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Obama in the Shenandoah Valley on 10/28!

I voted today. What an amazing experience!

So now they're trying to convince everyone winning is a bad thing?

What do you think Obama's margin of victory in the popular vote will be?

I was just robo polled by KMOX St. Louis, sounded like a MO SurveyUSA poll

USA Today: 2nd former Bush official endorses Obama

USA Today: 2nd former Bush official endorses Obama

TIME Magazine: Barack Obama's Rise to the Nomination [Great PHOTO+AUDIO Presentation]

Grampy gives thumbs-up to "Bob the Boat Builder," a "small business CEO" of $67 million company

Today's Polls: McCain Stuck in Neutral

Obama's FOUR POINTS BEHIND McCain in Arizona!!!!!

Obama's FOUR POINTS BEHIND McCain in Arizona!!!!!

McCain - here's your lesson for today

Ultimate Dream Headline: President Obama to visit Ireland!

Does anyone know if there is an Internet feed....

My Election Night Party

NY Times: YouTube Videos Draw Attention to Palin’s Faith

I'm a little concerned.

With 10 Days Left....What Will McCains Final Campaign Disaster Be

And this just in from Get the F*ck outta here news-Bob Barr predicts Obama will win Georgia

Um...Ok. Obama now winning racist, bigot demographic.

When does Obama speak tonight???

Barack Obama in Paris! (Paris Obama Art Show)

Republicans bracing for an Obama victory

obama/Mccain both in New Mexico today - who had the biggest crowd, I read only 1000

obama/Mccain both in New Mexico today - who had the biggest crowd, I read only 1000

VIDEO: Obama and Biden - The Outtake!

VIDEO: Obama and Biden - The Outtake!

Research 2000 IL poll: Obama +25%

Favorite Moments of Election 2008

Favorite Moments of Election 2008

Obama's Inaugural Address Leaked!

McCain Staffer Threatens to Arrest Journalist for Exposing Paid 'Volunteers'

TMZ: Maya Rudolph returns to SNL to play Michelle Obama, no Tina as Sarah tonight

David Frum argues for the Republicans to abandon McCain campaign

On the Chris Matthews show just now on the "Tell me something i don't know"

On the Chris Matthews show just now on the "Tell me something i don't know"

Well worth a listen - this week's episode of This American Life - gives you a peek into how HARD

Tucker Bounds responds to Obama's Nevada remarks: McCain's not Bush, and he's a war hero. POW! POW!

Palin has gone from +16% favorable to -3% unfavorable in Missouri since Sept

Just 1 percent of French want McCain to win vote: poll

Are you READY my bitches?

U.S. election provoking interest in Latin America

Palin as President

Governor Bill Ritter Robocalls (CO) re: mail-in ballot delay

DU Challenge: Predict How The Media Gets Through Next Week

My Mom reporting from RED Bakersfield Ca

Additional Early Voting in 2 Denver Locations (due to massive turnout in heavily Democratic Denver)

Palin's unfavorable 47% - favorable 44% in MO... Biden 55% favorable - 30% unfavorable


Expect ZOGBY's Obama lead to shrink in tomorrows poll. Sludge is teasing a bad day of polling for

Expect ZOGBY's Obama lead to shrink in tomorrows poll. Sludge is teasing a bad day of polling for

Comrades! Check this out!

Ya know how much I hate Sarah Palin

TIME Magazine: "Why Barack Obama Is Winning"

Better questions to ask evanglicals (& Palin) running for office

At the U.N., Many Hope for an Obama Win

Sean Hannity is ranting about Wright again. I'm so tired of having my church beat up like this.

Todd Palin Goes Ice Fishing

Michael Isikoff, Newsweek: "The Return Of Rezko...In campaign's final days, McCain ramps up attack"

Does McCain have a clue what is going to happen shortly after the election

Reader's Digest Global Poll: Obama by a Landslide (except in US)

VIDEO One more time for MC Yogi, my favourite EVER Obama YouTube video

Obama in Norfolk on Tuesday?

Obama arrives in Albuquerque, New Mexico (photos)

Obama Live, he's on

So is McCain trying to throw this election?

The one idiot who didnt vote

The one idiot who didnt vote

All this Muslim-baiting in this election will have consequences for the GOP

Breaking: Obama speech in NM now on feed!!!!!!

A WOW article just posted at TPM - from Mark Levin of the National Review. Delusions!

Our opinion: Obama for president (Courier-Express/Tri-County Sunday: DuBois PA)

From Max Clelands wiki page... close similarities to now

Frank Rich: In Defense of White Americans

Florida:Both parties to guard polls on Election Day

Obama Albuquerque, NM rally streaming online now. (live 11:10 pm EST)

Is John McSame Really a Maverick...Risk Taker....

Looking a bit at Obama vs McCain advantages in their "safe" states

Get your empirical crowd-enthusiasm comparison on Route 66


I just learned something about Palin(comparison)'s family history.

Here are the close/battleground States Poll closing times for your reference!

99.5% of plumbers make less than $250,000, nice line Obama~! nt

OC Weekly - 25 Reasons John McCain Sucks

Liking the looks of Obama team's last week push (OH, PA, CO, NC, FLA)

Just watched Fahrenheit 911 n I'm POed


Road to 270: South Carolina

SNL can't win 'em all....

Minnesota's Star Tribune - endorsement split: Obama / Coleman

Minnesota's Star Tribune - endorsement split: Obama / Coleman

The Barack Obama variety show was great.

I voted for Obama and told my RW friend - His response


PHOTOS Babies for Obama or McCain......LOL

McCain against Bush is like "Tonto getting mad at the Lone Ranger"

McCain against Bush is like "Tonto getting mad at the Lone Ranger"

McCain Jokes Obama 'Inaugural' on Par With 'Dewey Defeats Truman'

Obama has his largest lead ever on RCP (8 points) and broke 87 on Intrade

More GOP scum tricks just posted at TPM -

Pennsylvania GOP disavows inflammatory e-mail

Halloween outfit ideas guaranteed to get some laughs...

SNL - Will Ferrell as GWB (endorses McCain and Palin) - with Tina Fey

To all Dems standing for election:

CNN (Cafferty?) is pushing the "un-divided government may be risky" meme

Woman With Deaf Son Questions Palin On Special Needs Care

Palin's Pipeline, Lobbyist and Rigged Bidding...

Just attend the Albuquerque Rally!!!

The current electoral map and a flashback to 1976...

The Obama Team is brilliant (you will love this)

***** SNL THREAD: SPOLER ALERT!!!! *****

Chris Martin from Coldplay just gave Obama a shoutout on SNL

McCain Camp Estimates 150,000 people attended this rally last week (pic)


The Republicans are forgetting 2008 and looking at 2010 for The Blame Game

Des Moines Register endorses Obama

Election fraud

I sure wish Hunter S. Thompson was still around to cover this election...

Fuckin Zogby...Obama 49(-2), McCain 44(+2)

*Official "put all polls here" Thread (so I don't have to see them) *

Why do we have only ONE election day?

Anyone have the Sunday talk show lineup for tomorrow?

You've seen the wingnut anchorwoman interview Biden BUT ...

Props to Coldplay, but they still suck.

Did you hear Coldplay endorse Obama after their last song on SNL?

Hardcore Lovefest between Palin and Dobson

Zogby Poll to be released in a few minutes is going to be Complete Horseshit

Zogby Poll to be released in a few minutes is going to be Complete Horseshit

The Berkshire Eagle, Pantagraph, and Ledger: Obama for president

What is the difference between James Dobson and Ashley Todd?

Ms Clark, Pinellas Cty, Fl Elections Commissionner

Who or what the hell is ""? They're the only political ads we're getting here.

Would somebody PLEASE post the new ZOGBY poll??!!1!1!!!11!!

CNN reports Obama votes lighting up for McCain in Virginia

Idea to avoid getting purged......

Tom Brokejaw caught wearing tomorrow's Makeup for McCain's MTP Interview.

The Freepers are about to have to throw David Frum under the bus.

Know what I've noticed the last 48 hours on DU?

Saturday Night non stop McCain ads in CO

News about the electronic voting machines in WV that will really piss you off:

Fu#$ Zogby now this is news


Instead of $22+K for Palin's makeup, perhaps crazy Ashley could have used a little makeup assistance

Can we please quit talking about Republicans in the wilderness?

Is there a site that breaks down major polls showing the recent histoic accuracy of each?

Republican fears of historic Obama landslide unleash civil war for the future of the party

Where will you be when the historic call is made?

Zogby: O49, M44 (O-2, M+2). Obama in a "danger" zone. Sound the alarm.

I Bet In Four Years They'll Be Calling Him Barack Hussein Obama

where is the best, varied and quickest place i can get some obama tshirts.

It's curious that as Zogby goes down, Rass goes up...

Here's ZOGBY's bullshit poll Obama 49 (-2) McCain (+2)

In retrospect, 8 years ago probably wasn't the time to quit drinking...

Cool map of newspaper endorsements

Why Zogby is crap: Obama has a 50-36 lead among Independents and is up only 5.

Why are so many people concerned about the Zogby poll? Since 2000 he hasn't been that great

Returned Absentees in Cuyahoga County break out like so....

Obama is about to come up live on CNN at Rally in NM

Obama's Big Lead Inches Up Yet Again: TPM Tracking 6 Polls

Here's a possible explanation for ZOMG's changing numbers.....

Name Sarah Palin's New TV Show

Alaska's Getting Back a "New Sarah" - Be Afraid

How's this for a final week strategy?

Drudge has the Barbara West interview w/Biden front and center; GOP must think this works for them

Someone did this to my friend's yard tonight [pic]

Fox News - McCain Struggles to Gain Traction in New Mexico

Palin's Newest Big Game Trophy

MUST SEE: Biden Destroys Wingnut Anchorwoman!

A John McCain or Sarah Palin High School would be "Home of the..."

Obama for president (Berkshire Eagle MA)

Question about voting machine debacle: did the Dem party make a concerted effort

Mass Freeper emails about Obama citizenship


riddle me this batman......

Just where does he get off?

Open Letter to John McCain ...

Do the math: 1 of every 42 residents of NM attended Obama rally in Albuquerque!

First Eisenhower's granddaughter, now Goldwater's!

Research 2000 Missouri Poll: Obama takes first lead in Missouri, Obama 48%-McBush 47%

29 Newspaper Flips - 2004 Bush : 2008 Obama

Editorial: Barack Obama for president (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

How Do You Find Your Polling Location?

Our pick: Barack Obama for President (Erie Times-News)

Our pick: Barack Obama for President (Erie Times-News)

Democrat shows temperament, judgment to be a good president (Harrisburg PA Patriot-News)

Anchorage Daily News Endorses Barack Obama For President

Nation needs inspiring leadership -- Obama (Bloomington IL Pantograph)

I'd like to bust this "Joe the plumber" issue wide open:

I'd like to bust this "Joe the plumber" issue wide open:

heard a little of a McPain rally today...said Obama already had his inaugral speech written

Non-Obama voters, are they racist?

Steal the Election Map

HATE on steroids. Right-wing desparation boiling over.

Geraldo is trying to have an intelligent conversation with Hannity

I was listening to John Rothman this morning, and a freeper

Unstable McCain=Unstable America!

Reno Gazette Journal endorses Barack Obama for President.

American Univ. prof. on C-Span re. Zogby poll says M's gains are in the South and OH, IN, and MO

the GOP has an idiot problem.

R2K 10/26: O51, M40 (O-1)

dKos/R2K 10/26: Obama 51 (-1) McCain 40 (even)

Is it legal to use kids to phone bank for McCain?

Good blog in Juneau, Alaska, paper about Palin's getting the state to pay her kids' airfare

Right Wing Logic at work: Hitler breathed air. Obama breathes air. Therefore, Obama is like Hitler

Right Wing Logic at work: Hitler breathed air. Obama breathes air. Therefore, Obama is like Hitler


Do you live in MD or DC and are planning to volunteer in VA on Election Day? VOTE EARLY VIA ABSENTEE

NPR obviously in the tank for the theft of the election, pretending there's only a point or two

Hartford Courant (CT's biggest newspaper) endorses Obama - endorsed Bush in 2000 & 2004

This Barack Obama pic says it all for me..

