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Archives: February 7, 2007

Divine Strake: Legacy of Radiation Illness Stirs Objection to Nevada Bomb Test

Democratic Presidential Candidates are Setting the Wrong Tone on Iran

Venezuela’s Enabling Law Could Also Enable the Opposition

Senate Dems to try again on the ‘surge’

Truthout: Ersatz Apocalypto: Slaughter and Spin in the Battle for Najaf

Mission Deflated: Army distributes flat soccer balls to kids in Iraq

Blair's defence of special relationship with US has hollow ring

When the World Turns

Food miles may be green, but are they fair? - Reuters

Global Warming to Hit Poor Worst, Says UN's Ban

Israel begins renovation near holy site

Defiant Hezbollah returns to Israel border with flags and bikes

Israel's Economic Stranglehold of Palestine Is a Silent Killer

An open-minded person who is inexperienced and uninformed will need to...

How Many People Have Actually Read Judy Wood's Directed Energy Weapon article?

BRAD BLOG: Holt Election Reform Legislation Filed; Blackwell Shredded Documents; MUCH MORE...

"...proposed burning Republicans on the statehouse lawn..."

Israel begins renovation near holy site

Gunmen kill seven in Acapulco

Reuters: Senate committee recommends McConnell as spy chief

Rep. grills ex-US leader in Iraq: Where did 363 tons of cash go?

WP: Court Hears Libby Describe Cheney as "Upset" at Wilson; Rove "animated" by Novak

WP: General Is Front Man For Bush's Iraq Plan

House approves Bainbridge Island, WA., internment memorial

NYT: Iraqi Premier Admits Errors In Introducing Security Plan In Baghdad

(UK) Vet 'tested for bird flu' in hospital

Democrats lay siege to Iraq war plans

Bush administration plans new barge fees

CNN: Family Research Council president rails against Giuliani candidacy

Dems may override Bush on kid insurance

CNN/AP: Boston scare suspect videotaped bomb squad

Mich. Young Republicans leader accused in sex case

NYT: Military Wants More Civilians to Help in Iraq

CNNMoney: Snickers pulls plug on Super Bowl smooch ad

1950s singer Frankie Laine dies at 93

Apple: Record labels should drop DRM

2004: A relative's X-mas card depicts him shaking Bush's hand. 2007: He's being sent back to Iraq.

The last person that you knew who was BI? (lame copycat)

"People aren't as inbred here as I thought"

Is it wrong of me to use PHP?

Ask Me A Question, or Die

"it has a decidedly feminine feel" is how the lady at the store

pencil art... literally

Anyone here ever lent money over

2 weeks ago another co-worker and I had set up a time for lunch...

When lats attack

Dinner at Chez LeftyMom in twenty minutes.

Snow Pictures

Anybody else have trouble connecting to the internet late this morning.

I think the astronaut lady has a clear case of a mental disorder

Call in the National Guard if I'm not back in an hour.

Is it wrong on me to use PCP?

Today someone gave me a double cassesste tape deck and a big box of cassesstes.

Who here has been physical with someone famous?

Smell Bad or Take a Shower?

Tuesday, February 6. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

If they wrapped the shuttle in a big diaper, would that stop bits falling off during takeoff?

Who's watching Gilmour Girls this season? (Spoilers)

I am going to take my pain meds

Freemasons appreciation thread!

I have to wait two weeks for an appliance technician to come out,

Has anyone here ever played Twilight: 2000?

"The Cuervo Gold; The fine Colombian; make tonite a wonderful thing..."

World's most expensive cat toy...

does anyone feel like a circus poster...

Does anyone ever feel like a hamster?

It's been snowing since noon today

Kung Fu Jam: Carradine, Feliciano and Cannonball Adderly

...the cable is croaked...

The Year Was 1906...

Can you see your surfaces?

Nanny nanny boo boo... I've got hot cherry cobbler fresh out of the oven with vanilla ice cream...

80% of the emails I get are about stupid shit.

Who's a fan of Warren Zevon?

I want new Radiohead!

My Chihuahua just got sprayed by a skunk!

When Tom Leykis talked about politics.

Post The Firefox Add-Ons You Think All DUers Should Have!

What Would Your Last Words Be

The lounge seems really heavy today, subject-matter wise.

When Cats Attack

You know what sounds really tasty right now? A Root Beer Float

do you own anything made in bumfuck, egypt?

a music video I made

My motherf@#$cking pipes are frozen...

The ghost is active in the attic again, sounds just like foot steps.

If you had to be stuck in Rabrrrrrr's mind for all eternity, which part would you choose?

This Is How I Got, and Kept, My Lover

Brutal cell phone policy in one of my classes

The s.o. just called one of the cats an "insolent little snot".

We closed on our new condo today and then disaster struck.

Forget Prince, THIS is who needs to be at the Superbowl!!

Who Here Has Touched (Physically) Someone Famous?

Who here has touched (psychically) someone famous

101 ways you know your from Boston...

"Offer: Bag of frozen ravioli, approximately one serving removed."

Has anyone here suffered from NetFlix throttling?

I've decided I need a bucket truck

****Questions Americans Need To Answer****

Name a little thing that brings you joy every day.

Favorite version of You Really Got Me

Billyskank hasn't drawn anybody in awhile

Does anyone ever feel like an imposter?

It's the recursion appreciation thread!! (pic heavy)

And then there's...

When was the last time you moved?

Better question: Does anyone own anything made in their own home town?

Questions for vegetarians

Well........I thought that maybe I didn't look too repulsive today...

Do any of you own anything made in East Germany?

Online Banking and Bill Paying

Do any of you own anything that was made in the Soviet Union?

Anyone else watch "Extras" on HBO?

Famed 50s singer Frankie Laine dies

My startling revelation.

Petitions for I-957 (Washington Defense of Marriage Initiative) now available

I don't know if there are any SW Missouri GLBT's that

Has anyone read any of Michael Sharp's books?

I have *got* to stop posting on this website

family emergency.

Howard Dean visits Madison, WI 7/13/05 (Part 2)

Howard Dean visits Madison, WI 7/13/05 (Part 1)

Howard Dean visits Madison, WI 7/13/05 (Part 3)

Is Feingold the only one with the Courage to end the War?

What Did The Democrats Say About Iraq's WMD

Documentary just waiting to happen - What happened to Lung Leg

Does crying wolf hurt a cause?

Still No Habeas Rights for You

Randi (Rhode's) style is becoming very annoying, IMO

Lieberman calling for a War Tax

The Independent's frontpage filled with tombstones

Jack Cafferty railing about the missing money in Iraq:

Gov. Proposes Selling Texas Lottery

CSPAN2 WH Presser from earlier today on now

Rudy Giuliani, October 28th 2004 7:15 am, Today Show:

C&L: Waxman asks Bremer about Mr. Kate O'Beirne's hiring practices

DKos Diary: "Debbie Does Impeachment"

Bush's farm bill "reform" proposal falls woefully short

What a crazy country .

