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Democratic Presidential Candidates - Help me Make up my Mind!

Depends What the Meaning of 'Mistake' Is By Eugene Robinson --WaPo

Can you believe it? The French were right about Iraq

TomPaine: Free Indeed To Vote

Cheney: Now is the Time to Attack “Apocalyptic” Iran

Terry Nichols Alleges FBI Played Role In Oklahoma City Bombing

Karl Rove Killed Anna Nicole Smith!

PM criticised for dodging 'bad news' on Afghan troops

New lakes beneath Antarctic ice (BBC)

Farmer power the key to green advance (BBC) {Viewpoint}

LOL! Israeli minister follows Bush binocular lead...

(The Canadian) New documentary film suggests 9/11 was a staged Neo-conservative psychological attack

Reasons to Doubt the Official Story about the 9/11 Attacks

State Audit of Sarasota Voting System Flawed, Incomplete

AP reports that "audit" is completed in FL 13

Chimps use spears to hunt other primates

Jury finds former Haitian colonel liable in massacre (Dorelien)

Judge releases Little Rock schools from federal supervision

Georgia (State) Senator Seeks To Ban Tributes To Himself

BBC: Iraq Mothers Camp Outside No. 10 Downing

Canada's high court strikes down anti-terror law that detains suspects indefinitely

NYT: Bush Plan to Allow Mexican Truckers Throughout U.S. Draws Criticism


Army to charge Watada again

Top North American officials play down criticism that talks too secretive

Vietnam (chopper) pilot to receive Medal of Honor (We Were Soldiers)

AP: McCain Says Iraq Could End His Career

U.S., Mexico and Canada Discuss Border Issues

Dick Morris owes over $280,000 in Connecticut back taxes

Controlled burn planned for 530 acres in Smokies park

Mexican anger over US 'trespass' (BBC)

Company's links to Iran undercut Romney's call for divestment

Snakes on a Plane isn't up for Best Picture so screw it!

In honor of my 10,000th post...

Y'know, it'd just never occur to me to wear FAKE DOG NADS around my neck

Alright, answer me this! What's for dinner?

So, Skip(my husband)'s company is welcoming a huge client on Monday..

I tried to make it through "Sex and the City". I really tried...

I'm going clubbing tonight.

Went to rowing practice today. Let's just say the burrito I ate and I got thoroughly reacquainted.

Friday night dinner: Experiments in Snacking

Eulogy sex ban at Aussie funerals

OPUS- Steve Dallas, Superstud

Any armchair proctologists in the house?

Ass! Ass! ASS!

Anyone know anyone who works at Democracy now?

can anyone here tell me why my Sansa Rhapsody Mp3 says in have used 1.8Gig when i only have 400Mb in

So I screamed at my supervisor and dared him to fire me

Rocky knows I'm going to the store, he's staring a hole thru me.

Dear DU;

Nope!! I ain't putting out tonight!!

OK, which one of you guys.....

Should I call the cops on my neighbors?

Is anyone watching "Nanny 911?"

The unwritten rules of videogaming...

What bands/music did you "discover" at college?

Is Revolutionary Acts 04...

what do you watch on tv on Friday night?

Damn you Google for ruining my memories!

My boss made a total ass of herself today.... ask me anything!

How do you get rid of an oral fixation?

We keep getting a forecast for this "HUGH" snowstorm around here...

Ick. The cats just caught and ate a mouse in the living room.

Soft, soft for the DU Lounge: Sweet night vespers.

Buying Extended Warranties on New Cars??

OLD PEOPLE: Ever call in a request to a radio station?

Bounce your boobies!

Post a picture of yourself 75 years older than you are now.

Once and for all: Is the Wizard of Oz suicide in the background real?

I've Arranged For Cows To Come To My Workplace...

Women tell guys the truth don't call them mice.

IMHO - not a good movie - see it on DVD - .....

Can certain music place you in a certain time/stage in your life when you hear it?

North Dakota DUers...what's the weather like?

Are people who knock on your door and claim to be Jehovah's Witnesses

Do West Coasters have a need for turtlenecks?

I am so screwn.

486,536 files and no viruses (this time)

300 the movie - are you going to see it?

Cross-linking action alert/petition to ban sale of dog/cat fur in US.

Anyone here have a 'Zune'? How does it compare to an iPod?

Does Southpawkicker have a harem, or am I nucking futs?

This Youtube is hilarious: "The internet is for porn" (work safe)


***Winter..........and Spring***

I posted on GD yesterday, and survived

Powers of Threadkilling

Post a pic of what you ate in what kind of car after losing your virginity and why you were angry?

I bought something made in the USA today, didn't think that was possible.

LOL! 6th Grade Kids’ History Test Answers

A friend of mine died last night.

anyone know where to buy a photo or poster of Harpo Marx?

I'm baaaaaaaaack. Anyone miss me? Took a bit of a hiatus.

Small Towners, did your town or the surrounding small towns have a stereotype about it/them?

Unofficial Oscar contest thread

Paraguay: Former Catholic Bishop Enters the Political Arena

Pope Ratso dismisses ANOTHER Boston area Priest for (you guessed it)

If there were a god, but he/she/it was not the creator of the universe...

Air Guard's 147th Fighter Wing to aid troops in Iraq (TX ANG)

Indiana Guard unit may head to Iraq early

New Mexico lawmakers demand answers to Guard equipment shortages

Thelma Drake (VA-02) had veterans kicked out and arrested in front of her office!

Waiting for the World to Change - My latest video.

