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Archives: February 25, 2007

Scientist 'must have been murdered'(David Kelly)

Huffington and Raw Story have it--these guys don't like ANY.

Top-Down Versus Bottom-Up Impeachment

Hubris Toll Booth

Giuliani to Court K Street

A Tour of the Bush Library: BushLand

Lonestar Iconoclast: Hutchison, Cornyn Choose Death

Iraqi kids play make-believe war games

Saddam's lawyer promises book of prison cell revelations

Eric Alterman: Liberalism's Lost Libretto (The Nation)

Robert Fisk: 27 July 1880. A date Mr Blair should look up

Steve Jobs to get "Rotten Apple' award without apology

A Question of Truth

Council approves illegal W. Bank building plan

22 States No Paper Required - 2008 Another Trainwreck?

Vets on the Street

Edwards condemns Democratic infighting (btw Hillary & Obama)

U.S. developing contingency plan to bomb Iran: report

Michigan's Female U.S. Attorney Resigns (Another Bush Purge)


Deputy Defense Minister denies report Israel in talks over attack on Iran

Iraq Rebuilding Short on Qualified Civilians

US Vice-President Cheney's plane diverted

Severe Poverty At Its Highest Level In America (US Corporate Profits At Highest Levels)

AP: CIA recruited Japanese war criminals

Va. lawmakers pass slavery apology

US airport debuts controversial X-ray scanner ("virtual strip search")

Chavez says Bush's Latin America tour doomed to failure

The Sky Has Disappeared...

So, does RevActs still have graywarrior on ignore? Inquiring minds...

when i think sniffa i think...

pole dancing can provide “a welcome release” for suburban stay-at-home mothers.

Darn - this is a good CD the Dixie Chicks have put out. Glad they won

Business Opportunity: Market stripper poles to the "Real Housewives of Orange County"

Goodness - but the Robins in my backyard are MASSIVE.

When I think Rabrrrrrr's Petals, I think ____________

When I think Hedges, I think:

Apparently the Lounge is feeling very self-absorbed tonight.

I now know what I want my next car to be. Based on the commercial alone

Que es el Amor?

I scored today!!!

What is Love?

There's an allosaurus in my house.

When I think of my DU friends I think.

What in the name of fuck is all this "when I think of " tonight?

Understanding NASCAR, part 2: Qualifying

Something to think about: DSL spelled backwards is LSD.

Travis is buying his guns .......

How many "When I think (name), I think" threads will there be at the end of the day?

Well, I don't think, so I'll just leave it at that....

BREAKING: Virgin Mary appears in Houston on a metal baking sheet!!

when i think about asking for a letter of recommendation or an ego massage, i think blank.

The Wind Is Blowing HARD!

Wow, my elderly neighbor is getting hauled away by an ambulance...

Met a fellow DUer for the first tome today - ask me anything

Have any of you ever returned a book to the bookseller due to your

When I think of ice cold Yuengling, I think

Should victimless crimes be considered crimes at all?

O.K., I'll Join In: "When I Think Of Dinger, I Think "

When I think of TOhioLiberal I think...

I still want cookies for dinner!

Should considered crimes be victimless crimes at all?

Trying to outwit a bird...................

Forrest Gump is on THC

When I think, I think.

Victor Borge's "Phonetic Punctuation"

OMG - Baseball fans - the latest blog entry at the URL below is a MUST READ!

01.08 Should be a holiday on DU!!!

Forrest Gump is on ABC

I still want nookies for dinner!

When I think of krispos42, I think...

How to not get your ass kicked by the police

Pizza and beer: best combination ever?

DU "Contest" Who's Posting From The OLDEST Computer?

When I think Starbucks Anarchist, I think...

Lounge ladies, you mess with me and your heart will get broken.

Apparently most of the Lounge threads are getting recs tonight!

Trying to outwit a nerd...................

Lounge laddies, you mess with me and your bones will get broken.

The late, great Dennis Wolfberg explains the Bris

When I don't think of ZombieNixon, I think...

What would you do if you came to possess the ass of someone you never knew?

Really REALLY bad album covers

Pawpicker, tell me to get my ass to bed!

Maybe I'm just racist, or an engineering elitist, or a snob...

Let down once you get him/her?


Just saw American Idol for the first time (taped program) and that's enough for me.


I am so crunk

Mac user since

Black and white on DU...

My daughter just asked me if I wanted to watch my favorite show

When I don't think, I think...

Before I leave for the evening....

My guestbook just got

Should I join the what do you think of Shell Beau club?

I will not post a "when I think Rev_Acts, I think....." thread because

Hey, there is one shopping day left before my birthday

This one will sink like a 1000lb. rock, but what the hell: When you think Pushed To The Left

SNL must see. LOL! Really, putting down CNN, Wolfie

When I think reyd reid reed, I think....

Who does this make you think of?

I am so drunk

When you think Bicentennial_Baby, you think:

Do you wanna dance?

Have you heard ANY new curse words in 25 years?

When I think of Left Is Write, I think..................

When I think billyskank I think

When I think CaliforniaPeggy, I think_____________________


Breasts. Is ANYONE really immune from their effect?

When I Think Southpawkicker I Think...

I'm related to Mark Twain.

What is the weirdest thing you ever lost?

Penicillin Soup Recipe

I'm writing ~MY~ Oscar speech.

When I Think of Graywarrior I Think...


Should crime-less victims be considered victims at all?

When I think "Alarming levels of self-absorbtion," I think_________________

When I think u4ic I think...

This place is just one big inside joke, right?

All DU Mac users check in!

When I think of Johnnie I think___________

Driveway, parking space, or on the street?

Anybody reading a good book?

When I think Elrond Hubbard I think...

When I think haruka3_2000, I think____________.


Jesus: Tales from the Crypt

Lonnie Latham: This as-it-happens Google Alert is brought to you by Google.

March 9th???

Your 2007 Veterans Benefits

never thought I'd quote a Republican on 2008 race, but. . .

Argh!! Not the Kerry/McCain stuff...AGAIN!!

Tim Buckley - Once I was

Madonna, American Pie, Post- 9/11.

The famous Osama ad from December 2003, run in 3 primary states.

How soldiers loaded a musket in the Civil War

Vets on the Street

Rio Grande

Back in '92 I flew on airplane under an assumed name.

