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Archives: February 4, 2007

The 4th Branch:In Washington, Contractors Take on Biggest Role Ever

36 Indicators that Your Empire Is Falling Apart-

Deal with warming, don't debate it, scientists warn

President's signing statements examined

The Edge of the Abyss

National Journal .... Surging Doubts

Bremer Eager to Defend Record Overseeing Iraq

What a way to go: Panic at No 10, paranoia at the Yard

Honours ‘cover-up’ meeting revealed

Why won't the US tell us how Matty died?

Middle East: An end to US primacy? (BBC)

Turning black coal green (PopSci/CNN) {activate skepticism mode NOW}

Jag runs on apples

Matt Simmons says we've passed peak oil.

Gold rush tears up a patch of the Amazon

Eco-millionaire's land grab prompts fury

Ecuador probes oil companies over pollution

Iranian nuclear scientist ‘assassinated by Mossad’

Gatekeeper Chimp? - Say it isn't true...

Funeral held for Clinton's stepfather

Chinese Official Publishes Rebuke of Bush

Romney Says Sen. Clinton 'Timid' on Iran

Venezuela's Chavez Sets Oil Fields Takeover for May; Says Bush Should Resign

It takes a new law to change a lightbulb

Under-18s were deployed to Iraq (BBC) {UK troops}

NYT: With Rumsfeld Gone, Critics of War Look to Rice

Former Military Chiefs Urge Talks With Iran

Japan's FM calls US operation in Iraq 'naive'

NYT: McCain’s Advisers Once Made Ads That Drew His Ire

In Washington, Contractors Take on Biggest Role Ever

Bush puts 'ic' back in 'Democrat Party'

Iran invites visitors inside nuclear fuel plant/ LA Times

'Ten files of evidence' submitted in cash for honours inquiry (Tony Blair scandal)

Bush: War Is “Sapping Our Soul”

NYT: Sunni-Shiite Split in U.S. Is Widened by Iraq’s Shadow

(Reuters) N.Korea seeks oil in return for halting reactor: media

Cuban Doctors Awaiting US Response

NYT: Bush’s Medicare Budget Would Raise Premiums

Ortega: No to missile destruction

I've only been home 6 hours and...

It's -7, windchill -24 out and I have a desire to go out and buy ICE CREAM?!?!

Matcom missed the best news article of the year...

Why is "Planet of the Apes" on the History Channel?

Somebody dumped a dog on my street today.

I'm going to venture out in the cold. Pray for me!!

Really deceptive web site.

Kids in the Hall "Brain Candy" on HBO Zone

My Laptop Compooter

Have any of you ever used Maderma. The scar minimizing cream?

Ewwwww! I have to look at Manning's picture every time I pick up the TV listings

What celebrity do people say you smell like?

MySpace question (no I am not a stalker).

The shrimp are running!!!

Who here eats Bush's Chile?

If they make a movie of the "If they make a movie of" threads, who should play post #5?

It's 10 below, and I'm grilling a New York Strip

Holy crap I just registered for a marathon!

The highest temp today in Madison WI is 1 degree Fahrenheit

OMG!!! Obama is a DRUG ADDICT!!!11

Tin Foil Hat. My computer and DU.

I'm having an excellent day and I don't know why. Brain tumor?

This is my theme song right now.

Dear Gawd someone stop me....I'm addicted to MySpace

I've decided for my next GF I'm settling for nothing less than Neko Case

Two years ago today, this very day, almost this hour.........

Disclaimer: I really liked Dean in 2004, but, this is hilarious...

"Ten Minutes Ago I Saw You.." I just bought Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella!

Do You Miss The Block Function?

It's -5 F and windy... and the drive-in is open- that's a little crazy

BLIZZARD!!! (Pics and Dial-Up Warning)

Who else is going to be watching the Puppy Bowl tomorrow?

LOL-- "The Mormon Rap"

Reyd Reid Reed's granddaughter is not doing well

Anyone here named after family members .

OK, me and hubby just drove 15 miles in a blizzard!

Joan_Alpern ...Anyone seen her lately?

"The Last Action hero"

What celebrity do people say you look like?

I'm not here to start no trouble...

Mata Ortiz pottery!

I work for someone who is seriously unstable! (Long tirade, sorry)

"I thought that was metaphorical"

Some People Refuse to Acknowledge the Obvious

Art Monk

The Stars This Week: "Break Out of Old Patterns" - Feb. 5 - Feb. 11, 2007

Boston-Area VA Hospital Consolidation Proposals Under Fire

Cool video:

You guys all read the report on the 1996 Pres election and Money

Obama Speech at the DNC

A follow up to wisteria's post

Now what's this - McAuliffe wouldn't fight the Swiftliars??

This confirms that McCain has sold out and is a phony.

Set A Deadline wristband idea.

