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Archives: February 23, 2007

Rice Faces Formidable White House Foe (JIM LOBE)(hint: His initals are Elliot Abrams)

Dick Cheney empowers our enemies

Revealed: The true extent of Britain's failure in Basra

School choice (best LTTE about vouchers ever!)

TomPaine: A New Bush Power-Grab

Is Cheney Next? (JUSTIN ROOD)

Iraq Labor vs. Big Oil: A David and Goliath Story (Kathlyn Stone)

The Fallacy Of Bleed-Out (Dale Allen Pfeiffer)

White House Brings in Nixon-Era Counsel

New Zealand demands Japanese explanation over crippled whaler - AFP

GAO: Fuel Tank Cleanup Could Cost $12B - AP

Minnesota Raises Bar on Renewable Energy Use

Geothermal power purchase agreements under way in Nevada

Hamas political chief to travel to Moscow for talks

U.S. hardens line on talks between Israel, Syria

In what state should Bibi run for the U.S. Senate?

Israeli Rightist Warns That Bush’s Iraq Policy Could Hurt Effort To Combat Iran

Occupied Gaza like apartheid South Africa, says UN report

Technology Review Magazine Discusses TV-Fakery

Where did bush get 20 million extra votes from 2000 to 2004?

Wisdom needed from the Election Reform crew...

Al Gore believed to be among 181 nominees for 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

States are running out of health dollars

Minn. raises bar on renewable energy use

Reuters: Doctors call Padilla unfit for terrorism trial

Microsoft ordered to pay $1.52B in patent suit (

AFP: Cheney warns on China military build-up, NKorea deal

Reuters: Prodi aims to stay on after winning allies' backing

New chill between U.S., Russia freezes Boeing out of jet order

N.Y.U. Student Republicans Mount Jaunty (Racist?) “Immigrant” Hunt

"US intell. on Iran does not stand up, say Vienna sources"

AP: 5-Year Sentence in Oil-For-Food Caper (Tongsun Park)

Janitor service owners charged in nationwide sweep of illegal immigrants

AP: U.S. to Exempt Kids From Passport Rules

Soldier sentenced to 100 years, eligible for parole in 10 in murder of Iraqi girl

First Campaign Barbs Tied to Jailed Man (Clinton vs Obama)

Groups seek to close immigrant (detention) center

China anti-satellite test 'not consistent' with goal of peaceful rise: Cheney

Senate Dems move to limit Iraq mission

Illinois gay marriage bill introduced

June Vote Set for Ga. Congressional Seat

Port Authority OKs $492M for Freedom Tower projects

Fears grow over Iran (British that U.S. Will Strike Iran)

Mugabe 'plans diamond mine grab' (Zimbabwe)

Salmonella Outbreak Widens to 41 States - Reuters, filed at 10:43 pm EST

The evening news just said we have to conserve water...

Is "Pointer Sisters" a kick-ass group, or is it a kick-ass group?

For the Brandi Carlisle fans in the house....

people are strange

does your chewing gum lose its flavor?

Acid Flashbacks is Wowie...

Day the Earth Stood Still to be remade

I like the music of Hank Jr and don't like the Dixie Chicks' music. Am I a Freeper?

Whatever happened to kick-ass-bob?

music gurus -- question

Now that I've annoyed with an AI thread, and whined a little... off to bed!

Going to see Dave Mason and John Mayall tonight. Ask me anything.

My wife thinks they should make mansies.

I am the worst judge of women's bra sizes.

People who like children too much are a strange lot.

They found out what it was that was giving chest pains-

do you really wanna know?

This is it-- I'm going in.

Would you shave your head for a rug test?

Fans of Patti Griffin & Brandi Carlile ... listen here:

I just applied a clay facial mask. Ask me anything.

OK, humbling myself...non-tech savvy

Why the hell is my cat trying to tear into the birdseed bag?


Nothing but pictures of cute girls at tea.

I need just a little to get to 20,000 posts!!! Who wants to help?

Well I'm back on American soil

The Bizarre Trial and Decision on the Custody of the Corpse of Anna Nicole Smith

Call me crass... Call me pedestrian...

I'm the caretaker of my mother, she's going blind

I love you.

I just applied a Clay Aiken mask. Ask me anything.

The Richard Simmons episode of Whos Line is on ABC Family..

Iraqi police rape case

Morning sickness, my ASS

The animal kingdom can be so cruel sometimes!

Smoked sausage, cheddar cheese and purple onion on a cracker!

I'm going to die from anticipation

Cell Phone people: I would like to save you some money.

Wonderful Ella Fitzgerald concert on NYC 13 (tv)

Does rooting for the predator in "To Catch A Predator" make me evil?

"Home Movies" (the cartoon) fans: am I missing something?

There's a Carpenters retrospective on a local PBS station

Does rooting for the preadtor in nature shows make me evil?

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and George Bush all used it, and I wonder...

To people who think Hitler faked his death, do you think he's still alive?

What's the worst thing you would do for money?

It's raining again!

Do you tell someone if you notice their fly is unzipped?

In a Perfect World....

Where was he when we needed him?????

I just applied a Clayface mask, ask me anything!

I went to New York today and a creepy man followed me.

What Happened to Threadkiller, the DUL Fun Game?

Ugh, I finally got a cold this season

How do I transfer my ITunes to my new Mac?

Describe yourself with one emoticon

KC2 is lurking.

Chimps use spears to hunt (the females, that is)

Cat spanking!

Fraggle Rock...

My THAC0 is an irrational number in the imaginary plane. What's yours?

For my 15,000th Post...I say...

Has anyone else noticed how many sex threads have appeared since

Woooooohoooooooo!!!!!!!! 20,000 posts!!!!!!!!!!!

Since California Peggy stopped being a mod, no one woke me up this morning.

Am I the only one who calls John Travolta

***Amazing*** Origami

Let the heads explode.... official American Idol thread in honor of Lakisha Jones

Staying Home From School....

Understanding NASCAR (part 1--the four challenges)

Sugar free cough drops don't deserve to be sucked.

Anyone see"Gray's Anatomy" tonight ? (spoiler) Question. How can

Does this colossal squid give anyone else the creeps?

What spiritual things do people here do every day?

Name a song that mentions another band/solo artist.

ZEBRAS right now.

Acid Reflux is owie...

In honor of being 18 again...

Hugs please

68-year-old MS patient plans 3,300-mile tricycle trip in May!

How Can We Identify a Phenomenon as Religious?

Is religion absolutely necessary any more?

Catholic bishop criticizes Rhode Island attorney general on gay marriage

Veteran legs amputated when tank pinned her

First Target Brothers and Sisters Chambliss of Georgia

"I've hd enough of non-binding resolutions." Kerry in WaPo 2/23/07

The Sidestep - The Art Of Dodging Tough ?'s (George Bush)

John Cleese talks about political extremism in old British election broadcast

His Machine Killed Fascists

Bush, Cheney Involved in Leak of CIA Agent's Identity

Day 2 of Hillary's Million Dollar Grassroots Fundraising Campaign: Total $321,797

Cheney protesters and police face-off

Should Al Gore win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Al Gore believed to be among 181 nominees for 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

Does the Gitmo Decision Make Sense?

