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Archives: February 5, 2007

No room at the Hilton: Cubans find US trade ban stretches to Oslo

Rejecting Tapeworm Economics And Its War On Families (Carolyn Baker)

Blair wants history to judge him, but the police are first in line

Iraq Vote Could Resonate In 2008

The imperial Mr Bush

Soldiers in Iraq View Troop Surge as a Lost Cause

Retirees Take Action! Support Employee Free Choice Act

Time for Congress to Act on China’s Economic Repression

Scientists offered cash to dispute climate study

Jewish Group Hopes to Expand 'Eco-Kosher' to Other Faiths

Palestinian, 3 Jews Walk Into a Synagogue...

Characteristics of Critical and Uncritical Thinkers - ( Progressive vs. Conservative )

If You Do One Thing Today... .Rec This Thread Over At GD!

Former CIA contractor to be sentenced in fatal detainee beating of Afghan detainee

US prosecutor defends Hicks charges

Pentagon is big winner in Bush's 2008 budget

U.S. To Change Helicopter Tactics In Iraq

Man sought in Ecuador killings in U.S. custody

Substandard Levees Reported in 27 States

MNF Iraq: Task Force Lightning Soldiers attacked (1 soldier killed)

Teamsters Fight Move By Largest U.S. Car Hauler To Void Contracts

CNN/AP: O'Connor says staying on court was her preference

Iraqis Fault Delayed U.S. Plan in Attack

20 face lash, prison for dancing in Saudi Arabia

CWA Pushes to Build Infrastructure To Catch Up In High-Speed Internet

CNN/AP: At Molly Ivins' memorial: Laughing and clapping

Democrats Seek Unpaid Taxes, Setting Up Clash

WP: Officers With PhDs Advising War Effort (Army is turning the war over to its dissidents)

Employee Free Choice Act To Be Reintroduced In Congress

Child stomach surgeries more popular

I've seen monkey shit fights at the zoo

Four Friends At a Party.......some haha

What good things have happened in your life lately?

"Cinema Paradiso" on TCM at 8pm est


Damn! Where's my "Purple Rain" CD?

Did the car stereo installation mess up the heater?

So did millions of people just say "Prince is still alive?"

This will be known as the "Purple Rain" SuperBowl...

"Rebels with a Cause" starring DU's Ava

I'm a scooter fanatic but yet I've never seen

So, did I just develop severe glaucoma or is CBS too cheap for lens wipes?

Buy A New HDTV For The Big Game??? HAHAHAHAHAHA

How to discourage a perpetually horny bird........

Slippery when wet.

Why do newsstands sell porno at airports?

dial-up warning - show and tell

So I slept in last week, having a cold, and forgot to lock the back door

Favorite SB Halftime Show (list)

Duh Bears

How many people here use the "Post" feature?

And now... Music!

On A Cold Hoosier Winter Night...

Are you ambitious?

A monkey is off Peyton's back

This Barnes and Noble has the worst intercom music ever

Dr. D's demi-delightful dilemma (debatable).

Now that's a halftime show!

Dinner at the Prophets

So most Indy schools are on 2 hr delay mon AM due to weather or

Does Dungy remind anyone else of Tom Landry?

This Chicagoan says CONGRATULATIONS to the Colts!

Saw Pan's Labyrinth last night

Ugh!! Too many fish sticks!!!

Craving pizza and won't be eating it. What creative but fantastic toppings have you had?

Prince is covering the Foo Fighters!

I thought there was going to be a guy proposing to his girl during the SB

23 positions in a one night stand

Post Youtube videos featuring only chip singers.

I won my first ever "Big Game" pool - ask me anything

Da Bears Still Suck!

-4 right now at O'Hare

I am going to go devour the rest of my "Tower of Food"

The Soup Bowl

Anyone watching Grease: You're the One That I Want?

It's -2... we had a gas leak last night at 3:30 in the morning....

Wow, what a night!

Super Bowl question

I know that NOBODY will believe me when I say this, but it's true:

I just served XemaSab my son's peanut butter sandwich.

I'm glad for Tony Dungy that he won the Super Bowl today

Farrah Fawcett's doctor says she is cancer-free.

Will there be a riot in Chicago or Indianapolis tonight?

I'm making cheese! Ask me anything.

Ford Focus owners: Might buy one. Opinions/experiences/advice?

Time to dust off this old quote re: thanking god for sports achievements.

Is the Super Bowl really super?

Watching "Caddyshack" and making gorditas... life is good!

God Hates Chicago!

My son just said, "Mom, you're almost 50."

Grease: They all suck

Bring me the head of Rex Grossman!

When men imagine heaven,

i'm watching the remake of Dark Water

Preston Manning sucks and always will

Why is restaurant food ALWAYS so damned salty?

How do I transfer data from my MP3 player (SanDisk)

Is calling somebody a hippie grounds for a beat down?

Ugh oh - Prince's perm is going to get wet at halftime (Superbowl) .

TBS shows "Overboard" three times a day, every day

anybody know the difference between DVD-R, DVD+R, and DVD+-R?

Instead of watching the SuperBowl, I was...

Bubblenutz ride with OCC

Latest picture o' my new Kat!

Post you tube Video's featuring only chick singers.

Now we can get on with BASEBALL!!!11

What do you think The Police will play to open the Grammys?

Wow...two of the nicest, most humble and soft-spoken guys win, and all I hear is hate.

No shit - Prince is only 5'2"

Prince silhouette an "F U" to censors?

What kind of pimp player is GOPisEvil anyway?

I want to be the first to say, Prince owned the stadium. n/t

So Tony Dungy never swears -- anyone else not give a shit?

Payton Manning sucks and always will

Am I alone in feeling rather flatfooted over all the football threads?

Jesus won the Super Bowl tonight for the Colts!!

God won the Super Bowl!!

MN peeps, in this thread

Best...Halftime Show...EVER.

So if you asked a guy out

I'm saying it. Prince at the Superboil is just a sad day for america.

Millions of people across this globe suffering - I doubt God cares who won

President Receives Religious Liberty Award (Couldn't resist)

Have you ever been physically bashed for being gay or lesbian?

I missed the proposal during the Superbowl...kinda wanted my SO to see it

"Embraced By Home" - Karen Bishop - February 4, 2007

I had to say no to my inner child tonight and I feel really crappy.

