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Isn't there some way we can Reward Bush* and Cheney with a plum chairmanship

Investigation sought into Alaska oil-spill case

The official joe lieberman portrait thread...

GO Tweety!!

Bachmann outraged about the "HURTFUL, OVER-THE-TOP" critique of Sarah Palin

PNAC is BACK? McCain's Neocons May be Breathing Life Back into the Organization has a map we can click on...

Ode to America~ (video)

What was the biggest decade in American History?

LAT: Schwarzenegger tells backers of gay marriage: Don't give up

Happy Birthday....

Tim Robbins vs. Elections Board, Round 2

Will McCain tell Obama where bin Laden is hiding?

Tomorrow is Veterans' Day.

it seems there is a lull since the Obama victory . . . .

Quick. Help. I had to run to the store in the middle of my Keith... Did he have the segment about

Circle jerk on Fox

One of the funniest "Worst Persons" ever. O'LIElly won all three spots..

Dana Perino, unhinged....Pt. XXIII: Fun with semantics.....


Our School's Budget Just Frozen...While Bush Borrows 343 MILLION A DAY for Iraq War

Olbermann On Now About Prop. 8: "What If Someone Passed A Law That Said You Couldn't Be Married?"

The Fist-bump fund drive: So who's behind the Question signs

Get your "IMPEACH BOTH!!!" hats here! Get 'em while they're hot!!

Down and Out in Beverly Hills: Rolexes, Picassos, Ferraris Hit Pawnshops


Pete Rouse appointed Deputy Cheif of Staff.

defining the economic stimulus

Dear media and Republicans

The CIA Is Worried: Will Obama Actually Hold Them Accountable?

The trickle down effect of huge military budgets!

Do you live in a Constitution-Free zone?

So .... I've been Rah! Rah! for Obama. So what's with this LIEberman thing?????

Can't Bush just get out of Obama's house now?

Keith O just made me cry!

Barack Obama: What life will be like for new US President

What is Scarborough being suspended for? Profanity? Or Making Shit Up?

Stop Gloating and Let’s get to work

What Obama Should Do In First 100 Days

Special Comment by Keith Tonight on Proposition 8

*** WTF! How many more HOMELESS VETS will there be before Dumbya is OUT!!!1!

Wanna put a pro-Gay Marriage representative in office AFTER the election?

Nice story for the Marine Corps birthday..

Europe deploying air and naval forces off coast of Somalia

Palin on Fox ......... Sarah in 2012!

PBS' American Experience tonight: The Crash of 1929

Bush has to suck up to Obama to keep him from exposing the skeletons he finds in the WH closets

CIA al-Qaeda hunt was sanctioned by Rumsfeld

CIA al-Qaeda hunt was sanctioned by Rumsfeld

Why doesn't Dean want to run the DNC?

Instability in Middle East of major concern to U.S. Joint Chiefs

Is it true Prez-Elect Obama wants our suggestions on the bailout?

Japan, U.S. to review crisis plan

Re Prop 8, a theory

Howard Fineman, you're awesome, but....

Get the word out: Lieberman is one of the MOST liberal members in the Senate

Ok instead of his segment of "Bushed" and McCains campgain...

Mexico hedges almost all of its oil exports

Mexico hedges almost all of its oil exports

Dean Will Step Aside at DNC

In case your wastin' time keepin' up

IMF chief calls G20 to action

Scorched Earth: AIG Execs caught on ANOTHER junket last week

Let's predict the winning surprise personality of the Republican 2008 campaign

Nov. 11th

Palin blames Bush policies for GOP defeat

Even the unborn danced the night Barack Obama won the election!

MPs seek to censor the media

Is there any chance Chucklenuts would hand over the Nuclear Football to Obama a couple months early?

CNN Poll on Gay marriage

What's wqith all the "I'll help you cheat on your taxes" ads on teevee?

How Will the Military Approach Obama?

Thanks to DU, I cannot remember the last time I heard news on the radio or TV, or read news, or

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Ok so a couple houses down from me there is this car that had a ..

Some observations on Joe Lieberman:

Anybody here still support the bailout?

AK Stinks & MN's on Edge: So Here's What Can be Done to Try to Ensure Accurate 'Recounts'

That's It... I'm Marrying Myself... Fuck Everybody Else...

As of 5:21 pm today, there were still 2.1 million votes in california not counted.

Ads while logged in?

Tomorrow, hubby and I will celebrate 19 years of wedded bliss...

Palin on Goofiness - The Mudflats

On the surface, Obama presents himself as a uniter, but he's pledged to fight for us


The NEW garage sales on Nightline. They're not just for some extra spending money anymore.

On November 4th, I was proud of America. Today, not so much

What kind of research progress is likely following lifting of federal restrictions on stem cells?

The hard and soft of war

Pls. delete. Thanks. nt

The Perfect DU Thread...

Letterman had this guest on his show, Jamie Oliver. He is a chef from England.

How fast did the McCain/Palin yard signs disappear from your neighborhood after the election?


it is 42 degrees, November 10 and we just had a hail storm in KS...

Who gets to feel each other up and maybe...

Cops have tough time finding sober driver for boy

Write my name in the Book of Love.

Small town hospital

November 11th is Veterans' Day.

Why Are Right Wingers So Paranoid?

Moment of truth for Shiite party over pact

If you're interested in the life of Omar Khayyam, SEE THIS MOVIE!!

Associated Press Shilling for Bush...Shameless Until The End.

The best from the Fox News

And for $14.95 you, too, can be one with, Joe the, Blogger

The Gay Marriage Amendment - Nazi Ideology with Neocon Spin

Have you seen the "Prayer Thread" in Freepland?

You have to love Rachel...

You know what's unfortunate about Keith Olbermann's special comment on Prop 8?

Wow! I just saw a commercial featuring two men


So is Joey the Scar off the air for a while??

Obama does a great impression of G.W. Bush!

jebus Hannity is a one track broken record

Anyone know wher eI can find the picture..

I'm hoping that Joe Lieberman will become the new "JOE THE PLUMBER"

Joe the Intern Killer: "When she took control (Palin) that last several weeks...

Wow! How'd that happen? DUPE

Game On: Barack Obama is sending aides to help with the runoff senatorial campaign in Georgia

For your delight & delectation: The Urban Dictionary defines "Palin"

Wow, not one single post in the Civil Liberties Forum on our

Wow, not one single post in the Civil Liberties Forum on our

Wow, not one single post in the Civil Liberties Forum on our

Wow, not one single post in the Civil Liberties Forum on our

Wow, not one single post in the Civil Liberties Forum on our

Wow, not one single post in the Civil Liberties Forum on our

About the Arkansas law Mike Malloy is talking about... I have a question.

Dems are bungling the Lieberman issue

Autumn in Arlington

Hot Dog : Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

uncalled senate races! help me out here

I really hope Palin runs for Prez in 2012

If Franken prevails there will be one less reason to keep Lieberman

Morning(dead intern)Joe=Morning PIG Palin worship


There's a concerted effort to keep this dumb-ass in the spotlight....

Some encouraging signs from Rahm Emanuel.

Petaphilia - Bwahahahahah!

This Modern World: Has the entire country gone mad?

So does anyone have a video of...

The Overpayment Begins (from The Baseline Scenario)

Palin has used up 15 minutes of: Fame, Blame, Maim, Game,

Another Palin wardrobe post...sorry

OMG! Sarah Palin is soooo busy she couldn't stop for 20 minutes to do a tv interview

Bad News - Plouffe won't head DNC

Here's evidence that somebody has a lot of money to spend:

Can We Fix Alaska?

This is a feel good election story

RATpublicans don't want to admit Dems brought down gas prices

*'s moving sale...

Former Marine wrestles with invisible wounds (xpost from Veterans)

So, do you think the MSM treated dems and Obama unfairly this election cycle?

I don't really give a shit whether lieberman stays or goes.

Baracks House

Apparently Bush is upset (according to Drudge)

FEMA Firefighter's Manual Covers UFO Attacks, Crashes (Heckuva job, ET)

American Economy Damages Future of Renewable Energy

some nations hold their ex-presidents accountable

Peru offers bald dog of Incas to Obama family.

Washington secretly authorized military raids on 20 countries since 2004

So, what's the one mega-corporation that's just itching to get into banking?

Sarah Palin's 15 minutes of blame

Honoring U.S. Vets by Ensuring They Get Jobs

Should Obama have an austere, understated inauguration bash?

have everyone bring canned goods for food banks . . .

Shrub's war on science

Here is an utterly fascinating blog...

Ooh... Obama Antenna-Toppers!

Question: Who was the Irish woman that Obama cut from his campaign?

Obama Family Secret Service Code Names

Anyone else get their Obama administration position application form yesterday?

General Growth Properties plunges on viability concerns - Second-largest U.S. shopping mall owner

Anyone have a link to the hidden camera video of the AIG "junket" in Phoenix yet?

Here is what the Iranian President wrote to Obama. Now you decide what he means

Hypo-Allergenic DOGS? Some Breeds Are? Explain

Will Fellow GOPers Try To Knife Stevens In The Back?

Listening to MSNBC talking about the auto industry, are they blaming the Unions for the auto

I found a part time job by avoiding retail.

Photo Essay Get-Out-The-Vote, 2008

also also also

Students May Seek More Loans as Savings for College Declines, Analysts Say

No joke: Minnesota race is soooo ugly ...

SP on Banning Books - The Mudflats

Shrub is SO shunned, he can't get a book deal.

TX legislator wants to force abortion seekers to get ultrasound ..

A latte troubles for Starbucks......

To all my fellow Progressive Vets. Happy Vet Day


What Palin-isms have become part of your life?

USS Intrepid Museum Opens Back Up Today CV-11 New York Harbor

CNN just reported AIG had another huge getaway at Phoenix costing

CNN just reported AIG had another huge getaway at Phoenix costing

The Roosevelts trashed the White House!! - nicotine stains, worn carpets, rats, ...

