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Watch this video about Charles from Colorado. You will like it.

Evidence that God is mad at George Bush

NY Times Bob Herbert: A Choice & An Echo

Palin pitches Nicole Wallace under the bus re: 150K-shopping-gate

ABC George S: When Democrats Win on Taxes, They Win Elections

Does McCain want to raise the minimum wage? ‘Of course not.’»

NH POLL: Obama 58 (+3), McCrypt 33 (-6). NH SEN POLL: Shaheen 50 (+1), Sununu 36 (-2)

Barack Obama's lightning strike in thunderstorm speech at Widener University.

Michelle Obama: New to Campaigning, but No Longer a Novice

January 20th, 2012

Here`s another poll for the concern trolls: Obama up by 25 points in NH!

CNN: Polls show McCain not making up ground in Ohio

Hahahaha! KO reports McCain aides call Palin "WHACK JOB"! lol

Help needed from DU's Legal Scholars™ ...

OMG...I just got a "Joe the Plumber" robo call (WV)

Have you heard this rumor about McCain from HuffPo?

My plea to undecided voters: Stay Home!

IN POLL: Obama 48 (+2), McCrypt 47 (+1)

New Arizona Poll: McLame - 46% Obama - 44%...... Two Point difference

Joe the Plumber - ad. Only one comment to say.

I decided to go in... a few miserable oddities from Freeperville this fine evening...

Economic concerns behind political shift in Indiana

McCain Supporter Mimics Gun Shooting Obama at McCain Rally PA

Long Lines in GA Blue County makes national headlines and we are going to write the GA SOS!

Long lines and more than hour wait will take a toll on our margin. Bring a thermos and folding

Kids are so much smarter and talented than us adults.


Nice tuesday DU will have one of it's own on the ground in Ohio

National Election Holiday

The Weather. IN FLOR-IDIOT VILLE !!!!

"I don't know what he really means because I don't speak psycho" - KO

PUMA idiot: Sarah Palin's a Brainiac

What do you expect Obama to say tomorrow night?

I wonder if Obama will have guests on his half-hour special?

I am still afraid that they will try to steal the election.

Is Joe the Plumber a gay prostitute....

Indiana: Obama will not win but even if it is somewhat close its a victory.

Microsoft announces new software release: McCain 2.0

Gavin Newsom: 7 Days and 7 Ways to Protect Equality -- NO on Prop 8 (VIDEO)

The first thing Joe the Plumber will do when he finally hits it rich...

Columbus GA ledger-enquirer endorses Obama

John King (CNN) talks like the race is razor close; he is the "Map Man" and is protecting

For those of you who are churchgoing Californians

"Governor, you are a FRAUD!!!" Way to go Keith! Give this airhead every

Rachael gets to interview Barack on Thursday!

Just found out our crappy health insurance cost will quadruple next year

Anyone see this Diadeo Hotline poll saying early voting is TIED!!!!

Faux- What are you trying to Spin when you confuse party affiliation?- Screen capture

Was Joe the Fascist Plumber nothing more than a plant who was choreographed to bait Obama?

Obama wins with 286 EVs when counting states with a 7 point or more lead in the polls! (Up 9)

It looks like PA is holding firm for the good guys,,,,

Faux News epidemic of misID'd politicos needs to be stopped by a law.

Any word on who's renting the vans or buses to get people to the polls

In 2004 3 million people showed up to vote and were refused. Millions more used provisional ballots

Anyone see this lame election analyst of the black vote by a McCain pollster

Polls show McCain NOT making up ground in Ohio


Sarah Palin Quote of the Day, Re: Socialism

Sarah Palin Quote of the Day, Re: Socialism

Indiana Poll (Howie Gauge): McCain 47(+2), Obama 45(+2)

Email from my mom.

Email from my mom.

Obama needs to better-answer the McSAME attacks !

HA! Colbert shows messed up NBC electoral map..TX swingstate,..NC/VA mislabeled!

Anyone watch those stupid undecided Ohio voters on C-Span last night?

Anyone watch those stupid undecided Ohio voters on C-Span last night?

Told my secretary today that I would need a sub Wed the 5th. I would be either

Presidents of the United States Info (link)

Presidents of the United States Info (link)

How much money does John McCain have left?

Cool photo of Obama (and btw, you wouldn't see McSame in the rain...)

The 2008 elections' worst person in the world, Who will win the gold?

Once upon a time when there was no early vote...

I should be delighted that Gov. extended the voting how come I'm still jittery?

Got Tuvok??

I think lard-ass Limbaugh is hoping for an Obama victory

FL Gov. Crist extends early voting hrs to 12 hr days. Repubs say it hurts McCain.

Just saw a TV ad that says Obama has disregard for human life; ad was about


How great was Maddow's football analogy? I would love to see the

Did anyone else realize Obama dominated the press today?

Guess I'm not a REAL AMERICAN - pic

Reagan Endorses Obama

Reagan Endorses Obama

Like Obama, Biden Hits Out at Holtz-Eakin Health Care Comments

I took pity on the old fart, and voted for McCain tonight.

"Not a campaign but a war room"

Worst birthday gift EVAR!

One week out and the only positive McCain ads on tv

I'm so excited...this has been a great day!

Proudly cast my vote for Barack H. Obama today in GA and I felt so very proud and honored.

If Obama Wins, But With Less Than 300 Electoral Votes, Will You Be Disappointed?

Governor Rendell: Don't believe in these polls PA. will be tight

Back from helping in NM + having fun in West TX - check out my new friends:

Sweet, sweet music from Nate....

just remember what we are fighting for. Here's a reminder.

Is the race tightening? Well, here's my analysis!

More blatant pro-McCain bias from CNN!

Is he gonna finish with a huge media blitz?

Hey! You! Obama supporter:

Pssst! President Obama will be on Rachel's show Thursday. Pass it on! nt

Please be gentle and civil with those of us who are scared

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/28/08 - Obama 51, McCain 46 (unchanged)

Is there a site or blog with a collection of McCrazies

If you live in Oregon, PLEASE vote no on Measure 64

Obama wins with 286 EVs when counting states with a 7 point or more lead in the polls! (Up 9)

***HEADS UP*** Change We Need Rally with Barack Obama, in Norfolk, VA

Obama's purchase of television time on Wed. is capitalism at its finest

"Several conservative journalists got off their cruise ships, met Sarah Palin...and she was a babe."

"This is a campaign on cruise control." Candy Crowley on AC360.

"This is a campaign on cruise control." Candy Crowley on AC360.

What's with this "unified government" meme that has been floating around lately?

Dan Lungren (R asshat) Ca. District 3 (mine) is running commercials sans party.

Pennsylvania: Comparing current poll results vs. 2004 election (regions/counties)

LAT Tells McCain To Bugger Off - Will Not Release Tape - "The Times keeps its promises to sources."

I think James Carville was right... there's going to be a bloodbath in the Repub Party

I'm sure this person can be trusted to keep the vote from being surpressed...

New GOP ad is just sickening

Official hot REP dude celebrities thread. (pic heavy!)

What Have The Democrats Ever Done For Us?

How important is CO compared to other swing states?

WTF! A Rove & Co. electoral map?

WTF! A Rove & Co. electoral map?

RollWithIt's 2008 Electoral College Obama vs McCain Prediction. 392-146

I think that "radical", "socialist", "extreme", "dangerous" all mean "black"

Obama TV program will present specifics of economy proposals - include live segment.

Saw OBAMA At JMU Today!!!!!!!

Why hasn't Drudge started tauting tomorrow's Zogby

Can someone explain to me why racist Pennsylvanians would NOT show up on polls?

GA-Sen: On Track for a Runoff

Whis is going to be the most surprising Obama win on Election night,

Thom Hartman was saying something about the NC ballot being set up so if you vote straight Dem

Kos: Early Voting Round Up - national and state results - multi source compilation

** Video: Barack Obama in Norfolk, VA 10/28 + free pie recipe **

Thank you for the donor star!

Palin wears "Ship Happens" T-Shirt @ Shippensburg Univ (PA) Rally. See, cause "Ship" is short for...

Early Voting vs Day of Voting

Big Picture: Comparing 2004 polling averages with 2004 polling results

Here are more first-time voters in Texas (and some not first-time)


Oddly enough, I feel better about FL than PA


Well, this is it. Post # 20,000. I've been piling them up since spring, 2001.

How to do the subtle smear CNN-style:

Why isn't the Obama/Biden campaign going after the McCain campaign on their infighting?

This is WAR!!!! Rachel Maddow has proved to be an exquisite general!!

Pennsylvania: Comparing current poll results vs. 2004 election (regions/counties)

Barack Obama Just Called Me

Chipping away at my mom.

How McCain can win

Obama Camp Giddy Over Early Voting Extension In Florida

Offensive Mailer in Ohio...

Anne Applebaum -- Why McCain Lost Me

Maddow to interview Obama this Thursday

Biden's Age

Has anyone ever wondered what the McPalin's think about in their sleep?

Texas Early voting figures as of 10/27/2008

Colbert's Photo Shop of McCain's Debate Tongue! Calls him Igor! Haha!

David Gergen: Remind McCain that Saint Ronnie was a supporter of "income redistribution"

"My job is to ask tough, probing questions of the candidates"

Forget the's the plan

A little story of hope!

Okay this is getting nuts. F*CK YOU JOE!

Hey Folks..How about a multi-million dollar National Ad Blitz on AIP on the eve of the election?

Road to 270: New Hampshire

I just heard Mike Malloy say the Ohio Gop has asked Bush to tell the

Jonesing for my nightly early vote report

Social Security is Socialism. The DEMS should be pounding the hell out of that one.

Do you think that McCain is regretting

Hey, DUers! Any news about our clandestined operations?

So where are the Obama rallies the next few days?

Just got back from the Obama rally in Harrisonburg...

I Rolled Into My Daughters School Halloween Carnival Sunday In My Obama Mask The Kids Went Wild!

Obama Hats/Shirts/stuff?? Where to find?? Donation for T-Shirts??

Sarah Phalin forgets the 6th Tenent of the BOOK: "Communicating Efferctively" By A Crater

Hey Windshaper! I hope you enjoy the pizza with this to take back to your friends...

McCain up a point on Intrade this evening. Manipulation?

Has the McCain campaign done anything to reach out to black/hispanic/asian voters?

The Bush-McCain tax on the unborn.

Idea: Bring lawn chairs to hand out to those who need them

"Palin, Alone Aboard the Bus"

HARDBALL: "George Bush has doubled the National Debt" -Chaka Fattah (D) PA

What if you found out that the election would not be decided until December 12?

LAT/Bloomberg Florida Obama 50 McCain 43 --- Ohio Obama 49 McCain 40

LAT/Bloomberg Florida Obama 50 McCain 43 --- Ohio Obama 49 McCain 40

What is the poll KO is talking about, only up by 1 point in early voting?

Yes We Can - the video. It'll give you goosebumps and pump your spirit..

So why is not anyone talking about Zogby tonight?

Senator Obama will be on The Daily Show Wed, Oct. 29th

The astounding numbers on early voting in North Carolina continue

Some Video fun with our candidates.

I wonder how many Diggs the biggest headline on November 5th will have...

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: Obama 49.1%, McCain 44.4%

McCain wins by one vote

Ari Fleischer Spewing his Obama hate on Larry King.

How many alerts does it take to get someone locked/kicked off/whatever?

Heard ealier tonight President Clinton to campaign in Ohio Thursday

Heard ealier tonight President Clinton to campaign in Ohio Thursday

Obama's the one,He offers vigor, brains and new ideas

Totally demoralizing to McClueless: "Barack Obama leads John McCain by a 52% to 36% margin in Pew’s

One week left, the anticipation is killing me!

Nothing Like A Little "Family Voter Suppression"

November 4th: Will you be holding your breath, or are you

Historic Looking Obama Photo

Any thoughts on streamlining the endless presidential nominations:

I got my hair cut today and my stylist

Hollywood Reporter: Obama's Special May Have a LIVE Portion - Barack & Bill?

Dick Morris paints grim picture for Obama, but cautions that we shouldn't count Obama out (!!)

Question about the Pew poll already voted line

Karen Hughes is hard to look at.

A reason to wait until voting day...

Why would Pinto lock my thread?

Early Voting Avalanche per Huffington....

On election night, according to David Gregory

Six six six six six six.

It's 2:15 am in NYC and I'm 4th in line calling for absontee ballot.

I'm DONE with Bloggers and Smears...*cough* Politico *cough*

I fear that there's something wrong with me. I'm relaxed and confident about the election

A little help? I need media links to the Spenard/Stevens/Palin issue.

"Yes we can!" vs...

Dave Matthews: I Am A Real Virginian

How come we don't see ads describing the McMoot/Phalin Combo as Dangerously DeLusional

Electoral votes. Who wins? Is it one candidate takes all depending on

A pointless fact...but interesting nevertheless about PA and MI

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the Obama sight Sarah Palin's sheer ineptitude shows through all of the window dressing

I'm not scared. I am APPROPRIATELY conscious, concerned, altert and active!

Colorado--Early voting numbers

John McCain's last hope..

Don't worry about undecideds: Obama is ABOVE 50% ALREADY, in ENOUGH STATES TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't think we are that far ahead, try painting the electoral map mostly red

Zogby 10/29: Obama 49.1 (+.1) McPalin 44.4 (-.2)

Here's why we HAVE to win it this time, everybody...

PA: Obama trailed Clinton by 6% in RCP and lost in the primary by 9%

Six Days: Do not wallow in despair

The first time I took my son into the voting booth

Obama Special Directed by "An Inconvenient Truth" Director!

MLK - We Shall Overcome (Youtube) Speech - Keep In Mind As You Wait To Vote

I think it's going pretty good.

Remember those "depressing" Gallup Likely Voter models we saw this morning?

Philadelphia Daily News: Obama with 13-point lead over McCain in Pa.

"Charles meets Barack" (just watch it and feel better)

Zombie Reagan endorses Obama

Zombie Reagan endorses Obama

DU, I can't sleep. Someone say a few reassuring words about Pennsylvania.

Obama Leads by 19 Among Those Who Have Already Voted (Pew)

Prominent racist, homophobe and bigot Michael "Savage" Weiner endorses McCain

How many people were at the Norfolk rally last night (Tues)?

Scarborough said that he thinks the poll in Florida that shows Obama up 7 is true.

Does anyone else think McCain will throw a hail-mary on Thursday morning?

Obama leads McCain in Florida and Ohio, poll says

MSNBC news ticker is showing

Bill Clinton's visit to Beckley, WV now set for Saturday

Could McCain lose AZ?

Sarah Palin as Palita!! “Don’t cry for me, oh Wasilla!”

AP: Obama Leads McCain in 6 of 8 Swing States

Joe Scarborough hates america he rather borrow from China than have the

Counting Today, We Have Three More News Days.....

CBS news this morning - McCain clip 5 times, Obama 1

Why will the M$M not say Obama leads in Ohio/Florida? LAT: O 49% M 40%

LOL the punk ass McCain campaign wants the LA TIMES to do their oppo research for them. . .

Nasty and False Email I just got.

Just a reminder about tonight

Drop the McCain-Palin fears, re-embrace the hope and focus on helping Obama win!

This is Great to See 5 Days Before Election Day!

Today's Public Schedule - Busy Day for Barack, Joe, Michelle...and the Big Dawg.

Today's Public Schedule - Busy Day for Barack, Joe, Michelle...and the Big Dawg.

it is early, but Wed polls look like a sea of blue!

POLLS: Obama +9 in CO, +2 in FL, +12 in NV, +18 in NH, +2 in NC, +7 in OH, +12 in PA, +7 in VA.

