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Archives: October 24, 2008

Just seeing a bit of the latest McCain/Palin rally

Humane Society endorses Obama

SPECIAL Respond to this poll as if you were John McCain POLL: Tasty cake or rescue disaster victims?

Do I have to have an opinion on that?

LOL "What if 'SNL' mocked Michelle Obama?" - Pat Buchanan

Delusions of the Joetheplumberur

How difficult can it be to make WORKING voting machines ???

Dave Bonior, anyone?

The 5 things I want to happen on election night

If you've seen Reservoir Dogs...

Is it Christmas yet? Twelve days left.

Okay, who's going to write the "tell all" of what went on behind the scenes of the McCain campaign?

People like to pick a winner

Indiana election official calls Obama "black Hitler"

Don't all ATM's have camera's?

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/23/08 - Obama 52, McCain 45 (O up 1)

LOL- McNuts & Palin called Philly "victim" to espress their concern...

Only three Democrats have ever won 51% of the Presidential vote. Will Obama be the fourth?

I'm pretty sure I'm on the wrong side of Crown Point. nt.

The loitering outside of McCain's Virginia Office Headquarters...

Smartest Man In American Politics

Is PAPA starting to loose his base

I LOVE Sarah Palin!

"One who sought to destroy our capitol" Palin, Ayers a terrorist, abortion clinic bombers-not so muc

Anyone remember my friend who couldn't decide who to vote for?

"Politically Motivated" Mutilation - Real or Hoax? (

Michelle Malkin thinks the slasher story is probably FAKE! Poor McCain!

Will the McCain/Palin camp take advantage of Obama's absence?

Free Republic now thinks the face carving incident is...... drum-roll.....

Did I just hear John Harwood say that Sarah Palin is going to give a speech on special needs kids

Alert: David Axelrod on KO right now.

Ok this bullshit poll IPD/TIPP Tracking

Who has the worst speaking cadence?

12 More days before the RAPTURE !!!

"We're dancing as fast as we can".. Republican dirty tricks machine is overloaded and about to blow!

Michael Moore on Larry King

McCain now says socialist Obama is just like Bush!

w00t!! I just got an Obama shirt as a spontaneous gift from my mother-in-law!!!

I love Palin's scarf in this photo (and you will too!)

Poll question

So now McSame is shredding Bush...he should have run against

NYT endorses Obama

OMG! I was just raped by a MOOSE!

Upset Over Immigration Demagoguery, Latinos Turn Red States Blue»

I wonder if Dubya and Scotty McClellan will still be rocking on Dubya's

Long lines, machine failures greet early voters, CNN reporter, in Florida

Bernanke Endorses Obama?

You Know What Happens Next? When You Say Something Is UnAmerican, You Lose.

Bigot who twittered about her "mugging" was after a way to get over driving offence.

How do you feel about the upcoming election?

Former Bush Press Secretary Backs Obama

Obama Says Latest RNC Mailer Implies Obama Is Terrorist

Will the Exit Polls in November all be conducted by the same group as in 2004...

McCain only has 24 million left, looks like it's TJ Maxx for you Eliza Knowslittle.

Can someone explain to me what's the deal with "Twitter" and why you'd be doing that while you drive

The GOP operative's halloween makeup failures exposed!

I went to the Sarah Palin rally in Beaver PA today.... ordered some chili, and got this!

From a purely selfish perspective, the best thing about an Obama win

I was at a panel on the U.S. election today...

Pittsburgh Steeler fans

Mugger attack story is a COMPLETE fabrication.

Today's Polls: The End May Be Near, by Nate Silver -- Blowout on the menu, by Kos

Holy Hell...Michelle Malkin is questioning the mugging story

I think everyone's missing the most important part of this "mugging"

People aren't voting for Barack Obama because he's black...


SHOCKER!!!! New York Times endorse Obama

If McCain is Elected, Your Job Will Be YOUR NAME!!!!

Are we pretty much in agreement that Mayella Ewell is a damn liar?

Obama pumpkin stencils for Halloween!

Praying for Palin

Some of your "legacy". bUsh...

SNL Tonight

If the "B" girl filed a fake police report she is going to be in big trouble!

Make a Donation Before the Deadline!

The "Drive-By" Media has completely ignored the rapes of men by moose.

Might a vicious internet rumor be helpful about now? Maybe something about Palin's medical records.

Will Farrell as Bush on SNL...NOW!!

Christian Science Monitor: "New polls show dead heat or Obama landslide"

Pittsburgh Police: Think it's a hoax, will investigate

Anyone seen recent polling numbers on the Bachman race?

I love Michael Moore

The Award for the Most Moronic Comment of the Day goes to....

Politics as told through the mind of a gamer

Hey, DU, how much can we give tonight?

Lead WIDENING again (not that it was really closing) - just updated. edited with more.

McCain might skip his own election-night party

DU: thanks for posting proof that the girl in Pittsburgh is lying...

I need to say it first: Twittergate.

VIDEO Sarah Palin - It Just Gets Worse (British TV)

Is Joe the Plumber the most gullible tradesman since Joseph the Carpenter?

Malloy says 750,000 people have voted early in Georgia...

NYT Endorses Obama

Channell 11 in Pittsburgh news teaser.... "Tonight a 11..."

Artists for Obama: two new pieces. Awesome!

I said before that Obama is the first 21st century candidate, and McCain is stuck in the 20th...

PBS Poll needs DU touch: Is Sarah Palin qualified to be VP?

Why no DU love for Scotty Mac?

Lawsuits are being filed Seeking to Require Barack Obama to Provide Certification of Birth

I have not been here in a while. So, I bring you this in atonement

Child Labor for McCain!

Oh Noes!!!11! A Palin For President website!!

So we are no longer talking about $150,000 Wardrobes it appears!

Barry Goldwater's Granddaughter Slams McCain, Endorses Obama

Malloy says misogynist McCain pimping Palin

Even Malkin thinks the 'B' story "smells"

Anyone know of the format of Obama's evening special next week?

McCain-Mooselini refuse to classify abortion clinic bombers as domestic terrorists.

Do we really think Montana, North Dakota, or Georgia will be "Anti-American?"

Build-O-Bama - Anyone seen this? Cute.

There Are Some Really Angry People On The Right Tonight

McCain's Chances of Winning LOWEST YET: 3.7% (

I love Sherrod Brown's voice.

District 12 (FL) voters have clear options

Poll: McCain Down 13 Points, Negative Campaign Backfiring

Gergen, Castellanos, and Begala are writing McCain's obituary on AC360....

When does Obama's plane land in Hawai'i?

President Obama.

It's amazing how some psycho with a Hester Prynne complex can turn this place all upside down

Cash Edge Reveals Obama Paths to Presidency - $133.6 million in cash on hand at start of month.

Bratton records phone message supporting Obama

This place is starting to look like Drudge.

WTF Report: John McCain's Brother Makes 911 Call About Traffic

voted in wellington (palm beach county) today and gotta say "three cheers for the poll workers"

CBS/NYT Poll shows that Dems Hypermotivated/ Repugnants demoralized

Carole King gave a lovely talk in Wisconsin tonight

I've been at work all day. Did Palin release her medical records? She said she would,

I must say, I love DU....

What's your plan for election evening?

PEOPLE, PEOPLE. Obama is ***NOT*** ahead by 12 points in PA.

McCain only has 12 million dollars left

The 12 Days 'fore the Election...

Murtha now in trouble in PA. Funny thing is Obama is polling good in his district

John McCain is going to be speaking 1/2 mile from my house tomorrw...his web site has mapped

BREAKING: Republicans stealing Obama signs!

McCain, after hours..

Two words regarding the McCain volunteer attacked in Pittsburgh:

Why have we seen so little of Al Gore on the campaign trail?

I was just polled by Pew!!!!!

I was just polled by Pew!!!!!

New York Times Endorses Obama! Not a shock but GREAT!!!

An irate republican screamed obscenities at me today

At this point, is it possible that McCain will win one or two more states on sheer SYMPATHY?

Guys... I live in Pittsburgh.... this story is bullshit for yet another reason.....

Republicans are frantically rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic

Survey USA Obama up in IN 49 -45

Sarah the throw-way-back

Newest post from the Princeton Election Consortium....

"Joe", The Scumbag "Plumber" is Seeking a Book Deal.

Bullshit on the Backwards B Girl. Even The Freepers and Michelle Malkin are calling Bullshit

Does anyone know why

The Bachmann backlash leads to RW nutjob and Repub infighting...

I have been telling you (from the ground) that Indiana is in play... confirmation

Ladies and Gentlemen; please refrain from the words "Bitch, Whore and Cunt"

Palin Mucks Up McCain's Stance On Stem Cells


Help!!! A 6'4" white, hockey playing, moose hunter, carved an M on my face!

Palin Guarantees Win in Pennsylvania - References Joe Namath

I'm beginning to sense the MSM theme next week will be implosion, not the horserace

Tina Fey has some Damn hot legs.

Hey DUers...they have highjacked the fucking news cycle pre-Troopergate II

Prediction about backwards B girl

Paul Begala just said

Are you taking election day off for GOTV?

Are you more or less invested in the '08 campaign than you were in '04?

John McCain is NOT George Bush.

Should we shut up until WE KNOW the mugger story is fake???

BREAKING: Another McCain Campaign Victim!!!

TMZ: Police think McCain volunteer might be lying about attack

Anyone have any theories on why the polls have shifted so hard for Obama?

Will Ferrell Back As Bush With Tina Fey's Palin On Thursday's "Saturday Night Live" (VIDEO)

2012 has ALL READY!!! started on the rethug side

The downside to ourside being so energized: I've had FIVE calls tonight from Obama camp

Black turnout is strong in early voting in South

Some handy tips for anonymous mutilation attack claimers:

WHY DID McCAIN vote to CUT Special Education?

3 McSame volunteers robbed and ...

about the 'B girl' story...

Even McCain knows he's going to lose, based upon his election night plans!

DU WRITER'S CONTEST: Imagine TWO lines of dialogue taking place at McCain/Palin '08 right now.

Politico: McCain campaign self destructing; finger pointing of blame starting

When my grandma was dying I was on the phone every 6 hrs...;

I'm surprised the fake attack took this long?

McCain's real age is 64???

Have you seen the latest GOP yard sign? (I'd steal this one for sure)

Why McCain Has Lost Our Vote by CC Goldwater - Barry's Granddaughter

I WAS JUST MUGGED by a McCain supporter while knocking on doors today!!!

I know its early to forecast weather, but so far, so good for Nov 4: (15 day forcast)

Yet another Cafepress zinger (warning: offensive and extremely funny)

Why I am obviously hallucinating

Will this place CRASH on Election night? I cannot imagine the amount of traffic.....

Why I'm Voting for Barack

Coming this fall to NBC: Law & Order ICU...

ZOGBY Obama 51.3 ( - .9 ) McCain 41 (+ .7 )

Reuters/C-SPAN/SHITSTICK Obama 51, McCain 41

Tonight David Gergen said that the youth vote has been lackluster at best is that true?

Could ‘The Mean Janitor’ Have Attacked This McCain Lady, Again?

BREAKING - NY Times Endorses Barack Obama - Nice Article

Holy crap, have you been watching Keith and Rachel's ratings? They are kicing ass.

An admission of shame and a moment of real surprise

Awesome Sarah Palin Disney Song Spoof

Alright, this seriously bothers me. This freeper has reversed the B-Girl's image, changed language,

OMG Obama unleashes a VICIOUS attack on McCain today!

McClellan Meltdown in FreepTown: "Scummy little whore, worm, treasonous, back-stabbing SOB"

Survival Instinct starting to take over the election

Can someone please post the unaltered photo of the B girl?

Blame the black guy

Michael Moore said it very well tonight on CNN -This election isn't Obama v McCain...

CNN analysis: Bush ahead in very tight race (October 22, 2004)

Muskogee Daily Phoenix (Oklahoma) endorses Obama!

I have dryer lint smarter than Palin

Obama/Biden campaign raised $36 million in first two weeks of Oct. and had $66M CoH as of Oct. 15

The Difference Between Obama and McCain - Obama Is A Leader, McCain Is A Figurehead

McCain - Palin Interview with Brian Williams

It hurts the Republicans more if the narrative is that Obama will win in a landslide.

Is ad time bought well in advance?

The Conservative Mentality -- It's A Frightening Thing to Experience

Screen cap of SNL GWB endorsement of McCain/Palin

College Republicans say Todd ran away and then mugger followed her back to car

NY Times Endorses Barack Obama For President!

Who thinks GOP will hype "sexist" charge regarding Police polygraph of B-girl, ala Palin victimhood updated it's numbers. Win Percentage: Obama 96.3%, McCain 3.7%

Michael Moore: Obama's main opponent in this coming election is not McCain...

A benefit of the Colin Powell endorsement that I haven't heard mentioned.

A benefit of the Colin Powell endorsement that I haven't heard mentioned.

Here's the girl who was supposedly attacked on youtube...


Thanks a lot Sarah, you reptile, you.

FLASHBACK: "Run Barack, Run!" - David Brooks, October 19, 2006

Has the PA 11 o'clock news said anything new about the "attack" ? (n/t)

Milbank has a great article on Obama's Richmond rally-"In Real America, Shining a Light on Faux Pas"

There she goes....

so I am watching Night of the Living Dead...

NEW info on B Girl story from Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - POLICE TO ADMINISTER POLYGRAPH TEST

I have a friend who is a Pittsburgh paramedic... with friends in the PPD....


"Joe the plumber's house is worth less than Sarah Pailin's clothes"

There's a new sheriff in town, and we're his deputies. Poll-checkers, watchers, SOUND OFF!

---Ashley Todd--'B' girl--Thanks for the entertainment!--

Normal for presidential campaigns to pay their "volunteers?" [video]

My Electoral Map: Landslide Cometh: Obama 381, McCain 157

Who's up for a late-night conundrum?

10/24 Strategic Vision State Polls: FL O46 M48; OH O45, M48; PA O50, M43; GA O45, M51

With Obama tanking in the polls and fundraising drying up


Mayella Ewell!!!! I'm calling your ass out......

Obama Newspaper Endorsements (UPDATED)

Apparently B(ackwards) girl is an Obama plant

Just voted by mail

The Tyranny of the (Republican/filibuster-proof) Senate Mimority...

The Tyranny of the (Republican/filibuster-proof) Senate Mimority...

B-Girl was attacked by ACORN

Over 10 percent of registered voters already voted as of couple days ago

It Doesn't Matter If Senator Obama Is Off The Trail Today

Look at this photo of Obama holding Robert Gibbs' Son

Today's Polls, 10/23: McCain on Life Support

21 months ago:

Tinklenberg raised $1.45 MILLION off Bachman's Hardball rant

How I really don't feel about John McCain


Obama arrives in Hawaii

Ashley Todd's Republican blog --- doubters have started posting their comments

NPR Poll: Obama Has 11-Point Lead In Swing States

Navajos Snub McCain For Obama

Larry David: Waiting for Nov. 4th

Scott McClellan endorses Obama- Another blow to the Republicans

Speaking of McCain campaign in past tense - finger-pointing and positioning-for-history

Joe the Plumber, B-Girl, Joe Six Pack, ...


Nobody talking about the SNL skit? It was really funny. Worth a look!

Some huge white cat mutilated my face today just because of my Obama bumper sticker!

10/24 R2000/DK - Obama 52 (+1) - McCain 40 (-1)

Was McCain's judgment clouded by the presence of an attractive woman?

Coming home - Is McCain really where he wants to be now?

You Know... Thinking About Barack's Grandmother And Teddy Kennedy...

Pennsylvania: Obama 52 (0), McCain 40 (-2)

I think the New York Times editorial perfectly says why Obama should be our next President.

There Are Democrats, And Then There Are Megalomaniacs. Nader 's "Massachusetts Marathon"

Fox News Blogs: Obama is connected to Lucifer. And no, I'm NOT joking.

A man of conscience!

OH POLL: Obama 52, McCrypt 42. FL POLL: Obama 48, McCrypt 47

To believe Ashley Todd's story, you have to believe....

OBAMA 52 MCCAIN 40 R2K Dkos Tracking poll

OBAMA 52 MCCAIN 40 R2K Dkos Tracking poll

Sarah Palin Fashion Pics

Poll: Obama widening lead in Florida - 7 points!

A few thousand real Americans in bucolic Winston-Salem, NC

The foreign-policy advisers Obama met with in Richmond on Wednesday

$10,000 Palin look-a-like contest.

Friday Senate Line: Democrats Creep Closer to 60 (WaPo)

Prop 8 email from Rick Warren

* A Modest Proposal *

Today's Polls, 10/23: McCain on Life Support

--Uh oh....the B girl story---from the local news...VIDEO-----

We should not get bogged down in this "real" versus "fake" American claptrap.