This Is The Age Of Dudley Doright

Edward Luttwak: To Help Iraq Let It Fend For Itself

Who in their right mind would send 360 tons of cash into a war zone? Bush did

Freeperville is in meltdown.and isn't sweet

Democrats to Join Veterans in Demanding Debate on Iraq Escalation

In the spirit of bipartisanship, I offer a proposal to work with the GOP

John Gibson: "Three things the media isnt suppose to do"

Reid: Iraq NIE Offers No Support for Escalating the War

French PM Blasts US Plans For Iraq Troop Surge

John Aravosis on Paula Zahn right now.

Another EXCELLENT piece by Will Pitt

Radical Progressive Agenda To Stop War

Mercenaries Welcome: The Private Security Company Association of Iraq (The Blackwater Boardroom)

Since We're Headed for a Depression, let's remember songs from the past

Free-Lancer Becomes Longest Incarcerated Journalist In U.S. History (Protest Footage)

KKK Rebounds With New Focus On Immigration, ADL Reports

This is funny because it's true

Rickie Lee Jones Receives Some Divine Inspiration

Poll Results @ The Nation - Most likely conseuence of Iraq War

I just got into an argument about "Frazier" of all people

Update on the bu$h land purchase in Paraguay (TPM):

I had no idea that there was a cheat menu for real life

5,000 year old bones found locked in an eternal embrace

The Modern American Detention Camp: jailing 5-year-olds!

For those who just can't seem to figure out the internets yet,

LOL Boston Legal doing Anti-gay program malpractice suit!

U.S. sent giant pallets of cash into Iraq

A story that will *never* get old: Neil Bush's herpes

Has anyone seen China Blue yet?

"Heaven's Gate" to be presided over by tribunal of Texans.

What Does Freedom Mean To You?

A strange statement overheard at the grocery store earlier today

Gallup: Chimp @ 32% job approval ( -4 points) & record low Iraq approval

Stop Being So Busy!

c'mon, are you serious about global warming....

Tourism lags in Crawford

define the Democratic base.

Wal-Mart to stand trial for gender discrimination

CSPAN2: Waxman hearing with Bremer regarding waste in Iraq - starting NOW

Via Scarborough: Gallop Poll - 72% disapproval!

Well I Guess We Know Who We Won't Be Voting For

If U.S. troops aren't home by 2008, isn't it likely that the

What would wipe that smirk off his face?

Anyone else see Haggerty's re-orientation as the new ring-wing social scientists...

Paul Bremer: "Chaos in Iraq in May 2003 was not brought about by war...."


"It's old news," said Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va. (Wait 'Til Waxman Trots out the Recent Stuff)

1000 Army vehicles destroyed in Iraq (so far...)

IWR...why has no one tried suing in court...

The Daily Show reporting bad news for "the Gays"...

"We are in a war against terrorists, to have a blame meeting isn't, in my opinion, constructive"

What the hell?

dont worry, polar bears are not drowning. and there is no global warming

Media 'Hate' - The most EFFECTIVE anti-hate sitcom ever.

A Karl Rove wanna be in Kansas City

Transcript and video: US friendly fire killing of British soldier

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Armed US police could be on London streets

just look at his nose

Tweety asks, how did Giuliani get the pee smell out of the subway?

"Friendly Fire" Story on MSNBC

Hypothetical scenario: If a cure for cancer or AIDS was discovered

Boston Legal awesome tonight ...right on theheals of Haggard being "cured"

ADL: Klan is resurging, fed by anti-immigration sentiments

Here is a Really Good Chuckle

An important reminder for the freepers

Where is the ENFORCEMENT in our friggin Gov't????

NYT Editorial: "It's The War, Senators"

Democrats Should Force the Republicans to Physically Filibuster...

North Dakota Issues Nation's First Hemp Permits

BRAD BLOG: Holt Election Reform Legislation Filed; Blackwell Shredded Documents; MUCH MORE...

Attention, XM AAR listeners: Ed Schultz coming to ch. 167...

AP Poll : Bush worse than Satan

Olbermann will talk about O'Reilly's upcoming award

Anyone watching Boston Legal?

Cheney's Son-In-Law "Major Stumbling Block" For Investigations Of Homeland Security Dept.

Iraq is going to hell and the economy sucks, and we are obsessing over a TV comerical?

Advertising Age review: "Snickers! For macho young men insecure about their sexuality!"


If Monkey says: ''I messed up. Now help me fix it.'' What do You say?

Jim Webb has it nailed...

Should Inmates be Allowed to Smoke in Prison

Dick Cavett Slams Bush: ‘It’s Only Language’

Crier Refers To O'Reilly As "Ludicrous" (O'Reilly To Speak At Nat'l Center For Missing Kids Event)

Garrison Keillor on Hillary:

New Orleans Firefighters Forced to Ask for Aid from Charity to Rebuild Firehouse

O’Reilly And Beck Agree: We’re ‘Afraid’ To Have ‘A Lot Of African-American Friends’

You know I was strongly in favor of "turning the other check"

The Great Dollar Crash of ‘07

Bees are dying in mass numbers So we are in deep shit.

Democrats won't overcome the balance of power without convincing republicans to sign on

Permission Be Damned

Why Does the Bush Administration Hate the Gulf Coast??

Noah's Animal House: A Las Vegas pet shelter with a difference

I am not posting this in anger, or in the heat of the moment

Seymour Hersh: WH is afraid Congress will vote a binding resolution to stop a hit on Iran

Feingold: It's us vs. the Clinton consultants

Malloy and Randi both pounded Nader voters and missed the broader point...

New Mexico Impeachment Resolution Goes to Rules Committee

Lawrence Korb & Stephen Xenakis: Troop morale a casualty in Iraq

Key Corzine aide to join the Edwards campaign

The Top 100 Senators List - And You Rank Em'

Kalamzoo school system offers free college

Impeachment time

South Side Chicago church's tenets spark criticism of Obama by some conservatives

Senate Dems May Attach Binding Limits on Iraq to Pending Bill

See why Hastert's Plane can not make it cross country

Pelosi settles battle with Dingell over special panel on climate change

Would being an Oscar winner AND a Nobel laureate help or hurt Al Gore?

Right-wing Catholic group slams Edwards for hiring pro-gay bloggers

need help, please. anybody have a list of the representatives whose offspring either are currently,

Talk Radio - Why do Progressives

A visual representation of 1% of the Iraq death toll

Sen. Edwards helps local woman make home more energy efficient

Wesley Clark on Facebook is...

Nancy Pelosi: In need of treatment?

Act For Change: Stop playing games, and bring the troops home

Rudy and Judi in clinch on front page of NY Post: "I've always liked strong macho men."

We Need Another Old Hickory - Mike Lyon on Clark '08

What Do You Think Is The MOST Important Quality In A Presidential Candidate?

