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McCain doesn't wear Flag Pin because he and campaign are Anti-American

New neighbors are from guess where??? Wasilla!!

New neighbors are from guess where??? Wasilla!!

Want to stop voter suppression: Help...Where can I donate?

Ohio Secretary of State to be on Maddow today

Ohio Secretary of State to be on Maddow today

Call Joe McCarthy er I mean Michelle Bachman's Office!

Olberman leading with Obama campaign letter

We need to hit back with our own robocall on thie Ayers thing. I fear this may

The chicago Tribune has a "come to Jesus" moment

Rachel is going after Michelle Bachman on her show..

Rachel is going after Michelle Bachman on her show..


LIAR! Palin: I know Obama loves America.

Talkingpointsmemo on Wisconsin: Going Down Dirty

I applaud Chis Matthews for letting that fool Bachman show her real agenda. He drew her out.

Why Does This Crap Have To Come Up After The Friday Dump

My guess as to the Powell "endorsement?" A mealy-mouthed "he's impressive."

Obama's General Counsel Asks Special Prosecutor to Investigate McCain 's Claims of Voter Fraud

Help! All the Obama gear at the website is sold out. Where can I get some?

DUers please click through & recommend this article on SW Ohio news site...

advice to malkin, palin, m.c.johnny, and rw asshats everywhere:

GOP Senator (Colllins) Slams McCain Robo Call -- Dem Opponent demands she resign as McCrypt Chair

What if we've already had the October Surprise -- and didn't know it?

Voters contend they were duped into registering as Republicans - LA Times

Obama one on one interview with local Tampa news

The Evolution of John McCain

KO with Obama/Biden GC Bauer and Rachel on rethug voter fraud BS.

It's the Apocalypse. Wingnut Michael Smerconish endorses Obama.

It's the Apocalypse. Wingnut Michael Smerconish endorses Obama.

IS MSNBC Fucking Up For Anybody Else?

I just saw a Bob Barr commerical!

I feel for Stephanie Cutter from the Obama campaign

Barack Obama started his political career in Bill Ayers' house

Is there molasses in DU's internet tubes tonight?

RONALD REAGAN had no problems with Bill Ayers.

Why isn't Acorn suing?

Why isn't Acorn suing?

What's going on with Rachel?

The Chicago Tribune has endorsed OBAMA!

If it wasn't likely to end in violence, the total hysteria of the rightwingnuttery

Flip flops, yuppy voter riots, and now plungers - Republican tacticians know the power of a prop..

Flip flops, yuppy voter riots, and now plungers - Republican tacticians know the power of a prop..

So Reagan was a terrorist sympathizer?

So.who believes McSame when he says he would not issue any signing statements??

hmm, Susan Collins from Maine Slams McCain Robo Calls

I have enough confidence that Obama is going to win it that I made the hard decision...

What is it about Michelle? Internment champion Michelle Malkin. McCarthyite Michelle Bachmann. . .

I will donate to every Dem candidate in a state with robocalls. Will you join me?

Question for DUers with experience working at the polls.

Could McCain's real problem with Ayers be

I just gave to Tinklenberg

"DCCC Poll Shows Bachmann Kissed up to Bush Too Many Times"

BIDEN lashes out at Palin's 'pro-America' comment

Barack and Hillary in Orlando at Amway Arena Monday!!!!!! Yippeee!!!!

Barack and Hillary in Orlando at Amway Arena Monday!!!!!! Yippeee!!!!

Bachmann, Tinklenberg air it out.......This lady is crazy

Appropriate pictures for November 4 depicting Obama's victory

Endorsements rolling in: SF Chronicle Endorses Obama

Caption the lunatic

Lars "the idiot" Larson on CNN

The electoral postmortem has begun....

I am seriously considering an Obama symbol tattoo... am I getting carried away?

Don't forget November 4th. Spread the word!

Plungers greet Obama at Virginia Rally

Bauchmann is on Larry King Live

I have to work Sunday so will miss MTP. Anyone know if it's simulcast on Internets?

Denver Post and Los Angeles Times endorse Barack Obama for President

Brief report from tired canvasser helping in NM :^)


Email from Michelle Obama - Friday midnight deadline to double your donation:

Email from Michelle Obama - Friday midnight deadline to double your donation:

I have some vacation time I need to use up - which state should I volunteer in?

Obama takes the lead in MISSOURI (

Uh oh! Here's an anti-American congress member for Bauchmann to investigate...

Palin on saving whales: Thanks but no thanks

Pennsylvania GOP Sues ACORN and Rendell Appointee

"Get Fuzzy" on McCain's campaign: When will Ashton Kutcher jump out and yell "Punk'd!"?


Chicago Sun-Times endorses Barack Obama for president

6 of 9 Presidential Election Forecasts Predict Obama Will Win 2008 Popular Vote

The electoral postmortem has begun....

DUers, Keep it up. McCain's camp has orchestrated this Bauchmann crap

DUers, Keep it up. McCain's camp has orchestrated this Bauchmann crap

Philip Berg’s Anti-Obama “October Surprise” Video (???)

No tomorrow for Republicans

McCain-Palin have no Honor or Integrity!

Hillary pics: my daughter went to a Hillary "change we need" rally for Obama in ohio today

Hillary pics: my daughter went to a Hillary "change we need" rally for Obama in ohio today


From Michelle Obama...

WOW! Robin Hayes (R-NC) defended Bachmann, calls for patriotism hearings immediately

I'm a little torn on where my donations should go at this point

Who should play Michelle Bachmann on SNL?

So the crazy woman's rant is raising her opponent $15,000 an

Chicago Sun Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution endorse Obama

Great Sarah Palin art (poster)

Hey I voted early! My first American ballot! Yeepee!

We need to act as if we're behind!

Do Republicans really think Bachmann is a suitable spokesperson for their party?

HEY DU!! Help Alan Grayson take back the Florida 8th District from Republiclone Ric Keller

Kittelson in Wisconsin needs help with money

Kittelson in Wisconsin needs help with money

Kittelson in Wisconsin needs help with money

if you have the opportunity watch Maher, it is on now

We are hope and they are fear

We are hope and they are fear

This just in from our newsroom: Hell has frozen over

CQ Race Ratings Changes, Part Two: Democrats Gain Ground (CQ)

Ok.... the DNC and the Obama campaign have to hang Michelle Bachman around McCain's neck

Washington DC is not Pro-American

Bay Buchanan just said that Sanjaya Palin "was the smartest VP choice

In NC ---> "Early voting sets first-day record"

The Republican plague ship

Even with the new money, does Tinklenberg have a chance of winning?

Daylight Robbery - BBC documentary on Iraq War Profiteering and Alan Grayson fighting back!

Howard Fineman hints that Powell will endorse Obama

McCain is McToast

FYI - Tina Fey on Letterman tonight

Michelle Bachmann should be the only spokeperson for the gop.

And this is the republican party????

Okay DUers some of you think my wife is nuts but I think she needs some words of comfort.

A Powell endorsement would be the story of the campaign

Making the GOP sweat: Obama leads among WHITE independents for the first time

If Powell endorses Obama Sunday....

It's hard to believe how badly the McCain campaign is being run.

Why next week will be a GOOD week for us... and some ideas for beyond

Was McCain really ahead before the Wall street fiasco?

If Obama wins I will enjoy hate radio for a week!

McLaughlin Group bashing Obama; Eleanor Clift

Bill Maher just showed the famous McCain tongue shot on his show

BREAKING - McCain Is Using The Same Robocall Firm To Smear Obama That Smeared McCain In 2000

An observation at 17 days and counting......


All right, the heck with all you Chicken Littles. Victory is not guaranteed. BUT:

Biden mocks Palin, says entire nation is patriotic (AP)

Encouraging electoral map

How many books and movies will be made about this campaign?

100k vote on first day of early voting in NC, 64% were registered Dems, 21% were Rep!

E-mail to my Rep. re: Bachmann

So, What Should Tinklenberg Do With His Newly Found Fame And Money?

So, What Should Tinklenberg Do With His Newly Found Fame And Money?

Time Magazine: "4 Ways McCain Went Wrong" (yes, Palin is one of them)

On this fine day of giving, open wallet energy: DU is very close to $100,000...very close.

Crystal Method (Techno Band) Makes free mp3 mix with Obama DNC speech quotes:

Sarah Palin is intentionally ignorant

Did you all catch on Letterman with Tina Fey her saying

"Curse of the Living Corpse" movie on now. Would that be Palin?

OMG! I was in Michigan and saw that McCain has his own flags

After the landslide memes: Come on, Kids!! you can play, too!!!

NYT: Obama’s Ad Effort Swamps McCain and Nears Record

2 Week Self-Imposed DU Intervention

Tell Congress to Censure Michele Bachmann

Just watched the Obaba at the Al Smith dinner again...

Just watched the Obaba at the Al Smith dinner again...

YAY!! Going to see Obama in Fayetteville, NC

I have been Inpired, and as the going gets tough.....

NPR POLL: = asking if Sarah Palin is qualified

According to Wingnut Bob Grant, Ohio is in the tank for Obama

OK, so I saw the Bachmann interview finally...and I'm still wondering why Tweety didn't ask THIS:

FINALLY!!!! A Reason To Impeach Bush That Repubs Will Respect!!

How many newspaper endorsements has Obama received?

How many newspaper endorsements has Obama received?

Breaking News - Ohio Voter Registration Lawsuit Back Already!

Western Pennsylvania - Appalachian "Coal Country"

Palin's War on Wildlife Takes to the Sea

Just think where Tinklenberg's totals would be if Air America was live Nation Wide right now....

UPDATE $41,280 to Tinklenberg 08 and Counting at Huff Post

UPDATE $41,280 to Tinklenberg 08 and Counting at Huff Post

Check out El Tinklenberg's youtube channel. Lots of videos about him.

Be Prepared: Bachmann will call for investigations into all who donated to her opponent

There's still time to make a donation to the Obama campaign by midnight, and get a matching donation

Voters say they were duped into registering as Republicans

Is it just me, or is this an intense, emotional night for you all?

VOTE POTENTATE '08 flags (3 sizes)

This "Pro-American"/Anti-American" crap...

Heads up for PBS Moyers report on Voter Fraud--west coast. 10 pm.

I was only a year old...

After seeing the look McCain gave Letterman, YES it is time for Gordon Liddy.

Palin As Prez

Right Wing Attack Machine: Spewing old & new Smears : Mother Jones

Puma update: Old=Turning on the Clintons. New=Sending Obama supporters the mail

Whatever you do this weekend, do not kick or rec mycritters2's thread ...

John Zogby is not credible right?

I got in on this Tinklenberg contribution frenzy early on and I'll never forget this day on DU.

The irony of ironies...

Tina Fey: Anyone can imitate Sarah Palin's voice

The Denver Post just gave Obama the most lukewarm endorsement ever. Still...

Let me get this straight--John InSane blames Obama for the media attention of Joe the Plumber!

I sweat to god, I'm going to kill myself if someone posts the PBS Palin poll again!

I said this already tonight, but I thought Tweety did a great Job Tonight

How can Republicans accuse us of deifying Obama?

Some robo-calling topics for our side

Yes we can ! Yes we will ! We are taking back our country !

I love Jennifer Brunner

Surprise-Anger-Fear After "Anti-Obama Ghost" PURPOSELY Hung From A Tree In Ohio

McCain must be running out of money, I just saw my first ad paid for by the RNC and not McCain.

I'm just going to say it.... I think the McCain campaign is attempting to incite an assassination

Las Cruces, NM Sun-News endorses Barack !

The Repub Newspaper Endorsements of Obama Reflect Their Harsh New Reality...

Commentary: McCain campaign following in Hillary's footsteps - ED ROLLINS !

No McCain/Godzilla photoshops?

Political Wisdom: Is Racism Rearing its Head in the Campaign?: WSJ Blog (um YES !)

Please sign this letter asking McCain to stop the hate at his rallies

Canvassers, not ACORN, at fault: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Used Car Dealers for McCain:

Robocalls Aren't Usually Effective - Marc Ambinder, Atlantic

GOP's about to find out that Obama might be cool but he ain't no pushover

What are we supposed to take away from the Obama/Ayers connection?

Yes, Newspaper Endorsements Matter -- Here is 'Proof' - Editor and Publisher

"Hitler's Brothers"

Daniel "James Bond" Craig Speaks Out For Obama

Hell definitely just froze over. Salt Lake Tribune (Utah!) endorses Obama!

Hell definitely just froze over. Salt Lake Tribune (Utah!) endorses Obama!

I just heard MIP that the state of Georgia will execute Troy Davis on november 4th!


