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Not A concern. THE concern.

Today's Polls, 10/21, by Nate Silver

"Might be the Devil", "Communist", "Muslim", "African American"

Trying to locate political humor from 04

Palin opposes tax to help developmentally disabled, regarding CO ballot initiative

I am absolutely sick with rage and disgust right now. LOU DOBBS is one sick S.O.B


Florida Congressional District 8 Turns a Dark Shade of Blue

Obama's first big test: you heard it here first.

Poor Lou Dobbs...

The McCains Would Receive $55,000 A Year In Tax Breaks From McCain’s Capital Gains Proposal»

"The Governor of Alaska stepped on another rake today" -- KO just now.

OBAMA was here in Miami and I couldn't attend....

Once again, Bill Kristol was wrong.

What's the name of the website where you can watch msnbc online?

Jacoby on Keith!

Today's Polls: Dead Cat Bounce?

Just back from Obama's Miami rally. Ask me anything

Hypocrisy alert! Republicans disrepect flag after St. Louis rally!

time for a good laugh?

Kiss me, I voted!

How's this for gall - Stupid NC Repuke's remarks .

I can't believe Robin Hayes used the phrase "get 'er done"

McCain's Florida problem.

Geez, Sarah Palin is a parody of herself

You know, if McPalin wins . . .

Is there video of the "Governor's Roundtable Rally" today?

It’s About Jobs ad sponsored by AFSCME placed in today’s USA Today

Okay, so is Obama back from Hawaii on Thursday? Just got an invite to Indy Rally at 9 am on Thurs.

Vote McCain / Palin, Stay in Iraq, Attack IRAN -- ENJOY $7.00 a GALLON Gas

David Frum on Larry King basically conceding the election Obama

Article re: Gary, Indiana voting situation......>>

Hide your irony meters people...

Palin doesn't know the Constitution, KO is covering this beautifully

The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend...

Palin must spell it "Constitutione"

They're at it again...

Don't fuck with Grandma!

Putting science back in the White House

Sarah Palin, Idiot (the video)

McCain Calls Western PA "Most" Patriotic, God-Loving Part Of The Country (VIDEO)

I feel bad for Palin (please don't flame me)!

How hard would it be

Keith just kicked Palin's ASS!

If McCain wins, Sarah Palin will find out what a VP does.

GOP House candidates struggle against McCain drag


If McCain wins a fraudulent election, it becomes morally justifiable to torture Diebold executives.

A shout out for a good web resource re: Obama

Please help me (Ballot Problems)

Gotta love my seven year old niece...

Got Scared Today......Donated another $120!! LOL

Has anyone here seen this?!?

The fascist mutherfuckers who are trying to keep us from voting..

Over 40,000 voted early in Nevada - over 30,000 of them were Democrats, 13,000 were repukes...

I just saw the Biden comment about Obama being tested in the first six months

The CIA and the war mongering portion of the Govt Tested Kennedy- Bay of Pigs

Wow....Olbermann TORE UP Palin tonight!

Must-view McCain video.

Must-view McCain video.

Democratic Poll Worker Fired from Martin Cnty, FL Precinct 44 for reporting incompetent Precinct

The best toon of the week

Miami airplane banner: "Barak Repudiate Ayres, Michelle Repudiate Dorhn."

Joblessness slinks into the Midlands (Obama could get Obomaha's lone EC vote)

Woot!!! My hubby who doesn't volunteer for political anything,

Who will you vote for?

Dan Patrick: Obama wants kids to drop out of school.

How was your voting experience?

20% of registered voters first purged and since that purge 37,000 and 6,400 votes purged in CO!

"And they are going to find out this guy has got steel in his spine."

If you want some fun, airamerica's Clout is having psychic election preditions all night

The Lobster Dinner that wasn't

Free Obama stuff (links)

Can we lay off Fast Eddie

Just got back from Hillary/Franken. Ask me anything.

Any chance Obama's 30-minute special could hurt him?

Project "I Am a Real American"

I am a very mild-mannered person...

I am a very mild-mannered person...

Drudge is teasing the new Zogby poll for tomorrow. Obama takes 10 point lead !

I think Obama should start incorporating pie into every sentence of his speeches, such as:

Does TIME seem to be slowing down for anyone else as the election gets closer???

History Exam: How much does the polling resemble 2004?

Olbermann announced tonight that the McCain campaign

Shouldn't we send Nate a new tie?

what is this BS about Obama campaign coverage rights on HUFFPO?

Reagan raised taxes and took away tax breaks for business

What's up with Rachel lately?

jfk historians and/or those who remember:

jfk historians and/or those who remember:

I hope Palin doesn't screw up too much before Nov. 4th

If Biden had been the Pres Nominee, who would he have chosen for his VP?

If Biden had been the Pres Nominee, who would he have chosen for his VP?

I dont want to hear about what champagne you'll be drinking or...

McCain, Palin to spend weekend in Iowa, where's he down by 12

First Family

Someone wants me to go see Keni Thomas tomorrow night.


I take it back... Joe the Plumber IS rich

* Breaking News - Voter-registration lawsuit against Brunner is dropped

NY Times: "McCain’s Camp Shaves Its Ad Targets"

Pennsylvania will decide the election

More about YPM, vote slamming repigs mentioned by KO.

Who was Keith talking about? Richard Greul, Frual Dual? The vote suppressionist?

How many "I'm voting for Palin cuz she's HAWT!" voters will there be?

Rub it in Rachel!

Ok I give up. What's all this about pies?

I know ... I said I can't donate more ...

When Obama is declared the winner we should staged pie fights

"Palin is an asset and the most consequential VP candidate in a generation,"

Win every single hour. Read this! Re: North Carolina


AP: Alaska Funded Palin Kids' Travel

WHO will Commander Cokespoon vote for? Obama? McCain? As always, Dana Perino has the ANSWER.

McCain's great 2008 campaign photo blunders

McCain's great 2008 campaign photo blunders

Things are getting a bit crazy on the trail with McCain and Palin...

Smear on Michelle Obama: The lobster dinner that wasn't

As Seen On Free Republic:

NC 132k+ early votes Monday, total 404k+ (now 479k+)

Republican's Raise nearly $2000 to pay "Joe the Plumbers" back taxes and get him plumber's licence

VIDEO: Small business owner @ Palin rally: "I don’t give a shit. I will never vote for a black man"

World Vote By Country


Already Stolen

Pew: Obama's Lead Widens: 52%-38%

Wish me luck...I'm going to the BMV tomorrow to try and get my fake Jimmy Johns Subs drivers license

RFK Jr on Mike Malloy show right now

Which pie should meet John McCain's face on November 4th?

"That's a good point about that experience & we don't like to toot our own horn so we don't"

John McCain says western PA is "the most patriotic" part of America. (full quote in text)

Dear Red States,

Wow, Political Heavyweights on All Sides Weigh In On The Palin Pick!

Hilarious! New McCain ad begins with him saying, "The last 8-yrs haven't worked out very well..."

Are The Rs Jumping Mc's Ship Positioning For A Job in the Obama Administration?

Did McCain Campaign Pull CNN Guest Due To Palin Story?

Did McCain Campaign Pull CNN Guest Due To Palin Story?

Did McCain Campaign Pull CNN Guest Due To Palin Story?

Link to World Vote by Country

Link to World Vote by Country

Memo to Fox News: Please give (losing VP candidate) Palin and Hasselbeck their own show.

Has anyone got more information on this.

Chicago Sun-Times: Obama to charge premium for election night coverage

If It's Already Stolen

Robin Hayes (Idiot-NC) used a phrase I've never heard - "She Got'er Did"

John McCain's Voicemail to Barack Obama Leaked to Press (humor)

***BREAKING***Sarah Palin will go on tour with Vanilla Ice after the election

***BREAKING***Sarah Palin will go on tour with Vanilla Ice after the election

Do you think Biden is getting less press than a normal VP candidate does...

RFK Jr on Rachel tonight!!!! Finally!

Newsweek... "Debunking the Bradley effect!"

KO keeps getting better and better!

I've decided that I like Christopher Buckley.

Obama to Dance on "Ellen" Tomorrow

From the Anchorage Daily News opinion page: Palin is wrong woman at wrong time

Lyndon Johnson's Voting Rights Act Speech Relevant Today

Lyndon Johnson's Voting Rights Act Speech Relevant Today

Irving for Obama highlighted on!

Does Obama know something about South Carolina?

Two South Carolina congressional seats have become competitive

Two South Carolina congressional seats have become competitive

Moody Blues "Question" Just Came on XM 70's channel

These ads are fantastic!

Turning Points.

Sarah, Queen of the Red States, jumps on NYC boondoggle

Joe the Plant was recorded giving McCain campaign a contribution before he questioned Obama.

Pick the next Stunt!

Awwww look at this.

Today I voted for Barack Obama!

Reuters today: Obama opens double-digit lead over McCain: poll (52 - 42)

Two simple quotes from two giants of the 20th century.....

Meeting Minutes, Sarah Palin as Mayor of Wasilla

Meeting Minutes, Sarah Palin as Mayor of Wasilla

What is it with Republicans and "Plumbers" anyways?

As the polls get wider and time gets short, the mouth-breathers will get more desperate...

I dedicate this video to Obama's Grandma...

What is wrong with RFK Jr.'s voice?

Whats the difference in a hockey mom in 2008 and Ronald Reagan in 1980......?

Wow- Fl. Governor Crist restored the right of 115,000 felons to vote ....

They know

Stop the fraud! Bring video-recording cellphones when you vote

Posting On DU re: GE

In Bush Stronghold North Carolina, Obama Pulls Even With McCain; "unfathomable"

Behind closed doors....

McCain up 13 in PENNSYLVANIA?!

Damnit! Why Does Rachel Maddow...

Make Your Own Joe the Plumber Sign!

Supposedly Mark Foley supports Obama

Help! I am a voter in super-close Indiana and my registration does not match my drivers license!!!

Latest polls: O+14 in Pew, O+10 in Zogby, O+10 in NBC/WSJ, O+11 in Gallup, O+8 in AP, O+9 in ABC

why Penn matters: caveats: bottom line is:

Where is the outrage about Sarah P's ties to the AIP?

Sarah Palin supports SOCIALISM! As per Ed Schultz

Pollster: McCain's hold on Arizona shrinking

If This Palin Family Road Trip Crapola Doesnt Explode

'Obama Takes Time For A Woman Dear To Him'

I will agree to being called a Democratic Socialist.....

In retrospect...

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/21/08 - Obama 50, McCain 46 (unchanged)

Palin charges sexism: "Obama just couldn't bring himself to pick" Clinton

Who's Un-American? Palin is Un-American and Anti-America:

I went to see Frost/Nixon play tonight and after it was over I was surprised to overhear so many

With Polls no longer "tightening"... What's the MSM narrative? How about PA is a tossup!

John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight

Can someone please talk me down about Pennsylvania?

New Zogby Poll Obama 51.6%, McCain 42.0%

Well, according to the Freepers, Zogby's latest numbers are unreliable--'cuz he's an ARAB!

Michelle Obama greeted by 7,000 In Pensacola Florida

Lewis defends 'Wallace' remarks

Top 10 Racist Limbaugh Quotes

I wish it weren't so... but Jack Murtha was right

Plumbers without licenses without borders. They hate us because of our indoor plumbing.

Bay Buchanan: "Barack Obama is a socialist"

I love DU dearly. I am a proud donor! But I have one small pet peeve when posting here!

McCain Fights to Keep Crucial Blue State in Play

Free Pizza for McCain/Palin signs. Hmmmm!

I'm waiting for the Republicans to call Obama the N word

John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight

John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight

McCain Brings Hope To Pennsylvania

Weird ass explanation for McCain fixation on Iowa and Pennsylvania

Early voting a boost for Dems

Join the Worldwide Vote for U.S. President

Can someone tell me why Barack's paid political message next Wednesday won't air on ABC?

Have you guys considered that McCain's campaign is simply poorly run?

(Tinfoil theory) Something about rigged electonic voting machines I don't get..

HATE, the real anti-American movement

Ten states have inadequate voting contingency plans, "least prepared,"

McCain hates Western PA!

My French mom knew about "Joe le Plombier"

Defenders of Wildlife new TV ad, this time re. Palin and polar bears

Gag, "McCain's stellar record" Don't puke!

Zogby 10/22: O52, M42 (O+2)

I really want to gloat right now

If McCain even comes within 4 on election day in PA, I will eat my own boxers.

PHOTOS Today's inspirational pics (Oct 22) - starring Michelle!

What I want to know when this is all over...

A question: will the Freepers ever wake up to reality?

pic of McCain partying with Keating and the other Keating Five:

The 'Socialist' Scare

Talking Points From the Asshat-Fucktard-Dickheads- Liberals Hate America

I have decided to take up residence in Sarah Palin's beehive!

If McCain wins PA, I will PERSONALLY take the blame....

Great new DSCC Ad - "Wild"

Palin caught changing travel vouchers to cover daughters expenses

Palin caught changing travel vouchers to cover daughters expenses

How many "Joe SixPack" kids have stayed at the $707.29-per-night Essex House hotel?

The electoral maps on both MSNBC and CNN have PA and IA in LIGHT blue

KO says McCain pulling out of Colorado, New Mexico and Iowa. Doesn't that mean we win?

Bad News For McCain From Two Polls And New Negative Palin Stories

13. 13. 13. 13. 13. 13. 13. 13. 13. 13. 13. 13. 13.

Random thoughts:

McCain is down to putting his hopes on the River Card

Dire straits: Why McSame's PA gambit won't work, even if it works

I really hope Obama's grandmother gets to see him inaugurated

"A credible path to electoral victory" is something that every campaign needs

This is OVER, I tell ya, over...

Is Pennsylvania McCain's Latest Stunt?

Obama looks just like his grandfather. Its uncanny!

Rush Limbaugh has finally "jumped the shark."

After the election, will Bush and his puppet masters really give up all power?

Concerning Obama's imminent victory -- whither the Freepers and the Fraudsters?

*Oh Snap* Travelgate on Yahoo!News frontpage: Alaska funded kids travel, AP probe finds.

Why don't we see Palin's 150k shopping spree anywhere on Drudge?

Charlie Crist restored the right to vote for 115,000 felons. Friend of Obama. Or Enemy of McCain?

Warning over US election problems (BBC)

Is the VP in charge of the Senate?

McPalin's Play For Pennsylvania

more than even race

I'm concerned...McCain has gotten 66.6 times more popular over the past few days...

Am I awake?

Let them shop Neiman!

A Poem On What The Vice President Does

Here's How To Get An Avid Repug To Be Really Upset With The McCain Campaign.........

What are your plans for election night??

This picture explains why the south should have been permitted to secede

*** Tuesday TOONs: Endorsement ***

For those of you that were worried about a John McCain prediction to win the presidency!

Here's how batshit CRAZY the Republicans have become. BAY BUCHANON.

Lipstick at Neiman Marcus and Saks :-)

Ohio secretary of state's Web site hacked

I hope he crushes McCain with all that money

The Repugs & Palin did ONE thing right

Obama's ground game could win Nevada

Zoggers rolling his eyes. Obama a whopping +10 in today's national poll!

Gov. Crist: "It looks good in Florida!" (re: McCain's chances)

Lewis defends 'Wallace' remarks

R2K/KOS TRACKING POLL: Obama 52 (+1), McCrypt 42 (-1)

McSugarDaddy on Imus bragging on Palin.

Even Morning Joe Blows on MSNBC has turned on the fake hockey Mom

So, has any interviewer asked Palin why she abused her power as governor?