Obama fundraising drops as McCain's cash dwindles

My wife says it's makeup, mascara and eyeliner on the eyes, and

My wife says it's makeup, mascara and eyeliner on the eyes, and

nytimes endorses obama

OOooh!!! RT-D Poll: Presidential race still tight in Va.

is it true Joe McCain will be John's Homeland Security Adviser?

McCain and Palin think like terrorists


New Obama Site - "Under the Radar" - Revealing Hidden Attacks By McCain and His Scumbaggy Henchmen

WTF? David Gregory calls Obama's election night event Obamafest? Talks about price tag of $2M. . .

What are YOU DOING to help Obama win the Presidency!

I'm Voting for Palin in 2012!

UGH... Ann Curry (NBC "Today") just reported on B-Girl...

Desperate moldy pablum -- New McCain Ad Uses Biden's Own Words

We could tell by the furrow between his eyes, it had not gone well.

Mika tries to talk about what it will take for McCain to win...Joe cuts her off and reads

Mika B.: "She seems pretty smart." I NOW UNDERSTAND WHAT'S UP.

So how are you liking deregulation and free markets now?

Forget the backwords B. The bruise isn't real either...this is what a real bruise...

SNL - GWB endorses McCain/Palin (Thursday night's show)

College Republicans are lowlife scumbags

Who is Ben Terton and why should we believe he knows this much about Obama's (and Kerry's) plans?

Wow...MSNBC is at the "acceptance" stage of death!

Margaret Hoover, Herbert's great-granddaughter just said that

I know what the backward "B" was about.

So this morning the McCain spokesperson on the today show

the "intensity" Chuck Todd picked up on was McCain trying to contain his attraction to Palin

Sherrod Brown: Watch Hannity and O'Reilly cry on election night

Palin secured additional funding for Special Needs? Wouldn't that be an EARMARK?

Pittsburgh police spokeperson detailing inconsistencies in Ashley Todd's story live on MSNBC

Audio of John McCain's brother calling 911 about traffic jam

Who is this Navarrette fellow on Cry me a river!

a look at 7 things that could (and probably will) go wrong in the election process on Election Day

**** REC this if you just like to REC things and mess up the REC system ***

Please ask her tax questions?

OMG! We cannot let Mickey Mouse, obvious Obama supporter, vote.

A note to all the "fucking rednecks" and B-faced carvers out there

I thought McCain wanted a Spending Freeze?

She has said NOTHING

The Boston Phoenix: Travels with Sarah

Sarah II makes her debut.

Palin to speak about Europe today .... Pictures

How the hell do you use a speech on special needs children to attack Obama on taxes?

My response to the RNC Ayers the terrorist "friend of Obama" flyer.

Today is the weirdest of days. Hold on to your seat. Hold back the hems of your skirts, ladies...

palin is giving her first major foreign policy speech this am

Will Sarah Palin take questions?

Exclusive: McCain Privately Met With Dictator Pinochet

Slacker Uprising

Caribou Barbie foreign policy speech--hey wait a minute--she's talking about special needs kids

Will you look at today 375-157! Senate 59-41 and House 251-183

Former Mass. Gov. William Weld (Republican) to endorse Barack Obama

What is Barbie saying that is any different than what Obama has said, except...

McCain Volunteer Was On 'The Wrong Side Of Pittsburgh.' Or Was She?

Dow tanking at the open; no wonder they cut off Palin's speech

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/24/08 - Obama 52, McCain 45 (unchanged)

GREAT TOON: Powell endorsing Obama

Jill Zuckman does a PAlin infomercial for Chicago Trib.

One more hail mary left. What will it be and when?

WONKETTE: GOP Gal Claims Savage Negro Mugged Her … For Obama! LOL

Anti-Obama signs that were mentioned here yesterday in No. VA

How many more days before the RAPTURE ???

a full bong on the shelf, a lover waiting in bed

Drudge losing his grip?

Sign sign, everywhere a sign.....

Rasmussen POLL: Obama 52, McCain 45 - Obama +7 - no change from yesterday

The Dangers of Poisoning the Waters

Palin's Switcheroo on Feminism -- Now she says she doesn't like labels

Yikes! I just got a copy of what was supposed to be Palin's original opening statement

Nixon's republican cloth coat (Checkers Speech)

Check this site: Vets for Obama - interesting site and links, not for vets only....

Exclusive: Obama Explains Why His Campaign Will Wait for 'Toot' (ABC News)

Sarah Got A New Do And Glasses

Diageo-Hotline Poll-Obama 50% (+)2 McLoser 43% (+0)

Virgil Goode campaign touts ‘real America and real Virginia.' (VIDEO)

McBush's meme of the day will be: Obama is a flip flopper

so 'special needs children' are only loved by republicons.....?

So She's Giving This Big Speech Just Minutes Before The Tanking Market Opens?

I just saw Barack on GMA

Obama supporter stabbed in the face!! where's the outraged repubs?

Did you know there was a no confidence vote against the current mayor of Wasilla?

Rasmussen MN poll: Obama 56% (+4), McCain 41% (-4) - Obama +15%!

My Personal ‘Faith Priorities’ for this Election by Jim Wallis

Palin Speech @Special Needs Funding made me really mad

Will the world ever trust us again?

Super cool website "Under the Radar." Map showing where robocalls are and their message.

Sarah: a secret Democrat!?! . . . . (picture to prove it)

“So You Think You Can Dance?” - Palin’s Makeup Stylist Fetches Highest Salary in 2-Week Period (NYT)

Are 61 Dem senators possible? And if so . . .

Real American Test

Are you "Scared" of your Special Needs Child?

Politico:Obama Ohio+10, Florida tied

Malkin doesn't believe B girl's story

She told police she was looking for a Citizens Bank ATM but her Twitter says she was looking . . .

She told police she was looking for a Citizens Bank ATM but her Twitter says she was looking . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen, for my 1000th post, I give you

Has SC been polled lately?

that speech..... a BIG failure

Suggestion to Help Move Voter Lines Faster

Suggestion to Help Move Voter Lines Faster

as tom petty would say, the market is freeeeeeefallllllin......

Obama Carving Sparks Outrage

Obama Carving Sparks Outrage

How am I suppose to know Sarah Palin is 'frugal' what has she done that showed being 'Frugal'

MSNBC Reports That Pittsburgh Police Want To Give B Girl Polygraph Test

Palin appointed friends and donors to key posts in Alaska, ethics complaints pending

Chrysler laying off 25% of white collar (salaried) workforce

Chrysler laying off 25% of white collar (salaried) workforce

WSJ:Chamber of Commerce irks Democrats with big push for GOP

Did Fox News actually send a reporter to do an O'Reilly-style ambush of Bill Ayers?

DU Poll Watchers-Real Clear Politics PulledThe Strategic Vision (R) Polls of PN, Fl, GA, And OH

Three Votes for Obama in Virginia!!

McCain: Obama “Will Say Anything To Get Elected”

I'm sure this hilarious animated gif has been posted, but...

So Republicans are saying the market crashed BECAUSE of fears of an Obama presidency...


OMG. McCain campaign meltdown -- senior aides sending out resumes

Pollster: Yesterday state polls - solidifying and increasing Obama's leads -

Are we still allowed to donate to the Obama campaign?

What was that 911 call from some McCain relative played on Stephie?

The incredible truth: I'm with McCain 100% on an issue vital to all of us

IMO, McCain is now left all on his own w/only his wife Cindy left to do his dirty work for him

Palin Make Up Artist HIGHEST PAID McCain Staffer - $22,800 for 2 wks

How easy is it to spend $75,000 at Neiman Marcus? (Star Tribune)

Fox is FUNNY when they're desperate: Could Lucifer play a role in this presidential election?

Dear Michelle Malkin: I know you and I never see eye-to-eye on anything, but thank you

Insider Advantage OH O+10, FL O+1

OMG!! Spain Mocks Sarah Palin: Lil' Sarah Palin (Pequena Sarah Palin)

Sheryl Underwood will be on the View today! Who's watching?

She is an IDIOT

Did anybody just hear the caller on Stephanie MIller?

Caribou Barbie flip flops on her status as 'feminist.'

More proof that the Religious Right is becoming irrelevant:

Congratulations to my newly American husband's first vote thread - voted for OBAMA today!

Jill Biden.... hardest working lady in Obama-land

is the "PALIN 2012" website up yet?

Eugene Robinson: Last Chapter of a Storybook Campaign

Eugene Robinson: Last Chapter of a Storybook Campaign

My Nightmare - Voting!

I captured the winning smile of Joe Biden. Three miles from my house. TODAY

Have any big city mayors endorsed McCain?

Ok, let's have some fun...the telephone call between Sarah Palin and this Ashley Todd chick

Caption McFester

Who else is planning to watch the election results on Fox "News"?

Hotline Tracking Poll: Obama: 50% (+2) McCain 43% (no change)

A little common sense with the backwards B

Lies and the lying liars who tell them (re. Palin "mistating" Biden comment)

Winthrop University NC Poll: Obama 44.6% McCain 44.2%

Avoid the rush - apply for Canadian citizenship now. (This is funny)

Miami Herald Poll: Obama 49-McLoser 42

Obama Winning By Over TEN MILLION VOTERS

'B-Girl' caught in LIE on national TV... MSNBC: told police she was looking for a Citizen's Bank..."

Dear lord - Guiliani RoboCall: The Most Disgusting Filth I've Ever Heard

Mr. Fish TOON: Row(ing) vs. Wade(ing)

On the "Make it Plain" show they played a clip of McCain

"Scanners" Redux: Wingnut heads explode over Palin's remarks on Immigration

OMG- Georgia -Obama 48% McLoser 47%

CBS News: RNC $150k shopping spree already deducts returns - doesn't include jewelry or watches

CBS News: RNC $150k shopping spree already deducts returns - doesn't include jewelry or watches

Yet again, TWO FACTS for the (deeply stupid) rightwingnuttery and Palin's clothes spree...

So Now Ashley Was Sexually Assaulted...which she originally failed to tell the police

SUSA Indiana poll: Obama 49 (+4) McCain 45 (-3)

What poll was the most accurate in 2004?

The Wedge Issue as Democracy Killer

Former Governor Weld endorses Obama

Former Governor Weld endorses Obama

Oh geez! The New York Post is blaming Obama for the dow

Communication Scholars Speak Out About Negative Campaigning

Take your hand and put it to your face...

Now Real Americans don't read

Bitter Little Shit UPDATE: Palin tells Hannity Obama's "out there already measuring the drapes"

Gallup: Obama Winning Over the Jewish Vote (74% - same level as Kerry in 2004)

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaings In Charleston, WV****

New York Times: Barack Obama for President

Palin Makes a HUGE wardrobe mistake -- sports DEMOCRATIC SCARF

McCain's economic plan; Hoard the wealth, Spread the misery

Here is a complete, up to date list of newspaper/weekly endorsements for Obama and McCan't

I'm cautiously optimistic, but I think we are seeing the election break for Obama

McCain's Unsolvable Problem: Sarah Palin

Can't believe what I heard Palin say on Hannity:

What time do you predict the election will be called?..

How about an Activist Corps project?

B-Girl will get Polygraph test (Hmm, Pittsburgh Police Skeptical)

Proof McCain is Bad for Americans : Turn the page on the economy. You should feel lucky Freepers!

What's the bigger danger in big Obama leads in the polls?

****Heads Up: Michelle Obama Now Live Campaings In Columbus, OH****

"You Democrats, Go and VOTE!"

Nate has us at at 54.33% for a landslide and 96.3% chance of a win

Obama Rally in Reno Saturday - after visiting his grandmother today

How insulting! Andy Card: Palin ‘Introduced Women To Participating’ In The Political Process»

Don't lose sight of something... THIS IS FUN!

MSNBC: 'B-Girl' told police in interviw she'd been sexually assaulted

Tucker Bounds says the polls are "lop-sided"

Which is worse,the ones that know they are hypocrites,or the ones that don't?

Who out there thinks Luke Russert is a great rising star on MSNBC?

Woo hoo -- Rachel is talking about our 98% registration rate here in Michigan

There's a blog dedicated to the lying Ashley Todd

Nail meet coffin: Bipartisan Poll Obama pulls ahead of McCain for rural voters in battleground st.

Just booked my room off of Grant Park in Chicago for the 4th....yeah, I'm that confident.

B-Girl police interview- the man sat on her chest, pinned her hands w/his knees, carved her face...

Remember to donate to these ActBlue candidates(selected by DU'ers!)

Umpires (Diebold) fixing Series against Phillies (Obama)

Apparently Obama's fundraising slowed down a lot in October...doesn't have that much cash left

People, Remember In '06 NO ONE Expexted Us To Win Back Both Houses Of Congress?

Is Palin's makeup artist worth the money she paid? $22,800 in 2-Week Period (Surprise inside)

Are we still making donations to Obama?

Michelle Obama 2016!

Survey USA: MN-06 POLL - Tinklenberg (D) 47%, Bachmann (R) 44%!!!!

"The floozy sealed his fate."

Palin’s Makeup Stylist Fetches $22,800 in 2-Week Period

Univ of MN Poll: Tinklenberg (D) 45, McCarthy (R) 43

Is there an up-to-date list of Republicans/conservatives who have endorsed Obama?

What new revelation will come from the "B Girl" story?

B-girl: whatever the outcome, it should NOT influence the election WHATSOEVER

B-girl: whatever the outcome, it should NOT influence the election WHATSOEVER

I was roughed up by a band of marauding geezers at a McDonald's drive through.

What is your favorite political board besides DU?

In light of Ms. Todd's sexual assault...

McCain just got heckled again just now...

** Cool! DU has raised $700 for the opponent of that lying idiot Robin Hayes (R-NC) **

Update: Pittsburgh police say security camera footage from ATM doesn't show the incident

Obama preparing ad where he speaks Spanish with early video version

Questions about Pres. elections and medical records...

Michelle Obama on MSNBC now.

Who else thinks the "B" on the girl's face stands for

Guys...Insider Advantage Georgia: O 48, M 47.

I have discovered the identity of the Western PA "face slasher"

McShame at rally: "Just this morning (Obama) said it again (spread the wealth)"

Diageo-Hotline: Obama 50 (+2) - McBush 43 (0)...

Contessa Brewer and trouble with the map!

Sarah Palin and special education. Real problems. Wrong solutions.

John Moody of Fox News is right.

After all of the stunts McCain has pulled we have start calling him McGimick!

Forgotten candidates for US president may still impact race

Retail Sector Soars on News that Palin Seeks New Outfit

New – Police: McCain volunteer changes ATM attack story(doesn't remember being cut)

What is a swing state?

Crazy Polls

Who caught Jeri Thompson of Team Sarah being a condescending bitch on H&C last night?

Palin's Shopping Spree Will Bump Her Into Higher Tax Bracket

Breaking News: "Contract Awarded to KBR/Halliburton for Republican Armageddon"

NRCC Using Bachmann to Raise money (After Cutting Her Off)

Is Ashley sure she wasn't assaulted by these guys???

Gallup - RV - Obama +8, LV(expanded) - Obama +7, LV(Traditional) - Obama +5

In campaign pause, Palin to testify on Troopergate controversy

What's up with the threads? I click on it to open and it jumps to the bottom!?!

Gallup: 50 O, 42 M

Heads up Colorado - Barack will be here on Sunday

Diageo/Hotline Obama/Biden 50% McCain/Palin 43% O+2 M-flat

Detroit News/EPIC poll of Michigan: Obama 51 McCain 37

GOP Disinformation campaign? "Dems to eliminate 401-Ks"

Here is what Palin's makeup person was paid all that money for

McCain's Private Visit With Chilean Dictator Pinochet Revealed For First Time

Remember the Man who was SHOT THREE TIMES for Wearing an Obama Shirt?

Can we say "Colin Powell Bounce"? Yes We Can! Obama's biggest lead of the year on

Geraldine Ferraro on Hannity said her friends have a hard time voting for Palin

Hey, she's all right, esp. for a pol.

Obama In Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada For Saturday (10/25)

Does anyone have the email list to MSM? Please help and email this link it will end socialist talk

So wait, why is McCain in Colorado?

Palin doesn't think abortion bombers are terrorists?

McCain's Highest Paid Staffer: Palin's Makeup Artist: $22,000 monthly

Too Little, Too Late: McCain lambasts Bush years

McCain camp is betting the entire campaign on PA ... How plausibe is that they will win PA?

David Corn: Bush Going Soft on Iran--But (To Help McCain?) Not Until After the Election

please du this poll obama down

Jewish voters to vote Democratic in traditional numbers

Seen the new glasses yet? ROFLMAO

Do you realize what Alan Greenspan did today? He basically repudiated his own ideology.

