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Kucinich is up now asking questions

Kucinich is up now asking questions

God Bless The Almighty Dollar

Obama to hit McCain on Keating Five -

Molly Ivins Column in 1998 predicts the Bank and Brokerages failures of today


My man Oliver STONE sez Jeb Crow SHRUB will never be prez (because of Shrub)

Will the Present Financial Crisis bring this on?

Women's Media Center: The Age of Unbridled Consumption Just Ended

Women's Media Center: The Age of Unbridled Consumption Just Ended

If it doesn't work, do we still have to give 'em the money? nt

If it doesn't work, do we still have to give 'em the money? nt

The GOP gave Wall Street all it wanted....

Jim Cramer: Get the hell out of the stock market NOW

Does John McCain have the blood of innocent people on his hands?

So the banks have no money, except 1 to 10 percent of deposits..

Understanding the mentality of 'conservatives'.

Understanding the mentality of 'conservatives'.

Understanding the mentality of 'conservatives'.

Understanding the mentality of 'conservatives'.

Understanding the mentality of 'conservatives'.

Your Cut of the Bailout Package: $7500 For Chevy Volt Owners

Your Cut of the Bailout Package: $7500 For Chevy Volt Owners

Why CDC Responded With ‘Lack of Urgency’ to Formaldehyde Warnings, RE: FEMA trailers

Mixup Leaves Some Voters in Limbo (New Orleans)

"Invest at the point of maximum pessimism."

Jill Biden's mother died. Sending love and embraces to the Biden family.

Is it time to arrest the corrupt repukes yet?

Is it time to arrest the corrupt repukes yet?

So .... SNL is going to do a regular Thursday show, too?

Bush and the Disaster Capitalism Matrix thank you for the kind trillion dollar parting gift

MSNBC: Wall Street draws attention from financial problems Americans already facing in weak economy

I've never seen a meltdown happen but I think I know one when I see one

Bush and the Disaster Capitalism Matrix thank you for the kind trillion dollar parting gift

MSNBC: Wall Street draws attention from financial problems Americans already facing in weak economy

A resident of Crawford leaves a sign addressed to * - Brother can you spare a gallon?

Dow Plunges. But at least McCain never met Bill Ayres

David Ray Griffin vs. Matt Taibbi conspiracy cage match

10:00 A.M. EDT- DOW - Down 300+

Free(fall) Markets?

People really have lost their cajones in this world....

Pin-up girl tells how she spotted suitcase stuffed with cash

Neo-Cons encourage American's to take more and more debt...

Neo-Cons encourage American's to take more and more debt...

Toon: Haunted Houses

Toon: Haunted Houses

I'm no economist but I think we are seeing something I have long suspected...

Fucking stock market. Nice knowin' ya DU...

Iceland cops shoot dead a polar bear after it swam 200 miles to what the poor thing thought

Iceland cops shoot dead a polar bear after it swam 200 miles to what the poor thing thought

Iceland cops shoot dead a polar bear after it swam 200 miles to what the poor thing thought

I just flipped by fauxsnooze just now and I think its getting worse...

I just flipped by fauxsnooze just now and I think its getting worse...

I think I'm nervous now

as tom petty would say, the stock market is 'free fallin'

Economic storm clouds turning darker still

Economic storm clouds turning darker still

Lottery ticket sales will .....

Lottery ticket sales will .....

Here we go again. The Gas Companies trying to influence the election

Here we go again. The Gas Companies trying to influence the election


link tv? have I been in a hole? or did Direct TV just start carrying this?

link tv? have I been in a hole? or did Direct TV just start carrying this?

5 minutes ... down 200+ and falling ......

The Dow just dropped below 10,000

Is all hell about to break loose?

Palin’s Office Will Release Potentially Damaging Emails—For A Price

Global markets are tanking, campaigns are going negative, and "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"

Do they let any black people into Sarah's events?

Do they let any black people into Sarah's events?

Money flowing into U.S. Treasuries today.

Money flowing into U.S. Treasuries today.

Money flowing into U.S. Treasuries today.

Money flowing into U.S. Treasuries today.

Money flowing into U.S. Treasuries today.

Money flowing into U.S. Treasuries today.

piggy noonan who supported bush says bush 'should've gotten' bin Laden

Jesus Christ!! Someone hold me. n/t

The Palin rally in Clearwater

With less than a month to go, what issues do you want the media to cover?

I told you so...

Her mouth moves, but nothing comes out

So why is the Fed taking actual steps on behalf of liquidity?

Pay attention to Europe....

LA TIMES: Mishaps mark John McCain's record as naval aviator

LA TIMES: Mishaps mark John McCain's record as naval aviator

Obama wows Asheville crowd

Another Long Day Ahead on Wall Street.... World Markets tanking overnight....

I may actually watch (and record) Faux News election night to see their reactions

The dynamic of Palin's audience getting there today - Clearwater, FL

Get ready she's opening her pitbull moosemouth now n/t

7 Palin Aides Will Honor Subpoenas in 'Troopergate' Probe - But not Sarah and Todd

Good Obama Parade Music?

The "financial experts" on TV

24/7 Wall Street: The Recession Is Coming Home For The Holidays

Are you ready?

Can anyone tell me what the correlation is between oil prices dropping

Can anyone tell me what the correlation is between oil prices dropping

Please post recent Faux News (Hannity, O'Leilly) videos....

CSpan will be carrying the oversight hearings on

Working for Peanuts -- Downturn Hits the Streets of New York

Any word from "rescue" architects Bush, Paulson, or Bernanke?

Any word from "rescue" architects Bush, Paulson, or Bernanke?

Cindy McCain says the Keating Scandal is what made her steal narcotics from her charity

Naming your Navy (xpost from Veterans)

Naming your Navy (xpost from Veterans)

Stock markets worldwide continue their freefall

Stock markets worldwide continue their freefall

Americans are really, really scared

OK, somebody PLEASE explain: DOW under 10,000 - what does that mean?

German Stocks Fall to Lowest Since 2006; Hypo Real Estate Drops

The New Yorker Endorses Barack Obama !!!

The New Yorker Endorses Barack Obama !!!

The New Yorker Endorses Barack Obama !!!

Comedian hopes she doesn't have to impersonate Palin till 2012

Odd couple: Rachel Maddow and Pat Buchanan

Dow futures: -236.00 (10128)

Dow futures: -236.00 (10128)

My dad was in Vietnam.

My dad was in Vietnam.

McCain's Mavratic Surge of Mud

McCain's Mavratic Surge of Mud

Fmr Chair & CEO of BOA, Hugh McColl Jr, endorses Obama!

So...Warren Buffett is big stockholder in Goldman, Wells Fargo - who's the equivalent

Great Horsey cartoon on VP debate preps...

caption time

Economy is bad everywhere. The summer fires in Greece have been devastating...>

NY Times: Full of Doubts, U.S. Shoppers Cut Spending

hehehehe latest betting odds on the election

Isn't "maverick" just code for "asshole"?

Isn't "maverick" just code for "asshole"?

Just a little economic rundown of my family (in Belgium)

Jim Kramer needs to be charged with Capital Stupidity and sentenced to life in poverty

Jim Kramer needs to be charged with Capital Stupidity and sentenced to life in poverty

Thank God, here's an intelligent woman who supports Sarah Palin

Thank God, here's an intelligent woman who supports Sarah Palin

The "60 min" story about the abortive attempt to catch bin Laden

'We're not going to win,' British commander says of bid to quash Taliban

7 Palin aides to testify in abuse-of-power probe -- Sarah and Todd still obstructing justice

Our voter registration system SUCKS!

The measure of a president

The measure of a president

The measure of a president


Gimme three steps

Newsweek Analysis: Palin's words may backfire on McCain

McCain 'prone to mishaps as Navy pilot'

OK kiddies! Let's start a list of why Sarah Palin is going to Hell!

Fiery collision in Montgomery Co. kills corrections employee, job applicants

Fiery collision in Montgomery Co. kills corrections employee, job applicants

Fiery collision in Montgomery Co. kills corrections employee, job applicants

Sarah Palin: Guardian of the Northern Frontier (flash game)

OH Nancy...say it isn't so: "TPM" Pelosi Paying Thousands to Husband's Firm.

CNBC on air talent to dress in French Pre-Revolution aristocracy garb to calm markets.

I hope Obama slaps Hannity with a slander lawsuit...

I really don't like this lady

The Palin Pathology

Bigfoot / Nessie 08 : Change You Can BELIEVE In!

We deserve what we get (Beverly Hills Chihuahua)

The Domenici bill that put mental health coverage in parity with physical

The Domenici bill that put mental health coverage in parity with physical

The Domenici bill that put mental health coverage in parity with physical

An new/old name for palin and her hair-do.

Black neighborhoods targeted by vote-scam fliers

Black neighborhoods targeted by vote-scam fliers

Thank God For The Bailout!!!!!!

I don't think Obama hitting them on K5 is going to be enough to

I don't think Obama hitting them on K5 is going to be enough to

I don't think Obama hitting them on K5 is going to be enough to

Long after the crisis subsides....banks rebuild, economy breathes...

Long after the crisis subsides....banks rebuild, economy breathes...

What was Reagan's legacy?

Update, even wierder

Who were the recipients of the pork in the "rescue package"?

Who were the recipients of the pork in the "rescue package"?

Who were the recipients of the pork in the "rescue package"?

So did Sarah Palin just condemn me to hell?

From a Kos Diary by VirginiaDem: McCain's Sketchy Cast of Characters

From a Kos Diary by VirginiaDem: McCain's Sketchy Cast of Characters

New website from Liberal Party of Canada:

NOW I know why Sarah Palin reminds me of a former school teacher...

NY Times: EBay Cuts 10% of Work Force

I was listening to Left Jab on XM yesterday, and one of the guests said the economic crisis......

I was listening to Left Jab on XM yesterday, and one of the guests said the economic crisis......

I knew a "Sarah PALIN" once. I hired her. She fucked up, then became the Boss.

Kosmas (D) even with Tom Feeney (R-FL24) in new poll!

Do those who advocate political strategy, even in lieu of transparency...

got a question about ordering obama stuff from the website

Why hasn't George W. bUsh ordered the arrest of that University of

Inadvertent e-mail attachment details group’s anti-gay strategy

Wall Street appears to be doing a shit load of trading but it is still down -490 points

Inadvertent e-mail attachment details group’s anti-gay strategy

German Interior Minister Warns Economic Crisis Could Lead To Rise In Nazism!

Dark thoughts for dark times.

Dark thoughts for dark times.

Heres more on the Democratics are to blame for Freedie Mac

The wooden arrow "pork" has become such a joke about the bailout bill. Here is the truth about it:

The wooden arrow "pork" has become such a joke about the bailout bill. Here is the truth about it:

What to do in an "economic Armageddon"?

Does mistrust, lack of empathy, lack of honesty undermine the economy?

Does mistrust, lack of empathy, lack of honesty undermine the economy?

Does mistrust, lack of empathy, lack of honesty undermine the economy?

OFFS: "Take that Tina Fey! Sarah Palin wants to appear on SNL to 'tweak' Fey"

Is Sarah wearing too much blush?

The Bailout, Coup & October Surprise

Lehman Cash Crunch Caused by Lender JPMorgan, Creditors Say

Lehman Cash Crunch Caused by Lender JPMorgan, Creditors Say

An example of the stubborn refusal of Americans to admit they were wrong.

Question about DU server overload and image display - would this help during debates?

Question about DU server overload and image display - would this help during debates?

Australian PM Kevin Rudd urges "end to extreme capitalism" to institutional leaders.

An American Carol, LOSER at the box office

An American Carol, LOSER at the box office

Wait a minute. Fishlips * said that his most important job is to "protect the American people".

How can we distinguish locally bought teevee ads from regional or national buys?

Which is a more accurate description of the chickens coming home to roost today?

A Futile Bailout as Darkness Falls on America

A Futile Bailout as Darkness Falls on America

Sarah Palin does NOT support hunting wolves from helicopters...

Check out this....

Check out this....

Soon as the first Edwards stories began in the National Enquirer the media began asking him about it

Asian markets tumbling...

McCain's Own 60's Radical Pal David Ifshin

Asian markets tumbling...

Election Trains

So McLame is helping Giuliani pay off his prez committee debt?

"Enough of you have whispered in my ear, 'John, take the gloves off' ... and it's going to be good"

"Enough of you have whispered in my ear, 'John, take the gloves off' ... and it's going to be good"

"Enough of you have whispered in my ear, 'John, take the gloves off' ... and it's going to be good"

Has anyone actually SEEN Palin shoot and field dress a moose? Caribou! deer?

Has anyone actually SEEN Palin shoot and field dress a moose? Caribou! deer?

Has anyone actually SEEN Palin shoot and field dress a moose? Caribou! deer?

Has anyone actually SEEN Palin shoot and field dress a moose? Caribou! deer?

Conservatives vandalize Liberals' homes, cars

The Dow futures are down almost 200 points

It's not a game...

Analysis: Palin's Words May Backfire on McCain

Analysis: Palin's Words May Backfire on McCain

Global stock market freefall continues....A downer Monday morning in Asia

Global stock market freefall continues....A downer Monday morning in Asia

America is in decline. That means substance matters to voters, which is bad news for Republicans

I still feel we are riding in a handbasket to hell.

My dream: Larry Flynt uncovers...

Sheney (Sarabou) is really attempting to connect with her base today

Sheney (Sarabou) is really attempting to connect with her base today

Peru: Infrared and multispectral images reveal pyramid

old george bush sounds horrible

Did anyone else catch the absurd Hannity hit piece on Obama just now?

Asian markets down 3.5%, Dow futures down 157 pts.

I never EVER want someone like me as the President..

Markets lose over a trillion when the bailout wasn't passed

Pelosi approval rating in SF Bay Area: 32%

I got polled by Voter Roll Call today..

Bruce in early '80's...Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land." He sung it in Philly for Obama Rally

CNN is featuring a gambling addict lecturing us about financial probity

Libor Mystifies Americans as Mayor Reads `Doomsday'

Bank on this: bank failures will rise in next year

Whats the "topic" for debate on Tues.

Europeans scramble to save failing banks: Associated Press

Just half watching 60 minutes. Why doesn't GM just get the hell out of the way?

Osama is winning, and will continue winning as long as we fight his fight.

I am SO excited!

I am SO excited!

ANYONE from Kansas? I have a plea for help READ ON

ANYONE from Kansas? I have a plea for help READ ON

Image: Obama - Not This Time

Image: Obama - Not This Time

Bloomberg reports Asian markets have opened down about 2.25%

A query for Colbert and/or Stewart viewers ..........

Obama campaign schedule

Obama campaign schedule

Good thing I'm not Cheney's Doc or I might treat my oath the same way he treats his.

Good thing I'm not Cheney's Doc or I might treat my oath the same way he treats his.

The Wolf Killa from Wasilla could use a good map.....

