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Anyone notice how MSM is completely ignoring Powell's comment on Palin

Letters to the Editor – Linda Hirst, Winters

McCainBlameGame: "Democrats were in charge of Congress for most six — for the last couple of years"

On election day, won't people vote their hopes instead of fears?

Canvassed my neighborhood today of un-ID'd D's and Indys. Almost all supporting Obama. GOOD to see

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

Racial Slurs on Campaign Signs

Give my GD poll some love (link inside) ...

How is Mccain doing on the fund-raising end of his failed campaign?

Powell's endorsement and especially his reference to Cpl. Khan brought tears to my eyes BUT

The rightwing nuts of the Republican Party : telling Republican African Americans to leave

The rightwing nuts of the Republican Party : telling Republican African Americans to leave

Biden makes special pitch for Gregoire in Tacoma, WA

FLASHBACK: Tracking poll: Bush may be expanding lead over Gore (October 19, 2000)

How is Obama linking McCain to Bush negative campaigning?

"Trickle-down economics had always made sense to her"

Freepers in a tizzy over Powell. Half the threads are trying to bash Powell

I guess these folks never read

I guess these folks never read

For those who have absentee ballots....

OpEd piece about Powell's endorsement....well, you be the judge ...

Well I've finally been polled

I think the average person is sick and tired of the Bill Ayers stuff

Obama Widens Lead to 104-32

Robert Kennedy the only one with BALLS to bring up the Socialist Party


Your "WTF" picture for the day!

Your "WTF" picture for the day!

I am glad that Powell remembered Specialist Khan but I wish he had remembered Matlovich

Politico Has An Interesting Story About A "Mystery Man" Lending Support To Obama.

Great ending for a McCain ad

Freeperville is in denial about significance of Powell endorsement

I am not happy about the Powell endorsement.

Powell did a wonderful thing AND he needs to be held to criminal account for his crimes

McCain casts himself as middle-class guardian....LIAR

FYI: Tinklenberg's ActBlue Account Is Currently At $268,020.

Yet another smear, already forwarded to Obama campaign

Say what you want about Politico's leanings but it's Electoral Map is a heck of a lot

Just mailed in my absentee (paper) ballot in CA, so Diebold can't deny vote to Obama now.

NYTs Rich: "Mc can no sooner escape our despised president than he can escape himself."

How long will it take for some rightwing hacks to go after Powell

Oh that family guy.

The Powell Endorsement Is the Bill Richardson endorsement of the General Election

McCain DID NOT CHOOSE Palin. She was chosen for him. Why is this unmavericky fact given a pass?

McCain DID NOT CHOOSE Palin. She was chosen for him. Why is this unmavericky fact given a pass?

Biggest media a-hole

Sandra Bernhard issues 'gang rape' warning to Sarah Palin

The right-wing haters on the AM dial will make sure the Powell endorsement is a 3-4 day story.

VP Candidate Palin introduces "Ed the Dairyman"

Doesn't that mean that Lieberman endorsed McCain because of race?

McCain Camp & surrogates: "Obama = Closeted, drug using uppity socialist Muslim alien homosexual"

Sarah daughter's nickname for you know who. nt

News & Observer Endorses Obama

The Battleground States... Which Ones Have Dem Gov?

Here's the fallacy of the pollsters' "likely voter" methods ...

Just got an email from a plumber I know

Things tighten up! Did you guys know that? Gaps narrow!

McCain: A masochist, an idiot, or a liar?

I can't wait to hear from the "I'd vote for Colin Powell" crowd at work tomorrow.

I think it's fitting that the New York Post is the highest-circulating paper endorsing McCain...

Has Any Recent VP Not Gone On Sunday Morning Shows Ever?

The REAL Reason Joe Scarborough Said Obama Should Not Run Up The Score in NC

Early Panic Control: In two weeks and about 44 hours the networks will call...

As Obama is to the Presidency so is "blank" to "blank"

McCain = "Screw the Country, I just want to Win at any cost, My Country is Last"

McCain = "Screw the Country, I just want to Win at any cost, My Country is Last"

White Privilege

Biggest rally ever for VP candidate in Tacoma Wa!

Jane Mayer, The New Yorker: "How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin"

Election day and your place of employment, what are you doing?

Ocracoke, NC - we just spent two weeks on vacation - a VERY BLUE part of NC!

4000 dead Americans and many more dead Iraqis say Powell is a P.O.S.

Dear Skinner, you might want George Oilwellian's GAME CHANGING video at the top of the home page!!!

***BREAKING POLL*** Plurality say "spread wealth" - Joe the Plumber" favorability at 44 -- !!!!111!!

***BREAKING POLL*** Plurality say "spread wealth" - Joe the Plumber" favorability at 44 -- !!!!111!!

McCain: Palin is "a threat to liberal feminism"

John McCain sucks!!

Why we are Democrats

Scarborough says he would have tore Obama up in a campaign if he ran against him

Okay people..what will be the McCain/Palin & surrogate talking points this week

I'm so proud of Joe Biden

Early Voting in NC

McCain not eligible to run for president?

McCain not eligible to run for president?

Because of stupid Fox News, I have spent my evening debunking

Thanks to some people at DU and their hatred of Powell

Janine "Northern Exposure" Turner on Palin: "I'm very excited about her. I'm just thrilled."

A huge heartfelt thankyou to all Hillary supporters that have gotten behind Obama.

"I shall call him...Mini-Me!"

Bill Clinton's 100 yards away

Joe the plumber is more important than Colin Powell.

Joe the plumber is more important than Colin Powell.

What about early voting makes it harder for them to steal votes?

I double dog dare you!

Bill Kristol said this morning that if the Red Sox won tonight, then McCain would win...

The MSM is saying McCain's "Joe the Plumber" strategy is a good one to "close the gap" with

Skinner: How about a pinned thread for daily whereabouts of Obama/Biden?

You will believe what Palin said about the hate fests.

Joe Scarborough is right for once: Obama needs to spend more time in Florida and Ohio. Those

My Wife, My Brother and I voted for OBAMA today. Thank you Oregon!

Vent--My children are constantly told that Obama is...

Miami Dolphins Owner To Sell Team If Obama Wins Presidency

McCain knows.

This sign is in my town.

Early voting turnout - Clark County, NV (Las Vegas)

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents..

Think the Obama campaign has any more headlines left?

Help! What is that guy's name!

Most likely to dryhump Joe the Plumber at a Scranton PA public event

"Vote for a Terriost Obama" : Ladies & Gentleman of DU, Iowa gives you the new "Moran"!

Powell endorsement is good for Obama and bad for McStupid....

ABC/WashPost Poll: More Challenges for McCain, From Ayers to the Palin Pick

Now it's Michael Smerconish that's been converted.

Democrats See Opportunity In Outer Suburbs' Troubles

newly declassified

"With John McCain, all politics is personal."

Zom(g)by: great Obama polling day propels him to 5.4 lead!

Is George Stephenopolos still a Democrat? Was he ever one?

Nothing better to do? DU this presidential poll from the Huntsville, TX newspaper!

---Say what you want about the Florida Democratic Party, BUT---

A New Breed of Voters and they matter

Tires Slased at Obama Event in NC Today! I'm getting sick of this sh*t!

Over at FR, they think Obama's a hypnotist.

Biden rally starting right now on C-Span 1.

Drudge has already ignored Gallup & Rasmussen, now Zogby shows Obama's lead expanding.

Just asking....but when does the JOEMENTUM kick in?

Just asking....but when does the JOEMENTUM kick in?

Oh.My.God. - Cindy McCain on Cspan just now.

WTF? YouTube Member Name: "KILLWHITEYmichelleO". Please alert at youtube.

Three Cheers for Bill Krystol!

US Financial Crisis

Ulysees S. Grant. war criminal?? Have at him.

Biden defends Obama tax-cut plan in Wash.-He Rocked!

I have actual video of my vote flipping !! AND I AM IN OREGON !!!

Should Biden become VP, will Kerry take over as chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations?

Should Biden become VP, will Kerry take over as chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations?

i need to vent...

A few pictures from Biden's Tacoma Rally today..

Stryker moms, not freakin' hockey moms. Spc. Kareem R. Khan.

Drudge Sticking With The Old Zogby Numbers..

Vice President Biden means an appointment by the Governor for his Senate seat

Monica Crowley, Pat Buchanan=people who annoy the

Today's news in smilies

Anybody got the clip of Brolin wiping his hand at the end of SNL?

Excellent Newspaper Endorsement: The Idaho Statesman!

For electronic markets, it might be useful to use the Iowa Electronic Markets:

Vote For Hope '08 (Great video)

Watching Frontline: The Choice 2008 on PBS - These will be the toughest two weeks!

Now that Powell has crossed party lines, will Hagel endorse next?

Obama to NC: Register & vote early the same day!!!

BREAKING: CA GOP Vote Registration Contractor Arrested for Registration Fraud, Perjury

"Have you even dealt in your mind with the possibility that you could lose?"

"Have you even dealt in your mind with the possibility that you could lose?"

Any Montana, ND DUers online... would be great to hear whats happening on the ground there?

Weekend update: McCain dissed by Joe the Plumber!

"Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: Is Mobama Back?" O50, M44 (O+2, M-1)

This pic of Palin just made me think "Eva Peron" waving to her adoring masses.

Obama Newspaper Endorsements

Ask President Palin. The answer is: "Oh, any of them, all of them."

Mr. Fish's take on Powell news

Ontario police arrest man in voter (GOP) fraud case

So Zoggers is undone by his own polling... Today's first national... a +6 for Obama

Post Election Predictions --You Got 'Em, Share 'Em.....

Florida early voting begins today! and Obama in Tampa today

Updated Electoral Map: Obama at 315 - largest lead (WaPo)

Research 2000 Poll- -Obama- 50% McPalin 42%

What if you could make a 1/4 million a year, but only if you agreed to pay a higher tax rate.

Anyone else sick of MSNBC constantly promoting SNL?

Is CNN or FOX covering....

Any one want to take a stab at this Freepers ravings

I am no economics expert, but I think I have this one.

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby (Oct 20, 2008): Obama opens 6-point lead over McCain

McCain speaks on Sunday before 7,000 in Toledo--Joe the Plumber's turf.

Ralph Stanley promotes Obama

Reuters/Zogby/C-span Poll Obama +6 50/44

Ugh. First Michele Bachmann, now Sarah Palin:

AP: Freddie Mac Secretly Paid Republican Consulting Firm $2Mil to Kill Legislation to Regulate It

Yoda Message to DU: "Don't give in to hate. Hate leads to the Daaaak Side..."

I STILL cannot believe the free pass Palin is getting from the MSM for not taking questions!!!

When Obama wins, the answer to my repug friends screaming voter fraud.

Aaaand, we're back to character attacks

Tale of the tape from two rallies in NC

Obama DOUBLES his overall lead in that Zomby goofy poll!!!

Obama DOUBLES his overall lead in that Zomby goofy poll!!!

Has Joe Liarman Opined On The Powell Endorsement?

And now for some Local News....

The Republican Acorn Mess!

Wow, great letters to the editor in my republican area

Palin Dismisses Powell Endorsement, Won't Reject Robocalls

did ya notice no "Southern Strategy" Buchanan when Z. Brezienski was on dead intern Joe

Obama Interview on Today Show (VIDEO)

Mcsame taking economic advice from plumber?

Just Now MSNBC....Tuker Bounds Speaks Like McSham

Who is this Barack Obama anyway ?

The "Oxy King" Suggests Race Played Role In Powell's Decision To Back Obama

Voted in Florida Today, Obama 1 - McCain 0!

Google CEO will hit the campaign trail for Obama

Rasmussen 10/20: O50, M46 (O-1, M+1)

So I'm watching TV down here in SW FLorida all day, Since noon counted 39 Obama ads, 0 McCain....

You know who would make a hell of a pick for Obama's Attorney General?

FIRST READ: Obama holds 264-163 lead on electoral map. No significant changes.

I don't think Tweety could be more obvious regarding who is going to vote

boortz whining

Tucker Bounds: "One endorsement does not hold up to John McCain's military experience."

BIDEN in Tacoma today

Tickets gone for Obama Lake Worth Event in 10 Minutes

Give till it hurts!

How many people were at the Fayetteville rally yesterday? nt

New Hampshire a healthy +7 for Obama... Today's poll

Just in case anyone missed Family Guy last night:

A very scary video!

Why do I even bother with Morning Joe.. Its just torture to me to listen to

If you're watching no-lips Joe, you missed Powell who just abused Bachman on CNN...

So Palin Got Picked Because Republicon Pundits Had Ants In Their Pants?

What's Got McCain Down in Florida ("Palin may remind Floridians too much of Katherine Harris.")

