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Chris Matthews gets visually rickrolled at last night's debate!

New Palin Ad Hits Battleground States

SARAH WINKIN' PIC =============>

SARAH WINKIN' PIC =============>

How many believe our economy would have collapsed without this bailout bill passing as is?

*** DUzy Awards for week ending October 3, 2008 ***

KUCINICH: “This bill represents an utter failure of the Democratic process."

The political cogniscenti are saying that the defining moment of ths election has passed .....

In the middle of this swindle, someone wrote Mental Health Parity into the bill.

In the middle of this swindle, someone wrote Mental Health Parity into the bill.

My Turn - what about you?

One Million Weapons to Iraq; Many Go Missing - Alabama company controlled by a billionaire Kuwaiti

So if a vast majority against the bailout doesn't know better and is irrelevant...

So if a vast majority against the bailout doesn't know better and is irrelevant...

Woman, 90, shoots self inside foreclosed home

We write a check for 850 billion dollars

Thank you Kucinich, thank you Kaptur, thank you DeFazio, thank you Sanders.

Thank you Kucinich, thank you Kaptur, thank you DeFazio, thank you Sanders.

Fail to pay child support = 'deadbeat dad.' Fail to pay mortgage = '?'

Wingnut-disappointing actors VOIGHT, James WOODS, HOPPER

Pelosi warned that bankrupt homeowners wouldn't get help in new bill....Kucinich verifies it today.

Larisa Alexandrovna: Now What? ("I continue to stand against this hostile takeover of our nation")

Larisa Alexandrovna: Now What? ("I continue to stand against this hostile takeover of our nation")

Should banks and insurance companies be prevented from advertising?

The Palins brought their infant child onto the stage after the VP debate.

Market sheds 400 points after bailout passed.....

Why that child is our most important weapon...

Look at what your tax dollars are now paying for. State Sponsored Religion!

Look at what your tax dollars are now paying for. State Sponsored Religion!

Look at what your tax dollars are now paying for. State Sponsored Religion!

US to waive Israelis' need for entry visa

Where Have All the Children Gone? Gone to War, Every One . . .

The Really Hard-to-Swallow Truth About the Bailout

The Really Hard-to-Swallow Truth About the Bailout

So... Now what? "Liquidity" has been restored.

My comments regarding the debate and Sarah - sociopath

Stolen elections, 9-11, 2 wars, Enron, spygate, Katrina, bailout, & the fucker was never impeached.

My attitude toward voting on November 4

My attitude toward voting on November 4

Petition to add question re: US Military Ops On Domestic Soil, to next debates

Explain to me how this is a great rip-off and the Robber barrons are making out

oh, goody. we're back to the "there's no difference between dems and repukes"

Howard Zinn on the Bailout: Simple Clear Truth as Usual

TROJAN HORSE Embedded & BURIED In The Back Of The BAILOUT Document

Dean Baker: "first time in US history President has sought to provoke financial panic"

Caption Palin

GM closing plant, letter announces closing on Dec. 23rd.

Ooopppsss! 58 Trillion (not billion) Dollar Loan Insurance Market Not Covered By Bailout

A Repulsive Farce : The Unacceptable Face of Capitalism

We now have a window, use it wisely

No Weapons in Space

If at this point we have any trust in these bastards at all – we are fools.

If at this point we have any trust in these bastards at all – we are fools.

Dim Son was just on TV congratulating King Paulson on SIX WEEKS of hard work

If DU had voted on the IWR it would have passed.

Break, destroy, obliterate, shred, mutilate, and kill once and for all.

Woman, 90, shoots self inside foreclosed home

DUers, help us decide how to handle a problem with an area freeper

Democratic Congressman: Representatives Were Threatened With Martial Law In America Over Bailout Bil

Palin was WIRED

Satellite-Surveillance Program to Begin in U.S. Despite Privacy Concerns

Biden proved he was a real person last night

Clarifying Rep. Sherman's remarks on martial law:

Clarifying Rep. Sherman's remarks on martial law:

US Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) just said on C-Span that Congress was "threatened with Martial Law"

Army deploys combat unit in US for possible civil unrest

Army deploys combat unit in US for possible civil unrest

The best return on investment Wall Street ever made.

Most important news story of the week (ending Octber 3, 2008)

Is it pitchfork and torch time yet?

Even if Obama wins, Roe vs Wade is probably not going to last 20 years.

Some of the scariest words I have ever typed...

What is the immediate political consequence for the passage of this economic thing?

If you had to choose one or the other of these, which would it be?

Pictures In A Word: CHANGE

Pictures In A Word: CHANGE

My weekly shameless plug: the new episode of "The Idiot Box" is now online!

PHOTOS: Everything is FABULOUS again.

Marijuana Is Real Medicine

Paul Krugman: A grim morning

Exit polls raising concerns this year for U.S. television networks

Karl Rove's Fingerprints Are at the Scene of the Crime

Kindly DU my local paper's poll on the debate

The Day Hank Paulson Lied

WV Coalminers Shut Down Mine In Protest Over Anti-Obama NRA Visit

WV Coalminers Shut Down Mine In Protest Over Anti-Obama NRA Visit

Obama, McCain look to lobbyists for advice on financial crisis

Some congress members told there might be martial law

Meat in Publix Grocery stores in Florida

Communist Reagan knew that communism could only survive if America became Red.

Letter from my Congressman on Bailout

FDR's VP article on fascism & Wall St. is especially appropriate today:

The consolidation of wealth will take place whether you like it or not...

I just got a letter from my credit card company cancelling my account

DOW down 150 - the market has spoken - thanks for the rip-off!

Help me debunk this viral email "Where did the money come from?"

Race Tracks.. Puerto Rican Rum and Wooden Arrows for kids...

Honesty, Knowledge, Judgment and the Constitution

That roar you heard was the Screwing-You-Over machine kicking into high gear until at LEAST the...

PHOTOS: He got what he wanted and the smirk soon followed

One month out: My Predictions: 350 electoral votes for Obama, 56 Senate Seats and 250 Congressional.

The tab for "John and Sarah's Excellent Michigan Adventure" tops $10million, and all they got was...

With 800,000 Unemployed Set to Lose Benefits, Congress Leaves Town

Bill Moyers Journal tonight...check local listings...

Stocks slump despite bank bailout! Dow Down 150

About last week...

The bailout is done. Now let's concentrate on electing Obama, and kicking Rethugs out of Congress.

Why did more Dems vote for the bailout than republicans? Now, watching

Flag this message Police blockade the Bush Legacy Bus

Geraldo Sustains Minor Burns to Face in Fire at Home

The Sarah Palin Debate Flowchart


How to keep your Obama sign from getting stolen

Living in Sweden

Va. Senate---I heard Warner is up by a lot

RIP New Deal

"If the Bible goes, the student goes,"

How counterfeit, defective computer components from China are getting into U.S. warplanes and ships

The public airwaves (think about this!)

as my 14-year-old pointed out immediately, "how can you have a _team_ of mavericks?"

Can someone who is opposed to the "rescue plan" please explain to me in economic terms why




My President spent $850 billion dollars in Manhattan and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt!

Electrical review turns up 3,700 fires - Investigation began after 7 troops electrocuted

Some may not realize that even with this bail out....

Oops! Stephen Harper and plagiarism

Oops! Stephen Harper and plagiarism

Wall Street's pain may be India's long-term gain

Sarah Palin's thrusty speech gimmick

I'm not reading one more Palin thread. Who's with me?

Whom Do WE THE PEOPLE Hold Responsible For This Fiasco When The Economy Worsens?

I nominate the best zinger of the debate - "Ultimate Bridge to Nowhere."

So what odds are Vegas giving that we will actually have an election in November?

Who exactly are these "fuckers" and "greedy bastards" that you think this bill is benefiting?

Whatever happened to Sander's amendment

Anyone seen the trailers for the movie American Carol?

I just had an interesting thought about the minimum wage

Market's down - but Wachovia's up, up, up! Whee!!

Post Gazette poll needs DU help!

CNN: Palin calls Obama comment 'reckless,' criticizes Couric

CNN: Palin calls Obama comment 'reckless,' criticizes Couric

If you think non-violent cannabis "crimes" should exist...

I wish Dennis had attached a few of those Articles of Impeachment

Don't you think Obama should start a few forceful job creation programs when he takes office?

Latino church leaders join crusade for Florida anti-gay amendment

What phrases are you tired of?

Bailout doomed to fail because it ignores fundamental market principle!

Presbyterian pastor who performed gay wedding cleared of charges

Breaking News: Bush has signed bailout bill into law

CNN Situation room: Talking heads just said "Race is no longer close"

CNN Situation room: Talking heads just said "Race is no longer close"

Sorry about the downtime: We blew a circuit.

Palin's tax records released...

October 3rd--Electoral 338 McCain 185 Ties 15

CNN: Fannie Mae forgives loan for woman who shot herself

Question: Should I buy a good tent and start stocking up on canned goods

A tire swing isn't a toy........

2 firms selected for mortgage securities program: Barclays, State Street

PHOTOS - Today's inspirational pics! (Oct 3)

Comment By Very Conservative Columnist

Palin's Debate Flowchart

Regulation won't work without regulating London

Ex-soldier: Bin Laden was aided in escape

Seriously, you think they are going to let Obama win?

Multiple Deployments

Psst, Psst ... Guess what, the vote in the House tomorrow is far, far from a slam dunk ...

STFU Susan Molinari

Since All Some Of You Want To Do Is Flame, A Reponse To You:

So David Alan Griers new "Chocolate News" set to be the new John Stewart leadin.....

Obama: "It's important that the administration uses the authority that's been given wisely"


Scandal: McCain Won Miss Congeniality Of U.S. Senate In 2000, 2003

Anyone hear Blitzer's Joke about "Biden might have not known it wasn't McClellan?

Bailout passes. DOW takes a dive. Down -200 from high.

Palin says she was annoyed by Katie Couric.

So the suggestion was if a building is on fire you don't spend time

Image: Dennis The Menace Strip - 1970

Image: Dennis The Menace Strip - 1970

Palin`s Freudian Slip reveals the truth in the debate

"Dad keep it short. We're in formation." LOL but so bittersweet.

Who the hell is Joe "Six-pack"?

"Dad keep it short. We're in formation." LOL but so bittersweet.

My biggest beef with the pro-life movement:

how would they go about establishing martial law

Does Palin's "Golly Gee, Jeepers Creepers, Cheese and Crackers"

Looks like the Bill will pass the House

Job losses signal that U.S. is in recession

Palin's Debate

Bush History,10/3 - A tiny problem with an administration program to spy on Americans: the law

What do you make of Congressman Sherman's disclosure

***** Rep. Conyer's HEARING = Firing of U.S. Attorneys *****

DOW nose-diving into close...

How long before hyper inflation sets in?

Buy your wheel barrow while you still can.

Buy your wheel barrow while you still can.

Quote of the Week

Do you know any professional types who behave like Palin?

Do you know any professional types who behave like Palin?

Justice Inspector General: Rove needs to answer to prosecutor

Is the extra one hundred billion on this bill actual outlay or just lack of income

how many zeros in 800 billion?

Local Auto Dealership offering $14,000.00 off on any new Truck purchased

surge update - Deadly car bombs rock Baghdad - killed at least 32

Bail ME out TOO Thread!

Damn Damn Damn

Faux Heartiness Will Save America. You Betcha.

Answer me one Q ??? Why do we elect them ???

Meanwhile, in the real world (not Palin world), CSpan 2 is digging into the DOJ crime.

What About the Attorneys Who Weren’t Fired?

Boy, 7, breaks into zoo, feeds animals to croc

Happy usurists day. The worst of America has been rewarded again!

McCain ads still running on teevees in Michigan. WTF?

Queen Latifa to play Gwen Ifill in SNL skit...

Now that they've voted for the bailout everything is fine...right?

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher

This is half assed guessing...if it fixes anything, it will be by accident..

Reaganism got us into this mess; will Rooseveltism get us out?

How the Democrats Will Control at Least 60 Senate Seats

Palin's tone of voice when using the term "tolerance" during the debate....

Paulsons first major purchase with bailout money!!!

Republicans hold out on Moday then get what they want.

Paulson's Reasons for Delaying Day of Reckoning

Paul Krugman: Bailout Narratives

90 year old woman shoots herself due to foreclosure

Congratulations Michelle and Barack on your 15 year anniversary.

What a Maverick Really Looks Like

The bailout... So, the difference between the parties is what exactly?

Do you consider a household with a net worth of over a million dollars "middle class"?

The majority of House Republicans voted against the bill....

What's with the word "nuclear" and Republicans?

What's with the word "nuclear" and Republicans?

Here's the House bailout bill vote tally.

Who's watching how the bailout money will be spent? What recourse is there for misuse? nt/

US job losses Year to Date: 760,000

Do they still teach kids about injustice around the world in school?

59% Agree With Ronald Reagan—Government Is The Problem (Rasmussen)

Proposing solution to the economic mess: Sell Alaska

Bush Signs the Revised Bailout Package Into Law On Friday..

you know, i'm listening at work

Please DU this poll re: "Who won the debate"

well...they both agreed that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Joe Biden in training LOL

The difference between dems and repubes

Prior Political Affiliation Poll

Progressives Respond to the Wall Street Crisis: An Emergency Town Hall

Pull your money out

Reagan and Lenin, comrades in arms today: It's official, communism rules America.

We will pay.

That's my Congresswoman! "Too much control given to those who led us into this mess to begin with."

I paid $3.269 a gallon

Palin quoted Reagan when he spoke against Medicare - Krugman

I think I know who KO's "Worst Person" will be tonight!

Request for help -- DU graphic design geniuses!

Did anyone think what would happen

Obama's campaign manager calls GOP out on attacking Gwen Ifill, mentions Brokaw and McCain

The Terrorists Have Won

McCain Campaign's Ad Spending Now Nearly 100 Percent Devoted To Attack Ads

So weigh in on this one for me: Biden's son is going to Iraq.

If the "surge" worked so well, then...

Is Pelosi smoking dope in the Capitol today??

I am now totally unrepresented--I hope to return the favor in November

Disturbing Thought #16735.....

Al Franken's new Ad

Al Franken's new Ad

California running out of money but can't get a loan

Pretzels containing melamine recalled

Re-posting my Monday post on the Bailout 'cause it's fun. :-)

Where DOES Mary "live"?

Just realized who Tucker Bounds reminds me of.

Foreclosures: Did God Want You to Get That Mortgage?


So, what IS the difference between this bill and the last one? n/t

Rebuffed by McCain, Schaghticoke chief’s wife seeks IG investigation(?'s his ties to Indian gaming)l

Palin, in the Debate, reminded me of someone responding as if they had been hypnotized.

Palin, in the Debate, reminded me of someone responding as if they had been hypnotized.

Did you hear that thunderous applause in the House just now?

bu$h* is on teevee PRAISING henry paulson....not one shred of responsibility

Image - Maverick 2

Here's how they voted

Sarah Palin Dress Up Doll

The High Points

This is how we fight back

This Week on NOW: New Voters in the New West

This Week on NOW: New Voters in the New West

I'm so dizzy I can barely stand up

Repukes - not one more word about "free markets."

What's with all the pork in the bailout/giveaway?

DOW just went negative. All today's early gains wiped out.


Justice Inspector General: "ROVE& MIERS - SHOULD BE COMPELLED TO ANSWER" To Prosecutor

Help! I'm trapped in a red state and I can't get out!

bush signs bill into law moments after if passed, now headed off for VACATION

bush signs bill into law moments after if passed, now headed off for VACATION

Be Skeptical of Senate Bailout Bill (Rep. Brad Sherman)

For those that are for the bail out

Vote: How confident are you that the financial bailout package approved by Congress will ease the

Our only hope now is the election!

what to do about xmas

Political Posturing...

I know there's a lot of attention for Prop 8 in CA but we need help to defeat Prop 102 in AZ!!

with the bailout, bu$h* just passed the 'crash' to obama

Now that they have their money, the crap can hit the fan.

How many DUers will publicly commit to continued support of the Democratic Party and its candidates

Will the repukes ever nominate a politician who is capable of pronouncing the word "nuclear"?

I don't want to hear another word

Heard one of the talking heads say last night that Sarah beat the point spread

How much money will have been transferred to the wealthiest 1% under Bush by end of presidency?

MSNBC Live Vote: Bailout

Doesn't Palin remind you of the guy on SNL who reads headlines but can't ever finish a sentence?

Is America bankrupt?

Is Nancy Pelosi's golden-parachute talk real or a fraud?

John McCain quote on Health Care

Biggest difference I noticed tonight.

Grover Norquist is filling his bathtub.

Grover Norquist is filling his bathtub.

Woohoo! Going to an Obama rally on Sunday.

All Elitists check in here.

So what is in the final bill?

Video: Sarah Palin: Air Sex Championships [NSFW]

Well Fargo & Citi fighting to get Wachovia - one of those "worthless" assets

There won't be any political damage for dems because of the bailout

when did michael palin have gender reassignment surgery?

Image: Cat Is Bored By Sarah Palin

Image: Cat Is Bored By Sarah Palin

CNBC was just playing an old Broadway refrain

The idiot in chief is speaking.

Poor Cubs fans, besieged on all sides

The $700 billion we just got ripped-off? It won't do a goddamned

PAULSON and the PIGMEN WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

You're darn right bless your heart, sarah did a heck of a job, you betcha.

Where Are the TEACHERS' Golden Parachutes??

Now I know who Palin reminds me of! Shirley Temple!!!!!

bailout passes AND the dow is slipping

Polls updated today

AIG subsidiary parties in style in OC, two weeks after bailout

Rep. Sherman reports getting paid calls from financial industry employees

The normal response to the presence of an evil person

Jobs Report

1 question about the bailout i cannot find the answer to, can you help me out, please?

$1K property tax deduction for non-itemizers??

Vincent Bugliosi's Lock-Bush-Up Tour

Ta-da!!..looks like the Congressional perfomance artists gave the plates another spin

Rep Brad Sherman vid clip (martial law)

Thomas Jefferson on Banking Institutions

Thomas Jefferson on Banking Institutions

The Rude Pundit: Joe Biden Beats Up a Woman With Glasses

Just got off the phone with my Rep's office - Voting No on the Bailout.

How did they ever come up with Alaska being the "Heartland of America"?

Here's the problem with the $700 billion dollar number.

House has just started voting on the bail out

Well, Bushco got their golden parachute

Bailout passes. n/t

My Business Line of Credit is just fine

The replay of the House Judiciary Cmte. on the U.S. Attorney Firings is up on CSPAN now

If the 700 Billion Money Tap doesn't buy equity...

Passes 263 - 171

Bank failures study: bank crashes are remarkably similar

Bear's Sandwich Shop Encounter Caught On Camera

First: "Kin I call ya Jowe?" Then .....

Ohio 2008 opens with a subpoena, a surge and calls for election protection

Ohio 2008 opens with a subpoena, a surge and calls for election protection

Low Hanging Fruit Kicking Hard Against The Hands Clutching At It?

Call them what they are: Low-Bar Republicans

John Hagee is recovering from heart surgery. I didn't know he has one!

Which are you, Joe Sixpack or Hockey Mom?

How ya doin' there today Johnny-boy?

Vote on cuncurrence

Q. What does Karl Rove get, in return for what he does? What is his reward?

Oh.. and BTW The Judge refused to declare a mistrial vs Ted Stevens..

Oh.. and BTW The Judge refused to declare a mistrial vs Ted Stevens..

House coming into session: Here comes the debate on the bailout

Caption this picture.

How Racism Works...

I think we need two more Surges.

Hey, I want to give a shout out to Sarah!.....

2/28/2008 – Foreclosure Prevention Act - “Bush says no bailout for lenders, speculators”

Is it now proven deregulation and trickle down policy of 80s and 00s were failures of epic scale?

The difference between a Wall Street broker & a pigeon?

What does this bailout legislation and the Patriot Act have in common? Fear, by design.

Pssst. Johnny .........? ....... C'mere a sec. We gotta talk.


Picture And Coments From Joe Manchin And Sarah Palin Meeting (humor for a change)

Minsky moment

Well Now, Doncha Know

Is there video of this taking place?

Can static electricity generate votes?

Can static electricity generate votes?

"Can I call you Joe?" "Only if I can call you a dumb ass."

== Witches Begone! = By Mark Morford

At least 14 members will change their vote on the bailout --KEEP CALLING!

Elon North Carolina Poll: Hagan (D) 37%, Dole (R) 35%

Here's what I don't get about the bailout bill.

New Hampshire Senate: Shaheen 50%, Sununu 45%

Schwarzenegger seeks $7 billion from Paulson due to credit crisis

Sarah said she agrees with Cheney last night

Rep Marcy Kaptur just gave an excellent 1 minute speech on the House Floor

22 seconds before the debate began, TV got Rick-rolled

What's with the Wells Fargo/Wachovia/Citigroup Deal ??

Austin paper today: another 'former pastor sentenced to prison'.

I have to say...I have so much respect for Joe Biden...

Kingston Trio co-founder Reynolds political roots are passing away

That makes 9.

"If you're gonna run a town, it's better to be perky than smart." - Mayberry Sheriff Andy Taylor*

Noonan, you vapid bitch, there's a special place in hell waiting for you.

Palin Refrigerator Prose - Fun for the whole family!

The most troublesome thing about Sarah Palin ?

Connecting the dots

NJ-11, Wyka gets letter, >concerning your freshamn orientation

Am I the only one who despises CNN's Tony Harris ????

NTSB re-assmbling Fossett's plane

Just read the best comparison ever of Palin, in a comment on youtube.