McCain is such a tool. New ad mocks "fancy speeches" and makes case against his own running mate.

McCain is such a tool. New ad mocks "fancy speeches" and makes case against his own running mate.

How to be the smart one at your election party

Presidential losers often insist they will win as the campaigns wind down

Joe Scarborough: They are spending like whores.

Whoooo whoooo: half a million YouTube views!

Q POLLS: Obama +2 in FL, +9 in OH, +12 in PA

Moldy John McCain

Dick(less) Morris: Obama might still have a small chance to win -- "don't write Obama off."

FIGHT. Damnit.

Pollster AND RCP Have IT Obama 311!!!!

New Mexico Sun News declares "Obama wins"



What the heck!? Zogby says Obama has steady 5 pt lead?

Here's the only poll I want any of you to think about.

Election day weather -

McCain and Palin - the most mavericky mavericks to ever maverick!

Joe S called Obama a centrist. "I dont think he's an ideologue." Tucker: "I agree"

Favorite Obama stories?

Weekly Reader Poll Has Predicted 12 of Last 13 Elections and This Year Obama Wins in Electoral Lands

Serious Question; If we knock off McConnel who becomes the "leader of the Opposition"?

"Diva", to "Whackjob", to "Ignoramus"...

Senator Ted Kennedy's First Day Back At Work In Washington.

Speaking of Pew data... let's look at the Religious-Right

Speaking of Pew data... let's look at the Religious-Right

Is the McCain camp discounting the importance of early voting?

Cape Cod Times endorses Obama

Won't seeing President Clinton and Obama together tonight

October 29th Best Shot Snapshot (7% or Better Lead) UP !!!

The end-all be-all of greatest Obama pics ever

Not EVERY John needs a plumber...

My sister and I voted yesterday in Ohio. Straight Dem ticket.

Watching morgue Joe ..I mean morning Joe

According to Drudge, Rasmussen is down to O+3 today.

The youth vote will the be key. We have go to the college campuses and the high schools and

FUNNY! First patient of the AM!!!

Black Men For McCain. Com

A Reminder of How Far We Have Come

Morning Joe... Another perfect example of MSM bias against Obama!

"He just blew Florida for John McCain,"

my local rural PA paper endorses

10/29 - 6 days to go. A look at the state polls, what is affecting them, and how they can change

Obama 1961 birth announcement

Obama 1961 birth announcement

AP Poll: Obama leads or tied in 8 crucial states

AP Poll: Obama leads or tied in 8 crucial states


Ten former Republicans proudly voted for Obama over the past few days. In Texas!

Obama: The Choice of The Rest of the World (Kathmandu Post)

New last minute stealth tactic by McCain - to run for Pres as Democrat

Please, would someone out there volunteer these last few days with the Obama campaign?

Sarah Palin: This time next week.

Dick Morris: Obama might still have a small chance to win

How are people whom have already voted being treated in all these polls?

DIAGEO/HOTLINE poll Obama 49 (-1) McCain 42 (same)

Palin to fly home to Alaska to vote in election, on Tuesday.

1992-2008 Electoral Vote Maps

Woo hoo boys and girls! 31 new polls, Obama leads in 28 of them including CO, FL, NV, OH and

GOP consultant says people will vote for change: Obama is change.

GOP consultant says people will vote for change: Obama is change.

Coattails get longer for Obama (The Hill)

The best independent ads for Obama in one place. And you can vote for the best.

On Your Mark.... Get Set.......

Early voting strongly correlated with African-American population

Comedy Central's Chocolate News has perfect answer for racists to vote for Obama

Garrison Keillor - Will Mr. Burly vote for Obama?

Garrison Keillor - Will Mr. Burly vote for Obama?

Daily Kos (Research 2000) poll: Obama 50 (no change); McCain 44 (+1)

I want to see "George the President" stump for McCain.

Early voted in North Carolina Yesterday (10/28)...

CBS Morning News talking about risk of Obama 30-min ad


Oh has started!

Why isn't anyone in media debunking less taxes more jobs??

GOP unity yields to dissenters of all stripes

THOUGHT: Win in PA VA and FL will help Prop 8 in CA

AP Polls - PA: O +12, OH: O +7, FL: O +2, NC: O +2, VA: O +7, CO: O +9, NH: O +18, NV: O+12

The California Silver Fox in the Black Lexus with the 2 YES ON 8 stickers

--Barbara West--"The thing that stuns me is that this has become about me,"--

--Barbara West--"The thing that stuns me is that this has become about me,"--

What New Activism did Obama Inspire in You this Year?

Generation We. The Movement Begins

This is beautiful!

People that I'm glad that I won't have to deal with after the election

Cronkite/Eight Arizona poll: McCain 46-Obama 44.

This will help to calm your nerves a bit

Rasmussen POLL: Obama 50, McCain 47

So Sarah....

1.4 MILLION Early Voters in Florida as reported this Morning....

Pa. Poll Shows Obama Extending Lead Over McCain

Sarah is that flag big enough?

Polls Show Obama Making Dramatic Gains Among Rustbelt Union Members

How long will CNN cover this Palin speech?

I just woke up to Lynn Samuels again and she said that Obama

YIKES! Democrats blunder in California!

Obama in Norfolk VA last night


Do I Have This Right ?

I am a bit scared that California will go RED ...

Palin is speaking but no one has applauded yet- doing her 'energy speech

Obama Election Night Party in Chicago is FULL!

Are there any lurkers to this board which have not yet decided whom to vote for?

dupe --delete

Katrina vanden Heuvel on Moron Joe NAILED it when talking about the McCain/Palin campaign

Katrina vanden Heuvel on Moron Joe NAILED it when talking about the McCain/Palin campaign

Shouldn't The Presidential Candidate Be Giving The Policy Speeches?......

Shouldn't The Presidential Candidate Be Giving The Policy Speeches?......

Jeb Bush just said "vote often"

Dunno if I want reassurance or education, or just to reassure others.

***Please delete-= inadvertent dupe****.

Now you can play "Dress like Sarah Palin"

Coffee, Muffins, Piece of Pie..

What's This "Internal Memo" MSNBC Keeps Talking About That Andrea Mitchell Got From McCain......

Just because many of us haven't seen it in a while...Yes We Can

Obama PUT THE WINK in his new ad..."HIS CHOICE?"

Did I hear this corrrectly on CNN just now about the 50,000 voters purged from Georgia's rolls?

I'm seeing A LOT of Obama buttons in NYC

Fucked Up Media thinks...

Of Course McCain's Polling is "Good" and "They will win"

Heads Up on Negative Ads

'Never Seen Crowds Like This' (Early Voting in VA)

Why am I seeing....

Sarah is even dumber than I thoiught

If you are concerned about vote suppression on the part of elections officials, please read.

Quick question about Obama's 30-minute ad/informercial/whatever Obama's ahead, polls say, but will the lead last? (Answer: probably)

Less then a week to go!

When will McCain be called on his taxes BS

When will McCain be called on his taxes BS

McShame live stream on now.

What's sad is Palin keeps saying "You don't hear much about that" she should say

Sarah Palin is such toast. She's crowing about Obama being a socialist, yet THIS VERY MONTH in the

Didn't candidates run 30-minute network ads in past elections too?

New Obama ad takes aim at McBush choice of Palin

What's with the Influx of Freepers?

Why you shouldn't panic over fluctuating tracking polls

I am getting sick of McCain's closings. With his stand up America.

"So if Obama jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?"

Colin Hanna's Let Freedom Ring liars are flooding CNN & MSNBC with their outrageous ads about Obama

Duplicate Message - Sorry - Please Delete

Let's talk about Pennsylvania for a second

YES Jommacane! I'm ready to FIGHT!

MONTANA IS CLOSE.....holy jeebus

Check This Site Out - Palin As President - Really Funny.......

Tonight's Ad is Just like a Mini-Convention. There always seems to be a Bounce out of Those.

McCain takes on his own party's vice-presidential candidate

I am going to enjoy seeing you lose John McCain

McCain on MSNBC.

Call Center Workers Walk Out Rather Than Read Anti-Obama Script in Indiana

DId you guys see the new Obama add calling out McCain's choice of Palin?

Got coffee? Flood of absentees may delay election night results

McCain online ad using Obama logo - screengrab here!

It's Coming... Wait for It...

What time is Obama's special on tonight? I have a class tonight and don't want to miss it.

Info about the content of Obama's 30-min telecast tonight:

Gah! Ahahahaha!

Just in case there is any question about who we are up against.

These are my people voting for Barack Obama!

You may not agree with me on this, but...

Launch the Keating Five commercials NOW

Palin is rambling like a fool...

When Will The MSM Ask McCain, "What Are The Main Differences In Tax Policy Between You and Bush?"

Has Anybody On This Board Crashed A McCain or Palin Rally?......

Obama's speech will include a live rally in FL but WHERE? This Floridian wants to know!

WTF: why is msnbc pushing the latimes story about Obama and the palestian guy.

What McCain Defectors See in Obama

Anyone notice the Obama "Fez" look in the latest McCain attack ad?

How Soon After McCain's Defeat Will Romney Make His Move And......

Hahaha! Quote of the day:

Amy does a great segment on voting equipment with Brad and Harvey today.

Don't defend Obama over "socialism", attack McCain for not being any different than Bush.

Jesus and Witches

Song for W. "FEELIN' ALRIGHT" by Dave Mason. Should go viral.

Bush looks to lift Republican morale (I shit you not!)

The most ironic, nerve-wracking election night with a happy ending...

Dupe - self delete

This is Pathetic

One week from now?

Does anyone have proof that Reagan actually made that Quote

Polls show McCain not making up ground in Ohio

Look at these poll numbers for the last couple of days and you'll smile

If "Gates Open" tonight at 8:30 EDT...then?

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

It has just gotten really nasty in NC Senate Race (Charges of Godlessness)

Sorting Out the Truth on McCain’s “Socialism” Allegations-"PANTS ON FIRE" Wrong

Does McCain think his "$150,000/yr Obama tax" warning is going over in rural PA?

**Joe Biden in Jupiter, FL** LIVE NOW on CNN Live feed

Franklin & Marshall Poll of PA: Obama 53% McCain 40%

There should be a special extra tax on Republican pundits and operators!!!

The polls are nuts right now--- let's work

Palin calls for the same different energy policy

Interesting Thing About Gallup and Rasmussen "Tightening," Obama Is Not Losing Support...

Why there was no applause today at Palin's speech

My prediction: Obama infomercial's focus will be real people

Ohhh that leftwing liberal pinko commie MILITARY TIMES!

Without early voting in PA, won't Philly and Pitts be insane on Tuesday?

Obama "I voted" avatar

PODER Magazine Endorses Barack Obama

There aren't any Republicans left, according to PINK!!! on the VIEW

Accuracy Of Polls a Question In Itself

ACTION Needed:

Obama: “In one week, we can come together as one nation, and one people"

Associated Press Battleground state polls-Obama with huge leads in CO, PA, VA, OH, NH and NV

Anyone here campaigning in Philadelphia or would like to come to Philly to campaign?

AP (Fournier) strikes again for the Republicans:


When You Are Racing Toward the Finish Line, the last thing you need is a BACKFIRE!

My wife told me this is all over the news in Germany......

Are reparations McCain's last hope?

Ron Christie, that cross-eyed muthafucka on MSNBC

2004 vs. 2008

Today it ends - Today it begins...

I know this is a new feeling for many of you

Obama: McCain broke with Pres. Bush on torture

Arizona State/KAET poll puts Obama within two points (46-44 for the struggling hometown guy)

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/28/08 - Obama 50, McCain 47 (O down 1, M up 1)

When John McCain extends his arms...

Just saw an attack ad (PA) against Obama showing Mohammed Atta and the twin towers burning

Thank you CNN-

Need advice about Vandalism

Someone hold me.

REDISTRIBUTE some wealth to me! How are we supposed to heat our houses??

VIDEO Charles meets Barack - AN ABSOLUTE MUST SEE

McCain was for redistribution of wealth before he was against it.

Just asking: regarding mccain-palin feud

Requiem for the Drudge Report

msnbc just cut away from Obama speech

msnbc just cut away from Obama speech

Oh Noes!!! High speed chase in Miami more important than Obama.

I am feeling an urge to deface a homemade sign.

So would this 5+ year 30,000+ post DUer be called a concern troll???

Leaving To See President Clinton and the future POTUS Obama

"By the end of the week, he'll be accusing me of being a secret communist because I shared my toys

McCain was against Social Security before he was for it.

With national polls tightening Obama has an ace up his sleeve

Alaska Senate Poll: Begich 52(+4), Stevens 44(-5)

Obama 30 min special to go live with Bill Clinton tonight

AFL-CIO's Internal Polling for OH, MI and PA

Obama: "Now, John McCain...he's just making stuff up."

The wingnuts are out in force in the local paper's "Sound Off" section today.

The Fate of GD-P's Sanity will be Determined in Just Three Minutes...

TPM Daily Poll Tracker: Obama 49.7, McCain 44.7

These are the states I'm going to be watching Election Night

Car chase is over, Obama still speaking, what does MSNBC do?

Veterans and Military Families for Progress endorses Barack Obama for President

Clay Bennett cartoon looks at "The Final Stretch"

Another effigy found hanging in Kentucky


How is McSame Going to Try to Knock Obama's Address Off the News Cycle?

Backing up what asdjrocky said, Thank you CNN

McCain's hold on the Confederacy tells the whole sordid story

Bounceback in Gallup.... +9 (RV), +7 (LV1), +3 (LV2)

Here's What I've Done for OBAMA This Week:

Ambinder citing LV Sun's Ralston: Gop faces "impossible task" in Nevada

Mathew Maavak writes about Palin from KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia

Mathew Maavak writes about Palin from KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia

Republicans furious about Florida's extension for early voting.

The Robo calls are getting to be to much.......

The Prepared Text For Sarah Palin’s Love Letter To Big Oil

If CBS were still more news than corporate, I'd have Walter Cronkite doing election night coverage.

And NOW an important message from Sam the Eagle:

Gallup SHOCK: Obama 51, McCain 44 (LV)

Obama is a socialist!!!!! and Americans is Stupid!!!!!!!!!!

Austin TX woman paints Obama symbol onto her yard - after tradional signs were stolen

Gallup Obama 51, McCain 44 Obama up by 7% (LV) gains in other 2 - 9% lead in reg, 3% in LV (trad)

Gallup: Obama 51(+1), McCain 42(-1)

Obama speaking at rally - live on msnBS - now they cut away to car chase....

Dick Morris: Don't Write Obama Off. He Could Still Win.

Dick Morris: Don't Write Obama Off. He Could Still Win.

Why does Obama keep giving McCain for "breaking with Bush" on torture?

Jimmy Buffett to sing in Flordia for Obama

O widens lead in PA +12

Q: Are affiliates legally obligated to broadcast 1/2 hour network Obama special tonight?

Strange Political Sign seen - Anyone know the story on these?

Obama is going to lose!

Campbell Brown writes article claiming Obama broke promise about campaign financing

Campbell Brown writes article claiming Obama broke promise about campaign financing

Looking good. Obama signs are Everywhere!

MSNBC giving fact time to Failin again, pisses me off

I am a communist because I shared toys in kindergarten. Are you a commie too?

The most relevant poll released today (Weekly Reader)

The most relevant poll released today (Weekly Reader)

It's worth watching if you've never seen it, Yes We Can

NBC/WSJ/MySpace poll New Voters Obama 69% McCain 27%

Republicans for Obama...

Hotline Tracking poll: Obama 49 McCain 42 (O has a 17-point lead in battleground states)

IMO, the vote count will take at least until Friday or Saturday.

