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Archives: February 27, 2007

Beyond Greed and Scarcity

Cliff Schecter: I Was Attacked By The Big Fat Idiot Himself

Immigration debate on tap

Dennis Kucinich: Collision Course With Iran (The Nation)

Bush's Future Iran War Speech

Dems' Me-Too Iran Talk

Scholarship Program Asks Students to Think About Working Family Issues

The Surge (Peter Galbraith, NYRB)

Habeus Corpus

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Sanity of Jimmy Carter (The Nation)

Al Gore's home energy usage

Is it just me or do Libertarians tend to be Global Warming denialists.

Global warming hits world's largest tiger reserve

How much do you contribute to global warming?

Urge Your Representative To Ban Fur From Animals SKINNED ALIVE! Dogs and Cats!

DNA tracks origin of seized ivory (BBC)

Brandeis Caves to Pipes, Donor Pressure

A Review of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe

Islamic Jihad claims responsibility for settler's murder

Half of Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza malnourished

Ashkenazi to annul Halutz' reorganization of IDF

Do the math

Holy shit, look at this

Fixes for accurate vote counts

David Kelly's death not suicide says MP

Magna, unions in talks to help Chrysler

Machinists union sues US Airways in wage dispute (Reuters)

WaPo: Marine Killed in Anbar Province

Majority of Americans Support Setting a Deadline for Troop Withdrawal, Poll Finds (WP)

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez Takes control of oil projects has Active Duty Military asking for Redress

Report: 3 Gulf states agree to IAF overflights en route to Iran

Gen. Pace: Military capability eroding

Bush launches fundraising campaign

U.S. aid to Pakistan of over $10 bln is questioned

Gore's Oscar Success Fuels '08 Speculation

Governors, Bush at odds on health care payments

Prensa Latina: Aznar May Be Tried as War Criminal

Hezbollah fighters build new line of defence

Chavez calls Bush 'King of Liars'

Costa Ricans protest trade with U.S

Padilla abuse claim is al Qaeda tactic: U.S.

Senator (Lieberman) seeks to keep 9/11 bill free of Iraq provisions

Break-in reported at (NH) state Democratic Party office

Neo-Nazis Daub Swastikas on Jewish Nursery

Happy Birthday Rev_Acts!!!

Fuzz's song recommendations for the evening.

What's for dinner tonight?

Who are the peacekeepers... rabbits or chickens?

Favorite commercial?

Great new band: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from Amadeus

Me-thinks that Bobby Brown should stop going to cheerleading competitions.

there's ice cream in the house

Anyone here a dental hygienist?

Who Was The Secretary Of Transportation The Year You Were Born?

i am so hungry...that i cant decide what to eat.

IMPORTANT! Who's cooler: Jesus or Moses?

Oh My! Couple role plays the political way (Short Video)

I am madly in love with Ellen Degeneres

Americans Are Sooo Stooooopid & Greedy!!

Any Damian Rice fans?

bring it on, Oeditpus Rex, bring it on!

Anyone seen the commercial with the bride wearing Depends?

How often should one run/jog?

Pavlov's daughter

Well I finally did it. I suscribed to eHarmony last night...

Best new music you've recently discovered?

Everybody wish me luck. I'm going to try Ben & Jerry's Black & Tan.

Monday Night Earworm!

The blowjob pictures have been verified as authentic.

I'm feeling self-absorbed...

Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies. the greatest snack value in the USA!

Another fractal thingie for wildhorses to freak out to

What is the Flying Spaghetti Monster afterlife called?

It's Briarius' birthday!!

Is your town's Mayor over-rated?

Where's Rev-Acts? It's her birthday and you know what that means!

Heroes was friggin' GREAT tonight!

From now on I'm going to start booing threads with misleading titles or that I disagree with.

Computer printer techie help please

I just drove to Montreal for nuthin'

How would you defend yourself against the charge of douche-baggery?

My boss blows goats. I have proof.


So if you're writing a letter to your boss

Anybody read a GREAT book? Fiction.

What was the last thing you bought?

I got 50 Argentinian Centavos as change in Canada today

Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted over gulf...

I just read the Postal "service" wants to raise the price of stamps...AGAIN!

I didn't even get carded!

its real simple

Who is your favorite theoretical physicist?

Dear DU Loan Application Gurus Help!!

Watching Training Day. Unbelievable movie.

Smelly cat

Trek XI?

Is Southpawkicker with RevActs tonight?

Is John Mayer over-rated?

How about a total self-absorption picture thread?

Time for tomahto....CSI Miami

Anyone own a Nikon D80 digital camera?

Oh my god oh my god oh my god.... HEROES - (Spoiler Warning!)

Anyone Seen JVS

Anybody read a REALLY FUCKIN' GREAT book? Fiction.

Anyone ever heard of Salvia?

Best new joke you've heard?

Best potato chips on the planet?

I'm shopping for a good set of kitchen knives. What are the good brands?

Need help identifying a band

Terry McAuliffe unwelcome at alma mater due to abortion views.

Christians in Iran

I'm Crushed - Rocked To My Very Soul - Jesus Was Married And Had A Kid.....

Believers, why is there a god, and what is the purpose of a god?

Scientific Fundamentalism

The Significance of the Jesus Tomb

National gay marriage opponents switch tactics-- gonna buy them some legislators!

A post from GD that I thought you might like:

Someone help me out here.

"The Final Pieces" - Karen Bishop - February 26, 2007

The other day in Shift magazine I found a concept

I had the oddest dream...

Swift Boating of Al Gore

Set a deadline?

Michael Moore gets squashed at 2004 Oscars

And The Oscar goes to...Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge Sings At The 2007 Oscar's

Highlights of Al Gore at the Oscars

Olbermann's Special Comment on Secretary Rice's comment

British Officials May Take Custody Of Overweight Boy

An Iraqi couple finds love amid the shattered glass

Bush administration's abuse of FISA warrants linked to Sibel Edmonds case

Stephen Colbert makes appearance at New York Comic Book Convention

Organic Watchdog, USDA Headed to Court

Two extremely important things I bring to you:

Nascar fan site

Congressional Web Sites Called 'Disappointing'

Who's your daddy?

The Cost of the Iraq War

There is this pumping station - in a city called Bajil (sp?)

The local police have been on the lookout

Wes Clark on Factor

Don't I have the right to know who my Congressman met with this last week?

Crooks and Liars thinks this might be the article the lady read. Re: Libby Trial

Anyone here join GreenDimes? How well does it work?

Gore on AAR right now!

Pentagon Argues Poetry from Detainees "Presents a Special Risk to National Security"

Ok. Paula Zahn is actually doing a piece on soroties. ZzzzzzZzzzz

Jesus tomb found--this is real. And fascinating...

3157 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Keith doing a "Special Comment" right now! And he rocks!

RE The Oscars: How do you rate the job host Ellen Degeneres did?

Tv ratings for Faux's half hour news hour????


