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Alert Bennyboy - from Mimosa (General Discussion)

Palin as President

The ACORN vote fraud myth, expertly debunked by Slate's Dahlia Lithwick

IMPORTANT: Mark Crispin Miller on Bill Moyers show Friday

Keith is going to be good - you might want to tune in..

Anyone else seeing Laura Ingraham having a meltdown on Bill O?

"Senator Honorable in the Sewer" - Joe Klein

Obama on fire

Barack Obama for President (WP editorial endorsement!!!)

Of course, DU is going downhill...

After watching the McCain campaign this season it has become obvious that:

Nation's reporte on KO: GOP likes caricature of every day people instead of liking every day people

KO: McCain finally admits, in his own words, that his healthcare plan raises taxes

How we can help the GOP continue to lose, and lose, and lose

Video clip of McCain in his younger days(humor)

Washington Post endorses Obama

OMG what is up with KO????????/

Oregon mail in ballot going out this weekend

'family values' voter showed her true colors today on I-40 in Nashville

What would a win by either candidate say about the USA?

McCain on Letterman tonight: "I screwed up"

Would This Strategy Make A Good Ad? (combat the "it never happened" b.s.)

Would This Strategy Make A Good Ad? (combat the "it never happened" b.s.)

How Do You Commit Voter Fraud With Voter Registration Forms? You Dump Them. Like the GOP Did.

A view into McCain's campaign HQ!

McCain ad about Joe

Campaign Ad Watch: Rape Victim Assails Palin On Choice

Campaign Ad Watch: Rape Victim Assails Palin On Choice

What happened to the WAPO story on private cell towers being installed at McCain home?

Joe the Plumber

I Can't Wait Until Next Week To Get The Joe The Plumber BS Out of the Polls

McCain Defends His Own Association With Unrepentant Criminal (Liddy): It's Ok, He Went To Jail

New Obama Ad: McCain Is Bad On Space -- And Bad For Florida

I Can't Believe Some DUers Want To Bury The JTP Story

Drill, baby, drill!

Truest Quote of the Election Season 2008 by McCain: "I Screwed Up"

Vicky Iseman finally speaks: I did not have sex with that man

Vicky Iseman finally speaks: I did not have sex with that man

Task for Nov. 5, 2008, beginning at 8AM....

CNU Virginia Poll: Obama 53, McCain 47

My gold showed up in the mail......

Big fan of Clare McCaskill's, now up on Rachel.

Why isn't the Williams Timmons story getting any traction?

If patriotism is measured by sporting an American flag pin...

Say whaa?? Crazy Bachmann on Obama-"put my hand on his shoulder and give him a kiss if he wanted to"

Morning Call Tracking Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 53, McCain 37

Private Polling in CA - 50 Obama has gained 22 points in one month

****McCain and Obama Speeches at Al Smith Dinner on C-Span now!

Chris Kofinis: This maybe a Realignment Election Like it was in 1980

I did not have a sexual relationship with Senator McCain

Any Joss Whedon fans with Photoshop skills?

Is somebody snoring too close to a microphone?

I LOVE How DU Castigates Pelosi, Reid, And The Rest For Not Having Spines

I foresee a tightening in the polls

Ah....McCain isn't so gracious now that he's a spectator and Obama is speaking

From the front step you can see the Russian Tea Room

AP: Joe the Plumber contacted by McCain campaign before debate.

AP: Joe the Plumber contacted by McCain campaign before debate.

*****JOE BIDEN (not that other fucking Joe) APPRECIATION THREAD*****

Doesn't it sound like Obama wrote his own jokes at this Alfred E. Smith Dinner?

ooo - SNAP!!! "from the doorstep, you can see the Russian tea room"

ooo - SNAP!!! "from the doorstep, you can see the Russian tea room" I've been wondering what Michelle's red dress looked like - DUOH!!

McCain is funny and being respectful tonight

If McCain is running the worst campaign ever, Obama is running the best.

"The housing crisis has hit John McCain eight times as hard"

All you need to know about MCCain is his robo calls

This incorporation document at Ohio SOS links Robert M and Richard T Wurzbacher

(R)asmussen Ohio Poll: Obama 49(same), McCain 49(+2)

Why the hell wasn't McCain this funny last night?

Why the hell wasn't McCain this funny last night?

Obama: From the doorstep of the Waldorf Astoria you can see the Russian Tea Room.

This is fuckin hilarious

"Nobody I'd rather be palling round with" -- LOL

Obama's got great material!!

SF Chronicle recommends Barack Obama for president

I'm on the floor here. Obama is cracking me up

Anyone watching the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner?

Lieberman: McCain "won debate, turned the corner, changed the course, changed the momentum"

Palin says Jane the plumber....

Barack is Swahili for THAT ONE!!!

"Fox news accused me of fathering 2 black kids in wedlock!"

Another "Redstater" spills the beans...

Obama is going to Kentucky? Kentucky???

The Cardinal just gave the election to Barack.

Dubya reacts to McCain sticking out his tongue

Everyone watching the dinner? Anyone watch SNL tonight?

"Most entrepreneurs are delicate flowers... 3% more tax spooks them so they give up!"

So let he get this straight--McCrazed says he's not George Bush

McCain was alright.....Barack was Edgy and Awesome!

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/16/08 - Obama 50, McCain 46 (McCain up 1)

Post Debate TOONS: the results are in

Woman sues McCain / Palin. Lawsuit says supporter fears for Obama’s life.

Obama admits that he has palled around with a bad bunch - The Senate!

Watching this dinner is a little depressing

Is the Dinner being replayed anywhere?

The McCains cell phone tower story doesn't add up

Obama was good, McCain was better....

Republican Ed Rollins just said McCain was "Like Captain Queeg" last night.

We're gonna see a lot of McCains teeth in the next 2 weeks - Smilin' happy John.

VIDEO Obama v Bush/McCain - Would you Change?

Glenn Beck leaving CNN for Fox News

Al Smith Dinner thank you John McCain.

Just saw Bill Mahler on Larry King. Please DU this poll for Obama on King's website!!!

WE need a liberal media--McCain's picture dominated the news sites today

I Think mccane Just Gave A pre-Concession Speech

1,500 people voted early today in my county.

Reverse lookup for robodial # posted here:

"Walk once more in eternal sunshine"

What is Marcy Kaptur saying about Joe The Plumber?

Palin is emphatic that they will balance the budget during their first term,

Bob the Builder is thrilled with Obama's plan

Va. Election Preparations Inadequate, Study Finds

"I'm a little too awesome"

When Obama gets to the White House, does he get to be the decided

What I noticed about McCain at the Smith dinner was the

U.S. rabbis: McCain attacks on Obama creeping toward 'hate speech'

Straight Talk Express VIDEO: McCain side-steps Couric's question on "infidelity"

Who has voted already?

Anyone else freaked out about voting absentee? I don't trust 'em after 00 and 04!

Anyone else freaked out about voting absentee? I don't trust 'em after 00 and 04!

Obama's job #2: election reform

Troopergate: Chicago Tribune Editorial

I hope Letterman has the balls...

I hope Letterman has the balls...

Racists Republicans feel that an Obama presidency will give them carte blanche for their racism

Hey here...

LOL, Fox News now whining...

Anyone else watching Obama on the roast on MSNBC?

On Oct 16th 2004, where were Bush and Kerry campaigning? What were the polls like?

Republicans object to textbook including Obama - AP


If you are canvassing in a swing state & staying overnight; BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU BOOK


Desparation: Nat'l Republican Trust vs. Obama: 'License'

Beyond the Palin

I think Joe is going to help McLame with voters making over $250,000 a year who.....

mccain and palin caught in passionate embrace

I'm really not doing my job

Why Barack Obama is the Underdog in this contest, no matter what.

NBC News Cell Phone Poll from last night, Obama 90%, McLame 10%

Obama will be the smartest Prez ever during my lifetime

Secret 4th presidential debate

Obama Warns against Over Confidence:

Just saw a new McCain ad. Poor quality!

Best Obama Line of Al Smith Dinner: "Real tough primary you had there, John."

***HEADS UP*** Obama Speech at Al Smith Dinner - Tonight at 9:00 ET.

When will we see a bounce for Obama from last nights debate?

I think Obama should hit every major college town in the US over the next 19 days

I think Obama should hit every major college town in the US over the next 19 days

Since SNL has decided to invite only one Vice Presidential candidate to be on I pledge to

Who has already voted?

Biden's on Tonight Show: 'What About this Joe?'

Full Circle: RNC Banging "Executive Experience" attack ad in VA

Latest polls - polls released today

Take it for what it's worth: Zogby EC: Obama 273, McCain 163, 103 undecided.

Wow. McCain is showing his humanity. I am sorry he hasn't chosen to be this person all along.

Who will I make parodies about when McCain is gone?

Vicki Iseman Speaks Out, Denies Affair ("I have never even been alone with Senator McCain")

Video: Barck Obama at the Alfred Smith Dinner (funny stuff!)

McCain on Letterman

McCain on Letterman

McCain just won't let up on Ayers distant past.

This will backfire on the repukes...

GO DAVE!!! Letterman Surprises McCain with Gordon Liddy, than Goes to Break

does the Secret Service take all threats seriously?

Biden On Leno Tonight: I'm Worried About...Joe The Real Plumber With A License.

I love this picture of McCain, after last night's debate...

Sarah Palin on SNL this Saturday

Chicago Says There Is Too Much Ado About Bill Ayers

anyone doing any inauaguration planning? no jinxing - just planning

Meghan, tatoos, and New Hampshire (oh my)

What it would be like if Palin were president -- you've got to check this out

Did Ne-Yo have a Obama sign on his back on Letterman?

So, how many John McCains are there? The one who lies, the one who jokes,

Obama should have supported the Colombian TLC last night...

a bush talking point has been used by mc cain and I just finally noticed it...

The Story doesn't Cell (Josh Green, The Atlantic)- fact checks the McCain "response" to Wash Post

Reuters/C-Span/Shit4Hire Poll - Obama 49(unchanged), McDipshit 44(unchanged)

DUer photoshop challenge: design the AZ and AK quarters

Letterman: "she said terrorists. ok ayers is one, who are the..."

Washington Post endorses OBAMA!

So, Exactly How is Joe The Plumber Related to Keating?

Zogby no change 49-44

for us West coasters was SNL worth watching? n/t

19 days is TOO F***ing LONG!

Appears that Letterman is questioning McCain's judgement in picking Palin for VP. you think the polls will reflect the Debate/Plumber debacle TOMORROW, or...

Chuck Norris-esque jokes for Obama

Europe mocks 'half-baked Alaskan' Palin

The smears aren't working

Aussie comic of the week, maybe of the year....

Over the years, I have learned to take Newspaper Endorsements with

Palin all over again: Freepers think Joe the Plumper is a God

New Zogby out. Unchanged from yesterday. 49-44 O but.......

The new RW meme: "Kill Him" shout never happened!

Who's watching MKKKain lie his old ass off on Letterman?

Reno NV GOP call "Obama terroist"

POLL - Billings Gazette (MT moving on up for OBAMA - at least we're pink)

CNN finally found something that McCain "won" since there were no Insta polls!

Greyhound for Obama

So is the MSM going to start a "comeback kid" narrative for McCain?

So is the MSM going to start a "comeback kid" narrative for McCain?

We can forgive...heal...and unite as ONE AMERICA!

All Palin Inspires is HATE

"Fiscal WHAT?" From the Wasilla Project Film Makers

obama ads in Georgia! 3 different ones tonight!

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on Conan tonight


So, I got my good news for the day

I voted today, here are the highlights:

When I think of Barack, he reminds me so much of FDR

The SNL skit with Jesse Jackson talking about the "Bradley Effect" was funny

Came across a story about Obama forwarded from my father asking me to check it out.

Would campaigning in Anchorage and Fairbanks, AK be a total waste of time for Barack ?

McCain and Obama Palling Around? Must Be the Al Smith Dinner - NY Times

McCain and Obama Palling Around? Must Be the Al Smith Dinner - NY Times

Who's Playing the Race Card? - Krauthammer in WaPo

McCain's debate notes found in trash (h/t Vanity Fair)

I feel ill...

Americans are "victims of a drive-by shooting" - McCain on Letterman

Republicans flood Minnesota with anti-Obama phone calls - Minneapolis Star Tribune

How are we Winning over Latino Veterans in New Mexico? article from Mother Jones:

Raging Palin Grannies attack 2 young men?!?!

Wurzelbacher campaign contributions..

Obama, man of the people! He doesn't own a breakaway coat.....

What's all this new free speech bullshit from the wingnuts?

So basically, this is all happening because Joe the Plumber lied to Obama.

Obama: finally, a videogame-friendly politician!

Want Palin's e-mails? That'll be $15 million - MSNBC

Want Palin's e-mails? That'll be $15 million - MSNBC

My quick observation of the Al Smith Dinner

Is anyone else feeling really, really good?

Call Out For Election Protection Wiki Help (HuffPo)

OMG!!!1 John McCain is a TERRORIST PAL who just HUGGED a TERRORIST PAL on national TV!!!!

Who's the old fart chowing down behind Mclame?

For Those of You Who Have Voted Early.....Stand Up & Show The World

*** Thursday TOONs: Joe the Plumber ***

"This is what keeps African-Americans from joining the Republican Party,"

"I screwed-up. What can I say?" Uhm... how about, "I'm Sorry" ?

Now here's a sign: Obama here Sat at a huge outdoor park. McCain here Monday at a high school

--I can't believe people watched Grumpy on Letterman, and not Joe Biden on Leno---

--I can't believe people watched Grumpy on Letterman, and not Joe Biden on Leno---

Colin Powell appearing on MTP this weekend

Alternet: McCain Was Not Tortured, POW Guard Claims

Friday Senate Line: Democratic Domination (WaPo) - Dem pickup of seven or eight seats likely.

I can't wait to find out what it's like to watch Obama give his victory speech

ROBO-CALLS and "junk mail" targeting Dems only?

Who has been more available to questions?

Joe Madison: Obama is the safest negro running for President

My neighbor has an Obama/Biden sign in their yard!!!!!!!!!

Is anyone else here really, really stressed?

Poll: Voters souring on McCain, Obama stays steady

Email I woke up to this morning:

Palin rallies-come for the lies and mob mentality....stay for the ENTERTAINMENT!!!

Jeez larry elder needs to take a chill pill

Poll: Voters souring on McCain, Obama stays steady

Former President Barltett is on Morning Joe!!!! Woo Hoo!

