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Castro's Legacy

Colombia: Latest killing of human rights defender throws controversial paramilitary demobilization p

Union rallies against dictatorial Pentagon

Bush Redefines Victory-- And We Don't Want It

Report Says Bush Downplays Costs of Troop Increase

The Ego and the ID (Intelligent Design Theory & Darwin Debate)

Concrete 'to stem Java mud flow' (BBC)

Northern fur seal pup estimates decline - AP

Now it is up to the world's political leaders to deliver more than hot air

Diebold Vote Fixing. Real?

Colombia: Latest killing of human rights defender throws controversial paramilitary demobilization p

US charges David Hicks

Official quits over Guantanamo remark (Stimson)

Carter to Receive Honorary Oxford Degree

Canadian detainee faces new U.S. terror charges

Consumer Advocates Call on Congress to Subpoena Exxon's Funding Records

Burlington College Establishes Relations With Cuba

Bush, Pelosi plan joint news conference Saturday

CHP: Angelides campaign didn't illegally hack Schwarzenegger site

Hagel (R-Ne) panel details new system for health care (tax on alcohol and tobacco)

Switzerland May Expand Assisted Suicide Law to Mental Illness

BBC News: YouTube asked to 'remove' videos (by Viacom)

Interesting use for Vista voice recognition?

Why Would You End Up On DayTime TV?

Death Pony, the Fundies favorite playtoy, punishment from above

Post here and I'll deny giving you a nickname.

Post Here And I won't give you a nickname


Post here and I'll reply, giving you anything you want.

Who Here has Kilt-A-Bar?

Baby shampoo won't sting eyes, but will it burn an open wound?

Just heard this one-liner about New Jersey...

Sam Adams again...

Does orange juice go bad if it freezes? It froze in the trunk of my car.

I got a haircut, say it looks good.

I switch from "Mad Money" to "Good Eats"

Hey! I found a viacom video clip that hasn't been deleted yet!!

Super bowl or the "Puppy bowl" on animal planet?

new avatar

How did I earn this?

The word 'databank'

Anyone here been to the Tech Republic?

David Lee Roth Reuniting with Van Halen

Vanilla Ice is getting pissed off at Ron Jeremy on VH1.

Elayne Boosler "Is America Ready For a Woman President?" Go To Hell"

Just finished watching Atomic Cafe...

Old avatar.

Well, my evening has been redeemed!

Man dressed as Chewbacca arrested for head-butting tour guide.

Ah'm moan make me a batchuh chili awn Sundee.

It's so cold, I need to cuddle with the beagle

Maintenance tonight will require some downtime

You have one day to rule the world from behind the scenes as you temp at the Vast Conspiracy HQ

Love addicts check in

Random capitalization really Gets on my nerves

3 threads ...with NO replies.. does this make 4?

The Wine Lady at Whole Foods is batting 1000!

I've eaten next to nothing today and the damned website says I've used all my calories

Grammar/Syntax Situation

Watching "My Girl" with the kids

Friday Night 50's Science Fiction Double Feature

omfg--I found the puppy I want!

who wants to go get me a Steak Burrito???

Anyone want to hear my voice?

How do I know if I'm a Lounge Loser?

GD just self destructed

Anybody watching Law & Order?

Boozo the Clown is now ready for your questions

Name the town where you grew up (if it's a small one), and see if anyone else

Did anyone watch Trading Spouses tonight?

Please don’t call the SPCA

It is time for temp check, it is only 41 in Houston.

New Element Discovered

Does this look naughty?

Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick!

What's on your DVD player tonight? Me: The Last Waltz.

Is anyone else reading "In honor of Stalin"?

I'm in a politcal flyer!

Help! My husband is making me go see "Foreigner"!

The ever changing moods of my cat, Molly.... taken over ten minute span! Kitty pics!

Find a job on Monster dot com ..

Sarah Brightman: Freak or Musical Genius?

What Kind of Person Does It Take to Not Like

Debbie Harry fans?

How creative is your pets name?

BSG Has jumped the shark for me this season.

Which was your favorite Super Bowl?

I need to do laundry and go to the store

I met someone today

If a movie were made of your life..what actor/actress would you like to play you?

If Comedy Central had any sense at all, they wouldn't let

Women, Men, and Long Hair

Is there any webpage where you can type in what ingredients you have...

Post Here And I'll Reply, giving you a nickname

What do you do to feel closer to God...

Please send some love to this wonderful lady!

What I really want to happen in the Super Bowl (scenario involves Bears win)

VA loses another computer hard drive may have personal info

New diary at Kos

Last week or so someone posted remarks McAuliffe was making about


Sick of being laughed at and stomped on

Yepsen: (Iowa) Dems pursue right-to-work changes at their peril

Olbermann and John Dean

Bush budget - $145 Billion for Iraq in 2008

Bush's speech writer speaks out LOL

Bush's New Math


'Surge Strategy' 'WE'VE BEEN PLAYED LIKE PAWNS' Olbermann


Half Glass Cheney - Jon Stewart

A glimpse of Richard Perle's domestic side

Epic battle for main Baghdad street heats up in 3rd week...

Bombs Over Baghdad: The Operation Iraqi Freedom Air War...

Cheney Half Glass Full mentality

Sign the Petition to "Protect SMU" from hosting the B*sh Library...