I'm sitting here at my job at the gym,

"Barack Obama once and for all destroyed public financing as we know it"

For purely political reasons, I'm glad the Rays won the pennant...

Powell dismisses McCain's attack on Obama's taxes as "redistribution of wealth" comment

Porn on the radio-Heard first minute of "Who's nailin' Palin?" this morning

So when a torturer and war criminal supports your candidate, he's A-OK huh?

Should I do a Tucker Bounds parody?

What Ayers says now or doesn't say now is besides the effin' point. Here's why...

Did Lieberman endorse McCain because he is white?

Hey you DU presidential historians: how has it worked out when Dem presidents have Repubs in their

Will McCain start calling Obama a Communist if the Socialist attack doesn't work?

Early voted in Houston

What will the % difference in popular vote be in this year's election?

the irish have voted

colorado early voting starts today, too

McCain is a Socialist.

DUers I need a bunch of recommends on this article in SW Ohio!

DUers I need a bunch of recommends on this article in SW Ohio!

Texas Early Voting Begins

Newspaper Endorsements - full list as of 10/19

"Joe the Plumber" decides to go to NYC rather than attend McCain's Ohio rallies

Palin: "We haven't heard that. ('kill him')" at rallies - has heard negativity @ Obama rallies

Jonathan Capehart: Powell uses 'Powell doctrine' in his endorsement of Obama

McCain isn't Bush, but bin Laden is Saddam Hussein, right?

Why isnt the Lily Ledbetter more of an issue than Joe the Plumber

Canvassing in Lake Ridge, VA

Canvassing in Lake Ridge, VA

Early Voting Begins Today in Arkansas too.....

Hillary Clinton to join Obama today @ Orlando rally

I am sick and tired of hearing McCain/Palin LIE about Obama's tax plan.

ABC News: Likely voters reject McCain effort to make Ayers an issue, 52% say Palin a mistake

Will CBN ask Sarah Palin the important POLICY questions of the day?

It just hit me - Palin looks like a Moose!!!

Palin: Faith, God in General has been Mocked Through this Campaign

Palin: Faith, God in General has been Mocked Through this Campaign

Bernanke: U.S. should weigh stimulus - Is this redistributing the wealth?

Today's Over/Under: McCain's Maximum Chances Of Winning Until Election Day...

DU'er George Oilwellian's video "Colin Powell: Country First" can seal the deal (with our help) ::

McCain has $47 million left to use in October

McCain has $47 million left to use in October

Pat Buchanan needs to be FIRED from MSNBC! How many more times do we have to hear his

Palin remembers early voting started in Colorado...

I just watched a half hour of Fox & Friends

Obama running much better in states that Bush won by at least 10-plus points in 2004

Obama running much better in states that Bush won by at least 10-plus points in 2004

How are most votes stolen? What can I do?

Conservative Asbury Park Press Endorses Obama

GOP Voter Registration FRAUD Case Leads to Arrest

'Joe the Plumber' strikes back at media.. .with comments

The highs and lows of this election cycle

Powell vs Ayers.

"I have a plan to protect the value of your house"

I am SOOOOOOO sorry!!!

Some of McCain's black relatives support Obama

Rasmussen: Virginia - Obama 54 - McDope 44 n/t

Palin No "Federalist" - Differs With McCain on Federal Marriage Amendment

1-866-our-vote Report Election Fraud

Two weeks to go mood check --- how ya doing DUers?

My neighbor's Obama signs were stolen....

In event of an Obama victory there WILL be a DU gathering in DC for the inauguration week

Pat Buchanan is a delusional, ignorant, hateful racist with freedom of speech. Opinions?

Obama not eligible to run for president?

Five years from now is Palin in politics or show business?

McCain running out of money

Joe Biden was great on Ellen DeGeneres this morning (spoilers.)

James Bond is Hopeful

Obama will go down in history as someone akin to MLK or Mandela

I think Senator Smith (R-OR) is unfortunately safe...

Austin Texas Evangelical Pastor: I will be voting for Democrat Sen. Barack Obama

New CNN poll Obama 51 (-2) McCain 46 (+1)

OBAMA: you really have to work hard to violate Governor Palin's standards on negative campaigning

RAS Virginia: Obama 54% (+4) McCain 44% (-3)

Two Weeks out: Election Prediction Time

SurveyUSA MN: O+6 ; Concord Monitor NH: Obama +7

"Ayers Was Sheltered at Top McCain Man's Property! "

You know what shows me that Palin really is stupid?

Palin Handlers Try To Keep Her From Talking

40% pay no income tax should be a game changer for us in a good way cause it's b.s.

A Children’s Treasury of Wingnut Responses To Powell Endorsing Obama

Suffolk OH: Obama +9

actual voter fraud going on beyond the usual Republican voter caging scams every election

Money left over after the elections should be donated to the Katrina victims.

Brooklyn Building urges "Vote Obama"

Palin revolt?

NYT Magazine cover story: Working for the Working-Class Vote -- and a more than fragile mandate


e-mail sent to Joe Scarborough just to vent....

New McCain Mailer Pushes Palin As Ticket-Head And Moderate

Let me get the Michael Smerconish bus revved up

Family Guy - McCain-Palin Button (YouTube)

Palin on SNL: What Did You Expect? (Alec Baldwin)

What's Limbaugh saying today?

If They Don't Like "Spreading The Wealth Around" then WHY

If They Don't Like "Spreading The Wealth Around" then WHY

I woke up with a tin foil hat on my head...

whose votes is Powell supposed to bring in?

Trader Drove Up Price of McCain ‘Stock’ in Online Market

The Election Begins Today. Voting early begins in 31 states today.

Elisabeth is acting like a spoiled brat again today and I think she is going to cry. . .

The New Republic: Barack Obama For President

TOON: Our Toilets

Gallup: Obama now up by 11%

My Official Electoral Vote Prediction: Obama 287 - McCain 251 (GOP Election Fraud)

My Official Electoral Vote Prediction: Obama 287 - McCain 251 (GOP Election Fraud)

Gallup -Obama - 52% -McPalin 41 Registered /52-43 Expanded Likely /50-45 Likely

Whoa. moves Montana to "toss up" this morning.

Gallup: Reg O (52) M (41) LV1 O (52) M (43) LV2 O (50) M (45)

20-10-2008 Gallup Daily : RV Obama + 11 ;LVI Obama+ 5; LVII Obama + 9

NYT: Many Holes in Disclosure of Nominees’ Health

I voted early this weekend in Memphis

TIPP/IBD (Drudge and Freeper's new favorite poll) Obama 47% McEstupido 41%

Obama's poll lead may not be as much as we like, but it has settled into a REMARKABLY consistent 5%.

Holy CRAP is the NY Post biased...

The Republicans Don't Care About Main Street

McCain: "Senator Obama's campaign announced that he's choosing his cabinet."

Has anyone heard about Ann Coulter lately-i.e., is she doing what

Powell STILL SUPPORTS the bush regime's war against Iraq.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman: The Real Plumbers of Ohio

*** I voted for O today in Oviedo FL **** I was in line for

Obama: You really have to work hard to violate Palin's standards on negative campaigning

The Daily Widget, Mon 10/20 – O-381, M-157 – Minnesota Strong; West Virginia Switches Back

What's the total amount Tinklenberg has received so far.

Joe Sestak was great on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell...

McCain Asks Russians To Donate To His Campaign!!!!

Obama opens up 9 point lead in Ohio (Suffolk).

Emailed Morning Joe just now, and then called MSNBC as well.....

Lawrence O'Donnell says Sarah Palin is lots hotter in person. This explains a lot...

DUers need to focus MUCH more on election suppression; on close Senate races, & on NO on CA Prop 8

Me and my kids are going to see Hillary and Obama today in Orlando---Wish us luck

Every time Sarah says "also," I'm contributing a dime to my local Dem office.

Bake Sale for the Obama Campaign here in California

Sarah Palin is positioning for 2012

4 years ago at this time, we would have KILLED to see Kerry with a 5 point lead over Bush.

The New Republic Endorses Senator Obama

Powell endorsement already paying off

Rump Leakage must have run out of meds, Mrs. Greenspan just played a clip

Help out on this Yahoo Poll

Palin is so brave and gutsy, she faced another tough interview on The 700 Club.

Would you like a smear of Castro with your socialism?

The state of the McCain/Palin campaign from my perspective (images)

I'm watching the Palin rally right now

Michelle Bernard on MSNBC: Socialism argument is big failure for McCain. Obama +9 OH; (-)1 MO

My Friends..

How smart are these guys?

Poll shows presidential race may be tightening

Eva Perón Don't Cry For Me Argentina or McCain Don't Cry For Me I'll Just Go Back To Arizona

Does anyone know if it's legal to capture your electronic vote via cellphone?

Does anyone know if it's legal to capture your electronic vote via cellphone?

Live today on

Hillary Clinton to campaign for Al Franken!

In event of an Obama Landslide, we should consider changing the name of DU.

Another way to measure strength of support, Campaign Contributions

I voted on Saturday and I really truly feel that we can take

McCain drew an unenthusiastic crowd of about 2,500 to a rally in St. Charles

McCain drew an unenthusiastic crowd of about 2,500 to a rally in St. Charles

About the "muslim mccain fans confront intolerance" video...

Reporter who wrote about "kill him" remark says SS told him he shouldn't have written report

The tight West Virginia polls show why Obama will win the election ...

WTF Are They Up to Now?? Front Page of AOL: Obama Depends on Mystery Man

McCain to take Biden's comments out of context, whine some more, and try to change the subject

The Bradley "Defect"

Palin won't Provide Health Records

Obama: ‘The race will tighten’

My Obama/Biden yard sign finally came!

Will Obama raise RimJob's taxes?

Poll: Voters In Ohio And Missouri Entirely Unmoved By "Joe The Plumber" Stunt

McCain Lies Again, Repeats False Claim He ‘Received The Highest Honor And Awards’ From...Vets Group

Is McCain Coming Back? ("No.")

McCain supporters heckle early voters, call them 'cheaters'

Hot diggity dog Part 2....

Don't worry about poor Michele Bachmann... she has plenty of money on hand

McCain Throwing In the Towel: "I'll go back to Arizona...I'll be fine"

Palin Family's Moose Poaching Must Stop!

Chevy Chase says putting Palin on ‘SNL’ a mistake-Can't improvise herself out of paper bag

Jerome Corsi's Bogus Journey

Why does refuse to "count" PPP polls?

I carry a lot of anger in the weeks before the election- I'm ready for this to be over ....

When In An Act Of Political Self-Preservation Will Palin Turn On McCain?

From President Bush's White House team, Colin Powell hears ... nothing

Full disclosure

McCain cares about average people as much as any Republican does ---

Obama: Powell Will Have A Role In Administration...

AFL-CIO Mail Blitz Hammers McCain As "A Disaster For Retirees"

Where is the Colin Powell endorsement story in your local paper?

NYT Story about McSame's Health sends Freepers over the edge: They claim Obama Has Lung Cancer!!

Obama 48, McCain 42, Economist poll shows.

Why does he have more money then us?!

Just for fun

Just for fun

Palin does James Dobson interview

This picture gives me hope

Italy's La Repubblica gives McCain equal coverage,

So Palin Thinks She'll Be The Nom In 2012....Well I Have A Reality Check For Her

Today's Gallup figures are at my "sure thing" level.

Gallup? Is it +11 today/ I am confused

DERF TOON: Palin tries in vain to find an easy enough interviewer...

Heather Wilson is not crying about Janet Jackson's breast exposure


Today's Fun with Freepers: Obama is hypnotizing us - the evidence is here!

Oh-oh - CNN tv running a story on the "Black Mccains". Oh dear!

Huge early voter turn out in Florida

How many electoral votes would be considered a landslide?

Obama: There are no FAKE or REAL parts of this country

Huge "little" thing from Powell's endorsement

Huge "little" thing from Powell's endorsement

NOTE TO McCAIN: You Have To Give Your Name and Address To Donate Via Credit Card

Can some one send this to Mooselini ?

Russians say 'nyet' to McCain fundraising appeal

Obama: McCain's Tactics ‘Getting So Bad’ Even Palin's Denouncing Them

Those of you Early Voting today, please let DU know how it's going out there!

Breaking: McCain hits up Russian envoy for a loan

Obama Widens Lead to 112-39

Alec Baldwin: "Palin came on to be a good sport. And she was. She was polite, gracious."

Bizzaro world: Obama predicts race will tighten -- Zogby shows Obama increasing his lead

BIG NUMBERS IN RED BATTLEGROUNDS: Obama up 7 in NC, up 9 in OH, up 10 in VA

John McCain has Obama right where I want him.

I'm Sorry. Count Me Stupid, But I don't See the "She's Hot" Thing.