YOUR PART in the Iran War.---PANIC? Why shouldn't you?

LOL! 6th Grade Kids’ History Test Answers

NYT: The Presidential Candidates on Iraq - Compendium

Have any of you ever returned a book to the bookseller due to your

What defines the "new" middle class?

Is Chris Dodd White Enough?

So Cheney questions Pelosi's patriotism - in AUSTRALIA

Big night tonight on DU with lots of great threads

James Cameron claims he has found Christ's tomb

Dixie Chicks Album Sales Go Through Roof - Sales Jump By 714 Percent

The percentage of poor Americans who are living in severe poverty has reached a 32-year high

How to End the War in Iraq - In A Way That Will Actually Work by Rabbi Lerner

White House Conducts Bomb Drill (Bush Takes Bike Ride)

US Redemption Mandates Impeachment of Bush

I accept the gratitude of Freepers and Ditto-heads.....

A Retreat From Big Cities Hurts ROTC Recruiting

Something to think about: DSL spelled backwards is LSD.

Which Ritz Carlton Resort would Jesus Do with Church Money?

Your faux fur could be Lassie's coat ("It's an industrywide deception")

60 MINUTES segment on active duty soldiers opposed to war -Sun, 7 pm (Eastern)

Rudy Giuliani Is Not A Hero. Wes Clark? Different Story.

I notice lately

Keith is going to be on some talk show tomorrow

Death Certificates on Abortions/WTF

What do you think the last justified use of U.S. military force was?

Republicanism As Religion

Why social conservatives will support Romney and why Romney will win the nomination

Middle Class Gangs: A Growing Valley Problem

Looks and Bias

Obama might surprise the pundits

Australia rocked by 'lesbian' koala revelation

BREAKING: Virgin Mary appears in Houston on a metal baking sheet!!

Hillary says if she's elected Bill could be a diplomat

Vets and their families on the Streets

Ride 'Em Cowboy!

sorry - dupe

Bill requiring doctors to tell women life begins at conception clears Senate Health comm. in IN

Yahoo Business has First National Bank Alaska as a "Foreign" Bank.

They will be doing a profile on Keith Olbermann Sunday Morning

Jesus: Tales from the Crypt

"The Hillary Show": Group Promises $2 million anti-Clinton film

Breaking!! New Photo of a Very Young JFK Proves the Single Bullet Theory!

What if all those Bush-appointed people resigning are moving to his ranch in Paraguay?

oLIElly On 60 Minutes Looks Good!

Dick Cheney's Plane has to make unscheduled stop in Sinapore

Documentary makers claim tomb of Jesus found in Jerusalem cave

Great news on the peace movement in Britain

Anyone watch George Lopez live on HBO tonight?

i caught the last of an interview on AAR on XM with Gore Vidal.. who's show was it on..??


History/Abraham Lincoln/NCLB

Texas Supreme Court: Drivers must sue insurance companies to collect on uninsured motorist claims

Padding the Truth? Libby Trial Raises Questions About Reporters' Note Taking Abilities

SNL must see. LOL! Really, putting down CNN, Wolfie

ha ha, look at the nut defending his candidate!

Are we going to attack Iran?

BREAKING: Romney family tree has polygamy branch (AP)

Hersh: March 4 issue: Report says U.S. drawing bombing plans for Iran

Ladies and gentlemen, I present LynnTheDem's bookmark thread: NO WMDs IN IRAQ

Cheney the Maniac

Using Republican Speak, how would you define the following events

What the hell sort of poll is this: CNN

"I Want To Be Free": 9-Year-Old Canadian Citizen Pleads From Texas Immigration Jail

Bill to ban smoking in cars has some people fuming ($10 fine...)

Obama Wouldn't Be First Black President

NFL player dies after collapsing at a charity basketball game

Nicotine Slows Parkinson's Disease, 40% lower risk for Parkinson's disease

When did you start posting about politics on-line? For me it was recount FLA 2000

Cheney has the plan Saddam Hussein used to invade Iran

Former Federal Prosecutor Publishes Indictment of George Bush

College's invitation to integrate made history (AP/CNN) {story worth reading}

Because I love pointless stats, the most liberal and conservative cities, based on 2004 voting...

Storm Riders...Check in. How are we doing?

"Draft Gore" folks out in force today at Michigan Democratic Party convention.

Centrist, Leftist or something else?

MSNBC Breaking: Plane Carrying Cheney Diverted for Unspecified Reason.

Make your own political cartoons

The NYT Features Two Men Who Were Shot in the Head in George Bush's Iraq ----->>>

US generals ‘will quit’ if Bush orders Iran attack

Okay...hold on...wait a minute...

Admittedly substance-free Obama post...Check out the new sheriff in town!

The story no one else saw on CNN this morning -- ISRAEL to attack Iran

"The Guy James Show" looking for volunteer web-site help

Nicotine Helps Schizophrenia Patients with Attention and Memory Problems

"Yay! Defense! Defense! We love Jesus!"

WARNING: Extremely disturbing and evil photo (well...not really, some sarcasm here...)

Nobel Prize Winner Crutzen Invents Global Thermostat, CAN RESTORE GLOBAL TEMP TO NORMAL


Is it just me, or might we get our asses kicked if we attack Iran

U.S. developing contingency plan to bomb Iran: report

Support our troops!

Top 3 "Artists" I wish weren't performing at Al Gore's "Live Earth"

NYT: Frank Rich proves, once again, that he is America's finest pundit....

Here is a great article/video from CNN regarding Gore and the Oscars this Sunday . . .

Pakistan Successfully Tests Long-Range Nuclear-Capable

a little reminder-what is a war crime?

What happened to $100 billion in WWII Japanese loot? hint: it ties to Rev. Moon and the far-Right

Holy crap a zookeeper was mauled by a jaguar at our zoo here in Denver, she has died!

US generals ‘will quit’ if Bush orders Iran attack

Are We Heading Towards The Second Great Depression?

Presidential Pardons - Where Does This Power Come From?......

Israel says it isn't planning an Iran attack

So ...Should we keep Signing Move On's Petition or Cave and Give Up?

Office Politics: ‘Occupation Project’ To Step Up Anti-War Pressure

Two excellent videos

Prodi gears up for Iran...And gets his way afterall....

