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Archives: February 8, 2007

Lonestar Iconoclast: More Republican Shame

Venezuela demands prosecution of Cuban activist in the US

Foreign Minister: Venezuela Rejects U.S. Blackmail in Fight Against Drugs

John P. Briggs, M.D., and JP Briggs II Ph.D.: Why Bush's Inner "Reality" Has Poisoned His Troop Plan

Few Veteran Diplomats Accept Mission to Iraq

No Question Is Out Of Line For Dick Cheney: Civility Is For The Civil, Not For Criminals

Drought In Shaanxi Province As Shanghai Hits 73F On February 6th - Reuters

China On Track For Net Coal Importer Status By End Of 2007 - Reuters

Tony Blair Blahblah Clean Energy Blahblah Involve US Blahblah Blahblah Clean Coal Blahblah

Miss Atom -2007...Nucular hottness from Russia with Love

Video up on hearing on global warning in Commerce Committee

113 Nations' Representatives Agree On IPCC Study, But No Rush To Change Things At Home - IHT

Canada's GHG Emission Totals 46% Over Kyoto 2012 Targets - Reuters

IDF shells Lebanese Army positions across northern border

Six settler families live in Hebron IDF camp for a decade

Survey: 78% of public dissatisfied with Israel's political leadership

The Granite State Delivers Rock-Solid Information on Hand Counting

Officers involved in death of elderly woman to face charges (ATL)

US officer's claim sparks new call for Hicks torture inquiry

Khodorkovsky Calls Charges a Farce (Yukos Oil)

Gas company settles over oil-for-food

Poisoned spy ‘was a traitor working for the British secret services’

Security crackdown underway in Baghdad

Jerusalem: Islamic leader detained after scuffle (Al Aqsa Mosque)

AP: Senate Confirms Mideast Commander (Fallon)

Project to record blacks' oral histories

AP: Polish soldier killed in Iraq, three injured

Nashville adopts `English First' policy

Blogger in jail longer than any journalist in history

Colombia mine blast kills 8

Report: U.S., NKorea signed nuclear memo

NYT: Few Veteran Diplomats Accept Mission to Iraq

Senator to propose surveillance of illegal images

NYT: Obama Proposes Candidates Limit General Election Spending

NYT: Few Veteran Diplomats Accept Mission to Iraq

(SMU) Faculty Resists Vote on Bush Institute

NYT: Undisclosed 2-Party Talks on Budget Fall Apart Amid Friction

WP: Antiwar Veterans Make Selves Heard (

Judge mulls suit over gay classroom talk

AP: Sailor details Hamdania killing at Marine's sentencing hearing

Falluja mayor relieved of post

Israel, US Sign Homeland Security Pact

CBC: BSE confirmed in Alberta bull

Air Force Academy Investigates Cheating

WP: 7 GOP Senators Back War Debate

U.S. Developing Backup Plans if Iraq Surge Does Not Show Results

White House Issues Rare Letter Defending Record On Warming

AP: Rice Disputes Claim of Iranian Overture

Source: Pentagon Rejects Speaker Pelosi's Request for Military Aircraft

Man wins suit against Palestinian groups

I went to a chinese restaurant today that had pictures on the wall

Anyone with plumbing knowledge? :)

It's a marvelous night for a moondance

There's no way we're buying a house in June because we're too poor. Ask me anything.

Tonight's Carolina-dook contest: more than just a game

The Blue Thong Society - Somehow I don't think they thought their logo all the way through...

Tennessee Walking Shark on endangered list.

Burl Ives or Stinky Wizzleteats?


I can do Haggard one better

women do speak a different language

If I am to address a person named "Ambujavalli" would I address the person as...

Soy milk is DELICIOUS.

An OTC diet pill that used to be for prescription only?!

Cast the new disaster movie about the Bushjr years.


"Bastards of The Party"

Any Deutschlander here, need a translation

Dear Got, what have I gotten myself into?

Hey, we can still agree on Clark's bar, right?

Corn on the cob, a jalepeno

More deep thoughts by Shelley...

I shoved a cell phone up my butt......

No, we can't dance together. No, we can't talk at all. Please take me along when you sldie on down.

Favorite Campaign Promise

Do you have some friends that hate other friends of yours?

I have good news and bad news

I am thinking of making Chicken

My cat's trying to make me sick

I wish someone would invent a generic Snickers bar

Does anyone use a permanent coffee filter?

So I Went To My First Yoga Class...

Gawd I'm tired... a ton of homework, taxes to do and work on top of all that

Hemp milk is DELICIOUS!


I want to travel back in time to 1988

Hey, we can still agree on Clark bars, right?

do you like my latest t-shirt?

Cat butt smells like cheese nips

What's better exercise: cigarettes or little choco-donuts?

What happens to emotionally handicapped children when they grow up?

Nader on Daily Show now.

Deadly breast milk gets mother 9 months in jail.

Even with our winter here the weeds are coming up.

:nelson muntz: Ha Ha! Dook lost!

I dreamed I was running through a school with an air horn and a bullhorn

Wednesday, February 7. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:


So the brownie recipe called for cocoa, sugar, egg, butter, and flour...

Lost Baby! Where's NWC Anyway?

Milkweed. It's not milk. It's not weed. WTF?!?

Can you find me in the pic?

I'm thinking of taking up Racquetball. Advice?

So...what DOES one bring to a gunfight?

Hiphop can never die so long as Bob Dylan—with story in his voice and lust in his eyes—is alive

What do you guys think about covering gray hair?

Who *doesn't* have a trenchcoat, a wig, a BB gun

Seriously, what are the differences between men and women?

Too bad I never figured how to save allt the youtube vids I boomarked - most have been removed and

I was going to start a thread.But i didn't know what to start one about

My promise to my fellow Loungers...

Do you like your cookies soft or crunchy?

I dreamt that my top rightmost molar was irritating me so i wiggled it with my tongue...

after seeing a CSI episode,I have to ask...any Plushies or furries here?

It's time to face the inevitable. I'm going to let my hair go grey.

Do you ever get mad at other DUer's for not responding to your amazingly brilliant/witty posts?

Look out single women of New York

Has anyone used tax software?

What's this crap about a Snickers ad?

What's your favorite nature sound?

Can somebody answer a stupid question for me...

Who is the cheapest person you know?

I wonder what Retro Lounge wears to sleep in.

What's the correct response to the statement "I think you're smarter than me" ?

Snicker's Commercial was the final straw!

Tell me what you think.....

What do you wear to sleep in?


Valentines Day elements explained:

Radio Lady invites YOU to view our red hot shots... the new Las Vegas pictures! Here's a new link:

How long will it be until an openly atheist politician is elected to the U.S. congress?

Tar Heels Top Duke 79-73

Florida Gators win recruiting title too

"Holy Moley!" - Karen Bishop - February 7, 2007

Let's talk about attitude (and intention) in regard to manifestation...

Larry Scott on Air America take on Bush's Budget

WP: Antiwar Veterans Make Selves Heard (

Veterans Group given bad advice puts veterans life's at risk

VoteVets and Dem Sens. Article in the WaPo

Edwards's bloggers and the media's double standard.

Sen Clinton has a bill on what to do about Iraq

Who's Running For President Now?

9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon

Trailer for the documentary "Giuliani Time"

Did anyone else hear Tweety admit he had gone over the

Must read if you want to know the skinny about the debate vote yesterday.

Transcripts of Scooter's Grand Jury testimony are now posted on Special Prosecutor web site

What RW Bloggers Have Been Paid off by Republican Candidates / Party Affiliates?