Giuliani: ‘God Forbid Somebody Would Do Some Reporting On Barack Obama’s Use Of Drugs’

Bachmann: Matthews brought up 'anti-American' : Minneapolis Star Tribune

SurveyUSA: McCain closing gap in Virginia, cuts Obama lead to 6.

Russian "Help" in elections has involved the following

Planned Parenthood vs. McCain

I loved what Bill Maher had to say about the whole small town vs. city "real American" remark

I signed up to canvas door to door

lol! now they are blaming joe(the plumber) for calling obama a socialist!

This solicitation of the Russian Envoy may be legal

DU helped Tinklenberg close the Cash Gap after RWnut attacks Obama. Link

****Heads Up: President Clinton Now Live Campaings For Obama In Reno, NV****

"Joe the Plumber said to him it sounded like socialism" Joe the political scientist?

"Joe the Plumber said to him it sounded like socialism" Joe the political scientist?

I just voted for the next president of the United States...Barack Obama!

Plus one for Obama

Does Al Gore plan on any campaigning for Obama anytime soon?

Senator Obama opens up crushing 9 point lead in Ohio-Suffolk University-tied in Missouri

My Bad, but turned out good.

Obama Pours It On, While McCain Struggles For Traction

Limbaugh repeats Powell accusation: ‘IT WAS TOTALLY ABOUT RACE!’»

Todays AOL front page story:

Bill Clinton: "Obama understood that the Wall Street you're mad at doesn't exist anymore"

I just voted early in Tallahassee, Florida.

I just voted early in Tallahassee, Florida.

I wish there were a compendium of the McXXXX names that have been coined this election season.

Freepers in full blown Keystone Kops mode: Obama is hynotising us!!!!

340,000 have already cast their ballot in NC (Democrats hold commanding lead).

James Carville and Paul Begala: Let the Blame Game Begin.

James Carville and Paul Begala: Let the Blame Game Begin.

Sorry. I just can't do it.

16 More Days....

Working on a campaign isn't always glamorous

Working on a campaign isn't always glamorous

LATEST polls show race WIDENING

Sarah Shows Us Her Hand Again on Native Issues

Sarah Shows Us Her Hand Again on Native Issues

Who attacked the Straight Talk Express?

Freddie Mac paid GOP firm to kill bill

Prediction: Joe Biden will be greatest Vice President of all time.

This week's New Yorker: "The Insiders: How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin"

Obama: "You really have to work hard to violate Gov. Palin's standards on negative campaigning"

Michele Bachmann is the disease

The first President and First Family my daughters will remember...

Democracy Corps: Obama leads nationally 49-44, McCain up 46-44 in Georgia.

--Early Voting in Palm Beach County Florida--Video---

Another Republican For Obama In "Not Real Northern Va"

My letter to msnbc about the racism being utilized by the gop and propagated on their network


From DKos: Tires Slashed on 30 cars at Fayetteville Obama rally!!!

I thought about voting early with my son today instead of using my mail-in ballot.

Vote for a Terriost Obama - Another Moran

Russians say 'nyet' to McCain fundraising appeal (AP)

(R) asmussen Virginia: Obama 54, McCain 44 (Powell helping among military voters?)

Uh-oh- Absentees may need extra postage

McCain is a domestic terrorist

Tires slashed during Obama rally

Stupid Freeper at school. ARGH!

I think Obams may need to say "Thank you" to McCain and Palin -


If these racists care about the troops they should shut up about

If these racists care about the troops they should shut up about

Tar Heel Early Vote Going Carolina Blue?

16 More Days of the POW Camp's Utter Bullshit

Score one more vote for Obama

Oh, no, the peasants are revolting!!

The last stupid argument for McCain

Black people are not as sheepish as the media would like you to think!

Sarah Palin releases Colonoscopy Photos

Rick Davis: Campaign Rethinking Playing The Rev. Wright Card

Limpballs televised tantrum: "It's about race! It's about race!"

The McCain campaign is just a payday for it's staff, the Office of the President a bonus

The McCain anti-pro-Muslim Video?

Early Voting 1,775,238 have already voted-- excellent site tracking Early Voting

106 year old Voting for Obama today

How Are You Like "Joe the Plumber"? A Message From "Clem the Snake Oil Salesman"

Family Member will NOT stop about Obama being racist!

Barr is on the Ballot in Texas.

***Barack Obama is kicking McCain/Palin Bootey as we speak!

Palin Breaks With McCain On (Constitutional) Gay Marriage Ban


Question About Early Voting

DU gamers: which video game villians are McPalin most like?

How sad do you think "W" is about the way he's getting knocked around in this campaign?

Socialists: Obama no socialist - Chicago Tribune

I just voted for Barack Obama. In Texas.

McCain targets liberals in sharpened stump speech (Especially the "feminist left")

Time to Show the Sen. Candidates in Tight Races Some Fund-Raising Love- Who's With Me?

Hillary will get her campaign debts paid by Obama/Us

Which Republicans continue to say or allow others to say that Obama is a Muslim?

This election cannot end soon enough. (Getting a lil' tense out there.)

Will this Biden statement hurt Obama ?!?

Better than any poll: EC count 10/20/08 = Obama 364 to McCain 171

MSM Ignores This , But Isn't It Great That The Election Is Being Decided By More Than 2 States?

"Socialist" is not an epithet : The Nation

Socialists: Obama's no Socialist

Since when is Obama planning to cut checks to people who don't pay taxes?

New Yorker Article On Palin Selection: Story Of How McCain Caved To The Extreme Right Again

McCain camp compares Obama to (GASP)...JFK!

The Rs In OC, CA, Are Giving Up On Mc In the Election

Politico Confirms the Russian UN mission solicitation by McCain......LOL

Is all this talk of Red Meat turning off Vegetarian Voters?

Pittsburgh Tribune Poll: Obama leads McCain by 8-points in PA

Tinklenberg goes shopping for TV ad time with anti-Bachmann windfall.

Why I'm not voting for Obama

Turning blue

Children & Robocalls about terrorists... thoughts? What is the best response?

PHOTO: Obama on Dancing with the Stars!

Some early W.Va. voters angry over switched votes

Can someone please tell me how lawyers at the polls will keep the machines from switching the votes?

Just voted.

Palin breaks with McCain on gay marriage amendment

ABC/WaPo Poll: Obama leads by 9% (53-44%) ... link

Russian Mission to the United Nations posts McCain Fundraising Letter

What the F*** is up with Florida???

Palin pick dogs McCain as financial crisis stings (Reuters)

We need to be more pro-active on taxes!

Why will Palin not release ANY medical records?

Guess who the Salt Lake Tribune has endorsed? (Utah's largest paper)

"Joe the Plumber's endorsement is more important than Colin Powell's"

New McCain Robocall Stars ... Sarah Palin!

How many of you believe that GOP is in a state of TOTAL MELTDOWN..

The Jackasses are gonna do it again!!

West Virginia voters say their votes are flipping from Obama to Rethug when they vote:

McCain Aide Goes On Curse-Filled Rant Against The Press

For those wondering why Palin wears a polar bear pin sometimes......

This weekend on the road

John McCain looks a great great grandfather with those kids standing behind him.

LOVE the electora vote map today the times they are a changing

Why is Palin withholding medical records?

Latest Georgia poll shows Obama within 2 points

McCain supporters confront anger against Muslims at McCain event

Inside scoop: Montgomery County, PA Democratic Dinner

Breaking: The McCain campaign.

Obama to campaign primarily in red states in final two weeks of campaign

Republicans in NC protest early voting

I think McLame is running out of $$$ for his campaign.

Raw Story Teaser Headline: "Fox host: Why no one looking for Obama's drug dealer? Soon..."

Limbaugh same day about McCain from the midst of his racist psychosis...

DU this Poll!

Local Republican Headquarters Vandalized (Branson, MO)

Early LANDSLIDE voting for Obama in South Florida!!! Day one! Three hours wait!!!!

Knew this was coming: Cartoonist equates Powell's endorsement to Benedict Arnold in blackface

please help du this poll

Nice Looking Crowd for Orlando Rally

Fun Stuff (pics)


Old White Christian Man just voted for THAT ONE !!!!!!!

25 Newspaper endorsement FLIPS - 2004 Bush to 2008 Obama

Anyone know when/if ABC will release its head-to-head numbers today?

Yes, I voted today. My journey in voting.

Is early voting representative of the final vote?

Danny Elfman started a new PAC. Check out

Is anyone listening to Lynn Samuels?

Colin can counter the "he's not ready for an international crisis" argument

Heckling Voters

Racism: The last refuge of Limbaugh

What the hell is Tweety talking about Obama made a promise to financing

Oxycontin PigBoy on his Powell "race" remarks: "So what. Why is it so hard to admit that it's race?"

Limbaugh defends comment about Powell - CNN

New RAS/Fox Numbers

PHOTOS: THEY'RE HERE! BARACK OBAMA, HILLARY CLINTON arrive at Orlando International Airport

Waiting for the trickle down

I'm watching Sen. Hillary Clinton warm-up the crowd for Sen. Obama

Obama went straight into the heart of southern military town (Fayetteville NC) and asked

Obama went straight into the heart of southern military town (Fayetteville NC) and asked

Todd Palin rally: sign "Charles Manson was a Community Organizer" , says he's "part of the ticket"

Pat Buchanan runs out of arguments

Early Voting in Houston, TX

Now, for the real America

Hey guys, Scholastic poll is in...

Go Hillary! Go Obama!

It retrospect I think McCain was the weakest candidate the GOP could nominate

I need DUs help to find a photo several have used here

Listened to NPR Radio today. A Republican author expects that

News flash: Colin Powell will never stand trial for war crimes.

McCain Picks Tailhook Sexual Harassment Scandal Vet To Oversee Transition

****Heads Up: Watch "Hardball" Now Online!****

Tailhook Sexual Harrassment Vet to be in Charge of McLiar's "transition" team

Foreigner offers reward for pic of KO "servicing" Obama

In Chesterfield, VA a billboard size Obama sign is stolen & replaced with Confederate flag

think this is McLiar's current strategy: Ny Times:

Powell endorsement and racist assumptions

Former GOP supporter gets emotional as students line up to vote early in Tallahassee

Former GOP supporter gets emotional as students line up to vote early in Tallahassee

The right response to Limbaugh's racist attack on Powell:

Obama will offer Powell a role in the Administration

If GOP insists on calling Obama "Socialist": Why can we not call McCain Fascist?

Behind Blitzer in his Sit Room, there's a wall full of words; McCain/Palin, etc, but at his left...

**** Heads UP -- Obama and Hillary on C-SPAN 1 NOW ****

Obama: Powell Will Have a Role in Adminstration

What should we do with Freepers jumping ship?

Why isnt Obama setting the record straight on this 250k tax?

Wish I could get a Hardball screen shot - Romney (D MA) on with Gregory!

any one got a copy of the Obama pic

I voted for the Tall Slender Good Looking One Today

Tampa Rays pitcher David Price introduces Obama at at a rally in FL today!

Lindsay Graham does dirty work for McLiar in Missouri:

Tax cuts create jobs

Florida Voters: Simple Rule of Thumb for State Amendments: 1-3-8

Poll: Voters In Ohio And Missouri Entirely Unmoved By McCain's "Joe The Plumber" Stunt

Video: Sen. Clinton Campaigns for Obama in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

How the GOP is preparing for Obama Administration...

Most believe McCain's attacks on Obama unfair, poll finds

New Fox/Rasmussen Polls: Mixed Bag for Obama. O+5 in CO & MO, M+1 in FL. M+2 in OH, O+3 in NC

What is it called? That little thing that Mooselini does? That smack of the lips

John McZombie loves to boogie! (mvid from the DU Photoshop contest)

So, McCain's campaign of racially laced fear mongering and lies was not enough?

Any guess on who Obama is eyeing for Sec of Treasury?

CSPAN 2 will be showing Coleman/Franken debate tonight 9:30 Eastern 6:30 Pacific

Reposted for the afternoon crowd... O'bama is Irish!!

AOL has article and polls insinuating Obama is palling around with shady people.

wow, ABC News spoke the truth about taxes & healthcare

Interesting question....

Michelle Bachman Race - How Are The Polls Following Her Anti-America Rant?

Ken Adelman to vote for Obama?!

This McCain Russian Donation thing is a HOAX

Perhaps the Most Accurate Republican Ad of All Time.

New CBS News Poll of Likely Voters-Obama leads Mccain by 13 points-54-41

I just cast my vote for "that one"

Morning Call Pennsylvania Poll: Obama: 53, McCain 41

Fuck off, Tom Ridge.

SurveyUSA Minnesota Poll: Obama 50, McCain 44

Ditka Could Have Altered History: Could Mike Ditka have derailed Barack Obama's ascendancy?

