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New GOP logo from Mr. Fish

Morford: Undecided? Really? Who the hell are you? Are you evil? Are you Jesus?

The Obama Landslide in Alaska: It's All How You Look At It.

Every time an outlier poll makes the news...

Election Wish List

Wait... When was it announced Glenn Beck was moving to Fox?

Voted for Obama/Biden today!

Definition of a Terrorist:

McCain used both C@&T and B@$H in the same phrase today? He obviously has P@$&Y on the brain nt

The Rain In Spain Lies Mainly in the

#3 on Coundown with KO: Al-Qaeda is supporting McCain.

Barack Obama And Sam the Tax Fraud

I don't think Tweety likes Sarah Palin very much.

GOP internal document predicts loss of 37 House seats

"As a Mom with a Child with Down Syndrome, Sarah Palin Makes me Shriek!

$400 for Edwards haircut!Where are these people when discussing 150K for Palin clothes?!

What's up with Air France being on McLame's Oct FEC bill

VIDEO Obama/Couric "When was the last time you cried and why?"

So mccain likes dressing up Barbie

AP's narrative: Joe the Plumber redeemed John the Dumber.

Anyone remember the professor (I think) who predicted the 2004 outcome so well?

OK. What I want to know is this: WHO blew the whistle about Palin's $150K RNC-purchased wardrobe?

My sister told me on the phone today that she is afraid of Obama

a little du info help, please... earlier today the head of the Oklahoma RepublicaNs

OK... WTF is with the AP-GfK poll?

BIG! HUGH11! Obama yard signs/boards appearing on major streets and intersections in MT

Does anyone else feel like Eric Cartman waiting for the Wii to come out?

Tweety said "last time 'Pukes won W.H. without a Nixon or a Bush on the ticket:: '28

McCain has stooped lower than any politician I've ever seen here in Indiana.

I got a mailer blaming Obama for higher gas prices....

Obama: McCain will 'endanger' US (YES! YES! YES!)

I think it might be time to drop a "Reagan Bomb" on McCain's claim that Obama is a socialist.

Remember Bush*'s first test? A US spy plane was forced to land in China.

The Battle for Obama’s Economic Soul by Robert Scheer

My favorite attribute of Obama is---

My favorite attribute of Obama is---

Waiting for Nov. 4th

I'm in Alabama. The woman I work next to said it has to be Obama.

I'm in Alabama. The woman I work next to said it has to be Obama.

Palin stumped when asked to explain her preconditions for meeting foreign leaders - interview on NBC

Mr. Dinger & I Just Voted For . . . .

Yahoo cites random FOX News viewers from across the country as a "panel of experts"

Photos: Deep Blue in a Dark Red State...Obama Rally in Mena, Arkansas.

How to Dress Like Sarah Palin

Someone should tell poor Pat Buchanan,,,,

brian williams (NBC) blows mccain on national tv....

I got a package of Obama goodies I did not order. What's up with that?

watching the gramps/phalin interview GOD gramps teeth are NASty

the times are changing LOOK At this EV map

Thousands of Academics Sign on to Support Bill Ayers

It's time for the Rapture ... Get out and vote to get rid of them !

I havn't seen the interview yet; did Brian Williams ask Palin about the $150k?

This is the difference between a smart Republican voter and a smart Democratic voter

nancy pfotenhauer has the hardest job in america

nancy pfotenhauer has the hardest job in america

What's Your Hope for November 5th? HEre's Mine.

People who voted for Bush need to SHUT UP dissing Obama because

It is pay day tomorrow, I need some advice

Well in a fit of hope today

... so the stock market crashed again today. It's the Economy Stupid

Do you generally have a positive or negative view of Chris Matthews?

Questions about calling states on election night

Palin Slashed Funding for Teen Moms?

Was she in control or literally a Barbie? Were her clothes bought FOR her or BY her?

Today's Polls, 10/22, by Nate Silver

Even in fake polls like the AP, McCrank can't top the low 40's

Attended GOTV training tonight

A tshirt you may want

Buchanan 'really' embraces Palin, film now. Ewwww.

An Essential Campaign Resource

"Also", "and", and "to/too"---Why does Palin use them..

It is IMPOSSIBLE for McCain to win without cheating

Palin Responds to the $150,000 in Clothes controversy

On Election Night, East Coast Will Tell Us Early....

After the election, we should demand apologies (long) ...

Just watched Keith replay the Joe the Plumber interaction with Obama and...

Karen Hughes WHINING about Obama's money contributions...

Ok so Karen Big Foot Hughes and Lynn Swann aren't impressed by Powell's endorsement

Ok so Karen Big Foot Hughes and Lynn Swann aren't impressed by Powell's endorsement

If I thought I was donating to the DNC to pay for Joe Biden's wardrobe, I'd be pissed.

My almost 80 year old mother said she knows why McCain picked Palin.

WARNING: Disturbing John McCain images...

Why such long lines in Florida?

Welllll, I guess Palin was for releasing her medical records before she was against it

McCain is still sucking the Keating Teat - Keating law firm donates $50,000 to McCain campaign

So Caribou Barbie comes with $150,000 in accessories. Ask me if I care?

Shocking realization: "Country First" is a lousy slogan...

It's Pat! (Puchannan on Rachel)

McCain is RIGHT. He HAS been tested over and over and over and....

While Rachel Was Talking About Robo-Calls...

John McCain's Fame is Based on His POW Status, But He Has Abandoned Fellow Veterans

Obama IS BUYING the Election!!!

Check this out

Tagging Obama et al "Liberal"

I found this Einstein quote that I think sums up why to vote dem

Obama camp files complaint on bogus phone calls

McCain "rates" remix

Respondele a Obama!

Ummm...on NBC, wasn't that supposed to be a Palin interview with Brian W???

Obama lead expands to 11 points in new ABC/Wash Post poll

Jon Stewart is talking about Palin's "Extremist Makeover."

Jon Stewart is talking about Palin's "Extremist Makeover."

Does everyone here know that Obama slept

More mailers!! More responses from me!! Here's my plan:

"I've been tested, I've been tested", Just how how have you been tested, McCain?


McCain is RIGHT -- He will NOT raise your taxes.

Condi Rice avoids endorsing Palin...

Someone posted how to send cards to Barack's grandmother ...

Obama sees desperation in McCain's reliance on 'Joe'

You know, Palin has said she wants powers similar to Cheney.

PLEASE DU this NH poll !!!

please help du this poll

$150,000 Wardrobe for Palin May Alter Tailor-Made Image (NYT)

Sarah "Dolittle" Palin

So my FIL has Faux tuned in my house (he's leaving tonight thank goodness)

If Obama's policies are the cure, why is the stock market still going down?

My friends,I can do this,I can do that,blah blah blah. Here's a Mr. Fish toon.

Translator offers fitting obituary for GOP.

This day in '04 (

70% of voters say " News Media Wants Obama to Win" (New Survey)



Myth: Al Qaeda supports McCain

PBS poll on Sarah Palin

Telemarkets quit over calls against Obama

Single Voter Tips Election...

Internal Obama poll shows him up 100% in PA.


Did Pat Buchanan on Rachel tonight say

Last week, in the airport, I asked a soldier going to Iraq who he and his

I'm Personally Discrediting the IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll showing McCain closing in (down four)

I'm Personally Discrediting the IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll showing McCain closing in (down four)

Fun website, simulate the outcome based on the polls...

Terry Moran makes me sick. Could that have been any more of a fluff piece on SPalin on Nightline? page has new updates

Tom Brokaw: Election 2004 was honest and valid and oh! what a

Bizarre story about racists and the election

I propose "Troll Amnesty" for the week following the election...

GOP Pulling Its Ads From Bachmann's Race, Media Buyers Say

GOP Pulling Its Ads From Bachmann's Race, Media Buyers Say

Phew! Please pass the "Troll-be-Gone"

Phew! Please pass the "Troll-be-Gone"

Word on the street is that Obama's campaign KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK IT'S DOING.

David Sedaris on undecided voters

I got a feeling this guy is going to have something to smile about...

The DSCC needs to run more ads like this

OK, I realize what the McCain plan is.......

BREAKING: NV SecState rules against GOP vote suppression attempt (UPDATED w/ text)

Onlyadream, I *hate* you! I was just coming here to post Palin is "rainbow high"

Onlyadream, I *hate* you! I was just coming here to post Palin is "rainbow high"

Guys, I'm concerned about Pennsylvania.

Early Voters, remember the "I Voted" avatar.

Don't Piss Off Pagent Queens!

How much did you spend on your wardrobe?

How much did you spend on your wardrobe?

I am in the other room, the TV is turned down low in the living room..

McCain on George W. Bush

The thing I am enjoying most about this election

Are you volunteering???

Is it just me?.... or is this silliness

So when is Brian Williams and NBC News going to have Obama and Biden for an interview

The old McCain would have done much better than the new McCain.

Such A Deal!

Such A Deal!

Block African witchcraft curses against McCain and Palin NOW! (I'm not making it up)

When Palin was named the VP pick it was said that Cindy had input

If you get the "You're in this video" e-mail from MoveOn, click on it! Hysterical!

Having Bush as president has been like having this guy as president:

TDS: My God! The Palins are a family of GRIFTERS!

The opinions of a *REAL* Virginian.... the first Democrat

My neck aches and I'm kind of chilly. I'm concerned. Cuddle me.

My neck aches and I'm kind of chilly. I'm concerned. Cuddle me.

Hate Republicans? Think Again.

I hate when people attack those living in poverty.

NV is going BLUE! Early vote totals inside

Obama's voice

Obama chides Biden on comments about a world crisis testing his ...

McCain: Palin ‘Most Qualified’ VP Nominee in Recent Memory

Police prepare for unrest on Election Day.

McCain Caught on Tape - the Unimaginable Hypocrisy...

Psst- Hey Freepers!

Word has it that Obama's internals have him down in Puerto Rico

Does anyone know of a site that has demographics of undecideds?

So what happens to all the money Senator Obama raised when he wins?

New Polls! Zogby: 52-40; Wash Post/ABC, 54-43

Even at a young age, Obama knew he could take on anything......

Campaign Schedules for Thursday, John McCain participates in a "Joe the Plumber" tour rally in FL

Ok now compare Swamp Rat with graphics from the Freeper

One Word About Pennsylvania

who is this Tara chick on CNN?

You see this cat Obama is a bad mother--

Does Anybody Have The Results From The New Zogby Poll?

New Zogby Obama 52.2 ( + .6 ) McCain 40.3 ( -1.7 )

Chuck Todd On McCain-Palin: No Chemistry, No Trust, Possibly No Chance

McCain has his "A-ha!" moment. Guess the honeymoon is over.

Freepers: Chuck Todd is a DNC operative

Ed Rendell has to be a Republican...

Did you see this - Bachmann's primary opponent is going to run a write-in campaign for congres

It's TROLL-O-RAMA night!

Palin kept Alaska Search & Rescue plane occupied 20% of its Time-Todd b*tched availability

New Flawed AP Poll Claims McCain And Obama Are Tied

McCain Blasts Obama As Out Of Touch In Burma-Shave-Style Billboard Campaign

Here's the game the next ten days: "Hey Media! Come get your Palin interview!"

Class rank (894 / 899 - bottom 1%) a bad pilot, dumped his first wife because she was disabled WTF?

McCain is to __________ as Palin is to __________.

Hey Sarah Palin, who(se house) are you wearing?

Hey Sarah Palin, who(se house) are you wearing?

I think McCain lost the election this week.

Palin's Personal dresser is Larson, principal in the Robo-Call Firm:

Moral crisis: Should I?

Is McPalin Failin?

Vice Presidential Joke

I could have saved Palin $149,950

I could have saved Palin $149,950

The most FILTHY DISGUSTING ad I have seen all year

Isn't McCain Himself Less Qualified to Lead America Than His Running-mate???

Todd and Sarah to testify under oath before AK personel board on Friday.

PPIC Poll: CA Obama 56% - Mcain 33% / Prop 8 No 52% - Yes 44%

GOPo-call and hate mail in northeast PA started up again

Road to 270: Arizona

Faux News Hannity and his neo-nazi friends:

Faux News Hannity and his neo-nazi friends:

Contested Election + Lynch-mob Mentality + Economic Collapse = FIRE-STORM

No Calvary Coming For McCain

Clay Bennett cartoon

OK Dems, as Barack himself says, DON'T get "cocky" or complacent.

Obama, Slumping Economy Loosen McCain's Grip on Older Voters

S. DAKOTA turns pink!!!!! N. Dakota TIED! Montana white with a little pink around the edges

Tweety MOPS the floor with GOP Pencil-Neck idiot Pfotenhauer

Who Will Win?

Who Will Win?

Worth more than Sarah Palin's Blush Fund!

Zogby poll Obama 52 - McCain 40

Zogby poll Obama 52 - McCain 40

Salon: Those who want Joe Lieberman to remain a Democrat

Rachel is so deft!

Sarah Palin Displays the Latest in Donkey Fashion

Is Pat Buchanan a bigger idiot than Sarah Palin?

3 signs your campaign is in trouble: 1. Comparisons to Truman. 2. Talking about being written off.

Sarah Palin uses the word "if" as in if her medical records are released.

55 & Counting: Official list of Republicans jumping ship, pointing fingers,... abandoning McSame

The worst thing about living in Pittsburgh

Gallup: Young voters favor Obama, but how many will vote?

GOP says Obama is "soft on crime" and "against protecting children from danger"

Palin needs to stop "spreading the wealth"

Funny how the media idiots are in complete denial now

Funny how the media idiots are in complete denial now

Funny how the media idiots are in complete denial now


You know I don't think young voters are going to turn out for Obama.

My favorite early voting story so far...

dupe, delete

dupe, delete

Desperate McCain Campaign to Accuse Obama of being Jack the Ripper and a Martian

Holy Hell QPAC has Obama up big in OH 52 - 38

Marc Ambinder: AP/GFK Poll a fraud?

Alert for FOX NEWS: The Presidential Race is tightening!

What frustrates me the most is that Palin/McCain's support is based on false information.

McPain will lose

RNC is flooding my t.v. in Ohio with negative ads

WSJ: From the Beirut Bombing to 9/11 Liberal assaults on the executive branch have made us vulnerabl

The prediction markets say...

Early (absentee) voting in Mississippi favors Democrats ... link

Quinnipiac was actually slanted towards Bush in 2004 ...

Ages of Republican candidates in 2012 and 2016

Real Clear Politics moves Ohio from Toss-Up to Leaning Obama

McCain: "That's not the way it ended."

Breaking News (per CNN): 478,000 new jobless claims (higher than expected)

BREAKING -- Condeleeza Rice (no public statement made)... but I have it on good order that ...