OBAMA: Calls on Students to "Bend the Arc of History"

Bush's plans for war with Iran...

PBS-Newshour - In Memoriam: Molly Ivins Tribute Essay- Feb. 1, 2007

targeted mosque - arab arap cami mosque iraq war crime islam muslim terror...

US Army Lt. Stands Up Against Illegal War In Iraq...

Remembering Molly Ivins

NYT's John Burns and the Emerald City author on Russert's CNBC show now

Iowa House Repubs to African American Group: Screw you, we've got a meeting

Just heard on NPR: Obama likens primary race to reality TV;

Is Crooks and Liars down?

Tin Foil Hat. My computer and DU.

What are the stakes in Iraq?

Bush pushes budget

Anyone listening to The Praire Home Companion joke show? Pretty funny.

This sucks. I'm new, so I'm a troll. I only support Edwards.

So when do all the primaries start?

She found me on the road

The insanity goes on: Budget

Tens of thousands March Against governor of Mexico's Oaxaca state

the "surge" starts feb 5th...

Show a little gratitude, Iraqis

The IPCC's climate report

British fear gung-ho Americans

Storage growth sets a fast pace (BBC) {terabyte drives for every user soon?}

Gay Couples To Get 'Certificates Of Inequality'

Most contemptable member of BushCo, active or retired (or forced out).

If the Colts and the Bears had a "closed meeting" tonight how

So why, after 5 years, did Chimpolini appear at the Democratic Winter Retreat?


Bush Kisses Democratic Ass

It takes a new law to change a lightbulb

Cellphone assault

Former PLO Terrorist to address 'christian' Right Conference (Maybe not)

Who here eats Bush's Chile?

Join us for Impeachment

Looking for a cartoon of Molly Ivins.

Law could impact local schools (Logging in National Forests)

When I Run For President I Want to be Just Like W...

Hannity about puts his foot in his mouth a little bit ago, a DOH! moment

pic of mccain at huffingtonpost

We Hate Lawyers

Hard drive missing from Birmingham VA Medical Center

Only read this if you want to get pissed off

WaPo: VPs Shadow Hangs Over Trial + Matalin: Wilson Is "A Snake & President Should Wave His Wand"

NASCAR Celebrates Black History Month (no joke, not from the Onion!)

The Real Bush

Tim Ryan just NAILS the outgoing republican congress

Arkin over at WaPo is soundin a wee bit testy: somebody tole him STFU once too often

Man killed over $70 debt for tires...

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts

Do you get the idea that someone is knocking off our candidates before primary season begins?

At Least 130 Die as Blast Levels Baghdad Market

How would the argument go if a RW'er confused his or her reflection for a Liberal?

Sit a spell and let old uncle SS tell you some things old school style

Toon Town, Saturday Night. . . .

Evidence in Microsoft trial include e-mails from executives: Gates et al.

Molly got to Heaven, and the angels were a singing:

Zombie Pride Parade takes on the streets of Madrid, Spain

"The maximum permitted on each LOGCAP IV contract is $5 billion per year."

Brewton toddler killed during Rottweiler attack (one messed up story)

DU tax gurus I have a question

GLOBAL WARMING ACTION: Here's what I'm doing tomorrow.....

The Most Important Church-State Decision You Never Heard of

A 'christian' Rightist calls for the imprisonment of Adulterers, Republicans quietly walk away

NYT: Frank Rich's Column is Damning...

Soldiers in Iraq view troop surge as a lost cause

Awwkwarrd! {PIC}

Texas Requires Cancer Vaccine for Girls

Kucinich on pulling out of NAFTA

Does Chimpy foresee his future...

FOX "News": Obama selects Marlboro Reds as running mate.

I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT for "The Assault on Reason" to come out.

Eliot Spitzer came to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and he's all out of gum.

Black + doesn't speak ghetto = "articulate"

Ex military commanders warn against Iran attack (Reuters)

Check this out

Category 5 propaganda storm blinding America

Democrats Split on How to End the War

Fact and/or fantasy fun . . . a little comic relief.

I'm very impressed with Obama's speech to DNC after watching it the second time.

DNC has the videos up from's will be coming. .

Governor Vilsack: get the troops out NOW!!!!

great blog posts from former climate skeptic at

Here's a fool:

John Nichols: Compromising Compromises the Senate

So Who Here Voted for "BiPartisanship" Last November

Barbara Lee's Hearing: Stopping the Next War

The Mitt Flopper

Politico: Obama Mentor Rallies Black Support ("How long are you going to owe?")

Sunday Talk Shows

You think corporate news is bad? You want real news? Here's one of the best!

Is My $10,000 Check in the Mail Yet?

Colin Powell and the Bard of Avon

It takes a hero.

Which Western State Governor would fit as VP in a Gore Run for Presidency?

My Take on the Obama Speech...

I Am Getting REALLY Angry!