Edwards' campaign manager Bonior: 'Total bull' that Congress can't stop Bush Iraq escalation plan

Republicans send 360 Tons of Cash into a War Zone

Big mouth Terribly McAwful scapegoats immigrants

2.3 Million Maytag and Jenn-Air Dishwashers Recalled

Tech Test Drive: Vista's pretty, but it's a shameless Mac OS X imitator

Patrick Cockburn: It is no use blaming Iran for the insurgency in Iraq

Dean Baker: Bring Back the old George W. Bush

Officials indict 5 in Iraq contract scam - By Lara Jakes Jordan, AP

John Nichols: The Alternative to a Failed Status Quo (The Nation)

The Nation: Will China Choke on U.S. Dollars?


Webb in Salon: A Time for the Senate to Lead

The End of the Road by Ken Livingstone

ISSUES IN DEPTH: Alternatives to building prisons

Terrorism: A Brief for Americans (Our Current Policies are Increasing Terrorism)

Bush’s Budget Priorities: Fund War, Provide Tax Breaks for the Rich, Deprive the Poor

William Greider: Speaking Truth to Democrats (The Nation)

War weary: Bush's budget takes from America to give to Iraq

Bombs Over Baghdad: The Pentagon's Secret Air War in Iraq (TomDispatch)

You gotta read this: "US immigration cavity search ends in agony"

Guardian: This aerial onslaught is war at its most stupid

$$$$$$$ How Iraq Trillion $ Could Have Been Spent $$$$$$$

The Age (Austrailia): No courage in their convictions

Troubled U.S. military base on Ecuador's coast


Need help rebutting a letter to the editor

Robert Scheer: Bush Budget Delivers the Bacon (Truthdig)

Death toll of U.S. troops in Iraq rising (AP)

Iraq refugees facing a humanitarian disaster - UNHCR

One resignation can't remove detention stain

How Neocon Shiite Strategy Led to Sectarian War (GARETH PORTER)

Indian IT staff hit jackpot

Problems Stall Pentagon's New Fighting Vehicle (WP)

Let's hope the Asian bank keeps on lending us cash

Syria struggles with (a million) Iraqi refugees

One CEO's Dissent from War on Terror

Thunder Horse - BP's Big Gulf Project - Delayed Another 6 Months To End Of 2008 - Rigzone

LADWP Calls for Proposals to Build $176 Million in Green Power (Los Angeles)

IPCC Report Projections Well Behind Current Scientific Reports, Say Some Of Its Authors - CSM

China Blames The West For Global Warming, "Determined" Not To Allow Economic "Undermining" - FT

Nova-Dimming the Sun....

GOP strategist Frank Luntz on communicating ourselves

Orangutans 'face greater threat' (BBC)

Snow Leopard Diary (BBC)

Beer Distributor, Point Pleasant Goes Solar (NJ)

From The WCMLOACMS Dept. - Bush Budget Includes Funds For Hetch Hetchy Decom. Study

Growing pains of India's GM revolution (BBC)

Pelosi/Waxman/ Dingell Agree On Climate Change Committee To Study(?) Climate Change

Insecurity prevents clean-up of Iraq pollution - Reuters

Melding Science and Diplomacy to Run a Global Climate Review (Dr. Susan Solomon)

(crosspost from LBN) EU seeks mandatory car emissions curbs

Bright ideas (municipal renewable energy, Maine)

Philippines' Sea Level Rising 1.8 Millimeters/Year 1961-2003 - Manila Times

China, India, Japan Among Those Supporting Emergency Climate Summit - No Word Yet From US - Reuters

Energy efficiency, aid to poor suffer in priority shuffle

Saudi to boost fuel supply to US forces in Gulf

(China's) First strategic oil reserve begins operation

Pennsylvania Launches Energy Independence Plan

Texas issues first geothermal lease - AP

(Europe) Car industry to be forced to cut emissions - Press Assn./Guardian

Olmert's shelter

As Mecca talks begin, Gaza counts its victims

Lebanon boycotts Munich meet because Israel attending

The anti-Israel lobby

Israel: Iran's Natural Ally in Middle East

Assad gave Hizbullah antitank missiles

Israel Weighing Use of Force Against Hezbollah

Shooting erupts on Israel-Lebanon border (AP)

Jerusalem: Islamic leader detained after scuffle (Al Aqsa Mosque)

A Beautifull Red Herring

Perfect Soldiers by Terry McDermott

OpEd News: Why We Need a New 9/11 Commission

"Whatever trail was left was left deliberately—for the F.B.I. to chase."

Popular Mechanics Smack down

9/11 Press for Truth on LINK TV - From Feb. 10th

Hearing to examine the hazards of electronic voting 10 AM

New Ohio Secretary of state wants office audited (backlog of Blackwell sleaze)

Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 2/7/07 HALT HOLT!

Poll question: Hand Counted Paper Ballots: Yes or No or Other?

Glitch hits Cuyahoga County election...again

New, Improved letter from Kathy Dopp to Congress re: Audits/Holt Bill

Video of US friendly fire unleashes storm in UK

Mich.Young Republicans leader accused in sex case(rising star "rapist")

Lawmaker wants contractor details (Schakowsky - IL)

Puerto Rican bar protests Guantánamo posting

Brazil's Lula blasts rich nations on climate

BBC: Vienna busts huge child porn ring (2,360 suspects, 77 countries)

Johnson beats O'Connell (NY State Senate Dem pickup)

Lawyer rejects Oregon Bar attempt to produce plane owner (mystery man Bayard)

Another helicopter down

AP: Parcel Bomb Injures Welsh Office Worker

Iran to prepare ‘shadow budget’ for emergencies ('extraordinary incident')

TV Newser: Chris Matthews "Got Excited" & Cursed On MSNBC's "Imus"

Iran Ambassador to Syria: Destryong Israel is Possible

US behind terrorist attacks in Iraq: Iranian ambassador

Boxer rips EPA chief as bowing to industry- Official says policies speed up benefits to the environm

New Mexico Resolution to Impeach President and Vice President

Air America Fire Sale Documents: Bankrupt liberal radio network to sell for $4.25 million

US soldier on Italy murder charge (BBC)

The Najaf ‘massacre’ divides country

Russia Lays Out Weapons Purchase Plans

EU seeks mandatory car emissions curbs

Former Guantanamo chaplain wants U.S. Army apology

Contractor linked to Cunningham sells office [San Diego UT]

Obama To Opt Out Of Public Financing For Primary And General

MNF Iraq: MNF-W personnel attacked (1 Marine killed)

Lieberman: Congress Should Consider War On Terrorism Tax

AP NBC reporter to testify at CIA leak case

Families Sue Blackwater for Iraq Deaths

Four held over Iranian diplomat kidnapping

Iran Alleges U.S. Role in Kidnap Of Embassy Official in Baghdad

Death Toll of U.S. Troops in Iraq Rising (at least 334 over past 4 months)

BREAKING: five indicted in Iraq fraud -- CNN banner


Nearly 60 nations — but not U.S. — sign treaty to ban forced disappearances

Three Iraqiya TV guards killed in Baghdad (by foreign security guards)

Wal-Mart, Unions Unite on Health Care

N.Y. Lawmaker to ban use of Ipods and Blackberries in crosswalks.

