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Archives: October 30, 2008

I'm officially calling the race for Obama.

He is Good!

Hope the Pickens army is watching

A tax cut for fuel efficient cars. Damn right.

A tax cut for fuel efficient cars. Damn right.

***Official Obama Special Swing-State Checklist***

Barack's :30 minute's program is a great close for those who think he is out of touch

I know we're watching the Obama Show, but I hope that the "undecideds" are too

I'm in Denver and Comcast just went out

I just got a Robocall from McCain - IN TENNESSEE!!!!

McCain Again Botches Khalidi Attack; Larry King Forced to Correct Him

OBAMA SPECIAL IS ON MSNBC LIVE !!! (Yes, even for west coasters!!5PM!)


Barack's Infomercial: American Stories, American Solutions (VIDEO)

Are the actions McCain is taking (robocalls in AZ and TN) designed more to save face than anything?

BTW, is anybody watching the new "Pushing Daisies?"

We need to get DVD copies of the Obama Show....

WHO has A Story?

Republicans have already given up

Oh yeah, he really blew it, didn't he?

When do you Dems running for Congress call a crime a crime?

Again Obama speaks in an arena. McBush speaks at bingo halls

My complaint!!...Its Too Damn Short!!!!

The Obama special is AWESOME!


dam, cryin..

President Obama should do these every few months when he is in office!

Wait...DID he change the numbers on the tax thing?

We just witnessed history. And, a good history it is. And,

Okay the logo at the end was way too cool!

Every moderate on the fence just jumped over to the left

Hardball guy Chris is saying some AWESOME stuff! I'm surprised!

Solid...... Solid as Barack.

Finally saw a Repuke ad for Pres TODAY.

Matthews: this guy exemplifies the American dream. He's the father who provides.



After Barack what is Bill Oreilly talking about........ Ayers

I don't want the show to end!!! Thank you Barack!!


Video: American Stories, American Solutions (Obama's 30-minute infomercial)

Obama's speech is up on youtube....

Barack has the thrity minute video up NOW!!!

Barack has the thrity minute video up NOW!!!

WOW just WOW!!!!!

Obama just crushed McCain and the Repubs

Listen to Tweety giving it to the racists!

We saw Obama speak in Raleigh. We watched his 30 min spot. Never, ever have we seen a more capable

LOL! The follow up to Obama's show here was a McCain ad...

live from the stadium ?? where? & please no password protected sites....

Ladies And Gentlemen! THAT Is Called CLOSING THE DEAL!

Wow, Obama broke into the live cast from Florida

That was 30 minutes? It seemed like 10.

That was fucking GREAT! Tears rolled down my cheeks. And if this country can't elect THAT guy,

I missed the damn thing, I have been checking ABC, didn't they run it?

Obama is starting off with a family from KC!!

"We are our brothers keepers" - thats not socialism that is real patriotism

History is happening NOW.

YES WE CAN CHEER...........Only 3 more months of BUSH... 83 days

John McCains response to Obama special tonight.

October 29th - BEST SHOT SNAPSHOT - 7% or better lead

We saw Obama speak in Raleigh. We watched his 30 min spot. Never, ever have we seen a more capable

It was like a Ron Howard production with Ry Cooder music

This is the last weekend you can tell your grandkids you canvassed for Obama.

One of the sharpest, best run campaigns EVER.

She governs AND shoots stuff! It's the official "2009 Sarah Palin Calendar."

KO: "What's left for McCain? Shake his fist at the sky and grumble?"


Negative McCain ad during first commercial break on World Series

Oh yeah, after that Infomercial there is only one picture to post!!!

McCain't commercials airing in.......

I'm a small business owner ready for Obama's health care reforms

Olberman mentioning McCain's robocalls in Arizona

If there is such thing as a re carnation this guy is JFK reincarnated

"... yet"??????????

Our Candidate has cleared every friggin hurtel the MSM has thrown up. Do you people

Check in here if you are weepy

Will the Paliniacs stay home on the 4th now???

Tried to log onto

Yahoo! News Front Page: Obama Promises Rescue Plan for Middle Class in Ad

Just An Early REMINDER! Obama Is Going To Be On The Daily Show Tonight! nt

Just An Early REMINDER! Obama Is Going To Be On The Daily Show Tonight! nt

He never even mentioned McKickedtotheCurb

I swear to god

OMG--A McCain ad right before the World Series restart--and you know what the tag is?

FOX offered McCain the same 30 minutes as Obama, but...

I need to hug somebody like right now - I mean ASAP.

I'm Voting for That One


KEITH - please, I am begging you


Obama for President (The Villager / W&E Village, Chelsea, Soho, Noho, Little Italy, Chinatown ..)

I'll Bet McCain &Palin scrambling to cut corners so they can buy 1-minute of TV time

I just realized who Savage reminds me of


Best fuckin' show ever is on now. Watch it OR ELSE!!!

Best fuckin' show ever is on now. Watch it OR ELSE!!!


So the Repubs want to cry "socialist," huh?

So the Repubs want to cry "socialist," huh?

THIS is my lifesaver!

My 10 Year Old Just Watched The Presentation and said "McCain must be thinking

First Home Run Of The Night, Had NOTHING To Do With The World Series.

Francis Fukuyama endorses Obama

Now..... who still thinks the half-hour ad buy was a bad idea?

100% positive, visionary, and uplifting w/out one single reference to his opponent


I'm exhausted, drained, played, done, toasted, fried

Dumb and Plumber

Louisiana Elections & Politics ; Endorsement: Barack Obama for president

You are the ones....

OMG! That was awesome!!!

ANSWER HIS CALL: The Ball is in our Court

Until he talked about his mama, I didn't cry..... but oh boy.... when he talked about his mama....

Best moment of the Obamamercial?

"He's not ready....yet"

KO's comment is disarmingly funny

Obama show reruns??? Anybody?

30 Obama minutes and not one diss of our opponents --- all positive and on message!


Midwesterners, Are you watching Obama now?

Obama 's New Rule of Politics: Act Like Your Opponent Doesn't Exist

As a former Louisvillian, it was nice to see Obama kick McConnell in the teeth

Who is older? McCain or Larry King?

I love it when Rachel prmos her interview with Barack.

16 months ago, I said, "No way, He can't win against Hillary. He's just too new."

I was in a bar tonight...

Joe the Hedge Fund Manager

Why can McCain do now other than shake his fist at the sky?

If you can't watch the ad on TV - it's already on Youtube.

I missed it!

Any guesses as to the viewership of the Obama fireside chat?

We're going to win. Watching that ad, I could just feel it.

One of the best things about the 30 minutes -- NO McCAIN mention. None.

Busloads of Fundies

Busloads of Fundies

Out. Of. The. Park.

I coach my daughter's soccer team and tonight we had an "indoor" game...

On Countdown Tweety was HOT FOR OBAMA for about two minutes.

CNN Now. They're updating EV Map. O (286)

For those who still believe in the myth of the "undecided voter" Rachel just offered

Who Else Is Sick Of McPain Claiming His Racist

The response? (AKA that other shoe)



Shays concedes McCain defeat

Funny animated gif! McCain is confused!

Larry King just pissed on McCain's Khalidi parade.

Gov. Easley just took McCain apart!

The flies sure are thick in here, tonight....

Texas Early Voting thru October 28, 2008

Rachel Maddow just mentioned McCain delaying the start of the NFL season

Here comes the October surprise attempt.

Nuggets #15 Carmelo Anthony supports Obama!

How do I get pictures from a memory strip to DU????????

Obama Not Qualified? GMAFB!!

Bending like a reed in the wind, flowing like water 'round the rock, Obama kicks ass Gandhi style

Has Anybody Ventured Over To Freeper Land To See What They Are Saying About Obama's Ad?.....

So is every Florida Republican gonna start talking about "the curse of Obama" if the Phills win ?

McCain is on the phone right now asking Joe 'wannabe' Plumber for advice

I had to work. WHERE CAN I WATCH IT?

My Response to my boss about the Re-Distribution of wealth BS

Donate again to Senator Obama to promote him to President!

So another reality post on polls - courtesy of realclearpolitics...

My GOV is on Rachel again!!

Not sure where this post belongs, but I feel incredibly hopeful that

Case Closed

What I've Learned from Obama's Campaign: Money does matter

CNN is calling the 30min ad the Obamamercial!

My friends, I hope to never again hear the phrase, my friends, after next Tuesday

Why is Olbermann pimping that flawed Gallup showing a 3% Obama lead?

O.K., Tell The Truth, Did You Cry?

I finally figured it out. John McCain is the ass-crack in Joe the Plumbers jeans

I finally figured it out. John McCain is the ass-crack in Joe the Plumbers jeans

I wish the early voting places were still open. I was going to vote on the traditional day

6% who voted in Florida don't know who they voted for President!

Another Octogenarian Private Ryan

Stupid ass Drudge cherry picking his polls again saying the race is EVEN

You know, now I think the next five days are going to BREEZE by.

Brisk absentee voting signals big turnout in Minn.

Pittsburgh's Fox Affiliate ran a test of the Emergency Alert System during Obama's Special

OK I think it's crunch time now enough with the POLLING it's time to VOTE

McCain's"yet" ad: font layout subliminally spells b LACK (little b on top line, LACK right below it)

who is crying???????????????

I'm a damned cranky, late 50s white guy, cynical, who doesn't know tears. That was just moist eyes.

Even in the rural heartland, Obama has sparked an explosive conversation (Ash on MO / The Guardian)

Larry King is a spineless..

Where was Colin Powell?

Not Trying To Show "Concern," But Did Anyone Notice When It Said People Making < $200,000

John, Martin and Bobby would be proud of Obama tonight

Sally Ride Endorses Obama

Not what I expected....

Does McCain even have a plan to help those with disabilities?

LOL: McCain Camp Responds To The Obamercial.

Aren't you glad that Joe "The God Damned" Plumber is working for the other side?

THAT BITCH JUST WOKE MY BABY, ARRGGGH. Thanks for calling Sarah *$#@*!


Remember INTERNAL campaign polls are no where near accurate as polling firms

Random Q -- anyone have the pic of Obama with the little poodle

what about the $200,000 tax break for the family?

Interesting Polling Point survey - what do you think of these questions?

If you don't want to cry don't watch this video with Obama

If you don't want to cry don't watch this video with Obama

When they went to the live shot tonight where was Obama? It looked like huge crowd.

WOW. CNN Larry King caption's: "Is Obama Buying the Election?"

WOW. CNN Larry King caption's: "Is Obama Buying the Election?"

Phillies WS Champs!

Pass It On - Why I Will Not Vote For John McCain

I always harbored a tinge of sadness that I didn't live in FDR's time...

What if McCain had chosen to run a positive campaign?

Damn you Barack Obama!!!!

Has Anybody Ventured Over To Freeper Land To See What They Are Saying About Obama's Ad?.....

I saw McShame on tv in Florida and the

Smart move Obama. He is OWNING the media today.

Great Carly Simon/Obama video. This got posted just when

EJ Dionne hit the nail on the head

(Watching the Obamercial online). My God. Where did this guy come from?

"If you vote for it it will come." Great line just put forth by E.J. Dionne on

CSpan Concern Troll time - "Was it smart? Was it Excessive?

Larry King has dissapointed me.

I remember Mike Dukakis running a lousy campaign. Is McCain's worse?

I remember Mike Dukakis running a lousy campaign. Is McCain's worse?

Will C-SPAN carry Obama/Bill rally?

Why isn't there more media about McCain's GAMBLING PROBLEM?

McCain is down to the anti-LA Times vote... whatever that is

"I will not be the perfect president..."

live keith olbermann on now! n/t

Obama ad. EXCELLENT!!

Latest GOP Leak: 2 days after election top conservatives to meet in VA to revive Party

Mike Malloy: "Who is this ASSWIPE?" (Joe the "plumber")

Dear R Party- Karma!

Can't think of a SINGLE thing anyone could fault in Obamamercial

Wow! Ron Paul Is Going To Be On Rachel Maddow Bashing Palin

Wolfson: Money Well Spent

YET my wrinkled old hairy ass

Two to one Dem. turnout in places like NV and NC-Nate Silver.

I Didn't Cry, Nope, Not Me, Never Happened. Crying Is For Sissies

Emmy worthy?


Something I thought about after seeing the "Obamercial"

That infomercial sure wasn't no...

What was the estimated crowd in Florida with Obama & Bill Clinton tonight?

Obama has grown men crying everywhere after that piece

Where McCain was (is?) going with JTP.

The 200K Tax Cut and the 250K Tax Freeze Explained

Does anyone have a link to Obama's speech?

“This cake looks baked”

McCain: the biggest SOCIALIST of all - Personally spent $86 MILLION

American Stories, American Solutions - an interactive speech

Self Delete.

JFK died 45 years ago in November--it's taken all this time to get

I love Tweety. What do you WANT from a black person in this country?

Political News from Phillies Victory!!!

Hey John McCain! THAT'S MY M*Fucking MONEY that Obama's got! Make sure to tell AC360 at CNN!

Why am I seeing Republican ads on DU??!!

Isn't the PLO recognized as the representative of the Palestinian people by the US and Israel?

"Gimme ONE good reason why I should vote for Obama"

Obama -Clinton on C-Span!

***Follow to up*** Ed Rollins on CNN His OBL comment ---

Video shows the proper way to deal with all the overly concerned DUers

Analysis: Obama on his way toward election win

Lol! @ the Puma nerd on faux right now!

I Got the Feeling that CNN is PO-ed at Barack

Are any of you watching C-Span? Racist freepers are calling in

I think Rachel Maddow just gushed, LOL.

"The strategic brilliance of this 4 Obama is that he is going to consume 24 hours of the news cycle"

Best week ever

Does anyone have a link for the ad yet?

We need people like this guy to vote for Bob Barr if we hope to win Georgia

Obama wins with 291 EVs when counting states with a 7 point or more lead in the polls! (Up 5)

Obama wins with 291 EVs when counting states with a 7 point or more lead in the polls! (Up 5)

We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident. That All Men Are Created Equal.

FYI -- Philadelphia Phillies are World Champs!!

Obama on TDS will be up against Obama/Clinton live.... LOL

Obama on TDS will be up against Obama/Clinton live.... LOL

Who's canvassing and/or phone banking tomorrow?

I Loved The Ad, But...

Just Donated 2 Cents to McCain as "Joe Plumber" - WHAT PROTECTION?

John McCain admits he's a liar; “But I could tell from the desperate looks of my staff

After listening to an hour of Wing nut calls on CSpan, responding to the 30 min Obama spot:

I'll tell you this... the People Behind Obama have been Underestimated...

What's Real About the Split In Virginia (Marc Fisher / WaPo)

Obama-Clinton delayed until 11:30et

DU we can be proud that we were apart of the most honorable campaign in modern history

R2K Polls: Indiana: Obama 47, McCain 47.....Nevada: Obama 50, McCain 45

Need advice on planting some McCain literature

13-year-old reporter's verdict on Obama/McCain (you'll like it)

The Page: HUGE CROWD GATHERING IN FL for Bill and Barack

I HATE this photo!

The Official Presidential...

The STATE Polls are NOT Tightening!! Maybe the national ones are but who cares???

I am truly and will forever be disappointed in John McCain as he stands by

OMG: Goin' Rouge TDS!!!

ON C-SPAN: The last and next Democratic Presidents.

Cnn just did a good fact check on this Rashid Khalidi business, said it was just misleading

BBC World News coverage of The 30 MIN to a media expert - was it $ well spent?

Having watched "Field of Dreams" five times in the past. Obama was very wise in using

OMG anti-McCain 527 ad just aired on CNN

McKinney and Nader should do the right thing and tell their supporters to vote Obama.

Obama on the Daily show tonight coming up now.n/t

Head's up!!! Obama's Live agian

this freeper post just about sums up, well hell I don't know what it sums up, in Jesus name

Gov Palin, it's 11 o'clock on Wednesday. Do you know where your medical records are?

*** Big Dawg Talkin' Now (live MSNBC)

I'm glad the race is "tightening" (As long as it's not really tightening)

Obama & Bill Clinton Rally in Florida - LIVE VIDEO Stream

The Real Scoop on Florida Early Voting:

Conservative Francis Fukuyama endorses Obama

Any word on whether Kerry is taking Biden's spot as Senate Foreign Relations Chairman?


"I shared some toys with my friends when I was in kindergarten-further proof that I am a Communist"

*** Official Daily Show Obama Thread****

Barack and Bubba !...The Fundies have to be mixing the Kool-Aid now !

Joplin, MO newspaper endorses 1st Democratic pres candidate in 100 years!!!

"This man must be our President."

Anybody know how soon before we'll get preliminary Neilson ratings for Obama's ad buy?