BREAKING -- Condeleeza Rice (no public statement made)... but I have it on good order that ...

On My Way To Work... But Found This On My Comcast Page... Polls Tightening!

How is Sarah Palin's taxing the oil companies (a tax that we eventually pay)

********** Breaking **********

If God chooses Obama will Sarah take the hint?

Wow! ASU Pollster says Arizona could be in play!

Hey Sarah, HERE'S the real "Socialist" candidate for Prez ...

Dupe - sorry flaky hotel internet

Voters need to be better educated on the meaning of experience.

Breaking on FOX: McCain's internal PA polls

Sarah Palin's Witch Doctor


self delete.

BREAKING: McCain's Plans For the Presidency

Are you ready for the RAPTURE ??? ... Go to vote, and get rid of them !!!

LBP launches Proposition Pluto.

Why get so worked up about Morning Joe, and not Faux & Friends?

So blue, it hurts your eyes - latest set of polls listed on RCP

Blaring Headlines -- Miami Herald -- LONG WAITS

Quick question about McCain's interest in sports?

Help turn New Kent, VA blue! Canvassing meet-up next 2 weekends.

Help turn New Kent, VA blue! Canvassing meet-up next 2 weekends.

Ed Rendell Responds To Murtha's 'Racist,' 'Redneck' Comments

Anyone catch Brokaw on Daily Show last night?

VIDEO: The Obamas Discuss Dressing On A Budget ("Mommy buys everything from Gap!")

Anti-Obama sign fuels debate

I predict Barack Obama will pretty much destroy hate radio.

Help me cross the finish line with two more votes for Obama: Dispelling myths and misconceptions

Larry Sabato: Democratic Wave continues to build

Man, Republicans are IDIOTS

Why is the McCain 'Vietnam POW Left behind cover-up' not an issue ???

Rasmussen Obama 52 ( + 1 ) McCain 45 (same)

Amazing Big Ten Polls.... Roll on 4th Nov

Obama maintains strong lead in Pa., poll shows

Noel Koch : Barack Obama: Commander In Chief (A Veterans' Perspective)

Winning Wars

Was John McCain staring at Sarah Palins legs?

Possible McCain election strategy?

I cannot wait until The Midget and Airhead concede!

I cannot wait until The Midget and Airhead concede!

Tom Toles: Polls Now Open

Turth about who supports children from the CDFAC:

"redistribute the wealth around"...BOOOOOOOOO!

'Wire' actors head to Va. on vote tour

Just so you all know, my brother graduated HS about 3 from the bottom...

Early Voting looking good for Democrats/Obama in spite of problems

McCain/PA = Giuliani/FL


Rasmussen : Obama 52, McCain 45 (O+1)

McLame in Ormond Beach, Florida is having a "Joe the Plumber" rally

Thousands of academics sign on to support Bill Ayers

With all the massive early voting the MSM won't /shouldn't be able to do

What did Buffy the Intern Slayer say on MSNBC, anyway?

Son of Holy Hell Obama + 10 in Indiana (BigTen Poll)

Who dressed McCain for this interview?

Jews4change schmear Obama

Who’s your daddy, John?

Can we just say for one day that her middle name is Ann and not Louise?

Toles Toon on Repub attitudes towards voting

OK, Andrew Cuomo is now hands down my pick for AG in an Obama administration

New Video released of John McCain as a POW


David Shuster on MSNBC: McCain reducing TV ads in Colorado

Using the idiotic McCain campaign's logic...

CNN/Time poll: McCain playing defense in states Bush won

More Palin Classic Quotes... She set a new Fog Index babbling record!

Palin embraces "redneck woman" label ... link

Yet Another Softball Interview

Nate's take on this morning's poll news:

Big 10 and Quinnipiac polls cause nervous breakdown in Freeperland

Add three more early votes for Obama in Ohio!!!

Tinklenberg Camp: received about 20,000 donations from all 50 states since Bachman's comments

Memo to Biden: Wake Forest University is 100 miles from the town of Wake Forest

I was watching MNF at a friends and Hank Williams Jr. does his thing.

Stats Rats Needed: Can someone explain significance of variance in the polls?

Alright, McCain, I know ALL about Joe the Plumber - now tell me all about Gordon the Plumber

Just heard on TYT. About PA. Since April

Republican sleaze in Northern Virginia

Republican sleaze in Northern Virginia

Joe Scarborough is an ASSHOLE


What's the current smear/whisper campaign?

For Weeks Now Both CNN & MSNBC's Electoral Vote Map Has Obama At 263.......

I know this is stating the obvious, but how can MSNBC be so schizophrenic? Joe in the AM, then

The new mastercard commerical about Sarah Palin

Politico: Republicans out of Musgrave seat, too (CO-04)

Michael Moore on Larry King Live Tonight (Thursday)

The new RW complaint du jour: "Obama is buying the election!"

Home-made pamphlets @ McCain/Palin rally: "I want you - to keep Islam out of the White House".

McCain leads Obama 54 - 44 in Texas! In rasmussen poll.

Biden: If it walks and talks like a Duck. Its a Duck. And McCain and Palin are quacking like

The Wardrobe to Nowhere

RNC Mailer: (on cover)Terrorists. (inside) Picture of Obama

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaings In Charlotte, NC****

Alabama votes Red, thinks Blue.

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaings In Indiana****

An historical photo ?

Hotline - Obama 48(+1), McCain 43(+1)....GWU: Obama 49(+1), McCain 45(-2)

I got the BS Ayers McCain flyer today AND just got robocalled by Rotten Rudy just now

To the person at the McCain rally that's right behind him in the crowd, yawning sleepily.

This election has brought out the worst of America, the worst

Another reason McCain is going for PA: Morale of his "troops"

If we have all of the 2004 states that Kerry won and get PA we still lose even with Iowa??

If we have all of the 2004 states that Kerry won and get PA we still lose even with Iowa??

Holy hell, look at these polls:

I'm voting for Obama/Biden TODAY!

PA Is not a Battleground

Way down south in the land of cotton

There is only one reason why the MSM is giving ANY credit to McCain's PA Strategy:

Suddenly, Tons of McCain/Palin signs in Georgia.

My contribution to the '08 political lexicon: paliniated. What happens vis-a-vis the Republican

Wes Clark in Sanford NC: Americans are sick of it

Anyone here remember the "Rockefeller Effect"?

Prop 8 a Toss-Up, by Nate Silver

Delete - Dupe

delete - dupe

Larry David: Waiting For Nov. 4th

I love when people vote with their heads

Big Ten Battleground Poll shows 10-point Obama lead in INDIANA.

OMG... I did it... I screwn the Election....

Bill Berkowitz: Pharmaceutical executives fund new 527 attacking Obama

Okay I'm confused, how does McCain winning PA

Anyone else wondering where the fake terror alerts are?

** Video - Joe Biden in Charlotte, NC 10/23 **

LOL - RW Blogs expose Obama for spending own money on clothes

Obama attacks McCaint's POLICIES; McCaint attacks OBAMA...

The swing/undecided voter's decision

I just checked my own internals and boy did everything look fine. customized video

Bush has opened the door for people as dumb as himself, like Sarah Palin, to seek office in the WH

Palin Fails US Geography

THIS IS NO TIME TO GET OVERCONFIDENT (((but OMG look at today's.big 10 battleground polls)))

So Does Anybody Think Barack Obama Has An October Surprise Of His Own?

So Does Anybody Think Barack Obama Has An October Surprise Of His Own?

Obama photo request!!

what s the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom?!

Curse you, Barack Obama! Thanks to you, I made PIE tonight!

TMZ: Caribaya Rums wants Todd Palin to be their new spokesperson

I just realized that I used to work with Palin!

Negotiating With Terrorists

Who will be more successful in throwing the other under the bus - McCain or Palin?

MSM dumbos don't get that the word 'RIGHTEOUS" is also a colloquialism w/other meanings

MSM dumbos don't get that the word 'RIGHTEOUS" is also a colloquialism w/other meanings

The POWELL Bounce

My Mom, a Republican.. who believes the 'Clinton Body Count' voted for Obama in Florida

McCain's 4 stages of Palin: "furious, pissed, it wasn’t what he wanted, understanding resignation"

McCain presser coming soon: Top Iranian Diplomat favours Obama

So what do you think would happen if Al Qaida supported Obama?

So what do you think would happen if Al Qaida supported Obama?

In the "he's GOT to be fucking kidding us" department

just dropped my absentee ballot in the mail

Can some smart DU'er educate me??

Joe is pushing McCain comeback!

Palin commits foreign policy gaffe with McCain by her side

LOL Joy Behar to Elisabeth "Shut the fuck up!"

Today's Cartoon - Horsey scores again!

snake cheney has been teaching Palin what the VP job is all about

Where is the update on who built the Palins' house?

Funniest thing at the Onion today:

Flashback: McCain supported amendment to restrict use of campaign funds on ‘clothing purchases.’»

McCain Disagrees With Palin: VP Is Not ‘Part Of Both Legislative And Executive Branch’»

Question about the so-called "Bradley Effect"

Last night on CNN John McCain said "extraordinary circumstances call

EV Prediction on 10/23/2004 Compared to prediction on 10/23/2008

In B.Williams Interview, Palin says she has dealt w/muliti-billion dollar budgets? Can this be true?

Palin is taking on another tough interviewer tonight-

Schwarzenegger: By the time that she is sworn in I think she will be ready to be president

I don't get it. 150,000 $ spent but no pants?

The ongoing saga of my ballot woes (Day 4)

What I saw on my way to the election...

RNC Mailer: "Terrorists" on front, picture of Barack "Not Who You Think He Is."

"Government releases videotapes of alleged Fort Dix terror plot"? October tricks?

Rush dipping a toe into the Hawaii "birth certificate" story...

What is the website with the early voting analysis?

According to Palin's standards John McCain has no executive experience

NC Results, one week into early voting -- Dare we hope?

McCain hires John Woo, Kevin Smith, and Wes Anderson to make his campaign ads.

Has anyone here ever taken your children to the polls with you?

FOR it before he was AGAINST it: "McCain lashes out at Bush's record"

This is for Morning Schmo morning update 17 state polls plus Quinnipiac and Big 10 link


What Does MILF Really Stand For?

I'm sensing a story behind the overt news this week.

McCain: You ‘can’t name a single issue’ I’ve flip-flopped on since 2000.»

Andrea Mitchell's husband is SHOCKED by the credit crisis.... SHOCKED, I say!

***Heads up, Barack in Indy*********

Is there a list of early voting states?

Is anyone else not getting that move on personalize GOTV video?

OMG! Some random internet site says Obama's internal polls show PA is a 2 point spread!!!!!

Democratic Wave Continues to Build by Larry Sabato

Clark: ‘Time For Change'

Great story out of Hamilton Ohio on early voting

WOW, RealClearPolitics has the map at 306 to 160 this morning. Take a look

Jay-Z, LeBron James to lead free rally, concert for Obama in Cleveland

McCain's 2000 Town Hall meeting MUST GET CIRCULATED

McCain surrogate says it is outrage for Obama to use 767 jet to "visit grandma"

Insulting campaign lies.

Is there an Obama "100,000 lawyers" fund?

Good analyses of the polls

I don't get it. What the hell is wrong with "We have a righteous wind at our back."?

Send Obama's grandmother a get well postcard

Shuster and GOP Shill Cheryl Jacobus Fighting! LOL!!

Best McCain/Palin Sign Yet

Internal Obama poll shows him only 2 points ahead in PA

New Obama Robocall Features Fellow Navy Veteran Slamming McCain For "Vicious Personal Attacks"

McCain stonewalls on radical friend

The reason I love early voting, is because "glitches" can be spotted early-on and corrected ...

Have a little fun this Thursday morning-PRESIDENTIAL DANCE-OFF!

CLEAN CAMPAIGN UPDATE: McCain: Obama says ‘anything to get elected’

McCain Campaign Violated McCain-Feingold law with Palin Clothing Purchases

McCain Campaign Violated McCain-Feingold law with Palin Clothing Purchases

Obama, McCain neck-and-neck for rural vote: poll

Well, she's in my hometown right now...

Nice graphic from kos: Obama and the battleground states

MSNBC.. stupidest network ever... They forget who their audience is everyday.

Endorsements still "on the table"

Loudon (VA) GOP To Welcome Gov. Palin

MSNBC/Chuck Todd vs. Reality: Maps

Nate Silver: Shock and Awe in AM Polls

Nate Silver: Shock and Awe in AM Polls

Court Throws Out WI AG Voting Suit

What does a Sarah Palin prayer sound like?

Wow, looking for early vote statistics, look what I came across

Polls that aren't tightening.

Difference between a Pit Bull and a Hockey Mom? You can feed a pit-bull for 483 years with 150 grand

As a physician...I do worry about the mental health of the Freepers...the polls are killing them

Please help me with debunking this article

Are you taking your kids to vote with you? I'm taking my youngest.

Psycho Sarah's clothes will be given away - LET'S GO SHOPPING!

Sarah Palin hasn't been elected VP, but she's already creating new jobs -- for her husband

NY Times: Loose Lips: Trouble for Brit Tory Pol, and for McBush, too:

The OxyPig just said the markets are in turmoil because of fear of an Obama win

Police Prepare for Election Unrest or Riots(from Atlanta)

Kick this reactionary out of the Democratic Party!

Ready for today's Gallupgasm?

What's all this talk about Para Sailin'?

What should I take for my worry?

**Video: Barack Obama in Indianapolis, IN 10/23 + free pie recipe!

Sorry, I don't speak stupidese - can someone interpret this Coulter article I found?

I wonder how much organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army will suffer from the Palin

Why the Republicans must lose

Polls: MN: Obama +10, PA: Obama +10, WI: Obama +13


I live in a 1975 $139,000 ranch style house - $150,000 is A LOT of money.

Today from Zogby (re: his polling methodology)

Sick of the racism on morning msnbc

We Are Beyond The "Osama bin Laden Releases Tape" Margin.

I Have An Action For Every DU'er To Take Part In. I Urge You To Do So.

RNC McCain semi-robo-call - this is the best they have?

This thread is for phone bankers and canvassers.....

Gallup daily: +7 (RV), +6 (LV1), +4 (LV2)

McCain Cuts Off Murphy, Critical 2000 Chief Strategist (Jokes Inside)

Obama's Mile High Moment - Photo Book of DNC

Obama's grandmother Madelyn Dunham in fragile health

Gallup Daily - Obama 50 - 43 +7 registered; 51 - 45 +6 (exp LV); 50 - 46 +4 (traditional LV)

Do you feel like polls mean nothing?

"'Joe the Plumber' says to HIM it sounds like SOCIALISM!"

Heather Wilson... Why doesn't she cry over Palin's clothes as she did for Janet

Hanging on the wall, inside his garage....