I Have A Request of the McCain Campaign

Michelle Obama: 'Barack Obama gets it'

Michelle Obama: 'Barack Obama gets it'

SNL will have Primetime special on Election Eve, Tina Fey and Will Ferrell will be There

Police: McCain volunteer changes ATM attack story

A Children’s Treasury Of Ashley Todd Updates from Wonkette

Fox News: Pitts.Police - during polygraph "major changes in the story . .about assault and motives"

More: Pittsburgh Police release official statement regarding incident

More: Pittsburgh Police release official statement regarding incident

please delete; outdated story/information

Faux News VP says supposed attack on girl means we don't know enough about Obama...

*Breaking** Pittsburgh Police issue SKETCH of 'B-Girl' perp (Todd came for 2nd interview today)

If, and I will say if, the mugger story is fake, it is one of the most disgraceful things this year.

Incredible evil of right wingers is on full display re: Obamas' grandmother.

Very Cool Email I got today (Kick and Rec) if you like it

Palin's Makeup artist paid $22,800 for TWO WEEKS

Clip of Obama's rally in Richmond VA and a comment that will warm your heart

Clip of Obama's rally in Richmond VA and a comment that will warm your heart

Sarah Palin - $150,000 worth of clothes was used for only 3 days.

Sarah Palin - $150,000 worth of clothes was used for only 3 days.

"Russian Oligarch Scandal Hits McCain" the Nation:

John Moody, executive VP of Fox News calling mugging story "watershed event" for election

What a DISGUSTING PERSON. With her 6'4 200 lbs Black guy Bullshit

Anyone peek over at FR re: Todd lying about attack?

Police to polygraph B Girl because statements conflict with evidence. Shocker.

How many will dress up as Ashley Todd

NYT: Support for Obama among Bush backers

Will Ashley Todd get a book deal like Joe the Plumber is getting?

Fess up, DUers: Where are you fixing to go to find an ATM at this time of night?

Ashley Todd should be charged with fraud, obstruction and a hate crime

So McCain and Trollop called Ms. Todd yesterday to express "sympathy" and to score points

Delete, dupe.

Is McCain's tax plan better for all of the Ashley the Liars out there?

Will Huckabee and Hannity Interview ATL (Ashley The Lunatic) ?

Republicans have not won the White House without a Nixon or Bush on the ticket since 1928

SNL Casts Michelle Obama: Maya Rudolph To Return, Says Report

McCain GIMMICKS not working; not Palin, Not Joe the Plumber, Not Ashley The Victim!

I'm a victim of RVS (Restless Voter Syndrome)

What's this headline on CNN about???

Seriously, Tell Me About Rev. Wright

Who Thinks That The McCain Campaign Gave Drudge the Tip About Ashleygate?

Due to the recent events, I can no longer cast vote for Obama. I will not vote for him on the 4th.

Is It Wrong To Hope Her Cheek Gets Infected And Makes Her Look Like McCain?

Early voting will mean McCain most likely has to win Nov. 4th by 5-10 points to have a chance.

Now That The Ashley Todd Mugging is a Hoax...

O-Man's Grandmother?

Drudge scrubs

McCain needs to issue a huge apology and call for an end of silly season

Ashley Todd is what Karl Rove has wrought

Ashley proves McCain is unfit

Does "B" Girl have a lawyer?

The Mark Of Baracko!

Gallup Daily - Obama 50 - 42 registered; 51 - 44 (exp LV); 50 - 45 (traditional LV)

Has MSNBC interrupted with "BREAKING NEWS" in reference to McCain Campaign worker Hoax???

Front Page "Check Twice Before You Vote"

Heh. Mittens supporter Freeper (MittFan08) throws Drudge under the bus.

Are there stocks or mutual funds which deal in ignorance?

Morning Joe keeps playing McCain's 'Joe Biden' ad (reminds me of 2004 'wolf' ad)

A damned shame that in this day n age a McCain supporter would lie to incite racial division

Will SNL have an Ashley Todd skit?

How did that conversation with Palin and Ashley Todd go?

So if Sarah "drops out" of the campaign tomorrow.....?

So there won't be a ASHLEY THE VICTIM OF A TALL BLACK MAN Tour? Awe Man!

History and Barack (Voting Anecdote... get your kleenex)

DREs may be nefarious BUT they are faithful -- TN "vote flipped to Obama" story debunked (X-post)

Toon : Joe the Dumber

Speedy Republicans scrub her Field Representative blog.

The last time I was this giddy, I had an 8-ball of coke with a hooker high above Las Vegas!

Fox VP blog yesterday said: If the mugging is a hoax, McCain will forever be linked to race baiting.

Here is the direct number for the Talk Programming director for Sirius to complain about Lynn Samuel

M$NBC covering the hoax right now--


MSNBC reporting the hoax

Is McCain-Pailin Behind The "B" Girl Hoax?

This picture says it all

Geez, calm down everyone. Do they need to create GD: Ashley Todd?

Geez, calm down everyone. Do they need to create GD: Ashley Todd?

Charges should be filed against MATT DRUDGE

Joe the Biden? Someone get this man a new horse quickly

Ashley Todd needs serious help

First Read: McCain campaign official outlines their losing strategy

No Wonder McShame Is Cash Poor, They're Living High Off The Hog Over There

No Wonder McShame Is Cash Poor, They're Living High Off The Hog Over There

MSNBC: "story is a hoax"!!!

Alex Twitt MSNBC: It is a Hoax!!

Palin tells Hannity she's afraid Obama is going to steal the election

Senator Joe THE BIDEN???? F*** off, MCain you asshole

Who pushed the story to Drudge? That's what I want to know...

Country First: Palin stylist draws higher pay than policy adviser

It appears "Joe the Plumber" is not working. (From 538, on CBS/NYT poll.)

Is Ashley Todd's action a result of a conservative value we don't know of or

Sarah Palin linked to Second "Witch Hunter"

I do NOT feel sorry for this young woman

Drudge has it now: "She Made It Up."

CNN headline news just broke the Hoax but not CNN main news

How long before Repugs claim Ashley Todd was a Democratic plant?

Ashley Todd will be charged with a misdemeanor, but they are already claiming mental issues

OH MY GOD: Ashley Todd Claims that she doesnt remember How She got the B..probably did it in the car

This has gone beyond funny.

Fox News website - "McCain worker confesses!"

Palin Stylist's Salary is now on NYTIMES..."Top Salary in McCain Camp? Palin’s Stylist"

Is the GOP poised to become the party of only small rural towns?

Ballot woes - Day 5 update!

Reagan Appointee and (Recent) McCain Adviser Charles Fried Supports Obama

Who is the biggest fake among Republican "plants" this election season?

Sarah Silverman Delivers

A few new Ashley Todd tidbits from another Pittsburgh station, WTAE TV 4.

Another Repub endorses Obama...

"Camelot " revisited?

I wanted to share this with you for some time:

I need a hug!!!!

Wingnutosphere punk'd (yet) again

Palin called this woman in Pittsburgh last night.

Say Buh-bye Drudge. Even the FReepers hate you now. (Link)

The problem? Whether stolen signs, shouting "terrorist," or faking attacks, we know history. 95% of

Father’s Tough Life an Inspiration for Biden

The context for Joe Scarborough's "bitch-slap" comment this morning:

New John McCain Versus Barack Obama Video Game Announced!

Bush just said that he voted for.........'JOHN MCCAIN' YEAH!!!

Of bears, bad judgment, unreal conclusions and very real tensions

At Least 2 Out of 5 Eligible Voters Don't Vote - Know Anyone Sitting This One Out?

Nate Silver: The Number That Explains It All

What Is Freak Republic Saying About The "B" Girl Hoax?

Barack and Fantasy Football...

Will The Pittsburgh Mutiliation Hoax By McCain's Campaign Staff Affect McCain's PA Chances?

a great pictorial-edited

Freepers on Grandma Toot's condition... A confirmation that they're evil fucking slugs

Freepers on Grandma Toot's condition... A confirmation that they're evil fucking slugs

Early voted in NC Yesterday...GREAT signs here!

She is CLAIMING she had "previous mental problems".... no proof

"Then we're going to find out what chores I can do. I'm sure there's stuff that's been left undone."

**Early voting update Bawawawawa Florida statistical tie other states heavy Dem advantage

McCain's speech is interrupted numerous times right now

So has Freepville started a prayer circle ....

So has Freepville started a prayer circle ....

Is Ashley "can't spell 'B'" Todd deserving of sympathy?

B Girl- Not the first false accuser, wont be the last. But she IS the one I blame squarely on McKlan

More details: Todd says she was driving around in her car saw the "B" and first thought was Barack

Maybe The "B" Girl Can Marry Joe The Plumber

Forget about B Girl - What about the Palins?

McCain camp releases a statement

Bush=Pre-Election Terra Alerts; McCain=Pre-Election Race Baiting

Todd was abducted by aliens. Backwards "B" is symbol for ones to be taken later to Moran Planet.

VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE found on Travis County Clerk's website

CNN tries to throw other news orgs under the bus (RE: Todd story)!

Huffpo: "Police: McCain Volunteer's "Mutilation" Story Made Up"

A Little Wake Up Moment Regarding Some Former Democrats.

man, what a way to start ones adult life...

CNN is covering the story hard now with the press conference

Delete! Dupe!

I am enjoying the October Surprises the GOP is giving us

Anybody good with Photoshop? I have an Ashley Todd/Purple Heart Bandaid Lady Idea

Spread it Far and Wide: Bush Votes for McCain

What's next?? "Obama fathered a black child"

'Hartford Courant' To Endorse Obama - Second Dem in 244 year history

Obama fundraising drops as McCain's cash dwindles

MoveOn's GOTV video for Obama

Why can't Obama close the deal?

Watch it, Blitzer. You are going to hurt your back bending so hard backwards

History of mental problems=gives up school to work for McCain camapign.

Hannity's show is coming on... has he apologized yet?

Will Pittsburgh and Western PA now go OBAMA/BIDEN ?

They're questioning your patriotism

McCain gets two (three?) BIG votes!

What's The Word?

Must see Youtube!! "The Vet who did not vet", a cautionary tale. Too Funny.

Nobel Laureate & Cat Lover - Paul Krugman - "Obama is not a socialist"

McCain Evicerated Bush yesterday--Today, Bush announces that he voted for John McCain! LOL!

Make Your Best Limerick Or Haiku About The "B" Girl

CNN nailing McCain for going after Bush yesterday

How did John McCain earn his wealth?

McCain needs to issue a huge apology and call for an end of silly season

Some people think she was "cohorsted"

Please DU this poll

What is so fun in these end times for Republicans is they eat their own at the drop of a hat now.

All sirius subscribers please call 1-877-337-4748!

Waterloo, Iowa...

How the West Was Lost

Jeffrey Rosen TNR: McJustice

Could the following Post on the College Republicans Site be from Ashley Todd?

If she didn't write the "B" backwards, every freeper (and half of DU) would still be believing her

Obama +1

Assault hoax story is featured headline story on CBS website.Not so much on others

Assault hoax story is featured headline story on CBS website.Not so much on others

I think that Bush will have the last laugh

Which false accusation is worse?

HAPPENING NOW: Michelle Obama fills in (CNN)

MN-06: Tinklenberg Leads in Another Poll

Great Article "Faith Priorities" Jim Wallis

Obama had a great polling day, absolutely brutal for McCain

I wonder if Ashley had anything to do with the recent McCain office vandalism in Pittsburgh area?

USA Today: Obama has won all but 2 of the previous 15 weeks in their

USA Today: Obama has won all but 2 of the previous 15 weeks in their

:|ULLSHIT not tolerated in Pittsburgh! :|-girl may have sealed McCain's fate

NEW RULE: Ashley Todd should be referred to as Ashley the Liar

Just early voted in Round Rock, Texas in the dark!

Palin proudly displays her cluelessness again - this time about autism

The Final Nail In The HIDEOUS, VILE, RACE BAITING McC CAMPAIGN (Yes, It's Another Post On "B" Girl)

To Everyone Who Gave Any Credence To The Pittsburgh Mugger Story...

i had a JM carved into my face after

In the spirit of the dyed-purple fingers...

Two Campaigns: One looks like a fire drill...desperate, chaotic,

Ashley Todd is Famous for Being the Biggest Douche this Election Season


The bad news is the Indiana poll is by Survey USA, which is always wrong. The good news...

Obama Campaign: Early Voting Stats Put Us In Strong Position To Win

'Joe the Plumber' Mulling Run for Congress

Aaaaaand the Freeper response to the B girl Hoax in 3..2..1.....

This is like being 39 weeks along......

An interesting sidenote to the backward 'B' girl story

An interesting sidenote to the backward 'B' girl story

Why Does Rick Sanchez needs Minders like Whore Halperin and Boozler?

HE AIN'T HEAVY, HE'S MCCAIN'S BROTHER.... (embarrassing story number -- lost count -- for McCain)

CNN: Rick Sanchez talking about the Hoax

Sarah Palin appearing at Bass Pro Shops parking lot today in Springfield, MO

IBD/TIPP O+3 (45.8) M 42.3

As much as the BS story is played in National Media, its being played more in Pittsburg, PA

If, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if,....

Ed Schultz said Hannity last night was trumpeting the fake story

What Network Will you be Watching Election Coverage?

Holy crap....outta 5 pieces of mail 4 were from the republicans!!!

Palin appointed friends and donors to (100 plus) key posts , 1 in 4 went to cronies

How To Lose A Campaign: 5 Scandals in 1 Week!

Obama in Hawaii: "Not sure grandmother will make it to election day"

Local TV News Coverage of Obama in Indianapolis

HaHa, now Drudge is getting blamed for leaking this hoax to the world...

What's the latest on Bachman/Tinkelberg?

The Media on Pennsylvania

I could see myself voting for John McCain

--MSNBC--It's a HOAX, let's move on nothing to see here!!!---Bullshit!


MEDIA: Do you want to increase your revenue in election years?

"Now that Ashley Todd has been proven to be a racist and a fraud...

I went to high school with Matt Drudge and he was an asshole back then

O(MG)! H! I! O(MG)!!!!!!


Loathsome TV reality show "stars" Montag & Pratt pose with gun, sixpack to support Palin

The Congress must hold hearings to investigate the Ashley Todd matter

serious question: what is with the Parlockian/Munchausen behavior of repukes?

A reminder of what we are up against - our day at the NC State Fair

"Lying is the most fun a girl can have..." -- Ashley Todd ('B-Girl') on her MySpace page

I'm proud to thank the Pittsburgh Police.....

I'm proud to thank the Pittsburgh Police.....

Contessa Brewer is such a failed Map Strategist

Yes, feel sorry for the stupid if you must. I don't.

Last time I heard of such overt racism (ref Ashley Todd)

*****BREAKING***** B-Girl was OBAMNATIZED!

another "first" for failin palin...

Great Texas poll greeting stories, part trois

John McCain’s BIG career move…

I want to apologize to everyone I was calling out yesterday for blasting Ashley Todd

Is Rush acknowledging that the end is near?

Subtle inferrances


Help to put out ad that Expose's Palin’s Awful Record on Polar Bears

OMG! Joe Watkins: McCain did the right thing calling Ashley!!

Breaking News- Trading Stopped On Dow Futures -Futures Market In Full Panic

****Heads Up: Michelle Obama Now Live Campaings In Akron, OH****

Pa. Police: McCain Worker Lied About Attack

Obama tapes TV ad for Oregon Senate candidate Jeff Merkley

Two more votes for Obama....

Please stop asking me to feel sorry for stupid people.

Sarah Palin has promised that Congress will fully fund a Congressional mandate that has waited

What the hell happened in Michigan 99% of the population registered? Obama up +22?

Greta Van Susteren Calls On Obama, Biden, McCain, and Palin to Produce Their Birth Certificates

Curious... Regardless of local charges... could Ms. Todd face Federal charges...?

Bill Clinton is going after Sen. Mitch McConnell in Kentucky now any Video feeds?

New Obama video advocating

Lines Form Early To See Governor Palin (Ozarks)

Which "swing" state looks like the surest thing right now?

Todd Incident and McCrazy's Response Another Example of Dangerous Overreaction

So as of today McCain will match Obama dollar for dollar?

Good To See Mrs. Greenspan Back On The Air Today!

Dear DU: You KNEW The Ashley Story Was BS From The Get Go; You KNOW Obama IS Going To Win

*NEW INFO* Police say Ashley Todd's statement has "inconsistencies" and "has changed"

Why Can't Obama Seal the Deal?

22K spent on Palin's traveling Make up and Hair artist

Missouri's GOP Shows Anti-Gay Colors

Republican former Mass. governor endorses Obama

Worst Week Ever for McGrumpy?

Even if true -- I wouldn't care about the "B-Girl" story

College Republicans terminate Todd's contract - she also blames the media for hyping the story

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaings In Danville, VA****

Best Way To Lose An Election

Early Vote Citizen Report: Dayton, Ohio


The Todd incident proves that John Lewis was correct

MSNBC: this person has had previous mental problems

Who should John McCain be fighting for now?

At the very least Palin and B-girl gave us...

CNN Radio news @ 4:00 PM McCain admits defeat

Hussein’s minions are behind the Pittsburg girl!