Fear of bias keeps U.S. Muslims out of military

Gates: U.S. won’t have to wait long to learn if new Iraq strategy working

Iraqi govt launches broadside against Al Jazeera

Edmonton shul vandalized with Nazi symbols

Rell Proposes Tax Increase (CT)

Judge threatens mistrial in Watada's court martial

Officials Indict 5 in Iraq Contract Scam

(Australian) Government blocks release of advice on Hicks (detention)

Soldiers' Blogs Monitored, Group Sues For More Info

Officials indict 5 in Iraq contract scam

Rep. Ackerman Warns of Terrorist 'Platoon of Lesbians'

Wal-Mart faces historic sex bias case

Blackwater e-mail outlines gear shortage

Steve Jobs urges labels to set the music free

Orthodox rabbi, hip-hop mogul join forces to fight Islamophobia

Former U.S. attorney says he was ordered to resign

Harvard in biggest curriculum overhaul in 30 years

Watada Court-Martial Ends in Mistrial

U.S. soldiers indicted in Iraq kickback probe

Sarkozy letter surprises French cartoons hearing (Mohammad cartoon trial)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 7

Military investigates U.S. copter crash (7 believed killed)

France says foreign troops should leave Iraq in 2008 [The United States has "failed in Iraq"]

Norwood Returns Home for Hospice Care

Saddam Family Marks 40 Days of Mourning

Tapes Reveal Libby Speaks Carefully About Cheney

Bush's hometown (Crawford) sees business slowdown

NYT/AP: New Baghdad Security Plan Is Underway, U.S. Military Says

Cheney Surprised by Libby's Account

Progressive Caucus wants U.S. troops out of Iraq by August

MPs boycott hotel over 'Cuba ban'

Saddam cousin says U.S. bombings no different than campaign against Kurds

Charges coming against military personnel, contractors accused of fraud in Iraq

Senator to propose surveillance of illegal images (cartoons included)

The Dalai Lama to teach at US university

After many denials, US Army confirms private security contract in Iraq

NBC' Russert contradicts Libby under oath

Kerry calls SBA budget proposal insufficient (Small Biz Admin. funding cut 45% since 2001)

GOP Views Clinton As Virtually Unbeatable

Firefighters Rushing to Reported Explosion, Two-Alarm Blaze - Kansas City, MO

Rice Believes Chavez is "Destroying" Venezuela

Efforts to Set Up Benefits Talks Sputter (secret meetings on social security "solution")

French Muslims sue magazine over cartoons

U.S. Finds No Evidence of Abuse at Guantanamo

CNN: Prehistoric lovers found locked in eternal embrace

US Missile TEST in Pacific

Mistrial in Watada court-martial

Bush's uncle (Bucky) Bush tangled in options probe: SEC

U.S. Probing Copter Crash Report in Iraq (another copter :cry:

Vienna school expels children of Iran Holocaust summit delegate

Iran Test Fires Russian Missiles Near Strait of Hormuz

Italy to try U.S. soldier for agent's death in Iraq

US may hike H-1Bs, unveil new visa for the unskilled

Ban Proposed On Walking While Talking, Listening To iPod

FT: On first day as chief executive of NBC Universal, Jeff Zucker lashes out at YouTube

Hey folks, I got an interesting link for ya....:)

The internet forums

Neighbor ringing my doorbell at 4AM--to bitch about my dog

One of the best reasons for living on the East Coast.

My morning coffee date has been cancelled so I'm going to... guess what?...

I am giving out hugs and kisses...anyone need any? -the internets tubes may have finally realized their capabilities

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/7/2007)

Help Save The Endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus From Extinction!

And you thought the "Electric Slide" was bad

Albany, NY To Ban iPods In Crosswalks

Parents Gave Children Excessive Amounts Of Benadryl So They Could Go Out Partying

Dad Poisoned Kid's Soup Hoping To Get Settlement From Campbell's

Your favorite Jesus

Christina Aguilera & Husband Enjoy 'Naked Sundays'

Anyone Else Here a Frankie Laine Fan?

I'm worried about matcom. I think the lounge needs to stage an intervention.

The alarm went off, I got everyone up, I went downstairs,

Did any of you go back to graduate school after a long break?

It is so cold in my apartment

Why Shouldn't Women Buy Men Flowers for Valentine's Day?

Key West Dolphin video

My goldendoodle pup

CONFESS!!!! Who do you miss the most in life?

Lounge Hugs to Ginbarn...Lets give Ginbarn as many hugs as we can..

TV movie, Astronaut Love Triangle, who will play

'Beer goggles' effect explained (BBC)

Bear Goggles Effect Explained (BBC)

Beer Giggles Effect Explained (BBC)

Bare Googling Effect Explained (BBC)

Stop me before I copycat again

Beer Gargling Effect Explained (BBC)

Goldendoodle Effect Explained (BBC)

Last night my neighbor's barking tree octopus woke me up

Stop me before *I* make copies at Kinko's again...

Inland Empire!!!!!111!!!!!!1!!!!!

Why in the hell is the end all be all

Question for the fellows

If Lost ever has lost episodes, shouldn't they be called the found

Good grief. A glass of wine warrants media attention?

Do any of you own anything made in the US?

Has anyone heard about the Denmark speed bandits?

Your childhood heros?

Did any of you go back to a long break after graduate school?

Wellstone's alma mater vs Nixon's alma mater

In honor of tonight's game, what is the biggest sports rivalry?

Wal-Mart Being Sued In Sex Bias Case - By 2 Million Women

2 Arrested After Fight Over Washcloth

Man Charged For Bringing Baby To Drug Deal

Woman saved by beer shower

Does anyone remember a gag/urban legand revolving around a class essay?

Do people develop tolerance to spicy foods?

Hermaphrodite enters (insanity) plea

Congratulations fooj!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations DemoTex!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations kentuck! 40,000 posts

Man Killed After Jumping On Side Of 18 Wheeler - Driver Wouldn't Give Him Ride

Why Shouldn't Women Buy Men Beer for Valentine's Day?

Who else is just waiting for LOST to come on at 10 PM tonight???

Why shouldn't women buy a man (me) stuff, year 'round?

Why I am going to hell

Naked Man Rode Up Ski Gondola While Masturbating - Arrested

What's the best coffee?

Five minutes between postings means RevActs is up to no good.

My Jury Day adventure.

Hell of a day in court

Good night, ya freaks!

Good Night Sex Crazed Maniacs

How freakin' great is World Party?

Celtics are looking tough this year...

If you had to be stuck in another DUers life for all of eternity, who would you choose?

George W Bush on Greenhouse Gases

Strange but true: Couple still hugging 5,000 years on

I need some advice for my speech class.

0 degrees

Stop me before I copy cats again

Fishermen Catch Alien Monster - Eat It (Pic)

Woman Arrested For Trying To Kill Husband With Wasps

Philly, NJ, DE, MD: Come see me play in Dover, DE this Friday night!!!

have you never been mellow?