Today I got FOUR pieces of anti-Obama filth in the mail.

PA POLL: Obama 55 (+2), McCrypt 41 (-2). OH POLL: Obama 48 (-1), McCrypt 45

Ohio man shoots teen over McCain sign

Usually Campaigns Say They Don't Pay Attention To Polls

"November Election Vote God's Word "

"November Election Vote God's Word "

It just doesn't get said often enough on DU, so here goes

Today's Gallup Poll: Obama 51%, McCain 42%!

Nice hat - pic from Mc* rally

Obama is just blowing me away AGAIN. He is in fighting mode, magnificent mode, & hahaha mode, too

looks like McSame's pollster in cahoots with reTHUGlican Rasmussen

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican (Da Evul Socialism)

Everyone needed to help Get Out The Vote for Obama

Please let this be an Obama landslide, so as to avoid Florida 2000 again

Obama is going to take Georgia

Bill McInturff LOL!! Worse than Dick Morris!!

When people raise the "socialist" meme, remind them of this:

About Rasmussen.

In the spirit of our worthy opponents, I have written my own anti-Obama rant

Tax cuts under Obama and McCAin. Link to calculator provided:

*** Breaking PA pollF&M Poll: Obama Crushing McCain in Pennsylvania Obama 53 McCain 40

Say yes to the hope for cures for a diversity of people BY THE REV. DR. CHARLES G. ADAMS

Election Day weather: 59 degrees and mostly sunny. Nighttime low, 39 degrees.

Must-see Joe-the-Plumber freeper graphic!

I approve this message

130 hours before Election Day


LA Times: The End of the Catholic Vote

First MSNBC Shows Palin's 'Speech", Now The McShame Rally. WHERE's OBAMA?.

A Closing Argument to the Everyman

Sarah Palin is a redistributing commie

The many evils of Barack Obama (read to the end, I DARE you)

Voting advice from our beloved Ronald Reagan.

Obama in NC: "By the end of next week, McCain will accuse me of being a secret communist..

Marist Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 55(+2), McCain 41(unchanged)

Is October over yet? Could this be the "surprise"?

Bill McInturff on MSNBC

Here's an idea to help voters waiting in long lines...

Obama Powerful Statement: "Don't think for a moment power concedes easy"

PUMAtrolls: Assassination plot against Obama was "attempt by the media to demonize white people"

After Watching Bill McInturff's Performance on MSNBC, Has the McCain Campaign Lost Its Mind?

Nobel Laurate Archbishop Desmond Tutu compares Obama to Nelson Mandela

So... Obama's lead expands in Gallup, Zogby, and IBD... but goes down in RAS.....

Local Fox News Channel in OH had a report on Iranian reaction to Syrian raid - Shot at Oct Surprise?

Obama's not pushing back the start of the World Series game where I live.

Fox News is pushing the LATimes Video story hard - urging reader to contact the Times

McCain: "what if there was a tape with John McCain with a neo-Nazi outfit being held by some media"

Will FOX and NBC release their polls today?

According the Socialist Party of America....

12,000,000 voters..."DEMOCRATIC BY A WIDE MARGIN"...have already voted.

ABC News: Palin "medical records" watch - day 7

What do you most want to see accomplished in an Obama presidency?

Is McCain a Socialist? Yep

Folks, regardless of your NFL affiliation -

Joe Biden, father.

Freepers are saying that Rush is talking about Obama "Hypnotism"

Unbelievable, so McCain thinks Palestinians are equal to Neo-Nazis

The Republican record of inaction


Palin trying to bully the LATIMES. LOL

Sen. Lieberman likely to lose his gavel in massive reshuffle being discussed


Question about the already voteds that I put to Nate Silver of 538

dumb voting question (MA)

Some small changes on all GOOD!

New York Times Gets First Look At The Obama Special.

Sam (Joe) the non plumber joins Palin rally in Ohio

Near Riot In Miami Today Between Obama/McCain Supporters

That damn AP-Gfk poll strikes again! This time at the state level.

Tim O'Reilly Endorses Barack Obama

OK, you all know me, BUT Now, I'm REALLY worried

Oh, yes we can, yes we can can!

6 days till Election....Where's Palins Medical Records??

Republican civil war breaks out behind John McCain

Will tonight's Obama 30-minute ad piss off more people than it turns from Undecided?

Oh Gawd.....a "Special afternoon Morning Joe" is coming up.....

You lost me wasn't Weesie, it was Fred Sanford calling out Elizabeth

Adorable Sen. Joe Biden pic

What happened to Bush ordering the DOJ to investigate Ohio

National Review: Women who don't support Palin are just upset about their abortions

Morning Joe & Mika are trying to take away all credit from Obama & his brilliant campaign

Obama's new, approved "His Choice" ad.

Cannot wait to see what 15 second clip McLame pulls out of the 30 minute Obama show tonight and..

MoveOn for Obama Last Call Party - Please find a party near you!!

Obama supporters surrounded by McCain thugs in Miami - 'Terrorist!' 'Communist!' 'Socialist!'

"The New McCarthyism" - excellent retort to the Khalidi BS - Harpers Mag

Next on the Sen Stevens' List? I Smell A Pardon.... LINK

****** John McCain Gave Money to Fund Rashid Khalidi's organization *********

What will be the 1 word, phrase or thing you'll never wanna hear or see again when this is over?

Anybody listening to this wackjob on Thom Hartmann's show?

Luke Russert: Alarming that Obama is not perceived to be CIC by young. WTF?

Anyone else get this new POS e-mail going around?

McCain, the media, Pennsylvania and the "credible path" necessity

Rich spoiled kid throwing tantrums in his old age...thats McCain lately...

If McCain fought as hard for the middle class as he does for the wealthiest Americans,

This "Free Airtime" they are getting won't help them one bit

McCain Fearmongering in an Address to the Nation!

More Vote-Flipping in TX by Machines Other Than Those Made by ES&S

Nocal Duer's, Obama will be on at at 7:00pm on CBS13, 8:00pm on NBC and Fox.

Holy Christ...I am not going to survive this week. A Repuke just made a joke

Earned Income Tax Credit: why isn't Obama pushing back harder on McCain?

McCain Miami Rally, Getting Ugly Down Here -

Why you should/MUST get out and canvass for Obama

Barack Obama has unleashed an unprecedented Spanish-language advertising effort.

Ugh. We're going to be poisoned worse and worse until November 4

Neo-Nazi Obama Plot One of "A Handful" of "Serious" Threats Against Obama

McCain will soon be accusing me of being a secret communist because I shared my toys in kindergarten.

O’Reilly: Can we 'Arrest (Obama spokesman Bill) Burton?

McCain camp's *NEW* "3-tiered Strategy to Win" (hilarity warning)

All this talk of internal polls ..doesn't Dick Morris have one also n/t

Just out of curiousity - how many more 'New Strategies' will John McCain come up with

I personally think the timing is PERFECT for Obama's 30 minute spot.

Time to Worry?: SUSA: Obama Falling in NY


Remember in 2000, when "vote-swapping" was in vogue?

Remember in 2000, when "vote-swapping" was in vogue?

Any recomendations if I have a problem voting?

Deleted by popular demand.

Meet the New Crap, Same as the Old Crap...

Mika and Scarborough having a pity party over how much Obama has raised and is now spending.

As much as it might hurt temporarily, I wouldn't mind a 600-point Dow drop on Friday

Guys - I'm doing my final "Election Special" radio show this afternoon - KPFK, Los Angeles

Bill O'Reilly whining again, but there is a ton of evidence supporting Bill Burton's charge

Scarb's complaint is the same as a football coach whining that the other guy is running up the score

McCain going on Larry King is NOT giving him free airtime!

It's getting seriously crazy out there. This just came in my inbox...

self delete..

Just got another nasty robocall from the RNC here in Ohio.

Woo hoo boys and girls! 31 new polls, Obama leads in 28 of them including CO, FL, NV, OH and

Coming up on P.O.T.U.S. XM channel 130

In case any of you have forgotten

McCain's Internal Polls are actually his Internal

"I had a guy tell me he was gonna kill me."

Holocaust survivors: Reject lies about Obama

Going over the first hill on a rollercoaster...the feeling?

Could Joe--the damn plumber--be a bigger joke as another McCain gimmick?

How Many "Undecideds" Will Even Vote?

My internal polls show...

My internal polls show...

An "official" response from the California Secretary of State on the Obama T-Shirt issue

Wow. You have to see RCP right now. Such a pretty pricture

BREAKING: statistical model revealed for tightening nationwide polls

Harris 7-day online tracking poll: Obama’s 6 Point Lead Holds Steady - 50-44

October 28, 2006 ..... vs .... October 29, 2008

'I Would Make A Bad President,' Obama Says In Huge Campaign Blunder

We haven't heard from New Mexico in a while.

"Judge rules Ohio homeless voters may list park benches as addresses"...

On a Mission From God: Examining Sarah Palin's ties to the Christian Right

Not another fucking robocall

Obama behind!! Oh noes!! (Bill O'Reilly's electoral vote map.)

PHOTO Oh wow, McCain is so at ease with supporters - a natural

WTF! Joe Scar: Obama is trying to buy the election in FL

The absolute #1 reason for DUers to do everything they can to elect Obama.

"Obama, the President" - after Joe the Plumber and Sally the Schoolteacher

I just figured out Joe the Plumber's function

Just a note to those who are nervous or scared on Election Night

Why I am voting for Barack Obama on November 4

David Corn: Palin a "Brainiac"? Then She's Really Dangerous

[phonebank victory] *Just coaxed a reluctant NV voter into the booth!

R2K Wisconsin Poll: Obama 53(+1), McCain 42(+1)...Poll done Oct 27-28..Where's the Tightening?

How to deal with stolen Obama yard signs

Brian Jones of McCain campaign hasn't shaved lately on MSNBC

So right-wingers don't want to elect an "Arab/Muslim" when we're at war with "them"?

What the hell does "Functionally Tied" mean?



Stephen STINKIN' Foster: Tombstone's Thomas Haden Church's drunken challenge to Joe the Plumber

Stephen STINKIN' Foster: Tombstone's Thomas Haden Church's drunken challenge to Joe the Plumber

Obama wins Weekly Reader Poll (only wrong once since 1956)

Why all of the Red Herrings?

Why all of the Red Herrings?

PHOTO: Employees must wash hands, and also vote McCain-Palin 2008

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other, One Of These Things Doesn't Belong.

Make sure you volunteer in time to get any required training.

Obama is in FL and MO tomorrow Oct 30th and IA and IN on Friday Oct 31st

why are state polls going one way and national polls the other way...

Would you like to ask John McCain a question?

Bill Burton: McCain's Pollster's Memo is "Kind of Funny"

Joe the Plumber is now campaigning for McSame???

National poll skew

Oh No, Mika Mouse and Joe Dead Intern Election Special with Fresh RNC Talking points

Some IDIOT on MSNBC is interpreting the Gallup poll as a TIE

Scarborough throws McCain under the bus!

What a brilliant response. My apologies if this has already been posted.

Awesome image of John McCain!!

Hannity RE: Dick Morris - "Don't write off Obama just yet!"

Ah, what the heck... enjoy this photo...

Apparently the Republicans don't think it is OK for reporters to protect their sources

MSNBC cut into Obama's speech for a CAR CHASE!!

Are people voting FOR McCain or AGAINST Obama

Joe The Plumber: Now on McCain payroll?

The number one reason to vote for Obama: Save the Dolphins!

A look at early voting in key states: (AP)

Do any of you do this?

If you make $250,000 per year that's $4,807.69 per week before taxes

Elon students prefer Obama, more engaged than ever poll says (Elon University NC)

Are you sick and tired of paying to hear Lynn Samuels trashing Obama on Sirius Radio? Go HERE

Early voting 16,178,121 Dems Strong in NC GA IA, LA, NV, NM,NC,WV Florida Dems increase advantage

Questions you would ask Sam The Scab (aka Joe The Plumber) in an interview

on this day in 2004, Kerry was getting his butt kicked

Now they think Obama is...DEMONICALLY POSSESSED

McCain on CNN

Let's give it up for Rick Sanchez!!!

To those thinking about voting third party....

CNN Electoral Map: Obama 286, Mccain 163 - Indiana Moves to Tossup and Colorado To Obama

HYPOTHETICAL ? "New" bin Laden tape to be released Thursday with translation that he endorses Obama.

How do McCain & Palin communicate a "populist" economic message

I think it'd be fun to pound Tucker Bounds into the ground.

The Daily Widget, Wed 10/29 – O-381, M-157 – Florida, Ohio Seeing Daylight; Mississippi Weak

Can someone explain how "internal" polls would be better than Gallup, RAS, Zogby, Etc....

This day in 2004.... This day in 2008

This day in 2004.... This day in 2008

hey Barack, why are you not visiting the second largest city in Colorado? show us some love!

What is Wolf Blitzer talking about? He did a teaser saying

I voted for hope today...

Obama just gave his water bottle to a person who fainted in the crowd...

I don't know if I am going to make it through next Tuesday...

Ed Rollins' grim assessment for the Republicans on CNN.

Ed Rollins' grim assessment for the Republicans on CNN.

One of my main reasons for voting Obama-- It's the Constitution, my friends.

Saginaw News LTTE: Is Barack Obama really a Muslim?

My community's only high school held a mock presidential election and Obama won!


I am disturbed by the traction the redistribute lie is getting

M$NBC Would Break Away From A Burning Orphanage To Report On Sarah Palin Passing Gas

Quinnipiac: Obama Leads In Florida+2, Ohio+9, Pennyslvania+12

I'm going to see Joey B. tomorrow! Allentown, PA.!

Wow! Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer just said 'the DemocratIC Party',

Breaking: 76 Nobel Laureates in Science Endorse Obama!

Obama needs to keep running the Tax Cut Calculator ad and talk about it tonight.....

Ras Poll: McCain more trusted on Taxes, the Economy, and Social Security..

McCain's Marx Brothers

Want a Good Laugh? Bill O'Reilly's Electoral College Map

Want a Good Laugh? Bill O'Reilly's Electoral College Map

Miracles do happen--three long-time Repub women in my family voting Obama

Harris Poll: Obama 50% McCain: 44%

Sound Blue: Set Elizabeth Hasselbeck Straight On Public Campaign Funding

Sound Blue: Set Elizabeth Hasselbeck Straight On Public Campaign Funding

Why Doesn't The MSM Ask McCain, If Obama Is Measuring The Drapes, Why Run The 30 Minute Commerical?

AP Polls: Democrats On Pace to Pick up All Four Senate Seats in NH, CO, VA, and NC

Another thing Elizabitch is wrong about

Elizabeth Dole now embraces religious persecution!

Charles Barkley: Fox News "Fucked Up"

CNN countering Obama's ad tonite by....

Time/CNN: CO +8, FL +4, GA -5, MO -2, VA + 9

What have you done today to help get Obama elected?

Well, there's ONE Thing I can do...

Hmmm...this could be why McCain is losing.

Most critical late mistake: "Real Virginia"

How I see the state of this race (long)

Former GOP Girlfrined Strikes again: Now both DU and MSM in Tank for Obama! Compares Obama to Putin

CNN Poll: Obama doubles lead in Colorado, gains in electoral map

Was the "Messiah" Ronald Reagan a Socialist or Marxist?

One Of My Best Friends Got Angry At His (Catholic) Church's Anti-Obama Newsletter

Charlie Crist claimed McCain's "internal polls" show him up by 2 or 3 points in FL now.

Obama Must Win... For All Our Sakes...