Firedoglake: Fitz.


Senators aim to revise Iraq mission, presenting Tuesday to Dems

Keith calls Bullshit on the Basra victory

Cheney OVERLOADS Sydney police during visit to Australia

Tweety and Tucker to be on 30 Rock tonight

Another annoying thing re: Lieberman

* is going to have a fight on his hands about Iran

Officials: Senate Dems Writing Legislation to Limit Mission of GIs in Iraq

What is Reid thinking? RE: Lieberman?

3 soldiers from or around Wichita Kansas were killed this week

Waxman to Investigate Presidential Library Funding (Influence Peddling?)

Al Gore says he can't imagine running for the White House again. But Hollywood disagrees

Guess which liberal, left-wing "Democrat" politician said this:

Blair opens-up US divide over Iran military action, impeachment mentioned

Keith just said he would be a guest on Conan O'Brian tonite

States are running out of health dollars for poor children

Florida judge in Anna Nicole hearing: Is he a loose cannon or a TV star in the making?

Dear Congress people, give up your health care to an injured soldier

(TOON) Steve Bell on Shrub and the British withdrawal

Why aren't black men choosing medicine?

It’s hard not to be cold hearted sometimes …

Circumcision may reduce HIV risk by up to 60 percent

I guess that Joe Lieberman plans on McCain asking him to be his VP in '08.

"Brokeback" scribes (McMurtry/Ossana) in the saddle for new projects

Is Cheney Next?

My LTTE, thoughts?

Yeah, come on all of you, big strong men, Uncle Sam needs your help again.

Robert Greenwald Launches

Air America: Suddenly can't hear on iTunes or On-line! Heeeeelp!!!

Great leaders point the way forward

World Has To Face Neglect Of International Law – Putin

Those wacky young republicans. What will those scamps think of next?

Are we winning yet?

Faux Attacks!.......So attack back!

Newsweek.... In For the Long Haul ...... 10 More years in Iraq?

Any way to recall

Radical Right Attacks McCain Over Global Warming: ‘Loony,’ ‘Environmental Extremist,’ ‘Popping Off’

WP:Democrats Seek to Revise 2002 War Authorization

Did the MSM report on these protests AT ALL?!?

Panel kills gay marriage bill

With Britian Pulling Out A Lot Of Troops, How Long Before Bush Again Appears Heavily Intoxicated?

The CIA Damage Assessment after Valerie Plame's outing

Numbers: the US -led coalition in all its glory:

Brought to you by Bush & Company - Tobyhanna FEMA Labor Camp

Target Chambless of Georgia a Profile in Hypocrisy

Valuable answers to Global Warming skeptics

What is the correct pronunciation of Senator Obama's first name?

Understanding The US Economy

Another Voice: Ehren Watada

Diplomats say US Iran intelligence 'is incorrect'

N.Y. cops find stomach-churning squalor

David Horowitz's campaign against Al Gore and the Oscars

"Operation Imposing Law"???? Can you believe they did it AGAIN???

I'm with Sirota...let Lieberman switch and let the Republicans get the blame...

we're on the road to hell

UKTimes: British government sources fear Bush will seek to "deal" with Iran militarily

Weary of the Bush-Man

Iraq worst disaster for US foreign policy-Albright

Church misused tsnunami and Katrina donations

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker check in!!!

Does anyone here plan to retire at age 65?

Could someone fill me in? Has Lieberman done some new despicable thing today

XM Satellite Radio FAQ to consumers about effects of the merger.


TOONS: Walter Reed and Departing British edition

How the British are defeated in Basra (BBC on youtube)

Larry Johnson:Rightwing Perjury Doublespeak

Rest In Peace, DJ

Binding Iraq legislation to be introduced in Senate

An Iraq Vet's Common Sense Iraq Policy for Democrats

Iraq Labor vs. Big Oil: A David and Goliath Story (Kathlyn Stone)

Aaron Brown resurfaces

ALERT! Sign MoveOn's Petition to Stop Fox Broadcast of Nevada Dem Debate!

Caption the photo - Joementum

Anyone have the link to the Colin Ferguson Britney comment?

How droll. Laura Bush visits 300 square foot "Katrina Cottages"

Conyers:Justice Stonewalling on U.S. Attorney Report

Oil Change: Women vs Men

This vote needs to be DU'd!!

OMB "Ratings" Signal Funding Cuts: Orwellian "" Targets Progressive Programs

9:30 eastern on HBO: Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

Mr. Gore's Emotional Truth

Outrageous! Man walking down road frisked by police.

NBC (General Electric) helps slam Obama on tonight's 30 ROCK

I struck gold!!

Impeach07 ...... Get on the Impeachment Bus!

Aspartame has been approved for use by more than 100 nations worldwide.

For my Redneck Bros - Allman Brothers/Jessica

U.S. Economy Leaving Record Numbers In Severe Poverty [has reached a 32-year high]

IMO, The best we will get is a hung jury in the Libby trial. I doubt they

My new and improved website for my candidacy

Oprah's message board getting an earful about O'Reilly.

What happened to Progressive Talk Radio

Sydney anti-war marchers defy police ban and reclaim the streets: Good Pics

Abortion ban fails in S.D. Senate panel

Laura Bush visits Katrina-hit elementary school, says she thinks "people are dealing"

Creator of “Become The Media” Jello Biafra Spoken Word Tour: VT, MA, RI, NY, CT, NJ, PA, SXSW TX, CA

Boredom, Politics, and American Culture; or, The Iraq War is Boring, Take Two

My Republican friends like Obama, Biden and several other Dem candidates

"JUST LIKE SUGAR" is all natural and Diabetes can drink

I was just telling my Republican mom about the situation at Walter Reed...

Bushco is REALLY out to destroy Khuzestan Oil Production -- IRAN WAR SOON?

This is weird...I'm actually getting pumped up about my Iraq deployment

Hardball analyst: Bush didn't do anything about swiftboaters and it worked to his advantage....

There is a reason why Clark hasn't announced: It's called Iran.

Is the Daily Kos down?

Poll: Do you Support Limiting the Mission?

Getting rid of Lieberman

Bush Screwing Up War On Terror

Radical Right Attacks McCain Over Global Warming: ‘Loony,’ ‘Environmental Extremist,’ ‘Popping Off’

jimmy carter - "torture by worms" by nicholas d kristof

Perfect website for all DU Hillary haters!

Kucinich Vignette from the Nevada Democratic presidential forum

Ok here's a question to DU... Cheney visiting Australia... What doe's he...

'08 Watch: Obama Stays Perfect, For Now...

Clinton often do you characterize the other candidates campaigns or supporters...

PAC for Hillary haters..

Man, no love for Clark from Kos in the latest Dem Cattle Call.

No One Dare Criticize Hillary Clinton

Where Can I Find The Democratic Forum from today?

question for military members/vets: is the condition of building 18, and the fact that it has been

Proposal by Obama on Public Financing Appears to Gain

Are we ready for a hung jury in the Libby case? IMO, that is the most

Clinton Backers Have Ties to Media Firms (AP)

BREAKING: Senate Dems writing legislation to limit mission of U.S. troops in Iraq

Should a drive to recall Lieberman begin if he turns GOP?