Voted today in Georgia County that Bush won with 66% of the vote.

Tina Fey as Ashley Todd?

Anybody going as Ashley Todd for Halloween?

Oh crap! Another attack by Obama suppoters on a McCain supporter... and his kid!

If McCain is on MTP Oct. 26...

*******************The end-all, be-all of Ashley Todd posts and discussion*****************

Bush announces he voted absentee for McCain today

Just so you know this woman was from Texas via New York and NOT Pennsylvania

Obama camp releases memo on early voting stats

Then she said this 6'4 200 lb BLACK MAN fondled her desirable body.

For Whom Will You Be Voting?

Well, one thing is for sure, Ashley Todd does not think it's fun to lie anymore....

If Alan Colmes wasn't so gutless, he'd ask this of Karl Rove next time he is on H&C

MSNBC back to playing ads for McCain's cash strapped campaign

Obama has great teeth?

HOLY FUCK .. Kathleen Parker thinks McCain picked Winky because of her Looks

3 pictures of Obama fist bump.

Anyone Have Ohio Numbers?

WaPo/ABC tracking poll Obama 53 (-1) McCain 44 (+1)

Today a pig jumped out of the bushes and drew a M on my cheek with lipstick

Ashley The Racist on The Jan...Itor

What can McCain do to get ahead of Obama and win?

The polls are tightening up it looks like

Has the McCain campaign made an official statement about Ashley Todd today?

Mitch McConnell: re-elect me because I spread the wealth around

Mitch McConnell: re-elect me because I spread the wealth around

MSNBC: Seems it might be an insanity plea.

Why is Palin being so secretive about her medical records?

Duncan Hunter just declared victory in Iraq!

Remember. McCain is 'PROUD of each & every one of his supporters!'

Intrade: The money says Obama 375 electoral votes, McCain 163

This Ashley T video is rather Amusing (from today's perspective)

McCain Camp: "It is a fact that Barack Obama was palling around with terrorists"

Plouffe gives some straight talk on PA

You guyz, I'm worried that Karl Rove might be a trap set by Karl Rove...

Tweety .... This is the Siefield campaign.... a campaign about nothing

Which is more appealing?

Which is more appealing?

By the way, What exactly WAS B-Girl's role in the mcRacist campaign?

By the way, What exactly WAS B-Girl's role in the mcRacist campaign?

Do we have a Press Secretary lined up, or can I still hope for Jon Stewart?

McCain Advisor Endorses Obama

In light of recent events and because it's simply BRILLIANT, a repost...

What's the difference between a Pit Bull and a Hockey Mom?

The CLOSE of the Century - Don't let anyone push or pull your boots from that place in line.

Honolulu Star Coverage of Obama Visit - No Public Appearances

DUers: I'm working on a little project, and I'd like your help...

Oopsie. McCain in 2000 Defended ‘Progressive’ Taxation from Charge of ‘Socialism’

TMZ: Political Karma Will Get You in the End

TMZ: Political Karma Will Get You in the End

Police artist sketch!!!!1 For the "backward B" investigation!!!1

McCain WANTS to win this election because of the economic crisis...

How many votes will Bob Barr get?

Tweety is singlehandedly bringing down the extreme Rightwing nutjobs one at time.

For Obama, a Melancholy Biography Tour

(R)asmussen NC Poll: McCain 50%(+2), Obama 48%(-3)

How long after the election is called for Obama before the GOP tries to declare the

ABC Daily Tracking Poll 53-44, good guys

Ashley Todd, Texas A&M University, Meet Your Honor Code....

McDuff's 527 Commercials are now all the rage here in MI

Dumb Question Flashback - What states could Obama win that we didn't win in 2004?

I do not feel sorry for this young woman...

Dear Mrs. Palin - What does "via his own admittance" mean??!

It's getting thick here - Mc/P signs showing up, Obama signs disappearing,

TPM: Pennsylvania McCain Campaign Official Gave Out Incendiary Version Of "Carved B" Story

Politico's Jonathan Martin re Ashley Todd: Seems like McCain just can't catch a break.

IBD/TIPP POLL: Obama 46, McLame 42. Obama gains three points in one day...

Okay, Please tell me Kenneth Blackhell

A picture is worth a thousand words.

McCain and Palin's favorable ratings are in the toilot

McCain's brother Joe calls 911 to complain about traffic, says "fuck you," ducks call-back

Kind of funny how the Freepers are still blabbering about Obama Birth Certificate....

Did you see Hitchens on Hardball mentioning that McCain by calling the "B-girl"

Did Sarah Palin jinx the Philadelphia Flyers?

Palin testifies to investigator in ethics dispute

Does "B"-gate top Palin's lynch mob rallies as the most blatant example of race-baiting

Does "B"-gate top Palin's lynch mob rallies as the most blatant example of race-baiting

A beautiful day in a Dark Blue city - Philadelphia is Obamaland

Michelle will deliver Dem radio address on Saturday

Joe Klein's Interview With Obama: Video Preview Up Now at

Anyone see that full-page ad in USA Today yesterday entitled,

Ashley Todd

November 5, 2008 :Are You Taking The Day Off?

Ouch ... That Stings (two prominent Repubs -- one a McCain advisor -- endorse Obama)

Pennsylvania: After McCain volunteer's mugging debunked... will PA be a lost cause for McCain?

Obama briefly tours old neighborhood (Honolulu Advertiser, AP photos)

Palin Guarantees PA Victory in Speech Today

Michelle Bachman says Government is the opposite of Freedom and Liberty.

Messages To Obama's Grandmother from DU!

Anyone have a link for live streaming video of the St Louis hockey game tonight

McCain on MTP this Sunday

"Obama is ahead because he has good teeth and a nice smile" Dunken Hunter repuke

Cass. R. Sunstein: On Charles Fried, one of the most important conservative thinkers in the US

Cass. R. Sunstein: On Charles Fried, one of the most important conservative thinkers in the US

Nah-uh! 'Joe the plumber mulling run for congress'

I can conclusively prove that Obama is not a Muslim terrorist...

FiveThirtyEight's latest on Obama 10/25

Palin on WardrobeGate: "That whole thing is just, bad! Oh, if people only knew how frugal we are."

Charles Fried, recent McCain adviser, supports Obama.

Does it occur to anyone that innocent African-American men would have been

Another photoshop request

Ashley Todd Story Poll re: Proper Impact

Yikes I forgot to turn off Race to the Whitehouse

***** Good Thoughts For Ashley Todd Thread ******

I got a letter from the McCain campaign, which is weird because

Hows about the DU leading the way, fill "Toot"s home with Flowers?

Who took the picture of Ashley Todd?

My hopes for election night, in smilies (:puffpiece: alert)

My hopes for election night, in smilies (:puffpiece: alert)

Obama economic adviser, Austan Goolsbee was a student of Paul Krugman's

Chuck Todd on NBC moving CO and VA to lean Obama to put the EV count above 280 for us (n/t)

There is a tsunami coming

Did a fucking MSNBC weatherman just dis Rachel Maddow?

Did a fucking MSNBC weatherman just dis Rachel Maddow?

FREEPERLAND REACTION: ""Headline: Dumb B!tch Screws McCain Campaign"

I'm glad Obama hasn't (yet) been questioned about this "Ashley Todd" business...

More Republican Govs for Obama! YAY!!

Looking back on the start of the Obama campaign

Michelle Obama Video: "I am doing this because I happen to be married to a man WHO GETS IT."

It's about to get really ugly.

Raise Your Hand If You Remember When DU Considered Banning the Use of "Bitch" In the Rules

Hey Ashley, You should have carved a backwards "O" for Obama

Troy davis got a new stay of execution in Ga.

Man, this place is funny as all hell.

Palin Voice Coach Billed As "Get Out The Vote" Expense

Hilarious video from Russia (perhaps...)

Palin calls Bush a major obstacle for campaign

Joe the Plumber open to 2010 run

Biden's spokesman puts out statement about those comments.

"This country deserves better" 527 running ads for Palin as President

Does Tucker Bounds wear a piece?

Does Tucker Bounds wear a piece?

Biden's comedy tour:

William Weld former Republican governor of Massachusetts for Obama......

CNN to show Ron Howard pro-Obama clip

Obama leading in Georgia!!!

Ga is going Blue! Local pollster who's never got it wrong says so!

Ink for Obama

McCain supporters heckle early voters in NC

Eleanor Clift: Catch the Wave- Awash in money, the Dems may turn this into a party tsunami

Polls: White support for Obama at historic level

Does the fallout from Ashleygate mean that McCain can't gain from

Extended discussions about Race Never, Ever helps our Candidate, soooo...

Palin calls bu$h* a major obstacle for campaign

OK. I Admit It. I Flipped Off The "Yes On Prop 8" Protestors Yesterday

I have yet to hear an apology to Barack Obama from Ashley the Liar

So David Gregory is discussing how McCain can get the racist vote


In case nobody's posted this brilliant takeaway from B-girl yet:

Howard Dean visits Obama office in Las Vegas....what a busy, happy office.

Great teeth?

Why the worry about Obama's money???

Remember that Ashley Todd's gender has nothing to do with what she did

In a first, Obama cuts TV ad for Merkley

AP A-Hole On With Gregory - 25% Undecided......

Ashley Todd also told police that the Obama supporter sexually assaulted her.

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb IRAN McCain? John McCain being "tested" leads me to shitting in my pants!

Kal Penn to be in Florida for Obama.. worked at convention..traveled with Dean on Obama bus.

hardball: hunter says election all about warn terra

How about Michelle Obama for the Senate?

I agree with Michele Bachman.

She inflates easily with any standard air pump.

McCain campaigns in Texas this weekend?


NBC Nightly News: Chuck Todd moved VA and Colorado to "leaning Obama"

Lieberman on Palin: "thank God she's not going to have to be president from day one"

Remember Charles Stuart?

Political Wisdom: In McCain-Land, the Blame Game Begins (WSJ)

Remember when people were doubting Obama on the Obamacan Phenomena?

I don't feel sorry for Ashley Todd...

Interview Transcript: Sarah Palin Won’t Call Abortion Clinic Bombers Terrorists

Where is Joe Lieberslime?

My standard answer to freepers these days

(R)asmussen IA Poll: Obama 52%(+1), McCain 44%(+1)

McCain Adviser Endorses Obama

McCain Adviser Endorses Obama

Do you believe Rev. Wright gets dusted off and paraded around right before the 4th???

Anyone notice that The B girl and Joe the Blumber are both chronic liars???

Will Sarah Palin bring her two non-pregnant daughters for the Blues vs. Kings Hockey Game @ 8:30 PM?

Bush: "Look ..." and "You know, look..," code words for "You are too fucking stupid to LIVE"

Obama's ground game: 770 field offices - 1.2 million 'conversations' this weekend.

Obama's ground game: 770 field offices - 1.2 million 'conversations' this weekend.

McLiar's incredibly bad week gets even worse..

Ashley Todd and Joe the Plumber: Can this campaign get any more pathetic???

I completed election judge training today. Good system with one exception.

I completed election judge training today. Good system with one exception.

I guess I shouldn't have really hoped that SC would have some brains...

LIEberman on Palin: "Thank God she's not going to have to be president from day one."

Ashley The Liar is the new Joe The Plumber

IMHO - the endorsement for Obama that would put the Fork in McCooked

McCain Camp Didn't Push Todd's Hoax to National Press....stayed local

Someone Please Quell My Fears

Freepers think Ashley Todd is one of us!

Obama camp provides latest early voting numbers to Ben Smith at Politico

11, no 10..wait 12. Ok - my official clock says 5 days left.

Puck Drop Coming Up at 7:30 CT...(Link)

David Brooks concedes for Obama.

New Obama site for exposing McCain campaign lies...

The Use of Rev Wright against Obama

Karl Rove: Coal Country, Pennsylvania Is Where People “Really Do Cling To Their Guns & Their Faith"

Between Cranky McCain, Failin' Palin, Joe the Plumber, and now Ashley "B" Crazy

Drill baby drill!!

I just bumped into Karl Rove. No lie. Heard him muttering to himself:

Here's some racist idiot on youtube going nuts about Ashley Todd.

This Ashley Todd chick needed to make her world view a reality.

Early voting in South Florida. People can't get enough.

Palin's highest paid staffer for first half of October was her makeup artist


Ouch: McCain Campaign Advisor Charles Fried endorses Obama


Road to 270: Vermont

Grampy McBush's good buddy, who promised to "deliver Catholic votes," gets 54 months for fraud

Joe the unlicensed Plumber, Ashley the Liar, Sarah the Secessionist, Todd the Stalker

The Empress' New Clothes (Adapted from Hans Christian Andersen) ...

Oh Noes! (R)assmussen has Obama lead in New Hampshire cut down to four!

So Brokaw is donating a full hour to McCain in a fluff piece

I was just beat up by a rabid McCain supporter!

I was just beat up by a rabid McCain supporter!

TX's repub Sec of State office may be up to no good

What's it going to be like on DU on election night?

Woman, 93, Votes, Dies Hour Later

Christopher Hitchens just said McCain was "borderline senile"!

who would have guessed that it would take a nobody college student

(R)asmussen NH Poll: Obama 50%(-3), McCain 46%(+3)

Olbermann up in a few mins - Let's watch together (link)

SNL: Will Ferrell as President Bush gives his endorsement

Have republicans started to inbreed?

So who should take Obama's Senate Seat?

Latest on Obama the grandson replaces Obama the candidate - from the AP

McCain Communications Director Gave Reporters Incendiary Version Of "Carved B" Story....

Hardball w/ Christopher Hitchens: B Girl is a RACIST/BIGOT...

McCain Doesn't Look Competitive in Pennsylvania (WSJ)

Road to 270: Kentucky

I missed the "pie" reference.

OK, I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch or anything, BUT STILL

McCain with more SCARE ADS

Re: Bachmann's non-apology video.

Will Drudge now think twice about pushing suspect, race-bating stories?

A FANTASTIC new ad by Obama team.... Bravo guys!

Polling: October 24, 2008 vs October 24, 2004

**********Official Ashley Todd thank you thread?**********

Today's Inspirational Video - Obama: Bridge Over Troubled Water (Gospel)

Help me out here. When I was at work I saw a map of the 2008

A Note To The Younger Staffers On The Two Campaigns

Holy Crap!!!

racial remarks hurled at school students by white woman at McCain rally in PA

Factitious Disorder Dumbass was a "College Station, TX" mean BAYLOR? Baptist Univ. ??

HA! I Was RIGHT! MSNBC Is Reporting McCain Campaign INVOLVMENT IN THIS!

This day in '04 (

Palin's Makeup Artist Is McCain's Highest Paid Staffer For First Half Of October

I do feel sorry for this young woman

Drudge Reported This Story Before It was Published. That's the Key


I hope they have on-site showers at MSNBC.

MOMS! Can you spare some time on Nov. 1? You are cordially invited...

Former Gov Bill Weld's endorsement of Obama on Hardball was absolutely glowing.

GOP unfavorability reaches 60% for the first time ever.

Public Apology To Grantcart And FrenchiCat :o)

Christopher Hitchens says McCain is "BORDERLINE SENILE"

A bit more DU love for this poll please!

"The Man" is voting for Barrack Obama

E. J. Dionne: The republican party has finally imploded, but why now?

Hardball w/ Duncan Hunter: Obama has great teeth...

3pic Fail

on NBC Brian Williams just mentioned that the McCain campaign led reporters to the story yesterday

Why did "B" Girl Ashley Todd Do This Stunt?

Why did "B" Girl Ashley Todd Do This Stunt?

MSNBC: "McCain camp being linked to B-Girl Story"


The Daily Widget, Fri 10/24 – O-387, M-151 – Four Red States Move Left; 10 Million Lead?

Watch this Palin video with the sound off.

I knew that it would come to this, gunshots holes in my Obama sign.

Ashley Todd (College Republicans) account scrubbed

Now That We're Nearing The End: Your Top 10 Moments Of This Election Season?

Regardless Of The Outcome... Thanks, Senator Clinton!

We have had some interesting characters this election season. A list

Memo To Palin: Fruit Fly Research Has Led To Advances In Understanding Autism»

I know what the Republican October surprise will be.

Shout out to the Pittsburgh police department

AP Poll "Tightens" -- Set Up for a Stolen Election (see how;)

More details on "B Girl" in the midnight online edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

OC Weekly: 25 Reasons Why John Sidney McCain III Sucks

Hopefully KO will do a prolonged segment on the B lady

electoral updated. The battlefield is huge!!

McCain Campaign Put the Backwards B-Girl Up To It.

Why I won't vote early

Why I won't vote early


Tweety admits to a slight Obama bias on the Craig Ferguson show.

Hillary fights for Franken in MN... New Add

Life Saving Efforts at KC Obama Rally

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: There is Nothing False About Hope. Now We Vote.