On November 1, 2004, Bush was getting his butt kicked

Getting Ready to Spend Some Money

Lieberman to lose committee chairmanship

Bwahhhh....Obama invoked Fred Sanford (Red Foxx) just now in his live speech from NC. Even did

Front Page on Yahoo: TV ad could hurt Obama

Is McCain rewriting the entire tax code to get rid of its socialist implications?

Norah O'Donnell keeps talking about Obama "mocking" McCain and Palin for his new lines

You know that 'Are you Smarter than Your Friends' ad at the top of the page?

Clark re McCain: "Flip the plane over and fly upside down for a little bit, see how that works"


Can I ask for help re: my 11 year old's paper, how many bills has Obama helped pass?

Joe the oil man


the new Obama ad: McCain -"I might have to rely on my VP for economic advice"

"It's unfortunate that the World Series' first pitch is being delayed for Obama's political pitch."

What time is Obama's 30 minute ad going to air on the West Coast tonight?

Tickets for Grant Park November 4th Event no longer available -- now on waitlist

After Bubba appears onstage with Barack tonight during the 30-minute ad, will there be ANY

Hillarious Video on Youtube

Is Tucker Bounds the most obnoxious and deceitful of the McCain Campaign Advisors?

Two Obama Supporters Surrounded By Angry McCain Mobbed (saved by police)

Is MSNBC Schizophernic?

Dont let THIS be our future!

Need advice, should I take off November 4th (voting day) or November 5th (day after)?

Tweety Dug A Hole, Covered It With Twigs & Leaves, But DeLay Hopped Over It

Watching Hardball is kind of funny -

If you're trying to persuade Evangelicals to vote Obama, point them to these sites:

CNN - Wolf Ticket reports on Obama-Khalidi McCain fed frenzy, But Omits McCain-Khalidi Connections!

WP Questions Raised About a Major McCain Donor

Sean Hannity and all Texas talk radio can kiss my ass....

Sean Hannity and all Texas talk radio can kiss my ass....

Fox News Editor Supports LA Times Refusal to Release Tape.....

Extra! Extra! Come watch the clueless right here!

McCrap's Last Gasp: Ties Obama to Muslim world in new ad...

I think the Obama 30 minute special is a great move

Why I Think Tonight's Obama Ad Could ABSOLUTELY Swing Some To Our Side:

Obama uses hypnotism as speaking aid???? So says my Republican friend. He just heard it on some

Prepare to see the most disgusting political ad in decades

Al and Tipper Gore to campaign for Obama in West Palm Beach Friday.

Gramps loses even with CO, FL, MO, NC, NV, OH, IN: 261-277

Olbermann beats BillO again in money demo last night (Tuesday)

Are the results we will hear on November 5th already predetermined?

Yes, damn it, I'm fucking concerned...

Will there be a ticker-tape parade for President Elect Obama?

Ford F150 with cross, NRA and Obama for President bumper stickers in Virginia today

Rasmussen Polls: NM: Obama +10, MI: Obama +10, MN: Obama +12

How big will Barack's bounce be from tonight?

Palin Touts ‘Flawed’ Pipeline Process As ‘Free Market Competition’»

Joe Biden Left Message On My Machine Reminding Me To Watch Obama Tonight

What are we all talking about? Not Palin. Not Joe the Plumber. Not the latest "Socialist" smear.

What is up with the freepers thinking that Obama is going to outlaw talk radio?

I believe McCain is doing worse than the polls reflect.


Question for those calling Obama "Socialist," "radical," "Communist," "dangerous," etc

Question for those calling Obama "Socialist," "radical," "Communist," "dangerous," etc

"Girls for Obama"

TPM: McCain Now Running Robocalls Attacking Obama In Home State Of Arizona!

A weird idea perhaps, but this could be a great Obama tactic!

A weird idea perhaps, but this could be a great Obama tactic!

McCain Newspeak: Behind Everywhere = "functionally tied"

Chris Shays Denounces McCain

ABC/Wash Post SHOCKER: Obama 52, McCain 44


Polls: David Gregory's head explodes.

the media's desire for ratings by keeping this artificially close is GREAT

Fox's Shepard Smith DEFENDS Obama to Joe T. Plumber

CNN MAP: Changes in CO, IN & WA

Group Releases Anti-Obama DVD in Swing State Newspapers

Heads up: Caroline Kennedy stumps for Obama in The Villages, FL (Link to stream here)

Wanna know why the 30-minute show tonight is a good idea?


Tweety now giving rope to Felon Tom Delay: Obama is Marxist!

OK, I'm calling you out, worrywarts: why is Obama's 30 minute spot such a BAD idea?

ABC/WAPO Poll: Obama 52, McCain 44(-1)...Obama Leads 68-31 among Early voters in Battleground States

Yahoo sucks: main Yahoo page top headline = "TV ad could hurt Obama"

Univ of New Hampshire Poll: Obama 58, McCain 34(+1)...Shaheen's lead falls to 8 points

****Heads Up: Gov. Richardson is up now****

Here are the final 2004 pre-election polls (national and key states)

Here are the final 2004 pre-election polls (national and key states)

Apparently campaign workers are not to look at Palin when she walks by them

#1 Reason not to worry: McJackass is spending money in his own home state now.

Anybody Else Hear Thom Hartmann Call Out DUer Berni McCoy?

Palin and socialism. any commercials about that?

The 30 Minute Commercial is brilliant & here is why -

Dispicable, disgusting dried up bitch Dole questions Hagans faith

Charlie Crist is trying, clapping in the right places but I think he still has the

John Murtha email- what part of Pa does he represent?

Nate Silver on state poll "lag"

Only the names omitted-- 2 telling emails on the state of the race in NC

Obama and the Youth Vote- Good News!!

Zogby: I/m not trying to advertise but I'v been right in the last three elections

I didn't know Sarah PALIN had a house by the lake!

Obama Sinks in National Poll

John McCain's Rage

Obama Sinks in National Poll

Photo: Obama, in August, with the Senator sources identify as Lieberman's Chairmanship replacement

Politics and Ones Family...

Politics and Ones Family...

Prediction: Rs Will Compare Obama's Landslide To Elections With Only One Person On The Ballot

I am so proud right now...

Ralph Stanley endorses Obama. Who? Read on:

Texans for Obama on the move

PHOTO: BARACK OBAMA arrives in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, for a rally in Sunrise tonight

Of Course GOTV, but this is why I am encouraged

Must everything be a GODDAMNED f'ing CONSPIRACY!

McCain running robocalls against Obama in ARIZONA

Georgia is gray again (and not the uniforms this time)

Coming attack ad: Is America ready for a President who confuses Sanford and Son and the Jeffersons?

Barrack Obama has tough media competition tonight !

Obama on winning and losing, ABC News interview (VIDEO)

What time is Obama's TV ad? nt

Watch for Obama to make several brilliant tactical moves

Watch for Obama to make several brilliant tactical moves

Palin not even trying anymore!

Palin ABC Interview: Vows to Remain Player in 2012: 'Not Doing This For Naught'

Palin continues her 'Drill baby drill' chant--at a SOLAR PANEL FACTORY!!!

OMFG --- The First Dud's parents live down the street from me -- and could vote for Obama

We got this

Dear Undecided Voter,

US groups warn of moves to deny Obama victory

Matthews -- off the record briefing ---

On Hardball, just before

Palin: "I'm not doing this for naught" (wants to return in 2012 if she loses)

Are we out of time for an "October Surprise"?

Has Palin said anything about ...

Which state will close it's polls last next Tuesday?

Dems get a boost in yesterday's Florida early voting.

Charlie Gibson? What channel will the interview with Barack be on tonight? n/t

McCain Now Running Robocalls In ....ARIZONA!

Holy crap! Colbert has the actual Socialist Nominee for President on right now!

Holy crap! Colbert has the actual Socialist Nominee for President on right now!

Bubba's kickin ass in Washington PA!!!!!!!!!!!!

McCain Miami Rally, Getting Ugly Down Here

Just got back from a lit drop

Tom Delay calls Obama a MARXIST...

Tom Delay calls Obama a MARXIST...

AK-Sen: Begich Takes the Lead


Repug Thug

Repug Thug

Did the Ras numbers for Mich, Minn, and NM get posted here yet?

Both sides of aisle rip MSNBC

Where will your attention be riveted next Tuesday Evening?

Anyone know how Al Franken is doing?

Will the Obama special be streamed on the internet anywhere?

Can this Republican be saved?

You know their desperate when the only

Big Dog is BACK live on CNN now.

An Inconvenient Truth-Oscar-Best Director-Davis Guggenheim- Tonight Same guy

This is a terrific way for all DUers to help get out the vote.

Arrrggggghhh -- Stupid Time Warner Cable!

What time does the Obama Show come on?

I will be so glad when this miserable woman fades away

BTW, what makes McMoot so sure he can solve our Probs, find Osama, win Wars, drill for enough oil to

Effigy Of Noosed Palin Prompts Visit From Feds

Obama's half hour tonight--is this the first time he's done this?


Study reveals NBC to be most favorable network to GOP/Palin in particular

Obama ahead nationwide 53% to McCain 35%

Dear God...about tomorrow

U.S. judge orders backup paper ballots in Pa.

Eeeexcellent...when the Freepers find out Palin wants to run in 2012...

The Big Guns Come Out this Week: Al Gore, Bill Clinton Ready for Combat

Where the Hell is Palin's Medical Records???

I made an Electoral Vote Excel file to use offline tuesday: Copy here:

Ladies (& Gentlemen), All I can say is........

I got so excited today when I saw Big Dawg and 'Bama together!

How did Obama do with the Gibson interview?

Are taxes the only thing republicans give a fuck about?

Why I am pissed today.

Nice alliteration there.

Obama Infomercial Ad Preview @ 8PM ET Today [VIDEO]

By 8:30 I'm either buying a Shamwow or donating $19.95 to Obama.

Before it's too late...

Lieberman 2006: Obama a "blessing to shared hopes for better, safer tomorrows for all our families"

Voting question.

McCain Now Running Robocalls Attacking Obama In Home State Of Arizona!

Why does the media give a corrupt loser like Tom Delay a forum?

Obama on CNN Live at 7:30 in Sunrise FL - Link.They are coming here after TV program is over...

Obama's 1/2 Hour Presentation: It's About Americans

Obama hung in effigy at U of K

Obama hung in effigy at U of K

What if a poll showed Obama's lead in Illinois at 2 points today?

"10 out of 10 Terrorists are democrat"

I have a feeling the Obama campaign has something special cooked up for the live portion tonight..

Want to see something funny?

I'm already having problems downloading DU threads and posting so election

California Number 1 in Fundraising for Obama - Thanks to all My Fellow CA DUers!

Every single tracking poll has Obama's lead between 3 and 7.... know what that means?

the McCain campaign is disgusting filth, from robocalls to Klan rallies with Palin - will this

the McCain campaign is disgusting filth, from robocalls to Klan rallies with Palin - will this

Have you ever, in your entire life, voted for a Republican president?

Somebody should ask Joe the Plumber at one of his interviews if he

Anyone know where Barack's Commericial can be streamed online?

Anyone know where Barack's Commericial can be streamed online?

From another forum, the best idea for the half-hour ad tonight.

John Mayer: "Hope" Is Not a Buzz Word

You know I might being willing to vote McCain except for one fact

Simple Lesson on Marxism for Lurking McCain Minions.....

MSNBC: Joe the Plumber has a music deal now...

MSNBC: Joe the Plumber has a music deal now...

Chris Shays throws Grampy under the bus: "He Didn't Live Up To His Pledge To Fight A Clean Campaign"

Where does Tom DeLay get the Cannon Balls to call Barack a Marxist on MSNBC right now.

Where does Tom DeLay get the Cannon Balls to call Barack a Marxist on MSNBC right now.

The Page: West Wing's Prez Jimmy Smits to introduce Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at rally tonight

**Obama and Biden here*** appearing live

Obama needs to address voter fraud, ASAP, and make 3 specific points:

I think reality has just hit the McCain camp

Long time viewer, first time poster

Long time viewer, first time poster

We Want Change! Remember this?

My daughter just call me to tell me that Obama and former

Obama on the Daily Show: 'I don’t think white voters have gotten this memo about the Bradley effect'

Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher To Sign Recording Contract, Release Country Album.

October Surprise: Obama unveils line of new kitchen products in half hour infomercial.

I deeply regret not voting for

Quinnipiac Oct 29 Poll:FL: Obama 47 - McCain 45; OH: Obama 51 - McCain 42; PN: Obama 53 - McCain 41

Who is that on Hardball..and what has he done with Pat Buchanan??

biden does a great job introducing Obama - calls McCain campaign liars nt

biden does a great job introducing Obama - calls McCain campaign liars nt

'Vote Barack'! Cool new rap from the 'hey Sarah Palin' couple

Rendell admitted on Ed Schultz today that he was trying to fire up the Dems

What happened to (My source for newspaper endorsement counts.)

I just put my figures into ''

Web sites places for West Coast DUers to watch Obama NOW?

Web sites places for West Coast DUers to watch Obama NOW?

Obama TV special is on at 8:00pm EST

Worrying exit poll in NV of early voters so far??? Obama 50-McPalin 48

Obama's up!

How Soon After Nov 4th Will Gas Prices Go Up Again?.......

Another Poll to DU...

ABC Don't get no Obama, neener neener neener

CAPTION Moose Mom as she receives a very special gift of a jar of salsa from Grampy in New Mexico

Charlie Cook: GOP's Horror Sequel Is Almost A Wrap

GOP Meltdown: "Palin's future causes Republican rift" (CNN)

Photo: "First Lady"

That Day

15 Photos: "Let me just begin by saying that a little bit of rain never hurt anybody."

Who is watching Barack tonight?

Holy F'king Moleskin Wine Sak...Pat Buchanan is saying positive things about Obama's 30 minutes...

Hey Joe plubmer puss - I'll kick your ass!!

Obama Presidency = my rightwing FIL bought two guns!!!

You may call me your friend, but let me tell you what a friend is. A letter to John McCain

Palin's Travelgate Swings Open - Let the Fallout Begin!

****Welcome to The Official Barack Obama Variety half hour Extravaganza Advertisement..Thread*****

Looks like the repukes in my red county are jacking with people at the polls

Looks like the repukes in my red county are jacking with people at the polls

If on Election Night Senator Obama....

If on Election Night Senator Obama....

10/28 ELECTION MODEL (TIA): OBAMA 381 EV! 76-62m! Pew RV 52-36! AZ, MT, GA, ND in play!

On Keith's commentary tonite, he. proves Palin a fraud. Read this:

My LTTE to my right wing towns local paper. "A step back from the brink"

ok, just took my sick ass to vote.

ok, just took my sick ass to vote.

Joe-The-Plumber CD: What will the title track song be called?



so... is there an election night surprise at DU again this year?

I'm sure the answer is simple, but where can I see Obama's schedule?

You Do Realize That McPalin Have NO DAYS LEFT To Turn It Around, Don't You?

Arizona: We need to VOTE. But it looks good. McJackass is...

Wassup, Barack! Bud guys are back in two new commercials endorsing Obama


The Obama commercial tonight is meaningless.

Lines in Arlington VA for early voting

**Early Voting Stunner -- NEVADA 32% already voted Democrats +20 points

My nephew and his wife had a baby girl yesterday. They named her Hope.

My wife and I just got home from the Raleigh Obama Rally! dial up warning - pics posted!

Interesting electoral college map.

The end of the Republican Party's Southern Strategy

The end of the Republican Party's Southern Strategy

"Mutual excitement"...15 photos of Obama in North Carolina, 10/29/08

LOL... 'He's Not One of Us' Things get ugly at McCain rally in Florida

PHOTO I just wish folk would show SOME enthusiasm for Obama. Sigh.