Lieberman Says War Vote Could Prompt Party Switch-Time for a recall..

Bush misled the legislature. Repeat after me. BUSH MISLED THE LEGISLATURE.

My husband has been asked to be lead cousel to the DC antiwar coaltion next month

Does anyone else love this pic?


For everyone moaning how Hillary is too far to the right of center

Democratic 'war council' prepares binding resolution to limit Iraq deployments.

Top five 2008 candidates?

Bush in 2004 Won New Voters 2 to 1?

The US Psychological Torture System Is Finally On Trial.

Dark Clouds Over the White House; Fitzgerald lets the cat out of the bag

Paul Krugman:Colorless Green Ideas

AlterNet: Why are we keeping a hopeless, for-profit health insurance system alive?

Rosa Brooks: America Tortures (yawn)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Abolitionists Then and Now (The Nation)

Call Me Paranoid. Pentagon Creating Red State Officer Corps

Poll: Bank of America is encouraging illegal immigration

Press Failing, Says Critic (Norman Solomon)

Al-Jazeera Cameraman Still at Guantanamo (AP)

Guardian: Better dump the Oscars


Bearing False Witness: A New Tool for Authoritarians (Empire Burlesque)

Dahr Jamail & Ali al-Fadhily: More U.S. Military Assaults on Media

For Clinton, New Wealth In Speeches

Poll: Most Southeasterners Oppose Bush Handling of Iraq War

Pelosi is proving she’s up to the job

Free Indeed To Vote

WSJ: Ahmed Chalabi in position to determine success of escalation

NBC News examines "Wounds of War"

Bombs bursting in air (Blair wants UK missile defense site) - The Economist


Press failing, says critic: national media "licks the boots of those in power in Washington"

Scott Ritter: Russia Could Go Ballistic on American Missile Defense

Going Nowhere Fast

Making free trade more fair

Andrew Greeley: U.S. keeps making mistakes in Mideast

U.S. Used Bases in Ethiopia to Hunt Al Qaeda in Africa (NYT)

Old Problems Undermine New Security Plan for Baghdad

CSM: Europeans' chill deepens on US policy

Largest U.S. wind project pending approval (1500 MW, Tehachapi, CA)

Science Daily - Cod Collapse, Warming Bring "Large, Rapid Changes" To N. Atlantic Ecosystems

Building Approval Granted for 40 MW Photovoltaic Project (Germany)

Climate Change, Sabre-Toothed Tigers And Devaluing The Future

Polish vote on controversial road - BBC

Arizona Daily Star: Professsor in a sweat over global warming

Bold Climate Action From Harper Government - GHG "Intensity Targets" - Reuters

Chinese Study Show Rapid Recent Rise In Summer Melt Rate Of Everest's Snows

Oblivious To Budget Reality, Ongoing Cutbacks, Bush's Ethanol Roadshow Grinds On

New Zealand Demands Japan Move Crippled Whaler

Wind power help.

Oil price rise over $61 on Iran, supply concerns - Reuters

An Inconvenient Truth Wins a Globie!

Switzerland to keep and/or expand nuclear power.

Warming Oceans Contain Less Oxygen For Fish - Dead Zone Numbers May Rise Sharply - Scripps Scientist

Solar power help.

First Captive-Bred Asian Vulture Chicks Die - Reuters

Farmland the new hot property

1st Beaver Spotted in NYC in 200 Years

Ganges, Mekong, Yangtze - Great Asian Rivers Becoming Dead Zones Under Hammer Of Development, Toxins

Blue Shark Populations Dropping: Threats To Other Pelagic Species Worse Than Thought - BBC

Sanford (R-SC) Climate "Debate Isn't Over", Hates Government Action, Says He's "Conservationist"

Derision For Blair Climate Plan As "Major" Bill Downgraded In Commons - Times

Wheat Rust Spreading In Australia, Possible Climate LInk

UK Energy Descent Continues - Oil Drum

Toro to introduce environment-friendly biodiesel-powered (lawn) mowers (and more)

Berea College dedicates solar array installation

Latin America prepares for prosperity, sparked by biofuel boom

$2b geothermal and wind power investment planned by Contact (NZ)

State puts $15 million into renewable energy (orange peel ethanol +, FL)

ISE Corporation Delivered the Northeast's First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus (CT)

Lennar Homebuilding to Install Solar Electric Systems on All New (SF) Bay Area Homes

Arctic Sea Ice II: The Meltdown

U.S. States With Renewable Power Standards

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Milk thirst threatens Mexico's rare desert oasis - Reuters

U.S. hardens line on talks between Jerusalem, Damascus

Teaneck synagogue seeks to aid West Bank

Pacifists Gassed at West Bank Wall

Every day I grow more concerned how many still buy the offical 9/11 story

Question about plane passengers

Yet still, even MORE photos of angle slices on WTC beams identical to cuts used in demolitions.

Massive 9/11 TV Archive

It's Not Too Early to Start Thinking About 2008

Election Day Registration a Success in 2006, Report Finds

Estonia tests world first internet election, Voters select the "king of the forest"

WA: ACORN, Reform group turned in 2,000 suspicious voter registrations


Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 2/23/07 The Big Picture

Are you Kidding Me!? Middle school principal busted for doing crack deal in his office.

U.S. hunted al Qaeda suspects from Ethiopia -NYT

U.S. soldier sentenced to 100 years for rape, murder

Australia backs Cheney pledge on Iraq fight; protesters clash with police

Roadside bomb kills U.S. soldier, wounds three more

Ethiopia denies allowing U.S. attacks

Arrest moves Colombian scandal closer to Uribe

Cheney isn't a liability: Howard

Former mujahedeen stage rally in Kabul (in support for amnesty of Aghans suspected of war crimes)

UN: Iran put nuke program in high gear

U.S. investigates report of Iraqi civilians killed (Ramadi)

The US Psychological Torture System Is Finally On Trial.

AP: Pakistan successfully test-fires new version of long-range nuclear-capable missile

BBC: More UK troops for Afghanistan

AP: Ex-Iowa Gov. Vilsack ending '08 bid

Travel firm offers trips to CIA prison that Polish authorities deny exists

AP: Ex-Iowa Gov. Vilsack ending '08 bid

AP: Rats run wild in KFC-Taco Bell in N.Y.

Iraqi Interior Ministry tells groups to inform government of meetings ahead of time

Reuters: Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq's Anbar province

Michelle Bachman: "Iran will get half of Iraq" source, but she knows this..

Officials Reject More Oversight of Hedge Funds

Ex-Iowa governor drops 2008 presidential bid

Reuters: Afghan Taliban say rearmed, ready for war

(ABC) Cheney Holds Firm on Iraq, Pelosi Comments

Any Chance of a Connecticut Recall of Lieberman?

