: Dressing Up Cats In Fast Food Take-Out Bags Could Be Felony

"The video you have ordered about how to have sex with a goat has now arrived."

1) Learn Sign Language ... 2) Buy a Gorilla Suit ...

Best 70s R&B/Soul albums

Any fans of "The Good, The Bad & The Queen"?

$3.5 Million Lottery Ticket Goes Unclaimed - Now Worthless

What the frig? I kept dreaming about egg salad last night!

12 Year Old Boys Arrested For Rape On Playground (Rubber Glove Assault)

are there any nighthawks out there?

Tell me

So why the fuck was Bill O'Lielly on Oprah yesterday?

anybody from Bloomington, Indiana? familiar with wfhb?

"If I die before my cat, I want a little of my ashes put in his food so I can live inside him."


Man Doesn't Remember Falling 16 Stories From Hotel Window

Anybody been to Burning Man?

UPDATE on "McMissile Mom" not freed per judge wanted for badchecks

Is that your blood?

What causes flash drives (jump drives) to go bad?

Bill Filed For Maryland To Ban Vehicles With Testicles

Is the US the only country with fnord?

Chance favors the prepared mind

Has anyone ever mistaken you for another species?

...and I'm all out of bubblegum.

I'm grumpy this morning...

TEQUILA: Nectar of the Gods or Sauce spawned of Satan - you decide

Alien Gunk, Low-fat yogurt, or nectar of the gods?

Is Norway the only country with fjords?

"I think Oprah's not alive."

What's the deal with Kryptonite?

It looks like Pacman Jones is in a lot of trouble

Found a great recipe collection in an unusual place:

I think I just figured out why WalMart decided to go with

Shut Up and ?


Are you giving Lent up for anything?

Identifying the music to the Coke "Black History Month" ad in theatres

Kenny Sia's blog entries on Malaysian food can be quite funny

I'm sitting here stunned. Windows Vista SPED UP my computer

One of my proudest moments in Iraq

YES!!! BabyMidlo is getting a ride to Thinking Day, so I don't have

She's baaaaack! La Spears goes back to rehab. AGAIN!

What's the deal with this "CRACK" group in California?

22 posts to 15, 000

Woman Stabs Boyfriend In The Lung After Not Being Sexually Satisfied

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/22/2007)

matcom news and stuff: Police blow up foul-mouthed CDs that blared in church

I used to be able to name every nut that there was.

Man Busted Printing Kiddie Porn At Public Library

Costumes For Cats A Felony?

Announcing the Winter 2007 Issue of DU's The Necessary Language!

The SETI program finally finds something!!!!!

P.F. Chang's China Bistro the Olive Garden of Chinese restaurants?

OMG, this CHILD!!

Only 15 more minutes of this drivel?

It's a blustery day.

Pro Golfer Sues To Identify Author Of Wikipedia Post (Fuzzy Zoeller)

Anyone have trouble with false billings from Cingular Wireless?

Oh, good lord. The "23 enigma" returns as a movie starring Jim Carrey



Things that you can not do on a bicycle?

Anyone here ever see the manualist on You Tube?

Dumb Question, but how do you load fonts from a website to hard drive

Love this "Dead Horse" smile I saw over at DbsTalk - could it get added to DU's list?

Tell me the best way to use my French Press

Fucking school fundraisers again!

Would you poke fun of me if I told you...

Judge in Anna Nicole Smith case blubbers as he reads his verdict

Does life go on long after the thrill of living is gone?

Would you poke me if I told you to?

Former NBA star Dennis Johnson dies at 52

God, my energy reserves are just burnt out.

How do you most often pray for things?

I just watched an episode of "Bones"

Here are some pictures from today's parade.

Loving advice? Where do I get big boxes?

The Lounge is a strange place sometimes

as much as i Love ani

Mamase Mamasa Mamakossa

Whats the deal with progressive insurance?

Has anybody read Chuck Palahniuk's "Haunted?"

How do you most often pay for things?

I think this guy just called me a bitch...

anyone see Joe Rogan owning Carlos Mencia onstage...

Worst baby gift EVER....

Ask The Magic Eight Ball

People's Court judge throws out a guy, i think he got the better of it...

Praise Cheezus

Is Norway the only country with fords?