Palin Saks, Neiman Marcus $150K shopping spree jokes/snide comments

Palin Saks, Neiman Marcus $150K shopping spree jokes/snide comments

I'm worried that I won't be able to find a parking place when Joe Biden speaks in my town tomorrow

Palin pro mining anti environment article NYTImes

Palin may have helped with Alaska's high birth defect rate

Just read on a psychic blog:

Cool! I just saw El Tinklenberg's (Michele "anti-American" Bachmann's opponent) new TV ad!

With all due respect to progressives in Western PA...

Guess what the nation will be talking about for the next news cycle?

You know what will be funny, the day the GOP comes to collect Palin's clothes. . .LOL

Obama needs to appeal the election results in every State.

Republic Party paid $150,000 for Palin's clothes.....

$150,000.00 Clothing Allowance

Zogby: Obama +10, R2K: Obama +10, NBC/WSJ: Obama +10, Gallup LV: Obama +10

Video: Obama Takes On McCain's Dancing on "Ellen".

From the ACLU- act to protect the vote

"I made a big mistake"

All the polls are wrong! After all, they are based in "pro-Liberal, anti-Conservative" territories

Erratic McCain says he's ready to fight the Cuban Missile Crisis

Today Show-El Tinkleberg filmed saying his campaign was already on its way to winning before

Will this be the year of the young voter? In NC, the answer so far appears to be yes

LOL... Democrats' Gloom Deepens - Politico

How Obama Gets Down

Oh my God, I just watched Palin's "The VP is in charge of the Senate" comment.

Let Them Eat Lipstick

Is Obama more popular than Pie?

McCain's health care plan

Stop making excuses before we lose.

NY-29: Randy Kuhl Says Dems Want Americans to "Suffer and Hurt"

Thankfully the swine will be gone November 4th

So this morning is the MSM still trying to say the race is "closing"

An Open Letter to Sen. John McCain

Q: why aren't the Palin kids in school?

It is the tone deafness not the wardrobe

On Al-Qaeda Web Sites, Joy Over U.S. Crisis, Support for McCain

SNL idea - Paris Hilton and Tina Fey shopping....

McCain Agrees with Murtha in Moon, PA

Mika challenges what Obama spends on his suits!!!!

Freepers Gone Wild-This Is Better Than Christmas

Mika, screw the clothes....

Emotional Biden Describes Meeting with Father of Deceased Soldier

There are 285 houses that cost $150K or less in Alaska right now.

WTF: look at drudge main picture of Obama,

My response to the "Democrats have ruined the economy" email.

Sarah Palin's wardrobe: the Louie Vuitton is a fake

Caviar vs Couture: Is Barack Obama the luckiest man on earth?

If Palin Held Press Conferences Like A Real Candidate, Ripping On Her Wardrobe Would Be Crass

A uplifting speech from Tinklenberg. (video). Please rec.

I think Bachman is RIGHT! we SHOULD investigate anti-american (R) members of congress

I think Bachman is RIGHT! we SHOULD investigate anti-american (R) members of congress

The 2012 presidential campaign begins in 2 weeks

$150K and she looks like shit...

8+ homes and $150,000 in clothing. I'm sure the GOP ticket can relate to all those 'joe six-packs'

Obama Camp To Unleash Tough Response Robocall Blasting McCain's "Sleazy" Campaign

I hate to say it's over, but.....


A Patriotism comparison - West PA vs The Rest of the Country

Bin Laden tape pool

A Biden response to Palin's "VP job answer" I'd like to see.

Thanks, Will!

Can we revisit Biden's statement? There is another side to this.

McSame talking in NH

Republicans disgusted by Palin's wardrobe costs.

Nah Drudge isn't playing into stereotypes

FYI: Tinklenberg will be on MSNBC tonight. Maddow's or Olberman?

ME POLL: Obama 54 (+5), McCypt 39 (-5). Obama +27 among early voters - up in CD #2 by 6 points.

McCain Guest of Honor at ACORN Event in 2006?

Valuable lesson for nervous nellies....current news cycle is miniscule! Obama lead widening!

Speaking in defense of Mika Brzezinski

Sorry McPlunger, you brought "elitism" to the forefront. Sarah portrayed herself as "Joe Six Pack".

Re Biden's comments: Dems - little spot of food on their chin. Repubs - load in their pants!

McCain Tax Jab Overlooks His Own Proposal

I'm pretty sure if Palin keeps the clothing that was purchased for

"Can I have one of your outfits? I need to pay my mortgage"

Sarah dear, you got ripped off. $150k was WAY too much to pay for those Garanimals outfits!

And they wonder why Obama is so far ahead?

You know things are going bad for the McCain Campaign when ....

I'm not too bright, so will someone PLEASE explain to me

Sarah's about to speak. How much do you think the RNC paid for that suit?

Sarah Palin is to give deposition in NEW investigation on Friday

McCain political instincts are skewhunky, especially in Pennsylvania.

WH announces World Financial Summit for November 16th........

WH announces World Financial Summit for November 16th........

I look at the Sarah Palin Wardrobe-Gate as PAYBACK

A nice little summary from

LOL Lee Greenwood gets the name of his own song wrong. . . LOL

Michael Collins aka autorank: Right & Left Wing Election Models Agree on Winner

Has anyone seen Obama interviewed live on CNN recently?

RFK Jr. Giving the Morning Joe crew a lesson on election fraud.

Obama 51 - McCain 45 in today's rasmussen poll.

Just voted in eastern North Carolina

Great Bumper sticker I saw this Morning. (Oh..So True!)

Anyone know where the poll of Palin hurting McCain worse then Bush is at?

Do they keep these repugs on longer...

McCain's Dead Cat Bounce

Wisconsin GOP Official Denounces McCain RoboCalls,Endorses Obama

Al-Qaeda seriously just endorsed John McCain for president (kinda), updated with Washington Post

Yesterday on RW radio...the sound bite of Obama saying "I may just be too awesome"

James Taylor performs at UNC in support of Obama

Current RealClearPolitics average: GREATEST. LEAD. EVER.

I am going to start some maiking some calls from home. Any advice?

Just tuned in and don't see posted: Could JOE not show his face this MORNING?

The racism comes bubbling up from McCain's dogwhistle campaign...

Welcome to McCain/Repub's Daily Nightmare - Dow Plunges 400 on Fears of Deep Recession

they have lee greenwood singing at the mcsame rally. when did he become repug?

I Hear Condi Is Trying To Get A Shopping Trip Scheduled With Palin.....

Has Barack Obama campaigned in your state in the last month?

Didn't Mika make a derogatory comment about Robert Kennedy when he was explaining Acorn?

EMail The Networks NOW!!!..Palins KidsTravelGate

Palin's SNL appearance may have moved the polls.

Dumbest campaign ad ever?

"I can't imagine a President of the United States bein' named 'President McCain'"

A Big Wrinkle in Palin's $150,000 Clothing Allowance(she will owe taxes on them)

I guess Sarah Palin finally learned what Rain Man learned:

How many other DUers have a stealth freeper account?

How not to apologize

McCain campaign is desperate. Visiting in Durango, CO a smallish town

Muhlenberg College tracking poll of PA: Obama 52% (no change) McCain 41 (-1)

Caribou Barbie Dress Up Game! Only $150,000!

Just got back from the Richmond Obama rally

The other white meat candidate

Al Qaeda Endorses John McCain for President

Marcia the pie lady

McCain says the Obama traveling press doesn't know how to ask a tough question. . .LOL

McCain says the Obama traveling press doesn't know how to ask a tough question. . .LOL

McCain says the Obama traveling press doesn't know how to ask a tough question. . .LOL

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/22/08 - Obama 51, McCain 45 (O up 1, M down 1)

(R)asmussen National Poll: Obama 51%(+1), McCain 45%(-1)

Its 9:20 am... Where are your young children.... thats right... IN SCHOOL!!!

Let's here it for Nancy, the Hillary supporter

** I LOVE PIE **

The Voting Process 8-Years Later -- Why Is It STILL Broken?

Holy Cow!!McCain is crashing in new Alaska Poll!!!

DRUDGE uses an interesting photo of Black ministers praying with Obama this morning

Karma from doing what is right...seems to be working for Barack!

I have decided to support John McCain

Is the rumor that McCain is pulling out of Colorado true?

There is only one thing to say

Is there an agreement this year by the media to hold off results on election day

About Sarah's wardrobe:

This whole clothes thing reminds me of a movie...

The best part about WARDROBEGATE! Whenever Palin appears we'll all say "How much does that outfit..

So the female version of Joe Sixpack...

Palin shops at Neimann Marcus, Joe the Plumber shops at Pay Less

Elway Poll Washington Poll: Obama 55, McCain 36

Reagan started the slur against the "reality based community". Great Thomas Frank article.

Palin's $150K vs. Michelle's $150 dress

Toon: "Spread the Wealth!"

GOP laments John McCain's lack of rich cronies. Too precious.

Joe the Plumber and GOP 'Authenticity'

Joe the Plumber and GOP 'Authenticity'

What would happen if Barack and Michelle had taken $150K of your donations and

Do you think Palin will run for president?

Got her did.

Tax Cut Rapture

So McCain is way behind in the polls so he chooses to spend time campaigning in...New Hampshire?

I voted this morning.

McCain Healthcare Plan At Work: Woman Is Billed For 19 Hour Wait In ER. Never Sees Doctor

How Many Here Have Had An Obama Sign Stolen?

If Joe the Plumber had Palin's wardrobe budget...

If Joe the Plumber had Palin's wardrobe budget...

Anyone Watching The View?

Sarah Palin CURED my Grandmother's Racism..... WILL VOTE OBAMA!!!

Sarah Palin CURED my Grandmother's Racism..... WILL VOTE OBAMA!!!

Larry Kissell, can we kick him some money? His opponent said we hated America.

Fashion arms race in McCain Camp! Sources say McCain mad, and now wants shopping spree on RNC dime

Caribou Barbee as "political viagra"

McCain campaign paid Republican operative accused of voter fraud From Times Online

Its not the $150,000 wardrobe, I can actually defend that. . .its the FUCKING HYPOCRISY

Its not the $150,000 wardrobe, I can actually defend that. . .its the FUCKING HYPOCRISY

BTW, nothing wrong with shopping at Neiman Marcus - I've shopped there...

McCain sounded like he was already conceding the election this morning

Some Republicans fear McCain taking risk in Georgia..He may lose it.

ClothingGate and the strawman.

Which "charitable purpose" do you recommend Sarah Palin donate her clothing to after the election?

McCain campaign disrespects American flag, drags it on the ground

Video: "Michelle may be a better dancer. But I'm convinced I'm a better dancer than John McCain."

Republican voter suppression attempts in Indiana

Wisconsin Public Radio Poll (WI): Obama: 51% McCain: 38%

Give Mooselini a break - $150K is only half of what Cindy's Convention outfit cost !

Obama pulling away in Blue States WI + 13 Maine + 12

Obama landslide ruled out

John Edwards was CREAMED by the right for supposed $400 hair cuts....

10/22 - The polls and Election Day scenarios (McCain's baby steps continue - Closer than you think?)

Have You Noticed On Cable News Shows That McCain Surrogates Are Being Laughed At......

Yeah, okay, fuck it. Mods, please lock this.

Steal Back Your Vote !

Steal Back Your Vote !

Dear RNC,

Rhetorical Question: How many years would you have to work to

Here is the Talking Points memo I think the Repukes sent out this week:

This is how bizarre this campaign is getting: I was tooling around the various sites,

Nov. 4th, 2008, will always be remembered as a great day in American history.

Why is it wrong to say out aloud that every one should get a fair share of wealth generated?

Obama Continues On-Air Latino Outreach

Note to Sarah Palin from Thomas Wolfe

obama live on msnbc n/t

Per Mark Simone (RW Radio "personality") it is now Chris Matthews' fault...

Analysis: Socialist tag doesn't fit Obama

For all of you naysayers, I found a picture of McCain during the Cuban Missile Crisis

Sarah Palin: the gift that keeps on giving.

McCain to appear on Meet the Press (is this for real?)

Indiana judge to rule today - satellite voting centers

Indiana judge to rule today - satellite voting centers

"Michele may be a better dancer than me,

McCain/Obama fight at my college!

I'm glad the Obama/Biden campaign doesn't have the level of competence as McCain/Palin.

Mika: "I'm not defending her....BUT...." (on Palin's wardrobe)

David Schuster (sp?) on MSNBC slasmmed the GOP spokesperson!

You don't think the MSM and their pollsters would be this stupid on election day?

$400 haircuts only matter if you care about the Poor and try to make their lives better

(If, when) The Obama Administration enters the White House and Capitol buildings

Obama to hold a "briefing" before the Richmond, VA rally per

Obama to hold a "briefing" before the Richmond, VA rally per

OBAMA LIVE RIGHT NOW, acting like, talking like, looking like THE NEXT PRESIDENT of the YOU-

Poll closing times in each state

Anyone else think WardrobeGate is just a ruse...

I think on November 5th Sarah Palin will drop off the radar

For all you "Latest Polls" junkies, here's the site for you!

**C-Span2 will have Obama live in Richmond soon** nt

God i love Bill Maher, did you hear the joe the plumber joke?

Remember Michelle's appearance on The View?

Acorn scandal is a way to push through National ID's for use at the polls?

Honestly, I thought the John Kerry in hunting gear (circa 2004) was THE biggest fashion faux pas

Attn DU Psychics: what will the DOW do when Obama is elected?

Has Palin ever given a decent answer to a question? Seems..

Mika defending Sarah: They should investigate how much Obama's suits cost.

"All the Metrics Point to an Obama Win"

"All the Metrics Point to an Obama Win"

"I love you. I love New Hampshire. I know I can count on you again to come from behind."

"I love you. I love New Hampshire. I know I can count on you again to come from behind."

McCain campaign paid Republican operative accused of voter fraud

Sarah Palin would look like this if she went to J.C. Penney's instead of Neiman Marcus

McCain campaign worker invokes Godwin's Law

Spreading the wealth among the wealthiest

Bailout US versus UK version

McCain has to win this one fair and square...

No cavalry coming for McCain

History repeats itself

Obama in Leesburg

Palin's Interview With Brian Williams Tonight - Is It Solo? Or Is A Handler Hovering Nearby?

McCain Camp holding a presser regarding which candidate terrorists would like to see as president

Palin: God Will Do the Right Thing on Election Day

Obama brushes aside GOP criticism of his tax plans, defends Biden

Mason/Dixon Polls of Virginia and Florida

Mason/Dixon Polls of Virginia and Florida

What planet is McCain on?

Remember this? Women's Voices Women Vote Fined for Robocalls in North Carolina

November 05,all dressed up and nowhere to go.

McCain's extreme stars & stripes theme of the republicans

Joy called Rush a terrorist and told Elisabeth she isdelusional LOL


REAL AMERICANS (With apologies to David Bowie)

McCain "market-based" stock value below $14 for first time

This should be interesting: McCain Camp Presser to Talk About Which Candidate Terrorists Want

Female Protester Tries to Handcuff Rove: "You committed treason"

McCain is the new Hoover, and Palin

$150,000. That's equivalent to *375* $400 haircuts

Being a Dem is like being a pre-2004 Red Sox fan

My apologies if this has been posted. Concern trolls in the news!

These are going to be the LONGEST 13 days EVER.

Can anyone share a link on McSame/Palin and women's issues

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaings In Colorado Springs, CO****

It's funny that folks go back to JFK for the "foreign powers testing a new president" thing

Al-Qaida-linked Web site backs McCain as president!