Obama REALLY IS a terrorist!

Obama REALLY IS a terrorist!

Obama has shown the qualities our next president will need (Beaver & Allegheny County Times PA)

I Voted Barack Obama\Joe Biden Today, And I Have Proof (sort of) !!!

Dobson: Obama could cause nuked Israel, strikes on 4 U.S. cities, end of Boy Scouts, gay marriage...

At the U.N., Many Hope for an Obama Win

Rasmussen 10/26: O52, M44 (no change)

Rasmussen Daily 10/26: Obama 52, McPalin 44 n/t

Rasmussen Daily 10/26: Obama 52, McPalin 44 n/t

I saw this on Americablog this morning. Look who's on the cover of Men's Health.

Were Nixon's campaigns ever as vile as McSame's ?

Grab your tin foil hat and copy of Mel Gibson's Conspiracy Theory, we're going for a ride!

The "Most Liberal" Senator

Sen. Barack Obama is best choice to lead forward through change (Pottstown PA Mercury)

McCain Got $7 Million in Excess Donations: DNC

I welcome Zogby's fuzzy math

(R)AS TRACKING POLL: Obama 52, McCrypt 44. Unchanged. McCrypt favorability at a lowly 50%.

Obama up 25 in Connecticut in latest poll there

Is there anything more delusional than a right wing talking head happy talking McGrampy?

Blogging Sunday Morning News Shows

Homer Simpson Diebold Clip Removed from YouTube by Fox

awkward (adj.) hard to deal with; difficult; requiring skill, tact, or the like

Telegraph (Macon, GA) Endorses Obama

AP Calls its Opinions "Accountability Journalism"

Republican fears of historic Obama landslide

Barack Obama for our 44th president (Bay City Times)

Law may preclude TV stardom for Palin

One of these days real soon now we're gonna have the Republican Party shrunk

A person with narcissistic personality disorder:

Day endorses Obama for president (The Day / New London CT)

Day endorses Obama for president (The Day / New London CT)

Funny, I don't remember "one party rule" being an issue from 2002-06

*****BREAKING***** Alaska Daily News: OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT!!

Isn't this considered flag desecration? (McCain Autograph)

Barbara West's "tough" questions to McCain: "Why haven't you gone after Obama on ACORN ?"

McCain's reaction to poll numbers...

My Vote Counted. Did Yours? (Floridians can check to find out)

An interesting Newspaper endorsement for Obama

Oregon Vote Tracker

Oregon Vote Tracker

R2K Iowa Poll: Obama 54(+1), McCain 39 (unchanged)

I saw something really, really funny in Raleigh, NC yesterday

Idiot correspondent in Scranton, PA on MSNBC

Idiot correspondent in Scranton, PA on MSNBC

Forget about your State Funeral, my Friend ...

WFTV's Barbara West on Biden interview: "These are questions that are rolling about right now ...."

EMAIL to PA Jews from mccain

Your longterm predictions for post - Nov. 4, 2008

The Des Moines Register endorses Senator Barack Obama.

Is it my imagination or is Tom Brokaw a complete idiot or a Neo-Con?

Billy Joel's song choice for the Election while being interviewed on C-Span

McCain campaign paid Republican operative accused of voter fraud

MTP: John is backpeddling, socialism, spreading the wealth...

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/26/08 - Obama 52, McCain 44 (unchanged)

Unhinged Palin Says Obama WIll Turn The US Into A Communist Type Country

You guys do know that Barbara West's husband is a political consultant. . .I wonder for whom? Hmmmm

This picture of Sen. Obama will break your heart.

Globe Poll: Obama Crushing McCain in New Hampshire (15 pt lead)

Obama rides his landslide machine

Why is this twit anchor on MSNBC saying Obama is 51 -44 in gallup and then comparing that on the

John Podesta statement on fabrication that inaugural address is already written

OK everyone, this is the week we have to really bear down

Portsmouth Herald endorses Barack Obama

Obama Now Leads in Newspaper Endorsement 152-57: Ft. Worth Star-Telegram Endorsing Obama, Too

Did you realize that an openly lesbian House candidate is within striking distance in SC?

HISTORY IS WATCHING and McCain better realize that he'll be forever defined by this campaign not...

Keene Sentinel endorses Barack Obama

My response to an email smear from mother regarding Obama birth cert:

Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (IMPORTANT)

"He (Obama) got murdered during the PA Primaries, he lost by 30 points" Chris Wallace

Today's Right Wing Talking Point: MSM bias for Obama

Believe it or not -- Chris Wallace grilling Rove - "What about

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- Palin 2012: You Betcha! (Dory Hippauf)

Globe poll: Obama soars to big lead in New Hampshire (17 point swing in 1 month)

Scranton Sunday Times: Barack Obama for president

Shop, baby, shop? GOP spent $150K on Palin clothes

Poll: McCain's: Joe the Plumber ads

McCain Gaffe # 208,583 - George Schultz???

Which is worse in an election year, apathy or ignorance?

Robert Rubin V Douglas Holtz Eakin (SP) On Face The Nation

Obama Ad Hits McCain on the Economy (VIDEO)

Police fear riots if Barack Obama loses US election

Does Obama Even Need the Telecast At This Point? Bear with me...

Actually, McCain doesn't vote 90% w/Bush - It's 92%! according to Congressional Quarterly

Debunking the DNC flag story

Obama 54-39 New Hampshire according to Boston Globe survey

Maine's largest newspaper endorses Obama

Barack Obama Offers Support to Jennifer Hudson

Ms. Todd sent an e-mail to the Ron Paul group saying her tires were slashed

VIDEO: Meet the Press. Exclusive! John McCain

Help me debunk this e-mail I just got from my Republican relatives...


Grumpy sounds really bad on MTP today! I'm quite surprised that

If I listen carefully, I can hear the Pubs crying as they listen to MTP today!

I can't watch this. It's making me sad.

CNN: Palin's 'going rogue,' several top McCain aides say

I AM CONCERNED about the PBS Poll about Palin being qualified as VP, IT'S A TRAP!

NBC: Brokaw: Anti-Obama/Oct Surprise/Sinking Poll Numbers

In Defense of White Americans****** Frank Rich

"Sarah Palin can change her glasses, she can change her designers, she can change her hairstyle and

Valley News (Lebanon, NH/White River Jct, VT) backs Obama

We NEED EVERYBODY to vote in EVERY TIME ZONE on Nov. 4th !!!

Obama volunteers: Please post about your "battle scars," big or small!

Brokaw ended MTP with essentially a "War Hero" ad for McCain

prepare yourselves this week any little gain in polls by McCain will be hailed by MSM

WOW New UNH New Hampshire Poll Obama 54% McCain 39%

It's official--Obama has broken 88% at Intrade.

Ex-Bush Official(Nick Burns) Says McCain is Wrong on Negotiating With Iran and Other Adversaries

The Journal News has endorsed Barack Obama . . .

I want to ask those who watched MTP

Reno Gazette Journal Endorses Obama

McCain not doing well at all on MTP.

Just saw a nasty anti-Obama 3rd party ad

"Diva name" for Palin?

More endorsements for Obama!

I've got Obama holding all of Kerry's states, and adding Iowa,

PENNSYLVANIA and VIRGINIA are the key to victory!!

Doonesbury nails Joe the "Plumber."

"We're BOTH mavericks." Remember the Dr. Pepper song?

Full Video - 10/25 Barack Obama In Alburqurque NM

Obama wishes ‘a joyous Diwali’

Obama wishes ‘a joyous Diwali’

Obama wishes ‘a joyous Diwali’

Is Zogby A Credible Pollster?

Local paper (Indianapolis Star) refuses to endorse either candidate for POTUS

Ha! Lindsey Graham on This Week: Independent voters will decide the election...

Ha! Lindsey Graham on This Week: Independent voters will decide the election...

McCain's really is an empty suit, isn't he?

Just Wondering...

McCain looks terrible on MTP! He looks angry, uneasy, argumentative

Palin "annoyed" with CBS interviewer

For my 1000th Post

Obama Ad: McCain "Out Of Ideas, Out Of Touch, And Running Out Of Time" (VIDEO)

Be True to Your Heart

Meet The Press: AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! OMFG!!! LMAO!!!! AH HA HA HA HA!!!

HOTLINE TRACKING POLL: Obama 50 (unchanged), McCrypt 42 (-1)

Ok. McCain/Palin's Campaign Is In Disarray, Their Approvals Are Falling Like A Stone, They Have No

RCP: 255 EVs SOLID for Obama (51 leaning); McC solid in 7 Southern states +KS+AK+AZ (20 leaning McCa...

I can ALMOST taste it.

abc with snuffulofulous....peggy noonan, george will, cokie roberts, sam donelson

NEWSWEEK: Ex-Bush Official Says McCain is Wrong on Negotiating With Iran and Other Adversaries

Time to hit all the Central PA newspaper blogs/forums!!! - Posting at DU wont help in PA

If Obama is leading in the early vote?

Chuck T on MTP: "Early voting, AA turnout through the roof-- 95-100%"

Palin to Release Medical Records Early This Week

Quad City-Times/R2000 Iowa Poll: Obama 54, McCain 39

Lieberman Salutes His New Ant Overlords, Starts Talking Up His "Respect" For Obama

Could McCain lose his home state?

Brokaw's a shit...

Is Barbara West the first person to quote Karl Marx during a radio or TV show?

Obama Responds to McCain Camp Insinuations it Hacked into Joe the Plumber's Private Files

Could McCain Lose Arizona?

Irish Fiddlers for Obama!

MTP: Brokow

McCain on MTP: In serious denial

McCain on MTP: In serious denial

New Mexico crowds: McCain 1000. Obama 35,000 (and that's just the folks inside the event!)

McCain guarantees victory on MTP

If you missed it last night - ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS

Crimson Tide...

When It's All Said & Done Nov 4th & Obama & Dems Win Big.....

Somebody call AC/DC, Palin/Hasslebeck using "Thunderstruck"

9 days until McCain/Palin quit coming to Ohio. I'm sick of them coming here every 2 days

Obama's legal team at work in Florida

Rasmussen (Sunday, October 26, 2008) Obama 52, McCain 44, Obama +8 "highest level of support"

What's so scary about liberals?

Honestly, who cares about Polls?

They cant be serious!! Palin brings The View's Hasselbeck to Florida

Just got home from the Albuquerque Obama rally!

Has anyone fact checked Hasselback's equal pay slam. . .if she is wrong her ass will be lit up . . .

I love it when people like Hasselback get coverage - shine a bright light on them

All Heather Wilson does is lie!

10 MORE DAYS: Until McCain, Palin and his Acolytes ....

Newark Star Ledger

From those wonderful people who gave us

Andrea Mitchell at it again: "They are very negative in their Ads"

boy, are we screwn now

Yesterday, a very special vote was cast for Obama

MTP: free airtime Gramps wishes he never had

John McCain = Lucius Malfoy

NYT: John McCain, Flexible Aggression

So, is McCain resigned to defeat or is he still committed to stealing it?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, I swear to God is a little Palin Mini Me

How many friends/family/neighbors will you get voted this year?

Obama leads 50-42% in Hotline national poll (McCain -1) !! ... link

Lakerstan's guide to getting Obama's autograph

WaPo: David Frum mourns the GOP, writes "A beaten party needs a base from which to recover"

Since everyone thinks that everything that happens is a Rove trick, here's my paranoid thoughts...

Hasselb*tch should be removed from The View immediately

If Obama/Biden defeat McCain/Palin -- and I believe they will --

The un-asked McCain Iraq question... will it EVER be asked?

FOX NEWS: Obama admin wants to cut 25% of military budget?

Are The Repugs That Stupid That They Would Make Palin There Star For.....

Looks like Sarah is going "Rogue" on MSNBC right now.

