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A desperate plea for a vewry particular animated gif ...... a squirrel darting back and forth ......

AK Legislative Council Meeting

Hey! Colin Powell! Yes you, Mr. Ted Stevens character witness. Here is YOUR legacy:

Troopergate report to go public.

Conservative origins of the subprime mortgage crisis.

On KO, we see McBush layin' down with the dogs and gettin' fleas.

Obama bumper sticker? No parking in this lot.

From red to BLUE!!

The world at severe risk of global systemic financial meltdown and severe global depression

Obama Airs 25,000 Commercials in Past Four Days

Woodamndamn whoooooooooooooo!

Wasilla is the Meth Capital of Alaska?

Hi My name is Ali, I'm on CNN and I suck

These people are freakin' nuts.

LOL instant spin Branchflower Report Released: Palin was within her rights to fire Monegan

does anyone have info from the EU how people there feel about Bu$h Fuck'n up their world,,??

Did Sports Complex Contractors Build Palin's House for Free?

WTF is up with "Birth-Certificate-Gate"???

The Terrorist Barack Hussein Obama, By FRANK RICH

My "Virgin" DU post--I ask that you please be gentle...

NYT: G.O.P. Officials Hope for Stability From McCain


McCain's crowds and the establishment reaction are the death

$150 for dirt.

If you have not seen this Obama Impersonator you HAVE TOO!!! (link)

AP: Breaking Palin attended Church at taxpayer expense $ 13,000

1977, Joe Biden goes after a purse snatcher - really!

This is a document from the US National Archives, Mr. McCain .... Mrs Palin. Is this okay with you?

BIDEN To PALIN: "I've had it up to here! Don't lecture me on patriotism,"

Berlusconi: "Leaders May Close World's Markets" (oh really?)

Obama threat, white powder sent to LAT *


What the hell is wrong with this woman?

Obama ads are playing in North Texas like crazy

Asked if rape victim should pay for rape exam kit, McCain/Palin supporter shouted "She should die"

Obama opens biggest national average lead ever against McAngry!!

I'm afraid and Angry! Palin and McCain words are an echo from the 1930's in Germany....

Dear Sarah, "Thanks but no thanks".

If Montana won't come to Obama,

PEOPLE!!! Can You HEAR IT?????

McCain and Palin make political history

Palin abused power just like Bush/Cheney. She showed her contempt for the law in the coverup.

Who Do You Think Will Be The Republican Nominee In 2012?

I have a question about ACORN's voter registration program

Ohio Newspaper Poll.... McInsane 48%, Obama 46%

Unlawfully abused her grudge contributed to firing..

NC Poll.... McInsane 48% Obama 46%

*** Saturday TOONs: Campaign and Economy ***

OK, I GUARANTEE this Palin news will not even matter by Tuesday!!!

Tired of casting asparagus? Try goating people.

10 Republicons and 4 Democrats on the panel.

Breaking/MSNBC: Palin abused her power (Alaska report)

I'm guessing the GOP is SICK about not naming Romney as the VP.

The Next Banking Bomb: $54.6 trillion of risky credit derivatives

waiting for talking points from the McShame campaign

What the hell is going on? Have I gone through Alice's looking glass??

Well Helloooo West Virginia !!!

Amidst all the blatant racism in the McCain rallies, one question:

Palin: Obama wants "Unlimited Abortion" ( the third A word)

bwahaha ****Look at the who the Palin is supporting**** At Gov Mansion in Juneau

NYT, Bob Herbert: The GOP's Mask Slips

Pappy O'Daniel and Junior on McCain's problem

Now that Obama's going to be president, we have to implement the GAY AGENDA!!

Rep. Les Gara asks Meg Stapleton to apologize to Monegan

My 51 year old brother has never voted ... ever!

610 WIP AM Sports Radio in Philly just said that

Watching Obama's campaign and the response from the right, I'm reminded of a Gandhi quote

The Irony of the Palin Gambit

Brachflower's recommendations

Look into the eyes of a McCain supporter and you are usually seeing the eyes of hate

Do you know any McCain supporters that are horrified by what's been going on at his rallies?

Outrageous Norm Coleman stunt (involving Paul Wellstone)

SOMEONE Told McCain to KNOCK IT OFF.. WOnder WHO it was..

Heed these words. IT will be NECK AND NECK one week before the Election

Did any of you notice this in the last debate?

How to argue with a Republican bigot.

My early morning conversation-

If you've NEVER respected John McCain, and NEVER will: CHECK IN!

My 20 year-old daughter just voted for change we can believe in.

Is she still dropping the puck tonight?

Flyers organization blast music to drown out the booing---

Amazingly prescient psychic article that I just found predicted Joe Biden as VP and economic focus

Perhaps the stupidest, most desperate RW theory EVER. (think it through)

Saturday Morning Data Dump – 10/11 – Two-thirds of Latino Voters Choosing Obama

Newsweek: Jewish disdain for Palin could tip Florida for Obama

The Hate Talk Express

McCain turning Presidential Race into God Race ??? !!!

Ya can't shake the Devil's hand, then say you're only kidding, Johnny

When did Montana, North Dakota and ALASKA go pink?

Barack Obama descended from William 1 King of Scots!

Fox News... no report yet on the findings

CBS: Man At Palin Rally Displays Monkey Doll Donning Obama at link

The Day Free Republic Jumped The Shark

Question about 50 state strategy

They booed her!!!!!!!

McClan Campaign Forced To Repudiate One of It's Own Speakers (Again) - Religious Bigot Pastor

I have a better name for Todd than "first dude"

Are We Rome? Tu Betchus!, By MAUREEN DOWD

I'm still scratching my head--why didn't they drag Palin to a NASCAR rally or something?

I almost predicted McCain's backing away from his campaign's racism.

My Only Regret About Hillary Not Winning the Nomination


New DNC Video Asks 'Who Is John McCain'

Freeper calls boo's "Childish" ... lack of "respect and decency"

Obama In Ohio Encouraging Early Voting - Avoid The Lines and Republican Goons!

Ya know - the thing about abortion is - if you don't want one - don't have one....


So you folks have been spending all day tracking Sarah Palin to a Flyers game?

"I find that Governor Sarah Palin abused her power ..."

Do you think McPalin will be booed in Philly tonight (dropping puck @ hockey game)

McCain threw his best punch, and Obama is still standing! (In fact, he grew taller!))

When Palin drops the puck at the Flyers game tonight, these trading cards will be handed out.

MSNBC: Gov. Palin "abused her power -- details ahead."

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH: "McCain the Incredible Shrinking Man"

Road to 270: Texas

Palin getting booed is up on youtube

McCain's attempt to calm his crowds reminds me of Eric Cartman...

Rangers 3, Philly Flyers 0 after 8 and a half minutes. (Palin strikes again)

ACORN is evil! Obama is a terrorist! We need to WIN an election!!

10/10/08 electoral map by actual size: Wonderful!

Obama-Biden signs in the background when Sara drops the puck ..pic at link

"Sarah Palin Gets Booed in Philly" Youtube video

NYT: A Candidate Who Embraces Opposites

Sarah Palin's toxic paradise.

As a young black man I've dealt racism in the past by breaking the guys face. I have never seen

McCain campaign hosted an official conference call yesterday featuring Obama critic John Murtagh"

Forget about Iraq and Afghanistan! McCain is starting a new war in the USA! Mom just called worried sick

A Historic Ticket - Never Before (and hopefully never again)

Audio Expert in the House?

Got your red hot palin boo video right here. Extre Extre

Hacker Uncovers 'Systematic Violations Of The Open Records Act' By Palin

delusional Freeps heard cheering (with the boos)


Obama needs to repudiate nothing

It will be interesting to compare this map

Someone please explain to me why....

Hey New Yawkers - if Palin does SNL can you boo as loudly as you can please??

New Jersey Senator Menendez Rallies Miami Republicans for Obama

If we must relive the 60's, can we at least have some drugs?

Relating ACORN to Obama: I smell Karl Rove a mile away.

Naw, they didn't BOO her...

Palin brought good luck to the Fyers tonight - NOT

I am very proud of my fellow Pennsylvanians...

The "say it face to my face" strategy?

Palin puck drop - watch live here (Link)

Obama Prayer Chain (times are scary)

Dana Bash of CNN spoke to the woman that called Obama an Arab

youtube of Palin getting booed

"Why I'd be a better VP than Sarah Palin"- By Roseanne Cash- The Nation.

Philly? Good lord they booed Santa Claus one time.

"I call on Senator Obama to immediately & personally repudiate these outrageous & divisive comments"

Snyder to Palin" Umm they're not saying boo it's buuuurns"

Preacher threatens God, prays He'd better make McCain win if He knows what good for Him.

Great rendition of the National Anthem at the game, btw

Hannity documentary on Obama this Sunday?

Anyone else see the half hour Obama commercial this morning?`

What do you think are the potential blind spots for the Obama campaign

Palin rally attracts monkey-doll man (VIDEO)

Who are these angry RWs at the rallies actually angry at?

Phone Bankin' in Santa Monica for Barack!

I wish there were more Obama yard signs

DId Grumpy McShitstain take down his Ayers ads yet?

Mooselini Motorcade has just arrived in South Philly at the Center.

Palin Directv==Looks like freeview NHL=Flyers on Channel 772

The craziness and hatred we are seeing is NOT just about race, but about liberals and democrats

Keep working for Obama - because it's paying off!

Another totally weird thing that pisses me off about Sarah Palin

The fun-filled life of a happy beer peddler: a look at John McCain's outlaw in-laws:

Live Philly/Rangers vid link.

Such Irony: Palin about to drop the puck at Wachovia Center.

Have McCain ads just stopped airing?

Who believes the Ayres/ACORN shit will work?

Sarah "You Betcha" Palin and Todd "First Dude" Palin...

Do Political ads really work ?

obama will solidly win the popular vote: lichtman's keys to the presidency

Who thinks McSame backpedaled today to avoid......

So DID Obama apologize for Lewis's remarks?

This email is VERY SAD and disgusting -- I don't know how to respond...

Is McCain getting scared of his crazies?

THIS is what you do, John McKKKain...

So Todd, Mr. First Dude, how's the "Partnership" doing lately?

Research 2000: Obama opens up 5 point lead in Florida.

FINALLY. CNN is talking about the scariness...

This is how petty and vindictive Palin is.

Anti-Palin Rally on Her Own Capitol Steps

My friends... I just want to say Thank You to Gayle Quinnell of Shakopee Minn.


Can the state of Alaska ask for some money back...

Palin Heightens Rhetoric on Abortion

McCain's effort "appears to be stirring up widespread racial, religious, and xenophobic prejudices"

Latest RCP National Polling Average - Obama +7.6%

Aaaah fuck! It's over! Richard Petty AND Cowboy Troy endorse McCain! (FoxNews, of course)

We just don't know where McCain stands on genocide of civilians

LOL! Straight Talk Express (pic)

amazing. MSNBC now mccain campaign people catapulting HIGHER the terrorist smears

Obama: I launched my first campaign in the Chicago Ramada Inn, not Ayers' living room

PA TRACKING POLL (MCALL): Obama 52, McKlanRallyLeader 40

Under Palin, state money intended for suicide prevention effort was used to promote religion...

Just had some fun with two McCain direct mailings.

has the Palin "violates ethics law" tv ads campaign begun...yet??

Rendell on McCain Campaign: 'I think they're just stupid'

The Darker Impulses That Control McCain

"reek of stress, sleep deprivation, and low morale in Crystal City"

John Lewis, invoking George Wallace, says McCain and Palin 'playing with fire'

***Can we create some kind of thread of threads on advice to specific voters?***

Palin on MTP and Face the Nation tomorrow "Time for some answers" Sarah P.

McCain is saddened that he's being rebuked by one of his "three wise men"

Just heard soundbite from McCain: "We're gaining in the polls"

Obama backs Lewis statement

Mooselini will be in my area Sunday 530pm

A**hole brings stuffed monkey to McCain Rally

McCain says protesters 'just don't get it'

But I DO fear a President McCain and worse yet a President Palin

What the Troopergate Report Really Says

Obama not backing down

So, if I was a crazy Palinite, I would vote for the Republican idiot, old man McCain because:

Gallup Daily: Obama Ahead by 9 Points,Only 6% of voters are undecided

If it looks, acts and talks like a duck - its likely a duck...Lewis is right

Has this RW email made it to your inbox yet?

Andy Martin, perennial PB candidate, stars as Obama critic

Polls may underestimate Obama's support by 3 to 4 percent, researchers say

(T)he Illinois senator would diminish "the prestige of the United States presidency" - PALIN !!!