Clinton beat Dole 379 EVs to 159; will McCain's failure be as epic as Dole's?

Awesome Obama Button - After 8 Years of Being Screwed...

In speech on children with disabilities, Palin cluelessly criticizes research that led to advances

In speech on children with disabilities, Palin cluelessly criticizes research that led to advances


McCAIN ADVISOR endorses Obama! (TPM)

In Defense of Ashley Todd

Part II: It was a dark and stormy night…

DU Diggers - Can we please give this DUer (Guvwurld) campaign some DU Love.....

Listen to DUer Dave Berman - Guvwurld now on Peter B Collins show

NYC City Council gives Bloombag a 3rd term!!!

******* Evil Thoughts for Ashley Todd Thread*******

Freerepublic has scrubbed all threads related to "B girl"......

If I counted correctly, Obama wins 338 to 190 in Electoral College

The droppings don't fall far from the asshole.....

Damn KO is pwning McGramps

RCP average + "Palin Bounce" = 100% chance of Obama Victory?

lay off Ashley guys...this could be a Rove trap.

Heard Ashwin Madia on Ed Schultz today - Running for Congress in MN - Awesome!

Help. What do I tell my brother in response to him saying he thinks Obama is a socialist

The victims in this Todd story are 6' 4", 200 lb. black men.


Scarborough just said "bitch-slapped!"

So BradBlakeman felt the need to refer to Obama's dying grandmother with a sarcastic "gramma" crack?

I think everyone's missing the most important part of this "mugging"

I often feel this way about freepers and their moranity...

Republican drives 600 miles to vote for Obama

Desperate Repugs play the gay marriage card in North Carolina Senate race

12 days left: naked McCain & Palin pics!

About the Clintons.....Bill and Hillary are working hard for us..

Isaac Hayes Leaves Nothing to Scientology

Any Iraqi deal with America can wait for Bush's successor to take office

Child Labor for McCain!

Apparently I live in Phoenix, New Mexico!

Olberman says Joe the Plumber is trying to cash in on his "fame"...

Blacks turning out heavily for early voting in the South

Anyone watching Sarah and W on Saturday Night Live

My video tribute to how Obama unites and McCain divides.

Bill Wolff on Maddow, Matthews and MSNBC In Its Prime

Dave Matthews Rocks for Barack this Sunday....

Obama and Guns - Educate Me

Wow, got a little choked up voting for Obama today!! Silly I know!

CAn someone tell me where to find the brian williams sarah palin interview?

Pfun with Pfreeps: "B is backwards because attacker is dyslexic."

Poll: Who Will Be the Repub Candidate in 2012??

Straight-Talk Express in Duress!!

A crime designed to create a target to scapegoat.

WKDU-FM Song Dedication Hour......

Twitter buddy of 'attacked' McCain volunteer: "“i hope [she] gets caught in her lie.”

OK, would someone who's robbing someone at an ATM really stick around.....

Wash Post: "McCain Campaign Post-Mortem"

Anti-gay mafia shaking down businesses to give them money in support of Prop 8

Anyone listening to Michael Moore on Larry King?

Scott McClellan? Really?

Anybody Else Notice How Palin And PLAIN. . .

I got a mailer today that must mean I'm in a very blue state

Backwards "B" = mirror image

Carville on GOP“There’s basically going to be nothing left standing,”

What was the name of the Freeper who trashed his own Bush signs..

AIG and the neverending repulsiveness of excess. Ski anyone?

I dub thee "BACKWARDS BEA."

I've heard of a "D-girl" before... now we've got a new one "B-girl"..

Is anyone else beginning to feel giddy?

Barbershop w/Obama & McCain

Another oddity with the Stevens jury, just on

Formaldehyde found in more FEMA trailers

Jim Crow museum: The Brute Caricature- the black male as a savage:

Asian markets open ugly.

I guess I'm a sexist

OMG! Michelle Obama IS An Elitist

Tough to believe Greenspan's disbelief

How about some background info: What's the mugging thing about? nt

Here is another thread about ATodd to post in

Would you put it past the Republicans to set up that backward

Bare Chested Chikenhawks For "MAVERICK" McCain!


If Obama asked for donations so he could see his grandmother, would you donate?

Freepers are calling for a 2008 Election prayer and fasting vigil

How desperate is the GOP to rile up their racist base?

Ohio's Jennifer Brunner in 2016! I hope people know how good she is ...

***Tonight Midnight Donation to Barack Before Decisions Deadline*****

Today, 10/23/2008, Marked The Official End Of Reaganomics

Puppycide in Oklahoma by cop

Morton Downey Junior...

Obama walks in his old neighbourhood in Hawaii thinking of his Grandma.

Email I sent to friends and family - "It is sooo over."

Sam Seder on K.O. looking good.

This is the face of racism in America today:

From the smokin gun

Michele Bachmann trails 44-47 (within margin of error)

Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider - Very prophetic

Parlock Fever is breaking out in GOP Land

Super sad freeper post: Need some help from my FReeper brethren to defend Joe the Plumber

From Jesus' General...After our white women...

NE-02: Turning Blue

Wow... FUX Exec VP says if 'B-Girl' tale is a hoax, McCain's "quest for the presidency is over"

It wouldn't be a 'hoax', it would be a CRIME (lying to police)

Open letter to Senator John McCain:

GE to Use Fed’s Commercial Paper Facility Next Week

Former CNN & Voter News Service Exec (exit polling in 2000) dies after fall...

Hey there Texans!

So I was informed by a coworker today "When McCain becomes president..."

These are really awful humans. It's a wonder why anyone would want to be associated with them at all


Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Photo of Ashley Todd being arrested

Krugman, Smick on w/Charlie Rose tonight; Marian Wright Edelman w/Tavis Smiley

stupid bigoted chain emails!

stupid bigoted chain emails!

Sarah car smell.........

I bet Rudy is PI**ED! Bloomburg gets a 3rd term and he didn't!

Third Term's a Charm

American Express "Reverse Stimulus" strategy....

New Email Circulating - Yes I checked snopes

Here's the music I'm going to blast on my Bang & Olufsen on November 5th:

"I'm not voting for Obama..."

Neil Boortz

Who has told the worst lie (lies)?

fundie blog claiming there were wmds in iraq

FEMA says people living in tents by CHOICE

I got back about an hour ago from a lecture about the economic crisis featuring...

I got back about an hour ago from a lecture about the economic crisis featuring...

"she has previous history of mental issues" - MSNBC report...

Freepers on the purported Pittsburgh mugging

Overnight global stock market watch 10/23-24

SNL: Costume Designer Says Sarah Wanted Nicer Clothes

Opie, Fonzie &.....Andy Griffith endorse Obama!

One good thing about the last 8 years

I think it's time to start talking about what we expect from gubmint if we wind up in control.

Cell Phone Signals Shut Down


$54 Million Lawsuit Over Lost Pants back in the news.

OK, **Some Voting Machine programming explained** READ PLS


Police planned to administer a polygraph test to Ashley Todd

Who has not yet voted ?

You know it's really not that uncommon

Ashley Todd Speaks!

Border guards can see right through you

Come on people, show some restraint.

How do I contact the Obama campaign? I want to go to a rally in Denver

I know I am being lazy.... but i have been out of it for a few...could

If you look at this map, the United States is overwhelmingly blue!

Question? Realistically what can be done if McCain is declared the winner?

First Joe the Plumber, now Joe the Dumber (political satire)

"we hope that the person who perpetrated this crime is swiftly apprehended and brought to justice"

I swear, this server is out to get me... so much for sleep!

Someone saved Ashley Todd's myspace blog entries....

California (back in Sept) passed a anti genetically engineered crops bill

Scott McClellan endorses Obama

Yes, she's very frugal. But not in a good way.

I just called MSNBC at 1-212-664-4444 to report a BREAKING NEWS TIP!

DOW Futures are down 548 points.

Irish Bookie Pays Out Obama Bets Weeks Early

Skully Friday on WJ this morning - reactions to Greenspan's admission of mistake?

DU this poll if you want but McSame's running 4th...

What's like each of us yearly burning $1,000? - Bush History,10/24

Cops don't believe Ashley Todd's story....

Dow Futures Point to Friday Meltdown

Justin Zatkoff: A College Republican Saga

Poll: Obama edges ahead of McCain in Montana - This is NOT from the Onion

Consumer Reports commends Ford

How should Dems respond to the Ashley Todd incident?

Heads Up: Asia and European Markets down 8-10% today

Stock Futures Frozen After Steep Plunge

Remember Ashley Todd would have testified against someone arrested for her "assault" and giggled as

Pretend to be a Republican/Conservative for this poll: Why is Scott McClellan endorsing Obama?

So if they're so convinced Palin is qualified - do they now support ERA?

Don't ever tell a DUer to keep their mouth shut about their suspicions!

I don't believe unemployment rate is 6.1%

When history spanks, Mark Morford

Have you already voted?

BREAKING: Retail Sector Soars on News that Palin Seeks New Outfit

Two to keep especially in your thoughts for the next eleven days ......

Dow, Nasdaq, S&P Futures Are Lock Limit Down

I used to kind of like Mark Haines from CNBC until he pointed to Russia's invasion of Georgia

Predict Today's DOW Performance

Help on a Euro question, please

I will buy the first book written by a McCain insider that exposes how the campaign imploded

Deja vu? Morton Downey Jr's "backwards-swastika" attack

Anti-gay mafia shaking down businesses to give them money in support of Prop 8

Ted Stevens Jurors: One wants to be dismissed for family illness.

Joe America! Great anti-McCain/Palin Spoof site (Warning: Some graphic photoshopped nudity)


Woman Jailed for 'Killing' Virtual Spouse

Joe and Ashley to join John and Sarah out on the trail?

Pittsburgh Police did not take a photo of Ashley Todd????

David Sirota: 'Bush Treasury Dept. Redacts More Bailout Contracts'

Bad Reporter: Joe the Plumber is really.....

Palin To Speak About Special Needs Children

Here we go......MARKETS open

Bloodbath in London, Paris and Frankfurt.....Market dipped 10% in Germany

I have a special needs son and WOULD NEVER let Palin have ANYTHING to do with my son!

Good Morning all! To those in the market today...bend over...grab your ankles...

Frenchie changes MSNBC scroll DU forces MSNBC to report Hoax

Who are these "vote from home" people?

Dow opening 600 points down

Republicans and Imaginary Problems

Has Sarah gotten a makeover???

Sarah's lame SPED speech

Hillary Clinton logs 50 events and $10 million for Obama-Biden as of October 15, 2008

The GOP Has Finally Imploded - E.J. Dionne, The New Republic

$1 now worth 92 yen - hit lowest since 1995

Did New Mexico GOP Lawyer Hire P.I. To Intimidate Minority Voters?

McCalin "palin'" around with murderous dictator/pedophile lover

Was it McCain who was "palin'" around with terrorists? Pinochet's thugs often used terrorism

Dow down 380 in first 2 minutes of trading.

Doctor laments brush-off of Iraqi war dead

Michelle Malkin (of all people) Calls "B" Girl Accusation a "Fraud"

FBI: Minn. political vandalism not a federal crime

John McCain is coming to Colorado today?

Thank you for Recommending- Doug Heckman- GA 7th

Palins Medical Records.....When

McCain met Pinochet in 1985, Orlando Letelier was murdered in 1976, right?

*** Friday TOONs: $150,000 ***

Heidi on CNN is losing her false eyelashes right on TV

They have halted Futures trading on Wall Street it is that bad.

"Pittsburgh law enforcement sources...have serious questions about the authenticity of the (attack)"

Ok so that 30 minutes that Obama bought on TV what is it going to be?

Why Palin will be in St. Louis, and naming next son Zamboni

Dylan Rattigan predicting Dow 5000 or 4000 on Morning Joe

The Racist Campaign of the Republican Party and its surrogates

`Out of Control' Wall Street Chiefs Spurned Davos Warnings, Chose to Party

Folks believe it or not Duncan Hunter's Obama 'has good teeth' comment may be racial

Folks believe it or not Duncan Hunter's Obama 'has good teeth' comment may be racial

Sarah Panderin

Video Request!

Is there Humor in the Financial Crisis? Depends on how hard you look as you fall

Chill out. The Stock Market Crash is all in your head.

Latest Coleman ad redefines dumb. (MN))...and poll numbers drop has a funny video blaming me for a losted election.

TPM confirms McCain camp responsible for pushing B-Girl story

Ashley's Jack-o-Lantern

EPA weakens new lead rule after White House objects

ACLU: Will You Be Able to Vote on Nov. 4?

Barracuda has taken "media training" from ABC/CBS "presentation coach"

How have all Presidential elections from 2000 on come down to 1 state?

Discussing politics/DU stuff on other message boards.

Republican former Mass. governor endorses Obama

Anyone here been following Roubini for a while?

Chrysler to lay off 25% of white collar staff starting next month. CNBC now.

What does a black eye look like? Let's investigate:

This is not the most important election of our lifetime.

Another Republican endorses Obama.. Governor Weld from Mass.

The GOP was flyering for the Ashley Todd circus in advance.

What's going on with Swampland/Joe Klein's blog?

What really gets me about the vicious right-wing psychos ...

Stock Market Circuit Breaker Levels - Repost

It appears the ones with their money under the mattress may be the big winners in all this

If McCain gets in, this will be the new American Retirement Plan:

How are those ACORN investigation coming along?

Is this good or bad? It sounds good.

Get your Sarah Palin Scarrrry Haloween Mask...booo

Final Text of Iraq Pact Reveals a US Debacle

Rachel Maddow's Podcast #1 On iTunes

Check out the latest electoral-vote map MT and the Dakotas are toss-ups

It's not the B girl but it may be a relative

Palin rambling rambling OY

I don't think they'd do this to Hillary. Obama leads McCain in Indiana by 0.1%. I'll be working the phones on Saturday.

I Just Voted In Maine!

Halloween Winners: Palin & Plumber (Joe, That Is)

Will Ashley Todd's Story Implode Tomorrow?

BREAKING NEWS: MSNBC reporting a drunk Russian passenger didn't really hijack a plane now

Making the dreaded call today...

B FACE Girls blog posts

OPEC Cuts Oil Production



Joe McCain Allegedly Calls 911 to Complain About Traffic

Obama Cafepress ad messing up forums?

Anybody else's healthcare, deductibles, doctor visits, etc going up?

Stevens jury sent home, deliberations halted

Stevens jury sent home, deliberations halted

Stevens jury sent home, deliberations halted


meanwhile: Lebanon has its first ever water spout/tornado

Fundies: Toymaker Mattel in Allah's back pocket.....

Bernie Sanders rips Greenspan a new one in 2003

Equally sad and confused right now...

help, please, in locating thread -pbs show - two guys -current issue biggest since Am.Rev

Can anyone enlighten me about movie Zeitgeist?

mccain bumper sticker or button?

Ronald Reagan Said: "we must have new faces in the Congress of the United States: Democratic faces."

how will Democratic Underground be different if we actually win this thing?

Jon Swift: Great Moments in Election-Year Blogging

What a contrast

Dammit, Michelle ..... stop it .......

McCain supporter Beat up in Pittsburgh...

Did New Mexico GOP Lawyer Hire P.I. To Intimidate Minority Voters?

Happy 79th Anniversary Wall Street


Fun with freepers. New conspiracy theory: "Obama switched at birth" LOL

Chocolate News Network Confronts a Voting Machine

This morning's KSTP MN poll: Bachman 44% - Tinklenberg 47

I hear that Savage had Berg on for 90 minutes yesterday?

In what states is the Sec of State also co-chair of the state McCain/Palin campaign?

Hey! There's a really great post in Editorials! I recommend it!

msnbc - protestors at mccain rally in colorado

msnbc - protestors at mccain rally in colorado

Jesse Ventura compares the United States government to Nazi Germany

Guardian UK: We've seen the last of Sarah Palin

Andy Card: Palin ‘Introduced Women To Participating’ In The Political Process

Have you read either of Barack Obama's books???

For real?

McCain says Obama just said this morning WHAT?

Ted Stevens Jurors sent home for weekend....

Awwwww ..... did pooow widdle Johnny get heckled?

Troy Davis execution delayed

AT&T just laid off another thousand and thousands before today.. they don't want you to know though!

Breaking News: RepubliCONS are LIARS!! Vote for the big "D" November 4th!!

Yes on Prop. 1 (medical marijuana in Michigan)

God, I'd love to listen in on the Pittsburgh PD detectives conversations right now....

China gets a jump on US in space

A little photographic study on ms. todd

One question regarding the alleged college Republican attack: Why is the B backwards?

I'm sure this guy is "fair and balanced," right?

Palin drag queens welcome at Halloween "Carnaval"

Why do we have third parties at all in the US?

National GOP Pulls Out Of Colorado Senate Race

Economy Needs to Become More Local

Has it only been 10 years? Seems like a lifetime.

* * BREAKING NEWS * * The Republican Party is for the little guy.