My life - al dente

I admit it! I love Penelope Cruz!

Die-Hard Bears Fan Lost Bar Bet - He Must Change His Name To Peyton Manning

Post the best ever spam e-mail subject line! (PG13)

Why I am going to taco bell


Do you own anything made in China or Taiwan?

Sometimes going *ZOT* feels VERY good.

My morning rant. Thank you.

Ok yesterday sucked ass. Today is a new day. Good Morning Du

My cousin's latest CD is out-Check it out!and write a kind review,please

Who owns a remote cat starter?

Made in Thailand - ironic story.

Dog ringing my doorbell at 4AM--to bitch about my neighbor

I should be doing homework and studying... WHY did I post in GD?

Best question: Does anyone own anything made in their own home?

Woman, Afraid Of Losing Boyfriend, Signs Contract Letting Him Sleep With Her 15 Y.O. Daughter

Ode to Winter. A poem by OhioSmith.

Just feeling a bit mean

Spaced Out?


Time for some LOVE!!!!!!

Don't you hate it when you cat keeps you up all night wailing...

Best vacuum for people with allergies?

So now threads get locked not on their merit, but if disruptors decide to act like idiots

Remember Windows 95?

Billyskank hasn't drawn & quartered anybody in awhile

Oh boy! only 6 hours 'til "LOST"!!!

Book one in the "Helping Kids Understand" series

Crazed Snickers-Addict Astronaut Lives in J. Edwards' House

DU guitarists! How would you like to own a Wangcaster?

Fuck it! I just ate the last SNICKERS that was in the office candy dish.

LBN is trying to take on the Lounge in terms of silliness.

Don't like your posterior area... You can get a new one... And they deliver...

Why is it always guys who expose themselves, masturbate in public, etc?

Anybody here sauna??

Did anybody here have imaginary friend(s) as a kid?

The Genie, with the wish...

UUUGGGGG! I have to pay $425 for another person's car that I hit!

Who are your favorite new musical groups, singers?

Bar Owner Kicks Out Designated Driver For Not Drinking Booze

Help me to understand this:

does anyone know if you can get a Colbert Report ringtone?

Question about stuff made in USA

When you were a kid....

Attention procrastinators: Valentines Day is a week away.

What is the "Lost" monster?

Bad news on the highway

Anyone ever buy a foreclosed home?

The. Single. Greatest. Toilet. EVER.

Poppy Bush pats Teri Hatcher on the tush!

Anyone else going to jump something (a moving train?) at the next mention of "Valentine's Day"?

I don't know about you folks, but I need this badly today (dialup warning)

I'm suffering a GD overdose: PLEASE, someone tell me something silly, STAT!

Suggestions where to report/vent re: home warranty company?

This is my thread. Go away!

Fuck it! I just ate GD!

Predict one of the words that will appear in tomorrow's most active

Vincent-- one of Tim Burtons first productions and a simple must see.

< 1 inch of snow and schools are closed.

Make up a slur about a dead person

This is inarguably, undeniably a pipe. No question about it.

Post a picture that makes you laugh every damn time

After three weeks of intensive counselling, I am now completely a Homosexual.

So, seriously... when it comes to your kids... how do you let go? pics of Kauai (well, some of them)...*dial up!*

What in the name of god could be wrong with a phone to have no service for more than 38 hours???????

An Eco-friendly valentine idea...

Whoever gave me the stomach flu...

I need to buy a nice coffee grinder for Valentine's day

I admit it! I have Penelope Pitstop tied up in my basement.

I just called LostinVA's "ex" bitch on the phone. Ask me anything.

Lenny Kravitz's daughter is simply stunning

who owns a remote car starter?

Let's see how many people yawn from this thread.

So I receive one of those Chuck Norris lists ...

Go away! Batin!

Ugliest College Campus in America?

What music have you listened to recently?

What is, the best rivalry in

Flirting: Harmless fun or cheating?

Urban Outfitters catalog. My 13-yr-old son just went through it with me

Nicest college campus in America?

Former Guantanamo chaplain wants U.S. Army apology

How much of the Biblical story of Jesus of Nazareth do you believe?


Former NBA player Amaechi to reveal he is gay

Mike Jones responds to Ted Haggard's announcement of his heterosexuality

what the hell has happened to my Celtics?

Kerry flip flops and Romney doesn't ?

Joe Klein's only witness to his opposition to the Iraq War was ... John Kerry

Senate Democrats to Join Veterans in Demanding Debate on Iraq Escalation

McAwful just went batshit on illegal immigrants while Clinton double waffles on IWR vote

Iraq Fatigue

"Set a Deadline" Banner

DailyKos diary to rec and comment -- plus Kerry quote

Senate 101 question regarding "power" in the Senate

Thread on firefighters who need help......

Lieberman describes himself as The Lorax

Webb's on the same page as JK on the resolution

Kerry calls SBA budget proposal insufficient

OT-help me understand

Climate Change Research Hearing 2/7 10 AM in commerce

Sick of hearing what modest origins such and such candidate has.

Full Text of Senator Kerry's speech yesterday as delivered

Frank Caliendo and his Bush impression return to Letterman

Wes Clark loves his wife

$9 billion lost in Iraq "what difference does it make?"

Gay Rights and Homophobia...

Waxman's Contractor Hearing: Statement from the Blackwater Families

Feingold ~ Progressive Patriots Podcast - Hearing on the Iraq War...

Mark Foley Spin Control: Blame it on Gay Rights Supporters...

FEINGOLD: Congress Has Constitutional Power to End Iraq War...

Lt. Ehren Watada on Citizen Responsibility Feb 3rd 2007

Howard Dean on Al Gore and Global Warming

Timely rerun of Toles cartoon. From Feb. 2004

Scams that need laws...?

Bush no longer 'Miserable Failure' !!!

Kentucky progressive activists please check in, and spread the word.

Bernie Ward talking about the disappearing middle class -- stream

Iran's Nuclear Program Has a Long History

I was watching Webb give a floor speech today and hoped Virginia is proud.

Any Charlie Rose watchers out there?

Independent Lens - Billy Strayhorn.

My letter to Senator Webb

Why I Back the Warner Resolution: by James Webb

Iran alleges U.S. is behind seizure of Baghdad envoy

Good News! "Wal-Mart Appeal Denied"

The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"

Well it looks like the next two weeks are going to be dominated...

UFW, supporters to protest Wasco Housing Authority's mass eviction (undocumented immigrants)

Senate Dems To Try Again To DEBATE THE SURGE

Ethics Complaint Filed - Judge Refused To Release Dying Man From Jail

Caption Rudy

Portugal to conduct probe of CIA extraordinary rendition flights

So, the Clinton vs Obama with the black vote may be a red herring

he saw little prospect that Dems and Repubs could reach agreement

6 YRS Of Cuts To Medicaid, Foodstamps, VA ect. Repeal and Pay For By Repealing Tax Cuts For The Rich

$12 billion missing in Iraq: Money from Saddam's frozen assets / Iraqi oil exports

Radical Fringe Toon Wed. 2/7 - another historical tape problem

WJ this morning

I thought Bush doesn't negotiate with terrorists?