Don't Let It Happen Here

EVERYONE that stands up to McPali's campaign of hate and echoes of the 1930's Germany check in here!

Wow! I can't believe THIS endorsement for McCain

McCain Endorses Obama Poll

They're Trying to Tell Voters What To Wear In Wisconsin

Former Michigan Governor (R) Retracts Endorsement of McCain

WAPO: William F. Buckley's son endorses Obama

Tracking Poll Update: Obama at 50 Percent in All Four Polls. Average = Obama 51.25, McCrypt 41.75.

I don't get the hatred for Sarah Palin

Following The Week's Worst Drop In The DOW, Why Isn't MSM Asking McCain About Personal Accounts?

Analysis: Sarah Palin inquiry will reinforce voters' existing prejudices

Take Me Home Country Roads - WV goes Blue

I don't think much of it matters at this point --

NO WAY IN HELL is Iowa a LEAN OBAMA state as MSNRC Would have You Believe (Obama +13)

If true conservatives prayed and fasted for it.McCain would win.

They're not booing; they're saying "MOOOOOOOSE!" Listen live here @ about 7ET:

I'm gonna say it: LAND SLIDE

If Obama wins freeps say "divide the country up and start over"

Palin Tempers Attacks on Obama

Countrywide First


Back from Obama's West Philly Rally.

McCain drops Va. GOP county chairman over column

Meltdown in Hannity's Nazi America Tonight

John McCain: Arsonist, hater, and unfit to hold any office in the land

So - I just watched 1 hr of CNN's Ballot Box -

Campaign Vandals Struck Just Now

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Endorses Obama: Largest Missouri Newspaper

Who is Barack Obama?

My 84 year old Mississipi mother

John Lewis, invoking George Wallace, says McCain and Palin 'playing with fire'

a fabulous read - "Did Newsweek moritfy Sarah Palin?"

Here's a little blast from the past to keep ya'll focused and motivated.

Major Los Angeles intersection. People with signs "honk for Obama"... Massive amount of honking!

Could the Alaskan Legislature Start the Impeachment of Gov. Palin?

MSNBC: Shuster is laughing at this RNC Guy

Damnit I need a 12 step group!

McCAIN/PALIN 1st Ticket In American History In Which - BOTH Candidates Found TO Have Violated Ethics

What's Obama going to do for 30 minutes of Prime Time?

PollingPoint still lists Hillary as an option...

MSNBC claims- via "BREAKING NEWS-that Pakistani intel. says U.S. missile strike kills 3 in Pakistan

Cindy McCain Kept Keating Partnership for 11 Years After Scandal

How was CNN able to incorporate Palin's then-unreleased talking points into their "BREAKING NEWS"?

George Wallace campaign commercial from 1968

After November, McCain is going to have a whole new plane......

If a 14 year old gets pregnant by a uncle guess what she's having that baby

Has Cindy McCain spoken at any rallies by herself?

Excuse me, but......

Judge labels GOP's voter challenge as 'political chicanery'

"Sorry, Dad, I'm voting for Obama"

I finally had to get some Obama gear and make a donation while on the site.

There's Only One Pollster I Trust

So She Thinks It's Unpatriotic To Ask Everyone To Pay Their Fair Share?

McCain asked to name the Three Wisest People that he knows in Aug - One was Rep. John Lewis!

Photo: Wow, the Republicans just keep kicking our ass with original, creative campaign graphics

John McCain's biggest regret from this will be Palin

Listen Up!

McCain wants you to think this financial meltdown was caused by Dems & FAnnie & Freddie, NPR concurs

The Price of HATE as a Political Strategy (Image Fixed)

Schuster.. MOST Iowa polls show that McCain is behind in Iowa..

Compare Google's current index to their oldest available index. Check this out.

Freepers Hope PUMA's Save McCain (They Predict 300+ EV for McLurch!)

Bush Happens.

Poll: Obama Closing on McCain in W.Va.

Palin Fav/Unfav on R2k/Dkos: -20. 37 Point Swing from 1 Month Ago

Why is John McCain in Iowa again?

Lest We Forget: "JFK Wanted for Treason" - Handbill circulated 2 days before assassination in Dallas

Big GOP Pollster Behind Oregon Calls

msnbc's shuster just nailed a rnc spokesman!

Rope a Dope Strategy - Younger vs Older Ali

Sarah Palin on November 6th go home and

***New Commodity: Selling Hope

Failin is At again!

McCain Backing off from Hate Rallies - is it too late?

Has anyone thought of the economic shit Obama will need to deal with for the next four years???

Delete . . . Dupe

Remind the press polls are low (press emails included)... McSame has a 15 to 20 point deficit!!.

Republican National Committee is about to pull the plug on its joint ads with the McCain campaign

Obama Battles Block by Block to Get Voters to Polls (NYT)

i forgot to bookmark it

Please, please: no more talk of the threat of "assassination"?

Yikes! We're not out of the woods yet! I heard a report on NPR indicating that

Obama's giving material to Jon Stewart just now

The GOP is Beginning to Sound like a Bunch of Conspiracy Theorists

Some good vids. Please watch and send to your friends

Drudge: MoDo and Rich say McCain Rally Out of Control

ACORN's Response to McCain's Lies

Rendell: Back off, Sarah! Jill Biden is the "real Flyers fan".

Bridge to Oblivion

just got back from going door to door for Obama in Staunton, Va

I said it before and I'll say it again

Is this just the beginning? Will Obama constantly fight

A third possible reason for McCain's change of heart.

For those that think the Ayers attacks worked:

November Fifth is "Obama Day!" Pass it on. n/t

Have you thought about what you will say to your repub friends?

Does Sarah Palin Have a Pentecostal Problem? Why Wright off table?

Can Joe Biden hit back with "Do we really know Sarah Palin?"

By Reporting Every Word Palin Sez, The MSM Is HELPING Obama, So, Chill Out

Obama Statement on North Korea’s Removal from the Terrorist List

Was this ever asked of Mcain; "Was being a POW worth it?"

McCain thought negative campaigning would score him points

I'm going to Las Vegas NV next weekend for Obama (From CA)

"Governor, did you abuse your power?" Sarah: "NO, You Gotta Read The Report Sir" (Report Included)

The elderly women at the McCain rally was LOL funny

Obama & McCain will be seated together at table at Wednesday's debate.

"I'm scared of Barack Obama... he's an Arab terrorist..."

The Ohio Newspaper Poll: McCain 48(unchanged), Obama 46(+4)

Why is the stinking media responding to every charge she throws at Obama as there main topic

The Republicans are trying to redirect America's current anger and focus it on Obama as the target.

Does Sarah "Rape Victims Must Deliver Rapist's Baby" Palin really wanna focus on abortion?

Lest We Forget: "JFK Wanted for Treason" - Handbill circulated 2 days before assassination in Dallas

527s should be putting out ads about how Palin puts rapists above women!

Um...why are we attacking Pakistan right now?

another...DUers Over 60 Years Old Question......

Absolutely scathing video: "Beauty Queen" by Julie Mains

"My friends, Americans are angry, angry, angry, angry....". Said urgently and in a softer voice

McCain-Palin: the ethics violation ticket

From where are McCain fans getting this crap?

Only in San Francisco...

EV Obama 343 McNasty 184 with Missouri a tie 11

You know I'm thinking, that WHEN Obama gets elected, we need to be vigilant

Guess what was the last word Bonnie Raitt said to us at her concert tonight?

They know that they're going to lose, so they'll act as if they have nothing to lose

Lest We Forget: "JFK Wanted for Treason" - Handbill circulated 2 days before assassination in Dallas

if the election was held today

GOP's Defense: She Shot the Sheriff, But She Did Not Shoot the Deputy

It's Interesting To Look Note How Aged Bush Looks Since 2000 vs. How NOT Aged Cheney Looks

Bill, Hillary, and Joe Biden in PA Sunday (10/12) - CSPAN at 3:15 PM (EST)

John Lewis, invoking George Wallace, says McCain and Palin "playing with fire"

great essay about Palin

The New! Improved! John McCain speaking at Davenport, IA.

Is there a Place where I can Download Randi Rhodes' past shows?

LOL.....My GOD! Is Palin a joke at this point! A constant running joke!

In A Sinking Economy & HEY Sarah Palin

So Let Me Get This Straight. Obama Leads By Double Digits In Iowa

Hey! We aren't all x'd out. Guess everyone is out on the trail or out party'n!

The most frightening scenario

Bradley Effect a Bogus Myth? A theory in search of data?

Hotline Nat'l Poll -Obama 50% -McCain 40%

It is Official: Palin is Running in 2012 against Obama.

Newsweek poll seems to show McCain is a drag on the Palin ticket


A sampling of Alaska progressive bloggers on the Report

RCP average: Obama's lead, approval rating biggest ever

What was the question?

“[Palin] supports spending taxpayer cash on initiatives that tickle her fancy,”

Have you seen the latest Georgia polling? We may win both the Senate seat and presidential race

If Obama does his usual steady job on Wed in the debate HE WILL WIN THE ELECTION

Sludge teases Rich and MoDo columns - will hit McCypt-Phalin for stoking fire and rousing the mob.

Time: Todd's Job, "The informal Department of Getting Mike Wooten Fired."

Nice little Paul Hipp ditty on the election. Apologies if it's been posted before.

What does "Hope" mean to you?

Faux News says...

The Palins' "creepy" obsession with Wooten and why McCain's spin is bizarre

Obama/Biden signs popping up here on post!!!!

Obama rally live NOW on C-Span!

McCain Campaign Puts Michelle Obama on their Terror Watch List

Uh oh. McCain's crowd sounds restless. MSNBC now.


Pulling Away: Obama opens a double-digit lead in new NEWSWEEK poll

The ugliness with which they go down is emblematic of who they are deep inside

Great theme song?

Rumor: The RNC may pull funds from McCrud

You know what would be cool? A carbon-neutral campaign.

Bigotry During Today's McCrypt Rally Invocation

Toxic, hateful words from McCain/Palin supporters in Bethlehem, PA.

The Alaska Disasta made the front page of my local paper this morning

apart from any moral issues, what is upside for McCain-Palin in stoking violent anger of right?

John McCain did NOT do the right thing.

Huge Freeper Arrested for Stealing Democratic Yard Signs LOL

Live coverage of Obama Philly event on CSPAN (one) now.

Two letters to the Editor - Anchorage Daily News

They're Already Trying to Turn Election Fraud Against Obama: Already creating their Excuse

Guy on MSNBC just said they're now considering Iowa "leans Obama" and that it's not a slam dunk

Folks, what's left for us?

Why does the media across the board so desperately want Mccain to win?

********* HEADS UP!! OBAMA RALLY LIVE NOW! *********

remember: this is Rove's Legacy. it's desperate smear

Will McCain Do Anything to Win? Harold Ford, Jr., revisits "Harold, Call Me" ad

What happen to the boos ?

Palin used gov't funds for religious purposes

with the way the GOP is fracturing right now, could this be the electoral map in the near future?

1:27 pm est streaming LIVE NOW Obama in West Philly.

NYT: On Obama, Acorn and Voter Registration

"Faux how do we help McCain win. I mean does McCain win". Lol!

Caption this photo

Oopsie Doopsie... As Governor, Palin At Times Bonds Church And State - RawStory

Gramps: "I'm gonna end abuses of power."

I think it's good that McCain is calling for civility

Gallup Daily-not at all bad news-Obama leads by 9 and holds at 51%

McCain: ‘I’m going to end these abuses of power whatever it takes.’

Palin Parses - nothing "unlawful or unethical about replacing cabinet member" - MSM not buying it.

The Early Line: Diageo/Hotline Tracking Poll - O 50% M 40%

So, I was talking to this older, southern guy about politics..

Gallup.. Our Guy 51% their Guy 42%...

Biden to Palin: I've had it up to here! Don't lecture me on patriotism!

Would Todd Palin get his own 'table' in the VP office?

Don't you think we have right to know the names of the McCain/Palin bigots who speak at the rallies?

Some good news this morning - McCain Sinks on Economy, Palin Pick, Negative Attacks

On CNN now-

Hillary Clinton needs to replace Harry "HUH" Reid as Majority leader of the Senate next year

"What?? Nooo!!"

I have to admit, I never thought Project X would come off so well!

McCain stealing Obama's campaign song

'Splain...please...what is the difference btwn a Chicago politician and an Arizona politican?

Obama's pushing a 50% AVERAGE on RCP, and has his biggest lead EVER in their average of all polls.