God hates winkers

Grayson (D) in toss up race with Ric Keller (R-FL08)

............ and there's not one fucking thing you can do ......

those kid arrows and the Boy Scouts - oh yes

Dow Above 10,000 Thank goodness for the bailout

Chavez's Cheap Oil Gives Him Sway Over U.S. Allies, Aid Funds

Keep your eye on the Dow "Circuit Breakers" - we're halfway there

Keep your eye on the Dow "Circuit Breakers" - we're halfway there

What Obama can expect in tomorrow night's debate?

If anyone is watching the Lehman Brothers hearings on CSPAN,

Out of 200,000,000+ eliglble Americans -

The Wolf Killa from Wasilla attacks Katie Couric

Please tell them to stop putting Bush on TV to instill confidence in the economy

The dow 1 year ago...

* picks perfect spot to speak about the economy - pics

The dow 1 year ago...

* picks perfect spot to speak about the economy - pics

Learn about a part of history that some wish we could just forget. Keating Economics: Great Site Up

you wouldn't want to Winter in the UK - nuke problems

CAPTION Bush and his buddy, his imaginary legacy

Will the next administration, dem or repub, end up being a Weimar government?

Anyone know what happens if THIS would happen....

Has anyone used

Obama is essentially being called a terrorist by mccain, and the keating 5 is not enough

French Prime Minister François Fillon: "We're on the edge of the abyss”

Hey Banks! If the American tax payer is forced to give you 700 billion dollars--You are not allowed

If you were pro-bailout, how are you feeling about it now?

One up shot to the dow plunging through the floor...

say...with homelessness on the rise, and all these empty foreclosed homes, shouldn't we

John Mica: Representative District 7 Fla. is a bastard or scum I guess bastard offends some people

McCain adviser doped up when meeting Palin..

Really funny right now

Aerospace engineer to control 700B "Bailout"??

Monumental Fail

Kucinich is on now on Cspan

Haven't they given Fannie and Freddie $200 billion bailout already?

Who needs to laugh at something completely pathetic and ridiculous???

Why a City Should Oppose Attacking Iran

Dow Below 10,000 Thank goodness for the bailout


A framing device for Obama to strike back at McCain with Keating Five:

Fuld told public investors all was well. But internally

Fuld told public investors all was well. But internally

Balance Sheet Transparency, Limits on Leverage, Regulated Derivative Markets

Virginia?!!! I mean fucking Virginia?? What the hell is going on?

From Snopes: Bush in 2001 wanted to regulate Fannie & Freddie

Holy Cow GD Is Hilarious Today! You Don't Even Need Words To Describe It.

Car vandals aim at Liberal supporters - Brake lines cut, cars damaged at homes (Canada)

Tucker Bounds seems manic this morning

The Progressive Mantra

Fuld: "Mistakes were made" -- why didn't OJ use this defense?

SIGHTING: Giant Billboard on I95 Southbound in Ft. Pierce Florida reads: "No McSame"

The McCain-Follieri Love Boat

McCain Camp Trots Out First Keating Defense -- Claims Investigation Was A Political Hit Job

I can't believe the utter horse shit spilling from the criminal in the White House.

Dollar trading at 100.94 yen

Dollar trading at 100.94 yen

Palin and the corruption at the heart of America

Wikipedia Editors: Take a look at this, plz...

The volitility index(fear) is higher today then it was in oct 1998 or oct 2002

How do we prepare as a nation for the upcoming economic realignment?

Economic chaos creates surge in homelessness - homeless SKYROCKETING

Will tomorrow's debate include the recent character attacks?

Palin criticizes Obama's ties to Wright, Aye

60 is the magic number - U.S. Senate

My letter to Obama today...

Question? Anyone remember how Bush and McCain wanted us to invest out Social Security The full version is up and running.

man, remember when the dow fell 777 points last week? That's almost sounding like the

Ah, the long-foretold End Time, brought to us by Bushco

I suggest we rename the capitalists

With all the music lyrics posted in bad times ...

Fuld is very forgetful.

Economic Meltdown or Economic War?

How is anyone able to pass definitive judgment on the bailout's effects at this point?

Breaking: Palin's ties to the English language greatly exaggerated.

good thing we now have the PATRIOT Act and eliminated posse comitatus

"Townhall Spotlight" -- anyone heard of this?

Correction Fucking Crook makes $19 Million for 3 weeks of work

Have you heard about the YouTube video showing clips of the black


The market has spoken - the bailout sucks - DOW down 2000 points after Senate passes bill

Do the Rethugs lauding David Zucker (American Carol) know ...

Michelle Obama will be on Larry King Live WEDS night (ack messed up)

Plunge Protection Team sets a new line in the sand: 9750.

Phrases and words to describe conservative Republicans.

What was the difference between those who voted 'yea' and 'nay'?

HOLY SHIT!!! dow down 730 points!!!!

Check in all heterosexuals who think gay civil rights need to be ignored by the DEMS this election.

At what point do they halt trading?

Has anyone been brave enough to go to Freepland to see what they are saying about the fall of the


So Palin's drug-dealing son and pregnant teenage daughter

I'm asking for help on a post (Are Democrats A Threat to Tribal Sovereignity?)

The McCain/Palin campaign is collapsing it couldn't happen to two more deserving pieces of scum

Dow down -800 n/t

Yow! Are we having a Trifecta yet?

Down 630 and dropping... Obama 273+14 McCain 163 Tossups 102 Obama wins unless McCain turns it arround.

Huge sandstorm. Must be seen.

How to turn America into a military dictatorship

what should Democrats name bill to raise taxes to cover Wall St. bailout?

Look at the numbers for "An American Carol" vs. "Religulous"

Did John McCain And P.J. O'Rourke Share A Love Triangle With This Lady?

HELLO, all new DU'ers!

Kashkari? CASH? CARRY?

A Month Away, Some Voters Can't Decide

I now agree with the economists that stated that at the end of 2004 the US was bankrupt. Y/N

Wall Street may shun $700bn bail-out - TO KEEP GOLDEN PARACHUTES!!!

Michelle Obama to Appear as a Guest on 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' Wednesday, October 8 :

mccain is slaming Obama on CNN. mccain is a fraud, and so is CNN

Biden mourns...Palin lies

Heads up: 'CIA's Secret Experiments' coming on National Geographic Channel, 4pm eastern.

What IS Grampy On About?? Why is this "news?"

Whats the difference between McCain and the Dow?

John McAnal

McSlimebag Lying Again

It's A GREAT Day To Be A Bargain Hunter On The Dow!

McCain talking - crowd sounds VERY small and with a hot miked smaller group of paid on-cue shoutrs.

If it's bad today, tomorrow and Wed will be worse...

Probation for minor figure in bribe case (Duke Cunningham)

For those asking about Dow "circuit breakers"

"I was reading my copy of the New York Times the other day," she said.

Did anyone think Bushco would actually LEAVE office without stripping us of every cent possible?

Obama to release 13-minute documentary "Keating Economics

Do you think McNasty's been looking over his shoulder for the last year, just wondering...

Do you think McNasty's been looking over his shoulder for the last year, just wondering...

Download The Keating Economics Movie

Homeland Security’s Space-Based Spying Goes Live

Did McSame have a press conference I missed?

Dow jumps 200 points to 542...Where are the DU posts?

If the government had extended as much energy

One thing that always does very well during hard times... Beer

SCREW THIS! I'm putting in the Buy Order of ALL Buy Orders... 10000 here we come!!!


Sarah Palin's Tax Return

Vote news for the day. Check out TN!

Anyone can run a company when times are flush and people want your product...

They're making a late run at DOW 10,000

Afghan war cannot be won militarily, U.N. agrees

Pssst .... left side 527s .......

powers that be doing everything they can to get market to close above 10

McCain, Obama deal puts limits on "town hall" debate

Given that Neocons accuse their opponents of doing whatever

Companies not participating in the bailout program is a good thing. It's responsibility,it's owning

Anyone watching McLame right now?

Were there NEW taxes in the bailout bill?

Run Rove's 2000 attacks on McCain

He did not say January 20th

New video of 'Obama Youth' marching in military uniforms causes stir

Corruption is nothing! 21 innocent people are DEAD because of McCain's actions!

Question : The Debate

Cool. Looks like a late term rally. The low of -800 sparked

Ladies and Gentlemen of DU

Republicans to high court: Stop Palin ethics probe!!!!!!11

So, this is all kinds of wrong to ask but...

DOW Closes at 9,955

Calm Down!!!

If Ayers was their "October Surprise"

Vulture on Prey Sex??????

Turn it on and see Fuld cry live **Kucinich is questioning him**

Update 2: I'm unpurged

Oil. Not Fannie, Peak oil, Interest or Loans are to blame for the crisis

Angry Feds May Force Citi and Wells to Share Wachovia

A friend of mine has been working ETrade and bought Apple at 105. It's 89 today.

When America started this illegal war with Iraq the world stood by and watched.

Republican Loyalty Oath.

Observation. If the price of oil was going up as quickly as it is coming down

Palin ethics probes beset by secrecy and lawsuit

Main Street may have to decouple from Wall Street.

Image:Keeping Abreast of Politics [NSFW]

PHOTO: What, no pointy hat?

The clip from The View is up on HuffPo

Worth 1000 Words

Court Delays Miers and Bolten Congressional Testimony

Looks like Mr. Earl G is going to need about 100,000 of these pretty soon. >>

Looks like Mr. Earl G is going to need about 100,000 of these pretty soon. >>

There are no words.

Interesting New Information Regarding Wells Fargo vs. Citigroup and Wachovia

Do you approve or disapprove of the beating of the Lehman Bros. CEO in the gym

Why Paulson's Plan is a Fraud (PC Roberts)

If under Pres. Obama, we have a 58-42 Senate majority and a

‘24' Producer Pulls Endorsement Of Anti-Muslim DVD ‘Obsession’»

Iowa Supreme Court to hear gay marriage arguments

What does it mean when the economic experts say, 'don't panic'?

BUGLIOSI Interview (Oct 6) on WPFW Radio (We Ourselves)

Who Said Stonewalling Doesn't Work? AttorneyGate Firings On Hold Until AFTER Election

Tropical Storm Marco in Bay of Campeche

Final numbers

Snapshot of Bailout Recipients - A.I.G.

Here chic, chic, chic. Come home, chic, chic, chic!

Why can't the government nationalize tha banks and cancel the debt?

Greed has been replaced by fear; euphoria, by panic; trust, by suspicion

Debunking conservative viral letter "How Many 'O's in a billion?"

60 Minutes excellent story on mortgage crisis and credit default swaps


GA-Sen: Tight Race

Will the other half of Americans ever "get it?"

On a lighter note - The Stock Market Truth

Bush pushes Senate to confirm federal judges

In case you missed it! Keating Keating Keating McSame

In a sea of McCain posters...

Hey Oakies listen up!

What role did the intelligence world play in cooking the books for crisis?

Stupid question: What makes the dow drop?

Neocon McCain following their playbook to the letter....

Gunman kills family over financial woes

Why would Mitsubishi need Federal Reserve authorization to invest in Morgan Stanley?

McCain Camp Raised Question of Obama Contibutors to Cover FEC Investigation Into Their Own Donors

I actually understand this financial crisis (Thanks Ira Glass)

Did I just hear this correctly?

Go Get Your Dollars Out Now! (citizen from Argentina)

Mishaps mark John McCain's record as naval aviator (REad This)

Noonan, Peggy is SUCH an affected, pretentious piece of shit

Power Cutoffs Soar As Americans Struggle To Pay Bills

What reason(s) would George Bush & company have for ensuring Bin Laden escaped?

Lehman's Golden Parachutes Were Being Secured While Execs Were Pleading For Federal Rescue

Fact Check: Did McCain intervene on behalf of Charles Keating?

This is my take on today's hard core campaign messages

Make-Believe Maverick

Palin: Another Sociopath

holy cow look at this good new re:oil

What points should Obama make Tues. night and what points do you think McSame will try to make?

What points should Obama make Tues. night and what points do you think McSame will try to make?

Character attacks? What character attacks? I don't see no character attacks.

Anybody have that New York Times article

Any response from Bush on $7 billion request from Swartznagger

Mad Dog Palin

24% of Americans are filthy rich enough, and/or deeply stupid enough

Ha, Doomsayers: Dollar up, oil down!


Which fundamentals of the U.S. economy are still strong and which are not?

Election Protection Wiki from (CMD) is now on line

Just saw response (ad) from Obama about McCain troop ad....

Brits Say: We Can't Win in Afghan

Uganda to tighten law against homosexuality

Tropical Storm Marco

Yemen Nabs 'Israel-Linked' Terror Cell

Brent Bozell III showing conservatives are always right?


Don't forget: Keith with a Special Comment tonight about Sarah Palin

Ok so the last debate Palin said "don't look back" about the war about EVERYTHING but then we see ..

"It's all downhill from here"---your brain shrinks, white blood cells are fewer, etc.

Fitch Downgrades Ford & Ford Credit to 'CCC'; Outlook Negative

What would happen if the USA declared bankruptcy?

Chris Matthews....

Bush cousin at Lehman's apologized to exec pals for mere suggestion they go without bonuses:

Republicans Stage Protest At Fulds Hearing, Want More Inquiry Into Fannie And Freddie

Republicans Stage Protest At Fulds Hearing, Want More Inquiry Into Fannie And Freddie

Being reassured on the economy by George Bush is like...

What the Fed did today (thanks to bail-out bill)

Fuld was cold cocked while on a treadmill in Lehman gym?

Matt Lauer has proven himself to be a world class ass.

Relax, the market will adjust itself.

So, did Keith ever get this Special Comment?

What were the presidential election polls showing the same week during Gores and Kerrys candidacies?

Dow recovers to close DOWN 370...what kind of headline is that?

Wanna put a hundred on which city riots first?? Taking bets here...

Anyone hear a clip on Thom Hartmann from a Senator or Rep saying

I am so pissed right now.

What WERE the "top secret" tools Woodward was talking about

Osama Bin Laden: what do you imagine he's thinking right now?

NC-Sen: Hagan Leads by 9

It's election season - gas prices are dropping!

'I'm thankful that the Constitution would allow more authority given to the VP if they so chose."

The 2006 Vetting of Sarah Palin

Pallin and her husband had dealings with the Alaska Independence Party

We are staring at possibly 61 Senate seats: This Year's Senate Races at this moment

Did The Jeff Farias Show Get Cancelled?

Suggestions for DU post-collapse groups?

Bush the Dolt Goes after WMD Program Dismantled in 1991, & Caught Hiding Torture from Congress

Fannie Mae forgives debt of Addie Polk after shooting

Happy Halloween? Maybe not....

What do we really know about this john mccain asshole?

605 days ago Obama announced his candidacy for president.

The economy V Mud at tomorrow's debate

The economy V Mud at tomorrow's debate

For a REAL Downer,

59% of Americans think another Great Depression is likely

Banks are Bailing on the Bail Out? Wall St. is balking at even USING the BailOut Bill(ions) ....