Mason Dixion Polls: IA Obama 51-40, MO McSame 46-45, GA McSame 49-43

Poetry For Politics: How To Make It Through The Last Week

Dumb question - When's Obama's 30 min spot airing?

My local rag just endorsed McCain -- right man at the right time -- Obama only "gave a speech"

New anti-Obama spam: "Obama, Your Pastor, Same-Sex & Child Sacrifice"

We had a stand-out in honor of Sarah yesterday in Keene NH.

Was "Country First" intended for a McCain/Lieberman campaign?

Will They Steal It?

To hell with the polls. This is now ALL about the ground game: GOTV.

I got an e-mail I don't need help debunking

Queen Esther of Palingrad

Here's a RWer in SERIOUS need of therapy.....

I just can't even imagine the ridicule that the Dems would be receiving

Elizabeth Hasselback = Certified Wingnut

K and R

List of endorsements?

Palin spent more than $50K in taxpayer funds to remodel her mansion and office in Juneau

Since a lot of pollster like to use the 2004 LV model what was

Elisabeth Hasselbeck no longer on MSNBC.. n/t

Elisabeth Hasselbeck no longer on MSNBC.. n/t

Palin, Frugal??? PLEASE....

Palin, Frugal??? PLEASE....

What should the period between an election and inauguration be called?

FLorida: Lakeland Ledger endorses Obama. Most surprising.

Obama: The TIME Interview [FULL 34 Minute Audio + Great Photos + Article] - * BRILLIANT*

Just found this out about Ashley gets even better.

Is there anything wrong with the Sheriff being county Chairman of a political party?

The GOP's Problem Is That Their Nominee's RW Campaign Is Hurting Other Contests

Read and enjoy. Rove's 2006 predictions for a GOP victory

Obama's website getting about 3X as many hits as John McCain's

Email I got this morning about the infamous PBS poll...LMAO

They've already begun constructing the inauguration platform in D.C.

Palin in Tampa: wearing consignment shop jacket, hair uncoiffed...

Arizona: McCain 44% - Obama 40%

Polls. What to expect this week.

Huffington Post has pulled even with Drudge

UNH Poll of NH: Obama 54, McCain 39 - Obama 15% LEAD!!

"If Barack were here...and he will be in a few minutes...."

Grammar Expert attempts to diagram a Palin word salad sentence

The GOP is getting desparate here in Colorado.

The GOP is getting desparate here in Colorado.

Welcome To Asheville, Governor Palin

Update on our local volunteer who died while canvassing for Obama: Barack Obama consoles local widow

McCain directly answers Brokaw's question on Ashley Todd on MTP

Obama's up next, live in Denver!

Gallup-Obama 51% McCain 42%

ABQ, 10/25/2008: Two Candidates; Two Rallies

Sounds like McCain is warming up the Bush Voting Machines!

MSNBC says 49% - Obama, 46 - mccain, 11% may change there minds. This is for Ohio /nt

Alaska's largest newspaper (Anchorage Daily News) endorses OBAMA! LOL!

Meet Nancy Takehara: An Obama campaign worker who was **ACTUALLY ATTACKED**

I'm SICK of this SHIT! 4th sign stolen last night!

I'm SICK of this SHIT! 4th sign stolen last night!

The Record (Bergen County, NJ, pop approx 900,000) - Obama For President

Obama's "New Deal." A must read!

i missed mtp since it's on at 6:00am here, did McCain bring a "Game Changer"

Is O'Bama too Irish to be President?

Obama's Firewall: The Kerry states + Iowa, New Mexico and Colorado

This Week. The fundamentals are with us. But?

*** Question about the MSM projecting individual state results on election day ***

**WARNING:***Obama will change the American Flag if elected!

Hawkeye-X's report of the Obama rally

McCain can still win (And maybe pigs will fly)

Well-known investigator exposes alliance between McCain and terrorists

Do i Have This Right? Re: Early Voting

*** HEADS UP SUNDAY 10/26 Live today on ***

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy...

LIEberman: "'I have a lot of respect for Sen. Obama. He's bright. He's eloquent."

Listen, are we ready for Too Close to Call? MSM Fantasy Land; McCain Implodes in MTP

Good news!!! Obama’s "chance" to win – sharp increase

WOW! officially moved GA to toss-up!!! McCain down to 142 EV...

Why doesn't Gallup believe voters who say they will vote for Obama?

I'm So Glad All My Neighbors are Republicans...

We need stiff penalties for committing election crimes now. Whether it's sign stealing, caging,

Check out this flyer MO Dems handed out at the Palin rally

Rocky Horror politics

New Mexico Republicans Illegally Obtain Voter Registration Documents

An undecided couple sours on McCain (in NM)

Palin Goes John Birch Society

Palin Goes John Birch Society

Y'all Better Get Used To The Idea Of Joe Lieberman Being In The Dem Caucus

Brothers and sisters, DON'T freak out that McCain is "guaranteeing" a win.

Tinfoil time: McCain Guarantees Victory

Arizona gets little attention from presidential candidates

Palin says she never went to those stores personally (Neiman, Saks)- is that possible?

I love my hometown newspaper - here's a piece from today's police reports

Anyone else miss Will Pitt?

What up MSNBC???

I have a overnight bag packed & I will be protesting IF the election is stolen - DU, WE NEED A PLAN

Obama's Grant Park Celebration

*****Obama in Denver LIVE STREAM NOW 1:56 pm est hasn't started yet:

*****Obama in Denver LIVE STREAM NOW 1:56 pm est hasn't started yet:

MSNBC said they would cover McCain and Obama the same amount of time-not

"He said it himself, you can't make it up."

Billings Gazette (MT): Gazette Opinion: Obama the president America needs now

On MTP: McCain is so used to saying "Joe the Plumber" that he says "Joe the Biden"

How are you going to survive this next week? For me, Keith, Rachel, Jon, cabernet. And you??

How are you going to survive this next week? For me, Keith, Rachel, Jon, cabernet. And you??

How are you going to survive this next week? For me, Keith, Rachel, Jon, cabernet. And you??

Voter Suppression Wiki: keep this handy

Post-Dispatch/R2000 Missouri Poll: Obama 48, McCain 47

McCain: Senator Joe The Biden? Said it on MTP and just now in a rally. . .

Cry me a river, you corrupt effing PIG: "Rove: GOP infighting 'a sad sight to see'"

FREEPERS Predicting Landslide Victory

A few questions for Sarah Palin and her followers

Obama's gotta be under more pressure than any of us have ever experienced...

Gallup Daily - Obama 51 - 42 registered; 52 - 43 (Obama +1 - exp LV); 50 - 45 (traditional LV)

Another scary pre-Halloween thought--

Latest McCain outright lie: Obama has NOT written his Inaugural Address

Billings Gazette endorses Obama! Great read from a very red news.

Billings Gazette endorses Obama! Great read from a very red news.

Video: Nate Silver On The Colbert Report (538.Com)

Does anybody else see the Palin "look a like" beside McCain on stage at the rally in Iowa?

Frances McDormand compares Palin to 'Fargo' character

Oh Scott Migli on MSNBC

In Iowa, McCain dismisses sour poll numbers

Neocon Frum like rat leaving sinking McCain ship

Even the dopes who read Parade Magazine like Obama better.


A Palin Presidency would turn our schools into Creationism Classrooms

A Palin Presidency would turn our schools into Creationism Classrooms

Reflections of a Deaniac: Four years of a love affair with politics, online and offline.

Lieberman Hasn't Been Paying Attention To Himself

DKOS/R2000 POLL: Obama 51, McCain 40, +11% lead for Obama

Gallup - 50-45 (likely voters/trad) / 52-43 (expanded) stable and looking good!

The base isn't going to get McPain/Falin elected

Palin as President

Palin as President

Joe Loserman starts talking up his "respect" for Obama

If Rove gets busted trying to rig the election again by the Obama team...

My problem with the "trickle down" theory

So, so you think Obama's landslide will be bigger than Nixon's?

Check it out--John Kyl, McCain's fellow Arizona Senator, thinks he's toast.

Barbara West, Biden Interviewer: Her Husband is a GOP Flack!

So what's this with the attack inside Syria on MSNBC?

Israeli columnist Bradley Burston on Palin

80% voter turnout?

The Journal News (Lower Hudson Valley NY) endorses Obama

N.C. early voting surpasses 1 million ballots

If McPalin is right, then we've been a socialist country since 1913

Hawaii's GOP Governor and her silly lies about Obama

MSNBC reporting 4 American helicopters attacking targets on Iraqi Syrian boarder

100,000 at Barack's rally in Denver today

Early voting favors Democrats in Cleveland, Ohio ... link

"Senator" Palin?

Absolute WORST & Most Ignorant McCain Endorsement in History: Hope He Doesn't Die.

Post your state and what Obama and McCain ads you've seen there ... (poll)

Syria Attack is More of McCain's Campaign of Fear!

Ooga Booga Smooga Wooga = Obama Biden Shall Win!

McCain on now and he's still talking about Joe the non plumber.

When the last chapter in this year's election is written about the McCain campaign it will note that Georgia is now a battleground/toss-up state.

McCain Spokesman: "Obama Supporters Committing Suicide Outside the City Walls!"

Good article on OR Vote-By-Mail

Arizona - in a virtual tie?

Why do DUers in Florida believe that Obama will lose there?

Should Mccain really be tempting fate by campaigning in WATERLOO, IA?

Watching CNN: Special on CNN=Money! After that 300 Dow Drop Friday, Good Choice!

The Internet and Campaign 2008 (poll results)

Thousands wait to see Obama in Denver

The Syria Story

The Syria Story

When is the Barack 1/2 hour "major ad" speech supposed to be on?

CNN: "Obama is starting to make his final case...." so we'll just cut him off and go to McCain

I have decided, after much thought, that John McCain is right about "Country First"

Check Out This Email My Sister Just Sent Me!!!

The Syria story is really nothing

I feel so guilty taking 3 days off volunteering for Obama

a forgotten casualty of this campaign

a forgotten casualty of this campaign

--Palm Beach County Elections Office--West Palm Beach--Weekend Turnout--

I've lost it--Kristol, Rove and Frum have made interesting points

LINK TV....The best.

is bu$h* 'allowed' to attack anyone in any nation he chooses?

McMansions for McCain

McMansions for McCain

Alaska's biggest newspaper endorses Obama

Nader claims campaign speech record

David Brooks: McCain's Collapse "Unspeakably Sad"

How Ya Feeling This Morning?

Ashley Todd shows off her razor-tipped straight edge

Barbara West interviews John McCain

Barbara West interviews John McCain

What if the Vice President uses the washroom at 3 AM and the toilet floods?

Something really is going on out there

Some folks remind me of the people that second guessed Bill Walsh and Joe Montana

We need a 'concern' forum and a 'landslide' forum

Obama's campaign began with an appeal to hope

We're almost there ... the prize is in sight

Something About Sarah --by Kathleen Parker

CNN Reporting: McCain attracted a crowd of several Hundreds in Iowa!

Schuster just reported ElisaTwit opening in Fla for Palin said Palin was going to take her mop

Fort Worth Star Telegram (Texas) endorses Obama

mounting deparation - mounting racism and rage

Obama says McCain 'finally giving us a little straight talk'

What is

Obama is the better choice for troubled times ahead (Youngstown OH Vindicator)

Florida RACIST voting for Obama on a sneek tip read what there saying WOW!!

Obama can win by 12% or 4%. (But he can't really lose)

Nine more days to go.

McCain/Palin support keeps dropping!! = TPM Track = Six Poll Composite

I wrote down this quote from John Cornyn last week:

My, Virginia, that's a pretty shade of blue you have goin' there...

**** General Election PREDICTION POLL Sun. Oct 26 ****

Arizona Red, not for long!

According to, Obama has 375 EVS, 260 of which are STRONG!

Barack caught indoctrinating American youth...with suspicious hand gestures.

Do you think Sarah Palin will weep publicly sometime in the next week?

Barbara West's husband is a GOP donor and consultant

Zimmerman & Associates Arizona Poll: McCain 44-Obama 42

Was McCain privy to a US raid into Syria when he boasted that he would win on MTP?

