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Archives: February 26, 2007

Why Have So Many U.S. Attorneys Been Fired? It Looks a Lot Like Politics

It's Time to "Fix" Health Spending And Social Security (William Chirolas)

Toronto Sun: Don't ignore Putin's warning

Bush's Future Iran War Speech

(Mother Jones) Iraq 101: Down the Drain

CommonDreams: US Culture: War or Peace?

Alternative construction materials raking in green despite downturn

Islamic Jihad says willing to join PLO

Clark in dustup at Jeddah Conference; also makes surprising revelation

U.S. synagogue holds event promoting sale of West Bank homes

Video: Meria Heller Keynote - 9/11 Accountability Conference

September 11 Revisited

Blogger Claimed to have Hacked the PricewaterhouseCoopers Computers and Discovered, Oscar Winners.

Retired Politicians Spend Unused Campaign Funds

Governors, critical of Bush, seeking more help from Congress for children's health care

Could Gore Finance His Own Bid?

Islamic Jihad says willing to join PLO

U.S. synagogue holds event promoting sale of West Bank homes

Melissa Etheridge's score won for "Inconvenient Truth"!

Alleged CIA kidnap victim says Americans tortured him

We are not guilty of defamation, say nurses (Bulgarians in Libya)

AP: Gore's Global Warming Doc Wins Oscar (Backstage: "I do not have plans on becoming candidate...")

Telegraph UK: US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran

NYT: U.S. Says Raid in Iraq Supports Claim on Iran

NYT: Bush to Warn Pakistan’s Leader on Aid

AP: Pressures on Guard Concern Governors

Bolivian floods kill 35

Teamsters oppose opening the border to Mexican trucks

CNN: Former Vice President Al Gore’s film "An Inconvenient Truth" wins Oscar.

Discent within the ranks first story


Say what you will about fast food, but Taco Johns Potato Oles are GODFOOD!

Who else is digging out?

JESUS CAMP for Best Documentary!

Official NON-Oscar watchers thread!

Damn, talk about a trip, my little sister got married yesterday, and I lost my star today!

OK, Who else is digging out?

OK, Who else is pigging out?

Apparently the Oscars won't be shown here tonight....

I think I have "Complex PTSD" from my X husband.

Kos is rooting for Little Miss Sunshine and Al Gore

What movies did you like, that actually did win a ton of Oscars?

When I think of Lex Luthor, I think ___ (to complete the series)

When I think about "the anger and hatred my fun thread brought out" I think..

This comic strip cracked me up.

Just made my first donation!

Everyone says that Oscar is on but I can't find Sesame Street anywhere!

Egads; Hollywood celebrates itself...again

battle peanut is shaping up pretty well on Iron Chef

You should hear the cheer for Al Gore at the Oscars..

is it just me, or does ellen degeneres look like a young ruth-ann miller from NX?

Son of a bitch.

My Cat is Misssing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OSU Fans Your Basketball Coach Is Gross

Someone has to say it: Cameron Diaz is not attractive.

I am finally convinced

Movies that should have won an Academy Award, but didn't.

Automotive question here -

Brittany Spears suffering from PPD?

Why is Jack Nicholson's head shaved bald?

An Inconvenient Truth

I call racism! Just because I am fair skinned, and have blue eyes and medium brown hair


What is this, "All the people who suck" night on American Idol?

Should I go get some chocolate?

Quick..have they done the Dreamgirls reunion yet??

This Tanqueray Rangpur is good stuff....

ice cold milk and an oreo cookie

Congratulazioni Signor Morricone

When I think of biting into a York Peppermint Patty I think . . .

I only have one problem with Ellen....

Who the hell is Oscar, and what the hell is his problem?

Here's how a President and First Lady SHOULD dress

when and where was your first real job...?

Screw you, Simon Cowell!

Oscars are getting boring.......

Help!!!! Celine Dion singing Oscar nominated song!!!

American Idol loser wins OSCAR!! (Take that Simon Cowell)

Question for the straight guys: when is a woman too skinny to be attractive? rocks!!!

Best Commercials?

My son just got fired and I am pissed

I really hope Martin Scorsese wins tonight.

Am i the only person that didn't enjoy the movie "Happy feet"?

I feel I have to point out something of extreme importance.

Why is Al Gore at the Oscars anyways?

So, which of you are going to see the Pogues in NYC on St. Patrick's Day?

The worst thing about the Academy Awards

Did The Movie "Norbit" Cost Eddie Murphy An Oscar?

A poem

Well I'm doing OK on my Oscar pool.

Official Oscar Results Thread *SPOILERS*

Craig Ferguson on Britney Spears...

I really didn't want Jennifer Hudson to win

Freepers heads exploding during Oscars: a chronology- SPOILERS

The behavior of the Lounge has been SHAMEFUL.

I stopped drinking soft drinks one year ago today.

Oh good. Jennifer Hudson thanked Jennifer Holliday.

Man, some people are real jackasses

Anyone think Ellen Degeneres is funny tonight?

Is Jennifer Lopez pregnant?

YES! YES! YES! Jennifer Hudson!!!

Post your favorite mix CD.

When People Say Goddess of Guiness I Think _________________

There's snow on dem dere hills!

Oscar Fashion 2007 (Photo Heavy)

Pan's Labyrinth

For my 500th... post something beautiful... (photo thread)

Tensions are rising in the Lounge...

Melissa Ethridge just won and thanked her wife!!!

Online dating is not working anymore

silly cat

If you like birds of prey

How would you rate your perception of religion in general?

I like it: Not only Heterosexual, but Chick-o-centric......

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for February 25

Ghost Investigator Society -- voices from the dead?

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Feb 24, 2007

1984 Time Magazine Article: Rumsfeld meets with Saddam to show "U.S. sympathy"

questions???? Is there an age limit on State Governers and City Mayors

What would GWB Do?

Why I can't stand Kevin Drum: we're "slavering hordes" to him...

Fly to flee

New Faux Noise series: Are You Smarter Than A Fifth-grader

Wow, how did I miss this one? After 9/11 Bush appointed envoy who was a lobbiest for the Taliban

Is there anywhere on the web that the Oscars can be watched live? I don't get local channels

Is Gore sitting out of the race because of Hillary?

A fit and lean Al Gore Has Announced

Emirates, MIT team up for green energy

Shift Happens

Vote up Al Gore's red carpet Oscar Photo!

Good for Happy Feet



Green Sweep Predicted....

The Nation: Progressive Academy Awards

Gore has Cuba's vote

Al Gore on Oscars NOW!!

JetBlue cancels 68 JFK flights for Mon., also at Boston Logan...

Recycle jokes from earlier in my career! (now that the Oscars have gone "green")

"end times" are coming, "end times" are coming

DU This Poll - Biggest surprise so far

Tomorrow's post-Oscar headline: "WILL HE OR WON'T HE?"

I found the author of the Bush playbook

Oscar Goes Green & So Can You.....This Is On The Oscar Website

Oscars live: DiCaprio eggs Gore to make a major announcement tonight

Kennedy family letters to be auctioned off in US

Oscar joke...