McCain's Banned 2000 Strategist Jokes about Palins $$$$$ Clothes:

McCain/Palin's messages aren't connecting with voters, but they're still

Yesterday NPR says it's a tie

Make your Dow predictions for these dates: 11/5/08 and 1/20/09

Make your Dow predictions for these dates: 11/5/08 and 1/20/09

Michelle Obama v. Sarah Palin - The VP Candidate Is Politically Tone Deaf

How many years would you have to work to earn what Palin spent on clothes

Freepers are as Metrosexual as the next guy... When Discussing Mooselini

Is McCain trying to throw this election?

Brad Blakeman (Rethug strategist on MSNBC), you are an ASSHOLE.

Wonderful read from Kristof: Obama and the rebranding of the US. Will make you proud.

Nancy Fluffernutter pisses off beauty queen, Miss Virginia

Is That Correct?

Montana: Dem Governor (Schweitzer) and 2 Dem Senators (Baucus and Tester!!!)

Brad Scumbag Blakeman actually criticizes Obama for visiting "Grandma".

Brad Scumbag Blakeman actually criticizes Obama for visiting "Grandma".

The Socialist State of Alaska

Morning Schmoe in full Palin 2012 blitzkrieg

Heather Wilson's Smile Kills Smalls Children

My emailed message to John McCain -

McCain Shifting His Ad Spending From Kerry States To Bush States

Don't Look Now-The Dow Is In The Crapper Again

Obama in FL: 500 paid staff members and boasts 160,000 volunteers

Is the picture on Huffington Post

Bwahahahahaha! Palinsong!

Bwahahahahaha! Palinsong!

Just got back from volunteering for Texas Democrats and Obama Biden.

National Journal Polls of Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (all good)

Saw Biden's Plane Land in Winston-Salem this morning...

Palin's Secret Strategy Revealed...

The ad Obama WON'T make (but a d*ck like McCain WOULD)

Does LARRY DAVID Speak For ALL OF US??? (Pure Fucking Hilarious Genius)

McCain to be on Meet the Press Sunday

PHOTO Obama and kid fist bump

Joe the Plumber, meet Adam Smith

Joe the Plumber, meet Adam Smith

If you get stupid right winger emails...

I seem to recall someone posting a link

John Fund Is a Big Fat Lying Puke

I thought I was one of the lucky ones...

More Early Voting Trends From The Las Vegas Area

Caribaya Rums wants to make an ad with "bare chested Todd Palin, in boxer shorts, surrounded by rum"

Check out the IBD editorial page- when does Sean Hannity get his own poll?

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Sarah Palin to drop the puck in St Louis this Friday

This story by David Broder has me juiced about Ohio....

mccain drastically cut tv spending in colorado

Will an Al-Qaida video effect the election like it did in 2004?

Great Salon Article On Issue Ignored By MSM - Nationwide GOP Voter Suppression Efforts

Poll: Obama edges ahead of McCain in Montana

Early voting in Charlotte, N.C. - pics

Kerry's loss: a blessing in disguise?

Club president who sent image of Obama quits post

I think most people hang up on robo calls.

Lipstick on a Pig - Palin's Hollywood Makeup Artist owes $145,718 in back taxes

So excited about Saturday

Heather Wilson looks very depressed as Norah O'Donnell is steamrolling her

What are the odds that Palin's $150,000 wardrobe includes some

Marie Cocco values a bake sale over our nation hanging in the balance....(Early voting)

New Obama Site

AL Qaeda endorses McCain!

The BEST commentary on Palin's $150,000 wardrobe

CC Goldwater: Why McCain Has Lost Our Vote

Is MONTANA part of "fake America" now? HOLY SHIT!

This is insane. has a banner of BREAKING news that Elizabeth Hasselback is going to

McCain blasts Bush for "abuse of executive power" - while Palin blatantly abuses power

McCain has terse response on Palin shopping spree

Latest NC early voting numbers.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be on the stump with Palin this weekend

Come to think of it .. Why did McStunt really pick Sarah Palin?

Obama CBS interview "the kind of stuff that I can't imagine saying about an opponent of mine

My Wife is pissed cause I don't have conservative values

In his defense, McPlunger is used to his "women" spending $150,000 on clothes

The AP poll (which polled 45% Evangelicals) was discussed on MSNBC and

The AP poll (which polled 45% Evangelicals) was discussed on MSNBC and

Republicans obviously fear a black man becoming President... There's never been one before

While out on my afternoon walk I came to an oustandingly judgmental conclusion.

"GOP cuts advertising" "MCCain Campaign pulls out of _____" Have they ceded this election?

This move-on ad is funny yet makes you want to work harder


Poll: O up 14 in Ohio, 13 in Pa, 5 in FLA

WV Poll: McDipshit 49, Obama 44

Snow White Palin and Dopey McCain - pic

I was just in PA for a few days. I kinda got the impression that most people...

What happens with Obama's left over funds? Do they go back into DNC coffers?

Fmr MN Republican Gov Endorses Obama

Poll: Obama edges ahead of McCain in Montana.

I want to listen to rush limbaugh!!

Real Virginians showed up in droves today to hear Obama

$150 grand on clothes in two months. that's what I call HIGH MAINTENANCE

CC Goldwater: Why McCain Has Lost Our Vote

Perino: Bush doesn’t take McCain’s attacks personally

Perino: Bush doesn’t take McCain’s attacks personally

Your own personal Chuck Todd interactive electorial vote map

We're already won. Watching wingnuts defend McCain when they absolutely can't stand him

Giving them both barrels!

***R.I.P Republican Party***

Great website:

Required Reading for everyone in America : Why Barack Obama Is Winning - By Joe Klein

Truly Vile RNC Mailer going out saying Obama is essentially a TERRORIST

OH, NO!!! Not Again!!!

David Schuster laughs to Brad Blakeman's face.

Zamboni Palin?

GOP On Palin's Clothing Allowance: Real Outrage Is Obama Taking Campaign Plane To Visit Grandma

Volusia Co., FL Elections supervisor: GOP challenging votes of foreclosure victims

The "real americans" Palin talks about

Palin Pays $13, 200 per month on makeup

Nice photo of our next President (guaranteed to make you smile!)

Nice photo of our next President (guaranteed to make you smile!)

McCain's Desperate Say-Anything Strategy

Another Dear John letter

Battleground polls "universally bad news" for McCain; "numbers are startling"

Just thought I would let DU know that I am currently sitting on my fat ass.

WaPo: Polls Show McCain Leaning into a Headwind -- Wooooo hooooo

IBD/TIPP - McCain within 1.1% - BS

** Biden rally in Winston-Salem NC on 3pm ET**

** Biden rally in Winston-Salem NC on 3pm ET**

Was Palin's $150K in clothing bought with public financing?

RCP moved Ohio to "Leans Obama"

Can someone help with this sign idea?

Ladies & germs, we have VERY good news...

Bogus IBD/TIPP poll has 1.1% Obama lead- says McCain leads by 50 points in 18-24 yr

Mr. Obama leads in Allegheny County,Pa. 54-39

Zogby: “The AP poll is not only an outlier, it’s just preposterous!”

Fossil fuel for a fossil(ized) fool

Fossil fuel for a fossil(ized) fool

"I knew Chris Matthews was a leftist but i didn't know the kind of traps he lays for people"

Please Write NBC

Could Obama win the biggest non-incumbent victory since Ike?

Did the RNC buy clothes for Palin's kids too?

Sarah Palin spent over $2,100 on clothes today.

It's a dog eat dog world in the GOP - warning issued to McCain

Senator McCain is concerned about Obama's "redistribution of the wealth" well senator ...

Did anyone see Hardball last night about the Socialist charge? Best answer ever!

McCain stonewalls on radical friend

How many diff ways does Palin supplement her salary on the public dime?

Firefighters Fuming Over McCain Health Plan

Mayor Daley puts $2 million city price tag for Obamafest.

Four PA polls out today - Obama leads by 10, 11, 12, and 13

Oh Florida!! -Early voting in Duval County is a mess!!!!!

SurveyUSA Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 53, McCain 41

Just Got a Live Call From McShams Mississippi HQ.....BAM

You wanna know what PISSES ME THE F%^K OFF?????

CBS to release new poll. Tease bodes well. "Voters Increasingly View McCain As Negative"

With His Quiver Out Of Arrows McCain Resorts To 'Say Anything To Win' Politics By......

How this contest will finally be decided

Running for office for the swag is uhm,well so mavericky.

This is the "socialist" bumbersticker crap that's driving around Florida!!!

This is the "socialist" bumbersticker crap that's driving around Florida!!!

Let's put things into perspective: $150,000 is

Sarah Palin can't tell the difference between a donkey and an elephant?

(at a loss for comment) McCain is on a "Joe the Plumber" tour now

MSNBC-"Polls Getting Tighter"

What in the hell does the Obama - Biden campaign have to do with the OJ Simpson trial?

MT POLL: Obama 44, McWalkingCane 40

Danny Diaz is an A**

---Hey 'Concerned' about Florida people--HUGE Democratic turn out---

McCain on Princess Yep Yep's $150K Shopping Spree: "She needed clothes at the time"

Palin greeted by "Let them eat cake" protest in Ohio

The Final Undoing of Sarah Palin

IBD poll bad weights

Before posting any poll as a news item, please examine its internals first.

GOP lawmakers repeatedly call liberals ‘anti-American’ on House floor

Bill O'Reilly's fear..."a committed left Congress, left President & left media" that "meld together"

McCain: "I know what a lot of these elitists are."

McBush - Demand this bigot is expelled.

Just a few words about my first Obama campaign volunteer experience in Raleigh NC

Montana... TOSS UP

I made calls for Obama and the Maine Dems today.

McCain suggests people who live in NYC and DC are "elitist" and not Americans

Joe Klein: The Full Obama Interview

McLoser's Pa. strategy: Poach votes from Biden's home town!

Michele Bachmann costs McCain another Republican endorsement

Can someone tell me what Palintard means?

Obama in Indianapolis- one cool picture

Election Day Free Ice Cream Alert

John Mellencamp Backs Obama in “Small Town,” Indiana

Guess what Palin wants to name her next child?

McCain should've chosen Joe the friggin Plumber instead of Sarah the Bummer for his VP running mate

CREW says the clothing purchases violate the Federal Election Campaign Act,

If the media wants to spread the rumor that polls are tightening, LET THEM.

Is the Sec. of State "above" the Governor in authority regarding GOP lawsuits?

Is the Sec. of State "above" the Governor in authority regarding GOP lawsuits?

Mellencamp radio ad in Indiana

Young Adults for Obama!

Latest scare tactic....a letter from the future!!!!

Wingnuts In Hawaii.....

SNL Costume Designer: Sarah Palin Wanted Nicer Clothes

Abromowitz speaks: No poll tightening

Photographer who took infamous Palin "Vote Dem" scarf pic: most likely crowd member gave it to her

Ah - McCain has morphed into Don Rickle's Comedy Act

Does anyone believe that Palin will still be a viable candidate in 2012?

"I hate to toot my own horn, but I DO have more executive experience than even Barack Obama."

"I hate to toot my own horn, but I DO have more executive experience than even Barack Obama."

I Think McCain Just Proved There's No Coordinated RNC Attempt to Steal...

I Think McCain Just Proved There's No Coordinated RNC Attempt to Steal...

Palin as President

Travels with Barack

Question about voter purging

Wow, you Alaskans are lucky - you got 7 governors and not just 1 when you elected Sarah Palin......

How fucking stupid is Sean Hannity?

McCain is lying so much lately that it wouldnt surprise me if he starts lying about his age

I find that winky loves to use these words all over the place.

The Rich support McCain, the Super-Rich support Obama

HERE WE GO: **House GOP leader Boehner asks Bush to cut off ACORN funds**

McCain: Obama will continue the economic policies of the Bush administration

Don't look now, but Obama is hovering at 87% on Intrade...

McCain might skip his own election night party

Now even Richard Wolffe talking about the national polls tightening? He added that

A video to pass on to anyone thinking of sitting out the election

If I Live in Arizona and Want to go Vote but I Don't Have a Private Plane....

When John McCain says he has been tested! What does he mean?

Rasmussen MN Sen. Poll: Franken 41, Coleman 37, Barkley 17

COMMENT:The MSM right about polls tightening

Ohio turned blue again! (Realclearpolitics)

Could Barack Obama defeat McCain in Arizona?

How's the election #'s for Heather Wilson? Every time I see her,

**BREAKING** Another McCain supporter attacked, has swastika painted on face.

The "Drudge Report" Headline Generator

"What happens when you elect a President who has a disregard for human life?"

ABC Tracking 10/23: Obama Maintains 11-point lead

The biggest mistake of McCain's campaign was:

Palin to Deliver "Policy Speech on Special Needs" in PA Tomorrow. Can We Say HYPOCRISY ?

Hardball: Joe the Plumber's house worth less than Palin's clothing allowance

OK which one of you did this??

Not unreasonable to ask whether the Drudge alleged Obama 'mutilation' story is legit

MSNBC is picking up the "McCain Worker" story...

Why do we feel compelled to catapult the propaganda?

McCain has terse response on Palin shopping spree - AP

St. Petersburg Times/Bay News 9/Miami Herald FL poll Obama 49% McNasty 42%

"BLACK MAN" once again racism rears its ugly head.

Is it wrong for me not to ever take seriously anything Matt Drudge posts?

Is it wrong for me not to ever take seriously anything Matt Drudge posts?

McCain supporter mugged, mugger then sees her McCain



Was that a polar bear pin on Sarah's lapel? Screen cap

When did being educated and/or intelligent become a bad thing?

I put up my 'yard sign' today.

ABC hunts down the Original Maverick and his granddaughter is an Obama supporter!!

I will No Longer call Drudge Senorita Drudge...I Will Call Her...

Guess who just sent me a spam request for a donation?

It's OK that Palin spent 150K, because Obama is going to see his sick grandma on his campaign plane

John McCain has friends worse than Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and Father Pfleger

John McCain has friends worse than Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and Father Pfleger

Amazing: Obama Helped Stranded Stranger 20 Years Ago

My Church just went NUTS for McCAIN!!

My Church just went NUTS for McCAIN!!

The full on race-baiting attempts are in full effect.


McCain to break from election night tradition.

Liddy Dole (R) has just stooped to the lowest of the low! Homophobic ad used against Kay Hagan(D).

Thanks, Sarah Palin, for Making Today So Much Fun

"What happens when you elect a President who has a disregard for human life?"

Anybody else going to be a "Resource Coordinator" on Election Day?

Steve Chapman: McCain Stonewalls on Radical Friend

More than 4,800 soldiers have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan

NRO connecting mugger story to Obama saying: "I want you to argue with them and get in their face."