Flashback: McCain Condemned Robo-Slime In 2000 As "Hate Calls": TPM

Michele Bachmann was too stupid to realize Tweety was 'playin her, too stoopid

Stupid new voter registration systems rejecting legitimate voters due to minor mismatches

Michele Bachmann was too stupid to realize Tweety was 'playin her, too stoopid

Three Polls Show Obama Tied Or Ahead In Deep-Red North Dakota

Does Tinklenberg know he's getting famous? Act Blue $81,000 and rising! His opponent trashes Obama!!

It's never been about Obama needing to explain his connection to Ayers

HUGE turnout to vote in

Pics: John McCain's Twin Brother

Another day, another Clay Bennett cartoon (Acorn)

Subject: Ponderings. What if Barack Obama were...

Voters Slam McCain Mailer, Robocalls Linking Obama to Terrorists - FOX NEWS !!!!! omfg

Loathsome displays of hate on the campaign trail.

What is the worst possible thing they could say about Barack ?

Presidents of my life plus the future possibilities

Orlando, Florida Sentinel: Perhaps...the time for Mr. McCain to do that has run out

McCain: Joe the plumber right about Obama's socialist tax plan - Boston Globe

Remarkably the SCOTUS ruling on Ohio voting issue was unanimous.

Missouri is going to get an excellent Dem Governor

Somebody needs to list Churches that the IRS status should investigate

"Undecided"??? My fat ass....

What headlines do you hope to see on November 5?

With all that's happening in this country, McCain's best salvo is 'Joe the Plumber' - HOW PATHETIC

With all that's happening in this country, McCain's best salvo is 'Joe the Plumber' - HOW PATHETIC

Anti-Americans In Congress

I Need My Poll Fix

Once again: The Complacency Danger:

Zogby pulling numbers out of his ass again (Obama by 4%)

Time to let the attack dogs out

Tinklenberg Donation Thread - list what you donated

Just in case you thought FReepers weren't completely crazy ...

So Palin will appear on SNL, but not on Meet the Press.

anybody wanna try this?

anybody wanna try this?

any body wanna try this?

Ummm...Let's play what's wrong with the responses to this OP.

Do you want Palin to appear on Saturday Night Live tomorrow?

More on robocalls

Michelle B. from Minnesota has just taught a lesson to any GOP congressional candidate

Tell Congress to Censure Michele Bachmann

How Do We Beat The Bitch?

I think Obama should suspend the campaign, and the election


One word means "hip" and "hot" in French. It's "Obama."

Jennifer Brunner will be on Rachel Maddow tonight!

McCain: Joe the plumber right about Obama's socialist tax plan

Barack is so absolutely amazing in how calm he is when facing down McSame

Did ya watch Lou Dobbs on Friday?

If BS was currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself - Kathleen Parker

We Have Now Entered Into the Open Expression of Vile Racism Phase of the Campaign

Racists for Obama?: Politico

no robo-calls Friday - are you still receiving them? check in

Palin makes Bush Jr. look and sound like Winston Churchill

Joe the Skinhead !

How 'bout that new Sec. of State they got in Ohio?

Interesting, the company doing the robo calls is registered in MN as a foreign company

Tinklenberg over $100K:

Tinklenberg over $100K:

Is it just me, or is there a real resemblance here?

The New Republic: If Obama Loses, Don't Assume Racism

Conservative Talk Radio Host Endorses Obama

Talkingpointsmemo video: McCain's Legions (more rancid waiting in line than inside auditorium)

GOP Sen. Susan Collins decries anti-Obama robocalls

Socialism: good for banks, bad for working families.

McCain invites Joe the Plumber on the trail

Obama Out-Advertising McCain 4 to 1

Barack Obama arrives in Roanoke (video)

What were the last four states Palin was in before NC?

Who is this "Mudcat" person and where has he been all my life?

Do you live in a Pro-American or Anti-American area?

O's Plumber: Joe's A Joke!

Hey, Michelle, you are like WAY KEWL!!!

Hey, Michelle, you are like WAY KEWL!!!

Please! More needs to be said about these major McCain weaknesses

Cindy McCain's tax returns: Why the hell is her tax rate lower than

(R)AS TRACKING POLL: Obama 50, McCrypt 45 (-1). 40% very favorable of O, 44% certain to vote for O.

Palin loses bid to block beluga whale protection


Will Palin's "Pro-America" remark get the same scrutiny as Michelle's?

What is the Obama campaign doing to combat the robocalls?

Wasn't Bachman the lady who followed Bush around after the State of the Union wanting to kiss him?

msnbc 'joe the plumber' may join the mccrazy campaign

Colin Powell's support for Obama might stop short of a formal endorsement, according to "sources."

The effects of PaLIEn/McSHAME's campaign of HATE

Maybe Powell should endorse Bob Barr?

Information on Sunday's Obama rally

The irony of Palin on SNL: the cast is called "The Not Ready For Prime-Time Players" talk about. .

10/18 Daily Kos R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 50%(-2), McCain 43%(+1)

10/18 Daily Kos R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 50%(-2), McCain 43%(+1)

Is this (error messages when you post that don't actually mean anything) happening to anyone else?

The Threat of Localized Fascism

MSNBC's Alex Witt-less: "We're gonna tell you what that means..."

Analysis: McCain jumps around in bid to stop Obama

Analysis: McCain jumps around in bid to stop Obama

I got this email from Obama campaign..Let's all call them and complain

Slow Economy Aids Obama in Missouri

OK, who will ask McCain if he stands by the statements of that woman?

Palin Pic - LOL

Joe the non-plumber, Palin the Abuser of Power, So what is the next gimmick John the Erratic has up

So this is their hero

A little help...

Robo Calls Owner: Jeff Larson Longtime Norm Coleman confidant

Does anyone see the resemblance here?

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- Campaign Caldron Bubbles (Dory Hippauf)

***Los Angeles Times endorses BARACK OBAMA***

I just donated the $50 that helped put Tinklenberg over $100,000!

McCain Camp to NYT: Investigate Obama's past drug use

How will you vote:

Just a reminder: the Vietnam War was "terrorism"(graphic images).

Behind McCain, Outsider in Capital Wanting Back In.

Kansas City Star endorses Obama

McCain Robocalls: Obama Is a Baby-Killing, America-ignoring, Hollywood-loving...: ABC News

North Carolina Senate Race facts and figures

This quote clearly demonstrates where the hate language comes from:

The Revolution Will Be Televised

Bachmann on TV questions Obama's patriotism (Minn. Star Tribune)

Cindy McCain's tax returns...

McCain Suggests Obama Tax Policies Are Socialist

Facts About Voter Registration Fraud

Does Fixed news, Pat Buchanan, Lou Dobbs get their marching orders from the McCain campaign or is it

Why does Sarah Palin wear a polar bear pin?

Hey Miss B! You wanna talk about F'ing' UNAmerican, I'll tell you about F'ing UNAmerican!!

McCain is doing it again? Claiming that Obama went to Joe's house,

For my donation to El Tinklenberg last night I received an

Rasmussen (R) Obama 50% (Steady) McPalin 45% (Down 1)

What obnoxious robocall should the Obama campaign make?

tucker bounds on msnbc...what will this asswipe be doing after nov.4

This Pisses Me Off! Check Out What the Nevada Republican Party Sent Me Today

703-297-8900 McKKKlain headquarters in VA - call and complain about robocalls.

Hotline Nat'l Poll -Obama 49% -McCain 42%

someone should remind mccain that he is a republican

Milton Friedman Founded The Earned Income Tax Credit Or The Negative Income Tax

If this story is true Powell will seal his fate as a coward

By the end of this, Drudge will be making up poll numbers

My LTTE to the Orlando Sentinel: "Plumber" Joe is a Republican Plant.

McCain: Obama will redistribute the wealth. My plan is to buy mortgages and redistribute the wealth.

McSame Is Still Pimping Joe The Scofflaw

Will Texas secede if Obama/Biden win?

Nightline just did a piece on McCain's robocalling

I am still not convinced that we could not see 400+ electoral votes for Obama (GA/AZ)

Mouth Breathers yelling "Joe!!" during McCain's hate fest on Msnbc right now.

Does McCain condemn Bachmann's hate speech?

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/18/08 - Obama 50, McCain 45 (McC down 1)

I just can't bring myself to watch SNL tonight.

Who will be Joe the Plumber for Halloween?

Has McHoover repudiated Michelle Bachman yet?

Bill Moyers Journal: "ACORN flap is a pretext for ongoing GOP voter disenfranchisement"


Bangor (ME) Daily News endorses Obama!

Wow, yesterdays Supreme Court ruling on the Ohio case was UNANIMOUS

What is the single most despicable thing about Palin?

Our msm is ignoring huge stories while it concentrates on McCain talking points.

Dump Michelle Bachmann blog...

What I've learned about campaign signs here in Delaware

Have any big newspapers endorsed McCain?

I need some Obama family pics...

" I have the scars to prove it!" What

Yes. We. Can.

McCain Was Good Friends with Famous Hater of American Troops!

Campaign signs in my neighborhood, interesting demographics

Bachmann supports intelligent design, privitization of Social Security..

Terry Tate Finally Weighs in with his Perspective

OK, so I turned on MSNBC (a mistake) WAY too much coverage of McGrumpy

Wallpaper For Obama

Attention DU Chicken Littles: Expect the sky to lower a bit - NOT fall

Senator Honorable in the Sewer

Senator Honorable in the Sewer

It's just MEET JOHN DOE (Welcome to post-modern Hell)

Years of Pandering to Extreme Elements Contort GOP, by Kathleen Parker

The most important Saturday of the election for volunteer work - who is canvassing/calling today?

Could this be the next big issue from the repukes...?

Could this be the next big issue from the repukes...?

John McCain calls JFK’s assassination an “intervention”

there's a mean, foul man on my teevee

Help get rid of David Drier (R-CA26) - Donate to Russ Warner

Live campaign events streamed today on

Going Down Dirty

fivethirtyeight - In Western PA third party Robocall using ni**er?

ActBlue DU Group - Could we add Bill Durston (running against Dan Lungren CA-CD3) to the list?

Michael Smerconish endorsed Sen. Barack Obama

CNN has set up a hotline to call about voting problems on Election Day.

Court Ruling Stokes Voter-Fraud Fight - Wall Street Journal

Tinklenberg responds!

Shameless Bachmann on El: “He is more line with President Bush’s policies than I am."

Tinklenberg over $125,000 at Act Blue will be:

Do you think WSJ under Murdoch might endorse a candidate this year? Could it be Obama?

Mr. I hate earmarks and will freeze government spending wants to kick NASA 2 billion.

McCan't & Obama's Wu Names

It seems like the polls have stabilized into a 6 to 7 point lead for Obama

It seems like the polls have stabilized into a 6 to 7 point lead for Obama

This photo encapsulates up my sentiments these days

Getting ACORN's Back

I Hope

Is this going to screw up my vote?

It is time to end all doubt, Time to take out Palin,

Document the vote ! Use cell, Take pics, videos... link included and CNN hotline number

Ex DOJ Voting Rights Chief: "It's Going to Take a Long Time to Cleanse" Department

"Official" Defeat Bachman thread. Wingnut from Hardball. Her race is VERY close

HEADS UP: Next on MSNBC Obama & McSame, the Al Smith Dinner Comedy routines in FULL

Michelle Bachman Must Be Wondering What She Stepped In Last Night.

Biden: GOP's going to throw more than the kitchen sink

Dream Team

Can we "Tinklenberg" a few others?

Susan Collins calls for McCain to stop robo calls in Maine

just came back from bipartisan protest and Repubs really do believe Obama is a "socialist:" WTF?

Dkos's 100 Day Wish List

Iglesias: "I'm Astounded" By DOJ's ACORN Probe

Official "I Love Michelle Bachman" Thread

Field & Stream magazine interview with Barack Obama

McCain Camp: NYT Cindy McCain Piece "Gutter Journalism at its Worst"

Todd Palin gets big crowd at W PA Pittsburgh area Gun Club - NOT

Saxby Chambliss is up to his same old bullshit in GA.

SurveyUSA Florida: M-49, O-47. But look at the poll internals

Newspaper endorsements

Help me, Ohio loves Palin, I can't take it anymore

Election Protection: Voting Machine Problems

Rasmussen: O 50 (unc) M 45 (-1)

the RACIST reTHUGlican party latest...Obama on a flyer with Mohammad Atta

ACORN Calls on McCain Campaign to Get Out of the Gutter

Does McCain really want to go into Obama's well-documented and known drug use? Really?

Philadelphia Inquirer endorsing Sunday

Keep your Eyes on the Prize!

I Feel Sorry For That Poor Palin Baby........

Excerpts from Obama's Remarks in St. Louis - "The difference is who we're cutting taxes for."