Name that gate: Pipelinegate? Transcanadagate? Bidgate?

Work with me on this for a minute: Do you think Fox News might want Obama to win?

Obama Seizes on McCain Comment About Bush

Landslide! From Mid-September!

So why are the Bushies not defending Georgie from McCain's attacks?

I think I found someone MORE annoying than Sarah Palin...

Al Franken is benefitting from the "Bachmann" effect

Jonathan Alter just said that McCain has a pretty healthy margin among those over 65 AND does

Zogby is crap: Overall 49/44, but with men McCain +4, with women +14 for Obama

The Sheer Size of the Crowds and the Enthusiasm.

Obama leads in "Red State" newspaper endorsements

McCain Guarantees Victory - Fantasy or Planned Bullsh*t?

West Virginia is a quintessential "Reagan Democrat" State...

Sarah Palin, the Only Anti-American, Socialist, Terrorist in the Presidential Campaign

Denver Oct. 26th --pics

The political vultures are circling Republican Sen. John McCain.

DUPE - Go watch Obama ;)

It's perfectly understandable that people are scared of their own shadows this week...

Typical McFalin: Obama is acting like he already won. And in the same breath

If you haven't shaken your head enough today, here's some more idiocy:

Obama Ties McCain to Republican Philosophy (NYT)

McCain, on MTP, admits that he voted w/ Bush 90% of the time, STILL tries to throw him under the bus

Denver Rules!

Lines for Obama speech stretch more than two miles

Obama Leads McCain 52-45 in Latest ABC News/Washington Post Poll

McCain 'guarantees' victory, claims polls show 'close race'

Oh sh*t! Sec Def Robert Gates has opened his mouth about cutting *wasteful * military speding, too!

ABC/WaPo Poll: Obama 52(-1), McCain 45(+1)

McCain has major memory lapse on MTP.

Obama's new ad attacks McCains ad that was attacking Biden's comments.

WOW. New Iowa Poll. Now we know why McCain has been visiting there

McCain Gets al-Qaida Endorsement

Only ONE state never voted for Reagan or either Bush

PHOTOS Today's Inspirational Pics (Denver)

Sarah Palin claims to have a $35 wedding band? (Photo heavy)

Are u taking a day off from work (school, responsibilities) 2 fully experience election? which day?

Too soon to start thinking about McCain's Senate seat?

ROFL Tucker Bounds "McCain supports ethanol but not ethanol subsidies"

Anyone know why TPM...

[Greta Christina] The John McCain Sex Scandal

Rod Parsley - McCain advisor and Dominionist nutcase - spewing "Vote Republican or go to Hell" now

My rw Sil is "Concerned about early voting in Georgia"

McCain: 'It all depends on the voter turnout.' (He's right.)

All of you with concerns? Post your concern, but only if you post what you are doing about it.

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaings In Fort Collins, CO****

Can I get an Amen?

For the first time in our history the DOW on 11/4 could move votes

Great Ad. Why haven't I seen it on TV yet? (VIDEO)

Michelle Bachmann rant causes Republican former Minnesota Governor to endorse Obama

Obama to introduce closing argument, in new speech Monday, in Canton, Ohio.

Whoever wins Ohio wins the election? Dem Rep on MSNBC comment just now. Huh?

HELP!?! Someone here posted a great music video for Obama and I can't find it.

PA TRACKING POLL: Obama 53 (+1), McCrypt 41

Remarks for Obama in Reno, Nevada Saturday

Latest Poll on PA (Sunday PM) Obama 53 McCain 40

SO>>>>>> how are you going to handle the wait this week

Tomorrow we get a new stump speech -- think anyone will want to show up for that?

Mrs. ZBDent-in-law told me she sent in her absentee ballot (Ohio)

Just now, live - McCain: "Joe the Biden"

Hasselbeck Drones for Nearly 10 minutes Introduces Palin Yesterday

New numbers posted at - Obama 96.7% chance of winning!

How is Obama's ground game/GOTV at universities?

I'm beginning to be annoyed by MSNBC:

Caution: Graphic ! Illustration of voting against your own best interest

McCain on Obama: "blah, blah, blah"

In Florida, Sarah Palin says Barack Obama acts as if he's already won presidential election

Anyone here go to the kickass Obama march in Balboa Park today? has a disclaimer on the Michelle Obama lobster tale.

When/where is the 30 minute Obama TV ad?

Barack Obama talks with FOX 31's Libby Weaver

So much for a nice walk in the park

I spent about an hour browsing FR this afternoon.

Never mind

My surreal political conversations this past week - from a blue dot in a Red state

Obama-Crowd Pic Montage from Colorado

Anchorage Daily News Endorses Barack Obama !!!!!!!!

Help please. Phrase etiology. "Mainly because half the people I was with believed this until I expla

Can someone please tell me how to find out when Obama or Biden are

NYT (Timothy Egan) "The Party of Yesterday". This captures the "debate" That Palin

McCain on MTP, Epic FAIL! He lost a voter today behind that interview...

I just saw a McCain canvasser on my street. I thought of telling her...

Supporters are where you find them...

I was left speechless

I was left speechless

I was left speechless

Do You Think Obama Will Really Televise His Healthcare Negotiations On C-Span?

Doorknocking for El Tinklenberg and against Michele Bachmann

It's like Howdy Doody getting mad at Bob!

Was this a freudian slip OR is work afoot to kick Palin out of the Guv's mansion?

My friends, Did you know John McCain was a POW?

MSNBC replaying meet the press now on the east coast - if you missed it

Anyone catch Chuckie T's comment about AA turnout in the South at 90%

This must be one of those supporters McSame is so proud of:

Turd Blossom's map has Obama 317, McCrypt 157

Since Halloween is coming up. What GOP ticket would make you scream in 2012?

McCain can still win (And maybe pigs will fly)

I can smell it. Can you?

Just did my Northern VA canvassing for Obama! Passed my McCain counterparts.

Republican fears of historic Obama landslide unleash civil war for the future of the party

I am thankful to see this day.

I want to CRUSH the damn GOP. I hate them all!

Obama Ties McCain to Republican Philosophy - NYTimes

Confession time: How many haven't voted, even though you can?

I finished the training today in Scranton and now I'm an Official Poll Watcher.

I finished the training today in Scranton and now I'm an Official Poll Watcher.

crncny YouTube account closed

Do you guys think the Polls are underestimating Obama's actual lead

Does anybody have the details on how early votes will be counted and reported?

Why I am voting for Obama…

Barack Obama offers support to Jennifer Hudson

Obama to start 'closing argument' tomorrow

Chuckie Todd said that the 'S' in John S. McCain stands for

Quick - take a look at the Rocky Mountain News homepage!!!

Michelle Obama to Hit the "Tonight" Show Monday

VIDEO Obama - America's Alive! (Tribute to Volunteers & Supporters)

"Leaked" Obama internal polls for PA???

Can anyone promise me we won't have to listen to that goddamned whiny voice of Sarah Palin...

"Leaked" Obama internal polls for PA???

On Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw puts McCain in his place.

anyone watching 60 minutes about Bill Clinton's deregulation with credit default swaps.

Obama: "If You're Voting For McCain, You Should Wait Until November 5th"

Happy birthday to me (and Hillary). To celebrate, we're volunteering at the Obama office today.

One thing about Lou Dobbs - he does an excellent, excellent job reporting on

Add another racist's vote to Obama's total.

Some early voting results

They have really targeted Kay Hagan in NC. I mean she is getting the kitchen sink

Where is Obama's team of lawyers? Vote flipping in WV, TN, TX, and now MO, ALL D to R

McCain's "executive experience"

McCain's "executive experience"

Iffy news from Ardmore, PA...

I Will Not Be Satisfied Unless

Who's that lady CNN right now?

"If you tell anyone I'm voting for Obama, I'll deny it".

I received a mailing from the RNC requesting a donation, ASAP

Obama... Really Cannot Lose... And it is being reported!

It just doesn't add up...

Broken glass

McCain tells Brokaw "we will be up late" on election day. I agree.

My prediction: The Narrative this week will be about how McCain is losing big.

Complaining About Palin's expenditure of $150,000 on Clothing is Sexist!!

PICS from the Palin rally in Kissimee today--LOL just too surreal

Don't worry about the "tightening" polls. Obama will close strong with his 30 min. ad & others.

On "Meet the Press" did you see where McCain could only name 4 of the 5 Sec of States

Obama Responds to Syria Story

Obama Outraises McCain In Utah 7-to-1 Since September

Obama Outraises McCain In Utah 7-to-1 Since September

Kelly O'Donnell sure gives me the impression that she wants McCain to win.

Don't let anyone tell you W. Va is McCain's

Personal finances aside, I'm hoping for a bad week on the market

U of Akron Ohio Poll: Obama 45, McCain 41

Police: Crowd for Obama Denver rally tops 100,000

Police: Crowd for Obama Denver rally tops 100,000

When a guy named Elwyn Tinklenberg has a chance at an upset victory,

I just heard McCain say "Joe The Biden", LOL


Latinos to Vote Democratic thanks to the anti-immigration nuts

Two simple photos that speak to me of the stark difference between Obama & McCain

Face it people, Most McLame supporters are anti-Obama not Pro-McLame....

Let's predict the Election Results here (Popular Vote, Electoral Vote, State Results)

To honor Toot's birthday, and my own Mom as Rosie the Riveter, I am donating again.

John "Fat Bastard" Hagee - "Vote The Bible" (week 3 of a 4 part series)

My Daughter Was Unaware Of Freeperland... She Went There & Said They

Who are these Undecideds? Could they be the embodiment of the 'Bradley Effect'?

Well looks like it's over! They're going to steal it. :(

Barack Obama — forever sizing up

Yahoo News Photos: Obama addresses a small, intimate gathering of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND in Denver

"Reverse Bradley", here we come

May I brag a bit about my g'daughter?

McCain attacks Obama for drafting inaugural speech - BRILLIANT response!

Which McCain campaign gimmick was most ridiculous?

Fort Worth Star Telegram................ ENDORSES BARACK OBAMA........YEEHAW

Financial Times: Obama is the better choice

Trivia questions needed for my Election Night party

McCain to pound on Rezko dealings - ads, direct mailings, robocalls

Jon Kyl joins the club of Republicans making idiotic statements

John McCain - Corrupting the Youth of America

McCain not losing honorably -

If Palin Mentions Todd's "Native Alaskan Roots" One More Time.....

Will the Real Rogue Please Stand Up. -- MUDFLATS

I am expecting lots of legal challenges just days before the election...

1 of every 36 people in the state of Colorado saw Obama today

My Barack O' Lantern

Photos: "Iowa 4 McCain"...Crowd at Cedar Falls McBush Rally looks more like 100 than 100,000.

Where are you seeing Obama/Biden ads??

5 positive reasons I support Barack Obama

College Educated - not "real Americans"?

Rewrite this stanza of lyrics,

Hey, Barak Obaba just sent me an email asking me to support Tinklenberg!

Sarah Palin is an ass! Why is that baby at the rally?


Holy crap! Look at Indiana!

Who do you think the undecided will for?

Police: More than 100,000 at Obama rally

Police: More than 100,000 at Obama rally

I appreciate SNL being equal opportunity with busting on our party but that Biden skit sucked!

I appreciate SNL being equal opportunity with busting on our party but that Biden skit sucked!

Pastor who claims to have given Palins a divine message which made them weep continues descent...

What's on your dream list for the new filibuster proof Democratic government?

Obama: McCain is to Bush as Robin is to Batman

Deadheads... get yours now!

"I think that he is really just a very obnoxious person."

What will your attitude be after election day?

Hockey Mama for Obama

"KILLWHITEYmichelleO" YouTube account suspended, thanks DU!

McCain is a lousy candidate, just ask two die-hard Repubs who showed up at his lame rally in NM

McCain Guarantees Victory in a Squeaker Race

Great endorsement of Senator Kerry

John McCain sent my grandmother $1

John McCain sent my grandmother $1

What constitutes a landslide?