Anyone see Charlie Rose on Friday night?

Okay. I love Al Gore.

"You cannot cherry pick life"

Glenn Beck

Two Letters -- A ...... L

The Drudge story on Gore is a from a right-wing organization. But it points out hypocrisy...

Job seekers wary of revealing ethnicity when applying (online), called cheating, prejudicial, etc

I say we Nominate STEVEN COLBERT to HOST Next Year's Academy Awards

Can someone tell me why the mortar rounds and explosives

Do we know what the lady who was thrown out of the Libby trial read or saw?

KO: Are you Smarter than a fifth Grader?

coming up next on msnbc - Will Al Gore run????

Woweee. Look at what I found.. Archival pics of the Statue Of Liberty before it was put together

Since Condi Decided to Compare the Iraq War with WWII, I thought I'd make my own: Bushitler

Why The Deafening Silence About Gore's House?

Caption the Chimperor

China To Enact Universal healthcare By 2010 (and we thought our system sucked)

Not too be outdone, in an effort to rally his chances, former Vice-President

EXCLUSIVE: CA SoS Responds to Riverside County Hack Challenge Letter!

There is gonna be a lot of crap about all who are running in 08 We need to NOT

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez Takes control of oil projects

Living life unseen - my friend Bart, and how he got me to thinking

Ben Barnes(TX), Bruce Willis, Tom Lasorda in Madam's Trick Book

Proposed Satellite Radio Merger Could Set Off Sparks at Hearing

The Long Road Home: A Story of War and Family (Casey Sheehan's Death)

UN Report: One-Third of Iraqis Now Live in Poverty, 5% in Extreme Poverty


The Significance of the Jesus Tomb

at least 5 or more generals and admerals will quit if we attack Iran

MSNBC's Olbermann to Slice 'n Dice Condi Rice

If your Al Gore - who do you endorse for 2008?

Scaryborough talking about Gore now

Say Al Gore doesn't run. Would you vote for a Democratic candidate who...

Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted over gulf...

(TOON) The Liberal Democrats present the Political Oscars

Universal Healthcare Single Payer Rally in Sacto Tues-Feb 27-12:00 noon/SB 840

I'm Crushed - Rocked To My Very Soul - Jesus Was Married And Had A Kid.....

Seeks to teach the biblical truth that the sun revolves around a stationary Earth

How on earth can DNA prove the bones belonged to Jesus!

Could an Independant Win Doing This?

The look of a man who is having a credibility problem....

Did you know that the Carlyle Group FIRED Shrub?

Killer Jaguar Named After Bush - Had Brother called Osama

Iraq's Oil

NEW Daily Show Starting! What are they going to talk about!?!?

Anyone know a good way to reach Gore Vidal?

I put this up in a hurry for our San Francisco impeachment group

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Jerry Falwell attacks Global Warming, but claims that he is "not a Scientist"

My take on the Geico commercials

White House Disaster Drill Supposes 10-City IED Strike

DICK's Been On The Road - What Is He Up To? ---many pix--->>>

Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Exposed (Double Super Secret Background)

NYT: Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Crops and Keepers in Peril

Republican or NOT republican?

Re: Neal Boortz and Steve Jobs and Education...

U.S. Funds Being Secretly Funneled To Violent Al Qaeda-Linked Groups

High speed cop chases - Scarborough discussing. What do you guys think?

I love this woman Sen Patty Murry Vets Committee

ICC to name first Darfur suspects on Tuesday /Remember Sudan?

Troops' needs not met, psychological group says

U.S. food safety inspections languishing. Food & Drug Administration just like FEMA. Gutted.

Obama and Clinton to speak at Civil Rights Commemoration this Sunday

Is that a sandwich in your pocket? ------------>>>

OBITUARIES Evelyn Munro, 92; union activist (fought for sharecroppers' rights)

Al Gore Caught Warming Globe To Increase Box Office Profits

Lame Colorado Snowstorm email - part deux...

Republican congressman: We used to be allies with Osama bin Laden. Now he's our enemy.

During commercial on 24: NYC on high alert from Iran threat... Anyone see this?

PIckles has her fingers crossed on Larry King

Neal Boortz: Teachers more dangerous than the Al Qaeda.

Would a DU Discussion Forum on Volunteering be Worthwhile?

Police: Break-in reported at New Hampshire state Democratic Party office

A trooper was probably shocked with the answers received from a DUI suspect along U.S. 19

Duncan Hunter's campaign ads may violate campaign laws

Democrats to concentrate on 9/11 commission bill, will get to Iraq later.

Gore's Other Global Warning: Iraq War

Great News here if you ever "lost" important, "saved to Hard Drive" AOL e-mails over the years!!!

Eric Boehlert: The Washington Post's crush on right-wing bloggers

I am so sick of liberal radio callers talking about 2008 candidates

Impeach at the beach photo gallery from my friend Roger

What's it going to take for Bush and his Buddies to get impeached?!

Making the Return Trip: Elderly Head Back North

Al Gore lives on my street

The Big Dick in his Biker days

Laura Bush: Iraq is mostly stable, it's just that "one bombing a day that discourages everyone"

NEWSWEEK: "It's Called Heart" Interview with Dennis Kucinich has Active Duty Military asking for Redress

The Swift Boating of Al Gore

Gore Responds To Drudge’s Latest Hysterics

So, what's up with that Libby juror? What on Earth could she have

Library waiting list for "An Inconvenient Truth"

Dave Lindorff: Bush is Funding al-Qaeda, Making Him an Unlawful Combatant

Venezuela Seizes Foreign Oil Projects

Naturally its growning stonger. 80% of Europes Natural Gas is flowing through there.

Suspension of Russia's (G-8) membership is already being talked about as punishment

Bush's Future Iran War Speech

Impeachment: Breaking the Dam in Olympia, Washington

Obama Live Speech in Cleveland

Pakistan lobbies against sanctions as the Senate takes up 9/11 bill

Would a WORLD WIDE STRIKE againt Corporatists Help Us?

Wal-Mart Officials Visit India Amid Protests

What IF we Elect Hillary...thinking we Can Go Back to Clinton Heady Days of Dot Com Wonder?

They have called for the arrest of Sen. Patty Murray for war crimes.

Tweety interviewing Richardson

Clark explains why cutting troop funding is not the best option.

This Can't Be Good: Taliban offensive awaits British troops

US labor sees Bush trade talks with Congress failing (Reuters)

Two letters -- A ...... L

Missouri Bills Aim to Silence Workers and Their Unions

Here's one for you... Watching Joe Scarbourgh... The High Speed...

A Day in The Life of a Congressman

If Hillary takes a Stand On Iraq, Corporate Corruption and Media Consolidation then Independents

President Bill Clinton's Final Days

Sen. Clinton or Hillary?

duncan hunter (pig) Breaks Campaign Laws

Why a "Department of Peace" is necessary....