Second Death Linked To Tainted Peanut Butter

AP: Charges Tossed for Canada Terror Suspect (Parliament attack plot)

Sunni insurgents want revenge for rapes

Reuters: Canada's top court strikes down anti-terror law

Activist to serve time in county jail (SOA protestor from Chico, CA)

US Democrats seek to gut Bush's Iraq war powers

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 23

HRW: Oppose martial law for Baghdad

AP: Md. National Guard bumps chief recruiter

Iraq contractor deaths go little noticed

Shiites say U.S. arrested leader's son

Rats run wild in KFC-Taco Bell in N.Y.

Pacifists Gassed at West Bank Wall

Deep fissures in administration over Iran policy; Blair at odds with the hawks (led by Cheney)

Bush decision to let Mexican trucks far into U.S. faces criticism

CIA leak jury recesses for weekend

White House opposes war authority limits

Army veteran arrested in Beach anti-war protest

EXCLUSIVE: Cheney on Global Warming

Opium Eradication Starts in Afghanistan

Nicaragua Steps up for ALBA

Gov. Granholm’s prison strategy raising controversy

Humane Society: Some 'Faux Fur' Is Just Dog Hair (AP)

Sex-changes in Cuba will be no-cost, like all health care

U.S. forces detain son of powerful Iraqi politician

Going to Canada? Check your past-Visitors with minor criminal records turned back

Iraq plans to renovate (US) embassy, buy mansion ($5.8 mil)

AP: Nearly 800 Iraq contractors killed

As the British Leave, Whither Basra? (or Why the British are REALLY Pulling Troops Out!)

Cheney hints at Iran strike

(Iraqi News Source) Baghdad security plan falters amid signs of upsurge in violence

AP: 46 of 49 Nations OK Ban on Cluster Bombs

White House will wait and see on Democratic move to revoke war vote

Powell backs surge, time frame to quell 'civil war'

Lieberman ends speculation of switch to GOP ("genuine independent")

The Hill: McConnell: Democrats are divided over Iraq and won't be able to stop White House strategy

Montana Senate votes to abolish death penalty

Law would criminalize homeless 'dumping' (Hollywood Presbyterian)

Campaign Official Says Vilsack Dropping Out (CNN)

Parents Commit 'Booknapping' To Banish Cuba Book

BBC: US, UK 'in missile defence talks'

Gay marriage critic tried on lewdness

Giant sinkhole swalllows father, teens

AP: Obama Ridicules Cheney's Iraq Comments

1st Beaver spotted in NYC in 200 years

NYT: Department of Health and Human Services, FDA Sued Over Position on Medical Marijuana

Toll Bros. profit plunges 67% as home sales fall

Man Denies Raping Woman While In Town For GOP Convention (OH)

Carter Endorses Gore, Says Former Veep Can Win More Than Oscars

Auditor: Closed charter school owes state $1.4 million

Army is holding back on rating troops’ disabilities to hold down costs, critics say


I've been thinking about the K-Fed/Britney Spears custody ordeal

Back in the World

Apparently aspartame is the flamewar of the week

I think our local weather man is a robot.

Oh my God! Someone save this boy from this bear!

I can't sleep. I'm going to post bare-ass pics of myself.

Well, now that I've consumed half a bag of croutons,

DirectTV subscribers into music. I just discovered Channel 833. Has

I just watched a movie that has astounding relevance for our times

Have any of the members of Van Halen ever said/done anything political ?

Does Anyone Else Remember This Video, By Eighties Supergroup Asia? (Wildest Dreams)...

Stars and Twilight are

I hunt Bush Babies with spears, ask me anything!

I can't sleep. I'm going to post dumb-ass pics of myself.

I'm worried about the 2008 election...

So I just watched Smallville.. I found this interesting..

A sad day for Boston sports fans.

If a goat and a monkey can live in balance together.....


Is anyone else encountering

Well, HELLO! Welcome to my cell. Or--Free Brenda Dickson!

Finally a night off and I'm missing al.

Wow! Ace Frehley died.

Court Upholds New York's Social Dancing Ban

Man Drives Stolen Mini Van Down School Hallway - Crashes (Driver Tasered)

WTF? Cervical cancer vaccine leads to promiscuity?

YouTube - How To Feed The Homeless (FANTASTIC!!!)

a bridge shrouded with fog ....

Anybody have the "Watch Now" feature on Netflix?


Police: Principal Bought Crack In School Office

I just dreamed I was my dog

I am outa here!

I have a confession to make

Etudes, concertos and scales, oh my...

PA, DE, NJ, MD, NY-Need a wedding/corporate event band? My band is having another showcase on Mar. 6

LaraMN, Sending out good thoughts and healthy heart vibes...

I will have a rat with my bean burrito.

I'm really angry and no one here can understand why so I'm asking my

Hi, Loungers!

if there was ever a thread that screamed for a copycat:

Extreme Wheelchair Tricks--YouTube

Whenever I have trouble streaming a liberal talk show broadcast

Instructions for changing your mohel...

Uh Oh. British publication date June 28, 2007.

I just turned away two young stone-faced Gorgon boys

Best. Cat. Video. EVER! (Make sure you wait for the end)

LostinVA and Haruka wanted a girls only lunch. I was going to bring the MidloKidlos UNTIL

Oscar memories: Best song from a 1970s Disaster or Horror film...The nominees are:

Can someone make an Oscar avatar?

Need printer cartridges refilled? Go to Walgreen's Photo Deptl

AP: Rats run wild in KFC-Taco Bell in N.Y.

Why must people smell after exercising?

Drunk Man Guilty Of Letting Drunk 14 Year Old Drive

Tim Hardaway's not only a homophobic ass .....

Who came up with that stupid 'stork' story in the first place?

Does anyone else here remember the Legendary Stardust Cowboy?

Opt out of credit card companies mailings

he want's a divorce!

What were Germans smoking in the 70s?

Turtles,a rocky beach,a flower,injustice,and a butterfly (Dial up warning)

Okay, not a big deal, but some lounge vibes that the guy coming to look at my van buys it

I'm not Catholic, but I LOVE church fish frys!

Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

I just watched the movie "Idiocracy" last night

whats the story with Geico insurance?

Why are we even here?

New CSI Type Reality Show

What do I wear to a lesbian wedding at a court house?

Lifestyles of the rich and f***ed-up

Culture Wars

I bought 8 calendars today at the bookstore, my favorite is The Outhouse Calendar.

Congratulations KitchenWitch!! 35,000 posts

Happy birthday PRETZEL!!

Do "cops" freak you out?

If you're a Lesbian Eskimo Midget Left Handed Ninja Albino and haven't had sex with Tim Hardaway...

Tea Drinkers: Have you tried out the stuff from Teavana?

Well fuck me.

Man Phones Random Swedish Women - Asks Them To Castrate Him

I just turned away two young sweet Mormon boys from sitting on my face.

Riviera Maya, Tulum and Muyil photos *dialup warning*

I have about a dozen postage stamps with no "cent" value visible

Dammit! Help me, please! Trying to find the ENTIRE Moyers speech at West Point.

Proof I'm working hard at skool (pic):

Just found out that they're building a Whole Foods in SLC, UT

What are you reading for?

Just went and saw Cirque du Soliel last night. They rocked the house!

Beaver spotted in NYC.

Freeper tee vee

Ahh, 5PM EST and the Lounge comes alive.