Obama: "I'm a secret communist because I shared my toys in Kindergarden"

So I have this idea for helping the long voting lines

Well this place is going to be CRAZY with Concern today

The sensible Teenager disagrees with her parents

AK-Sen: Don Young "Endorses" Stevens

I got a fantastic early birthday present!!!!!!

So CNN opted out of the Obama half hour...

Kerry delivered a speech on the economy today

Obama: "I Shared My Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich" ... Video

If cartoon characters could vote...

This is what you JERKS have done to my life!!!!! I HATE YOU ALL!

CNN just reported that Undecideds have Bigger Brains

[PICS] Awe-inspiring Pictures of Obama taken by Time Photographer Callie Shell

Does anyone know what time MSNBC is carrying the Obama ad?

Mental Health Advice. Or--Dealing With the Election.

Barack speaks Spanish!

You'll Enjoy This: Arizona, and Notes from a Conference Call

You'll Enjoy This: Arizona, and Notes from a Conference Call

HAHAHAHA Even Fox News is distancing themselves from McCain -- Label him as a Democrat

FAUX Noise throws McCain under the bus and puts a "D" next to his name!

"...the exclamation point on my life."

McPuke's Concession Speech

Bumper sticker ...

Obama neck and neck with McCain in Arizona

Obama neck and neck with McCain in Arizona

Are You Better Off?

McCain doesn't care about the Fundamentals of the Economy

OMG! THIS is what a landslide looks like !

Economy. Bush. Palin. A perfect trifecta shitstorm created by God for this country

Do you think "Obama's birth certificate" will become Freeper legend?

Luke Russert must have flunked his college statistics class.

*Troll Donation Fund*

The pukes keep bringing up Obama's promise to McCain about public financing. The Myth of the 'Lag' (state polls versus national)

Part V: The Dude likes dark and stormy nights

The Obama TV blitz... this is amazing.....

Poll Closing Times by State

Devastating Obama ad: "His Choice"

CNN: Pentagon Now Wants to Talk to the Taliban

When was the last time I cried? About 2 minutes ago.

MSNBC stated this morning the McCain campaign has a NEW STRATEGY

BREAKING: Cuban American Foundation Endorses Obama

“There is an alarming shift in key demographic segments that do not bode well for the Senator,”

Meghan McCain's iPod Playlist: HYSTERICAL!!!

FL House speaker says Crist may have overstepped boundaries about extending hours...

The mystery of the undecided voter: who and why?

The mystery of the undecided voter: who and why?

so did you get your email invitation for election night?

Whatever happens on election day - Thank you DU for making the last 7.5years tolerable

From Southern Poverty Law Center - Flame Away But this is reality!

Fox News' October Surprise

Fox News' October Surprise

Early voting: doesn't it make it harder for them to steal it??

LIST all the other things that were going to "HURT OBAMA"...until they DIDN'T

LIST all the other things that were going to "HURT OBAMA"...until they DIDN'T

Highlights from tonight's Larry King/McCain Interview:

You know what I'm doing on November 5?

Obama is a Socialist

Dumb celebrities that support McCain

Who is taking election day off to work the election? Please vote and K & R

Woman paints lawn after sign is stolen - No Obama sign? One woman spraypainted her lawn

Woman paints lawn after sign is stolen - No Obama sign? One woman spraypainted her lawn

Obama's 1/2 hour ad buy tonight:

The MSM seems very mad at Obama for his 30 minute TV program...

My favorite Dem moment in a VP debate. (Al Gore, not Lloyd Bentsen)

Caption This

"I Didn't Vote For Obama" by Kentucky Scott

"I Didn't Vote For Obama" by Kentucky Scott

Pre-emptive ejection: Audience members removed at McCain rally in Cedar Falls

Elizabeth Dole: "Our Love of God" is at stake in this election

good news in Indiana, my home county, early voting to be extended due to turnout

I think this Obama Cabbage Patch doll is a touch overfed, don't you?

I was just interviewed by the Marin Independent Journal (they found me on DU!)

*** Wednesday TOONs: To Relieve a Little Stress ***

Wingers Harass 90-year old woman voting

RAS Poll: Minnesota Senate Coleman: 42 (+5) Franken 39 (-2)

Bricks-with message "False Hope-Means Social War"- Thrown Into Obama's Kansas City Office

Basketball Fan? Want to take a Break From Politics? KING JAMES vs Boston tonight! TNT!

Earned Income Credit= Reagan, $700billion+ to elite banks=Bush

Why the fairness act is so important.. it drives them over the edge

Mailings contain digitally modified photo of Al Franken *PICS INCLUDED*

please list all the appearences Obama is going to make this week on TV so I can set the DVR

***Breaking Report: Election May Come Down To Single Candidate***

Amazon lists Obama Halloween mask as a ‘terrorist costume.’

Early Voting Hours Extended - florida

Okay here is an interesting scenario ....


"I don't speak psycho" I love Keith

Where has (M)ann coulter been this election cycle?

And John McCain wins the Presidency.......

O'LOOFAH continues his irrational denial & vendetta on Barney FRANK

Sirius Radio Responds to My Complaints about Lynn Samuels

Omg Blitzer asks Ed Rollins about "What happen if an OBL tape surfaces" and Ed said

McCain Aide Acknowledges Voter Suppression Strategy

You Know What I Miss About MSNBC's Countdown????

Tell Mukasey: Don't suppress Ohio voters

I'm offended by people that are too easily offended.

Another City Employee in trouble for investigating Joe the Plumber

Anyone heard this about an explosive michelle Obama tape?

Governor, you are a FRAUD! Who here doesn't love Keith tonight?

Flat tires, broken down straight talk express

Couple of great photos, Biden and Obama:

State a FACT: FASCISM is closer to our identitry than democracy!!!

What the fuck

"Country First" for McCain and his followers even his slogan is a lie

Even though they drank the kool-aid, how can any 1/2 awake puke think Palin in 2012?!

Whats up with the news headlines?

Sackcloth - Ashes - I can't believe it's this comprehensive....DU that is

Rachel to Interview Obama Thursday!!!!!!

What chafes about this whole "redistribution of wealth" meme

PAYBACK TO LOCAL ROBO-CALL,...redial to the toll-free,...over and over and over and,....

Malloy's counter chant to the "No more pork." at McSame rallies...

Did anyone get tickets to election night in Chicago or just wait-listed?

So, I'm stuck in a company vehicle with a freeper VP this morning.

A vehicle that I saw on the way home from work.

Joe the Plumber: Obama Would Bring 'Death to Israel'

The end result of McCain's strategy...

Can Brown's Newfound Popularity Last?

Dubya says farewell with a song: G.W. Bush Vs John Lennon, GOD

The Republicans’ dirty secret — torture

Road to 270: West Virginia

Democratic hairdresser voting McCain.

Q. What's big, hairy, carries a club and lives under a bridge?

A conversation about Saturday Night Live -- Charlie Rose tonight

Howie Kurtz, right-wing tool, tries to make a case that Olbermann and Hannity are the same.

(Admittedly) petty post: Doesn't Mitch McConnell always look like someone is goosing him?

More Delusion from the far right: Could Obama Be Planning a Chavez?

Lowest of the Low... Can We Come Together and Kick Dole Out of the Senate Once and For All? LINK

Why do they say "I'm so-and-so and I approve this message"? Is this statement required by law.

A Song For The Remnants Of The GOP...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Is there a Unicode character that is a reversed "B"?

Brian Moore for president! (thanks to stephen colbert for the heads up)

Russia's New Nuclear Attack Submarine Starts Sea Trials

McCain rolling out the new Blackberry now is a cheap campaign stunt

Texas: “She went to punch the selection for Obama and it flipped to McCain,”

So "Joe" the "plumber" is a racist


As election day draws closer, a TSS rant

Eight Years of Stupid: Bush at his finest (worst?)...

Panel Faults FDA Finding on Chemical bisphenol-A, or BPA,

We recommend Obama for president (SMU Daily Campus)

Anyone notice the McCain 'Country First' signs in Hershey?

Federalist Society fires a broadside at Obama

Scarborough: smug, sarcastic redneck smartass with a big chip on his shoulder

Inside Zogby's Numbers: They Don't Add Up

Is this the longest week we've ever put in in our lifetimes?

cnn giving mccain air time at 9pm right after obama speech

Election day suggestions **Please add more**

Crist extends voting hours In Florida

mcsame keeps ranting that Obama wants to raise taxes

Tina Fey On Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien Now

Anyone have a list of senate seats that might be taken?

We're NOT fighting them over there...

NC-08: Congressman Robin "Liberals hate Real Americans" Hayes now losing

PBS Frontline: "The War Briefing" on Afghanistan. How the US invasion made everything worse

Be sure to take Dramamine before reading this article: "Both sides of aisle rip MSNBC"

Anyone know when the next round of unemployment numbers come in?

Yes We Can the video - A present to the late night DUers

Are the people on "Jay Walking" really that dumb?

The stupid, she stings: GOP desperation in Washington State, and the local RW talk radio celebrity

This makes me happy (GA):

Michele Bachmann (R-MN) ad against El Tinklenberg fails Fact Check.


what will you be giving the kids for halloween this year?

Heard on Hannity tonight

Being gay or lesbian is not a slur to be used against Republicans.

The Sarah Palin Song - I Am the Current Model of Republican Vice President

Voter Caging in Northern California?

Freedom from Tyranny

At least 160 dead in Pakistan Earthquake

The race is tightening...or not.

Obama Leads in Florida, Ohio, Must-Win Battlegrounds for McCain

I need $89 million just to see how much it will cost.

Colbert is so smart. He brings on an actual socialist

A McCain-Palin rally was cancelled due to rain.

WJ this morning - the voting process in your state

WJ this morning - the voting process in your state

My waking thoughts were " Less than a week....

Could Obama win vote but lose election?

OMG this Pole shows real strength

Gallap says Obama only up by 2 points?????????

"The View's" Elisabeth Hasselbeck lashed out against the campaign's ad buy, calling it "repulsive".

LOL... gonna wait for crumbs?

I declare the gas price crisis over as of today!

what happened to that new news channel I heard about?

Oh noes. Terrists now using weaponized fire!

Should monitors be stationed in both the White House and the EEOB?

Richard Dreyfuss slams "W" movie.

World's oldest living human organ:123 Years.

IF there are going to be long discouraging wait lines at the polls....

Is it the race tightening, or just certain people's sphincters?

Sheer Numbers.

WTF! Half asleep does not pay this close to an election!

Barack In The Rain Tuesday. Great Picture

Vote for Obama, Go To Hell

It seems to me that Conservatives believe most people are lazy, sorry,

Is there any legal authorization to use the Strategic Petroleum Reserves

damn! I should have thought of this earlier ...

If Obama wins: Lorne Michaels on Charlie Rose, talking about how

Another way to blow your hand off...

Discuss: Good/bad weather will help/hurt Obama/McCain

Woke up and it was winter this morning, but at least the Gods of parking smiled.

In World’s Largest Democracy, Tolerance Is a Weak Pillar

For those of you who can't stomach Palin this morning...

Palin speaking on energy, why doesn't she just come out and say what she wants to say.


"Our model now projects Barack Obama to win 351 electoral votes to McCain's 187"

Analysts Question Timing of Syria Raid

A Palin 'policy' speech. Oh please, please, please let her do more.

Prop Comic Gallagher Replaces Top McCain Strategist

Who opened up the loony bin,...

Did anybody notice this RE: Ironman & The Incredible Hulk movies?

Ya know what they don't like about him?

Bush trying to pardon himself? Jack Cafferty video:

Ohio man shot at teens vandalizing his yard signs....

Guys, In Case You Haven't Seen This Link. Click On And Send To Your Friends. Trust Me!!!!

George W Bush's place in history

McCain Supporters in PA: "Bomb Obama" "Never vote for black"

"A park bench or a doorway is a legitimate address for voting purposes"

The madness of war: sign an armistice, and then order troops into battle before it starts

== Hate's last stand = By Mark Morford

Who else can recite McCain's stump speech right along with him?

Slumping natural gas prices cut drilling plans in Texas

"Helmet Heros - Can you imagine getting arrested in your own home?"

What's up with Crap Iheard this morning on Morning Joe

CNBC is now talking about...toilet paper?

Tom DeLay, you fucking piece of miserable fuck

How much worse than Poppy Bush was did Junior turn out to be?

Now that we have move past this Obama in a Landslide shit.........

So, has MSNBC compensate McLoser for showing the Obama 30 minutes tonight???? Mothertfuckers.

Who is the angry old fart yelling on my TV?

Should we be calling Ted Stevens and encouraging him NOT to resign or withdraw? n/t

Should we be calling Ted Stevens and encouraging him NOT to resign or withdraw? n/t

The stupid is strong in this one Obi-Wan

I hope McCain's dentures fall out

"Many a Man's own Tongue gives Evidence against his Understanding" Ben Franklin - Bush History,10/29

Oh, the irony!

So if Virginia goes for Obama is the election over?

My neighbor: had him pegged for a McCainiac

TOON: but not at all a ha-ha

Martha Stewart Tells Targets of Obama Tax Hike to ‘Suck It In’

How those gibbering numbskulls came to dominate Washington

TOON: Joel Pett on the election

I'm telling people not to stay up on election night.

This better be photoshopped. Warning.

McCain Rally: He then formed a gun with his hand and made a shooting sound

NYT Editorial End of the Road for Ted Stevens

The Infommercial

ACORN paid $40.00 for each voter it registered?

John McCain has seven days!

Dumb Question

Praying for Palin

Let Americall know what you think of them......

Reagan Democrats? Gotta question.

Gas prices drop....

PLEASE! I have to rant. It's not "Joe The Plumber"... it's "Sam The Scab"!!!

Hank Jr - WTF is up with he and Palin?

Obama up big in all but two "battleground" states

This is particularly good animation - just for fun

William 'trickle' Beach opened his mouth this morning

We need a quality photoshop of BUSHCHENEY in prison.

Appeals Courts Pushed to Right by Bush Choices

So do the polls reflect those that have already voted? /nt

Hate crime charge in Prop. 8 sign attack

Are the results we will hear on November 5th already predetermined?

blivet** is speechifying on MSNBC about troops in Iraq

Just listened to NOAA Weather, looks good for Tuesday

So, Obama starts his rally in NC

Hey McCain! Your "Surge" in Iraq has failed!

Hey McCain! Your "Surge" in Iraq has failed!

I Talked to Scared Rich People Today

Jane Smiley: Goodbye, Cruel World

sarah palin hanging in effigy....not a hate crime-just bad taste

Are credit cards the next collapse?


Glenn Greenwald - Dick Morris: Obama might still have a small chance to win

***** Official "When Will Ted Resign?" Thread ***** or "Felons R US!"

McCain looks ...........

Live car chase MSNBC! Suspend the elections.

Judge tosses detainee confession citing torture

The Republican pit bulls have turned on each other....

How the Food and Financial Crises are Interconnected

NuCLEar!! NuCLEar!! NuCLEar!!!

Bill Scher: Conservatives Sowing The Seeds Of Their Own Demise

Obama infomercial: Smart or overkill?

In GDP...I'm Pissed! Cutting to a Fucking Car Chase! In GD...Very interesting Car chase

Any Brick Masons here? Questions about repointing bricks on 1918 home...Cement/Lime/Sand Ratios???

Any Brick Masons here? Questions about repointing bricks on 1918 home...Cement/Lime/Sand Ratios???

Has anyone written any LTTE's lately?

Cambell Brown: Obama Breaks Promise on Campaign Financing (video) & my response

Alaskan Women For Obama! Great Video!!!!

Not a "Whack Job," a Ruthlessly Cynical Whack Job.