Palin in Philly at the Flyers game - there will be video at 11 - you can bet on it - literally

Have You Seen This? Sarah Palin Sculpture Goes Public In USA

West Virginia DUers, help me out here. (Or DUers familiar w/WV)

How come Zogby's numbers are less favorable for Obama and why was he so bad during the primaries?

What's the difference between Rush Limbaugh and a little old "Arab" lady?

Newsmax - McCain's Cabinet - McCain is Bush, Jr. 2.0

More great use of celebrities by Obama...Tampa's got good visitors coming.

Palin's Talent Scout (Bill Kristol)

Swing State Endorsement: St. Louis Post Dispatch Editoral Board Backs Obama

What Troopergate Report Really Says: Amateur Palin as self-motivated as D.C. fat cats and lobbyists

Every Dem FoxNews guest should ask why Bush was funded by the bin Ladens

Say it!!! PALIN VIOLATED THE PUBLIC TRUST. That's what they will HATE hearing, but she DID.

What has the USA! USA! USA! chant evolved into in McCain World?

FauxNews: "McCrypt now setting aside talk about Obama's associations for talk about the economy."

The Bradley Effect will be overcome by the Bandwagon Effect.

MSNBC banner: "Sen. Obama hasn't held press briefing in two weeks"

2 of McCain's Top Advisors got $720K in lobbying fees from Ameriquest Mortgage:

ACORN responds to the smears.

Body blow 4 McCain as Palin found to have abused powers / will lead 2 questions about his judgement

Anyone that believes that McCain is backing away from hate.....had to

The Republican Red Scare - Guardian UK

B* has spoken on economy 21 times in the last 26 days and has had no impact... I challenge that

Palin Used Taxpayer $$$ to Promote Religion & Merge Church & State:

TIME: "Is the Palin administration shockingly amateurish? Yes, it is. Disturbingly so."

McCrypt heads back to Iowa today. LOL!

McCain Campaign Plan

Help... RW meme. Rebuttal needed

Gingrich Insists That Obama Fire Frank Raines, Former CEO of Fannie Mae

Something is unhinged here

Palin, "I AM NOT A CROOK!" Where have we heard THAT before?

SHOCKED: McCain basically conceded the election tonight and told his base to Chill the Fuck Out...

Why isn't the media talking about the findings of the Troopergate investigation???

I love the Obama add about Mccains Flip Flop on Foreclosures

Florida R2000 poll: Obama 49 (+4) McCain 44 (-2)

The McCain campaign is DEAD! --- Killed by the G7!

Here's a question about AFTER the election...

I looooove Joe Biden!

So do we go affter the pill popping trollop now?

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/12/08 - Obama 52, McCain 45 (Obama up 2)

25 days

Just sat through the Palin speech (ugh!) and no 'Bill Ayers / terraist'

Who is really running for President?

Pittsburgh-Mama for Obama *&* Polar bears against Palin

The Power of Conversation

TIME: Palin administration SHOCKINGLY AMATEURISH re:Troopergate

How Troopergate HELPS Palin:

WTF Palin says just now EVERY LIFE IS SPECIAL

Diageo-Hotline Poll: Obama moves from 7% lead to 10% lead.

"Oh, are we not doing the talent portion?"

Sarah Palin Interview In Pittsburgh 10/10/08 (teeee-heee)


Governor Strickland with Obama: We are drawing a line in the sand in Chillicothe and southern Ohio.

Am I crazy or is the MSM trying to sweep "Troopergate" under the rug?

What happens next?

TPM: McCain Campaign Now Attacks Michelle Obama Over Ayers(Audio Link)

Has McCain Run the Strangest Major Party Campaign in History?

If the election is stolen, how much would you protest

CNN top page: Palin denies state report she abused power

After reading the report and Todd's statement, I'm thinking

Palin' schedule as Governor, a schedule only Cheney could love

As governor, Palin at times bonds church and state

"Where the men are unemployed, the women are bored,

Well thank GOD...apparently Obama is no longer...

Question about VPs

Guess who they are paying to lie...Obama fundraiser, convicted of fraud, spills beans

Ayers didn't work so now they are back to Obama is a baby Killer

Obama streamig LIVE NOW in Philly 8:30 am est. Rendell on stage.

---Alphacat---Obama impersonator, after the debate, UNCUT Version!!---

McCain's Ayers- Terrorist smear of Obama

DU this poll before the Freepers get to it!

Sarah Palin's current outfit looks vaguely Fascist

Impression of McCain defending Obama was Helplessness -- Mad Scientist destroyed by his own monster

Who is moose?

What enthusiam gap? (Photos)

The Republican campaign strategy

Looks like someone in palin's family supports "that one"

"I miss August. August was neat. The Dow was over 10,000 and nobody had ever heard of Sarah Palin."

Todd spent more than 50% of his time in Sarah's office, using the phone

Sarah Palin INELIGIBLE To Be Vice President...?

Palin will backstab McCain

Any way we can harness the anger of the McCain-Palin crazed mobs to power our cities?

Obama thanks McCain for toning down

Obama's 30-minute National Address: The New Fireside Chats

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Does the Troopergate report say anything about medical records?

In regard to same sex marriage being blamed for costing Dems

Pat Buchanan: McCain Campaign is schizophrenic, overcome by economic tsunami

Did Winky bring up Ayers?

Hey Frank Gallup STFU you reTHUG loser ...even your reTHUG buddies Rassmussen

Nope she is back accusing Obama of enfanticide WHAT A TROLL

Heads Up: Moosilini in Johnstown PA on CSPAN.

the PIG in lipstick doesn't sound her bigoted self today

FAUX News, mentally unbalanced

They are trying to rehabilitate the PIG in lipstick

People are always saying "this is the dirtiest election I can remember," BUT...

Faster Pussycat

Battleground Poll Obama BACK UP 8% So Frank Gallup reTHUG STFU

The Anti-Defamation League Sends Hannity Letter re: anti-Semitic Guest Martin

Keith Olberman should be back on Monday?

I don't trust any of this shit or hardly ANY ONE for that matter!

abuser of power is on cnn

Rasmussen Obama 52 (+2) McCain 45 (same)

Do Palin's kids go to school?

What John McCain figured out today.

FAUX Anchor Woman Is Lambasting McCain For Defending Obama Against 'Arab' And 'Muslim' Charge

Democrats Are Gaining in State, Registration Data Shows

For the first time in a long time, I'm starting to see commercials for Obama - in GA.

Ixnay on the Ympathysay

WTF Chris Jansing on MSNBC just asked Bill Burton why Obama has had a press conf. in 2 weeks?

The paradox for Freepers on November 5th....

This is funny!

Dear Freepers: Are You Wondering How You Are Going To Deal With An Obama Presidency?

McCain's Real VP: Todd Palin

The McFailin' strategy couldn't be simpler: Excite their base and

Poll: Obama Winning Over Groups Once Reluctant To Back Him

So, Sarah, you say the public can't trust Barack? How veddy interesting..- YET...

McCain is stuck in the mess he has created

Palin poll

Frank Newport (Gallup) just said the report out today will be back in single digits. So prepare

The front page of the Chicago Sun-Times tells it all

Why McCain's effort to hush down the nastiness is a CROCK OF CRAP !

William F. Buckely's son endorses Obama.

Difference between "likely voters" and "registered voters"....

9:30 am est Obama streaming LIVE NOW from Mayfair Diner in Philly.

Let's "meme" this: "If you support McCain, does that mean you hate 'gooks?'"

An Arab can't be a decent family man??

Open Letter to Cindy McCain about Dirty Campaigning : Polls are undervaluing Obama because of cell phone factor

Did Senator Angry Old Prick take a tip from Rudy Ghouliani? (Demands a caption)

You lucky bastards in Scranton.

Ironic thought of the Day: Who would have thought GWB would socialize the financial sector???

Are mr. and mrs. mooselini STILL Ignoring Subpoenas?

The New McCain Attack Ad That Praises Obama (VIDEO)

According to ThePage Sarah Palin (the one who abuses her office) will be having a rally @10a est

What's the Yiddish word for "Tucker"?

Republican headline writing 101:

A ray of hope in the Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH.... : )

Obama in North Philly Saturday - crowd there since midnight Friday

Only 15% believe McCain will win .... so how many pukes will stay back home

Baghdad Bob was on MSNBC ..says the report clears Sarah Palin

Any word on how much Obama campaign $s in for Sept?

Nouriel Roubini for Treasury Secretary--on C-SPAN's Washington Journal now

Mudflats rocks. Check out the pictures

Weird. Sad. Surreal

It is said economics have swung this campaign...

Chris Matthews BLASTS the Republicans on their campaigning tactics

Fear and the Sour Grapes of Sarah Palin's Wrath

Tucker Bounds spinning like a top

Dedicated to Sarah Palin, Anti-Women, Anti-Children

"This highly-politicized report is a personal attack. Ultimately, She will be exonerated."

As the McCain campaign gets loonier

Go On: Delete Me, TS me. Send me a pizza.

Sen. Clinton campaigns for Obama - pics

How's your tinfoil hat? Goings on in CC Philly right now...

How many senate seats will the dems have up in 2010?? Expect a RW

Why McCain can never be considered a "Maverick"

McCain will backstab Palin

Palin's Talent Scout

State scrambles to gather private e-mails

If you wish to be a mod, by all means apply for the position. Otherwise ...

Things That Are Taller Than John McCain

Just an old sweet song...

My prediction of how McSame's next network interview will go.

Great News! Appeals Court Sides with Ohio Secretary of State Brunner

McCain Supporter-"Obama's Got Muslim In Him"

Dupe. Please delete.

Research 2000 Nat'l Poll-Obama-52% McCain 40%

Pass the around - The REAL Truth on McCain's Record on Troops & Veterans - From VoteVets

Should McCain win, we would have two VPs....

Palin is in MY town (Dover NH) next wed. - I need ideas, samples for PROTEST signs.....

RE: Still no mention of Troopergate on Drudge

Compared to Clinton, Obama's harassment by the RW will be....

I'm gonna say it: GET YOUR BUTT TO WORK

How Obama's association with Reverend Wright can be used to help him.

Prisoners of 'W'

Takin' it Back with Barack Jack! (For Swing voters!!!) YOU GO TO SEE THIS!!!!


Hey, Matt Drudge listened to me!

Bill Clinton throughout Oct. '92: "I haven't won this yet"

I have some rhetorical questions regarding McCain and Palin inciting passionate

Gondoliers In Venice For Obama - Check Out This Video Clip......

Food Bank Shopping Checklist

Don't invoke Godwin's Law here, but seriously...

I'm so PROUD to be an Alaskan!

Let's hear it for the Secret Service!

"Liar! Terrorist! Come on John!!11 The Bible tells us you speak the truth..."

Our media and democratic process are such distortions of themselves

The Maverick-as-Leader Paradox

You know, if you haven't seen the "Four Days in Denver" video, you're really missing out:

The McCain Voodoo Dick

Weekend news will be dominated by which topic?

Gonna have to start calling him Mc*

You know what this means? No more Democrat Party. We're going to stop this meme for good.

Donating does make me (you?) (him?) (us?) feel strangely safer...

Obama's cabinet. I'll start.

"Palin is the pin-up girl for people who don't believe in masturbating."

Obama's 2 minute "economics" ad running in MT during Leno

I finally figured it out!

I just convinced a couple friends of mine to vote for Obama (I'm a die-hard Hillary supporter)

The last candidate who averaged nearly a double digit lead this late in the game?

The Republicans are NOT going to try to steal this election! Why not you say? ....

Can I breathe now? Does this officially KILL her 2012 chances?

Wonderful thoughts about the Palin power abuse verdict - from the freepers. Whee!

Heading to the Democratic Party office in the morning

Any Palin speeches scheduled for tomorrow?

Does anyone think we have heard the last of Ayers/Wright?

I like Robert Kennedy Jr. for Attorney General

Weird. Sad. Surreal (McCain's despicable campaign)

'Dirtiest Campaign,' Really, Cindy?

Attention: Bill Ayers. Make a public announcement declaring your support for John McCain.

Attention: Bill Ayers. Make a public announcement declaring your support for John McCain.

Freeper links and posts should not be brought here

I want some journalist to ask Joe Lieberman what he thinks of all this..

Did John McCain Redeem Himself today?

A Decent Arab Family Man... FRANK ZAPPA

Zogby: Obama 48% (same), McCain 44% (+1).

WTF am i watching on MSNBC about McCain defending Obama from McCain's supporters?

nytimes headline:Efforts to Oust Trooper Found to Violate Law

Dear President Obama....a humble request from a supporter.

