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LOL. Now this is just sad. Robocall from McLoser

Sorry world, I'll vote next time...

11 days left. Looks like mclame is going to live until the election

Biden: McCain would need a Halloween costume to camoflauge his Bush loyalty!

John "the race is over forever linked to race baiting" McCain

Keith has Palin's fruitfly blunder, Race baiter fraud, 911 mcCain call and Billo

U.S. plans diplomatic office in Iran: (supports Obama's comments)

Is it anecdotal, or are there fewer McCain/Palin Bumper Stickers?

The Republican Party: Story of the Three R's

Newsweek Poll: Obama 53%, Mccain 41% Among Likely Voters

So it's confirmed now: You have to be crazy to be a McCain supporter.

Sarah Palin shops designer resale in real life -- at "Out of the Closet"! (good story)

OK, I'm pretty worried right now...

Under the Radar: Revealing the hidden attacks from McCain and his partners.

Why is the "Liberal Media" ignoring the Palin AIP story?

Oh boyfriend is screaming on the phone at his sister, she said Obama is a muslim

Irony: The Palin family income is *almost* a quarter million dollars a year.

KO is leading off w/ the Palin "special needs policy speech"! As a parent of an autistic boy...

Got a spare shovel? Bachmann: Obama isn’t ‘anti-American,’ but his views are.»

The aftermath of Ashley Todd’s story

McCain's stimulus package would include Palin shopping spree to pump $375 billion into economy

Tom Ridge: Pennsylvania would be looking different if I was VP choice

John Moody/Fox: It's over

Who did KO just say referred to Obama as "a Muslim and a Socialist"?

Please DU this poll from my local newspaper...

Another poll to put a smile on your face: Bachmann

Wow, Pittsburgh PD really made a statement Frog Marching Todd through that parking lot....

Ok, I know this is old news but I just saw the "Bush" endorsement of McCain on SNL

KO who's watching, he is on fire and it's just the intro!!!


My 6 year old brother recognizes Obama

Fox News Exec John Moody on 10/23: "If b-girl turns out to be a hoax, McCain is finished."

This is hysterical, but I need a Photoshop wizard...

Ok, I love, but this line just left me shaking my head...

Something to look for when scanning the state polls. The Obama+McCain number

Lynn Samuels should've been in worst persons.

Ashley's on now

I Saw An Obama Campaign Ad On The Outdoor Channel Last Night

OMFG ! Lttes in local paper.

I just discovered...

Pennsylvania Republicans Send False Anti-Obama E-mail

Back-stabbing and Recriminations Begin but McCainTeam Insists He Can Still Win

What's Your Saturday (Tomorrow) Looking Like?

CNN: credit where credit's due on the mugging hoax...

Okay, I Take Back My Good Thoughts For Ashley Todd

"Thank God she's not going to have to be president from Day One"

Scott McClellan backs Obama

MSNBC: Palin says Bush is "No. 1 problem for the GOP ticket," NOT Sarah Palin! WOW! USA! USA! USA!

Just remember the polls rise for McCain on the weekends, and rise for Obama

I think the McCain camp decided "B-Girl" was worth a gamble. They had nothing to lose and everything

Ms. Palin thinks earmark money goes to Paris - that's in France - research firms?

New York Times - Barack Obama for President

Obama-- Largest Share of White Voters of Any Democrat in More Than Three Decades

VIDEO Palin Drops Puck at Blues Games

Joe the Plumber signifies everything that is wrong in America

Profound thanks to the Pittsburgh police

What will Ashley Todd's future be once she gets out of prison?

This from CNN - Joe the plumber congressional run in '10?

Surest sign of Republican panic - public apologies!

Newsweek Poll: Obama Leads 53-40

White support for Obama at historic level -- higher than Bill Clinton

Original KDKA report showing McCain camp pushing incendiary version of the "mugger" story

So how many times did the VP of FOX race-bait in yesterday's blog? I count four.

Why newspaper endorsements are important...

It's great that Ashley Todd is being held responsible BUT it's not justice unless...

Ridiculous statements by Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma- Thought you'd find this amusing

Palin reality TV show coming?

Did anyone else hear Rachel say that everyone she has on from Alaska

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe reports on early voting

Is There An Accurate List Of republicans That Have endorsed Obama?

Republican Gov. William Weld of Mass and former Republican Gov. Arne Carlson of Minn endorsed Obama

Report from McCain rally in Durango Colorado

Combating McCain's New Meme by saying WE Want Change, NOT Gridlock!

Did I miss Hannity's coverage of Todd's assault tonight?

Does Ami Strozzi (Palin's makeup artist) ....

Do you think Hagel will endorse or not? nt

"The reason the Republicans found Joe the Plumber was to find someone hanging around a toilet ...

Letters not to carve into your face backwards to prove your loyalty to the cause

Well I guess all these Republicans jumping

Larry King Live is good! It's Obama republicans vs. McCain republicans!

Early vote in CO and FL is basically even between Dems and Reps.

McCain's chance to capitalize while Obama's been off the trail has been fruitful (Dialup Warning)

Go Keith Go! Ticker readers "McFraud"!

(satire) McCain Downplays McCain's Endorsement of Obama

Palin to Speak in Asheville, NC on Sunday. Can you say "Demonstration"? I knew ya could!

Would it be fair to say that the three people most responsible for the coming victory are...

Can we please stop calling him Joe "The Plumber" I much prefer

Battleground states: PA, VA, NC, FL, OH, IN, & MO

List keepers: Add William Weld to the roster of Republicans for Obama

McCain becoming Prez was Lieberman's last chance to rub his turncoat in our face

Goergia Early Voting Turnout Demographics

McCain wants to concentrate the wealth further ...


Obama's Final Week Plans

"If the world could vote." Map Rachel just showed.

So imagine that you are a republican thinking of running for office in 2010...

Did anyone else think Palin looked like crap today in her policy speech?

I really wish the media would quit with all the "McCain toast" articles and talk.

Has anybody seen an Arizona poll done in October?


***Official Voting Early was a Little Anticlimatic Thread*************

Wassup 2008 (This will make you smile!)

Saw my first McCain 527 ad on TV attacking Obama

Self Delete

The "B" was NOT backwards

White voter support for Senator Obama highest for any democratic nominee in decades, polls say

Newsweek-Obama 53% McFraudulentRacist 41%

Obama Has Burst in Ad Spending in Early October - $82 million in two weeks.

I want to win by two touchdowns!

So are Ashley Todd's voting rights revoked now?

Anderson Cooper is getting ready to resurrect Reverend Wright!

OK, NOW I'm worried

The Devil Wears Prada.....

Where ignorance is bliss

KO intro tonight: 'John "Quest For The Presidency Over Forever Linked To Race Baiting" McCain'

NEW! Ohio PPP Poll: Barack Obama leads 51-44!!

Today's Polls, 10/24, by Nate Silver


900,000 have voted in Georgia, 830,000 in North Carolina, and 470,000 in Florida

Vote to secure the mandate to govern!

All the best to Barack's grandma, Madelyn Dunham -"Toot"

Ben Smith pretty much sucks.

I just don't trust this country

McCain to re-re-name his campaign

Obama makes Joe theRacist, Douchebag, Faux , Unlicensed Plumber 'scared' for nation

AC360 - Conversation on Rev. Wright may have been more productive than I give credit.....

"B-Girl: The Early Years" with added theme song!

"B-Girl: The Early Years" with added theme song!

Huffington Post: "Increasingly gloomy" Republicans say, off record, "the 2008 cake is baked"

Yeah-Go "Nixon"- that'll help

Yeah-Go "Nixon"- that'll help

More AA Democrat's have voted in NC than all the Republicans put together

We're not very good at gloating, are we?

Just opened my fortune cookie: "Change is the watchword of progression"

CNN: Call Anderson Cooper RE: Ashley Todd & his Obsessive Rev. Wright Fixation!- I just did!

My God, Keith just DESTROYED Bill O'Really.

"I said Grow a pie, not Throw a Pie!"

Assuming we hang on, how can we keep Big Media from executing Clinton Redux?

Obama opens second largest lead of the election (based on RCP polling averages)

When will McCain's Pennsylvania Communication Director Resign?

On Rachel: Very good interview with Ken Salazar from CO! He's sounding

Palin's stylist makes more than foreign policy adviser

Should John McFraudulentRacist Apologize To The African American Community ?

GOP group pulling ads in Colo. Senate race (the retreat continues)

Fox VP: Hate crime hoax means McCain’s campaign is ‘over, forever linked to race-baiting.’

Repost request: "Get A Brain Morans" with a backwards B

Two new polls show Michele Bachmann now trailing her Democratic opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg

The "Walk": Obama in Hawaii in his old neighborhood

They Boo'd Her Again in St. Louis! Puck Drop n/t

Can we all please agree on one thing? When we win on November 4th...

Help needed - a friend just got a flyer

Gallup: Early Voting About Equal

Freeper WTF thread of the day

The irony about Rev. Wright

Palin's make up artist is the highest paid staffer in McCain's camp

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

"Barack Obama will be the underdog until the day he's sitting in the Oval Office."

THIS PISSES ME OFF! McCain won't bring up Rev. Wright, so Anderson Cooper will do it for him.

The Rachel Maddow show just choked me up

States Sized in Proportion to Electoral Votes - Predictions

WHOA! Palin threw Bush under the bus! Palin calls Bush a major obstacle for campaign.

How Would You Feel If You Were Obama's Grandmother?

They never F*N learn: Joe the plumber's DMV records illegally accessed, McCain camp blames Obama...

"Thank God" Palin isn't prez on Day One, Lieberman says

Fox VP: Hate crime hoax means McCain’s campaign is ‘over, forever linked to race-baiting.’

George Tenet and Spies For Obama?!

I can't believe it! Joe Biden is coming to my RED RED RED county here in FL!!!

I voted the straight Democratic ticket today

How should Team-Obama and Dems respond to the last-ditch message of the GOP which is:

The first graduate of John McCain & Sarah Palin's American Terrorist Madrases

Finally VOTED and mailed it! And same day, I finally got some of the Obama gear I ordered!

Obama Winning Over the Jewish Vote (more than 3 to 1)

The local TV news KDKA, WTAE, WPXI are really covering the McCain volunteer liar

About these Robo Calls

Who is canvassing tomorrow? Check in.

OMG - Goalie injured on Palin's carpet when she dropped the puck tonight!

ralph nader just said obama has no political courage

Richard Wolffe on Countdown tonight about Palin's ignorance

bigger gain to our campaign? B face Bull or katie couric?

Rght wing talker Don Wade sets scenario where Obama kills his grandmother?

Are you more Capitalist or Socialist?


Goalie Injured After Tripping on Palin Carpet

Goalie Injured After Tripping on Palin Carpet

Zogby Poll - Obama 51.1, McCain 41.6 - Obama leads by 9.5%

Is Gwen Ifill a closet RePUKE?

Waaaasup! The Pro-Obama Version

Everyone could use a laugh, I think - how about a Presidential Dance-Off? (link)

The ONLY thing I'll give Failin credit for....

Just got done watching the "John Adams" mini-series.... and one image is VERY striking...

Hey, has McCain/Palin released an UPDATED statement on Ashley Todd's actions yet?

Let's deluge Brokaw with demands that he question McCain

Sarah palin attracts some scary looking people.

Zogby O 51.1% -.2, Mc 41.6% +.6....

Obama Makes Visit to a Most Beloved Supporter (NYT)

Obama Around the World.

Ashley is more than a decade of Bushco coming home to roost.

Tom Ridge: "We'd be foolish not to admit" advantages of McCain-Ridge over McCain-Palin in PA


I'm sorry but the whole Ashley Todd things REEKS of an attempted Karl Rove "Oct. Surprise"

The $900 . . . . Spray - On - Tan !