Anyone here know about this:


Vietnam Vs Todays wars...

Kentucky Fried Rats...MMMMM

Paul Hardcastle - Nineteen

Waiting for the World to Change

Iraq with a Vietnam soundtrack...

It resembles it about the Vietnam war and Iraq now...

Iraq Street Scenes - before the invasion

All the tried and true Bush-Rove-Sludge tactics are the butt of jokes now

Woof! City May Limit How Long Dog Can Bark

U.S. to test government's response to IED attacks (Reuters)

VIDEO: Why Limbaugh needs a stacked deck

Crimes Beyond Reason

"I said, `Hector, you're playing with fire,'" she recalled. - With age comes wisdom

Homeless, mentally ill man spent 17 months in Indiana jail after allegedly stealing a soda

If a Chicago cop can terrorize 2 ATF Agents for years an average person doesn't have a chance

Boy, 11, Suddenly Released From Jail After Prank (Sling Shot story update)


Daley faces torture query

How To Celebrate A Guilty Verdict

Students Break Teacher's Neck During iPod Scuffle

Scam targets people's bank account information

Smoking and Drinking - where did all the fun go anyway?

Obama ridicules Cheney over comments on Britain and Iraq

dick, dick, dick, dick, dick.

"Theater Iran Near Term" (TIRANNT)

Hidden From View: Nearly 800 contractors killed in Iraq

Los Alamos: Obelisks for a bleak future; anti-weapons activist prepares 'doomsday' monument

He's accepted the assignment!

DU sure wields a lot of power (or there's been a lot of coincidences lately)

An Editorial that caught my eye today no link but worth the read

I'm doing a research project please help...

Anna Nicole Smith's MOTHER!

Teens in big trouble-- defaced library books, molested stuffed animals, posted antics on YouTube.

Obama profile: Chicago paper

Mark Klass on KO regarding Billo's comments about Hornbeck

ROFLMAO....Can we do a billboard like this somewhere?


Massive Day of Anti-War Protests tomorrow in London....

Once again, the absence of American leadership (U.S. shuns cluster bomb treaty)

Support the Troops--Make the Democrats Shut Up About Walter Reed!

Privacy Protection: Oversight committee requests documents

Dateline: To Kill a Predator

Backup Plan

AIR: America's Investigative Reports - watch and get mad

Will the paid operatives please check in here

Air fresheners help tip officer to stash of marijuana (don't use more than 2 in your car)

From "Conservapedia"'s great debates: a defense of the Crusades

Electric Car gets White House Showcase. ("F" you, Bush, you hypocritical POS)

How do you get rid of an oral fixation?

How do you post an article and its net address

"I'm not running as a Hispanic candidate"

Obama: "When Cheney Says It's A Good Thing-You Know You've Got Big Problems"

McClatchy: Repeal of war authorization may create constitutional minefield (must read!)

Bush gets DWI and the Bush Roundtable


Exactly nine hours ago, DU hit 28 million posts!

NYT: Circumcision’s Anti-AIDS Effect Found Greater Than First Thought

Dear Dick Cheney: Sorry, Nancy's just "not that into you"

Bill Maher: "Bush a 'Dolt' and 'a Gilligan Who Cannot Find His Ass with Two Hands'"

Presidents reveal their true nature (Warning: GRAPHIC)

lobbying reform bill Section 220 of S. 1

Iraq Fiasco: Last Gasp of White Male Entitlement

Crashcart says 'all options' open re: Iran.....

Evolution: a new paradigm

Cheney, Howard gagged by glitch

The "Do you look at other guys' private parts" thread is the funniest thread in the history of DU.

Looking to the north in Iraq -

Democrats, Admit It: We're Idiots (Huffpo)

No Oscar picks, but Bush has seen "Letters from Iwo Jima," "The Queen," "Last King of Scotland"

Did you see this Howard Stern movie?

What I see when I picture the Libby jury--

Obama ridicules Cheney in Austin

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

McCain: "What's wrong with sucking up to everybody?"

Is this picture "real" of GHW Bush?

Real Time time!

On-line newspaper shut down by spammer

today is the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in great britain

Bingo!! Bill O and Co. attacked Oprah for "Liberal Bias" in Oct. 06 and she caved.....

I'm surprised. John Stossel is actually doing a decent program!

Matheson calls for Divine Strake federal hearings (GOOD ON HIM!!)

Need debate help - Creationism, Occam's Razor

Haggard Part Deux Runs to the ACLU (from the Nation)

My TiVo Got Religion Last Night: A Christian Broadcasting Network "Newscast" on Iran

What is a question when you are only allowed to view one answer

Iraq War 2003 Quotes

More Judy Miller vs. Fitzgerald.. Not Libby case

Do you consider yourself a socialist?

Man crawls across NYC in Bush mask with "Kick My Ass" sign on his back

F-22 Raptor Software Goes Haywire Crossing International Dateline

Olbermann Breathing Down O'Reilly's Neck!!!

In Indiana it’s ‘In God We Trust’ …

Thelma Drake (VA-02) had veterans kicked out and arrested in front of her office!

I'm sorry I doubted some of you about the horrors of Wal-Mart.

Rudy Giuliani Is Not A Hero. He Is, However, A Coward.

Defense of Marriage Initiative Accepted by Sec. of State

Carter endorses Gore for president

Please help stop the sale of dog and cat fur in our stores-Petition.