Hey, guess what everybody! Looks like we owe President Bush an apology.

Pentagon alters how wounded are calculated

Elements of 'civil war' in Iraq (BBC) {or maybe two ... or three ... or four?}

{Microsoft} Word works with open file styles (BBC)

Feeding people.

Someimes As DU'ers, We All Must Stand Together For A Common Goal In Order To Get Things Accomplished

New Twist in Jeffrey Dahmer Saga: Evidence linking Dahmer to Adam Walsh Disappearance

Switzerland May Expand Assisted Suicide Law to Mental Illness

You do understand we are just one "Archduke Ferdinand"

Saber-rattling on Iran is no way to win my vote.

Kucinich on with Whora O'Donnell

WTF is with Keith's eyebrows tonight?

McClatchy: Cost of Iraq War (in dollars) Will Far Surpass Vietnam

Did Barack Obama vote for the Bankruptcy Bill? NO

So... Do Ya Think Gavin Newsome Just Proved That The Threat To Marraige...

Jan 27 Cops on the Capitol steps

Hillary Clinton has the same exact views on Iran as Edwards and Obama

Laura Bush at Fashion Week

A Question: On The Possible Franken Candidacy...

3093 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

The only resident of the White House with a sex life...

Prophecy: Gore announces candidacy during his acceptance of the oscar for ''An Inconvenient Truth"

Video Wanted! 2000 Debate With Bush Ridiculing "Nation Building" & Global Warming

Ok, Mister Iraqi.


Please send support this lady in her fight for gay marriage!

Using Force and the Middle East...Edwards and Clinton

Anyone watching Law and Odor?

CSPAN2: DNC Winter Meeting Candidate Speeches - repeat NOW

Clinton Promises to End War if Elected

Do Obama supporters not equate funding the war with support for the war?

Laura Bush at NY Fashion Week

Whoa! AP paints a devastating portrait ::: "U.S. intel report: Iraq spiraling down"

Hillary widens lead in New Hampshire (39-19 over Obama)

Was already took a peek at the freeper board...

John Edwards on Iran: "ALL options must remain on the table"

Was Erasmus envisioning George W. Bush when he said this?:

Going to see Big Dawg at the Nokia Theatre

Obama's speech was about answering His Critics and no one caught it.

Hadley calls Iraqi PM, "Abd al Madhi" @ Press Briefing

"Edwards '08: Talking Tough"

Mike Webb will be talking about his firing by Entercom and the

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Brad Friedman of

Will Hillary ever go on "Hardball" and let Tweety Interview Her? Will She..

CNN headline couches and lies.

Maintenance tonight will require some downtime

I dread the day...

I'm beginning to think our Constitution is terribly flawed...

Don't eat orange snow

Interesting encounter with a freeper couple

Shrub wears a rug?!

Measuring and Muffling Dissent - By the Numbers

could Iran already have purchased a nuclear weapon ?

They arrested a guy for saying "That's why you're in a goddamn lawsuit".

Quite frankly, I don't like a piece of advice Bill Clinton gave House Dems today.

Barack Obama: U.S. one day might have to launch surgical missile strikes into Iran and Pakistan

Just who is Iran supposed to be backing in Iraq?

Beck is banging the war drum ...

People are Still Mad at Ralph Nadar, shouldn't they be at the Ones who Voted for him?

John Edwards on Iran (interview with Ezra Klein, American Prospect)

I am an Exxon-Mobile shareholder. Any DU gadflies out there?

Chewbacca Detained: "Nobody tells this wookie what to do."


2000 Good Ole Boy Bush Good. "Articulate" Gore Bad. 2004 Bumbling Bush Good. "Articulate" Kerry Bad.

Jan 27 Anti-War Protest pics- 2224 in total Wow

FL storm survivors claim "gawd was there with them." Apparently She didn't give a shit about

Over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic.....

EDWARDS on IRAN: An Interview with The American Prospect (2/02/07)

Y' know when he gazes adoringly into her eyes,

Non union Toyota workers in Kentucky plant made more than UAW members last year

The Ultimate Cover-up? (Is * bald?)

Ok. What does Wes Clark bring to the table?

DU MEET-UP! Saturday, February 3, 2007, Portland Oregon

Cafferty read my email tonite on Wolf Blitzer's program

Scott Ritter On War With Iran ...( 20 min Interview) ......

Congress to hear the inconvenient truth. **Al Gore to testify**

Pickles attends "Fashion Week"

Let me just beat them to the punch: Iran did 9/11

DU gear with designs submitted by DUers?

Libby Fighting To Suppress Grand Jury Tapes

(DIALUP WARNING) Hugo Chavez: No friend to our sacred institutions.

free from itunes: podcast of jim webb sotu response

Book TV Schedule: February 3rd - 5th

Should the Fremont Troll in Seattle be demolished? Should neon signs be strapped to buildings?

Should Hugo Chavez have the power to govern by decree?

LTTE: If Venezuelans have a dictator, what have we here?

Delay Pays More than $450,000 In Legal Expenses

Mahdi Army Gains Strength Through Unwitting Aid of U.S.

Dislike of Wal-Mart prompts union worker's suit to block development

New Orleans Laidlaw Drivers & Monitors Overwhelmingly Vote for Teamsters More Than 15-1 Margin

Entire DNC meeting video up at the DNC...around 3 hours.