Went to see Ex Mississippi Gov. Mabus speak tonight for Obama

Thinking About Obama (Brooks in the NYT - actually, it's an interesting read)

Acorn is intended to incite GOP leaning voter registration workers.

New Obama Ad Attacks McCain's Health Care Plan (VIDEO)

McCain loses FOURTH debate!

Poll: Obama ahead in critical counties

So it turns out that Joe the Plumber isn't who he says he is. Are Republicans ever who they say

Another Obama Rumor; he "cavorts with terriers"

Move Over "Joe The Plumber", Meet Al The Real Plumber

North Dakota... pollster shows statistical tie (43.7 to 43.3)

Have you ever been challenged at the polls by a "poll challenger"?

Great, Bush* is about to speak. UGH! Therse goes the market!

And Folks...Lets Not Forget Colin Powell Endosement...

Iglesias: "I'm Astounded" By DOJ's ACORN Probe

Kiran Chetry Seems Pissed at Joe the Not-So Plumber

Kiran Chetry Seems Pissed at Joe the Not-So Plumber

Poll: Voters souring on McCain, Obama stays steady

Hitchens: Give McCain a cup of Ovaltine, no one's sure he can hack it


So - If Ayres Would Have Gone To Jail.......

"Somebody else" - 9%. McCain - 8%.

Joe the Plumber has had more interviews than Sarah Palin.

By McCain's reasoning, being convicted of a crime is better than not being convicted.

By McCain's reasoning, being convicted of a crime is better than not being convicted.

oh dear... Sarah Palin Sex Doll Now On Sale!

Colin Powell on MTP this Sunday

Being Nice, I Thought I Would Get "Joe The Plumber" A Gift For Future Certification

Being Nice, I Thought I Would Get "Joe The Plumber" A Gift For Future Certification

Psst... Did anyone notice Obama's lead in PA has expanded to 16 FRIGGIN' POINTS?

Best "political instincts" in the Democratic Party today ?

Scorecard from Leadership Conference on Civil Rights: McSame-22%, Obama-100%

The 10 Biggest Differences Between Obama and McCain That Will Affect Your Daily Life

Gordon Liddy, 2nd most searched on google

Fired U.S. Attorney Iglesias on ACORN investigation: "scare tactic"

WTF's Up With This 49-47 Shit?

What is the difference between compromising on policy positions and compromising on tactics?

New Rasmussen daily tracking: O-50, M-46... unchanged


McBush calls on JTP

Poll: Voters souring on McCain, Obama stays steady

Spanish-language McCain commercials scaring Latinos

Obama against stem cells, for troops in Iraq and for Palin as his VP

Rasmussen Debate Poll: Obama 47, McCain 33

If Obama wins, demand that Congress immediately pass a law mandating

R2K Georgia Poll: McCain 49(-1), Obama 43(unchanged)

Joe the Plumber's "Undecided" Status

October surprise ? When ? Where ?

October surprise ? When ? Where ?

need item showing joe the d*mn plummber isn't registered to vote...

need item showing joe the d*mn plummber isn't registered to vote...

Chris Shays: Obama Will be the new President!

Question: is it a violation of any law to take my new RNC hatemailer,stuff it into a big envelope

I Still Believe In A More Perfect Union (kick and rec if you agree)

Racism and general nuttery on the Palin campaign trail continues

Nearly 60 million tuned in to final presidential debate

We need to stop looking at the national polls and start reading the tea leaves, very encouraging

Palin and the scary people

WTF! Conservative scumbag says Obama's mother would have aborted him if it was legal.

McCain's ethanol position should hurt him in 5 battleground states ... link

Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R-AK) office is charging news organizations $15 million for her e-mails.

"Some of you didn't know......"

Palin as President flash game

Has Obama Exceeded Your Expectations Since The Start Of The Primaries?

The Obamas' Greatest Family Moments (SLIDESHOW, 24 photos, caveat to dial-up users)

Physical Violence Towards Reporters at McCain/Palin Rally

WA state voters: Three more days only -- you can still register to vote

oh my, look what I found this a.m.

David Brooks: Thinking About Obama

I Don't Care About Washed-up,Skinhead, Plumber Wannabes! It's MORNING Joe who's An A$$wipe!

Are there any "election detox centers" for after the whole thing is over?

Are there any "election detox centers" for after the whole thing is over?

Women have negative reaction to McCain's treatment of Cindy after debate

Palin administration shuts out African Americans with video

Aides to McCain say they're "searching for a “narrow-victory scenario”. Will E-Voting do the rest?

Obama: Don't snatch defeat from victory (Pool Report from Last Night's Show w/ "Billy and the Boss"

When Obama says "small businesses" how many employees

Close to Kansas City?? Don't miss Obama tomorrow!!!

Obama's lead is probably 4-5% bigger than the polls say ... here's why ....

Why McCain's voucher remark fell flat

Now this is an odd and thrilling newspaper endorsement indeed! Why you ask?

Endorsing at this point...

Charlie Cook: Back-To-Back GOP Train Wrecks

Right Wing Hate Radio Listeners' Heads Must be Exploding

MO. Voter SUES McCain over Hate Speech!

How can we get MSNBC daytime to stop conflating

George Bush on the verge of a historic achievement

Housing Starts Hit 17-Year Low - Wall Street Journal

Housing Starts Hit 17-Year Low - Wall Street Journal

GOP is planning massive voter suppression efforts

Reuters/C-Span/Zogby tracking poll: 49% Obama 43% McCain (no change--not interactive)

Hotline Tracking: Obama 50 (+1), McCain 40 (-1)

Personally, I think robo-calls have the opposite of the intended effect

So when do you think Obama knew Joe the Plumber wasn't for real?

Hotline Nat'l Poll -Obama 50% -McCain 40%

Joe's 15 minutes will be EXTREMELY short....

Which republican/conservatives surprised you when they endorsed Obama?

What to do if you get push-polled

McCain & G. Gordon Liddy?

McCain & G. Gordon Liddy?

Voter Registration Fraud vs. Voter Fraud

Wait, wait! There's more! Sarahcuda not the keen huntress she claims?

Consider source on GOP equality record

‘Joe The Plumber’ Comes Clean: ‘I Would Be Receiving Obama’s Tax Cuts’

‘Joe The Plumber’ Comes Clean: ‘I Would Be Receiving Obama’s Tax Cuts’

Obama Modifies 'Yes We Can' Message To Exclude Area Loser

Barack Steve Obama

Rumor about Obama - Ayres; Please Dispel

How much did McCain Piss off His Base last night?

A McSame question...can anybody help?

What was Obama's best line last night?

What do we do with the fucking repubs after the election (the poll)

Obama understands Iran threat, unequivocally supports Israel

Hey Sarah: Give Katy Perry a Call!!

So SNL is going to have Palin on this Saturday

the Republican "Ayers smear" of Obama - again

Reporter assaulted at Palin rally in NC

Jazz for Obama: A Concert for America's Future

Jazz for Obama: A Concert for America's Future

I have more plumbing experience than "Joe"

Mirroring Bush’s tactics, McCain-Palin campaign try to hand-pick reporter for Palin interview.»

The Key to the Election

McCain's environmental record, LCV scorecard

McCain, Obama, the complete Al Smith dinner transcripts, courtesy of the Kansas City Star

McCain's hypocrisy on robocalls and a picture is worth a thousand words

Will McSame turn out to be the Republicans' version of George McGovern ? Kids Pick The President Survey! Will be announced Monday!

Conyers goes after AG Mukasey & FBI Chief Mueller for ACORN investigation leak to press

Click!!.. that was the sound of the end of Joe the Plumbers 15 minutes of fame

Hate Politics Palin

Democratic Underground has been DISrespected! Unbelievable!

PA Tracking Poll: Obama 53% (no change) McCain: 39% (+2)

OBAMA: "I want everybody running scared...Don't underestimate our ability to screw it all up!"

"Joe the Plumber" Owes Back Taxes, Has No Plumbing License

McCain & Obama speak at Charity event for Al Smith. BEST LINE BY OBAMA:

866-520-5769. Toll free. It's the number of the Nazis who robocalled me in NC.


We've identified a trend.

self delete - dupe

Do you want Colin Powell's endorsement?

Drudge-AP/Yahoo Obama 44 Mccain 42-Fox News is about to declare victory

McCain is 72 yrs old. There is a 1 and 5 chance he won't make it through his first term

McCain's Tax Plans Also Redistribute Wealth - HuffPo

BREAKING: Drudge Cites Online Poll, Pundits and Freepers Rejoice

Diane REHM did NOT

Over on - Rabid Freepers screaming about Michelle Obama's "Whitey" Tape about to be released

Diane Rehm on NPR just announced the Colin Powell will endorse

FL POLL: Obama 49, McCrypt 45. GA POLL: McCrypt 49, Obama 43

palin on msnbc qouting joe the plumber as if he was joe the politician

A really heinous and despicable presidential nominee....

McCain Implodes; Women Will Not Forget

If We Scream About Election Fraud WE'LL LOOK LIKE CRAZY TINFOILERS!!!!

"October surprise" #1: Acorn

"October surprise" #1: Acorn

Dupe: see jenmito's thread:

NBC's First Read: Going Nuts Over Acorn, Part III

Chances of Republicans going to court if election count not going their way ?

The RoveNuts are playing Bait and Switch on ACORN

Palin supporters fear 'blacks will take over'

DU this Jacksonville, FL Poll quick!!

first read pours water on Drudges love affair with yesterdays gallup

Mirroring Bush’s tactics, McCain-Palin campaign tries to hand-pick reporter for Palin interview.

Trader Drove Up Price of McCain ‘Stock’ in Online Market

Palinex: A new morning-after pill

How awesome is it that the Obamas and Bidens are campaigning in

Trader Drove Up Price of McCain ‘Stock’ in Intrade Online Market

"Orthadox" (sic) Jews for McCain: Hopelessly non-grass roots

Obama's getting smeared on the Freddie Mack message board!

Irish bookie say race over, pays off on Obama

Republicans call B.S. on Acorn; Mother Jones

Question about the USSC ruling and legal standing

MP3: The Ballad of Joe The Plumber (Just Another Dumb Republican)

If Palin/McCain wins, I am going to be really, *really* depressed.

The VaPid candidate speaks again...

If the election is stolen...


In South Carolina an interesting take on the "Voting Straight Ticket" Line

VA POLL: Obama 53 (+14), McCrypt 47 (-1)

**Breaking*** Supreme Court sides w/Ohio Dems

NY Times to endorse Obama on Sunday

Didn't McCain make some sort of gaffe on housing prices at Wed. debate?

What is the most likely reason for a man to have a shaved head?

Keep your eye on the ball. Don't be...

R2K: O52, M42 (M+1). Slight tightening in Thursday night's sample.

Obama takes on Faux News: the Nation

If Bill is the Big DAWG, then Barack is the . . .

Why is there even an assumption that Colin Powell is going to endorse anyone on MTP?

Let's end this: Biden needs to pick a fight with Palin on competence, debunks Dr*dge Scare-Poll headline (AP/Yahoo Poll, with 2 point spread)

The Note: McCain Down But Not Out - ABC News

Palin came to Maine and I never even knew she was here. That's what I get

Oopsie! The freepers think they're helping 'Joe the Plumber', but...

McCain throws Joe the Plumber under the bus for Russ the Plumber in Missouri! No Joke.

Palin in the bubble....

7-11 coffee cup election results appear to have stabilized.

Palin just used "socialism" in a speech

If Powell does endorse Obama, Obama will surge and turnaround the momentum in this race

I don't give a F8CK if the GOPers "call the elction into question" after Obama wins

I finally figured it out - he's the Joker!

Did Palin really imply that there were parts of America that weren't pro-American?

Contractor's Letter Contradicts McCain Camp Spin On Verizon Controversy

LOL moment in PBS Frontline documentary on Obama..

Just a clarification on election history: Neither Gore nor Kerry were ever ahead in October.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Disses Ann Coulter, Says She's Staying On "The View" (VIDEO)

Gallup: Obama 50% (+1), McCain 43% (no change)

I am sick to my stomach at hearing the race-baiting of the Republicans,

I am sick to my stomach at hearing the race-baiting of the Republicans,

Gallup Daily:Obama rising

Todays Thread modifier, replace any words in a thread with "Colin Powell"

Bottom line: Obama only needs Iowa plus 11 electoral votes to win ...

Gallup Obama 50 (+1), McCain 43 (no change)

Poll: Voters souring on McCain, Obama stays steady

David Iglesias On FBI's Investigation Of ACORN: "Scare Tactic"

New Colorado Registered Voters Forced to Re-Register: NY Times:

Could the Possible Colin Powell Endorsement of Obama be a Repuke ruse?

Powell endorsement---It's a trap!!


Gallup: Obama 50 (+1), McCain 43 (Same).

McCain Camp: "Cloud of Suspicion" Hangs Over Election

"Side effects may include"....ROFL

So Sarah Palin was a no show at the Al Smith dinner last night? I haven't heard.

Republicans hate socialism. They like anti-socialism instead.

There needs to be a way to keep eastern states from being called before polls close on the W coast.

Hey Senior Citizens, McCains Joe the Plumber thinks Social Security is a joke . Watch the youtube.

(R)asmussen Missouri Poll: Obama 52(+2), McCain 46(-1)

Barack tells us: Don't "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory." Work hard for "the next 18 days"!!

Hey, did you see that new Gallup poll?

Quit Freaking Out New info on the "poll" that Drudge has been blaring showing 2 point race

Obama IS the President.

The October Plan: Is This What Obama Has Been Planning All Along?

Powell endorsement could cement landslide,

What the hell is it with all the hang wringing and worrying today?

*** Obama rally in Roanoke, VA - live feed up - Obama up now***

Ruben Navarrette: Barack Obama, icy cool under fire (!!!!)

Joe the Plumber shows why McCain and Republicans are out of touch

Research 2000 Florida: Obama: 49% McCain: 45%

Just saw local news that Arkansas has turned to PINK!

Even Joe the plumber admits he would get a tax cut from Obama

POLITICO - "McCain discovers plumber no ordinary Joe" - Re McCain's Erratic, Knee Jerk Decisions

Why are some so interested in NOT talking about the news of the day.

Barack Obama expected in Broward County, Florida soon (Hillary on Monday)

Anybody just hear Obama's Dad voice? "young lady, you get down, get down now"

Should Obama get out in front of this Powell endorsement?