Palin's clothes; did that violate McCain/Feingold?

McCain Urged Reagan Admin to Meet w/ Terror Groups w/o Pre-conditions:

Fuck you, McCain/Palin. I just donated to Obama again.

Because she's an IDIOT

Guys, we must be dismissive of this B scratch story until it isnt just SPECULATION

Where is Bridget McCain?

Look at Bullwinkle's cool Obama fingernails!

Not The Best Quality, But I Think You'll Like It:

Challenge to all DU military vets.

Radio silence from Dems on al Qaeda supporter's McCain endorsement

The Wardrobe Mystery deepens ........

DU this PBS poll!

FOx News Is Discussing The possiblity of Osama Bin Laden Attacking the US Before The Election

Al-Qaeda endorses McCain!

Rasmussen Minnesota Poll: Obama 56(+4), McCain 41(-4)

Let's stop talking about the ATM lady, ok?

Amusing hypocrisy in Psycho Sarah's definition of ELITIST

Palin's Clothes Cost RNC More Than Weekly Ads In Six States

80% turnout in New Hampshire predicted.

My Republican neighbor decided to vote OBAMA! She learned about two weeks ago that we supported him

I really hate Tucker Bounds.

oh, its gonna be blown up. trust me. this is such an obvious stunt, its ridiculous.

Palin's Personal Shopper== McCain's Robo-Caller

Palin's Clothes Cost RNC More Than Weekly Ads In Six States

Yay! My Obama/Biden yard sign finally came today!!

Oh shit a Black man mugged her, saw the McCain sticker on her car and then carved a B. . .

Why Is McCain "Phoning in" His Election Night Speech?

Store puts up outfit Palin bought for Trig...

The 'donating the clothes' thing...

I'm absolutely euphoric watching Obama outsmarting the Repubs (for a change)

NC Repub sending out scare mail

At McCain Rally in Uniontown, Ohio, Racial Undertones Surface

John McCain CONCEDES!!! (Well, sort of...)

I'm disappointed in the number of McCain lawn signs I see in Oregon.

How is the RNC getting our cellphone numbers to robocall?

McCain will make election night remarks on the LAWN, not

man SHOT 3 times for wearing an Obama t-shirt- Oct. 7, 2008

19,000 absentee ballots unreadable by scanners in GA

McCain’s Tax Plan Would Have Saved The McCains $730,000»

Take a map of the United States.

Well, we found the October surprise

Right Wing site that conveniently published "attack story with pictures" pulls picture and story

About the McCain supporter who had a B "cut" into her face (I don't believe it)

I'm a little confused. Can you help?

McCain/Palin NBC Interview: Fake, Elite America is in NYC, DC

If Obama wins, what will Palin's concession speech sound like?

There are two vertical hesitation marks next to the downstroke of the B...

Okay, which one of you guys/gals won this auction? Come clean.

McCain and HIS Terrorist Problem

Intrade lookin' nice. 375-163

My friend's Dad voted for McCain in Ohio through early voting last week

CBS/NY Times: Obama 52 / McCain 39

Credit to FoxNews- they didn't hype the mugging story ...

...Real Outrage Is "Obama Taking A 767 Campaign Plane To Visit Grandma"

"I GOT IT! Let's doctor together some "nude pictures" of our opponent's DEAD MOTHER...

I voted early for Obama today in Fayetteville, NC!!!

Another Rethug conversion and pigs might have wings tomorrow!

"John doesn't seem comfortable right now..."

BBC: Wire services say Scott McClellan backing Obama

I have to ask: They have political aware partisan muggers in Pittsburgh?

What I don't get about the idiots at those McCain rallies...

Where is Phil Parlock?

Here is what I received from the Obama camp today. Can they please hit back harder !

Did you see this? Obama up 4 in MONTANA, YES MONTANA!

Pistol-packing crazy brandishes gun at fellow Palin fan at rally

Hell has frozen over at last....

No matter what happens in the election, by that I mean the scope and depth of victory...

Obama/McCain Dance-Off

A Palintard pulls a gun on another Palintard at Palintard Rally

Kerry Addresses “Challenges in a Changing World” at the Fletcher School at Tufts University

A Morton Downey moment?

B "carving" incident may demonstrate their desperation

B "carving" incident may demonstrate their desperation

Two words- Self. Mutilation.

Miami Herald Florida Poll: Obama leads by 7% (49%-42%)

GO to this link and listened to McCains brother call 911

Great thing to share about Obama's experience

Gag! Local Naples Florida channel carrying McCain "Joe the Plumber" rally live (w/Gov. Crist)

SNL: Palin wanted nicer clothers!

BREAKING: Campaign Watchdog Files Complaint Against McCain Campaign Re: Palin Clothes

CREW files complaint over Palin clothes

Photos say it all - 12 days to go....

Brokaw: Rove revealed how Bush would win in Ohio

"The pollS are all over the place."

"The pollS are all over the place."

Rove Blames Market Volatility On Obama: It Reflects ‘People’s Concerns’ About An Obama Presidency»

Sarah Palin just said Obama is "hiding his religion"...

Inspirational WaPo story: How WV Dems Came to Terms with Obama's Rise

Inspirational WaPo story: How WV Dems Came to Terms with Obama's Rise

and here it is..David Gregory has the "bin laden" factor

McCain Might Skip His Own Election-Night Party

I'm absolutely NOT voting for this Obama guy ...

Cox, Greenspan, Snow Agree: Freddie Mac And Fannie Mae Did Not Cause The Financial Crisis

I've never felt so much momentum at our backs like I am currently.

Wow- even Freepers are skeptical of the attack photo ... link

Hillary Clinton: Beast

Rasmussen GA: McCain 51%, Obama 46%

I finally figured out what the Palin clan remind me of, lottery winners that go broke in year.

I finally figured out what the Palin clan remind me of, lottery winners that go broke in year.

AP poll is kicking my ass....^_^

Muslim = N-Word and Hard working Americans = Whites

The best joke I've heard all week...

Who TF elevated Brian Williams to a senior position?

Freepers talking race war if Obama wins

It's humorous to me how some people here think that they can control what others say.

Scott McClellan just endorsed Obama, folks.

Uh.....Sarah Palin is in Beaver, PA right now.

Michele Bachmann tonights Worst persons again?

McClatchy: New polls paint bleak battleground electoral map for McCain

Black eyes are NOT actually the color black (like the Philly 'victim')-- (GRAPHIC pics)

BREAKING: Joe the Plummer was wearing a $150,000 Colin Powell t-shirt and cut a "B" on a Zogby Poll

Scott McClellan endorses Obama

OMG--Sarah Palin bought clothes FOR LEVI!

Jesus!!! Can't these two shit heads have just a little compassion while Obama

Sarah Palin to Drop the Puck Again

Today's Menu: A DELICIOUS set of state polls!

They are stopping at nothing now; this beating stuff, and now Debbie Schlussel. Warning: offensive.

Florida voter turnout is crazy heavy...

Obama campaign responds to Pittsburgh mugging

'Abortion Clinic Bombers not Terrorists' + "Health" of the mother

Game: Rename McCain / Palin .... I'll start ... Blinky / Winky 08!

Was she wearing her glasses when "mugged"? Were they broken?

So if the clothes, under McCain Feingold, are converted to personal

the only people fooled by this mugging "victim" are McCains own supporters....

Obama ahead in every Big Ten state

Interesting that the police are not naming the mugging victim. SHE IS THE ONE GOING TO THE PRESS!

Report: McCain’s tax plan would have saved the McCains $730,000

Krispy Kreme

Danziger TOON- "Scene at Saks"

Oh my god! I was just mugged by a McCain supporter. But he was in a hurry, so the M is upside down

I just got home and have a zit in the shape of an "O"!!!!! Should I call Drudge?

Obama Volunteer Attacked While Canvassing - Ignored By Right Wing Cable Media

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Opie (and Fonzie) for Obama

New McLame ad just on CNN "Obama doesn't know how to run a small business."


Black Eyed And "B" Carved Girl Post #123- Aren't There Cameras At ATM Machines?

The Daily Widget, Thur 10/23 – O-378, M-160 – South Dakota Moves Left; Watching Florida

Quinnipiac Polls - Florida: O+5; Ohio: O +14; Penn: O+13

Outside groups target voters in battleground areas

Obama warned us! They will try and make a Big Election about Small Things!

My crystal ball says Keith will "go there" re: human jack-o-lantern-gate hoax

October 23, 2008: The Day in 100 Seconds

Here's Ashley Todd's Twitter page, with some really oddball entries just before...

**Early voting update - huge jump todays total 5,305,155 GA IA FL NV NC TN TX CO CA big turnout

McCain supporters trying to "gin up" Hate so that their Voters will turn out!

Tweety just fliped on Ridge

My 74-year old Dad, who does not use the internet

Palin, "bombing abortion clinics, not terroristic" wtf? She's completely clueless...and she's

Norm Coleman's garage graffiti'ed *sniff*

If it was an Obama supporter, he'd have carved an "O". By God, I think a Bob Barr fan did this!

Only got a second to peruse DU today, but apparently Gen. Scott McClellen mugged some girl

Obama Focuses On Hispanics With Three More Ads

Im away from DU for 3 hours and suddenly theres a chick with a B scratched on her face....

I am so pissed off right now. Someone down the street from me just put up a bunch of yard signs incl

Swiftboat Blues - Ari Berman

Man, I feel like a terrible person right now... (concerning "mugging victim")

What is the most blatant LIE...

What state polling firm, if any, do you follow the most?

What was the name of that guy who claimed a Democrat ripped his daughter's pro-Bush sign?

What was the name of that guy who claimed a Democrat ripped his daughter's pro-Bush sign?

I just emailed Tweety, Keith, & Rachel: call your guests on using "democrat party."

"Pittsburgh law enforcement sources tell TMZ they have serious questions about the authenticity. ."

Obama will win

Obama will win

Misleading college students?

He's not "B," anyway. He's "O."

He's not "B," anyway. He's "O."

SCREW DRUDGE! I got some GREAT news in FL...Obama 49%, McCain 42%

I believe in redemption. If Scott McClellan is trying... aw, fuck it


McCain Campaign Limits Press Access For Election Night - HuffPo

Socialism. Welfare. Fraud. Abuse of Power. Immaturity. Cruelty. ENOUGH!

You Remember the Days when we didnt post EVERY Little Thing Drudge Said?

Sarah Palin - WELFARE QUEEN???

Mugger story: Does anyone remember PHIL PARLOCK?

Argh! McCain: Obama represents a Bush third term.»

I just voted for the next President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Martin County FL, Precincts stuffed by cronies.

This was my conversation with my 14 y/o stepdaughter...

Avalanche! Early Voting At Record Pace

Oh oh Smoking Gun is on the case has the "victims" Twitter page

Obama Will Win Indiana

If Obama and Congressional Dems win, does this place become Democratic Aboveground?

A Shout Out to Barack's Staffers - Thank You!!!

Hey guys, I'm fixing to run to the ATM machine - bad part of town. Talk to you later

Preparing the Cover Story for the Theft of the Election

The one mask my child is NOT allowed to wear this Halloween:

Regarding the "B" mugger incident, my magic 8-ball has a prediction.

McCain's bizarre response to Blitzer on Social Security (updated)

request plse - link for that hilarious pshop thread of McCain.

request plse - link for that hilarious pshop thread of McCain.

McCain: 'She needed clothes'

"In the heart of real America, the crowd gave Obama a cheer that did not seem at all phony."

John McCain, in one picture:

Obama is coming to Albuquerque on Saturday! How far in advance should

Breaking: Scott McClellan endorses Obama (for real)

What is McCain Looking at?

Whoa. Washington 8th CD - SurveyUSA 10-23-08 Burner 50/Reichert 46 (Burner +4!)

WTF is up this AP poll? Obama and McInsane tied???

So I did a little tinkering with the IBD stats, and there's something reall off with the weights

Check out the rubes who have been taken in by a woefully inexperienced, terrorist-pallin' socialist

35,000 estimated at Indy rally for Obama

Booked the room for D.C. on Inaugeration Day.

OK. Go ahead and hurt me, but I feel sorry for Old Man McCain.

I'm going to have a couple PIES on hand on Election Night. Who's With Me?

Just released PA polls Obama 52 McCain 42 Crosstabs show numbers stable major changes unlikely

How Do We Improve MSNBC to be OUR Network ?

Have you convinced anyone to vote for Obama?

After their upcoming civil war, who will emerge from the slime pit of the Republican party in 2012.

Uh oh- check Drudge. Looks like the Repukes have their martyr

Why weren't WE the ones screaming about election/voter fraud & being for plumbers/middle class?

The Party of McCain = SSS (Slogans, Symbols and Superficial Rethoric), and yet.....

"Oui, on peut -- Yes we can!" OBAMA ZYDECO FROM LOUISIANA 2008

While the msm is focusing on Biden's "gaffe" ~the Obama camp calls him Reggie Jackson

CC Goldwater (Barry's granddaughter): Why McCain Has Lost Our Vote

How will the Amish vote on electronic touch screens?

Why is Intellectualism wrong in America?

Obama leads by double digits (52 to 39) in CBS-NY Times poll (updated)

The repigs should host some kind of "Obama's secret origin" writing contest.

Wouldn't an Obama supporter have scratched an "O" into her face?

Bristol & Levi Have 12 Days More Before They Can Breathe Easily And Not Have A Shotgun.....

When Do You Plan To Vote?

CNN's Campbell Brown joins STFU Chorus on Palin's Clothes: "For women in public eye, looks matter"

Palin pushing McCain on Social Issues?

Photographic proof that "Backwards B Girl" would never ever ever pull a stunt like faking a mugging

Obama is doing so very well in the polls and...

AP: McCain might skip his own election-night party

Michelle Malkin thinks the carver girl's story is fake

Can McNuts really complain about a $$$ disadvantage when his side blows 150K on designer frocks?

How Are Early Votes Counted?

How Are Early Votes Counted?

Another possible discrepancy in mugging/"carving" story.

CC Goldwater (Barry's granddaughter): Why McCain Has Lost Our Vote

Poll: Obama Maintains Double-Digit Lead (CBS) - 52-39 - Obama +13!!

RCP lists 35 Senate races, ordered by likelihood of incumbent party loss. How many seats will

Attention homosexuals!

NBC's Todd backtracks: Says it was 'dangerous punditry' to talk of tension between McCain & Palin

B Girl is clearly a fake...

B Girl is clearly a fake...

Palin and the "Redneck Woman" song sure backfires on her ass

Scott McClelland endorses Obama??!!

Brian Williams interview: McNuts doesn't look at Palin when she speaks

I'm sick and tired of this "Soclialist" meme. This argument should shut everyone's mouth...