John McCain’s Twenty Year History of Political Corruption: Keating 5, Cablevision, Paxson and More

How many here think this "Who IS Barack Obama"? meme is subtlety racist?

So now that the bailout has failed, Now what?

Dealing with McFucked supporters at work...or anywhere really.

Americatown: New HBO series about Americans becoming economic refugees...

Army Brigade deployed to streets of US from Iraq!

The New Roman Military Corporate Empire...

WAKE UP PEOPLE! There is NOTHING more important than THIS (IMHO) PLEASE

Juan Cole: McCain support for Mujahideen Papered Over

William Ayers: What they are not telling you:

Garrison Keillor: They're Stealing from You and Me -- Where's the Outrage?

Asian Markets Head South...

McCain's "war hero" free ride over? LA Times opens the door

Hey Palin: God Hates Winkers

Voting: I'm registering for the THIRD time today & hope this one does it.

Some people predicting a democratic blowout because of this financial mess are ignorant of history.

BLACK MONDAY: Mysterious Poster Says Big Stock Market Crash Today 10-6-08

Waxman hammering Lehman's Ex-Chairman Fuld on getting $482 million in compensation

The McCain/Palin campaign in a single cartoon!! Non Sequitur

Monday Laugh - the Parking ticket

UK Telegraph: Risk of global finance disintegration within days!-No one will be spared

Everything is turning to shit before our very eyes but the obvious still needs to be underscored.

Elite Panic as Bailout Goes Bust **The Shadow of the Pitchfork**

I'm strangely at peace as dow takes a nose dive and my 401K vanishes before my eyes...

Garrison Keillor nails it

Pic: Protest on Wall Street

The Dow is down -7.33% which is -757 points, bailoout or no bailout these greedy

A little humor amidst the madness of the market crashing...

Time for some economic definitions

"Fed keeps wasting time while the mother of all bank runs is underway"

Homeless left out as food kitchen closes

Pope: Meltdown Shows Money Is "Nothing"

The Moran Parade Continues (pix)

UNEXPECTED SHOCKER! "Lehman Execs Secured Golden Parachutes While Pleading For Federal Rescue"

Wow - this was from last year - Happy Halloween

Palin's unfavorables up in new poll

Donna Brazile has a different look in her eyes these days

Knock Out - Lehman Brothers CEO Gets "PUNCHED IN THE FACE" At Company Gym!

That disgusting, greedy little fucker has finally done it.

Vermont candidate to prosecute Bush if she wins

McCain 1998: "Is This Guy Laden Really the Bad Guy That's Depicted?"

Take a cold hard look at the Bush legacy. Four more years? **GRAPHIC**

V.L. 1916

Great pic from the protest on Wall Street re: this mess

Ted Stevens Tape: We Might 'Spend A Little Time In Jail'

Why the MSM will not elaborate on this subject.

I sent this to Obama today - (repost )

Sarah Palin is whipping the racists into a homespun, goshdarn, winkin' frenzy.

Tax attorneys raise lingering questions about Palin tax returns (Tax evasion??)

Image: Sarah Palin Is An Astronaut

So, did Congress hear whether Jeb Bush got his bonus at Lehman while begging for a bailout?

McCain forced to defend North Carolina

Feeney: "Just A Poor Lamb Who Lost His Way"...Trib's Daniel Ruth Column

Max Clealand is asking a favor!

Thom Hartmann: "We're looking at another Republican Great Depression"....


Scientists Explain Why People Vote Republican

Chris Hedges: Dennis Kucinich on the Democrats’ Bailout Betrayal

OJ Simpson planned an Acquittal Party, ha ha ha

If you want ba better understanding of events, past and present ---

Throwing Rotten Tomatoes

HO-LEEE CRAP. Did you really think the Bush era would be THIS bad??!!!

You know, one could probably learn a lot from Bill Ayers.

We haven't even got into McBush leaving his disabled wife and kids for a beer heiress yet

We haven't even got into McBush leaving his disabled wife and kids for a beer heiress yet

McCAIN & AIG's role in Spitzer's Downfall

I'd like to ask for some hob hunting advice.

Here's for the DUer attacked by the repiglican running for state rep...

McCain is sure bringing out the ugliness in his supporters, right in front of him

KUCINICH: "Country Needs to Save Homes and Jobs, NO MORE BAILOUTS"

Lehman CEO Punched at Gym

WORD(S) OF THE DAY: "appeal to fear"

omg...I am totally leaving this forum 4ever..bla bla bla

Dow at 36,000

Analysts I'm hearing are saying the bailout won't make any difference

BOA agrees to $8.4bn Predatory Lending Settlement

Make-Believe Maverick

Huffington: Colbert interview --" the man not the character."

"After John McCain came home, Carol walked with a limp, so he threw her over for a poster girl"

***The Great Fark Candidate Comparison Thread!!!***

CNN just reported their latest poll has Bush's approval is at 24%

Before rally today..Pallin attends $10,000 -a-plate Luncheon

Would you pay a flat 55% tax on your gross income, if.....?

I Just Prevented Thousands of Californians from Having to Vote On Provisional Ballots!

The Clinton/Gore Administration: largest surplus in history on track, paying off the Debt by 2012

Say WHAT? Matt Lauer to RFK Jr.: "How's Your Dad?"

What Is The Difference Between a Christian Extremest and the Taliban?

What Is The Difference Between a Christian Extremest and the Taliban?

I find it hard to believe that a filthy rethug like Jon Voight helped produce Angelina Jolie

SHAME - pics

Can we petition MSNBC to let Cenk be a host of his own show?

The Corruption of Religion

'The Monster Crash', just in time for Halloween

Breaking!!! McCain campaign event photos!!!

Has McCain addressed his campaign's racist attacks on Obama?

If Not for Biden, She (and Many Other Women) May be Dead

I luv the smell of Republicans this morning... it smells like... desperation

Lawyers to "prowl" polling places in Florida.

holy crap,.... on Hardball.... talking about new voter registration numbers

"Unfortunately for McCain, we're living in the Google era." (updated)

This from a conservative writer in a conservative newspaper:

The Obama Campaign Just Launched a Nuke At the McCain Campaign

Somewhere in Indiana....

Counterpunch's latest issue says McC is sicker then is telling

**Important:** About the call to kill obama at the Palin rally ( demand answers )

Sara Palin obviously had a wire or a microphone on. At the beginning

Oil broke $90.00 yet the price at the pump doesn't budge? Can someone explain that?


My new tactic when speaking to wingnut coworkers and acquaintances

Elisabeth Hasselbeck should be fired. She was forcing the Ayers issue on national tv

Florida's I-4 Corridor across the center of the state...called a "microcosm"

I just Called MSNBC!

I don't think McCain will debate tomorrow night - just a feeling........ n/t

AOL poll has been Rethugged.

Palin: Freedom of press is a 'privilege' that media 'abuses'

Palin doodles her way to mayor!

Obamas to rescue a dog from a shelter ASAP/Humane Society endorses Obama

McCain Hangs Himself

"Kill him!" proposed one man in the audience. - WASHINGTON POST

Hah! Sarah Palin is a big draw. My ass!:

Democrats don't have the guts to call Palin a TEASER.

Who is the REAL Barack Obama? THIS is the real Barack Obama:

Today - Palin smearing O-man yells "Kill Him!", McCain says Who is Obama? man yells "terrorist"

Announcing the Election Verification Exit Poll

OK,the Keating torpedo was launched. Here's what's gonna happen next:

***Totally unexpected endorsement for Obama***

TROOPERGATE: Alaska lawmakers file papers accusing McCain of interfering with investigation

REWARD: Can Anyone Anywhere Find One Person With a Palin's Accent and Colloquialisms?

Obama's "Liberal Record" In Line With Most Americans' Views

Mike Paul, "Republican Consultant" on HARDBALL a total idiot

Freepers are RACIST, hate filled morons who shouldn't be allowed in our country.

Why is Texas Turning BLUE??? Once a Solid Red undergoing change

Jim Vandehie on MSNBC says people need to know what Obama "did in the 60s."

I'm confused, so where do the good Americans live?


You'll know Obama's got it in the bag when he starts visiting blue states like Washington state,

GUILT BY GUILT.... (McCain's Keating Five involvement)

LOL- New Palin Gaffe!!! She calls Afghanistan "our neighboring country"!

Did you know that McCain's sister is a Morgan (as in JP Morgan)?

Why Does Sarah Palin HATE Old People? Quoted Reagan on MEDICARE! MUST READ!!!

Sarah Palin just called herself an anti-Semite

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA at a rally yesterday in Asheville, NC, where he spoke to a crowd of 28,000

Are the ads about McShame's friendship with domestic terrorist G. Gordon Liddy ready to air?

Game. Set. Match. McCain just lost FL with this boneheaded move

St. Pete Times: Florida's former Senator Bob Graham Responds to Sarah Palin

Another wild-eyed, insane, scare-mongering Obama email.

Top McCain strategist: "If we keep talking about the economic crisis, we're going to lose."

On Character: The Tragic Fate Of John McCain

Hold Palin accountable for inciting those with emotional problems to shout

The New Republic- Barracuda: the Resentments of Sarah Palin, by Noam Scheiber

********* Joe Biden appreciation thread **********

A Double Dose of Bad News for McCain in Virginia

Sen. Casey: “Deregulating health care is not putting your country first.”

Gallup: O-50 M-42 (-1)

Obama Presidential endorsement!!!!!!!!!

Will President Obama help re-enact the Fairness Doctrine and force Fox Noise

Obama Wants To Kill Your Babies!

I overheard a conversation at the pump.

If Brokaw doesn't ask about Keating 5, the big story will be that he didn't ask.

Heckler calls for Obama's death... Palin SAYS NOTHING!

"I told John this was a bad strategy"

McCain unable to shake Keating Five behavior

Can you stand another amazing convert story?

VOMIT: Palin comes to Omaha... plays Hockey & Maverick Trump Cards!

McSame announces cutbacks to campaign, Straight Talk Express affected

Nebraska (Rasmussen) McCain 56, Obama 37 .. We need to do something about Nebraska

Hey, you guys, the freepers are all up in arms over this video

Ed Schultz: GOP Insiders McCain close to pulling out of Minnesota

Must See TV Report On '08 Election. Mentions DU!!!

The New Yorker Endorses Barack Obama !!!

win. but then listen for a second.

"Barack Hussein Obama" during introductory remarks before Palin rally

If I remember correctly, isn't the Margin of Error really just the % of

Let's Hear It for David Plouffe: KICKING McCAIN'S ASS ALL OVER AMERICA

Finally got the Obama-Biden car Magnet !!

Tweety: SEVEN Palin aides have reversed and agreed to testify in TROOPERGATE.

Joe Six-pack is voting for Obama!

A little dose of inspiration for the home stretch:

Polls don't show that Obama is not really not losing but that the losing polls are winning trees!

Rasmussen Obama +7 in FL, +6 in CO, +3 in MO, +2 in VA, -1 in OH

Richard Clarke is wondering what Osama bin Laden might do to help McCain win in November.

Retired Admiral Hits Back At McCain's Attack On Obama As "Dangerous"

DON'T GET SMUG OR OVERCONFIDENT but Obama leads MN by 18%, NH by 13%, VA by 12%, PA by 11%, OH by 7%

More than 1/3 of sitting federal judges were appointed by G.W Bush.

Media not allowed to mingle with crowd at Palin rally

SUSA New Hampshire Poll-Obama-53%-Mccain-40%

Latest CNN/Opinion Research Poll: Obama - 53% McCain - 45%

New Poll: Obama 51% McCain 39% in VIRGINIA

Gallup Obama 50% (no change), McDesperation 42% (-1)

Bush cousin at Lehman's apologized to his exec pals for the mere suggestion they go without bonuses:

RE: The Right wing meme that Ayers is unrepentant

McCain fudges his Navy record

Michigan Fundraiser Highlights McCain's Radical Friends ~

Obama will appoint young, common sense progressives to the federal bench

Hate Mongers '08

Springsteen on the last eight years....WOW

Missouri FOX News/Rasmussen Obama 50, McCain 47 Obama +3


Chris Matthews just pointed out something that I did not realize

The Daily Fix: A Compilation of Today's Polls and Where Things Stand - 10/6/08

Since when did Chicago become a dirty word?

Yes, Sarah, you do owe back taxes.

Palin Overstates Energy Experience-Policies as Governor Reveal No Energy Expertise

LA Times: Bill Maher gets 'Religulous' over Sarah Palin

John McCain will make 32 films denouncing the Republican Party

DU This Poll: Where do you want PPP to Poll next?

I don't know how Obama will be able to shake McCain's hand tomorrow night.

hasselbeck just got owned by EVERYONE on the view

Racism alive and well in Lake Mills, WI at Obama grassroots event

Anyone expect another Flag Pin debate tommorow?

Can We All Agree That The Concept Of Getting Universal Healthcare Is Dead

Let's Stop McCain-Palin Lies with Pinocchio Politics

I'm really tired of GOP sending in black "strategists" on the networks

Excuse me? Chuck Todd just said Obama/Biden are scoring higher

Nightmare scenario: McSame is "elected", and then incapacitated.

Please help my poll in GD.

Are the Palins tax cheats?

Jim Martin closing in on Saxby Shameless for Max Cleland's Senate Seat

If Senator Obama wins the debate tommorow night,....

There are VERY few McCant signs around here...but this is one I saw.

TIME: "Can Obama's Grass-Roots Army Win Missouri?"

I just realized, either way, on Nov 5th I will cry

Build a Cabinet For Barack Obama (fun time-waster)

We have just had an UNREAL polling day!

My prediction: Palin will soon say something very stupid and controversial

Keith Olbermann-Special Comment: Hockey Moms In Glass Houses

Nasty letters sent to McCain supporters

To those who have experienced definitive "landslide" victories...

Sarah you have the rest of your life to live this's going to suck to be you.

This is a meme that is starting to spread....

Dubya hometown newspaper endorses Obama

The same "Who is Barack Obama" ad has been

lol did anyone else know that Mike Gravel switched over to the libertarian party?

Internet advertising backfires on Palin

David Gregory - what a tool.

Bill Ayers and his "associations"

Josh Marshall has it exactly right

NPR Report on Ayers/Keating 5 Today

Everyone on here needs to see W and take a friend on the Oct. 17 weekend

McCain Campaign a "desperate empty embarrassment" (Joe Klein)

The Daily Widget, Mon 10/6 – O-362, M-176 – Obama Leveling Off; Happy Bday, Lil Math Dude!

Mike Paul Repuke strategist just looked like he was going to cry


Here is why polls need to be viewed over a week or more

Has anyone in the media called Palin out on the "Kill him!" comment?

What, if anything, should Obama say now about Ayers?

You're Sarah Palin and you're in your 2nd Presidential campaign, and you get

With McFailin' dropping out

McCain knows he's losing, wants to stir hate as revenge

Who TF was that obnoxious bastard on Tweety?