Tim Robbins vs. Elections Board, Round 2

In Remembrance....

A Clean Way To Dispose Of Liberman

Another conservative with some 'advice' for Obama.

Let's drop the Palin posts please...

Thomas Sowell on gay marriage: "None of us has a right to other people's approval."

US spec-ops get robot whispercopter kill fleet this month



On Lieberman: Obama=Neutral+Schumer & Durbin "Loaded For Bear" & Want Him Stripped Of Chair

Five Years of My Life: An Innocent Man in Guantanamo by Murat Kurnaz

Cheney lays wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

McCain to Campaign Against VoteVets Candidate

Is Ted Rall using fuzzy math

Applebee's Gives Free Meal Today to Veterans in 164 Locations across US

The Fed waived the normal 30-day waiting period IT'S BANK AMERICAN EXPRESS

The Color Guard is covering Bush's face on the CNN Feed

Obama Wants Lieberman to Remain in Democratic Caucus

Remember--Joe Lieberman scuttled a Katrina investigation after PROMISING one if elected

What I will miss most about Bush

Schumer and Durbin Want Lieberman Stripped of Homeland Security Chair

People Who Have Stars Donated To Them Shouldn't Get To Display The "I Donated To DU" Banner.

Bail-outs Could Tie Barack's Hands. The failing of corrupt corps could be GOOD for future.

Five-time Draft Dodger DICK Cheney is doing the Vet's Day wreath...

Bernie & Phyl's Sales Promotion: "The Obama administration..."

Bush gets drawing from little girl, promptly creases and folds it.

Was Joe the cusser back on Morning Joe this AM

Obama Spokesperson: He Doesn't "Hold Any Grudges" Against Lieberman

WW II vet held in Nazi slave camp breaks silence: 'Let it be known'

This Remembrance Day - lest we forget

Glenn Greenwald: Will Congress cede its powers to the Obama administration?

Short Term, Rs Could End Up Liking Obama More Than Ds

Obama Wants Lieberman To Remain In Democratic Caucus

any updates from the MN senate race yet? thought they were suppossed to post new info.

Ford/GM failure will massively effect the country?

Citigroup to help at-risk borrowers stay in homes

This Bush lovefest on CNN is making me sick.

GM on the verge of bankruptcy. Nothing to see here. No need to worry.

Time to become a Republican?

Is Lieberman dangling in the wind at the moment?

How to End the Recession: from The Nation:

On Veterans Day, a "Joe" story worth reading: Navy veteran Joe O'Boyle ends 15 years of homelessness

Now here's the lady you don't want to be stuck next to on an airplane......

Mormon Church Owns Mainstream Radio Stations in 8 Top Markets

Chavez mentions tanks if ally loses Venezuela vote

South Park Obama election episode

A rant about San Francisco voter turnout: Retraction

This veteran wants to thank YOU on this Veteran's Day

When will Bush "find" Osama bin Laden?

Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans Join The Homeless

The Rude Pundit - Advice to Soul-Searching Conservatives: Stop Being Such Jerks

omg!!11!! Luckiest day ever!

Sarah, Toad, Piper, Trig and Matt ........

I had MSNBC on today for background noise.

Visiting FOX News

John Nichols: The Doctor Who Cured the Democratic Party

Protest against Prop 8 November 23 at Cambridge, MA City Hall (x post)

I use to think Kazuo Kawasaki specs were cool

Caption this * pic...

Caption this * pic...

Americans giving less of our money to the auto industry is a good thing.

I am filing to become a bank.


Missing Child, 1, Found Under Floorboards (unhurt, just a little dirty)

I'm a bit tired maybe I'm just not seeing this right...

When did Obama think there were 57 states?

Today is labor day and my first thought this morning

A Garden Of Tears - Tending an orchard of grief

Dubya leaves a midnight drop for on-line poker players

AFL-CIO’s Rich Trumka: Employee Free Choice Act Will Help Change The Economy

TEDTalk Tuesday: on the Science of Scent

Jonah Goldberg - Denying That George Dubya Bush Was A Conservative

Keith Olbermann -- you nailed it yet again tonight.

Donate to DU! and make the flaming pizza go away.

Dear God, please tell Sarah Palin to run for president

My new voice-mail message

Thom Hartmann just said 25% of all retail jobs lost since 2007.

Missing White House emails

Home-care agency shutting down due to recession.

Bush is less popular than Nixon in final days

Does Obama Have All the Answers?? The Obvious answer is No...Can his Team solve the Probs

You have to give conservatives credit...they aren't QUITTERS!

"I.O.U.S.A." One Nation. Under Stress. In Debt. (the

If DU has been your Sanctuary these past 7+ years - find a way to donate a few dollars

W. Still the President!

URGENT -- The Crime is Coming Unravelled

Never underestimate the value of optimism on national well-being

Whoa! I'm not the only one legally threatening the Mormon Church to remove my name from

Since 1940, student voters have accurately picked all but two presidents

General Motors stock falls below $3 a share - A year ago today, GM closed at $33.15 per share

Calling DU's legal eagles: Could this argument against Prop 8 work?

What would you want from an automaker bailout?

American International Group has become a money pit for the U.S. government

I knew he couldn't stay away very long. Fred Phelps to Protest Obama's Grandmother's Funeral

DOW down 3% at noon. I guess 8600 is the new 14000

The700 Club. They may have to change their name to the Trillions Club.

Sarah Sings With The Wasilla Singers?? Is this for real?

Feingold Could Become Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee if Kerry Nominated

Will "big oil" be begging for a bailout?

High corn prices add to Pacific Ethanol loss

Queen Elizabeth II has run aground.

GM's Bob Lutz - Global Warming Is A "Total Crock of Shit" - He Wants A Federal Bailout? Please.

1960 ELECTION NIGHT - part 1!!! (NBC coverage converted to use on Youtube.)

Missions Accomplished

Barack Obama: The 50 facts you might not know

Barack Obama: The 50 facts you might not know

Web conferencing software / applications

Attention DUers! Important Information about the BAILOUT RIP OFF is being covered up!

Be the Change: Harnessing the power of a movement

Be the Change: Harnessing the power of a movement

RNC to auction Sarah's underwear.

Deflation would be really bad news

Neel Kashkari, Bailout Czar, Not A Fan Of Public Questions

Only 69 More Days

What the heck is that picture on top, at the 4th quarter DU drive?

This Modern World: Has the entire country gone mad?

So did Faux Noise get tombstoned? It looks like a pizza up there.

What I wrote to my kid's Chemistry teacher

Check out this pic from the Prop 8 protest

Domestic violence abusers could get gun rights

TOON: Sparky Savors the Moment

"Fighting for our freedom" - when was the last time this really happened?

A few words about "all the Palin posts"

YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A 'Good' Video (ONN)

If I were a repub, I would be seriously asking if people really do want smaller government.

So the republicans are thinking of running Queen Sarah in 2012?

A crazy idea ... could banning gay marriage be considered gender discrimination?

If we bail out the auto industry, there *must* be strings attached

Media releases Photo of the ruined Clinton keyboards and trashed Whitehouse

The Beav's brother Wally displays sculpture at the Louvre.

If you donate to DU in my name, I'll get an undeserved "I donated" banner.

Gee, Wally. You're going to the Louvre?

Gee, Wally. You're going to the Louvre?

A dying boy is more effective than a Republican administration.

What exactly is this?

How gay marriage is allowed in belgium

MO child in Klan costume causes controversy


Who should be SOH and MW?

Fundies: Conservative expression on campuses "in peril"

Petty Cash: Laura lines up multimillion-dollar deal to write memoirs while Junior is benched

The Detroit bailout is a fucking union-destroying SCAM. Bush's last stand.

What are we calling it when our troops leave Iraq and the Iraqis are shooting at our transports?

Today is Veterans' Day.

weird looking thing on the fundraising banner?

Warm Vet's Day story....

An open letter to my gay acquaintances..

Who is the biggest threat to American progress?

Explain this one:

"Detroit will never be the same"

"Detroit will never be the same"

So I guess a high profile Mormon needs to get caught up in a gay love scandal

Raped in the Military? You'll Have to Pay for Your Own Forensic Exam Kit

Editorial Cartoon.

Just a bunch of "losers" ...

1 Man + 1 Woman= tens of thousands of Americans born unable to marry anyone at all.

Amid poor economy, even mighty Harvard struggling

40 Awsome Versions of Jesus (Warning: Some may find language or whatever objectionable)

Chimpy on CNN clinging to his story about his so-called 'regrets'...

I wrote about this last week...

Mystery of lost US nuclear bomb

I found some old World Almanacs in my attic the other day.

Did BushCo Not Deploy Their Election Theft Hacking Operation For McCain?

From Tiny Sect, Weighty Issue for Justices -Grove Park City, Utah (The Summums vs the Mormons)

Power Line advises Obama to be just like Bush when he speaks publicly

'that's all, folks" --daily thoughts for the last days of this error

I never heard of the name "Saxby" before.

Gay artists seek boycott of Sacramento theater

America Discovers That Bailout Will Be Used To Pay Wall Street Bonuses

Renaming Dept. of Homeland Security: Civil Security? Domestic Security?

'1001 jihadis to take place of Bali bombers'

Don't make me miss an open door God - Sarah on Fox

Looking at the DU Fund Drive, I think Obama's body should follow his arm... it looks weird... n/t

Historectmy question.

Two Questions about Deflation

Web sites adjusting as political winds change(DU Mention)

Web sites adjusting as political winds change(DU Mention)

Robert Fisk: Obama has to pay for eight years of Bush's delusions

Homegrown: 21st Century Family Farm

Bell ringers are already out in front of the big stores in my town.

What Is Your Veteran's Day Story?

What Is Your Veteran's Day Story?