We're seeing Obama ads here in Tucson AZ now, but no McSlander ones

Palin Education Programs

CNN changes their reporting to reflect that Palin broke the law

Anybody know about this email?

Wondering what McCain voters are really afraid of when Obama wins the Presidency?

MSM keeps saying Palin didn't break the law: She did not break one law but broke another

We Win!!! (noted October 10, 2008 8:31 PM EST)

Maxine Waters holds nothign back

McLame is scared to confront Obama and hopes his lame talk today prevented it!!

I swear, the freeper types apparently think ACORN workers have superpowers

Tough Question: Who would have been the better President for the past 8 years?

Obama ads on Sci Fi tonight, the one about tax breaks for the middle class

Hmmmm....Hannity and Colmes....minus Hannity...

Need help refuting some claims about Obama

Now what?

Drudge STILL ignoring the Palin bombshell Does McCain Have Cooties?

Where's our GD Planetarium, art museums, public transportation, and research labs?

Civitas North Carolina: Obama 48, McCain 43, Barr 2

Bill O'Reilly pisses off his producer

Abuse of the public trust....

Check out Ray Taliafero's 10-10-08 podcast at this link.

There is no such thing as a McCain campaign.

Snapshot of Yahoo's "Political Dashboard" as of today (Oct. 10):

TODAY: Judge Orders Palin Emails Preserved

At this point I find myself loathing Palin far more than McCain.

Been Out At Another House Party For Local Dems... Maybe This Has

At what point do the Republicants have to purge everyone....

On Sarah: She violated the Executive Branch Ethics Act , does this give McBush an excuse to can her?

Video: Barack in Chillicothe, OH 10/10 (partial speech)

So who would even qualify as an "elder statesman" Republican these days, who'd have the stature to

I just emailed McCain via his Senate website.

WTF?!!! Am I in Bizarro world?

Kerry Condemns "Hate-Filled" Language

Don't believe that little weasel!

Senator Webb: Obama will win VA, comments on crowd ugliness of GOP


Democrats turn out for Biden appearance in Springfield (MO)

is there somewhere to find out what candidates are on the ballot in which states?

Anyone have some poll numbers on Palin's positive/negative ratings over the past month?

Newsweek poll Double Digit lead for Obama

poll question: When I read the postings of RWers I

What do you think of the Right Wing's argument that we have to respect stupid and bigoted people?

Bullentin of points from a Republican...

BREAKING: Freepers Now Talking About Impeaching Obama

Maybe McShame doesn't want to be captain of that ship of fools!

My respect for McCain just went up 1000% for his comments today*

I hope Palin gets off the hook.

Alaskan explains why Obama's message resonates

Report vindicates governor, Palin spokesman says (ADN)

Let us remember what we have to look forward to......

What will Palin do now? Hold a press conference? Resign?

Palin committee member: "....release of the report was a “no brainer.”

McCain booed by supporters after trying to calm angry anti-Obama chants at Minnesota rally


Palin's Claims She Feared Wooten Were Bogus

Troopergate - I Hope Obama Lets McCain/Palin Dig Their Own Hole First

The best part about today! McLame off message on TWO different topics!!!

My guess on why McCain talked down the "fear" today.

John McCain's response to the abuse of power findings

Aren't there any other Republicans who still have enough integrity and respect

Statement of Palin "Truth Squadder" Meg Stapleton...

I dunno'..but I'm guessing Todd Palin AIN'T getting any tonight.

Bush&Co's "Base" were wealthy and connected GOP'ers...McCain's base?

"Emergency Notice" Received by my BIL From Senator John McCain Today

There is irony, there is supreme irony and then there is overwhelming cosmic irony

Red Herring (TPM on Troopergate)

Reason I cannot wait until this election is over #256:

What a WONDERFUL night!! I love you guys!


Do you think the GOP is throwing in the towel?

This lifesize cutouts comparison says it all

If McCain is calling the shots in his campaign, I'm ashamed of him.

The name that used to come to mind when I thought of Sarah Palin was

Someone needs to break it to Sarah that THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD isn't a good campaign plan

It's a Matter of Trust

Anyone think McCain doesn't personally want to go negative on Obama?

Will the model hockey mom still be dropping the puck at the Flyers game?

DU surpasses $90,000 raised for Obama!

"Current rules mandate that investors must beginning to sell off their IRAs and 401ks...

Palin's Abuse Tops the Headlines at CNN, ABC News, CBS News and NBC News

Kos:Break their backs

So the McCain camp says the Troopergate report is partisan?

I think the word "Maverick" will be taboo in American Politics for the next 50 years...

So when will Palin tell the crowd at HER rallies to chill?

In general, people are only going to believe what they want to believe

Drudge finally updates homepage with major Palin story!

My take on Palin abuse of power.

An interesting (perhaps meaningless) trend in polling data

Trooper-gate question: what's next?

Does McCain Have Cooties?

"If you think Senator Obama is a Muslim or Terrorist then I dont want your vote!"

My advice to the Obama campaign

Seriously what happens now and remember Columbus Day is on Monday.

It's about time Karl Rove's tactics took a hit...he's behind all this


So I guess SNL is out of the question?

Palin who said she wants more power than Cheney? Has already abused her power as a Governor

Family grudges will get you every time.

Sarah Palin's high school report card

Can we go after the spouse now??? Todd Palin is all over this report and

Now that McCain defended Obama's character, he needs to direct his campaign to stop the hate speak!

Minn. DU'er...Did Norm Coleman really pull his negative ads?

Palin's Office Responds:

Alaska-State scrambles to gather private e-mails

BTW, starting tomorrow, we only have 100 days until Bush leaves the White House...

Hey Guess what, "the campaign would continue its own increasingly character-based line of assault."

Pallast's Electron fraud report is on BBC America now.

I had to turn Bill Moyers off just now...couldn't stand that lady he had on again

I gotta say it. one night only and I'm not even going to question his motives...

Will Palin be impeached by the Alaska Legislature now ?

Oh yeah, check out what hockey fans get on Saturday night!

CNN minimizing Trooper Gate findings 30 minutes after report comes out! Amazing!

Palin report ... McCain's camp response

OK DUers, we have $9,995 left to GOAL!

Do you think Sarah will still be dropping the puck at Flyers/Rangers game?

My racist Grandmother-in-law is voting for Obama!

So what is the real story on McCain's reversal- I think he was cautioned by the Secret Service.

This is McLame's campaign tonight after the Failin announcement..

Palin LIED when discussing Troopergate AFTER THE FACT!

Can you say BACK-PEDDLING!!!!! Woman calls Obama and "Arab" at McCain Rally

Okay, from what I read TODD should be in Violation as well, WHY NOT?

Is Bob Barr the big winner tonight?

Does any New Yorker remember Bill Ayers the radio personality?

Research on Code Section Violation -- IMPEACHABLE

The REAL Reason Behind The Softening of McCain's Tone?

Honestly, I'm beginning to believe that the Universe, or the fates or whatever

Ok Republicans ... Just who IS Sarah Palin?

We paid $700B to see Bush sent to the Hague .. 'nuf said. When the world charges that mob with it's

Holy Crap... McCain Tries To Do The Right Thing (Sort Of) And Gets Booed...

CNN: Finally reporting on Palin as Breaking News!

Palin's breaking the law has to be brought up in the debate next week

Walt Moneghan coming up on Rachel. (the guy that Palin fired illegally).

Still "all Ayers all the time" on CNN (Larry King Live)

Could the Alaska report be a reason for McCain to "dump" Palin in that he

Graphic of Troopergate Finding # 1

George Soros on Bill Moyers NOW

Newsweek reporter Iskoff: "IS A VIOLATION OF THE LAW."

I feel sorry for McCain ..

The Freepers are simultaneously furious at McCain for "ignoring" their rage...

Do you think this report on Palin will give McCain reason to dump her

So now that Palin is guilty.. Are they still going to use the term

OK, folks, how long would you estimate it's been since you saw/heard the following question:

Caption: (added!)

OMG! McCain Campaign: Barack OBama is so powerful, everything is due to "THAT ONE!"

Sludge Report STILL doesn't mention the Palin report

Cheeto dust huffer and son of Lucianne, Jonah Goldberg says gopers are "Frustrated"

Don't get overconfident. This gives McCain an OUT (to replace Palin w/Romney)

RUMOR: The RNC About To Pull The Plug On Their McCain Ads???

Mudflats reports - Investigative report included

McCain's statements today weren't honorable...

Damn crazy asshole rednecks...

Todd Palin is (or is scheduled to be) campaigning in Maine this weekend

Screwn if he does, screwn if he doesn't.

I am sorry but i had to do it lol

Obama Up To 79.6 on Intrade

Watch Rachel on line......LIVE at this link... for those without cable

Rachel reading Palin's statement on Troopergate Report...

Can somebody explain to me how getting Wooten fired makes the Palin's safer?

Obama will win Ohio!

Think Palin will still drop the puck at the Flyers game

Palin still going to drop the first puck at the Flyers v Rangers game tomorrow?

All major news organizations announce Troopergate. No mention on Drudge

Does she now return to Alaska?!?

Strange, drudge doesn't have the Palin abuse of power story on his site yet...

Would McCain rather lose an election rather than lose his "honor"

nice Palin graphic from Andrew Sullivan

IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!

Now they fucked up my ice cream favorite. Disgusting.

We don't need more cowbell, we need more black humor!

What's the name of the repuke talk show host on Larry King live?

Video McCain Trying to Snuff Out the Flame He and Palin whipped up

Watch She-Bush spin this! I'm a Maverick!

Questions about volunteering for Obama...

The Severity of the Scandal is MOOT

CNN: Palin "violated no laws" - ok, this is annoying...

Do we know exactly what it is about Obama's stated policies that frightens the Freepers so?

Is this intentional or accidental? Ballot with "Barack Osama."

"My Friends, Chill the F*** Out!" (an homage)

Rachel Maddow is going to have Walt Monegan on (man fired by Palin)

Eight. Points. Ahead. In. West. Virginia

Hey Pat "RACIST SOUTHRN STRATEGY " Buchannan how is Sister Sarah doing now? bwahahha

For Forkboy!!!!

FINALLY got my Obama/Biden yard signs from the Obama store!

CNN Headline: "Breaking News: McCain Defends Obama"

Newsweek Magazine National Poll: Obama takes double digit 52-41 national lead over Mccain

This is the EXACT moment! (updated)

Okay, I'm totally lost... what happened!?

Get it straight, Palin violated the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act

On the night that Palin is shown to have abused the powers of her office, manly man Sean Hannity ...

Its Official: The Republican Party is a RACIST Party

She SURE AS HELL DID Break the LAW. What's this "Violated" crap? A Parking ticket?

RE: Did she break the law?

wow....Tweety is especially profound tonight. n/a

So are we going to have a Felon as a sitting Vice President if McNasty gets elected?

CNN retracts Palin headline that said "violated no laws"

Arabs are not decent family men. . . or so say McCain supporters

Palin can be recalled from office in ALASKA , per the Alaska Constitution

McCain/Palin is OFFICIALLY DONE!!!!

Rachel is laying it out!!! (ugly campaign)

Help Sarah pick out an ankle bracelet

Today has been the perfect storm!!!

The GOP and their IDIOT supporters do not care that Palin abused her powers, THEY LOVE IT!

In case you're wondering NOT A WORD ON DRUDGE on the Caribou Roast n/m



I am taking immense pleasure in the disintegration of the Republican party.

McCain's dumbest error, politically speaking, was bringing up the realistic possibility that

McCain spoke up today because he does not want to confront Obama next week!!!

Uhm Sarah? You might want to reconsider your SNL appearance

Will McShame see the Troopergate Report as his way out??

i believe that one should not revel in the misery of another human being...

'Choosing a Palin'

I'm struggling with the "Arab" / "Family Man" dichotomy.

McCain has "lost the pitch fork wavers" by attempting to calm the hate he fanned

MSNBC Breaking News: McCain: Obama not an Arab

McCain's attacks fuel dangerous hatred - Frank Schaeffer

If Obama is a muslim...............

Three words we will never hear!!!!!!!!!

Let's face it! McBush is stuck with the DIRTY THIRTY.

Straight from Alaska

OK, you're Rove. How do you handle this little contretemps?

Help? Advice? I am going out canvassing with our local Obama office this weekend

So I guess Palin WON'T be on SNL!!!

Schadenfreude Anyone? Exploding Heads in Freeperville Over Palin's "Abuse of Power" Finding

Not quite sure what CNN is up to - (Palin) "violated no laws".