For those of you who like cooking and 70's rock

So cold medicines don't require ID anymore but Trimspa does?!

Loving advice? Where do I get big boobies?

You've got Beethoven's 7th Symphony Pumping on your iPod...

Brad & Kimberly Williams Paisley welcome a new son

MAGIC! Radio 8 Ball--answers your questions by picking music

Folks tell carbs the truth don't call them rice.

I need to know where I can find out who the really GOOD plastic surgeons

Caption This Photo

How low do you make an offer on a late model used car

watch streaming live views of popular clubs in several cities

I saw my new congresswoman today.

Would you toke me if I told you to?

People don't like children who are strange alot.

What's the price of ass in your area?

Speaking of the burial of Anna Nicole Smith,

Real chicken, whole grains, salmon, fresh leafy greens, natural fiber. Sounds tasty, right?

I may not be in Bangor, but I STILL HAVE computer access!

What's the price of grass in your area?

Moving advice? Where do I get big boxes?

anyone see "shoes" on You Tube? It's funny!

Hypothetical question

Piggybacking w/ Writer: Name a TV Show that you Hate - Everyone Loves

Happy birthday wishes to......

Cat Born With 26 Toes (Pic)

Is "Babylon Sisters" a kick-ass song, or is it a kick-ass song?

What's the price of gas in your area?


Is the bloom off the rose between George and Condi?

Should Judge Larry have stuck to driving a cab in the Bronx?

What jewelry do you never take off?

Need fashion advice. What color tie goes with tan/olive green-ish dress slacks?

"Brokeback" scribes (McMurtry/Ossana) in the saddle for new projects

Good grief. Sirius and XM are going to merge...

"The devil invented evolution."

My sister *FINALLY* got engaged!

Describe yourself in one punctuation mark.

One of the girls at work invented a new word yesterday. It's "cuge"

Whose name was most commonly written on washroom walls at your HS?

Anyone have a membership to Lifetime Fitness???

What's your favorite?

BAZOOKA Joe is the worlds dumbest bubblegum...


I Can Smell Your Brains

So the dr got my husband's stress test results back, yesterday,

People who don't like children are a strange lot.

What band name was most commonly carved on desks at your HS?

Is the Glam Rock Sound making a comeback?

What once "cool" thing do you still have, but never use?

What best describes how you hear the Ode to Joy theme

Kitty Carlise Hart at 96 amazes me!

Holy. Shit.

Do you really care what happens to your body after you're dead?

Describe yourself in one word

I cannot stop thinking about Lakisha Jones

Picture thread! I think I've never started one before!

I just turned away two young sweet-faced Mormon boys

"Sin City" fans, "300" looks bad to the bone. nt. Considers Breast-Feeding Pics Of Mother 'Too Sexual'

What is your favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon?

Make your own movie

Roses are red ... *PIC HEAVY*

As Britney heads to rehab for the 3rd time in a week, I must say...

Women tell guys the truth don't call them nice.

A GD ANNA THREAD: Please ignore, or hide, this thread if not interested in this drama.

U.S., Iranian religious leaders promote peace

Should I destroy my hat?

Cthulhu captured, killed

I like this one


Covering Kisses

Nigerian President's advisor says same-sex relationships make you retarded

Hate attack leaves supposedly gay 72 year-old man paralyzed

Student's editorial calls for gay tolerance, school principal calls for more oversight of newspaper

Two Gay Teens Were Verbally Harassed at my Mall Today

Quick question

Dark Ages Over: Wimbledon FINALLY pays women's winner same purse as men's. nt

NBA Great Dennis Johnson dies ....

Psychic Detective Knows Unpublished Facts

WOW! Look at this event!

There's another author I want to say something about briefly.

Don Imus Reports Administration Won’t Allow Him To Tour Entire Walter Reed Facilities

Have you guys been following this rape case in Iraq?

Recognizing the media double standard - Kerry / McCain & other Republicans.

OT: Great statement from 2002 House Debate on the IWR (Pete Stark, Democrat of California)

Great post on the Kerry Blog about the Sunni/Shia divide with lots of links

Virginia presidential politics news (for Fedup, and anyone else interested)

Help needed if you please...