Here's how it should work.

I'm collecting money to buy Ashley Todd some psychiatric help. Wanna contribute?

Orgasms for Obama in San Francisco (where the F--- else?)

Sarah Palin: The Joke of Russia

Ashley, the b-girl, has changed her story.

What's with the hunky guy in the ad on the right? It's very distracting, in a good way.

IMF down to $200 Billion, before it has to get loans from members...

Ashley Todd: right-wing poster child.

I've been studying the photo of Ashley Todd...

It was only a matter of time until some asshole did this to Ashley Todd

President Obama, please increase funding for mental health issues.

Have y'all seen this great endorsement from Ron Howard, Andy Griffith & the Fonz???

Ashley Todd has History of Lying

self deleted (wrong forum)

Pakistan Rejects 'America's War' On Extremists

Can children - and I mean 10, 12 year olds - work campaign phones?

Was McCane Born Here?

Has any "attack" on a wingnut ever been validated or found to be credible?

A word of advice to Ashley Todd...

Which will be the first show to get an Ashley Todd interview?

Why is John McCain going to be the only guest on Press the Meat this Sunday?

Dupe, please delete.

Katherine Harris's Troutman cousin sues the Alexander cousin's line for business losses.

If what I can visualize happening in America this next Decade


Can't Touch This-Why did the NSA classify 'public' report on wiretaps?

Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite! ...... Sarkozy evokes Charles de Gaulle

Ted Kennedy continues to FIGHT for us; Reforming Health Care!

Always take the full course of antibiotics, as prescribed.

Not a HOAX, call it what it is, A DAMN LIE!

with Ashley's confession of a "hoax" - is this it for mccain?

The huge, historic shift that Obama's impending victory will signify.

So who will Bush have to give pardons to?

Photos of real black eyes, and Possible fake one. See if you can spot the fake!

NPR Science Friday topic: E-voting problems ON NOW!!

If you are going to fake a robbery/beating by an opponent's support, it's best to not involve the

The Ashley Todd story has exposed yet another long term problem in this country.

can anyone offer once good reason why anyone should care about

Saks 5th Ave to introduce new designer clothing line: "Hocky Mom"

Did you know that tax breaks for the middle class is socialism?

On Palin's $150k wardrobe

Did McInsane call that liar chick?

Analysts Say Swing States Hold Key to US Election

Joe the Plumber for Congress?

Wow, I was going to vote for McCain until I got an email alert

Remember how Republicans threatened our Senators with Nuking

"A Night for Vets: An MTV Concert for the BRAVE."

(Anonymous Sources Say) McCain Volunteer .. Confesses To Making Up Story (TPM)

Obama Should Pardon Her

When the inevitable economic collapse/coup/police state/apocalypse/nuclear winter happens...

Ashley Todd: breaking news on MSNBC

It Was A Lie

Will the "B" lady be on KO's "Worst Person in the World" tonight?

I almost want McCain/Palin to win to have to deal with their own mess

I went dumpster-diving and just found these lovely book-ends!!

Race Baiting

C'mon, you knew this was coming: Joe the Plumber says he wants to run for Congress!!

FOW news has this before CNN even does

Apple to Oppose Anti-Gay Marriage Ballot Question--CNET News 10/24/08

Has capitalism jumped the shark?

I guarantee that the right-wing spin on Ashley Todd will be:

Fox News VP: If McCain Worker 'Mutilation' Story is a Hoax His Campaign is 'Over'

Is Real Time with Bill Maher live on Friday night or is taped in advance?

Did Reagan cut mental health funding to increase Repub voter pools?

Some of my favorite Moody blog comments

Ashley Todd is a Republican RACE-BAITER.

Ashley Todd is a Republican RACE-BAITER.

Palin Dress-up Doll

The Death of a Red State . . . by Matt Taibbi . . . Rolling Stone . . .

WHO the F is "Todd"?

Picking my son up from school and headed to the Obama campaign office to work! (nt)

SHE'S A LYING SACK OF SH*T!!!!! ATM tape shows no attack!!!!!!!!

Palin slams.....herself

Forgive me if this was posted, but I really liked this TNR piece on the Conservative Implosion

Statement by College Republicans regarding Ashley Todd:

Statement by College Republicans regarding Ashley Todd:

Statement by College Republicans regarding Ashley Todd:

How will the DOW Industrial Average react to an Obama Win?

For a while I could not navigate DU at all

What say Ashley the Slasher is KO's Worst Person today!

What Was the Value of GOld WHen Bush Came to Office?

John McCain has one more dirty trick in his bag.

Joe the Plumber & Jeff Gannon should put their heads together and make an ass of themselves!

GA-Sen: Two More Polls Show Chambliss With Slim Lead

Aggressive Democrats are at it again?

Conservative propaganda re.CRA/Fannie debunking site

revolting repug criticizes Obama for taking campaign jet to Hawaii

Ashley Todd's blog corrobates details of her mugging and mutiliation

This girl is obviously suffering from some affliction that makes her

"Kill him" "Traitor" "terrorist" and now " a big black obama fan slashed me"

The Maverick

Once again, Matt Drudge backs a story that turns out to be a hoax!

HuffPo: Michele Bachmann: "Not All Cultures Are Equal" (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Bleah... my new co-worker has a Women for McCain button on her backpack.

OMG! Did Isiah Thomas try to commit suicide..?

Boehner asking *bush to get involved with Ohio voting dispute.

Palin Interview interrupted by protester

Apple No On 8 - donates $100,000 to No On 8!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new freeperism.

If this were the 1880's-1930's there would be at least one lynching victim hanging from a tree...

CO-Sen: It's Official -- NRSC Pulling Out For Good

A song about Ashley Todd, John McCain, Sarah Palin and repukes everywhere.

I really like this comment regarding Ashley Todd

Blame the Black Guy -- Is this in the GOP Playbook?

the neo cons have declared that 100 mi. inland from all our borders

The big scary Black man is gonna take your money

Mass job cuts in Ohio double

Todd story reminds me of the flight of wing-nut lawyer Thomas Root in 1989.

FYI: General Wesley Clark's Son Will Be Co-Hosting TYT Friday 10/24/08. Remember His Palin Rant?

Believers Urged to Stock Up on Spiritual Treats for Halloween

Poor old DRUDGE.

Republican logic. They are never at fault. Once again, it's the media

Our furnace completely broke & I remembered the panic of being on the edge of that finanical cliff

"Colin Powell: Country First" video deserves another look.

Freepers respond to hoax assualt...

Google violates own policies -- runs anti-gay ads. Please call and tell them to stop.

PI Hired by NM GOP May Have Violated Federal Voting Laws

PI Hired by NM GOP May Have Violated Federal Voting Laws

A tale of two women

Lots of good news for McCain on the freeper website

Oh, great. The Westboro Baptist Church discovers Alaska.

OMG this is so tragic. A website was hacked by a McCain supporter.

B girl hoax comes exactly 19 years after 10/23/89 killing blamed on black male: Charles Stuart

Epic fail.

Interestingly, some freepers aren't COMPLETELY nuts

At what point does the market close early?

A Couple of weeks ago I posted about my Physician who was going to stop accepting Medical Insurance.

No I don't feel sorry for racist wingnut assholes.

Stephen Colbert: Keith Olbermann "Rants Like A Guy Who Saves His Own Urine"

Sarah Palin Pays Her Make-Up Person $50,000/Month!

Someone just mentioned that Obama supporters call him Obama while

Guardian UK: Attack on McCain worker didn't take place in 'real America', it seems

We are on a knife edge here.

Is everyone else's browser jumping down to the AdBot ad when they open a thread?

Dear GOP: You are cordially invited to reality.

Ashley the October Surprise?

jack cafferty on cnn: what's the risk if one party controls congress and the white house? (re: Dems)

Mike Malloy: Remember, Remember, the 5th of November...

Something about Sarah

I just voted for Barack Obama! I live in a moderately populated

McCain's plan for health care CAN be good for you... as long as you have perfect health

Only 326 points? pffft!

Sarah Palin Draws Large Crowd In Beaver

Frank Marshall Davis is behind the Ashley Todd fail

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Hah! I win the B-girl excuse raffle!

Ashley Todd: Mentally Ill or Calculating Fraudster. You decide.

Will SNL do a B-girl skit tomorrow?

Obama extends coattails for Jeff Merkley in Oregon Senate race

forgive the tinfoil, but with all this bs with backwards b girl...

Isn't it about time for a pre-election/halloween scary bin Laden video?

Opus 'Toon

The Romance You Knew About, but Were Afraid to Ask

My mother finally made the switch

My mother finally made the switch

How long did you believe the 'B' girl story"

AIG borrows $90.3 billion from Federal Reserve AIG Burns Through Most of $123 Billion Handout

Oil Options at $50

Palin Stylist Draws Higher Pay Than Policy Adviser

Boortz to poor people..."You deserve it"

I am not into redistributing the wealth either. I'll be happy to get back to even since Bush

McCain campaign spokesman Pvt. Hudson says...

Tweety has Duncan Hunter on.

Tweety is going to cover Miss B-Face n/t

Full SNL "Bush Endorses McCain" skit

Can you hear the ever increasing sound of splashes?

How would you prefer the Dow to dump?

so, I heard the kiss of death was delivered today.

did they catch that vile bastard

Her Name Is Nancy Takehara. She Was Attacked By Ronald Goetsch.

I can NOT wait till KO gets a hold of this story..

margaret carlson on hardball re:palin...she went from the osmonds to the osbournes

Republicans devouring their own

Palin Guarantees Win At Rally In Beaver

You realized of course that 3 months from now this website will be dead

Ronald Reagan: Evil mastermind?

Ronald Reagan: Evil mastermind?

UhOh - Ashley, Ashley, Ashley don't you know ATMs have cameras?

Was Obama Born Here?

Hartford CT mayor Eddie Perez is a fucking scumbag.

Union Card or Master Card -- How a Nation of Workers Became a Nation of Debtors

For My 10,000th Post , I'm posting what could be the most important thing ever said here on DU

Strange News -Your Astrological Sign May Not Be What You Think It Is

Disgusting Obama Robocall! (satire)

So, OPEC cuts output to try and hold prices up?

LETTER: Reasons to vote Democrat

Conan/Swamp Thing '08! The "return to nature" ticket!

Town bans teens from trick-or-treating

Freepers have found me Out! My Birth Certificate

Karl Rove: Coal Country Of Pennsylvania Is Where People “Really Do Cling To Their Guns And Their

Bachmann tapes apology ad

You know what amazes me about fundies?

Michele "McCarthy" Bachmann is down 3 points in the polls.

A song dedication to Ashley Todd, Republicans, right-wingers and all their admirers.....

The most conservative of all the electoral maps..just today turned Indiana into a toss up

Sarah Palin - Finally a beauty pageant contestant that DOESN'T want world peace!

Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite! ...... Sarkozy channels Charles de Gaulle

Yes on Prop 8 Accused of Blackmail

Assuming that Bush administration criminals are prosecuted & found guilty would you support death

"A dark-skinned black man, 6 feet 4 inches tall, 200 pounds"

McPain email: Obama to give handout to 40% of Americans who don't pay taxes

How is the Ashley Todd story going to be spun

So, Brokaw Throws McCain a Lifeline

You guys are aware, of course, that Ted Bundy was a Young Republican

I just figured out why the Straight Talk Express is swerving all over the road.

I can imagine this is how a prisoner feels ........

I've been campaigning all day

Nation: Whatever shred of credibility Matt Drudge had...after years of rumor-mongering is now gone.

Hannity needs to be suspended for his part in fanning the flames of the B-girl story (image heavy)

How do college Republicans even get into college?

how is New Yawker? any one know?

Where are they now...20 years from now

What's the appropriate thing to yell at (CA) Prop 8 supporters?

Bush History,10/24 - The Deficit: "like (each of us yearly) taking $1,000 and putting a match to it"

What's the matter with young Republicans?

Women Could Reach 'Critical Mass' in Congress

Biden keeps digging! Says he doesn't regret crazy comment about international crisis.

One way out of the collapse

Ashley Todd photoshop challenge

"I may not always get my words right" (M Bachmann)

The REAL Ashley Todd Story is How Much Air Time her Original Story Got....

McCain campaign linked to Ashley Todd hoax.

Help me out here...I can only come up with 6 Degrees of ?

MSNBC free pod casts of Maddow

Brian Williams just reported the hoax--it's getting nationwide attention

Palin wants to make like she never accepted the clothes she hasn't worn yet

So just listening to the psychopath Michael (Weiner) Savage

Interesting encounter on my lunch hour today, while in my car... (uplifting story)

I'm saddened today because of the 2008 Arkansas Poll. I have lived here since

TOP SECRET - But I think you should know...


Ashley Todd case sounded like the Susan Smith Case...

Thou Shalt Not Lie: Sign the letter to the Mormon President-Prophet on Prop 8

that obama train picture

Line long on last day to register to vote (battleground Obamaha's 1 EC vote on the line)

Just in time for the election...

Why Socialism?

What would be the best non-political thing to wear on election day?

Interesting personal story on the LTTE adventures of me.

Why do this nuts always blame big black men?

CO-Sen: Timeline of a Failed Candidacy

More Freeper Ashley Todd conspiracy theories

Mormons halt phone banks on Prop. 8

So whats happend so far?

Hardball plays most of Ron Howard/Andy/Henry video!

Field of hope - this is a must-see!

Presidential Election Will Change the Senate

I Am Not Jumping on the Bandwagon but If You are Listening to Bill Weld...

"Joe" the "Plumber" gives Ingraham a scoop: he may run for Congress!

I would just like to point out that the media came through (by default) today....

Let Them Eat Data: How Computers Affect Education and Cultural Diversity

Wassup 2008

Where's FDR when you need him?

British Oligarch Scandal Hits McCain

Do you/will vote for a Republican (s) in your local election?

3 pictures of Obama fist bump.

"May you live in Interesting Times"

"First class intellect AND a first class temperament."

Anybody ever figure out what the B was supposed to represent?

Fox News VP: If McCain Worker 'Mutilation' Story is a Hoax His Campaign is 'Over'

Crazy racist stupid republicans at today's McCain rally in Colorado. YouTube.

is there any truth to the rumor that duncan hunter said.....

Anybody heard of a group called "Act 2"?

New stuff at

Smear Campaign

Banned for Life from EVERY UDF??? happened in Ohio..

Carson Kressley: If Palin spent $150K on clothes she got ripped off; Michelle has more style

My grandmother's encounter with a RW today

Field of hope - this is a must-see!

What The "Success Story" of Iraq Really Means

Elwyn Tinklenberg raised $1.5 million in past week.

I just had a blow-up with the freaky fundie lady at work.....

This redistribution of wealth is getting out of hand...

Anti abortion bombs not terrorism: Palin


What are we going to do if this election is stolen?

I laughed so hard I almost peed myself

Katrina vanden Heuvel: After Hardball

Paraphrasing Michael Moore (Larry King Show) Re: palin

Elwyn Tinklenberg still needs your help! (video link added)

Ashley Todd and Joe the Plumber

A brother's good-bye.

If she would have been smart enough to use an O she might have pulled it off

Here's an interesting chart showing Party control over the years.

FL Democrats urge Crist and Browning to extend early voting and reduce long waits.

Who has made flight res. for Chicago's Obamapalooza? Check in!

Why are Docs From the Bailout Being Redacted?

From Barry Goldwater's granddaughter

if the 'B' story was true would it have dominated the election until Nov 4th?

Great Roger Ebert article about coping with losing his ability to speak and taste!


The Biggest Breast Cancer Risk Factor That No One Is Talking About

Reporter detained, interrogated at debate for 'volatile Wi-Fi signals'

Anagram: Ashley Todd = Shoddy Tale

Thanks again DU

Please, do not harass the Bachmans

I appeal to DUers to respect Ms. Todd's privacy; this is a very painful thing she got herself into

Jennifer Hudson's Mother, Brother Shot Dead In Chicago

what's up with the YES on 8 extortion story (christians threaten business for $10 K)??

Am I wrong to think that the Dow will implode?

Not Only McCain Palled Around With Pinochet

RNC launches new credit card program for Young Republicans:

John McCain and the Iraq War - a twisted mind?

Be prepared for Sen. Sarah Palin...

How long in jail should Ashley Todd get?

It's over people, she confessed---Oh ashley.


There's never enough time to say goodbye and if you need to say things at the last moment ..........

Vendredi Noir?

Bachmann Fighting For Political Life

Most important news story of the week (ending Octber 24, 2008)

Meanwhile, somewhere in Pittsburg

Failin - Pretty? She is NOTHING compared to Michelle

Obama says grandmother may not live to see Election Day

I've watched the financial markets for 28 years and have never seen anything like this

AlterNet: Union Card or Master Card -- How a Nation of Workers Became a Nation of Debtors

Why do people put money in the stock market?

In light of recent events and because it's simply BRILLIANT, a repost...