Why is it the airlines are the sole area of security ?

Melissa Etheridge singing "I Need To Wake Up" on Oscars - Then Al Gore Appears Onstage and...!

Al Gore on the Oscars, for those who missed it . . .

DU This Poll - Biggest surprise so far

CONDI-Thoses Of Us Who Don't Support WAR Are Appeasing Terrorists & Would Have Appeased Hitler Too

Will Congressional Democrats Make the Ultimate Sacrifice?

We want Gore! We want Gore! We want Gore!

"Why won't Obama allow our news cameras in? We will investigate after the Oscars"

Pentagon devising bombing plan for Iran that can be carried out at 24 hours' notice


Is Obama Skipping The FOX Debate in Nevada?

"An Inconvenient Truth" WON!

If Gore decides he WON'T run, is he going to endorse a candidate?

George Clooney Just Said Al Gore Is Not Running For President

Sherry Lansing is quite a role model!

Unelightened Oscar banter from our evolutionally-challenged friends at

Welfare state growing despite overhauls


Did Gore WIN yet?

Marketing poop on the carpet: World premiere of a new song

NAACP People's Assembly Sets FOundations of New Working Class Movement

Always the gentleman: It would be rude for Al to announce tonight

3156 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

So Right Now I Like Kucinich and Obama but...

Free Kareem

Bush's "No Criticism" Haven (personal short story)

I was rooting for Jesus Camp

The First Family appears at the Oscars (I had no idea they were going to be there)

If Gore runs, who'll be the FIRST to bow out, and give Gore his/her support?

Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth wins Oscar; White House demands recount.

I Wonder If PT 9-11 Will Get Nominated For

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Whoa Melissa Too

A little brain teaser and funny

I need to wake up - WINS

Why was Jimmy Carters National Security Adviser... Brzezinski's

What Do You Think That Paper Gore Was Holding Said?

If after tonight you are NOT a GORE fan...

US Developing Contingency Plan to Bomb Iran: Report

Along with Al Gore, I want to congratulate LAURIE DAVID for her Oscar win tonight.

Do You Think Being President is the Most Important Thing a Person Can Do In Life

"I'm the number one fan of the man from Tennesseeeee......"

If you listen... you can probably hear the heads explode over in freeperville....

video:Al Gore’s big announcement

Does Anyone Know The Current Situation in Oaxaca?

American armada prepares to take on Iran

Is there a time presidential candidates have to declare by?

Why dont the right like the environment ?

The Oscar movie Montage was Awesome

Why some of us are so opposed to Faith based charities being given free reign

When Rummy tried to nuke Russia-He Always Tried To Unleash Maximum Nuclear Firepower

Congratulations President Gore!

Isn't Ellen great at the Oscars?

What was Gore going to announce to the American people?

Al Gore Fans - Please Get Your Facts Straight

God gets a round of applause???

Helen Mirren rocks.


Faux News lies again on Al Gore

AL!!! AL!!! AL!!! AL!!!

Rev. Jerry Falwell talks about myths of global warming

DeGeneres' Gore joke at the Oscars: We are officially insane

"Mr Gore, Is there anything you might want to announce?"


Ted Stevens thinks the actions of peace activists are worthless...

Why we need to suck it up and seriously discuss impeachment

Could Rupert Murdoch be tried for war crimes

Will Ben Stein be gracing us with another scathing rebuke of the Oscars?

60 Minutes : "Dissention in the Ranks" ON NOW

Generals retire.. Troops keep dying

Don Knotts and Peter Boyle passing - anyone else feeling old tonight?

I can't believe I just got this e-mail from my RW dispatcher. After

O'Reilly coming up on 60 Minutes


Melissa Etheridge just won, thanked her wife & Al Gore.

2006 Elections--The Dixie Chicks--An Inconvenient Truth--Al Gore

BEST ORIGINAL SONG Academy Award - "I Need To Wake Up" Melissa Etheridge ('An Inconvenient Truth')

Can Someone Get A Screen Cap Of President Gore With The Statue?

Exotic animals seen where Antarctic ice used to be

123-Pound Burger, $379 - only in America....

SUPPORT the TROOPS - a concrete action you can take

SO FREAKIN' COOL! Leo asks Al if has "something he wants to announce?"

Al Gore, you tease!!!

Props to Ellen...

This Modern World - Why should we believe the earth is round, just because scientists say so?

To Those Wanting A Fresh Pic Of Al Winning The Oscar; From My TV To Your Comp :o)

GORE/CLARK 08!!!!!!!!

Al Gore hears the call...

BEST DOCUMENTARY Academy Award - "An Inconvenient Truth" !

Chemical and Biological weapons are not ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Not ONE Member of the Bush Extended Family Has Served in Iraq! Not One! Take a Look.

AL GORE: "I can't imagine in any circumstance to run for office again,"

To those who insist on dumping on the pro Gore people.

Sy Hersh: Bush Administration Covert Ops Money Linked to Jihadists


Hundreds of U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are ending up homeless

For my first OP behold... Conservapedia .. let the howling begin

How 3 of our Democrats twist Murtha's plan and disapprove.

Yup. Gore's running.

BUSH-Targeted Wilson's Wife Long Before Article Appeared & Reason May Be MORE THAN JUST YELLOWCAKE

We need to seriously discuss the FRAMING issue concerning candidates and the media

Who is your pick for Attorney General?

political question...need an answer quick...

We Were Betrayed

Retired Politicians Spend Unused Campaign Funds

Retired Politicians Spend Unused Campaign Funds

Movement to unionize workers at Milum Textile a fierce battle

Report: Obama Successfully Wooing Some Former Hillary Donors

So what are the Democrats plans for Iraq?

Bush Admin Targeted Wilson's Wife Long Before Wilson's Article Appeared

Hollywood celebs have been bashing the Bush, the war, Repubs for years, but are ignored by the press

United States loaded 363 tons of cash & sent to Iraq

Jack Abramoff: Council of Republicans For Environmental Advocacy

Iraqi ministry casts doubt on oil law

Obama: "Those who voted for the authorization felt pretty good."

And the Oscar goes to Melisa Ethridge... For inconvenient Truth... eom

WSJ's Taranto...calls out Fox on their 2003 debate....racist question for Dean.

The last FIFTEEN (15) "Greatest Threads" Are All ....AL GORE Threads! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Orchestra drowns out Gore's 'announcement' at Academy Awards; Gore's documentary wins Oscar

LAT: Colombian rightwing paramilitaries had planned to kill Hugo Chavez

Inconvenien Truth won!

Buzzflash: From Little Rock to Baghdad

Did Obama really support Lieberman?

Resisting Concessions Pays Off For York, Pennsylvania Harley Workers

"Ahead of his Time" Jimmy Carter feels vindicated

Welfare state growing despite overhauls

Could Gore Finance His Own Bid?