New drinking game.

Who the hell are IBD/HIPP I never heard of them.

Just got this disgusting mailer in my mailbox. So I called the Indy State Republican Party


someone posted campaign law regarding clothing purchase yesterday

I hate John Fund

McCain camp shamelessly milks (fake) incident: "Governor Palin speaks to victim by phone"

Elisabeth wears her "AMERMcCAIN" T shirt on The View.

Yahoo News: RNC's $150,000 Well Spent on Surprisingly High Fashion For Palin

Finally something really Maverick: McCain campaign: McCain will not face supporters election night

Listen Up...Biden Is Doing Something John McLane Can't Do..

Joe Klein: "Why Obama is Winning" (the best column about Obama I've ever read)

Don't look now, but Texas is on fire!

CREW files formal complaint with FEC over RNC 150K clothes spending

I'm tempted to watch the election returns on Fox. Do you think Hannity will cry?

Behind the Scenes Update for Hard-Core Troopergate Devotees

LOL - Not a single red state in 7-11's Coffee Cup Competition

Best one-line political comeback of the season. (By-Far)

Probable Voter Suppression in Houston

What's worst than the $150,000 wardrobe? Fraud saying they did when they didn't. LOL!!!

The most disheartening type of post on DU -- "Diebold is gonna steal it."

Pittsburgh police reportedly "skeptical" of alleged face-carving incident...

Is the "First-Name-The Occupation" GOP schtick juvenile or WHAT?

Obama is Real.

FRAUD ALERT - AP "race tightening" Total Bull shit

The End Days

McCain: "Obama supporters say nasty things about Western PA. I couldn't agree w/them more!"

Why I Worry about PA This Election…

Sarah Palin's scarf says: "VOTE DEM!"

Where's Fake America? McCain: "Well, in our nation's capital and New York City".

Brian Williams - NBC McCain/Palin Interview Part Two - OH MY

Bachmann doubles down - "Barack Obama’s Views Are Against America"

Anti Gay GOP Congressman Secures Tax Payer Money $150K for Gay Porno

Overheard conversation between Possible Obama Supporter and Neocon

McCain Suppressed Info on Fellow Vietnam POWs Left Behind

So the local team makes the World Series for the first time ever

Constitution Free Zone?

I gotta say this. I don't give a fat shit how good or bad gay people are .................

I love it when freepers adopt the AGITPROP concept, don't you?

I love it when freepers adopt the AGITPROP concept, don't you?

I got carded at Publix today!

Worth 1 Mil, Palins still took the $266 a year from the BBNC.

Is White Indian Todd Palin Really "Indian"??

"Testing" the new president

AHCK me dini jahd ....... Kim Jong Ill

They decided to donate the threads ......

How come McAsses children are never on teevee?

'McCain staffer' repeats Downey's error uses mirror to write B backwards

I sure hope that little red leather number she's wearin' wasn't part of the $150K wardrobe.

Manhattan Storage Companies Takes Out Billboard Ads To Lobby For Choice and Against Palin

He's on a roll: Today it's "c*nt" for "cut"

I think I've found the GOP VP nominee for 2032

Don't trust the opinion polls

Anger, Fear, and Racism follow Palin rally

GA SENATE POLL: Chambliss 47 (-3), Martin 45 (+1)

GOP pulls ad money from crazy Bachmann and anti-gay Musgrave races

i wonder if anyone is dying in iraq?

Senate Democrats Would Put U.S.-Iraq Agreement to a Vote

I swear Rachel invites Pat Buchanan on her program

I swear Rachel invites Pat Buchanan on her program

Rachael on MSNBC right now. Please watch she is all knowing!!

Bat Puckanan is just crazy

Stephen Colbert Explains the ACORN Controvery

The Arrogance of Power

Trump on HMO's Sounds just like McCain's plan..

Biden/ Hillary

My 13 year old said something so awesome I had to repeat it to you guys again

A.Word.A.Day: (really).. "palinode"

Japan Stockmarket in freefall- Down 7% so far

How many plumber's families do you think could have been clothed with 150K?

A question about Iraq and our troops, I think I know the answer.

Poor Cindy. She has a really, really hard job .......

Mister Sulu...... phasers on......GRUDGE....!

"Taking it back with Barack" worth watching again

God (yes, God) works thru economic re-distribution...

BUZZFLASH GUEST CONTRIBUTION Concerns about deployment of military on U.S. soil growing Naomi Wolf

Yanno when, in a cartoon, something moves very fast away from the camera, and ultimately ......

The creepier one is ......

Palins convention speech was the beginning of what made everyone hate her guts

Better worded poll: What I spent on clothes in 7 weeks!

Zogby Poll: John Zogby Coolest Dude In America

Pat Buchanan needs an intervention

"Room for rent" in western burbs of Chicago......

Rec this thread if you think I am a font of wisdom, and by far the all-around greatest DU'er!

Can police officers and police investigators be found guilty of obstruction of justice?

You might have gone to church with Palin if...

John McCain's Secret Plan to Catch Osama Bin Laden

Iraq tells US it will not sign pact then Gates threatens them

Anyone watching Chicago 10 on PBS?


Sarah Palin and her Beautiful Baby Trip...Born with Special Needs/Downs Syndrome...Video

Where is Joe the DUer?

My good feeling for today ... 4 more Obama Votes and a pay it forward moment

Who is the Biggest Asshole of this Election Season?

Truth-based humor...

Democrats ready to stop repeat for Obama of Gore's hanging-chad fiasco...

Brian Williams is hinting that the rest of this interview

23/6 Guide: Voting While Wasted

How low can they sink? Fundies say Obama advisor founded group promoting gay adult-teen romances....

Anyone notice Palin calls Obama, "Barack".....

the money spent on phalin's clothes would pay off my bills in their entirety including house and

I have WONDERFUL news coming out of Georgia

Leader says Haider was his lover - Guardian

Commercial properties.....the next real estate nightmare?

Wonderful early voting story: "The history argument"

HUGH: McCain-Palin supporting automatic weapons ban!

So the PUMA`S have hijacked We Will Not Be Silenced

The labotamized mouse that roared.......

After the election: What's the next task on the DNC honey-do list?

Ok, looking for a bible quote, please help.

Why isn't this child in school?

G20 summit confirmed by all parties

Men in long white robes and pointy hats endorse McCain.....

I love how BEHAR told O'LOOFAH, "You've drunk the BUSH koolaid for EIGHT years!1" n/t

"The White House Plumbers" - Nixon and Watergate

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

2012 to be Palin/Harris (We bet you thought Katherine was out. hehe

Maxed-out Wal-Mart customers putting off buying.....necessities

McCain and Hate Mongering DVDs in Virginia

Sarah Palin asks James Dobson to pray for GOP victory

Rachel Maddow was #1 last night in the key demographic.

So what have y'all been up to, campaign-wise

LOL Hate-filled racist freak reports me to YouTube for "harassment"

I have a fantasy..Dennis Kucinich Attorney General in Obama's administration

NOW, I understand how we had so many years of Republican rule!

The new MoveOn email/videos are hilarious!

Mutually mistaken identity? WTF

MS-NBC Palin gave back to the people. So What

It is over. McCain Knows it, Obama knows it. We know it. The MSM Knows it.

Politicians from both parties use the tax code to help achieve policy objectives

Question for DU legal minds about defamation

(From the "Look" of their Web Site)..If Freerepublic ran the Space Program.

OK, I'm officially calling Bullshit on the Mugger Story, It's a complete fabrication/racist......

Drudge tries to tie ATM mugging into a political attack

Top ten signs that you are a progressive who is obsessed with this election.

McCain supporter Lynn Swann is on Larry King's show. Caption this 2007 file photo.

The personality behind anti-Obama e-mail is revealed

"You can steal our signs but not our votes"

who knew? Iraq is kicking us out !!!!

Not A Real Black Eye

"Tax rates were cut under Bush, revenues went up."

Tweety is explaining the veep job to Craig Ferguson!

Charlie Rose and what the hell happened?

These are pretty badass theme posters of obama...

I have to say, anyone who recommends I recommend a thread, mostly


Son of Treasury Sectry Hank Paulsen wants Portland to $85 million for a new stadium

The Power of the Internet and the Failure of Rovian Politics

Overnight global stock market watch

Palin's RNC Shopping Spree Violates McCain-Feingold Act

Question for people who have gone-a-canvassing

Rachel Maddow Show Podcast

Banks getting threatening letters with powder in them.


'It was either there or the street'

Hey please weigh in. Please only people that can see the future

The 'mugging' incident - is this her MySpace page? Quote about lying....

Michael Moore will be on Larry King Tonight

I'm voting for PIE today (YUMYUMYUMYUMYUM)


Retailers Quietly Push Early Christmas SHopping Season

Times UK: Full Circle - Crawford Turns Its Back On Lame-Duck President Bush

Two critical issues "the surge" doesn't address

ENOUGH! Polls are NOT tightening! Today is Obama's sixth best polling day of the last 57

81,312 homes lost to foreclosure in September

Du this Poll please..Do you support effort to reinstate the "Fairness Doctrine?"

Nine killed in US air strike on Pakistan school

Georgia Says Russia Has Massed 7,000 Troops in South Ossetia

You know it is a slow news day when....

Palin's ideas for the VP slot are ALL ABOUT ALASKA. . .

Rally in Leesburg, VA 10/22/08

Swiftboat Bob Perry funds racist attack ad!

Europe gets Russian Missiles pointed at them Putin style

mccain's new ad: Various people saying, "I'm Joe the Plumber"

Pat Buchanan is going batshit crazy

Scotch Tape Emits X-Rays & Radioactive elevator buttons..and TV remote causes a blast

Palin is totally in the tank for Obama.

So, I'm in the elevator with one of the janitors, going up to my office

I just received a second absentee ballot for the general election. I thought I had already voted!

WP: 88 year old woman who leads Wheeling WV Dems tells of coming to terms with Obama's rise

Oh, my goodness. Freepers have really gone mad.


How damaging is the Palin Shopping Spree Story?

Jon Stewart's Project Beltway last night - a serious question

Dick Cheney: Monster

For Those of You Who Can't Sleep Either, Obama by 12 (Zogby 10/23)

What will be the first state called for Obama?

Doug Heckman- 7th Congressional district GA- Iraq vet- need help

Jon your jokes are not go eat your cookie you hockey puck!

***Photo Of Mugged McCain Supporter***

Faux News, election day

Pew Research - left, right or bipartisan?

Shatner feels ‘nothing but pity’ for Takei (says he didn't get invited to wedding)

Feingold: Pakistan is the central front in the fight against al Qaeda

Damn, we really need to win this one.

Budget cuts in SC, FYI.

Sam Brownback and the 7 Spheres

Giuliani has a new soapbox: Robocalls (CNN.COM).

Wealth gap creating a social time bomb

Question about Voting in Florida

Let's Paint the House Blue!

C-Span, this fetus worshiper, Bob Enyart is perhaps the most ridiculous person I've ever seen on TV

Foreclosure Filings Jumped 71% in Third Quarter as U.S. Home Prices Slide

Help for those too shy to confront, but fed up with GOP garbage spewing from people's lips...

Have you seen this video?

The Big 10: Bad at football this year, but good at politics.....

The Big 10: Bad at football this year, but good at politics.....

Isn't this one of Sarah Palin's suits?

An early Halloween story

Am I the only one who, beyond partisan politics, just SICK of hearing McCain's anger and yelling and

Am I the only one who, beyond partisan politics, just SICK of hearing McCain's anger and yelling and

LaBruzzo now says he has "overwhelming support" for sterilization of welfare recipients

Hey at HARDBALL! to whom it may concern. Expose Heather Wilson

Michele Bachmann the liar

Missing the Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Defeat John Linder forget Bachmann-He has real power-Doug Heckman- 7th GA

Oh crap. Greenspan on TV now. CSNBC

Even in 'Red' States Obama Has Big Lead Over McCain in Newspaper Endorsements (E&P)

Tell Governor Palin: Stop Aerial Gunning!

RNC still distributing mail piece: "Terrorists" on front, Barack Obama's picture inside

Palin, self described "special needs advocate," opposes 1 cent tax to help developmentally disabled

Searching for the Magic Mud Ball...

Barf: Artist's "(Faux 'News') Last Supper" with O'LOOFAH as Jesus

Defeat John Linder-please recommend- Doug Heckman- GA 7th

:shrug: "Who knew?" ...... "It'll end"

It's not socialism, but "country club socialism"

Some TOONS: "Nailin' Palin"

Anybody see the current issue of Reader's Digest with the world poll

DU... please stop INSISTING that the girl in pittsburg is lying. It's disgraceful.

They Are Gonna Try And Steal This Election Again Folks! I feel It In My Bones!

Going in Today.

Suicide car bomber kills at least 13 in Baghdad

Obama up by 22 in Michigan, according to Big 10 Battleground poll

WLS-AM (Chicago) continues its tradition of hate radio hires MANCOW who starts Monday

We've reached 1,000 coalition fatalities in Afghanistan

Ignore. Hit wrong button.

The McCarthy Party......

World Wildlife Fund report: Climate changing 'faster, stronger, sooner'

LA Times - NO on 8 ahead 52-44 - gap narrowing however...

My six year old daughter is very excited about this election...

Dems Sue For Paper Ballots In PA. - BradBlog

Hatch: The World (France in particular) Is Just ‘Jealous’ ‘Because We’re So Powerful And Strong’»

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Bloomberg as Oligarch

To One and All, Please contact your local Obama Office ASAP!

From what I've seen of McCain/Palin's NBC Nightly News interview, it may be the final blow

Who would be in line for Obama's Senate seat?

Muslims confront Racists at McCain Rally (video)

McCain's last stand?

Change of Heart! "No Longer a PUMA"

John Mica (R) Using The Greenspan Hearing To Connect Obama to Fannie/Freddie


Not the least bit useful, but a good read anyway....

Editor&Publisher: Why Media Can't See the Trees for the ACORNs

RFK/Greg Palast article: Block the Vote


Oops, Alan Greenspan just said something....

Think this sign will get stolen?

Why can't we have access to the same medical care that Cheney and McCain get?

Barbara Boxer's email for Al Franken.

A recent MUST READ Article about John McCain

Steph is looking extremely radiant tonight on Larry King Live.

Illinois DUers: Is there a candidate in the pipeline for Obama's seat.....

Great Barry Goldwater statement on use of religion in politics

Are UFOs signs of the Apocalypse?

***FEAST Your Eyes on our ATTICUS! (Dial Up Warning)

'Energy Expert’ Palin Can’t Name Any Man-Made Causes Of Global Warming

Who's got the fork? They are just about ready for it.

No matter what happens are you ever going to forget McCain/Palin calling our candidates terrorists?

