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Half way through ..... a 12 round fight ..... 6 rounds Obama, 0 rounds McCain ...

My friend tried to play the "My friends" drinking game; I think I might have to call an ambulance.

The Forrestal was NOT nuclear powered.

Brokaw - these questions cannot be answered in one minute!

On CNNHD- is Castellanos scoring Obama at kickass levels over McCain?

Commissions cost money.... how are we going to fund all of McCain's

Commissions cost money.... how are we going to fund all of McCain's

What is Tom's problem? STFU Brokaw!

What is Tom's problem? STFU Brokaw!

Obama Should Yell Out, "Hey McCain, Matlock is On"

WTF? "It's not that hard to fix Social Security."

Navy ships with nuclear power plants on them...

Hey McCain! Here's an idea! Do a town hall and look old, feeble, and creepy.

Hey McCain! Here's an idea! Do a town hall and look old, feeble, and creepy.

"Who voted for it? THAT ONE." Referring to Obama.

"...that one"?? ghosts of ross perot soon to visit??


Frankenstein is lurking on the debate floor. n/t

Frankenstein is lurking on the debate floor. n/t

Obama HAS TO MENTION McCain going after Medicare!!!

Obama HAS TO MENTION McCain going after Medicare!!!

Josh Micah Marshall (TPM) sums up the entire debate thusfar:

Josh Micah Marshall (TPM) sums up the entire debate thusfar:

The CNN real time ratings go UP every time Obama speaks and goes down when McCain does.

"That one"???

"That one"???

Do any of you realize how much Obama is winning this?

I'm starting a new nickname for McCain ... if he really is crashing in the debate

Does dumb ass think he's talking to a bunch of 4th graders???

Does dumb ass think he's talking to a bunch of 4th graders???

"Oh, damn, my friends -the black girl asked about the environment. I didn't know black people cared

It is an insult to Barack Obama to have to share a stage with this

McFucker's lines on CNN keep going into the negative. HAHAHA.

McFucker's lines on CNN keep going into the negative. HAHAHA.

Obama needs to explain the dollar to dollar ratio for Arizona and Illinois earmarks.

Did McLiverspot say the answer to clean energy is nuclear?

That one? WOW!

McCain referred to Obama as "THAT ONE"??

Look at this Gem from MSNBC - The code of what "my friend(s)" means:

Oh fuck off with your satire, Blowchow!!

Tom did it again

Is it me of does McSame just throw crap out to see if it gets traction

OOPS! someone cue McSame on what Silicon Valley is...

That one???

That one???

"I'll answer the question " gasp for breath - gasp for breath

"that one"

Visually it's like Kennedy and Nixon 1960 all over again.

Visually it's like Kennedy and Nixon 1960 all over again.

Does anyone know how many debates are remaining

GOBAMA! "The Straight Talk Express just lost a wheel, John". Take that, asshole! n/t

GOBAMA! "The Straight Talk Express just lost a wheel, John". Take that, asshole! n/t

GOBAMA! "The Straight Talk Express just lost a wheel, John". Take that, asshole! n/t

When will Tom Brokaw let out that massive belch he's been holding back for years? n/t

He's been there for 26 of those 30 do-nothing years

He's been there for 26 of those 30 do-nothing years

Senator McCain, should we do thing A or thing B?

I am posting too much, but I notice that Brokaw is REMINDING McCain of talking points

Straight Talk Express 'lost a wheel' LOL ROFLMAO

GOOD FOR YOU OBAMA! DOn't let that shit go unchallenged n/t

GOOD FOR YOU OBAMA! DOn't let that shit go unchallenged n/t

GOOD FOR YOU OBAMA! DOn't let that shit go unchallenged n/t



McCain travelled all over the world checking enrivomental change,by Jumbo jet no doubt.

Make you reservations NOW for the inauguration! nt

Liar, USS Forrestal is not a nuke carrier.

I could NEVER be as cool-headed as Obama is being. My admiration for him is increasing every second

oh that voice!!!

Obama is doing a great job here!

McCain sounds like he's telling a fairy tale bedtime story to children

Obama is defeating BOTH McSame AND Brokejaw

shifty answers vs. confident answers.

"We are not rifle shots here!"

"We can't drill our way out of the problem"

BIG FAT LIAR! Obama’s tax plan doesn’t hurt small business

BIG FAT LIAR! Obama’s tax plan doesn’t hurt small business

BIG FAT LIAR! Obama’s tax plan doesn’t hurt small business

Just remember...McCain HAS to win this thing.

Just remember...McCain HAS to win this thing.

Soo, let me get this straight, John McCain gets to lie like a snake

Soo, let me get this straight, John McCain gets to lie like a snake

ok- what's with the questions coming in white southern voices for Obama

"Senator Obama said nuclear power had to be safe or something like that..."

My Friends

OMG, he's making Palin look coherent...

OMG, he's making Palin look coherent...

Well thank you black woman//

Yep. He's got this. It's fine.

McCain is talking but he isn't saying a thing--just like Palin. They never DO anything

Why is McAnus speaking in a low, breathy voice like he's trying to

or somethin' like that - whaa???

Go Nuclear! That's environmental! Yay!

Friends dont let friends irretrievably humiliate themselves at a town hall meeting.

Friends dont let friends irretrievably humiliate themselves at a town hall meeting.

McCain is filibustering every chance he gets. Rushing his words

Guess who's annoying the hell out of me, my friends?

Environmental issues, climate change and green jobs.

Battery powered cars? It's the new internets!

I am not your goddamn friend, McCain

My Friends!!

My Friends!!



Keep Bringing Up Joe Lieberman Please.

Keep Bringing Up Joe Lieberman Please.

Uh oh. McCain up 6 points in 5 minutes on Intrade

CNN is going to have to get a new grid for the scoring graph . . .

Is It Just Me, Or Is Obama Dominating This Debate?

The straight talk express lost a wheel on that one.

The straight talk express lost a wheel on that one.


Environmental issues, climate change and green jobs.

Environmental issues, climate change and green jobs.

McCain on the environment

I'm not sure I trust Senator McCain to hire the "smartest people in America"

McCain on the environment

McCain is just full of hot air...he has no solutions

McCain is just full of hot air...he has no solutions

Hey, McCain - I'll bet Ronald Reagan never called Tip O'Neill a terrorist , traitor or liar

he says my friends JUST ONE MORE TIME.....

Can we get a CNN HD Scorecard update?

Can we get a CNN HD Scorecard update?

Can we get a CNN HD Scorecard update?

Hey, McCain - I'll bet Ronald Reagan never called Tip O'Neill a terrorist , traitor or liar

Every time MCA**hat says Sen Obama

Every time MCA**hat says Sen Obama

Every time MCA**hat says Sen Obama

BROKAW IS A JERK -- should have allowed a response!

Fucking Brokaw

BROKAW IS A JERK -- should have allowed a response!

I had to turn off the debate.

I had to turn off the debate.



McCain -- "Too much special interests."

"I know how to do ___________" "We know what the problems are."

Hey you old Bastard. It's a one minute discussion

Hey you old Bastard. It's a one minute discussion

Earth to to McSame.... you are *not* Ronald Reagan

So Brokaw let's McSame talk but interrupts Obama. Fuck You Brokaw. n/t

This Just In From Our Newrsoom...McCain if so lost.....

The drinking game words should have been

Yer gonna take 'em on tough guy....

McSame has dropped below the midline.

Yer gonna take 'em on tough guy....

I'm NOT you're fucking "friend", asshole!!!

It Would Be Nice If That Graph Had Actual Numbers Attached To It, Then

Hey! The Mask is on!

brokaw just shut Obama down and is now changing the rules???

brokaw just shut Obama down and is now changing the rules???

brokaw just shut Obama down and is now changing the rules???

Anybody watching CNN? Obama is doing better on that running poll thingie.

Anybody watching CNN? Obama is doing better on that running poll thingie.

WOW: McCain just made a crack about Obama "not answering the question"

please help...we missed first 5 minutes...Daughter needs rules for debate

please help...we missed first 5 minutes...Daughter needs rules for debate

"Nailing Obama's tax proposals is like nailing Jell-o to the wall." HUH?

Fuck you, Tom!!!!!!

Fuck you, Tom!!!!!!

Do you have Duracell bunnies in America?

I thought the town hall was McGoo's strong suit

I thought the town hall was McGoo's strong suit

I thought the town hall was McGoo's strong suit

Let them TALK TOM!!!!

The old guy's wandering around

I just said to my mother:

"The Straight Talk Express lost a wheel on that one"

John McCain NEEDS to release his full medical records


Oh, Tom, shut-up and stop worrying about the DAMN time! Let them talk !

errors as they call them??? huh?

Where is Mc Cain's Flag Pin?

Where is Mc Cain's Flag Pin?

OK - how cool does Obama look sitting on his chair?

Yes. Talk about your health care plan some more, McCain. Keep talking.

My friends, I am really pathetic at this. It is clear, my friends, that I cannot beat Obama at this

McCain flopped on the Obama wants to raise taxes

McCain has difficulties to finish his sentences ... Palin was doing better :)


The look on Obama's face while McCain speaks = priceless

Even Alex Castellanos is marking Obama waaaaaaaaaaaay ahead!

Who noticed when McCain said "Obama's secret" Obama looked like he wanted to know it too. n/t

?? McCain is attacking, but not really making sense...n/t

This isn't fucking fair! Obama is shit-kicking his ass! McCain doesn't know what the fuck hit him!

Obama said "hog"..nt

It's all over after tonight. Just a matter of running up the score now.

I'm Sorry, but is this over or what??

PSA ALERT: The drinking word has changed to TOM.

PSA ALERT: The drinking word has changed to TOM.

PSA ALERT: The drinking word has changed to TOM.

"We're not rifle shots here." ???

"We're not rifle shots here." ???

Quick question for those watching the CNN meter

"My Friends" - STFU you asshat - You are no friend of mine!

YOU ROCK OBAMA - He's TOP lining on CNN nt

"Let's put health records on line" Why don't you release yours you POS hypocrite?

Anyone else notice that McCain has problems standing?

Anyone else notice that McCain has problems standing?

Anyone else notice that McCain has problems standing?

"We're not rifle shots here". . WTF does that mean?

"We're not rifle shots here". . WTF does that mean?

We aren't going to have the same benefits for retirees . . . WTF?

McCain's breathing is very labored

Al Gore in da House,

So if McGrumps doesn't blow, does that mean he wins?

Uncle Fester almost fell off his stool!

Uncle Fester almost fell off his stool!

McCain is looking feeble, clueless, stammering, weak.

McCain is looking feeble, clueless, stammering, weak.

McCain is looking feeble, clueless, stammering, weak.

McCain is looking feeble, clueless, stammering, weak.

Too bad instead of saying living high on the hog he didn't say...

Too bad instead of saying living high on the hog he didn't say...

Noticed this: John "Manly" McCain is no contest for Obama

Is McCain on some kind of medication? He is very out of breath, sweating, and wandering around

Is McCain on some kind of medication? He is very out of breath, sweating, and wandering around

McCain's idea of buying up mortgages is a good one, and a headline

Obama: "Bush told people to go out and shop after 9/11"

McCain looks AWFUL physically

McCain to eliminate defense spending!

Uh-oh: McCain to appoint someone Americans can 'identify' with to head treasury

Obama is ****ing MAJESTIC!!!!!!!!!!

McCain blunders about the stage like an old, diminutive Frankenstein.

Across the Board freezes are chickenshit!

First Freudian slip of the night

Obama knew the price of gasoline in Nashville, talking about energy

LOL!!! Obama just predicted accurately how McCain was going to distort Obama's spending ideas.

McCain is full of shit!!! Defense spending cut?? Liar.

why doesn't Obama mention that some earmarks ARE good?

Old, Angry, Desperate Coot - This Sucker's Over


STFU Brokaw. Jesus, quit harping about the time limits.

Damn! The overhead projector lobby just didn't get their money

McCain sounds like a lunatic. n/t

McCain will tax your health care...

There he goes again. The old curmudgeoun simply cannot look Barack in the eye.

Forgive a dumb question from someone late to the party...

Old. Old. Old. McCrypt frantically tried to write down the question...

McPain: can't provide the same type of retirement

Everytime I see the phrase "Obama should..." or "the Democrats should..." here on DU

is anyone watching the meter on CNN

During the VP debates DU fizzled. So far,so good.

OMG Is Mc Gonna Plotz?

McCain's fake "compassion" is cracking me up.

McPatient Flatlining.

Obama is rockin' this shit!

"My friends and I wrote a letter warning of this crisis! Senator Obama's name is not on the letter!"

Game, set, match.

I want to hug Obama

TRUST......Can America TRUST McCaine and the GOP? The Answer is NO, We cannot, Must Not..Trust them

McCain can't stay within the time zone he agreed to..old ass rambling man...

That thingymaboppy on CNN looks like a fat burning workout


McCrash: The whole financial crisis is due to poor folk getting mortgages they "couldn't afford".

You are NOT my friend, I hate your goddamn guts!

"Let's build a whole buncha nuclear power plants! We can take on this mission and overcome it!"

Are there any polls out already?

McCain is so nervous he may dump in his pants

What were those three priorities again, Tom?

I'm not saying the GOP are shamelessly predictable, but ...

Anybody else just "watching" the DU commentary? Instead of the debate?

What was that third thing?

Healthcare order!!! Obama has this in the bag!!!

um......should he have called her cynical?

McCain is the MOST ABSENT SENATOR in the Senate.

What??? Nineteen-Fuckin-83 ?

Is McStiff going to sit on someone's lap next?

I thought McCain was good at town halls. Maybe Obama should have agreed to more of these.

What's with the weird gasping for breath McCain is doing?

McCain tanking on CNN...big old flat line or men and women


Is a dillion greater than a brazillion? nt

McCain just cited Meg Whitman of Ebay as a job creater. They just laid off 10% of their workforce

Wow, CNN Current Time Graph, Obama attacks McCain, Graph spikes, McCain attacks on earmarks, flatlin

If you TWITTER, then please watch on Current TV and post your Twits(?) n/t

Nick Nolte Escapes Burning Home In Malibu

Remember the guy whose girlfriend was stuck to the toilet? He won the lottery!

"John McCain excels at town hall debates", "Joe Biden has to take it easy"...

NEW AT DU: The McCAIN Smiley!!!

Tinfoil hat people....

KO and Rachel are doing the Singlaub -> Iran -> AIP story!!!

Here's my drinking rebellion for the debate!!!

FYI Greg Palast has a downloadable pdf called "steal back your vote"

Hah!1 It takes an a-hole (KKKarl) to smack down another a-hole (O'LOOFAH)!1

'Let's learn judo with Vladimir Putin'

Ain't It Greed? (AIG) - protest pics

Opus cartoon ends run Nov. 2

What are the chances Mcsame will stroke out on stage?

Homeless Voters

Most rancid pile of hippo dung in the US Senate.....

Please prepare for Tom Brokaw's hatchet job


CSPAN acting like amature night tonight ... camera switch? or are we going to watch the rules

The plummet continues.....Stocks freefalling in Asia....again.

Am watching C-SPAN pre-dabate

what is the yahoo panic room in case DU goes on DEFCON 5?

Has America lost its mind?

David Gregory is now telling McSame to "bloody Obama's nose" in this debate...

What does Fannie and Freddie

John McCain knows the American worker!!!!

John McCain knows the American worker!!!!

Classic Repug debate idiocy........I'll start: George W. Bush, 2004:

"Consistent reformer" my ass.

Ok folks Obama just USED the definition of WPA without using the scarrryyy term

Forget *what* he's saying for a second ...... he sounds like a man going into cardiac arrest

Ob SHOULD have levelled,

Is it just me,or does McCain seem awkward and almost hyper

Did I just hear McCain say he liked the CEO of eBay for SecTreas?

Get your online stopwatch here.

Get your online stopwatch here.

What is Admiral McCombover asking us to do?

At what point do you think McCain's polling numbers start magically rising?

mcLame is getting shellacked !

mcLame is getting shellacked !

MCCAIN: Leadership = Blue Ribbon Commission?

Lieberman McCain brought first legislation??? What happened to GORE??

Here comes the slap down...

I very nearly feel sorry for McCain

I'm not your fucking friend!

GAHH!!! He's not saying anything new!

On CNN: One of the guys at the GOP watch party is picking his nose!

tom brokaw is trying very hard to throw mcbush a bone

Goodies? He votes against goodies?

Goodies? He votes against goodies?

Will someone please contribute some preparation H to Cadaverick McSame.

Obama scores with Energy Independence Plan; Nasdaq Futures turn GREEN

(Paraphrased) "Pay to fly across country for best health insurance"

Obama's warming up and looking good! And, Mr. McCain...

Official Second Debate Thread #2

What's in McCain's left ear?

If you mute your TV, you can tell who is talking by looking at the line

Tom Brokaw is such a douche!

McBush is crashing and burning

Official Second Debate Thread

Know this $5,000 health bullshit?

BREAKING: John McCain declares the earth flat and square...

Who else thinks "Clean Coal" = "Safe Cigarettes"?

Who voted for it? "That one."

McCain proposes we go across state lines for healthcare...

Does anyone know the text number for fox noise?

Does anyone know the text number for fox noise?

Is McCain Making Eye Contact with Obama?

I've finally placed it: McCain sounds like perv on other end of a crank call

The question:Who would be your choice for Secretrary of Treasury?

Six minutes to the first flip flop

Obama will provide tax cuts for 95% of Americans. True or false? n/t

Obama will provide tax cuts for 95% of Americans. True or false? n/t

Which drinking game are you playing?


Cue the McCain Girls...

When McCain lowers his voice does that conspiratorial whispering shit ..... he sounds like ......

If McCain calls me his "friend" again... I just might puke.

those lines on CNN?

Did I hear McCain mention Obama and a gold plated cadillac in the same sentence??

Is McCain wearing a barber pole around his neck?

What basically John McCain just said was that he would make

Where is McCain's flag pin?

Bomb Iran!

If the old one knows how to "get Bin Laden"

SALAPPP DOWN: Bomb bomb bomb Iran!!

"Raygun.....My Hero."

Ack! My hubbys just unplugged the Tv and I am missing the debate!

Oh Lord! Now I'm starting to feel sorry for old "what's his name"! n/t

Didn't we announce to the whole world

To the telegraph machine! *cue batman theme*

To the telegraph machine! *cue batman theme*

Call the crash cart - he's flatlining again

$5,000 health credit?

Theme song for McCain tonight: "There's a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends" by Morrissey

Hey Captain Moran... the Taliban WERE the "Afghan Freedom Fighers"

McCain is wandering around the stage aimlessly.

McCain seems frantic and panicked. Obama sounds Presidential.

Why does McCain talk like his jaw is wired shut?

Obama=cool hand on tiller; McCain=hot hand in till n/t

Please just make it stop!

Please DU this PBS POLL: Is Palin qualified to be VP?


Hey, Sarah, how much is that one-way ticket back to Alaska?

Early vote?

Brokaw: "I'm just hired help here!"

McCain said he knows how to get Bin Ladan and he will do it

He's getting obsessive with that 'my friends' horseshit.

McCain knows how to get Bin why the fuck hasn't he told Shrubco how and

OK here is the result of the debate

Now he's getting that shit-eating grin....

Is it my imagination, or does McLame shuffle like an old guy in worn out slippers

Last question, HALLELUJAH

Could McCain pander any harder for the Jewish vote? If so how?

What is all this about second holocausts?

"I know what it's like"

How long has he spent memorizing this closing speech? n/t

I want something done about Tom Brokaw

Hey Tom ...... ? Johnny ....... ?

I just "stopped by" ....I almost puked. Thank God I made it back safely!

C'mon McCain, say it. You know you want to.

CSpan taking calls in a few minutes n/t

Why doesn't he ever sit the hell down??

So what's the deal with Putin's eyes?

How Sarah Palin "stretches the truth" on the campaign trail..AP

Do you think the American worker is the the greatest worker in the world?

once again, that was 45 minutes I will never get back...nt

once again, that was 45 minutes I will never get back...nt

McCain HAD to have been given the last question

My HS football coach: "there's a difference between losing and getting beaten.."

Could yall give me all the polls yall want me to vote on here :)

McLame was on the defensive all the way.

Putin's gonna come and kick McCain's ass...

Post once here for every "my friends"

Now Teddy Roosevelt is McGrampy's hero, not Raygun.

Now Teddy Roosevelt is McGrampy's hero, not Raygun.

McCain's closing as Captain Platitude!!!

The audience present at this 'debate' is creepy

MSNBC Poll: Who's looking more presidential tonight?

So Gramps sez we can safely dispose of nuclear waste because the Japanese and the French do it.

Obama slaughtered him.

"Not you, Tom!"

What don't you know, and how will you learn it?

Pat Buchanan just said Obama was "presidential" and "cool" n/t

Hey how predictable

David Gregory just gave mcsame total credit for the idea

I went to the Obama debate and all I got was this lousy

Live Poll

I'm with "That One".

"I know what it's like to leave my disabled wife for a rich BIMBO"

So O'LOOFAH is declaring tomorrow that Mc5PLANES just LOST the whole election?!1

Obama snubbed him after it ended...GOOD!!!!!

Barack and Michelle stay and mingle, John and Cindy ditch the place?

Swinging and missing

wheeze wheeze "my friends" huff huff

Question: What's the Repub equivalent to DU?

Classic "Rope A Dope"

Ladies and Gentlemen - OLDvis has left the building!!

McCain had to go to bed, this took a lot of energy out of him

So what will fall faster tomorrow: the NYSE or McCain's poll numbers?

CBS News Focus Group: "That one" was "not respectful", "childish, aggressive"

"McCain won the debate" Hahaha ..... Buchanan, party of one, your table is ready.

I miss you so. Where did you go?

Obama, very adroitly, brought up the energy issue in re: RUSSIA...

Who won the debate?

Naked tourist arrested for swimming in Japanese moat

CBS Focus Group is handing McCain his ass right now.

did McCain leave?

Can someone help me refute a RW talking point (Freddie, Fannie)

McTroll Said He Handled His Military Career Responsibly

The third debate won't matter. It will be President-elect Barack Obama in less than a month.

Guys! Go DU the Drudge Poll!

Tweety says Lumpy has a menacing quality in his smile,

Did McCain look at Obama this time? I didn't see it.

Special "Countdown" starting now. KO leads off with "that one" quote (eom)

Keith doing a shakedown!

KOs special on now

QUICK: Does anyone have a final "My Friends" count?

Guardian UK: Republicans brace for McCain defeat

McCain Smiles like the Grinch seeing Cindy-Lou-Who naked.

Aol poll

Healthcare is a right!

McCain had a good point....

KO "That one"

PHOTO: McCain is actually vanishing before our eyes in Obama's presence

CNN finally registering

On the substance: Freezing all government spending.

"That one"? Obama is THE ONE!!!!

McCain - Eye contact with whites, walks away from Black Woman

PHOTO: Who's your next President?

Noron in PA with voters and her little widgit machine .... interesting results

D. Boone Pickens just ran an energy ad after the debate

You have to like watching Obama hangout with the crowd.

McCain refused to shake Obamas hand!

This is amazing, MSNBC is now doing a FG as well

Noticed that all of the 'debate' audience had disposable cameras

Alex Castellanos (GOP operative on CNN): If I could swap numbers with the Dems I'd do it..

McCain's oratory style gave me the impression of......

CBS instant poll


Hats off to DU! Defcon/Level 3 much of the night

Jon Stewart doing a great job of taking on Palin over her Ayers comments

Freepers accept reality?

Ooohhh!! Obama says "banks locate to Delaware to avoid regulation."

"That one" is big talk in the spin tent!

We should be careful regarding ACORN

What Brand Of Crack Is The CNN Crew On?

If McCain were a laying hen, we'd be having an egg sale right about now.

Unbelievable. Even the Right-Wing talking heads on CNN are dissing McAnus.

CNN Poll: Who fared better in Tuesday's presidential debate?

This one was suposed to be McCains.. Obama won no doubt about it..

Pat Buchanan thinks McLiar do 20% of the country..

Image: Joe Sixpack

Was McCain having a hard time breathing?

Colbert as Joe Sixpack taking questions

This is the poll CNN is talking about saying that it's Game Over for McCain

Obama beating McCain 84% to 13% in CNN online poll... I don't believe it's due to DU

Freepers: Obama Wore An Ear piece Clearly Visible On HDTV

Image: That One

CNN Poll: Who fared better in Tuesday's presidential debate?

DU this Ohio Poll

Another MSNBC Poll: Who did the best job connecting with the crowd?

Michelle is next to Obama, Cindy is behind John.

corsi in kenya . . . sorry if this is a dupe.



Need help with reply to this email

Violence against Obama Yard Signs - Sacramento Ca.

GERGIN: "We can't say it's over because Barack OBAMA is Black."

1.3 Million People Make a Living on Ebay

What I don't know is how EITHER candidate answered that question

CNN: Candy Crowley gives debate to Obama...