So what if a Republican endorses a Republican? Powell is a Republican

National Review Writer: Obama Likely Would Have Been Aborted, Had It Been Legal

Crazy McCain Rally Lady Skit On SNL (VIDEO)

Question (if anyone knows): Why only one stop for Obama today?

Encouraging articles about Obama's ground game .... link

Which is the real McCain?

Rasmussen Poll MO Obama +6

Blanketed By Ads in North Carolina

R2K Florida Poll: Obama 49, McCain 45

Well, you're pretty sure of yourself, ain't you, Barack?

Democrats Hope to Defy Odds in Mississippi - NY Times

Perfect Rebuttal to Repukes about Obama citizenship!

U.S. AG should smack down the loose talk about ACORN and election fraud.

17-10-08 GALLUP DAILY : OBAMA 50%(+1)-MCCAIN 43%(no change)

Politico: Republican sources believe Colin Powell might endorse Obama on Sunday's MTP

I was frustrated with the DU hand-wringing; the Ohio decision has made me ecstatic

I was frustrated with the DU hand-wringing; the Ohio decision has made me ecstatic

I got an Obama hat.

McCain Loses Hastily Convened Fourth Presidential Debate With Lifesize Cardboard Cutout of Obama

Who is this Drudge? Ive never heard of him/her/it outside DU ( ie MSM)

I Got A Bone To Pick With You

I Got A Bone To Pick With You

Talk me down, DU...

BRILLIANT!: Keith Olbermann in the wings at "Letterman"

~ Deleted Dupe ~

Reaearch 2000: A THIRD new poll shows tied or close race in ND: 45-45

New photo of McCain and Palin talking strategy after the dinner last night...

New photo of McCain and Palin talking strategy after the dinner last night...

Latest poll! McCain 105% Obama -5% OMG!!!

Democrats Need to Stand Up For ACORN & Fight Back Against the Lies ...

Anyone listening to Ed Schultz

This is kind of cool, may have already been posted: Obama Vs McBlinky tax cut calculator.

Josh Brolin (star of "W.") is the HOST of SNL this week......

Kit Bond interviewed by Andrea Mitchell. Please, let's hear more from old

Kit Bond interviewed by Andrea Mitchell. Please, let's hear more from old

Since its inception, Huffington Post with More Gravitas than Drudge Report

Iglesias: "I'm Astounded" By DOJ's ACORN Probe

Internal investigation finds that ONE investor has been artifically boosting McCain on Intrade

Gallup: Traditional vs Expanded? DU Statistics experts, which is a better model?

Obama to staff: Don't get cocky

I haven't seen even ONE clip of Biden on Leno on MSNBC. Has anyone seen any in the MSM?

Washington Post, Tenn, Colorado newspapers endorse Obama - AP

A Truly Historical Election

'Just 118,000 votes' - Obama / Biden want OH really bad.

Another vote cast for Obama in Indiana today! Me! nt

Stop spreading panic about these Colorado voter purges- here are the facts

Dr*dge posts THIS pic of Colin Powell above headline that he may endorse Obama:

Colin Powell isn't a Neocon


All I'm Seeing at McCain's Rally is OBAMA!

Obama says McCain health plan could cut Medicare, Medicaid (LAT)

the cheers seemed artificial. taped?

Racist whites will accuse him of returning to his roots leading to a bump for McCain.

TRACKING POLL AVERAGE: Obama 50.5, McCrypt 42.75

On "pre-existing conditions" under McCain health plan.

No self-respecting Dem should go on Faux News. Period.

MediaMatters: CNN Reports Leave Out Relevant Faces on ACORN Voter Registration Allegations

I see a lot of apologetics for ACORN here : THERE IS NO NEED ..Here is what happened

He really can't control them, can he?

If you voted for Bush and are now going to vote for McCain

Help Raul Martinez in South Florida NOW! (from DFA)

Research 2000 North Dakota Poll: McCain 45% (-8) Obama 45% (+5)

My brother was at the Al Smith Dinner last night in NYC and got to meet Barack.

A possible Powell endorsement isn't about YOU, it's about Barack Obama.

I just can't see Powell endorsing McCain.

McCain's Appearance's Sound Like He Has Ringers In The Crowd To Cheer And Start Chants.......

This is news on CNN?

McCain's plan to buy mortgages makes zero sense. -

McCain Camp Ramps Up Press War Over "Joe The Plumber" Coverage

McCain Camp Ramps Up Press War Over "Joe The Plumber" Coverage

Here is the poll Drudge is pushing.

Hmmm anyone think that Letterman being easy on McCain? I don't think so. LMAO

Obama: Seriously could we add that word to the spell check feature. I think

McCain on NOW!--He hates Republicans TOO!!!

What could happen if the Republicans steal the election

Palin charging $15 million for her e-mails - and you can't see them until after 11/4

Out Of The Gutter by E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Is This - Whit Ayers - Republican Strategist - Any Relation To Bill.....


FL-08 Registration goes from red to blue Dems up 1,000+ votes as of 9/30/2008

Palin will appear on 'SNL,' but not on 'Meet the Press' or sit down for another interview?

Biden Cracks on Palin During "Ellen" Appearance

Assessing the battlegrounds: Why Obama will win

Gingrich cries to ABC that media not fair to McCain

Sacramento GOP party chairman: "Waterboard Barack Obama" is offensive to some, not to others

How many of the swing states have Democratic Sec'ys of State vs GOP SOS?

Battleground: Narrow-victory scenario (Swing-State Update from First Read)

Iraqi VET: "It took an IED to get me involved"

Ny Times: Editorial: Acorn

Palin Will Solve The Budget Deficit By Selling Her E-mails - $15 Million? You Betcha!

Rosanne Cash: "Why I'd Be a Better VP than Sarah Palin"

White guys with shaved heads: the 21st Century Mullet


Palin a Fiscal Conservative? Mudflats scathing video investigation

Fight fight fight, LOL! LOL! LOL!! Chuck Todd loves McCain: he's fired up

Whose plan is more Jewish, Obama's or McCain's? - Rabbi Levi Brackman

Heads up! Rick Sanchez on CNN is preparing to cover the "hate" meme of the McCain campaign.

High court rejects GOP bid in Ohio voting dispute

Vote for you!

USA Today Gallup: 56% say Obama won debate (30% say McCain) ... link

Supreme Court Halts Republican Move to Disenfranchise Ohio Voters

The U.S. Supreme Court's in the tank for Obama!

New Operative McCain Campaign Word - 'Emblematic' .....

I've checked the website, but can't find the schedule. Does anyone know

How To Add Words to Firefox’s Spellcheck Dictionary

Rasmussen Daily Tracker Obama - 50-NC; McCain - 46-NC

Very good news about voter party identification .... link

McCain: "The response from Senator Obama and his campaign yesterday was to attack Joe."

Here is what McCain can do

Obama leads McLoser 2-1 in the only poll that matters.

TRAGEDY : Tesla Motors might be going belly up


Will there be mass defections from the GOP after the election?

Press Release: ACORN Calls on McCain Campaign to Get Out of the Gutter

Question about McCain robocalls...

LA Times endorses Obama

Poor John McCain: Forced against his honor to run an ugly campaign - Glenn Greenwald, Salon

TPM: Obama Camp Connects ACORN Probe to US Attorneys Scandal

Intrade manipulated to favor McCain chances

Obama Campaign Counsel Files Letter With DOJ Regarding Leak Of Pending FBI Investigation Of ACORN

Download and watch Joe Biden on Jay Leno 10/16/08

How the FUCKING HELL can the media give Palin a forum to call Obama out when she . . .

President Obama .... Brunner wins @ SCOTUS = Ohio wil be blue

Palin rips into Obama's ties to voter registration group - CNN (what a pos)

Palin loses bid to block whale protections

These Freepers... I'll Tell Ya!

KCOP 13 Los Angeles NOW!!

When Obama is elected, you do know that we will have to work even harder than we are right now.

Computers Stolen From Boston ACORN Office

Bakersfield Californian endorsed NO on 8!!!!!

I thought Palin was on SNL the 25th?? nt

No big surprise but nice anyway: SUSA California: 59%-35% for OBAMA!!

Rupert Murdoch's London Times backs Barack Obama as 'American Choice'

Secret Service Eyes Racist Hate Mail in Georgia

my daughter just called to ask me about her ballot

Poll: Voters souring on McCain, Obama stays steady

BREAKING: Mario the Plumber endorses Obama!

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaings In Mesilla, NM****

MSNBC Stench Alert: Iraq War Marketer Andy Card.

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/17/08 - Obama 50, McCain 46 (unchanged)


Obama Camp reacts to Palin's "pro-America" statement: "What part of the country isn’t pro-America?”

Palin's Staffers Keep Her Away From The News To Avoid Being "Depressed"

Apache helicopter pilot urges troop loving Americans to vote for McCain...

St. Louis Post-Dispatch endorses Barack !

Demorallized about election fraud? Here's what the Obama camp told me

2004 Kerry Blue states(252EV) + Iowa (7EV) + 11EV = 270 EV

Palin on SNL tomorrow night, Powell endorsement of Obama Sunday morning?

How we use the ACORN bullshit to our advantage after the election

McCain/Palin Supporter Gets Physical With Reporter At Campaign Rally

Full page ad in support of Acorn in the New York Times!

SCOTUS Decision: Highlights importance of races other than POTUS!

That asshat Lieberman is on TV with McCain...

Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times endorsed Obama on Oct. 5 !

OK, serious question: why is Cindy ALWAYS at McCain's side at appearances?

The Charleston Gazette of West Virginia endorsed Barack !!!!!!


CNN Larry King Poll: Who would you like to see in the White House?

Campbell Brown: Commentary: Food banks instead of campaign ads

I want Keith Olbermann to do a Special Comment on Joe Lieberman

Palin as President...

I was getting ready for work this morning so I didn't totally hear on Scarborough-but he was talking

"McCain rejected calls to

McCain: "You know what's being shouted-out at *his* rallies?"

ONION: Southern Sheriff Pulls Over Obama Campaign Bus For Broken Taillight

America is going to rise to the occasion, people....

Does McCain realize how many newspaper endorsements Sarah Palin may have cost him. . .

So Palin thinks small towns are "Pro-American" but a place like Washington DC is not?

OOH-Biden bringing up Palin's "pro-American parts of the country" comment and CNN covering it!

Cindy McCain reprises 'always been proud of my country' line

I almost forgot: McLoser equated transplants with cosmetic surgery the other night!

The market's up, gas prices are down -- and there's still two and a half weeks to go

Incendiary sign in McCain office links Obama to dictators

My sink is clogged. Has anyone heard anything about a plumber recently?

Shocking new Sarah Palin scandal!!

Obama/Biden Lawn Signs....

Barack Obama gets endorsement of The Express-Times (Harrisburg, PA)

Obama campaign asks DOJ to investigate Acorn attacks

NYT Caucus: Republicans Keep Focus on ACORN. Obama camp to respond this afternoon.

Editor & Publisher's list of newspaper endorsements for both candidates. Updated daily.

PLEASE READ! Let's NOT have this one stolen.

I'm thrilled. Lots--I mean LOTS--more African American voters at my early voting place

Dana Bash on CNN: A Powell Endorsement for Obama would be politcally damaging for McCain

IMPORTANT info for North Carolina voters

Who in their right mind would endorse McCain at this point?

Death threat, vandalism hit ACORN after McCain comments

One Order of Business for an Obama Administration

haha, it looks like McCain's camp is in total meltdown.

They are getting violent now: Reporter assaulted at the Palin Rally in NC.

Tribune endorsement: Barack Obama for president

Jim Webb skewers Palin pick, says no other VP less qualified, McCrypt was not putting country first

Jim Webb skewers Palin pick, says no other VP less qualified, McCrypt was not putting country first

I'm very concerned about standard deviations.

Obama Lawyer Asks for Probe of Republican Voter-Fraud Claims

Nashville Tennessean endorsed Barack !

McCain has thee worst surrogates of any campaign ever.


Biden on CNN right now...bashing Palin for her "pro America"comment.

I'm Skipping A Dinner Invite For Tomorrow PM And Donating The Money Saved To A Dem Cause

The Chicago Tribune's endorsement of Obama is one of the best I've ever read for any candidate.

Altered Obama photo in GOP club newsletter sparks outrage - LA TIMES ! woot

Please DU, NO more topics or post about the Election is stolen.

Its getting harder and harder for Obama and Biden to hold back on Palin

Why We Will Win Ohio (part of a series)

All this paranoia about people not voting...

I am confused what does this article mean by "mixed crowd"

On Election Day it will all come down to

17-10-2008 IBD/TIPP DAILY : OBAMA 46 %(+1)-McCAIN 41%(-1)

Chris Kofinis rocks.

Barack Obama is afraid of rush limbaugh

The significance of a Powell endorsement will be determined by which candidate he endorses (updated)

The Commercial Appeal endorsement for President

John McCain: Woman Killer.

HOLY SHIT! Freepers Are Going All Freaky Deaky!

Wow - Wolfie reporting on the RNC robocalls.

McCain's NH State Chair says robo-calls are "a waste of money"

Jennifer Millerwise-Dyck getting her ass kicked by Shuster and Kofinis

Oxy Addict and CRIMINAL Cindy McSame trashing Michelle Obama again

What in the hell kind of humor could SLN write for Moose Mom?

Biden giving Palin H*ll for her "happy to visit a state that loves america"

Gallup - Obama Wins Third Debate - Sweep!


If anyone feels a nice breeze, that's my Grandmother spinning in her grave over the Trib endorsement

Early voting stats in NC, D 64%, R 21%, Black population made up 36%

Newspaper Presidential Endorsement List

Poll: Obama ahead in critical counties

What happened to Lady Lynn Forester Ferrari Porcia Gulfstream Debears de Rothschild?

Obama is moving towards filibuster proof Senate mode


Why is Ohio so different from Michigan and Pennsylvania?

Don't stop working, but I have a secret....

cnn headline: McCain-Palin on defense in must-win red states

Check out the kickass Obama sign our friend just made us!!!

Join People for the American Way in the FIGHT Against the ACORN smears

McCain's best bet is to...

Let's look at the scenarios of a Powell endorsment...

David Shuster & Michael Crowley slamming McCain for claiming OBAMA is going after Joe the plumber

Stevens (R-AK) case goes to the jury next week.

OMG Can you beliieve that Palin said at one of her rallies that she loves to visit parts of the

So now we have Big Ed and Joe Madison who will never go on FOX again

Ed Schultz walks off on Fox News

the end of times, the beginning of times.