Palin Set to Elect Record Number of Democrats Nationwide

McCain Advisers Freaked Out by Al Qaeda Preference for McCain

Could 'Palin factor' save McCain?

McCain backed by Al-Qaida?

Did McIdiot say the "C" word on the campaign trail? You decide!

Does Obama need any habitual Repugnant Voters to pull this off?

An article in Village Voice about Sarah Palin and Erotica.

Franklin & Marshall Poll 10/22/08- Obama 49% McKlan 38% (Registered Voters)

New FAUX NEWS poll LV Obama 49 McCain 40 (Obama +10 in RV which was how their prior polls were done)

Palin's Makeup Artist Even More Expensive Than McCain's ($13,200 in September to McCain's $8,672)

13 days left of this nightmare

Does anyone else think that Palin is positioning herself to take Ted Stevens' seat?

"More Than A Two-Person Race" Says Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)

Cook: Obama on way to victory.

My prediction: Obama 289, McCain 249

Obama Virginia rally on CNN and CSPAN 2 now nt

Comments regarding "Socialism"

Is it wrong or greedy that I don't just want to win....

McCain throws Joementum under the bus

NY Times article on Penn and email from campaign:

My Wife and I Struggle With Paying $47.00 for...

My Wife and I Struggle With Paying $47.00 for...

All Your Volunteer Are Belong To Us

The one thing that I think Barack could have addressed in a better way

It's time for working Americans to claim their fair share.

How Anti-Intellectual Is Palin?

I feel like a boxer just before the championship bout.....

NY Times: captures McCain Lie about Bailout:

Early Voting now 3,577,221 GA, CO, SC and TN at 20% of 2004 vote/ Heavy Dem numbers

Gallup daily: RV=+9, LV1=+8, LV2=+5

orrin hatch (r-idiot) just brought-up andrea mitchell's hubby greenspan to her face.

If/Then: If a Al-Queda really wants Obama to win Then Iraq is not...

Prowar Powell endorses Antiwar Obama; Terrorist al-Qaida endorses Bomb Iran McCain.

What was the last winning Republican ticket that did not include a Nixon or Bush?


Update - McCain Camp: al Qaeda endorsement is reverse psychology attempt to encourage an Obama win

GOP in a nutshell: After she wears the $150K worth of clothes they go to charity so STFU

Video of attempted arrest of Karl Rove ...

For your amusement and edification, a tribute in song!

Any youtubes or transcripts of Obama's presser today?

McCain "advisor" defends Palin's travel with kids

OK, what are the FIRST DAY priorities for an Obama Administration

Drudge is linking to some AP poll that has the race 44% (O) to 43% (M)

Obama brushes aside GOP criticism of his tax plans

Zogby live on Ed Schultz right now. If election was today "an Obama Blowout."

Today's Zogby Poll-Obama-51.6%, McCain-42%

Radar: John McCain piles on the makeup like a trollop, you c****!

Palin takes heat for saying VP 'in charge' of the Senate

Someone else likes sweet potato pie......

I am so sick of this racist crap coming from idiots in my town. Read this and see if you can't NOT

I'm Not Interested In Any "Ties"... We Need To Kick Republican Ass EVERY DAY until 11/4 polls close

Anyone know of any early voting result for each states?

Former CIA Dir Woosley: al-Qaeda McCain supporter "wants to damage him, not speaking from his heart"

Fox Poll: Obama shows strong lead (O 49, M 40).


"John likes to talk about Joe the Plumber, but he's in cahoots with Joe the CEO"

So what Republican could endorse Obama...

Simple: Al Qaeda does not want other countries to like and support the US.

Bush created 4.8 million jobs while ‘tax and spend’ Clinton created 23 million.»

Another Athlete Endorsement for Obama - Starbury

Just Had a frightining thought

How will McCain react if Arizona votes for Obama?

McCain's Interview with Imus

How West Virginia Democrats Came to Terms with Obama's Rise

New West Virginia Poll: McCain: 42% Obama: 41%

The DOW Is Dropping 300 Points To Under 9000 (again) On Weak Earning Projections

Sarah Palin: HYPOCRISY MOM ($150,000 Fashion Spree)

Palin vs Obama...the wardrobe war

If Ya'll Missed Crispin Miller (Election Fraud) on Moyers' s Show Last Week, Catch It Here

Road to 270: Idaho

Palin disgrace...

Palin disgrace...

"America's Cross-dressing Mayor" comes to NE Ohio

McCain: "I think she's the most qualified of anyone recently who has run for vice president"

The "happier, softer, smoother, more comfortable" John McCain

the thing Palin's SNL appearance proved beyond a shadow of a doubt....

Why in God's name, when there is a bullshit poll, do we even talk about it?

NYT Catches McCain Camp In Lie About Bailout Response

OK, thats it! Sarah Palin: Bristol could be a good example to other young women"

I AM ANGRY (Missing Ballot update)

So let me see if I got this straight....

AP presidential poll: All even in the homestretch

AP presidential poll: All even in the homestretch

AP presidential poll: All even in the homestretch

Machines change Dem vote to GOP vote (WVa 6 reports in 2 counties)

More toons on Obama, McCain and Powell...

Git 'er done? Got 'er did?

$2800 a day on clothes, Mavericky or just plain obscene?

Watch Cindy's face

What if the South WOULD have won?

Honest question. Why are Gov. Palin's children not in school? At every rally I see Piper and one of

Ladies in the Atlanta area: Women for Obama rally this Saturday, Oct. 25th

Terry Tate: Reading is Fundamental

Full detail on the 44-43 poll from GFK

Now three Republican senators -- Snowe, Coleman, and Collins -- have denounced McCain's robocalls

WOMEN ONLY: Help this totally clueless man with this question......

Black Iraqis hoping for a Barack Obama win

Psycho Sarah: "Democrats must be most afraid of Joe Biden's next speaking engagement."

Where is Toto? Guess who is linking "Shock AP Poll: All even" and "TIPP close"?

FEMA Blames Residents For Trailer Toxins !!!

Some Likely Voter Models are Suspect

Gallup: 8 out of 10 Voters Aware Of Powell Endorsement!!

The Power of Two Myths: Welfare and voter fraud, "wedge issues of yesteryear"

Mika busted pouring skyy vodka in her "tea".

is the Pennsylvania media covering voting irregularities ?

Block the Vote: Palast & Kennedy

NBC/Mason-Dixon VA Poll: Obama 47, McCain 45; NBC/Mason-Dixon FL Poll: Obama 45, McCain 46

Has anyone received their T Shirt

Daniel Craig: Obama would be the better Bond

Obama: Biden right about foreign 'test' (updated)

What the candidates are spending on TV ads in key states this week

Sarah Palin mocking Joe Biden as saying stupid things is like _________

Ex-GOP operative tells cautionary tale about 'how to rig an election' - CNN

Hey McCain/Palin, the DOW at -600 and worse... keep on talking about "fight fight fight"

Is the Legislature to blame for long early voting lines? (You betcha, Florida)

RNC Spent 150K on Palin Family Wardrobe, Accessories - FOX NEWS !!!

What is the deal with the Doodad and Good Will campaign contributions?

Intrade: 0 87 M 12.9


CNN - Sanchez reporting on Al Qaeda's preference for a McCain Administration

Meet the Republican Party's fashion guru

Ras 51% O +1, M 45% -1 N/T

Politico: Democrats' gloom deeepens

How Do You KNOW The Freepers Have Admitted Defeat?

How Do You KNOW The Freepers Have Admitted Defeat?

Palin as president (very entertaining)

Palin, Palin, Palin, Palin -- The Rainbow Tour

Obama ain't losing PA!

*** Change We Need Rally with Barack Obama in VA*** Huge Crowd Obama on now 10:30 PDT***

Anti-ACORN Messages Threaten Staff and Obama (AUDIO)

McCain at a 2006 ACORN rally!

Who are" Molly the Dental Hygienist" and "Chuck the Teacher"

Pukes are beginning to accept the coming loss.

This ridiculous video is being sent throughout my

Conversation with Edward Prescott, Nobel economist and supporter of John McCain

who's this lester asshole on msnbc....

"Why the Republicans Must Be Defeated This Year" (note source)

Cindy McCain Has Her Official First Lady Photo Taken...

Fourth Republican Senator Decries Ayers Robocalls

This is why advance men shouldn't drink

Ugh. There goes the dow again. -542/6%

"We're all Joe the Plumber" ?

DU, get on This poll NOW Some Likely Voter Models are Suspect

Too WEIRD: Mitch McConnell runs anti-Schumer smear ad... in Kentucky

Palin and Hillary share horrific agenda for women

FOX News Poll: Obama Grabs Nine Point Lead Over McCain

McCain is Putting All His Eggs in One Basket----PA....

What did Barack get Michelle for their anniversary? Michelle's not telling....

What is with this?

Telemarketers in Wisconsin and West Virginia quit over anti-Obama ("Ayers") phone calls

What's Up With This Crap From AP?

More evidence of Ayers/Acorn Blowback. The New CNN Polls internals

Mika Brzezinski is a drunk, ignorant, harpie...

Future Plumbers of America

Obama: McCain is fighting for Joe the Hedge Fund Manager

I knew McCain was dumb but WTF ?

Incredulous "undecided" voter on CNN just now

"Almost... There"

JACK IS BACK! Nails Palin on wardrobe $$$, travel charges.

Obama and Seniors--A Reconciliation?

Research 2000 Wisconsin Poll: Obama 52, McCain 41

Poll showing race tied??

Is there a reason the McCain didn't tutor Palin on the vp's job before the cnn interview?

I just voted for Obama/Biden in Florida

CNN Poll O up in NV, OH, NC, VA

Does anyone have a link to the radio interview with Palin played on Hartmann today?

Texas House candidate Redmond getting royally swiftboated! See pic

Texas House candidate Redmond getting royally swiftboated! See pic

BARACK & THE JEWS (From the NY Post, take with large grains of salt)

McCain uses the "C" word again????

McCain '93:"The use of campaign funds for items..strictly personal reasons..erodes public confidence

EVERY Repub. defending McCain on tv today citing that AP poll posted here to show "other pollS show

Videos: Barack at Lake Worth, FL Economic Round Table 10/21

PHOTOS Today's inspirational pics (Richmond, Virginia)

86.9 - 12.8!

Buying your own bullshit?

Need research help - Barack's accomplishments from yesterday

The More Things Change... They More They Stay The Same... (vote suppression)

IMPORTANT! More News You Can Use - State Time Off To Vote Laws

"I'll take a cleaver, i'll take meat ax and a scalpel to end this spending" A meat ax, anybody?

The Making (and Remaking) of McCain (NY Times Magazine)

Hindus and Democrats

Hindus and Democrats

Is it safe to say NO October surprise?

Democrats Lead in Early Battleground Voting

Democrats Lead in Early Battleground Voting

Palin blathering about TITO, who apparently agrees with Joe!

26 Papers That Backed Bush in 2004 Move to Obama

Rudy 911ani just called me here in Maine to tell me that Obama doesn't

Robo Caller bought Palin's clothes

GOP Mad at Palin Spending Spree»

Not that we're shocked but Wilmington News Journal (DE) endorses Obama/Biden

David Sedaris on the Undecideds

Now then Murphy, Go to Texas and cry me a River for Larry. RIP PUMA

My Obama hat turned into a shirt

Does anyone know if PA has early voting or just day of and absentee? TIA

picture of my grandson's outfit he is wearing to school today.

You know what the best thing about this election is?

"I don't want a bunch of elitists who think they can run things a lot better than anybody else."

NC 45-year-old white woman voted for first time today for Obama!!!

Lemme tell you about the "Molly the Dental Hygienist" employed by me:

Palin personal shopper = McCain robocaller = Sen. Norm Coleman's very generous landlord

I had to pinch myself at a meeting regarding funding and the next President

yet another McCain robocall, this time on "bitter"

I just donated $50.00 to Michele Bachmann's opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg

I just donated $50.00 to Michele Bachmann's opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg

Watching Randi... Need Link To Video!

Breaking Hard!!! First Single From Guns N Roses' Chinese Democracy Available For Streaming!!!

DAMAGE CONTROL: McCain Camp says Palin Clothing to be Donated After Campaign

You have got to be fucking KIDDING me - dumbest anti-Obama attack so far!

Ellen DeGeneres Slams Sarah Palin On Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

My friend's dumbass racist mother voted for McBlinky

My friend's dumbass racist mother voted for McBlinky

I'm going to GOTV training tonight. What should I expect?

I wonder what Palin's per diem charge is for being McCain's running mate

Here is my seccond try of posting my grandsons outfit he wore to school

As I type, there are THOUSANDS of people pouring into the rally venue in Leesburg VA

Oh, f*ck they are dancing as fast as they can about CariBoo Barbie! Morning Scoop

Oh, f*ck they are dancing as fast as they can about CariBoo Barbie! Morning Scoop

Heads Up - Biden in Pueblo Colorado

Thoughts on polls and "accuracy"

McCain and RNC actually REDUCING Pennsylvania Ad Buys in the Coming Week

McCain and RNC actually REDUCING Pennsylvania Ad Buys in the Coming Week

"Sarah Palin Full Face Adult Latex Masks" sellin' like hotcakes on eBay, oh, you betcha. Yep. Yep.

*Light A Candle* for Barack's Grandmother

McCain tanking on intrade.... down to 12.7... lowest ever

GOP Pulling Its Ads From Bachmann's Race, Media Buyers Say

NYT appears to have false info about Florida early voting.

Great column about Democrats and our pessimism

David Shuster is kicking McCain assholes face in!

Is it so wrong to find this picture funny?

WAIT???!!! The Race is EVEN?????

Pollsters, Nate Silver would like a word with you about good science....

Ambinder: Republicans Disgusted By RNC Spending On Palin

Tampy Undecided voters lean toward Obama

Oh shit! It's Monsieur Creosote...NO! It's Nancy Pfotenhauer!

hee hee

I think Bill Burton had a hard time not laughing his ass off as Nancy Pf whatever got her ass handed

My really nice friends watch FOX all the time.

Palin Pick The Real Reason McCain Trails in Polls? Turning point not financial crisis but VP pick

My Pics From Miami Rally Today - PIC HEAVY (duh)

After Palin is sent back to Alaska November 5th, her slaughtering of wolves and bears continues

Dear Senator Mccain, I thank you for being a sexist prick.

Dear Senator Mccain, I thank you for being a sexist prick.

Somewhere Joe Lieberman quietly weeps.

Palin's pole-routine is embarrassingly un-acrobatic for a serious stripper in her NBC interview

Barack Obama visits Miami (a photo essay)

McCain: When Terrorist Endorses Obama, It’s For Real; When One Endorses McCain, It’s A Head Fake»

If Obama felt his internals were close (from a story LAST WEEK), he'd camp out in PA.

If Obama felt his internals were close (from a story LAST WEEK), he'd camp out in PA.

Palin WILL release her medical records.

Hardball is covering Eliza Knowslittle extreme makeover.

Wait, did Palin use some of that $150K to buy clothes for her kid too??

How will Al-Qaeda's endorsement of McBush be spun by RWers?

Our message to voters should be: cast provisional ballots no matter what!

Tweety just had the best line in WEEKS!!

Tweety just had the best line in WEEKS!!

RNC spends twice as much on makeup for McCain than Palin.»

Tweety is asking Nancy Pfoot in her mouth about Palin's answer about the role of VP!!!

Is anyone worried about the lines on Election Day?

Hardballs' Big Number: 1928. The Question:

Heads Up: Obama campaigns in Leesburg, VA

Report: Palin's Personal Shopper Is McCain's Chief Robocaller

Obama leads NC 51 McCain 44! Hagan leads 49 Dole 42! NC Goin' BLUE!