MSNBC now covering Obama and Clinton rally in Fla!

OMG! Send this (personalized) email "newscast" to your friends to GOTV!

OMG! Send this (personalized) email "newscast" to your friends to GOTV!

Bill Clinton: "There is so much promise and so much peril"

Is there somewhere I can watch MSNBC live over the internet? Thanks. nt

Funny but true: watch this clip Obama supporter!

I will get the UTMOST satisfaction when Obama wins and these STUFFY repub pundits have to eat shit.

The Decided Go in Droves to Vote Early (NYT)

"It's cool being President, but being an astronaut, that's something else."

Palin is coming to Raleigh this weekend... GOP is limiting seating to distributed tickets in advance

McLiar took family vacation at taxpayers' expense: The Nation

McLiar took family vacation at taxpayers' expense: The Nation

I haven't been on the Greatest Page today. So, please help a brother out

I haven't been on the Greatest Page today. So, please help a brother out

The Big Dawg is kicking McCain's ass!

Odds McCain Will Go Into A Full Meltdown Before Election Results Are Announced?

Odds McCain Will Go Into A Full Meltdown Before Election Results Are Announced?

aaaargh! I think my friend just voted for McCain....

Since Obama is our 2012 candidate as president, I am voting Palin in the primaries!!!

GOBAMA! To heal this country!

McCain campaign issues a statement: "Tampa Bay still 'functionally tied' with Philadelphia"

**** delete ****

Carla Figorfuckup is backkk and she looks like she has been sleeping in a box

Barack and Bill are laughing at McCrank's campaign...

I had to work. Any link to Obama's message tonight?

I smite single polls from here on out. I suggest you do, too.

Obama is on fire!

So you're going to lose your job, your wife or husband is going to leave you, you're getting cancer

So you're going to lose your job, your wife or husband is going to leave you, you're getting cancer

"I used to split my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and that makes me a redistributionist."

What will you do if the Republicans steal another Presidential election?

It would have been awesome if he came out and tried to sell "The Cornballer"

Big Dog tearing it up on MSNBC!

I think that was the first time Bill had heard about Obama's peanut butter story

Colbert endorses Obama, not that he will vote for him

I'm always amused at Arizona being called a 'Republican' State.

I am an absolute nervous wreck.

This election will be:

Why this election doesn't matter

CNN cuts off Barack....There must be a Palin rally...

99.9% of plumbers make less than a quarter million dollars of year.

If the last 6 hours haven't pumped you up and melted away your "concern"....nothing will

Speaking of the c-word--should I be concerned that Obama's been down on Intrade?

CNN cutting away from Obama's speech

Deval Patrick has plenty of looks & personality. Will he take Ted's seat

How much is the RNC paying Joe the Non- Plumber?

It's like watching Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali on the same stage.

I just got an email from my friend who lives in Prescott az

Informercial buyer beware..hogwash. Obama. Put directly in the White House.

Bill Clinton - We need a President who can understand and wants to understand


The party's over ..

Interview with Sarisha Palin -- This is fall out of your chair funny.

We live to fight another day--FIVE DAYS UNTIL THE ELECTION!

Election Night Party ...our local county dems are having a party. I can't wait

Big Dawg 1.0 and Big Dawg 2.0 on the stage at the same time....

z0MG!!1!!!11 Nate has McGramps with a 4.3% win percentage!!!

You Know That Cialis Ad That Shows A Man & Women In A Bathtub Looking At The Sunset......

You Know That Cialis Ad That Shows A Man & Women In A Bathtub Looking At The Sunset......

Thank you so much Mods

35,000 people at that rally per the Fire Chief.

Oh Shit Obama is being Eloquent and Intelligent!

went off today on a guy in the store check out line. he was talking loudly to anyone who listened

USA Today- Obama uses his TV time well

Wow...No Online Polls to DU about the Ad?

The republicans now pushing "We don't trust the polls" you know this is bullshit right?

WOW! Guys can wear it TOO? McCain's Web Site is selling "Elisabeth Hasselbeck Design Red T Unisex!"


Tax law makes me crazy

Do you personally know anyone who voted for or would have voted for Bush who will vote for Obama?

Is there a link to watch Obama's 30 minute thing?

Wouldn't it be cool if Barack could save Christianity from the repugs?

I love this clip in Huff Po.

Mark Halperin on CNN: "It was F'n Brilliant!! n/t

My kids' school voted today and

I am so very sorry. Ya'll know why

Palin's subtly racist remark?

Tonight I was fortunate to be in the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise (Ft. Lauderdale) FL for Obama

Obama: "99.9 % of plumbers make less than $250,000 a year"

Palin / Wurzelbacher 2012

McCain vs Palin, Obama, Bush, and now the Ohio GOP

Message from Bill & Hillary Clinton (video, 38 seconds)

The best part of the Obamamercial was

Chris Shays said that McCain is no longer a maverick.

Florida elections supervisors, Florida Republicans...not so happy with Charlie

Where there any Focus Groups tonight???

I never doubted the Clinton's would come through

Had intended to post Zogby numbers but the site is jammed with traffic. Page won't load!

Had intended to post Zogby numbers but the site is jammed with traffic. Page won't load!

My Sincere Apology to Obama Supporters

Roger Cohen (NYT): American Stories

Is Kissimmee prime Republican country in Florida?

Since drudge is not talking about Zogby..

DRUDGE, "Accuracy Of Polls a Question In Itself"

Obama's Zogby lead jumps to 7! (from 5)..... Drudge, not surprisingly, is silent....

Thank you Pres. Bill, only now do I believe that Dems are together as one No poll narrowing today or for the last week

RCP Average 10/22 - 10/28 49.9 43.9 Obama +6.0

RCP Average 10/22 - 10/28 49.9 43.9 Obama +6.0

As a first time voter, I couldn't be more proud of my candidate

deleted--people are taking offense.

I don't trust the Zogby numbers, they are not on Drudge yet!!!

Awesome new AD: MAKE HISTORY!

Am I wrong to start respecting Ed Rollins a little bit?

Ok... really?

I'm still stoked about seeing the Big Dawg and the Cool Cat tag-teaming McCain in Florida

538 question

538 question

Bill in tears of laughter...

Wow, look at these New Hampshire numbers, 3 polls: Obama +18, +24, +25

Sarah "Scandalicious" Palin

Obama "White people haven't gotten the memo about the Bradley effect"

Waves? Seriously?

Where is that Alternate DU site if the impossible happens & DU goes down on 11-4?

Colbert is good tonight.

Obama will tax Oprah $16m, McCain will give her $9m back= $25 million difference

my DAD was in the Obamamercial...

Obama - Already presidential VS Corporation Banks - not so grand

****Official Keith Olbermann Countdown Thread!****


Interesting: Bill said that we should not be fooled by low gas prices,

Dress Sarah Palin!

What channel to watch on election night? Who'll have the most numbers

What channel to watch on election night? Who'll have the most numbers

So how many people do you think watched Pres. Obama's first address to the American people?

More "unexplained" vote flipping from ES&S vote systems

Do you believe in signs ? Check this one out then...

I'm proud of our campaign

323,447 have watched Obama's 30 min ad on youtube so far

KO said that McLame is having to run robocalls in...Arizona!!!!!

My prediction for the EC: best, most likely and worst case scenarios

Sarah Palin already has a new gig lined up

New Ad: "Don't Let Up" - Very Funny

LeBron James holds rally for Obama in Ohio today

Countdown: Five More Days.

MSNBC Survey about infomercial....Great responses..


AP: Democrats dominate early voting in key states


Sarah Palin holds a national security roundtable in Erie, Pennsylvania

How many people were at the Obama-Clinton rally in Orlando tonight?

How many people were at the Obama-Clinton rally in Orlando tonight?

Sarah Palin Goin' Rogue....on the Daily Show...hysterical...don't miss it!

So far, that we know of, FOUR (4) ethics violations complaints against the failin`Palin`.

This is the very definition of a Tipping Point if ever I've seen one..

If there was a wall that you could put someone against, who would that be...

Did anyone see the Palin segment on Letterman tonight.

The Rising

Selzer Indiana Poll: Obama 46 McCain 45

1. Philosophy, 2. Policy, 3. Ability to make a decision, 4. Ability to execute a decision

1. Philosophy, 2. Policy, 3. Ability to make a decision, 4. Ability to execute a decision

** Videos: Bill and Barack in Kissimmee, FL 10/29 + free pie recipe! **

Zogby poll-Obama 50/Mccain 43- Obama expands lead!!

Tonight's Daily Show - Video link ...Obama's Appearance! (prefaced by Sarah the rogue)

So, let me get this straight...

Just wanted to remind republicans; 911 = REPUBLICAN FUCK-UP.

Evangelicals and Rural Americans Are Breaking Big for Obama

How Y'all Doing This Morning?

How Y'all Doing This Morning?

Palin's anti-Catholic connections: send this link to your Catholic friends! (Mormons too)

In the Eyes of the World...Obama will do America Proud....Just wait....he gonna do it

Who is the current leader of the Democratic Party?

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck

A Nice Break: "The Way to Happiness" Commericals [Video]

A Nice Break: "The Way to Happiness" Commericals [Video]

Should Obama go to Arizona now that he is only down by 4 there? Would show McCain is struggling

Look at this beautiful Alaskan Obama symbol.

Thursday's Public Schedule for Barack and Joe

You have to admit--winning both Ohio and Florida would be icing on the cake.

New TIME/CNN polls: O up in PA +12, NC +6, NV +7, OH +4 - all over 50%. Pluse AZ M 53 - O 45

Ok, let's help pay for it now - donate again if you can - 20.08

"If Obama wins, it'll be bad for you."

The Polls are tightening! The Polls are tightening!

Brilliant as always, McCain uses Ivory soap ad to deny racism will affect the vote...

Freepers react to the Zogby tracking poll.....

I just got back from the bar, and I'm pumped

Remember, tonight's TV special won't show up in the polls...

Should Obama shift to 100% positive ads from now until Tuesday?

Should Obama shift to 100% positive ads from now until Tuesday?

Experts warn of 'bandwagon effect' .... YES !!!

Ha ha ha is this RNC ad about Sarah Palin? (sorry if dupe)

i hate the media

Judge orders paper ballots in Pennsylvania

Palin faces new ethics complaint over kids' travel

Is there a new Pennsylvania poll that I haven't seen?

NC early voting 210,925 Wednesday

WP TV critic Tom Shales' "American Stories" review: "poetic and practical, spiritual and sensible"

I am enjoying this map

Can Obama Squeeze In A Surprise Minnesota Appearance To Help Al Franken?

I'm standing in line with my wife for early voting. Who should I vote for?

Will the Election be Called For Obama Before Palin Makes It Back?


Palin throws McGramps under the bus!

Politico's Roger Simon: McCain camp trying to scapegoat Palin

NBC,,, Mason Dixon O(47) /M(43) likely voters in PA

National Review: Women who don't support Palin are just upset about their abortions

Oh NOES! Obama +4 in PA - same polling outfit that had him +2 in September there

Pumpkin Carvings Anyone?

Maybe Obama's best line to date, "I Won’t Throw the First Punch, But I Will Throw the Last One."...

Election day *WEATHER* - 6 days out

CNN/TIME POLLS: Obama +12 in PA, +6 in NC, +7 in NV, +4 in OH, -7 in AZ

Time/CNN poll has Obama 55% to 43% in PA

Senator Obama, don't spread Joe the plumber's wealth around.

Fox News Labels McCain a Democrat

Fox News Labels McCain a Democrat

Caption Barack and The Big Dawg.

Cindy McCain Profile on GMA This Morning

Here's The Only Electoral Map Worth Talking About

The passing of the torch

The passing of the torch

Those Mason-Dixon polls are quite suspicious, to say the least

Anger in Philadelphia: CIGNA+McCain=Murder by Spreadsheet

*** OFFICIAL *** Obama-supporters Thread of Engloatenment !!! **********

Caribou Barbie on GMA

Politico: Undecideds an unlikely ‘life raft’ for McCain

For Sale: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...

Daily Show or Bill & Barack?

Okay, now choose one word that sums up why people choose to be Republicans?

Morning Joe: Google for Government

I still wish the 30-minute show had included...

I just saw that "Godless" ad of Elizabeth Dole's.

Obama moves Americas emotions.............McCain moves Americas bowels................any questions?

Kudos to Yahoo! for continuously stressing state-by-state electoral map polls

PA TRACKING POLL: Obama 54 (+1), McCrypt 41 (-1)

Obama at Rallies in Nevada & Indiana; Biden in Ind. and Delaware

Clip from CNN: McCain "I'll sit down with the Castro bros.. after they empty their political prison"

Wasn't there news last week about Palin and her medical records?

November 1, 2004

"a little like having Elvis and Bruce Springsteen on the same ticket. "

"a little like having Elvis and Bruce Springsteen on the same ticket. "

"a little like having Elvis and Bruce Springsteen on the same ticket. "

Richard Wolfe (Newsweek) Obama eyeing late raid into Arizona

Richard Wolfe (Newsweek) Obama eyeing late raid into Arizona

PHOTO: Bill and Barack - I'm Voting For That One!

The Decided Go in Droves to Vote Early

** My Voting Experience **

Keith Olbermann should name Joe Scarborough "Worst Person...

Keith Olbermann should name Joe Scarborough "Worst Person...

Daily Kos (Research 2000) Poll: Obama 50 (no change), McCain 45 (+1)

Joe the Plumber (Sam the Scab) WAS and IS a plant, no doubt about it

Joe the Plumber (Sam the Scab) WAS and IS a plant, no doubt about it

I love that CHICAGO is going crazy with Obamamania. . .I love my city!

Obama +19 in Minnesota!

Selzer: 46-45 Obama in Indiana.

So let me get this straight; McCain thinks Obama should have socialized his campaign, too?

Nice cartoon from my local Murdoch rag in Australia... Maverick & Goose are in trouble.

I waited 3.5 hours to post this--Chris matthews let Tom DeLay have free reign

DOJ rules in favor of Ohio voters

After the Obama Commercial - Where will the polls be Saturday? Up? Down? Unchanged?

After the Obama Commercial - Where will the polls be Saturday? Up? Down? Unchanged?

After the Obama Commercial - Where will the polls be Saturday? Up? Down? Unchanged?

McCain web site offering new product for sale: McCain Plant

If McCain wins, will Joe the Plumber be our next Secretary of State?

Even most racist people I know are voting for Obama

One of the major Scientific Journals, Nature, endorses....

Meanwhile in INDIANA Obama 46% McCain 45% per Indy Star Poll

Meanwhile in INDIANA Obama 46% McCain 45% per Indy Star Poll

Larry Sabato Predicts Huge Gains For Democrats

The "trickle-down" of bad economics has reached central PA.

ENOUGH DAMMIT: Foxnews this morning asking if obama will clear

Rasmussen-The McCain Surge Has Stalled O- 51% M 46%

So when do you think the worm actually turned on the Republicans?

Obama to be interviewed by Rachel Maddow tonight...

McPalin Civil War: Where's the MSM love?

McPalin Civil War: Where's the MSM love?

Where are Palin's medical records?

Obama's Commercial MAY JUST GET US 61 SENATE SEATS (yes, that's 61)

OMFG!!! Who Saw The Anti-PALIN Advertisement?!?!?!

Obama did exactly what McCain always says he wants to do:

Today this same Mason Dixon Poll has Obama down only 4 in Arizona

Gore campaigning for Obama tomorrow in FL

On Rachel tonight: Early voting exit polling in Florida shows Obama losing 45 to 49.

Hey MSM: Message + Ideas + Hope = Donations + Volunteers + Enthusiasm.

CrossLeft Petition to Palin: Stop bearing false witness against Obama

Chuck Todd's latest map analysis...

California-O 55% M 33%

Obama statement on the decline of the GDP

Christian radio ads discuss Obama's faith

When has John McCain been "Tested"????

Where the candidates are today: October 30, 2008

McCain, GOP gain ground on Obama ads in key states

Smart, Decent and Hopeful Vs. Ignorant, Mean and Negative

Just logged what's McCain's lie du jour?

58% Surge In Exxon-Mobil Profits this Quarter--Great News for Our Team!

Are People Going to Wait in Line for 5 Hours to Vote for McCain?

Alec Baldwin just called Palin "Bible Spice" on Letterman

Faux News throws McCain under the bus: labels him as a Democrat

The McCain "surge" or how I look at recent polls from my perspective.

Anyone watch McCain on Larry King last night?

That blonde witch on Faux news just said Rashidi babysat Obamas kids!!!!

It never works to vote against someone. It only works to vote FOR someone.

What plans do u suppose are in effect...

When Obama is President, should he deny access to Faux, Mooney Press and other RW rags?