OT: Sidney Blumenthal, "Libby's last disinformation campaign"

The Clintons act just like the Bushes with their 'machine' that is meant to keep other party

OMG -- which one of you daring folks are going to talk to McAwful

George Galloway about the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq

Moyers on America

Dennis Kucinich on 9/11 Pt. Two


'There is a cloud over the White House;' Not just Libby, prosecutor accuses 'them'

Cheney protesters to defy police

Iraq leader welcomes troops' exit

Carville, Brazile defend Hillary, fuss at Obama and Geffen on CNN

Cheney speaks to servicemembers aboard USS Kitty Hawk

What is behind Russia’s delay of Iran’s nuclear reactor?

Say It Loud, Say It Proud !!!

Is the Libby Jury sequestered during negotiations?

Rasmussen shows only a 39% approval rating for W

Repubs still silent on Walter Reed and Michael J. Wagner

Mass. bill would make retailers pay for data leaks

Jet Blue? What about Delta?

Q: Why is Grover Cleveland both the 22nd and 24th Presidents?

Letter to Russ Carnhan to oppose surge

Best * graphic (not new, but first I've seen it :-)

Does anyone know what kind of Mardi Gras celebrations were

Italy Prime Minister Romano Prodi resigns

Washington DC is 57% Black, the DC Libby Trial Jury 16% Black

I just read a very funny line...

bogus 1. not genuine; counterfeit; spurious; sham.

What happens if this fucker uses "tactical nukes" against Iran?

Prison riots over Scooter Libby Trial

Can You Believe That A Grateful Dead Lyricist Was Once Cheney's Campaign Manager?

In 1972, one of the most popular trips? The Holy Land

Dem pres candidates should get out of Iowa & Hollywood & into Walter Reed

Truthout: Former Bush Officials Accuse White House of Trying to Provoke Iran

3,150 U.S. Troops now dead in W's War of Choice

Imus calls for the hanging of Bush and Cheney.

Arrests made after war protest at congresswoman's office(OH-D Kaptur)

LOL... Big Dick Brings Guns To Sydney

Second case of rape allegations in a week surface in Iraq

FYI: DOD Press Conference on Walter Reed transcript.

Wow Geffen goes after Bill and Hillary

The real economics of who is paying the heaviest price for Bush's war lust

NBA legend w/ political aspirations Charles Barkley- It's an easy call. We've got to get out of Iraq

Chlorine being used in bombs in Ramadi (sp)?

Does the bush clan plan on using nukes against Irans nuclear facilities?

Any Chance Cuba restricitons will be lifted?

I hope some of you are watching Imus; he's at it again, RE: Walter Reed.

Wow ... just saw "Introducing Amanda" on CNN

Wow: NZ fishermen land colossal squid

Recycled Gore a green icon

"No winners - except for the profiteers" - Tahiti Nut

CSPAN caller worried she will have to wear a burkah before she dies.

K.O. has been using 2 terms to describe Faux. Which is more fitting?

David Geffen? Are you kidding me?

AWOL soldier faces less than a year in military prison

Semper Fi fie foe fum

Bob Herbert: Have They Buried Anna Nicole Smith Yet?

Challenge: Can you name one, single, positive

The Lies They Tell: How to Stop the Fox Propaganda Machine

Mission Accomplished a.k.a. Rep. Markey (D-MA) signs pledge to vote NO on supplemental

Christian Environmentalists

Two Chicago area men arrested in Ohio terrorism case

NYDaily: Bush's closest associates say, "He's got until summertime to show some results"

House approves wage increase,Minimum would rise to $7.25

Kentucky lawmakers debate 'fire-safe' cigarettes after 10 deaths

Will the rape of Sabrine trigger a full blown Iraq civil war? pt. 2

Hey, baystaters, is Patrick off to a less than stellar start or

NYT Calls On Congress To Repeal Bush's Shameful Laws On Torture & Habeas Corpus

Cheney watches "The Departed" on AF2 to get him in the mood as he landed in Guam

Bush Untroubled by Pressure From Media

Schools 'should accommodate Muslim needs'

Clinton/Obama "spat"

BREAKING....... Scooter Libby Not Guilty

Dutch demand ban of virtual child porn in Second Life

Mitt "the flip" Romney

Carnival of the Damned to greet Cheney in Sydney.