Study: U.S. trails most nations on family-oriented workplace policies (USA Today)

DU OWH poll on Hagel's new health care plan, yes or no?

New York Workers Claim Abuse, Supported by the New York District Attorney s Office and unions

Mobilized Online, Thousands Gather to Hear Obama

WP: DNC Turns Focus To White House

Digby's Hullabaloo on Dems and Iran - interesting reading

JEFF COHEN: Will Healthcare Timidity Trip Up Hillary Clinton?

I'll bet if a Democrat started pushing IMPEACHEMENT instead of ending the war...

Please don't tell me the Congress cannot stop a President from going to war...?

GOP caller to Malloy's show: Why do you want clean elections? You're going to win

Global National TV in Canada ... Leading off with Climate Change

Can a guy 4'9" tall with a hook for a left arm take out Sen. Gordon Smith R-OR?

Presidential Candidates Pick Tunes at DNC Meeting

Same Clinton, Different Gender: Hillary Clinton Launches Corporate-Backed Bid For White House

Clark: "We need to address with the Iranians exactly what they are afraid of."

DNC Meeting: Clark and Obama impressed me today

Why Mr. Exxon-Mobil, you cheap-assed son of a bitch .......

Hillary signs up another top Kerry fundraiser...


Edwards calls for universal health care

John Pilger: Iran: The War Begins -- Must read.

When is a Democrat NOT a Democrat? When She's Hillary Clinton!

Maureen Dowd: No Way Out

The Hellish Vision of Life on a Hotter Planet

Molly Ivins criticized in Chicago Trib LTTE, and my response


War on Iran: Stop Bush Before He Starts by Robert Parry

(HuffPo) "Is America Ready for a Woman President?" Go to Hell!

Will Healthcare Timidity Trip Up Hillary Clinton? By Jeff Cohen

Is Bush Violating the Law? By Dan Froomkin

Greed holding music hostage

US Economic War Costs Cuba 86 Billion Dollars

Impeach, Impeach, Impeach By Cenk Uygur

The Cheney Trial, Within The Libby Trial By Brent Budowsky

Laura Flanders: The Next War Has Already Begun (The Nation)

Pentagon Big Winner in Bush Budget Plan

Lawmakers move to restrain Bush on Iran/

Blair's Watergate?

Shoot First, Ask Later By Jayne Lyn Stahl

Where Congress Can Draw the Line

Senator Feingold's Sin


Shiite-Sunni conflict rises in Pakistan- CS Monitor

Pilgrims massacred in the 'battle' of Najaf

Truthout: Bush Backers Offer Payoffs to Undercut Global Warming

'Are the Children to Receive the Arms Race from Us as a Necessary Inheritance?'

Bush says he welcomes Iraq debate

Iraq War Spawns Growing Refugee Problem

Neocons Trash George Soros in Attempt to Distract from Their Complicity ... by Steve Clemons for HP

John Nichols: Compromising Compromises the Senate (The Nation)

U.S. executions under renewed scrutiny

Robert Fisk: Please spare me the word 'terrorist'

“climate refugees”

How To End The War (Russ Feingold)

Is Energo-Fascism in Your Future?

Should America follow the linkage theory?

Official: Arizona 'ignoring' its solar power potential

Livestock’s long shadow / Environmental issues and options

Vestas goes public with plan (for CO wind turbine blade plant)

First Green Car Dealership Opens (yeah Texas!)

White House downplays proposals on global warming

TEP part of utilities group eyeing major solar plant (250 MW: AZ or NV ?)

Sharp Expands Solar European Module Production Capacity to 220 MW (per year)

South San Joaquin Irrigation District plans solar power farm (2 MW)

50-State VW Jetta TDI for 2008

2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid

Designing Sustainable Mobility Summit

46 Nations Call for Tougher U.N. Environment Role

Bolivian protesters shut down pipeline

Hundreds take part in joint Israeli-Palestinian olive-planting

Gaza universities in flames

Project Censored: WTO funds Israel/Palestine Wall (cheap labor)

Muslim leader Ahmed Abu Laban dies at 60

Iran cancels screening of Israeli film

There Is No New Anti-Semitism-- Rabbi Lerner

Israel's Kafkaesque "Matrix of Control"...

NYCOSH changes law to allow rescue workers to file

Must See Video With Well Documented Mainstream Media Proof that Bush Planned and Executed 9/11


Testing for explosives at WTC

New Site....

Willie Brown...

Great video on the collapse of the towers

Top 40 Reasons...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Feb. 3, 2007

AP: Kenya holding 2 Americans as suspects (Somalia)

Apple's iTunes hits a sour note in Europe

AP Northern Fur Seal Pup Estimates Decline (by 9%)

Hunger strike hits 71 days ("Guantanamo North")

Gaza universities in flames

Gov't: Ecuadorean Congress will remain

Peru's Amazon oil deals denounced

U.S. Defense Minister says U.S. not planning on attacking Iran

AP: Another U.S. Helicopter Lost In Iraq

U.S., Brazil to launch ethanol offensive in Latin America

U.S. electronics, steel makers to gain in trade issue (U.S. case on China)

Viacom orders Google to pull YouTube clips

Bolivian protesters shut down pipeline

Reuters: Car bombs and clashes hit northern Iraq

U.S. to support up to 10,000 extra Abbas troops

AP: VA Hard Drive With Personal Data Missing

At least 38 killed in Baghdad blast

Emergency measures put in place (UK bird flu)

AP: (Sistani) Shiite Top Cleric Calls for Unity among Muslims

House Democratic Whip Touts Diversity (radio address)

Ohio is keeping its touch screens

Senator Clinton won't rule out use of force with 'pro-terrorist' Iran

US Economic War Costs Cuba 86 Billion Dollars

Sneaky Costa Rican Free Trade Agreement Uncovered.