Al Gore: "I do not have plans to become a candidate for office again"

KO special comment could have been more concise

Why ruin Al's gig?

Oh my God KO is ripping the crap outta Secretary Rice on his show... lol

I gotta tell ya something, Joe Scarborough pisses me off big time...

Rep. Major R. Owens: The Next Move for Mean Maxine (Waters)

If Kucinich were an independent he'd be a shoo in...

Albert Gore III: Dad's Doing Well, Not Running in 2008

Clark: "I'm working the policies, not the politics"

Are you sick of Lou Dobbs phony "polls"?

Democrats back away from Iraq plan

Edwards: "In my case there was a lot of seasoning that's been going on"

Source: Bill Hosting Elite Fundraising Dinners For Clinton Campaign -- Sans Hillary

If Hillary was named Hillary Brown, or Hillary Smith...

Shut your mouths

Operation FALCON and the Looming Police State

Exit Strategy - David Podvin

Aunt's Whipping of Boy in Class Investigated (2nd gr. bare butt)

Dare I say that the Patriot Act should be used on President Bush?

DeWayne Wickham: When It Comes to Gay Rights, is Cuba Inching Ahead of USA?

Why Would Al Gore Run For President? Kathleen Reardon

Newsweek / Baghdad Diary: It Only Gets Worse (1st of new series)

America's March Madness (Mickey Z.)

The Nation: Where Are the Young Voices?

Howard Friel: Bird Flu, Martial Law, and the 2008 Elections (CommonDreams)

CommonDreams: Bush Executive Order Will Make It Harder to Protect the Public

Wounded newsman sheds light on Iraq veteran care (Bob Woodruff)

Greenspan Says Recession Is a Possibility By End of Year

Cheney Is Recklessly "Bob"-ing Iraq and Iran

Iraq Replaces Vietnam as Metaphor for Tragedy

Doomsday Dick and the Plague of Frogs

The Omnipresent Vice President By Dan Froomkin WaPo

Steve Young: Ready or Not, Here We Come

TomPaine: The Justice Department Massacre



Our Ravingly Mad Big Dick

Tomgram: Michael Klare's Talking Points for the Next War

If You Build It

Apocalypse Now by Paul Slansky

Yahoo: Congress' ethics for sale

Executive disorder: Courts and Legislature rightly question Perry's attempt to play decider

Supreme Court Strips Al Gore of Oscar; Declares George W. Bush Winner

Dean Baker: Small Government and the Medicare Drug Benefit (Truthout)


Vanity Fair's Craig Unger: From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq

" Dick Cheney has led America down the road to hell in Iraq"

Cheney visit an attempt to pressure Pakistan, analysts say U.S. has little leverage over Musharraf

Salvadoran torture survivor finds closure in American court

"Ivory Wars. Last Stand in Zakouma" A great piece from National Geographic:

What's the latest thinking on carbon sequestration?

Excellent geothermal opportunity opens up in Italy.

Warming may kill off Brazil species, studies find - Reuters

Sign Al Gore's postcards to congress.

Do you buy carbon offsets?

Italy launches emergency plan as volcano erupts (Stromboli) - Reuters and Honda join forces to raise environmental awareness...

"Scientists Wary of Lake Superior Warming"

"Researchers Take Poles' Temperature"

Florida State Univ. pushes ahead in solar powered house

Russia Moves in Support of Syria, Iran, Hamas-Led PA

Japan to host 4-way summit

Israeli forces withdraw from Nablus

Survey: 70 percent of Palestinians support one-state solution

Irish bishops: Israel has turned Gaza Strip into a 'large prison'

Want to see a REALLY insane piece of crap? Check this out

Do you believe Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld lied/planned to get us into a war with Iraq?

WTC Owner Larry Silverstein gave order to "pull" Building 7

Quote on Frontline by John Brennan

Another source of the WTC 7 predictions: New York Magazine

Looks like I was wrong about the BBC / WTC 7 video

Neocon Imperialism, 9/11, and the Attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq

Did US military attempt to arrest Cheney?

BBC News responds to video showing their early report of WTC-7's collapse.

Email address for the BBC in case you want to drop them an email about any stories.

CNN reports "WTC 7 to collapse" over an hour before it collapsed.

BBC: We aren't part of any 9/11 conspiracy

BBC responds

I don't quite understand... BBC reports WTC #7 Down 20 min prior?

Minority Undervote Rate Plummets...Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tues 2/27/07

Holt's NEWEST Bill !! Why haven't we heard ????????

BradBlog: Minority Undervote Rate Plummets After New Mexico Switches to All Paper Ballots...

Instant Runoff Voting V. Range Voting

NYT: Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Crops and Keepers in Peril

US, Italian ambassadors in Sri Lanka wounded in rebel attack

Costa Ricans protest trade with U.S.

WP,pg1: Clintons' Charity Not Listed On Senate Disclosure Forms

California Stem Cell Research Is Upheld by Appeals Court

U.S., Iraqi forces stage Baghdad raids (Shiite areas)

Cheney in Kabul for talks with Karzai (1 US Soldier killed in Bagram attack)

Colombia asks Spain to deport fugitive lawmaker

Reuters: Iran, Syria and U.S. to attend Baghdad talks-Iraq

Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth'? -- A $30,000 Utility bill (ABC Jake Tapper)

Cheney unhurt in blast outside Afghan base

AP: Democrats Split Over Iraq Plan Details

Senate to debate homeland security bills (? another filibuster?)

N.J. lawmaker won't let Bush cut health care

Ramadi bombing kills 18, mostly children

New York targeted by Iran?

Majority in U.S. want troop deadline in Iraq: poll

MSNBC TV Stern appeals for Nicole's body

Majority in U.S. want troop deadline in Iraq: poll

CNN: Accounts differ on Iraq soccer field blast ( 4 US troops killed 24 hr)

(Gov. M. Jodi) Rell Red-Flags Guard Needs

Sectarian executions drop in Baghdad

Cheney takes refuge in bomb shelter after Afghan blast

AP: (U.S.) Judge Refuses to Block Iraqi Execution (of former VP)

US military says controlled blast wounds 30 in Iraq(Ramadi soccer blast)

Inside the Ivory Tower - scholars overwhelmingly say the war is misguided.