Palin calls Fruit Fly research an "Earmark" even though research found breakthroughs for Autism

Palin calls Fruit Fly research an "Earmark" even though research found breakthroughs for Autism

Poor Drudge. He must be frantic this morning for a poll. Bad Zogby, bad Rasmussen what can he post?

Is It Me Or Does Anybody Notice The Similarities Between Jeff Gannon & Joe The Plumber?.....

hahahahahahahaha I can tell when McCain is making "air quotes"

Gawd I love this heardline: "Obama delivers TV tour de force worthy of JFK"

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE... Closing Appeals

"If I Should Die Before I Wake"....

First Poll of the Day. Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby +7

The big dog was having the time of his life up there with Obama last night in Florida.

The big dog was having the time of his life up there with Obama last night in Florida.

The polls are not tightening. They are becoming more precise, settling into a nice 5-6% Obama lead.

Obama was SO disrespectful!

The difference between the two PA polls

Official Complaint Filed Over Palin's Travel Expenses

John McCain - the same speech different day

Got a polling question. Are early voters counted? We are seeing loads of polls,

Obama Heading Back To Nevada

Joe The Plumber Stands Up John McCain

Joe The Plumber Stands Up John McCain

Did anyone notice that CNN electoral map now has 291 EV for Obama

How Appropriate: MSNBC banner w/ McCain & Palin- "The Final Stretch"...

How Appropriate: MSNBC banner w/ McCain & Palin- "The Final Stretch"...

Rolling Stone Article on John McCain

If Barack Obama's association with William Ayers was so bad,

Intelligence from Abroad...

GOTV And Canvassing Are The Ground War, Television And Radio Ads Are The Air War

Rasmussen: Obama 51(+1) McCain 46 (-1)

Rasmussen: Obama 51(+1) McCain 46 (-1)

Link to last night's 30 minute speech on Obama's website?? I can't find it or figure out how to do

Steve Harvey interviewed Barack Obama on his radio show this morning.

Francis Fukuyama (PNAC neocon) Throws McCain Under the Bus and then Stomps on his Head.

OMG OMG OMG! Obama mentioned my school!!!!

Hunh. Zogby now shows Obama up 50.2% to 43.3%

Barack is a great politician and a good man.

Time: Obama Holds Leads in Key Swing States (Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio) as Election Nears

Please Wind.. keep blowing on Obama's Back

You Bloggers GET OFF MY LAWN...McCain campaign thinks Blogging is "not what journalism ought to be"

Palin is spending most of the next two days in PA

Another sign things look bleak for McCain

Most bizarre criticism of Obama ever

Could McCain even do three minutes?

Nice pic of Obama & Bill Clinton from last night's rally

Poor McCain. Joe the Plumber and Palin both used him to further themselves politically.

I'm calling in sick November 5th, who's with me????

The View-Point to Sherry and Half Point to Whoopi.

Gore to serve as closer for Barack in Florida.

Gore to serve as closer for Barack in Florida.

Comcast cable outage to 20,000 customers in South FL during Obama event with 30-minute TV program

Are you afraid to believe?

MSNBC talking to Joe the Barber right now. nt

Obama's "Strong Dem" EV's declined overnight at electoral-vote

George Will: Call Him John the Careless

George Will: Call Him John the Careless

76 Nobel Prize laureates endorse Obama, say good riddance to Bush

What is MSM

Look, If You Had A Heart Attack And You Had A Choice Between A Young State-of-the-Art Heart Surgeon

Inspired kids will reach for stars under Obama (Sally Ride)

Mandate for What?

Gramps will be speaking 3 mile from my house today

An Infomercial Never Felt So Good (So Good, So Good)

McCain admitted recently on national TV that he “didn’t know her well at all” before he chose Palin

Poll predicts Obama win in CA to be largest in election history -- 55-33

Simpson to reveal names of 30 Palin ex-lovers

Florida: "More than one in five early voters -- 22 percent -- was black"

Warren Buffett and Colin Powell mentioned in new Obama ad.


AP attacks Obama's 30 minute ad in their "fact check"

I'm sorry, but after last night's television appearance, I have to go RED tomorrow -

The genius of Obama's healthcare plan...

Add me to the list of early voters...

Pushing Daisies. The story of the McPalin Campaign!

This poll needs some DU love....

*** Heads Up: Barack Obama Live in Sarasota, FL! ***

Bible Spice??? AH HA HA HA HA HA!! Alec Baldwin's nickname for Palin

McCain's smile is gone.

McCain is using tax payer money to fund his campaign ... Isn't that SOCIALISM ???

"Barack won't be able to do any of the things he mentioned in his ad."

McCain tells Larry King that Obama lied about public financing

Obama FEELS FOR "the teenage mom, the minority, the gay, the disabled." SCARED YET?

Weather forecast for Tuesday

As a Hillary supporter, I seriously think she would be struggling right now...

Asher Heimerman raised $13,690 for Obama

LOL One More Obama Magnet on the Roads Today!

Make a Donation for the Final Push

How soon til we know what effect the Obamamercial had on the polls?

How soon til we know what effect the Obamamercial had on the polls?

Should the Dems freeze out the GOP if we win BIG?

"You keep using that word...I do not think it means what you think it means..."

When I think of republicans/right wing radio .. I think of a song..

Where will Obama physically be on election night?

Kerry smacks down McConnell in letter to the editor of KY paper

The real agenda of Obama's 30 minute spot

"It would be a bigger upset if Obama won by 10 points than if McCain won by one."

23% of Texans think Obama is a muslim....

Obama Wins: And Then?

NBC/Mason-Dixon Pennsylvania Obama +4

Rednecks for Obama!

The most depressing article about election coverage I've ever read.

Joe Klein: McCain in the Gutter

The Sleeping Giant? SC poll produces evidence of "landline-only" sampling bias.

Obama: Rockin' the suburbs - beats McCrypt 47 % to 39%.

Obama used the free enterprise system to get elected...

MN Public Radio Poll of Minnesota: Obama 56 (+2) McCain 37 (-3)

McCain, Obama to make Monday Nihgt Football Appearances

James Dobson ad this morning on large radio station in Louisville Kentucky

National Journal Polls: Virginia: O+4, Ohio: O+7, Florida: O+4, Colorado: O+4, North Carolina: O+4

Obamamercial Watched by 21.7% of Households in Top Media Markets

I find I haven't been worrying about polls since yesterday evening...


6 events today on

WARNING: This thread may contain too much AWESOME (((PICS)))

Khalidi and the PLO Debunked by Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)

Ashley Todd and Joe the Plumber Are Learning What Artists Already Know

Conflicting bumper stickers on car. WTF????

Republicans Attacking The Confidentiality of Sources - Where were they during Libby trial?

Republicans Attacking The Confidentiality of Sources - Where were they during Libby trial?

Who here has never voted in a Presidential Election where the Democrat won?

Marist Polls: Virginia: Obama 51, McCain 47....Colorado: Obama 51, McCain 45

So out of curiosity, I went to the McCain/Palin website to read on their healthcare plan....

So out of curiosity, I went to the McCain/Palin website to read on their healthcare plan....

Which Harry Potter house would Obama be in?

Sen Kit Bond (R-Troglodyte) warns crowd, Obama would pick judges who empathize with "The Gay"

Palin: "there have been many underestimated persons who’ve been elected to office"

So Obama HAS read Harry Potter.

Attn polling geeks! You might enjoy this.

How nonverbal cues in presidential debates are interpreted by voters

I think Obama just drank McCain's milkshake

Obama's 30-minute Ad scores high TV ratings

Greta Van Susteren Goes On Record Denying Michelle Obama/API Tape Internet Rumor

Diageo/Hotline Tracking Poll: Obama 48 (-1), McCain 42 (no change)

What is this...a Fuckin Minor League Baseball Game? McCain gave away Thundersticks at his rally

New CBS/NYTimes poll out tonight to have Obama up 11 (down from up 13 but still great ) per Politico

** Video: Barack Obama in Sarasota, FL 10/30!! + free pie recipe **

Found the map, size of states adjusted by # or electoral college votes.

Sorry if this sounds like consern trolling but I'm honistly scared...

I'm taking note of all the businesses in my town with McCain signs on their properties

World Net Daily Nut Warns: Vote for Obama and go straight to Hell

GOP Voter Suppression May Stop Joe the Plumber From Voting

Map of election machine/ballot type by state

Matt Lauer calls Obama's 30-min ad "a little sappy"

McCain Miami Rally, Getting Ugly Down Here (seriously)

Do you know a Kerry, Gore, or Clinton supporter who will not vote for Obama?

Gallup's tradition LV just moved to +5 for Obama

McCain-chaired IRI funded the organization Khalidi founded for $448,873!

N.C. Elections Board Extends Early Voting Hours

McCain LIES yet again at rally, says Obama is planning 2012 run if he loses

Just think, all this poll movement by Obama happened BEFORE his ad.

Just think, all this poll movement by Obama happened BEFORE his ad.

Faux news is pimping that their new poll out at 1 shows the race tightening a lot in the final days.

LOL!!! Fixed Noise Poll has McCain Closing Fast!

anyone have a transcript from Obama and Clinton's speeches last night?

Appeals court tells Mich. to open the polls to 5,500 people whose voter ID cards were returned

E-Mail From Joe Biden


I missed Obama's special

What will YOU be doing Tuesday night? (pics)

Gallup: 50 O, 42 M, LV Traditional 50-45 (up 2)

WTF? What does this BS statement from McCain mean?

South Dakota Poll: McCain 45, Obama 40

LMAO!! McCain "functionally tied" but worrying about blowout! Now, hmm...robocalling to defend AZ

LMAO!! McCain "functionally tied" but worrying about blowout! Now, hmm...robocalling to defend AZ

"Margin of Error" is a meaningless buzz phrase (as commonly used)

10-30-2004 (if you're worried)

10-30-2004 (if you're worried)

RED STATE POLLS: Obama +4 in CO, +4 in FL, +7 in OH, +4 in NC, +4 in VA.

McCain-Palin Campaign Snubs Penn State Prez

When filth is not enough

Need some help from Philly or Pittsburgh folks

Need some help from Philly or Pittsburgh folks

DUers.. .go after this racist shithole please

Why Single Party Rule in 2009 Is IMPERATIVE

FauxNews Poll internals scream "bullshit".

Joe the Plumber vs. Spartacus

Cnn actually showing part of a Biden rally

McCain camp trying to scapegoat Palin

NBC: McCain up by 11 among likely voters in SC, but only 6 among registered voters

Bullshit faux news poll Obama 47 (-2) McCain 44 (+4)

This is the first election in which the internet has trumped the traditional MSM in influence...

So far today we've got the following numbers for national polls: +3, +5, +6, +7, +8, and +11.

Obama Ad Boosts Network Ratings (NBC +43% and CBS +10% in the time period)

Obama Ad Boosts Network Ratings (NBC +43% and CBS +10% in the time period)

In Retrospect, Was Concern About Obama's 30 Minute Ad Correct?

Question about Obama and 401k's

Mason Dixon PA Poll: O+4

Neo-Nazis in Obama Assassination Plot

Video Of McCain Asking Where Joe The Plumber Is At His Own Rally!

“There is likely no hidden life raft in the undecided vote for John McCain”

“There is likely no hidden life raft in the undecided vote for John McCain”

Good Job Georgia! Good Job!

Just A Question About Donating

In Kansas, McCain Up 25 Among Those Likely to Vote … But Up By Just 4 Among Those Who Have Already V

How ABC missed out - ABC only major TV network not airing Obama infomercial

How ABC missed out - ABC only major TV network not airing Obama infomercial

Al Gore to hit the stump (for Obama) in Florida

Why are our bedrooms open book for the right-wingers but not our guns

As of today, I know 6 people who voted for Bush now voting for Obama, 5 in Texas...

CBS/NYT Poll: Obama Maintains Double Digit Lead--to be released later today.

Help, a shark jumped under my bus!

Survey: American Jews Favor Obama Over McCain by Wide Margin

"Rearview Mirror" Ad...STEP ON THE GAS!!!

Why do Presidents swear into office with a hand on a bible? I would much rather have them swear in

Why do we put more emphasis on Faux Poll over Pew Research Poll?

CNN revisees electoral map upward for Obama 291-163

Why can EVERY Poll not be good for us??? LOL!

Republican Frank Luntz did a focus group last night on Obama's infomercial

Is Sen John Cornyn (R-TX) in Trouble? Last check Dem was 6 pts back....

Peter Frampton Angry Over Obama Sign Theft In Republican Neighborhood

Peter Frampton Angry Over Obama Sign Theft In Republican Neighborhood

An MSNBC reporter asks a black voter, if he's voting for O because he's an African American.

Hey Sarah We lower 48 folk don't like your kind

It is the calm rationalness that gets me.

I could see Obama or Biden tonight

McCain Robocalling Arizona. Arizona!

Hysterical! More than 2/3rds of McCain's "crowd" of 6000 were bused in students

Today's Deep Blue Sea of polls as of 1:45 PM

Fox Sock Puppet Neil Cavuto on John McCain: 'On economic matters, you have no convictions'

Where have you gone, Pat Buchannan?

Today, 3 polls got better for Obama, 1 poll got worse.... why does everyone keep saying...

My local newspaper's poll to DU, we're winning after 48 votes, however.

Hint at where the race stands: Rove says "ignore the polls, don't let it affect your vote"

McCain lie: Obama said he'll "try again in four years" if he loses.

TPM: McCain Running Robo-Slime In ... Washington State?"... WTF?

Very well, just so we understand: each and every one of McCain's former Sec State endorsements

Harris Poll: Obama 50%, McMule 44%

26 Million Viewers Watched The Obama Ad on Broadcast Networks

RAS Poll North Carolina Senate: Hagen leads Dole by six

Why isn't McCain out of money?

This just in: 23% of Texans Officially Declared 'Brain-Dead'

This just in: 23% of Texans Officially Declared 'Brain-Dead'

The FAUX Poll Partisan Breakdown -Democrat 41%-Republicant 39%

The 5 things that concern me most right now

If McCain really believes that lower tax rates on the super rich will create jobs then . .

MSNBC: "nothing particularly special" about Obama 30 minute spot "except for its length"

There have been 500 death threats against Obama....

I want to apologize for last night

Laughable (and deeply deluded) FR thread about Obama supporters.

I ALMOST Feel Sorry for McCain : Beyond Pathetic

I ALMOST Feel Sorry for McCain : Beyond Pathetic

I ALMOST Feel Sorry for McCain : Beyond Pathetic

Just in: God will endorse Obama

Wow, the assholes are even swiping Peter Frampton's Obama signs!

Joe the Plummer stands up McCain!

Race-Baiter McCain

There is something positive that I do want to say about Sarah Palin

Great portrait of Obama being sworn in!

A Primer of Right Wing Smears Against Obama (most from WorldNut Daily)

A little inspiration this afternoon JFK & Obama

This is the FILTH that McCain is mailing to PA voters

The Economist Endorses Barack Obama

30-minute Obama ad shows campaign muscle; "strategic brilliance," "takes the oxygen out of the room"

NH McCain Leadership Committee member endorses Obama

Two New Indiana Polls: O + 1 in one poll; Tie in other poll

Help with Voter Registration problem in NYC

Obama for president, another nice endorsement

M&H, If You're Undecided

I LOVE that everyone who goes to YAHOO sees this staring them in the face!!!

I LOVE that everyone who goes to YAHOO sees this staring them in the face!!!

Why is McCain saying that Obama will tax contributions to 401K?

Let's See Your Favorite Obama Art

Just saw a new RNC ad saying that you would not trust an inexperienced

McCain funded Rashid Khalidi and now criticizes Obama for meeting with him

Does anyone know WHERE in WPB, FL Gore will be campaigning tomorrow?

Lol! "Bible Spice"

Obama might visit ARIZONA !!! ... Any chance McCain will visit Chicago ???

Media Proclaims Obama Victory TODAY!!! It's OVER! WOOOHOOO!!!

Even George Will Rips McCain's Whining about Obama's Fundraising

Yahoo! pro-McLoser spin FAIL.

What is the legality of a school band playing at a political rally?

hand on the bible ?flag pin?hand over heart for pledge of alligience?pic heavy warning

Has the PA Daily Tracking Poll come out yet?

The Case In 30 Minutes


What qualities might make you get kicked out of a McCain/Palin rally before it happens?

Fivethirtyeight's analysis for today...

Fivethirtyeight's analysis for today...

Here is what David Brooks said on NPR ...

Stu Rothenberg on MSNBC said he gives credit to Todd for trying to make the election seem close

Experts warn of bandwagon effect.

Scary Stuff

Last weekend to donate to Obama/Biden - use the DU page

About those Obama smear mailers . . .