I'm going to turn my neighborhood so blue!!!

Volunteer deputy registrars delivering ****1,000**** registrations DAILY

Send to Voters: The LIES about Obama/Ayers vs. The FACTS of McCain/Keating

Pundit divination of Joe Six-Pack's soul--a history of total failure

ABC OH POLL: Obama 51, McCrypt 45

Did I hear this right?

'pal around with terrorists who target their own country' fuck you ms palin


I hate to say this, but I'm glad Gore lost

You know, Tina Fey has completely exposed Palin as an idiot! She is an American Hero

Sarah Palin is not a racist - -----------sarcasm

I think what would work

Landslide Coming! I take humbly back all the bad things I ever thought about Obama!

Fact Check: Did McCain intervene on behalf of Charles Keating? (CNN)

Palin: Ohio Vets Are Unqualified Voters?

FEC Queries McCain Campaign on 'Excessive Contributions'

A lot of sources are calling McCain "unhinged".

Chuck Todd thinks mccain/palin are being graded on a negative curve? Perhaps they just suck.

Picken's plan can take a hike.

CBS News National Poll-Obama-48%-Mccain-45%

Worried about the debate on Tuesday.

The Dow could well sink below 10,000 today. That will wipe Ayers

I may be jumping the gun on this, but I'm noticing something VERY interesting here in Central VA

RealClearPolitics now has Obama up by 0.3 in Missouri

I don't understand todays numbers, "fair and balanced" Fox News reported the race would tighten!

Today, John McCain smoked weed for the first time (and remembered where he was)

According to Joe McCain, the Pentagon is located in a communist country..

Citi Sues Wells Fargo, Wachovia for $60 Billion

Is McCain throwing the election?

Republican lawmakers: Stop Palin ethics probe GOP state legislators say investigation is too

New name for the "Palin/McCain" ticket: The Winker and the Wanker.

So I'm seeing McCain commercials here in Oregon.

I've never seen a campaign implode as fast as McCain's.

Let's flood Joe's Wilmington, DE Senate office with condolence cards for

Shuster on MSNBC just said that we will all want to see the NBC/WSJ numbers at 6:30

Wasilla library dedicates room to Palin

What are our chances in Alaska (Senate) if Stevens is found not guilty?

pickens says palin has the most energy experience. pickens is a fucking idiot.

NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama 49 (+1), McCain 43(-3) - Internals Now Included

Wall St. Journal/NBC poll has Barack Obama and Joe Biden ahead of McCain/Palin by 49% to 43%.

MSNBC: Rick Warren's Publisher releasing bio on Palin...

"Kill him!" proposed one man in the audience.

POLL: Palin Still Seen as Unqualified, a Bump for Biden

McCain's campaign proves to be more environmental than Obama's

McCain: An angry man who might be dangerously unstable,

Obama Reply To Brokaw When He Asks About O's Healthplan

CNN: financial crisis + record low approval for Bush + Palin fatigue = Obama gains

How did the Keating 5 corruption contribute to the economic problems we have today?

Round Two

Hi, everybody. Obama +6. North Carolina. That is all.

The Dirty Details of Voter Purges

Let's spin audience questions the Tom Brokaw way!

Where the Hell is the Democratic Leadership??

Yay. My voter registration wasn't purged.

Tomorrow's Debate Rules - Brokaw selects questions to ask from written queries.

mccain / palin just fanning away at the flames of their fanatical base

NBC/WSJ Obama 49% McGramps 43%

The Reverse Bradley Effect

Some good senate polls in the last few days as well! Summary here:

Friggin' Youtube screws up audio on Keating video

The 21st Century Titanic.

1999-McCain Admits Role In Keating 5: "It Was The Wrong Thing To Do & It Will Be On My Tombstone"

"I still wince thinking about it and find that if I do not repress the memory..."

"OMG! We said 'Hussein!' We said 'Barack Hussein Obama!'"

Obama is tied with McBush in the Virginia Shenandoah???

Expose McCain's mafia ties

BREAKING-Palin may make appearance on SNL's new Thursday prime-time show

Make-Believe Maverick

During the Repub primary were there any townhall style debates?

hey's beautiful watching you self destruct

Americans Love A Winner, And They're Hopping On The Obama/Biden Bandwagon

The Content of His Character... or, SPREAD THE STORY!!!!

Virginia - Ocean of newly registered voters 300,000 and still counting HP: Obama leads all regions

The youtube Keating Video now has 188,626 views in little over 3 hours

KEATING ECONOMICS: John McCain & The Making of a Financial Crisis

Rasmussen Swing State Polls

Given what you have seen of John McCain, does the Manchurian Candidate ever come to mind?

I am SO lovin' Howell Heflin right now......

McCain Plans Federal Health Cuts

Democracy Corps Poll: Obama by 6 in Ohio

New RASmussen Numbers

Where can I find a decent copy of the Keating Economics

Peggy Noonan: "Obama is languid, cool, and collected. He has impressed America in Last 10 Days"

Registration Gains Favor Democrats

McCain accuses Obama of lying, now that's real rich!

NBC/WSJ Generic Ballot: Democrats 49, Repukes 36

New Rasmussen battleground polls. FL O+7, CO O+6, MO+3, VA+2, OH-1

Obama should put that Keating 5 video on his teevee channel on DISHTV.

13 minute documentary on Keating 5 is too long.


Palins' Darfur Lie--Alaskans Know Better

Politico: Dems could hit 60 Senate seats (McCain official: Dole "virtually certain to lose")

Nelson Mandela is a terrorist to Reagan, McCain, GOP, and fundies

This art caused outrage in Cleveland

CNN Factcheck: What did Obama Say About Troops In Afghanistan?

McCain has poor national security judgment

Just Saw McCain Ad In Chicago!!!

RNC has filed a complaint with FEC against Obama. In summary--he's a foreign agent.

**GRAPHIC- 9/11, Iraq, Katrina, and Wall St. Bail out under Bush - Talk about guilt by Association!

(McCain adviser) "If we keep talking about the economic crisis, we're going to lose."

How many donors does Obama have?

WSJ/NBC News Poll: Obama and Biden Are Better Debaters

Sen. Obama Signs Onto Health Care For America Now Campaign

When does your middle name become an political attack line?

I predict that McCain will get 100% of the vote.

My plan to turn everyone into Commie Atheist Muslim Homosexual Socialists

Gretchen Peters is latest musician who is pissed about McCain/Palin using her song

So I was reading the New York Times and I was really interested to read...

Obama T-Shirts Prominently Displayed at Local Mall!

Keating Economics: McCain Counsel Calls Investigation A Political Hit Job

For the first time I was polled by a national polling firm.

If you use Keating 5, why have John Glenn introduce Springsteen

If you're in Washington State you may register to vote up to 2 weeks prior to the General Election

Does anyone have any info on the US troops that are on duty in the US.

If McCain brings up Ayers, Obama brings up G. Gordon Liddy

Drew Barrymore: Obama Made Me Cry

McCain website lists bogus orgs like "African Americans for McCain," "Arab Americans 4 McCain," etc.

Katie Couric Talks Palin Interview: "We Gave Her A Lot Of Opportunities"

You seen this latest crap ad from McCain? It is getting uglier by the day.

Juan Cole: McCain support for Mujahideen Papered Over

New McCain Web Ad Attacks Obama!!!

HOLY NUKES! Obama just BOMBED McCain!

7 and 1/2 years later, this Onion piece is still unbelievably salient.

NBC/WSJ Debate Polls: Obama/Biden 50%, McCain/Failin 29%

"Who is the Real Barack Obama?" Anybody hear that guy yell "TERRORIST!"

Obama/Biden beat McCain/Palin in debates 50%-29% (NBC Poll)

The Hate-Talk Express

What are the next states McCain will pull out of? and what states will Obama begin pumping $ into?

Nearly A Half A MILLION New Democrats In Pennsylvania

An al Qaeda Election Plot

Giving Obama a "new" WORD

You getting the feeling that Hurricane Barack is about to make landfall....

Go ahead and drag out Rev. Wright. At least Obama isn't pandering to the people who said this:

Begala: McCain sat on board of racist group

Here's a hypothetical question...

I'm still scared of what happens between 11/5/08 and 1/20/09

Did McCain or Palin make a statement about Biden's MIL?

Marist Data: Obama Stronger on Health Care

Palin examined with Canadian eyes and the effect of Faux News' fury

Anybody else having trouble geting excited "yet" about Obama's great looking poll numbers?

Is there anything to this?

BAnk Failure rate sure to rise - thank you Phil Gramm, McCains chief economic advisor

McCain and Republicans - No Longer Closet Racists..............

Where is the new Newsweek Poll?

Not since FDR will a president inherit a more fucked up economic situation

As a student of propaganda, this Sean Hannity Obama:Manchurian Candidate thing's pretty good

Palin shows she is a true Republican making baseless charges attacking Obama.

Drew Barrymore: Obama Made Me Cry (a good cry btw)

ZOMG!! Obama's a turrist!!

New McPalin Ad

Wasn't McCain cleared in the Keating5 scandal?

Palin Campaign Schedule For Remainder Of This Week

A Great way for Obama to nail McCain on Keating 5 at tomorrow's debate...

Other Reason why McCain/Palin will lose - Divisive Hate filled Politics is All they Offer to Voters

I have never wanted anything more

McCain: "Who is Barack Obama?"

Check THIS from the New Yorker...

Jesus just called Sarah Palin and they had a little talk

Donna Brazile: The American People Vetted and Rejected Palin

Razzie will have polls from Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, and Virginia at 6PM

McPalin Trapped In An Ever-Shrinking RW Echo Chamber

I Voted. Guess Who I Voted For

Wolfson: It's Over

Hey Surrogates: The correct Keating talking points

CNN Poll: Obama advantage grows - Obama 53 - McCain 45

Obama above the 50% Mark

McCain's latest stunt is bring drowned out by economic news.

"We don't throw the first punch. But we'll throw the last."

Stop talking about the economic crisis!

Just a request. Don't forget about your local candidates, State Leg, city council ,JP, etc

Palin Camp re: "Hussein" comment: "We do not condone this inappropriate rhetoric which distracts.."

PPP North Carolina Poll: Obama 50 (+3), McCain 44(-1)

I think Palins AIP connections need to go to the MSM and they need to be accused of covering it up

losing Mccain the pro life voters.... remind them the republicans will do nothing about abortion

Put it on the board the Hawk would say (Ohio)

Palin More Extreme Each Passing Day: Wearing White Clothes, only the White Hood/Cone Missing

Georgia Senate: Chambliss 45% - Martin 44%

Wait a minute; didn't we all know that this was coming?

CNN just cut away from McCain to this statement from the Obama camp.

OMG...Real Clear Politics has VA,OH,NC,FL and PA all

Yikes! Watch The Dow and Your 401(k) Go Down In Real Time

Economic Crisis - Obama's Proposal To Invest In Infrastruture - Too Modest?

look, funnee! Candidates/Trains

Ohio Pastor I know says Obama is on way to victory, asks for God to have mercy on us

I am at Waldens Books today

McCain and Palin CANNOT fix this credit crisis


my sense of the Keating 5 analysis on the MSM is that....

Check out Google Trends - Looks like Keating 5 is having an impact

EPIC FAIL McShame..Lead story on Sit. Room: "THE ECONOMY"

So, I have a question about the bailout bill.

McCain is saying OBAMA changed his positions? Um...immigration, tax cuts, torture,

Is there a part of America that McCain and co. actually LIKE???

An Obama Minute - Please Pass This On!

this is a golden age of screwing with repub idiots on other message boards.

If Palin is a "christian," why can't she see McCain as a terrorist?

A letter to the editor I just posted

McGollum is Sinking in His Tower of Sauron but he has The Ring (Sarah Palin)

DOW is DOWN 746 POINTS and DROPPING.... n/t

Obama coming on strong in GEORGIA--within seven-points of McPalin!

Say this to at least 5 people today


Tucker Bounds

Rudy Giuliani married his second cousin!?!?!?

What is McCain doing in New Mexico?

McCain speech on MSNBC - So I turned OFF my TeeVee!

I think McCain is on a new regiment of medication.

Obama Biden bumper sticker for sale

incredible Palin document - much info

Another Ohio poll has Obama up outside the MOE, this time by 6!

Despicable Joe Lieberman Campaigning with Grand Witch Sarah Palin

What path did Sarah Palin travel to get to where she is today?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA speaks to the media today in Asheville, NC

McCain's audience seems to have a "shout" meter.

Sarah Palin needs to be arrested! She is inciting violence against the Dem. Nominee - She's a BITCH

McCain to get more aggressive: 'Who is the real Barack Obama?'

Is Tucker Bounds good for John McCain?

McCain just sounds like an idiot when he tries to go negative. Palin is too much of a joke to take

McCain Lies About His Heroism-Revealed By LAT -&- WAPO Asks-Where Would He Be TODAY Without Cindy?

Canadian's comment about "sexually inadequate" Repukes hits close to home at FoxNoise.

OMG - we're winning Pennsylvania. The proof is right here....

Delta Force Commander Says The Best Plan To Kill The Al Qaeda Leader In 2001 Was Nixed

Obama did not know his past

McCain Lawyers Push Back on Obama Keating Five Charges: WaPo

Hey, McDirty, write a check for $1 billion then we'll talk about your Keating innocence.

Don't freak out about Ayers, etc. That shit isn't going to tank Obama

"On Nov. 4, let's leave Barack Hussein Obama wondering what happend,"

Paid for by OBAMA for AMERICA a new web site

"That Stuff Was Almost 20 Years Ago........"

"Sarah Palin is a.."

The Media more fascinated by 40 Year Ayer Story, than 18 Year old Savings & Loan Bail out!

What's going on with the "b word" today?

Why is McCain not suspending his campaign and jetting back to Washington?

BREAKING NEWS! Shocking photographic proof of Sarah Palin involved with a well-known evildoer!

You should all beware the "Straight Talk Express".

Fla. Sheriff Plays The “Hussein” Card At Palin Event

Union Blitzes Battlegrounds With More Mail Hammering McCain On Economy

If I was an Obama surrogate, this is what I would say about Palin today...

Non Sequitur cartoon is killer today:

RE: Dropped over 780

I'm waiting for Palin to criticize the Dems for our all-Irish ticket: O'bama and O'biden,

Fed Boosts Cash Auctions to $900 Billion, May Do More (Update3) - Bloomberg

Sean Hannity comes out of the closet!

Cindy McCain is voting for Obama! She is losing Millions in the DOW Plunge!

You guys realize that in two days(after debate) no one will be talking about Ayers(or Keating)?

Sarah Palin misquotes Madeleine Albright, Starbucks coffee cup

BREAKING VIDEO - Where Do You Go for the Latest News?

Anyone Have A Link To the Keating 5 Video

When will we see some press on Sarah and hubbies anti-American group?

"Sarah Palin is a............Bitch"

Has Barack Obama taken Pennsylvania out of play?