Edwards: raise taxes for healthcare -Well, he can kiss some of the more conservative voters good-by!

I just want to applaud a certain group of Kerrycrats

Kerry on Drinan and other bills presented by Democrats last week!

New Kerry Tax Credits

Interesting NYT article

THK fans: Pittsburgh, April 20 - 11th Annual Women’s Environmental Health Conference

Bargaining Digest Weekly

Stop the Escalation

Dupe - Self delete

Kerry talks about Veterans issues-Iowa, 2004

Wes Clark - Domestic Experience

Bush Protest in Lacrosse, WI - 2004

what were we thinking

Thanks, Ron (The Many Faults of Ronald Reagan)

I found the "30 percent".

Kucinich on Washington Journal


"Gas Prices Suck" bumper sticker seen on Dodge PU truck

Molly's Funeral: Friends, family remember Ivins' humor, relentlessness

What, no terror alerts today?

Open Letter To Rep Pelosi: Re: Military Transportation Request

L. Flanders talking of Carters new book--Peace not Aparteid now

U.S. can't prove Iran link to Iraq strife

Iran buying suplus F-14 parts , NO PROBLEM

What The Hell Are They Planning For Monday?

Defending dissertation in two weeks. Got any tips?

I recommend this website - Project for an Old American Century

Cheney and his Shadow Government

How you can do Impeachment through activism in your communtiy

I want to be the first to say, Prince owned the stadium. n/t

Bush patron Sandra Day O'Connor STILL refuses to criticize him

HEADLINE: Nader leaves '08 door open, slams Hillary

Ava on Nick News Special Edition Coming On Now

Iraq is one of world's greatest man-made disasters and we know the men who made

Newsweek: Bush's Truman Show

Today on Super Bowl Sunday, the NFL's dirty secret should be exposed.

God bless you Ava, and all these great kids n/t

Soldiers in Iraq View Troop Surge as a Lost Cause

Last week Hannity ragged on Prince, saying he refused to watch Half Time Show

How did Jim Webb do on TV today? Where are all the threads?

Labour urged to make plan for swift Blair exit

Scathing but true OpEd: Democracy Forgotten

Iran discovers cure for AIDS

Stop the escalation commercial during Superbowl

Meet the little man behind the curtain (Iran's Nuclear Program)

Was Super Bowl Commercial National? Or DC Only?

Please leave some love for Molly

In UK Robins hatch 4 eggs in late January.

When Prince comes Knocking... a little secret

Exit Strategy

Fellow Northerners, how cold is it where you are? It's positively Arctic in metro Detroit.

Knight Brigade Gets pwned

Scoop IT - Write Your OWN NEWS HEADLINES -

PROBE THIS: Sen Bob Graham said two 9/11 hijackers had direct ties to Saudi intelligence

Feeding Homeless Now illegal

TOON: Tom The Dancing Bug - "Nate The Neocon: Being A Pundit Means Never Having To Say..."

C-Span I Now! 10:00 est John Edwards at Dartmouth College/Road to WH!

MaCain offers no new ideas (as usual)

3098 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

How cold is it?

A Very Special Message from Joe Biden

Cross posted to it's own thread- Dick Cheney, incapacitated.

Colts Win!!!! Yes! n/t

From "No Nation Building" to Hiring "Democracy Advisors"...

A Prince song they never would have allowed during the halftime show:

Tetanus shots to all the victims of the FL tornadoes! Were the gulf coast

God won the Super Bowl!!

I just did a BIG EFF-YOO to Falwell on the History Channel AND IT FELT GOOD!!1

Jeffrey Dahmer and Adam Walsh connection?

Hey, fellow Dish-ies.. Current is on Dish now

Court-martial looms for war objector

Edwards Struggles to Define Himself Against Obama

Disaster: Bush Says He’ll Continue Meddling in Middle East After His Presidency

I wonder if God's liaison ( Shrubby) will anoint the Colts...

So when will the mainstream media start their news blitz....

Clinton's Mentor is a Methodist Minister

CNN *LEAD* story tonight: Did Jeffrey Dahmer kill little Adam Walsh?

John Mayer can't sing this... can he?

I don't have an apt subject line here (Iraq war thread)

Reza Aslan is an assclown. CSPAN2 BookTV.

I have "Criminal Minds" playing in the background on CBS

1000 Years from Now, They'll Think THE ONION Had the Early Report on the Exit Strategy

Here is what we may well hear from biden this week (about the game and Obama)

Don't miss Alexandra Pelosi's HBO special..."Friends of God"..Brilliant

Divine Strake - What Part of 'No' Doesn't This Administration Understand?

Generation X DU forum. Good idea?

I love DU! We done gots people with smatz.

Homeless Attend Service At Destroyed Church

What type of person...?

Newsweek Proudly Declares Itself to be TRASH

AP Analysis: Bush's Iran Stance Echoes Iraq

Opinions and facts wanted on Senator Dodd; why do you like him, or not?

Mortars kill 15 in Baghdad

Why aren't we attacking Saudi Arabia next?

Accidental synergy from Tucson

Touchdown on first kickoff. DA BEARS!

Puppy Bowl III on Animal Planet NOW!

Watching Edwards on MTP - I know I am getting super-cynical, but...

TOON: This Modern World - "Another Visit To The Right-Wing Noise Machine"

How bout Biden??

Bush Sees Legacy Tied to Middle East

Raise your hand if you knew * was lying about the need to go to war in 2001.

The NY Times Has the Last Word on "Articulate" --->>>

A Good Noel—Union Leader Heads Mass. Labor Department

Economic Report: Unemployment Highest In Four Months, Job Creation Weak

Edwards (and Eliz.) at Dartmouth College on CSPAN NOW

C-Span II NOW 9:30 est./ The Battle to Control the Media

Farm Workers to McDonald’s: We’re Tired of Waiting

Did Kerry's 2004 YEAH WAR platform perpetuate the war?

Obama on immigration

NYT columnist: "Black people get a little testy when white people call them 'articulate.'"

Will Joe Lieberman declare himself a Republican?