"They (the Republicans) just presided over the largest re-distribution of wealth since the 20's."

Georgia SHOCK..hehe....Karen Tumulty of TIME on MSNBC just said that Among RVs, Obama leads

Not this shit again.

One of the single biggest beneficiary of American socialism

One of the single biggest beneficiary of American socialism

What is your favorite nickname for Sarah Palin?

delete--I hate worrywart posts....

delete--I hate worrywart posts....

What Will the "UNDECIDED"s Do?

Yum - I want a slice of that loaf!!!!

didnt under the bus jump the shark?

VIDEO Obama, MLK & JFK - Hope and History Rhyme

So, Who's volunteering this weekend or election day instead of blogging?

Bachmann hitting Tinklenberg with smears... RW rallying around her

Why the the MSM keep talking about national poll numbers?

I love this photo!

I am still laughing at Keith Olbermann's "Joe the Plumber" rant from last night.

WORLD NEWS TRUST: I Helped Pay for That, Too, Senator McCain (Mary Lyon)

Pre-election fever abroad- Shamans praying for us in Peru

McCain matching Obama ad spending in battleground states? (AP/Fox)

Why does MSNBC say in its ticker: Battleground polls tightening?

The Tightening is getting tighter!!!!

On Silencing debate

Reverse Bradley effect?

"First Dude" Palin: “Snowmobilers will have a strong voice in the White House"

Obama dominated the t.v. last night, BRILLIANT

Wisconsin's AG vanhollen (A) Sending his Goons to The Polls, Even Though he LOST

Got to love it.

Got to love it.

Bad news in a state poll:

Stu Rothenberg: The Pres Race Looks To Be Over

Hypothesis: JTP's publicist told JTP to ditch McPalin.

What has to be the margin of victory for the media to declare it a landslide?

How can there be Palin porn withOUT Joe the Plumber?

McCain camp had to bus in school kids to fill crowd!

When/Where are YOU volunteering in the last 5 here!

Obama: "Power concedes nothing without a fight"

Pres - PA: Highest % yet for Obama in Muhlenberg Poll

Bramante quits McCain campaign to back Obama

Obama's largest margin in the RCP average was on Oct. 13th.

Early/Absentee Voting Summary

Michelle Bachmann -- Batsh*t Crazy

NC Extends Voting Hours

Joe the Plumber is a Douchebag

Florida: GOP e-mail raises charges of racism

I just e-mailed the Defiance School District to complain about busing kids to mccane's


Y'know what the real stinger was, about tonight's 30-minute campaign presentation?

How are you feeling with only a few days left?

David Plouffe live on MSNBC NOW-N/T

Oh my, did you see the home page?

Florida Chamber poll: Obama 45%(+3), McCain 41%(-4)

Chomsky: "If I were in a swing state, I'd vote for Obama, reluctantly and without illusions..."

IBD/TIPP TRACKING POLL: Obama 48 (+1), McCrypt 44 (same old). Obama +10 among Independents.

McCain volunteer Ashley Todd makes deal in fake assault case

Battle for Florida: Blacks turn out in droves, but few young people have voted

Obama will spend Halloween night with daughters in Chicago (and other tidbits)

Isn't Osama bin Laden due to release an election advice video about now?

For some reason, I feel better about things today than I have in a couple weeks

Former McSame Manager: Obama's Commercial was Terrific, Beautifully Done

McCain delegate endorses...OBAMA!

"He didn't ask to be famous!"

Inspiring words! NYT, Roger Cohen, "American Stories"

Ed Schultz really rocks

Drunk Dialing For Change

DU has spoken. Obama is predicted to gain 1.35 points as a result of the infomercial.

Everyone needs to help in getting YOUNG people to VOTE!

McCain (aka John the Loser): Obama's not a Socialist

Who's having a election night party................or

Early voting hours extended in NC

John Ensign, Republican congresscritter from Nevada, just said the founding fathers

Is there an unspoken tradition of not campaigning in your opponent's home state?

McCain Racism, Hypocrisy on Khalidi Issue (Juan Cole, Informed Comment)

Come on young people in Florida - Get your ass out & vote!!

CNN: Bizarre interview re: Khalidi

Gore To Campaign In Florida For Obama

Rick Sanchez smacks down McCain campaign spokesmen

Sometimes the historic nature of this election hits

Real Women Respond to Sarah Palin - Live Web-a-Thon

Real Women Respond to Sarah Palin - Live Web-a-Thon

Raising Arizona

"Obama can go for 30 minutes and not mention McCain once. No way would the reverse be true."

How to make an total RW Pubbie shut his mouth about McCain winning.

How to make an total RW Pubbie shut his mouth about McCain winning.

I'm livid (close encounters with the moronic, Freeper kind on my blog)

CNN: Rick Sanchez just cleaned Michel Goldfarb's clock!

Road to 270: Washington

I've just remembered I'm basically a terrorist

Tally Of Newspaper Endorsements -- Obama Maintains Big Lead at 234-105

At the risk of showing my age...

I tuned in to see Obama at 8 pm on Fox, as it is scheduled, and find that Fox rescheduled the time.

I don't get it. I really don't. How can this race be even close

Joe “The Worlds Dumbest” Plumber (10/29/2008)

"Nobama" lynched effigy in Redondo Beach, CA

PICS From Barak and Bills Olando stop Last Night

Check in here if you are starting to get (or are already) emotional about Tuesday.

Tucker Bounds' Body Language: "I do Not Believe Any of the Shit I am Talking ABout"

I am seething - The Winston-Salem Journal mealymouthedly endorses McCain

With soooo much good news, post your favorite poll today --- here's mine:

GOP Voter Suppression Efforts Falling Flat Around The Country

Two more votes for Obama in Colorado.


A model of what voting SHOULD be in comparison to what it now IS

Like clockwork a new Al Qaeda vid has droped. Say they want Bush/Republicans humiliated

New lows in RoboCalls in Northern Virginia. That shrew Laura Ingram on the phone

I called it. I said Oct 30 there would be a "tape" Hannity is talking it up today


About the use of sexual epithets

Road to 270: Illinois

Help me out. Did Michelle really say this?

Following the Script: Obama, McCain and ‘The West Wing’; Fiction foreshadows reality

On Nov. 5, the Big Story of this election will be...

I saw the most amazing (to me anyway) bumper sticker in Fayetteville NC this morning

Subliminal McCain ad -- Obama picture with "black" in the background

Face it--If electonic voting machines were producing random errors,

I know he has to go where needed, but I wish Obama would work in a trip to MN to help Franken

What was the music in last night's ad?

My personal e-mail to John McCain...

Franken should go on SNL this weekend and trash Coleman

Here in North Carolina, over HALF as many people who voted for Prez in 2004 have ALREADY voted!!!

North Carolina Extends Early Voting on Saturday

Saw a great Button in the French Quarter today

Here's a "concern troll" you should listen to:

Don't freak out if the national polls are tighter the day before the election.

Don't freak out if the national polls are tighter the day before the election.

Canvassing and really digging deep into the neighborhood

Sure a lot of freepers and ditto heads at E Online

Who best encapsulates the sorry state of the GOP today?

Polls Pile Up In McCain's Home State: A Dead Heat

Most Despicable and Odious Person Running in 2008

Google News Search: McCain, Take a Look at the Screenshot!

Can we get Obama to go to California to speak against Prop. 8?

TPM: Conservative Group To Run Anti-Wright Ads On National Networks Through Election Day

Not to become over-confident, appears GOP voter suppression's falling flat, minimal impact

So, my daughter comes home from school and announces she's running for VP

Anybody else watching Plain in Erie right now?

damn! Not only is there a new Al Qaeda tape...

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaings In Williamsport, PA****

"He's Bobby!" "No, he's Jack." "He's FDR!" "Maybe he's our Lincoln!!"

"He's Bobby!" "No, he's Jack." "He's FDR!" "Maybe he's our Lincoln!!"

McCain Camp Buses In 4000 School Kids To Fill Crowd, Joe the Plumber a no-show

Did anyone just hear Biden imitate his granddaughter, "Uh Hell-O?"

Breaking: New Republican Ticket for 2012

IBD/TPP O 47.7 M 43.6 - Obama up

question: is the gop's most expensive barbie doll charging alaska a per diem for being on the road

LMAO! Biden: John McCain Dressed as Agent of Change...

2Things We Hope We Wont Have To Hear On Wednesday 5Nov

Palin talking now.

Which trashy VH-1 reality show will Joe the Plumber end up on?

CNN estimates about 30 million people saw the Obamamercial!

Obama's Informercial Watched By 33.5M - Beats Regular Programming On Three Networks (AP)

Sabato's Crystal Ball Predications for President, Senate and House (VERY exciting)

A Visual Depiction of "The Concern Troll"

"No, I think the McCain boomerang yesterday landed somewhere between their nose and their forehead."

The Economist (magazine) endorses Obama

How can you be a Democrat if you.....

Danziger TOON: Lieberman

McCain Adviser Pulls Out Of Tech Debate Due To A ‘Scheduling Conflict,’ Appears On MSNBC Instead»

Elizabeth Dole's campaign bus has Tennessee plates

Daughter just got back from high school and said their school's

In case you missed it, DU is being used as a resource by newspapers.

My heart bleeds for them . . .

NO, Sarah, THIS is the "real" America: "Babies (And Bigger Kids) For Obama" (PHOTOS)

Rick Sanchez interview with Goldfarb..Did anyone else see it? (Transcript)

Once the election is over, here's what I'm going to do -----

One Good Sign: Too Many Lawyers

Hey, more power to her!!!

Exclusive: U.S. Expects Bin Laden Message Near Election

Florida - I heard college vote in FL has not turned out yet! ... Is this true?

So, Joe the Plumber is now part of the McCain campaign. So that would mean that the media

Already voted? Yay! Now you can help others on Nov. 4!

Brian Williams on MSNBC Re: Interview

Obama visited Indiana once again!

Ramussen Indiana McCain 49 (-1) Obama 46 (+3)

Obama's tentative schedule thru Sunday...

Don't Forget The CBS-NYT Poll Will Have Us Up Eleven

What do they want, breakfast in bed?

Ouch! Palin's hometown paper manages to endorse McCain but disses Palin at the same time

In Pennsylvania, Muhlenberg Poll is the Gold Standard...Forget Mason-Dixon

Great Answer For Friends Who Say They'll Vote For McPalin

Larry Sabato, who was EXTREMELY accurate in 2006 (predicted our majorities), sez:

Just picked up the mail...three anti-Obama flyers in my mailbox! GRRR!

Grampa's skinhead mascot says, "Vote for a real American, John McCain.’’

Steelers-Redskins halftime to have political flavor

Ralph Nader questions media coverage (PR)

The Palin Medical Records Watch...5 to Go

Rasmussen NC Obama +2 (50 -48), Indiana McCain +3 (49-46) , Montana McCain +4 (50-46)


PHOTO: Andrew Sullivan's 'Campaign Sign of the Day'

Freeps You're Busted!

Nearly everyone I met and talked to today said "He's gonna win it."

Take your fucking "infomercial" and shove it up your ass!

It really is tightening folks, we need to be honist here.

Palin's favourable ratings in Alaska drop 30 points!

I flipped off some McCain sign-wavers at the intersection a few minutes ago

McCain Sings - Yesterday

I just received a call thanking me for my help with the campaign ..

WP Daily Poll 11/30 - no tightening (Obama stays at +8)

Would 'The Economist', 'Financial Times', and Warren Buffet Endorse a Marxist?

Do you know anyone whose mind was changed because of Obama's 30-min. ad?

Tomorrow, Friday, Halloween is(in effect) the Last News Cycle of the Campaign


You forgot the sarcasm smiley

Five days: A nation in peril

Yay! Court: Michigan must return purged names to voter rolls

Urgent: No On 8 website under cyber attack

New Moniker: NO SHOW JOE...

That twit on tweety's show is losing it. She ain't happy.

The Economist Hearts Obama:It's time

OMG... I just had to post this.

Are young people going to let Obama down?

Nutcase at Whole Foods, Mill Valley.

The McCain Campaign/Republican Party has no morals!

The McCain Campaign/Republican Party has no morals!

Obama Jack O' Lantern???

The Republicans didn't release any new slime today- could they be finished?

Don't let this be YOU!!! (great clip)

Donna Brazile is a freakin' idiot and the conversation being held now on CNN

A small (teeny weeny) victory in New Hampshire

Orlando Weekly (Alternative Paper) Endorsements from Obama for President down to dogcatcher

Two new polls show INDIANA a toss-up

The Party of Hatred is pulling out all stops in NC - some new miserable

Oh, jeez, look at this idiotic auction on ebay. Palin's ahead.

Obama Landslide Predicted in California Field Poll—Largest Margin Since FDR

The other side of the coin (Bin Laden tape)

Hypothetical: would a different candidate have made the GOP competitive?

the conservative christian case for supporting obama

Vote-Flipping Diebold Machine Removed, Quarantined in CO

Bin Laden's '04 message: did it really help Bush?

I Just Want Virginia

Obama is becoming a Ratings God....last night's Daily Show highest rated in history

Nice weather forecast = big turnout Tuesday.

What bull--camera bans at polling places

Just on Race for the White House on MSNBC, Bernard and Buchanan have changed...

Early voters: what was the most satisfying thing about voting for Obama?

David Gregory gave Rachel one of her starts because he played hooky.

david gregory: 'if obama IS elected, his greatest challenge will be his own democratic congress'

Can you imagine the high anyone got by seeing both Bill & Barack together on stage last night?

Final Push for Alan Grayson (D) in FL-08 to unseat Ric Keller (R): PLEASE HELP NOW!

Wanna bet that McCain's "Where's Joe?" moment becomes SNL's opening skit on Saturday?

WaPo - Obama & McCain Supreme Court Nominee Predictions

According to my estimation, Obama is currently leading by 9.38% and 272,000 votes when NPA's are

Just posted in GD, The 2nd Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Awards for Republican Evil VOTE!!!

Will YOU come to MY house to canvas?

New from Rasmussen: O down by 4 in MT, down by 3 in IN, up by 2 in NC, Obama ADVANCED in all states

Obama's Considering LATE SURGE IN AZ!!! (LOL! McCain's Gonna Blow His Stack!)

SUSA polls: Obama 55-40 in Iowa, 55-39 in Wisconsin, SC within single-digits.

I have a policy question.

*PARROTS for Obama!!!*

MADDOW again spreading doom and gloom


What will your headline be on Nov 4/5?


Surprise surprise, AssLEE Todd will not be charged with crime!

Check out Tweety!

So, pooh, pooh on Rachel.. Local reports of the rally were awesome on

Ok here's my report on the mclame rally from Defiance Ohio this morning.

McSame may lose Arizona -- The Freepers are Happy

NBC News showing new Obama interview tonight and tomorrow, FYI. nt

Obama can lose ....

Did Harold Ford Jr just "go rogue" on MSNBC's race to the white house?

Can Smokey Find the 32 Black People In Wasilla, Alaska?

Reunited and It Feels So Good (dial-up warning - pix of Kissimmee rally)

Sense of Unease in Some Black Voters (Jacksonville, FL)

Obama camp responds to question about Khalidi

Barack Obama and the Great Pumpkin

Those (not so) undecideds...

Obama is coming back to Jax, Wow.

Rachel....The Bleachers May Have Been Empty But There Were 13,000 Supporters There

Clinton on CNN right now in Ohio

JMU Obama Rally Pics .............. I HOPE!

ACLU has site up - know the voting rights in your state.

Court Docs: GOP Donor Secretly Funneled $75k To Coleman Family

Song that would best describe McCain or his campaign...

From the bottom of my heart I thank Hillary and Bill for their

You may just want your ears tickled ...

McCain and Palin's final campaign appearances Monday: In Nevada, of all places.

Intrade, the Bradley Effect, and soft polling numbers

That forwarded email titled 3 men who brought down Wall Street...

I DECIDED!!! All daily tracking pollsters are monkeys doing monkey business EVERY DAY!!!

Is David Gregory going to be a White House spokes person after this election

Well I'll be damned, Joe the Plumber WILL pay more taxes under Obama's plan!

So I guess Obama won't be doing SNL this week?

The Question McCain Won't Ask at Rallies.....Limbaugh...

I just got back from casting a Georgia vote for BARACK OBAMA!!!

Voter Purge in Colorado has been DENIED!

From a McCain Supporter: My Day of Depressing Exit Polling In Nevada

I have a question about polling if someone knows about them.

And...the wheels start to come off the Republican clown car

Joe Plumber just threw McCain Under the Bus!!! LOL!! Now with VIDEO!!

mccain just accused obama of conspiring with pelosi & reid to raise your taxes

Am I the only one who smells a rat?