The Nation: Ned Lamont Backs Habeas Corpus -- and Chris Dodd

Edwards: Congress Should Cut Iraq Funding

Wes Clark, Iran and *#&$&^$%&%!2008

Uncomfortably Numb

Rice says Bush won't abide by legislation to limit Iraq war

India Poised To Become "Manufacturing Powerhouse"

John Nichols: Libby: No Mistrial, Yet (The Nation)

Gore's Oscars could spur action on climate

After sorry 14-year hiatus, health-care debate revives

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 280

Joe Lieberman's dishonesty: The Iraq tragedy in a nutshell

Interview: Ex-NATO Commander cautions Iran (W. Clark)

This Was Always a Needless, Immoral War. Yet Still They Won't Admit It (Guardian UK)

How to Beat the Psychopaths in Power at Their Own Game

Mexico's Fox breaking tradition in Dallas visit

Former judge jailed for child abuse after being hacked

Does Being a Feminist Mean Voting for Hillary?

Great Britain is defeated in Iraq.

The Character Assassin (by EJ Dionne for Truthdig)

Governors warn of troop buildup's impact on Guard

The view from Planet Cheney

Niall Ferguson: Why our enemies -- and friends -- hate us

Chomsky on Why Bush Does Diplomacy Mafia-Style

Is History Repeating itself in Afganistan?

Editorial: Terrorism is Justified

al-Sadr withdraws backing for Iraq security drive/US forced to deploy troops to Baquba

Iraq's wild Anbar a killing ground for Sunni struggles

Baghdad Plan Has Elusive Targets

1 BTU (of fossil energy) to produce 47 BTUs of Ethanol -(DAMN!!) - Scientific

People ask: "What can I do about global warming?" Probably the most powerful act you can take to

On being carbon neutral, being green, etc...

Carbon Dioxide Levels Are at 820,000-Year High, Scientists Find

I saw Obama speak last friday here in Austin, it was great but for one thing...

Some Celebrities Who Made Green Issues Cool

Concert SOS

I was pondering the Enhanced Fujita tornado scale...

Dung Power at U.S. Ethanol Plant

TomPaine: Climate Change Comes To D.C.

Experts tackle the devil's tumour (BBC) {Tasmanian Devils dying off}

Top Scientist Seeks Halt on Coal Plants (James Hansen)

BBC have put together a Climate Change Web site ...

Huge polar study about to begin (BBC)

Gas prices...WTF?

Ill wind divides historic ranches (wind turbines)

In Big Buyout, Utility to Limit New Coal Plants

5 governors agree to work on climate - AP

Best Global Warming Info

Elephants Released To Wild for First Time in India

New species, warm water and whales: the Antarctic's secrets revealed by melting ice

Musical comedy on West Bank wins Oscar for best live action short film

Court asked: Israel still 'occupying' Gaza?

Balanced stand on ME is political suicide, says Carter

Men's honor

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Sanity of Jimmy Carter (The Nation)

IDF troops uncover third explosives factory in Nablus raid

Will America Face the Truth About 9/11?

(Political Cortex) The 9/11 Chronicles: Straight Talk from Zwicker and Tarpley

Inspiring picture from Obamamania in Austin, TX (this may be of interest!)

Aren't We All CT Believers?

US govt funds are going to "Al Qaeda"

Hersh: Bush crew "indirectly" supporting "same people who did 9/11"

BBC World reported at 4:57 PM that WTC7 had collapsed, (23 minutes before it actually did).

Clint Curtis still needs our help

A follow up on Voter Database

The Future of Elections – Accurate & Fair – Election Reform News 26 Feb 2007

Candidates Who Shun Corporate Cash Are Winning

U.S. used Ethiopia for attacks on al-Qaeda

Time to back off on uranium sales - Australian Greens

Welfare state growing despite overhauls (low-paying jobs as culprit)

Baghdad sectarian killings at year low-US military

U.S. Vice President Cheney Visits Afgahanistan In Unannounced Trip

China`s steel industry reaped record profit in 2006

Iraq's Sunni VP criticizes security plan

Russia 'worried' about talk of possible attack on Iran

US aircraft carrier has no plans to 'intimidate Iran' (AFP)

U.S. Military's ability to respond to additional crisis at greater risk

'Rosetta' shows red planet in blue (translated from 'SPIEGEL')

Indian tutors offer new class of outsourcing

AP: Jury Set To Resume Deliberations In Libby Trial

Cheney makes unannounced visit to Pakistan

UDPATE 1-Four French nationals shot dead in Saudi - TV

More Americans Trust Congress Over Bush on Iraq, Poll Finds ( but 7 pt

U.S. Army Invites (Kiefer) Sutherland to Give Anti-Torture Speech

Wall Street Journal: Greenspan Warns of Possible Recession

Suspects in deaths of Salvadoran politicians are murdered

Art Curator Dismissed From Libby Trial

High Court Refuses Guard Slayings Case

AP: Egypt Closes Satellite TV Feed From Iraq

AFP: 14 Iranian troops killed in helicopter crash

Pakistan brewery produces Muslim world's first 20-year whisky

AP: British troops to be sent to Afghanistan

President Morales Climbs to 65% in Bolivia

Bush Avoids Talk About Child Health Care

5 Western governors agree to work on greenhouse gas emissions

Family challenges lesbian adoption

AP: (Supreme) Court Refuses to Hear Child Porn Case

Mexico's Fox breaking tradition in Dallas visit

Pakistan meeting of Muslim FMs urges diplomacy on Iran

UN top court says Srebrenica massacre genocide

Suicide car bomber strikes police station in Ramadi; 7 dead

Russian Foreign Minister Blasts U.S. Plans on Missile Defense in Eastern Europe

LAT: Congress to consider how unions organize

Customers have deja vu after JetBlue cancels 68 flights

Ky Lt. gov. endorses GOP opponent

Titanic director finds Jesus' grave

Former Ney aide to plead guilty in scandal

This Time, Gore's Campaign A Winning One (ABC)

Military signal blocks garage remotes

Mexico vows to protect butterfly

Five western states to bypass Bush on climate

NYT/AP: Top scientist, NASA's James Hansen: Stop building coal plants

Iraqi Vice President dodges bomb in apparent assassination attempt; 10 Die

NYC can't limit ferry crash damages

WP, p A01: Baghdad Plan Has Elusive Targets (hard to tell freind, foe)

Joint Chief of Staff Chairman Hikes Military Risk in Newest Assessment

Scholars Criticize New Jesus Documentary

Some Celebrities Who Made Green Issues Cool

Greenspan Warns U.S. Economy Could Slip Into Recession

Democrats still lead in trust poll

Former UN weapons chief says US, Europe and Security Council are "humiliating" Iran

11 Dead At Pakistani Kite Festival (including children)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday February 26

CNN: Gore uses Oscar speech to plug environmental cause

Iraq Sunni VP says U.S. needs a 'Plan B'

Labor Groups Protest Student Labor Rule

More Iran-made weapons found in Iraq: US

(Massachusetts) Patrick seeks $72m hike in health aid (includes Gardasil coverage)

Stand-off in Gulf with Iran 'a bit like Cold War' (UK Cdre Keith Winstanley)

Risks of tainted food rise as inspections drop

AP: (Supreme) Court to Hear Special Ed Tuition Case

Cheney warned Monday that al-Qaida is regrouping Pakistan’s

Germany moves to ban seal imports (20 per cent of Canada's market for unprocessed seal pelts.)