It's the New Voters That Will Really Swing This Election

Let me know what % you think Obama and McSame will get ?

Ok I wore my Obama shirt out and about today and the only person to say something about it was...

I want to claim royalties on the use of the word "Socialist"

David Gergen on AC360: Ronald Reagan was a Socialist!

MSNBC leaves Obama speech to show a car chase.

McCain wants to "restore" freedom and democracy to Cuba

Early voting has already exceeded 2004 totals in 3 states: GA, NC, and LA., led by black voters

"He'll soon be calling me a Communist for sharing my toys in Kindergarten ..... hahahaha"

Tax cuts and tax cuts vs. decrease in income

Oopsie. McConnell calls on Stevens to resign.»

Pre-election Ghouls and Gobblins......

The Rude Pundit - Anti-Gay Marriage Propositions 2, 8, and 102: Tell Us Again Why?

Donald Rumsfeld is a socialist!

This interview being used to attack Obama...

Man Shoots Teenager to Protect McCain Sign

I hope my baby is born during an Obama presidency!

Detroit Free Press: MI AG to new voters: Not so fast.

I think I may turn on the TV to FOX and leave it on continuously until the election is over

Weekly Reader Kids' Poll '08

I get absolutely furious when I hear McCain and his little pet girl talk about "Victory" in Iraq.

Jesus And Witches

Jesus And Witches

Here's what you do when they steal your Obama sign

The 25 Most Devastating Quotes About Sarah Palin

Dumb financial question

ACLU Launches Voter Empowerment Program

map of newspaper endorsements

ACLU Executive Director Makes Personal Plea Opposing California Proposition 8

Sea Shepherd Capt. Paul Watson on the Today Show Thur, Oct 30

MGM Mirage Profit Falls as Gamblers Desert Vegas

I just told Skinner why I won't be on DU election day.

Safe Haven law up to 23 kids now.

For all you Pittsburgh Steeler fans

So if one gives a payment to each citizen of a state money from tax

Mr. Fish TOON: Foreign policy of the United States

Neb. gov. calls special session on safe-haven law

The last soldiers to die in World War I (BBC)

The last soldiers to die in World War I (BBC)

Who is this McCain camp douchebag...errr...pollster on MSNBC? n/t

Virginia business will close Tuesday but will stay open as a “get out the vote” hub for Obama

What's The Problem With Conservative Columnists?

U.S. Feedlot Owners Oppose Beef Labeling Law Requiring Disclosure Of Source Country

'Blind' Qantas jet guided into airport

great - another FREE Infomercial for McGrampy on

Republicans For Obama...

"Will cut taxes for 95% of the people"

Robert Borosage: A New Progressive Era?

So I don't have a Crystal Ball - and only know a touch more about the Economy than Sen. McMoney

Florida Teen Gets 18 Months for Grandma's 'Gangsta Rap' Video

White House to banks: Start lending now

Calif. man killed by police in mistaken identity

Calif. man killed by police in mistaken identity

How is Giving the Middleclass a Tax Break, Socialism?

Why Small Business Owners Are the True Capitalists

Michelle 'McCarthy' Bachmann -- The Hate Monger of Minnesota

Post-Conviction AK Senate Poll: Begich 52%, Stevens 44%


Can Explosions cause Earthquakes?

What happens when someone dies and the family has no money to bury them?

I can tell how scared my neighbor is by his yard sign/bumper stickers.

I can't vote.

is it just me, or is little johnny getting zero help from the present admin.?

I'm a values voter and will vote accordingly on November 4th.

"This could be the most corrupt election in the history of the United States..."

McCain's internal polling has the election

Attention DU'ers: You have the Right to Time off from Work to Vote!

Is it me? Or was Sarah Palin simply chosen because she gave William Kristol a hard-on?

Obama Loses a Point!

Post Office

Bill Scher: Conservative Fiction: The New Deal Sucked!

A plea from Amnesty Internantional - Writing Campaign

Detroit News: War chest bolsters Michigan Dems get-out-vote drive (Repugs falling apart)

Obama in Raleigh NC 10-29-08

Senators Threaten NFL on Making Games Available on TV

Looking for a link

Prop 4 ad in California - "Spanning the Grand Canyon with a rope bridge"

Prop 4 ad in California - "Spanning the Grand Canyon with a rope bridge"

Step 1 - $700,000,000,000.00 Bail Out to Buy Distressed Mortgages

A timely story about "Joe the Republican" since we have had so many stories about

Palin's Future Causes Republican Rift: (OPERATION PRINCESS)

fark teaches CNN how to do breaking news ...

Some of us are feeling anxious; what can we do? This might help...

Socialism at its Finest

In time for Bailout Bonuses!

Voting Day Suggestions

Some paintshop pro/photoshop help, please?

CNN still showing Obama speech as MSNBC cuts to a police car chasing a van

If nobody sees anything on the national media about an event,

Adventures in Bottomfeeding: Bill Ayers and the Pinochet Rationale

Adventures in Bottomfeeding: Bill Ayers and the Pinochet Rationale

Adventures in Bottomfeeding: Bill Ayers and the Pinochet Rationale

U.S Needs 400 to 500 Billion Economic Stimulous Package Says Nouriel Roubini

McCain supporters are outnumbered, outspent and generally outgunned on the nation's campuses

Lieberman to lose committee chairmanship

According for Electorial-Vote - I really believe (I said it out loud!)

caption required

Homophobic hate crime (Prop. 8-related) in California

Homophobic hate crime (Prop. 8-related) in California

Status Update: Work is progressing nicely on the G W Bush Presidential Library.

'McCain spent some of the most influential years of his life at all-male, all-white school in 1950s'

Hawaiian Grade School Influenced Young Obama

Has Riverbend published any blogs since Jan 2007 when she got to Syria?

The only thing that went up in stocks after the rate cut were oil and energy

Is Tucker Bounds a douchebag?


Cafferty wants to know, "Why isn’t President Bush campaigning for McCain?"

Congressman Wolf's Goons Attack

RW'er: Equality is not for America!!1111!

Did John McCain forget which party had one-party rule from 2002 to 2006?

Red Sex + Blue Sex = A New Sexual Morality

Those Republicans sure are noble for denouncing one-party rule, right?

German economics expert compares bank managers to persecuted Jews

Lieberman to Lose His Committee Chairmanship?

Just got a call from Joe Biden

I want to thank Newt Gingrich for making the GOP what it is today

I want to thank Newt Gingrich for making the GOP what it is today

Desperate Elizabeth Dole plays the "Gawd" card on Kay Hagan

Why do Republicans want Iraq, but not America to have an ACLU?

Obama Has Fun With McCain Attacks

100 packets of 'white powder' were received in Central Valley, CA.

APTA: Public Transportation Projects Will Create Thousands of Jobs

Swift Boat Bob Perry dominates donations

Where are Obama's Attorney's - Votes Flipping in at least 4 states (from Bradblog)

Poll: Obama doubles lead in Colorado, gains in Indiana, gains in electoral map

Obama Sign Stolen? Paint Lawn

Okay, you know your campaign is going badly when your "camp" has two separate "camps".....

Palin accuses Obama of ties to second 'radical professor'

Will Nancy Pelosi remain as Speaker?

G W Bush Presidential Library

I'm not gonna post for 3 and 2/3's innings tonight.

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama but...(VIDEO)

Time to rethink the meaning of happiness?

ACORN ad targets GOP voter suppression

Last night, Stephanopolous said that Charlie Gibson was gonna interview Obama on ABC news tonight

O'LOOFAH to call MURDOCH's NYPost "smear merchant"!1

Kay Hagan response ads to Elizabeth Dole.

Oh Christ. Joe Scar is saying the election is being "bought"...

George Zimmer, founder of Men's Wearhouse, is a dem!

We Have Been Prisoners of W

Meet the World's New Currency: the Chinese Yuan

Great discussion on Barack Obama on belgian television

Warning on 'dire' Iraq conditions The Red Cross

The End of International Law? a chilling reminder that the Bush Doctrine is alive and well

Native youth voters express interest in electoral process

Why does the Catholic Church consider suicide a mortal sin?

'White nationalists' exploit different methods, like new media. And they don't litter.

"Hype - The Obama Effect" in the Cleveland Plain Dealer TODAY!

Quote of the day. Thanks to Andrew Sullivan's site.

McCain Miami Rally, Getting Ugly Down Here

when is the 1/2 hour paid Obama program tonight... NC-Eastern Time

Dear Rachel Maddow,... When Barack is on your show, please ask him

Voter Suppression Hits The Web

Some say Liddy Dole slept her way

Has Obama spoken on election integrity recently? I remember "I have your back"

Joe the Plumber pursued for record deal

Joe the Plumber pursued for record deal

Random comment on Catholic Church

"Joe" the "Plumber" has hired a Nashville publicist

Anyone else annoyed that Tweety has called Barack "Barry" for the last two days?

Obama Sinks in National Poll

I JUST VOTED! in Wilson County, Tennessee

Dennis Kucinich On US Attack In Syria.

Can anyone help cure me of my anger at the Mormon Church?

What do immigration and customs have to do with protecting federal buildings?

Vandana Shiva rocks the house

Vandana Shiva rocks the house

Cruel California Ballot Initiative Seeks to Keep Elderly Prisoners Locked Up Longer

Do DU Donors Get Preferential Election Day Logins?

I don't want to brag but Bill Clinton & Al Gore sent me e-mails today

How many banks have received those "anthrax" letters?

This is a great ad - winky winky!!!

Where are the younger voters?

Venezuelan Satellite Is Launched From China

Which Bush policy do you want Obama to undo first?

Did you feel that? Rec if you did.

I Will Not Be Able To Vote For Obama.

Funny distraction: Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

There's a half hour of television that's coming up shortly.

Why does the LDS have tax exemption?


Joe Scum , Dick Armey and David Gregory

"the call" - christian terrorists plan huge San Diego rally to hijack CA election

Has DU gone mad? Now we are doing copycat threads in GD.

Aw, Say it ain't so. (I'm sure she will) New complaint charges VP hopeful of charging state for kids

Remember Ross Perot's campaign informercials, his "giant sucking sound"?

Update on my neighbor's yard signs: cool picture

Never forget. If you want to go out in a blaze of glory, keep it simple.

What would a sober Christopher Hitchens be like?

The “Dirty Little Secret” Of the US Bank Bailout

Margaret and Helen blog - Why is the election so close?????? LOLOL

My daughters French teacher -- talk me down!

Christopher Hitchens is growing on me.

Ugh.....I just watched a playback of Tom Delay's appearance on Hardball....

Holt Asking Hard Questions About Anthrax

Gold and Oil, Gold and Oil, Gold and Oil......

Your call: The top four Bush Administration allies/figures most in need of pardons.

Obama's only getting 30 minutes

official hot dem babe celebrities thread. (pic heavy!)

Is AM Talk Radio:Affirmative Action For Old White Guys?

Having troubles getting on DU, have to use "upload" vs www

The Chief rat Delay says Obama is a

Didn't McCain renege on HIS campaign finance "promise"?

Single-issue voters--I will NEVER understand them.

Someone in the Media Needs to Call "Joe the Fake Plumber" by His Real Name

Can't Sarah Palin and John McCain Just Get Along?

"It's a center-right country!"

A lost, sorry country. I don't know whether to puke or scream!

Please be Respectful to Know-Nothing Ninnies.

Several U.S. senators say NFL doesn't make enough games available on free TV

Police *mistakenly* kill newlywed

When will President Obama embarass us by appearing in

Damn, why do the infomercial and the Daily Show appearance have to be on at the same time?

How would cutting interest rates help the current crisis?

What is everyone doing next tuesday?

My last ltte before the election..I hope it is enough

some last-minute hate letters in my paper

Quick, random question about Larry the Cable Guy

re-distribution of wealth-

Freepers protesting the LA Times tomorrow. Hugh and Series!!!

Patience for Obama

Have you ever stolen, damaged, tampered with a sign belonging to an opposition party?

My rant at Starbucks

Sen Obama on Daily Show tonight!

If Joe the plumber supported the troops he wouldn't mind paying taxes.

Paul Craig Roberts: The New Neo-Con Reality

Sign ideas. My home will be seen by most people attending a McCain rally this week.

Bumper sticker ...

10/28 ELECTION MODEL (TIA):..OBAMA 381 EV!...76-62m!...Pew RV 52-36!...AZ, MT, GA, ND in play! -x

Dole "tryiing to save Honesty, Integrity, Hard Work .............

Is McLame/Failin desperate for attendance?

Where Have All the Water Fountains Gone?

Pailin's French Fruit Flies Fracas or an insult to local French taxpayers

Sigh, Gas price average is 2.58 nationwide, and I'm still paying 3.19

The Palin Effect Interactive quotes from conservatives about Palin

How many times is Wurzelbacher taxes being paid for him?

How Universal Health Care Changes Everything

Non-verbal support can be done in many ways - Read what I found this morning

Do you believe the U.S. will soon be...

ABC News Early voting poll numbers are overwhelmingly pro-Obama

ABC News Early voting poll numbers are overwhelmingly pro-Obama

Quick question: When does the 1/2 hour Obama ad air on West Coast?

Interesting small phenomenon this week in Denver suburb

“Many Americans have been tested:” (LTTE Birmingham News, Alabama)

Obama Campaign Takes the Fight to FOX...

Conservative rule has damaged our hearts and minds.


A thought for today....

Obama on defense in Pa. as McCain senses an opening

God is a Socialist

Remembering election night 1992, USA and a wave of blue

What if Joe Republican GOT his wish

Do you wanna know how low Liddy Dole will go?

if stevens wins but then must give up his senate seat, how will he

Democrats cry foul as voter rolls cut (Louisiana)

Question for DU's Legal Scholars™ ...

This is the Alaska socialist program which Governor Palin takes credit for

This is the Alaska socialist program which Governor Palin takes credit for

My husband defending my 'health' in Colorado!

Tito the Builder "doesn't want handouts". But he took one in 2005.

What could YOU buy with Sarah Palins wardrobe money???

The Democrats and the Cleveland Browns

McCain's Bermuda Triangle

LOL Mike Peters!

My response to the local RW talk celebrity who's asked me to vote Republican

Voted today.. 2 1/2 hr standing in line, only 5 voting machines.. got out of hospital last nite at

QUICK!!!! Libby Dole is showing up next door WHAT SHOULD I ASK HER???

Who Dresses Your Dumb Ass In The Morning?

Look at This Crap "Voter's Guide" My Church Gave Me!

My breakfast with two conservative Republicans

Sydney Morning Herald: Next Week the Boomers Go Bust

Dennis Prager: Equality ‘Is A European Value, Not An American Value’

Oh, Liddy..."Elizabeth Dole's Senate Ad Fabricates Audio Of Opponent Yelling "There Is No God"

Adventures in Bottomfeeding: Bill Ayers and the Pinochet Rationale

will this be the coolest prez ever?

Trig Palin: Who's the mama?

Nance is on fire!

Best pilot ever ?

Ever notice how the RW has a VAST knowledge base...

Dole Ad Fabricates Audio Of Opponent Yelling "There Is No God"

One of our very own is going to be on CSI Las Vegas this week

Senate Predictions Part One: The Races Already Over

Prepare & protect yourselves on election night and the following morning

Galveston is in ruins, and a post-Katrina nation is unmoved.

CNN's doing it again - mcINSANE and Failin on ALL THE FUCKING TIME!

Windows 7: A better Vista? WTF?

Anyone know how to alert the spelling police?

Dozens of suspicious packages are being sent out here in Northern California

According to FOX Ted Stevens is a... anyone, anyone?