Looters still ransacking Afghanistan's treasures, experts warn

(NYT) Iran Installs Equipment for Large-Scale Uranium Enrichment

WP,pg1: In Virginia House of Delegates, 'Profound Regret' on Slavery

Military tries to set up soldier who spoke out against Haditha massacre

Senators: Feds lag in cleaning up toxic waste sites

Bush woos House Democrats at retreat

UN delivers definitive warning on dangers of climate change

U.S. can't prove Iran link to Iraq strife

Bush changes global warming talk, but not action

AP: Two U.S. soldiers killed in fighting in Anbar province, military says

Life harsher in new Gantanamo unit

Suicide bomber kills 102 in Baghdad

Reuters: Debate on Iraq healthy, Bush tells House Democrats at Williamsburg Conference

Bush says budget will limit non-defense spending

California to start forcing inmates to transfer out of state

AP: Shift Sought for New Orleans Levee Funds

Libby: Don't release grand jury tapes (to public)

Tests show bird flu is H5N1 virus (England)

(NJ) Muslim (corrections) officer says faith got him fired

White House says Iraq bombing an "atrocity" (135 dead so far)

Bush: Medicare, Social Sec. must change

Louima liar set free

NYT/AP: Biden Tells Democrats at DNC Meeting He Regrets Obama Remark

The Politico: Gore to testify at Congressional hearing on climate change

Bush offers Democrats olive branch on Iraq war

Brazilian President: We must never accept denial of the Holocaust

PETA workers cleared of animal cruelty

Kucinich looks for boost in Maine

Venezuela plans to buy Russian missiles

Obama draws large crowd at college rally

Endangered whooping cranes killed in Florida storms

China media downplays UN climate change report

Mercenaries are second largest force in Iraq: UN official

Jurassic park: Dawn of Extinction (Jurassic park 4) script

Hey! Where did GD go?

self delete

Drinks are on me!

It is getting close, only 10 more post from 5000.

So... whose panties are down?

Donn't touch my bags if you please, Mr Customs man.

Why cats rule?

I'm tired & bored, but I don't want to sleep...

This place is dead as a door-nail. Where are all of the beautiful people?...

It's 2 degrees here in Sheboygan, anybody colder?

I like Microsoft Office 2007, it's fun


it is really windy here tonight

HaHa.. Some idiot just stole my bike.

Who here shot a man in Reno just to watch him die...

uhhhhhhh. . .ask Dr. Science. . .he actually has a master degree in Science . . .LOL

kitty picture--it`s sooo cute....

Husker Du - Live at Trenton City Gardens 25/03/84 - PART 1

Square One Organic Vodka

I just felt the need to remind people that Al Gore is in Apple's Board of Directors.

Whose pansies are down?

I ordered this today. It's for Richard.

Why Squirrels rule ! (with pictures!)

Dick Butkis highlights

Leatherface Loves Husker Du

Why Dogs Rule!

Have you tried the new strawberry meth?

So... who's partying down?

SF/Fantasy fans: Your opinion (re: Darth Vader's "redemption")

Guess I'll be catching the super bowl after all.

This has got to be the ultimate, surreal, scenic photograph, hasn't it?.

Primary held today, these the only choices: Your vote? (why not in GD? here's why)

Sept. 25, 1987 -- U2 performed the best show I have ever seen.

Oh man. I just found an old boyfriend on myspace...

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is one right now.

I had my stress test today

Need Advice!!! I just got a job offer in Puerto Rico...

Yolo County (Calif.) Clerk to give 'certificates of inequality' to gay couples


I'm having a Panic Attack!! Ask Me Anything

Coltrane on the air, and you can listen online.

I like Microsoft Vista, it's fun

Fans of NBC's Thursday night lineup? "That's what she said!"

"Scrubs" marathon on Comedy Central starting right now

Get your red hot BLIZZARD food right here!

While watching reruns of the original Star Trek, William

Saturday, February 3. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Here's the rule, kitty cat...

Great cheap wines?

Sarah Silverman: Freak or Comedic Genius?

Am I the only one who finds the commercial

Okay, DU, I need some advice.

1/2 inch of snow and sleet last night and my plow guy came

ok, I'm heading out to the store .. send the huskies

I am never leaving the house again...

Hey...what did I miss while I've been gone?

Opening song from "The Time is NOW"?

It's the eczema appreciation thread!!!

I have care about you guys.

Bear with me my frieds.

People are looking over my shuloder.

UFO abducts New Mexico man in broad daylight

‘Chewbacca’ arrested for head-butting in Calif.

1959 Mike Wallace Interview with Ayn Rand

How cold is it where you live?

Now here's an article that hurts. Arcades are going out of business.