Why isn't Biden calling himself...

Millions Paid To Bailout Fund Managers ... REDACTED

27 straight days of rain...31 days is the record and there is no end in sight

Why Can't Sarah Close The Sale?

What did the RNC *Really* tell Palin about the VP's job?

a letter about the clan (KKK)

Palin says she considers herself intellectual

Obama on MSNBC right now at a rally.

The AFA's getting desperate. Their latest video:

Right winger freaks out over caviar... which is IRANIAN!!!!

Defeat John Linder- Please recommend- Doug Heckman GA 7th

Hasselbeck to Campaign for Palin

Removed Dupe

Removed Dupe

I wonder when the first defendant will use the "bailout" defense

5 dead when fishing boat sinks off Alaska

The Powell Bounce

Texas Paper Endorses First Dem in 50 YEARS ! OBAMA

Susquehanna Poll: Murtha (D) 46, Russell (R) 41

90 DAYS!!!!

Alamogordo NM ltte, "Muslims are our enemy"

My neighbors took their McCain signs out of their yard!!

McCain lost the Goldwater vote.

Obama "Can't Imagine" Using McCain Tactics

So Is The Jury In........

ACLU: Expanding Border Powers Creating ‘Constitution-Free Zone’ That Covers Two-Thirds of Americans

SOX anyone? Where is it?

Oh.. well goody. The 'stylist's' say that Sarah Palins 150 K shopping spree was worth it...

The new voter pamphlets are here! The new voter pamphlets are here!

Dear Red States (a 2008 updated version)

Opie and Andy for Obama! Bwahahahahaha! There goes NC for sure!!

Voting Machines Flipping Votes

Waxman hearing on CSpan 1 now

Senate/House Banking Cmte hearing on credit crisis streaming on CNN

Rachel Maddow Manages to Succeed in Old School Medium

ACLU calls Maricopa County's infamous "Sheriff Joe" out.......

Hehehe, the Freepers are still posting about the debunked lobster snack . . .


So when or if Obama wins how much do you think he will when by?

Abortions for 13 year olds and driver's licenses for terrorists

Please help me debunk this article

Chuck Todd on McCain-Palin interview: "You could tell they knew they were losing"

Does anyone else ever notice

Good ForNorah O'Donnell...Cuts Heather Wilson Spot Short

The mutilation story is FAKE: PLEASE READ THIS:

Thousands of academics sign on to support Bill Ayers

In honor of "Joe" the "plumber" what shall "George" be called January 20, 2009?

What has Ann Coulter been doing this election season?

Woman jailed after 'killing' virtual husband

HELP! I have some kind of virus that is redirecting my google searches.

So what do you think an average clothing budget for a family of four would be?

On the Issues dot org - is this a good site to recommend?

McCain has terse response on Palin shopping spree

"...too early to know if the Senate would vote to expel him ..." WTF?

Economic Meltdown in a nutshell (or box of chocolates), as told by Forrest Gump

West Va.: “I hit Obama and it switched to McCain."

When is someone going to defeat that smarmy little worm, John Mica?

Dave Matthews to rock for Obama on Sunday.....

My Cuban Republican Husband Voted today

How long before Jon Stewart and Family Guy are "Franced" and "Dixie Chicked"?

Hey Gramps, I don't need Joe the plumber

Home Foreclosures hit new records. up 126% national, 228% in California

SPLC, facing the Klan in court, receives death threats.

Palin Neiman Marcus visit prompts store to hire docents to guide unfamiliar with store.

I ran over an Elizabeth Dole sign last night

Where does the 40% pay no tax talking point come from?

Visit the NC State Fair, and you'd think McCain will win NC 80% to 20%.. and met Dole

What restrictions have the networks agreed to on "calling it" on 11/4?

Eddie Vedder song

Don't laugh at this "face-carving" if it turns out to be a hoax, guys...

Senate Hearings up now

Question Re: Obama tax "welfare"

Buddy, Can You Spare Some Bootstraps?: A Uniquely New Orleans Take on the Financial Meltdown

Who The Fuck Is That Guy?

**** Official Drudge alleged Obama mutilation story Skepticism Thread ****

Who is "Juror #9" in the Ted Stevens corruption case?

Microsoft Preps Emergency Security Patch for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

Joe McCain Calls 911 To Complain About Traffic(ROFL!)

Hope - Progress - Change

McCain campaign paid Republican operative accused of voter fraud

technical question: Greenspan answered my question, I need someone to...

Yet again...Helen nails it. I love old broads!

Brokaw: Rove revealed how Bush would win in Ohio

MN 6th District Letters to the Editor 12-1 against Bachmann

About those Undecided Voters....

For people of a certain age; how much time was wasted for you in school learning

The Impact of the GOP's Voter Supression Activities

Schanberg on INN & Democracy Now today - POW/MIA issue: TREASON

I'm seeing a bunch of polls heer on DU that show Obama up by huge margins in battleground states

When is the best time to make phone calls?

Just curious: Is Obama flying to Hawaii on a commercial jet

CNN camera dudes no idea their voices are on live

Ohio sec. of state hit by death threats, cyberattacks

“When you get a chance, say a small prayer for the senator’s grandmother."

It's a 30-year sneak attack in America's class war

Republicans voting for Obama

Republican Fundie Poll

55 minutes to close and the DOW heading down again..down about 125

Adolf Hitler 'planned propaganda cable TV'

EEEEEEWWWWWWW! Socialism..... I ascared!

Google Maps shows you where to vote

With early voting being what it is, does that mean exit polling is now dead?

Mayor In Russia Says He Can See Sarah Palin Showering From His House

Malls going broke — and may stay there

My Hometown Newspaper Endoresment Shocker! MUST READ TO BELIEVE!

So I was perusing Ebay...

OK, I'm outta here! Folks, I've had it. I'm leaving.

Robo-calls gone wild: I just got one from a Bill Mason "witnessing for Christ."

Ratchet is finally home

Ok...wait... Where the heck is

And here it is. VIDEO: Matthews dismembers Pfotenhauer

Palin wardrobe cartoon from Christian Science Monitor:

How Is Ted Kennedy Doing?

Target customers in good standing, but living in certain areas, to get limits lowered

TVNewser Interviews Maddow Producer Bill Wolff (video)

Freepers: The purpose of (Mass.) state government is the complete homosexualization of the people...

Pejorative words we can do without

CBS News' radio white house correspondent is Mark Knoller. What's with his voice?

Could PA prove to be a "Miracle" for McCain?

What could you do with $150,000?

Tough Times? Blame Minorities!

There really are some people in this world who are selfish!

Barry Goldwater's Granddaughter Slams McCain, Endorses Obama

Access to early voting in L.A. is SO UNIMPROVED SINCE 2004!

Hillarious surprised the heck out of me

Pardon Me, Congress?

Hey DUer's? Is everybody just sitting around on their fat asses while Obama needs volunteers?

"They put a bag over my head that had a gag on it... I was screaming for God, screaming for mercy"

China's Emission Forecast to Double: Mother Jones

"Say anything to get elected" That is what McSame is accusing Obama of doing.

Help needed from DUers!

NY Times about to run out of money?

Tweety's calling out Bachmann again as a former Rethug Governor

McCain is apparently on "The Village People" Tour

Al Roker was in Galveston today discussing the aftermath of

Damn it all to Hell. My friend's death the other day was a suicide.

Just in Time: FBI: Mailed Threats Declare "Payback Time"

So popular they ran out...

In the German press: "THE RUINATOR" A "dishonorable discharge" for GW Bush

Palin's clothes purchase might fall under the law

Piper Palin and her Louis Vuitton bag ?!?

Apparently there are millions of republicans voting for Barack Obama

WisPolitics: Judge dismisses Van Hollen's suit against GAB

Oopsie-Woopsie! McSame "couldn't agree with them more" regarding Pennsylavania Racists

Defeat John Linder Forget Bachmann- Doug Heckman- GA 7th

Meanwhile in real Virginia

Greenspan Concedes to `Flaw' in His Market Ideology (Update1)

Why didn't Carter order a standing Army brigade on US soil back in the 70s? Why didn't Reagan?

BTW: Guy Falks day is the day after election day......

My sons' school has cancelled the Fall Festival this year largely because of economics,

Black turnout is strong in early voting in South

Do you think we'll get tired of ourselves by November 4th?

What exactly is voter suppression?

Pickens' $165 million to OSU pisses away.

ACORN Offices Ransacked; $5,000 Reward For Information

due to cutting taxes and an increase in the cost of electricity

First Americans v Native Americans

I think I lost some brain cells..

Obama dresses Up for Halloween-

Republican Halloween costumes:

Please DU..correct me if I'm wrong here...

Does Disney know something we don't?

I think I pissed off the freepers

Why in the hell does the McNasty/Fail'n ticket get constant coverage and interviews? This is sick.

McCain blunder...OMG...

"I want my money back." - GOP donors about Palin the Clothes Horse (Pale Horse)

David Gregory just said 52% McCain when the poll is showing

Ceiling McCain is watching you

What was the name of that wingnut asshole who kept lying about being attacked by Dems

MN-Sen: Franken Up by 4 and 6 in Two Polls

This can't be legal. Vigilantes 'testing' Obama fundraising by deliberately providing fake names

Where's that duct tape? Chertoff sees transition threat!

George W Bush endorses Barack Obama

When a Press Conference is not a Press Conference; another FEMA Folly - Bush History,10/23

What did Brokaw know and when did he know it?

New Details On Palin Shopping - Levi Johnston was outfitted, $150k does not include jewelry, returns

Blame Bush is supposed to only work to Democrats

What is with all the Congressional GOP Political Suicide attempts lately?

Fiscal Conservatives for McCain? Is that a joke or an oxymoron?

More bigotry in support of McCain/Palin - This time in Maine . . .

Why not split Free Republic in two?

Mr. Limpballs wants a list of "what did Democrats EVER do for you" hehe lets give him one...hehe

Changing user name?

Mugging story just on MSNBC (supposedly she was treated at hospital)

Ron Howard, Andy Griffith and Henry Winkler make a video for Obama

Will the "mugging" be just enough of a distraction from the Palins' deposition tomorrow?

State employment ain’t what it used to be.

Ted Steven's Verdict

McCain spent $13,200 for an Emmy Award nominee make-up artist to make him look alive last month

Jury Foreman Asks That Juror in Stevens Trial Be Removed

Former Minnesota Republican Governor Arne Carlson endorses Obama

Greenspan to Kucinich: No one could have imagined millions of subprime mortgages going south!

Some more TOONS "8 years of agony"

My dog just presented me with the perfect McCain analogy.

A mugging with a political bent - (this is NOT a nice story at all)

Help me FDISK/FORMAT this NTFS drive before I shoot it !!! ~~Please?!

Any news on Toot?

Phoenix AM 1480: Dr Mike Newcomb is back!!!

More Democrats than Republicans registered in Douglas County(Obamaha's 1 EC vote on the line, photo)

RealClearPolitics - Polls ~

To Give More Visibility: Picture Of Victim Ashley Todd Shows Carving May Have Been Done In Mirror.

The States to Watch on Election Night

The Obamas Discuss Dressing On A Budget (VIDEO)

“Danger, Will Robinson!” (Caption)

Can Christians get divorced in California?

how much have you spent on clothes in your LIFE TIME

Who says Obama doesn't have the dance moves. Well watch this then.

Major step towards treating multiple sclerosis as trials show drug reverses effects of disease

Help me, here. How do I stream Countdown?

Another Question About Pedophiles

McCain will depart from election-night tradition

Please help stop the execution of Troy Davis!

Is DU glitchy or is it me? I can only get on through "upload" DU.

So I now start every morning off by yelling "FUCK YOU MIKA" at my TV

Tom Cole Deathwatch Thread, No. 10

"I'm Popeye McCainin Man........"

Alan Greenspan is "Shocked" that Banksters are crooks....

Top Ten Reasons You know you're a hardcore DU'er

Why PA push by mccain? One possible answer

Toon- Socialism the Republican Way

Polls swinging against Prop 8 (Prop Hate) in CA -- but more help needed

IMHO, spending $150,000 on wardrobe while claiming to be for the middle class, IS ELITISM!

Republican VP candidate Palin to drop puck at Blues game

Howard Zinn On Truth About The Bailout.

Mysteries: Was Palin's $150,000 Even Actually Spent on Clothes?

Credo (formerly Working Assets) will have FREE cell and long distance calling on Nov 4th!

Can We Talk About Taxes for a Minute? Just hear me out...

An Elderly Black Woman on Voting For Obama...

If You’re Against Tax Cuts For Corporations - Jesus Hates You!

Stylists: Palin's fashion buys worth it

Federal Lawsuit Finally Filed Against PA to Demand Emergency Paper Ballots for Voters

Obama and 35,000 in Indianapolis

First time voter here...

The Battle for the U.S. Senate or Forget Ayers, Palin's Afraid The Dems Will Give Us Health Care

A Bugliosi dream come true - Might Dubya actually be indicted for murder?

I really, really like Sarah Palin's clothes


In memorium

Southern Sheriff Pulls Over Obama Campaign Bus For Broken Taillight


AlterNet: The 11 Dumbest Things Sarah Palin Has Said So Far

Mike Thompson's killer "American Socialism" toon

World Wildlife Fund report: Climate changing 'faster, stronger, sooner'

How about a $150,000 wardrobe stimulus check for poorly dressed Americans?

GOP 'goner' list warns of House rout


Anyone read the comic strip "Red and Rover"?

*** Rec this if you voted early for Obama-Biden ***

Eisenhower, Goldwater, Nixon, Reagan support ... Obama

Physician sounds off on Backwards B lady

It's getting ugly in Iraq-Iraqis hit back at US commander

MSNBC headline: "Greenspan: ‘Once-in-a-century’ financial crisis"

I'm reading Grisham's "The Appeal". Plot sounds like a Rove operation.

Rule: When you are losing play dead until your enemy drops his guard. n/t

25 years ago was the worst day of my life...

Any DUer up for some investigating?

That's it. I'm voting Republican.

Smoking Gun has info on McCain Volunteer mugging (with Twitter info)

"Mugging" of McCain worker in Pittsburgh.

Looks like foreign markets are imploding again. So what good was the bailout?

If socialism is "anti-American" then why do we have commonwealths..

Creationists declare war over the brain

Why am I a heterosexual?

Why did the term "Negro" become offensive?

Sleep without Drowning

In Memory Of The USS Tang 24Oct 1944

MSN Home page? AP poll tied? WTF

Larry Elder Haunted By Gandhi’s Ghost At Debate With Stephanie Miller

More Reasons To Think The Carving A Hoax.

A close election could open the gates of HELL

I never thought I'd type these words...