Richard Lewis on Countdown last night speaking about "The Half-Hour Newshour"

I outsoursed my dentist this week...UPDATE

Is it human nature not to do anything about a problem until it hits the wall?

Did Cheney shoot a munchkin and make Scooter eat it to hide the evidence?

Big gun Dick armed for Sydney

Walter Reed Ex-Patient, Wife Speak Out on Poor Conditions at Army’s Top Medical Facility

The Lies They Tell: How to Stop the Fox Propaganda Machine

College Republicans are insane

American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America

anybody from Bloomington, Indiana? familiar with wfhb?

Jet Not-So-Blue (Cheapskate, union-hating, understaffed operation)

South Carolina moves toward free statewide broadband access for all

Some Fear Billboards Distract Drivers

The Iraq Effect: New Study Finds 600% Rise in Terrorism Since US Invasion of Iraq

Why is it "Hillary 2008", and not "Clinton 2008"?

A question about the troops?

Music Industry Cracks Down on Colleges

Jesselyn Radack: A blacklist's real face

Would Russia and China ever take military action against the US?

If they were going to do a pardon, why not do it already?

Once the jury verdicts are returned, things could move quickly re: Libby/pardons

Why should Hillary get my vote in 2008?

Secret plan to divvy up Iraq announced by Rep. Michele Bachmann

So when did we become the anti-science crowd?

ALERT ! Tell DEMS to Freeze Out Fox News from Running Dem Debate in Nevada!

Father killed family for being too western !!

So Hillary is ambitious, what's wrong with that?

Obama on 60 minutes...

Go Here for A Copy of The New Iraqi Oil Law

(ATTYTOOD) Peace with "honor": Cheney channels Nixon, and the history of a disastrous promise

Iraq 101

Dumbya's economy....

What Part of This Failed War Don't the Bush Apologists Get?

This is Why We Need More Socialists Like Bernie in Office

Libby Trial Ehxibit: CIA memo discussing Cheney requesting more info about Iraq-Niger relationship

Who's this closet case Thom Hartmann is talking to?

Mark Wilkerson, Whistleblowing, and Conscientious Objecting

The Rude Pundit: Alberto Gonzales Is a Scary Man (Religion Edition)

KTLA Traffic Reporter calls Obama "Osama" TWICE this morning

So I got a letter from the Office of Personnel Management

I'm starting to lean toward Richardson

Barney's memoires

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs 2/22 -- I support troops because I got a magnet on my car

Blair Switches to auto-Pilate (Pontius Pilate his Hero) in Parliment

Did anyone else catch Soledad O'Brien on CNN this morning?

Is there such a thing as a GOOD Iraq weekend?

ABC: Could a guilty verdict for Libby bring further criminal scrutiny of Cheney?

When was the last time Rove made a public statement?

Libby jury asks for flip chart, post-it notes, masking tape etc. - FDL

Ghosts of abu ghraib/HBO Tonight 930pm/EST

CBC's 'The National' did a great piece on Al Gore last night -- link to video

David Sirota: an appreciation

Tony Snow and David Gregory take on "hateful" bloggers

Walter Reed Hospital TOON

Grandpaw McCain? Is the dude for real? he is 74??? give or take a year..and wanna be

High school history students witness republican obscenity outside of Nevada Democratic forum

Min. Raises bar on renewable energy use

Big stink in the UK about Dell's directors allegedly insider-trading -

Two clowns shot dead at circus

Finally! Newsweek actually prints it.... Bush Admin. hyped intelligence about Iraq..

The USA's Treasonous M$M

Damn dirty apes! Chimpanzees 'hunt using spears'

video:Imus, Administration Won’t Allow Him To Tour

Conventional Wisdom Among Con Pundits: Bush Will Ignore Any Restrictions on Iraq Funds

Spinonymous sources: Wash. Post granted Bush admin. officials anonymity to denounce "cheap shots"

Anti-spanking proposal abandoned

Poll: Will the Libby jurors vote guilty or hung jury?

GOPers Play "Find the Illegal Immigrant."

Nancy Pelosi's brother died yesterday

Take Action: Stop Iran War

Second chlorine bomb may show new militant tactic

Littering case dropped against woman cited for feeding cat

Mandatory Gardasil in TX: Secret Plan to Secure a Permanent Republican Majority?

BUSH IS OVER! (if you want it)... anybody see this?