John Amato links to CNN (Corporate Media Whore) link to Edwards Dissing!

New website for FAIRNESS DOCTRINE info

Will the ' Evil Elf ' pay for not playing his role ?,is MTP doomed?

After three weeks of intensive counselling, I am now completely a Homosexual.

The Evil Of Nixon

DU this poll - please!

Feinstein: Knowing What We Know Now-Can We Afford To Wait & NOT Require Voter-Verified Paper ?

Meanwhile, over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Necessary Secondary Tweety Comment/Thread:

John Stossel speaks at pro-voucher rally in Austin TX (ick)

Opus Dei Affliates in DC Beltway Go After Edwards ...yet

I'm getting worried about Randi

Must read Vanity Fair article... From the Wonderful Folks that brought you Iraq

My vote was not counted in 2006. Floridians, check this out.

Dust over the Persian Gulf...great view from NASA also showing Iran's

A Great Take on the Edwards Controversy.

"Call for global gang crime plan"... the other bush failure

Josh Marshall has some Bad Stuff Up there for One of Our Candidates

Media Matters on the Edwards Bloggers: Flaming Hypocrites in the Media (What a shock!)

MUST READ: Don't just buy good companies, sell bad ones (Christian Science Monitor)

Webb ‘Very Worried’ Bush’s Iran Provocations

Something happing here...

Women thrown out of (New Zealand) bar for dance floor kiss

Tweety's "outraged" by the Libby Trial info...

The Coming Air Assault on Iran

Rightwing Blogger Standards Will Get Almost Every GOP Staffer Fired

America Weakly

Dirty old man Poppy Bush pats Teri Hatcher on the butt

Worse Than Falwell

McCain Courts Armageddon Advocate

New files uploaded at Fitz site

I stand with my gay Brothers and Sisters.

What aircraft was provided to Tom Delay when he was majority leader? anybody know?

The next round of military conscription:

Only 13 percent of Repugs in Congress believe human activity causes global warming....

Cuba:Episcopalians Have First Woman Bishop

The CBS poll re: Nancy Pelosi wanting a bigger jet...

At Libby Trial, Russert of NBC Gives and Gets

Over 800 contractors (mercenaries) killed in Iraq since war began

Blackwater hearings repeat on cspan now!

Meet W Bush's Uncle Bucky (It's all in the family)

WTF ??? - GOP Senators Opposing Troop Buildup Call Stalemate Over Resolutions 'Unacceptable'

NYT editorial: Bush's "sham" budget is a "smokescreen" for making his tax cuts permanent

MD: Morality Doctor

News of the slightly unusual - Students using internet chat lingo in class

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Jonathan Turley: "Everything ends up at Dick Cheney’s desk"

Gates: $700 billion price tag for WOT is much lower than it should be

UH OH! Pentagon turned down Pelosi's request for big plane!

The Surprising Borrowing Habits of the Rich

How the US sent $12bn in cash to Iraq. And watched it vanish (picture)

Divine Strake resolution fast-tracked (Re: I don't want to breathe radioactive dust)

FYI - Ralph Nader guest tonite on TDS

Lengthy Rawstory article on the idea of a new Church Committee

GULIANI - Why shouldn't people vote for the "hero of 9/11"?

Democrats can cut funding for the war without filibuster via reconcilation

Gore 270, Bush 269??? Florida doesnt matter?

Obama is living in la-la land (thinks he can agree to a truce with repukes to use public financing)

Webb ‘Very Worried’ Bush’s Iran Provocations ‘Might Set Something Off In There’

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Friendly Fire video

What is poor, middle class and rich?

Hey DU - see what happens when you live near a chemical plant!

I myself was shocked when it occurred, but why are The Black Water Families...

It's not YOUR body, it's all of OURS - and that ain't gonna change (but will get worse)

Group Invites Sex Offender To Lead Church Retreat

ACLU: Act Now To Restore Due Process-sign petition to the Senate

HAHA! A 'christian' Right group joins the RW sites that block DU

Americablog has a good summary of the attack on Edwards

WP page-one bombshell: 7 GOP Senators will "use every means" to ensure Iraq debate

Tweety, Libby, Fineman and Cheney - a serious question

It's been posted...

During the Clinton years, there was some military person who made a stink

What happens to emotionally handicapped children when they grow up?

Chris Matthews and Fascism

The Nation: Will China Choke on U.S. Dollars?

Improved tactics in downing helicopters important factor in guerrilla victories over major powers

Great Upton Sinclair quote:

Norquist: Bush’s Advisers Telling Him ‘Invade Iran. Then Everyone Will See How Smart We Are’

Reforming the Free market

STAMP OUT ESCALATION: Printable letters to Senators HERE!

10 reasons why gay marriage is wrong

Kerry Kicks Ass at Climate Change Hearing

please sign the petition to free Gary Tyler!

Can anyone tell me just what in the hell has Guliani done?

Caption this Pat Robertson pic

Dig the reasoning of this freeper re: why the crazy astronaut is in the news...

I'm so tired of opinion

Report: 120 North Korean political prisoners escape

Though Not Charged, Cheney At Center Of Trial - MSNBC

Caption (cowboy) * and Laura - pics

Calling H20 Man and the DU Plameologists! "Shuster, Fineman or Issikoff...Which?

The awful truth: Why Nancy Pelosi needs high security military transport.

Just saw "Flags of our Fathers" WOW MUST SEE

More hetero thoughts inspired from the Snickers commercial

How are you going to watch the upcoming Impeachment hearings?

Impeachment hearings: The White House prepares for the worst

Even in a catastrophe, republics are assholes

Astonished and speechless - email from an old H.S. friend

The Guardian's frontpage story on Waxman's hearing on Tuesday

What do you do with a teenager you discover has been visiting porn sites?

Three takes on depleted uranium: BBC 2001, a US general 2002, and CNN 2007.



You Will Meet a Handsome Stranger

Cyd Zeigler Jr. of (gay sports website) on the Snickers ad

No one should be running for president

Speaker Suspects White House in Plane Flap

Why the Democrats won’t save us: Clinton, Edwards and Obama call for striking Iran

Arkansas Democratic Party chairman wants to work for Clark or HRC campaign.

Media Matters going after Malkin for her role in the Edwards blogger thing.

Feingold doesn't go far enough

Tom DeLay rails on Giuliani and McCain, says Clinton likely to become president

Senator Reid hires Hollywood attorney

7 GOP senators change their minds on Iraq debate (kinda)

For conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg, Iraq risk was worth a $1,000 bet

Shuttered souvenir shops reflect Bush’s low ratings - Sheehan part of the "blame"

ARG poll: McCain leads GOP in NH. Romney surges to tie Giuliani in 2nd place.

Hillary: If you don’t like her don’t vote for her.

Giuliani speaking fees, businesses draw scrutiny (major Chicago Trib story)

We can't let the right wing define us anymore. We won't win doing that.

all enemies - foreign and domestic

U.S. troop casualties, 7 days into February:

NYT: Allied With Democrats, Lieberman Easily Aligns With Republicans

Maybe the Duck Isn’t So Lame

Anyone who says that the GOP wants Hillary to run...

What bloggergate says about the movement

It's the STUPIDITY, Stupid!

Hillary is the least "smearable" of all of our candidates

Scooter Libby and the Media Debacle - Fitzgerald did what the Press is supposed to do

Greg Amendment. It transfers the power of the purse from the Congress to the President.