AP presidential poll: All even in the homestretch (WHAT?)

Another! New McCain Robo-Slime Call Says Obama Opposed "Protecting Children From Danger"

On the day before the election....

825,983 people have already voted in Georgia

Jesus H. Christ... Palin took her grandfather (McCain) to the NBC interview

McCain isn't going to try and steal Pennsylvania.

I don't care one bit about Sarah Palin's $150,000 wardrobe

My sister just called me and told me a tin foil hat story regarding McCain:

In my neighborhood in the Detroit suburbs,

We have been joined at our Tuesday peace vigil by a young group of McCain supporters

Did Palin and McCain do the interview side by side again?

More Info On Indiana Rally On Thursday at 11:00 a.m. - Palin Drew 20,000

I Loathe Friggin' Mika B!

Flashback: In 2000, McCain said there is ‘nothing wrong’ with wealthy paying ’somewhat more’ taxes.

Isn't Larson "robocaller" Coleman's Landlord in DC????????????

Maybe keeping Bristol with her in fancy hotels is a form of birth control. National Polls not narrowing

"Biden has started the seed of an idea that needs to grow."

FOX News Poll: Obama Leads McCain, 49% to 40%

New CNN State Polls: Obama up big in VA. Also up in NV, NC, OH

ABC/WaPo: Obama leads by 11% (up 2%) 54%-43%

Of course the RNC spent 150 thousand on clothes for Palin...

Latest McCain Robocall Hits Obama Over "Bitter" Comments, Slams "Elitist" Dems

Breaking News: Obama ups lead to INSURMOUNTABLE....

Michelle Bachmann is BIG trouble. The GOP has deserted her, it seems....

Study: McCain coverage mostly negative

VIDEO A McCain Supporting Voting Machine (No Kidding)

According to Psycho Sarah, preconditions = diplomatic strategy...

Hell has frozen over!

A knucklehead neighbor has a "Democrats for McCain" sign on his lawn

this is a GREAT day. Wife and I voted at a mall in Wake County NC - 3 PM,

Bob Barr: McCain's 'farewell tour' -- "The wheels on the Straight Talk Express have come off"

Ode to Sarah Palin

NC turning blue

You Know In All Seriousness...


LOL@Bob Barr: McCain is on a "farewell tour and a vote for McCain is a wasted Vote"

A.P.: Obama “Nervously” Meets with National Security Experts

Are Repubs afraid to vote for a candidate YOUNGER than THEMSELVES?

Are Repubs afraid to vote for a candidate YOUNGER than THEMSELVES?

Palin doesn't understand preconditions vs. preparation

Joan Walsh on Hardball: "If I had seen a line for $150,000 for tutoring,

AFL-CIO calling in NJ for Obama

Brian Williams top story.....wardrobe!

barack on ellen now! nt

repub Doug "the plumber" supports Obama because

New CNN/TIME polls Va O +10, NC O +4, NV O +5, Oh O +4, WV Mc +9

Why is the DCCC not helping Debbie Cook?

Overanalyzing a gaffe is all they have left...

New North Carolina Poll: Obama 48% McCain: 46%

Watch sarah palin defining 'precondition'

"Joe Sometimes Engages In Rhetorical Flourishes"

Ohio please make me proud this election

John McCain; "Western Pennsylvania is the most patriotic part of America"

Bill Clinton to campaign for Jim Martin (Georgia) this Sat.

Flame me if you will...

I don't understand why Ohio is such a difficult state for Democrats to win.

Sarah Palin tells James Dobson that intercession by "prayer warriors" is needed...

Even Mondale in '84 drew large enthusiastic crowds (compared to McCain)

just heard the Florida Secretary of State said 150,000+ people had voted here since Monday...

For my birthday, I'm gonna splurge and buy myself something from Neiman Maverick... uhh,

Obama’s random act of kindness

Condi Rice, General Powell, two African Americans who happen

I would love to be in the room when she is asked to give the clothes back!

Dang...maybe we should start listening to John McCain...

Jeff Larson: Sarah Palin's Personal Shopper Is Former Rove Protégé & McCain Robocaller

Lou Blobb will pushing the ap national poll!

Well according to Sarah Palin if Obama wins in

Scary trivia from the Tweety Show:

So Obama is leading in Suburbans, Catholics, and White Women

David Corn: McCain's Palin Problem Keeps Getting Worse

Priceless pic from recent Palin campaign stop

Our DU'er Bucky has made this discovery ... Google doesnt like the search "McCain Inauguration"

Is Obama doing robo calls? Palin said he was, is it true?

New Poll: Obama within 8-points of McCain in KENTUCKY

Big 3 Conservative, Libertarian and Liberal Pollsters all predict Big Obama Win!

Did anyone notice that Michelle Bachmann just lost her NRCC support?

I'm relatively young AND I NEVER thought it would happen but..........

Joe Biden Is Pissed!!!

Mika Mouse Club's CPR Special

I wonder what Stacy & Clinton could do with $150,000?

Giuliani Time: Rudy's swing-state robo-calls evoke the ghost of Willie Horton

McCain has lost all ability to have any impact on the news cycle, McCain agrees to go on MTP

Anything interesting happen today?

"Obama is a christian as far as I know." Heather Wilson is a

Well, this is just painful

Reference Socialism: someone talk me down if I'm wrong, but.....

More Pandering From Palin on Autism and Developmentally Disabled Children

"Shop, Baby, Shop"

2 more votes for Obama in AZ

Mccain on Wolfie - the interview of sneer.

Betty Bowers: Sarah "Evita" Palin

Google results comparison

McCain campaign hypocrisy and incoherence on al Qaeda support for McCain Presidency

Obama internals only +2 in PA? Anyone seen this?

UK headline reads: John McCain 'endorsed by al-Qaeda supporters'

Congressman admits saying, 'Liberals hate real Americans'

Is Palin this stupid?

The McCain campaign broke election public finance law when they shopped for Sarah.

Obama and Michelle Dance for Ellen Degeneris today, HD Youtube here....

Did your signature change between the time you finished high

Police Preparing For Election Day Unrest

Barack had plenty of pie when he was a little kid.

CNN Video of Someone Stealing an Obama Yard Sign

How James Dobson Drove Colin Powell From The GOP

Jesu! The Maverick and his Belle Starr wannabee are gonna descrate my state this week?!??

It would take me 329 years to spend as much on clothes as Palin did

Tweety is kicking some serious ass lately and Snotcicles is diggin it

Fuck John McCain

Our Obama sign was stolen so we just got a new one at the

The NBC Palin/McCain interview: Why does McCain keep dressing like a retiree?

I know my state is very blue, BUT

Steve Schmidt is to politics as Matt Millen is to football

Votes Flipping from Repub to Dem in TN - Take Them Out of Service NOW!

Cross Post from GD... Must See Photo of CariBoo Barbie

Wake Up! GOTV Motorcade

Obama will be in Grant Park in Chicago on Election Night - Grant Park has a little history

Dead bear found covered with...

AP says race is tightening oh nooo

Why do the conservatives keep running back to the "Originalist" refrain .. Why do not have to right

Something happened today

Normally all these negative ads would work, why do you think they are not working this time?

CNN reporting that McCain signs are being stolen ...WTF?

Please Help Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District By Giving This dailyKOS Post A Rec

Which city will Obama be in on election night? -nt

Breaking NEVADA: Democrats far outvoting Republicans North and South

I mailed, nay, FedExed, my absentee ballot today

So Palin has agreed to release her medical records and her staff is freaked?

I'll respect McCain if

Can You Imagine In 2012 If McCain and Palin Fought For The GOP Nomination?

Come on folks. More Dems showing up for early voting doesn't mean anything.

My boss asked me today how she could find out if she was registered to vote

Anyone keeping a comprehensive yet concise list of Palin's crimes?

Who Will Be Part of the New Obama Administration?

*** *** Twelve important questions *** ***

How do I respond to the Palin fundraising letter I received?

There was some woman on Hardball

Early voting opened in KS today. I waited 30 minutes or so to vote.

What's the real difference between a Hockey Mom and a Pit Bull?

Energy Expert’ Palin Can’t Name Any Man-Made Causes Of Global Warming

Poor Poopenheifer.

Trivia question per Tweety: When was the last time (year) that the Rethugs won the White House

Latest State Polls - WV solid red again, a lot of very close states

Ok. Damn it. I want Obama to come out against Prop 8 in Calif.

BREAKING: Senator Obama expands lead to 11 (ELEVEN) points in WP/ABC tracking poll just out 54-43

You'll love me!

RNC Facing reality abandons 12 Congressional District races

Glutton for punishment? Palin to drop puck at St. Louis hockey game.

What time is Obama on TV tonight?

Brad Blog: Long Lines, Machine Failures Greet Early Voters, CNN Reporter, in Florida

"Giving Clothes to Charity" IMPLIES "Palin NOT going to be next VP"

Well, well, well...I just got my SECOND free copy of "Obsession" in the mail.

McCain and Palin together: taxes taxes taxes

Palin in June *pic*

Screw the 150k total figure, she spent OVER 70K in ONE visit to Neiman Marcus

Question: Isn't Barr's name s'pose to be on the ballot for Pres.? In Dallas Tx.

Barack Obama and the The Death of America

David Sedaris on the "Undecideds" (from the New Yorker) -- You'll love this.

The Palin Scandal-Gate Guide (v1.0)

Bush Dismantles Economic Programs for Small Business as Economy Continues Downward Spiral

PA TRACKING POLL: Obama 52 , McCrypt 41 (-1)

Some Likely Voter Models are Suspect

Hey Freepers: What does Barack Obama look like?

The Democratic Party Has Never Been This Broad and Unified.

Oregon Senate: Merkley (D) 46% (+2) Smith (R) 41% (-1)

Who will you (or did you) vote for?


Did you hear that? last time a republican won the WH without a Bush or Nixon on ticket was '28

The Daily Widget, Wed 10/22 – O-378, M-160 – Indiana Blue; Obama Leads By 8 Million Votes

Chuck Todd talking on MSNBC about the unease in the room during the McCain/Palin interview

Make sure you have the correct postage on your Ballots

My grandson's school outfit today (I hope third time is a charm,

Can someone show me where God and/or Jesus are registered Republicans or...

McCain rally in Bumphuckt, MO has two people show up..

Woman quits job at call center over anti-Obama script

DU's "It's photoshopped!" insta-experts are sort of lame.

i gotta say: I'm sorry I EVER doubted the Obama campaign. They are giants.

Tweety is On Fire!! He is Making PflufferNutter into PeanutButter!!

GOPers Digusted By RNC Spending On Palin Wardrobe

This is NOT ROCKET SURGERY, republicans!!!

Positive Thought For The Day Thread

Was I a jerk for doing this?

Was I a jerk for doing this?

On a scale of one to ten, how confident are you today that Obama will win?

On a scale of one to ten, how confident are you today that Obama will win?

They Spent $150,000 on Palin's Wardrobe, Hair, and Makeup?

Why is this year different from all other years?

TPM: National GOP Pulling Financial Support For Michele Bachmann

The right wing spin on clothes gate.. its going to charity

Kerry gives the Repubs a history lesson on why Biden is right and hits McCain's judgment

Breaking: Nevada Secretary of State rules against GOP objection to voters

Indiana decision: Judge OKs early voting

"Kill him" & "terrorist" are pretty bad, but how low can Republicans go?

What the hell has gotten into Tweety?

How Anti-Intellectual Is Palin?

Bachmann: Talk show appearance `big mistake'

Cheers for David Corn -- Want to talk socialistic, lets talk about Sarah Palin

I lost all respect for McCain when I heard he dumped his wife and kids for a rich much younger woman

NEW CNN/TIME POLLS: Nevada +5, Ohio +4, Virginia +10, NC +4

Freepers: So when we do it, it is an outrage, but when you do it…

GOP "Death List" Predicts Democratic Blowout in the House


Orrin Hatch: media Gaga for Obama. Andrea : No, I have to push back on this!

McCain's Tested 45 yrs ago? I could see Cuba from my Cockpit .....

Texas may be closer than you think

Hardball, October 12, 2000: John McCain on Taxing Rich People

McCain Advisers Freaked Out by Al Qaeda Preference for McCain (updated)

I hope If we were to lose One Tossup (and still win), its Ohio.

If Someone Owns a Business Making More Than $250,000 a Year,

Meet Barack Obama - Kitty!

Lynn Samuels called Obama a nazi.

A Fresh Face on Cable, Rachel Maddow Produces a Sharp Rise in Ratings

Palin says she considers herself intellectual

Ahhh, home crap home: McCain/Palin real estate development for their loyal supporters...

Lolcat Challenge

DU this Indiana newspaper poll!!!

The GIFT that keeps on giving: Palin's Shopping Spree...

FL: Are republicans to blame for long early voting lines?

What time will election be called and what state will put Obama over?

They're going to try and play the gender card with WardrobeGate...

As Democratic Landslide Looms, Big Media Try to Peddle More 'Right-Wing Nation' B.S.

Palin back to courting HILLARY supporters!

Will you ever be able to listen to this song the same way again?!?

My father the Racist

I'm am tiring of making fun of Palin - it's not a challenge any longer

I'm a grassroots volunteer for the Obama for Change campaign in a small town

Road to 270: New York

Repub telling people *at the poll site*: do straight party vote AND check Obama's name

Country First - TOON

Dems ahead by 24% in early voting in Florida

Obama's Cabinet - Share Your Thoughts, Have Fun!

PA Sec of State: GOP is "undermining the very foundation of our democracy"

GOP donors re Palin threads: "I'd like my money back"

McCain Transcends Onionization:

"This like waiting for the results of a biopsy." Larry David

Breaking: RNC appears to shell out $150K for Palin fashion

Glad I already voted for Obama

My work for Obama...pic heavy!

My 94 year old aunt


Photoshop skilz?

RNC appears to shell out $150K for Palin fashion

Great story on Politico - very moving

Gov. Palin to give Troopergate deposition Friday

McCain did NOT crash his plane during the Cuban Missle Crisis!

How about helping Victoria Wulsin defeat Mean Jean Schmidt?

Obama Campaign Set to Boost Domestic HIV/AIDS Funding

My town is pretty small, and since I've been voting here,

Barack: "My grandmother's the last one left."

Palin Camp: "She was explaining in terms a third-grader could understand"

Obama Camp To Unleash Tough Response Robocall Blasting McCain's "Sleazy" Campaign

ABC News/Wash Post National Poll: Obama 54(+1), McCain 43(-1)

ABC News/Wash Post National Poll: Obama 54(+1), McCain 43(-1)

Larry David: Waiting for Nov. 4th

I know, you hate DUing polls...

PALIN'S ALASKAN Wardrobe Review (Picture Heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Will Obama have an inaugural poem? Which poet do you think he would pick?

"I needed to know: can Obama pick a fantasy team? So I asked him." Fun article on ESPN

Link to Neiman-Marcus Women's Apparel: Let's find Sarah's clothes

I have come to believe that Barack Obama is an absolute genius.

AP presidential poll: All even in the homestretch.

I have come to believe that Barack Obama is an absolute genius.

Biggest Gaffe EVER!!!

Make no Mistake..."they" will Try to Steal PA

A Change Is Gonna Come

Obama the Brand vs. Obama the Man – a Democrat Says It Ain’t Pretty

Obama Just Delivered the Most Devastating Ass-Kicking I Have Ever seen in Politics

"speculate that McCain may be starting to blame Palin for his campaign's collapse" (updated)

Is Sarah Palin's Personal Shopper A Closet Democrat???