Only 6 "weekday" news cycles left in the election

NYT: While McCain Looked Away, Florida Shifted (and so did Crist)

Michigan SOS

Will Obama do endorsement ads?

Shhh....Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting Biwth cewtificates.

Our Guy Is a Genius!

McCain's Brother Apologizes for Calling 911 to Complain about Traffic

Anybody else notice the parallels between the election and West Wing's final season?

My Father has never voted in his life...

Bill Clinton campaigns in KY, McConnell's state not likely, but...

Call me a skeptic, but I don't think Ashley Todd will help or hurt either campaign significantly...

Next Season on Dancing With The Stars!!

Bay Buchanan on LKL/CNN....the ONLY reason McCain isn't winning right now....

Obama's Big Lead in the Polls is Real: Salon

Are all of these polls for real? Or am I dreaming?

Are all of these polls for real? Or am I dreaming?

Bone picking here.That whippersnapper Obama, I

HOLY BAT ENDORSEMENTS! 100 bucks to the person who will actually count these up and tell us

Blues goalie injured after tripping on Palin carpet

McCain supporters define themselves after Palin rally in NV; "I'm not one of those far-right loons"

Palin starts cheering and applauding when a fight breaks out at hockey game (with her kids watching)

Anyone have tips to get Obama's autograph at a rally?

Houston TV reporting tonight on Ashley

Ashley Todd was the Lone Gunman in the depository of Republicanism in Pittsburgh

Hypothetical: If the President elect gets sick, dies, resigns, etc, etc...

NY Times: "Christian Right Intensifies Attacks on Obama" - read the whacked-out charges

Obama is the foil for John McCain

Obama is the foil for John McCain

This is why I am relieved Obama is leading the Democrats:

The Charlotte Observer endorses.........

McCain campaign appeals to voters "most like him"...

Will McPalin fall for a Putin or an Ahmadinejad hoax....

NY Times: Pennsylvania Republicans Send False Anti-Obama E-mail

Please DU this poll re: Joe the Plumber for Congress! LMAO!!

I could not believe Palin today said "I Kid You Not".........

Jesus Christ. I'm speechless. Totally, utterly speechless.

OK, I am getting CLOSE to feeling like nothing McLame tries at this point will work.....

Ed Rollins predicts Obama victory

Sarah Palin Swimsuit Video "I kid you not!"

Are We Going To Let The McFraudulentCampaign Get Away With The "B" Girl Ruse?

For your guilty viewing pleasure

The GOP Bigots after disrespecting Obama's mother now they disrespect his grandmother

Christian Right Intensifies Attacks on Obama

DU this West Virginia poll, please:

Watching Michelle Obama on C-SPAN right now. Difference between this and McCain before...infinite!

The Castro Brothers are scary!

McCain has to pick music from a dead musician so he won't get sued now?

Well, they proved themselves racists, didn't they?

The Michele Obama lobster dinner thing never happened, right?

C-SPAN caller: Obama is against Israel

Wow. Who else is getting to see these vile, vile ads sponsored by "Let Freedom Ring" ?'s 'Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off' (VIDEO)

O 52% M 40% ----DKos R2000 for 10/25 no change

Poll: Palin Hasn't Done Herself Any Favors For 2012

Poll: Palin Hasn't Done Herself Any Favors For 2012

Can you bring in a video camera into a voting booth.?

Polls Show Obama Gaining Among Bush Voters - New York Times

Polls Show Obama Gaining Among Bush Voters - New York Times

What's lost in the Ashley Todd story is...

B-Girl, a Red Herring? Friday Palin Testified to Investigator

Democratic officials plan to file FEC complaint against McCain campaign on Monday

Am I the Only One Concerned that Something "Freaky" Might Happen Before 11/ 4 ???...


Michelle Obama Delivers Democratic Radio Address - Encourages Americans To Vote (AUDIO)

Guilt by Association

--Did anyone else notice how....somber Eugene Robinson was tonight on KO?---

Dispelling tax cut myths at this website

Rally in Denver on Sunday 10/26

Republicant C-Span Caller-350,000 Black Men Killed In Viet Nam

I think I found the inspiration for Ashley Todd's 6'4" Black man. . .the "Mean 'Jan...Itor'"

Republicans, welcome to your own personal 1980

Top Five Mistakes of the McCain Campaign in the past Week

Give the gift of McCain!!

I get text alerts from Fivethirtyeight!

Wow New CO Poll. Rocky Mountain News/CBS4 Obama 52% McCain 40%

Zogby (yeah, I know): Obama lead on McCain slips to 9 points

Polls Show Obama Gaining Among Bush Voters

Ashley Todd: Own it!

Ashley Todd: Own it!

Chuck Todd.....It is NOT $66 Million to $35 Million!!!

the cincinnati enquirer had a guest columnist today

the cincinnati enquirer had a guest columnist today

Is DU Ready For November 4th?

Washington Post: Perceptions of Palin Grow Increasingly Negative, Poll Says

“thank God she’s not going to have to be president from day one. "

Poor NO AMMO in their warehouse...only buffalo chips...50 yard killing power

From Obama Action Wire:

Rasmussen-Obama 52% McCain 44%

OH POLL: Obama 49 (+3), McCrypt 46 (-2)

Rasmussen: O 52 McCain 44 (-1) (nt)

LOL- McCain's "small" businessman "Bob the Boat Builder"- his biz reported $67 million in revenue

There Are NO October Surprises, There Are Only October Straws

Texas Early Voting

Poll: Was B-girl meant to be McLame's October surprise?

new (old) Ashley Todd photo:

The bluest place in the U.S.

Palin allies report rising campaign tension

10 days, be vigilant, be strong, and shower regularly

Ashley Todd aftermath (yes another thread)

Ashley Todd aftermath (yes another thread)

The "B" Girl And The Perpetrators Who Burned Down The Reichstag

What's up in SC any word as far as polling or early voting

``No one in modern American history has been as far behind in the polls as Senator McCain and won.."

This is the best news all week!

Palin: 'I Don't Know' If Abortion Clinic Bombers Are Terrorists

Palin "spiked" the puck last night with Todd, Willow and Piper at her side.

Today's Public Schedule - Barack's Back on the Trail (Reno, Las Vegas, Albuquerque)


Decades From Now....

Obama Speaks Directly to Voters in New Two-Minute TV Ad (VIDEO)

It's time to say nice things about Sarah Palin

Charlie Cook: Obama Swinging For The Fences

That's why I love RealClearPolitics... "You can't Cherry-Pick results!"

Random Question: If You Go To An Interview, And The Interviewer Tells You That...

I like but wish they would show Nebraska's

Barr Predicts McCain Will Lose in Georgia

Photos: Sen. Clinton campaigns for Obama/Biden in PA and CO

Five Predictions: In 7 days. We'll reach the metaphysical tipping point and the GOP topples over

Think Waiting in Line to Vote is Bad ?..... Imagine it's a Bread Line !

Has anyone compiled a complete list of poll closing times?

Presidential: letter to a Libertarian friend

Draw a B on your cheek

Fox Desperation Attack: People Being Polled Have Nothing Better to Do

oh the irony

Suddenly Ohio looks solid blue

I early voted!!!!! Here in Dallas Co., TX. Good turnout, and only Obama people evident.


****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaings In Suffolk, VA****

What was up with Chuck Todd saying that the "real" poll numbers in PA are less than 10 points?

Did anyone check out Fox's coverage of Ashley Todd tonight?

Rasmussen Daily - Obama 52 (no change) McCain 44 (-1)

Rasmussen-Obama 52% McCain 44%

The importance of this years election.

"Defining Moment" Ad

I just sent Tinklenberg another small donation via his website. PREZ Obama needs HIM. Who's with me?

MUDFLATS - The Palin Talking Points Generator. ...rofl...

What if the candidates backgrounds were switched

New DIAGEO/HOTLINE poll Obama 50 McCain 43 (same as yesterday, good internals)

Man arrested for threatening Ohio SOS Jennifer Brunner

Palin Allies Report Rising Campaign Tension

Obama Eye Candy...

2 Votes for Obama!

One more reason why I don't like the media.

OK - don't get cocky, but

Obama earns the Brattleboro Reformer Endorsement! (Brattleboro, Vermont)

So after the election, I expect never to hear "Reagan Democrat" again?

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/25/08 - Obama 52, McCain 44 (McCain down 1)

She supports McCain, of course she has mental problems

Dick Morris: Arizona a "tossup" and other anomalies

Joe the Plumber "Scared for America" if Obama wins - now that he's thinking of running for office...

Listening to Biden talk at a rally (cnn), I'm more and more convinced

NY times article on Palin's religious beliefs

The Biden Quote..

Since Sarah Palins puck drop at the flyers game. The flyers havent won a game

Ashley Todd, College Republican, Geezz I wonder if this had anything to do with it?

Sound familiar? Palin appointed friends and donors to key posts in Alaska, records show

please tell me why there are so many voter registration problems...

I'm Wondering If The Ashley Todd Story Freezes The 527's Rev. Wright Ploy ???

"$4,902 spent @ Atelier, top end men's store, suggesting party also paid for some of Todd's outfits"

A Republican grateful for the ACLU campaign to allow convicted felons the right to vote (pictures)

Holy Moly... Electoral-Vote Has Obama At 260 "Strong Dem" As Of Today !!!

This AM's thought - think of the ad revenue the networks made the past two elections.

Holding Steady-Obama stays well ahead in the new NEWSWEEK Poll

Politico: New (UC) Ohio Poll to be released Sunday shows Obama +3

Joe the Plumber and Ashley Todd may share a motivation, in a way

Socialistic US presidents in history, as defined by McCain

Joe the Plumber: 'I asked the question but still got a tap dance... as good as Sammy Davis Jr,'

Score one for KO: My single-issue (abortion) grandma voting for Obama

This may be the dumbest question ever. Has Bachman been on national TV as a McCain surrogate since

Bush and McCain`s "surge" = 1,100 US dead, 12,000 wounded.

The last week and the tell-tale signs of how Obama is doing--you don't need the polls

"McCain Versus the Juggernaut". Whaambulance Needed. Bill Kristol Throws Grade-A Temper Tantrum.

The Republicans want to concentrate the wealth and redefine the American Dream.

Obama Intensifies Effort in Appalachia

Jesus H. Christ: Alex Witt on MSNBC

Cindy the Beer Vendor

Obama Up By 12 In New Colorado Poll

Government computers used to find information on Joe the Plumber

Zogby: Obama leads by 7 in Harris County (Houston, TX)

McCain volunteer arrested, charged in attack hoax

Driving people to the polls in Northern Virginia

I've been wrong to assume that Christian = Republican

Poll: ****Official October Surprise?****

Bill Clinton and Obama plan joint appearance within the week

I don't think ANYone on this board needs a lecture about complacency- Go on and feel good

Peter Feldman---McCain Campaign worker who pushed the fake attack story

Surprise Biden/Obama SNL appearance tonight or next week?

2 stops for Palin in Iowa today? And one in Indiana

Why do scientists use fruit flies to study human genetics?

McCain Camp Pushed Ashley Todd Hoax Story - Did They Also Help Create It?

WSJ VIDEO: "The Other McCains"

Question re: NYT article coming out Sunday

50% of Voters Believe Ayers Issue Has Hurt McCain Campaign

RNC paid for a Spray-On Tan for Sarah Palin

Obama Rising In Latest Gallup Poll!

SHAME on the media for jumping on the "OMG black man!" story

McCain supporters: Spitting, Spewing and Spiteful...