Coming soon to a Theater near you "Credit Freeze Up II".

A friend of mine got an E-Mail from a religious Palin supporter - and he responded

Heads UP...Bernie Sanders hour on Thom Hartmann.....

Roubini: Financial and Corporate System is in Cardiac Arrest: Risk of the Mother of All Bank Runs

Roubini: Financial and Corporate System is in Cardiac Arrest: Risk of the Mother of All Bank Runs

What time does the bailout bill come up for a vote in the House?

In one sense, Biden won hands down; in a more important one, he shaded it but only barely.

$300M to Fund Pro-American Publicity/Propaganda in Iraqi Media

I just entered the Twilight Zone - I well known wig company

PALIN: Folksy delivery, short points, on script. She's 100% qualified...

anybody remember the Todd and Lisa skits from SNL?? that's what I hear every time Falin says "Todd"

How Political Warfare in Missouri Led to Prosecutor's Firing

2 blog polls

"There's no crying in baseball"

I think I finally was able to put my finger on it...

No more... "leaders" who say NUCULAR...

Did Mika pretty much confirm that the MJ crew drinks on the job?

Did Mika pretty much confirm that the MJ crew drinks on the job?

Obama Debate staffers

Mayor 'Sorry' For Blackface Performance

Troubled by Afghanistan policy

Step right up to the Billon Dollar (Bread) Line

What's the difference between a Wall Street CEO and a vulture?

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Asia Times: Fed up with Fed credit

OMG! California may need emergency $7 billion loan within weeks. Schwarzenegger says to Paulson

Palin's Achilles Heel

Follow the Bailout here.....Play ....."Banker Bailout Bingo"

Saying one thing and doing another...

Barney Frank: "Bill, you start ranting, & the way to respond is almost to look as boorish as you"


Forbes: Bank Loans Have Not 'Dried Up'

Forbes: Bank Loans Have Not 'Dried Up'

Post VP Debate Analysis

" I don’t use these words lightly " Financial & Corp. System in Cardiac Arrest: Risk of Bank Runs


Wall Street Firms: Who Gets Their Campaign Donations


Banned Books, Chapter 2-Conservative Group Urges Libraries to Accept Collection

Banned Books, Chapter 2-Conservative Group Urges Libraries to Accept Collection

Banned Books, Chapter 2-Conservative Group Urges Libraries to Accept Collection

she wants MORE power than dick cheney has

"DRILL, DRILL, DRILL" means sell the oil to China, it has NOTHING to do with energy independance.n/t

"DRILL, DRILL, DRILL" means sell the oil to China, it has NOTHING to do with energy independance.n/t

So I`m not too proud to admit I was wrong re Joe Biden

Unbelievable - Stressed CEO's; A $15,000 sanctury for the poor boys who are stressed

they're already voting

The most amazing performance.

I know why Palin called him "McClellan"...

Limbaugh Lie: "'Minorities' Are The Cause Of Financial Crisis."

"We're going over the edge"

Mika, what can I say...

So when does it look like they'll be voting on the bailout?

Where will the $700 billion buck stop?

Caption this special Veep moment

I found the PERFECT campaign song for McCain/Palin.

Now that "winky" has had her debate..

Pat Robertson: In the next 75 - 120 days, God will rain fire & Russia will nuke U.S. coastal cities

Pat Robertson: In the next 75 - 120 days, God will rain fire & Russia will nuke U.S. coastal cities

Vatican official attacks U.S. Democrats as “party of death”

Palin did fine. But did NO ONE notice she dodged the most vital question?!?

John McCain's "plan" for health care is, well, stupid

John McCain's "plan" for health care is, well, stupid

So far on the motion to proceed

So far on the motion to proceed

Lost in the mania of Wall Street and Elections ... 300 people still missing

So, it's been a couple weeks now since the "crisis"

Help Alaskans Impeach Palin

Krugman...... A grim morning

CNN Morning Poll is calling for your help

Still having problems with voting machines in Florida!

US threatens to steal Iraq oil money

"Change" my ass...

A Chart of the broadest measure of unemployment and underemployment

Radical Fringe Toon - Friday 10/3

New Obama Ad: "Can't Explain"

one of my personal favorites... when McCain too after the "Maverick" meme.... loved it! n/t

David Gergen said Joe Biden gave the best debate performance of his life

David Gergen said Joe Biden gave the best debate performance of his life

Calling Bill Clinton or Dear Bill, it's me Margaret

Last Friday when Obama and McCain had their debate Obama said

There Also

Dear Alaskans....

Wall Street trader becomes a monk

I just saw some mavericks laughing at Joe Six Pack as he begged for spare change.

BREAKING: 159,000 jobs lost in September, most in 5 years

Marianna teacher suspended for 'racially charged' comments about Obama. (He should be fired!!)

"Who Won The Debate? Reviews Tilt Heavily To Biden"


Obama by 10 Points in New Hampshire---Rasmussen

Obama by 10 Points in New Hampshire---Rasmussen

Where is a CSPAN Live Feed

Words that I NEVER want to hear again, after the election: #1 - Maverick

Did Palin say anything that was new, that we learned something from?

Asia Times: Creating a great depression

house debating - question

house debating - question

A loner in life is looked after in death

Serious question on collecting unemployment...

Asia Times: Inflation in stereo

Why I now hate Sarah Palin

STOP! Before you post your debate thread here

STOP! Before you post your debate thread here

Palin's Smiles and Smirks - Well Gosh, Ain't it Great???

No "knockout punch" at the debate? Biden's entire performance was the KNOCKOUT PUNCH.

******Action alert*******

Sherman speaking on CSpan now n/t

Ahmadinejad agrees to Israel's right to exist

Please DU this poll

Palin Sides With Cheney on Vice Presidential Powers

why does not a single journalist write that Palin is telling the SAME LIE over and over again?

Palin, the flirt. 78 - 22 %. 78% of the time she played it straight, more or less.

Did McCain actually suggest Bush* should veto this bail out bill?

Taking Obama button/pin on plane?

Taking Obama button/pin on plane?

The Mother of All Flip Flops: George Bush on Nation Building - Bush History,10/3

"We must act in a bi-partisan way.....blah....blah...blah.."

This poll needs some DU love.

I just did two Google searches. Here are the results.

Dennis speaking now

More money blown on Iraq in 3 weeks than

Financial Times: Bleak outlook for global manufacturing

Freepers post debate prayer thread. Oh boy.

Did I hear her say "The rest of the world doesn't care about the world's climate

Wells Fargo buys Wachovia for $15.1 billion

Navy confirms lost WWII sub has been found

The shallowest poll ever

Not in *my* house

Schwarzenegger to U.S.: State may need $7-billion loan

Treasury's Guarantee Program for Money Market Mutual Funds: What You Should Know

I know you're busy with debates and bailouts, and rightly so, but...


Massive job losses

Gosh darn it, Sci-Fi writers said that Interplanetary Travel would be common by now...

I liked the fact that Biden took it to McCain and not Palin but

By the end of the day, the Ken Lays of Wall Street could be $700,000,000,000.00 richer.

Soros: How to Recapitalize the Banks

Friends don't let friends vote Republican.

Is it true that US troops will be coming home en masse from Iraq soon?

Is it true that US troops will be coming home en masse from Iraq soon?

Not so dear Freepers, before you decide who won the debate

Parents Give Up Their Kids Under Law Meant for Babies

Parents Give Up Their Kids Under Law Meant for Babies

Say hello

Our Night Watching the Debate

Recent State Polls and Electoral Projections

Since Iraq surge we have lost more than 1000 US Soldiers

It ISN'T a debate when you have a moderator, its a menage a trois.

the moderator was horrible

Wachovia: Citi’s loss, Buffett’s gain

The secret is that Biden doesn't want to draw any attention right now...


Yes, I hate Sarah Palin and here's why:

Alaska judge refuses to halt troopergate probe

My Letter to my Congressman on the Economic Bailout

"maverick"-y governance

WJ has a discussion on the debate - CSpan1

US hurricane preparedness is STILL incompetent?

Ari Berman (Nation): Biden Wins, Hands Down

Larry Flynt is Hustling up an Ala-skin flick with Sarah Palin look-alike

Cheney in a skirt, channeling Reagan and Falwell.

Bush's radion address from Sunday. He's not even trying anymore.

MarketWatch: You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to recognize that a series ...

DU during Biden-Palin debate: EPIC FAIL.

Freeps, you do know

Don't call us "McSame"!!! Stop saying we're the same!!!

Help Biden at this poll

So I'm driving home from work tonight and pass the county ObamaHQ..

AIG subsidiary parties in style in OC, two weeks after bailout

Never been one to hold back on saying what I think...

abc commentator gives debate to Biden

WEwon the debate now lets win the election

Happy 16th Anniversary Michelle & Barack!

Image - Sarah Palin / Cheney

Image - Sarah Palin / Cheney

How 'bout those new pennies?

what will Tina Fey do on SNL this week?

Has anyone mentioned SPAIN? I mean, don't forget Poland.

I am prowar and will be getting a commission in December

-- Political Futures Market: EFFECTS of the VP Debate

It looks like something crawled up her while taking that jab at Obama

World Markets waiting for monthly non farm payroll & unemployment report tomorrow morning

John McCain; a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty

So. She wants MORE POWER as Vice-President? Help.

CNN Video - Biden Gets Emotional

Clint's pretty cool isn't he? Just watched him on TDS

Gwen Ifill s*cks: Why no question on the rape kits that Palin...

PHOTO: "I love Obama. My hero."

Words without meaning...

Canucks, that was the WORST debate ever - what a waste of time.

Fact checks on tonight's debate

show of hands on CNN focus group

Fox will let you vote as many times as you want.....



Is it just me or did it look like

Just a small point for amusement:

Oh, BTW, until your left wing pary accepts Gay marriage

WTF? Sarah Palin sent me an email!!!

Naomi Klien is Steven Colbert's guest tonight

Did you notice that once again that baby got handed off to

Honesty, Knowledge, Judgment and the Constitution

A Road to Nowhere

she was sensational!

Beef Northwest weekend of action at Whole Foods Supermarkets

Beef Northwest weekend of action at Whole Foods Supermarkets

Ohio court rules for McCain on Absentee ballots

Debate: Palin was quite good, considering. But Biden was awesome

From the PalinDrome: Todd's live debate updates (parody)

Biden was spectacular. Chicken Soup for the Wrecked American Soul.

Biden was spectacular. Chicken Soup for the Wrecked American Soul.

Poll: Biden wins debate, Palin exceeds expectations

Let's get Joe to call Sarah's bluff.

You know what Biden reminded me of tonight...

Personally I think the VP debate will be soon forgotten

So, Jeopardy had a "CNN Politics' category with 'exit polls' as the 'question'...

New CNN Online Poll

A Poll to DU

A Poll to DU

Question has been answered. Moderators, you may now delete this

Quick question. When did DU come back up? I was kicked off at 3:30EDT.

Palin's husband... anyone else notice his sneering in the background after the debate?

Why can't there be an open, honest discussion

Okay.. I give.. I now think that Sarah Palin is eminently qualified

You know why the right has dropped immigration?

Just want it to be clear, you rude jackasses....(sarcasm involved)....

I hate spunk...

Palin did do well tonight, but not well enough. She's done.

So tmost of the media calls it a draw or slight victory to Biden

MSNBC Poll: Who won the VP debate

From what you know about the bail out bill, would you vote for it, or against it?

How do we get it on the ballot next election to get

Pat Buchanan is out of his freaking mind

Video of Palin debate practice...

Anyone know what time the house will vote on the bailout? /nt

Montana GOP Challenges Thousands of Voters in Blue Counties

Tweety came up with a good question: Why did the right stop talking about immigration.

Bill Maher on Jimmy Kimmel, Dennis Miller On Jay Leno ... Which

There is an easy grace that emanates from those comfortable with themselves

The single most frightening moment of the debate...

You know, I think there are problems between Todd and Sarah...

This won't be popular but Palin did very, very well tonight...

If McCain is Maverick, than we're all Iceman!

If McCain is Maverick, than we're all Iceman!

:snap: "Sarah The Insult Comic"

She's Winning

See that poll thar sarah

"McCain knows how to win a war" ??? In what respect, Charlie?

Did anyone else think that Palin was being fed the answers??

We gotta be fightin' the greed and corruption on Wall Street

Sarah... one more reason I dislike you....

My dogs are laughng their fool asses off

Giuliani "She beat the heck out of him."

I don't think anyone should call it Capitalism ...

Lingle has AGED a lot

The last time a woman winked at me that much...

Fox news poll has Biden winning

Hillary comments on debate.

The one thing that bothers me the most about these debates

Terry McAuliffe to Run for Virginia Governor

Did she say there was a toxic mess on Main Street affecting Wall Street?

The Core Principle of Democracy


cnn.poll. Biden 76%, winky 22%

Biden was genuine. Palin was phony.

psst. Sarah.... It's not EYE-rack

Something small, but did it look like Palin was chewing gum through the entire debate?

Just turned on Fox. Who won. Palin 88% Biden 12%. Fair and Balanced?

CSpan taking calls

Fact checks on tonights debate.

It really is amazing what a good make-up artist can do for you.

Biden won...But Gwen Ifill should never be allowed to host another debate

I want to thank Senator Biden... he was very Vice Presidential...

Any candidate who cannot pronounce "nuclear" correctly

I'm not sure EXACTLY why yet, but Palin may be the most disgusting person I have experienced. n/t

She is NOT likeable.. In fact, she is very UN likeable.

Thank God Biden put that "maverick" bullshit to rest.

"No, Mr. President, you can't defrost the credit markets in a microwave."

Granted the VP debate is meaningless, but we had a candidate use the term "shout out" in

"Blunders"in this administration? FUCK YOU SARAH.

75% for Biden in the polls so far....yet media think she was fabulous

We all know Biden kicked ass would you vote on Failins performance?

The one thing that I am sick of hearing...

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! VP Debate night! Get your Palin

"freeper" has become a proprietary eponym

OMG The Guardian UK's Poll! 83.4% Biden to 16.6% Palin

While You Were Watching the Debate: Arm-twisting to pass House Bailout Bill

Q. What does Mc/P running away from Bush & the Republicans do to the GOP in general?

Palin tried out the "Well there you go again"

has anyone checked out the reaction in freeper land?

As people are starting to breathe again, it is becoming increasingly clear. She beat herself.

Lord that was painful to watch...

Forget the debate I want to read some more about the bailout

I need a list of polls stat!

The Chronology of Palin as predicted by me!!

What's the GOP meme from the VP debate?

Bottom line:

Happy Anniversary Barack and Michelle


I vote Palin's new nickname is Winky

For a knockout Joe shoulda said, "God loveya, may you never have the power of Dick CHEENEE!1" n/t

Aaaaaa- iiiiiiiiii- eeeeeeeee!!!!!!

On the CNN meter, she consistently flat-lined on three things:

Brittany Fucking Spears, snapping gum and acting like a snark does not make for a credible veep.

Hey you third graders... You get extra credit for watchin' the debate!

when does the "official" call of the winner of the debate happen? nt

They're Winky & the Brain

About The Outage.

"You Guys" made my skin crawl

Okay, who's keeping track of the Freeper reactions? nt

Soledad says CNN Focus group did not like Palin's "folksy" talk

"Quit looking back" say the rethugs tonight...

New poll over msnbc...

Palin channeling Michael Scott (The Office)

Where were the tough questions?

Crash the Drudge poll!

CBS poll of undecideds: They thought Biden won 46 to 21.

why did DU lockup tonight I couldn't get back in until the debate was over?

i'm just back from walking the dog...

Palin gave a long string of folksy, rehearsed 90 sec speechlettes that only vaguely

My experience watching the debate

Faith-based arrogance it is....

CNN poll: 51% Biden did a better job 36% Sarin did a better job n/t

Well i missed the first hour but heard the last 30 minutes on the radio, she sounded snarky

I would like the corp media to tell me if they think all that winking

Have Bristol & Levi gotten married?

Biden was on mark. as for failin palin, that is 45 minutes of my life I will never get back. nt

she is so obviously manipulative

What Are We Funding With The Bailout?!

What Are We Funding With The Bailout?!

The only thing she proved...

The only thing she proved...

Out of the mouth of McCain...

Msnbc new poll: did gov palin exceed expectations in the debate?

Joe kicked ass

Ultimate Bridge to Nowhere!!

Anyone notice that every time she said "maverick" the CNN meters flatlined?

Judge refuses to block Palin firing probe!!!!

Green Technology ROI crushes Oil, cheaper cleaner sustainable energy solutions for us and to export I just saw a talking pineapple on me out here, me out

John King said he thinks the current economic situation just might hurt the Republicans more

George Bush was folksy in the debates, How did that work out for the US

Palin wants more power as VP

C-SPAN being spammed by Paultards!

Palin's answer to equal rights for GLBT couples, they left it as if

Is this ONLY Level2? I don't see a lot of stuff on screen...

Drill baby drill - only thing the focus group hated more than that was

The other crazy Alaskan - Internet Tubes Ted Stevens - can't escape the justice system.....

Biden to Palin at parting handshake: You were good, You were very good.

I really thought Biden kicked ass.

I feel like I've been in the Twilight Zone


Biden was genuine. Palin was phony.

I held my nose and voted over at Drudge, if anyone wants to follow suit. :)

CNN Poll:


I held my nose and voted over at Drudge, if anyone wants to follow suit. :)

CBS news poll: Biden wins 46-21 33% Tie

"Darn right it was predatory lenders!" My GOP Dad will NOT

A Single A ballplayer with a chance at the bigs and trying too hard.

Let's catch up in this thread (after the outage)...

Fred Thompson on Fucknews

I thought she came across as way too sarcastic, and phony. Questions were very easy.

"Never gonna give you up"!

Any information or feedback about UNDECIDEDS please post here!

Next time I'm stumped during a hard job interview I'll wink and say "I'll get back to ya"

did you notice that when she started spouting talking points, she went full monotone? nt

Vice Presidential Debate Reaction

Check out her back, is that some cord shaped protrusion or....

Pat Buchanan just has a Palin Orgasm

Sarah keeps looking down at her notes!!!! lmao

If sweet nothings and a wink wink is what you want in a VP, she was awesome!

Well, I've always heard.....

Good thing Senator Reid scheduled those votes that McBush voted against for funding the troops

Ok Sarah I do agree with you....

Do you think that most wanted that person, become a President?

Mr Skinner Tear Down Those Servers


I'd like to see a piece on reaction from the Arab community after all the Israel kissing

I'd like to see a piece on reaction from the Arab community after all the Israel kissing

Palin "Parrot" Has Caused More Global Warming

Judge refuses to block Alaska troopergate probe

Why is

I can't even watch her. She is so evil.

Did she just say she wasn't going to answer the questions?

Shameless O'LOOFAH just screamed "COWARD!" and "NOT A MAN!" at Barney FRANK

My blood pressure is through the roof.

Ah it's over...Phew I thought the place was down


Okay. That SUCKED. Whaaa happened?

Okay. That SUCKED. Whaaa happened?

I feel like I've been in the Twilight Zone

Ah it's over...Phew I thought the place was down

"How long have I been at this? Like five weeks?" n/t

Palin flatlining when it comes to women / Biden shot up....

She is a walking talking campaign AD!!! WTF?? Joe, go for her JUGULAR!



4 billion for Exxon Mobil, f u McCain you greedy bastard

CNN graph shows women in Ohio love Biden

Go Joe!


Sorry Uncle Ted (Stevens), looks like your ass has to stand trial....

Bwahahahahaahahahahaha. nt

Yanno ... this Gwen Ifill bullshit. Besides bein_ racist .... isn't it also sexist?

"It's detailed and I wanna give ya a couple of details on that!" n/t

"Gov't get out of the way" = Deregulate.

"Gov't get out of the way" = Deregulate.

I hope Biden gets her on her tax cuts in Wasilla

She Has Already Lost.....

Bwahahahahaahahahahaha. nt

I Can't Do It.

"Can i call you Joe"

Just relax, Sarah. No pressure.

I'll BETCHA? go away. PLEASE just go away.

Nice to meet you

Predict the results of the Palin 's performance

New Word......Barometer

Little Bill O'Reilly.

You are a victim of the incessant debate media hype

On November 4, I really don't want to win ..............

US weekly jobless claims rise to 497,000, highest level since Sept. 2001

CNN technical difficulties: "'s a relatively new technology"

Debate Webcast Streams

That bastard Andrew Carnegie!

Who has set up the MIRC chat room?

A question that I know my fellow DUers will know the answer to

What happens if Gwen or Joe break out in uncontrollable laughter tonight?

CNN bimbo just now promoted McSame's talking point:

I have a very slow internet connection and would like to try and watch the debate online.

FYI, CURRENT TV does the debate broadcast with Twitter comments.

Bush History,10/2 -- 3 Month, $300 Million WMD Search Finds Only 1 Small Vial

McCain giving up on Michigan.


You haven't seen anything yet

Howard Zinn | From Empire to Democracy

Politics and Pizza: Obama up 13 with Dominos Pizza Online orderers. LOL.

So, OK, suppose Biden falls on his face & Palin comes out covered in roses.

debate online - live? C-span? anywhere else? Thanks!

John Roberts really, really makes me want to puke.

The OIG Report: Tying Up Loose Ends

Wasn't there supposed to be some sort of ruling today in troopergate? nt

Can anyone see if there's a ring on Marcy Kaptur's ring finger?


Hypothetical: The White House announces that President Bush...

Make no mistake: This was class warfare.