The new economy and what you need to do

i need my DU family right about now ***SATIRE***

The droppings don't fall far from the a**hole: Meet Merritt Paulson.....

Bracing for impact...

Global Day of Action for Troy Davis - TODAY

Cenk: Is America Fundamentally A Liberal Country?

2/3 of U.S. corporations pay NO federal income tax.

I'm The One You're Talking About

I'm The One You're Talking About

Republicans are really good at inadvertent satire.

BREAKING: Stinking, rotting corpse of zombie Reagan crawls from grave, endorses Obama.

Lakeside Baptist Church, Lakeland, FL...has two signs up to vote yes on Amendment 2

The BEST GAFFE EVER... Thank You John McCain

17-term Republican incumbent smears and says he wants to "crush" Dem challenger. You can help.


Pardon Me, Congress?

---Florida Early Voters, listen up!!--This is important!!---

Conservative Talk Show Host Charged With Rape

John McCain's Brother Calls 911 and Complains Because He was Angry About Being Stuck in Traffic

Just ran across an awesome quote from Molly Ivins

BREAKING: Scott McClellan endorses OBAMA

Real Outrage Is "Obama Taking A 767 Campaign Plane To Visit Grandma" (VIDEO)

bwahah....palin didn't do the shopping it was over zealous staffers who did it

Oh, Crap! Check Out the Drudge Report

This is a guy who never hurt anybody


Just Following Orders – Colin Powell’s Tragic Flaw

Will White People Riot if McCain loses?

Cheerwine is the best beverage on the planet

Ugh! My favorite local bistro is plastered in Jan Hus signs!

I have a headache...

WTF Miss Teen Louisiana?

Ever been so tired , right before waking up you have a bunch

Ok, who in New Jersey is going out for Mischief Night?

Tucson couple pleads guilty in dogfighting case. But wait, there's more

Looky looky! I got one of my very own!

Check out my voting hand!

I need lots of hugs after having to work with some really nasty republicans at early voting.

Per the New Comedy Channel Show,

An interesting bit of synchronicity...

ok, I'm celebrating with an earful of Tori and a drink or three.

The Grateful Dead, Louisville, KY 1974. Weeeeeeeeee!

Breaking News: A backwoods hiker

OMG!!!!!!! Did you just see that big thing in the sky? It landed about 2 miles from me!

PHILS TAKE GAME 1! Pitching!!!!!!!

Anyone ever try "Blue" dog food?

Mrs. Hughes

Online poll fail

Know what? I love my daughter really a lot!

Holy $hit! Russian paratroopers are landing outside my school!

Baseball fans: Spare yourselves the torture of listening to Faux butcher the Series

Need some suggestions for a really good Fuck You letter to a boss

A question about relationships/dating.

MILF, PUMA, ATM, FUPA, EVOO, DP! I can't understand all these acronyms!

Now, here's a little story I got tell, about three bad brothers you know so well

I wish the DU Graveyard would list the final post counts...

Jeebus, Where the HELL did THIS earworm come from?

I am liking Facebook chat, but it is glitchy as hell.

It's a Pandemic!

Serious question about "The Butterfly Effect":



If your life could be summed up in a single song, what would it be?

If a friend of yours got arrested, would you bail them out?

I just found 80 bucks

Want a heart attack? Try this recipe from the Food Network!

Brandon the Third Grader shows up Sarah Palin!

What the HELL was that?

Sometimes I feel like jumping off a fridge

anyone have that youtube video

Talk Me Down: Maddow/Cox fantasies

LOL...Am I the only one who hadn't seen this hilarious Palin

The Internet Overdose song

Small Coffee Rant....


I'm back from the Obama rally in Leesburg!

Parche do you have this one?

Dave Brubeck Take ______

I thought the lounge would enjoy this! Be sure to roll the mouse over everything

Removed. Out of place.

How's this for prognostication?

Stock Market Advisory...;->

I dreamt last night I was in Gold Rock, North Carolina.

It's official - I have better relationships with men then I do with wireless routers

Coke or Pepsi?

Answer me this...All the baseball fans I know canNOT STAND Joe Buck

Get me out of here

I generally don't like to brag, but since yesterday, I am up BIG TIME in the stock market.

Is there a way of sorting all posts since 2004 by the third letter of the OP's user name?

Phillies 1, Tampa Bay 0

Damn just got two good paying side job opportunites for Saturday and had to turn them down

Sarah Palin's lipstick found

Harrison Ford voted best movie President according to poll

I need some advice. (I hope this isn't too serious for the Lounge)

What's the damn deal with "First!" people?


The person who invented the word "veggies" should be

Yarrr, me hearties! Only 331 days to Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009

I am not making this up -- a rug just screamed at me.

Attack of the HBS turkey

Shatner feels ‘nothing but pity’ for Takei (says he didn't get invited to wedding)

LOST----- Season 5 trailer on line

I made a killer joke about hijabs last week, and none of you laughed

Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma Chameleon

Our first trip to the new local Target.....

VIDEO: The first McDonald's commercial, with TV weatherman Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald

Sounds like one, is actually another

Hugh Jackman's Torso

I need some advice, AGAIN, I was persuing a BS in Environmental ...

This might be my all-time favorite Presidential portrait

My cats hate our foyer rug(s)

I swear, if you need someone to play a creepy psychopath in the movies - Josh Brolin is your guy

You know what this place needs? More Jeff Spicoli

Giant skull sculpture made from pots and pans.

I've come to homosexualize you.


A picture of a giant spider eating a baby. Warning: Graphic!!!!

JasonC's Lolcat of the day!

My New Airline!!!!!

PHOTO: Giant spider snapped eating bird in backyard (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Bank of America is a JOKE...

Has anyone had any trouble logging onto Randi Rhodes site and/or show today?


Are you more of a "thinker", or a "feeler"?


Wow, Korea has terrible music made by douchebags too!

Glow in the dark kitty!

Vacuum: Upright or canister?

Giant spider eating a bird caught on camera

Do You Believe In Love after Love?

Who Is Going Out Trick Or Treating?



Realistic online poll

Old Rio downtown seen from company building

I was almost attacked by a large dog a few minutes ago.

Daniel Craig On His Favorite Bond — And Bond Girl!

Anyone know where this comes from?

Baracktoberfest Beer - from Schlafly Brewing in St Louis

Take this poll!

It's milk, Jim, but not as we know it.

If you were to give up one thing...just one....

I may have found an interloper, I could be wrong but.......


Suggestions from NYC DUers

I am in a mixed relationship.

This is gonna be one of those nights.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/23/08

Look at Bullwinkle's cool Obama fingernails!

Slower than Christmas

I'm thinking of dropping by party HQ tonight, and seeing if they need any calling done.

It took an hour for the bus to make the 15 minute drive from campus

welcome your new chipmunk overlord!

Help with moving cats

I had to get a muzzle for the beagle. I feel so mean. But beagles hate ear drops,

How long should I keep college notes and such....

Are you more of a "winker", or a "feebler"?

Pick a Stevie Wonder song to revamp the Mocaine Campaign


INCHWORM. It was the answer to the final "Wheel of Fortune" word game.

*Blink* I've spent so much time in GD:P that it's hard to adjust my eyes to the lounge.


Do Vacuums Suck?

Something about walking through the neighbourhood you grew up in

I was called a fuckwad today. Ask me anything!!1!!

Well...I got shitcanned today from my job.

Miz t. is making elitist coq au vin.

Where the fuck is the lounge etiquette posting police!!1!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 10/23/2008)

Show 'Lost' is it really that good? I have never watched it

*sigh* They got over a HUNDRED resumes for the job I applied for last week


********** Breaking **********

There are instructions online for how to smash a can on your forehead...

Would you be willing to donate a kidney?

My cat was attacked by a redneck who painted an M for "McCain" on the cat's forehead!

What did you have for Dinner?

"What is your worst quality?" - Have you ever honestly answered that?

Cascadian Farm Broccoli is PEOPLE!

Where do you live and what are you wearing? Ha! We're going into

Help finding a gift book?

List some memorable movie insults. (Direct or indirect)

HUGE African Cattle Ant eating the back leg off a live hippo (WARNING: not for squeamish)




Is DuStrange Just A Bot?

Give me some noble characters in movies or film.

How come when my sister bitches.... it's logical, BUT

My hard drive crashed and I lost it all!!

When my dad died this year when his plane crashed . . .

So, what'll you have?

Ohio Meetup

Don't you just love it when

giant spider eats a bird?

Are you serving something special on Election Day? Post your thoughts here.

Favorite Romantic Comedy made in the last 15 years?

I Have A Live Version Of Schoolhouse Rock

Kitten picture of the day for Thursday October 23

A Few Thoughts On Socialism, Since The Matter Has Lately Come Up....

Yaaay! One of my pix won in a local nature photography contest!

Can I ask for vibes for Lelapin?

Match Game Story: "Sarah Palin is so fucking dumb, she thinks Jan Hus ___ keyboards with Jeff Beck"

From Troopergate( '08) to Saksgate

How to make your vote for Obama count in North Carolina (straight ticket)


John McCain uses the "C-Word" (not Communism)

How to make your vote for Obama count in North Carolina (straight ticket)

It Ain't Funny

Chris Matthews: Bill Maher spanking the republican campaign :) 10/21/08

Blitzer on McCain/Palin: CNN 10/22/08

Kuhl: Dems want people to suffer

Obama family goes Unplugged on Access Hollywood (pt 3 of 4)

Obama: "Was McCain A Socialist In 2000?"

Women's Leadership Conference: Economic Discussion

¡Vota Temprano en Nevada!

Michele Bachmann - Worst Person in the World... Again

Bill Maher on Bachmann and Palin

Eye To Eye: Obama And McCain

THIS IS CRIMINAL! Dennis Kucinich

Ignorant Palin talks like 2nd grader to America Chris Mathews Pat Buchanan Mark Green

FRONTLINE | The War Briefing | Sneak Peek: Economy of Force | PBS

FOX Spins Palin's $$$ Wardrobe: It's Why She Looks So Good

Zinn: Vote for Obama but direct action needed

TheRealNews: Bolivia approves new draft constitution

Ohio Secretary of State Receiving Death Threats

Turdblossom says people in parts of PA 'cling to their guns and faith'

Elizabeth Dole ad assumes Obama will win

Street Team '08: Blogging the Election

Street Team '08: Clinton on the Stump

Street Team '08: Barely Legal Voting

Maddow: Al Qaeda endorses McCain. McCain campaign stupidly continues to talk about it

McCain slanders Obama about talking negatively about western PA

If McCain's Attack Ads Were Made By John Woo, Kevin Smith and Wes Anderson

Mark Crispin Miller on Democracy Now

Obama Rally in Leesburg, VA October 22, 2008

Olbermann reviews the story of the plumber and the candidate

Stop the Lies: Help spread the truth about ACORN (please share)

Schwarzenegger: Palin Will *Get* To Be Qualified

Today in Indiana: Obama Smacks Down McCain's Support for Tax Cuts for Corporations that Outsource

Demonstrators at Palin Rally: Henderson, NV 10/21/08

Chris Walla Asks Minnesota to Volunteer

Red State Update: Bill Ayers

Vote with Your Friends in Wisconsin

Rick Noriega: It's a call to service.

Zinn: Bailout is trickle-down theory magnified

McCain Halloween video

Sarah Palin's bought wardrobe a violation of McCain-Feingold

Norm Coleman: "With A Little Help From His Friends" Stickies

Rick Noriega, and friends.

Steal Back Your Vote! Robert Kennedy Jr. on the Rachel Maddow Show

Joe Biden: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Conservatives for Obama

Barack's Message for First Americans

Rick Noriega for Senate.

Rachel Maddow and Bob Herbert discuss dirty campaigning

Rachel Maddow vs Pat Buchanan on Palin

Cox, Greenspan, Snow Agree: Freddie Mac And Fannie Mae Did Not Cause The Financial Crisis

Malaysia blocks Iran Nobel winner

Chinese official roughed up by crowd in Taiwan

Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off

TPMtv: Bachmann's Unforced Error

McCain attack ad bloopers -- Barack Hussein Mohammed Ali Baba Obama

Mine foes charging obstruction, excess cost, sue for Alaska records on Palin, ballot measure

Terrorist watch lists shorter than previously reported

Another Republican for Obama - A Former Reagan Advisor

John McCain=Jabba the Hut

New Flawed AP Poll Claims McCain And Obama Are Tied

Treasury Dept. Hides Taxpayer Contracts

Colorado Responds to Negative Campaigning

Barack Obama: Fairness in our Economy

Ohio Veteran for Barack

Palin pushing McCain on Social Issues?

Joss Stone rocks the vote

Vote Early, Indiana!

Why the U.S. Must Help Cuba

What chills up your spine? Obama enters the stage Richmond VA 10/22/08

McSame "couldn't agree with them more" regarding Pennsylavania Racists

Maya on Her and Barack's Mother

Family Guy - McCain-Palin Button

Maverick John McCain

Election officials try to ease long voting lines

Sarah Palin: the Empress Has No Clothes!

Miami Obama Rally: Supporters Demand "We Want Pie"

Republicans Just Lost the South

LAPD chief warns of terror threat before election

Texas billionaire's cruelest year (Harold Simmons, GOP attack ad funder)

McCain- Obama dance off (**Super-Freaky Video**)

Tinklenberg's second TV ad

VP question gives Westminster third-grader 15 minutes of fame

Huge New Biodefense Lab Is Dedicated at Fort Detrick

GOP campaign arm retreats from key races, abandoning Minn. lawmaker after 'anti-American' flap

Protesters pelt Thai prime minister with insults and shoes

Palin says election result rests in God's hands

Scott Mcclellan Endorses Barack Obama

Michele Bachmann Quotes Ann Coulter

Joe Biden: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

House GOP leader asks Bush to cut off ACORN funds

Obama - He's a cotton cloth, apparently.