Dear Democratic Leaders, PLEASE STFU until after NOV 4th

Electoral Armageddon Awaits McCain

I voted, and then I complained

*** HEADS UP: Live today on ***

The only McCain option left is massive disruption of Philadelphia area voting

There's a rip in the space time continuum... the election is clearly three days from now

There's a rip in the space time continuum... the election is clearly three days from now

Can someone explain to me why NH is a close race?

Obama LIVE NOW in Reno, NV 1:10 pm est:

*** Heads up on final week campaign strategy from McCain camp ***

3 Blue Dudes: Great summary of many many Electoral vote predictions

Bush Orders DOJ to Probe Ohio Voter Registrations

Obama is taking no prisoners now in Rally

Judge on wingnut claims Obama not born in US: "ridiculous" and "patently false,..."

Mike Farrell at HuffPo: "Palin Energizes the Pitchfork Mob"

Memo to everybody: if someone says something stupid in public...

Two more votes for Obama in Orlando, FL today! 30-40 minute wait

Pictures from Palin rally in MO (you'll like these pictures!)

With friends like these...

Fervor fades for GOP ticket in Republican stronghold of southwest Missouri

Judge rejects Montco lawyer's (Phil Berg) bid to have Obama removed from ballot

You are prohibited from displaying campaign "sinage" on your person in the following states...

Barack and Bill rally this week!!

The first tests for a potential president is running a campaign and VP choice

HIGHEST EVER OBAMA LEAD at Obama + 9.2%!!!

MSNBC Finally Moves VA and CO to "Lean Obama" - He Doesn't NEED PA, OH or FL to reach 270

Palin Used Flawed Bidding Process ln Alaska Pipeline: AP Investigates:

Did Sarah get her money's worth from her make-up artist? I'm not

Did Sarah get her money's worth from her make-up artist? I'm not

To Kill a Mockingbird in 2008

"spread the wealth" means FROM the WEALTHY to the rest of us.

The "Sticky Vote" (term coined by Obama campaign.............

A campaign divided against itself

Face it, folks, Obama is never gonna win a majority

Have you seen THIS?>>>>

Palin endears herself to hockey fan -- her puck-dropping stunt injures goalie

The "B" Girl Was Worse Than Susan Smith, Tawana Brawley, And The Duke LaCrosse Accuser

Lieberman on Palin: 'Thank G-d, she's not gonna have to be president from day one...'

Lieberman on Palin: 'Thank G-d, she's not gonna have to be president from day one...'

Blues host Palin, get smoked by Kings, lose goalie

Summary of 15 different Polls taken since 10-16

Trade Takes Center Stage in Campaign Ads

Trade Takes Center Stage in Campaign Ads

"I've been tested. I'M gonna test THEM. They're not gonna test ME."

A Society of Fear - A Brief History of the United States

The Daily WORRY - Worst case EV possibilities for 10/25/2008

Just got back from small Obama get-together just a local thing held in a

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaings In Reno, NV****

warmonger troll McSame making threats again to international community

Can you bring in a video camera into a voting booth.?

outrageous email sent to Jewish voters from GOP

Well, the dismissal of the Berg lawsuit has done nothing to deter the Freepers

Latest College Republicans Recruiting (CRNC) Poster

Yesterday I spent most of the day in court, testifying in a criminal competency hearing.

Who will history assign the title of the next Hoover? Will Bush/Cheney take the fall or the next

More than 1.1 million people have voted early in Texas.

Where does this irrational fear of "Black revenge" come from?

Joementum on Miss Piggy: "Thank God she's not going to have to be president from Day One."

I just did something I would never have done during the primaries

Can you guys do me a favor and DU this local poll...

Palin's voice...

OMGallup! O 51 (+1), Mc 42 (0) Up to 7+ in Likely Voters, too!

AP INVESTIGATION: Palin Pipeline Terms Curbed Bids(to Benefit Ties to Her Administration)

* Still (Barely) Close Enough To Steal *

How much did Hillary's wardrobe of traveling pantsuits cost?

Both Politico and Intrade now showing Indiana for Obama

College Republicans' budget raises questions about their real purpose

Give Ashley a choice: Go to jail or

Refusing political mailings

Joe Arpaio up for re-election for Sheriff of Maricopa County Az

i already mkane can knock it off!!!

Spending rose in Palin's Alaska administrations

Underperforming Nepotists of the World Unite !!!!!!!!

The Palin Pattern- Gimme gimme gimme

Real Clear Politics Map - Tis a beautiful thing!

“She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone”

Look at this letter from James Dobson's Fundies

Anger, Fear, and Racism Follow Palin Rally

Passing of the torch planned: President Clinton and Senator Obama to hold first joint rally soon!!

Phrases I'm excited about no longer hearing once Obama landslides this election.

Phrases I'm excited about no longer hearing once Obama landslides this election.

Democrats outnumber Republicans by 2 to 1 in North Carolina Early Voting

McCain's visits to Iowa baffle GOP strategists

If/when Obama finally meets Palin...

Reuters: McCain can't make attacks stick to Obama

wingnut reporter Barbara West in Orlando interviews Biden (a limpball wannabe)

Early/Absentee voting in Suwannee County Fla., as of Wednesday

Did anyone catch David Gergen last night on CNN talking about Obama's upcoming TV special Wed night?

Important poll (based on Newsweek poll) on the 2012 election

Go Rogue, Sarah, Please!

After he wins, can we call him Barack Hussein Obama?

John McCain loses temper with defeatist aides as he vows to fight to the last

I'm making a movie based on these photos. Can someone write me a script?

A salute to the 90-week-old campaign of Barack Obama

Just got a robocall (in W. PA) from Hank Williams Jr., he sounded like an fool.

Ballots picked up, then disappear (Miami. Diaz Balart supporters disappearing Dem's votes)

Rasmussen Daily: Obama 52, McCain 44 (matches his largest lead ever in Ras tracking)

When is Obama's 30 minute special to be aired?

South Florida...Don't Let Me Down !!!!!

Colorado: Obama 52, McCain 40!

Someday in the 25th century......

Are Dem Poll workers and lawyers on the scene where these

"Ashley Todd an Obama/ACORN Operative"

Frangela on the Stephanie Miller show made a good point yesterday about Early Voting

Taxes: The difference between candidates is the widest it's been in over two decades.

I have never seen so many conspiracy theories posted on the front of FReeperland....

Steven Weber: DamNation

Ohio Poll: Obama 49, McCain 46

PPP Ohio poll: Obama 51-McCain 44

Caribou Barbie; Tito the builder and Joe the Plumber

Duped Self Delete

So McCain's brother calls 911 to complain about traffic and Sarah spends $150,000 on cloths

Obama, Bill Clinton schedule Orlando appearance for Wednesday

VA blocked voter registration

I hate thinking of the right thing to say too late

Obama Expands Nat'l Lead In RCP Poll Of Polls To Eight Points

On Joe the Plumber stunt............

I cannot wait until this shit is over!

AP INVESTIGATION: Palin pipeline terms curbed bids

Be Vigilant ! We now have a rabid dog cornered in a room with one exit

You stay classy Barack Obama........

Obama returning to PA this Tuesday

Palin allies blame McCain's camp for "a tarnished public image" -- "she'd like to go more rogue"!

the PIG in lipstick is speaking in Iowa

The 11 Dumbest Things Sarah Palin Has Said So Far

Do you like alternate regional maps of the US? Here's a new one:

Pics of Hillary (& Bill) helping out while Obama was in Hawaii

Has anyone predicted the popular vote

Graphic Illustration of Bush's Children's Health Care Plan

Second Troopergate Investigation Moving Quickly

Second Troopergate Investigation Moving Quickly

Ghouliani to hold campaign call blaming Obama for illegal access to Joe the plumber records

‘John McCain was never tortured in my jail’, says Tran Trong Duyet

MSNBC: Florida polls jammed, but hours won't be extended like they were in the Primary...

Michelle Bachmann: So much for that apology

Early voting wait long, but voters are committed (NOLA)

If you love Barney Frank

Why George Buxh voted early for John McCain

How long before McCain's daughter writes a tell-all about the McPalin inner campaign

delete duplicate

Going to see Obama Tuesday!

She Got it Backwards - So Did Eddie Burke...

Cleveland Plain Dealer OH Poll: Obama 49%(+7) McNasty 46% (-2)

My message to McCain supporters

The Rnc should call every black person in the state of Pennsylvania and apologize.

Obama coming to Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena on Monday. 3:00PM

It is such a good feeling

Bill Clinton to Campaign With Obama in Florida

The Polls Aren't Tightening,

Extreme Christianism - re Palin - Andrew Sullivan 25-OCT-2008

An Undecided Couple Sours on McCain

Anyone have a link to the Joe Biden clip today?

Hilarious: Nate "" Silver's article in the ultra-biased NY Post.

Question for DU experts on the US Constitution:

Adam Aigner, reporter traveling with McCain, just said McCain had a relatively small crowd in NM

AP INVESTIGATION: Palin pipeline terms curbed bids

McCain's people are bring up Gore|Bush and Carter|Reagan to prove Mac can stil win....

Richard Lewis: And Larry David Thinks He's Frightened?

I dunno if it was the B-woman or what, but it just feels like it's over to me.


Is this a misprint in Jake Tapper's column? He claims the Obama/Bill Clinton rally Wed will start at

Obama’s emotional visit home ends quietly

Obama's trailing badly in this poll!

Sad, Crazy Zealot Preaches God Hates Obama-Biden

Obama at Chester PA Rally Tuesday - no tickets needed (west of Phila off I-95)

McCain aide on Palin: "She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone. . . "

*** What's your superstition? ***

Lieberman: ‘Thank God’ Palin won’t have to ‘be president from day one.’

Obama should call Ashley Todd, if he hasn't already

Hypothetically speaking. Is it illegal or unethical to remove McCain

Fire the audio man!! Mid speech the audio fails. Hand Obama a bullhorn! nt

Mr. McCain, I learned how much you loved us veterans today at the VA...

Blaming Palin for the McCain meltdown is like

I had a long passionate conversation with a coworker this morning.

love the music at the Obama rallies

Court Dismisses Berg Case - LINK TO ORDER

working the early voting polls

Send Barbera West a Message

Ashley Todd, Barack Obama, black and white, and conservative values

IT'S ALL MY FAULT (One of the funniest things I've ever seen)

I need some help from DUers and I need it now

Do any of you DU'ers have a stopwatch to time the minutes MSNBC ...

I will not be voting for Obama on Tuesday November 4th

Are Sarah Palin's charges about Wooten true?

Nov 4th Poll Closing Times for Individual States

How many words do the Eskimos have for the word blunder?

Road to 270: New Jersey

Road to 270: North Dakota

This day in 2004

The perfect one line response to anybody who calls Obama a socialist:

So McCain drew less than a thousand in New Mexico today, how many will Obama draw tonight?

Where did this Howdy Doody look-alike Tucker Bounds come from?

Obama loses Florida, Colorado, NC,

Palin's on a pale horse... watching her own political death

Palin's on a pale horse... watching her own political death

Are there any estimates of how much of the vote will be in before Nov 4th?

The McNasty camp will dump something about Obama in the last 48 to 72 hours

The McNasty camp will dump something about Obama in the last 48 to 72 hours

I guess I must be getting younger.

Rasmussen: 50% of voters think Ayers issue has HURT MCCAIN! Just 28% think it helped!

Who the hell is "Joe The Biden" ??

Reuters: Will Sarah Palin get a TV show? (I sort of suggested this earlier in the week)

Palin's 'going rogue,' McCain aide says (CNN International )

My WTF moment of the day

I can't wait for the day after election day.

Grrrrrr.The republicans are swift-boating Carol Shea-Porter

Wtf Schuster? He stopped talking about Palin long enough to diss Biden.