Jeez Tucker - the next time you want to discuss whether Obama's church's "Black Values System"

Heads up! Ralph Nader on The Daily Show tonight! (coming up)

Maxine WATERS on Hardball- Wes CLARK has been warning Congress on BUSH & IRAN

Why Hugo Chávez was given more authority

McDermott: Is Iran Bush's Laos or Cambodia?

Work Visas May Work Against the U.S.

Houston Chronicle op ed: Chavez as Castro? It's not that simple in Venezuela

Amy Goodman: Bang pots and pans for Molly Ivins

Disaster Capitalists and what the future looks like because of them

Joe Conason: Role of the Big Guys is Becoming Clear in the Plame Case (Truthdig)

Well lookee who jumped onto the MSNBC bashing bandwagon

The Fallacy of Superior Technology

Ellen Goodman: Political Climate Change Needed (Truthdig)

'Floodgates of Fraud' Reporting to Open at Spy Satellite Agency

Marjorie Cohn: Watada Beats the Government

President Bush insists that Iran is fueling insurgents in Iraq, does intelligence back him up?

Maher Arar Saga Not Over Yet

Unconscionable Ad Hysterics


The Case for Impeachment: Censorship, Burying Facts, and Criminal Negligence

US Doesn't Sign Ban on Disappearances

Weapons that aren't ready dot Bush's war budget

OpEd News: Why We Need a New 9/11 Commission

Panel: Few Changes in Asylum Procedures (AP)

Blumenthal: The Pentagon's not-so-little secret (preparing for failure in Iraq)

Cheney Doesn't Share

Vegetarian Is the New Prius

Heating a house on $2 a day (corn pellet furnace, DE)

A very critical analysis of biofuels

First All-Polymer, Do-It-Yourself Solar Hot Water System

Generation Homes and REC Solar Partner on Solar Communities

Wood-based Ethanol Plant Slated for Georgia

The New Atlantis - The Hydrogen Hoax - Robert Zubrin

PVOne to Develop Largest PV Array in Florida

Oregon Lawmaker Wants to Ban Burning (grass seed field stubble)

New York State to sue Exxon Mobil over spill - Reuters

On the Climate Change Beat, Doubt Gives Way to Certainty

Norway Falls From #3 To #5 Among World's Oil Producers In 2006, Says Energy Minister - Bloomberg

Lucas County (OH) takes 'green' initiative; wood chips, corn to augment gas

Hurricane reasearch flights grounded (NOAA)

Analysis-China CDM growth not enough to tackle emission rise - Reuters

Texas Baptists To Oppose Gov. Goodhair's Big Coal Plant Plan - AP

John Howard Refuses To Consider Ending Or Limiting Coal Exports

EU eyes global-warming rule for cars

Exurbs hardest hit in recent housing slump

Nuclear plans in chaos as Iran leader flounders

Mansfield (CT) Goes Solar

(Colorado renewable) Energy standard renewed, doubled

Texas issues lease for geothermal energy

Connecticut Program Enhances Solar PV Rebate Program

Japan says trying to prevent rare-whale deaths - Reuters

Syrian President vows to keep supporting Hezbollah, Hamas

Israel still top recipient of US foreign aid

Peretz: Israel does not intend to escalate situation in north

PM to Beckett: Enact legislation nixing IDF officers' arrest in U.K.

Palestinian factions agree on key cabinet posts

Press questions Jerusalem repairs

Palestinian breakthrough on unity government

France calls for UN debate on IDF-Lebanon clash

Fatah and Hamas sign deal on unity govermnent

Carter Enters Lions' Den

Fatah, Hamas reach agreement

Jimmy Carter's heart of dorkiness

Noted Arab Citizens Call on Israel to Shed Jewish Identity

Irshad Manji: Modern Israel is a far cry from old South Africa

Israel Intensifies Flights Over Lebanon Border

Wolfowitz Speech at West Point, June 2001

Democracy Now! updates 9/11 Israelis cheering/tracking the hijackers

What can anyone tell me about the BOX PLOT?

Estevez To Play CIA Mastermind In Stone's Post-9/11 Movie

Counterpunch & DemocracyNow: What did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?

911 Conspiracists and Selective Skepticism - 9 min vid.

Paper trail needed for electronic ballots, Nelson to sponser bill in Senate

Dann, Brunner clean house of Blackwell lawyers

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News, Thursday, 2/8/07

Holts HR 811, where is it?

AP: Senator Wants Probe Into Fla. Election (Feinstein)

Congressional Progressive Caucus policy statement and position on Iraq

NYT: Allied With Democrats, Lieberman Easily Aligns With Republicans

Venezuela demands prosecution of Cuban activist in the US

AP: Cuba Deports Top Colombian Drug Suspect

Reuters: U.S. asks Congress for $3.9 billion for Colombia

AP: Iraq's Deputy Health Minister Detained

Distrust Hinders FBI In Outreach to Muslims

Veterans Group Speaks Out on War

Alliance split over Iran nuclear defiance

AP: New York, D.C. lose anti-terror funding (new GAO finding)

Top Iraqi official held in raid

Extra troops plea for Afghanistan

NYT: Interior Dept. Gets Reprieve on Its Decision on Bald Eagle

Four Marines killed; Iraq official held

Obama to Seek FEC Ruling on Financing

Rice Disputes Claim of Iranian Overture

Car bomb south of Baghdad kills 10, wounds scores

U.S. forces raid govt ministry building in Iraq (arrest Deputy Minister)

Lawyer Charged In Rape At GOP Event Here

Blackwater link costs Halliburton, Army reclaims $20 million charge

ABC announces Democratic, Republican debate series (Aug. in Iowa)

EU eyes global-warming rule for cars

Senate Panel Backs Negroponte

Coburn might spurn re-election

Ag Secretary grilled on farm bill

Gunmen kill 14 men in Iraqi family massacre

Bush Seeks Public-Private Funding Boost for Parks

Lawyers to Question Russert Credibility

Lawmaker says keep Lam on inquiry (Rahm Emmanuel plays a good card!)

AP: China hands out accord at (North Korean) nuclear talks

Iraq War Town Hall Forum

MSNBC: GOP bristles at Pelosi desire for Air Force plane (What's the scoop here!?)

Iraqi VP says police help prevent food, medicine from reaching Sunnis

WaPo: 7 GOP Senators Back War Debate

Defense tries to undercut Russert's Credibility

Landis agrees not to ride again in France this year

Health official arrest violates Iraqi sovereignty-Minister (al-Maliki was not informed in advance)

All at sea (Sea Shepherd leaving Antarctic waters)

Another explosion at KC chemical plant

Marine 'congratulated' men for murder of Iraqi civilian: witness

Toyota sweats U.S. labor costs

Oh, my god. Anna Nicole Smith is dead

Eric Von Schmidt, guitarist, painter, early 60's folk legend, dead at 75

Reuters: Iran says identifies, detains U.S., Israeli spies

(Lawyers for) Libby to question Russert credibility

Dems tell Hagel (R-Ne): GOP blew chance for war vote (OWH)

Judge Dismisses Contractor Fraud Charge

WP: English Flap Sticks at Cheesesteak Shop

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 8

Pentagon: Pre-war intelligence was legit (inappropriate but not illegal)

Feinstein seeks probe of Florida voting machines

Iraq approves $41b budget

AP: 2 French police face pre-riot charges

Study raises hope for Rett syndrome cure

India Optimistic Gas Deal With Iran Moving Forward / VOA

Insurgents Targeting U.S. Helicopters

Senate Panel Reacts to Attorney Firings

Lou Dobbs on CNN

Britain calls for EU ban on seal products; Cdn cull 'disturbing'

Israel, U.S. begin discussions on renewal of foreign aid package

Edwards Keeping Controversial Bloggers

Baghdad security sweep nets top official (55 killed in violence)