Have They Given a Reason Why We Attacked Syria Yet?

Obama calls the wife of a volunteer who died canvassing

Jesse Jackson Jr. hopes to replace Obama in Senate

Palin's 'going rogue,' McCain aide says

Palinism infects Republican Caucus! FL Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen hits the stripper pole. (for real)

The economics of reporting polls

McCain draws 900 in New Mexico. Obama draws this...


Here is what it comes down to Election Night, Electoral Vote wise.........

(New Orleans) Times-Picayune Endorses Obama!!!

All Obama has to do to tie McCain is win Nevada- we may already have it

Coldplay's Chris Martin just yelled "Barack Obama!" on SNL.

McCain volunteer who made up story remains jailed

Petty things the Democrats to do after the Election simply because we can

Chicago Trib calls Binden interviewer a JOKE...LMAO

Today at Old Navy I started crying over the strangest thing....

The 'Bradley Effect' is a myth. Please kick and recommend if you agree.

I know it's a hoppin' news day, but could I get some cute Obama or Obama/kids, signs pics?

Obama ekes a lead among Utah donors - HO-LEE CRAP look at this map!!

Obama ekes a lead among Utah donors - HO-LEE CRAP look at this map!!

The Builders

Republican fears of historic Obama landslide unleash civil war for the future of the party

WTF is wrong with you people?

FREEPERS Predicting Landslide Victory

***** Forkboy Appreciation Thread *****

Margaret Atwood wrote a book about a Palin presidency...

Dick Morris Suggests Obama Tax Cut Recipients Are Welfare Queens Who Will Spend The Money On Liquor

Happy Birthday, HILLARY CLINTON!

Bradley effect "dreamed explain away polling and campaign strategy errors"

Charlotte, NC: Attempted Sign Theft in *UNDER* 12 hrs. What to do?

On a scale of one to ten, are confident are you that Obama will win YOUR state?

There is a new thing happening in America, something I have not before seen in

Lieberman confirms that he's a chump, now trying to suck up to Democrats

Watching CNN reporting on Protecting your Job! Great Discussion!


WOW .... Look at the crowd in Denver 100,000 or more for Obama

Early voting NC...young voters starting to turn out


Palin: Couric questions "kind of irrelevant, you know," so "I showed some of that annoyance"

3 Repub men in the B-girl hoax.

Happy Birthday Toot!

Palin, Perino, and Hasselbeck ------>

Absolutely my all time favorite pumpkin carving.

Tons o' Photos in my album from the Colorado Obama rally today. (Semi Dialup warning!)

Holy fucking shit!! Have you looked at the electoral map recently

New McCain slogans (humor)-truth in advertising.

Obama denies having inaugural address

Anti-abortion email.

Barabara West did NOT Interview Joe Biden.

GOP's fear: "Obama will remake American political landscape with more ease than Reagan in 1980"

Palin's 'going rogue,' McCain aide says


Palin’s Nightmare By Scott Horton

Michelle Obama to Hit the "Tonight" Show Monday

The Birth of FISA, the Death of FISA, the Deaths of Thousands - Bush History,10/25

And another one's gone....And another one's gone....Another bank bites the dust

I belong to a website called bloggingheads-it is a political forum

This Poll needs DU'ed please..

Lockdown, drug search ... dismiss rumors of drug problem (at high school)

My email to Biden-basher Barbara West ...

WTF is an Eskimo Tan?

`Out of Control' Wall Street Chiefs Spurned Davos Warnings, Chose to Party

McCain: boxer or briefs?

Guardian UK: Republicans fear long exile in the wilderness

You know what I wouldn't mind hearing right about now?

Your Numerical EV Prediction for Obama/Biden:

Obama campaign cuts off WFTV following today's Biden interview

I just saw W and had a revelation...

FREEPER: Albuquerque rally of 45,000 was actually a Santana concert!

Moose for Biden

It's "terrorism" only when the target is the Pentagon and the US Capitol...

Low gas price of the day: $1.86 in Laredo, Texas

Thumbs up!

Do Conservatives see parts of the US Constitution that the rest of us can't see?

Dow -513 in pre-markets

What's the deal with this porno comic book being mailed out in MN?

Gavin Newsom: Protect Marriage Equality, Join California's Fight

Never Mind the Surge: Iraqis Still Leaving the Country in Droves

Never Mind the Surge: Iraqis Still Leaving the Country in Droves

A more realistic letter from 2012

How important is it to debunk these lies?

Election Night 2008

McCain about as popular as SARS among downticket Repugs these days

Should the government be allowed to seize money from companies benefiting from the bailout?

Financial Straits of Boosters Hit Athletic Programs (T. Boone)

I have an idea !!

Guardian UK: Pay rises and Christmas parties cancelled as companies cut costs

Life is not a game of monopoly. And a single cohort cannot decide to rule the ages.

Can you believe this? McConnell's opponent finds tape recorder, now Republicans want him charged!

Chinese leader vows to improve food safety

Jennifer Hudson's sister pleads for her son's return (video)....

Amy Poehler Gives Birth, No More SNL

Media's international interests are unusual

Colin Powell Says There Is Going To Be a Crisis on Jan 21st..

Sarkozy sues makers of bestselling voodoo doll

Failed Campaign

Draft McCain inaugural address found

AZ Justice System in trouble.

Sarah Palin, Ignoramus

Is anyone watching Faux News now????

Jack White of the White Stripes is Anti Union.

Does Crowd Size Matter? McCain Hopes Not

Obama ROARS back on to campaign trail!! lolol

Obama ROARS back on to campaign trail!! lolol

Stop covering Palin until she gives a press conference.

Direct Recording Electronic Voting Machines- common sense from Larry the Truck Driver!

The Result Of Obama's Upcoming Presidency, Per Diseased Minds Like Dobson....

Rich: In Defense of White Americans

Shouting ni**er at a Palin rally

Just what is a "neocon" these days anyway?

Obama Leads McCain 9,009 - 278 In Global Electoral College

The astounding disconnect is stunning

Can You Really Vote for A Man Who "Palled Around with a Terrorist"?

I had a great day today!

Holy Crap! I love Coldplay!

Palin's Crisis -- Oh Yeah?

remember the movie with Chris Rock playing the president

Bitter infighting over 'diva' Palin

Four great stories from Florida in just one day........

Saw "W," today and learned something new.

Utah Mormons will no longer aid Prop 8

Tomorrow's penultimate Opus

That ad showing General Petraeus as the next MacArthur is bullshit

D.L. Hugely's segment on CNN featuring an old black movie was racist

Anne Pressly, TV anchor that was attacked has died.

Anne Pressly, the anchor woman who was beaten up died

Here's what I think about the polls we're seeing ....

Had to call police today. I heard my neighbor scream Help, he's going to kill me

Congressional Report Cards are ready

A longstanding fear of mine was revived tonight...

Thom Jefferson speaks

If you need a laugh, here is a headline "Heavens said to favor McCain"

Open Letter to John McCain (stop the ignorance)...

Arkansas TV anchor Anne Pressly dies days after attack.....

Lindsey Graham: Introduces Cindy McCain as a " great small business woman"

LBN: Palin abuses power again!

What does an underground do when it wins? Why it gives out

A few more weekend TOONS for your viewing pleasure

Iranian official calls for attack on UK

Go Phils! Twenty eight years!

Please remind me why we trust the Secret Service to protect my man. World News Page... World News Page...

Regarding Ashley Todd and whether we should pity or condemn her:

screwed-up.. self delete

Palin allies report rising camp tension with the McCain campaign

new mccain-palin email directed at PA Jews

An Undecided Couple Sours on McCain

Democrats Have Money Lead in 15 Republican-Held House Districts

Civil War-style CSI: Who shot the re-enactor?

Civil War-style CSI: Who shot the re-enactor?

Hugo Chavez celebrates 'comrade' George W Bush's conversion to socialism following financial crisis

Remember This Video?

My 6 yr-old is for McCain bec Obama is too "dark brown"

Anchorwoman Dies From Injuries After Attack

Solid as Barack

After Ike, FEMA aid is hard to come by


..reliability of aging US nuclear arsenal is drawing increased debate

MarketWatch: Bye-bye (original) bailout

Matt Lauer's Roast: Tom Cruise, Katie Couric, and 3 Hours of Dick Jokes

To all who are now wringing their hands about "one party rule"

Probe clears IMF chief Strauss-Kahn in affair (Reuters)

Obama's top priorities resonate with residents, OK's gov Brad Henry

The Making (and Remaking) of McCain - Gramps many narratives

Newsweek: Awash in money, the Dems may turn this into a party tsunami

JP Morgan exec says (conference call) bailout $ to be used for acquisitions (not unfreezing lending)

So..Sassy Sarah Solos??

Sunday Toon Thread (post your favorites from the past week)

What none of the MSM talking heads are saying:

Here's a sweet little blurb from crooks and liars this morning...

Hilarious reader comments in Ben Smith's Politico blog about Barbara West's Biden interview:

Caption the HAPPY couple

Fury of Girl’s Fists Lifts Up North Korean Refugee Family

Eric Margolis: Today's Republicans: Dumb

Our local Indiana rightwing rag endorsed Obama today.

*IMPORTANT* Do you live in Arizona? Do you know anyone who does?

*IMPORTANT* Do you live in Arizona? Do you know anyone who does?

I live 36 miles from "Mayberry USA" Mount Airy - will send to locals on the other side who love Opie

If it's the weekend, then Pab's plugging "The Idiot Box."

U.S. Bribery In Iraq - Parade

Is there early voting in NYC?

Lurking freepers: I got a deal for ya

Republicans lie.

Has Palin appeared on any of the Sunday talk shows since she got the VP nomination?

YEAH! Non Sequitur Toon NAILS Murdoch!

Why President Bush Is My Hero:

umm...there is an amazing post over in GD: Presidential that everyone should read

random, disturbing comments on the Orlando Sentinel RE poll watching -->>

They can not Test me, I will Test them..

The only thing that will save Republicans from becoming a minor party is a giant political shift

Aide Says Iran's President Is Suffering From Exhaustion

I think I have an idea of how Barack Obama feels just about now.

Summary Analysis of Electronic Vote Switching Reported During the 2004 Presidential Election

White devils be crazy!

Hey Brad Blakeman STFU

Fourth of Beijing babies drank tainted milk: survey

China, Vietnam seek sea border resolution "this year"

Hope you all are watching Meet The Press this morning

What's your least favorite sound bite from the 2008 campaign

Anyone beginning to see why impeaching Bush would have hurt more than helped now?

Indianapolis Star can't agree on endorsement (no Democrat since 1964)

Holy Shite Brokaw just played the McBush tax comments

National Debt Clock: Up and Running Again

Voter complains when all poll workers wear red

Where are the links/pic's of the Obama in New Mexico Rally?

9/11 Japan Parliament Fujita ENGLISH Japan wants to Investigate

FREEPERS: "News Bulletin: Busch to Resign?"

Has anyone else read the rolling stones article "Make believe Maverick"?

Gas is down to $1.94 here in my N. Texas town...

Gas is down to $1.94 here in my N. Texas town...

New CNN Show on now: DL Hughley Breaks The News-FYI. nt

Assailants Gouge Out Afghan Man's Eyes in Front of Family

Anchorage Daily News Endorses Obama

Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas: Barbara West humiliates WFTV

Did Neo-Nazi White go too far this time? (Roanoke, VA Times)

SNL for adults - spoilers for West Coast

I feel so dirty

Bob the Boilermaker speaks up

Who do you think the Republican Party godfathers REALLY wanted as their presidential candidate?

A question re posting LOL

Worst criminal: Charles Manson or George Bush

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is terrific. She doesn't take nonesense from anyone

I think if McCain/Palin just started talking about issues without the attacks they'd draw more votes

I think if McCain/Palin just started talking about issues without the attacks they'd draw more votes

hundreds of runners stranded on mountain due to wild weather

Skully is in full propaganda mode this morning

Sarah Palin Rogue Elephant!!

Hate Church - Live Webcast on Gay Marriage and the Election

This post dislodged a thought concerning 9/11...