NY Times: Record $622 Billion Budget Requested for the Pentagon

David Sirota: Progressive Senators Learn How to Use Ben Nelson-ism for Themselves

Shiite-Sunni conflict rises in Pakistan

Why The White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchal Culture Won't Be Toppled Any Time Soon (Mickey Z.)

Frank Rich: Cover-Up Crumbles

Froomkin patiently explains to colleagues: How The Press Can Prevent Another Iraq

Six Lies You Shouldn't Believe About Iran, Especially Since, Hey, There's People Down Here

Vanity Fair: From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq

WaPo: Prosecutor Purge Politically Driven

KBR faces hearings on war contracts (Financial Times via MSN)

Some wonder whether Iraq a repeat of Algeria

Will Congress Reform Wretched Executive Excess?

No I-Told-You-Sos

Andrew Weaver and Ray McGovern: Troops Return to Painful Wait for Needed Help

Exposing Exxon Mobil - by Robert Kennedy for The Huffington Post

Bush offers Democrats conciliatory words By LAURIE KELLMAN for Yahoo News

Stop Him Before He Kills More!

Politics & Money: Timothy V. Gatto

Iraq’s Shadow Widens Sunni-Shiite Split in U.S. by Neil MacFarquhar at NYTimes

Simple idea behind new caucus: Know thy enemy

...but on the bright side, fewer wars - by Andrew Chung The Toronto Star

Analysis: Bush's Iran Stance Echoes Iraq

article from grunts point of view

US Attorney Firings Set Stage for Congressional Battle

UK Telegraph: European Mobile Giants Plot Secret Rival to Google

Apple warns that it may lose select listing with Nasdaq

Baghdad security plan has Iraqis stocking up

States Oppose National Driver's License (AP)

Economics, politics collide, Paulson discovers

Police fear lurid terror briefings being used to divert attention

The 'Toys' That Kill in Lebanon (Cluster Bombs)

Newsweek:The War: 'Ambiguous' Intel on Iran's Meddling in Iraq

MSNBC live poll on Gore/Nobel peace prize...

Al Gore's Climate Project In Africa

(republic) Congressman wages fight against raising CAFE standard

Carbon Dioxide Rate is at Highest Level for 650,000 Years

Chavez Takes Up Energy Conservation

Exxon took less profit in runup to election to slash oil prices, affect voting (crosspost)

IDF gearing up for large Gaza action (Haaretz)

Short, concise, direct....

Furore over Jewish critics' challenge to state of Israel

Silencing critics not way to Middle East peace.

This probably has been hashed to death...

Williams resigns as Arizona conference director...

fires, fireballs, and the WTCs....(video)

Inside the Twin Towers

Senate Hearing on The Hazards of Electronic Voting

Sarasota needs our help, SOS is challenging VVPB amendment

JUNKING TOUCH-SCREENS: Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 02/04/07

Thank You all - Election Reformer denizens!

"We're Counting the Votes" videos


President's signing statements examined

Iranian nuclear scientist ‘assassinated by Mossad’

Jag runs on apples

UFO sighting over Islington UK

US ex-generals reject Iran strike

U.S. Gen. McNeil takes over command of NATO troops

In Washington, Contractors Take on Biggest Role Ever (no public input)

Gulf Arab official to open nuclear talks with IAEA

Curfew in three Iraqi cities -2 US troops killed in separate incidents-3,091

F.B.I. Investigating Complaint Against California Lawmaker

(OWH) Waiting to enter race may cost Hagel (R-Ne)

Mockery and muckraking enliven France's internet hustings

AFP: 11 killed in new Baghdad bomb attacks

Reuters: Indonesia floods kill 20, nearly 200,000 homeless

Reuters: NATO kills Taliban chief as tries to retake town

Simple idea behind new caucus: Know thy enemy

340,000 Flee Deadly Floods In Indonesia''s Capital

AP: Thousands march against governor in Mexico's Oaxaca

Protesters march against NATO meeting in Spain

Iraqi Interior Ministry estimates 1,000 killed in one week

Arab diplomat resigns after Iraq mission

Demonstrators take advantage of Super Bowl

War in Iraq Propelling A Massive Migration

Candidate Edwards: raise taxes for healthcare

Iraq says 50 percent of bombers arrive via Syria

AP--Forty-five nations call for a new environmental body...perhaps with policing powers

British fear gung-ho Americans (in Afghanistan)

Mine explosion leaves 32 dead in Colombia

Iraqi Interior Ministry estimates 1,000 killed in one week

US plans new tactics in Iraq after helicopters hit

AP: Japan's Ruling Bloc Suffers Poll Setback

Romney distances self from Mass. health plan

Murders over land threaten peace efforts in Colombia

AP---Bush's $3 Trillion Budget Dominated By Iraq

Newsweek: The CIA Leak: Boring In on the Veep

U.S.: Copter losses due to ground fire

McCain blasts 'vote of no confidence'

Nader leaves '08 door open, slams Hillary Clinton

New York Dolls on Soundstage!