"Hate Crime" strikes at ritzy Gulf Front Condos:

USA Today/Gallup: Obama Viewed as Winner of Third Debate (56%-30%), Sweeps Debates!

The "Radical Far Out Left" Is Powerful

Meet Four REAL "Joe the Plumbers" (and they are all voting for Barack Obama) (VIDEO)

Barack: "You can see the Russian Tea Room from the steps of the Waldorf Astoria."

Group asks IRS to investigate Ark. pastor's sermon

Dancing with the stars!

Will massive early and mail voting favor Obama?

ACORN Controversy: Voter Fraud Or Mudslinging? - AP

How dumb can they get? Man caught by police on camera destroying Obama signs:

Arkansas Times endorses Barack !

Reader's comments on Minneapolis Star Tribune, regarding Michele Bachmann

McCain suggests Obama tax policies are socialist

Racists For Obama

All things are possible...

Only 48 hours until early voting begins in Colorado!

Also of interest on Gallup: Obama pulls debate hat trick.

Video the Vote link..Take videos on November 4th. Post them!

Will McCain's latest radio hit piece tying Obama to a Rabbi backfire in Florida?

Kansas City Star endorses Obama

Has anyone considered the possibility of violence/rioting when Obama wins?

Cindy McCain's lawyer cites Obama drug use

Barack Obama "Choose Wisely" video - Blackhatjack's ad

Robert Kennedy did a GREAT job on Larry King.

GOP turnout lagging in heavy N. Carolina early voting

GALLUP TRACKING: Obama 50, McCrypt 42 (-1)

Bachman raised $125K for her opponent as a result of her unAmerican activities on Hardball.

Am I the only one losing sleep over the elections?

Will Tweety invite Tinklenberg to respond to his opponents attacks on Obama?.....

Obama is... A Wiccan?

Jane Mitakides (D-OH) & "The Fighting 3rd" Need Some DU Love!

Rally in St. Louis, Obama is on RIGHT NOW!!!

Obama coming to Madison, WI on Thursday! (we brought out 80,000 for Kerry '04 rally)

Why not call him what he is: Joe The Republican Troll With The Shaved Head

what radical education foundation??

Modest Proposal: If Palin were smart, she'd resign from the ticket tonight.

Going to see OBAMA!!!

Powell is going to find out tomorrow what McCain will find out in 3 weeks

democracy is scaring the shit out of pat buchanan


McCain asked Obama to apologize for Lewis. Obama should ask McCain to apologize for Bachmann.

When Obama Does His 30 min TV presentation, he needs to do 4 things...

gotta love this map, but read below about the voting challenges

The Minnesota Independent: "October Surprise - Bachmann raises more than $120,000 for Tinklenberg"

I just woke up and heard that the McSane people are trying to bring up the Obama drug use

How dare she....................

Local low information Republican voters.

El is over $150,000 now, but that's JUST at Act Blue - His site is overwhelmed, too!

Miami Herald endorses Barack Obama for President


The irony is that Bachmann refuses to debate Tinklenberg claiming she is too busy

A kinda funny video my sister's friends' band put together

ROLLING STONE: It's Already Stolen

Obama's Plumber Speaks Out Against "Joe the Plumber"

does anyone have that link updating all the newspaper endorsements?

All of these great newspaper endorsements...does anyone know when the New York Times will announce?

Did I hear right?100.000 people attending the Obama event now St. Louis, MO

When Obama is President, which vault do we open first?

CREDO Mobile - free minutes on election day during polling hours!

Just wondering... Robocalls...

The other McCains. The descendents of the McCain family's slaves speak out in WSJ article.

Florida GOP: Red With Dismay - Newsweek

Who else is taking the day off from work (or whatever) when Obama wins??

Breaking News: Obama says Ted Strickland likes pie too!

Here is the link to DU's Act Blue donation page. We might as well get credit

Obama draws record crowd in St. Louis

Tinklenberg over $150,000 at Act Blue before:

'Miami Herald' and 'Philly Inky' Endorse Obama -- 'Tampa Tribune' and "DMN' Back McCain

Hey there... Remember monkey boy? Is this the same rally or did he get another monkey?

Gallup -Obama 50% -McPalin 42%

UPDATE: Tinklenberg to announce fundraising totals on HuffPo

Research 2000 NC Poll: Obama 46% (+8) McCain 44% (-11)

Newspapers That Backed Bush (2004) Shift To Obama (2008) - HuffPo

Ricky Gervais sounds off about the election

Question: Has anyone in the media asked a McCain campaign Representative about the robo calls?

McCain hires Operative he Once Blamed For Sliming Him

How Do You Go From Greatest Celebrity in the World To Terrorist?

More Info on McCain's Robo Calls: article: The Nation

The Tinklenberg story is bigger than the Joe the plumber story

When O is tied/behind, he doesn't have the right stuff. When O is ahead, it's 'cause of events!

Joe the plumber story gets even funnier - he had his driver's license suspended when he lived in AZ.

Voters souring on McCain, not Obama

'Joe the Plumber's' AZ driver license suspended - unpaid fines, no proof of insurance

Here's an ad I want to see

Police lift Amber Alert for abducted Las Vegas boy: Press conference later today

Challenges Could Disenfranchise Millions of Voters- From

This video of McCain/Palin Supporters Waiting In Line has to be seen to be believed....LINK

What a surprise. Obama event not on MSNBC or CNN

Yay...Great News For the Dems in NC!!!!

Did I just hear that correctly? 100K people at Obama rally in St.Louis!

Hockey Mom palin (warning graphic photo)

Voters Say They Were Duped Into Registering As Republicans - LATimes

I just finally watched debate 3 all the way through. Obama doesn't hit back enough.

Racist Ohioan Mike Lunsford Hangs Obama Effigy from Noose in Tree

DU this poll on who was funnier at the Al Smith dinner

I just voted for Obama/Biden!

YouTube ugly Palin mob Johnstown, PA - Murtha is right

McCain draws bipartisan criticism for 'robo calls' (AP)

GOP terrified of American voters

sigh I wish Obama and or Biden would come to Wichita Kansas

So, a question- How many people will Obama draw for his Inauguration (if elected)?

McCain asks Florida supporters to pull his finger

GOP Turnout Lagging In Heavy N. Carolina Early Voting - McClatchy

Please sign this petition to censure McCain for the robo-calls !

What the polls were saying at this time in 2004......

These are the PRO-Bailout Senators up for re-election this year:

Make the Obama "I WILL NOT BE COWERED!" pledge. Obama does not do cowering and neither should we.

Censure Michele Bachmann

Please sign the petition to CENSURE Michele Bachmann

Which newspaper/magazine endorsement is the most surprising?

I'm in the process of readying the "Real Virginia" comment for YouTube but can folks. . .

Thus far, Obama leads McOld man 62-18 in newspaper endorsements

Joe the Plumber is a greedy fat bastard!

Racist 'N-Word' Robocall Reported In Pennsylvania

who do i dislike more, brad blakeman or michelle bachman

Can the general public volunteer/watch @ poll sites to counter and protect ballots and fraud?

Do we have to have Ohio to win?

Sgt Obama/Biden Hearts Clubs Band - More 08 Silliness...

Nancy Pfotenhauer pretty much just said they are counting on the racist parts of states

I have begged, I pleaded, I even invoked Chris Farley & the Herlihey Boy Adam Sandler...

Support Barack with festive squash!

Obama draws record crowd in St. Louis

They're really pushing....

Will you be heading to Washington DC on January 20th if Obama wins? KICK THIS THREAD!

Are online petitions usually a waste of time ?

at McCain rally, he is stating Obama went to

Please correct me if I'm wrong

Bachmann and Palin are McCain's "Magician's assistants"

Question: Does ROBO-CALLS = TERRORIZING/Terror Tactics?!

Question: Does ROBO-CALLS = TERRORIZING/Terror Tactics?!

My wife and I just voted for Obama! We had breakfast at Hardees.

Emailed Jonathan Martin from Politico about Nancy's Virginia gaffe.....

awww - great pic!!

What percentage of the black vote do you think Obama will get?

FILM FOOTAGE Elon student ARRESTED for protesting at Palin Rally -DUers:FLOOD the student paper!

GREAT TOON: John the Plumber

Live blogging from the Obama rally in KC!

Other famous Republican plumbers...

I'm convinced Powell will endorse Obama....

List every action Obama is taking to counter election theft

McCain-Palin use the 'S' word (socialism) - CNN

Obama's Pie Story has been good for business at the Fireside in Georgetown, Ohio!

Biden is pissed - Rippin Palin on CNN LIVE NOW

DU fundraising page for Tinklenberg donations

Please explain to me HOW a serious national security concern would help McCain/Palin?

We have reached the total intellectual incoherence phase of the campaign, right on schedule

Indian Americans Favor Obama over McCain: Poll

Why the vice presidency matters

sarah palin speaks to the press and says absolutely nothing

October 30...that is my pick for the day the "media" finds or receives a "bin laden" tape

The Obama Potentate flag

Am I nuts for thinking these non-scientific polls (Scholastic, 7-11, Amazon) are onto something?

Call CNN - Tell them you want them to report on Obama St. Louis Rally

I'm going to give Missouri to Obama and call the election for him

When will MSNBC or CNN cover this news story about Tinklenberg fundraising?....

God bless the Secret Service..

Why is the Palin's AIP association off limits? Where is the press on this?

Why is the Palin's AIP association off limits? Where is the press on this?

Palin praises Joe the plumber for ruining Obama's "photo-op"

OUTRAGED: Obama lost the votes of a key swing group with his offensive Al Smith Dinner Address...

So... my wife and I headed to Southern PA for a little anniversary getaway...

So... my wife and I headed to Southern PA for a little anniversary getaway...

Police say the crowd for Obama's St. Louis speech right now is estimated at 100,000 that is his

Tweety, Rachel and Keith should invite Tinklenberg on their programs Monday

rofl...Kucinich's GOP opponent promises to enforce anti-trust laws and end CEO golden parachutes...

Obama has decisive lead in the Cookie Poll!

One vote for Obama and No on 8 from my house.

Following is the endorsement of the KC Star for Barack, he will be here tonight, looking fwd to it:

What's wrong with socialism?

why did McCain suggest that Obama goes to Denny's with Ayers??

why did McCain suggest that Obama goes to Denny's with Ayers??

I don't have Cable and I have a question....

Another few videos of Freepers at a McCain rally in PA

I Thinking Of Trying This In My Elementary Classroom For The Next Two Weeks:

Tinklenberg campaign to release “overwhelming” donation numbers today

The force of the Hillary Effect

What will happen to Palin after November?

Photos: At Beaver Stadium, college football fans get stricken with a moose-sized dose of TODD FEVER

What the hell is going on??

IBD-TIPP Poll-Obama 47% McPalin 40%


Polls closing... whether true or not.... this is the time to keep calm and work harder than ever.

7000 at McCain rally in NC today

Obama's Voter Protection Program...Do your part

Hey Joe! Have I got an opportunity for you!

IF Powell does endorse Obama, it's coming at the perfect time.

Michele Bachmann’s Hardball blowup: Minnesotans knew it was only a matter of time

"She's got crazy eyes."


McCain says over 40% of Americans do not pay taxes. Says tax cuts are welfare.

MAILBOX surprise (gotta love'em) Shirts are in the mail!

My last poll today, I promise. Tinklenberg over $200,000 at Act

"It's Over"-NYT OP ed

About those Republican tax cuts.

Who has pictures/Links to Obama in St. Louis today

DemConWatch: Presidential Newspaper Endorsement List

Fund raising letter my Father got from the McCain campaign

Need voting advice in regards to renewing Driver's License.

Grab your socks people... that is, if you still have your arms.

McCain Copies Bush (DNC Rapid Response Team) re: robocalls

Who will President Bush endorse?

'Scuse me: Do folks here know about the 'dissenting' pro-McCain editorial in the Philly Inquirer?

18-10-2008 IBD/TIPP DAILY: OBAMA 47%(+1)-McCain 40%(-1)

Obama Rally Draws 100,000 in Missouri

It's an on-going work in process; how many times can rightwingers be conned duped tricked?

Why don't you just come out and say it, Puffenhuffen: "Real Virginia is WHITE!"

Bachman Truly Is An Idiot... Tinklenberg Added To DCCC Red To Blue List (10\14)

Please don't vote straight Dem ticket!

they booed Tina Fey at McCain's rally!

David Shuster just reported on the HUGH St Louis rally

MSNBC talking about biggest rally for Obama in St. Louis and

Mudflats:The Wasilla Project video showing Palin abuse of $$/spending

Is McCain a Man to be Pitied?