Winners and Losers

Barack Steve Obama

Wausau (Wi) Channel Says ONLY mccane Signs Getting Stolen

Lillie McCain - Descendant of McCain Family Slaves just on CNN

How many people are in Orlando???

Huge LOL moment of the day, my favorite Republican customer, OWNED TODAY!

We never forgive. We never forget. We never learn.

McCain draws 6000 to KC suburb today; Obama drew 75,000 on Saturday

Tracking site claims that MSM is saying the race is tight to boost ad revenues

Fake Bristol/Levi Wedding Registry

Now that Repubs are rejecting their party, it's time to completely reject GOP hissy fits and smears

Where's that site that shows the odds on the election.

10/20 - A look at the polls and Election Day Scenarios (What McCain needs to do to win)

McCain Employing GOP Operative Accused Of Voter Registration Fraud

Who's in charge of encouraging Repuglicans to write-in Joe the Plumber?

McCain employing GOP operative accused of voter registration fraud

"She's gov of a state which, if it was a country, would be the 20th largest country in the world."

Have you seen Intrade lately? YIKES

Local Repuke Defends Ohio Valley Racists at Palin Rally

Republican talk show host Michael Smercomish endorses Obama!

Tomorrow's Meme prediction:

I need some champagne suggestions. We want to go all out. We usually buy the cheap stuff, so I'm

Just now on UK's Newsnight.

What Is A Comfortable Margin? What Percentage of Votes Can The GOP Suppress? Five Percent?

Bachman gave Obama back his 2004 convention speech

Manhattan Mini-Storage rips on Sarah Palin

Lou Dobbs - "Joe the Plumber never claimed he made 250k"

Google CEO Backs Obama, Hits Campaign Trail

Since when does MSM take Limballs words as Gospel??

No Obama/Biden signs visible when I voted early in Tennessee today. (Here's why.)

No Obama/Biden signs visible when I voted early in Tennessee today. (Here's why.)

Jon Stewart to Sarah Palin: '[Expletive] You.'

T & A Sarah KKK rally on cspan but NO obama rally? is obama on live

Susquehanna Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 48, McCain 40 (Obama has gained 3 points since last poll)

Dam I am getting sick of hearing this "Joe the Plumber" bs. This is the most juvenile campaign

McCain campaign caught begging for cash from Russian Ambassador!

What state should be the host of the final McCain/Palin rally?


Please help DU this poll !!!!

CNN Does "Fair & Balanced"

"McCain campaign sought illegal contributions from the Russian ambassador to the United Nations"

The fact that I see almost NO McCain/Palin bumper stickers in a big Repub area says a lot

First Colin Powell, Now...

Obama ties John Lennon for a great record - Most covers of Rolling Stone Mag in one year

Howard Stern interviews Obama supporters

Who should the angry RW mobs really be angry at?

McCain campaign in pictures

Could Someone Help Me With My (Elementary) Classroom GOTV Project?

Update on GO VOTE TODAY in FL..

McCain: Don't Feel Sorry For Me... I'll Go Back To Arizona

Why McCain's attack, and by extension the media attacks on Obama will Fail.....

Anyone gotta a link debunking the Fucking lobster story?

Dead bear covered with Obama signs dumped at Western Carolina U

I voted early in Texas today

Cool Graphic: Presidential Endorsements by Major Newspapers

Racism and Fear: I am afraid for Obama's life - and afraid for our country

Voted Early in North Florida Today...What a Diverse Group of Poll Workers!

Friend just sent me this - Nov 3, 2008 at Obama HQ

--What the hell?? Is this FREEPER Day on DU??---

MSNBC'S ticker shows Gallup Daily Tracking poll of Likely Voters ("Traditional model") which is the

Stupid ass David Gregory talking about the national polls tightening

In the name of the best within us

Grampy channels Cheney's fear & smear: "McCain: 'Obama won't have the right response' to a crisis"

Another Obama shirt deal

Rush Limbaugh is doing research

Which Battleground states should Obama give up on?

The Race is tightening: keep me from freaking out

Biden on Ellen right now.

Biden on Ellen right now.

When did Lout Dobbs turn into a WingNut??

Fox's Kilmeade: "Why is no one looking for Obama's drug dealer?"


Powell's endorsement DOES MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Hillary BURNING THE BARN for Obama in Orlando! "Jobs Baby Jobs!"

Some Rays come out for Obama in Tampa.

Tom Hartmann: "If McCain 'wins,' remember that Nov. 5th is Guy Fawkes Day."

McCain campaign looking for Obama's dealer

Muslims for McCain shut down intolerant asshole

Lets review...shall we?

My general advice on how to insure your vote in FL:

I Got A Letter In The Mail Today Addressed "Obama Supporter"

McCain Campaign Off Message

Kevin Drum: The Upcoming GOP Civil War

What state should be the host of the final Obama/Biden rally?

Obama Lead Shrinks in National Poll

KO Goes All the Way: It's Nightly Special Comments Until Election Day!!

KO Goes All the Way: It's Nightly Special Comments Until Election Day!!

McCain Employing GOP Operative Accused of Voter Registration Fraud

My disgusting neighbor, who likes to tell me I look like

A picture is worth 200,000 words.... can you spell L*A*N*D*S*L*I*D*E (IMHO)

***Monday's NY Times to raise new questions over McCain's HEALTH

Flash: Republicans Caught Driving Up Political Speculation Markets for McCain

How's it hanging, all you anti-America, socialist, Joe the Plumber haters?


TEXAS: Tarrant County obliterates early voting record: 25,018 Cast Ballots

Enough with the divisive talk!

Awesome New Anti-McCain Ad: Should The Obama Campaign Use It?

How much cash does McCain have left?

Who trusts Failin'?

I just got my absentee ballot! So who do you think I should vote for?

CNN's John King says NM, IA gone, CO most likely gone for McCrypt. Banking on PA. (VIDEO)

PPP: Obama takes a 51-44 lead in North Carolina.

If Bush's policies are not merely part of the problem but government itself is the problem, then ...

I just voted for Barack Obama in an important swing state!

OBAMA ON THE OFFENSIVE: Assembles Thousands of Lawyers to Monitor Election

OBAMA ON THE OFFENSIVE: Assembles Thousands of Lawyers to Monitor Election

Okay. Well now he IS a maverick.

Barack Obama to appear on SNL. Lorne Michaels contributes $4600 to his campaign.

Secret Service said snarky thing today at Bill Clinton meetup

OBAMA ON THE OFFENSIVE: Assembles 5,000 Lawyers to Monitor the Election

How many of you veterans think Powell is a war criminal??

I'm on the ground a lot, and honestly I think this should be a landslide for Obama

Obama grassroots efforts showing some signs of complacency (aka. "flake rate" is rising)

Abercrombie to Lingle: don't disparage Obama's Hawaii ties

Dear Andrea Mitchell - if you don't know the difference between a negative ad and the truth....

Last-Grasped Straws

What are the chances of Powell being charged and convicted of a war crime ?

So any further word on why Palin' refuses her duty to release medical info?

Who Is This Man?

BREAKING - ABC/WaPo Poll Out (10/20) - Obama Leads McCain 53-44

John Kerry and few hundred friends campaign for Barack Obama in Nashua.

David Sedaris on Undecided Voters

Talk about a LIFESAVER -- this is IT:

Some of McCain's black relatives support Obama

Headline of the day: "Socialists Upset By Obama Comparison"

Obama wins: send "thank you" letters to Hannity, Limbaugh, and Bill Kristol

Uber-hawk Ken Adelman is going to vote for Obama.

Uber-hawk Ken Adelman is going to vote for Obama.

Russia refuses to contribute money to Mc Cain's campaign

Is it to early to be looking at what champagne we are going to toast with on Nov. 4th?

Remember This When You Go to Vote and After...

Florida Sheriff Mike Scott's opponent says ‘Hussein’ comment helpful for him.

DU the Lou Dobbs Poll

Mr. Fish

Ohio Republican Party Victory Center! (pics)

I would rather LOSE THIS ELECTION than compromise my principles

On the (Supposed) Poll Shrinkage...

Sarah Palin is a socialist who redistributes the wealth

Freepers .. DO NOT LOOK HERE

Are there really FOOLS here who think Obama should denounce Powell's endorsement??

PPP NC: Obama 51%-44% Hagan Over Dole 49%-42%

Today's Vote In My Third Grade Classroom:

What will you do with your time/energy if we win BIG in November?

Matthews should have gone after Tom Ridge

Biden on Obama being tested: Major gaffe or nothing worth worrying about?

Cartoonist depicts Colin Powell as Benedict Arnold in blackface

How do we respond, if (hypothetically) McShame wins EC, but Obama wins Popular Vote?

another moran moment

another moran moment

Fuck Joe, the plumber!

What unusual types of stocks would be wise investments if Obama wins?

McCain camp said Palin WON'T release her medical records, states the media has been so unfair to her

Update from the Tinklenberg campaign (great news!!)

New web site ( - addresses concerns of "Joe the Plumber"

Obama coming to Leesburg, VA this Wednesday

The blogosphere should scream to the heavens about this: Palin refusing to release medical records

Major Developing Story: Sources tell CNN's John King Mccain on verge of pulling out of Colorado

7 close Senate races that need our help!! Links included

Since GD and GDP are basically running all of the same kinds of threads

HELP ME understand how a BLOWHARD like LIMBAUGH was ever taken seriously...

WaPo/ABC Poll: Voters reject Ayers attack, Palin pick ... link

Limpballs nurses oozing Ass Boil while Powell serves 2 tours in Nam... a look back (Graphic pic)

McCain Employing GOP Operative Accused Of Voter Registration Fraud

I just mailed in my absentee (paper) ballot in the state of California. :)

Electronic Vote Fraud: A Programmer's Perspective

AP IMPACT: Mortgage firm arranged stealth campaign

I guess this deserves it own post

question about freeperville

PostSecret . . . should this one be turned over to the SS or is it a concern?

Saw this on CNNI - trailer for Larry King... about "mavericks"

Good news/Bad news, Sunday photo dump. Pic heavy thread

Jackson County residents angry over decision to keep teacher accused of racial slur about Obama

Family Guy tonight spoiler

"photos of face palming financiers" and "sad guys on the trading floor"

Oh, my. I am undecided between making squid or steak for dinner.

I used to wish Michele Bachmann would just shut the f**k up....Now I want her to keep talking......

Freddie Mac Paid GOP Consulting Firm $2M To Kill Legislation

Guardian UK: The Republicans have lifted the lid off their rightwing id

Fall of Shah of Iran and Nixon/Ford

Thank You from El Tinklenberg

Did anyone watch Family Guy?

The "War on Christmas" is starting again

Powell endorses Obama because he's black?

Powell endorses Obama because he's black?

Dickipedia: Rush Limbaugh

Polls show Obama support firm. McCain needs 2 win most undecideds & some of Obama's supporters 2 win

Looney site...but good analysis...war w/Pakistan

YES - We Span ! Do you remember the "Bridges for Obama Photos" - Time to re-visit

What is Arizona Lumpy Cadaverick McSame #1 in?

Why Obama's Shocking Landslide in Newspaper Endorsements Really Matters

What are the 2008 sports omens for the Presidential election?

Peter Werbe's "Nightcall" streaming live now

My Response to a Young Republican

I got an email from President Bush!

English as our national language

Those wacky women of the Reich wing......

KKK in Oklahoma stepping up their anti-Obama message

Fuck McCain and his whining about fundraising!

No matter what happens in November...

As You Have Done Unto the Least of These, You Have Done Unto Me -Jesus Christ

As You Have Done Unto the Least of These, You Have Done Unto Me -Jesus Christ

Ayers Was Sheltered at Top McCain Man's Property!

Theme song for the Republican Party in Election 2008......

Transit services across U.S. threatened by deals with AIG

Are we seeing neoracism ..... a new, virulent strain of it ..... or is this the last gasp of .......

The contrast of anger and hope

How do we even start to pierce the veil of ignorance that covers so many American citizens?

Should I be upset about this?

"Well then why don't you join the army?"

How many suicides...?

Let's start a "Colin WHO?!1" thread for tomorrow's media bozos!1

I just saw my best friend's name on some kind of Palin's 1000 Women List

What is a "closet Muslim" going to do anyways? Are people afraid that

Interesting timing re: the Powell endorsement. I saw "W." today.

RW Alert!: McCain campaign bus under gun attack!

Paul Krugman:The Real Plumbers of Ohio

Tampa Bay Rays? WTF ...

As Ohio plumbers went, so went the nation:

(Former Black Panthers Terrorist) David Horowitz Lambastes Islam In Near-Empty MacMillan

Zbig - I love you...

Kucinich calls for probe of bonuses for Wall Street aid recipients

Jeff Farias Show starts up tomorrow!!

Remember when Colin Powell endorsed Jesse Jackson, Alan Keyes, and Al sharpton?