I just smoked a bong ...and had a deep thought.

The best three seconds of John McCain you will ever see.

Palins received $20,000 from the Alaskan oil windfall program?

OK, Kerry's "depends" joke made me think of another cute joke re McCain's age.

Sarah Palin's $150,000 Wardrobe Malfunction? "Caribou Barbie indeed."

I am Joe the Plummer and I don't need your stinking socialism!

NEWSFLASH: McCain left on Straight Talk Express Overnight

I gotta ask Senator McCain:

AP: Alaska Funded Palin's Kids Travel

Oh Snap: Look at How Blue It Can Be

These two pictures say it all for me:

After November 4th, Here's The Real "Joe the Plumber"


Olbermann Doing A "Campaign Comment" Now!

Franken & Tinklenberg neck-and-neck in ActBlue fundraising, 6pm CDT, 10/22

"Mr. Bush doesn't even have the courage to clean his own diaper"

Is there a complete, regularly updated list of current endorsements for president somewhere?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Coming Up On Rachel Maddow Show

Va. pharmacy follows faith, no birth control sales

Doug Wilder predicts reverse Bradley Effect in Virginia

"Raise you hand if you make under $250,000 a year"

With all this "socialism" talk, let's look at income distribution in the US

MN now the Only Senate Race that is Tied - Al Frankin just lost his 4 point lead

Get in your car and head for the border ......

Votes Flipping from Repub to Dem in TN - Take Them Out of Service NOW!

Share the Pie!

Question about voter purging...

Bachmann’s campaign implodes, anti-Americans run wild

Death threats, phone calls, unidentified white powder, hacked website: Ohio SOS

WTF, Lee County Florida, Glaser for Appraiser, Actually identified himself as a DEMOCRAT, ON TV!

McCain in Moon

I think this picture defies captioning.

Huh, look what says the VP does...

Huh, look what says the VP does...

What an obscene fucking waste of money!!!

Did you enjoy sending Michelle Bachmann's opponent money, would you like to feel that good again?

Palin Fashion Show: This shit cost $150K?!?!?!?!?!? (Picture heavy)

McCain Accidentally Agrees with Murtha About Voters in PA

Did I just see 73% / 26%, favoring Obama, among 1ST TIME VOTERS on MSNBC?

Never mind.

So pulling up signs is cool, if we're the one's doing it?

$150K for clothes and she still has that rat's nest on her head?

This coverage of the war on Rachel's show is very good.

What's Sarah's FR name?

Robin Hayes reminds me of that age old American saying...

Ha Ha!

OK, so everyone knows Bushco committed offenses that were not only impeachable,

Are Republican Assholes Born or Made?

World's Most Popular Evangelist Endorses Obama

VIDEO: Protestor tries to arrest Rove in SF

Hagel (R-Ne) says Congress needs to assert its authority

Forget it, old people

Good grief. Now McCain is releasing statements made by Toad.

Interesting point from Hardball - is the RNC paying for tutors for Palin's kids while they are out

McCain: I almost crashed my plane into Cuba . . . I've been tested!

Bobby Kennedy Jr on Mike Malloy Show right now talking voter suppression!!

I'm invited to a Halloween costume party with wingnuts

Obamanomics....I wanted to be the first to coin that term.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Get over it! Get over it! Just get over it already!

O'Reilly's new contract: $10 million a year for the next four years. That's a LOT of falafels.

Will 57 or 58 Democratic senators make us the minority?

PAUL KRUGMAN, Paul Theroux on w/Tavis Smiley; SecTreas HENRY PAULSON on w/Charlie Rose tonight

Examples Of The Type Of B.S. The Repubs Are Telling Our Youth

Is quality methamphetamine manufacturing a real american value?

**10 million Americans scrubbed from voter rolls between 2004 and 2006**

What will happen after November 4th when Sarah Palin's 15 minutes of fame is finally over?

Nevada Hispanic homes getting calls "from Obama campaign" taking their "votes" over the telephone

Nightline leads with falling gas prices. ... Fuck you, Ted Koppel! ... Hillary coming up.

what is the most accurate poll?

New Va. pharmacy won’t sell any contraceptives (following catholic teachings)

Why does PNAC continue to spend money hosting their website?

Boo-Hoo; Bush fundraising down by $40 million

Does quoting Scripture on my local RW topix page when I'm not a Christian

New poll says Palin bigger drag on ticket that Bush.