Utah coffee drinkers pick Obama - Salt Lake City, Utah Tribune !

Is Nate Silver the new Drudge?

Letterman nails McCain over Gordon Liddy ties: Video

PA GOP sues ACORN. Losers!

Nora O'Donnell just took apart McLiar's mouthpiece re. Sam the non-plumber.

People can groove on Powell's endorsement or not. It's still sort of a free country.

Why the Powell Endorsement (Could) Matter (WaPo)

Webb Tells Virginians: 'You Should Trust Barack Obama'

So Palin is pro hording the wealth. What a shock.

Loud-mouthed liars infighting!

Liar Liar Pants On Fire...Tweedy MSNBC NOW

PA turning decidedly anti-American and blue all over. Don't bother coming back Sarah!

Address for Racist behind "Obama Bucks"


Great analysis of pollsters and the media

Boston Globe, LA Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune endorsed Obama,

Michelle Bachman just went after Michelle Obama on HARDBALL re: proud comments. . .

so when exactly is the mccain/palin campaign going to be brought up on charges of hatespeech?

Obama ads: World Series Game 6 start may get pushed back 8 minutes

Al Bundy Stumps for Obama

I've been invited to a Conference Call with Joe Biden this weekend!!!!

In honor of Halloween's approach, I bring you what is quite possibly the scariest site ever.

‘Spread the Wealth’

republicans are irresponsible dead-beats.

Need rebuttal help on the birth certificate/Philip Berg thing

Editor & Publisher's daily newspaper endorsement tally...

I Propose a Grassroot Campaign for Repugs: Give the Wealthy Back Your Tax Refund!

Well, on a happy note...a Ron Paul supporter told me today he and some of his

SurveyUSA Florida Poll: Obama 47, McCain 49

What a dumb little twit.

I Love Tweety

Post-Election Sarah Palin Office Pool

Bachmann wants to bring back the House Un-American Activities Committee and direct it at liberals

Bachmann wants to bring back the House Un-American Activities Committee and direct it at liberals

Just got this stupid freeper email. I know I've seen it before is there a quick debunking I can send

Letter from Obama Campaign to AG Mukasey Concerning Voter Fraud Probe

Rice called Obama & Biden re: Iraqi deal

McCain Accuses Obama Of "Smearing" Joe The Plumber


And Bachmann Can Take Buchanan With Her......nt

This trollop on MSNBC from Minnesota

Whoa. VERY effective new Obama ad hitting McCain on health care

CNN poll Obama and McCain in statistical dead heat

McCain: 'I want to be president of the United States-Someday I'm going to be president "

With the polls shifting back in Obama's favor, what can McCain do?

Limbaugh: "I don't think Obama is human"

It is time, dear friends and neighbors.

It is time, dear friends and neighbors.

Palin: “I Know Obama Loves America”

Are you going to watch Sarah Palin on SNL?

McCain's "Cell Tower....It looks pretty corrupt to me."

How can the good people of Minnesota elect this POS Michelle Bachmann?

Bush Administration Contacts Obama, McCain, Biden On Iraq Troop Deal — But Snubs Palin»

I guess making out with Lil' Bush meant more to him than it did to her.

Ms. Bachmann, two can play at this game: Republicans are closet Nazis

Sarah Palin in Double Dare Naughty Monkey

I was voter number 993 in Hillsborough NC today!!!

I was voter number 993 in Hillsborough NC today!!!

Screw it they are Fascist

Screw it!

There needs to be serious pushback on the "Launched his political career in a terrorist home"

Colin Powell sucks.

Ok someone must have the goods on Michelle Bachmann.

Michelle Bachman just came out and called Obama anti-American on HARDBALL

Anyone watching Hardball?

Regarding political comedy

who's this airhead going on and on about william ayers on hardball...give me a break

You Want to get rid of Michele Bachmann: Check out this site

You Want to get rid of Michele Bachmann: Check out this site

Time To Bring Out the Charles Keating Card

On Wed., McCain defended his anti-choice stance by saying he wanted states to have that power

That woman from the Nation

The Republican Party of McCain-Palin are haters who want America Divided-They are unAmerican!

Did Obama Open Up His Campaign For The Illinois Senate In Ayers Home?.....

Somebody better be recording Katrina vanden Heuvel redirects you to....

I voted in Colorado for Obama and Udall yesterday..

Obama's response to the anti-American attacks ...

Thankfully nobody watches Tweety. It's an Obama-Ayers circle jerk!

Can someone post a link to the story where Joe the plumber admits ..

Can someone post a link to the story where Joe the plumber admits ..

Seriously, Does Anyone Outside of DU or the RWEC Care About Ayers?

Of course it's about race

Scott McClellan blogs about Oliver Stone's 'W"- what rang true, what didn't

So McSame, when are you going to publicly rebuke Bachmann ?

Buchanan is a shit stirrer.

McCain in August: "I have not missed any crucial vote on energy legislation." (Oops!)

Ex DOJ Voting Rights Chief: "It's Going to Take a Long Time to Cleanse" Department

More on the MYTH of the "Bradley Effect" from a well-placed source

NV POLL: Obama 50, McCyrpt 45

(R)asmussen NV Poll:Obama 50%(-1), McCain 45%(-2); (R)asmussen CO Poll:Obama 52%(+1), McCain 45%(nc)

Pat Buchanan has a lot of damn nerve calling anyone a racist

HOORAY! My Oregon mail in ballot just came. I get to vote today! NT

RNC Robo-call: "Weathermen killed Americans"- NOT TRUE

RNC Robo-call: "Weathermen killed Americans"- NOT TRUE

Just gave to Tinklenberg and it made me feel great! Thanks DU-er's for the info!

I Just Emailed My Local Obama Office...Keating and AIP

katie couric wears palin updo

Rasmussen Colorado Poll: Obama 52 (+1), McCain 45 (unchanged)

Hussein Like Me

Wow, a great segment on Hardball just now.

stop alienating older voters: warning article: Mother Jones

Nutty Republican plays the 9/11 card against Obama

Ok, Hustler's Palin Look-a-like in 'costume' (no nudity..)

O.K., I'm gonna piss people off now.

Where can I find Ayers' 9/11 comment that he should have bombed/done more?

If Obama wins this thing, we should play the patriotism card on the RWers we know

Barack "Who's Sane" Obama!!!

So I nearly caused a riot at the Fort Lauderdale Airport

there is no liberal media

The Friday Afternoon Smear Dump

Why isn't anyone bringing up the Palins connections with AIP?

"The real McCain - dishonest, dishonorable and despicable..."


Is this the most disgusting gutter campaign

Putting this race in perspective.

Biden is SCREAMING in New Mexico: "I am TIRED TIRED TIRED of the charges of being unpatriotic"

Wow! This was fast!

Hey John, reminder to a presidential candidate, Remember Gary Hart?

I'm not impressed with the Washington Post endorsement of Obama.

Are there any legal measures we can take to stop the trucks with images of abortions...

Why does McCain think he has the executive experience that Obama doesn't?

Voting pattern analysis on MN-06, Michelle "I'm insane" Bachmann's district

Smart move by Obama in North Eastern PA

OBAMA Campaign: Republicans are already under criminal investigation for this stuff

McCain sells fear.........successfully to many Americans.

Pa. GOP sues ACORN, state, alleging voter fraud

it's fun listening to Rush.


Why the hell would Powell bother go on to MTP if he didn't have an agenda

I don't like the word "scab" in connection with non-union shops.

Are "Help with rebuttal" the new concern trolls?

Bachmann dumps some tainted cash, vows to run bad ads to keep her......

Now they are handing out T-shirts

Michelle Bachmann accuses Congress of being un-American -

How close is Pat Buchanan to calling Obama a nigger?

T-shirts are available in the lobby

Buh-bye, bachman (R-MN)

A Trekkies' Analysis of the Election - Its The Vulcans versus The Klingons

I only say this because I have heard the charge TEN TIMES today...

Here to say that my 85-year-old very Republican Aunt is voting...

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner 1 - Republicans 0 (updated)

Can someone put all of the McTongue Photoshops, from the greatest thread ever,

Can someone help me gather all of Obama's newspaper & magazine endorsements?

The REAL Joe the Plumber.... in amarillo, tx

This CNN map will help you breathe easier.

Wolf is hinting at Powell throwing the McCain, Bush, GOP under the bus and endorsing Obama..



Palin in NC: it's good to be visiting the "pro-America" areas of the country.

In Philly, Conservative Talk Radio Host Backs Obama

Behind the GOP's voter fraud hysteria

GO HERE NOW...a Sarah Palin Forum

Why are we and the Obama campaign not SCREAMING about voter suppression?

Chuck Todd is an idiot. How do you have 43% registered voters, 47% likely voters though...

Shout out to Maryland, DC, Virginia DUers; Knock on doors in Virginia this weekend.

If Barack has an Ace to throw on's Time !

Michelle Bachman (R-MN) calls for McCarthyite investigation of Congress.

A Powell endorsement would only impact low-info, undecided voters.

Getting tired of hearing the "He didn't stand up to his party" charge

Tweety Better Tear Bachman A new one!

Friday dump alert! Cindy McCain's taxes ($4.2 million in 2007, $6.1 million in 2006)

Let's stop with the Yes We Can

Did McCain Hire Same Firm To Do His Robo-Slime That Targeted Him In 2000?

Powell's endorsement will help on many levels.

David Gregory is such a fucking TOOL

David Gregory is looking for any path possible to get

Oh Noes!! "Girl called racist for wearing Palin t-shirt "

I don't get it--surely TODAY we can all be happy with Obama's chances.

CNN reports: McCain wins in come-from-behind "shocker".

Just spoke to my sister (lives in RI...married to a Fundamentalist) Got her leaning to Obama!

Victory Rally for John McCain in "communist" Northern VA tomorrow?!?

CNN just announced OH tightened to 2 point Obama lead


McCain Using Same Robocall Firm That Helped Smear Him In 2000, RNC has paid $8 mil this cycle

...jeremiah wright is back and william ayers is going nowhere.

Palin's "pro-America part of the country" gaffe will serve as a foil for Obama's closing argument.

On Tweety Bachmans teeth are red?

McCain Using Same Robocall Firm That Helped Smear Him In 2000

Biden lashes out at Palin's 'pro-America' comment

Remember folks the only poll that counts is on ELECTION DAY!!!!

BREAKING: CNN Cindy McCain's Tax Returns

McCain and the RW are out to de legitimize Barack's Presidency

Palin as President!!! Exclusive

Holy Shit: Denver Post (backed Shrub in '04) endorses Obama!

I'm stunned about the Chicago Tribune's endorsement of Obama.

Rasmussen: Nevada 50% to 45%--Obama

Rasmussen: Nevada 50% to 45%--Obama

Palin Couric interview follow up

I can proudly say that I rarely hear anything prejudice against Blacks here in New Mexico

Turn to MSNBC...Michelle Bachman will be on again

We need a new ad to deconstruct the Republican dog waggers:

How You Know They Know They're Losing

******* Michelle Bauchmann: Fuck You and The Hole You Crawl Out From *******

Colora-done! Confirmed, NRSC pulling out of Colorado (updated w/NC news)

"....I was born on Krypton and sent by my father to save Earth!"

Murdoch-Owned London Times Endorses Obama - Deutsche Welle

Stephanie Cutter is seething

Stephanie Cutter is seething

Thank you, Katrina Vanden Heuvel

Tweety needs to shut that bitch up

What are we going to do with the fucking Repubs after this election?

Colin Powell

Hey Keith! Thank you for apologizing for "Calling them Old Ladies"...

Did Chuck Todd just expose election fraud?

Supreme Court in the balance: The prospect of McCain appointments to high court should scare us all

Link to the infamous post-debate tongue and reach video: 18 seconds.

When is Michelle Bauchmann up for reelection?!?! I am sending money to whoever

Lou Blob should go ahead and have a threesome with Joe the liar and

Who will be the voice that is powerful enough to stand up and say "Have you no Shame?"

Dear Magistrate:

Hey Tweety:

Instances of Mccain Supporters Disrupting Obama Rallies?

Obama leads among white independents

Palin's Geography: where are these "Pro-American parts of this great neation"

Today's Polls: Holding Pattern (Nate Silver)

GOP Voter Fraud? You betcha.

Why Powell will endorse Obama

Reasons why Obama's Comedic Dinner Performance was pitch perfect, not Knee Slapping!

We got us our pickture taken

The nicest thing just happened!

I have respect for certain military folk

Were we this far ahead in 2006?


From Michelle Obama: Some of my earliest memories - my dad as Democratic precinct captain...

There Should A New Forum For Concern Trolls

Many DUers are very short-sighted on how GOOD a Powell endorsement would be

Just in case you didn't catch the other ten posts- Send money here:

Just in case you didn't catch the other ten posts- Send money here:

McCain Falling Behind 46-41 On Rush's Favorite Poll-IBDTIPP

Obama wins endorsement of....conservative talk radio host Michael Smerconish

Colin Powell might endorse Obama

Will the Youth Vote Swing This Election?

The McRacist Campaign Says We Need To Stop Trashing Joe The Plumber?

Here is why Joe the Dipshit is full of crap when...

Obama wins backing from three major newspapers

Woohooooo!!! Just got my absentee ballot!!!!!!

Dick Morris Pushing "Joe The Plumber" As Key To McCain Victory

Michelle Bachman is making my ears bleed!

US Supreme Court rejects GOP bid in Ohio voting dispute

I wish SOMEONE would explain WHY people wear anti-Palin t-shirts calling her the "c-word"

CAPTION better latte then never

After all of this hate, does McCain think he can actually govern this country

What is an appropriate song for Palin?

What is an appropriate song for Palin?


The Republican Myth of Voter Fraud: Where is the Democratic Response?

Obama's legal team seeks special prosecutor for voter registration probe: Detroit Free Press

Tweety just turned his show into a showcase for how insane the GOP is

Be sure, Rev Wright is coming up on Monday and until the end of the election.

Calling someone "un-American" is a code word for what?

Florida ID law being used to reject Democratic and minority voters in Central FL!

A family member's experience with a rabid McCainite

Barack Obama's latest endorsement scoop: Al Bundy

Noriega closes to within 6 of Cornyn in Texas Senator Race

Will you stop this Powell Endorsing Business .... Because Nobody Gives a SHIT

Republicans are despicable

18 more days and "Road to the WhiteHouse" will be off the air.. Stupid Schill david.