What to do when you have no good choices

WP:No I-Told-You-Sos-Opponents of the Iraq War Voice Pain, Not Vindication, At (correct)Predictions

John Edwards: Familiar Face, but a New Tone to the Message

New Kerry Tax Credits

Prairie Home Companion's Political Jokes (from this weekend's show)

IRAQ: 1,000 killed in one week .

wILl tHE Dems finds the 21 billion?

Bloody hands pointing bloody fingers - the cowards' blaming circle- make it stop!

What Seem to Be the Problem Taking Congress SO Long to Shut Down Bush's War?


Is the candidate you support the one you think will win the primaries?

Edwards urges Democrats to take action at home and abroad

Edwards: Don't fund Iraq War escalation

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 277

Why Dick Cheney Cracked Up

Why We Love to Hate Hillary


Nuclear Armageddon? The Rapture Cult, Path of Death

The Never Nevers

Iran Strike 'Would Be Disastrous'

Iraq: Children living without limbs lack support

FEATURE-Iraqi police selling weapons on black market (Reuters)

U.S. contractors becoming a fourth branch of government

"Justifying Genocide: The Role of Professionals in Legitimizing Mass Killing" by Alex Alvarez

The Agenda Restated (James Kunstler)

CBS: Building Iraq's Police Force

Charlie Brooker Hates Macs (and I do, too)


Truthout: A Battle Over "Powerful Evidence" at Libby Trial

AlterNet: From Afghanistan to Iraq: Connecting the Dots with Oil

Pipeline Diplomacy

Libby's Trial Becomes Cheney's Trial (BRENT BUDOWSKY)

Paul Krugman: The Green-Zoning of America

Media watchdog paints grim picture of press freedom (AFP)

Forgotten February (A brief peek at America's unrestrained brutality) (Mickey Z.)

Yes - in 10 years we may have no bananas

Swiss boat claims first solar Atlantic crossing

Alaskan Belugas In Serious Trouble - Numbers Halve In 13 Years, Toxins Piling Up In Their Bodies

Methane Hydrate Release Now Underway In Beaufort Sea Pingoes - GRL

Bangladeshis Eye Ocean's Edge - Rising Waters, Dying Dolphins, Turtles - Reuters

Australia - John Howard "Rules Out" Carbon Tax, "Considering" Carbon Trading - ABC

Global Warming Myths & Lies - GREAT Reference List, With Sourcing

Regenerative Sailing- cutting pollution at sea.

1 Dead, 120+ Injured By Dimethyl Sulfate Truck Leak In Hubei, China - Reuters

Baltic Sea Salmon Stocks Collapsing - Down 50% In 2006 - Cod, Trout Also In Trouble - AFP

40 - 70% Of Jakarta Submerged - 350,000 Displaced, 29 Dead, Rain To Continue - IHT

Another Warning, Another Chance For The World To Do Nothing - Scotsman

Does the Peak Oil "Myth" Just Fall Down? -- Our Response to CERA

Minnesota Trying To Prepare For Arrival Of Emerald Ash Borer - Star-Tribune

NYT: Science Panel Calls Global Warming ‘Unequivocal’ ..(Amazing Photograph)

Britain Will Urge US States To Ignore Bush, Join EU Carbon Trading Independently - Reuters

Brazil coffee at risk from global warming - study - Reuters

Sea Levels Rising In Severn Estuary (UK) At 2.5 mm/Year Since 1950, According To Scientists - BBC

Australian Ranchers Start Shooting Their Herds As Drought Goes On And On - Reuters

Suit Filed to Speed Phase-out of Deadly Pesticides

Ailing Whaler Treated in NZ Under Guard

Questions for the chemists out there...

Global warmig on Mars

Feed Law Powers Germany to New Renewable Energy Record

Sainsbury's in green packing push (BBC) {UK supermarkets}

Pitched as source of clean energy, ranchers say mills are an eyesore (TX NIMBYs)

severe thunderstorm freezes cattle to death (crosspost)

Mystery Killer Silencing Honeybees

U.S. Officials Praise Climate Change Report

Anyone watch NGC Naked Science last night?

Power suppliers attack their rivals' technology (Delaware catfight)

Absolutely Outrageous and Patently Untrue Statements

India should achieve energy independence by 2030: Kalam

WaPo: AEI Critiques of Warming Questioned-Think Tank Defends Challenging Climate Report

AlterNet: Who's Funding Global Warming?

Gov. Gibbons Urged to Request Public Hearings on Divine Strake Explosion

Australia softens stand on carbon trading - Reuters

Open letter to Giorgio Napolitano, the president of Italy

Hamas is not going away (Ha'aretz editorial)

British embassy funding study on impact of separation fence

Khamenei: Israel dividing Muslim world

UK Guardian: Prominent Jews call for open debate on Israel

IDF believes Hezbollah recently placed explosive devices found on northern border

"West Bank Gays More At Home In Israel...."

9/11 Misdirection

More Kucinich talking about 9/11

"What would YOU need to believe Truthers?"

Guilt by Association, Two women are sacrificed for the election board's incompetence

Scandalous NON Regulation of US Voting (M. Richardson) Election Forum New 05 Fe b 2007

A reminder. And lest we forget, while Andy was dying, Bev Harris sat at FR

No room at the Hilton: Cubans find US trade ban stretches to Oslo

Afghanistan Art/Artifacts Being 'Systematically Looted' Warns Museum Organization

Doubt persists on al-Qaeda casualties in Somalia strike (Financial Times)

AP: (China) AIDS Activist Stopped From Visiting U.S.

McCain: War detractors offer no ideas--are intellectually dishonest.

Catcalls Drowned Out Hillary Fans At DNC Meeting

Bush Sees Legacy Tied to Middle East

Hagel, McCain clash over troops to Iraq (OWH)

WaPo: AEI Critiques of Warming Questioned

Iraq Threatens to Dog Senator Clinton's White House Bid

U.S. official finds no abuse of refugees in Vietnam's Central Highlands

Ted Haggard To Leave Colorado Springs (after 3 weeks of "intensive" counseling)

Reuters: U.S. military in Iraq admit airstrike error

Mortar Round, Bombs Kill 2 In Baghdad ( And So it Begins)

Guardian: Report Warns Blair Over Iran Action

Reuters: Car bombs kill 24 in Baghdad ahead of crackdown

"Was that a meteor shower last night?" (AP via Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

PETA workers cleared of animal cruelty, convicted of littering

U.S. Officials Praise Climate Change Report

Iraq: Children living without limbs lack support

CNN: Senate set for battle over vote on Iraq troops

Guantanamo a lawless prison: lawyer

CNN/AP: Bush submits $2.9 trillion budget to Congress (Is it DOA?)