Ex-CIAer: A "national security resource...destroyed by these White House officials" - Bush History,1

Doonesbury’s week (Who does this remind you of?)

When I look at those pictures with thousands of people at Obamas speeches it brings a tear to my eye

Thousands line up for Obama rally, gates open 45 minutes early

What to do with neocon, intolerant friends

Is the Denver Rally live?

and today's polls are . . .

Your chance to participate in research on breast cancer:spread the word.

What can I do if my California absentee ballot doesn't show up?

What a joke-"GOP warns voters about one party rule"

Chicago firefighters will take gear home to prepare for Obama rally

Candy Crowley looks ill on Cnn right now!

Jesus was a terrorist and an extortionist.

Detroit Free Press: Friends, family ease tension over politics

Who would REALLY be President under a McCain/Palin Administration?

Gov. Sarah Palin, ABC's Elizabeth Hasselbeck to appear in Kissimmee today (rw ticket)

Guess who Trudeau went after this Sunday:

Obama drops in latest Zogby polls

Hard to believe we came from the same womb ...

MSNBC is about to show Obama speaking live from denver

Arkansas TV anchor dies days after attack

Dumb Letters to the PD, Part 4,000,000: Let's keep on lying about Obama's tax plan!!

Why do people on welfare face tighter restrictions than CEO's involved in the bailout?

Mark Johnson - Playing For Change - "Stand By Me" - from Bill Moyer's Journal

When you have republicans like Buckley, Powell and others voting for Obama

Congress to banks: Eat your veggies

Screw the Founding Fathers

Watching McDouche on MSNBC

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - Joe The "Plumber"

Sunday sermon - Romans 13

Sarah Palin should go back to sports reporting

There is one thing that is very telling today (about the campaign)

A reminder on this holiday for the Knights of St. John, Rhodes and Malta

Sounds like the fix is already in

Paul Krugman : The mother of all currency crises

Super Tuesday: Markets Predict Outcome Better Than Polls

2 Western executives shot and killed in Kabul (yeah mcCain things are so much better in ME)

Lets get organized and just not Bitch about Voting polls & voting problems !!

The Polls about who does best in Iraq and foreign policy

The Polls about who does best in Iraq and foreign policy

McCain's Own Advisor Endorses Obama

Prosecutors widen Chicago police torture probe

Thanks DUer Proud2Blib - you let me use your idea. Picture of my Halloween yard installation

local Mormonchurch passing out YES on 8 signs as members drive out...

You know,it's funny how skinheads and the KKK admire Hitler,Nazis etc.

fuck! "Thousands flee fighting as Congo rebels seize gorilla park"

Well, that 5 minute SNL bit was 5 minutes too long .......

Star keyboardist Merl Saunders dies

Worthless Palin question.

The Pope's $130K birthday bash for his bro. Maybe he oughta go clothes shoppin' with Moose Mom.

Will White people cook roasts or make toasts if Obama wins?

What was McPain doing while Obama was filling sandbags in Iowa this summer?

For the non-religious... How did you come to accept your value system?

Al Franken hopes to have the last laugh in Minnesota

A bilingual voter guide I received yesterday.

you guys are taking the bait!

Just heard on MSNBC

FDIC coverage question.

Damn I just watched a youtube video of a couple of fucking freepers driving over small trees

Is Todd Palin a mute? Why doesn't he ever talk?

Is Todd Palin a mute? Why doesn't he ever talk?

Republican fears of historic Obama landslide unleash civil war for the future of the party

I don't have TV. Can you give me a link to a great Obama rally video?

Will our country be "better off" or "worse off" 4 years from now??

Fox News and Freepers find out that Obama makes secret hand gestures!111!!

49ers want Secretary Rice

North Texas Professor: Birth Control Pills Are Murder

Californians, talk it up: NO ON PROPOSITION H8!


Imaginary Black Man strikes again!

WOW the huge DC anti-war march was 6 years ago today

Foreclosure angel

"A pall will be lifted"

10% (70 Billion) from bailout money to be used for bonuses!

Obama just can't win with the righty talking heads so he might as well ignore them

San Francisco 49ers interested in Condoleezza Rice.»

I'm kicking some freeper ass over at Youtube.

About Palin mob outbursts during her speeches....

Immigrants' advocates slam plan to get DNA

Freepers: Sarah Palin is our "Queen Esther"

Is it Time to 'Take Care Of' al-Maliki? "US Iraq troop deal "crushing defeat" for Bush "

What a joke--"GOP warns voters against one party rule"

Michelle Obama to visit "Tonight Show" on Monday

Michelle Obama to visit "Tonight Show" on Monday

Church under fire for anti-abortion message

Who's Watching the Mad Men finale tonight?

So, nine days away from the GE and Bush attacks Syria?

FRANK RICH: In Defense of White Americans

Who do you find more likeable?

CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION SEARCH (individual donations of $200 or more since 1978)

Was Tucker Bounds born a

New Orleans' Times-Picayune endorses Obama for president.

I'm laughing at the prospect of McTemper going back to the Senate after the election.

I'm laughing at the prospect of McTemper going back to the Senate after the election.

I'm laughing at the prospect of McTemper going back to the Senate after the election.

Palin Perfume

Remember that Austrian lunatic scumbag who imprisioned and raped his daughter?

US Army Sees Twitter As Possible Terrorist "Operation Tool"

US Army Sees Twitter As Possible Terrorist "Operation Tool"

Teacher resigns for teaching creationism to third graders...

WTF - US helicopters kill eight people in

WTF - US helicopters kill eight people in

A big 'thank you' to William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard

Barack Obama drew a hundred thousand to a speech this morning in Denver?

Sarah Palin Rouge Elephant!

Live From New York, It's Amy Poehler's Baby

WA-08: Burner and Reichert Tie

What a joke-"GOP warns voters about one party rule"

was it a mistake to post that picture of Palin? cuz sends me a forward .Thanks to you all I send her info on floods...her response..not voti

An "Ick" factor higher .......

PZ Meyers blisters the right wing's defense of Palin's fruit fly gaffe

Can someone explain what the appeal of Drudge is, to RWers or anyone else?

Let's Get Social -- A strong defense of "socialism"

Core principles for fixing the economy per Galbraith (Jr) -- right or wrong?

Obama rainbow.

ROVE take pre-emptive credit for Obama win (LOL)

US Army says Twitter could be terrorist tool

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is on TV with Palin right now

Memo to David Brooks, columnist for the New York Times:

God's endorsement is crystal clear

When do the markets in Asia open?

When do the markets in Asia open?

Is Bush running out of Iraqis to kill in Iraq so he is going into Syria to kill them there now?

Just saw Oliver Stone's "W" it was more sympathetic towards Bush than I thought

Why does McCain's Mom dress him so funny? Eye sight must be failing.

Sarah Palin started pushing herself for the VP job more than a year ago.

Got into a discussion on past associations with my Catholic friends yesterday.

Why are the police "mapping" the neighborhood?

turn out the lights on John McCain, the party's over

I really think the voters need to know what Wall Street is going to do with our money

I have been called every name in the book, whatever book that is,

University researchers developing cancer-fighting beer

University researchers developing cancer-fighting beer

Crowd for Obama Denver rally tops 100000

A president with small children in the White House (Awwww Halloween picture)

Which political party's presidency is Best for stocks! Amazing difference!

The T. Boone PRICKens snub of KERRY at our very own convention


Doonesbury Nails it again!

After Dec 31st, US has no legal authority to remain in Iraq

U.S. pilot was ordered to shoot down UFO

Secret Palin Alaskan home discovered!

Best Quote!

Dumb a** kids....

Remembering Paul Wellstone...

Yahoo News, Zogby and Politico Hachet Job Of An Article. (vomit notice)

Just put it right in a Freeper's face. Damn that felt good!

Did anyone else see Palin's earpiece?

"Big Deal"....Don't get me wrong here, I love Fareed Zakaria's new CNN show....BUT

Ayers, Wright and the ghost of Abby Hoffman raise $200,000 to fly Obama to Anti-American region

Happy Birthday, Hillary!

Sea Shepherd report -- Japan May Resort to Gunboat Diplomacy in Antarctic Waters

Claims of medals amount to stolen valor

Son Googles Frog + Ohio for Science Project and asks why is Karl Rove pictured?

Republicans brace for night of doom in Congress

How much is your combined cable (or satellite), internet, and landline bill?

John McCain’s Not So Excellent Day (must read)

Interesting (and sort of shocking) conversation I had yesterday

The picture is coming

Ashley ‘McCain Hoaxer’ Todd on Video & She’s Upset With Media!

Great Opinion Piece: The Party of Yesterday

MarketWatch: Making Recession Official

In Memory Of Paul Wellstone

Wow its amazing watching Palin getting ready for 2012....

U S Special Forces Launch Rare Attack Inside Syria

Does anyone want to send Barbara West (Biden's interview yesterday) a message?

Oh God, I prithee Please don't make me have to listen

URGENT: Democracy will die a touch screen death in 2008

I think we now have reason to believe Palin is an habitual liar

A thought about increasing government spending.

Girl on Bike, Is it McMoosebreath?

Arguing Politics During My Vasectomy

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! The new generation is on its way!!

50,000, Some in Line for 9 Hours, With Obama in New Mexico

50,000, Some in Line for 9 Hours, With Obama in New Mexico

The Nation: The Suffering of Wall Street Wives

McCain Aids Slam Palin

So this is what my oldest son said about McCain...

PLEASE READ! Gay SC woman has good chance to upset incumbent congressman!!!!

I'm supposed to know my extremely right-wing family...

Early voting is a disaster in Florida!!!! .. I smell voter suspression!

Find Palin's Shopping bags !!!!

Alaska's largest newspaper endorses Barack Obama

Steeling cable to get a Christian station. Ironic, eh?

Retailers Tell Managers Democratic Wins Would Cause Pain

I'm going to sleep soon - when I wake up tomorrow

WTF!!!! Elizabeth Hasselbeck about to introduce Palin at her

neo cons still at it - Administration to Bypass Reporting Law

bush: "I will win here."

Jabba The Rush Insists Non-Morans Be Purged From Republican Party

Hey Skinner - DU is jumping to the Cafe Press ad again -

My wife's words "F@#K ! Directive 51!" Or is this an October Surprise with

We are truly at the beginning of a spiritual renewal for the world. (Pix heavy)

The smoking gun: Palin plastic surgery?

McCain: Palin leads a 'frugal life'

Does the media ever cover Joe Bidens speeches at his rallies?

My sincerest apologies

Why this country needs a "filibuster-proof" Democratic Senate?

Audio with Palin and James Dobson. Virtual pro-life lovefest. She just aligned herself with him.

A woman buys a stranger's foreclosed home... and gives it back to her.

If you're hetero and live in CA and have planted a No On Prop 8 sign on your lawn

If you're hetero and live in CA and have planted a No On Prop 8 sign on your lawn

Well, Barack, It's Kinda Like This ...

Brad Friedman on election fraud: Republicans are evil, Democrats are idiots

Brad Friedman on election fraud: Republicans are evil, Democrats are idiots

Best. Sign. Ever.

If you have/had any doubts about Joe Biden and his "big mouth"......

I emailed Obama for America about our votes being stolen, here's what they said

I am getting a wee bit concerned about your election

Elitism is not a four-letter word (Biologist PZ Meyers)

No mortgage meltdown for Habitat for Humanity

SO..I am a teacher, I have lost weight and needed new clothes. I spent less than 400 bucks

Name all the GOPers that will run in 2012.

A number of gas stations in Lawton Oklahoma...gas...$1.97 a gal

So pissed. The entire sermon at my church today was a Mccain ad

So pissed. The entire sermon at my church today was a Mccain ad

Is MRSA spreading in Florida hospitals without public knowledge?

Ok I am sick and tired of watching all the hate at the McSame rallies do we have any videos of the ..

Franken Now Ahead Of Coleman, But Not By Much. Please Help If You Can

My Heroes of the Day: Leo, the dog and the firefighters who saved 5 lives...