Reuters: Four U.S. Marines killed in Iraq

Toyota sweats U.S. labor costs (INTERNAL REPORT: Slow the pay growth by 2011)

Gunmen kill 3 illegal immigrants in Ariz

Romney to announce presidential bid

AP: Michigan Ruling Alarms Gay Rights Advocates

Federal Regulations Threaten Patient Access to Prescription Drugs Says NCPA

U.S. airstrike kills 13 west of Baghdad - military

Officials report sixth helicopter downing in Iraq(private security firm from 1/31 )

Syria blames US for 'humanitarian catastrophe' in Iraq

President Bush's Job Performance Continues to be Viewed Negatively (Harris Poll 32%)

Al Qaeda plans “major operations” in the Gulf

CREW Files Second Complaint Against Living Word Christian Center

Ga. to Stop Adding Kids to Health Plan

Colombian court grants rights to gay couples

Records: NYPD held GOP protesters longer (protesters at Republican Nat'l convention)

Bush White House Guest Was Indicted N.J. Attorney

White House defends Pelosi access to Air Force transport plane

U.S. airstrike on rebels reportedly kills civilians (at least 45)

Iranian leader threatens broad retaliation if attacked

All Iraq's neighbours 'are fuelling conflict' (Bush admin wants focus on Iran)

AP: (Alberto) Gonzales Tours Argentine Jewish Center

(AP) Pentagon: Pre-war intelligence was legit

Bush plans Latin America tour

NYT/Reuters: Gov. Bill Richardson Lobbies for U.N. Troops Into Darfur

Breaking: Anna Nicole Smith Has Died.....she is DEAD!

Supporters Push Gore to Run in 2008

GOP Rep. warns Bush if border patrol agents die 'there's going to be some kind of impeachment'

U.S. says autism rate about 1 in 150

Iran says tests missiles able to sink "big warships"

Bloggers hired by Edwards criticized for posts that criticize Catholicism

Japanese Whaling Fleet Forced to Run from Sea Shepherd


How do you know if you have pneumonia?

I'm so disappointed in you, DU

Kauai, pt II PICS (dial up!):

in colonial times

A good DUer could use some support. Please go here:

My heart sinks, just a little, tonight

so, I've been in the studio for the last four days

Does anyone else dislike the Views counter?

soy soy soy soy

The IRS wants us to be in debt forever.

G'night, Lounge.

Chicks gave me cooties!

In honor of the local playhouse that renamed the Vagina Monologues the Hoohah Monologues...

Is africam working for you?

Non-sexual question about the penis.

Dream interpretation question:

NOW I'm happy. Thank you mods and DUers.

Is this Wii ad being shown on TV?

Here's a stunner

Federline's commercial was the final straw

Milkman Run Over By His Own Van After It Was Stolen - Credits Beer Belly For Saving His Life

Mike Tyson Checks Himself Into Rehab

No matter what you say in this thread, I will not reply.

Firemen Rescue Already-Rescued Victims, Destroy Wrong Car

Ice art in WV (Pic)

Celtics should change their name to Smelltics.

I rented "The last picture show" tonight

Inspired by SeattleGirl:

Had to take the kid back to school - it was still 2 degrees!

has anyone tried soy candles?

Changing to non-dominant hand for the computer mouse

Cowboys hire Wade Phillips as head coach.

Are the internets slow for anybody else, or is it just my place of employment?

it's been 7+ years since i Last did my civic duty of juryism

Malaysia To Offer College Courses In Toilet Management

I want to thank you all for your support yesterday

Poll question: Who Here Has Touched (The Privates Of) Someone Famous?

ETOH and driving do not mix.

Overturned Lawnmower Traps Worker Underwater

I just learned how the word "fiend" is pronounced.

How do you get photos into your sig line?

Nightline has turned into an absolutely crappy show.

Woman Buys Sled - Ties It To Truck Bumper - Hits Tree At 25mph - Holpitalized


Mother Gave Teenage Son A Gun To Take Revenge After He Was Beaten Up At School

No heat on the train this morning.

Bridegroom & 15 Wedding Guests Die When Truck Plunges Off Of Cliff

We invited a bunch of people to our house... and they ALL accepted!

So you're sitting down to dine at a fast food restaurant...

Would you wear a pair of underwear more than one day?

Thieves Steal 36 Sex Toys, 18 Tubs Of Chocolate Body Paint & 12 Blow-Up Dolls

One of the most beautiful songs EVER: Was (Not Was) - Where Did Your Heart Go?

What does 'derfed' mean?

foam board!

"How I Got Rid of my Moobs"

This hide-a-thread thing is FUN!

NYC cabbie, tipped 30 cents, returns bag full of diamond rings.

Amazon's List Of Gifts You Probably SHOULDN'T Give For Valentine's Day

If you had to spend eternity in a comic book, what would it be?

N.H. Men Charged With Stealing Urine

YouTube: Jack Bauer Takes On Aqua Teen Hunger Force!

Is anybody else having one of those weeks where you just want to hide ?

Go to your inbox and post your Top 10 PM subject lines.

Honestly, why do we feel the need to down mass quantities of intoxicating liquids?

I voted for Lieberman. Twice. In one year. I need forgiveness.

Investigators Say Sex May Have Sunk Ship

Don't forget: "Survivor" starts tonight!

Free The Ozzfest Two!

What happened to the Africa cam?

Honestly, why do we feel the need to down other states?

The looming imperialist threat of Alton Brown

Time for......Send a DU'er a random PM

I don't feel good : (


Is it possible to get a cold in your.........

Where would you move?

I have six boxes of Ritz-a-laying in my cupboard

what are you all planning to eat for lunch?

"It didn't take Elton long" email I just received

Do I spend too much time on here?

Once upon a time there was a man

Wanted: The fillings from your fucking teeth! But only gold ones. And only 14K or above.

OMG! that Heidi chick on CNN!!! someone needs to do *something*...

just a little *RANT*

Anna Nicole dead; will this have effect on calls for impeachment?

Congratulations karynnj!! 15,000 posts

Who do you think should perform 'The Mangina Monologues'

Do you like sweaty men?

[SLAM] Quick! Help me move that dresser up against the door! GD's gone crazy and headed this way!

You know what? Aimee Mann is really good.

I think Griffin O'Neal (Ryan O'Neal's son) killed Anna Nicole Smith

Well, I finally said it. GD should not treat the lounge as a dumping grounds for its bad threads

Any jazzers here who live in the San Francisco area?

Today the word "group" looks fundamentally misspelled to me

A Photoshop Request (To People Who Don't Like payton manning):

To Anna "Nickers" Smith, may your news cycle be short

this list makes me want to cry

Oh damn. Britney Spears breaks up. (Anybody else not really surprised?)


Is this the lounge?


Lou Dobbs on CNN

~ HooHaa Monologue ~

If you are in college now

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/8/2007)

Do any of you own anything made in the bowels of hell?

Congratulations ProSense!! 15,000 posts

Anna Nicole Smith Found Unresponsive In Florida Hotel Room

Please tell me, is it wrong for me to have belching contests with my parrot?

Anna Nicole dead; was she .......'Wellstoned'?

Cross your sevens/cross your z's

I had a bleeding skin tag on my chest frozen today.

I know I know, no more ANS threads, but this is *fucked up*

CONFESS!!!! What dirty lil secret would keep you from being a DU moderator

D*mn, my wiener dog is giving me "the look", she wants to go outside....

Limbaugh On The Super Bowl: "They're dumping on Grossman because he is white."