Woohoo! I got into another grad school!

-6 deg. F now, high tomorrow 0 deg. F

So Where's Kitchen Witch And Kajsa?

Good Night Lounge Lizards!

I want this alarm clock!

The new job is going good. Might get a big break soon.

Ever feel like this? (been having serious 'puter issues)...

got an IPA in primary, bubbling once every 3 seconds...

Okay, nothing on SNL has made me laugh in over a decade...

Don't have capability to do a poll...

Female Icons - It's not the gaze, but the look...

it is currently -6 degrees outside, should i put some shorts on and go for a run?

Creepy, majestic, bizarre, beautiful - and bare breasts, too! Spain's La Merce

Favorite songs you first heard on college radio

Molly Ivins interview on C-Span 2 now.

Anone else going to the game today?

This is one cup Dubya will never drink his alchie from :

SoCal members: anyone near Santa Anita racetrack?

Have you seen this little indoor garden thing?

Who here has killed a thread?

My icy grill is the bomb.

What is it with people who send dire warnings through email?

Favorite slob movie?

Its cold outside,

Should these two get back together?

I'm trying to figure out how to upload an avatar of Molly Ivins

I went to the coffee shop across the street for coffee and a bagel.

I'm thinking of learning spanish

I am having a d'uh moment!

So, who of you are watching the Bowl Series tonight?! Got all your snackeries ready?!

Here are some great shots of a Lake effect storm hitting Buffalo

Breaking!!! Super Bowl update.

DU Lounge Break-up/Dumping Modality Poll

I finally saw "The Departed" last night

Do you have what it takes to save Boston from the Lite Bright menace?

Please make sure to donate to your local food pantry today - Souper Bowl of Caring

I dreamed about "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" last night

Damn, a lightbulb just burned out and all I have are incandescents

LSD Has jumped the shark for me this season.

MSG Has jumped the shark for me this season.

BFE Has jumped the shark for me this season

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/4/07)

crystal deodorant sticks .. does anyone use them?

LDS has jumped the shark for me this season.

I'm listening to some Seventh Day Adventist asswipe bloviating on the radio right now

Punching holes in my forehead with a broken Martini glass has jumped the shark for me.

who the hell schedules physical inventory for Super Bowl Sunday?

Nap time.

What's cookin today for Super Sunday?

My ideals for 2008 election: GOP offers Gore/B Clinton, Dems offer Edwards/Feingold

It's been a SUPER Sunday for me...lemme tell ya....

I bought a toaster/convection oven last night...

How's the weather where you are?

Barbara and I are Grandparents !

On the History Channel...

Let's win one for #34.

Salad Bowl Sunday

Where can I bet on the Bears online?

Video of Payton Manning doing WHAT??!!??

Overheard in the office.... ROFL

Chicago won Symphony Bowl

So, I think all the dope I've been smoking is really helping my anxiety

electrical banana is gonna be a sudden craze--

Did your parents ever ask if you did drugs?

In keeping with all the "I will not be watching the Super Bowl" posts:

its real simple

The thought of Hostess Twinkies


Dog drags Georgia woman to safety

Great news... she DOESN'T want a relationship... woohoo!

Ok, I have succesfully ignored the superbowl until now....

Has Age of Empires III come out yet?

Did anyone see this and like it?

I just rode a chick for $4713.03

Another sporadic "Nana Mouskari is a fox" thread I have to clean my CHEEKS TOO?

Global Warming is a myth!

Check out the Times Online "not working" page. Cool!

Cilantro is the new Kudzu!

Does anybody else have trouble remembering which bang head smiley is which?

Whoa! DRM on Vista! You've got to check this out!

I'm cold.

I just wrote a check for $4713.03

What acid-headed clown came up with the Super Bowl pre-show?

Tony Dungy. Lovie Smith. Two black NFL coaches at Super Bowl XLI.

I'm gored and bumpy.

I'm floored and stumpy.

Where should I post my funny freeper story?

Anyone who thought it was safe to hit the fridge during the kickoff of Super Bowl XLI...

Did I just see that?

Should we be like GD and have an *Official Super Bowl Thread*?

I always knew the Mooninites were a threat to national security...

-9 below w/30 windchill, haven't drove the car in 4 days.

lady in red ....

First play of the Super Bowl... touchdown Chicago.

Go Bears!!!!! Whoo Hooo!!!

Hmm, guess it's about time I turned in

The chili is READY!

if you could live in any U.S. state

Who's not seeing a single second of the Super Bowl?

Have a question...watching Friends of God

Am I supposed to be watching TV right now or something?

The score: Dolphin Stadium: 68/Rain/94%, Qualcomm Stadium: 80/Sun/13% - Hello, NFL?!?!