The Palin Problem

Florida Democrats now have a 660,000 edge in voter registration over Republicans.

MSNBC just showed Ohio newspaper poll M 49, O 46. WTF!!

** delete **

** Heads up - Obama live in Vegas now **

Voting Machines Changing Dem to Rep right here in Mineral Wells Tx

Name that show!

I could have lived with McCain as president but Palin as VP would have been torture

Sarah Palin' and another "WTF???!!" moment...

Tiny's road rage. (and canvassing for Obama)

Picture of Ashely Todd - Ron Paul supporter, wig wearer...

McCain aide: Palin "going rogue"... Uh-oh....

is Obama 30 minute show simulcast on any spanish language networks?

Wing Nut Email

I did my DU duty and debunked a RW email, and copied all the jerks who forwarded it.

Obama speaking at 7:00 here in Albuquerque and I have 8:00 tickets for Gordon Lightfoot

Will Obama Do MTP on 11/2?

ABC News, WaPost Poll: Obama leads McCain 53-44.

ABC News, WaPost Poll: Obama leads McCain 53-44.

Here's a "poll" question, i.e. a question about polls...

New York Times Refuses To Believe Obama Will Draft His Own Inaugural Address»

"It was nice & crisp gettin' off the plane. It is my own jacket. It doesn't belong to anybody else."

Biden Babes: A question for creative ladies in "love" with Biden!!!

Mayor of Ketchikan wants bridge to airport

Hasselbeck to campaign for Palin

Joe the Congressman?

Joe the Congressman?

Right wing memetic menagerie roll call!

"surprised that the turnout for today's event, attended by less than a thousand people"

Joe Biden has been scrupulously polite in referring to Sarah Palin ...

UNH Polls in NH looking good

Does this scenario worry you?


No surprise... AZ Republic endorses McCain.

How hard will Brokaw stump for McSame on MTP tomorrow?

Fun Q& A..I passed with flying colors.



Sarah Palin, leader of the republican party and presidential candiate 2012

David Shuster (MSNBC) Halloween issues...

Follow McCain around at each of his rallies with the following sign:

McLiars Latest Blatant Lie: "Obama Has Written His Inaugural Address."

Want to bet that Sarah Palin

My support of Senator Obama is not an endorsement of all his positions

not good news from Colorado

there are groups of "Yes on 8" supporters all over my town right now.

there are groups of "Yes on 8" supporters all over my town right now.

PLAY the abortion card!

Just a few things that we may - and a few we will hopefull see - once Obama is in...

So the surge is working. Where's the honor in winning an unnecessary war against a phantom menace?

LA Farm Phone Banking, 10 Days to Go

Is this level of GOP hate/lies/smears the norm, or is this the worst campaign ever?

Obama's big lead in the polls is real

live freeper in LBN

live freeper in LBN

Bush, Boehner Want DOJ to Look Into Ohio Voting

Signs defaced in Kansas City

Signs defaced in Kansas City

Orlando's WFTV Barbara West "I don't think I was rude to Biden"

Passion for the Plumber...

Hartford Courant just endorsed Barack Obama. 2nd Dem Enorsement EVER!

McCain people bullied senior citizens in WHEELCHAIRS at his rally

So I got this scummy mailer from the Missouri Republican State Committee.

The new stories on Palin suggest that McCain camp is conceding

Joe Biden in Greensboro

McCain draws less than 1,000 in Albuquerque. Estimate for Obama's arrival tonight: 40,000.

How long will you leave your Obama/Biden sign/bumper sticker up/on?

How long will you leave your Obama/Biden sign/bumper sticker up/on?

Obama/the Obama campaign had a great insight re. competitive states

Even the latest IBD/Tipp poll (used by Repubs to show the race a dead heat) is trending Obama's way.

Favorite "Keith" pet names?


Palin calls elected leader a dictator, AP ignores error

Arizona down to a 4-point McSame lead (and Obama winning among early voters)

Obama takes narrow lead in final poll in Ohio Newspaper Poll.

Here are my election predictions....

McCain would get a greater income tax break from Obama than from himself - right?

Notice the states that the candidates are in this late in the campaign

From conservatives about McCain: "nasty, obstinate old fool, he should have listened to me".

Contest: Most ridiculous, unflattering, and wickedly effective political mailer photo

Miami voters waited up to 5 hours to vote today.

Zogby has McCain beating Obama among Jewish voters-I call BS

CNN covering vote switching now - all Obama to Mc Cain!

Tennessee Volunteers a history and what the B girl chose to wear on arrest

As predicted on DU, smear article about Obama's private life appears at Daily Mail in UK

"I Call Bullshit on David Frum"

Undecideds and racists lurking in the suburbs.

I just heard a new "Republicanism" from McCain today on MSNBC

Who is going to the Obama rally in Pittsburgh on Monday!?

Sequoia Voting Systems 'loses' 11,000 Denver ballots!

Today's Polls: McCain Stuck in Neutral, by Nate Silver

I Went Canvassing Today

Bloomberg - Obama Widens Lead Over McCain in Nation, Key States (Update1)

I have been pushing the 'Get Out the Native Vote' on my Native Unity blog for the

Using your vacation responder to respond to the "e-mail forwards."

Using your vacation responder to respond to the "e-mail forwards."

President bill Clinton working hard under the radar

I know, I know, I shouldn't go there, but...the latest Freeper comedy

Guardian: Republicans fear long exile in the wilderness

Were most Freepers dropped on their heads when they were little? Did they fall or were they pushed?

The Most Wonderfully Subtle Snark Against McCain I've Yet Seen....

The Race Card

Arizona May Be a Battleground State!!!!

Following the election, there'll be need for a "Vindictive Sarah Palin Watch"

Here's a rare negative thread on DU: I'm not seeing young people turn out in high #s

Anyone watch the Obama Sign Vandalism on FOX just now?

Stephen Baldwin: "Here's what's creepy about Obama: There's something else going on with this dude."

95% of arguments I've heard against Obama in a nutshell:

Bob Barr says Obama will win Georgia (link)

Saturday Morning Data Dump – 10/25 – A Few Tabs Narrow, Yet Obama Leads All But One

I knew it was too early to celebrate. Fox News about to release Michelle's "Whitey" tape

Norm Coleman has the WORST crowns I've ever seen and I should know.

Am i the only person here that does not get wingnut email?

IMO President Obama just might have a 60-seat Senate majority to work with!

20 bil of our 700 bil being set aside for Wallstreet bonuses!

Bill Clinton and Obama to campaign together in Orlando, FL on Wednesday!!!

Holy shit -- check out this example of blazing ignorance

DUers doing GOTV I have a song for you to play to fire up voters...

You Knew It Was Coming - The Ashley Todd Photoshop Collection (pics)

Your guess as to a state Obama wins that nobody expects...

McCain advisor Randy Scheunemann has a "temper tantrum"

Lines to vote in Northern VA today.

One of our local volunteers died last weekend while canvassing for Obama

One of our local volunteers died last weekend while canvassing for Obama

'Bout Damn Time ... Now Let's Put 'Em in Prison

Partial list of Republicans supporting Obama for President

The Huge Ethics Scandal That's Being Ignored

Bidens SMACK DOWN!!!!!!

Dana Bash on CNN says McCain didn't even draw 1000 in Albuquerque NM.

How much would YOU save? (super cool)

Talk me down please: Ohio, DOJ & Bush - Army Brigade

Voter Registration Totals By State – Updated 10/25

What Will You Enjoy Saying MOST To Rightwingnuts on November 5th?

One word means both 'hip' and 'hot' in French. It's 'Obama'

Please, watch this! It is what made me believe that Barack would win the presidency!

My grandma is 100, and originally from Texas.

Something happening in Ohio.

Obama within MoE in Arizona...leading among early voters

Just released PPP VA POLL! Obama 52 (+1), McCain 43 (no change) - 9% lead!

If I see the phrase "Talk me down" one more time...

The Nation has undergone a terrible experience.

Duncan Hunter tells Tweety that any governor who is elected is qualified to be President. Question:

Duncan Hunter tells Tweety that any governor who is elected is qualified to be President. Question:

Remember how you felt November 3, 2004? (pic heavy)

Obama to be in Pittsburgh Monday

attended my very first Biden rally in Suffolk, Virginia !!!!

Poll: Obama Leads in Georgia

Palin: 'I Don't Know' If Abortion Clinic Bombers Are Terrorists

Palin: 'I Don't Know' If Abortion Clinic Bombers Are Terrorists

Bill O’Reilly Has “Outfits” for Sarah Palin To Wear – Oh, Really???!!!

While McCain Looked Away, Florida Shifted

greatest O pic ever

greatest O pic ever

Palin's manicurist highest paid in nation?

The College Republicans gave the picture and scoop to Drudge

Here's an idea for Obama's half-hour show :

The real lessons of Ashley Todd and the chronically sick campaign of John Sydney McCain

Obama is ready from day one (pix)

OMG look at this picture titled "Own It, Bitches"

Sunday News Show Lineup-10/26/08

New Hampshire Senate: Shaheen 52%, Sununu 46%

McCain's Brother Leaves Campaign After 911 Flareup

PHOTOS Today's Inspirational Pics (University of Nevada, Reno, Oct 25)

Name your top 3 favourite (serving) Democrats...

I take it back--I think McCain WILL be hurt by the Ashley Todd hoax. I think he already has been.

AP INVESTIGATION: Palin Pipeline Terms Curbed Bids (1 viable bid, from firm with inside ties)

"Ohioan Charged In Election Death Threat" ....

I get the impression that Obama is about 3 or 4 steps ahead of everybody...

Front cover of the NYT--Schmidt claims Gore was this far behind Bush in 2000...

Possible reason for switching voting machine in WV...

It struck me the other day that if someone had fallen into a coma in August and were not to wake up

Who Conceived of "B-Girl's" Hoax?

Waaaassssssup? Eight Years Later.........

Photo challenge - which one is the next President?

SPIEGEL Interview with Michael Eric Dyson about the race issue:

Can 30 Seconds Put The Nail In The McCain Campaign Coffin?

"B" Hoax Photographer Speaks: "I Only Gave Copies of the Photos to Police...and College Republicans"

"B" Hoax Photographer Speaks: "I Only Gave Copies of the Photos to Police...and College Republicans"


World map from Maddow last night, anyone have it?

North Carolina's largest newspaper endorses...........

MSNBC just reported....527 ads on Rev. Wright to begin this weekend.

MSNBC just reported....527 ads on Rev. Wright to begin this weekend.

This Ashley Todd thing is nuts! I know the guy whose apartment she went to after the fake attack

Obama's inevitable Stevens and Ginsburg SCOTUS replacements--let's throw some names out there.

Top Ten Reasons Earthlings will be in Tears on Nov 5th

Do not waste your time and money on "W!"

Hillary has made over 65 campaign appearances for Obama/Biden.

*** Saturday TOONs: Mr Andrea Mitchell ***

This May Have Been Posted Already... BUT Because I've Been So Busy AND

The Obama phenomenon and the death of Reagan's Repuke Party

The Insiders "How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin" or how she courted the Washington insiders

The Insiders "How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin" or how she courted the Washington insiders

I'm worried about Al Franken

OK DUERs I am putting the list together of election results sites.

North Carolina - be amazed --no be blown away 1,090,808 already voted in one stop reg/vote

Any recent Freeper Gold? (So the rest of us don't have to visit there!)...

Senator Kerry at Tufts University

Sarah Palin is psychiatric.

David Frum: Sorry, Senator. Let's Salvage What We Can. (WP)

Donate $100 to SARAH PALIN... please.

It just struck me. This election is almost over. I'm going to miss GD:P.