In Freeperville, the chlorine truck bombs proves that Iraq had WMD

"McMissile Mom" NOT freed wanted on Walmart bad check charge in Miss. (husband in Iraq)

IMPEACH ON THE BEACH DUERS or other San Francisco DUers

“Yankee Go Home!”

What best describes how you hear the Ode to Joy theme

The Libby trial sketch artist has a blog

48 Countries to Meet in Oslo in Bid for Global Drive against Cluster Bombs (Guess who was missing?)

OMG! I just walked past the open door to the janitor's closet in my building.

Guardian:US Iran intelligence 'is incorrect'

New Site ( Check it Out

Obama in... a western

self delete -- Anna Nicole Smith thread posted in wrong place.

Dem Minnesota congressman grounded by new ethics rules

Peace vigils scheduled for Granville, Ohio

A a critical message for impeachment supporters

Real religious persecution in the US, but will the Right rally ‘round a WICCAN?

Is Cheney Next?

Does the departure of British and Danish troops embolden the enemy?

With the departure of the Danes and Brits from Iraq,

Golfer Fuzzy Zoeller Sues Over Vandalized Wikipedia Page

Lieberman will not become a repuke or caucus with the repukes

Countdown to Big Ratings - KO interview in TV Guide

Caption The Mad President....

Buzzflash: Cheney: "We Want to Complete the Mission." Wait, Wasn't it already Accomplished?

Green Limos Lined Up for Enviro-Friendly Oscar Nominees

Iraq's 'Three-Block War'

Runaway, mother defy judge, appear on "Dr. Phil"

Could bicycle use stop oil wars?

Does anyone have a YouTube clip of the Faux-hosted 2003 primary debate?

Did Captain Phonesex Bill O'Reilly called his guest, Tanya, "The C-Word" on the air?

see what I'm up against?Editorial in my paper-fire and brimstone

Bill of Rights - 10 or 8?

Newsweek: The Petraeus plan will have U.S. forces deployed in Iraq for years to come

Giuliani Needs YOUR Caption

Why I Don't Want Obama To Get The Democratic Nomination

anyone listening to Randi?

"Slow bleed." "Drown it in a bathtub." What's the difference?

The red dog is a go. Eagles fly east at noon. The shooter is down under, the scooter is going down.

Pizza joint censured for George W Bush ad

Could Ed Schultz be any further up Hillary's arse?

Blair and McCain: A Double Blow to Bush

Why is there no Congressional investigation into the Downing Street Minutes?

Is there some place online where I can read why Lieberman was on the '00 ticket?

Brave New Films launches

AAR: Gay Rights - TH and a leader of Christian Home Schooling

This is my choice for President:

Michelle Malkin: Obama is NOT articulate

MSNBC Split Screen Breaking News:

Excellent LTE re: GMOs

Paging Mr. Bush

Political Junkies! You can go to Kudlow on CNBC/ Anne Coulter to Discuss Dem Cat Fight!

Who's this homophobic asshole on Tom Hartman?

Randi: Every governor should bring their state's troops home


Eco-Injustice in Paraguay (Murder by Monsanto)

The Supreme Court Hasn’t Turned Conservative Yet

OTC Prilosec dependant? check out

"The Darkness"

Optimistic Outlook For Solar Power ...

We went to visit our Congressmans office today.

A GD ANNA THREAD: Please ignore, or hide, this thread if not interested in this drama.

Kentucky may allow Election Day drinks

Mother sues over son’s Jesus costume

Attorney General Gonzales Deputizes 20 Million Right Leaning Christians ?

Joementum's blackmail "change party"- RW source

What should Mr Howard tell Vice-President Dick Cheney ?

My Other Vehicle is a Gulfstream

Conservapedia Already Ravaged by Libtards (Wonkette's headline, NOT mine!)

Accused horse killers to be tried as adults (sick freaks)

ROFL! Wingnut radio guy Lars Larson calling Thom Hartmann a military deserter!

Will Queen Elizabeth have a relative in Iraq before Blair?

Inside Dick Cheney's Brain-

" I lost my job"...begging for pills in America

Jury went home till tomorrow- so we all wait-----including Libby.