House Democrats contemplate abolishing 401(k) tax breaks

The Case for Big Government & Higher Taxes

In response to all the hate.

What Barack's Grandmother Told Him

Someone Tell Me WHY I Am Not Allowed to Compare Fascist McCain Tactics to Nazis?

You all will never believe what I saw this morning.

Orlando TV "Journalist" Barbara West's Husband is a GOP Media Consultant

Palin's releasing her health info soon, and here's what took so long....

Now this is Halloween decorating...

Here's some libertines for you guys

Fuck speaker phone.

God, my roomate's douchebaggery knows no bounds

Anybody here fans of Spyro? I just picked up Legend of Spyro for PS2 today...

"Thing is, he's jus one of those people wanna throw his weight around...

If you want to watch the UFC tonight

Feral Cat Shelters you can build:

Well, six more days of early voting to go, but next week will be 13 plus hour days.

Jamie Moyer? Isn't he like eligible for Social Security now?

Anyone see that sad spectacle on Hockey Night in Canada at the start of the Van/Edm game?

Asthma is really expensive; don't ever get it

How about them Washington Huskies!!

YouTube has the '93 Apollo Hall of Fame clip of Al Green, "Let's Stay Together!"

A couple of pics of our Halloween decorations

Solid, Solid like Barack

Ebay shoppers

I'm gonna cook under the influence tonight

Normally, I think SNL sucks after Update, however the Vincent Price sketch

My mother is contributing to my delinquency...

Jim Dandy to the Rescue!

What songs will Coldplay do on SNL?

YouTube: Yes, "Wurm" ("Starship Trooper" closing segment), "Keys to Ascession" concert, 1996

Grand Funk Railroad - We're An American Band

YouTube: Nigel, excuse me, I mean JEFF BECK..."Cause We've Ended As Lovers"

YouTube: Hall & Oates, "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid"

Don't you hate it when someone in a different time zone leaves

Toy Story/Dark Knight


oh fuck it, here's some poetry

My boss said he is going to dress as Sarah Palin for Halloween


YouTube: Motörhead, Chuck Berry's "Let it Rock" (Live on David Letterman)

It sucks to be checkmated

Ok, I have a confession to make , now this may shock you ...

car farts?

car farts?

Props to Coldplay, but they still suck.


Anyone want a darling golden retriever / golden lab mix? My neighbors are idiots

For The Cat Lover Who Has Everthing?

Hey mcctatas , yummy lumps !

I'm gonna have some Jager tonight.

I feel an inexorable urge to stock up on wine

somebody suck my Dich Hhenye

I made 6 dozen tamales today for the very first time

Is this a threat of physical harm .... or I am just overreacting , please I need your advice

Shipment of Fail

Can't sleep

You know whats the greatest thing about a dog ?

Patton Oswalt, "No Reason To Complain"

Sunday morning scenery thread


...So an hour ago I found myself with a raging..Oh never mind

Dammit, dammit, dammit

"Everyone needs a lesbian accordian player

Rob Lowe or Judd Nelson

i'm leaving in about a half hour to go see obama!

It's 4:00 a.m. and I'm waiting for Smuckies star....

Message Deleted


Ford Flex?

I was going through my daughter's classwork...

To the middle aged guido wannabe that wanted to sell me a corvette...

Free Photo Booth (Tonight Show)

Good grief I'm getting old

I found a video of Jason's car salesman.

Your chance to participate in research on breast cancer:spread the word

Anyone catch the surprise ending of Supernatural,the other night?

Birthday or Christmas

WannaB and I are being totally dorky while watching Obama in Denver...

Why did I go there?

Does a star appear next to my name right away if I donate?

OMG...Betty soul amazing! (YouTube)

Well, I have to stay outside all night tonight with my camera....

Black Coffee or Fancy Coffee

Hero dog saves kittens from fire

Bwuhahaha! "My new emo haircut" - splendid! Utterly splendid.

Any M83 fans here (Besides Primate1)

Zombies pose no threat at Palin event. No, really...

XemaSab, to the blue courtesy telephone

Tough guys, odd product placement

What if I don't have a pressure cooker?

Anyone ever live at Lake Tahoe?

Maggie Gyllenhall or Renee Zellweger

A sad announcement regarding my posting habits.

Favorite Time Waster Websites!

well, daughter and dog moving back in. boyfriend-no f'ing way.

I DID IT!!!!!! I got my Ipod music transferred back onto my computer with no loss

For my 16,000th post, I'd like to dedicate this to my mother and father.

Shit like this makes me want to kick Hollywood in the junk.

Little Rock anchorwoman dies from injuries.


Unreal! Almost November, and it hit 109 degrees F in Upstate NY today!

anyone here read Chinese (or at least I think it's Chinese)

When Obama is president, I want him to make it legal to call 9-11 to help find hats.

Hitler Plans Burning Man

Seahawks win! SEAHAWKS WIN!

I am flushed with anger and offer this warning: Flushable wipes are NOT flushable!

Things you learn from watching a marathon.

I am pleased to report that I can now control the weather.

Giants about to pull one out of their butt in Pittsburgh.

cat farts?

My step-daughter and her husband are both voting for Obama, but their kids are going on Halloween

which way

Greetings from Ohio!

Other than Dane Cook, name another universally hated non-pol...

Best Freakin' Email Forward (Politics) Yet!!!!

teh recommend fairy is back...

My roommate shreds toilet paper and eats crumbs off the floor

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)


Why do people open OP's that have "n/t" typed in them? Do they think there is a cookie inside?n/t

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday October 26

Don't open this thread. There is NO TEXT inside. NOTHING IS INSIDE.

computer geeks: Win.95 Screensaver---old house, cat, bat, creaking door

Pumpkin and Cookie pix from this weekend! Check 'em out! *dial up warning*

"my hair is soft like blankets," said the 3-year-old

"my hair is soft like blankets," said the 3-year-old

So Mrs moose breath is one of those folks who buy clothes,

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 10/26/2008)

Who's Watching the Mad Men finale tonight?

What are the ramifications of a totally Financially Busted USA??

Calling all DeadHeads and Obama fans

This years Halloween costume will be "crazy old naked guy with "DU" sprayed on his buttocks". n/t

Could Elizabeth Taylor be next? Flies home to say farewell to family

I tried to post a message over in Freeperville, but it never showed up. Here's the text:

Please, somebody talk me out of buying this coffee maker

I won 3 Duzys last week and all of them were essentially shit jokes!

French films are so depressing

I got an email from my Mayo doctor TODAY!

Is it Trick-or-Treat day where you live?

**Pics** "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" of my neighborhood:

Turn your name into a face

Yes We Carve (Pumpkins for Obama)

All the people running for City Council are douchebags

PSA to all single straight male DU'ers....

In the interests of being respectful. . .

This may be the nerdliest thing I've ever done

As some of you know, I have a goddess tattoo on my back. I want another versions of the same goddess

I have finally found the absolute best function for cats.

Post a guilty pleasure 80's song here.

I was taking a shortcut through a retirment community

Thank you, DU.

Tire recs please

Well, my son survived a total wipe-out on a motorcycle

Am I a total loser without ShamWow!?...

Need advice on LCD TV's. I am looking for a 26" What brands

Weirdest Youtube video ever?

Dog risks life for kittens

Dexter fans: opinion of season so far? ( SPOILER ALERT if you haven't watched first four)

AARGH!! I am having HUGE roommate problems.

The BIG QUESTION is: How will you celebrate on Nov. 4?

David Frum argues for the Republicans to abandon McCain campaign

Wall Street banks in $70bn staff payout

Palin's 'going rogue,' McCain aide says

In Defense of White Americans

Obama denies having inaugural address

Anne Pressly died earlier this evening.

Livni decides: Enough extortion, we're going to general elections (Israel)

Spending Stalls and Businesses Slash U.S. Jobs

McCain campaign paid Republican operative accused of voter fraud

CNN: Palin's 'going rogue,' McCain aide says

Civil War-style CSI: Who shot the re-enactor?

Republicans fear long exile in the wilderness

Star Tribune of Minneapolis Endorses Barack Obama (Coleman Over Franken)

US slaps sanctions on Chinese, Russian firms

Palin: Obama's Tax Plans Could Mean Nightmare Communist State

Obama's family in Kenya weary, wary of media

Venezuela's Chavez wants to jail rival

Anchorage Daily News: Obama for president

..reliability of aging US nuclear arsenal is drawing increased debate

Des Moines Register Endorses Barack Obama

(California first lady) Shriver against a ban on gay marriage

You can't support Bush, then bash him, Barack Obama tells John McCain

For Obama, a new cause for confidence - and for caution (surges in NH)

China to invest in rail network as stimulus measure: report

Fury of Girl’s Fists Lifts Up North Korean Refugee Family

Slain British aid worker buried in Afghanistan

Reno Gazette-Journal endorsement: Obama is right candidate for these daunting times

Rev. Robert H. Schuller ousts his son as 'Hour of Power' preacher

Indonesia probes reports of Muslim cleric marrying minor

Dalai Lama losing hope for Tibet autonomy - aide

Indonesia's Sulawesi hit by 6.4 quake, no tsunami

Fourth of Beijing babies drank tainted milk: survey

Iraq's Prime Minister Won't Sign U.S. Troop Deal

China, Vietnam seek sea border resolution "this year"

Billings (Mont.) Gazette endorsement: Obama would be the president America needs now

McCain got $7 million in excess donations: DNC

Crowds gather for Obama visit

Ex-congressman freed from Colombian rebels

New threat to orangutan

Nader claims campaign speech record

'US air raid' kills Afghan guards

Thousands flee fighting as Congo rebels seize gorilla park

Hong Kong tests more China food after egg scare

Obama opens wide lead in New Hampshire, the state that propelled McCain to GOP nomination

U.S. considers sending special ops to Afghanistan

Obama: McCain is to Bush as Robin is to Batman

Sarah Palin's hometown paper endorses Barack Obama

Obama ekes a lead among Utah donors

Arizona gets little attention from presidential candidates

McCain guarantees victory

Congress to banks: Eat your veggies

Dem govs warn against complacency

McCain Disputes Polls That Show Obama With Big Leads (then cites polls)

World gives Aussie dollar a walloping

Star keyboardist Merl Saunders dies

Rash of Political Vandalism, Graffiti Reported (WP)

Shreveport (La.) Times endorsement: Barack Obama for President

Damascus: US Soldiers Attack Building in Eastern Syria, Killing 8 People

Live From New York, It's Amy Poehler's Baby

Stevens secured $2.7 million for friend's road

Former Student Radical in Runoff for Mayor of Rio (kidnapped US ambassador)

Alaska's Biggest Paper Endorses ... Obama

Sarah Palin's home state Anchorage Daily News endorses Barack Obama

In Florida, Sarah Palin says Barack Obama acts as if he's already won presidential election

Attacked Ark. News Anchorwoman Dies

Republican fears of historic Obama landslide unleash civil war for the future of the party

Time for McCain(Richmond Times-Dispatch endorses McCain)

Kyl, in interview, voices doubt about McCain's chances

Obama Shatters Yet Another Record

Kidnapped Colombian lawmaker escapes FARC rebels

In Iowa, McCain dismisses sour poll numbers (MTP interview)

Taking on the military-industrial complex

Obama says McCain 'finally giving us a little straight talk'

Ohio Engine Plant Lays Off More Than 280 Workers

Mexican town stands up for illegal immigrants

Kuwait moves to prop up major bank after losses

Republicans brace for night of doom in Congress

Pennsylvania GOP disavows inflammatory e-mail(links Obama to to events that led to Holocaust)

US special forces launch rare attack inside Syria

Undaunted by jokes or omens, McCain stumps in Waterloo

IMF announces 16.5-billion-dollar loan for Ukraine

Obama is the better choice

Bettors give McCain bid increasingly long odds (1-10)

Gallup Daily: Obama Continues to Lead McCain - (five to nine points, depending on turnout)

Response To RNC's New McCain Attack Ad 'Storm'

Wish me luck ~ I'm startin a new profession.