Motorhead. . . with dolls?


Prairie Home Companion Joke Show

Scht00pid question re: iron-on paper kits for printers

87 degrees...WTF

Anyone skipping work tomorrow?

Rotel Cheese Dip ROOOLZ!! SB Snack Pix Thread

I'm bored and grumpy.

Who's not going to miss a second of the Super Bowl?

Sooo, is FOOTBALL actually PLAYED during the Super Bowl?

I'm sore and lumpy.

What types of people at work annoy you?

Looking for a chili recipe that TahitiNut put up in GD. Help. Thanks

Puppy Bowl III on Animal Planet NOW!

Why do we treat homeless animals better than homeless people?


I hate to say it but I don't even give a Rat's Ass about the Super Bowl today

Hey.. let's play "Google an ex" to see what they're doing

Touchdown on first kickoff. DA BEARS!

Happy birthday WolverineDG & usaftmo!!

Alright..... Here's my SUPER BOWL PREDICTION.

I'm sick and phlegmy.

Do you avoid certain music because of it being associated with your past?

If anyone here speaks Japanese, and wants to take a gander at this

Just took a look at GD: Politics for the first time in a while

If you could have one HypnoToad over for dinner, who would it be?

Who else wants to see Iron Chef Paula Deen in battle

So one of my cats is fucking with me again....

I'm abhorred and frumpy

Say hello to our newest kitty!

Did you ever ask your parents if they did drugs?

How many people here use the "My Posts" feature?

Mom's New Boyfriend is a Jerk.

Got a new haircut! What do you think?

My girlfriend just vacuumed up her underwear. Ask me anything!!

The "OFFICIAL" Super Bowl Commercial Thread.


Here is a post to warm everyone up, how hot does it get in summer where you live.

what was the first rated r film you saw at a movie theater

Here comes the PUPPY BOWL!!!!!

LOL! The Cult of Apple is fucking hilarious! Always on the hunt for bad reviews at Amazon.

I don't want to leave the house today

Who here has killed themselves...

**DU Meetup Pics**

DU Meet-up in the LBC!!!

Unheralded New Wave youtube thread

Reyd Reid Reed's granddaughter passed away last night

I was laid off last Monday

So Cal meet-up picture thread! {{ dial-up warning!!!!}}

If you could have one XemaSab over for dinner, who would it be?

Marjoe Gortner - World's Youngest Evangelist (mp3s)

Chrisianity shits all over a truly unique island and ruins their culture

Satan vs God: past and future killings

We are a unique minority.

Should I go to an anti-Phelps protest?

For the golfers - Tiger is only one back in Dubai.

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for February 4: Akopian wins on the Rock

Question about Peyton Manning and Brian Urlacher

anyone watch UFC tonight? **spoilers**

A site that is very insightful

I wish I could be on the other dimension right now...

Possible new Matthew Message ???

Incredible insights from one "Solara"

Astrology Energy Patterns for February 2007 - Frank Don

Individual Augmentation program

a diary in need...

WaPo's Kathleen Parker suffers from MTD

Check out this video:

IPCC Report Shows It Is Time To Take Action - John Kerry

Kerry at Davos repeated Monday, 8:33 am est, C-Span2


This and that:

Poll: Bush #1 villain (worse than Satan)

Cheney is Darth Vader and Sauron's Cousin - SHRUB 2.0

What did Laura Bush tell Colbert?

Ted Kennedy introduces John Kerry-Iowa (1/10/04)

He has been here. (No Bravery) - Bush and Iraq - GRAPHIC

Murdoch Confesses To Propaganda On Iraq

Self delete -- reposted to GDP

Style - thoughts of the DNC speeches

Nora Ephron: Fwd: Do Not Break The Chain

Creepy, majestic, bizarre, beautiful - and bare breasts, too! Spain's La Merce

3,097 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

My Dear Country

Does anyone have rips of Olbermann's special comments in a decent resolution?

"They’re not really companies, they’re quasi agencies."

Militia feeds off help of U.S. - Training boosts Iraqi cleric's army

Neocon Adelman: If Iraq Doesn’t Improve By July 4, ‘I Will Say It Is Hopeless’

CNN Iraqi Interior Ministry estimates 1,000 killed in one week

To the Fright wingers regarding Hussein.

Grenada gaffe: I'm taking bets that

The Iowa broad brush

-13 a few hours ago when i got up - Now -15 plus windchill. here in WI

The Madness of King Tony

Where is the outrage??

Jim Webb on FoxNoise Sunday right now.

1,000 killed in a week, Iraqi Interior Ministry estimates

Edwards was superb

Sometimes the left scares me more than the right

Children deployed to fight in Iraq

The Individual Augmentation program...