Debunking of Arguments Against Bush/Cheney Impeachment by Impeachment Organizations

Book TV Schedule: February 24th - 26th

Sizable hunk of Americans want impeachment no matter what Nancy Pelosi Says

Chomsky: the will of the People regarding Iran IS irrelevant to the Oil Gang

Global Nation TV doing an interesting Poll...

Liberal Peaceniks Aid The Terrorists

Iraqis welcome British and Danish pullout

Joe Lieberman = Benedict Arnold n/t

I'm really confused.

O'Reilly bashing Obama dumb fuck!!!!

mods: At what time have I ever worked against the democratic party

Any updates on this story?

AP: Obama ridicules Cheney's Iraq comments

TOONS! Best Looking President (Pick 1 or 2) PRESIDENT TOONS

Hillary Embarks on Listening Tour 2.0

need help, please. does anybody have that graphic handy about christians and how "persecuted" they

Did I just see in a news item that the reason Geffen attacked with Clintons

The Best Way To Handle Cheney's Argument Is Not Obama's Retort

Is DU about doing the best for our children.

Melissa Hart Touts Tony Snow to Run for Senate from Virginia

What Will America Do?

This post won't mean much to anyone that doesn't remember...

McCain says something that inspires hope

I'm Missing Molly Ivins Terribly

Das Octopusfrau Michele Bachmann Retracts Her Embarassing Iran/Iraq Conspiracy Theory

Why I like all three frontrunners.

Please come and collect

Am I the only one who does not want to hear about the 2008 Presidential

My modifications to Wes Clark's StopIranWar letter to *

YEAH!! This Is How You Handle Cheney!

Support the Troops? Tell me about it ...

Self Descibed principles of the Democratic Party

Who do you support for Secretary of State?

Does Dennis Kucinich have a chance?

Newsweek: Demolition of the Willing

Zbig Idea!

Dickens, Trollope -- and Anna Nicole?

Our sexual obsession damages boys as well as girls

John Nichols: Cheney's New Front in War on Reality (The Nation)

Defense Attorney Claims Fitzgerald Believes Cheney told Libby to Leak Plame's Identity

Conason: It can happen here

This is no way to treat a wounded warrior: Walter Reed Hospital’s flaws

Dave Lindorff: Impeachment: Breaking the Dam in Olympia, Washington

Washington Post Sunday Magazine: "Battle Worn"

Corporate Profits Take an Offshore Vacation


Gay rights advances likely in Congress

"Civilization and War Rant"

Common Dreams: US Economy Leaving Record Numbers in Severe Poverty

Two Republican buzz words bombs

The new science of happiness needs some historical perspective - Scientific American

The "antiwar left" takes over America (critical of NYT story of today)

The Nation: The Care Crisis

Glenn Greenwald, Salon: "The Corpse of the Victory Caucus"

Liberals question PMO role in leak by Bruce Campion-Smith

Blair's Pullout, Prodi's Fall Point to Bush's Growing Isolation

The story of Suzuko Numata

Guardian: Tony Blair makes Comical Ali seem the voice of reason

(M. Moford) Who are the 13% of us who've never heard of global warming? And how can they be stopped?


When the Corporate Media give Dick Cheney an easy ride

Iraq rebuilding short on qualified civilians, Reconstruction hampered by violence and turf wars

Jackie’s private letter to Joan up for bid

WP:Justice Department Fires 8th U.S. Attorney

Blaming climate change, government abandons a coastal defense

Global warming isn't Biblical

How much CO2 is in a gallon of gasoline?

Romania intends to reduce the percentage of fossil fuel electricity to 30%.

How global warming goes against the grain

America's Largest Milk Company Says "NO" To Cloned Cows

Coastal Brits Fret About Climate Change

Agreement reached for Oregon Wave Power Park.

Beaver is spotted in NYC for the first time in two centuries

Balls used to plug Java mud flow (BBC)

Postdoctoral position in wind energy -- Desert Research Institute

Hubbert's Peak discussion on radio NOW

CUNY Study Finds Solar Energy Can Help NYC

Vermont utilities eye new power plant

Chevron to build one of the nation's largest biodiesel refineries in Galveston, TX

Wolf numbers rise in northwest

Spanish firm plans to expand Montana wind farm

Australia plots climate change escape route for wildlife

From Global Warming: Bush's Climate of Fear online video

Dozens of rehabilitated sea turtles returned to Gulf of Mexico

Three killed in new Gaza clashes

Report: Israel asks for ‘air corridor’ to attack Iran

Egyptian charged with spying for Israel says he confessed under torture

King Abdullah II of Jordan to Address Joint Meeting of Congress

Republicans And Democrats Prefer The Company Of Different Nations, Especially Israel

One State, Two States. Do I Hear Three?

France pledges to back PA unity government

Jordan's king says Palestinian government must recognize Israel

Settlers attack Al Aqbat mosque in Hebron

Ten reasons the left hates Israel - five good, five bad

Israel denies report it is planning an Iran attack

BBC c Files - Only Part 1, only the timeline - the Video

WTC7: the “flashpoint model”:

So, where are those 9/11 whistleblowers?

I was responsible for entrusting the 19 brothers - Allah have mercy upon them

World Trade Center Dust Particle Identification

"The Pentacon" on

I just want to know the TRUTH why this has happened

"If You Want to Be a Voter (The Ballad of Sarasota)" by Lori Rosolowsky

Tell Congress To BRING BACK Paper Ballots (X-POST)

Is my last post working?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Feb.24, 2007

Worker who created a bomb scare at a hospital will not face charges

Tiger kills girl at Chinese zoo ( WTF $2 to pose with a tiger....