HIV Scare At Missouri High School - Fears Up to 50 Teens May Be Infected

Harsh reality:The real tragedy of this financial crisis is that people will die

WTF? LOCAL REPORTERS got the B-Girl story from DRUDGE then the MCCAIN CAMP?

Ted Kennedy secretly crafts health care plan-Turns 'cause of his life' into '09 bipartisan bill

I have a scary little thought for everyone.

Maybe some help in here.....Can someone tell me if this letter is rude

I did it - I booked a flight & hotel

Imams issue edict against ‘tomboys’

TONIGHT - Moyers talks to James K. Galbraith, author of The Predator State (abandoning free markets)

The Idiots Who Rule America: Our "elites don''t have the capacity to fix our financial mess"

Gas is about to go below $2 in Oklahoma City

I've noticed Repugs new strategy of late: We can't let the Democrats have TOTAL control.

My Freeper Friend Just Converted!!!

Silent thread of support for Obama and Toot

B FACE GIRL being hauled away by cops

Never In My Lifetime

OT - Il Divo on Oprah today

Food Bank Friday! October 24, 2008

FL 16: Mahoney would have appeared at Friday debate if press had been banned.

Could somebody explain what mental illness Todd suffers from?

From: "Stealing America the Movie"


Maybe the [VIDEO] Century of the Self is over...

Ashley Todd is "upset with the media for blowing this into a political firestorm."

Ashley Todd's College Republicans was the group making up the "Catch the Illegal Immigrant" games.



My biggest worry about Nov. 4

Sherman Feels Heat for Reporting on Threat of Martial Law

Prop 8: Mormon Influence on Yes Campaign Now a National Story

Please email Apple and thank them - the religious right is flooding them with negative emails

In the spirit of Halloween - creepiest picture of the month

When you give money to the poor they turn around and give it to rich people

Ashley Todd Story Pushed By McCain Campaign Aide, Say Reporters

My report from Fake America (the corner of Liberty and Pearl in Pittsburgh, PA).

Half of U.S. doctors often prescribe placebos

"Oui, on peut -- Yes we can!" . . . Obama Zydeco from Louisiana, 2008 . . .

I don't know if it's the closeness of the election or fatigue or just me, but every little thing

Obama in Hawaii to smother grandma with pillow (Savage Nation)

I don't know this person, and this may be a distraction, but

Who is providing Karl Rove with security?

Baltic Dry Index? Thom Hartmann and Ravi Batra are talking about this leading to a Depression.....

Baltic Dry Index? Thom Hartmann and Ravi Batra are talking about this leading to a Depression.....

People who sympathize with Todd are part of the problem, IMO.

Let's just say you wanted to rebuild the economy from scratch. What would you do?

Why are Objectivists so cautious?

Ft Worth's WFAA shows Southern Baptist pastor calling birth control murder.

We saw "W." today.

We saw "W." today.

The End Game - Greatest Ponzi Scheme in History

No takers for contest that requires abstinence

Counting Our Chickens


My charming customer of the day

BREAKING: Hyena chews off own leg attempting to protect man lost in jungle

That 'B' is for "Bill." Bill Ayers did it.

Where would one buy a gigantic, sparkly horrible eyesore of a flag pin?

Is it just me, or does Joe Morgan sound like...

Please Caption this picture.

BREAKING: DU'er chews off own fingers attempting to escape from the jungle called GD:Pffth!

BREAKING: Dick Cheney accused by restaurant owner of planting own pubic hair in food to file false

so you ring a guy up on a called 3rd strike and tell him to take 1st base....

yo lounge, can you do me a favor?

Investment Advice For All...

Does anyone else do this? Several times a day..

What's your favorite guilty-pleasure tee vee show?

guys...I'm about to use this ATM, I'll blog about it tomorrow....

ok i will admit this

Attention, armchair psychologists!

Huffing in the car with your kid

Zamboni Palin

O.K. Folks....join in on this conversation -

Bee and Chicken.

I'm Le Tired


Child Labor for McCain!

Can someone explain make up sex to me?

We got a robocall from Color Coded Duct Tape Tommy Ridge today.

Woohooooo! Let's go Mountaineers!

I am needing a better way to transport the kitty's to the vet- do these really work?

You wanna carve a pumpkin? Let's try this:

So is anyone taping the World Series Game #2. It's the seventh inning stretch!

kitten picture of the day for Friday October 24

Some poor housewife is decaying in her kitchen, and it's all my fault

I hate it when south park does a two parter

Hey , I can cook

Megadeth....Angry Again.......

So, I've gotten so desperate

So I'm putting my toe in the Mac pond, buying a used Apple iMac G3

If loving fried plantains is wrong

PowerPoint Vista Question

Bad tattoo ideas?

Beyonce changes her name to "Sasha Fierce..." LOL.

Precocious Youngster Sells Cookies To Buy Attack Ad

Why are Romans always portrayed with British accents?

We women have cornered the market on passive aggressive behavior and poor communication

You women kill me.

Father came home from the hospital today with a case of Diverticulitis.

As you know, I think Ron Howard artistically sophomoric. BUT! His politics are great! Video here.

I just caught myself talking to my computer

Is this All-Bran commercial real?

The letter bee in the news reminded me of this old poem from the 60s

Who should Obama appoint as Secretary of Humor?

my state senate race is a food fight

I've seen the term B-girl a couple times lately

she's a post turtle ... (sarah palin that is)

Fuck the news, I am going out for a bike ride!!!

Do you need a little inspiration?

How do I contact Rapture Ready about ratcheting up the index?

DILF appreciation thread

Anyone going to see Saw V?

Why do people in dubbed movies always speak in English?

I am a scofflaw.

Last night I was assaulted!

NFL Trivia Question: What 2 Quarterbacks were drafted in the 1st Round of the Same Year

Anybody getting a little high...

Name needed of $150K clothing scandal. I propose "Sarah's Wardrobe Malfunction"

DILFer appreciation thread..

I pornography a regular part of your life?

Why are Romanians always portrayed with British accents?

Am I strange?

I'm leaving soon for "communist country" in the "non- real" Virginia!

I saved money at the McDonalds drive through today

Coolest Halloween pumpkin EVER!

I'm tired of being alone.

If you had to leave the USA forever, what country would you go to?

Yay! My 1,000th post...wahoo, - to celebrate I might turn the heat on

Kitten picture of the day addendum

One of my cats has decided to sleep in my backpack

My little baby had eye surgery today.

has there been a thread about the new guns n' roses song/album yet?

Does anyone want a cat?

I Am Comfortably Numb

The Dark Knight meets Superman - From Family Guy vol.6


I keep seeing this ad on DU

Found it! In case anybody else is looking for the Monster Flag Pin of Doom

Is Tony Romo Better Then Brett Favor?

What are the 5 last albums/cd you listenrf to in there entirerty?

Sometimes my job is fun, or at least funny...

So yesterday this guy comes to me asking for money and tells me his sob story.

I just told a woman off in the Library....


My daughter is getting married tomorrow

The hits just keep coming. My cat Shamu had a seizure this morning.

Any Loungers going to be in the Pittsburgh/Monroeville area this weekend?

Who Else Is In A Foal Mood?

Ashley Todd Changes Story! Joe the Plumber did it! But she forgives him and they will get married!

Favorite Freeper Quote: "If it sounds too good to be true..."

MN/WI DU'ers: Are any of you angry about Sarah Palin's butchering of your accent?

If the POTUS / VP candidates were phones...sorry if already posted

I can't read Kant

Yowza! Hanging out in GD:P, I just remembered why I had a certain someone on Ignore

stupid sci-fi channel-stupid spike tv!!!!

Update: We are smitten with the kitten

All the stuck up assholes in the lounge.... check in here.


Why are cats sleeping on you so comforting?

Ashley Todd Now Says She was Attacked By Ashley Judd.

Uhmmm, FLvegan... According to this e-mail I just received...

All DU motorcycle riders check in here!!!!

Look out everybody. I can now become a licensed substitute teacher in Massachusetts!

can y'all help me out - I need some links to show why T Boone Pickens is up to no good...

If you would like to vote for the photos for the DU 2009 Calendar...

Ashley Todd identifies attacker from photo ...

Should I sell my old Portland punk records?

The 80s strike back! Bought rice cakes. Liked them.

Since Obama wants to rescue a pet from a shelter, lets come up with names for the critters.

Brenda The Maid Sent Me This Pic Of Midlo's Terlet

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my Physician planning on not accepting any insurance.

Ashley Todd will now announce that she was attacked by Midlo's Bunco Brigade

Have you ever used the :evilfrown: smiley?

New Freeperism

CROSS POST POLL: What can McCain do now to win?

Why do repukes call liberals "Fascists"? Fascism is a right-wing ideology.

Running is a difficult exercise, but it doesn't burn many calories, does it?

WTF - I'm told I can't cancel my reservation because it was a no-cancel rate??!!!

If you're a fellow animal-lover, this photo will make you melt!

Post pics of dumb things that you've done to your face!

Yes...I just won a LOT of Money !!

Some poor housewife is decaying in her kitchen, and it's all LeftyMom's fault.

Found a wallet in the street today.


Are there any WOW players in the lounge?

I ran into John McCain this morning

That new "High School Musical" movie looks...cloyingly cute.

The ___________ thought of the day (props to Aristus)

Who Else Is In A Bowl of Food?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/24/08

Who Else Is In A Foul Mood?

Does anyone remember this joke?

PHOTO: "Smoked Pulled Pork BBQ Waffle," 27th & Park, New York

I need a glow-in-the-dark wiener whistle!

Praise Cheeses

Rank the Following Actors Best to Worst Pt III

We should see Thomcat online tonight

A little story I might share with you

Rank the following Actors Meh to Ugh

Okay, so why are there no Sweeney Todd Halloween Costumes?

Anyone interested in making a video in response to Michelle Bachmann's "apology?"

Brian Griffin endorses Obama.

Easiest Halloween costume EVER -- Ashley Todd

rush limbaugh is looking at buying an nfl franchise

Any good jokes about lying?

Shit....I Just Stepped In Dog Crap In My New Boots....Pissed Me Off!

So I was thinking for Halloween I could paint on a black eye and write !tfaT eidmoZ on my face

Nap time, but PIE FIRST. then nappy time

A brilliant new FAIL for those of you who haven't ventured into GDP lately.

Oh sna... wait... what?

Its Official: Michele Bachmann Plays Bunco

A timely message from OBL

If the dog next door was barking, I would squirt it with the hose

I did THE most incredible thing today

Kant can't read DU

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 10/24/2008)

An Autumn Stroll Through My *Blue* Neighborhood (lots of pics)

DU this poll!!!

Are there any good recipes that use Indian corn?

What's everyone going to be for Halloween? Post a pic of your costume here!

Palin mad libs

My modest task list for the day has been completed!

and Caption this Palin and Todd pic...

Who Else Is In A Fowl Mood?

Am I the only one who can't write on a straight line?

Beer PSA:

Parche, I have a plane for you.

What's your favorite Live Concert DVD?

Ashley Todd Now Says She Was Attacked By A Gorn

this is why i don't keep in touch with my dad or his side of the family


Some poor housewife is de-gaying her kitchen, and it's all my fault.

If people from FR are FReepers, and people from DU are

whats your favorite Harry Nillson song??

Hello, everyone. Happy day. Just waiting for the world to end.

Is a guy's sex appeal enhanced if he can cook?

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVA*************

MrsG needs to answer her phone

CaliforniaPeggy Appreciation Thread

Lounge Skiers: Enlighten me of Telluride....

RIP Merl Saunders

Can you believe that fucking M$ troll Nomad559 tried to re-register AGAIN?

Is anyone else as excited for Left4Dead as I am?

Oh, my - drool - David Gilmour live in Gdansk 5 LP (180g) set

KitchenWitch Appreciation Thread

Is this too harsh a letter to my mother?

Why do Nazis in WWII movies always speak with English accents?

So I rented the new Indiana Jones movie.

Can someone tell me if this letter is rude,(please dont let it drop i need advice)

can i get some suggestions for budget gifts for the upcoming season?

Holy crap, I'm proud of Apple.

would it be in bad taste to carve an ass-backward "B" on a pumpkin this year?

What's hanging from your rear view mirror?

Study: 3 Cups of Coffee a Day May Shrink Women's Breasts

Johnny Cash - I Am The Nation

Oh my God...It's happened!

Due to circumstances of no particular interest to anyone but myself, I have GOOD VIBES FOR EVERYONE!

Name a movie you were not able to finish

Believe it or not I actually like Vista except for 1 or 2 features including "search." Some help?

Have you ever Googled an old lover, and found something tragic?

I just dont get the kid rock hate

Friday Fun Post: What Are Your Least Favorite Halloween Candies/Treats?

I just realized that if Obama gets elected, we're gonna have a lot of jackbooted thugs to repurpose.

TILF appreciation thread

If you would like to vote for the photos for the DU 2009 Calendar...

What are you listening to right now?

The End of Karl Rove-Style Politics

Burning President Bush


Take The McCain Challenge

TYT: Cenk's Take On Sarah Palin's $150K Wardrobe

Olbermann: Worst Persons - 10/23 Dumbass Bill-O Defends McCain's Terrorist Connections

Michael Moore on Larry King - 10/23: 'Sad Underbelly of this Election' (PT. 2)

Michael Moore on Larry King - 10/23: 'Obama Vs. Ignorance' (PT. 3)

Michael Moore on Larry King - 10/23: On a Potential President Palin (PT. 4)

Sarah Palin - It Just Gets Worse (British TV)

Banks using TAXPAYER's $$ buy banks NOT HELP HOMEOWNERS!

TYT: Kernville Freedom Festival October 25th

Michael Moore on Larry King - 10/23: Michael Welcomes Aboard Repubs for Obama (PT. 5)

Dry Hump the Vote

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: Vote Early/ Vote Obama

Fox and O'Reilly Finally Admit they are Republican Shills

McCain - Palin Interview with Brian Williams Day 2

Obama "thriller" Animation

"America, now is not the time for small plans..."

Dear Sen. McCain - Sheryl

Dear. Sen. McCain - Retired USMC captain John

Ashley Todd - Is this story real? (

Military members and families speak out against McCain

Palin Defends Children's Travel Expenses

Karl Rove Slams Pennsylvanians - He Can't Cover This One Up!

McCain campaign muzzles Muslim worker who stood up to a right wing bigot.

Dear Sen. McCain - on his not supporting the GI bill

Sara Palin: Queen of the Wild Frontier

Nevada Early Vote Guide

Howard Zinn on taxes and class war

McCain might skip his own election-night party

Dear. Sen. McCain - Gilda, mother of a fallen soldier

Obama Bandit Attacks McCain Supporter?

Former Bush Press Secretary (Scott McClellan) Backs Obama

Michelle for Adopt Five in Florida

My First Project

Jury issues continue to beset Stevens trial

District 12 (FL) voters have clear options

Palin Mucks Up McCain's Stance On Stem Cells

Barack Obama for President- NY Times Endorsement

Calif. gay marriage ban backers target businesses

Lebanese Shiite cleric opposes US-Iraq pact

Ronald Reagan Explains Why Progressive Economics Works

Obama's Spanish Campaign Video (early version)

delete me

Midwest high school copes with HIV scare

McCain and Palin - bad for women

Today's Polls, 10/23: McCain on Life Support

Biden says McCain is getting out of control

European stock index futures point to drop at open

Global Stocks, U.S. Futures Fall, Led by Carmakers; Yen Rallies

UK's Sky News interviews 9/11 hero and survivor William Rodriguez

Statistician Predicts Obama Wins with 344 Electoral Votes

The Threatened Blue Whale

Palin talks about wardrobe flap, double standard for women and special education

Palin changes tune on 'feminist' label (CNN)

Barack Obama for President (NYT editorial)

Lieberman and White House on future attack

Spending rose in Palin's Alaska administrations

POLL: Tinklenberg now leads strong GOP 6th District (leading Bachmann 47 to 44 percent)

Former Bush press secretary backs Obama

Opec ministers decide to cut oil production amid concerns about falling demand.

Republican Jewish group uses Clinton in anti-Obama ad (CNN)

Obama Speaking Spanish In New Ad.

McCain surrogate tells Dominican (Univ.) students to prepare for war with Iran in next four years

Did Nostradamus Predict the Rise of Sarah Palin?

Sarah PalinTribute by the Raging Grannies

The two McCains

Xerox to cut 3,000 jobs in next six months

Voting Tips for Washington State

Review: Will Ferrell on SNL

Palin On Abortion Clinic Bombers Terrorists, Extended Version

Obama leading Mich. by 14 points (hints of down-ticket gains)

Passenger "hijacks" Russian internal flight-report

Pressed on Free Suits, Coleman Flack Repeats Same Non-Answer

Rachel Maddow: Palin going all mavericky on McCain, rats fleeing sinking ship, w/ Rosa Brooks

Thailand and Cambodia vow peace

"Better, Bolder"

Four held in connection with Pakistan hotel blast

China: Additives Draft Law Reviewed

Lines Form Early To See Governor Palin (Ozarks)

Millionaire Palin Defends Her $150,000 Shopping Spree

Early Voting Update: Democrats Dominate in W. Va.