"We don't have time for on the job training, my friend"

McCain answer the question or this finger goes up your nose

With Palin Effect Fading, Polls Find Women Sticking With Obama in Swing States

*****OFFICIAL GD Thread Three*******

With Palin Effect Fading, Polls Find Women Sticking With Obama in Swing States

"My Friend" x 22

Transcript of second McCain, Obama debate

It woujld be hard to convince me that Olbermann's staff doesn't comb DU for punch lines

McCain wants to freeze discretionary spending?

Dear McCain Campaign ... level with us. How sick **is** he?

McCain tells another lie

Anyone notice the McCain ads that suddenly appeared on all liberal Youtube videos?

Asian Americans Tilt Heavily Toward Obama

Do Detroit poll

When McCain appears with Obama, Obama looks like the better choice..

Psssst ..... hey Pat ........ ?

CNN Poll Breaking: Who was better leader: Obama 54, McCain 43

The asian stocket markets opened ugly.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! for the 2nd debate & Mike's back

Look for a clip of Gibbs with Hannity. He confronted him just now.

Shallow, but I have to say it. McCain looked HORRIBLE in high-def.

McCain meets The Black Eyed Peas

A green tie. Obama needs a green tie for the last debate.

Breaking CNN POLL: Live TV

Do you think republicans now have their eyes on 2012

OOOHHH New Obama ad just came on:

If the election is relatively clean

Damn, out the door without as much as a handshake... So whipped he might not show up at the next one

Video up of the "No Handshake" and "That One" on CrooksandLiars

Evil Empire?

GOP Judges Aid White House Cover-up

Obama Wins! ...sounds good doesn't it?

Bill MAHER: "(O'LOOFAH) lies: said that other movie, Conservative, beat mine."

McLame LOST the election tonight

401k losses are getting larger. I fear some investors may go Postal.

Obama looks like he stepped off the front page of Gentleman's Quarterly / McCain looks like a tired

This Debate, And This Election, In A Single Image

All in the GOP family


"It's the end of the world as we know it" - Republican CNN analysts are throwing McCain under bus!

Around here, all the radio and teevee stations do alerts and flash pictures when a senior ..........

In two days...

A thoroughly unscientific Denver Post poll: 90% vs. 7%

I just got home from a concert. I have 2 questions.

22 "My Friends" in 22 statements from McCain

McCain Lost

Tonight I now understand why mccain voted against having a day honoring Martin Luther King

Dear Moron-Americans ..... why do you need answers in 'simple terms'?

John McCain, man of the 21st century

IF mccain says "my friends" one more time my head will explode!!

That one ... Won (n/t)

Dow pre-markets -426 wow!

Awesome on Kos!

Where did McCain get his geography lessons?

1 in 6 homes now underwater, markets decline at pace not seen since 1937...

Letters, e-mails, calls to NBC re the bias of Brokaw. His performance

The black won't rub off on your hand, mccain.

The black won't rub off on your hand, mccain.

Several Observations:

To the "low information"/ "independent"/ "undecided" voters.

*****CNN Tracking Focus Group Appreciation Thread*****

Bob Dole Part II: Angrier, Older, and Whiter

How did all those guys with shaved heads end up inside the venue? And seated together?

Naomi Wolf ..please post this video!

Another teen left at hospital under Nebraska's safe haven law

A needy, hollow-eyed, sharp-looking wretch

A needy, hollow-eyed, sharp-looking wretch

Dickhead McCain advisor with Tweety

Did anyone get video of Ferguson's rant on voting?????

CNN Debate Card is in

We have all heard of Young America.

Pause this video at 31 seconds! McCain looks like an idiot!


Wave goes round the world one more time.

No really the fish was this big

Palin's impromptu debate press conference (calls Troopergate "Tasergate")

Your a what? A voter no don't come near me, you there.

Your a what? A voter no don't come near me, you there.

January 19, 2009 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 20, 2009 - Obama Inauguration Day

Memo to McCain: Petraeus is NOT Joint Chiefs chairman, and he never was

Know what irks me?

Dog Whistles ---"The One" = "That One" = "AntiChrist" = Obama

The only person older and stiffer than John McCain is Bob Dole after a Viagra overdose.

I am definitely checking out the stock market tomorrow. Those guys have been waiting for a sign.

Remember Clinton's "boxers or briefs" question? SOMEBODY's got to as mcINSANE "Depends or Attends?"

Anyone see the program re the rich on cnbc re the middle class rich and the uber rich?

You can nail Jello to the wall!

CNN's Ohio swing voter count ... Not even close, It was +5 not +2 for Obama

Daily Show Wasilla video. I don't think I'd want to live there...

Uh oh, freeperland in bunker mode

WaPo: "McCain got so close to the questioners that some appeared frightened."

Why , In my opinion, Mc Asshole can't look at Obama

Japan's major index closes down 9.5%

The second debate

It irritates me so much when McPain blatantly lies like that.

Best take I heard on this debate:


What was with McCain not sitting down?

Man Kills His Family and Himself Over Market

Dow futures down 193, Europe set to open 2.5% lower, and the Asians down 5-7%

Buchanan saying 1 side advising McTurd to 'peel the hide off this guy'

The mayor of small down outside Mexico city was killed this weekend by hooded assassins

why, after 28 years of living (and voting) in a dream world,

Banking tree structure: found this some might be interested in---

The Ballad of Sarah Palin

With *global markets* tanking, now is a good time to stick money into real estate...

Dow futures just dropped from -83 to -198 in one move.

Veterans group doesn't give John McCain 21-gun salute

Fake Sarah Palin Facebook page a big hit on the web

When Is McCain Going To Address Me Instead Of

"A cool hand at the tiller"

Debate Poll in UK shows Obama 91.6 McCain 8.4

Irony, thy name is Sarah Palin

UAE Going Down Too

AP: Palin is a 10th cousin of Princess Diana (really)


You know when Slim Pickens

So I hear the asian markets were all like "fuck it let's crash here for the night"

Iran helped US after 9-11 NPR

How scared are you by this economic crisis?

How scared are you by this economic crisis?

More goodies from the right (they're freaking out right now) LINK

But people still do not know Barack Obama?

we should not be surprised that Mr. McCain has stooped so low..he has little else to talk about

Did anyone notice...

I would personally like to praise and thank John McCain for his "new" economic policy

My very rare OP outside the lounge concrens my reasoning why we are circling the financial toilet

Answers come too late for Ike worker's daughter

You know things are bad when illegals stop coming over

Breaking: They have stopped trading in Jakarta...Huge stock crash!

Biologist PZ Myers blogs the debate

The loonies are out in their numbers on WJ this morning

It sure must be nice to have a lot of cash on hand when assets are priced so low

Nikkei dives 9.4 percent, biggest 1-day fall since '87

Why on earth would any so-called progressive choose a for-profit bank over a not-for-profit

Tough guy mccain hides behind sarah's skirts & lets her do the smearing

Brigitte Bardot slams Palin as a 'disgrace to women'

These MFing Bush criminals need to hang....

"the fight to stop Democrats from expanding their majorities in Congress is lost."

Markets DOWN Japan 9%-Hong Kong 7%-Jakarta 10% (trading suspended) FTSE (UK) down 4%

Did it seem like every audience member McBush walked up to kind of flinched?

I am beginning to truly hate Tuesdays

Sunami warning! As of 6:55 am

KO calls them on incitement to violence

The fed just cut interest rate

John McCain pals around with Watergate Burglar, G. Gordon Liddy

PLEASE DU This PBS Poll that is being FREEPED: Is Sarah Palin Qualified to be Vice President?

How many memebers does DU have?

Juan Cole: Unreal Debate

How do you get conservatives to face reality? You beat the fuck out of them, of course

Are you Registered to Vote?

some quotes from Obama last night that I liked:

Congresswomen's Brother's Boat May Be Found

CNN insults great matriarch .....Betty Boop.

CNN insults great matriarch .....Betty Boop.

Singing 'Bomb Bomb Iran' was a joke

I am so anxious for the elections to be over...

one made the effort and the other did not

My global politics seminar was interrupted yesterday...

Marketwatch: Debate Poll

Anti-war and anti-death penalty activists are "fringe people", says former MD State Police head.

So the third debate when is it where is it what "type" is it and what will McSame do to try to win?

Do we still have civilian control of the military?

CNN debate poll NOT too close to call: Obama 78% to mccain's 17%. (hee hee)

For those of you worrying about your 401k's and wondering about where the stock market may be headed

The Looney Land of Stock Markets.....

Great - Sonjay Gupta's going to be

All But One Market Red This Morning !!!

Opus Is Roadkill—McCain to Blame?

Even CBS poll has Obama as landslide winner

Glenn Greenwald - Dick Morris: A sign of the times

Can You Say "Little Old Man"?

McCrash's Whispery Voice? Vito Corleone?

e-mail to Admiral Mullen

Did you notice McCain taking copious notes even before the debate started? They found his notes.

Dow Jones Futures: falling fast

Worst President Ever!!!!

"That one", huh?

that one? - that was a slur - they can call it what they want -

University: Stem-cell study used falsified data

If you haven't seen the second trailer already.....

If you haven't seen the second trailer already.....

Hope AIG execs who took the 400k r&r junket are fired as Obama suggested...

Caption Palin

Robert Scheer: A Plague Upon the White House

Is It My Plain Hopefulness? Or Does It Seem That M$M Is Now Starting To Want To Side With A Winner?

30 Civilians Died in Afghan Raid, U.S. Inquiry Finds

Obama's tax policy regarding "big business"

Who You Callin’ a Maverick? Original Maverick family takes offense

I was disappointed that both Obama and McCain failed to answer

Can someone tell me how many Senate seats are up for re-election in 2010 (R and D)?

My Friends, I'm Going to Lie About Everything

Two 50 Year Olds Are Released From Guantanamo

Two 50 Year Olds Are Released From Guantanamo

Biden in Liberty, Missouri tomorrow at 12:30. I have a question

Obama: 'We will kill bin Laden', mccain: 'I will get bin Laden'...bullshit

14-year-old Iowa girl abandoned under Nebraska law

The Dow below 10,000, the S&P at about 1000---

CNN Ohio focus group

Is Jack Welch's evil head sinking between his shoulders?

LOL: McCain LOSES Free Republic! -DailyKos

Question about Rep Sherman's "martial law" comment...

Bush to America: Hang in there

Anybody else getting carpet bombed by the "Share Group"?

One Minute in .... down 200 pts

One Minute in .... down 200 pts

You know damn well the Palin heckler was staged

You know damn well the Palin heckler was staged

So at the 3rd debate will McInsane thrown all the "terrorist" crap at Obama?

Any Word On The "W" Movie?

Thanks for all the spoiler threads

Thanks for all the spoiler threads

Biden slams McCain camp’s ‘dangerous’ tactics, semi-vile fear and loathing

Financial collapse brings back 'corralito' memories

Atlunch with an acquaintance, I had to reassure her Obama would be a good president

Retail hell

24/7 Wall Street: Patient's still in the E.R.

Fears over electronic cigarettes

October Surprise: Taliban peace treaty, and handover of Bin Laden?

Fundies: Californians Need to Make a Bold Stand against Political Correctness (Prop 8 nuttiness)

Note to Sen. John mcCain: I'm not your friend, so stop saying 'my friends'!

The picture so far...

Wasn't Brokaw at the debate last night? On The Today Show he said Obama and McCrash shook hands

As much as I hate to admit it...

So... I got "Obsession" in the mail yesterday !!!

My sermon Sunday addressed the economic crisis and bailout package.

How Many Times Did McCain Say "My Frie;nds"

How Many Times Did McCain Say "My Frie;nds"

anyone watch or watching the view?

The Nation: Bush's Failing Financial "Surge"

The post debate handshake that wasn't.

G. Gordon Liddy, REAL Domestic Terrorist

"steady hand on the tiller" -- WTF???

I posted on a 'dumb-ass giant Repug. truck' not long ago, but now I've seen it all:


Former chief of staff to Alberto Gonzales goes to work for Facebook

Could we strengthen the dollar by......

Video? Did anyone catch Rachel as she skewerd Buchanan lastnight with:

Univ. of MN Poll: Franken (D) 41%, Coleman (R) 37%, Barkley (IP) 14%

I'm gonna tell you a true story.

Krugman: **Nobody** expects the Economic Meltdown

A very compelling luggage question was posted, last night...

Moscow Makes No Promises On Arms Sales To Syria, Iran

Another brutal day for European stock markets.....

Paul Krugman: A serious paper on the crisis

I question your premise Mr Mc Same

McCain was a complete dick and so was Brokaw

Is anyone here about to start buying stocks now that prices are low?

Palin’s Popularity Among Alaskans Continues to Fall

CNBC reportedly chasing down rumors of UK Credit Card being declined in greater Europe...

U.S. intelligence draft warns Iraq violence could explode

I have a second interview today for a job (unemployed) Wish my Luck!

Does the world seem upside down to you on the issue of Pakistan?

It took three years for market to bottom out...after 29 crash.

McLame is a across the board total freakin liar. Anyone that

Steal Back Your Vote !

We have suffered the 3 greatest disasters of our generation under Republican rule.

Anyone here remember Dandy Don Meredith on Monday Night Football?

Caption Brokaw

It's come to the point where I can't find any tolerance at all for McCain supporters

a Library that some of you might like to browse

If the primaries were starting now in the midst of all this

FCC investigating TV networks, military analysts

Subprime Suspects

Electoral projection done right

My new demands: A bailout and a junket

DOW: 9,271.17 -175.94

Disrespectful McCain

brace yourselves - Heating costs to jump 15 percent this winter

Some pictures from the debate

Rats the LIBOR went up

Russia, Indonesia Halt Trading in Worst Emerging-Market Rout in 20 Years

How much do you trust the government to look out for your interests?

"Uncommitted Voters" : Insane/Morans (poll)

Financial Times: IMF sees greatest shock since 1930s

Found this on a website: Obama's possible cabinet selections: Weigh in please

Did anyone go to Pickens site to "discuss" after the debate?

US Credit Crisis Threatens New Orleans' Recovery

BwaHAH LIMBOsevic arguing with himself over Mc5PLANEs winning/losing the debate!1

' The Murder of Military Women Continues'

Bailing Out a Boat Full of Holes

The Market's a Roller Coaster Today. DOW under 9,300.

McCain decapitated the real estate industry last night..

Roubini: Dow 7,000 Likely 'Sometime Next Year

God, I Am So Sick Of Listening To These Talking Heads

Obama and Biden are on fire today!!!!!

MarketWatch: MBAs face daunting job market

Inflation is bad, but...

Why Does the Besmocked Trader with Head in Hands Signify Economic Collapse

Sing it with me DU ...

Great 'comeback' to the excess of (mostly) hokey car 'ribbons' since the Iraq war started...

The Cancer From Within

Joe Scabbourgh will be on The Colbert Report tonight

Obama speech coming up on MSNBC

The Rude Pundit: The Nashville Debate: The Impotent Always Lose Out to the Virile

If ALL Americans had Health Care would business still have to carry

If the Palin/McLurch hate speech inspires widespread acts of violence against liberals, you are

U.S. mint halts gold coin production, sales

Straight jackets needed over at the Free Republic.....

Brigitte Bardot slams Palin as a 'disgrace to women'

Dow on it's fifth 400 point swing

Did anyone hear/see this in news anywhere?

Where was Amy Goodman when the Voting Activists wanted her to report on the '04 stolen election??

Where was Amy Goodman when the Voting Activists wanted her to report on the '04 stolen election??

Sorry for my Greed

CNN is on live right now with breaking news coverage of the stock market crash

This is what the Repukes are afraid of (OK, the Prez, not the entire planet, but still...)

Esquire's Ten Worst Members Of Congress

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish...

Bwaaaaaaahahahaha! SNORT! BWAAAAAHHAAAAA

"...crossing the line between campaign rhetoric and hate speech"

U.S. mint halts gold coin production, sales

Whatever happened about that Oil for Sex in the Interior Department?

BushCo Broke the WORLD!

BushCo Broke the WORLD!

Just how many government programs does McCain benefit from?

BushCo Broke the WORLD!

Sorry, DUPE due to bugs DU is experiencing.

U.S. intelligence warns Iraq war could explode again

We would be living in a different world today if Gore or Kerry had chose Biden as their running mate

BushCo Broke the WORLD!

Everyone talking about 401Ks going in the toilet...

Sorry, DUPE (or Triplicate!) due to bugs.....

I am getting a lot of posting errors on DU today for some reason BUGS it says

Barack is really on his game

Post debate analysis - 2nd presidential debate

Could the media be hurting the McCain campaign by showing Palin at her most rabid?

Obama is amazing!!

Holly Molly... Obama is sounding like FDR more and more

Our man Barack is HANDING MCSAME HIS ASS ON A PLATTER in Indianapolis right now!

So will the $ be paid back to the Treasury? From AIG??

7-11 Coffee Poll...Check it out then DU it!

Jerome Corsi nabbed by Kenyan immigration just before speech - roflmao

Hey you wanna help me freak out this Freeper Blog? (poll)

Obama mopped the floor with McSame last night. (but...)

Who showed up last night? The supplemental McShame?

U.S. mint halts gold coin production, sales

seven mountains and joels army plan for takeover

Post debate analysis - 2nd presidential debate

Which poll(s) best predicted 2004 results?

Your District.


Latin leftists gloating over 'Comrade' Bush's bailout

Another Orwellian Moment, courtesy DOD

Why Do Government Haters Want To Serve In.......Government?

So will the Treasury ever see their money from AIG "pigs"?

Saw a Faux report on ACORN this morning....I think they're desperately looking for a way

Duplicate Deleted Post

Will Obama get rid of the terror index?

Forecasters see U.S. leading global downturn

Duplicate! Deleted Post

Obama whipped that fucker like a rented mule!

Bernanke, Europe's Central Banks Throw in Everything They've Got: To the Bunkers!

I wouldn't trust McCain's hand on the tiller - hasn't been steady or cool in the past

To my Bush-supporting, "conservative Republican" friends and family:

Who you calling a Maverick?

McCain camp coming up. 45 minutes late after a GOPer used Obamas middle name again

Voter fraud and voter purges by Republicans Exposed *must see*

The Smoking Gun has an actual invoice of AIG executives junket

I'm listening and sobbing and believing and energized by this speech

Video: Palin Answers A Heckler In Florida

Why the hell is the word "Obama" still flagged on the DU spellchecker???

Dow on it's fifth 400-point swing

Saying that Steve Forbes is an expert on the economy....

Saying that Steve Forbes is an expert on the economy....



My sister the one who I want to bash my head in sometimes talking to her is voting for Obama!

Money for nothing and your perks for free

Guess what part of the country has the highest support for Obama?

Son of Tenn. Democrat indicted in Palin hacking

I SURE am glad that our REPRESENTATIVES voted to give away $700 BILLION

Time to revive Huey Long's ideas

Self-delete Can't post a poll. DU is on the fritz. SKINN-NERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugliosi on Radio and on Tour

So who had the inspired idea (in a good way) to have Rachel & crazy fake uncle Pat Buchanan pair up

Fury arises over Peruvian cat-eating festival

Brain Dead Freep

Barack Obama As Ellison's Invisible Man?

I still remember Rush when he said that they were doing something

24,094 vote in "unofficial" (suspended) referendum in Vicenza, Italy, 95% Oppose 2nd US base

"Smashmouth. NOW!"

InterPress: This Sucker Could Go Down

Hope this spreads: Illinois Sheriff Orders Deputies to Stop Evicting Residents of Foreclosed Homes

Denver wants pro-Obama mural removed

Leahy Questions-NorthCom's New Army Unit -3rd Infantry-1st Brigade Combat Teams Here At Home

McCaskill tells Romney: I spit on your earpiece

Top Marginal Rates (taxes for couples filing jointly) discuss

Dubai: 'We Need Slaves To Build Monuments'

Caption This Pic - What did Obama say to McShit?

Analysts: Senate Dems on track for 'magic 60' majority

Pelosi: Congress may need to return for stimulus

repukes are always longing nostalgically for the 1950's

Can we really trust a man who's middle name is 'Insane'? john INSANE mccain

Round 3 in the emergency economic answer. Paulson on teeVee again.

Why Do People Who Hate Government Want To Be Part of.....Government?

Anyone hear of the Baker Institute?

How much student loan debt are you carrying?

Was McCain's campaign ever "un-suspended"?

paulson talked and wall street slides

Opus and Berke Breathed to retire Nov 2......

Is it wrong for me as a married woman to think that Obama is sexy as hell lol

Caption these McCain - Palin pics...

That Old Out-Of-Touch Crotchety One

This Friday On Real Time With Bill Maher

What should I say to Sarah Palin?

Dallas schools: 550 teachers to be layed off after "$64 million gaffe" in budget

Shumer rips (US) Chamber of Commerce

Obama takes huge lead in Wednesday's Gallup Poll! 52% to 41%

Lehman CEO punched in the face ... literally

When Obama is elected; expect the gop to challenge his citizenship

What would we do with the oil we'd get from offshore drilling and ANWR?

Is Rachel still on Air America ?

I'm Sacrificing As Fast As I Can

Narcissists Tend to Become Leaders

High volume trading still leads to Dow average decline following an opening jump

Despite Palin resistance, 'troopergate' report to come Friday

Late night shows lampoon second presidential debate

IDEA! Now that the Dow is so low the Government should BUY

Financial Industry Funnies...

DEMS BAILOUT BILLIONAIRES - right wing media will repeat until elections PART 3

How did the minority Dems stop the Majority Repugs from regulating Fannie in 2005?

McCain is shuffling around like he is wandering a hospital corridor.

Producers of An American Carol claim sabotage.

So sad


John McCain: " fellow PRISONERS."

Charlie Cook: Time Running Short For Republicans

In all seriousness. - Stock market question.

Here comes the MSM spin on 'fellow prisoners': 'McCain, Obama flub lines'

Obama policy on Darfur?

Happy birthday to Dennis Kucinich

With Palin Effect Fading, Polls Find Women Sticking With Obama in Swing States

I had the pleasure of listening to about 5 minutes of Lush Rentballs while on my lunch break.

How about another $37.8 B for AIG? On top of the 85B. Those parties are spendy....

A*Hole of the Year Award: Developer in Kennewick, WA

Dole's no fan of Schumer-(Stop your whining, Liddy!)

Kucinich: Wall Street Insider Cannot be an Unbiased Broker

Aura of American competence and credibility severely damaged around the world

McCain addresses crowd as ‘my fellow prisoners.’

Poll: Obama up by 10 points in Wisconsin

MSNBC: Our Secret War In Pakistan (How to destabilize friends and enrage people)

In WTF News: Debate host rejects request for lie detectors

Should there be a balanced budget amendment?

Michelle Obama on the Daily Show tonight.

Obama picture after the debate (3 versions, pick one you like)

USDA's New Biotechnology Regulations Could Allow Drugs in Food

Re negotiating mortgages 101

I can't believe no one is talking about this...

AFA - Americans Fearing Americans, bastards all.

Tool on CNBC at 5:55 pm blaming us for not paying our bills.

Has there been any word on the GOP's attempt to shut down Troopergate?

An idea that is so dumb, it just might be the most brilliant idea ever

Tookie Carlson coming unhinged on MSNBC..

Please consider buying stock in my new bank (business proposal)

Its quite ok if the Govt snoops into your email; but dooon't snoop into the govt's mail..

I love how Tweety is going after McLame's "That One" comment!

Obama wins the Popular Vote by how much?

Electoral projections: Obama - 346 | mcang - 191 (from

hey folks-- how about john mcCain's new health care plan

China milk victims may have doubled to over 90,000 (Reuters)

I am looking for someone on DU

Pakistan Facing Bankruptcy

McGreedy Squirrel Cheeks!

Palin Gam Cam?

Some light in the gloomy global financial picture.

Interesting Presidential Poll tracking tool from the USA Today website...

MSNBC just had an ad claiming that Natural Gas could power the US "indefinitely" and "won't run out"

MSNBC just had an ad claiming that Natural Gas could power the US "indefinitely" and "won't run out"

Bush signs US-India nuclear bill (BBC)

Dow futures down more than 300 right now. London FTSE down 7%

Dow futures down more than 300 right now. London FTSE down 7%

Are all "Obama is a Muslim" allegations based in racism?

**Perfect** example of how health care is broken

The doctor has found a cancerous mass, just above the knee

Seriously - what would happen if the USA went bankrupt?

How's that bailout working for ya?

so if vandalizing government property makes one a terrorist, then Palin's got one too. Her son.

Where's the "First Dud" of Alaska?

Are you in a mixed political marriage or relationship?

I admite I stole the design - but I'm WILLING and ABLE to pay !

I am watching MSNBC right now and I just don't get how they keep saying "there wasn't a clear winner..

Help! I need that picture of Barack looking so lovingly at Michelle!

"The Fundamentalists in this Economy are Strong"

CAPTION Mr. Excitement

Hussein, Hussein, Hussein! I voted for Hillary!

Who Supports the Troops more. Democrats or Republicans?