Der RudyFuhrer ridicules a man with Parkinson's during radio call-in show

Hit-to-kill kinetic energy weapon

Lockheed Martin's Compact Kinetic Energy Missile Successful in Final Flight Test

strong candidates such as Clinton, Edwards and Obama....

Russia Could Go Ballistic on American Missile Defense

I was wrong--so wrong--and I apologize!

Romney's toast: Wait 'til the Juh-heezus-loving right learns there's polygamy in his lineage....

Mar 7 2006 -- Cheney at AIPAC policy conference, claims A.Q. Khan's proliferation network shut down

Be careful who you forward those RW emails to!

Edwards Insists on Discussing Iraq War

Just a friendly reminder:

Isn't It Just a Little Early for the Loyalty Oath Pledges?

Peacetrain (video - Tehran, Iran) -- Only 2 minutes of your time!

Edwards pushes for 'living wage' at Vanderbilt

a little reminder ... what is a war crime?

Edwards at the AFSCME Presidential Forum (Video)

General Plays Down Value Of Capturing Bin Laden

Edwards statement on Vilsack's announcement that he will not pursue the Democratic nomination

Cheney: Iraq war as a "remarkable achievement"

To whom will the Obama/Hilary dust-up be the most detrimental?

Iran: U.S. is in no position to attack

Clinton Fights to Keep Impeachment Taboo

An American Tune (Blues with a touch of JAZZ!)

John Edwards on 'Real Time With Bill Maher' (Video)

WP A1: Al Gore, Rock Star - Oscar Hopeful May Be America's Coolest Ex-Vice President Ever

Edwards plays up differences with Clinton

WH conducts disaster drill; Bush goes for a bike ride

Treasury never gives up trying to sell us on dollar coins

John Nichols: An Oscar and An Announcement? Don't Bet On it (The Nation)

Sy Hersch: Iran War Already Underway (to distract us from Iraq)

Not ONE Member of the Bush Extended Family Has Served in Iraq! Not One! Take a Look.

AIPAC Demands "Action" on Iran (GARY LEUPP)

Death has a new domain

Gore climate change Oscar entry has Cuba's vote

Iras & Rnergy--Investing in Renewables

Foreign devils in the Iranian mountains

Placing George Bush on the ten worst presidents list is a mistake

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Suppressing News: Déjà Vu (The Nation)

WHere is Keith Olbermann today? I thought he was going to be on a show this AM.

What has 'free trade' purchased for Americans?

PM Carpenter: Time to get a net and a wrap-around jacket and go get Dick

NYT editorial: Bush diverted U.S. to Iraq, allowing Al Qaeda to get "back in business"

James Fallows: Dear Vice President Cheney: Shut Up

Consortium News: Why US Shields Japan's WWII Denials

Iraq poised to hand control of oil fields to foreign firms

Newsweek: Vets on the Street (Hundreds of Iraq/Afghan War)

Pickles Pontificates

Diplomats say U.S. intelligence on Iranian nukes is thin

As Bush's ID Plan Was Delayed, Coalition Formed Against It

The Middle East: Peace can be imposed.

Nuclear power unlikely alternative in Northwest, analyst says

Company wants to build first American offshore wind park (500 MW, DE)

Sea Ice Retreat Dooms Baby Walruses - Mothers Can't Feed Near Nurseries - ADN

World Bank Supports "New" Indonesian Poverty Plan - 7 Million New Acres Of Tree Plantations

Proposed TXU Buyout Plan Would Scrap 8 Of 11 Coal-Fired Power Plants - Reuters

EIA sees OPEC pumping at rate to keep oil at $50-$60 until 2030

Kashagan - World's Biggest Undeveloped Field - Delayed 3 Yrs; Cost Has Doubled - FT

Cannibalism, Deaths In Prime-Age Polar Bears Likely Driven By Ice Loss - AK Scientist

Salinization Already Squeezing Bangladeshi Coastal Fields, Water Sources

California utility eyeing power grid plan to boost electric cars (with wind power)

Gore's 'Truth' spurs Mainers to action

MI Government Preparing To Battle Lake-Choking Hydrilla, Invasive Water Weed

Democratic Governors Lead the Way on Energy Security

High Mercury Levels In Eggs May Be Linked To Collapse Of Ivory Gull Numbers - 80% Since Early 1980s

Ice-shelf collapse reveals Antarctica's natural beauty

Mexico vows to protect butterfly, rare desert oasis - Reuters

Harbin, Manchuria Ice Festival Melts Down In Unseasonably Warm Winter - WP

Vibrio Off Alaska, Malaria Spreading In Kenya, More Poison Ivy - All Climate-Linked Changes

Kilimanjaro Has Lost 25% Of Ice 2000 - 2006; Peru's Glacial Melt Rate Up 10X Since 1980s

In Inuits' Warming Arctic, Passage Of Knowledge Between Generations Also Breaking Down

In Big Buyout, Utility to Limit New Coal Plants

Israel to get first acting Druze president

Clashes erupt as Israeli troops raid West Bank

IDF troops raid Nablus

Report: Israel Navy harassing and humiliating Gaza fisherman

Body of Israeli found near Hebron, police suspect stabbing

Controversial MK appointed tourism minister

Another Myth Bites The Dustification: Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl inspected WTC steel

HOLY CRAP - Did NBC Affiliate Mess Up and Slip

I have a question.

FL-13 STATE AUDIT WHITEWASH: Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 02/25/07

'Paper trail' printer jams can gum up vote recounts

They Stole Another Election

Christian Right Labors to Find ’08 Candidate

Gay rights advances likely in Congress

Lawyers launch Hicks bid

Car bomb kills one and wounds four in Baghdad

LAT: Global warming: enough to make you sick (Climate change redistributes bacteria)

Muslim ministers meet in Pakistan on Mideast

Jaguar fatally mauls zookeeper at Denver Zoo

Sunni attacks may delay U.S. plans for hand over

Clashes erupt as Israeli troops raid West Bank

Google News Archive Search -Amazing New Feature!