CNN's Campbell Brown does hit piece on Obama

My mom died early Monday morning

Drove my semi yesterday to Belvidere, Illinois. Sixty miles south of

Commentary: Dean's 50-state strategy is a paying off right now

Postal Service Looks To Cut 40,000 Jobs In First Layoff In History

Senators want more NFL on TV (Arlen Specter)

Watch the next Osama tape come out of the blue on Thursday.

So, two old ladies start a blog

Palin is the gift that keeps on giving!

Holy shit. I think America's going to have a black man as president.

Obama font!

To what extent should churches be allowed to discuss the election?

FR: Force Your College Aged Children To Vote McCain or Cut Off Their Tuition

The Bush Years

Last night, a black man called me his brother.

Hey, Johnny McCain, Whose Party Invites Danger From Abroad???

Banks To Us: "Thanks For The Cash - Now Fuck Off, Suckers"

Republicans turned blind eye to the slime attacks from the religious right...

Obama Tax Cut Calculator on his website now!!! Will it be discussed in the broadcast tonight?

I just went OFF in a Starbucks

Elizabeth Edwards Emerges From Her Husband's Shadow

McLuhan, Obama, and Cool....has been done

I believe there is a traitor in our midst.

This Says It All I think...

I am clueless as to why my gay female friends

I believe there is a 'tater in our mitts.

Opening night of NBA season: Who's your favorite to win the championship?

random pic your latest

Trust no one. Not even yourself

The man in my sig line photograph is going to be a daddy.

Okay... so would it be considered entrapment

War of the Worlds anniversary

Matcom siting in GD: P

GD P has officially no sense of humor

The Keith Olberman crush thread

Carve a pumpkin without the mess

How old is your brain?

Do you think your pets would heat you?

Check it out...from the 1st night I volunteered at Obama HQ

Ryan Adams' new CD "Cardinology" was released today. I highly recommend

5 random questions I would realy like to have answers for:

Little help here - who has the cheapest music downloads around?

Know your BFEE: John McCain, Dim Knight Errant of the War Party

I hereby retract all the negative things I've said about "going to a doctor."

My name is Betts and I approve this message

Please Caption Mitch.


I went to a City Green Committee meeting and an Obama rally broke out!

Do you love onions?

Heaven: The Game

Well that kind of sucked. (Don't read if you're sensitive.)

Okay...I'm bored and I want chocolate.

*Buckeye 2008 Skating Video #2!*

Since when is 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' an hour long?

Are there any good alternatives to Microsoft Office for Windows?

Budweiser is marketing a mixture of light beer and another special ingredient.

Let's do a role reversal - I give you the answers, you give me the questions.

I wish I could program my alarm to play this in the morning.

Why does this happen after my sleep meds and been deployed`

I Am Flying Tonight

Does the burger brotherhood allow sisters to join?

Texas weather is so weird

When I was going through a breakup, I rented a lot of political movies with NO romance in them...

When was the last time you pumped it up?

Just read the 11/5/2008 headline (computer bug)

Snow? WTF?

We are but narrative weavers,

Look out, world! (My horoscope for the upcoming week.)

A week from today the election will be over - Will the Lounge be

Drill here ....

Forget about the pets , if peak oil happens your neighbors may end up eating you

Dreaming that it's the end of the semester and I'm way behind,

I dreamed about a weird looking crab that was trying to pinch me,

Fun with Google: Joe the Plumber, 738,000 searches; Joe the Plummer, 1,670,000 searches

All Democrats vote NEXT WEDNESDAY

BREAKING: Joe the Plumber trapped in sewer pipe. Palin sends in rescue huskies...

Share Your Halloween Memories

Finnfan is stirring up hilarious trouble in GDP...

Finnfan is stirring up hilarious trouble in GDP...

Woo-hoo!!! Creepy movies on AMC all day long!!!!

Joe the Plummer? Instead of bewailing the condition of US schools,

Woo-hoo!!! Creepy people on Faux News all day long!!!!

We are butt-narrative weavers.

YIKES! Democrats blunder in California!

How much cocaine was in the coca-cola made back in the old days?

What phase is the damn moon in? I'm gonna strangle the beagle!!!!

You know what this place needs? More Guns N' Roses

Something to put everything into perspective

A tip for sinus suffers

God DAMN it's cold!

I Always Thought LynneSin Was My Friend

You know what this place needs?? More Leon Redbone

Next Tuesday Night It Will Be Joe-The-Plunger

Just emptied my pm inbox ...

Where I live, snow before Halloween is NEVER good.

Pub spat erupts after feces found in ice cream

I won the weekly raffle at my local Trader Joe's!

I've rather lost control of my brand.

Anyone every had a rotary?? one over here:

What would your last meal be

Those little frozen White Castle cheeseburgers...

I haven't tasted the rainbow in a long time, and I forgot how good the rainbow tatses.

Teen gets time for grandma in 'gangster rap' video

Anyone else find it sad how much wasted airspace there is on bad reality TV?

Ever used cat/dog manure to kill unwanted plants?


Femdom doesn't come free

Who Wants To Have A DU Fantasy Basketball Group?

Feedom Doesn't Come Free

One of the thingies on my car that squirt windshield wiper fluid is either

You what? I miss the Time Lady!!

You know what this place needs? More Thwap!

Vampire Moth Discovered -- Evolution at Work (Happy Halloween!)

How do you see other people's posts?

Wow, FBI Director Robert Mueller emailed me!

Live one in GDP

LOL... Help Simon Find the Trolls...

Should I go to Palm Beach in January?

Top Gun fans: Favorite Pilot?

I dont know something you don't know. I dont know something you don't know.

Wow. I lived on the same block as Barack Obama!

Caption this photo!

If John McCane Wins Next Tuesday I Will Never Make Fun Of LynneSin Again

No classes for me today! w00t!

I can't believe we got snow before Halloween

ok, so, i'm unemployed (and will be for a long time)and single, should i take myself off the market?

New Kilt Hose are here!

Is it hard to open up a chequing account?

How Do You Vote In The Election...... Sarak A Vulcan?

HA HA I just caught my neighbor peeling his McCain sticker off his car

State Senator Charged With Stuffing Bra With Bribes

Oh God no.

Hockey Mama speaks (or rather, sings) out against Sarah Palin

Tamale Blow-Back..

"Don't Speak for Me Sarah Palin"

The real number one reason to vote for Obama: Save the Dolphins!

McCain Tucks Extra Neck Skin Into Collar

The law firm that laid me off in March is dissolving as of December 1.

So there's a new baby in the family.

How does a boss tell her subordinate to clean his office?

"In your bra" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "in your bra".

Do you like this Obama image?

Whats the Biggest Thing "In Your Bra"

I am watching the WORST movie ever, if you like cheesy crap... check it!

I forgot more than most of you will ever know!

Thanks to EVERYONE who wished me a happy birthday

GEE. Gee. Gee. Gee.

Things you regret doing/not doing?

Man caught in sex act with vacuum at car wash

Remember the Skydog!

You know what this place needs? More Zamfir the Pan Flutist

Closed captioning fail.

'Milk' world premiere benefit at Castro Theatre

The cats were allowed back upstairs - they're not amused

Anyone use the MARK or MARKALL feature?


movie quotes that make you think of the geezer and the dingbat

I have a crush on _______________, even though they don't know me. (Show us pics)

Things you dont regret doing?

I finally updated my blog.

Guess what time my dentist appointment is?

I know lots of things Midlo doesnt, so there...

How much do you think, on average?

I know lots of thingsJasonC doesnt, and Midlo does, so there...

I got mail from Sarah Palin. I'm putting Ped Egg shavings in the

Firesign Theater

I know that Parche is a douchebag

Do you think I'm attractive?

You probably think this song is about you.

Match Game Story: "By next Match Game, Obama will be president-elect. He will make America ____"

I live in NYC--what time is the Obama show on?

Banjos are a distinctly African American insturment. Why is it always associated with Freepers?

Ever stepped on gingko tree fruit? I did. Now my shoes smell like puke.

You know what this place needs?? More Genesis

Harrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuka

Tuna patties, fried potatos and red kidney beans ummmmmm good

Dog training advice, please ...

Amazing Japanese (kitty) cat house:

the groupthink in GDP is getting insane

Can mice recognize mouse traps?

On the whole, I'd probably have to say that I agree.

I just saw six UFO's in formation!

Conference Call In 10 Minutes

Hi. Sigh. Pie.

Poem Time

You know what this place needs? More Frankie Yankovic

Kitten Picture of the day for Wednesday October 29

You now what really pisses me off?

Led Zeppelin Announces 2009 Tour Schedule


My Barack-O-Lantern...

What are the greatest Eno or Eno-Connected Songs?

And where do the Tampa Bay Rays stay while playing the World Series in Philly - in DELAWARE!!

I spent my day in a "content-intense, learner-centered, how-to training program"

NEW MAIL! You have new messages in your inbox!

Shamu had another seizure this morning. Vet still doesn't know why. Guess my kitteh needs vibes!

Shamu had another seizure this morning. Vet still doesn't know why. Guess my kitteh needs vibes!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 10/29/2008)

So will DU hit DefCon levels during Obama's Speech, tonight?

One week until my birthday... and I expect a present from DU.

I had to see the STBE twice in 24 hours

I went Grocery Shopping today. The store was fairly crowded and...

Menahan Street Band "Make the Road by Walking" Live

i'm heading to bed, but only after a few hours of browsing university websites

A chocolate corset?


New Sarah Palin joke

What's for dinner DU?

Good golf, good tennis, or whatever makes you happy

The 20 Costumes Guaranteed To Get You A Halloween Ass Beating

I know something you don't know. I know something you don't know.

Memo to myself. Do the dumb things I got to do.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/29/08 (warning: graphic language)

What movie(s) do you like, but are sure that most people don’t?

Anybody ever smacked the monkey while the organ grinder watched?

Ladies, have you ever stuffed anything in your bra?

Grrr Arrgh.

Looks like Joe that goddamned plumber has returned to DU's front page.

Someone needs to teach me a lesson.

I just had the most delicious helping of schadenfreude over somebody who tried to fuck me over....

Check out my Obama pumpkin........

I got a crush on Lili Taylor. How about you?

Do you think you are attractive?

This is my favorite time year...

Are you a bigger A-Hole online or in person?

in need of an autumn muse

David Tennant quits as Doctor Who

i'm thinking about making this into a xmas card.

Nice landing!

Whats Your Favorite One Hit Wonder?

Spraycheal Wins!!!

I was in a scooter accident on Monday.

OK, so what do you think?

may I please have some of those patented Lounge vibes?

So how caught up in books do you get?

Following BurtWorm's lead, what's the last non-fiction book you've read?

If you were candidate in a debate, and allowed one wingman debater, which DUer would you NOT bring?

I'm baaaaaaaaack!!!

If you were candidate in a debate, and allowed one wingman debater, which DUer would you bring?

Do you think you are more intelligent than the average person?

What was the last novel you read?

Ebayers! I need help fast! (Outrageous BS)

What's "The Bridge" in your city?

Under the radar: Canada's, Mexico's radioactive waste comes into Utah

McCain adviser sued in business dispute

Obama mocks McCain advisor's remarks about healthcare

Colombian rebels say open to hostage dialogue

Kennedy returning to Washington

McConnell Calls on Stevens to Resign

Pew Poll: Obama Favored by Early Voters as Lead Widens Over McCain

New Mexico Sun News declares "Obama wins"

Obama pounces on McCain aide's remark about healthcare

In World’s Largest Democracy, Tolerance Is a Weak Pillar

Judge Cites Torture, Tosses Confession

(Mitch) Daniels to skip another Palin rally (Indiana)

Cambodia doubles military budget after Thai clash

Thousands of flagged voters can vote, court rules (Georgia)

Strong quake hits Pakistan, at least 80 killed

Report: China to hold talks with Dalai Lama envoys

AP Poll: Obama leads or tied in 8 crucial states

Jesus And Witches

War chest bolsters Mich. Dems get-out-vote drive (GOP has less $$$, volunteers)

High Speed Chase Live north of Miami (Pompano) on MSNBC

Teen Cited in Tire Slashing During Obama Speech

The mystery of the undecided voter: who and why?

Supremacist plot (against Obama) wasn't fully formed, authorities say

Report: NKorea's Kim suffers 'serious' setback

Obama Makes Time Again for 'The Daily Show' (To Air Wednesday)


Ecuador president pleased with fate of Wall Street 'yuppies'

Study: Female U.S. Veterans Suffer Sexual Trauma

McCain struggles for Pa. upset; GOP doubts grow

Gallup Daily: Obama Maintains Edge Over McCain - Advantage among likely voters three to seven points

Number Of New US Troops In Afghanistan Could More Than Double

State fines Agriprocessors nearly 10 million

Iraq Revises Draft Troop Deal; U.S. Likely To Reject Changes

Second National Suburban Poll Shows Obama Pulling Ahead of McCain in Suburbs, Closing Gap in Rural A

Al Qaeda media man vows to wage "jihad by pen"

Anti-Obama DVD Released In 5 Newspapers

Rumors say Byrd will lose his post

Palin Suggests Obama Is A Socialist

Palin Target Of New Ethics Complaint (Related To Travel By Palin's Children)

'Never Seen Crowds Like This'

Hedge funds make £18bn loss on VW

Scientists Identify Brain's 'Hate Circuit'

Delta, Northwest deal gets DOJ approval

Former Wisconsin GOP Governor Criticizes McCain

She is Baccck - Crystal Magnum

Palin declaring herself running on 2012

Congo rebels close in on eastern capital of Goma

China wants more say in global financial bodies

Obama TV special is on at 8:00pm EST

Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Plaintiff Demand for Emergency Paper Ballots in PA

America's Forgotten War

NYAG Cuomo warns nine banks about bonus payments

Sens. Snowe, Collins split on Stevens

Poll says Gordon Smith’s re-election odds are ‘slim’

(San Diego) Mayor and daughter oppose Prop. 8 in magazine

Schwarzenegger releases positions on propositions (No on Prop 8)

McCain campaign recommends sending criminal lawyers to swing states

Judge: Pa. must allow paper votes if machines fail

Palin accuses Obama of ties to second 'radical professor'

Ohio Vote-Challenge Effort Hits Another Roadblock

Palin Questions Obama’s Support Of Israel

Chesapeake Bay Foundation plans to sue EPA

Van Hollen (R, WI AG) wants prosecutors to monitor state polls

Unease Sits Heavily in a Group of Black Voters

Former US mayor (Kilpatrick) jailed for lying

[BREAKING] Fed Cuts Rates, But Card Issuers Unlikely To Follow Suit

Japan. Whaling ship outlawed following Greenpeace action in Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary (Panama)

Campaign donor's giving raises questions

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 29

Obama camp wants every military vote counted

Texas Voters Urged to Avoid Straight-Party Option, After Vote-Flip Complaints

Voter data mismatches rarely fraud, experts say

Rising College Costs Squeeze Students

Obama says China must stop manipulating currency

Earth On Course for Ecological "Credit Crunch"

Republican VP Nominee Palin Eyeing 2012: Report

Many States Tax Working-Poor Families Deeper Into Poverty

Colombia fires 19 army officers in civilian deaths

U.N. votes against U.S. embargo on Cuba for 17th year

McCain Funded Work Of Palestinian His Campaign Hopes To Tie To Obama

1st black governor seeks longer poll hours in Va.