Wachovia at the center of big banking brawl

Is there a drinking game for tonight'sdebate?

Aren't The Avengers just a group of superheroes who can't carry a series on their own?

What does a reptile wear on its feet?


instead of the stupid debate,

JC Romero - don't suck!

Name other people who were this good at their job

So I just saw an advert for the new "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

Newspaper guy came knocking on my door just now

radiohead released there new video on myspace

I just realized I get the same sick feeling watching Sarah Palin as I do when I try to watch

Delete. Dupe.

GAAAAAAAAAA!!! I couldn't get on DU during the entire debate!

I can't bear to watch the debates. Anybody else?

Dupe nt

Jeez, I know everyone is excited about the Rays winning Game 1 and all...

Whenever I watch a debate on CNN, I feel like I'm on life support.

ShitI overslept!

Who is the ASSHOLE in the pink tie on CNBC?

You betcha!

Know what I didn't miss for the two weeks without power, Sarah and her voice.

What happens if I $mf someone?

Oh my gawd. I don't think I can bear to watch it.

Goodnight!!!! (you know who)

The wagon made a stop

Yay! DU's finally fucking back!

I think we all know the DU Hotplate caused the circuit to trip.

Maverick! Maverick! Maverick!

Question: When at Defcon 1, what does the "$mf" next to the ignore button mean?

quick reply feature

Tacoma area DU-ers! I'm at the Varsity Grill on Broadway at a Debate Party.


First "Betcha." Everybody take a drink (n/t)

Congrats to the Dodgers!

Is DU getting ready for Version 3?

I've been running into this online ad a lot lately

I never get tired playing with this

Shallowest debate poll of the night! Which was uglier...

Ruh-Roh! Accuweather has issued a Frizz Warning for my area.

Never mind!

My great thanks to whoever started the DU Panic Room. You were lifesavers tonight

Joe Biden kicks ass. Sarah Palin makes me naseous. That is all.

Paging Left Is Write! Please pick up the white courtesy phone!

Left is Write and CaliforniaPeggy are in a total knockdown, drag-out, no-holds-barred cagefight!

What happened?

Where the hell is jeff30997?

Okay....forty minutes to kill...

To any Yazak experts out there, I have a question

Vote for Sarah for Student Council President!

If there is 1 independent on the fence, that after the debate who's going to vote for McCain now...

To the person that donated a star to me...

This is the dingo.

Whatcha wearin?

Interesting selection of posters for sale at my local convenience store

Shirley Temple, as a child

In defense of "ya betcha" dammit

Every time I see a McCain Palin sign I feel like committing a felony


I never come to the lounge. You guys are so fun! n/t

DU Drunks: Has anyone had a krautini?

It was apparently not quite obvious enough. (Pic)

"It's like Rush Limbaugh fornicated with Amy Winehouse and they spawned you!"

If anyone *winks* at me, says "you betcha", or gives me that smarmy Palin smile, I may go postal.

....My cat's in my chair with me...

I'm going to be an ass

Okay, you math geniuses, riddle me this:

when are threads "archived?"

Where can you find good quality sweatshirts, that I could wear to work

Whoohoo, the balloons start tomorrow

Biden shoulda patted her on the ass and said "Ain't you jess the cutest little pit-woofy?"

Where the hell is elshiva ?

Debate Pic

A new On Notice board...

Today I need to...


Gilda Radner as Sarah Falin

Oh I don't know, she was just so mavericky last night, you betcha, darn it

Good thing I went out last night - . .. .. . .

A "team of mavericks" is an oxymoron.

Six hours until vacation begins...

Am I the only one with a spouse who can't be wrong?

Since I wasn't here for Madonna's 50th birthday...

I just had a baked samosa (instead of fried) and boy was it good. I am hooked!!

Well? Well??? You freakin’ forgot my birthday, didn’t you?

You know why I really dislike Sarah Palin?

How long after porn do you wait to wash your hair?

You know what this place needs? More Bob Marley

I don't want to vote for the guy who got captured...

Check out my new sigline image

Who's looking out for Joe Growler?


Ok, Where Did Your Mind Go?

"Joe six pack" proves that she is out of touch.

I'm out of here DU!!1!! Bye.

All hockey moms and Joe Six Packs, check in.

Northwestern University and University of South Florida....WTF?

Florida Man Punches Shark To Save Dog.

Florida Marlin punches Met to save Milwaukee

This one time, at debate camp ____________________________

"Can I call you Joe?"

I had butterscotch pudding for dessert after lunch

Florida Shark Punches Pit Bull To Save Man.

This is how it works nowadays.

Band/artist with the most consistently AWFUL music videos?

The blue house.

Best ramen ever...

Moran family front porch...

You know whom else i wanna hug? Indianajones , that's who

DU Post of the Day...

I so wanted Biden to turn to Palin and say "Sarah, you ignorant slut"

Weekday Mimosas - Recipe

I want to open an adult bookstore :)

8 packs at 12 pack prices?

Looks like my Cubs are gonna choke in October. One more reason I deserve...

36 minutes til vacation begins...

The Talk Trash about MadInMaryland while he's away thread

Rapture Index Alert! 164 - Anything above 160 is "fasten your seatbelts."

Col. Tigh is a drunk bastard

Sarah's Delusion

Tom Jones.

Old people, doggy style

Jesus Christ. With all the winking she did last night...

What I've learned the last few weeks... some advice for the young ladies of the lounge...


My office chair has a sketchy piston in it.

There's snow on top of Mt Washington today

Well I just had a lovely non-meeting with a potential client....

GWAR tour dates, for fellow Scumdogs of the Universe

"I want to talk about whatever I want to talk about no matter what the question is!"

Friday "Cat's in the bag" thread.

All Perrier drinkers and Arugula eaters check in here!

Sarah Palin NEKKID!!!!


I'm feeling especially spunky this evening.

Palin debate performance inspires new GOP children's game:

Raise your hand if you had "the Stupid" yesterday.

Cool, "The host" is on! Now I can look for places I saw in Seoul

I had an exam today


Where do you go to get your car mirrors replaced?

Blogger Boobie-Thon

A Car Problem question

"We have to refer to each other as 'mommy and daddy' to him!" (the dog)

If an apolitical friend wanted some brief info on the election from you, what would you email?

gawdess i love me some DU

Past Life Regression: Markos Moulitsas in 1770

Latest casualty of Bush**'s wars: The Elvis is Alive Museum

Marge Gunderson vs Sarah Palin.

Unexpected Business News: Marlboro and Caterpillar Announce a Joint Business Venture

Caption this photo of * and Paulson.

GD-p is a horrible place

Whose your favorite character on "The Office"

Another cop thread..

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 10/3/2008)

Got a copy of my final divorce papers in the mail today

good thoughts requested for an 8-month-old

Do you want to screw around with a retailer/restaurant/business?

I want to hug Joe Biden. Such a sweet old man.

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD.

Today's Mindfuck: Epstein and Bon Jovi are related.

Alice in Chain's "I Stay Away" is the perfect transition from metal to grunge. Discuss.

Dammit. DH went postal on the skeezy neighbors.

Which World Series would you most like to see?

I'm going to N'Awlins and I can't wait to eat

I've been wearing rimless glasses for 5 years now!

A famous wigmaker (online) is actually selling Sarah Palin wigs

Colonel vs. Kernel

Some woman called the cops on me today

Has flu season started already?

Damn! I was laid off today

Anyone remember a movie (that came out in the late 60's I think)

Question for the Lounge: What is your personal definition of sanity and insanity?


Or alternately, Favorite song that's less than 1 minutes long?

More proof that Santa Claus is a Black Man

I got a Duzy!

Mr Scary--- A short film my 9 year old made last year.


ak how do I open a docx document?

What was Palin writing?

A series of random questions that have been on my mind...

I'm Sorry !!!

Would someone please post something that annoys me?

Anybody ever seen one of these and if so, in what state?

Thank God It Passed.

I can't take four years of "betcha's" and "darn right's"

What's for dinner, DU?

Memory test on BBC website.

Advanced Degree Holders - How does it feel knowing you'd be the first killed?


Welcome, newbies. Introduce yourself on this thread, won't you?

When it comes to politics, who do you listen to as unbiased?

Real Winner of the VP Debate: Katie Couric

President Obama

Why Obama gets no more contribution from me

I aplogize for calling Palin an idiot. Clearly that is not the case.

Aura Reader on what's with the "Palin Pounce"

So we're supposed to sit down, shut up, and forget about our rights?

Hey, Sarah! You dropped these:

I think that Obama needs to find a way to retract his "I would"

Behind Obama’s Surging Poll Numbers

Pardon me if I am offended by a flirt at the podium.

Palin twists the facts on Darfur

Howard Dean's mother working to get the vote out in Ohio.

What's your suggestion for a title for the tell all book Sarah Palin is likely

SARAH WINKED (pic) ----->

Biden opposes gay marriage, and now the bailout: Tell me again why I should vote Democratic

If you're against the Democratic ticket, get out of the way.

Well, that was disappointing.

Just saw "Religulous" and it was great!!!

Palin: Wired for Sound or Wired for Audio?

What are we going to do about Tuesday's Debate? BrokeJaw and selected Town Hall Audience

Does any agency measure what happened to the rich people's tax cuts?

Gwen Ifill caved.

Republicans Speak Out Of Both Sides Of Their Faces

I've got a rant in me that's dying to get out


On CNN...Obama Op says he will keep on both Paulson and Gates for Continuity and

Rally with Obama on Saturday in Newport News, VA

The Essence of McCain's Health Plan: Don't Get Sick

NEJM: Primum Non Nocere — The McCain Plan for Health Insecurity

Judge Refuses to Halt Troopergate Investigation

"Believe me, you're not the only person we've killed."

Protesters greet Palin @ Dallas fundraiser: "Don’t Wink at Me EVER"

Are shout outs to third graders in a national debate tacky or a brilliant move?

I'm Gay and damned PROUD of the Obama-Biden position

Senator Biden, Thank you for your authenticity, your intelligence...

Updated: ABC News: Palin flub on bankruptcy has McCain camp flailing

OK, who the fuck thinks "Civil unions for all" will actually be acceptable to heterosexuals?

Biden Excellent; Palin easily exceeded expectations

McCain Could Be Forced Out of Pennsylvania Too, Union Chief Says

Hey Sarah, You like talkin' Taxes so Much, Hows about we SEE YOURS?

I support Civil Unions for heterosexual couples...

OMG! Famous Person thought Palin was the star last night!

Need proof that Palin was on script? Look no further than Joe Biden's emotional response

I'm glad Sarah Palin did as well as she did. Her performance was perfect. Here's why I'm so glad:

Has a candidate in a debate ever before FLIRTED with the national audience?

Rich Lowry: "Palin sprinkled magic boner dust thru the tv, into the living rooms of American males"

The proper term for her, the First Dude, and the whole tribe suddenly hit me.

Obama responds to Palin's "kill jobs" comment: "I wonder if she turned on the news this morning."

Palin Mini-Theater: "Nov 5th, Sarah discovers she's no longer on McCain's speed dial, or his lawyers

Biden Sees Beau Off

Palin Winks Her Way To Victory

CNN: Woman, 90, shoots self inside foreclosed home

Geraldine Ferraro just admitted on Fox News that....

They've Created A Monster & She's All Theirs - Palin Is Displeased With McCain Campaign

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA buys flowers for his wife for their anniversary at Penny's Flowers

SARAH PALIN: EVERY WOMAN'S WORST NIGHTMARE - pictures from our rally tonight

Camouflaged Palin - The real honest to God danger that even Republicans should worry about

Du, maybe its just me..Does it seem like the Palins treated Trig like a football last night?

Breaking: McCain may (will) lose Indiana! Campaign sending help to the red state of IN!

The Obama Anniversary Album (SLIDESHOW)

CNN just showed a loop of Palin's 'Eye Stutter'

OMG! - Went to the - Washington Post Op-Ed Page This Morning And Saw THIS Web Ad...

Elon North Carolina Poll: Obama 44%, McCain 42%

McCain is on something.

President-in-waiting Barack Obama making it look Good!

Palin daughter, fiance consider summer wedding

Did Palin's ever-present smile creep anyone else out?

Professors from Columbia, Harvard, IU and UM weigh in on McCain's Healthcare Plan

MUST VIRAL WEBSITE: Sarah Palin's Secret Blog

Why were the male watchers so much more gracious in their ratings in the CNN

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Advantage Biden (Mary Lyon)

It's third and long. The clock is ticking down. What is McCain's next Hail Mary play?

Call me a pig, but

Watch Sarah Palin Read Her Answers In Last Night’s Debate (ThinkProgress has the VIDEO evidence)

Went To A Finance Conference - We Are Facing A Painful Recession - Obama NeedsTo Win

Sarah Palin's Debate Performance Tanked Among Women

Biden's Freudian slip on the gay marriage issue during debate.

Chuckles Todd says the debate is no big deal. McLame pulling out of MI is the real story.

Anyone going to the Springsteen rally in Philly tomorrow?

Really bad editorial in local weekly paper...


Get your Palin teddy bear -- complete with briefcase --lipstick and baby bottle stashed inside.

Sarah Palin's tax problem. Did not report per diem as income...

POLL Still Says Palin won debate, But it's close!!! DU

How Sarah Palin blew it (Salon)

FYI for GLBT community

Vote-scam fliers target black neighborhoods in Philly

Let me just state, I have never been so insulted in my life as I was by Palin last night

What the hell was Palin talking about when she said ......

"Iraq Facing New Civil War and Insurgency" from The Nation

Ted Nugent is a fucking idiot asshole moron stupid ass dipshit!

** Grade the Debate Moderator** What say you?

The reviews are in. Biden won.

Photos: Biden At Deployment Ceremony In Dover, DE

Is It Possible Mc Picked Palin Simply Because She Gave Him a Woodie?

Anyone here losing money over this bail out thing?

Here's my debate analysis for what it's worth

Rasmussen Nevada Poll: Obama 51(+5), McCain 47 (-2)

The bottom line is that Biden introduced himself to America and knocked it out of the park

Are you registered to vote?

Colorado doctor's group demands McCain release his medical records

The Republican Ideal -- Then and Now ...

Joe Biden Writes the Textbook on Sarah Palin

I'm not going to look at the NY Post today...

The Daily Fix: A Compilation of All the Polls Released Today and Where Things Stand - 10/3/08

PLEASE READ! Notes, unscreened paper barred from debates in past debates!!

One interesting tidbit is that she's tied herself to Cheney

Where's Lou Dobbs' outrage about wasting a trillion dollars in Iraq?

Needed, IMO, for future televised debates: A PALIN RULE requiring broadcasters to keep the QUESTION onscreen


sarah palin: bubble-headed bleach blonde

She Said BOTH "Nucular" and "Nuclear"... Nucular was INTENTIONAL

Happy Anniversary, Barack and Michelle!

My take on the VP debate, Palin = McSame's Cheerleader!

The Speech Sarah Palin Needs To Give To Save Her Political Career

This deep in the heart of TX poll says it all

So Hillary thinks Palin was composed and effective in the debate?

"What did she do that any B+ grad student couldn't have done?"

Charles Krauthammer - Conservative Commentator - Praises Obama, Pans McCain

How LOW can he GO? McCain about to drop below 30 on Intrade! HAPPY FRIDAY!

why does Palin wear such severe colors?

I finally figured out what Spiro Igloo's voice reminds me of!!

Obama losing Minnesota

Things Sarah Palin Can Name

Palin on Fox News: Couric Annoyed Me

Hey! I won palin BINGO!

Video: Lyndon LaRouche - Bailout Bill.....Fairly Extreme? Or Possible? Your thoughts.....

So, What’s Wrong With Being Working Class, Anyway?

Wink ;) if you don't want to hear that wretched voice for the next 4 years.

Please DU this poll - Biden losing badly.

Look for Hillary to kick some republican ass when she hits the road in OH, FL, MN, WI, PA.

I can't help but think Biden blew it last night

Anyone see the new NH poll from yesterday? Obama up by....

Old flame cited as part of McCain's Latin experience

Obama saves little boy's life (fixed link)

Sarah Palin Gaffe Library...All of 'em

A few days after the RNC and after being appalled....

another one of those "help me fight this stupid mccain supporter" posts...

Another McCain Campaign F-UP: WaPo ad features Palin praise from "Famous Person"

Sarabou in her own words.

Frank Zappa on last night's debate

McWacked: "Screw Michigan, let's try for Maine."

Breaking: Palin's tax returns released..

To hell with this VP crap! Sarah wants to be President!

Sarah Palin's Debate Flow Chart

All legal marriages are civil legal contacts between two people

PHOTOS: Today's Inspirational Pics! (Oct 3)


Palin's Record on Alaska Native & Tribal Issues

My thoughts on the debate

UGH! Fox News: Palin Won VP Debate Because She Had A Bigger Flag Pin»

Don't you see where we're headed?

Things that are batshit nuts

My youngest sister said it all last night...........

Obama "suspends" his campaign:

Baltimore Sun poll needs a bit of your TLC

Any comment on September money from Obama campaign?

Palin and the Generals

Just saw an ad attacking Obama for the bail-out. (No mention of McCain)

Ok, I need help

New Obama Ad: What She Said

Did anyone think they saw PALIN wearing an EAR-PIECE? [+pic]

maverick = wing nut

David Gregory "It's easy for Obama to look good because he

Oh boy, Norah's going to have a BODY LANGUAGE expert up next...

We write a check for 850 billion dollars

David Gregory Factoid of the Day

In my opinion gay rights & marriage will not be decided by Congress or the President.....

I think Gramps and Barbie are headed for a showdown

Ha! Intrade has Obama up to 70.1 now, that's an increase of 5.1.

I like Joe Biden. However.

"Look, past is prologue, Gwen."

Mark Halperin: Palin showed herself to be a great communicator, like Bill Clinton or Reagan!

Marianna (Fla.) teacher suspended for 'racially charged' comments about Obama

We won't allow a second holocaust

Just got a text from NBC news about the phone poll from last night....

Palin lied about Sudan investment

Does David Gregory not look at the polls?

Did Joe Biden say anything that hasn't been the ticket's position since forever?

Palin and Folksiness

Hilarious McCain Campaign Screwup: "Famous Person Loves Palin!!!"

Fox's Debate Poll: Biden 61, Palin 39

Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

Senator Kennedy: Are you registered to vote?

I am an average american mom and I RESENT the stereo type she is portraying me

The Winking Patron Saint of Dumbfuckistan !

Why cant I look a Palin??

What will Palin's next tasteless stunt be?

Last week, this week...

Don't listen to RWers that say Obama has it in the bag.

Palin is burning bridges in Alaska

Sarah Palin: A Bridge Too Far

Muhlenberg Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 50%, McCain 40%

And the Gays go loco

Did anyone see us on Hardball? I had a sign that said "We Tried Stupid, It Doesn't Work"

Do you think there's too much sexism in DU with regard to Palin?

Friday News Dump: McLame Releases Palin Tax Returns from 2006 and 2007

Do you think the Pubs deliberately had Sarah scuttle the Gibson & Couric

A root cause of Obama's current is the PEOPLE.

I'm getting tired of Wasilla DeVille's voice...

Didn't the McLame camp say Palin would be released to the press after the debates?

ABC Post-Debate Show - Everyone Declared Biden The Winner! I Am Shocked

Palin: Screw Substance -- I Want To Be Judged On My Character

My Prediction about the winking:

How is it not sexist to suggest that Sarah Palin gives conservatives an erection?

69.9 Million People Watched the VP Debate

How About Her, HHEHHH?!?!

Debate, The Morning After: World, Meet Sarah Pavlov

Sarah Palin: America's Affirmative Action Candidate

I know there is a thread already but I need to address the C.H.A.N.G.E controversy from a different

Ron Kuby just suggested that Palin DIDN'T KNOW the term "Achilles heel"

Obama about McCain: "suddenly he's out there talking like Jesse Jackson"

The intimidation of Ifill worked

My friend got to shake Obama's hand today at the flower shop!

Last night's debate, if this has been discussed, I apologize

Some of Many Reasons MCain is UNFIT: article:

Forget the economy. The Oct. Surprise will be capture of Bin Laden

Palin's "May I call you Joe" schtick was a setup for her zingers.

This Entire Campaign Season Would Make for A Great Musical

Last Night....Joe Biden proved that he could be President if he had to be. Sarah Palin proved......

Debate TV ratings are in

Race Rating Change in New Mexico: Now Leaning Towards Obama,, falsely claim McCain never voted against troop funding bill

Palin's Tax Records

I have something incredibly judgmental to say about last night.

when it rains........

Today I donated and signed up to phone bank and canvas (Wisconsin)

No MI, NH bad polling, losing in red states such as CO, VA, NC, how does McSame expect to win???

Many friends who are indys told me today they have new respect for Biden....

Let's face it folks, we knew that if she didn't fall down on stage, she'd be called the winner 2nite

Palin to capitalize on big debate performance with high-profile Sunday talk-show rollout

Palin poll needs some luvin'

UPDATED... Breakdown of the network numbers... ABC and FOX win the night.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN adds more Obama Events!!!!!

November 5th headline: "Women overwhelmingly reject Palin"

Hey! You guys with the short memory.....

Want to irritate some McPalins in Red State Texas?

Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Sarah Palin debate flow chart

When Palin called you "Joe Six Pack", was she talking to you?

The Meme that Obama/Biden are looking backwards - how will McSame REFORM if there's no PAST?

Flirting her way to victory: Sarah Palin's farcical debate performance

Why haven't Obama nor Biden pointed out that McCain got a "D" and a "20% rating" for military issues

Palin Blames The Media…Again.