McCain Communications Director Gave Reporters Incendiary Version Of "Carved B" Story Before Facts We

Early voting African American turn out up by 15% on 2004

"October surprise" has jumped the shark, it's now the "October gotcha"

Tomorrow's "Queen Victoria" takes on Ashley Todd

Is B-Girl the worst Aggie joke of all time?

Palin is one craven pol . . . She's running against Bush now

Remember the research that came out a few years ago, saying that Repugs were "happier"

Nice try Matt Drudge

I need some help from DU, and I need it now!

So the B Girl crap is related to the MccCain campaign!!

Palin's hairstyles have cost $10,000 in two weeks

Missouri vandals kick, stomp and steal Obama signs

Doin' the perp walk shuffle.....

backwards "B" proves it was a bush supporter that assaulted ms. todd the clod.......

. . . leaving the sinking ship__ (Recent) McCain advisor votes for Obama

CNN's "Most Viewed Story": Police: Woman Made Up Attack

Jennifer Hudson's Mom and brother murdered- nephew kidnapped

OMG! Tall Black Obama Supporters are raping fruit flies!

Palin-Todd 2012

McCain worker attacks this guy and carves M into his face!

One of those photos that speaks for itself

Divided GOP Scrambles to Stay Afloat

Touch-Screen Votes Now Flip in 4th State (TX)! Obama/DNC Attorneys Still AWOL!

Former Mass. Gov. Weld (R) endorses OBAMA: "A once-in-a-lifetime candidate"

Maryland State Troopers' Spy Effort Was Wider

CNBC analyst uses the "llluminati" word to place blame on the financial crisis

U.S. Attorney watching for election law violations (good info)

"I feel sorry for you" (KO about CystBoy)

WTF? "Yes We Can" on TLC's 'What Not to Wear' ...

WTF? "Yes We Can" on TLC's 'What Not to Wear' ...

Meanwhile in Freeperville - I think we should send both these links

There she is again with that A.I.P. pin.

ACLU to IGs: Follow the Law and Provide a Public Report on US Wiretapping

I have just decided to go as Amy Todd for Halloween!

Heh. Lieberman: ‘Thank God’ Palin won’t have to ‘be president from day one.’»

I'd love a sticker of this "B". It is almost halloween.

Friday night bank failures: This week, Alpha Bank of Alpharetta, Georgia!!

Make-up before meals!

Pat Buchannan finally went over the edge

VIDEO: The Michelle Bachman Apology Ad. That oughta fix everything.

Michele Bachmann would like your socialist, anti-American vote

OMG, Conservatives aren't going to be satisfied with being blown out in just one election.....

Um, WOW! Is that REALLY Christopher Hitchens on Larry King?

Would you support an award system for outstanding Activism by DUers?

Woman self-inflicts damage to herself as she supports McCain/Palin

It is after 7:30 here in Ft Wayne. Just turned to station to see if Palin is at Coliseum.

McCain aide: Sarah Palin is a "diva"

OH SHIT!!! Barney Frank has opened his damn mouth about cutting the military

The Ashley Todd thing should show everyone why you never, ever report a crime to the police, real or

Frank Sinatra's relatives know no shame, apparently

Today Jennifer Hudson's Mother & Brother were found Murdered, Her Nephew has been Kidnapped.....

New Ashley Todd picture

How I help my parents stay politically active:

I Do Believe it is Over for McCain

Palin-Hughley 2012

Russia and USA conduct secret operation

Tweety, hypocrite

Is the video of the McCain Muslim who confronted the anti-Muslim readily available?

McCain broke his own law

Don’t Forward Lying Emails...It’s Not a Christian Thing To Do

Need help. A long lecture from a woman Prof./lawyer

CNN quick vote on Joe-the-plumber's possible run for congress

Urgency, duty motivate voters

Whats the Word? TINKLENBERG

Excuse me while I bring in my sign. It's getting dark and the camera can't see in the dark!

Air Force creates new command to fix nuke missteps

FReepers getting desperate

Someone stole my Evolve Fish. :(

Coincidence? I think not!

What's the Palin/fruit fly reference?

Is DU site slowly grinding to a halt??

McCain Aides Aggressively Pushed Mutilation Hoax

Coffee is now $1.08/lb on the exchange.

Rights Group Calls For Federal Probe Of NM Voter Intimidation

CAPTION the surge

Ashley limerick time

Oops. Government computers used to find info on Joe the Plumber

Singer Jennifer Hudson's mom, brother found dead

Guests for the Sunday TV news shows

IMO, the Huffington Post will merge with the NYT. Not sure which one will make the move.

Judge to Berg - Case dismissed in Berg v. Obama

Let's get something straight here. The only thing tightening is McCains sphincter.

BYU Democrats gain ground

Bill Maher: Good tonight so far. Tim Robbins, Carol Leifer (comedienne),

Got my first Obama sign stolen...its okay I have 2 more but a first for my home

Let's get creative - take out the crystal ball...what shit will the GOP step in next?

Real Tine w/ Bill Maher Thread / B-Girl Mention

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

VIDEO: 'Chocolate News' Destroys Touch-Screen Voting Machine

Ah ha ha ha bwwwwwwwwwwa ha ha ha ha Rachel reports that

what is twitter? I have never heard of it before

First thing Obama should address as president will be some kind of bailout

"young, black Adolf Hitler."

Charles Kelly on FDR & "Democratic Capitalism"

New Poll Finds Stark Reversal on Perceptions of Palin

Goalie injured after tripping on Palin carpet

I can't stand my local newspaper

GOP Sees Chance of Stealing Election Slipping Away (Satire)

Bodies removed from foreclosed funeral home

The panel and the guests on Bill Maher were excellent tonite. Maher himself was horrible.

'Sharpest minds' up on McLaughlin Group now on PBS, check your

Times UK: John McCain Was Never Tortured In My Jail, Says Tran Trong Duyet

Time for this chimp to pack it in.....

Terrorism! Who really understand where the word comes from?

Friday Fun Post: What Are Your Least Favorite Halloween Candies/Treats?

Biden gets ambushed by some reporter name Barbara West.

GOPers are sending out goons to go door to door threatening voters registered as Dems?

Photoshop request for r/w email slime and slander.

After four years I've finally added someone to my ignore list

Joe Klein, John Meacham, Charlie Cook on Charlie Rose, PBS.

Marijuana decriminalization poll

Bill Moyers Journal just started here, and it's current. Check local

Palin wears democrat scarf at Reno Rally

Pennsylvania Republicans Send False Anti-Obama E-mail

The would-have-been-Republican nominee says, “I screwed up,”

Blues goalie injured after tripping on Palin's carpet

Make your own Sarah Palin costume for Halloween

Halloween Horror Night for McCain

Denver looking for 11,000 missing mail ballots

The new voter: A Southern black man stands to be counted

Christian right intensifies attacks on Obama

I was a freeper and I carved a B into my face

Dana Perino, unhinged: Pt. XX - Like, Alan Greenspan and John Snow aren't the same person?

Note to lurking FReepers:

McCain's brother apologizes and quits over 9-11 call he made complaining about traffic

Poll shows Obama up by 7% in Indiana

VIDEO: St Louis Blues Fans Boo Sarah Palin

You gotta love it. The Republican "base" has become their own worst enemy.

Election Night is gonna have some great tv

Was Palin wearing a (dead) animal around her neck? (NO)

Rimjob threatens while trying to rally his troops.

Okay, so it's 3:30 a.m. ...

Black Star News: "Racist to the Core: Rush Limbaugh on Colin Powell"

has McCain campaign made any statement regarding ashley-the-race-baiter?

Infrastructure Of Hate Versus The Truth

"Senator Biden is now my homeboy."

Ashley Todd teaches the press a lesson

Latest Zogby Poll

The GOP Poster child thought he was replaced!

A question about money.

I can't even stand my own house anymore

`Out of Control' CEOs Spurned Davos Warnings on Risk

World votes for Obama. Cuba for McCain?

Palin has a "voice coach"

Kentucky could be key Senate race (BBC)

Judge rejects Montco lawyer's bid to have Obama removed from ballot

The President has no effect on gas prices!

Bumper Sticker Idea - Need help editing.

Since Obama's "liable" for early 70s "treachery," what about Master Todd Palin in '73?

Put up a new Halloween decoration tonight

Meet the most decidedly blue area of California. "Midnight blue"

Sarah Palin, terrorist sympathizer

who is John McCain?

Given the history and the possible deja vu, SHE was a VERY lucky woman indeed!

Obama will win WI but Congressman Steve Kagen needs our help!

Response to an Anti-Gay Fellow Student

Stevens Verdict Pushed Closer to Election

Read the Freeper comments about the "B" Girl before it was bullshit...

Read the Freeper comments about the "B" Girl before it was bullshit...

Who would dare to awaken the sleeping giant?

Google Makes User Profiles Indexable at Gstatic

Boston Globe: In N.H. poll, signs of a Democratic sweep

Bush tries stripping gray wolf of endangered protections, again

United States Ranked 36th In The World For Press Freedom

Name the President.

“She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone”

Need help w/a Debunk re: Keating's '08 donation to McSame -

Is There Any Word On Ted Kennedy's Condition?

Siegelman gives account of sentence (GQ America's most wanted)

Love this pic

James Howard Kunstler: The Long Road Ahead -- Are You Ready for the Worst the Economy Has to Offer?

So Carbou Barbie the hockey Mom cheers fights and causes

How bad can it get? DU is now a very addictive daily drug as we approach the finish line!

oh gaud, we're in trouble now.

The Nation: Democratic Vistas

(R)asmussen NH Senate Poll: Shaheen 52%(+2), Sununu 46%(+1)

Republican Core Values

Google running anti-gay ads in violation of its own policy

To all the Obama supports and supporters of change:

Congressman's campaign commercials stand up for workers

Your Credit Rating is Better Than Ours!

I googled Bachmann Tinklenberg to see where this race stood and found this.

I googled Bachmann Tinklenberg to see where this race stood and found this.

anybody check with the BETTER BUSINESS Bureau to see if JOE the PLUMBER is another ReThug crook

Update: Line is long on last day to register to vote with photo

A. Todd quote from "other" Pittsburgh newspaper

Bush* has deployed the Justice Department to Ohio. Will he send Justice

Good introduction to U. S. politics, with analysis of McCain and Obama

Help trying to find MP3 of An Open Letter to Obama by hip hop artist Jin....

Administration to Bypass Reporting Law ("Much easier to be a dictator, so long as I'm the dictator")

Welfare Queens Gone Wild!: They're lining up en masse for handouts.....

osama bin laden update

Anyone know anything about HR6331? I've done the Google, but

McCain lied in his memoir about when he began cheating on his first wife with Cindy

Scarrry Liberal Halloween Tricks & Treats

Some of you need to take a course in how to make friends and influence people.

NY Times: As Yard Sales Boom, Sentiment Is First Thing to Go

Bush Spying on Citizens, Killing Citizens, and Talking Dumb- Bush History,10/25

Death stalks the highway to hell

McCain's brother Joe attends the McCain family reunions but John McCain doesn't

How does my vote get from the machine in front of me all the way to the CNN screen scroll?

The B Girl not even original?

Even though Obama is ahead in the polls - VOTE.

‘Hopeful’ painting

Why the voter registration issue is so important.

Is there any chance that next year we can look hard at election reform?

An article from Emily Schwartz Greco "Too Many Guns" a good read

McConnell discharged from Army for being gay?

Ron Howard reenacts past roles for Obama

Don't ignore Kipling's wisdom on war in Afghanistan

'Al Franken by the Numbers'

Cspin, open lies - das nutters be out in farce

Goodbye GOP - Implosion is the inevitable result of a morally and intellectually bankrupt ideology

My Aunt Sissy's recipe for CHOCOLATE PIE! Plus, a little story about a lost and loved Democrat.