MSNBC: Governor Palin abused her power

10 Republicans, 4 Democrats...

Holy Alaskan Friday Night News Dump!!!! BREAKING at 8:45 PM EST, Palin Abused Power, No Laws Broken

LOL from the freepers

Palin needs to have a press conference RIGHT NOW or she has no damn credibility as a VP candidate

Obama puts together the best Presidential campaign in history.

h e a d l i n e s . . . . .

So, do we think McCain gets the award for "Worst Campaign EVER"??


"Tis a good night."

I think I'll send McCain a fork.

Do you think Palin's approval rating in Alaska will drop below 60%?

I followed the John McCain Campaign, and all I got was a Whiplash!

Here is the Alaska Code

Todd Palin, imagine him in the white house?

No Wonder Palin Wants More POWER Than Buckshot Dick

Obama once sat on a board with a lawbreaker. McCain wants to put one in the White House.

Here are the FINDINGS.

It is no suprise that the Drillbilly can't name a Supreme Court Opinion?

She'll have to go back home and watch Kamchatka for us.

Maybe McCain sees the writing on the wall

McCain Isn't A Maverick, He's More Like A Ford Pinto

Now I see why McShame was playing nice today...


McCain NEEDS to Quit the race and RETIRE!!

McLoser practically booed off stage -- by *his own supporters*!!

Folk.....Cautiously The Election Is Over Tonight...

In light of the Palin Report, the McCain campaign discusses their options:

My informal poll of my neighborhood.

If I was Obama, my response to the Legislative Council Report would be...

McCain has nothing left, it's effectively over

Troopergate isn't a big deal, but at some point, they are going to hit the straw

Palin broke the law, but ... LOOK, OVER THERE, A BLACK TERRORIST!

Further proof that John McCain is running the most fucked up presidential campaign...

New Obama ad: 'Who Really Is Sarah Palin?'

Palin abused power but didn't break law in trooper case (CNN)

CNN: Palin abuse of power...pfft... lets talk about Obama/muslim things...

Looking for a good article about ACORN and Obama

How do we know the McCrypt-Phalin ticket is in deep dookie - illustrated in one picture?

Is McCain/Palin actively TRYING to get Obama killed?

We have not won this yet

CNN reporting Alaska probe -Palin abused her power.

Sarah is off on a turn around ...

SNL needs to do a 'COPS' Skit

What The Fuck Is Going On Here?!?!?!? We Are Democrats !!!

It's not the wrongdoing,it's the cover-up that brings down the wrong doer.

The repubes don't give a flying Cheney that this twit is corrupt and unethical. But

NRA lying ad

Obama supporter? No parking

Are McCain/Palin fueling the hate to incite a physical attack on Obama?

Concern Troll Post: After finally clamping down on Hate, will McCain bring the Moderates back?

Anyone else watching Countdown tonight?

These racist assholes that believe Obama is a terrorist will make it much more satisfying

"Governor Palin abused her power...."

Dramatic Reading of Wasilla City Council Meeting

AP:Legislative Report: Palin Abused Authority

So does she resign from the campaign now????

How screwed is McCain/Palin on November 4?

Nana nana hey hey hey GOODBYE

I think now might be a good time for the Republicans to release the Michelle Obama "Whitey" tape

**HEADS UP** TROOPERGATE Report PDF -- Read it Here NOW

Let's not get complacent


CNN & FOX not reporting release of Troopergate report 8:33 pm

TROOPERGATE: Council votes **12-0** to release the report IMMEDIATELY!

John McCain and his side kick SP (Sancho Panza or Sarah Palin)

Sarah Palin a dangerous kook!

How sweet will it be when BillO has to say "Senator Al Franken"?

This is the best Friday news dump in the presidential campaigns.

*** A little reminder ***

Hey FreepTARDS MalKKKin your idol Palin is TOAST bwaahahhahaha

An ex-President's Golden Parachute

Sara Palin: The woman who has all but refused to answer questions from the media...

A direct TV ad: suggestion

Can McCain talk about Rashid Khalidi now?

The Alaska Troopergate audio link is swamped. If anyone has the link....

Be on the look out for my annual pre Halloween poll - Please submit candidates

What has McSame caught religion??

Troopergate hearing (Updated: 12-0 vote to release the report)


For McCain Mob, Obama doesn't have to be "terrorist," just "Arab."

**** Breaking: Troopergate report will be released

Countdown is showing footage of the rabid hatemongers waiting to get into

on McCain's Ayers smear of Obama

Legislative Council just voted 12-0 to release the report


The last week or two have been about McCain LEGITIMIZING the VIRAL E-MAIL SMEARS against Obama

Groups Push Candidates To Change Rules For Final Debate

This is not Keith!!

As us geeks would say: "McPalin is totally PWN3D!!!

Meet the Adviser Stabbing at McCain’s Self-destruct Button

NO! Please, don't tell me I just saw little Piper with glasses on

The Zombies!

Hey! Cool! My posts ealier calling McCain & Palin out as terrorist

Ever have a day when things just don't go right?

Frank Rich calls out McInsane on his hate fests (Must Read!)

Hoohaa! Gas is $2.70 here

AIG execs spent $440,000 at posh resort 1 WEEK AFTER BAILOUT!

Guardian UK: The queues for free bread are getting longer (Roanoke, VA)

Why is Rachel in Seattle? Is something going on there?

For anyone inclined to give kudos to McCain for his tampingdownery today ....... don't.

So why were they clapping at the closing bell of the stock market today?

Who else is afraid that Grumpy and The Witch have just spawned a wave of domestic terrorism?

Will Palin be impeached for her abuse of power?

The Palin abuse of power story goes global

McCain may have corrected two of his supporters but his campaign still defends the rabid crowd

"President Obama". I'll say it.

RW Joe "Pags" Pagriarulo: "Economy is only bad for 6% of Americans who don't pay mortgage on time."

Germany Steps up Pressure for Bank Regulation

Lehman Brothers demise triggers huge default

If McCain dies in the next month

Let’s hope our mad gambling session is over

GA-Sen: Tie Game - Give Now!

Ugh I just saw an ad tying ACORN to Obama

I have not seen ONE Mcnasty sign at all. I live in a red state

Heads up -- Bill Moyers Journal on now -- 9pm cdt, PBS.

More on Palin's unlawful abuse of power: "Palin violated the state's executive branch ethics act"


Could Democratic Success in November Save Asshole Lieberman

David Iglesias: I suspect the special prosecutor will

TOAST!1 to Barracuda's being referred to CRIMINALITY!1 n/t

Why did the Alaska legislature vote UNANIMOUSLY to make the Palin report public?

Congratulations and thank you to ALASKA for INTEGRITY!1 n/t

9/14/01. The Bush Bullhorn Speech, Ground Zero. Assign a letter grade to post-Bullhorn Bush.

GM and Chrysler are exploring merger.

French, Spanish leaders meet on economic crisis

This Maverick is for sale:

This Maverick is for sale:

It was reported on local sports radio today that the Obama campaign....

Woman puts Obama "baby killer" sign in her yard...

Help! Need advice about this PUMA thing-- is this a real threat??

Do freep forums talk about wanting Soc Sec privatized in the stock market?

Caption *

Does anyone use "My New Satellite TV"?

Reuters: Buffet New Richest Man in America - Gates Loses $1.5 Billion

DUers: $90,000 raised for Obama!

Sen. Barack Obama and "that he was an Arab,"

McCain's cancer is spreading

This Acorn story is pure bull shit ... and the media is playing along

It will happen ........

Canada's Bank "Bailout" plan (another approach)

Paulson: "My puppy ate my homework"

Fox News needs to give up their "Fair and Balanced" line and rename themselves GOP TV

Shame on CNN ..they PAY this cretin...

Not sure what it means ...... but it seems Palin is getting most of the blame for the charges ......

The War Between The City Slickers and The Country Bumpkins

Cool new Everclear song : "Jesus was a Democrat" (celebrity gossip site) has the script for Larry Flynt's Sarah Palin "film"

Can someone explain the Judge's role in Palin's case?

I have a voter registration card and I think

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Maher: I know now why you drag your 92-year old mother around

McCain & PalinTill Death Do Them Part? And If So How Soon? Is McCain A Lot Sicker Than We Know

Maher gets the RW idiots on to show how stupid they are!!!

Maher gets the RW idiots on to show how stupid they are!!!

"The American Taxpayer Is Likely To Eventually Make Money On This"

So.... who replaces Palin as VP candidate for the GOP.

Palin: "I've had about two lobbyists, two, maybe three lobbyists, who have snuck in"

what do you make of Paulsen's new stock market strategy?

Douche Bag from the Heritage Foundation

NRA terrorist hunting Obama web-ad.

Portent of sad times?

Grover Norquist

My Favorite Mr. Fish cartoon:

What we are seeing in McCain's supporters is a culmination of constant right wing....

Gasoline $2.35 a Gallon?

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Thank you Orrex

Photos of Obama in Philadelphia today (Germantown Stop in Northwest Philadelphia)

I have to admit, I never thought Project X would come off so well!

What needs to be heard about Obama's relationship with Ayers


If you missed it, "Recount" is on HBO tomorrow twice.

Olberman's backup QB says the report says "she abused her power"

The Problem that Republicans don't even see coming in 2012:

Alaskans for Obama

I'm confused again. Homeland Security doesn't seem to

self-delete, simultaneous posting

Palin's calendar shows big business had access to her office but not Labor, environmental.

Palins says she didn't break law, claims investigation run by "Obama supporters"

wtf, she's GUILTY, but she's NOT guilty?! n/t

Freepers ready to start a media protest for not telling the truth about Obama

Freepers ready to start a media protest for not telling the truth about Obama

Freepers ready to start a media protest for not telling the truth about Obama

Freepers ready to start a media protest for not telling the truth about Obama

Freepers ready to start a media protest for not telling the truth about Obama

The Death (almost) of Republicanism

The Death (almost) of Republicanism

Democracy: Keeping Humanity From Offing Itself Since The 5th Century BC

P.S. I wonder how Arab-Americans feel, being called indecent & not citizens?

Freepers Gone Wild

What's up with that skirt? My 15 year old hormonal son.....

McCain Offended by Lewis' Comments; Calls On Obama to Condemn

Next and Final Debate: Candidates Pressured To Change Format

What's up with all the Pro Reich Wing ads

Anyone notice song choice in Obama ad?


For all dog lovers! Get out your tissues!

New grocery store scam: 10% surcharge at the checkout

"I don't mean you have to reduce your ferocity..." - John McCain

Troopergate and Hategate

PALIN: My SUPPORTERS want even MORE attacks on Obama. It is "not mean-spirited"

McCain's Next Steps???? Next Plan??

Other than me, of course, who do you think is the best democrat today?

Does anybody got the copy of the AK legislative report on Palin? I cant

Please show support for foreclosure thread!

"Troopergate" Report Review Rattled By GOP Protests

NAACP urges N.C. to set example for nation

Media Matters: The media's enduring pro-McCain double standard

On the Ground in New Hampshire

VolcanoJen's Excellent Cincinnati Obama Rally Adventure! (loooong but lots of pics!!)

ACORN's Response to McCain's Lies

*****Troopergate Report PDF*****

*****Troopergate Report PDF*****

Playing with hate as a political strategy... (Congrats to Heather MC)

So, why is it advisable for ANYONE to invest their nest egg in the stock market?

How Have You Found Troopergate Covered On Teevee??? Today Show glossed over it,

How Have You Found Troopergate Covered On Teevee??? Today Show glossed over it,

Obama fundraiser, convicted of fraud, spills beans

Bob Herbert: The Mask Slips

Colin Powell: Stevens' reputation 'sterling'

Guardian UK: This panic is not irrational, it's quite rational

Obama commercial Idea

Something that really bugs me about anti-gay nuthaters: Their sicko obsession

A little gem buried in another thread

After 8 years of continous Abuse of Power you'd think we'd see what it gets us

And so it begins....The GOP is laying the groundwork for another stolen election

Am I the only one who thinks McCain's admonition of his looney-tunes supporter was calculated?

Alternative (and more effective) Bailout Plan

Is Dubya delusional? Quote from the NY Times.

My wife came up with a brilliant idea

Economist Roubini: 80% of subprime, toxic mortgates from PRIVATE SECTOR!! Not Fannie/Freddie!!

I suspec that Sarah Palin has a hidden mini speaker in her right ear

When is Palin going to "Get Back To" Katie?


Has U of Chicago School of Economics issued formal apology for touting unregulated capitalism?

NY Times: Economic Uncertainty Spreads

Just excuding confidence aren't they?

How Low Can Cable Guys Go?