1 of 18 Cranes Survives Florida Storms!

WP/AP: British Soldier Killed Is U.K.'s 100th

Peru: Montesinos's daughter, ex-wife, and former lover to be sentenced today

BBC: UK soldier dies in Iraq bombing (Basra)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday February 5

Iraq Is Main Issue For Iowa, N.H.Voters

Clinton, Brownback and Lieberman Spotlight Media's Impact on Kids' Health

LAT: Tank-size $481 billion defense request: But military seeks more

Obama’s (Kenyan) family bothered by media attention

Roadside bomb damages U.S. vehicle in W Iraq (kills, wounds all soldiers aboard)

Bush Sends Congress $2.90T Spending Plan

Abramoff emails: 'Perhaps I could have hired Borat to represent me'

Republicans try to block Iraq resolution

Argentine ex-president Carlos Menem forming new party for another election bid

Britain blocks islanders ever going home (Diego Garcia/Chagos Islands)

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

Covert iris scanner (where is the collective discussion/vote on this?)

Baghdad offensive to begin: U.S. officers-unlike anything this city has seen.

Cheney's Fund Manager Attacks... Cheney

MSNBC: Mo. (Hornbeck/Ownby) kidnap suspect charged with (forcible) sodomy (71 felony counts)

LAT/AP: Giuliani moves closer to full-fledged presidential run: Will file statement of candidacy

BBC: (UK) Woman hurt in 'letter bomb' find

Syria: Talks with U.S. Iraq's only hope

Democrats praise Dean's much criticized 50-state strategy

FBI Whistleblower Wins Retaliation Claims

KERRY calls for investigation of firefighter unit

Watada court martial opens with feisty defense

9 U.S. Towns Ready for Atlantic Tsunami

Gorbachev to Gates: Show software 'pirate' mercy

Law vastly increases DNA gathering during arrests

In New Orleans, Dysfunction Fuels Cycle of Killing

Feinstein Warns Republicans Not To Stop Iraq Debate

AP: Republicans block Senate debate on Iraq

CNN Breaking: TBS and Interference to pay $2 million for Boston hoax

Newspaper: DaimlerChrysler plans to cut 10,000 jobs, close plants

MSNBC - Judge orders Grand Jury tapes released to the public.

Craig Ferguson Prepares For Super Bowl Late Show

Just now I started laughing for absolutely no reason.

Be honest DU: were you stoned or 10 years old if you watched the Puppy Bowl?

Funky models I built when I was a kid


MORE SoCal Meet-up pics!

Which housewife are you?

Avatar test

and ever since then . . .

and every sense then. . .

I am washing clothes tomorrow, hanging them on the line outside.

Anybody else jonesing for a Top Ten list?

New job dilemma

Who wants to rassle?????

Uggh why do I engage in flame wars in GD even if it is my own thread...

Major cuteness alert...

Jonathan Coulton- "Baby Got Back"

Might be a silly question..

I called in "working from home" today

Baby Seriously Injured In Circumcision

Superbowl Squares

Whew! -20 degrees (F) here, and it's hilarious watching the cars on the highway

Turn down your damned iPod!

Anybody else a little disappointed in the commercials?

I Had a Dream that Cheney Resigned

Who else hears "embiggen" whenever Repubs say "embolden?"


I wonder if posters in GD are laughing about the threads in the Lounge?

Dayum, I gotta leave in a half an hour. I don't want to

OMG - my boss's boss was canned on friday

Jesus won Scrabble last night for LaraMN!

Wow. It's actually cold enough for school to be cancelled here.

a guy from chicago exhaLes, "i'm no Longer the mosted hated"

What were they thinking?

Does the bible claim the world was flat?

Fly the faulty skies

List it here: Gadgets you bought that sounded cool but don't work.

The "Saints" must have really pissed God off

Why do I make friends with people who break wind?

Can someone motivate me to do work?

It's not too early by today's standards....

Why do I make friends with people who break plans?

Anyone have any experience with fasting?

What's the weather like for you today?

I was just disgraced at my own Super Bowl party!

Does anyone know the college location of "Campus Ladies"

Need advice about high school overseas study programs

Anybody know who God's choosing to win the World Series this year?

Anyone have experience with Progressive Insurance?

Your thoughts on what the Bears locker room

worst film anachronisms

Fun with Merriam-Webster pronunciation tool

One of the big shipping companies managed to lose our package...

What food is the opposite of a cookie?

Did anyone else see the meteor last night?


How to beat the call center game

Politics at the nail salon

Here are ALL the commercials from the Super Bowl.....

Anybody else watching the Puppy Bowl on the Animal Channel.

I don't want to go to the dentist

Anti-football reactionaries: What did you do instead of watching the Superbowl?

Man Used Stun Gun On 18-Month Old Son - Arrested

Lowe's Yanks Ads From 'The O'Reilly Factor'

My son has started to walk!

Damn, Robert Byrd just ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!

Just landed in S.F. Forgot what a great town this is. So many nice, smart people.

I am off to Sonic to get a Route 44 ice tea and a bag of ice, what can I pick up for you.

Some winter wonderland from Michigan

Help me think of a really gross, disgusting kind of candy to put in the candy jar on my desk...

Gym Offers Nude Workout Days

So my nerd cred just went up another notch today.

Did you know you missed a commercial in the super bowl? Prince was selling something!

Did you know the DU Admins are SEXIST!

Does anyone know how to get a jammed file cabinet drawer opened?

Did you know the DU Admins are SEXY!

Nurse Names 20 Doctors As Possible Fathers Of Baby

Do you dream of the end of the world?

Bumper Stickers @ the Chimp

How cute was the doggie Budweiser commercial last night?

File under: seen it all now...

I am off to confront a co-worker

Did anyone save a long 12 page NT times article about nutrition

OT: How do you make a browser push a certain font as the generic?

God, GDs ticking me off today.