Reed calls Harkin ‘Tokyo Rose of al Qaida’

Joe Biden Rally in Charleston, West VA, October 24, 2008

In China, Steps to Ease Mortgages as Real Estate Loses Its Sizzle

Russia suspends trading amid oil fears

GOP argument: Don't give President Obama a blank check

US at odds with UN over scale of Afghan opium production decline

New Obama Ad - "Try This"

Furious Stock Selloff Takes Historic Tone

Heiruspecs - "Get Up"

McCain backer questioned after alleged attack

CNN News: Abbie Hoffman doesn't trust anyone UNDER 30 too (1984)

Forgotten candidates for US president may still impact race

Stock markets plunge across world

Gallup Daily: Obama Keeps Lead Among LV - Obama lead at 5 to 7 points among likely voters

Police press conference on the mugging hoax

CREW files FEC complaint against Gov. Palin/RNC for violating campaign finance laws...

EU formally renews ties with Cuba (BBC)

McCain Volunteer Changes Attack Story

Police: 'Inconsistencies' In Story Of Politically Motivated Attack (Ashley Todd)

B Girl confesses

Police: Campaign Worker Admits Making Up Story (HOAX)

Fox News VP: If McCain Worker 'Mutilation' Story is a Hoax His Campaign is 'Over'

CNN News: Survivors of 1906 San Francisco Earthquake remember (1984)

ABC News: Reagan's Presidential directive on fighting terror (1984)

MN Dems rip another GOPer's wardrobe

Houston Voter Registrar claims rampant voter-fraud to Disenfranchise HUNDREDS of new (Dem) voters.

Olbermann Campaign Comment: Joe the Failed Campaign Gimmick

Palin appointed friends and donors to key posts in Alaska, records show

Palin stylist draws higher pay than policy adviser

Hoax - McCain Volunteer Created Attack Story

Court issues stay of execution for Troy Davis

Buchanan/Braden: Guest Gore Vidal (1984)

Police: McCain volunteer made up robbery story

GOP 'goner' list warns of House rout (58, count 'em, 58 R house seats at risk).

Michelle Obama in Ohio Today: "We Love You Michelle!"

HAPPENING NOW: Michelle Obama fills in (CNN)

N.C. races could turn on black voter turnout

Treasury mulls insurer aid program: sources

GOP Efforts to Scrutinize Voter Registrations Make Little Headway

Appeals court stays Davis execution

David Strathairn on MSNBC's Morning Joe on youth vote. Peggy Nooners worries about equal votes

GOP charges (Gov) Kaine 'conspiring' with Obama to add pardoned felons to voter rolls

S&P cuts New York Times credit rating to junk

Joe McCain Calls 911 To Complain About Traffic

North Korea clamps down on mobile phones to stop news of food crisis

Obama spending more on ads than all but AT&T and Verizon

3 army colonels fired in Colombia for killings (Bush's South American ally)

Will Ferrell, Tina Fey on SNL (10-23-08)

PNC Financial to Buy National City for $5.2 Billion

Bush votes early for McCain

CNN Reports on McCain Supporter Attack Hoax

(Rep. Barney) Frank envisions post-election stimulus from Democrats (and military cuts)

Mail warns financial institutions of "payback"

Woman admits making up McCain sticker attack, police say

(PBGC) US agency loses $4 bln, seeks to reassure retirees

BERG v. OBAMA et al (Obama cannot be named President)

Palin’s Makeup Stylist Fetches Highest Salary in 2-Week Period

Ringling Bros. Circus to Go on Trial for Elephant Abuse

October 24, 2008: The Day in 100 Seconds

Small Georgia bank is 16th US bank failure in 2008 (Alpha Bank & Trust)

Ex-generals: Review Bush's detention authority

Palin calls for increasing funding for special-needs children

Execution Delayed for Convict in 1989 Ga. Killing

More Republicans jump ship - Weld, McClellan support Obama

Hillarry Needs You to Volunteer

The McCain Campaign may not want you to see this

An Important Message from Barack Obama about (Oregon Senate candidate) Jeff Merkley

As an Issue, Taxes Favor Obama: Polls Lean Toward Democrat on a Traditional GOP Strength

Carnahan's cars defaced outside his St. Louis home

NRCC invokes September 11 attacks

The McCain Presidency: Day Two

Bush casts early vote for McCain; ballot to be sent to Texas

McCain's Private Visit With Chilean Dictator Pinochet Revealed For First Time

Olbermann: Disgusting GOPer Mocking Obama and 'Gramma' (w/ Sam Seder)

U.S. has plundered world wealth with dollar: China paper

Hope for Healthcare

Four Reasons Ohio Needs Barack

Chrysler to cut 25 percent of salaried work force

Charlie Rose: Paul Krugman talks about a potential economic stimulus plan

Reagan Appointee and (Recent) McCain Adviser Charles Fried Supports Obama

New Allegations in Mahoney Sex Scandal (US Rep.-Florida)

Palin testifies to investigator in ethics dispute

Palin calls Bush a major obstacle for campaign

Iraq's prime minister won't sign U.S. troop deal

Eight Is Enough!

Obama Arrives in Hawaii to Visit Ailing Grandmother

Iran holding American student in prison

Obama fundraising drops as McCain's cash dwindles

Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off

Bali bombers to be executed 'next month'

'Joe the Plumber' Mulling Run for Congress

Execution put on hold for man convicted in cop's murder

Malaysia Muslim body issues fatwa against tomboys

The Republican voter fraud has already been committed.

Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Brother found killed

Brian Griffin Formally Endorses Obama!

Halloween Display Or Hate Crime?

Early voting problems in 2 counties in Ga., Tenn.; 1 county has to hand-count absentee ballots

Lieberman: Working hard for McCain; prepared to bring people together if he fails

(Pittsburgh) Police say charges will be filed (McCain Camp volunteer confesses to making up story)

Hillary on McCain's "Rose-Colored Glasses"

Obama: Grandmother may not see Election Day

McCain Flubs another Attack

Bachmann tapes apology ad

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 24, 2008 - Thread #2

Poll: 1 Percent of French Prefer McCain

Renewed Crackdown On Illegal Immigrants; U.S. Plans to Target 140,000 Employers

Fox News VP: If Ms.Todd's Story is a Hoax McCain Campaign Over

Obama visits ailing grandmother 10/24/2008

Looks like our Ashley has a little history with the racial hate-mongerring for McSame

Joe Biden: Kitchen Table

GOP incumbents suddenly in danger

"The Last Republican" - Prt4: Brown People (& Steve Schmidt)

Joe McCain calls 911 to complain about traffic

AT&T to hike phone rates (10%-25%)

Steve Forbes Slams Obama's Tax Plan

Michael Moore on Larry King - 10/23: 'Socialism for the Rich' (PT. 1)

Another Surprise: 'Hartford Courant' To Endorse Obama, Only 2nd Democrat Ever (in 244 years)

Irish Fiddlers for Obama

Ind. Supreme Court won't rush early voting tiff

Running on empty, motor city (Detroit) where houses sell for £500

School Censors "9/11 Truth Now" Shirt - Kid Fights for His Right to Free Speech

Attempted Citizens Arrest Of Karl Rove---The Young Turks

Sarah Palin talks about wardrobe flap ('If people only knew how frugal we are')

There is Nothing False About Hope. Now We Vote.

TYT: Awesome New Ad 'Special Place In Hell'---Should Obama Use It? Maybe A 527?

Girl who was supposedly attacked shows her voter registration stuff...

Apple: No On Prop 8

Are These The Top Ten Worst Halloween Candies?---The Young Turks

McCain camp defends Palin in wardrobe flap (attacks media's "double standard")

Bachmann: 'Not All Cultures Are Equal'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 24

Obama - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Gospel version)

The 'truthometer' on Dead Intern Scarborough. McCain's pants are on fire.

TYT: Is John McCain Falling Apart?

Saturday Night Live: President Bush gives endorsement to McCain-Palin

Survey: Doctors Give Placebos, Don't Tell

The vet who wouldn't vet - a cautionary tale about John and Sarah

(Ashley Todd) Video Blog #1 from Niagara #litf08

Rachel Maddow Show: Greenspan Says 'I Was Wrong' (w/ Rep. Waxman)

Existing home sales see largest gain in years

October 23, 2008: The Day in 100 Seconds

SNL spoofs CNN magic map

Just for the hell of it: a picture thread!

Hillary Clinton stars in ad for Al Franken

Students Face Heat For "Hit A Jew Day"

Palin 'Doesn't Know' If Abortion Clinic Bombers Are Terrorists

Rep. Bernard Sanders vs. Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan

POWERFUL ad from the "Wassup" guys!

New York Times: Barack Obama for President

John McCain Sings: NOW Crazy, After All These Years

As a Republican, Who Should You Vote For?

In times like these

Israel and the Current Capitalist Crisis

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: Rebranding the U.S. With Obama

Palin and husband to testify Friday

The George Wallace We Forgot (Rhymer / NYT)

Alan Greenspan Draws a CasaBLANKa

How Safe Is This Election?

McCain wants India to be part of extended G-8

Marx was right

what comedian Jerry Lewis told me about the presidential election...

A McCain "Win" Will Be Theft, Resistance Is Planned

Forget 'Joe the Plumber' — Meet 'John the Village Idiot'

Bernanke Is Fighting the Last War .... Anna Schwartz

Inequality in major U.S. cities rivals Africa: U.N.

GOP files criminal complaint against Lunsford (McConnell's opponent)

Florida's GOP Lawmakers Blamed For Early-Voting Lines

The REAL Reason Palin Has Refused to Release Her Medical Records

Polls apart: Why survey results don't agree

Acorn’s Tally of New Voters Was Vastly Overstated

Shocking Poll Results: McCain Trails Obama Even Among the KKK!

One in Four Companies Planning Layoffs

Robert Parry: McCain Enflames 'Partisan Rancor'

Is the Southern Strategy Dead?

Predatory Scapegoating

Local Republicans cry foul on signs *snicker*

Exec VP of Fox "News" laments BGirl incident, before proven false

McCain's Latest 'Working Class Zero: 'Ashley the Masochist'

A Moment in Time

Is It 1929 All Over Again?

The George Wallace We Forgot

Not Sure If You're Going To Vote For Obama? Consider The Judicial Apocalypse That McCain Would Usher

Last Chapter of a Storybook Campaign; "a fine line between engrossed and obsessed"

I had a letter from "M.G. McDonald" slipped under my mailbox today

Halloween Candy

Ashley Todd is 2008’s Tawana Brawley

Tweety just called McCain's campaign the "Seinfeld Campaign"

The GOP Has Finally Imploded - E.J. Dionne, The New Republic

In These Times: All Work, No Play

Sadistic and impotent old men frequently "compensate" by sending young men into slaughterhouse wars.

Between Yesterday and Tomorrow

"Militarizing the 'Homeland': NORTHCOM's Joint Task Force-Civil Support" by Tom Burghardt 10-13-2008

Friday Talking Points (53) -- Why McCain Is Losing, And Why Democrats Shouldn't Say So

Joe Galloway: Commentary: Republicans summon ugly old ghosts

Global Warming: Stronger Than Expected, Sooner Than Forecast

Russ Warner Closing in on GOP Icon David Dreier

Young workers do better with unions

Weekend Economists, October 24-26, 2008

TYT: Cenk's Take On Michael Savage's New Ridiculous/Racist Comments

Gates acknowledges stress on families

Sears gift registry for troops violates rules

Widows testify in fragging trial

Consolidation of Va. Army, Air guards opposed

Commander sees future troop cuts in Anbar

U.S. hands over another Iraqi province

ROA wants answers on denied reserve claims

180 S.D. guardsmen get homecoming

Pentagon reviews vets’ claims program

Navy investigating H-58C training crash

Steps taken to make sure sailors can vote

DoD may pay for move in landlord foreclosure

Family identifies Marine killed in non-combat incident

Navy trains Iraqi water patrol

Russia vows not to block renewal of U.N. mandate

Constant contact

U.S. to release 2,000 in Iraq in prelude to Hajj

Rising dollar isn’t luring airmen off base

200 military absentee votes in jeopardy

Military update: VA vows new GI Bill payments to begin on schedule

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Messiah Deficit Disorder

I Was Wrong! Alan Greenspan

Anyone going to be near Oklahoma City Friday? Readthis:

Focus on the Family Article & Poll, Can Gays Switch?

Apple No On 8 - donates $100,000 to No On 8!

Another 'Free Gaza' boat to set sail

Israel's key Shas party will not join coalition

PCHR Condemns Eruption of Violence at Gaza City’s al-Azhar University

Who knew Jerry Lewis was this much of a bigot?

From "Truth" To "Penguins" To "Flow", Documentaries Chronicle Beauty Of Earth, Humans' Unease - CNN

Poland Considering Working With China To Ensure GHG Treaties Don't "Harm Their Economies" - Reuters

Releases Of Nitrogen Triflouride, A Potent GHG, Four Times Higher Than Estimated - Reuters

Bee Breeders Working Hard To Bring Improved & Gentle Hygienic Bees To Market - AFP

Top coal CEO not buying the carbon capture "clean coal" myth

Schwarzenegger Throws Switch At First New CA Solar Thermal Plant In 20 Yrs - ENS

Affordable printable plastic solar panels

Research Ship Polarstern Returns To Bremerhaven - Discovers Evidence Of Massive Sediment Movement

Why do they ask ..."where will the money come from?"

Calpers Looks to Shore Up Assets

Futures trading was halted this morning.

Russian default risk tops Iceland as crisis deepens

Yen Rose Last Night To 90 To The Dollar!

What Happened to Truth-in-Lending?

Who is Ben Terton and why should we believe he knows this much about Obama's (and Kerry's) plans?

Greenspan Concedes Error on Regulation

Conservative propaganda re:CRA/Fannie debunking site

Walmart's Faux Greening = McCain's Faux Change

Oh my, the yen is rising

Advice for the newly paupered

US Dollar Death Dance

Jobs Losses Mount As Recession Deepens

With Prices Low, I Want to Buy--Advice Requested

Can We Save the World Economy?

Boeing strikers stand up to outsourcing

Today in labor history Oct 24 20,000 whites and blacks together, in support of demands for union

Today in labor history Oct 23 Petroleum refinery in Pasadena, Texas, kills 23 and injures 314

US cuts off trade benefits to Bolivia over drugs

Naval Blockade of Cuba - 46 Years Ago Today

Massive Political Upheaval in Bolivia Signals the Decline of U.S. Influence in Latin America

CHINA Joins Inter-American Development Bank

3 army colonels fired in Colombia for killings

Announcing CEPR's Daily Latin American News Round-up

European Parliament condemns Chávez for political rights abuses in Venezuela

Good Lord. Child Porn Arrest

Oh fuck me

Should casino sports owners be allowed to operate a sports book?

World Series looks wet in Philadelphia

Up to four New Orleans Saints tested Positive

How to Take American Health Care From Worst to First (Kerry, Gingrich, Beane)

Half of Doctors Routinely Prescribe Placebos

Benadryl induced rampage

Graphoanalysis - Personality study . take this test

ANY experience with BAD entities? NEED HELP!!! urgent!

This sunset was beautiful

Thanksgiving is late this year; the 27th...

east fork little pigeon river

one tree, three colors?

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Obama Campaign Chocolates

The best cancer-fighting foods

Babylonian captivity of ancient Israelites: definitely myth or possibly fact?

I pray regularly. Not something you would probably expect from me.

I have a question regarding a simple "God Bless You" in response to a sneeze

New feathered dinosaur discovered

You know, I've posted a lot of things here....

Space and politics

Friday Night Eye Candy (Stressed? Chill with the stars....)

Mars pioneers should stay there permanently, says Buzz Aldrin

New York Times endorsement: Barack Obama for President

Hey there Texans!

Winning is Sweeeeeeet !

The Daily Texan (UT Campus newspaper) endorses Barack Obama

107 year old Denton woman votes for Obama and has voted for every Dem.since Al Smith in 1928.

Today's High School Students Less Likely to Graduate Than Their Parents

Canadian media downplays Canada's complicity in torture

Federal government runs $1.7B August deficit

C-Span2 has the Seantorial debate up

Tinklenberg leads by 3 in KSTP Poll

A bruised Bachmann loses GOP ad support

Are there any TV ads for Keith Ellison or Betty McCollum?

Bachmann tapes apology ad

Are any DUers in Minneapolis planning an election day party?

NRCC pulling subtle race card on Madia

Journal Sentinel Endorses Brower!

Just got a Tom Ridge hate call

observation # 3817 on lawn signs