I'm votin' fer Sarah. She an' wutsizname are gunna create gazillions of new jobs

So I'm watching the Colorado Senate race debate online

Those passionate about LGBT rights will want to read this:

Self Delete

Dallas News: When will the Housing Market Come Back? It Won't.

The World Is At Severe Risk Of Global Financial Meltdown And Depression

Time to revisit our relationship with Alaska?

George 'Stay the Course' Bush Says "We've never been stay the course" - Bush History,10/11

College Rules - Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC

Shout out to DUer Chris Weigant on HuffPo!

Breaking: North Korea off Terrorism Black List

Sugar Rush Sarah

Pat Buchanan is a real moron

Economist Nouriel Roubini (predicted market CRASH) on C-SPAN now 8 am EDT

Obama Makes Sure McCain Owns His Defense of Him to His Supporters

"REVEALED: Obama Finance Chairwoman PRITZKER the Toxic Catalyst of the Current Financial Crisis" WTF

BBC Newsnight - The Theft of 2008 by Greg Palast - interviews RFK Jr

The latest excuse for the big flop of 'An American Carol'? TICKET FRAUD!!!

Anti-democratic nature of US capitalism is being exposed

Anti-democratic nature of US capitalism is being exposed

Scott Horton: Bill Kristol Picked Palin

A long, hot winter for Pakistan (and gearing up for the October Surprise)

A long, hot winter for Pakistan (and gearing up for the October Surprise)

Looks like they told Palin to cut the crap

Financial Woes Boost Democrats In Congress Races

They're .......

Did Palin break the law or not?

Jim Martin

If mcshame knows how to find bin Laden . . .

Orwell on McCain supporters

Why is McCain's Keating 5 Scandal involvement not an issue?

20/20's John Stossel encouraging young people not to vote

O N E H U N D R E D more days today ! Treat yourself and click on this

*Institution of marriage* THREAT!!!

know what pisses me off MOST about the economy?


Irony Alert: Anti-abortionists accuse Planned Parenthood of using 'intimidation tactics'

US standing in Caspian drips away

Middle East feels the Wall Street blues.

Florida: Obama Ahead by 3 - The struggling economy top issue

*sniff* I smell a CAPTION in the air

After 8 Years Of Grief & Sorrow-Bush Finally Says Something I Can Wrap My Hurting Head Around...

MORE heads exploding in freepland..

GOP Close to Selection of October Surprise (Satire)

LAST 100 DAYS of the BFEE : Begin's Tomorrow ....

LAST 100 DAYS of the BFEE : Begin's Tomorrow ....

Oh WOW!! Fox News claims now "The gloves are off" regarding today's decision

McCain lost his base today. I'm sorry, but...

Let's not fool ourselves, these wackos are not McCain's base, they are PALIN'S!

There's a "Lou's a Boob" necktie (DOBBS)!1

Which Republican Senate candidate do you most want to see lose?

The New Republic: McCain lynch mobs are no different than Bush critics

McCain leading in 1 of 12 battleground states. Obama up by +3 in all but 2

Ok was doing some looking round and look at this great button!

Please DU this poll ! PBS polling about Sarah P. - It needs help.

McCain's Rallies Still Full of Racists -- McCain Campaign Still Encouraging Them

Does religion infiltrating government mean that religion failed on its own?

The faces of the new KKK...

Feds Acknowledge Mich. Arsonist Was Key Informant, Seeking A Major Sentencing Break

Six-Pack Sarah Palin view by a true feminist

What is infuriating about CNN is not that they are overtly biased,

"Break the Glass" - code name given the 700$ bailout by the neo cons

Full-Spectrum Global Financial Domination

10% more for Hispanics

Dick Tuck, the "Democratic Pixie" -

SP + mis-placed modifiers: "My opponent...sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terro

"Are Central Banks Making Libor WORSE?"

Apros pos of pretty much nothing ...... Ann Korblut: Smart to Smartypantz

FYI - HBO will show a documentary called "Section 60" on Monday at 9:00.

Economics Professor Nouriel Roubini Saw This Coming Over Two Years Ago

World Bank Under Cyber SIEGE Since April!

McCain's admonishment of a looney supporter who called Obama an arab was:

Some important reading for Freepers: 10 (More) Reasons You're Not Rich

TOONS: Bush Happens

if the election was held today

Faux News: 2 people killed in Pakistan by US missiles.

Does anyone else think McPissed is now getting even with the GOP?

"All that money you've lost — where did it go?"

The new talking point - Barack Obama has too much money

Senate races

"Just because you're not a conspiracy theorist, doesn't mean malevolent deeds aren't being done"

Jack Thompson was disbarred! I just heard!

Can Central Banks influence interest rates given the size of the Interest Rate Swaps market

A song for our times

Just got back from the TEMPTATIONS live. AWESOME they still got it

How the losers behave...

Is this the right time to take down the entire R party and the conservative ideology?

First of all, There is NOTHING wrong with being an Arab. (duhh!?)

"People around world praying to ALLAH, that McCAins opponent wins" invocation in Iowa just now

Religulous--A Fun Movie

Khaled Hosseini, author of "Kite Runner," "Thousand Splendid Suns": McCain, Palin Playing With Fire

Media Matters: MYTHS and FALSEHOODS about affordable housing initiatives and the financial crisis

If Bill Maher insists on inviting repukes to his show, I wish it was only those with at least a

Anyone heard Credit Cards not being honored????

Bush on the Financial Crisis: "Its a good thing I'm in charge"

David shuster is giving the RNC speaker his head on a platter

Watching McCain live in Iowa ...... That Thing On His Face is growing again .......

McCain and Palin are TERRORIST LEADERS! Why are they

Today I passed a car with this bumper sticker, "I'm a bitter gun owner"

Today I passed a car with this bumper sticker, "I'm a bitter gun owner"

Why is it just accepted theory that Alan Greenspan and Hank Paulson are such brilliant men?

Presenting "Scoop:USACoup" From Scoop Independent News - Projecting Truth Into The Heart Of The US

The Domestic Cold War: a reflection on the violence and challenge ahead

Good Vs. Evil

Last month WI Rep. Tammy Baldwin introduced the Executive Branch Accountability Act of 2008

Palin today: "If you read the report you'll see that there was nothing unlawful or unethical . . ."

I have never been more afraid for Obama's safety

US envoy doesn't think Russia would cut off gas to Europe as winter approaches

Dutch intel: US to strike Iran in coming weeks

McCain's Bad Day: He Defends Obama & Gets Booed by His Own "Supporters"

"only shot left to avoid depression is bank nationalisation" Financial Times Editorial

Who gave georgie the power to bomb Pakistan?

We're #40! We're #40! We're #40!

dubeskin's teacher is an idiot.... what should we do with him?

Financial meltdown dissected

G7 Finance Ministers Agree To Joint Action To Stop World Financial Collapse!

Sarah Palin is NOT an Alaskan. Please get that straight. She is


Supply side taxation story

Quien es mas macho?

sometimes you just have to admit the bible is right

Someone needs to make a Youtube video of Fox's predictions for 2008

The Story of Mouseland

G-7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Plan of Action

John Lewis: McCain Campaign "sowing seeds of hatred"

McCain Offended After Being Compared To George Wallace - If the show fits

Michigan election officials deny removing (33,000) eligible voters from lists

The Things Their Families Carried

43 killed as suicide bomber hits tribal Jirga in Orakzai

Connecticut Supremes: Who They Are and How They Voted

Russia test-fires long-range ballistic missile - What are they getting ready for?

do our elected reps have to have a security clearance?

Fundies: Teh Gay is being imposed on Connecticut by judicial fiat

Government will buy $40 billion/month of trash-mortage bonds through Fannie/Freddie...

Noam Chomsky: Anti-democratic nature of US capitalism is being exposed

For interested Americans - a GREAT editorial on Stephen Harper and why he sucks.

"Angry that Obama has pulled ahead"

Ode to Sean Hannity by John Cleese

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: The grapes of wrath, 2008 edition

Tax rebate, food stamp money possible in aid plan

"no military solution" means - we can't win

What crime is OBL Not wanted for according to the FBI?

OK: Bigot Sally Kern, challenger Marlett debate -- and the sparks fly

Eliot Spitzer for AG in an Obama Administration!

Say Anything

Bush on economic meltdown: It's good thing I'm in charge

Checking your 401K may be too stressful

What kind of a mean cantankerous woman tries to get her B-I-L fired?

Rachel Maddow on Jay Leno (and they didn't talk about cars)

Lol..headline should have read "philadelphia to Palin - PUCK YOU"

Complete this: "The 'Sagebrush Rebellion' has finally ended up as the ______ _____."

I broke down and read the plot to American Carol (what a stupid movie)(TICKET FRAUD!!)

Financial crisis: Nationalisation fears as ministers prepare to control banks

So yesterday a woman at a mccain rally said that Obama was an Arab

The Liberty Bill Act

*** DUzy Awards for week ending October 10, 2008 ***

Palin's NEW Crazy-ass preacher supporter!

The difference between Bush and Biden on the radio just now

Buchanan says "Palin is One of Us"

My Progressive Talk Show: "Too Biased" (It already has a troll!)

Grocery Stores Add 10% Surcharge At "Hispanic" Markets

Will Puckhead get booed at the Great Philly Puck Drop tonight?

What did I miss? "McSame lost the race yesterday"?

IMF chief warns: Global financial system on verge of systemic meltdown as G7 announces no new ideas

Something McCain/Palin's Rabid Fans need to be reminded of...

FREE Obama poster downloads. I'm tired of waiting for my Obama bumper stickers, so I'll make my own.

My wife might vote for Obama


Gordon Brown gambles it all on rescue plan

"purple-state moderates like Coleman and Gordon Smith" --huh?

My son just told me he's been seeing quite a few bumper stickers


John Lewis Warns McCain: You're "Sowing The Seeds Of Hatred And Division"

Did you miss SNL's Weekend Update Thursday like I did?

A song for sarah....

October: Election Handicapper

George Soros on Bill Moyers video.

Looking for pictures of crazy, rightwing, racist, christiofascist supporters of McCain...

Scientists: Virginia shark's pup a 'virgin birth'

Bets on whether Joerg Haider's death was accidental?

Bets on whether Joerg Haider's death was accidental?

Dear Freepers (a peace offering)

The Failed Corporate Record of George W Bush (small time practice for this big financial take-down?)

Hey! Don't vote for Obama!

On a different subject, CIA is running radio ads.

Foreclosure: The Bailout Bill Helps Renters Keep Their Homes

I suspect Palin's SNL appearance will be cancelled

Data prove untrue charges that push for affordable housing caused crisis

MONOPOLY. Yes, it's a board game, but it also seems to be the end game for America.

Judge orders Entellium CEO kept in custody

"I will be Suspending........."

Why are recreational vehicle dealerships loaded with shoppers?

Political signs on public property?

Is This REALLY A Moral Dilemma?

Which Is More Believable?

As useful as nipples on a bull .......

Has anyone here ever witnessed a George Wallace rally? I have

Many converts in today's local paper Sound off section

I thought we were in a financial EMERGENCY?!

So .... It is Nov 5. We know for sure we won. Now what?

Cindy McCain: Vietnam vets with PTSD were 18-year-olds who didn’t know what they were doing.

Now on Youtube: Sarah Palin gets booed at Flyers-Rangers hockey game!

Jail Time For Brown Lawn. And Yes, I'll Use the Word Fascism.

The McPalin campaign have no where going with their hate tactics

Once again I saw a clip of the "He's an Arab" woman.

Justin Timberlake appears at Las Vegas rally for OBAMA

Hey you guy's What comes after a Trillion?

Lou Dobbs on CNN just

Does Bush have one more fuck up in him? Poll.

Alright, was I being too much of a dick here?

Who The FUCK Is Barack Osama???

RWers are threatening to leave the US should BHO/JRB become President/VP

Palin just got Booooed at the puck drop in Philly.

OMG ... someone has a sense of irony...

Attention! Attention! FR has discovered Project X !

White Supremacist Sentenced In Gay Man’s Murder

200 Billion (March 2008); 800 Billion (October 2008); 150 Billion (pending) = 1 Trn 150Bn Dollars!

So whats the name of the company that prints money for the US? Thats the stock I want to own


How to protect your Yard signs

A question about Obama and negative ads (looking for an honest answer, not a spun answer)

GOP attacks on American voters turn desperate, ugly and dangerous

Should it be possible to completely disable your profile?

A new Granddaughter...

Freeps' heads explode at McCain's admonition to be respectful

a small tip of the hat to John McCain

Who’s the Terrorist?