New York Times: Christian Right Labors to Find ’08 Candidate

Indonesian ferry suddenly sinks

Two U.S. citizens treated for poisoning in Moscow: Ifax

Putting off getting into the '08 race could pay off for Hagel (R-Ne)

European probe flies by Mars

(UK) Terror threat 'worst since 9/11'

LAT: Diplomats say U.S. intelligence on Iranian nukes is thin

'Mercenaries' to fill Iraq troop gap

Explosions in Baghdad kill at least 12

Secret report: Terror threat worst since 9/11 (Britain)

US bombards southeast Baghdad

Insurgent bombers slaughter Baghdad students (40 killed, 30 wounded)

Senate Democrat (Levin) aims for U.S. troop limits in Iraq

Democrats Find Their Courage In New Round Of Poll Numbers

Iraqis stash cash to avoid troubled banking system

Report: Family ties Sharpton to Thurmond.

Carlyle Group to float 500 mln pound fund - report

Suicide bomber kills 10 at Baghdad college-police

Brits to send 1500 to fight Taliban (and keep the peace after Iran is blown to bits)

160,000 still without power as storm tapers off

Brazil's Lula Tries to Steal Bush's Thunder in Uruguay

Authorities search for missing Chico State student (CA-19YO-missing since 2/19)

Chaney's plane diverted to Singapore.

CNN International: Iraq Official Says Iran Has Stopped Meddling

Cheney Arrives in Persian Gulf for Talks

Ecuador Looks at Bank of South

Panel: Military health system needs help

US covert operations helping Muslim radicals

Support for Kirchner Climbs to 67% in Argentina

NYT: Governors Worry Over Money for Child Health Program: Express alarm, appeal to Bush, Congress

Terre Haute, IN now home to terrorist prison unit

Bolivia gets aid for coca growers. Venezuela to buy all legal products.

(AP) Al-Sadr: Baghdad Security Plan Is Doomed

Slaying of legislators in Guatemala `a mistake'

WP: Murtha Stumbles on Iraq Funding Curbs: Dems Ill-Prepared for Unplanned Disclosure, GOP Attacks

AP: Iraqi President Jalal Talabani Falls Ill

Iraqi security adviser: Iran has stopped interfering in Iraq

Cheney arrives in Persian Gulf for talks

Spurred by civil unions, N.J. churches to focus on marriage

AP IMPACT: Assistance rolls increase

US generals ‘will quit’ if Bush orders Iran attack

Jailer arrested after drugs found in lunch (private prison)

US aircraft carrier has no plans to 'intimidate Iran'

CNN: F-22 Raptor - All Computer Systems "Dumped" at International Date Line

NYT: In Big Buyout, Utility to Limit New Coal Plants: Landmark deal brokered with environmentalists

WP: Al Gore, global rock star

White House Disaster Drill Supposes 10-City IED Strike

Rice: today's al Qaeda a different 'kind of organization' from one behind 9/11

Surveillance Cameras Get Smarter

Ban on Prison Religious Program Challenged (public funds for Christian proselytizing)

Report: 3 Gulf states agree to IAF overflights en route to Iran

New Iraqi troops fly into Baghdad(Kurdish Troops)

Rice: Congress shouldn't micromanage [the MIS-managed] war

Slavery links families (Strom Thurmond's Owned Al Sharpton's)

Colombia political scandal imperiling US ties

Iran announces successful launch of rocket into space

Chavez beefing up military; Soaring arms spending surpasses that of Iran, Pakistan

I just heard! Skinner's going to sell off the Lounge!

Good night ya freaks!!!

When I think seawolf, I think...

If you don't want to know

YouTube video, this chick rocks!

What really causes an eye to twitch?

What are your thoughts on long journeys?

Do you click on YouTube posts here in the Lounge?

Judge Seidlin spoof on SNL right now n/t

When I don't think of Orrex, I think...

What will be the next cell phone rage?

My coworker has had Faux "News" on for the past several hours

Man, I can't wait for 300



Why the hell is everything being recommended?

Time for some fresh computer art

Must be a helluva party

When I ______blank______ I think of leftofthedial

I'm lame. But tell me how cool my MySpace page is.

What would happen if we were always honest in the Lounge?

Snowing like a bastard here...

Man, sure is quiet around here tonight...

OK, I'm a whiny crybaby, but this is getting monotonous.

Need an infectuous laugh?

"The Dark Hour"

I'm sleepy....

based on my observation of the lounge tonight, I'd like to share a little insight

based on my observation of the lounge tonight, I'd like to share a little advice

Spam Poetry

When I think of WCGreen I think ______________..

Is this what marriage is?

When I think of SeattleGirl, I think......


On the DU Option Page do you use the

Post a picture of the car of your dreams...

When I think about you I touch myself

what kinda guy are you

Oscar telecast goofs, gaffes, stumbles and blunders thread.

I never realized Savoy Brown was such an ass-kickin' group

Anybody else watching "My Fair Lady?" I am for the billionth time. I forgot how really lovely to l

The Office Pranks

This is AMAZING. You've GOTTA see this!!!


Some good lounge vibes please.

Good Morning Lounge...Well, almost afternoon, hehe

Cubicle Pranks

All right, I'll say it.

Dwight K. Shrute

Pics from my best friends birthday dinner!

grrr.... Trader Joes

what do you think of your printer?

What generation are you in?

For those with cable internet...

When I think of Socialdemocrat1981 I think

I just downloaded the complete Johnny Bravo series.

favorite james brown quotes

"get back, police activity"

I tried to post this in the appropriate forum

Decent art day here today (boring post about personal activities)

I will renew my complaint: The saxophone is the lamest addition to rock music ever!

Happy birthday lizziegrace!!

Congratulations mondo joe!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations reyd reid reed!! 10,000 posts

I wish I was here, right now!

Same Stooges. Different World. Finer Wine.

we had a dust storm here yesterday, it was so weird..

The TV ratings guide

One of my favorite times of the year! Going through the Sears catalog.

Give a gag "white elephant" gift to a DUer

Do you have trouble finding exactly what you want at clothing stores these days?

One of my favorite times of the year! Going through the seed catalog.

Grandma in nursing home/rehab. What would be good to send?

Could someone please post a bookmark

Did you know the February Photo Contest is up in GD?

I think my fridge needs an intervention

Say something nice about someone (NOT a du'er)

I'm hungry...

Graywarrior=The Wedding Planner & Madam Graywarrior

the streets of san francisco

Interesting thing I've noticed about Tibetans in America.

Ladies and Gentleman, all rise for Judge Seidlin: CBS offers up show...