Amtrak struggles with late trains (AP, via Yahoo)

High court to rule on (Washington) state primary

Another Baptist minister arrested, charged with child sex exploitation

Bush, Saca Discuss Immigration Reforms

Use of Mercenaries Worries UN

Rudy flyer bungles 9/11 death toll

Ga. Imam sentenced for aiding Hamas

4 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

Wall Street falls sharply after slide in China

Russia Betters Air Defense, Eyes Space

CanWest Buys out the New Republic

AP: No Indictment in '55 Emmett Till Slaying

Former astronaut considers launching campaign against Sununu

Judge: U.S. can deny funds to AIDS group

GOP senator:(Susan Collins) Bush may veto antiterror bill if it lets airport screeners unionize

US military chief (Gen. Pace) "categorically" denies plans for Iran air strikes

Anti-Bush Protests in Uruguay

Chrysler will offer union workers up to $100K to leave

Some (NBA) Sonics owners back group against gay marriage

White powder scare follows MU standoff (University of Missouri)

Asian paper's 'I Hate Blacks' column assailed

Democrats back away from Iraq plan

DNA tests ordered in Atlanta child murder cases

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 27

Reuters: Group says U.S. restaurants promote "extreme eating"

Breaking MSNBC: Blast outside Afghan base; Cheney unhurt

WP: Women's Health Office Funds Cut: Stood up for scientific research

Canada Parliament set to kill anti-terror measures

Iran ready to strike US 'anywhere' if attacked - diplomat

(California) Academic pep talks are color coded (by race)

Iraqi TV: Soccer field blast kills 18 children

Poll: African-American Voters Shift Support to Obama

Dow industrials plunge more than 500

Miami-Dade Democrats pick new chairman (former exec director of the terror linked CANF)

2 Army units will forgo desert training ( No time, being rushed due to * surge)

Rudy Giuliani: I Turned GOP Over Taxes

Discovery of ammunition leads to Oxford High lockdown (MA)

Venezuela Happy about Bush Snub

US: Secret CIA Prisoners Still Missing

WP: U.S. Agrees to Meeting with Iran and Syria

Swiftness of Dow drop due to computers - AP

Reuters: China rejects U.S. criticism of military build-up

(James) Carville Predicts Gore '08 Run

USA TODAY: Some call for sequel, but Gore stays coy

Iran may need until 2015 to build nukes, U.S. intelligence chief says

Gore and Gingrich seem positioned for draft into '08 race

Spy Chief (McConnell) Warns Situation In Iraq Going The Wrong Way

Serbs tell America - Hands off Kosovo (Protests outside of US embassy in Belgrade)

Oooh, Keith Olbermann is giving a special comment

Is anyone else having problems with the threads display on the forums? n/t

Where can I get pictures of that odd looking fellow "Bobby Trendy"?

Sarah Silverman is wack.

Keith Olbermann just said today was the anniversary of Bill Hicks death

Not Quite the News

I just filled in a BIG gap in my late-nite edjumucation

Well, today I had to cut the yard, the weeds are everywhere.

Is Oscar Mayer over-rated?

Are Any of You on Second Life??

Will anyone here be getting a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD player this year?

Who wants to dance with me?

I want a Lounge nemesis

Anyone ever heard of Saliva?

Has anyone seen Temporary Sockpuppet lately?

Who here believes in Kamala?

Hi kids, long time no post.

Impoliteness thread, redux.

Anyone ever try khat?

I finally get to see the Sun regularly!

Have you all watched this? Think your commute is bad?

Is there still a Postmaster General?

I want a Lounge emetic

Clicked on the On Line Dating Thread and a sex site popped up.

We have a *WINNER* in the Oscar best dressed competition

big wad of money nothing Less than a twenty

Go-Go Bar Customer Severs Finger In Bar Stool Incident

"The Office" (USA)fans check this out

custody battle over a pizza pan with the image of Mary..........

Feeling Really Bad About the World's Animals Today.

Ear worm....If you don't have no money take your broke ass home!

PBS airs my movie tonight.

I want a Lounge enemas

Happy birthday, Chelsea Clinton!

"Helen Miren will be coming home with me!"

Somebody has way too much time on their hands.

I've already been up for 5 hours today

Is shopping at RiteAid a dismal experience for you too?

Hey-- I won another fake contest!! (woohoo)

Woman Ordered To Remove 'Messages From God' She Painted On Her House

I figure most of you have experienced giving a cashier a $20 bill

I figure most of you have experienced giving a hooker a $20 bill

I figure most of you have experienced giving matcom's sister quarters behind the hay stack

Anyone read a REALLY GREAT FUCKIN' book? Fiction.

Someone come up with a pun for someone who comes up with too many puns

Stunning bloodline revelations!

How many people have had a hard time getting through Fiasco?


"Cheney's blood-sucking arachnids"

Do you ever post when you are multi-tasking...


Have you seen these upscale fast food joints?

Oh boy - here's something new for our entertainment: Conservapedia

The resemblances are frightening ...

apparently Carrie Underwood was at my house on Saturday

What was the risque book everyone was reading when you were in high school?

I'm on a Dieter from "Sprockets" kick. Please amuse me by making up a Dieter line.

The Royal Guardsman!!

Best album named after an environmental protection measure

Grammar help, please? (Democrat vs. Democratic)

CONFESS!!! Which one of you gave me the fricking plague

A pox on you!!

Someone please help me find a thread!!!! I posted about adopting

How do I find a Democratic Accountant/CPA?

WOW ... my dad's book can be found in the Library of Congress

Any Visio experts out there? How do I set the default for page size?

Are you better at arguing now than you were in 2000?

How's your web browsing speed today?

Is Mayor Oscar over-rated?

So how many 'king crim son fans do we have at DU?

It;s my job, and I'm sucking it up, but DAMN!

When did country music go from the music of oppressed and poor people to flag-waving republican

Did Kate Bosworth ruin "Superman Returns" for anyone else?

Happy birthday bigwillq & blueraven95!!

Why do people so adamantly deny................

Barry Bonds freakish size change...yeah he didn't take steroids...

How many Harvard Crimson fans do we have at DU?

Happy Birthday bigwillg

Teenager Dumped Ice Water On 90 Year Old Woman (3 Times) - Told Police Is Was 'Funny'

I have to leave and go to work

another windows vista question....when my screen saver is on....

video of pat robertson leg-pressing 1000 lbs

I thought a prerequisite for getting into college was knowing your alphabet...

I'm feeling patriotically perverse, so

DU'ers which Ring do you like more?

'Ego Clashes' Postpone Van Halen Reunion Tour

I'm a narcissistic solipsist, so I love you all!


I am NOT NOT NOT ready for this

dudes, i love Jim Anchower

So how many Crim son fans do we have at DU?

Ruben Studdard seems like such a nice guy,

I need to be more disciplined......

cold medicines?

Dude, I slept for 20 hours.

Anyone seen a movie called "The Enemy Within" with Forrest Whitaker?

I am going to see BITCH tonight...Ask me anything!!

How many of you are going to Houston to see the 'Pizza Pan Virgin Mary'?

Stick a fork in it.. Commander Dip-Shit is now monitoring the Markets.

I need to be more disciplined.

'Carl, we're all a little mystified by your claim that your new film stars Anna Nicole Smith'

THE ONE YEAR I didn't get my kids the flu vaccine... my son has Influenza A.

Have you ever absconded?

Buying new cell phone, probably on e-bay. What flip-phone

Last night I was so close to clocking out and quitting my job ...

Is this true about Eddie Murphy? He actually stormed out of the Oscars?