Is myspace working for anyone else?

Speaking of jazz: The most timeless lyrics I've ever seen, from 40 years or so ago:

Exercise sucks, and not in a good way.

Want to blow some bubbles?

if anyone remembers me posting about my new neighbor two summers ago,

I'm being thrown out of bed

Martin Scorsese directs Mel Gibson in "Schindler's List" (

I love you.

I'm baaa-aaaack! Computer trouble solved. Ask me anything.

Would a Counselor say this?

"Mama, do people grow from spores?" "No." "Why not?"

Send it my way lounge

I saw the sweetest dog today

In honor of Stalin .......... Restricted Association Thread!

I hate shopping cart THIEVES!!!!!!!

Oh goody, naked weight lifting! Sign me the fuck up!

Cat people, please help. Two feral males hanging around...

Do you now read, or have you ever read, comic books?

National day of rejoicing declared - Michael Irvin elected to the Hall of Fame

Need parenting advice! Please help, DU!

Finally saw the movie "Sin City" Wow, what a wild movie

It was minus 50 celsius here.........

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/3/2007)

Robert Allen Zimmerman: Freak or Musical Poetic Genius?

To Honor Molly's Call: Best Bumper Stickers?

Happy birthday babylonsister!

Border and surge problems solved by dad

I just reached 5000th posts so the drinks are on me.

Who else isn't going to wash the StupidToiletBowl tomorrow?

It occurs to me that we're all potential characters for someone's novel.

Miss Betty Butterfield on "The Methodists"

Thoughts On Psychic Phenemon

Best movie about a prison or prisoners

I'm weird, I guess.

"Mama, I want a mocha! Mama, I want a mocha! I'm hooked!"

OMG.... stupidest pro-gun argument ever:

Who else isn't going to watch the StupidBowl tomorrow?

When they make a movie of the Plame affair, who should play her? Who should play Joe Wilson?

Joan Armatrading.

Winter weather advisory, sub-zero temps forecast - ask me anything

So, My Ancestors Were "Hillbillies" (Pics)

I just watched "Running With Scissors"

Richard, July 20, 1994 - February 3, 2007

If someone gave you $35,000 dollars to spend only on music CDs, what would you get first?

Hey.. I'm bored so why not start a picture thread??? :o)

How fast is your internet?

What happened at Gobbler's Knob?

Two years ago today, this very day, almost this hour.........

Interesting liberal Muslim writer

bryant69's secular poll thread borked?

NFL UPDATE: "Damn the NFL We Will Show Football In Church!!!''

Tape Teacher’s Religious Rant In Class = Ban On Student Taping

Is this "The Final Word" ?

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force," causes the Boston Celtics to lose their 14th consecutive game.

Hall of fame/ Michael Irvin

Colts 34---- Bears 10

AP article being honest about Kerry (incredible)

Am I off-base? Do you think this is 'sexist crap'?

An old ONION satire that reminds me of GDP sometimes . . .

Warner to Filibuster own Resolution !? (Iraq)

Another thought provoking blogpost

Good question

It wasn't the "joke" - let's get it right!

How about a big dose of truth for a Saturday morning?

C-SPAN Schedule Alert: Kerry at Davos at 2:43 pm today

Anyone read McAuliffe's piece of shit book yet? I heard he never mentions Shrum at all.

Condi grilled

Feingold tells it like it is

Keith Olbermann - Mary Cheney (sshhh she's a lesbian)

Keith O on Colbert vs OReilly

Dedication to Bush in his flight suit - comedy

Dodd, Obama, Clark, Edwards, Kucinich, Clinton (brief DNC clips)

Rich Mans War by Steve Earle

vietnam war protest tribute

Realtime - Barney Frank and Sir Ian McKellen dicuss the politics of gas

Abraham Martin & John

Nancy Pelosi - No impeachment

Bill Maher on Jesus Camp...

Have I Got News For You on the midterms and Rumsfeld's depature

Trial of the Century Mystery

DU Primary Straw Poll

"Surge" or "Involuntary" Military Conscription: Neo-Conservative Architects of Military Escalation..

Mike Webb explaining his arrest and trial NOW -- streaming

Should Dem leadership pursue ending the war immediately buy refusing to fund it?

My Iranian hairdresser/Iran/USA

Now that Robert gates is in control we have him,cheney,bush

Charles "Cully" Stimson of the "Law firms who represent Gitmo detainees...

This needs to be a long war because it takes a long time to extract all that oil

Here's an oldie but a goodie....SNOW and company go "commando"

President Icehead: "No money for Social Security!!" But keep spend, spend, spending on Iraq!

An intellectual exercise.

Pardon Me While I Barf > NYT: Levin Noms Limbozo For Nobel Prize

"Seven meters... that's like 20 feet?...The surfers will love it"

Repeat of the DNC meeting on CSpan 1

OK. Who Freaked when DU went down?...Check in....

Binary poll: Mooninites

Apple's iTunes hits a sour note in Europe

NYT: Simpson Transcript Describes Murder (Alternate universe report)

WJ this morning - Hillary's statement

If Bush does another "pre-emptive" attack, should Congress impeach?

Consumer confidence is up?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Satuday 2/3 -- half-glass

Marvin Bush again

U.S. aggression against Iran has always been about one thing: OIL

CDC's Response to Possible Flu Pandemic

Tom the Dancing Bug (TOON)...Nate the Neoconservative...