Pat Pukechanan just cited Drudge's online poll...

Joe Biden--Inspired Veep Pick

Was an obvious topic missing from the VP Debate?

Was Sacrborough worse this morning because he's in D.C.? Did his cronies get to him?

Palin brings baby to loud post-debate rally.

Cheer up, dammit! Obama did the right thing. I am proud of him.

The real problem with Biden's marriage equality answer

The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XVI: Divestment From Sudan

40 women in Colorado watching the debate liked Biden better

You didn't ask me about the debate, but...By Roger Ebert

Obama surrogates are hitting the right message this morning - its all about McCain/Bush

Did Gwen pretty much divide Democrats and unite repubs

Judge him by his laws - Obama's legislative experience and leadership ability

PHOTOS Screw the debate, these images made my day

Photo: Tweety gets rickrolled!


Palin's "Little Starbursts"

Was that "embassy in Jerusalem" line a shout out to fellow religious lunatics?


Kathleen Sebelius Will Be In Lancaster, PA Tomorrow

Caption this Photo!


NBC: 5 of 7 have less favorable view of Palin after debate

Hilarious! Pokemon Presidential Politics!


McCain: ‘I Always Aspire To Be A Dictator

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA campaigns today in Abington, PA

Warning: Zogby was just on POTUS claiming

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

"Women for John McCain"

McCain Shifts to Nearly All Negative Ads

LOL! On Today Show, interview of 7 undecided women and 5 said Palin didn't do it!

A Maverick Is A Bull

McCain: "I feel sorry for Joe Biden"

The question I most wanted to ask Palin -- had I been the moderator:

Rasmussen Washington Poll: Obama 53 (+4), McLame 43 (-4)

Cried like a baby ~ Biden spoke at son's Deployment Ceremony

----People, someone made a comment on this board this morning, and----

Hillary Clinton's statement on the VP debate:

Fargo's Margie vs Palin

Seriously now... Obama needs to explain

Palin Implicated By Witness In ‘Troopergate’ Probe

Palin lost the debate...clearly becuase..

What is the average salary for "Joe Six-Pack"

So, Palin avoids a complete flameout......big whoop.

Didja see Anne Kornblut wink today on MSNBC?

Tweety Dissecting Palin's request for More Power!

Question - McCain pic of him getting on a boat owned by ?

Sarah Palin... Working Class Hero!

SUSA FL POLL: Biden Wins Debate, Better Command of Facts, More Ready To Be President

My local poll needs some DU love

Palin Tax Returns Released

Senator Obama's Statement on Passage of Emergency Rescue Plan

VIDEO - Alaskans react to the VP debate.

I predict a Palin/Huckabee ticket next election cycle...

The Palins just released their tax returns

Obamamania in Eau Claire, WI !!

Every News Outlet is Calling Out Palin

Palin Criticizes McCain Decision on Michigan

Two thoughts on "Mavericks"

McCain quits Michigan - Obama doubles up in Nebraska

Uh, McCain... House Republicans didn't vote for the bill until after you LEFT town.

"say it ain't so, Joe. Doggonnit!" Are you effing serious?

Why was Palin so condescending toward Biden

Great. Obama supporter, Maria Cardona, said Palin should be given a pass on "misspeaking"

Okay, so what's so bad about taxes?

The MSM equating Obama and McCain on EESA is pure bullshit

Alaska Republicans vs. Gandhi

Getting that Gift!

Palin: Say in ain't so, Joe

Obama reaches out to Deaf Community

AOL VP Debate Poll needs some DU Love

Sounds Like McCain's Campaign Thinks This Economic Crisis Is Over.....

ABC: Record Refutes Palin’s Sudan Claim-Palin Against Sudan Divestment Before She Was For It

Bush and Palin anti-intellectualism

After listening to Palin in this debate I have concluded that she may be manic!!

What was Palin's most disturbing remark?

Hillary: Palin 'Composed...Effective' During Debate (ABC News)

Did Congress do the right thing with the bailout? Cmon DUers vote on this poll!!!

Debate Transcript

Did Rick Sanchez (CNN) just say "assholes" on air?

Official DU the poll THREAD

CNN's Tracking Doohickey at the bottom of the screen...

Biden: McCain is NOT a maverick

It is more than a "bridge to nowhere," it is about pre-existing conditions

Palin releases Tax records-

New Campaign slogan for Obama:

Americablog: Palin's 18 Debate Lies

McCain attack strategy: "Obama's a liberal! Obama will raise taxes! Job killer!". Seriously?

VP Debate: Palin’s Questionable Substance

Seen the latest 538 dot com post? Damning assessment of McCain's ground game

GASP! McCain has Latin American experience because of his fling 50 years ago with Brazilian beauty

Voter Registration Deadline

Pic Of The Day!

MSNBC: McCain Campaign Coming down from MI to Indiana! Help us!

VP debate wrap: Palin wins special participation award

I just love all of these posts cropping up today against the Democratic ticket.

Anyone else bothered by the "Shout Out"?

Georgia Insider Advantage Poll: McSame 50%(0) Obama 44%(+2)

Gov. Sarah Palin does not represent American Women in Politics

I just was polled by telephone - St. Louis, Mo

What was up with Biden's right eye last night?

Markos Moulitsas - Palin's response to Biden's emotion over family tragedy: "MCCAIN'S A MAVERICK!"

My 401K dropped 5%! I don't need no fucking Winks!

Incredible Image

This Women has some damn NERVE!!!!

DU This POLL ! NEEDS LOVE!!! Who Won The VP Debate??? VOTE

Sarah Palin Does Not Know what an Achilles Heel Is! She's an idiot!

Will there be a bill signing photo op at the white house today?

Who woulda thunk the person who would choke up when talking about their family would be the guy?

Biden won.

Todd and Sarah: the Grifters. Just a funny thought I had. Fits, doesn't it. n/t

In some rural towns in Alaska.. Gas is 11 dollars a gallon!

If McCain gets elected, he'll use war to try to fix the economy

Obama Blowing Away McCain in MN: 54-43%

When was the last time you heard ............

I'd just like to say that Joe Biden is a prince among men and he made me very very proud tonight.

Palin's ridiculous "wink" will be the lasting impression of this debate ...

Time to re-release The Stylistics' "Betcha By Golly Wow"

Palin Quoted Reagan Calling Medicare Communism

On the Sunday morning news shows, they'll probably be showing clips of Palin and Fey side by side.

Where are these millions of Americans how are supposed to be taken

Have fun with this photo...

Gov. Palin needs to be Impeached, now!!!

Ifill: "Governor Palin, what is your Achilles Heel?"

Queen Latifah Set to Grill Sarah Palin

"No, no more 'filters' please. I just want free airtime to attack my opponent..."

I want to like Linda Douglass, but she's missing some key points...

Since when is 1.2 million in assests considered middle class?

Do Over! Palin Answers Katie Couric's Questions…to Fox News' Carl Cameron (She Reads The Economist,

tucker bounds....where do they find these assclowns?

I think McCain is going to try to style himself as a "liberal" before the next debate.

AOL Poll. Sarah's wink annoying. Biden's choke up, moving

Hey Big Boy! Come Up And See Me Some Time!

The 18 Lies of Sarah Palin.

BREAKING: The McCain Campaign.

Friday Poll: Which tech gadget is Palin? LOL Excellent Independent Polling:

Adviser: McCain has Latin American experience due to his fling 50 years ago w Brazilian beauty

FOX Poll...LOL

Guess who Dick(less) Morris said was the big loser in last night's debate.

I think I've seen this movie.

The IT manager in my office

For those who worry about Obama/Biden support on Gay marriage.

Obama's Remarks, Ebenezer Baptist Church, January 20, 2008

I have come up with a shorter, better way to express my response to the debate last night.

"$42,000 a year"

Just to set the record straight (no pun intended) on Obama/Biden and Gay/Equal Rights

Why do some people continue to pretend we live in a country...

St. Anselm New Hampshire Poll: Obama 49%, McCain 37%

Sarah Palin.. Hero Zero

YOU TOO can Speak and Write using "Palinography", Save Time, Impress your Hockey Mom Friends!

Palin went for "slinky" last night, and she succeeded. But the thing about a Slinky is ...

Even McCain himself admits to poor judgment

BREAKING: Obama is Losing in Minnesota!!

Obama pulls an "American President" - buys flowers for Michelle


Still reading the transcript and----Oops!

Explain how Palin could've won that debate last night

McCain '08 – Palin '09 Bumper Sticker

Does anyone else think that Palin's endorsement of "Cheney Plus" as a VP model was a major blunder

(R)asmussen New Hampshire Poll: Obama 53%(+6), McCain 43%(-6)

On ESPN, Bonnie Berstein said, "Let's have our own debate doncha know!"

HILLARY: Please smack Palin down for trying to FLIRT her way to the top

The official FU Pat Buchanan thread

"Obama is dangerous because he is Liberal"

Palin, Protector of Children vs. Her Record

McCain Campaign's Ad.. 100 Percent Devoted To Attack Ads

Why Palin lost

Sarah Palin is a middle class, average American?

Palin/McCain/Lieberman = Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod.

***Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll Oct 3*** Obama 51% McCain 44%

I'm going to say it: Palin's voice hurts her credibility.

The ONLY Strategy Left to McCain

Palins flipped the bird to the East Coast? Thank you for giving us East Coast

Sarah Palin has now entered the danger zone.

BREAKING: DU Crowns Minnesota King of All States

Wow, just watch these

Obama up by 12 in new poll of New Hampshire

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll: Obama now up by 7%, 49%-42%.

Us vs them

Welcome to Disturbia

If McCain was forced by the powers that be to pick a religious nut why didn't he pick Huckabee?

I thought Hawaii was blue.

The "fundamentals = workers" lie really pisses me off!!!!

I knew I'd heard Palin's voice somewhere before...

Tonight, Sarah Palin became her own self parody

Transcript of FOX News' Interview With Palin (it ain't so pretty, "also")

Developing A Team and How That Reminded Me of Palin

GREAT NEWS! The Ratings on Last night's Debate are at LEAST 42% HIGHER

Funniest line of last night's debate:

DOW has fallen almost 200 pts

Palin's qualifications do matter

Are You Drinkin’ With Me Jesus?

Palin disagrees with Michigan move

Roland Martin on CNN ... "Obviously you had the bar set very low for Palin in the debate"

NH POLL: Obama 49, McCreep 37.

If Sarah Palin had said "maverick" one more time last night

As debates go, this one was better than the last one

Dont vote


Sarah Palin And The Flintstones

The 19 Most Ridiculous Moments From The VP Debate

Happy Anniversary Michelle & Barack on 16 Years of Marriage

MediaCurves Study Shows Biden Crushed Palin On Every Issue, Especially Among Independents

Coat hanger demon lurks at anti-Palin rally - (and she is my good friend!)

Biden Teaches Palin the Meaning of "Maverick"

Two great calls on Ed Schultz just now - both women - one "insulted"

thats more like it

President Palin? Take Two

John McCain health care tax, please help me make this printable poster go viral

Did anyone watch The Charlie Rose show last night?

The View From The Pub: Debate-Watching On Long Island

Text of the version of the bailout bill that was passed today?

Sarah Palin.. Cute-can-do-ism...

Does anyone know if the debates were broadcast globally?

Video of Biden's emotional moment, for those of you who haven't seen it.

Palin's winking: a good job interview strategy?

Palin's Freudian slip last night, very telling

This is probably really shallow,

A picture of the man commanding our troops in Afganistan

If the bailout doesn't "work", Obama will have trouble getting a second term.

Gosh Darn It, Palin Didn't Self-Destruct

Fox Moron (Carl Cameron) identifies Palin as Democratic VP candidate.

The reasons Palin failed last night

The One thing Biden did WRONG...

John Nichols: Biden Teaches Palin the Meaning of 'Maverick'

Sounds fishy: Independent Women in CO Focus Group Prefer Palin to Biden (conducted by WVWV)

CNN: Credit markets could take MONTHS to see improvement from bailout ... link

Which states are usually called first on election day?

Palin rolling her eyes

Would you hand a 6 month old to a 6 year old ??


Palin Sits on Fox News' Lap and Weeps

Sarah Palin.. Medicare is evil.

If mccain were president today would he sign the bailout bill??

Palin whored herself out last night.


HuffPo: GOP Ticket Now "Winky and Wrinkly"

Joe Sixpack response to debate (video)

Golly gee, Palin loses, you betcha!

So are both McCain and Palin for civil unions like she claimed?

McCain says Senate Silence was an Act of Bipartianship

Well, it's over. How do you feel about the VP debate?

Lalo Alcaraz 's La Cucaracha is spoofing McCain ads this week

Suggestion- Demand Media Stop Covering Palin Until She Gives Press Conferences.

Bush is reading his notes. Totally clueless, here you see a failed, beaten, powerless President

Palin: Obama should be disqualified from presidency

Bush really should keep his fucking face off TeeVee!

WORLD NEWS TRUST: On The NY Times Assessment Of The Vice-Presidential Debate (John Edminister)

Fox poll favors Biden

IMHO This is what Joe Biden Revealed About Palin (and McCain by Proxy)...

Sarah Palin, as your waitress

I wish people would get this straight: Palin NEVER LIED during last night's debate.

Did palin do too good for the base last night?

TRACKING POLL UPDATE: Obama's Lead Keeps Growing (49.9%-42.5%)

Couric: What previous Vice President impresses you... Palin: Geraldine Ferraro

All snow and no igloo.

Nielsen said that 52.4 million people tuned in to the Home Shopping Network last night.

Houston Tx Paper poll needs some DU Love

NBC: 5 of 7 have less favorable view of Palin after debate

Pennsylvania Tracking Poll: Obama 50 (unchanged), McLame 40 (-1)

Speaking the "white flag of surrender"...

The (half)wit and (un)wisdom of Our Sarah

Palin and the unitary executive theory


Another reason last night was a big win for Obama/Biden

And Palin is off the Air.... House passed the bill.

Sarah Palin...A turtle on a post.

You Have Too Much Health Care

The House has passed the economic bailout bill 263 to 171

St Pete Times: Debate reveals an unprepared Palin

"The Clarence Thomas of Women"

I read the transcript of the debate, check out this exchange-

Even Fox says Biden won

If Bush's 2003 Iraq policy upset McCain so much, why didn't he seek the GOP nomination in 2004?

McCain's Healthcare Plan Will Raise My Taxes

The Bailout/Rescue Bill Has Passed.

the media keeps repeating 'mccain suspended his campaign'

Palin's Facebook Page

On Palin: What was this "Mae West style" winking at the audience thing??

Anyone know how many Rethugs voted for the House Bill?

Palin turned the debate into a speech, which is how she held her own

Another Lie: Palin Falsely Claimed Biden Supported McCain's Iraq Policies Until This Campaign

What I saw heading to the VP Debate at Wash U campus....

The Vice-Presidential Debate - She's not qualified - ny times ed

Joe Klein: Palin Was Fine, But This Debate Was No Contest

What is up with this Republican winking bull shit. McCain, Bush, and now Palin does it all the time

Please know this about Frank Luntz:

The MSM's BS "she did fine, she held her own" spin is no better than the wingnut know-nothings'

How bad is Obama according to Freepers?

Another one to add to the "morans" and "muslin" file...

Gallup - Obama 49 (+1), McCain 42 (-1)

"Joe Biden did more for the equality of the sexes with his honest display of paternal emotion

Palin v. Biden: Unamused by the Howdy Doody Schtick, Goshdarnit

Palin's debate thought processes revealed

the debate was entirely unfair and biased toward biden

Who here pays over $5000 non fica/non medicare federal taxes per year?

2nd NH Poll of the day gives Obama double digit lead,

Independents Clearly Favours Biden

Is anyone else getting goosebumps thinking about President Obama giving the State of the Union?

Did Palin say that"General McClellan is the commander in Afghan"

7 Million More People Watched THe VP Debate on the Broadcast Networks than the Pres Debate.

Sarah Palin Still Butchering Science, Redux

he was class. he was presidential. she was class presidential.

****And The Vote Begins*****

That debate was one hell of a disjointed conversation ...

A pleasant thought:

Palin's closing Reagan quote --from Operation Coffeecup--to block passage of Medicare!

YouTube: Palin still has a lot to worry about

Most poignant moment of the debate - Joe Biden talking about his family...(from DU videos)

'... reminding us of the notions about trampy women who will use sex to get power.'

I think Frank Luntz "cooked" last night's focus group....

Palin did a FUCKIN' SHOUT OUT!!

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

I would have liked to be a fly on the wall as Hillary watched the VP debate...

Another Poll in need of DU Loving :)

I almost had a heart attack...

Do mavericks simply end debates

Is anyone else imagining McCain's Nasty-Gram of a phone call to Palin last night?

Can We Save Ourselves From The Predators Like Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani And Charlie Dent

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live At Deployment Ceremony In Dover, DE****


Palin debate flow chart

Let's try AGAIN. Did anybody else notice how Palin apparently has a

Gallup 49-42 Obama leading

Updated: ABC News: Palin flub on bankruptcy has McCain camp flailing

Healthcare, healthcare, healthcare.....

Palin Wows Media, Voters Score Debate For Biden

For those questioning Biden's sincere emotions when speaking of his sons

I think that Palin's wink rivals Nixon's beady darting eyes of the 1960 debate

E. J. Dionne: Hockey Mom on Thin Ice

Am I the only one who thinks that McCain and Palin--and

VP Debate: McCain's Big Gamble Comes Up Snake Eyes

Thanks to the MSM; Biden had to debate her with one arm tied behind his back

McCain trying to win Pennsylvania, Wisconsin or Minnesota.

Obama radio on McCain's healthcare plan

McCain's post-VP debate bounce

Anne Lamott reminds us what's missing from this election: Molly Ivins

Bottom line: Palin did not look presidential

Why the media defends Sarah Palin's joke of a candidacy

The most phony performance I've ever seen.

Am I correct that debate moderators essentially have their hands tied?

Ugh - New McCain Spot Calling Out Biden

WooHoo! NH just switched from "tossup" to "leaning" - another 4 votes! I live in NH so..

Let's DU this poll.

Is Trig a baby or a tote-bag?

New Humanist: The week's final Palin post

Now for the uh-huh, sure, whatever moment of the day.

"A team of Mavericks?"

Last night convinced me...

*Insert Sarah Palin into famous presidential moments*

Official PANIC THREAD: Come and get yer rocks off!

BTW - where the f*ck is McTaint?? Has he made any public statement re: the debate? n/t

CNN: Vice presidential debate report card

Last night's debate was like...

So I'm told this morning that "She held her own." in last night's debate.

CINDY MCCAIN: How much insurance would she get on the $5,000 "tax credit?"

RECITING vs. DEBATING - as defined by Webster's Online Dictionary

Which side has greater empathy?

The biggest loser of the VP debate ... John McCain.

Mike Allen and Roger Simon

Sarah is coming to my town next week

Don Emmert filed these photos with AP last night

Senator Ted Kennedy: Are you registered to vote?

Beer analogies to our recent presidents - from a full bodied microbrew (Clinton)

Well We All Know Tina Fey Is Going To Use That Wink. Don't We?

New zinger from Obama

Kathleen Parker continues to pile on Palin

Palin: "If you choose to answer a question, you’re going to get clobbered on the answer."

Educate me on ACORN please....

Wow! Woman Meets the McCains on Vacation!

Rec this thread if you love linear regression lines!

Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

I hugged a stranger today…

Palin on raping the Continental Shelf


Back to reality. RCP has Obama up an average of 5.6

You want to see a SURGE? Visit a MT Obama HQs. Ground workers arriving daily. We are VERY in-play.

Robert Reich Must Read: Bailout Redux: The Real Choice Ahead

Watching Tweety interview Washington U. students gave me faith in the youth of America.

Who thinks Palin spent half the debate answering questions she wasn't asked

RANT: I can't stand these moronic Repuke columnists and pundits!

A dark reality regarding last night's Biden win...

PSA: Just say no to debate drinking games.

McCain quits Michigan - what state is next?

I'm torn, but I'm guessing that's the last we'll see of Palin for the campaign.

Flubs/Gaffes/Important Notes from Palin's debate

LOL - PALIN: Obama unqualified to be President - plus she is “annoyed” toward the media

DId I just hear on KO McSame GAVE UP on Michigan?????

What a huge let down; I'm so discouraged and frustrated.

Palin Was Clueless On Protecting Homeowners

When you really think about it, what the GOP really is all about, Palin makes sense...

Palin To Protesters: My Son Is Fighting For Your Freedom

Up is down, black is white, day is night...Krauthhammer (backhandedly)endorses Obama????

Biden v Palin: an analysis

I don't want a VP who thinks that "Drill, Baby, Drill" is an eloquent energy argument.

Honestly? They Both Annoyed Me About Equally

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Abington, PA****

Joe's Tears: the Political Power of Paternal Love

don't presidents have to answer questions

Palin’s Mendacious Executive Experience!

SurveyUSA - McCain ahead in Minnesota?

Why won't McCain meet with Spain ????????

Palin's debate performance: A clear case of oral diarrhea

Biden won big, but Palin had a good night

Halfway through the debate, it occured to me: I wish Biden could've just said "Jane, You

Chris Matthews last night

Charles Krauthammer (yes, THAT Charles Krauthammer) calls the race for Obama.

The horror in all of this - that you can cram to be the VP?

Is "doggoneit" the Christian version of

She never answered the questions she just rambled incoherently. nt

"picking her biggest whopper? That's a tough one."