Thanks to whoever donated for me. I shall do the same for someone.

Tonight - 7 PM Body of War - Sundance Channel

Decades old videos

I'm waiting for the almighty to give me the green light*

Blizzard hits Wanblee residents hard (Pine Ridge Indian Rez)

Tell the Republicans that they need more truck nutz.

Tomorrow is a great day in Connecticut! Read about the festivities here!

Who is Larry Summers? (Treasury Secretary? ALARM BELL going off)

Your thoughts please.

Financial Crisis: Next Shoe to Drop

Seen at gun show

"Possible Illegal Agreement" -Helped Coordinate President's Raids On Americans

Isn't there surgery for cross eyes? Ron Christie is so hard to watch

Hey, look everybody, G. Gordon Liddy's selling gold and 401K's!!!1!

American Anthem by Nora Jones, as a Veteran’s Day tribute.

bu$h* on cnn...popularity is junior YOUR poularity is in the shitcan


Merrill chief sees severe global slowdown


David Shuster in for David Gregory tonight on '1600 Pennsylvania Ave.'

It's ok. I'm here now. You can all go back to ignoring me.

This Vet would like to give a shout out to the FAMILIES of Veterans.

Just talked to my FIL in Arkansas

Slain woman was part of KKK ritual (LA)

Dear Sarah Palin: Take your God and stick him up your faith-based ass!

Tonight on Frontline: "Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story" .... set your VCRs, DVRs or other...

Homeless Veterans in SF get a gift on their day (a pair of socks, a granola bar and K-rations)

Alaska Election: The Envelopes Please

Commentary: For what did they die?

Veterans Day - Dad's journal of his WW2 voyage from New Guinea to Manila (dial-up warning)

Fresno Bee does a glowing story about FR on today's front page

A salute to the Veterans of the DU

Would Alaska's Endless Election Night End Wednesday?

SP Ignores Mosquitoes at her Peril - The Mudflats

Heehee! Joe Scabro is up next for an Obama fist-bump!

For Our DU Veterans

Why Are We In Afghanistan? And Pakistan?

It snowed in Florida today.

World's ugliest dog dies, will be beautiful in heaven

A Southern Liberal's Ode to Democratic Underground

A Southern Liberal's Ode to Democratic Underground

President-elect Obama Marks Veterans Day: 'Our veterans are part of an unbroken line of heroes'

Nationwide protest on Prop 8

"Sarah Palin" (if that's her real name - she lies about everything else)...


GM to suspend production at Korean plants

TruckNutz to rebuild the republican party

Great Depression Holds Lessons, but What Are They?

Jesus F Christ I need a job!

Two views of leadership on Veterans' Day, 2008 ...

1 Reason why Ohio went Blue ... Jennifer Brunner

Body of War on Sundance Channel tonight - in 20 minutes


Admins: I gotta say, you have to rethink the Fund Drive graphics

I just paid $25.00 for a bottle of wine and another thread got me to thinking

A Masterly Deception: Bush Misleads about His Misleads - Bush History, 11/11

Miriam Makeba dies

Bush-Cheney Guilty of War Crimes

"In Our Own Words"

Who doesn't love Jello?

Why is the GOP-controlled media pushing the meme that ...

Hundreds (around 500) Line Up For Jobs (50) At New In-N-Out Burger

Babysitter: Parrot Saved 2 Year-old Girl's Life With Warning

Americans United Files 7 Complaints After Churches Endorse Political Candidates

Do you want to get rid of Lieberman? Here is how.

Palin: "I'm like, OK, God, if there is an open door for me... I'll plow through that door."

Dennis Kucinich's sister died today: from the campaign

Thank you, Mr. President

Max Cleland's Chance for Revenge

How much longer till you can break your addiction to DU?

St. Louis Film Fest - "The Film that will put BUSH BEHIND BARS" last 2 days to rate it & Thank You!.

Obama/Biden A Common Sense Strategy for Future Elections, This isn't Rocket Science!!!!

The mood of the Obama transition has been decidedly centrist

Forget the one-dimensional left-center-right BS framing. It's a deliberate lie designed to divide.

Story about 8 year old boy who murdered his dad and another man gets more disturbing

Don't BUY Inauguration Tickets - they are FREE.

I am going to declare 2008 the Year of the Nerds.

US car corps: laying off here, expanding overseas. We should bail them out - for why?

In honor of our past and current military members on this Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2008

Palin's lack of medical care for her infant compounds and worsens degree of Downs syndrome symptoms.

U.S. Automakes and Unions Want Bailout - But With No Environmental Conditions

War on Christmas nothing new

I still have not spent my stimilus check. It is in the bank.

E-Mail to Harry Reid re: Prop 8

WES CLARK coming up on Morning Joe. nt


ACTION ALERT: National Day of protest against Prop. 8

Wynton Marsalis Band: "O, Obama beat John McCain." Sat. nite concert

Wynton Marsalis Band: "O, Obama beat John McCain." Sat. nite concert

'Lieberman Must Go' website

I overheard an "Obama's going to take our 401K" conversation

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Santos vs. Obama - another interesting West Wing imitates life imitates West Wing clip

I really like the fist-bump fund drive banner

The Prop 8 (Yes on 8) campaign has now filed a motion...

White House, Obama release official statements

W can't leave the White House soon enough.

Here's A Simple Answer To All The "When Will America Elect A ____ President" Questions

Shouldn't Congress haul Paulson and Bernanke's butts back to the Capitol next week?

Obama has not decided whether to close Guantanamo Bay, or which executive orders to overturn.

Will Obama Support Lieberman Staying As Chair Of Homeland Security Committee?

MSNBC: Obama to Bush: Action is needed on stimulus package NOW, not after inauguration

My pick for head of FCC: Brian Lamb of C-Span

Tomorrow is Veterans' Day. Please check out these DU links ...

Obama's West Wing Intro Video..

took one for the team today.....putting in new sills i put on talk radio

took one for the team today.....putting in new sills i put on talk radio

Get your "IMPEACH BOTH!" hats here! Get 'em while they're hot!!

if the big 3 want a bail out they first must adhere to a few conditions...

India reels over Obama's silence

Marist Poll releases first poll for 2012

What the WH visit was really like today - in my fantasy world.

Republican Congressman: Obama wants Gestapo-like force

and did i say, yes we did? i want to thank all who made this happen.

BANKS steal another $140 BILLION. See this thread - Rate it up please

The Obamas at the White House (photos)

I cried throughout the trailer for "Milk" at the movies today (because of the votes on Prop 8, etc.)

Should Simon Rosenberg replace Dean at DNC?

Has President-Elect Obama PUBLICLY THANKED Howard Dean for his role in winning this election?

Woman killed by husband's coffin

Lou Blobbs is stuck on the issue that the media is in the

Make her go away already!

May I share my son's election day martini recipe with y'all?

Howard Dean for Surgeon General?

Prop 8 ruling could come quickly

Where can I find audio and video downloads of Obama speeches?

I say make Cosby head of the DNC only if he tells Scarborough Fuck You for opposing Prop 8.

Keith Olberman's Special Comment Is VERY POWERFUL Tonight

Talk Rachel Maddow down on Lieberman, illegal 140 billion dollar tax bank gift

President Elect Obama........Where is my MotherF*cking PONY?

Next time somebody objects to Repubs being compared to Nazis...

People need to go to jail

Well, An Alaskan Cruise IS Out OF The Question Now

When dealing with Christians, give them this link about homosexuality:

Pundits on Larry King gushing over how "gracious" the Bush**'s were today.

Prez Elect Obama contacted me today with my new appointed position

Were Agents Provocateur Used in Denver at the DNC?

The blame for PROP 8 lays squarely on .....

I found the discussion about Lieberman on Rachel's show very illuminating

Hey R/W'er bobble heads...1995 called and they want their crazy conservatives back!

Hey R/W'er bobble heads...1995 called and they want their crazy conservatives back!

Howard Fineman on KO: Obama is going to the one good cop surrounded by a sea of bad cops.

Sources: Jarrett headed to White House, not Senate

One glaring reason we shouldn't bale out the Big Three without demanding fuel-efficient cars

HuffPo: Bush Meets Clinton As President-Elect (Pics)

W stickers are now deemed ironic and cool, IMO

Who will be the next Top Chef in the White House?

My Gay Marriage Story

Seeing a lot of hate email since the election

This is what I discovered

Obama's already made me $1940 richer!

Dear President Obama:

Palin, FEBRUARY 2008: yea, I would like to be on the national stage (also, too).

Karen Hughes on Larry King now


Obama and Bush - Inside the White House meeting... WITH HOT PICS!!! (Humor)

Jackie Robinson and Barack Obama

Poll: Obama’s election boosts African-Americans’ views of America.»

Palin wants God to show her way to White House

Bay Buchanan on Obama: "We're gonna work with him" (but ONLY if he "governs from the center right")

Silly question...

Karl Rove used the F word all the time when conspiring against enemies

Hey Greta, she's sandbagging you

PRICELESS Bush slideshow from the UK Telegraph

How was negative Nancy's show today?

Can we stop arguing about cabinet appointees?

NC Voters 18-29 went 74% to 26% for Obama

Screw the center right.

Health Care Talking Points *For When They Tell Us We Can’t Afford Universal Health*

I have to give it to AssHat, DimSon, Commander Cuckoo Bananas


Confirmed: Full Democratic Caucus Will Vote On Lieberman's Fate

New Rule: No More New Rules

Palin = negligent infliction of emotional distress via punctuation.

John Kerry should be Obama's Secretary of State

Bush tells Obama and the UAW to pound sand.

Good article about how Obama convinced those Hillary Democrats to vote for him.

Since Tuesday, I have not seen a single McCain/Palin sticker in Marin or SF.

Obama now down by 4,968 votes in Missouri.

What the heck? Nieman Marcus has a new catalog...