Man Couldn't Take Any More Money From ATM To Buy Beer - So He Urinated On It

Was this year's Super Bowl the worst in terms of weather conditions?

I am the best bargain shopper ever- this deal was almost as good as the time Lowes paid me


So today basically sucks!

LOL........Do you ever read the ads from Google when you enter........

Oh dear, Britney's shopping at Duane Reade again!

Andy Dick. What an asshole!

I don't have a tumor...

they're fucking pile driving across the street

I'm reading Cosmo, ask me anything

Call me "Mister".

Noise-canceling Headphones--anyone had experience with some

No wonder my cat's so skinny. He's bulemic!

Big ol' Queen rolls her ass into SF!

Greatest Black Sabbath album...


A dildo, a douchebag, and a lefty: funny freeper story from D.C.w/pics

Happy birthday Gargoyle & LadyPresident!!

Do they call you a "guest" at your local Starbucks??


February is my least favourite month.

It was 80 degrees in Malibu today (dial-up warning)

Should I serve as a Moderator?

Prince: Superbowl performance

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/5/2007)

Did you ever have one of those moments that made you feel good right down to your toes?

Ok did anyone else get rubbed the wrong way last night at the GM commercial?


I'd like to see the mods delete THIS thread!

What would the world be like if I was a mod

I want to throw my fucking Toshiba out the window

What would you do if your own father sent you repug spam?

My Life in Segments....

Do you know anyone who was a virgin on their wedding night...

It's not that I'm happy the Colts win, it's that I'm fucking ecstatic the Bears lost!!

Charlie Brooker Hates Macs (and I do, too)

I'm astounded every single day that I have to actually work for a living.

I took my cat, Calico, to be cremated this morning....

Symphonic Band/Orchestra veterans...

Non-clinical use of the word "retarded." Offensive?

My latest party (cakes)... Pirate... (picture heavy)

landlords/tenants, your opinion please

Is Baseball dead?

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

Archbishop in police state warning (UK)

WEBWJU? (What Effects Box Would Jesus Use?) Jesusonic!

Proposal to bar religion challenges is dangerous (AZ)

Woman’s stares led to reunion with biological parents

Priestess who put public face on paganism leaves limelight


3M Muslims join mass Bangladeshi prayer

Euless (TX) asks judge to dismiss Santeria lawsuit

Expert says end-times rapture theology is nuts

Will Pope Benedict become a Mormon after he dies?

do 91% of Americans REALLY believe in a god?

Snickers mocks the premise of being gay as being "unmanly" on Super Bowl Ad

So, what'd I miss?

First 2 TD's scored last night were made by former Miami Hurricanes---

1st preseason NFL game 6 months from today (5 August 2007)

Rex Grossman and The Bears

In honor of the shadow of the Mercury retro. . . let's just yack & indulge in some maybe random and

Numbers Game: New Pentagon Numbers Raise Health Care Worries (NPR-listen/transcript)

IAVA - Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America

Nevermind; too late. nt

Byrd's office defends Kerry

Need some info - JK on plight of Afghan women

Great thread with more connex - BCCI figures and Plame/Cheney/Libby case

Will the 2008 election talk burn out the average voter?

DailyKos diary to rec and comment ASAP (for JK)

That's it! I officially declare war on the press.

Interesting (mentioning Kerry, Obama, H.Clinton, Edwards)

setadeadline gifs for your use

for comic relief. .

The Senate is full of gasbags today.

Kerrycrats Google Group

Franken v. Davis

Second ad that ran in Minnesota

Al Franken Q&A: Al Franken answers questions from MidwestValues PAC

Imagine This

Friends of God

Margo Guryan/'16 Words'

Fun with Fascism...

You're Pitiful AND Political...

So They Tell Me - circa 1919...

Interview With the Tiny German Who Pilots George Bush...

A Very Convenient Truth - Sarah Silverman

Prince silhouette an "F U" to censors?

Jesus won the Super Bowl tonight for the Colts!!

The perfect gift for Bush and Cheney.

Did anyone else hear the crowd boo Muhsin Muhammad(Bears) during the team introductions?

What Issues Should Democratic Candidates Run On?

"He kept us out of Darfur"

Speaking of Ashcroft and the Justice Dept.

Cheney will go - and you might not be happy about it

Know your BFEE: They kill good soldiers like Col. Ted Westhusing for profit...

Dodd to Announce Legislation Providing Paid Leave for Workers

If you can stomach Faux, Colbert on O'reilly repeat now

Colts cheers erupt in Baghdad

It's 2007 - which may not mean much to some, but to me (older guy) it is amazing

Isn't it time of the day for Conservative idiots

Being Debt-Free May Not Be That Great

If I were King

I think I've got it!

Mitt Romney's Religion Is

What did people call Michael Brown (FEMA)?

***Molly Ivins Avatar Images (Please Keep Kicked!)***

Feb 5th in Iraq

Attacks kill two in Baghdad, soldier reported killed northeast of capital

"What do you write at the end of the world?" . . . Joni Mitchell

Soldier making fun of kids in Iraq.

Feb 4th in iraq

Over 1,300 women in Alaska, Ski for Domestic Abuse Victims!

DU forums make my computer emit...

"McCain: War detractors offer no ideas", you know what, PISS OFF John McCain

2 More Molly Cartoons

Iran strike 'would be disastrous'

How did Jim Webb do on Fox News Sunday yesterday?

Molly Ivins -- 'a truth-seeking missile'

Was Chris Wallace dropped on his head at birth?

Do any prominent RW radio personalities have Dems on live?

"Bin Laden, the Left, and Me" (more idiocy from D'Souza

Just watched the National School Board Association smack Spelling around.

Uh oh, I don't like where this is going - RW'ers trying to hassle the Capitol Police

What are the chances that Cornyn can be unseated in the Senate?

Chuck Schumer on npr this hour

Question re: same sex marriage...

Even in Canada- Canadian Security Certificates

$622 billion dollars = 35,290,260 four-year scholarships at public universities.

Car bombs kill 24 in Baghdad ahead of crackdown

Slowpoke: Well, we can imagine karma (Molly Ivins -- TOON)

And just for an instant he looks like Jim Baker without Tammy Faye...