Thinking of inflammatory tee shirts for the next couple of days: Anatomy of a Polling Disaster (IBD/TIPP)

Anyone else listen to Rachel's discussion of her Obama interview on her radio show?

What sets McCain, Obama apart? The crowds, to start

If we live by the Polls, we will die by the Polls......

Why did RCP drop the Pew Poll out, it dropped Obama's average to 5.9

Anyone know where Obama filmed the infomercial - esp the "office"?

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Why Obama must lose (with tongue FIRMLY in cheek)

Halperin Graphic: Obama has swept October...

What will be the voter turnout this year?

A Vote For My Husband Is A Vote For Me Not Breaking Your F@*&ing Neck

No Difference Between Obama and McCain


David Gregory has become so unwatchable that it is now preferable to watch FOX

So what's the verdict? Has Pat Buchanan been put on new meds?

Sarah Palin's Alaska spreads its wealth

JOE the Opportunist....where are you? Huh?

NC-Sen: Three Very Different Polls

George Stephanopoulos: Obama Infomercial a Virtuoso Performance

Spam your family and friends!

Obama Pays $44,465 to Get Gamers Off the Couch

Frampton's Obama sign stolen from his yard

Buchanan: "A McCain White House would be chaotic, there'd be warfare from day one...."

Isnt there supposed to be a new report on Palin out before the election? (Troopergate)

Tax Savings under Obama plan Calculator

Palin Plan Visited

I am so sorry

An early voting report from Indiana.

Is there ANYTHING that can be done about PA Diebold machines?

Holy Cow! At this time next week we may be calling him President-Elect Obama


Some disappointment on Election night.

This sunday's talk shows - will Obama be on any of them?

Why aren't the Polls Converging on a number?

The Evangelicals Are Praying...

Sarah Palin 2009 Calendar (Ye Gods!)

It's hard to change the system if you are standing at a distance. Vote Early!!!

What song should Obama play at his election night rally?

John McCain is desperate

What is going on with current voting problems?

They have stole my signs....

Obama's Secretary of State


Richard Wolffe: Raising Arizona

Please join me... Real Action - RIGHT NOW!

Obama's tax plan, question or point...

Just a little bit more...

Florida: 2.9 million votes in: 46% Dem, 38.2% Rep

Obama Camp Needs Our $ Help NOW Ya'll! Email inside ...

Can we play this at OBAMA's INAUGURATION? Sign sealed delivered!

** D I E B O L D **

I don't understand why Obama keeps praising McCain for his stand on torture, when

My jack-O-lantern

My jack-O-lantern

new Shepard Fairey print at VOTE

McCain will be on SNL this Saturday, according to Sheppard Smith on Fox

I was out at earlier today

Hubby and I just got back from giving Obama 2 more Kansas votes

I gotta admit it. Tweety looks pretty good

Any one hear a rumor that a McCain staff member has quit and joined the Obama camp

WHEW BOY! Sleezy McCain Junk Mail keeps on a rolling the mail box!!!

OK.. "Knitting Forum" Get your Obama Pattern Sweater right here!-PHOTO

Gallup Daily - Obama 50 - 42 registered; 51 - 44 (exp LV); 50 - 45 (traditional LV)

More good news from Arizona!!!

Rasmussen's final electoral vote projection: Obama 364, McCain 174.

I had a weird reaction to the Obamamercial...

She has become so sad

Joe the Plumber is a dick.

This just in: Jamaican-born disco diva & James Bond villainess Grace Jones "can't stand" Sarah Palin

Wink (You'll like this one) - pic

Don’t Cry For Me Sarah Palin - video you can't miss

People, Rachel Maddow Stated Clinton Would Take It To A Floor Fight During the Primaries

Prepare for the 2012 election! Take the pledge!

The Daily Widget, Thur 10/30 – O-378, M-160 – Missouri Very Close; New Hampshire Safe

New laugh out loud at Palin As President (click the link)

Anyone know why Obama is tanking on Intrade?

Ok. Obama wants some Republicans for the cabinet - I can think of a few...

90 doors today

I'm phonebanking from 3-6 on Tuesday ...

I just heard that 23% of Texans believe that Obama is a muslim!

Oct 30th - BEST SHOT SNAPSHOT - 7% Lead of Better - CAN'T DO IT

'Are Polls Accurate in Presidential Race?' Reuters wants you to doubt it

I will not vote for Barack Obama

Obama has made the rednecks laugh (Re: reaview mirror ad)

Yo! Joe the Plumber..Meet John "the Loser"

Matthew Santos of 'West Wing' was modeled after Barack Obama

just voted for Obama! in the hotly contested swing of...

Early Voting in Tampa, FL Area

So, I've heard the Rasmussen NC poll will show Obama slightly ahead.

Under Obama's tax plan, I will save $500 a year

WTF makes people think the GOP is gonna roll over and give power back to the Democrats?

"Whoa. This Guy’s Good."

Lanny Davis on the Obama ad.... (holy shit!)

Nelly Negative. interviews Obama then goes negative

Rachel Maddow....McCain has a very good chance to win Florida

A plausible explanation for why Sarah Palin will not release her medical records

ABC News: After last night, this is Obama's race now with Mccain and the rest of just living in it

"I like your shirt"... an Obama volunteer story

What is Your Electoral and Popular Vote Prediction?

Obama approaches Rahm Emanuel as possible White House Chief of Staff

I don't understand why Obama never used this song.

Evangelicals and Rural Americans Are Breaking Big for Obama


OK - 35 polls today - Obama has a big blue ocean, McCain a little red puddle.

Please DU this Oregon poll

* Attention, all proud Washington State voters! *

Did last night's commercial bring tears to your eyes?

Did last night's commercial bring tears to your eyes?

*crickets* at Freeperland. I can just see them with their fingers in their ears -

*crickets* at Freeperland. I can just see them with their fingers in their ears -

Ten Photos of Obama

Yippeee I just got a McCain call...I wasn't nice.

Yippeee I just got a McCain call...I wasn't nice.

Why can't the Republicans run a clean campaign? Why can't they run on issues alone?

Is there a reason we can't have standardized voting, standardized ballot forms,

About absentee ballots.

2 hour wait today, I voted for Obama and Harry Taylor!!!

What can we do collectively to keep KKKROVE distracted on 11.4.08?

Ok. Listen up. You HAVE to see this. Make sure you are not drinking anything at the time.

Indian Astrologers prediction

My husband and I voted for Obama in Indiana today!!!

Early Wednesday Ratings: Obama Ad Pushes Daisies Six Feet Under

Bush is trying to pardon himself via Congress

CBS/NY Times Poll: Obama 52% - McCain 41%

Excitement gap - Obama supporters much more enthusiatic (from CBS News Poll)

Did everyone see this???

DAMN!!!! almost 400,000 hits already on Obama's 30 minute ad


Campaign Sign of the Day

Obama Infomercial Well Received By Media

Focus on Family James Dobson writes a letter from 2012 - try not to gag reading it

Poll: Florida too close to call

New Report Documents Activities of Spiritual Warfare Network Tied to Palin

Obama Recruiting Volunteers For Arizona; "Real Chance"

Question: Why is it that we're only hearing about the plight of the middle class

5 images you should share with EVERYBODY you know

Guide to Election Division Web Pages for all 50 States - Useful Election Night Tool!

Anyone who thinks Palin has a political career past Nov 5th 2008 is smoking some serious crack

Anyone who thinks Palin has a political career past Nov 5th 2008 is smoking some serious crack

Chris Matthews even has me blubbering

OMG. My niece in GA - who is an ardent Obama supporter - just received this email

DOWNTICKET RUNDOWN - What Are The Tight Races To Watch?

Photo: Grampy so happy he's almost peeing himself! Joe the "No Show" Plumber shows up at Ohio rally!

Sherri Just Left Elisabeth Speechless On 'The View' On Opting Out Of Financing

Okay, choose just one word that sums up why you are a Democrat?

Former Adviser: McCain Camp ‘Smoking Crack’

"Joe the non Plumber" is "not happy" that McCain called out his name @ rally

"Joe the non Plumber" is "not happy" that McCain called out his name @ rally

If you think "queen" and "cocksucker" are awesome put downs why are you a Democrat?

I just got an email from the Obama/Biden campaign's CFO that says the RNC and pukes

Early voting lines in Georgia. you CAN'T tell me all these folks are for McCain

SoCal McCain supporter removes bloody Obama effigy

McCain seeks to revive Rezko as campaign issue...more retreads and robocalls

I have been trying to reach my mom on the phone all day.

I have been called a baby killer and been spat at (from a distance)

***Bill Clinton Live*** Doing a great job for us in Ohio, now.

McCain visiting Maine?

Coleman sues Franken after being called the "4th most corrupt Senator"

Electoral college maps are clues to how different the dynamics are in each election.

Obama's new ad "Rearview Mirror"--so clever

McCain/Palin: Democrats Are Weak On Defense!

Best Superstitious GD:P Post of the Day! IM SERIES!!!11!1!

Best Superstitious GD:P Post of the Day! IM SERIES!!!11!1!

How Long? Not Long.

E-mail sent by Hillsborough Co., FL Republican Party Chairman decried within party as racist

Kay Hagan has filed lawsuit against Liddy Dole.

Your county.

My sister just made me cry (or, one more reason why it's so important that we elect Obama).

Back from serving fresh, warm cookies to VERY long poll line in Charlotte.

Homeowner's front yard has Confederate flag AND Obama sign

Retired general claims Obama would not get security clearance

New sign in my neighbor's window that

Goodbye DU till Wednesday

Obama will win Florida and could pull off a win in GA, though a long shot

So When Obama Wins Tuesday Night, Are You Going To Rub It In

Sen. Bond Warns Palin Crowd That Obama Wants Judges Who Empathize With “The Gay”

I'm young, we have early voting in my state and I've not voted yet.

I'm young, we have early voting in my state and I've not voted yet.

Rocker Peter Frampton fuming over stolen Obama signs

McCain's N.H. Leadership Chairman Endorses Obama! -- Sinking Ship

In this thread, do your Freeper impression

If McCain "wins" this election...

Do you think the electoral vote college should be abolished?

OMG has everyone read the Margaret and Helen blog? You gotta

OMG has everyone read the Margaret and Helen blog? You gotta

ugh - how many times do we have to hear the waitress -> homeless wealth

When Early Voting Ends In North Carolina Will We Be Able To Determine ...

This is beautiful.

Rachel just scared me.

Lame I know, but I'm proud of my "Hope" pumpkin

I have found myself spending entirely too much time picturing Joe Biden naked.

The World in 2012

The World in 2012

Thursday TOONS: Nightmares and Dreamscapes

Palin’s “Travelgate” Swings Open - Let the Fallout Begin!

Don't cry for me Sarah Palin

Anti-Obama Carnival Sparks Heated Debate at Texas A&M- Young Republicans again

Win or lose...

Obama's Letter Was Answer To A Little Boy's Request (CT)

Two words - Transformative Leadership

You know what's cool about this whole "Socialism" meme?

Flipped over to

Freakin Perfect! 3 Miniuts into Obama's TV spot, RNC robocalls

OMG I love Tweety!

For Internet ONLY users, watch it STREAMING here

I just donated $25 to Barack Obama.

Where can I watch Obama's "commercial"/TV spot online?

Oh please please please let him win! Let me be PROUD to say that Obama is MY president!!

Here is the reply to my email concerning Barbara Wests interview of Joe Biden the other day

Let's win it for THEM....

Why No Malloy Thread? And why is his show a re-run so far tonight? n/t

Guardian UK: Even in the rural heartland, Obama has sparked an explosive conversation

Ok who is already watching it again? lol

Tweety is clearly voting for Obama

Elisabeth receives more death threats than any other co-host on "The View."

Republican Voter Suppression: A Guide

Repugs plan "rebuilding summit" in anticipation of Nov. 4 ass-kicking

the black gentleman in the barack show

Democrats put $6.35 million into Mississippi Senate race

What's with "Wonkette?"

i worked many years with larry stuart

Colorado - Obama- mercial on now. Heads up-7pm

Arizona is tied with MOE!!!!!

Rachel must be disappointed she interviewed (first few minutes)

Fed slashes rate again, nearing uncharted waters

Live Al Gore webcast on now

Joe the Plumber. Meet the new boss.. same as the old boss...

My dad is quoted in the Washington Post!

Sometimes there really is wisdom in keeping one's powder dry.

Ed Burkes respose to my e-mail

Du these polls

Liberals Rock! ...... An affirmation from Mort Sahl

Just flipped on Larry King, McCain still saying 'Joe the Plumber'

CNN Rick Sanchez humiliates McCain spokeperson

The Obama Campaign's Ferocious Ground Game.....

Anyone watching Gramps on the Grumpy Old Men show

Re: Caribou Barbie

Great new Obama ad.....attack of the robots!

I feel hope today.

You saw it. You absorbed it. You heard it discussed. And nothing has changed except for one thing:

Expect everything you say on the internet to be used against you in a court of law.

Expect everything you say on the internet to be used against you in a court of law.

Expect everything you say on the internet to be used against you in a court of law.

Obama's half hour of America

Congrats Phillies 4-3

The undecided voter in a nutshell...

Very encouraging turn-out news in central Indiana.

Dole leads senate race 46-42

McCain and Bush, Saakashvili and Putin

I know what McCain means in his counter commercial when he says Obama's 'not ready YET'

You'll like this joke

John Mayer: "Hope" Is Not a Buzz Word

Michele Bachmann's husband a therapist whose practice includes "de-gaying" gay people?

INFOMERCIAL ! .... Hell Yeah ! ....

Our false oracles have failed. We need a new vision to live by

I know there's got to be a Snopes for this re:BillCosby as write in candidate

The game shoulda been in Tampa.

Esquire's 10 worst members of Congress leads off with Joe Lieberman

Update on Cuyahoga County voting stats.... (Cleveland, Ohio)

The choices Obama laid out

For those of us who where at work and couldn't see the Obama 30 mins how did it go?

Obama and McCain's Campaigns Are Worlds Apart

Demonstrations prompt closure of U.S. Embassy in Syria

Obama's speech is up on youtube.... (links here)

Freepers cracking up, last hope: $1,000 bounty to prove Ayres ghost-wrote "Dreams From My Father"

Am I missing something?

Down With Tyranny blog details allegations of Sen. Norm Coleman's philandering

Yahoo News slams Obama's 30 minute ad.

Bio Lab in Galveston Raises Concerns

obama, clinton and jimmy smit in kissimee live now on channel 13 cable

Police: Golfer John Daly drunk, detained

Hagan Blasts Dole Forcefully: Bearing False Witness!!

What if electronic banking were brought down to the level of electronic voting?

My only friend whose McCain vote I can respect

Major issues resolved in GM-Chrysler talks

Jim Gilmore Appreciation Thread

Just overheard this at the grocery...

Conservatives say Bush and McCain destroyed Republican Party

St. Louis Film Fest - political thriller film online needs your ratings!

Karl Marx said

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Anybody else watching the Obama/Clinton Florida Rally from Orlando?

Vote for Obama's 30 minute ad!

Senator Norm Coleman Sues Democratic Opponent Al Franken For Defamation

We have a live one!!!!

Bill joins Barack in Florida (pic)

Do you want to make money or do you want to be honest?


Freepor (n): one who cannot properly spell computer.

Freepor (n): one who cannot properly spell computer.

OBAMA LOST, and it's my fault...

Colbert was great today

he's "writing" a book - I have nothing to say. This country is so...

Palin/Plumber in 2012!!! Sarah Palin and Joe-the-Plumber in 2012!!! YEAH!!!!

Remember leading up to Jan. 20th if racists

Name an idiot with a shit load of money

Which one of you jerks gave him my email address?

Bill Cunningham: ‘People are poor in America…because they lack values, morals, and ethics.’

Just released CBS NYT Poll: Obama 52 McCain 41

McCain says a President Obama could not protect America

A Tale of Two Rallies.



Someone just challenged me on Prop 8

Tell me if any of this makes any sense?

It's not 6 days until the election. The election is NOW! 16.1 million have voted as of Wed afternoon

McInsane Video from Craig Ferguson - donkey, camel, penquin and farter join in.

Joe the Plumber's book is out in a few weeks

IS IT JUST ME OR IS McCain "mr sour grapes"

The John Birch Society.....

*** Official "I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!!!!" Thread ***

SF Bay Area Republicans already sound defeated

Senator McCain. How's the getting the "dick" vote working out for you?

That "thud" you heard is my jaw hitting the DAMN floor

*******Theeeeeee **OFFICIAL** I Fucking told you so thread, deal!*******

It's time for the final push!