AP: Nearly 800 Civilian Contractors Killed In Iraq (" the books")

US cedes control of South Korea army

Kiwis pick on Shrub

Students Break Teacher's Neck Over iPod

Two Iraqi children killed in Baghdad clash -U.S.

Reuters: Judge voids Illinois law barring Sudan investment

Report: Israel Wants to Fly Over Iraq

U.S., Iraqis in conflict about Baathist issue, White House wants to ease ban of party in government

US refuses to ban cluster bombs

(son of) Iraq Shiite leader behaved suspiciously: US military

(British) Law change 'may bring designer babies'

Cheney says Hicks will be among first detainees tried

WP,pg1: Democrats Offer Up Chairmen For Donors: Party Faulted GOP for "Selling Access"

Mortar and bomb attacks in Baghdad kill 6 civilians, wound 34

Iraqi president slams US over prominent Shiite's arrest

Truck blast kills 35 at Iraqi mosque

Israel seeking consent to fly over Iraq for Iran strike

Former U.N. envoy Holbrooke: Start bringing troops home(dem radio address)

Tens of militants reported killed in Iraq raid

Well-known 72-year-old gay man beaten to death in Detroit

Migrant employers (in Texas) get prison, ordered to pay fines

England interested in U.S. defense shield

NYT: Record Fine Expected for Univision (by FCC)

Italian PM asked to resume duties (Prodi stays) | BBC

To Push Death Penalty Or Not: Prosecutors Asked In Court To Explain How They Decide

Kurdish Officials to Back Iraq Oil Law

Adult stem cell study flawed, panel says

U.S. tourist kills mugger with bare hands

U.S. court upholds same-sex teaching to children

Spanish introduce speed limit on shipping to protect whales

Vermont legislature opens debate on death with dignity

Reuters: Afghan Taliban say rearmed, ready for war

Americans Underestimate Iraqi Death Toll

Lawmakers look to increase cooperation between state and church

Iran: U.S. not in position to start war

(Missouri) House endorses measure requiring English for official proceedings

S.C. Sen. Jim DeMint: Surge gives U.S. a chance

Cheney Remark Rankles Pelosi

Working families earn more food stamps

Giuliani calls for 'tech wall' for border, energy plans (build border wall; drill ANWR & East Coast)

In Clinton’s Backyard, It’s Open Season as an Obama Fund-Raiser Lines Up Donors

McConnell Threatens to Block Bid to Repeal War Resolution --WaPo

Idaho considers making English official language

WP: McConnell Threatens to Block Bid to Repeal War Resolution

Anti-war protesters in huge demo (UK)

Cuba declines to renew credentials for 3 Havana correspondents

General says eliminating bin Laden not priority

Cheney defends Iraq war, attacks critics ("generally enjoyed warm welcome")

IRS urged to go after eBay sellers

Americans underestimate Iraqi death toll (Poll)

Michigan bill strips immunity from drug companies

Alabama college hosts n-word conference

Cronkite opposes religious influence, urging greater separation of church and state

Baztab: Ten Killed in Iranian Revolutionary Guard Helicopter Crash

Bush spotlights rising health care costs (market based "solution")

Australia: Rudd sworn to secrecy (Cheney insisted on non-disclosure form before meeting)

WP: Justice Department Fires 8th U.S. Attorney

'Human trafficking is a $32 billion worldwide business'

Hague court set to rule on Bosnia genocide

Feds shut down Cuba travel scheme, arrest 2

Va. principal deems Jesus chant offensive (Catholics shouted "We Love Jesus" at Jewish students)

Romney family tree has polygamy branch

Battle of the light bulbs (California considers banning incandescent bulbs)

Telegraph: Israel seeks all clear for Iran air strike

Jacko is on the verge of converting to Islam

the week of stress and deep suckage approacheth

Does anyone else here love Super Milk Chan?

My inner-geek may be satisfied again starting next month (playing D&D at the table)

I had a touching experience yesterday...

Please read this if you are considering MicroJunks new Vista...

I had a touching experience yesterday... What moves your soul?... Balls [View All]

So your not sure where you want to go to college?

When graywarrior says listen to somebody, JUST DO IT!!!

Weekend book thread: new books

Do you have more comedy in your online life or your real life?

Check out the finalists in the 15 seconds contest:

When a person goes into "rehab", do they get other medical help?

I have a confession to make....

Use # 723,642 for double face tape

Dear gemdem & RevActs

I love Maat!

I've arranged for the Insane Clown Posse to come to my workplace.

Feeling very old and very reflective tonight.

Someone has to be brave enough to say it: the Bowie knife is WAY over-rated.

If you are a thespian and you have never been with a fan

she said to him: your right hand is stronger than your left

Is there any update on LaraMN's husband's condition?

I just put graywarrior on ignore.. ask me anything!

If You're Lebanese and Have Never Been To Oman, Does That Make You A Virginian?

Goodnight my harem!

I just finished watching "Elmer Gantry" on Buffalo PBS.

Matcom Memorial Hospital

Someone has to be brave enough to say it: the Ginsu knife is WAY over-rated.

You'll never guess what this picture is

I've got 30 minutes to kill...

I want to take you to a gay bar...

I am sooooo drunk....

So, I got hit in a bar tonight

Do they make gas masks for cat box duty?

Is this something you could see framed and on your wall?

So, I got hit by a car tonight.

are you watching closely?

Oh, fuck!

Someone has to be brave enough to say it: David Bowie is WAY over-rated.