Iranian group wins EU court case

"Jihad Jack " not guilty of taking al-Qaeda cash

Gore Delivers Environmental Message at Harvard

Rove Agrees With Obama

W.Va. official stands by touch-screen voting (after corp. test only)

U.S drops terror cases against five

Day 2 of McCain-Palin Presidency (written by Lee Camp)

Stock futures lower on jump in jobless claims

At least 25 killed in India fireworks blast

Mellencamp radio ad in Indiana

Al Qaeda Endorses McCain

Chinese dissident Hu Jia wins EU human rights prize

Obama lead on McCain grows to 12 points (Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby)

October Surprise: French National Archives Release 1968 TV Footage of McCain's Vietnam Captivity

US foreclosure filings up 71 percent in 3Q

11 die as bomb targets Iraqi politician's convoy

World Wildlife Fund report: Climate changing 'faster, stronger, sooner'

U.S. Election Will Cost $5.3 Billion, Center for Responsive Politics Predicts

Ponderosa Steakhouse owner files for Chapter 11

Ponderosa Steakhouse owner files for Chapter 11

Pakistan takes $5bn IMF bail-out after allies refuse funds

Obama leads in key swing states customized video

Pakistan will give arms to tribal militias

4 survivors found after boat disappears off Alaska

Early voting trickle quickly becoming a torrent

Shatner mad about not going to Takei's wedding

Greenspan Concedes He `Found a Flaw' in His Free-Market Ideology

'US missiles' hit Pakistan school (drone kills 7 students) BBC

'Flying saucer' filmed in Turkey

Obama pushes economic, health care plans in Indianapolis

GOP slashes ad spending in Colorado

Pentagon Spends $50K for 2nd Rummy Portrait

Palin pick turned off young voters: poll

Obama's grandmother Madelyn Dunham in fragile health

Polk, Sarasota Mail Incomplete Absentee Ballots

Obama leading all Midwest states in Big Ten Battleground Poll

Company: 6 charged with abuse no longer employed

McCain lashes out at Bush's record (CNN)

Hatch: World Doesn't Hate Us, They're Just Jealous!

Goldman May Slash 3,200 Jobs, 10% of Workforce, as Credit Turmoil Worsens

Obama leading all Midwest states in Big Ten Battleground Poll

Nepal ex-king told to pay bills

Greenspan Concedes Error On Regulation

Crime Increase under Joe Arpaio

WSJ: Banks may see record credit card losses

ASIO agent watched my torture, claims Habib ( Guantanamo Bay)

McCain - Palin Interview with Brian Williams Day 1

(Quinnipiac) Polls: Obama leads McCain in Ohio, Fla., Pa.

(WI) Judge tosses lawsuit challenging voter registration checks

Mentally Unstable Soldiers Redeployed to Iraq

Brokaw: Rove revealed how Bush would win in Ohio


Wisconsin GOP sends mailer linking Obama to Ayers

Woman Attacked At ATM, Assailant Carves Letter Into Her Face

CariBOO Barbie Gets Punked! Wearing a Democratic Donkey Scarf That Says Vote!

Mugging story just on MSNBC (supposedly she was treated at hospital)

Obama campaign says phoney callers trying to impede Latino voting

Gallup Poll: Young Americans to Vote for Obama

White House warns GDP number is not good

MSU-Billings poll: MT race tightens

TYT: Republican Claims Liberals Don't Love America & Cenk Reacts

The $400 Haircut vs. The $150,000 Wardrobe

Gallup Daily: Obama Has Modest Lead Among Likely Voters

Obama, McCain neck-and-neck for rural vote: poll

Chrysler cutting 1,825 jobs with moves at 2 plants

Microsoft posts quarterly profit, sales gains

Palin may release her medical records

McCain supporter robbed, assaulted (sic)

Sarah Palin Rally Causes Confrontation with Obama Supporters

Obama camp response robocall; "I've been getting sleazy phone calls and mail from John McCain."

Bloch ousted as special counsel

US election corruption

Getting Used to a Black President?

Jury Foreman Asks That Juror in Stevens Trial Be Removed(judge declines)

Two Words for John McCain?

NYC Mayor Bloomberg wins fight to extend term limits

Obama - "When was the last time you cried and why?"

Enemies won't test me, McCain says

IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll: Day Eleven

Bush intends to establish U.S. diplomatic outpost in Iran

O’Reilly re-signs with Fox for $10 million a year (MSNBC)

(CNN) Poll: Voters' think most of Congress should go, especially GOP

Palin: Obama will 'invite danger' if elected

Head of GOP women's group in NM draws criticism for calling Obama 'a Muslim socialist'

Roubini Says `Panic' May Force Market Shutdown

McCain has terse response on Palin shopping spree

Pakistan rejects 'America's war' on extremists

Salvation Army: We'll take Palin's clothes

GOP Mailer discovered: Democrat has 'radical homosexual' agenda, will force Scouts to accept gays

McCain might skip his own election-night party

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 23

(Austrian) Leader says Haider was his lover

Sarah Palin when asked when she will run for president giggles

McClellan Endorses Obama

Obama favours U.S. troop surge in Afghanistan

Poll: Voters saying yes to pot, no to tax cut (MA)

Bachmann McCarthy Overdrive

Robber cut face over McCain sticker on car

Sarah Shopping

Election officials telling college students they can't vote

CBS/NYT Poll: Obama Maintains Double-Digit Lead

Wardrobe Mysteries Linger (store owner says it did not happen) NYT

GM suspends payments into 401K plans

Muslims applaud Colin Powell for defending them

Greenspan calls for more regulation, 'shocked' by crisis

McCain Shifting His Ad Spending From Kerry States To Bush States, A New Analysis Finds

Conservatives for Change - Reagan/Clinton/Obama

Tinklenberg on the Bachmann Bounce

Wealth gap creating a social time bomb

No Increase in Proportion of First-Time Voters

I WALKED INTO A TRAP! Congresswoman Bachmann

(Indiana election) Clerk left letters calling Obama 'black Hitler'

Richie, Andy and Fonzie Endorse Obama

Carlson, ex-GOP Minn. governor, backs Obama

GOP club head in SoCal quits over Obama caricature

Margin shrinks in defeat of gay marriage ban (52-44)

Colombia's intelligence chief resigns over scandal (Bush's South American ally)

Wall Street Layoffs Could Surge Past 200,000

N.Y. City Council extends term limits for mayor, other officials

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Rove Blames Market Volatility On Obama

Ron Howard's Call to Action -- Wonderful Walk Down Memory Lane

Microsoft issues 'critical' patch outside normal cycle

GOP 'goner' list warns of House rout

Palin office defends charging state for children's travel

McCain embraces small business on 'Joe the Plumber' tour

Will voters in the economically ravaged Buckeye State ‘get over’ race and support Obama?

Why the U.S. Must Help Cuba

Palin Explains the Constitutional Role of a Vice Shopper

The Proto-GOP Candidate-in-Training, Kieth Van Winkle

On Al-Qaeda Web Sites, Joy Over U.S. Crisis, Support for McCain

Woman Quits Rather than Read a Republican Script

What is Mitch McConnell Hiding?

McCain Campaign Now Packaging 'Pete the Porn Star'

AlterNet: How Big Oil's Lobbyists Contributed to Big Finance's Crash

Rosa Brooks: America today looks less and less like the one extolled by GOP mythmakers

The Nation: Obama the Philosopher

After the House Is Gone

Joe Klein: Why Barack Obama Is Winning

In South Dakota Race, Gauging the Impact of a Senator Tim Johnson's Health

NYT editorial: Sorry, I Can’t Find Your Name; Voters should prepare to fight for their right to vote

Will Murdoch Make a Move on Sirius? (will he OWN satellite radio monopoly?)

Palin's Fashion Allowance Leaves Her Emperor with No Clothes

Danziger: Senator Stevens Explains All that Stuff People Gave Him Were Not Gifts

For Jill Biden, the Classroom Stretches Across the Country

Highlights from the Third 2008 Presidential Debate with Barack Obama and John McCain

Barack Obama = James Bond?

Are we the nation of Martin Luther King or Bull Connor?

The Punditocracy's Seven Biggest Blunders of 2008

Nate Silver: Explaining McCain's unpopularity in his own backyard

Dear Joe the Plumber…. . .

22 States face new budget shortfalls

LAT, Rosa Brooks: A real look at the "real" America; "less and less like GOP mythmakers' America"

Maureen Dowd: Colin Powell, "Moved by a Crescent"

McCain's Latest Faux Hero: Art Vandelay

Why Adoring Pundits Missed the Collapse of John McCain

Report: McCain Suppressed Info on Fellow Vietnam POWs Left Behind

This is a great thing to share Obama's experience

"Osama Bin Laden wants a vote, so beware a late October suprise"

Letting the Market Place Work

"Al Qaeda would really prefer to have McCain elected"

Slowing the Growth of Health Care Costs — Learning from International Experience (New Eng Jour Med)

McCain Aide Acknowledges Voter Suppression Strategy

McCain Picks Tailhook Sexual Harassment Scandal Vet To Oversee Transition

US Sees Deeper Woes, Global Governments Step Up Response

Greenspan "made a mistake!"

$150,000 Wardrobe for Palin May Alter Tailor-Made Image

Helen Thomas: Bush Again Breaks The Wall Between Church And State

Roubini Says `Panic' May Force Markets to Shut Down, Hedge-Fund Failures

McCain says Obama will 'say anything' to win

McCain’s troubles highlight party rift (McC put in ice water as kid to calm temper)

Bailed-Out but Still Giving Bonuses

Russ Feingold: More U.S. troops to Afghanistan?

Spec ops soldiers rescue American hostage

Sgt. still missing, 2 years after capture

Autopsy: Bragg sergeant fought attacker

Army Europe to relocate soldiers to Germany

Defense: Rush to judgment in fragging case

Army stands up first foreign language unit

Ex-GI accused in rape slaying called chatterbox

Washington warns Iraq to accept security deal

Smaller, lighter MRAPs headed to Afghanistan

Judge blocks retrial of war objector Watada

Jurors in Fort Dix case see 2 kinds of videos

Leonard Wood soldier charged with murder

CNO bullish on subs

New hangars on tap for El Centro

Last of NMCB-3’s Seabees return from Iraq

NATO flotilla to begin anti-piracy operations

9 Afghan soldiers killed in U.S. airstrike

MARSOC revamps training pipeline

Marine motorcyclist killed in Ariz. collision

Travis doctor dies at base hospital

Get details on McChord merger at new Web site

Navy drafting Naval Operations Concept

Air Force to amend CSAR-X acquisitions

Rover’s rehab: ‘Walter Reed’ for combat dogs opens at Texas base

U.K. air controller could be charged in bombing deaths

Italy’s fuel prices tumble for November

40 Pope airmen return from Middle East

Aviation regiment moving to Germany

No word on Naples tap water

Officials: GI expected to face rape charge

Military post offices offer expedited ballot delivery, tracking

Iwakuni residents voice concerns at forum

Vet's Body was 'Harvested' in Scam

AF Shortens Flight Path for UAV Pilots

DoD Buzz: FCS, “Transformation” Wrong Path: Top Army Brain

Former school janitor denies molesting student, admits to being nuisance

Kickboxing farewell kills Japanese sailor

John Russell Addresses Timber Pines. Where IS Brown-Waite? HIDING!!!!! Pt.2

SN&R follows anti-gay protesters the Church of the Divide

GOP Mailer discovered: Democrat has 'radical homosexual' agenda,will force Boy Scouts to accept gays

I think Prop 8 needs a "daisy/nuke" commercial

Calif. gay marriage ban backers target businesses

Get Your NO on prop h8 Gear right HERE!

Mormons renew calls for CA. gay marriage ban

Cheer up! 100 years from now "organized religion" will apologize to us.

Mayor opposes Chicago gay school - Read an ignorant parent's comments

Study explores link between bisexuality and poor mental health

Resist the rush to judgment

Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, is losing (52% to 44%) !!!

"Kissed a Girl" toon

Peak Oil Notes - Oct 23

UK Team Confirms Plan For Six-Month Arctic Basin Trek To Hand-Sample, Record Ice Data - AFP

ChimpCo Delivers Answer To Rick Perry's Request For Corn Ethanol Waiver - "No" - ENS

A note on the Volt

Want to know the carbon emissions for your Mac?

From The "NOW What?!?" Dept. - New South Wales Farmers Facing Emerging Locust Swarms - SMH

Only 12K salmon return (to Battle Creek in Northern California)

Government expands geothermal energy leasing

Oregonian Op-Ed - There Will Be No Bailout For The Next Crisis

"BetterPlace" Electric Vehicles headed for infrastructure deployment in Austrailia

Charging stations for electric cars growing in number (AP/CNN)

Paulson as head of Goldman Sachs lobbied for easing of debt limtations on banks - 2004

Based on this report, their exit pay packages are more than they pay in taxes.

House Democrats Contemplate Abolishing 401(k) Tax Breaks

Walmart Shutters First Shop that Successfully Unionized

Tough to believe Greenspan's disbelief

Senator mcCain is talking about Obama's "redistribution of the wealth".

Uribe's government makes another score: Court overturns conviction in 1989 assassination of Colombia

Vote suppression advisory: fake Obama volunteers ask you to vote over the phone.

WHY BANES, CUBA does not miss the Diaz-Balarts nor the United Fruit Company

Colombia's intelligence chief resigns over scandal

Houston Nutt returns to Fayetteville this weekend

Brady reportedly has additional procedures to fight infection

I'm very happy Philly lost tonight

Here we go again. Palin to drop puck...

Olson to step down as Arizona coach

Rays will win tonight, Phillies tomorrow night...

Gates Foundation awards $10 million in grants for 'crazy' ideas

Paying More, Getting Less

Health care Career-resume...

A ‘Dose of Nature’ for Attention Problems

Leukemia drug gives hopes to MS sufferers (CNN)

When eye floaters signal "Emergency"

McCain and Palin's Mounting Bad Karma

Color of Obama's Aura?

New Matthew Message

Overall, how accurate have you found psychic readings?

Positively Incredible

Need help in responding to co-workers who think Obama is the anti-Christ.

Time slip this morning

What do you guys think of this second coming?

October 2008 Prayer, LIght, and Healing Requests (Part Deux)

Special light for my friend, M, in Maryland, who is

The bill for Heller: $3.5 million

interesting article on Miller V United States

does anyone have David Rosengarten cookbooks?

I need some advice, AGAIN, I was persuing a BS in Environmental ...

Help..i need advice.

Just like Science Fiction: Memories Selectively, Safely Erased In Mice

The caves of Mars

Joe Klein: Why Barack Obama Is Winning

Scholars for 9-11 Truth & Justice Misrepresented in Draft Bill Sent to 8 House Members

Fossil fuel for a fossil(ized) fool

Houston has already early voted 126,394

Republican asks powerful House speaker Craddick to quit

Was your voter registration wrongly rejected? (Harris)

Question for Mac users on making iMovies with pictures

I think PCTools sent me a virus. I got a notice last night

New JK video up at BMG: Tilgner family medal presentation

Shatner mad about not going to Takei's wedding

Shatner mad about not going to Takei's wedding

T Boone Pickens to be on 60 Minutes. Includes video of Kerry looking past him at DNC.

I don't like the DCCC ad against Michele Bachmann.

Good ad against Norm Coleman...

New Dump Bachmann Blog Series: Bachmann's Associates

Thoughts on the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment?

Have you seen any pro-Tinklenberg ads on TV?

Arne Carlson, former Republican governor in Minnesota, endorsed Obama

Judge dismisses Van Hollen's suit against GAB