MP3: Joe The Plumber's SNEAK PREVIEW of his new self-titled country song!

Keith Olbermann's 'Special Campaign Comment': Joe The Slug

Stevens allowed to vote next week

CSpan1 repeating Obama and Clinton from last night

OK, South Park has officially jumped the shark for me. god, McCain actually thing this 'joe the plumber' shit is a game changer...

yomama is so stupid he can't spell Computer WITH a Computer

Yes, Virginia, the Old Dominion Can and Does Lean Democratic - WP

Be honest. Are there any DUers who joined this site to freep but were converted?

Oh, those wascally wabbits at Faux!

Can someone help? I need the McCain picture from just

Latest Rasmussen poll for Alaska Senate seat - Stevens

I'm watching Joe Schmo and Mika Louse because I want to get my blood pressure up

I found this gem.....

I found this gem.....

Mr. Fish

GM-Chrysler deal to mean big job cuts

"Boy shocked after man powers up campaign sign"

WJ this morning - what did you think of the Obama



Are you a Leninist?

Afghans Will Decide Which Taliban Leaders Join Talks, U.S. Says

Abortion was legal in Alaska years before Roe v. Wade

Abortion was legal in Alaska years before Roe v. Wade

Yet another puff piece on McCain on NPR...

I volunteer at the campaign office. And this is my rant.

McSame wants to know? Let's tell him!


High School Mock Election Held Last Week

In 2000 they got the Senate, they got the House...what if in 2008

I just realized that 'the MSM' stands for 'the Mainstream Media'

Tax the Poor to Feed the Rich

Are there any DUers who joined this site to freep but were converted?

Found in a rundown Boston estate: Barack Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango

Michele Bachmann's husband a therapist whose practice includes "de-gaying" gay people?

McCain's response to Obama's 30 TV spot pissed off a lot of us

mail-in ballot question?

McGramps on the new GDP figures aka recession

Life begins at rape... ask Mayor Sarah Palin

I figured out who Mcpain sounds like........

"The Ad" - Report from a Philly Bar

Sarah Silverman is shamelessly calling out the lot of Jews who are closet racists

Is The GOP Trying To Instigate Race and/or Religious War Accidentally Or On Purpose?

Is The GOP Trying To Instigate Race and/or Religious War Accidentally Or On Purpose?

Glenn Greenwald on Karl Rove ...

I figured out who "Joe the Plumber" reminds me of...

Senate Predictions Part Two: The Democrats Get 60

Even after twenty years, John Carpenter's THEY LIVE is still one of the most relevant movies ever

Economy shrinks as consumers cut back on spending (Game "keeper")

Voted early yesterday in North Carolina.

Heartbreaking photo from Pakistan quake

No Dissension in the McCain Campaign Ranks shows a lift for Obama!

Help, where is the link to check our registrations?

Senate Predictions Part Two: The Democrats Get 60

Early Voting Update 17,287,767 link and notes

Wearing red may boost your sex appeal

If You Are Undecided, You’re Not Paying Attention - Helen and Margaret blogging again LOL

I saw two cars with "YES ON 8" bumper stickers today. Was it wrong of me to flip them off?

I saw two cars with "YES ON 8" bumper stickers today. Was it wrong of me to flip them off?

I'm disappointed at DU's disappointment in Maddow

While most of the country is figuring out how to pay heating bills, the Maltese Falcon docked in SF

"US Chamber" is buying ads for Saxby Chambliss.

Senate Predictions Part Two: The Democrats Get 60

Senate Predictions Part Two: The Democrats Get 60

Looks like Joe the plumber bailed out on Gramps

America works best when Americans work.

There's a grumpy old man on my teevee and he's making me laugh

My Mom's Friend Tom's 3-Year-Old Son Runs Around The House Saying...

Never Mind! It Came Back!

Bush Pardons Himself

ExxonMobil profit surges to record $14.8bln

McCain holding a campaign rally in Ohio on MSNBC

Find out who has donated to California Prop. 8

A link to the Obama Campaign Website?

Tell the FCC: Stand Up to the Lobbyists' Scare Tactics

Snow fell in England in October yesterday for the first time since

Attending a Costume Party in Blackface - This happens every year

CA Prop 8 - Majoy Law School Prof Call the Right Wing Out on their lies!!!

Flood the McCain campaign Contact Page

Thousands of Republican voters skip presidential race in disgust

Thousands of Republican voters skip presidential race in disgust

It is so heart-warming.

"You're All Joe the Plumber!" McCain grumbled at the crowd.

State Rep. Curt Schroder (R-PA) - NOW he's worried about voter fraud and "electioneering."

Obama on GEM$NBC now

How did "Pork Barrel Spending" get such a bad name?

Can Someone Explain Twitter To Me?

More than 30,000 Registered Coloradans Barred From Voting

For me the economy has been on the skids since 2000....

Two more votes for Obama in Oregon. My wife and I just turned in our ballots. GOBAMA! n/t

Four words to ponder today: Obama, McCain, Arizona, Tied

Only took 4 years, but there's my 1000th post

Just got my electric bill.

Obama on the Daily Show.

Ok, the Yahoo electoral graphs began changing... moving toward McCain... the game is on, set up has

Items missing from 'Toot's' complex after gawkers, national media, Secret Service and police left

Worst night in years...

Terry Moulton: another Chippewa Valley Asshole

I join thousands in an e-mail campaign

oil well explodes, 2 dead in Ill.

MD, VA to scrap and trash electronic machines, but only AFTER the Prez election

How to REALLY avoid being locked out of DU

Hey DU! an e-mail I just got from Ohio's Sec. of State Jenny Brunner

Alleged???? McCain Supporter Mugging 'Victim' Due In Court Today

Received a request to rate raido stations from Arbitron ratings. Should I sign up?

Hey - is Piper in school?

"Joe's here with us today" ....... "Joe?" ...... "Joe?" ....... "I thought Joe was here today."

Rethugs involved in Massive Voter Suppression Effort

Dupe, mods pls delete

Exxon Mobil: Biggest profit in U.S. history

How low will they go? ...... Repulsive Repugs at work in Minnesota

Does anyone have the link to the actual

American Express to cut 7,000 jobs....naturally its stock price rises.

Check out this crazy evangelical e-mail!

I love Amtrak...

Paper Ballot Has MD's and VA's vote

Union sues AT&T over merger effects - Halts Layoffs....

Awwwwww moment for the day....

Gina Gershon as Palin plus "The Ballad of Sarah Palin" at

Concentrating the Wealth, Pt. 1

Trying to decide if I should talk to my California relatives about Prop. 8.

If any moment summed up passing the baton this election, it was this

Did anyone see SAMANTHA BEE's fabulous bit on abortion yesterday--???

Cook Report: Another week, another 10 House races move toward Dem side

There is a religious war in NC....

My husband's 17yrd old nephew called me for advice last night - I'm torn

USM Cancels Classes to Promote Voting (Maine)

Know what looks good together?

Help me caption a pic.....

Donna Smith (of SiCKO): Big Insurance Shows Its Hand – Or at Least Its Finger

A Psychologist Helps Repackage Democrats’ Message

Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell's Chief executive: 71% Q3 profit jump ($10.9 billion) was "satisfactory"

Would You Like To Piss On George Bush? This Just In!

I think Andrea Mitchell is getting mad

Oh STFU John Ensign

Very Important Question - about those Obama smear mailers

Could Al Franken be #60?

Old Man McCain just finished a speech on MSNBC. Nothing but negativity.

I need help with a response

Taxes and 'spreading the wealth' thoughts

Sarah Palin, Muse of the Neocons?

Elizebeth Dole IS a DICK

Sarah the Plumber Seeks Her Turn

Exxon posts largest profits ever -

GMAC Tells Some Car Dealers It May Halt Financing Amid Capital Constraints

Drunk dialing for change

palinaspresident has a new thing today

HOLY COW! Hartmann is going CRAZY! He's swearing at Horowitz

Let's dig deep and pony up some ca$h for Kay Hagan ..

"Gauzey Commercial" ..... its fun to play "deduce the text of today's blast e-mail"

On this day 1938 - War of the Worlds caused nationwide panic

President Sarkozy loses 'voodoo doll case'

Cons announce retirement of "L word"

Dancing skeleton (Halloween)

Over Two Weeks Ago McCain Said He Has Dems Right Where He Wants Them

Bin Laden's October Surprise: His Effort to Insure Bush's Iraq Blunder Continues -Bush History,10/30

So I took out my credit card and did some spending at lunch today...

Kit Bond (Colossal Asshole-MO) warns that Obama will nominate judges who are...Gasp...Gay-friendly!

You know what I miss ......... ?

Bay Area Election Parties (and a sad McCain one - LOL)

Out-of-control Welfare Queens on Wall Street

Just talked to the Ojama man.

Hey freeps, I got your Bradley Effect right here

stupid f**king people

He Had Me At "Hello"

I've been waiting all my adult life for this.

"This is not good news for McCain," Zogby on latest poll

Interesting Bumper Sticker I saw today!

Is Anyone Else Listening To Thom Hartman? He is going through a litany

RNCC darkened Democratic candidates skin

sick of my freeper friends and their abortion hang up...took it to a former friend

From on the ground In Greenville, NC

Why aren't they locking up these loonies

Check Out This Pumpkin

Sarah, John and Schizophasia

E-Bay is auctioning off Presidential Cabbage Patch dolls! All money goes to Toys for Tots.

KY-Sen: Lunsford Closing In

Joe The Plumbers Ignorance And Hypocrisy Exposed...By Fox?

Collective Anxiety

Photos of Bush @ Quantico Graduation. Pissy, petulant, disinterested, failed little man.

How Would You Humiliate Palin

Sarah Palin jokes

Guess What?

Help! My mom and I arguing about Obama and I need an answer.

Does anyone have Rachel Maddow's e-mail address?

WHO...Is Number Two?

Very strange. An "ignored" showed up on a thread I was reading. I had forgotten

Just got some weird crap from FEMA

Obama to ABC..."Thanks, but NO thanks "..

Newsweek: Fears for Obama Neo-Nazi threats as great a worry as Al Qaeda?

Kick to remind us. Turn out to vote Nov 4th.. another reason

Vatican calls for psych tests to weed out gays

What do you do whan you drop an anvil on your foot

OMG: Palin is like 5 miles from me.

So - Where IS Joe?


Obama has eight very successful years as president after being elected Tuesday. Then what?

Ted Stevens' Numbers Slide After Conviction

Tell GOP to Send Bin Laden a Nov. 5 Election Day Flier

Tonight on The NewsHour: Humor in Politics/Seth Meyers/Lorne Michels

Palin - third time today. More vitriolic.

Oh joy. Tubular Ted Stevens (R-Convicted Felon) gets to vote for himself after all.

On eBay now: Virgin Mary Appears on George Bush Campaign Poster

Haiku contest winners from People For the American Way making fun of McCain-Palin

Special Halloween Costumes - Toon.

Repuke in KS admits it was wrong to take campaign signs

Rocker Peter Frampton frustrated over thefts of Obama yard signs at his home in Ohio

Campbell Brown is on "the big vacation" ... Palin was not making good sense.

I heard back from my friend & she's going to vote for McCain.

I'm bringing my yard signs inside before mischief night.

John Mc* appears at a 'Joe the Plumber' rally in Ohio - pics


7/11 election site is 60% obama 40% mccain

Cyber attack prevents No on Prop 8 from collecting donations

About Obama's 30 minute infomercial last night.....

Will Obama clean McCain's Clock?


About the use of sexual epithets

More polls, more good news for Obama

Amesbury Mass.Endorsement: Obama for president

The Economist cover (It's time) - pic

A Lincoln-esque Obama (great graphic from BartCop)

Preach it, brother!

I love Al Gore and John Kerry but maybe fate knew they weren't the right ones

Backward B Girl Goes to Court; Gets a Tap On the Wrist (link)

MP3: Joe The Plumber releases sneak preview of his new self-titled song

H Clinton, Jim Webb, John Kerry, & Joe Biden all sent me emails

Obama's Infomercial Was Great

Court Docs: GOP Donor Secretly Funneled $75k To Coleman Family

Palin is the most annoying person in the world -- I mean the MOST annoying

Joe the Plumber MIA on Youtube

Just voted early for Obama!

What is with the RACISM within various immigrant cultures? "I won't vote for a black man"


No Need To Fixate On 60 Senate Seats. WE'VE GOT ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

McCain has lost this election: Neo-Confederates for Obama.

Sarah Palin now OFFICIALLY losing her goddamned mind and sinking McCain's campaign!

If "Joe the Plumber" Is A Metaphor

The Passion of Elisabeth Hasselbeck: A Timeline (TV GUIDE)

Today's Poll

Obama - Right About Now

I loved the way they showed Obama's logo in the 30 minute Ad

There are NO "undecided" voters at this point..

Pundit Kitchen round-up for 10/30/08

Hey Elizabeth Dole

Straight Talk Express (photo)

Nielsen: 33.6 million households watch Obama ad

Rachel Maddow is on Conan tonight (n/t)

Today's Poll - more accurate

11 shamans in a Peruvian faith-healing organization say they have foreseen victory in our prez race

Exxon boasts record profits of 15 Billion

Live one now playing in the lounge!

Fox image: Senator John McCain (D-AZ)

Coleman suing Franken for false attacks

Olbermann Builds On Obama Half Hour & Maddow Whipped McCain on King

On UK TV's Channel 4, John Snow was interviewing a man in Las Vegas,

As of January 20, 2009, there will be no Bush's in public office...

Help needed with Khalidi's connection to McCain,

Your head might explode...

GMO-crop crisis a rapidly growing concern

I Pray This Is A Watershed Election: Obama, The Congress, Prop 8,The Damned Election Machines....

This Week on NOW: What Women Voters Want

Is it fascism yet?

"He broke a promise" "He broke a promise" Waaaaa"

PERU: Prosecutors Investigate Wiretapping Operation

Fox News labels McCain a Democrat

I want to move to this country I saw on TV last night.

Has the mortgage crisis gotten personal for you?

Norm Coleman Sues Al Franken For Defamation

Ok, I need a little help understanding the setup here...


Obama tied in Obamaha, Move On asks for help for Esch (tied with 5 term Lee Terry)

Obama tied in Obamaha, Move On asks for help for Esch (tied with 5 term Lee Terry)

meanwhile: Syrians march in protest at US raid

meanwhile: Syrians march in protest at US raid

Micro report from Florida...early voting in one county

Complaints surge as bill collectors get tough

On Hugs

I took my EPA test today

Graph: Allotment of Time in Democratic Congress Since 2006

what percentage of repukes do you think really believes their idiotic supply-side economic dogma

Holy Fuck! If The Asshole Motherfuckers Steal This Fucking Election We're Gonna Be So Fuckin Fucked!

Please Help Me calm down about this! (Exit Polls)

104-year-old Denisonian votes for Obama

Palin vows to balance budget in first term — 10 days after campaign says it’s nearly impossible.»

McCain promises change and reform, but he lies

Longevity - Warning, very, very, very scary graphic!

CNN poll - home foreclosures

Is it going to be a landslide or a late night?

Goldfarb: Obama has a ‘long track record of being around anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and anti-America


Harold Ford / David Gregory: Rubin & Summers say Obama won't roll back Bush tax cuts ("& shouldnt")

McClatchy: GOP suddenly worried Dems could hold 60 Senate seats

Ok so what does Obama have to do these last few days?

Gotta love Fox News!

The funniest video on the web - and I mean hysterically funny

What the forecast for "Peak Wingnut"?

"How can you vote for someone named Barry Hussein Osama???"

I am Millie the Flight Attendant and I can be prez!

Happy Devil's Night

Pssst McCain and Palin both have close ties to a convicted Felon

OMG - I saw something very slimey just now

Hudson suspect refuses pholygraph

can someone explain why voting is limited to 5 minutes?

Ok 30 minute program just started post thoughts here~

McCain's PA mailer has Hillary all over it. WTF?

Never has so much mud been thrown only to miss it's target totally.

Damn Rachael...scored an interview with Barack, eh? Way to go! Kicking ass and taking names...

Should we be able to opt out of 9-1-1 service?

TPM: Rev Wright ads about to go national

McCain Spokesman Refuses to Say Rev. Wright's Name

What are the terms for Speaker of the House and Majority Leader?

FReepers "protest" at L.A. Times

ABC is the pimp. Palin the .... I nearly yanked the TV off the wall while working out this morn..

103-Year-Old Rockford Democrat Casts Ballot

Judge Refuses To Stop DC Police Roadblocks

Uhm, possibly weird question, but, has anyone had their polling place moved...