The word "paradigm"

What time is it?

How's Kansas this time of year?

"Stairway To Heaven" as it should be!

Need a little computer help....


990# squid caught, could be biggest ever. If calamari rings were made,theyd be size of tractor tires

the snow is pouring down but lightning and thunder just hit...

"...we are creating three LifeGem diamonds with the carbon from Ludwig van Beethoven's hair!"

Women tell guys the truth. You just gave them lice.

Helen Humes

Clothing Donations


OK Cupid's Dating Persona Test

any news on LaraMN's husband? n/t

The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace

new fridge!!!

English majors unite: Adult spelling bees are fun!

Barbra Streisand - What's My Line?

Congratulations Reverend_Smitty!! 10,000 posts

Bush: "My Dick is crooked."

The two sides of Dick Cheney

The snow removal in my town is messed up

Does anybody Best week ever on vh1?

To the DUer who recommended coconut oil for...

U.S. tourist kills mugger with bare hands

The Original Oscar thread.

It doesn't matter what i say, as long as i sing with inflection.

Happy birthday Texasgal!!

So this fancy hooker comes up to me....

Bill Gates attacks the auto industry!


sweet fuck am I board

Do you spend to much time here?

Good sites for learning how/when to grow flowers from seeds?

Final February Photography Poll up in GD - Bridges

Which do you prefer: Bashing a troll or challenging their rhetoric with your own POV?

Ronald McDonald's stunning makeover!

I was given some beautiful Prayer Flags

Why should I work hard when no one else is ? Work related ...

What a shitty job market

My family and dogs won't let me nap.

Need ideas about skiing for a disabled person.

Complete this: Old DUers never die, they just...

OMG I've been spelling weird wrong all this time!

Where's the Oscar contest ?

how do you s'pose they make clam juice?

Ahh weekends, a good time to do things around the house.

Congratulations Jacobin!! 20,000 posts

One week from tomorrow...

I Took this pic at a bustop yesterday

I just cooked an entire pound of very challenging bacon. Ask me anything!!

Rats Run Wild in KFC-Taco Bell in N.Y.

Is a home made burger any better for you than a fast food burger?

ok, this shit with getting to a real person when calling credit card customer support...

Hey peeps...Give me a fun web game to occupy my time.

Trouble in Sorority world as nationals take closer look at chapters...

Back in '92 I flew on airplane under an assumed name.

LOL! 6th Grade Kids’ History Test Answers

Cold and snowing. A foot by tomorrow. You?

I just saw "Pan’s Labyrinth".

Why is it that I love hot peppers, and I can't eat salsa?!

Did you see the movie "Pan's Labyrinth" ? Our reviewers in Portland voted it the Best Picture of

My God! It does not get any better! Classical guitar........

If you're a dude and have never been with a man, does that make you a virgin?

Well. What a *dull* 24 hours....

When I think KitchenWitch, I think _____________

post something that will creep me out

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/24/2007)

So, is God your Senior Parter too?

I guarantee this vid will make you smile. Parrot undoes lock, lets out friends, go back for the rest

ALL Dixie Chicks CDs are sold out at the BX (base exchange)

The Finalist Bridge Competition Photos are up in GD!


What moves your soul?

What would you do if you came to possess the ashes of someone you never knew?

When I think flvegan I think

Do you have more drama in your online life or your real life?

Pride tonight! Who do you like, Wanderlei Silva or Dan Henderson?

I am seeing Seattle's cherry trees bloom for the last time, and they will never again be the same.

When I think GoPsUx I think

I saw a great old movie on media/politics tonight: "A Face in the Crowd"

Cat-Dog Picture thread: Post pics of your pets

What is your favorite constellation?

We're off to Maui on March 11th! Any suggestions for our stay?

Documentary makers claim tomb of Jesus found in Jerusalem cave

James Cameron claims he has found Christ's tomb

New Jersey Schools Ordered To Protect Gay Students

In Service to the Lurid (Maoist Anti-gay gay-bar-fly Brian Camenker)

Gay rights advances likely in new congress

Andrew Anthos, Age 72, Victim of Detroit hate beating dies

Wyoming Redeems Itself

Henin beats Mauresmo to win Dubai Open (No -Hardenne?)

Yay! I just "happened on" Oprah's After the Show on The Secret!

The Stars This Week: "Become Comfortable with Uncertainty" - Feb. 26 - Mar. 4, 2007

May be wait no longer for the world to change. . .

Sending PMs today -- I sent two that didn't end up in my Sent box.

The 9/11/07 eclipse is right on top of my birth chart's ecliipse -

I need a little help, PUWEESE!!!

pssssssst. . . tomorrow is the queen of hearts' birthday. . .show cassie some love here.

This astrology guy, Rollin Frost

An Attitude of Gratitude: What are YOU grateful for?

GDP thread that deserves full attention of every citizen Democrat and Kerrycrat

Carter endorses Gore for president

Check out my youtube channel

Kerry to be interviewed on NECN NewsNight With Jim Braude

iraq kids,hammin` it up (before the us invasion)

George Takai responds to Tim Hardaway

Willie Nelson & Sinead O'Connor - Dont Give Up

Bush Legacy Part 1 - Katrina

Ray McGovern answers question on voting machines and 9/.11

Greg Palast at Fighting Bob Fest, Sept. 9 '06 - Part 2

Greg Palast at Fighting Bob Fest, Sept. 9 '06 - Part 3

Greg Palast at Fighting Bob Fest, Sept. 9 '06 - Part 4

Glenn Beck Calls Kerry Un-American

Obama vs. the mainstream media re: 'substance'

TV news reports in aftermath of Oklahoma City bombing.