Dayum, I gotta leave in a half an hour. I don't want to

Layton soldier predicted Iraq death - Eric Sieger, 18, who died Thursday, told family before ....

Crane deaths stun conservationists

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Mon. 2/5 -- Dots all she wrote?

Does Anyone Have Link To Companies with New Contracts from Iraq War?

A Monday with Mono??? Yikes! . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

The fucking liberal media is at it again.

Senate not in session till 2pm ET--(resolutions)

I know what I am doing tonight - Scooter's tapes

Lt. Ehren Watada, Lt. George W. Bush and gross hyprocrisy...

Senate debate on Iraq begins at 2 PM...

How likely that Bush will pardon Scooter Libby before it gets worse?

Government Set to Collect DNA From Persons Arrested but not Convicted

How in the "H_ _L can this idiot

The house that we have built (america)

"good news" says WH budget Director: Now on cpan (link below)-budget

How to Revive a Spiritually Dead America in One Easy Lesson!

Why Sen. Chris Dodd Should be the Next President--Motown!

Slouching toward Bethlehem.

Bush's Visit to Williamsburg on Saturday

cspan running Bush short interview this morning NOW--link here

I am told that Gore is a hypocrite and travels by private Jet


A Monday with Mono?? . . . Yikes!! . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

The Eagle Flies on Monday . . . That is, if you come CAPTION!!!

2 million Iraqis leave Iraq - 2 million is a lot of people

Here's a test to see if you are persecuted

Some Exciting News about my site Peace Takes Courage

A talking point Dem's put out on Iraq debate

OMIGOD!!!! It's worse than Y2K fever! The end of the world! Again.

Actor Ryan O'Neil Arrested for Assaulting Son (Why is Christian Broadcasting news so interested?)

Could anyone be a more arrogant prick than Bush?

LA Times Op-Ed: Congress must stop an attack on Iran

MURDOCK Admits Manipulating Media For BUSH Admin…Surprise…Surprise

Montana and Wyoming fighting for water

The Shrub's latest malapropism

War and Piece: 31 Days in Iraq (represented in chart form)

Photo of Prince from Halftime show

Foreign Tourist industry in US down down down

Some Exciting News about my site Peace Takes Courage

Why don't GI George go near the water anymore?

Jakarta floods: Children in need of immediate aid

Saw Diane S in Syria today

"Jesus drops back, looks, and passes the sails over the fundie heads to..."

U.S. Reconfigures the Way Casualty Totals Are Given

the Nightmare of Afghan Women

For all the circus goers. Latest ARG poll for candidates.

American Academy of Pediatrics urges "go slow" on new HPV vaccine.

POLL: Only 13 Percent Of Congressional Republicans Believe In Man-Made Global Warming

Analyst: Detroit automakers must close two-thirds of dealerships

Mars maker says ads targeting under-12s to stop

Geeez, we're so lucky the supreme court didn't appoint Al Gore back in 2000.

Ted Haggard To Leave Colorado Springs

FLASHBACK TOON --- Whoaaaa... just make a minor change

License agreement, Schmicense Agreement Bush's 2008 Budget is a disaster

Something about the Plame case doesn't make sense to me...

Kudo's to CT for putting up this sign...

Rejecting Tapeworm Economics and its War on Families...

"No evidence we could ever cause global climate change"

USA Today hailed Giuliani as "hero of 9/11," omitted Kerik controversy...

Don't hold your breath on New Mexico Impeachment Bill

Why did Libby meet Judith Miller in a hotel to talk? Don't they have telephones?

severe thunderstorm freezes cattle to death - really


New Polls for IA caucus and NH primary (both Dem/GOP)

Deal ends Beatles' Apple battle (BBC)

New Fox Show: Obama Is Not The First ‘Clean’ African-American, Since Oprah ‘Does Douche’

Candidates pick tunes at DNC meeting

If Hillary gets nominate and then elected, look for our grassroots with wither

CNN POLL: Do you support President bush's* plan for a big increase in military spending?

Love Is My Religion....Ziggy Marley

Anybody just see Tweety on MSNBC at 3 PM Eastern?

Senate hearing on genocide starting at 3pmEST (Don Cheadle to testify)

Harry Reid: All Republican Senators Will Filibuster??

Did you see a-hole Rick Sanchez interview Charlize Theron about her Cuban documentary?

Great Rangel (D) quote on Bush

KPRC (Houston) Video Shows Military Recruiters Downplaying Drug Tests

China's Poison for the Planet

42 below zero Embarrass MN

Republicans Urged Not to Block Iraq Vote

Up or down vote ... Up or down vote .... Up or down vote

Iran: The War Begins (John Pilger)

C'mon Newt..join the crowd..

Agent Acknowledges Gaps in Libby Notes (AP)

It's Way Too Late for Nonbinding Resolutions on Iraq

We know about Obama's stance on war...but what kind of light bulbs does he use?

Bomb and Mortar Attacks in Iraq Kill 38

Rudy Julioni is Northeast Liberal, why do we not like him?

Iraqis are leaving Iraq in droves...

Never forget 01-31-07

U.S. Astronaut Sunita Williams Sets New Women's Record!

4:11 (est) Edwards to be Interviewed by Blitzer "within the hour" on Raising Taxes

Would you finance your mortgage through this lender?

This is GREAT! 'Game Over:Thirty-Six Sure-Fire Signs That Your Empire is Crumbling'

Lt. Ehren Watada Court Martial Draws protest and celebrity power..

Effects of global warming in the SF Bay Area: A's new stadium to be underwater?

Repugs just had a 15 min. NEws conf. on cspan--lots of complaining of

Fallows: Congress MUST draw the line on Iran NOW

After 100 years, all Erwin Wothe wants is a Schmidt beer

So, I just watched funeral procession for a kid killed in Iraq go by...

The Plight of Damaged Iraq War Vets

UCDavis Offers Free online Class on Sustainable Ag

Your opinion on Guardisal - the HPV vaccine

Rudy Guiliani said he will appoint "strict constructionist" judges

All Of The Sudden, After Four Years Of Blocking ANY Legislation, Republicans Want A Vote?!!!!

Anti-Iraq war protesters arrested after sitting inside Sen. McCain's office to protest funding -pics

As we move into the new millennium, Americans seem to be angrier

Who's Funding Global Warming?