Pandora's Box

Videos from today's St. Louis rally (St. Louis Post dispatch)

KKK fliers put on newspapers - CNN

Cnn's Ed Henry assaulted with a pack of Dentyne Ice gum at McCain Hate fest.

Please, Please, Please DU members

Prosecutor With McCain Ties Seeks (Unredacted) Voter Records (Ohio) - AP

“Biden says he would not restrict gun ownership” but then promises to restrict guns.

California Voters Say They Were Tricked Into Registering As Republicans

If Joe the Plumber had been BLACK...

"Deer" Michelle Bachmann

McCain and Palin MIA on "Meet"

How much longer is it, until we never have to see that A-Hole

How much longer is it, until we never have to see that A-Hole

Where's Al Gore with the hydraulic lift?

Democrats close stronger than Republicans.


Obama will not win West Virginia if he does not visit the state

According to McCain spokeswoman, Northern Virginia is not real Virginia, she just said so. . .

Bachmann's Bush kissing sidekick

Saturday's updated newspaper endorsement tally...

Politico- "Fake Virginia"

Tinklenberg: "Thank You and Michele Bachmann, $438,346.57 raised" - (SO FAR)

Republicans defend that "watermelon and fried chicken" flyer

You know McLame is screwed, they're resorting to comparing childrens' books sales

Here's what Esquire Magazine has to say about the OH-10 race.

The real tactic behind the repubs focus on ACORN

McCain edging toward labeling Obama a “socialist” - Faux News

Obama needs more large crowd events

Anyone has that Footage of Joe the Plumber saying he HATES Social Security????

More struggling GOPer Congress Critters should go on TV and bad mouth Obama ALA Bachmann

MAVERICK POW McCain re-defines Virginia: It's now Virginia, West Virginia, and REAL Virginia

YAHOO's Most Email Photo on 10/18/08

180,851 "anti-American" dollars, Bachmann.

Major Utah Newspaper (Salt Lake Tribune) endorses Obama

Powell's endorsement is no-win for McSame

This will show anyone in America why we need to SPREAD THE WEALTH

McCain is a scumbag

100,000 in St Louis today, largest assembled crowd in the city since....

McCain's wild "socialism" charge evidences the last throes of a campaign in downward spiral.

Obama up now on MSNBC-- Alfred E Smith Dinner (Whole speech)

Obama, my Hairdresser and the Power of Propaganda: Spiegel Online International

CNN is all Palin/McCain and just a small toss of Biden. Where is Obama?

CNN is all Palin/McCain and just a small toss of Biden. Where is Obama?

this "socialism" charge must be taken very seriously *CONCERNED*

Who is phone banking tomorrow? Who is canvassing? What the heck are you doing to get Obama elected



Here's the McCain camps "REAL Virginia" comment up on youtube. Give it some hits

Is video of Obama's full speech from today in St. Louis posted anywhere yet?

Is video of Obama's full speech from today in St. Louis posted anywhere yet?

Is video of Obama's full speech from today in St. Louis posted anywhere yet?

Modesto Bee: Barack Obama for president

Bachmann Calls For 'penetrating Expose' On 'anti-Americans' In Congress: CBS News

Stockton Record endorses Obama (the first Democrat since FDR!)

Anyone know where I can find Obama's schedule?

Racists FOR Obama?

Racists FOR Obama?

Concentrate the wealth

Huffington Post Home Page Screen Shot: "100,000 in St. Louis"

Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsing Obama tomorrow!

Attack of the Clone! (((PIC)))

Ben Afflek is a dick head

Kids and Obama...the under 10 crowd is convincing their parents to support Obama

Road to 270: Connecticut

Obama says meet me in St Louis - and a record 100,000 turn up

How can a man (Mccain) face another gracious man (Obama) while being praised..

McCain treats his mother like a potted plant!

MSNBC: Obama just had a St. Louis rally with 100,000 people!

McCain's Nazi-Cocaine Connection - Gawker

Any reports on how many people at the McCain or Palin rallys today? n/t

Fashion Crime! - Michele Bachmann wears a keffiyeh

No doubt Obama is the best man for the job, but McCain did himself in with the Palin choice

Please donate to Steve Sarvi in Minnesota!

Why Colin Powell's endorsement matters:

Why Colin Powell's endorsement matters:

Republicans response to the video of the Sarah

Not Sure WHERE To Post This, But I'm Having A Problem With My Comcast

Not Sure WHERE To Post This, But I'm Having A Problem With My Comcast

Not Sure WHERE To Post This, But I'm Having A Problem With My Comcast

Not Sure WHERE To Post This, But I'm Having A Problem With My Comcast

Not Sure WHERE To Post This, But I'm Having A Problem With My Comcast

Al Smith -vs- Herbert Hoover

OK, which of you DU'rs came looking for me at the Conway Dem office?

IBD-TIPP Tracking Poll: Obama 47.2(+1.3), McCain 39.8(-.6)

I'm not getting cocky but I do feel pretty good.

John McCain Thinks You Are Stupid

If/When Barack Obama wins the election......

Could Bill Ayers endorse McCain/Palin?

I think Nancy Puffenfeffer is worried...

Median scores of Democrats on MMPI-2 versus those of Republicans on MMPI-2

As much fun as it has been to watch Elwyn Tinkelburg's war chest grow by

Ok McCain has stepped into it BIG time.. and HOPE Obama and other demos call him on it!!

Election results role call

CNN's Drew Griffin & Truth Squad dialing back says the fraud was probably perpetrated agaist ACORN

Just voted!!

R.I.P. Sen. James Rhoades

I am so not proud of myself tonight. This is indeed a new low for me.

Battleground Omaha (1 EC vote at stake) poll numbers

MASSIVE Obama Picture Gallery: Chronological -- 2 years ago to the Present Day

All of a sudden diversity in government is big...

Ohio Senator Calls Obama a Socialist

Any followup to the Zogby push poll? Did Olbermann report on it?

Obama the socialist.

when was the last Republican president

Actually, I'd like to start a thread to thank Bachmann, if you don't mind.....

:thumbsdown: Tampa Tribune endorses McCain :thumbsdown:


Proud to be an American I just voted!

Caption Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Looks like my Autograph copy of "The Audacity of Hope"

Reagan Must Have Been A Communist! Marginal Tax Rates Compared

Sunday talk show lineup for October 19 (Wow! No Sarah Palin... again...)

Hey college students.. guess what? You're anti-American according to the McCain camp!

Tinklenberg responds to Bachmann’s anti-American statements

I got this in the mail today.

Thank You and Michele Bachmann, $438,346.57 raised!

Socialist Party USA press conference, denounces McCain, refuses membership to Obama

In respect to tomorrow's NY Times endorsement of Obama

McCain's goose was cooked decades ago

Help - Obama Photo Site?!

Awww. They deleted the topic before I could post my new pic!

Any news on the KANSAS CITY CROWD yet??

2 days before early election and TX has screwed over some new voters

ACORN controversy: voter fraud or mudslinging?

From a reliable source...

NEVADA early voting sets record

TPM: Chronicling the Slime (big news orgs pick up on the subterranean sleaze campaign)

TPM: Chronicling the Slime (big news orgs pick up on the subterranean sleaze campaign)

Obama and EA Sports

CQ Politics: Latest State By State GE Matchups

VIDEO St Louis today, a celebration!

Recommend Obama St. Louis Rally Photos at Yahoo Site- That will speak to the media!

So what have people been shouting about McCain at Obama rallies?

On Election Night, what's the earliest they could call it for Obama?

Who is truly associated with terrorist?

NC Polls having to keep doors open late

(GA) Senate Race Is Surprise

why do all the crazy Republican women smile so big when they are lying and slinging mud

Can someone e-mail MSNBC!!! Gordon Liddy IDIOTS!!

"Barack Obama is not even worthy to shine the shoes of John McCain,"

John McCain is a Fascist!

John McCain is a Fascist!

Kelly O'Donnell annoys me.

Kelly O'Donnell annoys me.

American Nazi Party endorses John McCain

A game: let's take our best guess at McCain's psychiatric diagnosis...

DemoCat vs RepubliCat - CFA-Iams Cat Championship in New York - pics

*************Encouragement Thread to All Barack Campaign Workers paid and unpaid***********

El Tinklenberg responds (and says thank you)

El Tinklenberg responds (and says thank you)

The Palin Plunge: Voters Sour On McCain VP Pick

I voted!

McCain Brings On Board Another Scum Bag - I Luv The Smell of Desperation

Areas That Are Not Pro-America - Northern Virgina Is Not "Real Virginia"?

Oliver Stone's P.

"Obama will write refund checks to people who don't even pay taxes": McCain

Bachmann, Tinklenberg air it out - Report from last night's debate.

Just voted in NC

Anyone tuning in to see Palin on SNL tonight?

Back in the day SNL might have confronted Palin with blank cue cards

Back in the day SNL might have confronted Palin with blank cue cards

The climb back for this country is going to hard...

Obama mamas UNITE!!

two pictures that say hundreds of thousands of words..large jpg

More than anything, I am praying to God, Skinner, Elad, that DU does not crash on Election Night

There is Nothing Wrong with the touch-screen vote machines

Who has campaigned more in the 'real Virginia'?

Am I nuts? Advise me! Dublin, Ireland to Chicago for Election night?!

Peggy Noonan eviscerates Sarah Palin

The new memo from FOX NEWS -- "Is Obama trying to BUY the election?"

The new memo from FOX NEWS -- "Is Obama trying to BUY the election?"

Barack saves me $1300! Gramps saves me $100 Go find yours:

What a nice lady that Michelle Bachman is.

If Lorne Michales Doesn't Hire Alphacat, He's The Biggest Fool in Entertanment!

McCain on Bush: ''I Did Everything I Could to Get Him Elected''

Bachmann Tinkleberg Overdrive

Great comment from a Canadian on the Washington Wire St Louis Obama event...

Great comment from a Canadian on the Washington Wire St Louis Obama event...

Here comes the sun

The Military Vote: Surprising Statistic

Biden congratulated Ellen on her marriage, and emphatically stated he would vote NO

Look for a HUGE crowd in Madison, WI this Thursday when Barack comes to town

rant alert....

Obama raised more than $100 million in September, according to the NYT!

Good tracking poll day: Rasmussen 50-45 (-1 for M), Gallup 50-42 (-1 for M)

HEADS UP: Alert of possible election fraud in West Virginia:

trash email from the mcsame camp - note link @ bottom



Bachmann Comments Raise At Least $400k For Opponent [updated]

Bachmann Comments Raise At Least $400k For Opponent [updated]

McCain is dominating the press....

Wake Me Up! (scathing rant)

Caption? Photoshop?

Daughter of "Obama Food Stamps" creator explains how her mother is NOT a racist

Political correctness is the downfall of many liberals.

The largest rally in US history and no mention of it on the MSM?

DU, I need a list of members in Congress and Senators who we need to unseat and.....

Trouble is, not that many people know who Gordon LIDDY is?

The Dallas Morning News' endorsement of McCain is a joke

I think Palin being on SNL will actually help Obama

Obama's election will end twenty straight years of "Southern" control of the White House

Here's the outfit making the robocalls; let's return the favor! And BOYCOTT THEIR CLIENTS - list

Freeper Fantasies-Could Mike Ditka Have Changed The Course Of History?

Tell Congress to Censure Michele Bachmann

200,000 absentee ballots asked for in Cuyahoga County so far...

Politico- Cindy McCain lawyer invokes Obama drug use

Michelle Obama in a tape call to some station? WTF?

Read my mom's response to an email about M. Obama!!

"Barack Obama: Black?" (An anonymous rant, and well worth it)

Early Vote Is No Secret Vote? They Can Track My Vote!!

speaking of SNL, anyone else think it's about time they hired a Black actor to play Obama

Add your candidates to the DU ActBlue Donation page

So...Palin on SNL. Discuss.

McCain admits regret over Palin pick

Obama rally, St Louis, MO: 100,000 people, maybe 150,000? PICTURE

Colin Powell expected to endorse Obama

*** Saturday TOONs: Campaign and Economy ***

*** Saturday TOONs: Campaign and Economy ***


Saturday Morning Data Dump, 10/18 – Obama Winning Every Demographic Except One

Petition For Bachmann Censure

STEP AWAY! from the keyboard... my last Action Thread.

Thousands Face Mix-Ups in Voter Registrations

Some new updates on Palinaspresident

I live in Michelle Bachman's District and I want to thank DU from

--Another Photoshop Challenge!!--Bon Voyage Bush & Co!---

Freepers Go Completely Unhinged: Try To PROVE Photos of 100,000 Are FAKE

Thank you Senator John Kerry

GOP Terrified Of American Voters - AJC

Houston Chronicle Endorses Barack Obama!