Here is a new documentary on vote stealing!

Deutsche Bank: Worst Slump Since Great Depression

Obama Girl As Sarah Palin On Geraldo (VIDEO)

Rays - Phillies World Series will be great for Obama

What is the U.S. A #1 in?

Daytime Changes For MSNBC

Obama should appoint Bush as Ambassador to the Netherlands

McCain campaign releases new item for sale on website

Fox News has a new correspondent...

Obama's poll #'s must have went up today. Gas dropped 20 cents to 2.52 a gal

Bachmann is a big story here in MN

Just a funny aside, anybody mentioned the translation of Nancy Pfotenhauer's last name?

country club whites voting Obama....

What torture supporters and Iraq war supporters think means JACK SHIT to me

Just because I laugh whenever I see this

I'm having my once-a-year asthma attack.

Which side are you on? (some youtube videos to think about when considering that question)

It ain't ACORN

Major Networks Admit "struggle" to make race seem close even if Obama landslide

WTF? Biden went to Washington???

Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama is the best thing to happen this late in the campaign...

HELP! My husband doesn't trust early voting, What is the campaign saying?

I've seem many people here calling Colin Powell a "war criminal."

Bear found dumped at WCU with Obama signs

League of Women Voters says GOP uses voter guide to mislead

League of Women Voters says GOP uses voter guide to mislead

The tax load of Joe the Plumber

ACORN receives hate mail and threats

The Photo McCain doesn't want you to see

Can anyone suggest a way to reach Gore Vidal for an interview?

How does Obama have no foreign policy experience?

Newsweek: "America the Conservative: How President (Obama) will govern a Center-Right Nation".

Hmmm Republican Paid Consulting Firm Killled Regulation Bills

New Questions Over McCain's Health, Times Set To Report

Al Franken race very close.

Palin introduces 'Ed the Dairyman': how many more professions are they going to gin up for this?

FYI: full list of newspaper endorsements

What is the status of the Philip Berg Pennsylvania lawsuit?

Exactly 2 years ago, a poll showed Bachmann losing by 8 %

Sometimes you just have to call it how you see it

Are we willing to explore two noble ideals of capitalism that have failed.

Green Policies in California Generated Jobs, Study Finds

Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg has raised $640,000!

Arson, Suicide, and Murder Mark the Economic Crisis, and We're Not Hearing About it

Falling oil prices? Food won't necessarily follow

Democrat Tinklenberg plans big advertising blitz

Anger at the U.S. grows in Mexico over deadly violence from the "War on Drugs"

Think the Freepers are thinking about all the new powers Bush was giving himself while they cheered?

Dead Republican State senator will stay on the ballot

China Enacts Major Land-Use Reform

Some people won't face the truth if it slaps them in the face, kicks them in the arse, and punches

Dem:59 GOP:41 on projected Senate map

Freddie Mac secretly paid a Republican consulting firm $2 million to kill legislation

Any good canvassing stories? I was out today and it was really fun.

Bernanke up on the hot seat in a few

Virginia: Barack Obama in Richmond, October 22nd

Republican Voter Registration Chief Arrested for Fraud in California(Fox News)

Bachmann on TV now

WCPT Chicago Goes On FM...


Just curious: except for Palin, are there other female Republican governors? (eom)

From Paul Krugman's blog this morning: Better

Why did McBush take nine months to sign the Freddie regulation bill?

Michele Bachmann to be interviewed on local FOX 9 after 7:30 AM CST. UPDATE

Circuit City weighing shutting stores, job cuts: WSJ

NEW GOPer MEME emerging: Obama is Robin Hood

People in glass houses(some GOP/UnAmerican Terrorist connections)

Please Report this YouTube Member. Name: "KILLWHITEYmichelleO"

Besides Palin on SNL, what else might garner high ratings?

Bertha Lewis of ACORN ripping new ones on Diane Riehm...

Joe Biden to appear on Ellen Today

Waiting for the explosion...

To all the other red sox fans here

wingnuts going after journos' private lives at new site

Zogby Zigs and Zags to Explain Away Obama's Lead

McCain: Obama cash will lead to scandal

Republican Voter Registration Chief Arrested for Fraud in California

SNL political videos link

Any thoughts on this argument over taxes?

Is today "Step On the Republican Talking Head" day on MSNBC?

One Reason Offshore Drilling Won’t Lower Gas Prices

BTW & FWIW: Ralph Nader is on the ballot here in SC.

This just sucks!: Man arrested after receiving sexual favors from a car wash vacuum

Neo-Conservatives and Black Widow Spiders

MSNBC, CNN both baselessly suggested Obama is prematurely "measuring the drapes" for the White House

Fed chairman Bernanke wants another stimulus package.

"Bankers' Welfare" is a term I would like to see catch on

A little advice needed....dealing with freepers when we may have misspoke

Do you all realize that the Republican concept was based on the premise of expecting sugar daddies?

She was born on the 4th of July

Bill Ayer's didn't say he wanted bomb more!!!

DU search: An exercise in futility...

Powell Rejects Islamophobia

McCain: “Every time I’ve been ahead, I’ve messed up.”

Suffolk University polls

McCain's Guilt Cloaked In Fake Laughter

Obama Says:

MONDAY: Updated Endorsement Tally -- Obama Widens Lead to 115-37

Slowpoke's comix: Big Business Bigotry

Does anybody have any pictures

Reich-Wingers are speaking in acronyms now.

What Other Lying, Right Wing Shitbags Should Dems Applaud And Respect?

Which is more likely to be dirty? RNC cash McCain is using or the $5-$10-$20 Obama donations?

U.S. policies may have contributed to Iran revolution, study says

Time to electronically vote.

Sorry for Duplicate - Trying in Vain to Post to My Journal

Bachmann turns to Joe the Plumber for help

More W.Va. voters say machines are switching votes

Parts of America Still in MAJOR Denial on Housing...

Bernanke supports Democratic party stimulus package

Bob Barr is a jackass.

So has the smear and discredit Colin Powell memos gone out yet?

Event: Gaming For Obama Marathon

U.S. - Bolivian relations and the drug trade...

Yes I Want More Stimulus...

Shipping Lines Say Tight Credit Cutting World Trade

In reporting on Letterman appearance, media fail to note other aspects of Liddy's controversial past

McCain campaign SOLICITING VIDEOS of middle Americans to be used in ads!

How does early voting affect exit polls on election day?

Sarah Palin's a "State's Rights" kinda person. Except when it comes to gay marriage.

MSNBC discussing the "understaffing" of the FBI

McCains For Obama

Sign I saw inside the window of a car on I-95 in Philly yesterday

John Nichols: "Socialist" Is Not an Epithet

The best thing about the Obama campaign

DARPA Contract Description Hints at Advanced Video Spying

White House says Bush open to second stimulus

GOP Terrified of American Voters

We're doing GREAT!! (Anyone who can't handle hearing that without getting 'overconfident' look away)

Airliner had near miss with UFO

ACLU And Rights/Camera/Action Announce Festival Premiere Of "The End Of America"

The Republicans Embrace the Cootie Effect

Economic crisis hurting students' ability to pay for college

It's the coming Holiday Shopper disaster poll!


Tina Fey is extremely hot, yet every time i see Sarah Palin

Do you wish Powell had Endorsed McCain?

The California voter registration fraud is being discussed on GEM$NBC

Voters say they were duped into registering as Republicans

"War based on lies" is about the stupidest f*cking term I've ever heard.

John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight

How the Bush Administration Changes a Light Bulb - lighter side

I miss the Top Ten. Post your conservative idiots here!

Rush once told a black caller..

FEMA Hero Seeks Help While Brownie busy Making His Dinner Plans - Bush History,10/20

what the (*&^% is this all about?

My (business) partner just interjected reason over my rantings.

David Sirota: Here Comes the Onslaught

why hasn't the media sought out william ayers and confronted him on his 'domestic terrorism?'

DUers will drink champagne on election night. What will freepers drink?

Condi Rice supports Obama, She's "redeemed" Herself!

Is Sarah Palin still trotting out her family at her rallies?

Is Sarah Palin still trotting out her family at her rallies?

Meet Kay Hagan, the woman who's about to end Elizabeth Dole's senatorial career.

"Iraq on the Record": Waxman's Report on Colin Powell's and Bush Admin Lies

The Guardian: The Republicans have lifted the lid off their rightwing id

Rep. Michele Bachmann is learning all about payback!

Two weeks until Obama is elected president

Some of McCain's black relatives support Obama

Did anyone else get one of those awful terrorist robo calls?

My friend, the undecided.

Two of my fave people together — Hodgman to appear on Rachel Maddow's show

IMF chief Strauss-Kahn apologizes for affair (Reuters)

DUers have you ever noticed that some of the strangest trolls

China: Howed fucked up can you possibly get.

Heather Wilson coming up on GEM$NBC to discuss

McCain camp hits up Russian envoy- Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

McCain camp hits up Russian envoy- Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

circling the drain . . .

Worst Animal Spirit Guide to find after 4 days of fasting

Chevy Chase: 'Big Mistake' To Let Sarah Palin On 'SNL'

Washington Post: We Forgot Everything Keynes Taught Us

The Rude Pundit: Republicans Get Back to Their Roots

dupe delete n/t

Fashion critic Mr. Blackwell dies in Los Angeles

A DU thread featuring Sherry Jones & Torturing and a political statement

Good heavens. Michele Bachmann's comments were misread!

Report from McCain rally in St. Charles, MO (New Town)

O'Reilly Caught Lying About The Factor Balance

caption this pic

Do you think Colin Powell believed what he said in his speech to the UN about Iraq?

Anyone get a weekend total for Tinklenberg? Is he going on any shows today?

Breaking: Biden gets Clean Bill of Health

Just donated to BO

The stock market in a nutshell.

Ohioans crashing into poverty in growing numbers

Change Everything NOW

Right Wing Hate

How many shoe bombs have they found at the airports?

Muslim McCain Fans Confront Intolerance At Rally (VIDEO)

franken on Thom Hartman right now

Question about the bailout.

Question about the bailout.

"Government tax and spedning" is now the battle cry by McCain and Palin

Fox News will help you cancel your New York Times subscription

Chicago's Progressive Talk Radio expanded to mulitple FM stations!!!

U.K. Releases More UFO Files

Web site of the Sacramento County Republican Party Scrubbed - - No wonder! It held McCains Agenda

SURPRISE, SURPRISE: Judy Miller Joins Faux

W.orst (in case you forgot--eom)

What type of capitalist system do we have now??


Here's why the RNC accuses Obama of seeking foreign campaign contributions

The stunning difference in crowd size between Obama and McCain

Ernest P. Worrell makes cover of National Review (Know what I mean, Vern?)

Ernest P. Worrell makes cover of National Review (Know what I mean, Vern?)

Very scary masks to download.

Analyst: GOP voter fraud scandal 'really serious' (Where's the media?)

Bwahahaha...we're going to take your money, and spread it all around! Hahaha

Stuff of nightmares

Any bored artists out there? Here's an idea to play with

One more reason why McCain will lose

When we control both congress and the white house, can we put the pugs on trial?

MSNBC and CNN giving McCain/Palin more free coverage to tear Obama down right now

Freddie Mac Secretly Paid Republican Firm to Kill Regulation

Tom Toles: Bush decorates the white house for Halloween- edited fixed picture

Isn't there some way to force Palin to be interviewed or at the very least...

Forbes Magazine credits Stephanie Miller with coining the nickname, "Caribou Barbie."

Chris Hedges: The Idiots Who Rule America

Alec Baldwin: Palin on SNL: What Did You Expect?

Alec Baldwin: Palin on SNL: What Did You Expect?

Faux News hires - wait for it - Judy Miller

Open Post to DU Admins:

It seems to me that MSNBC/etc. are trying to create close races that aren't even there.

Please help!! I need link for past presidential results

I just received a copy of that horrid "Obsession" video in the mail.

Poll: Georgia is a Dead Heat

Matthews to McCain: "(Y)ou know you're in my heart!" - We forget this at our own peril

I wish Obama would come up with a few different Ads

"What is so bewildering is the conviction...

I keep seeing Mitt Romney on TV backing McBush but his heart just isn't in it. Is it?

Is ANYTHING different from the vote-rigging operation the pukes set up in 2004?

Early voting begins TODAY in Florida...

Do you believe that a sizable fraction of UFOs are actually alien spacecraft?

My stupid limpballs listening cousin sent me this email today

Thom Hartmann mentioned DU today!

Tainted feed kills 1,500 Chinese dogs bred for fur

Poll update: Obama leads by 6 in CNN's latest poll of polls- Down 2 points from a week ago

What's the difference between Joe McCarthy and Michelle Bachmann?

What's the difference between Joe McCarthy and Michelle Bachmann?