McCain linked to group in Iran-Contra affair

What the hell is going on in Tennessee?

All this talk of the threat of terrorism, I just can't get this out of my mind;

Pelosi: "We need another 150 billion."

Fort Myers NBC affiliate live stream of Joe at the Germain Arena right now...

Thousands of Troops Are Deployed on U.S. Streets Ready to Carry Out "Crowd Control"

Yoko to relight Lennon Peace Tower October 9

Yoko to relight Lennon Peace Tower October 9

CAPTION ol' Senator "Always Wear Dark Pants" and Friend

WTF?? Presidential Directive 51: President Bush Can Cancel Elections ('Continuity of Operations')

This is how you destroy these fascist swill.

Today I went out of my way to patronize a progressive retailer.

LOL did yall hear about the Newsweek front page flap?

Undecideds as focus group is bs..anyone who hasn't made up their mind at this point is braindead or

Oops - looks like the orange revolution is over

What the Fuck is with this CNN "IReport" garbage?

Sheriff in Ill. county won't evict in foreclosures

question - spouses campaigning - last time the children campaigned

Fourteenth didget added to national debt clock

Just Got my Obama/Biden Yard Sign...

The Evangelicals Trump the Constitution in Bush's White House? - Bush History,10/8

Rock slide prompts evacuation of Curry Village at Yosemite

Homophobia in schools remains major problem

Bernanke, Europe's Central Banks Throw in Everything They've Got

I can't get THAT GIRL theme song out of my head today! HELP!!!

I got selected by PFAW to video my vote! How cool is that?

State ballot questions?

AP: Missouri officials suspect fake voter registration

Bush administration discards U.S.A. "eagle" emblem.

"My Fellow Prisoners!" -- Perhaps McCain has seen the "election episode" of

Every now and then, one of them forgets to pretend to be sane. (SERIOUS NAZI LEVEL BIGOTRY INSIDE)

CEOs who cashed in:

Biden is about 6 miles away from me right this minute....

WTF! AIG to get another $37.8 billion loan after their execs went on a $400,000 spa retreat

Moments that pleased voters who were in the debates last night

How the world would vote in this election

Tucker making an ass of himself on Tweety

Will we get blamed for everything if Obama wins..

Variety reviews "W"

It just goes to show, there are MANY MORONS in high places.

McCain knows how to get bin-Laden, but he'd rather get elected than catch him

Glenn Beck sucks ass

To be fair and balanced, here is a picture of McCain from last night's debate ...

Diplomacy, demeanor and lying.

Comments by David Brooks about Obama

humor: What is the difference between Freepers and zombies?

339! 339! 339!


It is hard for me to believe with the eonomic meltdown we are not doing better

Did John McCain graduate 5th from the bottom of his class at the US Naval Academy?

McPOW is a pathological LIAR

My appeal to everyone I know: Vote No on California Prop 8!!

Gas here was at $3.24 when we went out and $2.79 when we came

So Michelle will be on larry king tonight .... where is Cindy?

Afghan-Taliban talks could boost case for war crimes charges against Bush Admin officials

In Defense Of Beau Biden

OMG: I am getting Press Credentials at the Obama Rally in Dayton,Ohio Tomorrow that Im Attending!!!!

Christian camp that "cures" homosexuality revealed: A reporter goes underground

Dear Hannity, I'll type this slowly for you...

A radical idea... pay off the National Debt

LMAO! Michigan GOP demands Palin visit state: Democrats counter by requesting TINA FEY!

RawStory on "My fellow prisoners!" line: McCain flustered when crowd fails to erupt

McCain's "To-Kill-A-Mockingbird" courtroom moment (much worse than Macacca)

Is Palin playing with fire? Joe Biden seems to think so.

TOOBIN: "Palin is (now) irrelevant. BIDEN never was. (Mc5PLANES) is over." n/t


Fun little quiz to kill some time

I Haven't Heard Anyone Recommending This, But Is My Financial Advice To Myself Sound?

Jello shots

Fury arises over Peruvian cat-eating festival

What are some countries where one can live cheaply, other than Mexico? Eastern European

That CNN Ticker is Fascinating. My Observations.

Do we have a "Pictures" forum?

Lieberman's Party Turns Against Him

Bush's biographers can add yet another financial failure to his list

Sheriff in Ill. county won't evict in foreclosures

Does anyone know why "The View" had a special show today instead of a debate wrap-up?

Priest apologizes for gay tattoo postings

North and South Carolina! A straight ticket vote on your ballot does not include a vote for Pres.

"We're having trouble finding a Republican..............."

Beautiful photograph of the planet Mercury by the spacecraft Messenger

Lieberman: 'I Worry About' Whether Obama Has 'The Right Stuff To Bomb Iran':

My experience as an undecided voter...


This Is Getting Real Bad

Another good reason to hate the Philadelphia Flyers: Palin set to drop puck at Philadelphia NHL game

What's in a name?

"The straight talk express lost a wheel."

Happy Birthday Dennis Kucinich!

DOJ Filing Emergency Appeal To Block Gitmo Releases

Smoking Gun Story: "Keep The N*gger Out Of Office"

Hey DUers! How about we get THIS banner hung on the White House fence on Wed Nov 5?

China sets melamine levels for milk products (AP)

Since the Bailout Bill passed, Dow Jones average is down 1,225.70 ... 11.7%!!

John McSplain in one word...

So you say you back Obama, but do you really?

Public Health-ANTHRAX-Emergency Declared By Bushco? (With Little Fanfare-Oct 1)

Margaret and Helen (80 yr old) speaks out on Palin

ROBO-CALL from T. Boones Pickens??

we need some people dressed up as KKK members to try and get in at a Palin rally

Question: I've heard several times that Dodd and Frank were somehow

DU this debate poll from my local TV station

To save money, I tried buying cheaper cat food.

Did anyone else notice the NASDAQ and ABC stock tickers were black at lunchtime today?

Tomorrow is John Lennon's birthday.

Combat Republican claims that homeowners are at-fault for the mortgage crisis >>>>>>

Offensive Magnet at Work

"Hit the border -- Obama comin'" You think you know crazy?

Testicle Stem Cells Become Bone, Muscle in German Experiments

BushCo Broke the WORLD!

Just heard the republicans are leaving the country if Obama is elected??

State Unemployment Compensation Funds Drying Up In At Least 10 States

Happy Birthday Dennis Kucinich!

DU this Palin poll!

Elliot Spitzer Died for Wall Street’s Sins

AP Exclusive: Docs: BUSHCO Ordered AMERICANS To Be Held In US Military Jails As "Enemy Combatants"

The DOW is diving at close. 9247

repubs often say, 'Obama scares me to death'...I wonder why?

Dear World, Please Confront America

Another thing Freepers don't get...Art.

Do we have any good reason(s) to believe...

5,000 Doctors Challenge Private-Insurance System

Newsweek fucks up history: "America's 'Lost Monarchy'" But there's an Obama connection!

I'm quite sure he makes John and Sarah proud

The freepers are suicidal....rushing over to freep the Drudge poll

Rachel Maddow is on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday!

LOL, Disappointed Freeper writes angry, misspelled letter to "McCane"

Thousands of Troops Are Deployed on U.S. Streets Ready to Carry Out "Crowd Control"

Has anyone ever found SNOPES to be wrong?

I want to quit time warner cable....Which is better, Dish or Direct?

US Military rips away pet of deployed US Soldier shortly B4 Baghdad Pups can send puppy to safety

Late in the Game Political Stunts

Eric Margolis:"The current war in Afghanistan is not really about al-Qaida and `terrorism,’

Seven Mountains and the Joel's Army Plan for takeover

URGENT MESSAGE from WE Can Solve It (Al Gore's group)

Friend with 401k lost $12,000 from retirement w/in last 24 hours

Time for some ACTION! Prop 8 is Passing!

Cdn troops complain child rape by Afghan army is ignored by military leadership

Cdn troops complain child rape by Afghan army is ignored by military leadership

*Army Times "corrects" original article* - 1st Brigade-3rd Inf. NOT using weapons on civilians (?)

*Army Times "corrects" original article* - 1st Brigade-3rd Inf. NOT using weapons on civilians (?)

*Army Times "corrects" original article* - 1st Brigade-3rd Inf. NOT using weapons on civilians (?)

"that one" is THE one that will sink McCain

Remember the dragging death in Jasper? It happened again. Where is the media?

Dear God I love this man.

In air combat pilot lingo, the GOP ticket is now both "Winchester" and "Bingo."

Okay that's close enough. Let's just CAPTION and say our goodbyes

Question: A Buisness Owning Republican Friend Wrote This In Her Myspace Blog.

For so long I've put up with my freeper sister's hateful emails. Tonight I finally lost it.

The Palins' un-American activities (Salon Magazine re: AIP)

The Five Stages of Grief, Now on Display at

I'M Going to be VERY VERY CLEAR:

Todd and Sarah: ""Chosen Vessels of God."

The Debate in Smilies

MCCAIN GAFFE TODAY: "My Fellow Prisioners"


how many times did he say 'my friends' ?

The Adler Planetarium Puts Out a Statement On McCain's Attacks.

Rolling Stone just wrote McCain's obituary - all the dirt unearthed

The HATE being whipped up by Palin/McBush scares the hell out of me...

Unbelievably ugly whine by CBS reporter: Obama's plane smells bad and they're mean to reporters

David brooks..Obama has the great intellect: Sarah Palin represents a fatal cancer to the GOP

Chris Matthews was a HOOT last night!

McCain's bold new mortgage plan isn't new

Obama to McCain: "Say It To My Face"

Cabinet for Obama

The Networks didn't show it but McFolksy-Town-Hall bugged out.

Time to call a truce

How will Isreal attacking Iran impact the election?

Obama’s neighborhood teams and the power of inclusion and respect

Healthcare: A Right, A Privilege, or a Responsibility

"That One" was bad but this was just as upsetting--"Obama will find you."

I Wish The Ds' Would Refer To Our Armed Service Members As "Soldiers," Rather Than Troops

Help! I need that picture of Barack looking so lovingly at Michelle!

A Few Questions For Obama After The Debate - from a freeper

Mob Mentality: Compare and Contrast *Barack NEVER condoned it against Hillary*

I'm concerned about how few posts I see about plans for ELECTION FRAUD already in action

Why McCain dropped the Ayers attacks

Cenk: McCain's Most Offensive Debate Comment Was Not "That One"

About "MY FELLOW PRISONERS" (Addled? Senile? PTSD?)

Attorney: Palin Must Be Investigated For Incitement

Barack Obama is related to Sarah Palin?

So seriously - who wants to have a DC meetup blowout for the inauguration in DC

Just got back from the Biden rally in Tampa.

Cindy "Cookie Thief" McLiar is trying to attack Obama? That's too funny.

Michelle Obama on 2 shows 2nite ---> Larry King and Jon Stewart

McCain Camp releases statement from John Murtagh: "Barack Obama's friend tried to kill my family."

The right wing's love of Sarah Palin is just BIZARRE.

Bumper Sticker - That One '08

Jut bought my airplane tix.... headed to FL to turn it BLUE!!!!

NBC reporting that someone shouted "Off with his head" at the McCain/Palin rally today

Got my 3 Obama/Biden signs today...we are on a corner big yard! Ladies at the county Dem office

It's full Meltdown Mode over in Freepland.

Network debate ratings... ABC is most watched again.


Okay, I'll sound like an ingrate, but here goes: I hate living in a "safe" state right now.

Do you think the MSM would do a short piece on King HUSSEIN of Jordan?

Brokaw did an okay job...

So just what scary stuff do racists think a black president would do?

Examples of Great Moderating from Tom Brokaw:

The one hail Mary that has yet to be pulled out of the bag....

This election has had dramatic affect on my politics

Arizona Tribal Council endorses Barack Obama

Ten Biggest WTF Moments of the Debate

Joe Biden: "Yeah, I don't have that much hair."

People....OBAMA is running this campaign perfectly!!!!!

Mccain did shake Obama's hand this time... get it right (focus on truth, folks)

so after last nights showing by mccain

How proud are you of Obama?

Newsweek under fire (from Fox) for not touching up Palin cover photo

You know what I'M REALLY surprised about? We're not talking about BROKAW.

WOW Carville just addressed if Obama loses the election with a solid 5% lead going in...

Obama Gets Surge of Donors (it's up to more than 4 million individuals!!!)

MSNBC discussing this a.m. why McCain suddently bolted out of the room..


Boring Debate: Is Obama Playing "Ball Control" Offense and "Prevent Defense?"

Caption this!

Gibbs smackdown of Hannity THIS IS GREAT

WTF? "Nursing Moms for Palin"

Reporter's Notebook: Seeing How The Other Half Lives from Obama to mcliverspot

Make-Believe Maverick - Rolling Stone

Palin's Palm....

Hillary for Obama

I was surprised at the level of diversity at McCain rally in PA today.

Esquire Magazine Makes First Ever Presidential Endorsement

CAPTION! What's Obama whispering to McCain?

I just voted for Obama/Biden!

be aware: the Palin rallies are trying to be a LYNCH mob of Obama

Gaffe? Obama: "Government invented the computer" Anybody have a thought on that?

Donna Brazile Is Not Going To The Back Of The Bus. Ever Again.

Obama in today's speech: 'I can take four more weeks of John McCain’s attacks...'

Has anyone heard McCain refer to Obama as "senator"?

OMG: I am getting Press Credentials at the Obama Rally in Dayton,Ohio Tomorrow that Im Attending!!!!

McCain will be accused of racism regardless

If I were Obama, I'd hire extra protection.

McCain's Ayers Attacks Backfire

Obama Will Be One of the Greatest (and Most Loved) American Presidents

Pro-McCain co-worker said he is proud of McCain's performance last night.

Adding comments has been disabled for this video

Obama just linked Ayres/Annenberg/Reagan on ABC with Gibson...

PHOTOS: BARACK AND MICHELLE OBAMA, A few favorites from last night's debate

So----I just got home from protesting the McCain-Palin rally. What was yelled at us:


When do we go back into the stadiums?

McCain Trumpets Endorsement From Figure Of Foundation That Established Ayers Board

Two Words for Any of our LGBT DUers Still Pissed At Obama/Biden, JOEL'S ARMY

Obama Ponders Upgrading White House Bowling Alley (Fox)

Intrade update -- Obama: 76 McCain: 23

Karen Hughes on CNN in the morning? What a gaudy set of blood red & baubles...

the lone guy in my neighborhood with a McCain sign covered it up after last nights debate...

Paris asks for advice in run for Fake President

Obama to appear on ABC News interview in a minute or two. nt

Still Undecided? Photo(shop)

"I think McCain is down to seeds and stems," - Rick Hertzberg.

"That one" is what you folks picked up on?

Delusional Freeper post: "Cheer Up Freepers, We Are Going To Win"

I SO want a yard sign that just says

Can anyone theorize as to why McCain didn't pick Mike Huckabee as his V.P?

Pic of Two Palin Rally Morans

need help on obama healthcare. i just learned about banking and wallstreet,


Buyer's Remorse: When Does It Kick In For The Die-Hard Rs Supportin' McPalin?

The MSM is talking about Palin's connections to Princess Di and FDR but not her connections to

If I were running the McCampaign...

HNN: Michelle Obama Learns About Her Slave Ancestors, Herself and Her Country

C'mon Philadelphia freeze her out: Palin to drop puck at Flyers game

Palin set to drop puck at Philadelphia NHL game

Obama on ABC right now: "He wasn't willing to say it to my face."

Clint Eastwood basks in the warm, truthy glow of Sarah Palin's debate performance

Oh noes! Freepers caught a lie by Obama last night!

This is the sickest thing I've ever seen.

I just got my absentee ballot in NY. Does everyone else who gets one have all these choices?:

I just donated to THAT ONE

I KID YOU NOT:Republicans attacking Obama's pronunciation of "Pakistan": They say it's too "foreign"

Michelle Obama not offended by 'that one' comment

Katy asks O and McAsshole: What 3 people would you most like to have dinner with?

Is anyone else surprised that McCain's "my fellow prisoners" comment isn't getting more airplay?

God damn but the McCain campaign is utter filth.

Is it really over for McCain? Ask the experts (Guardian)

"That One" really bothers me.

GA POLL: Obama within single digits of McCrypt (54/45).

One of my clients have McCain / Palin signs up on their lawn

Biden *dissolves* at seeing himself parodied on SNL!

Sorry, but they really shouldn't have photographed Palin without make-up

OMG.. I just watched Fox news.. They ripped McCain to shreds..

VIDEO: McCain refers to Americans as 'my fellow prisoners'

Been thinking it for quite some time but have to say now CNN is much less biased than MSNBC

Obama's plan for small businesses:

The Palins' Imperfect Union -- re AIP

Mika + Buchanan = I Can't Frigging Stand Anymore

Do you ever wish that Obama would repeat something he said at a rally

What's the FIRST thing Obama should do after being inaugurated?

If you've never voted in your current state of residence, check out the ballot

The thing that pissed me off the most? The Chicago planetarium quip

Ok which one of U did this (re: that one)

CNN National Poll: Obama wins debate 54-30

I'm really looking forward to obama's inaugural speech. I know. I know. It's too early...

New button for the Obama campaign courtesy of Kathleen Parker at the Washington Post:

McCrypt's crazy "fellow prisoners" gaffe makes it into AP story.

63.2 million viewers watched Debate Last Night

Why losing will be good for the Republicans

Sometimes, I actually feel sorry for John McCain.

Salt-of-the-Earth report: It's Obama

Reagan, McCain, and early Alzheimer's

"Theyre done, they know it, but people dont go gentle into that good night."

I live in conservative Utah...

Obama needs to make a commercial featuring Cindy McCain's

Please educate me - I never watch Morning Joe.

I just got heavily push-polled from Flagstaff, AZ! LMAO

McCain to Black America: You Don’t Matter

VoteVets' ads target McCain

Is the Obama camp hitting McCain on SS & Medicare in Florida

Someone needs to write to the NHL regarding the Philadelphia Flyers' owner using their product. . .

Voters cannot imagine hearing "My Friends" non stop for 4 years.

Obama: McCain Scoring 'Cheap Political Points' (ABC) (VIDEO)

Will Palin be able to save herself?

The fact that it's the DEMOCRATS that are about to elect the first African American President

Petraeus Talk Seems to Bolster Obama

Sometimes, Rachel Maddow makes me want to tear my hair out...

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In Fort Myers, FL****

I can't believe what I just heard on MSNBC

Palin Meets Resistance Among Clinton Backers

McCain is running out of money and the GOP is about to pull the plug

This is the Most Disgusting I have ever seen Mika...EVER

Ft. Myers Florida, Biden at packed Alico Arena, LIVE on local NBC, ABC, and CBS for a full hour

Did you guys read the summary of Gallup's latest daily tracking poll?

Biden Rally carried LIVE on ALL local news channels in SW FLorida....

Opus Is Roadkill—McCain to Blame?

Presidential Theme Song.

"You can't call yourself a maverick, when all you've ever been is a side kick!"

Palin set to drop puck at Rangers-Flyers game

Did Mika Take David Gregory Pills Today? Why Is She Being So.....

PHOTOS - Today's Inspirational Pics (Oct 8)

TV ALERT: Michelle is on The Daily Show Tonight and

Shit Stain McCain and Failin' on Hannity, go after Obama on Ayers, Rezco and Phleger

Biden: Palin Must Condemn Supporters' Hateful Obama Attacks

To be fair and balanced, here is a picture of McCain from last night's debate ...

The Lynch Mob, by David Sirota.

New Obama TV Ad - “Country I Believe In” (VIDEO)

McCain has Cindy speaking at his, I feel so much better...

I've seen it all: freepers appealing to HILLARY to give up Obama dirt

Mika in for David Gregory on MSNBC

Early voting report from Columbus, OH

Joe: "You can't call yourself a maverick if all you've ever been is a sidekick."

That One '08

There is cause for concern at the next debate

McShit's latest tactic have the white women attack the negro

Choo-Choo! Obama-Biden vs. McCain-Palin

Mika: Palin Looks like a Miracle Drug

Watch and send to your friends!!!

"Right on Target" & "You had me at Lipstick"

Statistical Dead Heat in Zogby Poll...

Debate FACT CHECK (CNN) --not so good for McCain :-)

Is Louisiana in play or something?

Damn, Mika Brzezinski just jumped all over Claire McCaskill for calling

Hey Pat Buchanan I got news for you its not up to Obama to close the deal

Sarah Palin's "Business" Career: Car Wash, Consultancy Earned Roughly $0

In response to an earlier post...about something overheard at the McCain/Palin rally today...

Prediction Time! McCain to Retire after his Loss and to be replaced by...

PHOTOS: BARACK and MICHELLE OBAMA today on the campaign trail in IN and NH

Ted Stevens ...... here's what I think might happen.

Sure sign there is something wrong with your candidate (PICs)

I wonder if Obama sleeps.

The Cowardice of Sarah Palin

Obama picture after the debate (3 versions, pick one you like)

NYT on McCain: "one of the most appalling campaigns we can remember."

Suzanne Malveux Says repukes Are "Demoralized,"

Freepers now freeping that Obama got questions in advance!

Not too early for some strategy analysis. What is the biggest mistake McCain has made so far?

(R)asmussen Minnesota Poll: Obama 52%(unchanged), McCain 45%(+1)

Anyone worse than D. Gregory? Watch Mika, NOW! See You Next Tuesday

You are cordially invited to this weekend's GOP white sheet rally (hoods optional)

So did Gibson ask Obama about the Ayers BS?

What kind of health care plan resembles a "gold plated Cadillac"?

MSNBC just replayed the "That one" debate clip & someone called McCain,"Mr. Wilson". Tweety giggled

John McCain is so old....

I, for one, am hopeful that Sarah Palin will run for President in 2012

This should have been playing at the close of the debate last night.

Debate Results: NBC News Text Message Poll

Palin In My Prayer Group, Says Witchcraft-Fighting "Spiritual Warfare" Leader

McCain's Mortgage Bailout - Another Stunt That Changes Every Minute


Who was that old guy wandering around the stage?

Mika the Palin shill is subbing for reTHUG shill David Gregory

Obama's Top Field Generals Dispatched To Florida

When will the McSame camp LEAVE PA?

MAD tv's take on the Obama's and the McCain's:

I wanna see DemocraticUnderground disappear!

Three cheers for the Greatest Generation LEFTIES in our midst!

"Obama Wins by Default" WTF

Is Sarah Palin still out there on the stump insinuating that Obama is somehow a terrorist because he

"You can't call yourself a maverick when all you've ever been is a sidekick." -Joe Biden

McCain IS ON THE RECORD AS A RACIST. Otherwise he could say "That One" all he wants....

I'm trying to restrain a sense of giddy optimism.

Why isn't this story in the main stream media instead of this stupid Ayers stuff

Flame away if you will, but I am going to donate money to a republican!

CNN: Presidential debate report card

Final score: Obama 54, McSame 13

Old and busted vs new hotness

Someone is going to have to explain to me how

"That One' remark was completely innocent

A fashion question about last night's debate: shouldn't John McCain

Intrade - 76.8 for O 24.4 for M

How big is the ACORN business going to be.......

Tweety is having a hard time hiding his contempt for McSame/Failin'

PHOTOS: The tale of Two Debates in different Centuries

McCain/Palin, the first ticket in US history with zero balls between them.

Would Bush be crazy enough to goad Iran into a border incident...

Post your "Face" of the Undecided Voter

Those who are going to vote for Obama are, and those that aren't, aren't

Just a saw an anti-McCain in Virginia

Let's demand apology from Palin!

Foo Fighters ask that McCain not use their song "My Hero" for campaign use

Chris Matthews was in stitches over some of the moments last night

Exposure Effect finally wins over my racist mom

Forget Bradley effect, this election it's the Bandwagon effect

"That one" is McCain's Maccaca moment

"across this country this is the agenda I have set before my fellow PRISONERS?"

John McCain, once a media mingler, now keeps his distance - LA Times

DU REDDIT "McCain Misses His Chance, “That One” Comes Out Ahead"

Funny Palin jokes...

Ivana Trump Accuses Sarah Palin Of Driving Two Hours To Meet Her

Shamed a freeper into betting on the race

Cindy McCain using Obama's middle name?

I want to see McCain crushed. Destroyed. Sneered at. Completely fucked.

It suddenly dawned on me where McCain learned his gestures:

Obama's foreign policy positions bolstered by Petraeus interview

John McCain using Cindy to attack Obama...what a maverick!

Palin does NOT rival Obama (regardless of what Mika Brzezinski says)

Did McCain telegraph his punch tonight re: Sarah Palin?

Is it my imagination or is the twitching with McLame's left eye getting much worse?

Hell, I can give McCain's speech for him

"Get Off My Lawn!"

For all you fans of Little Britain last night!