The one question I wish that Gwen Ifill had asked Palin...

The Measure Of Mendacity

The VP debate: From ‘Sarah Barracuda’ to ‘Sarah Macarena’

Washington University students react to Palin-Biden debate

Republican Lipstick League-the Sarah Palin pin $8.62

Selfish Sarah! I'm Offended!

Have you heard about the Obama Channel in Dish network?

Freepville acknowledges that Biden ROCKED, even if they don't realize it

Palin Did OK Last Night, Except for…

If ya squint real hard you can see CAPTIONs from here!

Isn't "Maverick" an observation you make about someone else's actions?

Debate Flowchart

I have 1 word to describe Palin(comparison) after last night.

Oh stop! You all are too kind. We love you too. Really stop, it's attracting attention!

Will GOP throw down a new challenge to Obama?

Sirius-XM poll in need of attention

Biden v. Palin on Dick Cheney

More Polls listed.

I hope those fascists' lives are ruined.

Here's why Palin was scribbling so furiously

Everyone in Prison is a "maverick " too ya know

New Hampshire: Obama Opens Ten Point Lead

Why aren't the MSM talking about the War Monger talk Palin spewed out?

My reaction to the Biden and Palin debate

It's time to complain about AP reporting again!

Major Palin gaffe: Toxic mess on Main Street caused meltdown

Obama and his connection to youth (pic)

Krauthammer, citing Obama's superior temperament, all but throws in the towel today

Palin clearly won

Boy, Peggy Noonan is off her medicine...

Did the word "ditz" enter your mind?

Get ready for a "God Damn America" reprise, folks...

McCain abandoning Michigan

The Daily Widget, Fri 10/3 – O-377, M-161 New Hampshire Obama + 10

Why Don't I Hear Much About Just How Badly Bush F****ed Up This Country?.....

So much for the debate. When are they going to release her to reporters?

Sarah: Don't look back. It wasn't me. We're mavericks. I'm cute.

How To Lose A Vice Presidential Debate

FINALLY! *Someone* nailed it that Ahmadinejad is NOT in control of Iran's military! Thank you, Joe!

Palin Runs For Senate Dictator - TV Repubs Ride The "Straight Talking Points" Express

The day after President McCain’s inauguration

DU This KUTV Poll

she looked at the camera and winked - the US is in crisis & she winks?

What kind of music do the Castro Brothers play?

36 hours post ictal... is McCain't in the ICU yet?

Heard just now on CBS: "Joe Biden looked Presidential; Sarah Palin looked mayoral."

Did Hannity write Palin's debate talking points?


Sarah Palin 18 Lies

Juan Cole is on fire about the "debate"!

CNN: Palin faked-out critics, played the airhead, so "lipstick pitbull" could "maul poor Joe Biden"

The debate was an anti-climax.

Just dawned on me - Couric completely dismissed Palin. Here's how -

The Joe Biden v. Sarah Palin Debate in a Nutshell: A Serious Person v. an Unserious Person

What is with all of Palin's "you betcha" and "heckuva" expressions in a national vp debate?

If last night was considered a job interview, Palin would have been seen as an epic failure.

WaPo/Michael Gerson: The VP Debate: A Victory -- of Sorts

Palin and The McClellan Factor

SurveyUSA Minnesota Poll: McCain 47%, Obama 46%

Great Poll Results For You: Question By Question Breakdown!

Joe Biden was sexist.

This poll could use some DU love

Palin beat the spread--but the spread was 45.

I find this Minnesota poll from SUSA to be nuts: 47-46 for McCain

If I remember correctly, Quayle did "much better than expected" in 1992...

Just emailed by someone sharing a plane with Evangelicals headed to Ohio "to campaign for Sarah."

CBS Poll: More Uncommitted Voters Saw Biden As Winner

Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

What is it with McLame/Phalin and their droopy/winky left eyes?

How DARE Sarah Palin bring Joe Biden's son into the debate last night!

Two Post Debate Impressions: Palin The Politician

Sarah Palin's thoughts on crayons

"The Ultimate Bridge To Nowhere"-New Obama Ad Hits McCain And Palin On Health Care Taxes

A song for Sarah Palin

NEW OBAMA AD: Can't Explain

Palin said "main street was responsible for the crisis on wall street". Anyone else catch that?

GWU National Poll: Obama 49%, McCain 46%

Pictures of one of the "dangerous dictators" Palin is worried about.

Debates: I'm ready for the big picture.

Palin; Increasingly adorable when talking beyond a soundbite

Seriously...Is Pat Buchanan's d*ck affecting his thinking re Palin?

Sarah Palin's thoughts on crayons

Palin: Medicare Leads to Totalitarianism»

Ifill was AWFUL


Is Joe Six Pack the equivalent of the soccer mom/hockey/mom?

Please DU this poll.

*I AM registered to vote!* :)

Barney Frank to Billo: "Your stupidity gets in the way of rational discussion"

What was the most annoying aspect of the debate?

Post-Debate Wrapup

McCain concedes Michigan to Obama

Debater Palin Mostly Flash, Little Substance

Mika not impressed: "I think she surpassed expections but expectations were in the basement"

Why abortion views were not mentioned in the VP debate

Does the joe six pack crowd now think its a bad thing to have an idiot in the white house?

Two Instant Polls Agree: Biden Won The Debate

ha ha ha - Thank you, Joe Biden

Both VP candidates spar, but neither hits a home run.

oops Duplicate - self delete

No Winkin Wankers in the White House...

Fallows: Ifill: Terrible; Palin: Beat expectations; Biden: No mistakes; Impact: None

Anyone feel like messing with a little poll from a newspaper in Wasilla, AK?

I'm sorry....Joe Biden and the Dems lost the debate because he didn't win it...

HOTLINE TRACKING POLL: Obama 48 (+1), McLame 42.

Kept Waiting to Hear It...Never Did

If Obama wins the election

OMFG! If I hear "noo-cu-lar" from Palin, or "worsh-ing-ton" from McSame one more time,

Since Palin likes to talk about Fannie and Freddie

Who won tonight's debate?

we were talking about the debate this morning in my office and...

Tina Fey to Sarah: We got Lotsa Stuff to Werk with! We're gonna bring it to Ya'

Now that Sarah The Winker did so well, perhaps she's ready for Adult Sunday News Shows...right?

Biden's focus on McCain dismissed Palin as the distraction that she is...

Did Palin really pass the "presidential test" That is the bottom line.

Misinformation on voter fraud rampant!

I just PLEASE ....

Did Palin not understand the meaning of the expression 'Achilles heel'?

New AOL poll needs love

Thank you, Gov. Palin

State of the race

So, Tonight Was Okay for Republicans--But How About Tomorrow?

Sarah & Dick Sitting In A Tree...

Palin passed the George W. Bush Competency Test.

NY Times Editorial: McCain's choice of Palin "incredible cynicism or appallingly bad judgment"

General McClellan? Palin gets Commanding General in Afghanistan name wrong multiple times

Today at the Princeton Election Consortium

Governor, we had a real Maverick once, and you are no Maverick

**DEBATE SCORE CARD ** Obama/Biden 2 --- McCain/Palin 0

Ifill should have asked Palin

Palin pours the same old wine

Last night I beat expectations.

She wasn't debating last night - she was reciting

So McSame gives up on Michigan? Isn't that the WHITE FLAG OF SURRENDER?

Sarah Palin is the LOVE CHILD of Bush/Cheney: Incurious, "folksy" yet aggressive, mean

FOX NEWS POLL: (Interenet) Biden 61% Palin 39%

GW/Battleground Tracking Obama 50, McCain 43

Ras..... 51% for the good guys... 44% for the also ran...

Is fake folksy talk as transparent as fake Jewish talk or Black talk?

Like all of you I watched the debate last night

Looking backward is looking at history and this is good because...

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/3/08 - Obama 51, McCain 44 (unchanged)

BREAKING ! The US financial system could collapse today.

Bill Adair Of Politifact Needs To Get His Facts Straight

Palin's flag pin was way bigger than Biden's

Why did Biden let Sarah get away with lies about job growth

Guess Chucky Todd doesn't get it just yet. Talking about how folksy and

Sorry about the downtime: We blew a circuit.

Palin crushed Biden

McCain's campaign trying to focus on the idea Joe Biden goes backward does not get it either, hell

I figured out why Palin said Cheney was duck hunting when he shot his friend.

Can we have a Hillary v. Palin debate just for the fun of it?

USA Today only has Biden 53 to Palin 47%

Did Biden start to tear up when talking about know what it's like to have injured son?

Your thoughts...If Sarah Palin was being "Sarah" ...WHO was doing the Couric and Gibson interviews??

Here's how the pundits are claiming that Palin was last night's 'winner'

Palin was a parody of herself.

DU men, confess: How many of you watched the debate with your pants around your ankles?

Sarah Bimbo: "I'm not one to attribute every man -- activity of man to the changes in the climate."

I'm glad Palin exceeded expectations

Sarah Palin’s real record on the military

Unfreep this VP debate poll please

If Palin's performance at the debate reassured any Republicans last night, then all I can say

This poll really needs help they have Palin at 100%

Rasmussen: New Hampshire Obama 53, McCain 43

Obama up by 10 in New Hampshire!!!! Goooooo NH!

When is a debate going to be a debate?

Way to go, Joe--you won!

Let's be clear - Palin "beat" ABYSMAL expectations, nothing more.

Palin-Rabid Environmentalist-on how singing contributes to global warming

Who is General McLellan?

Biden: No gaffes, no long windedness, no sexism, no condescending tones

DU This Baltimore Sun Poll

Scarier than Palin - the people that fall for her schtick!

Scathing Review of Palin’s VP Performance

ECO 101 (with John McCain)

Did you think the VP questions were softballs?

Judge Upholds Troopergate Investigation of Gov. Sarah Palin

McPalin all in for a Cheney-style power grab?

What is your lamest Sarah Palin debate moment?

Did anyone actually COUNT the number of questions she ducked vs. those she answered?

Life imitating art---imitating life?

All Bozniaks Check In Here

When Sarah says "Americans" it sounds like she's talking about foreigners.

When Joe hit his "not a maverick" rant, CNN's uncommitted-voters graph ran pretty high.

Anyone able to read lips? What were Palin and Biden talking about after the debate last night?

Foreign Policy Isn't Her Strong Suit

For me, it was painful to watch Palin's attempt at a debate last night.

Did anyone else notice Todd would push his way

Sarah Palin Is Perfect!!!

How many of the "wolf-killing ads" ran?

NO DRAMA (Obama)

Palin is a Complete Moron: Part VI

"We're a team of Mavericks" Isn't that like attending an anarchists Convention ?

wj--court refuses to dismiss charges against stevens!!!! n/t

Who is this Right Change group that's doing TV ads totally distorting Obama?

VP Debate: Sarah Palin proves she’s not ready

Did Palin wink more than once?

That was not winking... She was just getting a lot of interference in her ear piece.

She snarls

Has Palin ever gone on Joe Scab?

There are people I would have a beer with, that I would not let run a snow cone stand.

CBS needs to release the raw interview footage.......

Should Obama ask Brokaw to step aside for debate?

Have you ever seen bigger whiners than Morning Joe & that sneering little rat-faced sidekick of his?

Wasilla 3rd grade got *Extra Credit* for watching TV at 5PM?

Lobbyist Hired by Freddie Mac to Work on McCain Is Now Senator's Aide

Tip O'The Day: When Debating For Vice Presidency Only Wink ONCE

Oh Sarah....Marverick? I got yer Maverick for ya wink, wink.

Here's how I know Biden killed last night

Aside from ideology, is there a difference between DUing and Freeping a poll?

I like this map from

Did Mika on Morning Joe reach under the bed and find her spine this morning?

Re: Chuck Todd's statement this morning

This VP Debate wasn't a Debate. It was a Palin memorization Test.

What did Palin do as an "oil and gas regulator"?

At some high school, there is job for Sarah Palin as their band mom!

Sarah Palin is Ado Annie from Oklahoma!


"She strung together complete sentences"

For someone who has been playing the "sexist card" for the last few months

I don't want my VP winking at me.

DU this MSNBC Poll

The VP Debate: Palin's Big Mistake (Eugene Robinson)

Palin's "White Flag Of Surrender" Line Falls Flat

Palin seemed small compared to Biden

Sarah Palin's next job? QVC host

Sarah Palin's winking reminded me of a used car salesman trying to sell me a bill of goods.

CNN: Palin hit a home run because she "strung together complete sentences"

Two screenshots which tell the whole story:

What do you think was Biden's strongest moment?

What debate? Charlie Rose show wrap went quickly off of debate topic, on to Electoral vote prob for

So Palin is going to wink our way out of economic crises and wrinkle her nose to solve two wars.

Why is no one mentioning Biden's Homerun line of the night??

Stephanopoulos: Biden Strategy Edges Palin Style

Palin's Reagan quote wasn't about freedom in general. It was about opposing enactment of Medicare.

About her winking

Alaska, Alaska, Alaska...and that snotty remark about Eastern States.

Youth Vote ... Palin proves she should be in the minor leagues

Admit It: Palin Did A Hell Of A Lot Better Than Anyone Expected

OK, somebody has to say it

Look, I hate the MSM, but the truth is they've been much better this election

It's obvious that the words Sarah Palin spoke last night weren't hers.

DU This Newsday Poll

Did anyone else catch this in the debate last night? Toward the beginning, Palin quoted Reagan

We only got to share a beer with bushie

Sarah's open book test. W in drag. All of her winking and nodding and gosh darns, did not

You can't make this shit up. Palin won because ...

Iraq troops are donating to Obama 6:1 over McCain, are they waving a white flag of surrender?

This line from the LAT got me:

anyone wading through the bullshit on morning joe?

With Troopergate inquiry continuing & Paline wanting super-constitutional powers for VP

"She stopped some of the bleeding" Eugene Robinson

Let's all make today the Folksy Talk day in DU:P

My dog started hallucinating during the debate

Bosniacs or Bosniaks is correct

Kos R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 51 , McCain 40. Yesterday was the strongest single day Obama (+12).

Big Poll needs help

(more) Joe Six-Pack ? You betcha NOT

Morn Joe is saying the media is calling Palin an idiot for her debate performance

The politics of spunk - LA Times

Sorry, Sarah. We are winding up 8 years with a folksy, aw-shucks bulshit artist who ...

10/3 Daily Kos R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 51 , McCain 40

She --flat lined-- after 15 minutes. Biden weathered that and then scored huge (watching CNN)

Politico: Palin falls short - nonspecific, generic. Biden was crisper with dose of realism.

Chait: Palin's final Reagan quote was Gipper warning against Medicare

RE: My Version of the GOP Debate Analysis

What do people want? Knowledge and judgement or the mom down the street?

None of us would be employed if we answered questions like Palin during a job interview

Funny thing just happened:

The only thing Joe did that disappointed me.

Did anyone else hear Pat Buchanan, the asshole that he is,

Are the Republicans just at the start of a 5 year campaign for Petraeus in 2012?

I was disappointed at Biden's lack of winking ability

They gave her Ritalin. That's the only explanation.

Obama Ad: Uses Debate Footage, Palin's Inability to Explain Plan To Tax Health Care Benefits (VIDEO)

After they lose next month, will Sarah be a leading candidate in 2012? "McCain Moving Out of Motown"

OK, I thought Biden was wonderful last night

FactCheck's Analysis on the Veep Show

House Bailout Vote Poll

Any post-debate polls?

Biden was great, but one health care point he failed to rebut ,,,

All you need to know about the VP debate...100% Proof Positive that Biden kicked Palin's Butt

21-dec-2012: Palin will lead the "Rapture Party".

Palin Exceeds Expectations, But Still Fails

What did Palin say about promises that have been made during the campaign?

Did I hear Palin say she was for women's rights? As I tried to

Joe Sixpack: Urban Word of the Day


well, i thought sarah palin's impersonation of tina fey was SPOT ON!

Sarah keeps sayin she's a business owner?? Is she talking about the car wash?????

"Chatty Kathy"

Post debate what bothered me immensely is

noun + verb + maverick

Scarborough raving about Palin, Mika not convinced

Here ya go

OK, let's get serious here: using an earpiece in a debate would be near IMPOSSIBLE.

Don't forget about the 92 VP Debate

She SUCKED! Lost the women on the PAGEANT WINK!!

Ex-Bush Officials: Biden Won The Debate

Palin: "Corruption on Wall street" ... when did they report this?

OMFG: so I thought I'd go over to CNN rather than Joe with Pat the Nazi

A question from an outsider to the election

TAXES: (Media Curves) Biden and Obama's BIG win of the night.

Kathleen Parker still doubts Miss Alaska (her post-debate thoughts)

If Obama wins the electoral vote, will the mass-media admit that he's won the election?

Aafter watching the debate, you have to feel sorry for the 'irst dude'....

Palin was awful, BUT she did not shoot herself in the foot like we all hoped

Were 3 x 5 index cards really allowed at the debate?

Hey, What's your Achilles Heel ?

Does anyone know exactly what a "victory in Iraq" is?

Why is always the REPUKE (Sarah, Dubya, Quayle) Doing The "Low Expectations" thing

Anyone know how much Obama and McCain have spent on the general election so far?

Can I just give a shout out to Claire McCaskill! :-D

I've graded student debates for 26 years: Biden A-, Palin:D

Big donation day for Obama? Post-Palin attacks... will it translate into donation dollars?

A little bit slutty and a little bit nutty...

I'm donating to Obama/Biden in celebration of an amazing Biden performance!

Birmingham is one the most dangerous cities in America

And EVERYTIME she mentioned McCain puts the country first


98% say Biden is knowledgable on issues 97% say he is prepared to be VP...

No spin, honest answers only. I was at a football game, who won?

Palin's word cloud...

Palin wins debate by not losing due to format.

Sarah Palin may have won a debate tonight ...

Name a cartoon character Sarah Palin played tonight?


Can you say obfuscator??

The AP goes into the tank for Palin...

Vote on the RW site:

Anyone else notice Palin's Flag Pin? It was ginormous!

As I watched Palin, I kept remembering one of Volcanojen's old journals

I'm watching again. Palin really, really is nothing more than Bush with Lipstick and good legs!

Keith showed a clip of Biden tearing up about his children

Is it me or anyone noticed it too. Gwen asking some questions of both Biden and Palin then

What I think... but who cares. How the Republicans win the rural and small town vote.

Defiant Palin at start of debate: "I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear, but I'm going to talk straight to the American people"

White Flag? Like leaving Michigan. Like Suspending one's campaign.

Palin's low expectations served Biden well tonight

Ok...hit'em hard...Drudge Poll...

Wall Street Journal Poll Needs Your Help Now.

Ex-Bush Officials: Biden Won The Debate..Palin wrong on Afghan Strategy and Commander

Polling data: LINKS provided in my reply to this post

DU Drudgereport Palin-Biden debate poll (demoralize the righties)

Anybody check freeperville about the debate tonight?


White Flag of Surrender huh...?

Attention DU mommies - care to respond?

What the hell was up with Palin giving the entire East Coast a big F.U.?

gay civil rights.

This Poll Needs Some DU Lovin'!

Biden schooling Palin on the Constitution (re: the VP)...who else loved that?

I think 2012 or 2016 could see a Palin vs. Clinton race

Senator Hillary Clinton Statement on the Debate

"Can I call you Joe?"

Thank you Barack, for your Sound Judgment in selecting Joe- "Real" Country First Folks!

Come writers and critics Who prophesize with your pen

This is what I thought of every time I heard Palin speak:

Fineman: Palin was like a wolverine on the pantsleg of Biden.

For the love of Christ!.. Do the Palins own a baby stroller?

I was only able to catch the first 20-25 minutes of the debate..

At least the media didn't spin it as a Palin win

The secret is that Biden doesn't want to draw any attention right now...

What energy expertise? Where did she come up with that?

Check out the poll taken in the Anchorage Daily News, asking who won. You might be surprised

DU this poll I found from Indiana!

Dont let them get away with it god damn it!

Creeping of Palin's surrogates, saying maybe that's not such a hot idea.

Tonight was like watching Pavarotti vs. Brittney Spears. Joe

Will McSpain ever aknowledge the Spain gaffe?

Was Daddy Palin to busy too hold his own child or what?

Sneak peek in Caribou Barbie's debate notes...

Palin is such a pathetic running mate, it's hard to imagine what McCain will do now?

With all this hoopla about Palin and Biden's debate, the reality is that starting tomorrow and until

After 9/11, Iraq, Katrina, and the Wall Street Crash,

NY Daily News: How did Palin and Biden do? Ask 'Joe Six-Pack' and a 'hockey mom'

SurveyUSA Minnesota: McCain by 1

Strip Focus Group Debates the VP Debate

"they hate us for our freedoms"

Sarah Palin the post turtle.

Current lead photo at Seattle P-I: People playing PALIN BINGO during debate

72-25% Biden On CNN Poll

The overriding theme Biden missed

Eugene Robinson - "strangest debate I've ever seen"

Sick of hearing she was 'folksy'

I think I spotted Joe's biggest style advantage.

Did I understand correctly? She got very confused on deregulation vs. regulation/rules?

I'll admit I was impressed that the families came together on stage at the end

Omaha World Herald: Omahans belly up to bar and weigh in

I think the questions awere boring, completely predictable, and not designed to elicit personal

Dish Network during BO ad: "Press select now for Obama's plan"

So many things wrong with Palin's Debate "Performance", we are overwhelmed!

The debate from this point of view ...

"You can't look toward the past"

A question on inaugural procedure?