"midevil tech support:" I thought that this was a very funny video...

If you lived with someone before marriage, which was better, marriage or living together?

Hollywood Madam's 'Trick Book' Made Public - Bruce Willis, Tommy Lasorda Used Hookers (They Deny)

For the dog lovers on DU

You want to see something VERY campy???

Is Oscar Mayer over-rated?

Are you a more gracious loser or winner?

Mom & Daughter arrested in death of 4 mo old-were rushing to hospital, child not buckled in, crashed

I need to be more disciplined about going to bed, getting up on time

My Submission is that half of you people are perverts.

Gee whiz, Billy Thorpe died :-(

Did anyone watch "Wife Swap" on ABC last night

MySpacers: Ever get friend requests from people you don't know?

Who here has personalized license plates?

Brilliant Du'ers: Can i have some help on my assignment

Officials threaten to take 218-pound eight year old boy away from mother

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/27/2007)

Someone just sent me this video. There is a grey hound race track

Fill in the blank: No one can guilt trip me like my__________can guilt trip me.

Happy Birthday, Heidi!

After almost 3 years, I've finally figured out how to post pics! My babies----

I am *REALLY* going to get flamed for this...

Is it just me, or is title insurance on your home way overpriced?

Who will be the next rabbit president?

Study: Vanity on the rise among college students

Matthew McConaughey .......... HOTNESS!

Why did the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor?

Why do people so adamantly deny global warming?

Lounge Mojo seems to be working

Know any good online resources to learn Photoshop?

A show of hands please. Who here does NOT want Anna Nicole's body?

Why don't cats ever, EVER, toss a hairball on linoleum?

I just got an unexpected bonus from my old job...

Madonna looked Gorgeous. I call out all ya' haters on this one.

Is the US prepared if the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor?

LAT: Dickens, Trollope -- and Anna Nicole?

MSNBC TV Stern appeals for Nicole's body

Would YOU do it?

So how many King Crimson fans do we have at DU?

My daughter's funny morning.

A thread for those who don't want to IGNORE or HIDE Anna Smith threads...

So how many Dim Son fans do we have at DU? headline: "Rice softens..."

Dupe ..

Graveyard Crimes: Boston Archdiocese covered-up allegations of grave robbing and desecration

When did man fall?

Be a god!

Religiosity in the US on the decline

What on earth can possibly prove that Cameron's crypt was Jesus of Nazareth's?

Which best describes your views?

Unicorns and Judeo-Christians

The False Equation

Is it too much to ask Religion to put on its "Science Hat" occasionally?

We should take up a collection for rent boys at the next big "pro

Loving Rhody Bishop Spits

An awesome NCAA Basketball tourney is in the works

A link we can all use

Per GD:P, the Swifties are back . . . . one reunion I could do without. . .

"....we never know when the next 9-11 or Katrina will come."

"Iran, Syria invited to Iraq ‘neighbors meeting’" !!!!

I know this is coming from Andrew Sullivan,

More on Swiftie promotions

DailyKos diary to rec and comment

Anyone see this?

SFRC hearing on NOW

SBA disaster loans frustrating hurricane victims

Pentagon Worried - Troops too thin-CNN

Acting Presidential; Giuliani Teases Parkinson's Patient

Lil' Bush "Evolution" Episode

Olberman profiled on CBS

Are DU'ers biased against Christians and Jews?

Holy shit, look at this

If Bush is Funding Al-Quadia, this is the logical next step.

Hartmann replay now: "Middle class is not created with unbridled capitalism"

I just knew that it would be the Valentine's Day lady

I don't quite understand... BBC reports WTC #7 Down 20 min prior?

My weekly pester to the US Congress

I'm gonna go out on a limb here. I do see the resemblance.

Is there anyone out there willing to bankroll a serious Draft Gore Movement?

A Day In The Life Of North Korea

Best Liberal/satirical blog EVER

3,157 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

Do you believe Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld lied/planned to get us into a war with Iraq?

When can we talk about 9/11 in the light?

Ron Kovic: on Randi today speaking about veterans--back in 1974, this

"Shut up and Sing": Dixie Chicks accused of treason -- Bernie Ward

Should new BBC 9/11 video be openly discussed on GD?

No more nicotine patches for Alberta inmates: they're smoking them!

click click..It's Mutiny, click click. I'll keelHaul whoever ate the IceCream .click c...

Seeing is believing.

Al Gore’s Personal Energy Use Is His Own “Inconvenient Truth”

Is there any punishment you can think of

From Tactical to Practical

GE Announces Advancement in Incandescent Technology (comparable to CFL)

I couldn't get the C-Span Stream.....

OJT now Army policy for IRAQ

May be a good night on Larry King :)

Where's the outrage (Re: Cheney)

Cheney headed back to Oman.....

The Unknown Unknowns ....

vote up Yahoo article- 2 Army units will forgo desert training

Happy 200th Birthday Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A couple of Cheney pics....

Is the US prepared if the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor?

Dream headline on CNN

Ted Kaczynski would have been a better representative on Climate change than Al Gore.

SCHOOL 1976 vs 2006 - this is what America has become...

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Dismissed juror was only juror to not wear a red T-shirt on Valentine's Day

Crawler on NWCN: "Study finds increasing narcissism and self-centeredness...

(TOON) Steve Bell on British involvement in Afghanistan

Do you really need an AK-47 to hunt Prairie Dogs?

Email address for the BBC in case you want to drop them an email about any stories.

PDA: A Historic Moment for Healthcare?

Gen. Pace had a Q & A yesterday with the troops..think there'll be a transcript?

If I were Dick Cheney I'd be getting very very nervous.

Excellent NYT LTTE re: recruiting standards

She understands “how the American people feel”

Happy Birthday, Chelsea Clinton

Pipe bombers letters also contained references to heaven, hell and the number 666

When Bad Things Happen to Bad Policies

White House conducts nationwide security drill; Bush goes for bike ride

(FIORE) Recap

anyone here at DU stuck with rip-off 28+% revolving CC debt??

Correct me if I'm wrong 91,000 of deployed are reservist/nat.guard

3 French travelers slain in Saudi desert

Wes Clark on Steph Miller

While We Were All Yelling At Each Other, Iraq's Cabinet Passed an Oil Law

Normally, I don't care about the color of one's skin....

how do you get info on a doctor? (medical history, complaints, etc.)

Targeting Cheney is win-win propaganda for both sides, Cheney's and the Taliban's

AP: CIA Leak Jury Enters 5th Day of Debate

MSNBC reporting that Cheney targeted in attack at Baqram base in Afghanistan.


CSPAN1 Sen Armed Services Cmte--Anyone watching?

This is an excellent,well-resourced article on PTSD and Vets

School named after Obama

Dupe post nothing to see here sorry

Stunning bloodline revelations!

Support the troops

Cheney traveled in the belly of "The Spirit of Strom Thurmond.''