Woo-hoo!! We're going to see Biden this sunday!!

The Daily Widget, Fri 10/17 – O-382, M-156 – Ohio Still Close; Virginia Getting Stronger

BREAKING: WaPo Endorses Obama

Toledo going After the unlicensed plumber

So if "spreading the wealth" is wrong

"I am not George Bush" ad from Obama..

BREAKING: Al Austin, Top GOP Florida official emails "joke" about Killing Obama

Katrina Vanden Heuval is so fine...and so right on about this right wingnut

Concerning concern on DU: Are you concerned?

The Rasmussen CO, NV and MO polls released today are golden.

Will Smith not Jesse Jackson -

Cedar Falls, Iowa - Obama hatred

Okay, I have to say it, during the primaries, I had a problem with Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Okay, I have to say it, during the primaries, I had a problem with Debbie Wasserman Schultz

One word means both 'hip' and 'hot' in French. It's 'Obama'

After watching the Michelle Bachmann interview, I fear for this country

‘Joe The Plumber’ Comes Clean: ‘I Would Be Receiving Obama’s Tax Cuts'

Oregon resident here...Anyone else recieve their ballot yet?

Lou Dobbs push poll. Lets push it the other way.

Tom Daschle is a calm, cool Obama supporter

Palin on Tina Fey: "That’s funny, I kind of play her bubble-headed, too, when I imitate her"

I'm donating to Barack Obama again. Right now. Who's with me?

James Taylor to play 5 free NC concerts for Obama

BREAKING - McCain Is Blaming Obama For "Smears" Against Joe and Press Coverage of Joe

BREAKING - McCain Is Blaming Obama For "Smears" Against Joe and Press Coverage of Joe

Rise in Voting by Mail Transforms Race in Colorado

Rise in Voting by Mail Transforms Race in Colorado

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Barack Obama for president (Very conservative paper)

Okay, I'm not near a TV right now. What did Michele Bachmann say?

Sign at Todd Palin rally "Charles Manson was a Community Organizer"

Fact checking Dr. Sanjay Gupta's "fact check" of John McCain's $5,000 medical tax credit

In late July McCain met with the Dalai Lama.

Donate to candidate running against Bachmann, the nut case on Hardball today.

Donate to candidate running against Bachmann, the nut case on Hardball today.

david gregory says 'sarah palin on saturday night live is Awesome'

McLiar's best surrogate is.... (drum roll)....

Had to leave hospital waiting room because staff were bashing Obama

Who will shame these people like Palin and Bachman and McCain

No-drama Obama's Double Rope-a-Dope

Elwyn Tinklenberg, MN 6th,

On the Alex Bennett show a freeper called in

Steal Back Your Vote

Research 2000: Obama trails by 10 in MS with 14% of AA vote Other or Undecided


Powell will be endorsing McCain. Count on it.

Michelle Bachman isn't bright

Michelle Bachman isn't bright

In future elections should UNTRUTHFUL ADS be penalized?

UTAH: Salt Lake Tribune: If signs count, Obama wins race


Monegan Shares His Version of Troopergate - Part Two

Anybody have link to McCain snubbing Cindy on stage at 3rd Debate?


Over ONE MILLION of these just went out in the mail!

The John McCain 2008 for President Crap Shoot: Or If Your Personality Changes, You May Be Addicted

Letterman from tonight (youtube)

Didn't Michelle Bachman (R-MN) Just Call Barack UnAmerican? Well Check This Out! Update added

I just donated to El Tinklenberg (no kidding), Michelle Bachmann's opponent.

Threats propogated by McCain's irresponsible comments show just how poor McCains judgement is!!

Eugene Robinson: McCain Sounds Worse Than He Looks

Meanwhile, here in Georgia: State can check voter citizenship —- for now

Ohio worries the shit out of me

Networks Prepare for Short Election Night

John McCain should be censured by Congress for his treasonous robo-calls

ROLLING STONE: IT'S ALREADY STOLEN of my asshole neighbors has a YES on Prop 8 sign....

Half baked theory: Moosehunter will start openly preaching that Barack is the Anti-Christ

MN-06: Bachmann Holds Slim Lead in New Poll

What would Obama have to do to convince the stupids that he isn't Muslim?

Memo to McCain-Palin supporters: You are not America.

GOP sends cartoon of Obama food stamp adorned with fried chicken, Kool-Aide and watermelon

Fuck Chris Matthews...what a terrible, terrible interview...

I just got an email from KARL ROVE

Protesters holding plungers greet Obama in Virginia

Bush Strategist: McCain Knows He Put Country At Risk With Palin Pick

Bush Strategist: McCain Knows He Put Country At Risk With Palin Pick

Let's drop a MONEY BOMB for Elwyn Tinklenberg (Bachmann's opponent)!

Michael Smerconish endorses Barack Obama

I give up

Is Palin helping or hurting Alaska's image? - Anchorage Daily News

I guess signing up as Troopergate and using this avatar was not too subtle.

DNC thinking about injecting millions into state legislative races. Looking at options now.

"I am NOT a Republican"

How many days before election did Gore's / Kerry's support started to slip ?

Is Palin a RACIST ?

Things I'm Glad We Don't Have To Watch Any More

CBS News outs the Plunger Brigade protesting @ Obama event in Virginia

Flashback: McCain Condemned Robo-Slime In 2000 As "Hate Calls"

"We believe in the flag" Palin says

My favorite photoshop of the McCain picture

LA Times Endorses Obama: "Without Hesitation" - First Pres. Endorsement Ever for Democrat

Most "Unsure" voters will break for McCain and very well could turn the election.

Broward GOP chairman has poster in McCain's campaign office comparing Obama with Hitler. Picture.

$5,025 away from $100,000 for Obama. Lets do it today, DUers

Resurrecting the Grass Roots: 2008


Any new GOP mutiny post-debate? Please share what you've found.

Opportunity Cost of George W. Bush and 10 Trillion Dollars

I hadn't realized they were calling up the coast guard reserve to go to Iraq.

Why doesn't Bush tell us the truth about Bolivia?

Joe the plumber

Wikipedia on the "Stock Market" with a little history back to 11th Century about "Traders Deals"

Truthdig: U.S. Loses Its Grip on Europe

Yo Keith...WTF was that?

You can hear Al Franken debating with Norm Coleman right now, online, if you want.

Amy Goodman: Who Gets to Vote?

McCain to Acorn "You are what makes America special".

"No, I'm not going to make it to the break. Go."

Family moments with the Obama's (Slideshow, HuffPo link)

Palin's press avoidance shocks Maria Shriver

Neither Has An Exit Plan

McCain as Capt. Queeg

William Greider: Dr. Paulson's Magic Potion

McCain and Shelton from the Big Bang Theory sitcom....

Hugo Chavez mockingly calls "comrade" Bush a fellow Socialist....

Remember Rush Limbaugh's "Roosevelt is Dead" rant?

Lurita ‘Cookies On The Table’ Doan Challenges Waxman To A Duel: ‘I Can’t Wait’

Lehman failure as bad as "the federal government's reaction to Katrina."

I would have reached through the phone and slapped some sense into her

I wrote Saturday Nite Live that I'm boycotting their show this Saturday for having Sarah Palin

Gee, the 'writing is on the wall' 401K is half of the value that

Why Americans Might Elect John McCain ...

Best picture yet from last night

Which do you think is funnier?

Colin Powell will hold up a little vial of Hope on MTP

Santorum: Obama Is ‘Condescending’ Because He Refuses To Wear An American Flag Pin

WaPo: Barack Obama for President

Palin's Afghanistan

Palin as President Fun!!!

Anyone been able to livesteam MSNBC....

OMG What's wrong with Keith?

Poll Accuracy/ranking?

Reminder, NBC Thursday special starts now

I talked to my sister in Nevada ..

Fundies: Conservative gains good for Canada

Norman Solomon: Requiem for the Bailout Storyline

Biden on Jay Leno tonight? I heard this, is it true?

Biden on Jay Leno tonight? I heard this, is it true?

UK: Giant database plan 'Orwellian'

Alright, this was just posted in Political Videos. "Sarah Palin and the Chipmunks" Ohmigod.

PHOTO: Josephine The Plumber

I know how we can fix the problem of poverty in this country

Obama's response to the Business Tax Rate should be:

Oakland Raiders looking for a new coach - anybody here interested?

Barack Steve Obama

Please DU this poll

The Obama ground game is pretty intense.....

What is this "Joe the plumber" shit?

Let me get this straight about Joe the Plumber......I didn't catch on until now what you were talkin

Peggy Noonan: "What is it she {Palin} stands for?...doesn't think aloud. She just . . .says things"

Latest freeper misspelling, and it's a doozy

Latest freeper misspelling, and it's a doozy

Voting by mail tomorrow,

Quick stock market update.....

Haha that was the best. The Joe The Plumber Report! n/t

Take a break.....Palin as President....

Which repuke do you find most repulsive?

Which repuke do you find most repulsive?

Credit Default Swap derivatives are the Whole Problem

Joe the plumber idea

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

what Indian cricket fans think of US presidential candidates...


Colbert Report ...straight from DU quote about reference to

"I started out with nothing, and thanks to the Republicans, I still have most of it left."

I'm glad that Dave didn't back down with Mc5PLANES like with Shrub in 2000

Is McCain on letterman tonight?

Thirteen Joes

Is there anybody with a triple digit IQ who thinks

The most bone-headed McCain comment last night?

Oh crap.

Anybody see this? Ratchet the puppy is safe and can go home.

Is there somewhere to download the Rachel Maddow Show?

Robert Reich On The Daily Show: Good Think George Bush Didn't Privatize Social Security

Need Help With O'Reilly Factor Transcript

Media Twice Mistaken on Middle Class Measure

Please Donate to Elwyn Tinklenberg to unseat Michele Bachmann!!

Palin Explains What Parts Of Country Not "Pro-America"

Paranoid, rage-driven, xenophobic nuts are taking over the Republican Party.

Bakersfield newspaper opposes Prop 8, bringing the total of 'yes' endorsements to ... ZERO

I got pretty mad after the debate wound up registering a domain...

Hatred is a very seductive thing

I got a call from the McCain Campaign today!

Latino Protestants (evangelicals) shift Democrat

oh man ... this Letterman thing could be really uncomfortable to watch ......

The problem with McCain using Joe-the-Plumber as a prop, tax analysts said . . .

What is wrong with David Brooks? When's he Moving to Faux News?

Nun, 106, supports Barack Obama

Who is running against Michele Bachmann and how can I donate to that opponent? n/t

Glenn BecKKK bolting CNN for Faux

McCain quote

NPR running a hit piece on Obama RIGHT NOW

I am happy for the younger voters out there who are inspired by Barack Obama.

Will image of McCain after 3rd debate turn into a "Dukakis-in-the-tank" moment?

Here are today's news items from Media Matters for America.

Fox News Hires Glenn Beck Away From CNN

Want Palin's e-mails? That'll be $15 million

OMG MSNBC NOW 9:30pm EST Obama roasting McCane! n/t

I just realized that my single most important issue for my vote is climate change.

'Bald gene' association found --A cure for baldness is one step closer

Using the enclosed graphs, help explain taxes to the talk-radio-information voters.

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Make Wall Street Execs Pay for Cleaning Up the Mess They Made - Uses the epa's PolluterPaysPrinciple

Mervyns Stores Plans To Cease Operations

NPR: Equating Palin jokes with killing Obama? Why are we paying for this?

There's another Joe the Plumber in Toledo Ohio

"Liberal Supermajority":What would it mean - WJ this morning

Joe the Plumber, Joe Sixpack and the Hockeymom

== Sodomy and gratitude = By Mark Morford

How funny would it be...

Note to the McCain/Palin Crowd: Your Roots Are Showing

Just something interesting I was looking at this a.m.

A cartoon that just about says it all

A cartoon that just about says it all

I don't know about "Joe" but you'd have to be Crazy to vote GOP...

Single-Family Home Starts in U.S. Decreased to 26-Year Low

GOP retreats into McCain 'Death Watch'

Joe the Plumber - an issue of competence...

Barack Obama in a commanding lead while plumber takes a dive (Cambodian Times)

TOON (Stavro, Beirut): Socialize the risks

"Joe the Plumber" to MSM: Please leave me alone

A most sincere thank you to Joe...

Glenn Beck Joining Fox News

Awwww Poor bushy has a cold. nt

All I see in the news is Acorn. Where's Diebold?

Has the economy ruined your ability to participate in economic boycotts?

The Sarah Palin Quiz (laugh & share)

**IF** you watched Gramps on Letterman, here's a poll question for ya .....

We need to push McSame= G Gordon Liddy

Why is the NYT ignoring McCain's Liddy Connections?

Consumer sentiment index plunges in October

At least 17 Afghan civilians killed in NATO airstrike

In your day-to-day life, do you know a "Joe the plumber"?

Oh dear God, Bush is going to speak again.

It puts fear in my heart how some Dems are so willing to be kind and forgiving to Repubs

2fer: Denis LEARY "out-of-context" on autism. & Dilbert nails the CEOs.

I have this fantasy, of being in this one woman's face and telling

24/7 Wall Street: Armed Robbery At The Fed: Bank Problems Are Getting Worse

Ohioan: Cross-burning was for Halloween

Don Young from Alaska has an Ad out now that says

Iraq Vets Against The War Arrested Attempting To Present Questions At Debate (Trampled By Horse)

Ya know how every new president signs a bill right after his swearing in? Here's my hope for Obama's

Post here if you are going to see W.

VA Election Preparations Inadequate, Study Finds

VA Election Preparations Inadequate, Study Finds

Food prices trending downward

National Republican Senatorial Committee pulling out of Colorado

Take a break, everybody

Take a break, everybody

NBC Nightly News damning report on Todd Palin.

Obama roasts the *daylights* out of McCain

Stephen Baldwin: Obama A "Cultural Terrorist"

Republicans may have "two consecutive train-wreck elections."

25% of tickets sold for the Super Bowl are going for $1000.00 a piece

The BBC looks into voter suppression in Michigan

Hillary coming to battleground Omaha Tuesday

I've got nothing against real plumbers, just the fake-opportunist-political prostitute kind

Plumbers brought Nixon down

Desperate dinosaur Republican in Michigan.....

Gas prices should be in the low-mid $2 range...

Senator Ted Stevens uses his wife as a human shield.

delete, posting error

Letterman asked McCain whether Palin said that Obama 'pals around with terrorists'

Race Is NOT The Issue?