Welcome to DU State Television. Who gets purged, and why?

The "Hoohaa" Monologues

In case there was any doubt Ron Artest is a worthless human being

I'm going to the opera tonight and my boss is into Goth.

Who here has been touched ( inappropriately ) by someone famous?

Rank your favorite music genres/styles


No disrespect intended. Is possible that ANS's daughter has a better chance in life

You are all invited to the Midlo pity party.

Permit me to mope a little?

(Stupid Limey question) Was Ohio ever in the Confederacy?

What qualities or traits do you think make a person an asshole?

Any fans here of artists formerly on the Shimmy-Disc label?

Whose freshly-dug grave will DU piss on next week?

IS there a worse state to Live in besides MIchigan?

Is it necessary?

Ozzy Steps Up to Bat for Fans: Free Tix

Nasty pain, mood swings, nausea, so I go to the doc

Britiney Spears breaks up with herself !

I raise a glass to one of my sisters that has passed.

Okay lounge, show me what you've got. Good thoughts and wishes and HURRY!

Anna Nicole Smith has died.

Let's face it... after four years on DU... I've worn out my welcome

So, if I put on a penis enlargment patch & a nicotine patch

Who should live in the Chagos Islands?

Who was born the year you graduated high school?

Whatever you thought of Anna Nicole - she was beautiful!

Dumbest Freeper truck I saw today.

Rachel Ray having Laura Bush on her show--WTF?

Show me your Birthday Stats

Do you do something that reflects your cultural heritage?

I have seven boxes of Triscuits in my cupboard.

Help with a Name!

Anthony Bourdain blogs about Food network personalites.

Who knows how long I've loved you

Scientology Critic Keith Henson Arrested After 6 Years

One problem I always had with some Christian churches I’ve been to

AlterNet: Ammunition for Atheists

Putting the Jesus Puzzle Together in 12 Easy Pieces

Wanna Bet Richard Dawkins Gets Pushed Off Zahn Tonight Due To ANS?

I have a new signature line that i wanted to share with the glbt community at DU

NOW it has hit the big time: Landover Baptist Church


Congressman: Maybe We Need A Platoon Of Lesbians...

The Case of Donnie Davies and 'God Hates Fags'

Landis agrees not to ride in'07 tour de France

Landis agrees not to ride again in France this year

Wade Phillips, new Cowboys coach....

why is Ohio State ranked ahead of Wisconsin?

Larry Scott has the first VA hearings up on pod cast

Kerry Says Bush Playing Politics with Climate Science is “George Orwell at it’s Best”

Kerry interview this hour on NPR

Sidney Blumenthal in Salon: The Pentagon's not-so-little secret

Story about Firefighters Union prez endorsements -- nice and painful to read

Some startling statistics

OT, but some truth

Another Hearing of note: Electronic Voting Machines (Feb 7)

Kerry and Inslee join Conservation groups in Global Warming lawsuit.

Dodd Led Q4 Fundraising

DailyKos diary to rec and comment -- Setadeadline


SFRC: Condi

Keep an eye

A "wait and see" on candidates

LIBBY TRIAL 2.7.07: Russert on the Stand

Bill Moyers: For America's Sake

Bill Moyer :What's Wrong with Big Media

Blocking Debate

Bart Gordon, Patrick McHenry and Barney Frank on De Plane

Neil Young and Crazy Horse- Blowin' in the Wind

Winning hearts and minds...(caution: graphic!)

Tell Republicans To Stop The Filibuster

Refuting Evolution (from HBO's Friends of God)

Who wants to go in with me to purchase a little Formula 401?

Iran said to assemble two uranium units

Whenever I attempt................

Wonkette: Bush doesn't listen to CFR either

A day in the life of a liberal

Did you see the Waxman hearing on cspan? B;ackwater testifying.

Cheney, on his own, operates with Bush's approval, but outside view of Bush aides

911 Press For Truth Screening, Sat- Ft. Lauderdale wth Producer Kyle Hence and Rawstory's Larisa

When will the Illegal Iraq Occupation End?

Being kicked in the nads is more popular than bush

Obama Off and Running. From the Politico.

2 Republicans and a Toady

My Pondering

A Fistful of Contractors

"W. and Us"-Dallas Observer 2/07/2007

Bush slashes aid to the poor to boost Iraq war chest

Giuliani speaking fees draw scrutiny

Wow! digby on what Russert didn't tell the public and why. Not a pretty picture...

Watching CSPAN WJ this morning with Rep. Kendrick Meek. All of the Repig callers....

What are some of the weirdest or stupidest "isms" you have heard of?

Video of Bush Kissing Condi on the lips!!

Buried on p.18 in WaPO: "Rice Denies Seeing Iranian Proposal in '03"

Pelosi and House Science & Tech Cmte hear from IPCC Report authors

good morning everyone

"Christians for Social Justice" launches smear site against Barack Obama


Iraq's deputy health minister detained

I now hold a public office.

FYI: MSNBC A daily synopsis of the I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby perjury and obstruction trial.

Crawford, Texas sees decline in tourism

Dupe, delete

when Will These Bills Be Introduced????

*'s budget & science...something to start slapping back on.

A connect the dots moment, after the executive regulatory grab...the new diet pill.

Is MSM not covering the Libby trial because he isn't wearing diapers?

Bush vs. Sesame Street- 25% cut in Public Broadcasting (part of the plan)

GOP Lawmaker threatens Bush with impeachment over border guard

Raw Story: Seven "Rogue" GOP Senators Seek End To Partisanship On Iraq Debate

C-Span II: Shows Code Pink behind Gen. Pace while he Testifies

TWN: 7 GOP Senators Irritated & Angry With Both Sides DEMAND Iraq Debate

MediaMatters: McCain and his blogger apparently agree: Chelsea Clinton is "ugly"

To Dems: Cut the "No Funds Cut" Mantra!

Dammit, Scooter, watch where you're going

Deaths in Fallujah: Blackwater Email Exposes Gear Shortages

Waxman Hearing on Now! Management of Large Homeland Security Contracts

Former U.S. Attorney Forced To Resign By bu$hCo. & No Explanation Was Given

Luckovich: Haggard and Snickers...what more could you ask for?

House hearing on IPCC Report on C-Span3 Now

Have you seen the ad slamming the GOP "escalators"?

Matlin to Imus: Whenever admin is criticized on air, they call to complain

Sick Question: Should I leave my wife and two kids?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Thurs 2/8 Mitch "THE LIZARD" McConnell

FDR won WW 2 in 1,347 days. Bush is over that in one country and still losing

Well, the Senate Democrats are at it again. Only this time, they're too chicken to end the war...

Urge your Senators to oppose these underhanded efforts to eliminate your rights!

The Permanent Bases in Iraq

Iran says to target U.S. interests if attacked (Reuters)

Will the US launch a bombing campaign against Iran within the next 5 years?

Pelosi testify on House hearing Global warming panel now -cpan

Last year there was a story

Feinstein calls for voting probe in Sarasota race

got a belly laugh from the WH, Pelosi and Senlessbrenner (Climate issue)

Police take aim at prostitution’s new home: craigslist

IPCC scientists now testifying - CSPAN 3

With all this talk about security, remember Pelosi (as Speaker) is only assumed to be 2ed in line

AlterNet: Ammunition for Atheists

Don't Buy Anything With Fake Fur On It - often it is mislabled dog fur.

how about rummy?

Does this sound familiar?