Political Pollsters - Professional Hit Men

C.I.A. Corruption (Porter Goss & Hookergate) BBC

Greg Palast at Fighting Bob Fest, Sept. 9 '06 - Part 1

1958 - Global Warming - It's NOT newly known


I Need to Wake Up - Melissa Etheridge

Asian American Leaders Criticize AsianWeek for Printing Kenneth Eng's Column 'Why I Hate Blacks'


LMAO: Drudge story on how OZ (Australia) loves Cheney.

LIeberman is a dick...must be swelling due to his so called power

Very powerful Bill Richardson ad you must watch

Foreign devils in the Iranian mountains

Joe Conason speaks for me. "Enough with the new bipartisanship"

Everything is natural

Billionaires for TXU: A Dirty Investment

Are the corporatist and freeper infiltrators on this board wearing you down?

OK What happened to Armageddon? We've been waiting.

I just finished watching my favorite Anti-War movie the

Americans Underestimate Iraqi Death Toll (AP)

given the current state of racial minorities in america...

Hillary's Stalking Horse Leaves the Field's all talk.

I wrote a book about war once - seems like a long time ago now.

Hit the open water for a 7 day cruise....with Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes!

Did Hillary really write this in "It Takes A Village?

Bill Richardson Wash Post Op/Ed: Diplomacy, Not War, With Iran

An open message to any Military or National security folks reading or assigned to read this site:

US rejects cluster bomb ban

Arab Art and Mathematics: Wow

Kiwis pick on Shrub

Worldnetdaily claims illegal aliens murder 12 Americans Daily...

Prodi is back

Let your children know that it's OKAY to feel sad sometimes.

Good Morning DU!

White House Rehearses for a Domestic Attack

Poll: Most Southerners Oppose Bush Handling of Iraq War ("...his boondoggle ...his legacy")


Where Would Bill Stay?

U.S. Education Department snoops

Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq's Anbar province

Americans Underestimate Iraqi Death Toll


Report Decries Immigrant Centers As Prison-Like

It appears apathy rules

Did Cheney go OVERSEAS and criticize Pelosi?

Did anyone watch 1 versus 100 last night? Catch how many didn't know the symbol of our party?

Cheney Indicates Possibility Of Military Action Against Iran

Would leaving Iraq damage U.S. standing in the world?

Combat pullout won't hurt alliance: Cheney

What Does It Mean If I Got Through Twice On Wash-Journal, And Was Also


Any chance of a Libby verdict today?

Check out the finalists in the 15 seconds contest:

Is CNN/Time Warner pulling political psyops against Obama?

What Did Iran Learn from Operation Praying Mantis in 88? Super-Fast Subs/Torpedos

Local LTTE wars...

Diplomatic path can succeed with Iran, says Rice

Iraqi Kurdish troops heading to Baghdad

Americans United for Sep. of Church/State Slams Justice Dept. 'First Freedom Project' For Hypocrisy

Is Iraq slowly turning into Afghanistan?

UK Telegraph: Israel Seeks All Clear for Iran Air Strikes

Mentally ill homeless man spends 17 months behind bars for stealing a soda from Wal-Mart

Bush: "My Dick is crooked."

Sorry, Jim Wallis: Rumors Of The Religious Right’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Chickenhawk Cheney runs off to Australia to insult Pelosi...what a coward...

HPV Vaccine - Rick Perry vs Constitution by David Van Os

Going to Canada? Check your past

Clues on motives in GEFFEN's jihad on the CLINTONs

1 In 3 Boys Heavy Porn Users, girls report more accidental viewing

400 suspected militants killed in crackdown: Iraqi PM

Anyone that wants to know what it's all about Should read this !

Today making you smile Bush Bumper Stickers for 07

Dumping of CO2 threatens oceans with massive extinction, scientist says

Giant sinkhole swallows homes; 2 killed

Day 11 (or whatever it is) of the new Iraq stratergy: 35 Sunnis killed in blast

?Why is cheney Globetrotting? He's not on vacation.

I Believe The Writer Is A Tad Fed-Up !!!

AlterNet: The Next Pat Tillman-Style Cover-Up?

FOX consultant on deliquent tax list for years! What if this was YOU?

Cheney: U.S. Prefers Diplomacy, But Has Military Option On Iran

Cupboard Bare at Solano Food Bank-provides meals for 300 needy families each week

Canadian Court Strikes Down Controversial Anti-terror Law

Have the Cheney Protests in Australia Been Reported by the US MSM?

Toxic Sweeteners, Toxic Presidents, Toxic Wars: All You Need To Know About Marketing Poison

Who here thinks folks shouldn't advocate for their candidate on this board?

Media's convenient amnesia about LIEberman's pledge NOT to switch parties....

Self-delete. n/t

What's wrong with those people ?

How would the Bush Administration and the Republicans respond to a domestic insurgency?

it's not wiki it's wacky

I believe MSNBC and CNN blames *us* for their programming decisions.

Jimmy Carter Endorses Al Gore for President

Homeowners dumbfounded by Allstate's cancellations in Louisiana

Oil prices up 20% in 2 weeks? Price at pump up 10% in my area

American Armada Prepares To Take On Iran - RawStory\UK Telegraph

Bush tauts same wine --different label: "Affordable Choices"

I miss yahoo news BB's

I'd like to get some perspective on the Obama rally in Austin

Divine Strake Cancelled - 'Oh my gosh, we matter!'