Houston Chronicle Endorses Barack Obama!

The Acorn Story (this should be on the DU front page)

Junk fax from fundies sent to churches; claims Obama is in favor of child sacrifice

Powell Endorsement... yay or nay

Michelle Obama to be in Gainesville, Fl

"If You Invest Now In Your Child's College Fund You Will Be Very Happy In Fifteen Years"

We just got back from the largest political rally in American history and I am still in awe...

Kerry calls on Sununu to denounce McCain robocalls, blasts McCain for negative campaigning

Kerry calls on Sununu to denounce McCain robocalls, blasts McCain for negative campaigning

The Philly Inquirer has endorsed.. it's Obama!

Did I hear that correctly? That Obama will announce he raised $100 MILLION in September???

The Oregonian endorses Obama

Nobody loves America

KO on ACORN and the Supremes overturning Ohio

KEITH!!! Covering the link between fired ATTYS and ELECTION FRAUD

I finally figured it out, and Sarah Palin is a national secrity genius

What do you think? Obama orders Chinese food

Ummmm - I thought Joe the Plumber

OH SOS Brunner will be on Rachel Maddow Show to explain the importance of the SC Decision

Cindy McCain reports $4.2 million in '07 income - NY Times

I love America. I hate the fascists and bush-league NAZI's that are within the right

Up-to-the-minute Joe the Plumber news!

The Great Pumkin came early!

Lahde Quits Hedge Funds, Thanks `Idiots' for Success

Amar Ali gives me hope for mankind.

Americans United Asks IRS To Investigate Arkansas Church For Political Endorsement

Americans United Blasts Bush Administration For Report Urging More Tax Aid To Religious Schools

*** Friday TOONS: W the Movie, and John the Plumber ***

The Miami Herald endorses Obama

Muere, Las Vegas?: Losing Las Vegas Shows How Americans Crap Out in Housing Casino

At quick glance, I thought Joe the Plumber was Jeff Gannon/Guckert...

Palin speak: "Not any one area of America is more pro-America patriotically than others"

Internment Camp Enthusiast Michelle Malkin weeps for Joe the Plumber

Is McCain really proud of these crowds?

LA Times - Republican Voter Registration Groups Submitting False Registrations - Where's The FBI?

Michelle Obama What if you knew her and

As late as I got to the Obama campaign, . .

Now, if we could only get this idiot-

Michael Smerconish: "I've Decided"

Come on up for the Rising

It's The Saturday Evening Post (she said with a smirk) What Should Obama Do Between Now and

Which newspapers endorsed Obama?

Ever wonder where the 23% are :The Baptist Board, The FFF board

Obama camp asks: What part of the country isn’t pro-America?

Ok look what I found its a rant including Joe the plumber Help I need to have a smart response

Mudcat on Rachel's show

Obama needs to run the following ad immediately... It would expose McCain utterly...

Does anybody know whether Act Blue counts donations made

My dear friend (and very liberal Dem) Pam just told me she got to

Supreme Court to Decide Ohio AFTER Election Results are Known

Michelle Bachmanns "Bathroomgate"

Meet Mr. Bachmann (Michele's husband)

Bachmann's "Death Grip"

Even Elisabeth Hasselback wants to distance herself from the Coultergeist.

Has your opinion of Alaska changed since Sarah Palin entered the race?

What parts of the inauguration can an average citizen see?

Anyone have information on the 23/6 website?

93 Days 7 Hours 10 Minutes

Polite revenge re: bachmann

McCain compares Obama to European socialists

I for one love the "O" flag

Can Obama reverse Bush's signing statements? Just curious and Mcain is a proven liar

The Nation: Fox News vs Obama

Can some one catch me up on the Tinklenber Bachmann thing?

Buy a Beach House for Shelter When Going Bankrupt: Ann Woolner

I view the ACORN persecution as another act of Republican voter-suppression.

I'll give Michele Bachmann and the rest of these typhoid vermin one bit of credit....

The Bad Reporter is soooo bad!

Anybody Else Getting A Black Screen On MSNBC From Time ot Time

Mayor Villaraigosa Donates to "NO on 8" (anti gay proposition)

Guardian UK: Wall Street bankers in line for $70bn payout

McCain is a real snake in the grass isn't he?

It will be a great day in America when

McCain's Real Joe the Plumber Is Mafia Figure (Satire)


Where's the next Tim McVeigh/ Eric Rudolph?

I haven't kept up...just who is Tinklenberg??

After hearing Bachman on Hardball, I feel moved to donate to Elwyn Tinklenberg. (link to his site)

Rattling the Snakes

I just got push-polled in NC!

CBS 5 Poll: Slight Nod To 'Yes' On Prop. 8

Uncyclopedia entry on Joe The Infamous Plumber

Palin supporter compares Obama to Charles Manson at Norm Coleman rally

How Low can Faux News go? Just Now!!!!

This will turn Pennsylvania to Obama Country for sure. McCain needs to just leave now. Its over.

Has the FBI investigated Premier Election Solutions (formerly Diebold Election Systems)?

Crist: We'll do "absolutely everything" to win

The Company You Keep

DCCC Poll: Bachmann’s lead in the Sixth is down to four points over Tinklenberg

Florida has an anti-family Prop as well. Vote NO on 2

Dave "Mudcat" Saunders bio and Huff Post blogger link

Crawford Texas, a must see movie.

Charlie Rose too interview Brolin!

Stop the Hate Petition

I just spent the evening sitting next to a freeper at a hockey game

Afghan policeman kills American soldier

***Why I am wishing you to win this thing in a landslide*** (post from a friend)

When Obama says get out the vote....

Is there an online resource that shows the level of pro-Americanism by zip code?

PIX of HUGH Crowd in St. Louis today... from St. Louis Post Dispatch

Looks like the formation of


***DUers*** Adopt the "O"hio flag as your own!

Tragically funny Detroit Free Press cartoon re: retirement plans

The Jeff Farias Show is coming back.

Did anyone see the report on VA on PBS Now tonight?

Daylight Robbery - BBC Documentary on Iraq War Profiteers and Alan Grayson fighting back!

So who will * pardon in the last few days of his administration?

What to do when the BANK is the robber?

Is this Michele Bachmann's "Macaca" moment?

Will we choose the happy underpants?

Slightly late, but my weekly shameless plug for "The Idiot Box."

'Joe the Plumber's' AZ driver license suspended

"The collapse of Wall Street is to free-market fundamentalism...

Bill Maher thread? Bernie Sanders is rocking, and

Something that's not normally said- Thank you to the Secret Service for

Contacts for Minneapolis Media RE: Michelle Bachmann

NonJudgment Day is at hand!

Real Time: I love Sen. Bernie Sanders

Gah!! I had almost successfully forgotten about how Linda Chavez makes my blood boil

Bush and McCain are both "the class clown" personality type

Need some DU help...

Obama-Biden Tax Calculator website results for Joe the Plumber (Saves $600-$1100)

Jeb Bush calls the "Oedipal rivalry" in Oliver Stone's Bush movie "High-Grade Hooey"

Gallup 10/18: Obama 50 - McLiar 42. (McLiar -1)

Cindy McCain's income "dropped by nearly $2 million from 2006?" Dear GOD, we really ARE in a CRISIS!

Rachel just said Bachman's opponent received $30,000.00 in donations from her remarks!!!

How much money did Tinklenberg start off with today??

Bill Maher on Joe the Plumber and Ann Coulter?

Michele Bachmann has been HOT for God since she was 16

Uncle Splatty Has a Theory About Obama's "Unhuman" Calmness

I got my OBAMA - BIDEN T-shirt today!

Republicans Rain Negative Automated Calls on Voters in Swing States

Post your $ donation to Elwyn Tinklenberg and the link you used. I KNOW we raised

OK, so I saw the Bachmann interview finally...and I'm still wondering why Tweety didn't ask THIS:

Ehm, the white tie dinner/roast , with the cardinal in the center of

WVA Machines Switch Obama Votes to McCain!

Oh My God! Fairfield OH, racist hangs Obama ghost in tree!!!

MO Rethug using his youung daughter to attack opponent

There's still time to make a donation to the Obama campaign by midnight, and get a matching donation

Frank Luntz: "I believe Barack Obama is going to be the next President of the United States"

Here Is a Video Of The Happenings of The Repub Party

When Rats go on or in You Tube.......

No tax rebate this year??? I get it. Only their rich friends are good enough to get help

You know, I don't like it when Democrats get into scandals (Blue Dog rant)

I'm asking for $ for my readers, Help Us Get 60 Pro-worker Votes in the Senate

Come on DU, let's make this 100,000 dollar challenge

Q: Will there be more violence if Obama wins or Loses ????

More Hatred at a Palin Rally in Johnstown, PA

Ha! For a good time just click and watch the Netroots money flow to Tinklenberg

The Ten Best Youtube protest songs of the 21st century.

I will be so glad to never have to see Cindy McCain's empty eyes and designer suits after 11/5.

Add your candidates to the DU ActBlue Donation page

Michelle Bachmann just jumped the shark

Charlie Rose: Oliver Stone explaining 'W', Josh Brolin on there, too. nt

please, help this ad get on tv

PHOTOS - More photos from today, AMAZING!!!

If this is all the

When talking points go wrong (Salon on Bachmann)

Obama Campaign wants you to report any robo-calls or hate mail you receive.

Obama Campaign wants you to report any robo-calls or hate mail you receive.

More regarding IVAW debate protest from World Can't Wait

Sketch out a scenario--plausible or not--in which McCain turns this around and is the next president

I Am Seething. Please Help

How does John Stossel keep getting a huge platform?

If I Say McCain Won the Debate, They Won’t Notice When I Say Palin’s a Dumb Clown’

Palin Explains What Parts Of Country Not "Pro-America"

Just saw a political ad for Dan Lungren on TV

Can anyone tell me

So... did we ever figure out why Palin?

So... did we ever figure out why Palin?

A Response To All Those DUers Who Think That Election Fraud Is Not An Isssue In 2008

Fried steak and metal… smell of outer space to be recreated

LOL - Obama flies an "O" flag. He must be a dictator!!!

PA High School Teacher Reportedly Showed "Obsession" To Students (Obesssion the DVD stuck in newspap

The other man on the podium

SALT LAKE TRIBUNE endorses Obama!

And in the "know thine enemy" department, 2 to watch.....

Are you outraged by Michele Bachmann's remarks?

4 more Obama votes from Ohio!

received No robo-calls on Friday - check in

1967 NY Times article raises some questions regarding McCain's story about his capture in Vietnam

Freepers, PUMAs react to 100,000 at Obama rally in St. Louis: There is a river called de Nile.

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA makes surprise visit to Kansas City, MO, campaign headquarters, makes calls

Be the change you want to see.

Jim Martin is awesome. His ads are spot on and he holds nothing back

We're Heading Left Once Again - Jonathan Alter, Newsweek

50,000 Iraqi protesters chanted slogans such as "Get out occupier!".

Michele Bachmann, psychotic asshole.....

Do you all want to help out Michelle Bachmann's opponent?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Here's what to say to Michele Bachmann when you call:

This is HUGH, in my opinion: Atlanta Journal Constitution endorses

today, the peace group in town were invaded by McCainPalin people

Ex DOJ Voting Rights Chief adds his name to the growing chorus denouncing investigation of ACORN

Katrina vanden Heuvel rips into Michele Bachmann's ass......

The End of Berkeley Breathed's "Opus" (Salon)

Guardian UK: McCain's fraud fantasia

My client has his Obama signs stolen almost every day...

Please do a big DU vote for Rick Noriega D-TX

Brilliant NYTimes OP-ed on Obama

Brilliant NYTimes OP-ed on Obama

Request for Special Dispensation to...: oh nevermind

Doesn't Obama's choice of Biden make McCain's choice 'Pale in' comparison?...

Does weather affect WiFi reception?

this economy needs jobs. real, productive, unionized, realistically waged jobs.

Laura says the "terrorist" "kill him" comments never happened - then compares it to left wing websit

"If America is stupid enough to elect another Republican...

"We're votin' for the n***er!"

About this Chris Matthews business, people getting all upset over the crazy lady,

Obama's doing the pie thing again.

Obama's legal team seeks special prosecutor for voter registration probe

Analysis: McCain jumps around in bid to stop Obama

McCain campaigning heavily in strongly conservative states

Time to get America back on track.


NYT: Investigators Said to Take Closer Look at Lehman

Which Candidate has/had the greater passion/drive/desire to be President?

Failin "television watchers"

Failin "television watchers"

I found the "hitpiece"(fox news word) by NY Times on Cindy McCain

Amazing...Alex Witt is still playing with the Joe the Plumber toy she got the other day.