Even after getting federal money, AIG is still lobbying for relaxed oversight...

Did Sen Stevens ever report now much he actually DID pay for the

"Joe The Plumber's" Qualifications

Multiple Injuries in Explosion at Dalton Law Firm

Retract your claws and horns and talons and please answer a Pelosi question.

The Hate that Hate made......

Supremes side with Dems in Ohio

AIG, Freddia Mac and others getting federal help donated big money to the RNC

U.S. rabbis: McCain attacks on Obama creeping toward 'hate speech'

Just wanted to send out some props to a segment of America...

Brave New World

I said to a friend last night "Remember when the "american dream" was to just be comfortable --->

The Change We Need That No One Verbalizes

Decision '08: Joes have their say

For laughs: 3/23/06, FR's JimRob: "John McCain, you treasonous bastard..."

Rep. Waxman wants probe of McCain fundraiser's oil company

The economy: WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF...

This was asked some years ago, but some things never change.

Why Socialism? By Albert Einstein

Stephanie Miller = Steph the Plumber

BMW to lay off up to 733 temporary workers at upstate SC plant

Pakistan does some US dirty work

The Right's Final Attack--By David Corn

Another Obama Yard Sign Story

“Three things keep us free: God, Guns, and Sarah.”

Robert Borosage: The Horror of It All

This is too funny - Joe the plumber

Jeezus Fucking Keriste, MSNBC ..... do we have to hear Palin *every*fucking*morning*?

McCain/Palin negative campaign trick #355, "Never enough"

India looks out for the 'other woman'

NY Times: In Downturn, Families Strain to Pay Tuition

Now that everyone has taken a better look at "Joe" the "plumber" ...

Russian Gas Executives Visit Palin’s Turf

The other man on the podium

Sarah the Huntress' Daddy Chuck uses Sarah & other kids tags to kill Moose

Now and Then with McCain



Waiting for the Barbarians

Turn on MSNBC! Obama is fucking HILARIOUS. Barack is Swahili for "That one"

Anyone having trouble accessing websites (DU sometimes, Bradblog,DailyKos)

no Tesla all electric car until 2011 - layoffs

Kathmandu, center of U.S. espionage in South Asia

Did the Extreme court overrule the lower court or did they just kick it back down to state level?

CPR and the Bee Gees

WTF? Trickle down economics.... again?!?

Taxes and Voter Fraud - Help me out here

Let's start a pool. How many people will Bush pardon? I'm guessing 87. nm

Barack Steve Obama

I would never steal or vandalize Republican bumper stickers or yard signs, but....

4 hurt, 1 sought in blast at north Ga. law firm

Canadian Court Declares Seal Hunt Observers Innocent

Joe the plumber could be a freeper

Bush: Our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity is over

Use It or Lose It?: How to Manage an Imperial Decline

Check out Miami's Nicole Sandler filling in for Thom Hartmann today. yeah!

Check out Miami's Nicole Sandler filling in for Thom Hartmann today. yeah!

Get ready for she comes...

Corporate income tax rates

Joe the Plumber's bad connections

Instead of relying on Acorn & other groups to register voters

ACORN Support Poll

Please help Al Franken win a "Toss Up" Senate Race

Please help Al Franken win a "Toss Up" Senate Race

Turning to ESPN... McCain on all the corporate media channels

I must say, the reunion of Olive and her dad at the airport is a tearjerker.

More than 20 bodies found in Iraq mass grave

I really don't believe the average voter has access to capital to buy a business

Checking in from Fresno, CA...

MS-Sen-B: Wicker Up by 1 Point in New Poll

MS-Sen-B: Wicker Up by 1 Point in New Poll

Slaying Suspect Mother Says Son Should Get Death Penalty

Powell not only knows where the skeletons are buried. He helped bury them in VietNam.

Powell not only knows where the skeletons are buried. He helped bury them in VietNam.

Top 10 Credit Crunch Jokes Making the Rounds On The Internet

Another Indiana vote for Obama. I voted early today.

Dems get $15M loan for the final push before Election Day

To be a working class republican means to not have a political education...

O'reilly said there is currently no capital gains tax

SNL should tell Palin - "We'll book you as soon as you've been on Meet the Press."

ACORN hands out cigarettes and dollar bills???

Is the right collapsing in on itself in an ever tightening ball of hate

You Know What This Fake "Voter Fraud" Stunt Exposes?

Why is "vetting" important?

AIG has scheduled 160 other resort type events that were to cost $8 million

Marta and I just put our ballots in the US mail

I just heard on the radio that the Supreme Ct ruled in Favor of OH

McCain on TV, Holy Joe grinning like an idiot in the background - I

Close Congressional Race? Harry Reid: 'DON'T CONCEDE!'

Gallup tracking poll mystery

CNN-- WHOA! there goes 52 Dollars. 52 Dollars PER SECOND!!

Freepers mad at supreme court ruling

The FBI may be being used to disrupt vote...

should the GOP(Grand Old Party) be changed to

Is the racism from McCain/Palin rallies mainly a rural thing?

It. Is. Fucking. Laughable. To. Suggest. Wealth. Redistribution. To. Morons.

Invitation to Ayers likely to cost UNL

Spread THE wealth. Not spread YOUR wealth.

Most distrubing ad this election season: the one from an interest group about the

The best way to encourage small businesses is to pay for people's health insurance!

Are republicon supporters so freaking stupid they don't understand how taxes are used?

Vincent Bugliosi in DC on Friday (The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder)

Early Voting Question

Embrace the Colin Powell endorsement. Look at the full truth.

Okay, help me work out this line of reasoning...

I'm tired of all the old tin foil hat conspriracy theories. Post some new ones.

Oops, disregard. Dupe.

Have you seen the clip of the little girl getting surprised by her Dad's return from Iraq?

I admit being naive, but why does anyone go on Fox anymore?

I believe some people just don't like to think deeply. It's not that they can't;

Head up for Shuster - the truth about ACORN

Do oblique questions make good subject headings?

Transcript of of last night's Letterman/McCain

Nevada Secretary of state 'pledges increased security at polls'

Iglesias: "I'm Astounded" By DOJ's ACORN Probe (TPM)

Iglesias: "I'm Astounded" By DOJ's ACORN Probe (TPM)

On MSNBC: Showing Hillary at Alfred E Smith mem. dinner. She looks georgous.

Hard times bring big business for pawn shops

It takes real brains and a deep understanding to talk about ............

Bomb threat to local Obama HQ

What is the Obama camp doing about the robocalls and the mailers?

Plumbers disavow Joe

Feeling nostalgic?

Death threat, vandalism hit ACORN after McCain comments

Joss Stone-"Governmentalist" - free download

Does anyone know how many states have Questioned/Provisional balloting?

Republicans Legalized Abortion

Fey: Conservative complaint that my Palin impression is sexist ‘is just crazy.’»

Iraqi prime minister criticizes top US commander

New York Times - The ACORN story

Blackwater offers to protect ships from pirates -- Here's the press release.

Obama campaign wants Attorneygate prosecutor to probe GOP's 'sham anti-fraud campaign'

"SOCIALISM!!!!!!!" - anyone listening to this woman on with Randi!

Jon Soltz/VetVoice: Why A Powell Endorsement Would Matter

Okay, which one of you did this???

"I believe I'm right, but I could be wrong."

Waving Goodbye to Bill Kristol, Colin Powell "Might" Endorse Obama

UhOh -Trader Drove Up Price of McCain ‘Stock’ in Online Market

Bush lowers the bar: "It's going to take a while for the credit system to thaw"

Owning a "Small Business" does not automatically make you rich

Take An Ancestor to Vote

Springsteen, Joel rock for Obama’s benefit

Twins? Parent/Child?

Some of the coolest Obama tees I've seen... $20 each, free shipping

Word of advice - avoid posting politics on a sports board

It's infuriating listening to Matthews intellectualize the lies about Ayers without correcting them

OMFG Michele Bachmann distances herself from Bush - hilarious

Don't be fooled: Colin Powell will endorse MCCAIN!

Don't be fooled: Colin Powell will endorse MCCAIN!

Polls in 8 countries show wide Obama support - HUGE LEADS

__________________ Is a CHILD MOLESTOR

Take An Ancestor to Vote

Take An Ancestor to Vote

"annoyed by all the condescending lip-service being paid to 'average Joes' this fall"

How do you “Challenge” an FCC Radio License?

Stevens gets hot under cross examination

McCain 'Honored' by Support of Woman Who Hired Ayers

Is free parking a good idea?

W. was a great movie. ***NO SPOILERS***

Thanks McBush

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio Raids Mesa City Hall

Can anyone tape something on cnn for me?

McCain Using Same Robocall Firm That Helped Smear Him In 2000

Repub Senators who might defect?

Tina Fey is going to be on Letterman tonight.....

Why don't we get a receipt when we vote? I get a receipt when I buy a pack of gum

The Die Hard Republicans are getting dangerous

Thank You, Matt Drudge (race now 2 points)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: "Please Don't Put Me In The Same Sentence As Ann Coulter"

Americans vote in Afghanistan

Sen. Ted Stevens and his daughter Beth Stevens leaves federal court in Washington *The Fall Girl"

BuzzFlash has got a DU thread up in their Lighter Side


What the hell does "looks presidential " mean ?

Friend's law office bombed today (Dalton, Ga). Bombing suspect dead (71 y/o).

Mutant Seeds for Mesopotamia

My new hero, a good friend's next door neighbor!

I've seen several threads about this "Obsession" DVD and didn't pay much attention to them

hehehehe Fox News is still all about Joe the Plumber

Russia To Ship Equipment To Finish Iranian Nuclear Plant

Did anyone just catch Congresswoman Bachman on

NATO airstrike killed over 25 civilians, Afghans say

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Chinese Sugar Tycoon Jumps To Death Amid Market Falls

Michelle Bachmanns Opponent, El Tinklenberg.

History will remember John McCain as:

GOP Congressman Fossella Convicted Of DWI Charges

The Official 'I Love Michelle Bachmann' Thread

with all the stress and chaos this election year has wrought,I'd like to offer..

Bush Says Taking a Life to Save a Life is Wrong, except When it’s Right - Bush History,10/17

What does someone have to do to be labeled a terrorist?

Well now the rest of North America sees through Joe the Plumber

Well now the rest of North America sees through Joe the Plumber

Robert Fisk's World: From the fourth century BC, words our leaders should heed

Wedding pic of the Obamas......

No more guns! No more bibles! Women forced to wear burqas!

Palin announces SNL shot tomorrow night


RIP Levi Stubbs...

Vote on racist Dobbs poll ASAP ....... Please !!!

What I don't get about the redistribution of wealth....

Just called my local Republican office and told them to stop

Dick Morris's electoral prediction (!)

Lets face it, how difficult would it be for the Republicans to have

Why is Tweety giving Michele Bachmann all this airplay

Might I make a suggestion to those that receive calls from McSame & Friends?

Dumb Letters to the PD, Part DCLXVI: "Soaking the rich does not help the poor, or the economy"

Just now, on MSNBC, Michael Crowley, senior editor, New Republic,

Welcome to the end of American Supremacy. We Deserve It.

Dennis Miller vowing the election won't be over Nov 5

"I know what I was doin'. But what was I thinkin'?"

Solve 2 big problems: House prices and unemployment: Freeze building and visas.

G'head...take the plunge. Caption

The Last Eight Years Showed Us They’re Pricks When They Win

Nebraska Govenor says UNL should un-invite William Ayers

Stupid limpballs is claiming today that all Obama's jokes failed

Greg Palast & RFK Jnr. - Rolling Stone Investigation: It’s Already Stolen

Palin's Staffers Keep Her Away From The News To Avoid Being "Depressed" and God is moving the polls

Colin Powell will NOT endorse anyone on Sunday's MTP.

Politico: Nation could face a short Election Night

DUers please explain to me why most of M$Greedia

Republican Sex Offender George "Chris" Ortloff..

lost a friend today

A flight attendant I worked with today said "some one will kill Obama"

14 minutes, 59 seconds & ticking: "'Joe the Plumber' to Appear on Mike Huckabee's New FOX News Show"

Gays must demand acceptance rather than plead for tolerance

CNN-HN replacing Glenn Beck with a Rachel Maddow-esque anchor?

Reports: Cerberus stepping up efforts to sell Chrysler

Most likely to be kept off voter rolls: College Students (Orlando Sentinel)

BBB of Toledo, Ohio rates Joe's employer "unsatisfactory"

Most important news story of the week (ending Octber 17, 2008)

Let's have fun: What 'puke were you happiest to see tossed out on their ass in 2006?

AMD results far better than expected

Did McBush really say that Obama is responsible for all the

Bye bye Miiiiitch ..... buhbye Saxby, too .......

Whoops! Military drops dummy bomb from jet in Nevada...

I'm so sick of the Spread The Wealth Around meme...

Biden Comes Out Against Prop 8

Just Saw The Movie, "W." , and It's Awful

Fired U.S. Attorney Iglesias: "I'm Astounded" By DOJ's ACORN Probe

White Officials racked up the frequent flyer miles shilling for endangered Repugs....on OUR dime

Reporter assaulted at Palin rally in North Carolina.

California teachers union donates $1 million for marriage equality

‘Joe The Plumber’ Comes Clean: ‘I Would Be Receiving Obama’s Tax Cuts’

Colora-done! Confirmed, NRSC pulling out of Colorado

MSNBC just reported that the Supreme Court overturned the GOP voter suppression attempt in Ohio

Bravo to Letterman!

Letterman Skewers McCain

Friday Toons..... Happy Halloween

Congratulations, Mudflats!

I'd like to create a NEW fuckin' country for McCain worshippers to live in.

Joe's Story Doesn't Hold Water

Food bank Friday! 10-17-08

ROBO-CALL toll-free# 866-520-5769.

MTV: How Local Teens Beat Sarah Palin In The Battle Of The Wasilla Skate Park

Don't Sit Down on This SOFA

RIP Levi Stubbs (Lead singer of The Four Tops) and thank you for the music...

Death threat, vandalism hit ACORN after McCain comments

I don't think I'm going to make it.

What I don't get is: How can the Republicans complain about "class warfare"

Keith Olbemann staffer(s) who read(s) DU. Please call the

I suggest calling Rep Michelle Bachmanns campaign on this. (number)

College Education Should Be Free!

Carl Bernstein: Ayers and the McCain-G. Gordon Liddy Symbiosis

I hope the Obama administration will bring back the Fairness Doctrine.