2010 will be the most important elections in a decade. The state elections will determine the

The Importance of Being Careful (major irony)

Obama Holds Secret Meeting After White House Visit -- But With Whom?

Has the entire country gone mad? By Tom Tomorrow

"No way, we spent $150,000 on clothes!" "I can't believe that}

"Proposition 8 Sets a Dangerous Precedent that Threatens More than Just Marriage Rights for Gays....

About That Sarah Palin Media Junket.....

Breaking: Patti Solis Doyle Being Tapped For Cabinet Secretary.

What do John McCain and Mars have in common?

"We've been going about this all wrong. I blame myself." (Prop 8)

5th graders write to Obama (what are they feeding these cute kids?)

Did people party in the streets at night when Clinton was elected?

Can someone post the .gif of Obama pulling his ears and then smiling?

Under the anti-miscegenation laws, Obama Sr. would have been charged with white slavery

So, it's been one week now...

Apologies if this is an old cartoon... First time I've seen it.

I will try to not get arrested today.

Do you know what Number is better than 65 Million.................66 Million.

How life will change for the Obamas

New entry in the "Urban Dictionary": New Definition of "Palin"

Congressman compares Obama to the Nazis/Soviet Union

Palin Regrets Not Doing More Interviews (!)

It seems Bush is holding the 700 billion dollars hostage.

I think Richard Holbrooke will be the next Secretary of State

Why Won't the Federal Reserve Say Who They Gave $2 Trillion To?

Obama Meets With Dangerous World Leader Without Preconditions!

Come out come out whereEVER you are...hey...where are you...?

Bush uses hand sanitizer after shaking hands with Obama

Palin did NOT try to ban books because they didn't exist!!! ...except that they did

For Ritchie, keeping [MN Senate] recount nonpartisan is main goal

I think we should change this topic forum from

WSJ: Obama Leans Toward Asking Gates To Remain at Pentagon for a Year

More Minnesota Madness

Ok, Cuban Americans, where do we go from here?

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA): Obama will establish Gestapo security force to impose Marxist dictatorship

If Joe Lieberman escapes any sort of punishment....

WSJ: Intelligence Policy to Stay Largely Intact

For those who missed Chris Matthews's wiping out of the Repug who suggested Dems must govern from

What is going on in Missouri? Anyone know?

What is going on in Missouri? Anyone know?

One DUer's story: If I can face down the Campaign Monkey and survive, so can you.

My TWO final works...

How can Bush be 6' tall? Barack and Michelle were towering over him,

George W. Bush: America's SOCIALIST President. When a reich winger says something about

CNN's list of potential names in Obama Cabinet

Rick Warren used Obama

I've just realized what we've done!! I've been waiting and working to SaveAmerica..

Food Banks Running out of Food..................

I would pay money to hear Obama say this to Bush as he leaves office...

15 minutes to the Palin-Lauer mind summit

Will the Democrats be able to hold the gains they have made?

In 2005, GM had 777,000 employees + retirees worldwide. In 2007, GM had 181 billion in revenues.

Wall Street Journal questions McCain's honor

Keen insight from Palin

Oh my! When I see by how much Barack Obama won.....

KS-01: Jerry Moran (R) to Run for Senate - Maybe Tiahrt, Too

OH NOES!!!!! Sarah Palin is FLABBERGASTED!!!!!

Warning: PNAC Is Back! (Guess Who They Want To Help Them Regain Power?) & Bush Wants To Write A Book

Publishers Courting Sarah Palin - RANDOM HOUSE for a Random Mind, eh? Wonder how much she'll get...

On to... LINUX... ok so I got myself an EEEPC 900 to take on to coffee shops

Rec if you want "Top 10 Conservative Idiots" to Return ASAP!

Obama's Sun-Times correspondent: Obama will definitely not and should not consider public school

Palin: 'Open door' in 2012 or 2016

If Lenders w/ Credit Card Operations Receive Taxpayer Bailout $$, Then These Reforms Should Apply...

Letter from Obama thanks 7-year-old political blogger

"More Trouble For Coleman: Latest Lawsuit Upends His First Defense".... LINK

Obama's Economic Challenge Underestimated

Former Republican chairman: Don't be deterred by "transitory enthusiasm" over Obama’s election

Caption time...

Bravo is running a West Wing marathon right

78% of GOP Voters Say Next President Likely to Be A Republican

Obama's Guantanamo and domestic drilling executive orders will not be popular ...

Obama Agendas Disappear From His Web Site

haha...Chuck Todd writing book "How Obama won"

When is spell check gonna stop trying to correct the word "Obama"?


Photos: The Decider, 2000 & 2008. He knew what was coming, we didn't, and now it's cleanup time.

This video will give you a little perspective -- it sure did for me.

SW PA: Student Offended By Teacher's Aide's Obama Remark

Remember, he is "skeered" of horses

What do you think will be biggest pitfall for the Obama Presidency?

Yo, Sarah, that last door God showed you?

WSJ Questions McCain's Honor:

To the "top aides" in the White House right now who may be reading this.................

Palin : God will 'show me the door' : ... I think God already did that ..

Don't give Obama credit for this

I just paid under $2.00 for gas. This would be a perfect time to Increase the gas tax a dollar.

Slowpoke TOON: Election Reactions Around the World

President-elect Obama is warning Dems against "grudges" against Sen. Joe Lieberman

Newspaper preservation question(s)

Palin often criticized by Alaskan Natives as unresponsive.

Do you want to get rid of Lieberman? Here is how.

Let 'em eat Pollution: Summers is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Here's a BOLD cabinet move by President-Elect Obama

Who Is Handling/Representing Palin Now; Who Is Funding Her?..

so what happened to Larry Johnson's damning video of Obama?

Obama Dispatching Aides To Georgia Senate Race

2010 Senate Map May Not Be Much Better for the GOP

KY-Sen: Who Might Enter the Race

Four and one-half years ago...

Obama is already sitting down with an unpopular, aggressive world leader without preconditions!!

Why is Bo Derek in the front row at Arlington Nat. Cemetary

Will Obama give Don Siegelman a Presidential Pardon?

Nice Symbolism? Jan 19th, Martin Luther King Holiday, Jan 20th, Obama's Inauguration

Sarah Palin will be Senator Sarah Palin, R-AK

Palin Sorts Clothes to See What's Hers, What's Not

Palin represents everything that this country is so sick of...

Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson should have a place in the new administration.

How about those Mason-Dixon Polls pushed by MSNBC before the election?

Obama is playing the Lieberman thing right

Barack and Michelle out for dinner in Chicago!

Nearly a week has passed and McCain hasn't told Obama how he could get bin Laden

Knowing now what we know about Alaska...

I am o.k. with Obama and the party sticking with Lieberman on one condition...

Here's your George W. Bush the end of the Twentieth Century,

One Thing About Sarah Palin That Could Help Her Become A Great Politician

Vitally important poll (aren't they all?)

How Gay Marriage Ruined My Straight Relationship

Is Obama dropping his opposition to the Colombia Free Trade deal?

(Never Thought I'd Do This): MAD PROPS TO GEORGE W. BUSH!

Can Bush Pardon Stevens and thus allow him to serve in the Senate?

About the Cosby interview (and that horrible thread)

Ha ha! "Bold alpha-dog pat on the back by Obama."

George Will is essentially saying Obama's election is unconstitutional

How will Lieberman screw Obama, the Democrats and America first?

TPM Says Lieberman may stay as Chair. WE MUST CALL OUR DEM SENATORS (please rec)

Bush: "I am proud to accept the Freedom Award!"

george would like the military troups to

Are you sick and tired of the media kissing Palins ASS!!

Cocktail Conservatives

In honor of the demise of

Nate Silver: Franken is "slight favorite" to win recount

So, up there. Is Barack throwing a lemon meringue pie at Michelle, or is she at him?

Hey Sarah... If it will make you feel better....

So how consistently wrong is Dick "Toesucker" Morris?

Check out this sweet graphic-

Putting lipstick on a Palin...

Re: All this B-S about Bush**'s being "gracious" at White House visit :

VIDEO: Obama honors fallen troops, accompanied by Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth

a poll to du saw it on free republic

McCain birth certificate finally submitted for inspection

Not to alarm anyone, but really the economy is going into a depression.

DU this AOL poll: How would you describe President Bush during this transition of power?

Should the Obama girls appear on the Hannah Montana Show?

Obama daughters asked to appear on "Hannah Montana"

"'s worse than disgraceful. It's reprehensible."


Ok, I admit it, I miss the election.

What is the REAL reason the media is focusing so much attention on Sarah Palin?

Maybe brohuha over Lieberman's fate is really a test of Harry Reid's leadership?

TNA Wrestling Invites Sarah Palin To their Pay Per View Slug fest

Operation "Red Implosion" : Cheney’s fatherly love

PPP PA Senate Poll: Specter 40, Matthews 27

Huckabee, Jindal Visit Iowa

My eight-year old said this to the principal...

Maureen Dowd: Obama will make White House Pristine; Blasts Bush

New First Lady Michelle Obama's first portrait

Anybody watching Maureen Dowd on MSNBC? She is talking positively

The Civilan National security force is.....

Interesting variations on Repub logo

Gay people marrying is a threat to the institution of marriage?

The Making of a President (Joe the Plumber ain't gonna like this)

Goodbye to all that...and good riddance

Goodbye to all that...and good riddance

Obama Dispatching Aides To Georgia Senate Race

DU Vets....Please check in on this Veterans Day

1677 hours

I think I may see a pattern developing

How did we miss Obama's frist on-the-record F-Bomb???

Notice how when the media and ...

Now that Obama will be the president...

Anyone have election night 2008 coverage? Theres none?

Rachel is right

America needs to grow the fuck up about gay marriage


Why all of a sudden are there leaks in the Obama camp?