CNBC commentator: Drop in oil prices means demand destruction is so big, Peak Oil will not happen.

So, we just bought a quarter cow: 110 lbs of USDA Grade A certified organic

GM negotiating to BUY Chrysler

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin' - AP: Sarah Palin Charged Taxpayers $13k to Attend Her Church

On behalf of INTELLIGENT Minnesotans everywhere...I would like to apologize

Saturday Morning Food Bank Checklist!

So we want to emigrate to a more Liberal country - here's the list of mandatory Work Leave by nation

Why doesn't Chuck Hagel condemn McBush and Palin for their racist crap?

Can Obama win West Virgina

NYT: Bush privately telling people he's "glad" economic crisis is happening under his presidency

Got a visit from an Obama Canvasser today

Rosanne Cash: Why I'd Be a Better VP than Sarah Palin

Obama's sweet talk is a tale of pie

Politics in Canada turn ugly - and dangerous

UFO's set to zap Palin supporters with love on October 14th..

Bush History,10/11 - George 'Stay the Course' Bush Says "We've never been stay the course"

Where do you think all the fundie nuts will emigrate to when Barack wins?

CHANGE ! It was time to get positive for the end stretch- look at the changes on my truck !

Chicago ACORN Braver and Better Than McCain

Chicago ACORN Braver and Better Than McCain

Freepers prepare for The Uprising in the event of an Obama victory and a Dem majority Senate.....

What caused the fall of the Soviet Union?

It's Eleanor Roosevelt's birthday...

TIME MACHINE: Eliot Spitzer was suing Countrywide on PREDATORY mortgage practices

Deregulation Sank the Titanic!

Army Orders Pain Ray Trucks; New Report Shows 'Potential for Death'

The most important question at the next debate should be:

The Downward Spiral, The Derivatives Game: By RALPH NADER

McSame's career bought and paid for by mobsters.

PHOTO: posts a photo implying they want their own candidate shot

MSNBC just announced a missile attack in Pakistan

I gotta admit it was a pretty good day.

"Congressmen should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers so we can identify their corporate sponsors."

8/28/2006-Peter Schiff Predicts The US Economic Collapse With Unbelievable Accuracy

DU, where ya at? (Geographic Distribution Poll)

Justice Department scandal almost buried by financial crisis

Connecting the Dots on the Bushie ACORN Propaganda Op: WHAT IT MEANS.

McDonald’s Caves In To Anti-Gay Group Demands

Bill Maher, here's a letter to you. I wish I could retroactively help you pick your guests

Bill Moyers: "the delusional has come in from the fringe" to be in the seat of power.

If someone is willing to work under the minimum wage, should they?

Does anyone else feel like dancing????

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah - please wait until Christmas - too many gifts

McCrash wants to distance himself from Sarah(gets her own campaign plane)

McCrash wants to distance himself from Sarah(gets her own campaign plane)

Pentagon Wants $450 Billion Increase Over Next Five Years

Caption, Please ...

Do YOU have a 401-k Plan? Are you Hurting? House Dems Hold Emergency Hearings! Good Stuff!

"US Democratic House Committee" held HEARINGS over 401-K Demise....

How likely is it that the W Administration will concoct some international crisis as a hail mary?

Canada judge tells woman not to call police if battered again

Scoop Donates USD$100k Of Advertising (5 million ads) To Help US Election Protection Activism

VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT: "Obama is an Arab" McCain fan is a hatemonger, not some sweet misguided soul.

Update, Stuck in Fundie hell part 2

That's Religulous

Palin: "If this is true ...

Sun nite: DUer BradBlogs's piece "Murder, Spies and Voting Lies".

A friend of mine was verbally attacked for wearing an Obama shirt......

So, answer this in your own words, WHY ARE WE RIGHT?

Al Franken leads 40-38 to be the next Senator...

I am Sooo Sick and Tired of Fundies preaching their shit

Can you identify the people in this picture?

Could we maybe see a few more threads in GD and GDP about the Troopergate ruling?

Out of the closet: I'm a Maddowsexual.

Fall is in the air, and one's thoughts turn to:

New computer

My 401K has tanked - I want a bailout

Follow Me, Don't Follow Me...


Betty White

P U my cat stinks!!!!!!!!! nt

" Dam Obama! "

I did something bitchy today, and I just don't feel bad about it.

Tundra Trash

And now, a comic with ten trillion years' worth of archived strips. No, not an exaggeration.

i just got out of a hot tub with a downtown view of atlanta

Good evening to all the folks in the Lounge tonight!

Starting this weekend, y'all might not see much of me...I haz Thesis deadlines

Simon's Cat---"TV dinner"

Cool! I finally made the 'greatest' page!

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

I learned to say, HELLO I'm wasted. :)

The October Photo contest!!!

Anyone else watching the ALCS? You guys must be out there...

Don't take down the goddamn monkey picture!!!

Who's here?

Fuck me, I'm sober.

So that woman who called the police on me kicked it up a notch

I just watched "American History X". That was intense! nt

I hear that train a-comin', I hear it around the bend...

A quick question for Lounge-sters.

Sorry Rays. The Papelbon.

Let's Dance.

I have reached a new high point in getting high

I have reached a new low point in getting in high heels

Help! Kitteh stepped on keyboard, now a new window opens up every time

I spoke with Orrex and will be calling the utility company.

Halloween starts NOW!

Zappa Appreciation Thread

Good night everyone.

Butch the tut.

Reese, my longhaired orange tabby, just licked all the skin off my

my garage is an awesome place to hang out

I have reached a new high point in masochism:

I'm going to Ikea tomorrow! Yay!

Firefox question.

Black Peter

It's today!

The Princess Bride is on AMC Right now!!!!

Dedicate a dong to a DU'er.

Got a DUzy AGAIN! (for my fake Palin MSM story ROFL )

I'm missing my family, with whom I can't speak and are far away.

I love you guys (and gals)

I wish you all a good night

Well good night everyone.

I'm verklempt...

Sarah Palin is FUCKING SEXIST...

I have reached a new high point in masturbation:

Sarah Palin - In the Flesh

The Star-Spangled Banner, on bagpipes?

screw it -- I was gonna go back to bed, but

Okay. You asked for it. First shot at it

Well fuck me, I'm drunk.

Have been through enough over the last two months

Why does kitty insist on using my hand as a pillow - while I'm mousing?

A shout out to all you red sox fans

Saw "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" last night

I have a hidden thread that reads Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM

I'm off to see Ohio State play today

Silly question: Why doesn't Sarah Palin wear a wedding ring?

Tutch the but.

Ask WannaBe and DayDreaminHippie and BabyG and I how easy

Phils win #2, 8-5....To LA Sunday!!!!

* * * Asterisks: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Thread Promotion * * *

What's the first movie you saw in a movie theater?

Your favorite/the best, "Not Ready for Prime Time Player". SNL

You know Sprint sucks

It looks like there will be lay-offs at work.

I want one.

I'm getting my simple linear regression groove on.

These Days

Jesus, I hate having all this work to do while nursing all of this pain.

And so it was on the 10th of October, 2008 my friend, Luke, Corrupted Innocent Japanese girls

Holy crap! The Troopergate cop is the mindreading cop on Heroes!

I have a Mexican ground squirrel living in my garden!

Stonyfield Farm yogurt smoothies are abolutely delicious.

Quick question, is it cool to bring flowers to a old folks home?

For that person who has everything: Fish pedicures.

What's a good wine that goes with turkey.

McCain's half-baked Alaskan

What did you do tonight? I saw the TEMPTATIONS live

best lolcat ever


Best pudding ever!

i keep thinking i have jaundice.. since i see yellow spots on my hand

I want this girl's job

Anybody heard from Midlo the last couple days?

The Death of Socrates.

I saw a plumber working on his hedges today...

And the winner is......

I've decided to vote for a third party canidate...

Hey my youtube account edits out the stupid!

Under what conditions?

Please Caption this. Thank you.

Good citizens check for duplicates!

What should a guy wear to a Goth Prom?

You know you've been married/together for a long time when...

Death Star Canteen

meet Lily Rose

That call was total BS

Just came back from "Salome" (Met HD broadcast at local theatre)

Ok , whats the deal with the ridiculous outfit in that ad at the real clear politics site


Question for Oedi/The Grammar Police re: Punctuation.

Quick random question: Instead of "si se puede," shouldn't it be "si nos podemos"?

Let's play the "Guilt by Association" game!

Hail Eris

One cup of coffee + one tablespoon half & half + one tablespoon brandy = wonderful!

What a day!! It's sunny and 82 degrees outside!

Best. Trip. Report. Ever.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 10/11/2008)

What should a guy wear in goth porn?

the steroids suck

Frost warning tonight. Cover the tomatoes, or pick them?

Chaos at Chapel Hill!!! Holy shit!

Have you ever been shaken by a terrible, awful dream?

"Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius" ..."there are finer things than winning championships."

What are you listening to right now?

When a boy writes off the world, it's done with sloppy misspelled words...

Downloading YouTube and other flash videos from the 'net?

Explain "Government cheese" to me

The cat tower.

Fuck. I left the oven on.

I am making Falafel tomorrow. Anyone have any good recipes or tips?

guess I hoped for a little more.

What made 'The Dark Knight' totally rock?

Tomorrow I'm showing my first powerpoint thing in worship. I need vibes.

I think somebody has done some Wikipedia defacing.

LOLdogs!! Pitbull edition (dial-up warning)

What US cities have electric buses?

Bye bye Circus Animals cookies

yonder owls undo african rains everywhere probably after tearing silky ink even sunny

the real Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday Oct 11

Anyone else using LiveMocha to study languages?


"Costochondritus" aka "Harmless Flaming Chest Pain"

what's the last movie you saw in the theater?

Back from Ikea! Weeeee! We came home with these:

Friday night Falcon Football Highlights


Am I the only person who finds the Fat Kid on the Rollercoaster video completely unfunny?

How WILL High School Musical 3 end?

Kitten Picture of the day for Saturday October 11

What's the greatest bass guitar of all time?

What should I do tonight?

Today's College Football Thread

Today's College Football Thread

It's that time again! Post your desktop here

Did "Homicide" make anybody else laugh?


I've been pricing UHaul trucks and other moving options

If you breathe with your mouth open in South America, then do you automatically get enough protein?

I'm leaving for the grocery store and need advice

Ever been/felt attacked in GD or GD:P?

I haven't been to an NFL game in a long time. Ever, actually. What's the etiquette?

On my own on another Saturday night and I don't like it! (stomps foot)

Question please...for anyone...but, especially, I would like to hear

I'm going to Akira tomorrow! Yay!

Anybody live where its snowing?

Bummed. I was rejected for SSI.

Another thread that won't make me very popular around here

Today i learned that if you post statistical analyses in GDP

AK Legislative Council Meeting

Troopergate panel: Palin abused power

We have a BINGO. Palin abused office in Trooper gate

Lawmakers release Troopergate report

Cindy McCain's sister dies

Palin's calendar shows her office was open to business

Source of Iraq WMD intelligence tells his story

Report: U.S. to take N. Korea off terror list

CNN Discusses The Success of The New World Order & NAU

Palin abused power, probe finds

Peru's entire cabinet resigns over scandal

"OBAMA'S 'NOT EXACTLY'S"- A Pathetic Republican Spam Blast eMail

Fred Thompson on Wiseguy

Monegan of Troopergate on Maddow: I feel vindicated

McCain booed when he asks his supporters to ‘respect’ Obama.

Chris Matthews: Sarah Palin And Troopergate 10/10/08

New Rules - 10/10/08

BREAKING-Troopergate Finding: Sarah Palin ABUSED HER POWER as Governor

Dear John (From The Next Generation)

Report stings Palin over Troopergate flap

FOX Sends Cease & Desist to McCain Web Operator

McCain: "(Obama) is NOT an Arab..."

McCain Finally Confronts Right-Wing Extremists

Incredible! Music Video Response To Sarah Palin Being Found Guily Troopergate

Palin Resonds To Troopergate "Abuse Of Power" Report

U.S. to remove N. Korea from terror list

In Lakeville (Minn.), McCain tamps down hostility

Palin at Times Bonds Church and State: Uses office to promote religious causes

Obama Thanks McCain for Admonishing Supporters ( and dings him on Davis and the economy)

Palin gets kinky

Sarah Palin plays 'Pyramid'

Bill Maher Interview With Oliver Stone movie W

Bad Economy Helps Military Find Recruits

Biden: It's the economy, John (radio address)

Palin Fundraiser - Pittsburgh PA 10/10/08 - OUTSIDE

God Luv Ya, G. Dub'ya..! (funny!)