I woke up this morning, and the couch cushions were missing.

repurposing alain goraguer with fish

"My name is Archie."

Question about military award

"I bet Jesus would have used his turn signal"

Why does ADT always call when my wife is cooking?

The Wainwright's - Loudon, Rufus, and Martha


I want to see Spike Lee do a re-make of Gone With the WInd!

I am Peepless!

I am Veepless!

honorary titles you'd like to have

Bush to America: I can change.

iPaq appreciation thread!!

I need a hug, just broke up with new girlfriend.


When I think of Lois Lane, I think....

So, last night, my roommates apparently got blasted drunk because...

Hey, Academy Awardies.. Here's a site that's got em ALL fun

what's your favorite 70s teevee show theme/intro

Please read this if you are contemplating using Vista...

funny kitty pics

Slavery ties Rev. Sharpton to Thurmond

Most exciting live performance?

Did Anyone Watch the Spirit Awards (for indie films)?

Understanding NASCAR, part 3: Cars and teams

Teacher sends text messege to cop asking for weed.

I am gonna get SO yelled at by this customer

The Andrews sisters on the youtubes-who knew?

great signs you've seen

What else could I fail to do today?

You're all invited to my brand new cat blog (several pics)

It snowed a lot and my cat is hatin' it.

is the "big mac attack" an urban myth?

If you're thinking about getting Windows Vista, read this first...

Researchers Find Al Sharpton A Decendent Of Strom Thurmond Slave

A question from a discussion with a friend of mine:

DU CAD techs check in & post your work (Dial-up heavy)

Rubik's Cube Art

Haven't logged in for a couple of days. Did I miss anything good?

I am just astounded at this year's FAFSA

Watching Jesus Camp.

Healing vibes, please, for my thread-eating kitty

I love Ellen DeGeneres-she just totally dismissed Ryan Seacrest.

Do You Ever Feel Like You Might Have Just Woke Up With The Wrong Body?

When you get cramps do you feel totally shitty?

List of notable prisoners at ADX Florence

Favorite TV station?

Do You Ever Feel Like You Might Have Just Woke Up In The Wrong Body?

When I think of Superman, I think...

my laptop is begging to be tossed out the window (help needed)

blunts or skins

We took the plunge - we bought a 2007 PRIUS

How old were your kids when they stopped crying every day?

When you feel totally shitty do you get cramps?

A Diaperman's Lament

pk... so I'm in my new place

NASCAR fans please explain the

This is my post where I say everyone who watches the Oscars is stupid

Strange Statues from Around the World... (IS IT ART or CRAP?)

Whats for dinner?

Congratulatrions soothsayer!! 10,000 posts

Judge Larry Seidlin Parody

Anyone else want Meryl Streep to win the Oscar? Ya think it's hopeless?

Gotta go cut fabric!

If your next four hours are free -- "Gone with the Wind" on TCM.

My dog likes bananas

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/25/07)

When I think "Beastie Boys" I think . . .

Newman's 'Few Words' Stir Furor (on YouTube)

When I think of BlueStorm I think_________.

TeenMidlo's Show Choir took first place last night.

fI yuo cna raed tihs

Is it too late for a late Valentine's day gift? I was sick and in bed, so I didn't make anything

I would not have posted that vanity thread yesterday if I knew...

Anyone know anything about Macs?

For fans of "Progressive Rock" Genre, a top 25 list

Why Do People Seem To Hate This Song?


Judi Dench for BEST ACTRESS

When I Think Of Nicole....

What does "Emo" mean? Or, help a middle-aged woman understand her nephew's language.


Sunflowers 2007, Week #1 * * * * {Bonus - window trinkets } Dial up warning

What is this Red Hat Society?

Best American crime flick? (poll)

Who Was The Vice President When You Were Born?

If you could relive a year of your life, which one would you choose?

Yes! My husband is getting released today,

Share your household tips here.

Sorority Evictions Raise Messy Issue of Looks and Bias

A Divide, and Maybe a Divorce (homosexuality issue splitting Protestant denominations in two)

So if I stay busy I can commit crimes? NT

My computer proves God’s existence!

WWJD? My response to evangelical Christians trying to squash hate crimes bill.

High prices and lower attendance by Premier League...

Tragedy strikes Broncos again - RB Nash dies after basketball game

OSU v Wisconsin

Pride 33....incredible...5 upsets.....three of them huge upsets.

Some fun stuff, one more element to study in astro

So. Um. Okay. Um. I....need your input.

Okay, something weird is going on in the room I'm in right now.

Remember the Bonus Army! B.E.F.'s March on Washington,

If you haven't checked the VFP web site lately, you haven't seen our latest action.

Spouses also pay war's price

Repuke Congress Didn’t Investigate Abu GhReed Because ‘They Did Not Want To Embarrass’ Bush

Returning soldiers are ending up homeless and many are suffering from PTSD

More Trash Talk from Terry Mac

Buyout Proposed for TX Energy Group that JK was Fighting with New Legislation Aimed at Coal Plants

Into the rabbit hole of Senate votes, and out with disgust - the 2002 CAFE standards debacle

So, about that 2008 race

Americans prepare to go to war with Iran

Rice confronted over Iran evidence

Courage to resist. Watada and his brothers, POWERFUL.

Pursuing the War Profiteers for Interviews...

Excerpts of Al Gore's speech on Abu Ghraib (May 26th, 2004)

The Bonus Army 1920's footage - Vets March/Encampment in D.C.

Conscientious objectors are JAILED!

Bird and Fortune (Washington Diplomat) (Bush knows it all! - very funny)

Giuliani makes fun of a man with Parkinson's Disease

Gore Vidal Gives Peace A Vote

Randy Newman 'A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country'

Robert Greenwald on Keith Olbermann...

Even our heroes need help sometimes.

Best Beach Impeach Vid Yet! - Preparing to do it again 4/28/07 in 100 cities w/100,000 volunteers!

The Tale of Prince - A War Profiteer...

Jim Hightower: The Government's Sick War On Marijuana

Real Time w/Bill Maher repeat on now, 11pmCT, HBO2. FYI. nt

grrr.... Trader Joes

Appeal from Iraq Veterans Against the War to watch 60 minutes tomorrow night


Cheney already has a plan to invade Khuzestan, Iran

Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Heroin, Sibel & Gonzales

Sorority Evictions Raise Issue of Looks and Racial Bias: Recriminations, tears, protest

Hillary!! Obama!! slavery!!