Sorry! Error in link.I will repost.

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad Reported to Be Ill

Male transsexual gene link found

(WaPo/ABC)Poll Shows Obama Lead Over McCain Holding Steady

McCain missing the mark with Hispanics

Guidelines pave way for Taser use in field

Poll of Polls: Stark news for McCain in battleground states

GOP Candidates Warn Voters About Perils of One-Party Rule (Irony Rules)

Bachmann's pardon request reversed

Palin: Election isn't over till it's over

KeyCorp, Capital One to receive cash infusion: source

Local voices support Obama!

McCain cuts size of shopping spree

Obama and Biden - The Outtake!

Asia and Europe call for joint action on markets

AZ Sen. expresses doubt about McCain's chances

Sarah Palin worried that people may think 'government then has to take care of us.'

Police: Crowd for Obama rally tops 100,000(in Denver and he's heading to CSU for another one today)

Dennis Kucinich To Neil Cavuto Of Faux Noise: DON'T PUT THAT ON ME I'M AN AMERICAN !

Blackwater Hired To Patrol Pirate-Plagued Waters

Barack Obama Campaigns at Las Vegas Rally

Greenpeace voyage to save the whales 1977, Canadian TV clip

Christopher Hitchens on Hardball calls McCain

Obama's Grandmother: Did We Mention She's White? | Bill Maher | October 24, 2008

Review: SNL--Solid as Barack

Our Economy Right Now

Hey Sarah! Forget Michael, Dan's Your Man (Savages:)

Vendor Error Blamed For Missing Ballots

Jimi Hendrix Shreds for Obama

Have I Got News For You (BBC) - John McCain

Since 1928 ALL Republican Presidents Bushes or Nixons

Two foreign DHL executives killed in Afghanistan

Former GOP senator, vet backs Obama (Pressler)

Voting: Nothing Says You Care Like Doing Nothing!

U.S. threatens to halt services to Iraq without troop accord

Syrian State Televison: 9 Dead in US Helicopter Border Strike From Iraq

Bob Hunter, President of Greenpeace, 1977 - stopping Soviet Whalers

Rove Faults McCain Staff For Insufficient 'Loyalty'

TheRealNews: Howard Zinn =Democracy and militarism

New Rules From Bill Maher For October 24,.avi

Christian Fascist Ken Mettler Takes Swing At 21 Year Old

500 guns exchanged for cash in Harlem churches

Palinex: A New Morning After Pill

Lawsuit Seeks Paper Balloting in Pennsylvania

McCain Team Tensions Go Public

Beyond the Palin: Palin's Interview With Katie Couric

Obama and McCain - Dance Off

supporters en route to Palin rally -- latest startling images

McCain + Palin have let the genie out of the bottle!

Grand jury to hear recorder complaint (GOP Mitchell to sue Dem for destroying GOP bug)

Here, have a condom :o)

Landmark case gives hope to thousands held in slavery

Sarah Palin on Autism and the Fruit Fly

Attacked by a McCain supporter

Barns for Obama: Virginia

Were The Republicans Ever Here At All?| Maher | 10/24/08

"New Subject" Ad

Early Vote in Florida

Barack on Bush-McCain Philosophy

What Ashley Todd did wrong.

Suspected US strike kills 10 in Pakistan: officials

Bush Orders Review of Your Right to Vote Ohio - HELP NOW!

Hillary campaigns for Obama in Aurora, CO

Rove tips hat to Democrat imitators

Obama - America's Alive! (Tribute to Volunteers & Supporters)

UNI College students Evicted from McCain Rally

Janet Napolitano Needs You to Volunteer

Palin plays the American card

Ashley Todd, Emmett Till, and the McCain Palin Mobs

Palin FL: Obama planning coronation already! Says Palin

Plain's Favorable Ratings Plummet

Sarah Palin, Queen of the Wild Frontier

Larry King Live: Republican Circular Firing Squad, McClellan-Holt-Hitchens-Larson

Biden Smacksdown Wingnut Anchorwoman

TheRealNews: US Iraq troop deal "crushing defeat" for Bush

Biden laughs off questions of Obama's 'Marxist' principles (CNN)

First Time Voters in North Carolina

Wyclef for Obama in Creole

New Palin rap. Short and sweet. She even metamorphosizes into a - Well, you have to see it.

The Religion of Sarah Palin

McCain has brain fart on MTP

TYT: Ashley Todd 'Mutilation' Scam Exposed (Featuring Gen. Wes. Clark's Son)

Steal the Election - by Jesse Dyen (song)

Lifelong Republican will vote for Obama

The Week In Cartoons 10/25/08

Rosie Perez and Nydia Velazquez for Obama

"Socialist"- is not a smear!!

no vision

Sarah Palin look-a-like goes too far

TYT Absurd News: Woman Jailed for Online Murder? (& D & D)

Update for Weekend of 10/26

Anger, Fear and Racism Follow Palin Rally

Palin "annoyed" with CBS interviewer (CNN)

Pope decries Christians' killings in Iraq, India

Obama lead drops to 5 points (Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll)

Barack Obama: 9 Days out in Denver

D.L. Hughely covers a Sarah Palin rally IDIOTS

Sarah Palin is a Religious Terrorist

McCain has Memory Block on Meet The Press

Sarah Palin Goes Off Script -Talks About $150K Clothing Scandal at Rally


Mayor Newsom - NO ON Proposition 8

Why do you support John McCain?

Orlando TV Anchor's 'unprofessional interview' of Biden

Jane Pauley--in Plymouth, Indiana (Endorses Sen.Obama)

This is Great

TYT: Obama Explains The True Meaning Of Being A Democrat

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That Sarah Palin is one unreal Alaskan

Matt Taibbi and Byron York LIVE CHAT from Oct. 14, 2008 (Hilarious)

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Telegraph (Macon, GA) Endorses Obama

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I need a President Obama for medical reasons…I may die if McCain is elected

NYT: The Making (and Remaking) of McCain

Endorsement From Hell; McCain endorsement by Qaeda Web site not a surprise to security specialists

Military Mom: Why I'm Sour About Sarah Palin

A Confused McCain Claims the Endorsement of Former SecState: Charles Schulz

Will McCain concede on election night? THE HOME STRETCH!

McCain To Abandon Battle Ground States, for Battle Creek Michigan

The Future of the GOP, the New Media Obsession

Robert Fisk: Abu Nidal, notorious Palestinian mercenary, 'was a US spy'

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, Oct 26 – Obama 385, McCain 153

Jefferson's hidden slave legacy

The Party of Yesterday: "Fake" America -- brainiest cities, best-educated states -- going Democratic

Paul Krugman: Desperately Seeking Seriousness; Why the economic crisis worked to Obama's advantage

Republican fears of historic Obama landslide unleash civil war for the future of the party

Markos Moulitsas: We Say We Want A Revolution

"Currency crisis is gathering storm"

Barbara West won't be interviewing any more Bidens, or Obama

White people shouldn't be allowed to vote

Charges filed on 26 protesters near Lewis

McAlester ammo plant adds 2 new buildings

Next year will be different in Iraq

Groundbreaking set for Okla. Reserve Center

2 Twentynine Palms Marines die in Afghanistan

13 N.D. Marines coming home from Iraq

Air Force investigates Pentagon official

The battle for Afghanistan

Number of overseas voters may break records in ’08

172nd Infantry Brigade soldier dies in Germany

Commanders say getting more troops into Afghanistan is crucial

Airman found dead at Balad identified

US Considers Implications of Nuke Decline

Air Force to create command to deal with its nuclear mission

US hires Blackwater to patrol pirate-infested waters off Somalia...

Male transsexual gene link found

Even if we win prop 8, we will have lost the non gay vote

Livni: I won't sell Israel's future for the prime minister's seat (Haaretz)

Livni decides: Enough extortion, we're going to general elections (Israel)

Gay marriage backers protest Oakland Mormons

Wind Helps Power Our Flagging Economy

Many pesticides in EU may damage human brain: study

Company Managers Convicted of Illegally Dumping 13 million gallons of Untreated Liquid Waste

New threat to orangutan

Merrill Lynch & Citibank Reported Helping Sell US Coal Mines To India

I guess Obama is doing well enough again

Australia bans word 'drought' as too upsetting for farmers

Electric car pilot for UK roads

Volvo truck sales plunge 99.7% (in the UK)

Alan Greenspan, ''Savant Idiot''

Not so sure you are locked out

CDS question from a dummy.

Synthetic CDOs Slit Many Banking Throats

Roubini lecture on the current economic state (dire) + endorsement for Obama's economic agenda.

BBC: The unions' battle for Obama

UFW Urges Trader Joe's to Fight for Laborers' Righs

Eric Lee: Support striking workers at Oak Harbor & more

Today in labor history Oct 26 After eight years and a cost of $7 million, the Erie Canal opened

Today's Working Family Carol Simpson cartoon: Wall St. Cobra

Here’s How You Can Join the Fight for 60 in the Senate

U.S. Insurer of Pensions Has Lost $2 Billion

Duel lives on in "right to work" fight

NLRB judge rules against LAX Hilton

Card Check: Can It Organize the Unorganized?

Obama Turnout Priority in Labor's Bid to Revive Political Clout

Brazilians vote in key city polls

Bolivia: Right-wing push to stop change defeated

President Hugo Chavez threatens to imprison opposition governor

Cboy, as a cubs fans hater, I'm suprised that you haven't linked this Daily Show clip.

Go Phils! Twenty eight years!

Hat tip to Jamie Moyer

Congrats to Penn State, the best of the....

Fresh Hopes and Concerns as Fetal DNA Tests Advance

The Stars This Week: "Use Your Support Systems" - October 27 - November 2, 2008

Lisa Williams is going to be back!!

OT: Natural Pet Diets

Psychic Consortium Predictions - Thread II

Wickfordbard's Scorpio New Moon Newsletter

Just a day or two

Anybody watching the GCP dot?

Share with me your haunting photos!

Good ad airing in VA, found in Videos:

if you outlaw high powered automatic weapons,

Sooo... I went to a gun show today.

Too Many Guns

Chicago's high murder rate and policy of gun-control: coincidence?

another vaccine doing it's job

Cake mix - hybrid

Malaysia outlaws "tomboy" behavior

Jesus was a terrorist and an extortionist.

Ethical dilemma regarding tomatoes.

For God Sayeth ...... Luke 4:5, 6, and 7

For the non-religious... How did you come to accept your value system?

Unusual Rock Art Trove Found in Australia

Reports of the Demise of Materialism Are Premature

subatomic particles in pictures

Cosmic Pulse - Team records 'music' from stars

Creationists declare war over the brain

The birth of a new Truth movement

This post dislodged a thought concerning 9/11...

9/11 Japan Parliament Fujita ENGLISH Japan wants to Investigate

May be. May be not.

E-Slate machines that Don't work????

Hell To Pay: Deep In The Heart Of Texas Edition

Democrats set to sweep in Harris

It's O.K. To Purge the Voters Rolls In Texas? .............I don't think so.

Star-Telegram recommends Obama for President (long editorial)

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****** Flash Player Vulnerability******

I Use The FREE AVG Anti-Virus Program, But Every Few Days It Says

Interesting campaign stop in Marlborough, MA

Excellent endorsement

CNBC talks to Sen. Kerry (wearing his Small Biz chairman hat)

John Kerry's wise words resonate about the horrible state of our media

NBC Nightly News piece tonight described Norm Coleman as a "moderate Republican."

Has anyone - interview, debate - ever asked Coleman about privatizing Social Security?

Michele Bachmann's Pardongate covered in St. Cloud Daily Times

You know what I wish would happen?

WCCO just reported a Vets McCain yard sign was stolen

Any 2008 Congressional endorsements from MN newspapers besides the Strib-Norm Coleman one?

Putin to rescue Deripaska over $2.5bn loan

Peter Mandelson oligarch Oleg Deripaska linked to mafia boss

The Mountain Marathon in the Lake District....

Journal-Sentinel endorses Obama.

New rules for poll watchers in Wisconsin