TPM: It's Official: Full Dem Caucus Will Vote On Lieberman's Fate

Barackula the Musical

The object on the banner looks ( changed) looked like...

A view on Obama from Tel Aviv

For the South, a Waning Hold on National Politics

Who Did Obama Meet With?

Isn't Willow cute enough?

Keeping Gates around as Sec. of Defense for a year isn't such a bad idea....

Lieberman is a SUPPORTER of "The Bush Doctrine"...

Pickles is lining up multi-million dollar deals for her memoir- POOR GEORGE

Don't forget, Bush still has 10 weeks to pardon anyone he wants.

Found this in the AZ Republic"Letter to republicans" Its great!

President-elect Obama & Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth place a wreath at a veterans memorial -pics

Lieberman Staff Names and Salaries 10/01/2007 - 03/31/2008

i think McCain topedoed his own campaign,to keep Palin from taking over.

Today is Veterans' Day. Please check out these DU links ...

Obama-Clinton soap opera takes new turn

Goddamn it will someone please put away the troll food!

George W. Bush's desktop

Obama's Transition Team Will Employ 450, Have $12 Million Budget

Christie (the Repug with the weird eye) and Democrat Chris Cofinis discussing Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin:

Lobbyists Not Allowed on Obama Transition Team

obama art on sale at upper playground..

So.... Does Chief Justice John Roberts get to administer the Oath of Office to President Obama?

GOP Bullshit ALERT: The Country is CENTER RIGHT

documents in Franken vs. Normie Coleman lawsuit now online

Penn E-mail urged Geffen attacks, library "dump"

Jesse Jackson's comments

Jesse Jackson's comments

One of Yahoo's "most emailed photos"..."President-elect Barack Obama and Baby"

do you know anyone who has darker skin now because of obama?

Ok - I've had it. People keep posting about Palin, so I'm gonna post a poll....

Did you guys read this one yet?

The Fist-Bump fund drive graphic looks like Obama is the long arm of the law

I don't blame Prop 8 on religion....

President-Elect Obama Acts Quickly To Put His Stamp On Transition

Flashback: "Should He Run" December 2006

so it looks like scarborough wasn't suspended. he's on tv now.

Obama Transition Team's Agency Reviews Start Monday

how tragic: The Hillary Clinton Forum shuts its doors.

It's over, for now.


WP, pg1: The Future First Lady, Finding Her Home in History

U.S. News & World Report: Obama is a one-termer

Just curious? Did Barack win BIG States?

Ohio for Obama: The Nation

Colorado's Marilyn Musgrave(R-Fantasyland) fails to concede

The Lazy No Change Stories

Since everybody is complaining about appointments has Obama appointed any DUers?

Making your parents proud - pic

Palin-Bachmann 2012

Joe the Plumber: "It doesn’t matter if McCain or Obama won." So STFU already, you tax-evading worm.

Be happy about Palin attention---me luv me some Sarah Palin (she's poison for the GOP)

My Day at a Puppy Mill

Christie (the Repug with the weird eye) cannot get his garbage pass

Would Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins accept Cabinet positions?

Howard Fineman: "Obama's going to operate as the good cop, surrounded by a squad car of bad cops"

Obama and his bicameral brain. He uses both sides better than any that I know.

Schumer and Durbin Want Lieberman Stripped of Homeland Security Chair

Finding Fame With a Prescient Call for Obama (fascinating profile on Nate Silver)


Countdown: 70 days left until no W

Freepers Have Come Up With A Plan To WIN,...

Obama has not yet appointed any Redheads to his cabinet.

Barack Obama is a hypocrite!

Majority of Americans to GOP: Democratic control is a good thing

When Does GD: Presidential Close?

So I was watching Hairball today and stepped out the room to smoke a cigarrette. Listened to this...

Is there a Psychologist in the house? Freepers and their obsession with Salma Hayek's breastfeeding.

Is there a Psychologist in the house? Freepers and their obsession with Salma Hayek's breastfeeding.

Molinari - Palin Is An Articulate Spokeswoman!

Paranoia - What is going on?

Paranoia - What is going on?

Bush: 'I regret saying some things I shouldn't have said'

We had one of the best nights when Giuliani and Palin spoke at the convention

It is better to face this reality now than on Jan 20th... Bush Pardons Will Be Extensive...

Obama apologists have not yet posted that Obama has not appointed any dwarves

Which incumbent are you happiest to see voted out of office?

Dear Sarah Palin

Here's a question

Howard Dean being considered for the Department of Health and Human Services?

Why I don't buy Obama is One and Done.

Countering the Sore Losers....

Three Side Issues For The Obama Administration

Rec this is if you care about sick people but don't want to hear about the re-used catheters on CNN

D.C.'s big Obama dilemma: What to do with the crowds?

For South, A Waning Hold on Politics

Joe Lieberman will sabotage Obama's Middle East peace efforts

What's a Civilian National Security Force?

What's a Civilian National Security Force?

What's a Civilian National Security Force?

Do you want the Employee Free Choice Act? Do you want progressive federal judges?

Florida Poll: Sen. Martinez(R) weak

Was it ever confirmed whether Sarah & Todd Palin had their own unplanned pregnancy?

Between the Bill Cosby, Howard Dean, Terry McAuliffe, Morning Joe, and Prop8 Threads,

David Shuster is on replacing David Gregory and has Jindal from Louisiana

Steal my new avatar.

Alright, which one of you did this???

How many supreme court appointments do you think President Obama will get?

Should Obama repay Hillary's debt now?

As goes AIG so goes the U.S. economy?

Meredith Vieira finds Sarah Palin "incredibly candid" and Matt Lauer couldn't be more of a

Tomorrow is the day we learn the fate of Sen. Stevens and Rep. Young!

AL-Sen, AL-Gov: Statewide Recruitment Thread

All this time of Bush limiting stem cell research...

To answer the questions on the campaign trail if Palin's kids were in school....

One of Obama's more liberal economic advisors Austan Goolsbee

I wasn't an English major, but

Obama: Beware the Lessons of '93

Republican: Obama establish Gestapo-like security force, has problem with radical socialism

Myths that were busted by the 2008 election results:

Lol, the Freepers are still hangning on to....

Regarding HypnoToad threads...

It's After The Election, and we won....where's the Top Ten?

WOW! The lounge! lol

On November 19th

Spending an evening with the kids!

Students chant 'Assassinate Obama' on school bus in Rexburg

Palin! Palin!

200th episode of Inside the Actors Studio on now on BRAVO

200th episode of Inside the Actors Studio on now on BRAVO

Good grief, Barack's getting greyer by the day

I want to be Rhianna

Keith Olbermann is gigantic!

Obama Supports Keeping Lieberman in Democratic Caucus

damn it is now pouring down rain. We sure do need it too. nt

Today. I learned how to gravedance.

Election Day Confession:

Alaska Update: Thousands of Ballots 'Found', One-Third Remain Uncounted in Still-Fishy Election

THE Shirt To OWN

This thread is for Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Hypoallergenic? . . . . should I take this one home?

I'm about to embark upon yet another great adventure.

Electric heated mattress pads - do you use one AND have nightsweats?

Sugar-free cough drops suck!

YES!!! I am cleared to run. 132 days out

Who has the best single bot crotch?

Obama meets known terrorist without preconditions


Jimmy Carter: Has anybody heard from him?

GOP is going to start a 50 State Strategy.

Serious question about Lieberman

What do you think of GrovelBot's creepy cousin, the DU AdBot?

Lost season 5 premiers the day after Obama's inauguration.

To hell with it, I'm having dessert before dinner

Obama has not yet appointed any German-Americans to his cabinet.

what I sent as an idea for the Obama administration: the one percent solution

Should "Take a child pill" be given the same status as other freeper classics such as "moran"

Please wish my conure, Scooter, well; he's convalescing...

Designers recommend what Michelle Obama should wear to the inauguration events

The pol who pissed on the crowd? Pffft. It's been done before and with much, much better results.


When is Bristol Palin's wedding?


My best friend is moving home!

So I Have This Transexual Friend In Minnesota Who Met A Straight Guy At A Gay Bar

This Lieberman business seems pretty simple:

Today,I learned how to bellyflop.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck to Joy Behar: "It is not our day to gripe about the cost" of the Iraq war

I'm gonna meet my fifth DUer tomorrow

Colbert Wins!

Dammit, I just got laid off...

I want to publicly thank whoever donated in my name.

Piaggio Unveils a 141-MPG Plug-In Hybrid Scooter!

There is nothing cuter than a sleeping beagle.

When insomnia doesn't suck....

Palin: "nobody asked Obama who did your makeup?"

You think you got cute? THIS is cute.

I need to beg for good lounge vibes

I've decided to confront my enema...

Microwave an Instant Chocolate Cake in a Coffee Mug

My crazy boy cat just barked.

Speaking of puberty...

Delete not lounge material. nt

Baked potato experts, a little advice, please.

If I told you this about a person, what would you say?

What if someone was brand new to DU and saw this:


Harnessing the power of Obama by building a movement for change

Anyone know where I can get a "potato extractor"? eBay? n/t


Petaphilia - Bwahahahahah!

Vicar went to hospital with potato stuck in bottom.

I promise to swear off French Fries for good...

Ever had a "bromance?"

Happy Veterans Day

Awww, look at the cute little kitty!

If precious and few are the moments those two can share...

Open letter to the lamest duck on Veterans Day from Cindy Sheehan

If you ever doubted that conservatives are on crack, exhibit A:

saw the Obama motorcade today!

I don't think Obama is all that he appears to be . . .

Hey, HypnoToad, lunch is ready!

Dropping the F-U or F-O bomb

Was anyone else horrified by the Flintstones episode with the brazillion alien Fred-clones?

We have an agreement. The house is sold.

Hot Dog : Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

You might remember the wedding of my daughter's sister to a Marine on his way to his third tour

Female members of Obama's cabinet?