That's a problem I'm having...

Seymour Hersh will be on C-Span tomorrow morning

Iran, Syria and US to attend Baghdad talks: Iraq (The gangs all here)

Pro impeachment DUers: YouTube won't let you view war images

Didja hear that Anna Nicole is still dead? and now, for something completely

Winter 'second warmest on record'

With everyone so jumpy they get scared when someone farts too loud haven't the terra-ists won?

Olbermann commentary takes Condi to history school

A Missing Boy More Important Than The Assasination Attempt On VP?

Today's must see TV. Chalmers Johnson on Democracy Now!

How is an assassination attempt a mile away be spun into a good sign?

is anyone watching the armed services committee hearing on CSPAN?

Controversial comments by Ring Wing commentators are just a gimmick to stay relavant

Gore's Oscar Has Moved Up Repub Swiftboat Season..... LINK

HATFILL settles $10M libel suit against Vanity Fair & Reader's Digest

PLEASE STOP making such a big deal about Cheney's assassination attempt!

Not to minimize the assassanation attempt on Cheney

Amazing , media spinning webs .

I, for one, am glad that Cheney is OK after assasination attempt

Tools of the Right - Anecdotal Evidence

Am I the only one calling shenanigans on Cheney's "assassination attempt?"

The first article on my arrest for taking photos of Miami cops

Dumbass can't say "deputy" it's "deppadee" to him.

Assassination attempt on Cheney; WH decided not to wake up Bush

Whatever happened to the Iran oil bourse which was supposed

Hmmmm.....just thinking out loud....

armed service committee hearing thread 2

WP: Cheney takes refuge in bomb shelter after Afghan blast (1 US troop killed)

Don't Micromanage the War? Are you kidding me?

Richard Perle- the Newsmax interview.

2008: Romney's Strategy Memo

What If We Leave?

Official # 3 Thread: Senate Armed Serv.Comm (Levin, Chair)

MSNBC Breaking: Blast outside US base in Afghanistan; Cheney Unhurt

Seymour Hersh "The Redirection" - a question about Palestine . . .

Second attempt on a US Leader

POLL: Americans Strongly Support Murtha’s Iraq Plan

200,000+ iraq vets seeking care from VA

New York targeted by Iran?

TomPaine: Profit for Some or Care for All

Dems grasp for Iraq strategy while public stews

oops, wrong forum

Statement from Speaker Pelosi on equipment and training of troops

The Long Road Home: A Story of War and Family (Casey Sheehan covered)

Post your predictions. What will the USA and world be like in 2020?

Mrs. Sherrod Brown taking flack, because she doesn't admire Condi.

Governors Told Not To Ask Questions About Iraq

We have lost both wars - Afghanistan and Iraq

Asian paper's 'I Hate Blacks' column assailed

"Half of you got this question wrong,which is probably why we find our country where it is"

Why wasn't the Libby trial televised?

see - we are thought of as 'things' - Pakistan

What? Ramadi was a "controlled bombing by US military"?

China may seed clouds hoping for rain

U.S. disputes report that 18 kids killed in blast

So did the U.S. cause that big blast in Ramadi this morning?

Bill Gross (manager of the world's largest bond fund) gets in more digs at Bush

I know Cheney's fat, but how do they call "1 mile away" an assassination attempt?

Bloodbath on Wallstreet........Not good, this time China LEADS world markets down

Study finds alarming rise in narcissism in "Generation Me"

Lieberman equates impeachment with civil war.

ON CNN now Bomb explodes on a soccer field in Remadi killing 18 children

Commissioner Wants To Fire City Manager Seeking Sex Change

Mom & Daughter arrested in death of 4 mo old-were rushing to hospital, child not buckled in, crashed

so-conclusions I have made after watching the senate armed service committee hearings

Remember Edwards' house charade was also started by Drudge

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tues. 2/27 --- Swept Away

On A Lighter Note!

Disney doesn't want poor people near Disneyland

U.S. Army Invites Sutherland to Give Anti-Torture Speech

Topps 2007 new 'Where's Waldo' Derek Jeter baseball card has Bush and others featured

YearlyKos Convention to Host Dem Presidential Candidate Debate

Should Cheney have canceled Kabul trip after being delayed?

OK,Senator Sessions-tell me how we are making progress in Al Anbar

Robert Bazell: In Iraq, a head wound isn't always a trip home

Markets open down in a big way...there's a bear chewing on my leg

Military Counseling Network: Since Bush's "surge" speech - swamped with calls re: leaving service

Hail Bush letter in local paper- real or satire?

Jim Hansen Speaks On The Climate Crisis

A test at voter registration time?

i would recommend making screen shots of the ramadi bombing incident-it's going away quickly

every time I read the papers, that old feeling comes on; We're -- waist deep in the Big Muddy

I think that guilty or not guilty, the Libby verdict will just fizzle

The Brits had the supreme privilege this morning of hearing Rush Limbaugh interviewed!

E-mail from Carl Levin about new resolution

BBC: We aren't part of any 9/11 conspiracy

DJIA is down 263.09 so far. n/t

US intelligence chief warns on Iran, Russia, Venezuela (AFP)

Fitzgerald drove from Chicago to DC on Sunday

Senate Appropriations Committee hearing starting (3 PM)

Dick Morris actually wrote an honest article! 1st in YEARS!!!!


Pickles - Iraq's fine, just the one bombing a day that discourages everyone

London Times: "U.S. generals 'will quit' if Bush orders Iran attack"

Great News: WSDP: Feds Cancel Divine Strake Explosion

So when the market crashes, do we use all our stock and paper

Most Misleading GOP Characterization

3161 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

"Theater in Iran Near Term" (TIRANNT)

Durable Goods Drop 7.8 percent in January, 60% drop in demand for Commercial Airliners

Gross me out. Condi Rice is slithering on C-span2

Can people stop worrying about the Dow?

Could Alan Greenspan keep his mouth shut?

Sheriffs deputy and a private citizen break into a house

"At least Bush has kepped the economy strong!!!1111"

Medicare, Baby Boomers and Health Insurance

So much for the RW meme: "*They* don't want to learn English."

Something I just noticed in the 200 lb kid video...Mom is smoking.

Senate Appropriations Committee holds hearing on proposed fiscal year 2007 C-SPAN3 Gates & Rice

4 troops killed in Iraq PLUS one in Afghan Protecting our VP.

Santorum and Lieberman America's Crusaders

Dow Jones in free fall; down 469.86 (-3.72%)

The ony thing I liked about the awards .

Tuesday TOONs

Randi ranting about Pickles

Dick don't know Dick about combat!

CNN: Stock market down due to "concerns" about Cheney

Speaking of houses, compare the satellite/aerial views on 2 maps-Incredible!!!

Fun letter from Eric Alterman's Altercation about preemptive strikes!