Per Thom Hartman - Limbaugh is going to go into that "days in captivity"

Veterans' New AD says: "McCain let me down" Video"

Cindy McCain: Obama's vote "sent a cold chill through my body"

Most racist moment of the debate

One thing nobody has mentioned about the debate that makes me wonder

(R)asmussen Georgia Poll: McCain 54%(unchanged), Obama 45%(+2)

Afghanistan a neighboring country? Oh really Sarah?

Anyone remaining "undecided" at this point is dangerously close to stupidity, yet


Let's say McCain literally flips out, what state is MOST likely to stay red?

CNN reporting about McCain's "slip of the tongue".

McCain doesn't know the difference between "online" and "on computers"!

Meghan McCain looks disgusted and listless. Obviously she does not want to be there in the rally

Russ Feingold for Supreme Court

PBS poll: Do you think Palin is qualified to be VP? 49:49 currently

Okay..Freeperville..has thrown in the towel....

obama should proudly use his middle name....nothing to be ashamed of

Is it just me or did Cindy seem really aloof after the debate?

Sarah Palin at the Bridge of Nowhere

Who controls all the feeds on the debates? They use about 5 cameras

Democratic Wives vs. Republican Wives

"Steady hand on the tiller" = "Stay the course"

I Finally Got What Disturbs Me Most About The FL Sheriff - Saying Barack Hussein Obama......

I Think McCain Is Now Getting Beat Down By The Campaign

Caribou Barbie, "Nobody has anything to hide," (troopergate)

Warming to Palin

Ayers "linked" to McCain GOP supporter South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford

To break the whole drama of the election and whatnot

Wow, shocking meltdown after McCain joked that he needed hair transplants.

likely voters v.s. registered voters

Something that bothered me during the debate

Is "PBS Poll" becoming the next "Brazillion" or "Moran" or "RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!1!"?

TPM: Palin Drops Reference To William Ayers From Stump Speech

McCain: "Why take chances with an unknown when you could stick with the folks who destroyed America"

"That One"

panhandle of texas.... amarillo. my sons middle school


I feel confident that any so-called "Bradley" effect will be off set by people

It is Decision Time for the R.N.C.

If I'm a McCain-Palin supporter I'm wondering what these people

Psst - Obama Might Have Had A $100 Million Fundraising Month In September

McCain's final strategy: A prediction

Palin energizes the base (Democratic base, that is)

The Undead walk among us:

Which McCain Utterance Is More Truthful: "My Friends" or "Fellow Prisoners"?

People keep saying the debate was boring. I wasn't bored. It was entertaining watching McGrump walk

One is a salesman and that other one is a leader

Breaking : ) New McCain campaign moniker... "Operation Desperate Storm"

Republican aides are calling the “that one” comment a memorable line.."to use it more"

Whats the grapevine on Obama's campaign finances?

A little Halloween Fun!!!

What caused McCain to say "my fellow prisoners"?

I just voted for Obama!!

Guys, John McCain isn't senile, crazy, or overwhelmed by PTSD...

Dang, has the likelihood of an Obama win above 90%

Traitor Joe on MSNBC now

I wanna see their best!

So, if I loved my country, but had voted for Bush twice

Odd heads-up from my mother re Cindy McShame...

Wouldn't damaging the brake lines of school buses be an act of terrorism?

McCain calls voters 'fellow prisoners' - CHICAGO TRIBUNE omfg !

On The Day McCain Campaign Was "Suspended," He Ran Over 1,300 Ads

Have you seen this PBS Poll about the McCain Gaffe?

McCain can win this thing if, and only if,

MSNBC just played the "my prisoner clip" from McCain's speech today

Haven't heard anyone mention that McCain almost pulled "a Gore" last night

DOW closes 200 points down

Obama just hit 75% on INTRADE!!

Sen. Mel Martinez (R) on MSNBC now... claiming McCain "mortgate renegotiation" ...

Anyone have info to debunk Raines connection to Obama

What did Obama whisper in John McCain's ear?

"My Fellow Prisoners" Hits TV (MSNBC)

Quick Explanation of Why The MSM Eagerly Replays Smears of Democratic Presidential Candidates

You know what? Screw decorum--I want more rowdy, hooting, hollering debates!

"That One"

did McCain say "my fellow prisoners" instead of Americans in his speech?

The beauty of the "That one" blunder and all the attention it is getting:

Someone needs to take all his "my friends" from last night and make a video

The Way They Run Their Campaigns Shows How They'll Govern

Just talked to a McCain voting friend.

"The Topic Of Terrorism Favors Republicans" Scratching my head

US Treasury Secretary Paulson Does not Inspire Any Confidence

McCain is still pushing his government purchase of mortgages...

PROPOSAL: Anyone posting that PBS POLL should be banned for 3 DAYS

From today: "John McCain is in deep trouble."

pssst....Obama campaign....would you PLEASE use what's on your website to talk about the economy?

Does McCain need an MRI? . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Michelle Obama should respond to Cindy by saying Barack is man enough that

Warning to voters in North Carolina when voting straight ticket.

where can I find the number of newly registered dems and repubs in PA, OH, FL etc?

McCain Pushing Lockheed-Made Weapon Deal ($6 Bill) Despite Advisers' TieS

Nate Silver: Today's Polls: Obama Now a 9:1 Favorite

ALERT! Joe blubberman next on MSNBC, expounding

Comments in Freeperland on the debate

Laura Bush on Palin, a "tough Western woman"

Cindy McCain was only a Military wife when McCain was a Navy Liasion to the US Senate (less 1yr)

Anyone have a link to the clip where Obama/McCain blocked Brokaws shot??

Check out today's "The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee"

Tom Friedman really tore into Palin ..

Hope I am not wrong in this BUT I believe Palin's popularity has crested

IMHO, "That One" is...

Palin staying away from Ayers today with McSame on stage.

Some good news from York, PA!

The Funny Thing About Hate....

did anyone notice McCain writing notes on his paper as soon as he sat down first thing in the debate

Cindy "The Hideous Junkie" McCrypt Flips Out -- Wants To "Change Shoes" with Barack.

*** updated**** Obama 347-191, 90.5% Win Percentage


McCain should ready himself for the massive sh*t show that his life will become after 11/4

McCain Pushing Lockheed-Made Weapons for Taiwan, Despite Advisers' Ties

Can you imagine what it's like inside

So um, McCreepster and SnakeEyes left and Michelle and Barack are mingling and socializing...

My weekly newspaper column: He looked old

A woman who led a prayer group Sarah Palin was a part of warns of an imminent terrorist attack...

Another day, another refusal to post the Gallup numbers by Drudge - How's irrelevancy, Matt?

Undecided in Ohio: Leaning toward Obama from WSJ

538 now has McCains chances of wining at 3 times less likely than an Obama Landslide

Fuck Off, Mika....

in case you missed the debate, here's the short version:

More Confirmation That McCain's Ad Campaign Is Now 100 Percent Negative

I've Changed How I Feel About John McCain After The Debate

A brief message from demo Hussein crank....


Look at the crowd behind McCain right now. Looks like a Hitler youth rally!

Obama Leads McCain in Heart of Bush Country

The Daily Widget, Wed 10/8 – O-380, M-158 – Five More States Move Left; Only 37 MOE

What is this? No Ayers? Palin-McCain rally

I am rewatching the debate and what strikes me most...

Raw Story: CNN compares winking Sarah Palin to Betty Boop

Gotcha questions

McCain's attacks are working in the polls!

Great and not so great lines at recent rallies

If John McCain told the truth last night, he is a horrible, horrible man

HuffPo goes there - Erratic and Angry: Politics As Usual, or Early Alzheimer's?

McCain's new Mortgage plan!

Obama Comes Out Against McCain's Mortgage Plan!

Intrade Update: Obama 74.2, McSame 25.9

Anyone understand what was just yelled in the crowd at M/P rally?

Gallup: O (52) M (41)

John McCain was a POW?

OMFG! Did McCain just refer to the American people as his "fellow prisoners"???

Republicans Drowning: David Gergen vs. The Republican Talking Heads on CNN

Andrea Mitchell just reported another introduction referencing "Barack Hussein Obama."

McCain's solution to Medicare- "get a commission of the smartest Americans"

Schlep for Obama (video from Sarah Silverman)

Man, Axelrod really stunk up the airwaves on NPR this morning

TASTE we can believe in!

Rachel on with Joescab now.

Anyone notice that McCain turned his back to Oliver Clark when he asked his question?

am i the only one who saw mccain trying to be bill clinton last night?

I admit it - I cried a little last night. I'm generally not a puss - but Obama touched my heart last

Where do they find these fucking idiots?

Looking Ahead Four Months... Obama Appointments?

DU this South Florida poll...Needs help bad!

Random thoughts that built up during a week in DU "jail"

Gallup-Obama-52% McCain 41%

Health care is a "right"!!! I was so thankful when Obama stated that.

Ms. Clinton has campaigned very effectively for the Dem. ticket... A big thank you is in order.

The one thing that could now redeem McCain's judgment in the public eye

Cindy McCain: Obama voting against funding for our troops- "sent a cold chill through my body"

I believe some quotes from a famous numerical genius are in order.

10/8/2004: How the numbers looked 4 years ago

One-Neuron Mika: Sarah Palin is an Overnight Sensation!

Remarks of Senator Barack Obama, Today, Indianapolis (TRANSCRIPT)

Good grief! Just how long is MSNBC going to run this speech?

Arizonans Reflect On Times McCain Couldn't Handle Opposing Viewpoints

Obama speaks on the economy... Dow rallies big time.... up 154 now....


WORLD NEWS TRUST: The Subliminal Slam-Dunk (Mary Lyon)

Is "That one " one of "those people" or one of "You people"?

Foo Fighters also have done a cease and desists against McCain

RE: Another Announcer for Palin uses Obama's Middle Name

Limbaugh: "We are going to have to drag him across the finish line."

Katherine Harris must be SO STEAMED when she watches Failin..

Palin's Appeals to Racist Make Sense - Screw Undecideds! Rely On Heavy Turnout Of The Far Right

Sarah Palin has officially lost her ability to affect me in any way.

Can we say "ELECTORAL LANDSLIDE"?? Obama - 349 McCrazy- 174 "Tied" - 15

Fixed news is showing commercials instead of McAncient's speech. LOL

A funny thing is happening at AOL Election News

After that beatdown, today's headline? "McCain wants to use bailout money to buy up bad mortgages"

Nothing looks more petty than a crowd chanting, "Nobama!". They're done.

Somebody please buy this Alaskan wretch a fucking bottle of SHAMPOO!!!

Mccain-Palin are the most ignorant ANTI-SCIENCE candidates ever

Indiana DUers! What can you tell me about today's events? Or our chances

Why don't they say "John Sidney McCain?"

I've always trusted Gallup most. Even when Obama was falling behind...

Why does it sound like CorporateWhoreMedia is screwing around with the sound systems

TOON- Hoover vs. FDR

"McCain's Disdain: Not Playing Well" from the Nation:

Mike Barnicle: Sarah Palin is Delusional

I know it's not Christmas yet, but this pic seems appropriate today.

MSNBC didn't show Biden's whole speech. Nor did they show OBAMA's whole speech. If they show all

**** POST-DEBATE POLL CLEARINGHOUSE *** -- Post Your Online Polls Here!

Funny - Rs Fling "Hussein" As An Epithet When "Bush" & "Reagan" Are Names That Really F*cked Over...

Biden's pretty good, but Palin's now the best thing Obama's got going.

Palin yammering about McSame winning last night. Silence from the crowd.

How will McCain's "Mortgage buy-up" proposal play out?

Palin: Obama is pointing backwards

Counting Chickens Poll

I hope seniors understood that

Why "That One" wasn't as bad as it sounded, but why it's even worse for McCain than it seems.

Please God, let's get to Election Day, Sarah Palin and McCain are so boring in their stupid rallies

I defrauded investors and the gov't for billions and all I got was this stupid PUNCH TO THE FACE!

So will the Treasury ever see their $ from the AIG "Pigs"???

So, want to guess when the terrorist alert goes to orange?

Its time to call the LOUSY SIMPLE RACIST MOTHERFUCKERS OUT! If McCain/Palin didn't want . . .

Two Questions Regarding Obama's Speech Today

Odds of current Red States turning Left? (i.e.Texas, WV, SC, Georgia)

CBS Cincinnati Poll Needs DU Lovin'

Wingnuts are really taking the debate hard. LOL!

Andrea Mitchell said they are waiting for a Palin rally in "Methlehem" Pennsylvania

Palin's (Functional Equivalent of an) Email Cover-up

What does it for YOU?

Anyone want to speculate on why 4 different polls have such different results?

So is anyone stomaching going to McPalin rallies to document more Nazi-speak?

Biden rips McCain attacks

Religious Repartee between Andrea and Joe Lieberman.

McCain Mortgage Plan Could Cost $300B

Obama temporary tattoos!

WaPo's E.J. Dionne thinks McCain used last night's debate to portray himself as a calmer presence"

WaPo's E.J. Dionne thinks McCain used last night's debate to portray himself as a calmer presence"

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- 'Attack, Smear, Fear, Destroy' (Dory Hippauf)

Remember in 2004 how Kerry spent all that time harping on Bush connections to the Bin Laden family?

Who's missing from this pic?

Obama DESTROYED McCain with that "Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran" bit.

calling healthcare a "responsibility"

Like the economy, the debate turned dark and dour - International Herald Tribune

Obama’s Lead Over McCain Expands to 11: Obama 52(+1) McCain 41(-1)

Va. Man Kicked Off McCain Campaign After Column (racist)

What will Happen if Obama Loses?

How to know that Obama is winning if you ignore or don't trust the polls


"That One" energy bill -- had tax credits for hybrids and home energy efficiency

McCain: "I'll get Osama bin Laden, my friends. I'll get him. I know how to get him."

So, Obama rocks a speech on the economy, and the market is up!!

November 4-5, 2008 in Freeperland

Third Wisconsin Poll Today Shows Ten Point Lead: R2K: Obama 51(+2), McCain 41(-2)

McCain had criticized earmarks from Palin

They're all sounding like Sarah Palin. Nervous, senseless blithering.

Mc Cain says "I KNOW HOW TO GET BIN LADEN", But...

This One

Bill Ayers? Why aren't we asking John McCain who David Ifshin is (think Hanoi Jane)

Why is Gallup showing movement towards Obama while Hotline is tied?

Based on McPenguin's statement on the "overhead projector" can we name a Black Hole after him?

Just stumbled onto something

Biden and obama have been ON FIRE today

Why does McCain say "My friends"?

Roland Martin is my hero!!!!

Radical Fringe Toon 10/8/08

Hey McCain: How about 9 more of those "Town Hall" debates?

NJ Poll: Obama 50 (+3), McSame 37 (-4)

**** McCain/Palin CNN Live PA ***

Can you say DOUBLE DIGITS? I knew you could. 11 point national lead, baby.

"Yeah, well, Kerry was leading at this point in '04 too!"

npr's take on the debate...'no one delivered a knock-out punch'

Is Senator Angry Old Prick deliberately sinking his campaign?

Do people really buy it when McCain says "my friend"? It's like nails on a chalkboard to me...

Sarah tells young Jews: Schlep to Florida, tell your grandparents to vote for...

"The straight-talk express just lost a wheel..."

DU 'em*****DU These Debate Polls!*****Tons Of Polls, ONE PAGE*****

McCain & Campaign Are Inept Idiots With their Ayers Crap

The Right Goes Negative . . . on McCain

Help this poll that is being Freeped

I've got it--I've figured out who McCain is talking to when he says "My friends..."

I need to watch/hear that speech again.

Andrea, stop trying to explain McCain's behavior.

McNasty:: :"I got the ANSWERS SYNDROME" He thinks ONLY He has the no one else can

Birch Bayh, father of Evan Bayh, leads Obama supporters to early voting

I'll betcha: Obama will be much more of a liberal/progressive president

More info on the white clothing/ bride of christ symbolism


Do Republicans even know which Board of Directors it was?

NYT editorial: Politics of Attack; McCain, Palin "into dark territory of race-baiting, xenophobia"

Obama: Soon the question may be "Are you better off than you were four WEEKS ago?"

The Ayers Attacks Seem To Be Working In The Polls

Sarah Palin: Leading Alaska's National Guard Across a Bridge to Nowhere

Obamas on fire in Indy, 21 000 fired up ready to go.

Be VERY alert

John McCain--Ultimate hypocrite

We won another week!

Secret Service Looking Into Potential Threat Against Obama

whgy digd o olau the dringink game with ma frens?

One his best speeches EVER

The Dow goes up as Obama speaks n/t

McCain quote: 50% of small business *revenue* would see taxes increased

From "The One" to "That One": McCain remark irks

Where can we find a transcript

************ BARACK LIVE NOW ************

Michelle Obama on Larry King tonight on CNN

Cover Up? Why Palin's Emails Won't Be Released Before Election Day

McCain likes Teddy Roosevelt? what about his quote my friends?

Right wing attacks McCain: "tonight was a disaster for our side"

Michelle Obama will be on The Daily Show tonight.

Democracy Corps Nevada Focus Group Showed Decided Shift to Obama

Palin tells East Carolina University crowd that she wanted to watch the debate with “real” Americans

Coffee drinkers -- get your 7-11 coffee cup election update here.

McCain The Townhall King? Over-Rat-ed! Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap,Clap

I know the polls look bad today but key point to remember

Tom Friedman really tore into Palin ..

Biden Demands McCain and Palin Denounce Supporters' Ugly Slurs

This is the best campaign speech I've seen Obama give

OK, I'm shallow. But I can't help myself ... here's a really cute pic of Obama.

Why does McCain allegedly do well in a Town Hall format, for example...

Please EXPLAIN how we stabalize housing prices?????

Lengthy but interesting conservative take on the "homeowners bailout"....

McCain seems to have gained weight. His jacket buttons were straining last night.

Wingnuts attack McCain: spend $300 billion more to buy up bad mortgages

Anyone notice?

McCain on Ifshin: "His speech was broadcast into our cells."


Barack Obama quote just now in Indianapolis:

Mika Mouse Club

LOL-Michigan GOP petitioning for Palin visit. Michigan Dems response-petitioning for Tina Fey visit.

Yeah. They Shook Hands (((PICS)))

"the vigor gap was palpable"

Looks Like Some Pretty Rowdy Hoosiers To Me...

Why are Montana and Georgia not considered "swing states" when New Hampshire and Pennsylvania are?

New National Ipsos/McClatchy Poll: Obama 47% (+1) McCain 40% (-2)

so where did that "slug fest" go... eh?

I am going to phone bank for obama but need a few pointers

So when will "hero" John McCain be man enough to confront Obama with terrorist association charges?

If all Palin does is yak about Ayers...

European markets are getting TORCHED right now

McCain's mimeographed accusation about Obama's supposed vote on an overhead projector

The OH Audience on CNN last night actually said they'd vote for McCain

watch Obama live now on

Joe Biden just went on stage in Tampa - 11:25 AM

Republicans & Democrats - The Facts about voting

McCain’s Pro-Deregulation History Exposed: “I am a deregulator. I believe in deregulation.”

Do you think Obama camp will ever bring up Palin/AIP?

42% Of Households In Top Local TV Markets Watched McCain and Obama’s Second Debate

One thing about the debate I worry about.

For the first time ever, "my friends," I agree with Glenn Beck about something.

What put the final nail in the coffin for mcsame tonight

McCain Lie: "1.3 Million make their living off of EBAY".....

What I think is more likely than McCain refusing to shake Obama's hand

An update on a Nation story says McCain re-started the Ayers shit this morning.

This kind of sums up the morons on the right:

"Who's more presidential?" is shorthand

Biden is so good he makes me tear up.

GOP Analyst on XM POTUS 08 said McCain's chances are slim-to-none

We are 3 for 3. Can we make it a sweep? YES WE CAN!

Obama's Greatest Achievement as a Candidate...

Put the champagne on ice

"Barrack Obama has never stood up against his party"

New Obama button

Who has the most credibility on re-regulating the financial system? IMO, Indiana consultant

SPREAD IT! Video of McCain refusing to shake hands!!

Could the McCains look any more dejected? (pic heavy)

If McCain can't shake Obama's hand when offered..........

((((((((((( Welcome Back On The Stump Joe )))))))))))

BIDEN: 'These guys are once again injecting fear & loathing into this campaign is ...dangerous'

The Similar paths of FDR and BHO...

AIP vice chair video - It's ok to pretend to be Republican to get elected

Central Banks Coordinate Cut in Rates - NY Times

I'd like to thank the RNC for helping me complete my OH Absentee Ballot

What could possibly be a "game changer" at this point?

McCain Camp Takes Ayers and Wright off the Table (sort of)...

Obaba scares the beejeeziz outa me!

McCain Lobbies For Taiwan Arms Sales After Taiwan Signs Lobbying Contract With His Adviser’s Firm»

This poll needs DU lovin'. Palin is 49% qualified, 49% unqualified. Hit it!

A conversation with a client 10 minutes ago.

My politically incorrect straight talk... I am SO TIRED of "undecideds" ...

Politics of Attack

PA Tracking poll Obama 50 (+2) McCain 38(Unchanged)

Let's assume a worst case scenario

Cindy McCain: Sen. Barack Obama has "waged the dirtiest campaign in American history,”

republican Vandals!

Biden: You can't be a maverick, when all you've ever been is a SIDEKICK!

In Striking Contrast to 1st McCain-Obama Debate, Washington Sees Obama as 'Clear Winner: 54-29.

BIDEN is on FIRE!!!

Obama Goes for Soft, Biographical Sketch in New TV Spot

Joe Biden is on FIRE!!!!! WHOOT!!!!

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

DU paying the price for past Gallup bashing

How much money do you think McCain has left?

The candidates: comparison by visual metaphor

Biden..speaking truth to power right now

**Biden Live in FL*** on CNN


McCain ramps up assault, Biden warns of dangerous turn in campaign - Boston Globe

Who saw MICHELLE?!

Palin: Pallin' with Hypocrisy

Did it seem to anyone else

Ok so how is it not a game changer?

Forget that stupid Hotline tracking poll: Obama is up by 6 in RAS and 10 in Research 2000 tracking

Cindy's unhappy night

OMG!! Photo of Spence at the Biden rally!!

My county DNC office Obama/Biden yard signs are in

Psst. Freepers want to "crash" the Biden rally in Tampa. Read to see the Freeper F Up of the day.

Where can I listen to Biden's speech live?

Idiot Son of Memphis Dem Gets Indicted for Cracking McPalin's Email

Even Faux News poll says Obama won the debate

New format for presidential debates

McCain giving up on Swiftboat attacks? - link

Is the Morning Joe always so pro-McCain? What on earth is this?

cartoon of our founding fathers

Even my 13-year-old daughter knew what McCain meant.

WaPo's The Trail: Vote Vets running new Anti-McCain spot in Virginia (It's great!)

Polling showed people thought Obama was more intelligent than McCain (57% to 25%)

New RAS Poll: Obama opens a ten-point lead in WISCONSIN

John McCain is a COWARD...

Racism is alive and well...

There is no question about Obama

OH boy...Cindy McCain: Obama Has "Waged Dirtiest Campaign In American History"

The Numbers

TPM: Two new ads. McSame's is lame. Obama's strong--hits McCain on his healthcare plan

When did you "fall in love" with Obama?

Lead story on Faux News this morning...

Is a president supposed to have a doctrine?

Did McCain refuse to shake Obama's hand after it was over???

Get your "That One" graphics here!

Sarah Palin's Extreme Sports (Dave Zirin/The Nation)

CNN Needs at least 10 more commentators.

Who ya gonna vote for?

Oh Joe...there you go!!!

Hullabaloo's dday is appropriately impressed by Brokaw's failure to cover new ground

Found a way to convince a couple people to go against McCain-

Click the link to KKKarl's website

LA Times Debate Coverage - Really Trying Hard To Make The Debate Look Close

Please DU this poll. It's been taken over by freepers

How big a lead do we need on November 4 to defeat latent racism?

Thoughts on McCainPalin - agree or disagree

Be Prepared...

Exclusive backstage footage of McCain after the debate last night!!!

Is McCain Inventing His Opposition To Beirut Intervention?

Debate performance CNN grades - NEEDS DU LOVE!!!

Republicans sure put a lot of stock in yard signs. Many are predicting blowout for McCain..

----Anyone look at Intrade today????-------

Forget the post debate analysis..this picture says it all

Why did the Keating 5 Video just a one day thing, Where is the media?

Diageo/Hotline Poll: Obama 44-McCain 44 (WTF?)

McCain practicing for Nashville debate:

Here is a list of today's Obama and Biden events streamed live online

So I feel asleep last night after watching the debate on C-SPAN...

McLame writing notes IMMEDIATELY at start of debate

Brokaw Reads McCain’s Mind

What should McCain's new nickname be this morning?

Chicago Annenberg Challenge - Obama, Ayres, Nixon, Reagan, Thatcher...

Alright guys, lets DU this poll.

If you love America and you KNOW your opponent is a terrorist "sleeper" agent...

zzzip! dididi... zzzip! dididi... zzzip! dididi... zzzip! dididi...