U.S. Schools Weigh Extending Hours, Year

REPOST. Please help. READ and RECOMMEND. I'm begging and it's a good cause.

US drawing plans to bomb Iran - report

Cooool Personified - Rickie Lee Jones on Sound Stage now

Bombing Yugoslavia

The Montana Senate- a REAL pro-life legislative body.

Does anyone know what Lockheed Martin does re: satellite systems?

Obama feels guerrilla marketing pressures in Austin (pic)

Al Sharpton Learns His Ancestors Were Slaves Owned By Relatives of Strom Thurmond

Surging to the afterlife: 20 more dead in Baghdad

Iraq before and after

To Anyone Who Thinks China has given up Socialism

Gore Film Odds-On Favorite to Win Oscar

Virginia apologizes for role in slavery (AP)

Question on the youth vote

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sun. 2/25 - who asked you?

Snow Makes a Virtue Out of Bush Bucking Public Opinion on Iraq

Oh Oh: Kelly death not suicide, says MP

* has the ability and the proclivity to start a bombing attack on Iran any time now

Analog to Digital TV question, help please

Minn. Dems pushing to create the most inclusive voter registration law in the country

LAT: Global warming: enough to make you sick (Climate change redistributes bacteria)

The Imperial Party

Must read article in Sunday AJC!

Bush used as a billboard advertising tool in Australia

Carter Rips Cheney (interview)

"He scares the living crap out of me" Keith O on CBS news sunday

Ramadi: " Marines kill civilians, claim killing Iraq insurgents" *graphic*

Guyana Human Rights Commission slams Bernie KERIK (hired by Guyana prez)

Keith Olbermann coming on CBS SUNDAY MORNING - turn it on NOW

The Evolution of Keith

Birthplace of American slavery apologises.

What would have happened if the US waged a war on malaria instead of on Iraq?

Al Gore, Oscar Winner.

Does anyone have a clip of SNLs CNN

RE: US generals to quit...

question about the irs decision to go after ebay sellers

Question About Tonight's Oscars

Much is made of the campaign funds raised, or not, by the Democrats.

RICE is on Steffies show

Dems, GOP sidestep talk of Iraq endgame (both parties have their heads in the sand)

Are they finally admitting the War in Iraq wasn't just stupid, it caused more terrorism?

DU this poll

Have a serious book to sell? Try Comedy Central

Catholic school principal: 'We love Jesus' chant anti-Semitic

Sunday morning Rant

Has a Mayor ever been elected President of the U.S.?

Pizza pan delivers message from God

Does Congress return tomorrow?

NAVY REPORT: Constitution Can Be Curtailed By Destroying Info-Scrubbing Websites-Keeping Secrets

Think Your Social Security Number Is Secure? Think Again

Beware the dreaded 'Clinton machine'

US bombards southeast Baghdad

Anyone listening to MTP? Boy! It's beat up on McCain day!

Who are the 'Friends of Louie'?

Money, Money, Money....MONEY!

"Inconvenient Truth": My contribution.

ignorant bikers demand vigilante justice,

George, you know you are in trouble if Kissinger and Albright won't back you....

***"United States v. George W. Bush et al." CSPAN2 11:30am***

Obama Sponsored Veterans Healthcare Bill (S.117), on January 4th

The furtive look of a criminal....

"Warring for our Country" - frightening article from Charisma- a Christian Mag

Cheney already has a tested plan to invade Khuzestan, Iran

What the fuck? Strom Thurmund's ancestors owned Al Sharpton's ancestors!

Sy Hersch Coming Up On CNN !!!

Chomsky On Latin American Liberation Movements

Two killed in Iran embassy bomb, 37 dead in mosque attack

BLitzer is pukeworthy today

Tweety's show is spouting some crazy bullshit this morning


I really hope Gore wins because his movie needs to be seen by as many people as possible

another Gov. avoids talking about North Amer. Union/superhighway

UK having to deal with climate change - like it or not

Sy Hersh on CNN right now. 11:05AM CST

Two-Legged Dog Lost, Found at FL Airport (world's most photographed dog...)

(AP) Iran leader: Nuke drive a train ‘without brakes’

Carter: Cheney's Batting Average Is Abysmally Low

Tinfoil alert....

God Save The Prince: British royals serve as our U.S. elite does not

Video: NM Impeachment Hearing - 2/16/2007

Anyone catch that the AP tried to falsely report Colon Powell backs the surge?

You know it's bad if Cheney is too extreme for 'deathsquad' Negroponte....

Critics: Army Holding Down Disability Ratings - Army Times

U.S. Army Veteran Endured Harsh Treatment In 18-month Detainment

wow...Foggo/Wilks Defense May Claim "Nat'l Security" Issues

Anyone here have any experience with Bells Palsy????

serious suggestion to slow down drive to war

Report: Family Ties Sharpton to late Sen. Strom Thurmond

OMG: Al Sharpton Descended from Strom Thurmond's Slave

Al Gore, International Rock Star - WaPo

"DoD Identifies {Military Branch} Casualty" - Shocking List of SECDEF Press Releases

Teen Summit Tackles Hyphy Movement

Anyone else seeing unusual amount of dead birds(not Flu related)

There's an interesting show on c-span 1right now. Yea, I know,

dear abby responds to anti-war parents

UK doubles naval presence in Persian Gulf

Attorney General Gonzales Deputizes 20 Million Right Leaning Christians

Rush Limbaugh: "Dick Cheney Is My Hero!"

Troops earmarked for Afghanistan surge

I can't believe Jimmy Carter is 82 years old

Is There A Prison In The Country

US War Plans With Iran May Be Irreversible

HOLY CRAP - Did NBC Affiliate Mess Up and Slip

Fla. Church Has Followers Get '666' Tattoos

When was the last time you saw an Al Qaeda?


BREAKING: Bin-Laden descended from the Bushes

LATimes: Iraq - Democrats Vow To Keep Pressure On Bush

Report: Army ""Deliberately Shortchanging" Troops on Disability

Entire Walton family lose almost all their wealth in less than 50 years, is it believable??

Want a good laugh?