Mom worried son will be disenfranchised in Ohio. Help?

LOL Joe McCain

Goalie injured after tripping on Palin carpet

Throw Your Hatred Down

Obama pays a visit, perhaps his last, to his grandmother, a beloved supporter (pics)

J. Turley hasn't been on Olbermann in a long time

Tech question

J. Turley hasn't been on Olbermann in a long time

OK - Let's Say You Show Up To Vote And For Some Reason Can't - What Next?

People killed by NOT TERRORISM!

I do believe McCain makes Bush look like moderate

B-girl and McCain's Borderlne Personality Campaign

Pathetic Ashley Todd video

German Finance Minister Warns Crisis to Last Until End 2009

If the candidates were - PHONES!

Freeper ready to 'lash out viciously' at anyone who votes for Obama

Just received a mailer w Police Chief in Uniform Endorsing a Republican Candidate.

I didn't know until today that Bill O'Reilly's wife dated Flavor Flav.

DAMN! Freepers have linked to U.S. News & World Report on dem story re 401k's

I'm sad for the demise of "John McCain, the man, the myth"

Anti-Poverty Rallies Smash World Record

Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother slain in Chicago

Saturday 'Toons

Wade imagined how Obama's allegedly adoring press corp would cover it if he murdered his grandmother

I donated $100 to Obama in honor of my grandmother and his.

Electoral Vote junkies: look no further!!!

I had a nightmare last night

The dumbest thing a voting-machine maker ever did

Anybody going as Sarah, the "First Dude" or Alaskan First Family on Halloween? Whatcha wearin?

How McCain was defeated.

SHAME on the media for jumping on the "OMG black man!" story

Please contact MSNBC about Jennifer Hudson's nephew


Moonie News repeats debunked Obama Kenyan fraud

McCain campaign ‘steered’ reporters to hoax attack story

Researchers: 7 orcas missing from Puget Sound

I've never seen the Republican party this desperate.

I'm listening to a robo call right now!

Anger, Fear, and Racism Follow Palin Rally

Fun way to help get out the vote!!

Sarah Palin - another corrupt, cronyistic, anti-competition "free market" Republican fraud artist

Europe and Asia unite to solve global economic crisis

Please let's not kid ourselves about the B girl

Mary J. Blige and Melissa Etheridge lend their voices to support same-sex marriage

So I found this website about...

It's gonna be real close in GA on November 4th.

Q: Why would Syria carry out torture renditions for the US?

Question: Where did the phrase "in the tank" come from?

Obama = Bush??? WTF?!?!?

For All Renters, A MUST Read!!!!!!!

Playing For Change - Peace Through Music

Mudflats:The Palin Talking Point Generator (a.k.a “moose nugget” dispenser)

The Craptacular Outlook for College Grads

The Craptacular Outlook for College Grads

Dignified: McCain rally picture

We could give Bush the "Purple Finger"

AP INVESTIGATION: Palin pipeline terms curbed bids

A site to make your opinion known about right-wing TV station WFTV in Orlando

Wikileaks: Hypocrite Republican Diaz-Balart sold spy equipment to Hugo Chavez.

Pissing off idiot at a time

After this is over, the MSM needs to address their reliance on Matt Drudge for "stories"

McPalin campaign summary - Death By 1000 October Surprises (self inflicted) !!!!!

Sympathy turns to scepticism as courtiers whisper princess does not do her duty

Ashley Todd and the Assassins of Hope

GOP: 30 years of "NOTHING Accomplished"

I'm doing a presentation in my UU church tomorrow about people who have lost their jobs ..

"Won't you please come to Chicago/Or else join the other side"

Ok. I need some feedback. The right thing to do about a racist email sent to me.

"Dog Whistle"... what does that mean?

Is the McCain Campaign Lying About Crowd Estimates?

Poll: Republicans happier than Democrats

Out for 3 weeks American Carol is off the top 50

Anyone else finding that their screens jump to the Cafe Press ads?

Is there a way to find out who is behind a mass email? Children's School Directory used.

Freepers: Ashley Todd is a closet Obama supporter.....or a Ron Paul plant

Does the Republican Party want McCain/Palin to win?

How am I ever going to clear my heart of the hatred I feel for Christians

Student Loan Fugitives

The Last Post in this Blog About Ashley Todd, Because She Disgusts Me

McCain staffer threatens to have journalist arrested

Troops stationed in Ohio. Now we know why.

Joe the Bummer starts hedging his bets

Joe the Bummer starts hedging his bets

Pro-Life protestors outside a clinic.

Prediction: On the day after the election, the story the media got wrong will be ........

Oh its so sweet

Creating jobs from the bottom-up..and "curing" the housing crisis

I wish Michigan had early voting.

NRSC: Al Franken's a Child Molester! We have proof!

D.L Hughley's shows on CNN debuts tonight at 10PM

"I have some very sad news for all of you..."

Palin is no team player

ACLU Demands Information On Military Deployment Within U.S. Borders

Asian brands dominate reliability list; Ford Motor is best domestic

GOP Pull Ads For Feeney.

I tend more toward the Junk Yard Dog approach ..... so I find I have huge respect for Obama

Three Strikes and Michele Bachmann is Out

Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, may not run for a second term

Move to Canada (fake) promotional video.

Holy deafening roar, Batman! 8 Apache choppers just flew over my house.


As of Thursday,2,100 of the 6,500 residents of my town have voted.

Why did Michelle Obama surrender her law license? Did she fall or was she pushed?

V For Vendetta showing on FX

From the first to last debate in four minutes.

Freeper alert....

Extraordinarily excellent cover on Men's health this month.

Bad AFP photoshop??

If You Don't See This As Symbolic And Indicative Of The Past Eight Years...

Anyone who has been to an Obama rally: How early should I get there to make sure I get in?

OMFG - Piper Palin was speaking before her mother

Obama When No One Is Watching - This is just beautiful

Kirby on gay marriage: It's official - I don't care

Awesome News!

Why was Michelle Obama forced to surrender her law license?

I hate to link to a Fox outlet. But this is funny, I was looking for


Tucker Bounds on MSNBC trying to tie Obama to Bush! Super nuts!

Palin splits from McCain, declares herself candidate for president

Why Doesn't Joseph Plumber Pay His Taxes?

New Obama Bumper stickers -- Ashley Todd edition

Proud of my local library. "Banned Books Week" for teens

Caption the mavericks!

Official Portraits Draw Skeptical Gaze, $46,790 for portrait of Rumsfeld alone

Notice how nobody cares about gay marriage this time around?

Daimler to suspend production for one month: report

What's your student loan situation

Other than paving the way for a huge Democratic victory, what else should we thank Bush for?

"Are you kidding? Is this a joke?" Another great Joe Biden video!

McCain’s Camp's New Strategy: The C Men

So you're this cool constitutional law professor

I need to rant. I don't believe that all terrorists are Muslim

Star -Tribune, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Hartford Courant:We Endorse Obama

The View From Ketchikan, Alaska On "The Bridge To Nowwhere"

Wife reports McLame road rage

How much influence will President Obama have on selecting NEW Congressional leadership?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Obama took some really red states?

Habitat for Humanity public service announcement: absolutely beautiful!

$1million bail set for man who threatened Jennifer Brunner and her family

You’re Doing It Wrong.

Telephone call and flowers from Obama . . .

No more Reagan Democrats ....

Cliff Diving: Volvo truck sales plunge 99.7%

Hmmmm. Check out the letters on Limpball's microphone..

Caption * (filling out his ballot for the 2008 presidential election)

Article: 'Stalin's army of rapists: The brutal war crime that Russia and Germany tried to ignore'

Joe Lieberman Reminds Me of the Guy Who Bought the Last Ticket on the Titanic...........

Why does Joseph Plumber eat his own boogers?

OMG....Freepers Attending "Poll Watcher Training FOR BROWARD COUNTY"

Early voters: Check in!

Caption this pic please...

Did yall see this video?? Way cool

Caption this photo

Was Ashley Todd subtly encouraged by the McCain/Palin campaign?

Have you googled "Nancy Takehara" today?

I know I should be over this but I REALLY resent how Republicans use Sept 11th to their advantage

Want to see some scary right winger shit?

DUers please write to your media about Election Fraud - We Do Not Consent To Unprovable Elections

Life Magazine covershot: September 2004

Is there some psychological diagnosis that includes these false attack reports?

The Toughest Test

joe the plumber? what about joe the douchebag?

NYT: Banks Using Bailout $ For Acquisitions, Not To Write Loans For Consumers

No more Reagan Democrats ....

Ashley Todd's bail set for $50,000 - in jail tonight

Bullwinkle925 and I are having a great time as poll greeters

Bad Signs for the GOP!! YES!!! Sabato knows his stuff!

What did the 9-11 terrorist do or say that ties them to Islam?

From the NYT article: "you will rarely see McCain do an event before 9 in the morning.”

Caption this Palin pic

wow-- either the mods are especially heavy handed tonight or the trolls...

I went and volunteered at the Obama rally in Indy and now I feel worse....

DUers the American Allan Stanford's cricket tournament

*** OFFICIAL CaliforniaPeg Appreciation Thread ...***

Sorry in advance if you find this trivial

Have McCain, Palin and others condemned Ashley Todd's lying ?

Good for Barney Frank

Hey hey, My my

Bush swoops in to interfere in Ohio election

In praise of David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager

McBush the socialist -DUer blackarts posted this on a thread yesterday

Toon: Joe and Joe discuss taxes (LOL)

Bush Radio: "Many families understandably anxious about their economic future..."

Joe Biden puts freeper interviewer in her place.

Joe Biden puts freeper interviewer in her place.

Anyone else getting a slight uneasiness about these Bushites jumping ship?

Larisa Alexandrovna: McCain Campaign Over As Is Drudge's Career

Barack: "It means a lot, it means a lot, it means a lot."

Do you earn $250,000 or more?


`Biggest Bubble of Them All' Is Globalization

Sen Sherrod Brown D-OH On Bush Request For Federal Intervention In Ohio’s Enforcement Of Voter Laws

HILARIOUS!!! "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

The first Boys From Brazil: Nazi graveyard discovered deep in the Amazon rainforest

RIP Merl Saunders

Election silly season: AFA and Catholic League attack Soros

Teen creates Halloween display featuring blackface scarecrows hung from tree, Confederate flag.


Flame suit on. I feel sorry for Ashley Todd

Shame on Barbara West, WFTV, Orlando, for her ignorant confrontational interview with Joe Biden.

I lost a friend today.

What are your opinions about reference to holidays in schools, particularly Halloween?

Altruism Vs. Right Wing “Patriotism”

As most of you know, the U.S. government will have to plunge our...

Seriously, what does the Republican Party stand for ??

Ads jumping you to the bottom of the page? PLEASE tell me the web address that the ad links to.

*** DUzy Awards for week ending October 24, 2008 ***

I'm SO glad I found this site

I'm SO glad I found this site

Obama - Grandmother may not see election day

When you lose your house, where do you go?

Open letter from the media to the media (re: unprovable federal election results)

How To Disarm Weapons of Mass Deception

30 years of media Hate Propaganda has brought the country to the brink of another Civil War

What ever happened to Scooter LIbby, btw?

We've got a live one!


Three toons in the Sunday paper that require your attention: Candorville, Doonesbury, Non Sequitur

Palin's Biggest Gaffe Yet

Message From Obama: Tribes Will Have Voice in White House

Who scares you more?

ATTN DU ADMINISTRATORS: Should DU have a SECOND thermometer for donations to CLOSE Senate races?