Palin dishonesty on her Obama queries

"Honestly, What Are McCain's chances?" responds.

For First Time, Palin Takes Questions

Factcheck Analysis: Obama-Mocaine II

I just registered on McPalin ...

AOL Poll thus far

Palin refers to "Troopergate" as "Tasergate"

I have a feeling that Palin is going to F-up in a HUGE, monumental, career ending manner......

Sarah Silverman's Message to Your Grandma in Florida: Vote Obama

Great, I screwed up with my early ballot

Sheriff Scott: 'I expect to be fully cleared of any wrongdoing'

What Does McCain Have Left in the Tank?

McCain Forgets The Middle Class...Again

McCain's moral victory last night

GOP Whines About Debate Format: It Wasn't a REAL Town Hall Format - Unfair To John McCain

Grover Norquist: "McCain is Reagan. Obama is Kerry/Gore/Dukakis"

I think will John McCain will retire after Obama is elected.

The Reverse Bradley (Yeldarb) Effect is REAL.

-----The thing that made me want to hurl last night was...-----

straight talk express = lame talk prime time....McSame is a car wreck.

Debate Snap Polls- brief roundup

I see signs of change everywhere.

Humor: Who will John McCain vote for on Nov 4th

CNN analysts and contributors weigh in: Obama won

Just wanted to say this....

POLL: Undecided Voters Move Decisively Toward Obama After Debate

In fairness, some perspective on "That one" (the comment).

Just in time for Christmas: The Sarah Palin doll

Battleground Poll (R): Obama 49, McCrypt 45

That "Penguin" (Danny DeVito) video that was floating around here

SCREW the polls! The PALIN verdict is IN on last night's debate: "Great. Great."

Another Debate poll:

Guardian UK: Republicans brace for McCain defeat

Obama campaign highlights 'that one'; immediately emailed reporters

Surge of new donors for Obama campaign

Palin galvanizes Democratic Party base (Reuters)

McCain is so hostile- I can't wait to hear what kind of Congratulatory call he gives Obama

I can't wait for Obama to raise Hannity and Limbaugh's taxes

that one

There was no knockout last night, but we didn't need one.

Live Webcast: today:The Obama Health Reform Proposal interview with David Cutler

Morning Joe this AM: "No one has ever raised taxes during an economic downturn". RANT follows>>>

Hey... you all know that McCain won the debate last nite?

Palin’s Kind of Patriotism: Americans who pay their fair share of taxes are not patriotic?

Did "Famous Person" declare McCain the winner of the debate last night?

I know why McSame is called a maverick........

Factcheck: McCain on Taliban

Obama Minute Thank You! Onwards to November 4th.

Brokaw; "Thank you Senator" count.

The best thing about November 5, 2008 will be when Sarah Palin ...

has anyone seen 'obama won the debate' from the msm?

Intrade Right Now: Obama - 74.2 McCain - 26.5

Who among you would approve of someone ALWAYS saying "My friend" to you?

HEY EVERYONE!!! Just wanted to remind you:

(R)asmussen Wisonsin Poll: Obama 54%(+6), McCain 44%(-2)


The debate was at a Christian College in a Red State and yet Obama was the one who looked at home

McCain is willing to sacrifice the economy and security of Washington D.C.

Memo to John McCain: Fannie and Freddie do not make loans. They package loans.

Debate critique from David Kusnet, chief speechwriter for former President Bill Clinton

NYT: McCAIN/Palin "Runnin One Of The Most Appalling Campaigns We Can Remember"

Let's be clear: The incessant repuke attacks on ACORN are simply racism

McCain certainly pissed off a lot of conservatives last night

All you need to know about McDead's economic philosophy..

Sleazy Nicole Wallace says this election is too big to be influenced by one day or one event.

McCAIN Lied about BOMB BOMB BOMB Comment

Intrade's numbers for the candidates are ALMOST to 75%/25%.

We are lucky that McCain backed the bailout... Obama fortunate that McCain can't see far forward.

CNN slaps down concerns regarding Mccain's health.

Dow Jones down 200 points in the first 5 seconds.

A line in the debate my Repub brother is focusing on

The Bart Simpson Class Election Cautionary Tale- A PSA

That idiot Truth-O-Meter guy on MSNBC go it wrong! Earmarks less than 1% of the budget, not 10%!

More from Freeperville: lmao

Anyone else think McCain looked incredibly nervous and uncomfortable last night?

Debate: worst format ever. Brokaw: not so bad.

from huffpo - Palin Criticizes Biden While He's At Mother-In-Law's Funeral

Gramps is wandering around the stage like Frankenstein looking for his bus stop.

Not happy about it but sons HS Politics class is going to McCains rally tomorrow and he needs to....

There are some people who supported Hillary here who really need a shoutout

OMG - Look at Pennsylvania. She's solid fricking deep dark BLUE

Fact Check- Was John McCain on navy ships with nuclear power plants?

ANOTHER PAlin youtube claiming she is a chosen one

Very cool "variations on a theme" Obama logos

Obama Attended Al Gore's Fundraiser Last Night - Pool Report

The best table... Rasmussen moves one more state towards lovely deep blue. Wisconsin firmly Obama.

When Republicans say_______, they really mean ________!

"your friends eating freedom fries just spit a few out"

***Rasmussen*** Obama 51%, McCain, 45%

My first trip to Freeperville. McCains new 300 billion dollar plan.

McCain reminds me of those little waterbugs that get in your pool

So what did McHoover mean by this anyway?

"People confuse eloquence with intelligence. That's what this is."

McCain/Palin inciting violence against Obama

Biden: "It's just malarkey, flat malarkey"

Huffington Post: Sarah Palin Linked To Spiritual Warfare Network

meaningless but still fun

Pinch Yourself, That Rumbling Sound You Hear is Republicans Jostling to Run Against President Obama

It was the laughing . The laughing. It will be a deciding factor.

Now who doesn't get it?

How much of a bump will Obama get from this debate?????

David Corn: The Second Debate: McCain Offers a Man; Obama Offers More

The perfect visual metaphor for the candidates:

That WON

Morning Joe's brain on drugs: Sarah Palin has a bright political future ahead

Can we start calling them "Swung States", now?

To me, one of the remarkable moments of last night was Gergen on CNN - he went "there".

Please DU this poll - who won the debate?

LOL! Fox News poll says Obama won!

Obama's first act as Commander-in-Chief.

Obama-Biden ticket launches "The Record" website

PREDICTION: Big Winner Last Night Will End Up Being...

something funny about CNN's "live debate meter". off the chart for Obama, but hand poll different.

McCain fudges his navy record

Obama's got a big problem!

Today's Candidate Schedule

Obama shares up to 71.9 on National Journal Political Stock Exchange

New Obama Health Care Ad Hits McCain For Taxing Health Care Benefits

Sarah Plain = Betty Boop? Winky, winky.

WI POLL: Obama 54 (+6), McCrypt 44 (-2)

When the repukes steal this one, will they blame it on the "Bradley effect"?

Guardian - US election: Obama makes strong showing in Tennessee debate...

Barack Is Finally Getting Comfortable With The Idea Of President Obama

McKKKain looked like a scared 8th grader trying to work up the nerve to ask the pretty..

No mention of Obama winning the debate last night on either Yahoo or MSN. I know Yahoo is in the

"That One" becomes overnight web sensation.

Okay, folks, our money isn't going to be worth squat in a few months, so

If you dont get the Bomb Bomb Bomb joke...GET A LIFE!!!

I got a deep down feeling that this time will be different.

US elections briefing: Who won? 'That one'

This cartoon says it all about McLame's campaign for "change"

Rasmussen WI Obama +10

Treasury Secretary - CEO of eBay

Executive Order:Further Amendments to Executive Orders 12139 and 12949 in Light of the Foreign Intel

E.J. Dionne: Nowhere for McCain to Go

Stick a fork in him. McGrumpy is cooked, and he did it to himself.

Obama minute raised $390,000 !

How about McCain saying Social Security would not be able to sustain currant benefits??!!!

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll

That focus group with Nora O'Donnell afer the debate

Why Zogby's polls skew toward McCain.

Freepers are out in full force today on Washington Journal

Obama Makes Appearance At Gore Fundraiser After Debate

John McCain reinvents himself as a big government socialist...

"Obama is too skinny" ....

Steve "Dickhead" Schmidt is a putz

The Cool ... Socialist

GOP Election Year Tomfoolery: McCain's "Buy up Mortgages" = Bush's "Manned Mission to Mars"

New drinking game for the last debate ...

DONATE. please.

If The Whole World Could Vote?

Vets group slams McCain on voting record

When's the last time you got a text from GWB?

Re: Debate...Great Point By Joe Conason...

"That One"

McCain wants to cut spending AND buy up all the bad mortgages?

McCain is [a] Maverick...

John McCain... 2 for 2...thanks Rachel Maddow for pointing out...

McCain's suit was shiny. What the hell was up with that? He was wearing a cheap suit.

Two words not mentioned during the debate last night:

Big Loser of Last Night's Debate? Sarah Palin

OK - time to move this thing from the "win" column to the "landslide" column. Get out,

Anne Cury: "We invited Sarah Palin to appear with us today but she declined"

Today's Public Schedule: Barack, Joe, and Michelle

I wonder if McCain is regretting...

the pictures tell the story...


Despite Palin resistance, 'troopergate' report to come Friday

On Charlie Rose, Post Debate, the Conversation Was.....

McBush to Oliver: "You may have never have heard of Fanny May." Later he calls him "Allen."

More Polls listed

10/08/08 Black Wednesday (This could be it folks)

Debates are making people more comfortable with Obama

We're using the wrong Burgess Meredith character for McAngry.....

The Big Winner in 2008 : Al Gore

This election is NOT over!

Hopefully, we won't have to hear "My friends" uttered 40 times at the next debate.

Who am I? Why am I here?

Dear Moderator-Can I Change My Handle To "That One"?

"Look -- look, it's not that hard to fix Social Security, Tom."

McCain should be thankful he didn't get his 10 townhall forum debates...

Obama won the debate in first 5 minutes... (again) and it's obvious why...

CNN Undecideds....Question?

OMG: Gergen just isn't over because Obama is black..

Professor Obama Schools McCain

Cartoon I made of HuffPost photo from 10/7 Debate...

Best bumpersticker ever:

Obama Ad: "Taketh", uses debate footage. (VIDEO)

Cheap shot...

Problem Solved McCAIN-STYLE! Tillers available on eBay

dKos/R2K 10/8: Obama 51 (-1) McCain 41 (even)

CNN BREAKING NEWS IN TOKYO: Nikkei closed down 9.38%. Described as panic selling.

Far From A Game-Changer, the Trends Will Continue

Tom Brokaw lost the debate!!!!!!!!!!!

On the lighter side.. McCain shares a musical moment with "his friends":

McNutt's answer about nuclear power? Jeez!

” I really hope the next Republican House Speaker isn’t in second grade right now.”

About the Bin Laden thing...

McCain better not glom this election...

"My friends, you know who voted for it? Macaca"

My local Jacksonville, FL poll could use some DU love this morning

Looks like it's gonna be "Meltdown Day"...

Some debate facts from MSNBC

Big News of the Day? Global Markets Plunge

McCain didn't turn in a star performance last night so the forum was "boring."

Poor McCain ... his father would not be proud of him :)

This is how weaselly the GOP are. They actually think the "that one" comment is a plus.

Seriously - there never was a "Bradley Effect" Never.

If you ever wondered if a fascist movement could take hold here...

Dear Mr. McCain

Andrew Sullivan: A mauling as Obama wipes the floor with Mccain-electorally fatal debate for Mccain

McCain's record: Always putting country first. Right.

I'm going to see Obama in Indianapolis tomorrow! Obama won the debate; Independents favours Obama

Reuters/Zogby: Obama has slim 2-point lead on McCain (47-45)

Think Europeans will be most comfortable with President Obama!

Michael Milken, the junk bond king, created the first CDO in 1987 at Drexel Burnham Lambert

One amazing lie was that McCain's Govt wil be "Transparent", likeTroopergate?

You know "That One", because all those Presidential Candidates Look Alike..

Mark Halperin’s grades: Obama: B+, McCain: B

Brian Williams: "People online mostly talking about 'THAT ONE'"

I missed the debate! How did it go?

Best clip of the debate: Obama handing McCain his ass over "bomb Iran"

I can imagine lots of creative ways the Obama campaign can use the "that one"

Japanese stocks dive 9.38 percent in worst crash in two decades

Let me get this straight. McCain wants to lower taxes for oil

Obama/Biden have been severely handicapped during this campaign.

So,who won the debate?

"safe nuclear" on many times has McCain had Cancer?

There's nothing worth posting about tonight

I Am Entitled

McCain refers to Obama as "that one"

McCain Has Fallen And He Can't Get Up..........

so where did that "slug fest" go... eh?

Get your "That One" t-shirt and/or hat.

The Daily Fix: A Compilation of Today's Polls and Where Things Stand

Azerbaijan gets it!

So seriously, do I have to elect McCain to get bin Laden? Why not get him NOW

Ok breaking news, the Asian Markets are on free fall, the Nikkey fell 10%

how filthy will mkane be in the final days?

McCains Crew are doing the Humane thing....making Mackys defeat quick and painless as possible

Another poll.

Fannie and Freddie DO NOT EQUAL CDO's/MBS's/ABS's and definitely not a "match that lit the fire"

HUGE Drops Overseas Markets....

Straight TALK, went Straight to Hell, so sad

No matter I willl always utterly dislike Andrea Mitchell...

Tweety compares McCain to Jack Nicholson's "the Joker"...

I love Claire McCaskill.

ABC - George S, Says Obama Won The Debate

After loss, will McCain retire to Keating's Bermuda or Deripaska's Montenegro?

DU this WSJ poll

Cindy sinks just TOO low.

New York Times: Politics of Attack

Freeperville severe meltdown in's like a train wreck over there..lmao

*************** TWEETY *************

Not Even Close...Obama Crushes McCain

Who thinks McLame convinced America to vote for "That one"?

We do have a southern Democrat on the ticket.

Imagine. Global. Rejoicing.

Anyone got the video of GIbbs smacking down anti-Semite Hannity?!

My friends

"the vigor gap was palpable"

john mccain is an idiot

NYT: Road to November: In Bellevue, Neb., ‘Mad About Everything’ (1 EC vote in play)

Freepers are apoplectic. Those with IQ's above 85 know they are screwn!

What is a "tiller" (without looking it up)

Post Debate #2 Strategy Conference

Image: McCain refuses to shake Obama's hand

Shoutout to Skinner, EarlG & Elad! DU worked GREAT tonight!

NC: I've seen 4 Obama commercials tonight and no McCain

You know, I'm not sure if I can vote for Obama anymore.

Do you feel it yet? Tell me you feel it. You gotta feel it tonight!

Breaking News! Nikkei Stock Market (Japan) crashing almost down 10%

mccain and Obama did shake hands after the debate.

I do not want "That One" to spread as a jokey meme.

And what did Obama do after the debate?

That One/Biden '08

More from CNN snap poll...No good news for McCain.

"Barack Obama is black"

Obama's mom...

Hear this, John McCain: We Are All That One.

New universal Obama surrogate answer to Bill Ayers questions:

I just re-watched Obama's victory speech after the Iowa caucuses

Free Republic's Reaction: "The most hollow exercise in anals of modern politics."

I bet Oliver actually knows more than McCain about Fannie/Freddie

Fox showing their own "phone in "poll" showing mcINSANE with an 87% "win"!!!


Ohio "independent" voters on CNN...

Is Linda Douglas going to be Obama's Press Secretary?

Media Curves 2nd Presidential Debate Poll Results

Did anybody else think McCain's jokes...or attempts at jokes...

McCain had this novel idea he threw out in the debate...a group of countries that form a league...

People were following Obama around to get pictures....

Republican control of our government

Anderson Cooper just mentioned that Obama is still on the stage

"Fixing Social Security is easy," says the old man yelling at a cloud.

I'm really glad we have Obama

What is going on with McCain's "handlers"?

Why is nobody talking about the AIP?

Bookmark this thread, it's a prediction... Cindy McCain will unload that lump sometime late 2009

It's Not Her Age-Ferraro Was Always Off The Wall

Chuck Hagel's wife endorses Obama

Tomorrow, this is what you're going to hear from McCain and Palin on the stump:

Nikkei (Japan) down 640 (6.30%) so far 10/8/08 Wednesday.

New button inspired by tonight's debate

McCain is too proud to learn from the last debate

Intrade at 11:52 central: Obama 71.8, McCain 27.9.

OMG Craig Ferguson is great tonight

Do we have a thread with all the poll numbers...?

When "Chill The F*ck Out" doesn't work, the other mantra I use is...

McCain is much too awkward for his own good

I expect even more over the top shit from "The Pitbull"

I want "That One" to be my next president. I love "That one".

I bet McCain comes out with an "apology" within 1 hour.

Drudge poll: who won the debate

Red carpet, Blue walls! Every damned time.


OMG Buchanan chaning his story now...he says Obama won...what

NC Poll Post-Debate (Middle Right) LINK

I think there were two defining moments tonight.

I am getting a weird feeling that Obama is actually going to win this thing.

A lost, vacant old man

Fact check: McCain lies about Obama's plan "mandates or fines," small businesses are exempt.

Delete this failed unity thread, mods.

My simple reason for knowing Barack Obama will win...

Comments(some jaw-dropping) on Charlotte (NC) Observer Web site regarding who won tonight's debate:

****Health Care Is A Right You Asshole!!!

Please! Please! Please! Can we find Pat Buchanan a nice retirement home

McCain is such a responsible guy!

He's one of the calmest politicians...

McCain campaign's new theme song?

Which won?

Obama: Party like a rock star tonight (old school)

Obama unveils new slogan / logo!

Intelligence, Swagger, Style, and a Knock Out Tonight ......but

"butter in the mouth and crooked as can be"

"Not you Tom"

Rape rape rape rape rape McCain (metaphoricaly speaking, of course)

The Crushing Realization for McCain after tonight ....

Barack Obama just sent this email. I'm going to donate to say, "GOOD JOB"!!

Freepers Are About To Enter the Wasteland of Unimportance for the next 4 years....

Obama has that glow around him... The kind of glow that says, "He's THE One"

Nashville Obama Supporters are AMAZING! Thank You! n/t

McCain opposed a holiday for that other one.

Not McCain's Friend T-Shirt

I hope those guys guarding Obama are the best they got.

McCain wanted to shake hands and take pictures with Obama but he was last in the long queue...

Ok am I the only one who thinks that McCain STILL REALLY avoids looking at Obama?

Andrea said alot of people will take offense

Remember what they'd say about Bill? "Comfortable in his own skin."

Anyone see that just now on MSNBC?

It's "raining McCain" in my Inbox...

I've been at work the last 4 hours. Did I miss anything? :-D

Freeps pray for Hillary (!?) to save them!

As a white Canadian woman I couldn't be happier at the realization of having a smart man in the

My live blog and post debate coverage

This leaves only one question:

A Month Ago, Chris Matthews Was Saying About Barack

Mike Duhaime eaten alive by Matthews

so:"if we know where he is, we need to take him out" bad; "i know how to get him, i'll get him" good

I kind of feel sorry for Greta van Susteren.

Tell me you just don't LOVE Obama's awesome poker-faced smirk/gaze he did all night long

Obama stayed on stage for 1/2 hr talking to the people.

McCain's "I know how to do this, I know how to do that" was nauseating. It couldn't have been

so McCain can get Bin Laden, but didn't tell George where he is.

K&R if you think That One won the debate

Fill me in here. What is this business about "That One" that I am missing?

I can't WAIT to see SNL next weekend.

He lost to the Black guy

Did John McCain really talk about hair implants...

TNR: Cool vs Crotchety

Short and sweet...I've finally come up with my analysis of the Republican candidate for President...

Faux News - Greta and guests - *still* focusing and ranting/raving on about Ayers

I confess. Tonight I'm guilty of counting chickens before they

Political junkies: was Carter leading in the polls in the last week of the '80 election?

When he smiles, he is so very beautiful.

i'm new enough to say it - glad y'all got it RIGHT this time!!!

The Downside Of Obama's Strong Performance - Even More Desparate Stunts From McCain

Why was McGramps wandering around the stage all night?

Matthews laughing in Mike Du(blahfuck)'s face

McLame is throwing 300 Billion at the Liberals to get their vote!!!

Heavy-set older WF in black crushed velour track suit: Kill Bin-Laden, I don't care where he is

"That one" not a gaffe - check this out ----->

What we are seeing - Obama is brighter than much of the media covering politics - watching debate

I know how to cure cancer!

In terms of conservative pundits is Pat Buchanan more acceptable than most?

Was McCain's nonsensical comment about hair implants a dig at Joe Biden?

Who's the PUNK attacking my man, TWEETY?! Who is he...

Troopergate Report Due for Friday Release

Subtext in Crash's tone when he said "that one" = that un-ruly underling.

Anyone else watch the Charlie Rose panel analysis? I think they were "spot on" at the end --

McCain mentioned "my friends" 19 times tonight

Hahaha...CNN report card: 2 As and 3 Bs for Obama, 4 Cs and 1 B for McCain

"Nuclear power is safe, my friends.."

I know how to get OBL = George Bush has kept us safe

Anyone know where McThatOne got the Obama will fine you line?

My Favorite Part Of The Debate Was Obama Slapping Him Down On "He Just Doesn't Understand"

'Nailing the Jell-o' is the new 'Jumping the Shark'

What a Crazy fucking night! Dig this DUers>

Somebody ought to make a theme to That One

Intrade: Obama 72 McCain 27.5

Fox News: YOU DECIDE: Who Won the Debate? (surprise!)

Only one moment in the debate made me leap to my feet

Bottom Line: Americans know an asshole when they see one.

How does one exacerbate their reputation? ROFLMAO

McCain just refused Obama's outstretched hand! Refused to shake!!!

McCain was doomed to suck tonight

Why won't Cindy McCain shake hands of the folks at the debate?

I can honestly say that at this point if McCain wins this election there will be riots


Holy Shit! There's almost 100% Obama people behind Tweety!

I LOVE that Barack and Michelle are talking with everyone.

Did we hear the size of the fine, heh heh heh heh

SHUT-UP PAT! Why is he still on? Isn't it past his bedtime?

Ya know why the Mclames left..they were scared people would start handing them cameras

Its all about politics, ya gatta sell yourself first and foremost

Check out this post on Fox News from an independent....

Matthews "the results are in and Obama won 3-0 for the Democrats"

Hannity is getting OWNED on foxnews right now by obama spokesman

Just don't think this was a good debate

This is why Obama will stay classy tonight

David Brooks just gave it to Obama

"That One" "The One" Who cares? As long as he flys on Air Force One I am happy (n/t)

O.K. I'm stumped. What's a real town hall supposed to be like?

From the liveblog: a surprising appraisal of the debate host site

Andrew Sullivan: "It has been a wipe-out" for Obama, "a mauling"

"That one" was a indication of McCain's disrespect for Obama.

McCain TOTALLY BLEW that 1st question!!!

God, save me from the land of your so-called supporters

John McCain - "We are all real estate agents now..."

Fox news Poll Who won debate...Obama 65% / McCain 35% hahaha (link)

I want a new bumper sticker..."That One for President"


McCain must have read H.P. Lovecraft...

Is this how McCain chose Palin?

Excuse me, but Meg Whitman?!? MEG WHITMAN?!?!

Hey McCain, do I get a refi on my jumbo mortgage? My house isn't worth as much as it used to be.

OMG...Tweety is guffawing at McCain!!!

Please Explain the "That One" Comment

Everyone wants a picture with the next president of the United States

Did you notice how much more enthusiasm the Navy dude showed for Obama than McCain?

Can you say "President Barack Obama" boys and girls?

I just nailed some jello to the wall

Diehard Republican said to me today at work:

*This one* kicked ass. (PIC)

"That one" is not only a word to belittle, but meant to scold...

McCain campaign handed out "The One" cufflinks to media before debate

THAT ONE.......................

"That One"

Well. I'm drunk. Just sayin.

Tweety's having a grand old time laughing it up on Hardball

OMG!!! Tweety flipping over "That one"

Even KO noticed that McCain "got out of Dodge"

Maybe "that one" was a senior moment.

CBS Snap Poll (updated): Obama 40, McCain 26

You Tube Video: McCain Calls Obama "That One"




The BIGGEST GAFFE McPenguin made was the mortgage buyout "deal"

Barack and Michelle worked the crowd after the debate. John and Cindy made themselves scarce.

Fineman said that the That One made McCain seem like an old man

lol, surprise, surprise. McCain camp is emailing around

Bill Maher on Leno now. Talking about the veiled racism.

One thing Obama forgot: no taxes for seniors earning

David Remick from the New Yorker: Obama won this debate in dramatic fashion

My email to Tom Brokaw:

Dave's Top 10 Ways you know you are watching a bad debate:

I think Pat Buchanan is about to cry...

I want to get to HD just to see Sean Hannity's face on November 4th...