Frozen tidal wave - some of the coolest (no pun) pics I've ever seen!

Anyone NOT going in or out of rehab this weekend check in

OMG! I just got a job offer!!!!! YAY! Keep your fingers crossed, my wife is

During Lent, the lunch ladies at my kids' public school make sure

So, here's my dilemma about laptop, DVD player, stereo, and office. Help, please.

Give a crap, or take a crap?

Where did all these Lesbians come from?

Do you have health insurance?

I just made four meals from leftovers! My weekend is free!!

I'm listening to...

International Liberal/International Socialist shirts

Nothing is happening

I am not a lesbian, have never "been with a man," and am not a virgin....

I Am Not A Thespian, Never Been With A Man, and am not a virgin...

Holy Food Network!!! Rachael vs Giada

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Post your (drawn) self-portrait.

HEyHEY was in a dream of mine last night.


Pregnant 14 Year Old Says It's Fashionable For Teens To Be Pregnant

It's Friday, the bar is open!

"Lawmaker comes down on plastic gonads" - actual news headline

If You're Straight and Have Never Been With the Same Sex, Does That Make You A Virgin?

DU has finally conquered,

Hello from ORD

Friday Afternoon Questions: Why are you lucky? What are the good things in your life?

CNN made me laugh


God truly is faithful to those who believe? Ok. I wanted to believe this for a long time.

"Nice" vs.

Hugh Jackman may play Rhett Butler in 'Gone With the Wind' Broadway musical

115 posts to 10,000...ask me anything.

Here's the dumbest tattoo ever. See if you can beat it

Check out Funky Winkerbean this week - great storyline with the Iraq War

What's for dinner tonight?

How do you post an article and its net address

Please check in here if you just don't give a shit about the Oscars.

The Most Beautiful Voice on the Planet?

I was struck today by how different I look now........Have a look!

NBC Today question: Why is America so interested in Anna Nicole?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/23/2007)

Among these choices, which is the WORST THING ON THE PLANET?

Suze Orman reveals she is a 55 year old virgin

Whole Foods and Wild Oats reach nirvana and become one


when was the last time you were alerted you to a speed trap?

If You're Lesbian and Have Never Been With A Man, Does That Make You A Virgin?

Last day at work...sad.

My very first ignored person of the year!!!


Just FUCK!

HELP! i just bought a laptop with i screwn?

Do you have recurring dreams?

It's Friday and I'm 49 posts away from 10,000 c'mon DU ask me anything...

do wind chimes ever annoy neighbors?

What were the first words out of your mouth today?

How can you tell you live in a small town: I'll go first.

Instructions for changing your oil...

Ordinary Blue Shoes

Bronchitis and sinus infection.

You are all figments of my imagination.

Teen Girls Under House Arrest After Mistreating Friend During Sleepover


Tiger kills girl at Chinese zoo ( WTF $2 to pose with a tiger....

Is it legal to stop you just to check ID?

damnit!! i just Lost a myspace friend


I've Arranged For Clowns To Come To My Workplace...

Last night I was by the woods

WWJD? - Progressive Religious Rally at capitol building in Topeka, Ks. 3/1

Florida Public School ducks responsibility for test scores, passes the buck to Jesus.

When God sanctions killing, the people listen

R.I. AG: Sister's marriage had no effect on gay marriage opinion

Lonnie, Lonnie Lonnie Get Your Verdict Here! Latham Verdict Expected Within 2 Weeks

Wisconsin's High Court Takes Case-- Can anti-gay cities stop WI health insurance coverage for gays?

Family: Elderly Detroit man dying after hate crime

Judge dismisses Lexington suit over school lesson involving same-sex couples

Poll: Only 55% of Americans would vote for a gay President (1% better than being divorced 3 times)

OUT: Financial Expert Suze Orman

Tyson v Douglas

The Wonderlic Score

Roger Clemens an Ass?

I am SO EXCITED - (manifesting thread)

I must be losing it

Who here makes his/her living as a professional astrologer?

Hi. I'm popping out of my hole.

DoD Overhauling Disability Evaluation System

Three links to keep up with our issues

Army now attacking Wash. Post reports over the Walter Reed scandal

OT: This will be worth watching

Gee, I wonder if Hillary is playing the same game as McCain -- sock puppets

Pic thread eventually, and other Friday stuff.

Diary to rec and comment (Kerry and baseball)

Boston area folks. . Jane Goodall March 18

Vilsack's out.

Benjamin Netanyahu Attacks Iran -

Ahmadinezhad on Iran's young nuclear scientists (subtitled)

New Study: Iraq War increased deadly terrorism

Bob Filner's comment on Walter Reed

LIEberman: I Will Caucus With The Democrats (July 3, 2006 )

Ali G - Iran vs. Iraq

Dick Cheney is a liar...

University of New Hampshire Rally (for Obama)

O'lielly lashes back about Oprah appearance.

O'Reilly Blames Missouri Kidnapping Victim

Dennis Kucinich at AFSCME 2008 Presidential Candidate Forum

John McCain: Then and Now

Holy Cow!! Where's the news? My news is saying Devine Strake is NOGO!!

Everything that has happened couldn't have happened without you.

Do We Sufficiently Feel The Loss?

The most influential books in your life and why

Federal Elections Commission gives Obama a favorable ruling

Iraqis eke out living in Baghdad rubbish dump

Who Doesn't Kiss Political Butts?

How can a wrecking crew, equipped with crowbars and dynamite, build a house?

Quick Question: Why do you think each candidate wants to be president?

The Decline of US media

There was a time, not too long ago when people thought positive thoughts

Performance artist gives chance to "kick" Bush butt

Bernie ripping on Cheney and his LIES

KO on Conan.

Joe won't do it


Speaking Republican-ese

Soldier gets 100 years for rape and murder of girl in Iraq - Eligible for parole in ten years

Ghosts of abu ghraib/HBO

Cheney, proud recipient of 5 wartime draft deferments tells cheering troops US won't relent in Iraq

Circumcision prevents AIDS infection: scientists

Ya gotta love Bernie Ward! If you aren't listening,you should!

Chemtrail program on Discovery Channel just starting

Help me out here: Why is he still there?

== Behold, The Lost Americans = By Mark Morford

US Soldier sentenced to 100 years


Civil War in Iraq: It IS the Republican exit strategy, stupid.

If Prince Harry is being deployed and the UK is withdrawing its troops, what am I missing?

Who would you rather have as a vice president?

Deregulated Hedge funds under George Bush:

What do you think. Will we or won't we invade and try to beat down Iran,

Aspartame breaks down into FORMALDEHYDE under heat

"I don't know that trial," accompanied by a blank look.

HOLY COW! Did you see, oil closed yesterday at

Academy Awards on ABC (the "Path to 9/11" Network)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Still no right wing sites opposing conditions at Walter Reed

Wow: WJ this morning -your opinion of the Clintons and Cheney

These soldiers were in al-Anbar looking for Bush's 'Iraqi al-Qaeda'

Give Me A Break! Stop The Party Infighting, Today...Right Now!

EEEK...RFID just got smaller

CNN's "Fight Back Friday" all day -- Is there a segment about BushCo?