Japanese whaler finally leaving Antarctic seas

Military holding a top leader of Iranian force in Iraq

Drug hitmen kill Guatemala cops jailed for murder

Israel To Ask U.S. For More Military Aid

AP: Bush Avoids Talk About Child Health Care

Baghdad ministry blast kills 6, v-president unhurt

on MSNBC - Looks like mistrial in Libby trial

Iraqi cabinet agrees draft oil law -oil official

NYC's largest homeless shelter closing

Boy's Father Dies In Iraq And Mother Scheduled To Return

Abbott cuts 200 scientists

High court turns down illegal-worker case

BREAKING NEWS: Postal Commission recommends postage increase (AP)

Warner endorses possible McCain '08 bid

CNN: Iraqi President Jalal Talabani was placed in the intensive care unit of a Jordanian hospital

Sharpton wants DNA test to check for Thurmond link

Wildlife Experts Fear for African Elephants

The Politico: Gore's Oscar Fuels Call for Late Run

Gulf countries: No air space for Israel

Western governors agree to work together on greenhouse gas emissions

Zogby: Rudy beats Hillary by 7%, loses to Obama by 6%

Disapproval on Iraq Hits Record (ABC/WP Poll - More Than Half Favor a Deadline for Withdrawal)

UN group concerned about involvement of private security companies in conflicts

Libby Judge Dismisses Jurror

Cuba Opens Experimental Wind Farm

Barre (Vermont) mayor wants death penalty for drug dealers

AP: Former Ney Aide Charged in Bribery Case (William Heaton)




What Is The Truth?

Did Jack sneak a peek at that Oscar envelope?

Lieberman's Lamont

Is there not a best comedy catagory at the Oscars?

Remind me to bitch-slap one of my buddies, will ya?

I just drank a quart of strawberry kefir at a sitting

We Are All Born Jesus' goofy children

Forget About What You are thinking........

I am watching The Agency on VH1 - a model was told to lose 10 pounds.

This Lady Is Asking

Don't Hurt Me

If You Don't Want It, Throw it away


I'm a foo foo fee fee do la do la do

Did you know that Baby Boomer's have a Radio Station and My Space type place?

How smart Are You?

The clothes are dry enough for me to go to sleep... YAY!

How Many People have been there?

Would anyone be willing to look over this cover letter for me?

My Oscars review...

Global Warming

Say Something Nice, I'm going to sleep

on the red carpet, this seemed to be the year of the empire waist...


I've done a lot of things that I regret

Near car accident just now

Pack it up, guys ... Biggest Bush mistake fixed!

A Very Presidential Picture, don't ya think?

Another comic strip that cracked me up...

I need someone's help, please

Today is a Me Day

Don't drink Old Rasputin "Russian" beer

Kansas Lamb Born With 5 Legs

Breastfeeding Mothers Stage 'Nurse-In' At Mall

Look Mom we got a swimming pool!! (pic)

i been really trying

Female Koalas Indulge In Lesbian "Sex Sessions"

Have fun with your baby before he or she arrives with.... BABY SHAKER!

I see they have released The Midnight Special shows on DVD

I'm 77 posts from 3,077 posts. Ask me almost anything

Olivier's WORST roll?

Residents Don't Like Store's 'High Maintenence Bitch' Sign

I have discovered a word to explain republican/freepers - misologists

I just got e-mailed the tax return for some guy in Utah. It's complete with his

more found stuff on craigslist

Forum Search Question

A rant about the Daily Show

Good Monday Morning

Al Sharpton Wants DNA Test To See If He Is Related To Strom Thurmond

Wish me many broken legs this rehearsals for my production of "Annie" start today!

Question about the "Rapture."

it`s never to early ---beer launching fridge video

Does anyone know the name of the NPR quiz show about words?

Happy Monday, DU!!!

27 days untiL "evacuation day"

What did you cook for your Oscars meal?

Am I the pagan Martha Stewart?

"Studio 60" fans- looks like the axe is about to fall

one of the best uses of spandex ever

Best non-anime film depiction of an exoskeletal battlesuit?

Welcome to Monday...

I want to put in a good word for my dentist.

New Underwear Has Built-In Pocket For Condom (Yes, PIC)

Autumn-winter women's "ready-to-wear" (???) unveiled on Paris catwalks

It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all

UPS #1 Parking Violater In San Francisco - More Than 1 Ticket Every Hour

Watch this video! You will always feel secure in your home...

Who here shops at American Apparel?

Woman Swallows Boyfriend's False Teeth During Passionate Kiss

123 Pound Cheeseburger Served At Restaurant - Price is $379.00

Any other fans of the Go-Betweens here?

Who didn't watch the Academy Award Show.

Just who is Bob Newhart always talking to on the phone?

I know a man, he came from my hometown

I was gonna wish Rev_Acts a happy birthday

Rulon Gardner-impaled on arrow, lost toes to frost bite, cycle crash and now airplane crash

get back to work

Keyboard Mod, kinda interesting looking Mod.

My sister said that if I stay in Bangor I must give up the idea of ever dating again.

Oscar pics

Wish me luck... I plan on taking one for the team...

Okay: I have this idea for a restaurant name, finally, and I need opinions.

DU cooks-what can I use as a substitute for white wine in a recipe?

Finally!!! Snakes on a Plane via interpretive dance!!!

Stanzas Of The Soul

CBS gives Anna Nicole judge his own TV show! (true)

sex and the church

Any recommendations for an RSS newsreader for Windows?


Monday Afternoon Questions

My mum just said "thinking horizontally for a minute" and I sniggered

Children of Men wuz Robbed yo

I just found a note from my daughter. Oh brother.

My self absorbtion thread somehow got kicked with out a reply

EVOO, it's not just for taste....

What are the benefits of working for a small business?

If you can raed tihs--remember the jumbled wdros tehrad?

11 Dead, 100 Injured In Kite Flying Festival

Help me find a song from The Simpsons

I think I killed another thread ...

Martin Scorcese's Oscar Speech

rock and roll mcdonalds

"The exception proves the rule."

So did freepers throw a fit over the Oscars?

Hide the Fart

Did anyone see Jennifer Hudson's acceptance speech?

Weird dream

Just got called for a second interview at 12:30

You can get it if you really want

Do NOT attempt to hug this woman

Someone is SERIOUSLY Sick Of The Snow

Asymetrical Haircuts from the 1980s (pre-"Emo")

Understanding NASCAR, part 4: How to pass someone

Picture thread for Monday morning: Snow pictures!

hmmm...maybe I'll move to Brazil

I LOVE Lara Logan

normalcy or normality

Delta Farce

Congratulations wryter2000!! 15,000 posts

Happy birthday wishes to......

I feel like I am dying of cynicism.