San Diego: Registered Democrats, Republicans closing in on even for county

CNN Rejected Obama Half Hour Ad

Bring Troops Home, Veterans Say (Vets Counter McCain Appearance Near Ft. Bragg)

Montclair State newspaper apologizes for controversial comic strip

Obama effigy found on University of Kentucky's campus

Calif. Newlywed Killed by Police in Case of Mistaken Identity

New Ad: Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease

Hardball Highlights: Sarah Palin Is A Whack Job, Unity Is A Platitude & Ted Stevens is an Honest Man

AP: Florida Extends Early Voting Hours

Is Virginia Ready??

Joe the Plumber: 'A Vote for Obama is the Death of Israel.' McCain Camp Condones Smear

Obama Pledges to Cut Taxes for the Middle Class - October 28, PA

Convicted Felon, Reinventor of the Internet, Republican Senator from Alaska

Rachel Maddow: Secretary Madeleine Albright ' Obama is the best possible person to be president.'

Barack Obama's lightning strike in thunderstorm speech at Widener University.

Victoria Jackson Returns Home From The Obama Rally

In Colorado, The Presidential Race Remains Close

Olbermann: McCain Aide - 'Palin is a Whack-Job'

Another John McCain Attack Video

Online video makes a mockery of Barack Obama!

Bush Trying To Pardon Himself (Jack Cafferty)

Synchronized Debate - Fun, If You Haven't Already Seen It

Obama Suggests Taking Election Day Off

Kucinich on CNN: U.S. Attack in Syria Politically Motivated

Middle name misspelled? Sorry; your vote is thrown in the garbage

Next US President Must Deal with Tehran's Nuclear Program

Sarah Palin a ''Complete Fiction'' - David Talbot

Come to Iowa to Volunteer

National Security Press Conference

The Daily Left - October 29th, 2008

Naomi Klein - Obama and the Economic Crisis

Ben Harper and Laura Dern in Colorado

Pike Place Market in Seattle

Mccain ''friendly'' with Chilean Dictator Pinochet

Kucinich on Channel 5 10/28/2008

OMG! McCain dumps Sarah for a new & improved Palin!

West Virginia Vote Flipping Caught On Tape

our greatest fear

TheRealNews: US elections = fox guarding henhouse?

TheRealNews: Obama's got a brand new bag

More Rethug dirty tricks

Let's Put An End To McCain's Lies About Obama's Tax Cut Plan

Volunteer in Nevada

Rachel Maddow: Blocking The Youth Vote.

Re: WVA Vote Flipping Caught on Tape

SYRIA INVASION: Kucinich on CNN 10/28/2008

Dear Mr. President

McCain "advisor" responds to "The Last Republican"

She's a Politician - Girls Like Cigarettes

Women in Alaska Hate Sarah Palin

"Trophy Vice Sarah Palin" (MIA Paper Planes Spoof )

Ari Fleischer stumped when asked how McCain differs from Bush

McCain hopelessly, pathetically confused on socialism, taxes, SS, and Obama

North Carolina Strategy Update

Sarah Palin Got Runover By a Reindeer!

Palin at Shippensburg Obama People


McCain Palin Joe vs Billy_1

Vote Early New Mexico

Santorum & Kucinich on FAUX 10/28/2008

John McCain in Hell

Are You Better Off?

Re: Sarah Palin is a Religious Terrorist

Joe Biden in Jupiter, Florida.

TPMtv: House Race Preview

Jake Byrd at Sarah Palin rally Beaver PA - Jimmy Kimmel Live

AP Poll: Obama Has Edge in Battleground States

Senator Klobuchar Needs You to Volunteer

ACORN - Not This Time

Sarah Palin - Joe the Plumber's Sea Plane?

Hollywood Declares Themselves-The Sequel

Naomi Klein on the Bailout - An 'Economic Patriot Act', more on Paulson's duplicity

Rachel Maddow: brilliant football analogy for state of the race

Liddy Dole's latest ad reeks of desperation. Implies Dem. opponent Kay Hagan is 'godless'

Minnesota Strategy Update

Forget Joe the Plumber - Meet Bandit the Super Dog!

Obama Admits He Shared Toys As Kindergartner

McCain Gave Rashid Khalidi Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

Barack Obama: Closing Argument In Norfolk, Va (full video)

Olbermann: Campaign Comment - "You, Gov. Palin, Are a Fraud"

Canvassing on Horseback for Obama Make History

Biden Asks Folks to Vote Early in New Mexico

Who Would Get The World Of Warcraft Vote? Azaroth A Swing State?

New Obama TV Ad - "His Choice"

TYT: Fox News Helps Palin Throw McCain Staffer Under the Bus

Obama Confesses to Socialist Leanings

Bill and Hillary - Get Out the Vote Message

Student Protests at Bowling Green Palin Rally

TV News, They Would Never Lie To Us

The Unofficial Senator John McCain iPhone Application

Diddy: Ain't no [voting] line too damn long!

(Venezuela's) Chavez Opponent Faces Corruption Allegations

McCain's Credit Crunch Cereal Commercial

5 More Friends uncensored...VOTE!

Sarah Palin Goes Rogue, Again: Throws Hat in Ring for 2012

Alaska Women Rally Against Palin And Are Threatened

Obama Girl Robocalls

Dennis Prager, idiot RW radio host, claims that 'equality' is not an American value. Crowd cheers.

TYT: Is Charles Barkley Getting Into Politics? (Hilarious Quote)

My son does Obama v McCraps debate impression for the Last Teen Comic contest

TYT: Which Celebrities Are Against Al Franken?

Altering the Food Supply: Reason Enough to Hang Our World Leaders

Twilight of the pundits: The opinion-makers are cracking up

Sarah Palin Embraces the 'Whack Job' Characterization

Tom Tomorrow: Are you a real American.

Brace yourselves - George Bush will soon be free to do just what he wants

A Better Country (Morton / Baltimore City Paper)

Donna Brazile: The ends are the means in this election

Joe the Plumber Claims HE'D Be Best for Israel

Hate's last stand (Mark Morford)

A little excessive

Counting the days (Lessenberry / Metro Times)

Jewish Journal endorses Barack Obama:

The Maverick Wears Prada, or "Spreading the Wealth to Neiman's and Saks".

WORLD NEWS TRUST: American Priorities (Mickey Z.)

2 Rivals’ Plans on Fiscal Issue Add to Deficits (McSame's more so)

"Yes on California Proposition 2" by my 9 year old Daughter

Whoever Wins the U.S. Election, Policy in the ‘War on Terror’ Unlikely to Change (Jeremy R. Hammond)

What does covering a two-year campaign do to the soul of a journalist?

More Republicans desert McCain (BBC)

More Republicans desert McCain (BBC)

Muslim vote split in US elections (BBC)

Here's the Obama Infomercial We'd Really Like to See

Election 2008: Contrast - The Past & The Future

Socialism?: It All Depends on What Your Definition of 'Ism' Is

McCain Campaign Attacks TPM, Keeps Denying Our "Carved B" Story

Sarah Palin and the allegations of having an ongoing sexual relationship with a would-be traitor.

No tears for America of yesteryear

Why McCain Continues to Lose in Pennsylvania (US News Columnist)

McCain's Closing Argument Ad

Charlie Cook: GOP's Horror Sequel Is Almost A Wrap

Former Today Show co-host visits Valley to campaign for Obama

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Johnny and the Warmongers

(Former Deputy Admin of EPA)Jason Burnett: Palin shares Cheney's disdain for facts

“Obama is a Communist” Attack Is Dead

Word? The N Word

The Useless Cuba Embargo

Eakin's Freakin' Leakin' Helps McCain's Sinkin'

Electing Obama Would Show America's Greatness

Is The GOP Trying To Instigate Race and/or Religious War Accidentally Or On Purpose?

Gene Lyons: Idealism Takes A Hit

Victoria Jackson Proves She's Dumber Than Toonces the Cat

THOMAS FRANK: Blessed Are the Persecuted; How Joe the Plumber fits the GOP narrative.

Alaska Women Hold Surprise Event for Obama

With job cut, woman loses home, savings, life as she knew it

It's Time for a Trillion-Dollar Tag Sale at the Pentagon

Johann Hari: The Republicans' dirty secret... torture

Bush Orders Purge of 200,000 Ohio Voters

Needed: Jobs Program for the GOP

And Now, Something Nice for a Change

Insurgent to hang for killing U.S. soldiers

Leonard Wood soldier found dead

100 troops in New Orleans past new year?

Canada stays deportation of Army deserter

Investigator testifies in Iraq fragging case

Al-Qaida’s route though Syria persists

Gates: Long-term outlook bleak for nuke safety

Informant takes stand in Dix case

Fallon to continue Navy focus at think tank

Damage closes CG firing range at Cape May

EU to send 4 to 6 ships for anti-piracy patrols

NATO escorts shipload of supplies to Somalia

Afghanistan-bound units named

Former Marine accused in raffle ticket scam

Air civilians replace guard-duty contractors

Space to Nuclear transition could take years

Wounded troops’ pay overhauled

Cessna 'crash' draws complaint

3rd recruit dies during basic at Fort Jackson basic training

Pakistan urges U.S. to stop missile strikes

Pentagon silent on role in strike

Doctors testify shaking led to baby’s death

Camp Foster Marine indicted for stealing taxi

Airman still on the lam from Lakenheath

Spangdahlem F-16 pilot grounded for now

Kadena plugging away at energy goals

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Johnny and the Warmongers

Judge Cites Torture, Tosses Confession

$56K Car Rental Tab for CENTCOM Change

My last ltte before the elections..I hope it is enough

Raytheon to Launch UAV from Submarine

Report: Reservist shot self after bobbling 9mm

Boat arrives in Gaza to protest Israeli blockade

Joe the Plumber: A vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel

e-mail I received from the exec. director at the ACLU

I figure now and again a little good news is in order...

This is the kind of SH*T that pisses me off

Homophobic hate crime (Prop. 8-related) in California

From another blog .... Prop 8

3 cast members of "Ugly Betty" in ad for No on Prop 8

Oh great ... look who's BACK!!!!

'Milk' world premiere benefit at Castro Theatre (Tuesday, October 28, 2008)

Why is the IRS not all up in the mormons grill?

Has Obama spoken out against Prop. 8? I would certainly appreciate if he did.

Here we go again... Joe the Plumber is a gay prostitute (because we hate him)

Majority of Voters Oppose Mountaintop Removal Mining in First Nationwide Opinion Poll

Under the radar: Canada's, Mexico's radioactive waste comes into Utah

Despite price drop, drivers stick with fuel-saving habits

UPS is First in Delivery Industry to Test Hydraulic Hybrids

Crosspost: Earth On Course for Ecological "Credit Crunch"

Boise company debuts hi-tech home windmill

Japanese Whaling Ship Outlawed from Whale Sanctuary - Greenpeace Action

Bio Lab in Galveston Raises Concerns

In Yellowstone, A Catastrophic Decline In Frog & Salamander Numbers - Science Daily

Reef Bleaching Estimate "Far Too Conservative" - Acidification, Heat May Wipe GB Reef Algae By 2050

Leptospirosis Infections Spike In CA Sea Lions - Researchers Puzzled By Change

In Chukotka Region Of Arctic Siberia, Polar Bears Face Loss Of Ice, Increased Poaching - AFP

Projected Sea Level Rises Will Chew Up, Spit Out Sydney's Famous Beaches - Reuters

Al Gore, Diane Nash, B.B. King receive Freedom Award from National Civil Rights Museum

Al Gore live webcast tonight - Wednesday Oct 29, 8:30pm EST

Despite 90% Population Collapse Since 1970s, EU Resisting Calls To Limit Bluefin Tuna Fishing

Japan. Whaling ship outlawed following Greenpeace action in Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary

Pneumatic drive-train bicycle

One-Third Of Planetary Fish Catch Is Ground Up For Animal Feed - Reuters

Nuclear power no panacea for poor nations - ElBaradei, head of IAEA

Book recommendation: "The Ascent of Humanity"

Official GOP Platform on Bailouts

Consumers Feel the Next Crisis: It’s Credit Cards

U.S Needs 400 to 500 Billion Economic Stimulous Package Says Nouriel Roubini

Panicked Traders Take VW Shares on a Wild Ride

0% Global Interest Rates Totally Destroys Banking

I need a 200 billion dollar stimulus package IMMEDIATELY

Can you explain this re: gold vs. stock market

Tax cuts under Obama and McCAin. Link to calculator provided:

Does it make economic sense for the Feds to lower interest rate?

Translating the Walmart PR Spin

President of UN General Assembly Condemns US Blockade of Cuba

Chavez opponent faces corruption allegations

Mexico leftists seize Congress to block oil reform

Bolivia to tap huge lithium deposit in salt lake

Brazilan president to meet Cuban leader in Havana

Over 360 LatAm Experts Call on Obama to Improve US-LatAm Relations

Ecuador president pleased with fate of Wall Street 'yuppies'

Protesters take police hostage in Peru

Drug shipments are increasingly departing from Venezuela

UN General Assembly Vote on Cuba Blockade 185 to 3 with 2 abstentions

Colombia fires 19 army officers in civilian deaths

I'm confused, when are they playing part 2 of last night's game?

Greg Oden is done....

Kids' Eye Problems Often Emerge in Homework Battle

Flaxseed oil risk in pregnancy

CT Scans Gain Favor as Option for Colonoscopy

Panel Calls FDA Ruling on BPA “Inadequate”

Bedside Manner: Advocating for a Relative in the Hospital

Fertility treatments.

Adequate pain care sorely lacking for patients

Astrology & Symbolism of the Presidential Candidates

Flu widow's message: Get your flu shot

Is there some astrological event that's prompting dental work?

OMG whoever anonymously gave me my star WAAAY back in

Does everyone see what's happening to the republicans now?

Details from my Ooga Booga dream which I'm here today to report

Okay, everyone. Wish me luck.

Psychic Consortium Predictions - Thread III

Japanese Swordfighting Testing

No Work + Sunshine = Road Trip

Black and white

More on the Micro Uzi.

Chicago is the homicide capital of the nation

I'm not opposed to taking firearms away from convicted felons. I'm not opposed to the NFA of 1934.

Awesome soft wheat rolls!

*sigh* help me explain this to my daughter - I don't know 'why' it's true, but I know that it is

I'll be cooking at the deer camp starting Friday night.

Why does the Catholic Church consider suicide a mortal sin?

Can anyone help cure me of my anger at the Mormon Church?

Wise Elephants Fear Roads

Math Fail

Mega-tsunami hit southeast Asia 700 years ago

Brain's 'Hate Circuit' Identified

Halloween Sky Show

This is just awesome: Obama, Japan goes crazy for Obama

On the bus with Willie...

Anyone Seen These Noriega Ads?

The Field: Texans Getting Out Out Of Texas To GOTV

Harris County is going to early vote about 70-75% of the TOTAL 2004 vote

Any recommended drinking spots in Austin on Election Day?

What's the deal with updates from MS and the "back up your computer"

What does it mean when my computer makes a funny

Cool new WATCHMEN poster.

Led Zeppelin to tour! But without Robert Plant???!!!

"How to Take American Health Care From Worst to First" By BILLY BEANE, NEWT GINGRICH and JOHN KERRY

endorsements for Sen Kerry from MetroWest Daily News

nice recap of yesterday's speech

Senate Dems hit with being stingy in donating to the DSCC/DCCC. But not our guy.

John Kerry's LTE in the Louisville Courier-Journal admonishing McConnell's smears on vet opponent

Senator Kerry in Springfield MA yesterday for Values Rally

Robocalls in MA against Kerry

I'm going to vote early tomorrow here in GA. What is everyone's voting plans?

Michele Bachmann lies again in latest attack ad on Tinklenberg--and gets a "D" from KSTP

Memo: Pawlenty Lays Groundwork for Massive Budget Cuts

Veteran KGB spy revealed as Deripaska's right-hand man

Obama wants your guns...