With all due respect Congressman Conyers, there is time... A current impeachment timeline....


Officer claims that his complaining about being ridiculed & harassed due to being a Muslim

Barack really needs to get out there and tell everyone he didn't

Should Iraq War be "off-budget"?

It's 'buggy' here tonight in DU, ain't it?

BUSH: 'I Like LOW Expectations'

If Congress cuts off funding yet the pResident insists upon keeping the war going

Scott Ritter is on This Is Hell

Libby trial not the first time for Miller and Fitzgerald - Jury Acquits Two Men of Hamas Conspiracy

Updated - CNN wire: Dozens killed in suicide truck bomb in Baghdad (55 dead)

CNN will show Bush Speech to House Dems "shortly" posted 10:17 est.

Landlord leaves 15 homeless, including woman about to give birth

Shrub: 'I like to be around people who keep expectations low"

exxonmobil's profits in perspective:

DNC Winter Meeting starting on cspan now:

Afghan district “under Taleban control”: ministry

It's the Nancy and Chimpy show on C-SPAN now.

Republicans Plan to Block Iraq Debate

There will be no fillibuster on Iraq Resolution

"I'm not a nosy neighbor. I guess I should have been, but I was not."

Former janitor ordered to repay $78,000 for discs from trash

"Why is he (Bush) coming" to their retreat, Hoyer said.

Bush Commits Additional Troop To Afghanistan

This STILL infuriates me:

FILIBUSTER!!!. You've got to be kidding....

Why anti-immigration conservatives fell flat in 2006

Hey! The Onion has started running right wing political cartoons!

Discrimination in the workplace on the rise

Are there prisoners helping with the clean up in Florida...

When does chimp go on his fake care and concern tour of FL

Baghdad bombing now at 102.....Stand by it's up to 120 now!

'save it for the Repuglicans"==the attaching of each other--says Richardson

What should we call last week's terror scare in Boston?

Let's discuss: Republicans' current willingness to filibuster, as a minority, vs. Democrats'

"The Left is the New Racist Right!"- care to comment?

It's Saturday Morning and no Molly Irvin's Column - Sigh.

Taxpayer-Funded Polls in Iran

We fumbled leadership in electronics and automotive: Will we lose in the stem cell race?

Dick B. Cheney = D.B. Cooper? DBC = DBC?

Senate Chaplain withdraws from Dominionist Seminar

Bush on c-span now with Pelosi... did Laura get the nickname "pickles?"

Calendar of Events - 2006 (Lists each history month, national days, Cesar Chavez Day, etc)

Do impeachments occur in fascist countries?

Court rules in favor of cursing man

Damn, I was really hoping to be able to vote for a Dem in 2008.

F%#$n Warner to Filibuster own F&*$% Resolution !

150 Scientists pressured to hide the truth re: Global Warming, grounds for Impeachment?

Molly Ivins' 1998 Appearance On C-span Being Rebroadcast Now:1:00 PM, EST.

Hey Lookie Here! Look at all the Good Stuff the "Liberal Media" isn't telling you about Iraq!

Does anyone have any republicons stations in your area that feature...

Is Richard Mellon Scaife of sound mind?

I'm extremely distraught over the death of Barbaro, that brave li'l race horse

Bush to Democrats at retreat: "I took a lot of time thinking (about Iraq)"

Gov. Crist calls for meeting on loopholes in concealed weapons law

Congress to renew FDA tobacco authority fight (Reuters)

MSGOP: Dumb brunette complaining about Dems spending > 7min. on speeches.

Three Soldiers Killed in Iraq, Huge Bombings in Baghdad and Kirkuk...

Global warming is bunk, real cold outside here.....

From Iraqi mountains, Kurds train for battle with Iran

Bottom line, and the root of the problem

The next time Congress or * says they want another "bipartisan commission,"

Law & Disorder / NBC spreads Parkinsons Lie

Anyone else having problems with the Internets today?

Calling all South Floridians who are pissed how off the Cuban rightwingers clamp down on free speech

Idiot Son slanders Democrats. ("You share the same sense of patriotism I do")

Mike Gravel on MSNBC now n/t

Publicans really are STOOpid. Two choices, stay forever or "precipitous" withdrawal. They lack

"I appreciate you inviting the head of the 'Republic' party," Bush said to laughter.

Help in countering Freeper bullshit ...

Community remembers fallen officer (Collateral Damage in the right-wing war against gays)

NY Times article implies Iran installing centrifuges for uranium enrichment.

World Warns Bush! Back OFF IRAN! Scarborough, and Buchanan Agree!

No more! No more! No more!

Choose the next president here! Criteria: only good-looking, tall, light skinned

Senate Climate Change Hearing (video link)

Repukes to capture "Al-Qaeda #2" at halftime tomorrow

Condi picks the Colts to win the Super Bowl

Distort D'Newsa will appear on CSPAN 2 Feb 4 at noon.

Can you imagine if a car bomb killed over 121 people in NYC today?

121 dead in Baghdad and CNN thinks the question of the day

Feed the homeless and go to jail. What a model of Christianity this country is becoming

Help Save Boston! Please help me destroy these Mooninites!

Dumbya's approval among DFL voters is 8%!