John McCain on Murtha - "Murtha has become 'too emotional. He goes to funerals'.....

Poor an no health care? Insurance exec: prioritize spending

Original Wendy's Location To Close

Anti-war protesters switch tactics, target Democrats

Billboards of leaders (or wannabes) ?

Christian Right Labors to Find ’08 Candidate - NYT

Which do you prefer: Bashing a troll or challenging their rhetoric with your own POV?

Falwell: Preaching Out Against ‘Global Warming’ Panic

My wife and I are getting to the point of


Poll shows knowledge of U.S. dead, but huge underestimation of Iraqis

Contessa Brewer on MSNBC shows emotion: Grossed Out!

Listen up you republics fundy hannity, rush lemmings

Did you see the movie "Pan's Labyrinth" ? Our reviewers in Portland voted it the Best Picture of

My Dream Last Night.....Very Strange

CSPAN II: Ralph Steadman on Hunter S. Thompson

Should DU have an "LFO" topic forum?

Americans United Slams Justice Department 'First Freedom Project' For Hypocrisy

Lawyer: Deadline looms for Katrina litigation (Wednesday, mail tomorrow!)

‘Hero In Error’ Chalabi Makes Political Comeback To Lead Iraqi End Of Escalation Strategy

Cramped and old, LAX is losing international flights to newer airports

I can't believe this one is still going around

Here's the DNC research page on Rudy Giuliani...

Washington Post: Problems Stall Pentagon's New Fighting Vehicle - No Iran Landing?

North american union ?

Bad Wrap: How ADM cashes in on Mexico's tortilla woes

National Defense University Papers: Iran and China

Washington diary: Martians and celebs

Weekend TOON roundup

MBNA charges for being in credit (BBC) {UK accounts w/positive balance}

16 Million Americans Living in SEVERE Poverty:

Lenders Told Foreclosure Picture Grim

- in our name -

Okay, so we all know CNN sucks, but why the recent crit?

Russia's disappearing languages (BBC)

"High Maintenance Bitch" - The Pet Store

Rudy Giuliani's Southern Comfort

Can America mount "successful defiance" against our masters? Would it want to?

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's friend; Ralph Steadman has a blog

Need opinions on this idea.

Are conservatives even capable of being funny?

Pat Robertson's CBN reports smallest gain in donations in five years

Sheehan calls for unity to prevent any US attack on Iran

FEMA goes after aid to students;Katrina relief cash payback demanded

Editorial today from Pres candidate Gov. Bill Richardson: Diplomacy, Not War, With Iran

Children should not be left alone with dogs

Why We're Staying in Iraq (5 To 10 Years) - Michael Hirsch

So, the price of gas just surged by a dime a gallon

When it comes to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," is there any reason why

Sunday Talk Shows

Best explanation I've seen for Winter '07 as proof of global warming

Can someone help me name all the female heads of state in the modern era?

CNN: Could Gore's road to the Oval Office begin in Hollywood? (Oscar night)

How would Dems in Congress react to terrorist attack to sell Iran War?

NRA attacking their own

This is your Borg Master. You are Screwn. Come in for processing.

Tornados, Strong Winds, Hail

The President of Shell Oil When Asked About Peak Oil...

David Geffen: Is the Iraq war the only splinter in his middle eastern eye?

Obama Ridicules Cheney For Iraq, U.K. Remarks -

AP Ipsos: 77% of Americans say number of US and Iraqi deaths "unacceptable"

Well-known 72-year-old gay man beaten to death in Detroit

*** Saturday TOONs: Blair Withdrawing Troops ***

Does anyone know if reducing CO2 emissions will reverse the glacier meltdown?

I say we move to Nebraska, buy up a bunch of farmland and start our own country.

Judge (MA) throws out lawsuit -- parents can't keep children from learning about same-sex marriage

Rudy Giuliani makes fun of a man with Parkinson’s during radio call in…

Challenged to a citizenship test by republican.

More than 20 loud blasts rock southern Baghdad

Obama's so-called 'lack of experience'

I was asked by a member What can we do about Military Hospitals and VA

Dateline: To Kill a Predator . . . by Jesse Wegman ( . . .

U.S. troops have attacked the media in Iraq

Super-Bama Displays Superpower: 22,000 (NOT A TYPO) Rally in Texas!!

In honor of Don't Ask Don't Tell

Heartwarming Story of 4 Women's Rescue of ~200 Trapped Horses

Please down rate this image on Yahoo

Military Officers Association of America, Here in Alexandria, Takes on Walter Reed/Mil. Healthcare

Have you chosen a candidate yet?

No Bottom to the Barrel

The is all over the impending Iran attack, multiple stories...LINK

poll: homophobes tend to be gay themselves

Reuters: Iraqi PM says some 400 militants killed in crackdown

Was Obama wrong to call for surgical missile strikes on Iran?

A 72 year old man beaten to death in front of his wheel chair bound buddy

Homophobes silent on gay man beaten to paralysis who died yesterday

May be wait no longer for the world to change. . .

Geffen's Hillary Criticism Is 'Nothing I Haven't Heard From Women Voters Across America'

Sunday on 60 Minutes! GIs Petition Congress To End Iraq War

Can smelling a cheeseburger shorten your life?

Why Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Romney and Schwarzenegger Don't Support Single-Payer Health Care

US Rejects Ban on Cluster Bombs

'Late Late' comedian turns darts on himself


okay...if GoRE doesn't run. I am supporting OBAMA

Candidate offends Jewish groups

Your weight is unacceptable. Wear this yellow star (overweight people make global warming worse)

Want a real set of personal health care positions?