A Votevet account of what happened on the Hill yesterday:

Is Bush sending a message to al-Maliki? -- Iraq's deputy health minister arrested

Sennenbrenner questioning House Hearing on Global warming: Link

Did Tim Russert actually say this in his testimony at the Libby trial?

what's the deal with the Libby trial and crutches?

"Meet the __________" Russert's baby needs a new name...

Man suspected of raping other men caught


Don't worry, everybody!

Now bush has ruined a part of sports for me too

Breaking: The GOP now wants to give Pelosi the biggest aircraft ever built.

I never thought anyone could make me feel compassion for Tim Russert

Cheney Mouthpiece Mary Matalin Due Up on Imus Show Now


Records: NYPD held GOP protesters longer

'conservative correctness' vs. 'political correctness'

I ask tonight is there a God

CNN poll asks

Listen to Portions of Libby GJ testimony tapes on NPR>>>

Breaking on FUDGE REPORT - Pelosi demands a space shuttle

Shut up, Rita Cosby!!

Jonah Goldberg loses bet to Juan Cole about Iraq, owes the USO $1,000.

About debating the war in the Senate.....

If you were a lobster in Maine, would you rather

John V. Walsh: Filibuster to End the War Now!

The Middle East is hopeless, but not serious

Credit where Credit is Due: Matthews Like a Dog with a bone on Cheney

Democracy Now! updates 9/11 Israelis cheering/tracking the hijackers

Thomas Ricks coming up on the Al Franken Show

why is everybody losing their mind over a stupid commercial?

Kucinich Supports Venezuelan Social Revolution

Please join new grass roots organization - C.P.E.M.M.

Rush Limbaugh for the Nobel Peace Prize? (Seesholtz)

The mainstream media and Ann Coulter

Let's Make A List of MSM Sources That Have Been 'Outed' by Libby Trial Revelations...

"we better put Catalytic converters on our cows" mocking the panel.

All due respect to Dru Sjodin's parents, we don't need new laws

Intense attack on internet root servers, no one notices.....

"I'm A Republican, Big-Business, Criminal"

World Health Organization stance on Gardisil

NYPD held GOP Protesters 6 Hours Longer

That little twerp McHenry is such a fucker!

Records: NYPD held GOP protesters longer

Montana State Republican forced to apologize to Native Americans

Say what you will about Ed Schultz but

Gore climate documentary to be shown in Portuguese schools

Prehistoric Superbowl Commercial

Hacker leaves explosions on nuclear Web site (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's Web site)

Repuke Threatens To Impeach bush...

Only 4 shopping days left till Darwin Day!

House Democratic leaders are considering a straightforward approach to next week's Iraq war debate

Dick Cheney's Son-in-Law Obstructed Investigation - - -

Citizen Murdoch: NY Times "outrageously biased"

If Scooter wrote it down, then I said it

GA to stop adding kids to health plan

Are you listening to Steph

Pentagon Prepares Iraq Disaster Plan

So the Republicans have already pulled a filibuster?

Connecticut nursery accused of forced labor (held without consent, had their passports confiscated)

Wanna help Katrina victims first hand?

I'm no Imus fan but he is SLAMMING Matlin RIGHT NOW!

Let's play politics

Rep. Virginia Foxx should no longer be allowed to waste taxpayers' money

"One thing though, No one has ever said you were wrong"

Rupert Murdoch

Sneakers fully loaded with GPS technology

Great Al Gore Anagram !

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) .. "the Republic party"

Newsweek: Latest Iraq NIE is known to contain three "dissents"

Is there a video posted somewhere of that Imus-Matalin death match

Limbaugh: "media dumping” on Bears quarterback Rex Grossman “because he is a white quarterback"

Did you hear Rohrabacher threaten impeachment today?

Anti-vaccination sites

Sec of Defense Robert Gates ducks testifying before Senate Budget Committee

Every Democrat debating the plane should bring up the $500 billion FLUSHED down the toilet in Iraq

Yuki-taro autonomous snowplow robot

House is having a 'discussion" about Pelosi's plane. cspan now

How much money does it cost to send the Vice President on quail hunting trips?

House Dems have good news conf on cspan. Link

Pentagon Prepares For Disaster In Iraq!

(Harpers) Kerry Was Right: bad students are getting stuck in Iraq

Pentagon's using funding request aimed at supporting troops to seek money for new, unproven weapons

Rice: the Iraqi refugee pressure "is really (on) Syria and Jordan at this point."

After this statement by airhead Rice...

Pelosi: Bush admin lied about the plane, but not Bush - he insisted on security

republican Shadegg complaining that we won't let republican amendments get to the House floor

Tonight: Last Malloy show till 19/02/07

Congress Is Simply Ignoring Us. What Now?

I am rolling my eyes at this false story about an Irananian boy's arm getting crushed.

voting faux pas

"It is arrogance--a jumbo jet to carry her and her buddies back

republican Pence: "We will resist the growth of government"

'Law and Order' actor Fred Thompson stands by Libby

11 dead in two days while *GOP Senators* prevent debate

Speaker Pelosi and the Plane Problem

dupe; please delete

The absurd Pelosi plane flap is just the beginning.

republican Hall: "The only plane I'm thinking of is the one I'd like to be on back to Texas"

I hardly expected Republicans to be nice, but ENOUGH WHINING ALREADY!

The Houses of Congress Are Being Destroyed by the Republicans.


If you were a candidate, would you ever hire a blogger? down???

Open letter to Tom Coburn (R-OK)

Reuters states in Falwell article that prayer is banned in Public Schools

If Pelosi were a white male legislator, would there even be an issue about the plane?

Will the USA attack Iran before the end of the year?


Permits Secured For March 17 March On The Pentagon

How To Explain A National Health Insurance Plan To The Average American

Pelosi is 2nd in line to the Presidency. Bush, Cheney, Pelosi. In that order.

So Edwards is "Personally Offended," But Believes In "Giving Everyone A Fair Shake

Salvation Army tries to cut Greenpeace from donor's $260 million trust

How big is Bush family fortune ?

Clinton's $11 Million Advantage - is it true that he/she with the most $$$ wins the Presidency?

Ad- "If You Like War On Iraq You'll Love War On Iran"

Keep our eyes on the ball, everyone! IRAQ and Bush's upcoming IRAN aggression

Whatever plane they give her, Speaker Pelosi better have

wrong forum

DU the poll re Bush Library at SMU

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) keeps saying REPUBLIC party!!! On C-SPAN

3115 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Edwards keeps controversial bloggers (Chicago Tribune)

Don't look at Iraq! Don't look at Scooter! Look at Nancy's plane!!!

Haggard's gay lover laughs at his "straight" claims

Check out this is so sad.

AP: Prosecution Rests in CIA Leak Case

Peace Plane

EPA Libraries Continue To Implode; Union Charges Unfair Labor Practices

This letter needs to be debunked

Senator McCain calling for ISP's to MONITOR useage?

Rightwing Warrior Falwell has Eyes on 2008

Did anyone do a post about Sen Ackerman who said ...

2043 unidentified bodies have been buried in Karbala, Iraq since June

Progressive Bloggers Paying Iraq Bet Offered by Jonah Goldberg

The difference b/n our media and the world is the headline:

'Law and Order' star stands by Libby (former Sen. Fred Thompson)

FITZ RESTS HIS CASE: Libby Prosecutors Finish Their Case in CIA Leak Trial

*** New Thread at Libby Live: Tim Russert, Three

Condi gets it GOOD! "Military more afraid of gay people than terrorists!"

Why are RW'ers attacking the security of Congress?

A Forty Two Seat JUMBO Jet???? Must be some hugh seats.