Why did Barack Obama's hand just morph into a flaming volleyball?

OK, forget the woolly mammoth...he's gone, but now flvegan...

I've decided to confront my enemy...

Dancing the hora: advice needed, please!!!

Brilliant Dumbass Undecided explains why she didn't vote at all.

We have an argument. The mouse is old.

Another epic thread in GD in the works.


Want! Obama 2009 calendar!

Forget Lee Greenwood... Let's have some Lee Hazlewood instead

What are the odds of 2 Mars landers dieing the same week the Republicans go lame duck?

That is NOT a woolly mammoth in my driveway

"B" movie actor appreciation thread.

It looks like Obama's hand colliding with Ghouliani's head

I mean, when you've loved and lost the way Frank has, then you, uh, you know what life's about.

Do you wear anything that you consider part of your identity?

Was I Mean This Morning?

A DUer on ITunes

Has anyone seen my woolly mammoth?

People Who Have Stars Donated To Them Shouldn't Get To Display an 'I Donated To DU' Banner. Instead:

Do You Want Lieberman to Have Subpoena Power to Investigate President Obama?

2008 Election Model: Predicted the Electoral and Popular vote … but not the True Vote (TIA) - x

I'm feeling rather antisocial and depressed this morning.

Hello In There

I washed dishes!

Has anybody noticed that...

Esoteria -- Any SAP "Basis / Netweaver" DUer's out there

Kitten picture of the day for November 11

Midnight Special appreciation thread! (rockin' youtube music video clips)

How many e-mails would you say you get each day?

Godiva has stopped making them. Now what am i supposed to give for Christmas?

Will the Republican Party going to become the Southern Party?

Are cats normally very defensive about their back paws?

UNAIRED NETWORK VIDEO: Election Director Storms off Interview When Questioned About Diebold...

HELP! I need to winterize my walker; "handy" DU'ers please help!

Pray for me DU.

Dear GOD, R.E.M.'s version of Iggy Pop's "Funtime" SUCKS in BIBLICAL proportions.

yoo hoo LostinVA

R & K

I Found Kozy Shack pumpkin pudding In Wilmington Delaware

My doc referred me to a rheumatologist who can't fit me in until February!

Sing it with me

I am a member of Amway and have been for 24 years

le partir au castor

Is anyone else here addicted to HBO's "True Blood"?

I am a member of ZZZ and have been for 2 hours.

Question about "Keeping up Appearances." Did Hyacinth's son

Long Lost Relatives

YAY - Obama's hand is back to normal!

OMG, the Fund Drive picture is scaring me.

I highly recommend "Quantum of Solace."

Everything that Happens Will Happen Today - David Byrne and Brian Eno

Jack White and the people who hired him to write the new Bond movie intro need shooting into the sun

Wow, it has been only a week since the election.

I Am A Member Of AA And I Have Been For 15years

Palin-Jindal 2012

It's in the mail.

A plea for Obama...

I went to an BA meeting today

I have viral pharyngitis, apparently. I fee like crap.

It's been a long and sometimes wonderful 90 years... in remembrance.

Its in the Male

Can I get a huge "WTF Chorus"" on this: PA Senate: Specter 40 Tweety 27

**** An AA Apreciation Thread for Parche ****

Who Is Off Today For The Holiday?

Explain It Again - BUT ... REAL ... S-L-O-W ...

Explain It Again - BUT ... REAL ... S-L-O-W ...


If war is good for the economy why isn't our economy doing twice as good with two wars?

Holy bleepies. Blu-ray sets are $200, blu-ray PC drives are $150, and

This is so wrong.

I am a member of AAA and have been for 24 years.

Woo hoo! I found Ped Eggs and Sham-Wows at my local CVS!


It's going to be an interesting evening......

The new 2008 Get Smart remake movie - please rate

I'm a member of ABBA and have been for over 30 years.

Star Wars question about the cloned stormtroopers (spoilers welcome)

I am on the 8 fold path.

The truth about 12 step programs

What music have you listened to lately?

40 Awsome Versions of Jesus (Warning: Some may find language or whatever objectionable)

Why do you watch The Office?

LOL! Steve the Lawn Mower Guy's Domestic Arrest Video 3

Employees shocked to find body in paper bale

Oh Hurl The Radio Station Just Played Lee Greenwood "Im proud To be American" song

Anyone See jasonC Today?

Edwards Returns to the Spotlight

With the election behind us, does Buxh seem more relaxed and likable?

I Want To Play Match Game Where Is Rabrrrrrr????????

The positive of being sick: having a warm fuzzy kitteh curl up with you..

Memories they can't be bought

Holy Crap GrovelBot Eets Brains

Michelle Obama was wearing a red dress today. What if Obama wore a red suit?

Let all the children boogie

Hypoallergenic? Your opinion is required ...

You know who I miss?

What is the matter with people?

I just cleaned out my "buddy" list

Homemade Wasp Sucking Machine Creates a Wasp Holocaust

RIP James Liddy, Irish Poet and My Teacher

What kind of pillow do you like?

Do You Remember ....

Think Rahm Emmanuel will have Big Block of Cheese Day?

Spin City, season 1, is FINALLY out on DVD!

Not sure if this pic has been posted before, but it's worth seeing again:

I am a member of Generation-X and have been for 315360 hours.

Some people can clog the toilet - don't ask how. So what do I clog up, you're not asking?

Celebrity Photoshop disasters


Who else agrees, re: Steven Spielberg?

I'm an alcoholic and have been for 24 years.

Bark and ride: Aspen may let dogs on city buses

The Beav's brother Wally displays sculpture at the Louvre.

I'm so tired

Today I won Employee of the Year. And I felt like crap doing it.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/11/08

Friggin AWESOME Flintstone's video.

My Grandfather is an 86-year-old WW2 vet

Arguing About AA On A DU Lounge Message Board...

Q: How much of a loveseat can a small puppy take up?

July 9th "I want to cut his nuts off" says Jesse Jackson, 11/4 - tears, and now

New here, anything I need to know?

PP's husband here with a birthday surprise for my favorite pacifist.

Not to borrow from Neil Young when he sang about

Going to the library today. Need book ideas.

Is New York City Still The 1st City, Or Did Chicago Just Leap Frog It?

World of Warcraft is down on my night to play

How long is this Palin Marathon going to last?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 11/11/2008)

Gin The Dancing Dog

I Am Trying To Call Ava, Has Anyone Phoned Her Lately?

I am craving Government Cheese.

AA poll

god dammit, quit calling so much!

Historectmy question.

I went to an AA meeting today.

To All DU Veterans On Veterans Day

My step-grandmother died today.

Shady Grove

After some debate, I am now against the proposed auto-industry bailout.

More pictures

From now on I always need a woman with me to help me buy clothes.

Bill Maher on GOP denial:

To all current and past Marines, Happy Birthday!

I'd love to have a smoke with the President-Elect!

F*** Spray'n'Wash

George Carlin honored with highest comedy award

Please, everyone who can please give something to the fund drive and save President Obama's hand..

I am a member of AA and have been for 24 years.

Pipe smokers (tobacco, not druggies) - chime in!

I'm having pumpkin pie ice cream....

Question: Will President Obama be allowed to smoke in the Oval Office

WHERE THE HELL IS PARCHE?? He got me a skanky hotel room, and THIS was waiting for me in the closet

billyskank and AirmensMom and harleydad went and took a train ride

To celebrate the fact that DU has hit 256, or 2^8 donations

What Star Wars tech would you want?

NEWSFLASH: John Edwards is NOT a sleazeball

Senator Kerry deserves to be appointed to whatever cabinet post he wants

Pass The Final Verdict -- John Edwards Is.....

K & R

Bailouts BAD for Barack?? Insurance Ind strangled Healthcare Reform; GM. killed the Electric Car.


Hook me up, Lounge

*********THREADJACKER ALERT!!!!*********

Naomi Klein: 'Is it Treasury that has been partially privatized by Wall Street?'

Text of KO's Special Comment on Prop 8 (Monday 11/10)

Collective nouns. Example: A herd of Antelopes Gaggle of Geese

addictive little game/puzzle

Barack Obama thanks Howard Dean and asks you for a favor:

Barack Obama: The 50 facts you might not know

Help us get Thomcat a computer! (please keep this kicked)

Police: Drum soldier assaulted college student (possibly related to derogatory remarks about Obama)

Palin wants God to show her way to White House

AmEx approved to become bank holding company

Abortion Foes' Dilemma: Confront or Cooperate?

Andean Community of Nations suspends trade negotiations with EU

No joke: Minnesota race is soooo ugly ...

Alaska Update: Thousands of Ballots 'Found', One-Third Remain Uncounted in Still-Fishy Election

South African Musical Legend Miriam Makeba Dies

Police: Slaying of NY Immigrant Was a Hate Crime

Judge rules against White House in e-mail case

The Obamas tour their future home

For Ritchie, keeping [MN Senate] recount nonpartisan is main goal

Obama's Bailout Bunch Brings Us More of the Same: Jonathan Weil

Australian PM pledges to never abandon auto industry

Sweden seizes Carnegie in first bank bail-out

God will 'show me the way' to the White House, Palin prays

Palin: Bush policies caused defeat

Penn E-mail urged Geffen attacks, library "dump"

A pre-count for the Coleman-Franken recount

Palin blames Bush policies for GOP defeat

Franken now just 206 votes behind

When the Cupboard is Bare

Congressman: Obama wants Gestapo-like force

Pakistan aims to recapture trucks stolen in Khyber

Bombings Kill 31 in Baghdad During Morning Commute

Somalia wants Kenyan help to save kidnapped nuns

Will Fellow GOPers Try To Knife Stevens In The Back?