If the Democrats want our cooperation, they'll give the president's nominees an up-or-down vote

Many Far Right groups could be united by hatred of the government

3099 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

20 Foreigners Face Lashes and Prison in Saudia Arabia

Friday Afternoon News Dumps-- verified in the Libby trial

Senator Byrd is on the floor for the next 50+ minutes. n/t

Fort Lewis in Tacoma right now - Demonstration of at least 100 carrying out of Iraq & Impeach Bush

What Progressives Have in Common with the Military

The "Clinton Body Count" rumor has resurfaced

Is McConnell saying there's a deal on an Iraq vote?

Robert Novak: Skipping Merrily Along as Others Take the Heat

Panicked professionals fear they were victims of 'swingers' group blackmail scam

AP: State Farm Dropping Ala. Coast Coverage (2,600 holders)

Prince at the Super Bowl.

Senate starting on CSpan2 now (Iraq debate)

Ya know, we have some pretty decent and innovative kids in this country

Anybody just see Tweety on MSNBC at 3 PM Eastern?

Proof of Procreation Required for Marriage - Washington State Initiative

Greenwald: Portrait of Lieberman reveals dope who reads Mark Steyn, cheers "US" in fiction movies

Just a question: So what if The Idiot is impeached?

Dan Aykroyd in possession of real O"Hare UFO footage...

Joe Lieberman (I) Speaking Against Non-binding Resolution C-SPAN Now

It looks like I just lost my Stephanie Miller station here in New Haven!

With Latest Budget, Iraq Costs Top Vietnam War

"Global Warming" or "Climate Change"?

NY Times Bob Herbert: "Gary Tyler's Lost Decade."

True or False: Any Dem candidate is better than any Repuke.

This is a BIG DEAL: Repubs about to filibuster Iraq war resolutions

Here is a list of questions every candidate for President 2008 should answer TODAY....

Randi is ripping on Dinesh D'souza

Is anyone watching the Senate?

Jim Sensenbrenner is a total ass!

Artifact of the Future: GOREBAMA Ticket Shakes Up 2008 Election

4 Hate-Crime Beating Teens Get Probation

Tom Vilsack calls for "defunding" War in Iraq--does this change your view of him?

Democratic Senators must have the Debate

Rupert Murdock admits manipulating the media…Surprise…Surprise

O' Reilly "Losing It" Over Arkin Saying Troops Need to Support American People

Half-time Performers, time to give it up

Texas grandmother(and minister) sweeps streets of Washington as punishment for anti-war protes

Global idiocy

Nader on Molly Ivins

Do you see this, America? Do you see? The repugs want you to keep dying for their games

Breaking: This is Hugh 111. Media picks our candidates and frames the debate. They will tell you who

I Went to Pieces' Melida Arredondo

Breaking News Senate Republicans Block Debate Over Iraq 'Surge' Resolution

Looks Like Nader May Run In 08:

Hagel and Warner vote to filibuster THEIR OWN RESOLUTIONS!!!

A Few Words in Defense of Our Country by Randy Newman

Bremer: Things Were Complicated

Our country has been stolen from us. And far too many don't realize it.


Grumpy workers are the best workers!

If you were face to face with Bush what would you say to him?

Merck & Co., maker of the Gardasil vaccine, has funded lobbying efforts in at least 18 states

Why don't we ever talk about addiction? (money addiction)

John Edwards: Universal health care: Let's make it happen

Cheese is good

Talking points regarding Edward's house?

CSPAN2 Bernie Sanders (I) re Iraq now! n/t

EXTRA, EXTRA...iTunes might not work on Vista!!

Latecomer: what happened to Jeb Bush

DU has helped me stop and think that what I say might be offensive.

Judge to hear arguments on Libby tapes today

Want to balance the budget, pay for war in Iraq, and cut taxes? It's EASY

"Intellectually Dishonest"--what the EFF does that mean, anyway?

Help me think of a caption for this photo (global warming)

Who is Don Black?

*** New Thread at Libby Live: Assorted Legal Jousting

US to collect DNA from anyone arrested or detained by Feds

John McCain misses Iraq vote

Bush's Bloodthirsty Republicans Scrambling to Block Bipartisan Iraq Resolution

Anyone hear about Code Pink members being arrested today?

Single-payer universal health activists -- a request for your help

NBC makes my head explode

The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib (film)

BREAKING MSNBC-Major Ruling: Libby's 'SECRET GRAND JURY TESTIMONY' Tapes To Be Released To Public

U.S. Set to Begin a Vast Expansion of DNA Sampling

"I have no baby pictures."

"... if he (Obama) were actually black" -- Dickerson article

Stepping In Dog Shit Rates Higher Than George W. Bush

Monday TOONS

Prince waves three-foot penis at America

Is there anything I do in my personal life that does not affect you?

1st Lt. Ehren Watada to be court martialed today

"Was that a meteor shower last night?" (AP via Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

No true progressives should watch /The Sopranos/.

Good point on Edwards HC plan. Doesn't require people to buy HC or a certain level of HC

The Battlefield (Plame Thread #13)

Repubs Show Democrats How A Filibuster Works

HOLEY MOLEY MOSES! PNAC: "Multiple Simultaneous Large-Scale Wars;" Bush Doctrine

A caller on the Ed Schultz show made a passionate argument AGAINST anyone who voted for the war

Civil Rights Poll

The Screen Play: Did You Order The Plame Leak ?

BUSH&CHENEYs DIRTY SECRETS: CIA Official Blows Whistle On Bogus Intell-Kidnappings & Torture (Salon)

Another freeper e-mail.

Atrios: Happy Colin Powell at the UN Day

Why are DEMS pushing for a meaningless, non-binding vote on escalation?

Can someone explain to me why buying carbon offsets

What Happened with Iraq Resolution Vote...I had to go out and missed it...

Up to 10,000 Chrysler workers could lose their jobs

Enforced orthodoxies and Iran -- excellent commentary from Glenn Greenwald, "Patriot Act..." author

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Which do GBLT US citizens deserve to have as a civil right

This looks fishy - activist prosecuted for chalk messages

Mike Gravel from Alaska had some words for the Democrats at their meeting

Sign up to support universal health care.