I think McCain will resign from the senate soon after he loses..

Voters say they were duped into registering as Republicans

Millionaire Fair opens in Munich amid financial crisis

"Good News" forum for political news.

Guardian UK: The torture time bomb

Sleaze-bag NY congressman (GOP) convicted of DUI. Arrest outs his adultery.

McTrick (no treat) Caption

University cancels speech by (Bill) Ayers

Support Elwyn Tinklenberg running against Batshit-Crazy McCarthyite Michelle Bachman!

Matthew Yglesias: The Coming Military Spending Surge

GOP sues Acorn in PA. Included in suit is the election official because he is a Dem & can't be trust

McCain-Palin Playing the Culture Card

Pakistan does some US dirty work (builds Humvees for use in Afghanistan)

Blackwater Training US Police (list) -posting for the 1 year anniversary of the article

Need an Olbermann, Maddow or Tweety fix (transcripts & videos)?!...

AlterNet: How Wall Street's Scam Artists Turned Home Mortgages Into Economic WMDs

It's time for a uniform poll closing time, and possibly weekend voting.

David Sirota: Senate Race Upset-orama: Political Earthquake Hits Oregon

Financial crisis: Hedge fund manager thanks 'stupid' traders for making him rich


Levi Stubbs has Passed Away (Four Tops Baritone)

US protects beluga whale despite Palin opposition

Sarah Palin to appear on "Dancing with the Stars" with surprise partner

Albright opposes Iraq pullout deadline

***Los Angeles Times endorses BARACK OBAMA***

Jim Martin For US Senate In GA

Pickens Plan marketer inolved in Robocalls - Contact the plan here:

http://www . torturingdemocracy . org

http://www . torturingdemocracy . org

Repubs wrecked our economy, and have the NERVE to call Dems anti-American?????

It's fantastic that so much money has been raised for Tinklenberg.

Thought process of undecided voters explained (with flowchart)

Good fugging grief

Blossom Goodchilds' formal apology to the world

Funny Letter from John McCain

Don't forget those "nonpartisan" offices...

Flying Monkey Sticker company selling "Obama Bin Lyin" bumper stickers

NRA Ad: "Obama must be defeated" followed by gunshots

Radio host Bob Grant asserted that Obama created an " 'O' flag,"

Wall Street banks in $70bn staff payout

U.S. lags other rich nations in infant mortality (goes from 27th to 29th under Bush)

John McCain "Lost In Space" by Robert Greenwald.

WPost Page A4: Questions Linger About McCain's Prognosis After Skin Cancer

Michael Smerconish, the REAL deal on his status and endorsement

Michael Smerconish, the REAL deal on his status and endorsement

"The nation needs Barack Obama" - Salt Lake Tribune

Twins Say McCain Too Old For Presidency

Dispatch propaganda campaign to cover-up e-voting flaws reaches new low

Opponents of Michigan's medical marijuana initiative turn to scare tactics out of desperation

Bush Radio: "We're a country where people realize their potential and chase their dreams"

Herbert HOOVER's great-granddtr (works at Faux) reprimands Mc5PLANES

Poll shows that Americans are figuring out what a whack job McCain is

Oh, the irony: Freepers planning to March on Washington to PREVENT THE ELECTION FROM BEING STOLEN!

Please help Dick Von Stein beat John Boehner

Naomi Wolf: Dear Conservatives, Will You Help Save the Republic from Military Takeover?

Michelle Bachmann blames economic woes on Gov't "hyper-regulation" and loans made to poor minorities

Elwyn Tinklenberg is the new "Joe the Plumber" only he is

Michelle Bachmann Hides In Bushes and Spies on Gay Rally

Cerberus stepping up efforts to sell Chrysler

Meanwhile, back in Iraq

Clarification: redistribution of wealth to the wealthy is FASCISM not SOCIALISM!

Ohio! I'm jealous! Take videos on November 4th!

Police: Futures trader's losses include his life

McCain's Radical Pal

How can all 435 House seats be up for grabs?

The dictionary entry for stupid .....

On This Day in 2004: Kerry 257 Bush 247

My prediction -- the GOP will start accusing Democrats of....(wait for it!)

This "Pro-American"/Anti-American" crap...

Sign thieves in the night

An LTTE From Our Local Paper... Re: Anger And Intolerance...Just Perfect !!!

Elwyn Tinklenberg has now received over $75000.00 in donations tonight

Proto-Fascism in the United States

John Cleese on Sarah Palin: Monty Python could have scripted this ticket

Paul Craig Roberts: "Has Deregulation Sired Fascism?"

Military Town Newspaper Challenges US Military on Murder of Military Women

Does anyone know the name of the ruling decided today re: Ohio voters?

Scott Adams (Dilbert) nails how the oligarchy keeps getting....

New McCain Lie: 'Obama tax rebate goes to people who pay no income taxes' -FALSE-

some disaster info coming from Costa Rica (4+ days heavy rain)

MSNBC just put an R beside Harry Reid's name.

Lineup for Sunday's news shows

Study: 38 Percent Of People Not Actually Entitled To Their Opinion

Stone scores big with W-- Ebert "contains no revisionist history. . . is not malicious"

I just had a thought about voter registration

Thanks Michele Bachmann $102,045

The Michigan Messenger: Possible Republican voter fraud under investigation (Nevada)

Free NYT subscription in SC

Free NYT subscription in SC

Make no mistake: The Rightists will go nuts when Obama wins.

So, I called Repupke Tony Shipley to stop the robocalls...

Not everyones' cup of tea

Fight VOTER Fraud in WVA, Write, Call, Pass it on!!!!!!

Once rising GOP star, Fossella's political life in tank, Fam valuer w/ mistress, love child, DUI

Wear blue on election day - let's drown 'em in a sea of blue! Another scummy telephone attack!

Rachel Maddow and the Obama "O" Flag? LMAO!

Rachel Maddow and the Obama "O" Flag? LMAO!

How does Act Blue account for the total given to Tinklenberg w/o stating from...

A lot of republican candidates this election want (GOP) on the ballot vs. (R)

Does anyone know..

Ettiquette question....


Immigration apparently no longer a problem at our border

Bachmann on TV questions Obama's patriotism

Gallup Saturday 10-18 Obama 50(-) McCain 42(-1)

Even republicans upset with McCains robo calls

Bachmann Backlash: A Suggestion for All Members of Congress

Would Republicans Accuse Joe the Plumber of Voter Fraud?

Hmmm....MSM DONATIONS to Bachmann

Poll: Voters souring on McCain, Obama stays steady

So, if Senator Obama wins....

Media Matters: The Ayers/Liddy double-standard

Michelle Obama's Alleged "Whitey" Tape found

Tinklenberg up to $60,000!

Help Save Troy Davis

Can you answer these 3 political questions correctly? Only 18% of Americans could

Obama will inherit a real mess

AlterNet: The War on Pot Is a War on Young People

Did anyone else see this in the SCOTUS OH voter case....

Did anyone else see this in the SCOTUS OH voter case....

Police lift Amber Alert for abducted Las Vegas boy: Press conference later today

Kevin Corke, you sly old dog!

Now McCain's calling Obama's policies "socialist" Can McCain be any more un-American?

Of Mud, Feces, and RoboCalls

Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery

McCain slams New York Times

'Jena Six' mother accused of hitting women with shovel

Bush to hold crisis talks with EU

GOP wants to concentrate the wealth.Top 1% rakes in 50% of nation's income, own 90% of it's wealth.

Michael Winship | A Mighty Hoax From ACORN Grows

Rumor: Obama to put money into Georgia and Kentucky

Ex DOJ Voting Rights Chief: "It's Going to Take a Long Time to Cleanse" Department

Can Rep Bachmann be censured?


Race seems to be tightening

Palin & Obama - Dancing with the Stars

"In other words, Barack Obama's tax plan would convert the IRS into a giant welfare agency"

Amber alert lifted for Cole Puffinburger, missing since being

Prediction: I think the Left Coast by 11pm election night...

Descendents of Maverick family: McCain is NOT a maverick

ROCK OBAMA (Political Essay & mp3 Campaign Song)

Obama/Biden Tax Calculator! Check out your savings on taxes here!

John The Loser still invoking Joe The Plumber

Joe the thread...C'mon in & grunt one out..

Joe the thread...C'mon in & grunt one out..

saw W last night. Laughed my arse off

Rethug commentators are saying that only an external event

Huffpo finds the source of recorded "robocalls"

Zina Saunders 2 new illustrations on Joe the Plumber

I think it's time for us to just let the 5th grade classes all over the US

What is your Obama Tax Saving?

Photo of US Soldier in Iraq

McCain, My A$$!

Congressman Robert Wexler: TORTURE

In Soviet Russia dog tracks you!

Crowd rushes forward and gobbles up record breaking sandwich before it can be measured

The Failed Presidency of George W. Bush: A Dismal Legacy

At 3:05 Central Tinklenberg will release on Huffington Post the total amount

website question: why do some websites do copy and paste with non-visible characters ?

National polls may be tightening, but statewide, support for Obama is still rising

What's dumber than Joe the Plumber?...

MI GOP leaders moan, groan, and bitch. It's all Bush's fault, you know.

Thank God It Passed

LOL Bachmann named one of Esquire's "10 Worst Members of Congress."

AP actually is fair in a piece about ACORN.

Nancy phootenhermouth just blew it

Ayers, Annenberg, The Mafia, and Barack Obama.

100,000 people showed up for the Obama rally

The RNC is Stoking the Fires of Chaos - Obama Will Likely Inherit a Scorched Earth...

Oliver Stone's "W" #2 at the Box Office

Joe Biden Was On Fire In Nevada! His Best Line Was..........

Ok, MSNBC just cut off Obama's rally in St Louis after only a few

Funny PSA. Not suitable for work or ice cream social at church.

The ULTIMATE verdict on the bailout - $70 billion in bonuses to financial workers

OMG- this is HUGH! Chicago Tribune endorses Obama for president!

National Right to Life's mission statement

Question about copying images in Google Chrome

Voter Fraud - The Dog that Didn't Bark (and what YOU can do to stop the smears)

Dear Michelle Bachmann.

Senator Obama this is a HATE CRIME. File Charges, Immediately.

On Joe McCarthy in a skirt.


Amber alert. Missing boy. Mexican drug cartel, Clint Van Zant moralizing .......

The World According to Sarah Palin LOL

Does Sarah Palin know she's a national laughing stock and widely held in **very** low esteem .......

DCCC on Bachmann: Have You Seen The Shocking Video?

Obama's Legal Team Seeks Special Prosecutor for Voter Registration Probe

Bachmann made no mistakes

Here They Are

whrab's 999th post !

For the second time today, MSNBC is giving McSame

There is a Republican Party criminal conspiracy being conducted nationwide to deny voting rights.

I am so sick of this shit!

Officials say bombing in Georgia yesterday was a 'suicide attack' but not an act of terrorism

CIA’s Loss of Top Spies ‘Catastrophic,’ Says Agency Veteran

RNC Lawyer Refutes McCain

Obama is the antichrist is code for Obama is a n*gger.

Ex DOJ Voting Rights Chief: "It's Going to Take a Long Time to Cleanse" Department

The Media is enthralled with the "Angry White Man"

China builds railroads to fight recession..we build..? Forbes

Armed Service Radio:'yes' to Rush,'no' to the Left. Oops! to Tortured Canadian Bush History,10/18

Armed Service Radio:'yes' to Rush,'no' to the Left. Oops! to Tortured Canadian Bush History,10/18

Three words to consider three weeks out .......

Jeez! This CINDY MCCAIN Profile from the NYT is BRUTAL

Mama Sarah is a Baby Abuser!

Suppose the dim one called for a global economic summit and no one came?

Over $10,000 an hour for Tinklenberg in the last 24 hours

The McCain 2 step. Simple plans for complex problems.

The McCain 2 step. Simple plans for complex problems.

A question about McCain's first wife......

National Democrats to bolster Tinklenberg's funds

McCain Campaign To Administer IQ Tests To Enter Palin Rally, To Stop The Videos.

A great financial opportunity.

Will Darth do a Ken Lay and escape?

Joe the faux Plumber - "Social Security is a joke...Don't like it!" - Make this viral!

Is DU down to a snail's crawl for anyone else today?

MEDIA ALERT: Prophet Yahweh Predicts Spaceships Will Appear Oct. 31st in Support of Senator Obama

Whoa....HuffPo has a pic of the crowd in St. Louis. I can't believe

Tinklenberg donations up to $218,748 at 6:50pm est tonight!

Can't I just mark one thread at a time?