Snow: Bush still hasn't talked to Cheney, will talk when Cheney comes back to DC

Falwell: Those drawing attention to global warming want to economically destroy America

Could China's collapse have to do with new regulations??

Fox News: Anna Nicole - as important as Iraq (what? Not more important????)

THE ONE YEAR I didn't get my kids the flu vaccine... my son has Influenza A.

Jesus Christ! The Dow is dropping a point every 2 or 3 seconds!

What is ethical investment?

Pace to Senate Appropriations Com. just now: Weakness of Iraqi government

Holy shit: 100 years ago "Panic of 1907"

Server went down at the NYSE. May have caused the massive point drop...

So, is Colbert writing the new conservapedia? It is hilarious.

Newsweek: Traumatic Brain Injuries the "Signature" wound of the Iraq war

Politicians have no shame

Reminder: Woodruff's Documentary, 'To Iraq and Back' Tonight @ 10 p.m. ET

DOJ, DoD build ties to train better bomb squads for Iraq

How do Bushbots/Freepers, etc., believe Americans should support

Overweight boy can stay with mother (he has lost weight)

Buying new cell phone, probably on e-bay. What flip-phone

Gallup: 42% uncomfortable voting for a 72 year old for president (McCain)...

New Zealand stock market falling rapidly

Leahy questioning Condi cspan 3 now Link below:

Rush Limbaugh honored twice in Washington D.C.

Gross me out. Condi Rice is slithering on C-span2

Karl Rove in San Marcus.

Bush to veto 9-11 bill to deny airport screeners collective bargaining & whistleblower protections

Fox Noise poll

Snowpuke on C-span1 now... if you feel like watching BS

Condi: "No 'widespread abuse of spending' in Iraq...(Approp Cmte)

Tony Snow on cspan now. Press conf: link here

David Podvin: Exit Strategy

Sy Hersh on "Fresh Air" amazing.. * given license to preempt ANY country

The INJURED:---Gates, Condi getting an earful (comm. hearing now on

Deal May Hurt Organic Cotton


"Global warming debate over, time to act now: report" No More Coal-Burning Plants!

Bombing in Ramadi has already fallen off the radar.No mention on CNN

Blair calls for 'tough action' against Iran

A Thank You DU! Post.

BBC News responds to video showing their early report of WTC-7's collapse.

Anything going on in Crawford and Camp Casey these days? nt

Dupe. Damn, talk about synchronicity. NT

Did US military attempt to arrest Cheney?

WH is basically following the Baker Hamilton Report--so says Condi. Listen

I watched Born on the fourth of July again last night

Ed Schultz pissed me off....the war is illegal!!!! The email I sent him

Speed of Wall Street sell-off due to a technical glitch according to CNN now

FEINGOLD: "I Will NOT Vote For Anything That President Could Read As Authorization To Continue War"

I wish Russ Feingold was the Senate Majority Leader!

Not Pretty Enough?

WP, Froomkin: What IS mainstream? As D.C. elite hesitate, people WANT OUT of Iraq!

Cold Cases Civil Rights Era

Iraqi children slaughtered

Seymour Hersh coming up on Tweety nt

Army Surgeon General Knew about scandal at Walter Reed

SCOTUS to hear Faith Based gov't $$ support on Wed! How long

How does Rummey say he can set himself apart from Bush?: Intelligence.

Call MSNBC Now!

ANOTHER VICTIM OF BUSH'S PRIORITIES: Wildlife Refuges Lack Means to Survive

Pelosi accused of attacking evangelicals with HBO film (Alexandra)

Need another LTTE critique - this in response to the Pelosi plane "controversy"

Governors Told Not To Ask Questions About Iraq Troop Withdrawal

Please Watch Olberman's Ripping to Shreds Condi Rice

PHOTO: You know, Pizza Pan Virgin Mary really DOES resemble her!

"Conflicting reports over Iraq blast"

Regnery Publishing's 'politically incorrect guides' accused of being factually incorrect

Stromboli threatening to erupt.

I heard the fire trucks.. I saw the smoke

MSNBC: Military personnel with brain injuries pressured to return quickly to duty

What an asshole!

My money says Hillary and Obama are out and Rudy gets the GOP nod. Who do we run?

***BREAKING: The jury sent a note to Judge Walton at the end of the day today.

Brilliant Cheney photo.

HOLY F*CK! DOW just dropped ANOTHER 200 pts! -487 now!

Trivia question: Where was "Mission Accomplished" located at?

Group says restaurants promote "extreme eating"

Bob Fertik: "Dems - Don't Treat Impeachment Advocates Like Idiots" (2 Dems Lobby Against Resolution)

Drew Johnson is an asshat!!

"I would like to see more conservative Republicans on TV"

GOD, they're doing it with MITT TOO!

Frontline's "news wars" finale airs tonight.

Is anyone here old enough to remember October 29, 1929?


Sign Al Gore's postcards to congress -

Hersh: Bush Funneling Money to al-Qaeda-Related Groups

Diebold involved? Somebody sum this up in English plz

Assassination Attempt Inspires Cheney's First Near-Smile in Years (Wonkette)

Nero attempts and fails to dribble a basketball while the world goes to hell

SF Bay Area w/Directv - Lost Year in Iraq (Frontline) 8pm

American Family Association sets its sights on "Gawdless" Discovery Channel

Not so 'hilarious': Dumping ice water on a 90-year-old

Some thoughts on Barack Obama’s Presidential Candidacy

How safe is your food?

PHOTO: You know, it's the ONLY situation in which she seems to smile

Is this when China calls in the loans?

Lifetime Teaching Award

The Book Sahib Cheney Is Reading While Touring South Asia

Amtrak struggles with late trains (AP, via Yahoo)

Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth'? -- A $30,000 Utility bill (ABC Jake Tapper)

Court hears case of Ohio parents who want to sue without lawyer

REMINDER: Pelosi is on Larry King tonight

With so many attempts to assassinate the president

Newsweek: 50,000 soldiers seriously wounded.

lieberman sets basics for war on Iran - CSPAN 1

I want Gore

Oaxaca Conflict Puts Spotlight on the Media

Bush is Funding al-Qaeda, Making Him an Unlawful Combatant

Obama in Kenya

Supreme Court Strips Al Gore of Oscar; Declares George W. Bush Winner

Limbaugh: "...we won the war because we were targeting innocent civilians"

Do you alert on trolls immediately, or poke 'em with a stick for a while?

Freepers here?

BREAKING NEWS: Dow Loses More Than 400 Points

Bill Richardson wants candidates to pledge against negative attacks on each other

Random House speaks out on the "Scrotum-gate" controversy

GOP warns of union talk in security bill (Bush may veto if it allows workers to unionize)

VFW hall raided in Milford, NH

Does anyone think Wall St. Folks are ok with Bush in this financial crisis?

"A Gathering of Eagles" Are they just itching to get violent?