Anyone else find this extremely disturbing ?

FEMA director: 'You have a Governor who understands emergency management.'

Richard Vedder on CNN, saying "the economy is great for the American people...

My copy of "An Inconvenient Truth" has made it back to me

Former KIRO radio host found guilty of defrauding auto insurer

Tape of Molly Ivins coming up on CSPAN 2's BookTV right now!

Scaling The Great Wal-Mart of China Down to Size

Truck bomb kills more than 120 in Baghdad market

Watching CSPAN Kerry is speaking at World Economic Forum re: Iraq, Iran

Upstanding Citizens Extorted In Sex Videos - Panic Ensues

I Didn't Know Obama Smoked....Does He?

Floridians, battered, but resilient in wake of fierce tornadoes

About $800 for every man, woman and child in the US to pay for Bush's war for the next 18 months

Stephen Hadley, National Security Adviser, caught in bald-faced lie

Global warming my ass!

.......135 Dead In Iraq Today...When is Bush...

Can someone show me

Why is security at the Super Bowl more important than at any football game?

UFO abducts New Mexico man in broad daylight

Is this funny?

I just had the greatest response to the rep side handed to me

Can you imagine what the tapes sound like from the Oval Office

Is LBN broken? It's coming up dated THURSDAY!

Accckkk - Dan Gerstein - Lieberman's campaign spokesman is on MSNBC as a Democratic talking head.

Another sleepless night turned into morning.

Al Gore versus the NASCAR Dad.

"Discover Christian Schools" in a lather over public schools teaching about families

THE DARK SIDE: Wookie impersonator arrested for battery

George Shares His Wisdom with the Democrats ---pix--->>>

Mike Gravel needs donations for his campaign..

Any possibility that explosive truck is gonna turn out

Military tries to set up soldier who spoke out against Haditha massacre

An email I received from a republican friend: illegal aliens

What do the American people care about more?

Is the main problem in the executive branch the President's staffers loyalty to him/her?

3097 Reasons Why The DSM is Important


Table to motion (or is that "motion to table"?): The need for a DU feedback forum

Looking for a video I saw of Bush. Proving he did drugs.

PHOTOS: "The Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude" - GWB

A Nice Day In Palestine...

Is it still true that some employers like IBM Corp. put a lot of faith in

Lunch with an Oklahoma Fundie

Garrison Keillor coming up at 6:00 EST on NPR

WITH IRAN, Putin Considers Forming OPEC-like Gas Cartel (Bloomberg)

Have you noticed the gas prices inching down since November ?

I have been noticing how their have been many unbelievable news reports...

AARP will comment on Bush's budget MONDAY!

"Bush: Medicare, Social Sec. Must Change"

Will Wash. Times correct its reporting on the Capitol Police and Pelosi?

Operation Ajax!

Should Hugo Chavez pass his own version of the USA PATRIOT Act?

Obama prepares to unveil secret weapon

Black History Should Be Taught to Whites, and EVERYONE (my realization of ignorance)

FLA Tornado Kills 18 Young Whooping Cranes/ The Babies that Follow the Ultralights from WI to Fla !

Gore/Clark -- an unbeatable (and most beneficial) combination?

Remembering Molly - by Bill Moyers

The bloodbath continues

Pres Candidate Gov. Bill Richardson Wants U.S. Out of Iraq By End of 2007

Meth Users Turning To Urine To Get High

Bird flu confirmed in Britain

Bush Needs to be Impeached for his Own Good.

Chávez: Bush is "more dangerous than a monkey with a razor blade"

Saddam Hussein’s Last Words: "To the Hell that is Iraq!?"

Truckers or anybody who might have occasion to use a public or other big weigh scale

What ever happened with the Miami "terrorists" wanted to bomb Sears Tower?

Kucinich with Norah O'Donnell *Great Interview*

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is no al-Qaeda

Where can technology go from here ?

Iraq question unasked and unanswered: what does America get for giving Big Oil Iraq?

body of baby found in destroyed Fl. house didn't belong there!

Sometimes I think I am crazy .

Molly 1976 "And for me, it's leaving time"

The Cheney Trial

Sunday TV News Shows Guest Lineup (Edwards with Timbo, Webb on Faux, etc.)

Do you have a "single issue" that you apply to a candidate?

Are You Hit By Rising Property Taxes? Check In Here >>

America should have mandatory military enlistment for its youth

Heterosexuals who marry outside any church are still called "married".

Curfew in three Iraqi cities -2 US troops killed in separate incidents-3,091

McCain to fight dirty?????

New Group Proposal: Democratic Underground Paintball Team

Will feeding Beano to cows cut methane (greenhouse gas) production ?

Americans are NOT stupid - WITH SUBTITLES

Three Cheers For A SUPER DNC Chairman... Howard Dean!!!

Al's not running.

Let’s hug a tree

OK, I'm listening to Ring of Fire, and Terry McAuliffe is saying there are too many Democrats....

AEI website: The NEO-CONS want to PRIVATIZE the CIA!

Has anyone had experience with universal health care?

Cartoon from Belgium of Bush....."let me finish my game". They despise him.