General Motors - What A Difference 4 Years Make, $54/share in 2004

Cybersecurity expert on why voting systems are inherently insecure - Computerworld mag

Who ran a more inept campaign?

I really have to hand it to Joe Biden.

McCrypt has totally lost control. Check out his latest wild-eyed apoplectic tirade.

On a day when the Dow is crashing, let's not forget about these two McCain supporters.

Heads up>>>>>Obama on MSNBC

Why would McCain's campaign LEAK a goddamn memo about "losing" if they talk about the economy?


The media in this country is disgusting

Not the first punch, but the last

Obama has to the gloves off at Tuesday's debate

McCain is a Weak and Cowardice Liar!

At what point does the fail safe wall go up with the market??

Asshole Pubbie on MSNBC going a bit Nuk cu lar over the Keating biz.

Has anyone in our party's leadership called Lieberman a traitorous bastard to his face?

McCain has previously admitted to poor judgement and wrongdoing re: Keating

Ed Rollins: "Obama is still an unknown entity"

Do you think the polls would be closer right now if McCain had picked an actual smart woman?

Michelle Obama on THe Daily SHow on Wednesday night

the McCain campaign mudslinging=The dow dropping 700+ points

Latest info on Palin/McCain campaign reminds me of Steven King's

Another-Line-Cinema presents Barack Obama's "Keating Economics" 4 STARS!

Obama pulling away in Virginia: Leading 51% - 39%

I have something nice to say about McCain.

Is Palin really wearing white gloves?

Rassmussen Daily Tracking 10/06: Obama 52%(+1) McBlinking 44(0)


It just occurred to me: McCain CAN'T replace Palin -- it's too late

I feel like I'm watching Blazing Saddles; Palin is the guy warning the town about the sheriff

New Poll: Joe Biden has a 58% favorable rating while Sarah Palin has only a 39% favorable rating

More from Palin rally: RW radio show host says Obama “hangs around with terrorists”

Mc Must Be Feeling Like Mondale These Days

SurveyUSA Virginia Poll: Obama 53%, McCain 43%

The Victims of Keating and McCain

It's almost like someone in the Repug party gave Obama the playbook

Obama's First Order of Biz in January: Seizing Passports of bushco Thugs

Man at Palin Rally yells KILL HIM in response to her lies about Obama

Why didn't we see this Palin fiasco coming?

Faux Twisting Story Of Early Vote In Ohio

caption this Lieberman and Palin pic from today...

Does anyone know if the Secret Service is aware of the guy yelling "Kill Him" ?

Wacko FLA church preaching outright lies about Obama!

Obama opens another Omaha office

So do you think McCain's attack on Obama's character thru Ayers will work?

Palin and the Jewish Vote: "I find her offensive"

Well, CNN just elevated the Ayers story by saying the guy never hid

I think McCain's going to lose it in the second debate

Palin Plays Fear Card on Obama - ABC NEWS !

Mitchel is plaing clips of the Keating 5 video on MSNBC! YEAH! n/t

Link to "vietnam vets against McCain", a site

WTH Does Obama's Name Continue To Get Flagged By The DU Spell Check?

The McCain Campaign Has To Make Strategic Decisions With Limited $$ ...

Bush Scuttled Iran Outpost To Deny Obama An 'I Told You So'

What happens when the election doesn't reflect the polls?

Looking Into the Past

I haven't watched TV today. But are the Obama Surrogates out there fighting these smears?

Obama needs to remind voters of privatized Social Security

I cannot believe the level of hatred I have for Tucker Bounds.

Obama is ready.

Again, Palin question McCain: Palin Questions McCain Decision to Not Hit Obama on Wright

NH POLL: Obama 53, McConniption 40.

Why The Hell Is Media STILL Coverning Palin's Rallies? She Still Hasn't Held A Press Conference

Breaking: McSame Campaign Memo: "Should we pull out of NH, VA, and MN?"

I PREDICT: In the future McCain's failed campaign will be the model of what NOT to do

I'm sick of hearing about John McCain's love for this country and his patriotism. It's BULLSHIT.

Sooo, now McCain needs to pull out of NH? VA? MN?

Best counter punch - Obama team could create ad showing McCain's recent erratic behavior!

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- McCain Surrenders Michigan (Dory Hippauf)

*CNN NOW* Lehman Bros. CEO asked if it's fair a bankcrupt company CEO took home $480,000,000.00

LOL, I feel like McCain gave Obama a little poke, and Obama turned around and sledgehammered him...

"it's like we're in an alternate universe." Barack Obama is here to play -- hard.

Three weeks ago, McCain took the lead. Things can change in a hurry.

If it ain't broken...

CBS: Palin laments filter of mainstream media while continuing with generalities and smears on stump

If Virginia goes from leaning Obama to solid Obama, this election is O-V-E-R!

Why are Democrats so reactionary regarding copyright law?

McCain's Keating Moral: "It's not only what you do in politics. It's what you appear to do."

What are the chances Obama will use the Keating report

When I was 8 years old I sat next to this kid named Chuck. Today he's on the Sex Offenders list

The McCain election strategy explained

Palin is only resorting to Fascists tactics

Early voting in Ohio lackluster?

McCain thank you for bring up Ayers. Now we can talk about a real issue, Keating 5.

Obama Pulls Away in Virginia (O 53, M 43)

F. U. S. P.

I Thought You Weren't Supposed To Wear White After Labor Day

Me Likee....

Has the Video

There ya go again, Sarah. Say it ain't so....

Who is the narrator in the movie ... What is his name/background?

Pastor Hagee says: Catholic Church is the Great WHORE

KEATING ECONOMICS Documentary [HQ VIDEO] Playing **NOW**. >> McCain's FUCKED

The Winking Witch from Wasilla practices a brand of Christianity with which I am unfamiliar.

Slow Keating video? Try the .mov version, not youtube, for smooth, fast play. (link)

Peter Hart (Pollster): Obama cool and McCain Unhinged about Economy; Palin off base on her attacks

Palin wows the GOP faithful (defends Omaha area single electoral vote)

Degenerate Gambler Proof !!

Nothing should be off limits!!!!!!!!! Hit McCain on everything mob ties,

VP Debate in 1 minute

October Surprise!

Why I Am Voting for Obama

DOW below *'s Inauguration Day. Question: what CAN'T republicans fuck up?

The Movie stops around 7.25 and I cant seem to play it further..

McCain is...

Palin's Darfur Lie - Alaskans Know Better

Day 586. I’m Proud Of John McCain.

New Hampshire is out of McCain's reach

Thoughts on the video?

McCain attorney describes McCain and Keating as “social friends” - a "classic political smear job"

McCain: The Most Reprehensible of the Keating Five

I don't hate McCain, I hate how he seeks to bomb Obama

The McCain campaign will only get worse and worse and here's why ...

Be afraid. Be very afraid. ***WARNING: Don't click if you're prone to seizures!***

Little Billy Kristol desperately argues for two more VP debates, offers self as moderator

Gallup: 50 O, 42 M

Obama, please stay mostly positive

Obama Extends Online Lead with New iPhone App

Sarah Palin may as well just get it over with and scream RAPE!

Reviews are in: Critics Praise KEATING ECONOMICS

Hot Damn!! Duped someone else, Let this one sink

Two New VA Polls: SUSA +10 OBAMA, Suffolk Univ + 12 OBAMA !!!!

John McCain: Sympathy for the Devil

No debate tomorrow, McCain to suspend so he can sell his stocks and put money in his socks.

Why has no Obama surrogate explained the relevance of Keating 5?

DOW Below 10,000 for the first time since 9,850 level...lost 500

Gallup: Obama 50, McCain42 (McCain -1)

Michelle Obama Making First "Daily Show" Appearance This Week

ANyone else trying to get the 13-minute documentary that's supposed to be shown at 12 noon

Wouldn't you love to hear an unbiased reporter ask Sarah about Ayers?

Ed's on fire today!

Battleground POLL (R): Obama 50 (+1), McCrypt 43 (-3)

KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL: this whole attack is to distract from Troopergate

Survey USA: In NEW HAMPSHIRE it's Obama 53% and McCain 40%

McCain Plans for MAJOR CUTS to Medicare & Medicaid

What they don't want to talk about

McCain has lost. He can't win like this.

Keating Doc Up

Rasmussen: Obama 52, McKeating 44

Palin Attacks Obama Over Wright -- Even Though McCain Said Wright Was Off Limits

What is up with Ohio early voting!!!!

It's Over: Why Bill Ayers Won't Save John McCain

Since it is an article of faith that supporting marriage equality is political poison while civil

Sickening: 'Obama the slum lord' radio ad released

Throw the AIP BOMB into Sarah Palin's corner and watch her scatter

Bush needs to hide until January 20th - He is not helpful to the well being of our Economy!

Oh the Freepers are starting to accept the dire reality of their situation......

*I* am a community campaign organizer!!!

This morning on MSNBC, I heard one of their economic analysts say that

Important Keating Info Needed

People being taken by Sarah Palin the same way they were taken by mortgage scams.

what if Palin slips her handlers and goes "nuclear"?

RonnyK and Michael meet Lily!!

Great News!!! My absentee ballot came! :) Time to vote for

TSX plummets 1200 points, as do Conservatives!

Obama Campaign

UH OH Shrubby is on TV now with no speech or script

McCain's Shocking Letter-He Wanted As Much Of Keating's $ As Possible & Taxpayers Paid The Bill

McCain Keating5 letter to James Baker

Dow Down 450 Points McCain "Turning page on economy"

Obama's Discipline Is Amazing - Democrats Complained That Obama Did Not Hit McCain Hard Enough

you download the keating 5 now (nt)

Poisoning the Well...the McCain Strategy for 2012

John McCain owes this country a big, fat apology.

MSNBC: Standby For Taped Shrub Msg On Economy From AF1

What the Hell is Chuck Todd SMoking?

Obama should deliver economic address: "It looks tough, but things are going to be okay."

McCAIN Plans - MASSIVE - Cuts to Medicare & Medicaid (WSJ)

Clock strikes 12 noon, can anyone access the new keating documentary

Bill Kristol- "it comes down to character and judgement in this financial crisis"

Regulate, Regulate, Regulate!! (Reg Baby Reg!!!)

CNN DEBUNKING!!!! Palins claim she has foreign affairs experience because Alaska is close to Russia

Do Palin's gaffes remind you of Dubya in 2000?

What's with all this Ayers crap all of a sudden?

Obama Didn't Help Ayers Blow Up Anything, BUT McCain Helped....

Cant the MSM stand up to McCain/PAlin?

Text Msg Time Square Billboard

Where is the media? Do your fucking jobs!

Palin = Infomercial

The only thing that will restore confidence in the Markets is electing Barack Obama.

Ok McCain, you run your negative ads about Obama, that is fine...


Who is this pencil neck bitch and where did she come from?

In slip up, Palin calls Afghanistan “our neighboring country”

Obama minute coming up.

Time's Joe Klein Must Read: Embarracuda

Must read: Text of the speech Bruce Springsteen did in Philly

Is there video of Palin getting the crowd to boo Biden today?

Young voters hint at electorate shift-"Katy bar the door"

Guest on The View wearing Michelle Obama's dress? Sure

lets see the McSane camp wants to talk about CHARACTER

Blogger to watch 24 hour horror movie marathon to raise money for Obama

Warning: May make you gag - Repug bumper stickers and girl heard on NPR

***Please help me spread the word of Hugh McColl's endorsement of Obama...please***

Exclusive: Obama to hit McCain on Keating scandal

Sarah Palin: Maverick To Nowhere

McCain Profile: The Keating Five (AKA All You Need to Know About the K5 Scandal)

Obama campaign strategy on Keating 5 is to avoid influence peddling charge

Obama, Ayers and McCain's much more damning personal ties

So what are good stocks to buy?

Rasmussen: Obama 52, McCain 44

Horrible editorial in today's newspaper/Obama pro-infantcide

FReeperville is getting desperate today, here's the latest propaganda

dow down 500

There MSNBC goes again with the illegal donation story with Isikoff. They are pathetic.

(dream with me)... Obama destroys Mccain at the debate on Keating, Davis, Gramm, etc

With all the focus on Sarah over the week-end, has anyone seen McCain?

Hillary Clinton has raised more than $8 million for Obama's campaign - USA Today

One thing about the Wall Street meltdown today is it will completely overshadow anything Caribou

Mika: "Palin is not qualified" Joe Scar upset: "Unfair Media"

Tanking Economy, Tanking McCain

Palin has been defined in America's mind. It is time to let her drop and focus exclusively on McCain

The Obama Campaign Should Run a Palin Ad:

Poll watchers beware.........

Why in the fuck is Sarah "nutso" Palin given all this time to speak live? WTF?

Freeperville now locking threads that have polls. hehe

Todd Palin's Big Day Has Arrived ... Testify or Possibly Go To Jail?

Hey!! When did Texas turn Pink??!!!

Here is the predicted map showing Obama winning the Electoral College by Omaha's one vote

Ras (R) POLL: Obama 52 (+1), McCrypt 44. Highest level and largest lead for Obama! Leads among men.

"We are looking forward to turning a page on this financial crisis..."

What is it about the McCains - that they are ALWAYS involved with FAILED BANKS?!?!

I wish Obama was president right *now*.

This is the slimy mcsame attack that worries me some.

How bad is the relationship between Mccain and Palin?

DOW on 1/20/2001( Bush Inauguration) 10,587.59 .. what will it be on 1/20/2009

They say this is only 50,000 people

Latin American stocks down 8 - 15%

Take a look at this Palin protest pic

My Fantasy For Tuesday Night...

McCain Plans Cuts To Medicare and Medicaid to Offset Proposed Tax Credit

RE: Obama to lose Maine????

Yesterday I was polled by my North Texas county's GOP...

Palin inciting violence to Bill Ayers?

My Obama yard sign was stolen last night!!!


Republican Strategists Seem Off-Message Right Now

Ya wanna go there Gov Moosetracks? Lets go there. McCain advisor & funder supported known terrorists

FOLKS: the KeatingEconomics tactic is to keep focused on the ECONOMY (not smears)

What the Hell is up with the New Republican ads?

As I see it, McGrumpy would have to "run the table" to win. And he isn't even playing pool. He is

McCain prone to mishaps as Navy pilot: report

John, I must ask you. What does it profit a man

There was a thread that had jpegs of repubs with misspelled signs (moran, mavrick, etc)

Dont the gallup daily numbers come out at 9:30 EST?

Analysis: Palin's words may backfire on McCain

Palin: “Just Trying to Give Tina Fey More Material"

IMPORTANT Point to Consider Re: McCain's "Health Care Plan"

Holy shit, look at the RCP poll average, just updated in the past few minutes

McCain's camp response to Keating 5: Obama has Keating 3

Yet another convert for Obama

Can Falwell's University Tip Virginia To McCain?

Sarah Palin disney trailer: 'Head of Skate'

PBS Palin poll needs DU help

Peggy Noonan: Obama beat Hillary in the primary without raising his voice


How many people actually know Bill Ayers is WHITE??