Explain how "redemption" absolves all war crimes

Did you get a Wingnut e-mail about Obama sourced by Washington Post reporter Dale Lindsborg?

Have you seen the new version of the Palin game?

Thanks Rush--Limpballology explains it all

Ed the Plumber? Joe the Dairyman? Let's start a list of middle Americans for Obama! Here's one:

Post pics of fake real America, or vice versa

Who else hasn't bothered educating themselves on candidates' positions relevant to the election?

Cavuto interviewing Stephen Baldwin and it's seriously laugh out loud funny

Wow, Canadian companies are using the financial crisis to fuck over staff

Are there lists available, and being updated, of endorsements for the candidates?

Seven hundred and forty thousand dollars


Rick Davis: Campaign Rethinking Playing The Rev. Wright Card

I am tired of Republicans saying it is the economy that is bringing them down.

Palin draws big ratings for 'Saturday Night Live'

I read most of the ships coming in from Asia in past few weeks have been above their waterlinesl

"Bunny Suicides" Irks Mom

Photographer taking pictures of early voters at poll in Florida....



Esquire endorses Barack Obama for President

Tweety is going to discuss the Bachmann fallout

Hillary is standing next to Barack and kicking Rethug ass on CNN from Florida

John McCain speaks to lower income morons and makes them think they're rich and about to be robbed.

Judith Miller Joins Fox News... Fox: "She Has A Very Impressive Resume"

Frighteningly Desperate...

Activist Turned Informant Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison In Eco-Terrorism Case

WooHoo!! My wife just picked up our Obama/Biden yard sign!

Venezuela Youth Orchestra - Bernstein - Mambo

A thought on "blacks voting for black candidate solely because a candidate is black"

Jeff Farias is BACK

"I Have Returned " 20Octobra 1944

monitor question

Michele Bachmann chief of staff smears Colin Powell

Burning out? Don't stop NOW! It's WORKING!

what is the RW rebuttal to "universal health care" ?

Tires of 30 vehicles slashed during Obama rally in North Carolina

tee hee - pics

Flash: Republicans Caught Driving Up Political Speculation Markets for McCain

Under Congressional Pressure, AIG Suspends Lobbying

Racism within the Race Issue

Racism within the Race Issue

Big Hug for Tina Fey (called into Combat) and SNL for their work on this Election!

He is a celebrity! He is a muslim! He is radical christian! He is a socialist! what they aren't ...

Another Murderous Rampage - 6 Killed - When will we take weapons off the streets?

Is there any truth to the spurious, awful, unsubstantiated rumor that ........

NC-Sen: Hagan -- Das Next Senator From NC

Merrill Lynch May Cut 500 Sales, Trading Jobs as Thain Girds for Recession

will we ever get a "Hate Mailbag" again?

will we ever get a "Hate Mailbag" again?

Michael Smerconish endorses Obama? WTF?

Tweety to Ridge: You would have been a great running mate, you're not, so tough nuts.

How can Obama possibly win?

Email forwarded from my Mom: Why women should vote:

Conservative Admits that the Iraq War was a Mistake - Bush History,10/20

Dunce of the Week: NYC hate radio veteran Bob Grant

Does anybody have a link to the story about the Freddie lobbyists killing

Undestanading the Financial Crisis

Colin Powell isn't necessarily evil, but he is a war criminal

Special comment tonight from Keith

Republican Leaders Who Participate in Attacks on ACORN Could be Prosecuted as Part of a Criminal

Michele Bachmann's excuse: Chris Matthews used the word "anti-American" first.

"CSA: The Confederate States of America" -- on NOW on IFC

Detroit Fears The Worst As GM Merger Talks Roll On

Stock Market Stuff.....

Stock Market Stuff.....

Nice article about why Obama Should Be President

Hey Mitt Romney

Another Florida, Palm Beach County voting screw up

Nice article about why Obama Should Be President

Let the Blame Begin (Fingerpointing 101)- by Carville and Begala Bwahahahahah!

BREAKING: Palin wil be interviewed on CNN's Situation Room tomorrow.

Melamine risk spreads, so to speak... ("willy spread" alert)

Michelle Bachmann: It's all Chris Matthews' fault!!!11

It isn't about sharing the wealth, it's about sharing the freak'n BILLS

Lou Dobbs spin on Supreme Court's Ohio Voting Ruling today:

Look at what I got in my mail box today

Voted early in North Florida today...What a diverse group of Poll Workers !

Denied black relative urges McCain to accept ancestry

If you think freepers are going nuts....

Just got my VA absentee ballot via email (question included in post)...

Olbermann promises a new Special Comment *every night* until the election

McCain Employing GOP Operative Accused Of Voter Registration Fraud

Whats Tinkleberg at right now?

Lou Dobbs fired... replacement announced!

A pollster hung up on me today..

Funeral for slain trooper's son is this afternoon (NC)

I feel like the little boy sitting by the old radio...

Notice the face of the little kid Obama was talking to when the hag started yelling socialist?

Bwhahaha! Self-inflicted Wound Puts Bachmann in Jeopardy

Have anybody in Pro Sports endorsed a candidate

I am capable of embracing Powell. He humiliated himself, out of loyalty to his president.

Keith Olbermann deserves a medal n/t

I'm not imagining this... Rush said "Genital Powel"... WTF?

Thank You, DU!

Oh I am so gonna love 1/20/09. Lets bring back all the reasons the freeps told us to support w

"We have a lot of things in our house that don't belong to us"

Describe how voting works in your state. I think we'll surprise each other.

Sarah Palin won't release her medical records because? Palin's Medical Records II

One single, simple act would alter the economic landscape for the better for EVERYONE

McCain: "We're not going to spread the wealth around...."

Obama: "There are no real or fake parts of this country."

Too effin' funny -- Freeps prepare to hunker down in shelters

Too effin' funny -- Freeps prepare to hunker down in shelters

Please DU this Dobbs poll

Caption the Maverick

Will Rush's latest outburst finally push people to ask for his firing?

Rush Limbaugh is *STILL* doing research

Cook Political Report flips MN-6 (Bachmann/Tinklenberg) to TOSSUP

I was going to post something about the hypocrisy of bullying, judgmental Christianity

Matthews is cracking up at the Tinklenberg story

Calling tax cuts for the middle class "socialism" means you're either wealthy or dumb

I'm struggling, suffering financially

Why won't the GOP-controlled media play the part of the clip, where Obama explains ...

Woman to Obama at N.C. Resturant: “Socialist, Socialist, Socialist — get out of here.”

If you have ever been in a nuclear/family-values family, you are a socialist

Okay, DUers, listen to this from work. Comments are certainly welcome

My Response to a Young Republican

Basset Hounds for OBAMA!!

Now that Powell will be part of Obama's administration,

Have yall seen this site? Christians agianst Obama

Phun with Phreepers: Gov. Palin Beware the AMINOS - Americans in Name Only!!!

How much are you paying for gasoline this week? $2.87 here yesterday.

I wonder what the reaction from the Right will be when Obama is

Is it true what I THINK I read today....that Obama said he wants C. Powell on his team of advisors?

Our plans for this country out there minus the filter of some of the filter of the mainstream media

What I told an undecided voter at lunch today

McCain campaign won't release Palin's medical records because it would reveal...

Gideons in the Classroom? Why is this allowed to happen?

CommonDreams: The Revolution Has Arrived

First "Muslims," now "socialism," just what is the GOP saying?

What will you be doing election day?

VIDEO: Brad Friedman Delivers REAL News Live on Fox!

Democratic socialism has proven to be the best form of government

My "Colin Powell: Country First" video now has 20 honors and has gone worldwide

Is it even reasonable to assume that we can regrow manufacturing jobs in this country?


Thoughts on racism

I want to vote absentee, but I am afraid it will go through

The secret document they didn't want you to see.

I just shut down a Repuke...

Elderly McCain voter said "US has more oil than anywhere in the world" includes email

Fresh Face on Cable, Sharp Rise in Ratings

Question: Bush's Torture Team aka The Principals Committee

Matt Taibbi hands Byron York his ass on Credit Default Swaps.

We just saw 'W'.

We just saw 'W'.

Working for the Working-Class Vote

Some of us still don't get it.

Zappa's Joe's Garage - The Play - my review (long)

New England in danger of losing it's lone Republican Rep.

* Early Voting (pics & result): DemoCat vs. RepubliCat at the MSG Cat Show

My friend told me tonight that Barack is down only 1 point in Arizona.

What's a Liberal? Here's How to Respond

Bachmann - "A fool for Christ"

My son broke my heart today.

Sweeping Astroturf

Sweeping Astroturf

Dead Black Bear Wrapped In Obama Signs on North Carolina campus

The Mainstream Media is John McCain's Base!

TV reporter (and actress who played Ann Coulter in W) brutally attacked...

Please help me find Non-English-Speaking Progressive Talk Show Hosts.

Please help me find Non-English-Speaking Progressive Talk Show Hosts.

Oliver Stone's "W" movie sucks!!!

Oliver Stone's "W" movie sucks!!!

AZ-03: John Shadegg's Credit Card Found in AZ Dem Party Office

Unmasking the underbelly of today's "Republican" party

Isn't is a little strange that Sarah Palin (a healthy young mother) doesn't release her Med Records?

Did the Lounge get closed down or something?

Hilarious! Palin as President!

Hilarious! Palin as President!


Who is this Repig woman who looks like Howdy Doody on MSNBC?

This just made my day.

Star Tribune (MN:) HEADLINE: ***Suddenly, Bachmann race looks different***

Unions -- secret ballot

**** The Official I Voted For Obama REC Thread ****


Ok Goddamn It I'll Say It. Colin Powell Is Not Evil Nor A War Criminal. He Has My Respect.


Phillies or Rays?

Powell Not Qualified for Government Work

"Old Guys Rule" t-shirts. Have you ever worn one or given one as a gift?

"Nature is overrated." but "we'll miss it when it's gone." Quotes from "Sunshine State". the movie

Electronic Vote Fraud: A Programmer's Perspective

"Do they all get this sleazy? As sleazy as McCain?"

"Dysfunctional Democracy" - the best answer I've seen, by far

Three of Molly Ivins' columns from the last 10 years... she never finished her calling.

Hey. New Yorkers. Save the Levers and Block the e-Voting

The things you see when you don't have a camera

Mutiny on the McBounty - keeping track of mutinous conservatives

How in the hell do you spell endorsement

Hey - Where's my "I Voted" sticker?!!!

The next 16 Days are going to be soooooo difficult to get through....

Today ends the season of bureaucracy......

My sister's Obama sign was stolen from her yard...

For you folks in Texas check this out - free money!

Signs a guy or girl doesn't like you?

Good old acid country music

I hope I never hear "game-changer" again

Rays and Sox game. This is it.

Should I let my 9 year old watch '30 Days of Night'?

ALCS update:

So I just had a really expensive bottle of wine by accident.


Pulled my space heater out. It's not working.

Today was a VERY good day for me!

ALCS poll

The baby turtle and the tree.

ALCS update:

What does it mean when your thread gets recommended, but nobody replies?


I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.

Good Morning USA

WAY TO GO RAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Didn't Keith Olberman predict the Rays would go to Series?

Here come the Rays!!

At least this solidifys that McCain will lose

Is flvegan around tonight?

Nation Rejoices Not Having To be Regaled By Red Sox History Again

The Raven, read by Christopher Walken


Is it more mean outside the Lounge than usual or am I imaginging it?

Of course my hot water system sprung a leak this evening!

A good weekend in Sports for me

Tip of the day: Steak knives and Q-Tips are NOT interchangeable.

ALCS update:

Good news: I am not gaining weight

Hey Bostonians of the Lounge!

I need advice. How do I help these feral kittens?

Hey, I'm on iTunes nows!

Poll question: Should I put Pryderi on ignore....

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday October 20

Oh, boy. This is a weird one.....

Fellow night owls, I am off to bed

Most Freepers love Captain Beefheart, Sun Ra and Edgard Varèse.

Now,Just look at this you goodness

I'm about to go over the Humboldt and put the goddamn smack down on someone's ass!

I had a successful date! Ask Me Anything!

since mo is mad at me... here is the big dog

I must possess these!

Obscure Family Guy question ...

I love Lake Powell

Oh, my. I am undecided between making squid or steak for dinner.

Watching the History Channel's

Cat declawing question

Every time I hear 'em sayin' That there's no way to delay, That trouble comin' every day.

I'm paranoid

fargo starting on ifc - darn tootin

fargo starting on ifc - darn tootin took me all weekend...

Worst "XXX-List" movie you've ever seen

Soap saga (if you have not seen this before you will laugh until cry)

Way to go Rays!

From Berkeley Breathed's list of his favorit Opus strips . . . "Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnuts"

Any Flan experts here?