Has Laura Bush, or the twins, ever visited a VA hospital or injured serviceperson?

AP: Suspected Insurgent Leader Held in Iraq

Mathematically Obama wins this surely. if he gets the candidacy

Fuck!! They are using chlorine gas in Iraq!! Damn you Bushboy

Active-duty military will speak out against the war on "Sixty Minutes"

Just woke up cranky after a dream about Hillary and Wes...

Protestors rally against war (Saturday in Conn)

Stars & Stripes letter: ‘No excuse’ for Walter Reed

Egyptian blogger gets 4 years in prison for insulting Islam

Fitz gave a little glimpse of his sense of humor during the Libby case

Victoria Toensing & The Washington Post

New Democratic Strategy Calls For March 2008 Pullout

Clinton to Antiwar Voters: Bring It On

Note to MSM: I'm SICK of Your New "Infotainment Mode" and I'm TURNING YOU OFF

DUers in Texas, Midwest, Great Lakes. Heads up...Severe Weather.

Online roleplaying games as a model for understanding the real world

Mitch McConnell's LTTE in ChiTrib - any other papers print this?

A booming economy yeah

The Rancid Stench Of Desperation

I'm proud of the Democrats in the Senate, finally.

clip of KO on Late Night anyone?

Iraqi Embassy Upgrades Its D.C. Digs

Bush's Ship Comes In

Human Rights Groups Call for Closure of Texas Jail Holding Undocumented Immigrants

CHENEY On Iran: "We Haven't Taken Any Options OFF The Table"

BUSH ADMIN Hires Nixon's Top Lawyer To Handle Legal Fights With Dem Congress

Canada's high court strikes down anti-terrorism law that detains suspects indefinitely

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Fri 2/22.... which enemy?

5-year-old girl trampled to death at rodeo

From Kos: Arrested! Oregon Senator (Smith) has 61/73 yo women arrested

NM Impeachment Res. Moves to Public Affairs Hearing - 2/25/2007

Evolution in action? Chimps beginning to use spears

Impeach07 Campaign Launched

so Im reading Fiasco and he says our Intel BELIEVED the Iraqi Information Minister

Severe Air America streaming problems - anyone else having them?

U.N. council condemns "terrorist attacks" in Iraq - No mention of Shock and Awe

US investigates report of Iraqi civilians killed by US air strikes

Iraq soldiers admit rape of Sunni

Exploratory committees R-us

Women, Children Killed: US Troops Step-up Operation in Iraq

Caption this...if you dare!

O'Reilly agreed with guest's false claim that Boston Globe did not cover child-rape case

Breaking News - MSNBC

'Find the Illegal Immigrant' Game Sparks Massive Protests

Cheney's terrorists "had ambitions of empire" comments fall flat with Sydney audience

Israeli Defense Minister Inspects Troops Through Binoculars With Lens Caps On

America Tortures (Yawn) LAT: We've Grown Disturbingly Comfortable With Fact That U.S. Tortures

US Intelligence on Iran Does Not Stand Up, Say Vienna Sources

Utah leaders call Divine Strake news a people's victory

GIs Petition Congress To End Iraq War-Military Personnel Will Explain Actions-On 60 Minutes-2/25/07

Call your governor to bring injured troops home from Walter Reed

Bill Moyers' "Truth, Lies and the Press" documentary on Link TV now.

Soldier gets 100 years for rape, murder.

about this 2002 Iraq Resolution being revisited....

Wal-Mart's White House sweetheart

Soldier can get parole after 10 years after murdering Iraqi family

The Rude Pundit: Fucked New Orleans (Post-Mardi Gras Edition)

Bush Wins Legal Victory Over Guantanamo Detainees

Vilsack throws in the towel

CNN kills me

How many times has Bush been confronted in pubic and been told where to go?

Pres. Carter: Cheney's "batting average" on Iraq is "abysmally low"

EXCLUSIVE: Cheney on Global Warming

Military Commissions Act Headed for Supreme Court

White House: "We're not the type of administration ... who leaks a lot to the press"

Reuters: Gore may cap hot year with 'Inconvenient' Oscar

Activate all Florida law enforcement! A white has been taken!

Leahy: "who 'supports' the troops?"

FINALLY watched Inconvenient Truth

Its been a while

No More Carriers! No More Subs! No More Bombers! Untill we take care of our Soldiers

oops - double posted. Self delete

Finally: A definitive Bush and Chimp Connection

Some Coats May Have Fur From Dogs (Andrew Marc, Tommy Hilfiger from Nordstrom)

caption *

Talk about biased wording for a poll! MSNBC.

Bush bloggers think DEMS will back down because of Lieberman's threats---DON'T!

Michelle Malkin to co-host new Fox show

Private Health Insurance Is Not the Answer

My day on the bus with ex-criminals - A mind bender

Pentagon cancels "Divine Strake" massive bomb test in Nevada desert.

WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER - on or off yer asses!!

George Takei takes on Tim Hardaway

Republican Porn

Did Brian Williams "Predict" Cheney's Ouster?? On Hardball: "...a VP vacancy.."

Need printer cartridges refilled? Go to Walgreen's Photo Deptl

Army is holding back on rating troops’ disabilities to hold down costs, critics say

this one is just too easy

The Ultimate Sacrifice: Killed in the Line of Duty

Who's this idiot Thom Hartmann is talking to?

York County sued over cell blood cleanup

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Tops list of 100 Best Corporate Citizens (again)

NBC Today question: Why is America so interested in Anna Nicole?

Obama On Hillary Fight: Let's End This "Tit-For-Tat"

what fantasticaL Lie wiLL cheney teLL next?

Busted!!! Powell is NOT behind Chimpy's escalation

Autism Study being discussed on "Science Friday" Now! Check your Public Radio station now...

I would like to propose a new Topic Forum.

MD High School student dies playing Russian Roulette...

Please do something about Racism . . .

The True Cost of Hookergate...

CAPTION THIS PIC! Ahm, like shooting fish in a barrel

McClatchy News Headline: "Brew fits Bush's Energy Plan" (A Must Read)

Germany's Der Spiegel: British Leaving Basra to the Mahdi Militia

No New Taxes? Don't Read His Lips

OK Kiddies, today's Cape Cod Times LTTE

ALA Statement on "Scrotum" controversy

Iran-Ready to Attack (Brit's point of view) in 2001 on Tim Hardaway: One of Ten Most Likely Gay Ballers in the NBA

when was the last time you were alerted you to a speed trap?

Any U.S. strike might not destroy Iran nuclear sites (Reuters)

Some Truths About Iran

The most pressing issue

During Lent, the lunch ladies at my kids' public school make sure

Blitz Wolf

Chalabi heading up Iraqi side of escalation

L.A. Times op-ed, Rosa Brooks: We're now accustomed to our country as torturer

This image still makes me sick - one year later

Dick Cheney: Iraq chemical weapons" aren't very sophisticated at this point"

Any Chance of a Connecticut Recall of Lieberman?

Schwarzenegger says prison fix could mean releasing old, sick

Its Friday ya bastads!!!