The only way Joe Biden could have done a little better is if he

Listening to P'n speak for that length of time was painful,

I would like to see the "regulation" and "unshackle businesses" loop closed

Palin lost because her answers sounded like Bush

My theory: She wasn't trying to win for McCain, she was trying to win for the House and Senate races

Contact Joe Tomorrow and send him some LOVE & THANKS! Here's the contact info:

Subject: Favorite Biden Points!

ZOMG Cokie Roberts, She thinks people just can't take her(Palin) seriously. Whaaat?

why didn't she want to 'argue' about the CAUSES of climate change?

I cannot see her articulating US Financial Policy to Foreign Leaders in this manner....

She defended the notorious "The Fundamentals of the Economy Are Strong"

Palin would make a great First Lady

Doesn't Beau Biden go to Iraq tomorrow?

Palin referred to herself as a business owner tonight

What or Who was her Shout Out to?

I am sick of hearing common people identify with her.

Talking in run-on sentences is really not "Cute".....

Whore, Hooker, Bubble-Head, Ditsy.....

Wipeout, Biden Thrashes Palin, by 2 to 1 Margin

Sarah Palin's Gen. McClellan

Brilliant, strategic move....(VP debate)

----I AM SO GLAD this debate is OVER!!!!!-----

She winks! She blinks! But no matter how cheap Palin is, HRC fans won't be buying

Heard on NPR

Seems that no one but my wife and I noticed ...

I know who Palin reminded me of tonight!

My husband just said "It's not like we're electing president of the bowling alley"

Palin lost because she was speaking to the only part of America she knows: The Base.

McCain/Palin will be lucky tomorrow if the bailout doesn't pass

CNN Analyst Scorecard

BREAKING: Fish & Wildlife Service puts Alaskan barracuda on

Didn't you love it when Biden said, 'That's great what you did in Alaska. That's what we wanna do.

Unfreep this Newsday poll ... link

Pat Buchanan doing his best to rehabilitate The Palin

Let's be clear, had Biden wanted to, he could have gutted her like a fish

Damn....Biden talking about the tragedy...

Palin way ahead KFWB in LA

Who is a better debater: Obama or Biden?

Palin thinks the "Castro Brothers" are a threat...

Things I learned tonight: McCain's a Maverick. Nuclear's Prounounced Nuke-you-lar. And Joe Biden's

Fact-Checking the Associated Press -- please write to them

Anyone Drinking 'Six Packs" ? or is your husband

To hell with who won. Joe Biden did a SUPERB job tonight and I'm so proud of our Democratic ticket!

DITSY, I tell you the buzzword is DITSY

What do you think when you hear "voters are smart," "I trust Amer voters".

Politico's Gameday goes to Obama

"McCain will not sit down with SPAIN!"

From Joe Biden Tonight: "What They Won't Say" (via email)

Biden winning the polls on the debate is great

Any word on audience numbers? Hoping lots of new people watched Joe.

---Where is Rachel???? Did I miss her show???---

About Frank Luntz Focus Group


Pat Buchanan overdoses on Viagra

You can fake sympathy, but you can't fake empathy.

Joe used the term "same sex marriage". Yay!! nt

Was Palin channeling Tina Fey when she was asked about global warming or

To me, the debate take away is Palin's winkathon & "I've only been doing this for like 5 weeks"

"Blunders were made in the war" - In that sing song tone with eyes rolling was insulting

It's after 11 pm -- what kind of mother keeps an infant up past 11 pm?

tweety said he thought she had the questions before hand....ready answers

Palin - carefully scripted talking points

Sarah Palin insults everyday people...

Has this ever happened before?

When she winks Sarah Palin reminds me of a $2 hooker in a bar at around 2AM

ANOTHER doctor weighs in on McCain's apparent health

The "handlers" tried to put the old Reagan "there you go again, Joe" line in there for her...

RE: Tax cuts and job creation.......why doesn't someone ask Palin

I honestly think she was flirting with me. Just me. Weird.

seriously - NOBODY but FOX and BUCHANAN are saying she 'won'!

Tweety's guest spot on

My roommate, a Independent, said he was introduced to Biden for the first time tonight.

Show this Myspace Forum Poll some DU love

CNN Debate Report card is up - DU, do your duty!

Best Biden Line/s Of The Debate

LA Times: Sarah Palin may have helped herself in debate, but not McCain

Let's try for a THIRD time. Did anybody hear Palin's stated

DU this Kentucky poll!

This Pic Says All You Need To Know About Palin

Poll: Who was the biggest loser tonight?

Did it seem to anyone else that much of the time Palin was just running out the clock?

When Palin gets kudos on the debate you can bet your bippy it's because...

It was a good debate. I watched on MSNBC, though, and the post debate televising was skewed.

Biden did Obama proud.

let's be clear: vp palin would take over the senate

I think, unfortunately, that Freeper-types are going to vote for McCain after all...

What we saw tonight was a person who crammed for 2 weeks for an oral exam.

Cone pone on that moose burger, anybody?


What gets Pat Buchanan more excited: Palin or a good Holocaust denial discussion?

The Loser Of This Debate - Gwen Ifill

Sarah Palin's lunch gets away from her

Jane Swift is with Tweety talking about Palin - yeah..another Maverick

palin said she'd do more debates. when will they be?

I really think her biggest gaffe was

Biden Won, Because He Made Forceful Case Against McCain

AP: Analysis: Stakes high, Palin tops expectations

"John McCain knows how to win a war"-

There will be more to come on the Palin affair. The NE hasn't gone away.

Biden v. Palin on McMaverick

Three's a charm..Biden won the debate and 2 negative Palin stories out during it....

Buchanan is in love with Palin.


TNR: Joe Biden--Inspired Veep Pick

where's chuckie todd tonight?

"white flag of surrender". Great soundbyte. For Obama/Biden

Gwen Ifill

Roger Simon is friggin' idiot...

What is with these old, horny, rwingers fawning all over Palin?

What the hell is the matter with the Simon guy on Hardball?!?!

Am I wrong to expect Professionalism and Intelligence

I want some Ice Cream

CBS Milwaukee Poll

Thank god Gwen Ifill took it easy on Palin. It showed she's not an Obama partisan.

Thanks, Sarah! You just inspired me to....

Here is my live blog of the debate plus reactions to it

Palin and her handicapped baby

Robert Shrum: McCain Lost the VP Debate Too

Ok....WTF is that BREATHLESS GASP thing she does..

its so fun watching the right wing pundits

Okay last post on Tweety...but damn he said he didn't think she knows what she's talking about...

DU This Poll

---I want SARAH FUCKING PALIN to go HOME and NEVER show her face again!!!!---

Kudo's To Joe Biden......

Attention please

Well, after that..."The fish dances at sunset." I repeat.."The fish dances at sunset."

The Palin Wink - doesn't a wink mean you're lying?

Did Gwen Ifill ask one single question tonight that was a tough question?

Judge refuses to block Alaska Troopergate probe

DU this poll (Indianapolis NBC)

What is the next state McBush will drop out of?

Biden/Palin debate?

I wonder if Texans are getting a little tired of Palin bragging about Alaska being the biggest state

Bold Prediction: Three red states will be battleground states!

Let's talk about the map for a second...

Please recall, Bentsen won in '88

we're more bipartisaner! we're the bipartisanest!

Tonight's debate really did show that Sarah Palin was ready to

it's the wink folks. that is what will sink Palin with women.

CBS POLL of UNCOMMITTED VOTERS: Biden wins debate 46-21

Palin Scorned Biden's Tragedy

I wish Joe had said...

DU This AOL Poll - 2 questions

Pat Buchanan is such an idiot!!!

Spread the DU love...(NBC Minneapolis Poll)

republicans take no responsibility for the last eight years

Did anybody catch the fact that:

OMG! Sarah Palin winked at me! I must be in luurrvs...

I was worried initially - felt that Palin was doing better than Biden

ha ha...Roger Simon owned by Tweety...he called people that look at the cameras

Oh great Mathews got Rethug and Rethug lite on

Poll to DU and enjoy.

These are Serious Times, and we need Serious People in office....

Points scored

If I was a pundit or talking head, this would be my question to America,

Sarah Palin is the new litmus test...

DU This MSNBC Poll

OMG tweety

She seemed more like a contestant than a candidate..ha ha Tweety is

so, we ran the dirtbags out of michigan!

BREAKING: Pat Buchanan calls the kettle black!

Raleigh triangle poll, NC

She had the whole debate memorized ...


What McKiernan Really Said

wolverine chewing through plywood!

The format is the only thing that saved Palin from a disaster

DU This WHDH Boston Poll

Thank Goodness, Palin Skated Well Enough To Stay on the Ticket

ok i must have missed something at this "debate"

Another Poll to DU to vote and enjoy.

DU This HamptonRoads Poll

Did anyone else pick up on Palin's challenge to the media to determine who is telling the truth?

So will Tweety or anyone else point out the paid frat boys holding

After watching our VP nominees get their asses kicked in debates in the last two elections

DU Lovin' Never Gets Old (poll), and This Poll Needs It (Toledo)

when somebody winks at me, i think 'asshole'

CBS poll: Uncommitteds, Biden won. (Awesome!)

Denver polls:

Obama is sitting on a record fundraising number for Sept? Waiting for the right moment 2 release it?

Who will the Republicans nominate for VP next time?

Palin linked herself to Cheney.

Roger Simon on with Tweety spinning like a MF'er...or like a bald tire in the snow!

LOL...Dick Morris is Comparing her to Ronald Reagan

Couric had better questions than Gwen Ifill

Tweety is slapping ass. LMAO!

*****My quick email to Gwen*****

There was a Debate??? I must have missed it!

I am betting most women voters saw right through the Palin eye-rolling, winking, preening ....

THING!!!! A Picture Worth A Thousand Confused Words Outside Tonights Debate Hall.....

"Palin dominated the stage" -- Roger Simon, Politico/GOP operative

Drill baby drill? Ya think that's what Chugach Natives chant?

Joe choked up, Palin Ignored his pain, launched into Imprinted diatribe

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Senator Obama and Michelle - tomorrow!

Did the subjects of abortion even in cases of rape or incest come up? How 'bout creationism?

Palin in two words

Say what you will about MSNBC

Chris Matthews is really calling her out . . . asking Roger Simon "Are you really going for this?"

"She had answers to questions-Not the questions that were asked, but answers nonetheless"

Why Was It OHIO "Uncommitted" Voters?

I agree with Tweety, the dems or whoever, press needs to get an explanation from Palin

Who will the Republicans nominate for VP next time?

Josh Marshall: The Biggest Whopper

It's official: Obama, Biden - 2 McCain, Palin - 0

Hey, Let's All Watch The Rebroadcast Now That DU Is Back Up Again?

Who knew that Gwen Ifill would make Kathy Couric look competent?

She lacks empathy

Who will the Republicans nominate for VP next time?

Josh Marshall: The Biggest Whopper

On the debates - lest we forget

Georgia Insider Advantage Poll: McSame 50%(0) Obama 44%(+2)

Palin's broadcast journalism degree pays off...what a talking hairdo

It could never be "hard hitting" while Ifill was serving up Nerf balls with no follow-up

"Don't think that just because I'm a man that I don't know what it's like..."

Countdown Clock to Dumb Republicans Accusing Biden of Faking Emotion for His Family BEGINS NOW!!!

One of Biden's Best Moments

Biden Versus McCain - Biden Did Not Exploit His Personal Tragedy

From what group home does CNN recruit its focus members?

Why Biden Is Polling Well - Joe Nobody Biden v. Sarah Media-Sensation Palin

CM has latched on to the "More expansive powers" for VP meme

Luntz focus group of undecideds overwhelmingly says Palin won!?!

They did a good job of lowering expectations but Ernestine did NOT win.

Um... Sarah... Winking IS Blinking... Just with one eye.

Palin Won the Theater, Biden Won the Debate - Which is More Important?

I always wondered what a Wolverine would look like chewing through

Ok, call me a sap, but I find this picture touching

Ick. After scoring Obama/McCain A-/B-, Mark Halperin (TIME) tonight gave both B's

I'm dying to know this, it's petty, but WHO is Palin's "diverse" family - they don't look too


I am impressed that Barack Obama is Leading effectively on the rescue bill

I've had to deal with Palin for Five Weeks, I can make no promises to my sanity anymore....

Did Ifill ask that Palin stick to just answering the questions put to her?

Priceless Freeper comment- Biden confused on Afghan commander's name

Biden focused correctly: showing HIS moxi, let Palin read her lines

DUing polls is OK...LTTE is CRUCIAL!

Biden wins the VP debate, fair and square

Biden made one very serious mistake tonight

FOX Cincinnati Poll

Daily Show/Stewart just destroyed McCain on his same-day flip-flop on the bailout

Luntz focus group TIED to McCain Business

Was Buchanan Palin's "empathy coach?"

I underestimated how much my heart would be filled with contempt.

Congrats Biden! You KILLED it!

Pat Buchanon thinks Palin is refreshing in new

I love it when Joe referred to himself in the third person.

***Please Post "Scientific" Poll Results for the Debate here***

Just got home from Debate party--Biden nailed it!!

Lies live longer than winks...(nt)

Biden v. Palin on Bush's "abject failure"

One trick pony

I'm delighted with Palin! Go Sarah!

Take your clothes off, everyone. The Governor of Alaska is winking at us.

First, Governor Palin, we are still living under Bush. Second, learn hx so you DON'T repeat it ...

I just heard this on KO


LOL- Fatwa issued against Pakistani leader for flirting with Palin ... link

How can it be that no one brought Palin to task for not answering the questions???

Pat Buchanan will be embarrassed when her written answers are dissected tomorrow...

What did I miss...

Dear Sarah Palin, Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina are "eastern states"

Debate Word Cloud

FOX Cleveland Poll that you will enjoy.

Biden v. Palin on climate change

Sarah Palin should stick to being a hockey mom

Does that ditz running for VP on the Republican ticket really believe she won anyone over

Um, was anyone else not able to post for a while?

On Fox News: Palin gaffes on Afghanistan general

The two most powerful words ever to be uttered to advance the interests of the Democratic Party


Palin reminded me of Margaret Jo McCullen & Teri Rialto interviewing Pete Schweddy on SNL...

Post all polls here!! We need them

Only the undecided voters matter now

Why is Palin "handled" more carefully than a rabid weasel?

David Brooks - Palin was every bit Biden's equal - she held her own

As we predicted, some of the MSM is grading Palin on a generous curve!

Who is Smarter?

I wish Palin would get called on her Alaska record more

Senator O' BIDEN? ..... Did I just hear that right?

Biden was a fantastic advocate for Obama tonight.

Yep, she brought the Snark

What was with all the winking?

Biden's BEST moment and his main error. (Overall he clearly won!)

Red hot Palin picture... this is total Freeper porn right here.... ***PIC***

This debate was not a damn tie...

Biden forgot to mention that the

Biden Really Won Me Over...

Lots of "undecideds" saw Biden for the first time tonite.

What was that change of heart moment Biden contributed to Jesse Helms?

Palin is coming off as ridiculously fake.

Josh Marshall's Debate Reaction

All DUers saying "Palin did well" or "it was a tie", ARE FUCKING HIGH!

PBS pundit reactions (aside from Brooks and Shields).

I wish Biden had mentioned 68million leases not being drilled.

Hillary Clinton weighs in

I'm sorry, but how could you be undecided?

Why was Palin constantly writing on her notecards during the debate

Text your vote to MSNBC 622639 -- Text A for Biden

I respect Joe Biden because he won the debate and didn't ONCE attack Palin directly....

Another thing I hated: WIN THE WAR!!!!

Why does Palin insist on talking like a high schooler?

Undecided voters?

Some Of Palin's Answers Sounded Like Answers A Contestant In A Beauty .......

Was Palin's only real task tonight to erase public memories of the Gibson & Couric interviews?

Rachel: The big news tonight is that PALIN WANTS MORE POWER than Cheney!

Is Palin a Shape Shifter. IMO, she exposes the personality needed for the situation too easily.

Opinions, we have opinions!


Poll: Who won the debate? (poll daddy)

Fux News Kool-Aid Guzzlers weigh in on tonight's debate...

Notice they chickened out of asking any tough questions like

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink

CQ Transcript: Palin and Biden in the Vice Presidential Candidates’ Debate

Does anyone else think she was trying to trap Biden when she asked

OMG for the first time Palin was boring

PALIN - "I win"

I'd say she was awful to really awful.

Did anyone else hurl every time she winked?

A letter to my (comic strip's) readers:

Not Ready For Prime Time Palin

I'm glad I don't live in Hawaii....

She STILL thinks she's running for damned beauty queen.

The ONLY thing I'll admit about Palin is she's got a good memory. Aside from that she fucking SUCKED

Sarah Palin is the perfect Republican

Heh. Ed Rollins, that fraudulent whore, was the only CNN analyst to rate Palin over Biden.

*****Official - I can't watch anymore - thread*******

Let's give Palin some credit, people!

So was the Premium Members Forum the only one that was up during the debate?

Howard Fineman is right... Palin's (non)answers will be picked apart post debate...

"Palin" is a tribal Alaskan name meaning ______________

"Biden Won"

McCain and Palin back where they started

What WOULD have shown class when Biden was remembering his family-

Palin "tied"? Biden "didn't win"? WTF?? Are you shitting me? Let's straighten this out right now

Long and short of it--Palin did nothing that will change the current momentum

I cannot WAIT for SNL this weekend

Does anyone remember what Palin said about civil unions?


A noun, a verb and energy

The final word on this debate: NOTHING.

Look at those two douchebags standing behind Gov. Lingle on KO

CBS Poll: More Uncommitted Voters Saw Biden As Winner

She Was Insulting and Disrespectful.

A little DU love needed. (Twin CIties FOX news poll.)

Its not enough to "win" the debate

2 things I want in an Obama ad tomorrow "flexible Constitution?" "blunders..." Thanks Sarah! nt

Was she auditioning for a part in "Annie Get Your Gun"?

DU this poll

The pace of her talk was frantic

Kudos for Joe Biden for having the control to sigh only once!

Anyone Have a Link to watch the Full Debate?

You betcha Gwen. That's a really sucky question, so here's my answer to something totally different.

Noun. Verb. Maverick.

For someone who runs a state with lots of resources...

My take on the debate: snoozefest

Donating tonight

I'm a teacher who doesn't want my reward "in heaven"

I'm gonna come out and say it. Palin & the "B" word...

What did Joe say about Cheney? As a VPOTUS? A criminal? Did I get that right?

Polls!! Where are they?

Bill Schneider on CNN said

Hey Sarah! Your Goose Is About To Get Cooked! - GOP Suit To Halt TROOPERGATE - DISMISSED!

Biden won because he hammered the central point: middle class better under Obama

I got bingo as soon as she said "special needs". Just wanted to say it.

Oh my God! she did better than I expected!

I agree with ONE statement that Palin made:

I received TWO polling calls during debate

CNN Poll: Biden 73, Palin 24. Yeah!!! Vote now!

Sarah Palin doesn't know the definition for Achilles' Heel

It's NOT "Nook - You - Ler"

Folks, Sarah Palin Is A Fox News TV Anchor

Dem VP choice grades.....

Transcripts will show Palin was just babbling most the time & not speaking in complete sentences

CNN: Biden 51-36

KO just challenged Palin to come on for one hour with no filters

I think this Debate was clearly a Tie. Last week wasn't. Obama WON

Palin appeared to be reading from notes at times in the debate

I thought it was strange when Palin stared into the camera while addressing Biden

So Biden won the debate, cleary.

CBS Instapoll-Biden 46% Palin: 21% Tie: 33%

Lousy questions, lousy moderation. Milk-safe, boring, and general

POTUS 08 -- Palin "vamping" the camera, Biden won Indy's 70-30

Yahoo is trying really hard to be evenhanded but they are failing:

tax cuts create jobs right?!?!

Good thing I wasn't playing "Maverick" drinking game

Joe BIden Treated Her With A Lot More Respect Than McCain Did Obama

So now we know. Palin is McCain's official "fluffer"! that in the vp role spec???

Anyone watch this on BBC World News?

CNN: 64% thought Biden did better than they expected!

Does she keep looking down at notes?

CNN Poll: Biden more likely to bring change 53-42

The Palin Strategy: Don't answer the question

So Palin Won't BLINK But She's Perfectly Okay With Multiple WINKS!

Palin thinks Cheney has the correct constitutional understanding of the VP role.

I'll say this for Ms. Palin

I almost tore my hair out

CNN, CBS, ABC all seemed to call the debate for Biden.

Palin was snide, rude, blatantly dishonest, & she memorized every answer -

"Doggonit," she's a whack-job !

Looking forward to Tiny Fay winking and flirting with the audience...


CNN national phone poll (of debate watchers only) Biden 51% Palin 36%

Elad Sucks..... Sorry dude your server failed earlier today and you gave a lame reply

I want my President & Vice President to be polite and affable. My conclusion after the debates:

This was not a debate - it was a Sarah Palin Memorization Test:

Missed the debate tonight. Is there somewhere online I can watch it?

In terms or numbers... this seems like a push.

Maybe now you'll believe this is a real fight.

"Joe, your wife deserves a place in heaven"

Okay, can any of you guess what program will be on SATURDAY NIGHT?

Tomorrow's House Vote on Bailout Kills VP Debate Story

Olberman Just Said CBS Poll Calls it 46-21 For Biden with 33% Undecided

SwampRat! What can you do with this pix?

My wife and I agreed - Palin defines the mediocrity and vacuousness that

Did anyone see the radio receiver on Palin?