I've always been repulsed by Anna Nicole Smith, but

So here is the big question regarding Anna Nicole SMith

Mistrial could be end of Watada case (Seattle P-I)

Jim Webb: Administration's Answer on Iran Attack Not Good Enough

Race Matters.

Prosecutor Purge: Law Headed for Change .....

Diaper woman is happy...

In honor of the passing of Anna Nichole Smith...

Eric Von Schmidt, guitarist, painter, early 60's folk legend, dead at 75

The Latest Assanine Headline from the Right: "Pelosi Wants BEDROOM On Jet!"

‘A Platoon Of Lesbians’ Could ‘Chase Us Out Of Baghdad’

While we're having the vaccine brawl: a poll

Letter to my congress-critter on Iran

US Budget Plan Would Cut Most VOA English Radio Programs

You know who is grateful for Anna Nicole Smith dying?

Damn, this story made me blubber like a baby. Hope the link

The only thing good about Anna N SMith's death

Oh, my god. Anna Nicole Smith is dead

Wolfie's style is just...uncanny:

Pres Candidate Gov. Bill Richardson: "U.S. Must Lead by Example"

Number of days CNNMSNBCFOX will feast on Anna's corpse

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on "On the Record" and discussed the airplane controversy:

I may be wrong but R-AL Shelby is trashing Bush's Iraq

What has ever happened to the Camp Falcon investigation,


28 Air Force Academy cadets face possible expulsion

7 GOP Senators backtrack: Now they want Iraq Debate!

Bush's "Compassionate Conservative" Budget ?

White House Cherry Picks Climate Change Quotes to Claim Bush Accepts Global Warming Science

Roundup of Coverage of Waxman's Hearing Today (Coast Guard)

Don't forget: Rumsfeld still has a desk at the Department of Defense, with 7 staffers

Take a break from the Anna threads and watch this great Bill Moyers speech "For America's Sake"

Play's Controversial Title (Vagina Monologues) Leads To Complaints, Change

Rep Keith Ellison is really articulate

Snowjob *answers* media questions about incarcerated border partol agent beaten in prison...

Right Wing Spreads Misinformation About Oregon’s Global Warming Denier

Courage To Resist Report on Watada's mistrial. "A Clear Victory"

Watch Democracy Now!, now.

"Navy Pilot's Widow Sues Raytheon"


"AP: White House Defends Pelosi Plan Request" Uh-oh

Iran says identifies, detains U.S., Israeli spies (Isn't this a declaration of war?)

One of my favorite all time characters is forever tainted

House passes alternative fuels bill (3 Repukes vote nay)

New statement from House Sergeant at Arms on the Pelosi-plane-ridiculousness ...

Bush's Religious Right Swat Team Takes Aim at Methodists

Here's another craftily worded HPV vaccine poll, to go with the others:

CBO Study: Phased Withdrawal Would Save Half A Trillion Dollars

Republicans Are a Serious Impediment to Progress

Taking the toys away from the bad boy.

Strap on your seatbealt, take a bottle of Viagra, . . . then come CAPTION!!!

A video what Mr. Bush is doing to our sons and daughters............

Anna Overdose? All praises for the "Hide Thread" feature!

Lou Dobbs promises an Anna Nichole Smith-free newscast

“They all look alike....”

why you can't always trust the doctor

For F____ Sake; ABC Calls The Pelosi Plane Thing, Plane-Gate

Lebron james = sweLL guy

That Was Fun! Just Received My Very First Rasmussen Poll Phone Call. Question Though:

The ANS death story... Rita Cosby was born to cover it.

I wonder if they have any intent on ever publishing a report

Coffee? Joke

12 US Troops were Killed yesterday but

Light Changed to Matter, Then Stopped and Moved (future applications in fiber-optic communication)

Edwards On The Bloggers: "Personally Offended," But Believes In "Giving Everyone A Fair Shake

Will the Dems Finally Play Hardball?

Larrry King is already all over Anna Nichole

HELP!!!.......NPR and PBS getting slashed under Bush budget.

fundies: Anna Nichol Smith: "the wages of sin," blah blah...

Let us take a look at Bill Donohue's bigotry, shall we.....

Marine 'congratulated' men for murder of Iraqi civilian: witness

So I was waiting to pick up my son and turned on Sean Hannity - he said something about Gore?

Admin: "Invading Iran Will Show Everyone How Smart We Are"

Did anybody see "Bastards of the party" on hbo or hear about it on NPR?

I can not bear any more of this death.

Russert: ''Integrity is for paupers!''

I Betcha Neither Scooter Nor Shooter Testify

From... Libby Trial: Russert Ruins the Cover Story - David Corn

OMG! I just got home and Marilyn Monroe has DIED! Police don't know

Now that Anna Nicole Smith has passed away, who's next?

Iraq war Vet publicly calls Cheney a "draft dodger" & Mitch McConnell "aiding the enemy"

How do people get pcked for a paid position in a campaign?

I'd just like to make the point

Amaechi First NBA Player to Come Out

Dick Cheney's Dangerous Son-in-Law...

Utterly Amazing!

In 5 years at DU I have never utilized the "hide thread" option ...

Feb projects to be the third worst month ever

Anna Nicole is dead at age 39!!!!

Russert about to talk for first time since trial on NBC-5:30pmCT. nt

HBO's K-Street, Mary Matalin and Valerie Plame.

Tom Coburn Admits He Has No Interest In Representing The People

Global Warming Lawsuit Against Bush Administration to compel them to follow law

Should a campaign be organized against "Bushco" for its bashing of American Democracy?

Anna Nicole Smith Live Streaming Press Conference

George Bush and God

BREAKING: Pentagon Office of Special Plans 'Inappropriate But Legal'

Since "the bomb" worked so well in Japan why not blast the Middle East?

How come we didn't intern German-Americans like we did the Japanese

OMG- *Breaking* ** B*sh Sr. pats actress Teri Hatcher on the ass!

U.S. Attorney: 'I was ordered to resign'

Amy Goodman: Bang Pots and Pans for Molly Ivins

On C-Span, Arlen Specter just threatened to shut the government down on Feb15 if...

An Open Letter To Rupert Murdoch (And VIDEO Of Wed. Night's Olbermann's Segment On Him)

Waxman: "...I suggest that he return to under that rock..."

OMG! Anna Nicole Smith collapsed and has died!

Where did the "Pelosi plane controversy" come from?

Anyone else get a letter from Walter Cronkite?

Prepare yourself folks for non-stop Anna Nicole--and that's right here on DU

Action For Setting a Deadline

LOL... Barney Frank just rocks...

Don't let them blame this on drugs: Anna Nicole

Toddler Death

I can't delight in the deaths of others....

Fitzgerald Updates Website with Today's Materials

Cabbie returns Diamonds, heres a little story that'll make you feel good, I bet.

Howard K Stern is looking guilty..... check this out... bet he did Anna and her son...

Wikipedia Can Be So Quick To Update

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

The Watada Mistrial: Here's What Really Happened (Bill Simpich)

Chris Matthews: "the country wants ... a little bit of fascism"

The Iraq "war" will end the same way it started - with lies.

Have you heard about Washington's Initiative 957? Have kids or your marriage will be annulled!

New Zealand Schools To Get An Inconvenient Truth

A new statement from the House Sergeant at Arms on the Pelosi-plane nonsense

NBC: Murtha may use the war spending measure to close Guantanamo

DU this poll: Do you think Lt. Ehren Watada is a hero?

It's about the Media Conglomerates selling Newspapers, Magazines and Tabloid Copy!

Why Libby called Russert ....