I really hate to add another Lieberman thread, but I just need a point of information

Dick Cheney - The "Blunder Down Under" Tour

"Stop Making Sense"/Separated at Birth:

Who elected this nutjob, Michelle Bachmann to Congress?

AP: Is your coat fur fake, or is it Fido?

Caption this...

Tony Blair Spent Taxpayers $$$ To Hire Psychics To Find Bin Laden & WMDs

Caption the Chimp:

AP: Nearly 800 Iraq contractors killed

3154 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Woman claims officer berated her as she grieved

One sick country

GRAPHIC: Bush motivational poster "Which is worse, that they knew or didn't?"

Duct-Tape, Tranquilizers Part Of NASA's Plan For Mentally Unstable Astronauts In Space

Who is at fault whois to blame???

Christian Science Monitor: The myth of Muslim support for terror

Lawyers: Solider did not plan attack

Need DU help

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Lieberman defection

Cheney TV Interview 'All Options on Table Regarding Iran' ... LINK

Cheney opens his mouth - jitters in the stock market

...where soldiers are warned to be "ready to be greeted with a handshake or a hand grenade."

Cheney touts Iraq war success stories - history might disagree

Remember those guys in the 3 Stooges clips?

Christian Newswire: Sheryl Crow swayed Iowa "Cloning" vote!!!!!111

Switching parties - the DEMS Hall of Shame + more

Look what happens when you throw the Republicans out on their asses

"Everyone turned out, even the pages." Obama & McCain

Tonight Show w/ Nancy Pelosi

Help me collect data for my next LTTE-Chronic poor treatment and funding cuts for Vets

Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller are born on the same day. Does this matter?

Little Green Footballs is spamming

Among Religious Groups, Jewish Americans Most Strongly Oppose War

Tony Blair's Govt Hires Psychics to Find Bin Laden

Caption time... Condie and Peter.

fun little cheney poll on

Biden on Tweety now n/t

A new IWR may make sense. to leverage impeachment

How much is the current U.S. budget deficit?

Joe Klein: The rape of Sabrine may be an indication that the mission is impossible, the war is lost

The older I've become the more fond I've grown of President Carter

CommonDreams: "Karl Rove Killed Anna Nicole Smith!"

According to Homeland Insecurity geeks.... having these materials makes you

While school studies for FCAT, Principal studies for Drug Test.


One site update on Obama speech...

Tonight's Real Time With Bill Maher lineup

Progressive Group Slams Planned Bruckheimer Film On Philippine Terror Group

A Trial for Thousands Denied Trial

What are your thoughts about this tirade against DK by Kos?

What is with bush talking electric cars that don't look like golf carts ?

Bumper sticker says: "FIGHT TERROR, SUPPORT ISRAEL."

After 5 years of war his way, Cheney has forfeited any chance to

Selling Son of Star Wars Missile Defense To Europe Threatens New Cold War

Followup: UFO sighting in the UK!

Obama makes me smile

Coalition of the shilling (willing). Where have all the allies gone?

So, what should I pray for when I give the invocation/grace

Watch Lou...He reveals TRUE COLORS...Pandering Democrats

What idiot becomes "intoxicated with the revolutionary potential" of an imperial power?

What happens when a person's will is declared "invalid"?

Political bloggers fear publicists will infiltrate sites (sock puppets!)

Blaming the Iraqis

Planned (Monsanto) merger angers black farmers

Could Obama be the next Jimmy Carter?

Funniest insults of Giuliani ever on this weeks best of Billy West, Howard Stern show

Patricia Heaton (aka Terry Schivo saver) accidentally flashes cameras

RE Mitt Romney on C-Span in S. Carolina. Gave me the creeps.

If the Libby Jurors Don't Reach a Verdict Today, They Are Probably Split

Freudian slip? Cheney calls Iraq war a "venture"

NEW Oaxana report form Nancy Davies

Terry McAuliffe won three presidential elections, Dean won 0

Kerry sealed it - no more Mass. liberals

Miller: Why Obama will surprise national political pundits

Iraq: Committee Vows to Overturn Bremer Orders re: US-Disbanded Institutions

CNN finally does the Abeer brutal Rape and Murder and Murder of Family!

Do you have the password to Ted Steven's site or are you an interplanetary alien-being?

Quote of the Day !!

Slavery Today - Abak's Story

Television Rots The Brain, Ruins The Body

Claiming his child-abduction comments were taken "out of context," O'Reilly lashed out at "far-left

So have you asked any of your local conservatives...

Vilsack: "It is money and only money that is the reason we are leaving today"

Sheriff: 13-year-old OK after bus stop abduction

TPM....Another prosecutor purged.

And I hope he suffers each and every day...........

Who will be the host at the Academy Awards?

Wow Vilsak drops out of the race.. Iowa now up for grabs

It's Always Appreciated When Traitors Out Themselves !!!

Another victim of this bullshit war...

Cheney Says "US must do everything it can to deprive Iran of Nuclear Weapons"

Paraguay and Asteroids what does this got to do with Bush?

Geico cavemen offensive?

Shrub: The less the people hear about Iraq, the more they'll support it.


A couple of responses on Oprah's board to the O'Reillly appearance

Jury In CIA Leak Case Recesses Without Reaching Verdict

PHOTO: Bush, Cheney, and Rove dine at local fast food establishment

The Charmed Life of Dick Cheney

Fake Private Parts Are No Joke, Myers Says (another Republican with too much time on his hands?)

Illegal Aliens and Hate Talk Radio

Just met with my repub congressman on Iraq.

Poll: 55% of Americans would vote for gay man or lesbian for president

Busted for some pot 20 yrs. ago, a DUI, petty theft, etc. - Don't expect to get into Canada

A great joke I heard today

Do you look at other guys' private parts when you're in a public shower?

AP: Libby jury deliberations enter third day

Tonights line-up on Real Time with Bill Maher

The dark side of the other white meat.

I miss Al........and Ed almost sounds like Rush......don't care for him.

Buzzflash: Study: Bush's U.S. Attorney Firings "Unprecedented"

Behold, The Lost Americans

Army refiles charges against Watada

Terry McAuliffe sealed it. No more DNC chairs who don't secure the election process

Imus says after they hang Cheney

War Profiteering Exposed To The Light Of Day

Republic and Republican are both nouns, Democratic is an adjective

Why we should call Lieberman's bluff.

Major religious-right group suggests protecting gays from violence would lead to legalized polygamy

If Bush is a War Criminal, Then What About the Troops

OMG. Tucker just said MSNBC got "5 TIMES" the viewership this week

Michelle Bachman: "Iran will get half of Iraq" source, but she knows this..

Wolfowitz about to fund Iraq with WORLD BANK Funds (NOT WB policy)

Police Chief Arrested For DUI !!!

Dennis Kucinich on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy??

The real outrage of Walter Reed

Rory Kennedy on Hardball

Timothy Gorton Ash: Could Global Capitalism Destroy Itself?

Love Kucinich's new banner

US troops release son of top Iraqi politician

Impeachment or Bust --Craig Crawford

George Bush's secret plan to merge the US, Canada and Mexico.