Congratulations Call Me Wesley!! 20,000 posts

Help! Need bible quote about God or Jesus or whoever preferring private worship

What Do You Tell the ones you love before you go to sleep?

How do I break my cat of trying to play with electrical cords?

How will I know if my cough is bronchitis?

Great new band find: Dropkick Murphys from The Departed

I need a technology slave bracelet. Which cell phone company is the best?

OK ladies -- what's most important in a guy's online personal?

How do I break my cat of trying to play with electrical cords?

Warning: Alarming levels of self-absorbtion! Happy birthday to meeeee!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/26/2007)

This wintry mess is all Bill Clinton's fault!

I'm starting my own business and I need a catchy/ serious business name

Ruby Tuesday's LIES!

mp3 player headphones

Crown Royal vs Seagram's VO

when was the last time that god (or the divine or the mysterious) spoke to your heart?

R.I.P. Charles Gocher (Sun City Girls)

Any ex-smokers want to give advice on quitting?

RevActs ! ! ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ya crazy fuck!!! {{DIAL UP WARNING}}

RE The Oscars: How do you rate the job host Ellen Degeneres did?

If you could select Bush's voice at will, who would you make him sound like?

Man Who Had Sex With Dead Dog To Stand Trial

Who here believes in Karma?


Zen Koan: The Stone Mind...


If it's NewWaveChick1981, you know it's quality.

ever had a Jeep?

anyone here at DU stuck with rip-off 28+% revolving CC debt??

DUers, choose my new chair! (dial-up warning)

How come there's never any good WWII films about the Eastern Front?

Titanic director finds Jesus' grave

The ony thing I liked about the awards .

Need some good vibes-having knee surgery tomorrow

World's hottest chili pepper a mouthful for prof

sexy bitch

What's with Jack Nicholson's head shave job?

YESSS!!! American Idol Nude photos (yes HER!)

I could use some good thoughts from the mighty DU

Cadbury Creme eggs

The BLT With Mayo On Toast Is The Most Perfect Sandwich On The Planet

Are there any classic books which you just don't understand why they are considered classics?

Who or what are you fantasizing about these days?

Please DU the Maxim Hometown Hotties voting

Jesus was real, but not divine, he had a family, and they've found their tomb.

How on earth can DNA prove the bones belonged to Jesus!

Keeping God out of it - a bias against religion on the left

Questions about Roman Catholic priesthood

Are DU'ers biased against Christians and Jews?

Duluth nun, raised as an atheist, blogs about life and faith

Melissa....... LOL!!!! - Best Oscar Quote

Transgender DU Group Proposal

Lesbian Koala Orgies

Champion cyclist Jan Ullrich retires

Former Champ Chris Eubank Arrested !

Trevis Smith Sentenced for Knowingly Giving Women HIV

Busy weekend for Derby hopefuls


I am now feeling officially freaked out, folks.

Having FUN with Mercury Retrograde!

Student filmmakers bond with families of fallen. Documentary depicts Vermont's grief

VoteVets -

A little late but House Veterans hearings

Take the gloves off with Rummy

Now I've done it.

OT: DU is at it again re: Al Gore.

The Carpetbagger: ‘Lessons learned’ from Iran-Contra

Roiling the waters again. Hersh on Bush funding the Sunni's in Iraq

Excellent article on bloggers and campaigns

Iraq Sunni VP says U.S. needs a 'Plan B' -I recall Senator Kerry point blank asking Rice

New site: Open Congress

OK, someone stop me

Did Kerry ever say this about killing in Vietnam?

what can we do to increase #signers on setadeadline?

Hearings this week. (Yes, they are back.)

Talking Heads - Nothing But Flowers

"An Inconvenient Truth" wins the Oscar

Anti-Bush Banner Launched in Grand Central

Bring Them Home

CBS Sunday Morning Keith Olbermann Profile

Climate Crisis - We Can Run (Grateful Dead)

Al Gore & Melissa E. Were Just Interviewed On E!

College Republicans' 'Catch The Immigrant' Game Catches Flak (The Nation)

Pan's Labyrinth

Screw you, Simon Cowell!

American Idol loser wins OSCAR!! (Take that Simon Cowell)

OH NO! Even the koalas aren't safe from TEH GAY! (sarcasm)

Ellen's introductory comments:

You know, I've been thinking, and I wonder if that attack in Iran...

Ellen reminded the entire world that Buffoon W. Bush stole the 2000 election

US bombing so called 'terror targets' in Iraq

Conyers:What About the Real Conflict Against Terrorism?

US launching terrorist attacks on Iran from Afghanistan & Pakistan

Al Gore should have thanked the United States Supreme Court

on the red carpet, this seemed to be the year of the empire waist...

"And in our democracy, political will is a renewable resource.” --Al Gore

Did any lip readers catch catch Ellen said when they muted her?

Too Green and Inexperienced in Foreign Affairs????

Local Nashville news coverage of Oscars - all GORE!!!!!

Full List of Academy Awards 2007 from the Internet Movie Database.

NYT op-ed: Justice Department's firing of U.S. Attorneys is "shameful" "political purge"

Every now and then pieces of the old John McCain break thru to the surface

Patrick proposes funds for cervical cancer vaccine for girls. (Voluntary)

New name for Gore: The Goracle

I really like Gore but, is anyone discussing anything else tonight?

I hate to detract from Gore..does anyone have a link to Farrukhan's speech?

One thing that Gore could do other than become President: Chair an enviromental task force

Beautiful People - Melanie

The economy must be doing great, huh?

It time to support our Iraqi War Veterans!!! Stop the shameful treatment

Freepers Weigh In on the Academy Awards (yup, it's just what you'd expect)

'Infomania' Worse Than Marijuana

This Just In- new comedy from HBO and AOL


Senior Citizen in his 70's snaps mugger's neck with his bare hands

3 Arab states OK Israeli fly over to Iran

Non-Sequitur on Faux-News

Why has the Dick of Death

Pack it up, guys ... Biggest Bush mistake fixed!

HOO-BOY - heads up: Has film crew found the DNA of Jesus?

What was that about on Imus just now?

Anyone listening to Gravel on Washington Journal?

TerraPass cleans up at the Oscars (Very cool story!)

I want the Grand Slam. Gore and Etheridge winning is a good start but ....

41 killed in bombing at Baghdad college

Faux News is branching out

Al Gore's being freeped in IMDB

Just imagine, for a moment, the response to anyone who had said this on, say, 9/12/01

When Bush has to welcome Gore to WH on Inauguration Day, he will:

Bill Richarson speaking on cspan 1, now, Wash Jour.

Majority of Americans would vote Gore in 2008

House is back this week and SHOCKER! They're actually gonna pass something important

Affidavit: McVeigh had high-level help

Petition for Gore for President

Are these revenge killings?

Joe L. has a new OpEd in WSJ today. Now talking of it on cspan 1. Taking

E.J. Dionne: Smearing Like It's 2003

Progressive Patriots Fund: Pick a Progressive Patriot

Romney: "We need to have a person Of Faith to lead the country."