Obama Leads McCain by at Least 10 Points in Two National Polls

CNN: Military hospital opens for dogs wounded in Iraq War

~~~OCTOBER Photo Contest WINNERS! ~~~

Here's to hoping Debbie Cook takes out Dana Rohrabacher.

So how are you all gonna celebrate George Bush's last day in office?

I would like to volunteer to help take Dems to the polls on Nov 4, who would I contact?

I would like to volunteer to help take Dems to the polls on Nov 4, who would I contact?

AZ-03: More Lies Revealed in Lost Credit Card Caper

Here's a quick and easy way to help Obama win.

Attn: Indies, Fundies & Republicans. Jim Croce has a question for you

Scoure needed for Joe's call to right wing radio?

Pew predicts ballot debacle for November 4

2004 cover of Life magazine Tina Fey and John McCain

2004 cover of Life magazine Tina Fey and John McCain

Video of attempted arrest of Karl Rove ...

UFO vids are cool

Would Barack Obama bring John Edwards out of hiding?

Can't Take IT ANYOMORE...............

Fox breaking news: there are legal brothels in rural NV

On Socialism, and this one guy I know...

BREAKING: Aliens spotted over San Francisco...

So how many of you will go back to your lives after the Democrats and Obama won

Oh brother! Joe the you-know-what has been invited to join Palin in Ohio and he said...

Oh brother! Joe the you-know-what has been invited to join Palin in Ohio and he said...

'ER' TV Stars Go Door To Door In Pennsylvania For Obama

Who's Hagel voting for? He's not saying

British Atheists Announce Plan for Bus Ads, and Contributions Start Rolling In

why is there no "liberal Fox News" television network ?

Blue States Leave .... Fun email

The Palin family makeover started back at the convention (campaign person clothes shopping for Trig)

UhOh - Afghan soldiers killed by helicopter airstrike

Oh shit! Chuck Todd just said "there is a tenseness, no chemistry between" McCain & Palin

Teacher's Aid tells my first grader "If Obama wins, your dad will lose his job"

Do You Know The Difference Between A Possessive And A Plural?

Protester Tries to Arrest Rove in SF--With Handcuffs

Sarahs husband is a member of the United States Steel Workers Union which backs Obama

Hey Drudge: Shock Poll Obama Up 10 Points (Zogby)

Inspiring Paranoia, and the dumbing down of America

I live in REAL America, so the rest of ya can just go to Gitmo

Peace Weave---VOTE!

Peace Weave---VOTE!

Civics lesson video from Sarah Palin: VP Is 'In Charge Of United States Senate'

I got this in an e-mail. However wrote it deserves a medal.

Choose by Race???

Numbers looking even better for Obama. Thanks to independents and seniors.

US helicopter gunships pounded an Afghan army post killing 9 Afghan soldiers

I saw the video, Barney Frank destroyed O'reilly in the debate

The "Blue Planet"

On November 4th, the netroots should be more than an afterthought

Horsey Toon: Hannity was right!

Are Mika and Mike Barnicle really that stupid?

Media Matters: As Democratic Landslide Looms, Big Media Try to Peddle More 'Right-Wing Nation' B.S.

A song In honor of Obama's message of HOPE and with

A poem I revisted from my 2004 election experience...

Crude oil is down 53 percent from its peak of $147.27 reached in mid-July.

Got an extra $20?

If Al Qaeda could vote

Lebanese union to sue Israel for 'claiming ownership' of falafel

I have one conservative friend

The Republican Party spent $150K to dress up Palin and her family

The List.. Closely Contested House Seats...according to Real Clear Politics

Senate Panel Subpoenas Anti-Terror Documents From Justice Department

CNN Showed A Clip Of A Woman From Pink Trying To Handcuff Rove.......

U.S. drops terror charges against 5 at Guantanamo but still won't release them

GOP Senate leader in tough battle for re-election...

Reporter kept the focus on police torture

In New York State, the polls will be open 6AM to 9PM EST.

Latest from electoral vote!

Just when you think they can’t get anymore vile…

World Series still sells out.....but Major League Baseball gets beaned by the Credit Crunch

Coming up on the Span - Ca Prop 8

Maybe the RNC *LIED* to Sarah Palin. . .

== Undecided? Really? = By Mark Morford

Watching Morning Joe brings back an old expression to me. PLASTIC. nt

Is the blogosphere now CLEARLY driving M$M stories?

Call up C-Span to fight Prop 8 right now

Worst joblessness in nation staggers R.I.

Michele Bachmann's Revisionist History

I think DU ought to stage a "Back-Pedalling Olymics"!!

Unmasking the underbelly of today's "Republican" party (redone to replace removed video)

I told myself I would shelter myself from politics...but then

A Poll For C-Span Viewers

Palin, N.C. lawmaker apologize for comments

The Nation: Bachmann's Seat Up For Grabs

Glenn Greenwald: What is happening to GOP electoral tactics? (on recent GOP back pedaling)

Glenn Greenwald: What is happening to GOP electoral tactics? (on recent GOP back pedaling)

Now for a song - "Have I told DU lately that I love you"? !!!!

As I listen to John Fucking McCain spew his same fucking lies in his same fucking voice to the .....

There are NO rooms in DC

Barbara Ehrenreich: Report From the Socialist International Conspiracy

But Wait Until You See the Solid Gold Parka- $150,000 to clothe and accessorize Sarah Palin

Not *that* Cindy, complains to Wikipedia founder about her "outrageous, hurtful" Wiki entry

Matthew Rothschild: Michelle Bachmann Lies about her McCarthyite Remarks, Palin Apologizes

Matthew Rothschild: Michelle Bachmann Lies about her McCarthyite Remarks, Palin Apologizes

What happened to the list of online radio links that used to be on the front page of the forum?

Are impeachment offenses links on the internet

What a glorious day

Question about mixed race

Money: you can't give it away these days

What does it say about the Republicans........

Slain cops mom says she would have probably tortured a confession out of the suspects herself

Is the Communist area of Northern Virginia

Just a Recession, or the Start of the Apocalypse?

Caption Photo

Story about our Beloved PBS Poll

Did McCain Mistakingly Say The "C" Word Today Instead Of Cut (i.e., tax)....

Code Pink identifies Janine Boneparth as woman who tried to arrest Karl Rove


Being Poor - as read on the Mike Malloy show:

Any tax experts: I have an important question about tax/medicare? PLEASE HELP!

I am starting to believe some of you guys on all the free media McCain/Palin coverage

Fresh Face on Cable, Sharp Rise in Ratings

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Other Political Ideologies Barack Obama Must Follow

Heads up. Billo scheduled to be on "The View" today. n/t

Comedian Brand received death threats after insulting Bush on MTV awards

I agree with Michele Bachmann, she nailed it

Did McCain Campaign Pull CNN Guest Due To Palin Story?

Toon: "What could be more depressing?"

AIP AIP AIP Someone wants a lid on this info!

Trickle-down has been revised

Sounds like a great slogan. Where can I buy a bumpersticker?

Republican operative faces voter registration fraud charges

Sarkozy needled by 'voodoo doll'

What did Biden do? nt

Tim Mahoney is a fucking idiot (a rant)

This Palin/McCain interview with Brian Williams is a JOKE!!!

Top world military leaders meet in Lake Placid

A Smack-down to Unsolicited and Ignorant Email

Bwahahahaha ! Joy just said on The View

Whee!! Just made a donation to Elwyn Tinklenberg

Enough Joe the Plumber; here's to Kareem the Soldier

People of New Hampshire... McCain thinks you're all idiots.

Is anyone watching the Waxman hearing on credit ratings?

Michele Bachmann must have been a big "Dead or Alive" fan in the '80s......

I don't think Bill Clinton will be part of an Obama administration. Nor Hillary. Nor Kerry. Nor ....

Cheney Recommends the "f***ing stupidest guy...on earth" as Best Info Source - Bush History,10/22

Election Fraud and Wall Street Fraud Explained

Mika just said we need to get to the bottom of exactly how much Obama's suits cost

Has John McCain said how his "plan" for health care will protect people who have insurance...

Very glad to hear Obama talking about worldwide cooperative efforts regarding

Obama on MSNBC Now!! n/t

Hi Hilarity Du Jour: Watching repubics tie themselves in KNOTS defending Barbie's VEEP comments

Russ Feingold organization is giving $5,000 each to 10 House challengers.

A Message To Sarah Palin From The Young Girls Of America

Nissan seeks about 20% of Chrysler

I wonder if I had lived in Nazi Germany during WW II - not being

Supreme Court Stars Argue Hypothetical Case: McCain v. Obama

Anyone need a fast laugh break?

A little taste of their medicine......

Sarahcuda has to be RAINBOW HIGH! RE: the $150,000

Can Mean Jean Schmidt be defeated?

Tom McClintock speaks out on farm animal, gay marriage measures

What was McCain thinking when he came up with the idea to tax employer provided health insurance?

ACLU Demands Information on Military Deployment Within US Borders

McCain even slipping in TN: McCain 54% (-4) Obama 42% (+3) RAS POLL

Bailout US versus UK version

More Michelle Bachmann craziness!

"security theater" at the airports and why I hate to fly

Overseas? Not received your ballot? Use the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot!

Move over, Starbucks. Juan Valdez Cafe plans expansion thru US, EU

Concerned Educators Speak Out Regarding McCain/Palin Campaign Stoking "The Fires of Racism"

The Daily Show last night cracked me up

'It was an emotion-filled day. A day that meant more than making sure a vote was cast.'

Job #2 for Obama(after dealing with economy) repeal HAVA?

New US leaders need a Japanese 'jolt'

Did Everyone See the KY Senate Race SUSA Poll Yesterday--TIE!

The Wal-Mart Index

Can we do this to the GOP?

Palin pointing out "those who have served". What about Todd? No service there.

DU This Indiana newspaper POLL!! Please!!!

Wow, a devastating audio clip from RONALD REAGAN in1948

Ted Steven's Verdict

No cavalry coming for McCain - Yahoo , interesting read

Early voting in Arkansas: Over 600 voters an hour.

Contributions needed- Doug Heckman- Georgia's 7th Cong. district

Wow. There's only 90 days left of his Presidency.

WHY are we subjected to Pat Buchanan's nonsense on MSNBC???

A Possible Senate Candidate?

I know people get mad at the air time McPalin get versus our guys....


Love this - Katie Couric: "When was the last time you cried and why?"

US Sen. Bernie Sanders: Now Is the Time

Help is needed- Doug Heckman- GA 7th congressional

Love song to Sarah Palin from Vlad and Boris (video).

Orrin Hatch is looking kind of old.

Orrin Hatch is looking kind of old.

If you only watch one video today watch this! Little Bill O'Reilly. LOL

The FIX still needs fixing...our Economy is still in the air...DOW is unsteady

WaPo: International Aid A Cornerstone of Bush Foreign Policy; Bush: Screw Domestic Problems

In solidarity with Sarah Palin

Give it up for all of our Southern DUers... Rec this puppy for them

SYNECDOCHE! Todays dictionary word!

McCain holds panicked conference call to turn down Al Qaeda's endorsement

I met someone yesterday who has 3 special needs children

CommonDreams: The Great Unmasking

If the Renault-Nissan Chrysler merger happens, is GM done or will we (taxpayers)

What keeps the bleeding going on Wall Street and the other markets?

OPEC scrambles as crude prices spiral

The next time this Anti-American

'W.' Star Opens Up About Police Scuffle

'ya know, I may be a skeptic, but I doubt that Palin's $150G clothes would be donated to charity if

Why isn't the word "Tinklenberged" getting more love from the internets?

GM puts ACDelco up for sale

More on Clothing Gate

Government's DrugTest Kits Give False Positives on Organic and Natural Products

Why did Palin flub the "What does a VP do" question?

I think UAW should seek to buy out both Ford and Gm.....

Mike Connell Implicated In Destruction of White House Emails

Bush created 4.8 million jobs while ‘tax and spend’ Clinton created 23 million.»

What Mcacin should be saying about the Palin pick

Vermont and Maine only states to let inmates vote.

Feds Rush To Ease Endangered Species Rules

What scares me about Sarah Palin

Less than 500 people showed up for a McCain rally yesterday in Pennsylvania

DU this Poll

I just voted

Anger management advice sought

Thank you Linn County, Oregon!

Need help responding to a repuke about Mitt Romney's "financial expertise"...

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann calls talk show appearance `big mistake'

"Ted (Stevens) gets hysterical when he has to spend his own money"

Need help with the Daily Kos lawn sign alarm idea....

Waxman Blasts Credit Rating Agencies

I am ___________ the ___________

Chalk up another early death for Generation X

Got the Skinny on why McConnell got out of the Army early. Sen

Haha LIMBOsevic naming names of traitors to wingnuttiness, "conservative ELITES"!1

"Chimp takes Segway for ride, then bails"

Fairfax County/Falls Church DU'ers - If you need a lift to get to your voting site, let me know

My community is a federal disaster area because of flooding. FEMA is still a mess!

Things that a real chimp can do better than Bush

DOW N Again

How long would Joe The Plumber have to work if he were to pay for Sarah Palin's shopping spree?

After 8 years of the Democats doing NOTHING to insure integrity in our voting system

Parents of college students: Today's the day to call your child(ren) to nag

CNN: Chimp takes Segway for ride, then bails

"AP poll: Candidates Running Nearly Even"

Repeat of flu outbreak of 1918 could cost up to 10 % of global production and over 2 trillion Euros

ROFL!!!! "Palin beware – Russians can see you too!" Video!

The fucking nitwit can't even pass a fucking civics test.

Socialist Hippy Idiot or Great American?


So if the polls are correct, there are a lot of Obama voters in favor of Prop 8 in CA

What happened to "Battle in Seattle" ?

Found this on another website. Re taxing 401k

Two Robocallers Quit RatherThan Spew McCain/Palin BS

Anyone listening to Thom Hartmann...?

Hey Surprise!!!

Tell me about national taxpayers union

Meanwhile, in Iraq: From a 15 year old blogger.

Catastrophic Drizzle ('Toon)

Michele Bachmann -- when you've stuck your foot in your mouth, stopping kicking with it...

Is "Socialist" an old codeword for "Black"?

What will become of the republican party?

Want the American Dream? Move to Sweden

DOW down -660 and counting.

McCain's War Record, and a Q&A with the Author article by John Dean

Watch McCain defending his position to tax the wealthy to give more to the middle class

(R) Sen. Ted Stevens throws wife under bus.

Sen. Coleman Wasn't Paying Utility Bills In His Sweetheart Apartment Deal In Lobbyist's Capitol Hill

The Photo That Moved Colin Powell Leftward

GOPers cheesed off when pizzeria owner swaps pizzas for McCain lawn signs

John McCain presents "The Full Monty"

Naomi Wolfe on Alex Jones a great show, if you can listen.

Man admits plotting to bomb RNC Convention

[video] Wanna get out the vote? Here, have some sensitivity training first.

OK now the McCain campaign has just lost it - atleast they got the spelling right (not photoshopped)

Glenn Beck leaves CNN, Goes to FOX News. In other news, water still wet. Film at 11.

My love note to the RNC and Maine Repub Party.

Breaking/MSNBC: some guy is shooting up a campus in Kentucky.

Breaking/MSNBC: some guy is shooting up a campus in Kentucky.

Palin's skirt is embarassingly short for a serious politician in her NBC interview

Where is Dick Cheney and what is he up to?

um, shit? Dow down 660 at 3:43 n/t

McCain Robocall Operator Played Palin's Personal Shopper

Equal time: How Anti-Intellectual Is Palin?

Strike back against John McCain and Vote Suppressors in Ohio

Why should I vote? My vote never really matters (solid-red state).

Harold Simmons funder of Obama Attack adds taking a beating in the stock market

If You Get Caught In The Trap.....

What will be the shape of the world’s new financial order?

Bernie Buzz

It sure gets lonely being blue in a red state. Check out these LTTE in our

Face IT!!! Obama is buying this election!


Almost there!

RNC On New Mexico "Voter Fraud": Never Mind

MSNBC just blamed the vote flips in WV on

CNN - Green, Ohio - audience members wearing hats, jackets and sweaters, Palin kiddos nothing.

joe the unlicensed plumber's

Compassionate Conservatism Exposed

(Updated) MSNBC's 'The Rachel Maddow Show' now available as audio/video podcasts and streaming

Photoshoppers: Can someone make a few pics of pricetags hanging off of Palin's clothes?

***DONATE to Obama-Biden before Thursday Deadline!***

GOP pulling its ads from Bachmann Race! GOOOO TINKLENBERG!

Republicans for Obama

Can any GOP loss this November be attributed to Palin's shopping spree?

Post your state's law with regard to political signs here. Mine in AZ says:

Please help our county party get $ from Tom Harkin

Are you KIDDING me?!

Bachmann: "I had never seen Chris Matthews show before." (Liar.)

How far will the "War on Christmas" Warriors go this year?

McCain Camp: When Terrorist Endorses Obama, It’s For Real; When One Endorses McCain It’s A Head Fake

Palin Looking for God to Bail Her Campaign Out on Election Day

Is anyone watching Tweety?

Is there a bigger douchebag anchor than Rick Sanchez on CNN?

Oppenheimer (1982) Just release to DVD (US)....

A friend of mine told me today that she has decided to actually go vote this year!

Woman charged with evading after vehicle chase (with 3 kids in the vehicle)

Woman charged with evading after vehicle chase (with 3 kids in the vehicle)

To dON wILDMon

I just donated $50.00 to Bachmann's opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg - PLEASE DO THE SAME!!

The Vice President DOES, in fact, have some control over The Senate.

Letter on Ohio Early Voting progress

Does McCain have Tardive Dyskinesia?

I just heard from some friends in AZ

please DU my 160th ltte re Colin Powell

Barack Obama challenges John McCain to dance off.

I get progressive talk radio now!! Yay!!!

I bet you didn't know that Matthews voted for Mike Steele for senate - after voting for Kweisi Mfume

And I thought it couldn't get worse than George Bush


How many "gates" can one have?

In early vote, Democrats are outnumbering GOP - Thousands fill out ballots in battlegrounds

Let's work together for a Rat Free D.C.

State urges Vermonters to prepare for pandemic

I don't remember Democrats going on a rampage like this, do you?

Moron vandals probably just cost us the Minnesota Senate seat

GOP pumping money into Terry (R-Ne 5 term) campaign (D Esch dead even)

Dallas hospital bills woman who waited 19 hours and never saw a doctor

The real Gov. Palin as told by Alaskans

I acted like an evil little elf today.

Is ACORN a partisian group?

Some happy news on the personal economy front WOOHOO

This Friday On Real Time With Bill Maher

I just saw a very disturbing bumper-sticker.

I like navy blue two-button suits

Karl Denninger: Fiscal Category 5 Hurricane Warning

Early bank failures.

A Democrat friend is not voting for Obama

What will "conservatives" do now that their brand is dead?

DOW Down 683 Points, -7.57%

Any word on the Steven's verdict yet?

Interesting statement on "Road to the White House" on MSNBC just now.

Sarah Palin, Hypocrisy Mom ($150,000 Fashion Spree) ======>

House GOP leader asks Bush to cut off ACORN funds

Indiana LTTE: "McCain no maverick, just an older, balder clone of Bush"

KO & Rachel Spank O' Reilly & Hannity - #1 Ratings 25-54 Tuesday

Lawrence O"Donnell is tearing Buchanan a new one

US News: GOP "Death List" Predicts Democratic Blowout in the House

They bought baby clothes for Trig's TV appearance

Doug Heckman- 7th Cong. District in GA.-Help needed

For those of you with any remaining energy to debunk/reply to an article:

Freppers on Palin's 150k wardrobe...

You can't make this stuff up: Palin says she considers herself intellectual: People magazine

You can't make this stuff up: Palin says she considers herself intellectual: People magazine

Hillary Designer: Palin Spending Strange

Rec this thread if you don't think that Loungers should be allowed to post in GD

Is our scotch tape evolving!?

Electric Sportscar Maker Deals With Market 'Freefall' (Tesla)

I really hate to give the GOP advice,

Using the Bible to keep girls in “their place”

This is where I hang out, so I hope it's okay to post this here.

What is with the kid in the Mickey Mouse deal behind Palin @ rally?

Colorado will turn more blue!

Caligulette on F-News...the gaffe drinking game is ON!

Why is Tweety so pissed off at the Republicans anyway?

John Dean on Thom Hartmann: Why Palin Falls Short of Constitutional Qualifications For VPs

There's people in the broccoli!

'Censored' talk-radio scolding a stunt? - Invokes CBS Management

I Do Not Give A Rat's Ass What Palin Thinks The Job Of The VP Is

"Under water" mortgages are growing threat to U.S.

I don't like Palin at all but what is this crap again about clothes

31 years ago the world lost a great progressive voice

Who was behind Caribou Barbie's shopping spree

What happened in the M/P NBC interview tonight?

===== *** Please, please, please, for the umpteenth time, *** =====

MaronvSeder. Best Show. Ever. They rule net video. Sam Seder. Marc Maron. THE BOMB.

Well looky what I just purchased:

So ....... the BigBidNissSocialists have decided to pull the bux rug out from under Bachmann?

How long will it take before McCain's small donors realize they just bought Palin some clothes?

Some people should not marry.

A Review of W, by my favorite film critic...

Sarah Palin is a douche nozzle

Should the government instead aid UAW in buying out Ford and GM instead of loaning money to Ford/GM?

Sweet...a dire GOP memo suggests that "the Republicans [could be] in the minority for decades."

Why can't socialism emulate capitalism?

Naomi Wolf

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now full page ad in today's NY Times

LOL - "Kiss me - I voted for O'bama" (bumper sticker spotted in Ireland)

Is anyone familiar with Eugenics or Sterilization history in the United States?

New stuff at Palinaspresident


Still against a European-style Dole?

Is the Public Financing from us the Taxpayer going to pay for the Palin Family clothing?

Palin says she considers herself intellectual

Stocks nose-diving into the close. DOW down 695 - where is the bottom?? ;( n/t.

Fart-in-the-wind economics

Damn Chris Matthews just dick slapped Nancy Pwhatever

There's No Hatred On Earth As Vile As Christian Hatred.

Epic Pfail.

Do you feel like it's in the bag?

Does Bill Maher know Grace?

Any one remember the 2005 episode "Homecoming" on Showtime's "Masters of Horror" series?

Any one remember the 2005 episode "Homecoming" on Showtime's "Masters of Horror" series?

Jeff Larson: Personal shopper to Christofascist Sarah Palin!

Nancy P names... I've been collecting them.

Anyone a secret Obama supporter?

GOP Pulling Its Ads From Bachmann's Race, Media Buyers Say

Is the RNC's $150,000 shopping spree Palin's "Marie Antoinette" moment?

So... this flu pandemic. Is it timed to occur in early November?

Notice how some Polls give a very close race? This is so that

Drudge report highlighting polls that have Obama and McCain tied

Democratic Party worker gets roughed up while trying to film repub rally in MO

Stores Resurrect Layaways In Tough Economy

Scientists Erase Specific Memories in Mice

Joe the Plumber's going to NY to appear with Britney Spears & Mariah Carey.

I'm sorry I just have to say this -

Why the economy fares much better under Democrats

11 percent unemployment? By one measure, it's already here!

Minn. politicians' homes vandalized (of both parties)

Which GOPher will be taking advantage of the new memory erasing discovery to ...

Newsmax believes unrounded amount campaign contribs = SHADY TERRORIST MONEY

When did Laura and George Bush divorce? I was in the express check-line

I like paying taxes.

Thom Hartmann's friend, Armin Lehmann. "Hitler's Last Courier," the pacifist, died on 10/10/08.

"Remember 1980 and 1996" is the new Conservatives mantra

Society without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment

The bubble has burst for the good witch of the north, palin's dragging mccain DOWN

Am I paranoid?

Brian Williams tonight

Do tax cuts lead to economic growth? Job creation stats from 2001 through 2008 . . .

I just won't vote for a white man for president

Ok totally NOT political but a mommy brag..

What the HELL happened to orrin hatch?

Something to make your day...Rachel's show beats Hannity!

Anti-"Sodomy" Periodical Goes to 325,000 Clergy: Obsession DVD Included

WTF? CT Gov. Jodi Rell running commercials warning us to stock up on canned goods...

Incredible stat on Hardball -- last time the GOP won without a Bush or Nixon

A primer on "Socialism in the US - 1850 to present"

USA Today: Financial insecurity leading to "disturbing behaviors" among Wal-Mart shoppers

Well, it's finally happened…

Why do I think of Betty Bowers every time I see Michelle Bachmann on my teevee set?

i just read the communist manifesto

Two flippable Illinois congressional districts need your help!

Fess up. Which of you liberals is trying to steal Christmas from the AFA again this year?

Downsizing to 100 square feet of bliss

20%, 37,000 then 6400 purged in CO according to Robert Kennedy!

Dumber than dirt - first that, then this


Death threats against Ohio SoS Jennifer Bruner. I blame **PALIN** and her boy, McCain

Nonviolence Now

Are any of you getting the flu vaccine this year?

They've done it. The McCain campaign has gone and pissed off Miss Virginia!

Walter Schneller: The History Teacher Who Had Future Vision

Anyone catch the "National Guard WARRIOR" trailer they are showing at the movies lately?

For Dad

Elderly gay couple murdered in home

UFO spotted in Turkey astonishing Video

Joy and Elisabeth from the view have big blow up backstage

OMG! - 1.5 Million Voters Purged in NY State Alone !

Was it a mistake for Joe Biden to have made his comments ...

In Defense of John Kerry

Homeland Security Assuming Broad Powers, Turning Vast Swaths of U.S. into "Constitution-Free Zone"

Obama "bat signal" appears in Raleigh NC. (Pic)

Let's Go Shopping!


Why is it wrong to resort to violence?

Florida may close 19 state parks to save money. "Nature on Chopping Block"

My girlfriend is almost a dead ringer for Palin, and it's beginning to get to me.

VT, CT warning people to stock up on canned goods. Biden, Powell comments.

Oh my! Look what I found on

"By 2010, Obama's policies will have caused damage that will take generations to repair"

If they steal this election again, what are you prepared to do?

Election Night Helper - Links to results sites for all 50 states

Why not split the Republic in two?

Questions About Reporting a Pedophile.

Now Brzezinski and Ken "it (Iraq War) will be a cakewalk"Adlebrain (Adelman)come aboard.

President Obama's administration must prosecute Bush/Cheney administration criminals, y/n.

French TV archive releases Extended McCain POW video

Looking for people willing to share their hard luck stories.

I yelled at a hoser today

I present to all of the cat fanatics of the lounge: Blade Runner, the award winning kitty

I yelled at a polyester today...

I Voted

X - Wlid Gift

I yelled at a potato today.

I yelled at a prostitute today

I yelled at a prospector today

Dupe/ deleted.

I yelled at a prospectus today

Pics of my crazy uncles.

I yelled at a proboscis today

I yelled at a palinista today.

My daughter is finally caught up with her "catch up work" from last Thursday!

I yelled at a palindrome today

I'm trying to save some money by eating things that have been in my freezer for a while

I need to start yelling at people more

I just yelled at 11 copycat threads