KO Just pointed out that McDummy failed to mention

I'm voting for 'That One'!

Tweety couldn't contain his smile when he said

Even Roger Simon from politico is saying that Obama won the debate.

Wow a total butt kicking

I know how to do that, we'll fix it, I have done that, yada, yada, yada....

Obama Missed The Mark!

No Flames I hope, but I know very few democrats who want home owners bailed out!

Hardball live!!! Obama supporters coming out of the woodwork!

Obama Follows Debate with Fundraiser at Gore's

Andrea Mitchell says McCain connected with the chief petty officer who he touched

Letterman: "John McCain has pulled out of Michigan, I guess the surge wasn't working."

Obama's lead widens to 7 points in latest poll (new, not on RCP yet)

Lieberman's new Senate Office January 2009

West Coasters and night owls, Charlie Rose on right now, post debate show.

Obama wins CNN Focus Group

Tricky Dick Morris, the man who has to buy sex, is on FUX tv.

"call in the dogs, put water on the fire and go home" -- Carville

Dick Morris on Faux...haven't seen him in a while ...GAWD is he getting fat. LOL n/t

Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It My Poll Numbers?

I wish Jerry Springer would moderate the 3rd debate

CNN Instant Poll: On the Economy: Obama 59-37, On Iraq: Obama 51-47...On Terrorism: McCain 51-46

McCrushed is Toast....If ya can't win any debates.2x presinential and 1x VP.then ya not fit to Lead.

Video up of the "No Handshake" and "That One" on CrooksandLiars


Fox Poll as of 11:52pm EST

Why don't we nationalize home ownership?

I can't wait for That One, Mrs. One and the Little Ones to move into the White House!

Shit guys, who else was drinking on "my friends"???

Expect more mean spirited attacks on Obama. Thats officially all they have left now

Tom Brokaw SUCKED...

A New Slogan

Fox News listeners are on drugs and/or just plain stupid

If that Navy vet had been in the service at the same time as McCain

LOOK, Obama beat McSame on the Issues. Lets play that up rather than this race game?

Can McCain benefit at all from "sad, old man" pity factor?

Has anyone interviewed William Ayers?

Presidential Debate Highlights (err...Lowlights?)

Unable to shill following McCain's tepid debate performance, Drudge headlines debate as 'BORING'

Final "my friends" count, and something else I noticed about his use of it.

**********DU's Worst Person in the World Nomination thread*************

Robert Gibbs SMACKING DOWN Sean Hannity on his "documentary"

Pat just cracked up when asked about McCain's new bailout proposal.

Quiz: McCain and Forrestal

McCain adviser Schmidt calls Obama Campaign "diversionary" for drawing attention to "THAT ONE"

stephanopoulos calls it for obama on abc

"You probably never heard of Fannie Mae"

Don't get cocky boys and girls, we still have 4 weeks to go.

No, Mr. McCain you weren't supposed to say "that one," but rather

CNN Focus Group Is Weird

Let's DU a poll in Georgia (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

COLBERT is incredible tonight.

Own Sarah Palin!

Picture of PersonWho Will Be MOST REVILED By Rightwingers on November 5th

Frreperville: Palin will save them (and other excuses)

Brit Hume is so demoralized.

McCain had to run from the building because at 11:00 he turns into a _______ (fill in the blank).

I Thought Tom Brokaw did a Fantastic Job

Obama won on class

Anybody wonder what the candidates write down while the opponents are speaking?

poll needs help big time!!!!

Is there a site where I can watch the debate online?

Who was that old man wandering around the stage when THAT ONE was talking.


Just finishing fixing our washing machine.....

Obama and Michelle are spending much more time with the crowd.

McCain hasn't been beat that bad since '69

Johnny Boy, you just lost Florida too (Social Security).

Man, Faux News folk seem real depressed tonight...

I don't believe I heard POW tonight, did I?

McCain to the nation: "Get off my lawn!"

I watched the debate and missed only second here & there but apparently missed "that one"

Would McCain have referred to Mitt Romney, his arch enemy in the primaries, as "That One"?

Fox News clears up the "that one" comment......(insert epic eye roll here)

*****EARL G's All Polls in One Post here: DU the polls and post new polls*****

The Atlantic: "This was a MAULING, devastating and possibly electorally fatal for McCain"

McCain's Big Gaffe

***In all fairness...they DID shake hands at the end***

CNN analysts and contributors weigh in: Obama won

Fux has McCain winning 86%

Barney Fife?

I can't get past "That One" !!!

Could that "That one!" remark possibly be considered a racist comment?

No "Maverick"?

Will someone go to and tell me what the poll results are.

Anyone notice the "hug" John gave to Cindy? Half shoulder hug like you give your boss.

Andrea Mitchell having a nervous breakdown on Keith.

CSPAN: Replaying the DEBATE right NOW!!!

I must say, I LOVE Obama's ability to irritate Mccain

What was McCain complaining about? They are talking about it on MSNBC.

McCain is one pissed-off dude!

McCain releases statement complaining that E. Male got to ask more than one question.

Tweety: "John McCain When He Smiles Has an Almost Menacing Quality"

CNN's Panel is CRUSHING McCain in their poll results... n/t

People: Taxing healthcare benefits IS a mandate!

Debate CNN POLL: "That one" 86% Penguin 13%

If John King says 'Game Over' then it really is. He is a complete shill.

At this point in the game, shall we agree that the "Undecided" are just attention whores?

I know I shouldn't visit Drudge

"That One" Won. nt

"Touching the Navy Petty Officer"

KO just broke news that RNC filed a complaint that this was not a "real Townhall"

Wow CNN polls have Obama crushing McCain on damn near everything

CNN's Toobin: People will be talking about "That One" comment as the moment of the debate

America is the greatest source for good in the world.

Oh, I can't WAIT to follow Michelle - the new Jackie O with CURVES

LOL Drudge online poll -- McCain wins debate 74-26

None of my 5 GOP friends watched the debate.......

Gergen: Too early to declare victory because Barack Obama is black

Begala bringing up the point that Palin is acting racist

We're kickin' the m**^*rf****r's ass!!!

"When I referred to Senator Obama as 'That One...' my friends, I was a POW for 5 1/2 years...

SNL is going to have a field day with McGrumpy marching around the stage like a robot saying "My


OK, correct me if I'm wrong, but did McCain refer to EBAY as a Job Engine?

86% of Fox viewers are blind and deaf.

"the Straight Talk Express lost a wheel on that one,"

I'm not afraid to say. I love Obama!

McCain probably couldn't remember Obama's name

As I've always been responsible throughout my military career

McCain treats Obama like he is a Pullman Porter.

If John McCain constantly reaches across the aisle...

On Keith: RNC just sent out a "complaint email" that the format wasn't a Town Hall

"That one" or "no handshake". Which is more damaging to McCain?

CBS poll of uncommiteds

"that one"...a message to the end-time christians...

Did y'all hear Brokaw laugh at McCain's jab about the fine?

I'll say it since no one else is saying it: McCain owned this debate

Harold Ford must be the only democrat who doesn't think there was a clear winner

"It's the economy, stupid"

If Ayers is such a big deal, why didn't McCain have the guts to mention him?

I'm watching FAUX because I will do the dirty job- Hannity asks why no Ayres?

McControlFreak is freaking himself out...trying to control everything

Ok here is the big big takeaway and attack point from this debate.

The "that one" video clip.

To the Superficial ladies like myself: If ANYONE finds the RED dress Michelle wore, let me know?!

Next debate the pressure will really be on McNuts

I for one would like to see John McCain the tiller

------ LANDSLIDE !!! ----- Barack CRUSHES McSame By 2 to 1 Margin

"Hydrogen for battery-powered cars"? n/t

Brokaw tries to throw Johnny a bone by turning it into a foreign policy debate and Obama still .....

Fox news poll: Is Obama's Relationship with Ayers troubling to you?

McCain must had been mad when Obama stated "The Straight Talk Express lost a wheel on that one"

Newsday Poll: Who Won The Debate? Obama 90% - McCain 7%

Obama credits Debate win

James Carville looks like Gollum.

That ONE is this ONE .......... PHOTO

What did McCain just say about the $700B ending up in the hands of terrorists?

Did you hear them say - new polls coming in - race tightening

What are we doing to celebrate the morning after election day?

DU this Poll

Wring Out the Old, Ring In the New

Five Nebraska State Senators Endorse Obama

Well scrape "Town Halls" as being McCain's best format.......

CBS snap independents poll result

He's Pappy O’Daniel from O Brother Where Art Thou

Obama was just superb

KO: McCain did not look like a 'well man' wandering around

that one

The AA male who asked, How the bailout would help me? McCain offended him

McCain lost Virginia (and the election) with his call to freeze government spending

I'm going to see Biden tomorrow -

It's all so simple. John McCain believes that skin contact with a black person could spread cooties

Another "Handshake-gate"? Honestly??? n/t

WNWO Poll (NBC Toledo)

Obama wins Debate!

Hello you lovely bastards!

TYT Pre, LIVE & Post Debate Coverage With A Chat Room Is Up Now At Also...

DU this PBS Poll about the VP!!!

CNN Instant Poll: On the Economy: Obama 59-37, John King "Game over."

Anyone know how to watch msnbc online live?

What's with Brokaw's voice?

I watched the debate in HD

Future Headline: John McCain: "I'm so bipartisan, I have two assholes." n/t

as a teacher, overhead projectors are outdated...We use smart boards now

McCain's breathing....

Bet yer not so "pleased that Obama joined" you in a townhall meeting, now.

CQ Transcript: Second Presidential Debate Between McCain and Obama


John King: "If you think they [the voters] give a damn about Ayers and Wright, they don't!"

I loved when Obama talked about him Mom tonight with the healthcare question

John King pretty much calls election for Obama

Hey asshole! I'm voting for "That One".


If John Kerry had referred to George W. Bush as "That one..."

omg KO..."He did not look like a WELL MAN wandering around on the stage!"

Fred Thompson: "That's the strongest I've ever seen him come out" (Hannity bringing up Ayers)

John McPain, FAIL

Palin Watching Debate at N.C. Pizzeria

Intrade : Obama 71.4 Mc"ThatOne"Asshole 29.7

Focus Group Moron: Obama not being specific. Mmmmmkay!

CNN Instant Poll: Obama 54-30!!!

Proof McCain took acid and just had a flashback

The final debate next week--I really hope Obama hits McCain on his record on veterans

My analysis of the debate:

WLWT NBC Cincinnati Poll

CNN poll. Vote now.

McCain left. Obama is still on stage meeting the crowd, and McCain just got up and left.

Just finished watching - paused to answer questions from a group of middle schoolers - OBAMA ROCKED!

So in the end, what will the nation remember about tonight? "THAT ONE."

We're not rifle shots my friends

Tomorrow's discussion: Why did McCain run out of the room

CNN Debate Poll: O 54 M 30

anyone watch "Dorf on Debating" tonight?

Keep in mind that the poll of 'undecideds' gets dumber every day.

I think the narrative will once again be that McCain is disrespectful and dismissive of Obama.

I am going to get a T-Shirt

Will Palin dump McCain tomorrow?

"That one" - (Obama) doesn't have or even deserve a name.


Did I see right? Did Mcgeezer refuse to shake Obama's hand??

Wow, McCain was arrogant tonight. No handshake, "that one,"

I think I know what McCain said to Obama when he would not shake his hand:

What's a tiller? Some old man contraption?

Buchanan: "So I think overall that McCain, I think, won the debate ..."

I want to go to a Country that we don't know where it is on the map ......

Why wouldn't McCain shake Obama's hand?

"That one" resonated. Everybody at my debate party groaned when McCain said it to Obama


Lipstick on Pig no where near as offensive as "That One."

Keith is doing a great job on his "second countdown" slamming McCain

Psst. Hey everyone? Just wanted to let you know: THAT ONE is our next President!!!!!

So, who is feeling great tonight?

I think Obama didn't get negative because

McCain called Petraeus the head of CENTCOM and also the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs


The Young Champion

CULTURAL = RACIST - My letter to Chris Matthews

Pat Buchannan is dropping acid !!!!!!

If Quayle was happy for the Palin selection, then Dole must be ecstatic

Halprerin: Obama B+ McCain B

CNN poll: 54-30 for O; favorables +4, unfavorables -4

We're headed for a depression. McCain wants to cut gov't programs

Cnn poll #'s now, Obama 54% McCain 34%

Obama favorables went up- McCain unchanged per CNN

CNN phone poll of those who watched debate (Headline # Obama 54% McCain 30%)

KO just showed the NO HAND SHAKE hehehehehe

McCain Homeowner Plan - Don't get it

CNN Poll: Who won the debate? Obama 54%- 30% McCain

The town hall format is clearly McCains best venue

During the course of this campaign, Obama has become more Presidential and McCain has become less

Andrew Sullivan: "This was a mauling..."

No outbursts from the dead there Cadaverick!

Chris Matthews: "John McCain, when he smiles he has a somewhat menacing quality."

"That one" combined with no handshake defines McCain as a rude ignorant assh**e

Obama still at the debate talking with perspective voters


When McCain smiles it has a somewhat menacing quality. Stated by Chris Matthews

Okay besides retiring "Maverick" "McCain does well at town hall forums" also needs to be banished.

'THAT ONE?!?" Did McCain SERIOUSLY refer to a fellow US Senator as "that one"?!?!?!

The media and the people agree. Obama/Biden are 3 for 3!

self delete

Damn! Straight Talk Express Lost its wheels

The part on Pakistan killed McCain

Did anybody keep track of how many times McSame said, "My friends"

Undecided Voters = Attention Whores

Obama wins Fox Luntz focus group

39 vs. 27 -- Obama in CBS snap poll


Anyone seen numbers from mediacurves yet?

"That one."

Leslie Sanchez...said McCain was condescending with weird

For the record, I thought McCain saying "most of you may not have heard of Frannie or Freddie

We Need To Do OUR Job

MSNBC online poll. Obama 85%...McCain 12%...

Obama still shaking hands..McCain hauled ass.

Hot dog! McCain's gonna pay off my mortgage!

He doesn't know what it is like to be me I don't have 7 homes and 15 cars

Are any other networks doing anything as interesting as the CNN real-time reaction graph?

Missed debate....did Ayers come up at all? (nt)

Olbermann is one and opened up with "That one"

"Steady hand on the tiller"

Is anyone counting the "my friends"? I lost count.

---------------PSA; Keith is ON!!---------------

Olbermann opens with "That one"

CBS Post-Debate Poll: Obama wins 39%- McCain 27% w/ 35% Undecided

KO: "That One"

CNN Poll...Obama 84%

Four more weeks! - Get everyone you know Fired Up and Ready to go!

Ok, seriously. Tom Brokaw can bite my ass.

Town Hall was supposed to play to McCain's strength. He tanked it. What "strengths" are left?

Did John and Cindy McCain leave that quick?

Lets face it folks Obama is just damn charismatic

Obama still working the room.

When did McCain say "That one?" I was distracteda nd missed it.


Obama Wins Gay Truckdrivers from Montana poll!!

McCain's mortgage plan = Barney Frank's ideas months too late...

I'm a fat, undecided, no-lipped bald guy that Gallup picked

Ha Ha...McCain tanked with republicans on buying Mortgages...damn

Obama wins CNN focus group.

Am I mishearing, or did McCain misidentify the AA questionner?

Brokaw is a scumbag for trying to coerce them to answer yes or no for that question.


i JUST GOT HOME! who can summarize how this went? the tone? the questions?

Pat Pukecannon is hallucinating again

DU CBS. Now 81 -18 O--BAM--A

FABulous! "There are some things I don't understand . . ."

MSNBC has a focus group in Philly

Who will join me in buying more houses?

I quit smoking over 20 years ago....

NPR analysis worthwhile. Anyone listening?

You know it's in the bag when?

REAL reason why McCain lost the debate... (even with his followers)


anyone just see half the audience gather around Obama for a group photo?

Barack & Michelle are spending time talking to the audience after the debate

MSNBC describes the "That One" comment as a major gaffe

I think McCain referring to Obama as "That one" was condescending to those 18 million plus

CBS Instant scientific poll of undecided voters--Obama wins again

After calling Barack "that one" & refusing to shake w/him, McCain deservs NO FUCKING PITY

Obama wins MSNBC Focus Group; Independents favored him more

how do those real-time audience indicators work?

CNN Poll

Some people may not know who the real Obama is

MSNBC: McCain blew it with the mortgage idea. Obama hit a HR with his prioritization answer.

Holy shit. McCain just lost. Check out this MSNBC poll.

My friends, that one, my friends, doesn't believe like me, my friends.

MSNBC is interviewing the focus group

AP: Obama, McCain stretch facts in debate

Obama was poetry in motion

CNN: Bill Bennett "McCain didn't do enough" It's over people. poll

Buchanan thinks McCain scored more points. Natch.

the fascists were dealt a crushing blow tonite.....

I just kept thinking about a cheerleading "Grandpa"


McSame v Black Questioners

DEBATE TRANSCRIPT is up. Which exchanges and which lines struck you as memorable?

Did Bill Rambling Gambling Bennett just say Obama won???

Wolfe: Apparent that McCain has disdain for Obama

This is the job McCain was made for: AMBASSADOR TO RUSSIA

I learned McCain wants to buy everyone a house.

This is Clinton vs. Dole all over again...

Have McCain and Cindy left the building already??

"The G8 has to put pressure on Russia..."

Not one question regarding China.

I want to score the debate by intelligent answers that show...

McCrypt GAFFE: Gets Petraeus' Title Wrong -- Calls him Chairman of the Joint Cheifs.

C-SPAN cameras only on Obama and Michelle after the debate

Admins, please post a post-debate polls thread

CNN talking heads unanimous: Obama won.

Pat Buchanan is still delusional... calls McCain the winner

WTF Gergen - they both did the same - close

THAT ONE!!! It's THE Soundbite!!!

Buchanan is very subdued tonight...he knows...McCain sucked...

Wait - did McCain leave the room - because Obama & Michelle are stil out there

Whatthe MSM morons are missing completely. The stench of Bush and failure that

2nd Debate Tuesday: Did McCain just take credit for Hillary's revival of FDR's mortgage fix idea?

McCain and Obama did shake hands

People want their pic taken with OBAMA!!! I haven't seen anyone

I'm taking bullets by venturing to Faux, and....

anybody have CNN's final score card totals?

Don't you just love the few minutes before the first poll when the pug might have "won"?

Did Buchanan say that Obama is 9 points ahead with this debate?

Am I wrong? or did McSame still not look at Obama

McTroll just patted Obama on the back. No handshake.

CNN: GOP Pundits Bennett & Castellanos Call it for Obama

The moderators need rules to keep them in line.

The one time I wish Letterman was live

Ha ha pretty subdued over at fox noise too......

Did not shake his hand! nt


Breaking Freeper Thread: "Can You Say President Obama?"

It wasn't even close. All 12 rounds go to the winner & new heavyweight champion of the world...

Tweety: McCain makes the girl do the dirty work

Excellent play this evening -- especially Senator McCain's as

"I'm just hired help here." Tom Brokaw

If you don't have your mind made up by now, you just don't care.

Okay, folks. That WAS NOT a game changer for McZZZZZZ !!

This coming from a cautious, slightly pessimistic person: Obama CRUSHED McPalin tonight!

President Barack Obama!

Buchanan: Barack came across as very presidential...a cool customer.

WTF? Gerson on PBS just said McCain had a big victory!

Tweety just said McCain must be embarassed by his campaign

"We cannot allow a second Holocaust..."

MSNBC poll

Buchanan: "Obama came off very presidential"!!!

'The point is', 'my friends', 'Senator Obama just doesn't understand', 'I know how to do this',

Tweety just kicked John McCain in the nuts -- called him a

CNN Graph: Why Do MEN like Obama less than WOMEN do?

What the hell is David Gergen smoking???! Obama begrudgingly, "modestly" ahead??!

Like an experienced prizefighter

If I were a Repuke I would still have to say that Obama Kicked Ass tonight

FauxNews Morons: Absolutely no game changers...

McCain has mastered the art of

I'm not gonna say I told ya so, but...

McCain - "That requires a cool hand" - well, I guess that disqualifies you McHothead

Who is having celebratory sex tonight?

"steady hand at the tiller...."

Caville: Obama won the debate. McCrypt needed to win but he didn't.

How long for flash polls?

is anyone watching the meter on CNN

OK, back to MSNBC for

Someone please find me some MSNBC analysis audio? Can't stand CNN analysts...

Freep chokes on sour grapes: "I despise McCain, just like I despise Bush.... for NOT fighting back."

Did you see Cindy slink up behind McCain? Creepy like she was afraid of him..

wow, the audience is having their picture taken with the Obamas

Wow. Really?

Michelle Obama is radiant.

Palin looks like she's chunking up quickly

Did I hear that right? McCain wants to "socialize" the housing industry.

This HAD to be a GAME-CHANGER for McCain. He did NOT change the game.

McCain just blew off the Obama handshake

daughters friend is registering to vote RIGHT now as we speak

As the grandson and the son of Admiral, I knew hard times. Oh,

WTF??? Obama just wen to shake his hand and mclame told him to shake cindy's!!

"Its fair to say Senator Mccain has some disdain for Senator Obama" says wolfie

McCain desperately needed a game changer - he failed miserably!

This is a terrible format for McCain.


What's with Cindy McCain's too-vivid outfits? Purple? Ughhhh. n/t

Brooks said it was close but the edge goes to Obama

McCain needed a wipeout win. He didn't come close.

McCain completely SNUBED Obama AGAIN!!

David Brooks and Mark Shields both give it to Obama

Breaking News: the only thing McCain doesn't know is the FUTURE

That fucker would not shake Barack's hand just now! What an idiot


CNN analyst "it is apparent that McCain has some disdain for Obama, that came thru during the debate

Now let's all watch the FAUX comment session

Ha ha - audience members are posing for pictures with Obama. McCain not at all

Eff alcohol--if I hear "my firiendssss... one more time I'm gonna

we played a bong game instead of drinking

Awww! Everyone wants photos taken with Obama and Obama is all over the audience

Grampa walks l;ike a penguin

Look at all the people who want pictures with Obama

McCain invokes the word hope

So they didn't mention Ayers or Wright? I thought that was their current tactic

God this is boring

"The great privilege of my life...WAS to serve country first."

sit down McGoo!

How the CNN undecided voter line-thingee works

YES! Excellent job Obama

David Brooks just had to admit that Obama won.

Anyone doing a total time talk for each candidate to see if

What ANALYST will DARE claim McGasket won?

If Iran attacks Israel... do we wait for the UN before we attack?

in all of tv debate history, was there ever a more partisan moderator than brokaw?

Wow. What a weak ending from McFuckhead

Ok. I'm sorry, but I'm a good judge of people even in the first few minutes


McShame is "Little Bush"...feeding America fear, doubts be afraid, I'll save the day rhetoric.

"I know what it is like to have the love and support of family in tough times..."

Mother Fucker...Goddamn it. STFU!! Brokaw. You piece of shit Repuke shill.

Is McCain one of the castaways from Lost?

Could McCain lose support tonight

McCainLost........... No he Really Did.

It doesn't help McCain to be staggering stiffly about the stage staring with fear in his eyes

Drudge has a poll up already

I have to be honest. By a LONG shot, John McCain is not part of MY generation

where are the poll links????

New Hampshire is a contested state?

And this format, "Town Hall Meeting" was supposed to be McCain's strong suit

CNN HD Scorecard - Who is Winning?


Did McCain whiten his teeth?


Whoa the CNN lines were at the top for Obama's ending statement

Oh, guess what? McCain knows how to get Osama bin Laden!

Eloquent just doesn't cut it.

McCain: "We" drove the Russians out of Afghanistan

Uh - McLame is turning it - Lines are up

Has the name Bush been mentioned tonight?

"My Friends" -- It's the new wink n/t

Strongly contesting New Hampshire? LMAO!

I Now Fully Understand Why Obama Would Not Agree To Ten Town Hall Format Debates

I had Maverick for my drinking game


How's the CNN meter on this pakistan question?

Weren't town hall members supposed to be asking questions or did I miss something?

McCain wins!

Obama is Crushing BOTH John and Tom! It's like watching an elegant Godzilla!

Obama should do the Reagan "There you go again! Stating the facts wrong!"

'BIG STICK' quote:

McCain is currently winning this debate...

Obama blowing up CNNs chart thingie again. This man is good! (nm)

Well, my favorite line of the night was when McCain referred to Obama as "that one".

Wow-McNuts has a secret plan to get Bin Laden!

FIRST TIME EVER ON DU --- NOT A SINGLE THREAD suggesting the Repub is winning!

"MAYBE"??? So decisive and confident....

*Puke* That exchange wasn't set up or anything *barf*

I can't wait to see the media spin this ...


The way Obama is sitting and smiling between questions

The Navy Dude is the October Surprise

What are you drinking during the debate?

Why does McCain still think that "without preconditions" is a winner?