Global financial system on brink of meltdown: IMF

Palin Fundraiser - Pittsburgh PA 10/10/08 - INSIDE

Obama and ACORN myths dispelled - Find out about REAL election fraud!

Qwest reaches tentative agreement with union

McCain drops Va. GOP county chairman over column

General Motors Likely To Ask For Fed Loans -Report

Three killed in U.S. missile attack in Pakistan

France, Germany Agree to Unite Europe in Face of Credit Crisis

The New McCain Attack Ad That Praises Obama (JedReport)

Tax rebate, food stamp money possible in aid plan

Gallup Daily: Obama Ahead by 9 Points

Obama Battles Block by Block to Get Voters to Polls

IMF warns of financial meltdown

Minnesota Canvasses for Barack

IMF warns of financial meltdown

MADDOW: The Shadow Factory! From 9/11 to Eavesdropping on America

McCain's gentler campaign calls Obama pro-abortion radical

Pittsburgh to Palin: Keep the Puck Out

McCain supporters in Bethlehem, PA

McCain Tries to Tame Flames He Earlier Fanned

McCain Campaign Fires Virginia GOP Figure Over Racially Offensive Column

2,600 Souls

Barack Obama on John McCain "He Is Out of Time"

New York teachers sue over ban on campaign buttons

G7 Nations Face Going Cap In Hand To China

GREG PALAST: Theft of the 2008 Election

"Obama Is An Arab"- Says McCain Volunteer In Letters

Steve Martin performs magic

White House Overhauling Rescue Plan

U.S. missile hits Pakistani house

(Ohio)Brunner won't need to change voter lists

Meanwhile, Big Dog sho 'nuff got the Blues

Rage rising on the McCain campaign trail

As the U.S. Economy Sputters, Working-Class Women Shift to Obama

Woman charged with bringing in women to work as prostitutes

Homeless Man burned to death in LA

Sarah Palin: Religion in Politics

Obama fundraiser, convicted of fraud, spills beans

Senator Coleman has some fancy suits and cannot answer a question

Pentagon Wants $450 Billion Increase Over Next Five Years

Obama in Philadelphia: McCain is Out of Touch & Out of Time!

Hardball: Matthews leads a very good discussion on Palin.

Dana Carvey : Brokaw, McCain & Obama Impressions

GOP's Christopher Buckley backs Obama

So....Moslems can't be decent family people now john?

Palin uses her elected office to promote religious causes, at times with public money

Ethics probe hits hardest at Todd, not Sarah Palin

(Civil rights hero Rep.) John Lewis Says McCain and Palin "Are Playing With Fire"

Professor William Ayers: On Place and History

Professor William Ayers: The Call To Teach [ University of South Carolina 2008 ]

Professor William Ayers: Education in a Democracy [ University of South Carolina 2008 ]

Debunking that hateful yes on Proposition 8 ad in California

Rep. Lewis on the McCain-Palin Hate Rhetoric & Obama Camp's Response

McCain plant asks questions at rally in Waukesha WI

Acting Like A Dick

Professor William Ayers: Study of a Movement - wise words from a wise man [ 2006 ]

Obama, ACORN, and the right wing myth of voter fraud

G.M. and Chrysler Explore Merger

Professor William Ayers on public schools as sorting machines - part 1

Michelle Obama at Women's Leadership Forum


Matthew Slutsky on MSNBC October 10, 2008 (Schuster on Countdown)

Maddow : Venomous Hate at McCain-Palin Rallies is Frightening

Barack Obama 2004 DNC Speech Part 1

McCain/Palin supporter with Obama 'monkey'

Professor William Ayers on public schools as sorting machines - part 2

New Obama Ad - "Lose"

Sarah Palin Gets Booed in Philly

Barack Obama 2004 DNC Speech Part 2

Data prove untrue charges that push for affordable housing caused crisis

TYT: Is This The Dirtiest Campaign Ever?

Proposition 8 Ad-YES on 8

The Rich & The Poor

TYT: Sarah Palin Guilty!

McCain's own crowd turns on him

Labor warns McCain about crowds

McCain Going After Michelle Obama

(MO Gov) Blunt links 'sordid' ACORN to Obama

Pirates threaten to blow up ship

Rachel Maddow on Jay Leno (10/09/2008)

FOX News Hosts Gossip About Unmarried Pregnant 17 Year-Old

Dems see red as Republicans run as Greens

Troopergate report: Palin abused power

(TX) Election officials reject report saying thousands of illegal immigrants are registered to vote

U.S. Army Prepares To Invade U.S.

Two young Alaskan women speak out about Sarah Palin.

Pro-McCain Pastor Casts Election as Religious Contest

Cuyahoga County investigates fraudulent voter registrations linked to ACORN

McCain Volunteer Sends Out

Palin Supporter Brings Racist Monkey "Obama" Doll to Rally

Racist McCain supporter bans Obama supporters from parking lot

Austria's Haider Dies in Accident

Troopergate Report: Palin Acted Like Russia’s Putin, From Her House!

Friday Talking Points (51) -- Some Positivity

Government report: Data mining doesn't work well

Palin Rallies Ignite Widespread Talk of 'Fascism'

McCain: Obama not an A-rab, but an A-hab

'Still undecided? Then just don't vote' (L.A. Times columnist)

Der Spiegel: The End of Arrogance

New York County Prints Barack Osama on Ballots

AlterNet: Recession? Depression? How Deep, How Far and What Can Be Done?

McCain's Back-Handed Defense of Obama

Taking Hard New Look at a Greenspan Legacy (Deregulator and Hedge Fund Lover)

What Troopergate Tells Us About a (God Forbid) Palin Vice Presidency

Doctors and Lawyers and Investment Bankers, Oh My!

Family & Family Values

For Karl Rove, a Busy New Career and a ‘Rovian’ Legacy

In Reversal, Democrats Shelve Iran Resolution

Dear Old Golden Dog Days (“We wants it. We needs it. Must have the precious.”)

FBI files show loathing for columnist Jack Anderson, obsession with debunking his reporting

Guest Column: Will Bin Laden Strike Again?

Troopergate’s True Meaning: Palin Breaks a New Glass Ceiling

'We Were Told We Were Fighting Terrorists; the Real Terrorist Was Me'

Bush Just Makes It Worse

"I suspect the special prosecutor will "follow the emails"

Abuse of Power, Anger and Abortion Politics: Extremism Exposed

Beware the Bogey Man: A new low, even for McCain and his ignorant supporters!

Dan Savage makes a special offer - check it out!

Time magazine: Palin Administration "Shockingly Amateurish"

John Lewis, invoking George Wallace, says McCain and Palin 'playing with fire'

To win, McCain must get control of his campaign

AP Exclusive: Documents Say Candidate Near Insanity By David Swanson

Is Muslim The New Queer?

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sunday editorial: Barack Obama for president

Herbert: The Mask Slips

McCain tussles with Palin over whipping up a mob mentality

Shark Virgin Birth Confirmed

'Unbreakable' encryption unveiled By Roland Pease BBC Radio Science Unit

Time Magazine on TrooperGate: Palin Administration “Shockingly Amateurish”

WOW! To McCain from former supporter: "You are unleashing the monster

Hooray! Red Ken thinks the unthinkable, but evidently prudent, on behalf of

The Weekend Economists--October 10-12, 2008

Sarah Palin, Get a Dog!

Anti-democratic nature of US capitalism is being exposed

Kansas atheist soldier dropping lawsuit

Army: Pinon Canyon big enough, but barely

1st wave of Okla. soldiers to return Sunday

Bush signs two vets’ benefits bills into law

Congress to review NSA eavesdropping charges

Shaky economy helps recruiting, retention

Army investigates defense contractor payments

LCS 2: Unusual ship, an unusual christening

Fla. town on the defensive against noisy F-35

Naval Surface Warfare Center to get $25M lab

The war-zone uniform

Deployed airmen won’t lose untaken leave

Renovated Air Force hub welcomes wounded

Sens. push Malmstrom as site of nuke command

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: VA is finally taking steps to care for veterans with Lou Gehrig’s

Iraqi leaders seek to secure U.S. funding, indirectly

Navy tackles design flaw affecting minesweepers

M4 Round Has Strong Competitors

DoD Buzz: Army Goes Greener

Army Operationalizing Reserve Component

Navy Receives Honorary Destroyer

Officials want to add 13,000 airmen by 2010

Finding pilots who won’t fly

Sun rising on plans for unmanned planes

I welcomed home a Viet Nam ex POW today.

Is It Time To Legislate The Federal Reserve Out Of Business ?

The man who drove Mandela

Gay "honor killing" in Turkey?

Project suspended to relocate desert tortoises

New website by Consumer Reports and Center for Media and Democracy to expose front groups

Hydrogen from Glycerol: Dealing with Biodiesel/Soap Waste.

Columbus Day International Looting Spree Of US Taxpayers

G-7 Jawbones About Taking 'All Necessary Steps' to Stem Crisis

Who Needs Bankruptcy Reform?

Housing Pain Gauge: Nearly 1 in 6 Owners 'Under Water'

Worst week for global markets since 1929

GM, Ford Death Watch

Greenspan’s Bubbles

Go, Dubya, Go ...

Krugman's first reaction to G7 meeting

Soros - The Boom/Bust Cycle: Why Thin Cows Eat Up Fat Cows

Just in case there is any confusion, the NYSE is open on Monday (Columbus day)

I just did a 'seat of the pants' tax workup for our taxes due next April

92% Losses In Lehman CDS Auction Explained

Fannie, Freddie to Buy $40 Billion a Month of Troubled Assets

I need a debunk on the buyout

Find Walks, Phone Banks and More with the AFL-CIO Online Event Tool

Today in labor history Oct 11 The Miners’ National Association formed in Youngstown, Ohio

AP: Starbucks faces another NLRB complaint

USW: Palin Rhetoric Embraces Unions, Yet She Backs McCain’s Anti-Worker Agenda

Bush Administration Attacks Wage and Hour Laws, Jobless Workers

Employer-Provided Health Care Coverage Falls for Seventh Year

Get your Working Families Vote 2008 T shirt here (beautiful Dem blue)

The Labor Forum and Joe's Union Review growing in labor circles together

Peru's entire cabinet resigns over scandal

Ex-Argentine dictator leaves house arrest for military prison

Jeremy Bigwood, US Investigative Reporter, Reveals Truth of US Intervention in Bolivia

Unanswered Phone Calls in Venezuela: Human Rights Watch Exposes Hugo Chavez Yet Again

Colombia Peso Slides To Level Not Seen Since Nov '06

Clint Malarchuk... Luckiest Man Alive or Tortured Soul?

As if i needed another reason to hate the Flyers...edit

Hook 'em, HORNS!

Yesterday was Brett's 39 birthday.....

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (October 11): World Title Match Begins Tuesday

Toledo 13 - Michigan 10

What's the most intense, ferocious, bitter rivalry in college football?

Cells from testicles act similar to embryonic stem cells

Well...there's just such incredible stuff on this site...where do I begin...

Z-Budapest Women's Spirituality & Dianic Wicca on Sara Palin

Astrologers! What's the significance of Obama's Air Time?

cancer sluts

ThomCat + spiritual support/healing energy where appropriate = happy BlueIris.

The leaves here are just starting to turn...

Some autumn shots from Cherry Creek State Park.

Sheriff begins taking away concealed weapons permits

More from the Brady Bunch

Shark a-sexual reproduction confirmed

Physicists pull off the gecko's feat

Just an Amazing picture

SpaceDev Founder Jim Benson Dies at 63

That's Religulous

That's Religulous

A proposal to so called OCT'ers

Angle-cut column explained

FBI investigating video fakery!

The 911 Pyramid Mega-Ritual

Vote for Rick Noriega now - on DailyKos

Texas Supreme Court Endorsements!

I'm voting strategically again.

"Stephane Dion's Triple Threat to Your Pocketbook"

Deregulation and Harper

GREAT editorial from the Georgia Straight on Harper

Greenwald demolishes Crowley's argument that anti-Obama mobs today just like anti-Bush ones in '04

Obama's new Small Biz proposal comes from Kerry's bill introduced in Sept.

Wesley Snipes

WCCO showed video from McCain rally

Obama 54% to McCain 40% in Minnesota

Michelle Obama will be in Minnesota next Monday

Question about pic from that Lakeville rally today

Lakeville - Oh, boy...

Milwaukee Obama events through election day

IMPORTANT: Absentee Ballot voting question?

So when are the GOP leaders in WI going to denounce racism?