Conversation w/a co-worker today re: Obama - he "scares" her

My spouse re me, "She used to love me, now she just loves DU."

Has Obama committed to "not conceding" the election when there will be evidence

Der Spiegel and its recent Photo Gallery - BUsh's head has absorbed Rove's

No McRain

Attack Bunny

Colbert On Now !

Lance for Obama

The song of Sarah.........

Anyone else seen this photo of a spider eating a bird? Warning: Graphic!

Ugh, I'm arguing with libertarians in the depeartment chat room here at work.

I made an LOL Joe McCain.

What if hair had nerves in it?

Is this stupid?

John McCain is a replicant!

Daft Punk is Playing at My House...

Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother murdered.

Check in if you plan to see Saw V

Labrador lush guzzles 4 litres of wine

Has anyone heard from Thomcat tonight?

What's cooking at Oeditpus Rex's house tonight?

My attempt at humor in GD:P

Took me several hours to get caught up on Political Videos! Whew! Time to have fun now!

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

Bible Spice costume checklist- Am I missing anything?

Erect penises, bathtubs and Cialis

I got an Obama bobblehead!

i kinda wish i had cable right now

Lenny Henry - Petshop Fight

10,000 Maniacs - What's the Matter Here?

Psst. Lounge. I'm back in.

Psst. Lounge. I'm back in.

A spider eating a bird? That's nothing...

Shocco's (The Lonely Nomad) back feet are 5" long.

Does bad cheese go bleu?


Ugh, I'm arguing with librarians in the depeartment chat room here at work.

Does blue cheese go bad?

Awesome. Henry Winkler is on Numb3rs!

Does anyone know where to get an adult tricycle?

For the alone & lonely tonight

Mother fucking thief!

dumbest poll question ever: which channel has the best election music?

Check this work schedule out:

One cat enters, one cat leaves

Is anybody else awake at this hour?

Is anybody else awake at this hour?

Thank God that dream wasn't true

They are going to kick me out of WI....

Tell me a ghost story.

So when you think of the phrase, "President Obama," you ...

My boyfriend is sick today.

The Curse of Sarah Palin!

McVeigh (the OK City bomber) linked to Palin. A question for Sarah.....

No baseball tonight, I think I will carve a backwards B into my left cheek.

Funny McCain video.

Today starts the 18 day countdown for Spaceships for Obama!

Hnefetafl is now going to be my new cuss word,

The Grapes of Wrath, 2008

Can someone help me with spam?

Is McCain... a chipmunk?


D'oh! The vehicle won't start. Is it just a dead battery?

Only 10 days

Best dad ever

I am Belkas Taletreader (Male Half-Elf Loremaster)


A bouquet for CaliforniaPeggy

More on color and personality for those who didn't like my first thread.

I've been out debating

Gort vs. Gorn on HBO/Time Warner PPV Oct. 31st!

From now on everything I post in GD will be exclusively provocative and contrary

love happenns when you least expect it

I have to stop by the local McCain campaign HQ today to get bumper stickers for my Halloween costume

GAK!! New "improved" Oreck vacuum bags cost $35 for a package of 8!!

(Whistles.) The results of this quiz really surprised me.

my poem

Pure Fluff : Somebody start a GRATUITOUS KITTEN thread, and quick!

"he's not fit to wash Bad Company's Trans Am"

Can't wait to see my liam tonight

Got any favorite quesadilla ingredients? Help me out!

I FINALLY got myself some Obama swag yesterday!

Part of me wants to go into hiding til Nov 5, and the other part of me wants to fight like a bastid

URGENT: Polish wedding experts/enthusiasts needed!

Ugh, got LOSERPISSED last night

Any one know when the War on Christmas (TM) starts?

Men, check your favourite pet

Why NOT to be a Pirate!...

I hate living right near this humongoid Mormon temple

I was told to post a picture of my cat...?

I figured out what Obama should have done instead of buying that 30 minutes on TV

i got the best birthday present ever in the mail yesterday

Need to break your cat of jumping up on counters?

This is a tribute to Mrs. Palin

Favorite Phil

Portrait of Alex Katz.

I hope you are all doing well today.

Any sign of Lost?

Semi-official Lounge bobblehead election

Who is this?

Because I didn't see the Shakespeare quote of the day posted today, I offer this...

Where can I buy this O poster

does saying "it's just business" automatically excuse fuckery and sociopathy?

Ode to coffee

Ok..I'm obsessed with "Ace of Cakes"

One Day as a Lion - your thoughts

Parche, I bagged NW 19.

Who else has no life and is here with me on a friday night?

Dear Texas Longhorns,

Help me write a campaign poem worth spamming my family with..(And for god sakes make it rhyme)

Post a beautiful youtube song we can all enjoy

My taste in pajamas hasn't changed in over 30 years

So where's Parche's first post since he got reinstated?

Possibly the most kick ass scene from a movie ever.

Live one in GDP

It's a downpour outside. My kids just thtrew the door open and ran outside screaming.

if your a pirate

We had to give our rescue dog back to the rescue because of health problems

mac users

Late-breaking boxed wine news!

I am supposed to be having a sign-painting party

My wife gave me an Obama condom!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/25/08

I just got a call from the Obama campaign. On my cell phone.

Hey Foodies - a question about canned tomatoes.

Jennifer Hudson's mom and brother were murdered (Dreamgirls/AI)

I can't wait until the night of the erection.

Six months today of quitting smoking!!

My neighbor has a sign that reads "Wood for sale"

RE: the Womenfolk-I've been married almost 6 years

OMG! Funniest campaign video EVER!!!11!!1!

How long after you break your ankle does it get back to normal?

boob job not far off

boob job not far off

I've found our American Chuggo His name is L-Mo.

'08 Presidential Election Porn Ideas

Saturday morning LOL cats

Well, I voted yesterday...

Today's College Football Thread

...So an hour ago I found myself with a raging pitbull on top of me

Caption time

"She (Jennifer Hudson) has a 5 octane voice"

What's for dinner this fine Saturday, DU?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 10/25/2008)

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday October 25

What's the point of a Hybrid Cadillac Escalade?


Insult my new avatar and see if you can set me off

What side of the street do you live on, and is your address odd or even?

my dog is cuter than your dog

Texas Longhorns No. 1 !!!

Single Girl Needs $3 Mil for Super Bowl Personal Ad

Let's play...Name that 80s Tune!!!

Time to play .... post pictures of a DU'er screen name!

Our newest furbaby addition -- 4 1/2 month old border collie!

In your opinion what's the best international cuisine?

New Obama site for exposing McCain campaign lies...

Obama gets his own radio station, courtesy

Blues goalie injured after tripping on Palin's carpet

Georgia's Alpha Bank & Trust Fails; Toll Rises to 16

Divided Ind. Supreme Court sides with Democrats, won't hear expedited appeal in Lake Co. case

Sympathy turns to scepticism as courtiers whisper princess does not do her duty

US official casts doubt on Nicaraguan government's commitment to fair elections

Obama has few more hours with grandmother before leaving Hawaii (with Photos)

Polls Show Obama Gaining Among Bush Voters

GOP leader makes conservative pitch for No on 8 (same-sex marriage ban)

Bolivia alleges US role in violent jungle clash

Government computers used to find information on Joe the Plumber

After Joe the Plumber, Joe the Hothead?

The Battle over Immigration Has Unleashed a Tsunami of New Voters

McCain health plan calls for shopping around

Democratic Weekly Radio Address: Michelle Obama takes to the airwaves in GOTV appeal

US hedge fund admits 35% plunge in value since downturn

GWINNETT COUNTY: Workers to copy flawed ballots

Nevada's economic woes highlight challenge for McCain

Newsweek Poll: Obama Leads McCain by 13 Points

Holding Steady: Obama stays well ahead in the new Newsweek Poll

Democrats, GOP say poll tactic is off-limits(forclosure/eviction lists in IN)

Three shot dead in Afghan capital

Leaders urge world finance reform

Obama to return to grandmother's apartment for rest of day (Pics of Barack on wallk)

Fla. private prison company charged with murder of Texas inmate who died days before release($47.5m)

Pennsylvania Republicans Send False Anti-Obama E-mail (and sign it)

Final voter figures released

Democrats Have Money Lead in 15 Republican-Held House Districts (Bloomberg)

China: Award for Dissident Criticized

Anti-Obama Fliers 'Political Porn,' Some Republicans Say

Obama leads McCain 49% to 46% in Ohio Newspaper Poll

Stevens got $2.7M for pal's road

MD climate activists suspected/cleared of terrorism

Thai policeman, Muslim militants killed in gunfight

Christian right intensifies attacks on Obama

Bush Orders DOJ to Probe Ohio Voter Registrations (UPDATE)

Editorial: Norm Coleman for Senate

Palin warns Obama would create nanny state if elected

AP INVESTIGATION: Palin pipeline terms curbed bids

Democrats headed toward big gains in House, Senate

Brian Griffin endorses Obama!

AMERO case prosecuted and tried in the U.S. Senate.

The Palin Problem

Palin's 'going rogue,' McCain aide says

Let America Be America Again

McCain-Palin Campaign - World's Greatest Sideshow ?

Gallup Daily: Obama Lead at 7-8% Among Likely Voters

Bill Clinton: 'Senator Obama is going to win a great victory.'

McCain Promoting Change Clip

Hartford Courant:We Endorse Obama For President

Hartford Courant:We Endorse Obama For President

Changes - Beautiful song, great political message

No curbs on Wall Street pay despite meltdown

Ohioan Charged In Election Death Threat

Democrats claim McCain violating fundraising rules

Closings at 3 Diez plants to leave 352 jobless (auto supplier)

Republican Race-Baiter Ashley Todd Goes To Jail


Poll: Age may play bigger role than race on Election Day

Duncan Hunter on Hardball: Obama has great teeth

Rachel Maddow: McCain/Palin's Cringe-Inducing Day

Obama Unites, McCain Divides Video Tribute

YouTube Videos Draw Attention to Palin’s Faith (after interview w/ CBN)

McCain's brother dropping out of campaign after calling 911 to complain about traffic

Colorado's Troops & Veterans Deserve Better Than Musgrave

The Republican Downfall

TYT: Guess How Much Taxpayer $ Has Been Spent On Portraits?

A Tribute to Paul Wellstone

Democracy Denied in Harris County, Texas

A Poem For The Youth Voter

Sarah Palin Film Re-enacted: Ricky Gervais & Thandie Newton


FOX Spreads The 'B' Mutilation Hoax

Brian Williams: McCain Campaign Spread 'B' Hoax To Reporters

Go Obama Go and Carolina in My Mind

The McCain Campaign may not want you to see this

John McCain: 'I'm gonna test them'

Obama for Jeff Merkley (candidate for US Senate in Oregon)

McCain warns against Democratic takeover

Jerry Lewis makes another anti-gay slur

Judge rejects Montco lawyer's bid to have Obama removed from ballot

Guantanamo tribunals overseer under investigation

Companies start competing for bailout money

Palin: Electing Obama will be like government 'moving in'

FAUX: Kucinich on Government didn't do its job

Countdown: Palin Doing More Harm Than Good

GOP heavyweights bailing on McCain campaign

Asia, EU seek confidence-booster as markets panic (43 nations - not US)

Your Vote Can Make the Difference in Nebraska

AP INVESTIGATION: Palin pipeline terms curbed bids

Cincinnati Enquirer Endorses McCain for President ("This Is Sen. John McCain's Time")

Bill Weld, former Republican governor of Massachusetts, endorses Barack Obama

Joe Biden: Danville, Virginia

Chris Matthews & Christopher Hitchens on Obama

TYT: Palin Is Not Sure Abortion Clinic Bombers Are Terrorists

Barack on Bush-McCain Economics

Bill Clinton to Join Obama on Campaign Trail

A response to something Sarah Palin said recently

Columbus man charged with making telephoned death threat against Ohio elections chief


M. Cho & Gay Marriage

TYT: McCain Responds to Palin Clothes Budget

Manny Legace injured after falling on carpet for Palin

Michele Bachmann (R-MN) says 'I may not always get my words right, but...'