Bush Admin: Groups That Hire Based On Religion Can Receive Taxpayer Money

That CodePink - what a bunch

great printable Obama posters

Alaska Sen. Stevens testifies gifts appeared unsolicited, unwanted

Alaska Sen. Stevens testifies gifts appeared unsolicited, unwanted

I know most of you think Palin's kids ought to be off limits ... but I gotta say this .....

A Mighty Hoax From ACORN

Probe of Lehman collapse escalated: report

I'm gunna go make a latte and sip it ............

Frank Rich:He Just Can’t Quit W

I have just been told there are only 3 Immigration judges in the country.

Taking bets on what day a "bin laden" tape appears on the news?


"You don't look like a guy who'd vote for Obama"

"Hello!" From the annual New Hampshire Jefferson-Jackson dinner!

A Rendezvous With Destiny, Cast in Bronze

Photos: Holy Cow.Check Out This Crowd In St. Louis, MO

Help! I need some ideas.

NYT: A Pundit in the Country (Rachel Maddow)

The Democratic candidate is doing much better than 4 years ago. To what do we attribute this?

Sign the petition to censure Michelle Bachmann

Seems that Joe the Plumbers Ohio drivers license may very well be invalid

King says Hubler, national ‘hard-core left’ making race personal

NC-Sen: Hagan Leads by 4

I sure do see a buttload of mccain-palin stickers and yard signs lately

'Only three discernible, if highly unlikely, paths to a McCain victory'

Bachmann's idiocy goes MSM (Minn-St Paul Star-Tribune)....Check out the reader comments!

Hi. Gov. Lingle warns a crowd of tens that Obama will endanger America.

Americans Flunk Simple 3-Question Political Survey

"Wall Street's $1 Million Fantasy Football League" (Hedge Fund/Highroller's Fantasy!)

Quandary: If the Freepers are the ones with the jobs and Libs are shiftless unemployed layabouts...

THIS is what needs to happen to every Diebold voting machine:

It’s Time For The End Of The “Reagan Revolution, “ On All Fronts.

McCain admits regret over Palin Pick????

16 Words: New Court Filing Suggests Manufactured Terror Threat in Bush's 2002 State of the Union

FReepers planning Nov 1 March on DC: Now taking bets on total number that show up

HOLY MOLY These Internets Are Powerful! Tinklenberg's Fundraising Explodes! (xpost)

Jim Martin's new ad. is superb! (GA Senate Race)

King: Al-Qaida Will Be "Dancing In The Streets" If "Hussein" Obama Wins

Who Was The Guy Speaking With Bush Today On MSNBC?!

Have You All Seen This YouTube Video Yet?

Some early W.Va. voters angry over switched votes -- names on screen seen flipping

Obama forces the pace of change in Dixieland

Imagine if Bush's social security privatization plan had passed congress in 2005 in light of crash

JPMogan/ obviously entwined. n/t

Tinklenberg Donations Watch!

I've seen that look before

Will Obama restore our space program?

Ending the War Without End

White racists are tired of holding back & are coming out of the closet

Regarding misspelled words

FReepers threaten terrorism if Obama wins

Afghanistan: "an unjust, imperialist war of conquest and empire"

I have a tip on an Anti-American member of Congress. A letter to Michele Bachmann.


Voter Fraud? Why not just dye our fingers purple?

Would Troy Davis be getting more attention if he was white?

Tinklenberg: UPDATE with fundraising numbers: $438,346.57

Bushs' days left in office clock - update

smearing Islam: “We just sent you a DVD. Watch it and remember it when you go into the voti

Obama is winning by a landslide in Dave's Gourmet contest...

as long as lower class and middle class whites fear loss of prestige to non whites

"Bricklayer for McCain!!" and other phony-baloney hypermasculine occupation signs

Warren Buffett: "Buy American. I am."

Martial law in select cities

Joe The Liar Gets Flushed

I'm just book title. I am not a super star, not a plumber, just an average teacher

WTF is this and are they allowed to do this?????

WTF is this and are they allowed to do this?????

WTF is this and are they allowed to do this?????

"We are the turning of the tide"

13 Million Voters Purged -- and Counting!

So Paulson's cronies get to pocket a 10% finders fee on the $700B bailout?

Obama Campaign wants you to report any robo-calls or hate mail you receive!

Some asshole STOLE my NY Times from the sidewalk again this morning.

Code Pink saves Gold Star Mom's home from foreclosure

Oliver Stone's W: missed opportunities and even inaccuracy.

OK I'm gonna try once more - Help end the robocalls! PLEASE!

Starting at 5pm on Comedy Central: "Undercover Brother." Racist or satire?

My friend called me today because her Obama sign was stolen

HOLY MOLY These Internets Are Powerful! Tinklenberg Fundraising Explodes

Election Language *****REMINDER****

Inside Hanford, A Trip to America's Most Toxic Place

Any arborists on DU? a challange

FL 16: The waste of a good Democrat. The harm done there now.

Why do people steal campaign signs?


Our Barbarian Nation

Got a kick out of this...

Michelle Bachmann...I am appalled. Generally speaking, I don't

Bachmann got Tinklenberged.

Gun shop stages 'Pre-Osama bin Biden' sale

***DUers, If you vote on a touchscreen voting machine, BRING A CAMERA!***

Check in if you've ALREADY voted for the 1st president of the 21st century.

Anyone else watching Crusoe on NBC?

A bear in his natural habitat

Garfield - Garfield

i drunk i'm think


So my wife had a rather bad day.

Poor kitteh...He's back in the lampshade collar

Saw Nikka Costa in concert on Wednesday....great act.

Now THAT is my Red Bull!!!!

So, I'm taking a bunch of furriners to a right of passage in Vancouver

Missing DU'ers.

Well, it's another Friday night. Countdown is over, and Rachel Maddow is on now.

What are you doing the rest of your life?

Late night Pizza making:

I am looking for hand made incense...anyone know someone

Reporting from enemy territory . .. . .


The End of Berkeley Breathed's "Opus"

sorry all you kid rock haters

My life has become so pressured that,...

Does dancing around to "dreaming" by Blondie while cleaning your room.....

I voted!

Would you pay $180 for this?

007 alert: Daniel Craig is on Leno tonight!

My 5 year old learned an important lesson from the kudzu thread today...

I'm alittle unsure of the identification of horses. Are these quarter horses?

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned, I looked at the boobs.

It's about time that I told all of you what I think of you

I just threw an easy belated birthday party for my daughter in the park

Reasonable price Chicago hotel?

Just two more days left until early voting starts, the next two weeks will be hell.

I am watching The Ex List...

This video is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen

Practice Self-Actualization...

OMFG! OMFG! It's the unmistakable image of Joe the Plumber in my grilled cheese sandwich! OMFG!

There's still time to make a donation to the Obama campaign by midnight, and get a matching donation

Do not date this woman.

Things to no longer post in the lounge:

Unattached women who date men: Would you seriously date a man who's shorter than you?


I almost died laughing.

Tincture Bread?

Led Zeppelin I is sheer genius


S. Pellegrino

I might change my nickname to "Mudcat"

Two year old picture thread.

Led Dirigible Uno e assoluto genio. n/t


Today is the first day after yesterday...

a simple message for "Joe the Plumber" (nsfw)

Post your earworm

My best 5am shopping find

Goddamn, was that a pain in the ass. I tried to create a photobucket account again,


RJD2 "Work It Out" (awesome video)

Time to interrupt regular programming for the "Cat From Hell" video again!

Hot Damn, I feel good!

RIP my 2001 Toyota Echo

Led Zeppelin, I is sheer genius

Because of Michelle Bachmann's insanity, Tinklenberg is raising tens of thousands in hours!

Good morning!

Steal this comic

Lil Smokey doing so much better

dupe has a trailer for their "Sarah Palin porn" up

I Just Voted By Male Oregon

Boredom..... it's fantastic

I have the house to myself until Thursday night, what to do?

"John McCain, he is nice and all, but he is 72 years old." --86 and they've never voted!

Wal Mart has everything!

What's up with Ratchet the dog? I read there was a fuckup - is he still coming to the US?

A beautiful day, good coffee and DU....

nothing to see here....

My plan for today was to cook pasta. I remembered to buy every ingredient but one.

Kitten Picture of the day for Saturday October 18

Lurid crimes of CaliforniaPeggy by county


Holy shit!

Hey Loungers, please help! Robocall outfit needs to be brought down

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 10/18/2008)

Picture thread?

What's for breakfast DU?

Please send vibes re: house showing today.

Awww. OktoberKid is off to a birthday party.

Ohio: The New Florida?

Okay, so this Crusoe show on the TV....

Graffiti artist scores with visual pun in Berkeley (not political)

Plumbing question - posted here for more views.

"Opus" is ending November 2nd...

cat gone wild

Girl Talk: Master of critically jizzed-on "Mashup" genre or a lawsuit waiting to happen?

Don "Soul Train" Cornelius arrested on felony domestic violence charges

6 Signs You're About to be Attacked by Zombies

I've got to share the cutest puppy video ever. (It's short.)

email question...

I was so inspired by bicentennial_baby

Should I worry about going to IHOP with my coworkers?

A new freeperism.. "inspyred"

Its been awhile but I'm back loungers

Daniel is asleep in my lap

Parche is taking DU for granite again!

Why do some Nola folks talk like Brooklyners?

Chef showdowns you'd like to see.....

A message from Queen Elizabeth II (from DTBK, not Bullwinkle)

Crowd rushes forward and gobbles up record breaking sandwich before it can be measured

Name Your Campaign Song:

Name Your Campaign Song:

I'm all for partying at my place and all that..... but seriously

I've decided how I will get an Obama sign.

Breakfast At Denny's

Hey, DS1. Remember that thing?

The Time Is Now

Sow Into You

whrab's 999th post !

[re:jazz] - Inner City Life

Regina Spektor - US

My downstairs neighbor is going to be a fighter pilot...

How Rabrrrrrr was made:

Loungers, please help ed the robocalls - please check here for action items!

I am giddy as a kid on Christmas

Oxala - Some easy listening

Lurid crimes of California by county

Real Virginia just beat UNC

kneading kitties

Coolest Mom ever? I'm thinking about buying shark-obsessed LK one of these:

Post a childhood / baby picture (if you dare!!!)

I just ordered one of these

Human Behaviour

Worst use of "auto-tune" in popular music?

Who would jump at dinner and a movie with me?

I just got back from Kazakhstan! Ask me anything! (And please

Nothing like falling on your face to look like a total drunk

Went to lunch at Chili's...and funnily enough, there was actually a woman breastfeeding!

Need a laugh? Rarely go to GD-P?

Did you know that "I Can Has Cheezeburger" is now a BOOK??

I'm on a mandatory 15 minute break...

FReek: Obama "is a Sociologist!"

Explain DuStrange.

Our latest rescue...and we named him Obama!

So, last night 4 intrepid MN DUers...


My two year old just had his 1st shower

I just found a recent pic of Reagan:

What pisses you off?

I'm gonna go watch Fellowship of the Ring. See y'all!

The Magnificent Minnie the Lounge cat has left this world.

VOTE POTENTATE '08 flags (3 sizes)

How much money do you think it would take to start a cheesecake manufacturing business?

Remember a few months ago, when it was nothing but non-stop Michael Phelps?

Who gets along best with new family members, your dogs or your cats?

Can you really catch more flies with honey?

Have you purchased your beverage(s) for Election Night yet?

Where are my friends?

So, we lost Maggie today

SCRUPLES! If you knew that a friend of yours was having an affair on his wife...

Today's College Football Thread

Songs that make you 'em if ya got 'em

At last, a debate that does NOT involve mooning: pi vs. e.

Check out my sack!

October 17, 1989: Where were YOU?

So we might adopt a new kitty....

What doesn't piss you off?

What doesn't piss you off?

The BAR Is Finally Back Open

Is it me or did the Irish give us the coolest regional accents?

I need revenge ideas.

So the new kitten has arrived

What the hell does "Quantum of Solace" mean?

October 17, 1689: Where were your ANCESTORS?

Barack Obama - Stand by Me


Parrot Palin

Parody of an Eric Clapton song that rhymes with McCain.

Musical Interlude: In Honor of the State of Ohio

Daylight Robbery BBC Documentary on War Profiteering - Alan Grayson for Congress

GOP Rep. Rants Against 'Anti-American' Forces In Congress

New Rules - 10/17/08

Bachmann Says She is a "Fool For Christ"

Senator Norm Coleman, Todd Palin, & Wayne LaPierre in Hermantown, MN on October 16th, 2008

"Liberal, Leftist and anti-American" - Full Bachmann comments on MSNBC

Afghani police joining Taliban?