I just hid KC2's thread about copycats.

I got my birth control pills refilled today. Ask me anything.

There's a "Bizarre Foods Halloween Special" coming on at 10 Eastern


I just barked at 11 hidden cat threads.


I just passed 11 barking cats

I Peed on a McCain poster today

I just barked at 11 passing cars.

Do music stores still buy cds?

Is anyone watching Dirty Guy tonight on Discovery? The guy is sucking the

A Christmas Tree from my county will go in the Whitehouse again!

I just stopped by to say hello and wish everyone

In honor of some of the 80's vibe I am feeling today

I yelled at a prophelactic today

I just hid every other thread.

I just ate 11 hot dogs.

I just hid 11 copycat threads

I was yelled at by a Papist today

I yelled at a protozoa today

Bottle of Tanqueray + Tonic + Cold/Flu = ?

Battle of Ticonderoga + Tonic + Cold/Flu = ?

I just covered 11 threads on my monitor with duct tape.

Today I could swear that my dog was professing love for Barak,

Battle of The Bulge + Ex Lax + Cold/Flu = ?

I yodeled at a protester today


There was WAY too much chewing in "W"

My worst-neighbor-in-the world died.

What Is Your Favorite Song to Dance To?

I survived the interview from hell!

I don't have the official word yet, but I think I passed my Pathology mid-term today.

If Prop 8 passes, is the marriage between Q and U in jeopardy?

THAT was a weird call...

I yelled at a prosciutto today.

The Mister and I are about to go see W.

I just hid 11 cat threads

Need recommendations for a good microbrew to give as a gift

I think that Sarah Palin lost Brandon Garcia's vote.

I protested a yeller today.

Obama cookie

do you like classic lies best, or specialty lies?

I learned a little more about my boyfriend tonight

***The Official I Voted For McCain REC Thread***

I yelled at my Prostate today

I yelled at a prosecutor today.

Maximum Cute Alert!!...

ok, like what is the freaking deal with his teeth?

I yelled at Old Yeller today that like when your Boss hires her married brother

Bill Clinton is on Letterman right now (PST-channel 5)

"A Brief Digression On Matters Of Lost Time"- John Hodgman

This post is for all of you people looking at my thread!

So I turned on my XBox 360 tonight...

Willow's song

Did you know birth control pills are murder?

I'm starting to yawn

Hi, my name is MrsBrady, and I'm a DU addict n/t

Rag Doll kitten playing dead...

OK, who's still up? Just got home from my poetry reading...

What ever happened to Craig Kilbourn?

Wow, my next 53 hours or so are going to *suck*!!

Woot-Off today

Fucking dumbass drivers!

Concerning Palin's wardrobe: I'm a big fan of TLC's What Not to Wear

OMG! Haz teh Lounge seen this yet? ROFLMAO!

I just yelled "This one goes to 11!"

Just so you know - we raised more money for Obama then was raised for Freepathon '08

Email question

Need help from a youtube expert

do you like classic pies best, or specialty pies?

I am dying from laughter.

McCain campaign worker invokes Godwin's Law

so.... I voted last night

Time to redecorate...

Palin/Perino 2012

Victoria's Secret "politely" calls cheeker-peekers "hip huggers."

Let's make a list of the names and dates of birth of Rudi Giuliani's favorite musicians.

Creepy asylum thread!

I'm enjoying a German Dornfelder Cabernet Savignon, ask me

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday October 22

Well guys, please wish me luck.

Just got back frtom Cancun. I have never seen so many ta-tas in one place!!!

Just got back from Idaho. I have never seen so many taters in one place!!!

well, I just put my Veterans for Obama sticker in my car window!!

Pastors urge Latinos to vote values, not economy

Has Anyone Been Taser'd Lately?

What the hell is it with the "buddy wash" nonsense?

Atencion Espanol hablans: Que significa descanamos?



Ruh roh, trouble on the homefront - roomies in dispute

I give you one of the most moving moments in sports history

Hey, Latin scholars--what does this mean?

Some Fall PICS

The full title track of GnR's "Chinese Democracy" is online for your listening pleasure

Wow! Check out Amazon's presidential predictor T shirt sales

Whats For Lunch

Ohio woman, 88, arrested for petty theft of neighbor's football

"Sometimes Jesus Christ gives you such a blessing."

Take That Turtleandsue!!!!!

A funny, but long EMail I got today....

This is what I'd want to look like if I were an anime character


I just had to get a huge angry cyst lanced.

This is what happens when the advance team gets drunk

severe grammar irritation

If I'm making Thai curry and I'm out of fish sauce, can I use hondashi?


I received the funniest email today: Why Dogs Bite People (15 pictures)

Please give this Indiana poll some DU love!

A few hours to spend in NYC Saturday - what to do and how to do it??

Damn Tarantino you suck

The whoisalhedges Dolly Parton Thread (Wed 10/22/2008)

Not crazy.....even though I just spent 440 bucks on lip treatment

I'm on hold with my 6th (sixth) "customer service" person.

I yelled at a Protestant today

A video I *cough* made especially for DUers:

If I were a know what kicks ass.....I don't need to be!

L'OLvant Garde

The acid test: it snowed this morning...

Teen with cowbell

Thank god - Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones solve the global economic crisis:

Smell the glove

So what does Obama spend on clothes

Have you smelled Michelle?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/22/08

Silly, off-color joke of the day.

Wreck this lounge if you think posers should be allowed in GD

can't get used to my new hair

OK, it's Wednesday, and I know Lolcats are usually a Sunday morning thing, but these two just

Dear facebook, thanks for letting me know my friends think I'm a loser

Midlo Better Be Out Campaigning Today In Her Midlovan, Virginia is The Key

Tough day at work.

Just got offered the executive director position at ceile's job!!

So I called this really old lady a MISS in the parking lot yesterday.

So I called this really old lady a MIDLO in the parking lot yesterday.

Get wrecked in the Lounge if you think posters should be allowed in GD

Smell the Bacon Tuxedo! (pic included. I promise.)

Is there a full moon tonight? Where's The Magistrate. He knows this stuff.

To hell with the 1st Amendment. And the 2nd, for that matter.

The Sierra Club canvasser littered all over my yard.

I am sitting at a Sam's Club DC in Desoto Tx and

I just saw the most bizarre movie last night - Stroszek

nobody ever gets a breakfast THIS good

dear mr. uly, it is a pleasure to inform you...

Miss Louisiana Teen USA Stripped of Title (Ducked $46 restaurant tab, left her purse at restaurant)

Has Anyone Found My Sierra Club Posters, I lost Them

I got carded at Publix today!

Ugh! My favorite local bistro is plastered in McCain signs!

10 Most Disappointing Treats for Halloween...

How can this ....

Would someone bring me up to speed on The Gay Agenda?

why am I so drawn to sad, dark, disturbing movies

I am not making this up -- a bug just screamed at me

******Official World Series Game 1 Phillies vs. Rays Thread*******

Two duck hunters found a human leg in the Willamette River Monday near Newberg.

Most heinous '70s or early '80s mustache, music division

I need a Lounge ruling on this.

Post a movie spoiler.

Besides California are there any other states

Cool! Police Helicopters outside searching for a gunman.

William Shatner Slams George Takei: "There Is A Psychosis There" (VIDEO)

Best. Fast Food Burger. Ever.

I am exactly two weeks away from the biggest hangover of my lifetime!

New freeper terms!

Could I get a hug?

Random Questions

Rec this thread if you think I am a font of wisdom, and by far the all-around greatest DU'er!

At Women's Marathon, Fastest Didn't Win (this is fucked UP).

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 10/22/2008)

If you've wanted to buy a book from me, you should do so soon...

Here's a lost dog story with a happy ending for you

Got the hell kicked out of me doing phonebanking for Obama

Just got offered the executive director position at my job!!

Haikus for Sarah P

Sometimes I feel like jumping off a bridge

My 'No On 8' swag came!

Good songs to send right-wingers on 11/5?

Downsizing DU by combining DUers.

I didn't get the job!

Treasure Found in my Attic this afternoon... (dialup beware)

Katzen-Bilder aus dem Hause Katzenengel (kittehs)

What the hell is it with the "body wash" nonsense?

Cutest. Puppy. Ever.

how the wealthy will get around after the apocalypse

The Bastard child of a hummer and an RV...

Ever since my son started Pre-K in early September

Have you Smelled The Shell?

Any DUers in Orlando? (cross-post with Florida forum)

I'm flirting with a post-election screen name change. Your thoughts?

What are your favorite comfort foods?

Bizarre vanity plates I have seen recently:

What is the most expensive clothes shopping spree you've ever done?

Good (and so-bad-they're-good) horror movies for Halloween.

So this stupid high school kid called me a MILF in the parking lot yesterday.

I just Ignored every "P" lettered DUer

Favorite Kind of Dog

What Was The Most Weird Creepiest Movie You Have Seen

15 days smoke free...cold turkey

I need Halloween costume ideas. I'm 7 months pregnant.

Prostitution in outer space is no longer a crime.

Doesn't this Freeper just Exude Joie de vivre?

If a man and woman both apply for one math professor position...

John McCain: Risky on Social Security

John McCain: Wrong on Veterans Issues

Palin kids traveled on the dime of Alaskans? (AP Invest,.)

Olbermann: McCain's Palin Problem (New Negative Poll Numbers)

Polly Palin - An Animated Version of the SNL Sarah Palin Parody

Olbermann: McCain & Arizona Vote Fraud

Keith Olbermann - Block The Vote

TYT: Pat Buchanan's World of Black and White

Nassita LaVita on the Election

How To Video Your Vote

Attempted Citizen's Arrest of Karl Rove....

Barack Obama in Miami Florida

Olbermann: NC Rep. Robin Hayes Caught in Lie on Tape

Michelle Obama on Adopt Five in Miami, Florida

Obama's Spending Money for YOU

From the Garrison to Main Street: Mavado tribute to Barack Obama

Morphing McCain: Two Of A Kind

Obama Kicking Ass

Protesters Try to Block Palin Motorcade

Al Franken : It's time to get to work.

Joe Biden: "Every Vote Counts"

TYT: What the VP does according to Palin

Hardball: Bill Maher on Bachmann and Palin

McCain's Way

McCain Proud Of Brochure Linking Obama To Islamic Terrorism

Noelia Zanón - Vota por Obama, Hoy!

Maher - Palin & Bachmann = Beavis & Butthead

Karl Rove almost gets handcuffed

Roubini on The Unfolding Financial Crisis P2

Roubini on The Unfolding Financial Crisis P3

Maddow: Bachmann's Poll Lead Evaporates After Anti-American Remarks

Young Turks: Is This Election Over? Advice from Alec Baldwin...

Iceland kills endangered Fin Whale

Mark Simone: Matthews Made Bachmann Say 'Anti-American' Bit

Palin Kids Travel from Alaska - "The Last Republican" Part 3

Christopher Hitchens tells a right wing android that he is voting for Barack Obama

The Lobster Dinner that wasn't

Sarah Paln's $150,000 Donor Funded Wardrobe: Sell it on eBay!

TYT: Cenk's Take On A Christian-Right, Anti-Obama Voter

Michael Savage Attacks Colin Powell

Tokyo demands action on climate change

Firefighters take aim at John McCain's health care program

Olbermann: 'Campaign Comment' - Sarah Palin, Queen of the Senate

TPMtv: What a Drag

Maddow: GOP's Voter Suppression Tactics May Cost Obama The Election

Monthly job losses cut across 41 states

Monthly job losses cut across 41 states

ZOMFG! John McCain Is A Socialist!

Mayor Michael Nutter on the Stakes in this Election

Joe Biden on John McCain's Support of President Bush

Rep. Randy Kuhl (R-NY): Democrats Want To Hurt America, Make It Suffer

AFL-CIO kicks off largest Get Out The Vote effort ever

RFK Jr on Rachel Maddow Show: Blocking The Vote

Attempted Citizen's Arrest Of Karl Rove

RNC Spends 150,000$ on Palin's Clothes

Virginia Strategy Update with Mitch Stewart

Rachel Maddow: Operation Cleanup - the many shitepiles Bush is leaving for the next guy

Early voting a boost for Dems

Saudis indict 991 terrorism suspects

More Democrats Than Republicans Casting Early Ballots, Data Show

(UK govt. wins appeal) Chagos exiles ruling overturned

Mitch McConnell- creating jobs....overseas.

Bush & McCain Debate: Choice & Justices

Tortured trio say report 'vindicates us'

GOP Fear Tactics...not funny.

250 Layoffs Expected At Twinsburg Chrysler Plant (OH)

CNN Covers Attempted Rove Arrest

Colin Powell Decimates McCain's Rationale

Norm Coleman - backing Bush's social security privitization scheme

Mika Brzezinski drinking vodka in her tea on Morning Joe

Lula: financial crisis to help Obama's race for U.S. presidency

Wal-Mart customers delay buying necessities (living paycheck-to-paycheck)

Biden On The Health Of Obama's Grandmother

UFO spotted in Turkey astonishing Video

Protester attempts to handcuff former Bush adviser Karl Rove in San Francisco

UK coroner attacks US Defence Department

Palin apologizes for patriotic 'pro-America areas' comment

Obama: McCain is fighting for Joe the CEO

A McCain Supporting Voting Machine (No Kidding)

Mike, Marine and Iraq war vet supporting Obama

McCain Won't Say Whether He Supports Iraq SOFA

Michael Vick to plead on Va. dogfighting charges

Election 911

Roubini on The Unfolding Financial Crisis P1

FBI chief to stay on under new president, aide says

Joe Biden: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Costa Rica halts Canadian firm's gold mine work (President investigated)

Fort Bragg trial to start in 'fragging' case

Social Security: John McCain's Alternate Universe

McCain Accidentally Agrees with Murtha About Voters in PA

Don't Let The Mudsling Fool You

Ellen Responds To Sarah Palin, RE: Gay Marriage

McCain In 2000

Agencies Counted Big Firms As Small (SBA gave small business money to massive companies)

Governor Rendell 'still a little nervous' about Pennsylvania, asks Obama to return

In South Florida, Obama pledges tax cut for 'Joe the Plumber'

RNC shells out $150K for Palin fashion

Russia test-fires ballistic missile

Todd and Williams Tag Team Attack McCain/Palin

Clinton backers by her side, Palin makes pitch to women voters

Howard Dean in NH. Part 1 he tells a great story about Carol Shea Porter.

McCain Guest of Honor at ACORN Event in 2006?

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq War at 4,186

Obama in Leesburg

Sarkozy needled by 'voodoo doll'

China report warns of greenhouse gas leap

Family Guy - McCain/Palin Button (oh boy, you gotta see this)

US slaps sanctions on Iran bank

Jurors to get Sen. Stevens corruption case today

CDO Cuts Show $1 Trillion Corporate-Debt Bets Toxic

VIDEO: Bachman Blames Her Remarks on Chris Matthews

Big Donors Drive Obama's Money Edge

Barack in Richmond, VA, today - YES WE CAN!

McCain Accidentally Agrees: Western Pennsylvania Is Racist

Calls to release Jordanian poet

McCain raises spectre of nuclear war

No cavalry coming for McCain

The Real Reason Obama Went to Hawaii

Could 'Palin factor' save McCain?

Gallup Daily: Obama’s LV Lead is 5 to 8 Points - Candidate preferences have been fairly stable

El Tinklenberg's Commercial

Barack Obama increases lead on John McCain to 14 per cent in latest poll

Dallas ISD chief Hinojosa says bilingual teachers 'protected'

Union wants 9/11 off or extra $$ to show up

3 seconds of McCain-said the 'C' word

US commandos rescue American hostage near Kabul

Private Iraq Investigators Out (Sen. Feingold exposes State Dept. outsourcing oversight)

Iraq says will not be bullied into signing US pact

Shots Reportedly Fired on WKU's Campus

Mass layoffs highest since 9/11

AP: Gay Couples Rush to Marry Before Election

Machines change Dem vote to GOP vote (WVa 6 reports in 2 counties)


Finney County (Kansas) employee sends anti-Obama e-mail

Matthews Rips Palin For Saying VP Is 'In Charge Of Senate'

CNN: Voting Machines Switching Votes in West Virginia

Obama: Was McCain A Socialist In 2000?

Economy becomes No. 1 issue in govs' races

Voter Fraud In West Virginia

Arizona Dems say GOP credit card found in office

What will be the shape of the world’s new financial order?

Maddow: Bill Bennett & Rick Davis on Liberal Feminists (Ha!)

Forget plumbers, McCain is for Joe the CEO: Obama

Gov't Investigates 1 Million Ford Vehicles

Greek shopkeepers stage tax protest

AP presidential poll: All even in the homestretch

McCain - Senile Man Wandering Around at Debate (montage)

Sarah Palin Unprepared To Explain What A Precondition Is

Catholic groups launches pro-Obama web site

Ellen DeGeneres Slams Sarah Palin On Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

Letter threats to Chase Bank grow past 30: FBI

Judge blocks retrial of war objector Watada

Barack Obama Surprise On Ellen Show 10/22/2008 (HD)

Police investigate white powder at New York Times

Police investigate white powder at New York Times; not yet known if it's harmful

Norm Coleman's garage vandalized by graffiti: 'resign or else'

Gay attorney plays key role in McCain campaign

McCain warns Obama not to get cocky

Vandals deface Minn. congressional members' homes

G.M. May Sell ACDelco Unit

Wachovia Posts Largest-Ever Loss for a Bank

Palin says election results in God's hands

Nine Afghan Soldiers Die in Coalition Strike

Obama urges vigilance during presidential change

Foreign troops kill nine Afghan soldiers: official

Zogby: Obama takes 10-point lead on McCain

San Francisco weighs decriminalizing prostitution

AIG to freeze millions in pay to former execs

October 21, 2008 - National General Election Ballot

(CNN/Time)Polls: Obama edges McCain in key states (NV, NC, OH and VA)

Electric Sportscar Maker Deals With Market 'Freefall' (Tesla)

Prosecutor says powerful Pa. lawmaker used other people's money (Fumo)

George Galloway vs Ignorant American

At least 34 decomposed bodies discovered in mass grave in W Iraq

McCain 'amazed' by Palin treatment

Votes Flipping from Repub to Dem in TN - Take Them Out of Service NOW!

RNC Appears to Shell Out $150K for Palin Fashion

World financial summit announced

Top Ohio Court Throws Out Voter Registration Claim

Sick economy has patients skimping on medicine

Feds rush to ease endangered species rules

Wal-Mart announces new ethical and environmental principles

FOX News Poll: Obama Leads McCain, 49% to 40%

Argentine pension plan has local, global impact

MSNBC - Chris Mathews on Palin VP Job Description - 10-22-08

Battlestar Galactica -- the GOP Cylon opening...

Credit-Rating Companies `Sold Our Soul' for Pay, Employees Said

Google Launches U.S. Voter Info Site

Obama warns new president will be tested -- whoever he is

Britain widens scope for stem cell research

Judge OKs early voting

Al-Qaida-Linked Web Site Backs McCain As President

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 22

Cuban diplomat: US embargo is akin to genocide

TYT: One Democratic Hypocrite Who Deserves to Lose

(Update MN) Police: Coleman, 4 other Congress members have property damaged

Colombia's Uribe indicates he thinks Obama will win U.S. presidency

Peru guerrilla group raids U.S. mining company

RNC to add to FEC complaint on Obama's fundraising

AP presidential poll: All even in the homestretch

India launches first Moon mission

ABC: Palin Shopping Spree Legal? Yes, but Barely

Woman quits job at call center over anti-Obama script

U.S. and Russia hold fence-mending talks

In New McCain Robocall, Rudy Giuliani Suggests Obama Opposes Jailing Murderers And Rapists

Police Prepare for Unrest

Palin: The 'right thing' for America will happen Nov. 4

Protester Tries to Arrest Rove in SF

WKU Campus On Lockdown: Gunman Reported

Libertarian Barr says McCain on 'farewell tour of America,' calls votes for him wasted

Keating law firm donates $50,000 to McCain campaign

Al the Shoesalesman Gets a Tax Cut

House GOP leader asks Bush to cut off ACORN funds

McCain campaign paid Republican operative accused of voter fraud..Nathan Sproul

Alamo chairwoman writes letter stating Obama is a Muslim socialist

Scientists Erase Specific Memories in Mice

Clinton backers by her side, Palin makes pitch to women voters (CNN)

'Hello, I'm No On Prop. 8'

Palin says she considers herself intellectual

Republicans Supporting Obama

Oil falls below $70 on US recession fears

James Taylor for Obama

HARDBALL: GOP Abandons Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann: 'A Trap Was Laid' On Hardball. LOL. Culture of Responsibility indeed.

Engineers charged in Venezuelan blackouts

Va. pharmacy follows faith, no birth control sales

Wow! Chris Matthews ON FIRE!!

John McCain On Taxing Rich People (in 2000)

Vote Barack- Great Rap- Enjoy!

Is This How McCain Would Treat the 'American Pie?'

Polls? Palin is a Drag

Obama Tweaks Long-Held Policy: JOE BIDEN May Only Talk With PRECONDITIONS!

Evil is always defeated by ordinary people; not heroes, or saints – least of all, politicians

The Power of Two Myths (Meyerson / WaPo)

Politics of Words: GOP stirs campaign with ‘socialist’ talk

The 'Socialist' Scare (Marcus / WaPo)

Betrayal of our fathers (Lessenberry / Metro Times)

Buh-Bye Lipsticked Pit Bull - Caribou Barbie Gets A 150K Makeover?

The Power of the Internet and the Failure of Rovian Politics

Oliver Stone's "W." -- A Catastrophe Worthy of the Worst President

The True Lesson of Sarah Palin's Clothes Binge

Bailout (and Buildup) By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN

Truthdig: A Week in the ‘Real America’

"Under water" mortgages are growing threat to U.S. (Reuters)

Serving two masters in Iraq

Sarah Palin Answers a Third Grader's Question: What Does a Wardrobe Monitor Do?

Why the U.S. Plan Failed

The ABCs of Paulson's Bailout

'Under Water' Mortgages are Growing Threat to US

Gene Lyons on the alienation of voting America

Group's Study Finds Income Gap Widening - WSJ

NYT Mag: The Making (and Remaking and Remaking) of the Candidate

The Mormon Church Is Leading the Fight Against Gay Marriage in California

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Now is the Time

"No Child Left Behind has failed us all."

In Bailout Talk, What About Saving the Have Nots?

F is for Failure; The Bush Doctrine in Ruins By Tom Engelhardt

“Country First?” – The Question of Loyalty

Bailout Smackdown- How Much Regulation Is too Much for the Financial-Services Industry?

Analysis: Socialist tag doesn't fit Obama

McCain Also Losing Ground in ‘Virtual States’

Russia’s Resentment of the West Began with a Broken Promise

Protests and Hecklers Have Mortgage Bankers Longing for Good Old Days

Brave New World

A Matter of Life and Debt

Thanks to Right-Wingers, We Finally Get 'PAST' the 60's, and Back to the 50's!

The ULTIMATE Proof Al Qaeda Loves McCain-Palin

Expensive Wardrobe Goes Against McCain-Palin Story Line

Last Call to Help McCain With His Advertising!

Joe Conason: A Perverted Idea of Fairness

More Palin Excess: Hires a CLOSET Organizer

Warning over US election problems (BBC) {Pew Research Center}

John McCain's Fame is Based on His POW Status, But He Has Abandoned Fellow Veterans

Iraq's unschooled children evidence of devastation's depth

Evangelicals ponder political defeat

Watada: Judge rules for officer who refused Iraq duty

2008 U.S. Election Coverage and More on Windows Media Center

Democrats' gloom deepens

Thomas Frank: Joe the Plumber and GOP 'Authenticity'

Sarah Palin: Political Grifter?

Garrison Keillor Column

McCain's path to victory through Pa.

AlterNet: Wall Street Hustlers Built a $100 Trillion House of Cards and Stuck You with the Fallout


Fragging court-martial set to begin

Humvee stolen from Guard armory

Ex-soldier charged in slayings near Campbell

Leonard Wood soldier charged with murder

ACLU questions Army unit’s NorthCom role

Increase in painkillers for troops raises fears

U.S., Russian military chiefs meet in Finland

Jurors see video of alleged Dix plotters

(Army Times) Editorial: Use improved Land Warrior

(Army Times) Editorial: Little faith in VA’s Plan B

Transplant complete, attack sub floats again

P-3 overshoots Afghan runway, 1 injured

Navy drafting ‘Naval Operational Concept’

Terror victims can attend tribunals, DoD says

Judges mull evidence for trial of ex-astronaut

Roughead: Bath shipyard an American treasure

(Navy Times) Editorial: Investing in the future

MTV petition urges better care for vets

Helo squadron to stand up at Cherry Point

New hospital for military dogs opened

Schwartz: Reduce force structure, not airmen

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Ill-advised choice

Officials: Bush will not close Guantanamo

Rise and fall of dollar places off-base renters in a squeeze

Groups in Kirkuk stand at the crossroads of change

Holiday food help again available

Wounded at Landstuhl have a new place to play, relax

Shoppers in Italy decry delay of notice about chicken

Reports: U.S. soldier facing rape charges

Osan gets new 350-spot garage

Reasons for high gas prices on Iwakuni add up, officers say

Today's Stripes' mailbag (for your reading pleasure)

DoD Buzz: Congressional Musical Chairs

Army strips 1st HBCT commander of his duty

Vets Group to Sue Over Homeless Sweep

US Covers Contractor for Lost Money

Most F-22 pilots pass on re-up bonus

Enlisted retention lowest in at least 7 years

(Air Force Times) Editorial: No more golf jokes

Biden says he would oppose Prop. 8

Mormon scholar debunks pro-Prop 8 ads

Poll: Support For Anti-Gay Calif. Amendment Widens

I just did this photoshop parody of the Yes ON 8 signs... anybody have a cafepress?

Fla. gay marriage foes accused of breaking election rules

On this day in History

How Many of You In California Have "Liberal Friends" Who Are Quiet on Prop Eight?

Question: What happens if YES wins on prop 8?

Top Tehran officials recommend preemptive strike against Israel

Iran captures 'nuclear spy pigeons'

Look left in anger

Federal Tax Credits for Solar PVC systems--Refundable?

Iran busts 'spy pigeons' near nuclear site

Russia may create oil reserve to influence prices - Reuters

China report warns of greenhouse gas leap - Reuters

Still further proof that Newt Gingrich is a flippin' idiot ...

Bottled Water Companies Prepare Campaign to Fight Public Interest Groups

Crude closes at 16 month low

Frontline : Heat - Can We Roll Back Global Warming?

Up in Smoke: The Abridged history of US Investment Banking

California Home Sales Revive, But Not Without Intense Pain

End The Fed Demonstrations November 22

Say it ain't so Joe, Coors says Zima is Kaput!

Argentina nears bankruptcy, raids pension funds to pay government

Sarah Palin says she'll donate the clothing to charity ...

goldbugs - $750 is it time to buy?

First time housing assistance

What will be the shape of the world’s new financial order?

Which banks live or die? Wielding $250 billion, U.S. may decide

AFL-CIO Is In The Midst Of Its Largest Voter Turnout Effort Ever

In Virginia Labor Is Working Hard To Maintain Obama Momentum

Bailout for Wall Street Won’t Work Without Aid for Working Families

The Toledo Blade: Historically, Obama favors working class

Big labor targets undecided retirees

Today in labor history Oct 22

Argentina to take over pensions

Cuban foreign minister: Salary reform advancing

Reporters Without Borders (aka Reporters Without Scruples) Head Bob Menard Resigns!

I've finally come in from the window ledge...congrats to the DEVIL Rays...

Credit Crunch sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

So our local U of Michigan club gets an invite today from a sports bar

Christian Gyno with Bibles & crosses all over his office

Rob Breszny Endorses Obama!

I have to let my kitty go tonight

Feed your children well!

Can I have some healing energy for Baby Cat?

Some lunch time pics

Delete dupe

PICS From LEAF Festival

Where am I? Vermont or Germany?