Journalist sets record for longest time in Jail on a contempt of court charge

Tweety on Imus this AM:

American Council for Energy Efficient Economy's "Greenest Cars" (all Asian)

Rice and Gates differ over the importance of contingency planning.

AP: U.S. military says copter down in Iraq

The astronaut story. What makes it so compelling, so irresistable?

Skeletons found locked in eternal embrace. Happy Valentines Day!

Here's your chance to tell off Tom Delay !!

Are minority students being held to the same standard as their peers?

So the Snickers commercial is pulled after two days

NBC Reporter (Russert) to Testify at CIA Leak Case (Today)

“The negotiations are over,” said Mr. Reid,

Anyone else think we're about to experience a gov't-sponsored terr*ttack?

Comedy as power. . .

The Myth of the Single Issue

Chris Dodd is right

Doonesbury 2/6/07 - 2/7/07

Ever hear of the War Guilt Information Programme in Japan?

'compassion has been cut from Bush new budget" WJ now.

C-SPAN -WJ - Lieberman's terror tax segment

Why do RWer's think we want their FWD FWD FWD email?

Has the situation gone from Energizingly Awful to Numbingly Dreary?

Bush's 2008 budget item: hire nearly two dozen new Justice Department lawyers to fight Gitmo suits

As Bush's Popularity Drops, So Do Souvenir Sales

Global Warming Poll Al Gore Needs Your Help

Too much Technology, Not enough Wisdom

The Administration's Budget, the Two Year Limitation, and the Second Amendment

Democrats seek tougher action on Iraq

Condi on cspan3 NET link here: Hearing on state depart.

I found this at another website

Third letter bomb explodes in Britain

Excerpt of Thom Hartmann speech will be on KPFA coming up

Fox Noise "REDEYE" show is Shit

Gates hints what could happen if the "surge" fails

Tell us, Senator.....

Driving Mrs. Kelly (another NY scandal?)

Ancient boy's skeleton sparks evolution debate

Home buyers survey finds that more than 21% took out zero-down mortgages last year

What You Won't See Today at the Waxman Hearings

New and Improved! What am I missing?

Zippy on "Republican memory"


Last night on NBC evening news, what were they avoiding?

Deal Reveals Murky World of Contracting ("Dusty" Foggo)

Where do you start to investigate $12 billion missing dollars ??

Asshat on Leak: "If anyone has any information they need to go to Justice"

Four brave tough ladies

Joel Pett on ....

The Senate Rules Committee holding a hearing on electronic voting NOW -- TUNE IN!!

Military: Marine killed in Iraq February stands at 20. (

What is Rudy's biggest flaw?

Anyone care to respond to this? Re: Illegal Alien status.

Lt. Ehrin Watada. An American to be proud of! Watch this speech! Please!

Tweety dropped the 'F' bomb on live tv this morning.

WH engaged "quite robust operation" to contact about 200 lawmakers to explain Bush's "surge" plan

A Non-Consolidated Media and Net Neutrality have helped fight Evil itself

What is Plan B? (if surge fails)-Condi responded by saying we need to

A reply from Senator Ken Salazar about the Iraq War.

Only at Fox

Another copter down. It potentially holds 19, but they are "declining to comment"

New Mexico Resolution to Impeach President and Vice President

Condi heckled at house hearing- c-span3

Legacy of Radiation Illness Stirs Objection to Nevada Bomb Test

The Republican Assault on Medicare Part B

Progressive Senators Learn How to Use Ben Nelson-ism for Themselves

Whoo - I feel another ass-kicking coming on:

"Taking One for the Tribe" (Why Mainstream Journalism Truly Sucks)

New Juan Cole: 3 Month Record for US Troops Killed

Remember when everyone thought a $700. hammer was a ripoff?

Armed to the Teeth, America Marches Toward Military State

For those defending the Snickers commercial as bashing homophobes

Another Libby revelation: Cheney doesn't like to share

Ever use Dragon on DU?

Sen. Inhope now "if we don't fight them in Iraq, then we will fight them in the

heavy rain strikes again

Tim Russert On Crutches? MSNBC Showed A Shot Of Him Getting Out

Why are they still debating a non-binding resolution?

This is the way I want to remember Molly

Would Lieberman run as an independent for Pres?

Weep for a Wednesday. Wail its bright passing. . . . Then please come CAPTION!!!

Waxman hearing on Military Contractors beginning now

NPR is reporting that the 5th U.S. helicopter in the last month

Waxman Hearings: Blackwater outsources security work to poor Africans @ $30/day

Death Toll of U.S. Troops in Iraq Rising

Children of Galileo - Violence against evolutionary researchers and anthropologists happens today

Ku Klux Klan Rebounds With New Focus On Immigration, ADL Reports

The Ku Klux Klan is Growing Again. Great!

Caption Poppy

Fed up and pissed off

I hope that the whole kerfuffle about astronaut Nowak will not result

In Honor of Timmeh's pending testimony: "Meet the Press in Hell"

U.S. 'Surge' to Protect Government, Not Iraqi People - Iraqi newspaper

Who is the fucking CATHOLIC LEAGUE? They aren't an official Catholic organization

Russ Feingold: How to End the War

Plame-ologists: cutting to the chase,

Attn Media Asshats: Acronyms vs Place Names ..... Its NASA, not Nassau ......

Have I missed Watermans Plame thread today?

Two days of defending our party . . .it's us vs. the republicans, not us vs. Democrats

An Open Letter to America's Solders from the Ranks

5 indicted in alleged bid-rigging scam in Iraq

LTTE I sent in today

Federal Court OrdersHalt to New Field Trials of Genetically Engineered Crops

Live Libby Thread At Firedoglake 2:33 just started.

Is it coincidence....

MPC (Military Payment Certificate) gone but not forgotten

Florida's Crist backing away from stem cell research promise. Gives in to religious right.

It Is The Best Of Times, It Is The Most Revolutionary Of Times.

Should we have a non binding resolution to debate a non binding resolution? Just asking.

Can we move Ken Lay's trial to Turkey? Please!!

"Iraq will likely fall into a humanitarian crisis and a full blown civil war"

$9 billion lost in Iraq "doesn't matter" [VIDEO]

Which issue is more important?

3111 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Seven die after U.S. chopper goes down in Iraq

Once upon a time, an ideological enemy we had no diplomatic relations with tested a nuke...

Is anybody else getting the meme about "radical islam"?

We need to remind ourselves...

Given the Bush administrations record, wouldn't Lieberman's proposed terrorism tax

Bush Administration must have some really good dirt on a certain lawyer

Which Poll Is More Better?

Ban proposed on crossing street while using iPod or cell phone

Anyone watching C Span 2

Can someone please shut Patrick McHenry up?

I can't believe this guy's lawyer wanted probation

Cheney’s Son-In-Law Blamed for Delaying Investigations of Homeland Security Department

NASA press brief coming up

Dan Quayle is running for President!