Man seeks forgiveness for 1984 rape

Gay rights advances likely this year; "Concerned Women" are aghast

Psst...Wanna Know Why Merck Pulled Back Lobbying for Mandatory Gardasil (pt. 2)? LAWSUITS BEGIN

A new salary schedule for teachers...I could get behind this one!!!

The Next Pat Tillman-Style Cover-Up? PFC LaVena Johnson. 1K post

Hate, Violence, and Death on Main Street USA

Should DU have a 'UFO' topic forum?

I must say it; the war in Afghanistan was wrong. Dead wrong.

Hey Cheney, love how you smeared Pelosi overseas

NRA Cannibalizes One of Their Own

February Photo Contest, Final Round;

Let's talk about RICH people

When scrub said "Bring him (Osama) in dead or alive" I guess he was referring to

VIDEO: Obama in Austin, TX yesterday

Protests in Basra, Iraq after arrest of "powerful Iraqi Shiite politician's son,"

Hillary: the Big Dawg is "the most popular person in the world right now''

On sanctimonious, 'man of conscience' Holy Joe:

"Democrats Offer Up Chairmen For Donors"-Cspan now talking of this on

Afghan Taliban say rearmed, ready for war

Paul Rieckhoff: Walter Reed: Is The Worst Yet to Come?

"The Problem with the Democratic Candidates...."

McCain Says Iraq Could End His Career

WP op-ed, by Governor Bill Richardson: Diplomacy, Not War, With Iran

"Thousands of Shiites rallied in the holy city of Najaf on Saturday to protest...."

Cheney Won't Budge On Pelosi Criticism

Really, Dick? Are you considering *all* the options?

The rightwing wants Obama to "set the Democratic party free from its Clinton captivity."

MY GAWD-look at this sinkhole. No wonder people died.

Cheney Unbowed

The curse of the Cowgirl--or how I doom presidential candidates to defeat.

Curiousity - Where is Karen Hughes

Looks beautiful, even with this hat! More genuine than *

Progressives hate the RNC—but love the RNC’s narratives

CNN Fact Checks Tancredo, Proves He Once Suggested Bombing Mecca

Republican Effort Afoot to Outlaw Testicles

Polygamy and Mexican Immigrants prominent feature in Der Mittenfuhrer's family tree

Gay rights advances likely in Congress

I'm going to try this link to show you a telling photo of Cheney

Karl had his ducks lined up for this one but not for Walter Reed----:

Baptist minister in sex case wants help from ACLU

Pressure on Mitt Romney to Firmly Address Mormon Faith

Cheney Says All Options on Table for Iran - AOL News

McConnell: Democrats are divided over Iraq

We Must Be Kind to Senator Lieberman

Blue America Chat with Rep. Steve Cohen

Bill Richardson Op/Ed: Diplomacy, Not War, With Iran

A good place to see the positions of all candidates on the War...

The Saturday Cartoons

Sen. Charles Grassley: US under "cloud of Iraq"

Keep awake! There’s only 21 months to go-----Just 622 days

Lawmaker plans hearing on moving up 2008 Pennsylvania primary election

Obama's ballot problem?

"Christian" Right Labors to Find ’08 Candidate

Seems To Me That Iran Has Every Right To Attack USA

I link to DU in emails to my conservative friends and family.....

White House Will Fight For War Powers

Nobody's trying to beat you into submission!

NBC News addressing inequities for wounded soldiers in disability

In Clinton’s Backyard, It’s Open Season as an Obama Fund-Raiser Lines Up Donors

10 Questions for Chuck Hagel (TIME)

A California Welcome for Hillary Clinton.

Edwards condemns Democratic infighting (btw Hillary & Obama)

President Carter Endorses Al Gore

WaPo: General (Schoomaker) Plays Down Value Of Capturing Bin Laden

Libby Jury: what the hell is taking so long? 3 days and counting....

I'm tired of this Vast Left Wing Conspiracy against Senator Clinton!

Support the Dixie Chicks on the CMT Message Boards!

We need to stop repeating right wing non sense about our candidates

Christian Right Labors to Find ’08 Candidate

Are you like me? Do you also doubt that Edwards would be willing to accept the VP slot again?

Capital (Madison, Wis) Times: US Redemption Mandates Impeachment of Bush

Pod People been yapping "socialism" at you? Nick Dupree has the reply.

Steny Hoyer...What Gives????

What does it mean to be centrist or leftist?

Der Flipflopfuhrer McCain Voted Against Walter Reed Vets

Over 20,000 Gather For Barack Obama in Austin,TX

Clark has made his intentions known...quite clearly.

Are you centrist or leftist?

I will not be "Anita Hill"-ed regarding Hillary and Barack

‘Paper’ tigers issue warnings - Greens lead fight to scrap electronic voting machines

Bill Richardson Looks to Mobilize Hispanics

Dear Al Gore: You're killing me!

Is Hillary's chief strategist, Mark Penn, involved in the Berlusconi, Prodi battle?

Robert Parry: The Clintons' Real Trouble with Truth (from Consortium News)

On the trouble with Clinton, it's not just Geffen and Parry

Nat. Guard No credit for time served/all Units eligible return/Iraq

The real reason for the left's loathing for the Clintons...they are successful...

Despite Matalin's "loyal soldier" label, some would consider Libby "the most insidious of traitors."