Rice refuses to answer questions about Middle East, but says Colts will win Super Bowl

MSNBC: "Believe it or not, Al Gore might be up for a Nobel Prize"

Air Force Buys 3,320 Copies of "Persian Puzzle: The Conflict Between Iran and America" for Officers

Saturday TOONS: Molly and more

Taxpayer group says Exxon took less profit in runup to election to slash oil prices, affect voting

have you used long-distance in the last 3 years? federal excise tax CREDIT on your 2006 tax return!

Iran The War Begins!

War on Iran: Stop Bush Before He Starts

Can the Dem majority fix our suicidal free trade policies?

"We should withdraw from Iraq by 2009" - well no wonder you supported the war

What job would * have been good at?

HPV Vaccine - Mandatory(?!) in Texas Schools

Robert Dreyfuss: Bush's Trash Talk About Iran

Frank Rich: Frank Rich: Leak trial making Cheney 'crack up'

Master Baiters!

How Libby Used Info From Cheney As Source For Pincus+Dueling Libby Motive Briefs Filed

Cartoonists' view of global warming (tilting to the right)

Kucinich is Right on Iran: Hillary, Edwards, and Obama are following Bush's propaganda

Sure seems to be a lot of laptops coming up missing since...

The only disconnect I have about John Edwards is this:

Free Republic does more to fight Cancer, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's than DU

Did anyone see this show last night called wife swap....

Eating Too Much Meat & Global Warming: A Few More Inconvenient Truths

Who in public service are you sending Valentine greetings to this year?

Exactly WHAT is stopping us from stopping them?

Gay Rights Activists Introduce Initiative that Would Require Children in Marriages (Washington)

Prominent U.S. Physicists Ask Congress to Forbid Use of Nuclear Weapons Against Non-Nuclear States

War's spiraling costs bump Bush budget near $3 trillion

a very short Iranian cartoon

The Saturday Cartoons

Jeezh. Fox New Poll has Bush at 38% - up 3 from their last poll.

Clinton will make first campaign trip to New Hampshire on same day Obama announces in Springfield

Anyone see Book Discussion "Web of Deceit" by former "60 Minutes Producer" on C-Span II?

Target Repubs up for '08 elections

Every time * mentions Medicare and Social Security the hole

On CNN Now - In Order To Save The Repugs For '08 * Just Told The Dems .....

WP, "The Sleuth": Buzzing About Edwards's New Compound

$3T Bush budget to trim domestic programs

Chimp speaking at the Democratic Congressional meeting

Mike Viqueira: Making Excuses For The Sexual Predators Of The GOP

Tin foil hats / monkeyshines at the DNC?

Realists in US Tone Down Iran Accusations

Can we SOMEHOW give Congress a kick in the ass/wakeup call?

Republicans Plan to Block Iraq Debate, Kentucky's Chinless wonder is mad

Since We're Footing The Bill For The Iraq Oil War, Shouldn't We Share In Any Eventual Profits?

Three Cheers For A SUPER DNC Chairman... Howard Dean!!!

Libby trial question. Is Jeff Gannon going to be testifying?


Pledge to Abstain - Stop Funding the War

Vilsack up on C-SPAN

Paul Tsongas's widow, Niki Tsongas, eyes House run in Massachusetts

Does Hillary's past as a "Goldwater Girl" affect your opinion of her?

We NEED Al set right what has gone so wrong

Biden apologies, again, to Democrats

Iraq's deadliest single bombing and growing refugee problem

Breaking Bread With the Lawless Traitor in Chief...

Body language, facial expressions say a lot as Bush speaks at the Democratic Conference(pics)

NO Respect! I Love It

A Gore- Dean ticket ?

Charley Rangel is head of the House Ways and Means committee.

Is there a Democrat, anywhere, that doesn't

Sandwiched between OBAMA & EDWARDS, WES CLARK soldiers on at the DNC Winter Meeting unfazed.

Dean: Keeping His Word to Restore Democracy

"One of the World's Great Man-Made Disasters is Taking Place"

even though I sometimes criticize Hillery, if she wins the primaries I will vote

Obama prepares to unveil secret weapon

Dean to Vilsack...keep talking, everyone else does.

I'm impressed with Bill Richardson's understanding of the Iranian situation.

Where are the investigations?

Bill Richardson?

GOP Finds Stealth Way to Drain Countless Number of Votes from Dems

Gore Tells Silicon Valley Leaders He's Not Running

Who Else Has Qualifications Like These?:

More Bicycles than Cars by 30,000 - Let's move forward without congress

Digby on the real danger of Hillary's and Edwards' hawkish Iran remarks

John Edwards on Iran, Iraq, and Israel (setting the record straight)

Hillary's pledge: "When I am President"

The "Final Word" ?

Do you really believe Clinton sabotaged Kerry?

"My name is Maxine Waters and I’m not afraid of George W. Bush! "

Clinton will not rule out Iran strike..........Why would we strike them, what have they REALLY done?

War on Iran: Stop Bush Before He Starts by Robert Parry

Faux Noise must be scared to death of Wes Clark.

Edwards wants to educate me on the need to "go for" war with Iran; I'm not "coming along."

Would more blacks vote for Obama or Hillary?

Has your Prez Candidate taken a "STAND" and done something "COURAGEOUS" of note?

Molly Ivins Shook the Walls With Her Clarion Call

"Meet the Press" "Meet the Candidates" series starts Sunday, 2/4, with John Edwards