Mr. Blackwell dies at 86

Halloween poll - best scream queen:

"The Return of Doctor X" - Bogart's worst movie

RAYS WIN!~!!!!!!!!!

I have brothers named Phil and Ray...

Pictures from a Sunday Afternoon Drive *dial-up warning*

LeftyKid is mad at me because he can't vote.

what a cruddy day for a protest

If you live in Minnesota, when you meet people from other states, does

Game camera fun and deers don't like potatoes (Pic heavy)

Off-Broadway Play Recommendations?


Go Red Sox Did They Win Yet?

Where is madinmaryland today?

Hey Midlo, What Freeper Site Are We All Going To Today?

I thought those negatives were destroyed

Ok This Week HAS To Be Better

Have you ever known someone who wedded sad?

Family Guy: Nazi Soldiers sporting McCain / Palin buttons

Today's "Opus" - only two left 'til Breathed kills the lil' Penguin

woohoo! One hell of a morning!

Does anyone know anything about "tinyurlDOTcom? Is it safe?nt

Hey LynneSin Are You Going To Do Fantasy Basketball?

For those who've seen W

i turn 18 on friday!

Anybody here tried Adipex?

So I Was At Home Depot This Weekend

Ann Coulter to star in "Schindler's List: The Musical" by David Zucker

Airport trivia question. Winner gets prize.

My loony bun is fine, Benny Lava.

How in HELL am I supposed to concentrate

Ain't it funny how the night moves?

LEAVE "Joe the Plummer" ALONE!!1!!

LOL. Just got a call from the McCain camp. (Not a robocall, a live person)

Join Here For MY New World Order

When the revolution comes, the Midlo Bunco Brigade must be the first to be destroyed

It's Sarah Moran!

The Hokey-Pokey.......

When the revolution comes, Parche and sasquatch are the first to go.

So I've been asked to participate in the Nielsen ratings system.

Fergie, I'm willing to strike a deal with you here. Listen up:

So none of us Nostradami picked Phillies vs. Rays for the World Series?

Wow, Kurt Vonnegut really liked Cheers

PROOF that God is a democrat.....

Terry Tate - Reading is fundamental, featuring Palin

File under "GET OFF MY LAWN!" (or, no, you brats can't have your ball back)

Blast from the Past for 40-somethings: "The Most Important Person" (early '70s kids' TV)

Official Rays Kick Some Phillies A$$hat thread

When the revolution comes, Freepers are the first to go.

Zimbra can suck my metaphorical wizened left nut

Is everybody just a little OCD?

Gary Cooper or John Wayne?

Jessica Simpson: "To find big love, you have to go through heartbreak, ugly ones and buttheads"

You know what I hate most about winter?

You know what this place needs? More Newcleus

I saw a kewl thing at Safeway yesterday - the till wanted to give a customer $4,851

Cool, a flickr group for those with OCD

I did a four day no food or water fast, and lived!

Atlanteans: Can you tell me why so many homes in the Celtic Shelf

some new random pics

a soul mate

Ok, this ain't my cat, but I can't stop looking at this pic. He's mesmerizing.


Notes on a Native American Fast.

After my "$150 bottle of wine accident"

If you love movies...100 numbers, 100 movies, 100 quotes

Hi, My name is Jennifer and I'm not a freeper or a troll.

Abbey Road Pumpkin Style from Jackson NH

I may get flamed for this...but if I ever did this on any job, I'd probably get fired.

You know what I need? Millions.

What the hell?

Tweety just let Limpball have it.

I'd like to take this opportunity to denounce and reject the Bengals.

Dupe; sorry...

Robert Palmer - Riptide

Parents, RE: Disney shows (HSM, Hannah Montana)

Ever have this kind of situation?

Chocolate chip cookays

You know what you need? Onions.

This just sucks!: Man arrested after receiving sexual favors from a car wash vacuum

There are a bunch of croutons at my house hopping up and down.

Did DU Cooking & Baking get closed down or something?

There are a bunch of cretins at my house hopping up and down

You know what this place needs? More Abbott and Costello

Mail me a postcard

I am in the middle of a teleconference and bored to tears....

"Ass" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "ass".

You know what this place needs? More Elvis Costello

vote for my new tequila bottle

Hundreds of dead squid washing up on Oregon beaches

Recipe for SOS (creamed beef on toast)

Okay, I gotta go to bed.

Need recipes for catfish - please help a poor yankee...

GD is dissing your mother.

Did anyone else get their "Vote For Change" shirt?

I just had the *best* class!

I am livin' the HIGH's MILLER TIME here....

You know what I need? Minions.

Would you read a book like this? I am thinking of writing one "I'm just me" is title

Was Paul Newman Over-rated as an Actor?

I Need A New Book To Read

Come see my newest poem...In GD/P!

If you have a Youtube account, would you please go flag a video for containing animal abuse?

Songs that make you 'em if ya got 'em

Ugh, I can't move!

Watching Faux News after the Powell endorsement this morning,

How many of these CDs can you identify?

How do you think of titles for things you write?

Clothing dilema, company's coming.

Atlanteans: Can you tell me why so many homes in the downtown area



I Found Midlo's Minivan

DU gamers: which video game villians are McPalin most like?

I am a real american

My wife picked up our Obama/Biden yard sign this afternoon and placed it

I'm skating in Cinncinati this weekend....

vote for my new tequila bottle

Would an anxiety disorder prevent me from being accepted into a volunteer abroad program?

new art

So it is Joe the Plumber and now Ed the Dairyman. Who's next? Bud the Septic Hauler?

I have an acquaintance with a pitbull who is very docile and submissive, now I know why


OK, gotta hear some Metallica. Which song?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 10/20/2008)

SuperMega Leaf Peeping post, cross post from Photography Group

Programmers...PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Django?

There shall be no LOL with Aquatic Kitty

Do you believe that a sizable fraction of UFOs are actually alien spacecraft?

So now, in addition to Joe the Plumber, we have Ed the Dairyman

Worst Animal Spirit Guide to find after 4 days of fasting

give me some love--FB friend deleted me

My cat has left me.

Who misses the King Biscuit Flower Hour?

protesting and voting -- i've done my patriotic duty for the day

Maybe I wasn't looking close enough when I was lurking...

Is Michael Jackson still Dangerous? Or is he Bad?

Frank Zappa fans...

Sunset on the Wabash river: October 18, 2008

Try this again, pics of my walk and some fall colors... (dialup beware)

Which poet should read at the inauguration?

The worst thing you ever said to your mother.

Please name a movie that you love, but everyone else hates.

I pray to baby Jesus that New England shuts down the Denver offensive

What Was The Weirdest Thing You Have Eaten

Where are the medium parts of the USA, weather-wise?

I got all dressed up after ages... Party Pics!!

Rank the Following 3 Actors

Anyone remember Giovanni Jones, from the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Long-Haired Hare"?

What Was The Last Movie You Saw At A Theater

I was in fifth grade when I realized that I couldn't ask my mother certain questions. You know...

Atlantans: Can you tell me why so many homes in the 30310

Share your most recent "Fall Photos" (pic thread)

The official Philadelphia Phillies are going to kick some Rays ass thread

Wahhhhhh!!! I got a flu shot today

Ok, someone needs to explain the MILF thing to me.

UFO time

welcome your new feline overlord.

I just got into a HEATED argument over Q-Tips.

I got my ballot!

A Sarah Palin Election

McCain Supporters Try to Steal HOPE

McCain's New Red State Campaign

Conservatives Jump Ship As Obama Landslide Approaches

No More Fear

What Caused the American Economic Crisis

TYT: Cenk On Christopher Hitchens Busting All Over Palin and McCain

Fed Copies Weimar Hyperinflation

Karim Rashid Sultan Khan-American Soldier: He Was A Muslim

Get on the Bus: Early Vote in Ohio

Change is Coming Obama Folk Art

Red State Update: Colin Powell Endorses Obama

CNN: Deployed Troops Support Obama Over McCain

Duran Duran's John Taylor for Obama

Understand what happened to Iceland, to understand America's pending economic collapse

Early Vote in Colorado

Early Vote, Florida! (

New Hampshire College Tour

Bachmann lies about calling Obama's views anti-American

Steal Back Your Vote! = RFK Jr.

McCain Counters Powell Endorsement

Republicans Use Foreclosure To Prevent Voting

Cubans go to Mexico to dodge U.S. sea patrols

Is John McCain writing the teleprompter copy at CNN now?

Gordon Smith - He has an illegal immigration problem

VP candidate Palin introduces ‘Ed the Dairyman’

Brad Friedman on Fox News w/ John Fund - 10/19/08

Wall Street eyes earnings, looking for bottom

Jon Stewart to Sarah Palin: '[Expletive] You.'

Tigers blunt Sri Lanka's drive to capture powerbase

DON'T GET IT - Lil Wayne - THE 7 MIN RANT ** (Some Language)

McCain Ohio co-chair

Michael Moore: Suggestions for President Obama

Little O'Reilly vs. Barney Frank

Obama goes to Cookeville

Pat Buchanan Plays The Race Card, Special Sunday Hardball

Freddie Mac secretly paid GOP consulting firm to kill regulation

Rays Beat Red Sox in Game 7, Advance to World Series

Sarah Palin on the Brody File - Marriage Amendment

AP IMPACT: Mortgage firm arranged stealth campaign ($2M to Repub consulting firm)

NYT: Many Holes in Disclosure of Nominees’ Health

Jon Stewart to Sarah Palin - F*ck You!! (Sound is awful!!)

Click Here

The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret N.S.A. James Bamford

Barack Obama: Get Out the Vote

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Powell Play

Gergen: Accusation of Socialism a Hollow Argument

VOTE REPUBLICAN! For Financial Chains You Can Believe In!

TheRealNews: Why not spread the wealth?

President Palin and the 3 AM Phone Call

Taliban: Aid worker killed for preaching

FL Seniors against fear and smears

Call the Wahmbulance! Nicolle Wallace on Joe Scar 10-15-08

U.S.-Iraq deal would whittle troops' immunity

Thug Trashes Obama Sign- Painted By Disabled Guy in Wheelchair

David Shuster Takes on Jennifer Millerwise-Dyck on stupid GOP guilt-by-association

Dr.Brzezinski: Powell endorsement very significant (10/20/08)

Norm Coleman: Running, and running, and running.....away from his record.

Naomi Klein Debunks Bush's Offshore Drilling Plan

From Paul Krugman's blog this morning: Better

Obama on NBC's "Today" - Part 1 (10/20/2008)

New Mexico Strategy Update

Charlie Bell Needs You to Vote!

Barack on the Mortgage Crisis

Obama: Even Palin Denounced McCain's Robo-Slime

Noam Chomsky:People should vote against McCain

Strong quake hits Indonesia's Sulawesi island

Body spread in U.K. sex shop found to have traces of melamine

NaS Wants Virginia to Vote

CNN: Nuclear protests in Germany & Diablo Canyon, Calf. (1984)

Prof from Hofstra defends Ayers, kicks FOX butt


Denver Post endorses Obama

Dr. Helen Caldicott on Buchanan/Braden: Part 2 of 2 (1984)

Airliner had near miss with UFO

Beijing Olympics Building Chief May Be Executed for Corruption

Child virus kills 3, sickens 110 in east China

North Korea set to make 'major announcement'

Galloway speaking on the Georgia/Russia conflict.


Early (Emotional) Voting in Tallahassee, Florida

Fed Chairman Bernanke Backs Obama/Pelosi Stimulus Plan

Vote by Mail in Colorado(funny video)

A fun trip inside McCain's body a la Innerspace

McCain Outsources Phonebanking to India - "The Last Republican" pt. 2

Dr. Helen Caldicott on Buchanan/Braden: Part 1of 2 (1984)

Larry King: Does that make the right wing facist?

Germany: caps on CEO salaries for troubled banks (so far source only in german)

Investigator set to interview Palins

Bush speaks in La. about economy (part 1)

Opinion: is the recession worth lower gas prices?

Trader Drove Up Price of McCain ‘Stock’ in Online Market

A Land Called Paradise (Muslim-Americans express their views about America)

VP candidate Palin introduces 'Ed the Dairyman' (move over Joe the Plumber)

Gallup Daily: Obama’s Lead Edges Higher

Joe Biden Interview On Ellen Show 10/20/2008- Part 2

Second Stimulus Check possibility

World's second highest airport to open this month

Factory Egg Farm in California, Undercover video

Russia refuses to contribute money to Mc Cain's campaign

McCain supporters heckle North Carolina early voters

Pakistan court extends detention of American

Ohio governor accuses GOP of scare tactics

Family Guy - McCain/Palin Scene - Close to the truth

Biden to release medical records

McCain: Don't Feel Sorry For Me... I'll Go Back To Arizona

Obama's $150 Million May Overwhelm McCain Campaign

Barack Obama to appear on SNL. Lorne Michaels contributes $4600 to his campaign.