I understand Gore's reluctance now having just watched An Inconvenient Truth

Releasing the UN Global Warming Report in the Winter

Did McCain just say on This Week: "I doubt the Maliki gov't will do what we want"

Mighty white of him

India, Russia jointly working towards Hypersonic Cruise Missiles

Joe Lieberman must be spinning in a grave of his own making

So who did the Administration hold accountable for the false info they were given?

Face the Nation

Mercenaries are second largest force in Iraq: UN official

C&L Video: Tim Ryan on Republican whining about spending

rotten smelling oily orange snow fall in russia.

Robert Parry: "Bush Is Hiding the Ball on Iran"

US Can't Prove Iran Link to Iraq Strife

Iraq's civil war comes to the U.S.

When will we know?

Speaking of elections and candidates and such...neocons....

More women are becoming breadwinners; many husbands are fine with that

He's Ready to Rumble (John Edwards criticizes senate dems on Iraq war)

Zippy's dead-on dubya impression

Newsweek knows the National Pulse better than any other 'News' magazine

Asia Times Najaf - Southern Shite and Sunni Arabs who do not support Shite Cleric al-Sistani

Stars & Stripes letter, LOL

IRAQ: Children living without limbs lack assistance

America needs a strong "anti-war" Party...

Edwards on Meet the Press: Will He Defend His Home Purchase? +Iraq WMDs

For the golfers - Tiger is only one back in Dubai.

Where can I bet on the Bears online?

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Changes Minds on Don't Ask, Don't Tell


Just Hold your Nose and Hope we Survive Until 2009 !

With all this very cold weather, pay attention to safety.

Robert Kennedy and Martin Short - a very funny clip

Lincoln Chafee as the GOP nominee would be the best thing ever

Bush's $3 Trillion Budget Cuts Americans

News from Middle East: Lebanon is near Civil War.

In Washington, Contractors Take On Biggest Role Ever (CACI)

Caption the love: Joe Scarborough

F.B.I. Investigating Complaint Against California Lawmaker

Not Made In America - Typical of what the 'freepers' send out BUT

Music Album to Listen to (Iraq related)

So Cal meet-up picture thread! {{ dial-up warning!!!!}} (link to the Lounge)

DU'ers... I need help!!!

Help me win an argument at work about Saddam and bin Laden

Bush puts 'ic' back in 'Democrat Party'

6.4 degrees Centigrade by century's end--or why didn't the US get the whole story on Global Warming?

Is it time for gays to establish a GLBT religion?

Who Has Been Responsible for More Military Marriages Ending in Divorce?

Ray McGovern on kpfk - Ian Masters' Background Briefing

GA GOP recently ok'd a statue of Zell to be erected. Here it is:

Anyone see Nader on Late Edition this morning?

VoteVets Ad To Run During Superbowl

Analysis-U.S. may redefine how it sees victory in Iraq (Reuters)

I never thought I'd have to read my homeowners insurance

Refugees of the Iraq War find little support

(San Diego) County airport panel eyes cross-border pass with Mexico

What Part Of 'No' Doesn' t This Administration Understand?

Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 is still there. Exxon making money off unpaid settlement.

This is so funny I just have to point to it in case you may have missed it.

Dems MUST challenge the talking point. It's not either an escalation or immediate withdrawal.

If depleted uranium harmless, would Bushies object to putting it on their Paraquay exile compound?

I really, really wanted the Colts to win today; however, Condi picked them to win

Inquiry in limbo three years after Rochester-area raids

SCREENSHOT of Bush worse than Satan poll

Army Corps of Engineers can be sued over Katrina (mrgo)

Most Congressmen haven't worn uniform

Kristol: attacks show that the insurgents are "worried"

"Next neocon target: Iran" --(some "tawdry" people involved. NOT a good woman.)

John McCain blasts vote of no confidence.


We hired a plane to fly a banner around South Florida this afternoon


Before the hype, before the crowds, before the confusion, before the snap . . . come CAPTION!!!

NY Times David Brooks: "Children of Polarization." Next generation is practical,

"Pray The ROSARY for Peace on Earth" bumper sticker right next to a BROWNBACK bumper sticker!!!!

OK--Any bets on whether Cheney actually ends up on the stand

OMG!!!11!!! Look at the TERRA in Atlanta!!!

TPM's David Kurtz Explores Cheney's Power....Could Cheny have cast Spell over Bush?

Free copy of "An Inconvenient Truth" from Share the Truth

Larry Johnson: CHENEY WAS Briefed By CIA On NIGER!!!

W.H. Auden poem "Epitaph on a Tyrant". Remind you of anyone?

Preemption, NPT, Iran: it is 2002 all over again.

"Raise hell. That's the best way we can remember Molly!"

How much territory in Afghanistan is controlled by the

A Real "Reality" show/adventure ....Walking through the Wall.

I am so dumb. Bill Kristol expains it all to me...

US takes lead over Nato in Afghanistan? Can this be True?