"Victory with Honor" "Victory with Honor" Now where have I heard that before?

All CNN analyst has Obama ahead, even King...

Shut up about the damn SURGE!

Oh, God, the handshake

Sarah Palin wouldnt have been able to handle this type of debate (stating the obvious)

I am tired of Mc5Planes calling me his friend.

McCain: I'm not gonna telegraph my punches

*Puke* That wxchange wasn't set up or anything *barf*

A landslide by Obama would derail freeper plans for Sarah Palin to be the "standard bearer" in 4 yrs

Israel! Drink it all people, all of it.

McCain wants to abridge their behavior to nowhere.

Will The Delaware Reference Be A Problem For Barack As Biden Is From ....

McCain didn't learn anything worthwhile while in the Navy or from a chief petty officer.

Let's see if McCain Telegraphs his Punches on Iran...

At least the questions are serious - unlike the 2000 & 2004 debates

I've been watching, and McSame appears to be a small, petty, incapable man

Obama Camp already questioning McCypt's shitty "that one" comment.

Way to go Skinner and crew! DU is running super smooth tonight!!! n/t

Depends and depends

Why does Brokaw only mention the time when Obama is speaking?

I don't know if Russia is an Evil Empire...but I DO know McCain is Emperor Palpatine n/t


McCain knows how to get Bin Laden, but didn't tell anyone.

Can someone tell John McCain to stop saying


"Senator McCain, do you wear boxers or briefs?"

"I'll get him! I know how to get him!"

"I am going to act responsibly as I have done during my military career"

The friggin romper room whispery voice thing McCain does, it's creepy and wrong.

Brokaw SHUT UP you dolt!!

So does this debate count as 7 things he's crashed and burned trying to steer? n/t

Is it because I'm tipsy

When Obama attacks McCain the graph goes up

Brokaw is clearly on McAnus' side. What a tool. They don't call it

McCain: "I hate to go into this. I was joking with an old veteran friend who was joking about Iran"

*******Official John McCain appreciation thread*******

Wrong Herbert there, McCain! It was George Herbert Walker Bush who last raised taxes in tough times

Putin has "surrounded himself with former KGB aperatchiks?"

My first debate post - watched it all so far, incl. CNN graph. McCain destroyed!


I can hear the post-debate pundits already

How did this turn into a foreign policy debate? Is Brokaw throwing McCain a lifeline?


Senaator Obama?, , We're winding down now, so lets keep track of the time..

Our allies? We still have allies after what Bush has done?

McCrap in the McPants still thinks The Surge is his trump card, but

Does anyone think McCain is intentionally playing up the "my friends" bit for drinking games?

McCain just praised the Mujahedeen! (what became Taliban and groups like al Qaeda)!!!

Brokaw is wretched, Can't speak clearly, can't stick to the rules, and letting his bias show.

A "General Petraeus" drinking game would have been effective in getting blitzed.

81.1% This is SO over!

If McAnus knows how to get Bin Laden, why hasn't he told anybody?

POLL: Are you McCain's "friend?"

Nail in the coffin. The CNN undecideds are responding better to Obama on Nat'l Security

Obama is annhilating McSame!!!

Doesn't he mean "McClellan"?

OK, I think I know who wins likability.

McCain's description of Russia is what America has been like

Obama is in control! To hell with time constraints.

This Is NOT A Debate Its A MAULING!!

Folks, you do realize that Ronald and Nancy Reagan couldn't stand McCain

Why doesn't Obama answer the McCain's withdraw in defeat allegations

Bombing Iran is a JOKE?

CNN meter goes up to plus 3 to plus 5 when Obama speaks, McCain seldom gets over 0


mmm...CNN Magic Line People no likey McCain. he bad. (nm)

Wow, watching the CNN approval lines when McCain speaks,

Without a doubt this is Obama's best debate performance ever.

I will see that CNN graph in my dreams...


Why didn't McCain warn Bush what he saw in Putin's eyes?

i live in Texas - I guess I'll make my next female appointment out of state


I'll get Osama binLaden my friends...I'll get 'im...I know how to do it

OBAMA is in CONTROL- follow ups, or not-

Every time he says "my friends" he makes me despise him just a little more.

Obama is pushing McCain's buttons big time!

SUrge! SURGE! sURge!!

McCain has his "Fool me once" moment. "Talk softly" LMAO!

Johnny boy,you just dissed St. Reagan on national TV.


Why has McCain waited 7 years to get Osama Bin Ladin?

"Health care is a responsibility?"

Was anyone else pissed as hell over the $79 billion surplus in Iraq?

It's *walk* softly and carry a big stick, moran!!

Is he getting paid a dollar for every time he says "my friend"? n/t

Obama is being clear, understandable and calm.

***Completely superficial thread - is McCain BoToxed?

I'm so sick of hearing about General Betrayus...

40 Minutes in.. Who do you think is winning?

McCain thinks General Petreaus is some kind of innoculation against

"That One" comment is going to lose the election for McCain

Do You Think These Folks In The Audience Really Came Up With These Questions?

I bet Teddy Rooselvelt signed his year book.

---TOM FUCKING BROKJAW is being SUCH AN ASS!!!!!!----

What are McCain's qualifications that says he is more qualified?

Hey McPOW...

"I'll act responsibly, like I have throughout my military career."

Let's face it DU, McCain is winning this thing hands down.

McCain is a fucking liar...

So far, I'm bored with the debate.

"President Reagan, MY HERO..."

"throughout my military career" -- he thinks he's still in the Navy!

6 words for Grampy on Pakistan: "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran"

Teddy Roosevelt admiration again

This is it: McCain is undisciplined.

Tonight we can say with confidence

Anybody keeping a "my friends" count?

When McCain attacks McSame the CNN graph drops


If you play a drinking game on "my friends", stop IMMEDIATELY

Don't you love the looks on the people's faces in the audience when McLame speaks

Did he just call Brokaw Katie?

Here he goes up San Juan Hill again.

This forum is really THE BEST FOR OBAMA! HE ROCKS!

John, the afghan rebels that we supported who drove the russians out included OBL!!!

ZING ZING ZING --- McCain your toast

T.R. is his hero now?

Did you see Obama just laugh at McCain's bullshit?

McCain debates like a reptile eating, he really doesn't like doing it, but has too.

John McCain DOESN'T think health care is a RIGHT.

Which one is McCain's hero--Reagan or Teddy Roosevelt?

"I Knew Teddy Roosevelt, I Worked With Teddy Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt Was A Friend Of Mine...."

teddy roosevlet supported regulation of business, you prick! n/t

Fool me once, walk softly.....

I walk softly with freedom fighters.....from Afghanistan...and other extemists with sticks..


Will Obama Return To The Senate After Two Terms as President?

"Did we here the size of" what?

Now McCains hero is Teddy Roosevelt.



i thought ronald reagan was his hero

McCain lost the bald guy vote

Will Obama zap McCain about him saying Obama would announce his attack?

"We will kill Bin Laden. We will crush Al Qaeda."

Can we just call this debate already. Like the 10 run rule in little league

He reminds me of Bukowski in "BARFLY" when he says, "My Friends"

Trick question on Pakistan vs Cambodia...

Seriously John - talk softly? Were not you the one who

"Katie thank you"? Where does McCain think he is?

another dead hero........

Here comes Teddy R.

Wacky Jacky's making the Monkey look only half insane.

Where is McCain's flag pin? n/t


I thought his hero was Reagan?


McAnus likes talking about the 300+ dead Marines, doesn't he?

Somebody please tell this crazy old coot that I AM NOT HIS FRIEND!!!

someone in the audience was yelling

So McAss gets to respond to a previous question with a bullshit rant?


McCain full of practiced lines. He sounds like he's tired

McCain is used to BSing idiot fawning drooling Repub town hall mobs

A "Cool Hand at the Tiller" = Obama

Is McSame *really* a Maverick? Let's compare...

"Senator Obama would have brought our troops home in defeat" = NOT FLYING


Wow! Obama just hit a home-run!

John, here's a clue about Iraq: Leaving is Winning, Staying is Losing

"Senator Obama would have brought our troops home in defeat..."

What Channel Are You Tuned Into Right Now?

Obama gave the most thoughtful answer about world crisis that I have ever heard...the world will be

my frienbds , my friends , my friends, surge, my friends......what an ass.....

OMG McCain said it requires a cool hand

delete - dupe

We need a cool hand at the tiller

Obama is The ONE. McCain is No One.

should health care be a commodity?

I figured it out! McCain sounds SARCASTIC.

McCain blew it by nnot answering the question

from freeperville: "What I “HOPE” to say in 18 months is impeached President Obama...."

If I hear "my Hero line again" I am going to explode..

I'll probably lead a happy life after this if I never hear the word 'fundamental' again nt

'My friends, only I can reach across the aisle..."

Why does McCain has this irritating whispering my friends voice?

Is it possible he has failed to disgust anyone with his "my friends?"

CNN's Uncommitted Ohio Voters (the Men, anyway) are pro-war. Going up high on McCain now

Um, Biden is from Delaware...that ruined a kick-ass answer on health care

WTF...mccain's wandering around...

"Gold-plated Cadillac policies, you know, like hair transplants. I might need one a those myself"

Palin may not blink, but McCain sure does.

Breaking news from CNN

Have Pity

I thought this was a fricking ECONOMIC debate? Why are we talking about the military?

is the "white flag of surrender" coming?

If it were a fight, they'd have to call it.

Screw The hair Transplant

Obama could have gone up today and answered his questions by singing the ABC's

Took a gander at McCain's notes and looks like he is writing BIG

he is disturbingly obsessed with winning Iraq

The audience looks like they'd rather be dragged across 3 states by their tongue over crushed glass.

New U.S. intelligence report warns 'victory' not certain in Iraq

No time for on the job training....

My friends, my friends, my friends, my friends

the McCain Doctrine: In What Respect, Tom? n/t

So I'm not watching, but I'd like to know a little about Brokaw...


I though Obama was supposed to SUCK at town hall debates.

oh dog gamn .. he saidz my frnez gain

I have to say, I am starting to rethink being so anti-McCain...

What McCain dreams of when thinking about his Presidency

here comes the S U R G E

I am very proud of Obama. He's doing a fabulous job tonight

McCain finally learns how to bomb!

"That in that terrorist, that black man...that muslim..what?

He STILL hasn't LOOKED At Obama!

What's goining on with this bullshit crack about a "fine"?

Proof that McCain is lying about this 'fine' crap he's spewing...

Medical records online??? HELL NO!

Obama cool, calm, and collected

Hair transplants? WTF is geezer talking about? What does that have to do with health?

I know he has legitimate limitations

CNN: "The Line" Indicates Support for Obama, Especially Among Women

McCain is bombing like nobodies business

John won't be needing hair implants, and sure as fuck won't need insurance.

Do We Really Need To Have Another Debate?

This is McCains strategy. To act snooty and snarl at Obama

He made a joke ?

They Need to Make That Graph Taller, For When Obama Talks

Screw the time constraints!

We need that ten billion dollars

When McCain said "you didn't hear the amount of the fine, did you?" the chart

Ummm.... Why does McCain NOT SAY that Obama was wrong about invading Iraq?

This is the worst beating in the history of debates.

McCain makes a joke about fining Obama for going over time, NO ONE LAUGHS...

You don't vote on shit, you smarmy fucker.

OBAMA RULES!!! He's doing so much better THIS time than the first.

RW Blogger Instapundit: Obama looks like he's having fun. McCrypt looks likes he's already bored.

Obama brings up McNasty voting againts S-Chip! Yay!

"I'm not too popular with my own party much less his."

I cannot believe how blatantly biased Brokow is. He should

McCain officially sucks at formal town hall debates

RINGER!! defense question for McLame

Disrespectful motherf**ker! "Know who voted for it, my friends? THAT ONE!" (pointing)


Not the "overhead projector" earmark again - McCain is a fucking joke!

Hey, McCain - I know Oliver is a young black guy. But I bet he heard of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

If I sat down and thought long and hard about the matter...

McCain made a joke that only Brokaw laughed at...

"I thank-you for that question because, my friends, ...I'm tanking and I need to make a lame joke"

CNN METER: Obama Running Away With This

OK. I'm OVER Brokejaw letting McCain take up all the fuckin' time!

I think the Grim Reaper is about to enter the hall to tap McCain

ok, just caught up to the "that one" quip.

Where the hell did the "fine" come from

Can we officially call McSame McFlatliner?

"He doesn't look real" --my BIL n/t

Fine? McInsane is full of shit...nt


McCain's stand-up is falling flat tonight.

McCan'ts health (non) plan very unpopular with Dems and Indys

"That one," aka that black


Here's news for you, McGrumps: community centers, etc. cost money.

Did he say he was on Navy Ships that had Nuclear Power Plants?

Could you imagine if Obama had called McCain "That old guy."

Brokaw needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP

Anyone notice the CNN running graph when McSame speaks

MY FRIENDS....this is an old fashion, down home, ASS KICKIN'....

OMG. He pointed to Obama and called him "That one."

Hair Transplants?

Let's put McCain's HEALTH RECORDS ONLINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching McCain listing, taking on water is becoming painful...

Health care is a RESPONSIBILITY?

Under McCain's plan I would owe an additional $2,800 in taxes because of my health benefits.

Did he call Obama "That one"?

If this were a football game, the score would be 31-7 at the half.

Is Barack going grey?

McCain: "A failable and affordable health care"

WTF??? Was that a Biden Hair plug jab....this guy is a L>O>S>E>R

Paging the McCain Campaign. You have a visitor.

Just a disaster for McCain so far

Boy, Would I Like To See How That Graph Would Look If DUers Were Responding!

I think McCain spent a few days a Palin's debate prep camp.

Obama needs to emphasise what McCain wants to do with healthcare

Oh dear, maybe these townhall debates aren't so great after all...

McCain needs a brain transplant!

McPain: liar, liar! Obama has no mandates in his plan.

MciCain joking about his thinning hair

Brokaw is the worst debate moderator I've ever seen

McCain go ef yourself you slimy traitor

Look At That Fucking Line DROP!

what was that gesture by mccain?


Tidbit about Brokaw from 1996:

"Let's put health records on-line"???

OK stop me from getting drunk!

TOO LATE for McCaine...There is nothing he can say or do...Its all over but the shouting

The special interest work on McCain's campaign...nt

McCain: Meg Whitman of eBay, someone everyone can trust, for Secretary of Treasury

If Americans are the best workers in the world as McCain claims...

"I suspended my campaign to protect the taxpayer"


Self delete. Sorry

Mc Cain out of the stall, attacking the moderator

MC Cain just corrected a voter

CNN's doing the "meter thingee" tonight and John Boy's flatlining

Ha. McDipshit flatlining on CNN n/t

McCain lying again....

McCain On Roller Skates

You've never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac before this crisis, you dumb, dumb man

I'm not quite sure I like this debate style...

Professor Obama is holding class right now.

McCain is a deregulator

Gore's in the house - receives loud round of applause

McNasty's so full of shit he needs a snorkel to breath

Did you see that rat bastard point at Obama when he mentioned "cronyism"?

McCain sounds very nervous.

McCain moves awkward and seems very decrepit

Not you, Tom?

Oh my god, Johnny Mac went to eBay

McCain is gasping into the mic as he walks.

He said he suspended his campaign... Bullshit!

OKAY!! Been a minute Tom... hmmmm


Didn't EBay announce 3000+ layoffs today?


McCain is in Obama space...get back get

IF anyone in the USA is UN-decided, they are either

Say it you evil troll.....

McCain...was for a spending happened

"It's not enough just to help those at the top!"

AP: McCain STILL member of radical group after he claims he left

That was quick! Debate over after 1st answer

Cindy McCain tells us Senator Obama has ran the dirtiest campaign ever...

McCain to appoint someone Americans can 'identify' with to head treasury

Um, Sen. McCain - many if not most retirees have already paid off their homes

Author of anti-Obama book arrested in Kenya.

Wrong thread. sorry.

McCain is stuttering already!

McCain just shook hands with a "Terrorist" !

I watch CNN because....

What was the first question?

"Let's not raise taxes on ANYBODY today"

Obama looks good...very much in command of the stage...

Sure wish he weren't so happy about that abortion of a bailout

Why do so many people like Al Sharpton?

Did you see how quickly McCain turned his back on Obama and went to his

"when Mr. Bush returns to Dallas... he'll find it far bluer than when he moved away"

Matthews just kicked the McCain campaign's ass.

Please tell me that Chris Matthews did not just suggest that McSame is trying to sugges that

Lets play some bingo!

"I find her offensive"

David Gregory needs to shut the f*ck up.

I am relatively calm while I prepare to watch this next debate

In Preface to this Debate, the Truth about Republican Anger and Hatred.... X in 1964....

Not watching tonight

Anyone think Obama will take the oath of office using his full name?

Watching the debate - for purists, I recommend PBS

Trying to ready my ears for McSame's endless whistling s's. This will drive me crazy.

Shout out in support of the Big O. All he has to do is be himself, be honest, be forceful,...

Pre-empting Pat Buchanan

Three minutes til Obama starts kicking McKKKain's ass!! n/t

Wolf Blitzer completely out of touch..


Vicious Anti-Semite is behind the Smears against Obama:

McCoward will be nice, subdued and humble tonight. The Rethugs already have Mooselini...

The more people see of Obama the more they like him

I hope McCain is asked about the current inflammatory speech coming from Palin/his campaign

EEEEKKK!!!! 28 minutes!!!!!

Pre-Town Hall Cuteness! (((PIC)))

looks like msnbc is going to do the cnn "live tracker" thing tonight

Guess what's the percentage of likely voters Team Obama has contacted so far (per ABC/WaPo poll)?

John McCain Hugs Cuban Terrorist in Miami

OMG Mitt Romney did something I respect.

I like these Palin posters

Sarah Palin's Cheat Sheet for the VP Debate Discovered!!!1!!

Palin Criticizes Biden While He's At Mother-In-Law's Funeral

I look forward to the first official playing of "Hail to Chief" for Barak Obama.

Why do Republicans love making Americans fearful and desperate?

I want to see Obama dish out an utter SMACKDOWN tonight

Am I the only person who mutes the TV when even KO or Rachel play a P* clip?

Al Gore at the Debate!

And for my 8000th post, I just want to say that I hope Obama confronts McCain on the filth spewing

What's IRC server/channel for DUers during the debate again?

When Kennedy talked openly about his Catholicism, he allayed the concerns of white Protestants, and

So When Does Someone Link Palin With the Seperatist

A message to any McCain supporters lurking here...

Secret Service Investigating Obama Threats At McCain/Palin Rallies

John McCain Is Ready For The Debate (pic) **warning**

I'm gonna go ahead and be an idiot and ask...

Palin is not Heart's "Barracuda"; she is ELO's "Evil Woman"

AP: State reviewing per diem payments to Palin

It's my Birthday! I hope I can remember 2008 as a good one.

Yesterday, McCain dragged America into Hell.

Global Poll : OBAMA!

Any voter that is "uncommitted" now, is either an idiot or SHOULD be committed

Sarah Palin thinks that John McCain is going to share the stage with a "Terrorist sympathizer"

The Ayers Dead End

Did anyone "work the refs" over Brokaw as moderator?

ko is exposing the pitbull

Will Biden Start Pounding Pailn On The Secessionist Organization?

I was never a fan of Bush but I could watch him in the debate

The Wearing of White By Sarah Palin is a Racial Dogwhistle

Has Anyone Imagined Palin One Day making the State of the Union Address

I hope Palin is voted out of office after she loses this election


McCain dumps racial-joking campaigner

NEW Obama Ad!

Fucking Bitch!

I didn't want to soil Democratic Underground by posting news from FOX....

He's A Terrorist, Kill Him, Treason - Words Said In Repug Crowds.....

New McCain nickname= MkKKain

'our country', 'our pentagon', 'our united states capital'...

Ipsos/McClatchy POLL: Obama 47 (-1), McCrypt 40 (-5)

KO going to talk about how McCain voted for that bear DNA bill he always ridicules...

We are all up on stage with you tonight, Barack!

Let's see if McCain can show ANY class at all tonight..

Lipstick on a pig, indeed...

The Company You Keep - An Open Letter (w/ PHOTOS!) To John McCain Concerning "Guilt-By-Association"

Sign the Petition to Bring to Michigan for Campaigning... TINA FEY?!?

It's 'President That One' to You, John

It's 'President That One' to You, John


There's a sauerkraut-ball tradition in Akron, Ohio.

Do when does DU go into DefCon alerts tonight?? Will there be a

'Till I loved you Barbra Streisand and Don Johnson

"One Toke Over the Line" By "The Lawrence Welk Show" singers

can someone invite a nice girl into the back up place if this site goes down again?

To The Person Who Found My Camera

So my cat walks in to the TV room, hops up on the couch, looks at me

Signature lines are currently turned off due to high Traffic.

DefCon 3


Paul Newman Cool

My mom found this word in this book.

O.J.! A shocking pictures of Simpson!

I know Fall is truly here now.....

So, does anyone here have health insurance that covers hair transplants?

Hey Google Earthers: You can display the sun and sunlight across the landscape.

I'll be in my bunk.

Daughter's beau adds "when Obama says 'Middle Class'"

A note to amateur filmmakers in the Lounge tonight

It's funny looking at some people's flickr accounts.

Okay, so I've been at school today and I just got back home...


"Rise" by Eddie Vedder. An astonishing song of hope and inspiration.

I have a technical question

A song to get me to tomorrow

Raise your hood, raise your hood.

McCain just mentioned Whatthefuckistan!

A-Ha's "Take On Me" - Literal Video Version

for my 665 post, i would like your suggestions for my 666th

I wish I was the Glade lady.

OMG.. Taylor does Cohen?

Is it over?

I'm better than DuStrange at the tiller

Son news update and keep those vibes/prayers/coming....

Nice stock market analysis over in GD for those that are interested.

Who else loves Radiohead and wine...


The Daily Show Tonight had me in tears

I'm sniffa.

Would you buy shoes with holes in them?

I cried tonight.

Gorn Appreciation Thread!!

Sad news, my favorite cousin died.

Really amazing photography exhibit - "Earth From Above"

G'night for real this time

Weird. The closed captioning on my TV just came on, but

Random appreciation thread...

Is anyone else still awake?

Well, I'm off for a fun day of sitting around in a hospital waiting room.

My divorce papers were filed today

question about independent contractors

Italians 'turn water into wine'

Oh no. That "Arms of the Angel" commercial for pet rescues is on again. Breaks my heart every time.

Why is it that when you preview a poll, it doesn't look like a poll?

Hey Brett Favre, why can't you say your name the way it's written?

Free Album Download of the Day

Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant again, three months after giving birth

Whoa... Amazing Race 1 went through Wasilla Alaska!

Hey, everyone! JVS has beer in his house! Let's go, before he gets off work!!

Pringles Garlic and Parmesan Chips.

As if I needed more proof I've left childhood behind.

I want to go home and drink beer.

Awesome Bank Robbery in WA, including getaway inner tube!

Why is 21 the age of majority in the US? Why not 20, that's a nice even

Who's that person who is trying to convince the Lounge to play drinking games with the debate?

A very compelling luggage question was posted, last night...

What don't you know, and how will you learn it? A very zen question

Paging mycritters2 - How was the ravioli?

I just read an article about a woman named Yakima Washington

Fucking pets

Why doesn't Buick rhyme with Quick?

4 days to go! Woot woot!

Boléro, by Maurice Ravel.

Is anybody else getting an error message every time they post?

I'm DONE with this effin' election, OVER, finished!!11

i had the weirdest dream ever last night

All of a sudden I am the most popular person in my class on

Let's have a Good Time with The Brazilian Girls (VIDEO)

Dire Straits - So far away

Why doesn't McCain rhyme with Satan?

I want to thank each and every one of you who responded to my *creep* post . . . .

Just bought my plane tix

Kitten Picture of the day for Tuesday October 7

Best use of theremin in a popular music song?


This thread should be locked.

Do you remember this Bushism?

My pussy's so hot

Weiner dog race

Cat owners - hair help needed.

So I parked right beside a McCainmobile this morning...

"Like the hopes that were dashed.....when the hmm-hmm-hmm crashed"

I need some help. There's a lawyer in my house.

Would you rather be McCain's friend or his prisoner?

...Bull Durham 2... Ugh.

Any lawyers in the house? I need some help.

Any lawyers in the house? I need some help.

Anybody have a good joke?


Why McCain and his whore, I mean runningmate, are smearing Obama


Question about a mix CD

Washington DC's M Street Bar & Grill recipe: "Barack Obama Pizza Burger"

This is America...

I'm bullish on "My friends", they're spreading like kudzu.

Kitten Picture of the day for Wednesday October 8

My weiner's so hot

Holy frig-knockers I went to look at these condos

Think your social life is bad?

What's for dinner tonight?

Can I get a 'poor baby' for this woman?

Hi. I'm seemunkee and I'm a pizzaholic

Womanizer, I like it.

Dutchess crossed the Rainbow Bridge around 9:30 am this morning

If one wanted to design video games for a living...