Why I say "ugh" to Kucinich

Helen Thomas: "Bush Full Of 'Red-Hot Baloney' On Iran"

Tell Congress To BRING BACK Paper Ballots

Just coverted the whole house to CFL's

Suze Orman: Gay and Proud of it

Wow, we just got an earthquake here in Oakland

Any armchair psychologists in the house?

"Yes, a single bullet, single gunman"

Victory at Walter Reed

Congressman Dennis Kucinich kicks butt at AFSCME (video)

US intelligence on Iran does not stand up, say Vienna sources

Bush & Contaminated Drinking Water: Withholding Funds, Leadership to Fix Leaks in Underground Storag

Recall, Expulsion, Impeachment of Congress Members

Why I say "ugh" on Kucinich

He stole a pair of hedge clippers and hid inside an empty mobile home.

Oscar could cement Gore as activist

HPV vaccine prevents cancers in men, as well

Hey DU: Should the Nevada Democratic Party let FOX NEWS host it's Prez Primary debate?

Padilla Unfit To Stand Trial, Defense Experts Say/Due To Treatment By This Government

Richardson is the only governor running now - he deserves serious consideration

***DUzy Awards for week ending February 23, 2007***

Why the "'I Was Misled" to Vote for Bush's War Excuse Insults Dems Who Knew Better.

Tim Hardaway interview with Scoop Jackson. Very interesting read.

If you DON'T think this is happening on DU, then I have some swamp land to sell you

Our sweet Ava is featured in the newest issue of....

Good lord, Bushco gave Chalabi the checkbook again.

Democrats Seek to Repeal 2002 War Authorization

CNN's Lou Dobbs reveals illegal political-military-industrial elite agenda to destroy Canada,US,Mex

I was beat up, handcuffed and arrested by Miami police after photographing them against their wishes

DU this vote!!

Miller (R-CA) Making Land Deals Despite Probe (AP)

Call for More Oversight of Hedge Funds Is Rejected

need help, please. does anybody know anything about a story saying that the national park service

Romney Calls on N.Y. to Screen Pensions (divest from Iran) (AP)

Bearing False Witness: A New Tool for Authoritarians (Empire Burlesque)

The joy of being non-committed

Mr. Collin's Legacy

Detour From High Road in Clinton-Obama Clash

Battle Of The Right-Wing Stink Bombs

have the politicians stopped fighting yet?

Liberal and Conservative ride a tandem bike up a hill

TomDispatch: Was 2006 a Turning-Point Election?

SF Chronicle: Hollywood flirting with Obama despite fear of crossing Hillary

A story about polls

The Freeway Blogger Strikes again.. Priceless

Any Word On The Libby Trial........

Strategically speaking......(Al Gore)

Reed them and weep

Pentagon to Fill Iraq Reconstruction Jobs Temporarily

A new tool to bookmark: Presidential Progress: NetTrends ‘08

Moderates or centrists have never been agents of change

'I Trust Him' -- Standoffish Iowans Flocking To Obama

Austin: Obama-rama Feeling as Senator Obama Rallies Austin Supporters Today

Should Faux 'News' host a Democratic primary debate?

Romney on Clinton/Obama Dust Up: It's great, isn't it?

Vilsack out

Voters not likely to remember Clinton-Obama spat.

The Presidential Candidates on Iraq (nice summaries in graphic form)

Duncan Hunter assembles his campaign braintrust

McClatchy News Headline: "Brew fits Bush's Energy Plan" (A Must Read)

Stepping to the Plate, Giuliani Is Seeing Only Softballs

Suppose Al Gore Announced Today That He Was A Candidate

Another baptist minister sex story with a new angle

The essential centrist

10 More Years in Iraq

Chalibi and part of his sordid history:

What I Want In 2008

Is there any news about the Florida congressional race

Pressure Mounts on Blair for Inquiry into Mistakes in Iraq

Could Dems close ranks behind a Gore/Obama ticket in '08?

Impeach 07 Campaign Launched!

David Ignatius: Going Nowhere Fast

umm Jack Keane is in Iraq!!

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Petty feud hurts Democrats

What about Bill?

Under Prez Gore, Katrina Would Have NEVER Happened!!

Dems in Uproar over Fox Plan to Cover Debate

Per CNN, Tom Vilsack is ending his campaign. 9:32amCT.

Dems in Uproar over Fox Plan to Cover Debate

Der Mittenfuhrer reduced to babbling schoolyard ditties

The Christian Right’s Dream Candidate

John Nichols: Exit Hillary's Favorite Son (The Nation)

Hagel still won't say whether he's a presidential candidate


Governator says McCain and Rudy are in the "center"

Democrats should give Big Business an aversion to war,..

Is this true? More soldiers died under Carter's and Clinton's predsidencies than

In case you missed Greenwald's Fox Attacks, view it now, don't miss it.

Al Gore and the Oscars

Obama Says He Wants End to 'Tit-For-Tat' (AP)

Libby Jury Sent Home for the Weekend - No Verdict Yet

Suspect hides from the cops in hot tub ('pruned")

Joe Conason Rips NYT's Article about Scaife Backing off Hillary!

Red neck housewives and Hillary.

Red neck housewives and Hillary.

Merck to Halt Lobbying for Vaccine for Girls

Strategic Implications of AFRICOM

Frank Gaffney is a douchebag

Delete. dupe.

Let's settle this RIGHT NOW!!!

Should Big Business Write USA Immigration Law?

My Wife scared of these words:US keeps 'all options' open concerning Iran

My own third party

McCain, not a maverick, not a mustang, just a gelding

"Screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims... And put that in the minutes"

I think this Libby Wait is getting just too long. Is it a myth that the longer

Rank the Dem candidates in order furthest away from the Bush crime family.

Citing family values, Gore announces candidacy!!

"Congress shares some responsibility for getting us into war with Iraq" -John Kerry

did bush control the swiftboaters or were they supporters...

Obama rally in Austin LIVE

Obama's 'Netroots' Take On Clinton's Big Bundlers in 2008 Race

A question about the HRC 'I've dealt with bad men' "joke".

A tear for Thomas Vilsack

Albright says next president must `restore goodness of American power' (AP)

Dear Wes, it's past time to make your intentions known

Predict Obama's Austin, TX turnout.

Lieberman: I Won't Switch to GOP

Rank the Dem candidates in order closest to the 8 years of peace and prosperity


Obama had it right in 2002

Wow! From HuffPo: YES, Hillary!

Current Dem candidate MOST LIKELY to hold BushInc accountable for crimes of office

Joe Lieberman's birthday is tomorrow, Feb. 24

Exclusive: Powell Rebuts Media Reports Claiming He Supports Escalation

Current Dem candidate LEAST likely to hold BushInc accountable

Senator Bill Clinton (D-NY)

Lush Limbaugh is a bag of s%#t...

Rasmussen: Giuliani 52%, Hillary 43% ...

Why Congress Must Reauthorize Use of the Constitution

I think I'm starting to understand why we're anti- Hillary,Carville and McCauliffe

The Bill Richardson Watch, 2/23/2007

How do you choose your candidate?

Does anyone else just find the Clinton/Obama rivalry funny?

Once again our party is catering to the other side against our grassroots.