Global Warming petition - what a load of bullshit this is

Interview with a passionate Chris Hedges about Fascism in the US.

How long before this "adult diaper" thing hits the workplace?

Henry "Bulldog" Waxman Webcasts Iraq War Profiteering Hearings - ON NOW

Private Prison Corporations. What about Corrections Corporation of America?

What is stopping us from having to fight them over here right now?

Wolves’ Removal from Endangered List a Disputed ‘Success’

The haves v. have-mores...

Air America Fire Sale Documents: Bankrupt liberal radio network to sell for $4.25 million

Legacy of Radiation Illness Stirs Objection to Nevada Bomb Test

CommonDreams: Jonah Goldberg's Gambling Debt: Will Tribune Co. Pay It?

Thinking ourselves into enabling more war: tax and draft

30-Something Work Group on the floor of the House Now

Marine Dies On Trip Home From Iraq

Pls. Sign and Rec. Petition To End Drive-Through Mastectomies! And thank you!

How to pump up war fever without starting a war

Austrian police uncover global child porn ring

Military: No Gitmo guard abuse evident

NeoCon's At it Again! USA Today Editorial/ "Time to Act on Iran is Now."

Quickie Rehabs are really in vogue now & a growing industry

The Progressive Caucus

CBS: Iraqi sources say US helicopter was shot down with a missile

R.I. Killer Wants OK to Preach in Prison

McCain will not support Gen Casey promotion to chief of staff. cspan now Covers Waxman Hearing Today

crazy-lady astronauts and Hillary Clinton

* takes part in a discussion on the National Parks Centennial Initiative - pics

Why the Democrats won’t save us:

TV Newser: Chris Matthews "Got Excited" & Cursed On MSNBC's "Imus"

Nashville Adopts `English First' Policy

Senator Wayne Allard is INSANE.

What happened to avian flu?

GARDASIL HPV "Cervical Cancer" Vaccine Saves Merck While Screwing The USA!

Dispute halts Watada court-martial-Judge might have to declare mistrial.

The Employee Free Choice Act was introduced in Congress yesterday -- with 231 co-sponsors!

Prosecutor fired so ex-Rove aide could get his job

More U.S. troops died(334) in Iraq combat in past four months than in any similar period of war

Sen. Warner on Senate Floor NOW cspan2 HE wants a DEBATE!

Are the Clintons really a "dynasty"?

Too much plastic surgery gives people "Oriental eyes"

7 more Marines dead in CH-46 crash

What is the American Helicopter threshold? So far, five in 2 weeks...

members of the gay community....

Giuliani's 9/11 handling may fuel campaign debate

NYT: Edwards’s Bloggers Cross the Line, Critic (The Catholic League) Says

Boy, Wolfie's just pounding DeLay about his indictments.

I am sooooo proud of my congressman -->>

I-957 would require married couples to have kids in 3 years, or annulment.

Please name one good change since we won in November....

GWB Gives New Meaning

CNN - Wolfie to play Libby GJ audio tapes

More rotten apples falling from the Bush tree: Bush's uncle tangled in options probe: SEC

PLEASE READ! Making the Case for Precipitous Withdrawal.

Libby trial - Russert UP now -

Arkansas Governor Huckabee had hard drives from his office destroyed?

Top Federal Prosecutor Removed To Make Room For Former ROVE Aide

If we don't stop them, you can kiss your Vits Goodbye!

Any republican-bashing here today? Done with Dem-bashers for now.


Judge declares mistrial in war objector case

Who knew?

Would you support a tax to pay for homeland security and the war?poll

Oh no. Bush to visit Shenandoah Valley to discuss "National Park's Centennial Initiative"

LOL Freeptard Jim Robinson insisting RePUKES not OK with abortion & Rudy

Just how many NEW DUers have arrived in the last week?

MoveOn Already Attacking Senators Blocking Debate on Surge

Hey, what happened to last year's Valentine's Heart fundraiser at DU? Where is it in 2007?

Would Al Gore fire Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan---

Hil Clinton speaking on senate floor about Resolution (cspan2)

Ex-NBA player comes out of the closet.

Why are we suddenly losing so many helicopters in Iraq?

Limpy really has trouble with race

Remember the shuttle astronaut that committed suicide last year

Neocons are Whispering in Bush's ear again. This time about Iran

An Idea For Iraq (And The Budget)

Libby tapes coming up on "Special Live Hardball" On now.

Tweety is bloviating again. I can't stand it!

Obama to be on 60 Minutes This Sunday

Al Gore In Spain And What He Really Said

The Sickening Snickering

Do you think Hillary Clinton will be our nominee in 2008

The Hiroshima museum is not called the A-bomb museum.

Is there a twist in the diaper story?

Judge Declares Mistrial In War Objector Case (Watada)

Jonah Goldberg refuses to pay off bet

Real issue or pointless distraction?

Congressional Progressive Caucus policy statement and position on Iraq

No Valentine's hearts to give this year on DU? I got two last year. Anyone for St. Paddy's Day?

I want to see a reality show where the first guy to be cured of SSAD gets the prize. nt

Family Members of Killed Blackwater Employees Testify (Live Hearing); Halliburton Rep to Testify

CNN: Ancient boy's skeleton sparks evolution debate

Waxman: Top Iraq Reconstruction Official Flown To Baghdad To Avoid Oversight Hearing

Anyone else watch Boston Legal tonite? I swear sometimes that show keeps me sane.

Limbaugh: Bear's Grossman dumped on because he's white.

In a Bizarre Love Triangle, Bush Strikes Out at Iraqis for Their Affections Toward Iran

Bill Gates Busted

Got his from a 'freeper' . Who is Ben Stein?????

STUNNING DEFEAT For Military Prosecutors - Watada Court-Martial Ends in Mistrial

*** New Thread at Libby Live: Libby Grand Jury Testimony, Six

Is Sam Waterston out of his effing mind?

Texas. Worst state in the nation.

Early Wednesday TOONS

Waxman Scores MSM Homerun with Hearings on Iraq Contracting (Halliburton/Blackwater)

For a change, Joe Lieberman should be commended on one thing

5 words bring Dr. Laura almost to tears on Fox news- the bubble bursts!

Need help rebutting a letter to the editor

Gardasil's safety compared to placebo may be exaggerated.

Is Libby going to jail? Can he take Cheney with him?

About that Bush Family Ranch in Paraguay...

CNN Champions Pelosi Smear, Covers False Washington Times Story Six Days Straight



A Message to Chris Matthews (aka "Tweety Bird")

Chris Matthews: Bush's F#&!*N Ranch!

Vote in DailyKos Pres. Strawpoll

Cool job working for NC Democratic Party

The SOA 16 | Valerie Fillenwarth: "And so, I join my voice to all those crying out for justice."

How much money did Paul Bremer "lose" in cash?

My entry in the DU Stupid Question of the Day contest:

CNN Breaking; 3 officers, 2 civilians indicted in Iraq $$ laundering


Here's an article about my work on cystic fibrosis!