Should 2008 Democratic Platform come out for Gay Marriage?

Snickers ad...Another point of view

Why the Snickers ad matters

Will Hillary Cave on Health Care?

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad willing to broker peace - why won't we let him?

One of the bravest men on Earth has passed away

Had A Gotcha Moment With A Young Drone

BREAKING: Over 20 States Introduce Resolutions Against The Escalation In Iraq

"M&M/Mars Company owners are contributing to child slave labor practices today in Africa"

Sworn Testimony Has Revealed That VP Al Gore Masterminded The Unmasking Of A Covert CIA Agent...

FINALLY - they are questioning the "enemy combatant" status!

Well, I guess I'll be boycotting Snickers bars for the time being

BRAD BLOG: Florida Lied About FL-13 Investigation; WH Lied About CIA Leak...

Center for American Progress report: Bush is Provoking a war with Iran

Let me see if I've got this straight...

WHY is noone making a fuss about the new passport laws?

U.S. Attorney firings: "Pressure from people who wanted to make some things happen in these places."

So now, the neocons are pushing DNA collection on us for a sweeping databank?

OMG! Do you know what Wolf Blitzer's real name is?!

I used to love February at school

Women prefer flirting to get ahead (UK survey by Harper's Bazaar)

Vaccine center issues warning on new cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil

The American Academy of Pediatrics APPROVES the HPV vaccine

Resurrecting "Fahrenheit 9/11": Michael Moore vindicated

Is everyone choking back tears over the poor IRS?

FACTSHEET: Mercury in Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL's)

Americablog: Snickers airs inexcusable homophobic ad, complete with bigoted "player reactions"

OUTING THE CIA (Pt. 2): Cheney, Libby and the Attempted Destruction of Counter-Proliferation.

This mentality that porn just magically "appears" on the computer

The REALLY Disturbing Super Bowl Ad

Sun Myung Moon implicated in baby shark poaching ring. Preacher posted bean spilling sermon on net

Gardasil and mandatory vaccination. My thoughts.

Who the hell cuts taxes during wartime?

UN Report: Livestock one of top 2 or 3 contributors to most serious environmental problems

The Return of Communism?

Listening to Randi, OMG, she's telling soldiers to not obey orders

Incredible Photograph of the Impact of Global Warming.........

Some Exciting News about my site Peace Takes Courage

Two Sights: 1) Anyone see KINGDOM OF HEAVEN?

The uproar over the "homophobic" Snickers Superbowl ad.

BUSH ADMIN Allocating $43 Billion To Create An Illegal Biological Weapons Program

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

WP, pg1: Obama Confronts 'Outsider' Dilemma: How to Win Without Losing His Identity

They want we go!

What's worse?

Why Did Republicans Allow Bush to Wreck EPA Libraries?

This Modern World: Time for another look at the right-wing noise machine!

Bush Backers Offer Bribes to Undercut Global Warming Report

Bush's $2.9 trillion request is 'sticker shock' !!!!!

NY Times: Iraqis Fault Delayed U.S. Plan in Attack

So, I'm to believe that it was only Democrats who were chanting:

Our new kitchen (an allegorical fiscal fable)

Has Anybody Heard About The USS New York - A Ship Built With 24 Tons Of WTC Steel?....

One year from today, 2/5/08, may be the deciding day for our candidate

Excellent SOUNDOFF in local paper

America's most profound historical anniversary date..

U.S. Army Europe Eliminates Funding For Welcome-Home Celebrations For Troops

Bloomberg: Hillary Wins Support from Businesses, Ex-Foes, Aiding 2008 Bid

It's one Hil(lary) of a target! Big fund-raiser in NYC is a step toward 75M goal

Reuters: Bush proposes billions for Iraq, may seek more

The Repubs *dare* us to cut the funding for Iraq ..... for their gain?

Gambian President claims to cure AIDS

Question for supporters of the "presumptive nominee"

Dumbest. Statement. Ever.

Breaking on MSNBC: Giuliani to file to run

Kerry, Feingold Demand Action On Forgotten War In Afghanistan

My good friend, Ava Lowery .....

Rasmussen poll: Pelosi's favorable ratings climb; other Congressional leaders earn unfavorables

How patriotic are you?

Wolf Blitzer trying sooooo hard to trip up Edwards re Hillary. Ain't happening..

I received a "2007 New Directions Survey" from the DCCC last week

Wes Clark talks and sounds like a presidential candidate

What exactly are Rudy's qualifications to be president?

Day of Shame media meltdown and the power of "WHY"

Who knows Hillary and Guilian the best...New Yorkers of course...Hillary romps...

An Email from John Edwards about Universal Healthcare

A huge kudos to Byrd and his office for that.

North American Union.....

Washington Post: The $1 Million Bundler Hillary needs to disclose names of her campaign financiers

Cheney's investment manager goes postal on US policy!!!

No Negotiation, McCain's Given Up on His Principles

Funding forTroop Welcome Home Celebration Eliminated

Richardson touts unique qualifications

With Latest Budget, Iraq Costs Top Vietnam War

Just curious, has anyone ever thought, "Gee, I was way off on slamming Bush. ...

ABC's Political Radar: "General Salutes Clinton-Clark Ticket"

Should I get duel citizenship for Canada solely for their healthcare?

Poll: Both Hillary and Clark would stomp Huckabee in Arkansas...

Who Amongst The Repug Candidates For Pres Has Foreign Affairs.....

three videos of US Army misbehavior in Iraq.....

Some perspective: there were former Clinton admin officials who urged Congress to vote no on the IWR

Edwards unveils, on his website, universal healthcare plan

Am I the only one who is disappointed in the Pelossi/private plane request?

Conyers on impeachment, Hillary

Rudy in drag

Today is America's Day of Shame -- 4th Anniversary of Powell at UN

AOL Poll on Lt. Watada needs DU's help

Tweety bloviating about GOOLIANI running

"Rudy showed something magical on 9/11." —Chris Matthews

Did you sign the Draft Gore Petition?

If Gore entered the 08 race would it change your 08 preference?

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

The 2008 ticket the makes the most sense...

Clinton now leads in Iowa, New Hamphire, Ohio...

Opinions please: I am substituting today and am sitting at a teacher's desk full of religious...