Do you live in a "Pro-America" part of the country?

The Latest Republican Talking Point: Obama Perpetrates Class Warfare

Check your voter registration RIGHT NOW!!!

Despicable Michelle 'Botox' Bachmann appearance on Hardball; Tinklenberg campaign responds.

David was positively brilliant with McShame re Palin.

OH SOS Brunner Receiving Many Negative Comments, PLS Join Me in Thanking Her on Behalf of OH Voters:

My cousin appears on local tv because of his Dem campaign signs...

McCain family owned slaves

I just saw a "Rednecks for Obama" bumper sticker on a bicyle here in Paris.

Scared in California

George Orwell's 1984 written in 1948

Anybody else fed up with credit score tyranny?

Why did McCain go out on David Letterman’s show with that big ass hole in the bottom of his shoe?

NOW Newsletter: Friday, Oct. 17, '08 (Check local listings)

Could Barack Obama change the tone of politics?

GM puts next generation Corvette on hold

Do you know any determinists...

The Anti-Populist Rhetoric directed against "Joe the Plumber" SICKENS me.

Freepers: An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches

Jack Cafferty is coming back to the Situation Room Monday!

TONIGHT: Moyers talks with Mark Crispin Miller about voter fraud.

Mark Crispin Miller on Bill Moyers Journal tonight, PBS:


Veterans Arrested, Trampled at Debate Anti-War Protest

I've just been asked to serve on a committee with a pastor from Trinity United Church--

I've just been asked to serve on a committee with a pastor from Trinity United Church--

Stray Iraqi dog (Ratchet) gets his ticket to US after online petition

Remembering the Rwandan Genocide.

"Bush was abandoned by his party as he lurched to the left and toward socialism"

They really **are** fanning the flames of hatred. That is not intended to be one bit hyperbolic.


Fuck it. I'm a veteran and I approve this message

Compare tax cuts plans Obama/Biden vs mcblinky/winky.

Hedge Fund Manager: Goodbye ... And Think Pot

My near-brush with a late term abortion - a different perspective

Scoop's USACOUP News For 16th October 2008: Judy Woodruff Wants You To Video Your Vote

"McCain!! McCain!! McCain!!! "- Shouted the lady in line at early voting in NC this morning.

Rachel Maddow, Normal Person

Florida county gives taxpayer money to evangelical festival, sees nothing wrong with it.

If You Thought Bob Schieffer Was UnBiased During the Debate, Watch Again

"An avowed socialist"????????

*** DUzy Awards for week ending October 17, 2008 ***

(R)asmussen Colorado SEN Poll: Udall 51%(+5), Schaffer 44%(same)

Gosh darn it I hate bursting bubbles, but Al Smith, the guy who the

Obama Camp Connects ACORN Probe to US Attorneys Scandal

Boston ACORN offices ransacked day after McCain says they are destroying fabric of democracy

General Schlosser on 60 Minutes: Enemy Numbers Swell In Afghanistan

Tell me why Single-Payer/Medicare For All would be a bad thing....

reaL country

Hey Firefly fans!

High School Musical 3.....

The second-best DU thread ever:

What's your favorite soap?

Question: What does "don't tutch the but" means ?

this is awsome!!!! VIRTUAL PUMPKIN CARVER!!!!!

I found a picture of Parche

Even after 40 years MacArthur Park still rocks

Pierce County sewer snake is real

Harford County Trouser Snake is Real.

Please Allow Me To Do A Really Stupid Test Through A Poll. Humor Me Please!

" brother's ass would make an excellent pillow..."

I need this t-shirt.

Who won Project Runway?

Design in Nature.

Have you ever seen the "Cat from Hell" video?

Is it WRONG to dress your cats up like the members of Bon Jovi?

Check out the awesome Obama sign our friend just made us!

"The Lincoln Middle School Poetry Club" must be STOPPED...

I have said it before, but it is true, this IS the BEST RADIO STATION EVER!

Every muscle, every bone, every tendon, every MOLECULE aches.

Metallica - One

"Both Sides Now"- Sungha Jung

Bill Bonds Goes Nuts

Speaking of music...

Ladies unite and do this to McClame and PaleInn:

WORKERS OF THE WORLD! Happy Friday - Have a great weekend!

Hijack this thread, please.

I don't drink very often..

Weird Cell Phone Incident

Just today, I noticed something very disturbing

I like when presidents write to me. Its rather nice.

Oh. My. God.


What I found after my 13 year old used my camera....

Attn: Any men with size 11.5-12 feet...I need your foot length!


Zen Sarcasm

Zen Sarcasm

Anybody got a beekeeper's suit I can borrow? I promise it's not a SEX THREAD.

For my third favorite baseball team, they do make me stay up late.

Shaved head flamewar in GDP.

Today is the Hindu celebration Karwa Chauth


***********Happy 5th Birthday Parche!!**********

WOW I Just Found A Ped Egg Lying In The Street!! Send In The Clones

'Stayin' Alive' has near-perfect rhythm to help jump-start heart

im studying in my local cafe

Hypothetically speaking.

Hey, thanks, Pal.


Cheney and I have something in common..

Finally, a GD:P thread the Lounge can get behind

Why can't I touch it?

Candidates-Star wars characters!

Amazon's service is getting shitty! Who gives you good service?

So Facebook is kind of a shitty way to find out that your father...

Hey mcctatas - maybe your husband is right!

Review of the movie Rachel Getting Married

Off to the Divorce Hearing this morning

Cat lovers — did y'all know this?

Happy birthday, Julie Adams!

I was thinking of having a pool installed

What Is Your Favorite Soap Opera?

Crashe vs. DUNotSoStrange--who would win in a death match?

Found this on YouTube and just had to share

Cat Location Update

"My name's Joe, and I'm a ... plumber ... yeah, that's the ticket. I'm a plumber.

You know what they say about men who have big hands and big feet?

Why are they called fundies when they are NO fun at all?

Can anyone recommend a good biography of Richard Nixon?

Now THAT is my Red Sox!!!!

For the first time in over three years...

Is beans twice in one day too much?

Is Today One Of Those Days Where Everything Happens At Same Time

How many of you have pre-schoolers or kindergarteners for Obama?

102 years ago


me an' lizziegrace went to a Dem house party tonight :D

KCOP 13 Los Angeles NOW!!

I just got called "the purity police" in GD-p

I am getting a bit of an inferiority complex

Tina Fey Will Be On SNL This Weekend!!!!!

How an Engineer folds a T-Shirt

R.I.P. Levi Stubbs

Trying to build a "new" computer....need your help!

Are there any parents out there who homeschool their children?

Please extend Lounge sympathies to my father

Moustachioed fellas — does the cookie duster ever feel like it doesn't 'fit'?

Beat me with a pain stick. What a mother-fuckin' Godforsaken week.

What do I get?

Holy Shit!!!! Look what I have in common with Sarah Palin!!!!

Top Wall Street bankers to receive $70bn pay deals

Love Story : A young man once asked his sweatheart : "Will you marry me ? "

Do you people have any idea how delightful it is to have three kittens at one time?

Sunday. Bucs game. Box seats. I'm there.

Nice job Midlo, teh lounge is now broken


vote for my .....tequila bottle

all the single ladies.....

Parche, Parche, Parche

While it is nothing like the outdoor kitchen chez Midlo,

I just found out how to make the lounge implode ! Click if you dare ...

More fun with Team Sarah!

All Hail oktoberain


Yak Cheese is Yummy

I am making falafels again tonight

Oh Gawd, The Radio Station is Playing Alanis Morrisette

No need for the pill , or any such contraption for men

The amazing Lyrebird

I turn my back and you guys go off and troll a Sarah Palin webbie

I offered a guy a job today, after which he complimented me on my incredible email skills.

It is Friday. I shall do no more work today. I declare a Pun-off. Bring it on.

BANNED From Team Sarah

Its Midlo Friday She Rocks!!!!!!!

Shout out for CALIFORNIA VALUES!!!!

Should I worry about saying IHOP stuff around coworkers?

Should I worry about saying IHOP stuff around coworkers?

Tomorrow 48percenter and I will go to PARIS!!!!

I never knew John McCain was a Clash fan.

Happy first day on the job, lizziegrace!

1800 tequila contest

Admit it, that was fun.

who is drunk

get off your ass and vote

Hey, rockers....check this out !!!!

Kitten picture of the day for Friday October 17

I don't believe you. You're a liar.

Hank Paulson's bailout 419 letter

Do not, I repeat, do niot bring up LIHOP at an informal work dinner

Band Of Brothers On Tomorrow History Channel

you can vote once a day!

XM subscribers, anyone spring for the best of Sirius?

Attention SallyMander! We can haz nerd DUzys!!

Has this happened to your dog or cat?

Levi Stubbs passed away .

Beyond Maryann and Ginger... Who is the smokinest Sesame Street babe?

Holy fuck...we just clipped Milk's claws

YooHoo!!!! Lounge!!! I have a new toy to share with you.

Help! I need some tech advice(actually my daughter does)

Oh crap. I just said something that may get me tombstoned in GDP (and it was worth it)

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

What power!

Where is sockpuppet? He/she should say something

Now THAT is my Red Bar!!!!

my first book

Jet, i love you, little guy!

PHOTOS: Venezuelan Street Burger (burger, avocado, chorizo, chicken, eggs, bacon, Roquefort cheese)

It is Friday. I shall do no more work today. I declare a new Pun-off. Bring it on.

I need to go to bed, but...

If you love someone you cannot be with, post here.

I love this movie!

Lost my cell phone last night *ugh*

Hey, I won a DUzy!

Four Tops frontman Levi Stubbs dead at 72

Just a quick note to let you know I'm doing OK:

Which smiley would you like banned?

i get my SAT scores next week

What music are you looking forward to the rest of the fall?

Does anyone actually like Tom Waits?

My car has an ipod integration module. I may buy an iphone..........

Obama gear dilemma

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 10/17/2008)

WOW I have been invited to My Biggest Accounts Year End Party 17Jan 2009

Ok, I find that hilarious

Leave It to Midlo to make a boring day go by faster

How many people in US have the same name as you?

Anyone want an adorable kitty?

My Mom's cancer is gone, and I feel like telling everybody! (Champagne recs, anyone?)

Little stuff your SO does that gets on your nerves?

It's my 9 year wedding anniversary today.

Greatest DU Thread Ever?

Male DUers: Birth control question

Now THAT is my Red Bra!!!!

What is the difference between "Rock" and "Rock & Roll"?

Do you realize there is nothing on TV during the day?

Shiny, shiny, bad times behind me...

Sorry, mcctatas.

This is a cool optical illusion

Should I worry about saying LIHOP stuff around coworkers?

Simple question: what was the last great band you discovered?

Little Bill O'Reilly Tells It Like It Is

I am just shocked and amazed by what I learned tonight. Now I can't sleep! Very important poll.

Obama's Closing Statement 3rd & Final Debate

TheRealNews featured on PBS Foreign Exchange

Obama Across America: Seeing the Big Picture

The Big McCain: Mark It Zero

McCain's Brain, Episode 5: The Final Debate

McCain In The Membrane - 10/16/08

Meet Milwaukee Obama Supporter Al the Plumber

McCain: I Screwed Up

From Back in the day, The Lou Gordon Program

In Love With David Gergen?

From Back in the day, Orrin Hatch vs. Detroit's Bill Bonds

Drive for Change: Indiana

Sen. Barack Obama - 2008 Al Smith Dinner - Part 1

Barack in New Hampshire

Palin Criticizes Obama Over ACORN, View of America 13 minutes ago

Fallout on Main Street: Mailman Speaks His Mind

Joe Wurzelbacher Speaks w/ Barack Obama (Full Conversation)

Not Alone - Blue Star Families for Obama

Obama Chavez (Spanish)

Military Wives for Obama

Biden on Leno

(Funny) Highlights from the 3rd Presidential Debate

McCain's Green Economy: Drill, Baby, Drill

Keith Olbermann: Joe The Plumber is a fraud

Re: McCain: Don't Give Me That

"N" Word, "McKain" Swastikas Spray-Painted on AZ Restaurant

McCain Will Only Screw You 90% of the Time

TheRealNews: Coalition forces on the wrong track in Afghanistan

Alfred E. Smith Dinner: McCain savages Tweety, Olbermann and ACORN

John Russell Addresses Citrus Chronicle Forum, Incumbent "Ginny" Hides 10/16/08 Pt.1

mcCains New Attack Add Say It Isn't So Joe

CNBC's Dylan Ratigan: Capitalism is broken

The Ballad of John McCain

John Russell Addresses Citrus Chronicle Forum, Ginny Hides 10/16/08 Pt. 2

GOTV in Minnesota

Candidate Schaffer (R-CO) Pleads To Use Notes At Debate

Crazy McCain Rally Lady Skit

Jedreport: Joe The Plumber Says That Obama's Plan Will Cut My Taxes

McCain calling Obama "That One"

Front-runner Obama cautions against overconfidence

Nicaragua takes U.S. to World Court (1984)

ABC News: U.S. oil needs and its effects on Ireland's environment (1974)

ABC News: Republican fired for acting 'too much like a Democrat' (1974 ... Watergate)

Argentine ex-President Menem goes on trial for alleged illegal arms sales to Ecuador, Croatia

McCain/Palin robocall 10/16/08

Rachel Maddow and Jonathan Alter: very interesting discussion of ACORN, voter registration, AGs, etc

Money-Market Rates in London Fall as Central Banks Inject Cash

Women For McCain (not so much)

Galloway Rebuked

Europe mocks 'half-baked Alaskan' Palin


Liberal Outrage: A Pro-McCain March In Manhattan

Guards' union drops Schwarzenegger recall effort

Obama Slams McCain's Radical Health Care Agenda

Please delete.

FDA seeks advice to improve tracking of produce

Review of the SNL Thursday Night Special

Bed & Breakfast Team Meeting

Recession looms despite government interventions

How Sweet It Is!!