Nasheed sworn in as Maldives president (& immediately addresses global warming)

Bullfighters 'hired Colombian assassins to kill rivals' horses'

Federal judge rules against Bush administration in email case

Afghan President Karzai accuses Western forces of killing 14 civilians

New envoy urges US to bail out Pakistan

Grim Economic Data Mirrored by Corporate Gloom

deleted by poster . . . wrong place . . .

Myanmar Sentences 14 Democracy Supporters

GM's Skid Quickens as Crunch Raises Bankruptcy Threat

(Senator) Nelson: Lieberman should caucus with Dems

Obama Family Given Secret Service Code Names

CBS News Poll: (71%) Americans Optimistic About Next Four Years

More than 100 awaiting execution in Afghanistan

7 teenagers in Long Island 'lynch mob' plead not guilty to murder of immigrant

Bush Irked by Leak on Private Talk With Obama Over Trade, Aid to Automakers (Fox News DRAMA)

Obama On Vets: "The Best And Bravest Among Us"

Cleveland Considers Domestic Partner Registry

French Anarchists Charged With Rail Sabotage

Obama lays Veterans Day wreath in Chicago

'WWII photo nurse' leads parade

UN cuts food rations in Zimbabwe

Pelosi calls for emergency aid for auto industry

'1001 jihadis to take place of Bali bombers'

School aide suspended for remarks to student about Obama

Obama Transition Team's Agency Reviews Start Monday

Federal Reserve Secretly Gave out Two TRILLION in Loans

Obama Lays Out Ethics Rules for Transition

Obama Supports Keeping Lieberman in Democratic Caucus

General Growth Properties plunges on viability concerns(second-largest U.S. mall owner )

Bolivia Requests US Extradite Former President, 2 Ex-Ministers

Republicans turn to Web for help in rebuilding party

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 11

GOP stalwarts regroup during Caribbean cruise

EXCLUSIVE: Gingrich, Steele duel privately for RNC job

GM announces 1,900 more layoffs at plants (on top of Friday's 3,600 layoffs)

Russian shares drop on lower oil prices

Phoenix R.I.P.: NASA says Mars probe is dead

Americans OK with Democrats in charge, poll suggests

Parents of Girl in YouTube Video Defend Teacher (Right-Wing Slander Attempt)

Oil Falls to 19-Month Low, Gasoline Tumbles, on Demand Outlook

Starbucks Profit Drops 97% As Stores Close

'Cuba will not host Russian missiles'

Retired F.B.I. Agents Join Cause of 4 Sailors

Prosecutors Say Boy(8 year old) Methodically Shot His Father

4,300-year-old pyramid discovered in Egypt

Applications for holiday retail jobs surging (You have a better chance of being accepted to Harvard)

Yellowstone Club files for bankruptcy

Sources: Valerie Jarrett headed to White House, not Senate

Watchdog group eyes BP oil-spill investigation (Invest. Sought Of Bush Handling Of Alaska Oil-Spill)

Bush says 'veterans have inspired me'

Calls for prosecution after German politician says Obama win 'a declaration of war'

Swiss fear more pressure on bank secrecy after Obama victory

Irate Congressman Demands Resignation of AIG CEO

Obama seeks new approach in Afghanistan: report

Hennepin County declines Franken request to reconsider disqualified absentee ballots

Study: Deadly stomach bug more common than thought

French town honors last US soldier killed in WWI

FBI reports small fire in basement of headquarters

Most uncounted ballots will be tallied Wednesday (Alaska)

Head of U.S. bishops says no compromise on abortion

Verdun hosts sombre WWI ceremony

Kucinich's home targeted by vandals

Russian frigate escorts Danish ship off Somalia

Obama team announces new rules on lobbyists

Hate graffiti targets Obama backers in Torrance (CA)

Goldman Sachs urged bets against California bonds it helped sell

Bush: I will miss being commander-in-chief

Lawmakers join call to overturn Prop. 8

Obama Aides Heading to Georgia for Senate Runoff

New photo of Fidel Castro appears

Pelosi Rejects Idea of Tying Stimulus to Colombia Trade Pact

Somali Islamic insurgents take 2 strategic towns

DU this Story for TV!!

IMAGINE John Lennon - Financial Solution If We Can And Yes We Can !!!

Mormons Consider Repeal of Prop. 8, in Exchange for Prop. 696969…

Abortion Foes' Dilemma: Confront or Cooperate?

Guess Who’s Coming to SINNER?

FLASH - JUST IN ! White House To Be Repainted !!!

The Palin Family Underwear

Bob Herbert:Beyond The Fat Cats

Right Wing Whack Jobs and the Obama = Hitler Comparison

Informed Comment: Veterans Day, 2008 : Tasks for the Obama Administration

Foreign Policy In Focus: The Case for U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

The GOP's Last Chance

" Turn Around " with a tone of Disdain , Shrub's way to secure ,Racists

" Turn Around " with a tone of Disdain , Shrub's way to secure ,Racists

The elusive Team Obama...transition has looked deliberate and impressive

Obama asks Bush to provide help for automakers

Howard Dean to step down

Simon & Garfunkel Reunite, for 'Scarborough F**k'

Pfizer Accused of Using U.S. Workers to Train Foreign Replacements

Pfizer Accused of Using U.S. Workers to Train Foreign Replacements

The Veterans Unloved

Madeline Albright: Looking Back with Pride, Looking Forward with Hope

Is THIS What Gay Marriage Threatens the Sanctity Of?

American Express to Become Bank Holding Company

Sorry if this sounds a bit too Morning Joe for some of you, but I have to say this.

A Holiday to End All Wars

Goodbye, Reagan Democrats

The Perils of 'Populist Chic'

Ballot security could be issue in Minn. recount

One week later, more than one-quarter of Alaska votes still haven't been counted (News-Miner)

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Presto Change-o (James Kunstler)

GM's Skid Quickens as Crunch Raises Bankruptcy Threat

AlterNet: Raped in the Military? You'll Have to Pay for Your Own Forensic Exam Kit

Another AIG Resort "Junket": Top Execs Caught on Tape

The EPA's Stalin era....Will Obama overcome Bush's toxic legacy?

On Veterans Day, Don't Forget About the War

UN cuts food rations in Zimbabwe

Kathleen Parker: The Conservative Crackup - The Palin Factor

Obama's victory stirs Europeans to confront race issue

Nouriel Roubini on CNBC video....

Outsourcing crisis

Nouriel Roubini : The U.S. will experience its most severe recession since WWII

Americans or economic beasts of burden?

Mystery of lost US nuclear bomb

What if the GOP Asked Its People How It Should Change?

Each Job Critical As Americans Struggle (Good Read)

The GOP's last chance: Become Democrats

When the Cupboard is Bare

John Nichols: The Doctor Who Cured the Democratic Party

Hiring Slows for Indian IT Services and Call Centers

Where Homes Are Worth Less Than the Mortgage

Reuters: Obama's Historic White House Visit

Close GITMO and End Military Commissions

Countdown: Keith Discusses His Visit to 'The View' - 11/10

GOP Pulling Out Stops In Georgia Senate Runoff, Sending In McCain (TPM)

MILK Premier Night in the Castro

White House Meeting

Brand new interview with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in her home -says Bush record led to GOP loss

Scarborough F-Bombs 2006? Every 2 Years His Average?

Obama's visit & Details of C-SPAN's week long series on the White House that starts December 12

Keith Olbermann on 'The View' - Nov. 10

Dead at DOJ / Obama at White House

Don Henley at the Clinton Inaugural party

Rachel Maddow: All of a Sudden Palin Can't Shut Up to the Media

All over the world.

Rachel Maddow on the spontaneous Prop H8 protests

The Inner Circle. Obama's team. 60 Minutes. Two parts-15 minutes- you NEED to see this

Rachel Maddow puts together the Gitmo story & Obama's meeting w/ Bush to show another smart move

Palin, Greta Van Susteren - Part 2. Just talkin' garbage.

TYT: How You Changed the World...

Rachel Maddow and David Sirota discuss Paulson's NEW ripoff of taxpayers, corporate tax welfare

TYT: Cenk's Take After Scarborough Drops the F Word on TV (Ear-Muff The Kids)

Rachel Maddow on AK's weird election results, and Palin as possible AK senator

Gerald Celente fear mongering on Fixed News; re - food riots as a result of Obama presidency

CBS News: Animal Research (1986)

CBS News: Filipino Corazon Aquino changing views as President (1986)

The underground campaign to convert Iraqis to Christianity - In German with English subtitles

Unaired Interview with Linda Lamone - State Elecion Board

In honor of our past and current military members on this Veterans Day

Pizza for Patriots! And, lost footage of WWII found

Barack Obama on the Employee Free Choice Act

64 Percent For Palin!

Amy Goodman: Iraq Vets Face Trial for Anti-War Protest (Plead Not Guilty Monday)

Joe Lieberman - Traitor On Parade!! Attacks Barack

President Obama's First Day

A Bush voter speaks

CBS News: Oil prices collapse (1986)

Howard Dean corrects Chris Matthews (Dean: Workers Deserve a Fair Shake)

** - It's A New Day** (worth watching!!)

Tweety To Republican Strategist Todd Harris: You Speak With A Forked Tongue

The World Is Ready Pres-Elect Obama

Palin, Greta Van Susteren - Part 1. I went home to my own closet and put my own clothes on again.

Olbermann's Powerful Special Comment on Proposition 8

Obama Honors Veterans

2008 Election: The NES Game - Hilarious Video! [ BarelyPolitical ] 10 november, 2008

Lieberman must go once and for all

Bush Meets Obama (A Dramatization)

CBS News: Networks ban W.R. Grace's Deficit Trials commercial by Ridley Scott (1986)

Olbermann Special Comment on Prop 8 - 11/10: "This Vote is Horrible, Horrible"

Naomi Klein Blames Greenspan, Deregulation for Economic Crisis

Nobel winning economist Joseph Stiglitz: 'Market Fundamentalism Is Dead'

Rachel Maddow on what to do with traitorous Joe Lieberman

TYT: Is The Mormon Church Jealous of Gay Rights?