Dear, Dear, Dear Al

Judge Alfred Woodward: 1913 - 2007 (Bob's dad)

Kos diarist' compendium of Democratic bills to end the war

Is anyone watching the Charlie Rose interview with NY Times reporter Sabrina Tavernise ?

Young Moroccans leave to fight in Iraq Terrorist networks use war as recruiting tool

New SV Iowa Poll (Richardson triples his support since January!)

Calif. proposal would bar hospitals from dumping homeless patients

Coal Plant Lawyers: Global Warming "For Kings And Presidents...To Decide"

Fighting faith-based spending in court

If Liebermann switches to GOP, does this affect committees for the 110th?

Jury Sends out Two Notes in Libby Trial

Uh-Oh. NBC Nightly News Starts off With "Iran Is Defying the World"

It seems like Richardson is trying to be Hillary's ally in the game of Survivor

Profits up, Chrysler Cuts

The surreal world of selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door (bizarre story)

Miner Widows Rally In Frankfort

How many racist Democrats are there?

From rational CT DEMS: On Lying To Your Constituents To Win An Election

The last throes of the insurgency have shot down EIGHT (8) Helicoptors since Jan 20th

Sen. Clinton Candidacy Enthusiasm Poll

Washington State resolution for impeachment of Bush

As far as I am concerned on this insane 2008 president race

BREAKING: Major, wind-driven fire in Raleigh, NC destroys at least 35 homes

Death of a salesman

I kind of hope he does switch

Insurgent bomb factory found in Baghdad

Why isn't this AEI "neocon" POS in Prison somewhere, like say The Hague?

Psychiatrist says US terror suspect has Stockholm syndrome

William Rivers Pitt on Randi NOW

Police blow up foul-mouthed CDs that blared in church

Rising fees may be a hardship for immigrants

Robert Picton may have killed 49 women.

Announcing the Winter Edition of DU's The Necessary Langauge!

Great LTTE In WaPo On Libby Trial !!!

How the Chinese cure their internet addicts!

If you’re a psychologist, psychiatrist, or a related field, please check in here.

On a lighter note, what would be good theme songs for the Presidential candidates?

Why can't we afford proper care for our veterans?

Who is Bush loyal to?

OMG - Faux must have fired Bush cocaine accusor???

Democrats enlist Fox to conduct Debates this Summer!!!

I like what John Edwards is saying about his IWR vote

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) will be on with Rachel Maddow on AAR

Outside the box Presidential candidate possibility's for 2012 or later

Medved backs Hardaway, says NBA 'love machines' wouldn't shower with gays or 'morbidly obese women'

* gets his own lab coat - lots of pics

So what ever happened to the rest of the AbuGhraib material???

880 signatures for Gary so far

There's an LTTE in the Cape Cod Times that needs a little DU love.

TOONS SWEEPS WEEK! Hot Buttered TOONS - Betcha can't eat just one!

McCain Stabs Bush In Back!!!

'GHOSTS OF ABU GHRAIB': TV Review by NYT's Alessandra Stanley

Aschroft, Bush, Cherthoff, Cheney, & Rummy--Madness, Madness, Madness!!

Check out the Kiss My Ass George website

Cheney Validates Al-Qaeda

The Iraq War Conspiracy Documented

AP: Still No Verdict In CIA Leak Trial

YEA!!!! Defense agency kills Divine Strake test explosion!

Chomsky Joins 9/11 Jersey Widows - PLEASE SIGN PETITION

Revealed: The Single Dorkiest Shirt Ever (Plame-at-a-glance)

Glen Beck was ranting AGAINST fluorescent light bulbs last night.

REPORT: Noon protest/rally still in progress (Santa Rosa, CA)

Planned Parenthood will BUY OUT your existing cell phone contract

Damn if you see anti-war protesters in Australia

Sky new aussie: Cheney's speech in half an hour

Read this and weep: graphic

You do know that if Harry gets killed in Iraq, the war ends.

Should the U of Minnesota give Al Gore an honorary doctorate?

Southern Baptists urged to root out child molesters

Joseph L. Galloway (Walter Reed the "Last Straw"

The "Equal Rights Amendment" 35 years later.

Prince Harry being deployed to Iraq

The Authoritarians MUST READ!! online book

BREAKING: Lieberman threatens to switch parties

Beg pardon?