THOUGHTS on when Biden choked up re: his family's tragedy...?

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

What did you do during the crash?

NOTHING CHANGED TONIGHT ... and that's cool

God, she was awful!

Politico Poll

I was wrong...Palin fucked up big and more than once...

I hope we can all now agree that Joe Biden was the absolutely correct choice for VP

Candy Crowley on CNN is a twit!!!!!!!

I guess Palin turned out not to be the one having tears, she can't show any true emotion but Joe can

She scares me...

Palin rewarding herself after the debate

Biden won: Palin failed

Fox News Poll: Text "A" to 36288.

Breaking CNN scientific poll just released-Voters say Senator Biden won debate by 51-36% margin

Did I hear Palin keep referring to Joe Biden as Senator O'Biden?

This entire election is about substance.

Biden's best moment was when he took back the mantle of "soccer dad" from Palin

Dear God!


I think most will disagree with her on thinking the VP powers should be expanded, eom.

Did anyone hear Palin through Republicans under the bus?

I was peeved at Ifill re: question about domestic partner benefits for gays & lesbians

Howard Fineman: Palin a wolverine latching onto the pant leg of a passerby

What were the squeaking noises?

Did you notice how Palin snapped into "Manchurian Candidate" mode ? Wow!

I'm nekkid

I have to give this to her:

OMFG Palin is having a USA USA USA USA rally?

Please post all Polls here!

CNN Poll: Biden 51 Palin 38, I think

CNN Opinion Research Poll: Biden wins 51-36

CNN is right -- Palin was running for 2012 tonight and did not help McCain. ()

DU MSNBC POLL!!! She's got 38%

Whoever the family members of Palin standing behind her must

CNN playing her rally while Joe flies home to say goodbye to his son :( nt

Gosh golly gee whiz doggone it also heck oh yah well shucks okay den

KARE 11 Minneapolis Poll

"And everywhere like such as...," WOW!!!

Women and Biden....the CNN graph showed women voters were very high for Biden, not so much for Palin

---Achilles Heel!!!! She had NO FUCKING CLUE what it was!!!----

What did you do during the crash?

The ONE THING Joe should have said: When Talking Caribou Barbie

CBS news poll: Biden wins 46-21 33% Tie

Did anyone like Governor Palin's impression of Tina Fey?

Gergen: Biden was exceedingly excellent...John King sucking neocon wind as usual..pumping up Palin.

OMG she winked at me!!!!111!1eleven!1

Go Howard Fineman!!!!!! She used every attack line she learned in Sedona.

CBS Instant Poll of Uncommitted: Biden wins 46-21!!!

Awesome-man Biden is KICKING her ass!

Hey, Where Was Everybody? I Was Here All By Myself

The most phony performance I've ever seen.

WCCO Minneapolis Poll

Keith is on now....... if that helps

McCain concedes Michigan.

This Veteran, Joe-Sixpack proudly salutes Senator Biden

Minneapolis Poll Biden VS. Palin

CNN Poll Looks Good To Me....

The CNN graph crashed when she says "Joe Six-Pack"

Biden was a Clapton solo Palin was hot cross buns...

Holy Molly...Good gracious she sucks sucks

Biden won by humoring her.

CNN Online Poll

Transcript of Sarah Palin's responses: "Blah, blah, blah, Maverick. Blah, Blah, Blah, Maverick. Blah

Palin Has More Tells Than McCain

Those who find Chatty Cathy a charming and thoughtful raconteur would be equally entranced with Palin

Elad owes us an apology or an explanation for this lame site.

Damnit, my direct TV satellite went down and only Tivoed the beginning of the debate.

McClellan's our leader, he's gallant and strong....

Listening to Sarah Palin Actually Lowered My IQ.

Tomorrow will be Obama's BIGGEST CONTRIBUTION DAY. No Democrat will ever want to see that woman in

Help...there was an article on earlier today about a foreign news agency getting

Buchanan says Palin demolished Biden

I HATE that stupid WINK!

Wow, a fair number of MSM commentators are pushing the "she looked coached" story

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

Well gosh darn it. Shucks! Wink wink! Hey Joe!

What was that?

OK, I'm already sick and tired of 'game changer'


Admit it - Biden answered questions and cemented his middle class roots

Gwen sucked as a moderator ... never called Palin on the non answer

Palin's performance was a complete failure

I think this Debate was clearly a Tie. Last week wasn't Obama WON

DU MSNBC Poll - She's got 38%!!! UGH

Bottom line: zero impact. She needed a homerun -- she got a bloop single.

More important than getting Gen McKiernan's name wrong

Aaaaarrrrrrghhhhh Buchanan is usch a clueless SOB

----Pat Buchannan thinks she was fucking captivating!!!!! He says she won!!----

Biden Won The Debate. Palin Saved Face, Campaign Momentum Unchanged.

So their new talking point is that Obama is looking backwards, not forward.

She lost a lot of women with that "cutesy"BS...My republican neighbor is completely turned off..

Strident and breathless

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

Hey Sarah - Joe talked about Bush in that answer because BUSH WAS IN THE QUESTION!!

MSNBC poll

Best line was Biden's when he called McCain's health care plan a bridge to nowhere.

MSNBC debate poll is up

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

Has Tweety spoken?

Sarah simply ignored the questions she could not answer and went off on a path of her own.

Sarah simply ignored the questions she could not answer and went off on a path of her own.

What the hell was she talking about when she said ......

Best Foreign Policy Moment of the Debate

CNN is right - Tonight Palin was running for 2012. She maybe helped herself, not McCain.

Biden won by humoring this debate

Biden won by humoring her.

Ifill Was Way Too Soft On Follow-Up - Benefitted Palin When She Did Not Answer

I thought that was worst debate performance I have ever seen

Biden won CBS instant poll of undecided...

DU this MSNBC Poll

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

My Phillies and My Biden kicked ass tonight

BIDEN ROCKS! - That was amazing! I'm proud as hell of our winning ticket!

Ohio Poll...

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

Is Scott McClellan really the commanding general in Afghanistan?

She's NO Bush with Lipstick

Three Cheers For Biden Finally Punctering The MAVERICK Balloon.

What the hell was she talking about when she said ......

WTF happened to the rules of debate?

GOP Suit To Halt Trooper-Gate Probe Dismissed-Probe Can Continue

Biden won, Palin better than expected, but only by ignoring half the questions

Someone in background on MSNBC had a "Tina Fey '08!" sign

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

Petraeus and McKiernan say no surge in Afghanistan

Annoying Annoying Annoying

Palin went for the winksy folksy thing.

WTF??? NBC in clusterfuck praising Palin

Anyone think Palin will do better than expected?

I hate to say it, but Palin's doing much better than Biden is . . .


Polls all look good SO far...

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

My Wife Just said: "Joe Biden Took John McCain's Maverick and shoved it..."

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

My living room floor is littered with small objects

There's the new GOP talking point: Hitting Bush is 'looking back'

So is there any backlash to Palin being condescending??? Biden behaved.....

Can I get the Biden MAVERICK SMACKDOWN on youtube ASAP nt

Palin didnt have a bad performance at all...but any honest person would say Biden won easily.

She Rode The Charm Train For About 30 Minutes Before It Ran Out Of Gas

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

Does Sarah Palin NOT know

Raise Your Smilie If You Had To Go To The DU Panic Room !!!

My Wife Just said: "Joe Biden Took John McCain's Maverick and shoved it..."

Did Palin say what I thought she did about INCREASING the VP's power in

What were those little squeaky noises?

Alex Castellanos a CNN Repuke Scored the debate as a win for Biden


Did I hear Palin keep referring to Joe Biden as Senator O'Biden?

Early Reviews: Biden "Nailed it."

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

OMG Palin is George Bush. She said something tonight that sounded JUST LIKE HIM>

KARE 11 Minneapolis Poll

Well That Fucking Sucked

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

Biden showed great restraint. I wanted to jump at her and call her a f'in liar

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

That dumb beeotch just sealed McCain's fate

"John McCain has already tapped me"

What was with that "Good to know we both love Israel!" remark to Biden?

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

MSNBC debate poll is up!!!!!

My Wife Just said: "Joe Biden Took John McCain's Maverick and shoved it..."

MSNBC poll

SNL should do a *sparkle* sound effect when she winks.

CNN - Biden 76% - Palin 22%

Has she said ANYTHING that is factually accurate so far?

What were those little squeaky noises?

What a phony this woman is!

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

Pundits are pushing that Palin wants more VP powers than what Constitution permits.

America needs to ask itself....When Putin rears his head, how well is that folksy bullshit

Belladona drops (Bedroom eyes) and the Slut keeps winking! n/t

Palin does not answer the Question being Asked...

2 minutes between "Get government out of the way" and "provide massive oversight"

How Long Have I Been At This, 5 Weeks?

My Wife Just said: "Joe Biden Took John McCain's Maverick and shoved it..."

She never shut the ef up!


"She had a set of questions she was going to answer whether she was asked them or not."

Why do Republicans love charming retards so much?

"She won by not losing" ????????

Palin must be horny. How many times did she say tap or

The buzzword is DITZY.

Since we could not post earlier...

There's the new GOP talking point: Hitting Bush is 'looking back'

She didn't answer ONE FUCKING QUESTION. She's a LOSER!

DU Is Great. DU Is Awesome

Pat Buchanan just had a Palin Orgasm

So, did she say that her family was her Achilles' heel?

This is the 2004 Presidential Debates over again.

DU Is Great. DU Is Awesome

CNN poll

Right wing pez dispenser spitting out talking points.

Poor Mike Murphy always looks like he's got beer goggles on. nt

---My friend called in the middle of the debate and said---

It is hard not to do well when you have to look down for the standard.

I cannot believe republicans are that stupid to think she knows what she is talking about

Is it just me, or was that FREAKIN' FUN as all get out ?!

MSNBC debate poll is up

DU this MSNBC Poll

DU Is Great. DU Is Awesome

DU Is Great. DU Is Awesome

DU Is Great. DU Is Awesome

Please, Vote at MSNBC

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

So DU down for about 1 hour 11 minutes?

Drudge has a poll, might as well hold your nose and go there

MSNBC debate poll is up

Palin must be horny, how many times did she say tap or tapped?

deleted xx

I CAN'T STAND HER! Okay I will calm now. I have to turn this off.

Biden Wins CNN Focus Group

OK: Biden dominated, Palin survived.

DU The CNN Poll

I'm so drunk from the "maverick" shot game!

CNN poll is up! Go! Go! Go!

I'm sorry but that wench made me want to rip my hair out!

DU The MSNBC Poll !!!

Well That Fucking Sucked

Thank you Joe Biden - nice job! Nice to hear a person with humanity

I think the most important thing to take away from that was that Biden was a TRUE GENTLEMAN....

MSNBC debate poll is up

Lines blatantly stolen from Reagan...

"Also......and also........also....and also.......also...."

I almost blew a circuit too!

Right now, DU is buggier than Sarah Palin's brain.

DU down was like misplacing a child

Right wing pez despenser spitting out talking points.

Women are lovING Joe

Palin want to EXPAND the Cheney-esque VP office?

Were those little sneezes?

Lines Blatantly Stolen from Reagan

"That's the news. Goodnight from WLAM. I'm Sarah Palin."

CNN graph doesn't seem to like when Palin opens her mouth

regurgitating the points sarah - Im not gonna answer yer questions...n she didnt sheesh nt

DU this CNN poll

America needs to ask itself....When Putin rears his head, how well is that folksy bullshit

The way you can tell Obama's right about "more of the same"

Biden won the CNN focus Group

Well i missed the first hour but heard the last 30 minutes on the radio, she sounded snarky

Let's be honest, ladies & gentleman. Did you

Well That Fucking Sucked

I was finally able to get on DU. For maybe an hour I couldn't connect here.

CNN 76% to 22% BIDEN!!! n/t

She never answered the questions she just rambled incoherently. nt

Biden/Palin has CRASHED DU!

"Boring and right versus exciting and wrong ..."

Palin completely showed her ass tonight. She clearly has no grasp of the issues

DU POLL NEEDS LOVE!!! Who Won The VP Debate??? VOTE

Once again - Rachel destroys Buchanan with a smile

not watching,just listening-she sounds like she's fixin_ to cry

Quote of the night from Palin "We need Senator McCain to leave" /nt

Well That Fucking Sucked

So, the debate polls will go some way to dictating whether the US is a legitimate country or not...


Palin Screws Up Name of Commanding General - Drops Civil War General Name Instead

Oh, thank god we're back


Okaly Dokaly, the female Ned Flanders sucked ass

"It's like she was portraying a character rather than someone you would like to spend time with"

Could not get into DU the entire debate (I am so proud of us)

The Ohio undecided voters (CNN meter) are idiots!

Quote of the night from Palin "We need Senator McCain to leave" /nt

What are the pundits saying on cable news?

Did you see how she snapped into "Stepford Wife" mode? Wow! One minute

Why have I been completely unable to get any pages to load for the past HOUR???

Geraldine Ferraro - STFU

Loved the Bridge to Nowhere comment

Did you see how she snapped into "Stepford Wife" mode? Wow! One minute

Palin Gets Name of Commanding General Wrong - Dropped Civil War General Name Instead

DU POLL NEEDS LOVE!!! Who Won The VP Debate??? VOTE

did we break it with our Palin related rage?



I got two polling calls during debate

did we break it with our Palin related rage?

Back up?

*****Official VP Debate Thread #3*****

Stop smiling, Joe!

*****Official VP Debate Thread #4*****

"How long have I been at this? 5 weeks? There's not a whole lot I coulda promised"

Wall Street is rearing it's head!!

Oh, conditions have changed!

Biden not doing as well on the CNN graph.

9:30 pm EST Who do you think is winning the debate?

something else rearing its ugly head!

Another rearin' head?

CNN has the "undecided meter" pretty fun to watch

She is totally regurgitating what she momorized!!!

"rearing their heads!"

so Palin's going after Wall Street - maybe they'll cut off the GOP.

She's just running down her list of talking points - no matter WHAt the subject is

"How long have I been at this? 5 weeks?"

She's doing much worse with women...


Palin Debate Drinking Game

McCain's health care plan = "The ULTIMATE Bridge to Nowhere"

Where are you guys watching the audience meter? nt


"I had to take on those oil companies up in Alaska"

Biden is getting pissed

These CNN "scorekeepers" are BULLSHIT

Bless their hearts...OMG she sucks...and bad

why don't you TELL US what Biden is saying

Oh, this debate is hideous.. (CNN "Meter")

OMG she is a manipulative witch and liar. She is not answering the questions.

Ultimate bridge to Nowhere!

Joe look in the camera and be a bit more lively

Official Wink Count Thread

Sarah Palin: "I'm for increased oversight and regulation" and "government is often the problem"

Honestly, how can she keep this up for another hour and ten minutes?

Has she called him "Joe" yet?

Good lord, next thing you know she's going to start saying "Yer darn tootin" ala Fargo.

I feel like NOT watching the debate ... am I alone?


Biden: "That $100 billion tax dodge is un-patrotic!"

Daymn Ultimate bridge to nowhere...Biden is THE MAN

did she just wink at us?

I honestly think Biden is absolutely destroying her so far

What's up with Biden's eyes??? Eye lift?? Vulcan??

Does anyone have BINGO yet?

Her folksy act is pathetic.

John McCain's Health Care Plan: "THE ULTIMATE BRIDGE TO NOWHERE" -- Joe Biden!

He's on topic, and the discussion is about issues - WE WIN!

did she just say Bush can't run the government lately?

I don't want a tax cut.

McCain Pays $300 In Health Deductibles, He Wants You To Pay 10 Times More

***** Debate DRINKING GAME! *****

I can't WATCH her, folks. Or LISTEN to her, for that matter.

Does it make sense to criticize the "feds" when you are running for VP?

*****Official VP Debate Thread #2*****

How DARE she talk about how much it will cost! As if they're not ...

Biden isn't pulling punches.

She's scared shitless.....

Did she just wink at the camera?

Is anybody else planning on NOT watching the debate?

Don't tell me what patriotic is, you blithering idiot.

Palin, a $5000 Tax Rebate doesn't cost the Government anything....


Warning !!! -Get Ready To Go To DefCon 5 !!!

I may not answer the question the way the moderator wants me

darn right. darn right. what does she say in private?

Biden talks to the moderator, Palin is talking to the camera.

Just a heads up: Judge refuses to block Alaska Troopergate probe

WTF ..she can't even

OMFG, I can't watch anymore.

Do not, repeat DO NOT play a drinking game!

Holy Memorization.. She is NOT TALKING.. she is RECITING !

Palin's already gettin' TESTY! She's on a team of MAVERICKS!

If you noticed, Gwenn, the governor did NOT answer the question!

Biden's doing great, I just love that guy; was hoping he'd set just this kind of cadence...

it may not be what you or the moderator want to hear

How long do stimulants last?

Biden is owning her!

Do not, repeat DO NOT play a drinking game!

Is it set up so Biden can't win?? Gergen "Lets not be too tough on her"

Pull The String, Say The Talking Point

She reminds me of a using psycho I used to know

"Absolutely not true. Barack Obama DID NOT VOTE TO RAISE taxes."


That's it...I can't watch anymore.

Isn't there a baseball game I can watch?

Darn'it, you betchya....

This woman is one empty headed moron!!!! nt

Biden just gave that "shit-eaten-grin"

Who wants to see a hillbilly make an ass of herself in front of millions of people?

Darn Right...WTF...huck a buck


I'm trying to watch this without bias... but I have serious problems listening to her speech pattern

What language does Sara Palin speak? Cause I cant understand a damn thing she say’s.

Darn it, Darn it isn't on my bingo card

"We are mavericks! We are mavericks!"

Group Hug Thread before the debate!

"Joe Sixpack and Hockey Moms need to band together and say NEVER AGAIN"

OMG the men's line is all the way down on drop

Does she look like the Runaway Bride or what?

WTF is Palin talking about????

Is the "debate" only on PBS?

She sounds like a ROBOT.

Palin's blinking into her bangs are annoying

Palin *demands* gov't regulation!

Oh. Good. Lord. or would that be What. The. Fuck?

*****Official VP Debate Thread #1*****

"Can I call you Joe?"

she winked!

Does anyone else think that this debate is being ridiculously OVER hyped?

This is a DISASTER already. She is speaking 95mph and parsing words



Ah, HERE we go!

Leave it to CNN to make this a sex based debate

Let's the game begin, debate has started, first question is about new bill on economy.

Someone tell me Biden doesn't have to go first the whole time...

There's a way of lowering the bar so much that it pins you to the floor

Palin measures economy by feedback frrom Soccer Moms. "I'll betcha you'll hear fear!"

She's going straight to the anecdotes.

The audience reaction graph on CNN is worth watching tonight (men vs. women)

Debate question:

McCain, Palin, earmarks, and the DNA of bears

Here comes the soccer parent reference....

What's missing from this election? Molly Ivins

Joe Biden prayer thread, I need west Coast DU'ers to pick up the praying!!!!

McCain concedes Michigan.

Change your avatar to JOE !! Send good energy! n/t

I've got my gin & tonic and I can't wait for the DU Xs to appear-- how about everyone else?

"Can I Call You Joe...?"

God help me, I don't think Palin could even name past VPs without thinking a long time

Chris Matthews CLEARLY thinks Palin is unqualified!

Chris Matthews CLEARLY thinks Palin is unqualified!'s feed is lagging behind's if you need an instant replay

Chet Edwards: ‘If You Look At McCain’s Record On Veterans Issues, It’s A Failed One’»

Are you more nervous for this debate than Obama's?

*** Official Sports Metaphor Debate Thread ****

USA Today editorial: Biden has been wrong 4 times on Iraq


can someone else post a list of online post-debate polls?

what my 80 year old mom and 88 year old Dad said about the debate


15 minutes till debate. Everybody freak out and run around your home.

"a noun, a verb and a bridge to nowhere"

Did Palin ever find those examples of McCain being for regulation and "bring 'em" to us?

Just for fun: O/U on use of the word "earmarks" in debate" 14½.

John King has his email up. Is his address

What a great night for women, isn't it ladies?

You know what I just realized?

Officials Reviewing Election Day Dress Codes - PA

Eight minutes and counting.

Is Alaska Visible From St Louis?

Anyone up for another IRC debate discussion?

So, in a word or a phrase, how are people feeling right now?

McCain's health plan stinks. Make sure you forward this link.

Anyone Think pale-in Will Do Worse Than Expected?

Sarah Palin is a Pox on all Women!

Cut and paste helper for tonight's debate:

More pre-debate bar-lowering: Palin adviser: "It's not fair to judge her off one or two sound bites"

Overture! Dim the lights! This is it! The night of nights!

Hey have you guys heard that there is Vice Presidential debate tonight?

I can HARDLY wait until the "better than expected" spin starts

I thought I just heard KO say that McCain wants W to veto

FauxNews just previewed Dilldo'Reilly's interview with Barney Frank. Dilldo goes all apoplectic.

KO made a good point. He said tonight the audience is supposed to be silent...

John King on CNN,"I have a lot of emails saying tonight Palin's performance can lose my vote

I'm a PTA leader. I am only 2 career moves away from VEEP??! WTF?

Obama and McCain’s Ads: Equally “Negative”

McCain's cousin: McCain has changed

ROFL...WHo heard Keith Just say "ChairmanMao"???

CNN is going to have a running fact check,with sources.

Politico: From Tonight's Palin Playbook -- She plans to attack Biden with his own words

Appalachian Mine Workers For Obama

"Please, dear God, don't let me fuck up"

People: Michelle Obama Reveals How Barack Won Her Over

OMG- Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann: possible Palin strategy @ debate - we never saw this coming!!!