St Louis Blues Fans Boo Sarah POS Palin

Veteran of China's Long March dies at 102

Kucinich to ask Congressional colleagues to take action

Right Wing Tries To Tie Obama To Satan

Racism at McCain Palin rallies: Why whitey can't vote


Video the Vote

The Hounds

Former Marxist revolutionary on track to become Rio's next mayor (involved, US ambassador)

Former Marxist revolutionary on track to become Rio's next mayor (involved, US ambassador)

Joe Biden Rally in Suffolk, VA, October 25, 2008

Keith O.: Reporters Contradict McCain Camp's Role In 'B' Hoax

Chris Matthews Talks to Another Republican For Obama

Tom Wyka Radio spot NJ-11

Charges filed against 26 Olympia demonstrators

Obama Back on the Trail Today in Vegas, Baby!

Iraq's main Sunni party suspends contacts with US

John McCain Who Is Your Al qaeda Pal?

Venezuela's Chavez calls Palin a confused beauty queen

Court Case in Miami Casts Light on Corruption in Venezuela

Response To RNC's New McCain Attack Ad 'Storm'

New Union Anthem! Dropkick Murphys!

Bush Orders DOJ to Probe Ohio Voter Registrations

Larry Dunston for Congress

Friday Feminist Fuck You: Anti-Choice Pharmacists

TYT---Who Opposes Gay Rights in California?

A Dr. Seuss approach on Sarah Palin and McCain

TheRealNews: Howard Zinn =Guns or butter?

Biden Answers Stupid Questions

Obama Spokesperon Calls Out FOX NEWS

Sarah Palin Draws In The Looney Crowd At Her Rallies

Amazing Florida Bridge Rally!!

Ned The Plumber

Kansas Freakout - Marc Maron

The curse of the hockey mom

Sarah Palin's $150,000 shopping spree

Racism at John McCain Rally--Denver, CO

McCain not too happy with Sarah's answer

TYT: DEVASTATING New Ad Could Sink McCain!

New Obama TV Ad - "Defining Moment"

5th Grade Reporter Interviews Senator Joe Biden

"Are you joking? Is that really a question?" **UPDATE***

Socialism - As American as Apple Pie

Call of Duty with Todd and Sarah Palin

Palin Said to Want to Strike Out on Her Own More

Italians flood Rome in anti-Berlusconi protest

Guardian UK: End of the Greenspan error

McCain Finds Americans No Longer Buying Into the Spec Market on Dread

Forget Fruit Flies, Paleontologists Want to Study Palin!

Grandfather’s Apology

Is there a Katrina effect?

Still lots of right-wing mayhem to go around (Katha Pollitt)

A Children's Treasury of Wingnut Reactions ... (Wonkette)

Ashley Todd's Latest Story: 'Reverse B' Carved by Dyslexic Black Man

The aftermath of Ashley Todd's story (Bookman / AJC)

Once again, another bumpy ride assured in Florida

The McCain-Palin Melodrama - Cue The Finale?

Republicans summon ugly old ghosts

Obama ruled ineligible to run? Stay tuned (yawn) (Philly Daily News)

Open-toed and witch-free? You betcha! (Cockburn / Edmondton Sun)

Beaten Obama Campaign Worker, Plus Vlad and Boris

Calling out Drudge on McCain volunteer's attack lie

Wingtip Warriors, Why those "armies" of lawyers are our last, best hope for an honest Election Day.

Forget Ashley Todd, McCAIN HIMSELF Engaged in Self-Mutilating Hoax

How Soldiers Really Vote

Why Dogs Don't Enjoy Music

Boogiemen..How Lee Atwater Perfected the G.O.P.'s Appeal to Racism

GOP Consultant Subpoenaed in Case Alleging Tampering with 2004 Election

What Voter Fraud? From Goldwater's Eagle Eyes to ACORN

Fidel Castro: The Russian Orthodox Church

Obama is a Socialist? Another “Known-Unknown”

The GOP in the Looking Glass: Stop, Thief!

Letter from 2012 in Obama's America


Katmai sinking may bring more federal scrutiny

McCain Can Still Become President..... of Panama!

Alan Shrugged by David Corn

Princeton publishes how-to guide for hacking Sequoia e-voting machines

Good Will Hunting

U.S. has plundered world wealth with dlr -China paper

Why Ken Adelman Endorsed Obama

Happy Birthday James Carville. Now Retire.

Wasup? Change Is Coming

McCain Banking on a Confederacy of Dunces

America’s Buddy-Buddy Campaign Press Corps

Raising the Specter of the ’60s

America’s False Ideology of White Supremacy

Palin allies report rising campaign tension

Editorial: Norm Coleman for Senate

Doctor to discuss effort to clarify Iraqi death toll

World stands against Bush on crisis

Stolen Election Hysteria-A Little Historical Reality, Please!

(Not Quite) 101 Things Sarah Palin Should Know About the World

The Trauma of Being John McCain

The Ashley Todd Hoax Is America's Hoax

Mike Farrell: The Ugly America

Obama's America circa 2012 by Dobson & Co.

One brief idea, not mine, but I absolutely have to pass it on!

Treasury weighs next move amid signs of global recession

Palin Pathology: What's Wrong with Sarah and Her Fans?

AP INVESTIGATION: Palin pipeline terms curbed bids

What's so bad about (liberals?) Letter to the WSJ

Bill Moyers Interviews James Galbraith

Volcker: U.S. needs more civil engineers and fewer financial engineers

Why I'm Voting for McCain

Palin blessing echoed extreme strategy... Anchorage Daily News

GOP-ADD: Barack Obama?! Who the hell does Barack Obama think he is?

HORROR is the word to describe these last eight years and we must never minimize or repress it.

McCain-Palin & the Lucificer effect: PsyOps against Obama

Colonel paternity tangle

Sill soldier charged in death of baby

Airbus spent $130,680 to lobby on tanker deal

150 lieutenants to get early release

Sears resolves rule violation in gift program

Some troops in Europe test remote voting

Landing gear uses lasers to peer through dust

Squadron CO fired after P-3 crash in Afghanistan

Navy inspects Boeing jets after cracks found

Stuck with a subprime? Refinance with VA

Navy spells out IA/GSA family rules

4 arrested in hotel blast that killed sailor

Attacking Taliban funding

Top Marine commando: Corps good at small wars

Oh, Jarhead, where art thou?

Global Strike Command coming by Sept. 2009

Air Force looking for pilots to return to active duty

Airman found dead in housing unit at Balad

Assault trial of ex-pilot to change venue

Deactivated Hurlburt unit coming to Cannon

150 McChord airmen deploying Monday

2nd SCR’s Havoc Platoon trying to stay busy at end of deployment

South Korean protesters always demand to be heard, no matter what the cause

Sunni city turns to Iraqi government – not U.S. – to fund reconstruction

Navy: Naples asthma study ends with inconclusive result

Top enlisted man addresses Army strength

Okinawa officials say recent rainfall eases concern over water shortages

Yokota officials warn about thefts from homes on east side

2nd ID soldier appeals South Korean assault sentence

Air Force moving forward with Andersen expansion

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Why They Talked

Odierno Pledges to Help Turkey Fight Kurds

Army Warns of Twitter Dangers

Doctor Details Slain Officers' Wounds

Pakistanis Capture Militant Stronghold

Anniversary Honors Women Warriors

Navy Recognizes Stupendous Energy Programs

Plane With Four Airmen Burst In Flames

Destroyer Barry runs aground in Turkish port

Cracked wing hinge leads to Hornet inspections


Recommended read this Atlantic Monthly feature

Freeps go ballistic over Hallmark gay wedding cards

Google running anti-gay ads in violation of its own policy

Protesters come out for and against Proposition 8

Two great videos aimed at reassuring Jewish voters that Obama's on our side

Palestinian force enters Hebron in security drive

Israel's Livni cans coalition talk, will recommend election: reports

No on Prop. 8 contributations pull ahead of Yes on 8 by $3mil +

A Surprisingly Sunny Solar Report

Drivers burned less rubber in August - Reuters

Seven Puget Sound killer whales missing and presumed dead (biggest loss this decade)

ANALYSIS - Ethanol No Longer Seen As Big Driver Of Food Price

New effort made to delist gray wolf

Good Thing We're Going to Have to Live w/ Less Stuff -- We'll Stay Alive on Earth for Longer

Lawmaker objects to China helping Pak build nuke reactors

"No Match" Rule Will Hurt American Workers And Economy

oh oh My bank sent me a reassuring letter

Russian Default Risk Soars: LTCM Repeat Play

Capitalist Games Cause Peso Crash

Nothing New Under The Depression Sun

U.S. has plundered world wealth with dollar: China paper

Down for the Count

Some retailers may choose bankruptcy before Christmas

how is that bailout working so far?

Wall Street halts futures trading amid panic

Libor Rises and Bank Stress Measures Worsen

Today in labor history Oct 25 Minnesota's "labor senator," Paul Wellstone killed in a plane crash

Mass strike in Italy against Berlusconi government

Bolivia alleges US role in violent jungle clash

Diaz-Balart courts voters via trade deal (pitching appeal to Florida Colombians)

Former Marxist revolutionary on track to become Rio's next mayor (involved, US ambassador)

STOP US BLOCKADE OF CUBA - compelling ammunition to argue the case

CHAVEZ calls PALIN a "confused beauty queen" -ha-ha!

Thank god the NBA is starting next week

Reports: Isiah Thomas in OD drama at NY home

Horse of the Year

Legace injured after tripping over the carpet for VP candidate Palin

Jack Rabbit Chess Report (October 24): Vishy Just One Point from Title Defense

So, who has the best uniforms in your favorite sport?

Beam me up, Scotty?

So, these are interesting. (New kind of flower essence I just found.)

Okay, here's a question. What do the stars look like for November 5th?

Tips on healthy, inexpensive foods to enjoy

Costco does negatives to digital

Company that will scan a box of photos to CD

Fall and some falls on the Niagara Escarpment (dial-up warning)

I'm going to Yosemite for 3 days!

Guns or Pensions?

Yet another "assault weapons" conflation by MSM:

Obama and Gun rights

How am I ever going to clear my heart of the hatred I feel for Christians

Cameras Capture 'Fireball' In The Sky: Meteor May Have Crashed In Ontario

Early Saturday morning eye candy (Enceladus up very close)

A science mom's priorities - ADVICE FOR A NEW PRESIDENT

periodic table of the elements in pictures

Stephen Hawking to Retire

Bin Laden writing his memoirs

Early voting 2004 vs 2008

Tarrant County Early Voting Numbers for the Week

Rick Noriega - Hell to Pay Contest on Daily Kos - Vote Tonight!

Their doing it again " Voter Fraud "

Texas is Going Blue

Furniture - free to a good home.

Goodbye to Texas.

Still stompin' after all these years

BH interview with Kerry

Short radio interview with Sen. Kerry

John Kerry answers a good question on gay marriage

If you know somone who likes Hillary Clinton, but...

Crunch time. What can I/we do to make sure Coleman is defeated? n/t

StarTribune endorses Obama, Coleman.

Obama, Coleman lead in new state poll

Mandelson named in spy files on oligarch

Xenith Booksellers Half-Off Sale this weekend

Some fucker trashed my Obama sign overnight

gard (A) Out-raises Kagen (Democrat) In October