NY Times: “There is great anxiety,” said Paul Weyrich,

Levin: Last Congress Didn’t Investigate Walter Reed Because ‘They Did Not Want To Embarrass’ Bush

7 Wounded In Fla. Strip Club Shooting

Wind shifts devastate ocean life (think human food chain)

I can't seem to open Crooks and Liars. Is it just my computer?

I always thought the 8 billion missing from Iraq was diverted...

Apocalypse without Armageddon

Apocalypse without Armageddon

In the world of racism, is brown the new black?

Time for yet another unofficial DU '08 straw poll--vote early and often!

Ohio humor writer gets serious about the war...

This Is Downright Sad: Broncos Running Back Damien Nash Dies

A Weird Strange Feeling

SNAP apologizes to SBC leaders, admits charges of 'silence' were 'erroneous'

For US military in Iraq "dignity and respect" means hands bound and blindfolded

UPI Analysis/Middle East Times: Iraqi Police In Militias

Deja Vu all over again: Bush ignoring urgent warning about Qaeda 'comeback'

Dear Vice President Cheney: Shut Up

"Your voice is not a miracle. Your voice can be heard. Divine Strake is dead."

5,000 child sex slaves in UK

How diverse is DU?

Think Progress: Carter Rips Cheney Over Iraq - "His Batting Average Is Abysmally Low"

Iraq violence could end "within weeks" of foreign troop withdrawal

So what makes these assholes any different from yuppie flatlanders?

Iraqi President Talabani Suffers Stroke

Ian Masters on now - Great guests!

Anti-Jewish cartoon angers L.A. Koreans

Geffen angry with Clintons

"African Americans choose this day which side you are on!"

U.N. calls U.S. data on Iran's nuclear aims unreliable

TPMCafe: "Grassroots Impeachment Movement Rapidly Expands" (Good Overview)

Rice: "impossible to distinguish what is going in Iraq from the larger fight against al-Qaida"

If you had to give a half million dollars

Congressman Wants Answers About TSA Site (Waxman)

AP: Rice Says Bush Will Ignore Congress; Iraq "Indistinguishable" From Larger al Qaeda Fight

Report: In U.S., record numbers are plunged into poverty

The religious right has no where to turn in 2008...Watch Dobson!!!!

I am going to be very, very angry with Democrats

100 years ago

Dennis Kucinich receives "Champion for Peace Award" in Hollywood

Forget The Coup Talk For A Moment, The Generals Are Sending A Message Here !!!

CNN's Sunday With Blitzer: Sy Hersh discussing Pentagon Plans for Iran !

Don't Underestimate the Millenial Generation (AKA Gen-Y)

Corporate governance was an area I'd aways thought was a shamefully

Ill Iraqi President Flown to Jordan for Treatment

Kucinich in L.A., Receives Peace Award

Oh, about that "missing" 9 billion dollars...(Rummy).

Have these been captioned?

A place between Utopia and Dystopia

We must go to war to stop Iran from getting WMDs, but we can trust Bush with all the nukes he wants

Iraqis stash cash to avoid troubled banking system

Does Anyone Really Think The Dems Will Stop Imperialism??

FDR is Still Right (Hal Cohen)

Divine Strake Cancelled - Downwinder declares, 'Oh my gosh, we matter!'

Maybe the gods made Lord Pissypants steal the election so Gore could save the world?

VP Cheney went to Oman, the "mechanical failure" was a change in course!

Clinic part of trial of very promising' Parkinson's treatment- prompts the brain to repair itself

What generation are you in?

Stop the War - No to Trident - Protest in London 24th Feb 2007

U.S. used Ethiopia for attacks on al-Qaeda

Peace Mums

How much longer before Hummer goes belly up? And how happy will you be?

Iraqis Are Running Out of Food

'Cops Will Cry' Graffiti Lists Police Officers' Names, Patrol Car Numbers

So, Sy Hersh drops several bombshells on CNN today,

What Would Jesus Do???


Iraqi President Talabani has heart attack, just now on cnn, no details.

The Office - A Parable about America

Rivers just dropped, "Ah, Screw 'em" on national T.V. about right wingers

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - Bush & The "Democrat Party" (A MUST-READ, if I do say so)

Dude! Where are my DUzys?

What's this, how much did it cost, and who bought it?

What are the states with 2 Democratic Senators? A friend just posed the question to me....

H. Clinton/G.W. Bush

Report: Spain Takes Aim at Impostor Pigs

Frank Rich: Experts Warn Al Qaeda "To Detonate Nuclear Device" In US, But Bush Punts on Threat

US denies 24-hour bombing plan for Iran

Impeachment is on the Loose Breaking the Dam in Olympia

Holy Moly! What happened to Maureen Dowd?

silliness on a Sunday afternoon

My opportunity to inform a fundie today about PNAC

FDR one of the only Good Presidents

In case Al Gore doesn't win an Oscar, whose fault will it be?

I'm pretty much through with the Huffington Post because of their blatant anti-Hillary agenda.

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani Falls Ill

The Tapeworm Administration

I had a dream about Bush last night

Golden State may be blinded by its luster

***Official Al Gore/Oscars Thread*** Warning: Potential Spoilers

Newsweek Cover - Double Amputee - Forgotten Heroes

I just caught a glimpse of Al and Tipper on the Red Carpet on E

Vote for your choice for Best Picture

So let me see if I understand this all correctly:

GORE MORE YEARS! (a great article about President Al)

CrooksAndLiars Has CNN/Hersch Transcript And Video Now !!! (Link)

Peace Plane flies to the Oscars!

3 powerful Critics of the Invasion of Iraq - 2 dead, one and his entire family in constant danger

For the Clintons, It's all about the money

If right wing fundies only knew: Mitt Romney's cult of Mormonism


Michael Moore's 2003 Anti-War Oscar acceptance speech

TRANSCRIPT CBS Sunday Morning: "Keith Olbermann Takes On ...Everything"

Google News Archive Search -Amazing New Feature!

Minister seeks to separate church, state aspects of marriage

Al Sharpton makes a shocking discovery

Sy Hersh: Iran-Contra "lesson learned" -Run op out of VP's Office

Documentary claims Jesus was married

Gay teens rejected by their families often face homelessness

Al Gore is the most qualified person in America ...