Hey folks - here's a thread over in GD that needs us:

Okay, now this is just WAY too bizarre for words.

7 days till vacation-----The Cancun!!!!!

Daily Prayer Thread for McCain and Palin

Anybody else get their Obama-Biden limited edition car magnet yet?

Why doesn't "father" rhyme with "lather" or "bather?"

Yesterday i got terribly drunk and now dont really remember much of the debate

Oh my god, I need a hot bath and something good to drink.

Best use of banjo in a popular music song?

Something to wear the next time you're taking on the Yakuza (dialup warning; two 500K images)

What are some good political podcasts?

"Weiner" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "weiner".


Hey you creative Lounger types, got any ideas for this sign?

Have you ever tried one of those "extreme energy" shots?

A remake of "Absolutely Fabulous" - on Fox.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 10/8/2008)

saw the surgeon

Woman sues over wrong hair color

I want to hug you and make out with you DU!!

I think I found someone dumber than Palin

Let's show some support for the many truly good men out there.

The Nieman Marcus Christmas book is here

Against my better judgement I accepted my dad's friend

Rachael Ray Corn Pr0n

Tonight Chez trof: Prune burgers.

Snoring and Relationship

Ever have one of those days where you get a lot of stuff done?

Change you can believe in!

Your thoughts on long distance relationships?

I bought new jeans a size 6!!!! Whoohoo!! (and yes, I eat Subway. Seriously.)

What's the ethnic breakdown of the town you grew up in?

Has anyone here tried Dr. Perry's NightSkin?

Whatever You LIke - "Weird Al" Yankovic on iTunes NOW!

for DU WOMEN ONLY !!!!!! ......

First they came for those who rewrite Niemoller,

FINAL EPISODE -- Fun With War Crimes #8 -- see Dubya get his comeuppance

RUTHERFORD Hayes; Warren GAMALIEL Harding; Franklin DELANO Roosevelt. We've had Presidents with


Yes! Tim Kring says Volume 4 of Heroes will feature DU!

Why do adults do this to kids? I was sitting in a crowded waiting room

Match Game Dada: "The Eiffel Tower was leaning so far bunny-ward, Angry Ed ___ bloated weasel."

MRSA - He's got MRSA.

Cindy McCain Says No Negative Stuff

Ayers and Obama crossed paths on boards, records show (cnn)

Painting the Electoral College map blue

GOP's ACORN 'Voter Fraud' Lie Ramped Up; State Police Raid ACORN Office in Vegas

U.S. Stocks Drop; S&P 500, Dow Post Worst Retreats Since 1937

(British) Terror code tells teachers to watch pupils

Town Hall Debate: Obama Corrects McCain on Which Party is Tied to Financial Crisis

New U.S. intelligence report (NIE) warns 'victory' not certain in Iraq

Obama: Help the middle class @ Nashville Debate

Town Hall Debate: Obama - National Debt Has Doubled Since Bush Took Office

Countdown: McCain & Palin's Guilt By Association (w/ Rachel Maddow)

Obama hits it out of the park with first debate question!

Palin Stretches Truth in Campaign Speeches

McCain and Obama comic book biographies hit stands

33 States to Get $62 Million in Zyprexa Case Settlement (Eli Lilly)

Town Hall Debate: Obama - McCain Voted 23 Times Against Alternative Energy

Town Hall Debate: Obama - McCain's CEO Tax Cuts 'That is Not Fair & It Doesn't Work'

Town Hall Debate: McCain - Obama Overly Concerned w/ Nuclear Safety

Presidential Debate: Obama Sets Record Straight on Tax Policy

Asian Stocks Fall on Credit Concern; Hang Seng Index Slumps

Obama & McCain on the bailout @ Nashville Debate

Town Hall Debate: Obama - $10 Billion Dollars a Month on Iraq

Obama at Presidential Debate: Health Care is a Right

Pa. widow sues US over Iraq vet-husband's suicide

McCain wrote on behalf of ex-trooper now awaiting trial in civil rights slaying

Nearly 200,000 Iowans Have Already Voted

US auto workers launch $3 mln ad campaign for Obama

Solving the health care crises @ Nashville Debate

Choosing a financial leader @ Nashville Debate

Environmental challenges @ Nashville Debate

Man Kills His Family and Himself Over Market

Schwarzenegger recall petition rejected

Restoring the dream @ Nashville Debate

AIG execs' retreat after bailout angers lawmakers

Syrian troops gather on north Lebanon border but no sign of intention to cross

Protecting the world @ Nashville Presidential Debate

The McCain-Obama Post-Debate "Handshake"

McCain's Weird Gesture During the Debate

VOTERSTHINKdotORG: Obama vs McCain Second Presidential Debate (

Plane carrying tourists crashes near Mt. Everest, killing 18, official says

Tokyo Shares Lose 9.4 Percent as Europe Slides in Early Trading

Nikkei plunges 9.4 pct, biggest 1-day fall since '87

McCain on bin Laden: I'll get Osama bin Laden, my friends, I'll get Him. I know how to get him.

McCrypt Calls Obama "That One"

Chasing Americas enemies @ Nashville Presidential Debate

Rescue plan for UK banks unveiled

Countdown Post-Debate Show: Maddow on McCain's Condescension

South Korea: North Korea may be trying to develop small nuclear warhead to fit on missile

AIG execs' retreat after bailout angers lawmakers

Top 10 signs you're watching a bad presidential debate

AP: Palin Answers Several Questions from Reporters (Real Headline)

John McPenguin

Heating bills expected to be 15% higher

CNN Poll: Obama won the night

Obama Pics - The Times They Are A-Changin'

Bush to America: Hang in there

John King on Obama's Presidential Debate Win: "Game Over"

Inside The Obama Campaign And Their Strategy For The Last 30 Days

MSNBC Focus Group on the Debate

Teen set chlorine bombs near sleeping family, police say

"THAT One"

Gates asks allies to send troops to Afghanistan

Financial collapse brings back 'corralito' memories

Future of Giant Turtle Still Uncertain

Two American Journalists Missing in Lebanon

"26 Years"

Denver wants pro-Obama mural removed

McCain practicing for Nashville debate:

Biden calls Palin's criticism 'mildly dangerous'

Biden calls Palin's criticism 'mildly dangerous'

Barack Obama schools John McCain on foreign policy

David Kernell, 20, indicted for Palin email hack

Fox News Reports on Jerome Corsis' Detention-LOL

Debate: McCain Loses Big Time!

Hannity vs Gibbs

Leonardo DiCaprio's Climate Change Plea To Senators

Brigitte Bardot slams Palin as a 'disgrace to women'

Voters on CBS react to "That one"

Second 2008 Presidential Debate (Full Video)

Town Hall Debate: No Post-Debate Handshake?

Biden Calls Palin's Ayers Criticism 'Mildly Dangerous'

Olbermann and Douglass Discuss That One Remark

"We're not 'Rifle Shots', we're AMERICANS"

VoteVets: Body Armor - Senator Dole

Couple on trial on charge of hiring illegal immigrants to work in Ann Arbor Chinese restaurants

Chris Matthews & Company Discuss the Debate

During debate, McCain misidentifies Petraeus as Joint Chiefs chairman

VoteVets Ad - McCain and the GI Bill

"That one"

The Daily Left - October 8th, 2008

Obama Ad: "Taketh"

Gambling Away Our Children's Future

Bailing Out Municipalities?

Federal Reserve reverses course and cuts key interest rate by half-point to 1.5 percent.

OBAMA: "What Don't You Know and How Will You Learn It"

Obama Spokesman Crushes Sean Hannity

Red State Update Talk Town Halls On CNN American Morning

Gay Couples Rush to the Altar in California Ahead of November Vote

US Set to go into deep recession, IMF says.

Please delete

Chemical Found In Plastics, Bisphenol A, Linked To Chemotherapy Resistance

Gallup Daily: Obama’s Lead Over McCain Expands to 11

Cleveland Company Closing Plant, Idling 150 Workers (Workers in MIss.)

Please delete

Obama, McCain Battle in Tense Debate (2 Quick Polls - CNN, CBS - Judge Obama Winner)

Pelosi says $150B economic stimulus plan needed

Bill Clinton to campaign in Roanoke, Richmond for Obama

Joe Biden Calls McCain an "Angry Man Lurching from One Position to Another"

McCain refuses to shake Obama's hand

Palin Attacks Biden On Day of Mother-in-Law's Funeral

AP Exclusive: Documents say detainee near insanity

The Obama Campaign Should Sing This Song To John McCain

The Obama Campaign Should Sing This Song To John McCain

Apocalypse John

COUNTDOWN: John McCain & Sarah Palin Incite Hate Speech at Rallies

Biden on GMA says Palin must condemn hate speech from crowds

US sets ship speed limit to protect right whales

(October, 2007) The Case of The Drunken Blackwater Shooter

Pakistani Smack-Down

Lawmaker's Son, UT Student David Kernell, Indicted in Palin E-mail Hacking

Hide! Lock your doors! It's Mark Udall!!

Did McCain Just Propose ANOTHER Bailout?!?

Obama urges Americans not to panic over economy

Florida Primary Recount Reveals Grave Voting Problems One Month Before Presidential Election

Snap election called in Ukraine

Despite Palin resistance, 'troopergate' report to come Friday

TPMtv: The 2nd Presidential Debate in Ten Easy Minutes

Supreme Court hears case on Navy sonar, whales

Judge puts early voting in 3 Ind. cities on hold; Republicans say sites violate state law

(Female) Suicide bomber kills ten in Iraq - police

Hillary Clinton on the "Mavericks" in Washington

Biden calls McCain a sidekick, not a maverick

Mail-in Ballots: Make Your Vote Count in WA State Unregistered Volunteer?!?!?!

Roberta Riley's Story: A Leader I Can Trust

Hermaphrodite child can choose gender - court

Campaign for Change Ohio: Summer Wrap-Up

McCain mortgage plan shifts costs to taxpayers

Montana Republican Party withdraws voter "challenges"

K. Olbermann and J. Alter discuss the rising violence incited by the McCain campaign

Obama Plays the McCain as Hothead Card, This is the guy who sang Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran

Blueprint for Change: Ethics

In Blow to Bush, Judge Orders 17 Guantánamo Detainees Freed

John McCain Gets Pulled Over

"You're Right, John, I DON'T Understand" Make the Difference

Lilibet Hagel Endorses Obama/Biden

Letterman - McCain Friendliest Senator - 10/07/2008

myBO: Personal Fundraising

Backstage with Barack at the 2008 DNC

TYT: Poll Numbers From The Debate = 54 : 30

John McCain - Not on your side for health care

McCain says 'My fellow prisoners'

Max Keiser with Afshin Rattansi "Bin Laden would do a better job than Paulson"

Is John McCain REALLY the Penguin?

McCain Palin 08

McCain-- "My Friends"

Lisping, cross-dressing Republican giggles about McCain smearing Obama w/ Ayers

John McCain & the GOP's

John McCain & the GOP's

The End of America trailer

NAACP Florida State Conference calls for firing of teacher for using the “N” word

More banks will fail, Paulson says

McCain Loses It: Calls Americans 'My Fellow Prisoners' (EXTENDED

Obama in Indianapolis - Oct 8, 2008

US troops on US streets?!

Goodbye Liberty

McCain and his campaign largely absent as Obama makes hard run at North Carolina

Paint With Hate VIII: Sarah Palin

"Anyone Can Be VP" Sarah Palin Song and Cartoon

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: Obama 47%, McCain 45%

Vice President John McCain?

McCain/Obama "Cold as Ice"

"You've Probably Never Heard of Fannie Mae"

Documents say detainee near insanity

Hillary - Turning Point

TYT: Reviews On The McCain vs. Obama Debate

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 8 - Thread #2

Secret Service Investigating Obama Threats At McCain/Palin Rallies

TYT: Obama's Great Response To McCain WRT Changing The Subject

Obama: McCain Scoring 'Cheap Political Points'

Md. Police Put Activists' Names On Terror Lists (WP)

John McCain's Rage is a National Security Concern

Incredible Music Video Response to Republican Smear Machine

Obama stops by Al Gore's after debate

Iran Gave U.S. Help On Al Qaeda After 9/11

Biden says McCain taking 'low road'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 8

Iceland teeters on the brink of bankruptcy

David Brooks: Sarah Palin represents a fatal cancer to the Republican party

Sarah Palin supporters - STFU!

Investigator nears completion of Troopergate’ interviews

Michelle Obama On -That One-

McLoser Snubs Obama's handshake, Wolf Blitzer calls it

Pelosi: Economy may force Congress to return

Cenk: Can Barack Obama Really Become The Next USA President?

Riots in Hong Kong after heavy stock losses

Hillary at the eighth annual Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee luncheon

Michelle Obama not offended by 'that one' comment

E-voting security results 'awful,' says Ohio secretary of state

Joe Biden in Tampa, FL (full video)

AIG Taps Fed For Another $38 Billion

Another McCain-Palin Introducer Declares "Barack Hussein Obama"

CNN Presidential Debate Poll: OBAMA WINS BY A LANDSLIDE!

Think Before you Speak: GLSEN

'Major global downturn' says IMF

Russia completes withdrawal from Georgia buffer zones

Depression 2008 Martial Law USA

New York Times calls McCain campaign 'appalling'

The Results are In! -- Barack Wins Debate

(Gitmo) Detainee Transfer Announced

My fellow prisoners??

I KNEW Palin reminded me of someone

Bill Maher on Tonight Show 10-7-08

Gallup Daily: Obama’s Lead Over McCain Expands to 11

'Perfect storm' could give Dems 'magic 60' in Senate

Nobel Prize winner throws his support behind Obama (#62)


Barack Obama is...THAT ONE!

Chicago's Cook County Sheriff won't evict in foreclosures

Yosemite National Park rock slide destroys cabins

New Obama Ad - "Mills"

Hannity Visibly Flustered After The Debate! - Gibbs Smackdown on FauxNews

Back on the Trail Today! Joe Biden Smacks Down McCain-Palin Low Road Appeal to Fear

Judge throws out some key prosecution evidence in Stevens' trial

Wanda Sykes Fights Teen Usage of 'That's So Gay'

"That One" -- the remix

The Grand Finale! Fun With War Crimes #8 -- BushCo on trial!

U.S. Inquiry Is Said to Conclude 30 Civilians Died in Afghan Raid

Medvedev Blasts U.S., Pushes New Security Pact

Republican John Hutson for Obama

In Honor of Palin Youth -- "Tomorrow Belongs to Me"

October 7th - Last Update For Now

U.S. urged to free female al Qaeda suspect

Donna Brazile Is Not Going To The Back Of The Bus

Cindy McCain goes on the attack

Four Days in Denver: Behind the Scenes at the 2008 DNC

Circuit City loses credit agency approval (no inventory after Christmas?)

Foo Fighters denounce John McCain for using their song

Mbeki ally threatens to split ANC

Betty White calls Sarah Palin a

After His Latest Debate Performance, McCain Considers Suspending His CHAMPAGNE

McCain Now Trailing in Hypothetical Race Against 'That One'

Palin’s Kind of Patriotism

The day a 'terrorist' was a guest in my kitchen

Politics of Attack

US election: Obama makes strong showing in Tennessee debate

ACORN Calls Police Raid of Las Vegas Office a Political "Stunt"

Palin's promise of transparency in Alaska wanes on touchy topics like e-mail and polar bears

The Subliminal Slam Dunk

For the New Contagion, the Same Old Prescriptions

Investigating John McCain’s Tragedy at Sea

NYT: Politics of Attack. McCain/Palin into the dark territory of race-baiting and xenophobia

AlterNet: What I Learned at the Sarah Palin Rally Before They Threw Me out

Cox's SEC Censors Report on Bear Stearns Collapse (Update2)

E.J. Dionne: Nowhere for McCain to Go

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Mission Accomplished Forever (xpost from Veterans)

The Top Ten 'Notes' of the 'Straight-Scribbling' McCain

Remember Andy Martin? Fox's Hannity presents the former anti-semitic Palm Beach pol as Obama expert

30 Civilians Died in Afghan Raid, U.S. Inquiry Finds

Paul Krugman: McCain plan favors healthy, wealthy

A Sign of the Times: E-Trade Baby Leaps From His Crib

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.: Et Tu, Senator McCain?

"People, not chess pieces"

Financial collapse brings back 'corralito' memories

Garrison Keillor (Praire Home Companion )says it all...

CAPITALISM IN CRISIS: The Broken Pact with the People

Sorry,double post. Mechanical problem, apparently. n/t

Brigitte Bardot Slams Palin As A Disgrace To Women

Sorry,double post. Mechanical problem, apparently. n/t

Financial Times: Extend state ownership to save jobs

In These Times: More U.S. Meddling in El Salvador?

Fed assumes powerful new role in financial crisis

The GOP Peddles Economic Snake Oil

McCain's bold new mortgage plan isn't new. Sounds like he still hasn't read the Paulson plan

Gene Lyons on the GOP’s latest ugly fable

Online 100 Poll: Even Wingnuts Expect Obama to Win

Florida Primary Recount Reveals Grave Voting Problems One Month Before Presidential Election

Donna Brazile & Sarah Palin: The Truth Is Black & White

Foo Fighters Fightin Mad Over McCain

SOS -- An Interview With Mickey Z. (Adam Engel)

Gary Hart: Turning Disaster Into Opportunity

Garrison Keillor: Juicing up the ticket

Sorry, double post. n/t

What We Think: Shut up, Sarah! (Winston-Salem Chronicle)

The Shot Heard Round the World

Sarah Palin Represents A Fatal Cancer To The Republican Party

Palin’s Kind of Patriotism

Our Lady of Perpetual Fear-Mongering

Palin/McCain have gone beyond swift boating. They are engineering Obama's assassination.

Debate Shortchanged American Public: "Maybe they should let the blogosphere handle the next one."

Editorial: Inciting fear, hate disqualifies Palin

Palin Email Hack: Man Indicted

Obama’s Mercy Saves McCain the Maverick From Being Broken

ACLU: Bush Admin Tried To Create Gitmo Inside The US

Naomi Wolf: Thousands of Troops Are Deployed on U.S. Streets Ready to Carry Out "Crowd Control"

The Weather Underground were terrorist like the Boy Scouts!

"Hallelujah" Sarah Palin Linked To Spiritual Warfare Network

NYT, pg1: Forget Logic; Fear Appears to Have Edge

Army widow sues U.S. over suicide

Pilot faulted in errant bombing of soldiers

FCC examining TV networks, military analysts

Vets group slams McCain on voting record

Trials for troops a major hurdle in Iraq deal

Mind training helps with combat, then PTSD

U.S.: 43 militants killed in Afghanistan

Support centers proposed for reserve families

Military improves education on electrocution

DoD offers new benefits guide for injured

Ex-sailor to repay $18K over marriage scheme

Supreme Court hears sonar case today

Jewish GI moved to new battalion after attack

Sailor warns DoD of detainee treatment

Ransom reduced to $8M, Somali pirate says

Humvees seized in Russia still not returned

Michelle Obama speaks to families near Lejeune

Final word: One nuclear, but no cyber command

EOD airmen now paid up to $375 extra a month

Deadline approaching UAV pilot applications

Relax, release

Afghanistan rebels key to future, Gates says

Gates tours Kosovo post

Defense Media Activity starts news operations

Sailor turns self in after two hit by car in Japan

President Bush to sign measure for looser restrictions on arms sales to South Korea

2nd Humphreys GI booted after split verdict in ATM fraud case

S. Korea to buy U.S. munitions

AAFES running low on fuel ration cards

(Military Times) Op-Ed: The Need for Missile Defense

McCain Gets a 'D' from Vets Group

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Mission Accomplished Forever

Gunship Commander Receives Cheney Award

Gay candidates anticipate breakthroughs on Nov. 4

Can I ask a question?

I actually felt my body temperature drop when I read this.

It pisses me off to see a "Yes on Prop 102" ad here

The demdog78 thread.

Flight of the penguins: Rescuers return wayward birds home

NY Atty Gen Cuomo Sues Bush EPA over Water Pollution Loophole

Largest Solar Thermal Storage Plant to Start Up

I'm looking for a solar controller/battery charger.

I'm looking for a solar controller/battery charger.

Court hears case Wednesday on Navy sonar, whales

Question on the Toyota Prius

DOE loan applications are in, nuclear construction costs $6,528/KW

On Parched Farms, Intuition Used to Help Find Water (Dowsers in vogue)

Norbert becomes Category 4 hurricane in Pacific - AP

A New Leaf: Making Paper From Weeds

Hamas blames US 'Jewish Lobby' for financial crisis

Lebanese union to sue Israel for 'claiming ownership' of falafel

Israeli Approvals for Medical Entry in the Shadow of Terror Attacks at the Erez Crossing

Medical delegation denied entry to Gaza

Israel builds its first 'eco-friendly' town

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Life after Bush -- Forecasting Peace in Palestine (Ramzy Baroud)

Iranian boy to undergo surgery in Israel

Hurndall case: Israeli military forces still kill civilians with 'near-total impunity'

Kuntar victim's family outraged by his return to terror

Dr. Housing Bubble 10/07/08

Mad-cow ban cost U.S. $11 billion in beef exports

Warren Buffet as Secretary of the Treasury...

Alcoa earnings drop 52% - suspends buyback program

Uh, that coordinated rate cut not working out so far

In bleak forecast, IMF sees major global downturn


Obama single-handedly resurrects Dow Jones Industrial Index!

Paul Krugman: The International Finance Multiplier

MetLife (MET): Death by hedge funds

Roubini posted a follow-up to his "12 Steps to Financial Disaster” paper today. Worth a read.

Iceland on verge of bankruptcy

The End of Prosperity?

Pakistan on verge of bankruptcy

I am leaving asset allocation in our IRAs and 401Ks alone, however

Today in labor history Oct 8 Poland labor organizations are banned by the government

Jane Bryant Quinn: McCain’s Health Care Plan Would Drop 20 Million People

MSNBC: Unions stand to gain from proposed legislation

Joe Sixpack demands answers from anti-union McCain & Co.

Brazil launches first semi-submersible oil platform

Peasant death forces Paraguay to ban foreign land holders

Rain Forest Tribe’s Charge of Neglect Is Shrouded by Religion and Politics

Morales: Bolivia should not fear US 'blockade'

Luján Telpuk: Antonini always said that the suitcase belonged to him

duplicate delete

8 Colombian soldiers killed in mine field

Mexico extradites ex-Guatemalan leader

Toward a 21st Century Socialism

Peru corruption scandal widens to top Garcia aide

Ecuador Threatens to Expel Oil Companies

OH BOY! : Allegation Seeks to Link Diaz-Balart to Indictred PR Senatror

Tampa Bay over Red Sox; Dodgers over Philly...

Florida State fans. Wow.

Sarah Palin: Not a Red Sox fan

MLB Championship Series picks?

Baseball's Playoff Ratings on TBS Slide 24 Percent From 2007

Boxing! (Oct. 10 & 11)

Let's go Phillies!

I think I've found the problem...

DailyOm: Avoiding Negative Vibrations (from yesterday)

Don't you just love it...just a little...when someone's own vile negativity comes back to


'End in sight' for elephantiasis (BBC) {some good news for a change!}

Anyone planning election spellcasting?

My friend Jody is offering free psychic readings

Hi ! new to this forum

“A License To Not Quite Kill” New Taser for military to use in crowd control etc.

Overcoming the Image Problem

Lebanon(PA) sheriff revokes soccer mom's gun permit-Open Carry Kid's Soccer Match


Irish/Jewish Brisket to die for!

I read somewhere that you can cook sweet potato greens & I want to try

vegetarian French Onion Soup

Imported Toast....From England

Goddamned Nilla Wafers

Bad connection likely cause of particle collider shutdown

'Deadly Dozen' Reports Diseases Worsened By Climate Change

'Deepest ever' living fish filmed

“I got what I prayed for” or just the luck of the draw?

'Glowing' jellyfish grabs Nobel

Jobs at Lowes Warehouse in Mt. Vernon

Cornyn memo says he's ahead but political climate volatile

Brimer's lawsuit over ballots is rejected

Senatorial Debate Thursday, 10/09


U.S. Northern Command, Canada Command establish new bilateral Civil Assistance Plan

Liberals inch closer to Tories, poll suggests

I shook hands with Jack Layton - again

John Kerry Stands by Joe and Jill Biden

Some things never change! Sigh.

From Obama site: Drive for Change with Niki Tsongas and John Kerry!

John Kerry misses a pro noun and can't become President. John McCain calls us all prisoners.

Jeff Beatty: Wants to investigate bailout plan. And what is an alphabet agency?


Producer says sequel to 'Bull Durham' in the works

When are we going to see "W" the Movie?

Kagen gard Debate, Check Out This BS:

Nice turn out for noon hour support Obama/vote early gathering

McCain coming to Mosinee?

Any thoughts on our government's "rescue plan" then?

Durston tied with repuke incumbent lungren in 3rd congressional race!