Obama should embrace the "character" issue

There will be no pivoting from the economy

I went to a birthday party yesterday...

Help! Is there a response to right wing email?

LATimes: Mishaps mark John McCain's record as naval aviator

Rasmussen: Obama-52 mcPOW-44

ATTN: Dow about to drop below 10,000

With Millions of Americans now watching their retirement funds go down the tubes, do you think

THe DOW Is Below 10,000 Now - 9998.5

La Barracuda is doing real damage to her "bright" political future

Oh brother- she just cried.

Wanna have your hate meter explode? Turn on MSNBC right now

Why Republicans should support Obama

Republican's Economic Disaster; Always Left To Liberals To Clean Up Mess

Rolling Stone and John McCain

How is Keating 5 good?

This Day is going to be Infuriating for All of Us.

Jonathan Alter on AAR last night: we're going to have to live with Sarah Palin for a long time

Governor Palin: WHO associates with terrorists?

Are the frantic attacks by Palin/McCain really about the AK Legislature troopergate report?


The real reason campaigns go negative is not for the votes

John McCain's November surprise...

McCain's temper was key to the Keating scandal

When EXACTLY is Joe LIEbershit going to lose any committee senority he got as a Dem?

Paid for by OBAMA for AMERICA a new web site

I'd like to see an ad with all the pics of McSame hugging B*

DOW 42 points away from dropping below 10,000

I personally don't like the latest email from Barack re: Keating 5

It's PB&J time!

Get the hell out of our way for we have come to take our country back for the people.

Republicans are bad for the economy

Dow Jones down 230 points (9:35 EST).... Let's talk about Ayers!

They're just using her.

Why does Sarah Palin pal around with a man who spreads death?

I'm sending Obama $10 a day, every day that Palin mentions Ayers!

Why Obama CAN Attack Now (and Couldn't Two Weeks Ago)

Telling the Truth about McCain's Marriage to Cindy

Palin's not dropping her 'g's today.

MSNBC showing Obama's Keating Website...

McCain has his own "Ayers". Meet G. Gordon Liddy

The MSM Is Completely Rolling Over On Palin

FoxNews is showing their true colors. Hour long hit piece against Obama

FUck Palin: Rasmussen: Obama 52(+1), McLame 44(unchanged)

So, Palin's Visit to OMAHA tonight was just for FUN??

I know Biden is going through a tough time. But he is needed to call Bullshit on this Ayers crap

***Obama Campaign Response to Ayers on MSNBC Shortly Via Robert Gibbs***

Anyone else notice the human flag behind Palin at her Florida rally?

OK, if the MSM covers Palin rallies now, they'd better cover Biden's.

Would someone PLEASE put a camera on whoever it is making

The Secondary Benefit To Bringing Up Keating 5

McCain: The Most Reprehensible of the Keating 5 (1989)

FBI, SEC, Federal Reserve 'Failed to Connect the Dots': widespread mortgage fraud

Wall Street Ends McCain’s Lucky Streak

Peggy Noonan coming up on C-Span's Washington Journal


Something to listen to until Sarah shuts up.....

Can I just take a quick second to kiss Barack Obama's ass?

It is NOT an attack ad, nor is it negative if it is true

The Company That He Keeps

What can we do to help fight election fraud

More Six Pack in every Joe's Refrigerator... More Lipstick in every Hockey Mom's

I wonder how many newspapers will endorse Obama - I'm thinking WAY more than Kerry received

This morning, Joe all but admitted Palin is joke.

Hip-hop icon Nas stumps for Obama at Hampton University (Va.)

This is now a Palin/McWho? ticket

RE: Howard Wolfson: The Race is Over

MSNBC: Traitor Joe Lieberman introducing WInky Palin at a Fla. rally

Obama Camp Challenging McCain 'Lies'

Morning Schmo (yes, I'm listening) giving up on McSame


Peggy Noonan.s response to Palin's hot mic moment - you must hear this...

McCain was endorsed by a terrorist group the KKK!!!!

How would you grade how Obama is running his campaign so far?

United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, §176. Respect for flag

If you post on another message board and you have a 401K or 403B

LOL Palin wants to go on SNL to respond. . .maybe NBC NEWS should ambush her with an interview. . .

You do have to give Sarah Palin credit for one thing...

Obama camp needs to beat the Drum about Phil Gramm TOO - He's a future Sec of Treasury

How do they choose the audience for the town hall debate?

Hahahahaha! This election is about trains.

Make-Believe Maverick: The Real John McCain

Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

One thing I would like to point out about the Palin misquote of Ms. Albright

A word from abroad

Fucking MSNBC

Chester See Supports Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caption this Palin picture...

Ayers v Keating

It's obvious why the McCain camp says Rev. Wright is off the table.

With the Market Set to Tumble Today, Will mcPOW Try to Dodge the Debate, Again?

McCain is such a DUD, a LOSER that he's put the MSM in jeopardy, they can barely cover for him!

McCain doesn't plan on spending a cent to carry Texas; leaves local, vulnerable GOP candidates

Heard on NPR this morning - Repigs to 'audit' Obama's campaign contribs - looking for

Albuquerque Journal New Mexico Poll: Obama 45, McCain 40

For Undecideds: How To Tell the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans This Election

Should Obama go after McCain's link to G. Gordon Liddy?

Pal-ing With Ayers, Schmayers. Palin sleeps with someone who wants Alaska to secede from the U.S.

How do I know we're winning? Check out this despicably desperate ad from Team McCrypt.

Time to take on the surge? Or too risky?

On this day in 2004, the polls said... (This is one reason why mcbush is very worried)

The morning news shows aren't buying this Ayers crap. 50%, 8%, and October: Some Historical Context

PAUL BEGALA on Meet the Press today said "forget about rapid response - it should be rapid ATTACK!"

Today Show Headlines: Meltdown Goes Global

Obama Campaign Hits Back at McCain With Keating Five Web Video

Speaking of pal'in around with terrorists, isn't Todd Palin a current member of an Alaska militia

Wrong Woman, Wrong Message By Gloria Steinem

I watched the VP debate with a republican friend of mine

Kos/R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 52(unchanged), McCain 40(unchanged)

2nd Debate Tuesday: How soon after the start will Obama nail McCain on Keating 5 corruption?

funny, I guess I have alzheimers: I seem to recall McCain PROMISING to keep

Keating Economics video:

Joe six pack is not going to understand the Keating5 scandal

Can you post some pictures of Joe Six Pack ?

Monday morning quarterbacking Obama's decision to go with Keating

Write as many LTTEs on the campaign as you can, and send them everywhere you can think of.

It's the Economy, Stupids!

Questions that must be asked of John McCain tomorrow night!

Dupe - Delete

New Obama Ad - 'Life Member'

Does anyone here believe for 1 sec if McCain had ANY piece of dirt on Obama it would not be shouted

Politico: "Obama to hit McCain on Keating Five" /

The Repukes on Fox and MSNBC are focusing on Ayers, and CNN is focusing on the Economy

Keating, Liddy, etc. will never have the potency of Ayers, Wright and Khalidi

Fasten your seat's going to be a bumpy ride on Wall Street again...

Dueling Rallies in Anchorage

Ground Game

The Daily Fix: A Compilation of Today's Polls and Where Things Stand - 10/5/2008

Now Wall Street may shun $700bn bail-out

Halloween is going to suck this year,

The DOW will be Under 10,000 sometime this week.

I think Obama campaign may be making a mistake with this Keating 5

Thank you future President Obama

McCain is a coward!

Republicans Present the 'Change' You Can Believe in and Have Come to Expect

Why is it OK that McCain doesn't release his medical records?

It should be a crime to hide the Keating scandal from the people.

There should be only one major guideline for potential Obama attacks/critiques on McCain:

Why do McCain surrogates keep citing that recent NYT article about Obama and Ayers?

Elementary Primer! Savings & Loan Debacle AKA Keating 5 WAS the 90's Version of BAIL OUT!

Keating will send McCain over the edge...

Drudge fails to mention Obama's Keating offensive, risks irrelevance (Politico + HuffPo break story)

John McCain: "I hate the gooks"

Keating video to be released tomorrow. 13 minutes long.

How is Obama improving over Kerry in 2004?

Now FOXnews Hannity rehashing full Ayers/Obama connection?

Out-On-A-Limb Prediction: West Virginia Will Turn Blue For At Least One Moment Before The Election..

Democrats don't have the guts to call Palin a COCK TEASER.

Tuesday's Debate: McCain is going to Implode

Get it straight folks: KEATING 5 IS ABOUT THE ECONOMY

Endorsement from WV's largest paper!

Do you know that most McCain supporters that I talk to don't know about

John McCain's Big Bailout Blunder

Anyone watching the hours long Obama ad on cable?

Major, major food fight over in freep land: "Attn McCain Haters: SHUT Your Stinking TRAP!"

will the A.I.P. stuff come out soon?

*** John McCain's Keating Five Problem In 97 Seconds ***

The biggest impact of the Bush years has to be the outright public theft of the People's money

While the Obama camp has to respond....

Preview of Keating 13-minute Documentary Video.

New Yorker endorses Obama

McCain's shady friends:

Obama could mention that Cindy McCain and her father were also involved with Keating

Palin and the AIP.... WHY Isn't anyone talking about this?!!!

Listen UP!

McCain: "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?Janet Reno is her father."

Obama responding in kind to the Palin/McCain attacks is good for our side...

Guidelines for Responsible Pit Bull Ownership

Obama has a Keating 5 documentry ready to roll tomorrow at noon....

Say it ain't so, Sarah. There you go again looking to the past.

About Keating 5: So a major land developer and banker invites YOU you to fly to Phoenix

"Make Believe Maverick"

Obama Camp: John McCain And The Making Of A Financial Crisis...

Why is Palin carvoting and sleeping with US Separatists OK?

OK, now I know what McCain and Palin mean when they call him a 'Maverick'

Can we try to tally up all the new toys?? Right now it seems to be 2 new web sites and a TV channel

I need to find someone to have private conversations about Obama with.

John Legend, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen together for Obama benefit concert

Isn't this debate supposed to read Email Questions? If so, can't we submit some?

Dominatrix Palin

McCain camp now going to bring up Columbia Prof. Rashid Khalidi and tie him to Obama

Idiot freeper-type post of the day

Obama ad links McCain to Keating scandal (Babington - AP)

Today, for the first time.... I'm getting that Clinton v. Dole feeling.

Finally! Obama closes in with threats. YES

Just One Victory

Bush won NM by 6,000 in 04, Dems register 40,000 voters there since last year...

Would this be a fair assesment?

How many people wanna bet that McCain cheated on McPercocet while he was a senator?

CNN Segment on McCrypt's Role in Keating Five Scandal (VIDEO)

Whoa! Check out the LAT! Mishaps mark John McCain's record as naval aviator.

"McCain and wife Cindy have spoken about severe emotional trauma caused by Keating investigation"

McCain's special treatment as POW was used as enemy propaganda

McCain on reporters first questioning him about Keating 5: "Liars" and "idiots."

Can Falwell's University Tip Virginia To McCain?

"Dear Chairman Bernanke and Secretary Paulson"

WP: The Separate Peace of John And Carol (In the Demise of His First Marriage...)

Anonymous cowards try to scare off black voters in Philly

VIDEO Barack Obama - Raise your hopeful voice

Mudflats - State Employees Will Now Testify in Troopergate

God Guns & .... (PIC)

In slip up - Palin calls Afghanistan “our neighboring country”

So McSame Took The Weekend Off & Sent Caribou Barbie Out To Slam Obama...

RCP has Pennsylvanai solidly in the Obama camp!

''He told me it was worse than being in Hanoi.''

Former McLame advisor Mike Murphy is not impressed with his boss's low-road strategy.

What exactly does the CAPTION do anyway?

This is one HELL of an election year! Have you ever experienced anything like this?

Frank talk of Obama and race in Virginia

Politico Exclusive: Obama To Hit McCain On Keating Five Starting Tomorrow

Keating Economics: Revisiting McCain’s Keating 5 history (Obama camp counter punch!)

I love the move Begala made, warning the McCain people of what will happen

WP: Registration Gains Favor Democrats

all this Keating talk is a shot across the bow - a warning for Tuesday night - "Don't go there"

Obama ads are running every hour or so here in S. FL- not one for McLame

**CASH on HAND** Obama.... $77,404,118... McCain.... $27,194,865

It's time for the Obama camp to start calling McCain a fucking lier

Let us not forget one important fact about deregulation. When deregulation

McCain Campaign has no discipline

McCain got a free ride concerning Keating because of his POW. Haven't we paid him enough.

Get ready for 'Keating 5' week, baby!

Obama Rallies in Alaska Draw 2500

Hannity Enlists Hardcore Anti-Semitic Witness To Bash Obama: "Exterminate Jew Power"

McCain: "Carol stood by me but I had to get some action on the side."

TROOPERGATE: Seven Alaska state employees have reversed course and agreed to testify

good news from the Heartland

"I find her offensive" -- How the selection of Palin is screwing up McLame's plans to win in Florida

Showing our love to Jill Biden & family!

Official Obama campaign description of Keating Five scandal:

She doesn't read newspapers, but here's what's on her bookshelf:

I Must Go to Sleep,So"Discuss Amongst Yourselves" Colin Powell Endorsement in Late October

Crooks & Liars: "David Brooks on FTN: Palin not qualified, but she won the debate."

Krugman: Health Care Destruction (by McCain - Krugman terrified)

Now that we have, we need

The Real McCain: "In bad taste: John McCain's ten worst jokes"

Palin attempts to Out Cheney - Cheney... (re: Press 'privilege')

McCain "pals" around with mobsters and porn film makers

Obama Campaign Gives Go-Ahead To Keating Five Attacks

In slip up, Palin calls Afghanistan “our neighboring country”

Local news story (Arizona) associates Obama with Ayers

we should tie mccain to vicki iseman

NY Times article about the history of the word "maverick" - worth a read!

According to Palin's logic, the University of Illinois is also "palling around" with "terrorists."

What other quotes has Sarah read on her Starbucks cups?

Amazing: Obama Helped Stranded Stranger 20 Years Ago

Young McCain handed cigarette to five-year-old, laughed at result.


Speaking of McCain..Where the hell is he?

The ulimate hypocrisy...

What are Palin's crowds like now? I don't hear MSM bragging abt them now. nt

The ONLY thing I didn't understand from Thursday debate was....

My mom is watching that garbage on FOX. My stepfather was flipping

THIS IS WHY: This time, Roe vs. Wade really could hang in the balance

Lieberman: "If John McCain had a campaign event at the home of somebody who bombed buildings..."

Compared to the VP debate, are you more worried for Tuesday's debate or less worried?

Under McCain's Logic - Women Should Enjoy Rape - McCain Kept Clayton Williams' $300K

Looks like the Repukes will try to make Rashid Khalidi the next Rev. Wright ...