Rice says Bush will not abide by legislation to limit Iraq war

Fake Terrorism Is a Coalition's Best Friend

Baghdad plan has elusive targets-U.S. patrols still unable to tell friend from foe

On N Korea and Failed US Diplomacy

Can We Call This "The Michael Jackson" Subsidy?

President Carter Rips Cheney Over Iraq: ‘His Batting Average Is Abysmally Low’



Wash. Journal: now taking comments on Lieberman Op-Ed on giving *'s war a chance

Ashcroft at it again

I'm really bummed this morning.

John Kennedy announced his candidacy 11 months before the election.

Must read! Where Were You That Summer of 2001? by Frank Rich.

New England Town Prints Up Its Own Currency

Deauthorizing Iraq by Robert 'the Leaker' Novak

Parties in Libby Trial asked to report to court at 0945 this morning

According to US officials 20 to 30 percent of the Ministry of Interior staff are "ghost employees"

Moron's* brilliant solution to climate change/global warming...

Donna Brazile: "If Al Gore wants to run, he will come with all the means necessary"

With apologies to Jon Stewart...

Faux news creates, urges soldiers to email "other side of the story"

And what Do Repubs Think of This Poll of Their Presidential Candidates? Oh My....

Gore Gives Good Meme: "... and in our democracy, political will is a renewable resource."

AFA considers hate crimes protection for gays and lesbians "special rights".....

Breaking:Iraqi President in Intensive care

Whatever happened to Giuliani's Right Hand Man Kerik? Another negative for Rudy?

Would Impeachment of George Save Us From Jeb? Have We Had Enough Bushs??

Iraq president is in intesive care, VP survives assassination, no worries oil law draft endorsed

This Faith based group gets an A+ in my book!

The 2005 border shooting (Compean-Ramos) what really happened?

Final chapter of Bob Altemeyer's The Authoritarians is online! READ IT!!!

One Juror Dismissed, NO MISTRIAL

Ex-Congressional Aide: Karl Rove Personally Received (And Ignored) Iranian Peace Offer in 2003

No Mistrial!

Bring Troops Home Plane Flying Over Oscars

Gore backstage at Oscars, says he's not a candidate in '08

More Americans Trust Congress Over Bush on Iraq, Poll Finds

World's hottest chili pepper a mouthful for prof


AP: Comatose Ohio GI dies nearly a year after sniper attack

me.."I can't imagine a circumstance in which he wouldn't run for office again."

DEWEY is on Sam Sedar again!

Wrong post delete please

The big issue in the Libby trial now is 'waiver' .....

Guest on Sam Sedar blasting Maureen Dowd's passive aggression

Who do you love more: God or Gore?

You've seen 'Fox News Through History', now it's time for 'The 'christian' Right Through History'

From AP story just posted: Gore Backstage @ Oscars - "I do not have plans to become a candidate..."

Fox News Fails To One-Up ‘Daily Show’

Krugman: Clinton vs. Obama--Substance Over Image

White House scrubbing its website of embarrassing statements

Newsweek: NYPD concerned Iranian agents targeting NYC

MSNBC...coming up... Is Iran Getting Ready To Attack NYC?

banana, cassava, potato crop destroyed by super hail storm

So O'Reilly's wife drives a Mercedes (60 Minutes)

Rudy in drag!

YES! Impeachment Resolution Hearing in WA (state) scheduled for this Thursday! Some DEMS oppose...

Coup attempt under way in Iraq?

Cheney Warns Pakistan to Act on Terror

Kucinich Receives 'Champion for Peace' Award from Military Families in L.A.

New website created to debunk 'christian' Right pseudoscience and manipulation of research data

MSNBC reporting that juror dismissed is the non-wearing t-shirt juror

My god, now I know why I rarely listen to CSPAN in the morning!

Texans for Obama. Looks like Obama would get the south.

How Democrats are Buying the Iraq War

Iran-Contra Felons Get Good Jobs from Bush

Back in the World Pt. 1: Iraq's Human Toll

New on the market !!!!!

Al Gore running = Kerry "unconceding"?

Who is Libby smiling at in this trial sketch?

Tony Snow re: Gore> "I'm happy for him," and mused, "It's good to have a second career."

If Al Gore was in the White House

John Nichols: Announcing Al Gore (The Nation)

I could seriously care less if somebody thanks God in a speech.

Freeper talking point: US could fix global warming if we kept out the "illegal aliens"

Tonight on Countdown, another special comment

Drudge Claims Gore was pulled off stage While Speaking Last Night

Jimmy Carter kicked off the Gore Campaign yesterday

Anyone heard of "Cheese?"

LIBBY TRIAL: Bush Admin Targeted Wilson's Wife Long Before Wilson's Article Published in NY Times

Has anyone else received this lame email?

60 minutes interview with concerned soldiers... will it become a movement?...

Former Bush official questions Waxman criticizing admin for sending 360 tons of cash into a war zone

lack of water shortage for one million people

Lara Logan: GIs Petition Congress To End Iraq War

Forest Whitaker gave the best speech tonight

First let me just get this off my chest. I have to admit it but yes,

Toronto Star: Pakistan fed up with U.S. and allies on Afghanistan

"Inconvenient Truths"

What happened at the Sidney airport with Cheney? Was he "arrested?" (potential disinformation?)

This is what scares me about losing the art curator---

Archaeologist Who Discovered Jesus' Burial Site: "Such Claims Have Not Yet Been Validated."

Japanese Whaling Ship Quits Season because of a Fire - Sea Shepherd Story

Five western states to bypass Bush on climate

* the misologist

White House inspires gay porno movie! "Gaytanamo"

Postage rate breaks for banks, churches; increases for the rest of us!

Wingnuts are claiming "Appeal for Redress" is fake

Chimperor on LIVE CNN--What's wrong with his voice?

New Book: Rumsfeld and Cheney loved war games; Rumsfeld always pushed for nuclear option

i was watching fox today--i know-but since when is joe a democrat?

Monday TOON update

caption the shrub.

The Forgotten Wounded of Iraq by Ron Kovic

Premiere Christian Identity group uses keywords to attract Dominionists and Christian Theocrats

Does Al Gore actually get his own Oscar?

Okay, what's going on? Now power is out at Prettyman Courthouse!

Kim Jong Il Books On Amazon!? Now I've Seen Everything!!

Caption the dick and the dick-tator.

Just heard on Thom Hartmann the Libby jury will use the alternate

Northern Italian Cities Ban Cars from Center

A Question For Those Who Think Al Gore WON'T Run In '08

This Time, Gore's Campaign A Winning One (ABC)

Military signal blocks garage remotes

Email received from FaithfulAmerica - The religious left.

The 'Moral Values' Right Wing praying that Anna Nicole Smith will take focus off of their Errorism

The Nation: Talking Points for the Next War

The Feel Good Article of the Year: "Karl Rove Killed Anna Nicole Smith!"

Look At *'s Face. Please Caption

Greenspan Warns of Likely U.S. Recession

Rice: Obama's Run Shows Black Progress

Save our Climate, Support the Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act

A poem for Bush the way I feel today

Former Reagan NSA chief slams Bush and Congress ...