"Go Smoke Pot And Then Go Get A Drug Test At Your Family Doctor"

poppy kisses and pats terri hatcher on the ass

****Questions Americans Need To Answer****

"It's not inconceivable that Hillary Clinton could raise $500 MILLION by the '08 election."

My LTTE was published today-a DU challenge to you all

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Is the United State Threatened by Terrorism?

Irving's Ghost (Plame Thread #15)

Memo to Iraqi refugees: you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

Should we extradite Pfc. Lozano to Italy to stand trial for potential war crimes?

Libby Tapes will be played on MSNBC

What I don't get about the crazy-lady astronaut,

Hello My Love,

So, it that advertisement wasn't offensive...

Hey Bremer, Where did the 363 tons of CA$H Go?

It seems 494,928 voter records in Florida have disappeared!

About shooting down helicopters...

The most successfull political candidate since 1960

If you were at a protest of a corporation that had hired undocumented workers

Fitzgerald Posts Libby Grand Jury Materials on Website

Pentagon FINALLY reporting what DUers have dissed me on for YEARS

CHIEF COUNSEL To Cmtee That Probed Nixon-Wants BUSH Law-Breaking PROBE

No M&Ms nor MilkyWays nor Skittles nor Snickers nor Starbursts nor Twix...

Why the definition of marriage should NOT be redefined here's the deal. I don't want to breathe radioactive dust.

Waxman Reads First Halliburton/KBR E-Mail (of Many to Come) into the Record...

Chris Hedges: The Christian Right's War on America

Student Sues UMass Over Philosophy Grade

Michigan Young Republican leader indicted for rape, kidnapping, intimidation

The Guardian 2006: 'Iraq was awash in cash. We played football with bricks of $100 bills'

What exactly does a paid blogger do and are they here also on DU?

Robertson: Too much plastic surgery gives people "Oriental" eyes

Your comments? "Let George Do it" from The Smirking contributor Stephen Fleischman

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald - pics

"From Tourists to Tumbleweeds"...Crawford, TX...sales falling with ratings.

Raw Story: Pentagon Inspector General to release investigation into Office of Special Plans

"We Do Use Books That Call Jews Apes..."

Moderators - Can we move snickers, etc. to a "Shiny Object of the Day" forum?

What's with all the nit-picking lately?

You know what I find offensive?

Watada Court-Martial Ends in Mistrial

If this is true, Edwards is toast.

Do the Iraqi people have a right to resist foreign invaders?

CREW's Latest Report reveals 25 Most Corrupt Members of the Bush Administration

"My name is Bessie, I am 94 years old and still homeless"

The "Cervical Cancer" Vaccine: Good For Merck, Bad For US Women!

Vanity Fair: Bush: The ISG report is a "flaming turd"

Libby Testimony Ties Bush, Cheney to Leak Plot

Hiroshima, the pictures they didn't want us to see

Will you stand up for Human Rights for the Homeless & send this report to your Senators & Rep?

Your favorite Giuliani links/stories/quotes here:

Delusion Destroys Democracy

Is John Edwards The Next Howard Dean? Debate the article, laugh at the typo

STAMP OUT ESCALATION: Printable letters to Senators HERE...

GOP Views Clinton As Virtually Unbeatable...

Widow of Navy pilot sues Raytheon (malfunction, friendly fire death)

"More American troops were killed in combat in Iraq over the past four months"

Pentagon Reports Omit Non-Combat Injuries (AP)

VIDEO: john perkins author of "confessions of an economic hitman"

Thanks to christian conservative republicans the Klan is on the rise

"Expect the worst in Iraq"...a sobering assesment.

McCain's Support-The-Bush Iraq Resolution

Richardson: Former Clinton donors backing him, vows to run clean campaign

Obama's Indonesian school, in posh district of Jakarta, still smarts at radical madrasa label

I love Pat Oliphant!

Reading this essay will take your minds off the 2008 election

Senate is on Session and Jeff Sessions is whaling away right now.

The messages that Democrats and other anti-war activists need to get out

Phil & Phil the Baloney Bros. graced Wash. Journal this morning

Study: Feds Chase Dems More than GOPers

"Why America was nuked!"

Moving Tribute to Alexander Fuller (soldier killed in Iraq; expectant wife)

I just heard some great new!!!

Did Gonzo ever get back to Leahy on Arar (Canadian tortured)?

Bush's Truman Show

Robert Parry: Will the Dems Finally Play Hardball?

Turn on Rep. Ron Paul on CSPAN

Senate GOP approves *'s "Thelma and Louise" surge plan

Gary Bauer.

"Dubya"? Hell, he's down to less than a thirdya.

John Kerry Stands With Iraqi War Vets Against Bush Escalation

DailyKos straw poll: vote for your favorite Presidential candidate NOW

The Most Offensive Thing I've Ever Read - Dinesh D'souza

My e-mail was just read by Cafferty on CNN...

Breaking: John Edwards caves on blogger: Fires Amanda of Pandagon

In GOP presidential race, McCain slips; Giuliani gains luster

what if we made the '08 elections non-binding?

Schuster with update on Libby/Russert testimony MSRNC up in a moment

Wal-Mart teams with others to end America's health care crisis

Where the hell is the outrage from Democrats...

Cenk Uygur: Democrats Should Force the Republicans to Physically Filibuster

Just one DU'ers Experience about Edwards & Clinton Folks Support for Saddam Removal and Iraq War

Contractors: Corporate Welfare on Steroids

My plea for widespread support of Kucinich for our 2008 president elect.

Saying "The Country Wants.....A Little Bit Of Fascism," On Imus Matthews

"I don't think anyone can stop her. She's unstoppable — she's got such a machine."

08 elections criteria - who was born the poorest?

Richardson's Speech at DNC Winter Meetings (youtube)

Pot growing moves to suburbs---------marijuana McMansions'

senators Boxer, & Inhofe and the EPA libraires.-----testy exchange

Hypocrisy allows Bush to meet with right-wing hate-mongers

Do we have a thread on NYT article on John Edwards problems

HRC pulling away from the pack....

Giuliani Is In and Becomes the Immediate GOP Favorite

Will no one ever refute this stupidity?

5-Day Work Week is Just Too Much Work, Lawmakers whine....

Norquist: Bush’s Advisers Telling Him ‘Invade Iran. Then Everyone Will See How Smart We Are’

So, Matthews says he's "hearing" that Repugs are pushing for Hillary and

George Lakoff's "Thinking Points" is available

The Rude Pundit: Hey, Connecticut, Thanks For Lieberman

If this isn't true about Edwards his Campaign needs to get on it ASAP!

did you know the dems gave Kucinich the cold shoulder

****New Orleans blogger: John Edwards used New orleans as a Photo-Op****

NYT op-ed: Gloria Steinem on the wrong, divisive question about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

All three of these men can't be wrong. Maybe we should think about it.

Democrat Edwards offers universal health care plan