Iraqi Interior Ministry Estimates 1,000 Killed In Iraq In One Week

RADICL FRINGE TOON Sun. 2/4 -- it's a metaphor

Sharing a paragraph about Walt Whitman - on Americans - the common people...

AFA takes credit for Ford's sales drop, cites their boycott of Ford for its pro-gay policies

Anti-abortion (choice) emails

Miami Veterans and DFA for Miami had banner fly over the Super Bowl.

With all of this cold weather, try to think of/help out someone who

'offically' the Big surge starts tomorrow. abc evening news

The Monitor: Molly & media, w/ John Nichols and Ronnie Dugger

Condi's poplarity beginning to fade as GOP joins growing war criticism

Ridding Vieques, Puerto Rico of bombs a perilous task/Contractors Fearing for Lives!

"Like swine at the Sunday Smackdown!!" . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

Mahatma Gandhi was once asked what he thought of the Western civilization.

OK, I admit to being highly prejudiced. A recent Zogby poll asked

Weather report for 2/4/07--check in, DUers

Underwater Timber NEW INVESTMENT! Green Clear Cutting!

Lets get a little "pushback" against Abu Gonzales:

340,000 flee flooded Indonesia capital!

A "Smirk" of supporters

Record oil company profits + dead troops = million dollars to each soldiers family

Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee would be the best thing ever

The score: Dolphin Stadium: 68/Rain/94%, Qualcomm Stadium: 80/Sun/13% - Hello, NFL?!?!

Great Iraq war song by Richard Thompson: "Dad's Gonna Kill Me"

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino would be a DU hero

Truthdig: Generals Warn Against ‘Disastrous’ Iran Attack

More bombings shook Baghdad on Sunday a day after a massive blast tore through a crowded market

Recent Federal Government Procurements for Farsi (Iranian) Language Services

One of the best films ever about the US political process on TCM tomorrow

So picture this

What % of insurgent weapons comes from Iran? What % is American made? What % is Russian made?

CSPAN caller: "The next president & vice president will be..."

Thinkprogress: VoteVets Ad to Run During Superbowl!

If Cheney resigns .........Could this be bad or good for Democrats in 08?

About that Kucinich / Bush handshake at the SOTU...

Calling all computer geeks . . . Camcorders & disks

The schedule for the House this week doesn't look too thrilling

Pogo said "Us is Them". Who is "Us" and who is "Them"?

Do you remember when Richard Gephardt stabbed the Dems in the back?

Edwards offers a preview of his health plan

Pot is illegal - unless you get a pill from a big pharma company as our govt says to do

Contractors Take On Biggest Role Ever in Washington

These aren't lightly armed and armored mini-copters and transporters the Iraqis are shooting down

A few of us are getting together tonight for a C-SPAN2 tailgate party.

Iran could simply halt its Nuclear program.

Happy 60th birthday to Potato-brain

I will stop this war in Iraq.

What TV show would you like to see back on the air? Phil Donahue?

I'll be on "Nick News with Linda Ellerbee" tonight

The Obama revolution

Cuba increases forested land

So, our local PBS station was re-running "The Civil War" last night...

David Byrne, Former Talking Head on Bush, Cheney, Iraq: I thought, Holy f**k! Can they just do this?

Earthquake off Cuba, Jamaica

This poll needs serious DU help!! Thanks!

Are you holding back a commitment for a 2008 candidate because of Al Gore?

Catcalls Drowned Out Hillary Fans At DNC Meeting

Jim Webb on Fox news sunday now. doing good with Chris Wallace. CT

Bush wants us to cut spending here in America to continue to pay for his military adventures abroad

DU help please: Any good biographies for a 12 year old boy?

"The army wants to take care of soldiers and thier families"

TPM suggests its not an 'imperial vp' but an extraconstitutional one

We don't need to impeach Cheney...

Iranian Nuclear Scientist 'Assassinated'

OMFG!! "My Retarded President" on YouTube.

"Why We Fight"

Republican Rules of the Game

WTF is this shit??? Federal blackmail - why isn't this all over the MSM??????

New suburban flights will offer LAX relief

Barack Obama Introduces Bill Making Robo-Call Abuse and Voter Suppression A Federal Crime

Cancer cure ,and nobody noticed,

"Saudis reportedly funding Iraqi Sunni insurgents"

The Jewish Taliban: women forced to sit at the back of buses.

How we can get rid of Commander Cuckoo Bananas before he kills us all

PLEASE!!! Don't let the MEDIA pick our candidates!!!!

38 avatar choices of Kerry---not ONE for Molly?

Is there any FCC rule which states all talk radio must be an AM Band?

I want to apologize for Dinesh D'souza

Howard Zinn - C-Span 2, Right Now, Don't miss it! n/t

American Foreign Policy Council Ads Re: Iran (Running Inside the Beltway)

Swiftboating - Another reason Al is the best candidate.