Colorado Students for Obama

Bush -- El Pendejo (en español)

Anyone having trouble accessing websites (DU sometimes, Bradblog,DailyKos)

Alaska senator testifies, denies he accepted gifts

Gallup: Obama 49 percent, McCain 47

Arctic temperatures hit record high

Obama outspending McCain 4-to-1 on TV; "re-writing the rulebook for presidential advertising"

Scumbag Michele Bachmann accuses Obama and unnamed Congressmembers of being un-American

Want Palin's e-mails? That'll be $15 million

John Cusack on Meet the Bloggers

Teacher keeps job after using "N" word to describe Obama

Dad Surprises Son at School

High court rejects GOP bid in Ohio voting dispute

McCain Campaign Launches Vicious "Robocall" Attacks

McCain Roasts Obama At Alfred E. Smith Dinner

Washington Post endorses Obama for president

VTV Report: Voter Caging in Montana

Student opposition leader gunned down in Venezuela

Banks Admit Bailout Won't Work

Banks Are Likely to Hold Tight to Bailout Money

Want Palin's e-mails? That'll be $15 million

Putin May Use Credit Squeeze to `Destroy' Oligarchs

High court rejects GOP in Ohio voting dispute

Sacramento to get millions for housing bailout

Iraq's PM slams top US soldier over (Iran bribing Iraq lawmakers) comments

Iceland Loses Bid for UN Council Seat Amid Crisis

US consumers' mood suffers record drop in Oct-survey (largest drop since 1952)

Poll: Voters souring on McCain, Obama stays steady

Gallup Daily: Little Impact From Debate So Far - Among registered voters, Obama back up to 50% share

McCain family owned slaves

Colin Powell might endorse Obama

Endorsement: Barack Obama for president (Los Angeles Times)

Polls in 8 countries show wide Obama support

Meghan McCain: NH, I'll get tattoo for you

City: It's Not A Political Endorsement, It's Just Art (Ron English in Colorado Springs)

Lehman Brothers Holdings is focus of grand jury probes

Bush Admin Pitches Iraq Deal To Candidates

Colombia's Uribe Said To Hinder Militia Probes (Bush ally)

Mental retardation’ removed from Missouri division’s name

GOP Loses in Ohio Voting Dispute

Could Colin Powell endorse Barack Obama with his vote?

Chicago Tribune Endorses Barack Obama

McCain's Joe the Plumber thinks Social Security is a joke. Want's to do away with it.

Palin: “I Know Obama Loves America” (impromptu 8 minute talk with reporters on her plane)

Emboldened Obama to push into firmly Republican states

McCain criticizes Obama's promise of tax cuts

Obama wins backing from three major newspapers

Letterman: A Message From Barack Obama...

Naomi Wolf On Today Show Oct 17,2008

Michael Franti and Spearhead : Hey World (Don't Give Up)

THE DEMISE OF KEN BLACKWELL - A Republican's Outrage

Rep. Mahoney admits affairs, says he broke no laws

Stevens gets combative with prosecutor at trial

The real Joe the Plumber

Bill Maher On Joe The Plumber 10/16 HQ - Larry King Live

Olbermann: Violence at Palin Rally (Black Eye from Pack of Old Ladies)

McCain Advisor on "Joe the Plumber" Gimmick: It was "Spontaneoous" & "Just Happened"

Joe Biden Stands Up To Sarah Palin: We All Love This Country

Biden: We Are All Patriotic

Barack Obama for President

TYT: Proof Republicans Don't Want You to Vote

Real Deal on ‘Joe the Plumber’ Reveals New Slant

Iraq's Second-Ranked Terrorist Was A Swede

Economists prescribe deeper deficit

VA claims found in piles to be shredded

Incendiary sign in McCain office embarrasses Broward (County, Fla.) Republican leader

New Obama Ad - "It Gets Worse"

Kerry on Abortion and the Catholic Vote while Campaigning for Obama in Iowa

Voters Slam McCain Mailer, Robocalls Linking Obama to Terrorists

Pro-Obama (group of 562) rabbis rip McCain campaign for "hate speech"

Death threat, vandalism hit ACORN after McCain comments

Barack Obama for president-the competent, confident leader who represents the aspirations of US

Webb Tells Virginians: 'You Should Trust Barack Obama'

McCain Transition Chief Aided Saddam In Lobbying Effort---Young Turks

4 hurt in explosion at north Georgia law office

Letterman Grills McCain on The Late Show - Oct. 16, 2008

Fairfield (OH) Neighbors Upset Over Anti-Obama Ghost (hanging from tree)

Obama campaign seeks extra security amid threats(PA Field Offices)

Obama campaign seeks extra security amid threats(PA Field Offices)

Palin omitted from White House Iraq troop briefing

Hawaii To Drop Universal Health Care

George Voinovich calls Barack Obama a 'socialist'

Bush Cuts Bolivia Trade Preferences for `Failure' in Drug War

Four Tops frontman Levi Stubbs dead at 72

Palin: (Obama) Attacks to benefit voters

Joe the Plumber was once Joe the Alaskan (are you surprised?)

Illinois' early voters coming in by tens of thousands

Congresswoman Bachman (R-MN) Calls for McCarthy like Investigation of Congress Members

Chinese Workers Protest Lack Of Severence Pay After 6,500 Lose Jobs

Study debunks myth that early immigrants quickly learned English

Nation could face short Election Night

Pelosi: Tax Rebate Unlikely Before Bush Leaves

Why Are All the Conservatives Quoting an Anti-Semite?---Young Turks

Pa. GOP sues ACORN, state, alleging voter fraud

Tribune endorsement: Barack Obama for president

Judge releases report on NJ voting machines

Brazil aims to be Cuba's top partner, diplomat says

Editor of The Nation Responds to Bachman's Call for McCarthy like Investigation

Ed Schultz Storms Out on FOX Prompts Exodus

Biden Tired of Palin's "Politics of Division"

Sarah Palin to appear on "Saturday Night Live"

High court rejects GOP bid in Ohio voting dispute

Ohio Secretary of State Brunner files emergency Supreme Court appeal in voters case

Joe the Plumber link to Keating Five - The Last Republican, Martin Eisenstadt

Venezuela detains 6 in anti-Chavez student's death

Denver Post: Barack Obama for president

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 17

Car surfing unbelievably stupid, says CDC

Space ‘smells like steak and metal

Obama Demands Special Prosecutor Investigate GOP Voter Fraud Activities

White's Web site closed by FBI: has been off-line since federal officials seized compu

Campaign releases Cindy McCain's tax returns

Obama Drops October Surprise Bomb at Al Smith Dinner!

Obama v Bush/McCain - Would you Change?

Forget 'Air Quotes,' McCain Uses 'Ayers Quotes' for Whole Campaign

U.S. policies may have contributed to Iran revolution, study says(Nixon & Ford)

Guess Who's On ACORN's Registration List? Joe the Non-Plumber!

Cosmo Kramer Weighs In On the Debate

Dear John: The Enemy Of Your Enemy May Not Be Your Friend

MYFIRSTVOTE.TV Asks America's First Time Voters to Wake Up and Vote!

Andrew Young Casts Ballot of His Dreams for Obama

Secret Recording of McCain Bizarro Moment Revealed

Joe-the-Plumbers for Obama

Fareed Zakaria: The Bright Side

From the FBI to Ohio county prosecutors, GOP-connected lawmen are seeking to scare new voters

JPMorgan Responsible for the Destruction of U.S. Financial System

AlterNet: Republicans Abuse Prosecutorial Powers to Intimidate Voters

Andrew Sullivan: Why I Blog

The Horror, The Horror Yet To Come

Palin Attacks Obama for Attending the Alfred E. Smith Dinner

The Permanent (Smear) Campaign

Sarah Palin Gets Snubbed by the Alfred E. Neuman Dinner

John Dean: Reflections on Historian Mary Hershberger's Piece on McCain's War Record...

The Acorn Story - NY Times editorial

Republican Women Racists United! Go McCain!

Richard Nixon Laments the State of the Current GOP

Endorsements for Obama, Lynchings and Assaults for McCain

Post Endorses Obama, Slams McCain

Opec hawks want to cut oil production to keep up price

Editorial: The Acorn Story (NYT)

Hawaii ending universal child health care

ACORN Calls on McCain Campaign to Get Out of the Gutter

The Hidden History Of The American Electorate

The Supreme Court and the Election: What's at Stake

Nuts About ACORN-Believing in vote fraud may be dangerous to a democracy's health

Republicans Running to Obama, One as Unlikely as the Cubs Winning the World Series

Iglesias: "I'm Astounded" By DOJ's ACORN Probe

Does Media Matters Matter?

The Things He Carried

LATimes: Barack Obama for president

Hospitals are outsourcing radiology work

More high-end American jobs being outsourced to India

Joe The Plumber is in Middle Class Denial (personally I call it Delusions of Great Wealth)

You Think I’m Rich, Don’t You?

Friday Talking Points (52) -- What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

McCain's Guilt Cloaked In Fake Laughter

Weekend Economists October 17-19, 2008

Rolling Stone: It's Already Stolen

Sarah Palin and the Chipmunks

Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter canceled

3rd ID brigade set to return early from Iraq

2 soldiers die in Iraq

VA claims found in piles to be shredded

COLA increase is 5.8%, biggest since 1982

Afghan policeman kills U.S. soldier

Veterans arrested in protest outside debate

Trial of suspects in 3 soldier deaths delayed

Suspected U.S. missile kills 1 in Pakistan

13th MEU finishes first at-sea training

Coast Guard gets $30M to overhaul icebreaker

Wind power helps cargo ship save fuel

Guam building booms to support new aircraft

Pendleton fire almost contained

Bomb fragment strikes truck outside Nellis

Minot squadron to be activated Saturday

Military officials clarifying Gen. Odierno’s claim about Iran

Military update: Military ‘thrift savers’ stung like most investors

Soldiers in war zones to be given new bandages

AAFES fuel prices plunge by 33 cents

USFK holds mass anti-terror exercise

New Player Enters Flexible Armor Battle

DoD Kills Textron's Recon Helo Program

No Answers Yet in A-10 Groundings

Corps Gives Fed Cover to Illegal Bout

New Huey Takes Flight During Exercise

Congress Hides Billions in Pentagon Pork

Help available for military renters

Just heard something kinda funny about the "Yes on Hate" campaign on the Mike Malloy show

Liza Minnelli looks great.

Teachers' union donates $1 million to oppose Proposition 8

No On 8 Contributions Catching Up !

Sally Kern: Homosexuality responsible for more deaths than terrorism

New poll shows PROP 8 tightening in CA! 3% now... (10/17)

Forbes Lists Top Ten US Cities for Green Jobs

Beacon Power Tests Megawatt of Flywheel Storage

3-year delay expected at Finnish nuclear plant

Earth Policy Institute: New Energy Economy Emerging in the United States

The Bitter with the Sweet The story behind the corn industry's cloying ad blitz

Peak Oil Notes - Oct 16

Report says Arctic's warmth at record high

Chinese Company Unveils Solar-Powered Car for $5,560

NASA Survey Finds Arctic Ocean Storm Frequency, Strength Rising; Speeding Up Rate Of Ice Pack Drift

GOP Environmental Record A Challenge For McCain (Duh) - SF Chronicle

UK-Produced Honey Likely Gone By Christmas As Orchards Face £165M Hit From Bee Losses

UT Governor's Advisers Try To Talk Climate, State Rep. Responds "So, you drank the Kool-Aid too."

Bush administration to Gov. Palin: Beluga whale in Alaska is endangered

It will take over a century and cost £850m to decomission Wylfa power station

In honour of a bet graciously lost

From The Knock Me Over W. A Feather Dept. - Bush Signs $13B In Amtrak Upgrade Funding

"Clean Coal Technology"

The Week in Political Cartoons

Katrina Again? US Gets Poor Grades For Credit Crisis

One thing good about Joe ... he didn't present himself as

NOT TO BE MISSED--Hedge Fund Manager: Goodbye ... And Think Pot

A symptom of volatility that I've noticed recently.

Walmart allows animals to roam free in its stores

JPMorgan Responsible for the Destruction of U.S. Financial System

Why does the right want to destroy the middle class?

is anyone finding themselves surprisingly "overqualified" in their early 40s?

Post Mortem for Milton Friedman

Today in labor history Oct 16 Abolitionist John Brown led 21 followers on a raid

Today in labor history Oct 17 “Salt of the Earth” strike begins, Warren Billings is released

This isn't Democracy

Bush Cuts Bolivia Trade Preferences for `Failure' in Drug War

Brazil aims to be Cuba's top partner, diplomat says

Kauffman reveals multimillion dollar bribes to Ven government officials

Colombia's Uribe Said To Hinder Militia Probes

Venezuela detains 6 in anti-Chavez student's death

Former Cavs coach Mike Fratello named in corruption probe subpoena

I went to bed at 7-0...I just woke up..saw something about an historic

Can Boston do the same thing twice in a row?

Bobby Bowden rant at halftime

More Barry Bonds hate.

$894 million deal ends pain of Pfizer's lawsuits

Hawaii ending nation's only universal health care program

New Research That Should Inspire the Candidates on Healthcare

Time to wake up to the facts about sleep

Channel on Obama

Colorstrology. Still a fun site.

Weekly Healing Project #11 | October 19-25 | Acclimating to a Higher Octave aka The Shift

Sun signs of recent Democratic leaders....

Oliver's trike in leaves

Interesting request

Some Summer Ending Beach Pics--What do you think?

AHSA's Ray Schoenke on semi-automatics (Interesting!)

Googling Food can be dangerous

Stark, Brash and Disturbing!

Colossal black holes common in early universe

Warming seas create a massive chemistry experiment

Halloween projects from

Details Of Evolutionary Transition From Fish To Land Animals Revealed

Washington Post endorsement: Barack Obama for President

Now Released on DVD - 9/11: Attack On The Pentagon ( Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum )

Personal 9/11 accounts performed by survivors

opportunities to help with Get Out The Vote in Tarrant County this weekend:

Voting on an eSlate? Take a look at this post from the Election Reform forum.

My email exchange with BOE's concerning Hart InterCivic eSlate Voting Machines

Juan Garcia Early Vote Rally w/ Jimmy Gonzalez & Groupo Mazz

Turning Houston Blue - Texas Observer

Nice freeware site & a new search engine

Federal government eyes cuts to dodge deficit: sources

OT Stephanie Cutter on Hardball...

LCV gives Senator Kerry a rating of 100%!


In and out of blogland

Eminem back

Conrad Veidt a lost actor in Universal's History of Horror.

Anyone else seen Senator Weasel's latest ad?

I can understand the decistion of not spending money on yard signs

I just saw an ad for Norm Coleman from the American Medical Association.

Racist campaign hate mail sent to me today.

Hillary Clinton coming to U of M for Al Franken rally

More BS from the local republican hack

Community Lit Drop For Glen Brower!

My families LTTE