'The Bread You Possess Belongs to the Hungry'

MONTANA: "Never could I have anticipated . . . a black man at the top of the ticket"

Nudging the polls in Missouri:

Just figured out why "Joe the BLANK" bothered me so much

Wow....just Wow.....this Canadian is way too emotional.....

Freeper starting the Obama resistance, modeled after the French

CEO...alleging that he was funnel tens of thousands of dollars to Norm Coleman

John McCain and Palin have not one shred of decency left within them. Rezko and Wright now on the

What is the correct "label" for Palin-type fundies?

Urgent: ACORN needs your help to spread the truth!

Can Smokey Find the 32 Black People In Wasilla, Alaska?

He's Baa-aack, Infiltraining the Welcome Home, Ted Stevens Party

My students LOVE me>>>. find out how much.>>>>>>>>

Julie Nixon Eisenhower maxed out her political contribution...

Zogby gets bashed by freepers

Telling No Lies and Still Not Telling the Truth

BREAKING: GOP caught in terrible landslide. Rescue workers on the scene.

The 2nd Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Republican Evil: Politician Edition

Anyone else sick

Al Gore to return to the Scene of the Crime to support Obama


Of the reported 6,000 people at today's McCain rally, 4,000 were bused in, essentially forced

Is the 22nd amendment antiquated?

Today or Tomorrow San Diego County will Switch from Republican to Democratic

As vile & insidious as republicans are behaving they'd do better hoping there is no god

The 2nd Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Republican Evil: Rube Edition

Barack Obama has read all of the Harry Potter books

The 2nd Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Republican Evil: Media Edition

Vatican issues screening guidelines for priests

Some photos of what Obama sees in his rallies

I don't think that change will come in time for everyone.

PHOTO: 128 oz. fountain Coke. Marlboro lights. Remote control. All set to consult on Israel policy.

Is It Over Yet?! ~~ Get Ready to 'pardy hardy' on 01-20-09 - Bush's Last Day!!

C'mon, Blitzer. You are asking a Republican mouthpiece for an opinion about Bill Clinton?

Please, give Bandit some love

Please, give Bandit some love

Please, give Bandit some love

Please give this poll a little DU love

Patrick Leahy: Is Al Franken #60 ??

Remember "Bush Derangement Syndrome"? Exactly what sort of derangement do these people have? (VIDEO)

Find out if you can vote early--good website

The founder of capitalism, who died 28 years before Karl Marx was born, was a dirty stinking commie.

Red State Socialism

LOL Tweety is wearing his Phillies cap

LOL Tweety is wearing his Phillies cap

Hey Guys, Can Someone Please Help Me Out Here?

On Profanity (a response... not for the easily offended).

Re: "Profanity."

Can somebody explain to me why gas prices drop in the prelude to an election?

Will black Muslim terrorists force me into a gay marriage after they take my bible & guns?

Landslide: If the World Could Vote, it's Obama by...

On profanity.

Lakeland Ledger endorses Dem John Russell...the one the FL Dems evicted from state convention.

DISGUSTING: PA State Rep. sends out flier saying lesbian opponent "does not share our values".

I hope I don't lose my friend over the email I sent her.

Starting Dec 12th, AT&T is going to deduct a monthly charge from my prepay account for E911 service!

Evangelicals and Rural Americans Are Breaking Big for Obama

McCain launches Wright ad - so it's time for Obama to

WHO...Is Number Two?

Have lunch with Eddie Izzard and Dennis Kucinich

Banks set to hand out 1/2 of taxpayer supplied bailout money to shareholders as "dividends"

Right wing Christians worship and pray before a golden bull!

If I can't say "fuck," I don't want your revolution.

Al Franken being hurt by Democrats planning to vote for the "Independence Party" candidate.

Dean to be in ME., ND, MN, WA, OR, NM,, and MO by election day.

Buh Bye Mrs. Dole

"I'll pray for you" said in a sanctimonious way to you, How do you react?

DNC Native American Caucus Chair: "Barack Obama has Stood With Us . . ."

William Greider: Paulson's Swindle Revealed

7 Election Warning Signs

Help name Sam J. Wurzelbacher's new country band

Joe the Plumber book deal?

Words of wisdom from an old coal miner haunt me tonight.

Just said to my conservative fundy asshole co-worker...

FYI for our White Friends: Here's a form of discrimination you probably have no idea exists

POLL: 23% of Texans think Obama is Muslim.

Hey "I'm having a laugh", for Andy Mellman fans. A right wingnut got a funny letter posted

Exclusive: Petraeus Wants to Go to Syria; Bush Administration Says No

Virginia=Win; North Carolina=Landslide (A Handy Guide To Watching Election Night)

How these gibbering numbskulls came to dominate Washington - great read


Are you a Marxist?

Parche is a DUD thread

$2.27.9-- I fear for the future of the oil companies

I watched the Obama infomercial with my 2 year old. He now thinks Biden is a pirate.

Kiffin files grievance with NFL to force Davis to pay him

I am officially of the Old Fart Generation.

Is it normal/okay that I'm losing my mind?

well i just cried like a big baby

Esperanza Spalding Grooves

DAMNIT, my satellite got disconnected today by the guy working in the attic

Are they booing Bud Selig - I love Philadelphia

Congrats to the City Of Brotherly Cheesesteaks

Should Abrams shoot all the hot space babes in soft focus, TOS Stylee?

"Little Britain USA" Mr Doggie

I'm getting a cheesesteak for lunch tomorrow

I wish Richard Pryor were alive to see Barack Obama soar!

Yay, my Dad refused a bribe, er sorry... "DONATION"

The REC fairy is back!!!

For all the friends coming back.... this is for you!!!! (hug) Right here with me

Is Bingo the dog or the farmer?

Phillies avatars, report in!

Don't know where this post belongs, but Damn, I'm really happy for the first time in eight years.

What do you think of this list? 10 worst duets of all time

Christmas ads? Oh Lord have Mercy!!!

I am a real person!

What should the punishment be for dressing a dog like this?

I just watched p.s. I love you (Elshiva SPIKE is in it)

i think i'll become a plumber so I can actually get that record deal I've been trying to get

Note to self: you can not blow out a candle while simultaneously brushing one's teeth.

My son broke his collarbone and now he can't sleep

If you're having trouble sleeping, check this out....

Do you think you are?

Please Caption this:

Once again Simpsons Halloween episode AFTER Halloween!

Did Nietzsche's niece find her niche?

Check out my Brother in Law's house !

Hey, JerseyGirlDem,and all the other Phillies phans!

Hey, JerseyGirlDem,and all the other Phillies phans!

Happy Birthday Imaginary Person!

Spice Must Flow

I am not a real person.

UFO Hunters on History Channel now. People leaving an Ozzy Osbourne concert...

I'm surfin' in style tonight.

favorite simpsons writer?

My earworm....

McCain Accuses Left-Leaning Dog Training Center of Murdering Elderly Supporters

So i passed out today...

Latest Breaking News for the Lounge.

What do you think of this list? 10 worst donuts of all time

Haha, I'm posting upside down.

Hey ! I reached post 3333 a few posts ago

Found a video that me go "HOLY SHIT!!"

Found a video that me go "HOLY SHIT!!"


Fuck I hate Ticketmaster: $46 for a $29.50 ticket.

John McCain: "Sometimes, when I get nervous, I stick my fingers under my armpits...

What's your favorite music video?

Now, hold on there.

I'm breathtakingly average

Shocked! Shocked I Tell You!! John Daly found drunk outside a Hooters.

Frontpage help.

And the cycle continues..... I am so tired and depressed.

Finally found clueful AT&T DSL support....

Review of GnR's "Chinese Democracy"

Use Taylor's Theorem to relate your beauty and intelligence to us.

Should I change my name?

Breaking News: PeterU LOVES Olivia Newton John!

Parche is a STUD thread.

When I'm without you, I scare myself

Parche is a STUPID thread

I have the attention span of a fruit fly

108 days until pitchers and catchers report!

Rob Reiner's mom, had "I'll have what she's having" line in 'When Harry Met Sally,' dies

Obama carved!

I had no idea the average vegan was 30' tall.

OK how will Letterman exploit "Joe the Plumber MIA for McGrumpy"

Good News: I got two temp job offers for tomorrow...Bad News...

Rocky Horror Lolz--please rate

Doctors' Opinion of Financial Bail Out Package

I'm inebriated

Can someone explain the whole INTJ thing to me.

Conference Call With Midlo In 10 Minutes

What are you feeling ...

What is a P.U.M.A.? (And don't post puma pictures unless it's puma kittens.)

I am officially an Evil Landlord.

Got diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism, can anyone share their experiences?

Those were the good old days....

Even after 30 years, Disco Inferno is still one of the most relevant songs ever.

OMG LOL! You won't freakin' believe this...

God dammit. Another job opportunity evaporates.

Now that the Asher raised $13,000 for Obama let's post some unfounded rumors about Midlo...

Anyone roast their own coffee beans?

KFC For Dinner Tonight!!!!

I need a really good text manipulation tool, preferably shareware.

Lounge check this out:

anybody ever "check" a tennis racquet as luggage?


VOTE OR CRY comedy show in Seattle this Saturday!

What's your favorite fermented food?

My neighbor cat Blue has taken up residence in my backyard. ***kitty pics***

Calvin does math

Hello all ! ~~ Just checking in... may be getting a computer tonight !!

GAAAAH!!!! Religious hypocrisy rant!!!!!

Math/Geometry problem

Just for Bertha V - here are some puma kittens (cause we love kittens!!)

My farting dog is being violated at work as I type.

I have a newfound love of yoga.


My new avatar.

Series. Who knew KG was such a hottie?

Even after 700 years, Dante's Inferno is still one of the most relevant books ever.

Even after twenty years, John Carpenter's THEY LIVE is still one of the most relevant movies ever

Have You Ever Said Something That Erupted Into An Unintended Verbal Bloodbath?

Oh goddammit! It's finally happened! My DU Lounge Good Vibes Transmitter broke down

I Lost Count, So Who Am I Dead To?

Lead-free Halloween makeup?

Be sure to vote! Or this might happen to YOU! (fun interactive spoof to email to friends)

Fun Halloween Game!!

1. e4 c5 2. Bc4 Nf6 3. f3 Nc6 4. c3 g6 5. Qb3 Na5 6. Bxf7#

Seen in Whole Foods parking lot this afternoon

Now That Haruuuuuuuuuka is back ,Who do you miss from the TS Beyond?

My civil rights are being violated at work as I type

I love Craig Ferguson but that light oak desk of his is like a visual sleeping pill.

Can we combine these two images into one image?

English, motherf*cker! Do you speak it?! Sho'nuff! (Sam Jackson remaking The Last Dragon)

Phillies fan robs bank to pay for gear

Teens charged over attack on 75-year-old blind flamingo

Important PSA about ESS

Can you identify the power cord on an electronic device?

He's a good example of pre-election stupidity

One diligent little Obama supporter.

Man In the Dark - this is great!

Why the fuck would you maul a flamingo? These sick fucks...

Why the fuck would you maul a flamingo? These sick fucks...

Now that the Phillies Won let's post some unfounded rumors about LynneSin...

"Son of Rambow" is a pretty good movie.

Do Bees Have Knees?

Dogmeat is back baby!!

McCain and Palin make a Bollywood video.

The DU Lounge phrase of the day is "farting dog." Replace a post title with "farting dog"

Come with me if you want to live!

The Diet Sodas Poll.

If I announced on GDP that CNN was breaking the appearance of a new Bin Laden tape...

What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Ted Stevens?

Jesus, dudes. Now this professor guy is kissing my ass.


PSA: When using the WC on French trains, keep your cell phone in your pocket.

Is it just me, or are Jim Carrey movies becoming a bit...derivative?

There's an epic thread in GD in the works.

If you want an idea for an underrated horror movie, check out "Magic" (w/ a young Anthony Hopkins)

Had I the right? The note i took and posted on a disruptive thread

Who calls Starbucks, 'the Starbucks'? Only a total freeper loser like JVS.

So My Elderly 2nd Cousin Was Driving Her Delta 88 And She Was Attacked By A Maniac

my brain is going to jump out of my head soon and run away screaming "no more! no more!"

Is it me, or do we as a species seem to be getting meaner

When G*D uses the Photoshop clone tool

Nothing says total luxury like leaving the TP roll on the radiator.

Dudes in unhappy marriages... listen up...

I'm making root beer floats to go with the popcorn!!! Anyone? Anyone?

It is "Black Thursday" at work today -- people losing jobs left and right.

DU Millenials - Could you explain your fascination with GenX Pop Culture?

Jonas Brothers to Star in Farting Dog Movie

Just got home from a Democratic Chili Picnic--I'm all fired up and ready to go!

Had I the right? The note I wrote and stuck on an atheist's car

Need advice from DU exterminators.

You know, I really hate it when GD and GD:P spills over into here.

Ask an ye shall receive. The most ridiculous Photoshopping I've done in months

Is Asher Heimermann the love child of Midlo and John Mccain?

Yippee! It's raining in Northern California!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 10/30/2008)

Possibly the Least Important Poll of This Election:

OK I Will Never Post About TollBooths Again

So I posted this in the FL forum

Downtown Tucson {dial-up warning}

PSA to college students and college students-to-be.

Worst night in years...

My baby bit the vet today

Wow - a Sarah Palin/Freeper Cookbook!!!

This was the first cell phone I used. What did your first one

How Will You Spend Erection Night 4Novembra?

stuck between a rock and a hard place.....

Joaquin Phoenix is giving up acting. I actually like him and think he is talented.

GoPsUx's thought of the day


I spent the last week watching the first 3 seasons of House MD.

This thread is a rant to change something this thread can't possibly change

William Shakespeares' Thought for the Day...

Wacky Evangelical E-Mail - Check it Out!

I took my wife to the Olive Garden for dinner

I need some prayers and vibes

Just posted in GD, The 2nd Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Awards for Republican Evil VOTE!!!

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky

A lawyer in my office told a great Palin joke today -

I want to go to Cracker Barrel for my birthday dinner

Ok this ought to be good...Caption this Please

Had I the right? What I did to a McCain supporter in the Food Lion Parking lot.

Who Is The DU Diva?

Let's Write The Jonas Brothers Farting Dog Movie!

Cheeseburger or Veggieburger?

Optical Illusion

Post a video from a favorite live rock album

Anyone have plans for Devil's Night?

Who is going to see the Twilight movie? I am on the last book Breaking Dawn

Star Trek Fans?

Cats in sinks

Is it wrong?

Possibly the Most Important Poll of This Election:


I think I know what I want to major in for university.

Help! Please Explain What is Happening Here...

Even after 34 years, The Towering Inferno is still one of the most relevant movies ever.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday October 30

iPod Classic or iPod Touch? Your opinions and experiences

If You Could Bring Someone Back From The Dead

Roxy Music "Avalon" was one of the Eighties' Greatest

Found: Kris Kristofferson, Rita Coolidge and The Buoys

I didn't like someone's bumpersticker. So I left a note inviting them to the Starbucks.

Bonjour Paris *PIC HEAVY*

What was the day the music died, in your opinion?

Now that Haruka is officially back let's post some unfounded rumors about her...