Is it possible impeachment is lagging because ?

Libby's Trial Becomes Cheney's Trial

Impeachment By The People - By Howard Zinn

I'm getting close to actively supporting Kucinich... Any other supporters....

You Know Your Empire is Crumbling When....

No one should be running for president

Should Boston ban parked cars?

Who Saw Edwards on Meet The Press, And What Did You Think?

Micro-climates as a potential barrier against hurricane strength winds.

Show of hands; Has the country has already made the critical turn against Bush and his PNAC backers?

If the Plame trial forces Cheney to resign...

PELOSI: If It Appears BUSH Wants War With IRAN-We Will Deny Him The Authority

poor Texas is doing poorly

MSNBC: A NeoCon History of Iran....

"They Found the Cure for Cancer but no one will Research It because of Big Pharma" threads:

Edwards on MTP: "No" on Gay Marriage; Homosexuality is Not a Sin.

Wilson's Findings To Cheney/Libby & *Co........

I am so sick and tired of schoolyard name calling by the administration, the US

Can a Vice-President be indicted? Spiro Agnew was.


Calling All CLARKIES: Who Here Supports The General?

Bush wants to screw the elderly...again

A timely find

Let's Bomb Iran

Somebody shoot me...I agree with Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchannon

Trial shows Cheney’s fingerprints all over Plame affair

(OWH) Waiting to enter race may cost Hagel (R-Ne)

Bush's illegal invasion sparks one of the worst tragedies in Iraq's history

Did Bill Clinton cheerlead for Bush on war in Iraq or didn't he?

CBS refused to air this

take heart Edwards supporters...

A 'Perfect Storm' Is Rising To Oust Dick Cheney

This quote needs to be shouted from the rooftops

bushes state of mind

Akaka Demands Investigation Into Suicide of Iraq War Veteran

A copy of the AEI letter Offering $10,000 Payments Only For Views Critical Of The IPCC Report

Opinions are like noeses, everybody has one and boy are there a lot of noses showing up

Nader leaves the door open for another run

How come no one seems to call for a UN Peacekeeping force in Iraq?

Budget on it's way

"President’s numbers have clearly settled in an unhealthy range."

"Should the U.S. engage Iran in immediate and unconditional talks?"

R-Pres. Cand. Romney calls Clinton 'Timid' in Iran

Budget's ups and downs leave big chunk for war!!

Keep expectations low? Per UPI report now on Raw Story

* SATIRE * John Kerry Euthanized After Political Setbacks

WaPo's Kathleen Parker is an MTD carrier

How do you think Edwards did on Meet The Press

Lame Tweety just

The Church of Kerry

What is the litmus test for war?

MTP John Edwards...

What part of Hillary's "campaign" will she relegate to Bill?

Feinstein warns Republicans not to stop Iraq debate (Reuters)

Think Progress: VoteVets Ad To Run During Superbowl

Bush worse than Satan, Osama, Sadam: MSNBC video

Condi's falling star beginning to fade as GOP joins growing war criticism

Howard Zinn.... All movements start small...

"Incompetence and fraud," contractors becoming a "fourth branch of government"

All our candidates would make great presidents, but I support a non-IWR-supporter first


TMP on Dick Armey's IWR regret

Could there still be indictments in the Plame Leak case?

One week, 1,000 Iraqis dead; four copters were shot down

I would like to see the well-balanced ticket of Clark/Obama

UN Unveils Plan To Release Untapped Wealth Of ......7 Trillion

remember when preemptive attack was NOT on the table at all?

Iran Claims Found Cure For AIDS

Fellow DU'ers...will you join me today in holding our leaders accountable?

Bob Barr for Libertarian nominee!

MTP Interview With Edwards pissed me off.

Nader leaves '08 door open, slams Hillary Clinton

Edwards Attributes Obama's Pre-War Judgement to Rival's Lack of Congressional Intelligence

Michigan congressman set to tackle executive power grab

H5N1: The Deadly Strain Of Bird Flu Is In The UK

25-30% of US population are Christian fundamentalist extremists. That's a lot.

Chrissy Gephardt

Twenty Questions About Impeaching A Vice President, by Dr. Mary Maxwell

Bill Clinton on Larry King's show September 3, 2002.

So far, 17 DUers said Bill Clinton did not side with Bush and cheerlead war with Iraq.

Cal Thomas: Hazy stance on war will be Hillary's downfall

Edwards blames Clinton for his Iraq vote! Ooookkkkeeeey!

Edwards Hits A Home Run on MTP

Kucinich Is the One

I just got done watching Edwards and I just don't get it

Mike Gravel - did you hear what he said?

Obama fans, an awesome pic of Barack, BTW it isn't photoshopped

Demise of GOP just took turn for the worse - Joe Scarborough, MSNBC

The Cassandra conundrum