Cheney: No, we don't want him dead

"US mortgage crisis goes into meltdown"

The Ball Didn't Bounce

Al Gore is being bashed

CHENEY's “unfortunate photo placement”

A Map of the World According To The USA

Cheney pulls attention off Sy Hearst ?

Cuba ahead of U.S. in gay rights. debuted yesterday... what do you think about it?

Well. If you 've been wondering why America hasn't returned to the moon...

Who in the fuck is "David Allen," supposed poster here?

Senate Stalls. Soldiers Die. We Act.

Another Baptist minister arrested, charged with child sex exploitation

Ever hear of SAIC? You should.

NEW REPORT: Gulf Coast recovery hinges on action in Congress

The Iraq Oil Grab Is A Done Deal

Seymour Hersh on "Fresh Air" today! Check you Public Radio Station Now! or...

Israeli Firm Tapped To Provide U.S. Marines With New Armored Vehicles

We did it once before. We will do it again. Breath taking

Seattle Times: Draft Gore effort prepares for big push

British mother may lose custody of obese boy.

latest right wing spin on Gore...Bush is greener.

Rosie is back!!! and smacked down Ditzy elizabeth


Breaking News: Dick Cheney shatters the world record for the 100 meter dash

The GOP is THRILLED that Hillary is running

negative growth (inflation adjusted basis) stock market

In defense of Hillary. Don't support her primary bid but stop the "I'll never vote for her" nonsense

BushCo Tries Pulling a Swiftie on the SFRC, Gets Smacked Down

Disney sues to prevent Anaheim from adding low-cost housing near its resort

Cindy Sheehan: Open Letter to the Wife of the "President" of the United States

A question for the straight members of DU.

GAME: Which Congressional vote would you include in a "DU Voting Record Index"

PBS Airs my Movie tonight.

My weekly round of feeding and pestering your local

Romney Trys to Overcome Inconsistencies (AP)

"I'm against dumb wars."

LAT: Politicians rush for California's gold; significant role in electing Democrats

New Poll says MAJORITY NOW wants to start to withdraw but DEMS are backing Away today.

As if our military in Afghanistan doesn't have enough to concern them

Voice to debate Sheehan can't be found: Anti-war activist to speak before Senate panel Friday

Sen. Clinton's family charity not disclosed: paper

I just spent the last 5 minutes recommending Gore threads

Truthdig: The Ghost of Giuliani’s Political Past

NY Times: Iraqis Reach an Accord on Oil Revenues

Generals to quit if ordered to attack Iran??

Clinton and Gore insiders watch each other -- and Al's weight

Obama promises to spend 'a lot of time in Ohio'

For the first time, two leading Presidential candidates will speak at Selma commemoration

Anti-war tour brings Sheehan (and John Nichols) to Vermont

When a specific behavior is modeled at the highest level, what else can we expect?

Freeper "take" on the bombing in Afghanistan

please delete at OP's request

VP Cheney unharmed by improvised explosive "last throe" ...

Senators Eye Curbs on Cluster Bombs, Widening Matter beyond Israel’s Use

How does a group use exit polls to facilitate coups?

Swift Boat Vets Reunite To Discuss ‘The Left’s Repeated Campaign Against The American Soldier’

Reid Highlights GOP's Bogus National-Security Cred

Majority in U.S. want troop deadline in Iraq: poll

Internal Romney Document... WOW!

I have a talking point to offer the flag waving "conservatives"

I'd LOVE for them to bring up social security privatization on a day like TODAY! n/t

Great email forwarded to me (Normally, I don't even read these things)

Is there no room here for a frivolous break...

DailyKos announces candidate forum just before the Nevada debate with Fox.

The Gazette's Blank Hole

Why in the FUCK does Jerome 'Swiftboat' Corsi get a platform on MSNBC with Noron O'Donnell?

The Word on the British pull out--SUCCESS

Cheney speeches scrubbed from White House website (DailyKos)

Scarborough: Gore, take the dive; throw your hat in the ring

Live on CSpan3, Hearing on Appropriation Bill for Iraq & Afgan.

Have You Heard About This?: Parental Rights Under Attack In Massachusetts

Nice to know this: Groups working for PEACE in Iran.... and HERE as well.

I'll probably make a buy of my mutual funds tomorrow

Snow Trumpets U.S. Troop Readiness: ‘Unprecedented In Time of Warfare’

I do not ever recall seeing such a BIG pic on the front page of Yahoo:

Der Mittenfuhrer Pegged... Big Time

Richardson and four other governors create regional climate change initiative

The courage to get specific (email from Edwards campaign)

Bolen Report: Why Every US Health Practitioner Needs To Use ABC Codes, Right Now

According to Zogby Hillary's lead is shrinking and Rudy has increased his lead over republicans

Ex-FDA chief Crawford faces sentencing (AP)

Difficult Question: Which one of these two is the smarter monkey?

The Rude Pundit: Welcome to Combat, Dick Cheney

Any other Democrat get this e-mail or am I just lucky?

A semi-frivolous, maybe not so frivolous post

Power Point: Romney's strategies: Flip on Issues, Faith, Rivals.

Batshit Crazy Political Prediction

Poll: Age and smoking bigger detriments than gender or race to voters

Binding Legislation on Iraq: e-mail from Senator Levin

Most consequential recent political error

Beware of pizza parties with John Ashcroft!

The lobbyists with the most money to throw around--get it while you can!

Wounded to killed in Iraq out pacing Vietnam 6 to 1.

Senate postpones Iraq debate (at least 10 days as far as I can tell)

Lieberman: Criticism Of Administration’s Iran Intelligence Is ‘Unwarranted’

Stock Market Alert! Falling Sharply

John Edwards appears to oppose free trade, while Clinton and Obama support it...

Senate Math: How to get to 60 votes on ANY meaningful Iraq

Paul will send you "cookie goodness" if you support my campaign

On Team Bush, Scumbags Become Ambassadors

Bush Meets With Anti-Semite Who Celebrated The Killing Of American Soldiers

Al Gore asks us to sign his message to congress:

Mommy, Why does Mickey Mouse hate us...

James Carville on Imus actually sounds like a Democratic Progressive

Jim Cramer on the stock market slide Warning to Congressional Democrats: Don't Treat Impeachment Advocates Like Idiots

WP, Cohen: "Gore gives us all a lesson on how to live one's life."

Why the f*** is Cheney in Afghanistan anyways?

A warning to Presidential candidates to slow it down a little...

Tom Bevan: "The Hillary Haters"

Delineating "disapproval," ... and a polling suggestion

Tweety asks Richardson which Dems Hillary thinks don't believe there's a terrorist threat out there

To Al Gore: My Ally Is Reality Too

The Ten Trillion Dollar Debt is Coming so Don't let Republicans Forget it!

African American Voters Shift Support to Obama in latest ABC poll

Why you can't reason with a Republican

Florida Dem party getting a lot of support for Al Gore to run.

I just realized a significant difference between Edwards and Clark re: Iran