Who is in Charge? Palin Says Omaha Visit Was Not Campaign’s Call, It Was Hers

Palin, like Schlafly, merits concern.

The Annenberg Foundation: founded by this DANGEROUS RADICAL!

Check out this NYT Headline: Conservative Dominance May Be in Its Final Days

Holy shit! Sean Hannity has a Swifty show called "Obama and Friends: History of Radicalism"

Election 08 political dashboard

Obama: McCain is Out of Touch, Out of Ideas and Running Out of Time. Asheville Rally(PICS)

Wish Happy Birthday or Get Well the Sarah Palin way!

Is mooseprincess defacing the flag in this pic?

With friends like these ...McCain finds his own radical friend

Yep, it's Kitchen Sink Time

Is Sean Hannity running McCain's campaign?

Well, looks like we're going to lose Mars

Gwen Ifill: Letter Grade

watching "Recount" on hbo and wow, katherine harris = sarah palin!


Voter ID laws a GOP tactic of cynicism

I hope McLame goes mean and negative Tuesday night......

Stanley Fish NYT article on Ayers 4/08

Heck with the polling numbers - check out Obama's cash flow in key swing states

I'm FURIOUS at my Rethug dad and stepmom right now!!!

Google 2001 Search: 158,000 hits for "John McCain"; 672 for "Barack Obama"

My Letter to a lot of Newspaper Editors.....

Biden's mother-in-law dies

Just got back from Walmart and this lady had

All for one Electoral College vote (Omaha)

Why It (Probably) Won't Work

Freepers: Bill Ayers ghost-wrote Obama's autobiography

When is that football game that supposedly predicts the winner of the election? I think

On Link TV: "Murder, Spies, & Voting Lies: The Clint Curtis Story"

Has everyone seen this racist crap from VA McCain leadership team member Bobby May? My god.


Question: what committees was Mccain on in 1998?

Ahnold's come undone.... but oh how he fiddled for Enron if you

Almost Glad That McCain Has Completely Embraced Bush's Campaign Strategy In The Last 30 Days

1988: A story of a stranger in an airport...(READ IT)

Road to 270: Alaska

McCain: Is Bin Laden Really The Bad Guy?


All you need... It a Nice White Lady

Dolphins win again!!

Jackie Gleason was a comedy god

I can stop surfing now forever. I've officially seen it all.

I'll be yours , yours for a song

New Family Guy starting now

The Planet Earth DVD set is simply awesome!

The house is really getting into the Halos--BoSox game up here.

Worthlessburger does it again!

Recent Gallup Polls suggest that.....

Lol, there's a plot to "underrate" movie American Carol

Buck Martinez jinxed Papelbon.

I am moving next door, and giving everything away.

Apparently, the beagle is starving to death.

In the long run, we are all dead

Do the Red Sox want me to not sleep?!

Bonus Baseball

Guys are really not this annoying right?

cleaning out my photobucket...

The Fray, How to save a life, From Grey's Anatomy. I love this!

Sweet, just showed my Spanish roomie her first ever Baseball game

Congrats, Angels!!!

A friend request from my father?????

I can't sleep.

I am Lord of the comics

Christ Almighty, has Krod always had such a clumsy delivery?

It's Sunday night and I want to RANT!!!


OMG! Palin was here last night! (Omaha)

Air Show photos from this afternoon. Dialup Warning.

I was planning to be righteously indignant when I started to watch this video.

Where did I go to law school?

OK. New Glarus. What's so great about this stuff?

Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Hey LynneSin....

I'm back. Whoopee. What I miss?

Let America Be America Again

disturbing old advertisements....

The problem is, the Tampa Bay Rays cannot win when the game temperature is under 40 degrees.

What do you know about me?

When you make dinner, do you mix cuisines?

Ahh, October. The perfect time for you to go out leafing in New Hampshire with a couple of buddies

What's all this talk about the cock market?

Giants fans? Celebrate with me

Giant fans? Circulate with me

Chicagoans: Any debate events?

I am trying very hard not to make a rash decision...

Sometimes when I watch DVD's of old television programs, I imagine

Who the heck names their kid Coco Crisp????

I hate you ticketmaster

Did you guys see O'Reilly's screaming fit with Barney Frank?

How do I get a brazillion acorns out of my yard? HELP

Ok, who is at the work right now ?

The Arizona Cardinals kicked the crap out of my Buffalo Bills, yesterday.

Has anyone used

So how long does a hangover have to last before I can safely

What do you hate more?

Bonus of working at the mental health institute....

Pecan Sandies dipped in Nutella.

Call me an immature fool but..

A week from Monday I'm going up to a mountain top and fast, no food or water.

A housefly is currently testing my veganity

If you are over 49, please post here

Gormy Cuss is an Indian Giver

hey, is there a chemical around that I can sanitize my clothes washer?

I was 25 miles from Mexico yesterday, can I be VP?

Where were you on the night of Sun., Sept, 21st 2008, between the hours of 6-8 PM?

Wealthy Teen Nearly Experiences Consequences

Nietzsche Family Circus

For the record, I did NOT steal Gormy's avatar.

My new roommate makes "homemade" laundry detergent....

i hate you, bill gates

Stars of Track and Field - are they, in fact, beautiful people?

What was the most memorable Epic Fail disaster in recent days?

What should I do with my wedding ring?

Going off birth control was a totally overrated idea. Tmi.

David Keith vs Keith David

So, I just put in my application for grad school

How do you accidentally watch Fox News?

Kamere's New Cat Litter Box

sigh . . . . . . . .

At least this troll picked the right user name

Olbermann makes fun of concussed Edwards(Bill's QB - more of a shot against Palin)

A picture of my bike, in case anybody sees it

This about sums up my feelings today....

computer people, a technical question

I hit 40,000 and didn't realize it...

Breeze54 says "Hi"! She's been offline with computer probs

Reaching out? I have recently gone on disability for an...

Admire my boobs, so soft and perky

I just can't catch a break...

Should I get a tattoo?

WARNING: If you don't like stoners, don't live Office or Home Depot.

So, while wasting some time today...

Payroll Bonus

We can beat them. Show them how it is done.

In other economic news...

Squinchy-eyed people

I have to come up with a costume for an 80's party.

That's what I like about the South!

Now, THIS guy is a REAL Maverick:

Jeff Goldblum not a virgin, nailed Geena Davis

!Atencion ustedes espanol hablans! ?Como se dice en espanol: "Nice post, Hitler"?

Is any one having trouble with their Direct TV receiver?

what would YOU do?

This Phil Collins song seems appropriate today...

Why did I go to law school?

My son is finally interested in a girl at school.

Mitch Hedberg thread.

Amazon just delivered a 4 pack of childhood nostalgia.. am I a geek or what???

Doonesbury trivia quiz

I am dangerously aroused...

So what should be GothLaraMN's new name?

Dammit. I just looked, and somebody stole my freakin' bicycle

So, splain me the difference between the White Sox and Cubs...

Whats for dinner?

Help me!! I am completely devoid of taste or style..

An update--my dad, and great thanks.

Sarah Palin: "I know how to win wars!" ---->

Vote for this thread if you think Jay (Tron Guy) Maynard should have a cameo in the Tron remake

Name some cool things about being a cook in a zombie restaurant

Myspace people..please add this little boy to your friends list.

The Conclusions I've Drawn from Today's Experiment

Art or boobies?

Should I re-download Firefox, or is version 3 still crappy and slow?

An asteroid will hit us tomorrow! (really)...

With the Market doing its acrobatics today, is this a good time to sell off my Lehman stock?

So what music is DU listening to right now? in the Northwest.

PHOTO: "The Hamburger Fatty Melt" (burger with TWO grilled cheese sandwiches for a bun)

I had a hair dyeing incident. I look like Snow White.

Now these are kitten pictures

I was just told that George Harrison is "Classical Music" WTF????

if you are older than dirt . . . . please post here!!

A housefly is currently thinking about his virginity.

Ok , I am stumped , is " Mrs. Bartolozzi" really just a song about a washing machine ?

If you are between 30 and 49, please post here.

Orioles fan? Jump off a bridge with me here.

If you are under 30, please post here. Thank you.

I'm fostering a little, scraggly kitten

Is there something wrong with photobucket?

if you guys could toss some positive energy my way, i'd really appreciate it

My gre's are tomorrow.. Please wish me luck

Today's rock that doesn't suck

Smart Bacon - what the hell?

If you are over the ageist OPs by Tuesday Afternoon and Aristus, post here.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 10/6/2008)

The Good news-I can run again. The Bad news-I have gout

Big hugs and congratulations to my son...

A serious thread in GD that I think you might want to see...

Note to self: When someone asks "Are you a Christian?", the answer is "no", or at least

I'd like to learn how to read, write, and speak spanish fluently

I'm dangerously amused

Fall pictures from the Black Forest, Germany

Today's album recommendation: Bryan Beller's "Thanks In Advance" (bassist for Steve Vai)

So the new puppy washes dishes

Mmmmm Pi!

Get ready to RUUUUMMMBBBLE!!! Kitteh pics (add your caption)

Cool old country songs

Reversal in Palin Case

Analysis: Palin's Words May Backfire on McCain

Exclusive: Obama to hit McCain on Keating Five

Seven Palin Aides Will Honor Subpoenas in 'Troopergate' Probe

Biden’s Mother-in-Law Dies

A Gloomy Picture for Hedge Funds; Bailout Planners Fight Exhaustion

Obama camp will put out a 13 minute Keating vid tomorrow

U.S. bank failures almost certain to increase in next year

7 Palin aides to testify in abuse-of-power probe

Make-Believe Maverick

Registration Gains Favor Democrats

Bank Writeoffs May Triple, Bond Premiums Narrow as TARP Begins

ASIA MARKETS: Shanghai Drops As Trading Resumes, While Tokyo Dives

Asia stocks off 5 percent, yen surges as crisis spirals

Hundreds rally for Obama in Fairbanks

European shares slide 4 pct early as banks slump

500,000 Gallons Of Oil Spilled Due To Ike

Canada Tories headed for win despite debates-poll

McCain, Obama camps trade barbs on negative ads

New Poll: 61% of Youth Vote Projected to go to Barack Obama

Bus with gamblers flips in California, 10 dead

WJS Breaking News Federal Reserve will act. Full article coming shortly

William Ayers: What they are not telling you:

European crisis sends FTSE tumbling

Peacekeepers protect Darfur camp amid attack fears

Eli Lilly agrees to buy ImClone for $6.5 billion

Mishaps mark John McCain's record as naval aviator

FTSE 100 tumbles to lowest since 2004 as crisis deepens

McCain: Obama Is An Elitist And Out Of Touch

Pressure on Turkey to crush PKK may hurt US, EU ties

Obama digs up past McCain scandal

7 Palin aides decide to testify in Troopergate

John McCain,The Manchurian Candidate?

Dems could hit 60 Senate seats

Landmine hurts Thai soldiers near Preah Vihear (Cambodia / Thai standoff)

Palin’s Office Will Release Potentially Damaging Emails—For A Price

Dozens dead in Tibet earthquakes

Israel to press Russia on arms sales to Iran, Syria

U.S. to allies: Fight in Afghanistan or write check

Stevens' attorneys seek mistrial again

Barack Obama - Raise your hopeful voice

Palin defends Obama terror remarks

Dalai Lama to undergo medical checkup

Springsteen Addresses Obama Rally In Philadelphia

Paulson to name (Kashkari -former Goldman Sachs banker) adviser to oversee U.S. bailout-WSJ

The Palin Effect- (complete broadcast)

Police blow up backpack left at Texas mosque, arrest man who claimed it contained a bomb

Obama's Grandmother and Stepsister in Kenya

Trading in Icelandic banks halted pending announcement

Kansas Family of Obama Speak Out!

Hindu-Muslim clashes kill 4 in India

Obama's Kenyan Roots

Bloody Sunday for stocks (UAE)

Earthquake kills at least 72 in Kyrgyzstan

McCain to skip real red Texas

Iran refuses plane carrying Iraq (parliamentary) speaker

U.S. to rely on Russia for manned spaceflight

Nakheel plans world's tallest tower in Dubai

Wall Street tumbles after global sell-off

Obama at Society of Irish Women's St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Jack Cafferty: Why isn't the media reporting on Keating 5?

McCain/Palin: Similarites to Face In The Crowd - Great watching for Sunday Late Niters

Keating Economics: John McCain and a Financial Crisis

Vice Presidential Debate 2008 HQ (Part 15) 10/02 - Achilles Heel (Biden chokes up, Palin is clueless

The De-Regulator Champion wants to now Regulate Wall Street, WOW what a FLIP FLOP

MN - Norm Coleman: Using smear attacks to hide his own dismal record.

What they don't want to talk about

Another meltdown Monday as London shares crash again

Russia Bolivia ink helicopter deal

Wisconsin Speaks Out for Obama

Bay Staters Consider Tax Revolt

Fed pumps billions more into banks

Germany takes hot seat as Europe falls into the abyss

Max Keiser: Wall St.'s exploding bonds, 9/11 brokers in towers made bets on their own demise

Oil price dips below $90 a barrel

The Bailout is for China?!?! Representative Peter DeFazio Speaks On House Floor

Roger Wicker - Not telling us the truth about his pay in Congress

W. - Extended Trailer

Russell Simmons and Lebron James: Please Vote

Kal Penn in Iowa

Sarah Palin misquotes Madeleine Albright, Starbucks coffee cup

Euro Falls to 14-Month Low as Credit Crisis Spreads to Europe

The thirty second ad that could save Roe v. Wade

European shares post biggest one-day percentage loss ever

Deflation Threat Returns as Asset Markets Decline

Susan Collins - no oversight of contractor waste and fraud.....

Chairman Waxman: We Must Enact Real Reform

Colorado Women for Obama

Afghan war cannot be won militarily: U.N

At least 5 dead in Greyhound bus accident (Williams, Calif.)

Straight Talk?

Coleman, Franken and third-party candidate debate in showcase of Minn. race's intensity

Bill Richardson por Wisconsin

U.S. Supreme Court doesn't address Davis' appeal

'Tis the Season of Election Dirty Tricks: Scaring Student Voters

Bruce Springsteen in Philadelphia

John McCain's Beer Problem

7 state workers now agree to testify in 'Troopergate' probe

(Plentiful) Natgas winter costs seen up 10 to 30 percent

Rise Against - Re-Education Through Labor

FEC Queries McCain Campaign on 'Excessive Contributions'

Treasury puts out guidelines for bailout managers

A Bridge to no Underwear.... LMAO!

Obama ad links McCain to Keating scandal

McCain Voted To Protect Domestic Terrorists Who Carry Out Violence At Abortion Clinics

US woman loses appeal in 'milkshake murder' trial

Basque terrorists target foreign owned homes in south of France

U.S. calls for unity as crisis wrecks markets

Spill, Baby, Spill!

U.S. calls for united front as crisis wrecks markets

U.S. calls for united front as crisis wrecks markets

Gordon Smith - Bush's man in Oregon has got to go!