Democratic leaders reassured lawmakers that next week's symbolic vote would not be the last word

ANS story and Nowak story, FLORIDA again!!

General Casey confirmed as Army Chief of Staff. Democrats win?

Just how scared are the right-wingers? Weigh in if you're in the construction biz.

Republican of TV's "Real Housewives of Orange County" trainwreck starts blog

Waxman Touts Yesterday's Halliburton/KBR Hearing: "Committee Saves Taxpayers $20 Million"

Al Gore To Announce Massive Series Of Climate Change Concerts!

Lines drawn in the sand. Friends turning against friends.

Is there anyone that could die without bringing out vitriol in a small minority here?

HPV Vaccine Texas Tyranny (comic)

I was wrong yesterday. I'd like to offer an aoplogy.

A Tribute to Anna Nicole Smith. No Seriously! Some things you may not know:

Joshua J. Frazier is dead at age 24!!!! RIP during 2nd Iraq tour (4th overall tour)!!

Hastert Used Military Aircraft To Fly Foley Page Scandal Figure To Washington

Rightwing Warrior Falwell has Eyes on 2008

Tuskegee's ghosts: Fear hinders black marrow donation

What % of the Military = Minorities? Women?

Wind power in the backyard

Keith Olbermann Show 2/7/2007: Richard Wolffe hit the nail on the head!

To the DU'ers who are upset about which threads get attention.

John Dean: Experts Say Congress Must Stop An Attack on Iran: Constitutionally Possible? Absolutely

Dying to be thin.

Why are there no Dems fighting for the pardon of the 2 Border Agents

The 21st Century Sucks

Nancy Pelosi being attacked about her plane on the House floor RIGHT NOW the FREAKIN' REPUKES!

Arianna Bombshell! Libby's Wife was Dem Lawyer on Senate Judiciary Committee!

Kucinich Reintroduces Department of Peace and Nonviolence Bill with 52 Cosponsors

Bill Richardson returns to U.N. to meet new U.N. chief and call for end to Darfur conflict

Quick history question re: October Surprise

Do you pass judgment on women who are not sure who fathered their child?

Thursday TOON bombardment

Georgie loves to compare himself to Winnie; why not! They both are for terrorism.

Toronto Marks 500th Homeless Death

Have you read Bob Herbert's column about Gary Tyler?

Joe Conason: Role of the Big Guys Is Becoming Clear in Plame Case

The Nameless and Faceless Deaths in Our Midst

Waxman Moves to Enhance Whistleblower Protections (Hearings Next Week)

Two reasons why I don't have to agree that something is 'offensive'

Do you believe the U.S. government is currently preparing and/or ...

Tommy will say anything: "Thompson blasts Iraq 'mistakes'" by Katherine M. Skiba

Disaster Capitalism and what the future looks like because of them

Why are - or are? - the Bushs & their front men buying control of Paraguay/Brazil Guarani Aquifer?


Senator Wants Probe Into Fla. Election (Feinstein)

WaPo: Sen. Clinton's Bundles: Who are the big-money fundraisers underwriting her campaign?

Parsing the Polls: Likeability or electability, heart or head?

AP: Chertoff to Appear Before New Congress

scientists for hire.....

Bill Richardson Goes To UN, Stresses Darfur Intervention

Four Marines killed; 19 days, six copters downed

The Obama boomlet in Mass. (Boston Globe)

If you think the two parties are in reality two wings of the same party, this thread is for you!

LTTE: Democrats, liberal media are enemies

After playing politics with Iraq, Republicans want another chance

Action For Setting a Deadline

Heroes and Zeroes - (shameless self promotion)

Edwards statement on bloggers TPM

DFA political training in VEGAS, sign up now, many other cities too.

McCain accepts money from those in a 527 that he called 'dishonest and dishonorable'

Judd Gregg Hurls Another Red Herring Onto Senate Floor

How many young republicans have been unable to get a job

It's as obvious as 1+1 = 2 that there is only one way of ending the war anytime soon.

Back off vultures, Edwards hasn't fired anyone.

DU this Lt. Watada poll in the Seattle PI!

Gilmore says conservatism will help him win GOP nod

Jon Stewart breaks taboo, says the "C" word(will FCC fine him?)

Black voters still unsure about Obama

"I'm sorry, did I say Republicrite? I meant to say Republican."

Planes? you want to talk about the use of PLANES???


The Rude Pundit: Poor Contractors Maligned By Big Bad Henry Waxman

Freak Republic blogger, who once called Chelsea Clinton "hideously ugly", hired by McCain

"The Republic Party" "The Republic Party" "The Republic Party"

Clinton joins Clark, Richardson, Edwards. Calls for Darfur action

Anthony Weiner just went apeshit on C-span.

Republicans attacking Pelosi remind me of verbally abusive men

Kerry Says Bush Playing Politics with Climate Science is “George Orwell at it’s Best”

You will see a lot from me on Ann Coulter...

Sen Sessions replay on C-span

BREAKING: Edwards campaign fires bloggers

Edwards keeps controversial bloggers (Chicago Tribune) (sorry, smear-mongering morons)

As a Military Retiree I can fly coast to coast on a military aircraft

DU a poll: Senate should be allowed to debate a resolution disagreeing with W's surge for Iraq?

Republicrites schooling us on how to be the minority party.

MyDD posts letter from John Edwards just now. Not fired.

It's Obvious what the GOP is doing in the Senate!

From the Media that brought you "Gore is a Liar", the Swiftboating of John Edwards

Speculation on why Joementum has not switched parties.

More flying and lying (Pelosi plane flap)

Is this Ann Nicole Smith worth taking up all the news. DAMN!!!

Party ID History Matters

Gov. Richardson's foreign policy

The news has been cancelled today....

Harris Poll: Shrubbins 32% Approve - 67% Disapprove

CNBC IS Having Actual News On Now

Bush Vs. America-Bush Wins/Please delete, dupe

Game On: Have your say through Blogpac to the press about Donahue. MyDD

CBO Study: Phased Withdrawal Would Save Half A Trillion Dollars

Supporters push Gore to run in 2008 -- interesting news!

Bush Vs. America-Bush Wins

Barrack Obama in October of 2002

Disturbing article on why Obama may not be very progressive

Co-sign the legislation: Set a date. by John Kerry

Helicopter pilot dies in Iraq, but the news is all about Anna Nicole Smith collapsing

Lou Dobbs Tonite talking once again about the two ...

Time For A Distraction Poll: Right Now: Who Gets Your Vote For Prez In 2008?

Votevets Rocks!!!

Political Industry rules: No "accountability" candidates in 2008

Gardasil Vacine - Very Interesting

Truthout: Progressive Democrats Aim to Cut Iraq War Funding

Anybody Know When DU Will Have A 2008 Campaign Forum?

Why Is Reagan So Idolized By Conservatives?

Bush trying to cut NPR and PBS... AGAIN

Hannity complains about Pelosi wasting tax payer dollars

Hillary on Iraq

Dodd Led Q4 Fundraising

Billions and Billions of Dollars Just Disappear in Iraq

Veterans Group Speaks Out on War-Congressional Democrats Let Talk for Them, Bluntly

Obama: "I would love to see an America where race is understood in the same way that the ethnic

National Cancer Institute says HPV causes penile and anal cancer in men.

Obama to skip First Candidates Forum in AFSCME sponsored Nevada Debate!

If you are a little confused about what's going on in the Senate, check out this interview with...

DFA political training in VEGAS, sign up now, many other cities too.

Clinton leads in Pennsylvania

NOT. BACKING. ANYONE. until Democrats pass public financing for federal campaigns! Senator Durbin?

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