Analysts: Gates unlikely as Obama SecDef

Tampa VA hospitals plan Veterans Day programs

Obama inheriting broad covert ops policies

Online social network offers support for vets

Ohio unveils combat license plates

Convoy bound for Afghanistan troops hijacked

Army to destroy leaking nerve agent container

Police: Drum soldier assaulted college student

Informant: 2 suspects not involved in Dix plot

60-year-old retiree volunteers, goes to Iraq

Troops kill 14 Afghans in disputed encounter

Prosecution rests in fragging court-martial

Vets file suit over slow VA claims processing

432nd Civil Affairs Battalion returns home

Iraq spokesman says security offer not enough

(Army) Recruiting off to strong start in fiscal 2009

Local police say Fort Sill has a gang problem

Report: U.S. conducted ops in Pakistan, Syria

Test track to be built at Aberdeen

Army Aviation Support facility to open

Nurse in Times Square pic reunites with Navy

Overseas absentee votes double 2004 totals

Photos show extent of oil leaks on LPD 17

T-45 crashes tied to birds, engine malfunction

Medical tech challenges families of wounded

Retired general sees Iraq ‘endgame’

Lost letter sheds light on WWII experience

Student pilots graduate straight to Raptor

Autumn in Arlington

U.S. won’t replace Marines leaving Anbar

Kunsan Air Base commander is relieved of duty

Civilian workers in Europe see drop of 17 percent or more in post allowance

Weak Korean won drops post allowance to zero

Police: No sign of Marine missing in Okinawa seas

Thank you all for your service.

Marines train on MRAP at new Camp Hansen facility

JLTV Protest: Big Contract, Big Stakes

Iraq Says US Security Offer Not Enough

Secretary Congratulates Army Recruiters

Booby trap in Iraqi home injures three soldiers

Florida Still the Go-to Place for Vets

USS Kearsarge Arrives in Guyana

Former Marine wrestles with invisible wounds

Digging for remains, burying the past

SEAL submersible catches fire at Pearl Harbor

Is everyone prepared for the celebrations, parades, rallies, parties, and outreach efforts???

Happy Veteran's Day!

In honor of our veterans

Just left the Veterans Day Events at the KY Vietnam Memorial

President Obama: Please allow our war dead and wounded to return home

TYT: Top Republican Supporter Going Bankrupt - Redemption!

Young Turks: Warning - PNAC is Back (Website Back Up)

Border policeman gets one year for killing Palestinian in Jaffa

Olmert says time running out for two-state solution

Got Hope? Harvey Milk.

"Torturing Democracy" Excerpt #1

Climate Activists Disrupt Australian Power Plant

Gore urges US to try for 100% renewable energy within a decade

Marcellus Find May Be Larger than Earlier Estimate (natural gas)

Poor gasoline demand will see refiners cut, close

Peak oil review - Nov 10

Seawater "Already Hostile" To Marine Food Chain - In 40 Yrs, Acidity To Break 20 Million Year Record

$800K (US) Authorized For Farming, Forest Protection Spent On Chainsaws, Mills In Solomon Islands

UA Palmer Center Study - Alaskan Permafrost Contains Nearly 2X Previous Estimates Of Organic Matter

NASA Notes Rapid Growth In Phytoplankton Blooms In Arctic Ocean Zones Which Have Lost Ice Cover

Ridership On California Amtrak Routes Hits All-Time High For Year Ending 9/30/08

Reversal Of Fortune - Or Why Throwing Rocks At The More And Better Birds Doesn't Work Anymore

The EPA's Stalin era

Simple Device Invented in 1833 May Lead to Cheap Hydrogen

Are there any reasonably priced household LED bulbs on the market yet?

U. New South Wales - Southern Ocean Will Begin To Dissolve Marine Organism Shells By 2030 - ABC

Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love.

Crushingly dumb question about the Christmas Bird Count

Sorry for plagiarizing that "fifteen minutes" of fame theme, but it was perfect.

Wanna put a pro-Gay Marriage representative in office AFTER the election?

Don't forget Keith Olbermann has a special comment tonight on Prop. 8

Artistic Director of California Music Theatre Apologizes for "Yes On Prop-8" Contributions

Wow, you are right. I can't believe it. Nobody cares about where to donate money to fight Prop 8.

A black lesbian's perspective on Prop 8 (LA Times)

Here. Read this. Any questions?

A poem from a firend in California

Protest against Prop 8 November 23 at Cambridge, MA City Hall (x post)

A Mormon "Yes on 8" Supporter Calls In

Our Donation Was Made This Morning

My letter to the No on 8 guys.

Did the Mormons do anything underhanded for Yes on Prop 8

Can we think of some good protest signs for protesting mormon church tomorrow?

Trivia Question: What individual church donated the most money to Yes on Prop 8?

We have a live one

Lead counsel on the case - I just listened to Shannon Minter on the Michelangelo Signorile show ..

Have you actually calculated the amount of money you have paid because you're gay?

Any suggestions on a good documentary on GLBT issues or history?

Mormons give Gays hope for new Utah laws

Have A Gay Veterans Day

An Open Letter To My Gay Brothers and Sisters

owner of el coyote (LA) donated in support of prop. 8, boycott called

Why I can't follow Organized Religion's Moral Authority

Why Canada's Banks Don't Need Help

Time to pull the plug on AIG?

Is there a resource that shows where the Dow Jones Index was on January 1 in previous years?

This is a constitutional crisis, nothing less.

Billion-dollar hedge fund stars face grilling

Hedge funds navigate maze of redemptions

Goldman Sachs urged bets against California bonds it helped sell

Ex-AIG CEO says government support will have to continue

Realtors Embrace Socialism (my title)

DHL Cuts 9,500 Jobs in U.S., and an Ohio Town Takes the Brunt

New Scumbag Tee Vee Show! Operation REPO!

Americans or economic beasts of burden?

Retail Losses Sap a Jobs Safety Net

What segments of the Job Market will do well over the next

Voters Reject Corporate Lies About Employee Free Choice

Today in labor history Nov 11 IWW organizer Wesley Everest lynched

New Congress: A Mandate for Economic Change

Union Veterans Backed Obama Nov. 4

Working Families Cast Votes for Health Care Reform

Unemployment rate in US surging (to hit 8% next year)

What Unions Really Want: A Stimulus Bill

Obama win, power shift in Congress to bring major employment law changes

Today in labor history Nov 10 The ship Edmund Fitzgerald lost in a storm on Lake Superior

Can anyone give me a link to the crazy "you're racist" lady's post?

Venezuela sends Colombians to US for drug charges

Venezuelan international reserves up USD 39.96 billion

Uruguay votes to decriminalize abortion despite veto threat

UAW Against Colombia Trade Pact for Aid to Big 3

Ending 4-year battle, Costa Rica approves CAFTA (Lo siento, arcos!)

New photo of Fidel Castro appears

Chavez mentions tanks if ally loses Venezuela vote

Herb Score Dies at 75 - Indians Pitcher & Broadcaster

Well, isn't this just a steaming pile of stinking shit. Rockies going to trade best player...

Huge article on my acupuncturists in our local paper

Obama's People - astrological indicators

Taurus Full Moon: What do we really Value?

Saturn Returns - a play

Weekly Healing Project #12 | Nov 9 - 15 | Healing the Wounds of War

The Hanged Man from the Tarot.

Off topic, but: Anyone planning on going to DC for the inauguration?

Seatlle Public Library (EXTREME DIAL-UP WARNING)...

Convince me that an Obama administratin will not renew the AWB or enact any ammo ban...

Shooting Blanks

blueberry pie help needed

How do you cook crab legs

Rice Cookers

Does anyone know...

Best BBQ in New York City?

Take the God Poll

Jewish Group Wants Mormons to Stop Proxy Baptisms

Bottom line for America. Go Gravity or Go Broke

Holocaust survivors halt talks with LDS

Is Unitarian Universalism really a religion?

In a Novel Theory of Mental Disorders, Parents’ Genes Are in Competition

Now: The Rest of the Genome

Physicists use Bose-Einstein condensates to enhance factoring algorithm

Scholar Finds Mayans' Buried Highway Through Hell

Antimatter Eludes Search Efforts

Science's Alternative to an Intelligent Creator: the Multiverse Theory

Strange Portal Connects Earth to Sun

Google Uses Searches to Track Flu’s Spread

The BEST chocolate cake ever!

9/11: More than Meets the Eye.

Not sure anyone has done this

Comparing ....

Chet Edwards says he would consider top VA post

Anyone here ever been to an inauguration?

Harper-Brown wins by 20 votes with provisionals.

Barack, Molly, and Me of Little Faith - Texas Observer blog post

URGENT -- The Crime is Coming Unravelled

Downloading Moviemaker Question

AVG Screwup

Need a Freeware Recommendation

So Western Digital has a 1TB hard drive containing two processors on board. Why?

i got a "Grey Box" that says 'hpzcon10.dll' is missing, download from HP CD

Recount ON in Romano race!

Care to help out a musician and fellow DUer?

Go see "Rachel Getting Married."

Last nights episode of heroes. (spoiler maybe)

Kerry's Importance

AP: Kerry says Obama administration talk `speculation'

What the ?????? Obama received LESS votes than Kerry in Ohio.

Statement denying that Kerry is pushing for Secretary of State

Wilson 'had Alzheimer's when PM'

The Facts Speak For Themselves

If Chief Art Jones had done this,

Once again, thank God Mark Ritchie is Secretary of State!

Franken campaign says some absentee ballots improperly rejected

Help save MN history Coldwater Spring ***

A question about absentee ballots and matching the signatures

One of my coworkers was at LAX last Saturday and who should she see but

Palin-Bachmann 2012