U.S. Treasury Official Says Situation "Grim": Report

Updated Endorsement(Newspaper) Tally -- Obama Widens Lead to 115-38

Tires slashed during Obama rally

Son of Colombian warlord slain following sentence (In the U.S.)

Bachmann: (Chris) Matthews brought up 'anti-American'

Race will get tight, Obama says; "We do not let up."

Democrats have edge in Fla. registered voters

Obama hits McCain's "say anything" politics

Mitt Romney Contradicts McCain: Obama is not a Socialist

France unveils bank rescue plan

Joe Biden dunks Julia Louis-Dreyfus on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

First Colin Powell, Now...

McCain camp hits up Russian envoy for campaign contribution

Obama lawyer calls for internal Justice Department investigation

Bush reuses his "thaw" metaphor

Fareed Zakaria endorses Obama

McCain Fighting for his Life in NC & Other Red States

McCain-land won't let this good and decent man speak to CNN about the incident

Powell Slams Bachmann, Ayers & Socialist Smears

Obama lawyer wants Justice to investigate ACORN leak

McCain targets liberals in sharpened stump speech in Mo. (2,000 crowd(?)

Naomi Klein at The Brecht on lobbyists involved in the financial bailout

Biden Health Appears Very Good

Green Policies in California Generated Jobs, Study Finds

Green Policies in California Generated Jobs, Study Finds

New Poll Shows Ohioans Decided On President (Obama)

Rice defends Middle East legacy

Fed Chief Warns Of Lengthy Slowdown Amid Job Fears

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 20

Fashion critic Mr. Blackwell (of "Best/worst" dressed list) dies in Los Angeles

Long Lines Form as Early Voting Begins in Florida

Obama opens 6-point lead over McCain

Tampa Bay Rays Come Out for Obama

Local (Massachusetts) Republican caucus chairman endorses Obama

Special prosecutor to probe alleged voter fraud in Hamilton County (Ohio)

GOP Operative Arrested For Voter Fraud

Shattered remnants from Kristallnacht found in dump outside Berlin

Trade route to open in disputed Kashmir

"Women for Obama" Bridge March(sets record in Sarasota FL)

Republicans protest at North Carolina early voting site

Taliban kill Christian aid worker in Afghanistan

Gallup Daily: Obama’s Lead Edges Higher - Has double-digit lead among registered voters

Judith Miller Joins Fox News, Fox Says "She Has A Very Impressive Resume"

Obama’s Lead Jumps to Ten in Virginia

Problems Plague Early Florida Voting

McCain targets liberals in sharpened stump speech (also targeted feminists and elite liberal media)

Government Study Finds 21% Of H-1B Applications Violate Rules

McCain has $47 million to spend in October

Palin Breaks With McCain On (Constitutional) Gay Marriage Ban

Google CEO to endorse Obama: WSJ

Obama a Shoe-in, Say Bookies

Kucinich calls for probe of bonuses for Wall Street aid recipients

Palin speaks about Joe the Plumber in Colorado rally

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Illegal Immigrants' Use of Fake IDs

McCain Tells NEWS CENTER He Supports Robo Calls (Obama socializes with terrorists)

Palin Flops FOX Interview- BEST Republican V.P. Choice? Seriously?

Palin's Secret Service

Obama sign taken from Chesterfield (VA) minister's yard, replaced with Confederate flag

Bernanke supports higher spending

Former leftist radical rises to No. 2 in Peru

Palin was always first choice says Cindy McCain

Moveon: Moose

Obama hits back on 'socialist' charge; McCain wants to redistribute wealth to the already wealthy

New Questions Over McCain's Health, Times Set To Report

Muslim McCain Fans Confront Intolerance At Rally

Where Palin Goes, the MoveOn Moose Will Follow

Anti-Obama e-mail sent with DeSoto Co. computers (Mississippi)

Chief Alaska Trooper says potential witness tampering in Troopergate "serious"

Circuit City may close stores

TYT: Awesome New Anti-McCain Ad---Should Obama Use It?

More believe McCain's attacks unfair, poll finds

Obama: Powell Will Be An Adviser

Investigator to Interview Palins This Week

World's largest health system rejects free market

U.S. pilot was ordered to shoot down UFO

TYT: This Is How The Religious Right Got Started (Surprised?)

I can't imagine a President of the United States bein' named President O-bama

Bear found dumped at WCU with Obama signs

Yes We Carve

Obama Assembles U.S.'s `Largest Law Firm' to Monitor Election

McClatchy: Powell's Obama endorsement will hurt McCain, analysts say

Chicago's Leading Citizens 'Bear' Witness for Ayers

Wall Street eyes earnings, looking for bottom

Ontario Police Arrest Man In GOP Voter Registration Fraud Case

Democrats See Opportunity In Outer Suburbs' Troubles.

The Republicans have lifted the lid off their rightwing id

the real story behind fannie and freddie . . .

Could We Blame the Financial Crisis on Too Much Testosterone? Harvard Researchers Say Yes

Joseph Stiglitz: Reversal of Fortune

Charlie Brooker: CNN's voter approval graph turned the presidential debate into a computer game.

New Doubts Cloud Iraqi Security Pact With U.S.

Palin says voters 'irritated' by robocalls

Right Wingers Even Disparage Obama's Endorsement by … GOD!

How is McCain Related to YPM and Mark Jacoby?

Philly’s Own Michael Smerconish Hates America, Just Like Colin Powell

Krugman: The Real Plumbers of Ohio

Prop 8: Why It Is Wrong To Reject Gay Marriage

From President Bush's White House team, Colin Powell hears ... nothing

WORLD NEWS TRUST: What Now? (James Kunstler)

The Powell Effect to Replace the Bradley Effect?

Forget 'Wealth' — McCain Wants to Spread the 'Manure' Around

Pale At Thought Of Palin

Arson, Suicide, and Murder Mark the Economic Crisis, and We're Not Hearing About it

What to Write Your Reps Re- Who Should Be "Rescued" First

Hey, Sarah Silverman, You Forgot About McCAIN's Great Schlep

In Iraq, The Doctors Are Out

Darling pledges: 'I'll do a Keynes' by Michael Lea

Perfora Cariño, Perfora! By Dave Lindorff (There's Oil in Them Thar Cubans!)

The Great Divide

Crisis May Turn Americans Into Savers, Making `Nasty Recession Even Worse'

Road To Recovery Has Turned Into A Highway of Terror in Afghanistan

Barack Obama lines up a cabinet of stars

‘Spreading the Wealth’ as Both Accusation and Prescription

So dumb it's criminal BY DAVE BARRY

"Paulson panics as UK, Germany find own solution" by F. William Engdahl (10-20-2008 Online Journal)

Where the US Presidential Candidates Stand on Tech Issues


Millionaire hedge fund boss thanks 'idiot traders' and retires

Joe Conason: Budget cutting? Take a hatchet to the war on drugs

Dix plot trial begins today

Al-Qaida Web sites still down

Former JCS chief Powell endorses Obama

225 Oklahoma soldiers return home

Army looks into 5 deaths tied to Carson BCT

DoD to hold family support summit today

SurFor training features more live rounds

Family sues Jax hospital for $17M

Re-election bid a challenge for deployed Seabee

Recruiting Web site helps bring moms aboard

New Hampshire arrives in port for commissioning

Agreement on sharing bases in Guam almost done

Bonuses up to $90K

Cash for Reserve commitments

Ground broken at school for combat systems officers

Soldier arrested over gun in airport baggage

Mosque area remains hot spot in Hit

Pirates get ransom, release Thai cargo ship

Veterans’ advocate promotes PTSD site

Japan will see no relief at gas pumps before Dec. 1

A last resort to avoid the boot

Base gates closed during Crete protests

McCain Soldiers On Without Powell Nod

Maliki Bloc Stalling US-Iraq Deal

New AFRICOM Faces Challenges

WH Wants More Jail Time for Hamdan

New First-Aid Products Could Save Lives

Army misses diploma goal for recruits

Former AF Pilot Faces Life in Prison

Nuke and Bomber Forces may Reorganize

Any other former Marines receive notice about chemicals in Camp Lejeune's drinking water?

Blackwater Sees Treasure in Pirates


A reminder for Floridians.....

"Yes on Prop 8" Anti-Gay full-page ad in today's L.A. Times

Gay Marriage coming to New Hampshire?

Palin Breaks With McCain On Gay Marriage Ban

The secret's out: Tons of water under Oregon's Cascades

Green Policies in California Generated Jobs, Study Finds

Principle Power floats idea of Pacific Ocean wind power

Peak Oil Review - Oct 20

Green Policies in California Generated Jobs, Study Finds

CONTEST: Ideas For How To Recycle Tree Waste From Hurricane Ike (win up to $10,000!)

Thorium is not an environmentally safe alternative type of nuclear energy, Norwegian report says

Climate changing 'faster, stronger, sooner' (CNN)

Scientists confirm oceans acidifying at unprecedented speed - 100 times faster than earlier events

Any thoughts on this argument over taxes?

What major movements would you like to have happen to make America great again?

U.S. Gov’t Pays $4 Million Dollars to Joe the Plumber for Replacement of Washer

Any Accountants Out there?

After Wall Street's Broken, Who Pays the Piper?

The ABCs of Paulson's Bailout

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 10/17/2008

Preview: The Rosetta Stone questions about Credit Default Swaps

Today in labor history Oct 20 ran for president from a jail cell in 1920 and got a million votes

ILO: World jobless 'to add 20 million'

The Latin American alternative: a new financial system

Son of extradited Colombian warlord slain; killing follows warlord's drug sentencing in US

Poll: Hugo Chavez Is 5 Thousand Times More Popular Than Bush

Son of Colombian warlord slain following sentence (In the U.S.)

ONE MORE: Smoke and Mirrors: An Analysis of Human Rights Watch Rpt. on Venezuela

Should I go to bed now?

Congrats Rays!!

Well done, Tampa Bay.

"The Mastermind" vs. "The Genius" tonight

Second Best's World Series

Referee blocks Gamecocks QB for LSU...gotta see it to believe it!

Way to go, Rays!

That's a shame about the Cowboys.

Sox fans check in!

FRONT PAGES....What a dream Rays!! Congratulations

I may be convinced to change my mind.

Rays Beat Red Sox in Game 7, Advance to World Series

Congrats to the Rays players, not their "fans"

49ers to (Possibly) Fire Mike Nolan, Promote Mike Singletary to HC

Fragile Cowboys on brink of self-destruction

Can you really improve your vision with eye exercises?

U.S. pilot was ordered to shoot down UFO

My cat has left me.

Kodak Gold 200 f22 3sec

riverbend fog

Anyone here shoot --gasp-- film?

Attention hockey moms & acrophobics.

SuperMega Leaf Peeping post, with a twist. I took a lot of these photos

Assault weapons versus automatic firearms

They oppressed our civil rights, now they must pay the piper...

19-year-old shoots car prowler in head with Mosin-Nagant (Seattle)

I just got 30 pounds of Honey Crisps

Review of "Spain, on the Road Again"

Recipes on teh Google...YMMV.

Super simple recipe for Cinnamon Struesal Coffee Cake.

This is what Obama should read to McSame/Falin

Yay for this forum! :) I have a question....

NASA launches Ibex spacecraft to study weakening solar wind

Make LED "Ghosties" for Halloween

Thirsty world: Desperate quest for water

Have Traces of Cosmic Strings Been Found? Scientists Says "Yes"

Next three weeks = good time to see Mercury

mini blasts of cosmic rays confuse scientists

The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret N.S.A. James Bamford

The September 11th Compensation Fund List

Should I correct children when they have biased info?

any esl/efl teachers?

How cool is this, from Obama?

My pitch for Woodie Jones for the 3rd Court of Appeals

Beaumont Enterprise endorses McCain; too bad Beaumont and Jefferson County will be going for Obama!

Heavy turn out at my polling place this morning.

The Rigging of the 2008 Election is On. Again.

Houston Chronicle-- reports of vote-switching on E-Slate machines

Transcript of FAA Phone Calls on Day of 9/11

I early voted - I'm done and ready for VICTORY!

Dion will stay on as leader until May.

Another raving endorsement by the Globe.

Some very cool blog history from the presidential campaign in 2004. Enjoy.

I just hope this is not trouble.

Livestream of the debate tonight at

"The Order of Myths" Documentary - HEAVILY Recommended

Michele Bachmann chief of staff smears Colin Powell

Body spread in U.K. sex shop found to have traces of melamine

Source: Obama Campaign Nixes Madison Rally

Heard about the attack in Caledonia?

WAOW Channel ( Wausau) Just Reported That It's Only mccane Signs Getting Stolen