David Brooks on Face The Nation: Palin not qualified, but she won the debate.

Gallup Daily: Obama Leads 50% to 42%

McCain: If I Were A Dictator

Lehman CEO Punched at Gym

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Down and Dirty

Fed, Dealers to Meet on Default Swaps Clearinghouse (Update1)

N&W Poca Division Federal Credit Union Closes (13th Credit Union failure of the year)

Colombian paramilitary member pleads guilty (in U.S.A.)

Ex-Goldman Sachs Exec To Run Bailout Effort

CBS News: Campaign 1988 news and poll on debate

Major gunrunning and graft trial opens in Paris

Obama Widens Lead Over McCain

Charlie Rose: Salvadorian refugees (interview includes Elliott Abrams)

ABC News: Oil companies overcharge customers (1977)

TPMtv: McCain Teeth Grit-A-Thon

McCain calls Obama a liar

EBay to cut 1,000 jobs, buys Bill Me Later

ABC News: Attack on the USS Stark (1987)

Al Franken Introduces Al Gore

ABC News: Carter and Blacks (1977)

Noonan to Palin: Suck it up and be serious!


New Poll: Obama Widens Lead & Majority of Americans Believe McCain Just Another Bush

Don't Vote!

Miss Alaska 1984 Evening Gown Competition - Sarah Palin

Stockmarkets fell on fear of global meltdown

Afghan war cannot be won militarily: U.N.

Barack Obama: Press Avail in Asheville, North Carolina

New Democratic Voter Registrations SURGE!

Reports Link Karzai’s Brother to Afghanistan Heroin Trade

Jury hears audio of Stevens fretting about inquiry

McCrypt: "Who is the real Barack Obama"? McCrypt Supporter: "Terrorist!"

Poll: Obama Takes 6-Point Lead in Ohio

Waxman: I have a question. Is your half-a-billion $$ in pay fair?

Margaret Cho on Sarah Palin

Chris Paul Wants You to Vote on November 4

Amount of unaffiliated, Republican and Democratic voters almost equal (Colorado)

SEIU ad on McCain's disastrous health care plan

Bush on bailout: 'It's going to take awhile' to fix financial system

McCain is The Penguin... HEH!!!!

CBS Poll: Presidential Race Tightens

Court declines 'choose life' license plate case

Exclusive: Obama to hit McCain on Keating scandal

Nebraska Becomes Unlikely Battleground

Reggie Love for NC One-Stop Early Voting

'Tis the Season of Election Dirty Tricks: Scaring Student Voters

Dow dips below 10,000, a first since Oct. 2004

Economic chaos creates surge in homelessness

FEC Queries McCain Campaign on 'Excessive Contributions'

Bruce Springsteen on Barack

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 6 **THREAD #2**

John McCain's Domestic Terrorism Problem

John McCain Negative Attack Ads Show You Have No Vision

Kraft Foods to announce layoffs

60 Minutes: A Look at Wallstreet's Shadow Market P1

Congress hears Lehman sought millions for execs

Obama says McCain should focus on economy

McCain Lawyers Push Back on Obama Keating Five Charges

Obama Hits Back on McCain's Ayers Attacks

Obama builds lead in Virginia (Suffolk Uni poll...51 to 39)

Clubbed to Death

Congress Threatened with Martial Law over Bailout - Brad Sherman

KEATING ECONOMICS: John McCain & The Making of a Financial Crisis

TYT: After His CNN Appearance, Cenk Explains How TV News Gets It Wrong

Obama widens lead in national poll (CNN 53-45)

Rasmussen new battlegrounds poll shows shift to Obama

Bank of America agrees to modify mortgages

More Bogus Obama Donors Surface

Obama Stands Up To McLame's "Smear Tactics": 'People are losing'

Are You a Debt Slave? Will America Become Like China? - Disaster Capitalism

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Lehman Bros. Hearing

Industry(PA) man who took gun to Obama rally headed to trial

Archway Cookies Closes Ashland Plant (MI & OH)

1 in 4 mammals at risk of extinction, scientists say

Matt Lauer asks Robert F Kennedy Jr. how's his dad doing

TYT: Cenk RIPS Palin After Her Ridiculous Katie Couric Comments

Obama camp: McCain would gut health coverage for old and poor

Another explosive day on The View (10/6/2008)

Palin Smear Video Backup

John McCain as the Penguin (Batman and Robin)

China cancels military (and diplomatic) contacts with US in protest

FL sheriff introducing Palin says "Barack Hussein Obama!"

Lee County sheriff's remark draws Palin apology

McCain wrote on behalf of ex-trooper now awaiting trial in civil rights slaying

FOLLOW UP: Sheriff Scott makes no apologies for comment

Sources: Taliban split with al Qaeda, seek peace

Ponerology of the American Dream and War

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 6

Bush Pushes Senate to Confirm Federal Judges

Attendee at McCain rally calls Obama a 'terrorist'

Gunman kills self, five kin over financial woes: LA police

FBI warns of potential terror attacks on public buildings

KEATING ECONOMICS: John McCain & The Making of a Financial Crisis

Al Franken Reports: Bill O'Reilly Slanders Senator Joe Biden

Hugo Chávez: "New US president should listen to the world"

McCain Plans Federal Health Cuts

Interview - Naomi Wolf - Give Me Liberty

Spielberg to leave Paramount to form new venture (w/Indian Co.)

Palin criticizes Obama's ties to Wright, Ayers

Vaccine For Breast Cancer Within Reach, Says Expert

Obama's grassroots battalion vs. McCain's ragtag platoon

So much for the 'free' market. Now what?

The financial crisis: A socialist perspective

Seven State Employees To Honor Troopergate Subpoenas

Activists Angered by Blame for Mortgage Crisis (WaPo)

John McCain: Freud To The Rescue

McCain's Radical Health Care Plan

Palin Calls Afghanistan Our Neighboring Country

Please help spread 4 McCain Videos from Brave New Films

Editorial: Sarah Palin, all-American cheerleader

"I find her offensive" (McCain and the Florida Jewish voters)

Nailin Paylin: Hustler's Palin Porn Details

Voices: Tax cuts

Annette Bening Defends Sarah Palin

McCain Woos Radicals, Obama Woos Virginia Conservatives

Sarah Palin Can See Afghanistan From her Home, and Other Outrages

The Age of Unbridled Consumption Just Ended

A Pal Around McCain....Phil Gramm

Clarion may be pushing for their own “October Surprise” in a brand new documentary released Sunday.

Smoke, mirrors ... and how a handful of missed mortgage payments started the global financial crisis

America Loses Its Dominant Economic Role-Der Spiegel

A Pal Around McCain (Meyerson / WaPo)

Sarah’s Pompom Palaver

With Palin’s Returns, Tax Profs Move Back to the Spotlight

Brokerage Asks Sellers to Cut 10% off Home Prices

Psst! Whisper it: this election will be decided on the issues

Delete, posted in wrong forum

Sarah Palin Plays the Race Card Against Queen Latifah

The Separate Peace of John And Carol

In These Times: Marriage Equality in Peril

Pat Robertson Plays the Fear Card. October Surprise or Stupid Stunt?

Roubini: Funding Freeze Spills Over To The Corporate Sector, Money Market Conditions Worsen Further

Steve Schmidt: The driving force behind John McCain

How China could wreck the US economy

Obama allies warn McCain to back off attacks-- or else...

Is this the best the Republicans can do? (Daily Voice)

No, Iraq Wasn't a 'Distraction'

McCain fudges his Navy record (WaPo Candidate Watch)

AlterNet: The Ultimate 9/11 'Truth' Showdown: David Ray Griffin vs. Matt Taibbi

The Sad Demise of Joe Lieberman

Bail-out leads to conflict of interest claims

Wall Street Tumbles Amid Global Sell-off

Conservative Dominance May Be in Its Final Days

A Pal around McCain

Is It 1929 Again?

Bank of America Posts Lower Profit, Cuts Dividend

Palin ethics probes beset by secrecy and lawsuit

The White Flag of Surrender - In Afghanistan

Independent UK: McCain is deluding himself over the 'surge'

Mishaps mark John McCain's record as naval aviator

"Cut Kill Dig Drill" (lengthy anaylsis of Palin's appeal and rise)

Germany takes hot seat as Europe falls into the abyss

Sarah Palin's Almost Creepy Ambition Should Worry McCain

self delete

Forget Ayers, Wasn"t that McCAIN Embracing a Commie Radical?

Sen. Ted Stevens trial continues today, with tapes

Robert Parry: Neocon Desperation Is Showing

What would Coulter, Limbaugh and Hannity say about McCain & Palin if they were Democrats?

Why not arrest CEOs behind the money mess?

Thirty Lies Refuted About Ayers And Obama - HuffPo

John McCain's unprecedentedly ugly speech today

”The heels are on, the gloves are off,” Palin said

Kucinich: Market Falls Again

Ann Wright: 'My Daughter’s Dream Became a Nightmare': The Murder of Military Women Continues

False political advertising works, and that's no lie

Health Care Destruction (Krugman / NYT)

McCain: I'm Not Raising Taxes. I'm Cutting Medicare!

Vanity Fair: Joseph Stiglitz: Reversal Of Fortune

Lieberman: It's Fair To Link Obama To 'Terrorist' Ayers

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 354

W., the movie: Oliver Stone's October surprise (link to extended Preview)

Sendoff honors 120 La. guardsmen

Taliban said to be furious over U.S. strike

Military Times poll: Troops backing McCain

Overseas troops see pay swings thanks to COLA

Congress signs off on $14.5B aviation budget

Afghan leader’s brother suspected of drug link

Newest littoral combat ship christened

Surface could help create sleeker aircraft in future

ADL Aids Beaten Jewish Soldier

Turks, Kurdish Rebels in Major Clash

Naming your Navy

DoD Buzz: Pentagon seeks $570 billion for 2010

4 Hood soldiers held in BB gun shootings

Vets Also Divided Over McCain, Obama

Today In History: Before Matthew Shepard (10 years ago tonight)

A word of advice (maybe warning) to closeted gay students

Fresno Priest Comes Out Against Prop 8 During Sermon — And Comes Out

Silver lining to expensive oil? Canceled flights and cleaner skies?

Environment/Energy on January 14, 2003

Environment Summit- China grim on prospects for climate pact

Strong earthquake jolts Central Asia

Shanghai highrises could worsen rising seas threat

Russia's warships head for exercise with Venezuelan navy

Half of mammals are in decline, study finds

Study: Insecticide decimates tadpoles

One In Four Mammals Risks Extinction

New iJET Solar Cell is as Easy to Make as Pizza

Shortage leads to impurity in gas (low tanks)

15 Photovoltaics Solar Power Innovations You Must See

ppt of Matt Simmons' 9/22/08 ASPO speech--video no longer on YouTube

UK electricity price four times more than France

Look out, Oregon, for a global warming land rush

Sour economy creates a surge in homeless families and a landmark initiative in Massachusetts

Bernanke Speaks Tomorrow (Oct. 7) on Economic Outlook

Fed Boosts Cash Auctions to $900 Billion, May Do More (Update2)

Still on the Edge of the Abyss

Kunstler: Will money even still exist by the end of the week?

The Economics and Politics of Ignorance:

DJIA: 9595

I know that it's never helpful to panic

What does it take to halt trading?

Just Say No to McKeatingomics ...

FDIC question.

Paulson picks 2002 MBA grad/Goldman Sachs to run bail out

Question: Stocks and Taxes

How will the meltdown effect the offshore banks and crooks...

Ditched And Left To Rot In Florida

Just one question, are companies buying back their own stock?

Should I take the money out of 457 account?

Has the Dollar Become a Better Safe Haven than Gold?

Today in labor history Oct 6 1,700 female flight attendants win 18-year, $37 million suit


AFSCME Federal Legislative Report October 3, 2008

VEN 1 of 6 LatAm countries close to breaking the cycle of poverty

PERU: Indigenous Groups Win Major Battle in Congress

the suitcase scandle damning evidence

Hugo Chávez: "New US president should listen to the world"

Peru energy minister quits over scandal

El Aissami: Antonini es un agente del FBI y la CIA

Woot! San Francisco lost!

Elite XC: Seth Petruzelli vs Kimbo Slice (Full video)

Watching Sunday Night Football on-line Pluses and Minuses

Well, that sucks...

Six Championship Drive!

Hail! 'Skins win yet another Big NFC East road game.

The Stars This Week: "Gather Information" - October 6 - October 12, 2008

Is this our October 7, 2008 event?

Financial astro-update: Week of Oct 6

"Time to Jump In...The Waiting is Over" - Karen Bishop - October 6, 2008

The Body as Bacterial Landlord

Okay, that's it. I'm done.

why is it happy scenes like this never fail to make me bawl my eyes out

Thank God we don't live in Europe and have that horrible socialized medicine!

The Rains are here.

Sunshine Coast Part I


A couple of (possibly) useful sites/programs for Photographers.

Fall arrived

1 in 20 Cape residents licensed for firearms (MA)

People urged to handover illegal or unwanted firearms (Australia)

City firearm seizures drop 25 percent (Baltimore)

Pre-seasoned cast iron cookware? I'm having second thoughts about mine

Harriet Meirs (or whoever) Green Bags

I need some suggestions, please, on making white chili.

I made a vegan dish for my carnivore DH tonight

Yummy low cal treat, use your ripe bananas

HIV discoverers and human papilloma virus researcher who linked HPV to cervical cancer take Nobel

1 in 4 mammals at risk of extinction

Cosmonaut wants booze in space

Fossil hunter digs up more controversy

A quick guide to reading the night sky for he novice

Small asteroid to strike Northern Sudan tonight

Study: Insecticide decimates tadpoles

The Ultimate 9/11 'Truth' Showdown: David Ray Griffin vs. Matt Taibbi

David Ray Griffin vs. Matt Taibbi conspiracy cage match

AlterNet: The Ultimate 9/11 'Truth' Showdown: David Ray Griffin vs. Matt Taibbi

Karen Huber "Take Back Ann's Seat" with Jim Hightower - Austin 10/6


My start bar ended up at the top of my screen

How do you post an animated gif on DU?

Going to be a nasty week.

Policy change delayed alarm signal over listeria, inspectors say

Looks like a third plagiarism allegation against Harper

Hey Liberals. Stop blaming us.

Six more vandalism cases against Liberal supporters in St. Paul's and Parkdale-High Park

Nice pic from last week

Stephen Colbert: I enjoy playing a jerk

Al Franken Introduces Al Gore

Debate opinions?

Come to the carnival--to Dump Michele Bachmann

Have any MN newspapers endorsed anyone for November?

Kidney stone surgery for Mandelson after 3am dash to hospital

Absentee Voting in Wisconsin Opens Monday

10/6/2008 WPR/NPR 5pm radio news coverage of Todd Palin story

Who voted in Wisconsin today? I did in La Crosse.

What the hell was Failin' doin' in California yesterday??