OH SoS Brunner on Supreme Court Ruling

Intel Officers Spied On Americans

Obama Counsel Bauer on Olbermann: "Voter Fraud" and Bush DOJ

More Extreme Hate At A McCain/Palin Rally

Trying to Calm Cambodia-Thailand Temple Dispute

Larry King Live: Bobby Kennedy vs Michael Reagan (Part 1)

Bachmann says Obama 'may' be anti-American

Rachel Maddow Impressed by Obama Campaign Push Back

Joe the Plumber

Supreme Court throws out Ohio Republicans' election lawsuit

This is getting ridiculous: KS Haloween display --- Obama and Osama


Joe Public and Joe Cool

Ohio SecState Brunner on Maddow-10_17_08

Webb on Palin Pick: What Was McCain Thinking

Rachel Maddow: Jonathan Turley on Voter Suppression

Kenya seeks big airport for Obama

Rachel Maddow calls out Bachmann's McCarthyism. Reports on Tinklenberg's fund raising

Elwyn Tinklenberg On Michelle Bachman And The Issues

Circle of Lies...Bush/ McCain/Palin Parody

For Michelle Bachmann (Army McCarthy Hearings)

Hardball: Michelle Bachman Calls Liberals Un-American

Hailin' Palin - Funny Flash Cartoon

For Sarah Palin Lovers...Think.

Vanden Heuvel warns against Bachmann's hateful talk (pt.2)

Caught on Tape: Obama Campaign Sign Thief

Vote Mccain/Palin not brock osama

Update for 10/17 Weekly

Tina Fey On Letterman 10-17-08

Vote Obama: Appeal To Reason With Two Weeks To Go

Fox. OHIO GOP's Vote Fraud Fraud

McCain to Obama: Lay Off Joe The Plumber

Barack Obama on McCain's Tax Plan

John McCain campaign: Northern Virginia is not real Virginia

50,000 Iraqis Protest U.S. Occupation

Southern drought creeping northward

La Opinion endorses Barack Obama

Suicide attack wounded 5 NATO soldiers in Afghanistan

Computers Stolen from Boston ACORN Office

106 Year-Old Obama Supporter Excited about the First Black U.S. President

Local Voices for Obama - Commander Dalton

Joe Biden hits back hard on Palin's divisive rhetoric and McCain's robocalls

Trick or Treat with Joe the Plumber

Fossella (R-NY) convicted of drunken driving

Voters say they were duped into registering as Republicans

Obama is the Choice (Atlanta Journal)

Real Time with Bernie Sanders, Ben Affleck and Martin Short

A simple choice: The nation needs Barack Obama in the White House (Salt Lake Tribune)

St Louis, 100,000 people - A Celebration

TYT: Cenk On Joe The Plumber


Migrant numbers 'must be reduced'

Americans could face jury-less trials in Iraq

McCain Campaign (Puffenfeffer): "Real Virginia" Is "Southern In Nature"

MASHUP -- McCain's Proud of his Supporters

Awkward Pose n Turns For Palin Beauty Pageant Swimsuit NEW

McCain's Robocalls: An All Out Assault

Republican Post Failure Accountability Disorder-PFAD

Rahm Emanuel Democrats want to help workers (radio address)

Barack Obama Choose Wisely

White Obama

New Obama TV ad airing in Florida - "Golden Years"

Whale Protection Is Bolstered as Palin Objects

McCain avows Crist's value

European leaders press for new economic order

Sex toy removed over melamine contamination

Palin praises 'Joe the Plumber' for ruining Obama photo-op

Oceana pilot reprimanded for passing over Venezuela (US Navy)

House speaker doubts Colombia pact under Bush

Gallup Daily: Obama Maintains Lead - Among registered voters, Obama now leads 50% to 42%

Grandfather Is Held in Case of Kidnapped Nevada Boy

McCain draws bipartisan criticism for 'robo calls'

Colombia drug kingpin pleads guilty in US

GOP Senator Slams McCain Robo Call

Racist Mike Lunsford of Ohio Hangs Obama Effigy from Noose in Tree!

PIX of HUGH Crowd in St. Louis today... from St. Louis Post Dispatch

McCain, Palin hint that Obama's policies are 'socialist'

"Mismatch” legal battle moves to Ohio Supreme Court

Nuke waste: Foreign waste already finds its way to Utah

Thousands march in Baghdad against U.S. pact

Ellen Urges Californians to Vote No on Prop. 8

Bush Aides Say Religious Hiring Doesn’t Bar Aid

Mervyns to liquidate remaining stores

Rachel Maddow discusses McCain with Dave 'Mudcat' Saunders

Robert Kennedy has the Balls to Bring it up....

McCain suggests Obama tax policies are socialist

Alaska's minorities feel ignored by Palin

Antiwar vets attacked by police outside debate

Voters contend they were duped into registering Republican. LA TImes

Chirstopher Hitchens Says McCain "Lost Capacity", Palin is a Dangerous Fool...Ingraham Flips Out.

FBI resources limited for economic probes: report

A black man hopes for the Bradley Effect

'NYT' Profile of Cindy Draws Angry McCain Response -- Including Release of Email and Facebook

TYT: The New Rape Ad Out Against Sarah Palin (W/ Commentary)

Some early W.Va. voters angry over switched votes

U.S. company recalls cookies over melamine concerns

Bachmann Comments Raise At Least $150k For Opponent

IMF to investigate its director

Prosecutor with McCain ties seeks voter records (Ohio)

100,000 Rally for Obama in the Swing State of Missouri!

Dukakis hits changed McCain/Democrat calls Palin choice 'pretty pathetic'...

Chris Walla Asks Minnesota to Vote

Freddie Mac, AIG, JPMorgan Helped Stage Republican Convention

Arms smuggling worries Sudan

McCain Adviser Says Northern Virginia Not "Real" Virginia

Army to probe 5 Colo. murders linked to brigade

TYT: Rush Limbaugh Proves (Again) He Is A Racist

Rep. Michele Bachmann says Obama 'may' be anti-American

Joe Biden - The Tonight Show - 10.16.2008 [1/2]

(Chicago) Sun-Times endorses Barack Obama for president

Bachmann on Matthews stating that Democrats are unAmerican

Obama Rally Draws 100,000 in Missouri

Oil discovery could put Cuba in big league

Owner Believes Lexus Vandalized Due To McCain Sticker

Wall Street banks in $70bn staff payout ... 10% of US government bail-out package

Terry Tate meets Sarah Palin

U.S. Supreme Court order in Ohio voting case cited in Wisconsin lawsuit

Joan Didion: Election by sound bite

Why Don't Dems Just Fight Fire with Fire with Own Robocalls

Young People for Change? They’re Hitler Youth

Warren Buffett : Buy American. I Am.

Welcome to the end of American Supremacy. We Deserve It.

An Sneak Preview of Palin's 'Out of Character' SNL Appearance

Another Surprising Boost for Obama from 'The Denver Post'

I have always argued that if we elect McCain, the world will marginalize us

Obama's career was NOT launched in Ayers' living room

Ignorance Fills the Income Gulf

The Right's Final Attack: Obama a Black Muslim, Anti-Christian Socialist Plotting with an Evil Jew

Survive the madness, seek shelter under Stephen Harper's hair

Peggy Noonan: Palin's Failin'

Local Issues Come to Fore in Battleground States

Analysis: McCain jumps around in bid to stop Obama

Tennessee Tuxedo Disavows GOP Judge Caught as Flasher

Helen Thomas: Privatizing Social Security -- an idea whose time never came

Bush Aides Say Religious Hiring Doesn’t Bar Aid (newly disclosed legal memo)

Matthew Yglesias: The Coming Military Spending Surge

Colin Powell to Launch REAL Surprise on Meet the Press

Who Gets to Vote? by Amy Goodman

Poor John McCain: Forced Against His Honor to Run an Ugly Campaign

Did McCain Admit He Blew It With His VP Pick?

Even Robocalls 'Turn On' John McCain

A Theory to 'Explain' Michele Bachmann

If you are going to watch HBO's Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery, have tissues ready.

Naomi Wolf: Dear Conservatives, Will You Help Save the Republic from Military Takeover?

The New Tactic: Liberals And Smart People Are Anti-American

Who You Callin' Un-American?

Chris Kelly: John McCain's Flat Tax October Surprise

Airport security in America is a sham - "security theater" The Atlantic

Your vote, your crummy highways

My Family Values: Tony Benn

America, Get Out Today and Not Tomorrow!

Punishment Park on Sundance Channel 7:30 - 9:00 pm (on now)

In Iraq, The Doctors Are Out

Ray McGovern: Attack on Iran Off the Table?

McCain Now REALLY Forced to Defend 'Red' Territory: Mars!

Obama forces the pace of change in Dixieland

Will Americans even ALLOW another (third!) stolen Presidential Election?

Dude! Check the radical rodents

I can hear it now....Obama stole the election!

Karl Marx and the Economic Crisis Today

I'm Joe Pothead - Ignore the plumber & suck up to me.

The Collapse Of A 300 Year Ponzi Scheme:

Alan Dershowitz: Why I Support Israel and Obama

I'm watching the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century DVD and noticing things I never saw before

Hamas grip on Gaza hardens: peace outlook bleak

New Solar Hybrid Panels Boost Efficiency and Power

Five Found Innocent of the "Despicable" Crime of Observing the Murder of Seals in Canada

PBS Poll on Voter Environmental Opinions

Wind firm eyes Oakfield, Rumford (Maine)

Fort Kent Residents Join Walagrass Residents in Asking for Wind Farm Moratorium. (Maine.)

Extinct since 1963, wild eastern quolls discovered in Australia

Extinct since 1963, wild eastern quolls discovered in Australia

20bn barrel oil discovery puts Cuba in the big league - Guardian

In echo of Kingsnorth Six, US climate change activists go on trial

A new dream emerges

HELP!! Bees are swarming around front and back hummingbird feeders.

Investigators Said to Take Closer Look at Lehman

What a Fnancial Collapse Looks Like

If you had invested $1,000 a year ago...

What Warren Buffett Didn't Say

The housing market will seriously DIE if this hapens.

What do you think???

Today in labor history Oct 18 pay women school teachers a rate equal to that of men

Delete duplicate

UNASUR decides to establish South American Parliament in Bolivia

Cuba claims massive oil reserves

PRES. MORALES' Message to Social Forum in Guatemala City

House speaker doubts Colombia pact under Bush

South America Fights Poverty Its Own Way

Neo-Liberals figures will analyze in Panama the progress of the left in Latin America

I'd like some commentary from the Venezuela experts here

Anyone having a problem with Speed TV on Directv?

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (October 18): Anand draws first blood; Three tie in Russian Chmpnship

Drug-Free "Natural" Alternative Blocks Allergens

Okay. This is, honestly, ridiculous.

Allergy sufferers here might be interested in this--

Awakening the Dreamer

What Day of the Week were you born?

Grand opening.

U.S. police response times, from the Department of Justice:

“Biden says he would not restrict gun ownership” but then promises to restrict guns.

Have you ever made radiator cake?

Hello C & B group!

2008 Nikon Small World competition winners

South's dry spell travels north

Earth, but not as we know it-Interview:Dr Jan Zalasiewicz is the author of "The Earth After Us --

US Air Force Academy is going to build two (tiny) space-solar-power satellites

EPA slashes lead limit in air by 90 percent

World's first dog lived 31,700 years ago

Top Chef! Top Chef!!!!! (Season 5 starts in November!)

I am BUMMING OUT .... Power Line Surge wipeout ...

Congressmen have uncovered the outlines of a potentially far-reaching criminal conspiracy.

Philip Berg’s Anti-Obama “October Surprise” Video (???)

Please do a big DU vote for Rick Noriega D-TX

Sign suggestion for Noriega

Vote for Rick Noriega now - on Daily Kos - This Time it's REAL

OK, I realize I'm putting myself on the line for this,

Houston Chronicle Endorses Barack Obama

A Cable Modem question:

Not Sure WHERE To Post This, But I'm Having A Problem With My Comcast

Corned beef

Video of Kerry in Iowa in the video forum

Get a load of John Kerry's speech in NH. Some great zingers!

I stumbled onto this angel the other day-what a voice and song.

Chocolate News was actually pretty good

Bachmann Goes on Hardball and Calls for another McCarthy-Style Witch-Hunt!!!

Censure Michele Bachmann!

Here's the MN company doing robocalls; let's boycott their clients

Response to 9/11 was 'huge overreaction' - ex-MI5 chief

Sex toy removed over melamine contamination

"U.S. Supreme Court order in Ohio voting case cited in Wisconsin lawsuit" by Patrick Marley

Sarah Palin just called! Such an honor

Update: Obama in Madison Thursday at noon

LA County Superior Court Judge reccs