~~~OCTOBER Photo Contest WINNERS!~~~

Interesting conversation with a Canon rep.

NY Times: Ruling on guns draws rebukes from the right.

D90 or D300?

so, are the reviews in on Bourdain's new show?

"Whatever, Martha"

Ho Ho Ho - time to think about food gifts for Xmas

Orange Essence Brownies

Did anyone here catch Futurama's Triptych on Sunday night?

Does it bother you that the OT describes Israelites being enslaved by Egyptians...

Any good recipes for Rabbit?

A beautiful place ....

Need a new heart, print one

Cosmic Lens Reveals Distant Galactic Violence

India launches first Moon mission (BBC)

Scotch tape X-Rays

Trees cracking from extreme cold (way sub-zero) and sounding like a gunshot--

Mysterious 'dead water' effect caught on film

Leading U.S. Banks Offer Wealthy Clients Offshore Tax Havens

Who is Admbassador Wanta?

Alex jones has Naomi Wolfe on right now for all the Naomi fans.

Naomi Wolfe on Alex Jones a great show, if you can listen.

Hold onto your hats -- the Bryan-College Station Eagle endorses Linda Yanez for Supreme Court!

Dallas ISD chief Hinojosa says bilingual teachers 'protected'

Houston Chronicle endorses . . . Rick Noriega!

The Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel endorses Sam Houston and Linda Yanez for Texas Supreme Court

The Daily Texan endorses Jim Jordan and Linda Yanez for Texas Supreme Court (and Susan Strawn for

Texas election judge/clerk information thread!

Need a bumper sticker.

This is a sort of hypothetical question. If someone puts up a right-wing propaganda website

Tories brace for deficit, plan to blame Liberals, NDP

Kerry's speech at Tufts tomorrow will be livestreamed

I just saw V for Vendetta for the first time-how come nobody told me

VIDEO: CNN Report on Bachmann's "Anti-American Rant"

Bachmann's Pal Rep. Mark Olson's got a New Campaign Website

National GOP Pulling Financial Support For Michele Bachmann

Anyone seen this fantastic DSCC anti-Coleman ad?

Just got a call from McPain here in MN

Bachmann says she made a mistake...

Seems like Betty McCollum is the only one who was spared

Just saw the three candidates for senate on a commercial......

Don't hate me

The F-16s are flying out of Truax once or twice a day

Please Rec This Post In dailyKOS for Kagen

Is Feingold truly just another politician?