As Tension Escalates Between the U.S. and Iran, An Iranian Student Shares His Fears About A U.S. Att

Presidential Poll

I had a wingnut at school today that is giving me a BS line about undocumented aliens murdering

Check out Yahoo Answers. Guy tricks Anti-Muslim RW'ers into agreeing with Nazi slogans

Chimps seen making weapons for hunting

Jon Stewart on Ellen

Could Second Coming of Jesus be due to cloning his found DNA?

Welfare overhaul floods other aid programs

TPM....Kentucky Lt. Gov. endorses Governors primary opponent.

Heavy petting? Try this Dutch dating Web site

The Determined Vet - has anyone found out any more...

A Neat Little Thing That Happened To Me Today (Hint: Kennedy)

Gotta love Family Guy: Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell after the Rapture...

Even if Lieberman Flips, There's No Reason to Give Up Our Senate Majority

Caption Pickles

We need a PeaceStock !! Where are the Bands ? Summers Coming!!

Mike Gravel, running for prez, was on Wash. Journal this a.m.

tony snow news conf now on cspan 2 link here


Jesus was real, but not divine, he had a family, and they've found their tomb.

Strom Thurmond Al Sharpton's great-granddaddy?

Harry Reid talking on floor of Senate now cspan 2

'Mercenaries' to fill (UK) Iraq troop gap

what i noticed last night - Gore is looking good...

I like John Edwards but his new house really turns me off

"Pull my finger!"

Can I say something about houses?

and they say the Right isn't funny...

From NZ: Complaint Against Bush Billboard Upheld

Who's mocking whom?

A disturbing link between "24" and "An Inconvenient Truth"

Troops In Baghdad Say Can't Identify Enemy

Golden anniversary comes for Cat in Hat

Oh crap, now we know why Wells wants to continue, the dismissed juror...

Naomi Klein: Torture Is Finally On Trial

Palm Beach (FL) Post Op/Ed: To Support The Troops, Follow The Iraq Money

One great guest & one bad guest on Lou Dobbs' show tonight.

The hate in this LTTE is amazing:

ABC: Bob Woodruff's documentaty will delve into the crisis of care faced by so many injured soldiers

DNA Tests Link Jesus to Anna Nicole, Sharpton & Thurmond

Can't we get Lieberman to run for president?

Gibson: Reporters Who Ignore Anna Nicole Smith To Focus On Iraq War Are ‘Snobs’

Bush's Future Iran War Speech

we need a laugh-old Tom Tomorrow "Shit Sandwich"

More good news! Rep. Meehan (D-MA) signed a pledge to vote NO on the supplemental!

Al Gore will be at the University of Oklahoma, Thursday, March 1st

I don't want to sound too smug... but I know who he likes

Nurturing Our Earth. How Al Gore Has Launched Global Governance.

Have you bought a cell phone other than from your provider?

You want egg roll with that? I may be losing it , but I could swear

Great pic of Al & Melissa Etheridge

Gibson: Reporters Who Ignore Anna Nicole Smith To Focus On Iraq War Are ‘Snobs’

Whacky Tweety just said that Scooter

What's the difference between Anna Nicole Smith and James Brown?

Where in the world is...

What Al Gore really said last night

Do You Really Expect Him To Announce Via A Question?

Friends and fans of my Taxi reports I need your help

Keeping God out of it - a bias against religion on the left

I have an idea to make sure that people start listening to ACTUAL news

BREAKING: Potential Mistrial In Libby Trial - Juror Brings Media Info Into Deliberations

Pentagon worried it can’t meet a third threat ..... military stretched too thin

Are there any classic books which you just don't understand why they are considered classics?

The Iraq War Resolution - Did it say what you think it does?

40 years later

White House ‘Reprimanded Swiss Ambassador’ For Delivering 2003 Iranian Offer For Negotiations

Budget cuts force military to 'get creative' - PIX!

Gibson: Reporters Who Ignore Anna Nicole Smith To Focus On Iraq War Are ‘Snobs’

Governor Bill Richardson at the AFSCME Presidential Forum (video)

U.S. family immigrant centers like prisons: report

Citizens demand Patty Murray's arrest for war crimes...

Our Economy: the TRUTH in one TOON:

Post storm power outages in Iowa

Want to make $200k as Network Engineer/DBA? One caveat must relocate to Iraq for 1 year

Fox News staffers in Iraq issued gas masks

Latest RW meme. Quote: "Did Al Gore fly on a private jet to the Oscars?"

Newshounds-Worst quote of the week

Wingnuts Boycotting New Dollar Coin Lacks "In God We Trust"


Pres candidate Bill Richardson and four other governors to work together to reduce greenhouse gases

E.J. Dionne/Smearing like it's 2003 (Cheney Attacks on Fitz)

Hit piece alert: GORE target of Drudge's latest canned outrage of the day

Don't miss this...

SEYMOUR HERSH coming up on CNN/Situation Room/7pm est

Al Gore's running mate in 2008?

Olbermann - Special Comment Monday on Condi Rice

Huffington Post: Cheney Travels Far, Far Away While Libby Jury Deliberates

I made a "Bring Them Home" photo essay..please comment on You Tube.

I can never vote for John Edwards.... just look how big his car is!

I like John Edwards but his wife is simply too smart and attractive for my taste

The big question of the hour: Will Gore run for 2008?

Something just happened that creeped me out

Cheney cartoon...Best I've seen yet.

On Thanking God

Official Enjoyment of Freeper Meltdown over Oscars thread

DU Activist Corps: Please DOG WH Press Corps....

NM Impeachment Res. Passes Public Affairs Committee

BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court Awards Al Gore's Oscar to George W. Bush!

OMG, the cons are copying Wikipedia! Now they have Creationist Wiki

Where will Cheney pay another surprise visit?

Anyone here see West Bank Story?

Bob Herbert; Amusing ourselves to death

Poor Jim Zumbo--gets whacked for dissing assault rifles but he's OK with killing big old Bears.

Wounded Soldiers have fallen off the radar...Lest we forget...!GRAPHIC!

Republicans now jumping on the Al Gore/Global Warming bandwagon

One Weekend a Month, MY ASS!

More breaking: Trouble in the Libby case

CNN's Brook Mouthpiece - 'technically it wasn't Gore who won the Oscar'.

An Inconvenient Truth: We need more nuclear power plants, and we need them now.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Praise the Lord!!! Don't tell them, but even Jesus HAD SEX!

David Kelly's death not suicide says MP

Inspiring Picture from Obamamania rally in Austin, Texas

Al Gores supposed weight problem?

A Lesson for Democrats from Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot

Methadone-related deaths on rise: Can be lethal combined with antidepressants -- or grapefruit juice

Senate to Investigate Walter Reed Scandal

Who is the least progressive Democratic candidate for the presidential nomination?

Egad. And my wife wants to have another kid...

Why is DU so completely and absolutely crazy for Al Gore?

Where were you when you found out JFK had been shot?