A Day in the Life of Joe Smith (Global Economy)

2 Groups Compare Immigrant Detention Centers to Prisons - MORE >>

My challenge to Al Gore....just say either version of the 3 words so we can move on

I know the early campaign is annoying, but it's a reality. How's it going?

Why has the Iraqi President been flown to Jordan for medical treatment?

Seymour Hersh: "I Don't Know What Can Stop Him Because He Is President"

HOLY CRAP! Sy Hersch says we're funding Sunni Jihadists connected to al-Qaeda...

Oscar Win Would Complete Gore 2000 Transformation

Oscar Poll: Will you watch, and why

Sy Hersh's Latest Article Posted at New Yorker

The ONCE and FUTURE President of the US Al Gore was Right on Iraq

Guess who's on the front page of the Veterans For Peace web site?

They're coming to take him away, HA HA! TOON!

I was also wrong about impeachment


Cindy Sheehan: Iraqis are People, too

'Secretive' Christian conservative club 'dismayed at the absence of a champion to carry their banner

BBC News: Take the Conspiracy Test ...See how you Score/Promo for New Series.

Gap between rich and poor wider than ever, report says

"I Want To Be Free": 9-Year-Old Canadian Citizen Pleads From Texas Immigration Jail

I just rented and watched "Who killed the Electric Car". If you haven't seen it, you should.

Not ONE Member of the Bush Extended Family Has Served in Iraq

Have You Changed to Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs?

Newman's 'Few Words' Stir Furor (on YouTube)

SY HERSH: Al Qaeda back on our friends list for Iran War?

The White House Website Is Scrubbing Cheney Away

POLL: What's the better investment of current energy - Impeachment or 2008 Election?

POLL: Should candidate threads be limited to a single forum?

New Video from Impeach on the Beach. WARNING

The ONCE and FUTURE President Al Gore was F'ing Right on Bush Tyranny 16 Jan 2006

I Need Help.... Dating a Christian Conservative

So... Ya Wanna Impeach Bush And Cheney ??? - Get Ready To Rumble !!!

Kristen Breitweiser isn't so high on the possibility of a President Giuliani.

There's a war in Iraq

To Impeach or Not to Impeach: Audio Debate

Do You Want It?

A Trial for Thousands Denied Trial (Padilla)

USA Image in Big Trouble

USA Vets NEED National Health Insurance

Edwards insists on discussing Iraq war (AP)

Cenk Uygur: Dick Cheney is Right

Why we should all hope Lieberman becomes a Republican

NY Times: War Critic (Murtha) Faces Test on Iraq Spending Bill

BEST children's anti war film (1984) comes to home video: The Dog Who Stopped the War

To many Democrats, that was ... it was disloyal. (Murtha plan on

U.N. calls U.S. data on Iran's nuclear aims unreliable

Which 08' candidate is most web savvy?

Re: The Gap Between Rich and Poor: Past Time to Show Him the Way

Democrats, not Oscar, stir the party talk

Democrats in Congress may threaten California redistricting

A Wild-Ass Prediction for 2008

If Gore ran with Hillary as VP, would he get to use her money? I was thinking that might take car

A Woman In The White House

HuffPost: Geffen's Hillary Criticism Is 'Nothing I Haven't Heard From Women Voters Across America'

President Carter Rips Cheney Over Iraq: ‘His Batting Average Is Abysmally Low’

Washington Backs Musharraf On Democracy Denial

Illegal Immigrants help pay for social security

Britain scared of losing control of the poppy fields

Oscar preview, Al Gore rescued Katrina victims Sep 2005 - AP


Kristol: Bush ‘Could Easily Build Political Support’ For Iran Attack ‘At The Beginning Of 2008

Ezra Klein in the American Prospect on Edwards

MP3: George Carlin talks about political talking points you need to know

Iraq poised to hand control of oil fields to foreign firms

Military Commissions Act Headed For Supremes

The Bill Richardson Watch, 2/25/2007

Russians to delay Iran nuclear deal (Iran's not paying its bills)

Levin: Last Congress Didn’t Investigate Walter Reed Because ‘They Did Not Want To Embarrass’ Bush

Ticket Strength As Sole Criteria: Which combination Pres.&VP would win biggest?

Park Sentenced to 5 Years in U.N. Oil-for-Food Bribery Scandal

Regarding Dems fighting 'the surge':

For Kucinich volunteers, it's the message (Because its real not a soap)

Olympia WA Impeachment forum. Info about C-Span's coverage and more!

China selling off Kenya oil rights it got for free

Why it comes down to Al Gore. (If he would stop being so prissy)

New York Times: Christian Right Labors to Find ’08 Candidate

The legacy of the Clinton administration on Freedom of Information matters

Early 2008 polls offer important clues

When is there a repeat of Meet the Press"?

Cheney’s plane OK, heads home after electrical glitch...zzzzt!

Edwards offers specifics aplenty

Reid sucking up to Fox "News" is sickening. Its an ad for the propaganda

MIKE Wallace intrviews bill O'Lielly tonight on 60 minutes

Clinton-Obama Spat 'Sad,' Edwards Tells ABC

US 'Iran attack plans' revealed (Two triggers)

'"I would have a cabinet department for Native American affairs'

Progressive Patriots Fund: Pick a Progressive Patriot

Kucinich joins water dispute

Today's MTP was a perfect example of what I was saying about Hillary Clinton yesterday

AL GORE is NOT Nominated for an OSCAR

On Geffen and Clinton: Is Sen. Obama Wiliing To Pardon Leonard Peltier?

Who do you want the GOP to nominate in 2008?

Al Gore says he can't imagine running for the White House again. But Hollywood disagrees

Democrats Find Their Courage In New Round Of Poll Numbers

Patrick J. Michaels exposed! He disses Gore's "Inconvenient Truth", but we have the dirt

I don't want Al Gore to announce his candidacy tonight on TV.

Seymour Hersh: Negroponte–Iran Contra—Funds…Oh my!

Don't Spread Lies About Our Dem Candidates.

Al Sharpton's ancestors where once owned by Strom Thurmond's.

Edwards: I am better than Hillary, because I said "oops"

Robert Parry: Gore's Other Global Warning: Iraq War

Free IRAN: Fool Me Twice Shame on Me bumpersticker

Lots to think about in this post today at Bootrib..."What are we trying to do?"

A Hillary Clinton Presidency Will Follow The Economic Recipe of the 90s