Georgia: Black turnout high in early voting

Palin With An Earpiece For Debate - Tin Foil Hat Territory or Totally Possible?

Palin Likes Ferraro More Than Any US Vice President

McLame's Cheesy Pander, Gets "Emotional" at "Women's Town Hall" (VIDEO)

Video found of Obama's final 34 day strategy for Victory

Predict the viewership for tonight's debate

The PALIN Rap!!

Anybody watching Keith? lol!

"If we reported it, it's fact."


vote for Biden bear (needs help)

McCain Campaign Unviels Palin-bot For Convention (Hundreds Swoon)

Let the games begin...

Which channel has the live track poll info?

How should someone debate someone stupid?

Reverse sexism...

Is There Going To Be A Bingo Card Tonight?

So where's the IRC chatroom for the VP debates?

People on CNN On Crack - SP has some a long way, and she has done great


Tonight............Money Talks, Bullshit Walks....!

Well, there is one undisputable thing we have learned from the election cycle.

Wtf? "Oh Michelle you got an arm too?" Obama snidely ribbed his wife…..".

In One Hundred and Twenty Minutes......

She had notes in the Governors debate just look at this

What does McToken have to do to be perceived as the LOSER by pundits tonight?

$100,000 for Obama!

What if it comes down to selfishness?

I'm warming up my "clickin" finger for all those post debate polls!

Screw Tweety/KO Co-hosting all evening

K.O. Tonight. B4 the debate!

My new wink collection

Beautiful men/women over 50?

Chet Edwards on McCain and Veterans

Palin Gets Name of Top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Wrong

Joe Biden at VP Debate: Offshore Accounts are Unpatriotic

Biden Israel policy an 'abject failure' @ WUSTL Debate

Palin: "How Long Have I Been At This? Like Five Weeks?"

Joe Biden on John McCain: Maverick He Is Not

Palin On Nukes: Be All, End All

Joe Biden gets emotional @ Washington University Debate

Palin: Economy's A Toxic Mess on Main St. Affecting Wall St

Biden Talks About Being A Single Father

Palin: Biden Supported McCain on War "Adamantly" Until Race

CNN Poll: Biden Wins Debate 51 - 36

Biden: "How Different is John McCain's Policy going to be than George Bush's?"


Maddow on Palin's Idea of Expanded Powers for VP

10/2/08 VP Debate: McCain's Health Care Plan "Ultimate Bridge to NOWHERE"

Sarah Palin Winks

10/2/08 Vice Pres. Debate: Biden Calls out McCain/Palin for Being the SAME AS BUSH/CHENEY

Palin blames the "toxic mess" on Main Street for affecting Wall Street. And she's a Main Streeter.

Cokie Roberts is doing what she does best and that's 'snortin' Cokie.'

For the Times they are a Changing..... Young Dylan Live 1964

"Fight Rather Than Think" (Great New Ad)

Palin Can't Defend John McCain, Can't Answer Question

Sarah Palin's Drill Team Theme Song by Amy London

Neighbor to Neighbor How-To

Register to Vote in Ohio!

Neighbor to Neighbor

Mac-Mansion for Sale~ (McCain's AZ mansion)

Vice Presidential Debate: "Maverick He Is Not"

Debate: Joe Biden on his Achilles Heel

Bill Maher On The Jimmy Kimmel Show

Killbill - TARP Same bailout plan with lipstick on it - Defazio

KO on Biden / Palin Debate - Palin Wrong On Afghanistan

Biden Wins

Elizabeth Dole - Really???

Start of the Vice Presidential Debate

Special prosecuter appointed for US attorneys firings

VP Debate: Sarah Palin Seeks Expanded VP Powers as Cheney Did

Threat Of Financial Weapons Of Mass Destruction! = Rep. DeFazio

Ballads for Ballots Democratic Winner - Song of Hope

Sarah Palin 9/11 Scenario Played Out - SCARY

Biden scores big on Iraq, Palin loses big with 'white flag of surrender' comment

(Where's My) Money

Peggy Noonan's response to Palin mic slip

Lou Dobbs - Lobbyist Using Scare Tactics to push bailout!

Jessica Alba - The Muzzler 2008

Tripp Wellde on Iowa's Role in the Race

I'm Voting Republican

Obama commercial created from last night's debate.

Bush in 2000, Palin in 2008-Palin Channels *

Obama Ad: "Prescription"

Fox News Edits a Democrat to Make Him Look Worse

Fear Mongering Exposed By Rep. Sherman

Vice Presidential Debate-Who do YOU think Won?

Thanks But No Thanks

Obama on Current Unemployment Statistics, 750,000 jobs lost on '08

Biden Chokes Up Recalling His Family's History

Jessica Alba's Declare Yourself Challenge

VP Debate- Lipstick on a pig

Full Vice Presidential Debate with Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden

Senator Stevens Loses Mistrial Bid in Criminal Case

House Passes Historic Bill-The sh*t has hit the fan

VP Debate in Song and Dance

Palin-McCain "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye"

Obama campaign leases office space next to Greenville GOP headquarters

Bill Maher On Nightline 2006

David Gergen Appropriately Calls Palin 'Sarah Failin''

Register on Campus by October 6 in Michigan

Palin refuses to retract false claim that U.S. forces in Iraq are down to ‘pre-surge numbers.’

Joe Biden at Son's Deployment to Iraq: Stand Strong

The Biggest Fundamental Difference

[PRES] Obama: "Prescription" Ad

Obama on VP Debate, Job Loss & McCain's Tax Cuts for Wealthy

McCain Gives Up On Michigan In a Major Retreat

Obama: Fundamental change needed to help Michigan, nation

McCain: Let's Cut Off All Diplomatic Ties To Iran

Speaker Pelosi on the passage of the Bailout Bill


Wall Street trader becomes a monk

GAFFE: Sarah Palin's Subliminal Thoughts Escape

US threatens to steal Iraq oil money

Money-Market Rates Climb to Records, BOE Relaxes Funding Rules

US embassy moving to south London

Aussie boy breaks into zoo, feeds animals to croc

Independents preferred Joe Biden in vice presidential debate, local study shows(PA)

Boy, 7, breaks into zoo, feeds animals to croc

Cambodian, Thai troops said hurt in border clash

Lobbyist Hired by Freddie Mac to Work on McCain Is Now Senator's Aide (Mark Buse)

BIDEN: Ultimate 'Bridge to Nowhere' Ad

Pat Robertson foresees war soon in Mideast

This should be Obamas New Campaign Video (It's Incredible!!!)

TPMtv: The VP debate in 10 easy minutes

TYT: McCain Team Says Palin Doesn't Have to Answer Questions

TYT: GOP Works the Refs in the Debates

Biden vs. Palin On Cheney

On MSNBC, Chris Matthews observed Palin’s “lack of humility” in asking for more power:

New Honda Insight no Prius-killer

Police encircle the Bush Legacy Bus near Miami

Biden: McCain voted against troops @ Washington University Debate

Biden Shows How VP Answers Relevant Questions

You're Going To Guarantee A Depression!!! Ron Paul

Khmer Rouge men tried for murder

Wells Fargo to Buy Wachovia for $15.1 Billion

Bolivia bans U.S. anti-drug plane from flying over territory

SwiftKids for Truth: Maverick

Palin's Post Debate Vlog!

Robertson: Nuke strikes in US after the election

Can't Explain

Palin has no idea what an Achilles heel is (debate excerpt)

Agency’s ’04 Rule Let Banks Pile Up New Debt, and Risk

NBC: 5 of 7 have less favorable view of Palin after debate


Lobbying blitz ushers bailout bill back to House

Howard Dean on MSNBC today with Norah O'Donnell. Discussing debate.

Diddy Blog #24 - Sarah Palin Scares Me

Fake pollsters' scare tactics target Obama

Sighs and Lies (Ignert McSame ad)

New name pops up in federal corruption case(Justin Stiefel)

Big jump in Iraqi refugees in US (BBC)

Oregon City parents will appear in court in teen's faith-healing death

McCain As The Penguin-Heh, Heh, Heh....

McCain Loses More Ground on Electoral Map as he Waves the White Flag in Michigan

Michael Moore Sends Lawyers To Stop Slacker Uprising Sharing

Sarah Palin: "I wanna get back to Michigan and I wanna try."

Palin daughter, fiance consider summer wedding

Palin Explains Her Defintion Of VP-Will Seek Authority Over Legislative/Judicial Branches

CNN Debate poll says Biden won (51% to 36%), Palin beat expectations

Kingston Trio's Nick Reynolds, 75, dies.

Citigroup demands Wachovia end Wells Fargo Merger.

(ABC News George) Stephanopoulos: Top House Official Says House Has 230 Votes to Pass Bailout Bill

Palin to play ball with Big Oil

CBS Poll: More Uncommitted Voters Saw Biden As Winner

WHY! WHY! WHY! Dennish Kucinich

McCain Voted for 477 Tax Increases

Big audience for Joe Biden-Sarah Palin TV debate

Thug Curtis Sliwa Calls Biden Buddy Joey Danko at 6:00 am and Asks About Filling Up His Gas Tank.

Palin on McCain: "He is the man that we need to leave"

Sarah Palin reading from notes

GM to shut Ohio SUV plant by end of 2008 (1200 jobs gone)

Calif. congresswomen's brother missing at sea (Loretta & Linda Sanchez)

Judge: FEMA Not Immune From Toxic Trailer Suits

Gallup Daily: Obama Leading by 7 Points

Market falls on fears bailout won't save economy

Breaking: Judge dismisses lawsuit seeking to end Troopergate probe into Palin power abuse allegatio

(Wash. state Supreme) Court: Police don't have to pay for damage during raids

Hartford, Prudential, MetLife Credit Swaps Widen to Records

Ford Motor Co selling stock to pay debt

Frank Weighs in on the Biden v. Palin VP Debate

Sarah Palin blows.

Palin vows to be more accessible in coming weeks

VP Debate: Joe Biden on being a Single Parent

Report: Army making toxic mess in war zones

GOP lawmakers file appeal to halt Troopergate case

Commodities Head for Biggest Weekly Decline in Over 50 Years

India to seal big-ticket military deals

McCain Herbal Supplements-Letterman

Biden "Bridge to Nowhere" moment already a campaign ad

U.S. Stocks Drop as Recession Concern Outweighs Bailout Passage

US airstrike kills 3 in NW Pakistan -intelligence

Palins release tax records for 2007, 2006

Palin does not want to abandon Michigan

Jewish Army trainee in Ga. says he was beaten

Maddow vs Buchanan Post VP Debate

Palin On Fox News: Couric Annoyed Me

Fox News: Palin Won VP Debate Because She Had A Bigger Flag Pin

Payrolls fall by 159,000 in September - Job losses worst in 5 years

Layoffs Coming At Coca-Cola

Chevron Loses Major Lobbying Battle In Congress Over Ecuador Trade Benefits, Says Amazon Defense Coa

BREAKING: House Passes Financial Markets (Bailout) Bill 263-171

Car explodes outside Russian military HQ in South Ossetia; 7 Russians killed

McCain eyes Warren Buffet and Meg Whitman as potential Treasury secs

California may need $7 billion federal loan (CA locked out of credit markets)

(Senator Joe) Biden sends off son, Delaware troops to Iraq

VP Debate As Seen In Japan

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) Says Congress Threatened with Martial Law If Bailout Bill Is Not Passed

Credit markets to Washington: Bailout isn't enough

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 3

Fannie Mae forgives loan for woman who shot herself

David Plouffe on One Stop Voting in Ohio

Sarah Palin's Gaffe on McCain's Stand on Housing Foreclosure Crisis

Susan Rice Works the Spin Room -- Confronted By Daily Show's John Oliver. "Where were the gaffes?"

Voter On Why She Decided On McCain-Palin

The McCain Presidency: Day One

Congress passes solar tax credit - 10/3/2008

Melamine Contaminated Food List

Barney Frank Tears O'Reilly Apart

Lil' O'Reilly

Marianna teacher ‘told students what ‘CHANGE’ stood for’

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Ever Wonder What Is In The $800 Billion We Vote For Friday? (William Chirolas)

Do lies no longer matter?

Biden Relies on His Closest Adviser, His Sister

Can a Bailout Succeed?

What an Arrow Shaft Has to Do With a $700 Billion Rescue Plan

Tom Hayden: Obama's Bailout Strategy

Bend voters call 'pork' in bailout bill ridiculous

VP Debate: Clueless Shmoe Cites Shoeless Joe

The Vice-Presidential Debate

Lou Grant Sums Up the VP Debate

Sarah Palin survives, Joe Biden thrives in debate

Dionne: Hockey Mom on Thin Ice

Meet CREW: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

Palin Gaffe Reminiscent of Gerald Ford Circa 1976

A Statesman and a Sock Puppet

EDITORIAL: An insult to women

Peak Oil Notes - Oct 2

Jitters as John McCain slips back in swing states

Asia Times: The cost of 'no government'

Tom Shales: Palin Outdoes Herself, You Betcha

David Sirota: Saying ‘No Deal’ to This New Deal

About Palin: Didn't this Bush with the Bush Sound Like 'The Beaver?'

Community Reinvestment Act had nothing to do with subprime crisis

Power Play Led to Prosecutor’s Ouster; How Not to Fire a U.S. Attorney

Robert Parry: John McCain v. The Truth

John W. Dean: What History Has Taught Us to Expect About the Palin/Biden Debate

Revolutionary Times

Bailout scare talk

Older Children Abandoned Under Law for Babies

McCain's Fate Hangs on 3 States (PA, Minn,, and Wis - Politico)

Blue blood Palin wears a blue collar for Halloween.

US crisis: Boom time for law BPOs in India

BBC: Boy Fed Zoo Reptiles To Crocodile

Mexico Seeks To Decriminalize Small-Time Drug Use

Paul Krugman: Edge of the Abyss

Well, the Repukes got away with it

Krauthammer on GE - if nothing else read last sentence.

Economic Girlie-Man Cries Out for Help

Josh Marshall: The Growth of Talking Points Memo and Independent Media

Foreclosures: Did God Want You to Get That Mortgage?

Pelosi orders wide Wall Street probe (Politico) 9/16/08

The scariest thing John McCain has ever said

E&P: The Debate Over the Biden/Palin Debate: Once Again, A Pundit/Viewer Divide

'Political Theater, Not Debate' Says Branding Expert Alan Siegel

Blaming the Filter

McCain-Palin: The Audacity Of Audacity

Roger Ebert's Journal - Vice Presidential Debate

Slate readers nominate 10 Bush orders that the next president should scrap

"Palin all attitude and image to Biden's facts and focus"

America is not a Christian nation. Think about it.

Bankruptcy Reform’s Poor Legacy; Critics of 2005 legislation grow thicker as times grow harder...

The Obamas Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary

Russia-Venezuela Forge New Alliance

Waiting for Schadenfreude

Michigan Strikes Back at McCain, McCain to Leave Penn Next?

Why would a smart guy like Hank Paulson advance such a dumb, shady plan? (Bloomberg)

Ike: The Silent Storm

My own rant to a repug- sorry- pretty long

Friday Talking Points (50) -- Can I Call You Joe?

The Weekend Economists--October 3-5, 2008

Recruiting bonuses grow by 25 percent

Soldier dies after boxing match at Korea base

Report: Army making toxic mess in war zones

3 Bragg soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Military announces holiday mailing deadlines

Obama would scrutinize weapons spending

Soldier pleads guilty in blindfold deaths

Army investigates latest death at Fort Hood

Long-serving rescue submarine replaced

Waesche powers up major C4ISR components

(convicted felon) North to address Marine ball

Study examines effect of being medevaced

McKinley confirmed to head Guard with 4th star

Donley confirmed as Air Force secretary

In Afghanistan, waging battles of attrition

Driver error blamed in overturned rocket

Expedition turns into firefight

Kadena servicemembers Article 32 begins with revelations

Servicemembers question AAFES fuel costs

Army suspends 2nd ID colonel

Poles’ departure to be marked

Hydraulic Failure Caused Osprey Fire

DoD Takes Its Health Care Temperature

Debate Analysis: What They Got Wrong

Yale Law Students Protest ‘Don’t Ask’

Gas prices fall in U.S., but not in Japan

Rare type of pneumonia infecting troops

A-10s Bomb Anti-Afghan Forces

Navy Confirms Sunken Sub is Grunion

Former Marine faces torture, assault charges

Female Soldier Murdered Near Ft. Bragg

In Bed...With Sarah Palin

(Washington) State bar association supports same-sex marriages

My Cousin and Her Girlfriend got Married Today....

I know there's a lot of attention for Prop 8 in CA but we need help to defeat Prop 102 in AZ!!

If you venture over to CG:Presidential, put on your flack jacket before entering this thread:

The truth about that "liberal" against gay marriage

Clip of Biden in tonight's debate re: benefits for same-sex couples

WTF is wrong with Ellen, Rosie, Melissa and Elton!!??

My letter to the Obama-Biden campaign about Biden's and Palin's agreement on gay rights

The threads in GDP today, sparked by Biden's comments last night, have made me fucking nauseous.

McCain, Palin, earmarks, and the DNA of bears

Beijing Car Rules - "Asked What They Would Do If Restrictions Continued, 18% Would Buy Another Car"

Hundreds of plant species are in danger as Kew seed bank faces £100m shortfall

World Bank "Green" Energy Funding May Break The $3 Billion Mark . . . Someday - Reuters

Plant & Animal Species Disappearing In A "Tsunami" Of Extinction As WCC Preps For Quadrennial Meet

Sudden Thinning Of 1 Of Greenland's Biggest Glaciers - Jakobshavn - Linked To Warming Ocean Waters

More Than 1,000 Magellenic Penguins Have Come Ashore In Brazil As Far North As The Equator In 2008

Until Today's Listing Of 48 HI Species, Listings Per Year - Bush 1: 59 Clinton: 65 Bush II: 9.5

States sue EPA over water releases from ships

Shell Says Nigerian Oil Spills From Sabotage Rose 47% in 2007

Road funding options discussed in South Dakota

Crossing Paths In The Walkable City

UK: Customers spurn gas and oil for solid fuel

Power shortage haunts India as nuclear deal cleared

New Jersey: Huge Offshore Wind Farm Wins Approval

Israel warns Hizbullah war would invite destruction

ECO 101 (with John McCain)

Merrill Lynch CEO retained...

Who writes the policies?

Explain these, please

Treasury Auctions question related to bailout

Hedge Funds Snared In Alleged Fraud At Petters Group

So... any bets on whether banks will start selling credit now?

One possible explanation for "credit freeze"

Agency’s ’04 Rule Let Banks Pile Up New Debt

UCLA: U.S. union rates up substantially in 2008 for first time since 1970s, study shows

Today in labor history Oct 3 First time a president had personally intervened in a labor-management

Living wage ruling stands as high court rejects appeal ($1.6 million in back wages, Cintas)

Labor report indicates squeeze on tech sector

Palin Loves Union Health Care. What About Unions?

John McCain health care tax, please help me make this printable poster go viral


Bolivia bans U.S. anti-drug plane from flying over territory

MACHETERA: MEXICO, 10/2/68, Night of Tlateloco-the Death of the Student Movement

Suitcase affair defendant held military intelligence badge

Chevron Loses Major Lobbying Battle In Congress Over Ecuador Trade Benefits, Says Amazon Defense Coa

100 years of waiting down the drain

Dodgers-Cubs Game 1. How did Manny hit that ball out of Wrigley?

Are the Cubs cursed?

Great playoff moment form the Rays/Sox game yesterday.

Orlando Cabrera vs. Grant Balfour

C.C. Sabathia

Your impressions please?

Help me out, please.

Why does this Mercury retrograde suck so very, very hard?

Workers' sick days 'can predict early death'

Scientists trace AIDS virus origin to 100 years ago (AP/CNN)

Have you done a liver flush?

So, this web bot business....

more flowers and mountains

~~~OCTOBER Contest Theme - "NEED FOR CHANGE" ~~~

Photos from my Nepal trip

Study shows gun show regulations have no impact on homicides - suicides

McCain: "I favor the closing of the gun-show loophole."

Wow, the Pioneer Woman Cooks Linguine "Carbonara" makes a LOT of leftovers!

Paging Stinky....Paging Stinky

Should I keep it or take back?

Large Hadron Rap

Everyday plastic products cause brain and reproductive damage

Awards bestowed for serious studies of oddball scientific questions

I'm listening to NPR talking about tinfoil...

October Church Electioneering Action

Roger Ebert's Review of Religulous

Wall Street trader becomes a monk

"Blasphemy is a victimless crime."

I just saw Bill Maher's "Religulous" today. Thank god for Bill Maher! You MUST see this movie!

I need to eat better.

Some people want to have substantive discussions here.

Dallas schools set to begin layoffs next week

Last Weekend to Register to Vote - Deadline is Monday Oct 6th

Ex-soldier: Bin Laden was aided in escape

Just got home, missed the english debate

Nanos poll - gap narrows from 11 to 5

More plagiarism accusations surface

For some reason I missed this. Jon Powers lost his primary race. :(

I would like to publicly thank musette_sf.

Nails in my ears

Pawlenty in Spain

A thought about our October meet up

Investment in the current financial climate

Zombie Mandelson to return to government

Where exactly does Obama stand in your state?

You are not going to believe what I read in the local weekly paper... (Xpost form GDP)

McCain pulling out of Michigan to beef up in WI, OH and FL

Hmmm, wonder if anyone is free to help out on some research