I don't know if anyone has brought this up yet: Big Pharma, Vaccines, and Eugenics

Lieberman is a scumbag. Is there a recall process in CT?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines


Police blow up foul-mouthed CDs that blared in church.

Just got a call from my insurance agent...was turned down for home-mortgage insurance

Let Oprah know... (So this doesn't get lost)

Judge approves soldier's guilty plea to gang rape, murder - Abeer Qassim al-Janabi

First They Came for the Jews

Factory Farming Must be Called to the Slaughterhouse

Plame/Wilson Filed Opposition to Motion to Dismiss in Civil Suit (P.S. Who Insures Dick Cheney?)

Please help me stop the perpetuation of Chuck Hagel's phony image as a moderate

Rolling Stone: The Most Honest Man In News (Olbermann)

Chimps Observed Making Their Own Weapons

Vanity Fair article on Fitz

ENOUGH!!! - Impeach NOW - Every Day This Criminal Admin Is In Power Is A Day Closer To Next Disaster

Can the people of CT recall Lieberman?

Habitat lags in building houses for Katrina victims

NAME THAT BUILDING 18 -- contest

Does anyone here have the latest issue of Mother Jones?

Message to Oprah.. re: O'Reilly

The case for impeaching....Alberto Gonzales? (interesting Daily Kos post)

Alert: Draft Gore movement to be featured on NPR's "All Things Considered"

Hate to say it but top dems have themselves to blame for Lieberass

Texas Governor Perry took Merck money before mandating cervical vaccine

American Self Portrait... awesome

the Clintons .. Politics Without Conscience

When will the Libby jury return their verdicts??

New Mexico governor & presidential contender Bill Richardson’s record on LGBT rights is worth a look

Neocon shows again that the Iraqi "Civil War" was always the Pentagon plan...

Cindy Sheehan: More Reich-Wing Horse Pucky

OBEY hrc (toles toon)

Poll on Obama and Race

Let us take a moment to mourn the passing of news in America

National Guard going to Iraq don't have enough rifles

"When independents were "pushed" .. the Democratic advantage ballooned to 10.2 points:50.4% v 40.2%"

Don’t post disagreement with HRC at DU or your thread will be locked.

So did John Kerry

Newsweek CW on Romney and Giuliani

Anticipating eminent DU exile for my dissenting HRC posts, I found this:

So.. What happens if more than one Independent candidate runs for Prez?

Using The Brits To Make Their Spin.......

Will the '08 Vice Presidential nominee be a Senator?

Let the games begin.

Al Gore creates frenzy in Toronto; 23,000 vie for 1,500 tickets to speech

Obama, Clinton rivalry flares over donor

cspan WJour. "Rights", Gitmo. conversation. Very interesting comments.

Did anyone hear Charles Barkley say he might run for Governor

NY Times: National Guard May Undertake Iraq Duty Early

Ex-lawmakers find work with lobbyists

Most Republicans in Iowa want Iraq withdrawal within 6 months

Has the Libby Jury asked to see any evidence yet or are they still talking?

So ... what if Libby is found NOT GUILTY? Huh? What about that eh?

Are we fairly certain our candidates WON'T start a war w/Iran?

Giuliani beats all Dems in national poll

Ex-Senate leader Daschle endorses Obama

WaPo: At Walter Reed, 'We're Going to Fix It'

Pentagon’s Iraq Report Contradicts White House’s Rosy Rhetoric on U.K. Troop Withdrawals

In Both Parties, 2008 Politeness Falls to Infighting

Why the British are scaling back in Iraq

I don't understand how the British are pulling out the troops and

Let's change the name of GD-P to "Political Entertainment Tonite"

Wasn't Kucinich at the Nevada forum? No mention of him in this article

So it' OK for Cheney to criticize the dems out of country but not alright when the Dixie Chicks did

"The book publishing business has become the new exploratory committee."

Charles Barkley supports Obama, but questions whether Americans will elect a black or a woman

Blaming the Iraqis for the Iraq Disaster

Senator Clinton's special effects from the 9/11 attacks than other candidates

What the US needs....

If Libby is convicted and not pardoned, will he write a book?

Help: Feingold Is 4 Miles From Here, How Do I get Him To Make A Quick Stop?

It's been almost a month Senator Hagel. Are you in?