Golfer John Daly Passes Out At Winston-Salem Hooters, Spends Night In Jail

Report:FDA Officials Opposed Drug Suit Policy

Obama blitzes US airwaves with six days to go

Sacramento man arrested in mailing of suspicious packages

ACORN knew of fraudulent voter registration forms, ex-employee of Project Vote says

Experts see potential problems on Election Day

CodePink closing Albany (Calif.) storefront office

Obama Half-Hour Advert aired

Bill Clinton Hails Obama as America's Future

Simpson to reveal names of 30 Palin ex-lovers

Obama takes 7-point lead on McCain (Zogby) 50-43

Democrats Dominate Early Voting in Key States

Auditors: Private security in Iraq costs over $6B

Suicide attack at Afghan ministry (3 dead, many wounded)

Japan announces $275 billion stimulus package

Exxon Mobil: Biggest profit in U.S. history

Syrian riot police form ring around US Embassy

Bush Pardons Himself

Intensity grows as presidential election looms

Judge: PA must have paper ballots ready if half of machines fail

Racial overtones mar race for (Montana) state superintendent

Pakistan Scrambles to Aid Earthquake Survivors

US Syrian embassy 'may be shut'

Checks on 'Joe' more extensive than first acknowledged

Pakistan Tells U.S. to Stop Airstrikes in Tribal Zone

Report: China's animal feed tainted with melamine

Maldives ruler loses in first free poll

GDP falls 0.3% in third quarter on dive in spending

A Win for Purged Voters

FDA ignored evidence when calling BPA safe

McCain worker who concocted story to be released

National polls tighten

American Express To Cut 7,000 Jobs

McCain launches defensive robo-calls (in home state of Arizona)

Doctor told to get out because of son with Down syndrome

Banks to Continue Paying Dividends; Bailout Money Is for Lending, Critics Say

China passes U.S. as No. 1 in greenhouse gas emissions

Percentage of blacks in retirement plans trails that of whites

Percentage of blacks in retirement plans trails that of whites

Palin suggests she's now GOP political fixture

China sends officials to handle Sudan hostage crisis

Iraq says it wants U.S. troops out by 2011

GM expected to ask Toyota for help-Kyodo report

Al Gore to rally for Obama Friday in West Palm Beach

Qaeda wants Republicans, Bush "humiliated": Web video

Startling Stat: At Least 46 Papers That Endorsed Bush in 2004 Have Now Switched to Obama

Obama goes prime-time; McCain goes after Obama

1,000 workers will return to Ford F-150 plant

Visteon posts loss, cutting 2,800 jobs

Joe ("the non Plumber") a No-Show in Ohio (ditches McCain @ rally)

Another Illinois Presidential Endorsement (Journal-Standard for Obama)

Silicon Valley Leaders Say No to Proposition 8 With New Group and Ad

Voter Purge Rejected in Colorado

Lab that Tests and Certifies Voting Machines Suspended

Republican caught on tape stealing opponent's campaign signs

Secretive conservative meeting set for next week

Exxon Mobil posts biggest US quarterly profit ever

World Will Struggle To Meet Oil Demand

CNN: Voting machines could bring Election Day glitches

Iraq holding thousands in secret prisons: lawmaker

Navy judge refuses to re-sentence Bin Laden driver

Campaign workers attacked

33.5 Million Watch Obama Infomercial

Sen. Bond Warns Palin Crowd That Obama Wants Judges Who Empathize With “The Gay”

CSC Plans China Data Centers

McCain worker who concocted story to be released(Probation Program)

The Last Word--Almost (Rasmussen final election prediction)

NAACP's Lawsuit Put On Hold (Virginia)

AmEx to cut 7,000 jobs

Appeals court declines stay in Michigan voter registration case

Jury at impasse in Venezuelan cash suitcase trial

Palin sees dip in popularity in Alaska, rest of nation

***UPDATE**** Two Suspects Arrested In Obama Effigy On Kentucky Campus

Gallup Daily: Obama Lead Among Likely Voters 5 to 7 Points - Now up 50% to 45% in traditional model

Obama predicts ‘significant recession’

A win for purged voters(Colorado)

Bombs kill at least 25 in India's Assam state

Symantec Plans Significant Job Cuts (4.5%)

Bachmann, Tinklenberg spar in final debate

McCain seeks to revive Rezko as campaign issue

McCain-Palin Campaign Snubs Penn State Prez(unwelcome @ campus event because he's a "Big Democrat" )

China toxic egg scandal spreads (3 more brands)

Poll: Obama Maintains Comfortable Lead(CBS/NYT)

Venezuela celebrates successful launch of its first satellite

McCain Now Running Robocalls Attacking Obama In Home State Of Arizona

Judge denies restraining order barring political garb in the booth (PA)

Obama: I'll meet with Detroit automakers immediately

NC elections board extends early voting hours

FCC Concerned At Trend Of Pay-TV Rate Hikes

(ABC News) Exclusive: U.S. Expects Bin Laden Message Near Election

Indonesia Bans Porn Images, Gestures & Conversations

Coleman's campaign sues Franken's over political ads

Obama Says Would Include Republicans In Cabinet


Obama poised to win state by wide margin

Bill collectors get tough, and complaints surge

Groups seek relief for credit card debtors (up to 40% forgiveness)

Cuba expects new US president to lift embargo

Therapy Plus Zoloft Best For Kids' Anxiety

McCain aide insults Indians: "The Last Republican" pt. 7

Hank Williams Jr. multi-tasks, sucking on multiple levels, selling out what's left of his career

John McCain shoots himself in the foot... again

You Can Vote However You Like

For fun - Margaret Cho on the Gay Bomb

Bill Clinton in Pa. 10/29/08

Save the Local Community Use Farm - University of British Columbia

Bill Clinton praises Barack Obama

President Clinton Convincing Endorsement of Obama

Racism & Threats Outside PA McCain Rally - 'Bomb Obama'

Students Choose Obama in Largest Mock Election in U.S.

CNN - Larry King - Fact Check on PLO - Palestinian Issue

Voters: Obama/McCain Positions on Economy Matter the Most

Hispanic Voters Favor Obama But Turnout Is Key

What if Sarah Palin Was Black - THIS IS FUNNY!

Mayor Richard M. Daley Needs You to Volunteer

Blueprint for Change: Immigration

Race Tightens Slightly, But Early Voters Favor Obama

McCain Predicts Late-Night Win on Election Day

Michele Bachmann Claims Credit for Falling Gas Prices

Chicken Button

Young Turks: Was Ronald Reagan a Socialist?

Democratic Minnesota - Among most Competitive Senate Races

The Daily Left - October 30th, 2008

TheRealNews: US elections - fox guarding the henhouse ??

Lunsford Unleashes The Hounds on McConnell

The Political Theorem

Campaign Finance Not On the Radar of Americans

Al Gore Power Vote Webcast

Nobel Prize Laureates Endorse Barack Obama

Barack Obama in Raleigh, North Carolina

New Mexico Leans Toward Democrats!!

What is Norm Coleman running from?

Bill Clinton Campaiging With Barack Obama in Fla P1

Colbert compares McCain to Hoover: Comedy 10/29/08

Does McCain Need Bin Laden?

Travel =DSCC ad = DOLE

Dean Baker defends Barney Frank, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac on Dildo Loofah

Our Greatest Fear - President Palin (by Danny Elfman)

Holtz-Eakin says Republicans 'lost control of spending', also says debts need to be paid!

TYT: Is Palin Preparing To Run 2012?

New Obama TV Ad - "Something"

Obama For President 2008 Do you hear the people sing?

New President

Tucker Bounds: When Palin Shares The Wealth, It Isn’t Socialism — It’s ‘Unique’

Roger Wicker - where does he stand on the issues? (hint- next to Bush)

Countdown: Matthews and K.O React To Obama Ad

Can Democrats Fix America's Image? - Zbigniew Brzezinski

Eisenstadt's 2nd response to "The Last Republican"

There's Something Happening Here (feat Barack Obama)

Ed Rollins throws Charlie Black under the bus for Liddy Dole's horrible new ad

Obama in Sarasota 2008.10.30

Bill Clinton Campaigning in Fla With Barack Obama P2

A Timely Tune From 1962

McCain and Palin's Bollywood Video

Tell Susan Collins to Put Maine First - she helped put the w's extreme nominees on Supreme Court

Generation WE : The Movement Begins...

North Carolina: Voter Protection

Seal endorses Obama!!

Michelle Needs Colorado to Vote Early

Where's Joe?

Short film Political Ad

NBC News: Cambodian cruelties along the Thai border (1977)

Joe Biden Rallies Arnold, MO, October 30, 2008

McCain Stood-Up By Joe The Unlicensed Plumber


Indiana: Voter Protection

Like to help ya son, but you're too young to vote: McCain addresses 4000 bused-in school kids

Get out the Vote: Obama for Pro-Choice America


NBC News: David (Son of Sam/.44 Caliber Killer) Berkowitz court plea Don't Vote Alone

Dole takes the highroad (new ad)

Is Obama Really a Cracker Hating, Communist Negro?

Can Dems Re-Claim the South?

Rearview Mirror Ad

Young Turks: Obama Commercial Analysis - 'I Loved It.'

Barack Obama 30 minute Talk With The Nation Part 1 Oct 29

American Stories, American Solutions

Attack of the Robocalls!

Prop 8 spokesman says defeating gays like defeating Hitler

Palin In 2012

Joe The Plumber - Obama Will Bring Death To Israel

Continuity of Government - COG

Desperately Seeking Joe the Plumber.

Gay Rights Are Civil Rights

Obama, MLK & JFK - Hope and History Rhyme

Disgraced Republican Crony, Tom DeLay Vents His Hate Towards Obama

Barack Obama eyes Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff

McCain's pollster MacInturff tries to spin the fairy tale that will be used to explain a GOP 'win'

The machines have been rigged to flip to repubs

John Cleese (part 2): Obama, Biden & Fox News

Attack of the Killer B's!

Joe No Show = McCain: "You're all Joe the Plumber"

Is Palin (R) voting for felon Sen. Ted Stevens (R)?

Kay Hagan Responds Like A Trooper!

Insane religious nuts produce almost a self-parody

What would you do (experiment)

CNN's Rick Sanchez Spanks Mike Goldfarb Around Like a BoBo Doll

CNN: Posthumous pardon to Leo Frank denied (1984)

Neil Cavuto tells McCain - 'on economic matters, you have no convictions'

Barack Obama Beatles Art Speed Painting by Mike Cuffe

House of Cards

McCain's Latest Ad Plays the Commie Card

New ARG Poll shows Obama gaining electoral votes:

Restore fairness to the judiciary

Whoever wins has a lot of work to do

Moving Forward on Reproductive Health (New Eng Jour Med)

India's Big Firms Poised to Cut Jobs

Why is John McCain Funding Terrorism?

Obama’s Slam Dunk?

The Economist endorses Obama

Class-action suit alleges Dell layoffs targeted women

John Nichols: A Chronicle of Despair, A Promise of Change

McCain Attacks Obama for Palling Around With Lord Voldemort

AlterNet: How Much Damage Has Eight Years of Conservative Rule Done to Americans' Psyches?

Kennedy/Palast: 7 Ways to Steal Back Your Vote

Percentage of blacks in retirement plans trails that of whites

The historic 2008 election: without John Edwards (Crowther / The Independent / NC)

Voting machines could bring Election Day glitches

The Dirty McCain Campaign, Violating Ethical Standards One Day at a Time

Following the Script: Obama, McCain and "The West Wing"

Time to usher in a new era by choosing the skinny guy (Keillor)

McCain Endorsed by Karl Marx!

McCain Ditches Joe the Plumber, for 'Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber'

Obama’s 30 Minute Special and McCain’s Whiney Response = Done Deal

William Blum: Who Has John McCain Been Palling Around With?

The morning after the US election - Daniel Finkelstein

History shows Democratic sweep would be better for stocks

Michelle 'McCarthy' Bachmann -- The Hate Monger of Minnesota

George Will: Call Him John the Careless

The Gloves Are Off! — Dems Have Plan to Neutralize Dishonest GOP Flyers

“Where’s Joe?” - Did The Plumber Just Flush McCain?

Chairs for Obama??? (Showing we care)

Why Obama May Triumph in Working Class Pennsylvania (

Cher Backs Obama for President

The Latest GOP Voter Suppression, the Mentally Challenged

NC Neighbors -- VOTE '08

Old Fat Naked Women for Peace

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 30

Taking a Stand on Prop 8: Opposing It Is Just Plain Right

More than twice the buildup in Afghanistan?

Soldier dies in northern Iraq

Obama camp wants every military vote counted

Syria demands apology, compensation for raid

U.S. hands over 2nd Iraqi province in a week

Fingerprint testimony heard in fragging trial

Dix defendant discussed attack on tape

(Army Times) Editorial: Pentagon must recognize burn-pit health hazards

DDG 1001 named for MoH recipient Monsoor

Pakistan urges U.S. to stop missile strikes

Special court-martial in Purple Heart case

LCS could get Marine support modules

Pendleton-based officer killed in Afghanistan

Corps IDs Marine found dead in Calif. home

Marines’ cars broken into in Mississippi

(Marine Corps Times) Backtalk: Lack of support

Recession Proof: Servicemembers are buying and charging more – defying the U.S. economy

Defense witness: Shaking didn’t kill baby

Guam congressional delegate asks for investigation into alcohol price spike

Officials pursuing burglary probe

Yokosuka leader hears out concerns

Spiraling in the military’s favor?

General Says Mosul Needs Cops, Not Army

Army Awards Contracts for JLTV

Navy Formalizes Support for All IA Sailors

Work Continues to Replace T-38 Levers

Torture Call Threatens Gitmo Case

In New Role Petraeus Works for Afghan Win

Defense Tech: Butter Not Guns for the Next Four Years?

Army and Agency Will Study Rising Suicide Rate Among Soldiers

VIDEO / IDF soldiers protect Palestinian olive farmers from settlers

Survey: shows McCain beating Obama in Israel

The Tunnel Kings of Gaza

We Are Not The Enemy

Transgender Themes in Science Fiction

Prop 8 Spokesman Says Defeating Gays is Like Defeating Hitler

Silicon Valley Leaders Say No to Proposition 8 With New Group and Ad

Sen. Bond Warns Obama Wants Judges Who Empathize With “The Gay”

The ( nearly complete ) de-Lesbianization of Rachel Maddow.

WSJ: Why Just One Wedding Isn't Enough For Some Gay Couples

Ford's new hybrids go 47 mph on electric power alone

Peru fears mining mess could poison drinking water

Peak Oil solved

Peak Oil Notes - Oct 30

'Stupid' EPA moved giant croc to tourist mecca

Endangered orcas died of starvation - 'We're getting down to the last fish in the barrel'

Denver: Homes near light-rail lines tend to increase in value

Halloween is time to give bats a second look

IEA report predicts oil declines of 6.4 - 9.1% annually -- FINANCIAL TIMES

"Bush To Host Economic Summit" ~ What Next?

Relief Nears for 3 Million Strapped Homeowners

American Express to Slash $1.8 Billion, Cut 7,000 Jobs

ATTN Repugs ... I hereby promise not to spread your wealth ...

America should take a chance and make Barack Obama the next leader of the free world (the Economist)

the unexpected agents of dystopia - Phil Gramm and Allen Greenspan -

VW's 348% Two-Day Gain Is Pain for Hedge Funds

A Question for A.I.G.: Where Did the Cash Go?

Union sues AT&T over merger effects - (53 mins ago) - Halts layoffs

Brazil's Petrobras to help Cuban firm on oil, soy

Peru fears mining mess could poison drinking water

Bolivia: Unprecedented alliance defeats right-wing assault

Multiple homicide leaves 6 dead in Venezuela

Venezuela celebrates successful launch of its first satellite

Small article on Venezuela by Eduardo Galeano from 2004 to share with friends of Venezuela:

Congrats Phillies fans!!!


Golfer John Daly Passes Out At Winston-Salem Hooters, Spends Night In Jail

Phillies win the World Series!


No Philadelphia Team has won a championship

That's It! No More Off Days

Charles Barkley for governor!!11

Don’t Blame the Uninsured

Women Buying Health Policies Pay a Penalty

Ultrasound shown to exert remote control of brain circuits

A Rise in Kidney Stones Is Seen in U.S. Children

What kind of exercise routine do you have? Mine is not formal, but just involves

End of daylight saving time is good for the heart

Epidemic Influenza And Vitamin D ~ Medical News Today

Revolution Through Evolution

Peruvian shamans weigh in on our election.

Newbie in GD posting Indian Astrologist's predictions

(Just for fun.) What's your Egyptian Sun sign?

Finally nailed my nemesis bird...

Some recent photos

On the way home tonight. new camera

another clueless peice by the MSM

Woot! Just voted!

Gun purchase glitch raises questions

My rosemary chicken dish.

Veterans Urge Candidates to Stop Using Religious Test

More Christian irony

So, what do you do with rendered chicken fat?

More MESSINGER news on Mercury!

The Hubble is back in business! (new pictures)

Numbers Game

Community meeting in Galveston County regarding UTMB

Rick stumps in Lufkin...

Harris County Election Night Victory Party (dial-up warning)

John Cornyn is 1 of "10 Worst Members of Congress" by Esquire

Backing up

Hollywood's 5 Saddest Attempts at Feminism

JK will be on WBUR around 9 am EDT Friday 10/31

Beatty spends $ 1.7 M to raise $2 M. (mostly out of state)

The Bay State Banner endorses Kerry

Guess what... I'm getting my 1000th post today...

JK poll margin greater than Obama in MA!

Boston Folks: Sen. Kerry on WGBH tonight at 7 pm

Interesting Boston Herald coverage of the Worcester vet event

Kerry on Imus

The OFFICIAL Joan Molenaar for Hennepin County Commissioner THREAD

Who's the best picks for Minneapolis school board?

If you want to see Bill Clinton in Minneapolis on Thursday night, October 30, 2008...

I received a mailing from the NRCC yesterday, it attacks David Dillon,


Looks like Norm has some answering to do.. Not too late for an October surprise!

Down With Tyranny blog details allegations of Norm Coleman's philandering

'David L. Piper for Hennepin County District Court Judge' - Air America Minnesota ad

We NEED to get together on Election Day!

vanhollen(A) Is Sending his Goons To The Polls