REPORT: Minority Undervote Rate Plummets After New Mexico Switches to All Paper Ballots...

my FREAK FLAG is flying high for AL GORE (redux)

Coincidence? Pres.Talibani suffers stroke leaves country, VP injured in bomb attack.

Please help me support this planet and Al Gore's work

There's A Reason Guilliani Is Ahead Of McCain....

Please comment/critique my LTTE on Joe Lieberman

Dear Chairman Waxman

Obama's speech on faith and politics is both genuine and brilliant.

US Redemption MANDATES IMPEACHMENT-Impeach, Convict, Imprison-It's Harsh; It Has To Be.


Words of the "Founding Fathers" on Religion and Christianity

"And then, Al Gore is here, America did vote for him, and then ... very complicated."

GM crops and a herd mentality

Rice: "Iranians need a stop button"... I disagree. I think they need an Easy button.

14 people killed and 200 injured at annual kite flying festival

CFL Lovers - adopt a DUer

There may have been good reason Al Gore "lost" in 2000...

Lieberman Switch Wouldn't Flip Senate

Jim Garrison interviewed by Johnny Carson in 1967

What's your opinion of Lou Dobbs?

"Thank you Al Gore" (Via Robert Parry's Consortium News)

UN Court Rules Serbia Did Not Commit Genocide

How my son and I spent our Saturday (with

Reminder: GIULIANI: OUR TROOPS at fault for failure to secure the weapons dump in Iraq

Lieberman says General patraeus what he needs..

This goes out to all the freeper types ....

How good is Iran's Air Force?

Al Gore vs Everyone?

Funny Like A Fox

Clark in dustup at Jeddah Conference; also makes surprising revelation

AL GORE, Gets Hand Counted Paper Ballots and WINS!!

Okay, when did Al-Qauda start franchising....

Running Mates from the Senate

You Want to make a REAL impact on climate change? Here's how....

Farrakhan calls for impeachment of Bush

Nurse Hillary? Clinton to Accept Union Challenge (Update1)

Thanks to Al Gore, Oscar Goes Green!!!

The Victory Caucus: Love the war, not the soldier

The Video is up for Gore Oscar Awards...including his funny announcement moment...

"You can't unring a bell,"

I Told my Friend I was Going to Hear Barack Obama, She said, Who is he?

GOP & Dems: Congress Must Let Troops Go to Iraq Without Training or Equipment

Drudge posts most unflattering vidcap of Gore he could find.

Few want to be leader of R.I. Republicans

Dear President Gore: Please run a nearly no-$$$ campaign--after we draft you!

There are times I want to scream "Did you not know

Now that Hillary has won the nomination.....

Fox News Sponsoring Democratic Debate; Fur Council and PETA Merge

Chris Hedges: Pariah or Prophet? (Ralph Nader)

TPM: Rothenberg: Dems Shouldn't Fear Casting Opposition To Iraq War As Partisan

OpenCongress..."OpenCongress brings together ...

The Running Man

I was watching Nader on Olympia WA on TV the other night

Preventing War with Iran

Bush lecturing to Govs on cspan (list of his good deeds so far)

Bush to Warn Pakistan to Act on Terror

This Modern World: Why should we believe the earth is round ...

Dowd instigated Geffen's hit on Clintons (Mediamatters)

is cheney for real

Afghanistan, Al Qaeda and the "War on Terror"

White House: U.S. Invaded Iraq ‘Under U.N. Authorization’ (Lie much?)

Hillary drops "Rodham": Softening feminist image, or streamlining to one word for campaign?

Chris Floyd: Brothers in Arms Again: Bush Faction Arming Al Qaeda to Thwart Iran

CNN Breaking - One Juror Dismissed in Libby Case

Joe Lieberman's dishonesty: The Iraq tragedy in a nutshell


TomPaine: Dems' 'Me-Too' Iran Talk

NYTimes slams Obama repeatedly on his anti-Iraq War position

Someone Give Geffen a Day Job: Powerful moguls shouldn't toy with nation's electoral process

Disilusioned webmaster of GOPNewsBlog has curled up into a sad little ball to cry. Waaah!

The Bill Richardson Watch, 2/26/2007

"Send us your entry for the most idiotic, dishonest or ... ridiculously wrong quote from ... Cheney"

Warner backs McCain for president

Edwards Insists On Discussing Iraq War

POLL: Americans Strongly Support Murtha’s Iraq Plan (despite WaPo)

Stop Scott “McLobbyist” McInnis from selling out Colorado's Western Slope

David Sirota: Cheney Shows Why Dems' Pulling Purse Strings Is "Strong" On Nat'l Security

Riding Home After The Oscar Telecast Listening To Drudge.....

The American Prospect: Democratic Stars Aligning

First criminal convictions from Ohio's stolen 2004 election confirm recount was rigged

Jim McDermott: Give Department of Peace a Chance

Bush Arming Al Qaeda To Thwart Iran? Can This Be Real?

Is it not a legal principle that for every wrong there is a remedy?

Free Genarlow Raevion Wilson

Kucinich: The $50 million man

Anyone else find this repulsive?

UK to boost Afghan force by 1,400

Army facing severest chaplain shortage in history

AP: Arnie prescribes bipartisan schmoozing for D.C.

GOP announces the elephant is dead

The General and/or Gore are smart for waiting (others are too) before they jump in

Congrats to An Inconvenient Truth

"Gore's entire career has been laden with untruths..."

Hagel, floats running W/ a DEM, Unity '08. Hagel knows DEM field is strong, then Insert Gore....

Dems Invade K Street

Dept. of Peace would be pointless. Here's why...

Lieberman Seeks To Block Iraq Provisions From 9/11 Bill

Join 42,000 people who signed: petition

Strong Kool-Aid: Bush's approval rating among Republicans is 76%

Senator Hagel (R., NE) considers running for President with a Democrat on Unity '08 ticket

Does Maureen Dowd help or hurt the Democratic cause?

Richardson speaks to National Congress of American Indians

Obama gets another endorsement

Cheney on the Loose: Why was a PR Trip Across the World Cloaked in Secrecy?

Clinton/Lincoln ticket, give your thoughts

GOP Presidential candidates not hateful enough for "christians"

"Al Gore can do more as a civilian.."

Zogby: Rudy beats Hillary by 7%, loses to Obama by 6%

Does anyone know why Washington's Farewell Address is being read on the Senate floor?

Why Wasn't The Libby Jury Sequestered?

John Edwards - "I don't know what will happen if we leave Iraq"

Who’s Who of Fascist America?

The Economist endorses AL GORE!

New Elon Poll: Clinton leads Five Southern States

How long would it take to impeach Bush? 6 months, a year? I think this is why some people just

I will not be questioning anything the candidates say from this point on!

Why Would Al Gore Run for President?

WOW. Amy Goodman Interviews General Wes Clark Live & In Person Tomorrow

Larry Johnson: Crickets at the Washington Post

I **really** don't give a shit .......

Edwards: Treaty With Iran Possible; Candidate Talking About Nonaggressive Alternatives