Cable "News" are berserk over the Geffen-whoever exchange, worse than the

The First Big Spat (Clinton v. Obama)

my damned DINO senator is WAITING-- WAITING-- I am so angry right now!!

Fellow Deaniacs: Look who's working for Obama

Do you think any others (D *or* R) will jump into the presidential race?

bartcop asks: Is Al Franken too gullible to be a senator?

I hope Prince Harry goes to Iraq and he ends up saving MANY Iraqi lives..

Nevada Democratic Party chooses Fox to air presidential debate.

New Site ( Check it Out

cheney takes his poison to Australia

Huffpo: Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films has just released "Fox Attacks Obama"

Cheney: McCain "ran over to me" to apologize for his remarks about Rumsfeld

Iraq war fuelling extremism among young British Muslims: report

Schieffer Slams White House On Iraq: Bush ‘Even More Isolated,’ Coalition ‘Coming Apart’

Oprah Hosted O'Reilly To Discuss Molestation......She Let Him Off Easy?

LAT: Obama, Clinton camps accuse each other of nasty campaigning

Rep. Marty Meehan (D-MA) to Reintroduce Legislation Calling for Repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Amy Goodman: Clinton Draws a Line in the Sand over Iraq

Vilsack Pros and Cons? What's you're opinion?

GOP Fundraising 'Insider' Accused of Terrorism. Media Yawns.

Is the Nevada candidates' forum available anywhere?

Pro - choice women's PAC hails moves toward power

In other news, Senator Clinton picks up more endorsements....

White House Stands Behind Cheney’s Attacks On Murtha And Pelosi

White House Brings in Nixon-Era Counsel

are issue threads still allowed here?

David Corn: The Democrats' Iraq Civil War

GOP Fundraising 'Insider' Accused of Terrorism. Media Yawns.

A Bulletin from Velvet Revolution

Conservatives To Officially Create Their Own Reality/Truth

US discovers car bomb factory in Iraq.

Obama's strategy: (1) top 3 in Iowa, (2) second in NH, (3) 1st in SC-->1st in CA?

Isn't it interesting how discussion forums are the same - no matter what the topic?

How Conflicts within Islam Will Shape the Future

Wes Clark is blogging at dKos right now

Hagel: ‘We Must Be Clear That The U.S. Does Not Seek Regime Change In Iran’

Impeach07 Campaign Launched

TIME: Lieberman says party switch "remote POSSIBILITY"

People should condemn Lieberman...ONLY if he actually switches to the GOP

Cheney personally attacks Pelosi day her brother dies

After Farrakhan, who will fill void? (he has cancer and is stepping aside)

WTF?? I got a voice-mail from the Republican National Committee

WH read about Walter Reed issue on Sun. & had a Katrina-like

Bill Richardson at AFSCME Candidate Forum

Anti-Bush protesters in Chattanooga, TN forced to move & pro-Bush allowed to stay

To explain and justify attacking Hillary (or other centrists)

Am I the only one who sees Hillary and similar to Lieberman?

Wes Clark Just told Ed Schultz, " I haven't said I won't run..."

Remember David Jones and his little 527 Osama ad against Dean? View it now.

The Bill Richardson Watch

Barack Obama Links for the Curious

Iraq problem: "My view is Connecticut is an unmitigated blessing for the Democrats"

The New GOP Attack Machine

Who does Edwards think he is to insist that Hillary take responsibility for her "mistake"

"Look to W, Not Hil for 'Sorry'"

It's Become Clear To Me This A.M. That The Repugs Would Rather Face Hillary Than.....

Clinton Faces (Not So) Friendly Fire

I Have Nothing Against Obama, but....

comparing candidates

Edwards Supporters: From the John Edwards 2008 Blog....

Yes or No: The nation's next President should be a Prez 100% commited to abolishing lobbying in D.C.

“Nothing comes out of her mouth that isn’t poll tested, focus-group tested"

I think that Clinton can benefit fron not being Hollywood's

Wes Clark on Ed Schultz and Blog Talk Radio today

The Netroots’ Greatest Challenge

If you had to choose one ot these things to become a reality, which would you choose? had a piece today on why they think Fitz is out of control:

Don't know about you, but I am glad the Hillary Obama thingy broke out

An Ode to the Third Party Types